22 Mayıs 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Mayıs 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK. HERALD. as WHOLE NO. 6T85. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTO. DOUBLE SHEET. A i&iju mt Avveium. ^ Auction noticb.?tho?. bki.i. auctionekb. Br II. h. Hash.?Spaetnl aula. this lay- ?- hi?tf |<??t l<? in the motluB ro??, Ne. 10 N "tn William (Mmpriaiag elegant Furniture, splendid a'alntiiiga, nutarrr.ua Ig-uking ulassea, J J innofortea, a rt.iok of Perfumery, Mtlll MTjr and Fancy Article*, Dry Hoods. Lamps, IJIraudoWi. Fanea, Cut Wry, Work Bogas. Hums, flecks. Ac. Friday, at half past HI o'olnok, at >30 Caaal str at, a go..d variety of Hr>ua*ti?ld Fnrmitnra, Beds, Bedding, Carpets, Mantel Orna a?u. splendid crimson velv.l Kofii an I Ko.-klug Chair, to watch. Part?rulur? to marrow. T1IOH. lil'.t.l.. Vuotleaeer. Auction noticb.-orbenhoi-si: plants and Dahlias?On Friday, May 21, at lot, oolosk. at 7t Broadway. a choice oofleetion of Greonhnua* Plants aod Dahllaa, from the nurseries of Moasr*. Dun Is p & Mantel, aacalatlng of Monthly Itocea. Geraniums, Jessamines, IV. ,'aalas. Reee of Sharon. Vvrbemas, Dalilial, Carnations, die. IF. A. CARTER, Auetiuueor, 67 Dey atroet. 9RIQNSES' SAI.B OF 1?RF OOODS, MILI.INERY. aad f ar cy floods. Friday at 10 o'clock, at 611 Grand otreet. Cenaiatiag af a Urge and valuable stock of staple and fancy dry goods, via : leers glove.,. beticry, alike, ratfli atry and fancy articles, well worthy t:,e notice of the trade and ttktn. Catalogues on morning ol salo. k. ' ? Mi . AwetWMdv. J IF. BROWN. AUCTION!,EK MANUFACTORY FOR ? tho making of all kind* of Flaring Visiting sad Busi ness Cards.?J. W. Brown will aell, by order of assignees at .No. 4K Ludlow etrert. on Mrnday. May 2S, at 10 o'clock, the entire atock of Machinery, Preneea. Tix la, i y Under*. Flatcs, Ac., Ac , requisite for the above bn.iiies-s. Will be ?>! 1 wit1, out riaerie. May te seen on the morning of sale. App.j ue J. ft. Foot. Ill Pearl street. WE. McCORMICK. AUCTION BIB. ? TUBNITUML Liquors, Ao.?Wm. MeCsirmiek A Co. will .ell, thle day. at 10 o'olnok, at 13 Spree- street, n general ASM rtm?nt of Furniture, from a fanilv giving up hotta-keauiag, cou alating of Serai, Chair*, inarblu top Tables, Chancellor-, an elegant mantle Clock, an eiegaat ?et of double Harness, tilrer plated, rew?coat $7ft Alto, 10 quarter ouki Brandy, A lot at Teaa, Greoeriea. Ac. WM. McCORMfCK. AUCTIONEER. ? FUKNVTrKII Sale?This day, at 10 o'clock, nt Klghty-Srst slrsst. between Second and Third aye a", ?i 1 bo soli the Furni ture ef a family living up l.ow e eep ng. comprising the uaual variety of parlor, bedroom, and kitchen Fur l' ire. THEODORE MALLABT. AUCTIONEER.?FALL Mil.II I-eto at Fort Washington, In tho Twelfth ? >rd of th> osly af Naw York, at anetkn?Mallal y A t ye.; .rill e-il i? nnctlen ,nnThursday. May 27. at ISo'eloek, al the Wcr i?n'. Fjieknagw, 260 doaicable Inia in .ho Twelfth vard af ? ? olty of New York, running fr- m the Klngshrtcgv road u the rirtr embracing very choice ep.-U f-?r cutties i:iu Tl ? Teulli and Eleventh avennes ran thronrli thli prep-rtf. Its away aeceaa renders H one of the moat desirable planes f ir * permanent residence. It ie within a short distance of toe Tubby Ileok btatioa, and half a mile, from t'-.i. High Bridge. It will be aold la narco'.a t- ar.it por?hc.*ers Tho t.i oa ' ta Indisputable. Terms, wh. h will he a'e-im. modatinc made known at the sals. For lithographic maps, apply nt tn# office of the auctioneer, 27 Wall atrt .t, now ready. |JT n. H. LFKDS A i.O.-FRIDAI MAY 23. AT Id \ IJ o'clock, ?t the anlea room. No. S Wall street, ach tie sssortnccif of \1 inca, Bmndiri. Ma-1-lra?: Ac . comprising Madeiras?Old I on don Particular: Dion ly: rictorin: Ul<l .south Side Reaerve: nioarlor old Wndctras, in bottles, Ini f rted by Oiiieari'- and Mcleod in lMii; Ino old Cabot Drape inioe Madeira. Old Sicily. Is . all of which are the highest. rrado cf wine t) al feme to this uiarkut. Shorn a?Trial", | pain, from the at-ok of the late Osn. Waiter fmith, rlutage ? L'<23t dellcata old Aukcntillndo: cupcrb old Ferdinand, One ?AA llurnii tiy Man anllla: delicate old R manot choice Lm aien Dock; Cetd; Kudnlph; Imperial: tn her; I-isk-ia. Ac. F rt?Bapsrlor old Kegiaa: rich eld fruity liar-ay; old and idc.irata Tnwnry; delicate Lewnardo; sup- rh Korlg; Laud aan's fine eld Fort. Ac. Brxrdlej-Pali Otari; dark do.,; Cr-irnar, vintsgo Kifi. rich nil llecve,~er: pale champ ague. %?. Ron dries- Champngnee; Clareta. Oin: Rom; Wuiiky, Ac.. Also an Ir.v i?e of Havana S-igara of varl-us brands, warranted (nhaata Wine ? JiO canaa Caliawba ?ini. mined en tlie eg'cc..ive vineyard of J. f Rchnmar., Use., o; Ohio, hating the hrat coaalgnment ever uaads to titucllj.lt la free from a.ieliol. and ry othtr au". atnnee. The pebiic -era rrferr'd n-.r apeclnl advertlee-rent r-apc tlag tiiia ahipcrvor wine. Kamplea c?n be ogamiae-i at our ate re. rjTjrw fiT^n vamc spirit, in brhdlf of n nniioiiitl ktago, is contoBiplstod here in New York. Ii'srhel t? iiiir.fttsrccl to gppcn in Isondsn dc the seTtiiui .'nnr. Tho Kroucli theatre it well eui luintd three li.nes each week, and Aridcrson. tYo Wizard uf t'?e > ->rth, nooui-io'i the houco the other three nighti. Mr. Mitcheil oontinuoi to be the ?nana err. Mr C^Jc'und. of tho AnpUtbtitn, Urernool, hitlit' '.I ri.-mint, haj tak? n the Sirani t'l a hie !i lie V ill rviftinn, hiu taken the Strand Plio atrf, Lotidor, mill colli it 1'uooh'i I'Ujrknut ? o My titer Ii.> ;rauou of tbo diNct tied dtaua, and ? Innc, ?? .e', by an actor. arbo always nackt t tho worft 1.!'id of manager. Tho opcuiug Light *u ? tola! fWluib. ?TTk r.?" of Schiller, ha* fail-el at Drary lane-. Tup actor*'' love e>f tradition 1-el to th? re vivaloft.iii wretched <lraina, ami are pore**-'* the lb race cm of a j Iut thirty yeare ago, ?o ueS S.iat tl-e \-. ? ar<i.'<Aa?'ety>v. AyiOb OJ^lU .AbRkeWffy. , t.thrUiTfei i'hmi, inquire it l$5 R iWerjr. ftfUR Midi 'i UK PAStROlTUE lATt MoSES e.r.ARJ," n ii'u e i. oo(.'? >i'ur leu aorta, tlUMatetkt town I KMt Cbeaten. ak?ert l 'y aula from the Tttiaki dopetart\u Utr'iu RallcMi. lv it U na led r .exh?rly t v the r-> 1 lelin* frnre r?e' Ch-ietcr te Nc? Siei.llb, neeeerly by tee ' hirk reede it Hoe JOr Ida. 1 aaatrrly rota o' ).*et C'uti'.'*. on * I hi tar .arre U ? ttal maati-n Lou-*, a ltr?-e bars. ? I ' ? eiW ?. it 'll', mrrlifi h.ara, a i t mm .*tr/.ab l?e.ildiape. all ?? ucd r..n.II n. alt - a a od t-eieat bailee. The latai it ii alitfh i la!.- ef ifc.fr <? nrr.t. fr., --'ide mr- laaatre ft Sttir. I (ltrlt, M Kli<ab..t! uln-nt, N'.T_ f.lpli'Oa Clark, ta tii? rnttieet af -lereleard at Jfr* Unchelle. JOHN SO' LIKE Ka renter of k?rt< It rk, d*>-. a*nd. Pok >41 jt ron 4u.,;?yi. ins roru ktokv am> katewieal bti<k >?aw. aa Mn w?it. rljr tide af nth ! arena*. tetwara Tern'ietl. anil f?, cy tor -t-IreeU.N n li|, fat Sl,r.l oc r '.C! > T !? >\a? ra . r i. .In -.n It . 1 and | nwr laea*. The In aee'la let nea' for abom J ?itf. le-nlr?of #r?orie Wei.rLM h..??? a "it, XISvUi luma Mult J ! A P . or fmw ? te, 9 1\M. FOR HAIX-f It .W h or rovru e AMi'flfL Cren'a Cloeh'ii,:. with thr Ar'nree, i.i blare ?? ?>ero aur I.retdaay. The marid cannot in t-irpatard la v..n city f' r tbo haeta Trriat literal. Api'ja'n. p.-f Ur. |J401? 8* TX Tt ?r STOCK A'- ri I l krCKTS OK A m Iniani Seor together wleletl ma ol war ?nti ? fr ?? %hr lal af May, I Tl. now d-ie? a race ladiNl I or f .rtl.er rtrtif' lar?. Iei.,atr- >a thn ft..re. lie. ?i* ; ??? ulk arena-, be ?e..aThlf'. nflt i.l T .irtf teil.i t' ?M. PO* aair A H.'INRtn OPFORTIIN1TY 1- NOW oflaet.t for a ?elll! " r nf ta) p<r??>i alt' . mil ?n| (al atwoi |.i r.nm'a . I.aeiaeae s v fhn ?? I. I no -a tiillllr.rt/i ''d lao. > i ? ' ttere, Ro. 41;> Iflatli >?onu.'. i >r Mlei ku a l>f l.t *4' . V. veil aeaorU I trd btuKi lor tin, read it taw 4v < # ? K" '' I rad?| alll U? !? it U t-i a tl I. lal voiiiir. 1'OiMI* Ok TO I I I -AN ZLBOANT OOCWTKT J Nea4. tn?wi tw?n' J mill? rmae ? ?a a' Iwtriaen,, a tlm Ilewlraa Rirrr Aprly' "W?|u kri.ll' llntftii. potRAi.t the lit r oh tic an !:?. no. wr I rultv* ivf.ei liinnl Ira. rnanlaK ?'