29 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

29 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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The R?w Costume?far gentlemen, not In* 41**? ku made it* appearance at the Bo .t Makers' Union, 82 Huau street. Triumph ii ite uima. The Triumph Gaiter Boot*. which have just been patented, eupereede everything heretofore iatrodueed fur the feet. Comfort Secured ? Dreea seasonably. If yon Would preserve your In altli; and purchase your Summer Gar menta of T. SMITH, Jr., 102 Fulton etreet. if yuu have any regard fur the coatente of your pockets. Hie stock of Cloth ing is menufarturod frou the l>e?t materials, in a superior and workmanlike wanner, and hid charged arc fruio $i to $10 for a fall euit of Summer Clothing. ho," in behalf of the " llay ward Rubber Company," " New ark India Rubber Maiiufacturing/Corapnty," " L. Candee," "Ford It Co " ?' Shoe Aaeociatea and others." ws? Ushed by thene companies, who are not willing the responsibility or any such false statements at hay. It ie supposed to have been written by i ? wnere of Goodyear'* Patent. Ilnlr Dye and Wigs IlatckHer'i cele brated Hair Dye la used with the moet perfect iuooosv in all part* of the world. It ie exciting the greatest wonder au 1 applause. It is applied, or (old, wholesale and retail, at Batehelor'e Wig Factory, 4 Wall etreet; snd et all the Druggists and Perfumers in town and country. Beware of imitations. BUkl Reduced In Prlce.-Jamei Beck M Co. havo reduced tha prices of their Spring and Summer I Bilka, Bareges, Jaconets, liueline. Foulards, Celiooee, Man- i tillas. Shawls, French tin broideries, Laces, bo., below ooet. | Ladle* will Snd some great bargain! at 364 Broadway. If K la tiue that Jonct, of 14 Ann afreet, ia selling elegant Boots, 8hoes and Gaiteri, cheaper tliau snv ' idesman in town, it is right that the publli, who look other trades: -... , - ... - ? .. to the press for information, should know it >> ?? miglai con firm the report, sn far as our opinion is concerned, but we prefer recommending our readers to go and sea. Thompaon'a Daguerreotypes for 90 eenta? The largest daguerreotype operating room in tba city(oon taining two sky lights) The best artists, the lowest prioes, end none but the best instruments, apparatus, and materials; and warrants the subscriber in guaranteeing a satisfactory likeness to ail who will favor him with a call J. W. THOMPSON. 31.1 Broadway. Managers and Agents, 1W Pearl street. Dealer* In India Rubber Shoes?Caution.? The advertisement inserted, headed " Caution to tha Pub ' New Beware of Jersey Patent Leather, when yen are buying Patent l eather Shoes. It craeks. If you " ? of Cob want a pair of Congress Hoots or Gaiters that will never wrack, call and fit yourself at 67 Maiden lane, where you can get u pair of shoes made of the genuine French leather. All good* told at alow price, and warranted as represented. Card.?The Subscriber takes tkld method of culling the attention of the public to the fact that within | ? few months past, many undertakers aud sextons of this i city have been circulating reports and statements in refe rence to Frsk'e Patent Metallic Hui Burial Case, winch are in jurious to their character as an article adapted to the trans portation and burial of the deal. Those reports are as false as they are iujurioua; and it becomes us to contradict their.. It can readily be seen by all that those stories originate from interested motives, as the parties are those who are engared in the manufacture and sale of the common wooden eulfin, and who deem the introduction of metall c eolflae aa in the highest degree irjtirious to their businesd. Suoli fabrication* would not be worthy of notice, were it not for the fa<t tnat Buck persons are the ones usually first applied to by those who have been afflicted by loss of friends and relatives, and in the hour of their affliction they are not prepared to con sder what weight these idle fabrications are entitled to. "he whole merits of the article can be fully seen and appre ciated by an examination of the article it-elf, as well as the Inany flattering aud conclusive testimonials, from the highest ------ ' - y/0f ? " " - ?ourcea. of the practical utility/of Flak's Patent Metallic Burial Cases, at the new warvrooma. .VI6 Broadway, near Spring street. YV. M. RAVMOND, Agent. Beal'i Hair Restorative.?Buy It and try It, if yon wish to obtain a head of hair remarkable for its beauty, elasticity, and Instre. Bald nets cannot survive its application, and its efficacy is alike astonisiiing when used by young and old. A. MI1.I.&K, the proprietor, will supply it wholesale and retail, at his depot, la) Nassau street. Those afflicted with Srrofala, Scrofulous Humors, Boils snd Tiles, can he speedily sad effectually s-ured by the use of Hall's Palingenesis. Toe following let ter speaks for itself:? Bostois, June 17, IhM.?Dear Sir?For some time past I have been afflicted with a had humor and general debility, and I was very aiek. I was .adviivd by my employer, one year ago, to use your Palingeuesia. 1 havetak.-n three bot tles. snd It has entirely restored me to health and strength. Your humble servant, 9IIKDR1CK NTT, Ship smith, Br,u l street. To W. Smith U*li? ISO Bowery. Hyatt's I.lfe Balsam.?Ierofaln and Ery sipelas.?Another ease of those dread diseases cured by this infallible purifying agent. Mr. Archibald C. Kankiu, >i Chatham street, was for years afflicted with scrofula and erysipelas, on the face, neck, and head; one of the ulcers was ?o deep that the finger could be buried in it to the depth of three inches, and under the best medical treatuieut. with the ik of the various advertised sarsoparills and otiior reme dias. these ulcer* continued to widen and Js pen, until# friend advised Mr. R. lo try the Life Balsam. Five bottles perfectly hssled every alrer, sending tn* blood in pare re . . . ? s. Ths ?" ?swtd, snd rich currents, throughout bis systsm. The Life Balsam is the most reliable curative for scrnfuia. king's evil, neuralgia, rheumatism, old ulcers, fistula, piles, barbers' Itch, meiciirial dtseas< s. pimples and blotches on the face. ; from in with all diseases flowing from impurity of the blood Prin oipal < ih, e, No. |?S Bowery, between Grand and Broome street*. Agent for Brooklyn, 175 Fulton street. M O \ K Y MARKET. Satcbuat, June 38?8 P. M The stock market tu not eery buoyant to-day, al though the transactions were exceedingly Urge. Reel ing Railroad wax uu usually active, and the sale* of Har lem amounted to more than two thousand shirs*. There was a moderate demand for Morris and Kile. Com pared with price* current at the clone of the market yea tetday. there ba* been a deoliae in Rowling Railroad of X percent; Norwich and Worcester. If; Krie Railroad, )?; Morris Canal. Canton Company, Krie Bonds, convertible. 1 The steamship Humboldt, far Havre, carried out a much larger amount of specie than anticipated. The shipments during the past week were as annexed :? feisHtsTi or fruK rnau tws Poar or Ngw Yoaa. Brig Marrel.ua. hagua la Grande, Pp. douh loona $2 J00 Brig Ifayti. Port au Priaee American goui... 3,073 Ship Hendrik Hudson. London, Amertoan gold 100 000 Bhip Atlantic. Antwerp. Trench stiver oAJO ' Bark Plymouth, Madura. Mexican dollars..., 6,000 Ship Dnehesso J Orleans. Havre, Msxioaa dollar* 30,000 P learner Cherokee, Havana. Pp. doubloons.... llV&JO Dc do 9p.gr dollar*.... 7.000 Bark Chllde Harold. Uavaaa $p doubloon.*.. 0,003 Bark Thaetua, Buenoa Ayrea, Patriot doub loon# an Bt< auiar Humboldt, Havre, American gold ... tW i'."' Ho do American hf d<d... Ht?.3oo I>o. do. Mexican dollars... 77,841 Do. do. Are francs... 33 410 Do. da. one franc pit-eel... 1 .rw>4 Do do. Trench gold 1.000 Do. do. guilders 833 Do. de. silver coin U01A0 Do. do. goM and silver.... 6.013 Total Jane 21 to Jnne 38 $1,130,070 Previously reported lo361368 Total far 1861 flT.400.iH8 It wiU he seen that the If nmholdt.oarried out $$<0,363, about one-half nf which was Ametioan gold The anthracite coal trade continues active, though the week's reports do not foet up so large an aggregate as those of last week, standing as 83.683 tons this week, W fK.VJ?'