30 Haziran 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Haziran 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6824. MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, JUNE 30, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. AMU8KMENTS. aUOWEKV TEliTtl-BOin 28 CENTS; PIT, ?K Sj e?U; Beat* is OTeheetra Box**, 80 cent*.?Door* om ? t TM: to cibmbh ?t 7X o'clock. Monday evening. Jan* SO, .?"?ill bi performed tb<- ;mitorioalpl*y called the COURT .YOBL?Frsucix the First, Mr. TlUon; Marquis d* la Tour C-sudgy, Mr Martin; Visoouat dtPrtofit, Mr. Jordan; Tn boutat' Mr. E. Rddy; Count de St. > allier, Mr. Hamilton; 2>* Prion. Mr. Uoolall: Blanch, Mitt Wcmyai; tountosg do ?v'osse Mr* Needhum. To c ool tide with the romantic ma riMldrumi styled the BLIND BOV-King StanUlaux. Mr. Clowee: Redoipb, Mr. Pep*; Oberlo. Mr. 8tev*n*: Kali*. Mr. JE. Eddy; Edward, MixsS. Denia; Lida. Mrs Letting veil. ?N ATI OK At THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES, tb cents: Pit. li!R oenta; Orcheatra Tickets, 60 oenta; Private Bon Tickcto, fl. Boon open at 71<i curtain rises at I'M a'tloek. Monday evening. June 30, the entertainments ?will commence with the 8cuttiah drama of HOB ROT?R'ib JRny, Mr. J. K Scott; .Raxhleigh Osbaldintone. Mr. La Favor; Vrancia Otbaldiatunc, Mr. Drew; Baili* Nicol Jarvie, Mr. C. Taylor; Holru McCr/gor, Mr*. M. Jonee; DianaA'ernon, Mlat 9 artier. To ooneliide with the national drama of HA RRY BURN II AM?Ocn Waehingten, Mr. C. W. Taylor; Harry Bnrnliam. Mr. Watkins; El I.ane, Mr. Brandon; Gem. Sir II. ?Clinton. Mr. S'udurd; Mary Manntre, Miaa Crocker. 'ITALIAN OPBEA, AT CASTLE GARDEN.?MAX MA m re tick. Manager and Conductor. Admfaeiea, JO cents. Monuay Bwcnino. June 30, Will b? performed the Opera of LUCRE/. 1A BORGIA. I.ucreiia Borgia Slgnora A. Roaio. ?Orsini Slgnora C. Vietti. jiuke Alfonso Manor Marini. Cennaro Signor Lorint. ?Rustighello Signor Barrattini. Doors open at half-paat A. Performances to oommsno* at B o'clock. No postponement on account of the weather. Opera every night, Saturday not excepted. Broadway theatre?ladies and gentlr meu wiahing to form engagements for the coming thea trical season. at thie theatre, will ploase to apply by letter, ?twet paid, to Mr. Thomas Barry; er at the Yfalnnt street Theatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. Peter Richlngs. E. A. MARSHALL, I.eaaoe. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 4T2 II ROADWAY. ABOVE Grand street ?Open every night daring the week until durther notice. The original and well known CURISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efllrient and versatile "corps'' ?/i "talented" and "experienced performers," under the management of E. I*. Christy, whoee concerts la this city, fort tui cession of "live years," have been received with fsier by highly respectable and fashionable audiences. Ticketn 75 rents. Doors open at 7. and will commence at 8 o'clock. On Friday, July dth, an afternoon oonoert, eoin zuenriug at 5,o'clock. The patrons of Christy * Minstrels are Ci' pectin Uy informed that the Saturday Afternoon Concerts sail! be discontinued for the future. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FRLLOWS' NEW MUSI cal Hall, ddd Broadway, between Howard and Grand ?treats; epea every night. This justly celebrated and eflVoient corps of talented end experienced performers, under the sols management of J. It. Fellows, whose concerts in this city for t he past year, have been received with the greatest favor by khe silt* and faahion from all part* of the Union. Fellows' Mnstcaf Hall la one of the most spaeious and best ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 15 cents. Doors open at 7; eoncert t* commence at 8 e'clook. An afternoon oonoert Wednesday and Saturday, for the espocial aceommo ???***?' 'mflhs. commencing at three o'clock P. M. BARN I M S AMERICAN ?tisnvw.-gilXDiT, JUNE JP. IH5I.?(onnueeeement of Holiday Week.?Boueflt of Mr. Hadawny.?Monday evening, at M o'clock, the dashing and popular coenedy ol the BOLD DRAGOONS will be en acted; and Leva JarelU and lierr Cllnc appear in their su pefb eiitertainmenta on the Tight Rope. In the afternoon, at 'o'clock, the new and amusing farce of the CHEAP EXCUR SION, and the popular F.aatern extravaganza of TWO EYES BETWEEN TWO. "The Happily Family," number ing on* hundred Animals and Birdl of hostile species, recou -flied hy discipline, may he seen at all Honrs of the day and evening. Admission, to the entire Mnsenm and perforin ?nnces, 25 cents: children under 10 years, 12centi. Raymond m here driesbach s menagerie Thia celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best eon ducted in the known world?embracing almost every animal Jcnown to natural hiatory, and which has received the pa* tronag* and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most .respectable and in wlllgrnt people of the United State*, has | list commenced a most brilliant summer rampiiga, and will arts it the principal cities and towns of New Iniwnd It the following order. vis:?Tuesday, June 2dth, Natlck; Wednes day, 35th, Walthan,. Thursday. 3l>th. Concord; Friday, 27th, And Saturday. 28th, l.owell; Monday, 30th, Lawrence; Tuga slay. July I, South Reading; Wednesday. 2d, Charlestowu; Thursday, Sd. Friday, dth, Saturday, 5th. Monday,7th, Tues day, bth. and Wndneeday, 9th, Boston. AMUWHEHTS IN PHIL.ADKLPIIIA. SARNUM'S MUSEUM, CORNER Of SEYENTH AND Cheanut streets, Philadelphia.?P. T. Barnum, Propria her; B. Saufovd, Manager ?Two performances daily, after noon and evening. Admission. 25 cents; children, half prion, Monday evening, Juna Id, Mr Booth, the eminent tragedian, makes file ftret appearance in "Hamlet." During Om week the Martiastto. formerly of the Ravel Family, will give their in teresting evolutions end astounding fenta on tha Tight Rope. Mr. Taylor, tba popular comedian, will also appear, daring til* week, in the " Lady el Ly ons, and other favorite playe. Pleasing tares* both afternoon and evening. The collection ?f wonder* crowded into the capacious saloons comprise Vome hall doien original collections, including the famous one by Prale. These are all worthy of a visit, and ean be ?ecu. together with performance* in the Lecture Room, for the low price of 25 cents. ?cr HOTELS. nffwm???_ .!"?? POINT 1IOTI1. -FtRiOWS ?a follow* ?Atoamor# New World. (Chatnberi atreet.) or Reiadtr, (Mnrr*) rtreet.) Bt7*'eIock, A M .: SinWtUm, * Barclay *fr.m?,) 4 o'clock, P. M: Colo able or (Iiidooo. II .1 rio*'o rtreet ) S o clo. k. P. M. Iludroa Kiror R*..r..#d Trtle.TAB " A M.. I'.". P. M, *? P M ? P I. VUit era Tot Centra*' Hutel ahuoid ttop ?t W *1. H. 3. Patilibn hotei., long branch, new jirsst.? MORRIS k LEVY, Proprietor*. Th# ?horo mow mad ?atemale* aotabliahmrai havtag booa Ja*t computed, will b? ?poaed for th# roreption of Waiter* oa THA Jaaa. Tha Pm wUio* HoAol ta the moat apmoioaa mad beaty kuildtu oa Jot. per ahoro. capable #f accommodating from JBO to 3W elaitera, With doable piaitaa fronting on tha ocean AH feet. The ad waatogroia aitaaMom of Long Branch oa th* .hor* of ?ha mighty Atlmatir. with ita beautiful baaah, aom bathlat, mad Aahing. la a?t to be eaceltod. Ita amlabriona air and invigo rating bra*** ha* rr a tiered It a faearit# roaort. There, alaa, will ha found alnapia a I It) a, billiard table#, mad vehicle*, fur the pleaeure of th# viettrra. The table will bo anpplied With th* It#*f *nr market aSorda, mad Ut? bar at.all baatookad With th* beat liquor*. MEPTCH1 HOUSE, NEW ROCHKLI.E, NEW TOEE lN C. Pack. Jr.. Proprietor. -Thla delightful aniaotar re.l 4toce la bow open for blw aaaaoa. for farther particular*, in intra of Thoiupaoa, Pack It Nlaoa, XM Broad way, ooraar ? f Dnane itreet f A NHION UOU8F. KEVPORT. N J.-ELI BOTTS L FORK. Proprietor?Ihiaaplaadid and tpadona IL.tel it mow open for th# rteoation ol hoar Jem ao p. la* aoraapenae will be .pared to ronder comfort to all who map faeor roe with hia patronage. H rae. and carriage* t? lot at all hoar*. Hamilton house, port Hamilton, L. i.. is now open (or thd ? inn Por.on* daalraaa of eMtlaa tin# telightful anmmcr rcaldenr# are iatorni?<l that the ataamh..** Tr< jan leave* pivr Na. 5 at 10 A M , and 1 and 4 P. M. Steamboat John Port, from pier foot of Ckambor* atreot, at d P. M. A boantifal adjuiaing the h?nt* to lot _ bawlry D.CLArr. ORRIS BOUSE. BY JACOB WOl.f OTT MORRIS, I on* Branch. Monmonth eoaaty, New Jrraey. M M ehora of th# Atlantie, and froatin* th* Shrcwaknry river, ieaew opeo for the receptioa of vteiten. The adeaa t-.?