3 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

3 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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The Recent K?U1 Accident en the Paterson end Heinepo Rellroed. There has of late been considerable complaint against the management of this road, particularly with regard to the carelessness manifested, and the alleged disregard for human life. A abort tiino since, a collision took place, by which a man named (ioldsborough, a brukeuiau on the road, was killed, though the engineer hud warning to atop and there by prevent the accident. The Pillowing is the tes timony taken before the magistrate holding the inquest, on the 25th ult.:? carney Reynolds, switch-tender, sworn?Knew the deceased; he lived in Paterson; ho was a brakeman on the Paterson Railroad; about half past six on the evening of the 21th May the Rater son and Kauiapo.truins caused his death by coming in contact about 200 yards from the depot on Ber gen Hill ; the Kamapo train leaves .Jersey City at a quarter pust six: tue l'atorson train leaves l'at erson at half past !ivo ; they pass the Korgcn depot about half-past six overy afternoon; tho l'atorson train generally gets there a few minutes ahead ; it did not on Saturday ; don't know which was behind its time; when tha,nainapo train came to tho depot, Paterson train had not come; I gave tho engineer of the Kamapo train notice that the I'aterson train was coming; 1 uiade signs; 1 beckoned my hand for him to stop; I shouted, I strive! to do all 1 could; (bey have passed here every evening, at half-past six, since last Monday; tho decoased was brought to my house from the ear; I helped to bring h.m an iron niece of the car, or of the brake, was run in his thigh; he told tue he had pulled it out himself; two doctors attended him during the night; he died at half-past five on .Sunday morning: a Newark train passed the Kamapo train not over two minutes : before the Kamapo train came to the depot; tho { Newark trains were painted yellow; when I was i making motions to the Ramapo train to stop, the | engineer shook his head: tho three trains always, J antil last night, get through so as to puss cacti , ?tber down in tho deep cut: I have not beckoned, ] bef jre this week, for the Ramapo train to stop for ! pa*sengers; I do not know what arrangements are I made by the companies for pacing this depot; at ' the time tho collision took place, 1 had no (lag raised; the engineer of the Ramapo train increased his speed when he got to the depot, an! when I was beckoning to him. John M. Cairison testified that he was the con ductor of the Kamapo train on the afternoon when the collision took place; left Jcr ey < ity on that trip at twenty-one minute- past six, can't toll the exact time we arrived at the B-rgoii depot; did not look at my wateh: did not inoct the i'aterson train till the concussion, which was about two hundred yards from the depot; did not see it until we came in roili?ion: was accustomed to moot tho I'aterson train about the middle of the I'cep Cut; was not awur.' I had not. met the I'aterson train that even ing in the u?ual place: it i* the conductor's and en gineer's duty to look out for such passing of each other; had met the train in the Cut for a week pre vious to the afternoon ingestion; 1 did not on that day keep a look out f >r it.; was on duty collecting fare; we meet the Newark train in tho Cut about the tame time; had met it there about a week pre vious; there had not been during that week any great similarity between the Newark and I'aterson tra ns, nor did such similarity exist on that day; recollects seeing the N'cwatk train pass in the Rut ab<>ut midway on tbut afternoon; thought at tho time it was the i'aterson train; thought so from the looks of the cars. 1 misundcistood the former question ; the Newark and i'aterson trains do look alike, ia the color of the can and appearance of th? freight ears;*was not, conscious when wear rived at the Bergen depot that we had no' passed both the N'cwurk and I'aterson trains; did not tbiuk of it at the time, whether w-e had passed them or not; I depended un the engineer ; saw the deceased after he was hurt: appeared to be injured ?a the side of his leg ; saw part of the brake-han dle that was taken out of wound : did not sec Bar ney beckon us to stop ; 1 was on my time, and my duty was to proceed to the next station; it wa* about 200 yards from the depot to he place of col lision; not having met the train in its usual place and I being on my time, it was my duty to proceed ?n to the next stution; was running on my lime us near as 1 can recollect: I think it. was th> duty ut the I'aterson train to hold on at the station west of ibe Bergen depot: nt the depot I was behind my time; cannot tell how much the I'atoi son train was behind its time, must have been two or three minutes behind; do not know the difference of time between tho two trains, not having compared tbein: Kainupo train did not leave !crs<-y ('ity at its s jted time| it Irfl throe minute-' after ; Oth I ?-ars on the road arc regulate! by the same time table. [Here Mr. Xubriskic, who hail been in the room from tho commencement, of tho testimony, sug gested the propriety of asking tho witness some questions wnich hat) not been put, for the purpose, tie said, of arriving at facts which might be of ser rice to the jury in tin ling a verdict, lie was, how ever, soon intcrinpted by Mr. Scott, one of the jurois, who wished to know if it was customary for lawyers to come forward ami take lwsrt in business coruK'uted with a coroner's inquest. Mr. B. thought the jury were abundantly able to arrive at t cur ie t conclusion without any aid from that quart- r | The examination of Mr. Harrison resumed:?My time tor leaving Jersey f'ity is II. IB. to arrive at Bergen depot Ik 21; the l'ater on train should ar rive at Bergen II 22; can't any what time 1 arrived at Bergen on the afternoon in question; it was after my usual time; 1 did not know that I had |atssed the other train; I supposed 1 had; the evening be fore 1 left Jersey City on time, but previous to that i left some two or three minutes after time, and in those instances met the i'aterson train in the flock*. hdward Frascr asmm?Am engineer OB th. K.i mupo train; was so employed when the collision oc curred: we left Jersey City twcnty-oiu minute* past t? P.M.; don't ki*>w what time we catne to the Bergen Jbspot; ran from Icr.-ey City to the depot at our usual speed: passed the Newark train at the Starch l-'aetoiy : knew it to be the Newark train; twice before on that week had met the l'ater >r train in the Rocks : saw Harney hold up hi* buna when 1 got about thirty yard* from th- depot; did not hear him shout; ?aw him make no gv-tnre* : 1 made no reply to him; did n>t shake my he.!; thought he wanted to stop me for pe**er>g<r : I knew the place of meeting wii-in the < at; there w persons around the depot that 1 took to be pa -on,: i : had not stopped there during tho week for p.c-e'i -er my orders were not to stop that week : the m un I ? Hag was not up ; shortly after g' tting on the tur pike beyond the depot I increased my speed : ti'ual 'y do so at that place; I was aware we had not ?? i? ' the Paterson train at that time : supposes! we would meet it at the next turn-out. above, because it iru behind its time ; was about ISK) yards oil' wh. n 1 first.-an the other train; immediately gave the signal to have the brakes applied: the l'ater-on train was moving when wc came in eont.'U't, but at less than her usual spend} whoti 1 fir-1 -aw the I'aterson train (afoul 200yard:. oil,) at the rate I was going, could not Stop the train in !(.<> yards : he was running up th* grade. Hid I down. Thomas Hlakilcy, sworn.- Am engineer <01 tin Pat< rson train; wiis so on Saturday Ia?t, when tin accident took place: the stated time for leaving Paterson is ha If-past five o'clock, but don't know exactly what time we left on .**iilu"lay; thinks it was two or three minutes after tiun*; wa? delayed mx or seven minutes thi* *ido ol i'aterson. I.y an other train; the first turn-out w. ,t of Bergen b ^eacaueus, about one ami three-quarters mile distant; when at Boa caucus, was not awnr I at. behind lime: ran faster than nsual after we left tin other train, to make up my tin. ; my time to |>r :?i Bergenia ti.22; it is the conductor's duty to k*u?) time, though we generally both keep it: I went that afternoon by the conductor's time; h - did not say anything to me that afternoon about time at ."teaeauens, nor up to? be time * In n tha concussion took place; wu* not aware that I wa? behind utno when at Bcacaiu'iia t .nun- -h>w>*r than u-ual through the rut w< -t of Burg, n p -tr ran the n ? of the distance from .