28 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6822. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AHV8EMKIVT8. IUWERY THEATRE. ?BOXE8, ? CENTS ; PIT, 1IK ? Mat*; Orcheetra Boxea, 50 cent*. Door* open at 7K; our bainrlaea at 7 V o'olock. Saturday evening, June 'AHtiT will " Pr AXLE?Count Raff., u? d* be perlocmsd die drama of KAFl ... wwi. Mr. E. Eddy; Count Avliilla dea Monte*. Mr. 'lilton; Pauline Lorienne, Mi*i W, my**; Madame Bourbon Mr*. Broadley. After which the drama of LUK.K THE L\BOK ?H?Luke the Laborer. Mr. Guodall; Philip Mr Steven*; Bobby Trot, Mr. Jordan; Dame Wakefleld, Mr*. Uroidley: 'Clara. Mia* Herring. To eoaolude with th* thrilling drama v,Br*. aiH urrriug. jo ronoiuae wua en* uiritling trjma of MICHAEL ERIdE?Michael Erie, Mr Tiiton; Mile* Mel Mile, Mr Martin; Mary Woodward, Mia* Wemyss. National thjcatre, Chatham stkeet.-boxbs, 26coat*; Pit, 12.K eta.; Orebeatr* Ticket*, 60 oeat* Pri vate Boa Ticket*. $1. Door J jpen at 75<; ourtain rue* at 7\ o'clock. Saturday evening. fuue 28. the entertainment* will umenr* with the CARPENTER OP ROCEN ? Marteau, Mr J. R Scott; Antoine, Mr. La Pavor; Madelon, Mr*. M. *- ? ' ?' a.. arvw.o, MR. ?R IRIVI, flRVl'IIIH, JI T?- M. Jon**; M me Crandon, Mr*. Henry. After which La Syl phide. br Mia* Malvinn. To be followed by the nonudy of 1'FIU ECTfUN?Sir Laurence Paraxon, Mr. C. W. Taylor; .Rata O'Brien, Mr*. M. June* Suaan, die* Charle*. Th* whole to (oiul.dr with the M OOL DEALER? Deuterono ny Dutiful, Mr.' 11 P. Hlckey. ITALIAN OPERA AT-CASTLE OARDF.N.?MAX MA * rettek, Manager and Conduotor. Admimion, 50 oenta. SlTt HDAV IVKNl.MO, Jt>l?lc28, Will be performed the Opera of LA FAVUKITA. Alohonso XI Sign or Renerentane. Baltharar Slcnor Coletti. XA-oaer* di Guiraan Signora Truffl-Benedetti. Fernanda Siguor Bettini. Joel Signora Avogadro. ??Don t.a*|vro? Signor Barattini. fecne bl action?kingdom of Ca*til*. 1340 TRffira open at halt-past 6; Perfonnanoa to commence at S <0'il?eli. ho postponement on acoountof the weather. Opera erery nixnt, Saturday and Snnday excepted. M1 ECHANICS* HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, AEOXT L Gaand street.?Open erery night durinx th* week an til further notice. The original and well known CHRISTT'I 5MINSTRKL8, comprising an efiioient and rerantila "oorpe* wt' 'talented" and "experienced performer*," under the ma uaeoiuent of E. P. Christy, whose concert* In thi* eity, for a aucceeaion of "Br* year*," hara bean reoeired with favor by ?k.rhly reepeetabla and fashionable andieneea. Ticket* M lent*. Door* epen at teren, and will eommenee at eight o'olock. An Afternoon Conocrt will be giran on Saturday j gi ven on Saturday laext, for the accommodation of l<*4l** and JnVenllea enm. ?aenoing at 3 o'olock. P. M. On Friday, July 4th. an after ooun concert, commencing at 3 o'clock. 1/El.LOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSI .V oal Hall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Orand fitreets; open every night. Thi* justly celebrated andeffloient -eorpa of talented and experienced performers, nnder th* sole fi. an age meat of J. B. Fellow*, whoso concerts in this city for vJie pant year, hare been receirtd with the groatest faror by Uhe elite and fashion from nil part* of the Union. Fellow*' TMuaical Hall ia one of the most spaoion* and best rentilated buildings in the world. Admission 26 cent*. Door* open at concert to commenoe at 8 o'clock. An afternoon oonoert nrery Wednesday and Saturday, for the eapeoisl acton datioa of families, commencing at three o'olook P. M. IE ARNl'M'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARVUM, A? Manager and Proprietor: John Greenwood, Jr.. A*?i*t ant Manager.?Saturday, June 28, Leon Jarelli and Uerr C'liuc. both afternoon and cveniug. Thi* afternoon, THE :MAIf) OF MUNSTER. After which. Javelll. Uerr Clinc land I.aneu will perform some of their wonderful feat*. To conclude with YOUNG AMERICA. In the evening. CRA DiiND BRIG, followed by new and daring performances an ??h* Cord Elaitiuur, by Leon Javelti and Uerr ' line, and the larce of MISCHIEF MAKING. On Monday evening. boueflt of Mr. Hadsway. "The'Happy Family." eompoeed of up wards of one hundred trained Animal* and Birds, of the mod diverse and antagonistic character* auJ natures, and vet liv ing together in the snmc eneloime. on term* of amity and /siting friendship, can be ?*en at all hour*. Admission to the entire Museum and performances, 26 cents; Children un der 10 yesrs. 12tf cent*. BARM'M 8 MUSEUM.?HADAWAY'S BRNEFIT, MON dsy evening, June 30. T. II. II. takes this method of ia -formmg hi* friends that his Bensflt is tixed for the above evening The admirable remedy of THE BOLD DRAOOONS, Rope Dancing by thn relehratsd Leon Javelti and H-rr('lino, ;iddrd to which. all the curiosities, "Happy Family" in cluded. Admission, 13 cents. rr^BE CELEBRATED NOVA 80OT1A GIANT NOT 1 w ill hold bis Keeeptive Levee* at the Al'OLLO ROOMS, on Monday wait. June 73d,and every morning, afternoon and ovsning daring th* week. Th* entertainments wUl be ae vompasted with Music. Doers open at 3 and 8 o'clock, P. M. ANGUS McKASK ILL In considered the greatest Wonder ia ths physical world. He (j eight feet high, weight foar hundred pound*, U only nias Aeen year* old, and i* still crowing. Admission. 26 cents; children half pried. CASTLE CARD EN.? NINTH SUNDAY EVENING Conrrrl?Admin-urn, 21 cent*. Sonday evening, Jen* Programme?Part I.?1. Overture. " La Mu?tt? A* P?r -iici," Aubtr; 2. The Witohe*' Revels, Leaner; 3. Polonaiee ? ftuniet on the Battery, second time, by general desire, Ma -Tetsek; 4. Selections from th* Oratorio of "dtebat Miter," Rossini; 6. Grind > antasia from "Lucrsiia Borgia." witb 1 - - - - - - ijYi" ?olo parts for Trombone, Mr. Dags; Flute. Mr. Eties; Violon cello, Mr. A Iner; Trumpet, Mr. Uirechmaa. anl Clirionet, Mr Grownevelt, Maretiek. latsTmiestoa. Part II.??. Ovrr tvre, "La Fill* du Regiment," Doaiietti; 7. Souveatr de .Philadelphia. Marettek; 8 Selections for wind instrument* ?aioas: 8 Fsiry Lays, Gnag'l; 111. Grand March. Perform rV>' * to eommenee at 8 o'clock precisely. No postponement on aeeount of the weather. Grant preparations are in pro- I gnu lor th* du* celebration of the glorious Fourth of Jnly. THF. IIAMllllN FESTIVAL.?IT 13 REQUESTED thtt all rlnim* sgsmst th* committee, remaining un Jiaid, msy If presented for immndnte pnymnnt to Mr W. A'orliyo.et Brougham's Lyceum, tojwhom also all moneys du* for tickets, Ac., fee., may be handed. AMl'MBIIBNTI IN PHIL.ADICL.PHI A. BAKNCM'S MUSEI M. CORNER or SEVENTH AND Cheenut etreet*. Philadelphia.?P. T. Harnum, Propria W H. Sanford. Ikniifr ?Two ^nfcraUMI daily. alter and trMiif. Adraiantua, 24 oenta; children, half prica. Monday irmini, Jnae 16, Mr Riotb, ilia eminent tragedian, -miki.hu brat appaaranca in "Unmlet." Daring tba waah iha Mart metis. formerly of tha Rare! Family, w ill glee thair In teresting evolution* and aatonndiaa faata ?? tha Tight Rope. 'Mr. Taylor, tl.a papular comedian, will alan appaar, daring Alia wrak. in tha " Lady cf Lyona." and othar farorlte plays. J :? wiv MM hoth at'erooon bad erasing Tha collection ?f wonder* crowded into tha capaetoaa aaloona eoapriaa bona half doraa oriatnal coHWrtiii. Including iha tamona ana hr Prole. Than* ara all worthy af aalali, and can ba ?ecu, together with iha parfonaanaaa m In Lac turn Room, far Iha law priaa af lb nan to. zm i,otkl>*' SCMVF.R RETRFAT Till 81 list RUHR HIS TAKEN andfllled up tha ratabliahmeat at fori Richmond aallad ?Jha fi.rt Richmond lloiiaa. whara p-r?,,n? dnalrona of had or it h'altby and romfnrinkla reeort from ilia du?t and noiaa of Hit city, will be fnrniahad with board, and all tha no ei.orr oooienianir* inch placet nanally afford. Tha fori Richmond llotiae la but n ftw atcpa from tha ateamboat landing. llood ? table* arc attached to tha prrniiaaa for the act-am mod attna of hoarder! wilting f" ride Tlia whola eatabltahmaat oifera t plraaaat, airy, and d-airable retreat daring the gammer month*. Tha steamboat* llogu, not and Cinderella leaee .-*? follow? Pier No. I North riter. 1, Pl4 A. M . 2, .-IS. ft andT P. M. fort Richmond at-IS. ?. II. MS A.l . nad 2.?S. ft.StrJL J. f. EDOAKTON. r'r .printer. CO7./.EN8' WEST POINT HOTlL.