26 Mayıs 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mayıs 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6789. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, MAY 26, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. UOVIir THE ATE*.?HUtlil, ? CENTS; PIT. 12* ?J cente; Orchoetra boxes, 6(1 ??U Doors open at 7; cur Aal* rise* at 7H o'olosk. Monday evening, May 20, the per f'Tmtue** will commoaoo with the ouiicil ur?m? ot MASiA MELLO? Matsaniello, Mr. E. Eddv; Uuiseppe, Mr Leffing "Will; Alfonau. Mr. Pope; Fenslla, Mix H. Benin: Elvira, Miss Barber; Briella, Mr*. Bruadlev. After which, a popular K' lir by'Mis# C. Iliffsrt. To conclude with the fameil local drama of MOLL PITCHER, or the fortune Teller of Lynu? aJoibam llooh, ten., Mr. Jordan; William Cray. Mr. Pope; Jctham Hook, jr., Mr. Leffingwsll; Moll Pitcher, Mre. Wood ward; Roan lie llliston, Mlaa B'emyss. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET?BOXES, Drees circle and parquet, SO uente; Family eirAe or ae esond tier, 29 ccnta; Private buxea, $3 and $5. Door* opcu at 7,'?I to begin at o'olook. Benefit of Mr. and Mr*. Holmau. Monday evening, May 36, will bo played the comedy of W'l LD OATS?Sir Cenrce Thunder. Mr. Murlon; liarry Thunder, Mr. Holman; Lady Amaranth, Mr*. Ruasell. A new duet, " Become to tliee. Savoy," by Mr. and lira. Holman. Dod Worth's Band will thea perform Di Pen-store Iguobali. from the opera of J.ucreUa Borgia. To eoaclude with the farce of the WANDERING MlNSTREL-Herbert Carol, Mr*. Hol man; Jim Bag*, Mr. Burten. IRRATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, 1" 26 can la: Pit. I2>u oeut*; Private Boxe*. Vi. Moor* open at 7'*; ourtain rises at 7jK o'olock. Monday evening, May 26. the entertainment* will commence with the hi/hly popu lar mimical drama of the LADY Of THE LAKE- J an.-a J'itzjanua. Mr. B'atkina; Koderio Dhu, Mr. Brandeu; Lady Margaret Douglas, Mr*. UautonrlUe; Lady Ellen Douglai, Alia* Crocker. To conclude with th* grind and gorgeous spec tacle of THALABA?Thalaba, Mr. H. B'atkina; Mohareb, Mr. Brandon; All, Me. La Favor. Haifa a. Mr. Thompioh; Moath, Mr. C. Taylori Samba, Mr. L. Fog; Oneisa. Mis* Crocker; Acratoon, Mia* MaMBM Uofca, Man. Drew. M'LLE JENNT LINO'S GRAND FAREWELL COM CERTS IN NEW YORE. Previous to her rieite to Niagara Falls, Western Near York, %he Lakes, Canada, Boston, and her final departure for Europe. The public are rstpootfully informed that thee* Concerts Will VERY SOON CLOSE. THE NINTH GRAND CONCERT will take place at CASTLE OARdEN. ON MONDAY EVENING, MAY 26. PHUORAMMK?PART I. Overture (Liclitensteln) Lindpa inter. Luct?"Se null nasal a prender moglie," (L'ltaliaanin Algeria Rossini. Signer: Salvi and Helletti. Air?''On mighty pens," (The Creation) Haydn. Mdi.le. Jemmy Li.vu. Concortante for two Pianofortea, on a Theme of Halevy's Wallneo. Messrs. Benedictand Hoffman. Aria?"Miei rauipolli,,' (La Cenorentola) Rossini. Signer BelletU. Recitative?"Ah mei fedeli." J3- -na and Aria "Mala sola," (Beatrioe di Tenia) Bellini. Mdlle. Jemmy Lino. PAST II. ifaat Prodigne).. Rossini. Overture (from the new opera L' Enfant Prodigne)... Auber. Duet?" Se la vita ancor t e oara." (Seiuiramido), ,,j Mdlie. Jenny Lind, and Si^nor Belleti. Scena and Ariv?" Fra poco a me ricovero," (Luoia di I.amiuermoor) Donizetti. Signer Salvi. The Oipey'e Bong (The Camp ofSilesta) Meyerbeer. Mki.le. J us* Li.wo. Romania?" Una fnrtira lagriina," (L'Elieir d'Amore Donizetti. Signer Salvi. German Ballad?"To the Sunshine," Schumann. Mm.i v Jemmy Lieu. *'Coming through the Rye." A Scotch Ballad. Xuz Jemmy Linn. Conductor M. Behepiot. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, oombining th) first musical talent in Amerioa, numbering neatly ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, Ana been engaged for these oonoerte. The price of Uckete hao been t. 4 at $3, 32, and $1 each, According to location; and all o. c* tickete entitle the Bolder* to kvmbexs aecunng their seats. A speoihe number of tickets will be allotted to the publlo Dress, beyond which there will be no i nie tickets fur any person, or ni.ler any pretence whatever. The low prluoe at which ticket* bar* been fixed must rendsr this rale abso lutely peremptory. An office for th* sale of tickets will be opened at Jollie'l Music Store, 300 BROADWAY, ?very day, ercept the Sabbath, from 8 A. M., to 8 P. M., Where diagrams may be seen, and eeate secured. The few rtmsining Farewell Concerts will be given en MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS, at Oaetla Garden, or at Tripler Hall, ae wilt be announced. Doors open nt b>% o'olock. Th* Concert commences at 8 ?'clock. Books containing th* words of the songo may be obtained Bt the door?price, 29 cents eaoh. THE TENTH GRAND CONCERT wtllbogivoaat TRIPLER HALL. On Wednesday* Evenihs. May2R. Is consequence of the wieh whioh has been verv generally ?xprweeed by the public, thry are respectfully informed that A GRAND MORNING CONCERT Will be given at CASTLE GARDEN, eoD.mencing at half-past one, uud terminating at half-past thr:s o'clock. Ok THURSDAY. Mat 2!th. Ticket* for the Morning Concert are bow ready. P. T. BARNUM. T1CKMTB FOR JENNY 1.1NIVS CONCERT, MONDAY ovoning. at Caetle Garden ?Seats te all parte of the (souse may be had at the book store ot A MM A ni E. .811 K K MAN A Co., No. 2 Astor House, oppesite the Museum Tickets also f r Thursday morning ooacort are rsaly fei Mali very. JENNY LIND S NINTH GRAND CONCERT, MON DA Y rreoiar. Mai 26.?An office open fur the tale of Uaket# at Tio. C7'.", Broadway, too doere above Tripler Hall. TRJini-O S-MR. HENRY l'LACIDE BEGS TO AN' 1* ncuii'-e the appointment of his Benefit, anl last night, oa Wednesday. 2-*tfi May, when will be presented the VIL 1AOF Dttt'TitK?Dr. Bounvnr. Mr. i'lacide. Mr. Chippen dnl* has kindlv volnntveri-d hie serrices, and will app ar lu the character of Bar- n Fadsise. originally acted by him at th- Park Theatre. Concluding with Hie new and iiccie fnl piece of the FIRST N lUlIT?Achilla Dufurd, Mr. U. I'la cide: Emilie, Mrs. Sloan. I J_ IHIPPINO. PUK son HAMPTON AND HAVRB.-NIW TOR* and Bine Stria NnUtUoi Company.?Tha United Tutor Mail Stoamahip FRANKLIN. Jamee A. Wotlon.sea tnan irr. mil lenye for Harra, touching at Southampt n ta land tha maila and paxaeayere, on Saturday, May Si, at 1] ?'rloek. fron piar No. d North Rirar. 1'rioo 0f paaaaye, t MO. Ail lettera meat paaa thr<myh tha Poat Office. For freight or waeeaye. apply ta MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. Agent. No. |8 Broadway. Tnr. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVA1.M tIL Rtenmeliipe between Now Vork and Liverpool direct, an t between B >?tnn and Llrtrp'.ol.?The Beaton xhipx only rail in t at Halifax t ? land an i fMai'r nulla and pnaaenyera:? ARABIA, Capt. , AFRICA. A Ryrie, JF.KSI A. Pant. . EL- Rol'A.K. U Loll, A141A CII.E Judklna, NIAGARA, J. Htona, AMERIC A, N. Shannon, CANADA, IV. Uarrlfon. CAMBRIA, t. Lelteh. Thaaa Teae?li rarry a clear w hit-- lubt at maat head, green CU ataibenrd Ion, rad on port bow. Cumbria. from Iliaton, Radnoaday, 2-tth May. Africa from N*? Vork, tVedneedey, 4th Junr. I ana la. from Boatna, tt'i du aJay, II th June. An*, froar Now 1 ork. Wrdneaday, ISth Jnna. Am Men, from Boxton. tCedneeday. bHb Jnne. Niagara frnm New Vork, IVrdnriday, ?J0 July. Kurnpa. from Beaton, M'edneeday, Vth July. Africa. fr m Nt? Vork, Wrdneaday, lfith Jnly. Fimbria fr in Boxton, M'ednaaday, 2M July. A-ia. from Naw Vork, H'tdnnadey. J?Kh Jnly. 4 tnad*. from Boaton WedterJay, 8th A urn it. America. fr< ni New Tack, Wrdne-dyr, lkth Anruat. Ntaaara. from Burton. Wednexdar, *hh Anynil. Afri' a, from New Vork, Wedneaday, S7tk Augnat. Eurpa from Bo ton BVene^ajr, \1 September. Aala. from New Vark, Wednexlay. UKH September. I'aa-ac* from Naw Van or lloatoa ta Liverpool, $IJ?. Berth* not .'rured until paid Ml Treiahi will be ' haryad on apeala beyond an amount fur (wraansl eapaa-an. A n eaparl'' d inryeon oa hoard. j Ail !? tbr? a- I new -papan namt paaa through the Pott Of Die. Fur frtuht r paMaye. apply to V. CrNARD, Jr.. .V Broadway. Frrnt: O'rmnn. and other foreign yiada raoaiaed aad Irouyht In romtuoa with Brltiah goal*. Thronyk btlla af la Jiny ore (It n in II it era far Naw d ork N R< II A'.ES AND CALIFORNIA INTI MONiH'O l? I .I, 1' - ?| lendtd xeaen 'at ?t?