**? Beau en- ta-i'.er than u-ui?l ?an't say at what t nic the Jininuno leaves '(r?e< City: it is sometimes five or six minutes after th* stated time: had no method or k'l.vwing win ther 'bey turt'-d that aftep is.n Wf we or after their time; it is our duty to r<i,<ain ?' Be n ainois when we arc behind our tiun: did not Know whether Wc ; were before or behind t'iu ? when it Njacsueu : ni moving ahead when the collision occurrvJ; at,or ? the accident, my conductor told me we w.gr two I minutes behind the timetable: think, if i had nut ' my usual speed from Beacwii*u, wt w-uld hue i met the Kamapo at the switob: 1 think the llnn-.erv should have waited at I'erg n th ee minutes; th* IIsui .po was tw<> hundred y%r I- o'.T wbe a 1 titst aw it: ran't -ny whetl, *r I Could Laic stopped tint Ra mapo train or not; the engineer id the Knmnp" was not looking ahead, he was looking bnek at Barney: thinks the 1'ntersoti train had the right of the oad at the time. Tha conductor of the Patterton train had been subpo nai d but did not app"arf owing. It i* said, to his bring too sick to attend. The jury shortly slier flurried the following ver dict;?That l.dward (.'uuldshorovigb 'ame to bis diath through a -ollisi. n which oecwrrud on the 2lth d*y of May, 1H5J, between tbo l'ntcrseii train ? und Kamapo train of the I'uUr-on KaLrvl 1 Com pany, caused by the rocklor-nees and negligence of those having charge of the Kamapo train, and the wnnt of the proper orUblishia<*nt of prop i iwgula tlons by the company itaoif. TiikaTkk It it.it ia Cam.u.?The Amateur Theatre in Catherine -trcet vrus burnt down on Wednesday mondng, between one and two o'eiaek. It wu* a frame budding, and there being a large Quantity of coiubu-tlble mniter svuixcted with inn ihcatro, the flames the evert ion.* of the fire men, who*# efforts were tn?rw ?iioe*Mlnl iu protect ing the adjoining building" Nothing was auvwd 'I he scenery, tic , the property of tho manager, Mr. J. H. Ilnrrbon, were totally de'troyad, ana do m-urane*. "J'here is no doubt tho fire was the net af nn incendiary, f the theatre b ut not been a*-d |or several days The building belonged tofi. T 1'iftsny, I'.*?i., und was in*ured in a Buffalo Co?. pU'Jl ivt /.U yWHU.tt C*s>i i 4% i^ Ntrarmgwa and the United State*. [Translated from th? Correo del Ietmi de Nicaragua, April 3d, 18 .1J * * * ? # # # Relative I to the conduct of North America in favor of Nicaragua, wo cannot assure anything, and wo can only uiake suppositious. 'I hero if, however, a thing certain, thai the spirit of this great republic appears to be in our favor. No matter what may be the interest which it has in that ques tion, it desire* a termination of the affair in a favor able maimer to tho continent and to tho institutions which govern us. There are always some small clouds in a clear and pure horizon. A great oxil which could, in that question, fall on Nicaragua, would bean interruption of tho intercourse between both countries, creating a slight and momentary paralysis?an injury winch would, in effect, annoy us, hut never crusli us. Wo cannot, of course, avoid all the difficulties of tho time, and we arc not able to captain the aims towards which men of un disputed capacity diroct their attention, and foresee tho eourse of their policy. Hut the mystery will ho soon discovered; and we must not in this altcrnar live throw out rash opinions, having, oil tho con trary, the greatest confidence ia the first republic of the world, destined, no doubt, by Providence, to defend the common caus*' of tho Now World, and Its own rights and the rights of its brothers. The conduct of tho sous of the immortal Wash ington would he indeed monstrous, if, having taken the first step in so important a subject as this?tho non-intervention of any foreign jwwor on the ques tions of our continent?if, after having excited us to,take some dangerous ai.d indefensible steps, without their sustaining u*. they started hack and abandoned us to our own forces; but no, far from our spirit such a thought: let u not indulge in such terrible suppositious. The government of Wash ington is noble and just, it governs a people great and generous?a people eminently civilised and ca pable of spreading civilization. Nicaragua bus attempted, it is true, to sustain its own convictions by the principle of justice, which forced it to preserve the inheritance of its an cestors, and by the necessity of shaking the huuii liatiDg aiid di-graeeful yoke imposed upon it by a material force, by the eager desire to imitate, in their progressive march, its brothers of the North. Hut even with this intention, Nicaragua must tot low the laws of prudence, contenting itself with ra tional prott stations, and putting its complaint un der the eyes of tho nations. Its fault is, also, in not hav ing a iked for the bene fie >nt i'tf.uenc: of Wash iegton, and in not having accepted the mission of one of its celebrated envoys, who came to Nicara gua, sent by his country, in or Icrto otfer touspow ert'ul aid; un l, la-t, in pot having Mounted the sympathies, the promises, and, above nil, the con ventions olfcrod with frank lie-s, and a goo d faith truly fraternal. O true spirit of great Taylor! do not permit Ni caragua to repent having followed your advice. No! a thousand times 110! It is impossible that our Mate has any fault to be reproached with iu these circumstances; it is ioipos-iolo that our government be subjected to bitter marges, for having tightened, as it has done, its relations with tho sort hern re public ; it is impossible that tho author of this and different other article*, which have thrown soiuo light on this matter, bo obliged to blu-h for having written what was dictated to him by bis reason and r ho love of justice. What is more important is, to follow the same way, and not to abandon tho con duct traced by tho last administration. A single inconsistency would bring us numerous evils, and if, in our weakness, we wore unjust, we would be obliged to abandon our best hopes. New Uk I.aine Mill in Rhode Isj.vnd.?A f. w months ago we announeed that a company hai been formed in this city for the erection of an extensive manufactory of do luincs, and that < icneral .lames, who was at the head of the company, had taken the contract for building the tuill. Wc have lately had the pleasure of examining the building, now nearly complete, and ready fi r th" machinery, it is of brick, over Hot) feel in length, by 70 in width, with awing ot lot) feet, uud is the largest structure iu the Mate. It is built in the most sub-tantial man ner. with the latest improvements, and with some that have not before been applied. All the arrange ments for the various processes of the manufacture arc of the tno-t perfect kind, and aduptcd to the greatest economy of space and labor. Many of them arc new. The ODgine will be the largest sta tionary one in the country, and is of entirely new model. The engine room will he a perfect study lor a mechanic, (icneral.lames ha- displayed in this extensive work that energy which has given him suth a distinguished reputation and succors iu mechanics, in u fortnight after he had taken the contract, the plans of the whole work, to the last machine, had ween worked out, auvl the dimensions and po-ition of every shaft, wheel and pully were settled. In seventy five working days from the time when the fir-t blmv was stru-k, in the depth of win ter, the building is nearly covered and ready fi>r the machinery. In two months the work will begin t > come from the looms, and a lull assortment ol' the various styles will )*? ready fhr tin stib ?fitxg trade. We certainly have never known so large an establishment erected and -tartcd in so short a tirac; and we doubt if the whole history of manufacture ing presents a parallel to it. About a Ih<-u.-:tn I men have been engaged ill the various processes re quired to complete the work, which will give per manent employment to half that number of per sons, and will probably add, directly and indirectly, more than two ibou-atid to our population.?Pro videnrc Journal, May 23. Akiivnukvient* in For Proviso tuk Rotation or THE Karth.?Arrangements are now neariy completed for demon-trating Mr. Foucault's new idea ol the rotation of the earth, as visible by machinery- Under the direction of Professor Kben N. llorsford, of the Lawrence J^eientific School, the apparatus for illu'truting tho grout experiment of M. Koueault ha - been arranged within the Bun ker Hill Monument. A few gentlemen were ad mi'.ted yi .-tarduy afternoon, at a preliminary exhi bition of the machinery, lvurly next week ar rangi mcnts will be made for admitting the public. A bra-scone is secured to the floor at the top of the M? tiument. To this is attached a wire of 'JHi fret in length, of the rise known a- No. "Jo piano forte wire At the foot of this is attu'h?d a cannon bull, rneh >1 In a brass frame, under which is an ir**n point, -bowing ueeuratelv tho motion of the bull ovr a table divided into Iliitl degrees. This is a circular table, about seven fi ct in diameter, no eupvir.g th. spare at the (ftttotn of the monument rhamlx r. The appnrntu6 is set in motion by cure fully drawing a. iuc the tx nduluiu, by tho aid of u plight string, which i? burnt off, leav ing the hall free to vihrate aeros- the centre of the floor. This will continue to vibrate for a period of five hour*? at the end of which it iuu-1 be set in motion again ?th*' pendulum b* ing subject to the intlticuee of gri v itation only, will, in this >ort period, cease its motion, unless the operator give* it renewed atten tion. The urraitfp m nt? at the Monument ar -urh as to give the observer, iu the course ol a lew miniiti -, u practical ami accurate demonstration of th prinei) lc low under discussion. ? Morton I'm rill'r, 31" y 31. liuui Ei; (' vi ait i mv a kiw?A few night* sine*-, after the funily of Mr. l-'ifch, **n Rrondway, had Ktifrd to rest, i? fellow, named Richard Muith. having by some means got into th* house, entered tho sleeping at urtiaent of a young la*iy, andrlfle*i th* drawers of a huieau of its contents, consisting of < me thirty d 'lars in no ia-y. a go|?