-rERS0NS DB rirvua ?f visiting Went Point, art informed that (tenia '(o-aiitnd rail tram* lrar* every day, (Sunday! o*-opted ) at follow a ?Stesmer. New W arid. (( hamber. atrent.) or N? la tier, (Hurra) etreet,) at 7 o'clock. A M.; Santa L'laun, (Barclay etreet.) I o'clock, P. M.: t.'olanhla or llndioo. ?,llaeriaon etreet. | ft o'clock. P. M. Bad* an Rlrer Railroad Tram*. 7 A M , A A M..K" P. M? 1.11 P. M . 4 P. F. Vnit nr. for Connaa Hotel ahoaid (tap al Uarret.m'a Mat ten mm. b cozxbns. PAVILION HOTEL. LONG BRANCH, NEW /88SIT MORRIS A LEVI, Proprietors. Tlia abore now and ?aVeeaire establishment having h-?n Jnai o>mpleted, wlii ba op-eed far the race pi tow of rtaltera on JHo J une. The Pa Tilion Hotel la the moat tparioue and ta.ty building on Jer ?ei ahora, rnpablaof ncaommodating from S?> to **) vialtcro, with douhla plana! fronting on th* oeenn AH fast. Th* ad ?vantngeon* aitnati?n of Long Rranrb on the *h?r* of th* (Bighty Atlantic, with its kanotifnl heseh. aea bathing. and 'Telling. !? net to he eaoelled. It* galuhrioaa air and iavigs. xating brvnea ha* rendered It a favorite reanrt. There, alao, trill he found Mnefm nllrya, billiard tahlea, and eahlole* #br the pleasure of the i letter* The tnhla will beauppliad ?nth the heat anr market affords, and Iha bar ahaU be a loc ked With Mm bant Hgaan, t \ A WAT AN DA HODSR, AT ORRINWOOD LAKE, vv Omnia oonaty, N. Y. Tkla honan la altnatad at th* In ad of Greenwood Lake, ten milea from Chcetar. and bnt four and a half houra from lh# ally. The N. V and R Rail |T?ad lent ea from Dnane etreet, etery morning and evening, ffer Cheater depot. Stagee learn Coopet* hotel, immediately ?fter the arrival of th* morning train from New V?rk, to wttlj paeaewgere to the Lake?fare 7S coat. Apple to II D. Belt**, MP Broadway, or to tkn proprietor at the Lake FBBRON FBI.TBB NEPTVNB HOUSE, NEW ROOMLLE. NEW V'iRR C. Pock, dr., Proprietor.?'Tkla delightful annmer reel ed-S*e is new open far the aeaaon. Far further pnrtiaalnrt. In lulr* of Thompson, Pock A Nlion, MM Brondwny, oorner mf Unnne etreet. JMTANRION BOOK, EETPOBT. N. 1,-Bll BOTFR .IV1 roRD. Proprietor? 1 hi*aplondid end aptolou* Hotel li aaow open for the reception of hoarder#: no pain* naraapeaa Will he aparrd to render reiafart to all wha may faeor ni# with liia palronare. Bonn* and carriage* to let at all hanra. 4"hCKAN tlorsE. RIIREtfSltrBY, N. JL ON THE ? * ahore of the Atlantic. and fronting the Ahfew.tury Titer, la now open for th* reception or vieitrra. The advan tages acd romfnrt of Ihla pleaaaat watering place are naw an gp arrnlly known, It ir not dnemad nocea.arjr to color- oa fhhew. The arringemeeta will be more attiefaotnry Cia-i any which ham heretofore be, n protl led. Tho tahl - will he anp. y<li>'d w ith th* beet the market alf ird# T .* grenteat care ?and attention hate been oheeried in .electing cooka, waiters, ?ad n rowipeUat p?raon far tha bathing departm-nt. W. A. BATHIWS. KAOODA, CLIFTON PARR. STATKN ISLAND.-THIS new and nttmetir* place af rwairt i* now oamplatad in ? (tela of elegance and tnate nn anr pa need hy any tlmilar** Aak lahmcat an tha lalaad, and will open for the aeaaon ?? Bondny, June Z'. Iddl friftoa Park erubraeae nn area sf ?knot seventy a>tna. denoely entered with a line growth of ?Id fnrcet treea, and having been to-tefally improrad hyna* ?f tha moat celebrated laodaenpe gardener* ia th? country. ? ow pre, nl- an appearaoeo of , hnat -n?d rural beauty e,|nal ?naaythlng In the vicinity of Now V ,rk. lee. and refr*?h mente al all kind* Qnolt gronnda. pic ale ground., en raampmewt and target gr'-nnda. Ac. Dinner* for mllltarv ?owptnlen. nud ether partiea, prrnred and aerrel at the ?horteet o'tica Stenmhont. Icnta Nhitnhnll every hour. Onnday. every twenty mlnntea. Fare, altpenc*. JURA BATIIINO?CAPR HAT. N. /.-CONGRESS HALL l||?* fpvP for It s reception of vl.itera The proprietor, Ahat.kftaJ fat the liberal pntronar. 'i?r?to# re rwotlved, weal* rnnpeetfnllp nollelt thnna Int-ading to vlnlt thit popular ?nthiag place the prenenl aeaaon. to make hln henan their Data*. HI* nrrangeM.nt* tad teenmmadnUnM. he trnatA Will haI more aatiafncterv tn esatomer. tha* ant wMeh hare Mer Ofr re heen pr-ridcd npon th# |ei*ad. Th* auhoeetSee lane taken rniea to prr.enre good and ttt nlif e ? r d net Vat.U. under tha ennviatloii t'.nt they tre he.t enitet t > ?h# WW.torn* and want* af a mnjontt n? tha antanmera tt ' l* w. B. MILLER fjrA BATBfNO At BOCRaWAY. L. I.?TUB TAVI CI lion Hotel ia ?e>w open tnr thereecrtlon of ti.itcra. Car* i Mart thaSonth ferry. Brooklyn, at # .-I., k, A V at < 4 ' ?'elo.v. r M . for/nmalen. Where atagr. Will I C in raedir e. f convey 11 .iter* to the Ua" A net# left at the tlew-H Hotel, earner Brot.jway and tlnlden i-.> ,r i '/wd.n "uiith. BB Front atreot, wttl meet with prompt ttten . u. /one U. mi. J M flRI^TNALI SRA BATH I NCI -LONO BSAhf H. N /.?Til W. hi' R. ?, riher Will npci hit Ltoe- fer tir ttceptlan M 1 b ? -r. V-- Jay. ?nne kiat, lnftl. KEN RT IIDW], \ n D. AMUBKMKNT9. BROADWAYTHEATKU.?E. A. MARSHALL, SOLE LIS* ice; O. H. Barrett, Manager.?Doors open at 7V ourtaia rises at 7*(. Dress Circle and Parquet, M ceuis: faintly and Third Circlee. 25 cents; Gallery. l.Ucente; Private Boxes, J.', and $6. Saturday evening, June ffl, will be trorfoiTned the rama of GUY MAN NERINO?Colonel Mannrring, Mr. Fredericks: lt.nry Bertram, Mr Hill; Dominic Santpeon, Mr. Davidge; Dandle Dinmont, Mr. Shan- Meg Merrilics, Mies Cuahman; Julia Mannering. Mra. Abbott; Flora. Miae J. Gnugrnheim. Tovonelude withwthe farce of SHOCKING EVENTS? Grifflnholf. Mr. Davidge; Mr. Pugga, Mr. Scbart; Dtrothy; Miaa Gougerheiia. NIRLO'S GARDEN.?SUMMER SEASON.?MANAGER. Mr John Seftoa.?Tioketa, Si) cents; Private Boxes, M Doors open at 7; performance to eommeaee at 8 o'olook.? Barton'* nixhte, Tueadavs, Thursdays, and Saturday*. Ra vels' nights. Mondsye.i Wednesdays. and Fridays. One nighS more, and the last, or the Sohoof for Scandal, played each _ I played each night to erovded houses, and supported by the best talent in the Union. Messrs. Placide, Burton, Blake. Lester, Bland. John Dunn, Mr*. J. Wallaoi. Mrs. Softon, Miss Hill, Mrs. Hughes, (rc., Ac. Remember the last night. Saturday evening, June 2>th, will be played, Sheridan's comedy of the S< HOOL FOR 8CANDAL. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY. NEAR BROOME street.?Dress Circle and Parquet, SO cents: Family Circle, 25 seats; Private Boxes BA- Doors open at 7W; to be gin at 8 o'el< ek Benefit of Miss Mary Taylor Saturday even ?as, June the performances will commence with the SE RIOUS FAMILY?Oapt. Murphy Maguirr, Mr. Brougham; Charles Torrens, Mr. C. W. Clnrke; Aminidab Sleek, Mr. Chippendale; Mrs. Ormsby Delmaine, Mrs. Brougham; Mrs. Charles Torrens Miss Mary Taylor. After whieh, a new piect portraving a portion of the comforts attending TRE GREAT E.Tfll U1T10N. To conclude with the BLOOMERS, or Pets in Pants BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM.?MISS MARY TAYLOR RE speetfully informs ter friends and the public that her last Benefit will take place on Saturday evening, June li, on which occasion Mr. C. W. Clarke has kindly rolunteered, and will appear in the SERIOUS FAMILY. Sec bills of the day. Box book now open. Brougham s lyceum.? special.? brougham s Benefit, Monday next, June 30th, laet night but four of the present season. Box Book now open. gROADWAY THEATRE.?LADIES AND GENTLE triesi season. at ems tneasre, win piexee to a postpaid, to Mr. Thouiaa Barry; or at the men wishing to form engagements for the oominx thex- j triexl season, at this theatre, will pleaee to apply byletter, I "e Walnut street i Theatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. l'eter Richings. E. A. MARSHALL, Lessee. National concert hall, no. s; canal street, a few doors from Broadway.?Grand Sscrcd Concert, Sunday evening, June 29, 1851, under the direction of Mr. Juliue Siede. Tickets :5 rents, entitling the visiters to n re freshment ticket. Doors open at ")(? o'clock ; concert to rommrnce at 8 o'clock. All refreshments of the heat kind, including all the delicacies of the season, ice cream, etc. Franklin museum, 170 Chatham square.