13 Ağustos 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

13 Ağustos 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?g~ 1 -- ? ??g! TH WHOLE NO. 6867. IU&OPIAN WEW8. ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA AND HUMBOLDT. THREE DAYS LATER. CMPORTAtfT FROM THE CAUCASUS STATE OF THE COT TOT MARKET. TIIi: VERY LATEST, Ac., tie., tie. Two mail arrired jcsti-rday from Kurop? . i?b? Africa, fr >u. iLlverpool, and the Humboldt, from The Africa, r#pt Ttyrie, left Liverpool en Saturday noon, the ?d ins: au i arrived at her wharf about six o'clock, yesterday afternoon, makint the passage in ten days and eix h e;re the shortest of any of the Cunarders "Uhe brought over a hundred passengers. The Humboldt. Capt. l.inei. left IlavTe on Wednesday coon the COth u.t touched at Cowes the same evening, and, after ta.tiog ou board the u.-uol searl-weekl mails or America, eull>*dfor Near York at 0 P. M She has 79 nusseng-rs. and on freight 100 tons of cargo, shipped at Havre. The HumVtiit'i voyaga from Cowes Roads has been accomplished in thirteen days. In contrasting her rati with that of the Arctic from Liverpool, it must be borce in mind thai -lie departed from Cowes nearly nine hour' ofter the Arctic left the Mersey: and that the distance between Southampton and Now York is greater by about tvcnty-tlrree miles than that between Liverpool and his port The '. raDiuin, (the sister ship of the Humboldt) it will be recollected, heat the Arctia during the homeward v oya ;e iu Mart h last. On that occasion, both vessels started fro? Kogland at precisely the same moment, the l'ronklia from Southampton, and the Arrtic from Liverpool?tire former reaching her destination neaily twent; -four hours before the CoPins steamer We understand that up to the present tiare, the Humboldt has by no arcane come up to the expectations of her owners and bu.dderi in point of speed, as it was coe^ldent'.y anticipated that her trip* would have been made in from nine and a httlfto ten and a half days, whereas sh has npver performed the voyages under eleven and a half to tw.ive and a half days. This fault *s not cauee ' by any defect of construction in the machinery . which las worked ri ry well, and is sufficiently powerful to C:'r-11 .ipat a .-peed e jual to that of any of the Collins or ( una. d steamers but arises from her excessive tend"nry t > crinknctl when in light draught On both of tie outward voyages she ha* arrived at Cowes ?.'i ry much on ob^ ?ide, wilh one pad die too deeply im m cried acd ths other, of course not having sufll -i. nt ?mmersloTV. Wf.-rr f. laden with coal* utoean ar.d -oargo, this d.,11. . Aj id tot experienced; but when the fuel hse bora pa: tlally exhausted. and when thc< muxi'uum ot speed should con?e ju.-ntly be Attained thevea r-cl will not Se->p iently upright to permit of tha rapidity of st'fcUiia.j which sh? would otherwise attain. At lfavrc, CaM t-'na of iron ballast were placed in the vessel, with a v*'W to remedy tbti defect, but this pro oeeding his only been attended with partial success and cow we ar. -'s.'oraud, it 1? proposed to put ' whales'' on her sides to give the .ship increased buoyancy. We trust tb;<t these alterations will give the vessel increased etabil.ty. and we bare no doubt thut an augmentation of speed wUlb* the nece ary consequence. There is no aueatlou but .hat Jf the patcut;feath ring paddle wheel*' -uhitb have to greatly improved the steaming capabi litiei of some ot the British West India steamers, were -.Ittcd to the Humboldt, her speed, when fully laden-would be incr-ased two miles an hour. The news received by thv Africa is three days late* than that: c ivi 1 by tbe Arctic. The intelligence from the Caucasus is important. The ads Ices trom 'A'sr- -w jy the defeat of General NeLsterow, nt PcrebricVow of the flight of the Russians on the plain, of T. lis ..nhappily, more than true. The lo?s of the army in me? mimunition. weapons, and horses, is ar greater than had been sustained for years. Nearly all the strongholds whi?-h bad been conquered and maintained at st it an immense expense, have been again lo-t Bi/imf t'iu. it <?if ?J tl-t cvminanderi of the llunftian -swf* ? h a MMnesA-rds-eU^ ^ Ik* Cmuatian ar i*y. Tbe ' ' fof Bohemia. publishes a letter Rem Con tautlcople, stating that the Turkish -if .'?#? ?*ti in of Krm.ni*i? anil KniflamL manifest* great laclination to let Koeenth and th? other Ilunuari > <' who are ia Turkey at liberty; but '.bat lb' Ai tiian Amba'-'ador at Constantinople ha< tiecired instruction* to remonstrate, In the strongest uanner. aga.tfce propoaed meirure, and to demand hi* paxfotli U ih-' rrtuoua'.ranco should not be attended to. The -w yeiltlirly d'oiea th? truth of the report. that the Danish *u?cr**lon question bid uten arltii i by a faaoly s;r> nent among the claim int*. Account? from AiAer.' of the 20th aonounee. further M?eee??e? of 'he e*p i.tionarr column in Kabyllt. It appeara be 'tt:. from Thlc ntlUe, that the hurricane which caused1 b destruction in the department* of the Indre. th* Metre and tb" Cher ha*extended it* rotage? to the M ...file 0.1 tb Aube. lintlre field* of wheat pare bet ii Uil w.