2 Ağustos 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Ağustos 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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HalfOit m4 WImmui bo found la Ik* teateet pertbetioa it IktSilor'i, 4 fill atroet. Bla WUm (H HNMllli hr Hlutl m?WUN Ml Ob l*i(D)i U M favorably kain it auli ao ooaamoat; it raa b? proearad ato* fraia all Um Bnablt aad fufiaua k town ul untij. \ Ballard'r Hair Dye?Office Renwrad to atore No. flA Broadway. corner of I.iepenard itr.ot.irh. ro liia iaraluabl. prrparati.uia are for .ale. Ladiua aad yintlomen oan bar* their hair colored, aa usual, to prirato ollioe, ly sailing, si at tkmr r>-?idene*. Oenrand'a Liquid Hair Pyc eonvcrta red or gray hair to blank or brown, thalaatanl applied Goaraud'a Italian Medicated Soap euros tan, ptmploo. froohloa, a via burn, ersptjona, lie. I'oudra Subtil, uproot* hair from as* part of the body. Liquid Rouge, llair Olooo. aad LI I v Villa, all found at tha Old Eatabliahod Laboratory, No.lt Walker atroct, a oar Broadway, aad Calloader, SB 8. Third Hi***, Philadelphia. Remember This. ? That In nil cases of Pimple*, frecklaa, Blotchea, Morphew. Taa and Sunburn, th* uranz* flower Lotion ia a oeriaia remedy. It la aold by Bsahten, Clark It Co., 110 and 271 Broadway, and 10 Aator Heme. Disfiguring Eruptions.?It Is tile want of sate of iha akin whtoh loada to the eruptions mot with, auoh at plmplea, frecklua. tan. aunbnra. at, oapeeUUy at ihi* aoaaon of the year. But tl" uao of the Orange Flower Lo (mb bto4b?m a healthy action and a fair claar complexion, nithoat fail. It ii aold l>y Kuxhton, Clark It Co., No. 110 Bad SIS Broadway, and 10 Aator Houao. Why will you auffer those pimple a and heckle* to remain on yonr face, whan, by Being one bottle of Orange Flower Lotion, you oan have them removed 1 It ia alan an eaeallent article to remove tan and eunbnrn. It ij eeld by Ruohton, Clark Sl Co., No. 110 and 273 Broadway, and 10 Aetor Ilouae. ? ??Wi^m?? . MONEY MARKET, Fridxt, August 1?0 P. M. The stock market opened heavy thin morning, so Car aa prices are concerned. The transactions were very extensive, and prinoipally for cash. At the first board, [ t Reading Railroad fell off 1 per cent; Norwich and Worcester Railroad 1.'*; Harlem Railroad 11* ; fltonington Railroad one-half; Long Island Railroad one-quarter; , Canton Company 2; Erie Railroad 3; Erie Inoome Bonds one-half per cent beyond dividend. 11 has been a blu* lay for holders of fancy stocks, and it is not surprising that they should bo panic struck. Confidence in the future is all gone, and every one appears to be mo^ anxious to get out as soon as possible boilers are plenty nough, but buyers are scarce. A few more turns in the crews, tightening the money market, would put every i tock on the list down from two to five per cent. There is uo real cause for all this alarm; but operators are much frightened, and no one can tell when or where the downward movemeut will stop. It was reported In the street, to-day, that an individual largely engaged In manufacturing In Providence, had failed. We heard, a few <laje since, that his paper bad been protested; but we oven yet have onr doubts about the truth of either report. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to $91,521 19 ; payments, $33,332 93?balance, $2.C50.8M 17. The receipts on the Morris Canal for the week en ling on the 20th alt., were $6,072, less drawback of $730?net (6,342. The actual receipts for the corresponding week last year, were but $986, though it is proper to state the work was then suffering lessened trade, from a breach in ths Lehigh canal, llad no such Interruption existed, the receipts would most probably have exceeded $3,000 o? $3,600. The receipts for the week ending on the 19th June, were about $350 per day more than the corresponding week last year, when there was no interruption. The value of merchandise imported into an! exported from this district. during tlw mouta of July, 18jl, was as UMied Commerce o? tin Tout or Nrw York? I.MroRTi avd KiroiTi. Importi. Dutiable good*, entered tor consumption, $9,790,804 Do. do. withdrawn from warehouse,... 1.107.614 Pre* good* 1,027.491 I Spcci- and bullion, 81.143 Total, $12,007,102 Ejjorti. Domestic merchandise $3.188 027 Foreign free do 2 311 Do dutiable do 284 31*7 Specie 6,004.170 $0,478,936 Exci se of imports over export*, $2,588,257 The value of good* imported during July, and merchandise, was $1,022,720 The dntie* on entries amount to $200,246. It will seen by this, that notwithstanding the large shipments of specie, the excess of imports over exports amounts to more than two and a half millions of dollars. The receipts of the Erie Railroad Company during the nan th of July, in each of the past two years, were as annexed:? Xr.w York sip Ehis Raii.roap. Passengers and mail.. $131,063 91 Freight 97,376 42 \ Total $228,460 33 Raaelptsfrr July. I860, were 104,053 22 Increase $121,407 11 This looks well, and Is beyoad the hip best estimates. The earulnw* in Julv. 1851 were at the rate of more than two million* sevan hundred thousand dollars per annum It will be seen that th? earnings from | assengers and tail largely eveead those for freight. The annexed statement axhil.it* the quantity and valaa of fbrelgn dry goods entered at this port for nnsamption, entered for warehousing, and withdrawn from warehouse, for the week ending the 01st of July Movs wr.ers is foncms Par Oooos. t&t%6fTtd f^r Cffi MiirHfTVII* or COTTOFf. MAFVrrACTURKJI OF WOOL. Pkrt. !'?/??. P*g?. l'a/ue Cottons Oi #?:?<I Woollen*.... 100 688.415 Prints 87 *722 troths U 3-. 713 Col d eotton* 7 1 bOT Caseimeres .. 7 1.H38 OlDshams .. 15 3.004 Pilots 3 Mi Muslins 1*4 6 403 Vesting. ... 7 1.777 Kmb'd do.... 14 C.148 Worsteds.... 73 21.300 Veils 1 2JO fltufl Coods.. lJri 27."*48 hare* .0 If 710 Dams?k 2 48* Vfleets 21 .".,007 Moh Plush.. G 2.399 Cravats 1 301 Moreens 3 074 ftdkffe 4 1 007 Serges. 2 361 Covers 7 663 Lasting* 3 1,177 Webb 2 211 Cot n k wstd. 614 10 > 4o4 Tapes 2 M7 IMalne* 24 P788 Hosiery 3h 4,774 Jleripos 3 1,312 Closes ...... 4 017 Casslmens .. 3 714 t4nlllin|s.... 4 7?.S l.ustres.,,.., 19 6,74" Spool J? 6 240 Bareges 1 044 Parse*. 1 275 Alpara* 32 G.630 Pants 4 247 Coatings .... 7 3C.J0 Other Mao of 17 C.G74 Covers 8 .7 2W PI innel* 12 1727 Total 74*1 61M7?0 Balsas 2 1.140 wavrvarrrnste or sin Blanket* ... 1M 26.872 Vkts. I'ohm- Shawl* 13 7.300 Bilks 10* 6179 120 Hosiery 64 10101 Ribbons .... 40 07.670 Cloves fl 1.447 Lares 14 llPO Merino shirt* T 2.214 Hlk k Cut do 4 2 243 Braid* and Hwbrolderie* 7 4146 Borders... 6 1,744 Satins 13 17.016 Yarn 11 2 4<K? Vails 2 767 Carpeting... fsl 21.038 Crapes B 3 40" Mannfac * of. 48 15.490 Velvets 63 17.423 .-lis k cot do. 17 10.24*. Total ....1.497 6417.641 Tel. Ribbon- 1 703 Damask .... 6 34'.'2 MtmrirTnin sr n?t. Banes 3 2.7WI Pktt f'afne. Pltwh > 1<. 111 I.imnM 39.1 $74.'C? ratlrg. n Do i. C>tton 12 2700 Flk k wuf do. 2 1.124 Haadk f* .... 22 14.tt.I7 Sfcawl. 4 2746 Ur? A 4.714 rUk 4 wor. do 14 4.P74 Thread 27 7 ?*' taaff. 4 2102 Tapaa 1 1T7 ll.rdk fa .... A 4Vara i 907 Pong*** .... 20 1.940 Maoufac a of 0 4 UQfl Oft. vat' 7 4*7 Mkkwcr.tr.l 44 21.040 Total 444 fill.nil Mk k a<4t?a 17 7 <>44 Ailkk llaan.. 2 !.*> ?ii?rriL?.iov? QmWI .... 4 1491 pkg,. fa/Ma Ol 10 7.711 Ftraw Good*. ?1 fs.aoo Mill* 1 M Art (l a and Battoaa .... 4 1 >01 Oathm . 4k 11,002 Nralda 4 210* Embroid.-rW* 9 &,Wo Galka* .... 4 1.V07 Collar., to .. 10 T 101 IMa 1 7.W Vartlng- ... 0 1.440 Tvlat S 1101 l**tb Olon-a 28 22447 fa gum 1 7M Kid ?e .. ? k40f Raw 4 aw? UlOTM 1 ? VI Trtaminft* . 2 ?? IM Buttwwa.. H "AM 44lmp ft trg* . 6 212* Ouapondiw* .. 