20 Mayıs 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

20 Mayıs 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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supported by Louis Napoleon on that occasion, and 1 anderstand that, is cute he should loave hia ministry, he wo?ld be immediately replaced by M lie Morteaaart. Apropos of General d'Hautpoil. Hi arrived, bit Bight, in Par in, returning from Algiers. The tact act of hia governorship was to blame t olonel Anrelle for having attached the Arabs at Selloum, without hia order*. M tie Falloux passed, two days ago, through Paris, where he wifi return in -ix weeks. 1 am told that he will succeed M. d? Crouwilhes in the Ministry of Public Instruction. A duel was to take place between M Lagraae the bead o:the mountaineer party, and M. Pierre " the i Bonaparte, his colleague, of the Legislative Asaem yj\ but tbe former gentlemau has been advised by his tris'nds not to accept the challenge, which was caused by a few word.- of a non-nurliainentary cha racter, uttered by him on the subject of the Napo leon claims. The last news received freui Spain is of a ve -y peculiar kind, it appears that bills had been post ed all over tbe city of Madrid, railing upon the people to arm in favor of the proclamation of a re publican government, (fuoen Isabella and minis ters were to be kept prieom rs, and disposed of by a provisional government. No nauiee were printed at the end of that pronuueiamen;*, and it had no effect upon the population. The new-from Italy is not of much interest about politics, but the excitement against tbeAuatrians w daily increasing. An old soldier, Marshal Kou gier, from Milan, has been sentenced for twenty years to tbe State prison, fee having been one of the actors in tbe revolution of ISIS. At Mantua, ftn individuals have been tioggvd for baring utter ad cries against the Austria*- A large m >?? mcnt of troops is taking plane in Tyrol, and sol.tier- are mvading Milan. The < rrand Duke of Tuioany is said to be on the ?we of abandoning his throne in favor 01 his ton, A body of-IO.iNNi uien k.i- arrived at V crona. and another of tin,i*Hi uien will soon oatei the city of Milan. The Lmpcror ol Austria will visit '.h - ? two cities in tbe course of Septemper nrvct. The cabinet of Si. Petersb.ug in-ists ukiu u lis rope an Congress, by which all the nr.'- ?tious, even that of Germany, may be decided T b-' i'rince of Schwaiieitlicrg'- opinion ii not in favor of thai project, because< leriaaay needs not the interference of I rauce, l.ngland and Lus-ia, to decide upon the sovereignly of its States. In ears the Kuropsaa I 'on grow should tuks place. Austria v. ill not be r?j? resentcdat thir meeting. In the meantime, the ministerial conference of Dresden is going ?u with luuoh haste Several eom misMons are daily assembled, and ti e only object seems to be to achieve tin ir husilK **. Tbe fate of the Hungarian refugee- in i uriioy is ?ot yet decided. The Austriangovernment ii ?pon tbe retenti<ut of eight individual- a' Kntaya. Among them, of course, is the renowned ho-ruth. It is certain that an Knglish gentle maul, named Hamilton, is now -ailing in the -ons of Ivutav v. wiih the intention efdelivering the prisoners. A sum of e??e hundred pounds has been taker from the lean ?f Muizniu to <-t)ect their etc ape. Two uiy.i wi u!d wear mask I, whose resemblam i- perfe-it to tk fare of Kwtstk, and whilst they v nId keep the Aastrian gnilees interested, the go* one here wou.d he taken on boa.d the > aeht of Vr. I lami'tow. Tbe war in the ( am h ii- is ended. ill tin wuil - erected by Chainyl against the f u. trojp? ha* o been destroved by the -oldii rs of 'vi-ho!.;-. mid the ca? iny Las bocii obliged:, ttv to the mountain-. ' ' ICH.IL P.vnr-. May 5, 1<M. Afvv Fourth?77i< Rol Krpubh 'tiit?.1 Rear Mi ?iafmiti Chumt?6oa,u-1 >f I.'mi* X'ij -rum ? MoH.rt tn tht Emprror .Vuy-v ??Mrizmt ot Amtu mt MoruiiU*. 4'c. The grand festival day isov?r. I'herc hu- Lceu ae tmrtUf of any kind. Among the ? ? sets -powcu of by those who thought the> kmtw something, it was said that the moment ch<> < n by th ? rioters would be that which would follow the 'igb ng o! the ftreworks. Then the mob ot the socialists ut sembled on the roml potM of tbe < tamps Liy-:cev would make u rush on the troops who were guard" iag the Elyirsj invade the palace, and take h d i ol Louis Napoleon as a hostage. This, indeed, wou' l have been the signal of a generni ? utbr ak, which would have been, I think, very sanguinary and t'-r vibie. but not the least blow v*> desk y<? icrtlny between the troops an I tb- intoxicated poople : everything w?? as-yukt and odd as the watot which was pouring down frum the Moud-. Nevertheless it mu.-i be uoau .wedged tUat the keadr of the ssxiwliat party had made all off rn t > cxtitc their cwnfederatca. The talktiu noticed i i my letter of the lut in.-tant, aud which were dyne I by "the Committee of Keaiatunce," had for thoi' purpose to try the sentiment* ol the luw clw, ah I ?o raiae up their miud for the occasion. Ou S.itur Bay last, the Cotui<u?vary of Police went with a warrant to the rue Cadet, faubourg Montma.tre, and teized a printing press, whi< h wna worhin without lkeu-e, and with which the writing? an 1 frcMhK lUtmitOt-' of the roug<< were ft ruck off. Six per*on? were token poisoner*, and 1 wa< t<dd thai, a few n.iuut<? before the police had mtxdrd the Lea*c, two of the nioft prouiineiit member* f tie maurtain .n lh< Legislative Asaembly had left the place, making a very opipcrtui.e ereane. They ha I . t bit bv r to correct the proof- of an" Addrer to the l'coph." which war Kited by the police. This affair r*ea?ed a gnat aenration at the Na tional Assembly, and .M. Sebo lrlter. in behalf ?f hie two eolh agues, Men-re. Mitt aid ?Ircpp", ma.te along miefc. in whieb he -aid that " tb?.?e who pretended that the desire of the * ? iali-t party ??< to create terror were slanderers." Thi? iebate wa< quite stormy, but it did not prove much to th->*c who know the red republican- in ? ur unfortunate country. \\7 ay in French, thatT ui m><??> % ct* fit nnbtt.'' It la e rutn that a *ort of clandestine review took rlare ytaterduy, on the plane of ?h? Harrier* ilu rrow, where the peonle bad assembled to see the festival prepared in ttint part >>f th< city. .All the ?on alia*? had .1* ?< mblod thither, aud. it* ?.n the littb rf February !a?t. they w re reviewed by their leaders In pre?enee o" the entire opto itkin. 1. >th of the tre*- and of th< no rubers it 'nc National \ ? ui Ip, the demand of 'emwie Feiaperte f <r the ram of murny ow<d to him by the Ministry of \?"ar, for hta ?a,ary aa < ,em i if is withdrawn nn<I annihilated fur the present J; {? said that :bc old Marabal w?? m a great }?*?? n f.ir having not succe< Ue?l in hi* ?Uiw, which, in bin own opinion, ia the most jut j thing in the world With th> failure ?t th ? a (fair, we have a'??. b .'I that of the claim of loul vip> teen, and cf the ?-'?ir n prince, Murat. The Afonihwr ba- published the list of prom ? ! tlor.' of the cr-or of I.cgron of IIc.t, uule'n the Pre* dent in honor '?{ the .Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic in France. There 1 have been tbrce bundled ar.d eighty-two per -n* ue.omteel. Thi is quit*a good number, and it will ?wgn nt a *??? ?1 <L 1 the ijuantFy of chevalier- <d that order, ''at it may he *a"d that, if th' ? n t.nn*. we 'hall ???cm have 'oor' p* ' pic of the I*,; <? of Honor than without. The ree?) ti' Gf at II* l.ly e?, wli V u- d to t.Vc idace every I harwdav ?? etii. g. j r> vious to the re fW?*' of a. il.fi ?>aI tun* a e < i th' evr d" b*ttg rvwwio'd. not for halisnad .ao ? fpa'f ?, t it f >r dinners ftvan by L*>t - .ipb i > . th ofti r? ol the crmy now in gain-on in Far ?.n i hurr lay ?eat, the ?tb rrginiert < f artillery will begin tl.< mnt* at f'tm, ?i <i all tl 'g ni'nt w'il take tin ir twma .?"errlce* in h nor of the o . -y < f limperor ! N'ap< (eon '<? k pit. <? this morning. .?t the eiiurrh of the Invalidc. ai d a Lirge nu- b r ? pes p' w rc |wc*?nt l"he HrrsMnf, Lotla \a|cl on, ar.d hi? a de-de-cawp. tie rr-Khif of \A'< ?tj.lialia, Jer<.me ?onaparf. the ini?. the fepf?*?n'.