-gbo. LEA, Sole Proprietor ?Admission?Seats la Private 8oxee.Ni cents; Stare Seats, .87 \ cents; Boxes, 25 oeats; l'ar taet, 12H cents ?Eiegant Saloon performance* every After soon ana Evening. Entertainments eommeno* in the after soon at So'elook, and in tha evening at 8 o'clock. The en tertainment* are varied and select, sad saoh as oaa bssesa It no other place of amusement la New Yerk, consisting el Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troup*, numbering fifteen performers, being tbelargest and at the same timeihemoet taleMed band in tha United States; atreups of Model Ar tist* who are selected for their beauty and figurs, and whs personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from the tieturea of ancient and modern timee; a company of Aral Jlrla, who go through a variety of feats of strength and dex terity; Madame Rotalint, the only Female Juggler in the world; a company of Male and Female Artiste, who will givs tn exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the world, together witn a variety of iatorssting performance* ever* afternoon and evening. For purtiomlurt see bill* of taol lav. DOWER'S GREEK SLAVE WILL BE EXHIRITED FOB A a short time, at the Chinese Building, Broadway, 19 enrtng Friday, June A). Hours of exl Ibitiox from 9 A. M. 1119 P.M. Admission, 25 cent*. Season ticket*. 50 cents. Pamphlet*. f\ cents. Raymond a uerk dkiesbachs menaoerie.? This celebrated Mensgerie?the largest and beet een Jurted In the known world?embracingaiinoet every animal known to natural history, and ahmh has revetted the pa tronage and applause of hundreds of thousand! of tho moot respectable and inlelllgent people of the United States, has I,lint sun.I lust commenced a most brilliant aamnur campaign, and will visit the principal cities an 1 town* of New England la the following order, vli?Tuesday, June 2ilh, N'atlck; Wednes day. 25th. Waltham; Thursday Jfith. Concord; Friday, 27th, ' " " "; Mnn " " end Saturday, 2hth, Lowell: Monday, .kith, Lawrence; Tues day, July 1. South Reading; Wednesday, I'd, Chariest,.wn; Thursday. 3d Friday. 4tb, Saturday. .'Ah. Monday, 7th, Tuao dsy. Pth and Wednesday, 9th, Boston. KXl'l'lUIUN B. SUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO FLUSHING -FARE. V> <?? nta i mh w ay.?Thr new tad beautiful itrnmcr I it. AND CITY, ('apt. Silae Rejrwldb will, on and after Sunday. Jure 81, IV,I, leave Fulton Market atip at N', o'clock. ???" *?'? ? **?? I C W IIIU'U MBIBtt *tl|> Ml ? ? *? V?'? R. A M . and I and t> Y M.: returning, leave I luthing. at 10 o'clock, A. M , and 4S P. M?landing at tha loot of Urooma and Tenth atraeta, Eaat River, each way. The Inland City will le we Flunking oa Saturday evrninga at half paetau o'elork. SUNDAY EXCURSION. TAKINC A VIEW UP TI1E Sound ?The .teamboat WASHINGTON IKVINO. Ctp tain E Peek, will maka aa rioureion to Strattuaport and Flnehing Bay, between Collage Point and Fluahiag, on Sun day neat. June igHh. Leaving aa fnllnwa :?North River? Hammond atreet. at 8 A. M , Spring atreet. at IP, A M . Ro binaon atreet. at '.'X A. M. Eaat River-Fulton atreet. at IVh A. M I Grand atreet, at I0t( A. ?.. Tenth atreet. at II A M.; retnreing from Strattuaport at f, o'clork. Thin e? cureien i> one of tha moat a greet I le that eaa he made, en during alike to health and pleaaure, being only a ahort din taara from tha city, and where braritg era airand delightful lieaery can he injured in the creaWet prufnaion. Tieketa ean be obtained at the offien of JOHN A. M.AM MKit. 226 Wooater atreei. ena of tha pruprirtora of Strattonpert. Fare only 12t? raata each way. GKaMi SI NDAY EXCCRSION TO NIB HOCHELL! and Glen Core.?Jnne ZStli. ?Fare 25 cent* each way. The favorite ateamrr ISLANDER will make a plaaaaat eg enraioa to the above plate, leaving the foot of Hamm >nd ' ?treet. N. R. at b>. o'clock, A M ; Spring atrvel, I", Cothi riaeetreet E. R., RV?'. Grand atreet. Sh; Truth atreet,'.'V: and ily-eiith atreet. at JO'g. Retnrtiag. willlwu New Pier, TwenU Glen Core at ,'U, P M . and New Ro.-halle at t. All thoae who are ia favor of healthful recreation, will find thia at ouraioa a gratifying one, A g>od opportunity offered to thoea who are fond of ftahin* or aea bathing. Dinnarfur nlahed by Brat claaa hot, la nt New Rochelle. N. B?A guol ?upply of refrrebinenla on board. SUNDAY TRIP TO NEW HI R(lll, LAN DINO AT YON kire. Hailing-. Dobba' Ferry. Tarrrtowa. Sing Mug, llnearatrnw, Vrrplani k'a, Paikaklll. Want Point. Cold Spring, and Cornwall, touching at Hammond atreet evh way. Fare .'0 centa to Nawburgti.?Th- naw and apl-ndld aitam< r THUS. I. Ill'LSE,Captain E Van Wart, will leava New York from foot of Chambera atreet. Sunday morning nt 7H o'rlo< k, for tha above plaeea. Ratnraiag. will leave New bnrgh at 1 o'aloek. F. M. COTILLON EXCURSION UP TIIK ROMANTIC HI,'Ik eon river. on Friday evening. July I. MM.?The largo ind welt-known ateamboat llera. Captain Smith Rider, ue coaipnaled with tha largait doubin decked barge in the world, (the beat and bnrge are n< I awrpaaaed lor rotilloaa) will mvke the above en nrofon apthe noble Hudeon, and the rotillnna will l e under the dirwetlen of n favorite profataor. No place of amnaawrnt en tbla evening ran eompnre with thia near el- n, it being adapted to tha wnnta af tha pro ale. who ran bare enjej then,velvet with freeh air. muaio, and dancing, and n cool promer ade on deck, k?. Thia committee chal lenge tha worlu to aompete with thia carnraion. The bead ronetata of Rl>kraaa and rotillon muiintnaa (in a horn), en titlaa tha pleaaure for tho million on the flouting Tripler Hall, eaeei-t' d by the iteeuihoat and barge, together with the popu lar Cermet Cotillon ard Braaa Rand, and the favorite pro fee,or of rotilloaa. waltgea, polkae. A- . eating,il-hing nil I uiatingalrhtd earoreiona of the day. The boat will leava j Man*a>nr atreet. Brooklyn. at 7X"ne|?rk, P. M Rroome j ?treet at ^ to ? o'clock. P M Ptet No .1, North river, at S aclerk Canal atreet at tig v'e|eek. The harge will iay at llan,moad afreet until 1J( o'clock ta receive paaeeagera, and aaeend aptherleer aa far aa Chagraa (in n booh) lo aavr de tention, ?t the tandtnaa. Tieketa can be had at A. IHy'a, under 'ha American Mnaeum. and it Montague Hall, Br-ug ly*. Tieketa, tt reata. Tha boat will ratera at aa aarly h, or In tha morning. ( _ t RAND SI NDAF EXCI RSIONfl To f ONF.Y l-l iMI. landing at Fort Hamilton eaeh way. I'ar? ll'g cenfa ' Meamerw TKOJAN and JONAS C IIEARTT -The Tr? i Jim leava* Spring atreet at !?', o'elork. A. M. : ir: " - '>???> * clock ?' M . and M, o'i loeh, P ? i l'.-r No .1 N R at lOn rlieh, A M. I o'clork. I' M , and 1 o'clock, P. M i leaeea leat trip at fl1, o'clock P. M The Jnaae C ll'srl) lrevee Grand afreet at 10 o'clock, A. M. It, o'clock, P 1; ( atliarine atreet lOtg o'clock. P M.; 2 o il, oh, P. ? : Pier No \ N R . at If o'clock A M . aad Is ?'alack. P M : Itavra laat trip at r,^ o'clock. P M Grand excursions to coney island, land Ing at Fort Hamilton oach war?Tare U|( C-nU ? The new and aplendld eteamer TROJAN Capt J. N Rod man. will make dally egenr<iona to Coney lalaad. for the aea ton, leaving ta foliowaMorning Trip?From Spring afreet at hejfjvet fl nVlo-k. (iij and half-paat 11 _ Frog Pier S N. I at half peat ft. If). I and I o cloak. Maraiag trip fls.m Fort Hamilton at S A ? ON K III?F\ST SAILING AM) BEAUTIFUL fteemera are raaning a dlatancw of Ifl milea. thr-* tripe ? gf-amera are raaning a dlttanna af 16 mitee, thr-a trip earl way Holly, at only II S canla fare. Tha eleeatadwalki oeerlock a range of Intra and wa'.erfalla ant ta ha atirnttee I ender the rthecal dom Thia I* tha mn?t del gbtfnldrive nr?*cnral< a lo be taken At KelHagtr'e Maaaloa Rnnaa, peraona ean get mi ale at eM honra. Horace and nnrrincwa ta let: llnwli, g alliea, wbaflle buar'a Quolta, Swinge Re. * R ? Dr kellinger. It will b? r-:n-mhered by then leudn, waa the only paraon wla had tha n*vva, y-ara am re, to oommeaea running a Una of atagag againat toe Partem Railroad Com pony for a n?ric| of thi'teen montha, thereby reducing the rare fr m a to IfU acuta Flea montha oat af the time he ran st tha rate i fet, eente evh way. frr |neatly ferrying from 2fl to 4(1 peraona with I w? boraaa, and from 7* to W. with foar hnraea. at n tnad. W hen he enmpramlaed, tha atoak waa quoted f*T: when he waa hongkt off. it atond nt 9. Ha mnda money by tha ma. and hue ever alnoe had lha anpertn Mv? gratlllcatfon af kncnlat tt,at the maaaei are aajoylag tha beaeflta of Lie anterpiee aad lahor. TRAVRLLRRS' <4171DK. SUNDAY BURNING BOAT-FOR NEWRCROH. Ponghkeepaia. ead Kingaion landing nt Cataent' Dock (JIteat Fnlnt). Cold Spring Cornwall, New Hamburgh. Milton, and llyde Park. Winching at H-mmnnd atreet eaeh way FereMtrente. The new and gntft eteamer II RVRY CI.A V, Captain J F. Taliman, will leave the pier fent nf Chambera afreet every Snadaa morning, at 7 o'elork. for lha abere plaeea. Returning, will leaae Kingfton at I o'clock. P. M . arriving in New I ork nt 7 P. M. The tripe will be eeatinnid fur the eeaawn. |j?OR BRIDGEPORT IIOUSATOMC AND N A (TO A - r tnek Railroad?Fare 25 crate The naw and eplendid ?learner Alice, ("apt Weeka. will leave Pier 1R North river, font af Liberty etre?t, erery Tnaaday, Wedr.waday. Thnraday aed Friday at 7 A M . ana Saturday at I P M Retnmlag, will leave the Rallr, ad whorl, at Bridgeport, on Mondaya, nt 7S A. M . 