26 Temmuz 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

26 Temmuz 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. | 4AHKI OOHDOS Hh>l?HTT, fBOPBIBTOa AXD EDITOR. FTTJCE R. W CO*" *11 OF FTC/TOl* AND NaS^aC >T*. T"HE 1X111 V HEK.iLD. S cento per ?rtper WEEKI.Y flER.ILD, tirrp yoiurdoat AS% ?nt, prr copp, or C3 per annual, (A* European Edit? ?. ?4 ririaaaslo a^p part of Of rot tint at n, and SJ to any art / tar I ont.u-tU. inlA to include Ike putlogr vol VMT'IuY CORREyPOSDESCE. coaatnutg it pjf*ant win. lolieited from any ouarter of theuorldi %} u??A u>tli br Uheraltp p aid for. Ovm Voium CoaabaAAA VAATICVLA AAV AAtlUAATAD TO AAAL ALA Cimn aad f Acnna i?t to u?. ALT* LETTER# hp mail, for Suktenptimo, < r with Jhtuorlijomento. to hr pott-paid, or the v-'itage mil bt OndouUd from Ike room p r milled WO SOTlt'E taken of ~nonpmouo communt atiouo. 94 e Ho not return thntr rejected. JU)VKHTl*E binYT* renewed etterp merntnrJOB PRISTWG executed with ncalnttt. chtapnooo. muddaepouh. Vmdmsac XVI ?0? ijtcttuiBtrrs~Tuls evening. CA1TU GAKDEN-La Favoaita. liOVUtl THEATRE. D. arery-Wool. DkalbB-A*abi~ tlRJ/Va GARDEN, BroA4woy.-T*B To?i>LA?-roBr* VlltL AT1CLN AJ. THEATRE, C&AtftAM HrooO?XtotbEIOCO Cwiar?A. 2. L. BROUCBAMS LYCEUM, Broad ray-HoAO to Ri it? FIITUIU. lUMIkWIiaD. CtHUSTT'S MIVSTREIM. Mi .-aAaief 11 ail. CI Broad W*J -Inuorun Mm.TttuT. rai mwa xiNSTRKLS. Fellovt' Moiioal Ha'J, No. MA BruAdwAa'?2rNiM i> AtfKKICAlV ilLUfrM? imuai <? ?mfo&m.4?cbs At(K)UBLE SHEET. New lark, Mturdny, July MO, 1031* YtU'f;i'B]i!tlc Sitiuutmry. 'J he luu' t important item of information received iy uieg' j>ii iasi night, ie, thai .he British Minister had pereinptori'y deuianied of the Mexican g< vert.ixiv.ct i settlement of her very Backward as* 1 counts with her Kng'. "h creditors. Iu this d,- , uM.dihe British Minister appeals to have teen backed u; by similar requisition* from tLo embassadors of ^pain and Franco. 1'oor | hlexioo.' convulse 1 w. h revolutions, infested by wild Ihdiaiw, over head an.l ears in debt, living train Land to mouth, on the ia.-talments paid i? her for 'he surrender of half her territories to the I'nited ,<ta,cs?poor Mexico! what is to be01 } o: Lei'. U she to b J divided, body and hones, by 1? r iiuropean creditors, or is she to lapse into the redeeming alternative of annexation? At best, ?he 3-v m* to be a homeless case. A terrible ship creek, with the loss of the Pros. si.?i. Mioiouer, Is reported Jo have occurred off Vera t'ruiV'e have Svine Ivor itc-ass from >uuta Fe and the Far VV est. It ?p: ear? that they have had some serious distort ance* at Toronto, on the CJiurch question. We i refer the reader fc*. the telegraphic column. Tl?? si*'r of Furoftc?The Fourth of Jn'.jr In I-unitou an?t Paris. Tt arrival of the mails of the A nerica from K. 'too, na>-l< * us to publish largely 'from our ! Forop a:. >ir.*ipuadence and exchange*. this uiora inf. O? r the wh'.Ie face of F,crops, from the frozen : h.. ! Kr 1? .. ?- 4. a U Xf.Jii - -' I i" rii 'I wjv.u^iu iiu - itt WJ vUw .ucuiu:rriii'jiiU| aid from the Buy of i'L- ay to the (io'.lcn Horn, a !? ?/ . jmiaf unlly profound ?a deep, b ivy, ias .aov ?W-.' alcmber ?seem-to prevail. It is tho complete | Tea-.ioa from the terrible Unutrr.icwiU of 18W. Tbo monarchies, by the plausible stratagem? of ! poil.i?.al coaec siona,gained all th.'j required?time *o Crgunire and vmu?pe their forew. The reduc- > tic-of the continental rep-abU-un ronv-em*nt was tUn raj.iJly effected, aad Lings, an 1 thrones, and power*, and potentates, and priri'ipulitiea, have now a aense of aoewfty and of eoafidoncc, which Taunts 1 itcelf in arte of retaliatory paii.e and penthtea again t all things revolutionary or republican, ' from the prisoner of the Sultan to th la/nrani of , Koine. How lorg this state of thing* ?this peace, or urmi-ticc, bctacen the power of kings and the rights of the people?is tj last, or when the people ore again to *iir up the slumberous earth puke of rev,, utioi., we have nothing affording :he sligbte't I indication. The day may bo near?it may be ?ti4ant. We in only wait, and watch events as they pass. The report of M l)e To.vjncville, on the re* , s isicn of the constitution, appears t" have given toer*?.*ed confluence in ?h> Assembly to milntsin itself against the sirppx.^ed dr-igi.s jf Louis \apolena. The w?ight cf the n gum n; i?, indoed, directed againet the B< aipirtiat IbciiJont, a< tbe great poiut of danger to Franco. Ths Praai. kiii, bxnttri ha- performed hie part, ?n<l pur-no 1 hia policy, with a rcina. kaldc degree of kill, tact, a..u addrceaj .1 u<l whether, between biiu aal the Aaaembly, the I rctu.li people would pain moot iu loeirg the former or thy latt-r, duel no' appear to be ?ery conelaeivoly <s-'ub' lied. Whether iu'.iafartory or not?iu poin* of lac', *a -ther a chang; would be ben ? iai or prejudicial? France meat edify a little ber Ut ex; . rlincn'.l, fir atl Frince aecm- ? dciLJii 1 it. i'ut the work of reeiei-ia, 1 ai.<l. above all, the ele::i>n 0: I--">J upon th- re rurd c? .atit jtion, will b? a w irk of ">a; ?v it, CMiutetitioo, and iiuportan :e to Franco, anl, fK-ib.ip*, to L ir jpr. The revv -ra of tbecon'tlta4-or. will ba dly vci.tu 0 to p>"f ' the e'er' c of t>2 j year or two yoar* longer. I he Aeeemblj. ind<?4, iirttui if length* tnng. **eiu ratbir aniiiu* j toabo'tea tbe terui of L >ui.? .Napoleon; and the ' French people woull be apt to re?olt I; cheated of the earnira! if tbe elc tlon. upoa any terms or for any purport whatever. Tbe pr?*|i**t|, upon tbe wbo.r, are favorab e for tbe trinmph of law and order in Fran e, of *enie >rt, orcr the rorolutionary element*. in tbe meeoUa*. th.usan.li Americana arc ?raeer?it?g ?be continent, in *rery direct! in. ex?pt tbe territories of hia Imperial Majcety, the l.utperor of all 'be liu-sias from winch it 0 as all out'ide baiburana from the Weal, and their rcr.ilutiooery elottriri"", are faithfully excluded. Hat 01 er the .1 . 1I_ ?. A 1. rvnurn-m . Jjjruvi?n/, VUI Ikiu ' ?u , II ?<ar< h of bcaltb, pleasure, acionte, or th? sights, Wiil Dot fail to leave behind tb -in oca? vrj in'creeting impression* of tbi* republican country, and the practical working of it- f oc institution*. l.nglaod it evidently resolved to maintain tbe mtnU nrdutlr with the United -tatee, by all manner of meaor, and a# long a- jv?*eible. John Hull i mtS>v .? to tare up bin nose at tbe Vank?o notion* in th- gle-'s b<m?e >f I'rlnm Albert; but for all that, tiia lanira'ion of tbe I oited State* i? absolutely ntiSnrvt <1, **p?. ially when every steamer arriving f'on m- i bring* bim from half a million to a million of (ralifomta gold, or it* equivalent in ?p? ie, in the way of filling up the b*loo<*e oftraie. A atate of aiuity arid rco proeii/ like that, maket * be otherwise blustering lohn Dull extremely soa iable au*i agreeable tie does not bc*itate a mo*i."nt in ? n<iinc the I il ? t V .-ll ni'ton and a ho?t ?T tfce Hriliah nobility to th< grand dinner by Mr. Ccorffe fewhody, the Aiwrrb-aa banker, to the nj'.ri,-ai. Minnteran 1 hi- wife, on the fourth day Of July. I'e will even huiuoMhe \ aukee?, ji*t as they w?i?h it. Ha will ?