3 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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W YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6797. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. VERY INTERESTING FROM CALIFORNIA. IIALF A MONTH LATER. ARRIVAL or tux STEAMSHIP NORTH AMERICA. Tlfreipt of Another Large Amount of Gold Dost. Sparkling Accounts from the Mining Regions. STATE OF THE MARKETS, See., &c., lie. Ry the arrival of the steamship North Amerioa, Capt. <1 II. Blithen, from Chagres, ctu Kingston, Jamaica, we hurt- been placed in the poeeession of two weeks later xu-ws from California, and other plaoos on the Paciflo aide of the American continent. The North America left Chagres on Saturday, the 24th Hit.. at !? o'clock, and reached Sandy Ilook last evening, nt N o'clock?thus making the pui-sage in eight days and aix hour'. The passage out to Chagres wu made in Ecven day>) and twelve hours. The N. A. brings four hundred passengers, and eight Hundred itousand dollars in coin and dust, on freight mid in the hands of passengers. The following are the . ?A*SENOEi:S BY T1IK STEAMSHIP NORTH AMERICA. <'ar.t li Havens J Baldwin J Albortaoa <' I* rent/ U F Ricdu 1) Merouoia .T'.dwd Beresrly Mr Thompson K 1J Chsrryboi .1)11 B right Mr Kiddle Jimn Morris J. KSliadu 11 R Fruitt W K L.high M ihcki'.rl K M Sherman K Harding J U - ..... ... - J M Staples Capt Cleveland W Evens *'ha? Benson E Winship Wm Brioher 2.L' |<?tl J II Kellejr J Q Adams wm Scott B Hoffman Wm Rowland ?) Lddy Judas Bryant J M Thompsen Ssaini Campbell I. Skinner T Davidson J Free Dr w Rohn W S Shaln J R Fu.ton Thoe R Hunter U Trake u w?V ,C M 5 Bradly E I Silinceffer W M J albeit C H Extinu S Uinks J. y Coalman P Murro J Uinks . 5,Turmer Dr (J W Lawrence C Livincrjtoa ?J,T?die C KSchoSeld L Lewis .11 J Brabaker W S Williams J Simon* .EW Gtbsen Thos C Williams W H White ILr? S?r?rt Jamre L Sayor T Emerson It Baldwin John Marr C Wilkiuson P K I^>b*m H F Mercer C Camfa John J Mud 1 J Quest J W McClay S R Dim J T Quest J F Mahau Jl S R,chard< n T J Taylor Jamos MoMahaa Burnt H Riser U Downing .Dr Msrtoa J Whoughby Austin Church J Ferris Dr Darby John Blain J) K Hen.on WS Hocking Tl os II Hales AWiltea J M Shaft A Bryaa IA"eoy Peter Enderlaud R Bryau ?A Ja<he H Salim C F Bryan WHEvaas C Moves N S Clordy ?* ^ Ovr*n Wm Lyon D 8 Viiit J' LJ.Vk' R K B*rrT s Voat " W Parker C B Evans II Davis ?J Jf Coaper X Swaney Q Carroll Mr f* J Owen Sr Manna J Scravag *lohn Rice J C Southbreak W doskinaa 411 aril >p T Stelling P 11 Baraer "W N Xtxon Alfred Qoodding E Kmanly .John Ilfar l C Salkmarsh E Clark 41 S Warr ? A MeCrasin O Warren *' I'syeon Booj Shater W Richards f. Kryneldy J Turber W l.ibben .lairrt Burns J Mundle A Trap J VI ire if MotBti c N Norcrost C A m/ 11 Baneer P C Bail/ .4 Vinal K S Vaedine G Baily M Stratcr A Q Uarnett N D Dennis J Balls' i E Leitraw John Baikal il I. nlby J A Shepherd R Hrinkorl * has 1 eves-fue Danl Oalca E Franklin At Or be M Mantraw J II Noreross h 1 rankiyn Duct Stewart A Malen h DCoiiiitii Mr McK.ei.ly 11 Hamilton A McQsiu F Durbiuahu M C Nutt J I Stall Mr Maiian Mr llarria .J M J dry F D Mr King .M'Druaea CaptDarg-tt H?v Mr LesId sad J Tame* Mrs Hathaway lidy * opt 1'iek K Cnttcnd >u Cast Stoddard T HiOda J Eldridge Vast Stow J Cog Stacy Renn tl W CurtiaS C Sheldea J Ledoa W R Crumb jDoct Day Mr Grer ry tad JUOia stssfar# * The . tea.<i hip Empire City was puM*>d between J% Biii.a and llnytl. The eb^arnship Falcon had not arrived at Chug"*" V <ea Uie X A left T .rough the politeness of the purser and surgeon of t. x r'h Am?r a. we have been furnished with the Is flies t : sUfornla. Panama, Kingston, and other j-ap?rs. The sn.DT.? .uteliigeucc is of the most gratifying C'. brarts r jnmmsry of Kvent*. 4 m the Alt* California. May 1 ] ?fi.- aa it mportaut event which ha? transpired since the .lai.ihg Of the steamers of the loth is the election of 1st M'.niay which resulted in a triumph lor the whiga. ? in toiJcfitlee for city officers ranging from three to seven- 1 gc<n bunJrl rotes. The dwaocnw elected twonldei *io u. the whig' -ix: the democrats also elected four a> M'tant sldt riu u, the whig* four. AU the rest of the \shig tlcli-t w.i.selected A new no 1 neat church, ercctc-d by l)r Boring, was elcdirat M on the D"th The city of rada ha. elected city officers, and hn? a ti w.pap. . call -d the A'oado Jourml, published semi s' i iduj. Ccnsidcrahl ? progress has been made by the Cotnmls i i< nrrsln forming treaties Willi the Indians. Yws'erdny there was a rumor that the volunteers had been whipped |jy (he Indians in the Mariposn district. " lltibberli-. had been aonumerow ?nd hold In the vl- \ clnity of Monterey, that the pe .pie have called upon the F.iecntlrr for protcetlon. Tliere has ) een much snow in th- m- nuU' is. and w? iiare lieard of eeveral persons wlio hav> lost their lives j by bring frozen t" death. Th< Indian* MiU continue their depredations in the vicinity of L.v Arigi io fince th' rsins the mlner< hato h en repartrd a* doing much better than pr> vl .u?ly fouis of tlie richest 'peeinien. at '(Uarls have iwi-n brought to tbi- city ever seen, producing more than thirty thrc pi r ci nt of gold Poin? rumor, have been afloat that a secret rxpi- lltion fiuUturtsd for tin- purpon of taking paes- sston of I hi we r CalWoruln But it i> probably merely a ramor. There ha> been a great excitement nt Mok-luinne Hid. in con e ,p. m e of a mi-under-taudiiig between the I r*nch ai.i Ann thnii- At la-t accouuls ih.flifllciiltie' | lied been settled. At one time both partiee were armeil mihI in great force, and the prospects were that a general ? ml hl'S'ly battle would ensue. Th. grand jnrv has made n scathing report, which hnndJ>-mai'y of our officials without gi ives. and deals t? rarely wif '.i niila.)nce> generally The lagi-iuturc ha* passed an act to exempt home la and ot" " .... ?tends and other property from fo.ced sale, in certain ? m? < It ha al*o peoe il a I Miry Law hill fixing inte j i ?t at ten per cent, and allowiug, by epvctal agreement, a ighteen per cent p< r annum The Leirialatarr w. re t< ?Ijourn yestenlty. after a ee? Mion ol A>ur mofitli' Tb?-prrv;net? of coed ci ips ari fsvcr .l.le. the spring , ralne uavtng be u of iMt VUuahie vahie t > farmers and . C .rdi nefs. IIusmh - If ? n-vlvi'd considerably 'nd the eonfldence rfoiircRee n.'in the futurs progr*. of the .State Is un bha: il W c i *f*t to stale that the Ffen Mr. Thurston, of O eg o <li'-i n tnepi- ?ege an from t'anama. Ills dis ? wi i th' ' ilotis fever and fta e>. dons day b"fofw , th ( aUffimia reached A npaieo. lie was buried at | AeapnicO Very lnt? rr?lln? Mining Hihi, 'From the J?acranu oto Trunecnpt. May 1] 11 Intel! g n-c from (b mining region In W Mt rh"cr loi Throughout thr wb"l* icuth>rn region the miner* are r spin:: n rich harr.nt. Th tot llig" ore of the recent dlneorarie* In Hhanta A *i|. r |? fully ei.nilrmi-'l by tin- pannrngeri in the ateamcr Mirth* dam- which arrived yaeterday craning from Co- ] In i Th' >? ley hae been termed 'bid Valley by iom? on recount of Ita remarkable productlrcnenn of gold Tblr valley i"itcnd- down to where the nto-iim* ^)oin fr-ott'n ldver. nnd a rorrenpondent nfcumt ua that gold nl no grant d-pth liv brrn (bund In 'Tory nhaft that ban fvreu unk " Thin. writea our friend. In the place fcr men 1 ol large IMuntry end nmall lurk If thr entire valley I underlaid with gold, none ran complain of bad lurk ?tbeahov-l will remove the rup< rahiindancc of eartli, If ihr lotwl' and l>onr b? at thr handle A r -Uipan. id fonr perron* rngagrd In a gulrh at Pla r. rrlllo. *m tat lug out dally (il.tlun, or f'ZM) aptec* The finlrh had Urn ireTtounly work. J. hnl by digging Into thr l-an*.a. and washing an extra 'junntltvof rarth with thr l.ong Toir. thr company are ? naMr-i to make the** Todd'* Tnlhv. loci tod aU>nt midway hrtwrrn the Mbtdlc Mul Morth Pork of thr Ami riran riTar. In nald to contain r*t? n?lve digging* We ham hrard of eevrral rnnr? where f> ?d yield* wore obtained and a large num y?r of miner- migrated to that point in eoneenuence. ?