1 'Tfl Ma?uUf ... ft 22SI Button atufta 2 1.201 Otkw Man cf 47 44 0-2 Oil CloUui 2 2W Total ftl 7 ?4?0 871 Total 206 ft73.M7 H'ilMruirw /nw* Warrham*. tfvrinrftfatf (enw Maarrarrrmaaar waai.. r%ti. r<hf r*ri r*tm. O?tt"ft0 17 017.401 WooU.ua .... 34 Cold cotton-. 00 4 772 Cloth If PrloM ft ?r2 1'11'ta a WW Mu'lin* 7 381 OtufT .. 30 44.V Kmhro d d< . 1 200 lPoraU-da ... 04 l^an V?lT*U 4 1274 Oot nft wtd UO 2ft ftflt Camhiira.... 0 1.611 Cot n ft w??t. 2 711 llawdft fcioCa 0 2 110 Laatr~> .... 4 04<1 ftMi 1 177 Potato*- 2 as: Blading . . . 7 400 ToatlnR. 2 0-* noun In a.<W! Klannala .... 1 211 Manofaot ?cf 21 t.,262 01 mh-ta .... 47 ft.801 IlonWrr .... 17 8A?I Tital 17ft 743 600 Aiacrt'd do . 10 3d7J Maftirai rvjM or in * pKB.-ft rarplg 3 ftfi nH. 1 Htlkft 2ft ft 14.0PI Total 3A7 ftSlXM lotll* 1 340 mki mc n lMW ful. left at a 3 C0J? Pkgr. 1*j4.? Rilkftwnratd ?? 24 2ftrt l.;o*na >;s ft- 744 Carftha 1 107 H >hWa< ...., 11 100.1 I'lti-h 1 417 ?*lk ft eot B dr. 4 1.741 Toft! 70 |0 H2* I'oBgrr* ... 34 4.040 Miar lU-iarort -Yarata 1 .iktf Kg, rW<* flawingr 20 1,214 la-at'r jtlor. 2 ft? il CiapM 2 .ill Ilandft *hM8 1 171 Raw 6 1.106 ftaarf- 3 :i Mairnf 2' I1M Mftttloft roll* rt I ft* M In* ftrwjM Tf4a' MA* Kmlrrtd WenAen* mii'xcn'Mi #r ?*#*.. ?*.ivr*ni'*w or m.i. PkMt. VaJu*. Pkf Value. Wootlrnj 1 $6074 lllka ll $j.v? ()ot'nfc?W4 42 ton llaiulk'ektef# 3 >.,4 Btuffcooda.. ?2 14.330 Crape ihavls. 10 tM Worited#.... 30 31,104 ?Uk*vor?'d. II 12 an i.uatre* .... 1 *' Hinting#.... I 1.140 Uoeiery. ... 27 6.061 ? Total 06 rlO.ttM Total 194 004.6W Manor arrraaa ar vl#2. Value Mi?n tcn iH or cmoN. Linen* 120 016,644 Fht*. t alue. Do k cotton. 4 rj* Cotton* i $2,287 llandk cbiefr T 4164 Print# 20 3,180 ? Velvet# 6 1.184 Total 137 $23 336 Knb d cot'n# 1 380 m?m aaLantei?. Ppool 8 1,111 Plri I'tlw, Webb 0 1,016 Pearl button* 7 04400 ? Matting roll* 1M0 *676 Total 64 ?10,?43 p. Total 1,037 $13,074 HccariTVLarie* Enhrtd fur (<n.un?jw,on . . . Paekagn. Velar. Menu feature of wool ud $417641 Manufactures of eotton 788 1<>4 740 Manufacture of lax 4rt4 111 Ml Manofcelurea of el lk 617 400,871 MUoeUaaeou* 2tM 73.847 1VUU .>,*14 WtlKAmumfrvm Wmrtkmtm. 1 Uuiufwtaref of wool 847 M4 I Manufacture 0f ootton 174 4164V Snnufaeture* of Milk 3U 130.X* HinnfaetiuM at flu 7V 4.#38 MieooMaueou* ,. 37# 8 864 Total 1,001 9X72 611 Kttrrtd ft WteKtututg. MmioMum of wool 1M 904 000 HuMfceturM of cotton 94 10 041 Kanwfkoturea of ?ilk 96 00 030 Manuliclure. of flu 137 10 39# Mkeellnneou* 1 037 13 074 Total....'. 2,391 91X7X70 This shows a very Important failing off Id the vain* of imports; the aggregate being but little n, r? ihaa one-half of that of the pre v ion* week. The amount for the payment of the semi-annual Interest on the State debt of Pennsylvania, ha* all been eol lvcted from the usual sources? not a dollar ha* bee o bor. rowed. Payment* will be made in specie or spcei* fund*, as may be desired by the receiver. Stock Bxrhann. *440017 8 # ?, t>2 109'. .mo ili* Erf* RR Uk> 74 2000 Krie In* 01V WO 4* %M 73\ 8000 4o (00 ?1'4 180 do 73 8000 Irie t'onv PI 100 do tlO 77 1000 do 00'. 160 de 71 8000 do <<>>; ]S0 4o 110 74 8000 do HfC 60 4* *10 73 V 6 she Bk America lff< 944 L Iilaad RR |4 30 Del Mi Hud, 900 113 30 llsrlem RR 47 I 16 Ocean Bk 103 600 do op* M' 26 Flor. b K port 010 30 .sW do op?*, 16 Metropolitan Rk 8* 200 do r?> fr . 60 Fanner* Trust 66 00 do *10 47 200 do 1.1 #414 100 do bJafo 67 100 do blO t'lk 460 do 6#?, 26 Canton Co 60 100 do *10 46', 180 do 1.60 60 JWStoriart > RK 41 80 do blO M Mi Rcadiag RR 62 200 do 8* 100 do elk) 61 \ I 100 do b3 68 100 do 6I>, 26 do 0 #7', 300 4* AM, 20 Ohio Life L Trmt 104 l'? do 9>M 61 80 she Erie RK 76 iM) do 61',' 676 do 74V JUO Portsmouth DD 6', 400 do 74', MNork ?VRK 6.", 100 do tlO 7ij* 400 do 62 300 do 74)2 80 do 61', 60 do 60d 76-, 100 do 61s, SECOND BOARD. 91800 Erie Income Bde 91 200 the Erie RR nit 71', 100 eh* Hudson RR org 67 600 do 74 900 do b30 OS 200 do *10 74 100 Nor b Wot RR 61V 100 do 74>, 80 do 81', 100 do oil 74 100 CanUn Co 8s', 100 Nor It Vt'or RR 100 .11)4 80 do btiO 60 80 do 81'. 100 Reading RR 61V 80 do 81s, 100 do 6} IITERTlfiBMKim RBiUKWfcD KVKHY DM. | ~ ^ PRHSONAL. INFORMATION WANTED.-rAULETI ENN* MA RtjuiS, a Frenchman by birth, need nineteen, >-|>eaking English, I belonging to the Wabash row, shipwrecked at New Jersey; then entered on the 12tli of October, 1M60, at the Marine Hospital New York, left it on the 12th November the following : Booth. Sinoe then hie parents have not heard from hint, ' and areaniionsto know what has become of him. Any inI formation may be left at the French Consul General a, at I New York, and will be thankfully reoatved. ! TIIK KIREJIKJI, AM ERIC I S ENGINE COMI'ANY NO. (L?AT A special meeting of Americas Engine Company No. t>, held on the evening of August 1st, l-v>l, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted ? Whereas, Mr. Wm. M. Tweed having resigned the office of Foreman of " Amrrieus Engine Company No. 6." which he haa held ao long, and with ao much credit to himself and leneht to tha company, the members of said oompar * have pasted the following resolution*, as expressiit of theft feelinge on the occasion. Resolved, That in the loci which the "Ameri' Uv Engine Company No. ti" sustain by the resignation of their Tate foreman, Wm. M Tweed, it is tlieir happy privilege to look back upon his many aots of benevolence and self sacrifice, recorded in their inemorioe. and there find Ikab consolation. Resolved, That ia hit retirement, he earriet with him the warm friendship and good wishes of the company: ao may > his health, happiness and suvecsa In lifa ba a<|ual to their hopes and his great daserta. Resolved, That we. us a company, hart been highly proaVioua sad successful under Lirn as Foreman and Manager, e will spar* ao eff irt, and lose no opportunity to show to him and the world, such devotion to the reuse and the good example he has set ue, as shall make him look back with pride on the Company of his rearing. Resolved, 1 hat a copy of tha foregoing preamble and resolutions be handed to Wm. M. Tweed, and alio published iu tlieNtw York Bun and IleralJ. coMMirrrr. Alfred Calmer. E. W. Jacobs, Edward I'hilips, Jr., T. J. t.ayte. ALFRED FAI RER. Foreman I Joiia J. Rsii.lv Secretary. MOT1CKM. ~ HPAMMANY SOCIETY OR COLUMBIAN ORDER ? A Brothers?A regular meetiag of the institution will be held in the Council Chamber of thstjrest Wigw am. on Mon day evening, the 4th day of Augnst, at half an hoar aftar the utlii* of lh? ffititi CarbprI EBfl Ftrfictnwl * 11.-n ii? n r #? It ra quested. By order of tbo Grand s.che m. DANIEL B. DEI A VAN. Grind Snohem. ItrrHir C. Dt'lTll, Nrntinr. Mnntiittin, 8* Don of Frnlti. Eighth Moon, Voir of Di?eov?ry At Hi. of Indepeadenrr Tilth, And of iUo InotltaUon the (<34. New tobe. avovbt i. mal-bowcb. ig u ceased Forwarders. licensed Runnero. nod Boardinghonoo Koerero of tbo n'.j ot Now Verb. ur> hereby requested to meot it the Brood otroet Hotrl, oorrn r of Brood nod Peorl oiroet*. on Rntnrdny erenlnr. nt 7 ?Vloek. to toko Into rooolderttion the orbitriry construction of the Emigrant low. ni It now otitis. by the Commissi* n*rt of EmifR""*. nod to agreo upon some pi in to protect ourselves against tbtif enctc%ch?tnlt. Primp! iiun lioco of oil Interested In thi) mnttor li requested. ** WII.RON. F. k RI DER. fl. ANDREWS 0. W. DAI. V, CIIAS. UALLACBER, J. W MILLS. Committee. O THE OLDEN ORDBB Of OWLR-TO ALL THE Thegno. Sir Knights. Chivnlrona, Initio tod ? Acknowledged, faithful nnd united, nod to the worthy Ceroli. Retainer*. Amboeoodora. Principals, Hoeto, PrUTs, H-raidi. tnd nil men of the m?et UluatrivUd '* Ordor of Owl*'" "nod tbo rent of inonkind know Ve, that I bore nontrnotod with the rery reaped aMe and relobrnted bono* 0 M- otra. Rennudln, Holtlnrer k