28 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMKB UOtlDOIX BKSISETT, rrOPRIBTOR AND EDITOR. wrrIC* !?. w. CORNER OF FILTON AND NASSAU STS. THE DAILY HEIL.iI.li, 2 coif, per copp--97 per j ""?///?; IYEEKLY HER^iLD, rrerw Notunlay, a! 6%. i *nto per copy. or ti per annum ; the European Edition, H per annum fo any part of Great Britain. and to a.ty port of the Continent, hath to include the pottage. VOLUNTARY CORRESPTtyDEyCE, containing I important newt, solicited from any quarter of the world; j \f nerd, will or liberally paid for. Ou? Fuium Cotta TOWDENTE AOK PAKTICULARLf REilVEETKD TO HAL AJX j Larrem and Packages sent to ALI. LETTERS by mail, for Subscriptions. or irtfA jMlill till in nfi to be poet -paid, or the pottage Will he deducted from the money remitted. NO NOTICE taken of anonymous communications. We do not return those relected. ADVERTISEMENTS renewed every morning. JOll THIN TING executed with neatness, cheipne it end despatch. Volume XVI So. 178 AMUSEMENTS TUIS EVENING. CASTLE GARDEN-ITALIAN OTERA-La 1*a\ ouita. BOWERY THEATRE. Bowery?RArrAELLE?Like riti Lahlrkr?Michael Kri.e. BROADWAY THEATRE Broadway-Hag Mtltuiu | ?Shocking Events. NIBLO'8 GARDEN, Broadway?Si hooi. for Scandal. NATIONAL TITEATRE. Chatham street?Caii'Ivtla or Roven?Perfection?Wool Hkai.br. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. Broadway-SiRtor? Fahilt ?Great Eiiijoition -Bloomers. OHRRsTY'S MINSTRELS, Mcchtuies' Hall, <72 Broadway -BrHlOTlAN If 1E8TRKLBY. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fellowi' Musical Hall, No. 4M Broadway? Ethiopian Minstrelsy. AMERICAN MUSEUM, Arviins Performance. At fCRnOOB AMD Kr AN ISO. N??y York, Saturday, June 48, 1831. Telegraplilc Summary. The movements of the President and Mr. Web* ater, according to our despatch from Washington, have been quite cx riling The latter seems to make as much headway in Virginia as he did in th is tr'tate?and the whole result of all the speech making will be seen by the time of the regular no mination of the great whig convention. The can didate most popular with the people will be selected by that body, without reference to the present po sition of things. Much will depend upon tho events of the next few months. At Albany, two interesting subjects, among a number of lerser onc3, came up yesterday. Tho affairs concocted with the financial condition of Uuion t 'ollege are of a most romarkab e kind, and we shall bo prepared for some strange do vchq omenta as to tho moral and financial phi losophy long In vogue in that institution. The other subject is one which merits tha serious attention of every honest man in the .-date. It has reference to Webster's Dictionary ? which some bookseller wishes to force upon the schools of the State, to the amount of fifteen thousand ci jies?or at an expense of seventy-live thousand dollars to tte people. For what 1 To in troduce a work which is not a standard one, and does not merit to bo?which spells words con trary to the manifest spirit of their etymology Theatre is spelled theater?a mere adoine oaprioe, the final syllable being derived properly from hat of the Latin tntatrum. As well might acre he spell ed a. r?the Latin for sharp. Such is tho work' osed of such absurdities, which our legislative segno cinil wish to havo adopted for tho benefit of arme bookseller or copy-right holder. Professor Goodrich, of New Haven, has tried to Improve the work; but he was not philologist enough to make it ? complete or satisfactory one. The whole scheme is a barefaced attempt at imposition. B>okrellers already have sway enough in our schools, with their new and improved editions of books, without com ing into the Legislature to rob the public by whole sale We trust that the atrocious project of s ad ill iiig scch a work upon the .State will fail. Alio w ing that the work were a recognised standard, its introduction ought to bo opposed, for it is a job?a downright job, and nothing else. The news from 1 layti contradicts the report of a recent conflict; but we have not yet received an ex plarationot this very general rumor. Among our ?ther telegraphic intelligence will be found some later advices, chiefly of commercial interest, from Buenos Ayres. Parity of tlic Pul'llr Pr? ???ami Public oAcai'v * ? > | The double position of editor and office holder, publicly combined in one and the same person, has always been held by both partios to be doubtful and disreputablo?leading to corruption of the press?profligucy of principle, and ending in injury to sli concerned. These have been the morals and doctrines of both parties for u quarter of a century. Among the most exception tbie of the coses that hare occurred in any party for -mnrnff Is one in this eity?the union between the offic?of Naval storekeeper, in Brooklyn, and the editorship of an ?veu ng paper, called the Evening Mirror. It is true the office Is trifling, and wan bestowed as a kind of gift, iu re<i onto to the most doleful beseech ing*. after two or three more important places had been refused. No one ihing has done the adtniei rtraiion of Mr. I ill more and Mr. Webster more injury in this city, than permitting this officeholder te continue as the editor of a parti ran newspaper, and hold himself out as the s|H*cial, cho-wn, faro rite and select organ and confidant of this ad ministration. By coot inning him in ofli-e while be is the avowed editor and publisher of such a nbeet, Mr. Fillmore and Mr. Webster beeoms his endcr rrs, and will justly be held by the public re sponsible for the violation of a sound public principle Ju-t look at the question. After General Ja?k*on was elected President, several editor* who h.'d advocated his election, were appoint ed to offices? somi of high honor and trust, and "ome, though not so responsible, were highly lucrative For this he wa* attache I by the whig tarty. with unmeasured violence His conduct was assailed in t "ongress, and particularly in the Senate, and the prominent whig*, we believe without ex ception, ull joined in denouncing the practice as the extremity of political demoralisation. Messrs. Webster, Hay, Lwing, t Uji. ui, Crittenden, Filb more, aud, we believe, Mr. Graham, the pro*cut Secretary of the Navy?in fa ?, every whig of any note in the country, united in ringing the changes ?pen the cries?" Corruption of the Press "?" Des troying the Independence of the PressHe wards to Partisan Lditors!"?"Aken of Power of Appoint ment and the like, which were beard from Maine to Lou Man a. Several editors notninaed to office were rejected by the Ana's. Aj fl-rcc and p iwer ful were these denunciations by the whig party, and eo strorg war the effcot p oluci up-m pubbc "pinion, tha*, in dufcrenjo to that opinion, t ie.ic.-al Jackson was induced to prescribe a* an iiQteia tivc rule, that if an elitor ro reived a t dcra' appointment he should at nice li*e >nnet hi in sell entirely from newspaper*; and if an iucum bent of oflVe be sine concerned in a press, he wis oblige! to yield op k s office forthwith. The i*e of M .VI Noah, r-urvejor of this port, w i j relui qui h?:d bis interest in the ?