/here U an i ?tenrlvc dintriet of rouutrr in thr vtrlnltv. that ha* n. ?er been thoroughly prospected whlrb, in t im". wlh dunbtlea* he found t-> tmy .jul r well. Thr wall-y contain-'.! ?ome aeren or eight hundrrd uilnrrn a y.w month.-. ago. The Btoern on the north forth of F- nthrr rlr. r arr do ing qnita well on th" bars whirh the* arr able to work Jn many ca"-r. high up thr barn are corrrrd with *now. *, d It In ne-"nary to ratmu *1* and eight f- .t of anow fjefhm they reach the "unacc of th" bar ttut frw of thrin will fw worked nurrr?nfully on account of the high Mate cf the water. which mo t continue for a m- ith or #?I t rrc. kg ?f. come Thr AfnTi/'-i'h I '? */d fnrnlnhr the (bill *inu " '?** lr' lallTrto otic of the barn on the V-rth > -irk Tbaae who l.arr claim ?b<iw Itlrh Bar V.b tw-il ^?go man nam- i Pool, with hi- partner, to-i ut, u u? afternoon, 70 ox. Other claims in the neighborhood are paying from $400 to $000 per day. Quite au excitement wae raised at Goodrich A Jacob's rancho, seven miles north of the mouth <>f Nelson's creek, by four or fire men coming in for provisions Home titty men came to the conclusion that these men moat have good digging* somewhere In the neighborhood, and determined to fob low them, but after two or three days, tbey escaped in the night, and disappointed their followers Hundreds are now travelling about the neighborhood tryiug to Dad their whereabouts, but have, so far. been unsuccessful. Provisions are quite plenty. Flour is selllug at 2a cents. The numerous canons und gulches withiu an area of live miles of Georgetown, have generally paid well. Many of the canons among others the Oregon and Mis souri have been worked over some half u dozen times. The diggings were not thoroughly understood at the start, and surfaee washing was pursued by tho miners. Afterwards holes were sunk, deeper and deeper, until late experience has shown that shafts sank one hundred feet, and then the system of coyothng adopted, is the proper mode for working that district of country. A friend who is just down from these diggiugs Informs us. that the miners there are making verj fair averages. The large slide leading down from Boldler's Gulch to ward Sutter Creek, is entirely dug up. Those who hap pened to strike the rich lead deposited along the old channel of the stream, have been quite successful. There are some three hundred persons still at work there, who make on an average from $8 to $ lb per day. The ?now which fell there has all disappeared, with the ex ception of a little remaining on the hill tops iu the vici nity The copious fall of water has given those who had earth thrown up in the gulches, an admirable opportuni ty to wash it out. We learn thut the miners huve, in a great measure, de serted these diggiugs on account of the difficulties with the Indians Indian Gulch has been entirety deserted, whilst only some twenty persons are on Fine Gold Gulch. It is -aid that those remaining are making $25 per day, and none below that sum. A ravine is being worked near Nevada City, which has been worked over twice before. The miners aie now using the " Tom,' and ure averaging some ten dollars a day apiece. A miner, in the vicinity of Nevada, took out a piece of quartz rock, weighing seventeen pounds, strongly im pregnated with gold. It is valued at $2,500, and was found close to the surfaee. Another rich quartz vein has been discovered several miles from Newtown, near Deer Creek. Some rich speci mens have been taken out already. We are gratified to learn from the S'ocktnn Journal that the Southern mines give promise of a most prosperous season to tlie miners. The Journal says:?At Mokelumno Hill, a few days Since, some parties entered au old desert ed bole, and in one day washed out $1,200 The attack nuide upon this rich hill by the miners threaten- to level it a- low as the surrounding valleys A party of six men, on Wood's Creok. two miles from Sonora sent down by an express rider, a few days since. $6,000 which they had dug from a spot tbey were upon iu two weeks, and they informed him that the indications were favorable for eveu a richer yield in the succeeding two. There are over ten companies working upon this creek, within a short distance of each other, with long touts, and all of them are doing a tine business. We condense the following from the MarynilU Una Id : ? l.arge numbers of persons are returning from Scott's river and locating at Morris's Itaviue. Long's Bar, Ore gon Gulch. Rich Gulch, and Bute Creek, wuero noue of the miner- are making less than from tlve dollar* to an ounce per day. Mr. Charles Simmons states that on Monday last, a lump weighing fifteen ounces was takeu from Oregon Gulch Mr J Menden Hall, of Bute Hill, reports that a week or so ago. within a short distance of his store, a lump weighing thirty-four dollars and fifty cents was found entirely free from quartz and of tho pure-t gold Minors arc doing much b?tter than they did during the winter. Mr Uankin's party te-ted their wing dam. and the prospect averaged two dollars to the pan of twenty-four pans taken out of the water of the depth of ten Inches. A eorre.-pondent of the S/<*klon Journal, writing front the Mariposa, in speaking of some large pieces of gold recently found in that section, says.? The largest piece weighs fourteen pounds and seven ounces; tho next is 48 ounces, and the next is :*> ounces of pure gold The first two are considerably iuipr-g- ' nated with rock, though tlieir intrinsic value is more than half their weight Tho people have been doing , remarkably well here for the la-t few weeks, and they are coming fast froxn all parts of the country Tin- MurysrilU llrruhl says that the old company on ? Hirh Iti.r, Feather river, uro erecting a saw mill to get out plunk for a tli jne They intend fiuuuog about half . a mile of the b?r The volcano diggings are located on the south branch of Dry Creek, generally known as Sutter's Creek. >ol- j cano is a Is-autiful VHll.y, containing about five hundred acres of tillable land, and Is about two th lusun 1 feet above the Pacific The Soldier's gulch, thirty-five huu- j dred feet in length, together with a few smaller tribu taries. have tohl some of the tales which bare been re gurded as the wonders of the world Thr.-e thousand pounds of gold huve been dug from this gulch, yet rich a - .1 In - b< en it has not averaged to the miner half an i 011)10" p?r day Had it-particular locality been known, and the pre- ent mode of wa hing understood, on ??tenth pa' t of the labor would have collected as much gold j Th" Indian gulch and Spanish gulch, iu that vicinity, haie alsoylelded g'-od returis The present population of \ oicanc and vicinity is not very large at thi- time, most i f th" old mini re Lai ing ubandoued the diggiugs and \ gone to the North. There is yet a great deal of gold in this -erlion of the country; but the mluer will havo to be content with small wages. [From the Alta California. May I.) For the 1* nctil of all. especially of those unbelievers w ho still doubt the reality of the asserted richn-ss of some of our auriferous veios. we publish the annexed proof positive It is said that the mineral as presented t<> M- sere Moffat A Co.. was only a fair average specimen of the vein. aDd further, thut the gentleman who for warded the miicral sent word al.