?re- r rr> fi. in Map I. ItM A rrr/ J .i: bt- btnttt, i .ler'T ?a tile piriaite ?|.9on hA ? A rt hl.lC UOC-K U ITHtN A Ki'W .? deeri t< Rr i.,Aa.r, hoi ntlabi >.?-! ' rvevytr eta t*|gr.lv.4r' '? nr ae'ieeit Ilie faraiiura tree" Ihree }-eer? l' reir.itia Inl pineal w rih N.-i ? >i?h tat ? el re iei'"-' .'??? ?.'? R.H ?e tl i tflee, tie a< w' -i an iat-r ?lew eta ka kti Ttcieontolurni roun an ilkuasm i pck a r.. 6 I ? "??, i' i*1 a' I ta 4ke Fifth eraat' t ? M ? i. tiviain. errey e* i: eei ?'. < *? To la feted a'-'il III I t of 0 im.frr ant* 'e t litilli *!' c'- Ir .. A4ur ?* ' llflfc araeae," ae tlm u' ee fihit refer. CNK?? I.Hf youl; Willi -III. K *M> ri\III>i>0, 1 ffr aair, en the *? r I C. 14 tad fwe 'i tO?<i'. ytreokiyn Nee a t' ed leiMM tad i t r?t? u 11' i Ira tal?- Mtr.d f r IxafB.-' le.ng %: ? ? ely .? re ea I ?? f it . r were tlnHi * f, rerllli>4 "til it, t .a ffar t" It roleg W et. I e? fwf -r | erettaiere las'ii rt ? .1 pr ? i a MICBANt li A.'.le OTBklld. l>?4IKr. T<> Lil I eat* thrti !??* .net 'r lb* in ?? t built) tad fbeetaat nillaae ia ?."? tf, tr? iw i'?^ 4" en. >4 '.be l f.'-er a??4?4 let,- it A tl*'ii... ' i A.J niaeek-r. ?? li e'elwtk tilt eltr (1l.?r*de la' Iba Wei than If* EieMi.i; urMK trrofK ton RAt.a - Ttit m.v:? asi> kit n |.|||<*I iM.irSlw will be I II Hiv Bfiul eerarr bat oi l. I i n?n--* in I t'll in. Afflf ?t tl rti.r'h areaer rem ? af MtH a tree t. rpA?t4?A kAH.toin tii? riir. sVMiTiUftiu A ewrr f-r t?M d*'i*-rtMe a* 1 me, a> ?*' pi a >4 fama It- Kail r?aa 1 lee ? l.-. e t i H, ? fa. I 1*11 ?> f f?et et a fi Thte will alee i? pree ire.e te ee r'n t fur tk. A?i;?er?#l Tla ? ... -a? . - . ' Ine >ma4lli r 12 t? W i?el I aa. nf at . .'le.w tene r* nnlrei Saa*.' Uaa i <? tf .?'/?-'??. n, e-e uartlr ?a band. ?? /ti l II "I DM kCO. oil.'* ta4 g-.-ka anarbhetr* abut*' Raitrae-1 O po.Tr .f. TO LET -ritAKXLI* ROt a> gl .UUNU4 U'.UHD tad edilid ?n .r* of No Bl'iadwap, oteaare tKfar ?' fcetn ait.a rtiratp..! N a. IK7 llr. an ? ?i Al? , n in p.ilidtnr R't. if. aad ifT Bread*ap, ...Tl e la t* e ? i flee atreeti afpar l< fb In knlMlaa N. j l?. t .Via' Wet; bevaitab la teRdinA Ne. 1 I?t/.eee eJU lerV Af lij. at Be. I Iff ?branl, all ? Nr. 8, bklr . ? f. itio t.rt : \nr or the rAtaiowAWtR icilt J llu"t?. n ? a,ar'l ttr-et, ' ei;ub!a . -f ?pItedi? fr nb an t barl p'r' .r im bhe reread So. r, ulna .-v ? ia the aut?, atnl frb'll. It at tie'. 'lail e# ma, te a mr ail fa- ill f. P | ar-?i.>a c*-> b? *>??a -d abet/. !n mire at the ffeabieea. fpt ? rr ok imr >a?,K-a CUUMN AND COW I medi. nt -e-irbry r??i lenp*. la 'rounded kf .ardrp* aad held, la a l i-h t t*. af .?|ei?alioa, B M Ulaat, Jfew Jertif PeetaaWaa abrea In mdiabel*. taqa1-.. f tt. Htu'inr, nf aKeMtAher 11atnl. r-t Mr Hatlta, cf tb? a?fV.??Ne.>M AHaniie ter-" N.n". '-rrp. Mr?..klfa. TO Ut'i m. torr fib KB TUB MW TORI OA eaeereee Oallcr > Nr. ???* i.reaB v|ek ?bf? -uraaf of Mar' lay, well lit).ted aa<* brt'n* a haaA* rat-taie f*->w eAr-awleh nrr-e. I> nlrn ia the I>?;aTreia leaiiery, nf ?i P.. A BkM.r \ Ne. lit Pairea ?tr ?b. po I.PT r, tlOANTXT I CRN i.nill 8CITRA. OR I tiagle rrewa, at 92 Wirrta tbr?eb UK MOV AliW. KPWOTAL* JAMRS It COOK! HAN RPM iTKD Rid Ileak and Farnitara bb trei. uee fr n 9i ?- JK- Breadway. ?here a fall led rnaifl?be aaanrbaieat may alwaya kefinaa. UIMOV4I. M Oft' HKRIN. IWPORTBR Ob WIS ? rd I.iwacra, t '-l frif.er4 fr-? llrt liWlf *t*web te 4A bfea' flrnee. DKWOTAI.. PR. l.nTP.vRR'| BAR WPtRWART, 1% fee >Jke *?elnttee treatment rf R?r illvatee. hat' -an rf Merer) I* WI hree^ray. ireaWe'^e 4 e-e ,*r-? frera intern al aa* aad 'Ire beflaai dlelreteina neleea hi the ear*, fared ia ark'** ?i?t wlbbenl ftek rp fela. 0??iaMai|aa dMup. nnpe'd let "re r-'need '?*ea a?eee freni * "It t IM ^'iati?? N ? W.e leaaMt kf? rred r? iaa with ? Mbbant b*a<A. ^ utcmmm. 'PUR IIAMBLI N FESTIVAL.?AT AN ADJOL'RNF.O M invtlna of the frivade of Thomas A. HeuSliu. Kan., u'mjiT sbJ proprietor of the Hownry Theatre. bold At too Aator House. on the evening of lb* 2f'th May ii.ataut, S' U Gear, Ea.p, la th? ohair. it wti Itraolved. That tba (ropovei T.etiaionlal b? given to Mr. llamhlia at >g early day, at Cavile Garden. which hit be.-u liberally and (Tttglfouilr placed at oar diepoeal for thie pur poae, by Mean I. French L Honor, ita proprietors. Ft. a-oved, further, 'J oat tho thank* ol Mr. llnrablin'a frlouda lo given to those gvntleiu o for Ibuir liberality and courtesy, and that the offT be gratefully sco. pt > J. An Executive Committee w ei Iben appointed, to take a general eupervLloa of the arraugemenie for tbo prop?aed Testimonial. A Committee on Printing area alao appointed. IV. II. Be- le?, Es^., waa unanimously eStAM ThiNM. The Executive Committee waro iuitrnctod to invito the e.ugperv tion of ancli profeeaional talent ? maybe in.'lined to pia e tl.olr ?' rvioee at the liaposition of the committee, in order to tnbai the attraction* of the propoaed fcetival All lettere in reply to tbie invitation to bo a.Mreteed, "Comaitu of llaso ,lin Kestlvil, 'at the Aster lioaoo where one or more of tf e members will be oor.etantiy in attendance. "n? iu. ut ini: tlion adjourned, aubject to a eel! flrrti the Executive Committee. Si.I'll GKMi, Chairman. JtM*i V. Orie, boeretary. JENNY LINl> 8 EIGHTH GRAND CONCERT, AT i'ripler Hall, on Friday evening, IBM in?t.?T|. hot* for the rnoet desirable -eato may be badat H. 11A1 I.LIERE'S Sol 'nti"oBookstore, i"0 Broadway. Tiok''l? for Jenny Lund's Eighth Grand Concert, at Tripler Hall, on Friday evening. 23d, may he obtained at thC Broadway, EVANS h BKIT T may he TAN Uptown Booketore. Tickets for jenny linos grand concert, at'i'ripler Hall, on Friday evening. Hay 23d, for ohoioe to ?: . and all parte of the house, for sale at BAKTLBTTIi WJ.i.l ORG'S Bookstore, No. 1 Actor llouee. Remember, No. 7. Alio, lifelike Daguerreotypes of Jenny I.lnd. JENNY UNO'S GRAND CONCERT AT TRIPLER Hall, on Friday evening, Hay 23d. Ticket* for choice eeate to all parta of the bona.., for It to at J AQCTE8 ll llRorilER'S Mu..i-.x' oro. ,'ihi Broadway. I'learo remembt r. 3V>. MCKKTS FOR JENNY I.I N D'S CON' CERT?PR I - i day evening, at Tripler Hail. Seats to oil parti of the house may be had at the t ook etore of ADH1ANCE, SllUR BAN A ( O . No. 3 Aator It aie. oppuaite tbe Museum. ?J- FDR THE OTHER AMUSEMENTS SCM ANOTHER PAGE. ?? XL'RJT. ^ Y f NION COtrRS.V. I.. T ?TROTTING HORSE EMPFROR. 4.-' ha!1 '.retber *.? Traxt-a, that trotted twenty milee in bM than the hour i* Mav.dlug at John I. Snedi'aer'e, at $13 the season, pay m -.d?. eu-.o. For . ar.leulars, inaulro of John i k ? J. BRIDGE*. I'NION COVRS*. I. I.?TO-BAY, A TROTTING v' inat.'o for a To . me oif at .1 o'clock, P. M., en the Union Tra h Mil ? ' .rneee. Mr. Sotaerindyke ii'jul bla- k mere I'.^s.ibo'h; Mr. Nolaon namca Mark mare S'-.a". The trot t . < me elf pr-eieelv at 3 P. M. Stages run hour'/fk'-m Geai.J itreet and Peek Slip ferries. Wi'llatne t.uritii. Fare each way. lh'i rente. Admittaneo to all | arte fWoenU. JOH d I. SNEDIICER. Proprietor. (1 K.NTRKVU.I.FCOURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?A PCRSE S of iw'ai, mile heati, beat three in tire to waRona, wjrob and driver te weinh .NA> iha. To rome off May Zi Fntri'i to eieae i'riday, May ?<, by ten o'clock, at Maddeu'a Hot. I. JOEL CON KLIN. rr.NTRrYii.i.F cornsr. l. i.- trotting -sion day. Hay 2>?., at three o'clock^ P. M., pnme $;.U,_two r.i:U lie ace. in b?rn?ae. Georire N'eltonlratera hi. *. Black ilxiry; Owner entera b. g. Honeet John; H. MoLangblin antera b. g. PeLbam; Georye Hayn- r entera ch. g Selim. JOK.L CONOR LIN. Proprietor. Red nuvRR pleaslrf grounds?trottino?a puree of $31 will come off on Friday, tbe 2RJ, for horeee that never tretted for money. Mil. heeta. belt three of live, teanldie. C. Brook" entera U. g. Uumbell Bee: I. Woodrnff enure b. p.