*m<l.ip BROTHER JtiN ATII AN. Ca| t H. S|Uler, will rail thla day at .IP. M. fp tn pier 2. North rixar. Tha public are haraby forwarne I t'lot after tl ia at?amahip (aila, tharnlei by tha old mon<tpn 1x l.iyh pri line will he raiard to th* aid er rbitaat ehary a F'nxaaya "n Ihtaepitniid ateaaiehin ana ba aecured by appli cation to E. Mll.l.S. 61 Ourtlaadt atroat. PACIFIC MAIL ITBAMSMIP COMPANY.?<ONLl threuyb Una for California and Oregon).?The pnblM nra informad that nndar tha new nrnnyamaat of thin Com ftay. ataamnrx iuapaotad and apprerad by tha Nary Da vartmant, aad earryiay tha United State# malla. will eon iina* to lanra Pnnnmn and San Frnnaineo tha lat aad ISak Ray* af aeoh moatk, nnlaaa detained by nnaroidabla anal deal, and will touch nt Aeapuloo. Seta Diayo, and Mnnterxr Tha folio win* at ram paakata baloayin| to tha Paeita Mat) Mteamahip Company, are now in tha PaciSe, ona of whiak 'ill ka alwayxin port al anoh and of tha ronta : ? ikkgon l.iWtana. RCPUBLIC I.WOaonn. ANAMA. I .'off ton*. C tPOLINA <M)tena. AM FORM A... tana. COM MRUS SOU ton a VENNKShEK.. 1. ""'toua. ISTiIMIA - loll IfORTII EKNER. .I.Xkl t >na. UNICORN .... Suntoaa COLUMBIA SOU tuna. FREMONT SUO tan* ANTELOPE..... - baoa. Tha naw ateamahlp COLUMBIA will ply batwsan Una Mraneiaeo aad porta fa Orayon, awaiting at tha formar part foe arriral of tha mail# and pnaa?Byera from Pnnnmn. andm Sarniny without dxiny with tha mnlla and snminyara far kbt Cfexmer from San Fmaniaao. A rayulnr Una af prayallert will ba kapt up for tha tram* MatiniTan af frelyht and tranaiant paaaanyan batwaan Pa mama aad Saa Fraaaiaao. Tha wall kwawn ataamahipSARAH SANDS, tf MM* teat Burthen now under eharder ta tha oatnpaey. aad peeallayly ?ommodiona in har eabin arranyamanta. will ba kapt renalmt m* an aitra family beat. ? Ona af tha ahora itcameru iHII knap up tha oonaaatiwn ba Rweaa Aeapnl n and the ether Meal en porta. The oonneetien ia tha AMantta will be maU'Maad by tV United Stataa mail eteanehlpe IRORGIA J.tm.1 tone C?r.5CRNTCITT.L?n trna >1110... . . t.i?? tone. CHRROEEl. l..V?tona IMPIRE ClTV. ?im t .na PHU tHKl.PIlTA 1 ill't^ae Maxmi Naw Tetk far Chnyrea on tha 11 th end Jdth of eank lODlh. The aaw afamahipn EL left R A DO aad PALOOW wlU form a d treat Uma batwaan N*w Orlnaaa and Ctoei-x, I oar kit ntaneh period* an will iatwrw aa little detention aa pa* ?IM* on th* lathma*. and fonniny with tha Paalfla atemm ahlpe a thronyh line to and from New Orleana. aad n irt* b ?lealoo. California aad Orayon. Paeaaywa (kom Naw Orlrant ?an ba eeenrrad from Armatraay. Lawrwoon % Oc., ayenta. n? Rhat plaee The faro far thronyh Makata (torn Maw Tack ta San Trna taooha* been reduead from SfOl. in elate room*, to RgO. itW. In lower eabln; toy TBOl am. hi atearaya. to (188. ha rata# from New Vork to Uhayraa will b* at tha la war mdoptal by any aaf* aaa ttenm-r balw n hree porta Tor ehofoa of bertha, apply at the n?ea of tha Com patty, *4 ai tt Sooth xtroet. and at tha r*. aor. in Wa*t(tr*et TRAMERS FOR 8AI.E.-FOUR STEAMERS ((.ON _ denalny myioexl, from lib to l l' fbvt loay : ona So. (nop. oadenainy d" I. IJS feel L n?: I" j rwreller Staam?ra ( con enemy en.itiox) anil two do. (non-. i>ndunalnye?yinM|k|MA |i to Imt feet ion j. Ala", one Mnrlne Boiler. ID that diameter ni 18 Irrt tut*, fur further Inlormnllnn, apply la C n A! W. COl'ELA N b. 88 Brasiifky. h M iiviMiin. Broadway theatre ? e. a. Marshall, soli I-mim; 0. H. Barrett, Manager. UuonoHi at 7 V; sur tain rises at 7 X- Dreea eircl* and parquet, tOranU; Family ana third circlet, 26 cents; Gallery, 12s eta ; Private boxes, >6 and $6. On Monday evening, May 2d, will b? purforined the new comedy, called RETIRED FROM BCSlNF.SS Zunhary Fenny weight, Mr. Whiting; Mr. Pu0ds, Mr. Hind; Jubilee, Mr. Shaw; Paul Puffins, Miss Julia Beoaett; Amy, Miaa Anderton; Mra. Pennyweight, Mri. Abbott. Dvegtare by the Orchestra. After whioh, A MO AMINO CALL? Sir Edward Ardent, Mr. Conway; Mrs. Chlllingten, Miae Auderton. a NIBLO'S GARDEN.?MAN AG F,R, MR JOHN SEPTON. Ticket#, 60 cents; Private boxes, $6. Doors open at 6%; to commence at 7% o'clock, Performance three nights only this week. Seventh night, and last but two, of the engage ment of the popular American eoumdiun, Mr. II. FUoide, who will appear in two of his favorite characters, Michael Ferrln ana Achille Dufard. Monday, May a>, Overture, La Garan Ladra, Orchestra. To he followed by the domeetie dram* of SECRET SERVICE?Michael Pervdn. Mr. H. Pla cid*; Thereto. Mrs. Sloan. To conclude with the new piece called the FIRST NIGHT?Mons. Dufard, Mr. H. Plaoide; Miet Arabella Fitgjainoe, Mra. J. Soften. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME street.?Drees circle and parquet, 60 eta.; Family circle, 26 cents; Orchestra seats, $1; Private hoxee, $5. Doors open at7)(;to begin nt 8 o'clock. Monday evening, Mny Jb, the performances will commence with the favorite comedietta ol the IRISH WIDOW?Old Whittle. Mr. Ly nne; Sir Patriok O'Neil, Mr. Leach; Widow Brady, Mis* k. Horn Pns de Deux, by M'lle Duoy-llorre and Mr C. W. Smith. After which, the INVINCIB1.ES?General Verdun, Mr. Lynn*; O'Slash, Mr. Brougham; Vietoire, MJsx Mary Taylor. To conclude with the ROW AT THE LYCEUM?The Manager, Mr. Brougham; Stage Manager, Mr. Lynn*. The hamblin festival.?at an adjourned meetiag of the friends of Thomas S. Hamblin, Km., mauairer and proprietor of the Bowery Theatre, held at the /.?tor House, on the evening of the 20th May instant, Soth Ccer, Esq., in the chair, it wn Resolved, That the proposed Testimonial be given to Mr. Hamblin nt an early day, at Caatle Garden, which has been liberally and gratuitously placed at our disposal for thia pur pose, by Meters. French L Huiser, its proprietors. Resolved, further. That the thanks ot Mr. Hamblin'* friends be given to those gentlemen for their liberality and courtesy, and that the oflt r be gratefully accepted. An Executive Committee was then appointed, t* take a general supervision of the arrangements for the proposed Testimonial. A Committee on Printing was alio appointed. W. H. Becbe, Esq., w as unanimously ohosen Treasurer. The Executive Committee were instructed to invite the co-opera tion of such professional talent as maybe inclined to place their services at the disposition of the committee, in order to enhance the attractions ol the proposed festival. All letter* in reply to this invitation to be addressed, " Committee of Hamblin Festival," at the Astor House where one or more of the members w ill be constantly in attendance. The meet ing then adjourned, subject to n call from the Exeoutive Committee. SETH GEER, Chairman. Jamxs F. Otis. Secretary. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOUT Grand etreet.?Open every night during the wwek until further notice. The original aud well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and versatile "oorpe" ?f'-talented and "experienced performer*," nnder the management of E. P. Christy, whose ooaoerfs in thieeity, for a succession of " five years," have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable andienoes. Tickets 26 cents. Doors open nt half-put ela, commence nt eight o'clojk. An Afternoon Conoert will be given on 8a tordeynext, for the accommodation of Ladies and Juvs Biles, oommenclng nt 8 e'oleek. P. M. Fellows* minstrels, at fellows- musical Hall, No. 444 Broadway, bstwesa Howard and Grand streets. Open every night during the week. The oelebrnted original and well known Fellows' Minstrels, "oompriatng an efficient and versatile corps of talented and experience! performers." unJer the direction of J. B. Fellows, whose ooa eerts in this city for the lut year have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of this great me tropolis. Their concerto consist of Burlesque Italian Open Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solo*, Duetts, Chorus**#, Dancing, ?ad Instrumental Performances. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoons, a grand conoert for the accommodation of ladies and families, commencing at 3 e'cloek P. M. Admis sion, 26 cents. Doors open nt 1 o'clock ; bo commence nt 8. Barni m s amf.rican museum.?p. t. barnum, Proprietor and V '.pager, John Greenwood, Jr., Assistant Manager.?Ite-"iigngem nt of tho Batsman Children for an other week. whioh will e poaitively their lost, as they sail j for Europe in Juno.?On Monday and Tuesday evening*. Mny I 2bth and 27th, RICHARD III.?Richard, Miss Ellen Bate- | man; Richmond, Mivs Kafie Baieman; the farce ol the i SPOILED CHILD?Little Pickle. Mice Kate Bateman; Tug, ! Visa Ellon Bateman; and the ROUGH DIAMOND?Cousin j Joe. Mr. lladaway; Margery. Miss C. Chapman. Inthenf- | t-rnoon, thu TEACHER TAUGHT, and the SPECTRE I BRIDEGROOM. Admission to the Museum and Perform- | ance. 26 cents; children under 10 yanrs of age, l/1-, coats. PRANK 1.1 N MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM SQUARE.?QBC? LEA, Sol* Proprietor.?Admission?Seat* in Private I Boxes, 60 cents; Stega Seats. S7Xsent#; Botes, 26 esnts; Par- I quat, 12H ocnte.?Elegant Saloon perform an oes every After | noon ana Evening. Entertainments coumene* in ths after ncou at 3 o'c'.ook, and in the evening at 8 o'clock. Tht entertainments are 1 KM and select, and euoh a* can be eeei at no other place of nmnaement in New York, consisting ? l.