Co., of Frnnee, for a quality of Champagne A Ins. wll< h I believe * Letter adapted to the tattoo if our I lllnatrlooa and ooeleat "Order of OaU." Ata any wine horetrfere Introduoed. It will bo known ae the Owl Brand. Rorh bottle la labelled with the "bird of wisdom." rooetiag la apparent meditation, under arbleh. la the a olograph of the. I (Jrend Sachem of the Northern Roost. The wine la now ready for delivery. and It la desirable that every member of our "venerable Order" ohnll bo circumspect and dlnereet after Imbibing, and maintain I imaclf upon the roe it with I dignity. and with a rrnvtty that will not endanger hit fn'l. anr reflect upon hie kindred. Already rulgar opinion baa attempted to dlvtoe into the plana or our Order and fasten on n* the odtam of being revolo Amiota, cabala, fee., meddling in the affairs and polities of varlouo people nan ualioat. and seme with malignant contumacy degraded ua with the aypellatioa of employees. It, therefore.beeatnse our proud order to be ctreumtpoet and oarefuL Our gauntry and laws which protect no as ettiaena, aeed as violation on our part, to promote the alma and aecempUeh the wins and > phllsathn-pte obioeto of our venerable Order. Onward aad 1 Westward ' Adareas Win M HALL. No. 100 Wall atroot. N T. HN. DICK80N, RAN FRANCISCO ?DICRAON. DEI a Wolfe, fe Co., Conamlosion Bernhnata aad Osnoral I Agents, Ban Fraaetoeo, CaUfornla. Refer to Mown Weils k Co , V M Wiawfe Co., Ian Fraaeiooo; Rostra O. fe t. Laarie, B Be Even fe Co., New Vorh, Messrs Ruber ft Morrill. , Fbaa Isnb. Boston; Bhawis ino. A. DeWslfs fe Cu, Idl wnrpooi. Chns Archibald. Esa . F. R. I., Commemlal Bank. London; M-ssra. Fairbanks fe llllasa. Wan. A Cinnrl. dfca. fiin REWARD-LORT, OK TUESDAY. ?TII INST., Wfy <ujp...<J It the StapJrt* n leading. Btatrn Ieland, ? Mark I.oer Shawl. Th? abn*. reward will b? paid oa 4*11??J ?'* > *hawl *t Ko. T? Broadway. third atary. *?at *f; ? ISAAC <' LFA ?11 MfAID.-lOST-OH THt'RRD A T EVENING, &*' 31 tt alt, ronilag froai Albany to Now Tort, oa hoard ouoai> oot Inane Nawtoa. a 1'aokat Rook. ooataialng krtwaaa I thirty and thirty So* dollar* Whforor will return tho oaai* t? 41 Conrtfindt otrcot, Horohaato' Hotoi. will raantre | the ai ooo rawaH. IOST IK ONE Ol THE BSOADVAT STAGES, A J dark pocket took, containing al?a dollar* aad twenty Hoc oral*, with the owner e aaair aad raaoanaoadatioa frooo hrr laot oaplotrr. and otbor ptooao of writing of ao aao to any *ac bat th- ownor. Any onoYetornlag It t* Ko. fj Bridge otroot. will roaolrn a liberal rowald. Monet found in a stage, ok fbjda v <7.ant wook), J I) ?. a *18*11 ?>i?a. la aororai hawk acta*. ooa , tainod la a pookrt wallet Tho owner ran ham it by calling ; at No. 7" Varl'k atrmt. at f n'olook. A. if, or at Ko. t D*y atrort. brtwrrn 4 aad 6 a'alook, r. M . aad pnjrtag for thu ! advortioomeat. REWARDS. ! CKIII ?F* tRD ONF HI NDRtn DOI.I.ARS RE ?J* ' W word will bo paid for the rennrery of tho body ol ' Robert R. Nrlooa, t'>ot fp'ta the *t?amrr Peoobeeot, oa tho Kth of July, o* Rqa?n Era' h. nboat IHVeaa atilo* from l.onr Branch. N. J lie aao thirty three yeart of awe ahoat So* If'F ft tir inchoo |? height and dr*nood la Meek froek ooat, light mereolllrg rogt, nlai I caoniiarre pantvjend galt?r ohoee. ABMOI.D NELSON, l.mojoy ? llotol. Now York. =a==i' m. i tl,OTIIIRO. r1 dft on CI.OTKING. furniture, firi: irmc If atrhr* end Jrwrlry W natrd?Familioe or g ntlemm 'faktinglhr fity. hooiog tho ahoar to diopaoo of. nan nhtnin fifty prr rent Bore than from nny other d-alrr, oa ad Iron* top a lino to th* anhnorlbt r. who will attend ky appoint a-at. .. . . ? ISA At: O. I. VON, If Ball rtroot. I ad wot a'.tradrd Iv Mr*. I \on. Am< powisr p DAOI IRMROTTPIS FtfR FIFTY CENTS.? vl Klrg ? at yltok*. Reeint, K* R w*ry, hntw??n n-ilcr aad Grand erortg, tb? only t*bUihB?at in ti.o nl'.y ah roth* ml okyltcM daowormotypot, handmnt'ly onlorwd and oa ****d. or* tobrp foy Afl roata. aad Urter no*, at r f*a11; low A tea, Re iimp valaar i n>il o*ttr\vi'f* ?? ofaaa. WJUKfS^ WANTED?BY A BBPBCTABL* OPN1 MARAUD wa?aa. with a'- aaA Null af M.Ik, wkaaa haiy la < tMlA to w?i iiih it bar in ra>. .jum. Ar^tr at 177 Vuiit itrrii WANTED?BY AN AMKBICAN LADY. A SITUATntV m Uornk?p?r la a mlMl 'anally. aitW ta In ally ' ar wntrjr Uu a* ok.a. -laa to i?ka aharya >m ar twa cHIAraa t ln|iHko?.| NkM ?| h (kuietir ia4 atp*tillty. r?r furtt ?r fif'j alar* ia.,*tra at Na. 1 Oif'af | i.raat. HaaU. Ar klja _ I. WAM1.' BY A KBSI'KTaBI-I \.?t'NO it IRA* a aitaatlca aa Wat Naraa ; baa la?th*-?. n baby hai j a #-ad fraak kraart at aillfe. Ala.. a a. pa. .hi* ?>un< orl aata a ailuativa aa (bawtarmail ar It ubi . alia la a trit rata aavar. aaA aaa Aa aajr klaAaf aaainy Tha kaataf >Mty raftraara (roa ka* laat plaaa. Ploaaa aall at W aait I'.r | tcaatk atraat, aaa Aoat freM Mitk aiaaaa. WANTS A SITI' ATlOfc A HBSERTABLIl YOl S<; waaiaa, aa B attar, Ckata WrmatA, aat to <tv p'aia I aaaAla ??rk I I tara aianaa A ta M. W., HaratA oibja, I alU ka attaaAaA ta WANTED A WIT Nt *!tt IB WAN TED TO TAKE akarga I aa lata at. aaa tkat aaa taka It ta har aaa baaaa, titbar la tLa ally ? la tha xaatrr aba at aat aaaaa vailraaaai?aaAaA Apply at Na V BnaAvay WANTED Till* DAT. A OIBL TO IM? Tilt (IE SB ral a art a? a await Itakj, aa>l ka a f?l aaahar aiA 1 Iraaar. a Ct-rataa pr? larraA la .aira at IM Narftlk atrait. ' WANTED -TWO DOTS.?AYTI.Y IN TUB BVBNINO at JANtft ftn A ' <? < WAMM.rw.. OB THERE OtMlD MK'Mk Apply ta tba ataata*. to JAMRt BBt'E AtCO. WANTED?TBO TOCNU BIN AND A t'lY IN A ! laaa aaA t?b?<.Ua-y ??<r* la Bro.ktya Apply to IIIW ARM A t DDE V IV BrVaivay \L' AWTI D? A fll?T RATI J OCR MIT MAN HtlR " drimt. M m J lilMIN U'AHID A ITrATinN, NT A IWNt MtN. A* I Tf ( Url fir p?441< I rtr<?|>uttM I ?.?wall 4 witA I'tif* k?f|?4 Maw Vork *???. Mai a I.laid u4 Uu Island. I Tk? kael vl tfUft i it A l im \ lliriUOAtt W*m*n in a nolmiii uadmah clo (M*l wUMMimi. a i?ai an uui a A -kkwep I tr wr ? a a?-d kaad. aa4 w a nut aaA ?ap- H Mmiami. Nh> -thar aaad afflf A44taad la kMltlillk| af ?i |4iraai vita f.Ani. Mai IM. I* U W4NTIH hV t -TROM. Ml?I Ml I \ 'I N . Mis A illaaMia aa p#rt-? is a atara l? a a?<d mwi aura if Ar tad ! ' >. t cV I H |fi at I. . . . r*lrr*a<?s ne la spaiiltlt kaaastp and aaWtaip Addm A l? * . in lra?< tlawwi. up Half! w the halted rrataataal AaM'l. Icaraita iU< l, Alaa Vl( athali' affiala a*. M I \a ?V? rt str*at-der plaawa af all hiada latlr ?Vft (trla ara aa4 kayt faa rat I f nelltal altuatlava laaaatdia tela. aa llw all . - ira lkt >al aaaa < taaaltely (Vtcaalaad kp Itr if > > BtHlll'll WAKTID Ml Ml rr MB A lUI'l Ti U? a.aa aal tk-r- nfklp aa4f rataa4 fcw laataa a ? j lit* at>4 tall A rail at VA Irwat ataaat, - ar*-r ad , < f -I > n 1 > t M niro i ITRh VARTIO MAYIMn t TM'tliiotl pra< liaal kaaaladaa al lif aatail a?4 pewattiptl a*. < | art. To aatradp. ladaatn aa praae aa* a a rain-at tttw alias, vltk r*aa- aaklt aaiart Addr*a* A. I II-raid wM-a EN'GMAt IMli OM M <fOI> M ANTIII A fll?T MATS v< rkaaa. ta akta tMflaal avpl-itaitl will ka maa ar4 llkaral i> rata A44raaa apple aiwt i ? A fa , HaraU [ ufltca. fjt 111 lOIOlRhllLI ORIMDMMI AND CVTTMMM waatad Aprlp t? Wmi Runs M Doit? Aa-niaa j Ilia Warfca. 