20 Temmuz 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

20 Temmuz 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.! ja*?s uorbo.1 0ksmhtt, PRk'l'KJKT< 'U AND KWTOH. rricv s. w. coaws* or bclton and kamap rra. THE IK1TI.Y I1EIL1LD, 2 cents per capp~%7 fr "Jj/J: WEEKLY HERALD, everu fafurdirp. at ocnli ptI ' "I'M. o' * ' per annual, fke nurtyran Edition, pt per <n?uM t? any part if Ortat Hritai*. and 92 It any part of the Continent, i.'tli to include the past age. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE. containing important nrice. solicited frami any quarter of the world; , 4 used. will be liteerallp paid far. Clvi Fobbios CttiitsPOSIittT* ABC PASTICl I Alii.* ? KV| I KITtlJ TO IEAL ALL Ij I I II IIII AMI' PAO?ASE? aEST TO I'#. ALL LETTERS bp mail, far Su-hscri ttinnt, or with Aden tm rnrtih. to br f o il paid, or the n"stage will be m ducted from the monrp remitted. NO NOTICE raken of nnonipmous communications. We do not return those rejected. lame XVI . 1BO aju'SCHKVra tiamorkow ivxn1no. cafltlk garden-mihj>o r alu bo. BOW FRY THLATRE, Dowiry?A&i. the Wobu'i a bTAI.i? aiail. _ IBLO'S gakdkn, Brua-iway ? Li Diamle a qi-ahrb? cmr Mosert.b. WATIONaE THEATRE, Chatham atraa??mi ?t*bioi a Cwiai? a. L. IIOl'UNAK S LYCEUM. BniJm-L* FiolbocCaotaooi ho?Alas -La llAirtiwr l>a Lasui'EcaSISTVS minstrels. MochAiiioa hau. 472 BroaAwa? ?? 'MIOPIAS KltitTBEL.lt. FC LOWS' MINSTRK2.S, FeUovi' Metis*: Ha.ll, No. 4M K ? ETMi?fii> H'.\iiT>fur. ASfiXICSN Ml'dlUM?Aai'iut Filroaiaaaca AfT w* ? oc * AND tvr*i,?. New lurk, Sunday, July -40. IW3I. News from ICuro|?c. The American mail steamship Pacific, Captain > jo, is in her eleventh day. true left Liverpool at <>ar o'clock ou Wednesday afternoon, the l>th inilatt. Tc!t-gt uptilc 'i-.munry. In consequence of the tremendous thunder an I lightning of lar' evening, our telegraphic iutelligt-oce is very m.-agre to-day. Su"h as it is, it will be found u uer the u-ui! hou 1 It seems the Post ?)flice I . paruncni has doc. led that newsp ipers are entitled to exchange with magazines, under the in w pottage la*. This is a wonderful concession u tkc part of Mr. llall. Wo shall have a few words <o say on this law in a day or two. Tlx- Recent Railroad Accidents* The recent ar i Jen's o-i the Harlem an 1 Now lia.tii railroads, aud th verdi :t of the cor mcr's jury?wu' -h wo give in atioher coluwin of th.s morning's paper?hare firtibly recalled our attention to soin important suggestions "a the g>neral su bject, which it i* now i proper occasion to mihe. The g-ea inipt r-'eetini an t djiect of the present railroad system throughout the ciun'ry, is keenly felt to he a want of unity n its ie-.ga, h jJ of free sod i tie -tire co-operation among the dilFeren* .-ouiptuiies of whieh t is composed Tho most natural Idea w; uM be that the railroads throughout the entire nu i. c should form odc tliorou glily co me :ted an J dove-toll. (1 liue c > uniu lieafion, w,th a uniform :aio per mile of fir , u.id with a eo upteto reciprocity of interest bet we n all tho comp-iaic*, whirh would at once do away with seven-eighth- of the annoyacces an?! dangers at present experi meed in railroad travelling. Tho ;mngiua:i->a of every reader wnl at oace and infallibly supp y the dotails of the advantages of su- li an arraug -us'-at, and it is unnecessary for us, therefore, to go into tbem. Ho' tl '* ideal perfe iion of the railroad aystetnis M present iuipr:. cable, urnd will only be the result of time. Ti.c key-note of to-day, a railroads as well iii every thing else, is Competition; and all we ran do, is to adapt things as they are, to procuring the greatest possible proportion of comfort to the public, unJ imuiauity from ^ 4ws< r -At tLi moment there are but wry few of our numerous railroads which pay tboir expenses?still few- r that have reitaoursed the e-?a. of their construction, and arc paying a ' 4 vidend to the stockholders. So far as the financial aspects of the question are coujcraed, the stocks of our railroads are, for the most part, mere stakes for gambling and speculation, held at a nominal value, and rua up or run down, as one or ;h? other party of the big gamblers in Wall street gets the advantage of it? antagonist. Tais ought not to be so, an 1 will uot be. If there were few r and lev- extensive and costly organitttious of officers oi each company, tube supported is luxury from 'he receipts, before they can be ton-bed for any otfcef yhirpose?if an enlightened, economical and co-operative sys'tui of fueling, running repairing, Jcc, were adopted on all the roads?and if, ??j*c aMy, the rat-x of fare, like the prices of nrw < j p?.? ag?, ?n i ever/ micg were rtdaeeo to tbo lowest paying poiut?snore than h i'f I there taggerii g ?l<1 fainting couipaui -s would at cnce regi;u thetr ttieigsh, h:Ie cow and heakhAt; MterprUet wot!J . iog up inevery direction. Th * j to wha? th 3 railroad tjtteai throughout be w?rl 1 id rlosrljr U udi vg, and whore it will ultimate!; arrive. Moauwu.le. c >snui >n huuiioity tails loudly for roine in?" a at ani rigorous men tares ?f (wovttion a ^ ml it tho numerous and serious aee>d?.iits to which railioads givo rite. Inpatient igaoiai < i< t'tr proBe to regard new bkitingt at cams, and to retard, rather than to assist, their harmonious dcVviopcinetit. 'I hot had been erpoet wily tbeca-c wnb lailroad ; and, in couitcij xt uce f tbi "* at.fUid p. j-i iicee, their projoi<ci and orsanitation are a* nu b behind'.be a/e a- their I eperc it Luaisaacw of it. It is tiiuo to fe <t the | ft (i. a Ijr. Fcai i>? cy Km.a imm-?IVtwid Rem**.? Oar rcade.w ate awne tha". we bare freq'tea'Jy raier J our voice in dcnucciatioa of the syrt .-ai itie e liar y w hi< ii i.?- b en | actued on iuim.gTai.t.t arr.viig ut ihi?|< rt from foreign countries, and exert yd our 11 fiat n c to bieuk it up, and thus fo-ee the Sortie if rowdier, runner*, and jghtirig uiun, iu the vbi| ioy of ;be forwa 1 og houses, to tarn tucir lie '?*? III a U.' V U* IH V I U * II "I V??V? 'here ?triU'(iri in*<? the trundling shop* in tb ?? Hjbb' arbo cl of the dv.'ks, whera lh?/ arc awiuii*d out '.fill tb<7 pi*":!! in '.bo wori'L We bare k k. ire J on,tea out the rc&cdiea WirtMarj for toe pii(hti?a of tb< rimiual pra -ticee, and tiiae aad again bare eail< d upon th?. oaaiMioMilof iimrgiation to tier tee the power* w.tn which th>y are BVHted, and Stand bctw-cn the victim* ani the plafidncrs. l'rouu.-e after promise *?' uiad-. to ua that the Commissioner" would take the nutter in e has J; but to ao |>urpore. A* each immigrant veae?l arrived at IJuaranhuc "be was boarded by the roarer*, with the concurrence, and by the written perniiieion, in many in*'antes, of the consignee*, arid (he emigrants and their baggige were vi-deutly ' taken pocfemion of, hustled ind.'crituinaU ly into a barge or a tow boat, aod conveyed to the city, to be robbed and plundered by tbe boarding bouse k- eper, next by the forwarder, and at int* rralr, at any stoppug place between New York and their |?iacc* of Wwtination, by their agent*. W'c loudly denounced bia vlllany year after year; but tbe t'omBtic-.or.crt of I migration moved not in tho ma ter, or if ih*y did make a little show of protecting the l'ranger, it was attend ad with no good rcralt. At Irngth the Mayor and * uiinon t'our, 1 of Buffalo, to their infinite credit, moved in the matter, and concerted with Mr. Perry, Mayor of Albany, i? aave the emigrant* 1 from the mcreilc** and mercenary runnerr and 1 agent*. Mr Perry baa acted in a prompt and ! energetic manner Not ornatent with ?ur-*ming a J police force on the wharf* of that city, to proteeyhe i immigrant*,ai d prevt nt thorn from falling into th < ciutche* of the fharpers on the look out for them, ] be pro*ccuted and punished ecreral runner* and agent*, and took official notice of eeery ca*e of impuulwn hat wa* brought to hi* knowledge, or that he eaal-J ferret out hir.t**if. Bo'. the Mayor of Albany has gone farther than Ibi* He bar waked up the Odd.. *f?