< s'l Female Kthl..pisn Opera Trocpo, numbering ttfteei Crformera, being tl>e largest and at toe same time the mo# lentnd hand in tb* United States, a troupe ot Modal Ar tiata who are selected for their beeoty and figure, and wba personate a number of buintiful tall-tux. taken from thi pictures of ancient aud modern times, a company of Arab* Oirla, who go through a variety of feats ef strength and , ttllwltyi Madame R. inline, the only Female Juggler in ths world: a rompnny of Mais and FWmale Artists, who wlllgivs an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in tha world, together with a variety of interesting pcrformanoea evory afternoon and avening. For particulars sea bills of each day RAYMON D AN D IIF.lt R DRIEhBACH'SMENAUERIE.? Til In celebrated Menagerie? the largeat and brat run ducted in the known world?embracing almuat atarr animal known to natural Liat^ry, anil which kaa received th? pa tr< nay ai.il applause of liuadrodaof thoaaanda of the moat rt(PortaMr ana Intelligent people of the United Slates, haa just cominrnird a ra >t Irilltnnt summer campaign, and will v i?it the principal cttlea and towna of Now England, in tha following order, vie:?Meridan, May 24; Middletowa, 'Aith; New liriM e, '.7th, Hartford, 2Ath and ifth, Manchester..YHh, dVillamarti r. .'llat; Norwich, June lid, ProridcDce. U tar ly in Jure, and Boston, Mara., on Ith July, on their way through the Flutes of Maiue, Now Ilampahire and Vermont. biiippino. TBI NEW, I I KM'III AND FAST 8AILIN0 A ateiBMr RROTUEh JONATHAN, wUl (ail on Monday, May It,. fur Chagres. and will land paaaenaeti at I'ort Royal, Jamaica, oa her outward trip. Throngn tlekcta for Cali fornia at radc-ed ratoa. Forraaange. apply to K. M11.1.8, 51 Courtlaadt street. FOR FA N FRANCISCOVIA RIO AND VALPARAISO Tlo' lira and apltndid doable ongiao steamship UUL "EN QATP. of 2,iiW toca borthea, CarTllo P. Patterson. L'. S. Navy, t'omn nnder. will have quick despatch for San Fraa cU> o.'t> | ping at Rio and Valparniao The Ooldoa Uato haa I era I ntlt to carry the V. S. maila between I'anama and San Fraaaiaoo, ia donbla iron braced, and haa unaurp turd ao couimodatinn for parernarra. For passage. apply to llOWLANDlt ASIMNWAl.l., M South ittcot, N. T. ? NDEFKNDBNT LINE TO CIIAORtS DIRECT, AND 1 through tivkcta to California, at the loweit rcdncud ratat of fare.?The now and splendid ?trainer H ROT II Ell JON A TH AN, I.RWtnna register, having proved hers-lf one of tho fastest vessels In the world, will positively aall fr .m pier 2, > K , at proeiacly 3 F. M , on Monday, the 26th of May. Thla ateamt-r haa been conatrncted with a view to strength and ?peed; haa moat eaeollent ventilation and superior aroom nv .lath na, and will be supplied with proriaiona ia a moat li teral manaor, with cipotial care far tho comfort of paatcii gora. and n fnrnlahad with an iron vault, for tha safe trans portation of apccia, bulllaa, and othar valuables, without charge for sums leas than $1.000. Also, an eipcrfeuoed anrv cu. whose aervicea arotree nf egpenae. Arrangamaata having Men made with Messrs. Zaehriaf n, Nalaoa A Co., of Panama, for tho salo of tiekpts on the F.vile in tho itoamot UNION, and other independent ate.vmcra, tlie public art protectod avainrt high prtc ea. and provided arith an oppo?i lion to the only through line. For freight or paresis, apply la E MILI.S, 51 Courtlaadt atreot. UNITED STATU MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT. Fur Naw Orleans direct, via Havana, oa M< nday, May Jti, at 3 P. M ?Pare Rcdaoed.?Tho splendid double-engine iteamaliip OHIO, 3,ni)0 tons burthen, J. Findley Schenck, tl. 8. N .. commander, will call preetaoly at 3 o'cluok, P. M., from her pier at foot of Warren street, N. R., with tha *? vernnr.int mails, direct for Havana and New Orleaua. .?),agree ptsaei.gara transferred at Havana to the ?pleuJ.d i"iihie engino aleamohip FALCON. Freight taken to New Or'eano at 30 cants per onbie foot. Specie on!v taken-a 'Wight to Havana No bills of lading will be signed after iha ?taamer has aallad. For freight <>r paaaaga, apply at thi -Rue of the company, 177 Wart (treat. crncr of n arren. M. O. ROBERTS. Pacific mail steamship company -oni.t Through I.ma for San Francisco.?Far* H-dueed?On Monday May ARh. at 3 P. M.?The apleadid double-angina ataamanip OHIO, tona, Jan. Findlay Fohenek, U.S. N. C* aimaader, will aall ou M?n lay. May Aith, at precisely 3 (clock. 1' M.. from hsr piar at the f..ot of Warren street, N. R.. with tho government mailo for Chagreo. via Uavana. Charrea pas*>ng'ri tranafrrrcd at Havana to tho splendid lonhle aagine steamship FALCON, Passengers l-avlng in Iha iRilo will tonnect wfih tho favorite steamship NORTH ERN F.R, to sail 'rem Panama, on or ahont the l.'.th of Jnna FurfWig't or pasoaga, apt ly at the oAce, No 54 end 65 South (treat, or at No. 177 West street, corner of Warrea. PACIFIC MAIL FTF.AMMlfP COMPANY. ONLY Through Una for California and Oregon eia Chagrei Di rect? Fare Reduced?On Wednesday, May JH, at3 P.M., tha splendid steamship C'KkSt ENT CITY, I,.1A> tons J. J. Tan aee, eonimandar, will aall on Wedneadsv, Mae 24, at precise ly 3 a'alio k. P M . from her pier at tha footer Wirren afreet, N R . with tfie Oovemment Maila for Chairca. connecting With tlie faenrtta United Stataa Mail at* smr-.ip Northerner, to leavo I* nana on or abnnt the 15th of J una. For height ?r passage apply at tha ofRea, No#. 54 and M Snath attest,at at 177 west street, enrwer Warrea street, yacutinoT Vacit race?A rape retwrf.n the iiianca 1 and Orh n eamo i IT na the 22d of Mar, at Philadelphia. Matting lr m the point h< nee at ten minutes to 7 o clonk, and Orion earns i IT on the 32d of Mar, at Philadelphia, it ting fr m the r<dat h'nan at ten minutes to 7 o clonk, the Orion having th* windward start, after going two hnn dred rrir is the Blare paesed out from under her lea and creseed her how. and t< k tha lead, which she k. pt to the stake boat, at ( reatiaa Creek, which the pesed at f o'olot k and twenty Ave minutes, distance twenty.eight miles, time, t*o hours and thirty Ave minutes The Olio a passed the ?take h?at at 5 o'clock and thirty aia minutes. On their re turn Iha Biases reached tha stake boat of tha point house, the place of rtailla-r. I n't leek lis mlnotaa, and tba Orion st I clerk thirty r> nr minutes, the Hlanaa heating the ??tis n twanty-eight minatcs In tha winds dietanea of Bfty ?H milts. Iloth boats w< r< sailed hy I'liiladelphians. Tne Orb n waabullt ia Philadelphia by Mr. Alb rson. TTie Blanea was bnllt In New 7?rk, by Fiah k i'lark. The Orion la fenr tuna larger than tha lliaara, and oarriva thirty yards mora aanvaaa. \r A CUT INC. ?THE CITALI.ENOR OITEN, T.