| chain, ami other article* of Jewelry, Thar fur the transaction v.i.s exceedingly c*nnui<*rvpleer; hut not * ontcat with hi<a<;*jui-itiot> of valio*hies, the nui*u<lent ra ' eul could t"*t ihttik ol parting with (hi ir lair owner without leaving her *"?? token of' his uioli.rtial visit. tS" stepping up to the hed where she lay en foble*) lis the srtn* **f Mor> tieus, hi itiipiiiit*d on her ti.bv hps ??(? ? [arting kiss. Wlu ther it was the report ttial Rm-t m-cer-urly have follow* d one ot the tight ?*<rt, *r something **l?e that awak?nc t her, we did ii"t arn. out ere tbesentimental -camp could lo-ai a r real, the fair hand <>f th dams<-: was found gripping tho-kirt of hi< coat, while her voice calW'l louuiy for bi.p. The hou-e was soon ivinus-<J, ami Mr. Anlth arr?>tid and consigned to the ? iilah<Hf?'-. t?* it |n nt lit lei ilri hi' untimely ef fort t" il * tb agreeable ?St. Is>vi- (.If | Iniiili ; nut, Mly ft. hwpet lot Cnnrt. Before ttihf Justin- thhli-y -t' 'i f Ms *v.' Jsln. t/ctrji .*? /tiirr. at**' ?*?*''? ft ifti iil 'If .-Sw-riVce *fi"? ' ) tr' s*?( N.nit* fit ivrenre C(??yany?Th*' def* ndiints sis* ? *-orp ration, km l*in| th* ir -*fH?? al Newark. New Jersey; a*j*t ale** having mi na nry In this city, Tin* action here i? i*n a pttcj (f tiui.miT", ineutrdtc pislutlfti by ihair firm suist nf St John Iturr A t'" . Iqr Jcfi< ninrn, nj the Ulsl of larch. 1>4P ltir*>ii|rli Un it ugmt rnsidlti,: ho*r Th? (KNley eoT.f* the tlrtures mi l uj*k hln.ay eootsm'ai In tin tuil'lin,;* Ni>? i a* d 7 Its.-us *tre*d The lie, ore ir e<*l hi tin* Urn* of tin Hague street ? xplrsiloa. on the 4th **f February, JVO Tlte amount rial me J ts *l.wi7 .T0. with liitcre<t tTi ui the HUi ?f May, lkitt Tha deft nee |v tliat lis )*?? waa (Wrasioned entity by tin* sros* neyl gene*' and ear* lessnesa of th* *Vl"a*lante, or one of thein, aud rhiiigr that th** plslntltt Aim It Taylor, had thepartleu. ler di-i.tlon. supeftnte nd.nr*?. an*l o>*nlr**l if a steam aoglne nail tsitler, u-> I !u said t*uililing. Mn*t rausnl the same U he lutaleU to sarb a digrc** ns that an explcwtnu ?as 111* InaaiUtliie and that th** *aoie i*to* (d at fJi WPias earelr-onre* hs U* imnwnl* defendants from HahUity Th*' defVnibints eonlead forth* r that the Ins* of plaintiff" if any, wa- -r*u?*d ho the > t pin,* m. a/vi not hy are Adjourtn-d. SIcnuvship K1 Dorado. ,1***1 floai>o-i Pi ssi tr, Y.-n ? fir ?A Matsnn-ot *ipi*car*-*t In Um W?W*t iklon v uon whlrh. If uiKonWadirU-d, mint lead the public to twUere tiiat I a? emmaander of the "teaAishtii >J l>orado, en h. e last woyarte from Chugre**. had "misled" th* paswwurer** fr .tn that port, n latlv* to the aeooaamodaUon." and (are of ?he e?-**? l In reply te that 'tatement, for the present. I ?til brlepy "iah thai <k> fsr as I am mentiormd In It. H ts uttsrly untrue That after mb Interrlew whleli | bate l*een perantsed with the agent In this elty for ths eom I*any to which the XI Dorado now b>4ong?. onto morr**w a tut) and Impartial itatomsnt of all the facta In the matter will put*lt*he*l whieh will ejeulpate me from all Idanis Py publishing the abvTe you a 111 oblige, y< vie* very truly. jj, WMUUl, THE LATEST ADVICES BBC BITES AT THE IIW YORK HERALD OFFICE, JVIB 2, 18#1. AeErulco, Mexico.... Apr. 28 Maranbam Mar. 31 Adelaide, 8. Auet'la. .Jab. Xi Mttimuru, Moiloo.. June 16 Alexandria, Egypt... Apr. 21 Matuuzae. Ceb* May 21 Aiu. Arctic Cap a... Am. 25 Mauritiui, lutl.Ocean ear. 13 Angostura, Veuezaela.Oct. IV Maya* uei, P. K May 17 Antigua Apr. 17 Mazatlun. Mexico.... Mar. 8 Antwerp, Belgium... May 11 Hernia, Mexico Mar. 10 Aquadilla, P. K Fob. 25 Mexico (City) May .3 Astoria, Oregon Apr. A Monrovia, Africa.... Feb. 13 Augustine May June 18 Monterey, Cal Fob. 2 Auckland. N. A Feb. 1 Montevideo, S. A... Mar. II Aux Cayea, Hay ti.,. Apr. 27 Naeaau, N. P May 17 Bluelelde, Moaquito. .Apr. 6 Neuvitaa, Cuba May 1 Bahama Jan. 29 Panama, New lira.... May 6 Balna, Braail Apr. 28 Para, Braxil Apr. 23 Barhadece May 1.1 Paris May l'J Batavia, K. 1 Pub. 28 Payta, Peru Feb. 12 Bay of Island,, N\ /..Oct. 31 Peruam-buoo, Braxil. Apr. 3) Belize, Hon Apr. 28 Pisco, Peru July V Bermuda May 23 Pointo a-Pitre, tiuud. Nov. 2 Bogota, New l>ra.... Mar. 10 Ponce, I*. K May 15 Bolivia Mar. 23 Port au Prince. Uayti.May 18 Bombay, E. 1 Apr. 17 Purt Spurn, Trinidad Mar. 15 Bonaire Bee. 2V Pur to Praya, C. do V.Apr. 3 Brazos Santiago. Doc. 1 PuertoCabello, Ven'a.May 13 Eucnon Ayres, S. A.. ..Mar. 2' Quito, Ecuador Deo. 18 Calcutta Apr. 5 Reulijo, Nicaragua.., .May 2 Callao, Peru Apr. V Riollraiide, Brazil.. . Apr. 1 Canipeaeby, Mexico. .Dec. 6 Rio Janeiro, Brazil.. .Apr. 21 Cape Hay tien. Hay ti. May 5 Sague la Graude, Cub. May 18 Cape Town, C. 0. 11. .Apr. l Salt l.akc City....... Deo. 3"J I Cardenas, Cuba May 23 Sautiago (Chili) Fob. 25 Cartbageuiy N. Ora. .Apr. 23 Sun Salvador, C. A... Mar. 17 Cayenne, rr. Guiana,.Mar. 2t' San Antonio, Texas. .Apr. 12 | Castries, St. Lueia. ..Apr. 18 Santa Barbara, Cal... Feb. 2! I Chart's, New Ora... May 10 Santa Crux, Teneriffc. Jan. 11 Cienfuegue. Cuba. ...May IS Santa Fe, N. M May I Cobija, Bolivia Deo. 25 8auta Martha. N. O. .Mar. 27 ! Colombo, Ceylon .... Apr. 15 San Bias, Mexico.... Feb. 10 . Constantinople, Tky. \pr. 30 San Diego. U. C... Mar. 24 ! Coeta Rica, C. A Mar 22 San Franoisco. U. C. Apr. 15 1 Council Bluffs. VP.. .Apr. 24 Snu Juso, Mexico.... Nov. 31 Coquimbo, Chili Mar. 10 San Juan. Nica May 1 Curacoa Apr. 12 Santa Crux, Caaary 1.Mar. 15 Dcmcrura. Br.Guiana. May I Savauilla Fen. 1 Dominica. W. 1 May 2 Shanghai Mar. 23 El Paso, N. M Feb. 18 Siaiu. Asia Feb. 3 Fayal, Western Isl'ds.Mar. 7 Sierra l.eone. A!ri 'a..Arr. 20 Ft. Good Hope, M.Elv. July 17 Singapore Apr. 5 Fort Kearny Oct. 23 Sisal, Mexico Apr. 28 Fort Laramie Fob. 10 Smyrna, Turkey Apr. 3s FortSimpeon.MBayT.Out. 4 St. Paul, Mlaueeu'.a.. May 11 Gallipagos Islands... May 2 St. Bartholomew*... Nov. 3> Gnlvtstun, Texas.... May 3 St. Catharine*. Brazil. Deo. 30 Gibraltar May 8 St. Croix, (Virgin I.) .May 15 Gonaivo*. Htyti May 17 St. Doiuiugo City... .May 3 GuaJaloupe Apr. 17 St. Helena Mar. 13 Guatemala Apr. 5 St. Jago do Cuba ... . May 'J Cuayama, P. K Mav li St. Johns, V F May 5 Guayaquil, Ecuador. .Mar. 23 8t. Johns, P. R May 10 Havana, Cuba May 22 St. Josephs, Mo July 30 Ilavre, France May 11' St. Kitts Apr. 3) Dobart Town, V. D. L.Feb. s St. Martina Mar. 2 Hong Kong Mar. 30 St. Thomas May 21 Honolulu, S. 1 Mar. 18 St. l.'bes, Port ogul... Dec. 27 lalay, Peru Oct. I St. Vincent, W. 1... Apr. 9 Jacmel, Hay ti M ay 18 Sumatra Jail. 11 Java Out. 31 Surinam,Dutch Cluin. Apr. 22 JerenCe, Haytl May 18 Sydney, N. 8. W Jan. 22 Kingston, Jam May 13 'I ahiti. Society Ials... Feb. 10 Laguayra, Venezuela.May 10 Talcnliuana, Chili... Mar. II I.agnna, Mexico Jan. IS Tampa Bay. Fla,... May 4 I.anaina, 8. 1 Mar. 10 Tampico, Mex ico.., , May 2 La I'az, California. ..Sept. 6 Teguzgalpa, llou....Mar. 1 Leon, .Nicaragua .. .Apr. *'l Trpic. Mexico July 1 Liverpool.... May 2il Tigro Island, C. A... Jan. 2 Lontl<>n May 21 Tobago Mar. 2*> Madeira May 7 Tabasco. Mexico.... Mar. 22 Madran, Ilindostun... M ar. 2*? Triuidad d? Cuba... .May 17 Malaga. Spain. May "> Truxillo, Honduras..Mar. 1 llalta Ma> 2 Turks Inland May 7 Manilla. Philip. Ials. .Feb. 20 Valparaiso, Chili.... Mar. 2.'? Man.anilln, Cuba .... May ft Vera Crux, Mexioo,.. May .1 Mnrnr aiho. Ven'a.... Apr. 24 Whampoa F?b. 26 Martini tu? Apr. Id Zanzibar, lud. Ocean. Mar. 1 IMlfflW. For i.i v erpooe.-koyae mail' *???amshi1> AFRICA will sail from New York on Wednesday, the 4th Jnne. at 12o'clock; the CANADA from Boston ou the 11th June. For freight or passage, apply to E. CCNARD, 1W Broa Iwny. IAOR LIVERPOOL.?INITED 8TATF.3 MAIL STEAM JP ijiipr (.hip . tlup HA I. i I''. * apt. JoK\.ph J. Comstock. Thie steam i will depart with the mails for Europe, positively, on Saturday. Ttn of June, at 12 o'clock M.,from her berth at the foot of ( anal street. No berth csu be secured till paid for. All letters and tapers must pass through the 1'ost Office. F .r freight or passage, having unequalled accommodations It r elegance or comfort, apply to EDM D. K. COLLINS. 56 Wall street. Positively fin freight will be received ou board after Thurs day evening, June The st> aiuahip PACIFIC will succeed U.? l'.alti.-, and sail June 21st. OCEAN STEAM N AVKi ATION COMPANY.?FOR Hp'ws, via Southampton.?The Pnitcd States Mail steamship WASHINGTON, 0. W. Floyd commander, will sail |..r Southampton and Bremen, on Saturday, June 14, from Pier No. .1, North River, at 12o'olock. Anoxperii tperienoed Surgeon la attached to the ship. All letters mast pass through the Post Office. Specie delivered in Havre. For lissag" or freight, apply to MOLI.FK. SANI) ie KlERA, agents, 30 Broadway. n.e steamship HERMAN N will tuo cctd the Washington on tho 12th July. fpUE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES A Mtil Steamers.?The ship- comprising this line arc the follow leg ? ATLANTIC Cant. Wait. PACIFIC Cant. Nye. ARCTIC < apt. Luco. BALTIC Capt. <'ou.stock. . ADRIATIC I apt. draft.>n. Th"-e ships having been built by contract ci| ready for soverutasat terrier, ever* . are lias been taksn in their con struction, ?s also in their eugiu. a. to insure strength an.l speed, and their accotumuduti. ss for passengers sit ut inallcd for elegance ..r comlart. Prloo of paaaagc from New V i rl, to Llv c I pool. ?i?t| tiiln.iic use of catra else State room.