3 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JA-SIF.S OOHDOW bknwktt, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. BTFICE M w. CORNEA OF PULTON A XT) NASSAU *TS. THF IK1II.Y iLKtUtLI), 1 cent* per copy?ft per **7"ifK I* EKKLY HKR.9LD, every daturday at lv+ ?Xa r*' t'V' ?' S-1 T"'T ' ?" <<??. i*)' S.'urryxoii Kdihon per .iff m. (n .1. : ?/(it'll Britain, and $6 to any mart a/:' (ontiw -.it both toi-nlnde tht vintage. Toi r sr.tnv cnHRKSPOypBStE containing new*- tolicite J from any quarter of the wot hi; if tuti' . ill be liberally paid for. Ui'n Fmiioi) Cotuu roam AR1 TAI1 I K'l . * ?L? RCcll RSTkL) TO ARAL AI L AaSTTR)' ? A A)i* Pack AC *9 9A.it to l-l. Jtl.I ' F.TTKHS by mail, for ivbicriptiont, or with |Ui. . ment*. to hepoat-paid. or the pottage will be Jo Ttmeleii ' 'be Money remitted. lf() S'lTlVFl taken of oiionymoiii communication*, ffo do r '?turn tkoie rejected Jlltl'b TIS F. vF'.XTS renewed every morning. JOB J'.1ISTINU executed with neatnest, cheapnrn. and deer 'cA Vmlmtue XVI Wo. 133 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. lOVF' T THEATRE. Bowery?A Day or Keckoning li)OT W mm?Gondii im o? Milan. BROADWAY THEATRE. broudway.?Aiail, thi Pro ?j<.a v 1 avohita Farce. N1ELO S GARDEN. Broadway-Tur Rivals. BURTON'S THEATRE. Chamber* *tre?t?No Per Wrmui.ce. NATION\L THE ATRE, Chatham etroet?Slkhlb AWn Caa-dh,?Lo v a A 9 or run Ai r?? Adoft>d Chili>?Gold ?M Ala. BROUGHAMS LYCEUM, Broad way-Horns Boon or liari ? Bagi.ars" Orraa. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Meehanio*' Hall, 47.' Bread ??J? Ethiopian Mj>?trai,?y. FBI.LOWS' M!N'STRF I S. Fellow*' MuicaJ Hall, No. 144 ?toadway?Ethiopian IniTiauY, AMERICAN MUSEUM?Amaix. Pnroa?A?cu Ar VBRNU ON AND Cvi 11SO, DOUBLE SHEET. Haw York, Tucsdaf, Jane .'J, 1851. Tclcgiajiblc. Summary. IV e learn, by telegraph from Boston, that the trial of one of the parties indicted fur reacuiug the fegitive slave "rhadrach, will be probably brought k a close to-day. The evidence has been so clear, that we should think there can be no doubt or what fee result will be. Nothing but the conviction of the parties who were engaged in that atrocious out 1kge. provided the evidence will justify it, will Wipe out the di-grace which it inflicted on Boston It is reported that the Indians in Yucatan huve keen recently defected by the whites, and that hos hlities are drawing to & close tn that peninsula. We regret to hear that the cholera has broken ?Bt on the lower Mississippi, and that on board one : steamer twenty-fcur deaths occurred recently. It ould it cot be prudent in our city authorities ?cw that the warm weather has set in, to adopt same mc.isures to purify the city, so as to keep that dreadful disease at bay 1 An ounce of prevention, in a case like this, i- worth more than a pound of ?arc. Isater from Kuro JX-, ami from CuUforiiln, Clingrri. and Panama. By the arrival of the steamer Wj.-hington, from the old continent and England, we have tiles uf foreign journals, with dates four days later thun Uiose recently received. The American steam-hip Pacific arrived at Liverpool on the twentieth of lust month, baring made the shortest outward passage from New \ ork yet on record. This new triumph of our steam marine is one in which every citizen naturally will indulge the utmost pride. At Liver pool, th>- cotton market had recovered from its re cent depression, and sales w. re bri-k. Business generally in the English provinces had been de pressed. from the effect of the cotton eri-U. The Londcu Exhibition continues to be as attra-tive a* ever, and the receipts show that the public ink rest is unbounded in the display. The political news presents no new features, though they are more fully developed. < >ur selec tions from the foreign journals supply a variety of information on the most interesting topics. In trance the purposes of Loui- Napoleon are more j fefongly avowed, and his di -ires arc very openly urged. < 'n the one hand, the legitimists oppose the prolongation of his Presidential powers, while I his own friends and supporter* make the most cla- , naorous outcries in support of the plan. All thi?, ! however, appears to be of l.ttle consequence, a-' ! there are many binders to the overthrow of the I constitution at the will of l,ouis. The t "nine?e ' empire, as is ascertained by the overland mail from India, is still the scene of insurrections; and at Manilla disturbance- have resulted in the capture ; ?f the forts at 8-kjIoo, by the Governor-* lenoral. This will be the subject of an investigation at an ?arly 'lay in England, and w presume that further Ucounts will prove that these transactions have I been of the same character a- those hitherto known Id Vfae Chinese scents, and at the Cape of Good Hope more re-eutly. The arrnal of the steamship N-rth America last evening from ( hagres?through the attentions of I the purser, Mr. J. J. Thompson, and of lir. John W. \ an Zindt?has enabled u? to publish the features of the intelligence brought by her. "i*hc North America has brought fight hundred thousand dollar* in gold dust and coin. The information from the m ning regions is highly cheering?in fa< t, the digger* up)ear to be doing better than ever before. Tin re are point", al-o, of tonsiderable mterc-t in the news from Pa nama and Chagres. Tiio-e w.ll be perceived by a reference to another oolumn, but we em *'? t omit to notice the intimation eonveye 1 with Jeepect to the influem - at w .rk to retrain A meri ?arisfr'm land i ? at I "huant. p. c. Ifitis.as we now *epe< t, that there has been a direct interference on th- part of rival- to the Tehnantepecrailroad t' in terpose obstacle- to the n- umel advantages of that route, -Bi n conduct cinnot be eoneealed, and must ?vci tua'.y fall far short of it purpose. The ent. r- i fwise of our |oopl?? will not be eirea inscribed i by any men, Ut them be ergagcl in speculation*. 1 however cxttfisivc or praiseworthy The shortest and ?afc*t route to ' ulifornia, be it what it tuav, eat ? ot be bio*, ked o| to suit the caprice* or the ?elfish motive- of any party. Tae probability is, that tkie attempt to interfere wirht.b natural ten dern ies ff our trs,r" with California, w ill direct at* pent on very elo.cly to the Tehuant- pec r>uve. We , must, however, eonf - our surprise that the Me?i eaniihould desire to hut their gates to a pais ige, , wbieh we recently I. arned it was their intention to s>pen. with great advantage* f r 'he transforation of met' handier sn-J passengers. This -ubjoct is be- | Coming interesting. '1 nr i.stk KstAt, Art inrvr ov ;h?: Patkrsoai 1 aat H a ma ro Rs'i.gOAi' ?We publish el'ewhere, , b-day, the t< -timony before the jury of inquest, re- | Is tire to the late fatal autident on the Peterson *n<l Hetnspo Kuilroad, near Bergen, in New Jer- | ?ay llie facts show a d'grtc of carelessness, wU.ch, for the sake of humanity, if no other oonsi derw ion, rails for a better regulation of the aflairs Of tb< *oad IfftSixftfeVrr raow Rants?The "team?Mp ISelBe. Captaiu KatP-f from hew % - i k for C alifornia arrived at Balita on the fth of April. In * pan-a^c of eigbU-an day 8h. reaehrd the equator In f. urts?n i?y. and twelve hours Cupula It put Into Bnliia f'.ra supply of eoaJ. and woaU pr-c-i U Valparaiso without tou'hlag at Rio The P netted moeb attention at Bsliln and was ?islt ed by the Governor and th- t nU?d Slat.* (V,t?0| th? ir ladies and a large imm'-r of Influential eHiaew ' WV part-->k fa eo||?tl"n "ii I- ird Mrs Maehado a passeng?r for kin. Ji..