- Sfarr, W. Van C. enter* t. g. Tom Thumb, J. S. eaten h. it.. Fancy, h C. Miriln ontora I in. Lady Taylor. The a*ove to come til at half part three 0'rlcek. RPOnTINO. rpo Tnt ST. UEOKOK CR1C K KT CI OB.?Til E L'NDK* 1 r-ittlevfn ir*n to play th? St. Uto Iri-kot Clt b wtth tbolr nlevrn bait, for any auonnt mn hi (o hl.UMh Muaej ready at any Urn ? at T. t'nrman'f. K*at l.rooklyn lf?!l, wb*r? a match can b? made fur SIM at quoit*. Brooklyn. Miy 19th. Q. STODDARD. TK# lt?ra rhallrogn to tha St. G*or/"'a (Toh. for a rait* a! Crochet, ia a h"n?. Tbir* la ao ?null pernor aa O. Mod lard; aud it to well Lnnnntho St. t>oor(?? ( ltib da n t ploy tor or-jr *y. At Iht ilnllaritr of aaaai aMtui it tin tfi I ira that I ha*? to do w?th tuc chall'iiic, 1 bag to <iliaruw 1 any waw -*.iua with tha yortiti reforn d to. UKOHt.K 9TOTF1ARD. (9TJITOS MARKET AU4 INST L<> VQ ISLA N I?. -W il. tb* un<li-r<i.'a?<l. will atvrpl th? ehallcaia of John It a and Darl l Sn.Jakar, and will row th-mia e<i?at boat* t?r oit<'fcvn lred'. i a thoaiaaJ t*llart. ROBERT TIl.l.rOKD. THOMAS H AYS. Jobs Ro* com* cp, or bark down. Ct It V.N D STREET MALI.. IT I.RVND STKSKT, NF.V* ? York. Tl?- great rat t..aub, between the nol-br.a? '4 IrUh i * " Pat." and thn w*ll known Atnari'an d'>g " Kail r ?d." ra<-i: t-? kill InO rati, 'or y'A) a aidu, will t.iha plaeo ta fruity twalML May 2H. 1841, at. tb* tkirt rat ma. Atony * un . tlo f wul bo .* racoon tail, for a hnndacmo iai collar T...-r? tall! alf?. os tl.u rai ? tnluc, be a *w*< p. laku he tw ?o avrua .f th? fa? rlt . -.i.all do '.i, t> kill rata. Dacri will bt'.pen at aayan n'l lo.'k. A mnaemrnU to o.iniaanr* a'. .Jit. TluhelCa) "on'a rauli. S.B?Ttra pwblir are aaattr-d I at there will lo no dUnf rviatuant la ti ll match oom.n; na tana al r.M tlicro are now on band ahovahutl rata In r itJlnoea, aui which ?: u> aoaa at tkonhove room. liaAIIClAU MIT KOFOI.ITA n bank.?notice IS HEREBY glrca that tba third iaatalnoiii id t aronty hv> priori or the c?w<-,! 'lock of tho Metropolitan Htat, wdl lay.,. a I no radar Mb day ef Jun* not, at Ihrtr haatlas, nun, No. 64 WMlatraet. By order of the Board of l?ir* toja. J. I. Vt 1M.IAMS, taaluer. .Naw T rl, May 19, MR. N UN YORK FMlATlNO DRY DOCK COMPANY. -A diTMtnd of bra p i oat on tho capital atoek of thin c ha< Uaa declared out of tho? arnlu ;a for tee ear. rani mi aiuatho, payabla on and au r tb' MH' day of May taut. The traiiafcr boob will be *1 .and f.-om tho ;?1 May to tl. day cf yvimant. lly order ef tho Hoard .tf Dir.' -torn. ArrMtS, 1*1. U. V MASON, fkuretary. (1CAD4UMTI Ml NINO COMPANY.-rFRSDV-l 1*. 9 terrwfol In tl.' ah- tw will yieaae call on thr .tadarafgl*. ?d. wL.ce they will Bad ao amani of the ?t<.< t l?r.:U A* II II. I IUR1A, 46 M all dtfCWt. (AUICAOO cm U?AN.-BRAl.RD rR(>l">SAl.H Wilt / b? rccirtwi kt tk# t'ay- r'a attiw. In tba city of Cliiceco, trd nt tie .flu of Stracnan k Sceia, la tLu c,ty of N?w Y rk,?al il the l?t day of Juno neat, fk r a loan ef Twnsty B\oTl i nran.1 Diliora, for a torna nor eae.-odiue ten fOMtb Tint l-onna to no.net in ancio of not !??<? at.an llvo hundrad J Jala MKb, at an Inter* w . f te'rn y. r en Mi in yr* annuv, yiynl I'c wl-nnnnally. and rrlnelpa and inttrio. yayahla > at th " Am. m an Kirbanra Barb. In Now York, cr n'. tho of A. .J tho < Ity Trcanrur. iA Cbioaito. By ard'r of tha 0"? tb ?? Co . 1.11. WM B. criLNKK, Mayor, t'blcddo, April ?, l?H. I) KK KB Y LV A N IA KA II KOAIt* NOTICE TO ( ?>N tracV.ra.?I'r p??ala will t'raotired from I'm *'.h to the 1.' h of Jena rut, nt Joki ktnwn and Sntai. i'., for tha |. r i. I f-.nl r?rt of the mount tin MB of tl ? 1'anaaylvaaia roilroad hat * aaa Altona. in hlalr ?. onty, and I rieelo'r Point, a taw milea b"low J hr?i. In Ciutrln, a dlatanro rf I'm. ;In Tlie mad ?MMB thia diktan.w w'1 trorc the Allni.hn.y nr'net ?Jna. an' "dntorlad aaaae of tho hMvioat endingoferwd In tiMoandatry. land Mir o ton anrntar ?reMrdidVa eotUaRi aanhankmeau and ilr *la. there Hi W ua? tnnarl ' J" j? d? in It .-u -.t the ? i ' af af antain and m net of 9*1 raid, tlaf-wyh PfrJc'i I't ,nt T rat monthly T "f fartbnr Infor r.ai ?. rprlr t'FdwnH Miller. AbmeUtr ?kxladdC. T te.il fo'l ita family, "f to Hi-i. I lord Kaanar. P. A Kuin r. Altoaa. Hlale e.,nnty. J. EDO A K i lltttinttN. t'hlof R .yliiror t. In-vr D'partin't. P. it K. i o.. I'hnad*l|.|.in. May I I ail o?? I fI< r. .NEW JPR.SRY PXPIdlRI.N I AND MINIS '. ay?ith; PAI At a i?"? tlrr^of the S ,?r h liam, be|<l ?l.n day, Ot ll.a I mpany'a oHIee. >? tuft. S?w J -r M.o fallow lay yentleaien warn nmnlM.nily olaited Dire" ? rat?8ar o-l I . J"nra. t.l S*? Ytayk, .????' ! Yowlar. af New Ytrlii Jama I l aRknl hrwVnrb Krabar I J mat. ? N . ,|? New .1 r t A C I .??(nut r, of Mrwar- New ?I " y, Mllllara'' .iai ry,tf Ra'ieay. Sow Jmi y. fl t; It ? i aw ,J i- -v ' My. At a aw nraan nl m-wti i r t tl.a t' rtctora, (' e f llow t?r t tf ? er? wera dn'r oln't t: ? Jaatet l_ r?,rl'*. I'** air ?!; S?? n. I T' " ler. Ylnr Prr-lio ,t. Wamn ilT. Jit ',j? e-nrw. lim rjr If Saraae. Serr-t try: AI*t ani l V ' ouol 1> i?4-i*~rr?nrr Hyorter OBuKOB IT SAt AUl Secrt tar/. V "til 1UWI TO I I'M) OS Bund and MORr<;A<.R. *a?\?a"Mf"e In antna to ?nlt t| yl'. ? nl? "W prw Ine'ita tr-1. e m tl.ia tity. Prw.kltn, or wllllawtahnrab. A ?ly _ ? '?r* blUAll, Si . II Wall atrawt, li tko t rot. ? At atar ' aeawwat. w'll^ fWin TO i "an. AT ?i* per hit in tb ItEftT .,i l..id land n?fMM *. ?n yroloe -.10 real ratbtn, In thU city, f r * tarw rf yrara morn ,rm? Afi" ha JI'IIN t. CttSMEY, No 3 Wail ?tre-t, .oriirr of Br->nd. ISBI/nABOBB. t .. aA8i*h*n< p. -national loan tlnd i.in I t Aaa'irnnnr Sneh.ty af l/ondoa ?Octtoeni A(e?t a ?<? <, Tl \A -all Hlr?a S W York, N ??. IMI ?t'apltnl IKMV.dWt. mad mtrplwo KtltTTl T ?' with la aw U labia or tho w??let? aff -Ha to Uw m nrnd. who may take not' IwdT ywllciea dndet th> an tbl lao. tl - ftrwntwot |M >1. r- aowt tad pyo.ynevjro ilhbtcan he e.>n'*rred by llf* aortiraaon l>m thia ? l.aat. n ?bat c an I. n.,n'*rr?J l>j, ?MMNM 4aiwrvl u ? tAltl.d, at any Uaaoy to reeofra at lata rem an (mmr llato adetam. to tne aatoa'. ef enn-nalf tha nmenwt f the yald naanal nremioriA, wHAant aoonrflr, ref a -**; PshlUty, or d?y.mlt af the yeliwy, hot ly almpi* *a k rwW ntUiorw-w; ar tha hnlfyr nnvm may bo ao wttuhold duriny tha wle.l* aoatlananr* of tho ynlloy. Alan, In tha m-iwirfna ( ?"twt t tha aa.v I it aeyu.nn twi rnqwiriny to oont.aaa tha polk y, aa |ta itirrendor. cao bad/of tboaaaanl pmtn mb# will ba r twrnrd by tha ? aiedy. Alia Mat \naual lr. ' ?; >a --r- " ' la Nay. 1AM, tba b mwi 4?. lar-J tn tho taaWHd ??rv- tho oytieo of a retwrn of BwrwalMMf nemlurta la ?a.ih. ar a rovwroi-aary addition to the orlyAnnl iuo aaawrwd by anoh yoUny, turn fr*n> ?> tc 'A p?r rent. Ltamylea of b oitiana. already Arolnmd, will bo fraadla the aorl'ty'i tAjni'hlea, tefethor with tnMoa af rateo. aad at.', r laf runaMea, on aryilnatlaa ta Tl Wall iMAtk of at any -,f ln? lyan-ino fr-o rf enE'aia. A part a ai>. at a tr-o ra'? anaanl prwMlam. Inaara tot llf* i and If ho tan tn roa h tb* ay* of lit jr are. th? M atm lB*nr.d. np tn plAJMn. wHI ho paid t him i ar If hla lendh ~-?ar NRH that rwylH. tho ana aa -irwd niU bo paid to hit lastly 'f leyMl r??pr#?.o?t*tl?*?. a -tiw.i ntaBornaa rca may. C. RXtWARD IJBK HT. Chalrwiaa. I J. Talitey. T. C. T?'k**. p v fl winvd, Ntafy Lad'.ant, Waa. V an Hcok. Rnhwrf J. Dillon, aid J tearsy No-'aor*. M D TV* Board m<W't oerry W-doeaday. at71 Wallato'ot. tor tba Taaaai-llm of hwoloaoa. t *.if?a ai.d athar faraifa rtoba ilia at fair ratea nf *?t?a ir?wiam. J. LKANHKB ITARB. (tosaynl Apa' aad Baromn'endaat *f tha Caitod thntaa le*al Board. PAPKR nANOINON. JMe. Clin. PBEN ' n PAPER nANOINUR, DBUORATtONH, F Nl. TT-r la W*nt ?f th? ahooa artl-lea ahnoid not aaait to lonk hhr sph anr "atabMahamnV aa tb?W tn*or?< aad t*ata aear h* ha?A somenltod by ttotli. TJlOlFAnltv,, ? Fwarl N?c?K tolwyna MiHrn a*4 CMUlN NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. HOMEWARD TRIP or TH* PRESIDENT AND CABINET. Tb? Rfffptlon of the President at Syraense. The Public Dijiuer to Ir. Webster, at Buffalo, kc., See., Sea MoTimrnti of Um President and Cabinet. M>NSB TO MR. WKB8TSK AT DOKPALO. Buffalo. May '21, 1841. The dinner to which the Hon. Daniel Webster was In rtted by the people of the city of Buffalo, took place at the Mansion House this erening, and wai one of the grandest affaire of the kind which the queen city of the iakeg has witneeeed in many a year, At about 4 o'clock the company took their place* after which Mr. Webrter wat escorted to the Heat of honor, b Uis Honor Jamee Wadaworth, Mayor. On the right o' the chair were Mr. Webster, Hon. Mr. Tracy, and Hon Mr. Moeely; and on the left 1'ostmaater General Hal Major Gen. Riley, who figured in the battle* of Contrura* and Cerro Gordo. Ex-Collector Rogers. Dr. Pootv, and Judge Mullet prvelded at the other end of the table. After the company had partakeu of a splendid dinner which would reflect credit on any hotel in the country the Meyir of Buffalo railed the assemblage to order, and I n? foii.