< t*. trece bate been torn np by the Toot", hot're a -tripp J of their roof*, and men, women andchildien > iway by the torn ut*. At Chatillon aw-Beino eighty of tb 'fito.it trees in the park of the palace bat* been laid pr trate. Adtire fr::i nv contradict the repcrt* relatlte to the nliretuen: of .he remit tarrwon There wa*a defl* decry ta th (re*.arj if Rob# of |2O()00C0, to cntet which *' ." . ) 1* to be ietled on real property. :tbd the riuiaialtt iit.be lai.d by rate* upon tbe public Account* it -n C.? oanouncatbr dbaolntion of the Ftdtral and IVram nt Court Martial, whtoh bad bees "' tabli-he 1 to try and punUb political (Render* in llcsie. The Varsrlaa and A i a n troop lately quartered upon Car el, are preparing to return to their own connlry. The n. w? from t enton i* of a in<ngrr charaettr Th" rebellion !a the 'anthem prorlneee areuit etill raging bnt the Chin nrp: ?? ftli Intclllienee of what la going cn In the dU'.ufiml dlatrite, to th.it little authentic l.? known The I.leerpo.l an I Philadelphia e*.eam<ditp CHr of <lla?gow. Cej Robert l.eltib. arrlei d at l.lT. rpiol, on Friday, the l?t int.ai noon; ?be left Philadelphia on the I'.th tilt a' noon. ?a<l baa made the pneeage in 14 iatr* 19 hour- mean time. The rem.ate ?>f the elate of trade during the week wire generally f\i< relde the Am.-rl.un ord'-re for lllrningham tn.ir.ii' .tare* iihlbUed n" eigti of illminutlon nd the recent Impnttaeit In the Irith linen trad- had bcnafWty i> n In tlic 'thing dletrkta tbrre bee been no pettknle* alt. ration The corn uitthtt wee nrj ijuiet and prices a shade iiwer There had b en no change in the cotton maiket after the departure of th> Arctic A< o" irtai. 01 M O-ei t.?The Journal in Wall of the ,27th uit . ea.ra that the Judgment again* t M Oahet the lender ef the Irar nu col >nj of Commnlata, nt Naueoo, he. hi en re rarer 1 by the Appellate Court, and that he le dieUtarged. Oatr T.oi doii C orrrsponrtenre. t:** sr at* or *t ROr*. L'jeooo. Fr lap Irenlng Aogntt 1, I'M. rf t V.1 Bi'l?Ctntrrraiion of Ttro Rowan Cef'V I!..' ifi?T'f Stlon'mi .Ifl.iir?Dttafr en CVpttaf fr'" ?T'rSctjrt: ? 7".. IVi'i Fw.i-TV fre' ( ? R.* -o'.Vtr ?/ .f -nirun Cental f/enerwl #t 7': ?I>??Irfl'd dthrri 'n/ify in ? Sfn/e n( Bi'ft?OWi en KtpUi?5/>ei??i'crfeg*/?fiWt'n? Jfteatfletrevi t . I'lii'iir "Hi " i ?.- p' -<?? I ??it? city wrrX. f V :m> 4.) bj the Queen in perton Tho tnlnUt?r';*l whit* l>ait JioBer Utn pt? Jt lirerawi.-h lo-morrnT. ?>b t'ridoj aUht, Lo-J Mnntrsgi* put vartomqiiMtl .nt to the Lnrl Cbtttrt'inr upon th? charooter nf lit* Kcrle'-iaotico! Tith? it'tl. The Lcril (IktBerllor'i replied ntsto litieflj the n* i?rv *f 11:1* bill, wliieh ha- W <iu> a Uw. The LorJ t.b if> or roplleii ? lit. TUtif.' Uiif "?to4 ' frit in Papal brief* itier*! set nei.t. ? J ?JI a' rents itt<l?r them mn?t *> <> h il|< , il end roil. .1 All t| rcii ttnonti t? rlloeea*-* heating to* ??n? title* ?' he. . i"I It I'f ' '.tKII?hei Muir'i. ?fri eltnivl ( I hi law l td f ,r a long lime allium^ full t ? rein- ?t thi K * Catholt* rnlisl n In *11 nHinotv nut t?r?.sndlt-? titliiavlBl n ! ! to l.it#rf?rn e iin Jut |j ,1.1 nr. i -I. Bi'trii. Hi, Uttl' t>- * ! In x?, * 11 i , : . nl i ' 4*11 .1- ? t'.i i"' r,i' fi*. tr.? ?r ot vi < ? t r" t il'. vr"> . i , i?-, Pr. ii f.?ro ?' ? 'i n*? I" II' -r:*nt ?l i lo.JV.i. them skiti'iI thtt If Ui'4 ho cj mpteJ ' f;.'S tl..1 I'i :i 1 - ?.b. U - % 'M ! I trj ENE I by a majority of sixty-tire?the numbers beiu^seventeen for the motion, and eighty-two against It. On Tuesday night, the Mar<}uU of Lansdowne moved the third reading of the bill After a short debate, In which Lord Aberdeen Lord Stuart de Deciee, Karl Net" eon. the Msnjnis of Sllgo. and others, opposed the biU, it was r< ad a third time auJ passed. Two protects have already been entered against the bill. The first burs the signatures t f the Karl of Aberdeen, I)uks of Newcastle, Lord Canning. Etrl Si. Germain.', Lord WharnellflTe. Lord Lyttelton, ami Lord Monteagle. on the ground that It interferes with r iiglous freedom and is not consistent either with justice or expediency.'' The tecund bears the signatures of ten j-eers?Lord Monteagle, Lord Vaux of llarrowden, Lord Lovat, I.ord Camoys, the Stir |iiis of Sligo, Lord Iviunaird, the Ea:l of l ineal, the l'.arl of Charlemont, the Karl of Leitrioi. and I.ord Pt-tre. This protest assigns i-leven reason" against the bill, and it -urns up tha whole n these words :?-We consider the bill i:l adapted to protect either the prerogative of the crown, or the independence of our country, while calculated to rewire cirll strife aud sectarian dissensions. We protest against it likewise as a depurture from those high principles of religious liberty to which our greatest statesmen hare de* voted their intellect, their genius, aud their noblest exertions " 1'Iuh iv and Cardinal Wi.semau do not seem to care much about the laws preparing against them. Last Sunday morning, the Horn.m Catholic ( 'sthedral, St. George's, Westminster, was the scene of a ceremony which has not been witnessed for more than three hundred years in England uamely, the consecration cf two Ilomnn Catholic Bishops, with English territorial titles l>r. Burge-s w.i consecrated Bishop of .Shrewsbury, and Dr. Brown Bishop of Clifton. Cardinal Wiseman offlelated in full robes, and tha ceremony was performed with ali the pomp aud tplendor of the lb,man ritual. The Solomon* atfair has also advanced a step. Ia the sitting of the Commons, on Monday. Sir 11 II til moved thst ti e electors of Greenwich should be heard by counsel at the bar cf the llou.-r. This motion was negatived by a msjority of AO. Mr ltaikes Currle tben brought forward a similar motion iu favor of the electors of Baron RolE'child. This was also negatived by 7T votes agaiust 41. Lord John llu-.-t il's motion. That David .Salomon", Etq . is not entitled to vote in thh House, or to sit inthis House during any debate, until lie shall take the oalh of hbjura'mn in the form appointed by law," was adopted by a majority of 66, I ho numbers being for the motion It'll. agair.st it i d. 1he questii n as to whether the Crystal Palace is to remain or not. is aitire'.y discuss-d. It seems a pity to pull di ?a so noble a struct ute. In the slttivg of Tue'dHy. Mr. Ileywood mov.