*?t otAj ea nation the celebration e f the Ko-irtb of Jnly?-tie in ?t tli .utroui day in the ' eal.niar to lb# L'ritirh rown ; but, i>i?t for the fun < f tbo (bio?, he will lend tb> A cran* a lielping { bard >n be British mr'r j olir, and the Iron I?jk,. hiaiuif will 4cign to ho there. I u'h if agreeable ? thia m rtf.irni'K with infere*' tha * . itl re - p'i. n? ?>" .w'r F . y Hulwr In the * tit- 1 *Mfe?. ft ! H> my. j-c rlry b Bj'eif d-ily 'ij; ri f \n . . eetati.n, at Ken :r*i?"\ a and i Iia.La* a goad ?k ? ? .."- tfytt 1 ? ii? bu tickled us cost delightfully; and though we -an hardly believe all (hat he ha* (eld ok of the love of England for these United States, wc do know that the affection of Her Majesty's governmei.t is as strong for us as eotton and California 1 gold cat: make it; bat when the Iron Duke ani the nobility, in the eitj of l^ondon, condescend to a'd in a Yankee celebration of the Fourth of July, it is dancing to the tune of ' Y ankee Doodle" decidedly ?trong. We are clearly of the opinion, however, that there is a vaet deal of gammon and cotton in this recently developed fraternal, or rathe-, matcrn il, affection of Creat Britain for thi* oountry; and that there way yet arise tome oca*.en in which this fact will be illustrated. Mr. Ceoige IVabody's celebration was a brilliant affair, a creditablo affair, a magnanimous affair, a remarkable affair, and a funny affair. N'or must we pronounce a final political judgment upon it until wc shall have heard ?r ?k., iio.. Kurv UVUUltVlJ V* l*IV vpiuivu tACI a government in reference to the Fourth of July and Mr. Peabody. If they are aL right, ire can surely go ahead. We publish to-day, a particular account of the Fourth of July, as celebrated in the eity of Paris, headed by the American Consul. It seems that the band being called upon to play "The Mirsellaise," declined, giving as a reason, the very conclusive difficulty, that government had tabooed it, and that a police force was at hand to suppress it if attempted to be piayed. There being do other rc source, the Americans joined together and sung the proscribed hymn, which, wo presume, they wouid not hesitate to do in the palace of Nicholas himself, on the Fourth of July. Between the republic of France, however, and the monarchy of Fuglan 1, > there is a very stt iking and remarkable contrast, in ' the circumstances a tending the Aaacrivtn oelebrs. : tions of our day of national independence. Is ' France retrograding to the Bourbons?to the em. i pirc?or what' These ate questions to which the J ensuing year must give a peaceful or bloody solu- j tiou. Europe is dull, Hit and stale; but France j must do somethxg in 1H52, if not before; and J Europe is watching the game. Tr.k ( xsaiiiam Psess American M\i.kr?.? j Some of the papers of the H.-itish Proriaoes continue i to indulge in abuse o. the judicial authorities of the I nit *d states, on a unt of the discharge of Walsh, j the deserter from tbo British army. The a-sur- j ancc of tb?.se provincials, in presuming to meddle in ! this matter, and to take into their keeping the h<>u<>rof the British government, and to ualoruke i the interpretation aud enforcement of treaties with other nations, is ready quite amusing. It reminds us of the displays of emulous "tripling* in a village debating toeie'y, discussing question* of philosophy science in 1 polities, whir ail the gravity of veteran tav .ins and statesmen. Th> -o m<-re denizens of tb; * e or four outside petty ministerial truck patches 1 ?wu dc pasturage lota of the British lealm, wherein to turn spavined and broken winded political h icks 1 to gra'r, in order to make roem in the royal stables j ! at home?these indi.iJuals, who eun hardly be j looked upon as an integral part ot the British eat- j pire, and who have n t un huulredtk part ol' the j political rights that free negroes enjoy in suite ol i the Southern Stat- " of this confederacy?havo tern- | porarily c a*cd si. vrling at each other, and at th? parent government, about interior division fences, church signiorie*, free irsde, and, forsooth, j have eel thein-eive- upas exponents of international , law, and as gn irdian* tl.e hcuor of thl British crown: and th eup a go ab ut villifying aud abus- i ing the Yankee nation u set phrase. t?uch conduct i is a specimen of superlative assumption without a parallel, if Lieut.-Colonel Coll/er, of her Ma- ( jesty's t?7tb Regiment of Foot , cboosei to give vent to his indignation, and so f-r'h, for the loss of Walsh, and for hit being protected fcerc by his emaoripited countrymen of the Lmerald Me, or if any other d her Majesty's chivalrous military officers, who j feel chagrined, should exhibit-;ome ill-temper, we .K. is 1.1 l.ailiaiiAaitfl tr% , T<>?!?.-> tVt.tr ru>ilf inivat and :m4. - ... ... - r I cibility, ami try, out of politeness, not to laugh out i loud, and to eooecal our real fooling*. Nay, wo 1 should bo inclined to mollify and soothe theiu, and ; very probably would stand a "general trust," if ! tboj would agree to otitic thoir wrath, and not fret j with us. t'ut for these provincials to put on airs, and | nouth learnedly and ta- catiu'lra about the ju-' gtit- { num. and *uch thing*, i* dccldclly inappropriate and unbecoming tb< ir oondition and circuiastaticos in lifo, and positively demand* reformation. Lord Palmcrstoo, or somebody in T ondon, should keep ! these ra*h, indiscreet, nnd too forward juniors in [ order, if the British government does not intend to be responsible for their foolish saying* and doings. j lie rkoulu take ea< h of the urchins, J>-ri<Uitn, and ( tickle his catautr<>phe with a birehon rol. At least, < fr"ia self re*pcct, he should re-train tbom from abuse and denunciation of himself Lerd Azhbarton. T.ord Star.ky, the Earl of Aberdeen, Mr. -MaeauU., foe., under the cloak and pretence of censure of the ''Yankee l>mni?l," as th?-y style Mr. Commissioner Bridgham. of this city. If ho neglects this, | it me of tlu ?c day* tie. "blue noses" may "rite" 1 ncle Mm to ?uch u degree that he may ".ml a |U.idron of steamships, Uh1 make fust to tho Lila'id of Nova Scotia, al .er attaching New Brunswick ui.d pait of Lower (. anal* thereto, and tow the whole concern fi tu their moorings, around New- J foundiand, and into hirii' Straits, up ue.ir to tditcLilai J, and leave the in in a climate where they aii keep ' <<>1, even in th- ramn.fr m ?nth-. There | nit: many ; ?!, an I hon.'?t, atl in-left | eople in tbe province, friendly d-p< *ed towardx their neighbor* ; nut the tixlcon thousand five hundred runaway negroes from the United Mater hmboi c J thero, aul the refugees and lories of the revolutionary w.ir ytt living there, aul tbe |>< <tilen* progeny o;'that race of traitor* to their ciun ry, scattered throughout tbe Province*, the " U. l. 'i," bate the Yankee nation, and w.ll J bate nr for- ver, and are crually ?tri?ing to miii* mieekkf beta > ai m l Lnglani. W hen we get the Canada#, Nova and Xew brm swi"k, th' c I "Ojile W,||, ii. ail I k*l'h od. leave lor Sidney, or ?aram itta. Th-y o rid not get along re*pcctably with u?. Tho chief harm they now Jo i? to ex- , cite a portion of the pc pie ?f the I nited ."Hate* to an umhition to obtain th-o Prorinter i>y con- ( f|ik *t only, iartemJ ol pea -eab'e relii?