>n*fl of l,mi? gration. apd we understand he ho. teen in con'ul tation with them for several day past, on the tah- I Jeet of adopting meaenree to save emigrants from ' ] the snares that arc laid for the , and send them to | < tbe r destination at the cheapest rate powible, and I without the intervention of ruunert, boarding house 1 keepers, forwarders, or other harpies. The way in ] whieh it is proposed to effect thus neoeeeary and 1 much called for reform is as follows: As the system ( at p'escnt exists, every forwarder is compelled to ; file with tbe Commissioners of Immigration a list of his rates for forwarding immigrants to the 'Vest. If he exceeds such rates, his license is taken from him. The three lowest of these rates will be < selected, an average struck, and such average will 1 be declared the rate at which all engaged in the business shall forward emigrants?in case the average should be exceeded by any forwarding agent, bis license to bo tuken away. Tie object of alopt,ng this low rate is to make it impassible for forwuidcrsto continue paying runners thirty or forty dollars a week l'or enticing emigrants to go by them. Jf, for instance, the price of transporting emigrants to Chicago was peremptorily fixed at seven dollars, they coukl not uffoi d to hire runners, as they now do, and pay them such extravagant wages. AVe underhand that it is likewise in contemplation to contract with the Erie Kuilroad Company for the transportation of emigrants, w th tho two-fold purpose of sending them cheaper than enn be done by any othc route, and also keeping them out of the way ?< .v, . ???a ..I.? ?u, 1 line This is an outline of the system which the Mayor of Albany and the authorities here are n >w consulting about. Frotn what we have heard, we should think it will be a great improvement on the j old system, and save many thou-.in is of dollars to the poor emigrants. Let there be a 'rial of it, at all events. Any change from the present vill mous system of fraud and robbery must he for the better, j Tiu St Bt r.Hs er New York.?If our licketv, j behind-time, dilapidated and totally inadequate j wharves and lat Jings ate a Ftanding, leaning, tot- j teiirg, falling, rotten ; nd rat-tenanted reproaeh to ! the grentnees of the commerc al emp rium of the new world, the suburbs of our city rare a still j fouler disgrace. We m i.y safely defy the ingenui ( tj of all the human and quad upedal sw no in exia- | ttnee, aidtd by the skill of a Ugt? :t of luilignaut | devils, eholera. typhus, ship fever and their attendant | imps, to produce onutbt r so vi'.Ueoum series of of frCsivc objects, disgusting smells and dead y mi l in-, as those wi'.h ah ch the magnificent e ty of New 1 Voik is literally ramparted from island to island j An icsanato y cordon of slaughter Louses, milk > distilleries ulJ bone-bo'it g establishments, hog- I pens aid dung-htaps, opposes an impenetrable barnir between the cit^y and the free air aud pure skies of flod's country; and ive.-e it not for the j living floods of j ure oat gen that stream incessant- | ly over the city i'roui our two ma aiflcent rivers, ! struggling nobly to purify and transmuti the jioi- j sobous gu-i s from the suburbs, our wb If population would be in momentary danger of suffocation. The great body of cur citizens, who seld >m or [ r.tvtr deviate f uui tl.eir daily route between dwelling and couiiting liou-c, caunot have the remote it idea of the actual ctaie ot things in the northern joition of turn-land LI.ar ty compels us to believe, also, tbut the Mayor and Common Council, and tbe Commission i t ol Mutts, tied the Board of Health, and the Police I jaituum, tuns lieeijuv'ly ignorant on the suhjict It is impossible to ima gibe bow otherwise to ae-ount fer their ciiminal : neglect of tLe health and lives of the citizens. The j . only men who have ever reai'y investigated these horrible evils, and pe son illy explored the e lat>y- , rinths of unimaginable filth and deadly fetor, are ! tLe youi g physicians of the city, who, in tho early probation of it.. ir career, arc continually cullel upon to encouiitir danger ar.d death, in countless end frightful forms. It is to tbe disinterested and courageous self-devotion of one of this noble b-.dy of y out g men that our re porters have been indebted for tbe opportunity to inspect, pcisnnally, the dens aid nuuerits of death to wbi.b we hare aliu led T he scene of the subuibs is hopelessly beyond de- 1 tailed description. The foulest imagination could j ' rot give foriu una expression to the countless hi. J 1 mOL.-trous rhaj cs of fil b, obscenity, anl abouiiua- ; ' ticn of ' bich they are the home. Golgotha, Gu- ( beuna, ar.U the mi dnight revel* of graveyard ghouls I < at theit utitamoahlc feusti, united, could not furnish a scene to compare with tbein. > The giyjptJiitF?i?^WLeWt'r anything can and will J 1 b? ?.!' p. 1-^ al._ .al.m iM' the power to investigate 1 i the flttwf iw.-tt -extent of these evils, and to tike J s"in? means Tftr their extirpation That ill-thanked < aid ill-rewaidid public infomer, the preu, has 1 i'uw d'Uii it* duty, and it remaiua to be seen another 1 ihc lot'.red and abundantly piul servants of the | * I" j.le, chosen to pibteet the % ncral welfare, will i , tor once dare to forego their schemes of personal j aggrandizement, and mat fully do theirs. CllKAF 1? kpor l iNO ?The Tiihunr, after admit- \ ting ibat it had no reporter to entire to the late * .-pltndid ex urmon of tliu Gol<cnGatc to ( beta- J put he l ay pub! i. bed yesterday morning an ac- j, mart of tin trip, of neatly tw i colu.uus in length. J \t e hnve every reason to believe tbat the materials t of thir original artiele, from bt gin mug to end, were ubstiacles from I he HonLl. who'b Inni a rupo tar oi ' wo to s| are for the expedition. The article in I I i!.e Irilunt rends well enough; but it is done upon j f. a ry-tem <i cheap report i g very like i'wetm i- r ? 1 >tLtr?J Hill's im-w-| ?, er |*>st*<{e law, entitled to " ne fudit whatever. We caution all country edi* | tj t?>rs against the ch-at. The l'n!tunt had no re- j " p>:ter. 1 be *nedit b'lot g? elsewhere ' *> tl 1st Ntw I'osfAOt Law \ni? ruit Tuini-sr. ? ',i t ui abolition coteuiporaiy, the lr,.'u*r, in speak- * n g. y estu usy, vf the incuiiVetii' -.c? s of the new 1'ostage law, in regard to newspaper-, says:? The feut ts in the Uw and not in the lOo'roaet-.f < ii.eral C?- r* uoi mi <. clj l? to cii-lra* Ml im ! I <i b tt>? atm-ot litcrxii; Indeed ??kt; ?>li l<- iliti kibl Hint ai Iwt ull? * ii an iii that < fitee aij?i ittun lb- ium|i -> i-iii a..d until rrtano* thai il cju |?n dura r iti>u' ?n II ?- mm- ' lit IL<- p?