1 < lifl firett l?rk /"tlRI* waktimto W illi in Till fttWAKK in II 4ia Raktar ta< t- rp at Ntaark. N< w Jtraai Applp at ! tba w artl.aasa. VI Maid-a lav*. Naa V- rk. (T ARDIMR-OARDRNIR'8 III ATION WtNTID, I hp a Barried naa. will- at children. a aa tap af tai . land, apr-i M>; bat litad la Stmt nftlia la at t-'a la lar iat, and line had eliar?e of aar af th-laraatl planaa lo th-Cal'ad P atrtj t-.od rtfrrtaraa ran ha givea A lis* adlrt??4 ta I T. A care of T Dualap, aatdtmaa. t?'4 lie* I asp. will ta j proapllp aatwrrrd. HBHHBMI IK'K PUMK- WANTED PtnW riET N Pier leny. 3 inches thick, kp W. 0. FI RMAN, -7 Raoth str-el. Pi tT! i NCRAVERR, CAPABL1 or MATVBAL n torp work, mav havi a|>lojrra- nt l,p Dating uaaa- aad addrct- viih Sherman At Smith. iS.'i Broadway. Ti mo MXACaOtr Ta i i.drs ? a Vol'no MtN Wis.im a situation at futtar lu u irtclaar r?taM Viiaent, uert *irac<<l in all iit kraar' r . and liaa hata recently en, Mat for frveral j .ar* in on-- of the flrtt hnntea in the city, t an pier tlir lu-at un^nrsHnaahlr r*feren>'ra aa to qualities, ti..uc Ike ailarv not ao maeh aa object as a iforiotnent lituatioa. Add rent O. I'.. at this >tii'a lor three daya. TIho dentists-wanted. a situation by yum* mm. who thorougnly nnd< ratandt tiio tnannf fcvr* v* iniucru i icviii iu? w??rft u M?q rcieri'docp III. Addre?e Mineral To..to, 217 W a.hin ton street. HOVUCI. Ii(Minn, *c.. 47ARTSD. A^m rt RNISlll.I, 11. ?r-? K, tANTF.I) IN MIC I part el Hie city, pit autlv el'uate.l, and neatly ai completely furnished. Adores*. with lull particulars, to B.,at Mr. Jay's oflioc, 20 Nassau's trust. Haw. vol' a uoi sk to i.et ??wanted?a iiodsk it store, in pood location, to concert into a hotel or bar. Any one 1 acin* such property for di?p ssl, may hear of a pood Unanl, by applying to Howei i. Uruwbill, HJ Nassau I treet, and tv Broadu ay. corner of Oraad street. WANTED TO LEASK-A PLEASANT THREE OR J " fonr story House, with bathe and Creton water, ia or near the seventh ward, immediately, or by Rapt?bur tret, either unfurnished or furnished, or with purahaae of fsuwiture, if suited. A ran chaare for fsmiliss moctap op traealtnp. Address D. C. V. Rntpera laitituts, MadUoa ftieet, or care of Dr. Corson, 40 I", set Broadway. WANTED?IN ANY RESPECTABLE AND AORRBaide part of the eity, apirtu>e*te lurmehed-tny or three ledrooma will he required, a parlor, and aee ot haehen i aud bath room. Addreea, poelpaid. A. II K Herald ft , I WANTED-TO RENT. A THREE RTOET UOtTRR ITiR j a boardinp honee, in a reepeclable aeiphbvrhv 4 a w Broadway: downtown preferred. Addreee A. B. B >? ! way I'oet Oft, e, ttatiap luetics aud terms. BOAHDII.O, dtc. ~ 1 ATI RNIBIIED SITTING ROOM AND REDBOOW TO let to two or nae staple peatlemaa. le, eti. e nneer passed: terme very moderat.: lath tad water 'lenet fur the nee of occupant*. Biferentee tachaaped. la iu,fe at Ml Broadway. Board r anted i.y a i adt and gentleman Board for the lady only. ia a family where t here are ae fiihrr }.Aftrt!#va lt d with ft ailuft 1*4* vabII V# Bwlnipai I Situation either la the an|U rl<ou( af Ir tk>>t ar toe Bon try. Board |>aid iii adraaao if r? fired. Addraea R. . O , Iitrald < a r Broadway Poet CM1<a. Board at hoboken. -a gentleman can or. taia board (eaeept dinner) at llebakea. la a email pr eat* fainly, leratiaa atar the tarry, and lb meet pl*a?aat ia town. aith larae froat rooms, itli aloaala. Addr-ee Klajt. I x > Poet D?t . Board in brooki vn -tw o or trier i.rktle I ^iBen ran obtain eingle or doablr roo ' v with fall or par tialb'ird, at No. u links >tnt i r> . r ,f I .. . Broklyn, two minutes walk from Pall'a Perry Refer rnrra rxrhaarrd. N. B.?A (mail number af aeleel board're art taken only. Boarding -to let-two or three vert be airal'lr and neatly furnished reome, replete with erery r> ni enienor as ladriay rooata. f r stasia isatlemea. Wtlkesl | boatd. maybe had by immediate nrfli a at N". a. Prank tin atiect, a lew dsvra west of Broadway. BOARD.-A HANDSOME PARLOR ANI) DEDBOoM adlo'.nin/. also a e{a?la room abort, taa be obtained at No. 71 Eaet Twenty third etreet, a snort dietanee flhfet . I'pioii Park_ and pear *l>* ? ?** ar fan*. Tbr a??le haa ell the modern ImfMTfHIfnU. _____________ FURNISHED ROOH TO I IT-A SMALL PTRWIfRIf* room to Irt, ea the tret floor af hen.e Ne. 771 Braad- i way. flret door abore Ninth etreet. en liable far a eia?le (aa- J tlemaa. Ttrma reaeoaahta. H01PI. roahdee8. NIIO ( an DISPENSE WITH tlie ' bar." raa hare ehoire rooms, at moderate eharye , at l aina Park llouee. K and 24 Peartaeatb etreet; al?-> at . the roraer of Broadway aad Thlrty-Uarthstreet. Le'nUana caeurpaeeed. I Wanted- h rmthid apartment" r<?r pitr realisms*. with one or two parlors, sad kreakfaet a wholr hone*, where thee* are no other banrdere. predarn d Loeetion In er nenr Brondway, krtweea lloaetan street and t'nlon Smart. AdJraae baa ilk 1''-t I >m ? EL* ANTED?TIITIP.K OR TOI R PINOLE GENTI.EHEN to ocrnpy flea** at rooene, al'h kreakfaet and M, (dinner a* Sundays) la a feateel pritete family, la a aery rleaeaat loeatioa, oa the weeteld* of Broadway, baloa R ,ue. ioa etreet. Ttrme Bill l? moderate. Addr ea i O H Re RBdWi \Y'ANTED-A ri'RNISHPD ROOM, BETWEEN CA TP nal aad Amity streets, with fall board fnr lady. break faetaad tea for featiemaa. Addraee D M . this eflba. MMTAi mmin. j Flflll MARK BOTKL-THI ('NIHRMl. N fD WHO. far lb- laat tvaatjr-oia vmii, kaa Sao a (npn'M of Ik* , ahnto rr t vl*f botol in I rMHirut. bags U nl?f? km inw 1 f?l ibaohn tfr tk? lane and sa4?vlatiac pair- whirl. baa t?an r.tm.l.d to Mm hT hl? frienda at,4 thr r jwmoalij Is I rrUrlar from thinratabliahmoal, bo takoa tMa . pp rtaaitr 1 f roooBBioadtni to kl? frload. ant tha pahllo kia I Mr. I'barloa Wri*ht, a coatloaiaa vol! i|aaliftod tr *<aain , and onporiraso to 111 tho f >aMdon of hoot an4 ?uk1it ilWrx aitli taoocaa and natmfartb n. and kr f-ola plraaara la tka oTtiotioa that in rotiriat fmia tho raap?at>Ma altaaUoa fca baa aa l?nr bald, ho ( aaootodad ba a aoatlaaaa as vail aklto aaatala tba r>T?tatioa whMb Ma baas* liaa aohi**o4 tmomai iilit. TO . in until.. Ik* ml it, ?.?> t? atd llat*l ??r?' hit frionrU and th* r?kln that a* r? n i hall hr vaattna n* Ma part to aortal* lha huh ** * Ma* hat tort taiaad f<* thr oatehltaharat kj th* utt aa4 ? ?< 1 of Mr MI. r. TV.* aalqn* ami aa'1 aall?d ** * of orv and aVyif t? of omrlooltjr, raaataa la It* an u*t"?*d plaro. a ' aovrnanf attraction to olriaoalmad wti*t*. Aad ho tatter* Mmarif that tli* oaadnot #f th? h*t?l la kit <*ate ill k* nth a* to m**t th* appmral a* that aitetnt p*r?tea * th* n naiaalt* nho kart a* l*a* dolt.btel te i utt tb* Ml* hrated Ttfth Ward Betel. CHABIK* WRIUBT Tnr ctVATF,?T i.mcB iw HER- TOBK. AT T?? Narnara't H?a4, Id D?) HtmI, thl* dor, frta II till It a'elofh. TartU Steak*. Stnrad TariU. aad othaa dtekaa i* rraat varirty. Th? heat of Ala Wlaaa. fca . A* , *l ?*) *a haad Th* pahllr a aorraat. _ JOB* TAVI/i*. Proprtater SBKLI.Y'S AABHION AHI.lt KJ19TA tilt All T AND (tff la do* lordly tha nmat a x-l and al*aawt aatakllahmoat te din* *r *<ip at la ** York Vontelated apt* th# B**y plea. ' Thrra la a att I# akaat tha aarrlra at tkla rtataaraat vtetA , o bar rein* ___ I That ARAncs<)UB la nr. tovt rrino ai.ot t. ard IPH * truth ohaanad wh*a illaiamatad. ea th* aarthtraat rorn?r of Brnadway and Aathaa* *tra*t. I* tha antrard #U* of flltl.LAV'S aakWrranoa. pal* t. ttftattra ahaald. by | aa aianarr nl m*aa*. fall > talUaa thl- aatahltehia-at. a*t , oalj al'-htv rl*? ?f ahaar .a* It* (orteoatn***. Vnt. If dl< p***d, I* dine or *<tp. thajr > <* m?k* a th he from or or , ott Ihnuaand dlahta artlaih ally rr-rac'd Ma mm I'akiart Vrr??a*r. Bohrlodat and Hrldaloh Chninpataaa. SRELMY'S t. A DIBS' ntl'ARTEtN I ? ItVTR t It I H no* di.nr Mil* aid* of I'hrtet Cliarah. in Aathia* *?r-?t Jtiat oat of Broadnay.?Thit department haa h*?a rmaatly addnl trl?h til* ?iaw *f aroaaimodatla* ladit* and y*itl* mra with Dinhar* an Aappora. pr*par*d Dim ortry ?*ri#t? of d?JI#*ry ?Vr R*w York and nrroabdiu m?rk*t* afford Srrrrd in aeol. erirnte apart urate. All klnta ?f Ire*. Craaaar. J<1ll*a. rtnita 01,J t'oaf'i tioaary. kJiirri.ivs tiri.MOATAtrtit' DEEER Tntrr.ii 1'aadO* Tall Soarr. ITondraak, La mho' In**. Salmon fr?c*. Soft Crah*. Raiha* Uk*i'r. toailn 4' H"iaard Topdron drr.in, and a th. ??and i.thar dalioarj-a. PfT'l I* I * >!?.A* 'kid fk*M"Mkl? ratak!i?htepht. HAltM ? AIJOTKMI. ,