<|ui-hment an J | C' ion, for a priee, by tlie Na .tiefa crown. I. igl.ind iiould 1<><4 to thciu. Th y in it cause her trouble. When the Provineialx, or rlrii-h, complain of the encourag' ini lit given to their -oidier* to dercrt to tbe I Dili J M :it < , they Qboald reflect not only uf>on the reluct "f Lord .\-hburton an>l Co , which havcon formerooca#l"n?u lrertedto, iaencouraging I 'ontbifn rcgro rlaive t?. tbe perfH'tration of the criuie-i f murder, ar-"W, and robb> ry, and then to akiMiil to the Hah a xaa for protection, buttb*y nhould alro reflect that a member of the Imperial PBtliamcat of neat Hrita u. h??, fir month* pa*t? been Daglectlng b,? dut 'home, vagabendi/.iig about the I nited "'tater,obtaining f?md and raiment aa a mendicant, and seeking to bow the *e<> 1* of lie- j afffcth n, treason. mMTreetion. ant acrrile war, amongst the n gto Ix.eS of the ."oath; and that tbe lat'er are c nmt.ini!/ eu.'ouragcd to a'-'cond to I the Canada*, an I are reecired and protected, and j in pat hired with, by all cl**?c* there. W'c are n >t rprifed, an<l will al*o say, do not regret, to I learn, tbnt there h gn at probability that ih? spirited example ?( Walrh and b a eight emir* ! ?, j may eir long be followed by a majority of the notieommir-ioned ofti-'er* ati'l {rflrate* of at. len-t three (' ritiah regiment* in ''anal* and th- o'.h r t'ro- j ibece, and certainly by the Iri h p *tion ?f thoie rcgimenta. The "panting fugitive*'' in n Uri' ?h I Military tin very will b? pcrfe t!y iuthial 1 <1 liberty, e'-n if tbey iL m.'d " ii.eb.oBtally brine ???y their uinak t*, bayonet*, md'/ue n ( \ letoria'a regimental braeebc*, ?inl i", with tl. 'fl \? for nt-h> r,f- al -r ?+ a >ni < Z v? i" II??iTy ftalner, the 'Jel'? u?*y not ha>'.' a.iy i traditional pea hint n* an %r*i de of d*c-",'rnA?x. ?tv j tal t'.ty, and p< th-'y^-i o tbe?e ' rb-ttiann ' oj. llr/ w' id* !? r her), i ? iie d **er ?,, ?r tiM or three regiment*, in a body, may indue* the British government to adopt a proper rule with respect to the fugitive criminals who are dow protected in the Bahamas and the Bermuda*, because they are slaves and of African blood, though the crime- ol murder, piruiy, arson, and robbery, hare ( been perpetrated by them, and under circumstance* of great atrocity, hut, as the British authorities Miy, " incidentally," merely. We would remark, to prevent mistake, that the term " incidental," employed in the i.'anadu pr*?*f as being need by Mr. Bridgbain, I'nlted States ; Commissioner, a* descriptive of Walsh taking the pen knife, Ike., that he was accused of having "robbed" Douse of, was not, as ws had supposed, used by him. lie could, we apprehend, have u?ed it appropriately. Wo understand, also, that Mr. B. "purposely avoided" all reference to the Kci- i muda decision, and the numerous official declarations of the British authorities cited to hiiu by the prisoner's ctuu.-cl, and which have been re fcrrcd to ia the ILrald as conclusive agaiutt the delivery of Walsh under the treaty; and that he I referred to place his refusal simply on the law op New York, and 03 the ground that no offence hid been eomaitted, which, by thoso laws, could be culled a " robbery," ind for that reason the cuce was not within the treaty. The invective of the Canada press against Mr. B. is therefore unjustifiable. It may lac employed against the Ha all, and wc shall not complain. The llnglish aathorit.es cited by the Commissioner to sh >w what constituted robbery, by the llnglish common law, require that the taking should have been with force from the j)erson of Mouse, and anano fu rural. The t'ommittrioner decided the evidence did not provo the forcible taking from the person, and he observed that the deportation wa-, probably, '-simply to facilitate the prisoner's intended desertion," whi;h, we arc led to presume, he considered was not the kind of ani/nw necessary to coiutituto a felon ous robbery. Proof of a robbery independently of the desertion, would, doubtless, have caused Mr. I!. , to have adjudged the delivery of Walsh, but whai would be regarded independent of the desertion he did not decide. Our view, under the Bri?:sh IJ.tniuda d-eisiou and authorities wo have referred to, ha-- been expressed, and the phrase "incidental, indented by the Canada press, seems a. proper one, descriptive of any act " nccusary to effect his ofcape," or " connected with, and a part of the means of, his desertion," and we adopt it; ami when the case arises, even if it is one of homicide, that judicial officer of the i 'nitc 1 states who goes one jot cr tittlo beyond the British dosisions we have ( referred to, ia the interpretation of the obligations of this treaty, will humiliate himself and hi- country by his excessive international comity. A largo sett ion of the Union will alto have reason to eoru- ! _i?.k.? v.^ 1... ?.m i,i ..f pmiu mm uc iui3 jrit/luca uur lucir saicgu^nn and guaranties agam-t tho efforts of a foreign government hostile to their doin*'stie peace ani 1 safety. The Ir:mi (Jknsvs.?Some time sine, we wrote I on ihc subject of the appalling suffering of the Irl>h people, a? it was dctnon-t ated by the ceasus returns, and showed conclusively, to oar aatUfantion at leust. if not to that of others, that the decrease in the population?amounting to a million and a half or two millions?was caused by the course which Kngland has pursued towards her sister island for a few centuries past. The subject was commented upon by other American newspapers; and the unanimous opinion is, that neither the famine , nor its consequences was a ' I'rovidentiul d'.spon- j -ation."' Ilngiand's mercenary, cruel, selfish, uncivilized, anti-Christian, impious, demoniac policy towards Iruland?and that alone?was the otu-c of , the frightful waste of life which h is b"on witnessed in Ireland within a le * years, and -he stands convicted of this monstrous iniquity, before the world and before heaven. The London Tini? gives a rvvolting picture of the miserable condition to wliio'u Ireland has been ; reduced; but not a word of censure of Unglanl escapee its lips. It says:? Co'iuesttocably. several hundreds of thau-ands huso , perish* <1 prnjatur* ly by the latum** by f*>?. r. by chilera. by diarrh** a. by slow burger, by aakedUWM. bj j want ef far!, by Sn.u5?ieBt habitation, by want of nu*df aal aid. by neglect of neighbors, by d"s?rtlou of ffkiuda, , by the lowest possible rats 01 existence, and by the ?tterm' 't prostration of spirits. A \uarter of a million poor ct>atur*-s huddled at one time in workhouse". or * ?lemoore additions to them. and even more lb to that number of habitations swept from tb>' arth testily to the almost iueradille straits to *hi 'b the Irish population has lately bsw-u rmliu-ed. lluailb. strength, aeallb. bops*, and 111*- Itself. Iiavo li**d from those ill-fa' d -bor.