? last?the (ailing of being pnnelpally on the Sobuyi kill Navigation Tha Lehigh Navigation brought d <wn, for the week ending on Batuvday last 30386 tons The Reading Railroad, for the week ending en Thursday, 34.63.'" tons, and the dchuylkill Navigation Company 18Jn> tons The receipts of the Morris Canal, fmm the ith April to the 7th June amount to $8,060 83. same period. 1860. they wtrv $38,873; showing n greet falling off. The eompany haee issued a elreular In which they etate their intention te offer fbr sal# $60 C*)0 of preferred stock the proceeds ?f which they require to peg current expenses The annexed statement eihiblt* the quantity aal value of foreign dry goods entered into this district ter con sumption. the amount withdrawn from warehouse, and the amount warehoused, during the week ending 98th laeiaat Movrorvrs t* Fr???i;i* Rev (loetw. Moti^A tnrn ?t H'.W?Wnnksa*. 118 psokagee. value $61.1 It: cloth 41.18843; pilots 4. *21. vexing*. 8. 4.011, Wv>r?tetls. 48. 90 136; staff goods. ICS 21.?' ' darnmk 6, $338. last ngs 2. I.?36. mating*. L 604; alpw.TS. 8,1 8116; eu<ton and worsted. 37*. 82.120; er.l n and woni.6.1511; detainee, M 6.868; merinoe. 36 *370; caahmern. 4. 3316; abawl*. 30, if 126. worsted and eettow do. 4. 640. San tiels 4<V llTVt; rover* 7. 1 448; s?iy 7,1066; balsas. 6, t4-3. Mac sets , .'WO. 67.386; how. 84. W.1I0, merino do, CO, 27 78$; glwtc*. 18. 43Mt. r tshmemdo . II 6.3S9. braid*. 3 434. vara,17. 4.686 shirts. 8. 1.886; <arpet.i%- I. 814 fancy do . 23,7.? 17; other manufaetuso* of wuol. 6, 6,446. Total, l 48p gas, sagas; value. $41884' M?*fi/?>lour Ctnnxi ?Cotton*. 444. paakafe*. value (fi Ma. ?- * las J " to*. wx.l,.w..3l a. a Tax I8i.iU ?*6 08$. colored witons, 48. glitirha?is 4. 73. . .u-lins 1$. 4 796. embroidered do . tl 7.015 tares 2 . 27. 11*2 jaconet. I. 2 '.14\ velv-to.52. It 84$; hatolkershti f' 3. eg1' ernvals. *,'.<38; recti m;a. 5. $.?4<? quoting* 1466r hoaery. $87. 49 464. fl oil 214; sj -ol. 90,1.70$; e-hl.nw. ? ?18; thread. 3d 7aU?T yarn 3. ck,7; ? ords,6 < ;v; ?hlrte 4 TCI. past* $ 381; mUi manu'e 4un-? of cottu4,J0. 8.48a Total. 1,118 package*; value. #9H 141 M $ V -Llnenv, 310 package*. Value '?*4 421. hetidk' rchi. f I* 11.706 law. 4 3 sue. thread. 23.6 14.6; plot.*. I. $6$; r if.Vne. I, 946, yaTa ?, 1.178. T-tal. 671 package., value Iff all rll MmmofrntmnfUM 188 par hag en value $189,817; llhoua 111 99498; lama.2/ & 44.1'; -ilkandroUowde . 2 9.1M7; embroider; ?# 31, $*84; i4Hne. $$? 24016. v*U? 4 twlrals 7.496.1. silk an.I r vtioa 4.460; era;*#. 17. 10387; velvet* 7.496.1; silk nwd ration fD . Il, 10410, shawls. 12,36-1; M tlfs, .1 2.''1.6 hdkfs . 4. l.t'9; cravats. 7. S 633; vwst'.nff. "? 11.467; ?ilk a?i wnr-t.? do . 3. 1.618; silk at.il cotton dr. 8. 2.870; pin's. 90. 19 >-36, silk and cotton do . 18.f 975'; *>?$ *n1 linan. 4, $.<>.6, do. and cotton 61. $M8S; do "il WOK'el. $4. ?"01; hnsderj. 12 6418; riovc* 17 8MI; altts. 12. 7..I1, braids 4. 912. gimp*. 4 171$; U L 217. fring<-?. h 1.448; as wi? g?. 4 8.81$; buttons 7.1.381 1 ?#? ?; *. 1. 138. tW1<? A 1,842; r?? 2 1 ; bdtlrf 6 8* % i**7. etb< r msnrifa. tores tf till, 20. jijttj futA '720 pack ayes value |6$4 si W ''toere: # ?P raw gt>""d* t packages v*1ts< 41868; fsaller* st?f| floeirs, 19 .VT98; eiwhi <i |er ? 1. $$$?*; troll t." r? 2 6 I; collar*.rw?*,he 11 ??<?; |, Ihe -f, '*?'< 13 14i-94; kid "in . |.V It 48J p arl butto ,s. 1. 1 ISM; , '?> }? ndstlt. 14. 2134; mot air t ! i h. in 3 438; hair ri t t, 1 dn ygvts 1. 1.16. 1 t ,1. 100 patk".; . v t u>*. ? Wivwnevww rsmt T . r. ,.m ,r Me* .fafs-ss ,t W I- HreRen* - t<*r?oge*. v.! 1 ?? f < ' ttooe. i*. p tftigsst, vaiO'' $2,666, colored do., 1,149; gingham*. 2, $46; flgunxl oot tou*. 11.461, pant*. 10, 1 637; ho*e. 1, 411; shirts. 2, 887; spool, 2, 470; binding, 1,127. Total, 40 package*; value, $8,606. Manufacturti of Silk.?Silk and worsted, 25 packages, value $8,025: velvet ribbon*. 2.1.612; embroidery, 7, 3.826; pongee*, 13, 2061; plush. 4, 3,116; raw, 10, 1,103. Total, 61 package*; value. $20,463. Manufacture! of Flux ?l.iuen* 57 package*, value $6 2?J0; linen aud cotton, 2, 240. Total, 50 package*; value, $6 TOO MiiceUaneaut ?Moliair plush. 1 package, value $2070; bair cloth. 4, 2 006; diaper* 3, 547. Total, 8 package*; vj eue, $4,713. Kntkbed Wiininm. .Vonufactmres of Wool.?Woollens. 1 package, value $3, 610; worsted*. 63, 28 315; cotton aud worsted. 128, 21.053; stuff gooes, 37. 4 256; lustre* 27, 6,0 *5; coating*. 1. 422; m< rinoe*. 4.1.440; dauia*k. 2. 750; deialae*. 2. 374; shawl*, 10. 6,V14; popliueta. 8.712; blanket*, 62. 8.521; Hannel*, 11, 2405; lining*. 6. 1.420; priuted baize*. &, 1.636; ho riery 20. 5.363; men'* do . 13. 3.276; other manufacture* of. 18, 9.633. Total. 413 package*; value, $106 .584. Mauujm turn of Cotton ?Cotton*. 21 package*, value $4,132; colored do . 42. 6.226; print*. 4. 1,121; gingham*, 8, 1.727; velvet*. 4 1.490; handkerchiefs, 1, 228; hoee. 8. 1.706; glove*. 1, 103; cord*. 16. 25521; webbing, 2. 265; other manufacture* of, 6, 80S. Total, 115 package*; value, $20 417. Manufacture! of Silk?Itibbon*. 8 package*, value $5,886; velvet*, 27, 18,00.5; *ilk aud worsted, 9 4 497; glove*. 2, 1.135; mitt*. 3,13140; braids, 2. 776. Total, 51 package*; value. $32038. Manufacture! of Flax ? Linen*. 6 packages, value $1,028; thread. 3, 1.028; yarn. 4, 576. Total. 13 package*; value, $2,602. MiaetUantou!?Artificial feathers and flowers, 7 pack age*. value $828; leather gloves 4, 3,553; kid do., 4, 2,158. Total. 15 packages; value. $6,539. RECAPITTLATIO*. Kn'rt rdfor Corurum/ition. Pkgl. Value. Manufacture* of wool 1.481 $418 947 Manufacture* of cotton 1.128 221.141 Manufacture* of tbix 37 1 89.261 Manufacture* of eilk 729 585 390 Miscellaneous 109 55.698 Total 3.803 $1,370,437 H'lthriraunfrom IVartkoiin. Manufacture* of wool 109 $32,199 Moiiufuctur>-* of cotton 40 8,396 Manufacture* of silk 61 20.463 Manufactures of Ha* 59 6.509 Miscellaneous 8 4 713 Total 277 $72,580 Entered for fVartkouting. Manufactures of wool 413 $106,584 Manufac ture* of cottou 115 20.402 Manufactures of *ilk 51 32,018 Manufactures of flax 13 2.63! Miscellaneous 15 6.53) Total 607 $168,195 The total amount put upon the market during the p ut week, wa* $1.443 017, being nearly double that of the previous week. The increase in importations of dry good* has been much more rapid than we a.aticip ite I; aud from the daily receipt* at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, from dutie;, we judge that busi ness at the Custom House was 'juite active. The arrivals of foreign dry good* have commenced early, and we fear our market 1* about being flooded with good*. The following article U taken front the New Orleans Commercial Bulletin of June 18, which we commend to our readers a* giving the opinicn at the South on the subject of the great importance of the Wilmington and Manchester Kuilroad. in which, we doubt not, the people of the North fully concur:? Tut: Wii-miisotov ?*d Mcscnr.STrR R*u.ao*n.?In a short time the only tiuk wanting to complete the railwty communication between Montgomery aud the eastern cities, will be the line extending from Manchester, iu $outh Carolina, to Wilmington, in North Carolina. The remark that the "position cf this road, it* connection NVrtk and South, it* easy grades, (none over thirty feet to the mile) fieedem from curve* and chotp con struction. is such a* to put it beyoud the competiti >u of any other'line of road, for the immense inland travel between the North .and New Orleans,'' is undoubtedly correct. It will not only materially lessen the time of the jour ney frcm this city to New York, but also diminish the cost ;*o a* to place the Atlantic route once more iu fair en,petition with any by the Western lino* and lake* W* have long been aware of the importance of it to this city, have repeatedly colled attention to it. and have w*tched it* steady and rapid progress with the greatest interest In fact, It is essential to the complete huccc** of the Georgia and Alabama rood*, for it will be the m< an* of drawing back to them a large amount of travel that ha* recently been diverted to the steamship* and the We*tern line*. The citixen* of Mobile are also deeply interested in it* compietlon at the earliest possible period A* an Investment it strike* u* that it* bond* offer un usual inducement* to capitalist*, who desire both secu rity and profit W* know of no company in the Northern State* from which the saute rate of interest c in be real ized with e<|ual safety , and should suppose that. In W a'.l stre< t. its bonds would be in request at par. Uur rem irk* on the value of the stock, or of the obligation* of the company, are predicated on our knowledge of the n*oo# ait) of the line to complete our railway communication wttb the Northern nitics, and our cooviction that It will be the speediest and probably the favorite route from this city to New York. Stock Kichangst $.121100 C 8 6 s. '17 117 I'*) sits lierb m Kit 63 7?