AUCTION NOTICE.?TBOMA9 ILL. AUCTION KERBy H. N. feiub- Largo aula of e lagan t mad ?ala*Mt > urritura. of all AaatripUoaa ThU day, t* I, tlf-p-.n. t u o'click, in th# Auction Roman, 10 North WlUtAn' atrndt. Al>? the Furniture of ? family living up hoar J, : ; lug. Courting hunt* Dctka, Ac. THOMAS BELL,, Auotn rr. RC. EBMP. AUCTIONEER? FUKNITUttE, I'ltNO lurina. OMoi Furniture, Oil Fauitmga, Sc. .re, .tic. IMp day, ( Saturday ). nt 10 o'clock. ,. li Naaon , ,t, Fi.lton trwt via., n large assortment of Bout boll F irn. tore of nil deacriptmnt. of rood 'inality, from fit iiho &!,?ut r<m?Tlnr nrd >no>| which will lo found raa-iy on.,,pil?lu nr i' lr, all ,.f which w ill o? told without ron?rv?. ' 0?tc r >m?? I oct'vo Pianoforte. n dr?t rata inairutueiit, two 'no o h I'lato M.rrora; Bruaaola. tbroo-ply, and iugrain < . ; f'r- r h Clock a; rotoxood parlor Furniture, onauita, '. I in - ik veU.t pluah; oxtcnaion Dining Tablet; II i rary tad ?? r story Bookeatci; Wardr>boa; tevaral Ana Oil l ?,.'i, . cor, '<! muhnrantr Rofaai Eany Cbalra; spring teat i < r i, r i n.Urs; leto-A-tata Sofas: bivaua; ^ 1'ranch Choirs: > II md mal. II ,ny marble top, contra, and pier Tablet; a ??! H ,i . i.a. with marhla t?jia and awiug gfaa<>. marli, |, H '.auds maborany 1 reach Be,In; cottage Bed t ' J b if in Furniture, on auita; cane aaat I b? - h.ttr ?aa, Hodding, kr?aaed Iron llatatando, Toilet II ir k /. .s II (Vtl inin,,rto<l Havana K.irttr. of r?nj Ill) A , - v ' I inth 'vauy and w?luut counting r >oro lit.is nn.,. .. r., hi. Cats.ogud* on the morning of sale TIKtM I RHVI.F. AUCTIONEER ? ON MONDAY, 4th met. kt iO)ft o'clock. at No ?*9 First avenue, corner f llfKM> ii> t, til* stock tod liitare* of wholesale sad r. tail 11 ,s r r?, r ,n?i-ting of Rrulldies, Gin, Wiles, Mud l'iili< il.i.ri - Id., Keg.. Counters, lleer Pump., oarllor.* I an "Id lUrult, una Cotl Scale, out $IHJ. A'.*o. the f> rr|i' r- ..i ..it! houst, ei?: Sofas, TaMss, Chairs. Carp*)' <'il < I . et<. DAMAGED III AM, VALINES, ETC.-J. E. VAN Antacrp Ai-tl cer a ll sell, un Stturilay, Augnit2. at IIIa'rl. el li- -ale Room. ' ?. 10 Cedar street, near rearl. I*r ensh the ! -# stuck nf "runka, Valines, Me., beUariaa I Mr I H ni??rn dam?srd t.y water at the late in si Ne loft Maid*.. I?ue Sale absolute, and the goods at h? taken away t!i? 'an.e day. rUM sALK AND TO LET. Ar.iu.il I lUM'K FOE ONE UAVING A SMALT. Capl For !?. la whole ?r a p:u t, the business, ?tock tad tata.r. if a T l.acc.i Manufactory, four years established. C? ?! ?,id therewith i? very profitable tobaooo Mir. wi.ieh t> art d oua nf tha most sal-ahlo tobaccos f ? tufkoter <1 in tbia rity. Enquire at 134 Houston street, rerarr of bin rig. before tift A. a. OEEIRAHI E PHOPIRTY FOR SALE -TEN LOTS aa the south rid* of Fifty-eighth afreet, between Fifth aidbislh it.ku.i for eale rheap. Apply at B. Wood'# M-al hktate nhte Na. t> Broadway, corner of Grand atreet. LNiiR ?4U THE FURNITURE. STOCK. AND GOOD F will ill'. I'tah U .u#e. No. |os 1'iiesnut street, l'bi'a4-Mlia i w dslkg a good bisia-ss It ie wc I situated in It heart of the city capable nt noofunmodating IUU a aad le aa eatarprismr man may he inado highly luira. n. Addrter tha aaderaigned oil the preeuieas. GKORGE a. ADLIR. SALE - A CI.INKER BUILT. COPPER FASTEN od Sallbaat. twtaty two feet tea in ihee in length, built .il-rraaly faff epaed. aad helieead to he capable of competing a rah ?i boat of bar eiaa. la la perfact order: haa air boxes; a . i .ft abvet na weeks sume Inquire of Maaara. T1SII, Hit t CO . ?*>4 Water street. Price HIS. |ll b SALE V"MtRkS UrTS-BEAUTIFULLY 8ITUF Si.4 > tie river, a abort 4istaaee abort tho Depot, meaning the aarst a a tar rlew, aad aasarpaaaid lor . asffi. se.v.uasn, aad i.alth?oa the most reas mai la teia,. A pair ha B llaldwia, ar S. B BlackweU, Yuak.rs if L W St..rr. Ihl William street. nOTRL TO LEASE ?TH K UN PBKSIQNED ARB NOW Idiki ike National Hotel ll-troit, Miohigaa. aad <I|. ettkat it will he read* for oneapatloa by the 1st Desemhee aeat Thte beuse wPI haee ana than two hundred . to. aad he marh larger tliau aay hotel heretofore hnilt in Datrait It will have a baaatlfal sad imposing front, lira st. n-. iB bright, ..u haodred an.l tiaty-twu feet en Woodward avaaaa aad Military Uqaaru, aad oaa hundred aad aiaty (eet va Mi?kig*a aveaae Th* front alevatioa la highly raameried oil i > ?iia tiaut frvaalsiaa. aad surmounted a a hand.mar dome which will command an sitensire new the Detroit riser and Lake St. Clair This bona* will be taished with marble maatela, gaa enures aad all the modern Iinrroeemeats Tha dinine ball, ladies' aaloon and Daw Ier? aifl I# Itnr end ^iH'Ut. The Prmcr will b? twenty teat In lulfhl forty-Dye Wet in width, one hundred nnd twenty feet In lenetli without columns or ohetruotione of nny kind, nnd with ornamental windowe with metnl eneh nnd etalned alien Ne etpena* will he eptrad In the finish of thin room The ledlea' saloon will ho thirty-two feet in width, aevrnty fret In length, nnd hnve nn ornnmented how front. Ti e I nr room, barber's shop. nud hnthinr roome will be large and pleasant No car.- mill be epared in the internal ar.tugsu rnt of thie bnnar, to ciake It a moat fashionable and atirarlive hotel It is rtqel*itc that parties who may wish to lease shall be men of character, nndorv ending the basinass. and witl, suActellt ftpitel to furnish the house Ap,.irtUhh hay be made to DANIEL C. WATERMAN, or to ALBERT CRANE. Detroit, Mieh House to i.et.-a splendid house to i.et. with all m> dent improvements, at No. fill Greenwich street, corner of Jane. Apply on the premises. Tobacco cutting machine?tor sale cheap a good second hand Tibneoo Catting Machine, with largo tty v . ale,..Bits'- Power, If required, with all the i iiltrya and t. Its To set the abort, apply to John lingua, west Uohokaa, Now Jersey. rpo B1 HI.II M e OBI BAOOATM, IT APfUMTI 1 tor immediately A w ll known and setabllshsd Pa' House, dn? n toon, flu I up lit Ibe beet etyle. sad patron is J l>y first else- ruttom 1 fitt I ar is known to be one of tie u >et profitable in the lower | .rt of the city Apply t > IIORbd k liHAMU II.I , S3 Nassau strait, nud 45* Broadway. 'po let-part i r a f.rnteel and pleasantly A leal- i basement it roe rr U u?- u-istia,- ' a room, basement, t a o Isra' par.era, sad foar sleeping rooms, with hot end cold water bnthlut rooms. Ac : er the whoL mould be rented to a rvspoaslule tenant. Inquire ol Mr. Dunn, corner of Twenty nftb street and Laalagtoa avenue, or at the oAre ef the Americne Hotel. To let?furnished. on I.RA4E thr three or four rears, n new c ttags. painted In iba Intaat Enropuna Style Ilea a large gerdsa well (applied with traitt nnd aware, ice hi nee, (telling and . *>.a? ant hmldmgs. banlthy aad i.Wnanatly ai?d. ehont Eva mlnvtaa eeJk irom list realm a ar New Brighton Terry. Apply be P. SdflNTOM. TsmpbtwetlW. Btaben leltmd. rrtimi iea.iiirp to i ?t a f. h?d bed rikim. M Ptth the pi I. It. as I the i e af a Meaafwrte and parlor twa i-r three h ?ra per day Inquire et the bar el Ik' Citi sma Metal. Ml M"?e-a ana it. e?e> Rgosdpnp. Eats-ee fr y aired t artenter? ?to i.et -a wurh ?bop i down Pet.) ar w? W tnha a partner, th owner having a .OS St'up t Is. Inmher Re . I as to Wave the nty. nnd will lei It t? n fsssi man Wha a?ld lib- be set ep bnwneas lap Iin.es If sw r-a-.aahp l r?? -r would tabs bim as partner. Aa-iraaa Jwkiit iSStXZ"9 TO I yOlUTAtia* *M) OTItBRWTO LIT, A ntll) Ml 4 H. r> UK ltd- kti?| Ml Mr^?tl' T? faa?aa ib IW raaaailf in. a rata ktiB. A MWIw ?? Nwk mil W Bait at a Mwtl Ml II a-t lat la !? 