1 Temmuz 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Temmuz 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I T H WHOLE NO. 6825. IDOP~BLE SHEET? FOURTH OF 4VLT. VT7fi ?rocRTH or jdlt^-iml-graiid kvI I "cumuli to New l/iiruli, landing *?%rh way at Rook^HUud Lake, Caldwell.. and Went I'oint (Caiitnii' Dock.? are MJieota racli ?>?, ur 71 cuut. for th? entiremcurtloa, ^ jhecommodioui and fa.t .ailiu* itotmerSOUTH AMERICA laave a. fullowi, trom pier foot of Brooms etreet, Ra.t r, ut i \ a . ii , 1'ier No. i. N"rth River. 7'.; Cbmknj IHrci i,/?j; iiainmi>ua sireeo, <ami iuirv?oinu<ir?o ,?io 'clock. arriving it Newburgh at about U 'clock. Returnilia, will leave Nuwburgh at 3 P. 11., makloa the above landigs, au-i reaching New York at au early hour, giving paalengvrs an opportunity to witness the various araui displays of fireworks. Tickets are now ready and for ante at I m. Ilall 6t Son 'a Music Store, -IJ llroadway, aud Kaynur's 3ook etore, 7<i Bowery. _ I QE1 FOITRTR JULY EXCURSIONS FROM NEW lOO 1 York to Fhiladelphia, by Camden aud Ainboy Railroad. at 8 A. M. and 4 F. M. Passengers will leave pier North river, by the auperior ateamur JOHN FOTTEK. on the 2d and 3d July, by 8 A. M. and 4 F. M. lines, and on the Mb by 8 A. M. line for South Ainboy, thence by the com aoy's splendid care to Fhiladelphia. Returning, will leave Philadelphia, Walnut street wherf, on the 4th at 4 or 3 F. N- and on the ftth, tith and 7'h of Jnly, by either of the Iluee t the Camden aud Auboy or Fhiladelphia aud Trenton Kailload Companies. Fare for the excursion, $>. I I. BLISS, Agent. InoLRlH OK JULY !?GRAND EXCURSION'-l'ERa sons w iabiug a pleasant excursion and a sweet retirepent, will be amply coinpeusated for a trip to the Great fulls of the Fasaaic! win re they may recline benuath the lhadt of tbe lofty pine and the > preadiug oak, and enjoy the moling Lroese that fane the waters of the lovely Faisaio, as ft w* la its wayto the pr ioipitotis descent at the Uroat Kails it Paterson, New Jersey. The Falls will be in their original splendor. The whole of the water tliat drives the mills will ?" turned to its original course, which will add much to the toiendorof the scene. The Cottage on the ClitV is littei up La chaste and elegant style. The great saloon is fitted up fcr a diuing saloon, where visiters will he accommodated with all the delicacies of the season, in good style, from ' it. M. until (IF. M The festivities of the day will conciud i aith a grand and appropriate Display of Fire Works. Omni nisses will be in attendance to convey passengers from th > lop. t to the Falls, at the arrival of each train of cars. The Mrs leave on July 4. as follows Leave rateraoa? At 6, 7 He. 0Jn- and 11V. A. M., and 3. 4%, 7, and 10P? P. U. Leave pew York?Atp, 8, HI, and 12 A. M., and 3,8, :^id li% F. MEtOURTlf OF JULY.? EXCURSION TRIPS WILL BE Iv run on the Central Railroad of Now Jersey, in connection with the steamboat HED JACKET, leaving Now York, lier No. 1 North River, l<y steamer Red Jacket, at !l A. M., Lxi at 1, 8 and IU F. M., fur Elizabethtown, Westticld, Fiainleld, DuuikI Brook, Souierville, and Wh'to House. K. turn.ng, lenve tt hite Bouse at S.P) A. M., and 1.40 and 4% F. M.. vnd^leave Eluabethtowu at 10% A. .M ., and at 3% and li% WTIW JERSEY RAILROAD.?FOURTH OF JULY EX 1A enrsions.?To and froin Fhiladelphia for $4, with either >f the following trains: Leaving New Y'ork on the 21 and M <f July, in the () and 9 A. M. and 3 F. 31.; and on the 4th, In tbe b and 9 A. M. train* from foot of Liberty streH. aeturning from Fliilsdelpl.i* on the 4th of July in I le I F. M. trsin, aud ou the 5th, tith aud 7th July, in tic land 9 AM. aud ft F. M trains. Way Lines on N.J. Raillad.?As urusual preparations are making for the oulebraBon of the 4 th in Newark, Elizabethtown. New llrunv" i. k. sc., lie., iu addition to the regular duly trains, witn increased aei ommodations and the oonncctiou: with the Hurris raaex mil central itanroaji, mere will nemo ioiiowing ^^Bxtra Traixia on the Fourth:? HI WAHIi AM) NEW VIlRtf. ^Hrari Nivark 4 50 P. M. Leave Now York 10 P. M. " b 4(1 " 11 ? 1| W < u% E I.I/AHE TIIT"WN AN I) NEW V.IRK. ^Hi'tre Elixahethtuwu H W I'. M. j.eave New York 10 P. 11. 4 40 ll>i * " 1015 " RAIIWAV AM) NEW YORK. ^^Kcnve Rarbway 10 it A M. Leave New York OA. M. ^ P 4 i!5 P. 11. 10 P. M. ?io llX" ? 10 so ^^B NEW HRVRAWICK EVP NEW YORK. rare New llrnnawick t IV M Leave New York 10 P. If. The train leaving New York at 10 P. M. will connect at ^^^Liizabrthtown with the extra v<iAlit train for Som-rville, lute lli. nee, fcr. Pa enter-: viaiting Newark, N'? Brum^^^Bick. Morriatown and other placet, will mid it much to their ^^H-jmiort to 1 uiv e New York early, by taking the 0, x, s){ A.M. and thue avoid the crowda from New York on tint ^^Hay. Hi tinninit there will tie nil extra train from ^^Hfrunawlck to New 1 ork at 4 P. M . and from Newark to N jw ^^ x'ork at 1 .'0 P M., a* above. N. B. ? Paee ugera for Soiner^^B-ille and Vt I ite llonac will take tho 1 P. M. train liom ^^Bcw York, (on the 4th) instead of 2 P. M. ^^ TVXCl RSIO.N ON LAKE ERIE ON FOURTH OF July?The splendid steamera KEY STONE STATE, ^ l.AIl/i)l 4. and CHARTER, wall make excuraiona on Lake ^^^Erie on the 4th of July next, leaving Dunkirk early in the ^^Enornicg. The Key St .ue State will, if antlijjieut punier of ^^B>ateengrra offer, remain upon tho I. ike two or three dtya, ^^Eiaiting the moat interesting point". The Alabama will leave ^ l on kirk in tiie mcrninx. make a trip un the Lake, and re^^Earn in the evening. The Charter will leave in tho m .ruing, ^ m.p at Buffalo and return the tame evening, affording un port unity to viait Niagara Falla and BnlTaln. Pasaengera , ^^Bcavirg New Vork, by the Erie Railroad, un the morning of ] ^^H.Se ."<1. at 6 o'clock, arrive in Dunkirk the ?ame evening, and , ^Bip he accommodated in the heat manner on board the Boat*. , ^^K'asaengers leavinr in the mail train at X o'clock, on the 2d, j ^ButBtlaeitr night at Kiniira, and proceed to Dinkirk ^^^^^Bmorring. J. NOTTINGHAM, Agent. ^^ uV/uxe 25. 1851. HTII OF JULY EXCURSION TO ROCK ?1 he new and elegant barge STEPHEN . ^^^^^^^^^ThaTing he"n fitted up for the oi ca?lon. will leave 1 ^t of If. nlgoinery etreet. New York, a* 7 o'eloek. Adam ^^^Rreet. Brooklyn, at half pa?t 7, Joralemon street at a. and | ^Blie foot of Canal ?lr.. t, North Kivr, at half piet 8 .luck, , ^End pr u'.'i.! up the llud-on Klv?r na far MM kland Lake, i ^^Hand return to the . itv at an early hour in the evening. An \ ^^Bvcellmt l.and of iiiueic w.U ac omp ioy t ? excursion. Pare ^^ (0 cue.te each children under t u year* of age, aocolM^^B anying their parenta. half price. Kufreshmen'-a can he had ^^H n hoard the boat *| )> barge will be towed with a liawver ! ^^Btstern nf the steamboat. iw> '. Ike pvoin .crs w ill, t:i?rcf..r?, H .t . nnaeytd kj t neiae af ika ma inn ry. fca. No ] ^^Hn)iiorv allowed on board. Tiok-ti can he procured of C. U ^^BlAKKK. 22 South atrect, er on board the boat on the day of i eacur?iofi. IhliNb IXCCRSmM TO RTRATTONPOItT. IV OR llikr to f"l"br t' ' at. oilers iry th- tl-rrnn K urth DC July -Tlic ?ell-lilli*ii iteiulioit NEW JERAF.V, Capt I'eck, will Diikc on e*< uraicn. a'artiug Irvu ll.im'n ..id street. N. K , at 7 o'clock in the morning: Robin*** atreetst S o'clock; Kultm ate-et. F R, at h,l^ : (Iran J atr?t at knd Ten ill .tract at in o'cl. rlt. After * Inch ah' "ill n.*k? a trip up the Sound, ami. In returning, will land h?r pnaenip-ra on th# im d ick at Rtraitonport, affording to all r.t-r. of tl.a fic'nr - |oc one t ti t gr-tt. at teen'- 'hat ran h< lotmd n - ar tic Uy, and awar r >m it* si itcn-ut hod bvltle. In order t make the day pa?? pleaaantly, a .'rat-rat* Am rear an l i> eugaaed, aol reffehment* provided n l aid an on ah. re and no ap'O" ha* ben ?; aretl ao a* to make it raitahln I r alien an occasion The larr of to whole eactirei n mil be nil .'