>, t**<) So. us 117 HO do 63 7G, 500 do. '56 m !<W 4* 74 ban lad Conn) peef 43 SOU 4? *10 74 AWN) Kri* Con. 71. UJ0 !?V WO to *80 74 |0W 4? *>', 500 do 71',' 1000 Krir 7 * 58 ltrt\ 20U do b45 7LV SW0 4* MSS 5 Panasoa RR *4 161 4o 102', HNYkNIIirXR 115 71*4) Br)* Income 67 3tk) Mom. Caaal ??*) I"1, 56 ?>.* Bk N Am* 102 3UU 4* a) l? , 10 Kda* worth C* 8? 300 do 6M) !??>? 50 Caatoa Co 649 7'S 250 L Island KB I-', 1<4) do 72 V 1<W do a30 1*', M 4* 7W M do IK 50 *> 72V, an 4* 600 u 325 do 7 4 50 Moningtoa RR 44',' 5oCn*RR *? KM* *?> Roadinx RR 5"'t AO 4o 616 ML 200 4o 6V) 57', SAO do arc M>, 200 do 69) 97 200 do, *3, aft im Mjj IU0 do i i\ SAO do 640 ?4 :**) 4o *10 t?K 24 Rcrh fc 8yra?,#o 111^, 100 do oJ0 t"T, 50 N or ft W or R 646 61 JU0 do A5\J AO do ft);, 6 Hudson RivRR 70S 300 do *00 ft)', 50 do 3D do 00); 36 do ?'. la 74 RECORD board. $54*0 Krio Cone, 71 5<N) .h* Heading RR 56V luno .ho N V ft N llav 100U raw d<> a..', lis) Harlem RR *10 74 .1ft) d? V*? 57', .'??) do 74 AO Nor k Wot RR t*W 61 304 da 74V 8W 4* W 140 do *40 74 50 do 63 ?>', Ml) do 686 74V MMMHi mmm mm MS. WlKTURrT TroMA^potrh f'.r fliWii ploy or r*r th* F -irtfc ?Nilf, Mm?WHr; of nr No-i..nol Indr ? ndrnra, ? f*M? motrk for fl.uni. pltt arpoy. mil# CRNTRKV 1I.1.F. OOCRSX, L. l.-TROTTIJf O.-MON doy, Juno ??, ottwo o'clock pr*ni*oly. mnW h for FV.I, I half mil* krttt*. ho*t thorwin It*. to horn-**, hrtwrrn loo I h< r-r* 1*1 ?*it>* to No oor k, N. J. Mr. Aonlford ooaonch. , priding; ownrr novo* < h. p. Kibin At tkr*o a'alork. o part* I of t tl, mil* hr?t*. !?*< tltr.r io tro. in horn***. C. Wot to mUri ?k. m. I.ody Jooh? >* owprr rntrri f b. Julio II odd: ' 0. B rotor* p. Urop Hoi>r C. lifAkar, k t Mphot U. Roynrr rotor*, eb m. Morrill; B McLron *otor* b. m. .-tolly Bronrr; P N Idohnwd rot*r? b. p. Plouph Boy. At f?or o'rlnrh. 0 pociop mow h. mill hrnu, is hornrtt, or FJri. , brtwron two k?r?* from N*w Jtrxy. Tb* Tour** oill br thrown of *o to tb# pnblic crotaitou* , It on tbit occooioo, JOKIr COVMI.IM. PripritVrr. II?rtod k Krodoir* It** of omoihnrap loot* F niton ftrrt, Brooklyn, from II A. M until I P M. ' ^EMTRBVILLB CMCRM. 1.. | IHITIIH . HIT ! ?f.i i lundr _ _ brill la tor?lAlt| nonJ drtvor to wriph ;l"'l ponndt. will HOI uF, briwton to, of tbr boot kor**4> word i* Rro .klyn. ? : 5. Hoxlond nourr. b. (. Tror Jo'n 0. !<mith iiim. b. I Oio_f|t. JOBL roSKI.fM. Pmprio ?r. pANTBRVILLR CO! RBC, C. I ?TROTTI NO ? PROM V ?' tb- > - ry Itlrrol potr >**c tbot ho* hrrrttfor* htm rr. rriMO, tf r proprietor of th* C*otr?vlllc C. ur**,'onn nor * n tor dop ? ?P"tt to morrow, ood l>? throw* bi? p?t*? trot ii I l'n*lr > I** to tb* poMi*. A month lor ond o port* , oltb ttttn tntrir*. or* tbo frnturr* of otln i n C ?* f rjio.ro la tko tro?k will k? fonttd ot Folium Forry. Ct RNTRRVILI.B COI'BBC. I- I.-TROTTINO.-IM R?R > $M<I. mllo krot*, b? -t thrrr in trr. In homrx. f-r lcrtr*tkot nr - rr f t 0 pnr*r oorr $?0-ta *-in ? off Jul r ?tl. R I'rir* to rlo** Moodoy ruroin/, J tin* RRh, bp III o . lock, ot Moddro ? Hntrl JOEL CGWKMW. Pn>prt?tor._ IyiklON COl'RRl, t. I.?TROTTING AND rACIWO - > I ridtp, July f. Ot S o'clock. r H . Rwtopttokr* fof i>M, mllr boot*. b?*t J io .1 In lonrA Mr Hnorlud ton*! > p. 1 rook WW Whflltt lomw k. t ll-ndw*. Mr S. *. nor r# b f Troy lmmrfffRtrlp oftor. o por?? of mil* br*i?. boot 1 in \ in hnrntis frrr for ponnr karoo* thot ?rttr won o purr* otrr F*> J Whrlplry rntor* ?r r Hor.rrt J or; if. D MrMnnn rntor* ft g Uaro, P II rnUrt'l. f indirrll* Wm. Whrrlnn rotor* bl. g. Itomtll. a; J >hn Aaotin ontor* Jon m. kadr Con; ownof rntrr* b g Amrri ron B' r. l?tidtotoly ortrr. o porw of fV). mll< b?otr, V-*t i itv ft t> w.!cc*, woffnh ond iirirrr to wn(' Wprmdi. t. Whrlpirp **irr? *r m. !.t??jr Hiron M. door* rntot* I'r > J tidtnrr Oirt: R. BRorl?n t ? -trr? B*p Coll. W. S rn' -? ' F orrlColt. TV- Jtokt Li- or of ??**?? will run hourly frrt>tirsnd ?tr? I nr-1 Prrk p forrW-t. MMli%m?bnr, fi.rr I'hMj. I OA rrr.lt. A I. , ?to?** ill rrnditir?? otfjl n l-rry. Br >otl> n, n? 12 o'oli rk. M . tod t o-ul 1 oMo k, P V Urrrn hwty 11 ?rt?, *nl rrm?In mtH M* ?r rtt ?roowot JOHN I IINBDlRtK. Proprt-l r. f f TKMiBF COl'RiR, L 1 - TBfiTTIBO. MONDAT. JPNR I I A', ot .1 o'elort, p. M A mot. h fur ISM, ail* hoot*. I I rot .1 lr t. in I *mr?*. O. Nr|*r.n nornri hi I. R*l*nnColt J. 1? hrit irt oomr* lr. h. t'ordinol lm ?? llol*!? *tt#r. o p.ir-r I ifM m,l? hrot*. brdtf in.'-. In bnpn***. IF. IFkotan ?itrrt rr r mMboihACk: 0 F.rIron oat-r* bl m. Raton: I. tFnd* ro.ffr?l-rr' &. Tro'on; itmr* IF hoi ploy oatoto oh. Ii Foo ny; J*me. t< MrMonn rw ? m rr ?. Vrrm ot. JIM* I. IFKHI K RR. Pr pri. tor. TWr otaRO* trfM run hon.-ly frn-a iirtn I Mr^rt ooJ Pr-k .Hpfrtib* IFUhomdhfifph: tl?o ft.m r ilt' n f-rrr. Bro. 0 ly*. at II ff-ddark, M ond 1 vid I o'nlnrk. P. M IPCCUli fi OTIC KB. (1BOTON INf.lKC rOMPANV NO. M MRMBCWR J ond r thoo*. ? !,o |r tffn i i * ?*. ,n tho oatnrtion ,f taiin C" R p?rt No. I>'., to NrwfcfiraN. o* thr Fonrth of J ily will n.rrt ot Mir mom* krum on Mi ht\ rrralnt Jon# ??, l*M. olho'rl^rk. H.Mir.'BT .CflBBRT, Sorrotrry. Ft?inn* Mirratu. RKBOVAIA DR ,?U JOTT. OCPLttT. MAR MIX ?FPO To I Pr-ndooy.rp. I) IV it ii ? Art I ? i n <i*i * hrarr in a rlf.r b Mm ar tt 'nrfff . r 11 ' Tri l t. r ?i Fi.Rfi*. n nr* ifio rt, *r? i? I !?**. *' ? rr ( till Irtafo * r r'i f ,f I' * r fo At ?**?*? of tb* l.f# an A I r -t', nr 'I!jr ? a fh? rr i IP M ' t ?? ,ii rtto-t ? W I ?' . r 11 ">i Totn i WANTS. A LADY'S MAID WANTED IMMEDIATELY. BY A family goiag to Europe; she mint under.tan.I dress ma king and be able to apeak the French language. To a person who possesses the above qualification? liberal wages will be fiv.n. Apply at the llerald ifficc, on Monday ani Tueaday, not later. WANTED-A YAI.ET. TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE, who underatauda the French. Italian, and Spaniah languages. Apply at the Herald office for particulare. WANTED?EIGHT OR TEN HANDS TO MAKE Indite aoft aud drt?s oape. To really rood and tasty hands, the best wace* pav\ vn the city; steady employment. Alao, two experienced Saleswomen for ribbons and fancy goods. Apply to hit. RICHMOND, .till Broadway. WANTED?A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL AS SEAM atress, in a private family. She must speak aomo Eng lish, and be aMe to make ladies' and obildreu'a drosses. She will be expected to go in the country with toe family in the summer. A comfortable home aud fair waxes will bo riven. Apply personally at 173 Hudson street, near St. Johu's Square, from 12 till 3 o'clock. WANTED ?A FIRST RATE WOOD CARVER AND onUem maker. None need apply that do not under stand the business, and ran come recommended both for com petency, sobriety, aud industry. Address Carver, boa J. U. C., Herald office, with name and address. WANTED-A PERSON TO TAKE CHARGE OF AND drives pair of horets. One fully competent in every respect, with the best of city reference. (and none others need apply.) can hear of a desirable situation, ay applying at the first house above Twenty-seventh street, on Madison avenue, right hand eide, between the hours uf 7>a aud 9 o'clock in the evening. WANTED TO PURCHASE. FROM THREE TO TIIIRTV acres of good tillable Land, lying on either side of the Hudson River, commandiug .a river view. Location above the Highlands Any one having stub to dispose of, upon reasonable terms may address, ( postage paid,) "Decatur," Albany, New York, stating location, and