<) lb' iiiiiri in llli U? luiul ?? tu.iuil * liktr il kii kd"J % ll w.ntir t>Ml fi l|i. I.i lb<-UI14Ua I.ill" do jurlire In lb? i.l.^hleunJ .mj t.u iui^ hy h,- td I lb' baiUlai I'irl uB.ie This ii all wrong-an-l we rball correct our CHem' | j i?tj bj My ng. that that part of thcne* I'o-tage ii* idcrriig lo tiew?p#j,cr* war tho handiwork of , Mr. Hall, tLe t'(?iBi<t?r 'iriwral, Mm elf. A-* e< ruingly, if the iuw in in Unit, the I'mtcua-iter , ? < uncial ii in fault, I.bough on this 'object. 1 tl t! Waited m Know?What the intention? of J Mayar King-land rt?f* ting tb* bil.i for the Siltb ^ and l.igLth iVtrac raili ad* r ally are, end whether r tl.f puhlio are to he th? w < r of fhi-ui ' Hope t< deferred ninkrth the heart rick; and if the oity fi really it to hate the benefit of there great wo.kt, r during the pre tot reign, it it time to kt it be known. r. Mai I ne Afal rii Drraan ar of ma triiMuur R-in ?At no^n ye terday. the I' ? M flullI'M^ b Jlir Dajit Comitiiek tn<h b?r departure f r Lirwyil. * th up?arl< of 70 'j' p?w*?Kerr and I'lJaOUQ to *l?w|e The new of h?r Ji win ox nu!iu minor MX* proper BMI 1 Ciiif Hri?fni ("apt Ix.r.l iirl?>i) y?"tord*y ft.m Canton br< tight f'iv ht?. n liuinlnd ton* of fr*t<ht. >f a T<?y raluAhl* rUfirl*r toiFt'tlFf >t ?tl*? t-a? h* 7h H bii-i with Trry b???y wraitx-r < If the Capo of j I i r I III Ji Wcin fi ift-WVbara r?ri|??|a pi-py of a hard- ' n )? at i| u-?fui whalo rharl lrnwn op by U>?t M k Maury. fj p N.. .viopaninl with * piuiphl.-t h?a?l I lir p >rt?pt U< W )i,loiixii. (ttip t# ?t of wbMrb wa? pub I ItiixUlntbo HrtuU nip Iibip buck ) hnwmf tlx- dif. j r?f. lit latltiiipn frtqu "Ot"! by th* right and u<-ria Mima* at (I'ff. rppt of ilu ypur thx bwi flatting iri tit la. atel ntbrr ii.fori/Mltoti of iDralnablH tinp .rtaix-a | lo ?I nit nu ll Tho ?b' l? dn??n W|> Iron official data. , 1 II >1 form* a rrmplpfo gni'to i.t" b 'of wbalatu *n | t Lit *. urn ?At Or In tel. Me 1.0th ult by M???r? brown k I'artridi* a trig of l/d HIP iwIN th? Watxr Witch to tw r? iiiiopti'Ii 'l by rpp'kto Jordan, 2-* mat . ' by tor liinttc M I'Mlrliip. a fldp n'Mvwr if 147 ton*, talktl (bo i hanr.it* K . Itnrk to lw commmM by ' nptnln Tortx-r and .'Id. by Mr K*yot a fin* peh'totwr i of Iou tofci. in |n r..ti ma rob il by t'aptiklfl lltrrrlnian j La'-i?i tit o at Kittcry I thlmt by Mxft.' trrnaldk f| r<-tt'|f. w th- .pi.Midlb'ibtlfi^ h'v f*Tt W Old III'/ I J, Tub Oxfobd Bank Cask ?This tut ku but [xwtpored from day to day during the la?t week? >ne day from the absence of the ooitysoI. another From the absence of the witnesses, and another from the absence of the part tea. Yeatenluy it was postponed again. Thus it drags its slow length along. When shall we hear tho result I The SfW Haven Railroad Accident. [ORiiNKR's INVJl'EST IIN 1HK IIOUV of I>VVIU Mr. It 1LW H?THE TESTIMONY TAKEN UEKUItK IKE JI KY, ANU T1IK VKHIUCT. Coroner Ueer proceeded, yesterday morning, et 11 ti'cUck, to hold the iuqurst on the body of List id MeCulloch. who came to bis death by injuries recev?i on Thursday morning last, by belug otught iu the oavrutcher attached to the locomotive ol the New liav.u Kail road. The ritiicns of Uarlcm and its vicinity are decidedly Opposed to tbe rapid manner of running train* of c era tlire ugh thickly populated places, thcroliy ending. ring the lives of passengers and citiieus, aud will uo dou >t cause si me pilau hereafter ts be adopted, wh-mby lire spied of locoun lives will be brought down to tbe wishes and soli ty of the c< uimunity The following l? I lie evidence MKrtt. and the verdict 0[ tbe Jury :? TEll'IMONY. Hugh Maatergon swoiu. Mya?I reside ia l'JJd street, Harlem; ul about ball pant ? o'clock on Tnur-iiy .u >rulog *?> on the platform of tie ll.irl-ui train, ton i aa* tlie New lluven train coming "P * ftreat wp??-?l.-?IT it .t? >ut 1-llh street; at this time a cumber of persou* Were endeavoring to enter tbe liurlem train, which stood at the station to nccive pas-enger* for New York; at that time 1 loard the whistle blown frotu ttielocom >uve .f the New Iiuveti train, altb.it iuntuut 1 ?? ili? J?w*el. Jarii Mit'ulb cb. with hie child iu ho. uruis. appro u-.a ng i he Harlem car*, when 1 lir.it raw bun lie ?ut ou toe cut track 1 was cup-aged at the time protecting an -Id l i ly, who war in danger la tween the two Iraitie; lit- decearcd, while lu the net of rri ssitig tile tract, w.ii c.l igtu u.i by tbe c ? cutchir of the New tiav.u locoutoi ite an i carried nn.e two car lengths and then thrown oil ihe en(tine and train paeaed on without al.pgiug: I * i >u.d judge thul tlie locomotive wae gninp at a -peed of ao >ut, or to t ii ee than tit'een miles an hoar. hlifhfc Slot fell being eworu. rcsiie ii lAich atrei t. Ilarleci; I *? siandltig at the tint* tie- ! e?ned was injured >n the rooming f Tbursdey la-'. a*t w.-eu 1'dOlh and li!7th atreetk; it wa- men about >7 inn ilea past S o el ck 1 o i-ervcl the i lariulU ' are e oniuw .town tor Now Yoik and I < heervi d. at the cine time, tne New 1: HI el- iars c. tiling fmui in * Yolk at a p. n j. 1 should say of twenty Sve Ulil-a an hour; tb.'lliil il tr<uu wis al? ot stopping a>.d bid pissed a shor! d.-nim i-youd litfith atrei t; the ilarlcui train wai then tukiog .u paneelgtie: 1 then saw a IT au. (*bc decernr J.j a- lie wa- no the east track, picked Up by the c .w c itco -r "el .n? iug to the N- w Iluv. u |. couiolive. wl ni I onine up n him I i?w the ileeia.-id lying on the trart ou Hi- onek with hia fore to tlie sum; it id usual t r train- t> pi-a thit Uih the village ?1 Harbin at the rate of twec'.y-tive n il?e li e hour. ht'watd Crofsmau aworn. ea>??1 resile at Jii.vin Weetclc tcr county; I w.i* in tin - n no car of the Harlem train, i u the no r i> p i Thn-cjiy la-t, *1 ' l ll i del etf< d win i: jur< d. 1 i k n ui ot 'tie c or window hill iaw th< New It a Veu up. aid indistinctly hi mil the sojulot' >he -li.>uil tv||< i ti< in tin speid.'hi train wa-pi gri?m f at tbe i mi <t at* ut tt.iiij n ib s su it u"; ?t .nil iu-iui. 1 saw the del" to . d li| ; r. .. -h I he tr; . w to < into I lie I Jarlilt. eat.- I old rot. Ik< I?e the cliloi lu oi-u >'l-; nnw.it |ri?.iuih|{ iu jo* the track, wto u the e .* catcher of th. N. w I!hv. ii 'r .in -ti ticli torn picKe.1 h.oi up and rtirrno hilt) lie do a nee oftwocit-, 1 I. ft i"e car and pukidtip the chill aid -aw u.-c-a?'d ou bo gruuud will. bi-e'Bt over hi* f.ic : h- was II. en-inie at the tin.e lit witness is of < pini >ii. fr.. u Hot position , 1 e I (1 Uf I. (1 ti it the trait c >Ulii t.ttVe b-.-u -Men cotniu< his lit twi 1.IJ jmd- . If. l.U'1 .he III I l.lt. 11 C Ul l ll lVU DeOU ti. utiu ci inii g fsrni wh?re he wa* a; tuc ..loan ut. GfrOi(ii' W V. birth r ruperin'er.dent of tha N?** llama !!ktli< i (1.1 it? >*" tu. rj?j ?A mm tan m-h mi- angina 1 er.tl atr ?t tui llnil'-m-m <m. tfli.ty o ntte nut uf tb? In nil > di if II e tunnel I' i *b:' ii are ilirnltd front m li i ll > r by n dirlHT c" i t hI? u! i'uk unit* k'jJ h n uf; *nii i>ii in thi ci a* il ir;h?d. frutu the plt.firu I-h ili a! i -ide of tin- triu k. it i.i iuj opto! >n tbo t-avuiir i n On- Ni-w ilkti-i, train could alter auier^inj In Hi tl.e in rth -ide of miii tumi'l i-p m-infer* jj. t. i tiEfE il.to lllf i hrr ri'Ll'i i li (1 Kil Ii t h ' (inilrU) tl.illl. it , tit itali' t at Harlem ami had ampin tiiau In jnt lute.bit >ptiit m< it ,ii htu jin ?