-d an address to the crown. praying her Majesty to direct that t be Crystal Palace be preserved until the 1st of May u-xt, v itb a v'u * to determine if the boildiug could be adapted to purp' res (f public utility ar>d recreation. According to the terms of the evi'tlngiutrccment. ths building is to t-c clo-ed by th- 1st November, and tha water.als removed by 1st of June. CbloLil bibthorpe Leaded the opposition. After a debute i f s< me length, the motion was adopted by a majority of HH The Chancellor of the Exchequer contend u itnt the gnvernmett were pledged to the removal ol the butl l".jg , and rot even a'mnjority world be suIHci<rtto reb a so tbtmlrom their engagement. It would requite a large run I'J Ki" p u up. rne building win cow r>:tain thrc ugh the win'tr. though the exhibition wil' teiu. irate ?* crigiiudly determined. '1 he iiexi f ciot of interest ha.< been the solar eclipae, 1 which was hut a pal l inl one iu iiogland. The day war rloudv. ml the trlipse scnro-ly risible, except at I iDtovsis, in London Gas war lit in the Cry* tal 1'biac.! in anticipation It veat not. however, neeetary It war. th eau o of a rathnr luu?hal.ie re*Tie in the French Acwnblt. M Maneraaut cue < f the members, wee sp? eking ?lien tn<- eclipse coax- , mimed. She sr.eiu tiers of the right leSt their bencher, l wbile the ii rul e i t the left demanded ttiat the sitting ' ' ?h? u!d ccntini'e. Ji. l)opiu et tiled the question by , exclaiming : J'vui ?.? r.-is nout ocenptr rfe? iiilertti th it ; frrte i/u<-tu< hi titjt.ii11 tit In haul font it milt This ere- > t ted uuiv? real iin rnuirct. the un tubers rushed out. and , curb, ainud with a bit of ricked glasewas eoon oecu- j pied wit'ie.-.-ipg the | bciieaenon in the heavens. The K!ng ot i'ruvia. -nd a staff of sciiutilic wtn pror< ede'ti to lue tea coast, when the eclipse wxi total, to j make the.r observations. To day i uait eis 'f Londoners are starting for Paris, ' for tie it'll gitm In honor ot the (in at Kaisibeltou of 1861. by the municipal body ef Ptrtf. In a former letter II sent yi u a pr? gramme ot the f./cs. The French Aviuibly will be prorogued on the 10th August, to t]ia Ith Kwirtsf. i The !' ace IVirgress have brought their nil tings to a I close The folh wing additional articles vwr# tubiptod T'.ih C( apri ??. rorsrilcg the system ctiuip via'.in x loans for tin prosituttoa of *.ir. er the maintenance of warlike arma , mini ,as i i on.rid in principle and disastrous in operation, rcue t? its cn>| l.atio condemnation of all sacli loans. 'H at lit cosptia rccomuitnds the members ot peace societies, in ail cimtitutieaai csiatsl s, to nee ttibtslaiiw iu riturning to their re.-peiUte parliaments rcprcseutativss j who sre frit Mis cf p?t< < eho will he Jure pared H> support, by th< ir votes, measures I'r the diminution ol the number of a eu employed in, and the amount ?f mom y expended for, war purp< lies ci t.re-s. ron'inccd that whatever brings the nations of tl e earili trgetlier In Intimate an! friendly Intercourse, must tend to the estsl HifiTent of peace, by removing milat | rehi t'liona on 1 pri jadiiee ha.l inaplrinx mutual reioect, l olls, with tie ralih'd Mtisfnetion. the kcliibition ot the Industry of All Nations, as emiiisatljr calculated to promote tut< no. A tohir took vine# in tho evening. it Willi?'* room*. Piopleare 1m?t It Hvini! town lor tl??- eountiy. I ib? ?nc|i>?t? you lie? account of the reception, %t Tunis, cd tli* tt* American Con-ul General, Mr. .Uhn llo??rd Payee. which wis, in every respect. jtls factory, Fit in Italy, tfcv neecuntx coutinu?; to be of the ? i c? untili f.o-toy i 'i' * iiioiit. t,j in? piic* ! t'.if wii i.? of tht l,on.baido Viortiiii tirriti ry in a state of seige. in res I f tl ! v - r > f i.n i'i U Mw4 \ i n <1 o n i. it Milan, who ? t*raa?in* he hu not been enabled to dieI cover, by \> n>ua?i> n or tbitati. Account* fern Vmire.r.f the 21st July, state the opening < f the Jc.rto-J'ian o to bare tsken place < u that day. In the evening the 1'iarxa di San Mirco offed-d a iui.it niur iiii'.ci til ibt, ttpwarda of 40 (?W person* boinj supy.i iil to hive utiu'llil. Mr (ihidstovie, member of Parliament, has puliiihod two lttti rs, nJiln ??*d to I.or,I Aberdeen, ou Neapolitan afluirs, wblth I.n* <?u?i'd aotno sensation. Mr Gladttonr ittongiy censures tho whole policy oftbc king of the Two filcllli *. Letter* from Nnpte* stnte that two Knglish ships of w ar have reevr.tly boon n tn on the roast of tSluily, ami that they ar dc-iluid to t^ts po?.?*lou, It the nimn of Crtat L'ritaln. ?f tu island of con-i l-.-j.bl* aiz*. which i* arising iu the vicinity of iiandulc.tia, a ir.o-t intep-tiaj NBDMrlsl poslth n. Tba island la laid to bo vlMUa. and to ho tr.ci taring. Arcount* fr<?m Ki tnr do not agrcr with th* itatrmi-nt tflli l, mi/ Hit,an 6'a:e/'.. with regard to the sponta tin us llh.n lr ti iiiftlichic.i l! City mi tli* return ot bit llolimea from Cartel llamMto: many bouse* wrm certainly brilliantly light**!, hut It I* generally believed to bme brrn at tLi Instigation of the police Humor* eontlniw d to circulate n latlfe to the ebinge of the n un gsirbi n. and t.l I he p .