\mi irr <j if Af.i/uirr, whin bo was ft; poVit ? i, and who w ;s c o*'ruined ' ? yield np this ?0.?e wbc.ibe sgi.Libecameooncerned in the paper, is an excmpliii -at ion of tha rule adopted by Did lliekory. W? well remember that s vcral of tha leading le morrulie ed.ton of thccounlry?an I am icgsttb -m, Mr M itcbie. th n aditoroft ? H, ?u-aM En ,*iror - d< i Hi . I del ad ' - th Mi' I I. '? w J aribc sditori fram all | Mi* ofi ;1 Lin-' emolument, merfly becau?e tbej are editor*, if they are in other respects fit and cabbie. We would resist the attempted degradation, by any party, of our profession, merely because that profession ne cessarily leads those who pursue it to a more fo timate iounectiou with the politics of tire country, than any other. The profession of editor is as honorable and " respectable*' a* that of merchant, doctor, soldier, sailor, lawyer, or clergyman, aiul mush more honorable and respectable thau the oo cupotion of oflb'o beggar, or of politicul huckster of office to the needy. It requires more ability, in dependence, learning, integrity of character und moral principle, to conduct a leading newspaper in the United States properly, than it does to folio * any other calling. Generally, the selection of an editor for an office, if he has succeeded in efforts to make his press useful and inllueutial, is a guarantee that he will 611 the office worthily. But the appointment to office of the conductor of a political partisan newspaper, solely in reward for his having prostituted himself and his press to advance the cause of a party, or the interests of a particular aspirant, or with an understanding, ox- ! press or implied, that ho will do so?and when | the appointee has but few other merits?canuot be justified. So also to allow the holder of a lucrative subordinate office, subject to removal at the will of the President, or that of the bead of a department, to continue in office while editor, is not defensible on the grounds wc have suggested, as justifying the appointment of honest and respectable editors, who, upon acceptance of the commission, relinquish all interest in and con. ncction with the press. tcuch continued connection with a political pa per, by an office holder, also comes within the sjope of another prominent and sound doc trine, protnulged und advocated by the whigs during the administration of General Jackson, and which the democratic party wore obliged to con form to, viz.?"tho impropriety of federal officers using their official iutluence in political con tests." To allow an office holder to be at the sane time the editor and publisher of apolitical partisan newspaper, is a practice which no honest public man, of any party, has ever attempted to justify. The essence of the objection urged by the whigs to tho "appointment" of editors, exists with tenfold force against this practice. No pro minent whig forty years old dares attempt its justification, under peril of having his former de nunciations of the appointment of editors, (even uj>on express condition of disconnecting themselves from the press,) quoted to show his flagrant incon sistency. Wc could readily cite speeches by pro minent whigs, and language u-od by them while ! Jackson, and V?n Buren, and I\>lk wore in power, j that would choke them stone dead, if they were | honc-t enough to die, upon any attempt by them , to justify tLis practice- They denounced tho ap- I pointment of editors as tending to demoralize and corrupt the public press; as calculated to induce j men of w ak minds and corrupt principles,and am bilious of distinction. ?r avaraeious, or intlamcd by lu't of power, and having control of a news- j paper, to p: o-titutc its columns in order to com pass selfish ends. But the case of a prcs Conducted by an office holder is much more glarit.g. Dependent for his meat and bread upon the will of tho President, or one of his secretaries, to see such editor honest, fearless, and independent, would be a sight as rare as that of a white crow. Indeed, we do n >t believe an honest, and trustworthy, and high toned man, could be persuaded to place himself in such a degrading position. Tho supple, truck ling, time-serving knave, doubtless will feel few scruples. Su ?h a creature doe* not feel ashamed or humble 1 thut otbtrs own him. The property inny be more or less \aluolcss to the owners; but ?till such office-holding editor is the mere chattel of of his superiors, as much us the ourung-outang or anaconda arc chattels of Barnum. His musters hold him not by a mortgage title, but they have a j full, and complete, and perfect bill of ?ale of him, | and his types, and his press, and his paper?of his , mind, if he has any?of his principles, if he ever bad i any?and of all his remains of b uiesty and indo- ; pendenoe, and truth, his body and soul, head, heart, bands, brains, breeches and all. .**uch an office holding editor ceases to bo a man. His slavery is more ahject thsn that of a Georgia negro, and i a* degraded as that of a black eunuch in the harem of the Grand Saltan. On looking over the list of appointments since March 4, lfMM, we find upon it the names of several | editors, prominent only as violent partisans, and net distinguished for peculiar filncss for the offices they have received Foreign missions, in severul in stance, secretaryships und nttachcships to embus, sies, coniulatc*, storekeeperships, important bu reaux at Washington, clerkships, commissioner ships, post oflircs, lucrative agencies, ami other places of every imaginable character?some illegiti- . mate, not being provided by law, and many not on the regular list submitted for confirmation to tho j f^euate?have been showered upon editors, and their son*, nephew", cousin", family connexions, or pro" , teges, more numerously than upon any other pro- 1 fessien or class. Tho whigs have gone infinitely | beyond Genera! Jackson in this respect. They have ** eat-II eroded Herod." What has been distributed to needy whig eJito.a in the way of jobs and con tracts, ani Galphin pickivgs and stealings?a chunk off of the public loaf here, aud a slice there? the Lord only knows. We are endeavoring to compile a H*t of the*e appointment*, anil ??> forth, with fall explana tory note*, for the om of the public. While it will e?i fy, it will excite the indignation of every honeat patriot in the land. If we mistake not, this subject will become one of the leading point* in the next Presidential cam an*, and no one participant in the appointment and con'.inuanee in office of eoiue of the exceptionable appointee*, will receii ?? the support of the honeat and iwlc pendent portion of the pre**, even of the whig party. IitriiiriNT Kxt.wtm* Mmk.ukxt?Binij'sr PnoroMD n? AKcttniMinr Uioiiki.?We under tai.d that a m vreiucnt ha< been commenced in the proper 'jiiaitcr, among men of reepeet ability, piety, and good taste in wit ?, to git up a banquet to Ar<l>bibop Bk>ghr<, tb.it will far surpass, In eh gsnce and *| ler.