1 neadayw W-dwe.daye Thur-lai a m l I ridaynat IP M . on tha arrival of the Iraina lain Bridgeport. TTilf arrangetneal. In ensneeMm wits the low fare, wffera on- of tf e rbeamet and moat deUgbrfnl eg, ?r?ion mnt-e out of the rity dnrira the anmrney wevmr affording three hnnra ?t*y In fhti',* nat and thriving eity of Bridgeport, and return ing thr nant day. NTtlr FfRK AND PMLAORI rniA-NEW YORE and Phi'ad'ipitw dlrert.-United St?tea Vail Lima? Ihrnnah it. 4H S'r-ea eln s,i J-rtey Railroad. Fare re Jnct d la t tor flr I c'??e. end fld fl?l t< t -econd risen. l,-a<m * ? n Tort tt S a. If Irom loot, f Courtlond i treat: and st 't D.tndflP V 'r-rv fae.t of I.ISerti effect, IdtriTM, lo fr<p|tta ?f ? and ? a. M wed 6 P. ? rmm th? foot of Wat ?t at met. f s A?|)FN AND A MB'iY RAILROg If LI MR FROM N " F tt t: P)|!?r*li ta?le-a- - l'l>r No. t North Rleer er.boat JffRI pfillltR, Meet,lag Idne. a* S o'cl, trvrt, t, : r?, at 4 v>|ock. Ijat* hy tdt'anr Hna. Sraa" del, Emlgrthl l.iut at S n clank F. far-, U W. X. R1J3S. Ag-a NEWS BY TELEGRAPH, LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. THE AFFAIRS OF GNIO!f COLLEGE. Movement* of the President and Mr. Webftter. LATER FROM HAYTI. NEWS FROM ALL. PARTS, ?, &(., Ac* NEW YORK LRGI8LATVR fC> SPECIAL SESSION. NT BAIN'S LINK, omci 29 WALL STREET. Senate. Ai.sant, June 27, 1851. n I I.I I ICWTID. Mr. Baacocc, from the Judiciary Committee, reported favorably the bill respecting the powers and duties of State officer*. and the proceeding* against them. Also, favorably, on the act to amend the bill respecting the taking of testimony conditionally of witnesses with in this State Also, in favor of the act to extend the act in relation to suit* by and against joint stock companies and associations, or companies having a joint or common stock in property. Mr. Owkn reported favorably the bill relating tooon roversies respecting the Tonawanda Indian Reservation. Mr Csosa reported favorably a bill amending the char ter of Plermont. Also, a bill to alter the map or plan of New York?the extending of Washington street, in said city, from its present termination at Gansevoort street", to Twelfth street. Wi ssvra's DICTION AS X . Also, a hill authorizing Webster's Pietionary. quarto, to be purchased by the Secretary of State, to be placed in every school district in the State. Mr liiikmc opposed the bill, contending that a* the representative, in his capacity as Chairman if the Committee on Literature, of over a million of the children i f the State, he must protest against the Introduction, by authority, of Webster's IHrtlonary as a standard for their use In support of his views, he cited 1 altera from Edward ?. Gold. of New York. Mr. Bancroft, the his tcrian. and a letter trrm Washington Irving, in whioh the latter complains that the publishers made unjust use of hie opinion communicate 1 thereon by letter. Mr Lvon replied to Mr Bccktnan. and cited l'rescott as the head of historians. Chancellor Kent, as first of jurists, and ThcflnaH Hart Benton, as first of statesmen, as being strongly in favor of Webster. It was the glory of our country that we haibno provincialisms. We had. from north to south, one language Mr Busman rejoined. He should regard the passage of this bill as a weed poisoning the sources of our lite rature. Mr Bibcock alluded to the fact that Mr. Preseott could not necessarily be an authority as to the spelling in this work, as Mr I' was blind Web iter's Hlrtt >n*ry of 18*28 was not a good guide in orthography. All mast concede tbat Mr Lion asked what dictionary was there that hid not changed' English French, sod German orthography changes as do other things. We grow wiser as we grow older, and Nosh W?li?ter was not exempt front this peculiarity Why does not the Senator from the thirty first (Mr ltabcock) find fault with Chaucer, that well of Old Kn?land. undented, because be spells wife ?? wyve ?" Massachusetts, where such men as Horace Mann and (??'orpe Brlggs reside, has authorlxed the purchase of this book Mr. Cassoli said John C Spencer had given hia un qualified approbation to this dictionary; and as Mr. Fiercer was the anthor of the Canat bill, and a capital constitutional srgumentator in favor of it, he was good authority for the majority. Mr Dimsiick had hoped that no disturbing element would he brought Into the common school districts. Mr. Miixkb suggested tbat Washington Irving was growing old. snd the weight of his authority la lessened. Judgment does not always, like wine, grow better as it grow* older. Mr Bri ssian said that the 'History of New York" was the only work, evrry line of which Washington Irving, If dying, would wish to Not oat. The committee reported progress on the bill. TNI MlIISISl' row?. The Senate reported proceed* on the bill directing th? repayment of the sums paid by merchants, under pro test tei the Mariners' Fund It was opposed , on the ground thai the money belonged to the emigrants, from whom it had been taken It wn? answered that it had been decided by the highest Clielal trlbutal In the I'aion. that the Btate of New Ynr d wrongfully taken this money, and was not lawful! in possession "f it, and that the oniv question befcre the Benste was whether the 8tate should retain money taken and held under such circumstanres. Adjourned Assembly. Alsavt. June 27,1S01. THE TMIEB KIDIIfl Or MLL*. All net authoriilng an appropriation of money in aid of the emigration of colored people in thia State. Mr. J Be??met moml to reucmmlt. Mr. Tn KILL offered the motion, and Mr. Anthon op, poeed. The motion waa loat. Afte r k me further dlaroaaion. the bill waa loat An aet in relation to the dutlea of Superintendent of the Poor. Atfrrrume time apent in diecu**lng the bill, It waa, on motion of Mr Btaiior. indefinitely poatponed An act in relation to the Hodue Canal Company. Paaeed. An art for the relief of the eurvlvor* of the flrat regi ment of New York volunteer*, who aerred tn the Mexi can war. Paaaed?M to 3. An art to provide for an additional number of notarie* puhlir in the city and county of New York Paaaed An art in relation to the lire ruing and governing of pilot* In New York. Paaaed?40 to 44 Mr Airrwow moved to r*-e,.n*fder, and that the mo tion lie on the table Carried An aet to amend the charter of the A uteri tan Fire In auranee Company I'aeaed. The llonae then took a reeeaa till 4 P. M. nuan ataman or au.i.* caaiwcra An artto ineoeporate the Collegiate I net It alien at New York. Paeeed An art to Incorporate the Irving Having* Inatitution at New lark city. awed Ac aet to amend an act declaring Packet river a public blthway Mr If H"iiai* moved to recommit, for th# purpose of anendira Lo?t The bill w?? then read a third time and pa?*ed An aet to divide the Sixteenth ward of the city of New Yofk Into two ward* Paaaed To authorise the Northern Batlroad Company to eon atinet a bridge acroa* that portion of l.ake Cbamplain at nr wear Rouee'a Print kit lit writ mov-d to re-commit, with Inatrartlona to etrlke out the enacting rlauae klr Wnrri ra moved to amend, by referring to a com mittee with power to report another bill Cnaniraouxly adopted. Adjourned Later front II senna Ay ret. Borrow, Juna 27.1M1. Capt CroM. of the brig Nancy Pratt, arrived here thia morning from Itnenoa Ayree, bring* advice* to the 10th of May He rrporla the Cnlted State* ahlp St. Loul* aground in the river, the water being very low. After getting afloat, the 81 Louta would proceed borne, rie Montevideo, Rio Janeiro. Re. Cant Croc* report* that, at the time of Railing, flour waa falling In prion and doubiooo* vrera riaing. Capt l.ru?* brought no paper* later than the 3d o" M*y The Nancy ITatt left May 11th. bat while a a Dehor below, loat both chain*, and waa compelled to put back 8ha waa promptly *upplled by the United Plate# ?hip Pt l.onia. and the national light boat, and left again on (be 1Mb