- jt le expedition cf an Ac-'tiian lorce lo Kapl* *. I'i ts'iua considered obnr.xlou, l.y the aUlLC'iltli- c- i.tii ucd to bo tent out of the country. In lofcai.y l.ut llttla of mourn ot ha* oeeurrcd. Th* ttlal <f I tie Ahlb? n ugh ease Is le ing conuum-d, but ujthirg m w bos trntiFpirod on the subject. T 1c ie )? no additioual inuillgat.ee from Portugal. Cab uttl tdviees to the Villi nnd llnuihsy to flit 2'th Ji re. hart fsaabsd Louden The wi t sea: on lud act in. uiiinr hum The i< fcit that the now Au-tiUn ban f * 8C OOP.000(1. had l> n eonciudid. U nctpconUrim-d. It 1* r till under Bejellath la. The Kail rf Ami.ilel and Furry baa been ad Ire*?lng hi- new ( tn tl' uU at l.imrriek. and will be returned by a large niijf rlly Mr. At hott I-aw trace, the T'nited Mate* Mlalater at llil.' crwl. btilnf irijuntid tluit bla Kin, C>i T. M l,?w( Lee may be allow* <1 to take not of the *i.'rat lixhibltti n thne I Mr CuH'a Anori-an K.t.deinn riatolt, to le lorwatdrd to the Pape of tiuod llope, f< r the ua# Of an cflicer in bef k!aj"'ly'a srrrlee the l.ords of the Trvatuiy have giteti dlri rt<rna to the proper au'borttlea to neit.lt the a-let < Le lobe r< m n d fr<>m the Exhibition building. a > j dt 1 vend to t'r I I .awn nee aa re puested. The Min btrtf anil that ?et down at the Exhibition rne dr.y this week, up to !i P. VI., w*< 2,-11; the number of rnu ibn.-ek was 1.4IP. At 7 P. M the number had exceeded 2 OdO. The jurbf hare rearly comnletrd their labor*. The ! official r?port- will shortly be printed. Am org the prUr* awarded In Clan* 1\ Agricultural Tn'pri n m< nt . I l.nd the name of Prouty It Meant, hortcn. t'nttid Plater, a plough The chief atttai th.n of the opera at tlm present moirent i* Alboni llet tleh contralto mice, the Q neat I fir hi aid Cel'glita ililiaiitid audit nee* Ho?lni a "Laflrrxa Ladra was yleen lait i.tpht I obserted kanny t'vrlto in a |i*ru(p he x. Phe In tuarriej, a* yon are awrre. toft f con, the dancer. Veior* Pell aid Bon report little hu-inee* to hn?c 1 e. r done In Anui'.can Mate stock this week The ft Hi wit p aie the priori United state' C per Cant Boixdn, ...1 FIT ...til 112 imtoCpif Cea* St'ok We>7 41..104 Id* h'ew V< :k ft per l et t Moth. . lk*h-W).. M 1W ?'< a Torh t,ii r k per 0? ut.. lPliu-70.. !* M pel I. ; -j i I l III ht'Tk . . . PI Pi Oh f tier f . ni Btoeh IKTO 101 104 Maasar hiix'tle * per Cent hit* ilinar 1' ml* HKI. . ..Hit* 100-4 M-.rjhtdl ve per llent f telling Honda ht fV Creada | er Ci ut 11< ,.d? 1IT4.... ? 111 tbi exti nt of bit iii-a tran-actei during tha week ripen the J r a* P. r'e. ha? heen large aid prices for?lire i. 'v? 11 tt' Pirn per (Vnt lhii.ee reachim; ! "f ''< .hut !! .< r>*. i.nTi t ok pUr. velerlisy, awl the latest plica ? (< ireu teday is Wof toe Am; i In, Adeict* frt '.i \ in.aa ?!. thai the preplan eon tit I > r> of lli lie ' -.1 i! Le -ett' npr.imri-ire4.|i' (hit - i i t '? i ? ' r j # | rr n , . . ' T AfWOtlK In '?ilT? - rh.- I?ul*| |'t I I. f I l ! W ?. * 'I b?- n? ? (?l|< Y ?t . I;,. J NMtwIitl it if I* taifPi tMlt b* "b'/vl Mfft ? ''.fi, II ; -l i ! ? V i li ?. ?'!? ' <?J?I I I I i' II r All !j y?'? < *>T ?.;?< *,f< I . I ' in ( i "?1i !? ' rf I to t? lu } ri ill I' >U ti. ? Uiv fiivfo} W fi. lo*a ?r?* u * W YO HORNING EDITION?WEDI ho employed in the extinction of pprt of the present irrede< ciflMe paper ( urrenfj The dividends are to bo pay> able in I'ana. Ki.mkfoit. Amsterdam and Vienna, and * the holders are to have it e power ot receiving tbrffi at ; any of these cities, according to their convenience. The Fitj.oh Republic. j T.he adrirtB from Jburix are of Thun-dav tin. m.t nit &OUU' disturbances bare lately taken place at Tmrtouee. On HA9 ur.ia) evening, after the rinsing of the cafe's Jn the tautX'U't; Et. t'yprlen. a considerable crowd assembled on the 1'Ija e du Chaoedcn, and b. gan singing. M. llaumn, the L'<<n>luicrviy of Pollee. raquested them to retire, and not to <ll*urb the 'iuirt of the place, but no attention *m paid ts> him. lie then stnt for the armed force, and the ph'ee wbh cleared, and two of the leading persons of the assemblage were arrested. On the following evening tfe e nFri railage ie-ermr.ienrpd. Tba legal anvntona to ; ( is-persc was made, hut without effect, and the armed force was *uain called into rr^ulsltiom, and further nrieet?, to the number ?f 20. wore made. All the Individuals arrested are we.l known lor their rlolcnt Socialist opinions. 1 he SiieU was eelzed on Tues lay, at it'i offices, and In . the pi et, tor an arttclr which It published. entitled I -La trance ' l'roceediage have hccu takrn againab the dirt iter ol tbo journal, li also the uuthor of the article, ' under the double charge of 'exciting hat.nd and con, Unipt of the gorerouit ut of the republic, and for bhe willul publication of falsebvodi tending to disturb put41c tranquillity. The dieiegaridof all that relate s to private life, and m ecrupuloufcees i* to its truth or falsehood^ lias toe often been characteristic of 3 portion of the French press of t ha opposition The prorogation ol tbo NeAlonal Assembly does not seem to be hisepprcsred of generally by the press, as it is thought tbat it will afford not merely a useful recieation | to the reptisentativ.-e after their labors, jut also an opportunity rf ascertaining the state of puttie opinlvn in | tbo departments, on ifcu groat questions that will come on for discussion whia the Assembly meets again. Thegri atctt activity prevails at the Hotel do Villa in j preparing Per the grand fete* Tile artificial garden in I the coart of Louis XV, with its Una fountain, its static*, its ticca, and Its beds jf flowers, is completed. In the I Halle de la ltepuLliiiue. 31. UodlUo ij litting up a pretty little theatre, in wbich the actors of the Opera Uomiifue j will peiforin one of their-most chera.lng opera*, after the l? l iquet on the 2d. A supply of fill is to arrive from j l'i? i pc. by railway, two hours heforo the dinner hour. M. d* Torey, the celebrated grazier if Normauty, will furnish a megniflceiit Hu.