\sT week, In tha Ralflt-of. papers, 5y tha owners of tha vacht Maltlruere, for $l,<rtt, to anil any boat >f her sire In the United Ft .iter, was aeeept-ed. in Phiiadilphla. by Mr. R. I lah, nf Naw York, ihe race to tome off will in two months, at Philadelphia, ft la anppoaad thl? race will ba n fair teat of the New York and BaHmcre models. ARFCUTTA Will COM* OFF FROM THE AT LAN fie llofel, Ilnhok ?. on Wednesday, Jnnn I, at 11 el'.wk A M. Puree, $50: fit) I - the eeeond host boat In t' e raec; JTintratce; fbae for all 'Jt te W fret tail hosts. Pavtleulars made km nn st th" Hotel. Boa's meat be er.Wrcd on or te fire June J'l. See Spirit ef tl.o Tim-a. AHM HtRRIR. Propriatefb PAPER nAMOlMOM, ?te. I.TINR FLENCH 1' 51*1.11 II AN'JfNt.S, DFrOW tTI"NF, A kr .No. um Poarl street, het-jreen Madl"t and Chatham. Three in want of the a,?irc artielea should not omit folmk throUkh our eatabliahnimt, as thtir Interest and taale may Ic feat ronmitfti by a rail. T1H MA J FAYE It CO, THE BALTIC'S NEWS. Additional Correapondenee and Ex tracts from Europe. Our I*ondon Corrtiptndtncf. Loaoo-,, May 13.1851, 2Tte Gnat Indutlrial Exhibition?Some of tin Men Connected with it, 4-c i 4'C The Exhibition has brought together an amount of in tellectual talent that U unprecedented. London, famous an it has been for its great men, ever since Geoffery Chau cer and nine and twenty pilgrims made their homo at the Talbot Inn, in 1383, has never contained so much of I nt? lkctual renown. In the persons of distinguished men, as it does now. Upon the Juries of Awards in the Mxhi bltion, every nation of Europe has appointed its strong est men; and their assembling together in London is not one of the least noticeable features of the season. In general, the appointments by the different governments on the continent, have been made with reference, not to literary, but to scientific attainments, and to such kinds of scientific attainments as have been most useful and ap plicable to the arts. From Ourmany, the most renowned professors in the various universities; from Fanes, the most distinguish* d ravens in every branch of scieaee from Italy, the most famous lecturers and artists; from llolland and Belgium, and Saxony and SwitseHand, the writers and authors who have made themselves best known in Europe by the value of their works; and from Turkey, those especially who have beea most lnstrumen tal in modernising her laws and customs, and forms o' government, are assembled here in London, in some way near or remotely, connected with the Oreat Exhibition England has evidently felt lliat in this matter she must not be outdone. There is not in the United King dom such another body of practical scientific men as those who have been nominated for jurors from Oreat Britain. Indeed, it has been the object of the pro jectors of the Exhibition, trom the outset, to bring to. gether men who should illustrate the occasion and the enterprise by their characters, genius and celebrity; and no pains have been spared, and no expense, to interest in its success the strongest minds and clearest heads, and most practical intellects, of England, Scotland and Ire land "he Royal Commission, which has been the cabinet whence all the measures, from the outset, pertaining to the Exhibition, have sprung, consists of the very flower (in the best sense of the word) of the English nobility The Executive Committee of this Royal Commission numbers the most practical men who were resident in London; and the manner in which they have discharged their most arduous duties, shows that their reputation was not undeserved. Lieut. Col. Ried. the Chairman of this Executive Com mittee, is well known to the scientific public of our ooun try. by his very ingenious and elaborate theory upon storms, lie was educated at Woolwich, eutcred the en gineer corps of the army during the war with the United States, was employed in Canada, and afterwards in Spain and on the English seaboard, in charge of the sappers and miners. The pre-cnt efficiency of this body of the English army is iu a great measure dtff to his sugges tions. After the peace of Europe, he was appointed to the Governorship of the Bermudas, which post he re tained honorably until his resignation, the last year lie is a man somr fifty-five years of age, very plain in his manners, easy of access, modest and unassuming in ad dress. and has been of essential service in the post he has held in reference to the Exhibition, in restraining the ard< r and checking the impatuoeity of some of his asso rts tes. Mr Wentworth Dilke. another of the Executive Com mittee, and perhaps the main business mau of that boly, is a large, portly person, of some five and forty years old. lie descends from one of the old families in London recognised for many generations among that class em phatically and technically called the gtntry. lie re wind his education at Cambridge, graduated trom thence with high honors, travelled extensively, and for several years, in Italy and the Germanic States, and be came well known tc the English jurists by his writings upon international law. lie Is, at present, intimately connected with the .Ilhtnrum, a periodical whose repu tation Is well known iu the United States. Cspt. Owi u. of the Royal Engineers, is the member o the Kxeeutive Committee to whom has been committed the whole matter of intercourse with the representatives of foreign nations assembled at the Exhibition. The duties he has had to discharge could not have been com mitled to Is-tter lands. lie is a gentleman, in every high and lion<>raole sense ot the word?a man of clear h<sd. of found judgment, of unas-uming manners, and 1 of most kindly nature. Among all the foreign coinmls si< ners ami their staffs, I doubt if there U one individual wli"ni he ha.- not toads personally hi < friend * Dr l.you I'lsyfnir i* not unknown in lbs baited States, either through his own reputation or that of his more distinguished auc< .-tor. The trial of scientific knowledge thut accompanies his name, is not unde-erved by him lie has lisd it in charge to classify all the productions that should be exhibited within the great Industrial Ex position?a work re,miring the two opposite powers of analysis and genrrslUalinn iu no ordinary degree. I believe lie bas seeompllslied the task with the m-vst com pb te no , i ss. He now nets as the presideut of the Jurors tost nihil d froi i tlie various countries. Not one of all the tens iff thousand* of persons who have had ni case to the fry-tal I'alaee, during Its erection and completion, has ever entered the building without bearing sis ot him a pass ticket, or badge, stamped in autogTaih.il Digby Hyatt Mr Wyatt is the Hecrrtsry Lit the Executive Committee, the youagwst inivu of the Is dy; being only thirty years old. and yet not unknown In the sen ntlf.c world He received. In his early years. | that kiud of sclent Itle eduesth n which it t.s to be wished was mote coonie n In our country, denominated arehl- | teetural. At the completion of his itudie* he went to 1 G< in.scy where he published several essays and after- ! wards a volume, on the mosaics of the middle ages. He is a quirk. nervous man. of neute perception* prompt answers,slut intuitive powers of analysis, and of very {oatidi r*He res, arch iu the department to which he b.t* d> votsd liia mind. Mr. Owi n J, no*, another member of lh? Executive | Ctn mitti e. is an arti-t lie Is, perhaps, better known iu England than 1.11 the Mhers tits tasia, genius, know b and skill In th- decorative art*. *tan,l unrivalled j anioi g blsc nua j- rsib - lie is a small man in stature, and 11 llut unl * oodrd good nature in addrcsn. To him has l*,u committed the whole superintendence of all that c ncerued the ije -oration of the building; and. i lb, ugh hi* wi tk* hate been most severely eriticlsed by | the public pre-*, during Uieir progress, the n-ult has prow d llie lull arhb veUll nt of success to bis Piste 1 n ight extend this notice of the distinguished men I who have been ?mployrd In the grout enterprise to aim >*t I any ? xlrnt. Not only htm among Britt-n -object* ha* 1 to lent Is on drawn to pro par, the lt, at work of an arena wh< re the industry ot oatkms *h old vio but now. In its actual Wl rklng. from other countries is the m >*t exalted tataih-ct employed to give It aweeewa. Among all these 1 repriM ntatfvr* " f foreign nations, no coramisainoer stand-high, r In the general ,*timvtion than Chevalier M C. Bum bo', ,f Audria lie Is the brother-in-law of t the Austrian Minister of t'emnu ree. and -tand* deser ve dty high In bl-own country M Husehek is a gentle maii of high lid, Iteetoai euih wnient-. of fine education, of great kuowl, dge of the world, and from hi* long ac quaintance With England as a resident. i*jn?t th? i*-r- I son for the pl iee he hoids. Hi* pel feet command of the Ki.gtiab langunge give, him great advantages over othar ftwclgn r mnMeiaV*. Au-trla i* glori u*ly represented h<re in the production* of h> r indti try; and In the sa gacious policy, broad view*, liberal feelings, and internx tinralti, <1 exj* rivuee of her commissioner, not n little will le iffirtnl toward* changing the current of public rutimi lit. which the Hurzariau war haa sot m> atrongly ?gainst her. 1'hf Grrnt Imlnatital Eitilhltlon. f>'r> m the London M >rnl?i< t'hr niclf, Ms* 1.1] The IjiKf* and Prince Albert, with tlx- Prince til Wale* and Prlne* Alfred. am nij.anlid by the I'rlnee and l'rlnf? ?a i.f I'ruwd* an I Prlnrr I'redirWk William of I r??rla. j.nid an early *t-it. on Moinlay the 12th ln?t . to tin Kxhibltion of th" Industry of nli Nation*. in Ily4c Pnrk The royal *nite coo d*ie<l of th<- Ooimtew A 4c tlarkr. th- lion Kb anor Stanley. t oboel lb' lion t'taa' nrry and Ural i atanai franci- Hurh ^.yiii'.ur Titm. Alt ? rt afUrwnrtl' w. nl to the op. ulng of Uh Mua'ua of Trio thai (!? olo?*. la Jermya rtri"t