|siver, and a large ourr I > r f > fficers of sfl fa ..f th i rn.v, ?wee tigs scut, and the ?iglt <tf that ll'ut'tiou* a W'tni lage we- very hri' ianf News arr'vcl ftoui Marseille, ai'itonrv ing that a e? nepiracy had bisf rMsci rered In that citv. ,1 d.rgr (j-iantity . f gun . sabres, errtr'lget, hulbU, ?ap- and powdrc, f pistol', dvggcra. bomb ?bs ils and irtllet moulds, wcjo *eired in a h?ase wbief r<-.; ..t th< t.,:| irlf T:;:l;r:?;r' not y< ill. . . i__i ..f I.IBltl frn,/ ts t 10 rvitrerian ! '? rtnwde "ts Will be for the f it ore h havte?. | 'hat h s pa**} ? right a - .t 1 ho 'gh this i* ti ?t altogether won* ? nay ?. 1 ' .. . ,t:<i|ty, it mo?t be a KAtowledgcl 'w o an '"sff iatwt vsi .1 nee*?niry for tbe ry <; t ? || >cti o r public, mw. have gteelv.dt't* aawwtKat Fe-o lallarh h, 'T Uf TtHh ult , ali-it at if the "1 him, a ad ? pet. r, wl wn> fo if ire the y 11''roa d R. it. r's h I. I'll, V nw 7.? j.'. ,-r Piiri r t" ?? Wletf.var you go-at ibe IJotoi de . ' v t-. <. U. 1 i'ari*, or thwg vf Mtt' ? rice, W indsor, Wagrsoi, Mirabeau, du Rb.ii)?you art eti nek w ih the largo number of kvi occupied., ?Italians, Cerwan*. bpaniarde, Ihitch, Belgium, >wisa, and even Turks, a ho have stopped in 1'ari.s, first to witness the grand celebration of the 4th of May, and then to go to London, in order to be pre sent at the grand gulaof the World's Fair, l'aris will decidedly be the thoroughfare 1'Europe, either in going to or in returning from London; and the visiters of the Exhibition will soon be tired of their sojourn in London, and will return to l'aris, whore every kind of enticement will he prepered to keep theur iu our merry city. Tho theatres are preparing their finest novelties for the season. Tho pallie gardens have been entirely renovated; and the pretty women of tho capital of France arc ready to bestow their most bewitching ?miles upon those who will meet them in their way. If we have enjoyed fine weatl.ei for the 1st: two months, we are now paying for it in a very di?agrea abk manner. W ho will believe thru our grates ruid fire-pl;i?es, cleaned and wh-F d for the spring season, have bcenugaia soiled by coal and wood! Why, the wind ha- been blowing hard from the north?cold ha- come ?gaiu;*nd at the present hour i am near my fire, whilst the riiu is pouring in torrents in the streets, undhnii is beating ng?.iujt the partes of my window. This unexpected weather va- much felt, on Sun day last, at the t'huuip de .Mars, where the firs: race* of the government t<?ok place- Despite this tempest, the inside of the ring war ceo 5 led by tunny carriages and horses, mounted by our J sportsmen of renown. The reserved seats on the tan(L were tilled with amauurs, who, though en veloped in thick overcoats and warming their tomaclis with segars and brandy, were obliged, iu order not to be wet as duck*, to have th> ir um brellas 'ipen. Tho race era- presided over by \!r. de lit hoohelte, a member of the Jockey t lab, anu the signal was given at two o'clock. Tire first heal was #011 by Maryland, a splendid harse, belonging to t'r. de beau van. Ir. consisted of a prize of 2,lt d francs. The second boa' wa- w<?n by a young hor-e. called t-t. Lcgcr, bctongiag to Mr. Aauiont. The prize wa 4,IKHI francs. The third ho..t w.'.a won by Hervine. belonging t-> Mr. unroot: a pri/e of 1,4Hw 1 fronts. The four'h heat, which wa- for the prise i.f ?i,Oin nan given by the city ol l'aris. was gained by F'irst-Eorn, belonging to -Mr. f.a tache de Fay, and the e-nioral was much admired by all connois-eurv. The lu-t race was u steeple cbu.-e, 111 which five persons, among wnuu wer> three English sportsmen, took part. I ma-t jay. with much regiet, thai France, on this o-ea-vrn, was Faten by lvngland. Thi- new Wattrl-x " ill. of Loursr, be uvcDged hereafter. Among the strangers ol di unction w ho ara 1 w res d.'i.g 01 1'uny. 1 w ill nauit Lord aud Ladv A?h ley. l ady Ashley i< tl 'laugb- - ' L- l I'aln:vr? ton. ami Lord Ashley son of Lord s-haftesbury. i hey are both considered as tho typo of philanthro pist*. i'hc intention of ifi-.se is v-'Anguished y n ?? uinr is to visit the benevolent establish uwnus ct tbr continent, in ordv- to ref >rm those of F up land, ami do something in favor of rL< p> -r cla-se ol Ihc? country 1 ruay lay ifiut, .115 tend of ru ing to Europe, Lord aud I.aJy A lib-y hoc' bc'.ter eros-the Mer-sy and visit Ireland, where poverty is so gr-.at aud needs so m eh eoiwiJjr.it i"ii. t baiily, when it is well understood, i- far beltt. thuii jdu'arithiopy buried 111 o-t. ntatiou. Ai other (hstingui-hed tiaug -mow inFfirr'-. i'a t hi new merchant, named Koa-li-kco, who has ar rived from ' anton, via the Isthmu of ."-awe, w :h the int. ntion of visiting the World's F'u r, and aho all the capital* of Europe. This interesting goi 11, man is remaining in the pr arc house of M. I'uehe. a weii-knowu Frencn importer of fau-y artieb i in ^ai. Francisco. It apj-citrs that F?a-li ko. knew V. l'aehe in t alifomia, iiijwa- -u oj'ica 1 delighted with the Frenchman that h- accepted hi- invitation to visit Europe in bi- company. The sale < f Loui- 1'hilipjv"- painting* t? >?>k place on .Monday la-1 at the government auction rociu#, in Hue do Jenncurs, and ail the* remains of Lire pictures produced ?[uite 1 ln.-xe sum of money. The 1 wo hoixs of treiscHiili, well known among the auutleuis a- /a t miriiltu and the L.'uruV>:at(r, were bought by the director- of the pobli?- museum ot the Lonvre. lor .Si.'Mi frain - Ail the-e paintings w re iiiutb injured, i ither by ball.-ts or by cuts msd< by -words, during the attack and sacking of the I'a.a ? I.oral in 1~ IV i Acr.thrr u!o, which ??<?? !e? Inteie- f r ti.> agr?. ulturi.-ta, wa? that of merit'.]'". which t ? | fill"-" at the i 11miitl?b>'i'|<folilof lUuiii iuito lit# nuuitier of -keep amount-'"! to fifty-tw> , and twenty "f th. m were bougl by .M ???re. Tn:.n r. Campbell, and Jewitt, from the 1'i.itcd '?tnte-i. tor from a hundred to hundred 'foliar* a hea l, Tile intention of thc*o gentlouien a- to ameliorate the breed of *heep in tb? 1 uiied "?f:ir >u <.ve a competition with the old world. A raw iu.ro"*. whnh will unite lightm** an! rtrri'gtb. has >eeii invented by a gue mak r of i*a j fu(. It c*w*Utf of a i4i*t of india rubb-r. two eendaetrct tn'ek, and .f .anno! !?* pierced by a bwl , let. 1 niidertlM"! that fhb in * :u r?o wi.. I* aborted in the rank* of the aitar. i Lt fialof .Mios. an i Mae lei' arm*, wb are aecu-'ed oi bating j-oioiti- ii ii brotfc*T and nro thcr-in-law n th a dreg ma ic ant "f tolia?o will lake t'laec In a short titn*. it a ?'! be ri tnein'.ered that /lot.'. <ic IJocami* bar b?.?-n living, for a ! >.;g time, with hi father, who founded a colony ?i the chores of the Ohio river, anions tl wi'd lnd; in*. Tfci? law *ut will have ."?( erln . which may re m ble that of the aCair ? ?! C"> 'tit Je 1*: .din. .Madntnc i.oild, lit. wife >f the banker and U nirter of hi nan re of l.oui* .Napoleon, i? known in tht ul*?Dt >'f J'ari' to be tin- rh il f I'rineet* Ma tbildt! Ltuiidofl. That ri* airy La? been the ?m* of much trouble at th? Klyrc, and letrly i' wav dcvelof c?l ? n tbe otej'inu of'b'. hiring fvr th* ' ?* son of the I'atilion tiw Btt unul. wlv -h h ?ne of the uioet spin did mmtner redden near F'ari". Tliia /?flit palace I? in-ide of the I'nri of St. t loud, and war hired, lout year, by 1 Vi???- Demi 1 ?!. L - a *uui of l.'iflb fraiic" ; be tbi? Mad im s Helena I'oulil offered Mi,OuM frail.'- for it, rod the barga u wm* made, to lb* great en-fa-fan and ! ? - pair of th.. lou'in of L"ui- Nt|i"l*':n. Letter* received from Vicuna announc? that an Au*trod?eiman lair will take j^ac in that cry, in 1MV3. It i? ?aid that nothing will l.e "pared to render tbe exhibition equal to th? f I, <r In. A violent earthquake ??< fel. on lb 17fli n at t?otl?etiib"n^g. in >w? leu. Tli th ? w*? at frit at Ly-ekill md Lagtland, ;;ad '??.oral fc->n? * weie dretrejed. At .\i<xgl*Lj rg the ?b ck I- k place whtit tLr ehurcl: ?? filled i itb. the no < b'fsnt-of fb'.' village, ami ii *???( *errif. tl.al .ill tLr in en ami W'tncn ni.-Lcd to the <1 ?].-?. 1 ring tin iunri tfv /?i'f a great iiuuibvr of pem ii- ? re ufc'ger"U-lj hurt. <'ii the I Itb ult aiiotLer cj tL ttak t>*rl!ally dftroyed the city of Ma? n, in the l amfo! lib de?. an! a tokar.o ha r>)*ti?"l n< ar the port of Loviral. A fart of tbe pahi' ?: of *1 rand"' .Waiirr", whi'-h ti' bu.lt ly the tt)? t kuiglit ? f Malta, f.