| on board lite ' 9 of .trr'jwyiihe Js^ prrti"v? to rnvhiuy port Ftr?f In pnltnt Krrr Roll Movement In I Vermont?John Von Buren In the Flrlil? Lookliid to the l*r??l Jem > . We devote a | ortioit of our spaou, to-day, to the recent proceedings < fa Free Soil ?>r Democratic Auti Slavcry Convention lit the stato of Vermout, aud to u speech delivered by John \ an Huron to the free toiler* of tbat Mate, both of which we have ex tracted f t m the columns < 1' the anti-slavery organ in thir city, ihe ?vmw( P< -f. They will be rea l with iutere-l at this time, as we ure on the etc of a Presidential eanvass, which promises to be oue of the most interesting uml exci.ing that has ecer taken place iu this country. Movements looking to the uc.vt Presidency have already been made in differeut Stn:cs of the I uiou, and the Vermont Free >oil Convention, to which we refer, is a eonti nuation of them, and, we believe, the first on the pait of the free Boiler- ol' the North. The tree soilers ot Vermont, who are represented in thi- convention, were originally connected with the regular democratic party, as was the ease in the -date of New York. They separated from the old hunkers or compromise democrats, for the same reason that the l'.ee soilers of New \ ork cut them selves cleur of their old a. - >? iates, w ho still belong to ibe greut democratic party throughout the coun i try. The wbigs of Vermont, as a general thing, , advocate the same ultra free soil principles as the free soilers themselves do. In this respect, there is no difference between the free soil whigs and the free soil democrats, a.id the sentiments of both are pretty well represented in John Van Huron's speech. The scion of the sire of Kiuderhook, ho srever, dis plays a want of correct information concerning the course of Congressional legislation in times past, which we would not have exjiectei in one who has had such facilities as he ha-, had for arriving at the truth. On another occasion, we may show him his -ud and melancholy ignorance of coteinporancous history. But in respcet to the view entertained by the free soilers of Vci luent, and the position assumed by John \ an Buren in his speech in that State, at the free soil convention, they arc identically the same as those of the free soil whigs of Vermont, and of the ultra whigs of the North and New Kngland generally. They are not quite so black, or revolu tionary, or blood-thirsty a* thoi-c of the Lloyd Gar risons and Vendel Phillip-, or Pillsbury Parkers and IViker Pillsburys, of Bo-ton, who celebrated their anuivei-ary a short time -;nce at Syracuse, i iii this State; hut their inevitable tendency i? the same, and tLcy ?ould undoubtedly lead to the same result, and produce the .-atue consequences, if they wore carried into practical operation. There i- very little more "hun a -hade of difference be tweeuthem. 'The one set directly assail the con stitution and tiample it under foot; the other en deavor to undermine it in a -ncukiug and di-tard!y manner. Both are laboring, each in its peculiar way, to disorganize the country, dissolve the Union, and both contemplate the -urnw ttate of things in the Southern Mates as was witnessed in St. Do om go. when the ""il of that i-land was reddened by white men's blood. This is one of the terrible cata?trophcs to wbieb this free soil und anti-slavery agitation tends, no matter under what gui-e it may be conducted. If not checked and subdued, it will lead to civ il war, dissolution of tin J ni m, smoking plantation- and blood 1 blood! blood! From the bin's and mucUdoes thrown out by John Vau I'arcn in his speech, the free soil conven tion in Vermont a] j ars to be only a preliminary step towards concentrating the whole f:e<- -oilforoe of the Northern and New Luglund M itfor the purpose of operating on the next President a! elec* tion, probably on the old Buffalo platform. It is very likely that free soil delegates, claiming to be the delegates of th<- regular democratic party, will demand admission bit) the Baltimore Convention, as they did in ly I"*?that they will be denied uduiLs sion, ami that th< y will then repair to Buffalo, as they did in I*!*, and there construct another Buf falo platform, and nominate a separate candi date, with the vii w of defeating the election of the nominee of the Baltimore Convention, as they defeated Gen. I ass. Indeed, the whole tenor of John Van Buren's speech, and some of the senti ments which he avowed in it, and the predictions which are half revealed in it, indicate that the free ?oilers of Vermont and the North are preparing for such a convention, for the construction of another Buffalo platform, and for the nomination of a sepa rate candidate for the Presidency. And if we may judge from the movements going on around us? from the election of Mr liautoul to the House of Representative- at \V'n-hington, from Massachu setts; the election of an anti-slavery Govimorin that State; and the return of Mr. Sumner. another anti-slavery politician, to the United Stater Senate ?the probability is that the anti-slavery or free -oil candidate for the Presidency, at the next election, will get mora votes in New l.ngland than Mr. Van Buren did in 1MB. The result, in all probability, will be, tbat the election of the next President of the 1 nited States will devolve upon the House of Representatives at Washington?that body bring obliged, acording to law, to select one from the three candidates having tho largest number of votes. T?i* ( m m i anp the Mkvp w Ur < i.i-.? Will there funny developement? MVer have an end! Will tht amusing mystery never be fully solved J 1. very duy the valuable Wa-hington letter writers udd something to our rtock of Information, or cor rect some <1 their previous mistakes. .Mr. King miiQ. of the Ji'urnil "f C'-ntm r , who hold- an office m l far from Mr t'orwin's, bar the fol lowing Wmhi*. tr>?, May 0, IV.l ft i- p -iti*?-ly asK-ttc.l today thai lh<-.-Wet-lory of th? Tr-n>ur? h?- not offer' t to pay Ut'k tin- S'"'-?ito Mr iimriti- la*.and dots t ?' lotriid to do it. bst tuai, on the contrary. he ha- in-tiioi'-il an mri-tll-nti si lain the wheat i* outs sol boasts til- of the ini - 'V thirty th'U-anTdoUam Aga i, the voluabli 'ettsw writerofthe Trthmm, who?c name is Hector sib . igammon, of Slier# gammon, or Walt< r \ >n'l woul ,nlo >c#upyinga fat offioe in one of the department*, writ#- as follows: ? VTt'ni- rot Sunday. u 1.1SS1. rj ob en ruinath n (flht| iper? 'bowing isoynivnt- to pur-t t r ot llr O r* ?'? roun<t fii - In th<- <?*?? ? l*? I r* lb' Mr* jn ' mini- n r tt cpjoar tbat Mr. ij,* jr ft? ju-t < no hnndfvd 'I -Ihir- by the j ti? h -r Mr < rwtii ? ir?ll> ?cf? for t*? psn lata*. Mr V 1 bst?r wl. ?m? *a>i 1 j?-t In -OBW casos with Mr I'rtvit.lr t :n tirnriy all if th? h> iff #a?os rwilins rrry ttt'gi 1 ? ?-tI*, r li ?, Ti. 'ii-ht J r un "I Uwr- also doin- l*i '?> tin ly Mr M I-t-r' al l in this r inurctIon, a h- rt tims linn that t.i thought It 'jult* as mu< h within to-jir? *1n<-r *? Senator to pros-cuts uits in n uris eomiuis 1A0111 ri Si I'- npMi as in tba guori tne Court Tic s-rrifaof th?-r< xiini?i war* arc highly will a -f ?? jui-t and inipar1i.il Pi i.- p<-tnt-- ? clunmnl# only flBti '? .i' la*j'.s h*r? ar.- laughiojr at tholdeaof t'oi . .. 