-nti d til** iii iii*i>ltji if ihidi ?tii i f i i i i *?d 11 h j r-i ii i" audinif teu fret want of llit ml ti?' k. in- run net' down llit lla a a distance of j abi it fix 1 ul drill ! t C I.i i.-'?i l.i r t tpun-r. reriduur at l!ns to?-a of tVent ; i'i:u.~ inn?faiil I ana prewui a*. Iltrteiu ou the d i ruice i t ibt 17th loft . and hiH w ft an t d lighter ; arte will 1 Li. uud liar wtri gi.in^ iu th? liarlaai ca.*'to Si a li rli jiitl n- the engine ruutit 'ed ?ri h the Now llkii I. train im rgi d fr n ibr pap it. the rock. a di-tauoa 1 Ho ir l'Jii til t Mi; I'll I tun beard tun bl >?inx ?l hrr iLiftlr; iny wife r.tn daughter Mora, it Ilia u> >ui?at. , rif fit c tbf ii.fl iratK. I I aliened tn n n nut in y wife : aw tin tlniti n n.u / . n i n ached ibe Hep of the H.ir- ' Birnrr abiu tin com l uirbi r |m--? tl liar; I abouni i >, i ?. the 11 giLa va- qnlug. at th- m<iuie.it at a ntn of , Lhilty tniUr an hi ur. wittier- dielare* the engine riu- ' in; l.ii mm, fir n i n than l.<u fe> t from tue rtatioa at IImi! m. m tt i.? oouiiir up frm.i tha rook ; the u?u.il prea lit which the tutu * p?-r tbrnnitti IJarltiui I-at a I M'eif fri ui twi uly f.?a tn thirty mil" ilia inmr. the Sim IUt. n train in thi-'Ci'.i-lni. pa aed through at tor ia'i ' 1 tl iny inili -ai l tur W ilHatn 11 M mm. r..Uiiis at MnrrifaoU. b*iaf witn raid?IL&t ba hniid the wbirtl* of ttk* Inc -at live, l ut did i."t know fmBi wbi*ti train autil whi?ikr uu.v, ha* war gat'lnff luto tit* Ita'li-ui ?'wh il h - ni?r b<- darasri d rnusbt up by tc<.w-ratoher of tlm No? llavtn train; Usa d'omid ? ?? ritrrlwtf a dintaucn of <ir<-WD l?ft fri in wbrr<-tin-? ??t?ud'n<; It > i.i cii-M^iy ii r I'li-'i iyi rr lo crotc lim emt truce lo <- t -u board tut- Hail- in can. K 1. I.? Koir. rwldii.l atirgoi n at \.w. fork II npltal. mru.lll 'tkr ilwraoil HiiBitM ill llio IIi?(II at n il r 0" ioii e < f tbi-lTit ot July in a ?tnt? if priwtra H u. * lb n ci n:p"utfi traciura ot b<>tti 1-k< 11 liiif-rdabrutk'. In urn. aid ilud I'ont inoiti'tn -sant tif li t' u ao'i unii iiotl ins 'I'?' kind if importm!"'.older ban tbt-fructurnif limb bpHi Ii-dual teatilruiiiy crinelti led ?ha arulenra ; and flir a brief rtlnrs tf I In- <."boni?r rattan in* me i -t iin i.j tL" cair n.i- . I u.lttv1 t" tno c u.ndi-iation I tL?| juiy . aiid ila i a'. 0. I about au Ii or the iiij n od'n d tbc Mi wim; VK'tDHT. ILtl tl t direared, Iia' id *c< i ll- c' !?' ti hi? dratb by i jell'? nt md ' a ' i. - i f ta* I7<b iaataot. tr >m in a lai f t u|. I f l! r i at . i-r attu .. it to tin Nn " ra i.ao >i* llaur Kailr .1 .-r?, ualvr th? chane II bis aa tjirrima. raaianr ? liita in t'.a act of p???lug tna j 'fa t at I'WIiBi? r. I i irt Ma af t btfMlM tuat IM .iruL triiii ?a* la a 1 vai c m tl.' ' tuur. UIIRI up i t', f;' o ll . lu t f .; i- i m u.i! C m t_a II ir.i n tr i i t i n?? Virruauia n.i I tl.a s * Hum t'aln a'lill 0 mil 'I.i I at tl at f J w . Tl .ri t '*r* t.ira, batiota t i k'. " liarliwi h allien! I u'paajr ir Wh'y ce *nr?hle In nut kill . |li f ' r fi fnu- rial I t at ti.a 4| k it, H- a'B p 4 a i in ri- n tli 11 a - ) ! ii.' Tali.- tad furth t t?ui i v I i Ii'm II at ' . i it "I 11 i nt t in N II n ' ii tr h i. | 1 v i l\ tl.i ti 111 ru 1.1. >. * i> a I ell, r tun f*?t, tharnliy i uat ,'ti'i ft to life. Tl m y llaawiaa ?'tr<?nt t?m f fri'iy ' I tin liarNiii I: ilr.au t'l.mtmuv pr *! ii"* in :' I r Ik Mr t' tint fa""n t r? oo tua ?|'pr i i or ?t'i-f 'i:n:i|i ii. i i.rlu'i n, tarii'-i y n : '.i it-fill to t Ur mi I i |i nt id I n iti a i J " uat? <1 kti i rk. to tai ? tin ttfer lot" in mrdiata n i >' ra'lm . m l a l "t a *n? onsa* . fi wliraljtl. T'i t f j i'C1. o U*|k t lo'nui'i i?ir> p n<t ll.fi.oak thb lily 11 | i Irti d i btcii'ta. tnaj ho fa< U'ad .' Ii rtotcti law, in aru' r tba an itr.i pr .fairti nl ba fkl'd to tba llifi aim par.fi rty nl'" r fo'lwW itlaao'. III di I a I'll Wl u la< ti: S nail a' Hi lifljr t'-afif ' 11 in In Irvlatid aail !. il lin . In- ml* ny .tilth un* in Ik.'I tlla Oi nt d aanlaft with i H. j. n'mil t ur i araofayr wlm am in t.U artn- nt tlw tin* Ui* fatal .11J ? ii- ii Itirti'd uti blr fato*r Tin- d " -a "I it - iu?. af a.arlii g | .r \ ii , .oia wlii rr h-had yr. . ari d ? jr*. , f unit nl (liiurnl lr?l.iua. TifirrJii rl ibaari.il A lattan ti i -In r and C , ,k Ji I v lk ? 'Irtnl l t A'.' A (b run t.oQn-1 l*-onaid I li i Vit*?. | ut nil trial r'ia'ifa.1 with ? -mil mi I Van, Mil IktatM to kill fl mm VHI rii* a -aiiit IT t ht! I'ltllt' 'Otl.H ITlftif *i*y la-t Ihf KM' lali at.l V?li,aiNUi i-itim-tit l<i ifea rtf-ct that ' i. l Ll a i l.y Oil- V**I- i,- mii at Un< tiiua ?ii'l |#haa? hI p d III lk? iii 'i '.ni-r ' . I,ut on th" cna--ax*tu nVmn i ill i u" 1111.1II ?.! .1 <l#ilk<i"l r wlli'tnl'f lednir aril ha J 1 an ? tit i> tlx- p? nttanitory. and ? *? <1 tt n|i'iii ihitrfor Th -in tinrr(<ir? ortlaft <1 all iataat ? cfiy to ta F?*l'kui oat >! :.unt fh"? |j * ?>>; I u .?i rn ta*1lfli"l th?'ilia i? iln ) tiFi'i.?r -t. li M II-. ?bw ?a* Mm make iti> hliw. r.d ? the ? nf.-in tin h%o 1 ? Ua want up n ili'j ll? r I * -iFrm' who a'tand I Walla at thr It" git*1. I'm I.* an Ukil aH r ha baa wnumlani ilitt I 11 tl.i ?'l T il ?n <1: I I r< v III r It r.iri...t' l 'f ?n Ml>|(t I" *? ? tifih at I -lath fit"; llw w mini tut rati 'I i ha lun ; IV pal taut tv ma idar.-1 t<> ain an at dilii r U TW1IW tiBia It an |irot>h that than* win an al?"f*aiW>n hi'twaan I,a |-rh"t.<r an>l . m|-liiijaat Ilia jury mnriml a milat ?f aaiMilt iMl ttary only, no I ina 0 >art ain< | in J t In In r t ?a; . ui )>ar hi tlx | n t>"iiiarr M inn" ? Kot l .;?n.i a. f nt 1.1?.| f ?iw i UryA^i th ' ritil rtapraa. i.n Tw?ia* la-t. ??a aa-ntaueaat tT tha tula |.rta< n t"f li?i? ia<l MtaWl laipm. Willi Irani <1 iu I'y In an it.nil "an i.t alimona him wnh tamilaicany minlil in'il tai bard lair r ?t 'ing ring, { r i ?n ) a r? llii I wit adjt urrird ti i tha flr-t V|r?l?) ia Augu-t llln ram* ait a of l)t?tlngalah*?l Prop a. II'n Jaiini M J "in noil "riant J.niganf , n. ??ith m lmii.it if tailfwala l.< ? Angrim, s t luehaatar. inn. Ml" t Mnnrna do . linn Win i: lb Comt, > m tfatar I' A i.ifTnll mmI My Hnulh t'wmitiiB, it. ! I rawfnrd ftnltinn ri; 'J II tartar, halatfniti. wara ?"?g 11.a arnaala yaatardn/ a tha I Dinn I'lara ll.ital tin I (Irian atxl Initj Alabama II llaintnitt. I'h la; ' A 14 I .ila.il la.lt lltiiftl...i Vt I U . U , .".W r.a lid) i riiidi W ritnrh. t naifxnn ' In . hi It linflilir l.< ui.'Till? hy , J I' ?ml lfly < r <i< n II Plilli M Aoa-eyk'f i?? mid family. Mi. Jar II lre?tu?n KiM? N ll wrr* uum* ii?h Itltilr lit the II' nmrd ll"te| ytoti-rdny J htiihurt. rhlp Mr II I'nl, Thn? Nlth'ddi Mum- I in. a I Cure Mlih jin. II I>i-rl,y. I n nun .ttl. Mrnrtrlik llile**.. K K llr*e MemijiM.; A. II Nil iiii him tig b< urnvuli the A?"f ll?nw l( 1'iyrr A n , I'r litipr, fhllm ; I) rnntU* ll? ; " I Midi, (hlflrlliini ?# ? II tt nllt- M it timet'"), I 't'llift d" . (up! Mirhel". < ?nt II were mil'iltf if ml Dele yntirde) ?t tl.e Amettemn tlmiee tirll'tirj llul??'r K>-? Mr (UukII N O , Jud/" *l"fr In. Mid lirl'p I'ott'r IVlin ?rr .it ifarnt'/a r-r-t f. t? Prnliient Vun Hurrn I* on n fahiti/ fur* ion to i in,' nt *n?ml IntelllKenre. Tl f T'niti d Fifci'" i-r (r I i tty l.nut Commuti'lpf A I'Oli ??