price per acre. 9 (" eufators need not apply, WANTF.D-A FIRST CLASS HEAD WAITER AND steward, to go iu the country. The best of retcrences required. Apply at the New York Hotel, at 1U A.M. WANTED-A LAD TO AS-1ST IN Ol'lt LACE ROOM: also one in the MnsHu room. None need apply but those who have had some experience. Apply at 73 Broad way, upstairs, from 9 to 10 o'clock A M. J. R. JAFFRAV St SONS. WANTED?GOOD COOKS, i.Al'N DRESSES, GIRLS to do general housework, and for every situation, iu the most respectable families, in city and ounntry. Also lat orirg men for farms and other situations, and fur govern ment service. Situations ready. Apply at 115 Chambers street, for beet of situations. A GENTLEMAN. FROM VIENNA, WHO SPEAKS French. Uerman. Italian. Spanish, Turkish, and,muiern (.reek, w ants a siluati >n. A ppi v to liOYD A 11 < NCKEN, 161 Pearl street. C3 RAIN DISTILLER WANTED?TO GO A SHORT DIS S tai e? South, to take charge of a four hundred bushel honor. Good r< (cronece required aud given. Apply toJ.M. COS 11 IN, Lovejoy's Motel. To lawyers ?wanted, pari- of a spit or of tiers ln Wall street or viuinity, for w hich a reasonable rent will he paid. Address A. L. A., at this office. HOUSES, ROOMS, Ac., WANTED. A GENTLEMAN HAVING OCCASIONAL USE FOR a furbished bedroom, wishes to hire oneiu the viciuity of Kg adwiy, or Fourth to Sixth avenues, between Fourteenth and Twenty-third streets. A liberal price will lie paid to people who are not inquisitive. Address " Henry T. Allen," t bion Square Post office. No other location will suit. WANTED-A PART OF A HOUSE, FURNISHED, consisting of Three Rooms aud the use of a Kitchen, fr< m Canai to Houston or Amity street*, north of Broad way. Address J., Herald office. WANTED-TO LEASE A STORE IN A GOOD Busi ness locality, adapted lor the grocery and liquor trade, or to purchase t hs good will si <i stock uf an already esta blished grocery and liquor business. Communications a I dr-s.cdA H , Heraldoftes, rtaliai wham loeallty u and price, will receive immediate and prompt attention. WANTED-A GENTEELLY FURNISHED HOUSE, lelow I'uicm t<iu*r?. ?ultaMc for a family of twelve {Hrtoti. AddreM box 2,M5 Poet Office. L LUST, ?C. OST-IN BROADWAY. BETWEEN STEWARTS AND Brronie street, or in < anal street, a liiir Bracelet, wilh gold ciarp, marked E. with da'e. The Auder will he suitably rewarded by leaving it at MORTON A MURRAY S, 469 Broadway. rOST-ON SATURDAY MORNING. A GOLD BROOCH J or Pin, made of a pices uf California g <11 in its aalnral state. Itis supposed to have brrn lostin one of the Broad way stages. The tinder will be retarded by leaving it at IiAl.L, TOMPKINS A li I.At K'3, .11/ Broadway. Lost?on friday eyrnino, between pier t East River and Fulton street, one parcel c intaining two l ooks, one marked ' Shipping Hook," the other "Cartage ID ok." Any persou rsturning them to the subscriber will te rewarded. ?Jllos M. Mil l.r.TT, 152 Tear! street, up stairs. ? X REWARD?I GST. BY A LADY, LAST WEDNES yJ)lF day evening, iu the Court street stage, Brooklyn, a Gold Chain and Locket. Ac. I'leaac return tn Mr. Reach, in Court, near Degraw street, Brooklyn, or 79 Nassau street. New York. FOURTH OF JULY. Reservoir hotel?fourth of jult.?tme an ? ivcrsary of our National Independence will he cele brated by aa or a tie a and fireworks at Daly's Reservoir Ho tel corner Fortieth street aud Fifth avenue, on Friday n< vt. 'li e eitreUee are te be performed In a eoel an I beau tiful grove in front of the hotel, where all win arc desirous of rei'bratiug tt c day. ran do so in a pleasant manner. fjloovm OF Jl I,V.? EXCURSION TRIPS WILL BE run mi the ? rural Railroad of N? w Jersey, in cenneo tloa with the steamboat hi'D JACKET, leaving New York, po*r No 1 North Ki .? r. by steamer Red Jacket, at 9 A M., and at I, & and Id P. M.. foe KlDabetbtewn. Weetteld. Plain firld, Bound Brook. Seiners ills, and White House. Return ing, h are White House ad 9.40 A. M . and Led and 4^ P. M . aud leave Eliaabethtown at 10\ A. M., aad at ,1k and Id. F. M. re re EXCURSION ON LAKE ERIE ON FOURTH OF JCd July -Ties splendid steamers KEY STONE STATE. ALABAMA, and CHARTER, will make excursions -<n Lake Erie on the Sth of Jwiy next, leaving Dunkirk early in the morning. Tlx Ksy Mone State will, if sufficient number of passengers offer, remain upon the Lake two or three days, v telling the most Interesting points. The Alabama will Isave Dunkirk in the morning. tanks a trip an the Lake, aad re turn iw the rven,ng. Tlx Charter will leave ia the morning, ?top at Buffalo sad r-tura the .ame ereaiag. iff r img aa spp< rtauiiy te visit Niagara Falls aad Buffalo, Passeagere leaving New York, by the Erie Railroad, oa the moruiag of the 3d. at < o'clock, arrive ia Dunkirk the same evening, and eon be aer .rem dtt'd ia the h-?t manner on board the boats. Paesengers lea, tag in the mail tram at 9 o'clock, oa the 2d. San remain ever night at Klmira. and pressed tn Dlaktrk J. Nottingham. Ageat. rand excursion by sea to and from rniL > sdi Ipbia end ( ape May ? Fare redacsd to (3. to go tn I'l il sds'pMa or C?|> M?.y, and retara, July 21 and 4tn. by 1 )<e splendid sea steamers PENOBSCOT and KENNEBEC, from Pier 14, N-rth Klvsr, foot of Cedar street, N.Y. Tlx steamer Peaoheeot will leave the ahovt-msntioaed pier on Wednesday, July 2d, at 5 o'clock P. M, and the K*nnst>?c on Friday. July 4th, at 6 o'clock. P. M. (for this ocoasion ealy). Tickets will be go. a from July 2d to loth inclusive. Paeeengera raa stop et ( ape May. or go on to Philadelphia, and teiiirn tt New York by either of the above name 1 heats. Ths Penobscot tnd Kennebec nrt first-class, sub stantia! steamers, every vay qualified and equipped for the roots Tt r most timid may lay aside their (Mr*, aad be assured of perfect safety ; aad those whs appreciate go<<d living ana eomfortal Is arrungemeots. wt'l hare th'ir tastes fa-1 I t gratified. I or tickets, state r .<?? As. apply at tks office is Ute |der, or ea hoard the boats. PI'HLIC ATIOKS. I AM MY8EI.T A1.ONE-0N THE POL'RTII DAY OF ialf.lrll- th* anairor- ary vf umr Indop-ndrn* ?I tUII Imm a iwrinn ri|>? of fit Oral tna^r of i now tMkljiMor, aalUd THE cOSTI'MCR, or Mi! HI! Ml " ! doo.t?<i to tilt Mm*. th* drama. i *oartl iltoratar*. art. and arharra, and th# ronatitrtlnn of my b*l??*d tiaatry, and tii*dx*d to oapoir Ui* informal hnmtata of tii* day. It will W | rin?*d on a ntw and aaaaliar i rata, with a atw artirlr if hrao* farad Itpo, tnrrnWd oaprf'tfy for thu pap?r. aid at a rariaoMy af Mttralnrr and mrrHaakal r*aiat <? mhia* I. it will rroat* a aoaiatian aaparalltl'd in th? hlit-ry of ik< prr.i Th* dilrOartl tH* c canorrnti. th* litrrati. and all atbon mtrrroVd in lha f?"dda id of oiotUaaMaa and tba ad tan im'nt nfatloar* la thia *o*at aad ilnrtaai rrpal.llr. ar? inotid t- rtamia* tba drat namhat, which will IofiMUM <?? and aflrrllia ahoya aaiaod day. at th* Mnwata raliom, i7B. ?*ry, Hrtwi. AM?Ki.U JACKSON Al.l.KV Editor aad rrof i'UMB* Mill MARTI* SAC'S AND ATKINSON'S T. SI VMS on tn? Lawa cf Man * Natura and IHTo'ap'mrnt art ?o* n*rri tffhi?( al Moatoa, and will doon ba publiihrd Y!.i? will >? ill* t r?t r. print of th**a talon ltd* aad iat-'r-ttiad l*it*r* in th* I kitod .*t*i*i Ord*rt far th*ia raooirodhy JOI'N MORNISON. l.'A Chatham olmat. Ntw York, aad by J P. MEN DC M. it Waohtivtoa at root, Bootoa. MUSIC Al*. MISS HrRTftA EEStELER RECOMMEND* IIIBIEI P a* t*a< hf r of ?hr fit nnfort*. Htr m*thod it that of th* hoot minora, ? i mad* h*r ?tady at Col>*a*. aad aadrr th* *p*<-ial dirootion of th* < apollatritto? af th* ratb?dral af that 11' y Addr**l atJhd SUM a?tai*. POI HURTlA * WICK ST1P, ARR'NfJED POR THE V aiaar.1. rto, rmp< **d ky C. B. Urafnlla. author af Oaf taia Sl-ahrrd ?tory p -nalu idairk *t*p ia iaot r*o*ir?d an I for tal* at MM. V AMIKUIhK i iuoio Stnr*. Na. ?7'i ftraadway. POB SALE?A VIST HANDSOME AND COSTI.T 81 eoad haad naaobtM, Boot n mad*, ia *'?d ?rd?r. will b*??.ld at a irroat raonlioo. ia anao*<iu?aoa of th* family hr*aV <o( aa hi a*rk**pta(. Arplyto N I' N (1 RTIMI, oft - (I ?? Aa-.*ri*aa laf.at A*Uia i.aa forta*. No. Broadway. ?h*rt It *an bo toon. i' IRHM'HANCICS. IfldlSlrr I NI"N IfEAt.TII ASSOCIATION, OP Xol ft* N* Mt I nail >tra?t. rorarr ?f Broadway, aoar tba Broadway liatiranr* Catnpany. Thit it in lowrtMltl for I:.* mataal a*ti< taar* of *trh othrr. In eat* of *i?knr*t ?r