<li>r, that reeen'.ly giren in hie honor in I.irerpocl, or th*t in Ia?ndon. Mr. McMestuv a religion* and literary philosopher of j *ome repute in the ' at Indie church in thin city, i" ergagid in the burin* ?. ami we hope and truet that no impediment will a?i?*, from sectarianirm of any kit I, to parent the accomplishment of the ohjeit la Tiew. Hi* tlrace the Archhiihop of N.wYerk h.n re turned fn in I ome in fine health, and in cnpital ectidi'ion llif . jt< , f both mind and body, w,n i.i i ? r froher. The dlrappoiattae .t of " tbat hit " ha- produced no< fleet i la'erer on the benignity of i bis dirj otition, the ch irity 1I hi* n-?rt, or on the btdlianey of hi* Intellect finee hi* arrival home, , be baa rialtcd the varioua ' atbolie in?titutii>n* of i the eify, and received (n<deful an 1 beautiful tcJ i? n ? nial* from the lergy, f on the aca-lma e?. frmn the a*j iams, fi m the old an 1 reveicn 1 nun*, and from the young l.tifie* of the *e vera 11 "atholie Inetl- | tuti m* A ddrr ????*. }*cems, an I n. tsi ? in tlio "tyle of that of the middle age. have beeu ad drr?>i d to h ro in a J" feet (lo i, since hi* returt. All thie le te?t go* I: t?u*. the movement f <t the bat nuct will er * ithc wl le* lit ? ( ? holle n r ihrr**, and the t 'oil" InhnMtitltf if Ve e-V- r . $< nreily Int.'- t.e 1 ? >h a g*eat ' ? y liberal prtp 'I at.d pmett ef eelut*. ft< m the n first stark jjZrjfkblie relgione life until the present day, we nave l>ut him forward as the most protni nc- i American candidate for the Popedom that the present century ha? been bleated with by Hea ven. As it is, he has reacbei, with our aid, the high position of Archbishop, and but for some mis takes, be would have returned a Cardinal?for the hut and robe were nearly half retdy for his use ? He is, however, still, comparatively, a young man, and with care and good training, he may yet not only wear the hut, hut reach the tiara itself. We trust, therefore, that tho banquet about to be given to his Grace, will he conducted with a care ful regard to the pa.>t and to the future?with all tho dignity which the Catholic church demands. The Catholics in this country are increasing very ra pidly, through the same policy that favored their increa.-e in the time of the Roman Empire, before the accession of Constantino the Great. In a few years they will be the most numerous sect in this country; and politicians, and men of all ranks, are beginning to look on them, aBdon their clergy, and even on the Tope, with all his vagaries, with souae degree of respect. The Webb and Willis Cake.?Yesterday, in the Superior Court, a decision was made which is decidedly against Webb. The three Judges were unanimously of opinion that Wobb must obey tho injunction of the court, and deliver up the letters, as originally directed. Webb's counsol may take exceptions, and appeal to a higher court; but it is doubtful if such advice will be given, after the complete unanimity of opinion by the three Julges who have given their opinion. This decision will open a new and interesting journey to travel?a sort of a mission iuto a new country?not Austria?in which Webb will bo accompanied with the usual escort of lawyers in such cases. According to all the rumors about the courts, several libel suits will be commenced ag liust Webb by the Coddingtous, as well a3 by Willi?. Well, this is a singular world, and time brings around the most singular re?ulta. For ten years, Webb, in conjunction with Willis, and the greater portion of their cotciuporaries, have presented a combination professing to claim all the respect ability of the press, and have united in denouncing the New York Ilerall, its editor, and all connected with it, as tho source of the most libellous, most unprincipled, most atrocious, most soandalous, and most villanous acts in tho history of journalism? abusing this journal, at ail points, as the most dan gerous and oorrupt press since tho first day that Satan entered the garden of Eden, in the shape of ; a newsboy, hallooing an "extra"?which Eve bought?down to tho present hour. They have called it, par excellence, tho " Satanic press." Now, what is the fact! Tho greatest libel that was ever published in this journal was done by substituting, in mistake, John for James. In 1-U7, when five hundred New York merchants?in ire or less?jollapscd n the pocket, James Iliggerty went by the board. We announced that it was John Haggerty, by a mere accident?aud hence the libel. All other charges?as facts and events have proved?have not made a singlo case of libel u gainst us; and as devolopements aro made, day by day, ne aro becoming oouvinccd?and the public with us, wc imagine?that our journal is the o ily d icon t, respect tble, intelligent, candid and fair newspaper in this c'ty or neighborhood. The accusations of our ei temporaries, directed against each other, of "liar," "villain," "swindler," " thief," "convict," "seducer," "forger," "murderer," and tho like, j have never yet polluted our columns. Honest, and just, and pure, in all our personal and political rela' tioE<, ve never have supposed our cotemporaries were otherwise, till they went gratuitously to work to prove it to the public. Kight is might, soouer or later. Americans at the World's Fair.?We aro niiH-b afraid tbat the Americans at the World's Fair have made themselves the laughing stock of the whole world. Tho Governor of Virginia, it may be recollected, commissioned Mr. E. 8. Duncan, of tbat 8tate, to attend the World's Fair for public purposes. In a communication written by that I gentleman, and published in the Richmond A'n- s yiurtr, we find a very curious Utter, from which we extract the following, which speaks for itself, and j very significantly too:? lospor. June 2. Itdt. Oi sTL*??*s:?H?Tirg been honor, d by the tlovcrnor with ? r< mmissioo to attend the World'* Kair. I arrived in re at the opening of the exhibition, and witnessed the gorgaou- pageant. It was ^magnificent affair, perhaps in nstiurtive,but It was not acceptable to my republican fillings My first emotions were of thankfulness, that, in the country of toy bomr. we had usl kings, nor peers, err petd priests, I sin tnstructr.l by my commission, to report to the Kxrrutlve what I shall wi at the Inhibition that I may di rtn ust Tut to the roun'ry As yet I hum seen nothing wiuthy ot its adoption social or political. I do not In teml now to give you a detailed deseripllon of what I have seen. I write for a different purpose. The exhibition, on the pavt of the United fltatea. hns I Im en mo-1 unf. ruinate in its management. and gr-at dis sali-facliin exists among the contributors and visiters. In the first plsee. the Central 1 '(umittoe in Washington, appointed as United Mates Commissioner, a man by Ilia name of RlddU. a bore auctioneer of Boston?a man witbrut ths first i|uaUticath n fitted for sueh a position litis man is tlis only hnonii ? i recognised representative of the United Slates in this World's Pair?the organ to evmn.unirata with the Kngilsli Uocnrabslutier* and the savant of the Conlim nt a-fernMed here?a fellow who , cannot speak a sentence of good English, or any other ti tgur i xrept tbat of Vankerd' m, and if he has any > km (Mm of the arts I r lit? MM, we have not yet dis- | coveted K. The Mate <'omnil?si..n-rs are not recognised, at d here no poaitlor, here Why our Minister. Mr Ijiw renrc lias suffered this, I do nut know: he certainly ci uld have ordered n atters otherwise. Rut. to add to I the mortification. Iloracv litrel?y editor of the riW, / was placed by Mr RIddie. whether with the approbation 1 ot our M nisti r rr not. I do not know, as foreman of the pam I of Amrrir.