29 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAED. WHOLE NO. 6823. SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 29, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. TVEWS BY TELEGRAPH. INTERESTING LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. Democratic Ratification Meeting at Lancaster, Pa. TOE TALCOTT COURT IDARTIAL. Threatened Dissolution of the Cana dian Union. LATE FROM SANTA FE, &c., Ac., Ac. NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. SPECIAL 8K8SI9N. BY BAIN'S LINE, OFFICE 29 WALL STREET. Senate. Ai.bavv, June 28, 1851. rrTinoNs rtcitKTiD. Mr Hatch presented a petition for a revision of the ?echool law. Mr. Bahcoc*, for an amendment of the Code. Mr. Ci btis, two, to compel the New York and Krie "ii.iiiroad to stop aU thrir trains at Ooehen. The Par.siDcirr, a memorial ef inhabitants of Massa ?ohiMeiU, for an amendment of the law in relation to life xn. urn nee companies. RILLR RKFORTrD. Mr. lUacora reported favorably the bill in relation to the preservation cf the publlo health. Mr. Bka< h reported an act making appropriations for ft ate prisons Mr. Moan,a reported complete, with amendment an ?ct ia relation to assessment and collection of taxes in ft) w York city. ., Omlhs reported complete an act in relation to the dealers in second baud articles, and keepers of junk e-hope, in New York city. AMOCRNMK.MT OK THI LKOliLATV*X. Mr. Or.DDr.s called|for the consideration of the follow. Ing rcfoluttoD:? Rescind. if tl.u Assembly concur, that the L-gislatnra ad a?n 0n c ^*7 ?' J **? Mr Cook moved to insert Thursday, the 3d. Adopted. Af'PROPMIATlON BILL. Oil the motion of Mr Coor. the 3*nat<> proce*d"d to consider the bill making appropriations for the support of the government for the fiscal year commencing Out. 1, The q nest'on being upon agreeing to the report of the A oinuiittre of the Whole, Mr Millxh moved to amend by restoring the appro priation of fP.OOO for completing the building for the W estern House of Refuge. Carried Mr Uibiih moved to umend by striking out the ap dVtrri ?' 'cr l^u "fpport of foreign poor. ?'r Diwmicr mov.d to amend by striking out the appropriation of *3 000 to the Ocnese. Academy. Lost. Mr 1>akt moved to amend by inserting $2,000 to the Gouverneur Academy in St Lawrence county Lost. Mr. Morgan ffiofud to amend, by addling th?? follow ing For completing th# thr*** volume of the Nttunl II if tor y of the 8tat* of N?v.fork which hare 1k*d con xn< need, including the payment <>f salaries to Professors Hall and Kmmons, f2 500 which salaries shall n * ex Cs-ed $1-600 each per annum and be sutyect to such de ductiooe frtr absence as the committee having charge of the work shall determine; which committee shall nave power to send for persons and papers ; and the com mittee are hereby authorised and required to sutpeod ?and terminate any further progress in the above work bejond completing the three volumes above aJluJed to M?!!!w.tKjr?c*n C(,ntr"rt- M suggested in their report of April l*t, 1861. by th? Tolum<? Carried The report of the committee, as amended, was agreed to when the bill passed The Mil making an appropriation in part for the .up |>ort of certain hospitals, was passed. *PProPr'at'DiC lt>? revenues of the Literature and Lnited State* Deposit fund was passed. MUOBANT LAWS alSI. THi: n ?L!< HEALTH. The bill to amend chapter 4S3 of the laws of 1817, rhapter 360 of the laws of 1.849 and chapter 275 or the laws of I860, roncerning passengers coming to the city of .New Y otk and the public health Mr. Bivimas moved to recommit to the Committee on diromrrrc and Navigation, with Instructions to amend as follows Amend section 1st hy adding thereto the words?'- No passage money shall Im payable In event of the death or any emigrant during the voyage to the port of New York and in case such passage money shall have been paid in advance It shall be returned by the owner of th* ship on t>o?rd of which the emigrant has died, to the heirs of the deceased person." Lost. Mr Bcmoomsaslb moved to lay the bill on the table Lost. Mr Brrr *?s then moved to recommit, with Instruc tions to strike out the 6th section of the blU. which abolishes the ofllce of Physician of the Marine Hospital Lost. ' The bill was then read a third time, and pa-ted, as fol ?lows .-? A* frank. Cr.ee. Dart. Dlmmlck, C..tides, llalstead Hatch.Huntingdon. Miller. *oyes Sehooal soaker. Mantes. Tattle. I'nhmm.nnd Williams?17. Nat a- Messrs Batcock, Beekmaa. Brown, Crolins, Curtis, and Morgan?6. fviosr cOllxoi. On the motion of Mr Coo*. *''??, Mm commission appointed hy the Senate on the Inh of April, InII. to emnlov a skilful ao.-eaatnat to esaminc into the p.-niarv ?...trsof Colon College, end re pert upon the same, he Instructed theme Ivee, or a majority ?f them, to visit the e..Ilege, p. re .nelly t.. investigate and r.-esajnine the prt-eeetii. re heretefere ha.I la relation there t". and to report to the aoat l-esielaturo upon the filtering ?ul.ject? connerte.l with said noj.-c?tel. Whether the fundi greeted hy the State to Cnlon College have keen dnly ?P?*k .a' 'ilf "L-)*'cl* speeded in the reop.eMee srtnt., 2a. w hrthtr the permanent fundi *0 Krftatfl rem % in iVt"4' *'? any fundi betongiag ?o the College have been applied to aoy oereoual pu-p m hy the pte.ldest c-rany oth.r (Beer -rp--r. .a 4tk. W-.ether Sf'JS i?? . f!" I**4'* eo.urred in the m tatg*ni tat of the College and the reuee* of sneh loe.ee. 8th, Whether , *' ?"?sthsroffieee ha?, while ia the employment ?f the t ollego, participated indie idsaHy la the profile ef any lottery w hieh were ariT .priAtad hy the act* granting sneh lotteries to ( ni<,n Cnjirg.; a&.| that the oninmitt -e app inted t-y Uie regulation referred to. sr a majorite of them. h? en. >ewered to employ <ome per on authorised hyUwtia-i.nl if pereoas esewiaed hy ei.rh eommieslnn. I hlli|? 8. >nr? Rm*wli?r nud Ru?HI!. of Troy. w?p# added as a Committee of the gents of the UnieersttT to act with Rev Dr t;?mpheU of Albany, In provcuting lh? above inquiry * ink twwtv stmt sRWaTonttL nurrntrT. A majority of the Committee on Privilege* an 1 Klc? tl. ns report)d in favor of admitting William /. Gilbert to the Low vacant Mad of the Twenty-sixth Senatorial di* tr-ct. The consideration of I his report was mode a tpt-eUl ?Htr for Ttieeday evening next The Per,ate then took a r.-cmut till four o'clock. AriKitNo.in nRnninv. eovtii awn nt Tie* or *tatk orrtrrns. The Senate passed. In Onnmlttae of the Whole, the following bill respceting the p .wers and duties of flute cffW-rp RMl pfui flmilnuB unliiht th'ii: ? The pe. pie ?f tke nu?, #f Tntk, ?w,M.ud lt t,? Pet ste aril Aseenhly, d snao? as follows ? flee I. M heaev r-aav doty .hall h. devolved by law ef thle rtete. niK.n m> State ..ffUer. or boaH ?f ofllcers, ao iojnae ihfiil lie iietied to rnftraio ?ich of hoRf4? or in? ?prreoa omploted hy th.m.nr to prevent the eteeatlon of an. ?t oh law, uolese the earn* he granted bv the Seprems Cosvt sitting in the di.triet In wl.i.-h such hoard shall ha I Mated, *-r sneh dctr shall he rvqnlred to he performed at a regular t' rm rf ?ei.l ronrt. flee. ? Before hearing any application tor aa Injnnefou. In the caere speelfled In the preceding section, at least eight slave ?. t|. e of the lime and place of iach hairing shall he nerved on the ofllrer, t-'ard. nr per. >n< against whom the ? pplteelton shall he male; and It shall he the dutv of the Attorney n.weval to apptar and defend ench o?*oer, hoard, rr r-reiwi; and tha Oovern.rmay, In his dl<eret|nu. rrup!-v e.-unsel to assist the Attorney (Uueral in defending snek OIK rev, heirs, or pereon, or to appsar ia his stead, la caas of Wis 'aaldlpy or aeglect en to appoar and act. tbo .8 Thl* krttels shall take .reel immediately. Adjourned. Aiwmbljr. Auttr, Jan* M, 1M1. Mr. Frm is moved to reeomdder the j*'a of yesterday CO thojbi'rrd KmigrntIon Mil Mr W?kp supported the motion. and hoped it might Mr A A Tuowrtov bid op; >?ed thl* bill yesterday. B"t becat.