ti'idrnf Tbit aaaoaiwMaa ?n orraait*d ?? kh* lot ?f Jnnn try !t*t. ard hi* a"W it n-oamnUtod ?opftal of RJ-l?*V tad mindly iB'r?atf??i by ftllti ft p?r mf, yi a will draw Mil pi r W ??b wh*a ii*bi pt draw* Rd: RA !riw? ?/*i ; f? driwa fill. Br l.am and r-rolatio. I. and farldMr In fcra ii'n < *i> h? httf at tb* ofSr* No. miCnaa. itr**t. dor air (I Broad? ly. !??<* hour* fr ni tin- A V. to ain* P. M H B. DtvN. PrrMdaat. IIOR1F.S, CAHIilAHEd, Ar. NEW YORK IIOESB BAZAAR. SI CBOSRTSTREET - Arrti n ta't of II r *a. f arrlayoi. H Saddl**, A* , rr*r? M?r. .in aa<l M *dae>da}. < o:am*a-1 ? * at Uo'alack. 1'rma* havinc t>rea> rty to dliaono f. will pl*ao* rail and hail it rofitlrrrl. JOHN B UATPIELD, I'r prlotor. J. J. B i.anr, Aarfioaror. VI/II.I. BE BOLD?AT THT NEW YORK nossr. RA WW aaa^aB Bo: day. inn* 10. it 12 i't|.?rk, thr?? f'int dian If. r??i, Jan arnrtl froai Canada. Tfioy ir? toanr. hind aa>< i..tr ar d frra 'r m all tiro, and ta a* wd to th* hlihrit liddrr a# tb< o*nir Ridhol to rdara bom*. |'OR f I I f_A II AT N Apt.I TON | nl.T W Etl. RIIKl A to doah'i an 1 ?iail*karara* a f*?t ?fo<t?* ?nd Mdofi'r ?o h* tiry '?it I in i* ?*?n ?' fh? Hrm of W 11 ?m D Bal I*' ; h, ft flit ry BaCf id BdaMaa, loirs i?lta< IJ?f?S All -A SIM Y. vf)fl> BARK SOTiRTf, ||it;t s |\ f irdiilRjt. ayrdB ytif aid, and n- ' th* m ititflbt l.?rm?ln tl . tj, atrr nt d inaad on I hi' I la tarr*?* r to day tin 'iddlr fr ir* it Bfawnoll'i n'?h|*<, f'anal fir-id, #| p ?u? ;*? ? HA*da Sain ad Dtp <t, d'JL'i lill.h i. ? o? fbrath acd artk't*' f?r oh. baittniil a* IVir ' fd "%< f. by l*aoia* < ? ar|.* . --is, b tlw* throarh t"i? ?t I tNf. II Lbfi ii' N: I I*l .<> ?dtd*1, data r of ?adwa|K ?AttR* B% AI'ITIOW, AUCTION frOTICl.?GROtJJbKlRS, KICK, TEA, FIOS, Pi< kits. k Raisins. Brandy. Hiue, fee. ? &t lu*a ?? uiwc , f?i* Twesdty, Judy 1, in front of theslur**. S7 D?y itriwl. K?e., Tea, Kaisitis. Fin#, i'icklef, Chwesa b -up, Candle*, Mutton Html, Fireworks, Stgart. Brandy, Gin. Madeira. Hh-rrv. Fort. Plaret, Air, Porter, Olive Oil Maocaruni, Fig Blur, Dutch Herring*. Mi"?k?*d do , salt Salmon, Shad, Mackerel, Codfish, Bay Rum. kr-\ W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. .57 l>?v street. FOR 8ALE AND TO LET. CANNON FOR SALE.-?A LOT OF BRASS AND IRON Cannon, of all aorta and sitsa. ?w?tat>uj i<?r ship or land s? rvice. Also, ammunition of every description. Apply at ltjfi Maiden lane. Iticuth ward hotel.?to let or lease, tiie J above bouse, newly pujiyre i aud painvud A reap cta ble psrtv with some inoaev. mN n<?w a rare opportunity for protitahle employment. Apply to O'CONNOR At FCRCALL, 37 South William street. POR SALE?A FINE COUNTRY WITH in fifteen minutes' walkof the New Haven, Hartford and New York hailr ad Lb pot and three minute*' wa?4ot tuc New Haven and Newr Loudon Railroad Depot. The mtuatiou ia aacoud to none in New Haven county, having a tine view of Long Island Sound. East and West Rock, and the sur rounding country. Th** bowse is noarly new ind contain* twelve rooms convcnieniently arranged and is warmed inropfttiowt with a furnace, aud ha# a range tor uooa tug?a good well of writer aud cidtru The grounds are handsomely laid out, w ith a choke s? lection of bcariug trait trees of every description; also a tine selection of ornamental trees, and a garden lull o' choice flowers. Terms to suit the purchaser For particular#, inquire of WM. A. REV MlLDH. l?M'h#ps| Stvsot New Haven. For bale-am elegant country seat and larni, situatcc n ar Morrut?.#u, A. J? containing ??*ty four acres of choice lind, in a high state of cultivation. The dwelling house is a large substantial building. for'v ei^ht feet square, of modern style, with m.trhlc mantels. n.ahociiL.i doors, plated furniture, and a pi at/a all round: the outbuildings are numerous, couveuieptly arranged, and built in the in oft substantial manner. The stock, farming implement*, and furniture of t'.e house, will he sold with tie place if desired, and immediate possession given. For further particulars apply to ROLl.l V* DUN DKUDALE. . *? Wall -t. POR SALE IN BROOKLYN?ON FULTON AVE nue, tiitceii iihw lour story nriok Houses, with store*; also on DuWeid. B> nd. State, and all the choice street# in Brooklyn. Two lots in New York on Forty-first street, w ith a good house and a manufactory 30 hy 50 feet on the rear, a bou?e and lot iu Crosby street, a house and lot in Lewis street; also, many choice vacant lots. A 1 will be s?ld with easy terms of payment, and som" will receive mer chandise i.r lots in part payment. S. CASE it Co., A5 Ful ton avenue, near Bridge street, or 170 Broadway, N. Y. $30,0(4! to loan st 7 per cent. OK SALE?1 BE STOCK, F'XTCRES, AND GOOD will ami lease, of oue of the oldest e#t thlielied ladies' French shoe stores in this city, situated in Broadway. T# a person with a small capital, it offer* a chance seldom met with. Address, with real rame, B. II., this office. pi'KNBBED HOUSE TO LET?A CONVENIENT w hui t three story house, plainly furnished thr ??ig!iout situat< din Prince s?re?t, but a abort distance west of Broad way. Kent, with furniture, $?M? from the 1st of J ilv to the 1st of Mmv M-*t without fMrnitnr,-, $.:(>?>, a b't.ter directed to L. M., Broadway Fo?t office, will be attended to. Hotf.l. boarding-house, ok restaur ant, si ru nted at t' e corner oi Wnsbimrton and f ir*t strcoes, Uo '01111, to l it. slid now newly fluished lor the above pur Jos * e<:nir? of a P I.OOgN Merchant#' Exchange, or . B. MOUNOT, New York Hotel. F TO CAPITALISTS.?A VALUABLE AND DE URaBLE u .. c|i?r' . .i puv. l hi .a ?qu ir: uo lirnwd *?y, i, hM MW in ?Mrati"a A tow IteBte .nctuo of IJ Iti.rito I' Hir. Tl.i- cit.MtKDiii'Bt hxx a lurx" run of vwiaafc'.s .'B, t ii.er,. snd t'? yod-will ol t)o ci ohtii; with due attention, will jielJ o lar - premie. The prevent o.eapaa' i. e.\H-d awnjto Puroto by the death ?' ii*.- relative, Korpirti ItlttMMlft, B. H. I?PDL"Vt'. 11 Ha 1 >tr.?t. TO LEASE ?rRANKLIN IIOCSB BCILDINOC-THE paioruuni. on ??< ?a.t ti . i. ..t inh in mii. iy, l ora.r li*j itr.et Aud. tl ? fruit' half of ..???on.I do,ff. Hi,* Br..at ?. y. eonintBuieaSait aith Ut< akor,. alfordiu, a fr..nto,-e ?( ft ft* ft ct in llru.da.t, furnUh.d with water clmet*; tec . ana i ti'-.-diiirly well lighted. Hill be loaned aeparauly, If ri ivired. Apply to Ii J. S. THOMPSON, M Courtlandt street. Alan, fnat | l ..tut offici ? in the ah >ve bml liaaa. ri-to I EASE?THE STflRE NO. Ii DEV STREET, NEAR M Broadway, (,?w und-r -oin;- niter i im,) willheloi.h art with th, modern iiiipro\, inents. and to .nit a tenant ? Ready f r ot II pat ion A mint lat. Apply to (5. J. S. THOMP SON, .11 Courtlandt street. LET-A HANDSOMELY AMD TllOROl'OULY I'L'H ni.i id hoii.., di.tar.t tlir,c i|anrlers ol amll. frm the Tillage of Lenox, B. rk,lure, H i'-. hue.'tea. In.iuireof II. D SH1M1H ll'K, ? Will.tree,, or CliAKLLA SEIXiHlCK. i.en n. ppo let, at HAETiMos, a mr aurrmoMi A tare, eoatainlnc six lauiua. with kit. i.en an 1 cellar, and a tearoom, thirty feet lone. It ia altuati d aixtet IS iriiniit-.e walk Ir ni the landinx. and alfnrdaona of toe moat mxxniti ri nt views of the North river scenery. Kent $ IU) to the 1st November, or Ji'-dtl to the let ol April nest. Inquire of Trawl la Hlanchct, Z*.i Sixtti avanue, bel. re w A.M , or from > to K P.M. VANTED TO DI6POSE OP-ONE OP THE OLDEST ant teat piihtiu no t. in the ally ol New t oes. to? thir witli a lone I. a?e. 1m 'ion iu una at the ni i.t imMio and test thorongt.lures ia .ia idly. I'apit,I required from four to alx thniiaaiid d .l.a ?. Any rentli oian eiihintt. lo cate ir. pnt.Hr life will do well to unti e this. An interview. Bo docii t. will he peril ? tly lattelm lory tu any mm. I'letute nddrets H". H . M .. at Herald office, .tatinx when and where au interview can he had, whieh will te immediately attenl i d te. HOAKOINO, BK1M.KV N UK A HAM'S insist; SALOON*, NO. H Fatten itrot.?Sunday Dtunar, June SI), Umn Turtle Snap and Sivaka, HrnlDd Salmon, Hullrd Mutton, Caper Same, Riaat Ht' f, Yenl, be. be. PtrawWrriey, l'uddla?i. Pi.?, Cuntnr.la, It. N.It.?Turtle Soup and St.