4aM Uw Hinra will to takaa 4. a a aat UU itwi tot U Atol >?nnn. Art-It at M AI -ax I ri'iLicATioan. AT ALTAI LA N"RM8B - ROW RB A I>T - API'LE I aili'iw i R%*a.ia- toiipA ?i ?'? ? in Hi' ?ta iran rial atari i? mn ? us, a. BarlaW Th< tlaaiaa Ma i aaa wit* illaatrat'?a? likiMa lw?r??MiaU ib lUaala linn ttwi Laat. a ML lUiMMMi Ibmi iianii to Ball AAjttolat MaMtit I kto, wito mmma rill ti'-a Ca? WK?to- laifixaiau M laaaa Vaa Karaa at Maata*. lua auk [ilaatoattoa* Mai i aft iaifr n4 Raiiaay Cat Vltoal. at to lUa.ttaI alrWawa i latmiaaato to MaaAtoarr tar rm?na?, ? ? iiaiai aat ? ia?ia? < >un I laa aa4 nhai I iKr >aa Bak ali' 'I aii'x iiat ai4 ktfl>ia? eeAila at taV I.raa t?f waa'Alaft.tarai. ryl. raaiiaa rat ' a'ataefcla-tf, ?a|lata4 la |*?fanaa M'aani aat taaaau na/ aknaa aakaita'aa aat a laa la aattoia taato to to aaaA m tot k la I ail H.aakiaatf Blik ll aatratiaaa Traaaat a Iamnaaiu to B?f i ' *"aa? Ma i-ra Willi Mator at4 to |||WI*| -at toa Tito af taato Baal r*. Bill RlaatfaBaat ( akal a < if- a tor Bitot, wtto ill? attain at. ( xl Ifn l.lat ra Tklllia ria* Aaaikilatot. M ail li'l I tp' II < aaa |>| Ik Bfkiaaital Mala at M tiaa l? I k Maaa*ar< Mia-ailaa. - aa Itoaaaahaaa la-a a?4 to itaa llaaaii'fi .1 i . a a i R Ja aaaa a f fanaKala aa I i-ala aatotto a?--a at arto'ta aa I'aaiwlMa al ( aal.lt I f l?k.awa?4 to >al| a.mtot -i Mawaatoto lit Nana tton Matot. toaaataA k| iaRa B Mat A'a. a ilk illa?!tat i-aa LatoSato (MMMkltotl. _ l:a taa aaa Ba?i fawaa VMA HlMitotoai la toa U. llatiraa aat Citotot' ali??a Tiial -Tktoaa ttollata a i.aa .-a W aatoto I aaail i Bi.?aan|iiaaa >i ia?aa< Ay all Bi iBialtona r.avti.a' Al'BIa aat I'vataiaaiata la a Ka* a Hiatal laa aal will to aMaW 4 I> AIIMITu* 4 < '? I .M..< .r. P. A. w mi w??. - i * ?. -wilt m !? x t to ""**. * nl? I ?l. Ikw f*tMin Vmu CI. ?? ? ?? *? ?? * ? t? *? lift M ItMtltt lltftttki r *? ?< >? ?HIM > ? ??4 MM ftfx w?<? Ntk. fhM.ll wA r*rr*iw **at?rra mi ifuam < urtt? "? ? " ' ? 4m r?* i?m?i im Iti. "tw t<<?m a* ra>. imititi'ii i hmM <M*f Dm ' H'waiii >?4 Mnllka M MM* tin W? W U< M'?-? ? ' ? ? ? fe? I M rt?n ?kw? I MM m ? I ?4M m t iii mMuM m um mm* Mk *Mt M mM aa CMaa? ? ?h? ?' ?*-?l ?*?aaa4 ?V?-? .* wwj?*'? n*tH M ? ?W tta rw?H I rttl k Mm ?HH wnn rwM w i?? Imi?i i iwniM m immm latrwi ?-r! ?% AHUIHi.iiin ni't la xidt I < r?>n?i?? ? H to Iim" m ti'ilikniW" Immmmm m nil m NaW.? ? a an ? ? ?? m I?f' r >m fton m a n>H ?M> MM) Nam iWn Im* mi ikh to toatonaf Mm Mm N ? ??- - fill W N'Mlf nni'M MM'*' IMII* km MI.)' mmiiim* Wi>t r-< > ?al?a. m< tn imi mi m* * tiMl-W a Mmgmt III III >111*' I ru* M .Ml I I I'lliffM'*! Akt sanuii* wiaatw * inu ??? M??r? Ml Milt! 'r?M H? M WW M kaato. aaa to mi" * m *t ri?w ainaha wa a Wmm a# at i m i?lill*' ? i m -I lk a a*r * ? ?m pw MT;. MiWT-l?fcr?jS Ma Mat iWa aa iai?e?toa a*f M Ml MMk W*t mi m c* ri*w<imwT> iijrrriiTMr . k. tow. ' ?. ?? laai.a .* ImMmi aaa> lit Miifwi k?? Url fHita ri4???aavai nmiaa) w JTi rmauiatail MII ?at MM? .mmm anttaMlkiMlia ? ? .#? amiaak aa?M ? ?t- v>aaaa<a p?tl ? r?. ? nlHttt'l iHtAM' t ?? < <* ' MtiMtM fc~M? f?..?iaa ? ' m>. ^ M Mrf k? l.ir* U'imh ? ? T a. I I. ? * CU , mm* i ,.m>mm m im'Ki IMIMK* niMUillM, I' o r, ?i i i riM 'ko^ i.ut lor . . ** Mak . ??a 'J -a i?Va4 i .* ?aaa?. kl?4 ?? kM T- a Mmmm * ?? WII Wa? ak* ? *??t ?I?H f.- a >?? a -? ? ? * y * I.T Ita W l"?r f <aa 'Ml H ' I?* a ?<*?. ?* ( at 1 ??*?? ink !? ?? (,"?? Ml.* * *rik?? t ?4? ? ?r?T ri" F kM V<' ?4. r ? -Mi * ?? ' hkrak*. Ik f*?? ?| Ml I- ' ??? a- I *f ka . n'amar fn Va aaaa at 4ITM k IIKilkl* M fcr TlltH?aill> Itnai ' ' AL>. Coai. moth ?-iur a( lacmiti n?rr?a rr* fltaak 'f'4 k?r la'a I alaMi aha >a>la?a of Ma (all lark v ha?a la i??r< IM ?f Mr II aaflkaf Ml' aaaaralli. > ?? ha van ba M ill H*aa prar?ra4 l*n^ ; <'t-m kit* > a?l (a>a?n ktk4 ? ? baa' aa'Klf, HMa lataal an>W arlaa. Ml kg ?* tka aa?n rtat, m w? jkfi m -'iMfTj ai? il Wi * OUAI* "T rBNTMVJLLB CUD KM B, L. I.-TROTTI MO--MOR 4a%, itiull. >12 o'clock I' M 1>I hiw|M ?U> U> ' , writ three In 6?e, in hararec. win. M. ..le >i?n kr g. Rip; T D Bllfht iiBiiUru biok. Jo EL CONKEIN. Kreprietee , / t BNTBBVILLB COURSE. L. I.-TBOTTINU-MoN I V. limy. AugMt 4, kt 4 '(look 1'. II ; Match for i **1. cul, I LtBU. m iikinoH H. Jonea aauiee llnaton Spot Wm Hnutc I r.-mi'K t. K. Colon* 1 B?jr Ouaibaeea nili ??'? folios Firry BrooklyB.forthkConrM.fToinllA.il vatilte -k P M : retcraiag ?? dooa aa thu ?p?rt ie ornr. Far* etch* ay 25 oeat* JUkL CONKl.lN, Pr iprietT CtEMKKVILLE COURSE. L. 1. ? TROTTING.?MON' day, Au*uet4th. at 3 o'clock 1*. M., natch tor $1.U(W. I .ilchrate, belt 3 ia Ma harneee Mr. JohaioB aanoe b. gI Cioliah; Mr. Irvia aanea b. g- Bay St >r. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. (t ENTHEVILLE COURSE. L. I.?TROTTIMO.?TEESs day, Augutt 5. at thro# B'cloch, 1'. M.?Patae, S-V). Mil# heate: he.t three ia flea. ia harueye 8 Mcl.aaglla ?aterach. g Zerhary Taylor, of Philadelphia; 1 Woodrufl eutera ch. t. Reindeer; ownrr ?nt?n b. g. Iloarit John; B. Iloogland rntori g. g. Shaokelt>?ek; G. Knyaor, oh. g. Selim. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. SPOKT1NO. L^OXES! POXES! FOXESWILD YOUNO ONES A truntcd, l.y the Spirit of th? Tlmei, NVw York, oa or alvut the i.'.th Augmt. Any one that can procure then pltare write, and H will he attenJed to. Be particular ia etating the location, and the neareet depot for dvlivory -the city preferred MIHCKIiliANKOtH. KELLY'S HALF PRICE ENGRAVING AND PRINT ingcffice. 141 Fulton ?troot, Puitrnit*, Bill Heads, t arda, wedding, visiting, addfee*, tndal bnim Cards, Cake Helen > u vein pes, A ; Notes, ('hecks, Bills of Exchange A iiiuit plate > ngrived and M) cards printed, for tea Millars. N h ?Depot for the tale of Copperplate Cresses, burned Oil Bluek, AO. kc. <:nn POI NDS NEW NOVA SCOTIA SALMON, EX 1 OUU tra; 3(A) barrels Bine Fish, caught ell Cape Cod, first rate quality, for family use: JIlU barrels uew 11 err Inns- 1.0*1 boar* uew smoked Herrings; 100 barrel* new Salmon, first oltbe leason?for sale by NELSON WELLS A CO.. hi Dey strict, between Wellington and West street*. MVUABGNIZ, f'l'TLIR, FROM PARIS, ESTAB- ! li*bed *t No. D7 Reade street, Mow Vork. informs the > iuhabittnts of this oily that he will receive orders for honein* raiors, grinding scissors, small hatchets, surgeons' i snivel, kc. He warrants his work, and will submit It to a I rigor' us test, * d guarantees to give satisfaction. (MOCKS FOR ALL AN'l) KVERY-ONE.?CLOCKS FOR ^ $1; a banJsome Mantel Clock, brass works, and war- ! r n ted for out pear, for $1. A general assortment of year, 1 month, eight day, and thirty heur Clocks. Clock* and | Watches cleaned and repaired. m COLLINS, No. 103 Fulton street. SILVER DOOR I'LATES. -8AU8ES 8ILV ER PLATED Door i'lutcs, wholesale, at No. 13 John atreet. Those Plates are ?arrnnted superior. The subscriber has, for the last ten tears, supplied the eutire trade of this city. Southern and Western dealers will tind it advantageous to call at I N u. 13 John street, up stair*. K. J. SAUSB. FISBIM TACKLE,?LOVBKS OF THIS MOSTIXCITingandl eltby of open air sports, will tind an excellent and cheep assortment ot Uooks, Lines. Rods, Reels, htells. Flask., Bait Boxes, Ac , Ac.. at the SPORTSMAN'S DEPOT?a i eat resort fut anglers?No. 08 William street, coiner oft <!ar. EB. STRANGE A BROTHER, IMPORTERS, NO. 18 i Murray street.?French Flowers. Ostrich and Fanoy i Feathers, and Materials for Flower Makers.?E. B. Strange A Brother beg to inform their customers that during the rebuilding of their store. No. 21 Park place, they have removed their entire etook to No. IS Murray street, where they are now opening the largest aud most varied assortment of the above named goods they have ever yet imported, adapted for the tall trade, to which they invite the attention of the jobI aari'm-T A j. ALDRIDCE'S HUDSON COUNTY v" Oakum Wc.se, Bergen, New Jeraey, (IK miles from Naw York.) Ordera by mail promptly attended to, Peraona aending by mail will please aay what kind they want. Extra auperior or American navy. Persons wishing to visit th* above works, or having bueineas with the proprietor*, can da so by taking the stage from Jersey City Ferry, whioh leaves for Bergen every naif hour. INCREASE OF THE MORMONS It seems, alas, that Mcrmunia n la making a terrific schism Among Christians. But Mormons don't as fast in rreaae Aa roael.ua. btd buss, maths, and flea*? Those vile Philistines. Bnt there's a ready way to fig These horrid insect heretics Emanuel Lyon A powder sells that knoeks them o'er. Kills tl em instanter ky the score. Which, in Broadway, 424, Thousands are buying. Matrimony made easy, or bow to win a 1 1.1, ui* I'-,I ?I? r.f I-n-.fi h.