** hr *m Ik* enemy of the block*, but kreaaM lie considered the a?encl*tlon which hod originated this project a* * paend' ?lioiitixnict *oe|?ty and he eould nnl ea not ion the effrrt* of any association which Inculcated doctrine* in any wine disrespectful to the Institution* of cur country, Mr Vsaat w wa? mnch surprised ?t the opposition of hi* colleague. Mr A A Thompson It wu*. on the con trary a project which ought to receive hi* h**r y an 1 tin 111,.Mod earrtioo It waa a meritorious plan, and wti n thrwe who were oppoeed or favorable to the InaHtu tion ol el*Terr eould support this m?%?ur?i without detriment to the ranee he pr deseed to admlra or uphold. Ho one ueed beeltate to eupport thl* bill fur fear uf ea ieMlehing an impr< per precedent. Fourteen dtate* had already paaerd reenlnti-.n* and made appropriation* ? literal one* too?in a'd of thl* a**oel*tiiu After f ire further dlanwdon. Mr Itian mored the plevkm* .jt?eet|. o. Wh< n llie motion to reconsider W*? {net W only having voted Iherefhr tNiao neatwwe. or Itii* An act to Inc'Wpovate the Oriental Whori Company lasted An act to aulhorlvethe f em at Ion of a railroad I * nr. tMw'.rr the act to regulate th? Formation of mcb c lupaii'i?. with a tr?s vumbef of ?to-kh .Id -m than I* r?'jn>i.I I y fh> t art. f-r the tnirp"*- of con trne'lng a t Proud ft" m lilt ketdle toward* 0>>lJ Spring>. In fi..ioty Pa?..1 1 he copcnrT'ot rrsnluli u to adjourn on the JJ of Jti'y west* Med f* t< 77 *?? *? r To nMl'tt tvstiWnav t* wooer. An art authorising toe Attorn, y tleocfal la procure ?>#:! tin 'leilwn ny fT m Knei.pe Mr list *?** tn? v. <| !<? wc mmit. with lodruct'avt' to f Cke cart the Sr?' atcMeu, up in wnloh h- tohiuitt 'd * a C remark*. giving th< hl.-t ry of the otigin of thl* project. Hi thought It an unreasonable and unwarrant , ?ulf object. Mr Gleaion opposed the motion to recommit. Th? motion to recommit wan loat. Th* bill wu then read a third time and l'wt?66 to 38. A motion to reconelder waa laid on the table. M aaiDUEi acrou utt i HAMrLAin. . .,?r reported complete a substitute for the WU authorising the construction of a bridge acroM Lake Chaxnplain, at Rouee'n Point. A resolution to adjourn at two o'clock to-day to meet on Monday, at nine o'clock, waa adopted. THIRD BKADINO OF MILLS COXTIIVUED. An act to authorise the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com monalty of the city of New York to raise money by loan, and to create a public fund or stock, to be called Public Building Stock Number Three. Passed. An act to amend the charter of the village of Lock port. Pawed. An act authoiixing the Northern Railioad Company to extend ita pier on latke Cham plain, at Route's Point. Mr. Hkvktt moved to recommit, for the purpose of amending the bill, so as to compel the company to leave an open space of four hundred feet, instead of two hun dred and fifty. Mr. Wheeler remarked that it would be extremely difficult to frame a bill to meet with the approbation of the gentleman from Clinton. Mr. llewett. lie had drawn and framed the bill under the supervision and with the consent of Mr. Geddes. who had visited the locality, as chairman of a committee, and had made all the sound inm necessary for being qualified to give an opinion. Mr. Bi xaofons regarded the biU as a just and fair compromise, and thought it ought to pass. The motion of Mr. llewett was lost. Mr. Hewett offered several other important amenl ments. which were promptly voted down. Mr. llisHor moved to recommit, and thereupon gave the reasons for his opposition to the biU?the principal one of which was the diversion of trade. Mr. Varnvm answered. Ue had talked with hundreds of the citizens of New York city, and they were almost unanimous in declaring that there was no objection to the bill. except upon the grounds of the interruption of navigation. The question of the diversion of trade was thought of sufficient consequence to oppose the bill. I The bill was then read a third time aud pa-sod, 71 to 20. A motion to reconsider was lost. Mr. Biro offered the following resolution Resolved. That the Governor be respectfully rtqnasled to communicate to this House such information received by him in relation to the census, and the appointment of repre If"' ** "P'n'1"! shall be neoessary for the action of this House. Adopted. Adjourned. AflTnlra In Albany. OtR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Albany, June 28,1831. the hovse's roiNT rridue. The protracted,and wearisome question whether Lake Cham plain/hs II bo bridged or not, was so arranged this morning as will probably settle it for a year or two. The bill passtd in the Senate during the regular session, per mitting a drawbridge to be constructed so as to connect the Canada with the American shore. The Assembly this morning amended the bill, so as to allow the appli cants to build piers into the lake?leaving a space of 2i0 feet for the free passage of vessels. A floating section of i a railroad is to be used, instead of a drawbridge, to con nect the railroad from St. Johns to Rouse's l'oint. The ! Senate will, undoubtedly, concur. NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS. Mr. Greoorv's bill passed the House, yesterday, and is now in the hands of the Military Committee. Th" Senate appropriated the liberal sum of $13 000. for the ? benefit of the few brave survivors of the New York 3 olunteers who served in the war with Mexico, to be distribute d pro rata among them. Its fate is doubtful in the Senate. CONOXKSSIONAL DISTRICTS. It is now renden-d certain that on Monday or Tuesday, I ii biU will be introduced re-org*nixing the CongretMioii&i dlrtrictM. It wan mo decided in caacun l**t ni/ht. The telegraphic intelligence received this afternoon, 1 that the census returns have not yet been received from I the State of California, shows that the authorities hern have no data from the Department of the Interior npon which to base a ratio of representation It is questionable whether the districts can ba organised until such ratio is received. SENDINO NEOBOES TO AFRICA. i wtcrdiiy a bill was parsed in the llou*?, granting a sum of money to the Colonisation Secicty, to aid in semllng free in gross to Liberia This morning a motion was made to reconsider the vole. Several speeches were a Hde in support of the motion. It w.m contended that it was a missionary enteiprise. which should ouly he conducted by voluntary subscriptions ; that It woulJ induce the slaveholders to mannmit their slave*, on con dition that they leave the Southern States, and then ths 1 treasuiy of this State would be drawn upon to send them to Africa, for the benefit of the slaveholders. Mr. A. I Smith said, that he may in safety aad quint enjoy th i benefit of his daLgerous property. Eor hk par'.. If Scut hern people will employ tigers, leopards, lions end i hyenas to perform those services which might i be performed safely with ordinary domestic animal-, let them bear the expenses of protecting then..; -stag tins', ths effects of their own Mly. He was opposed to the appropriation, because his constituents were oppoeed to lt?becnuse the people of the State were op- ' posed to It W e were not sent here to appropriate the money of the people In this way, as gentlenu-n who vote for it will find Whenever they -peak out on the subject, i The motion to r> consider was lost, and If not arrested in the Senate, the Mate will be . addled with this approprla- ' tion. r I'NlOft COLI.ro E. In the Sfrotte thi* morning. Mr (Too* i vitrei tic'Hi % re- ' solution, in accordance with the memorial submitf-d Jtsterday. requesting th* Comptroller and Attorney lie- I neral. and Dr. Campht.'i instead of the accountant ap pointed, to Investigate the affair* of that InHltution Mr. liabeoek moved to add the name of David Duel and I'lilllp Van Rsnarslasr, In which shape the resolution was passed. Thlt la only a ru?e to stave off an exaraina llon, as It is not likely that either of those g 'ntl*men will ; undi rtake to bestow that attention upon it which the importance of the subject require* in th" investigation I of the book* for the last quarter of a century on STEWART OUSTED. Among the bills of intereat which came up for a thir l reading, is the one amending th* p* -wager laws of Nee dork W hen in