<*t M ll< irkk June i, h? UB I Wi til" I ?iI lirdi | Cltjr UI?HI|*n. I GREAT THUNDER ST IN. | Last evening on > of the greateet thunder storms that ' ever visited this city burnt over it about sight o'clock, aud continued to rage with terrific fury for aa hour, while rain fell in torrents. It seemed as if ail the build ings In the city were being shattered in pieces, so loud and continuous were the peals, and so rapidly did tb'-y follow llie vivid flushes cf ligbtnlug which illuminuted the whole city, as if it were in a universal blase, every two or three seconds. The air was evidently charged wiih electricity for the last few days. Yesterday morning about four o'clock, a fearful thunder storm broke ovt r our city anil continued for the space of two hours, swuSiug most of the iub^i'ilauta front their slumbers; but the teuipost ot lust evening was f.tr more terrible. 'I he whole heavens w. re illuminated with the continuous glare of the red ligbtnlug. aud it Seemed as if " the crack of doom'' were come. The scene was one of sublime gr*nd<ur. Terror prevailed on every side ami ng women and chitdn u. aud all artificial lights were rendered dun and f.iiut by the i- .e -'Sire brightness of the electric Nuid There cuu be node ibt that the morning will reveal numerous acoidente The lag stall' na the Aetor llou cas shattered to piece a The liglHunig also struck the liberty pole opposite No 170 Madison street, near the house of Mr Dougherty. This was one of the oldest liberty pules lu the ci'.y. having withstood ur r.oiuir ui IIII IJ ) car* lue irBgUlCJl* wore CtlWCI for a di-tance ut one hundred yard- aud Upward*. We have beard that a wan wm killed la broad* vy, but wh.tber *uch U true or f.il*e we could not ascurlaiu up to the hour of going to preR*. riot i.i Tiiiiid Avr.ire *wr> ICdrir smnit.?A* announcid rn tin.- uiorolag's edition, a large number of carmen. employed in Third avenue struck for advauco of *egc* on Thursday lant. Yesterday atierooou abrdyof ' tbe*e men alier indulging for a considerable time lathe i int< xicatlug rtip. attacked a party of in?u wtio -till o in- 1 liuUcd to work, and a couHuerable light look p'aoe. but , no icrious woundn were inflicted A few Individuals re- ! eehed some aerate bee and block eye*. Two of the ring- : le i e Minn d ,'laitlu Kenedy and James Oaynor wore I arri ft el and locked up to un*wer the charge. A Fatal AccTDonr b? Falliko fhow a Ui.mi.divo? ; Coroner Ueer > elerday held a t ItqueHt at N o 4b Maiden j lane, in the le oy it We-ley ballon. aged twenty rive j yiHiH.born in Ireland, who came to hi- death by acci- I d. nrally falling through the hatchway of the now MX- ' s.i iv builoii g No. 49 Alaideu lane, troui the roof to the j lower *lory caulng almost instant death fbe deceased , Wita fi reman of the carpenter*'work, and win arranging ; route part i'I the work over the hatehway. wh.tn hi* toot . Mipni d. and lie wae precipitHled through the hatchway to the tloor below On picking tnui up. he breathed tor ! a 'i w minute* and then expired Tue decea-e 1 rended i in (Jieenertreet. betweeo (ipriug and Prince streets. A Terdirt wa* rendered accoruiug to the at) >ve facte.

Fatal Atcidcnt?About *ix o'clock ou Fridiyafterm on. u boy. sue year* if age. named Johu Duly, wn ia mnlly kilied by the falling of ap ' of luinb <r, b>d >ugirg to Baker aud Well*, corner ol ilainersley aud West etiiet*. 11 i.i body wa* takeu to the reddeuue ot hn parent* No. 81 King slrtel. where au iuquest will be held ; tod <y. llrowvT.n ?Richard Slieehin, tin farmer at the Marine i 11 lepual, t.ua. unliue. wa* drowned ?'u Friday eveuiug, I m It bathl g with feverul other man neloa. iug to Uu eMubli*;.aieut. Coromr Randolph, of To.;ip:iia-vill?, i l eu an it quest ye-t.rilay; verdict. " accidentally i oi' vi id " .11 r. Fbvttum iia* left a larg - family aud it i* | to I e hop. d that they will he properly cared I f by the ] Ctn in.*.-tenet* of Kuugiam u lloni Koran.?The body of D*njtmin 4egbin who full from i he upper deck ot the Suit en 1*1 tod ferry b >*t Sylpu, lu Suncsy la*t. and wa* drowned was r covered olT ib>Vi lmr's l-iand. on Thursday, aud bu 'd ou Friday, by the military company ot winch he w?* a inemoer. Anniversary Celetiriitlon at St. John's ? ollrge< Tuesday, '.ho 21th ult.. ushered in the titular feast and the tenth anniversiry ol' this institu tiuii?both of which were celebrated, sn usual, by a j a literary debate and a concert The audience was i uuKi<<uiui.d highly expectable. The llov. Archfa step ol New Wi, ju?t ri turned liurn his European tour, was present. The ehuiiu.au, Mr. P. Molonv, of Barnwell, i tv (. ., couiujcLced the e.xe.cises uy dotiiiing the question ol uebu e, which was: ' ilas eloquence, lolitnully consiilertd, proved, iu general, hone- | facial'!'' In this ducuxsiuH, as the geutleuiau obmrvi d, was considered not only public speaking, hut what uiuy be termed public writing?not only tbe loi gue, hut the pen?lu a word, the eloquence ol the ro.-truiu und <>t the press. His reinarlia were clear and |s r .iueiit; his delivery diguided and giueeful; ni d wiih greater strength ami compass of voice, he would piovc a liiu.xbed -peuk.-r. I.et us Lope tl.at like u celebrated oiutor to wUoin he frequently alluded, he will overcome this deficiency, hi d sutiMv the ear, us well as the understanding, of his Lcaiers. Mr. iteiinia O'Donoghue, of New York, now 0| ei.ed the-debate on tne ulliriuetive. Coulimug hi a..-' If to the ancient era, bo ably pointed out the ' hi l eii s of (hat eloquence w faiub, in the express!/e laiguagc of Milton, Wielded :it will the fle-ree demoenicie" of Atbefaa a <t ol lioute, oppoied tyranny, and con- j toli luted empire. The speaker evidently telt his I subject.and perhaps to this exuberance of feeling j n. iy be attributed his too hurried ewuuciaMoa, wn.eh iHcu?ioiially caused what the great duin- i til an happily IcruiS, " a stumming of words on the litre-bold ot the car." I.ci ban, then, beocei'orwaid stuJy to iiilioduce them one by one, as so want guests into a hall prepared lor their reception |. II,.....11....ill. In ,Ki. *? i I . .'iv '! au<i<i| ui 11 i>i 11 no* mv| in hui'j wnwf combated, in hii uuunrublo discourse, tho arguments ui Ibe |ir?*c*-?iliix speaker His illustrations we cobsideicd ,.aiti :uiai l> happy, bis sarcasm keen ai.uumc. wun iftrvurui' delivery and an earnest siucciity, winch destroyed the luipns- on l?tt by bis n| pooenl '1 bere w*s an occasional sinking of tho voice ai d inattention to general maimer which ?<>u.e*Lul iouir< d tL. effect of tile whole?bieiuisius abicb Will, no doubt, disappear w.th practical oxt ? i eiice Air John McQuade, of I'tica, V. V , was pithy, rulid m.u argumentative, iiiabiiei review of .nr. M ciVlaLiou's i<a>.:ung bo strengthened that of his colliOMUe. the tirst r-iwuker vVe agree with Una ibal tue drama, particularly ut Alheiu, exercised in riiu.c respects, the inttucaoe of the modern proas. W Iji? h i li.n iiml Aristophanes will subscribe to | lb: pu.ioii Having beard the getitlemau oil the M a.'hn.?toij auiiivenaiy, we were stru-k with bis ir.ai.ih si improvement. especially in overcoming ti ni iiitnacLce which but t<A? often paralyses talent. ' 1 cou.sc, iii expatiating on tuoderu eimpien jo, he La) | by availed bnn-elt ol tbu r. souroes i.i history Mm ciiiiclu.iii c di-course, by Air. Martin, of Niw \ in k, was brivl, poiliiud all 1, indeed, an ulo* i)Ui 1.1 lev lew ot the whole gioutid ulre.My gone over, Willi many rtejcesslul gleaningsfroiu tun same lieid. '1 no audience testified by repealed applause, i how UiUeli liis impressive and uppr i|iriaie delivery lie-id i.ii I In ir leeilUgl. 