-s. irartng lx bind a BiiMTabln remnant, contio iillr m ire hri-apablo of providing for itself, or fuUHling lb" n: tny cWcrs of a Christian eouimunity. It mn1' need* far" ill Wstb tbi- orphan, tb** widow. th<- ripple, th" a."*d. aod bat been Ulterv'i ???y and they arc lefi a- the dreg* Lw bind. What a !{K?ti?U to be exhibited in a civiiiaed country, in the nineteenth century' Hut why do not the London Times and other Ilagli.-h journals investigate the cau-es of thi? deplorable atate of thing;, and point out the remedy that reason suggests. so a to prevent, if jo**ible, a roturrenjc of such dreadful scene* I Why do they not explain to us how it is that a nition. capable af supporting three time* it- present population, h .s hern redxted to the necessity of depending upon u sinp'e root f r subsistence ' The potato is a wholosome esculent, and millions of tb" Irish people, In their present prostration, heart-sickened, hopolc-s, and without ambition of any kind except to f "j from tk p fas that jifllbta th' ir green *!e, would be satisfied with the potato a* an ar'icle of food. But where Is the provision againit another season ofrot! What j guaranty have th-y that, by th'- sumo c.iu?c, their land niay not he again turned into a eh.irr.el h ik? ! This should b- the province of the I. ,i.l>n Times, and the Loglisb pre*-s generally Jf<: can do wr.hout their hjp eritiea' whining? ?or tb * isolation that their government has caused. The world would like to lee a discussion of ib : remedies tu..resla r] to preven' a r jetition ol i', for it is n > V> jond human n^ans tonrtore Ireland, ?o much fasorci as it is by rature, to her once happy condition. Till P LOOM I a (li'Ml >ik sm iiik t.'l.k .--A newspaper published In SpringO Id, . la--* 'hue 't?, tat'd the other day tb i? two yn ng Indies of l.*?thampton in that .State, who had apj ed in what i? termed the i'.loomer Co?tuine, were wiiteiupon by the pastor of the church to whi'h they h longe ), and informed by him that if they persisted in wear, iigthat deception of dress, their connection with the cbuf-h ?b >uld cease ; or, in otiier words, that be would expel or exeoinmu;ii;ate 'hem. We refrained from taking nnti< * of I he "tory .it the time rf itn appearan n<>t daring to crcdi; i', and tru-tirg e??r Ideallt tbat the next inai!, or the next after that, would bring a contradiction of it over the signature of the (tow. Mr. Stone !i'tu-elf. th" divine ' who, It ii ?aid, a-ted in tbit wanner. A? rercral day* bare clapred witboa; any Cot.trad t:?n being made, we are forced to 1. iieve It the report, and treat it a* of good found*'ion. It ? well known to oar reader* 'ha' from the time when thi? new oMtume <j : *ti< .1 *jt agitated, ut til tbe preeent, we have openly opp-.- | the contemplated change in women'* drc ?, on a ount of the in raodcrty of its appearance, and the danger wbi h, in our opinion, it might h ad to, In depriving tbo other rex of the rc?p?-ct due to tbeui by in in. , We could not in our nature, look upon a young woman ki decked with pantaloon* and tunic, in the 'ante lieht. and entertain for h jf go dcet> n rc<te"i and ail miration, a- it the wore the gra<-elil, flawing robei 1 which a fowso i?l dlaorganixora? and I'ourieritei?with to ?eo thrown arid". Thi.1 is the liew Wf harotaken ofthf mattorfroru the-om it n >:m> nt. Other" have differed with n:, and their opinion*. boM(*l/ ntertnined, are entitled to '.he re-poet th it we claim for oura. We cannot, h<,t vcr, pa*a ?.vor thii attempt by a clergyman-we do not know to ' what pert anatoo bo belongs nor do we .1 ?toinak th* i-tgili of th? fctoalj dr M a r tVtf f ebur h Jitoiplii e, toreonwut that be tho.'l p. ?e or c*rcite.-u h tjrai.ni'ei f >*e- at that m b at -h he threatened *1i*t,m lu i' in - i r'?o 'f'l i?? f' It it'll ?' 'if t lb>) i > l< *<?" , the new one tame, through a wh.ua or throughchoice, and do clergyu>an had a right to tabo them to Uik for to doing in the manner that Mr. Stone did. if ladies choose to wear the new costume, let thorn io so. Whilst we disagree with them as to the propriety of doing it, they should not be excoiuuiuni_ coted for it. It is Strang* that the elergy will not confine theiuselv n within their legitimate sphere of duty, and that they will be continually lowering the sarrcdness of their profession, and, we may add, ' desecrating their holy offioee, by ridiculously interfering with matte s which ought not to concern \ them. This circumstance reminds us of the manner in which the clergy interfered with their Hook* during the dark ages, when they essayed to take cognizance of every thing pertaining to the people* as well as their spiritual welfare. It was heresy in (lulileo to declare that the suu did not revolvethat the earth turned on its own axis; and the liev. Mr. Stone no doubt considers it heresy for a female to wear the liloouaor. But to be consistent, Mr. Stone ought to have gone farther, lie ought to have declared what, in his opiniou, the orthodox length of a lady's petticoat should be, and have published a rule on the subject. The truth is, there has been, of late, too much intermeddling by clergymen with the d ess of fcinalo>, uui it is full t me the prattico was abandoned. Mr. Stone has | simply made himself ridiculous in the matter?a- > much so as if he had donned the petticoat himself, j City Intelligence. Tin Wi.iiii. K?Yesterday was one of thesultriest and i uiot-t oppressively Dot days of LD? present xwwm. rue i Diavyriiiu wbicD fi ll uu Thursday uight tuudcd, in j some degree, to cool and rarity tt>< atmosphere during ' tU'.' fi'teLoen; but from about three o'clceic t*. M , uual Miu-et. the 'ult eating heat was almost beyond en durance. AU ut si* o'el ick ,-tro og sy inptoins of heavy rain appeared; but imi thai itneut soon h-cauie cleared of ite musses of black clouds, and at night, the aire uu ' blue -ky was bespangled with brilliantly sbiniut stars. The h.ghest degree oi D< at indicated by the the'tn un* tor, yesti rduy. was bo, which was at u o clock, I' Jl , yet ?u i have wu the tutrcury ri-c above 90 degrees, at times, 1 win ii the heat was more endurable an 1 lees s'.illmg. DtfTHLtini Fias.?About quarter to oaa o'clock this i morning a the broke out in the hf.h story of lue brijs bUlldii g No. 13b Maiden lane, occupied by Lhis. A. Avery A I'o . n anufaetorer* and dealers In hats, cape and , cuaw goi il?. The tlaoies were flr-t di-cov -rod by uh j in- . so ance watchmen, who gsve tne alarm and the lire do , pa-inient were pn.inplly In atti udauee. but the lire had 1 c wined a strong tooling ere their airival, owing to a i Uigi quantity of CMiibuatible mutter being in th apartui* ut where it originated. The ilaui-s were still raging < up t<> the honr -f g'dug to pros*. Avery A Co. bad a , l lai!' and valuable stock ou baud, mostly all of which i via-entirely destroyed when our f-porter left the seen-. | , It w?.? impossible to ascertain anything like an estim sie j of what the damage i?. hot it must be large It was 1 feared the tire would extend to other out'.dings. Cavern** Exn.nsiov.? La 1 evening ? little after sew n o'cl' ok. whilo a driver of ouo of the stages wu in th- act ? of lighting the lump inside previous to starting fr-ia | \Vblti ball, the ca upbinc, with wnich the lamp was sup- ' . pla d, i xploded. stuttering tho Humes in every direction i tht'lighoul ilie whole U"iy of Hi* each, and seriously bu. ioi g ,i woman aud chiid. who had just est* rod (lai not tte driver been pr - ut the r -iiit would probably V have been fatal to one or both of the passengers. As it ' was, he. Willi admirable presence of mind, i.n ue- , dlately tore off ?o much of tbeir ivuler clothing as w is ' i lialuratnl with (lie burning liquid, thus saving ih-ui frrui far uiore curious tujury. foe face and h tads of the child were badly scorched. as were also the hands of j 1 the n.an iu hi- noble elf il ls to re.eue them both. hTA .i Ati.uii.vT.?About 1 o'clock on Tnur .I ly eve- < nil g a wotnati named Bridget (lodgers was run ov -r by 1 one of Reynolds V Palmer's stages, at th- corner of i : Hroao vay and Prince street, iior head and fico were | brills* d in a bxl'i g inawn r. She was convoyed to her residence, at No. 3-J7 Mulberry nn at. I } Sl'ii'inar. An emit.?A German named Jacob 81am r 1 ' attempted to drown himself, on Thursday, byjuaipiu; ( [ oil the pier foot of Houston street. East nv-r. while uu- ; der the intluetee of li'|U< r. lie was rescued, and brought c

to 111*- Klcvi ntli ward -ution house, in a feeble state II ) 1 e na. at'ended by a physician, and afterwards sent to his " rt-idcnce. No. Ill Vi lli-1 street. Si ui -v I); .vim ?On Tliursdwy. a man named Cornelius I *urti? ?ii found lyirg d-ad ou ' ard the steamboat N-? Haven, at the f-oi of Du itin street The Coroner h* Id an inque't on th* b Iv. and a verdict of " De ?th fn-ia disease of the h-art.'' was returned by the jury Hrowmd?A boy. about seven or eight years of ug?. UHimd rbi uias kVrgusou. whose liiuthet rends- at \u 30 Avenue 0. fell into the-I p at the foot of iiou*tun street. while he at play,aud s.i- drowned. Uis body waa not ti'coti r?*d. Movement* of IndlvldMals. F. \. Uray, biUiBon; il. I' tlauvc, New Orleans; | Albert Sj.i ) ruf Mexico; C. Ardui*. Baltimore; K i. unrl" Miebieaii. tJ. IteOu.or (JuuNe; Hennr.lovj Alf.ta* i. t a > ilaught. r?. aon a. nil n-rv;int. Niu^-uro; llo.i K israrj Curt KlMtM N V ; \V 3 ISlMte, Newark, ai<l ! Major Tillot>onanil *"rv?nt. Cineiutrrti were am the j ariiral- vc tenia?, at the t'niou I'tarc Hotel. lil t, il 0. Btnry I'otighkeeprie; MB?r TCirl, Florida; I Captain <1. \V rmilli and (,'aptuiii .fffto 1'. a A ; br. TsUalvIIO alii llr l'a?e. North Carolina., K I'. William*. j 1'. 3. N . ?rte among the arrival*. yesterday. at the Irviog lltwt D Coate w York; J Ilrel.iu*. Philadelphia; W. | Holll lit. North t'ai ,ina; C. M. Xiwhjr. Augusta: jj. I). Smith. I'hilaJ -lphia; an.l tleorge l)a?t*. H>*ton. wire am oc the arrival*, yesterday, at the American H. M Ue. Pbt'adelpbia; 4. A 8empte, I 8 \.: D ? Cm win ant.I W King. Cincinnati It A Kced, Augusta: I) ltaug Washington; (till Captain Sturgeon. liOUhrilit, were among tin arrival*, yeateiday. a', the Ast or. A. Mitchell. J. Owen.and <!. I> llclil. L.ui*Uu I'hu Pa vie Maine; ti n. ml II II lluutiing. Long Ulan I; <i II lliitigi rf'Til Mobile; It. H. boxtai-r, le ine; L K. 8trven end O. W. Wileox. Boston; Chi* O Non, Cartnel; br llunt. Knghind: and A. I'erklna. Ml**l-dppi. j were among the arrival- yesterday, at the Clinton II Htl. i 'J'iit". <Jt han Hkvoi.i TIon?('apt. Bishop of the bark Juuie* Bay ley. of this port, arrived yc.*t rlay from Mstanzas, wuenoe he sailed on the 12th, seven .lays niter lie reported revolutionary '.atbreak and a ba'tle at J'-iticipe. New* of such an event, bad it really Occurred. ought to have reach- d vlatanza* in | forty-eight hour*?that is, on the 7th, five days bet fore the James Buy ley sailed. It w??, however, unheard of there; for which reason the intelligence is discredited by (.'apt. B aud hi* ( a-scngors.- I'hihilrlf'% "j N'trtk .-Imrrierin, ./?'y '25. TIIK IIKRALD ?*OIi KUIIOPR. MAINS 1 'Oil Kt KOrK A\p ASIA, BX 1HK MKAH- IIIP FRANKLIN. I Th Anterhau mail ?train?lnp Franklin. Captain H'otton, will have this r> rt at n.*>u to.lav. lor Houtbnnintnu and Havre Ilei ma.lx will cloe In ihlactt/at half past ton o'clock thu Denning. The N>? Vox* Uiuui d, printed in Trent h aud Y.agli-li. will If |.uLli?b? J at half-pa-t ulno o'clock tlii< ernlng. ?iri;le ?an ho obUineJ. in Europe. at th?f>llowing |>l?en? ? KimrM. Ailtort k fa. .No. ? Columbia Bnllillar*. I/peot. M. D- ll? rmrdy JU.JU John *tr??t Ad"lphi lexnioa. K4? ard-, Siai'irt k C? No. 17 Cornhill, I. mi o. b. II Rrvoil Bo. 12 I'laeo de la Duirn, I'ari*. 44n(tUneM?. a* *>11 ax rubeeiiption*, will r*a-b no It left at tho above planna. Malta for California. lh- Dteam-tiip Cherokee t'apino Windle will h-are i thi* port thl ?ft< rn'on. the'J?!?h tnet. for ChagrcF, via llavai a. II r matU will clone at two o'clock Annexe 1 are the po-tage* on letter*?to In? prepaid:? rhujfOF 'JO cent* pernio, j tl*?*i>-? 10 do. do. liriti li W I. Ixlandp 10 do. do. liber W I. I?lanU 3.r? do. d<>. i Tale ma 30 do. do- { S W I'nart of Pouth A merit.a M do. do. 'blna I do. do. i bainlwlcb I-land* 0 do. do. IT. [ro?ame ?. no ra*e I* given In the official alv-rti?. u. nttb*t the rale to ?.' ilifornla L? fh" Fame a? th.?t |b tie candv I li Mantle The ratc? by Berford k Co * Bxprc-a. by the OhU, nox? Monday, will ho found in another ?o|umu. The Wi ni l UvaaLD Will bo published at half-pa-t nine o'eloek. to morrow m?rnln<. kirglo copl.? in wrnppor?. ?lt pence Rmliif Machine.?I. .1. ?irm?n invention ?1 III* i* th* moat ti'tfal and praatitol mMhlM kBon*. | It I a* 1MB thru-uglily *nd ?nar..n*rnlly te???d. ( .Ml nho oa* it *r? ! light I wltli It apr ration. It aa? aim m I'l'i'.h, ultra* lit ttnr with r-|iial li-illty. I.alitor rlioi ?. galtrrr, boota. k' - . It w ill d" Irgnntly. It ml' a-v an<1 atit< h nlmnat any kind "I laatn-f. Kil l hare bean di*|"l*ad "I for thea. p-ir|.nee* t III iit.rat I iiati m <1 (thing la d>a? u tin* idBi l.ina. It ai-taa *T? In tan tlrnn M fait It la t doiu hj laud, till a rt of hla narl.ll* woald n t aril it at aa) | rlee, Prutidcd If y ctiitld not pnr'-ha a aii'.tl.ar W .- I, a I t > I inn ' Hf. t term a tout |.>.ni?W I f It* r. - fill Br <' It i? patronfrad hy print familial and mam laeturan. Tka working man nan make tr*h'a wage* by it* aid. Ilrrannakara. - imatra?.n A.r . nrr i' t'irraat adnata *. Tl are ia MBti aly any aan lag whluh II aaaot do. Any langth of atltnh I* mail' bar turning a tmall arrcw. It ** * anuria or tta< wlthoat ana dlfTo nlty 1 ha atlt' ti it taakaa will not raaal or "| ?n. 1 I.I-tkr'ad **a?d la r a.il.rr t aial r . t?d. ' lint alatji jifaarrera lt? aatnral ami perfei t atrength. It ran ran an-la or In-la a* i aal'y a* a Knight I nr. li. iltt h It not - ti I appear* (trait BBUn fabric. I Tl I* B a Mil* la unit* elmiile In ita aonatruction. It i? jirrfaat and dnrakl* In all II- part*. It la not liable to kraak ny gat oat of rt pair. 1 It la w nrti*'l kjr an cat* and n- at In a ll* power. I It alll in* for >oirs aitlioiit interruption. M ' I .rani atinl hB? I- a t > | n-' d u; I Ami araat m urn in urt H in (ringing it to ritt .ion It* ill lie four d t* i-orratp-iad with what w* -ay. An I d??