-l. during toe rh'?rk? of tb urribi* *oat ul*ioni of the earth. A Uuy tnuiL ranenuxi iuiing In tin.-- nf the Km fin-, ">'tne. llameHn. wh"-< b. rate and wit >r re < tdy rivalled Ly the beauty and ? ft t of Mm*. Jluauii" i. ui< >1 on Mondi y la- ', it ..ri'. wtill ? ? iiutded by a 'arge nunJ ir id udii.Lcr-. fit!, r > I* hrf ni alterable*it ?r ?f her aTahility. lie: Ai I w?? atte-a ird by as untoet n' onct.i: -e el firkle?> able f^ople. At the Italian ? '|^ra. M. 1 ^l>rL t t ru 1, thrse f np'H ga\e. oa >at rday la.-t. a gta ?l >oae#rt, wiii.-b ?.i? at'et i< d by :i targe i rub :r of d,i ttinti. t of.nhaH th? talent".) piauitt, of Xiw f'rlean*, "?? oi > of the of tb- e \ ? ntr i ! -J.rit \ lent t Witt, The Tii'-.t'e ef the f etn . ??n w.Il uta nag? ? by ;,f t i rrin, gat t, tn unn iy i i?t, tbe n, 'i ? of ' of. y\ en*' fitmeo nteta, ?? Th' t a'ij L i f I ig ?it><l' ("he mu" e ofthi* | mrtft<? it, '.tma* the evti rmfaced, waa reecin d .y a ' rewded h u With th" ai"rt ut.Loiii.dr<1 at [ laii'c. 'IL< 'ifierctta ?t **1,e Tahleam I'arlant" ( . i,c *:j<i king I'mtuiei, wl.ieb i- ?'?? -iy ?M thlrg. Wl - al?i fa>;'..rnird ? il that '? j ?< ti. and uict with the *r tae m< ce*t. At he Theatre Fran^at/i, Mm*, i.uchel i f' ty i?g her la't ntotifh* of eng.tjfi meat hefoi* L> r va eat' i . arid every iii^ht ?fV" ..ppear* ?Lt i? i -cited w th n.|tttre end ?hotit* of admiration. It i? a?'d tint it ? i -r int ntien to ir- t the Allai.'i taxi jenr, a?,d vi?ii AtiiciW :t. A p? tit rattvL. t i'ie. in one art, l.y Me w MMl dlartia, entitled. "* ommt attw i.arfon*'" (lion Tiling .Men ge frrhitml at the \ nrt< ti r. ai '. reowived witu m i h pl?a?t??e b the audi ??.-? 11, j e'ty Me- lame* ('"twlar-", 1 rj, a?.l 1'nttl, a*e the ai. a ia tl,.* * f lsy. "it 'he l''.rt# -i. . ? :!?", a ira iLama, n C"e art", by Me*ari. I -elaiour and l?imbcrt Thibourt, . ailed ?? L? IHaMe," l-aaf.-j .-mtcd, on Saturday i tid, I tegrrt to -ay, f.ii). f, though it wai |M"?ed by the - ?t iai< ni< d ?efi't of the />*i</e. l'hi? th"n. r -" ii jirodttro a grand ape. ta 'le, ea1!'d "'I' 'iiibitlou of IxinduB, or tho I'alaca o* i 'y?tal. .' i wh.'eh the manager La* ?l-eady aj ent rO.fJt'* :'--atifi. tt th- \ii ' igii Coinirtae, the "Coniit of Mur < - if' i'?i;ti all t eg-,; hut th. 1" ?ti th pas t ef "Monte ( ri*t"\ (r'ed "\ ilUftert, Will iko be pro-bleed; a d 1 Ui.derr'nrl that ,'ir. 1 mma.? ba? given to thai t ay mi h ear*, whitli will re. ier it on* of th-' *"?t inter' 'ting ?f Ma npertory. Mmc. ' ? org* s nn*l wftl have *rt4 of b?r play prftiinrd at l.? (iaite on Saturday h**t. Il will ? er'iUe?l "Mollere," and will be founded on the uf? <f nor gteat <<.oir>!ian and writer. Ir <>ne ?t my lefiera, 'la'ed March i7th. I refitted the *tory f.f a rrtain lady, dettgl.ter ot a elergy. .u,.n wf N. w \ ..rk, who. hevlnt married a tine !<? 'hit g grntlmian of New 1 irl**na, arparateil from him < n the ground 'hat he wa? maan* I have V'Vii told <U?S ife>1 '1 tudwiuhdiv'j UvUliVCftte, and having been the echo of that falsehood. I must i now toll the truth. It appears thai, do-pito her love, when a young lady, f>r a poor musician of her native city, she we.- married by her father to a gentleman el' New Orleans. They cawo to Paris, where, through her mother's aid, Maiauie used to receive, by every steamer, letters from her melo- j diou* sweetheart. '"hij w?< discovered by her hus band, who sent f r the father of his wile, and re- , quei-tcJ him to take back his daughter. The pu k-u nfute ! to de so, though he was accused by his ?<>n-in law o' Lvviug deceived him, for be tola hiiu that he knew his daughter had no love for anybody but himself In such a disagreeable ait* rnative the young woman left her husband, and retired with his ??? n.-ent that oi her father, to the house of an Upiseopalian .lergyman of l'aris, where she now li\e?. As ft r her husband, ho has returned to New York, with the intention to obtain a divorce. A charming umi beautiful young lady from New York or Philadelphia. Miss Gardener, who was travelling in Kurope under the care of Mr. and Mrs. Post, died the other week, after a short illness, j Her d?at! was nrueh regretted by the numerous friends whom ^hc had already mad.1 in Ivurope. The Minister ol' tho United Status in Paris, Mr. Hives, has been very ill lor the last three weeks, j : urd his condition gave much trouble to Lis family ind friends. It appears that he is now recovering, ! and that he will loon be able to leave his sp&rt ' in'Qts.nnd breathe the pure air of summer. Mr. f foodri h, the recently appointed Consul of ' the United States at Paris, has arrived among us with hi- family. The press of Paris has already : - ulogiscd mJ'eter Parley" in its columns, and : 1 understand from several of his countrymen, that he will - on become popular among us. May be be satisfied with the reception he will meet ia Im BcUa Frau.c.' We want meu of talent and men i of heart. B. II. K. Paris, May 5, 1951. . The Ftttitml of Oh Fourth?Pieptirutiuns end LHsup itiUhi' it? Snow?Premiums for Objects of Art ? Tktutrt*. 4v., fyc. Noc*.-' pluit tots redeunt spectarula mane; Dtvisum imp* Hum cum Jove Napotoo. This distich, borrowed from an old Latin writer, ! with the exception of the lust name, is, in a few word-, the rum total of the festival which took place i yesterday in Pari*. in commemoration of tho-l'h of May, 1818. The Minister of the Interior promised the public a hydraulic file, und the clouds have ' e irried out the promises of M. Leon Fauoher. The programme was far beyond the reality. A grand ? aseade, in the *tyle of Niagara Falls, was to take place on the bridge of tho t oucordia The water* 1 fall has b >w: "cen ai.d felt all over the city. Tho | -loud* poured down torrents?the streets were like j rivulet-: and, if cornered with the cataract of the !sky, the fall of the government was like one of the : roton pipes In any of the publio squares of Mew j York. Ilesjitc thi-' uncommonly disagreeable weather, I the crowd of citirens jw>d strangers, ui. lor the ?bcl ' tcref their umbrellas, in . cded tho public thoroagn farcs, an.'., like duekJ, we j dabbling in the shallow waters of macadam mud. The largest numbers of troupe ever s ottered over Paris, w.-ie ataodiug in their different places, and all of thein, nih Jrigii> J. * ellu-' undti theii wot uniforms, were near ly frorea todevth. Iam convinced that many m these unfortunate protectors of the country will n- od the cart of iu-.ir phvsicuuu, cither for a ba I c >!d, or for infiimmation of th'' luii,:?, fevers, U ? Jn si >rt, thi? festival has been called the " hesti va 1 of tke l'mbfelln','" n cnmuiciuordtiou of the ; celebrated'.'hinese " Feast of ;uc Lanterns." i As for tl.e ornament* with whieh our public : ? piarc-. h id been decorated, they were uot to i>o erapar- 'l wi'h ti >.-e of tho preceding year. It i looked shabby an'' sti'-an compared with tho-o : which were so mu< h admired las. year, iu (cad ai arranging, as on a previous occasion, the (iraict Hue, do a Coneord* ? Ith candelabra*, arches of i triumph, garland* ->f lamps and dower*, ta.'so wan 1 we r? the osftwiiMt ur of the fete had transported all their ptonerlie- end see aeries to I lie ?koreaafthe ?8ein<. J he Palace "t the National Assembly nad b> t" d fir ti. occasion, andamuwllhe two t the kail-ling the architect - itad erected tW" ?? ti 'oh, firming, with the uiouuini'ut, an in mi cycle, which hud no character wba.ev r, though it ?a?"l 'lie -am#ord >r a* the pulse c of tte national )? p - ?-*!?? ;ves. From thi Bridge ?-f the li vultdes ih' National Bridif''. a virtoi railing had boon placed, whi- h was in tiie evening to lie ligntcd with num- i 'iiM grease p<>t-. lJolf ot ike graauna height ^odul- 1-een pises l evory twenty yards, and , i|> jsorte I a number of I saner I of all dasoi iptiomi nut the r nn i.id rend< r>*i theni heavy thai ihuy w< e hutisrnig an<i "t course aid uot p <?i4ce any eft t. In 'he Ahaorj r Eiyce* hid been rlne.J the gr.-.it rami mid iMa-tri-nt* women, who lire the honor* of France, epro-ented by immense ataturs, uladc oi i.l;.?t?r, x ?? d and straw. Tbcre were J acquard, 1 hsguay-Troain, Moliere, Richtrltatij Taimiar. 