* *rd comfort of thia f leaaant watariea place are mow a* feat rail* kaowa. it ia a <t deamal aeceaoory to ralarga *a ' -m The arringomeata frill be mora **li#faet>.ry than any ahi. k hava heretofor* beea provided. The table will be ?np I li?d with the beat the market afford*. The *rr*teat car* wad attaatioa have beea obaarved ia .alaetln* ? ..in, waiter*, and a Competent peraon far th* bathing department. wTa. Mathews, ?111 BATHING?CAPR MAY. N. J.-CONORRSS HALL " b* aow open for the reception of elaitera. Th* proprietor, thaakfnl for the liberal patrnnacaheretofore r?n?teed, wool* t -fitfully aollrlt th..#e iat<iadln* t* eiait thia p< pnlar botkiag plan# th* preaent MM, to mak* hia honae their home. Hie a man me at* aad aeeommodatlnaa. he truata, ? ill be more eatiafaetor* to rnatomera thaa any which harm heretofore ban n provided upnm th# lalaad. Tl.o auhe-ribor baa tahen pain* |a penrnr* good aad atteativ* colored ear waata, under th* ocuvtetlcu that they are heat aultad to tha ?retama aad waata *f a majority #f th* aojoara.ra at thla HIHb W. B. MILLER (3CA BATH1NO AT EOCRAWaT, L I.-THS PATI IJ lien Holol I# now open Ibr the reooptioa of elviter*. Car* l'*v# tha South Perry. Brooklyn. at ? o clock, A M . aad4 ? eloek, P. M . far Jamaica, where *ta*o* will he Inreedineat M aonvey vialter* to tha hen**. A note loft at th* Howard petal, a*raw Broadway and Maide* lane, or J. Oglea Smith, ? front atreet. will meat with prompt atteation. JaaiM. ISBI. r J B BRINTNALL SI A BATHING I.O NO BRANCH. N. J -THE SUB aeriber will op** hia haaa* far th* r#e*pti?a of el.ltara thia day. Jan* 21*1, IBM. URN Ri IIOWI.AND. TRAVELLERS1 GUIDE, IkllW^ TORK AND PH1LADEI.riilA-NEW ft)RK 1" and Philadelphia dlreet ? Calted State* Mail Lin* ? Through ia 4tf haam via New Jeraay Railroad. Pare ra d-red to S-t for Sratrlaaa. aad SI AO mr aeeoad elaa*. (.ear* New York at 6 A M.. from font of Conrtlaad ?treat. and at 9 A B eads P M. fmip foot of Liberty atreet. Ltaee I'hi* ladelphia at d aad ? A. M. aad ? P. M., Aram the feat af Wal cnt itraat. J1 AMDRN AND AMBOY RAILROAD LINE PROM NRW V Y?rh ta Itrtladelphla-Laaea Pier Na. I North Rieer, bp p'ramboat JOHN POTTER, Morniaa Ida*, at 8 a'aloehi Aftornoe* Ida*, at [4 o'elnoh. Fwre hy either line, At; forward dark. SI Emigraat Lima at ? a alock I*. M ; Cart. SI aa. BLISS. Aaawt. TO TRATRLLRRS OOINO BOOTH.?NRW SUPERIOR aad acaaamiral liathatweaa Baltimore aad Pradartakm f"-rg. Stannboa. Ya., Riahmond aad Patarebnrg, Va , Lyaeh Bwrg, Ya.. Ralalgh. N. C.. and Chariaaton, S. <h Th# pnhlla ?re hereby inf. rmed that th# large and aplendid law preaatir* W?earner Baltlmora. Capb. Alaaaader Mel'aaaland, 4tt*d aa with ataba nam* and I? bertha, and nnanrp**#*d la ipe** ?nd aeeommndatiea hy may hoat aonth of New York, ia aaw batwaam Baltimore and Aeqnla Creek, via the month ?f I apomao and Piney Foiat, In eonnaeliwa with the Rleb mond pad Predcriokahnrg and Riahmond and Petorabnr* gwllroad*. Paaeiagar* hy thi* line leaving Commeroe atreet ?wharf, B*ltiai?*w. at 5 0rt|n?k. P M? on Tneeday. and Pri **> ?; Praderiebebuiw by J, A. M., th# nagt dap, Rlah* aaona ky II, A. M., aad Petcrahnrg ah"nt J. P. M . from Whieh point thor pvncaad farther aonth with paaaengere hp tbe oroht mail Ha*. Throagh tiektu hy thia enperior llna ;?i rlarn paaenaert fkam Raltimora to Yreie lekebnrg. M Vi RJebwiond fd *b. to Peterehnrg, %t H\ to Cl "rieetoa. S. C., SI.V. moajaead atate rooma e*Wa. Prrwer I riMb pan magma ta Pr rirkehar*. la.lnding meelaand l"> Ijin*. ft d?. dn. dn, to Richmond or Peberthnrg. ft Bh inelndlai ?cola and lodrlng. Tor far?'er irf r~ ?i ? *pp y at tht N-n hara rtllmad ofllre. ad),.|nia(| the Waehintbo* railr af aflfi. Pratt atreet or la CHAS. WORTI1INOTON. Jn? Agaat. Baltimore March ti I nil. (\ r-nm,, alee t ,K? <?H4N(.P Ol HOIR IIIP STRAB11 ALU R, CbPT J Wei ka for Bridge; ,t will. ?? en.iffer Taaa.lay J?ir 1*1 Irav* mer IS. fb. t e( | ib rtp etrepi '? R. atdt N , on ^Tneeday, W ireulay. theradav ao'l f ri.lt). aad i P M n ->tnrday. I'aaeaagave will ernvo In Brip..'t in ample waava lotvj' the ..re * tr# am he II eaateaie. N ?. "haohaa i New H?. m Re tr.'ed I- re SSaea'e fr ight at redactd ratg*. Appl# ??? bvajd, at t Uilt o?.; -u AMC8KB1KNTS. D ROADWAY THEATRE.-E. A. MARSHALL. 80LR LES MJ see, 0. H. Barrett, Manager.?poors open at 7M." eurtnln riee* at 7 V. Dreea Circle and i'aruuet, 50 cenU; Family and Third Circles, 26 cento; Gallery. IVW eente; Private Boxen, $6 and $0. Monday evening, Jane JU. will be performed the tragedy of HAMLET?Hamlet, Mr. Waller, King, Mr. liar rie; Laertee, Mr. II11I; Rosenrranti, Mr. Rryaolda; Bernardo, Mr. Johnson; Qboat, Mr. Fredericks; lloratio, Mr. N. I). Clarke; Ophelia, Miae Anderton; Oueen, Mrs. Abbott. To conclude with the faroe of I'LL BE VOL'R SECOND- Mr. Placid, Mr. Davidge; Gen. Balfan, Mr. Hind; O'Brien, Mr. Shaw; Emma, Miaa Olivia. NIBLO'S GARDEN.-SUMMER SEASON.-MANAOER, Mr. John Sefton.? Ticketa, 50 oenta; Private Boxee, $5. Doore open at 7; performance to oommenee at 8 o'nloek. Ra eela' nights, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; Uurton'e Bights, Tuesdays. Thursdays, and Saturdays. Change of per formance. Two Comic Pantomimes by the unrivalled and populnr Ravel Family. Gabriel, Francois, and Antoine in popular entertainments. Men*. Blondin, the far-famed rope dancer, will again delight the public by hie inimitable exer cises. Monday, June 30. the FOUR LOVERS?Bibi, Fran cois Ravel. After which, new feats on the Tight Rope. To conclude with the MAGIC TRUMPET. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME street. ? Dress l irole and Parquet. SOote.; Family Cirole, 25 cents; Orchestra Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxes, 15 Doors open at 7K; to begin atSo'clook. Benefit of Mr. Brougham. Monday evening, June 30, the performnnce will eommsnce with the new piece called A CARD ('ABE?Major Pepperiy, Mr. Clip|>endaU; Barney Flinn, Mr. Brousham. Ribbons " " ? " i folios * " * "" Mrs. Brougham. To bo followed by ROUGH DlAMOND Cou-in Joe, Sir H'illlam Don; Margery, Mri. Skerrott. After whi.-h THE WIDOW'S VICTIM-Jsrernlah Clip, Mr. Chau frsu; Jaut Cliaitcrlv, Miss Mary Taylor. To oonelude with the CHEAT EXHIBITION?Mr. Tippity, Mr. Johnston B ROUGn AM'S LYCEUM.?SPECIAL. -BROUGHAM'S Benefit, .Monday next, June 30th, last night but (our of the present season. Box Book now open. Bowery theatre-a card.?the doorksep ers, Officers, Sc., of this establishment, respectfully in form their friends and the publto generally, that T. 8 llain blin, Esq., hai handsomely and liberally appropriated Tuesday next. July 1st, 1851. for their benefit, when they are determined t<> present an attractive performance, in whio Meters. E. Eddy. Stevens, Tlltoa, Jordan. Mn* Weeny*'i MissS. Deai<, and the further etrength of the company we, appear. Fall partieulara will be duly announoed. ill National theatre?mrs. melinda jones would respectfully inform her friends and the public tbat her Benefit will take place on Tuesday evening, July I, on which occasion will bo_P?e?snt?d. b^^particular desire, Bulwer'a beaotiful play, THE LADY OF LYONS?Claude Melnotte, Mrs. Melinda Jones. A gentleman of thieoity baa kindly volunteered to play a Solo on tho Banjo, and sing a popular Song. To conclude with tho celebrated Revolution ary drama, entitled HARbY BURNHAM, in wkioh the whole etrength of tho company will appear. Vf USK'AL ENTERTAINMENT AT TnE SOCIETY IvJL Rooms, corner of Broadway and Leonard street,?Con cert of the Gontales Family will take place at the above room on Monday evening, Jnne 30th, 1861. Ticketa of admis sion. 25 cents. Doors open at 7, concert In coiutneaoe at I precisely. For further particulars toe programme. Boxes,50 cents; Stage Seats, 37 S cents; Boxes. 