* c-ula. CUillr-n bndtr 12 tear* of age, half | rice In Vet*, winch ar. limit-!. can l.o obtain, d at th ?Ih * of JOHN A. FI.AM.VlbK, in VV crater rtreet. one of tin pr irictora. pt RAM) FOURTH OF JCLT EXCCRSIOV To BK IO IE|LX p- r' ?Th? new and aplar did itcaii. r A I.I i 'E, Captain I harlo* Wecka. mil leave | ter I V foot of Idl.crty atrent. at r.a '< lock on tl " m-rn..i< ..I t ic I'mirl'i of .Inly, arrieing h Fi; I/, p.,it at ten o'elok A.M., in avaaon t . j"in in tilt i'l .r.ni-n of tl * do*. K-turning. th* Ale will Ion** llri.l.- I rt rt tl-r- " ?l .>-k I' M. Far' t? otyhv- . enta paid ?ay. The lie* er fluard*. wi'h tl - I n.ted Piatea land. I ruin Oovtri.' r'a laland, will aecumpany the ?\- rIbXCI'KMIOlhM. tfi 71111' 7(1 MA1AR t r M.M AND BUFFALO, [i" and haek?T* atartfrom New V-rk on th* -t'i July", ed retorr on th'17th.?Th*j<nrney will h- B*rf *f m*d by lh? !' < plea line - I alcair. la. Ilriidnk II-limn. I kliai J, an . fr?-in Albany to llupeln, by t * AI' in v lallieid IlinlTal., at d th'HO* by tkl mil tend fr-m lefil* t Ik Irura Iar-. I>t clao* car t N . ,-.i .. . I |l" . f 1". Is t claaa cara t" D ili*!-. t >. ac nd 4* . || Rat* Via onr w ay, half <>f th* above rttea. A? It la neoeyre t" . u< w tli? namkee gday ale riaea hefor' hand. n-. liohet |rtll b? leaned a'l* r tl.* Itb of July. For tick*'.* and ptriilolaee. an .y 77 Fawaa aieawt, grid I tf, * tbafight. IRANI' i| K|) A V I' Ml TO Ci Nil 1*1 tMO, | ' inn dlai al Pnrt 11. i ray Far* I ltd .. t * Ktenn.e* TROJAN and fOKtt C. NAIT1 -I. Fl In. .ea?<* Siring *?r-t at ' o'rla k. A I, j 1 k1 a I'vlcth. P. nndS1, o'clock, P. M : Pi-r No. & N R. a" IDi-clook. A tl. 1 o'clock. I', V.; and 4 oVoek, P. VI teavea laat trip at (iff c-'elm k P. M. To* Jona* C. Il'artt laaree (.rand atreet at Mo'ftnhk. A. M., 'If .'clock, P. M . Catharine etrret tiitj o'clock. P. M ; 2 o" I I*. M ; Pi'r An. A, N h.. at II o' lock A M , and 2>i o'rl??k, P. t leav a laal trip at o'clock, P. M. TRAVBLLRRI' 4.1 IDS. X* l* 7 OR K AN p ril'l ' ' FI.I'UIa?NEW TORE 1" and Philadelphia dir?ei.?United *l?i?i Moil I.ine ? Ihro"*b in 4 f* he nee. via New J-reey Railr-.ad. Fare wtNiced to $ i for firetelaa*. and F2 Nl (or aae .nd olaat. I.-Rve > Tori at d A M . fyoir. I o.t ( ( , ar'lind atreet; a d al V A M. and 6 p. M. from foot of LP ?rtr trcot. Uiv? Philedetphle at 6 and 9 A M and 5 P. M. Iron the foot of Wnlffiatetroet. < 1 AMDFN AND AMHOT H AI I.RO A D l/l N T. FROM NEW J Tirk to I'hitndelpMa?I.- n*a Pier So. I North River, t>y } ptcamloat JOHN roTTKh, M ratal Line, at K o'clock; AAeriv n lone, it ,4 o'clock. Fare ky either lino. 111; forward deck, (2. Emicrant Id no at A o'clock P. M.; fore fl Ml I.. RI.IO' 4e.it, C' iMNt.r. or uorn.-THK steam fr alick, capt. I' Weaha, fi r Urtdnep'ft, w ill, on end after Tueaday July | 1 l>ate rice IV I .til' Vrt v itrct N H. t J.. n " T'l'i.lit, to edneiony, Tl nr-dat nd Friday. a- I .')? noon oa | Fe'tir loy. !' . (.? will irri>e in bn .. ; .rl in ample C*? l in Itt. II,. a?rilt< traioa on fir lliuaatnnl' Nan / ' 1 ii 'I N ? llai n R.olr it Far.' literate. Frri<ht telen at reduced ratee. Apply oa hoard, or at the office ou alio pier. RBNOVALI. 1\K. tl.l.fOTT, OCULIST. IIAN REMOVED TO ?!W MJ Rrr adway, oppoaitr the Art I'nt n Office houre from J I to .1 o'e'iok. Monday. Wedneaday and Friday IAR MOTT, StROEON, flAH REMOVED TO NO. M7 Itroadway, w!>er? he will ileeole a portion of hia nffite | * onra to iliaeaaea of the Ryennd .perationa thrrene Thereraaird'r of hi. fune will be devoted. aa ii'nel, to eenerat and f nrplcal practice lint ra fri'tr 9 t > II and from .Ho A. KRMOVAI.-DR. ALDAN ClOl.tiSMITH HAS RFMOVRD hit i ilu-e frena No. V I'arV I'laoo to N" Irtf llroa lway. t> K corner of Franklin atrot. f'onaiiltatlona from elant A clock A M. to two P. M,, and at II" Fourth avenne, he^*,n ^'i'tawnth and Twentieth atreota.trom four a'alook to I Oi?ht P. M ? B?1( AI. IKSTRt'MKWTM* fkJi.niAV. IDIiklCAt. APPARATUS MA KIR and AN OrtliOfodtot, mho r r If p|t? irat< hkd tit# dlf#etlnn of <:h# Itfl 'MiAHiliiniil ct UrthnpiHlli In I *r??, r*#prrtfRllj (efuram you thtt he I# 111,* . r , *r...| to o?e<?it# nil nrd r? fa lui line?A-tiliH?l Aim# ?iil l.ejt#, *liiih m"V# wlt'i the c mr f?rlHI> h nltnul nil 11 1 - r%; Arp'ntii# f"f linntloo, or dlri-l tm. nt of tli# tliir'i I ,? or li nnir, do f"? ? ? rooted |#i*?; do. r rurxMur t! , #ptne , r **i#t: do. fot j Antrylort*. 't f#l#o /miiti of t';* arm# or ltii?f do I t r?- | I ' run*# III' tin;*, or ?l<# ontiro In; do. fur ?er?lrtl? let#, Oi f> r oil. f?l do. to f itivri 'i l?- rit il tiitnlo# *nd J V tr?r;<tuxi d, *##l??t nt#nl?ni; rMnnli nit; tix jm#-! trie I | D. lU; loot# (fid ttflrn f r#|eK f rf n,! "'"teller. tr rooo. An.) -' r . 11 r - i Aii ri ' 1 * t r j l?t.'f., n t- *id i fn-1 I 'dr .. t# ! t' ? M ^ MOMcaUj, I# MA I #?rl itrtet, N ? York. E;N E NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON CITYINTERESTING FROM ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. LARGE ni'IllBER OF BILLS. PASSE), Ac.. &e., At. Interesting from the Notional Capital. T11E WEBSTER DINNER AT CAPON SPRINGS?MOVEMENTS OF SECRETARY WEBSTER AND SIR IIKNRY BI LWER?REDACTION OP CLERKS IN THE THIRD AUDITOR'S OFFICE?THE TALCOTT COURT MARTIAL, ETC. Washinoton. June 30, 1831. The Webster dinner took place at Capon Springe, Virginia. on Saturday and was productive of great enthuslatm Sir Henry liulwer, Mr. Levin, and Mr. Barnev made speeches Mr Webster will dine to-morrow at Harper's Ferry, aud be there to-morrow night. Daniel Webster returns to Washington on Wednesday, and leaves for Miirehfleld on the 10th July, p Sir Ilenry Bulwer left the Springs on Sunday, and reached here to night. To-m<rrow. the office of the Third Auditor is to be reorganized under the act of last Congress. The number of clerks is to be reduced to twenty-four, viz Kight at (l.tUO each ; eight at (1.200. and eight at (1,000. The following dismissals will take place Samuel Kcppler llroek 11 Williams. Thomas Morgan. Willium Flenner, V. D. Winter, Jabez Wheeler, and William Orme. The Court Martial met this morning at 10 o'clock General Walbach was unanimously excused from further service as a member of tbe Court, the accused offering no objection. On taking his li ave tbe Qeneral was much affected; and stated that as he was an old man. cightytive years of age, it was not probable that he would ever meet the members of the Court on a similar occasion; but he prayed Uod to bless them all The examination of Captain Maynardier was then resumed, when he sta'.ed that payment under a power of attorney was considered at the Ordnance Bureau equivalent to the payment to individual contractors. Cannon projectiles were uever found ready made, but are always made to order, lie detailed at length the process of payments for open purchases. ai.d by contracts, observed at the Ordnance Bureau Captain Mordecai was then examined, lie stated that he sent two thirty two pound shot gauges to Anderson, last January, at the request of Colonel Huger; but before sending them, lie mentioned the fact toCol Talcott, in an urn fhcial letter, a bo stated in reply that he had no objection to their being sent. Capt. Mordecai did not pay mucli attention to the matter, and was not very positive as to the precise conversation. He received no written orders from Col. Talcott to issue these gauges Issues were gen-rslly made on written orders from the chief bureau The gauges were issued to Andersen, but were receipted for by Col Huger. Auderson was directed to return them to Col Huger when done with them ( !..-? nuelitly, in returning the work d ine in January, i the gauges were reported as issued to Col. Uuger only, in the report to the Chief of the Ordinance Bureau on tbe subject by me. The couversat on with Col. Talcqtt wns between the 8th and loth of Jnuuary. Capt. Moras- 1 oai la-lieved at the time they ware given to Anderson, ! they were required for making a few shot forexperi- ' Hu nts; hence he attached^but little importance to the i u Htti r Tbe Court then adjourned. Important from the State Capital. ot a srrcuL tki-kckachic coaa?.sro-iDE.