<n jurors. This mon, without the man n?rs of a genii, m n?the rankest abolitionist?the known advreate of dictrini'the ui?t disorganising and ibe moet horrible still dhgliding that can he conceived by a Koutbern man? lutmuk* us all: and as if design rely to make the IC-I..I in i. 1 i. '.s lit he nny I- ?n u leek, d atms vlth a negro. att< tiding abolition meetings , at Kxeler llail. t,r rrme Other ,.Ure where these w. rtliies ae.vn.1 le. to di ni-un.-e the South'ru Mates, and ad Co- , catr disunion. Very mp-ctfuily, ytur? he., K S DI XC \H Tbr Virginia Commiafionar to the World'* Kair i* quite aetete on Mr. Kiddle, but we think hi* ?] {'ointment by the National Inatitn'e war rery ?I prrjfiiate, and quite on a rooting with the whole ? flair? it ie a apecituen. So al??? i* (ireeley, walk ing through Pall Mall, or Hyde I'aik, arm in aim with a negro?it i* epei iiutn number 'wo. The V.migrant Krnnita. To INK li'iitu rr rut mint Tour article in ji ?ter!?y a paper. concerning 'ml. grant*. and the fraud* of unm ,-. he , U ?o m*r>ifc?ily Iwrrrrl that I *01-tire you win a* act of pimple , Jurtire. Ittak* the me'. rat J' e? rrerti" n Meear* IIorn< and Weaver an* appointed In 'peetor* by the 1'iwlwtnlWr of Ki.ii?r?tk>n. anil at the rmjiieit of the t'< niml-rti n< r tk? Mayor h detailed ofiirer* llaki-r and l-C'itry to aid making f or aetife, f.nthftil aid imtirttr iTin. ?!:??<- aide duty I* to *ipo<* and protritt the fTiUri if rtriner* and oth-r*. and to e?? t>eit ?irit>rniit* egain<t thi in. The b< oeflt endue front th?lr let*!* ratitint ho h?!ter luntretrd than by tho faet adw Ittrd a f w dny* alter. he i.ne f awarding h i*t here that the punore and caution* of the ln?piet'ir* aid ifhrir* vl bmtd a certain Tr????L had rut that h?u-? tut id one thr u-a'd dil!?r* ; f'T tut of one huti dlid and liahty pa? i ? ? ?. et-iy one of whom had on ni j. the tiinm** only it'-en ilid in aecurtng at*, and thi it at loin- f rlei a. The -iit'M- tin i.f the !n?p rt r* I* *?d d In Mr. Pwtfitt. the Major"* tUtk.HilrW**** he i* tempo tat .y ilirrharg'B,? the dirt'* of e?ni'ral airent of the I'tamirh m r- ot '!n.' -r?!lon. doting the ah kn< ?* nf the rtyular,capable, and etfl ent agent. t'r John II iltia ci in Your oBr ilent ?*r?t. B, re ttir lottt* or rue rt*aatn. Xm Ynaa. .'tine'J4. ISM tr loohit ot.r y ur eniuuma if the /dl indant, I f nd etiphd trrm ru- ? f the lluftal? paper* ..mi proceed lr*? > I tho ftnr>n i n t'i or,ell rf that city. In n lattnn to j fraud* upon < migrant*; and *? the nam.- of the Mcf. 1 chant-' ?ad W- ?ti r? I'a- '?ge 'owipany. ? f *h rti t am I en id 'I ?? |irt pi* ? irr*. i? ti-- 1 In * ?*y to hrtnr dl*rr lit i I n that r. Tiifr e I Wt?h hrtefly t" ?t lie our mode of ( d" t p hu?>? ?? lo r.o o* '. thh ?wn Iaa an omigeint ' tan i ??r ? i'*r. | i jr ci i. r of tl pit i or* n ?r I>jr anj ?t -,\ n v r I Ipi* 'it h*? r me to m?f kd'irti d Or ? .! , . I . *<H a It ? -mlit-d d. ,*ur?. ilul r, O. W DAI-Kf, ' CItjr Intelligence. Fini: it r?:i k 8i.iv.?U?t night, shoi tly Wnw flfTiD o'clock, a fire broke out in the (silent cotton press estab lisl un-nt of Btarr fc Mint urn, in Peck slip. It Is a double hu lding. five atoiiec bigh, and the lire, who-,.- origin id t' ui c? rtain, ap|M-ar-< to have coiuineiiced in the rear itnd the lower purl of the building, and to bare aa<-en>l<-J ra pidly to the upper atori. a. The bells rani; loud and Ion;;, and at length a gen. ral alarm wad beard. The engines | and hi-ee carta were present from every quarter, and the ItmltrtrM bravely. Kngincs Noa. ti, 14 J1 3* -it 42. were eonapicuou* for their service*, particularly 3S, which f.laved a ata-ady and powerful stream on the front of J tbe building during t.be whole progress of tha Ore. Not witht landing . v? ly exertion, the three upper atoriea were eonrpletely glutei), and the roof destroyed, and the lower I part of the building greatly injured with water. At half |wo-t twelve o'ckck the Named wen- finally subdued. The damage, which could not be exactly ascertained, is from $5 COO to J-'.iSjO. It is covered by Insurance The police ! of the First, Becoml. Third, and Fourth wards, were pre dent in large force, and rendered much assistance. The t hief was ut his post, as usual. There was a largo crowd of i pertators. who Mi med to admire the force Of the stream* ?T water brought to War on the devouring ele ment. snd which, no doubt, arrested the pmgress of this tiie.and prevented Its extension on either side. Kihk.?Ih-twe en one and two o'clock yesterday morning, a tire occurred in a stable, at No 29 Seventh street Tho building was considerably damaged before the tl.im -s could be i xtinguisbed. The origin of the tire is uot known What was the matter with the alarm bells when this tire occurred ? It was at least half an hour after the alaiiu w-as given that they were rung. Fisk.?The alarm of fire, betweeu nine and ten o'clock last night was caused by the bursting of a caiuphinc lamp in a bMker's shop, in Ludlow street, near tlrand street Before the tin men reached the spot tho l imp had been thrown out of doors, snd further damage was prevented Btbikt Fume?lb tw< en twelve and one o'clock this nfterpiou. a fight took place between two c&rtmen niimidKdwarl Owens and William Owens, an I two of the firemen sltai hed to ICngine Company No. 6, nainel j V tlliem Blmniunds and JHities Clark. Biinmouds Is also I a police r IHcer in the Si rond district It appears that FiJword Owens was sitting down taking his dinner by the side of the street, where he had been at work, near the corner of William and Heckman streets, in carrying awry the isrlli which is being dug from the basement of I But ds's old building, snd that Bimmonds, Clark, and some others, came up oonsiderahly intoxicated Sim no r.ds. in passing by. kicked the bottle containing Owin g drink, when the latter picked up one of the pim-s nnd ilir.-w it ut the former, itriking him on tho load ClniH Sinunonds. an I some others, then attacked the two laborers, and a considerable row eusueil In running aflir Kdward Owens, Simmon,Is fell down into the hcnmeiit upon u piece of new stone wall and smashed