*, from Liverp?.ol to New York, t.TS. Anesperi en c.i surgeon w. 1 11 uttai lied to each aliip. No berth can tc stcur. d until paid tor. i nocoM i. iiATna oi san i m. ? From New York. Prom Liverpool. Saturday, Jane 7. It'll. M . tiie.-,iuy. Ma. 2*. I AM, Saturday, Jus. 21. ?' Wrdnaaduy, June II, ?? Saturday, July A. " H'edicsdajr, JsssiS, Saturday, July If'. " W ? Jnes lay, July " Saturday, .Augn.-t 2, " Wada> sdav. J ulv -.1, " Saturday, Augnst lo, " Wednesday, August fi, " Saturday, Auenst 3". " Wednesday, August 2H, " Saturday. September 1.1, " Wednesday, Sc| It tub" r .1, " Saturday, Se| trrabrr 27. Wednesday, Sopt n. r 17, Saturday, October 11. " Wednesday, Out. ber 1, " Sat urdav, October 2\ " Wednesday. October lay " Saturday, November ?*. " Wrdu-sJay. October 2S " 1 Saturday, November 22, " Wadataday, No rem bar 12," '? Saturday, Decemberd, " w. due-day, November 3B," latarday, DccetnbmrflD, " Saturday, Dounmbrr Lh " Saturday . December *. " F< r freight or passage, apply to EDW AID K I 111 I INS, No AG Wall straet, X. Y. BROWN. S111II IV A CO., Liverpool. E. U. ROBERTS A ( o., 13 King's Arm Yard. London. I DRAITK. Jr.. s Boulevard Moo tin art r.. I'an*. Tl.. . wacr? ofthase ship# will aot be account able tor gold, silver, bullion, specie. Jewelry, pre. ious stoni?. or metals, , unlets bills ot lading are signed therefor, and th> value thereof theretu ? st ressed. After the hrst of April nsvt, theratc ?f freight by tlo abev at'an.era from Uo rpool mil be materially reduced. PA< EBT* FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINK.?THE EOl, lowing ships will Iravc Havre an the 16th, and New . Tark on the lat al each as mik Ship ST. DENIS, l.HXi tons turOivn. Alousa Fpllnnshee, master Ship ST. NICHOLAS, I,i?"t tons burthen, N. W, Eveleiyh. maetaf. Shit BAI.fiMORE, 7<tv tons burthen, R D. Can a, m^,ref. Skip WILLI Aid TELL, (new) . I tons turtliea. _ dbha W illard, majtrr. Fr?m Pram New York. Havre. Jan. 1 Fab Id May 1 J una Id het.t. | Oat. It Fen. 1 Marsh t| June 1 July HE Oat. 1 Nov. Id Marsh 1 Ajies "W t-?r? Aug. Id Nor. 1 Dev. id April 1 May Id Aug I Sept. 19 Dee. 1 Jan. Id plf wiu'iiiW J^.VndVbj i,?I f mrri??"*"? '*.$??? 5&JSrgi ?c rpiIE ROYAL MAIL STFAMKR MI.RI.IN. CAPTAIN JL Sampson. will sail for Bermuda and St. Tl.onsav on Monday, the Rthaf Jnne, at n oa. She hat excellent ne aad at lent lot pay nyra. I'rieaaf passage to Bermuda St. Tin u.a- *;ti there is a regular mail communi cation k( t a. en M. 1 nomas and all t ue West India .-lands. II MM, Yarn Cm>. Vem >uela. Ice. The M -rlin will tabs freight. Apply to E. t I NAKD. Jr.. lb Broadway. P A ? No I . iters or Mult will be reeeived ?n beard af tba Marlin, lie 11 through tha i'cSt < "flier. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM l*A N'T.? (ONLY tl.r ush line f. r I ? f.mi* and Oregon )?Th. au1 IP are Informed toat under th? new arrangement af this Couipmv strvm. in,pe. led nn I apj r ved " y the Navy IB parti sad carry ins 11 e I nib , states mails, will er ntinua to p av e Pat. .tna and San frat -isea tb- 1st and l.'dh day of eteh Biuntl, t.als-t detained ly unavoidable aeeolrnt, and w.ll t? ? at ArapwE o, San Dtego. and '1 .titer, y The following 0t? am packets heWsu|ta| tn the I'aeilt. Mail St. amsiup l ,?'pany.*re now in tie I'srid, sue ol wt.i !i Will be always 111 p. r' al ? a, h end ol tt, rout# - ORFf.ON. . .. .. I.KW tent. KEPCBI.IC LBS* tans. PANtMA l,l'-7lcne CAROLINA ... . eta" tout. CAI.IFONMA .. Ill'?lens. COLTMHI a -it n? TENNESSEE,,. .I. .S'tons. 1STHMIS ? as. Northerner i.iwt.m. inicorv . .. ??miens. toll VI It! A td# taw*. FREMONT.. sti t?ut. AN I kl ?PI, ? tons. The new ptaamahi) < Oil MBIV will ply hetwwn Saa Frat. Co trd p?rt-to llnjss awaiting *t tn. fafntr psti the amval't (he mail' and pasaaag-ra from P* nam a. and returning with**! Jelaa with MM tuni, and psa.?ei,j?ra for tlies'ian, r If. m S n Frsur'" A r. guise ]| e >? pr peller-wlll ' l. pt nn foe t1.. trans a*rr> ight nnd ii susieut pssscn,';. r< M'"i Pn t crrait n a*rr* ight nad tisnslgut pssscng. rs hot- -a I'aw taa a id Sen I n?oj-eo T" ? well kt.owr a.nsbip SAR AH SANDS, uf I.Mm ? .us burthen, now vin.l r rhtvrte? t?, the i ? ?mi s ni. . .d p ultsrly . i athp.nd'etwala her > shin arrangatu.ut-. ? ill a? he pt tuna u( I a* an ea'ra "s oil * 'eat. Oaealth-ak v. steamare - III k-???? aptli- feaneruju bw IB r u A ? at ole aw<l the ot baa Mevl.au pert t The gonnecHaw ti? th. At'sntle ? ill bg i.. .iatu.a- 1 ' f the ! I ait. d State- fnafl -f. in,at t|w VRoROIA tafM. CRFSf'EMT CITV.I.W taat OHIO. . . ..t.Mgi t..na. CHEROKEE .. .l.'"?'l .us. i t VI PI H E ( ITV . 2,'ss, tons, I'll II. A l"FI.I'll I A. EH*'teens i l^av ing Nes 1 erk fe>r ChngV 'v an tha lltvi and RiVPi of cash month. Th, new steamship, EI, leORADO an i TALCON w '1 ' im a direet ilae b. loeen Nou Orleans tn I Cbaar s. |?av Ins at si.*'b r'ri lei< will iuswr. as Utile d- Wut, a as Sib1> on ti e iathmna, and for.o.ag el.'eo haTWei';,r;;',^dlfrom* fr*W s"* r"k u ">? Fra. I ggisi n stats roams, to t -ti kit in I' wer , alda. to f .'gf Sasi. ia atearsge, t > tl'A i Naw V 1 ha ra'ea from Naw Tark to Chagees will le? at tip" Isw-sl adopt- d by aar safe <ea steaaner h-1 so a thoa* p> I , r eholgfl ot bertha, a apply at tba effii-a of tbe Caanpnny M anil V, South atreet and at their agrary, 177 W<wt etsoad. For chaorer and ban jl an de nk araopa Tfa naw danbl* enaiua stwamehip pvtoMKTHEEA , Cnptain H. W. Jahnasa, will leas- New York far Wee a" owe poets on Friday, Uth Jnna nest, at3o'?lo*h P. M. For I paotara cr fr-ipht, apply at tdis .afles of tba aulp. ? BatAvry I ptaea. up stairs INDEPENDENT TUROUt 11 I.INB.?OFFOWTlOK TO I High Prlea Monopais. -Tha taat stewmeiop PHOMF- I TIII.l"n. will loava en Friday, Jan.. LWh, t?r Chocr-w and I Ran Jaaa. ITana wf eabtn ae. n, and bertha * eur?l. at the ' Uamtratwa, by early appileatioav to BERFONO fc Cv^TI V as* y stptet . Aster Heat.. Througn tfekaaafor sole. HIP MINNETT ?TAKEN FROM VJI'ARANTIVE, ON the mgbt of Friday. U e ;F?th nit., by som' ?? U.e *Mp a rpaay. a boat IA tret loevg b> d broad, pa In trd ye||?a. a a red rthtkn roniid her guowala Ahy prraoa lria-in dlig> nee of whate It can ba found, tn CapY Jarlan, ot nnalPs oflVifk Re.uth atrcet. nlll b. HKerntl) n asNN l-AfVR RAI E. -A 1 1RSTC1 AS* Til hrTFOR A 1'ASS.tOt r ? tdvtfipal bysAaam a to- * ?'?? l ? ? am ?i fij N MAitb #MM0lMh MWiimwttla KUIIOPKAN ADVEHTlNENEIfTK. 1*KA VE1.LER3 HAND GUIDE. OK CLASSIFIED LIST ol establishments in Lonlou, Liverpool, and 1'ir i, care foil* selected and recommended ? LONDON 1.1ST. AUCTIONEER. HOUSE. AND ESTATE AREN'T. Da Beruardy. J/ John streot, Adrlrhi, by appointment to the Sardinian. Uolinan. and Peruvian Legation!, the hpauieli and J'nijua^i yiiiuli. ARTISTS COLOR AND VARNISH MANUFACTURERS. Newman, '.'4 Sohu Square, artists' materials of every description, of tirat quality. Wholesale agent in Now York, Eyre A Warn, Clift street. Reberaen A Co., 31 Long Acre, artiata' colore and draw BRl Slf AND^ OEB r. a. Priuca Albert. 1? Metcalfe, Biogley at ?v B. Oif"_rd ?tiajt.( Church Yard. IeniR,Kto Hef Ms; "y " Upper St. Martin ? Lane. BOAC4??-?KoU, Hyde Park, auperi.r accommodation a. COI RT DREWS MAKERS AND MILLINERS. Mri. 11111, to the Queen and Royal i'auilly, 171 New Bond street. chronometer, watch and clock makers. Vleyree A Kepingon. 121 Regent elroet. Job, (late Job A Bantu) to U. H. 11. Grand Dukt of Ilraao Darmstadt, IS Titchborne St , Regent street. CUTLERY AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Most-Icy, John A Sou, 17 and IS New street, CoveutRMA den; needle*, Ae. CHILD, BED. AND LADIES' LINEN. Clack A Co.. 12Ludgate atreet, wedding orders and ladiee' ?xcral outhte. IT MANUFACTURERS. Watson, Hell A Co., to ller Ma. eaty. 33 and 3d Old Bond afreet. CLOTH MERCHANTS AND FANCY WOOl LKN WARE HOUSEMEN. Hull A Wilson, 32 St. Mart u'a lane. DRESSING AND TRAV ELLINU CASES. Kennedy. 41' New Bond etreetj cutlery, itaticniry, ho. ENGRAVERS AND PRINTERS. llalfbide, G., to Her Majeaty and Prince Albert, 7 Coven try street. . Warrington, W. A Son., to Her Majesty, 77 Strand. Bid*n, John A Frederick, 37 Cheapeide.