'can ? !?Ni' n. feaiinc d*A!?!, Klcber, I>??ni?? I'wyeu, Jc in Burl, Hevre <'??rneille. .Matt hie if Mole, Jeanne Hickctte, Xi.-oLa? I'ousatn, ? wide, and Mar-nut V j. At the rctvf pint of the promenade the fountain had l. - n ? h-iogi-d into a mouusncnt., upon whirl a tlnlae of /ii virftjrt wa.? standing over a pe Jcdll, uison whkh the iiutiuaot the pi i.icipal bit tb whi' li bate rendered our country iHu-tri'.!!* in the vorldhad I een inscribed by the rtatmuirc. 1 lauct -i.f?-?, iii tuy quality vt a laithful roporiar, tha ktuT, with a tin eaupltona, have the -:ulp* tof* of I'ari* nreated wdi tru.-h a* these -tatae* It made no r. -nrmi^r ?h >*e niccted in tin avenue of tLe IrTtlide* !n iwu'.f.-r th* translation of Napoleon'* a-Lcf from *J*. Ihl'nti to I'ari*. The-'; ?tatu.*? were -r -< lv . ver-'d wiShpl-.-U i, and the rain had n.aUt fj> h danag. upon t lie in that a koea eye was abi< t..-ce the .?i aw springing n it if tho heroes, and a.ioket told ?? ihnt iher. was no doitb; that 'I uterine nruit ?Im Utter. The < hnroh of J.i Madeleloe had also boon <leeo rnfe.) with enrtnina of crimson velvet trinuned with cHd fringe, Tiro Mattes, representing Fuith and t barily, srere also standing on the *t*ir"; but thec or; ra :.t ?, n* well a t the otbcii nbo.e described, wire of very -u.a" taarit. I.ieryhi.ig scouted gl< .it y and -lull, ai.1 it was thought by in.uiy that jt was a h?d ouu-n f,r th.- .future weitare of the re public in France. In HIS. wLau the l'rorwioual ? ioierai'ieat, beaded by.M. l unanlne, ean* *m th' l'lr>.*e de la t'oneorde, to pro^'mm the repuolic, the weather war as bed n.; tbn jear. It sn there f< re. tl . a * bad kviktv a* ' is ; ow. A f >r tno iilniaiba'Uma uf the ? veiling, rnd th; ftrewiok* wli? ?> wrist* be eakibitcd a. 1 'haiilot, on ti.i heights oi ibe mountain, tbey took p'ace, as .announce.! In the pi'gra nule, with 'he aacnpttoa tka'itwua "hirn fut failure '1 Me lump* were c?tl"gui bed by t.be rain a? anon a < th-y weio light ed: and the ro-.'ket* 'a . pyramid*, m I temples, la' ? ated by M. Rwgg;-*ri,the pyroteeJml*c.<Rtajrm of .Mr. !.dg ?, ? 1'oik , ptooa.ed no iCict, aul w- re * . ?-??r!y ublo to bura evt.i a little. X.,w that I have ?!< ten bed, hi ",y b> t style, tlm iaeiettietiey <if the weaiher aid th* incapacity of tb ?*e wh? lu.tde the arrangi un< uts for 'he frir of th - _>? ar, I mav *ay th. ? ?web n stats ? f thin;** wa* a i ery t Trtble h|ow njon th; sistll tiuirliunti of tb< city, who bad made ui iay p epurat.oi * f r th* Oct -!? i . gatheied pfiOdtbiM ol all irt?, nod snoiii aH tl . .. -pare mot y. wub hu hope thu? ineir Br,an. 'al bar test ? n th, Ith of M iy v. ul.l r inane* rat tb. m far all (hair trouble. .Mors than the liati ofth> no.untrbanka, showmen and quacks wU> had er* clad i ? r ? c c a m j m.nts i n t he p uul arc oft he t lau'p- l.'ysf, did rot eolb? t a?!ifft-.i>fal ??m n( tn-ney to jay for tic ir dimwrs. liw incl n u>ey .J the w-'iitlo-r mn-t be acr, unte.l fi.t by the unusual nllii g of 'uu* in o.e m< ontain f Tuia i.id on the .horns of the 11 Line. M'? I av? Kcrlvrdtitvi fiart that part >d t'ranre, listed May 1st, wklith contains th* report >,f a terril.le snow torn. bN>>ng oecurr.d on th* L tu H-id.vnb nit. Tbe dt dribation of prr'nom* to the pa at err, seulpt' r-. n-*vif".'ts, and e'igra r?, who ptrthi jati .' In tie e.tbi' t.on i>f (hitils t srt ir. the Na* tional I'ali *c, ? >ok |d iee oil -i t ley las', n?,i Wa* a very Bsc j Brir. Loa.s n w? to 1 .?v? ' >>n |.re m: at tbi ?iriuor.y. bnt.i aiegto miiore o?" u?l ni.:*pl?mi l cifoai ,| .hewn- lepi'aied t.y the A<?*?'*t? r of th> Irtrri >r. M. Is ,i Fnueticr. i he ?rti*-tc'i hore work* laid Per' dwtrd for fe* wrid wilb the pttrainnw were call t in order, an I ;e.eiied frorr '1 haiot* .ftb ' ? I. ! UT, ciiU. t bl? rct# of croetre* ? f tl * L? gi' n ?r Il..?,er, or mmW* of gold, silier. and ?i???>??. f.rw baud ?f a?usic ?ar playing dnr r.f nil the fine . and lb* gre.itirt cj. ti n la*tu p?atai?ed ain og ail tb?r* | . mt XLc tb. air's bnv* been a|) cr wde.| t . f \fc*l Bir the last Uti day, end have coined a largn sreniait e>f tic.l ey. Tbi* *t*t? of thing* roay art# b* Af. (i.iinti >1 ti*r byttc la genum' erolMrt< gcrewho ?e new erowdlrg ortr t dtFand n 'r.-m. i On* wb-. e>,a? n< w f'i f'ar'J 1" snt to i <? Li w ? in* two wnk tu u.itao.H*, it it* wi'hcis to hn l a coram to liwili in. A? tbe theatre l rnr.a .the n'-s r ,..,K .fMa dam* b . de (il-ardtn. called, "t.'e-t la f'ante dt Man." is the Bi.eM gem ererw-i'fen by this talent ed witter A laudcviUe, In one Ml, Iff M ir. 'Mcrrilo ard Xurltr, entitled, '"l.es . wtrtni!'' (impj.; mi 'bftiiiie) war fepn eo'ed On I ridaylail at the V nnet*? theatre, and met wi'h much f'tcei *# irrrrol, tl>* e ,mi? actor, b?? a go, d part, and dt llvetr.l it with his itsaal talent. He was a?>l*-.?d by the pret'y Mme l**!'1. one of the net beautiful w -men of ' ari*. Al the t .ymnase, "I.o \ oik la Roul* le." by Me ra. Melenrilie and d? Coorey, was ,i|s? r.-rjr well rceeir. d. Mme. Wolfe, who plays the pidnC' pal j art, -ang with much ability, and de ?rved much npplau*e. The new drama of " Molikre," by fioorgo -iod, wLi.il Wll t9 L*v? Veen I ?rfvr??i oa nMUday last, bus been portpmcd till to-morrow. It was reported that the Minuter of the Interior had pro hibited the performance of this play. This is riot the care. Mine. Baud desired to be present ah the laat rehearsal of her pla v, and a ho had not yet arrived from the country where she lives. Beardea that, her ?MMM neceg". ry to jjive 'he la-t touch to several ports of the work. The billa nnnounoo thtit " Molkie" will be poiitivgly perfurmeiat La Gaito to-on rrow tvining. M do Burtigc* our Miniaitr to Washington, has departed for the United rttaoe*. This gent Ionian of the diplomatio corps is haid to he a very amiable man among the ladies. B. H. It. AMKRIQAHS IN PARIS. William Birney, Cincinnati. O. Bruno, New York. Dr C W. W Lett, N. Y. II Embury. do. 8. G. Goodrich. U.S. Consul. M Upton, H. Herbert Vs. W111.O. Giles, New York. J S Slay tor, New York. Hamilton M. Call, do. II B. Wallace,Phikmlalfhia Hamilton M. Call, do. II B. Wallace. rbllsuMfhia It. M K. H. Dulnry, Va T. Fra>, UvlDgHtoe.N. Y. Mr and Mrs. U. D.U.Curtis, I.ieut, Owathnny, fj. 3 N. New York. Lieut. Adams, U. I?. N. Another MnltUrlal CHltl tn England, Th? mini-try of Lord John Russell were ag*ih defeated in the House or Commons, on the Oth instant, on the spirits in bond <iuesiiou. by a vote of 169 to 169. This wee the second difeat in one week. The uuiiowuci iiieut was reeeiwd with toud che-rs r? the opposition side of the house. On oar return to the gallery. we found Mr. Hot *v< a spuiikliig ^be hon fnntleir.an said be wish, d U put a ?lucstteu to the noble lord at the bead of the govwroment on the ."xtcaordluary cireumstane,* In

which tlie government of the country were placed. The lb umi of Commons lad now a-rtuned, be would not say wilhiot jun cause, uut only the ?u,Hirrtiiion of the-ro n rnni'M cf tni* country, out th- ao.ua! gov, mount it self (Cries of ?? Oh. oh aud " licor ") lie could un derstn'd b"* mui ' dtwppouill ii I I lowers ol the gcvern n < at- (Ihe rest it tin >i utuaee wan lost in the Ironi cal choirs ul s'lnii: inet iu<mbcr-ou Hie ministerial-i ie.) The g* 'Vcruiueut b?l 111 i or i to make three eflorta to K' Veri. llic i u t-jr ? ? .1 tnv ? ' herein ad their |*tuo? were mrd in <1 b) tlw n l I' m none. He app.ah'd to the i oi.ii loi.l I ? if i- men who hu.1 be n bri uglit i.p tn ih -.1. ' ,i- ; -ii i. ? ? I prinoi) lee <?:' g ri ri un in ?? h.i had i rgf iverued ?n ourhout by the in a that U Ii i t <" ian tlie superv.-ing pi ?er. marktns i i mJ ii- u f the government by ns nisj r.ty - . ? ?. n l- 1 ? ???!. was he in a po sition to gmoi? i ? i ? till ' ? Hd cries bf lo ar. b< ar ') V. i 1. ? i | n.ipi ii a i-hi- - oi the nob.e lord, heibii. ? bi i iln vi i l-. t,i i ts> foe the onward pn rn>s I'Mln-i ? hi hi I I a. i? . war (t politic toiay nothing o' n th- power of the gi \ . i nun i mull r i1 -i.in. ? - (Cries ef' Oh, oh !"*"> i: ? .i : \ i\ ?* 1 to y ? -1* but let them uuuersiaud what .i ? ? ; ? At the < < minencement of il.i M--mi ?. hi !.? I-el '? it ?? .i.i.ii things were 10 t< til II i r '>?? i -si r.f f.> no try. The Cbaa cellrr it tin t ' .' H .Ml' an luluuatlun ot wh.it he intiiididIod<, >ud tin i 'H -notoUi gr.atim.rcautile c uct-ru In il.is ? urn .? ti t .