* fcot iat'rfari with any on*'* right or Invention. rail rr nt'U dirr. tion* t" oaipany B?h uia- hiu a, I 1 h-|ri~B for ? aria -.a* I- Hti. .. Vt i i aiartti it r i plata f- r .praii a. W'< )- < k tin in to *o t < aay pai t ot tli* arrtl. - ij fin at .'i n and f-.f aai? at oar prtnalpil - T, '. ?Vi . Hrradaay, *pp"?it* t. t ity IJall, .N -? To-k; M Marvtfd ' I lir-. I - ?t n; 47 Jnat k f'onrth M>. I'tii'.ad ilphta, * .art all [ ,-iri rr oti raat - i art lat itad to *all. AII r 11' tnp'ly attended to. Ad ir aa. p t f al I, I. a If M.*CI I A 1 ? . .d Br-tdway, Jlew Vcfk. , r Onnd Ptc IVl? and Cotillon Euariton to the sew vllleee of blr ttt'upon.?Wu uadontai.il that our fhead. Mr. Jobs A. riammrr. bar chartond the Uv >nto teauibout Koscinsko for the *)th ol July, (Wednesday ) t"r an excursion to the heantifrl village >ito. Mr. k'lamuier hat. ae uaual. tviuo-1 hie iudeiucut 111 kbe aatootiea ot t'i? k"?t for tin oeceai.iu. This app*ara a new feature in exour ijki (making it a pic ui: and cotillon party.I toi'iruttonport, aad wo aro bow more tirinly ecaviuced that Mr. Hammer to dot. rmined to give pleasure as well kt proex to all alio make ejcur.iuns wltlt hiiu. All who would pate a pleamnt and agr-eable day, are advised to ,'uio Mr. f'liuiuicr'i company to tbe beaati ul village of # rati.upon. Tirkata may be obtained at Mr. Jehu A. Hammer's ittce, 12 Woc.ter itrect, two doore from Amity sticat. Sunday Kituralon?The Steamer Thonsaa E. IH'LMC make. her usual tripa to-morrow to Newburg and internic iiate place#, leaving Chambers street at liu'fpuat aorta, A. M. Kxcuralon for Saint Bridget's Church.? This grand altair c.mcs otl, as will be aeon by the notion in our advertising column*, on Wednesday, July Mth. V >. tu'te great pleasure in recommending it to th- pal li . sstbear ranpciuent* in every respect ara excellent, and will make it the nn,at doliitbtful 1 hair of the season ? those who etleud will promote their owu pleasure, and besides contribute to a charitable object. A Work or Thrilling Internal?'This Day published, Mabel, or, The Child of tho llatilc Field, a Tale f Waterloo, hv the author of Don linear lie lla no, Jane Itrigbtweil, sc. This lathe moat interesting rtn.au-- that baa be?n publiahed tor jcara. 50,(100 0 [lie havo already I sen rold in London, and the demand ie daily increasing. I'ou.tltto iu one larro volume of over 310 P?,"S, plendidly illustrated. 1'riee AO eenta. A K ARM AN ? "JRM4 B f, Publishers, 10.1 Ka:cau atreet, corner ot Ann. Paris Mantillas.?J "dies before going to tkr country or slranrere pas..--throush the rity, should viait the Pnria Mantilla Empori m, tUBroauway where the meet superb variety may be impeded at ext'einoly mo derate pr'oea. as the entire stock is sow ted need to maka room lur toll importutione. urn tiki im v cm Htrnigcra pnMlng through oar City may, during tlnTr brief snjouru. furnish thorns ivee nip- u net of E).i> tr, at 111it. KNNo 1 Astor Hour-', uno:u ailed iu st i ?<l tit. Implicit depoDdenee in%y ho placed upon the fultlinuLt of all orders at the tiu.e ipeeifttd. No SttaPKiirnlioiild leave the elty without lcaMDghismeus.ru lor lloots ami Shoe* at W A l"K 10', ill lultoi street. He eau thtu at any time. ueud lor why' ho aiiiiti, vi'.h h certainty of being wa'l fitted, and I {utticf lirst rate artiulei. 1 asts kept expressly for each cuJt'imer. A lilt! A lilt! We eoiiKratulate Indmtrj' li d tutuiprise, * he ever they sue u 'd. J'tiey have serene 1. id in a most eitroordiuary Dianii-r. iu a la -.o esperimeut ?r ire lisr on (II sides, and iu tome Of iioir. 'Mure I pr;;:*v ?f the cheap aid b ?utile I Hoots and Gaiters at the iiootBakers' L'nin, Ml Nassau street. We rail attention to Dr. Kobark's ntlveri|i?r. ft t op the ti ird pare of It is day 's pap r Ills otli ' it it No. li White stoet the second blo'lt below lit O'lsiy, Slllrti.mtot.lt II. bi'k, ho. t W .iw t'.r e., will b? re1,1. usly atleudcito if prepaid. lilouraiist'ie Isliiutrt Hair llye rlinn^rg reil >r ruylsirwa beautiful black or fcr wn the iustant apilird. without itaininp the alio; v.arrant.'d. Couraui's lalisn Medicated Soapourui tan pimpos. ireuhle*,sunburn, ruptioDS, Jte. lioeriu l'? Puudr 0 btilo er?<lie?t 1 hair riio lew fotelieada. or any part of the body. Ii>;nil I;,--*., iij W hite, Hair Clo?s. Sir., found at itf walker street m ar In ad?a>; Callander, vsgoutu Third street, 1 oiladelphia. HiiIrDyr .mil Wlf? hi foam! In the ; [fiteit |a-rtn tn D at Bateselur's, I l'all e'ree-. Ilia Wi^e j iri untnualli d lor natural npiiearan*.' 1 furahiilt.y. (lis 1 Jsir I>)e is so favorably krown it needs no .m um int: it | u town uud country. 'J lie. Bent Hull- UulliinlS Klrtt Prcui> m, grfatK in (Tote), remains nn.<urpi>?<i in Lom.ua, 'ana, or the riiit. d states, positive proot oi wh.ch is g .*:n laily at bis private othee, \o. i V r vrton street, or ,tv,r vl-i'io it in lor -s ir or applied. Bad col riav from otl.- r aye* cliicdicd ty calling. Hip Krrt.?Hrnnka, of l.V) Knlton stmt, e in liie glerj. Hi* splendid dec is U 'Oti and clffar.t umni r Gnit rs are all he go. fiery ui n of take vvt 1- in, ami all uit satieiii J that the ol'or.jsr.i t arte h * ara the bra peat and best to he obtained iu this ruitry. Mr. Bri-oVt. ty I in r'riet at'rntiin to I 'l.nneti and hS t1 "o -h in * b ilge of tL? trade he practiess, !? rapidly ac miring a crtun-. lliitchlRga' VrgMahlr Uy?pr|>ita Illtteil.Ibe t At mnmier mooi <nc with wI 1m n aru I iim> *r is lutohiuae' li-lter*. and the popularity it ' ?. atti t i. as a wmecykr the ni??t ,.1-tinato -a - I of difp']*ia. issnll o rti v d. It is icld at t 10 I w pi I o < r i I' . otl and M ii r bottle t o tint all who arc aisp vol t' tost its ir* ,i ?n I ave no r?roi to neg'sst Oolng soo.i th so y ofeivtoiij . I'lio principal oil'.:'. ti r its sa!. .s at l.'d I ultou atrc t, ip stairs. _____ Hjnlt'e I.llr ltialaaui dc-ln Provert in I tbeuniati.ai ?Capt, tl m. Be trdle, o City Guards, will I In i rftill] testily to the rpicdy, ru-o and pennon mt otf.- 1 a< j ot this far ftii:i?d and river tlun run d> II'had he.n enaertd ahfolutdy a cripple, and had nff red th i arcniort torture of the inflammatory psrosyam of curouic heainttiMii for a lour p- riod, without any pnapc to 'rel'et ' rein otl.i r n medics. lie first called at the " < 1'' Bowery, n s cartiagc. In m which ho had to he lif ed hy a friend. A I inglo lottle afforded hioi ajch reliefftoio pain, an t such a I newel of stret gtli. ss to cnabb him to attend to business ? few bottles mors completed his cure 'I no Li' B visa la ; be Most certvin remedy known for the cure of Scrofula. 1 iiag'sl 11, old U'esca, ifcninliwt, Nsirair . Bi yet pains. Her. Mercurial Ditefl" ?, liurhera' Itch, ar.d all ii-rv a if . he tlood, no tr.a'.ter l ow Impure the syitci, haa br >tne. ipal depot. Hi! liawery. Seventy-five sent* per large ottlc. MnBmiHMBMHawHBMmaaMnwBMHnaomMn | MO!?KV .H A n K K T. 1 ninav, July 2>?6 P. M. Then- le no new feature in the stock market. Bay fler day tli* trat saetion- amount, to nbout the ujual ; * In tit without any variation of conisiu-n'-iln pr;"?a. 