25 oents; Par jnet, 12H cents ?Elegant Saloon performances every After aoon and Evening. Entertainments commenoe in the after toon at So'olock, and in the evening at .1 o'clook. The en tertainment* are varied and select, and euoh as can bsseca st no other plaee of amusement in New Yerk, consisting ol Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen performers, being the largest and at the same time the moat talented band in the United Statea; a troupe of Model Ar tiste who are selected f*r their beauty and figure, and wh* personate a number ad beautiful tableaux, taken from the pictures of ancient and modern times; a company of Aral Girls, who go through a variety of feats of strength end dex terity; Madame Rosaline, tho only Foaalo Juggler in the world; a company of Mala and Female Artiste, who will give sn exhibition of Msrblo Statuary unequalled in tho world, tegather with a variety of interesting performances ever' afternoon and evening. Foe particulars see bills of eaal lev. T "5 HE APOLLO ROOMS WILL CONTINUE THE CBN TRE of attraction for another week.?Angus Mi Haskell the Nova Scotia giant boy, who is only 12 years of ago, weighs lis - " ? - MM lbs., and (a 3 foot high, is holding three daily levees to crowded houses. Ho is a noble representative of old Scotia, clad in the Highland oostnm*, and receives his visiters with the courtesy of a true gentleman. The celebrated Highland Fiper ie present at hie evening levee*, also in hia native coetum*. Admittance 26 cents; Children, 12'cents. KXCl'RSION ON LAKE ER Jul*.?The ai lendid ateameri A I. ADA M A, and I II A KTEK, will I G FOUllTII OK JULY. PODRTU or JULY. ? EXCURSION TRIPS WILL BR run on the Central Railroad (CNt* Jareey, luconneo tion with the atcamboat KKI) JACKET, leaving New Turk, pier No. 1 North River, by eteamar Red Jacket, at 8 A R., ami at 1, f and 1U P. M . fur Eliaahethtown, Went hoi J. I'lain flrld. Hound Brook, Sumervilla, and White Houee. Return - ink, leave W hite liouae at *. to A. M . and 1 to and I\ P. M., oud^lcav* Eluahethtuwu at lOJt A. M., aa<l at .IX ??1 _ ERIE ON FOI.'RTII Of ?teamera KKV STONE STATE. Ell, will make exeareloaa on Lake Erie on the 4th of Jnly'Bast, leaving Dunkirk eerly in the morning. The Key Stone State will, if anActeat number of paatengere offer, remain upon the Lake two or three daye, vlaiting the moat lat.<r*attng nointa. The Alahama will leave Dunkirk in the morning, mate a trip up the Lake, and re turn ia the evening. The Charter wilt leave in the morning, ?top at Buffalo and return the anme evening, affording an u viait Niagara Kalh and Bnffalo. Pnaeengera '??'?J* "J".','fa. by toe Erie Railroad, on the morniag ef een be icrame HTate^T^Ai'e*t WnVf"oR1 WhMTh^SoIff. Paeeeiik-ere leaving in the mail tram at 8 o'clock, on the 2d, can remain ever night at Klmira. and proved to D inkirk neat ni 'miag. J. NOTTINGHAM, Agent. Dunkirk. June 2.1, 1851. 1QE1 I Til JULY EXCURSIONS PROM NEW luO I . York to Philadelphia, hy Camden and Araboy Railroad, at 8 A. B and 4 P. M Paaaengera will leave pier I. North river, by the anperiir iteamrr JOHN POTT ER, on the 2d and ltd July, by 8 A. M. and I P. M linee. and on the lib by 8 A. M. Una for South Authoy, thence by the com pany'* aptendid can to Philadelphia. Roturaing. nUlleava Philadelphia, M'alant afreet wharf, oa the tth at 4 or S P. R and on the Atli, Hth and 7th of Jnly, by either ef the linee of the Camden and Awhoy or Philadelphia and Treatua Rail road Couipaaiee. Fan lor the eioureion. SI. I. BLISS. Ageat. RAND EXCURSION BY SEA TO AND FROM PHIL adrlphia sad Cape May ?Fare radioed to (.1, to id to Pl.il adelpbia or C a|e N-y. end return, Jaly Sd and dtn. by li e >1 Undid tea ateameri PENOBSCOT and KKNNKBKi:, from Ptcr it, N-rlh River, fool ?f Cadar atreet, N.Y, The ?te?mer raaepatet will leave the above mentioned pier en Wednesday, July Jd, at 1 o'clock P. U, and the Kenneheo on Friday. July tth, at 8 o'clock. P. M. (for thle uccaeioa > nly ). llckcte nill be gn,.d from July 2d to loth Inclueivc. Pnmranr* can atop at Cape May, or go oa to Philadelphia, and ralurn ti New-York by either ef the above-named boata. The Penobeaot and Kennebec are ftret elaea, ?ob etantial ateamrra, every way i|nalibed aad e.|uipyd for the rente. The moat timid may lay aeida their fear*. aad be ae*nred of perfect enlrty ; and thoae who appreclata good living aim aemfortable arrange menta. will have their tan tee fully gratified. For Ucketa, atntoroom*. fee. apply at tha often on the pier, or oa board the bo ale. ?XCURSIORS. CS BEAT TRIP TO NIA1AKA FALLS AND BCFFALO' ? and back-To atari from New Tork on tha nth Jnly. and return on the 17th ?The jckrney will be performed hy the Peoplo'l llwo of ateamhnate. Ileadrik llndaon. fee., t . Albany, aad from Albany to Bnffalo, by tho Albany Railroad to Bnffalo. tad thenoo by the railroad from Beftlo to Ni agara Tar*. Ut rlaaa < arn, to Niagara aad l>a< k Rife aetp.nd de.. ? !<> I?t . laea cara to Buffalo. $! J. ae-oad d>. p.b, tik eta . i,e w?v. half of the above retea. Aa it ia ureeeeary ti kroer ttie number golag a few daya befare hand, no ticket will be Itrued niter the fth nf Julv. For ticket* and parti cular*. apply at 77 Naaaan atreet, Ural 8 .or, ea ti- right. fl RAND EXCURSION TO STRATTONPORT, IN ORDER v* lo celebrate the aamlvaratry of the gD.rl.ua F.urth f Jalv-Tha well knewa ateambeat NEW J KK-Ef. Captala Pa*h, will make an exearni-a. atartingfrom II vmm nd - .net, N. R , at ; o dock ia tho meruia*: Spring atreet- "<?, Robia *"? airr. t at < e'elwek; Fulton atrovt. E. R.. ntHU: Grand ? net at!?: and Taath atrvet at 10 o clock. After wn-eh ale will mat a a trip up the Soead. and, in re turning, will land ber paoenger* on the ft deck at Stratteaport. aff or lie/ to all loreve of the t irtur*a<|ur oa* ef tie grvateat treat* that can le found near the city, ead e? ay fr?m it* - v-itemeal aa I bu*tle In ordarlo make the day pan pleaeantly. a Or*' rale AamUcaa Bead ia engaaed. aad rrffaehtiieita pr vide ( r.i be trd aad oa ah?re. aad ao expenae hae been ?pared, ao aa t > make t an I labia for ruck aa aeeaal n. TI' fare of tha whole aneorvloa will be only MevnU. I'hlldren under tw, Ira yeara ..f age half prlea. Tteketa, whieh are limited, raa be nbtalaed at the ofp.e ,.f Jehk A. Ilammcr, SK> H ueeter atreet, oat of the pr* pnef. ra. i f RAND SUNDAY IXf t RSIONSTO CONEY ISLAND, la?, tin at F. rt llemt" n aa< h w ay Far* ID, rente Sbeamera TROJAN and JfiN AS C HRA RTT -The Tm Jan Wared Spring *lreet at ? '?lock, A M. : IJ X e'alork, p. R aad ..1, o'clock, P R. Pier Ne. A N. R . at It) o clock, A M? I o'clock, P M ; aad 4 I'llack, P. N.| I* at ea taat trip at"; o'clock P. M The Joaat C. Heart! lea-?e Orand .tr-et ai 11 o cl'.-k, A. M. I>t o'clock. P. M; Catherine etrvet MX o'clock. P M : 2 o'clock, P. M; Pier N... X. N R at ff o'clock A. N . aad ?M e clock. P. M.; leave* laet trip at .*>X e'cleek, P. M. ri RAND EXCURSIONS TO CONEY ISLAND. LAND W IngatFert Bemiltoa each way?Fare IJU ('ante? The aew ead aplendid eteemer TRoJAN, ( apt. J. N Rod aan. will make daily unir*i?r<t* C*aey I?land. forth*??? am. leavler a; f .lleweRrning trip -From Spring aireo* tt half-a-t 4 e'alo'k, !?l% aad half peat 12 From ?'h r .1 N R.. athalf paat ?, ML I aad 4 e'eleek. Morning tr.p from Fert Hamiltoa at S A. M. ISRl'RASCF.I, LIFI ASSURANCE.?N A VON A L LOAN FUND LIFE Aaaoraacn Soeiety -f London. -General Agent ? ..ffloa, 71 Wall atreet. New Yerl, June I, IS5I.?Capital p2,A"' '??!. and ?urplna R4I2.27I. T ie withdrawal labia of tee aomety aff rda to tha aaanre I, who may taha eat their polleiM eadet three tablee, the greetect aoeeible preeent aad pro a pec tire edraatagea that 'in he eeafemd hy life aeanrenee. On ihia table the aeon red It entitled, at any tlan, to receive at late re! aa lamadiata advaare. to the egteat of oae-naif the amouet of the paid aaauel prvmiema, without eeeerity, per ?onal liability, er depoalt ef the policy, bet hy almple ea loreemeat thrreea; or the half premium may be ao withheld luring the whole continuance of the policy. Alee, In the ivent of the aa?ured nt anytima not re^elrlaf be eoatlaae the p* 'iay. on Ita ewrrvnder, oae-half of tha aaaaal premium* will be eeturned hy the aodety. Exaataie* ef bonneee. already declared, will he f?nad la the euciety'a pamphlet and annual r-port, l?l, uhieh to gether with tablee of ratee, and ether information, on appli tatloa to 71 Wall atrvet, or at nay ef the tgenciee, ena he had Wee if expene*. A party may, *t ? moderate annnal pvminm, laa- re fny life i and If he terrier* to reach tha age of 'kl year*, the fell mm iaanr'd, npt . piS.IWO, wUl be paid to him; ar H hi* lealh occur before t: ? t pert I U e mm eeenred wtU he pWd te hi* family or legal repr??e*tetlr*a. aenea >.???*?