>cE. WEATHER?THE HEPSON RIVER ItOATS AND THE RAILROAD?JENNY LIND EXPECTED?PROCEEDINGS OF THE LEGISLATURE, AC. Albany. June 30.1831. This Is the hottest dav of the season The therinoine t< r iu I lie shade ww at W. Thf members of the I.egislatore appeared tbi? morning in Ihiu pants and sacks, and it the present sweltering weather continues for a week, i wiii drive them to their homes The competition between the boats and the cars, for the day travel, has commenced|in earnest. The latter lire deti rtniued to induce passengers to go by them. The steamboat iielndeer lauded at the wharf a few minutes alter three o'clock, only seme fifteen minutes behind the morning cars from New York The new steamer Henry Clay arrived at a quarter to four. Doth boats were well i filled w ith passengers, a number of whom are bound for Saratoga. Niagara. Lebanon. Ac. This warm weather! driving multitudes from the South to the Northern i latitudes. The anticipated visit of Jenny Lind to this city, in the c' uree of eight or ten days, creates quite afurore. An attempt was made, when she was under engagement with Mr. Lemuui. to induce him to bring her hen- for two or three Lights; but the immense sum which he demanded (about ffi.tOU in advance for each concert) was too extravagant, and thcrvfor#, we were not then visited by the Nightingale. Now that her wings are unpinioned. our c-Csens are delighted with the prospect of soon listening t< her warblings. The only difficulty is. thAt unless some of cur largest churches ran he obtained, there will be uo { place sufficiently capacious in which to hold her con rerta. The reals in the Senate which are contested, are not decided upon, but the committee who have the matter | iu charge hare made a report; and in the case of the Steuben and Chemung districts, it is probable that Mr. (illlert's whig friends will vote him into it, although the Slab canvassers declared there was a tie between him and Mr (Julnnip When that result was declared the Seen tary of Slate should Immediately have ordered a new election. The minority of the committee contend that they have no jurisdiction in the matter. A large I. l:mbe r of witnesses have hi i u in atti tidan'-e for several day s. and, of course, at the expense of the State. Iu the other rase, that of Stanton the committee S U left.itfiil a emmet without KChrwoit.if di. ntilnInn nil .n ilta u.eritail tii* ifUretioa. laa-mucb a* Mr William*, the , c in) itil< r. ha* ii.mii' nn application for Mr Stanton'* (ml. at it lit *111 |,tol>ably r? lauu It. a* It wiII b*u-.-|e?* 1 t i 1.1 r nj' .11 mii inve-tigation at tin* late periodthe li.ga Lavtig a Miflkiciit majorlt/ for ail practical pur|<M* A bill rrmpi Ulng tli* officer* and owner* r.f uteatnbiatelu <l.ii* th* baggage ot paeenger*. pained the p< nut* thi* afternoon -uac a law ho* become iiidl*pro-abl*. froBt tli* fact that tb* atim yanee which tranlWt? ale now subjected to by inwileut ana impudent Iiirtim. ).a* lie me an intolerable nut-atice Uf> f?w a> rape thin* baipie*. 'J b* atu nipt to create a new State officer call 4 public i jiiLt-i at a Urge Hilary. signally faded tin atteru' -n | lime air occn. Tonally instnuce-occurring in wbicb the lit 11*017 t protected, and tbi* none The ti ll intended fir lb* wireeffectual ?upprc**ion o I paint ling t* turned about in tbe Semite like a fod ball? i i CI J liw keeping it leng iu po-r-emn An attempt wa* B.aUe to hare it bi fufc tbe Senate late tbi* afternoon but Ikere wa* a atrt.ng inanif. etation again*', it. tlreen. Ilietchlan d gaUibler. i* in Coiwtant attendance. anno/- , i> f the nielnlieri mint inioleiabl/ The bill I* ehrn do?u to a nn re nominal oecttoa. atd will not produce ' nn/ i ff.ct a* it now eland*, it enacted Into a la* The 1 Irli ud* i f roninion *chooi* made an rffort in the Mou-e tbi* alUrut* n to strike out the utteral appropriation* h r academic*, a jdgtrc the money. fls.dtii), directly to lite ei D illon *chooi* of the Stale An animated dl.tcutfiin will ? n - tie on tbi* proportion tomorrow Tbe l anal bill tiuiaiu* on the table in the Tint]**, but it i? **| Cted to be dbpoacd of before the kimrth of Jul/. Iniigardto tbe t ongreisional di-trlcte. a* there i* a 1-t liability that *onie degrwnof political fairn*-- will bo exhibited in t! * in w <lia i*ii n, I am inclined to believe a )lan fn in tin following will prove a* mar aa any that ha*}it appeared. It doe* md ini lade the couutie* of N?w York and Kirlunoud. nor th" *'"n bond l*l*nd Idli M tilet?W eetehwutcr and Kccklnnd. and the flr?t Atun.bl/ di'trietof Orange ll'tli IHatrirt?Second ami Third di*trlet of Orange, and 111! com ty of I letci ! T ll.'? Inhaliitant* llth llielrict?I'uiram Dutches*. and the Soulh Asian! I) district of Otlumbia 12ili Maiiirt? N'trth Assembly district ?f Columbia and Itenicelaer counties bith lilrti.ct?Albany county, Saratoga, and Washington 15th PMrtct?Clint >n. E-*a* and Warren 16th District?St l.awret.ee and franklin. 17th Diitiiet?dafb r-. n end hewt* lMh Pmtrtct?Hi 1 kimef, Mtntgiunpry, Fulton, and Itendlt' II ll'th DUtrlet?Oteegu, Fehrharla, an I tkhenactady. i<;th lllitriri?llriin mid Delaware ?Ut Dirtnct?dm Ida. '/'ill Diattlrt?Cni>i,ila?a 2H.I Dlrlllrl-Oitigv, I'lrtt and Jefond Amembly dDirrl 'f I >"tii 'i-iih Dietrlet? Tliiid dl. trict of Cayuga. (Portland, and Vadium. id li District?Chenango, Tinga. and liroome 'ii tli Dblrlct?Tompklna, Chemung ami geucca 'a'th Dletrlct?Ontario and Wayne '/>ih DlilrW-Mi iiKf. '. ih libtrirt?l.ltitg Inn Wyoming. and North A?t n hiy rtialili la < f /ili>hm y '/ih I hat I let?itrglat. intra, and Southern district f Ailtphnny diet IdhU ict?Caltnraugu-and Chautauqua }>i.u l i-ttli l ? 1 rie. :: it Dlnrtat?i t.riaare. Orlrana and Niagara ( .11 niittirai't both hru ? hare hem appointed, from Tltrt n n J' it if (>} . U'd in a day or tan, and, ii they i W1YO MORNING EDITION?T shall agree upon the nnr division. to be submitted to their respective houses, than a few hours only will be required to conilrm the report. The minority. however, will resist making any alteration in the districts until the returns fr> in all the country shall be received. They threaten to re-organize the districts at the' next at salon of the Legislature. W NEW YORK LEOI8L ATVRK. SPECIAL SESSION. BY BAIN'S LINE, OFFICE 29 WALL STREET. Senate. Albany, June 30,1851. railroad tolls, etc. Mr. Johnson laid on the table the following rogolu. tion Resolved, That the hill entitled an act imposing tolls on freight transported on the New York and Erie Railroad, and upon the Northern Railroad, be taken from the tiles of the Senate, and oommittea to the Committee of the Whole. Mr. Meads, from the Railway Committee, reported In favor of the act authoiixing the Northern Railroad Company to extend its pier at Rouse's Point, on Lake Champlain. congressional districts. On motion of Mr. Williams, the following Senators were appointed a Committee to report a bill providing tor the districting of the State into suitable Congresaiona DistrictsMr. Robinson, (whig,) of Alleghany; Mr Cook, (whig.) of Saratoga; Mr. Beckman, (whig.) of New York; Mr. Crook, (dem.,) of Clinton; Mr. Brandreth Mem A of Westchester: Mr. Dimmish. Iwhis.l o Broome; Mr. Sandford, (dem.) of Montgomery; and Mr Schoonmaker, (whig.) of Ulster. The Senate refused to allow the President of the Senate to appoint the committee. thk sacred heart academy. Mr Bkkkman reported favorably on the bill to insorporate the Female Academy of the Sacred Heart. THE I'NIOW STEAM VESSEL COMFAWT. The act In relation to the Union Steam Vessel Company wait ordered to a select committee, to report complete. Mf)1 EMKXT TO YCRLItll ABSEWTEF.S. Mr Williams asked leave to offer the following resolution, hut as it requires unanimous consent, was refused K. solved. That the Presided', be directed to hare published 1a a newspaper the absentees on the third reading uf bill*. TAXES. Mr. Li ox reported a bill calculated materially to improvu and perfect and make equal the taxation in the State. THE FiSSAllF. OF RILLS. The following hills were read aud passed:? An act uuilu rising Henry H. Purdy to establisha ferry acroas the Hudson river, from Cold Spring landing at l'hillipetown. in the county of l'utnam. to the west shore thereof, in the eounty of I > range. An act appropriating $14.0C0 to Sing Sing prison for past Indebtedness, and $12,000 for current expenses. An act to amend the charter, of the village of .Herkimer. An act to alter the map of the land of New York, by extending Washington street,iu said city, from its present termination at (lansevoort street to Twelfth street. An act to allow the trustees of villages and common councils of cities to appoint Boards of Health. Au set to authorise the Supervisors of the several counties to make the office of Di.