-ln. - -I-?I i lo Boatoa, will Mod tc aoy addreea, on roooipt of one >' illar, poat paid. plain direction! to enable Indioa or gantlet. >n to win the devoted affection! of tho opposite aeg. Tha r.-ooeei la aimple, but ao captivating, that all may be marri*-'. trrnapactiva of nan, appearance. or poattion; and I ait though not lcaat. it ean be arranged with auob oaao and delicacy, that detection la impoaelble Addreaa, Profbaacr Lawton, Boat* a, Haaa No letter taken from the Poet Office, aaloaa the pootage ia paid. Arrival of dr. c. w. roback atnew vork.Tbe celebrated Dr. k'. W. Roback. from Sweeden, I'rofeecor of Aetrology, Aatronomy, Phrenologr and Geetnency, baaiagjuat arrived from Philadelphia, where he haa met with the moat extraordinary auecena for the laat four yeara, offera now hie tervicea to the citiiena of New Tork and ita TKlnita. C w Roback, being the aeeeath aon of the aeitntn eon, and hating made Aeirology hie exolueive atudy. aiaee the early age of fifteen yrara, enjoya advantage! derived from trov riling and reflection, tbnt are poaaeaaed by none ia i thie eonntr- or in Europe, and being ao gifted by nature, 1 aed having rltl voted thoae bleated gifta, he ie prepared to adopt ivw to tho following nana and the immediate eonanmmntiun ef the following Topiea:?lie ana be een, rolled with et hia ottoe, or by Utter. If pre-paid, and i he ie prepared te make nee ef hie power on any of the : ; following topire:?Bneineaa ef all deeeriptiona; travailing I by land ar era. eenrtahipa; ndvloa given for their euoaeeefnl nccomrliahment. apeouletiag in atooka, merohna- 1 diae er real aetata- the recovering of lagnoiot in diapnte; | the pwrcheeiag of ticket#. and the enti ty of ehtpa at eon. Ha j 1 aiao haa had the honor ot receiving a cerutleate from the i 1 Honorable C. John lleraadotte. formerly King of Swoden, wtich It wtll give him greet pieaaure in ehowing tj tlioee , who fevor him with a call: be aleo offera hie aervlcea roepecaa health, wealth, and marriage, love affaire, jonraeya, lawU. difficulty ia buetaeea. fraud, aickneaa and death; pan*, ereeeat. and future rente, and all tha eeacerna of life, and Invitee all te cell woeare afflicted corporally or mentally. Term e- lad toe .v) ete (iecldrmrnffl Nativltiee calculated aed read in full, according to the draclre aad maaenlinc eigea. ladieeRi; rcntfemca ftl VK Nalivlti.ia ealcalatcd noffidwf te lleukMiaey. for ladice M in fall |i Oeatlemen | {.< la fall Ad Pcreone et a diataace can have their nativiflee drawn by eendlng the date of the day ot their birth. All lcfl?re containing tha above fee will receive Immediate atteauoa. aad aativitlee wtll he eant tc aay part of the United flutee. written on durable an^er. All letter!, on aar af the i above tepiea. If poet-paid, will be aagwered gratia. ITia office i ef a two kloeb below Broadway tt 15 nnn tp ?oan. at biz per pent inC*""jt'UVf tcrevt. en bead and mortgage, ia e?? or | u? "k =. 'ii I'lvnucuve nu Mitir m inn mil. Apply to JOHN F. CONREV, ho. 23 Wall etreet. corner of Ur.eJ nX (l[)n tll.'W. $10 <IUi>. *M.UUD, S6..MI. end ?V7<? # y \J vrnr f to lean. f?r a term of year*, at 6 par oeat I latereat eaeored by ?<>n*?*e# oa pr-duetire city property. Ale* >Jn?. at 7 pay ceat iaUrett. Apply at th? Real feet ate ad l.eaeral Aitnrt of JRODEK ft'K l.Att RFNCF.. SO Wall it., (> aneacnt.) ' tS U AAA * tNTET>?ON REAL ESTATE IN THE P*')'o/t" cite of New York, worth AlilO). Apply to h Bvrd. Meal Ertata broker, No. tOrl Broadway, eomer of j Lraad etreet I fAMI ADVANCES I I' TO |IPW OR M.iKW (FOR SHORT \y per o?e), > e eeae.innea tf and (lorair* of merchandiee, rre net pr p-rty, (old end oUrer wire Mitaufaclored *oede, , ee " <? in < wet on Hear* to pay duty on. of for ealo la of tnt off IA (Cat U?ie eat Bad preeetee It. ploare I Apply W HO W ES A BRA Mil ILL. i kaeeaa *treet ee- mid door, front oftna. I leldiVOBUki I H BABBIES A< I AVKINO -> . AND IMF! C~raae Reebolle and It r'eane Braadiee. dark and Ipete . .. ?..< B I*. I >1 eteee Brandy Cherrtee, |f?> raeoe l> teeo. M aoe* Sardinee. '? t.oeee For eale. from the aterf by J BON I.IN. I'1! Front ftreet hUMflM ItVD'N -FINE COf. N AC. " FRANCIS bet aod " belyaoeto" kraad*. a?w laadiax, per bark I Ti*? dele* *i Ne ft e M? N N . and for able by L. 11. 81 X I* j Bd'N A Nfkt, Inporteee 1'f Beater etreet. THE 'OBI CMABI'ACNE -OBNfl.ENF.N MHO re r. ed ed a Me* Ckenpaiae Via ara ia riled t? try I Mb* Owl a p j WB MALI Sola Inporier, I'B Wall itraet. Lcp > * v I TBI IN rORTBB. INHIt TAIE Ale Be-re. ' enpbail a aad aba eeAekreted Falkirk j bat-k Alee aareaated paaeiaa. aa the eatabraled Hraady a, a* B? i? Be- aa raar ad i raeby etreet I'.t.? r- . > . , h i TV.i at k Ala. la ke#a. Ad eaak. da red free w eat part ad tbe <a*a ItAIIII- ll> < I UNRATED EH ANDY NTOBB IS , ' eae d aa tfce ayaw ed Mr iai aad t'raeky itra>b. A aa I re.ee ia ata trade are ia?ited te neke aeall be eee p ipaAae aa aa A If eaa aad wtll eara I ben dell A> par I eewa BBa aHw wdB pre tbe kaoa LBdidl. MINI. ?"? ! cot at ? ITT AND COUNTY OF NEW ?* ? wl rt.?rf |V?<Ut M< Haitian JttlKIt, HHI (M* aa? tn I Mat* > -miki ?f klttt . Balr. tMMi aaa art t?ri Ik ItHni. ilaiiMtrthf of J at,. lUtrM, i >uH HrttkMni til. .? J.h? luaraa J.,ha Str.rna. h Jaaa Rim ?M? at Atalplina l?a*. aat J?ha Il7a?a n k 'mm >a? Harak i . a Ultra* at Haary ft KUtru ' * Ta ' ?f* I h'am. Or ?Taa art kanaka ? aat aat rt (? rat aa ? tk* aaaplalat in th(a art. * t? tkttk a t??f ?M ?M ta WM ? u>* Hart a* a Itina. (-art at >4# riij aai laaata a( Nav Tark. aa ?a l& 4aj at i.,r ? *' at hall pact aiaa a alatk. 4. aa?k. aaaa. a a-f? at far aatart aa M.HtariCaa. Ma. I* kratatr m |l. a*, at Nta Taa a, vtkHia latal; taya rw. tkaayttaa Wr < airialti at Ua ?ay at taah art I aat ? tat MW aaaarr tka taa|4aia? aa tfuiaaU. aru4a .. tkaaartaaa a.Uapalau. aha Caart far Uia P"?H ??! WTr Cfr?* ? KMI4VIN TAW KBTT^22? Vrr* * ? . art (Janata*. aat la*. * ? "!* tatr aaltaa 4ti aat wt Uaati aaaanaat aat s^yjhT'rtf'fe' ' ?* ?? w > *? . < * ' W' *' * : ' ' (WH I <wf? ( tiw Mr?*? y? ??; ?" lil*M W ( *< brtac. I'lllMMKtr. ** ???% Mfcit I?MI| * WW oriiM tl U.ii Mm Mm ? lV- Uf rt ?! MtTiM; ul iIn ? ?*M mUh * ? If fm fill U ? > ? mM rmr1 uii< *.? ? ? M i^naM. M>. HMW ?III ?rHr li * rtfcm UM WiMMMK MM T?fk _ i^TSccofr tiwvr c?u irtttt, N. r. ??M<tw l*M>. W| * j rnt*KLL?;RH hiidb. N?w TORI ??? rRiuMimu-mT roiu , m< riiRM^w <* ?. I iiw Ma*? I*I M r*r m*'r? ? *. Jrrt't fM? r?- j iMWb is ?> f It!iIn. U< I. ? f-r iwW "taM. U?M I . fha k I ( c > rtiul* rin>i ?4 H i It I lain Lmm PW | * >?? M i ml II I tm4 ? I* .. rr?? ?fc* M M ?K?? MM?I t'lRM* ABBOT RtllROtH I IMriURSIR L M riii.i.ii'ii im?rw?}.ismi?iw.i? rtTtakMi IPRN l-niii IM U * i'iImT FIEWtt t?l T UK MAILS. Ow MUMM* CirwfHlwu. IULTt?i)lt, AlflUt I, IMI. C"J IF rather 1m llilhfg Httorlt for S.Htlktmer* -Ow famt umi Cu?