< v"g ynwa. r BDw aed hash nr. i hv.rma*. O'-^rte Rar lay, dm. bit MevR, A G Stont, Bt he M. Fter.. l>i *rt J. Jepeph Uvillard, Jt* aad J K-eruy R dee re. M D The Board mec ervry W edne?day. a* 71 tr?'1 abr**t,fnr *M traaaaatma *# tn?inee?, ? eiif cal* aad *th?r (oywign right taken at fair rate* i f ei'rv premium. J I F.tNIHER S AIM i.?u-ral Agrut.nud Suneriat-ndent ef the 1'eltoi Siato* 1. eal BoarA. IIOVNKN. hoilMt, ??., viTxTF,D, " ttTANTRD- A I IRT f?r A HOUSE, FURNISHED, fr eonei-i n/ of Three R**ow* and tie aa* if a Eltehcn. D m Canal te IIatMae ??r Amity auroot*. avttk ?f Er-ad sty. Add(td? / . Ueca44 jAuft SERMON OF IKfR-BlSHOP HUGHES. Ilia Pnt Appearance at St. Patrick'# Calhc dral til nre his Retarn _HU Urace's Ac count of his Visit to IT ami a. Yesterday forenoon, at half pant ten o'clock, Arch bishop Ilughen preached In St. Patftck'a Cathedral, for the first time since hie return from the "Eternal City." The salubrious air of Italy, and the fish of the Tiber, presented by his Holiness, seem to hanre agreed with hie Grace's external, corporeal man, just as ruwch as the s id ritual pabulum administered by the Great Shepherd and his Cardinals, appears t? have nourished his inner man?"the Tital spark of heavenly flame," The Arch bishop has acquit ed considerable fleoh fro? his tour, and he looks rubicund and fresh, and like a divine in high spiri*. In fact, be has evidently added to his years by this visit, while he has built up his interest at Home, as the leading representative of the C'athohc Church in the United States In all points of view therefore, the journey has been happy and auspioioos'. and the el.ureh in these parts may be expected to Sourish with new rigor from its influence. The catnedral was pretty well tilled, but not so crowded as we hare seen it on other occasions, when the Arch I bishop preached on some special subject. Had hi Grace brought the red hat from Rome, the bulldis# would not bare contained half of those who would have thronged to see it. Some who, notwithstanding what they had read in the newspapers to the contrary, ex pected to feast their eye* upon the holy symbvl, were much disappointed, and said that his Grace would look as well in it, and was aa deserving of the dignity, as the best Cardinal among them. The Archbishop selected the sixteenth chapter of St Matthew, beginning with the thirteenth verse, for hi text, which, having read, he said: Beloved brothreo, I is to me a pleasing coincidence that on the first day on which I have the pleasure of addressing you again, the Church celebrates and honors the martyrdom of those glorious apostles before whose shrine it has recently been my privilege to offer praise to God. This is a fes tival day, on which the Church does honor to the martyr dom of 1'eter and Paul?commemorate* the anniversary of the day on which, after having given up all else dear to thim for Ihcir Master and his cause, they gave up life itself?the one beheaded, the other crucified?but who vm i>l rrgaru lur him own criuiit 01 uruyiug nil Nl&tter I begged that he might not be crucified in the sain*' form, but with his bead towards the earth. The Church, however, ha* an object higher than simply coinmenao rating the glorious virtues of her founders, which is, to lay before us, corstantly. the relations which they bore to Christianity and to the Church?to eneourmre eon stantl, by.heir,xampl^to raise us up to wXtta? ir not like the blessed Lord himself, who ought to he our perfect model still, at least, to tlioae who*notwith standing their weaknesses, performed the duties which they owed to their Creator, aud whom for their subse qucnt fidelity. Christ selected as the pillars ot his Church ?the one to be the foundation of it. and the other the clarion voice of divine inspiration for the nation* of the world?the great apostle of the Gentiles. That nor tlon of the Scriptures which I have read designate* the office of 81. l'eter. from the lips of our Divine Lord and havi, ur. The mode in which he proceeded to implant the heavenly truths in the hearts of his atawtle* 7"? of gradual approach, suggesting soumlhluV; and' then eliciting something, just its a mother teaches her child, suggesting a word in order that it may be repeat ed And, though our Divine Saviour knew what was in the heart* of the apoeMea, in regard to himself, and even in Peter* heart, notwithstanding his former denial of him, he ask*. ?? Whom do men say that 1 am?" and after their an.-wer. lie acks. ?? But whom do you say that I aa"' By a generous impulse. Peter replied, '? Thou art ChtUt the Bon of the living God." Then ChrUt tell* l'eter *h' Tb"? PeUr' * """"It, and on this rock 1 will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." oh, Massed dectliL b} ''?f. Divine faviour. oh. sweet assurauce of infallible , faith, oh security for every struggle in which the chnrrh n.Bjr be engaged?the gates of bell shall not prevail gainst it. Christ has built it on a rojk, and that ruck . 11 '* nearly two thousand year* since thU , waloaid and during all that time what might have be, a anticipate,1 from the words of our blessed Lord have not rvmMr(J to occur, lie tloea not nay the K?te* of hell *hail not attack the church. Far from It; but by the word! Khali not prevail," it would seem it was his will that the church should be perpetually engaged in struggle* and contact*, and A1 that he did was to secure it against tftw-iifrttwv ta will find that In every period and in every c.uturv ih. j church ha* nt??rr b?m out of whilst carrTin* out tb. object of its institution. But the church to' S5 pleasant mission to discharge towards the mm of U>, world?the men of the earth. They posm-.ui indeed th . immortal spirit, the spirit whleh dies nut-but the^ ' Jn'f'fcn iB(1 f? ?*rlh they will return. And after th. ir tall we know what they are-men su'qect tv passion dlspoMd to be proud of themselves?arrogant andprsuj men-men such as they seem to-day In the nature of thirg*. therefore, the church wns t? he oppewd *,,4 jn every form, becaus. it w.* in all fwspeciWu'trary to I I"* InellnPt and propensity of the human heart It Isgan by self denial, and teli me any thing mure difficult t*nni u i.1 began by teaching man humility , and tell me if it is easy to divest ourselves of arrogance It* find principle was that of charity-love to alTmen le w . 2? T'T* ' 'DU U,U' al ? when the w ,rtd L? T T? distinction except friend* and enemies, and it was not tube expected that vindictive man should give 1 th*' th' rtcI? ?'??? 'h 'Uld be dt.pmed to pait with his property fur the ben, fit of his Ml ,w ; creature, who, I..*# fortunate lu the g ft* ?f the world ha I no rialm upon him except community of ra, earn! eonimu i f'?y "fr^lempllon by the lion of U,al Hut If th-se be j hefeelingsrl maiiUnd In general, how much more did the pr.cepts of the Church apply to those who-e situs 1 *1^" ll* ">?.* of mankio 1. such as kings, and emperors, and conqueror* who are res poDslble to nothing but their own ehang,? VZ prices and their own corrupt will' It was not ,1 U.l't wrconllngli the Chnrch bad hardly Wo launch, d In the world when the content began It commenced In the time of l'eter. who wa? brought be i?? *. ,nJ """UDCed. and '-onMiiui-1 from that time tc the present; and notwithstanding what lying historians may say about the omoipot ne* ofihe church, ( the church has been assailed in various way, and the Miccess, is of gt Deter have been obliged to fhv and hide Z'ZlnZl* ln *? App..?,q,.* w lie re ,her nevertheless continued to launch forth their denuueia tlons against the crime* of king, and emperor* This has been lb*battle of the church in its outward r la I lion* but how much move suigic baa been the e >nt**t i J"4 .,rulh' "h*? chri't '???? ??>?? 'bondnot prevail egainst the ehurch. tt ie andmtood that be meant to signify that the church i.?* 7 ??timately triumph In all it? onte.ts but that it was the depository of rewsMMotx?that i., to'LatTn s '""fu? 'broufh the . riurch. wh.cb hctr.detbed, ,K,.|tovy of all divine truth And the church la not only the depository to p/c^rre. but the chennei to communicate; and it hi* it* tuterprwuw* ! toeiplair when necessary, all that Chfi-t iwvealcd for with Uencw, he aid. h-would be with the church t'. the end of the world and hence it I ib . >>"C't <bwlWo<* 10 Ihe authority of the n.i. !' - T^":*'y ,n Implicit Obodtanee, not only <lo we do what rca-oq juatitVes. but we fulfil the H I 'o ' -c".* hi,u~lf and tho?., if the PbiTto 1 *^*' a ??'"urch has not tan conquered. I hi,e ha-b) en tried?her power hn* been te-te l ;u .-v. . v w?y that the perverted heart of man eouid conceive e?n wiv' ?"taily politlcallv la every way, for there i* no power on earth that hv? not in r'o1 1? T'1 ,h" ' burch During a 5m uLzT* bui?,Jr'^ je*r- nearly ail Iheauceewnor ' * ? ? ?P their Uvea for their faith ; and TII' h ? W a" bril,tu,,'*y ?"<1 '?>? chureh were tole. htih r?eB favor by emperors and others of refe ui ', ln"ocnee?heresies and tb* Mending of the !n!h ilTV . , *1lh P-Mtanism were att-mplel !? thorn, controversies the church to I much to auff r I 5kft??'-Z2r*i! cont?*' *b* l? f'ond triumphant' Nsither under Nero, nor hi, .ucceesvr. in hlooj did th , 5rta.^ tb* church Neither under the Jr h u * r"Vr?I>t lb. faith did ! c.mJtaHe .1! ?r*T*" **?"'* Iks. church Then so? 1 1 e**' * UP "I the Roman -mplr I and the Influx Off t?rharian. as late as the df the"rnc"iXi".n r'"tury. bu: neither had j to *|"rvupt th* church. n .T eould thrir darkn,ss obscur- lu teachings Th- reverend gen 1 "j?1"',b,n .r,'[,rr*'<l to the subtle enem.e, which the I 1 r ? I '2 rot,t*ltd with ami Mid the gr-at I 1 nste"war c. tna-ie Indiwrim, *r *il heliefs ; but even that was op..n. and ,1' a***4* "'?? the church were he -v u l bl?"4' ""y d1,1 ?"t disguise the spirit