'i i.e I ban man, being called upon to decide, pronounced, altti u biiel minuting up, that tue ul ijti tee 11 II,e losiruui b-vl been eh>.|ucutly sbuw.i j l*. ba'e j.roVe.l, i? genital, beneticial, a.4 to iliat oi il.i |tn. i.e would eilabli.'b a ilis'iiii'tiuu L maiming us intliieuce in 1 ranee, Met tunny, Spanish a mi i n ii ai.n elpiwheic.u would umie ir to n.i.o U< li builit.I, r.'i ber i am. ulburmM; *u .'iw4 mixing iL? kii a. tutuey ul' which 1-.11gl1.1h i* theuigaa, iu | < ii h| I., in Kit liav- brtduuiiiiHliii Let u? b'.pc tb.t boll tbe CkiiruM a?i?l the I Biliniii', kliciticliHi tin (niliti ill lit .(ju i if in thu null tl?l vlimi, *i.l miiiu tui' ti i>(b> aaueipatioiij * he h their braicl* ami well Vi-hei- nu'erbMueil i>n wuierviig ttitv KiicltviU ili-plny of tali lit .iixi sj I tlrlll I WIIKt'l) ?' VOUUII |irUIL'l|lli'S. VS i u.i..-t imt tuigi-t tu men.ion the mii?ie. ho.'-. | vi til in.iili.vtiUUieuia), v? ry n?|.|iilv lull u iuceil i ifII g I llteiuiy I'lvielvef ?*liui? ut the III ?H ill.ti- I tilt I.. I lipli ul ,M> l.nel"> I.tin alii I.lbi-r itri'tt m it lin mil I'Si'jiiteii wnli remarkable preciviiui mi l ' tlitit. IimIii4. tM lluii?lit?, tnrmii'g u cllnil ?!' ivii'M of mi) tin.|u-t, tniiillif ba.-H> ti trie n( ji'i. wvuki imt luuer by o. <n? |..< n mi * i ii'atijr ' u.livtK rlhltt The Ih?1 pie. e. it enU? It? the I ciKliiuicti Jr'iul vunipwer, I Miller Imuibillo'l*, . vh< i ?i|iiinul) pi.'tlorJietl. At ib* dme til the e?eiciM?. the %<seuibly ?.?? ! fail )I'll ?.ill a variety of iuteieHllig iviii ulu l>y tin- icit'ifliO |i .lute, lie uliilijeil to kbltntlU Vuy* ! u|f Ui Luroje, rupuJIy -kochei Ike ?oc;al ami |vv i In i ul i tiii it ill*'ti ul tbe Metit tvtncii In- hau lilit'.l, ui it a'li i a well in nteu ra.n <?* io.i .if ibe I! nvvell Imtey, cm gialulaied Iiiu.m II a.el all ptveeul vii ike r umi'a.leii |>rwf|teray, tr?ii|.nlim, Hu<i liberty of ui.r i'*t Intuitu iaiei. Tin lieaitfelt emotion, even lu Ii urv, el t lii'ilMtiiiguie uiJ vpeuker, cmuinuuioat.iil il it In ill |NNM | 'II u.? I. a | j.iljr 'ei miimteeJ a b?p;iy >'fM>ration, * Li h ilit aid have *ehluiii ween eeiulleil, mi l tu * Ii i|i the yi.ui.g, in aftet lite, will alw.iyt look buek i with h.'ii'l ree?!h.*ction. IMP* RTA*T T # WxMKH* Of VR**l:L*. It?nrv I loa .1 udK* OoWl*a Jfl T 17 ? Thmnaa CnitrU.r on man. it (Mirrr J draffnan. manlrr anil Mm tlrtt. mat' -.Irlian far .1 im.nl iiI ? lli? plaintiff wmn wainan i>n board thn -hip Martha* \ nn ?i.td on a ?i yam fr< m .w to N*w li lk It a|>p*iiri ri that th* plaintiff *n- ONrtnl by th n atr to do ilt t) ?? rrn k abicli hi dxxlin*d to i| > tin .a Imt ti>i| fit'iuttrtl; by tt?* mat* ami aim by th* r>u'?ln tlx ?a. r< np< li*d to do **r*r* duiy wh I* It a ? >V n nilnliti ainl -nth ring front tin- truudaof hi* ( r. ? H ll h"atll:|fa No oil i r d*t*M? t?aa ofT.-rrd *ir*pt hi* rxfu-lng to do iniy rr?? h. 1 I t- ? ourt i hargi-d th* jury thai Ih* nflWra of a * #h I ha?x mi t lit lit t?i tall ataman la dull nut At hit titx j part:nt t? x? |.t ill i itii mf ffn an I hi*at- o*d dan |i>r ti ltn ?t-?ti on-raw that th* f*l?llon?hlp botwxon 11, nm tin. id allian l? prop ft? llk-flad to that of part |it a l'l rli'ld 't iniutir aim appifnli** and that rmlar rt ripn aal dntl** and oMtgatl na ant r*t|ulml In tit* * a rala'n nt ip?. that ll la ill* July ot th* jury to In, tun ?li?th*r thl* puiiirhr>?ut ?a< at all n***-nry tin utr III* rtn "Or tatirt a that In A ai-tlon nf tliiaairt a jilt.ri nt ni'aat.rxof damagr* may h* award* I again*! liit art. Mjat l>, that th* ot,* may I*- found guilty and It,- lIn r *r 1'iii U d and that th* Ti tdlct may h* m? to tl.ilr ?t*w of th* rtn-mnataam-* ot th* ?... "i b? Juty ii 'uno d a * t -t afaiii?t both th* a*- | mid f r W+)< ?'h. i **ligto?M UtolllgMIM. 8KHMON3 TO-DAY Baptist Ohutb, Btutoi limit?Kit, 3. 8 Bwkg miiti. Prwbjtiriu Church, Allen street?Her. B. W. Ohl< law, evening. Baptist Church, Oliver street?Her 0. C. Baldwii mora ins Rev Benjamin OriSth has been publicly recognise ah pastor of the Newmarket street Baptist church, 1'h ladelphla. Kev. 1. N Turbos, of Parmingham. preached hi? far well sermon. Sabbath before last, preparatorv lo-iterii upon the duties of Secretary of the Anettcuo Kduc.it lu Booiety, Mr. Henry Cunimi gs, of Audnv-ir Semtuury. has ai eepted a unanimous call from the Congregational thurc in Newport Kev. A. C. Adams, of Went Blooaillcld N. J., ban ri reived a call from the Congregational church in Choice | Macs. The Kiiht Rev. Dr Del&ncey. BL-hop of Wcjtern Nc York, will perloriu epi.-oopal services during the en uiu week ax follows:?Morris. Wednesday, July ?1. Gilbert villc, do. do ; Cnadtlia, Thursday, July 2i\ OtNego.Fr duy. July 25. The Kev Dr Kglinton Barr has accepted a rail to th charge of tirure Church, South Oyster Bay, l-ong Islam Mr . I Iirysnt Suiilb a graduate of Cuion fhoologic. S? miuury. of the class of lb-19. was ordained by the Fourt i'resby tery oi New Vork. in the hi- venth I'resbyteria church. (Rev Mr Ilovey's.) on last Sabbath aftcruoou. Mr. James 0 lrvinet. a licentiate of the Presbytery i Brooklyn. was ordained to the gospel ministry on the 2 met . by the Presbytery of Loug island, and innaile pastor of the church in tlreeupoit, L 1 ltev. L. Merrill Miller has been in-tailed pastor of th Presbyterian Church of Ogdensburg. New York | Iter. A. 0. Ruymond huH been installed pastor of th Presbyterian cburch iL the village of Allien. Kev James l>. llam-ey has received a cull from th Pr >by terian church of Croton Falls. N Y. Kev Dr. Richards. late of Morrlstown. N. J., lia.? rec -iv eo ? can ironi the eeoouu I'resD) terian cuurcu 111 x?i Orleans. Dr. 11 proposes to take charge of the ehurcu ii November, with a view of settlement. ultima'.*ly. sf In health allows. Iter tteili Saltmarsli has received aud accepted a una nlm< us invltath I) to be settled at Wilton. N. II. Mr. Siebbins. of the graduating clu-m m the Camhridg Divinity school, has received au invitation to bo settlei over the L'nitaiian Society in IVoburu, Ma-s. The Kev Samuel Irena us l'rime will preach a ? rrn ii on the Death of Little Children, lu the new cuurch, (K Mr Jaeobu*'s ) corner of Clinton and it tux-u sUeelr liiookli u, on habluith evening uext. July 'M. rwifniiii carvcH, (<>. s.) During the year ending May. lkdl. seven 1'resbyteri' were organized and reported to the Central Assembly vir Mohawk. Connecticut Eastern fjhore. I'tndUy Co dai. Lustorn Texas, and Western Texas :? Synods in connection with Cleneral Assembly... l'r> i byteries M Caauidates tor the Ministry 3v LkviliMtl Ministers 20.-1 Churches 207! Licensures al Oidinations K1 linaiiauous lit l'uetoial relations dissolved b; t. hutches organized hi Ministersreceived from other rharches lis M misters dismissed to other churchea 1 Ministers di reared t liurelu s received from o: 1 er connections 1 (liurcbes dismissed to otner connections i I liu ches dissolved 4 Mi mix rs added on examination 10S."i< Mm.Ler. adued on ccrtidcala 7 SdJ Aouita baptized v ILJlb Infants baptized lbtwl V hole number of communion. t.x reported 21 'd ii Amount contributed tocougregnii nol|i trp-wei ^ .o.Vi.o.;] Amount oou'.i tOUud to other r? ligiou* oojocts. $4 jo ujj The tollowiug ministers have died daring the year ? E. L. l arker. Ltndonucrry; l> r Smith do ; TtieopUdus lltdlield, liteub* n; Enoch elado she paid Michigan. vt.