Tin number r>i TMt. ru U> th. builAinff ycrterday In fotirrqarncc of the unfavorable ?t%te of the ?? atber dur ing Ho great* r part of thu da*. ?i< aaauewhat b <a than in ?? no pn*l?iv ir.-.vd..u- th" receipt* at the dmrx. for ) the ll?r ?lillliPir I.dlnnai in-1. being tl'arly A'lKlQ Thn trntuler of na.on ticket* wild, uo ti y ?terilay. ain?nlsd to nearly 27 tot). The m ? tpt? for i.dmi*i<>n upon '41 eh ilry.rinti the opining of th" Kahlblllon to thn (xihlb ir.i'li |.? ndi title rf th. r. eelvta for the isle of mason tlokrta. hati'Vcn a a follow* ? May 2d. at A'l //dm 0 0 May "-d. at ti t?-; o n May .'th at M 1,'ltlS in 0 May nth. at As . 1,4> lo 0 May 7th. at 1* 1.7P0 1-1 0 M.,j *th. at 201k o 0 Maytdh at.'i> 1*24 10 u May lhth. at r l.M 1.1 0 May 19th. atAa..,, 1 AW 10 0 Trftl .... .? ?\U*n 10 0 [Prom the l ori'/ti Time*. May 12 1 Tbla I* tin t. nth da* ?.f the great Exhibition, and it ia literal truth to ra? t^iat e*er? one of the myriad' who bare tl?iti4 U bat} genu an f* ;n ttcn ?< iwc dry, wtUt in creased admiration and delight. This Ik proved not only bj the enthusiastic cxpgatidoas that one bears from every side, but still more by the ie?t of pecuniary suc cess. The sale of the season ticketK stiN continue* a* brink an If the Exhibition were Htilt to cpen. and none of the exclusive attractions, the royal pageant, the guinea day*, ami the five shilling days, had been exhausted In a fortnight the price will In- reduced to one shillViz, and sanguine people are taking pains to prorc?what, however, wa really lielieve to be tru*?that it will be poeaible to move about very freely, and to give every otd*< t of special interest a minute and comfortable in spection with 50,000 people in the building. But with no more than a fortnight of that comparative se clusion which is implied by the presence of only 20,000 ladies and gentlemen, and with the in road of the million uow so near at hand, the season tickets are still in demand. Incurious ladles, who never dreamt of more than two or three visits, and supercilious gentlemen who had vowed they would never net foot in the building, have paid the penalty of their Oalness or their caprice by making two or three Ave shilling visits, and then discovering that after all, even for what remains, a season ticket would b? economy in the end. While the privileged days are rapidly di minishing, the prica of the ticket is kept ap with 8ybil line perseverance and success. This state of things, as might be Imagined, fans given a new start to the specu lator n* of the rovul commissioners and their nu< nms coadjutor* With the most rapacious, n?i, in some raeprcts, the most magnificent hoitding in the world, with a collection of unapproachable interest and value, | and with a thriving exchequer, they are in a position which might excuse a little extravagance of design. It is only a few Wtll since people begun to exclaim, that the building must never come down. It is now asked, '? Will such a collection ever be dispersed As to all the lighter or more perishable articles in it. of course math and rust, smut and dust, preclude all idea of their preservation in such a building, won if Hyde-park were the place for a mere bauuu; but a large portion Of the contents might remain there for any period, at least as safe as tliey are in the British Museum, or uny other baildiag in this atmosphere of fog. and nnder this canopy of smoke. The truth is that the manifold uses of the Kxhibitioo are earning out every day. Everybody who visits it in a reasonable manner, with his wits about hiia as well aa bis eyas open, tinds that he has this year au opportunity of cupplyivg all kiuds of wautc in tiis education or his experience. Of course we are not speaking of those gay and restless mortals who wander in an endless stream up and down the nave and transepts, dividing their interest and worrying tbetr senses with a new object every ten second*. t*ucb persons deserve to return home with a headache, and to fulfil the observation of a frenchman, that tha exhibition kills everything and is dead itself. Kvt rybody knows what it is to go through a picture gal lery at a gallop, or even to look into the shops in the Slraud as one walks along. Everything must be done with moderation anil method, and a survey o! the industry of all nations w ill form no exception to that rule. The arrangement of the building iu aisles and galleries, fur ther broken into courts, and divided among different sub jects and nations, is eminently favorable fir a systematic and leisurely inspection. After half an hour in the grand promenade of all nations?for sueh it may be literally called?the judicious visiter will spend the rest of his morning in one or two sections, mastering the contents of?ach before he passes on to the rest M.JolesJanin speak# ol the oases and the deserts in the Exhibition, and it ie tine enough that Uussia displays a Siberia, and the area graeped by the United States is as lni|>erftcUy occu pied hs their own vast continent. It is true, also, that ?icultural implements, mining inventions, raw mats* to, cotton and corn, are not very exciting affairs. But there is a great advantage in this variety. Half an hour'* retirement in the desert will recruit the faculties for another plunge into the motley crowd. Even on Saturday, which we think was the most crowded day since the opi ning the galleries of the foreign half and the aisles of the British half were as i|uiet as fall-mail out of season, or the nave of fH l'aifl's. The American eagle stretches her wings over a pathless solitude At the west *Dd. the carriage department was Very little molested by visiters. Even the machinerv in motion is by no mean* oppressive, either in the snow or in the rcmpany Though not yielding in real interest to any other part of the exhibition, it is seldom visited by tho crowd, except to see* centrifugal pump, which maket its< If both heard and amis far beyond the limits of the section. The divisions into courts, snd the remoteness of soma Irom the principal thoroughfare will ennble the visiter to see* some of the most beautiful things in lha exhibition as quietly as in his own drawing room We might instance the saloon which the French have just completed at the extreme north of their section, for the display of sculpture, tapestry and china. We are uow fightirifh what I.eip ic wis called, the Battle of Nations; and in the multitude of the combatants, the cost of the material, the iutendty of the conflict, and the importance of Its issues.it ytenia ta no struggle ever determined by th< actual die of war The blood of the brave aad good has often been shed la vain, and it Is conceivable that the axhibttlun may do barm aa wall as good, but a* yet there is every reason to trust that the good will vastly preponderate. Bavaria. The flirt rinjo off May. wblrh generally produce tho disturbance* called hei r riots, in Munich, hectare the hUi.tr " rummer price'' ofb "inn commence*. and th ? '?Rcilern'" fur the sale of ?? BoenbU-r" are opened, her parrel off i|uir(ly. The rtock laid in by the various e* tabli.-hnienls ir also much greater than that of laat year, and the quantity to hr drawn on i* in the highest d'-gre ? coi soil tig for the expected heatr of the ensuing month*. On the other hand, the grcat.-?t dissatisfaction ha* been created by an order prohibiting the eoldterH from rp p> uring in public place* iu the company of females?an order, the journal* elate, It will be impossible to carry into effect By the laat advice*, however, Munich wu* perfectly tranquil. Tina Bocarmr Caae. The GatHtr ir JVuci annout i-ee the arrival at the pri eon of that place of M Hoc arm ?. The prisoner war eon vej ed in a hackncy-coach from Tonrnai to Mona, by way of Alb lie *n? placed on the back real of Ihr vehicle, with a gendarme at hi* aide, and two other* opporlte to him Inree mounted gendarme* escorted the carriage. M de Hocarm.- baa a manly aud energetic countenance; hi* moustache* hair and beard are very thlek On get - tlrg out ot t he earriage. lie sprung with a tirm -t-p on to the rt< pa of the pri-on SI de Bos arm.