0,1 iORixd arc! f??1*iBg h* pr-*"* ding? of a cooit ?' fitial n**r<i' The JiPflssI t" iMMl|str Iks a'1 lit 1 roua-'i with th?ix .lieat? t- still mora aii.u- tig in It- ??1 Jaory Th" n of ni'ist vtraorilinarily con- 1 fir tir gr ' m iit-. I th ?? to men an i money. \\ by don't you pub- -h tlmpmpora, if you see theiu ! (hie-ays that ^!r ? ? ;gc fu?w only claims |RD; 1 another u' ,im t?? that L- has lost, :ilrea<ly, , besi'Jo' f'si >i?si n?n-i whi-h Mr. ( orwin won't p iy 1 back. What are tk nakt 1 ' ?ct- in all these state- , me'rt* I Fubln^i the p?p?r?. Some polit:ci*u- i think tluit miBi mtirm art always fair g'ime, sod thai the Its* Mr law sp . ?fhislo*"i lopolitiot, the hitter for hi- jr-.f,i? in -teamer-. The real truth If, that . '1 have mod ? money, i-xeept tho ftr-t digger, nut of its ''act" for the /hjuUir und other j pajer*. whose bill of uhl Iw ointf is not yet paid?nor will he- , Opening of the Italian Opera. The At- r f'lsce flpert lfou?< was to ha*e oj- rod this rTeaiDg with the epcra ' I.urin di l.anvio<mii? r but in rausrineT '?? of an aweMeat to B-neTeotano ' fsierr tia llorgta la- bet n >0> "I tUte I In this op.-: a Ihei- has already highly dl?tl-> ni?he j I., r-elf. and a? B- ttlni i- to ?f l*ar in It >v? Oean m a fty fmat tn-at umy tna ev f"'(r1 Tin arar-on of M -rr t? I: ?hould ojren with brtl lisa') end we dt>ul t nut llist th" I'.rers of the ..pr ra win >,< hi 1 at? iirt.14" in tiu" lull fo. oj beauty. f??hi ?ik1 iplc'.ll*..>p. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH.! Frobi Waahln^ton. MATTERS AND TIIIMl ' Al Tilt CU'li 'I,? l'1!I ?-AHI MRT? CI Hints ArfOlM UEMT? MI'XU'IPAI. f.TBf* 'I l(l\, tic. W.iHI?nTML Juue 2, 1S01. Ex Governor Young lias just 1*11, hating flui*U*<i hi* bush., -s 11* disclaims all conuectiou with the \ au AVyek and lia:l*y matter Several New lurk politicians remain The talk is. that Corwin and Conrad must, and Webster ought to. leave the cabinet. g. cretary btuart attended the menagerie to-day, and laughed at the monkeys, lli. appointment of young Laugdun, who U only nineteen years old. as Examiner in the Patent oflice. at a salary of tifteeu huudred dol lars. is loudly complained of. Laugdou's lather is an ultra dt mocrat, and did not want his boy appoiuted. Who did it.' ltobcrt T. Itoehc was to-day elected City Collector, beating William E. Howard. Th*y are both whig*, and the contest was rery close. The office is worth $J,tX)0 per annum. William S. McCormiek. itoglster, and Hen ry W. Pull. Surveyor, are supposed to be re-elected. The l ulled State. Treasury statement exhibits fund, subject to draft, amounting to $14,250,274, of which a Little over $1.1100.1)00 is deposited in Philadelphia, aud over $-'.000,OoO in New York. The sou of John Thompson, aged nine year., was acci dentally drowued in the canal yesterday. General Pcrtifor t. Smith has arrived here. During the month of May, eight hundred dollars was contributed towards buildiDg the Washington Nationa Monument. ' The denial of the Albany Rr^ialrr as to the appointment of John C. Spencer to be Commissioner to adjust Califor nia land titles, only manifests its ignorance, and the lit tle confidence Mr. Spencer place# in Jerome Puller. Mr. Spencer's appointment was sent off last Monday. I, of course, know nothing about his acceptance of it. [Perhaps it is Joshua A. Spencer, of Utica. instead of John C. Spencer, of Albany.?En. Herald.] From Boston, MILITARY CELEBRATION?THE SKADRACU KSSCtTE cask, i.rc. Dorrov, June 2, 1851. The Aneient and Honorable Artll! ry Company cele brate their 213th anniversary to-day by a parade, an ar tillery election, sermon, and a dinner. Uen. Wool and hisaid, Capt. McLean, who arrived here on Saturday night, ar, now reviewing the company on the Common Also. Gen. Shields, of Missouri. Capt Shields, of Sher man's battery of flying artillery, and Governor Bo at well, with his staff. The display is quite imposing. General Wool, and other invited gucits, will dine with the com pany The testimony in the Fugitive Slave rescue case closed to-duy. and at a little past twelve o'clock the Hon. John 1'. Ha lit commenced the closing argumeut for the defence He assumed, bist. that the government was bound to prove the allegation tiiat Shadraeh was bona fids a slave under the lawa of Virginia, at the time of the rescue; I secondly, that he I',raped from Virginia into Mitssachu i s> tts and was legally under arrest b,re He alluded to I the feeling and law in Virginia in regard to slavery, and I aid h? r a compliment for her liberality in all cases where ; slaves were contending for their rights; and he only i wished for Scott (file prisoner.) that he might have as i fair and impartial a trial hew as h" would have in Old Airginia. Many points of the Fugitive Slave law Mr. I Hale alleged to be uneon titutionnl. but in the present . rase he would routine hine elf to the defence under tile ! law as it was. He then proceeded to take up the several count- in the indictment; nud argued them separately, | us sustained by the law and evidence. Bafbn) lie enn I clud, d the court adjourned. At the dinner of the Ardent and Honorable Artillery i Company, in Fancuil Hall, this afternoon, speeches wure made by Ueneral Wool, General Caleb Gushing. Colonel Isaac \\ right, and others. At the election of officers, j Gen Gushing was chosen commander at the company. The trial of Stephen 1>. Gary. for thu murder of George Haywood, the Depot Master at Lincoln. Massachusetts, i in December last, rommeneed to-day. at the Supreme Court, in Ea.-t Gambrigdr. The prisoner ia ably defended; 1 but tbc testimony against him is overwhelming Tin) trial will <?cupy two or thre* days 1 A man answering the description of McXaity. the I murdirerof Charles f mi; h. was arrested ut Autbcn,oa i Salurday last. Officers have U en -out to identify him. Mr Durlitigamc. proprietor ot the Krightou Hotel, is no t di ad. us was r< ported on Saturday last It is said that the Hon. J. P llale will comun nee summing up fur the pri-ontrs to morrow Affair# In Yucatan?Secret a ry Corwin, Ac. Civiivmti, June 2. lHol. From Yucrtan it is reported that the Indian warfare Is tost drawing to a close Th" Indians hid sustained. Ho, dy defeat at Baca lor whi re they were utterly rou, a by the whites. The Hon. Thos Corwin arrived home on Friday night. AV* have no signs of eh bra in this city; the c .?<?? < u the riv, r are chiefly confined to emigrants By adTices fr. m New Orb-alls. We learn that o . -Presi dent llerrera (a former desnatrh from New <(rleaus said ? x-l're-ident I'mdra/.uJ died in the city of Mexico, on the 10th lust. Cholera an the .MIialMlppl. Cairo. lit . May 20. Isul. Chohra ha- broken out <>n the lower Mississippi Tlie rti'Hiiifr Pride of the Wr-t arrired from brltw, erov<led with emigr.uts, uuioos'-t whoru twenty-f.ur deaths ccrurrei]. together with eight cases. whieh pro mise to t< rminnte favorably. The Flection?Latest from the Doubtful Districts. T*Kwir-rimi dutbict. Ithsi a, June 2. 1 A.M. The election I* so close in this district that nothing ehort of till official count will decide It here. I lslitle that Willi*)* la elected the* :?'Tompkins, 18 majority f..r Wi.liams. Votes ga majority for Stanton; ."mo-s. 15 nisji rity for Vi uUatn* lining it iliisliL- hie majority in the district. TWI.ATT-AHlll IHATRHT. J> 11? raoa. Chemung county. May 28.1S.M. R< turn* from Steuts-n insure liuinnip's election In this district l>y about luO majorii y?all the towns haling been hoard from Tbe above is undoubtedly correct. From Kaltlmnrr. I 11.1. or A III IUUNO?DEPART' EE up PHTlNMI ,-IIEK perrons nr. Hii riwni >. June 2. 