-o, that If it produced Ho t00 they htid mineral euough bla .ted to produce $ik>0.('00. 11 e know nothing further whether it be so or not llut the publir may rely fully upon the following assay by Moffat A Co : ? 10d lb< , gross weight , of quartz roe* fretn Carson's Creek vein?-36 lbs. gold, in bar. 8.728 pennyweights vain ??$8,182 15. tin- n- -s about '.?J7 thousandth-; $18 To per euuec. United States Mint value. From Trlnldotl nntl lh? North. {From Ihr Attn Calif' I ilia | A private letter from Mr Tlx*. .1 Koaeh. of thi* et'y. ' now it! Trinidad. r> oelvcd by the Conwiilon Preble en iil.lt? ?i- to turni-b our reader* with acme little new* from that Interesting region The Indian* hum entirely left tho vicinity of If-im bildt H? y. antl lire now aeottorad hot ween Mud and Kel river-. on both of which fl-h and game are f jUii l in atuudanrc Trinidad 1' "al l to be Improving, and boa-te of three | eonun dluwa. wt 11 kept hotel... Tbrte had been n<i arrival* there for the two week* I tior to the i4lb ioet ta m the mini - on Salmon Crock. Trinity Klamath or PcWt'- river, the road*during that time having been almo-t imps?Ibte on e.eruunt of the In ni j full- of -now ntid rain Th< packer-, until within a fi w day* prior to the date of tur letter, had only been ablet" prone Id a- far a- (Jrleana l>ar. ou the Klamath, m ar UlulT Creek where they rold their provbdOM for % 1 to per pound, to pernon- wle-found it liapoMtblc to get their animal- along through the annw: and who were oblige 1 from thence to Salmon Creek to pack their pro vision* oa their oan back* in amall qnantltie* to -are their frienda there located from ainrvatlon More anow baa fallen thte -priog than baa been kii<<wri to have I dh ii during any previa** winter. 1 oe Indiana -late that th< an?w fell in the loomtaioa to the depth of from bit.. ii to twenty feet, compelling tliein to leave thi ir moi'l tain homra.aiid aeek -belter in the valley, and u|h.ii the 11 tat banka H In u the road* arc fully opened, we may export to bear tli.it there haa been o great a;ii"iint of ? ufT. ring lo the mine*. Tin weather having kern very floe for ?? veral day*, on the'Jtth inat npw.-rd- of a hundti d |>aok. r?. with well bad. Imulea -terled for the g..ld region-. The Jiorth weat trade tladi having common red. there w.<* apron | art of a eortlnunlioti of dry and el -*r weather. Two gpotleimn arrived at Trinidad from "Uold Plnff*' ..n the Utth Th?y bmn-ht no very < neouraglhg report- of -nerea* In the operation* in that quirt, r ft. reral attempt* had b? en made by -mall vea-i-U from THiiidnl to int?r th* mouth of the Klamath rlttr, hoi Ihey had prt ved futile. A milt craft thxtliad recently conic out of the river r< ported Hint the aehonOor K?ya v?r r.ii 'till aground, but with expectation* of getting off in a few day- The Dolphin waa no th? bar. and a large ranoe load. .1 with flour for Me-ara. MfOOhltdgt ft Co of Kinmath i'lly With reference to the Indian- in tb.it -action of tha country. Mr ll.aeh writ-* thai fr m all he hear-they ere now terr friendly with I he whiten, and will continue to be an while their fishing ground- am respected. and no long an the whiten continue to treat tin m properly They hiel ent th ft Try lw*ii at Orleana bar adrift, how ever and !?t It nlid* over the rapid* The manon al leged waa that it vrn plai ed right upon their beat (Inblng gr otidi and frightened the fl-h. A ?<?!..k antl Cnllrrtlnpj Public Revrnntl. 11 rotn tlo an rmio nlo Traii-eript, May 11 Mi Murphy hue introduced a lillllatlie A -tunbly.pm erIMng th. mode of 0*n<--Ing and collecting public re. Venue The art roDtaln eighty one -ectionn. and in quite r< uiprrhen-tve H e hare room thi- morning only lo gl.iner at a f. w . f itn main feature* The first -eetion provide- for the anno--Ing of a poll tax of thiee dollar-, and ii - roller!inn at the time of a?enn tnent. ftom each male inhabitant orer the age of twenty one and under the age of fifty year- Two-third* of thin I for the State, ond the lial ince f r county purpo-e 1 be a -i- luent and collection are both to he made by tile -In riff. II. aland nerxrnal property In liable to a tax of llfty r<nt< on each one hundred dollar* worth thereof, fur State purpose* For county purponea.lt -hull not ex. end tne -.-una sum. -Reel aetato in construed to include ill land-In the StH.e and all bulldinge Kxeeption* am made in regard to State natlonnl property, kr Per* -. nal state include- all household furniture, gooda, chattel*, hor-es, and money*, all nhipn. ateamboat*. Ten k 1*. and water craft All mouey- nt Internet owing to tho r?. n. 10 tie taxed more than thay par Int. rent for, and other debt* owing to them fnm solventperron*, ii.ore tban they am Indebted for; and all public *toeka in lurnplkea. bridge*. Insurance eomnanle-. and moneyed e- iporatlonn. al-o, aiieh portion of the capital of ln.-or porated eompanle* liable to taxation on their capital, a* hall not be vvated In real estate The twenty-first section provide* that all money* u*ed In Ihe bn-lnew of hanking, of In thi purchase or *ale of < ii hangre. r.r gold dn?t. all money on hand, all meriey ?mid at Intem-t >-r ?t> d In any other way, nil tin r in(d gold *ud tdlnr, -hull pay a tag of ou J<?ib?r fgr each one hundred dollar* of value thereof, which tax ?hall be a.-aea*cd uad collected at the same time, and In the *ame manner that other taxes upon property are collected. It is made the duty of the assesaorx in each county in the State. to give ten (Jnya notice of the time end place where they will meet in their respective counties, to ex amine and assess all property subject to taxation; such notice Hhall be given in each settlement where there are twenty person* or upward*; and in counties where there are cities and town*, then the notice shall be given to each ward thereof. All person* who do not attend and render a list under oath, of all their taxable property of whatever character, ou the day or day* advertised by the assessor, -hall pay to tbe assessor one dollar extra for the expense and trouble of such as.-esxor In going to th-t house ol *uch prison to make such assessment. Tbe Mxnlclpal Klcctlon. [From the Alta California. May 1 ] Tbe following is the result of the election for munici pal officers, held on Monday last, from which it will be seen that the whole whig tirkel la elected. The Board of Aldermen stands 0 whigs to 2 democrat*. Tbe Board of Assistant*. 4 whig* to 4 democrats. Mluccllniieous Affair*. [From tbe Alta California. May 1 ] Titr Nkw Ahrivai s.?The acee-sion of nearly a hun dred ladies hy the steamships Republic and California within two week*, ha* made ?