I de. ,K . Tr Wrr" 'ctu*,"J Th-y 'Dd not aeknow. dge themselves to be actuated by the apirit of ton be caoM-they denied the exigence of hell, but to-dar there H a dm k adversary which tt has to contend xrlth which harmonises with ereiythlng-wlth Ath"i-in or Gstho in ^r * a th* P*nth"''t?c ord-r that resolves mil X ioto an abstract humanity Rverything which H f a phase of I he princtpU which they .Tri' M,n- h,,m?n neture humantty-1 ? hat Isealte-t tran cendentallsm buta tranwen lental ii vl ,v* di'1, '*?' fr m> "hat Is uo | .r "'2^ ,h'" ,,,rn< here?it harm on ires with all the.", ?rII employ* every means to control and govern Mi th wess Mates of Southrm Rurrpe It ia , ombin- l with ?eetrt arcietiee, hound h? burrih!" oaths, an I the people * y tare Ibelr go, wnment r-itgi. n, an t country I! (t . ' M.rd h. J P..JI sppr, h? a,Ion. far a m io?"t t. that t I r, tail against the rlintch No ihter this st- cl, s e,f w?: far- has ti PI l'eter The , t , who now ccs,>? "ff hell shall wl >Ve I tree. f r nr.,1 h I he ?>>' m ? th him celts list .. ? .? ? suly traniuil. *???. an I s.if potasosed pubhc it' ll in Kuro|>e They do n H lay tU*s wy sat he ?arr ourtuatdux-iq tk? contrary, several of them think there will be?but they entertain no anxiety as to the resett. It would be Impossible for you to behold the peace ttjsd Is intnifested by these boly men. especially the holy father himself, in whom is blended the highest majesty aiih the pro* nation. i founded humility, without reneratfon. Oh, how Messed In the midst of these things, for one from a remote part of the world to spend a few days or a few icon the in that Kternal CMy, surrounded by such men, iu*-rested by snch associations, that he can't turn round, esen on material objects, Without M ing reminded of so nrxoh? bat principally hcnr glorious and consoling it is to-find himself coming into communion with men from the opposite side of the globe during the ceremony cf hrlr week, when he witnesses whatever is touching and eof fying. during the tilte in which the sorrows of th? 1 Saviour, and his passion, are commemorated by the head 1 of the church himself, and those around him. llow grand Is the contemplation, when you behold, partly by accident, men from all parts of the globe?all finding themselves kt home?all lu the presence of their parent! If von read books about hcty week in Rome, they will tell yew that the spectacles are rather a kind "f public I pageant. It is true that when these holy things are I presented to the spectator, every feeling of sanctity is taken away from them by the mob of stranger* who ; go there at that period, to gratify the eye and their t curiosity by their wild and unmannerly staring. But it is the mob who do this. I will speak of one instance which eeeurrvd after washing the fe*t of the poor men. It is customary to prepare a tepast for them, and the waRer on table It the Pope. It Is no special order, bnt it Is a privilege, for the members of the Church lo hand the dishes. On this occasion you could see a Bishop from China; rsxt you would see the Patriarrh of Jerusalem. then a Itlshop front Hub land, another from Africa, another from America, all tall tag in by chance, and all glad of the privilege of taking part in the ceremony which shows the univer sality of the Chnreh. Bat these ceremonies are aot of the kind whieh they are represented to be, but are lull of deep meaning, full of moot consoling instruction to the heart of the stranger, who. though be may have charge of a portion of the rhnrrh <f Ood, finds himself in tlir presence of him who has entire guidance, not only of the lambs, but of the sheep of the whole ilock. And on this day. how glorioas it is that men of all na tioos?your couutry men aswrll as others?find themselves under the dome, the majestic dome, of fit. Peter's, which seems to have been built to express the unity, and strength, and magnitude of the Catholic Church?that dame under which the devout Christian of every eouu try and elime, looktng up, sees the inscription. Tu ei Prtra,el mprr lane Pttrum mthjuaho aclrsium. Who is there that, under these circumstance* does not feel a speeiesof holy joy ami gratitude to Ood. in the very rela tions he sustains to a spectacle so unique and unparal leled! I would hardly do justice to my own feelings, if I did not here express my gratitude for the kindners I have received in that Kternal City, and, Indeed, else where, during my visit to Enrcpe I cannot account fur this kindness. uob.? v.--. else race mat 1 nave been ine nrst elevated to tie- title of Archbishop who has nought and rcreived the sacred symbol from the bands of the holy father himself. This is but one of many it stances of that kindursa ; butl have reason to believe that amidst at) the threatening of revolutionary storms, he casts his eyes often on this side of the ocean, and l-eholds with a pleasure that lie dons nut conceal the fidelity of the Catholics of this country, scattered though they be. to the centre of the apostolic unity, and the just and kind spirit that uutnates the government, im posing no restrictions on the faith, and Offering no ob stacle* to the free exercise, of our holy religion, such a* it meets with elsewhere. I kpow that it is a consolation to the heart of the holy father, and I trust that heucefor ward it will continue to t>e so, and that we who partake of all the sacred institutions of Koiue itself?for there is nothing at Rime except what 1 have mentioned, that is not here?we have the institutions, the ordinances, the , sacrament*, the means of glace; but at Rome there are associations. It is the city of Nero and Peter?Nero for the moraewt, Peter foe all eternity 1 trust, I say, there fore, that we will feel it uot only our duty to fulfil our tbiigalioa* to the Church, but to soothe the heart of that go? d man who was the first to extund liberty and privi leges to a corrupt people, who showed their ingratitude b) attempting toiubvcrt his throoe. and to overturn all i social order One thing is worthy of remark in Europe. In all the old countries thine who thought it was an im pediment In the way of developing the privilege* of hu- j inanity, have turmd nsu.d ai d proclaimed that the ' qWdMI i. a-1 about liberty, but that the first and meet vital Is aba wt - -leif The question that is asked is. MM much how tails there is to be of liberty, but wh< ther s,? oty i t?? I? destroyed Rut It l? very well undents 4 ' ' It - prtnotpls prevail- it will not result ia an Ito i-s - *f kb rty. but will end In the destruc Uratf all thai k MM !? human wailety At this no meat lb. g?r*t as i- -t,*ll savtety be saved or shall It palish' la en tils I beta M a return among infidel*? evs n among the Prr4e?UiiU tin jfi-dves, in tne highest place*? ,,g a large rla-s of l athoikes who became jraiou* of Ihs poWet of the church?there Is an eviden return of on* Idea that miles* religion be at the ha*K there U no longer security for any right which i* sacral or I Dtial to tbe happine** of man?BO *eourity f<>' families for the subordinallcsu of enitdsea ?? ?se fur lbs ti*kis >f -was <?. usfcy for commerce? no issaritf for virtue, tor truth, for innocanoe. fo goven.mei.t And If there I* no security for governmen . nian returns to bis original condition?an unprotected savage. Thee* things are ucdarvtood; and. as tor as out ward things are concerned, this is a g<**l augury that the church is to be again triumphant?that it* Gra-a llead will reconstruct and consolidate even the out war I bearing of that see which was founded by fit. Peter, ard inherited by his successors, all sustained by the original power That I* the rock on which the church Is founded and the gates of bell shall not prevail against it. Marine Affaire. Lai wen ?Will hs? laut-hed ?n Mon-Hy. 31*t. after noon. fn in the ?hip ynrd cf llwn. V.mghu A l.ynn. Kensington. the ship fariaco. 