18-V1. A ui w building on High -tr< ?! fell .iowu thl truing, just after the workmen had b ft. Pour children had u narrow es< ape One little girl wax juuglit In th< ruin* bnt wax rescued, slightly Injured. We hale no mail south of Itah igbt" ni.ht Mr Pehcnrk. Minister to lira/II . aui family Mr f'Vack reeretary of hegation. lb v Mr Bitlenper 'Chaplain to tb> Nary and Mr l'< n.lletoti > hip.'c to linen.* Ayres ?rritred w thhglty t d.ij tom w ?-Mutton Tin; will lease for Norfolk. trh'r< th-vwiii etnl<ark on b.ard the I'nlted Plates steamship BUx/,u< hauua. bound f >r lllo Jam iro Naval I ii tell licence. Sf'Rf Ot .H June 2 1861. The t'nl ed Plates si'op i f *n Jamestown, <'aptaln Bowuing bound to Brazil, via Msd< ira. -ailed yesterday Fire al Tiny, Trov. June 2. 1 *."1. A Are nceurred at West Troy last toght which d" -troj. <| a large wooden building I* loog ug to Horace I., hay T wo dwelling* and three )?i o- w> r< al <t< sir .yod. The lo-s is ta.uou, which is covered l y insurance Death or an Alili riuiin at Albany. At SAM June 1 11(1 AI4<rman l.ynch a member of the pr.-eut board ei find last aiglit MhiIai t Nai tiMoii June 2,1 s>1 Tlic tales ?f Howard street flour to lay rcieh 1 ion Iron I- at M a f4 2.'-. and of City Mills Tun laurels it M 27 tj. (iraini-unrhnn ' d . It 11 ai,a June 2. Hal. The receipts of the past fortj -eight hours have bt-n Fl >UT 22 dA) bai reb. wle :.t. <?< issi bushels; rctrn. <?1 tin htisbt Is Tlo re has been a mt brute deniuud for fi'tir. with .ales of Miekigan at f . SO Prime wh-tr hit. I?. n in denial. 1 kui common ilexcriptlons were dull, Willi a downward b'Mlrney, sales (JUli bnahels at 7S*r a k'v for "hie and Me forChir-igo 0 .rn b h.oij ow. ing t arge re. cipls 'M >1 A/0 hush' I. fid at h'st f r ml* e| We?term t? hisk?y b- ate..dy at .1# for Ohio. Freight-are without change Ai sA?r. June 2. DM The re-el|d? sines oiif last liars In ? n as f..lows Flour, i 7 .vsi barrels wheat. 2,.'ivt> tiu-tel- co-n. flt.ono bu-hei Tliir. has ts.-n a g?"d htuin?-. d'dng o flour, tlo 'ales wore 2 <A1i barrels ?t At a P4 ldf.r Ml-hlgan; and ft 41 ? *4 V. for pure (ion. w Prime wheat in fair demtnd for Pilling. 1.600 biirhele soil at (>1 It for (.ansae*. lOota) bu-heis of corn sold at .W f..r tniled W-wteru ai I its- for round yellow tint areeterdy 'ifl hu-li el i banged hands at tfie 81 ii-k?y t< umdutng.") The llotsnhen It lota. rn rHki: B> OttNAT ok Alt. Magi: \l|OX n? pfliK/N IR1 Vreterday ?fl? rno-ti at 4 I' M, Justice Kidney open ed his court f. r the further evamioation of Henry fchnades, franc is kaelmer. and Casper^Bi tiger. the thn-e i renisinmg prisoners in custody ia ? ,nn cti .n with th" ; n. taken riot The rase of Casper finger t?? the first taken up. and Mr Chedsey. ssnP>r nouns I for tha committee of the ?< m.an association, argtr d against tht propriety of r? reiving the IsttlKrny of Patrick Ptank'y a. sitftieient to justify the further incarceration of his rtlent. Frederick Wels? then made the fotlnwlo ' a'H l.irlt ? 1 ? >n Thursday the 2ldh of May, I w? at th- IVrg -n ' court. I was called upon by Patrick Plank y wb" weJ he was tbe person that ?w. re against Ca f? r sing, r; an l ti.at he was the p. t*.n who idvtitlfic | g,r<. r it' tlic man that strurk Martin BrltU< s .,ri the tier, wth n k'lif. Patrick Stanley props''? t' *e< | - ut of th. way when Pil.jir'a trial tatnson p.oiidedlw ull :ivi hint some , Ho to y f tin I! refits* d I" h id any further centri'ini eatb o a 'th hitu ' Li ci oi ) s a?ra*r ? tli' ? Jit'4 Msr ii it ig i< o >t I mentioned. It mer-ly state* thnt Singer ?tahb?<l a m m in the ueck After some arguiMBt* on the part of counsel for the defence, to show tho wwtuf rM|?iuililUtj' in ftauloy, the accuser of linger, Justice Kidney ?tut?-.s that there were two- Isargv.s egaiui-t tho prisouer, mi X >r having been a rioter at McOurty'e, on the affidavit of 8aah Mi ''??:ty. and the other for stabbing. on affl davit Of P? trii k St:n. It y The c< unxel eon tended that thech meter I ot the principal ma user. Stanley should b<- taken into confident 1<>D as well M the testimony?that othoM could he produced to show that he wanted to he bought over from appearing on the trial us evidence; hut the JuNtiee overruled. Henry SehuadeN and 1'ruucls Kaeluier were thau called cufto answr to the charge of having takcu part in the Iloboken riot Saruh Met'arty was called upon to identify Francis Kaeluier & lie testilied as follows ? I do not recognise the prisoner, Francis Km-lui-r. as having been among thus* who made the attack on McCarty's h'-usc on Monday the iWlh of May; the man whom I saw iu jail, and whom I recoguixeil us one of ih i rioters, was fatter in the taps' than the person whom I now tee; 1 do not believe it is Rile sauie man. The prisoner was then fully discharged, and his bail relieved' Atom further responsibility .*urali McCarty s former ntlidavit. nowin the hands tsf Justice Kidney, was, that she hud seen Casper Singer and li'rauels Candler en gaged in thu riot, and that she had recognized th-in iu the Bergen jail. Henry Bchnadea was next called up. and Michael Mc Carty sworn, who testified aa follows:?'To the hast of my kncwiedgii I saw this man iSehuades at the rear part of the Herman crowd, when ihc attack was being made on my house; lie hud no club iu his hand: I can not say whether lie was assisting the Germans in the .it tack, or whether he was endeavoring to pacify them; I saw several Germans in the crowd trying to lead the riot ers of their party away, and to prevent their injuring my premises; I cannot recognise prliuudes a-a piribcip itor in the riot." The rest of witness's testimony was merely a repetition of that given by him at the coroner's in-iuett. Nothing having been proved to justify his committal or retention for further examination. Henry Sehuad s was discharged and his hall relieved. Casper Singer was again called out, nud Sarah MeCarty brought forward to testify to his identity as one of the rioters; but not beiug able to recognise him as one of the party, he was fully exonerated from the charge preferred ugainst him as a rioter, lie is still retained, on the charge of having stabbed a man in the neck. Next Thursday, at 4 P. M . was then appointed for the further examination of Jacob Grossarth. Samuel Lib-wit. l'hilip Piesel. Jacob l'ap-t. Philip Long, and Ad >tph Candler, ail of whom are now at liberty on ball. It is probable thnt all of these will be fully discharged, bad un cfh rt will be made to invalidate the evidence of I' i irick Stanley against linger, the only solitary individual now iu custody on a charge of being connected with the riot. Mall* for Kixrops*. Tli" British mail steamship Afrisa, Captain Ryrle. w.ll 'cave this port to-morrow noon, for Liverpool. Her mail* will close at half-past 10 o'clock in the morning. The Now York 1I> halo, printed in French and English, will be published at half-past 9 o'clock. Its contents will em brace the important news of the week. Messrs. Edwards gaudford \ Co.. of Llvt rpool and London, and Mr. B. 11 Kevoil. of Parts, will receive subscriptions bud adver tisements. Jenny Llntl.? Altliuiiglt the sweillsli Right. in gale is about cli-Jng her engagement, the great excitement on her account should not prevent ladies and geaMomoa from \ i-itina the New York Umuerr- nn Gallery, No. -it'i Gr- earn ich street, corner of I ?r- lay, where the cheap -t au-1 best Dajurrreoty pes in the city may he had. Free Classes for ttic Violin. KIsite, die Cla?ses for t-xinn-r ugl be f--rui?d this evening, for gcntlemea, at tin Mu il Aeaceasy, Rl*? Allen street. Also on Saturday at ouk, fir bey-, free for tw ? yean. In.stri.inenta fur ul. I., A. Iti.XJAMIN, i'riu ipal. We uiidrrntniitl tlint Messrs. L. d( J. Jacob*, hegr-at neoordeuni-its "t lttt Chatham -tret, lot- aJ dial b asiii* nny p- rsoa I their name to play,the aec->r-ir-m f--r tl tOU. 1 hey have kindly volunteered their --'rsi- es in m t -.f tho Actors' Order of friendship at th- Vati- ual, and the Jnnrr-ynu-n t urp-ut-.rs' Strike of Philadelphia, at Tr-pler Ball this eveniug. Flanon for tlie Million#?Tlia American I'isno Porte Company supply Plan-- fortes for the million,