-t n t beeu affected at the pri tenl turn by t lie > Inrafion* ? f the right hou gi bin ami. (ii. ir i ? ar ) Li t not hon fiihr"' i"f po-i ilisi. 11. - . .. p..rty niaUcr. tin wns 11 okit g at i v. :? r. , in? t. tn. country itself: and. it Or Hour. !' > inmous h.i - no Miud lo the luter cste i t ill i 'in i . ? keep ; ??? -i. in tuit state, ii tlig li g. lis? Mailt ii iu ; - coBu ' .iveeu heaven and cart, let ike Hon e of '. ihhiuiii 1. :. the n-p-iu-ibility. i Li appealed to thi ; ? Me| r be ?|ipr n?*d to hi . - t.e lii.(t II ? rc |. r i . . . ,J Ins authority ? that ?: . 1 tL.-n. ti.oi any ttiin - ? r el tiy tho intiri'ts of the country but i iracter. w h. i not iei u l.iii.-i l lo , i .ea od"i ili oh; j It ?a; ail v. ry v. ?; Le re. disc ted an lii- anii el.ei.'.i.i on lor i litv.ng pot the It? m i.i ti .' ' m Vt I'iiiiigum into in - iicrily one v in. n tin- b-nches of the Hi ii-i -11'oil.i. . ? - ? wL" bud boon ? calted ti lb. iiUmi lion "it. -Mo ? ? .ou at the minority *?? it'll hi 'a ( - it. n-. u-k the right bou. giutl'uisi. ti. S;r r i.'l.wio her no was about t riiainlo- g. ? h ii.hi i .1.vision Tho noido L rd lived iu mue'riiii" mm lit crowd ehoevs)?but It ??. cm imry .it; i .if-, i ..f Kn.l.ml contrary lo diu ?l irit ( : i-arn L-ritii: ii tlmt atj sihwialsUwtioa -ho.i'.J riisuilli by tlie nflSi ttic-oftl i ppo-itiiu ti ? y mot wilh? iii-uitei ei ? i i . i . Hi ei up ? -i? of that' la" - sit loo anu i.i Li i i. In the prtiieipli* on wh eh the i oil 11 II. Ill tt 'i e . I.,,; .i ||,.. noble 1, rd had III w teen dcf. ntcd 'nor I'll,. :. id hi ? lOtd L-k tt n Me lord wLiiLir ;. ,n i;.o-. ? l-ata uimaUci- u ner.ti il with tin i tat ;i 11 > e.iuutry?on ir.tt.*r? ?hiihwerin o.. Iv n no. 11 ah all our msreaoiii c i.c rns? li? lie i., hi I- wi e. i : t tho eir "iLii. ? continue .a ( ? j" I 'it (Hear, hear, lie briii vedtbi i . .? " i tui.y *ai sfy th- ? sites 11 iho-e win ? ?iliano* tho greet| 'inciptes npen which In ?ii|.|i the . bio 6 rd s govotmi-.-ut wsi b ui did in ? .1 ; t will ii"t lemj uiy* t any li Ugei* Ui slit Ii a - ate "I tilings' II the llouse aoaswirhid t- take upon " ..I the tdniainusi it si-li it ought I. Iikii th 'i -ihiilty of ftiijing mi-i niiniitiaiiiii tl.at A .ulil ui. .. ii?.?jnrily Li id I It? - se t i. ... i I. cmM" gentlomsn the no laU i fi r oh th-L ii - a -me whether 1 mean retail I Wee ui ii. r i I.i ;?! ;.ti .ret tslnwooo? 1 til b' said I.' i!'i.,l? ir to the .wi intry II.i, I si.i old CO n . it ..i th. tue . rr.uu lie IwMrest- Ota pt i :iUy ?' I id >.? )?; 11...I .. t ?. 11 la ? -t olRce. M ban B |K||||I t< , ? 'I\ ; of till" kioj with a unity Lut bt Iwr Ki\?n rni rerfalii adi'd ? tl ? jr-t titjr own p*l*oual Hia rm t*??(><it'<J .!.?<? umjm tfalljr .1 wUu total;*. I rt nt rl ? i - i I tl.anb 'i.ui for lii? girl illriitioti'?(laujdit'T 'ut I w n take ore of my > ?n |M'M iidI ii.<rii<ilir ????.?. t?r mid l?ui) ckuri ) U aui.ll.i r | nkrl. a . | ? iwli ii (br (gfi rtimsl lit iLU cotra'ry war in ah-yam ? and lli ?lu ?bran tt htd I wu ofli ii d lib J d< I fi it id to undertake tbacbarfi f'< rut it'R u B* vorinai in. ti. 1.. i a bit g. nth-maii Mid In thl h< u-t that )'? *)rittUi..i i run ia; ih?V ilif io i -tv of ibe faun if n o v.nit mr. iu my bati < I >1 chirr-) IVInl lln li i i be f.t nUt mau pmUi \y D" tot wbal ?ni ho i l^t 11. I Mai ? l prvli u<1 to -ay; t of tbia 1 uiu fully uaur.. ib. .h g. mil IuIiT"!* "I tie rnvnifj- l of fin ti to "my but hi g- nrral lnt* rc?t ? I Il.i ouiiti; it wtifari hini trri ?a. t- ry tr .ii'li ill |a tiiii lit mi tb c loiurt id tiioM ww tuv- ut the mi mint the direction if ptil>lic nfl* r? (Ifear. biar ) i ut I liati bot bi-lta'od. when 1 tbni-'ht th* dinrlion i.t utta.r -night to be takm Pitt of n .r ' f utUi. ?i >tf ci rif. li iu certain jijn-tn tc ctaka the lunri i.f ill iriAi'ii uii i t upou t' i'f ^ur'ti'iii-i un i U|m ii Hear ? 'iji ctn. (Kerr. In a. ) I dlu i-ut lu Itrit-f ?In if aben fir. ouirfi'-ii of the repeal of tl.e nael ration law" r.i bit. to I arliauirnt. ami it *?i 'rankly ... dare . tbat wi a'ft | n fnrrii .'or liar rou r-jin net of a r< ? iti'u it ilii.1 Maun am' tt w*? lnitr.it; unit?r-t ?il ??? rh< ut.t tinvr n t In J ft m ? ft>< ?? if loal iuo? urn ba I ? i njicfui (Hear.) In lb Wet)aar man; h u niam' *rr dim rt d Trim the vit wa that were *tn drI; Imf f***? i on m; n*i n.iiui *ith regard to ihi afliirt* of thin ? ? un'.r;r> to lln itlppr.*. n.ti of iln> Hhv ituile, and I J14 not lieab tnlr lln ii lo unlare. that I would not retain fli ?? ? u* iivy afiir the ((? o-e tin J tiiopglit it fifkl to rot' ?s?lii?t thr jrov ? ? mi nt in tbat rutiji ct. (Ilear. bear 1' it I tk.ii It 1 Fare etna right, "l ??rnntction o'.tb ray li niin ?. lo ci toiU'-r what i? Ilia LUiug opportunity far ? I li b I rpouid iitain ? fiicu. and what ia tb* ?pp tu iiii; a Li n i nu uld ia; n j rvrutiitilloa bifin Iter Mi J??i; I Mtn if inuio t|ankloR In li pc.olmillj of -ny dinrl qi'iuM nidr of ?aM ?f c nfld*n*r ?vf 'b;.i Hi um* I v hn h tin-rn alt L pirfir; I; |>!aia and oh> .u?. Itltl I nri v|rafiiR nl|h t?|. rt to liTi other Ijrrt. n?. In lln !,?> m ly if thrpri'viit r? Ion. did Z all - any ?n L ai tio y fi ti tain (Tiro a to mahr 't fi?o,***t y 'hit ll.i Ion l.i aUr for Unf.ild (Lould b*i w/ a. nltrr (li nit rbnti t.nd tf< old of nu in ? wImd lh" I in ut ??iii no lum I at ho limiting iloi : I lay frf-roth Ciuat inj retaliation' (ureat eh??r1n* ) The hoc. am'I'll au ihi* i* (he t. uith ttni* the rot-ronvent b# lei n 'ten atoif. hu' th"re 1? an ?baerr*(h n wkleli ai Loarl < i in ii o in ?? ly h r.n ly laii,f:?d" ha?u s '? "n a Ii f?it titaia Iu tbi I. uie than tho h< o f utlnuan. I j tiuu. In l<> In.?? toll aadt I; IiCtd Oa-tlart-agh, a', i to ulildi i tnay leiil. 1 lut a ohm lord. ?h. n )?? lit / ' git ?t | an; in iho lo me. with ro| ft to a r i. el i> h 1 tbi Home h.. ? e- me iriimt lim g ti ruuiut (or thr r ; ml <t lie a hi k ii a ran of a tat. aai I. ?h?f Tr rbrrr tJ *< ry h mil) uu i ur uttiuyll. 1 cdti-r grat! i ? n a<>. ? lo hi i|i a I ? I. n lli. ) air ? it f thr ????! ' I t langn ) ? Not It ? in oloirti. Mill' r*f|iert t???,10?* Jrlenlit ' wh'i Ii tf i Ion g1 nil ntanu'lolet ?h*t they ?eei T'i? Til ft i h .t ' ti ? i- 't i I , i | oM<l' *li m .Ii n-'p. t to tb' IvHtfiti I n in lot" r lor .? urr?;: bat afteiTaid *1 ea *a ri iuraed lo ? Ihrr that ? iieattnti'-nma v'1 ' ' - fori ti e lli'iio. ami lh? do i'H>u of lln liouee vraa dlf finut f-< in i bat a nu h it Lad le*n rTalually, ?n 1 tbi il'*' I tali rtaiaed ware anal ruinl by a i* i ,i * Ma r y. fo that the hr?l iti f.-at rompleteiy ftlaml by he ?at*< itwi nt itleiM .a Hn in- h r i -- -li n. ? ?? dm l?ali d on a ?jv?<i i< n with n j eol to the -nuiiao* im nt nf I be tt mid* and ?,.ri?t? but Ibat qaeatkib la no! yet !?. aMcd. bo?i.?t. it o uiit our iutamion to art ?a that r* ii.iiU ? a - f the II >u-r but |o iiitriaiurr n lull atllai In )?? Ir>. i) l- to thi one *"? Intn fneed la?t yrrtr. and ha lli me ? !l l,n?e an ifydlanity nf 4ei idlag wbnhef thay a ill .-out i ri il * d' i-i'.ailwn eon' li 'yunad'1'* ty 1.1 or.i. i r i l.eiJi,:r m?) -binK our plaa f r th" 'ai W' ?n n . i igi uo ?i* of thr M ? .Mia an I i "mt? I* w Hal nu.bt in le latertailint, and If prrfrfuljl' t'~ that Whlah "be tl'uee at frH reinfe d na: a.i Ibat. la th* pn -i i i Mine <tfaf!air>. u though tbr b tn.rabv g*mi* H an ? ' a*e h> en hiur t.una tnl, It'C.-a that oi.i rftlnae 'Weal - ha* Im*b fuHrnal Ly a firt'-ry "tr ih aim were tl * auam of ibat ihi' tt. an I that tba mm i d ia awt y*t di.. hii'J, I i me ? iw to tho tlilf J? II.? iliti n ii wlil' li fell pHceno ih ni'HIou "I tim b- , ? ri'lii nipiler f? r tio.lron Id .r. u?d . I! a' tLa' li>i u waa eflha t.atuie of which 'be hrn ra'do | iiMkl an nr ke. nam*ly. a ditto n itaelarlni*'I ii I ho lli i. i Rhant lo iake il ? g rti-tnw.i nf lulo li? nan '.an I (M*ai hear.) I io.ttfl1etII at kUtb'ar qunatlimi ot tal utin itil I tndena. are atatiora* upon nbkb the Have i if lip. m ? f. i?| it. rating tin > unif), h iye | "iiiiir i tia.n lo havi tb?tr cpitilon* r'?teft'?i t ?, an-1 W;on ; wk ? b the ixaraiiwe goeiraaseat mi* trry faiiiy, ' wilha ut aw; Tv* of fta ?t nlty. yn ii Ir l ;|ry m nl in j n* nf of liy< awe fl.r I he rr 111 t* the country ab I j t'f ii Mtafcl' ii i ni? (a flight latigh), reroa.nl-t utr ] yre?