committee, a few days ?!nee, a section I was Inserted abolishing th* office of Marine Hospital Rnr- ' a-on This morning, when up-m If* third and last read ing. Mr Ibwkman moved to strike out the section aMI-h ing the office This was resisted by Mr William*, Mr Bsbcock aniothe s Mr. Crollu* remark-d that tha I fflee was ereateil expressly for Dr Dnane. but being ap Cotnted h< ailh officer, a much more lucrative owe. th* ospltal physician's bi rth was given to Dr fftewart. who | U now legislated out of office by the puuage of th- bill I Another 8*-nat?r remark-d that the service* of Dr Ktew art could not be very important nor his dutle* very ar duous. a* be had la-en in the lobby during the regular set-Ion and was the ?r?t man he met with at the extra session Mr Reckman's motion did not prevail. The bill was pa** d. and Dr 9t?wart lost the office MR UTA-ToV* SEAV. The majority of the Committee on Privilege* and Kiev- I lion# reported in the Henate. In f?v..r of giving Win J t.iibrrt the seat now orrapted hy Mr Stanton N* fur- ' th. r actios was taken The question wUi be Uk-n on 1 Tin rday, If at all. THI Af>Jt>?'R* A resolution was adopted in the Senate, this morning, agreeing to an adjournment on Thursday next, the ad of ?July, llflt only two dimMBtitiK It wad j vent to lb* ||i ?)**. and rejected. two to one, ?o thee.- I* no , telling whi ii I he legislature will adjourn The lloiwe U I n? w . ngageil under a tesolulK.il on i he third reading ef bills, and. with or Deary lidustry. their bu*inn*s cannot I be completed under two, perhaps three days. Then j e< me* the Canal bill, which is expected to occupy two j days at least Then the bills in relation to Ui* dulls* of | State rfflnr* and the Attorney General Both h->u*e* will lake a recess from Thursday until Monday, on ae ccntit of the 4th of Jnly. The bill reepei tin.; the power* and dalle* of State of. fleers passed In eommltti* .if the f.-nate thl* aft-rnoon. i without mueli opposition fr m the minority who con- 1 sideling It a foregone conclusion, yielded with a tolerable 1 good grace Krnm WMhln|tan. rom ictio* for rtRJURY?rkturn or Tui p?e? DKRT?CALIFORNIA CKNSCS, KTO. WtMimtw, Jane 2#, 1M1. nmrj Rti'te. a German, h?? lieen convicted of perjnry In the Crimlnnl Cnort f.r - ???rlng f*J?rtj m to the identity of (M rUin frandnlett I ? imantaof Und warrant* The President return* to night Tl* offlrlot c*Mu.? of Caitf>rnla haa not yet h"?n received?the portion retained being oonauaed by the lata flro The JbnMk orMUM the re?oiutlon? a<l pt<-l by the whig* of Vermont an (ratifying rtgn* of ttr tlmea Arrival of tb? V. R< Conanl of Cap* 4a Verde? Atraat of Ballet (Jirli Rorriv, J una W Wl. Among the paaeenger" In the brig Chnrtnw arrived fr. m Cape da Verde. ran Montgomery D C arkef R-| I' 8. C? n??l at that place Fnnr ballat girl? o| tha Rnnmet fravpa. wara pnt In jail, yesterday. f"T refuelng to deliver np ?->me dro?*e* all TT'd to belong to tha managar, tha girl* baring bran dis charged fnm tha company. Highly Important from Canail*. loaovTo, 4una 3t. Iftfl Iwt night Attorney General La Fontaine mad* the moat -mportant announcement eret made la Parliament ?lace the anion of the Prnrlnece. vie. that lha French party intend tn eyrw the aeovlerteattoa af the Prntoat *nt rU rgy rv?etv e? The aenntineetnent *il lead to an tfltalkn f<r a dl?"lntlon of th? t'nlon On fourteen rtiff* r- nt eeeaelore the r. pr?nUti?. ? of L'pp*r Canada Voted for "ecitHr ting thoea r< v.'nt>c?: i>nt th dr "If Tta I ?<re neutralized by tha t. mtnaaa of the arvwn tn th" f-th' r branch of tha LegieUtnre. ami tha rebellion of lbiJI rw the conati|n< nvv C?mrt of Appeale. RLMiat June 27. 1MI, Cetiee To 2Tt we* aoottnnad t. day nntll the adjoara ' nt. and mil I r< t<ably oc< upy all t tiorrow, IhMtnrllvc t'ail Rtorm. Hti.nv .t.tn?y tt'it. A daetmctlra ha'.j etnrm oeetirfcd on ffteri riv f, mar Annapoif- vtt Tburxtay doing much injury to the crop#. Democratic Ratification Meeting at Lan caster. Laxcastfr, June St, 1861. The democratic ratification meeting haa confirmed the nomlnationa of the Reading and Harriaburg Conventions for Governor, Canal Comnilaalcmer, and Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Tlie meeting was called to order at two o'clock, and Dr. I.evi UU1 was appointed President, together . with aUiut sixti-en Secretaries. Owing to the farmers and agriculturists In the sur rounding districts being busily employed at this season of the year, the attendance of the democracy was thin, though much greater than could have been expected un der the circumstances. A committee of nine having been appointed, they re ported a preamble and a series of resolutions, which were received with great satisfaction, and were highly applaud ed and unanimously adopted. The first resolution speaks most laudatory and compli mentary of Col Bigler. who is unoiinated for Governor, touching his history, civil and political. The second eulogises G -neral Clover, nominated for Canal Commissioner, as a worthy and competent man, and a reliable and unflinching democrat. The third lauds the democracy, and refers to the cha racters of the Judicial nominees for the Supreme Bench in the highest terms. The fourth says the ticket is just such an one as de serves the support of the democracy ; and on its success depends the continued prosperity of the State, a id the harmony and permanency of the Confederacy The fifth is in favor of religions liberty, and eulogises Judge Campbell. The sixth recommends, and instate on, a faithful ad herence to the compromise measures, as the duty of the North and South, and contends that the Fugitive Slave law is in accordanee with the constitution, and asserts that the duty of the North is to enforce its provisions. The seventh culls upon the democracy of Lancaster county to sustain the Unionat all hazard* The eighth says the neglect or refusal of Oovernor Johnston to sign the bill repealing the obnoxious section, act of 1847. closing the jails for the safekeeping of fugi tive slaves, is In violation of the wish of a large majority of the people of Pennsylvania, in opposition to the con stitution, and shewed his feelings and sympathies were with the abolitionists, to secure their vote at the nsxt election. The ninth denounce* Oovernor Johnston as a truck ling abolitionist, and unworthy of bis station. The follow log was offered In the convention a* an amendment to tne above resolution, and accepted vis :? That we are in favor of the revenue tariff based on the Oil valirrtm system, which c1uali7.es "oinmon interests, and are still adherents to the democratic principles avowed by the National Convention at Baltimore in 1818, and which have siree been avowed by each succeedirg State and county convention. Hon. Jmu? Buohauan made his appearaure In the meeting, and was received with great enthusiasm d after Dr. T. Dunn English, of Philadelphia, had made a few remarks, by request the ex-8eeretsry of State rose Mid delivered a very eloquent and effective address,which lasted about fifty minutes, during which he was re pestedly cheered. He began by saying the conventions of both political parties were now over, and each had chosen their standard bearers The issue was then fairly joined, and the democrats had. tills day. assembled to ratify the acts of the Reading and Harriaburg Conven tions. He spoke in the highest possible terms of the character ami qualification- of the nominees. He de nounced. in round terms, the infamous attempt made by certain politicians to injuie Judge Campbell as a candi date, because he happened to be a Roman Catholic; aad srgued if such principles were tolerated and carried out, the destruction of the democratic party must be the con sequence. lie next adverted to the danger of the Union if the North persisted in resisting the Fugitive Slave law. and quoted the history of the compact between the North and South, and expressed his fears for the safety of the Union, though he hoped the hest. He next re feirefi to the pnsitio... of South Carolina, ami the fixed determination of other Southern States on the subject. After whieb, he paid his respects to Gov Johnston, and entirely disapproved his course, lie insisted that the compromise measure* must be carried out, or most dire ful ronsrquences must inevitably ensue. He conaluded h!