his mouth in a terrible manner, and bruised his body. Clark ard the two Owens received severe cuts about the bead and face. The two latter were taken in charge by s<me i lliccrs of the Second ward, and were after wards conviycd to the Tombs, but they having given a fatofactc-ry explanation, and no one appearing agairst tbim, the magistrate discharged them Sim mer,de and Clark went to the station house. They had not, however been arrested. Brnrrw Death bv tiir Ri-m'U or a Blood Tr.ssri. ? Yesterday afternoon, between five ami six o'clock Vie li,us Jims, a shoemaker, residing at No. fit? Host Broadway, wus found dead in his room, and a largo quantity of blood running from his mouth on the floor. At ttrrt it was belli v, d that he had eemmitted suicide by rutting but throat.; but on examination, it was ascer tained that the W"hI came ft-'.pi the inside, out of the mouth, upfki-intiy earned by tiie sudden rupture of a blood vessel, possibly on the lungs. Cwoner Oner was m tifii d to lieid an inquest on the body. The deceased was a Hidu of no family and about fifty years of age. and a native c.f Males. England. We understand that the ?liieUMii Las seine two or three hnn,lr,,,l dollars in (li<> Savings Bunk, and that the only relative iu this country is a niece, redding somewhere in this city. Aeeioimal Dhowmno or two Bovs?A Cal-tiov to Bois?Con ner tie?r yesterday held an inquest at No. 143 Twcutiitb street, on the body of William Young, a bi y nine years of uge. and likewise on the body of Vli cl.Hel Inilin. aged six years, who both came to their daatli by On wning in a pond situated in Twentieth street, near Aviuue A It seems the two poor boys were at play on a plank, which slipped from under them, and precipi tuti d them both iutotlic pond beyond their depth, and hi fore assistance could be rendered, they were drowned. The yi urgest one. however, was taken from Ihe water alive, hut txpired in hl'teen minutes alter. \cnl:et "accordingly. fit-ieioAi.?Thursday night. Charles Curtis, redding at 137 js w ashing ton st , made an attempt to rommit suicide by stabbing himself in the l.-ft brea-t While an officer was away fi r a surgeon. Curtis ran from the house and junipi d over the wharf at pier No. 12. North river, fully Tin Ived to tei minate his existence, lie was discovered, and was. with dilhculty. rescued before life became ex tinct. by three of the First district police, and a number of cit izens The wound was dressed, and the man taken cure of. The rash attempt seems to have proceeded from a temporary fill of iuaaiiity. Bt-sricMX s Arraia?Discovert or a Bukiitox?Yes terday morning, some considerable excitement was created In the m inify of Hmome and Cannon streets, iu coui-i quetice of the workmen engaged in digging out a 9i liar on the premls- s No. N Canuon street, finding tho skeleton of u human body From tbe appearance of the hot), s. it had evidently been there for many year*. An old frame hi use formerly stood on the ground, belonging to tin i Mate of Richard Turner, and now owned hy Mr It obi rts The old residents of the ward seem to tbiuk that the finding of the remain' of a human body in that location infers n-mething very suspicious. The Coroner was sent for to bold no Inquest Bi lints Death ?Tbe Coronor yesterday was called lo b'ld an inquest ut No. 5ti Kidge Street, on the body of 8<-h mi n Iltll. aged tiO years. wVki came to his death by ihe luptwre ut a blood vessel. Verdict accordingly. Bt roKiv Death?A Mrs Bniith. of No. 43 Blxth Avenue din) suddenly yesterday. Coroner Ueer was notified to hold an in,meet Brooklyn City Intelligence. Military Ciiuii?The National Guard. under the eon mand of Captain Horace ttprague. matle their anni t. naijr parade on Wednesday laet. cambering twenty niae musket*. This "..mpany waa organized In 1847?the first in this ci unty under the present lav. Their uni- | form? 1 lue fn < k east, and in 'tinnier white pant*. white ri o and body belt*. and army rap It numbers in all about It) no n. and la admitted by all parties at all ac quainted with military nutter*, to be the best dtaclpMMB , in the brigade, if not In the New York State Militia; and their exhibition on this occasion. fully au-tnlnej their 1 high character,iM'iiigrcrtainly.wlthimtexcMption thebe*t parade ev> r adtru sscd In Hrooklyn. They were a,1 nun panied by Koh's (lute Urnnger <) bra** band, and mum ' in "* t< ring Hi the armory. marrhed in the mnet trim and sol dierly *t)l? through some of the principal street.; then proreeded to Hi* residence of ex-Mayor Bprague. father of the c< in in* ml> r. in Adelphl street, where they badboen In vited to partake of a e -illation Hating done creditable ju*. tire to tni> geLtli man'* hoepitallty. thr Guard marched to the City Hall la front of which, in the preaence of several hundred* of ladlee and gentlemea. they executed the manual in tin- .marteat style, at the word on the tap, and silently They were perf-ctly at home; and their cor real a i vemrnt* elicited the admiration and applause of the rptrtator* Their sib nt drill waa th? nmt perfect thing of it* kind After the drill at the Hall, they visited the fsautiful ground*of Montague Garden, hy invitation ot Col. Cri oke of the Fourteenth regiment, to which the Guard i? attached, and there partook of refreshment*. At I o'rlm 1 they repaired to Thome*'* Hotel, corner of Prosper! and Jay streets, where an elc-llent sapper waa prepared h r tlo in and some invited guest*, at which laid Hpregue presided; and alt' r which. " The natal day t'f the Company1. Crvoh'a health, ami other toa-ts were drunk, the land plaj leg appropriate aim, tlU soon after nine o'clock. *h< n all separated. Pt at u: nooi. luimiTMM?The examination of Public Fcbo< I No in tick place to-day. instead of the first Friday in July, that happening to be th? fourth of the month 1 Id* school is situatedjust on the borders of tiowann*. whlrh is generally cor ildered a separate vil la.: ? . but is In fart In the eighth ward of this city. The ?i.mN r of children on the register U 3V>. ami the are rage daily attendance. 243. Mr Holme- the City Super Inti i detit and a few members of the B ird of Kduc.ttioa. w< re in attendance, a* wall as *rvrr>d >4 the children's Ms tiers and frinds The primary elaaaare undercharge of Mis* M Fraiden. ptincipai. and Mive* la h unt and s lacy appei Hi*l? ?. as*l-tants Thrv appeared to have been carefully taught and well grout tbd in the el-roes t. try hrm-h.* of ? ducatiotv inserting the various qu. st ion* as if they Ml) e< mprt hi toh d the <uhjte*? of thiui The mile deprrt mi ni iimil r Mr* Boaget. principal, aud Ml** 8. B >oeock, a shtant.and the female. undir the rare i f Mir* V. ther B? i ret k amlMIrs'' Bennett. a ?l*t*nf. were each eg. mined in the itsttal branehis if an Knglhh education, at d acquitted thetwaelve* in a manner to ju-tify i .? hope rxpt. *s?d by Itu fnperlntendent. that there oil <?f the pwhile i vainittath n? w mid convince th* aitia-n* that thiy mlgl.t have ronfldrn-c in et,trusting tlieir rivMren to h" i dmated in these eeiaMlahiBmi* t' wr.rda th. sup port of which thry contribute so large a - nm. Pit nnu l.igi oa wrtMouT I.ti r*<?: ?V-a'erday in the eltj court, lite pecooa. indict'd f -r selling liqu >r with out I n Use. were to have hi en tried, bat in *11 the exrrpt one. tho District Attorney noa'.