|iiite a perceptible altera tion in our street*. That rara avis of a few months eince bus ceased to be a wonder, aud well-dressed respect able Ladios are now set n during shopping hour* in all our principal thoroughfares. Female society, so much needed, is at length beginning to have an existence in California, and it* beneficial effect* i will at once be expe rienced Our State has ceased to be regarded a* a mere temporary stopping place, and it is now looked | upon as a home. It i* most gratify ing to know this, and to feel that every steamer restores to us the horn -ward '< bound whom whilom we pledged in a parting cup as the outward l-ound. Gai at KiciTr.Mr.xT in Rxcaxwrxro.?There was con siderable excitement yesterday afternoon, in Sacramento, owiug to an outrage committed upwu Mr. David Gregory by .1 ri lloles. Esq. The citizens assembled iu a mo ment. and cried for I.ynch law. it teeuix that Mr. Gregory hui lent Boles a sum of money, and desiring to return to the States, asked Boles to pay back tbe lo*.n, stating that he would not ask the interest from him Boles refused to pay; Gregory got judgment against him, and constable Smith levied upon a lot of horses, and brought them to the horse market for sale. Boles forbade the sale, stating that the horse* belonged to a Mr Talcc-t. lite sale, however, wax continued. After the luet horse had becu knocked off, Boles said, '?Kow, boys, we shall see some fun.-' lie rode up to Ankeney's Ilolel. dismounted deliberately, and drawing bis pistol, entered where Gregory was sitting He as saulted him. and in the affray the pistol went off. anl Gregory was pretty severely wounded in the neck The crowd rushed for Bole*, but he immediately pieced him self in the hands of the officers, who carried him to Jus tice Bullock's court. Here the crowd followed, mach excited, and were about re.-cuiug him from justice, when the officer* wire commanded by tbe Judge to shoot down any one whe laid rioleut bauds ou the prisouer. Cue of the crowi cried out that if tin- Justice said much he should be shot Owing to theexclteincnt. the prisou er was placed ou board the prison brig, to await his ex ***'?'Ion. SniNoi.i* to Ni w Yoax?The brig Reindeer 1* taking 1 in a freight, of shingles, at the foot of Jackson street. , hound for New York direct This is excellent aud is well calculated to bring shipper* of lumber in the Atlan , tic Mates to their seu*e* if they are not already quite satisfied by recent returns. For many month* past car goes of lumber of almost every description have been sold at auction in this city at a great discount on tbe original j 1 cost on tbe wbetTc* iu tip. Atlantic port* It i* quite j likely more shipment* will be made, as th< re are somtny Vt's-rl* lyiog in the harbor to no purpose whatever. It I will be exceedingly gratifying to the New fork merchants I te 1 are an opportunity off. red them to purchase their i own shipment- here, after harnq; been sold to pay I charges, no doubt. I.iNiHivo.?We were informed by a gentleman yes. terday. that when he left Ftocktou. the rumor was rife tin re that five uien had Won hung at Beat tie's Ferry, beyond Stockton f?r horse stealing. [From the Sacramento Transcript. May 1' Ti i Tims.Mi M> in ins.?The Sto>kt<>n Timet, of Sa turday. ?rvs that within the pa-t month ten thousand Mexican* have arrivd in the Mariposa and Tuolumne region Tin Ixman*?Intelligence from the United Plate* In dian Commissioner ha- lawn received, to the effect that some of the Indians along the Fan Joaquin and Fresno I refuse to enter into the proposed terms of peace. It is | staled that there are one lhou<*nd warriors along the >'re*no The ho-tile exrur-lons of the Indian- from bo* Ange lo- have become -o frequent anj nnn1 ying that the citi zen- liead.-d l>y I'io Pico, have addr<~-cd the Governor upon the su'yvrt. reque-ting hi* interference and protec- : tton. Col. Jo-htia Bear ha- been ordered ont with fifty ' ranger- to puni-h them. A party of the l'ieo Indian-, a week store, stole ton I pair < f blanket -. sime gold -pcoim.n-. fcc., from Wymcr , 4 Ftillman near Wyandotte, in Houcut \ alley The ? article- Were traced totli Indian- and the one who had stolen n gun wa- -hot Tin Ohio* Yxi.lit Coi xtr* ?The rommiiniration be- | twecu Onion A alley aud the country below ha* been I opi led up A large supply of provisions ha* arrived there, aud Hour nad fallen from >1 to 26 cent* per pound. A number of persons engaged in tho trade, j read the prices paid for provision* whoa communication with Oulou V alley had l>een rut ff. and the consequence j is. that nearly all kind* of provisions have been taken there in such quantities a* to owrun the market, and the supply Is much greater than tin demand A friend urn there say ? that th. miners ( from there say., that th. miner* cunnot work on account of the anow, and in eousrs|iietiee the larger part of the business I* conducted on the principle of credit. Ltn< HtXA o* tiii Tin i viii.i Roan?W. noticed. I yesterday, the comnd-siou of ?evi rat robberies in Placer ville la-t week Be undi r-tand that two person- were ' arre-ted ye?t -rday at the N n \ ork House twenty-eight miles from the city. on the Diaeervillc road, charged I with the theft. The Indignation wa* quite strong ; agaii-t them, and they were tak. n onto I'iaeerville to , be hung The proprietor of the New t ork llou<e was accused of being an accessory, and It I- stated that he wn- hung up far the purpn-e of extorting n confession; hut we could not I .III thu particular* relating to hii i caic, but pre-time that lie was not executed Amani i in I.xeoe?Three m'-uths ago labor might be had in I iocs mile at from F2 to $3 pur day A decided ituprovemi nt in prlrr has lately taken place, and labor . now cuomaud' from >i to t" per day. I'aivin I'oixiMi ?The l.egislature has pu-ed a bill. , maklrg all paitlee who Uw coin responsible for the mnrkid Talue there- f In tin leg digest join of the L'nited j .States A refusal to ri diwnt u-h coin make* thi party gui.tyof a inissleim sm-r and lialila t j a fine of not !???? 1 than F.'UU. nor more than or iinpri*.aun-nt for not than si* month- imr more than Hirer years ; or hy fim- and imprl-onmen? i if" course, the bill due* nut ef fect the . oln now in ciri ulatiou a* that would be retro spective legislation A MrNti Duns Kuiin?A mintr dealer, named Wil.iams was killed one nay la-t week I'jr* miner name ! Antotn" at Indian Crc k wi Murphy * lugging* The Ht<fMoa Journal detail* tbe affair a* follow*:?"It ?|u?ar? that Williams had won from th* M-xi cau nt*mt atgh's-cn ounrea. and from on* of hi* companions n like -em A jwrty of tin Mexican*, at tlie time sum t tel. I tlv table With ait tie slightest pieVi u- intlumliou of boetliily. Antoiie dtew hi* ki ife aud listautly killed William* The young man dealing for (he latlet.on the other ?lib- of the tal le wa*alao attack..I and wounded, bill aflr wurii* ma.le I.is s -cape The Americans fr m several ean.ps rallis 1 ai d -tarted for thi camp occupied by Ibi ii.waseta . which tin y broke up aud destroyed, a* also an ailjsiiniug one, call-sl ?t Domingo camp, oecupie 1 hy Maxlmi* At the latter, they kill d one of tlie ini n km an to have tw? n ng.igi 1 la th< murder W llllatr-' hank of about ninety ounee* w*? -tolen by the cart t who were p'svlng at hi* table Autolne th* principal ixaaasin had We. n i n the mo?t friendly term? with M illlMM. and the latter ha<l fr qu> ntly loaned htm mr my to bat with at hi* own table Bobbery wa* the ohjc.-t, to accomplish which the iccu-t J. without hesitation, i ommttted murder Fanwo in Fuji.mt?We lecm that a new route to Nevada city from Haoramonb'J haa been tried, fur the purpose of getting fr? Ight up to that place. By this Messrs rule th< it is a saving of oar and a half p.r cent. Davis A Hurst shipped their last lot of goods from here, ffr-t to Nlcolaus by steamboat, and then from Nieolau* diri rtto Ncvaila by wagon* By this means th*'/ saved