-very sMe and powerful effort by conjuring a benign and merciful Providence to guard the United States from impending dangers now. and in all tims to come After which three hearty cheers were given, and the meeting separated, highly delighted with what thtj had heard from the great statesman. Politics In Vermont. Mmmi.ni, June 28. 18.il. Hon Lucius B. Peek, nominated for Governor by the free soil convention at Burlington, declines to he a can didate. and gives his reasons in a letter in the Afoa/priM Patiiot. He rays that he cannot assent to the resolutions paas ed by the convention, inasmuch a* he believes the Fu tl? ve Slave law to be constitutional, aud he cannot ad mil that the art passed by the last legislature. authori sing the State courts to take by knhrai iwyss, a slav ? out of the hands of United States officers, b a just exer cise of the powers of the Ftate, Passport Regulations? Important to Ameri cana Visiting I1"nrope B isTox. Jun? 28, 1811. The following letter has been received from J. 0 B Davis. of the United States Legatl >u at London ? U. 8 La. avion. Los now, June 10, 1861. Kvery applicant for a passport at a legation If unknown | lo the minister the secretary or the other gentlemen | cor meted with the legation, is required to furnish some , pre* f of his ritisen-hip. The beet evidence is a pass port ft'm the Department of State, which can be easily > obtained before leaving America. Next to that is a issrpoit from the Stale or local govercment. which can 1 -, lomg)il for a Uniti4 States pa-sport at the lega tion In the failure of either of these gentlemen are sometimes put to trmiltie to prove their Identity. Natu- ] ratlr.id rltJui n?, particularly, should bring nfith them | Official proof of tie ir cltixensnip These rul ;s fmve la-op long in foree at this legation, and are strictly observed The Russian authorities in ls>ndon. 1 am told, refuse to vi e pa-sports. 1 do not know any vgy to get a pass port for hnesia, unless it can be got at the legation in R sehirgton. 7 he French regulations require the vise of the French d in London on the passports of trav. Hers entering Francsi from F.ngland; hut many go without it, and have n? trouble If any traveller for France has a pass poit from Wa-hlrgton. and chooses to run the risk of going witbsiut the consul's visa, (for which a fee of about one dollar Is charged.) It will not he neceaeary to coma t< 1 or Itcation in London at ait Travellers will d > well immediately on arriving ia Lon don to have their passpnrte put in order for such testa of the continent as they prop's-)- visiting and to observe a similar rale throughout their trarele. It will eertaiMy save a great deal of hurry probably a great deal of ex pense. and possibly vexatious delay A register of Amer.cans arriving here Is k"pt at Cap pas s news room, and Charing Cross. Thr 1 *lro(t Conri MoiiUtt Wmhmiitw, June 28. 1*51. The mart awmMrd at the uaual boar. McnU Adlrr Mlflol :-W'w Citric of IhtOrluurt Imia. Ami 1KU; Dr I'armichael rail. <1 on him Norcrn ber eighth for II lint of lb> pn-e? if ibnl biCh'rt'i fur n o bed to that l ur.au. h<- ira*e ?uoh li-t. whi >h h? be llow* it perfect, until ahorlly afterward*. ?hro h? f 'un>i that Ih<- rhot tan furui-hed at l?wer prima by a Phila delphia Arm. he mentioned tW clrrttatUWM tn D?m r?l Talrott. "ho -".'Bird imi.I at tbr umioioa and at lb" furniehing of .nhalt.t at ail: tien T directed wUb'-wi to Irfinn Colonel linger of tbr price* of thr .hot fur uiab* I from Philad. Iphla Captain Maynadler re-examined?Mr ata'ed that thr manner of purrhaelng on I minor aupplira war by order* approved by Ceueral Tale oil, hr rreollrcta but onr written contract during hi* connection with the Huron; It war mad* wh*o Mr Wilkin* wa? Saorrtary of War. and war written In triplicate, ordrra w*rr th? uaaal mode; written eontrarta wrra thr rtrrptlon Th* witnr-a garo further an.wera relative to hi? former testimony, a* did aiao Mr Andrr-on. but nothing addi tional if importance wa? produced Thr court then adjourned Ad* Ice* from Ranta Pe-Klae of thr Mlaannrt HI war? I teeth t?y I holrra. 8t Laria. June It. l*.'il An engineer attached to the Boundary Cmumin-ion. and Mr Duncan and lady, of Mew York, hare arrived a Indrprndence. large bodle* of friendly Indian* are encamped on the Arkanet*. waiting to go orer to Ihe general convention if Indiana at Port l.arami* neat ton oat The electiona In New Mexico are orer The Legiala tnre waa to meet neat June II N Smith waa elected to the Senate Much Indignation war eacited on ac count of hi* rejection a* Secretary of New Mealoo A large brilyot Indiana of the Plena. It war fVared would attack trail a of trader* They w*re watched by two or lbr?e ei m pan l<? of dragoon* Many tradera were met ail along tn* route, by Col Siimn.ru command At Plum Unto much alckttem prevailed. or aia dying daily The cholera ha* abated at Independence, hut la pre. railing at Weetport The M l?aourl rlvrr la again rlalng and overflowing It* bank* Our whole leeee to cowered with water rtill Nathan Amca. pork dealer, died of choirra thla morn log Noathrrn Itema. Tit* rnrktnirrr'a rkiki'tmn at hiCHwrwn>?hp-ahth OP NkW ORI-K ANR ?THR t Ntr?H MKRTlia IT SAVAN NAH, PTC. Rtruvaar .tun*, U, 1*61 The New OHean* mail la thr?m?h Th.- Nichntond paper* contain glowing accounta of th* ncrptbnof th* I r*etd*nt particularly by the conV'-o th n The rereptbm at Pltoderh kehurg today w*a ab><> v.rv entbuelaetl# IT" I'Kwpnr* ear# tha.t New Orlewna at the preeent tin . I* iinu -unity h*aitiny Ihe I'nion meeting at Savannah, on Tu"*day nigh', war large and . i thu, m.tic Vlolvttt Thunder * nrm. ?.i w. M ?*? . -?on* ^T# 1**1 A violent Pound.r norm itcl ?v-r H*?rriy and Pel.m la*t i cm.lag. th wind bb wi>.g stiff* * tofoulo 1h* lights ing itrnck ni>- ?f th* *tgn taarl* rf in* P.arti to ttailo ad In North Heveily ??? t . hetkerwd ?n? ?J tho porta It aim pa*wd along tv a t?l ^r%| h wir *? Ptral hundn-d feet r?ch way, tpti'etnf the p'.-<!* ?0d th *tr? jlng thr inrulhti'-n The Stat* Bank at Morris* CHARGE OF JIDOK OGUEN. In the ewe of the '? State of New J-rs?*y agvinnt Lam bert Norton. I)arld Sanderson, sod others," at the Oir cuit Court at Morristown. on the 21th inst. Judge Ogden delivered the following charge, for which we had not

room in Thursday's impression ? Oentlemrn of the Jury?The seriousness of this issue require* that you should fully understand the Import of the term* employed by the State in framing a legal charge against these defendant*. Language may be used in the ordinary intercourse of men, and in common parlance, which implies no criminal intent, and the same language, when embodied in a penal enactment, taken with the context, in defining and declaring an of fence against the public, involve* the presence of a cor rupt and wicked purpoeo. The term conspirator pre vents to the mind the image of a wicked aud daugerou* man. and the charge of consplrnry is calculated to prepossess public sentiment with a foregone conclusion of criminality To conspire means, in the primary sense of the rerb,-to breathe together," "to agree," - to con cur t? one end." A conspiracy, per ?*, is an agreement between one or more persons?a concurrence to reach one end?a banding together, for honest ?r dishonest purposes. A conspiracy, in law, is "an agreement be tween two or more persons to do an unlawful act, with an rail intent." Parties cannot legally be oonripted ofth< crime of conspiracy, unless they be prosed, beyond que tlon, to hare entered Into an unholy concert to d ? a'* unlawful thing. The testimony should be sufficiently clear and convincing to overcome all proper charitable inferences of motives, all claims to favorable c.