-trict Attorney a salaried office. (This art does not apply to salaries now tixed. nor does it affect a compensation already established ) An set to amend the act authorising the assessment and collection of taxes in the city of New York. Au act to authorise the electors of Utica to elect a Board of Kxcise. An act making appropriations for the State Library, and. through the Itegents of the University, for scientific and literary purposes. This act appropriates for purchase of tx oks. $2.k00 ; building. $800 ; contingent expenses, $"'00; inti rnational exchanges, $ti00 , salary of the Secretary of Itegents, fcc., $1,400 , incidental expenses. $1,200. A recess was taken till 4 o'clock. murk hills fashed. During me artcrnoou session the following bells were pasei <1:? An act to Incorporate the Irving Savings Institution An act to extend the art in relation to suits at law against joint stock associations. An art it relation to the attendance of Grand Juries at Courts of Sessions. An act to regulate the transportation of baggage on Shamboats (Tl)is bill requires that steamboats shall giv. cheeks for baggage, aud no fare need be paid if such checks are not given.) An act to authorize the Commissioners of the Land Office to adjust certain claims to a piece of land belonging to the people of this State in the town of WolcoU. An act to educate children of the Touawaada Indians An act torllie improvement of the Saranac river. An act in relation to State Prisons. the anti-elammi.ixo hill. Tlie till for the prevention of gambling wai referred to a select committee. Adjourned. Assembly. Alhavv, June 30,1631. the rAM?:*i;?:a laws. The bill in relation to the passenger laws of New York city was received from the Senate, and, on motion of Mr. Wabemah, was ordered to be printed, and referred to the same committee that had charge of the bill at the Last session, ol which Mr. Weiss was chairman. the thisd beaoino oe bills. An art to incorporate the Union Wharf Company, l'asstd. An act to establish a fi rry across the Hudson. Passed. An act authorizing married women who muy be stockholders in any incorporated company, to Tote at elections of directors and trustees. Passed. An act in relation to the publication of the poor laws Passed. An act to incorporale academies and high schools in this Plate. Passed Au art in relation to ranal appraisers. Passed An set to incorporate the New York Juvenile Asylum. Passed. Au set to authorize the Merchants' Exchange Company to reduce Its capital stock, aud to borrow money to pay it-ii. i ts Paired An act to amend lbs lows in relation to plank roads stul turnpike reads, passed April l>, lH.it. Passed. Mr I,esov moved to reconsider host. An act in n latlon to the powers of the Hoard of 8iipenis or* relative to fisheries. Mr Ti thill moved to recommit with instructions to strike out the first section. Lost. Tin-bill was then r> ai si <1 lost Mr. Awtiion moved to reconsider Laid on the table. An act to smeud tin- charter of the. I'uiou Mutual Ii ursm e Company. Passed 7mk crem ? A cf irnitinfratinn *iu wfliwl from the florernor triiurn.ittit ir fi"iM"'ti< n* rclatlre to thi> late rvnitti An < t to pr tide ft run additional number of cntnml?..[.i iu and IH Dip city anil MWt] <1 New York. I'nen (1 An net to fltrf I lie Coinml-oioner'a map of the city of Bnckljn I'nx. < <J An lot ii illation to the ilutica ami pojrcra cf the IU r< lit lrtuhtili of common p< hoola. I'niw-il An act in relation to Jueticea Onurta in the city of Ni w \i ih. ard to nnicmi an act In relation to tho Jo?tlcca of the Police Ci urta lu mid city. I'iwd. The llc.u?<- took a recc-aa till 4 P. M. unto: nn.iaarao a third Ttntr ?>n n .a-? niblloy, tli? third reading cf bill.* war e'tttin?.i d R? follow a:? An ret to incorporate the Tirol! and < later Kerry Com puny I'arMil An act In relation to the a.aaeaam-nt and the collection cf texm in the city f t hi w York, and to auo net tlie acreraI acta relating there!' . Pae'ed. An act In rciatior to the Oawego Canal. Pa*ied. An act to appropriate a portion of the I'nited Stat-" Ii pi ait fund for Hie a d of collie* and ne-dical Inatitu tii n-. [The appropriation* of fiVOU) for the Kenaaelaer It atitue and of f 1 500 for the tVecleyau Seminary, were t y unaniniooa concent. atricken from the bill ] Alter a<mc remark*, the motion wai withdrawn. Mr tlemaaoT renewed the motion, for the purp ??e of ( tiering tin- following Milwtltote:?It.c f'omptrallar la hereby authorised and raqnimd to pay out of tha r-venule of the I ailed State# dapoait fund the a- m if f t'.l'iil, on I and ahove all other money? other alee an fr> I'tlBtrn t<> reminca rchcoln. for the rnpp. rt of mmui ehooln, fur tlio year '*>ftl; nail nuio to be apportioned ?i?< eg the rncrfil cnnnttca in the Minn manner aa the other ii ti? j* np| rnprinteil to common nchool*. Mr fenai ?.fte rod nn amendment that the hill be reel n n.itti tl to the C dnmiltee ooCollrgM and C m.mnn Pel n?>lr. With Inatriicth.ne to etrtkc out nil nftcr th? ttrnt m rt:on and lne< rt to New York I'nirerally, >2 600, (leai *n Ct liege, 12 600; llniiiilton. f>1.600 P? nilit g the debate on thin motion, the Iloute adjourned. Item* from I'lttabnrgh. I'lTTanoniiit. June 30, ISM. The city la healthy, and there In no appearance of cholera. The weather in cloudy, with an appearance of rain. The Ohio and TentftlTania liailroad will he operyte 1'iirhton II In week--' oly two and a half milen of rail* to that place yet to ho laid. Ji ho Mefaciden .the well known trannportatlon merchant, died yenterday. Ihne In throe fiet ifwnter In the channel, and the rleer fining. Freifhtn are declining Oen. I'amphell. the whig candidate for Uorcrnor of TeBneereo, tn lying dmgerounly ill. Utatli of a PnlUmore Hanker. tl*LTiMoae, June .30, IS-'it. Tlx man D Jolineon. of tl.e llrm of lei" k Jnhruon ex( ni ire hanker* in thin etfy. riled nn-ldi uly at oneo'eloek, tl in oik rnoc n.tf en nip in the ntou'.ich. Tlio Contt of Ajipeafa. Ri.Miaa June 5R, ISM. The arpnmmt of rare No. 23 wa? conrluded to dty at Ike hour of a<fj< umtneut. "? i. > RRH /r UESDAY, JULY 1, 1851. 2i The LeggtU'i Uap lUliroail. Oki!at Bend, He., June 30,1851. The Leggett's flap Railroad, extending from Scran- ! 1 tonia. in the centre of the coal region of Pennsylvania j to this place, in expected to be in running order by the first of September. It* effect* will be most beneiloial to Central New York, in supplying coal at a much lee* rate than heretofore. Anniversary of tlM Battle ef Fort Moultrie. Chakleston, 8. C., June 28, 1851. In consequence of the refusal of tbe commanding officers at Fort Moultrie to oelebrate, as is customary