one hutch, d and tifrT dollar*. Rooimi rn Fai it Cror*. Jtr ?Tlie Alta learn* that tbe fruit troa* In tin I.oe Ang.-ioacountry promise an aliun dant yield The "Ilescr". Mil mince (which are quite diatinct from thoae km wn as the "lee Angelos" gold minea) *gf> miles northeast of that place, are worki d to gnat advantage. rxcccdlug In return* the uo*t *au guinr anticipation* The Han FmnrlKO Markets (Kmtn the Alta California. May 1 ] "till - - - O. -I* till arrlrlng fy. ely. M'e arc ahutulantly ?up t>lir<l with flcry ilcialMhm, and. although a gooii many hare h> en ill-1il <>f. yit the (apply u far nbore the * n tit* ?I tfiM country A. an i Ltt an l?iri i aw i* are In but rery moderate demand Itai m itt ???? ?? There h no Improrement in tfiin lino, and nil aeran nay I* that th" stork la good, and prlpm am likely to pretty regular *ni> Pilot* Kirept fln* light boots ami ?hoea, (l* h-lram??y hearlly; tno long mining boota.aa they ara rnllei, are the wnM, anil if w? should not rinelre another pair, we hare ?gh for twelrc month* to riBf Han *a are In demand at quotation*, an.l Ann Phila delphia and llnllimorc face hare been aolil aa high as J.H* per M. Hiihio -Qult> neglected. Cot r?r?Work of aU kind* abundant, and ground cof fee I* not required for this market Oanni re Thl* article rontlnnea to arrlre, and we bare now alwelre month.1 *t"ck. Pc ta* - The mm k< t ia full particularly of the com- [ mm (iiialltlr*, and thera la no demand for them. Choice brand' aell at a small preflt Cell ba? rather relapsed again, and will only Improre I alien arrtrala eeaaa nltcgelber Coanaar ami Son . of beat quality, (ell* aa waiting, at fair rah * Cmim I'm r floor.* Ml but slowly egc p'iag rupertor i ahawla. which are la demand. Ci mkxt AltD Lime ?tl rather better, but we hare enough of thom. l>u* (ioous ?Clothing of all kind* 1* itill worie.and the bad aeleetlon* mad? ought to lobe uioney lXmi tTK' Ooon* and piece good* geuerally are paying no profit, and lnrge quantities that are a?ut are alto gether unsuitable to the market. Davaa, dye stuff*, and patent medicine*, are dull and unsaleable . . , Fruit*. pickle*, splce*. and good* in that line are abun daut and the stook ample for six month* Uabuwari;.?Thi* article iHjtenerally ordered by the dealer*, and will not be cafe to chip to #eU in invoice* IaoH a*d 8tk.? l are in fair rcqueet at remunerating rate*. India Qoona are in limited demand. l.iqioas remain without much alteration, and wine* 1 are generally lower. I.katmk* is in moderate request. but cannot be forced upon the market Limber.?Since our bud we hare had additional sup plier aud prlcea are no better. Mktals generally axe dull. ... .. Nam ? ?Wi havu enough stock for ?ix mouth*, l'aovnios*.?The market 1* duU. and an entire cos*a tion of Hhipment* will bo the beet course for us and tho , shippers also?particularly in pork and poor butter ( Static-hut .?Themarket is overstocked, and the trade, who are beat acquainted with their wants, reccdTe their goods direct, and. ?A the market is also supplied from Knglund and France. we think a cessation of ahipments , would he the uioat profitable course. Sugar* bare further receded, and the etock la large, i particularly of erinhed. Siioti i i ntiU remaiu high, but are precarieu* l*ovr remains steady I Ti is remain without cbang" To*a< co.?This article Is more plenty, and docs not mi-et so ready a sale. fi \m?:n's Waoi*?$TiO to $40. \ i sai i s-Kither tor -ale, freight or charter, are dull. Hi ?i Kstaik is inactive, aid rents declining, in uio*t location*. , , ... Mo*n is more plenty for commercial purpose?the value of prime gold dust ia $17. The benefit* expected from the Assay Offlce do not appear satisfactory?wtiat ; course for relief will be taken, that the public may be I generally benefitted and accommodated, lime only wdt ^kTaH esc.i on the Atlantic States is 2 percent premium for sight bills; on Knglaud, 4hd. per dollar; t-ran-e, , Hamburg. ValparmUo aud Mexico, bear a proportionate ^The state of affair* is generally favorable, the mining > Interest* good; but we have more goods tlian wo want and a vast uuanlity unjuited to the market wholesale rr.i< ks cckel-nt. IFrom the Pan I'rnnei.-co llerald. May 1] j Rri.ai.su us-Chili flour. 200 lb* .*ks.$s 50 a $0; do. 100 lb* . do., 14 2&I H 0-; do. 60 lb?.* do 6- o<# a >- . C2'4e ; Australian, Its' lbs., do . $?"> 60 a *4; Oailego. do., per ! bl . $10 50 a $11; com meal, in bbl*.. $?> M a >o, I do..half do., $'2 76 u $6, navy bread, per bbl..$3 a $4; pilot do., do., $7 a $*. cracker*, in tins per lb.. 1-e, a 13e.; rice Hast India, do., 4c a .ic ; do., ( arolin.i. do . j I2r a 16c ; corn, 8. America. Jo., 4c. a 4 ,c ; barley, 6a tie ; beans, Am . per lb . I V- a 2 ,c , d_>_. I "J. do . 1c a i'.e ; oat-Mbv^- ? ,ic "? ha-v 1"^-'" J? 1 Booing M* ii.hiii ?.?Bricks. com , Hi ? $-0 ??o tire V-.- do. Eng.. %S? a $26; lime, p-r bbl., $-; do. China, do . $1 60; do r-mcut. do., $4 a $4 50; lumber, bv tirgo. assorted, p-r M, rough. $.k> a o0. ptaued, rs-r M $:t?a $65; tongucd and grooved, $3o a $40, plank. 6 1n*.h; $55 a $50, wind' * frame*. per i>r., 42 ? Ij tW. . I sashes, per pr , $1 a $2: house*, per Sift., $'*?? a $26 II mii'wami ?Sho VI l>. Ames, long handled, steel point. $17 a $20. do .fhort. $60 a $?*), scyth"*. $10; pitchforks. I $10; pumps and tixtun H $aJ0: anils, cut. p?T lb., | 5c.; do . wrought. 6.1 .c.; -hot. per bag, $2 n $2 50; P''*; der, "25c; do. bla?ting. in demand, 2ec ; ploughs, $1,. (i $2?>. J'm .s wn Dvri ? Alcohol, per gallor. $1 75 a $2 10; arrow root, rcr lb . ?c a he ; balsam popatva per lb , 60c. a 40c.; crude brimstone, nominal; bark. Peruvian per lb., lOe. alloc.: camphor, refined. 60c , cream tartar, loe. u 25c ; corks, vial, per gross, $2 50; do. bottle, per 51. $6 a $."?; calomel. $1 60 a $2: castor oil. quarts, per dor. $. a $10; glue, per lb . 10c a 20c ; liquorice (extra) per lb.. nominal; time juice, per gallon. 30c. a ???<? ; magnesia, calcined. 60c a 40c., morphine. per t>? ?c. a .* , opium, l>er lb . $40, oil peppermint, none; oil clove., nominal, quinine, jar or . >5 a $4; quicksilver. 4m- a kbc ; rhu barb p?r lb . $1 50 a 1 75; widlitr powder*, per gr . $1. a $'20; s'da. sup. carte, per lb. Tc.. vltrioL olh per lb 6Cc a Klc ; wai. yellow, per lb..-20e a 2 *. . I'ar.s| hi 1.1> Mi st*. Ac?Mutton aud Ihh f. per ;b . Sc a 7c ; oysters, qts . per do/ . $7 a $0; lobsters, oC.adc.; vegetable-, per dor 3c a 5',e. . .. Vera rs or Otis-White lead .r a ftr ; red do Pc a 10c ; ?tilting. > ; chalk, white 4c. do red 10c , sperm oil. per gall., $1 a >1 26, limited oU. ;>?r gall . vV.ofI bv ? l'apcr. t-er ream, superfine. $5 s $5, rut. d and lin. d $ I 60a $5, printing paper, overstocked ? Ti A*?Young hyson. *4c a 20c ; souchong aud com mon black. 17r. aktv ; gunnowder lffc a 40c T. ati < o ?her lucky leaf. 60c a .?>e ; 8pi.nl*h do.. 40c , . manufactured. No. 1 Oth-. a 50c.; do . No 2. 00c a uOc ; , do . No. 3. iiiea 40c . . _ i Put Ooor>? ?8-4 brown -hooting*. 5 . a uc , 4-4 do^, , a Sc.- bodtirk- 16 a 14c . t'lnuWrts. white per pair. $2 a ' ffi; do . colored do $6 a $5. cl?th?, per yard. $J a *H; cotton duck, per yard. 63 a .S>c.: drill-, whit*, f , a i 10c ; do blue. 16 a*14e.; do t.rown. a is- . calico ? rhlrts.per do/en $7 a $12. hickory do u ? '?" 1 shirt*, blue aud rod $10 a $11 carpet., dull and nc "'^. AI. Sioaxs.?Spirit* turpentine, per gal 90a ?