-wj : ? srnncH or tmk mat ok op bvppai.o. ' Mr Wi-lstor, my Mb -w .-ill*. it* of the city of Butfalo ! desire iiir to tcnilur 10 y.-u their cordial aek nowleilga Kk uU for the dl*lJri,~ui?hed honor you hi?? conferred upon their, by vieitln,; Uuir rity, k;?>1 by your acceptance I or their Invitation to it public (tinner, Hucta l? our dU , tuore from th? capital of tUr~ualion, thai we rarely hare ' an opportunity of ""dug our distinguished etatrAuien | moot.? up, and we f.sdtha tor-re eaffr of tliin opportu j nlty ?the fl.*< whloh ho a oce>irr<-d in many year*?to i tcii.ier you tlie tribute of our approbation nut eond j J new whirh U eo entlnetiUy due t > y->ur public aerricci I and historic rareor la ail the dark. b urr through which ; the country hsui parsed niarr yon fl. it loot a p ?tltiou i In tbo affair* i f government, jrour ecunarym.-u have al i wry* assigned to rou the post wborola waj tha n,<-?t pro I table danger ; ah-t, standing with your basd on tha I institution, 1 j ui! vrswiiw, maintained the- union of thoa I btnt?*. (Oreat app'at.-He ) BUtm a|tof i-ita, (hat if lu> | cculd not save. he at leaat prolonged the llbortlea of ' home; and w* Mr, feel that the American rouMnotion, the M.i 'in l I lb.-Ik of tha liberties of the world. Is aafe ] while you iir?. (Appln.t/e ) I might, air, speak of our ]*cullar local povitinnj I might rpeait of the rude b.-gia lilng t! that pvtty Tillage which you now liehold. after many yearn if abac nee, a tauud commercial city. I ! might-peak to y.m of our commerce, which iaonrlifr'* blood; of tb?.importance of our interurl Improvement* to tie *e a city, and to New York a? a State, hut I k iow that II le ixkaao.-mry to call the attention <-t a diacri tninoi.- tdaleatmui like you to such subject*; and know lag He I do the impatience there in to he?r the sound of that vol<? which has h.-ht in thraldom the riliitai of thin vtai ft public. T condode, Mr, b.,1 iutroduoin; t> you my fpUow-citlsea* of liuffr^o. ftf-<n-nd>u? ?p plums ) A* atx?u a? the Tyfls'i* aub-ided, Vr. W> as ? i* arose anJ iipoeeiirfoU'^i MR. wtsfriikS ir ??? ". Mr Meyer rind fell- vr clilieu. of Ike ci'y >>f f!i iTaio ? I know that in i ??gnrd to tha rotidltloii af too country you think av 1 thine, th. 1 there U but one ail-ab*or*.iug qt.ca tlen.arel that la theprveervatfow tfthit Union, (Chsars.) unU if tiod give* tno al.ength. 1 ;>r?j-osa to My Aomethlng to you, and to your fellow-rftm-na. an that sutjoci, to rn: rT'.w. (OutI iirrti r-f eppiauae, for sonic time.) in thie ec^'nl 1/frvlew and in*. fciwir-.?, grnM.-mo". I wcwud iK-t willingly a-piiw to web a lofty, ail important theme. 1 d.-BIIW, > alht-r. on tUU ocra.low. to answer you u?citir.ne of ltuilahi, runy o( whom 1 have had the pUaaurc of lAscina la former tivuea. many of wli ou he loDg tc a ftoi-ratieo whick has growu up Mnre I wan Inns but with all of wheia I fool a Minpalhy tir the grrkl prts-f- rity which lias dLhinguiehed lb, ir sity, und t'.ic ftir |trvp?cl? which Piovldeuce hold* out b? ."ore il>,-to (Af pin1' i' ) OenUemon, I hare had thn pleasure Of heia?c in the g -el city "f ftuf'olo tlir,<" litni-? before thUvHt 1 . uur.c b-1 e lu !s3u, with my family. iMM 1 paniod by Jiiiliic Svoiy and i i? lijn'ly, nialrir t,> ?<-e that Nwr* attractive nolglibcr of y-ura, the fall* iifMiagara, for, i.'i.lUiuen, i< u and your posterity will . n- vr t?- ?iltw?i'. u dLttitifuUbisI ueighb -r In your ?ici ' uily W h> d wt< -ikooc to llulT.Uo I rrupwahar u was tabl > that tlaoa tberw were 3.*uo p..ep4.? in it. (Laughter) It ir ft- rh lu uiy r.? ollectkm when it w?a eulr a waito; , | aud when, w r t;- uil ? r cf Oe'.urr> ?. I *m cal,.-d upon to | I c .-crte.u the va?u- .f ecrt.Ua tioll.-s-? which wrt? d ? I | eii /..1 by (he aeault-of the Hrtil.sh I rami here af- ; hr . en letie a, in le-'-t, bctir city Ihen h>?.| en lar <-! akeuuiaci>irra had rouuneuwai. and prosper.ly had tei-or- I bud thepl?>v-ure.-f addrrsalng sounr your fa'h< r? orbs-th. In tlic r?rk: aud I r-mr tuber 1 w?a 1 I.'J. un >iy c-tlier thin?-, th^it I nii^bt asy with eaf. ty Half wrn- flfUa-n or n^'iU.Oi . teonilioate on Laao Krte. i l.vi.il.l' r ii rd -f i*,-?e) A nit t nnii mber aneth. * thing, (f nth ro.-n, ai-t t h<?|>a es-ue partno. to thai transact inn srs- befn The tn.-ehau si rf tiulfank did me ! tha fr :. t heoer nl l? i?,.wtog to mi- a prs wnl of * u aiU , e? ) t p .tilts -S n ulefis- * --st, gi rlona,bUek walont I.-- s>. whs b pr- w u> lti<- sou'h of Us They .ignitl' J thvlf r . ii- *ne a tabic i-ui of tl-it walouv lr-t>,ani ' >. ..d It to me (App! me.) Th.- table was iaad?. an 1 f I a.-e.it t of it. et ,-s.wirse. with gwea'. f< ? -ur V hen ! left le r?- In July, the tr*-e ?o atandtag, aad in about Cee wvrk* th> re was an . bipal table of beautiful work rn? '.ijijs ,*-!.! |o my h.niee which w th- a in lesaioa VI tw.. 1 w- ut to ^t ? wt.S.'isl It f.iU.-wi -l ae to the v>a stje. an.ttlrere It ataiid. new,tnM.eJ*slre. minniy hcuw;and t).< r-- It will Maud m ;?< (*? a* 1 llva.aod I hope .-wlm, as it " hOU will stand fApplroaw) And I tat" till* o?ev il -nto reftsr?l" uiy thauL* fer that iK'iiiitlfUl pcaaeut. (A|-| la use ) I rm proud edit- I aui proud t? poena, It *> I I r/r proud In nJI Ih.1 re- -si.wvio"e li.nl itsnffeite. (Apj i .u ??) 1 v.:, . again in B.iffah) R'U-tcn ya?? ? ago, t-n my rrtnrvi fr? tw If rat. That. I think, waa In My sle : I Irft llwi rryud n May It was s?>n af-"* the Unr'iiait.in of llunamt iMhaMt idalo-wratton, II.il I be .? till ri?. . ot '4 t.f tau U'Tvns. 1 re.- sb-H 1 d t,y ti?- *?/ .f tie is nm ? ma oauals aad r.lc #?le. sod ?o e n to tits. OhL> A rj I w.?* oa Ci? Ohio Hlvi r I ib.nk. at tvh.-..hrg on the idh of May. when w? ),. > si - f the La. its-, sf ?;i the ba?<lu- I.' - b'eLi.ip uy of ? lit!- i. lit ot tl.e count*.) aod Mr V.u> lUr-si. pro /?I... ; ? si tc.s f-selor. ' f tloriffe- Thy rather b,s er..?l ovtr |-ri r??, I went ?w tbe w>y of Ken ini j i.l IlilnrU. end h -1 I he jdees-irs rf m-sIui. my h cit iai-mi of KuiXafo w*i my ~.i-.M- N ? s- n't men. ?' s ? r t |-l > u e f. ,t ma is any I bat hetwveo tl.at time aiwt tha p-ewot. tio- pnos.u.' Is, 11 , -sir city kit aufrm.-nlad nt leis-1 half ( t ppluinse ) And bilTslo is now a rity of M.M UhaU tttifi II sa uisloob*. ? sity cr.r cf the wiwlve of the ago a r i r-r" il ? enntty I e?tJ >.v it, tpnttaiiiea, with a de-. yti e '4 idenaofe, (afenar only to ysnr o ?n l-rca-na wn i re if the same aonlry, tkor.rouse we psiolelpat. In lb-> aan-e doetiny. and iweanae we are t* HMl la Ihoaame r*(>b f-< aw <i or rril AU Iba4 !?> aiy i-it^real h> your iru is , at ImM I f i ! ft ta be mi and tLat th- fU is nat In *iile r fSon. or t y.svwl ilwlslus a ally- ptwano<l. a tree ML i a <w>d of wl eat piaaled. cw *ny other mark of Ikrrv (M city. In W hi. h I I . cn. ilo i?e < *ke an iot< ree? ut then gentlemen '-u- U>, u atrlksa me. y >a ?r all a T'oi-T iaces hi.es (.'he --rw ) Here Is ns, friend le ar use (p> lol.ng t ? P n llonerwtle Albe rt t| Traey ) V*? * r? yuwng r n I g Ue-r hao I* ins IT y-n p.>a>? ( Isotl Is r ) It ?e<iua !<? cir but 0>h' rt thus aj". aad i tier" aware (Atgdane- ) Now, vhc do I aee neonn I i me ln<w * Why ihw Hales,! goo"Tatb?o havw lakeu p>s ' M?el',o 9t liiitfal s. ( A,-plas.se ) kala'.h wa be Mfhten ' ad. jrc gran.t-fs.sh- rs l?> slarnesl?tho y.wth nf llutsln ' bare taken jsoeeeaslon "t tha ew? . Ttpplauea-) lint lbs o. yesti nnmar. 'e4 a wren of Bofwu. laf you y.-nag ' w.fee of ButTalo be tsolihew (Velrbleesed or alamn.1 f w three, who h?v"l*k.-B poiasaha wll )w y.oir protector ? (langhuwi- ami 1 teslkere that thW I > true thrn-ighna: tha whole r-winty i4 Aria The ?t*oftg arena '4 yo-.ing m< a till tho toil The vtirwosm fwaututl, n tahaa b.sldfc' any liapfsevoownl ? 'mtaln. < wory psiUtc yroye-t -uin no d mbt, from age aad e>|.??1anrw-tnl yasm as n in thla (snwutry pueh I.-.war eeerytelnw-oewuplal s . as i tlhliig Ocr.U-nwa, I n-ed not say If-nt thla graal neWbbnrhrt .t er rvv> andtl bgr wl Atate of y-wjra U full of things striking ta lh? eye aad to the laiaginnliow The - p- .-t aefc- whhb yo-ir ht.U. pre wnta - th> watars of Ne-w T-wk?th* OH'unsl pheiwmse.aa 4 NgW Vavk ?arv r acts 1> p In a vssry hl^h .lewtwa There la thla IwWsHreW ? the N -arara, tha whoso lake from which is tewnaa, tha y?il? <4 Nlsgvrtk the seer dee of the world. the tab-w and wat, rs of the eseeomlary clew Why. l?e>w many things are thee. !? thUrn-aJtKate uf N -w Tofk llutt attracts the wouds-r , iei draws the atts-mir-n of RurcyMi. I has! the lessors' rf he-trig a fe-w Weeks tn F ir. ye.