600 tone burthen. Bin* ie biltuM for the K!<> de Janeiro trade, and Is u?IHnJeJ by Captain B 8 Johnston. Her dimension* nre IMfeel t-etwci ii the perpendirulara, and Ho feeteitrem ? 1 ? ? " !i. with 29 ft et beam the Is built of Delaware whi' k, trsnsim. inner f-tern j->-t apron, kntghthe- id corner c unler timbers. <>l lire oak, with l-?u-t in * l ei n* hhe is near elk f> < I through from the top of the keelson to ike lower part of the keel, ami nineteen inches In the bilge. with bilge streaks bolted edgeways; hs* ?optir srid iron fastenings are tnost abundant; her n.slr< tiat'-h combing* are ot mahogany plated, on the t--p with braes. 8b? bae all the intslern ini| r--r? tnents.with patent lenillatora in her poop deck and pLanksh ears, and will l? steered with Hobinaon A Co.'a patent stor ing ap| aratua From the easy and graceful curse >( her liner ah? promises to be a fast sailer.?/Vnaiy/eanein. Lat-m lira tt Hsltimosi ?The splendid clipper ship Seaman's Bride, built forUesera. Thomas J lland A Co was launchrd yesterday allrrnoou at - o clock, fr >m the jard <f b?r fodders M--ar? K J A It Hell, at the foot if West Falls arruwe The Seaman a Bride la built Toe the consort of the Hearaan launched ah >ut a yiar since by the Merer* liell. and whose rapid trip to California has already made her famous in the nauticai ? orld 8be la built mainly on the model of the .-teaman, il - ugh In aenie respecta ituproyed so as to maka her a s: ill meet raf-d sailer .--be ie ? t 760 tons burthen and of til# following dimensions ?? 15J feet l"Wg ow dcrk. 81 feet 4 Inches beam and 17f--tfl Inches depth <f hold Her Itidrl is thoroughly r' pper. and thr-ugh rut ah ? has lain const meted "of the I-est materials. Cheeapeaka white < sk ! ? ing used aim -t -u'irwl- and with erery care to render her perfbctiy staunch and strong 8he la to I are a p<' p-deck rabir to j- fliii-hed in extra style and with fltic state r*v tn accomni latlon for p i etagot Abe wtil 1-e apwrri.d so na to spread an inn-n# aainat of -at. -card m; he tak? n a? a perfrrt sampl ? ?d what Ba' tin: re rati do ia t. id l.ng a oulck anillng ?e -d I ra ti . d ataly after the lam < h sh? wa? tas-n to Mes?r* < - ? j?r n Butler s *<?--? ? d s-k where sk- wiil be taken Hp "or the purj"? ? ot l.clng C ; ;>? r - .1 .Mr J J. Abra ht no laui'i h- 1 fr-m I - ss.r-1 lower rn I of the I'>iat yectirday i.f*. rn- ? n sfire arbuower sailed the Ooiiouo, built f <r a Richmond a unpany and designed i ? run be twen that port and Sew Turk She rtwnMsi increry rest- ' h-r pnt'ner th# llaaall. launched from the same yard last week ? Haiti mm r jtmrricaH. Jtmr 21 8 is it? ar Vaaaii* ?t Ai rnmui ?1Th-re exists with us en almost nnprecwdsuk I aearc tr of cos-ting t. i'-iel is attiring In larg- |Uantltiea fr--m the t'uu i-rlatd mines. d< -tli " I f. r shipment to nenriy all II -? I astern ports, and g<> id rate# of freight are offered We hope our Ka tern nien i*. who ni?y belying unem tl' T- d with their r- -vela, W.il -'top their b-emis.' and 1-ssr aw?? f?if the Potomac A? many as can CUM wiil find - ni| li ym. nt An lmpi*?el -n baring, as we under - stand. gsitv-d crwdetu-e at th- Worth, amongst -hip iua?ter- that ail t?aaels bound tn ttis pert arr suRject tn a systi m of pilotage we deem it due t > the narlgatlon iatfferte to correct th-< impre- t-iu. and say -uih ia not the fat t Upon itouiry. we I- am that lb-re are no regularly licensed pti< ts h< longing to tin - place; th >se ? bin p' f-sa to ltd low that buetne-s bar- net-r complied with if - proclaims of the law. and. until they do cannot d- maud fees, nor ? tup- i the master of any rc- el to take them ' n braid And >f they war- regularly organised, they bay* no o-ntml o?er T.a-rls bound here fir ? <al Ttie law ipecially unapt* ail such r-aaela from b-lug " mpelied to take pilots -Mt-ran Iria Ocr?"? J tnt JO Tn* Qrn sret I'saasnr *??? Mst-c Brtsirr EorrT srn K*-i can?The tmental Bteam Company's wew eleemebtU Ganges. 1,-jnn tons. and ."est h--rae p -??f. -<<n ftrwgted by Tid and McGregor. of Glasgow and which ess placed by the company ag an extra reaael on the Somthsmptrti and Alegar trtn line made her pa* wag- out tttm 8- uthampton to .? . im lria in ulufuB days two i' urr -teaming. Wing an nrcrage rate of eleren and a half ln< ta per hour for th? wh -Ie passage gbe arriced nt JW-uthampt- n on the -Hh instant harlng ma le her fa*-age home in eleren days and sit hours -teaming or <-ally at the same rate as n the pa?**g--out Including ti e stoppage* at Gibraltar and Malta, the actual time occupied on t lie royage has' es-n a Matte under twetce day - being within otic day < f the actual time now occu p -I in transmitting the i T-tian l portiou of the mail to tie-akdria through Prance Mes-rs T->d and B-Ur gor an-now constructing three large steamer* f-r thti <- >,n |a?y ? CrgdaA ' 'i ?> Clltirssa l!s*r Ll . M'Mo'-se ?Th ? rnil'l ttr'M ?ht?e mar! i ?cfc?e ner Bn-s.i Captain 'tuhl wis t? lea*- '"ars-ford Beef on nr al-out the 2dth iu-tant, f?r I h la del ph In, with lha workmen at I light ho wag leasing l iilt.d 'ta!<? fshretin -'aptyt- William, 8 A fork ? i-t?r to-ail 1st July, for rbHa 1 Iptiia Thaenglnwar i Bl-o r, Lieut flecrgs ii Meo-I- will r turn natt Oct h r to oar p! te the Work i'attain Churl s M J htt-'d, of ligli I- p Cary-f td R?f ha? le-en left In charge -rf suld lit In In u e ? I Vi. - pa- ? -nt ?/ MWdaaMR C -irm. Pa- ? uri?At Booth bay. ly Btephen bsrirent, a Bna LHg ut l*w tons, ealieii the ,M?.-.atlau. hullt of white oak, MM fast- ni .l, owned by I'aptain Benjamin l. wu |a4 t tbrr?, and to be commanded by Cnpt L, The Watering Place*. OtTR FASHIoNAIU.E CoRRKSPONDEHCE. Cokk.m'i W'kst Foist Hotix, June 2(1,1851. Meant of Enjoyment at IPeet Point?Beautiful Groundt? Surrounding Scenery?The Military JUademy?Delightful Drift? and Walks?Miniature LaAet?Effect! of a Shower. Contentment falls to the lot of but few?some Buy none, bnt the condition which approaches nearer to that Ucss iag than u; that i bare sesn In a long time, seems to be enjoyed bf the risttem at this delightful spot, at the present time. And It fa not wonderful that such should be tie case. Pa only two and a half hours after leafing the noisy, dilsty, sweltering uncomfortable thoroughfare* of the sity, one uay be at his -ease at his inn" Here, sur rounded by ail needful comforts and many of the luxu ries of life, with tier most unaffectedly polite host to care 3br him, a ad plenty *f attendants to perform all the small (dices nee-ifed at the* hands, Six time* a day visiters arrive hero from IF-w York, so that one cau almost choose his own hour fee tearing (lie city. In the morn ing She strati boat New World or Reindeer Ira res at seven o'closk. Another boat, which stops here, lrares at tivu o'clock, P. M . and then there are all the different trains of care-on the Hudson R.'rsr Railroad , so. a person d. slrous to come to West Point can suit his houv of depar ture from New Yoifii to his tsisiness ; but, if buriness wilt permit, I should by all means recommend the morning I oat, especially in pltasant wother. The delight ful slews along the Hudson river never grow old. They are constantly changing. The outline, of eourse, d >es not rbange. hue the pictrrr grows more and more per>ct all the time. Where Inst year the axe. and plough, and grubbing hook were at work, mty now be seen beautiful 1 awns and delightful groves, which were then in r wirse sf preparation or imprcwement to adorn and add new ?omforts to the residencies on the bauks of this noble 1 rirer. The proprietor of this house a^cbthe adjacent grounds, has su< needed in making it a most desirable summer residence. From the windows on the east, a vb w i f the rirer is to be had, with all its quiet grandeur and all its commercial notirity Fleets ot -ailing vessels dot the waters every tide, and lumbering barge accom panied by acres of canal b? ats. seem to vary the scene as ; they approach and recede at short intervals, while every 1 hour or two the railroad traius come hissing arvt scream ing along like mad. From the west. the view, though of a different ebaraeter. Is still rharming.' a beautiful little vails y. or Hat of laud, upon which the hotel grsuuds are situated. Intervene* between the house aud the magnifi cent hills ? hieli stretch away on wither hand. Kort Put- 1 nam Is in full view, and the Ituttermilk Falls within a i q surfer of a mile. Omnihu-es and other carriages run I miming and evening from-Ooraene s Hotel to West Point | proper, which is distant ouly one mile. The paradr* of the cadets are well worth witnessing. For those who enjoy a 1(uiet drive there are plenty of places near at bind, winch will repay a visit lbe hotel here is not full, bnt is beginning to fill up. Among the residents here at present are Major Leslie. I". HA. and Nr. bureau of Natchex. Mississippi with their tsmiliis Tbu young folks scent to enjoy thium- Ires very much. Then- are several fine rambies to be had thxt ugh the ground-, which. luMed to the sp.