*.: varnish, bright, per gal $1 a $2 tar. per bid . $5 a $4 rosin. $?'? a $4. _ . _ . . Coal.?Knglinh $1'2 50; Latkawanua^ $11 .*>, ?el*n. none; t'umb< rlaiid. >11, Sydney .$?? 4 >. ? 1'aov.s.ov* -Me-. t..ef, ,?-r td4 . ffc a $14, prime no 1 minal, mi ss pork, ^r bbl $15; dear, p-r bbl $16 a $1.. , clear balf barrels. $s a $'.'; clear, qiurt . rbarrel., $4 to n $4 Mi. codfish, pc r lb 6 a 4c.; mackerel.* a I20 .nam*, prime, p. r lb . 11 a the.; bacon. hngU b. -S ?b-c : bnttcr. | 25 a -i< . lurd. 11 a 14c rbet-w. inlitoi. per lb 10 a l^c salt. Am. rleiiu. $1 M ? $2; do Liverpool. $1 a $150. potatoes. IrUh d1, a 7c.; do sweet, -r. I.I tin. * -llano s*. $fsi ? *00; sob". $1" ? $?" . Liuroaa French t-raidy. in ea?k*. $1 -O a $1 ?- . do superior brands. $1 .'at a $1 o'Jt.. d>- Aiu*ncan._. V a $5. AO. la case., $4 a $7. Holland gin. $". a >2 d? in cares g.1 a $? Jsuinica rum In ra-k*. $1 "a >1 . v.til-krv Irish and Pc' tch $"2 a $6;_M. nongahela $. '25 a $137; Madrira wine, in cask*. .0c. a '? lJ? J? 1 ?*<??. $6 a $?". ???, l>ort win". ?n cask*. >1 -J a do tn .an* $6 II $3 .'*>: claret, per hlid 2'C a U'o ; do in case.. $2 5ii a $:; 5o; chnmpagno p. r do* , eonunou. >?' a $?'?; do. Mii^n??r. t* 'k $10; boc*. MMirWing, ^ ft flit bur-sc. $5u$T. rtutern. $? a $7. cliampngw-coli r. In , Cares. 12 .50 a $5. a - bj.- r ami (ther -Pp^ved brand*. p( r doi . f'J 7"> ? fH: vlr. Amrrlriu, in bbU >-u, ( fht'ity cm dial. $!", a $11. ?, , . , Uao< 'rim?light Chin* -e. .i',r a Jr.: do Mi nllia. ?> a J,1,.- ; do. brown, Sc. v V ; dnhm.,,p .* : CoCee. central Am.rh nn per lb. 16c ? 15<-. Hloana Java, l:*- a 15c Pepper, n.mvlusl; d" gn^n t. 2V. n J?r Allspice |? r lb.. K piutmeg*. 50c a 75e . elovs*. ground 4t)c ; cinnamon 65c ; ch ?roialo. American. " a 10c , j do Pi ant-h 21* . n t*a ; mu-tard, P r d"* . $4. ginger, 1 atv starch. 1' : "ap brown. |wrlb.. 1'* ? J-4-;,0.' luon-yrup per d??? nominal, m"U* - per gal., -a* u Ote.; syrnp ?(o , 35c.; pt< klrs, per do>. quart*. $t.oa>-; 1 Hi. hall gal* , $2 a $1; vinegar\ p*r gat 6c al2'.e. II . vs ?I tin-e:ilf putiloren $"JU a ?'?; * mmen peg do $10 a $2t), ie??g i' gg. d do $ J); bre;ao* heavy Pper". P? r lb. !W to 40e , ?.JUiuentiu* | do 2V t?64ir.; mould, do .7c. t 1'tr ten *?s - liegallr* vi ry prime >60; Itavano go"d. >1_* t?> $?."?); ?lo . ?u|a'ii'>r, $vMa$6' O nuau.'J" $* ? $lo; middling. $2?. , Fa 1 ii? ?lliam'y fntltqt? . $ ? ? $'?' : P**?"*. P'J ? ?:?? rai ins, jh r t o*. $2 Mt a $2 75. currant*, rcr lie .r tow.; alni'nU*. l'2r . dried peach- a, 6c lo he , drl'd ap ple* IT fig -, Fmjrna. $12 a $K ft a.viti ai ?1 (nr. no quototloa*; r-mmon, In fair de mand. ? , , , ('ouoagr.?Aun ileaiv tarred V'k" a ; f'-ron-n 'I , bat* rf'tw, p* r lb , sun>U. ?**? ; d<> do targe, lie. * - ' M r us Its r ion Auiefb an aoAKniiirb. nominal; *h- et iron, d" do 31,1 a it ; do Kogli-h ic a Pc ; *inc, *h..t, per lb.. 4c a r* ; pig lead do.de a He ; civet cop? Mr She ? 6sV; tin pint**. 1 * iwrbo*. Idc. a 12c . do , t. r x . per box, 7c. a iv. J... 1 c w . per box, "v a V , "blJuio^ Aim,. * -VulL. pevd#-." $6 Ml b??W $1 25 a $2; wrapping p*per. ovarvtocktd; oil cl tn* >1 6u u $3; earthenware pec crate 25 pern n". on invoice. Mi nlM|r< and MAKftirn, Isi Sun Franelaee. |y the Iter A Wllllnmi. Jam-* Aug-ietua Clynne, ynonpvt eon of U'trdf tfl/nne. bq of Mill brook 11 < ?!!???, count? May. IrrWod. to Mary clirLstiiiM Las. On Motday -renin,i. tbr Tib April bytlw R< * Mr bpri|fg. af HrHlnrrr, Mr n. Ph'piy. nlan from Haltintoro. t- Mia P j hlu f. Turn, r, fpungrat daughter of W. Pack rllle Turner. K- | . of London In Pan Frnnct?cn. on the erenlng nf the 21at April, by Iter P II. WlUey Mr. llenry Turtlt to Ml* Patience h- wer mb At Dnylor's Kancli, on the f'o-utnnea. Tue?day evening. April "JIM, Mr tt R. HrUaebaw to Mr< P P Darbw. ? ?n WcUnc Jai i Ti nin<r thi it-d April- by tlie lt?r. IIr Taylor. Mr C Pratt <1 Haltimore. to Ml'-Jnne l'a-h tev ?>f Sydney, X p w <m the Mb April by Hon TV !> Rnttoffc, .tonatban Tiltb- et P M of Sacramento t'ity. and preeefit P M of Sloe It ton, la UN RHsaAnnM KoborU. luteof Brook- . I.?n. N V On the 10th April, at th.- re-blenoe of Mr- Wil-on. (oppo-lta Yaacotirer, Oregon,) by the Her J. It. Wilbur Mr Paniuel II Tullar, t > Mre Pnrth Wilaon *y Jn-ttca PhrparX on thr- 10th April, J.im"- Nap tli-ililo Mary Ann Mr-nan, froth of Pan Frant-lae". In Pan Prancl-en. on the pith April. br the Iter Ver Mehr. Mr .tamea Peering*, of l.ondon. tr- Mit? Parali Mow in in. i fPrdney. . X-ar linte Prairie, tfrigon. April II, Mi A agitata* Pauiin to Miea Rolx-rcn Jann Denny, Iwth ?-t Washing ton county In Santh Tualitia. Oregon, on th- >'ili March. Mr Charier J Mi-rriUto Mi-a Parah II Pchull. hoth of Wash ton enmity. In M'lwaukir, Orison, on the 10th April, hy the Her Mr I M ir Mr Alf.?l hurdling to Mi<* Mary P Camp hell. IrOth of that place tin t In JlJth if April, In Polk e.mo'y, CharL-r W Fn-lth to Mia- Nancy Price. Dl 1 >. On the CWh April, of an at#' r ?? of t t ?*r, t'aplain Alwo'O II nstu-r. late o< N- ? Pedfor.t. Ms ngoHft'i j.ai# la iso|t.iin, llaasil on tlic 2Wh (t? -nl-r Jn?e# Hall aged 60 year* a native of Flngtand bad been disabled by paroly-i* for more than two year# previous to bin death. At MaryxriUr, on Wednesday moruing, April 16, ReT. Joahua Wilson. of the M K. Church At Monterey, 4th April. Manuel,aged tire year*, ion of Don Antonio (Mia In Nevada City, on the 7th April. P. M. Ilummonn. in the Itoth year of hi* age. at the reeldeuee of F K O Par rel). Key., hia partner in business Drowned, at Duwncvllle.on the lolh April, Mr. Andrew Mcllvaine. of Pittsburgh. Pa. Paca amkkto Moa i ti.i i r Ilr.eoaT?For the *it>k ending April 'JO ?April 16. Peter Linebark. aged 06. UUnnta; 16th. Michael Coon.51, Indiana: l'.'tli. Charles Adam*. 27, Canada: lHth. John Pratt -4, Bangor. Me ; Almond Dennleon, IS. Lowell, Ma** ; 18tu, Dr. P. V Jameson. 'JO, Missouri. In Pau Frsuci-eo. on the 25d April, l'eter Yager, in the 3iid year of hi* age. of consumption, at Dr. Zoile'o Inflr mary. May 2?!, Mr. DaTid Patterson, of Portsmouth. .V n., aged 47 year* He retired in good health at night,'and was found dead in bed in the morning. At the store of W. he* Hamlin. India Bar. Tuolumne river. March lllst. of inflammation of the lungi. Jamea B Arnold, formerly of Providence. K. I. The dcc< aged b ave* a family in New Kngland Frozen to death in the mountain!