-nied to an ad j< nt iiiii nt till in tt Icetn In the one all-id si to. Kr*-do th k \ - gler ph ad? | guilty, and aaa Wlteltttl to pay a One cf ?lft. ai d to stand committed until It *W pti.l Alio to sixty days imprl" nm-nt lu th- e unty Jill, with a May cf the latter part of the sentence on -? nilUi>n that he immediately and totally at >pp-1 tho sale of sidr-l* or strefig liquor*. J?dr? Greenwood said t*. was tae intf ntu n of the court to deal tha* In ail ci ?i. aiil I*.ti t d 'tnposing a auBcletit fine In ind> its!.'/ the rhy, to in 11 h on tie parties, in oronr to pat a si op t th* *ys t? re *? there war How no even c for llifrli ling tho in* as tie C? rumiaalolter* of F.xriae h*d fan ed license* fm I) t- thi se applying fbr th-m Th- in tt-r ha I b-en ret > * 11IT? rent when lb. y n fu?. d to grant any to.(i r-t ni Aaotiira Tunis* Mi* ? Th-''omn-ryet ten!*) hi Id an i I quest on a body which had fl iteil *?1 ' r. it Veil v lbs k II was unrecgnlled. ah nit ft feet X inrhes high. l!ght brown hair. Ores*?black fc ch ttatt. In-own cloth rest, mixed ptutelonn*, cot'on s-.-k'. soil lav t." *v| apparently r.bout SO year fag" 1'ittnd on 1 hor lay v . rdiet??? Found dr iwn I " T.i sr. J* * ifi - Tlo fn men were all on the alert v? t< rosy eyaln. the alarm being cawwd hv an 1gnlt*dtar l?#rr. I at tl e fio? ? f llarri?on ?trgct These fai e iiarms are i f daily recurrence, and harm** the police and flM di partus 11 I * yottd all conception Pest tlir.ee lletpafrh. to tnr > i no* or tttt ?i* toe* iis. ,i n. A Vft> r na* put tntn th* Pnd| ofllrc *? Now fteeb-Hw rtVt nty Utiles from New York), cn Tne?dsy ?f rn ? ??. ? lit g n pert* n ight 1? . > i eeti I h ul? in th'.s ct'y in ' I i '*ce> a > it " g *? d h ni" ih. y e m- at th it ' i ? v ? h t '*? itt -i off tl- . 1 >ro v 11t , , I).' i af.no.n the lilt r ?u dl'-t-l i ju-t 1 I tit f itj ?? liht 1 ct S fr> m N.-W tt'e hell ? ? v I a I . ,d *1-. wl n a lef.ri carri 1 ' "t ? , hour* #. d s h?if T I* i, li-f tlt.'IrSf r ill I!: th* Alabama. <>pi*Ja I. lb th; and the &m h<xwr Captnla Dick* Conrt of General Seaatona. Pefcre Judge tierl>?, and Aldermen Ho????nd Hard Ji'MC 27 ?Jl'tatih at,J Baltny ? Valentine Brevy, a Frenchman, was put to the bar charged with a violent assault and battery ou Magialiue and Mary lirevy, hit wife and daughter Prom tha evidence. it appeared that on the Tth Instant ho violently assaulted and beat bis wife with hlaflats, blu< hening her right ?Je, and otherwise injuring ht r; that at the some time and place be beat the daugh ter. a girl about thirtei u years of age, till she was sense less. and remaint d in that state, from the effects of the beating, for half an hour; that when the doctor was eallt d in to attend her the defendant told him to leave the house, and refused to pay htm his foe. It wa* alto stated that be beat aud iil-usod them at other times The defence was. improper conduct ou the part of the mother and daughter; that the former encouraged the latter, and that defendant had to resort to harshness to tcdeavc r to correct the evil habits of both. Thedeftnd- j awt was fined $15 aud discharged. J< bn Green, a young boy about *i?'"en years of ago, chargtd with stealing a watch from W'm. Shuckman, pleaded guilty, and was sent to the Ilou-e of Kefttge Catharine Muore. Sr . and Catharine Moore Jr.wereput ! to the bar chatged with ttcaliDg a pocket book containing $10. frtni Mrs. Mary More, in Washington mark t. Th-* Court net deeming the testimony quite satisfactory, discharged the prisoners. Mrs. Ann Burke. a respectable looking woman, was pot to tbc bar charged with assaulting Israel bevy, ou the leth of March last, by throwing a pail if water on him. The testimony that she did it through de-igu was conclusive, aud the Court fined ber $o There were sevi ral other small cases of assault and ba.tery. of no public interest, disposed of; after which the Court adjourned. The Opera at Caatle Garden. "Dou Giovanni" was performed lat t night, and this evening wo are to have a repetition of " La Favorite,'' w ith Bettiui, Beneventano. Colctti. and TrufTi This opera has been produced with great success, and is admirably cast. It has not be en usual to have performances on Saturday evenings, whieh are devoted to rehearsals; but, in ordt r to complete the nights due to season ticket hold era. the purfetinance is given on this occasion, and tlntse who wish to be delighted with a musical entertainment of the highest order, will strive to be present Ou Mon day. "Anna Helena'' will bo pcrfurnel; and as Ibis , opera will be new to many, even of the admirers of tte 1 lyric drama, we doubt not that it will prove highly at- : tractive. It contains many beautiful gems. THE "WEEKLY HERALD. MAILS FOR EUROPE BY TllE AMERICAN MAIL STEAM SHIP lll'MBOI.DT. Tlie Weekly Htrald will be published at half-past nlue o'clock this morning. Its contents will eaibraee all the important news ofthc week. The American niail steamship Humboldt, < aptain Line", will leave this port at noon to-day, for Havre, to touch at Southampton, England, ller mails will close at half past ten o'clock this morning. Sir gle copies ofthe i/eroW. sixpence; postage to Eng land, two cents; to France, three cents. Ill alls for California. The steamship Crescent City. Captain Tanner, will leave this port at three o'clock this afternoon, for Cha arc- Fitclu copies of the Hs,r*ld can be sent by Her ford & Co mail-, which will close at No 2 Vese, street, Astir House, at two o'clock tblsafternoon; postage three^ cents. ? The I'iiion Misers. Albert Losee At Hiram All Cm faOslfie. la connection with anoth r o *w?t in Could sell meet with auy ctlier than the l>eet of euceoee. Dcllchtful Sunday Excursion?The Steam ?rmiVAS F 111'L*E will make her neual trip te-saor niert. _ ? This Psv ami To-morrow, at Bayard's, No. 8 Tut. "'?. Ore.* Turtle 8onP and Steak.. T. rrapin Stew, and Snapper Frlesws. The Firemen, as well as Military men, will f JVc, morrow's nemU-r of Uic **' ii ?'*'ansa's, serai" revic? of ^m'illtary tenia. Odc**W Naa.au atreet. _ v an<i*r Tiif second Number oC flit.* numl". to b. bud If allthe a.wamen Is the city. Express Mall lo California, w Ilia two days I.l.r new??To arrive Iin San p M..'this day Pottage*!!)leenU. BERKORU a CO.. 2 Vti.J etroet. A.tor IIcv.ee. Advice to Lot Purchasers.?It Is a matter ol no .mall importance to P?rao?. who wUh **???{? r,*,r ef their, avisy in villa,. I''l^Jiwtlw.Ww can rely. M *'JOHN* A fVa MURK. '?.'5 Wooeter .treet, ]? jn?t ?neh r^Bg.UVf?uJ"th;iKt four ftSTaS; P*MBij!I7rfna"ifrisd wo rnderetand Hint the pnrchawr. I?a\lw Jl.atue.5 with their I argaine. M any ?'th.marc ah? ut commenting building. There nr. a few ????