' r, "no ??k.-d me h"W l-.er it 1 go to Ntagwrs fasts ?o?l IS. W long's See vh- e euHealties New y.svk, la all Ito r. iatlesn.., in He falls, lt? vtwovs and secondary water* Is attrnoUvs< to ail the woe'd Aad there le the s?ty rf Nvw T.-rk, in tlus (Kato of Nsw k ork Ms-ntUnwo. the ev.nim.sciai "asraebw so far pervades tbo minds of potnmorrial uvwi all oaeg ths wcrtd. that th.-ra aee mmi/ m-'n whs. are v-ry rr^r- 'ahte ?nt Inl-d llglent, an d srtin i|n not sewm b, l.now ihw U any part of the Cnlted HtaU- hut N.-w York (Urf Ul ) I was in F.igisud, sisd when f w?t tlwra, it Was aehed if me. U t did IK A eon*, fr-vn Ne-V 1st (f}r"at Unghtef ) I told them my wiA- eairw from New York, ftontlnued laughter.) 'Ihat w Hsurthlng. (Wrmt laurhlrr ) Will, gentlemen. I had tho konar once to he ln?Hnd to a state dinner t y II. Iii*d Hip* ?f LsBdcit lie wasapr rtly an,1 a eerpaJnnt f;sr>tl.ni.an (I logWef ) Ho had a big wig on hut h?'?d, all j'sw-lired e i *t eti (-? c.al d -si F Jilnd and T bad <).? h?cor to ?H (Hswtt him an t the beds mayorskfW and tbrrw Were ,VK> f.vls with nil th.- luiuriea and |C rpweisfseas of a 1 '*d M, dlrivs r By aiwt t^rw. tn the ecurwr of tho ^rooeedlaga hh warship ttengf.t pmvwr *v*vi aftgp tho Mr th ?ae rss msvi t. ta take rsdier of bis Arw ra,, cwwst lis sss irv-,1 a>A tsi ka?w pha 1 wa?. lu. I, a. ? lwa> a ir nnte?, bs.' if Uu 4 tWe,*, hr i ta ^ftee btjt little idea of oof place but New York. (Laugh ter.) He arose?'? Qenttanen." said he, " I give fou the health of Mr. Web?ter,a member of the Upper Senate of New Tork." (Oreat outburst of laughter ) Well, gentle men, it was a great honor to be a member of an/ Senate of New York: but If there was ?? Upper Senate, to be a member of that would be a great honor, indeed. (Tre mendous laughter.) Gentlemen, New York, the State of New York?let me indulge In a moMBt's reflection on that (treat tiuuie. It hoe so happened in the dis pensation of things that New York strfdehe# from boun dary to boundary?your fcUow ehisene, to-day, are eating rlams at Montauk Point. 700 miles from here, and you are regaling on lake trout You etrntch along and divide the whole country. New York stretches from the frontier of Canada to the sea The State of New York divide# the (country New York divides the Southern States from the Lantern Here she Is. into two heads, one down at New York, and the other at Buffalo, Uke a double headed snake, there she He#. Well, what are you to do with her T tiled. Arm. and immoveable, there she is (Applause ) It has pleae-d God. In assigning her a position in the configuration of the earth's surface, to cause her to divide the whole South from the Kast, and she does so, physically and geographically, as she stretches here In the whole length and breadth, she divide* the Soot been from the Mastern States But. gentlemen, that is her inferior destiny. II> r infe rior characteristic, for I forebode anything of her, if I , do not mistake all auguries, her destiny is, likewise, to | unite the States fn one political uniou. (toelferom applause and cheers.) Genrlemcn, nothing nils my im at'i.iailon. or nomes up more to my idea of a great, enter- j Erising. and energetic State, and these things which | ave been accomplish'd by New York, connected with j commerce and internal improvements. I honor you (or It. When I consider that your canal runs from the j lakes to tide water; wb?n I consider, nUo teat you have ' a railroad to tide water, and when 1 examine, as I j have examined, that stupendous work, hang up; as { it were, in the air, on tile south'rn range of ntoun- , tains, from New York to Lako Kris, alien 1 cou fider the energy, the power, the indomitable re solution which t'ffe<Aed nil thi-, I bow with reverence to the genius ami people of New York, what ever political party may lead, however wrong It may be directed on. It takes care or itself; ills trus to itself; it Is true to New York, and being true to itself it goes j far in estaUbhlng the lntorept of the wholo country, in I my opinion. Par ? ne I wish It so to proceed lknow j th< re nre (jurcttona of a local and State character, with which I hare nothing to do. I know there is a propo- : sitloa to make this canal <>f your- greater and br aider, if I may so say, to give to New Yolk and i:s emuierco I more power to let out what it has wiui greater facility. ; I know not how that may e'<mport with State polities | or State arrangements, and I snail be happy to see the day when there shall be uo obstruction or hindrance in any article of trade or commerce going out right, straight and ,'trong. with breadth enough, and margin enough, and room enough, to carry all to its market May I say, g nth-men, that a l>ri od. deep and ample canal realize*, and more than realises, what the peet has tald of the Hirer Thamoa. '?Oh could I throw tike th.se, And make this str-sui, My groat exemplar, A* It is iny them-, Though deep. Jet clear, Y bo ugh gentle. y?t n?t Jul, Strong without tar. IVUhsHt ov-rflowing. full." [Here owing t?? the lateness of the b"Ur, and be istd wording of the wires, we were compelled t* brat off our report.j Til* SECK1TION AT Srr.ACI'-* bYBA.'.te, Mey 'Jl ?11 s A- "? Thi* miming. at 10 Ci-look. Mr KeilogMo ImXMxr Pand. which eonaUto of rrerxctoblc cltltotw fvuim.-ivcrd j.LAylrg on the balcony of the 8yT*ou?e Uonae, andn Uryw rn>wtl In front Shortly nf.tr, th* Mayor hid Coruw Council. C'teninitteo of Keoept>on and tyucmKtce of Arrangemente, accompanied the Proeldeot ?nd -ullc to the Fir it word; tbenoo to Penitentiary HIU, throoo ky Lodl street to Jamea alraet, lhet?w? down .'anse* etrmt to Lock elrect thence down Lock Htrect to layette ktreel; thence down I'a/rtts btrret to Walnut -treat; thencw to O. n.-eac etr?et, thence down Qvoreee atrret to Fayctto pork; down K.irnAce atreet to Om.ndo ir4 ftrooti Uxi.ce down Ottwtag* itr*"* ?? Sollno ht.*?et; th? nco d- w n 8?ilan Irwt to the Bym-iine Ilouee rorur bvi u>fN?s wditht or attkktios. The fx nixenUery. governed by Onpt Joseph A Ford who realigned h roiitob.1' r.ltuotton under grTe'iut.ut to tgyht In the M oleon wor, had w?? ofterwordo Jccapl UWdby the FiUmoro odmlnUtr-Aioo. aa being o de wrrat thugi. m tbU ooemdou, l?e won the Oram M?r*hai of the proce??lon The Orphan Ai-ylatn. At the .Jtremity of U* city, rrmmmht fine view of M. end the ro-'.oae ch>ir-bea, o wklch them am aiiteeo In the city, Ineiudlng '.hot # Mr Way, the oboiltioaiet An for the enlt wor he, which rttenl oere oo largo * fcetkiw nfcmealdo of the city there U nothing ettroo t'e- mxwit '.hi c A.-, the procc-ei.?o ftvrl, o 1*1*0 number *f Jrleh la borer*, w thing on the mi rood. gerwlLreo chart* Per the etil argcinent of line Brie Canal Co pacing Fry.<te TArk, there w%* * nurnhe' of girle wlio w?l?e.l th-dr handkerchief* eathtt?lA?lcally In fhtt. everywhere, the Prretdont nod hU oobin t w?re *u.mly iwlT d. holwttfuUAdiiig the dty U dem ? mtk.wllkt (Kmremtic Me/or ord Common Conooll, y?t lOlj'lwed fccnrtlly In thie notlenel tlolon lcm>o?trn tten. In ftwt the renliment appeared to be unot Imoaj end IN whole affair ie highly crvdltaoie to Byoente H iwrrvT. rue di/p'T.cihil thin* woe line? ome wretch ,-ot hondl.liU pooled. ar.<l had tbeta dbtrlhot.