-nsidera tiou. based upon previously well spent live*, and to sa tisfy impartial, unprejudiced, intelligent and ronscien tlous jurors, that, beyond peradventure. an offence ha been committed. L'pon such proof* a jury should con i vict. Although the crime be infamous, although It b catalogued with blasphemy, and robbery.aud forgery, and a convict of it, until pardoned, is excluded from the witness stand, yei it is an offence against which the community are protected by our law. The legal consequences of a i crime should lead jurors to a calm, cool, and diligent investigation ncd application of the testimony adduced; but such consequences cannot with propriety be pressed : upon a jury, as furnishing an excuse for the non-per- , formanee of their plain duty, or as a make-weight in , the balance against the inuueuce* of truth. The de fecdants in this indictment are aix individuals who were 1 connected with the administration of the Mate llauk at Morris, at the period of it* late failure, home of them have held honorable post* of trust under the govern ment of our Mate?some have pursued the even tenor of their way in the unobtrusive walk* of private life, en joying the confidence of all with whom they have min gled?one i* a comparative stranger in this county, led here to partake in the active management >f the affairs of that ucfortunate institution, without a breath of suspicion tarnishing hi* by-gone life, and during hi* short sojourn In till* community, having won the favor able opinions of the good and virtuous with whom he has associated, contributing hi* time and ability to teach, in imparting instruction in your duoday schools, and habitually going up to tbo house of Qod. see-nine!) a Sincere worshipper, to confess hi* cin*. to acknowledge the frailty and weakness of human nature, to pray for spiiituul aid, and to cast his reliance for a safe deliver snce in the great and final change, upon the intercession of a Judge whose simple requirement of mercy is. that be should do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our (led. The defendants, one and all, claim, that in judging of the evidence upon whirh a conviction is askid against them, you should look upon their past lives, before yon stamp the Impress of fraud ard corrup tion upon the acts w iitch are charged upon them 8ome of them have called upon gentlemen of high respectabi lity in our State, well acquainted with the estimate in which they were held in their respective neighbor hoods. aud among those with whom they are joiued in the intercourse of society, to inform you of the com plexion of the chsracter* which they have established Others of them, having passed in your midst, from child hood through the meridian of life, and now declining into the shade of waning years, have abstained from pre senting witnesses to testify to their good fame; not be cause tin y shrunk from that exhibition, but because, in the judgment of their counsel, the clear brilliancy no fleeted from an honorable, open, and well spent life, would be marred rather than heightened in your eyes by any superadded lustre Thai claim upon your conside ration. gentlemen, is a legitimate one Conspirary. as a crime, involve* moral obliquity It cannot be formed and executed without the agency of corrupt and wicked purposes It must be conceived in sin. and be brought ! forth in iniquity. Hence, three defendant* ran ju*liy nek you. alien judgtog of tbeir notice* to pause and re fit ct whether tiny Were capable of making, at one stride, ! such a wide departure fn in the path of rectitude do d character is not permitted to override oonvinciug proof*. , Because a man may have led an uncorrupt life, and have done nothing but what Was lawful and right, still he la not to be assumed aa infallible, dome of the purest minds, in an evil hour, have been tempted to the concep tion and commission of crime*. Very tunny of the uo- i 1--ruinate inmates of our prisons can biU-rty reflrri upon the period of their first criminal Iranagrt *aion and with honesty ran say, that up to that action of their life, ' they sustained a fair reputation Character may under ci rts u circumstance* avail the accused In unfolding the principles of moral conduct, where motive for com mitting the rrin e charged Is a subject of inference, the offence and intention become a principal ingredient and tbe proof* leave the case in some doubt, a presnmp tion may be rtceivid that the person who has main- ! tinned a fair reputation down to a certain period would m t then begin to act n dlAonest and unworthy part Tbe course of transgression generally is prngr?wive It | first developes itself in the commission of small r run *; and * uibold* n* d by sneer**, it a*plie* to l-fftier efl >ft*. j While, on the one band. If the fact* produced up >n a criminal trial are such as to satisfy the jnrcr's mind of ' the guilt of the aeruscd character h iwerer excellent, is . no subject for consideration; so. on the other h tnd. if any I doubt is entertained of the guilt >4a party, his previous - gi od i hnrarter should stand him tt hand in his hour of peril A man with a well earned high reputation for integrity and elevatid beanng in tbe circles in which be \ move*, though poor in worldly e?fate. is rich in a valu able acquisition, which should aid him beyond th* p iwef of gold or silver, in tin- hi ur of adversity aud accusation, while he whose good name" l? gone, - is poor. poor, iodisd " Yen, gentle men. are to judge, up-m a view of this whole case whether these defendant*. whose charac ters t ad been previonsly uubUmish* d. have or have lot e< nimitted tin-1 ffeiirr for which they hsve here h-ren oatl ed upon to answer. 1 be fart* ol the can- f?in? before you and the law settling the character of (be indictment. It ri malt* lor yon t ? dot. i mine upon the wh 4r evidence and cirrnm-tMsce*. wh'tbir the defendant* bad any rr minal design in taking Mr kodHsol'l* nam - fr nn tbe note, Suppose that they bad been indicted u n the sixty-ninth net of the Hrvia-d dtatute* t mud in | age 27? for destroying the sudor-emeu!* of dr. dsnd ? mii upon thewe notes. Is there sufficient evidence b*t*.r* I ft n to carry clsar conviction to your mind* that they ! tn.-iiiclotisly acted in that metier with intern to p. judice. is,ure damage, or d> fraud the bank or any i other perron? The learned Judge th?a entered into a : shtiDiiDt of the charge against tbe dst-nlinls ihs nature pt the rase, end ri-ewpiiuiated lite testimony lie also advert* d to th< objectiona to th. in iieliu-ot, ard said they were untenable; and lisru pronewdvd ? I 1hrre Is no proof <f any agreement. gentlemen, esc pt the re*< lot ion piuewd ou th- night of t be .-utli >f -r. It is true that three of the director* were that d .y in New Y< rk, but i bat feet all m la in t evid< nc -I sny cor fUpt design A a litres* lia* aiw- pr. ved that in- liesri talk at the betel in t > urtWndt treei, but'hat c-uv. r satlrnwae taihcr <Ur*ei*d toward* ioe saving it l'is Inn k than tbe defrauding of the sn* kb--l i- r* That there was any agreement, liorefore, at Nee li rk, ne tw>en these three d? frndsst- d<* ? w-t ap, e *? unless you c< n-e to the conclusion thai the art chargid -a lit- in dtctli'enf was dor,* wlm lh?y relnrvod to MoCrisI* ? o. in roios qner.c* nf a precnc. it 1 hi* wi>nltb*a hat-h conclusion Two <>| tb- io cam up In a wag <n .' -I T1 ompsen rrmalurd b*l iud. H hy did lie do *? ' It I ? a misfortune that tbe Male lui.d ii o- e uv all the partiea in the Iniieiment *?> as tbet w coul-i m t give any rxpiaiiaii n ?d tbe con lu< and ro**tlvw* ?<( actl.er The i*t*i* could Dot wilt act th- ' , l-iif it is a mi fortune in th* rase Dm < ? I Thnap- n ?y hiisd in New Yetk fur Hie pur|Ci*< rfs ppr- - 'Jib re m- r about tbe failur* of U>* l-ank, an I uph< !?t*ng it* ?*?? dlt. or did he stay behind in i rd- r io * n- th- irv Ws of those who Went bef.ov. a dni'-d-r 11. ?<!' r'? -- out tb** alleged ei-nspiracy 7 In th* sU- n* ? f | * *-( ti fb* contrary, it i* your duly gentlem* n, to drnwrrny charitable an (av-rabls lelrrran *? t-- lb* Conduct <?( the accused On th* antral rf the d-feitd* *'* Crn-b r *< D and Norton, a meeting of the director- v.im called 1 he flr-t buaimws talk*-I if w* the driHenlUc* of Hi* bank The report* calculated to raise appr> to n don. ? < i*e discussed, aud matter* inoked gk* my I'nt tiic news brvoghtbyCwl Th* mp,- n. d*i v**l from H iUieiti Norton, son? f the president, in reference io L. A. si < mp'on dis pelled tb?