-xaudi r Denoon. Wyoming; Dtr.-is lu Williams, llud-ou; M illiaia F. huypers, New VorK; John t!. I) JV*. 11 irlington: C. C. tojler, D D . i'hlli.di lphia: i' Maru.ul biggs. Donegal; James Cu hrie. IDds one; William Ii i. cedy.? Uiiol; Fran. .? Hruidock. Wa-hioglou. J .inm Ijboon. New Lisbon; Jan.et hcott. IticUisud: J II x.f.-intlers. Wooster; June. Su wart. I locking: W W Ma..in. hew Albany; Jacob Conrad. C'ranfoi.l-1 ule; Ao in w t'o id. tsDsKUion: Wales Tiieston, Schuyler. Silas I'ravi. it ncousin; John Stewart, do , John A. Van hear. Lexington; Ueorge c. C'herley. Y\ est Hanover; J.din Me fa: bind :l.umoil); It lb. Cater. i> D, South Alabama; Juniu* It. ling do?total lib; last ) ar. 2o Mr t.Hidings ha- witburnwu from tlie N. 5. I're.-bytor an Cburih on account cf slavery The Italian Ojm iu nt I'nsllo lAniulcii. Alter a Tiry successful week. iu which we hav had a T.ry tine- representation of Roberto I)<-v-r.-.ix ' and oth* r attractive performances, to-iu rrow light are piimin-J to Lav-' d-dight from I.a tnuDam'.iula." iu tbe Itibirto of BettinL Wo- p--ireivod nji re I" admire in that gr-at nitist than even en the former occasion*, liis rmmvdc. gnat a* it is. and so powerful as to aarpriee those who do not kti'iw the gr-*1 " '' < ' tin i?o,?. mnitodi ?<*e. la only e-juull-d by bis li'Wn. tub) wbirhuu.ui.ugi > nitb ibf tan nt .-kill. cou firming our uriy impulsions of hi* xeh nee and method. and pi., lug In u am- i g 'be run st tenors of th-- world i?u Mou.lay night. ?r are to bate Salvi. with the charming B?io, in i..? hoi. m.iubula *' Balvi'* style Is very dilferrnt from d ::i. Hi *. It Las a va?t amount of merit, and bin d-li-*lo voire Is sympathetic and delicious These twostug-rs, Betlibi and Culvi. will divide the bou-<rs b'-twe-u til'-in, Lot boihare exceedingly meritorious, and criio-i-.n e-i|i only play an invidious purl when it rnn.| in * in-ai K ,r our owu part. wears fire to confess that we r m admire both o| tl.itu The Idp ra. on Adon-i ,y nigh' w.|i be strongly east. Tbmk <>t It sio, Oostini M.vnni anMillt. n the popular work of th<a great Uellml! Solely. tinhuu-e wild be thronged on th<- inti restli g uvea- on. Tlii-ntrlrnl and .ilutlrul. Bowsav Tin Alio. ? ItiM popular > xtabli-liui-ut. after having undergone u tlkotougb renovation, re-dee ruling, and paintlog will bo rw-opeio d n?ui irrow i-veuiog. wilts a ei mpany composed of aome of < ur l est stock iil-ut, anioig wboui w? tiid tb-names of vir hddy.Mr 'liU- rt. Ui? Atidirton and Mis* Atmi- Wallers The I riding |i at ore of ibis even, tig will I.--ihr pr-stiicii-iU oi a as# version of tbe ronjaiitir *|>e--iai-lM of Axaei. the I'r sligulp wbirbkajsueh a triumphant run at ttn- it. -.idway last ? an n The proprietor. Mr liumbl n. Iia* iuvunabiy enjoy* d tbe high-it. reputation is a rater--.-f ,r public amusement; tb-ielore. we b--pe th<- puii! will siislsin l.im with ih-- same lih- raiity >n mis ooradou, |i r be ba? si -.r- d Tie n ber |siia- ootexpsm-r in pis- n.g t .e above sp? Ct.,ele on tb- stag,. in a style of spi- u-1 <r e (II11. It not vupem r. to any ever witness d. A p- pular l in e will also be perform* -I with it. Niaio's lisNLiv?Tbe eeiebratrii Ravel Family. .-n I w:" no i"*f uipui>,(uimj*"I hi ii* if. ill" pim r* rr.lix, will *| j-i-ur to-mora ow rvriiiiu In tw > ne?U"i?l pio * '. 11" ! '. I piaci* will l? tb** l.ull.t p.ilitouiliu" of 'It* Dillilc a with Mod*. I' Unlunt. Ml.*, lb i tin. f'alrrtmt m l A i ti rim I mark, witli annoy >tb r annua nl *rti?lt 'fb?* daw id< >1 th*: ."SiaWTf Kranpfc if (in uly a< mm J; tbry mt* very cli-vr n i l il**crra tii* a. I plain" tin ) ii'-i in* Aft*T m-lnt"rnii-*l m f*.r r ?< - lir.*i<lc, lli<- jwriwmatirwf will romludt wiih tin* r-nn-u I 11.lemma 'I tin* Or**n Sionntrr." In win.It tmarly tilth* Hani family will t| p*'nr Hp in ?-Ui ?b? tti? hull Ip CO taut lUtr <1 Hi**- III" Ii**h II111 ill jM"*at?. III. ' Fill* I im.li t 111 *:*iii Dtiinn," and ' l.a rylpludu ' .' Out ll,> lnaiiHipr leek to ill'** > ?iniiii Tiir.t i i ?TliU ?u"' "Pifu! tln-atr" onfillnii<*? tot ti* ut.'ilLliy paironbid. Mr I ur ly l* tllruiiu*d i.et l" U*riii ii*J In B T^Ity. f >r * . i. MM ' u ?W k liiigafirtba in-wr andinttr* Lag production p*"itl arty n lH| ho to pubbP tn-tr To tuoiiow ?T**niL/ will m } i it rni"d two entirely ii> w pl'r- p. Mooinm-minK ?it'i n (.1*1.1 I htiMml dlalaaa. entllli'J flu* 4|y*ti ri u* I Dlrf, i It.r II* n i*> c*t l>ik which I*ip Ipru ink* ii from ? fifty r?' *?) I) pubn-b"d in tb" .fuui/up A.ia Hi.dri?u.i Mr. J. It Poott. Mr. Brad-haw MU* F ?. mil M.?. Nirl If. will puplnlu tie prim ij t*I partf ; ami iu? (un* oil Hi * f* at'ii will bw lb*- n* paidy M|M "AIL or I In* Old It Horn '. wlili b if n<( to tin* lull rlit l) lb of Ilia ron | any Tbl< lt'*rt ou th" pa< I of tin* mauagtr. o*?""?*f unllruiti ii auppur'. l?u i.him l.n ii *i ? 111" p*i tornmn<i*f of tbw Krrn.'h ill .iLHiic company an* rki**ii"Ht. I in. ?* r <nl to */, Ill) tn not (0 %"il ruppa rtfl a* iiuy *lioulu la. *. ili.y i on.Li r mvital viry ruiin*bt artlat* lha wuiu*"ui? u ? lir>c*vnm>witiMt|aii Iir*t. l.a Fi I. u* i'agiio tro ' Ibr fl.i.rai 'tm in tbl" pl*'"ai will Iw filial liy aladatn" Klrbtwr. M llr*?*iai,i. M. Iiurt**us. *1 l.louar.t, an t H. It* 1.11. Till* put" Will b" follow* il by "ii" trl ol til" ut c.a i.n'li U K??n." fn.ni th" wmka of Amxxnl.r I i.Duf Vl." pritmipal rl wrwrtifw will lie u-iaiu 1 l>y il hibil K*uip ami MU* . Lwoi.l 1> Anm ni lh*t*rniialitg tialurw will b". l.a Mailt* ?a J" Lilian-*." with a tali" raft of i-bara it"H M" Imf-a* tb* ir "Hurl* del II (| it.w Ml"' aolian anh filllipii T*: uri"?*llil Miiiiaav Offion?. liRifiai t? ? Tuai |? rf arnwiPM wblrb arv ylttM < * ly ??"fnn< ?r? of a **ry a'traptiww rl'hrh"trr. ai. l wril <J*->* rWn tb" Inoft "\l* u*ir p ?lr m?n'p In lu ti" 'IlllPBI of llr?< klyii Tli" P tnpwuy I- ui* I** up if ii any of iliHiboft pluliM-bl uril-U of *lr llr uaiiim < ci in) ai y '1 b" Hitntaliinixnt- aonoannrdfOr to ho.rrow i vi iiii.p Bi" m-fi h? fboul l draw a i?rif" a-?* iulu?i(". Il.iy will pflbUiPBPW with lb? WaulvWlll* i>t tb* </ii **ni a < *. and will l< rmliiata wlib tbi* vrry attrartivn and t vp?llrlit wktravfKM*ta of tbw World a tair ' At tbw ci i rliipii ii of tbL* pic*'. lb?r" will b" a brilliant dlppUy of fiicwoikw I fifivit ' Miwxta?.i.? liarw t *"n at Ira* tin* rrowN durli r fb" "art w-ck. to wiin"*" tlwlr w*P"ll"ui pwrfofwiit III 1 ' at tl ll? til I 11 i tat/ thf> alf M* I I. a f .at ilk.* fatal lltap 'I loir j< k?f iir lh' m? n>t li> iril, and tb'ir ail.ping and Inrtruiiirnial |.rrf imau-i-a ?r- Kil n ?l n tliF utuii ?t haitiiot y An.Un-r bn> pfgriuiiuir in nullum c> J fur tomorrow *ntilng lintai' Mlan ii i ad' rdrd murk di light last ?rrk, to our rltlr.rna. hy thnr uonrallra prr?oijall"n? of th* iirriii rhnn i-t< r. ami tbrir ph-nrlng ant g? and d??rM 'Ihr tinman a I; ban nt," "liarln?