letter* to that date, received h?re xtate that every, tiling at Buenoa Ayree remained In the nam* dloturbed vtate. flour waa worth M an board All deocrlptfonaof American produce were lower. Letter* to a houee In thl* elty, dated Buenoa Ayrva. May 14th report* aoane excitement there In consequence rf rumor* being wrovalent <4 th* hlockada of that ptaea by the Rrailllan*. which rumor* howover, were not gene rally credited flour had fhllen f 1 per barrel. In ennaeonenn* of the opening of the port to foreign import* Freight* were dull Halifax, Q tie bee, and I ?e troll Rallrmd-Ca* narilan Parliament. Toeowva, June 27. ltM. It t* understood. though not officially annonneed that the government are prepared to attend liberal ai<l to the whole line nf railroad front Halifax. N R , to Detroit Michigan vi* Qi-obcc An agent of Raring Ik Brother. i> h< re ai,d It I* urwh rvtood that the wlmb loan ran be nt tainvd un?.r the imperial gnaraatee. at three and a I alt prnat In the lion e nf AwnHy, ia?t wight iba mlal*try fhM In an wet too* Inquiry that no overture* have t Rtedelntlo oj-p. eRfnw t?* f-rm a coalition goveew m?nt k1r kl?ik<nrt- mured f r a committee to draft a bill to thuM-h the Court of Clmncery The governm nt r< i-tvd. and narroeiy e.nan d a defeat?the ? >t* for the fordi< n being tbirt. ot nil thirty-four M?ny of th* ahle-t lawyer* adv.. a ted tho abolition nf th* court Quirk Pawagefrnm fletrwtt ht rr.i o i , a HM. The gfeamer k'r-yflowr cam down thi.mormnxfr.ru fotrott. in fourteen btmva and dfij minvte. Thi- t the qulrRx*: pawwgr on record Affairs at All>an>'? Ot'R SPECIAL OOKKKSPONDENCC. Albany, June 77?Evening. THK t'MON COLLROr. AND IT? FINANCIAL AFFAIK*. On the 12th of April last, a few days prtviou* to the ap journment of the regular session of the I.egUlaturv. a reso" lution wan adopted in the Senate, authorizing the appoint ment of an accountant to maXe a thorough examination ot the financial concern* of Union College A man named Vanderheydcn won selected, and he proceeded to the task. How far he has progressed is not known, tret it seem* that the trustee* of the College are not satisfied with him. Thia morning they sent a memorial to the Senate, complaining of the appointment of this examiner. They state that the affairs of the institution were scru tinised in lh31, by Silas Wright at d Wm. James; in IS34. by Silas Wright. Wm. L Marcy, and John P. Curb ing ; and at a later period, when Mr. Holland Was ap pointed treasurer, some twelve years since, Si I a- Wright and John A Hix made anotbtr examination of i sbooks, papers,accounts and funds, since which time no inves tigation ha- been bad and the Legislature are ignorant of it* condition, except such trjuiilr re ports ha the trus tees themselves have furnished Instead of the account ant. they desire that the Comptroller. Attorney General, and the Rev I?r. Campbell, the committee selected by tbs Senate to appoint the accountant, shall make a per sonal examination upon the following subjects ? First?Whether the funds granted by the State to Union Colli ge hare been fully applied to the objects spe cified in the respective grants Second?Whether the permanent funds so granted re main entire, and are safely invest) d. Third?Whether any funds belonging to the College have been applied t? any personal purpose, by the Presi dent or any other officer. Fourth?Whether any and what, losses have occurred in the management of the funds of the Colhge, and the cituse of such losses, if any Fifth?Whether the President or any other officer has, while in the employment of the College, participated in dividually in tiie profits of any lotteries which were ap pointed by the acts granting such lotteries The trustees welt know that neither of these gentle men can enter upon the business, two of them being Stat)' officers, and the third a clergyman in active ser vice. having in charge one of the largest congregations in this city. The persons who signed this memorial were Eliphalet Nott, Reuben II Walworth, tTbrbtopher Morgan Alvah Hunt. Edward C. Delavan. Ilradford K. Wood.David It. Little, a>.d Alouio C. Paige. The memorial was referred to the Committee on Literature, where it will remain. The most of the day whs spent in the Rcnate. upon a bill to furnish each school district in the State with a copy of Webster's large dictionary It w?? contended on the on? han<l. i hat the school teachers in the rural dis tricts required the book, in order to instruct them in the 1 use of the English language and the etymology of words On the opposite side it was contended thai it ?? a bookseller's speculation, who owned the copyright, who ' wished tl?e State to purchase fifteen thousand copi >e for I the primary schools, which would, in effect, give the I work the character of a standard dictionary for the State. The bill will probably pass the Senate tjuitc an ex-ltiog debate occurred while the appropri ation bill was uuder consideration, upon the proposition | to contribute $10 001). t'or the support of the Normal ' School. $1,000 of wiiieb should be contributed towards I the education of Indian youth. Some twelve of : them sre now in the school. Senator Babeurk objected ' to so large sn amount, contending that the Normal School had never given aiiy evidence that it answered the purpose which the State h id in view when It was established Mr. Beekinan advocated It. and it was ' adopted. The Mariners' Fund, to the amount of some hundred and forty thousand duflar-. paid into the treasury urid-r protest, by the ship owners in the city of New York, is : now being endeavored to be refunded to the person* who | paid it. A bill for that purpose was under consideration tbis morning. It proposes to refund the money The opponents allow that the money dues not be long to the treasury, because the United Ptate* courts have deridid that the law under which it was col lected is unconstitutional; but they allege that, instead of paying it back to those who contributed it. the money should be given to those emigrants for whose passage and arrival in the city of New York it was paid, inti mating that the passenger* were charged per head in advance of their passage, the amount which the Plate exacted The bill was laid aside In tbc House, this morning ths Pilot bill was lost Al-o, a bill appropriating a sum of money to send free negroes to Liberia. The effort* of Mr. Gregory have been sucsessful in ob taining the passage of an art granting partial relief to the New York Volunteers who served In the Mexican war Its fate in the Senate cannot be predicted The Podus Canal bill, which has produced much feeling in opposition, principally from Oewegn. and for which a strong lobby haa been In slttondaes two oe three ses sions, was finally pa*eed in the Assembly to-day. and is a law. The whigs of the Legislature are holding a caucus in the Assembly chamber this evening Washington Items. THE TAl.COTT COt KT MARTIAL? KXTRA COHMtSSIONS TO rovrMAWTKB*?