*e fears Th-J all iritJie tly rolled noovr thir stranger, who had W'-rmrd Iniin If Into (fell- confi dence. and niade th*in iistninunl* (inns-* nl irv strnnents, 1 hope) In prrduefcg tbe lownfuU (I til* bank lie wns plausible ? 1 fine appear*or and lo -ii atlng manner*, and be intUseeA tievM-ral Cuit* r and I vr lb fy to be dlivctors. 11 ?y all tolWrid in Mm After Ibis mnft< r was diap*tw-d f, Norf ?i stall fltaf Sander son had bl& share a of steep tn the bank, ?? ' -tkl -r I curify f*.r Ms Wdrmx-hi npo two note* f I A Tbon.paon. em* nntlnc '/V 1* 1 **?, and it *i rscd up n betwten them s?m- clnya pri vlcu*. that fh* stf-ek should be tran-ferred to tb* b;*o n 1 - ! s - ' menfs lie then pv-pf >rd (hat this *bo,i!d b d no It was talked nvi-r air,| ? r* ?"intion eas pa" .1 wltbo-it ?lias* tit?one (4 the e.jiv? ? r* ssylr the afi -k wns Is* t tsr security U.sji * ,,j ,n-n'? cudnrurncnt; ar-i an *ith#r. that it wan hettw th?n the r n*Ii-r? tn* nl of ary Stage proprisj or, ^ j;n ; to the un*.rt:iini> and itrSs<fsu*h a br.sio-.- If !? fk-r *Ml to raff whether l>**y*rd t uUec eiprtv-t I f ' " * sfdWI < pi' ? ? > ih? * ? xpressiolFs to imlrs tli olU*i direct*-r*'o th* | act charged iti tire Indicti i- nl Tl d tb? stick wn? tran-Arrr i v Pup il* vs thai tfjie thtrg was done c kt.oel* J i tint Ih* tank r url ' 7 " act t-l *b 'd*f- ndnnt gu-t r* "t * cw bp t If ha 1** r nr. t1 ' a ry h* ? v,y. m -i by It f* i, I if > r? by V.ws large pro,, rt, r ? M. * b* t' i.k ftfai r> ?( . H* ' ? i (uv* ailien thsa sd.i , c* I thai a* : en I. (Utvtdfc Cnsnitr. oo the morning of the 31st, for payment of it* bill*, that they cxp. cted hy the oar* a gentlem in from New lork. who would make everything straight?was this sincere, or was it an evasion to put off the creditors till the directors paid themselvi s. and took all the available funds ? The directors all remained there, and no doubt wait* d with HDxicty. till tbey received a letter that K A. Thompson would not come, and that hs had gone to Cin cinnati to look after the affairs of the bank there, and left them lo re to do the best tbey could. They at once changed their minds about the man and they took it for granted that the hauk would fail But it is said they helped themselves. But the question Is, did they take anything that was not their own ' If they paid themselves first, however open this might be to criticism, in a moral and honorable point ol view, it does not amount to a criminal offence In itself. It is only a civil injury. It is not a crimeprr <r. unless it is a part of a precedent plan, though It must becunfessid it was imprudent under the circumstances. It is true the minority of stockholders Wi re entitled to the faithful discharge of duty by the directors; but must you necessarily tielieve. or ran you rationally inter that those directors intended, in that proceeding, to cheat those shareholders? Bill holders and depositors were also entitled to faithfulness at I tie hands of those direc tors; but must you necessarily believe, or can you ration ally infer, that those persons having each, within a few short weeks, individually sworn that he would do and perform "all the duties assigned to him as a director? that he would, as far as upon him depend*, couduct the affairs if tin bank with justice and impartiality; and that he would not do or suffer any traud or euib?zzlement of tbe prop* rtj of the bauk. or of any person dealing there at li." intended, in the proceedings of the 30th of Oct., 184". to prejudice or defraud any bill holder or other creditor of tbHt institution? If the whole case diligently examined, and carefully (nav. may I not say. to a ideksd jury of Christian men. prayerfully) sea need does not pro du< e that conviction on your minds, the present indict ment cannot he sustained. If the ingredient he wanting which is necessary to constitute the offence an a'-t whieh is tbe object of a conspiracy, an agreement to do thai act cannot make in contemplation of law, an un lawful and nial'cious conspiracy. You perceive, gentle men. that the whole case is to be disposed of by your dp. termination of tbe motiv of the defendants The act done was either la* fu! or. at least, hut a civil in jury, not punishe' uuddr our peual rode, or it was fraudulent, malicious and corrupt, according to the intent which moved to and consummated It. It has born urged that Mr Sanderson had a pe cuniary interest to advance?that he may have over drawn without consideration upon K A Thompson's paper, to the aoiouut of $16000. held by the bank; and that he corruptly attempted, in that agreement to ea cape bis liability But in the absence of proof of any such di clared intent, it should be remembered by you that at the next meeting, when immediate means were supposed to be necessary, for tbe convenience of tbe Icnk, he proposed to put his name, with others, upon the bark ot ti e diatt < t K A. Thompson made upon a stran ger, for $16,000 No pecuniaty motive is charged against any of the others, If their joint net was corrupt, they , baT< passed with magnetic velocity from the bright ways <1 hom sty to the devious path, of fraud; ?nd in the con- t Sequet'ci s of that act. lime learned to their sorrow the bitter l< ssoti. " that the way of the transgressor is hard " I Howeve r imprudent, unadvised aud heedless their con duct may have been, yet it" it be purged of fraud, it may n t be rriminal. Wind her parties who. In the se quel. may have suffered pecuniary loss from their act, can nulatain actions for civil injuries, is not a question for us to settle; nor would an affirmative Hdthment of it, fasten crime upon these defendants. There is another mstter. Th? subsequent failure of the bank ought not to affect your deci-lon. unless you be lieve the .1> fet.dants previously knew it There is nothing shout whieli there is so much prejudice as the failure of a bank It has been said that the public exp. ct.ation j demand- victim- Hut I hope that this feel in* will nev<-r sway a jury in the nmntyof Morris I'ublic experta l!< ti is fi unded on prt judiro?founded on p- rsonal inte rest?it Is rot reliable. Yon are not there f >r the pur. pose cf weighing public expectation, but for w.lghing just let in the twlanre 1 am admonished by the hour that 1 have sinady detained you a great while, aud that your patience nisy well nigh he exbhvted There are many facta to which 1 have not adverted ou the one side Hud the other; but which, nevertheless, are not with< ut their slguificaccr You wdl examine and apply thrni to the ca>e I cannot fully commit this ease to jou. without expressing my deep interest in the result, failed in the course of events, to preside It this temple of justice. I hsvc lit. misfortuue now to meet at her bar, li dividual-whom I have favorably known from in* early y. uth?s mi Ibrvugh the ordinary intercourse of life, r< me by the universal t< -timony of their inore immediate associates, and one as a member of a profession which I honor. That, under sueii circuni-tances. I should have been alia to maintain, with a firm and unwavering thread, the pathway hetwewn the mcj.-ty of the law ami my accu-cd friends, was a duty hard to lie perf rin.nl ; but I trust gentlemen, that I have succeed* 1. Thervae is now with y u It is the rase of honest lives, en shr< tided in gloco, ai d su?pir|onc and accusations. lite r te patiently aud well before y u determine At all evi lite, let Just'cc be tully dons; and may such light be cast ttpop your path as w ill enable you, iu tbe fearless aid 1>< tost discharge of this m.?t important duty, (o reach with satisfaction to yours-lras, a verdict wiiicb will lift the accused up from the du-t. return them puri fied fri.tr criminality to their families, and enable th-m to pees tbe rvmnant of th irdsys with uplifted counts nunc. a am ng hoi c i aud virtu' u? men. I n Met Miitft f'nminlaatoiirr** Ofllre. Ii.for. J< cpli Hugh.'in. Koq. t\mAM ll">?I K kTH? I ROM TIIK IIKITHH AKMV - n I.in. IN i? l.K^nxi I w:. Ji a l ? 