-hezu ox, whieh say some of the j journals, will be si reed whole ut the banquet. l'orls still continued to crowded with straofgrs, to I the great delight of the tr*de*ineo, whwe receipts, bnt I for their visits nnJ their purchases, would l>e by no ihi nob extensive. The iliad season'' Is* set in so fur as the manufacturers are nearer ned. and fresh complaints ere besrd from lioueu. Mulhouee, Rlbeuf! and Ko.tbalx, whue. iu order to dispose lo'-thelr ptock. thvy are compelled to sell ir. der tlr.t cost. The account.' from 1 yons e.r d taint El Lone are. however, mure favorable,, the manufacturers in these plajvw having '? Ml several ex; t?Beise orders to emecut* for the English market. Aci counts fiom the agricultural diatriet* are to the e fact that the wheat barveat litis bwn gathered in thrnugbewt the souibirn di j iutuicut, an I that notwi.fwtamling he late rain*, it is in lull pr? gres.i la the rust of-1 ranee. The ! a'aiui fell sruie week* since ty the annoi nceinant tl at ' tbe wheat geu? tally was scrionaly disease-E hi* aim it iiiepi'iiiy HUM: and lbn opinion now ir, tint alth. ugh tbe ctop, in consequence of partial injury I u *.y not prove so afcurds at as tbat ojilast year. It , will he superior in qualify. In the dwpartment of the llerault the deficit! if is estimated at out* i third; but throughout Languedow, Qascony, | and the Gironde, the ; rod ?ee will be e-ipul to a fair| average crop of excellent quality. The cciisequonce hta bi t ii u fall i f .?0 'wntlnu * tliwhectolitre, n toe various markets. Oats, likewise, have talb-a in prlee. It bring now ascertained that the crap, will be e pal to tbat of. tlic Lest years. Letter* fr ?a the departments of lha hrinn-acd the Ardirbe mi ntion that raw silk Is still in goi d Ui msnd. Theiehas lawn a fair shave of buslaei* ironearted nt the wine market of Bercv turiiur the 1s t week. Accounts from the Oct* d'Or rcpraeent the vineysrda in that district as tntinj suiTm. w. severely )root the late r tonne. urd tha ccneecum c hM h "n h Hue lfcf the trpahead At Ili a une It i? feared that the tin. tage will he greatly dtfriccf both la 'j\?.-uU,y nnu ([ixJ- i ity. Complaints are made of the appearance ot the Tiniyardj in the Bordtlais, except at Madoc, whare tha graj es are abundant anil ilih. 1'bc pi\?erf wine i.ik ipt down by the appearance cMh? apple laves in the eider cruelties; In the Calvados partlr uU.;ly the trees rsro ot 11 h aded with fruit. 1 "*e price of ' .randy has ris'tvln Condom and Jonzac, In cwiuv<iueue? oj extcuzivu < idem ' Ix cm abroad nalii. ' Accocnta from Madrid state thib the only twuxenatora who registered the* uaiuea tU-.peak against ib? bill for the arrangement ot the debt, were >1. OolmOe and Count dw Terra Mora The Off'i *1 Gazriic unnounor* that tha CaytlnGeni relet the Vbilit pjol I-land*, had forward .4) to the f paDi-h governm nt the set of i abnihalon of the Suilan Ma In tirtue ?| that act, t'ae bland Is iofUtsue to form part of the bpanirh po*i lesions The <jovernaent may est'thllsh a fa.te ry lliera. maintain In fi vmilitary force. a>d the Suit va is to x* Ive hU in?t"4iuia and ! appointment fruratlie Cneon of Spain. To* i;>>ae?t<m? n? 1 had likewise received the ubniiasion of thr tiultan of | ('nzamatani-y-ftiiiidr.nno who pledged hire*.!:,a well ai tb< Saltan ot Je*>, to suppress piracy iu his '.oiainioos I The llt-i alifo r.'atei that the got* rumen* bad been otlt- | chiHv informed of the diuappuariiocc of alactlera iu tli<< | Cojary Island.*, by IU Cuasulsal Madeira i-nd Lisbon. j Klrt turate of lirsti. An extraordinary spectacle was wdueasel at Cas- , tel. in Klsrtoral 1 lease, on the 2l"h of July. Tito l'realdmt and tlx judges of tlv> Criminal Tribiv i.ul of Kothenburg appeared at the bur in tbelr robua, | ttfora a court martial. r imposed chiefly of B*Talien (D'.cers. to be tiled for having in October bwt, cccdemar dm puUr functionary named Kaber, to thro months' iir.prli-"nm 'lit. for haviag violated the con.4K'ition of lb4b, though at that time, the indictment alls pcd. the constitution bad been Tirtually aboil died. V hen the rotidi mit ou : t fnber bad been proved, the President of the Tril unal of Kothenhurg row. and. in ! In the name i t him oil and colleagues. said that tney i thought It hincalh their uiztjitv to defend thrmsulvvs against such in accusation; that the constitution bad lull force of law wbi n Faint *aa condemned; that he hud ton tried on .he di mmd of tne pulllo prownc r. and | tad ton condemned Recording to the law; nnally.tli.it fce l ad btuisi If ac<iuin*ced la the judgment, by c instituting hin.si If ?pn>(tfr. The court nmt ai condemned the eeTen judge* to eight mouth-'hnpru>outo?nt. The condemnation cteat. d great acheatomtu the town. The Clipper lot lit Anionic*. The new tankee clipper jaellt Aineria* arrlwoil at rowed en Thursday tint 31st nit, from Xew York and Haiie. iiaTlrg ut.d* rgnne sauie embellishments *t the latter pert. I b? i < un ding considerable laterol atmnj the r indw ra of the Royal Yacht tUjuadron end other Jaeht title at t'twea. and will, douhth **, he wished l>y a nut riimber of person* lutrri?trd In nautical all it-: lko Annirn Is apparently a wiry tine renel aid will te rn inelgmtlcent competitor in point of apo d with the 1 "gU>h yacht* lit r appearance it ?om> s?bat novel, aid ska would evidently rail tJ comparatively beitar ' advantage in a stung hrn .'ethanwith ll<ht wind* siu h a* ate at met law a exp ilrnrod daring the lloyal tar.ht tijU.'.'.ri n mail a a. 1 n? following are the dimension* of tie Airsiica ?t-hr la rigged na n fore and aft acbooner; 1 hi) Hi rf hull feit; wdh 11 feet beam; draft of water furard 6 f ?t; aft 11 fit; tonnage liOvtlM Aitsor.rtn, or atent ISO K; gll. h m?n ureuunt The mn'.nmatt la kl frit hrI. it lcrh< a dhitm ter, foremast <' ',S? f>-et. ira.n horns Ml fut. gaB 'ail tiet. She cirrtea only liur I rail* wit., a l**ge May. ail. f reaail. and miin.