< 1:1.K|-.RATIO*l OK LATIN* TIIK CORNER (TONE OK THE EN LA ROE ME NT Or THE CAI'ITOL, ETC. Juno 27, 1801. The court martial upon Col Talrott la progressing To-daj wax occupied chiefly in tho oxamination of Col. linger, and certain correspondence u to the contract The Postmaster OeneraJ having rvacin led the order of Cave Johnson, In 1844. allowing root mauler* certain ei tra commission*. and tha *1*1 h Auditors hitting rejected certain claims therefor, an appeal raa taken to Comp troller WhitUeaar, in the rase of James liraham. lato a l'oatinastt r In Ohio, who yesterday iloelded In favor of the allowance, and ordered payment of the commission* claimed. General Walter Jonea, commanding fhe militia of the DUrlet, Invite* the citizen aoldiery nf the country to take part in the ceremoniea at the laying of the eorn-T ?tone of the Capitol on the 4th July The Vnum denounce* the Pennsylvania Whig Con renttcn. and call* upon tha administration papers to let the people know whether they favor Governor John ston's r<-rle?Uoti V.R. Heiintor for Connecllcnl Kaarruao, June 27,1851. The I louse reconsidered their vote, indeGnlt* ly post, poninp further balloting for a t'nitcd States Senator, and to-day bad three mors balloting* without choice llald wln Led lol votes, Seymour vT, scattering T?Haldwln thus larking but two of eleetiua. The matter was then again indrflalL-iy postponed t.vorgla Co??grv salons I Namlnatlana, Ac. |t?i riuoar, June 27,1851. The I nion men of Georgia have Dials the fallowing no mination* (i f Congress ? First District?Charles R Hopkins. Fourth IHstrirt?Charles Murphy. Eighth District?Hon llobert Toombs ll? n A II Ktepbst* has i^uit* recovered from hi* late indlsposltis a Itr Cameron, a distlrgnl h?d democratic poll lb ion of P?utli Carolina, died a fe w days since Later from IfayrU. Ilnsrns, June 2T. ISil An arrival at this port from Cap' Haytlen, bring- ad vlces to the l.Tth Inst The report of a battle haviag taken place between the Hat tiers ami l>omlc an* Is without foundation. By the recent proclamation, each party la hound to give two months' not lee before n-*< rtlng to arms IValmrllts Klre nt User Creek Valley. Civ* lesiri. June 27, 18(1. A destructive Are has occurred In Deer Creek Valley It originated In Mearrs Butler A Brothera' Marking fac tory, and spread with greet rapidity, destroying Mesara. Pebnoley A Hughs*' and K Wilson k Co '? large pork house*, with several mailer buildings The whole loss la eatimatedat $70 000 Wilson k Co had no ln?i?r?nee, bnt tha others were mostly covered Some pork and bacon were burned Btiming of a Railrond Brtslge, Acr. Rti.rtwoar, June 27,18(1. The Bouthem mail has arrived, but the papers contain nothing of Interest The raJlnstd bridge over the ff.-use river, near Oolds boro. N 0 . wss burnt on Tuesday night. Tba travel has not been impeded The Late Murders In the Western Part of the Htate. Ii rrtia, June 27, 18(1 The jnry in the rase of Hall, eanie lato court this af ternoon. with a verdict of guilty of manslaughter Jutgo Parker then pwused aent?n?e upon him of 10 years' hard labor In the Plats prison Knickerbocker was sentenced to lie hnng in Astgust n> it The prisoners both received their sentence* with the utmoat r impsirs, Arrrat for Attempted Murder. Pacvtorsv*. June 17,1851. J'hn Gould haa been arrested in this elty on a ehargs of c n mitt ing a violent assault upon Nathan C l?ewi? at AttbIoro*gh. Mam . on Monday last, with In'eattntill Ihe patties were forms-ly en?,sged In hu-lne-s li-r ? I < wl-Is beliiviiito bs dangerously Injured, from the ? ff<?t* of a slutig shot t hargr of l*s?wt 4?IT?cc Knslscvalement. Pin i. sm i# ii is. Jim* 17 lt(l. Fslaard P. Tats*, formerly a elet In Ihe Pstl 0!l*s, was ctsmiiHd. to-day. tsfam Oomailasio*ar Ingrvhitp, i n a charge <4 i mtx srling money fr-'iu letters That . * wra postponed till Friday tu *i the aroue -d l<eiT{ hell t o had ill Um turn of H,<W Movement* of tl?a Prralilrut ami of Mr, 1A abater* Wasiiixgio.v, June 27. 1*31 On hi* depart nre front Capon Spring*. Mr. Wrlater wore an old white hat. lie laid lie war going a fishing Charle* Lannan, the great trt nt fir tier wa* with hiin. Mr. Webster speak* at Capon, to-morrow , no doubt thousand* of perron* will be present from all part* of that flee mountain conntry Mr Webster's trip i* a splendid one. He carrier the Virginian* all before him At Clarlestowu, and Harper'* Ferry, and Wine hunter the enthusiasm was excessive. Between Mr Fillmore in the iowlhnds and Mr. Webster in the mountain*. (l?n Scott lore* Virginia. U* Webster will be at Capon wre ral days yet probably fishing. The President spe&l'.v at Frerfericksburgh to morrow. A large crowd is expected to go down to eicort hiin bar k The Pre*idect will probably reach Washington oh Satui (fay evening. Mr Webster is expected back on Monday, in lime to prepare the Fourth of Jrtty oration '/ha organ* c-ivatiuue durib about Oen. Scott'* nomi nation RifuMO!*r>. June27. 1851. The President ind suite (arrived he.** at nine o'clock this evening. and met with a warm reception. A public dinner ha* been t< adered then to-morrow. Railroad Accident. Ai hany, Ju:v 27. 1851. An aocb>nt occurred *l*>ut h.alf pact six o'clock this morning, oj tlie Hudson Hirer Kailroad. near ttreeDhu*h. hy which t'Ae gravel car, loaded with wood, aiM eontain i ing nine n.en. wa* ups.'t; five of the men were hurt, some at thent very seriously. Trlegraphlc Mnrlcrt Report*. Haitimost, June 27. 1851. Sale* were made of COO birrcls fresh ground Howard street Hoar, at JM 12,' j. Alhahv, June 27.1851. The receipts r+nce yesterday have been as follow* :? Flonr. 2 000 barrels; wlieat, 4'fi00 bushed); corn. 22000 bushels Flour is in moderat* d-roand , the market slightly favors seLers Sales. 1.500 barrels, at Ft 12 a H 18 lor pure tienasee; J>3 57 a 83 94 for st.wight Stat*-; and H n 14 00 for Michigan Corn i* In good request. i?t letter prices; 12.000 bushels Western mixed sold at 50 Oats sre heavy; 8.003 bushel* inf.*rlor Western were sold at iit a 41 )?c. Prison whiskey is at 24c. ItrruA June 27. Mtt. The receipts of the past twenty-four hour* have been? flour. 2 000 hbls ; wheat, none; eorn, 20 000* buabel*. The market for flour i* dull buyer* not entering frc?ly, at the higher rates demanded; small'sales of Michigan, at F3 37 a F:t 44c. Thi re is a fair milling demand for prime wheat, with sales of 1C.0<0 hushel* at 77^0. tor Ohio, and COc. for Chicago. Corn is in fair request; saloa. 10,000 husbei*. at 44 a 4flj. for mixed western. Outs are dull. Freights are unchanged. THE IVEIilt AM) WILLIS CANE. ^apcrlor C ourt? Sp,olitl Venn. Before ,1u Igc* Bandford. Duer and Campbell mat/rrof South CWrfingfon an,I lt"i> Joinr* II of?,in II iM. Judge PhihJIitU, In delivering U>e oj iiiKtn of the Court. in tin- matter of Coddiugtou and ? lf? r?. J W ateon W ebb. Mud?Thin rase argued- IV . U?- thin Oourt. who arc now pre. Mtit. lh?? ***<? I* oue, from it* Wing no well known hu 1 ^Vx i! n0t r*M'ulrr th** "e should U- rrry ,n 1 "hall, UoTfforr, |h* m* briwf a* lrrrl* MlD I* 1 ''"J" 'u Mr" 0?*<Hn|Cton. for merly Ml in In man when she r?i a young girl a boot 16 m b.h', C*Hlr,i 00 * enrrv.-pondenre with fta thafile!? .Willi*, without the knowledge of her P.ire?t? I i-j. thin rirrwn,*tauce becoming known to h-r fdh r, j ' **' d"",ro"''tl,at "lch oomwpoiidrnpw should be *e l ,0? ?!; *n'? accordingly. with thin view. he ilfl\ l M u,' k0x)""k.n HO in,l,u*t,? fri't'J "I W*. !ko?m w 'i ( f ^ ano th t intiuu.tr friend, I should obtain .licit letter* fn, hitn Acordinglv. Mr llurkham wrote a note to Nathautel P H ilUa. anpolnt ti"Tt *' hi" wkhon* informing him a a Mr Burhham a or* upon oath, for what purpnos su. h meeting wa* desired Mr Willis attended ,t the appointed time, and wa* then. fir tie first made aware that it was desired that such letters should ha jrmn Up Mr Hilll* at one* conwntrd to ?t u Ih a s Jof those letters into the ha I 0* of Mr I nmans friends At tlmthne an peint.d Mr Willis did attend; atd. after some coovcr-* Ho,,. he asked to whom he should give the letter*' C >1 W ebbaoios. red.' Kire them tome " Mr Willi* ther-.tpoo sealed up the h Iter* and handed them to Ooi Webb for the Iui|w?r *t bring delivered up to Mr luman This state tf (act. is .Heeled on the ,,.rt of the de" ndant only so far as be states tbat Mr. Willi* le-ought the let. trrs In a sealed package directed to Colonel Webb; and that beside* tha desire of Mr Inru.n he had the au J, n daughter, MU" In,nan l"T the recptim of the letter* Mrs Codding! on *tate* in her Complaint her and h.tW r,-"Wrd f'" h"r '"u"r ?? tru*t for | her and that Mr Inman su to receive them foe her thf,d t^ ^r* r*orf!y<? them, and is now *n' tlii d to recelwe them, from C.donel tfrhb Theeom I pUn.t aJro states in this rase, that during the time that I had posseaeiun o, the tette^ he hii'eee^ 1 ?'?-? he, nimportuned tod. liver them ,o the plaint? but be has never done so. bavinK upon each request that' i 7,1 'nZPromised to do so at s.ane future lime The p.intilf states that after the diath of Mr | Inm.n .hieh occurred in 1847 an applieaUon was made by Mr. Buckbam for them; hut he was met with the ?m* rf.Cr?.tP, bHD? Pri miied that they *hould be . *1 Km" future time The com plaint of Mrs ? oddit 8ton further show*, that durln* the pre.ent sprire a e?.ntrover-y b.vinc arisen tietween the de fcpd.nt ard Nathaniel 1' tt illls, an article ap,M-.n-d ! .'i f ' V * th* Jsfendant is the editor allodinir to the (isuphtrrof an ry dear friend of his a* having 1, .n alliiTd t it, Willis; and although in the article alludid to the mime Is not mentioned, and although a wmrir.n.ari1 t :MrU 1,1 * ^ ?