within the fort, the anniversary of the battle, a large number of our citizens determined on celebrating it out siue. urrat fi(T|)Br?uvui are inviting chw iu tu? iwrt in the predion of tents, tables for A dinner. rostrum, Ac Colonel J. Bond will preside, assisted by a number of our most distinguished men. There is no fear of undue manifestation* of ill feeling. City Intelligence* INTENSE HEAT OK THE WEATHER.. Within the last six or eight days, the heat of the wea- j ther hat been exceesive, particularly yesterday and on I Sunday At half past 10 o'clock yesterday mcrning, the thermometer stood at 88? in the open air in Wall , street, which is several degrt es higher than at any cor- i responding hour during the mouth of June, 1850. At i 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the mercury rose to 00' in the shade in Broadway. This sudden transition is felj more powerfully, owing to the coldness of the weather up to about the 20th intt. The mercury at the Uriah! office, at 3 o'clock, was 92?, mid 80? at 10 o'clock last night. At I half-past 12 P. M., the thermometer at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, stood at 119? iu the sun. It was placed in a , cool location, a .line brerse blowing on it. At the saiue ' time, in the shade, it stood 93? 0'. OBSTRUCT!VK KIRK?A WOMAN HtTK.NT TO CINIH IS, AN1? TWO OTHERS SERIOUSLY WOUNDED?SEVERAL* EF1UMEN BADLY llt'ItNT. About a quarter to twelve o'clock yesterday, a tire hroke out in the galvanic depot of Dr Morebead. No 132 Broadway. Four young women employed in the establishment, hud been engaged iu boiling a large kettle of pitch and other inflammatory matter, when it ignited; and in eudeavoriRfi to extinguish the Humes, an interesting girl, a boat seventeen years old, named Cecilia McGuire. was burnt to a crisp. One of her legs and an arm were burnt clearly off, and nothing is left but the body, in one hardened cinder. Coroner Geer held an inquest at the First ward station house, and the verdict was to tile effect that " the deceased came to her death from tlx- burning of inliammable matter at 130 Broadway.'' Two of the other young women were also seriously injured. A fireman, named William Constahle| attached to No. 20. Flugine Company, was burned in the most shocking manner, the tiesh being broiled over every inch of his body, lie was conveyed to the Hospital in an almost dying state. Four or five other parties were also burnt lu a frightful manner. The names of two of tbini are O'Neill and 1). Alston. Alston is a member of Iloee Company No. 40. He was shockingly burut in the fare and arms. He is now rnnflnt-d t? his house. No 15 Koopevelt street. F'ranci* J. KcKiuni-y, a carman, of Maiden lane, bad liis hair and eyebrows burut. and was otherwise eousiderably scorched. Kobert Koisteiu. a carman. in the i mploy of l.oder A Co.. 83 Cedar street, got his In ad and other parts of his body burnt iu a frightful manner lie was couviyed to his residence. The interior of the upjier story is entirely destroyed, and the three under stories sustained heavy damage by water, an estimate of which our reporter did not barn. Dr Morehrad Ik fully insured in the Grocers' and Howard Insurance companies. The third floor wax ocrtiphd ax lawyers' and other others?all insured. The second floor wax occupied by (1. 0. Scott. fashion KrfAnirr? damsgi d by *?t? r?insured; the ground floor was occupied by Dickson 6. Manny, merchant tailor*. Damage by water considerable?also fully iuxnied. The dry goods establishment of Clapp. Kent h Berkly, Mo 1JV Broadway. wax considerable damaged by water coining thri ugh the ceiling The flremen acted nobly, and through their exertions much valuable properly was 1 saved. Since writing the above, we regret to learn that dome four or five lin men were seriously injured in their exer- | tionx to arrest the Haiucx when they first broke out Note of the injuries have as yet proved fatal, except as ab< ve narrated. A M*s ftisam o i> Itvxor sts?.?:t?Qacav Kxcitkweivt. | ?Yesterday evening, about 7 o'clock, a bloody affray i took place In Keade street, near the northeast corner of i Broadway, at Ilia French wine and liquor store of J II. Chabon U Co., at whose place a dispute arose between a gang of rowdies and several respectable geutleiuen in consequence of s> me difference in regard to the payment of drinks or eatables. A desperate tight ensued; and when our reporter arrived ou the premises a young rnnu by the name of Thomas was observed partly prostrated slid covrri d with blood that flowed from a stab he hadrecilved in the head with a long dirk knife that w as in the hands of a rough looking customer, who efticted bis escape lie/ore the polie* arrived The buildiug was surrounded by several hundred persons, and the (laateat rxdtettieut prevailed for a few moments; and. strange to say. not a - star" was seen until after the rrowd had dispe rsed The wounded man Is a gentleman tl g's d cbaraeter. and was only a looker-on when he reeeivid the stub, lie was conveyed home by his associates who mm<n came to his assistance, but too late to det? ct the desperado. Si torn I>? aim?Mtstcrioi sCasc.?On Saturday morning last, about hall post six o'clock, the body of Thomas linker a|amt<r. n.Mimr in k.i/.ibs thiown. N. .1 , was found In a unll daui. within a f-w yards of his own hou-e lie was fi und lying on his face, which was considerably rut. iu about eight inches of water, and close by a plank, which was plan d across the dam at a height of four fewt al>ove the water's sulace. He was son by ss'Veral perss n- walking in the street, nt about live o'clock the sime no ruing, and wax perfectly sober at the time. An inqutstwas held, and a verdict if accidental death re- | turned. Tiik Fta>: at I'll* fur?There was no general alarm I glvs li at this file, as has been staled. v.... ii.. i .... Ti... .i.... i.... i..i.. ..n.?i * ~ a - - I a. *" ' I" > I Wo are happy to are that the brutality which we h?v? wltmrnil in ft rnier yenra. In the elaughter of J by li< griea nul boya. baa. muter the direction of the .Mayor, given way to a molt) merciful method of clearing the jtM eta 11 the canine apeciea A rewind of h. If a dollar la I fiend Or every dig that la brought to the public proof atidowucra of <t"g?.may reclaim thi-m by paying a like amount. It h a pity tbat no law will reach tin pup- ' plae who | aradc tin uiiway t-Tcry af crnoon. and m ike a bin i neap of flaring ladk-a out of countenance, and in other leap* eta being note to them If a pound werveatahli liilb r tin ae 1,1)111 ?l-. there would be Vi ry few rcelan. at lone, at eyen half a dollar a beud. I'iin aonow r<>* Tin Votth o? Jrvr.?Th? following ta a Iht <4 the puioeig're to thia poit for Uie lift 1 month Hiitiah p>rta.. 21.MH1 Amtrdam 21S PMOcb 11 M l Noraigun 27ll Uremia. 2 71M Antwerp 1.-4" 1'iioliiiib Itff) RiittenLim fill t bugrea l.fM'i Other port* 'JHi Total Xi.2.gi Tim llowtia' fi ihtilm.?Tbll rpirifed c?p?. under i command ot t apt. A II I'urdy. make an exeurmnn on Iht -.ihof thia no ntb. (July l t" Will > tVeatcheatar r< uniy, l>< lug tli<' natin place ot the captain. and the realdiDee of kia parent* The company anticipate parad In* la twi11) eighty nml iduety atnng; and with th-ir in atar.d rhowy uniform, and healed by Shclton a full military band, will attract much attention from the in terr> nlng towna t n the Mew llaren Kailroad Aaaniinir or Lmiimpv Bo< irvi? *.?t.aat craning ! the I'hili mathi an and Kucliae Bret*Ilea, celebrated their ai.tovcrraiy in tie bightb atreet churrh At | ah< nt i IrIiI o'ch ek the atud< nla of both ancle t lea. as- i ci to) iimid by the fhi ulty. alumni, and invite I guc-ta, malt In <1 In pn cualoa. from the t'niveraity to the eliureh. j An ou*t|on if an hour ami a Inilf'a duration. w?a de bvirnl by the Iter tieorge W llethunc, li I). The rubjut i f the orath n waa the oratory ot nmlcrn tim< r 'in- , pand with tbat of ancient tireeee and Home Much ?lc?|uei.ee. atn-i glh of argument. Iinmor. an?l erltiel?m aere diaplayrd in the delivery; ami Ihe doctor went lir gll ily Into hlrt?r1ral reaearch to ahow the all p iwartul infllii tee that the oratora of ancient time* even i??d oyer the hiinian mind lie plated tbat the aaiua Initio nee could he exerrlri d at the prcaent day and urge 1 the propriety of cultivating oratori-al dieeipllue lie pet filth the auperior advantage! that an orator hnd to en n In addripefng the publlr through the pre * The dlfcivme waa lntei>,ernd throughout with a rich Vatlety of i laaplc allu-toii"and II natratlona ami the happy. tit triaplitr and ponortiil laiiKtiaito In ?hii li th>' d >rl -r ioUtitod t*rry part of hio oration, oailod forth rn.i'.da i f ap|lat?r at tho ond of alm<?t t ?.-ry p ita?;r:?ph Afiot the Iter. I'r Drtlmar enneluM. John H Hnrr K,?j . utti red a KialritrlliBt pvB Tlio prinripal th< mo ?v t> Now Knaland fttaU-. tbrlr krro??, irkiml', runntr), nnd tl.elr p< rullar rtiaraitor'*tlii ao apanpto Tlio rhuri *1 *?? d< n>o,y erowdod. and Mr Paro wao inthu?ln?tir i'.Ijt rhfi rrd at intorrido thn ughont tho t?ho|? d-lWofy Tlio tin i llnp M | araud at a qiiartor to ton o'cl iok. M mown* at Aa-.nraoaai ?t'n Pundaj ifrnlrj.tho an- I lilrrnatjf of tin- Jufontlo >11-ot..rr??y tv oioty of tho M ? iliodlot Kplrropal t'hufah. *a< held In Seventh ati?