|r-i l.i; Bot'uria id fluaort tb-j bar.' | r ?, ?d i i ? rr. and a Inniu.) W* eotn* now |,i thia lyui'-lion | ? lo h tLe ii'.Ma i rd ba? (Mirrini by tbr ywie if th tjaaker. I e n that iwli< n I miyiil r-| *at ti 't-*T ?b?i n lo a nit It I )? iee flbrred luent 1 lei >giVr ifc'ii. Ia?t jrnt. ih* B'tiu lord ?>? f innlly oiifnl'ili ?nt m v?ith?|.." h* dM n t fnally alter th Lia u thiv -nt. ? and I VM' v? in ihr end f;? Hon*" of t'nma >n? ? i,f l.o if i.fdni .n cither that (be m' tlon of th* m.hl" lord ia wi on* t" h* ad*pt"l. or that if |R'l"('tril. It fi.a't lead to me arraiigeiiient of th" >ol?t ihn'-i ?o aa to I larr rclonial dntiea on tbr an ,'jel y with Vi'rh and fri-b dullaa. thai being my (fli ?' a. f c< ita.bly a).oil not fell the itonnraMe le. loan, in aeatddar."" with bi< rnj iigt. wade with that i am i Vr ia ma '< with h always d'tlinfuih"* him?(gr at b'"i.l<(ir ?Wb?f oiimr ''lira* 1 | ? opieo to tag* on th. pi ml .ccaaWn The?> inailre? are mattera ii e- ry . im* in. port (Ilea* bear.h The charm tar of fha g r err.0 * nt ? nrl.i not he 'aerifireii, or *yen impaired by ?nhfilti.f e t > frnt defiafa without letli'ii.ig thai ll.ry rrdHw Ml l(w|er Carry on the yorrrnmrn' 'I * L ? r' tii.fry (FN 'f, h -t At th* fame time on th* oih* hand. no. u> wlli den; thai tbr reai?(B*'i' Bfth' g"i riument. In fba j n-ot.t elrraKnetane*? of ?hr country, jimlm yery grayt ?]?<>??*. (boudcrifi?f h?-, he?r.'') Some may think them ooneoqueneea of great go* 4 fortune ; bat, whether of good fortune or bed for tune, no OM can deny that very grave *ud Important conaequeneea must follow, not merely to the question of frve trade, to which the honorable gentleman ?uce allu ded, important an that is in itself. but with regard to many other questions of doaaeslic aud foreign policy, which must be affected by h change of the government, in the present circumstances of the ountry. (Hear) All I can nay la. that I trad thorn- who have generally supported us and taken our views with regard to publio policy, will give us credit for weighing on every occasion what Is required by the situation in which we are placed, and that white we are not disposed, on the one hand, to allow the character of the government to bo impaired and worn uway in our hands. It is, on the other hand, from no sense of affront or pii|tte that 1 shall propose to ccme to so important a decision as that of resigning eur office with a view t? a change of the government of this country, (ltear hear.) It is uot a i|uestlon to be merely discussed and bandied about in debate, but it la a question for grave consideration. I must ask the House to leave it to ui< to make that decision, and makiug it. a* I shall d" with a view to the welfare of the country. I sliall not ha*?- to reproach my own conscience wit li hav ing de-ertedthe interestsl am bound to support. (Great -hearing.) The Mouse then went into committee, Mr. Bernatln the cbalr. Lord Mass moved the following resolution That the duties payable nu British spirits, when taken out of warehouse for home consumption, shall be charged on the quantity ascertained by the mea-ure and strength of the sum actually delivered, save and except that when such spirits are uot in a warehouse of special security, no greater abatement on account of deficiency of the quan tity and "trengtli. is ascertained at the time the said spirits were warehoused, shall be made than shall be after the several rates of allowance following; that is to say. for every hundred gallons hydromet* r proof, for any time not exceeding three months, two gallons; for any time exceed ing three months, and not exceeding six months, three gallons; for any time exceeding six months, und not ex ec ding twelve months, four gallons; and for every addi tional six months, on-' gallon." The gallery was cleared for a division, but none took plaCe, and on our rewdmiasiou. Mr Hi mc was endeavoring to aldre** the House, but wss met by load and reiterated shout* of ? Divide,'1 which rendered him almost inaudible in the gallery He v as understood to a-k. the nolAe lord at the head of the government whether, a* many honorable members had left the house, n>it expecting another division, it would ? e on-Wieut with the dignity of the noble lord's position li> ta'o tbe sense of the committee on this question to light' Interruption aud cric- of flivide.") He woul 1 sucgot that the resolution should now beallowed to pa-s. and .hat the opinion of the House upon it should ? taken on a future occasion. Lord ,1. K ass i t would leave the matter entirely in the ' units of the notde lord opposite, who made the motion, lie thought however, that it was perfectly fair to take another division upon this question (Cheers, and cries sf'Oh.oh! . II. did uot w.sh to takoauy unfair ad \ a'.ith . i , but h" could not see what objection there could ha to another division, as be believed the llou.-e was now fuller than when the lu?t division took place. Lord Naas thought the r-as n ns-igned by the noble lord for proceeding t another division was the very worst he could have put forward. Tie- noble lord .-aid the buns*- wa? uow rnoregfoil than when the division rook pine >. hut, that division took place in a house when bono rubb inenit- rs had beon attentively listening to the de bute. (Cheers, mot by eric- f-'Oh" and interruption.) He had I i present tie wh !?- evening, and he had ni on a ? - en ot .hi 1,tud. a more attentive or lou-* and to -ught it win rather hard of the uehie iurd|to ask for another decision on the qie-s tii n ?? " ruber* who had come in ska vi- i. not i an opportunity of hear ing tie *?. ? h oi. lie must remind the noble I rdthat dir.Tent <*our-? was faki a last year. The wclutioi w Inch hi < Lord Naae then put into the chair inau's hand was nut opposed. i od he bad concluded that 1 hare f the iamc cour*? would bar* been t.iken on this occasion lie wa? satisfied, if it Lad been known that the noble bird Intend* d t* take another division, none of the houo rabl-- ger.ritnen win had *u;poit<d hi motion Would have left the Hru-e. L td J K ari.i si.id it was quite Impossible frr him to ?scent tc the resolution Tic noble lord must recollect that the .-irrumstanci s undtr which be had carried hi* motion now were entirely different firoen those under which he - ueei eii'-d lust year Last year, the noble lord Lad a majority of those honorable members who agreed with him in opinion; but, *-n tb<- present occasion, he lmd * nly hail * majority fr m the vote of the ,-<peaker. wli ? d- c|.-red that he voted in conformity with the usage of the li-'U-e in ai<!< r tfcut th'-y might be enabled further to consider the -.ihjec* Mr. la*--. iu.li. si Id-bout of--Oh"' and gnat eon lu ton. nn,v?d that the citnlii tan report pr.gr*--*. Lord J. fit a-, uo obwetred that he w ould not oppoae the aaoit* ii Li r 1 Xa >? v ould not I'bjssct to the ehi.irman's report ing i n*.*e . .1 it waa un ler t ...| that when the subject - ..bo on ag..in tl ? iivlsloti would be taken upon :h r*solnliiu in co ir.milt* Lord J. i. -rib said, the ,|iic?ti,in would lie ri-vired pr< lael at the sum -ts gr at which It now stood, and he wou.d ti.i-n op|, , the Speaker"* leuving tl.c cbair i Lord a v- having iatimaU d that be would tot oppose 1 til- motion. Tl.?- ? haiiivam reported progre-a. aud (>htainc-l leave UiaUC* ___ _ I in }mi > tn nt from Portugal. Tb* insurrection at t ijorto In favor of fabtanha. end wa* t<-lrfrk|>hril ri? Madrid anil Pari* to London. in j tlMr for tbe Cambria ?? caused by the arrest Of autre, ril * Ulcers by th< Count Ji *.'10 id. the Governor ofOporto, ?tn remain <1 failbtu! to tb* Qu**cu'?eanee. mIvhi'v ?ward i-roof* of a projected movement in Oporto. Tin* Coui I. alter caking -rv< ral ineffcclual mi* in pi* to nail th* revolt nbruptly ? uitled Oporto on lb*' 2Mb ult . h*-. t *ni| anlcd by only ont aid-de.rauip Colonel Card* /.o, oftli** .d Infantry. In cud. .ivonng to bring hi* men to vbi dieriev. wa- -hot ly th<* -oldli r* I The Huke ot j'bldmjliu eut.Ted Oporto on the 27 th. mid I a- ??-tablisb* I bi? 1i*b*1 *inartcr* th*re. The whole city turned out to welcome him ??d hi* reeeptinn ?? 