* **101 t^i Iwdfo ir l? r made it more certain who was rh J .? ! ." !* A }" yri lh" pWntllfs state that 1 fir m the article In Colonel Webb's paper all who were acquainted with the Iamaa fhmily or the corraspondence knew who was the person meant Mrs Coddlngton' J^t rK* * V b'r rt) ??d contending that thsy wrre received by Vtebb fe.r her. considers her self intit led to th.m, a ad the controversy alluded to Coli .Tl U.TI!' "'T th?' il i" ?'?* safe for lo|. nri M el b long, r to praew-slier letter* asks of thi. le'ttVi'lnh "hte^0!?" Webb to deliver those letter* to ber which he receired fmm Nathaniel |? Wi|. I *, and *be a,ks that be *h.ll he r.-trained fnmi pub tieliicg any part of her lette rs Cnon the hearing of this r|?'J * eT PPoduccd l?fore one of the Judge* Of Ibis Court, an Injunction was granted re. "d" MteiVTr' fi!? ,nfrLT ''U,lUhlnK ?T Paction of said p tiers, r fhm making any ri tracts of the nm ?m.Tl""y ih:r'r T)>- sod crmplalnt were ssvv.d on Wnbh on the fourth ,4 i n? ... . ^ rM wt,h ?be Injunction ? short t.me slur, duly aulh.ntlc.led by the Court About be jTi' "T .la r"r Krnntnd by on- of the Judges of this Orurt, directing the defendant to spp. ar and show ranse. before this Court why an f rd. r sh. old not be rranted appointing a reclever for th? .'k^s fo.'il ,h" l","r' 'be bands of the d< frr.dsnt Ibis order was served upon Ontenet Webb - , n'1 ???r,'r *" ??i??vr It. an order was n sde that Aiklrt w W ainer. b>n.. should t? apDuinted in rrcelv, th.m of ibe d. fendani, Jr.d a reVerT w'^pp^ I ' ?* .'! 1 * o " ' r,"rti' * ,h"l,W ?I>P< *r to carry ?..ch ? idir intorffiet; and all |wr*on* were prevented from B It led to Sismilse or to rca.| them e*c pt the p,rtlo7oT C. libs. I In this suit Till* Injunction Was granted on Ibe Si*th Of June, and O0 the Monday following Colonel a , J-fore the Court in hi* own pl'sded that having been misled by the in jupctlorn- no eounc i having l-om employe hy V,lm-he disiird to tw reh ased fWim the injunction ,?d nroceele I u. ,ha, the letters he had l? M* pc^iiEY^^ U)|I htlsrs referred to In the complaiut. for there was ?j 1 ? W,rw 'f ??>- nature stated T., The ?bint .Its; ard from the letter* In his p.?..Ion there ns* undi niahle prmd that the author of them htd h-en 1 defendant then proceeded to .ie. wS ML I " "** th" Mut* "hen the C >nrt ln? ftm hi . <-on^,|U, r.ce of the Injunction retrain .^. k ?'?*'?* Uce letters known to any one ?l lor^MKthe Court to employ e.,un' to aid him in the ronr-e of his snit Purh ndvlca 1*1^ :^"d *nd.mn ',rd:r *a* ^"ted thatth. plain IloliM oT..'t-" *hJ ,h'd'-fsnlt 'aken against Col Wehh ' hould not he open, d This was argued before this Court and as the d. fo.dsnt alirres that hs was misled not '"ir',h;;-'d"f-?"-1 <b* c.om a7Xtiu U?.du".ll!i i "IW'fied. and the defendant be .1 ww?(l to |i|fid A roof ion tr*? mud* h* thi> ni ?intiiL ^n'.t ofV*',iIn'|nt^r "?*ln?t <v7 Wchh tm r,,n l.k 1 ' In dl-regarding the Injunction granted by the Jmlge The d?f.-nce of the defendant i* that n> original ropy of the Injiiuctlon was -hown to him and fr. sf ","h ?"?"junction ever bar leg heengrsnte.1 by the Court Acronling to the old ^dd nor,rrlt"K^b",h Kn?und *** H I would not have been nerea?ary to have shown thn orlwi l^dbfd'n'o 'Hi"*1!"! >1' "" h'1,1 ,n th* 't"""f j bad ??'.l Jl. . *" hvl ctMenc. which he w!.eT, Ji/ir'd *** that proeeed ings i r.e?^ 1?I'd sgninrt him It w? sufflrlent wlthou. even e . ? . of an ^original copy ,4 any paper grant.*1 by the wu kU where a grrsnu wa. In court and "J'k . V*' * r"'Uln O'def h?d he-n ' . sgalost him or where it wa* publicly announced n open ''?urt by an individual present, it was held that it was M. file lent evidence for the person against whom ' *B<1 ,f h' '''dated the order* of th* . V. r mv h'ld r"r ht" "?'?""a But ac crcd'rg to the new Code of l'ra< tine It I- neoeasary that I i" jsrvlrg a parer I from the Court, tbat the orlgt nal she Uldlw shown and... In this rase it Joe. not an I '"L.' i'.,,H'^'??fandsnt saw the orlglral older of th" fiurt H biwr opinion that an acti -a eanriot h.. had spair.t the fiefs,dant ?-r ront-n.f J,,.|g. Bai.dfor.f ' tren pf, ooleil w? eon. tder th" motion to sof aside thr r - " ' ,,r ?"* ? ' ??' in' ?? ten 10 pt'i fb* ? f|f iHfit VlTi'.? rr^'HCng Wel.h fniapnNhhlog any part ?f the letter* In hi* po weutnn and appointing Anfifew , asmr a* a r.ce.r.r to take poscert ,n of th.m Th# , . " . ?" "i in.m t j ? nvt was of , pint, n that Itw*. urtsife frrlte letten I t g.f l-n main In the hand, of thr defendant an I as re. opmi, n could Iw entertain.d that Mr W arier wa? r in Iffer p?twon to ree. Ire th.m the Court directed ?be' 'he injunction should he affirmed I'llwees T It*' mim a.h Knl+,t f; />mu.'i.?Order at r! n.l. t - ret aside without cost*, and 1 fglnal lai d t.ill '? f / '_ <r ? *? J""i" fVicw, fir ?Judgm'tit at th? ? t*rial Term and Mi trial crleffi , cunt* U alid* thr cvrnt of theses 1'atrrsoii, New Jersey, Court of Oyer ?n?t Terminer# hoiding Chief Justice Ogden. and Justice* Sandfonl and Van Paura. TBI AT. OK V.DWABJ) MlTtTIF.I.I. COLE AND JPIIN J'?RI)AN, IMilCTKD KIR HAVING COtNTKRFKI f MO.NKV IN THlii: rossKs.NioN. Ji M 26 ?At the cyciilng of th? Court, this day, the trial of K.dward Mltrbell Cole and John Jordan era* j raile d on hut in conse quence of a material witne-* uo the part of the prosecution being al.s.nt the District Attorney h'ainuel Bark slow Kwj . moved for a postpone mert. The attorney eiplain-d to the Court that the# witmss required was a rraident in Providence, Khode ! I-lnnd. and therefore beyond the jurisdiction of the i Court: yet still, said the attorney. I hare evrry reason to j believe he will he here to day or to-morrow, and I ask ? postponement until Monday next Counsel for the defence remarked, in reply, that they were ready for trial, and wVhed to proceed 1'he Court said they woirhl permit the case to stand over until the meeting of the afternoon aeuiion. and it the wit Ares wa? not present, they would then make aAtmr , disposition of the mntter At the meeting of the afternoon session, the District ( Attorney moved lor fhe case to be postponed until the next term of the eowrt. in October, as the witness in ferred to had not arrivxl The Court Therefore deferred the trial until the October term. The accused parties, Cede and Jordan were then called up l eftore the Court. and their reeogu1xao.es renewed in the mm of f.1 Ofrieach. for their appearance to answer the indictment at the next term of conrt. It will be recollected that Cole and Josdkn are indicted for having in their possession some f:15 000 worth of counterfeit hills oa the Chesfer Bank, Orange county. New VorK with an intent to pass and utter the same This count* rfeit money, it appears, was taken from a secret place in the factory of old' Mr. Cole, the father of accused, at the rcque, t of Levi Cole, the Dank robber, now in i>4 at l'rovldbnce. Ithode Island uwaiting hi* trie I The money was m tended ta aid I.evl in makluir his escape from jail sn.fi" allege-ei to have been'removed from the mil.'by Cede (Levi's brother); and Jordan, the father-in-law of I.evl for the purpose-, as ateoveiia-nttoncei. A de tailed acevnint of tlie facts were published in thlw jcurnal. seme w.ek or two since During the holding ef the court this term, it will bw see n by the annexe-el list of convictions and sentence*, that se me' de-spesate fellows hare been brought" to justice and sent to the Trenton hti>' 1'rheou ?Michael While, and James I.e-ary each ten v**ar* and six months in th? Btate Prison ; Alexander Barclay, eight years and sis months do . and F.lward Norton six years do. The alaive name < convicts were convicted of highway rol.i.e ry ; knocking a man down and robbing him of his wati-h : also two charge-* of burjfbiry. grand larceny, ud hr< sling jail The r ther convict* were convtete-d of l*-s*s offbnoes' frsnris Ke.ly grand larreny, two years in Ptaie I'rieon; Charles K. Atherton. forgery, six years do., and S a roust CJaik. assault and ba'tery on liis wife, si* month" do. Thus it will la- **-en that the Patef-son courts have dispescd of ee.me dangerous eharacter# for a te rm of years. whiTvby the community wilt' tie r.