- wore a fur cap ? Pd a light brown aurtout Mnlanie de Hoearme arrived at Mon* from Tonrnai the same day, In way of Halnt Ohialaln. flut wa* dre*red in d< ep mourning, and guarded by three gcn.Urinc* seated In the interior of the vehicle The lawoffbera ftir the er< wn. at Monr. are aetlvely engaged In thin eaae. M. de Cottreillet Lyon and.M. Demarbalz, proeureur de foL arc* inpnnil d by the gwjltr have Wen to the (Ihateuu of llliry to Inspect the so.-ue of the murder of M. Pougnic*. It ir expeeted that the trial will counieuce on th-* 27th instant SI l.yon. I'reaident of the (lour d Assize*. examined tx lb prisonera ou tutlurda) week Account off a New Vccl. 11 e GatrH* rr 7'inae<e. of the >1 instant contain* a rurb.ua account of a new reel, under the oun< of Krati Murali rl. (Mason Krlar) tin- chief of which appear* to he m dm 1 Ion. under the uuuik of peculiar tuilgiaua tenet*. The n alter wa* brought before the tribunal of Mcndnsio. canton of Tielno. on the Jtith of Mareh laat It appeal*-1, from th?- documm t* produced In court that two young wrmen of lb |1< ui had diaappeare-L a few year< ago. from their families. In an unaccountable manner; that in the tin nth >f August last the p-dice c4 Milan informed the. f>w1? r c< nstil there of one Oiuaeppe RoniaO" havingaatab lirh<da rort of religions frat.-rin ly including p?-r<?iisof both resee. in the fommune of Morbto. and that It orna te w** arti st?d in ronrequenc- ofthU denunciation. ami that mrif tin- young Women <?f Ih lien* war foiit.d among th<-?- who w.ri living with him ? the other having died in Prance. K< maim ured to rlyh- hiinrelf the faithful word i.ffltal. the rvf rescntatlve of thaMost lligh the ?... rood bavtotir < f lai- I nlterre. lie exacted strict oiwdi ? r.c-- ft* in hi* votnrt.?, vow* of poverty, ab-tinence. ha tred t- waul* the priesthood, aud av< i lance of the church and IU?a< rem.-nU 11a had already four worn- n at hi* c tun-and; but he had declared hi* intention of raisfng the nund-er to twelve, who wen- to rep re - nt the tw< Ire wnrtl* of the Apor.dyp-e, and wi re In Ui.ieto give birth to twelve male-., to illtistrate the twelve star* of the llnly Mrgln lie and tbi-numaroti* pvogrny were to rwlssm tha unlverra. One of hi* fav rite maxims was. that lie w?* the gr> at warrior prede-tilled to de-troy all prte?t* and frtnr*. and fi-und a new Jerusalem The tribunal of Slemlrlglo has di elar.-d Itrelf itieomp- t lit to judge ".he rare a* in net < f tha alleged facta h.t-l not taken place up on It* territory. The *e)rtirlla? Island*. t\ r understand Intelligence ha* Is.-, n rec- tred from the Civil I i mini--ton. r of the f-eyrhelle* Island-:, to the effect that there i* an alnu -t In. xbau tlWe -upply tf gwnno til that regii n Theae Islands about .80 In number, are n group resting on sand and r< ral in the Indian -eean. north-.** .1 Madam sear between 2 (b'gma and .? de grees n nth latltnile. ami 63 degrees and M d gree* east !? ngltmle. end were ft iiaaliy eded to England, t igether with SlauiItit-s. in 1116. pTo particular* hnre yet been giren regarding the quality or preeire 1-eality ot the auano which her been ?I sen vers d . but If it should it nil appnash the Peruvian In tts chemical properties. it may 11. ve off immenjie Import a n -a. not -mly to the sgrieuitu irl inter. ?t? . f fireat Britain but Indirectly to the pr>* nodi, n els., ' f the prosperity ..f Nats! and Mauritius. a* w.ll a* to the much desired extension i f mmmeroe with Siadaga-ear Its >ituatl. n. however, near the equnVW sn.l ia lb* undst (4 the ocean (the African e> nttnent be ing dirt:.at about *00 mile- . w ml I lead to the -upmed tl< n that tlo-re peruiiar e. ndition* of ellniate which hare - peWatcd In fltrr ef the Peruvian guano may he In a pr.at m. asure wanting, and that hence It* nature l? In itti.-t The tlmale of the i-landa it described a- Am atol healthy, and the w-ath.r stunst alw*y* Calm, but the fret that thetr cultivation la carried en only In the narrow vatteya. wb. re the mil Ir ri< he-t. - a ae ?-unt"f It* being "tfUn washed down fr. ni the higher ground* by the rain*.'' scms to indicate an (ccart.-nal am-mnt Off n is tut e that w. uld be Injurious At the -*me 'im-v tt I* tot. lemarked,that, ar tie- co-t >4 freight and l -cling WrQJd pobahly I-- only ah?nt ft p. r i n. while from P. Hi it I* A'4 end there w. uld likewise he an . tetnpti<>n fr- in MM tioj, ly. It could he robt at a reductl "i in price which would ct rspenmte even fora v.-ry gr?-it t -tnp.irw tive def. len. y In It* IntriuBe rl.ltnew< TH- .jsh-ta, to s.itf. r.f alfowlnc e- louial gerem -t' to rrii*h aH tli ? ft sties- 'fthc trade, by intpo-iftg at pleasure *W . xp- it duty 1 f A2 per tew. mnrt t-- at -men e*tln..ui..ff.-1 Nlwtllantnns Iiitelllu ditr. I ft.- report* in rin-nlati.iu res|?.tnH the h slt'i ef | the 1'Bprtir off Austria, if true .r vastly .int- itnnt | to that i inptre In c> n .-ineti.c .f his i .}> I gr>iWth. and the over exeitement nt n|. pr- -n ;? wltlmi f>r - 1 yeuthfh! a fttmc. *jmpt upy ot eou-mtBtiug an tMfvJ Hi* medical attendant* have enjoined the greate*iv f ill Li* diil and abstinence from violent exertion on horn-back, to which iii* bold and active temper is a-i dicted. He certainly gave promise of taking personally among Kuropean monarch*, a elation very different to that of hia two predecessor* ; and it would be diflieult to find in the Hap?burg family another ao likely to attach to hi* person the rariou* discordant national element*, comprising hi* dominion*. Dr. Gutnlatl. the celebrated missionary in China, ha* written to a Hungarian lady, that the new Chinese Km peror, Yeen Stutx. is very Inimical to the spread of Christianity, and ha* dismiaeed two ministers known a* being lenient to foreigners. The cotton market at Havre, on the 12th inst, was in active. end very little doing in coffee, whilst sugars were declining in price. The steamboat service on the Rhine, has been very much increased and accelerated. The passage by the boats of the Cologne Company is now made from Cob lents to London in twenty-six hoars. The Jvenir. of Nice, gives an account of a violent storm, or rather waterspout, that bunt over that town on the 20th ult. ItoofR were t< rn off the houses, blinds un hinged. and chimnejs thrown down, as usually happens in i-nch tommies ?; bat the most curious circumstance was, that after the storm, a patrol of the 17th Regiment Of Piedmonteee Fusilier* found u large nnmber of t*orka on the bastions, stwnned by the violence of the tempest. They were ail carried to the barracks, where they soon recovered their strength. The American shVi Oeean Queen, at Liverpool, from New York, bad 100 packages of chest Mite, as a portion of her cargo, ronaigned to order We are not aware of a previous exportation to Kngland of this description of nnt from tbe United States of America. The commercial and dtpiomutic circles at Berlin have been startled by the bankruptcy and (light of the banker who conducted the ftnanrinl bosines* of tbe Russian em bassy, M. Phtlhppi The liabilities are stated to amount to 160.000 thaler* ; whether there are any assets is not known. The rhief creditors are tbe house of Franekel, in Warsaw, and tie immediate family connections of .the insolvent Several other private person* suffer severely by tbe event fine official it warned, who ha* lost by it the whole of hi* property. The Submarine Telegraph Company for establishing an elretrie rommanication between Diver and Calais, received the grant of a royal charter on Saturday The sum to ba raised i* XM.OOfl. in sham* of ?1 each, to be paid in foil When this link shall have been constructed, tbe telegraphic line will be unbroken from London to Y'ienna and Trieete. it appears that the population of Birmingham in now 232,634 j being an increase, in ten years, of 49,140. The governors of the Bank of Kngland possess the largest lump of California gold yet brought to this country. It was dng out of an alluvial bank at Carson'* ("reek, on the ftauislan* river, in August, I960, by an Irishman named John Hughes, of Ardgtass. near Down patrick. It is a water-worn specimen, and weigh* 18 lbs. 3 oa. 8 gr*.; and its value a* a specimen is about ?1,000. It is understood that the marriage of Miss Talbot will take place in June, at the residence of tbe Countess New burgh, in Wilt on-crescent Lord Kdward Pitxalan How ard, the betrothed husband, is thirty-four year* of age. and possesses some property in hi* own right. lie 1* heir to the Gloxsop estate, in Derbyshire, value ?2,700 per annum, now in possession of his father, the Duke of Norfolk. An heir to the Spanish throne i* said to be expected. Prince Paxklewirx ba* been to KallM:h, and thenee to inxneel the Imperial Tulare and Park at Skiernewice, which is put in order for tbe reception of the ("tar. lie also reronnoitercd the neighboring plains of Locvici. where the collected army encamps and hold* its grand manoeuvre* Several princely guest*, and men of mili tary distinction from all countries, are expected to be present at this "Russian Great Kxhibitinn " The of ficial report of the population of the Russian empire in 1846. gives the fi Rowing results :?In Kuropean Russia, f>2 toXi.uOl) : in the four Western Siberian districts, 2.1S0(;(*>; in Russian Poland, 4 800.000; in Finland, 1,000.000, in the territory beyond thr Caucasu*.'J.'SSi.000, in the districts rf Jarkutsk, Kamtsrhatka. Qchotk*. Nirth America and tbe KirgU-Kaisackish hordes, to. gether, 2.000,000; forming a grand total of &>,0o0,000 souls. The Ductus* of Angouleme has arrived at Y'ienna. Count Cbambord was expected, in a few day*, to return from Y'enice to hi* reside no* at Prut tdort The former Commissioner for Biebcuburgcn. Kdward Bach, brother of tbe Minister, ha* been appointed Governor of Upper Austria. Tht Financial Arconnti. [From the L?ndou Nr*j May 1. ] The Ttai k ol England return* ehow little fluctuation and no ft nture* of importance A ri?