-cial menus of amusement around the hou-e, provide ample i luplwy. ment for the children during the toy time, and at night the delightful atuu>>phi re is tocaii that refreshingsleep is sure to prepare them tor the next day'ssp ?ts There is(,nefeature at West Point which ha- never yet been pro puly noticed namely anumle r of ,1 -lightful littL- lakes, or basins, whic h lie nestling in the lulls iu the vicinity They must soon be appreciated, for one visit Is sure to charm the visiter so that he will gladly seek them again We bad a deiigbttul shower here la.-t ni* bt, which was {latrfu.ly received, as it wis; the first rain that has lessed thie region for three weeks. The effect was delightful The birds seemed as much delighted this morning as were the men. women, and children; tiny rang out more sweetly aDd longer than usual, this m ruing New verdure was added to the grass and rhrubbery, aid everything that the eye restid Upon aeeno d to bear a happier and brighter ap II aranee. The dust is laid, and the pleasure seekers are out In uumls-rs this morning, to enjoy a drive or carriage ride 1 would earnest y recommend all who are seekiug rummer retreats, to make this one of their stopping plaees. They will not regret it There is none of thr mm. m luieal fciuiality Of the would be very fashionable public he uses; but every thing I- veil entered, and nothing is m elected that cau add to the weil-hring "ml comfort of vislteil while here There Is an air of real respectability about iwrylhirg hern; but there is no*training after Dew modes to delight fashionable nob slies; no one seems to lack means of enjoyment. There is sufficient to em ploy the uiind and means enough for heal'.lifal recr -r- ' tion always at hand. An excel.ent piano, in the drawing ns m. is in frequent requisition. The c impauy is o >t large enough vet to get up lsdls, but that will come aU>ut all In goosHUne We had a visit ye-terday fr >m ? Ue ??uleuts at ih? hotel, within the military grounds. | An omnibus load of lb* boarjera at that hotel called up ; (>n the ladies here A return call Bug, of coatee. be I made to-day or to morrow, Tin- luterehenge of courtie (it s must be productive of good. The pleasant drive of a I mile, between here and lbe i'olnt. adds to t he Inducement to keep them up Kvetything at the <4her house par t tabes i f the stiffne-s < f military restraint from which occasional relaxation i< neeea-ary, while, on the other hand, the novelty of the military em itmpmeut. and the drilling of the cadet-, make it an object NT the h ?r Its at this hi us? to vl-it the A her They are b> h g ?d In tlieir way; )<ut for the travelling public, who hare n > r -. I latives at the West Point institution. Coxxeua s is the t house. Hmscv Friday June TT-P M The elegant steamboat ibinjier left New York at tight minutes past-errn, this morning, and uob d her Ksengir- here at four past one. beating the din His ? i Kaili-ad to this point about thirty mi I nutx-a. rf. Ttiw Turf. tt mu TaoTTtm I'oi *?r ?W? notice a race In the llullalo pilper* between Jack Roiudter an t ft Lawrence, two mile heat*, which If the track la a full mile In length, hi the faetcet trotting context that ha? taken plar* thli eraenn In any part of the country Jack Rcealtcr. It appear*. maker better race* In the Waat than be doe* > n Long I land. What I* the reaaon ' Can It be that the mile* are *torter and the watehe* nlower in tba wt - tern part of Ibi* State The following U an ac count of the race :? t'irti II-ui ?100 to 30 on Jack Roeelter Jaek broke eoon after parting the *i re. when Lawrence paaee.l hltn and led to the >|Uarter in forty-two *er"ud*. to the half la I lk. ami ci it.iiunl to lead to the three- jBarter p >le. when Jack lapped and pMMH him e? ->nt Me fl ?'0',. and mnlntnlnlng thta pneltloa throng bout the heat, wbh h war trotted in t d,1*?Ja k coming In at hi* lelture Thtrw h no doubt btit that tumnr -k <? >utd hate trrugbt the t.me d wn two or thr??? ? -? nd?. Urnt ?h th hofeee c<*,i<*J off admirably Law l ing odl< ark M the | pietrnt'd much belting Thl* heat wa? the m ><t Iteaa I luliy conteat'd one we i t#r ??'?collect to have witn??-ed. 3lute wae an part ? f It that the h<me< were m re than two !< B(tk> apart, and It ear trilled III I t The f >* Joniogit a rummary ? Otle I'.n mick entered h g Jack Ro*?lter,... .... 1 1 Mr. Talamn enti r* I h h ft Lawrence 2 2 Time.5 >*?& 3.', Couit of < onimoh I*len?. OIXIUL IBP W. fl?n .iUiige* Ingraham and WIf lrul pre*i ling J> *v 27 ?-l>?i i*ni?? ? Oerf J-An mm t?. JewOin D M'ilun ?Ju lenient afflrtnn). with roet*. .WwMnef J NrittmtI emf eflert r? JCymm/m C. Greg.? M-te n for n w trial denied wiihcoet* Jnetl Hunl if J**, Got ten ?M itkm for new trial dm id. with c<t* Tlie Court In giving their dtci-i n reaMikid. that till* *?< eery ?le*rly n-1 a rate fur heavy damage* It uiay he that, hid we betn railed tipon to decide th? ca?e with nil the Inter vention of a jury we *hould have found f;?r the defenl aat; but it U n't a ca*e la which we feel at liberty to di*tll!b their tinding " K-ht'l I 'a- .j/r it .fe'n C ??' ?Motion to aet aide report of nf, ree denied. With poet* A*g*tfm /.yen if Harare /' t'lfk enJ gtwf ?MatI? to *et aeide report of referee denied. With contf tlnnul Ml II I- ,1-11 t Jamri ft* 11.?Judgment r*V#r?*4. with co?t* ,/eTttminh Ice if rt. Jtedert //-fee ?Judgment aUrrned. with c*te H ? tei I F"'<h'nt 11 .fieeyt /' i? ui eg ?Order of special term affirmed with flu (nib III em 11 J-trpfi Haul-hit ?fame llnnyll /men it A'latwfr CtwfWl ?Ofd*B appealed ft- III i, fainted Willi' lit coet* Ntiy M FmH ri J*kn U Kn-f'rr ?Order appealed from afhinnd. Willi 310 coet" (iff D M-tt'-tv If Xfhrf /n'l?Jiidgnient Pavernel anJ new trial otdered; eoot* to abide the event The Following drcMon* were mad' in appeal* fr m the Marine and Juetlcea' l.'ourt* ? Jf* fMeKte* II ('ft Jeftffingt ?Judgment re verted. with coet* liee .rmilt M Uttitnll ri fillip flaadfW ?Judgment fe ver*' d with ? net* an 1 If plaintilT elect to take judgment for KU43. Judgment la ordered for thai *um wlthowt coet" of appeal .C'-rahirm I'mtlfnri rt JieM'If .1 Mil- el ?Judgment affirm' J with cu*t* ?fitfitn M htitf tnJnilwiri .fdnie^' ?J idgment revetMd. with coet*. ar.d rcntltuti n ordered f"r the amount paid wtth intereet Hum the time of paym??t. uule** the plaintiff within Ave day- .Ale a written cow ??nt to r-dute the judgment tr and l?We?t.an1 poet* In the nowrt beta*: In which ca*? judgment la af f imcd to that eatcnt aad r ver-? d a* to the rc-iduc and r'-lltntlcn or tcrcd f"t tm-h rc-ldne, without cwti to either party on app?al (dw. fttUfdwifi it J*hn A. Gwacon ?Julgtn-:r. af frwid. with c t*. 1'rrry fba^/?y it J*t C fereWt ?f'ndgmeat afllnii" I. with net* Ji -tf L)Wl||| ?f |..i< P*Me{tl'-T*?0*"W Jitlg ???? r?ver*?d. with '-.-da In both aam . Me; h I |?f?< he'- 1 fan-' -.lelgm tltr v?r. d. and jndsii) at otder -d fig plaiati'J he f it 73, with a >.t* oft' vrnat . *,:Wi -w let i (item , --Ja lg*n hire warm I. with cct-t The C< urt adjourned rfe* g The lumber bntmeu at Detro.t. Ui<* y-ar. U ll FfU ma'.'d, a hi r.?ch U*. (wt NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Intelligence from Wuhlngton. THE RETl'RN OF THE PRESIDENT TO THE CAPITAL? 1IIS RECEPTION AT FKEDERICKSBt'RB?INTKNiK HEAT. Wamisotos, June 29. 1361. The President we* received yesterday mi v" red eric k? bnrg with great enthusiasm At the dinner. strong l/'nkin speeches were madr by the President. Secretary Stuart, uud others. The heat was intense; thermometer 80 dcff , and one of the military fainted in the street. The speaking at dinner was kept up for three hiurs. At 6 o clock in the evening, the President and part? left for Washington, eeddiers. rill/ens and a large com pany of ladies attending theui to the I'otmaac rirer,. fourteen miles by railroad. The steamer Mount Vernon, which went down from Washington with a hundred cltiiens to m?et the President, bromtht the party home. AliarrlTed safely here at twenty minutes part 12 o'clock last night. It is ucderstowd that the President ha- reviewed tbn suhjsrt. and deeMed to appoint Samuel iHroug general superintendent of the CapitcA wings. The thernu met rr in the shade, iu this city, at 4 o'clock this afternoon, wu? 82 deg.. and 80 d?g. M0 o'clock. Later from Kle Janeiro? Stale ?