*->tl. with a ! null gall top.'ml at the main the baa no topmast nr > tewiprit. tut in Ih it < ( the lattirhaaa biioipln about 15 f?st hng. through the ind ( f wbicb tb" fure?tay ; p??. i a. The An.urn baa already b;-ou b-atanlw* . trial if sailing with an Ami rican yacht called the Mart*. 1 hut. notwithstanding .thi.. it nils lie adfi n'>> thst ber ai d should to i bi c m-ldi red too lightly by any Eog l.r li Ti+. i-1 ui.: in* i ltati against HarlwUi Uftx?p Momt. Aupuat 1?One oVielc.?Tli? ' Onlinerial Vratiu fare ail nor* or l<?? been Arm during the w< i k and | rlrea In aoine ifotanoea h??r K'O , lx Iter. particularly Au'it-..ii too** in'twit he tan li >x th ll'ffiriMt of a i> w l<wu t? the extent of elgl,t million eti rlii.g recalled by lint etate It ]? under tool tha i ut aciipllone will be ii|>rBiil tor it in aereral cities on tl e c? nlini nt, and an/Ki.i(i:<li capitalist! wlahin* to atil rerlbe to It muat do ao thn ngb a fori ;{o hou?<? 1'he term* of the eubarriplion hare nut yet trau?pired. but it la bi iiiTid tbat the price will bo Rl for a t i?o per con ftcck. which ta tqual to about 81 ati rlinc. Tlie whole ami urt will be payable in iwalre instalments. It I' tin upbt that ftWtf i ur oapitelifta will bo dlapoaed to i tier ft r any portion. Tlie nernl tone of the Kugl-h Hi i k Markets r? niaira uccbanard to day. and buaineaa c itiiuia to baconducted upon a llmlt'd aoale Con io!e err tC>\ to P<\ fir bitb tni nej and r oount, ReatKid *A In i per c< nta, W7 1, to K1,, New Three and a quarter |<r lri.tr, #8.', to Id,'i\ hxihcqurr RIU?, 47e In fiOa irtmilta. Hank block. "ili to 210 The llinie I'ui.da hare ! o generally steady throughout the wiekj the rurtuati.<j.< in consols, fir iii"?oce barli?n only orc-iiphth per cept, wl,Uat the range of ('isltrgebst Men cnf.iid within a narrow compear 1 ha li le'tf- maiki t ia pre ty Cim fot all i orka. en I both baiciloian't rip end Mi lavn lienor Mkititaia the Ini pterin el,I which tr* h tnara yeaterdat. Tho form-r are at I*r at>d the latter ?1 toil1, The qnotathmr of tha | ether etorka are a> fi Hoar . - Ik igtan ? at and * 'lalf |er ti nta. I'if to M; rraiilien lie - per t'euh Wt to Hi; 1 d.tti Niw l ire 11 r Cent. , hi to kit: Huonca Ayrrs Hit I pit int. MlaM, Chilian bix p,rCenta, 1'; I to 191; aitlo Three pet tbbU.Mto CI; Dari'h Thraw p. r Crata. ! *0lo*7; ditto l'i?r per t'ente. lo.'J to 1.1; Dutch twoi and r llrelf pi r t:? nta. o9>, to to. nitta Pour per I ante. Ki to W,; OrrradaOoe aed a llalf per Oen'r.)?',to I 1'' .: Ileircrn I'ire per t'e| l?. lit'4| l'eru?i.in ' lir-mil? l a I 11 r C i te H1 to 10; uitcii ui fern d. 1.1 to II. Poi1 tugCi e fnvr p't Centi. 34 to JWij Karetrn Fee p"f C-iit., 1114 t- J1 >, ditto Frnr awi' ft flail per tVnU >01 to III 1 '.l it t i in.!- 'J1 , to il .. dilt" l>*ao p. r ( u'. Viihttiela teaieii kiartM|er Or ib. U llie railway trafllc n ,i.ua i f tli" , i* - 1,1" i a tire it hie Itrn .- in the taking* upoi err rat I Hi- . aa umpartd null Ihe c?iaa|Pndir.g period of hi t )itr. I V 0 t \ I ?T ? I i rfn n ruim* . * ... . . <l??W li lotmT. y. ?ot hmt>- ?.) .. r?

n ?<ifl tntliir 'n.lT'r I h<- Pixi-I^n ">ctirilK'? ?r? I'M 'iil. 1 Ik .-tin** Mttlit I ??t *J Ural ** it ? i <?ii > . .1. ! j | -:i- t? < *;? < j I nrrTu ? (' -!>? I-f ? lu at] > '? to Wj; dllU) 1 M ICkVtlbt, Sv*? to fct?,?. CI I- mmvkIP # * i X RK H ^ESDAY, AUGUST 13, 185 Livi ipool CtTTon Aug. 1.?A oontlum-d ds- i maud for cotton, and that too upon a rather Urge acute, ! in the feature of the greatest interest attending our ope- 4 rations this week; ac aiu consideration of this buying being that the trade are not only keeping Bp their stocks, bat gradually increasing then, without raising oar reduced scale cf prices ! any material extent. In this way, although the immediate and pressing necessities of some of the hollers may be relieved for a time, the trad* are gi tting into stock, and becoming less dependent upon the sudden turns of the market, ana loss under the in- 1 Uuence of speculative movements ofany kind, llowthis may work for the future It is not easy to say, as the chapter of accidents may coaHt in with its unexpected turn, and work oat malts cot now regarded. In the met.*ntta>e. one thing le cerishr. namely the price* are moderate and the consumption large. The ComnAttee | of brokers piaee l'air uplands at k*?d , Mobile, 5^d.; and Orlran, bJid.; being the same wa Friday fast. We can- j rider, upon the wliole, tint prices af American may be a 1 point higher, say 1- led., hat we do not see a*y necessity Jo raise otr quotation* of prices. J.Sou Aincrtohn, 11 WW , Sprat bins been taken on .'peculativn, and 8.850 Ameri- < caw, 1,280 Pa rat. 2d Egyptian*. and #W> Purmunj for export. Saleo for theweek, (Jf {770. t l.rrrarooL U.wuo.w. Aug 1, P. M.?Ashes barwe been taken to a Code rate extent at 118s. Jo 28.4. ;Jd for pots, j and Ids. for pearls; the marlet closer with rather an easier apptiu.mra for buyer" Coal?hi this article a good iteady 1 Mines* W doing. The derosod for e-rport is large, and a "air trade is b-*iug done for h<<aio consumption. In prices there is no change"to note. For ) the PceS the e.-ports are 8,2M tons. Naval 8torm? 1 Common Amerlra a rosin Is in got d request. 1.200 bar.wls being taken at a*. Id per cwt. Saw turpi wtuie brings higher prkvs. 7s K*)id. to *t. htim| paid for MX) barrel*. | SfAmeri? s]?irif?- of turpeotine, 120 found buyers rt : ">4? ikl. to <bf per cwt. I'rOTisicne?American, snm* rmall parcel* of uu i beef have bum taken fov London. ' at lull piic.-v; for . vditarj* descriptions the price U lever 2?. to 1 ?. per tl wee, hi;* at UilvredtictlOr'thire is no Improvement ia the dermoid. Jfor pork there has !