-"t Ika aatnal Ppott *M nati Mm a Ursa ennfrrnf* ion ty the fn rotary. Mr Wither. It van a lengthy an t in tTtttirg dmuBrtt, and ??? written in an rtrellmt Myle H? Total addr'teea w>r? delivere], avowing the i tlt al itidprtvntf of udoion oporntioDa, and tho naltrd ?I'arMo.tti if Momry enterprise* A eoUw'.itn aaatakin tip aid eeteial iilomember* added to the U-t Nnanl lnt? l!l|;rnt r. (Vtrmrmlrr M?t>nin{ ha* ti-rti ActarM fro-n tho r< fnwaixl of tlio Krr dt rt< i-- it V r, In an I i tUntnl j kotndeitvr ia Mdoi d to he d-taeV-d until fnrthi-r tn otinctl i o artt lirrltnl from tho d-p irtm-ut Several . mm !*? ? apple d t-> be Miippt 1 la thv ??'! it u*tt tlii rc i l? un oOK-i t to pUi(> th Ut ERAI THE WEBB AND WILLIS AFFAIR 1 Examination before thr Referee?The De? livery of the L.e<tere. Before ex-Judge Vanderpo?l. Referee Jl'Nl 29 ?Smith Cinidingtmi and Mary I his wife ri. J at H'tUnm fVeiih ?The defendant appeared before the referee, at hie cbamlsrs in Nassau street. tbi* day. attended by Mr lliraii Ketcham. hie counsel. and was examined, in pursuance of an order of June 6. 1851 Jfr ii. f. Clark attended on behalf of the plaintiffs. and interrogated the defendant .lain h Wateon Webb being duly swrrn. Mr Clark ( asked the following question:? Question ?Have you in your pofwtewii..? the notes, ( letters, correspondence. and papers which were delivered to you by R. I1. Willie, in the presence of George Buckham. on or about the year 1845 i ? Sir Ketcbnm objected to the question, becauMW it does not follow the terms of the order. The Referee said?1 ruls that the question is f roper; and that if the deliterv of the letters to the defendant whs not made in Jime, 194?. the variance as to tirae U immaterial Answer ? I never received any letters or papers from ' N. Y. Willis la presence of George Buckham or any other person. daring any ]>orti?n of the year 1845. I did ! *ceive certain letteri from N. 1'. Willis, in presence of George llnckham. in l>eceavber, 1K44. The "witness was proceeding to state whHt letter! he so received. and the ' eircunistances attending their reception, when Mr. Clark ohji cted to his making sucli statement | The referee decided that the witnesa proceed. Col. Webb then said?Mr Willis. Mr. Uuckham and I met. at the office of Mr. ltuekham. for another purpose which I am adriaed l>y my counsel it is not uecessary to explain at this time. The ohject of our meeting having Veen accomplished. I inquired of Mr. Willis whether he had not other letters of Mary Inman in his possession, and madea formal demand for them After considerable discussion, it was agreed that we should meet at the same plaoe. and the same hour, the day following. We met accordingly. when Willie placed in my hands, sealed and directed 1o me. the package I now produce and hand over to the referee, to be delivered to Andrew Warner, the receiver, f Here Col. Webb ham ted the long litigated |aek?ge of htllet-ilmts to Judge Vanderpoel ] Witneee then continued?I have uo doubt whatevur that the I at kage was realeil and directed in his (Willis's) office, aa the envelope containing the letters is a printed circular of the Nnr York Mirror, then ceiled by Morris and Willis, and was signed Fuller 4k Co. This package go direct) d and sealed. I opened immediately on my return to my office, expecting naturally to find some letter of explanation to me; it. however, contained uothing but . the letters which are still in It; the character of which, under the injunction of the court. I am perhaps, not at liberty now to describe. Having read them. I placed 1h) m in a safe depository, ami addre*sed a letter to Mary Ionian, directed to "ft Great Kussell street. Bloomsbury Square. London, informing her that Mr. Willis had placed these lettersin my bands. Mr. Clark?Have you in your possession a copy of the letter which you state you so addressed to Miss luman ' Answer?1 think I have not. (question?Have you in yowr possession, or have you at any time, made or permitted to be made any copies of the whole, or of any portion, of said letters or correspondence. or any of them ' Amwer?1 made copies of one of the letters, and copies of an extract from another, \gr the purpose of my defence in this action, but every copy so made has bee n destroyed ! except that contained in tlie original draft (aud a copy > thereof) ?>f an an.-wcr I drew up to the original bill of complaint iu this action, tj?How many copies did you make' A ?I made one copy from the original letter, and f >ur copies o| that were made. tj.?Where is the original ropy, and the other copy thereof, which you state are still in existence' A ?Tlie original draft of the answer referred to Is in my pos sestdn n. The copy of it is. I presume, among the papers of icy counsel <4.? 1 'id you deliver a oopy to your counsel? ! A ?1 did Q ?W hi n ? A.? About one o'clock. P. M . on the nth day of Juns instant, and after being advised by the court to employ COU1IM I. y ?Has the original copy constantly remained in your possession from the time it was so made? A.?It has {/ ?To what persons, if any. have you ever exhibited said in tis or Iclt-.rs. orany of them, or any extracts, or portions of any of them ? A.?I do not feel at liberty to give the names of the gentlemen to whom I have shown them ; Mil lift 11 1 ever su.ieri a mem 10 oe oui 01 my pos- i session. so that liny copy of them could have been t?k?n I without my knowledge. I would cheerfully give the j, 1 mine of the party, no that nn Investigation mi|(ht he > uiaila whether copies hail been made they nerer hare 1 b? i ii no out of my possession, except when Handed by me < to my counsel. Iliram Ketcham. Ksq . who. in my pre- 1 hence, placed them in a o perate envelope, waled them. 1 and put th< in in hia hhfe, aud were by him returned to i me in a Fealtd package; and I further state that, until I uf'< r the 16th of Slay tact. I never showed the letters to i any human being aud never copied or auflered to be c< pit d ary part of them t; ?To how many persona have you exhibited said letteis or extra-t*. or portions of them, or ant of them' I This question la objected to by Mr Ketcham. aud the Referee ruled that the question is proper. A.?To the beet of my rei olleetlon and belief, never to hut three persons out of my family aud fliee. two of win tu were clergymen Q--To how u any persons connected with your office have you made such exhibition' A.?Duly thrie persons conuected with my office, and to them only one of the letters y?To how many persons in yourfamily have you ever made such exhibition? A ?To only two persons Mr Clalk?1 will not aak you to name the members of jeur family: but who are the olergyiuen t? whom you exhibited eiich letters? Col. Webb?I decline answering for I declare most positively that no copies were ever taken by th<we clergymen. The Referee ruled that the witness must an?wer; but the witness persisted in refusing Name ail the persons, outside your immediate family to whim you have at any lime exhibited said Irttera? Col Welib?Unless directed by the Court I decline to Ml v i r 1 he Referee ruled that the question Is proper.and must la' answered. Mr Ketchup) offered to go before the eouit in order that tlits point might be- decided by the Judges, ami requiatid that these proceedings should atop here until nu ll ui riMdi ?a* (.hi nun u Mr Clark raid he would go with Mr. Ketcham there wl 11 necwtary. but hi> now lunist.* upon an an*wrr to the <iui atiun. Tl c llefrrrr nili il that tin' an ?it ouitht to be given I lit llif defendant perriMi d In Inn refuaal U M ill you now produce an I deliver over to the r?