*? ? ft r.T;. ?, fair nti'?a. are reni.mmond.d lo call ?n sr enawr. Bwawi&. v'll t5ke Place to morrow. , ?, h J one. and on the 4th of July, to the 6r?t above mentioned place. HilUs Reduced In Price.?lames Beek A tlllaa. Shawl., Traarh Kmbroiairtea. i.s< c?. w i Ladiea will find nmi great bargaina at 86ft Hroadvsy. RFATFB's"*M7 Bro'.Vwiy Vrn."Uward atrsst. at miich h.^^ rat. ;th?, at ientUm.n . ftirstohisg .torer A aptaa did alerteflsdlos' Ass good' slss. slway. on h.sd tbare. . ,.nH,r Cost Price?K. II. Newman, 331 K match, at 6?. t ar as*. ? Pm,,,..la. -Tha a.tenllo" of .? IdjjT tlllaa. (reerstly ..d.rataai thw InSmMmCSmkatsfcs tied, a.d a-illa. ..ssasslly ih.Jp.twadve",M m. nt in ?.? " ' si.ria# the Tailor, lift William street. has M m. er ciolbir- P-wl ehesp. r?;''.v.4 rrt\ co.''.'";. ?>7" hi'? fa SX A ahoUm 5? asd sUadTth! from II lito it. i cry low There Is a.o Article In the Wnrdrah* of a Jet. o' more "?jLYu'W HSS&" tlan an eiesssUy saaw. amll^tulss ( Att9T j MI.IhOm, U - O'O O. M..U. t^SOTafta^iggcs J V a.vaer, ?'d Pnlton street, has ? aphwdid .t. ek Of lfy.tiw^?r,d sdwr " ^VracVnesr Hf the RUbrii. 0 Cold Pm#. W'atchea and gold pan. ?-P tir ed tnd warranted. _ The Hat Finisher's Unlau, Yo. !l ^ s." ?e.7??a%*t?w. r,U . w. the r W'rr. r.VitilVVo'.r^rwt.M^! lUswmbor. Hat F.ni.her.' U. s. vl 11 rath RoW._ iw.. ..a fotsi. rlv of 71 tsr, ?n -treel. which, for m.at of Ilatasrd t sph aiiw? nn>nrpo,.e<t. IH? IJ heawly. dnrsli^IHy. aiid el.aaime ^ ..?U..g a good and ih.tp srirxxzu ;.v m. . vi.it. Benin's Panamas-Tha Ntocfc of ^ white Panamas fof mt'w* ^^'JTlleoTo fViric of [m.'; ;m '"h.V .' , r h.d th. pU..?r' o, ol.ltsg to hU fthsds sad l^^5|jjj'u? Broadway, opymlU 8t. Panl'a. Pue Price. ?" r an-Htr? ' ? r"" Vf'et t f.C ywv wrtce.?It J? sstenj n?m.rHvt foe m-ree J^Vnecd hv MX RHEART. Rr .4wiy "'t Kp"?**?**? Th.v .r. a pevfeet bsanty. a?6 lot ar^i' The r?l )tc attfalios it eell-lto*. ., , ij . ,, efvle ?f tester, Fl'nitner 11all.?K*"7 #il) ,, , ,,,n 1 n? rai etsa ' V.V'wiV'nr ad.av ?? od door fr >m Ihi-.na "J-, ftiUVSn arne " -'a -t ol-'h ah. -Id cort.i.l, g<vo I tm a tall. Pricea moderate .. nrno.lwo, l.-?.Y'w .l M -T?m pel.e 1*. r.i'.'of ?<. sn l th* nnnibee of p if .rU.'ii-alljr made, call os raus. i The e is a B. an4lf.il Ident In the ImsHlna Tbh rfB..,',,r list 1st; :r; Vo- t-or rf I of 1 r.?ur ns"17mi>. ? b,to t' ""'N F.ltMM mi. H-7 Vfsas.t, ?orm rof Ann-t. Ttcnpam's Dnc ?erreMyp. s for SMI ??'???. r nervrctypcs In O.I?-"? W; H. Fntler; , h?* ai'rr?*lat?d tUh beWtifsl fictsrci f? 1 ???'?? thee o'i the *i?c?7?rti. Bootmaker*1 I'nlon, N? 1n?**a *treet.? Cltizspe and atraisgera arts invited to call and eaamiua ti-o fne ntutk nl ehoen, and gaitera, offered tor mU at tb?' Bootiuakera' Union. R2 Naneais street. Boot* and Shoe*?Tlte Original Brooks,? It >u<s* ant st I M rati arti.le, go tu l,urin Brooke' eita bliebnient, UR Knits is stre t. Wi lt of Broadway. 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Every article aold ais this vtesre can he relied ut" n ae being what thry are repre - (?en ted. Mr Tahill employ a the very belt Workmen, act maker no elop work. Oenlera In India Rubber Shoe a? Caution.? The advirtieeiiieist ineerted. headed "Caution to the Pub lic," in b half nf the " Hay ward K ubber Company,"" Nev ark India R'1 ler Manufacturing Compaay." " I.. Csndee." " Ksrsl hi Co " " Shoe A<aoriatea end others," wrs not pnb ? llcbcd by there companiea, who art not willing 10 aasumo the reepsspeil ility of any risch falre atat-meuta about H. If. I>ny. It iarupporrd to have been written by one of tis? ownera of tioodyear'e Patent. Portable Motifile, or Ironing Machine?. The antas riher* are manufacturing and oi'er for -ale. the above labor raving mail ire. which amnotbea nnd puts a to antiful aloar on ta'le linen, dusts, trc.. with great rs. pid ty TLe nsasl inery i? eneli acd lit a neat wood ?t, nuts occtspyiu* more than a rs|iiara yarsl, ami hea the ap pearisreeof a bureau, with a large drawer, which euntaiuv the linen, &c. Tisc pris es ere from >20 to si's. IjUNCAN ii WEST, 51 Ueekman street. Comb Partory, 3N7 Brnniltray,?Isiillei are rerp otfullv invited to examine thin choice election of Drees Com la: tie variety it, beyond oil doubt, the grvuteetin the eity, eompriainr the ri'ft beautiful open work In ahell and buffalo horn Comhn repaired and mad* to orslce. A. h J. SAUNDERS. World'* Fair VIslte-r* to the World'* Fair are invited to examine the anhacrtber's stock of Throating Cusses. Tliey a.-e tt e nioet os nipnot nml uretul article of thw kind mni nfaeHired, osutainiug all that ia ucce.aary for the toilet i f the troet fartidioua. SAUNDEKS, 147 Broadway, corner of Liberty at., acd S*7Br?adway. Oournutl'S IiiatHiitniiroua I.lqnltl Hair Off is p-ifitively tlit only prepar'iti >n naed by the intelligent nnd penetrating Inohnrrep jor prjy hair to ft heautifii1 LI ftor brown. Slowlv hut surely ?re tti? imitations of thi> r*a 11 v astou-shing chemical rrcparativn--in king into merit-;..'. oblivion. Cooraiid's Dye. i'nndr- FuMile. for eradicating Lair from low forehead", 11? 1 ian Medicated Sn'p. for mrir. tan. freckles pimples, and all "kin di"ea--e?: I.i.iuid Roui?. III* White Jtc.. are nl' in great demand. Fonisd onlyatbr Walker "tret t. the "Id dep t. near Broadway; Callender. ah Sruth Tl.ird at eet, PMIadelpMi; 12-1 Washington street. Bocton; Bliss, Springfield ; Col well, llarlford ; Carletoe, I.?? ell. Ilnlr Dy? ami Batchrlor'l felf? brnted Hair Dye i? uaed with tl e most perfect. ancceaft in all parte of tie world It i( exciting the greatest wonder and applause. It ia applied, or ftold. wholesale and retail, at liat< ! elnr'ft M ir Factory, t Wall afreet; and at all th" Dvi ggi.te and Perfumers in town and conntry. Beware o; imitationa. The Ladle* may well be termed the <? aofter sex " tinec the Orange FlwevLnti-n i* ao renertlly need hy tliin. 1 b?r? ia inthinrir thi? worlJ that makes the akin si velvet-like, <? ir and hean iful-e*eo *h?re pimple" and freckles have die* cured 'ho 'ace. told by Rush ton, Clarl: It ( o. 110 and 278 liior.d way. and 10 .titer House. Di nyr* nnd Idedlrllies.? If any of oar rend er" wiah to kiioft where they can nbtain English and French Drugs, pore and m adulterated, we advise th?m to pirehasj at Geo. l.ea'a establishment 4.Vi lirnadwav. 11c i? al* . agent for all the French, European, nnd American Patent. Miiticinr*. 1,til in'" Perfume" Rontsel'* Cosmetic*, with a le-1 aaa< rtmci t of Foreign anil D-imastlc Toilet &rt;d?s, stn alwaya be ol'tait td genuine ai the above number. Ilyaprpala.?Tlinnaantla endure tile terribly affliction rf dyspepsia without an attempt to alleviate the ca-'ee of their eutlcrirr; to all auch we would adriae the Me of llnf 1 ings' Vegetable Dy?pcp*is Bittern. N'uinorona fan.. lie* of otir aef|uaintanoe la'v in their onarterly "took of these Bittere, aa they do ether It dig) cnsallei, and they are right. A i null wine pi- "full taken the tir-1 thing in tile raornin* will le found mott efficacious. Fur sale at the principal cff.ce. 122 Fultcn street. llysll's Lift Bulanm ngnln Triumphant.? Scrotuls, wi'h nlet rated throat, month, and ton cue. ? Mr. P. Martin, l.