-lieved from their depredatIons, unless the (iovemor shouN feci die posed to grant his favor tei the cuprite, and set them agaia at large on the couimunlty. This, however, we consider ve-ry doubtful tutted Stole* tllatrlct Comrf. IWrn* 11 Mi Jltdgr llet t? ?li 11 21 ?Th* Isitt fWwn Kj/tfVritmiits?In the iMttir Of Me.Kra O'Sullivati l#cwia and Ple?eingrr. rharged with flttit t nut a T? a-cl for the purpner of inmding lite Inland of t nl.4. Ilrwni K II. Cutting and Jolm Tan Huron ap peared aa counael for thr areuaed partic. for the pur poee rf nMlnf thr Court to qua'ti thr li.i1rtn?eot which rnilaiM alnrtf -Hirn roualn. The ohji rtlon? miaed by Mr Ontting are twftdd Kirit. 1 lint the art of Com pre.. andt r * htoh tin- indictment ia lahl. did not pro hibit tfcr arte charged againat the nmiad' aa crimen; that thr art applied only to caaea of In.lepeti.l.-ni nation* whh h were at war with rarli other and pmhihitrd cRJ rrna <f thr I nltcl Slater from taking part with either if thr belligerenta Thr nrxt ot.jrrtion waa. that If tha offence waa within thr art of ISIS. commonly railed th? n? tit rality art. at ill. that the Crimea w< rr not art out wWk auftirirwt rimimat.intiality, ar to place utn> particular*, which thr law rr?|uirra Thr Dirtrlct Atlornay, BIr J. Prraro't TfwH; crntrodad, in rrply, that thr law rati tide to rwt ry million expedt tion dlrrrtid agalnt any friendly power, and that al attrmpta to atlr up Inaurrrrtlon or rlril war by mrana of militaiy enterprise waa witliin the prorialona of thr wat; and alio that thr indictment followed the wrry word* at thratatntr Thr IM.trlct Attorney .howi<r that thr Su nn air Court of the t'nited Statu# hiad decided that la it ilirtnirnta for mirth nieanora it waa .ufficleat to fotlnwr thr worda of the atatule, and alao that lha prrarnt In dlrtmrnt waa fully aupportrd hy precedent# Mr. flaM rltid thr rare fif the I'nlted Stair# ugain.t Smith and Opden. tried more than fifty yrar? ago. in thla Court, and whirh he raid, war exceedingly like that in thr trial of Omeral Henderaon, in Xcw Orleana again.t which aw ot.jrrtion waa tiki n Thr learned Diatrtrt Attorney ad drond the C< nrt for two houra and thrre.quarter*, and. m .ui p. it . f lha wnlidlty of the inAirtment.hr cited tartour antliorttle*. among-1 which wrrr thr raara of thr t nited Staler ?r flooding. l'i Wh> atnn T' S Ta ' " raatrr. Vd Mr Clean a Krp . I S ?? f-a Carte }at Oant aon'a Krp ; 17. S o Smith In aamr ni; Judaw MrClran'a charge to IlieOrand .lury In tbr raar of thr Canada inraaion. 2<l MrfTean pi; T. ft l. Itrrrhrtdew, let fiarrieon. Ilawkina k Chitty'a Crita Law, Koaror'a Cr'm. Ktid .be . ke BIr i'fdm lloflinan f .llnwrd on behalf of thr prnaeou tion. I ut aaid that after tltr ahtr and < lahnrwte a naiad of thr liiatrirt Attorney who ha.1 cited all thr mm that wrrr picct.ary, hr. Mr II . had hut a few olaw i la thnato make on gineral ground# Mr 11 oilman cou tinml hia addrraa till the rUing of thr Court Adjeurwd to thla (Saturday) morning BIr. J. Tan Bun n will rrply upon thr part of thr acruard Tine Hill* ? the (irand Jury l.awa r?turned true bilr agalnat llaynea. of thr .hip Meridian for an a?aautt on J. N Prinrr, while lying In thr port if l.lrarpoal; again.t (1 Vi llawca. for aaaawit on wlllard HuaarN.OU |.< anl thr ihlp lln thrr Jonathan, and ag tln.t Kdward K. Smith, for bringing an extern of p**#i-ngara to thin pi rt fri in llarre, on hoard thr A#trmra*: and agalMl Charlea llalar, for an rarraa of paaarngrra from Brauan. Poller Itlrlllgrnrr. F ?mamaticn and > .iw'iipftil aj Mtriin Hoffman?TW? individual rallin* himaelf Martin llfTirun who a frw daya alner war a r reded on n chary- of rommitling awww ral ft rv'<il?? < n lh? Dim of I. M Hoffman H Co * un til n?-rr". In Hanover Fcjonrc. wa? yeaterday bronchi be fore dual Ire Mount fort on ? warrant twurd by that iMnll Hf MaMMt for rtamlnatlon prior t?M tine hitn in full for trial l b- followlny >? thr ntnlaa thonf Ihrpiiaoter who arrotdlny to hla own date mrnl ha? eeen considerable arrrlrw In thr American army ? I I'y and Cmwry of Snr York. ?? ?Martin Hoffman be try ? aamined arrnnllny to law on thr foregoing rhargw of fnry-ry. after te-lnc lafnnml of thr charge tnada nyainrt him. and that hr war at liberty to an*w?r, or re fine to anrwrr any qorrtlon that may he put t? him, ?}? ?I born In P'^fhkwp'lr Datrheea cunty. In the Mate r.f New York; I am fifty yrnrr of aire, I am not marrUd: I have no filed place of real.loner f waa for m>t1) a nor. hunt In Pidrhkeep-le, and aiihwH|Uentty n aatoman In Pearl afreet 1 afterward* cnll-ted in the army and at rvrd fr in the rear lRT.f to IMC. and waa harreant Major In iba Klrl.th and Flirt rcclwenla of In fantry. and e? tred in the Meiiran war under (Jen Worth Mtuwttor?W aa woo antlmrtaed to al?n the check (he flflcin il'llara on the Tradeamen'a Hank a hleh pnrtorla te harr l?ra ilf tied by on* of thr firm af I. M Hoffman It Co * Ai awrr? 1 wa* not (/ ?V by thru, did yon nttrr and para aaid rbrrk an trne and froaliw ' A? I nnrr knew that there waa mr p-reen mmol Martin II' ITman In the 1rat of I. M Huffman A Co , m? til I raw Mr Martin llofTman here on thr day hr yan hir testimony I had no mom > In th? t'nlon Rank, or any oth< r t?irk, al th- time I alined that ehrek t wan limb r'.he Influcrrr of lienor at the time and had hern ro hir two mr nth* yrerU.ua and waa not aware of what I did The jiria tier It waa ha? two brother* of reapertnhi Hty doiny I'liatnrar In ihla city whom we nnderrtand re fnar to ronnt'narr. him The arrived wan unable to penile-ball In lie aum f( fWO en each charge thee a briny three la nwrnlwr. and the Jti>Cr<. tkorrforr. com mitted him to prtron to await ht? trial. f Wro of Sltakne Aaetdpn ?ffomr two moot ha ? i Ore, an Italian waa elded of 100 aon-reigna while la a ceo rery atore altnatrd at the corner of Mttle Water and Anthony rtteetr by a nerr" ralbd fleorge King. A trench war ||k<wl?e ronrrmed In thr robbery who waa the jioramorir if Kin* and thr two immediately after atiallngthr money ran away to Philadelphia Hut. pra v lone to tearing It le at'eyed hy the oegro. that hr anld thr fid to a Jew hy the name of Moeea Phillip*. who keeya a rlothlnc >h' p In "rarer atreet for aid* dollar* raah A few daya ago thr nacro returned to thla ally, and (lie Fifth watd p? Her took him Into rn?todr lie then acknowledged atcnllny the money, and aaid M raid thr gold to Phillip* Yeatrrday the pt>|i.-e took Phillip* Into cn-t'dr and he wan detained for a farther hcarlnji, hy Jrvt Ice (Whorn I kmgr ?J .01 pan ? A woman by the name of Margaret Morriaon. waa arre?ted yewterday on a rhargw of netting fire to a large waahleg crtaMUhment altnatrd at the frotof IbTinty trri atreet. North Rlrer. belonging to Mr Itijnoldn The fire waa aoon eitlngulahed with hnt (rHHry damace The aeenerd waa eonveyed befneo Ju?tlce Mcftrnth. who committed her to prtnon for **? a miration .truaf af a Hie f\m ? Ahont noon on Thnraday. otkerr Hiftum rf the Fifteenth ward obrerved a au?pletoiia rharertir railed llenry Bonnerman. romlny from tlm dwelling hi u?r No W Flevrnth afreet ononpied by Mr. I The officer approached t he rogue and *m* ahe-iit aeialry hold of h m when ha aprtng forward and mad? iff at full apci-d Thr officer pnr*ued him in a quirk manner at Ine *air ? time yitiny an alarm of atop ihlef Thr rcfie ran with yreat a peed for ahont a quar ter ef a mile, waa orriintrn and aernred hy officer* Idt 4* II and Hepburn and ronrryrd to the atatton h*n?e, whei 'o ei are Mny hla perwon iw gold w ate boa and other jewelry taliwd al f jiki warn found al?o, a lady"# atll. mantilla and idhtr artlrlra of drrae were thrown awey l i thr r> cur at thr tim? hr atarfed fn m tha houan. Tt i't? ynr b thr n an who nome f?? month* a.noe wan rarcht in thi dw.l'lny h?n*r of Mr Wm B A*tor with In'ri t to ateal ||e nyne ral> rot *fr l^e'a htna Wilh a falar t t|>h4 kiy, whlrh waa foond In hla porkrk whep. ajtietrd dlft ltuVr a peer* Warnrat ?John "rhonael.l waa arrtmdvider a h. i ch warrwni teelrr lay. by ofllrrr V?d,r?aa. of thr \ >rd dlelrirl poller, on a rknlfn ?C , Miiu ir. tb? fir t JoUi ?" klaiittwl Uhnd in %'t