*, -ome time in Apiil, on tig return from tho North Fork of P&luion river to Trinidad, having been overtaken in a *now storm. Dr. Bunnell, of Michigan, formerly eurgeon in one of the Uhio regiment* miring the war in Mexico. MIRTJt. In San Franci-eo. on Jilie 25th April, Mrs Wm I.lord, lute of Fighth avenue. New Fork oily of a son. The mother and child arc. well. Interrvtlng from the Isthmus of Panauta. By the arrival of the steamer North America, wc learn that Miller's Hotel, at (iorgona. was recently struck by lightuing, and one person wag filled. A disturbance had taken Jdlleij between a whit* man and a natirc. which resulted, a* usual, in a decision against the white man fr. in the uatire justice 'alcalde.) Moat of the truTel it ou the Oruces road, the (iorgona roud bung almost impassable frt m Ibe constant rains Business men have moved from (jorgona to t ruces dur ing the wet season The rainy season bad set in -ome two weeks earlier than usual and the river had risen some &ia feet. enabling the river stearners to pa s their entire way up The Masons and f'dd Fellows are about t-tahllshing their respective lodges at t'hagre? where considerable iu ti re-t 1* felt br tie m The miners have returned from Cobjua river with lit tle or no success. Thi re i- no doubt of there being gold, but the natives are too indoleut to work for hire aud the Northern men cannot withstand the climate. i Busitit ?s in ('bagres was good. owiug to thi great num ber of passengers. Provision* were In demand Flgg*. i butter lord, cheese, good brandy, " gar', rloftiing. ice. . poultry. Ac . would meet with a good market. The for- I titer glutted state of the market has j as?cd away, owing to the great travel lately ?r g' The I.aw and order Society ha* been very beneficial. ' deterring gambling uud theft aim t entirely The mo ment a auspicious horubre arrived, he was waited on itu- j mediately uy a choice few. and ordered to leave town, or be thrown info a Spanish dungeon, with no precise idea tffsttterat. ' mm *. Pi nte tlirce huLurcd passenger- Wore Waiting Ivf '-he Falcon to take them to how Urb an" Ou the Pacific -lde, pa- cogers from the Gold Hunter ? win- not pirmittnl by the Ppani'h government to land at Tchuantcpec. I'wiug. it is aid. to some iiil!tt?nee from New York. Pome 1.200 Ppanish soldiers were arrayed to ' prevent their lauding, llalf of h?T pa-amgers con tinued i n to Panama, and tlie others left by other eon- I ti yanees Thi- route will eventually be tin- chosen one. i from it siiorteniug Mie di-tanee. being greatly -horteued, and it* facility for travil being ezce.lcot A sever ? cartli |i ake was -elt at \aiparais", threatening the inhabitant* t artuily. W e baru that llcneral Thomai Herram who some year- inee filled the post of Governor of Panama, with gnat crvdlt to him- if. ant to tiic entire -atisfaetion of his constituency. lia? Vwnwr-appointrd to the office. Interesting: from the kandtilch Iilamlii Tie- stiamcr North America bring* advices trim the Fun hrk h fahaik to tho Mth of Marrh Tb* I'tlywiaii of that date i* almost completely filled with a ti :up"inry treaty, mi l other document- r> lating to it. between the government of Frnui eand the Hawaii an if '.it ti ds. K. M I'errln. as commissioner on the part "f France, and K. 0. W'yllle. ma kecr..tary ?>t Foreign Af fairs, on the part of tin-King Of the Island* were the negotiators of the treaty. A.- the ccmiuissh ner on the part of Kranee win not instructed a? to ah the point* in dispute is t .ecu the two power*, thi- temporary ar rangement has been eutt red into to restore commercial and amicable international relation* until the French com nil -iotier ri'ceivv - adrice Tom hi* g<'vernment Th-si difficulties bate grown out of a mlaundorstand log letw " O tin- two g(vcrnmenl* a- to th- 'nterpreta Iha faoai I i!" article# <4 thi tr vtjrofMayttth IS46 The ability shown by {the negotiators i-very cre ditable to belli ol th'm Tb- treaty i< published in Frin li Kogttsh and Hawaiian! TI Kin ? ha* ? imd lit- proclaim.:: n f< r convening the 1 cgblature on tin- 'J'th of April. TheV- i, h ftigalr tirim i i apt CMht wa* to sail in a few day ? on a cruise. File b ?- been tlirec months in the port 11 Honolulu. Th ? eoudu-t of the dicers and nu n are -poken of in high t *ui - The I >< -hip Vanialis. t'apt (iardn-r wa- also in port, and was -oon to leave The captain and hi* officers nndcri w w. re also spoken of in the -uiue rein The C F re*enu-br'g l awr nee, l'a| t Frn?e. arrived at Hono lulu on the 2etb ot March t'at't. F" reeiived a Warm M I ? II Hnl si '"ifflf '.y hi nun MM I Mnh On the 17lb of March, the birth day of the king was CAlebrat'1 with unusual interest. A -nr. t * as given at the palace in the evening, which wa attvn lel by uunr rou- |aop|o of fort itrn rank an*i worth. W- barn frowt tin I'.Jyn* inn. tliat Is rd Oecrf ?? Tnl* t ha* '.en appointed to th? command of if B. M .hip Bel.ir j Lon of 78 guns, now in the Pacific water* Tlirt-t Day a Ijitrr from filrtlao. Wi lure r- ,-eirrd . ;u file.of the CmitricUnd F.I .Vewi Ivr h'ryt' l<rai v, frmu I lie clijr ' f Mcxl to the 6th Uit 11m jwi'illlcal a?p> et of Me.too had not bei n particu larly luiproe J Mac ? our laid adrtcer AU the paper" rpeal. in atreng 1' run ngalntt the prc??nt admlnLdm tloa *in I tb ? 5/ to-r on of the b a ling journal* of the city of Mexico. gin-. at the load of it- column1- a liet of the jiiinvt?i? who are a?h> d l?y the people foreign K> 1st ton* ??fr? l?. Joae Marin Lacunra. Luladr la Uoaa. an J Jimi- Maria l.ufragu ? Jwtlee ??Ou.vlalaf up? Corra curiar. Cano n A tun .-and Ram n (lam'ra Interior ? Ig-ar'. ]>t- ra, Miguel L rdo |.> Trjad*. and Miguel Ar fioia War Manuel llobM ? If, Kilt the Monio-r fU fmlurmm*, we watd fr bttfain ?plte of the reutinriglion In1 made of the i the.- which waa intruded fo him. It I* In till-.- tb1- laat -uecc-a ha* at-mr tojo-tify hi-. ferc-brht m. I 1. knowledge 1b tbl? matter W teller thainhe mxt jm-i-on-a*? 11 "o will romp' 1 the new mini-t ry if th< y arc i-hou n between tl.? nl-nre name*, they wilt fulfil lb ? J. - ri - < f the liberal part,, an I ?< ill r-?p.-od to tin gen-ral anility Tl:.- I ? eif Itiputlei on the "VI of May, harlrg eg. pre** d nn .pinion a- ti- tb" inheritance <f tile Uluiate rhlbhcn, the cmiultt -e rHblr. w it" project upon that r ill . -. t It as romnr I, in A' '-o th ,t a new iomrrectteaary Bio torn, nt w?. going . ? la'- place in eoiue prorin-er. I.mral An talnd eetii ?< m. e.f hie generr I* to atop It, with ntilrr.< to arfi t.i? nnurprute, and to p?ftl"h them arci rding to law 1". ? S lime t Mexico ha J calb 1 up? n the Minl*t> r of 8' t t1 gin - no of tn-i loon,, n th" m :in? um-.l hy II. i rnni nt f?r the |tn llr of fifty ? ad?-nturer. lit V-nti ii " TWo r jww? ha I wt y t ap| ore tin the pa pen wliirh w. hate r rein I It wo ia! I that a mi t em ot w? ? preparing In the Stale of San I.ilia Putofti. tat m tHit at hmt tumpire! at the lael ace. nut Thi author 1th of I he ftato ?>r taking thi nrnd i ncrg'tic nieaettre - In or ler to pr --"it it Itr financial litnatl'.l o( thl? rerut-lio I* alway-the rame. and the g-i -.rnineiit ie unat-fe i< find a remedy *g?'i?"t hl? | lagn wlileli threaten- fie future of ih" country N? Mtnbder of t ie.aice had h- n found to nndtfliil.. ill'1 - dth-nn tit of that dCb-nlt [-.It ho I.m r?*m llttti.?The tcb.-ener Arietia n-rlrcl thia Btornirg, with f ur davt int. r date* fr. u Jaom l. at which tinta all wm i|iiiet there, and I'rini ? It--ha -111' ti iioiiiie.l concealed in the mountain* Mr Mol'h wna at Ja- mel. and It wa? thought hi? eg ertioua to mak" a tr-aty with M< ulnu pur would termi nate -nrc ""fully by it? ratifi< atlon the foil, wing Week. Mori mi nt" <?f Dlatlngnlahert Inrll? trtnala. Iif Jenkina, I 8. N ; |V.|. K ??,rnoy. Topographical Engineer"; t'ol. Iteedlow. > tt.i t'. I'cTkliia, N I .' It Itoaa. <t?i ; r Munay. W M. X . II Nelaoo V.' . f Reel, >i tt ; I'ri.t. IIill. N t' , were aiin>iur*t the nr'lTalayet terdav at the Aator Ibu;.. I?r Ib ratior tone New London. Conn . Then !? ?*"?' fmith and lndy Rl'iinttarMlc. > V, 1 reeman B. Col man and lady KUlott.vlUe. N \ .1 A Taylor heW Daren .1 O. Codman. fialem; Cant Armatn.n*. t lr ;lnia. J-inva v?n dyke. Montreal: tt. l> benjamin, Conn , weir among the arrlrala at the I nion place hotel Hon I. II Peck. t..rm.nt. I?r .ta? Rtuldard. L". 