* 1 reiver, the r< (.lee i f *;tid letter* which jrou atate you hare *till In your )? **e**l in ' Here t'el Me lib produced (he copies eonUlm-d In hi* eeld draft, answer, and the copy thereof delivered to hh counrel llirinn Ketcbam. K*1 . and they were at ?in e destn j i d In th- frte u< e ol the lieferer, and by the CI 111 I It of both CI UIIIM'I y ?Now that thoee ropie* arc destroyed, and th? ori- ' final* tare twin celirrird onr, hire you in your p awe*- I atom it under your control, any ropie* of the whole, or 1 any I art id raid note? or letter* cr auy of thein or en i ph> ol any extract*fr? ui the same. or any of tbam' i i A ?1 decline answering that i|Ue-t,on. a* t har- al- | ready an awe red it. and the qurattou would iweiu tc imply a <h utit i f the truth ol i?y anawer Mr t lark diiarowid any ruth intention and *tat--d i that lie only dretrcd a clear and couiptvhen-ivc atatenu nt upon the pi int of inquiry. Col M i bb. In reply. raid that he declined an?wering ttu-qui >tion lecture he had already nm qutrocally de- , | clan d that lie knew i f no other copy or eopte* whatever, and. to the bert if hi* ku wlcdge and liehel no othercopy | i Mk 1 c?Are the ail note* ori Iter* now <1* iiw- red ail the J elt?i* alii h y'u rwr received fr ni Mr W.hi* In pre- j rcoce ?f Mr. huckhnm ? i ] A.?They ate the Identical letter*, and ail I reeelred C?M b. n did you Bp*t i p- n the package containing i NM b tt< Ml I Alt pened the package thu* addressed to me. immediately alter my ictnrn to my oflloe. In in-c. m'ocr 1 *44 C ? In ( ne t yi ur ?tat< nieuta. In anrwer to ray que*. , tli n. vi u nu nth tied that yen m ole a formal demand ii11 n Sir M H i* for (he letti r* ple.??e now *tat-> wbeth -r *i n mmte *urh demnud lu behalf of Mi** lnuutn, or in II I 11 . t tier ! * In r ' A?1 made It on behalf i f Ml** Iniran. and her father knew in thing of the meeting at that time, to the he*t of my knowhdge and In lief the father and Mi?a In man belt g tli n in Kurt pe Ct tinrel on loth idea con cut that th? letter* be now imah d up in an envelope and addresu-J to Andrew War- 1 mr. Krq tbe receiver and tkat the package ao nealcd Udidnwitt delivered to CM Warner, who i* not now pre*rnt. to he hi id hy him in pnrruance of the pruri- | ih n* i f the order of Ihr Superior Court, of dune 6. lkiit i Col W ebb w?a then eunl* d hy hi* own counsel t to itiun fj Mr Ketcbam?Tou are directed hy the ' order until r which you now appear to deliver over, under oath all the note* letter*, correspondence, and paper*, nit iiliinid In the complaint Do you know that the letter* and note*, now <1* liven d hy you, are those mention* d end described in the complaint ! A ?I do not know that tin y arc, because they (Jn n,t ?n*wt r the dr-cilptlon *et fi rth In the hilt of coiiiplaiut. all I km w l*. that they are the Id' ntlral letter* deliver**! by Mr M illi* to tue. in preoenee of Mr llurkhani Mr Clarke < bird* to all that part of the last answer which t- fer* to the dtmlption of tli* h tiers a* irrelevant to tl*e vntjPtty. olid defamatory of the plaintiff, an t a* 11 loe a vu Ui I II I f llo ill,ill ot flic Iniuiirlion Tin- Midi fra tiiii.lid that tf wh<>t" an-wor i>ha!i ftUn J H ?Idd )ott ?! ?? to the clergyman and nthm. to to myou how.'d tlx li tt.r- m ythlng and ?h?t in lilatli ti to the I|jm.m<1 writft of thmw WUar?, naming Of Wftitlllit alb** vrit? r * Mr l Ink < I j < tiil t" the nur?ti n The Kef f?? rutat tko ^uirln n tuMilnal. arid Mr Dark took . ?,. ptte.n A ? Ni ilhir to the il'Tpj Irn.a rtf.rHMi fin rtiaiif lictlj ain't (IItl I nti r. directly nr lidirmjj- Intlm u- or jim ulc t It At tin- 1> tti rr wilt tii |ir^i'.uclu u of Mary It Iran m ? Mr? teddimt n V?l?\>i t lai ke ? 11 I > j"" kn.iw thai the c' .ryr Inn hi ' it lit 1 |" i'ii'i (nwli.tt 5 !? li'.i .11'ir ft * t t| I I lilln H.i.ii. iff I nrtlf * nfMa> 1.? . *e not I In tiy * II araie t'.at tho t . .tit IT 'i.rj mi i.. I i.. i fern ! to, ft? the lady > do h.td r?r.?ji ud i Willi 1\ illtw ' A ? I kin *, or rather bi'i-T,. ihi>t th? el t<;m'li rf J to all J till know I . I Av 1 ; I (. Mi. tin ratty ?i.? towti'>ml ef rr- i,becno- a. If do in at that tiac Hn, C'MJin/'ir) ha J net ' J' tjUili J PRICE TWO CENTS. he writer by the conrersations a to,' ptAncatioos at Willie and ctlx r*. y ?How did you know tbitt you did tot endanger the iafety and aecrery of the correnpondence iky exhibiting W o perron* to whom the handwriting of tbr writer of ther el ter> might he known, uuleaayou tlret eatiitii d jountetf, >y inquiring, whether tb?y were ac^uainto* with the landwrtting of the plaiutilT. Mary? A ?I took it for granted that they were not arouaintedf ?ith her handwriting . y ? How Minn after your pubiiraiion of May Hk, 185lfB lid you eihibit the letter* to the clergymen? A ?To oae of the clergymen on the 16th of May. audi o the other nome time afterward* y?I mu't again request you to rinte the name* at he clergymen' A ?1 again decline to a**wer The Kef. ree rule* that the ,|Ue?tlon It-ad be answered ot Col Webb yrrnict* in b'v refu?ai Here the proceeding* terminated. Col. Wcbb'a Statements The following statement. swuvn lo by Col. Vebb wao ender?\l to the refer** :? Id maitrtig h Burrender of throe paper*. 1 u*3ll myself if the opportunity, acting under the solemnity of an >atli. to correct the nn-ri presentation* whether iiitenlonal or acrideittal. which have been made in rrgarvd to lu* manner in which they ca*ne into lay possession, (By advice, of my couum'1, I omit here the object of ? nteting between buckham. Willi*, and my*''If, at tha Wee of Mr llurkham in December, 1844J] The object of our mei ting bavin* been thua aocom? >lished. 1 inquired of W ilii* whether bo had not other ettere of Mary liiiuati in hi* possession. and made iw ovmal demand for tin m After much discussion. it www ir ranged that we should meet at the saute place, at thor adte hour, on the day following. We met accordingly *hru Willi* placed in my hand*, sealed aud'direcled to ne. the package I am about to deliver to yru. And C liave no doubt whatever, but the package wua m> sealeik .< ind direct! d in tie o.fflce. a* tlie envelope contaiuing I j he letter* is a printed ancular. in relation to - The Srw 1 I'sr* Minor, edited by G P Morris and N 1'. Willie.'? M tud signed "Fuller 4. Co " Thi* package. so directed a 1 id seal* d. I opeuetl imme diately upon my r> I urn to mjf Wee. natuiaUy expecting to ttnd in it *< me letter of explanation addnsM-d to uie It contaiaed. however, noli lag hut the letter* which ale atill iu it. the character if which, under the injunction of the snurt. I am. perisp*. not at liberty to disclose i n thi* oer&sioii. Having n ad them and placed them iu a -afe depositary, : immediately addressed a letter to .M.iry Inaian at '? Ireat Kusscll street, Itlooiusbury, London, and advised ier. amongothei thiuge. that Mr. Willi* had placed in py ban la certain letter* said to have been written by ler This letter. 1 am informed and believe, *lie reooirwS 'ally in January. 1MJ; and 1 have rtna* I. arucd front tlr George buckma 11. a?*d other sourvos, tliat luiraedlitely upon it* receipt. *be plac<*d it la tha h,imt* of bee atl er. and mad? to him thi*rcv< Lation 1 urged upon her. Fromthat period until the l.Sth day of May lafef I never aw the letter* which bud fareu < ntrusted to me; %or did itr buckiiaui or any other person, ever apply to iHr for hem in the name ot Henry lnman. or of hi* widow^ or )t the said Mary. Nor were they over tha subject V onvernation between the said liuekbaui and myself aft* c IS46,except in lo4?. just before my departure for Kurope, alien 1 applied to said backhaul to know what 1 should lo with thi ui. and proposed enclosing them to the sank Mary I Ciddingnu by mail, which the said Ituckhuni rrged me not to do. lest they should fall into the hand* if Ler husband. And 1 de-ire to state, linhi -itatlngly, l.at up to the raid 15th of May. and the publication by be said Willis of a card tixiug upon the said M.ury L Je ddingfou the allusion uiade by me in my publication >f the 16th May, 1 had uevcr shown the said letter* to any person wbulevir, nor had I ever copied jr suffers d to be copied, any portion of them, l'bai up to this present time, I have never insinuated <r aomittid to any person, (save my counsel) that ,n my said publication 1 alluded to tliv said Mary Cfi dJmgtou? that 1 have never directly or indirectly connected her name therewith, or said or iusinusted at any time, anything agaiust the virtue or purity Ld saidMaiy CoddingtoD, and lll.'it had I Is ll' vod that si.y human being except the said liuokhaui and Willis, sould by possibility. have suspected that 1 alluded to tha <md Alary iu my publication st tin* 15th of Alay, that utlirntioD never would have bet-u made, much as I 111 mi'lit nreessary and proper to expose the cause of ;he wmi Willi.