'f'hi t t,.Vn'i ? it Strphm H'.ihh nn>t ri^Kt ?>//?!? ? Mt | In n W i! li war arr. -t#.l and bruiight b>f >ra the I ? 11.11 ??!' ?!? r at the ri |llititl' ll of lii< Kii^ll>nrf. flrl . nr) 1. Jmlw. r through Anthony Harrtay. K?| . i Dm In Ik i > warrant i-ruej h(?in.l him and rl|lit oil ? tinder lb - proyl?lon? of lb# treaty b'dwea'n th< 1 ti J Main, ami (Iri at Britain, d ited Augint S?, Isf. ??! -att. in llir .1. f. iiihi l? with Hi M'?ult upon Rich aril I'i ii.. ultlia.liy iif M John N?w llrutlpwlclt, and rt Uiif h in rf a ?; rant it v "f fin- a ro? nn l a##outr-.. mailt a. I la. pi | . rt v i l i ? r Maji aty. t{ui i n Victoria Tta.* pricoiirr. Si. i lii n W il-li. w? ^rri -ted ?l llnllow'p 1.1 and, aixI l.ri iiRht t? fore tin- I'omrma inner, Il? appeared in tha uniform it it Iiilwi Malm toidiwr, ami i- a remark ably t.r* ?<l in (\ iuti il! nt Irishman, wi ll calculated :aa a of It nu 1 y lh>. IrMowlo^'report t?> adrn a position ri iiiiirlug tart. ri1iiaathin,aiul ability. Mr Cliarb i l?u. l-.aat.ii a- munpol for th?- IlritNh (klriiinrnt lb J.rt'no.-r mndlirt -l hit own #??. .tpaaa- SI-. kford II . titwt Witoar*. depo-ed th.it hi la h h ca-n.la'da.' "if i John N w llmnawkk. and that kr i> Ik.-1 tl.. <arrant jToalU'' ,1 f.'aithf tloreroor of that j i< ylnee. Ar.th. ny i'-Milay l'"j It It. M CotnMil at th# t> >rt of N.w VarV.ha ? ! ?o'n a>-,| (ifniixal l.y Mr CharlaaB l .'r .r ta d-i -<1?I Ibt* ? <*? It ilWh I'on-at h-r# tor { ll.r ia?t eight )>at-, 1 know the tig nature of Sir KJ W ? ikur IB ?*) I n ? ' " <? ihi-. is;nn:ur# |o th# warrant I?. .Inn >1 to li* hia: I y.-in wtili lH. ItrlfHi Mlnl#a#r la ti.. < Saitn to " i at th# piiaowa r hack Ctrt tiiBlnd l.y the | r' or -I'ndeT what pl#a da you .Mil II. Minl-t. r In ?t#mi>n<tli : my K-1o# it baek. vk.n I kill tiuw a aworn .?('(,a-#t a?f th" 1,'ntt.'I <lat".' A ? lna-> ...anji.. iM# < f lb. rhwrgaa ad mbberyre?m tinea! y. n In th t( it.a uui' tit I! ft. tip#, Inner civp-fot "t tbo flTth r. rtm-nt 'if fo t. Tilli h ? -t'lr?Th.- sglm. nt 1- u*w ata ti ria l at SI John, N. w Brum# lea, I kn >w ficp'o-n M ..1 li; I ' rv ? Mvi p a prlrnla an|Jli r in Ilia l>Tth r vi tn. i.' in tb<? ?? rrir# a-f l.i r Mai" IT th# Qi?##n ? f Ureal J iita in: the ba?t time 1 paw him a ?? ?m UePtli M.j li?t. at s .t. ' n New Brwt -wi. k. on th# rrmln? of tho ?th oi Moy 1 waa ptatlorw.j .?n lb# iar loato-o giaarrt at St J. I n I I I i n .? n?a>n Uw-J'T my oh rgr ; Mrpha>a \\ ?Hi *? ..ii-; tha> otlur a- ?> Win N.Ia.n, t'-nip M or - Pairtrk VolOly Klwsr t Horn .I.)- Jntn. ? ft hh, Ja I n 6ra Rory. Tl om?" Urfa r*. ami Jaitm shaarha tlia>y wrr# nil |ritato o|.ji?.t a|n tin' PTth r. i;i? . nt . ftrttI?hy; th ? * X at a' tit half pt.rt on# 'I'rlora of tit# uiirntft of tb ? 1 Wua tali > a#i.'< p am of.am In thr tnaH room, thr?r of tl.a man # rt i n wntry. m l th# otha'r thr#'- ?#r.aal?..nt th# wifat toa-tn; I f.-tt my .-If wl#o.| ami totl. I on to th# iin -I I t l y p. r,# td tho nrii on h-'klm: np. I "aw M #l#h M.'ihdi < n.r?. n.i-tuo in a a- of th.>mw#r> t.r im ki) . s in- f? Mini nay b . 1 . oft- r my inn - w#t# t'#.! hit .1 ??! luarl ftahho .i 't tu# wooiM t at. - rt with liitni I t< .) inui t?. takr car# what hi wa nl 'it. a# h# Hn. ? tin n <uit if h# wan itrtart.i, I aim. tohl hlin that I *> u! i r. ' d- ??.! ?that l ,1.1 li# tr*t Wal?h th#n to. k two ka) a anil a pa-a-knat# t?"t a,f my p < 1.1; h# lh#n t ' k nt- hia lira look. Mi.t 'I waa loada-.t ami p# ?atwl It at my ho a'.t I ? i- vl l a ith- r f with tl.ar.i or ?uf fa r n.y>#lf to ba. ti#.| an.t f\ I. It' l>l him h# urlsht do #? hr 11, arn d; I Ii* I uo powa r. and kuatld makr na> roaiat an.t , tvp.-h anhl it I att<uaft. I to n.ak. any n-'iar h' w. ul 1 ah. < t m>. or throw in# off tb# wharf; th# wharf It rorii#ct*d with th# bartw.f; lh<y tlmn ;sar?"t wo: Walala at. od oyer me Willi V ? 'n aim ahlla th oth< r man tial 11. #(? of #f|#h ('..rt ofa br ??l I. .n.lla) In my nt .ah. a i I fn t. n?d It nud<. my arnia, th -.t pfrwatol ta# f/om hr' a talklWR. I r-.ttld ot.ly an alba- thr. iagh my no##; th> y tin n wi tit out, i.nd It alah or 1 Nala. ii rotnrno.1 ami took th.'irp* oat id my month?tht- w-?? af'or Wal-h ha l 'tk> n my knlf# ao.i koyi #ait Wabha?k#ct io#thoa.-<. ml t mi Wt tild 1 .1 nrt fan wa ti I am. on-t waWt that If lh#y |fl oi# thay ahonid lit my life; th> y tf#i? r? r?#J ?" again, put ? at th. pamlb- ami l#'t tb< ffWard hod#' Wad I'.k'l'hi donr #? tfi?oui St#; lh.?rdon#.f tb ? m n rty all'* W?ll;" tl at w?? about 3 n>f.#h In th? feorn Ina; I roll#'' at#nt on th# P'ard fa 1 until I m'lr 1 on tho flmT ami in* fail !#? -? i d tb# it r tn my rlaW arm; I then w. rk?.I it < i l.y lege. < a until I eMWpril##ty. I Mok the f.lMT and last tho 4?a r 'jaw: I then oallaal to No 8 pentry train th- .In c'iar.1. atul told him to piud no- a <w.rp< rpl and a fll of ni n ffrwn tho main ctuird ; ?ban they ranie. iium.d'at.ly afl.rwai lP. 1 w.-nt ?n I aide a rrpett to Oapt Mio, thf i .lain of my#, mpa i ? ; .i. rar a? I know, M li-bt'< k m> k> yt and knife with h m. I mr.dk o p neral warrh. an I r ul t n >t find th< i.i j tb< I nil. ?W# yplurd Ktl i Ifai ar I th?a f y? a?> ?ut 8f# Phl lor t. t'tev 1. th? ('? mil S'kloner ? I ran t mi 'ak#n In tli# 1.1. a >\t 'ftb' frf" o#T f hay kr-r ?. htm f u y. is I Mat hm til* 1 nhllit I'V tlr ilphf 111 a # -l?dle; li# r.f my g'W'd. r'.oi'.r <*'4 o#. fftb. 'tl A * ?t*' t lu. of the fonveriiatlon bttwwn the men, and J want t<? ?how that he connived at it. WltDMf ?I wa? not at the public bouse that tMj dur ins my guard, nothing occurred to interrupt the good feeling between me and the men up to the time_ol th desertion; the officer on garrison duty visited the i at 10o'clock; after he *14ted the guard there was a re port to me that some persons were pacing down towaJQ# ! the hospital but 11 vok ?0 ntsiee of It. a? It was of !?? ! qnent occurrence; 1 went down to the wharf, sow no P?*" ?on there, and went bark again, the keya taken froB me opened the large wooden and wicker gate* at tne lurial ground; they were entrusted to my charge, tm? order that the corporal ahould keep the key* In his oww possession may t- to lated. for all I know by other*, but never Is violated by uie 1 never entrusted the keys to any other person while I *?? on guard, unless when go 1 ivg round with a reliefftiC aentrlea. I Prisoner ?Were you long aeleep before you were a? kened' Wither* ?It might liave been half an hour or am hour, tor all I know lTlaoner -Morpheusmust hovo bed a very tight hold of you (laughter ) Witnese ? rno rop<- that confined the gag confined my arm.*, and could u t apeak uulil I remove! It i Prisoner?1 hate no more questions to aak him. out.a 1 will n mark, that with the exception of a tew answer*, all hie statement* are false. The t'on.mieeloner then asked the accused if he mux anything to say HIE PRISONER s PTATRMKNT. The prisoner aa'.d :-0? the7th May, 1851. I, with etgW more Soldiers, under the chargi of I.ance torpocal Richard lloiiae, of the 97th Regiment of 1 '?*-?* John New Brunswick, paraded for guard. It was tho Ordnance Guard. 8< me of the ot her eight men' very yourg?nd Inexperienced, an 1 made use eapiessions r, lative to desertion with a view, Iai? ?0? fid* ut. of fright, nlng the corporal in charge. of these explosions was both to frighten the oogfURRI and to extruct his opinion on the subject Tc.thU coo v. r ation theeorporal agreed. It waa about an tlo go,.id had ne unted. The guard 0 rbck and thi* conversation took place a Httto a?* twelve. 1 rem the many desert 0 .lis of guards whichitoo* olare at 8t John th ? non commissi >ned officer* tn & need to be ' very much frightened parttaularty when allusion would be made to the sutyect by aacn c- ?P' sing the guard The subject dropped on tbeoo casiou I allude to The c .rp<*ul visited which was situated contiguous to Jhe 1 quently that day. from eleven In the morning IU1 mrm o'clock in the evening, for the purpose ?f gettlug drtnv Nothing remarkable .ccurred to disturb the monotouy of the guard a duty. until about twelve o clock at night, when s. me ..f the guard brought forward the ^ ?"T ' dcierti.n; the corporal, at the same time, waa lying ad., p laboring under tile effects of drink. It was agreed to I y .hew'hofe of the guard, to desert One of the men w.nlto a Beherman'e Rouse, routed him up and toll him our intention The fisherman immediately brought h.s W at round to the wharf, and remained there untd We were ready Aa the Msil baJ been in everything ready for our departure, we agreed to give thecorp. ral a chanee of neeompanying us Vt'' r.?