8 N ; W II Pn-e. It, lb -ton M MrUin. Wa-hlngton, lion I> I, Tub . Horida Major )? B I'u-enl ury. L' A. A ; fi AUm. I'blin.; tV OUh ?ple, I'hlla ; J. .lelTrlea. Boaton, were nim-tig the nrrital" je-t rday at the Irtlng D ti<e Ma. r Mi I au Wa-hlngt u. Tl>. ?. Il. tt ton. C M. N j ,t f'dgar, Memplii" Y M feabrooh. h (' i ?. A Rage, Waahlngton. M Mar-hall I'hlla . Jo- t'ohh. Ootumbn". wen- umottfM th" arriral* yeaterdar at the Am. rlcan Hon. Wm It King atrired at Mobile on the 'i>th uit. Pnnrt Cnlertrlar Ttrla Ihif. p.,mo* t'ooar.?No? 1CI 10. ltd. : I, tfiO IPC I- 7 :.T7, ?:%. : TO. *b). i?V ??. MM. ?*?. tM, bP?. -in* 9P4 "r p? aoi ?. x 'Ch. at* .T"* i f toi Tt " ??? Slt?, Wl.r -1, *V -.<P ?.TP, Mi1, Mto, i?Sl, 421. MJi, :M. AM. A"* 8 ,e? en C?, e i?Otm ritJlea Ua) l*>, Pd.%1, m, i::. r?, ?w. ?, v#, Wf, IW. ^ EUROPE AND ASIA. FOUR DAYS LATER NEWS. ARRIVAL OF Till AMERICAN STEAMSHIP WASHINGTON STATE OF THE MARKETS. 1 Another Splendid Passage by tho Pacific. The Passage* of the Steaiuahipo Humboldt and A?ia, Ac., Ao , Ac. The United State? mail steamship Washington. . Captain G. \V. Flojd, arrived yestorduy afternoon, with accounts from London to the 21st ult., to gether with our usual files cf papers and Etffope* > correspondence. Tho Washington sailed from Bremen on the 16th, and nrrived at Southampton on tho 18th Mag, 1 finally departing from thut port on the 21st. Hoc rovage has occupied eloven days and twenty-two , hours?the shortest ever made by this steamer. ; She brings about 170 passengers, also 190 tout of freight from Bremen, and about 70 tons from France. The American mail steamship Humboldt, C.?p , tain Lines, which sailed hence on the tith of May, j reached Cowca roads at noon, on the Inth ult., and proceeded to Havre, *ufter landing the English , mails and passengers. The Canard steamship Asia, which left one day after the Humboldt, arrived at Liverpool thirteen i hours before her, vis , at 11 1'. M., on tho 17th, thus beating the Humboldt about thirty-seven hour# on the voyage. It must, however, be observed, that the distance to Co tvea is about seventy miles in excess of that to Liverpool. The Hum boldt was passed by the Asia on the 12th May, at S 1\ M.; the latter was then going at a speed nearly fifty per cent greater than that of tho farmer, ia eonsci|ueuee of the Humboldt's journals having become heated, and the engineer being thereby forced to proceed slowly. Tire Humboldt having made her tir-f trip iu 11 days and 20 hours, meau time, is considered to hnve done exceedingly well, a? itw was not j>re??ed by Captain Lines, and had to stop on tLrcf different occasions during tho passage, iu order to rectify incidental occurrences common to the first working of all new marina steam machinery. The American steamship Pacific, Captain Nye, arrived at Liverpool on the2>>th May, tn tun* day* nmttin hour- ntd twenty-jot minute*, or ten day*, without dtthu! "ig the dijf'ertncr in tunt?tht yiiickut pauagt trtr molt. The London Times of tho 21st, says? The Psciflp -ail> J from New York pn-clsely at five miuut'-s past twelve o'clock, OO the loth Inst . was an nounced off Holyhead rt right o'clock tills morning, (May JO) nudsaluted the llock Lighthouse at l&miunte. past 1 o',-lork precisely, thus completing the mn in the remaikahly brief -pace of nine days, nineteen hour* aad twenty-Ovi niitiules. tnean lime Conirn*tin< llm Paci fic's run with that of the royal mull steamship Asia (the last, -t ever pr> iously made). there i? a ilij/rrmce >>? farm of lU 1'wifrf (o IblyiuS of io homo, tie .ina i. in< been aro.en mtS ? ff Hotyhrtid at tuo o'clock in I hi aflnnoon Tht furore expecting the (treat Exhibition still continued, and the attendance of the public wan m great as ever. Tho receipts, including the sale of season tickets, averuged f 13,000 a day. The scheme for turning tho exhibition to educational purposoa, progressed tery favorably, and the University ot (>xf>rl !tad lent it- support to the movement. Tho Commissioners of Police had issued u notice for regulating 'be cab fare-, which gave great satisCao ticn, ani will pre nt extortion. The ({ue>-r. git* a grjud tatc ball at Buckiag h im Palace, on the l'*>.h ultimo. Many Amerioan officers were prereat. A favorable cheng* occurred in tho Liverpool Cutt n tnnrh.t on the l!*th ultimo, there being a considerable demand, with (ales of 7,000 bale*, 2,((f) of which were for exportation. The sccouau ef the *'ute of trade from the province* are more faror able, but businca- had been somewhat deranged by the criiU in the Liverpool cotton market. The various continental exchanges were firm upon London, with prospect of an advance. At the corn market, at Mark lane, the upward tendency of pric * continued, thcadxunce on Kng li-h grain being tkl to It per quarter. Flour held llituly Floating cargoes ot wheat inquired for, la consequence of the firmness of the Irish markets. KDgliih fund- firm ' ut unchanged in ]>rice. Lai. way share-1 weak. Foreign fundi unaltered. From l'arls we are informed that the determined resolution of the legitimists to oppose Louis Napo leon. had excited much attention. The Ctmsfirw tr< nti / replies, in a thundering article, that there will be an irresistible manifestation trout tho wbele country, in the ila|c of pt titions, demanding tho prolongation of the President's powers. '1 he week ly eonnuiTcial report tr?ia the French capital is mi re favorable letters from C?n-tnntin?ple announca the sea elusion of the amnesty question. Kos-uth and Ire others were to be excludedfr >ui Its op?rutioa Th overland 1 ltd an mail reached London untba 19th May. with d ies frotu China to tho .Ulk March. Bombay to the lHrh April, and CtliaMa April 5. India generally was tranquil. Tha iiapott and export market* wcrs very briak, with large transactions. A counts from Ma nilla state that on the 2*th January last an attack had I cen made by the Governor General on the f >rts at Co loo, which resulted in their cap ture. together with one hundred and forty pieeoa of artillery, and other munitions of w ir Two Ame rican gent I own had been attacked and ribbed near Canton. The insurrectionary mov 'ncota still oew tinurd in the t hine**- iinp'rt Accounts from Pru?'cls -tat- that the llelgiaa Mini-try, bavii.g been defeated ?n the finaneial measures brought brf'-ri the Chamber*, had pre sented their n aignatioasto the King on the 17th ult Prom Madrid we ham that the result of the oteo lions would ?cenrc to the cabinet a strong and tcm part majority. The /rogn j1 osition will not number mor?- than forty member*, while th? wwWe rwios would not exceed twenty The allianea of their two fractions sf the Chamber was not, there fore, dreaded by the ministry A royal amnesty wa? published on the 1 Itb ult. at Fhatbarg, dated Copenhagen, the 10th May. It cvteu ls to all persons engaged in the revolt of tkw limbics, except 33 persons specially name l. A frightful accident had occurred in l.onJxn, by the falling of u building in Graccchurch street, is process of construction. rwveral prion* wero killed, and many dang -ronsly w unde i. The aamo day a calamitous Arc took place near 1-owe* Thames street, and several persons k>st tholr IN) Ametiean Six per cents were quoted in Hamburg on the 17th ult. at 1<>7 n \*?*!: Maryland Five jex cents, x.t j. The wcehp, rep utifiront the ABisterdam and Hot tordamp'mince markets ?tate that little alieratioa had occurred In bwslne-s. C..ff <e remained quiet. Vii-g.b < t mlt "11 stent ^ugarwaa net in dctenrd, but t?'?ooer and indigo wera firmly maintain i At Amsc p trade was generally la av the ! The It" ?!- iH-fh, ? fdiwrettro wa !? ng I * .r.iajtea weea it?v \\ t king 4 t.s- fl'Jk