* the Tlaer? aioinrtrr, Ac. IIaltimorc. June 29. 1951. The ship Greyhound. at this port to-day. brings Kin d* Janeiro dates of 21st May The political news ia un npnrtant. The markets generally w.-r? much depressed, (effee was daU Produee very abundant The New Grleaui mail, as late as due, has arrived. TV Southern papers contain un news The thermometer, to-day. in the shade, stood at 93. From IIanion, MlXfiKfl AT BOSTON?LIBEL CAS*?STATE OF TH* TttEKMQMKTV R. Bosrow, June 29, 1861. Hoanra Mshony.aged twenty-eight, the imotherof four ebiidrtn. was beaten to death about noou to-day. by her husband, Daniel Mahony. They lived at No 1Z> Uroad street. The deceased exhibited marks of V ioieuce about her head and breast, and was also injured internally. The murderer has been arrested and committed to jail. The testimony in the libel case of KeirchilJ vs. Adauis was nearly closed on Natur^lay The argument* of coun sel will V heard on Tuesday to which day the refereea adjourned. To-day, at one o'clock, In the shad'1 the th>-rtnomeie* stood ad 8(i". Adjustment of tKe " Ib? U Varil" I>lilt< ultyr, at NoiTollt. Noai iiLl. June 28, 1361. The eommittee of the workmen at the Gosport Nary ^'ard. appointed to wait upon the Secretary of the Nary, have returned from Washington, where they succeude-t in making an amicable adjustment uf the difficulty with the rommaudant of the yard. The workmen will return to their duties on Monday Tl?e Opei a at Castle Harden. 11 Lurreaia Borgia" is to be performed to-night, with Marin!, Lorini, Caroline Yield, and lloeio, iu the prinoi pal characters. The roitt have tss-n distributed, it will be sicn, with excellent judgment, and If five thousand person* should be present, such an auJlenc* would bu too small to testify a proper appreciation of the spirit at the manager The opera is a favorite one. and is full at dramatic and lyrical beaut lea. TUcat ileal and .Mu*lval. r.o? t Ki Tur a k > ?Two excellent pieoe* ar?* innxinosl for thi* crming?th* bUtorical play called the ' Court Fool; or. ttv UM iltu'nCuM,1' and the "Bund Boy ?* The flrel part <>f the entcrtainmanta will commence with the "Court Kool " with Mr Kddy. a very clever actor, a- Trlboulet. Tilton a- Francl* the Firet, and Mm Wi uiy*r a* Biam he Ml** llitb-rt will sing one of her admin d ballad* an>l the ainui-eui.ut* will cloee with tho r< u antic uiuricial drama of the Blind Boy," in whirh Mi-r S !)? bin und Mr eleven* will appear in the leading ebaraeti r? Ccu-ld-ring the low prior*?twenty five cent* to the Luxe*?thin theatre should lie crowded ?rerj night, froni the excelU nt entertainment* tiered, and the ta lented artist* who are engaged there Bao*DW*r Tin mt ?The aspirant for tragic fame. Mr. Roy," will Rob R<y, i Waller. ? ho haA teen play inn 1" Furopa with cou.if hleibinae. and wkt M aaU to have been horn in thi* c'.ly, wtll appear tn-ui{ht in Shak-pearr'* beautiful but iliMrult characli r of llajniet When we hare >wa hlaa we *hall enter Ue re particularly on a cri Ileum We hop* he may receive every ? ucourag-ment from the vhit*rs id the Broadway theatre. If he have merit, let him re ceive hie reward. The accomplished actrca*. Miea Aa d*iton. will appear ae Oph-lia, ehe U a credit to the Bnadaay emu| .my The euteilaiument* will cloee with ** 1 II be lour ficood." Niaio'a Uiimv -Tin Rirrii ofler a eplendid eater ta.nn.i nt for thi* evrtftbg The auiu-em-nl* will com mence with an overture whieh will be followed t.y the c< mlc pantouiiu.e of the I nr l.over* with the Ha rris. Mtlirtll.Collet, and Mad Ciocra. in the principal character* The n- vt feature will be the tight rope pi >fi nuance*. in which tin tmm.iaM* Uabriet. Krmu <-oi. and Moii.' Blond,n. will five their aurprtsiug feat*. Aft< r the Intel mi--tun for refreshment* wbi rti are ?.-rae4 up in fir. t rate style. the evening'* pleasure will termi nate aitb the pant mum- if thai Magic Tiuaipm.'* Thi* hiil wilt be -ore to crowd the house. NAnneAi. Tiiatbi ?Two e ic? llent drarnv* ar* offered for thi* a veiling ? amuii ment The ilrst in order la -Kob with Mr ?! It fcott of gri at dramatic celebrity, ae an,l Mm M Jnii*? a* Helen Mc(lrigor MUe Malvlna will appear In a fancy dalice, and the enter talmrient* will conclude with the much adimraad grand nautical drama a f flairy BurnhamMr Watkin* In the leadii g character ft will he recollecta-d that thi* piece, when flr*t ibtraluced. had a hang and lur eaaWul run Tim com; ai y at present at the National le ex cellent Ramon**'* Lvcrr vt ?A bill of graat a'traction in ? fla ied to-bight, for the benefit of Mr Mu w oAgUam. No i,.an k.i* Letter claim.) tkau Mr It ?d the draoaelln public He hae u**-d duitng the pact theatrical >ea?nn, a ry p." .?? th? Mi an* I *?ew \ III, He Km had engagr I many of the Wet comedian* of iw city, at h -?l?ri?* He ba< Wen con-tantly wilting aod :ntr? during new fa-aturea. at an sO'imuU) outlay and we h< |a< he will ta-a rive thi* Wenirg a aulMlaauai proof of Ml worth Four piaarea?* A < ard i'a*e " tha ll"?igh Diamond." with ? r W Dm n*C 'Won Jon, the ?? WMaw'l \ iflun," and the lireat Kxhibitloo " Caatrtt'* Miamuu ?Thi* wail known company will pra a a ut fa, thetr patron* lb'* evening one of their ?r <ginai and nio-t attrarlire prngremmr' ??<niprl?.ng a earv-vy of thair Calebratef tbal ?,|iee anl hurle*|iies K V. Chi.aty ?l 1 sing f ? the firat tiai' a new one wrdl-a and ? > mpoeed for him By ."tephea 0 F'?ter F.?| author a at Nolly * a* a Lady Ac tie rge the tn.niUabl- will lnii Itce a tia-w dance with n- w <? ,'tume The ball in ? "il vent at' I and a net agr?*l.|? evenl ig of am MA n eut may te had hy vxttirg M'-c bit litre' llaii. which in nightly fiea|uebta-d I,/ moet faahioiiahie audience*. Awrait iw Mi ?? *? ? A rr??t MU i) offered for thin af> rt oaan and evening Le a Javelh one <4 th- gr*%t*.t r ;? danger* in the wa.rid and the ceta lira teg lieer dir.* will appear on the tight rope, and the dramaua company w ..l app-ar In'"ma rlcallwnt vaujviil** Ta ?ee the r >pe dew ug t* w> rah tar re than double the price of * luit**i"n Fati' w? Mi*, en ? ?Thi* p- pular *n I ever a'tractirw tiand of p.-af .me r? are >a ling 'n the full tide of euccxaa Fellarw?' I ail I* delightfully reel, and the entertainment giv> ntb<re 1* of the flret or ler? euffi -imt indua-vnaent to draw crowdeal homer* T night n m w op -ratlc bur Ice (tie ia to be prodncid. with other attrai-tiona Map?wr A' ? ? ? the ceie'.eate.l Pari-inn dancer who ha* i org Wan appreciated hvtfe fa<h nvhl* aoriety ?< N. w Yorh. for h?r -hill in t-*ching the elegant nrt of which the i* an Atingol'hi I a prnfrmuc, Intend* to eiait Allony an l Bufla'.o during the n*al month to giro in a?ructl< it to tb'ee fvniille* who may wi-h to a< |inre tho elegant ?tep? bow in vogue Madam* Augueta ha* no auperior ae a toncber M 41.AMI Ave* Bieitnr and her in'nicai director, toclaa. a?e about Id proceed to aome uf the < it;** if M eetern Sew Yorh, on a mueieal tour M* P' . ma* aw i* Piiu.it,11 em a ?Mr Hevn Rohvnan tcimiran I hi* engagement at the Walnut etreet theatre, on fatur lay avening ta>t f).< ugh the *ultry weather during the week precluded the hope of trnwded honnaa, yet thi* y ung at d talented tref-dian made a deohl? i iir.pie..tin ufen the thiatrc g, trig puhlto, which wilt have |t* effect when be neat tread* the boarde of that city tliw benefit on Friday evening wa? grit attended Another 111 Mat ration of Poof Office IFeapntnh* To Tin am von or in hMai.d l etter* fi r thi* plaee mailed da ly in New York, very rare y arrive h*r? until the following day. occupying nineteen hour* lu their tran*ml<eion. while foreign let t?r*. aim ,'t in gvery inetanre. require twenty four fc, ur* and n t unftv t?iently forty eight honr*. to r*aoh thi* p'ace The time by mil way i* little orer half am b' lir f?,m N?W F' lX and th p wt office pay* for twn mail* a Jay. ?>u# leaving New Lurk a* late a< fire o'cioeh in the evening t ofnmunlcaticn* to th* P'>otma?ter of Sew York, bringing under hi* noile# particular ami r?goler re?*o of Itrc nvenienee. ar* foplled to by a kind of general ni? et lar couviying the Very Important, Ihuwgh not eery rnrrecf p'-ce id Ibfiuinauoa that nil letter* are duty f twarded ? 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