-ak every da) thia wrrk. A LADY, RESIDING IN A I'l.F.t'ANT LOCATION n.ar Alar.adon aqunro, would I<e happy to rrriie, aa Inmatra of brr family, a law paranaa to board, what* aaa ka raallird aa .. r my. with inodarata tyrma, rafaraaoaa an hanged. Apply at K>4 Grreawuli atract. Bear Ahtu^doa aquara. Hoarding at uoboken.-excellent furnish ad Apartment* ? aa by ebtalaad. with fall or partial board (privat* tablr if .iaairad), la thy bow an I airjr hoaaa (routing thy bay. with all tha uvdrra Improyymyata; *nld. warm, and abowrr hatha, within two mlaataa walk of tha terry: hoata pljmgerery taa miuataa. Apply at No. 1 Hud a< a tarraca. Clll llIIKN FAMILIES VISITING NEW YORK. MAV I arcure yyry daairatle apartmrata. aiarly ar "an auita," with board, in ana . f tha pDacantayt looaliUaa in tha city.? Apply at 20 St. Marka IMarr. Eighth rtfa. l. 10 DOINGS MAV HE OHTAI NED, FOR SINGLE GF.V J tlamaa. <>r ladlaa ( with ralrraa'a), at hi. SI ho and SI I" r waak. Tha B.'lgl.borln.'id ia ??r> .ihvyrtul, and tha botu<> light and airy. Inquiry at Nn. t Grraawioh ?tr. at. WANTF.D.?HOARD WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN, in tha aieiaty of tha Dry D?."k, In a private family. Rl.eri thrra are ao othar konrdaraprafcrrtd. Aldr-i 8. W., li. raid < Be* 1UICELLANKUIS. COLORED DAGUERREOTYPES FOR FIFTY CENTS? kiag'a Shykgl.t Romua, ICR Itow ry. I?t?u"iii Orand ?au Itratar itrrrta thy only riUM.ihnrut ia r.r .ity wh. r< firat rata Skylight Dagt.irryt)Br ? arr takau and". 1 nr i. lb'ladlaf a handanaay < aaa. for Fi ly Ctl ? ata, and ia ataara will aay charft ka mada ua.taa p rlcct aatiaUotion ia lift*. 1'HE BROTHt RS TliOMAS. FROM PARI*. WIIO-E ratabliyhmaM ia aitaafr1 at II Wi.oater atrac'. call the attranaa of all par una wia!.ta( to hat a w..rk? aldaaaratiwa and 'raamrnia In I art a-i iarr* n.ada in tha ??? and old atyla, to tl rir at. rk lhry a I*' tnka ardafa f r piintinra and gUdiac- far apartment* andfrnmna. They hara a abulia aala>tiwa i ? kaarttfal Moan"a for "ilirc*. 1 000 POtND" *rW N0V* 8?OTIA SALMON, prim- aatirli I,''11 koxaa naw Digby M> rrm/a, lev tarto.a ?aw Markwal DAL i..ir l< aa> il-crmir. ior anla l.y NEI..X>N, WELLS At CO.. ?l D y a-.reat M I LIT A RY CLOTHE?TWO RALES BUFF. ONE DO. Hlan, onr do S'artat imports! nymnaly fat un itary aaa, and fat (ale by WARD, BABCOCE k CO . V Park Raw. LIMES' LIMES" LIME* "-ONE HUNDRED BAR. ra'a, dally aip*c??d fr m Dominirn. and Dr aniy hy K. HIAM-N l.l.DMIDGB. mi Baa/yfatroal N ew rermi da potaToe-i -two hundred mar tala, bow Itndintfrart krid Swaa, tn good a .adit... awd irtn ? quality, auiinl.l- N thy t*b|y, (Lipping. ? r plant In,. tar ania ky MIDtiLLFON At CO , 7d Naw *tr?rt. DEI If IOCS. EX III LA RATING, AND CHEAP, ARE tha ity poi ad paekngn >4 Tan anld by tha Naw York and Chiaa Taa Cain pony, it I otharin* rtfwat and I'll Gy -n wi k attaat, aataHlafaed I**.. CIIRIS fl t NEON * CO. I IN N T LIND DOOR PLATES. -tHK SUHSCKIMEK al hat Jaaf Snlahad aoma Baw and elegant D "if Ilatra. Nambar Plntya, and B-ll l ull*, of tha Ellin twthan and Jenny Liad pattara . tkay ar- tba moat ala?fnnt awd faahi inabto pnttaraaaaat *ut up. Call nndyanaaiaa tha ahwtt ?rti"1?a R. ROBERTS. 1SI Broadway, soar Priaaaa traat. T O HO I' .* R K F. E P ER S -WE RECOMMEND OUR raadrra to ruailnt tk it "k "f (\ni?lln- niaka Maa tyl Caadalnbrna, Utraado|y<, Chandtliara, Pdar Lampa. It'. Alia, fllaaf rUtod n Girmnn ailytr Taa s?ta, f at. four plyraa. Takla Forka. #? ?7. and p-rd n ; ipmi, ?.-1: Cm ion Biitkau. Ita, at MORGAN E WJ M illin? atraat. km ta m I niton aad Aaa. np| ?it. tdia eharch. 1*IJE CNION INDIA KrHHP.it COMPANY. WARE knnm ISNnaaaa (Ar?rt,?Thli ynmpnny ia n|knii(. at Whnlyaaiy, Ooodyaar'* Pkta: t Matallir Ind a RuhbarGaoda) aannatiej ia part of aoata, ilenk*. rvnihoa. army aud aary Cada, Ufy prra*ryyrt, Mrr iff rlathdt India rib far ?t una taa alstha, latarfariny atr> i a, be. JAMES BISHOP Prr'M'at. WARDEN Af EEKMAN, Ylaa Pnatdant. _ H. WILLI A VISON, Tr-ai'iri r atid Sarry. (*AI riON TO THE P1BI.D -AIL Yl'L? ANI/.RO > ? i ity rakt. r aa wyll a? t lurk, aad othyr e<.|ora, a?t ataw i?d ty Horiyy It Day "t; ..dyaar'a Patynt," aymrdiair ta hla --i-iuBt ,y l-ia iirwaaa fr- m o.. ,dyy?r la aa infrta?? mn f nr. G" ? -.r a pitania. and all dwklara in. or purrhnd arari thy?y Annda ata rqual r Iral |y aa tnar.ma'ra op< a C dt. ar a trkati* I. d?'I rlRhta, With Horary n. Day hlrn a?:f. ill., makar af aw. b aaoda. .ad will by prnay<-iit?d aaaard itylr. All tha ladla Bnbkat Shaaa now mad-by Hr.ra?? If. | Day ar* aa iafrlaaemyat a|oa Go-d? ar a patnata. and all daalrry thoyt.n raadrr Ibauttai. aa U*kla ia dam?A?a, to Mr 6"i><ctr, tha patratya. la i? half of tna Hai ward Bahbyr Company: Nawtrk It RaMrr Maaafrn mring OadapaWf) L. Caadaa; Ford b Ca : Shna Aaadclafy. aad atbara. ,'OERF TIIFY IIIDB? Ua b ditaad Joiata. la ? alaaant ara-ka, R l?T* tr pa aaa Ik* bad' n* tracka, And whara tha mm-' y? hidy Throw Lyaa'a I'. wd-r an I fall i T' ?? II ???,' i a|L , itt a * .a a?yi"y And di by tw|y 1 at ahnlly p I ton laa a t?> la Ail n. ri . t. -t ?aa; H ! ila tby Maen. Mr I'.ila R ill a. r- r?rd? v ?>, tr?r < ami 'tto, B i killiar f tba mtaa aad fa to ta da. ' iayy. karaa. and anil.*. Ijm'a d-pnf. t?i It adnay. i ul pthkripad M t atlr Pi arl?r and l"ll|?, Al l fRIOB II -at r At k iaoatlai ?? r ta., aith ? * k inn- II. I> I rr. a, Jr I ' - R B. Hi til. I mm an t M?til k: A. B. At l> *a?0?t R . II w - Tltu-at E hurt, h mk: a. CL.f^ b C Hi" R AMV8CMEBIT8. B OWERT TUEATKE.-BOXES, X CENTS; PIT, 12% oents, Seate In Oreheatm Boxes, 50 tun? Door* opto ?t 7W; to otDUUN at 7X o'clock- Monday evening, June *>, will te pertormad tie ,hiftorieal play called the COURT K?flL-rraueie the First, Mr. Tifton: M?r|ui> d? 1? Tour l.endry, Mr. Martin; Viscount Je I'r> uur, Mr. Jordan. Tri l.oultt, MfeA. Edd>; Count do St. Vnfiter, Mr. Ilaiuiltju; l)? Hrio%Bk> Uo .dull: Blanch, Mlsa Wtmyia; Conntesedo Cot?a, Mra.4rMd!tani. To c ncludo with tho romantic mu sical drama *ty led the RLIN D HOY?King Stanislaus, Mr. Howes; Rodulph, Mr Obevto, Mr lttrmi: Eali^, Mr. E. Eddv, Edward, laiaaS. Dunin, Lida, Mra. Lotting a National theatre. Chatham street-boxes, 2t> oocta: Pit. 12K conta; Orchestra Tiokela, 6u cents, Private Boa Ticketa, $1. Bvora open at 7Mi; curtain rixea at 7 V O'clock. Monday evening. June 3U, the entertalnmenta ? ill en commence with the Scottish drama of ItUB Kol'-K 'i Roy, Mr J H Scott; Kashleigk Oabaldi-t-.ne, Mr. I.a Fxv >r; FrancisOfbaldirtone. Mr. Drew: Bailie Nlooi Jarie, Mr Taylor; Helen McGregor, Mr* M. Joma; In iua Varuon, M.-a Barber To oonclude with the national draina of HA KK V BURNHAM-Gm. Washington, Mr. C. W. Taylor; flarry Hiiiiiham. Mr Watkina: Ki Lane. Mr. Brandon; Can. Sir It. Clinton, Mr. S'adord; Mary Manu< ra, Misa Crocker. rtELLOWS' MINSTKELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSI r cal Hall, H4 Broadway, between Howard and Grand Itreete; open every night. Thisjuitly celebrated and ultieiont burp* of talented and experienced performer*, under the aole management of J. B. Feftowa. whose ooncerta in thia city for the part year, have beeD received with the greatest luvor by the elite and fashion lr. m nil part" ol the Union. Fellowa Mimical Hall ia one of the moat spacious and beat ventilated buildings in the world. Admiaaion 25 cents. Doore open at t; eoncert to cotnmence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon concert jvery Wedneeday and Saturday, lor the eapecial aceomino lntion of latDiliea, oommencing at threeo'clook 1*. M. IFARM'M'8 AMERICAN MUXECM.?MONDAY, JOSE J J If , 1 1.?Commencement of Ilolid iy Week.? llcnoht ol Mr iladiiway.?Monday evening, at S o'clock, the dualling and r.< pilar comedy ol the BOLD DRAGOONS will be en ted; and Le <n Juvelli and Uerr CUne appear in their au |m rt enlertainuitiite on the Tight Rope. I u the aft imoon at .> o'clock, the new and wanting faro* ol the CUEAP EXCUR SION, and tho popular Eastern extravaganza of TWO EI 4.S IlE'I M KEN 1 WO. "Tl.a Happily Family," number N ATIONAI, CONCERT HALL, NO. S CANAI. STREET, a few doora from Broadway.?Grand Sacred Concert. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE GARDEN.?MAX MA. retaek. Manager and Conductor. Admiaaion, 50 cento. Monday Evknisu. Jpna Will be i>erforined the Opera ot l.L'CRE/.lA BORGIA. Lncreiia Borgia Signers A. Roaio. Oraini Signora C. ViettL Duke Altonao Siguor Marim. Gennaro Slguor Lorini. Riietighelio Signor Uarraitiui. Doora open at half-paet 6. Performancea to commence at 8 o'clock. No roatiionement on account of the weather. Orera every night, Saturday not excepted. H ROUGH A MR LYC1 CM.-SPECIAL.-BROUGHAM'S Benefit, Monday next, June JUth, laet night but four of the prevent eeaton. Box Book now open. MECHANICS' HALL. NO. 472 BROADWAY. AlOVE Grand a treat ?Open every night during the week until turtl.cr noth e. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, com .rising an etlcient and versatile "corps' cf "talented" and " experienced performera," under tbe managetnent of R. P. Chriaty, whose concert" in thia city, fur a succession of "Uvc tears," hava been received with fnvr by lighly respectable and faahionable audience", i Tick' ta i!5 ret.ta Dovra open at 7. and w ill coinuiencc at 8 o'clock. On Friday, Jalytlh, an alt.moon conc-rt, com Btencing at 8 o'clock. The patroua of C riaty'a Minstrels xrc rim recti ully informed that the Saturday Afternoon Cone rt" will be diacontinurd for tbe future. iny < no bnudrcd Auimal.- and Bird" ol hoatile apeoiet, recon ciled by discipline, may be lean ?t all hours of tho dav and evening. Admiaaion. to the entire Museum and perform ance*, :'?> conta; cl ildrtn under III year", 12>, centi. ^ POLLO ROOMS.-THE SCOTCH GIANT BOY IS attracting great crowda at lit" Ai'"tlo, being; doubtl the largest living human being ever known. Ilia height id e'ght le.et, wilget 4t>? Iba., xnd a.,e .u years, lie appitrs clad in true Iligh'au 1 war c atnme, and receivca kia visiter* with the eonneay chara' teri'tie of n true gentleman. Hie , It vera are held at 'I A. M , 3 and P. M., daily. Admit- 1 tanee, 25 cents; children, 12]ceata Sunday evei lug. June 29, 1851, under the direction of Mr. Inline hied'. 'I ickot" eeuls, . ntitling the visiters to - re Jl fri ehment ticket. Doore open at o'clock; concert eminence at It ?' lock. AII relreahiuent" of the beat kind, including all the delicaclee of the season. Ice cream, etc. Musical entertainment at the society Rooms, comer of Broadway and Leonard street.?;!nu cett of the Gunnies Family will take place utthexb.ee room on M-nday evening, June kith, |N51. Ticket! of a lnii? aion. 25 cents. Doora open at 7. concert to com men oe at 8 precisely. For further particulars fee programme. Atlantic garden.?under the new prouri etorship, tkia popular pi ace is reei-lving a large aud in creasing pationag.. In addition tu the uawal In tunes of tbe sason, (be proprietor has ena iged 3h- lt?n a celebrate 1 Hi, od of Music, which w ill play, If pli aaaut. every Tuesday an d Thursday evening of each week. Admittance free. I AMVtfBMKNTB lit PIIIl.AUICt.PHIA. ^ ntWmra'VoiKDK. CORK Bit or seventh aND K,r. H. s"foriJ' M*AY,^,|on* ? ?nt?. clUUrtn. ha't prior. ?o?d and ?*?"'"*, B .oth th? ?uiiuml tragedian. II nday .V.mu*. ?????>*? "Junn|, lb? ??l> th. x>tk<?nu.r??apptaraaeaW)|| r|v? ihcir in 5s:dhi^?^^^fe5SS5 Plrwin* farcr. bothoomrrina ?r sr. &??was a arc r,'W?f?-Kvsaua?'ni: u..?. tcr tha l>w prion ?1 9 ???*? ====== " HOT Kir A. _ niiii^lT'ilOVTHE *' GLORIOl'S UNION" OF 'I HI IMUW. i - |*M. .|r inlvgr. o i<l.t to br 1 k...r. Lo,M fc r r?/n :rH?V"y nr,t and ?.nv?;, nt rh.kirt Ihin. t> "Si^UMd ?a l honiaUM ???? 53a ?*? r? r MlftM R " t?t ? e?ll In. aad W>? SHHiHH? >asv-rr2M??s |'?trr????0 ?**>*? ? HA,?" drllal.tlul .un.U.rr r?Urnr. ?^ t.J.;rmrd ?tot ? - ^ ? '? 7". ...<? nol'SE 1IT JACOB WOLCOTT BOBBIE. M ; ? . 1.r>.'i? li'. Monmouth canty. Now J?r?*y. IfifUMFR RRTRFAT?THE 81 nSCRIHKR HAS TA KIN il:'C^^Sr3.a:i.'vW"ii*:sa |ggy.y m VII inN IIOTBt. LONO BRANCH, NEW JERSEY x*:du!iVurtr?rtV??.?. rant??*?;*? it# h??uttr?il VatMM- an4 SSiS'wHS KVte'r.r'-.rtA^A nV.iha wr.b^l b..vochr4 With tha N?t llpM. NwPTl'N V IIOIJSE NEW BOCHELLE, NEW TORE? ? fc ." Pr.nri.t. f ?Tbia 4?H*hlf*l oamroor rn.i CLrtrJ Jl. ?& ?na.For fnrihor particular.. X&ZnZZZ*** MltM4'" WMf ?f Itaaaa .trotk Mwaaac^^^-^iSS :?'"'''' saSsBW-jSgg mih hit jgg * ^' Oc5? riT#f. iuow wiUrtMir *?*??**? now ?? Ur9 U i t jrrn r1 ln #?lnr*? on irtrmllr ho?w?, 0 ** ?_ , . m<,r? ? ?ti.tnct.ri than nay tl.cm. The ntrin*?wtnu ?? ** .*?** I!, "t*u, iai tlh h hut' b?f *"? ?3.*?JCl 'f/rJ** TM rr!ik..t ?m | pll.d ,?tl. ?b. ?-?? ? "^AV'?lrrU./ i - .Hi, w?lt?r?, ?r 1 *?'..!.? ? b.y ? r~r '^'lh kr.d a n.?|*w?i I?r?o? l?f ".? m w? A maTIIEWA frSSSi;:"^ * <tt '"*"- H-JtJ (I;|MM t?t lb? ????? ?? I I | uiti-o I'Brk %n J ???<??. j"* ? J. Jr.Ml?7o* ?rr4 With ? *?? ?r.wth ..f , a.OTa^?^.Tr.risifa: ? ??(? f' BlJ.5'?.JL? kr. IHnnrrt for military ' Mwr**"1 ??J 'f/J nirtlr. i>r. I*r?1 ?nf o-rrff ?? l,?" wTr^ .o?r* BW??^.t. fr,?Vw? .t.'?ll???r* hoar. S.rd.,\Vrrr .wo.it It A T II 1 S fi rjkFK HAf V i < ' > .N <. K E '' t la SBu\? w mi " "*?>. < ? fWIMM. Th? rr .f rm tof. 155k. m.rr .otl.Lwt V&utBM svu Vol? u:uA ;rl^r Iri ?,u* r'^n B^Jlri/??l R?0? 1 ?h ?? ?! ?*itg I "jVb.'wVEJi: wvlP4"?i/ir brTntnai-l. .*?. ..AfllfNC -I.ONO BEAN' If. N. J TI'V - r' ?. r.v.T^v.r^'h"" "r fagflj ^ETHSS^S^^wijii? I |N*f# |l tNiSlBLilii klS m *4 ?!*??? ??*?? 1"*V !V:;!"w ?r.M . Cr.rtUM >tr?'< A?A,*?i nv, i -k ..???? f'' I.W.AptlNB FBO* **J? f ji?, i ?S1 (' Jtr ffet. i. Apply ?? k*?H. ?' At 1* *? AMUSBMBNTB. DBOADWAT THEATKC E. a. MARSHALL. SOLI LB9> MJ 0 H Bimtt, Miuif r.?Dour, ?|>*u ai 7ilfc eurlat, n?n?t;v. Drew Iircl. aud Mat <iu?t,&Ov?KU; Family *P Third Oirciet, 25 canta; Gallery, I of eenta; Private Boxes, f atd fco. Holiday evening, June will be perform* 1 tbw tragedy of HAMLET? llac.let. Mr Waller; Kio^ Mr. liar rta, Laertes, Mr Hill, Roc. ncranti, Mr. K* yu< lde, Bernardo, Mr Johnson; llr tredcriikr, lioraUo, Mr. S. U. Clarke; Ophelia, Mits Andtrton; outen. Mr-. Abbott. to conclude with tK farce t I I 1. BE YOUR SECOND Hr. Placid, Mr Dsvidgc; Geu. li .'.t*n Mr. fluid, O'Brien, Mr, tl.aa ; En. ma. Mim* Ol NIBLO'S GARDEN-SUMMER REASON.-MANAGER, Mr John Befton.--Tickets, 60 cent*; Private Boxe i, jlX Doors open at 7; i?-rformance te commence at 8 o'clook. llv ?el?' nigt U, Mondnye Wednesday*. aud Fridays; Burton'# lights, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Change of yir f< riram e T\ o Comic Paut 'lunuer by the uuriv&lted uniF popular Kavt-I Family. Gatriel, Francois, and .touauc ?r? ik juIkf entertainments. Mens. BhuJio, the far-famed r >pe dancer, will again delight the ruMic by Ml ?i I ci??s. Monday. June ?H. the rOt'K LoFCKS-Hiti, Fi ?i c d* Ravel. After which, new feats ? u the Tight Hope. 'To conclude with the MAGIC TRUMPET. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROAD WA Y, NEAR BROOM? street.?Dress Circle and Parquet. 6octe.; Family Circle, 26 cents; Orchestra Stall Seats, f I; Private Boies. $5. Door# IMI at7>*; to begin atin'eloek. Bent it <>f Mr Brougham. Monday evening, Jutr the performance will comiiu .ce with the new puce called A CARD CAfE?Major Pepp ily, Mr. t 11| jtbd.ilt Barnes I'linn. Mr. Brougham, KibFa*, Mrs. lirtughauu To be Ml wed by ROUGH DIAMOND? t ou-in Joe, hir William Don Murgery. Mr? Skerrett. After whi ;h THE WIDOW'S \ KTIM?Jeremiah Clip, Mr. Ch ?*? frau; Jane Cha'terlv. At ice Mary Taylor. To conclude vr.ft* the GKEAT EXHIBITION?Mr. Tlppity, Mr. JjbnsL n Brougham s Lyceum.?t. b.johnston respk t fully informs hi* friends that 1 in Benefit will take pi.*-# on Tuesday tiemug. July I, I "41, on which occasion fie has tlit pleasure of announcing that Mr*. PV.errttt, ha. iag kia iljf volunteered, will appear in her critical part of Tom Uropt its Tllfc TIGERS. also, Mr. Joseph JePerson, w ho wilt un tie his npwearance in the farce <?t MV PRECIOUS DET.IKY? with other entertainments, in which Messrs. B rough i"w Chippendale, Lynne, Jordau Raymond, aud Mies M.?ry T.iy lcr. M? e? Virnon, Brougham, R<\, will a?aist. P ?*. book uow open. Bowery tiikatre.-a card.?the doorkkr? era, Officers, Ac., of thi* establishment, r ?Mwetfully in - form Uu ir fiend* aud the public generally, that T. fc. lif t I lin, Esq.. hat handsomely and literally appropfi at#*! Tuesday u< xt, July 1st, 11*61, for their Un? f t, when tfi- y titi determined to present an attractive t? rloriusn ? in whi h Messrs. E I ddy. Steven T It# n, Jordan. M? W - .