ENGINEERS. Thouipa?n A Co.. 23 Parliament eireat. COI DSM1T1IS, JEWELLERS, AND SILVERSMITHS. Hunt A Koekell, the succeesore to Storr A Mortimer, I.Vi New bond atreet. to Her Majeaty and all the crowned head* of Europe and the East. GUN, PISTOL. ANI) Riri.R MAKERS. Blieaett. John, Manufacturer. 321. 121 High Holhorn. Deaue, Adamn A Deane. it) King William street, City, to 11. R. H. Prima Albert. I ant a*t--r, Charles. Manufacturer. 131 New Bond atreet. GOLD I.AC EMKN. EMBROIDERER, 1XD ARMY AC COUTBEMENT MAKER. ID Ibaek l.oula, to Her Majeaty and tbe Royal Family, 4 Now Bond street, HOSIERS, GLOVERS AND SHIRT MAKERS. Gov. F.huh A Co., gentlemen's outhtters, 173 Pi tea diliy, an l 24 and 23 c ornhill. Huriuie 11, lirsckaopp A Co., outfitters, 6 Old Bond ?tr*et. Piccadilly. Godaell. George, ladies'and gentlemen * warehouse, 201 Regent street. Pope A Plant#, 4 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; manufac turers of hosiery and surgical elastic etoeking* Cli nton A Sen, 91 and 32 Oxford atreet, ladies' >ut t tter?. Turcaher A Clenny, to ti e Qneen, 137Strar.d. HOUSE AGENT. Di llemard>, 2' John atreet, Adelphi. agent for Pane and the Continent. HOTELS. The Oriental. Establ.shc.l '799, Verc etrt et,Oxford street. Noble smoking saloon. PORTMANTEAUS. TRUNKS, AND PACKING CASKS. Southgate, J.,7t> Waking street, city, Manufacturer o: I lie Keeis'er- d Portmanteau. PIN. NEEDLE, AND riSU HOOK MANUFACTURERS. Kirty. II. ard A Co., Cannon ftr?et, l/Ondun, and Roe Richelieu 79. Paria. RIDING HABITS, Underwood A Co.. Lud>os R e.ng Habit Makerc, 1 V ere street, Oxford street. STATION EEhs a.ND ACCOUNT BOOK. MANL FAC TE RER8. Waterlow A Sons, 63 to 6S London Hall, *9 Parliament street, and 24 Bir- bin Lane, wholesale aad export. Let's, Son A Ste.-r. 1 K yal Exchange. SIIK MEKCF.RS. LINEN DRAPERS, HOSIERS AND GLOVERS, ETC. Allison. J. Kog-ni Hoiian. 2It) and 2*2 Regent str- et. Delteiiham, S-in A Freebody, 44 Wigmore atreet, Cateu diah Square. Beech A Borrall, (13 and 64 Edgcwarc Road. TAVERNS. ? The Albion. (Simpson's.) 26 Grant Ruiaell atreet, Covent Garden?dinner nnd supper reomi, smoking saloon,Ac. Crewoine Clardens, ? heist*?elegant i lace of summer aui r**m*nt, Sunday table d'hote, private dinners, re staurant. SCOTt II WOOLLEN WAREHOUSEMEN. I lewsllyn A Shiell. 2 Old Bond street, pla. 1a tartans,Ac. TAII.l R- AND ARMY CLOTHIERS. Guthrie, A., 34 New llond itreat, ratp* drt'ief and ladies ri ling habits. 1 leti-lier, II. and G . I12K New Bond street. < urlew i* A Co.. SS Conduit street, Keg-nt street. Allen A Co., 121 New Bond street. Curacy A Co., V> St James atreet. UPHOLSTER EMS AND CABINET MAKER". Jackson A Graham and37, 38 Oxford street, and carpet manufacturers. W111P MAKERS Swain- A Adrncv, manufa-tur ri to the Queen, 1S5 Pie dilly. WOOLLEN' AND MAN HESTER WAREHOUSEMEN. Holt, Huss 11 A Bates, 114 St. Mart n i Lane, Charing Cross. Rice A Treasure. 17 Maryleb-'nc street. Regent street, fancy trowsenug sod broadcloths. WAX. SI'EKM Ai I'.TI AND TALLOW CHANDLER". Jackson, R , 143 Piccadilly, -oap, candle and oil ware house. AMUSEMENTS Royal Gardens, Vaushall, open every evening?Eqnoa trian, Dramatic. Dancing and Pyrotechnic Amnse ni-nle Royal Surrey /oological Gard> n?, patr ouiied i > the Roy al Family?Amusements of th- m st unique and ro chbrch. character, Op*n daily, Saturday caceptod, from '.'till dusk ?admittance one shilling. Ratty si.mm! National llipnedrom*. Kewelnrton. o] en daily ? Unparalleled teat# "fequcstr.an art. (trrn-nr Gard-in, Chelsea?Music, Dancing, Firework*, Ac. Table d'bote and restaurant. I.I\ 1:It pool LIST GOLDSMITH, JEWELLER. AND SIL\ FR-MITIf. Dieniore, Thomas, t < the Qneen end Prince Allcrt, Bel l street, corner of llunovcr street. SILK MERCERS. ETC. Jeffrey, Mooiish A Co . Cooipton House, Cliufoh street, l.r.eb street,and Harnett street, carpit narchonse. TAILORS. Burden A Low, 17 Church street, shir', makers, hosiers, hatters. Re. PARIS LIST. AGENTS. Webb. J., .HI Rue d. Rivoli, apar'.a-a i srupjing sad ? emim rcinl. CHEMISTS. Hogg. J. P., English ? hemi*t to tht Amcri'ta and British Embassies, 2 Ku. Uattlslione, three doors from Rne RitsU. GOLDSMITH. JEWELLER. AND <||.VRR<MI TU. Basset. Rue.dc la Paix 26 (formerly of the Palais R-yai.) HOTEL. Dee Prince*. V7 Rue Richelieu, of nti*ar?al| repntatlsn. Table d'hote. Ensllsk spoken. TO BE PUBLISHED IMMEDIATELY. Louis Hirst, Esq.. is preparins. in tint*! lithography, from n draalis made by him during the ecromony. a raithfuI representation, in the h'gh?*t style of art, of th* State Open ing of the Great Rxhildtioa of all Nation*, by h*r Majeaty the Qnern. The mcineat chn?en In the picture being when hit Royal Ilichne?s I'rince Albert dolivertd '0 Mojeety tbe address nf the Royal Commiatinasrs. Slid af the *ngr? vlng. tVA inches hy 77, without margin. Pronto, 21s.; priats, 12* . lull colored, 24e. N. B ?The original hat been et hihitcd at the Palac, aad approved of by her Majsttynad Me Royal Highness I'rmce Albert. Early or i ri are re qnested, to secure good Impressions. I*indsn ; Atlermaan A On., publishers to her Mnjeety, Vd Strand., No. 1 JUST PUBLISHED, ^14 United States Frigate St. Lanr*n?e "alnting off I'oWes." Hi dicnted, by special permission, to Pnpt. Sands. Plain, 7s. 6d.( colored, 10s. 6d. London Aekormann fc Co, So. J THE LONDON GUIDE POCKET MANDKF.RrillEl'.? this will l? < om? a mo*t a< reptable prossnt to our eouolry frii nds and tor- ign vi-it rs. Pcrhap* >n? of the sr-atest in notarrro to either the mis of hu*iaeso or pleasure, 1s t" hnd himself, from pure poll Guess or neccsity. involved In the uninteresting end pr- Atlee* occupation ?t showing n bevy ?f country cousin* or continents! acquaintance over Lon don. With common courtesy pulling one way, an J intima tion the other, what is bo tsa* I'n ?*nt th- m with on* of thi so 'herrhlefs, and they may find their way without your aid or c nipaay ? I be whole of the groat thoroughfare* be. iug divsti-d of the tributary atreots. r-ndering what hna hltlmto been t" th atraogcr a great dittii ulty, s matt?r of rnao and csrtainty. Messrs. Weh h A Marge'* n. the war hinnmn, of i h<spnidr, are th* Itsigaorsof th* map, aad ltd ?*ni rdl arran :*m*nta and printing -m dUk. art another a itirame ofthe gri *t r<sour< es .-f this imntiis cstahliah sr.-at. ? Glul*. No. .A Hunt and roxkcll. (suupes!m?rs to st4??r a Mortimer.) (iiildsmiths, Silvrrsmtthd, Ac., to tb* Qnoen, alao Chrom-metef and Wnlehmakero. of Nn. ISA Now Bond street, i.omi<>n. mnnnractory, 20 Harrison street, Cray's in road. h. g to iatiuwtte to their pntrsnt that thny are nl ? ut moving from th-tr branch husfness la l'ria**sn .ire*.. M.n.hest.r. ,0 St. A.^.qu.r. the lo-W and Immediately opposit* tu The principal ontrnaon af th# Kichnar*. U?NTIRF.I)AT STATIONERS' IIALI,-GREAT EXHI J2J hilioa Aliunnac, fof 1V.I. owntaining a view of the build ing erecting in lljd* I'erh, aad a full account of every par in ular connorted with th* un<, in Engli-h. Frencn, and German: al*" how t 1 i-it in six day* the whole of the era twitossa exhibitions In Lnnd'-n, and it* prln . j nI s iuar*^ ttrsit*. #hnr> I cs. monimcats, msrksts, Ac-; withth# cot lares, and sverw other neceesary information. Published hy ' R se A Sons, 119 and ITU lilsl.. psgsto etroc', l.ondon. th# a?lsl rated torrnqnii rs, perftimers, hair dntlers. hair dyer*, is airnts, who undertake U> exeeoi- on commi - nnd general ?ton ordersforev.-ry description of gixxl* f. rail parts ot th# world. Rots A Nous also solicit the attenM-n of persons re aiding al road 1.1 he articles of thiir onn m.ia"facturw *?*? listing at Briti?h and foreign perfumery (they having an s*tabli*l.r *" meat in France,) every hind of s -ap, hrnsArs, dr**o iaf en*, s, strops, sod cutlery, im lading thoir "Registered fcnsrd Rsser." which rrrvrntc th* possibility of any one tnltiag himself while shaving, artrspllatory for dyeing th* heir ot sny re tuir*d thade, an J Iheir nnrlvs'lloJ sasortinrnt of ornnwu ntal hair, ot all k ind*. f'r Iwth ladles and yentlo ?on. Anv order* reeolved hy them promptly attend d to, and if efxjn tnln<- and upwards will he sxeented at th# wholeeale price, bnt a renuttanec ? ith it iadiep*a**h|e; aad ' thoy undertake that nothing hat lirst cine* goods shall he ' Sont. for whirh tdieir name is a soft i*nt gns ran tea, having i heon estshllahed nearly a centvey. Price of the Alnsaaoo At with th* tisnal allonanee to' the trade; to ho had. hy ! orddr, of nil hoohrellert and newvveadom UiroMhont tKo U Address, Rues A Sons, Ilk aad LA) Bmbopsgntn HII1PPINO. PATiriC M All, PTKAMSMIP CO?fANT.^OWtT Ifcft'jrfl liar fat San Franriara. vlt HKKI an-l f'haaroa. ?Tar>- Rrdnrad?0? Wadaaaday, Juar Uth, at .1 P. 11.? Thrtploadid daakla-aaaint lia?ihli IT'T"!! "? tnaa, T?. I> I rttf, U. S.H.. ClUuAt. *111 MUi aa Wod naadty. Jnnr 11th, at proriaaly II a'alatk, P. ? ffam hat plrr at th? loot #f Warran atraat, N. It., *lth tha *?*?**?. ai?nt Malta far Chaff**. via Havana. ra?a?wrara t ma af triad a< Havana to tba at Undid doutpr-anrlno ?t?n*?nhtp F *1 CON. I'uovw having la tht Ororrla artll toanrrt with td>r favorltr VaJud Plain nail ttram.hip CAMI OMNIA, to aatl 'ran Panama aa nt ahoat tha lat Jul*. Pot Irvigtt atlMMi' applr at tin . .flirt. Ho. dt aad U Math atri-i. at at No. IT7 * aai atrrat. aanmr of IFnrrna #tr**t. AC IP If MA II. RTF A MSIthP COWANT.-TH1 -.air throngh liaa fa* California aad Or*fl*a via Chaffna diraet lira O* I'riiv, Jni IlilL MS P ? "Tha aplradid arramahlp KMI'IHP. CIVV. 1.HII0 tnaa. 1. f). Wit loa. rammaadar, *111 tail on Fn1ay Jtiar 1.1, at praoiaaly 9 n'aload. P. M., frnta h?r riar at the faot of warrm Itrat N R , alt* Ui? toToramont aialla for Ch??*t?. ooanartiiui ylth tfi-favorltr PnKod Stat** Mail MoamtMp CAMPOR Nl A. to laav Panama on oral-oat thr l-? ,lulr. for fr*.*ht ?v raaoapn, apply at tha oflloa. No*. Af and St Saath auaat.** At 177 Wat# alroot, ooraat Warrrn atroat. ?iUPi r.? I *01,F, FOR SAN rilANf ISCO.--SI ROIAI, J aatifo - Thii inanalflrrot ah-p ha? bar frrirht aaarly on ray d, tad fill anil In a fa* day*. Cna t-hi- tint Wright l.r RMIfro of aartn f,.f whlah, Of aofw, apply to R. R. ?911 ON h CO.. *? Wall alrort. of Mf.SARS. HAKHKCR k CO . AM Wall afrooi. OAT PORSAI.R.?lU'll.TRh IVAKRAfltJ CI.INKRK i nlit, r- pp-r fA#??-nr,1. rUlit-?n fart lont.anld haaoaa* tl>* a*atr hi ? a futthar am for it lauafH of Willimn p. I r* -| font of St-rlnv atr of. Tliv n-rn-f "--^^1 h" NlilU Win?va*M?* 14b BOW ERF TB R ATRE.?BOXE8, 2ft CENTS; PIT, cents; Seat* in Orchestra Box*#, 5U cent#.? Doors open at 7; to commence at 7}2 o'clock. Tuesday evening. June 3, will \>t performed, for the iirat time in this c. uutry, the .tartling drama styled a DAF OF RECKONING?'Clande Moreau, Mr E Eddy; Count D'Arental, Mr. Tiiton M. Bo quiiard, Mr. Jordsu; Counters D Arcutal. Mi?i Peru* tic, Mi?s k Dtmn. To be followed bv tb* dram* of IDIOT VV1TN EbS~~ ha iLeur Aruaud Br. Pi p**; Robert Ar naud, Mr. Martin: \Falter Arlingfou, Mi?