-d t irou*h the city ami nent to Boohecter. the pnrpart of which woe. that the h.dn?lt>? r? were cimlwir. ood fcwm <nd ing f'orti'm deree L> bewoim ) beord It .mid thM It wo? Intcridid to lynch Iho por ioo w ho ? ?? Uu.u? up if he could be found. The Mwruo d.Ueerd tlio foilowl'tfl oddrom In w-tCJBt log Ike rruoldont t<> the otty AiXmjeni OK Till. MA Volt. ||r prr??.ie?l?In b holf "f the O ro?r?U.m of thli pit y end n comnilt'wo of our eitlw oe I n-w" (he \< 'no' toe ldr-wyxj ood to wiouio you wu I th ? ^ ? ,eh>d n. n.liMee tf yuor eeblnot now koj <wrnlnt: w.th , 11. to tin l.repiullt .w of the ree.tf?t Oily <H y njr iw lt?e tttote t* <? w*IO>?ie y?Al no Ul.' obi> f imgl trUe Of iltw ar.-etr.nubtic-wM*U 'ri thw* wdiUtb ????? l? m tee -Irvolf' M e err iware of the <1 ?e??lti?? And "ep.net l ills I ? thnt mupt t'VtT eurrvwnd i?e rMulho 9f xuah * l .?l, I ut ?v n.ey U yreniUid U? i?ilui*r ?t" liope the*. owideA the one OieU of opinion end intern* Vhe wn prtt?iUee < f Mir *wernTO?tit *1M he kep? etiOutiy In ?w w, atxl Ite ed'olnl-trwlon 00 onfcdootud M to **,t'* tli- p ece. tie' beppioeee ? wp-rs > nnd P tf ? .wuutiT We li*n? tbot tbo ImiwedUOe ,4.?ct of yiur ri-lt L? W.wtirn Nine T'?h wno to WttlM e ll.p , ? u.pletlon of thAt P *' w r/ ' I n an ontery rteo. the K w t n n?d Mo U ? ' ?*;? V # wjidoe with .A - f.lb'W el ?-?e ff our eoolt'ro corn tier, tbot they Art now n pirtinlpoW In the tWW? and I irwliige wh oa tli.wa Infernal imp. teemcni. ot? Nhl itOMtOf. V<o. etr WHMf ***" . t ry >d lltl< 11? fee It Inwttbm T '''r "?dt-wdtcn th?t ll,r ppot upor wfelch we dow a.-nd ?t? ? W.Idee wee j 1.1 I en- nl-aui:.*' I c" / * it ? A pipulatl (4 raai y |ercl|-lra ll, xawi.d '1" "ur . in, | n lining eir rAi.aU And roiiiOido?<t 11 ?>*? -'-I*. ,ta, lepr.?lu txww are w chl. 9? Ii deht- I for or f-pid pnVnl. Wo .Weibt not .1 ?! -ie R ?rirn wii! duly t| pit.iat w tha iu.p rUrvw .-fiieui id iiM.lt ti,ala arJ Kfelfl l.y the ?? me.,114 Ih-we navlgeUe w.Je.. of U- eoqtitry -em whhh the itall Iial R.^rrnm-nt oo-rohwo tl-naUe jor* illollon Ag-ln d? ww bid yo? a,00^ dial www lite a id way your odnnnUtrhU t iu e|ow be art ae .bail ' uufb km* upu t eU wh .oiwcen rcrnod In H and feifloe n t*Mng hfe-?<1* to your ?"llrw | omuiMu^ocj The Pf aWe?l retu wd llior.k* In o few word.. 1 alumfel mooU.nU.at the t>?rirA? mllitnry rAW.an.ee Mtotoi the rmMnA om oowkM out of lh h? re'urm, t y ywepntln* irw nod by oe?or?l 1 -en'le f-W tW" pleore 14 arlnnope A I ?Aut*'ii driow oround the Mty nnd Hi euborh. hoe IWK t?o fewwilnnl-1 nt 11 o Oloch. a nnn.bee of IaJio* wwprmioted to the Free!dent In the dmwln I And they. In tum prw?awt<-l liihi with beoultful heo<|Weto A ncn iet of ohitdreu Aad aewwral *? ntlemen we" 0L0 .ntrul'icd Meantime the er- wd Its"re~w?l hef.re the done, and the f *he for Fillmore wore lowd And Ion* At length h* opt- orvt on tha bwloony, ??J wa* worm.y (v"d Mr Ij'arrry Uddwin. tha et Mayor of ftt Wf '' nudly Iot-oduoed the Fr-ol<t?nt to the p??f ^ #?ldet Von J oheweo. nm pwjtnmitwT'o ee*?r-? rrwaWeftt V.i.?oM aald -I W d .ihonot'd with ? rooking in the -.pen air fee the lnet V?W le eu c opi. tciy lh*t I Mt ""?***. yon further ih?o to eay. tbo r-eopth n t bare Itero met ?<rh !e peeulinrly gmtttyto* to me, coming, fr -n tbm* whomefele l? tha rhdnltf of J"'k .. fr. m th?* omr.ng -y,m I waa -*'wl _ ' .lo ? r prtov thewe henot*. AhTy are not Intended fer me pp ?..mliy ?they a" ^eldpnem of V*' *?*** VeaJjI reentry and eoyaMltutk.n, and to * " hT rb^te fhe tho Colon) The rr-U.ut r.mttnne<ky U-.og the y eopV-> that Mr Crlttewden oral Mr ?^?bam ?,?.VUh vw him. end worw better able U ?p. ok to thaVI thrgt he wne Mr Crtttfuden and Me Oroham w-ra then *aii*4 fo hy 'A* rwei't* ft" won# .tme whan 01 ieofth Mr OoanaM eaui t r'til oral mid ? MV dkAWAM'O SFWkCH fe.ro. ymre ago I pom~t thmwgh yenr mt Ho? W new T-n or Cmtwo ***? k* kwal a rhanfw In IU otpewamw, *0 ? r-fet?p? !? *? IfftTW raonio *?*o eaten I d *?? lu* c 'untry. and niltrrada wm eatabllahed, ccaamunlcatlug liom one place to aw tbcr aluiunt with lightning ?pei*l I recollect rea lint; in my youth, of a felltw who rowed dragon*' teeth which sprung tip around him The canal*. the railroads, and the telegraphs, when apread over the soil, do not give hlrth to .rmlea. but to wealth, ano pence and civilization Such ia the change produoed that the author of Kip Van Winkle, who has iiniaorUiiaed the bonks of the Biuhoa, ho* abundant material* now for a similar volume of equal Interest In contrasting the preeent with the pact. T rejoice that I oan claim citizen ship with those whom I see around ma; and thl* U the beautiful peculiarity of ottr confederacy, that whorevor we go. from Niagara to the Klo Grande. or from the At lantic to tha raoilie. we are always at bom% We hare a dertiny and a great miecion to fulfil; and If the experiment we are now making fail*, the tact hope uf man on earth is loet. It become* iu, therefore, not to confine out rUlon to sectional view* but to look at the whole l'ni?n as the anchor of safety at boae, and aa our pride abroad, wherever we may go [Three cheer* were here called for and given, for the whole Tnion ) We are thirty-one State*; ww have a common language a common history, anil a comtnou glory that ought to warm the heart of every American Itltherto,ln ttmcKof difficulty and of danger, we have known no North, jc. Sooth, no Ka?t, no Went I need not refer 70U to the time when the blood of the South flowedfre?ly in MaetaohuaatU and In thl* State fear the i ointaon country, and when the mouofthe North nquit' d the obllpaM >u, by playing the same part in the Poo'h. Such was our bond of union But, in these lat ter day*. enemies Jinve cowu tare* among the wheat, whllr good men ilept. The non of the North of former days thought Washington and Uh- aw-oclntcs fit omp? nliuti foi Uietu. It ie-uvs (here are ruin now In the North whoeutartaUidiffered topintuna Tldsgovorumout, fornwd after lot ;< ard aniioti* deliberation may not be the 1* ct (lial could be dorised; but once destroy K, acd you will never replace It by another comparable to it. Attimptsha". ?l ??# made lo louelruo the constitution dlf ferenlly frctn our Ibtbera. and chiruncry ha* been used in giving "tho go-by U) what do> s not chime la with local feel ing while there i a ripU1 exaction of the observance* of the othe r part*. But you will not do ttile.?you who re quire that every officer of tha law, from the custom hou*e officer to the President of tho t'nited State*, shall swear to support, the comtitutlua?act m an sbetrnction, but as a practical thing?not In part but a* t wh >1*?not ?u? law to be dwn<;ar iud, itnd another to l>e earrled cut. home think that wen they in the rouuefia of I he creator of this world, they would lir.remude it abetioroni than It 1*. (Laughter ) It !? a guod en' ugh world 'or ma, a?<l *o t ray of the constitution It i* the proud huritage of our fhthi rr, bought with their hl'*>d, and If wi arc loy?l to It them is no limit to the fulr.ro destiny >1' this nation. When 1 look on this city, that a few years ago wa, a mom, with scar'-eiy a hoiin upou It for human hxbl ta'ioo. 1 hc h iw it hat aprung up under a government vrh rh n word* virtue, and give* rnooarafemeat to lu d retry we?,'th fer labor, and treed act fir all. (Great ('bearing.) lhit for its filtering care und protection, tbi* vnitey would be now n* it ws* when It wai wsndwnd o-er by the Indian* and the bear. Destroy this government now, and all the lucone* IvaMo horror* of int?rnsl lone! war must follow. There Is no telling into what a gulf of misery the country would be piunged by sueii a calamity. Uut aside the conned* of m?n who ray the t nton is a rur.e, aud wb.i teaoh yon to ?r uln it* prorisl'Ti. Be vert to the principles and prae'tce of tho early tathirvwLo lived whentbo constitution was vjopt ?.J, and y< u Wi'l ?<*> that they regarded it a. binding to all it* parte?a Union of Chanty and affection, and mu tual ! rlssimueo If the Cnw.ii had not been frilled at the time of tho rov 'lution, there would hare b'* n border war* and frays as lu Furene, lutiad of the cultivation of tho soli,the dev.