'he apprehen-ions entertained by many rr'ntif# to a j han;e in the meney mark t are as far from I, hoc < eaiized us ever, and holders of stotks are hy no m-aus j naious te reduo their lists. The low pri.vs ruling for j 11 the lending fancies d 't-r the bears f- 'n operating to j tiy eitent. Most of the sab s on tim? b ire he n male | y parties liming stocks In band for 1 "livery. This I.e... lk.wv |M . s.r., wAjillitfi .. mil AV....I J Ira I,.a nv. ,tvf I f *11 u|ik*i*(1 movement In pri-ie:-. Nothing but the i par th?t the Urge shlpm-m's of spacie. and the uni- 1 rrrtl ei|itnilon of rrnlli". may lead to * break diwn. e?p the stock market so quiet Wbitwr m if nl'.l- j lately be th" result of the-e things. * do n A anticipate J i?y iinm. dial" difficulty in financial affairs. It is tbe eneial itnpreeeion in tbe street thut ther will be an 1 elite speculation iu storks a unetijir duiiu~ September r October At the fir?t board, to day. I '.rie Itsilroa l j licllned V, |>"r cent; Morris Canal. and Healing taiiroad, The rictipls at tbe office of the A*.I->; ant Trras.ir- r of liis port, to-day. amounted to MJsi.tilO tkl p*)in mi I78.4C7 70? balance. 62 .10.117 61. Tbe receipts of tbe Rutland au I Rurllngton Railroad Yui|any. for the month of June. 1851, amounted to ,k;l JJ5, against $1 i ~2')j -o for the eorr qonding ni nth in S.'iO. showing an Increase of 610 417 1W. e jusl to ale ul , 15 per cent. The receipts In Mat. lkfsl, wei 62o(W). The earnings of the Cheshire Railroad Ootnpmy in lune, 11141, were 61k00l 2>i; in June. lS-'cj. $15 J02 91. i,cr?a?e. 62 781 .75. H e learn from the Patnfsburg iiUrlli^-itrrr that the itisene of Petersburg hare lubeeribcd ^ ItK ,00?> in the Ukigh and Of ton Railroad, wbinh Is onefou. h of th,. tim necessary to reconstruct the road. About 6200 000 t is expected, will be obtained from North Carolina. and (ir I.morel and Norfolk are urg d to raise t lie balance 6104(0" Wtween theiu The whole mm of 6440.CU4 nnst be inlaid, to enab'e the company to comply with he conditions of the act of Assembly ,.f N ?rtb Carsiiua Vt ithin the pest few days then hare been sales to MUie xt> nt in this mark"! of V rginia Mate ffixe* redeemable n IkStt thirty Are years hsnoe, and they bare commandd a | rendu ni of *b<ait tite per e-nt We hate no d uht Ibis till beer nie a faroiite security on the other "id" partiesarly with Hritli-h espitall-ts; ai.d that it will Command is high a pr- minm as any other. It has on - important idvanUge over m<it Awri-*n sacnritUs, which is the eegth of time it has to run before r< aching maturity, I Iriiuic is me of tb? Urg -i and wealthiest 8tat< la ih* tlon ||er resources are immense, but bar- only le-en nodsrafely ds*T'doped. Iler debt I' small, a large p rthu if which has been crested for the purpose of aiding the nsltnrlh n ol works <>f int- rn*l iuipr ? tneot A* scan is those wo!h - are completed, the tax .Me prop* r'y of the ttale will rapidly loereassv ?nd th'- conn ol the go* rernment lie correspondingly augmented. The current quotations In this mar'.et for f reign and lomestir exeharges. fomn urrent m n't,anl forsp<-e,e ue as anni- ted ? roasioe Foiutns. t. t'li'i mi. - ..... ,.a._ si.-.iis' Jn I'aria.... si.lll On Hawl'iir* Ji '4 a a? Dn Bremen 7 '( 7!l I'lrcOMr Vo>?f. Ill at Sold at Bint Hold at S. rrgland... '4 *lia. par Mobilr ja did. *4 di> Illy, frey, A e. j dir. }( At*. New ?#rl> ?* ,'In. ,'a iia. V. I. CoBnlf) . }2 >1 In. H dia. Ohio 2^ dia. 2 <1 la. N?w dia. Jadia. Indiana, ... .2 di?. I'.dla. fhiladclptiia. .'.4 dia. par Kmtnokj.,,. 2 dia I'4 41*. B'iltim<rc. ,.. Ji dn. '4 d a. Tfnifli>?..,,.l -Iia. Iia. I'lrfiai* If dia. I dl?. Nlaaonri i dia. I'.'lla. N.? arolia*... I '4 dia. I di?. Mi.Maan ... 2 d><- I", dla. I. C arolina. .. I dia. I dia. t'oaaila 4 ma. ii dia. ilcorgi* I dia. dia. Tlourartr Tiruium Bnatnn ?a '* dia. M?Ml# 1 alfJla. Fliiladrlpl.ia ... ?a dia. N ? ilrleaiia... a I era. I Baltliuor* ?a '? di?. North Carolina.. If a ? Iia. mclim"nd I a ? d!?, Cincinnati ,4* I 4 dia. a I prn. I mi?r|||? , *1 , dia. 'arannn'i \ a I |dl. Kaahvillo 2 a ..1, dia. kacnaia ^al I'm. ft. I.ouil Ifa I , dia, Sofuaitib* ? a I pro. Detroit i a ? ui*. Qt oTATiuas run Bratuia. Ptr fffll Cal#'. In. Gold, (old ). MM a hoi Carnl. doll. $11?7 * ? I 'M do. (ntw) ii?i a H'ti .'i Iraii-t... v, . a wv Half dollar' HAM a 102V Donl loom . 17 2.1 a 17 HI FortiifBPOf (lold liw a l'*'f do Patriot, Id 21 a Id Ml 'litlllali <1 a > 11M r ft 107 A MM f i|V?T< itflll' 4 n I do quart. r?. Mil t<>2 do. light... t ,<i a ?wi ??. dollar* KM a IIIH'tygnna jlgl a ? i da quarter* Mil a 102 .N apoluoim. ;t r*i a J Hit Tha demand for fntrlfn i>xchanf? f >r rmlttaii -.a l<y ha ?l< Mm hip Kmnkllli. hn? thuafar haoti only m ?der*t?. I lia atoan er will Uk" out b-1 >a<jn ???n an I >-it?h hunln d Ite'OiMDil dollar" In "pttla Doma*tl<5 at -hat 'Minna -inlrt. and rata* without '"ration. 1 n-arr#nt D' nay l< p?ti ofT?rad *r Inrgi iy for redemption ae u no I thU ??a on. The p*|>ar.'urr n y of tha ? outry t nr. ally la <o foou itaat lb* late'1 of l anltr In oft? a* i> o 1 I P"? freely in others, Mid aaswer all the purposes ct trade. fcc. We have no change tn make iBOur quotations for specie. rbe annexed statement exhibits the quotations id this market for the prineipal public KturitWi- at tier j respective periods named Quotatiosi rust Pvslio 8e< raiTias. I B. Leans, ft per cent, MB... ru* '? ".u '' * Co! I - !&::: r.?:r? N^vVorkcl*T {&?:$* ft ; ft: t ? IS?::::: !<:? $ \B ft: i ? !*?::::: ,? Ms \l\ ;}if Do. 6 " l*"7 116 a 118 lit; a lis Do. Hi, " 1*?> 108 a 108',' 108 a l*o; Do. 6V " 1861 |t)8 a nWlj M* a 10? i Do. 6>i " 186'. 108 a 108', >08 a 10"; De. 6 " lsftUVl.., ? a ? 102V a 1ft. Do. S " 18M-08... pit ,i|?U 101 a 101'i Do. 6 " la&MO... iov; a 10>> 105 a 105' Do. 5 ' 1860-68... ion a H7 W6V a lo: Do. Hi " 1881 97 a 98 Jsi a 9v Ohio 7 per e#ot, lS.r>l ? a ? ? a ? Do. 6 " 1>06 ? a? ? a ? Do. 6 INiO 107V a 108 *KV a lOI Do. 6 " 1?70 107V ah# KW all* 1)0.6 1870 11IV a 114.8, 1UV a II'. D<?. 5 ' 1866-65 lUil'J a 11)4 100 a Itt'i Kentucky fi percent, 106';. a 108V (07 a 107',. ! .?P?. .ft," ? a ? 0? a 98 i Illinois Int. lutp., 1847 66 a 68V a 6'i1 I ?P*. . ? " .. I?t. stouk... 43 a 44 ?2 a 4.'l* i liiauiii Fundable ilonUf? a? ? ^ _ Indiana ii?>ua? a? a ? I ^v. nvrl BtalV) iW ? M Arkaee&a C percent ? * ? ? a ? Alabama A '* ? a ? ? a ? I K > " ? a ? ? a ? I"). 5 " Sterling. XI'. i M MO a 91 P?nn?>lva., 6 " u>p; MOji a Ml ?i a 91'. . , . # " - 4? l<H a IIP Maryland. 6 103 a 103,'i lifiyj a 10 Do. J Sterling. ? a ? ? a ? Tenncasee, 5 " ? a ? a Do. 15 " 103 a laai j J03 a 1U3 Unoachn*., 5 " ? a? ? a ? i Uit igan, 6 " Ian! ? a ? ? a ? Virginia, 6 " ? a ? I94ji.a 1(1S > N. V. City 7 per cent, 1-37.. . . Ill u.i J 1U1 a 113 D?. 7 " lsW - a ? ?? a 10. Do. Water Lean, <!?. 1*5* 100 alfritf 100)1 a I'll I Do. do. do. 1-70. . , . 103 a MM Hfl a I0? !?o. Fire I.oan, do. I-.VI..,. ? a? Mil.'* a 102 i 3 ooklyii, d p-rrcit. l-.V>-57-08.. 1" ? a Mkl)i )06.'a a lilti Baltimore >"?. l-dn-70-10 ? a ? ? a ? Philadelphia 6'a liki a 1117 101 air. N. V. Lin* and Trout Co l.'W a I3i ? a ? Farmers'Loan and Truat Co..,, a lilt - .18)J a b' Ohio Life lea. and Trait Co.... 10b , a 10/ 103 a ll*'..1* Hank of I . S. in Fi nn ? a ? 