* S. Demo. Oucen fclwaUth, Mrs. Ntedlnin. To conclude wi;b the GONDO LIER OF MILAN ?< a*parJo. Mr E. Eddy. National theatre, c iiatii am street-box eh, 25 cent*; Pit, lijjctH.; 1'rivat* boxes, $?1. I)-ore open at7'4; curtain ri**-a at 7?^ o'clock, Benefit f the Actor s Order ol Friendship. Tu? >day evening, Juuc the enter tuiutiM nth will commence with the vaudeville of SLASHER AN 1? t'l<VbliEK?Benjamin Blowhard. Mr. * W. Taylor; Mr. Crasher, Mr. G. I.. Fox: Sampeon Slu !u r, Mr. keut. Alter which, the LOVERS OF THE ALPS. T , he followed by the melo drama of the ADOPTED CHILD. Toeonclude with the pantomime of the GOLDEN AXE?-Farmer GuLbiu#. Mr. L. Fox; Collin. Mr. F. Drew. 1TAIJAN OPFRA HOUSE, A8TOR PLACE.-IN CON sequence ol an accident to ftiguor Benevttano, and of the eon tinned Hints* ol Sig. Bettini, (which commenced before hit leaving Boston.) tin M.tnagcr tiudn himaelt coin - l-elled to otter the following performance in place of the one previou.-ly announced. Firht appearance of Siirnora A. I Dosio, Signora C. Vietti, Signer Mariui. Price*.?Boxea. | Sofa*, Parquet, $1; Secured seat*, $1 50; Amphitheatre, "?0 I cent*. Tuesday e\eninjr. June 3; will bej?? rforun d the opera of LUCREEIA BOIIGIA? Luert/ia Iforgia, Signora A. lioaio; Oraini, Signora C. \ ictti; Genuaro. Mgnor Lorini; Duke Alionao, Siguor Marini. Door* opeu at 7; I erformance to commence at rt o'clock. Box Office open daily from i' to 4 o'clock, at which time scat* may be secured. Opera Night*.?Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. MECHANICS' II ALL, NO. 472 BROAD WAT, A80TB Grand atreet.?Op* n every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an < tffoient and versatile "corps" of "tah nted" and "experienced performers," under the tna nagemrut of E. P. Chri&ty. w hose concerts in this city, for a ? uceesnion of "five year*," have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audience*. Ticket* 25 cent*. Door* open at half past six, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert wijl be given on Saturday next, for the accommodation of Ladiei and Juvenile*, com mencing at 3 o'clock. 1*. M. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager.?The manager, desirous to pi? ar>e in every respect the patrous of the Museum, respect fully pre* nt* the following powerful bill for the week com mencing Monday, June 2d, ijn? 1. Evening, commencing at 8 o'clock, CHARLES X 1I?Charlea XII, Mr. Hetikins; Tripto hintiH Mtiddlewnrk. Mr. Hadnwrty. After which, the cele brated drama ot THE <>LD til Alii)?Uavresuck, Mr. lien kin*; M'-lanie, Mins Chapman. In th?: aftcrnoou. commenc ing at 3 o'clock. THE TEACHER TAUGHT- Mr. Aubrey, Mr Bellamy: Charlotte V* re, Miss Sylvester. To conclude with THE WOOL DEALER ? Deuteronomy, (his first appear ance,) Mr. II. P. Ilickey. Admi-Mon, to the entire Mn -uin and performance*, 25 cents; children under 10 years, 12l4 c**nts; front seat* in parquet, on*? shilling extra. HARNUM'S ASIATIC CARATAN, MUSEUM, AND ME nagerle.?This mammoth establishment, the largest tra velling exhibition in the world, being a combination of all the most popular and unexceptionable specie* of amuse ments of th? age, it? now open, Morning, Afternoon, and Eve ning, tor one week only, under the immense variegated pa vilion, erected for tin* purpose, on Eighth street, near the Opera House. The Day Performance# offer peculiar induce ments to Schools, l adle* and Families, who with to avoid the crowd incidental to an evening exhibition. The Museum and Menagerie includes, in addition to a caravan of living animal*, a great collection of wax statuary of the most noted characters of this and other countries, together with a va riety of interesting curiosities of various description.-*. The drove of elephant*. j?i*t import jd from Ceylon, may be *een, With the native Cingalese chief who accompauied them to this country. A *pl< ndid selection of highly diversified entcrttiament* will he given during each exhibition, in the course of which the original General Tom Thumb; llr. Xellix, the man without arms: Mr. Pier?-e, the lion conqueror; and maty others will appear. A young calf elephant, only six m.nt'.s old. and but three xnd a half feet high, will be riddt-u around the interior of the Pavilion by the Lillipu tian Gen. Torn Thumb. Admittance 25 cents; children under V. half price. Door* open from to 12 o'clock, A. M froui 2 to 5. sud from 7 to 10 o'clock, P. M. RAYMOND AND I1EUK DKI E8RAUII'8MEN AGERIE.? This celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best con ducted in lbs kuott n wurli?embracing almost efefy animal known to natural history, an J which has received the pa tronage aud applause of hundred* of thousands of the tnost respectable and intelligent people of the United Status, has jiut commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will visit th<* principal cities and towns of New England, in the following order, vi/. :?May 9Rh, Manchester: .'list, IVi 1II muntic; June 1st. do; 2d, Norwich; 3d, New London; Ith, Mvstic Bridge; 5tn, Westerly; <>th. Bran's Iron Works, R. I.; 7tli, Birch Hill; Mh, do. do.; Pth, Providoncet 10th, do. AMimKMKNTH IN PI11L.A13KL.PH1A. Barm m s museum, c orner of seventh and Che*nut streets, Philadelphia.?P. T. Barnuin, Proprie tor; H. Sanford. Manngvr.?Tw ? performances daily, atter ?<n?n and evening. Admif**i?n, cents; children, half price. Monday evening, benefit of Mr Tonne, with a splendid bill. The hue comedy, "All that Glitter* is not Gold," "Cricket on the Hearth." "A Morning Call," "Rough Diamond," ani oth^r attra* tivc plays will be prevented during the Week. The saloons arc most gorgeously fitted up with an interesting collection ef curiosities, including a tine gntlcry of National Portrsita. and the highly interesting experiment illustrating the diurnal motiuu ut the earth, at once simple and convincing LAND YVAHKANTS. General I.and office, april <th, ikm.?nu mrrnna applicatioae having been made to tlria office f?t information in relation to the manner iu whioh l.an I War ranto, under tha tot of 2"tk September, In&U, tlmultl bo lo anted, the followtug anaaere thereto bate been prepared, to nit ? There are three m' doe by which theae locatioaa may ba made: let.. Ily the Warrantee in perenn. 2d. II] the Warranter, through the agency of thia off. a. 3d. H) an Agent or Attorney. It the bret or aeeond mode to adopted, the application mint >a diet] ' be mode in writing, tpccifylng the tract, lanJ dietriut ?r eeo tion of country, iu which tie location te deetee d, and ho ac companied bj au affidaeil according to the following lorm. No. I. Where the third mode la ndopted, a Power of Attorney muat he produced, executed by tlo warrantee in the pri'?'U?a ofanitneee, according to the following form. No. 2. nhieh Power of Attorney mint be acknowledged, or proved, aa the eaae may he. before MM officer authoriied to take the ac knowledgment of dead*, according lo form No. 3or d. In all caeca, the I'atcnta will be tranamitted to the l.aad Offic e w here the 1 -cati u la made, unlc-e ?i ?. ml di recti n le tha contrary be giraa. J BCTTEREI Kl.ll. rimmlMlanar FORM No. 1. Btatc or ) Cor ntt or ) Before me (a Juetiea nf the ranee. or ether officer anther lied to tnke affidante.) prreonally appeared (here inaert name ?t narrantee.l who being duly awora, depoaea tad aaya, tl.nt he le the identical (here inaert name of warrant -e,) te whom warrant No. for nerve, under the actof Sep tember. In&U. naa naucd >n the day ef , 184, and alio low nppltea to locate the tame. (Afllaat'i aigaatnre.) Be era to and anhaeribed before me thla day el?, (8B (<>ffi -er a aignature.) FORM No. J. laow all men by theae prreeata, that I (here iaarrt the ?ana of warrantee), of the connty ef .ami State ef , do hereby ronatitnte and appoint , ef??, my trne and lawful Attorney, for nie and In my name, le lecaM land Warrant Ne. .for aerea of laad, which leaned under the a?t of September, l.SS<>. ( Power ef enbetatutien may be ineerted if deaired.) P i??ed to | retrace ef j (Warrantee'a tigaalaro. FORM No. 1 Irttr or ) Coi'ntv or da thla day ef , In the year . yarMnally ap reared (here inaert name ef w arrautce.) and a-know leda-.i he W ill in Power of Attorney to ho hla a< I and dee,J, and I w ltliin Power of Attorney to he hla act and dtAo. thl I certify, tha* I well know the euld (hern lnp,rt the name nf warrantee,) and Uiat ha ia tha name |?;?an who it deMribad in lha within Power, and who eaacated the tame. (Officer ? aigaatnre.) FORM No, 4 Brat.or ? Comrvor I I hire by *#rt|fy. that n? thla ?day af . la tha year ?, p-raonaltr came before uie (here inaert tba nnmn at tha Witneea) and (imr* inaert the name ef warreatee;) aad the aaid (lo ra iawrt the name ef witneea.) being w-ll known te me, w aa duly aworn by me, and en hit oath declared and eaid that l a w II knew the eaid (here inaert the aame of warran tee, ) and that he wae the ua* p-reea daeenbed ia, aad who etc ut d the within Power of Attorney, and hit teatimony wae to me aatiafhetory ealdenee of that fact, aad the aaid (here inerrt the name ef warrantee.) thereupon aeknowUtg ed the eaid Power to be hie art aad deed. toffiaer'a itnatnre.) MBDICAle. pARIA AND IONWIN TREATMENT OF PRITATR diaeaaea in a tew hnnra, by a reaetakle application, Hkeatpait. la d"hility. hp ughi en by improper bnbtte, and eonatitntional aff-tione. he e .mllnee mdiinea with the laaal remedy, ae I ma ehuw any one they* are thvtieand wbe cannot be. red nithont it. na h- hna en., ? daily, o( yearn dnratn-n, fr ,m Mm other phy-icnaa. In pit, he gwnraat ? tiea a parmaio nt IM He haa atri'tnree daily he enree withont maaUl, a bich other- na.. rauaed by their not aipel Pag the firmer diaeaae a..on nani.li Ilia dip! ma, with theee, and the hnndreda of eertiA-atre. ahnw that none can e pial it. 3 on cured me ia of dat ?D. N. Corbya. One lorn1 apalieatma eared me In a few h. urn, after another doe tor tried a li ng time.?t . Derond. 