-.' attack upon Die at tin- uiuuiMit 1 had left he country. And 1 innrt. that 1 h.iv. uot done or ini-L(ii 'l to do, anything rulculnti-d to bring puapiciou or ii.-credit uj.cu the Miid Mary and that the connect! ?n if u r name with ny said publication, in ao fault of uitue, jut ei/laly nttr lutuLle. an 1 Truly believe, t > the convrr.nlii iitabd inJipcn ttc-ii* of the raid ltu< khiiin and Willi?to tin'i ard | uUi-hed I .y iai.1 Mali?null, tin loll >t ci niplaint and a I11.1hti ip til.-d in thl* rau-i- all of which I ani iutornied and believe, were played in the hand* uf the print era to be put,lulled, before they were eereed u| li me. the difei daut. And eucb ??.- uuy anglou* d?mie to avoid thin litigation and the const ( ue qi-o* wuicU mailt rifult In in it. that immediately afn r the patera iu tide niit wi re e.-rv- d up oi lue. I u ldrea ed a letter to Mr 1'uekhaui. < 11. ring in hip presence, to peal up the letter* and plaeo thi ni in the ha tide of the Iter hr. to f r Mile ktrt-pitig The fellow lag i? the conclunion ol that letter ? It it not for me to divine year object in t)iu> dragging Mr*. ( i.ililiiipton ti t'uri tli? | ubln . It > nr utiu U loo-ei Willi!, > r to draw frtii me *nv tu. t? r tiriiiiinti n. ei calculated to eip.-M tie lady impluat-il in my iiuldlcatiea. yea are certainly a ttuu-d to en< outlier a aigual failure; wnila *?eumilig that you intend do injury t Vr t oddingten, ant that your ptirpi ?e la to hat e tlie leitera oi Mr* loddiugtoa tain u cere . t, I |.r frankly and |-r 'inptly, t - meet your ohjeit, Vilhct t ea|o?tnit Mr?. C. The application to Ik* court nam-p 11 r Andre Warner, or tome other r.-ep .miula pen n he tl i reeriver of the letter> la my KMaeiaioa littu* applh atlon I e made in (nod faith, t -n ail you hate to do la to withdraw all the pa era, aud, la your preeenoe, I will drpi alt the letter* tor rale keettna in the lianda ol the lie*, i r e e e a o o with iBatrtirtioBa neverto permit them to tee the light, ualeia they rheuld ktcoiui n. <a?ary aa t -alimony in a court ?f juatne. W hcthcr you do or do not accede It tide fr p taal, depeada PDtirely up u your ohii ct In gett lag up One proce-ding. Vow kntw that il it wia an object ti hate the leitera eeh rred to. di p aitro h r aafi keeping with a third party, it w?e oaly Ira e*ry to hat* intimated auch a wiph to me, to haae mNNd n - Bt || ftaMBMa in it Hut thia you haw n -glevted la do; and, mate ad. have dragged Mr*. CeddingloiiT uu-ne lata ei urt. and plat 1 en re., rJ a triaaaction, * K:.h, tut tor >" and W illi*, I - world would never have heard of. e a a a a a One thing ia very certain, if your purpnae i* net to aereen Willi*, hut amply to hair thai- l-ttere placed in the handa ol Andraw Vt arI it. or *< me other hnnnrahle men. then you hnaeonlyte withdraw your paper., and thua ?i parsed* th? noocaaity r.f tny anawer, and n naider the h?v. Dr. ' the party ho wf . re aafc keening they rhall lr entrusted. And I now atrte to J ii, *p I ahall etate under oath in my au<*er, that, the I tli ra ralcrred to l ure never hem -ait of my p o.p?t .n, ai d that ti.,t one wnrd or aentence ol them, lia*avar bet* i c pool l y b.c i r any other prr>. n ; and I repeat, that tha In lng Itic, i. t lite to whom I haae ever co-nuiiiiilw*'. d tha tait that I wat a party to anv traaaaotton in wnluh Mr*. e Iding'-oB w*p r e liter Bed, i r to w loin I hate ever breathed a ul t ei her honor or | urlty. Audi cm out hut regret ^ II at yon and l.rr ow n hotiaehold have not l>e?a B* dleareet. v Vt I y you ehonld he willing to place on hie auch paper. n* hate hecn arrrt-a up< n mo, merely to tcreta Willi*, pavee* my ' mpraheaaloB; and to prercut It, I have frealy oJ?r-d to do voluntarily, all you aeemiagly aak of tha loo-t to i re" er me to do, and Ihna mail- you to withdraw from Bl? ! t. la dlagraeeltil and infamous av.it Vir n . It. -Trent, J. W'ATaON WKIIB. *n.i, pri ft" it lull waa r, jci-trd, ntnl nil lh' proeclloge I put 11-Ind?tbua proving. that the otgecl of tM* Mil Of J job,plaint *iinot to prcveut the publieatiom-M ih- i.-u I I si . I i. g. t up a fal i- I -u? b -I ri Uwt / I p hi aw In r il.nl r-inc baa !> ii Miccc-.tul I | -?*e / M itl 'i .ni! ,-u I content Myself with (ha nfm / I Una that I Its data nil in n y |iw . r to I.l.vuti'any I fl tiiraeliy lor I beer lroceetlinn. aud tha . VMlk yi-t / fl I 11.1. Al.<l!dc#ir? to My further, that I w-mlj har* | r .'.in (I t'nmi'tL- pub..' ' n n of t i??- uf *?y If I Lad b'lit-Ted It I .riu* fir any p-ra-iti to h?? peril 1 l<' wh- in i illujrd or If I ' a-J tb< u^bl rh*t n h.-r If. 'Mid Iti-abam or W illi. would !.?. rt?r d to connect Mr- '< (Idinat'ii nam. tin re with; ami thont.ro, o,-ry itrii u.ly regret having um r It?t. t li' ttuw It wit. in |r. r ? > t? do. v,. ju .itmUf r ui warranted, in ih. ng|* . urr i f one who grt-eely >1.4 and i-larnl-r. .| ui>- in my aba. tiro lut txrftUco that p. laot,. to aavc ltiin elf lr> m public In Jigp ,Hon. I I'M mail, try putiiirntlm tho pft 1*11 fi r II T. Iting thw ruputallou rf ? feiuaic In tmr imnol riiil barely . Xpo-d ..ft- wh to it ?? li>? duty In lIn. Id, and who ?r hi n tn.itin.-r nouiproiultt.-d hp too. A i i| a* no- n :ui I di?c< v. rod tlio d? t> ruination of tho mid V lilt* t. <flr, rt m?pi.i< n to Mr? CoddlvgtvB. a-t th- ferial rIIikI- u to tu iiijr I til-lt -.a!I n. I del ail thai I r-ml rotor tat ettl) with tltltb to divert public attention frua? lior My | uli' a thm in n" rnj ?- -ni| f--mitt. ' or cap ,-,.-4 b.r, rti.l Jot Uia-DiKeh Ra It all r i d a plea for Willi-.'? Uporurr of brr. in tlio hop-' of tllorohyraiali.it a new l-Mio and 1l.ii.r iHv.ttiiig public Rttrotion Iron Inni-ntf, | r.poRt my gi>atr>gr.t Rt having Rllui. I to tb? aula |oct though warranted in tlio h -liof that I could do aw with in punlt) k pa bite wouhin< i:t 1.1 rat <1 tn v Li hi I alluiiod. ruJ I did uol drrnir that M I wi nl J alar nxwt rh< < rfully. even \Tor tho -aid puh lieati.U.f l.Mh May bare placed the lolt. I Toforrotl to In tbo bond* r-f anj permm Mra Cialdinglun might l.nro. I -int <i. >?li hi-ii! any other condition Hun th. right if icri'.a to t he tu in the eveut r-f ?n action for li.cl hy the IRhl W i.lla A I..I I do not etitwrtaln ? doubt but the rt|i aura of Mr* ( <>ddit gton'r nemo inronincti -t rrjih >;. j nllieatiin mm intend--j to oie-atc n f il e nana, i.n-I I " II ii It-. Hit it ui|< if Let itfn t.ani, mi, ? w-n ki *n ? > tl i >* J Vurkbani ?ud IMUi* h< I mud lohBility tt|>?t-.Ih* f ubit ?tl"?i t) mo 'uni ? ?? ImitNin lildl If I Imd f ?fi|w) It j.? il>l? iliMIt Mid liiti li t] hi a itiifMl.* ft-n. In lit* ( ublir wind. IliHt Mi Cc t' nnR?"ti ?m n fi-md t ji * uri 11.-it w.t* it- in l; n* I) Mr N I' Wiili?. uui Man of any im ) i i i m i I H rn| In) l > kii; b ?ty ? vpi i'If ftiO if iti* i r.'.j ?tn lb* lilln< of Ibf lull '?.! c<>?. I I mi l t U.? I th" . I'll'* ' .Hi- WIT" f'l* I tin'will i >Jj pnrp.Mpf Mtt| mil iii my d?d?"m? | t? Ihipf i?il- i. in i) I* r.iti'* And ! wdtr liwi tk? . *t i ! . . i t .'lit Km- .hi t of . I i \i.. ii ti t |. i . mhI ili t- rn 1 if . ih?y V I I i ' . I ' ; " 'I ...: ?'? \ | t w ) i " ttr I |r H,l?l?i?Hd "pot\dM?-I''?^ "I** 0 dl'no" 1 '.flirnt lo Mac lb 1.1 "M um??N mi i . 1 i ! i - r w i-ih t i 1.1 i I ' ii I i i * !. r ???'.' d bf the r BipUIn I 1 i.t iu tlib miff .r th .i o nn 11 | At ' i>:' i. r no I Ti *] 11' ij * ' f * > r> ?d '?y m*. W h' I i tl id t7 U"tH?d|l' IN bwn ' "H'ntlif ri'ijilK n ft it At nt?lr.i i In Km r ,n*l ilr t *nil th. i : y tb*iw.i1 mi ?r "fri- a*M &<tt < / irn.yi*inl. hit'hi 'tw "Im of of IV li'.lotn t'J-fr i to. Ult at itrif l iiUt *r? >! f -rth. J IT t IS'Jt* ffKM "!" J