* In the -toe k of bullion I* now locked for in a week or two. The joint etock and |>ri>ate bank return*. gtveu by u> in advance of the monthly abetraet. abow that the trade of the country district* la reviving, and that a greater d matvi for ruiTenrj baa *prurg up The account* of the Hank of France for the week end ing Thunulay taat. the flth iaat . abow the f .llowing re mit* 125 franca for A1) HuUhu A22 17.IBM Increave.... A11? .34 Bullion on d. poait.. l.V).47ti Increase.... 23.M5 Circulation 'JO Ji IP 271 Decrease ... l.J.ie).; l'ublic depuaiU U.'"01 toil Increase,... 78,7'?9 Private d? poult* .. 4 (>37."78 Increase 243 MOB BIN* dtveounted ... diiM K'9 Decrease..., l'.Cid liov'nient ncuntu ? 7 iC.'.Hu9 Increase ... 17.272 Tbe stox k of bullion lu thiaiataUi.4hmeat.tbua shows* continuous Increase 1 be bullUn tusrke t I* without thang* *n l not much baa t.?en done The Week's targe upplic* hav ? not yet | come in In the foreign market* there fa noehnngv of price*, although gold ia In demand for remittance to this country and therefore prevent quotation* muat soon un dergo a varintion At Pari*, yesterday, sovereign* were | dealt in at 2&f ir?, though the exchange r?Un d to ii franra. Amerimn gold iagl?? here been lately *oM at 74* 44. per ot. Doublet u- are scarce, and nothing ha- b*en done inlh.tn. The prict * of other article* area* foil >w? ? Ear gold. AS 17* ttd per ot atandard. bar Mirer, with cut gold. ha. 1 t?d par ot rtandard, bar aHvercon'.xiniiig gold. til g<4d abx.ve five grain* in the pound to he paldfor, ha l*,d. pa-rot standard; Mexican tod South American j dollar* 4*. lll,d perot ; Bpaaieh pillar doll.xra. 6* Id. I per ot ; United State* dullar* I* il , Jporni Ihe import* of the Wi< k include i lik) 0"a) l.v the Africa from the United Nate*, A'l?7 8<?? (y,M ?m gold, an t | (WHIM allT'T) by the tlreat Wo-tern. from Mexico; I A'CQ.l'UO by the P t.' i ? ; . I I < I. . i'. o .(. stii. r Fnxtli" i f.om ('< natantinople. A I V2B by th ? I' tlaniu asd Orl ? v-'ial ?t-cue i M"ntrawM-. and A'l ?**> ;o| | dii t by the j general ecraw rtemner, Hellespont. from Sierra Leon ! Much of tli?-e xupp.it* wiU be -old in the course of the | neit week I The Hr Robert Prel linrer 1? expected in from >*"W | York, with >100,00" in >'lver Tlie amount rf the pre< louia rrr-tsl* exported direct fh m l.otKlon, during tba- wea k ending Thuredsy Uvt. wax ' again largo, amounting to 127..Ka) ounce-, and I'AoOO In I xtiva r and 1 l**> outu c? *n I l'4 24'I In ;i Id. of the aggre. I rate valne of ataout AllMin Th' account officially i r> rid r* d la ax Mtoew?OiM dai*t to Havre. 121 ot. I Gold coin to Hamburg. CCo ot ; to Rotterdam. 1">9 ot . ] to th* Mauritius vn rt and A4 .'lo Filvcrlare 1a Hamburg 4.Nt0a* ; to Belgium 174000 ot ; to Kotter d?in. H'j.isAi ot P.Iver a oia to Dunkirk OA; to ( Rotterdam. im.0" i t'' Douharn*..'. ?:o >t . to B-lgiun 4 U?0 m , to the Meuritluc 12 1 <*l Brattle* the expert* ft m the p< rt <4 London th* Taj . ft. m Btuthauiptrn. t< t k out A.'.A,liiufirth - brash* Intel a xlltag front Tata*. ?AITI.K V illi THK e\JIAJIf UK TXI-tAXV-'THE 0 a" it- , DAIV COM' iX.lt' lt< ll> (Irioithe S> lean* Picayune Miy 1? ] Onl - king over ur fa x** paper*, we find " veral later itatn- of ucww ?Lieut ttaady we la xrn. hvl quite a tight with the t 'amanchea Il? xtnl eighteen of Wallace's no uutid voluutx" r* hft tb< irranip < n th. morning aaf the .1-1 i f April, and. two mile* WeeU of Fort Inge struck au Ir J. an trail lending up the country which they fol lowed for four day*, through a very tough and moun tainous c nntry to th* he..J of the Rio Fn a, and thene* toek a tkorilaerly coniw- ta abut Lieut. II xuppxwed t>? t- the Lead water* of the Li<i U"ta tin the moraiu{ . of the 2Stli. the cauip of tiowlndUn* we* diwoveriHl ati I emifleteiy turpHsed The Indian* numbered eleven | Cainanx he* Sis of tub number were left lead on the gtrun.1 aa I on* <aken nri*. mr. who wax *uh*a>qucntly ?hrt hy ? r-ler of l.lvut H Three made their escapelato mr> thicket* n. ar at hand being several/ w inded, au I two ga t cfl unhurt, one on horseback and Ih* other oa , tUt. AU thdr ramp sqnapage two tent* '.lanki t* hridlea, pallit*. hkId* arm- and in fart eTerjtlJng they had fall into th* poawe-.Ion of the victor* Lieut B aayx hi<. ma n behaved fn the m et atilut manner, and n >t one reeelxnl the xlightret w. amd The Indian* a** committing grrat la-pra iatlcnc in the , ne'ghhorha* d rf Goliad. Crd. llard'e is noon to lead an "g leJItion. e. mp sed of 'JiiOmcn fraqn 4ledoriek burg. Into the Indian cointry Juaige Ra lltn* and M? -tm speel*' Indian agent* far the .ctale, will ac. )n,( ty the expedition la an oftW ia- 1 capacity Ihe dajett f the expedition I* to demand of the O ***cf he and ? ther tribe* the -airet, ler of the Indian* j wli hav* r< mmit ted the numcrotui outraga* on th" aot lh Went* since tie asaklog df the ; reniy on the Ben Bab*. ' in Dec ? in ha r le*t lo the event nf th*tr reDisal or failure i i e t>. point a ut th' ful.ty an exemplary punlnh- , nnnt will be iu'dlrtrl on tha m ftw the outraapa iney have i r< nitnltta l. in "pen -.1 latl n of th tr traratv etipuladlnn* Th. ahita ??* raeently k<11- JI>* tk* Indian- nnar Baa i Patrte'.n wax Ma' r Plait Mr j eat, the other Amrri ean W'ni.d* J at: la? ??me lime \* r. t > xneeted tr. rea?<>veT . '.'a I Jai%"? D i:r>h**u I nlt*dBtate#T^ogntphIr*lR? gtjaan. ha* arrived at Indlsti U en rwi/rFa K1 Paeo. wlti'h?r he gr a * a* chix-f a f the *ei"ntlBe crpa in the I nittd ."tate* L ur.Jaiy t miuu?hjn Ihe Ta sa? paper* haa new* .ftha leatk of Oct. Bosith. a vr- min. ut ci'. rett a.f Tma* The Texas No' Oarcf'e trams that Gen Harney ia to "I e j 'an ? partn net tic In e* mmati 1 ? f the P.lfhtn Mill tary Dapi.rtm? nt. in tvxs* Purine a *? vere at rtn in the n. ighi* rh >1 of Victoria,, tlnh u-a if T: C k# and that f Mrs. Kb rly w ^ Id' ?r ali wn It !? r }" rti'ii thi.t h< avy rnlp* have Innch IrOa'^d the i \ xrt i fT. x x Al- ot I.1C aogeand * ' ght that if th" rain** .* tlnuc ttrn ?il 11 tk* ffop* WlU he ?' cvtrvysat In o.n' 'l t .(t's lj V ua' *nd fear* are r*ry :n:ar.y 11i?* entire c*"p ?? df'.'i ta. ? ( n uiuch the ft' 1 4 In ibt ^ flit mmjk i wrri y * b r.f ? r. li< K< tf.lftk u ? Itttf rUin 1 it *!' \m ,h *r.( ft*. 1 4 V 1 ti I il J. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Affairs In Washington. Washinqton, May 25, 1861. The statement you copied from the Tribune correepood en t. and commented on by you, does Mr. Webster gross injustice. ? g* That gorreMondeet declares to me that he got his au thority ll*pm head-quarters?from Mr. Secretary Corsrin. I hare good authority for raying that Mr Webeter never knew of Mr. Corwin's selling or intending to sell hia in terest in the B.'vxican claim.'.until long after the transac tion had occum d The purchasers gave one hundred thousand dollars f>r Mr Corwin's interest serenty-eight thousand weut to Ju'r t'orwin. the remuinder to others. The purchasers loe.