in an eaay lit fcaii'-lc mautier. All who want Pianos?all who hire, er expect to hire. sh--nl I snl-seri'-e their names. Three dollars per i ionth will insure a new and beautiful Piano north $-1W, in a comparatively short period. The Company rc vii?-hut one hundred names, sod th- auuiber will, ia all pruhah lltj. I e i-omplet- d -loriug tlie n h. Over seventy names are already reiei' d. The books will r?iaain opi-u during th- w--ek at tlic office, Lafary B.uliin. , 8"'.1 Broadway, room No. 5. * tJs-nln'is Vssrlrd Assort men t of Light and dashing luioiucr Hats (dress ?tlj uu-ir si) comprise the f--l lowingRotkv If onntaia Sill-try B m-r, A lot-- Br-tsh. Sili.r Broth, r'reaoh fir-y Denver. French Felt (wlut- nod riral'). Snow tl i i it-- Panamas, l.-.l. rn, Hon stable. Dia nond Braid, Kir- Straw, Chin* Pearl, with numerous style riyi ral su-i ? II rr, ol < ool 8limner Cap-. Xo. On the whole, by lar the most rxt- - iv- aud elegant r'. >i k in ties aity . G1 NIN, 211 Broadway , opposite St. Caul's Knocked Down.?A vrsy rs-aperratsle young tnsn ci in* homo last w?ek fr- m s party- late in tie- ev---iini. was Un- card down with the heavy end of a I-a wat-r sj- ut, w 1 i- li he w as flourishing about and ratlin.- up n eve ry < ne to tight him. It w.is obscrv-*d, li iwn rr, w .-a lie wa s got home, that in- hat nil s in-r- I no injury at all. A good reason?it ens oas of kaox's bats, which w ither and blows cannot rp- il. Summer FJmiiirl*.?Tlir benefit derived tr"iu th* nae uf ?oifietMiir po,ae,-in;t the mature of woollen fi rnferaiirtttU: ???"?, caaaoth* to> In.hly ?ppr. i nted. Tli? Zephyr d*. to he had at the Jf< w V>>rk St ?? k iD|! I'artory, Iv4 Bowery. aB,?ar the parpnae of heaver w ollen, ?.-? r.. ??? >1 ;>,?!.tf 111 11 wear, v-ry elaatie, an,brink ahl. ? I ? n a*.hid, and for couUort and health, nut to in valuable. II** h Fart.?Von ran piirrlm?r Floor Oil Clothe, from one to two yard* wide, at le ami fa per yard; teantituI Idj!a-ii i arjietr, at 'le. *-. and ?">?. per yard, three ""L 7a., he. and Pa per yard, at No. Alt Bow ply Carpet cry. HIRAM AN DEKION'5? th? eeletrated, largeat and rhuApeft fetal li burnt ia the United State*. The (reateet ' ar; nine tut ottered. Stove Dealer* arc rrepectnillf InvHrd to aiemia* our atoek of nne>|tialled aaaortmeat of Atava*. tVt hate it:?t trot ont a new Air tixht Cooking Stove far UM. the Od I rell"W. Alio tit eliei of iiimtner furnace*, which am t? need with ev without an oren. the only thin* of the kind li Karhet. ABENDKOTH. BROTHERS. 117 Bcrkman ak. World's Fair.?Vial tor* to the World's Fair ar 'ncited to e xamvne the aubaeriher'a atoek of Ureaaint Car *. The j are the in<>at romp*'t an I uaefnl arttr'-< of tha kind u&nufactured. eontainlnr nil that i* aeoeaaary for the toilet ot the in. at fattidl-.ua. S.yl'NDERS. H7 Broadway, ooruer ot Liberty at., and 337 Broadway. Comb Factory, 3B7 B rood wayDadlss arc faapetlfully Invited to eiatnine tlaa choice (election of dreea ?omhe: the variety ia. heynnd all dr.ntt, the grtateal in the ?ity. eoapriatag the raoat Uautifnl open work in ahall aal bmCalo horn. Conk* repaired and made to order. A. ft J. SAUNDERS. Tlninlnt** Sulphur (laths, .147 Pearl street. opt -Ito the Hi apital. tatahli-I.ed in 1*31, bv Loin. J. Tim ' let fri -a I'nrli, f. r the i nrc of rheiim.nli.iik, enlda, eruj> th'in l III" ?kin. A. , T1 la la the *r?t eatnhllah. d an I "*ly in n 1 inlphlir lath In tlii.clly We rater to Dra. Valen tl in II t'. t net i, ll<atal"k, Wallace, Beraer, Sad lha pris I |' ) . IKII, III thla city. (ionrnnd'l I.tqnld Hair Dye Instantly eon rerti red or fisyhair t" llovssr hlaefe. Ooarawd'a Italia* Mrdirited 3 ap ' lira* tin. f tin) !?'*, Ir-i klea. ? rnpti na. etc. tionraad', I'ondre Suhtile eradWn'c* hair from npp rlip " " * and'* L la??, ' r any part of th? kwdy?warraai-d. GetMaad't I,i qniil R it, for I ale lip- and rl.e?i*j l.tIy While flair Re. ?t'ra' , ' te, are all ! >an I at l?r. KKI.I X HOUR M'D'I eld trial,II bed |,r?. eat"ry. <17 W ulk-r (tract, Sert etora from I Brum, v ay, C alien ler, vt South Third atreat, Fioladalphia. |#ar*r??either wh'liaal* or retail, at the ;r -|>ri ptlS*ii-Al oh e Itl t ilt n StSMt. Wot Ire.?ton an m jit Iran rnrad wlihniit All tlo ee perron ? nil m| 4t*eS**, MlUs IS pat for tl ia r '. ( Well - N'er> lo^nt 1 t- ) "ill he en t'D I pea lii tw'.ie "r- ?? thle ? r-k on' . ta I Im l> tor * - a to riil.'l.'illa a. I Wtel f. r t ? aw'ne i rp -e, at ?jl Oreaa* fell atroet, frma A.M. t<a 7 F M. A. 'I --t'?reon* ar* ' aii r n 11 rat ma It la a IS * laarltv. The Beat 11 ? in BfOW K V H ARKRT, H itnn , .l ine 1?''? P M Tl - re ?t> nut ea. much Activity ill th ?k SMflet to liny. I ut prin e aep Artniy MHtalard Ren.ling JUilr ??! apfe.i-- t< ? I'd tlia fur rife nmratiy -pec nln'tr- Harlem la not | r? - afp/ vif1'o themerk't. and br lilera appenr fo hat ? fin ail'p.* it lain to aell a' pre?a-nt prirea I^my M ami ia atria lily W'-rkitia' Up It baa 11 a re aetieine hut the im i rrit n.rhl U |t< Injt on gradually t'?nt<>n Company le not In demand, but tbr markrt value ia inrreaalng and it i? psnrlUs ' 'Ueid' rahle ?pa-ovaUtlon may take pIsSS ^ up"f> the puhliration of the tw it a'inual report M -rri* rlpm-d Arm. at a alight advacer Krte Kailr ?d ia weak and Hurt matin? A few month* will aettlr all the doulita relative taa the ability of this company to pay. out of Ha net earning*, tbe Intareat "n all ita iiidebta<dneaa an<l * ' dividend on ita at or k The markt t-loeed w.th an up ward ta udeney At tbe annuai rleetion held st tbe hanktng-houw "f ' tbe Nortb Hlvcr Bank. Uiia aftern'en. the following gen tlemen were rlveon lihreetor" fur tlae en*uing year, vi* 1 Moee* Taylor, Auguet Belmont M 0 Rotaert*. Henry Sny dnm Jr . Corneiina T It f??trander. Jeaae lloyt. Arm of J. M lloyt It Bona, John I) i hnen. Charlea A. Ifeeki-eher flinrga- Treadwell. Matthew Armatr"ng. Ja* 8 Thayer, It. C Webaler.Charlea J Rlebard* At a meeting of the Board of Director*, held eotm after, Mamball'? llobert*, R*.| *?- unanimoualy eleetad 1 reatdi nt Thla D s rery etrung and wealthy liat of idHci ra Tlie reeeipte at the oMri "f the A ?i,tant Treaaurar of thla feirt. to-day cm Hotel |o Pfclilh'Kl. payinnnte >113'da?13?bsWnfe (2XXMWA Th* United State* mail rt'-nn-Mp IVaehlngton, from , S' nthnmpton. bring* four day * later intelliif 'nee from all part a ?f Kurope The r,*am*reia| and Anameial ar- J I eounta are rather more favorable I ha a tboae received by ib? ?I' uf arrirsi butt he nsarkvt* for our ?tApl" prri darts weru by no means baoyant There had bee a no change in the money markets, in the rates of Interest, or any very important movement in tbo prqaioup metals. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company have de clared a semi-annual dividend of live per cent. The United States Treasurer's statement exhibits fund subject to draft amounting to *14.259,274, of which a little over *1.300.000 are deposited in Philadelphia. and over *2.000.000 In New York. The annexed statement exhibits the value of merchan dise exported from this port for the month of May, dis tinguishing the amount of shipments to each country :? Covmkiu'K os' thi 1'obt or Ns:w Yonx?Exports roR May. Value of Value of I'alue of Valuer*f produce goods nut deben- goods for of United entitled to lure wan Statet. debenture, goods. housing London 242,843 12,033 4,LOO 3.740 Liverpool 1,795,601 25.7*0 1,030 IS, 230 Glasgow 157,342 19,314 8,917 ? Otlier ports in Great Britain., 98,434 ? 1,410 ? Havre 393,548 9,332 1,910 837 Other ports in France 40,317 5.929 *23 ? Bremen 187.633 5.174 29,847 North of Europe 33,047 3,4.--! 5,*10 ? llanibnr? 124.738 931 10.407 ? Belgium um,i.02 4,012 3,003 ? Holland I4.3.U54 4,107 5,451 8,010 Spain 17.537 - - ? I'.rtucal 10,940 1,389 ? ? Spanish M'eat In dies, Cuba 89.729 8,270 21,278 4.330 Do. I'orto Kiev 35.397 833 198 British W. Indies 1*7,451 '2,917 919 HH7 Do. N Am Colon's 170.192 43,270 39,270 27,270 St. Damiago 171.130 2,,77 1,274 Argentine Repub. 28.047 352 ? 1,118 Ran Juan, Cuba.. 12.270 1.280 ? - llesico. .. . 40,132 8.314 13.138 ? NewUraneda . . 7*. I OH 27.528 1,801 - Venezuela 32.N13 2,412 2,348 - Dutch W. Indies 34.774 314 ? SJ) East Indiez 319.080 81,008 11,447 - Brazils 114.4*1 8,4*1 410 ? Africa. 42,312 137 727 542 *4,432,998 216,345 184,802 94.253 Total value of merchandise exported during the month *4,878.138 Total amount of specie exported during the mouth 4 505,635 Total exports for the month $9,383,773 It will bo .?ern that the shipments of specie have been nearly equal to the shipment* of merchandise, and tint the aggregate id very large. The Import returns for the month have not been made up yet. but the aggregate will not much exceed the exports The value of foreign dry goods entered at this pert for consumption, and with i drawn from warehouse for the month of May. was ; (3,371.481, against $2,760,904 for the corresponding month i last year. This shows a tailing off of nearly four hundred thousand dollars in this item. The aggregate will no; vary much from that for the month of May. 1850. It appears, by the above table of exports that there has been a bettor distribution of shipments than usual, and it is with pleasure we notice that our export trade with the different countries of Central and South Ameri a is steadily increasing The movements of gold and silver are exciting a good deal of interest, but no apprehension or anxiety is exhi bited iu our financial circles, at the monthly reports of shipments from this port The exportation has been large, but the receipts have been nearly to a correspond ing extent The shipments of gold dust from San Fraa clfco, in each of the first three months of the pa-t two y<ars, were as annexed : ? Gom Dear Kvfobtid from Saw Fk*wc:wo. ISM. 1851. fee. 1851 January $448,444 $ 3,100 4SG $3 053043 February 734 351 3.377 800 1.51'. 21'' March 1.250.000 2.857.450 1.0O9.450 Total. $2,432,795 8,237 543 5.804.747 Tins is a most ixtiaordinary exhibit, but as it is ofH i d. and taken from the Custom House books of San Fran cisco. it must be correet. At this rate, the shipments i f gold dust from Sun Francisco, for 1851, will be nearly four times those of 1850. It will be seen that the total exportation in the first three mouths of 18.50 was hut little more than for the smallest mouth iu 1851. The export for April we shull probably receive by the steamer of the 1st of May, now nearly due. The Sau Francisco llnaH says, that in addition to th" shipments of gold dust, reported at the Custom House during the first quarter of 1851. the amount carried out by passengers, in the surne time, was $2,451,000. It also says that there must be taken into account, in making up the estimate of productions, the bullion stamped by the United States assay office ami by private establishments, and gold manufac tured into jeweiry, $1,517,000 ; gold carried over land and coastwise, by rain. rs. on their return to Mexico, Chill Oscgon. fee . $1,000,000; shipped by merchants, of which thtre Is no manifest, $450,000; in the posse.ssi >u of miners, merchants fcc., over und above the amount esti. mated in December last. $1,000,000. The total of all these amounts is $14.059.142. if we computo the value per ounce Troy at $10. but if we add $1 per ounce, we will have the present California value and will thus have f 01(79(9 additional, which wool J make the total value $15 572 151; add fio rents per ounce, and we get the mint value, which would add $458 1X1O more, making the total $16030.155 If this Is to be taken as a standard in esti. mating the product of gold in California for the pre sent year, we arrive at the aegr-gate of full sixty-five millions of dollars for 1851. This is, without doubt, a fair calculation or at least a moderate estimate, a* it is well known that the product of gold during the first quarter of each year has been less than in either of the other three It may well be said that the gold mines of California arc inexhaustible. Stock Kxrhange. ???(r a <:??, ;.'4 ion ui" ?h?T h* i?i?B i RR 22% ?Vs?l 07 1UV 100 do U 22', ii'de?l Erie Ine VJ l.'dt do 2V. !(?*?? Indiana St 3"? Mi, 150 do s,K) 22% 2tifs?i do 84% lisi Morris Canal 15' 1 eli It.mk of N Y 1:8", ??> llarlrm KK 75', 49 HI ?>f Coin, full |'<?, |isi do KV 7>? Mi Hk of N America 102 lm R?oh a. Syrae b?U 114 I'M) Erie RR w;' 75 Nor It Wor its', 50 do 4.HI S7 8<?i It. adinn RR 5*'I 50 do Mo s7 ,'Sni do .19 25( It'l l! Ca )??? do to" .V) Ml do !R) lm do bio em do bid' 81 .'?? do 5 Albany Ai Sehca 97 .'KM do 119 29 National Ins 115 AKC'iNb BOA It n. 4"0 rh* llarlem UK *5% 35 rli. Kea lin ItR RflO do 75 ;i4i do .'99 do 7o >41 dn 3? do Mi 7? Ml Eric RR ? 19 15 Caat?n <'o Ni'J Ml do m do Al'a 50 do ? 19 M? do 81 199 dn 214' R adiur RR aS .VI 23* Portem mth DD 941 do k3 M US' Long Island Kit l'4l do VI 109 do UXI 3M) do has to 22', ABfERTWEMHCB IK1KWED BFFRT BIT. MI81 . smr. 1(I?T ON PUN DAT, AT HI PHILLIPI' R CHf*B< J ua ti e 1 itthIVMM. I etwsva Fl . vnth aa<l F-urtew str ' te. a small P' ? ke|8o?k, r-i.tamm. e-wse m-m-rsn h ? nd tank n< i-s. llisntidir Will fx uitsMy rewarded its\ lug it at 25 Bart Fur*.--a' b itr> t, or at 65 B.. nth sir Rl WARP Wil l HF. PAlll BT I W. 8 , AT NO vl? M relo.M - Picl.aru.-. Wallet. t. to tin fin ? r of gentleman ? smell diamond breast I'tu. last on V uday. Pr'.UvOI Al? Bi.FiiiRriiii.trrr, or ?gi arkf. ctekoaa, car ? hear gaod t.eira, l.v sending bis addrera to Mr. Aiivomm, ?r te Mr. Ssiith, New York. INFORM ATWX WAN'TEI" -ft! J < 11V WARD, A N V tive of the l'sri*l< ? f New t'uetl . ("ointy Tlpperary. If. its.I. ky his friend. Tlios Hnrt.s lie left Ireland in Jlir.h or A | ril, IMP. tbiine resets ed a letter Ir on his triml. in lt"V, r. N. J., a' at >uM,,s n.it.t'i- js-i I, Uu? eomsg nnder l is MO'er. he will plenee wr'li to Miss Ellen Ibni nrsg. No. Itoesrvsit stent. IHHTHICTION. INSTRUCTION.? A LADY. WHO !R I'FRFF.' Tl V 1 e' mpetert ? mstrnst In Freaeli. (lermsa, Mosie. and Ringing, would 8s Peppy te form one ether ' meet, iu addition to her i n o si one FN- is dUetg.*if 4 ? v-ry day ??????' feafeMfeam '' "fe ammna On .il after two n'elcck. sad would either wait ia e fnn.ily, or re #elre pupils nt her own resid-noe. R pupils. Address " Minn, llerald oft I N-TK1 t TION-A YOUNO I tl>Y. M HOIR A PRF.