1 paid oyer MX), ia See ytera, to N? e uye ( ,f wcahnre- frrm leUlhut*. without hea rt. yet ran cured ma 't loral and general tr-rUm-nt, in a ahert time.- Jae F.raae. ten eared me el the worel of ty| hili i uleera na my )?d? and tnee la ? ahoy, time, after I bad been undi r three ahyeteleae far a y-nr, bneidoe mint of.? Wm. e*er> n?a. k neediriae I .mild h?tref.?Wm. f ewneee. I'rrta Am boy, N.#. Thoee at a diatanee can. by eaeloeinr fee. t? | treated)] t ail. Office hoar- fri n - A I. to I f. II and 7to"l*. if. tt. I.ARMt'NT, *. !?.. ?2 R-a le otreet. twa deore fr m Br adway, ant In the ftora. NOTII F. VIKI.niNt: TO THE EARNEST SIH triTA ti na ef rery many whe hare been gru.ely de- lead by rtaln a< If f tiffing Inlrtdnale, the ur.lereienel wtil an" tiane tn prnai-ribe eratuitonely f'r all tiaeaae- of a private aatera. Theae w o. hp minima l? a certain deetruettee habit of yout li, haie l.aerantly tBeared th-moelfffimMB al?" r ly on a cheap, pliaeaat. lad anendy ear . Tr?btmeat bj letter, ia Faalieh. Itifli, ay 0 rmaa B I)E I.A NET. k D , II Idlpcnard atreet. r. ar Broadway, N K.W M Mill Al. IttiObP ?A CO* I'l.ETR PR At'TICAI. atrkoa Oia nenre and treatment af dalieata I'aeaana. aad all tin k.ndr-o od?tioaa ih.etrat I by a great aam ber of l-auti'uUy i alored plate-. ae large aa lite; by Ilamar Ilaatwieh, M. D., Iftat-r oa Sueg.ry, and d\?naae? af tha abne e Iiamad natnr*. It la a largo ijarh Ctletui aeemd idittan. price |ltl Fttrbct front tha' Boaton Medical aad Bnftai'ai Journal" ?"It maybe Mid, ?"arl?e?iji. to ha nqnal to Riti rd a or A> tea ? worka ea Uta aama family af dlaaaaea. aad far rttparior to an)thiai ef the kind ever uubliohed In thu -eaatry." Auth r ef 'The lam ti Phyalelaa;" price % -fata Aathvr e# ? work on "Self Aaaae, and ita deple rable rffieta, the.. A ." aiyth iditioa. feartaen plaf-a: pyiee ?1 ley aale at the pwbliahem, STRIM.ER A TtlMNSEND. is Breadwajr. aad by tb- ant hoy. n* Broadway HR1.IEF IN TEN KIM TEA -Ct'RR IN A FEW DATI In an red by tha great foreign ramedy. Dr. Ucfk'a Pal. W affra. for the rare af mlda, C. ngha ultima, broanfed ti?. rtilmoaagy rmnaumptaon. and all aflaettona of the > raaat andlanga. ?aaala-tarad by I Taylor, Rort,eater, N. T* Wblp tree aad genuine prepr<e>?r and manefaetnmr a* ? nf Aamrtoa. by ae-.(nwi-nt of right from Jamoa d -baa-wi C. V. (HleO-n-r 4 fa dl Baa-day tWrai, are Me genera) ag-nta toy N. w T?rk and rieialtf. Bold atae by A. B. A D. halt, IM Faltou atrrwt. Be-t?fl yri<m. Bi atmta pet Ml. liARDti'AX IMTTTRJva ON BBITtNAL DIXEA9W - Tka brm aimbr. frffij power by g Olorar, ? D gieaa the aympaoma. i oaumymaanwa. and rmrr of a riaee of dt?eaaea , HtUe tutib awauod by modanal a.e It (? Uku-trntwd by r voe . and emrrariaga, wbiih bring It wtUdn tha oowtpm+ianeiea of i rrot] cnaaa of reedera. in the tratitmt a a-W laabrnmant i? iiAr?4aoe<l, wdtlrh ba* bweat ffinnd eaaln-ntly a wet Mafa I ia rewberiag dnbillrnted on-an*. -no Ir-uiklnr ap lb AI morbid 1 agaoeiatdna eetnbliahnd ?? iwnd, yawtk, F?t aale l^y u,e j battier, U Abb a Meet, where he M annealted ta thla eltee ?< diae-eea Price, ts iwwta E Ntpnv W'iTltyR a ftiti( ryR, *oR , | rtlVBIO ? log] Naryi. ti ladt- e will And muep te Int. road ttwwn in m tiawe mtatdbg te the ma trie J 'jr. in thia ho dt The Nara -I poaertj aad Mte pr-> peer ef to.. Urge a family o< n? ildri-u. pritetit many pyngent people fmtn tn-rriinr bat ti le li ok wdll tell yow imp-rt?o> egyy-ea whlti. w,)| -rer a-iea tbiaeojaetlngt. Tha tdlbnr le not ?!!nw. d to atota tha 1 e< i nat-"f tha bneik in detail, hut can aaenre ht< lemala yoathra that It particularly Intereata them. Pbtrant a wwat- I I '' t 1 ' ne'oee nr dollar te T>r I i p ?ce-l|e, k?l *?Wa,*>|W drMdtrfb Vkl?e. tffi Jd?a dd Am em.rm - _ AMVBBMKBVB. BIOiDWAY THUTM?t. A. MARSHALL* BOLM Lmm, Q. B. Itmu, Sui|it. Door# open a* 7K, ilf taia rt### at 7K. Drees circle aud parquet, bOoeata, rtml ? and third circle#, 24 ecnt#; Gallery, litYd cli: Private b<iM, (4 and J>4. Tuesday evening, Jui> 3d, and every evening during tha weak, will be preecnuo lha romantic and r uera tio vpectael* of AZAEI. Till I'HODlQAlf-Aiaal. Mr. Conway; Kuban. Mr N- B. Clarke; Ameaoptia, Mr. PAar; Loiharis, Mr Whiting; Niiurod. llr Matthews. CanoaLMr, lliud; Maurthon, Mr. Byrne; Jephtcle, M.a, AnderUu Neftt. Mr* Abbott; Lia, Sl'lle There##. To commence with a la ve rile Pare. NIBLO'S OARDBN.?OPENING NIGHT OPTBESCM Der aeaaoa. Manager, Mr. John Si It. O.?Tiekite, 4# canta; Private Boxes, $4. Doors open at 7; performance to ccuiuieuoe at 8 o'clook Raval't night#, Mondaya, Wedaei layi and Friday*. Maaara Burton A Company.'# RighU* Tuaadaya, TliurMiaya and Saturday#?Mr. Burton w .11 ap pear at tins i-etablnbinent, av< rv Tuesday, Thuraeay. and Saturday, with tlia whole of hia Chambers street aou-paay, including tb> be.t Comic Talent lu the United States. ?My. Yt . K. Blake, Mr. J W. Letter, Mr#. Ruaaell Mm. Skerrett. A. . Tuaaduy evening, June 4. will be performed Sheridan's i oUiedy of THE KIVAI.S. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY. NEAR BROOMM ?treat.?Drea# eircle ami parquet, Ml eta.; Family eirel#* 24 cents; Orchestra ncata, ? I; Private boxes, $9. Doora open *t7>?,to begin at 8 o'clock Buuelit of Mr t;< irgv ! Oder. Tuceday evening, June 1, the performanaee will eommencQ with the noMK BOOK OF BEAUTY ?Albert KoMv ile. Mr. Brougham Mrs. liauttou 1 cader, Mies Mary Taylor, Mrjn /.uvdersie, Misa Kute lloru. The llermania Sooicly will |VW loru; the musical " Panorama of Broadway in lbv" ' T? conclude with tin; ballad 0|iera of the BEGGAR'S DPI RA-e Captain Me heath. Ylr Ilnnn; Mat o' the Mint. Yf r I )lt ^ Polly I'-achuw. Misa M. Taylor. , ? ,, . ? i The hambi.in festival.-the executive com. B it tee have tha pleasure of informing tho public, that the arranveno uta lor the llamhliu Festival are in nctise nail encouraging progreaa, and that they will be complete early in tha ensuing week, when the ticket*. which are to be '.netted nnd unrnbered, upon tha aominodioue plan adopted y P. T. Bamuni. Esq., tor tha Jannv l.iud ooncerta, will he ready for distribution, and when tha programme of the Ff'.wad will be published. By order of the Executive Committee. Jams 1', Utis, Secretary. SEfll (JEER. Cha.rtnau. FI'RI I'I.ER HALL?COMPLIMENTARY CONCER r. i )R A the 1 i neiit il the House Curp intera of Phlla i- ph a, on Tuesday evening. June Iv>i on ?liicli si'.a on tha foil ?*iiiw d "tingmshed nrtistoe will kindly volunteer thaiC m n Ylise Caroline IDtli rt, (by permission of T. Hatn him. h ); Mr. J. C. Dtiiiu. (by pi rinienion vt Jama# Brougham, Lao.); Mr. F. II Va n, Mr G. H. t': r. , Mr. Rob rt Elder, Mmsra. L. At I Jacoba nnd a celeb 1 -a' ;d Qutrtfte etmpnny. Sheltonh military bund iaer;c; 'd oc too occaaion. Mr. O. II. Ciirtla will preaid# at t' : -.no. Programme, Part 1.?1, Seleottuus from Ernani?SheU u'd bind. Y erdi; !. Song, " Give no a Cut in the > alley ! > n.' ? Mr. Nmli N.Ison. il, Favorite Polka?Siioltou a B i ? Shelton; ?, >oog, " lien Bolt"?-Mi - liillcrt?Patera; .', ' ,n tneia, Do-crlptlon of a Thunder storm Piano- 11. il- r, li, Duet on the Aeoordeon?Meter*. L. A; J lu.ob,; 7, C .r tatte, "Lutaow"?Quartette Company?German; h, i* ?k Step?Sin Iton's Band?She'ton I'airt 11?9, Rcmai a. Iron l.u rrsiH Borgia?Miclten'a Hand?Doauelt.; l'l, v ? g, "Mlly Baau"?Miss Bllfcrt?*. Lover; 11, Quartette, ' Moonlight Greeting"?Quartette Company?C.H. 1 rt i't I'J, Ballud, "My love is like the red. red R ??:"?J. C. Dunn?Sinclair; 111, Duct, " siren and Friur"?Mice Ii.- rt nnd Mr. Nash ? Fnianucl ; 14, Smiiu, " File Flay ofour Co ??.?? Mr. Nash ; 14, Quick Step?Medley?Shdton a Band?s .. -1? ton; Id, Favorite Song? J. C. I) ma. Tickets. 2li ?? at-, to be had at the doot, ana ni th- following Commltte< f Yr? raiiy iueul- -11 Yl. smith. M Miller, C. Dover, C. ( t? a. 1., J. Shilhy, A C. D-|.-w, R. Wood, J Yl. Stomb-cy. I.. S. Tbompsnu. YYm. Snl ler. E. YY'. PACL. ''t.srxin; Yl m. Jackson, Secretary. Concort at eight o CiO* . . No poatponemen t. FpHIl'LKK HALL.?A OR.