^1 hi n UP from his sleep with much difficulty, and tohl him onr deterniiuati.di. and asked >'>" us M. told lnni it was quite optional with bimseU t* do so. to which he replied in the negative; an.1 to a.cure our safety, and to prevent him giving the alarm sl>. ut us we tied hi, feet together, and hUh*?ds to his S d. S Shook bauds with him. and had. iiim good bve 11 at gbter i As to hi* evidence about my pre M, ting a musket at him. there was no su=bi tbtug; done. Atl.'i bidding him g--d bye. we came ? bous. leaving biui alone. aud endeaVored to look door on the outside but could uol sueeeeU th. be^k being -ut of repair We went to where the bowt wa. i. waiting for us. anC got into her. perfectly' "'M*** the r. riH.ral s being unable to give the aUrin until we bail cairn d sufficient ground to P~vent them us and we ..ached Kastport on the f..U.>?^ fetuM>P morn.rg Having been led to believe that w. wel* then asfe w. let the people them know what occurred, b? failing in finding any employment In Kastport. *"** solved to Uavelwert uhtll We should get some eiuploy meVt-l. did no, matter what ^^VVlnWrTn^mti w?v tine man of our number succ-ed-d in hiring with a farm, " near Has-,-it. and the other eight P?-** u III li ey r, uched W est Ma.htas and. on rea liiug thjat Village we were overtaken by Mr Woods, hheriff of tho conmy of Washington, who arrestei us by warrant issued by l? T Grainger. K-, . .lusUce of the Feace for the iH.unty ?f W ashington, at the lostig. cw ot B v,,erword. Ksq . British \ Ice Consul at Kaslp rt, f r having f- U-nb u-ly taken Rr. be-k. si b-belta pou ? ejk and four oars, the properly of her Br.ta M klai. ? I y <>n this warrant we w. re committed to pr In oJ'r to afford the prosecutors 'offln.en t-. to appear against us. which they did at 10 ofidW tie Horning of I he 14'h of May fast Them^^c ? n,?n.ling the detachment to which we belonged, arn M* aee.,, panled by the British \ Ice Oonsul Mr JffUMt Ti e Asliburton treaty however was that under which tfc.y claimed u-. butth< y falled. n^ nieus cliarge being prov.d ngaiu-t us i v,.r ng to sul'Stanti ,t? the cfcargw. and ~[lP'? acouters left the place, vowing to have -atlsfacUon in ah otior place than Mac bias We were rebmsedl^ Mr WaJk. r. Ihe msgletrale. who assured us that there waJ ?o further danger of a similar attempt b.iag rnads^_ta t,?,s ach IO. for the suae dishonest, a- th^n. whk* ha l failed just Ih?n with this assurance I left Mnchta^amt made lire is st of my ??? to l? ??<"? a'"'8 1 the I'nil.d Blates army, under the same mw as t^t whi< h I bore in ihe British serv.ee conscious of ray ih n. cenee of the crime with which I have been charged. 1 wis stimulated to the step of desertion by the >"*?>*? of lb. Americans which country after escaping. I miopn *1. and swore inm.eliate allegiance U. this "?p..bGe Tli's step originated by me.ns of the tyrannR and injustice which I expell.nced In th? Brlth* wrvic. And having alr....i, ant>enr?<f brfnrr. _ * r. uri of Americans in the Btale of Malm-. I was satow qu. ully taken up. even when an AwtifM Willi, ul pr. lection eg- aseisiance from offlean a* tMa l n te.l B'.ntre arm,, but was left lad'*iduaUy U hodM Ibe I'.im I Wtl deplore my f?le thc m.fw sbo^d ,1? Hiilboritles and cHlxen. of tWa country oo?? ri.le In Ih.ir opinion in giving me up agato to lie r.itrol of Kr gland; but then, and m.t I jl ||,.n w. uld my wreieh dueaa b.' c.mplete as the aaiil tcj auihorilles thin, would not be guid-l or \u,i . r honorable motives but would revengefully aod txistinlcaUy make a living example of mo. by aontsnelaff U,. to tian.-p.-nation, doubtle-a for my lif? ? V.r Kdwsnis said that he need no; trouble tlia Com n.in? ner wltb any ob-ervuiiows. aa the mailer wa. qulto plain and dUtinel and he would particulAdy Mr?n f..m doing ??. as lb. acc-oeed wa. without pr..fv?do~i ?dv"e He (Mr lelwards) had laken d.wne.m-au th. Titles. Which ho would band W> ths ouct The 1.1 r \rry pn pcrly r* thut io Ihm Id .in.- they r uld not hold Mm uudor A hbiwdom treaty. b*cause stealing d?? nol cowi? under the (hi nah rot to ry cms. ao-llh-mU.enr emsisU iu tho rl, .rstaki.g I be knife and key. (Von. th- per. m rf Iher' rt'OCal Air Kdvar.i lh-n -aid lh it ihe bc?u-o4 b, .1 wn liiu- U to be a shrewd kiwi intelligent maa, ^ .oUwyerTuld bar. defend.d him belt.-, lha. bo arcu'ssd't^lu cxpreased a hop- thit ho w.udd w* b. domed lolbe tyranny fr m which h-had t car" to thia country ulth a d-rtfe to sett In li'e ace-cling to Ms ? ner. leo and hl? ablllUoo| riu.md ?,.kt..rnin"P"'i?t?.,?"'t ?h,n.brK ^ hlms*If with' ut Clothes, and unable to pre-m that ap S,ranee whleh wa. neoossafy t-g%in wlm }????? n,. rcautile c n.n.i.nit,. hJ f ,^?ty Tnebl. bio. I ' prs - -t himself for edv.nreme.t In sit? tl. ns which be ftlt him*.II e.uipel. nt to 8U Ibel'T.missioreT few r*-i his deeWou The ac-o^d t. a Bian of ab wt #? ars of age. He ' ^ fiimly but with the gr. aie?t courtesy to theOowrt W* tb- ecu ns* I for tb. British r"'8""" ^ M B,. nd- d to lb- ru.-sel, I th- I f Ibc oikcr I lght deaort. r. b.v. not Ms n imuls ameu^ In as y. t S*|h rim Court. Iwem J tad <? I'alce Ji'at 25 - V" Wf. Shu ffnnl fit nfhtrt. ft. (inngt H h-urf- Thl? frit t In unlit for nM fi?Inp a ania. whlrh aa the remplaiaant allefre the trer.-nlant acraed t? pire up- n th* ?al ? *? 4 <l> l!t< ry to h,? of a rirp mt red ?>h c at. ->f ab< tit 'iOtt t ot> e in .tut/ ! H5?. the prior of thr r. ai ?a? M Hu p< r ton The ro?.^ot a-ntalnang Ik* ft at wt* fat. a \,j pUmtltl ? eprnt to the foot of (to rvnlh 'tnet K K The d> f*ndaet after taking out ba te*. n tar at / and thirty tune 1f1 ho rual herein# dlwatla Ard with Ite quality and part iotu-i to tha a??at at plaintiff*, that he J. rllnel to t-aka the road, a* it w ?ii?ad ard if aa inferior de*rr'<ptton Tha main l'aa ll< 0 on the trinl war, a- to the ehnrai ler and quality od the rial, tha Urliin ny beta* wry ooadicOnf. AA ji ?n<d Krf tvflon Jidp Mamn. Jt it 27?JW? IfVarf ia War MrOtw?Thia waa an ail ion f'U >71 72 halnner of ace >unt ail'to. I to ha duo lh? plainlit hy tha d. f ndanl The j .niat iff. M apnaara, Ir a taikr atd a Member of the Rat tar liuarib. arxi ap plli d that te-dy with military rlnthaa lr> lb* am nat of It. of which turn tha htUtyta now ?. apht r* main a an pa ill. and bareeatha defendaat aa iha Captain af th? rr mpany It In alao tontandi'A tm the part of the plait' Iff that Captain VcCraa f# rfaiwd b> pay tb? haJaaara Thi illfenco Ir th?P thr .pfUndm'. did not order tha alothif; that tha Uuinl- w. ra II* hie ?? a rompaay. ami that Captain Metre# Wi?h not Rubin Vetdiel for pUia l.ff ?7A 74 The trial trr*it War than adjourned R?r tha month (Tha ami rtMtaim for the h. oring ?f *pp> alafW ro oelwrw mailt i n not; r..narrated no t lone will he held on tha 1Mb day ol J uly, and the fcrtt Tuoadny of September n< xt ] MK IIL TKRM. IV fr re J ml par fandf' rd. Du. rand Campbell. ? on . Y7 .'rmttri M 7V*?pf?? >?? tht Mayer, fr , ^ I 4 f I'll ?Pilld m nil wftoe<e'? lip#*?# Pro' " e it fie tfeyer f" ?'itdfftnint re . ? ? ? ' at .1 i, * ' ? I ? -"I it t! ' ml I in wHb ! t.tr hide that tent of tha atrtt | l.t.tf rc T*w'r4?r rt ?. }Ur> I-f fV dfatr V V'W fed ? .1" f<?n i tit at tha Rpacial Term rrai r.'tl, end J-ilpmeitA I ti la <i ? nd d'in letintr tht ????tplaitit |l ft., > >,-tk it If, lUel if l? STotV rf Vei- IV*, ,. ? at t ?.? r vr ? rm m ?? ? I < -t i'?J ? ???MM -. nt at %he ' T.tn . |t?rnt it * ,'h ? I *t the lir?t pff ur.l l?i.ii it tha d< mnrrar |o the 'it. wrr f r f ... H ft rd -r tn 4lfioit *a f ,r y , Uf. i t!?ri r iw rm>. wl'ptaSt a-wla 0t ii Kr-'y t 1- it loan "I'dtMrd that tha ti. to tin i* I did n t i me in ^t><<t?nn and U1-4 i j. .let II i>r<1 cnlH.td ?i ret*