10. -t enthusiastic. f>ii ?L. 2Kb he reviewed th* troop* in gir rl*uu I Tb<- chief- f tbi b'tttcnibriata |"*rty had hltii*no I tak-n noactiTe part in tin rerolt. I lb ? iito**n:* ut in Onortn Icing rntnmtiniralcd on the 2* 'b by telegraph, t" l.l*hoii, t'oimt d* Ihomar' Mtui* I try iniinad*ate|y tendered it* vrs.gnetlon t? the Queen. and thi* being aecepf* d. thu Count cntlmrked on le. ?.r t ! the Montroeo. and w*< landed at \ ip* ?hrt? he remain* I wat b.n -tbe torn of *?tnt- The t*? *Miif was not ac. I companled by bl* fr.B'ily and ??? taken on board the pa ket by the I cat* of tin Piiibb -blp l.eander The I'uae of Tcrccir* wa* named prr*id? nt of a new M.nistry. ami waa ?*n hie ??? fr**in Coiuibra to hieltoa. It we* not tb night likely 1 be buk* would accept the |?'*t de*lgn<d for hiui. 1 lie yu' cn'. delay in caUior to power parti** suffl elently .-ppo**d to Thout.'T to offer guarantee* that h I would i.ot b* agaiu recalled wua o* n*ldcred tur**t Impru i dtnl, mid, allbougo tbe I'atn* la or .Inula parly rrmuiurd * *jui* t. f* ar* ot tb* Ir rising were rutrrtefned. | The In-unvctl* n In favor of tbildanha wan rapidly ?pr< adtr.g the ugh alt j**rt? of tbo kingdom. I r* m Mgo-r* learn tbnt tin* Count de llo.mar wi*. re. I **iv*d by the ill* able of that place with wli**n> be landed I iu "tie f the pill-rum- nt boat*. A ftpatiish army of oh j serration was s.td to let a?emMIng at TnH, a pp.ani-h ! low 11 or the n rth ?i*l- ot the Mlub**. and opposite to the | Portuguese fortri** of \wlemU, one 1. rio . nt had ar I lir* d. and two * iths-l s. Mfe tber ? lb tbe < aotaln tb iieml * f Hi* proline* and hi* *>tafl. a* re expected on the .'Sith ult Tb* tr*? p* In gerri-on at Valenciu lv*d declared In I favor of "eldauhn ! Tbe British *h.pt of w *r l-canjcr, Arrogert and 1 Haunt???? wer* at Lisbon. Tl*e I r* u* b ehlu-ot-tli-? line ' ll-nry It fit0gun->. hud arrived in the Tagua forth* 1 , r *te.-tIon of I r roch Intere* i* The I n neh war itea n* r I Catfanill. -a I the fpau. h steam frigr.ti Caste la. wcra j d**. at l.i-1. * Th* itritlsh ?u .im-r Knoounter wa? at anchor off ?ip. rtioo th- .yotb lit and th* Montrose <l*eerr*d ihe frigate* I ha ?(* u. Arctliii?a.and Ird* fatlgnl.b*mil on- ?ll Ihi tnr* ith s*f tfce fiotiro ?in the 27th ult they *t*>*jd in 1 to com mat d -at* with ihe encounter. Vf' Li th" low*I* n Tim*?. May ] h* indian ml r<in?n;:. * h.?nirc? t * which we are buldtuat**! in'h" | *ilf.i.*?l ai *ir* of th* IVnin-ula hat *? ?rid' ni 11I0B btrtli to w ?ttiiiff a narrative, and *0 tot ?i a revuHton. a* tbv' wh!*h I* r? lalc*l to tb- British puUi* tbl* d?y by our Portuguese corvespoad'-nt*. The last Int'lPp't -e. hr.j.tiy wor- ihkL a w?k old left Mar-lial .'ilJstiU in the lot stage uf an abortive rch* Ub>n. al in ?loised t> b.s f**l|jw?r?. una ipp rt* d hr tb* p- ipl* tr.ri n I nek ft * m ib* town* and -ltn? a* net atla? bed to the e*n atil(<l|ot*al ca i*c. tb sfwii i ? id ev< ry thing but hi* own pe|*i,r*t safety, and | r* r ding fhr that by a soltt try and pri in,tat< light t th* Ir* l.t T of Halllcla All thee* tact, a*re p if?*tly ccitnct. aid Ih* only Inference* wlu* I 1 * Did 1 urn* n fr* tn ti<* in by tin* |. *t of Pur >?>* Were that Hal Imha had nit 'b *rtat *?*! hi* !? *icn of an"- ! <c?* that tb* y w>en * govert iio nt bad ni*-re energy and Haonteca than we had given thsm * redlt fog, and thai. wh*l< v?r th* real 0. po*!tb n *f the r..tb*n u i^'it I**, th*-aversion of tl**- Pnrtngie- e to anything like a real rot>tc<t prsvntsd hem fbotn ops nlj (S|*iu.siiig *o duuof. j ftat an losn-rs -tlon In fart, toe failure of JtRldsnlm bail rtt clod Ihc l??t etUvmlly of fi'~ht. and no one despair, *| rf hi' etit? fptl ?* more entirely 1 lian he did hlinwlf At'er be bad (alien back on lb* ?? itl.ern provlnc* '. pcrc Iving that lb* meg hsot siit einn.iuvr.,1 him nt .- :it*reni |>* 1< uiol bin** If *? it ? fl P"gn the ?r *op* n hi* h hid li * n in the k. nib. and hi* enn?* gained !??' fbc-h adherent* II? had ra lis d en the paol I lllty that the r* ilt mb Marcti'U.r nffsifM kin. or taller after litai w**nld dsn ert Ihet^n. en - g* T-Minent; butthr I leg awtr.oflhl*'danger. t"<k nr< tn ke* 1* th* tn la.<*n?l lb* t* Hci* s*f tempt .Men: In the I I Iso.b | aiina i' . A titly k, j l ( ut of algid *1 Mi* ir ana- , g< iu*l*. A* a lii-t r* m urea . bai.lwnba pu*h(d no al n* I*> llli- I.* Ittii and entered Into "eret couirnnnieifi-in vl1 k one * 1 kls Msg i* la ojeffa. Bnt < o?nt Ch?al had tak*i n* that time 'ffcetu 1 ms** iu** t*> or* 1 ??'!. 11 city aid i*j parent t; to jn-< iv* the Sdellly eft army. T be Mi, h ,1 ua no re tbnii ever d!*f>lrttad, and s<n* i lun gmn up all further Intention af pr ? ??* inr bl* l.< p> n ,* un I' rt??.nf T* t.attha< very women'. *??* ry e*?y iN li wn ti? b*d p??'t**l thr ugh |e< uje.l w 'h pari' r*ne t f gvr tn adept hi' * *u ? .*tel ,h* re was not a real It t r" 11 tnc t, ue* n-* ecrvi* e wlileh could l e ri 11* *1 **|t 1 ulitslnl him. In ?. few ntitiK mnt* the wIiai** *y*t m ?>l it-isla .ee ri DiuUad t? htoai * T he Mar*lii| bnd nh raatty | urt ?*'l hi*-nt "toward *paln. wb<n 1 *ui" *1 t?ts vbish took plac* In tip. t* h- * e*|er ?*f llo* Cunt- ' mat dar.t gntr the *lgtml for a mUliory pr**tt*s> ??,?/, In ilmt eiiy. The t * uut do Ca*al. the tlnrem r. rtt- | r.ia i.i d faltliful to III* tru*t. but ??? 'tverpow r, *1. an I 1 dtin ltd .hi- f laec on *h* attl. Tl.c t.'o!t*nrl **f a rogitmoit ?l.d tw rdhef e.fltcer* wsrc killed, th .ugh the ?tnt on* nt ft ib* I'reecfi fe|r pre f-h I" dl*pv'*'b ibat th-r ' ws* a *? V? i*. ci ni'ict In tdpofto I* ttafouidc I An i-J^r (flew to te e?| aiOt'iil 1 fi* 1, the kpaniah fro ftlee and i fit 1 a ridt 1 tWruly hour-, the t*r*hnl re < r,t -od In Uiuntidi mantlet t| f at* bir*t?)l* n* of the nrniy *ti I tb pntiplr ti.af eity * 11 pttD, aher*. Iitf day* M'*n . h" enn'd -ear* ly In* ban g pints * 1 nt* a u* < f e**?apt. 1 Ct*ufit Th* ronr iiue Mini '"r Witl ' f her 1 riieotii r**?e. ak eh Ve*e* c King wrote eat May* -ty proeecd? d atone* towar*l? l.l*ls?*ti lyu -cn lo nna Mrnla. bow, ycr. Wat uvt ji far*.d bl ?? ?l> idt? a ?W* I tender of hrr Ministerial | redlbwtlon-. bbe sent P>r ibc I'uke of Terceira, villi a view to hU re-uuil iup miik t f the element* of the Cm bra list |>arty. anil probably was not yet fully aware of the critical position in wliicli she eland*. It in a remarkable circumstance that hitbrrto tha Bepteuibrisl leader*, and what war termed the /nUntm or junta of the liberal oppoaittoa. had taken uu ostensible part in the insurrection, though at the pr< sent stage u( affair* SUva fai r* 1 and his friends are in iwmniunicn ? tlon with Marshal Saldauha. But in the early part of the movement no appeal was anywhere made by Sald.-in ha to popular support, and the decisive blow ?;<? at Uk at ruck, as we have seen, by the garrison of Oporto. Neither had any attempt been made by Lavradio Hugal haes. and tbelr trieuds to possess themselves of the go verniuent; they are probably awar- that recent event* have invested Marshal faldauha with a powe r which i* little lets than dictatorial; and we are not without ap prehension* as to the extent to which such powers way Is- exerted. There is, no doubt, a strong feeling amongst a portlou of the opposition in Portugal that the abdica tion of Douna Maria in favor of her eldest son would be the only effectual remedy for the evilf sod abu-e? ot which they complain. We may be permitted to doubt: : whether even that remedy would V iffectunl, sin e it j would probably throw the government Into the hands of ! men scarcely more honest or uhle thau those who Jlavit 1 served Donna Ma ria. But at any rate the evil" which ! might en me from so revolutionary a proceed, eg arc man ifest. The abdication of the Ifueen would be t* riued lu*r depositlon by the party iiitereited iu another interven tion In Portugal. The Ppauish government especially wall be strongly prompted to act on such .in ildMrgen cy. and a complication would ariae which miglit prove seriously injurious to the peace and indepeiid< iu*r ottl.