* IhmHm-Ubv* AW gruitow? iff The went r occitlnur* <-ool ?t>J el >u4j, and nmwer i? Mill laid on the iR?kf There u * proapeet teibeau of more rain, notwithstanding tb? ?>-nndance we bare had dm it g the (?it few <Uy? Uld P int Coiufurt ha* ihw ??*r been ihe grant Southern r??ort, especially tar the numerou-" Southerner* and their frt< ndr, who were ?o groealy I intuited la*l rummer al Cap. Ma/, b/ the negroea and abolitioinau. There baa been throughout the tea eon a large representation from Alabnan* Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia, especially of families who desired to bring their servant# with tfceui, and the number would hare been atill greater eould aceotninodatione hare been afforded theoi The secretaries of navy and war are both expected here on their ieturn from the V irpma springs. The disposition 19 establish a g re?t southern re sort for Mil bathing has bun so strongly developed this season, that ft grant baa been obtained from Government to put up additional building* at Old Point, 10 that double the number can be aeoommodutod next season. A company ba< aUo been foimed, who hive purchased aii admirable *ite for a sea shore resort on Cape Charles, which will, it it said, rival Cape May, in all the advantages for imrf bathing. A building with about lift/ rooms will be put up in in time for next season, and if suae? ful it will be still further enlarged for the nf lug season. It appears now that instead of one hundred and fifty emigrant.* going out in the Liberia packet, there was but fifty five ; all the remainder having backed out when the time came for their going on board. Their gieat scare at the sight of the moos'reus anacondu, brought over by I if. liall as a specimen of the uutive productions of Liberia, hue left a pallor (in the countenances of some of them, that has not yet worn off. There have been several be xvy failures .in this city duiing the past week, one of which, that of Messrs. Harrison & son, dry goods merchants, U said to cover liabilities to the amount of at least $1100,000 An extensive banking house in New York, it is said, is to lose some $50,000 by this failure. Our Philadelphia Correspondence* PllILADKLI'llIA, August 1, 1K51. Cool Weather?Mint Statistics?Noj>e tJngin* lh,use Burned?Shocking Accident?Mayor Ualpin and other Notables at Sea. The month sacred to the bow-wows has opened with such a cool temperature as to give reaaon to hope that the dog-atar has wandered out of hia sphere, and ia at the present time extending hia influence upon some uninhabited quarter of the globe. The following is the monthly statement of the operations of the United States Mint ool.Ii COINAOK > OR JI LT. 118,108 Pouble Kagles *13(13.980 18.255 Eagle* IHP 20 304 Half Eugtc*. 101.629 142 732 Quarter Eagles .160.830 236 330 Hollars 236.33* 634,864 Pieces $3,240,486 IILIH. 10.CC0 Half HoUars $6,000 47 0(0 Dimes 4.700 80(CO Half Dimes 4 000 719.400 Three Cent Piece! 21.682 1,301,264 Pieces $3 276,777 cores:!. 771.072 Cents $7,710 100 878 Half Cents 604 2,203 204 Pieces ., $3,286,992 , Gold bullion deposited for coinage, from 1st to 31st July 1851. inelusire. was as follows:? From California $3,063,000 From other sources 77,000 03,138Q8* Silver deposited during the same time $13,806 The following shows the receipts and disbursements at the < fficc ot the Aseistaut Treasurer of theUnited Statee, at Philadelphia, for the month of July, 1851:? 1851. June 30?Balance $1 404 686 96 July 31?Receipts: Customs. ,....$471,873 60 1'nst Office moueys 22 280 23 Miscellaneous 0,613 32 $300,667 ? $1,906,263 13 Payments?Tr drafts $640 481 09 Post < >fflce warrants 18,338 96 Interest on loans, coupons, pensions. Ac 170,011 46 - 828,781 42 July 31?Balance $1,076,47 1 61 The Hope i.ngine house, in Moyamcnsing, wan set on lire lust uight, and the upper portion of it much damaged The member! warn oat with a tent'er at the time. A cupola contuiniug a email bell, was destroyed. The property was insured in the Fire Association. James < >rr, and a party of men went down to tfc* Hope Ferry this morning, on n gunning excursion. In getting out of the wagon Orrx fowling piroe was discharged, the whole load entering his face Hi* eye ana temple received the main portion of tho i... .1 .?.i .. .. :r 11... u- _.ii i?^. tbc eight of one eye Major < lilpin, and about ten of our city father*, started yester lav for a voyage by iea to Boston, in the hark Eagle. They had donned dresses suitable to the trip, and when last seen, before the bark had got into troubled waters, the party gavo every indication of enjoying themselves exceeding Commencement at Yale College. Ot K NEW UAVfc.N COREESrO.NDa.NCK. Centex Church, > New* Haven, Thursday, July 31. J To-day is Commencement day. The usual array of beauty fills the galleries and the sides of the stag* of the old Centre Church, while the body of th0 house is filled with alumni, visiters generally, and undergraduates. The following is the OllIiER OF EXERCISE*, roaaaoe*. 1. Mu'le 2. Prayer by the President 3. Halutntory Oration In Latin, by Asher Kobbias Little, benjeirt.lt 1. 4. Dissertation. ' The Mis-inn r,f Ore it Men ' by David Perry Temple. Prantlnsbam. Mam Dissertation. * State* nwnshlp as a Profe.sion " by I John WUIoek Noble. Coluosbna. Ublo Music 7. IMaeertition. -The Pee mponltion and Hecouip?I sltli n of tie Products of the Mind, by Walter Psaar, | llyrsea. N Y 5. oration. The Rntliustasm of the Naturalist,'* by David Lewi* Judaon. Blnuintfh*m 9 Dissertation -tlustarus Adolpbus." by Charles Alfred liarr l.enraMrr. r?. ) Murle _ _ II I >iaaertatl?n,' Energy ' by Win. Jacteoa Mattby, Bar r?r. Me M. oration, 'Spain In hrr Glory," by Jarnea Seymour lltyt. Net Canaan };: Oration. wJef, by John Kogert Thurrton Banfur Ma, 14 Maele 14 oration. "Jiaprfaoa and Wellington at WatrSao. * hy Wm Anguetu* A tie* UaraMrr. Pa ) I'iaM nation 'The Pngrvea of th? Mln4 in Ik* KncC.*K? nf Material Thing*?illimitable," by Edward llung' ttora. WetnrttrtUr 17 Oration. Amerlonne the Keeper* nf tbelt Liberty." by Htrhard Jacob Ilaideman. tlarrirbarg. Pa. 15 Moalr 19 KUa. rtatlnn. ' Pulpit Eloquence," by Aoflitu Hut Cartlet, Bridgeport *0 Olbtlm. "The Theoretical Reformer ' by Batmen Mr Call. Lebanon III Baaay. KeotUeh Bone," by Joaeph Sheldon Water ford. N Y. IS PbUoeophical Oration. Tbe Supernatural Element la llumaa BetM.by W iUiam Woolaey Wlnthmp flaw Banna. 83 Mnatr arrratrooe I M..^. 2 rhil'?r>T>feM Oratloa. Phllnanphy Rorrlatina, by Rafuo Cowtoa Craaptoa Farminiito* 3 PiaaartaUon -ttVaaor and hi* *? by BorMte WaUh HribMnada Trot. N T . 4 oration In rmdi Malhatir* do 1 Aeadlo. by Richard Craiodn 8Ula*, W?it Ctaao?or, I> 6 Mnnlr 0 Oration "The Four MnnarcbJao.-' by Wm TiaForoot Mulf*, Haw Yorb City T Poaai ' rha I*M flrara," by Timothy CawybaU Dnnnl* booth Grtrr*. halanrth Co , Wla. || H yilf 0 oration. "TV Old Mn?l Party." by Calrln llo'.ma* i'artar W'alarbury 10 Maaartatloti H?*h Millar and the ftotrlnpoaont II) |>otha*i? " by Itanry llanl* .laaaup. Mnnlmar. Pa 11 oration. Tba tttal Power of tha ltn*>ri>?M.>u " by i II# dm Umi* Nan 11 at en II M uslf I 13 Phtlner-.hlenl Oration 'The T.it. rarr Element in National arentneea." l.y Jama* Gardiner Voea. MD no, bfa** 14 Oratloa "TV 1-nta nf Truth. a* a Pawion of tlm boo I." with tba VaWtotnrf A44ra*a. by Tb'*ma* Ko?|kton Polataa. Kwt Wind at r. Ifi Contrrrad 10 Prayar by tha PmMdent 17 Mo*k. 1 will cot make remark* upon the different rpoaktrr The ta?k would be an Intidiotu one. and I BvuUI not tiaruta it wdth an impartial hand. Although many of tba J 'tin* man, perhaps pramier k> honour? re at wm day, the Mara at frit in thorn at pra?ani M chiefly eoBtned toTbt ir frtenda. The mtwie i* by the *r' heet<-a of the Italian I >pam In ape I art trniif, a p-rt <-f the troupe g*T? %