-lopi loetit of our n ighty resource*, and the errs-ti. n of monument* cif civilixatlon and peace. X tar. tiien. transmit the I'uim to the lsleat posterity. Mr Graham then witbdri w ? midst loud cheer*. Mr CajTTvm.ru being voclfcrausly railed t'te came forward and said?? wn. ( RITTKKl ?:n\a SMIBCH. Ttn derri lUtratli n* of kindim-m I lu? ri'ctWtl li It f -t. rr. N.w 1 ifL. make iv fori aa if 1 Wuf? ain-iug r.y own Kentucky frit lulu. I lru,.t Ihi. .Meel u uH ' oly ft w?rwof pieaauiu t-? u.", but of it. .truoli >n, in that it ombre iq. f. W a r'-gani fur our oonim >a c> notry H-fnr* tide, I claimed orccr wre of It u my r*a; now 1 ft. I it U tny own ? rid fb.it the elarter of amitotic of a cttiaca (T Uc United M'.M.w, U ?oin--thlo;; mere t?,Hu t iliol lo'tcr. There i? a lal.mau ia tho w; r-Ja, '? I am an Aiorilcau citizen.*' ('loot cacoriug ) tthorrcr lain* lie ha fx! upwt the '.wed bond of imh-a. let 1. ui l.i. t lu you an i u?bi; >nJ an oj p.x,er (Loud ohe< j- .) it UI you let auy man tc.wr the groat cbarte-r fcj which our faUuvru nmlr us ouo? (Or lea of "Hi-rrr," ?? U'-*er," '? to yer ") Vi e ar? one in f-eiiug, oar in blood, on* in language, and on* in lb anlincv.'. of f.>-i <V to Who undo tho oou*tttuU?u? N.>t ooo Hate f ul all the Staler. It war a great o-unpaat of aifte tiou at d 11 .'.u*rU>d le-tw,.? I'leui Ami rhalleach mao only ot>H rrc whet part ia nffrceaU* to hinue'lf TMi I# t Boi.-m p<4!!wal b-rvey. I wan a K"?.wa ui.a t-f.ref tn-nrd nry dbeniw. Jon ab.ntth*T"at n How, w.' aro toid it !? a Carg-nr . 11 h lirlt. u\ I norma).atiled by death and hell Curb art the utrvw-.tiiiary Unu?? th. t feuatlotail g.eo.. utUrnaw to My frieod.-. tl is the ark of ?af. ty in which *"vaarn?re.l up not only our llb.-rihw, but the liter I.?? of ell tarnkiod. The Ui.it. ry of thia country ran t>? read only l.y pn-ai.->? li.rough It I H-e ft reign. t? end n*Utr?? M-attarcd ia<rit fr.-m tho Atlantic U- tho top of fan l*riu;rii no. yet ail (feuding to p.<h?T a* one trio We are randa op of the moat Mori cua u>at??iaia The enrrrylio fWira amogg m?i kind ari h.-lw; rwid though they u< epm'Jt fc-ui differ. tit rare*, tie y art? aot.n i.ouvi.ei In the iauie Ainrrirui ui'.ul.i. and tbe.iwrgWa if 11 c w rid are c ie>ciitr.->bd n. tbU free country 1 tare njoyt-.l the ;lny in the b- auty of your aonsory. and I <1ity - cf Inrreaeed wraith an.) prosper ity f-ftrti y n T'. e railroa.if and n?r.?Je thot pta* t Lrc t'gh yottr city a ll identify you ?' u ail the g**?t tw.uire? of r niL ' ' 4?i w.eltl. a-- j u are ne^rl* your eelt iv? ihi-ornfri. of % rionitui i ? ufrpri'.. Ant ?k?u th?' coat, n.platssl atu%rgan:< at f the Krl? Canai ia ota if. led thin Will lb ? lueeeutt ?f J ">ur pro?pe. )ty he full, fllr C. reuelo kei 'y ...ytog K.. ?t uld u. ??r fnr-;et their 1<w pit aid jr and klulr-| llcrw uii.o ch.? r? wt.re j;lyeo f't ?ld Keut'ichy. and u?< > eh'mt* f?i Ueiuy (.'lay, on i ai.n niiw > lw?r? f * 'in t'ni. n ] The I'ri . Vlrnt atrl m.mfcrr? of the ral>lo?l then whh d ? w, .-.rid III? er.iw-1 ili^yrail tttoortly aft.r ona t.'tl.? k IMneti one and two lmo-lnd purr, o. eat do-en ; (o a etf? iwlid JIiht at lh? Hyrm uae llouMi Th* .Mayor intenitd ai d tb? l i. -idert an I 1 i* party <Ai at cither In id Tfn> Pf aiiKat retlml ?ar!y, lr?foee ?ny Voaata arte gin n The litr e a." .? ?? <1 aen! 1 A-l great iile*.oire la prtyoaiithU t. aet - The it.ilted M'ataa oMhU happy r | liUir?Our gl 11? na Ti k . rmw ?trl f?r er *i " "Ihr ti ni ' n a* r... la si aHb . I ot.ihuei* ru Judge UiiiTrn.il I apnndnd a* I'-ilwwe .? ariM it OB i'lkil i aw it ??*??: Vil' la-' e-Mllt' WW l?? wit'lllllt tile t'nl 1* 1 toi 1.(1 ?o< id a- tb ? i IW-ruiii who. to day, eat t he had wm Uiurf (f Ik 11 iiMill till he mm a maa I no*wr braid ( fit till roc'uUy. iLnUtth I aru Iwriily-tia y*tn < f n< m il ujeauida (Oiui lawftiter ) ff the ll' iua ia to iai-Uikl. 1 what are w-,. to liar* ie plana (TitT Would at l.n*->a miichy or w uld wa hire age?r ?iimr.t'rf e.j.?rel hlali ?? I r w.uld wr hare a (*0UT,^itie?i. mnh ?i we JuiX la I I* hi-rw w'.-r? ?,u*e (f oar ninaoor eel lluy wott-4 gn t-J ti? ti(? trueilrn -l the Unl " aa I Itaei h to w ii al ( ut < f Ihw Cant-* W litl U th" *?m- ia >>?' ft bat le tie- tiuinp card' |t ? 'ior well h* luii p !] (Liut,Urt.) it w.wrid ba a? th? jarkaei -aid wbi-ti mnkma *i My lie 6bl a-ar - 1 I- t a?rry oaa III. rare of h-ni-. If I Kiar< ?f laughter ) t a.n gta4 liiat thh d. ree Jit'Mioi raj taten i-lwrn brr?- f- 'thuolly i* b I -"lit. rt a dVai e# to I. t'-? fwin of a r.-rt-ila parly nil th I f<ii?tb,?i I b"p? Um -bio Inn will na Wo*, r pn r*A a. d that all n . u will hm-w thai wr are * I ley le |inifird to opborl lbs law A gnfi rui.o-al with - ut ui I u w tiwl l>e a trow, rmnei.t without l.tmrly for wit I I UI n , lltior*y tb--r-L no liberty ai At hiiail it- roiwi tutjen and b-gi i dr neot * "o! Kiar uwt Ml U UI kir the eOWatitut i'B a? It ia. llrr tie wlnje ao.1 ib miwrat- arid thww?- !? ? partiea am | atil.1i*'d< d ag*ln y* t we nr?> ail of one wAot 'w?-nl on tha i f n^w . atr'i hall ""t-tinu ? *< l>> be fill rai'r vl- an I oa ?aia-i. b-' 'eb-ia liiat luitfr ua by. Umw?rhall lie Hi. n we J i ?*t Th* mnll r<i bavinr thiMr r>-iudwl tha baa .J .trunk up'h. bltr h| an?-f "l Unee " )"? Mayer l r?f?o.??Tuii lb-II rareina l< ??! - Md lat I f ItitM-ri, (h- Tr,-t-lcu. o.'lhw liniteil itf*!. a " Tb- litit waa roivfec"! with much "til hn.taam, the 0tm>. try i -.(* t-> -1. i- f -a M' 1'. I) Hiuaa rr*po*Mitid Tie waul ?? art?r'if nr m* riun. lam pmwJ to ana her-- t .t?? ?h? l'rea.elet?t n4 the ITnk. d l"elee and tw. r-r uiVw. . f Ida Itlwetruua eebi 1 le-t A.-ei. while 1 dli'rrwiih iheui on aiauy p -liIleal p iota I kn- bnppy thai U'rre la a otnnui >n giwnl oa ? hich ww rati on tie ; >i>t that ia, a naton of three ,eta tea 1 newer vtfwd A>r Hlllard riUm-me. ur any of hi. party, ft.I 1 Ilia 1. o y (>-*1 he kan !eea fmad ?%??) In tM a. k-hly tark l . porxl -el turn by the r*ceot eoiergeaey ( ? apf-'uw- ) ft' ? tw- it lo a rr-al ti.ee "ire to biai and the dtdlwg'iblvd u~ n ak? a.-'.?i?pnoy hlan here that tha r ulnn l? d".i ravi J. I rb UI oo-i-iuia by *'*'ag a wilt lu. ut The >1 rr.fai"J of the Hary ?Norih i.tar-v llna ? r< at '.Ldiny -u iiol awn ??liall i.U war a ir.nrda of unioB, a? a l-riyul bar Uiyfrr uf the future frrgg lite wunry Tca'k ' The tonal arae fwcelrrd aith great oheertn| Ma Ua ana* lu r'"(maiAing. aald Mm. UitHili'l Sl-U 'Oil. Tb re la one thing (bat orcuratome. Il.we ire am. ant fgj f?nwi U?e l.<ina te frentier , a?d if there ia aiir our tlrrd '4 tbel'aiow r.ud (he gorernrueui under wbw>n w? hare proefwr?d. Lryou.J aay people oa the fu<-e of the (arth - If (her* be any whine acrupiae ?f roueelenoe aha fa them let the at fire the rcfoife la at baod (I tugh for ) L?t I hem r ore pare nvnarvhy where they gn. arltk the pi puNiraubm thay bare left and If they da not find a rontraet In fit WW of the free ioatltutlana of thia country, all I ran ?ay 1?, tha' they arw Ilka tha o?tri.-h, >?'i? L lie- . ani hi lee 'u Iv ml lu tb- <ao<l. thinly Iwg hr l( are urr. wlma r-rwryh. dy ei?w MH l.ia deiuj'U 1 1; aua I pre ynt. In coaoiumun ? thank yn?. griiHrovrn (iytrarueaof Hew Very-THlTrr-nt fooo Urn .Hyraourw of old, in thai U? ir'liil'al power 1* to cUfur? I i?"M lei ntt 0*? IhOMrati 1 lninU.iiout. IhM u-_ u f>?4 It la nty the form of oppreaaiett. The t< aet hating heen -Iruiik. *t Mayor KalJwia roaw and (Vd? MK HALt vr.^'i 8P> Ml, Ae the firet Marw ? f r>yr??u<ws '? ?" rr-jorated tw r?iend He ho?-"! thwt a* the aivl?wt Kyraenaw war (Mm In mil* hoi kr It* tyranV. 'iu mo.|ern w-mil he dvw tltigti -bed fiir It# freede-o. And afl'-r a peneutrtr on Renttvky h? mi eluded by rr toeing T H-laaf Clay himI frhtoudra - p-4 tel K?aiu ly"' ("r -at an trim-- ?w on. rail. .1 upon and aaLI ? ?-g org) rT?'?i.Ki'? ii'WM Tan ha?o -wea pfoaai j la aeasdate aiy ueai with aae ?b? kae ?h'klArd * ?'?d* Ita and '**?? fag I have siluded to?Indeed. you have named--my lUiutni oue countryman, Henry Clay. [ Hera tbe wtap!# mrtl < Ut roe and cheered for Mima rainutee? Mr (I'ikia ?joining In the tribute ] I thank you for It. It la ? ct.ine that di-asrve* to open all the fountalfiM at ! enthusiasm in the hearts of patriotic and >? 