-t' Aveuiie A. was pain'ullv afllic'cd for yeari wit ? tie *> ove dittresidng complaint, wl-ioh nothing could reach until he ted recourse to the Sovereign I.ife Balaam, a few bottles of which freed Htn fruin all pnin, healing -very ul or. The n-ltem la tie m ft certsin remedy for rheumatism, aero'ala, neuralgia. king's eyll, mercnrfal di-oa??s. pile-, fistula pimples ard blot hes on the tact, barbers' itch, an 1 all ditearos flow ing from great imparity of the blood. It r- - mnvre the foulest taint. Principal office ltd llewety. be tween Breed end Broome street. Agent for Brooklyn, Mrs. IIayes, 17-1 Fulton itreet, TP ents a l itis. To Trwvrllria Mouth ward?Those who In tend to proceed south?espe-inlly Iadi?s?>honld provide then-selves with supplies of Bogle's toilet arti-lo*. II " Del > slona is the best preventive sgnin-t freckle* and tan, by enabling the skin to re-i-t the action of the sun oe the eonph aion; and hie Hyp-rio' Flnid it unsurpa **?d ; - ? leantifying properties when "pplied to the hair. Fold hy the inventor. Win tlov'e, at 277 Washington -trm t. Boston; sold i i<i by A It It D Sands. It*' Fnlton street, Rnshton. Clark It Co., 273 Broadway, Cary kt Co., Pearl atrwet, hit* Yark. Dr. Badfirr't Nrdlratrd Apron* nnd Med!" rated BretS" Pleeet.?The dlrsst, Immediate. and surprising relief which 'filewi the i >* of these remarkable productions ol mi diral skill, is the wonder of all who use then. W ithout ? wallow irg nauseating, and, ia the end. injurious, drugs, the pitirpt flnda himself restored to health, vigor, and en joyment. Th-skin Is exerted to action, aad i*.a ae-reti-na carried on with uninterrupted regularity. The mouths ot my riftda of absorbing vessels whi?h te?minate upon the snr faee of the body her- n-a inspired with new vigor hy the me dication of the apron and the b-eait piece, and op-n their lit tle months to take la the sweet medicinal virtues of these applications and thus with lightning speed traa-mit new vi gor and vital ty to every part of tie system. For eholera. dysentery, bowel complaint, dyspepsia, constipation, lie., tho Medicated Arron "tands tin-ivsiled as a preventive -vati aenrative. The-Medicated Breast I'ivee, for conanmption, krone I. it if, debility ' f the lungs is not leas avtnnsahlag in it" powers upon the dell'ale organs of tha *h""t. than aro the Vedi st-a Aprons for the bowel- llfflce for the tale of both, Ac. t'4i Lispctiaru street, One door from Broadway. Dr. Jamu H. Chilton, the moot reli hrntevl chemist in the t'nited Btates, lias had ebargs of Dr. Town ?end's aarsaparilla manufartnry for maro than a year, and has mads many Important improvements ia tho atcdlela-. From OBO to two teaspoonful" of the Improved ear>aptr-lla le all that la required f..r a ilo?e, to ?.t ae a milt altsri'iv and tonic. Dr. Chilton's certificate printed fln rro- n paper, will hefouadj-n every bottle prepared siacc February. 1 val. as?-lids Dr. P. P. Town?end'a signatura, ou steel pis -label, on the outside wrapper. H-nare of eounterfelte, aad huy that only whieh haa Dr. Chilton's vsrtliieate on tho wrapper. Principal nfflees- In New York. *2 Nae-au st--. in London, .''.'-5Strand, neat door to the l.yeeum Theatre. NOHIY MARKET. I'aiDar.Juo* .7?4r.lt. The atork market wa< unusually active at the flr-t board to day. Reading. Ilarlem. an<l Krie K i'lroa 1. * -r> in demand, and th* transaction* were vary Urg-, nl;h an advance on price* current at th? cl we yecterday. Moat all llie fanelea improved thia morning The bulk of the operation, were on time buyer'* and aeller'a option. Can ton Cnmpnny Went up \ per rent, Atoningti-n. 1; K"?din~ Railroad.; Itarb n>.Krle Railroad. Attb**econi board. Reading Railroad advanced per cent; llarlra; and Erie Railroad. with moderate aalea of each There are Indication* of another upward movement in Reading Railroad, and the probability la that the impt tue will be given In a different quarter from the latt. Ilarlrm Railroad will, without dnul>t. touch higher point, between thla and the doting of the bevka f<>r the dividend, than have been n ail red for a longtime. There bae been an active demand for money, within the pa'l * w day*; but It ha* partially anbaldej. and the market I* pritty raay again The failure ofa large i hipping hour* wait anr.ei'nerd to-day The *am* concern ?n?p>nded about two year* ago. l,o?*e* on ahlpnicnt. of notton I* aaid to he the rauee of the bri ahdown thia time. The firm (reletfed to do a commiaeion buainca. Iiut Ilk' Dial all other ronimiaaion houaea, had large apc? ninth n< of their own on hand. The teeeipl* at tk? office of the Aa.latant Trcwmrer of thia port, to-day, amounted to *3 , payment*, 4.P8.20C? balance p2.9fPOfi'J 44. The fact* which tnnapirvd during th* trial of the Carhier of th* tl*vre >le ((nice Bank, have frightened holder* of the bill* ef th? Rank of Aaliabnry, another Nl?rylard I niikp g Inatitutlon of the Havre del ?race order. Thiae bill. ?re at prearnt redeemed In Wall at reel, at one pi r rent 'Recount and pn-bahly will continue to he *0 red" tnul aa long n< |i la for 'he Intereat of the agent or agent* We caution the public agalnat the I ?.ire. of th'" ffaibhury Park It la sustained by a small jlh|U* o f.t.ai cii fa. who will let It go hy the hoard cue of th-'*e day*. ?ml tbe re-ult will h?' .Imilar to the Plalnffeld le - high New Hope Vnrri* and Havre de Ornee hank* Al' wbohaveany if the bill.. bad hetter take th-m at once k> the agi f't In Well afreet, pay the one per cent dlacouoi. and pi t gi ed ht!l? cr the ape ?(?. In exchange. Tb'feha* nH he. n a v?ry ar tire demand f-r foreign ejebi.pk-e for n mlttane* by the t'nttrd State* mall ateatr. gblp llun'ob't We qifte bill, on f#oad'?n. 10 , a 10', p< r n nt pr'tnitifn: on Pari. Of a ftf 7',t Amsterdam, 4I\ a 42 Rn men 7f *< a 70',; Hamburgh. M*? a 87 The lliimbi Idt will rot take out a very large amount o? ajecie Crvrral order* fir -bipment have been counter warded Shi will not tak* more than half a million i>C dollar. Holder* of We.fern State. Clly. County, and Rallrotd Read*, the lnf.re*t on which i* due on th* 1-t of Jrly proglmo. will find an ailvirtlaement In another column, di .Ignatlrg the pl.are of payment, up. n presentation o. the proper coupon*. k e have hrard loud ccmj la'.nf?lately, ab .ut the doing* Iti ib> Cor. rr.w nt l.aml tiffin . In relation to the Waning of h i I warrant., and It la fi ll time that the Secretary rttbe Ir.terlor looked Into the matter. There are at In- ? twmty ire thousand eertlfteate* and pr -ofk in that t fib * wnltlrg t r warrat nod .peculator* who under rtard hew to put| tbe win ? in that department can go* Ihtlr wartnnt* thrrttgh before other* which have per h?p* been wa'tln nt< nil a f. r their torn. The office of tbe Ci U'Rilorior.er if Prndaaa, and the Heneral I.an-i ( Bee, are equally implicated In thia matter Th* ad vantage which thia unfair, unjust mode of doing lu*?n*s?