> beam more lui. wiry; a piu-ei 111 mi ss has been taken for Ireland. 11 ud a little aferlor and oi l prime mevs has | cha'jged hands hero bacon i ?in steMy demand! at an 1 advance of Is ;wr cwt and th? stoek 1? fa't disarpmr- ' ing. Low pi iced haras ?d shoi Were a re wanted. At a 1 further edvatico of !.-? per c rt., them lies hem a i gocd Inquiry f< r l.ird. and the rales f-nr thowce'tare 1 reported at 79 toi a. withtho lnrvket novrtmre Ohww | is veryvlow of sal*. A gmd cle. rauee of gi'im butter ) has hem made 1 Ms WeeL> withrat alter-vtmu inva'.M. Jriih. tVre 1 as l>ei 11 -v-uio Veratu bislness Cone in butter tills week. Holder- are fi -Wi at rm advance of 2m. per cwt. store cor last -vport, vhie.h 1 ayrs pi at with r-'li.ttance? Mfast. 70*. to 72e ; Wi-terffcrd. 70s to 71s.; Carrlck oml Oloer.el. 7)s. to 7 W; Ban kidge a"><1 Colerain*, "Us. to 71V; J.imerie'V0m t>70?.; H'.igo, tills to 70s.; nod pickled t'rrk second.-, tkis. t? f7s p.r cwt. 1 waded. lm* ported fi.mr Ireland .krui lt?2lst to the 28' 1 ulfc., both inclusive. IW211 tlrkif sS'7 ki ta 1.1DS crocks 278 boxes 2?t barrels btvti r. 37&la.fe* liai-'.t, > hbos srfMfcM lard, (juercitlov Dark?Sabv hnve been evade ol Whirls at 7? Cd. to 'a. 2d , ex piay. 1 ving a slight concession, fait?Th? a W a very slack dc wand for this frticle. and prici s aro in consequence lo-ver them they were, we. therefore, dCir the qi tutiens accordingly. Tallow ia steady at "Se !<d for 1': V. 0 .and is in lair ronuest. Tea?A fair amount of buxine:* ha* iewn d->n? during [ 1 !<? w. < k a-eatamon awl tine t.'oujrou ut fulb previous I quotations * ft-w rah*- bave I een made of Hue Pekoe j wit at la 3d. to la. 4d }x r lb. In grt"iw no trainee.-,- i t'onu of uay -a? n.wtit t? repoit. Wool?Moat of tbe trade are t.bt engaged at tbe public .vile .tin London, L whieh will joalitiuv till (be rni-liie of th? raooUi. They 1 are going niw wail an croid be e?pee.ted< taking into account iba la/to quantity brou iht for wait! The Nil:. ; here lave oaiy been to a JiuiUd extant, :*od cbi. ll/ iq | ordinary d* oeripttona. Ki'dS VKItV lUMBtVt ti ltr.iu.rfi i kom i omwn to uvsaroob. P RANCH. Tabin. 1'mmt, Auguat 1.?Aft. ti paat h.>?r. on Thuraday, the folia* ag twenty-3re la'-artem of the Legislative AsM-wiy were elect, d- to foem the Couimiaho it Permanena* during the Tuatlos, vlotPuller, (federal Cbangarnier, Pufoagerals, faovi-illo, Uurtlieleuy, I imor.tgeuy. Ikxryer. Vitel Pouiot.lat, Jw Milord Pass. jr. ltreu. t. hv.vacxnt. I>. OlllTr*. OoiUn Iternarde. MonteVdo. | 15. el.tr. St la Si urette, Admiral Cueillo, RuUlere, Hubert ; de I dele. Ikuu rilliera, he ILorstate. be liar Croucby. and he Mortusart. Tbe f roc eh govermn. at has received tbe ibllrwing tel. giapivo d<- pat.-.h, da tad Madrid. 30th ult., t) 30 j r. M. :?The President of the Council of Mlnlatsn ha* j announuad official!/ to the Cat Wk that the e> i-ioa U ; prorojaad. l'xa:< Beraai.?Fives, 33*. SCe?.; Threes, b't. 3Cc. AWNbON. T\ 1 letters received, yesterday. from Madrid, by the , vi ui.uiiice 01 t>| snirn nonui.oiucrs, cimnrm me auriciM cf the Senate tmlng duilu'.tlTily Toted tho law fo th > rcttleaunt of tb? debt, and which will b? immediately emotioned by tin- <>ue?n. PMrrcrui: CcNcs.?It ia undcratoodibhtMr. HicharJ Thornton ha?, aa uaual. protested against the reduction at" 15 per cent fraw the I'ortugui w dieidend. due on the 1st of January. ISM. now In course of payment. The protect wo* ma.iu on beholi" of Iho bondholder* fiuncrally. Noktii B?iTi:tu Bank ?A meeting waa held, y.vterday. j The report waa adopted, and a diridenj declared, at '.he , rate of 5 per cent per annum. Coritro Mimar. Comssny ? At a mooting, held yc?t<Tday a dirldena of 5a. per share wa? docketed. 1111 Tlx at a leu 1 mifl Ruslcah Bt Wht Tnrvmr,?Ttii* ert nlog. a bill of the moat attraotirv diecripti. u ia i tier, d l y Mr ll.imL.lin for the | ?nteitainmi nt ot bis patron*. \V e know of no theauioal manitgcr who dtirrrra support more than Mr. II. II* . L ie always eaten J well for the dramatic public, aud hie , aiwaystB plryed the beet artiste; be baa erery week been Introducing *< nu Sbirgof a novel and interesting oharactir, and 1.11 thi* at considerable expense Let him, tlien. reeciTeuntmen.-urate support. lie ho* a fine camp iny. a hsautltul theatre. t seellei.t scenery, and a good nanaf r T11? e><ili'g. the entertalnmenta ocmmcnce with the hasntlful play of " 5 ha Lndy of Lyon*;" Mr Ivldy aa | Claude Melni tt?, Titti n na lleaoeeant, and Mr* Maliuda j >li ma a-Pauline Mls> 1 li'l.-rt will sing a favorlta bal- i lid; nod the whole will com Hide with The Widow'* Vic tint." Nino's Ossns?This teening Mr. Antrim- Itar. I ' taVte Ills LeneSt. No member of the couipauy deserve* no re at the hands of the dramatic public; he ia a great i brttilr. The tnterlainmi nt* 'e< in err nee with the i-vo- ; i lntlcna an the tight rope. This p, tfortuance ia erery 1 ti'gbt rceeirtd wilh the greatest ehi" ring; Uabriel ia m < at tire as trer Prancois la exceedingly clever. and 51. r.lortiin the most luiptl-iinr a: <t vendor! nl man we j I awe t rer feen Thta will be f Mowed by a uvw grand "tUMli'iBeat." which will introduce those* apiendid artist*. U. Itrlllaut anl M'Mca Vtctoriuc ltdI'.skntlM ( dtiicclr. and the rrecetul end acc'mplishcd Ib'ttin. The t? ti rlal'imnta will ttrmli.ate with " The Green Men tier " ItituM)' rtmiii(lik*|iri<M hfnw JuhnMtn, . takt-a liin benefit. A epletulld lull la pr?.n-n;> d. ViTirNtt. Tiiretar,?Thii int.in*. the unrivalled trar*>'< n. Mr Bxlh. appear* In hie Inimitable ri-profenlatlm cf logo with M. B. CUrko aaOtVdln t.nl Mm. Mi bf la a* IN i <1?: or*. Tl* till will he tare to attract a ti ry large b--h mid ??. I' 1.' n IJ a tho.e whoare fond oflrvKtd^ lwre >u opportunity of twaing It well portion.?d. and-i t?r ;w ntiy Ibry frill take the ade.inr*s-a i rflhoth'a or-?