*e I makrr. desires to oktsla koarl in a rssp'tsMe privet famth, wliere there ere n<> other l-?rdrr<, and w here she een reieive from the mistress a ? J English edumti n A note oddressed to Miss R . Cksthsm squari poet -flies, ststtnr terms will mret with pr-mpt attention. (lie best of refrrrnre (tern. f ANGt'AOF.8 M M< I'ARTIIV REhl'E' TFIT.I.Y IN MJ fornis the pnhli ? that he lev ties Spanish, F'reaeh, Efiglish, and I atin, grammatically. Ilariux rt? ?i- td a good education in a British I olleer, ant resld -d t-n year* in Ap* aiih America, he flatters himself that by his attention and capacity, he will earn a due shars -t pttnt syc. I'srsnns wanting his services, ran see Mm In t'i- flpanteh II tel. No, u'> I niton street, New York, (rein 9 till 12 o'cli k A M and from 7 till 9 I' M. CIsOTIIIlMO. CABT OFF CUYTHINO AND FURNITURE WANTED, ?ladies or gentlemen leering the elty, er brsaktng ?f Esskeeplrg. can obtain the hlgbeet each pries lor ('lotting, ?niters, he., by tending through the I'oet. er nt hie rssi ?a. . L. ? Drfi?If,P?iUF, 13 Elm street. W. 1? ladies attended by Mis Saseeldorp. CART OFF CI/>THINO AND FURNITURE WANTED ?The hiahset pries nan he obtained by ladies aad ge? tlewisa whs hare any left off nothing. Furniture, and Jewel E, fcc . to dispose or by sending, through poet or otherwise r J I.EVENRTTN, 4fi? Broadway, np tuliw. Udlse attended to hy Mm. Levonstyw. '"AART DFF CI>OTniN(l, kr.-I,A?IF.R ANDOENTI.B m-n can nllain from the sn8eerii?r the highest rash description, and In any qnaaM*. Wows one alnal" garment ' a thousand. Addr*ss through PoW At All on JAMF MOBON EY. at his stora, II Orange rtroot, near Chathaia. rART OFF CLOTHING ANDFURNITUEB WANTED - ladies or gentlemen Paring any superfluous eff ete to dispose af, can obtain 'he highest eoah pries ky sen iinr f r the ewkaorihsr, at kis rvsidoare. hr post or otbsrwter. La dle* Mtendt* By Mrs CoAsb- M. t toilKN, II Elm Arret. tfMUUJ. sonou. pORElCN MA I I. LETTER 0^?(?7ch4THAM J? ^IIH. corner ol Ea?t llr.ad?ay? Mail. f.>r Europe, |*? rtctftl** Afrie*.? Letter bur ?ill eloee at tliiie ofhcc, on H i ilueeilay, 4tl, June. ?t 10 o'clock A. M., fur Liverpool, L.idon, Ireland, Frauje. all farti of Germany, and other foreign countriea. PETER Mil.ACIILAN. fHVll DROWN EI) ON THE .6tl, ot May 1 o?t, and uboau body hue iu?t heeu recovered mill he huriid thie ,!d day of June, llie frienda, the taembwi <?? lloii'itnllrr Lodge. No. iM, and the uiemhera of Filgrnn Lodgv. No. 243, I II. vf II 1'.. are respectfully invited to at tend hie funeral, at 11 o'clock to-day. at the re'idence of hie brother, Frankhn S iuar Hotel, No. 32' Pearl etreet, lr?u, alienee hit remaiue aill be conveyed toCypreal lltlle Ce ineti ry. . NOTIt t.-FIIO.MX ASSEMBLY NO. I, B. O. OF BE reane.?The member* ol the above Afeembly are re quteted to Ik punctual In their attendance at their anaeubly loonn, corner Ol Broad a ay und Grand atreet on Wednesday evening, 4th inet.. it - o'clock an bnwineea of importance tr each ineailer aill be I ruught before the AaeeinMt. By ordei of the W. Fatriar h, DA) ID TODD. J. S. HtClAltt, Scribe. MASONIC.-THE ANNUAL COMMI NICATION OF t e M. VI*. Grund l.odae of the ancient aud honorabl, fraternity of free and ac ? pied Maiont of the State of Nca York, will comiuenee at Free Maaon'i Iltll, OOU Uroadwaj tbia evening, at half paat 7 o'clock. JAMES MERKI NG, Grand secretary. American institute?the members of the American Inatitnte -ire invited to attend the funeral ol Colonel lleman )V'. i hilda. tr im his late residence No. I Eaet Sevreteeuth etreet, to-day. at 3 o'clock. F. 11. t.'olonel Chilli* has b, en an active incuiher of the Institute for mam year devoting his leisure iin,e iu promoting Its abjecti witi hdclity cud an decree of checrluluess. His lo> > is sincerely regretted by its we libera. Members of thf journeymen upholster ers' Society are hi rehy notified tiiat a general meet in,' aill be i eld at the ecru r of Broome and Mutt streets, on Wednesday evening, 4th inst it is expected that all the members si 1 be present, as all those owing two dollar, aud over will he exp< lied By order, JnsKPH Cvi.i.tN. secretary. GEORGES lit) VT, Front. HAT FINISHERS' UNION.?A SPECIAL MEETINC of the stockholders of flic above Union v. ,11 he held ill the Crystal, on Wednesday evening. Jun 4, at 3 o'clock Stockholders will please be punctual in attcn lance, as bmi nesa of importnnec is to he transacted, liy order of the Board of Trustees. GEO. W. WEED, sec'y. Regatta?new york yacht ui.ub?the an i nual regatta of the New York Vaeht Club will till, is on the nl'th day of June instant. The race outside tin lluo'it on the day following Steamboat St. Nicholas, for tin exclusive use of members and ladies, will leave tlvo foot ot Canal street, |,uuctually at balf-paet nine o clock, A, M., on the 6th. and on the htb. at r iuc o clock, A. M. R. O. COLT, > ANSON LIVINGSTON, ? Committee. UKEKMAN FISH, \ A REGATTA WILL <?ME OFF FROM TnE ATLAS' . tlo Hotel, H ,hok"Ti, on W'ndncsday, June 4, atll o'clock A. M Purse, >10 to the second beat boat in the rate (6 entrance; free for all 20 to JA feet sail boats. Particular, made known at th Hotel. Boats must be entered on or be fore Juno 3d Ree Spirit of the Times. , AB M BARKER. Proprietor. A Texas land agency.?thb undersigned or fer? his services as an agent in all matters appertaining to lands in Texas, hut ? articularly to select un located land* t*d procure patents for the sumo Terms moderate, and will mad* Vnrwr rhen informed what is to be done. Address V. G. CATLITT. DftlUa Texas. NY I'ERSON < AILING AT THE POST OFFICE either <?t N?? w 1 nr.,, Albany, Philadelphia, or Jersey 1 it y, will tii d letter- dire teil to the addrv--* of Ma dan IJ which will give liar ititoroiatiou of the family she ha ! been living with. Notice?sixth a* d eighth avenue rail r<ads? Ihe special iinniittco ot the Board of Ald?u* 1 u ?*l to whom was r-foired the subject of permitting rail road tracks to he laid iu th.- following streets, viz.?M'irra\ street, College pUre, W . t Br idway, Canal str< st. Hudson ' strutt. and Eighth .1 venue to Harlem; also, in Yariuk str:et Carmine r>treet, and Alat'i avenue to Harlow, will meet it the * hau>h? r of tin Hoard of Aldermen on Tuesday, the .'id inst , at 10 A* loci. A M All parties interest'd wi!i have an opportunity of neing heard in the matter. K.T Haws, Sami'ki. Dn. vwatkr, Jonas F. Conrki.i.v, Jm>ki>i\?i Mtr*?.rit, | Patrick K t - , Special committee. mo CAPITALISTS AND OTHERS DESIROUS OF MAR A iog money ?The ?u' scriher offers for salu the whole or : part of a valuable pat* i t recently secured, and w hich must c orn** into general me. n* there ii nothing t?? or com pete with; and is a snvim of three-fourths of the labor when applied as can be s?ti-t k torilv sho* n to tn\ "im. The pri ? of the entire right of the United Slates is SPUJOO. while it will be worth to t; ?> |??ople ol this State alone, iu??r?. tlian $l()u,UU0. 1 h>* model i* mt exhibition for a few d*iys at the renins of the M? ? l.aun ' Institute, t urner ot Bowery and Hi wirisn street, w 1?re also the patentee own he s*";ii iy m iuir lag for r. N. Still. A' l( K CON SI LA ' I ??I I HE REPl BLIi OF MF.X !( O, f in New X ork ?TLt und* r-igntd has re<eiv<- i the follow inr con muni* ntion, it: <i in instructed to publish the same f??i the inforn ation of all whom it mav concern ? Junta Dir* tivad** Creditu publico. Mexico, lUth April. 