^ kingdom. We earnestly nope, therefore, tint notUir.v | will induce Marshal ."ahlauha to press liis recent and i extraordinary success beyond the strict line of necessity. I It ranuot be forgotten that he. au old soldier and i.n ex perienced statesman, laden with honors and wealth has 1 given the signal of a military revolt against the sove reign who hail trusted hitu. No success ran wipe out the , ingratitude aud t reachery of such conduct; but the offence [ might in some 4< gtrec be palliated by proofs of genuine moderation and |*lriotl*m In the use which the Marsha* I may make of tic power thus improperly acquired. As i the ease stands at present it is no more than a success | fui military rebellion. Instigated by personal resentment and ambition; and we have yet to discover the prdetical | ervices that such a revolution may render to the llber ; ties and Interests of the country. Indln. The dales are?Bombay, April 3; Calcutta. Mareh 15 An urined force was believed to be about to la* des patched to Kiilnit?with what object is not stati d It j* represcited that Host Mulioined Is ouco more on terms ot uniily aud correspondence with coTernm.nl. and that, something is sure to rome out of it?w hat. >? not men ion. d. Disturbance* are threatening along the tin.'of. he Iterajat. A bill border Is always troublesome. Itr Neinde we sought the horncta' nest; on the 1'pper Indue we were forced on it. Tho Scinde commissioner was at llydt rabad on the -0 th ult.. and would return to Kurra ? rliee by the 117th. tleueral Mansou and slut. returned to tbe sea cons: from tlieir tour on the Oth. Bir W. (louius left Meerut in progress to Simla. via Umbella. on tint 81st ult. The construction of the Bombay railwuv is proggcMsiug rapidly?that of tbe Calcuttk line will be ?-uuiuciieeit after tbe rains. A prospectus of tli?* long talked of Bared* railway is shout to be issued. The best news wo have to semi in me by the preseut mail is that which has ju?t lieeii re ceived from hngtand. For the lir-l time since 1S41 <>ni income lias been more than able to ;noct our ??xp*uuit uris ?the hsla nee of from half a million to a million ami a half, which for ten years past lias stood every year against u.s, is row transformed into one of a quarter of a million iu our favor. The I'unjaub promises henceforth to yii Id from a, quarter to half a million a year ui fr>- ? return. Scinde continues to cost, as it lias cost its ? very ?.*?r since it* conquest, sotoe three i;uai tera of a million an nually. Tlie Design a K?polwn tht Scoasuf. 11- ri.iii the London Standard of I'reedom, A??ril *..! 'ike son of Napoleon died m July, 1*C. I he expedition of theDuchoii of Berry into L* Vendee, und the insurrection she excited,ended nuKiilously soon after, in an accouchimnU. These event", it was thought, fortified the dynasty of Louis I hilim. in Loul* Napolcoo, *<>n of the ex-kn;g ot I lor land' an otficer in the Swiss arrnv, made *>< attempt; to displace Louis 1'hilippe, and had him-tefl pro claimed, on the 30th of October, as the hmpcror Napoleon the Second. The government tcafed t.. bring his name la'ore a tribunal, and ther< tore hnd him conveyed to the United State- ut Ameri ca. whence he returned the following year. His at tempt at Strasbourg, in 1KJ?>, was followed bJ anot her at Boulogne, in lfcMO, which conducted him int. the fortiest at 11am. In April, ls>l. ti.o third attempt of this desperate adventurer Is op-uly at owcu, and a fcveri'li anxiety pervade- all hurop# respecting the Issue of it. To H superficial view, Imuis Napoleon commences i his thiid attempt in circumstance* which . viitra-t. . favorably with those in which he began Li* lorrncr one a The Klyscc is t? more favorable plu-c tor ? i constancy than was the deck of the Boulogne ateamer, or the ?aloon ofthe hotel at Stra-boarg. Ha has only, by carpentry, to make an imper.al throne < ut ota I'reside titiol chair. Hi" relative, the Lrar. bus always been helping; bim. However mu?h the lloly Alliance may love the bourbons, ar.d however fondly the Lady Camarilla, of Austria, muy cting to the doctrines of legitimacy, and inl* th-landing the hateful associations which still surround the name of Bonaparte among those wl?u cherish the tiaditions am! superstition* of divine ngbl. ne cessity compels all the fanatic* of the monarchical principle?a Henry V., or an Oricun- regency Wing an impossibility?U -uprort the weteru.un- ot hmi who long ago proclaimed liimsel! the second Napo leon. A< cording to correct reckoning, by tbe way. and a Jtnnapartist'i notione, be must Bo the third; but be has called biuuclf the second,and,therefore, m our column*,the second he shall be. i n* n.:cre?t* ?fKurop.an de?p? tism require the pi o'.-ogst on of the lKiwcrs of Lou la Napoleon. Nothing but thin ' ran prevent the i onsoli'lalion of the repabo* ."sup pose a republican Pre ident quietly ami eor-ititu tionully elected m 'o2. Whatever tW atildnesa ot bis politics undihe moderation ofhis .. w-.k- mere appea ranee on th.*one would be asignu. p..-another serte-of royal flights from Berlin.Vienna, and Kome lxt him bo as anld n* ' smartine, or aa moderate h? t araignec, to despot io Kuropc, hi* election would be tb?rapi-aritioii cl i> red spuctrc. It would be the signal lor the march of Bus Tan nriutes toward tlie hi int. Monarchies! arid oligarchical I.uropn cannot ieruiU the consolidation of th? Breach Ho public, i.reataiid ancient principles eanoei sane* tion tbt'lr ohu death. A consolidated republic in ' l'arls miutis a constitutional won arc by in Mt. l'eteirburgh. There -annot be a consolidated French republic without the rtnppeara ? e of a per manent Italian republic, fctpatn ami I'ortugal. 11 us?in and Au*tr?, Hungary and I dai 't. mu*t I all pasa out of the hands of thefr fwefnt mns t?r*. In accordance with inevitable can ? ion and iimistihle sequcn -c, whenever the the'. Lstetva Itself on the ni'uda of men tnat I'mirfc . perma Uil.tly i? | ublicau. These g'cat general consider*! mi.' tea'h u? to read fcoinfcllv tie Uh* with win. h me new* j atria an.u-t their readers about n'b me* lor the fusion of the ? Ider and younger braiuU-v of ilia IV m I on family. A common necessity undo <>r leuuuP and Icgititui * vote for Louis .apntouin IHs-. and the ?:i?? stern po??r will e .m*I them, to i'*? ? tv eir should, r under him ? I ?"?;!. It U not coinieitihle with their personal ?!? >, il.at the betmyed republicans ?hould again wield in |>ower? of ibi government. . , .?-ui U i* the streng-b of tbep>siuos ? ;?>?* poU-on. But ih r< vc . side ?f the v. y s -a-We rations reveuls hi weaknc*s. rim I re... n u-e -tul Fn uchmei . and they wiil no more I. .-1 ceeivw a, Bonaparte to reign over them iu I*-'- rr-: i tlw de -joi, lowers, th" th-y liked to re. .?? ri o?>.w liom it. min i-? ?? They now all k'?o* Uat l.oiua Napoleou i- the ereatur. of Hw hmpo ". ? i?*. In iff* the mar v?i unkrowa, and i?k t*?? ? ?'? mn i ?td with hi* name every viri.- v ef >>. ? i.iM',1 bladclueioa. The d. Hwfon* bvvc v u h-T I .iw French aie discu-hmTd. The .fmrtjl out that tlnir hh.l i- ma ie of W?? I. M ..oaM. n, . ly I. to... 1: .It: to *?#perh lioU* !?' V t 10? that I A |n>?Taim'd li n. U I*m|ci* *'? ou r s ? V'.l | ai.ii i.a ?: | *? .iirdgoodbchav." .?U?l/?wi? J'hilipiw, to ?b? iii hi-lit erati'n. T y s ..w tb.it beheaded m Imperial It vaainn In I* >? ' ?; the pri on of H un sobbed ..? the ucvk of Is hi* I *nt, raying, " I am * republic an." Fra . I.^ad him !W.#r rt lellte to H ? r-pu'dlc hi 'ts, ??ml h.>* aem bin bribing th 'h.-y with < h <? i '? '*? ? li.ii eric* " Vlv IT mperi or V I' IrentSl Kn?w ihsi he prhli-*y pr- 'alined hi* n|r sei ami liorr ir m him * ?' ? r baring -i" <\ ?? ov.itl.iow a . or titutior.il govainw- '? ? *I ,h'7 acll ii' der*taiid th. meatii'ig "?f the ?.o p e* "? ?t every ncerriai-er,'T tl.e removal ??f e ? rv pecici'. ut .he dhmis-al <t < rny munlrtpality w?.. I ? not. U>nap?r1i*r Ihiyl-n. w why the el t ! las been mlr.cW I ami pvrveried. f g' ?. ?;?'? of ihe appointment o; the 1"oaener . . > rtu I o n p. Vi-e espedltl'n to Romv. ? I ' ? c ewpt . TfiiT del ot i in .>f the L?W. r I. ?'?>?? h , ,?i. .\a|adionkn ?!' H? Ft i. mad* ev. y i rcnohmnn awnrefhnMl. p- . .... h.e mVis lncotnp*tB?'c with th' niaiatc. <? of md "all. st vestige rr'.y, wheber ? "* U< i ,4, and dc J '-?twin a car T ..on Imik tiie I Tie IV v. ? -i i:.. ? iy ? ii. y?t i- appi' piiat' y -rr i by U. uwr i.f p IflHI ?i. pa ;1j. ? a; a well n? ' I. ? ivory ir i? . is ? ? 'oy \->T th.* ... ? ,aI T.i iff ... #:..a...i. Toi..I .t?a.Liia?i at ''ji'kf i'/uw 1'thi. JubiiuilvvtMMR. fht