\ND CONCERT WILL BE R given ut Tripler Ilall. on Thwrpday evening, Jtino 5th, for the purpos' of illustrating the recent modi new ion of . n? Notation, by wliicl. Cats aud sha~pa are uo longer naoca sary, and the atudy of luuaio become* ialinitdly a. aplitad. Tho following eminent talent is engaged for thie < a iaa? M Adolf y.nnu. Violin Solo of th* Opera at Bourd'aaa, km tirat apt" aranee in America; first appearance of Mr. 8, F. H. Laureuoe, Pianist; Messrs Soil, Drascher. Eidhorn. Kc '.sal, Kit/, nnd n Select Drcheatra Vocal pcrformcra, Miss Hif fert, Mr. S I annli, a quarn i te of gentlemen amateur# an 1 n ?horua of a?? yoong ladiea?the vliola under the dirse., not Mr Gee. Loder. Partieulsrs in future progruuiiue- riokatn, 6" cents To he obtained at the music stores, and at its* door Concert to commence at * o'clock. FBLLOYVS' MINSTRELS, at FELLOWS' MC51CAL Ball, No. 444 Broadway, between Howard and OrnaB itreeta. Open avary night during the week. Tha celehrntoB original and well known Follow.i' Minstrola, "compnaiaM an efliciant and versatile aorp* of talented and egpcnonaol parlortnera," under tha direction of J B. Folio wa, whoas con oert# in this city for the last yeat have been received with the greatest lavor by the elite an t fashion of thia great mt trcpolia. Their concert# consist of Burlesque Italian OoerB Scenes, Witty 3ayinga, Solos. Duetts, Choruaaea, Dancing, and Instrumental Performances in, Yt'adnciday and Satur* day afternoons, A grand concert for the accommodation of lnaiea and fnmiliea. commencing ut 8 o'clock P. M. Admig. ?ion. 24 (Mints. Door# open at 7 o'clook : to oommeacc at S. Franklin mpsei'm. 174 chatiiam square -ceo. LF.A, Sola Proprietor?Admission?Scats in Private Boxes,40 cents; Stage Seats, .17 cants; Boxes. 24 cants, Par iuet, 12W teats ?Elegant Saloon performances every After noon and Evening. Entertainment* commence in the after noon at So'clook, and in the evening at ho'olock. rte en tertainments are varied and select nnd aach as can he acta at no other place of auinanment in New York, conurtiag af Lea's Female Ethiopian Upera Troupe, numbering Ifteea performers, being the largest and at tnr eauic time the m et talented hand in the United States; a troupe of M J. 1 Ar tists who are selected far their beauty and figure, and who pcreonato a number ef beautiful tableaux, taken from tha eu tnras of an ient aad modern times; a company of Arab Girls, who go throogh a variety of feats ot strength and dea terity: Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler ,n tho world, a company of Male aud Feuialo Art.sis. who w.ll giro an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in th* world, trgetber with a variety ef interesting performances inrl aitoiuooB nnd eveumg. For pnrticnlnre ecu bill# f ta#R day. MARRIAGE. WHY SO OFTEN UNHAPPY. THI CAUSES AND TH B &EMBD1. \f ant and many a wife f.ndcres years AYR bodily auffering and of mental anguith, prostrate a%4 helplce#. emhitt' rlug bar Ufa, that of her husband, and hae arding the future welfare or her children, arising (rem oauee* Which, If known, wonld have spared the so Bering, the anguish to th* wile, and to th* huehnad embarrassments and pecuni ary difficulties having thatr origin in the mind being weighed down nnd hnrrnnaed in eoneequanoe of the atokaon# of thb eempnaion (Ahle bosom. Mow important that tho onus** enould be known to every Wile, to every husband, that tha dreadful and harrowing Ooneeqoencr# to th# health aad happiueaani both may be avoided! Life is toe ahert nnd health too precioua to ndinlS any portion of th* one to b* spent without th* full enjoy ment of th* other. Th* timely possession of n little werk entitled a# follows, haa been the mesoe of onvina th* h#nJ*M and tie lu* el Ihonsends. n* over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ?eplee lev* been sold tinoe the tr?t edition was IsineS. Tb* author ha* been Induced to advertis* it by th* nrgenfe and preening request ef those who have been indebted to Itn publication for all thoy hold denr (that all may hav* an IB ?ortumty of obtaining It), and who have fhverod him witfc ihouaands ef leasers *r eneomiam, com# ef *M?k an am neaed to th* advartianmeat. TBI MAKRIKH WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, ? T Km. A. M. MAIH111AC, M0IKAMI 09 PlllilM or ?UMK?. THj^WUKK1 IfMNTENDgU aLXr'r^E TMW MARK I ED. or theee ?? ?UwpUi'^g nrriiit, M it dieeleeea Important (terete whtoh >h?ull Co known M lk?a M ticelerly. Iff, ****7 ??mhW-ihe wile. thi mother-the ear adtoeff bedding lite " .mneh-od, er the onn In the deeliae ef I?tnt to "bom latere eoatempiatee en Important ohnnfe ena din M'K the eeueee, eympuma, aad the meet ntooioai romodlafr wad m?tt certain mode ef eure, la eeetr eomplatot te wbinfr her eei it eubjeet. The revelation# eoatalaed la Ite pace* have proved a hie? lag totlioueanda. a* the innumerable Itttere received by t? aather (whieh he le permitted by the wntere te pabUah) ?? Sir ELT AND UNHAPPT WIPES. Zitraet ?/ e Ltttrrjrrm e dlenf leetan.ea Mcpf en, Q, V At Turn, Ma/ 1, IHdT Da. A. M. Meraioaev?My ever Sir ' The MarriedWW man o frltete Medical (empanioa. fer whieh I eacleeede? 4eller to year eddreee. eeae eaf.ly te hand. I wotald act hate troakled yon with theee few liaea. bat that I lala felled h? ? eeaee ef eratitade. fer me eel f and w Je, be 01% atterance te ear elaeere and heartfelt emotion#. *1 wife hae been p?r eptibly emkuig for ue< tbree yeafw ermere, in MHHplHI ef her er~ai angoieh and ? ugertag tome me a the before aad daring e-afteonien t. every taeceaed? eee m, r- aad mere debilitated in rreetrated V r petto? her Die ka im mtaea Idanger, and whiel vat, ?a the laet tit eiea. deepoired ef. I tvppoeed that thie etafi of thlnge wag la.vitable, aad reaigaed myeelf te meet the woret. At thfi time faev about twe meathe) I heard year beeh highly I?I ken ef, te eeatalalaa eeme maetevv rea hing my eaee. Of ite receipt aad ye ratal, I oaaaet eayr.ee to yea the relief It afforded my dietraoeed mind, aad the joy ite pagee impart? my wife, on Iceralag ' ..at toe ere.I lie -very M R. M. Dee, meant provided a remely It opened a preapert te toff Whieh I little eearelved ? H | eethle. No porta,try eeato deration tan ever repay the ebligatieat I am aader teyet for having been the menaa ef imparting te ae toe mat ten eeatalaed la ' The Married Wumea'e I'rivate Medical Otto paama.' But fer thie, ere another rear woeld have aaeeaff ever my head, la all hamaa probability, my wife we aid te? bete to her grata, end my ehlldrea left mother Item Eslrart/rm e inter. COMPETENCE AMD HEALTH. Lmeeaer?, Pea Oet. M IM. Mv Dvaa Rib?I boon yet will beee M#liade*ee te beeff With me In encveeehieg ?y?i yoer time, white I eehaem. ledge (In behalf of myeeii eee wide) the obllgeii mo we todl eureele.e under le yea. la heeln< made known ewtnii mah tyre contained in ywar m >et lavelnekle Married Wemae'ff Private Medical Companion It hae bera worth Ae eeeghff to cold te me. If I eipreee myeeif rather wermly, yea ?? eee thet I eaneet dt eeloo wermly, whee I ie*>cm yeaef tM eiteet te whieh I hove, thr ai>, it. We benefited. 1 wtli Mete my eitnetiea whee I obtained jeer b-ob threagh the mereet eerineity. I leek apoa N ae eneef the meetfertnaahB eveate ef my lira. I had heea nierried eeme tea yean. a*4 wae the father ef tevea children I war leag eerogrhaR aaceee,a|le. to ibeead that (might , ? - e heavy, but the reeolte ef my etmoet eaertioae at the tad left me abent Where I wee at the .beginning ef eaekyear; nam thet only with the moot etaated economy. eatoreag wKff barely the ne'eeeerme ef life, riaaliy. thie toaetoal effort weeberlaalag'? bare Ite effki t opoe my health. I hit leaf rape! le te endure Ite nettoeaene, while 1 Mb the ??creed? tf aeraevevaeee. flile eeiee'ent aeeeeelng etrngel# ?>? my nerd wae Imyeeto Wve, le ?atageeeee eftbeyrwtraeeed e-aAtlee ef my Mto faith eecetteeal iatermieeiea) fer ?t yeere, math ef tbto time ? ntwed t-her had. ee l ef eeuree laaapnMa efte*"'"" the therye end aieaegemenl of nenerheld effaire. Met* tl-a er?ee from eeneet ef which I wm Ignorant. ffh. 1 Weald I baee rteen had I 'be , i yeare te live neet age What weald ???.!? have givea le have heea feared toe I ?tan< (till Wager lUgbta preetrete oa a had ef toohw ?f which evenli have been avoided, had I then eeeB ef the Married W-maa e rrieete NedUnl Cemyral?, Arfrerf from e Leffer. TO thosi just makri Kit --had i tnvwm.' PHn.tMi enia. Mar. to IMP. Dr. A M. Mawaioaar .-ned I lieye ef ' r r irtoBff me* tore treated of la tbe Itrned Wemaa ? Prlvwhe leMI1 Cempeatea tome yean age, hew me eh ml eery I might harm eeeaeid. I have teffered yean Vn oaneee which na palMfe aab ia j oar beeh. wltheat kaowtng wt,et te de I eieaiaea to ??ay. and feaad my eaev treated eC I Watt every baelp wfllgvail herenlf vrtbe iafnrmet*en eeataiaed to Ike page a LeUen an dally received ef tole eheraeter, anai ilealrf to ? To there y*t ammarried. that wmteeaplaMac meniiga. off perhane heeitaUar ae hpte ywipetite ef Wieamag dU I* BfeeeiWiitiee eteeadeat apem to. toe iapertaaee of bed? |? eeeeecd ef the revetoMono e. etatoed to theee iTigir. ae to Lmetelyiavelvtog their feteve ha?Ueaa. NriHVflM fillip It la. ?< eeevee. lapreeUeehle te eeavey mere tally to* vto rleae eebjecte trea?ed ef. ae they era ef a a a ten etrietly fa beaded for the aiarviod er thoee owatemI latieg me aviUier 1} It .m? ,t ,? -vvrv en,', duty te I poaaeeeed of knowledge mheraby toe eaffhrlnge be whieh J ?itahmetoer. eraeietev. mavtoewbfeev earn be ebviatato OQPIMM Wil l, EM IRNT Wf MAIL. TIUU Of POffTAua, TO TNM PTEf HARM! On the reeairt ef MN One Del tor. "TBI MAIU10 WMh. mans pnitatb mbdibai. Companion" it e?p Blied tree) t aai pare ef toe Teltwd Statea dH later? t b. peer oeid, (oaoeye to-re ewetolnlng e naitneeat end eddree.wl te Dr A ? MArRIiHAf. boaltta, Nww tfri Olty. ruhiiihing itooe, Me UP Uheill ttrfei, New Teak. 0>1R B?.irki tflll-IR? HAVE BKFN SENT BT MAIL Within tl;r-w m-nlke. with perf?? e?feee and eertainty. Tor eala at A:.' Br edwey. tad a< the Pnhliehinr titoee. !? Liberty etreet. New I erh ; Little R He Albany ; wTi. Mto vie, Meeiten : T. E. Pate-eon. eC r"*V ore, V t I Week, PbiiAEBto