|ai< nhanira," aid turlM'|iiF i n ihr Marina il|i?ra Tfuti|iF." art- ailing ilm f> i.mii ? aiib'iuiK J in th< prograuuiio I i to ru'Wron I M Ml k K ??m m'ii M' tat >i ?T)i? Martimttl family, lata an iraI'.ritM Iram-h of th<; Karri troupe. ar>- carrying m ryIhilg before Ihiin at ILirriiun' fboy are dioug and nMttia ready to do all the wonderful Karri pant- ml nea. |.. mn w lb?r |*rforr the ftnmua >< I an Vent. m ahhh lialil"! Karri wax an celebrated. ami I'tnllppo Martinet!-, !n ll- eonrir i f till- I aetiwli) jurnj,a irrnra tbr atrgr on a pole t write fret high?a tnort r*ira tdloary hat lafhi d lu fact. fhe-? Nnrineiii* are per frrl a.tii.ibtre Javi-lli la villi here, we ??r. and llerr l Mm ; mnl a tauutltul ailerfion of farcen and ciauediex ?re Had) for fhr mming week Ma Maitann'a flhe Ilidi ooirdiao) complimentary Iflifit a ill lake place "n Monday, July liS'li. at the hi ei? y Library. Kioadaay. 11 i? Honor tke Mayor tin* Nrriam r. and many of llir lending wrn of ourrily haee jilliril flirir tantra on fhr Hat a? hla wami anppntli r< on ihia ii-riulon Mararthy la u mrmhrr idtlir atimriit and In ni table frnfrriiily id free and Accept.d Mtw.ui and ai fi || H.nfitii lit that th y rrtll n it Or wanting on tbia i ration. fmiiM (he Inimitable frlab ci median and rocalixt, tfli-r a riry ruoci-aalul tour in ih? Wort, hu returned to lila ri aldi t r? In UnladeIphia Mr aid Mra H V.'ui.iim ar? playing to crowded 111 ||.ra In buffalo. 1 Vy mil alKitfly *tp.ar In Alfmny Jirit |.i?ii ar.d Mad. 'nr A??i mMior ?ro nt Auburn 1 I'Hb|i to Ct?|Hi.hiiin, fallfcwtoianct Ummii. a, We ere requetled to ceil the particular attec lion of postmasters to the rates of postage t- on Utters to California end Oregon; and else i to the foreign places (Chagres end rename) on the a' route to Cahfomia In rating letters for California ,4 end Oregon, it must be home in mind tbet these countries now form a part of the United .States, and i are of course entitled to the advantage of the do? mestic rates, according to the official 1* table ol >1; postages within lite United States"' recently sent t-s n postmaster* throughout the country. Hence wc are authorized to say tnat the single rate to California 01 Oregon ('he distance being over 3,000 miles) is til cent* prepaid, and ten cents unpaid. On newspaper; j. | and other printed matter sent to California or Ore ' t gon, the domestic rates also ef course apply. Hut ' toChagies and Panama (foreign), the letter postw age must be rated under tbat clause in the law <g specifying letters to be " convoyod wholly or ii * part hy sea, aud to or from a foreign country.' literature, the single letter postage to oitnee ( bagrcs or Panama is ten oents, if the distance j* fruiu the uiadmg office is under 2,f<H> miles, are ,1 twenty cents it' the distance is over 2,-r.OO miles ; in n boib cases to be pre-paid where the letter is sent, u from, and collected wlion received in the United J-tales To either o-'these places, from New Vork, 'f we uro itiforuied that the distance exceeds 2,.Vs.' } miles; 'rout all the southern ports the distanoe it , less than 2,500 miles. ? J\'utionul Liftiii^tiicci,. I IV 0 ? [From the Hartford (Conn.) Oouruut. July It 1 * It will Ik Me en by the following correspondence e that new spa pern, to ho outitlod to tho lowest rater of poMiu^f. inurt ho bent to tho post olHcs lroiu the t-fiiet of publication. Papers sent from news ofiicct * uiUmI he jucpuid :? i u Port Orricc, Htarioao. July 7. IBM. .1 j fm I wish to t inquire whether the office of publicai lii'ii I 'i in w>pap? tm if to b? strictly construed and eontuna to 'be pice where printed? t'na tilt! agents ol pnhliMly-rii ? i.n t" their actual and /nem j\ l< subaoribeiv it (lor tin publisher* ) iiiHilunt them at the |i<>st olUjt 1 v In re viie.r eg.-ui j is located Respectfully yours. K S lUMIbfOV. I' M a Col I in IIi.miv H im i.s, Second -Assistant Podtuiasict Ututrul. i, 1 poai Orrii't Di:tihtvi:sr. \ ArrnisvMt Ni Oi nn:. July 10, 18.M. / 8m :?Your letter ol the 7th inst has been received. it III alis* r 10 y ur enquiry. I have to iuf< mi yoll that 111, i flu e ol poU.catii-L of a u< wspupcr is the oliioc at whlcl | I In |<M 111 h prion d. and thai it mil be your duly, iimb-i ' the existing Jaw. lo recognise un other than sueti a< th* 3 i flu e 11 i iil'Iiealion. raiinit poKtnite accordingly. \cry 1 respectfully he., hi/ Hi.sitv wakki'.s. l Stcond Assistant PostmasterGeneral j k 8 ii amiotoii. Ks'p, p. m., llartford. Conn. r > Tlio haie Seizure of Litterti f to ihe ei'jtoh of tiib hekai.d. j It was nit ul iou< d in yesterday's //era/./, that the Pes* ? Cflit e soil < rities wt nt on board the Brother Jonathan | it to r sri it ?l ou Friday, and soiled several trunks, pupi pond lo e- i lain letter*, ami that they w -re restored by | i lie 1 <>ti umi-K r Jeneral. who happened to be iu the city i ii 11 e (ii i in a that ti.e seirure wan illegal. [ 'i las it <! i ii en a un.iier ot iu much importance to tie ! [ui.lu: ai.u 1 ostOfbce biepurinieut. that we request yon I i siaie ilit I U. mug tacta iu lrgurd to tho seizure rc11-lit u lo :? i - tan faciei} pr< f had bceu furnished the Tost Office ' < au lioiHies ll nt large numbers of California letters liu-' 1 blip ti.r si me time past, conveyed Ulejady on the Cali !II rum Mi sincis by llie private express s In fact, this p uclice ins bi letly procl limed in their handbills an I i.tit .-i 11-1 n,i iiia I he Pus-linns ter General. who lia.- -won. ti nt that ili. I we of i'ojigreht rth.iin^ in hi* depart turnl art- f. nhtullj executed. giTe iDflru -'ions to one ot 1. espn ial :iji ma t" obtain, iuhi-owu w ay. the nwi srj f roof upou vhirh to ba?e u pro-ecutioa for thorn r> ( ?<< d and bold vi< lutioo* of the law*. The epfteinl i- a i. r ill .-relic nee af:?T ootuium:; th t'l of oue of tin. n vi i.uc i flhn rr. wctt on hoard the fr llur Jon i lino, uiii iliti v r> d in one of (he expn irun which I I:(l II I li I I nil. d t> Ui vetioin of till! Cu-toni 111 u-n Ot<l < r m n e i w.i tn.uc.iri d or male lcttt re ui' Iri -i-l lo par no l.i 11 mi u 11.? where. which letti rs were udinitted by 11?' dpii h iin -x-i ijir lo b.?vo In i n brought to luin at I ?i it - i j il e California ap nl of Ad...tie Co. rite II 111 k Wlie tl KeU lo the I'lK-t (III en. fill titer awhile pun tin. h> u.rertioii it the Pnetuia-li I lo ucrtl. aftc u | i.<t?rtriui the c luroel of t<l in. k i'? that a correct I -ih ..u i ol i he let ere shouid lie furiii-h.d th depart , Lo i t. and ait leller- dcp-mlled iu tlr P.? L 111113*?tho j titn laic no. il .1 ud||e liall Idtrintt Inn Inductd nll j a oc-.r.- iticl the panic.- to wh m. the Irttaaa w?r at| ur.?. d hi o.d ti .1 In- til a i In lu sulli'.' from ttuur tinrw . nu j a it 11tun I liii- caie iii to o<i brought Ih ?'..re the I . ; P I.mi ll .1111 j ami ihr queitniu determii.i il whether i>t lllil M |.|i-III h till Important law i f OuDZri-n ill to In' VlO, latiu *nb Unfunny It cannot br brlmtnH llut In lk!i In< -HI bill y i iii._uiil'y where Mich frequent evlil-riceIbavemi. fiiriiuli -J iif ?n iiitaebmt nt to other law* of lli< iii it ?b ill tu m me quartern, have Imp ii attempted to lie ml Hull' Ibrm ?t 1 l? ?i) Iw.itUDi1; in -landing by tin V. A. tfline l.i?? especially AfliT Am i) liberal ami fli't|i | n.t.iiutii hat a been tiiaii* fur the accommodation 0 t pu'i le iu align w .y in. pututi ixjne ? may real a Mure J that the Postn>Krn i ? < in ral n.ii i d? to keep :i Uriel wu'rh unr their u.< tviui lit, and to enforce the Uwa pruDi. l y. 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