> l>y this operation about seventy thousand dollars. There was advanced tor Doctor Gardner twenty-seven thousand dollars for a qu.xrter of his claim, and one hun dred and seven thousand1 dollars paid by the United States to the purchaser Mr. Uooe, mcrchaut and Mr. DuUas. nuphew of the lata Vice President, had two fight * at the N atioual to-day. They were all about a former misunderstanding It la reported that they left this evening for Bladeusburg, to settle the affair Ly a duel. Mons tartixes the French Minister, arrived here last Bight. Prtrcrdingi of the Preabytarl un General An sembly at St. I.ouiw. St. Loo is, May 10. 1861. la the Assembly, to-day. a com muni rati on was submit ted. touching the correspondence betweutf the General Association of Massachusetts, relative to the (Mtioa of tfea latter upon the subject of slavery. It was .athmxi ta the appropriate committee A memorial was presented from the Synod tf New > Jrrsi j, requesting the formation of a bureau in couMctioes with the Hoard of Foreign Missions, to conduct the mis sions to the papal lands, which was rvferrrd to a special committee. The report of the Bourd of Foreign Mission* was wtd by Dr Lowrie who addressed the Assembly at length upon the subjt ct. The questlou of the selection of the place ft r the n u* meeting of the Assembly, was then taken up Dr. A. W- Island, of gputh Carolina, nominate! Charleston, lie did not believe amy course or sutyeuC now in agitation, or contemplated. w>uld prevent the meeting of the Assenably next year in Charleston. Mr Wilson, of Houth Carolina, aler ftsvorrd Charleston. He denounced the late Charleston Convention as irrw sponsltile miff chimerical lie did not. for a moment, anticipate that Charleston would be out of the Daisa next year. After a lenthy discussion, Charleston was * tec ted by a Urge taajo rttj __ Item a Strom Boston. THE INTENDED VISIT OK THE rKEMIiE.VT?LUIUP T1VE PROCEEDING,3?KIltK, RTC. Boston. May 23, 1861. Prior to the adjournment of the Legislature yester day, both branches appointed committees tc make ap propriate preparations for the reception of the Preside at of the United States. On the part of the Senate,Me.sera. Wilson (the President), Russdl. Keyes. Bench. Do Witt. Ori.-wold. and Ilawley. were seleoted; and on the pert of the House. Messrs Cushing. Wiilley. Kellogg, Mill.. Whitney. Stevenson, liraniitug. Sclmuler. Karl. Burgoo, Ackley. Robinson. Hraglow. and Cofflu The whole number of arts paused during the last sec tion was 349. and resolves 93. The final adjournment tiok place about 11 o'clock on Saturday night The Point Shirley House, kept bv Mr. Augustus Taft, a favorite summer resort, opposite Dear Island, wan des troyed by fire this afternoon It was a wooden build ing. but very extensive, and the loss must be serious Cholera lit the West. Cincinnati. May 24. 1861 There were five cholera rases on the steamer Bostonm, which arrived at Louisville to-day. from New Orieuns. Ttir New Female Co*turn*. rFrom the Burlington (Vt ) Sentinel. May 22] We are not in the habit of rcjok>ing over any thing thut pleases us. Hut we surrender to the gratification which inspires us at the proapeet of a change in the present ridiculous fashion of lathee' dresses. The "good time" appears tube approach ing, at last It we hate been disturbed by nay enormity, It has been by the ungraceful, uncom fortable, ill looking and worse acting abuts which inexorable fashion has doomed the fairer portion of our race f" ?ear. We hoped to live long enough to see the existing absurd fashion of female habiit rccnts changed, and we shall. Nothing could be tuore incongruous with a correct idea of lady like cleanliness, and even decency, than the spectacle ef a lady-like pcr.on promenading the streets with a dress that not only |?rforms a scavenger's duty by sweeping the pavenu lit, hut furnishes a refuge fur fugitive insects, bugs, and sticks, t ill, on her arrival at nome, her garments are a miniature museum, containing diversified specimens of both the animal ai.d vegetable world*. This\ory day, we notieed a lady in an elegant black silk dress passing up Cet lege street and wc solemnly aver that their skirts would have been valuable in a lecture room ef the University, a.- illustrative of several varieties of ob jects interesting to the student of natural hiitory? though geologv seemed to hold the flr.-t place. Just tbmk of it. A black silk dress edged with oiay, ia tci.-jcrsed with animate and inanimate dust, ob tained from the on v< moot. Will the ladies lofieot a no mint! Will they turn to mime book of ooo tiimes, and notice how graceful, and beautiful, and appiopiiate, and convenient, is the Turkish stylo ot female habiliments, and how awkward, sluttish, and inconvenient, in comparison. Is tlie dress with w hit 11 imperious fs.-hmii lias enveloped them ? Will they infoim us wh?t particular advantage, either as respects true modesty (which iv independent ef at vie* of dress) or true tints, l? derived from O fs bion that makes them (and not us ooarser mor tals) entomological collector ! We should be glad to know. We doubt the justn oas of that canou of conventionality which makes our wives aad daughters porters of bugs and dirt. Perhaps wo arc mistaken. If wc are, female humanity will pro bably stick to a fashion of <lr< ?* that confers this d.tiiction upon it. (From the MHweukle Wlseeesbs, May l&l The first example of the short skirt and I'nrkish trow-, rs has made its unpenranee on Hast Water stieet tbi? afietmm. The dre?< n of green silk, and the tfowsan of while Knee, full and gathered into a band at the ankle, with a abort ruff The apj'carance is extreiarlyele -ant and gr?< eful. The voting lady, who ho had the < virago thus tufaeo the Mcdc and-Persian law of 1 ng c dabliahod euo tom, and disi ard an nwkward and Useless style of dn < for one both becoming and commodious. Jo sh i the highest praise, we trust thai a host of other* will follow her example, and leave street sweeping to Us legitimate pr-lessors !> ni tlx* Boston Transeript, Hay 2.11 The Parisian ? :n<ur. though her full skirt may gtacrfollv sweep over the ;arpct of a saloon, is never guilty of the provincial vulgarity of allowing the trailing ligtli of an evening dr??* to bw dragee.1 through the dirt of ? pi'W100fir. and flidc nam dhd thr ugh the miry thoroughfares. Vo beg. nasi v r. nd t" fiissuade any ladies ia this, our liberal i< vintry, from renewing the psuta lett of their gli!hc?d, ami from showing their Icdeptudei e of (lie "tyranny" which hae charao t riscd all "foreign mat liners," bona the <lays of Homer's flowing-robed heroines, ard the b-ng tkirted portraits on tta>*o carlo -I and qnaintest of fashion plaits. Though wc had svppomfi that an ir ? h or two would *um< c in ordinary walking, wo cordially afice that the curtailment to the krveo will be In valuable in a spring thaw, espoeially if a? c mj rated with top boots. We are oonvinced alaa that the trowscrs will afford in wh warmth to dell ?atc l-tabt, thi ugh as jot we do not eee bsw this rffe-1 is increased by cutting .? the super* bumfoat ]?tli oat. Fortbr matter of grare, Wtwodi rather deftr our aataiat), until wc are inurehal?i'uxt*d tothe noTrlty of fiuiuinc gait la mdHae h tbilimente, and tethe revelations of ? wore developed contour The ladies of cducsttrn and refinement, to whom we owe this change, announce ?>? us '.hat the drese i? still ia a transition state. From this specimen of their encrgv and independence,we think it verypro bsblt lurkleb MunsfiW are of cwmbrnw Mn ?n guinly amplitude; tbey will, no doubt, soon tire of tbeir embarrassing -uperfluivy, end passing through the various ungai; Jy phases of punUlonwlom. will rvrntually anivc at that simple and untrammelled style of toilstte which our present prejudices have unfortunately amnfilafiiid wiih the ballet. Wo would safgvfit as an < rnamcnt the motto. "lmi sotii ?wi m>il v ponsr," worn in its original position, l.ong dh*Nee may do well enough for eountriea where n* men seek to charm by domestic graces, ami the distinctive attractions of their se\ Hut wit), us. whore tbcv already figurat ively assume the f,! rocnta of the ether *ex >? public meeting* and | corn cations tbey should also enjoy in private life the national privilege of resting their feet on chair bio k* and mantel piece* in comfortable costume. Wt have not yet learned bow tb* fhirv carers of "straw h ?ts, inch eoat?, and trowssrs," dtatltguished flow masculine bearers of the Uabilt tnnt?. I ntll ir-me diflnlb Hedge shall be devised, weeanimagm. tmoh eanfhstoaarteinf in the ar rangrtarnt of ladita' ? abi?? and .toahls M*"* lodg ing rr Hut wc t ope f?f 'be . eu.e of pro grcts that any litib unkw..; i contretemps (hah mavnrie wdf b, taken In go.t ]?rt. f?r ttfofit nit v | wj ? great .usv w tlnmt mattjf#