-.y h MipsS. Den in, aud the further strei.rth ol ti.e uipauy v. ii appear. Full particulars will he duly announced. National i iieaike - mks. melinda would refpeotfully In! r*u her friends and tba r*if';io that ht r Bei eht v ill take pi ice ?n f uestlay evening, J ily t, en wl ich occasion will be pr-.***uted. by particular d < Bui w er'i beautiful pluy. THE LAUV OF LYONS?Dili b* Melnotte, br-. Meliridn Jones A g' ntl.man ??t thisoity ' ?*' kindly vi lunteered to play a Mlo n the Banjo, and bli ? i p< polar Song. To com lude with thr ?*?? ebraU-d K- v ;; ? .i \ try drama, entitled IIAKKY HI KN'UaM, in .. voh he whole strength of the company will appo*r. B ROADWAY THEATRE-LADIES and CiENTL?U men v it bin / to form engag< meats for the coibini thea trical acaion, at this theatre, will please to apply by Utt r, postpaid, to Mr. 'J horn as Barry; or at the Wulnut str a Theatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. Meter Ki h n.-. E. A. MARSHALL, LnMtf. KAN KLIN MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM HsJUARR -OFC^ r LEA, Sole Frnprirtor -Adiuission?hcau in IMtaM 3o*e?. SO centa; ?tage Seats, 37cents, Botes, SAeeitVs; l' .s? tuet, 12W cents ?Elegant Sal nf r ria-.accs e?ery Alt- r? anon and Evening. Entvrtainmruta cornmeues in the atbir soon at ^o'clock, aud in the evening at h o'rloek. The <?ii lertaibments are varied and aeleet and such aa > an beacon at do other place of amusement in New Yerk, o? naisting od Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, nuuifi-rin* dfte^n performers, being the largest and at tlie same time thorn lalcntcd hand in the United States; a troupe of Model Ac lifts who are selected t*.r their leauty aud figure, aud wf.n personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from t.'m ate to ret ol ancient and modern timet; a company of Ar*.% 3iris, who go through a variety of i*. sts of strength and kv lenty; Madame R? saline, the only Female Jugrler in th# world; a company of Male and Female Artists, who will gl-# in exhibition of M&rMo Statuary nu<- |ualled in the world, Mgether with a variety of lutsresting porlormauo^ ev r* afternoon aud evening, for partiowltra aoo bUU of os.i| Raymond a herb drieshach s menagerie This celebrated M?'M.'? rii the lar-est and host ??:>!? ducted in the known w r.J cmbri' i? ga.moat every aniuial known to natural history, and which has received ths pi tronage and sppluuje of bun lreda tf thoueuads ?f tfi? ut >tl rcspci tat le and intelligent r?e??pl? 4?f th?? United Stutos, Ij.mi Just commenced a most briliinnt ?unim?*r camp <* n, and will vi-it tho principal cities an I tow ns of New Eng -.in i in tha following order, via:?Tuesday, June Jlth, Nvt?? k, VYodunn day, 26th, Wnlthnm; Thursd.iy 2r,th. i'..n<'<??d; Friday, J/th, and Saturday, 2*v.h, Lowell; M iday, .H"th, Lawrenca; ?? ??? day, July 1. South Readitif; Wednesday, 2d, Charl?sL>wi; Thursday, 3d Friday. 4th, raturdny, *tli. Mnid*y, #th, Tu.m day, Mb, and W ednesday, 9th, n. KXtVKSICNS. r,,:AM-. v..K ?'? |jl falo, *i <t Nugara l . . 1,%M r>r K.i.r. ad. at *?.? , , 'C. , s * v'rk. A ma*, th# c*? umion to Butalo y p(l in(j KrU Hut nauta bava bean n.ado *?*h ** ,!'Vtl w m/io Du. road Co,, tuny for* .rand " /^r. t.lakvo N <? v.rrki rA' *?*?"* *?d lo ?f?ur? ?m ?r b? fo rot'. ? ^ Jt.. a*V* p???' ?a D", ?, .?.;k - .?? - ? lumbar ol titUrU. oU *U W*|M ,t. , ftB. 6 Wfcli^rttc : rW:?sS}i ? '7?: riU^M?^;S^.7.vt.i.?. at lull r"* - e'c)0<.'k? /1#AM,S| \ i, a \ r\< t-KMoN.tl KV ! ???> 0. arfj-u ?.? ?>. Lm?M "rip ?t,,'*'lVu'i ok t" Mk#?i'"r?V p'"**? I, ,,a. (irand .trr. t *l 10 o JJ -ok. A. JI -.'.S _ r'.V.VVtt a m ..< ***??.?? *> lciv?i lift \i '1 * ? Grand eiccb?ion? to coney island. lnc ?t F< rt Hamilton aa \ **>"!? . . \ M B fc. He D?? and aplendid at?an?ar IROJAN, tap . .' . man ?tll mat'' daily ??? ur,,"n-ta < "nay ??'??*- **r \'. % ST'gtto,l a. WW-";-:: | ^fpa.a? U r??n Ptar*S i*K at b.lf part P. 1 ' 1 and * oelodk. ?? trip from Fort llaniilton at ? A. * ? .. riRAllCIAU A llTIOK BOLDlVo TBI rxrHK or ill' i. 1 M A d. ura-. bark. Marjlaud. Billlb* ?a".r** WOM P rtunity to dia|-<aa "f tb* lUri milI Ha " M Nt* Yolk ? ity to Hay "aid p*l? r ?? or a^.ut tha IMhol J p n??t, ?bta lartkw atllti taiu l* ?t??n. ' ? Metropolitan bank-iWru??W-*HLS!l inatalmaat ?f Ntty iollara par .I.M* ?? that^ .U Mock .t tl,I* hank, 'It r iuin I r bt paid ntUtt'?*?, '.9 bouM. M H all Piff ct. ??n r iMfliV, th# nluth Uay ol Jul* matt, hjr *rd.r of It." Board ?J i"i.IACaahlt. 1 \ I v IM N D NOTICE.-THE IEHI ANNUAL I NTH. Dr.' falllurdut iBllia.it> "i ' \ tu....tt.? foilo*Inr namri a ? urit.-.. ??? P j"1 yj" Bltrr tt atdajr. at tl.a ofhi r of tt? uudrrii*at>d, or. prt "tut ?? ,,?b:^.V^!Tr:;tru,ft ^n..fo,B.nkin? r.,rp.. K laautd la IMI, Mat ll,t tl .* '"?> loan. ',P,r ,'*"0" . Tk? City ?t PHtalorat. l a B*t.da, l*?t.?-l ?" tut C>t.?* Pet n.vl.anla ba.lroad C''B.f an;.. !'pr"n?0- u ^ TbtCi.jrnl Allt?lt?y_ Pa . I? '?d? i.-'.'d to tb, u. Pr?B?>l>aala hailf ad C ? inpi.ny '> ? ?,,tj u? 1 lit honI* *1U* Cltjr of C ? ?*ton. hrnto. ky, ?* * J~ IL? cTTtoBta* ??? Italagt*. Ra.5r.ad t??..a.y. * f * Yfe Roadt of tbt City nf N>? AD^anv. 1,nlUT"^.i* ' ** tb? N?w Al-any andnalrm *ai'- ?t< ompany I Tl.* i ra?kHn t .?.?> ???* H , la. * % \ l l land. lolaBbM and ClaateMti I.atlroal Co?| . Ml "ti,? Cf?*ac Conaly. Olio B?b4*. laao.d to U?t t.'olou. .? and Xm.a Rnllr, nd to?.pa,.y. 7 I-r r"?t , ? ,a II,? BBda.l tM I antr nf itark" tthl*. l"?*i ' ? Oil" and I'ennaylaaBia Rat'r ..d < ..t?f-anjr. t> l"r " . . Tl " Honda nt tboC??att It t banpaitt^^^i*^ the t olu*k??, Pl^ua an* Indiana Kallraad loBiiany, "ll* RoadanftMConnlyof AU??Unjr P*.. ap-tial 1*M -I *'t|!o fit.o and r?o??)l?anla Ra.lro* I I 'tnpany a Jdort^a.* ^V?V lahu'apli. and BtU?f ata.a? Railroad *-M'ta Bead.,7 p?r LAPHI R ? < " .' - *?" alr^W or lAiCIt MEN PMBR?TH1 >1 HtCRIBEBft OP. ST firlo tu." -t ar?.-"kV.r r-d tl,* at a ,?r?at t.?nHy y.ar b.ad. ?l .,.n ' n taial l" rriatlpol aa I ?"?! manual int? r> .at I n r?u ? ., t [|{<ia\*rl. R ' ? ? ra. Ur II ?ia a. aala an tattatwa** ?? C..,,"r.,m nt -r !>t?U I ana. a"d tl.*jr "?n l.?D|tl tHbt a Met, a. I tit d a tnn.h ?r.,at?r tl" ???#. Tha tltjl *t av Lot it la I n a u. o ?t ? ,.rl.U.t " ndr.oa. bar c t nd.tiona pr, mptly. T, ? ?#*?.,.at of tha lrtly w ? UM.Vt j7.T T"' ? *ia?d bait a mill.' a of dollar., and t,* f.o. .at ,^au." in t'.* Cl?/ Chnrtwt, tha int-r t on bar bnni ?d d*tlB.u?t t? r.r*t pmd. M t. apt^rmtlon. y n.. ? ..(La. MitWotf. The dtkt of lh# city oi 1 n >t ti? ?? 4 and a Half ?*hln ??? "f 4?IUf? ?t *k? w4H ^ f'JJ; moar... I. bar i.rpor.ta a.p.'lty. ? a~d nr th. A - 4i?or. of ol.%rvto. #l?roo. .V?^L r-iI fari. E c#?dt two ond * ?jotftcf mUho?# of dolUra. * *'? I 1 Ur\ V.Ii lVV,,nll "d. and d o ,,.*?t. .h?. tka 1 "???. ? Mi?iiii B #f filf'i Hm<oi cm ha p*ai**!??d? u HtSr Jm*rf.V. CLARK. iH.oor. a ??>. 0?i? 1 ?> A N K OF BAI.IPBIRY Nflic* "I TIIB BtNK ? P !!iUkl""' "M1 f"'H?'l-OMTon'V. R .iTiaaa llflti I t-uV. Ki^,:" SSSt/Ws-a (till to tbt Continaat and to infilnod. For tarou aiplj t* r HABICHT BtO.N W>H HH'k Addr.aaaa af ma.nfartnrr. ttORktat B?.tf.floaAV Fraar*. and Oarmany aaa l>? luraiaUd. Ft ANK BOA0 NOTICE TIIR B'N'KS OF WE I ktrr.o* and Nt* V rk Clank Roa l t "ptpp "'"JT pv r2RS Rabttl Bannk, J oka P. OutaaUr. ??k? Huylaf. C?mn. p I ami WARRANT? or THE ?*? Ol 1MB WANTBM Li l?,?..d..U^ rH F K,. so 7t. wall ttrrat. ft 4 IK AAA ^ SI.>,000, t.rtn lyanr* ?. pr Inotl, t otty I r P ? M . tt r r , "nt .at. r??t .t imn.. I.tta , feiarf"^: ; lEt' 1 * ??'"^VdARUkV/aRrVn k al .tfoat. naa?*?B'. ^m dknnWANTF" *NI> AN Ks't?v*1" *r n.!,,.t"lpMv TH.bn.tn".. u,l k" f. - njUa. Mm t ' "??H only and |NM?? ? 7tar mty t- m'taad. Pat ?? f ???!??? ftddroo# k H, ttdJoScO. !?# ood ^ miTRI CT1M? %? IHTIN0 tlOTI 1 NK,e * ^ 1 , ' ' \ T prp tant t" v-a.b *>???? *7*\!,*"J,,uaJt fn.dll#. 'An'jVlM'S.Mttr.'! aaartsr rat, i fit l RllToRS W ' > v " ,!'t'7,"-. 1 ad ? r .r ubI." ? . ? t rk, *!> 'a in aV ArdlRf ttl - sl ? '* tfl'. .tlaaitd tj *a t., ? , rait f1 tin a ? ? ? ' " ' .j/faUofli' % ? ? ?all aa Ha "dn-attna Adt""?" a"1- -">'? I oik, ftati? | If attoa, ttf**. ?:?