1 a I C?n.d><n::nd tiuhoy RH US a 140 118 a 1 K? II art lord and New Haven 111!... 127 a Ik) 128 a 13b Now V.irk and New Haven UK., Ill a 11.3 1M^ a 113 Hud "ii i{ivtr Kl( 70 a 77 J5 a 70 New York and trie UK... Mla K', Kl a M\l. Alh.. y and s hen-. t h UU... a 97 Mb Si a 07 Vera and Hi'li.-n-iolady KM.,,, 13*1 a 171 ? a ? Sy 'uowse and ftica UK I2S a 112. 130 a 131 Svk jer^.y UK 1-.2 a I <>3 ? a ? Rochester and SwaeuauKH... l.i'. ?117 lib a 117 N'>i York and llnrl m lilt 73\ a 7 ":.? 7.'*.',/ a 7< Reading Hail road 5b 1 i', .'.b a .30'., I>... ItoiiiJ." ? a ? 7.;'1 a "3\. Do. Mortgage ID.uda a Kl 80), a 81 Erie RaUioad Honda, l-? a 110 MM?J a IIW In.. :m nr.', alOt', Kttli a ld't'u Do. " 3.1 MB', a Mela ? a ? Bal' St Ohio KR. Bonds, D-'M-.'/b. ? a ?' ? a ? Do. Div.Koada... ? a ? ? a ? Jlaltir.ior" and Ohio UK 7t ? a 73 75'j a 7b lu.l.on I iv.:r UK Honda lbt.\ a 107 Dl3'2 a I'D Certern (ilaaa.) Railroad 1"2 a 1113 Mti " a l'13'i Del. it lludaon Canal 117 all" i 115 a lib Do " Serip.. ? a ? ? a ? It appears by thU. that '|lloti'o'>m have net v irir I mupli Jurir f tln> ] o-i t' .i boy--. Th. ?ro, however, ' b?-. n t w traaaa-tibUK in Mk lca'i:D;c gcrninent aeeur:tio*. and man; of our quotation t cannot be ouneihr.l otl*.-r* l.<o than uromual. N? r York State ?to are ? *. ceedlvtly ncarr-'. notwithitnndif.ir lb-' h'^h premhrn tiny command In the market. T .o Oo'.i. /trclior of lb lit at* ha* caller' for prop vab l..r n? uiil'.oii f iutlarn o' the Cat al He venue Cert i ll..n.ee, which wi.l h. iceairo.) until the iMtb of Au|Uat. Tb? ilnpr h?Juii in fir. in "la' rimri IK IUIU mr<e ceruira^ w> I bring -i*. I *?> pi on account of their l-ing receivable f - r?nVh;.? pnrpcfe But for thi? wfiio u : hi tbejr w ull bring par. CoTvidersble curiosity exist to sec whit Till l> the re-u'.' ot' this attempt ou the p?rt the legislutLiro of the htate of \ew York, to * 1 over that sect on of tlie new constitution prohibiting any increase of the public debt without the cot?r:> nt of Inpeople. The annexed st.steuirnt exhibit* tb? (.atr.tty ant value of foreign dry goods entered at tb-? port for -consumption 'or watchousing, and v th ?i, from warehouse for the week eliding the 24th Inst : ? VOV Mi:Nr? N BDRKIU.V l)KY t;o<)b.sKntisiiiton C *s srrns IliVt'FlCTt'tM tr VMI . WWII *1.1 'RI s OC I OTfOX. 1'kgi t'ulur. J'.. k*g-i F 'd.'ri v Wooll-ns .. pal f> 10*4.1-to Cottons .. . . 12o f 140.?? C-otM ol 2JT4S Colored d<> ...Id? 1" 'J*, C*esiu>er< s... 12 0.013 iTluta f.l 11.111 testings S 4 ltd 4 tl ingliam* 4 IMldWorsteds.... 1'7 31.2t>7 Muslins 3* 10.003 Cotfwratd C7U l-U.fO'd KuiVd. do ... 4t ll? Del.aices... bO 11.162 Ute?.. .-*? IS.ii-s Merinos ;i 1 Cambrics.... lb 4 It S Cashmeres. .. 10 t d07 Velvets 34 7 lot". lustres 30 R.Hbl Rhawls It 2.071 llrreges 1 teni llsudkerchfs. l.'s JIWI AI paces SO *.044 Hosiery 43' >.i]43t Duoask SO i -70 0loves 3 OCT Vor-ei.s Id J'JT Klhl?>ns d "s; Costings 7 21143 Spool 41 M'"? Covers H 7d6 Fringe-- 2 4'Vl Plaids 3 1.125 Tapes 5 1.440 phtwls 4d 10.370 lliudlnaa 3 1,01<\t < r ft i ot do. Id 4 .')< i Webbing 3 Odl ocurfs 2 740 Thread 3 50? F'aiinels 10 ft t's-4 llei laee 1 314 lili'iik ts ... Ad 17->70 Phi;t 1 347 Uosn-ry 3d I'.IOO O'.lCr iuau. of. 4> 14 41*.# Merino do,.. 33 13030 > ?? tllov.a 7 2 24H Tot*! 1074 >-134 201 Mitts 3 1 ?14 siwi rirrrau ov sua t!a?hm glove* 4 2 >;?!? Pin. Vain*. mi 'in. 11 HI - m .>1.1 ,k>i jow.n; >Io. braid*... 1 mm Ilibtxins 112 lon7v> Binding*.... 1 2M .'tlk? JL ribu?. 73 40.471 Caroling... 6 1 Ml.4 Ucf? 17 17.57o fairy do.... 21 7 l?*j (klml'ndo C U?? 3 82N I nitiroidrrira 41 55.72. Oth'rinan. of 53 3* 510 Sntlni 25 22 *8.. ? - \r|V?t* 82 fO.'.'l Total 15.^ $475 550 01. A: t'n do 90 22 Ml Mam inn ir.a?r n u. Ail. ribbon." . 3 DM; I'arknxm I'alut VriU II 4.8#'' Llarnf 317 $51* 371 Crapus 7 3.244 Do and potion 11 3071 itvrjjri 8 5.4 ar llanda>rrlifa 22 11.141 l'lu-li 10 8.Cl<> l*op 13 3 27'l 0lir.aU 10 4.07.; Tbrri d 42 10 514 5?K .V w atd'lo 11 1.02'. Yarn 1 458 jtkkcut'nda 30 '.'Pit* liobbil'* 3 203 II dkerrhlrf* 10 12.0 4. DU41.l1.au of 22 5,.Vi2 15 ait' 15.'.W ? - Duma.h I l.Ulo Total.,,, 4ul lltHJlA/3 Vo.-tiius It 4.:,,,.' ?niiKLLao?ova Hiib a. lin> n 7 3..j72 /'*.,? l ihif Dllak Hor<t'il 144 74.04' Mra* iroodf 10 $2266 011k It cotton I'l 38 I1M Art. ilbwi-ra at. 1 llo?l> ry ... 12 i.'.lo Ballot 2*1 fitly 0tt A -ofn .1> 2 y. . 1 Diluoid. rjr .. . . in 120 li!?.t .... l'j 47,'; Collar*, raflio he. 15 12.408 Mitt* 13 P. 112 (il<Tr?.... ,,... i. I.*.ti5 Button. lit 55;' Vietlng* 5 21031 3 If*. Ifall.ir|iiilM... 12 l-M.'o I.a * '2 1157 K'iI (florid 14 lit 1st lii<U|? 2 fit P?arl tut tone.... 4 25b" Rr'l'k IM;' 12 4 tlo HurV'Udcn. .. 11 3187 fi'looq. Ic twt 10 !'I7 V li 1 raid* I "2.ft Tmo'IiI fr,u 3?'t 14071 Hair cloth 3 1 v .7 TrimirniHr* .. 3 1 14 UcatV I'lu.li. ... U 3 >43 Pur**" 1 11<> Itpinly 1 l(rtiitli|f 3 1 INI) M.na II 70* BindtDfc. 1 520 M'lhrtumuf. low V-',:.: Nl?M 2 415 ? ? ? Total. 1.427 >1.004,A'* T"t?l 135 477 "83 WiTiinmoi tanv Win ??m i n iron or w?ol. n m ?<? : ? 1'kfM l tiI" Mm, IVV. UnaUm* -I'i >2ir?U f'.lk? 4 trti.iij 01m I o ' 4 676 Satin* t 34 ; Wor.|r.|. 4') ? 'Co '.*lir?< .. 2 1,7 Coll Ikrtiiritnl 1:7 2 '?? 'ilW and r Ott k. Wool .. il l'tt) i m <1 . . J 1 fn?.? AlpMM it ZtS IUii4<il< .... I 1 L*>ln? 1 34; Foktf*** lw RmUfonk.... A 1.MI ,*i!ll and P'M* 2 llil t-d 1.1 XoT'V I'lii- 4i 1 4(0 Slid at. I rn. fhanl* 10 3W fin....... 1 fl? )"ln?in<N H 2 "2*5 rtio'liiwn ... 1 "71 lllnnkvli ill 4N48 lllotrt. , ,... 2 1.141 Hnrtory 4.i It .000 Mitt* 2 I.WH! Martini do. ... 16 ...yd .Ji?lnn<, .. %> 3 4? OI?Ww 1 4)4 llitnitnac*.... 2 3?* Other nunf uf.. 8 3.7)4 llnw t),l?> ? Mamifa.'tu'i-? Total....fe^.U2 1W-.S0 ef. 1 2.1t, ?: a > . i ' I NttM ? !'**?. I J a' Total :*? 1) 11.7*4 Cotti n? li'.i f-" I AO ??? ri. > ri al O. Ii.ra.ld >... &! 81)06 I" f 4 V I'rtnti !) 1.106 llnonr 40 fd.i.TT Mua.ln ili 7./JO 1 art) 4 .">76 I mli i) d 1 178 ? ?? f) rttti*. 21 r 77'4 Tut 61 %" JftJ Orlmn* 10 1.471 mim i. .no *. ll.i.Dkf 10 1 T.m.? *?*<,. Inl" VilTitl 6 1 ..VOi l.onth rf'. iT?? .*? >'t.?V H.awla 4 J,.V0 Pml.Tnt lmy . SO 4,344 V* i Mi nir.... I 2/ iviiiml cm I lo o 1 277 SUta 2. 7* Miml'id... 1" 4.71< (roiai/?42 idj T"lal *-78 $43,130 ToUl 270 fl3.?!o K*Tmrrt IV.a. urn ?k. 1 M%Si'FA< 1 o# no* i. (am i i< i *? * or fit ft. J /"'*?. I nlv. I'kfn ?V?. f bp i V> It2 PUk* il I (uttin liinl Hull tin 4- ),H2' I wor?l?,l .. ;:J V h??:i <'rnjw-Sha*?l? 40 7,11* '. | tv or, I *??.... V h.UH HllkfcWomta* tf l/.l ! I.umIr< * .... ;; I'.ll. fi-nfU, .... ." ? lilO". Ill' I *inr? .. .. I lf.4 Mrniuf. of... .. i l^MK. eimwu 2- ISA.-,; Blanket* .... 12 1 '..J T .tnl 114 *M,;w II|IW 1ft J ?* i ?dprui. I Carpctf .... I 3 hm, FUm. .tl fa< turrn of 6 9,w I.Inrn J4 %!;)% ? lineal ft l.ftT'i Total 10S M'i.iCH . ? niMMiiiin ir HUM. Total -A t'k^n 1'aht*. Mi?.t !.?. eroi*. Cotton* .... *s HS.K'j lav t'n|oT?i| ft i; 944* Straw flood*.. II .% rtellrtp .... 1 10 S I'l0?h 1 Kmh cott?n? a A44 r'aupy V?i4l. 1 30*1 t'rlnf! .... .1 2?;1 CWthioft 4 1.0.',4 M 'fa.j|un>? of 11 1 TtW ?? Total 17 Plft H"W Tots, 1 i) fxm