1V>1.? Ilavin notited that tome Contulat*" us also individuals, iuplac wbere ther*: ar** no sients of the republic nor of a friendly nation, have certified manifests and invoices, in the hea?lin^ of w hlt h is e*prer. imI : tliMt the mere handing th* y eoutaiu, i - nryt by the vessel in wl.ieh it is shipped, to tw . three, aud even more Mexican p--rts?eountcrsi tin? in th.* way th* spirit of various artichs of the tariff?giving room thereb> to the uonimiUal of al*u?es of the most * rious c in? p? nu. to the national tr n?ury. Theref*>re, under n - con?id*ra fion are vou to eertify doeiimi 11 to ext. uded iu that manner, but precisely the vessels < arrytng good- to t Be repubii ?, inu-t det* milne the port wliieh suits Ihctn. in the uti i. rstandiu - that it, after this advi e, parties wish to desnat h their goodb and v* ss? Is to s?*vtrul p rts. and iu>>iwt on *1 ?in * so, you art tlo ii to certify the documents they present, a?l?iin? a rat* correspond inr, ?o that in every tas* the v*'-s**ls an i m.-r ? bandies which couie in thin u.auner shall h. xubj.n tcd t t> * p* unities they have th* rehy incurred. I i at nou<* mav pl u i ignornaae t*. these instructions, and that they may be ? xa*tly complied wi h in your port, and iu th sc placer where there is no au? redited agent ot the r imhlie, (and in conteuneni-c the do*"im?ais art* certih? 1 f.y those of s. friendly nati n or iu?ii\idosU.) >-u ??r*: r- ,u*st* *l to pul lish this connsnnice tion for n* veral days in ti? ? print*ipa1 ii. w spa per# of your * it), that everybody to v. I. in it applies may l ? awsrs of and observe it, s- in the ????* ? that m#y ;?r* ?ert of tran-greoiou it caouot he all* ged ax r*? vgcosc tin 11 wmit of knowing it. ~ S Bonis A? to Gi tisrrkz, Nuw York. June 3, |h?]* M' ari.l A. 10 Kichixa. M M t.EO. 81 E WAKT, Vice C..n?ul ?>l Mexi. ?. FIT 1IE SIIACK THAMES, OF SANDWICH, f AT El \ I "*ink h? th* steam o?t 0 Vanderhilt, ha.- 1 jun ra:sed l?y Samuel I', llart, aud is uow at Northp<>rt, L. I. S 1?. HART. RUIUKk, DAHUlAtitiS, <*?. N ew tork iiokse bazaar, m CRnsr.Y street. Auction eale of Horace, f'errtagee, Harncea, Saddle*. A."., every Monday an t W'? dn.aday. cmm u i 11? at twelve ?'?'lock. I'mona having property to dlipom ?f, will pleat call and bare it registered. John II. GATEIEin. Pripri.tor. N r.* YORK. JUNE 1 -HORSES roR THE WORLD S Fair and for eale? 34 ; 22 imported tr nf British N&rtu Araerin ?I pair la rt- l ya, !<?', hanila, trm from white, Ana and vary atyltih: I |>air >r?wn trotting horror, 151 :.t. INRIM i '-i i. - 1- am.I* faat trotting and rare hor*e*. all cl Una aire, young and round. .)u?t arrived at Washington dr?te yard, Cutuer of 1'orty-lourth itrcvt ant. Madiaon avrnua. Horses wanted.?a pair of ifoRSEs, adoi t I.'i'i hand*, etyltah drivers, round and kind. Any ( t aur. having anch a pair, may aihlr. ?? I , No. l.nl'.i low.t I'i.'I(lllet. A iit<? K.ka?ay. or Unlit rrr an. auitahlt I. r rummer ua?, nith harnaaa to match, will ha tak.n, il deeirvd. Rot KAWA1 RTAGOM w INTRA. \ ? \ D IARD ?ingle horse, light, envorod, and a- at a tor tour peraon A ldraaa I'. U .. Herald offlua, atalm.' Inn >el caali price, an n 11 re to ha eeca nORsr. DlT.flV, HARNESS, A.. I OR 4 A LI.?A v.ryfaa' roan inarc, aaran vetra old i n .1 in . Bound and kind in nil haraeas nnd a hna at Idle h re; ran tro*. or |?" haa pared on the I'ui >n f'oHr*e nith n two. week and without any traininr, a utile in lK.'a: in trot 12 iniU an hour enav The hu -ay is one of Ford ' 225 0 a. trottin. n a rout, ana n na ma le to order la*t February, . nl i* in par fn t ord< r The harne,* * a* made by Walk", at -a'oo time. The ?'?tahiOhmmt i< c-mplete. and ml] be a'Id together oi ?rparataly. a great h.r, am Apply at Dr. t'ur ?? Kidln School, roar ofMauaiou Home, Brooklyn. or a; 1 CUr. atraat, Brooklyn. F'or rai.e.?two trotting uoraks, one riwr years old, IftHa hrnda high. ?an tr< t a mlio iu thra* Riinntaa and tno a> oi. i . tha other warranto,) to trat n mile in two minute*and tilty aecond?. t a wagon They will '?? ?o|d immediately Ad lrc-a 1.7 t.rand atroat. New York, ?tating time and place to b? a-en, one week. I*' II SAI F A II < > II F III (.<; V \ \ l> II t II N I r<? gather or ovparat..|< Tha koran la . dapple I ay, IA hand hivh, eevrn yrara old, kind, and of good >| I id tiafnsaa and an excellent saddle I.<?>r*e The I ?ggy t? ltt n4 itaal, aat if lit oer'r make, the I arnrw new. Price fornli. %tjj. Iu i,".|vit Brown II a vta> l>a. Canal vtrvet, opp <it? tha Nan llaven Ka lroad Company a depot. ?ROR RALE t R.vV iior*F, I> . HARM RIOR. 1 eieht yeara Id, sound and kind, and a g ' -d traveller Alan, a Boggy Wagon nnd Harness that ham been lull n d. Apply at Mr. Ro'. artaoa'a (table, in State u.ar Uick. ?met. Brooklyn. fV>u RALE?A in.-r rati: i.ho? fsv wagon ? try cheap. Apply t?C. IIA HI DN Ed , e ,rn-.r of Sell ?i d Janrraoa atreeta. ?}/\ fk/kil HORSf ', AND I I'WARrs. littg DEE*' ?>t rW ? Mt I >a a few montha by .b naa of lloyt'.; C'domlian Idnlmaat. For roan or bora* ft at-nda pre-anii not.I. For aprnlna. ehifea, ewallinra. Rp . *<?.. It ie ?u.<tena fnl beyond a parallel Sid at IW Broadway, I.ld Chathaia and '-'17 Hiidooa atreeta. Varr laria b ..th a 25 an ) V "aula. PI BLIOATIOM. II"-T PCBLIRIIF.U BV l.l'K k WALKER, PHII. A PEL phia, Walnot Street Theatre Pcho?ti?"h fnf th- piino tlia moat popular cmpoaitlua of the day, play d at tha Wal no* and l haanwt Theatrwa. and hy many hand' !'??. Fai aalo at all nmaie atorei in N< w 1". rk for twenty Mi e-nM. Istir. MARHIAOK AI.BtNAC SHDCI.D IIS IN TUT pt ?? aaton ol p. ary f. 'n .lo marrtnd or aln/la. Baltart 'i tha da pevt import are I are dlaentc d. in tarniv rerhttlf N miliar to all rlaave.. Sold, In wrappera, at H V ate. S' 1. I<y mail to city or eanntrr. SCHI.OSS A CO., HttNiMM Itreet URVOMi MIAVl'tflNr WINES Jl ST RECEIVED. A RCI't > Tior lot of Champagne Wtn"?. of faftofl 1 ? >hritW branda I'eraona in want are egrn'.atlr raqnaatad to make a call before pur baaing, at DAkLln'OtEd etlahratau llrandy Store, CD llrnome at reef, eorner of Creaky, c s COT! n AND INDIA PAI.K ALE, AND LONDON and Dnhlin Porter,?lo t racclvad a fratili vupply at there eelehraled Alia and I'ortar, which ham a ten incb nnimr?al (atlvfaetioa. of every rrade and brand. From on* bottle t" aa many ca?ka a? rt 'iuired can ha ha t, w.irranted e? itnina, and n-?na othot" admitte! into tho o.fatiH.hment. A. DAM.IMOHE O' Pr "ime atraat, corn r f ? forty, tk> ? vial rated brandy atore. I BPORTANT TO ALL-FAMILIES, AND ALL PER I aonv who have f< an I It difficult to ..-at food hot tied Wine*, fcp . at a woderntd prtea, will find at Dallimore'a Itrnndir Store. ?S0 Broome atreet. corn-r if Croaby, the I urge at aa anrtinaait m old W mca. A <?., R?., In the I nited Stater, an f at twenty per eaat le?a than at any othor home la thta rtty. Mind tlie number, ?R?. rim? arts. NBM ational ACADEMY of desion.-tiic twenty. riith Aannal Kghildtion of the Academy ta aow vpea to the public, at their Oallerio*. No (kvf Brondway, opp iitn Bond afreet, from !l A. M nntll 10 P. M. AdmitUaea * aenle: aeaaon Mcktta. 50 oeata. eatalognea, I2H oeata. Bp ordaraf tha Council. J. H. fillEflOOUR. Cor. Seeratary. 1*. A. IJMIIEIORS IIA PL.?A URNTI.KM t N. HAYINf] ? ' hirad * new three at ry freeatoae honae, nenr the Fifth avenne, wtnhea two >r three ..ther gentlemen ta tnhe roonia. A rrvpartabla family occupy tha haecment, to aerra inch m< ata ?a are ordered, and take charge of the rooma. Addraae Bachelor, H. raid office. Every poealble cmf rt and con tent, a< a aft atbMhed to the houae.