1 dent cHtsens I had the honor of ?t and Inn by tdi : aide for yeare, and I knew he waa devoted to the eMR; j try; and I witnessed the unflinching Intrepidity wtM which he pumu <1 what he believed U be right for hag | interests Vou all know too well what aervloei he rem-^ j dered on a late occaeion. to require to be reminded I ' thoin particularly tv.w. Thin crisis has dole one l ; It hue made u? whigs, and democrats understand earn ' other better A loug party warfare hud built up Slgto walla of separation, and each b'dieved that nothing | could be gcooi that wae not on hla own aid*. Thudi 1 wall*, cf late, have given way before the spirit of pn triotism. How litu? la party atrile. compared with ? battla for the Colon! It la like cu?t-ofT garmaute, hn? | old and dirty, and Been, to be pinked up in the dnaC Ht nry C.av hna alwav? ranked among the flrwC elans ?f ' patriot*, standing up like a num. uud passing thcjaif | meot of a rage and a etaleeuian. no matter which wag I the result Bight operate, either for or againat him. | * Mr. 0. concluded by returning thanks for the Mdt nient. The member* of the cabinet then withdrew ; the dluuer party flnalty broke up Mr H-n.i.? gave following eentiinentr? "The Head of the Government?A pattern of fidelity, bo haa pretcrved Invtolst-- the proud token of regard her ? received from the first lady presented, lie would reoatsw 1 It from no other " Thle sentiment waa received with shouts of lawgtrtw; . It being Understood hit it alluded Co a M the President by the first lady introduced Co I *b! ?h. It waa said, be would tot permit to be mpentadhp another. The dinner party then broke up. At S o'cioek Ah ' President and hi* cabinet lefi Syracuse. in a apeeM I train, forUtiea. There wna a laryn crowd aroond tha i cars when starting, who cheered vociferously The train arrived at Oneida at 4 o'clock where I I wae a multitude collected and tho President : c< ined by the discharge of raunon, and other < slrations of joy. I At Rome,there waa a similar demonstration?or i a gr-ater one, aa for aa mini ben were rcncernefo A ; national aalute waa fired, and the enthusiasm waa-im i niense. AkgrVAL AT PTICA. I Tho train arrived at Ctlca about twouty minutes pe^. fire o'clock, where a con Id-Table uuiuts-r of inhale I tanta turned out, together with their military eompaai-v A cut the tiring of a salute, the President was Uier-fl-t ! carried by the crowd, and borne h-twoen the open ki? | termed t>y tbe military to Bspga' Hotel. | lie wae addrraecd on the sieps by Mayor ninman. I The President Lrlefly replhd After thanklug thn Mayor and Oomnca Council for the reception he haw ! met with, he proceeded to eulogise the beau the *f th? ; scenery cf Western New York He said that if nag I one who had ever beh? 11?these scenes should visit any , other place, he would find a dificri-urt- by romparlaofo ai J like this country le<tt<T and bettor ou hi* return. ' II" was glad to see so many r( the cltlsens of Ottaa. dt | whom the Mayor wae the c-fib-lai crgaa, devoted to tha ' con.ditution and tbe Unkm liken- was then a trewrnd--in rash. and the President wa? l-ornr atonginto one of the parlors of the hotel, and tbey so pretus d liim tb- re that hufwas obilg-d ta take | r fuc-i In another. A pre cession was th. u f-rnvvl. and thn Mayor ami Cerumen Council accompanied the I'n-snieut thM^gta tho sir-*is r-mfiioe were lighted in the evening, and, ah abao O'clock, a dollar aiid-a hail' -upper was givwo at B^jgr IU<? I by tho ('ommlttei' of RuoopUou. The rrwideut retired mily. and there wo no -prakiag or t< asta. Thus i nded the movements of the l'rcahleot and evtte tor this day, IRkPAHATIONA AT M4JAWT Ai mi May M, 1ML A -pr- iai meeting of tho '"'-ruwion C-emcil was hettdt twelve o'clock M. yeetcplsy, at which a committee waa api-olntod to make arrangomeota to teoder to Pr Piilmore and his cabinet, the hospitalities nf upon his return ta the w?t of governm-mi It Is i ed that the military, fir men, sud civic societies, h>no? tlxai with an cMvirt They will arrive la I rlty, with the WiwUrs train, tins afveruooa. MU WtBSTKIl'S VISIT TO lUW 'trxTHR Be- uaerra, May HI, IM The Hon. IHnhi W?? UO< will viait tUia city au m rnlrvg and remain a few ltonra. lie wlU addr dt trans. UaltliiMr* City t'ownrll?Hoalktra Matt lUnu, <wr. HtLTiMta May SI, INI, An ordinance frtr aeiiln? 1,404 -hsr"? Hailroad dl?Mead ftrv-k hIxh*o pt?Md by iKtth branch* of oar Council lb* Hout lx-rti mail ha* arriTrO A Tblcot ball aiurtn [.aaarl oyer Diumddi# Va , oa Wed iter Jay la*t M< imi a< Uiji* w ?yr.<> Ml, la rente placer fire lochia diwip la Prlk G -rrtre the bull wa* Iw > lie In t di*<r itneek 1* a a* don* to lb* mp* In Aoutit ( aroiltia lite crop* a re rufieri op fir want ?f rain In Ni"w Orb-alt* tha w?lh>-r I* tKgmkln: bo4. and MM Cllirct.r air rtartlny for the N rth The ft. ytme i re (harp- of awlmllii.* i/tiad a on**. otdebna* p illlf ?n Ibry art all<p>-d In liar* taken plana 0. i (inl America and CuU. an.* llir bullion of PmM 11 frt li U. VI|||1iiIm Convention. Bull *? n. ?a May ? tUl. In the Oonrentioa today. Mr. 1MU' I Mat ppopaMMdB ?ia pot d down, l>y a dec trier majority. A mekbaa M at>" t.d the papn'mUr, by r Juolnp lb* Weekern ?* jorlly. one. in thr lamer Iftair* bar oai'srJ a pr<.trnibtt del alp, which I* attP pending TV CPtepromlae U, haf PTt r dill co?tikd< r- 4 vafe. Tlar Rliainhoal ( nillalan on like Dulavran. Pnii.aaat, ma, May 41, 1MI. IV im|>nn?4ni, n ? la that no liraa ??? r? lint bf IAw ateniiil.at roQUi n U*t uorh1 on Ilia tVlnwara, OafA, Daeta r> Biiudm) tetlli tho boat all itlglit, ami, by yrNI tu-rtwn* Ih'nka all *ere wared. Titer* win-a a* it repent j |,a/ nnyar- on board A flly in* boa! I km nor*, iop aUi n p?. -1 to briny Lp tie- i teaser but after ratn| ber a rfcoet dblanot. alia aitnk In Arr?y rtouaaL Mtt tbi upper fleck iM pipe*, ooie are new ?i?ibl* lie rU autre t.Ur? aatb d today f>r ikMhriM ol/h thirty flva t*o ug*ra ami a full freight Tttr Pnaltytnlaa Itennral Anrnihly-Bel<Aa? anent of lite alatrry Unrallaa. Ultra. May ft?8I? t M. TV 1f? ?<h.ad OeBeral Aaaoably bar bad aa tanaaud d l air Ibl? moi n'm; an IV flaerry qwatbia. and V juri ipptrlid Ihe em*Ti.t?ir?t? and pa? ?4 Oia e-maankmaH r. p.rii l<avr? the t"l tin h J0-.1 where ate war plaaail kf tin actio* of laet yt ar llainaebawiu l,??l<l?tarp-b!ti ilea at ? kaaatar. Hoaw May H, Nil lb Omrcati.a of bote branchee of tb? brpielakuMa V day, Alb-rt 1 horndlWr ?bl?, km rtonl to tha flhaB* f. nale In All th? earamy orr ?ib nod by lb* '>.:?? In of Pne*eei-a K.iImo- p, il in ?:rat Mr Thnraiiaa h* linn In I ? i*ly The Li |Mtkn bar rtdad W >d>aaa* on i'eturday. 'I hunit K ay pa <a. Akllllana H. tr*nt*a aai olhri a. Pa??o aee? M.yia IbAt IV ( a*r of TV ?aa Rry^ ?? Wiiil^nll l.?ukaa and olhiia a ? Mlf*aM "i< afla**oO*. MkM l?n**4 m' rn 11 * by f?|uoi if c I'nei who t'iiol ibad * I iarp?in p?.t ha l leett **!? "?1 J n lh? |.art?e?a* i anlUfOM-nt ?bleh l'-< y I a I n* t'-t *onld N?*?**?? | mated i elopo tha i peuna ofr art w> ? "Try ArrHal ufthr n.ltlp <k*rxU *t law Ik kpan*. M On ana. May M 114. TV atmrnrolp W' ? f*i>? t'irk m Uaraim, m~ ' rlpi-d at thla port ?nd?? IV lajarrllaa ?p'? Drlanara UU |i li M^jr Ik !W. An lidorfotn bia I are. i? r-?4 uf a tV lokknrtp. <4 tttt At ab- and an more friei'ip ?til take piaer oaltl ttfe co?ft d< cldpe ?p< n U?e marMa of the ca?" INra. %l<tandrr llaiallbta. May 10. WN1. TV aJtifatno' ment <4 the de*ih of Mra AianaettP 11 am. u? b Inporroe' TV rmeraWe la ly I* l?et?n la*, and tVnwh In Vr MUi y-ar, U ailll In t V ? -^-.y*n*A ? raratla*' ?"aith _ Natlm IHaontpr. Punti. Mar tt VK&L TV Hetavrr i hln.fnr- ra NnW V"Pk for MobtU. baa ptt in her* ?ith ailyht Mfntip ko Vr ?n*-to?. Arrttal pt ihr Alahamn at karanl | May 'A?, 1AM. TV akoanrMy AlaVMa. I'apt I ?dl >?, trrlTTd bade l a o rWk thU V. M , from Na* Terb The Break In Ike W at nth Canal. Ant?'t Mm tjr, iKl TV TW-ita hledr of VJurJLay uayo kit at lit/ | malt the W o?-ta Ap.il ircoU V r?'palr?wi *> aa It altear " ke ; ata ;b? neat day Tit* Mn ???'-?ta J-tu C*?e ?k* b.ae? rae?fe#4 atatriri ? t ^f Mr Planler , tVf' r.w" C'1' WHar kla and MVaWpr* tUUr C<*npa*yt reialie" *? tmoaretioaa (w?? en b ^ \t .n.l i tade* a?4 I'rydW the*. rwaJ f -h . Cftuat i;a .r m .he umm Of ?!? OXX^k le' ft few f bw?la?m ' ' ? Kith Utr >d partWa ar* ao* uaJc itJle'-arat. It l? a 1 uHC*' ( B^r.piu*^ iy?*i'itr?f?l'.