*?? ?.? nt. M"n? Xaryatowakl and Ml*; Indium. will insert " ra* Styrfc n." cud '.ho Mnnaemeata will olo: - v'ill tli- turn- o! Lovr and I'liarity " I'ttrdy la *t>ll In e?r<<T of -tirrrft. whloh I* hut an act of jtt.etiro. na he I- vntlrirR In ht? ifTorta to produce noulty. ai.il to aflord tbo utmoat pleasure to hit patron*. Catar-ri 'a Minamata?Tina band c ntlnuoa in the aam? carter e f .-urccii* which ha ; crowned tielr effort* 1 f>>r )rar.< In iMa clij. Tho tnatruniaatwl porformenje* ate race).int. the M gTO tiel-du* am wall anng and tho rhortit arc roty harmoninu*. Uuorge la one of the beat of ntgio roprem hiatirra. Ki i.i m .*' Miaairrta.?Thiwe who are In love *hcnld go ami krnColliBa Irg '? fatly In our Alloy." and " Thou art (iono fri m tor !.: ?#, ' which arc rendered with *nch awoetnrao and cipre*?lon a? to giro tbo utmc*f d light, ntd i liami the iii.nd Swafno. aloo, lo great attraction , be kieps tbo liouae in continual laughter. Mm treat tleai i "i ?Tbo ortt rtainmonta for thin ovenit Rare, tho 'Day Alter the Wedding," and th? ' Head Mud," w.lh a fine raat of iba-artera The poo pin of Brooklyn har a rich comic treat toitjcf. lt*a*i ai'a M, ?i om ? Oor I'aria corrrapondent hint*, in bl? letter Cd ycatcrday. that la la Montra be* been engaged leu tbie teuartim. by Itr tlnrnum. Wo think not; gti at it wi old I* the attiartton of tbte dan* uw. end likely Be It ia that Km uom> i ntirprirw ha* huatnl hor up, i bo con.4 not ni"tc (ban fill the elegant aalonn of the n ntion, auo it la filled now, rrery attnrnoon and oreI it f l-y tbo uttiaetiote of tba Martineitl family, an 1 thn , in w and brilliant dramatic company. That new pantonine c n? * out. we L car. to-morrow. The " Kongh Diamini'' and 'bitblanma" to-day?both capital things Mra. TVoanai t'a ConrraT ? The forthermlng concert of tbte rooaliat Will one* off on Thunday evening ne*t. at Iiifuun urnri i <iip nnuxijr Mil* *c< ib|'iiiw i iw; I ? ri lri ti<1 k |"re rr?ll<c(l< n if KnRll'h bilUii*. nndpUjr* j ^ U raiuly < ti th< plum ll.r fH.'i Os ar? t? ni? lliflr iil.tum <11 kh' nccvloi. IMo* ?turpi* of DI*tltiQU1ili'-<l Indlvlilmlfc 1 J B. W l.ilnty l>? m a mm, l* Brrmti J*; M TraT'n, N O.J Hi 11 .Imi I* (In.r il?> : I! Hi* MUy Mi; K. Ad ni Jin; |> B. I*titrtli c Ml*; N H. Bsrmim. 0* | ! VuiM'ill. Ma ; A W'tox In#; i.tlil Ibfjlw, Ar? i p it ? *ti ivnl* jt?t*?d?7 nt IW*''IK' I.?t WW..?io I. cutlt-r M l ?>* Willi*** i! mit.It. j miiilmrtm . f th? Porrl*n M.h lanaty l ?ri*iy ?( tin I I1t?i n ( hvti li. r* i! *1 fi "'in n "ti i li?' 1 !th In t , l'i 1< .l lf M*i> Ann. for V.adrw, *ni for tlie l.uUn r iu Hii>> Ion. or.* lit 11 ! cjrr .. Ml* HwUin n4 St -ihbcm. PwrB h O'largc d'-if- 1 ' ii f ni> i in. m Hi. jrr.oi'. ?l "nfnl i.i*. Mr* ((Un ) it , ? ,,f I'tlsrri.in. *tHl Bi.-bop i'otlt r. f 11in at tr*yott Tln-flr-; !.*! of n** rotten ??? reciTtd in M"?t* i rw"7i A lot *B? tin Uk ;-Ui mn. ?1111? . ERAI i. The Murder of Mra. Gmnzlf, tn Eldildge | Street. THE m**BANn t HA nam with the nOMTCroi?ARREST OK THE ItttMiU AHIJ 1US MI*TE*V> BY THE (.'OR OR EH. We published, in yesterday's JIttcU .'om? suspicious circumstances relative to the mysterious death of Mrs. Victerine Ginnzlg, wife of Otto Gruntl;. residing at No. 106 KlUrirfge street, whose death was announced to baro taken pla?f on Monday morula;, about the hour of two i o'clock. Iafoncatlon was given to Ccroner Oeer respecting the poinding of tBe d recast#, and notwithstanding the certificate given by a French doctor, named I.egrnud int*nded lor the burial or the b(dy, the Coroner proceed- 1 i d t? discharge >ls duty ic the premises. and accordingly ! i detained the body fur a **?/ sacrf.-* examination, and j i likcwhe ordered the arrest rf the huskund and his mis- t trtss, Ilargarotta Lorenz. who were both detained in the | < Tinibs to await the decision ofj jury. ] The Ccroncr, at 15 o'clock yesterday morning, eiepao- , celled a jcry. and- Dr. Carnochaa proceeded to make the fost tturrtrm eiaminati *9. which rrsclted. bejr>nd a doubt, t? conflrm the pTivioiwauspiclon, that the deceased bad' ! b*?n mnrdcr-'d l y poise*, and fre-a the appearances of I < the stc much and the eyr-ptoms exhibited by the Jeceaaod j during the opt ntion of t>" poison, that arsenic was the j material used l.^T the dsarructlon of life. The testimony E yesterday takeoby the Ocroner. tended to reflect a very 1 r strong auapiciou >f guilt on the husbacd. We gin below j the evidence, as .hr as wa? tjfcen prior t :> a i journnunt:? Yictjritu' Zcuu-r, residing at No. 27J Bioome street being .-worm, says -She has l.-aown decej* d for the la-t I three irentbs; doi asi J arriv-d in this sountry a Lou v six wee t* la-fore; th.- d'Tt n? i was taken sick on j Wtdnexiay night. ? fortnight ag? to-morrow night; on that day IVidtesdayl she hs V ut'-n of h-wii mutton; che was soon after r-Wed with violent vomiting, and ik A continued for five or sis days a. vr, and air w this time ? rtXe eov tines .1 to voiuil, but bws frequently; during the J wboleofthi* time sh continued' t.> com;>lc Va of great o ?I tret, and a burning vocation 1* the i liror_? and sto- c lticeii, she pwsei d blood from ke-i uni'.tU and nose on Patmday. and frtm the nose ou bun da;; on t'unlay trc w.lng. I>r Le (' rand'order'<1 hn somi' l -nimmls, hs I , iho was visiting occasionally, aud de continue t in this it at' until on o'olock tV- lullowin,y morning, when ah-- j was reized witit frequent Tcmitin j, and died in oae hour attar. (.Vheritc K:?k". icsldivv at No. If 5 KMridge str-ot, 1 ? being sworn, s<>y:?That about live days ago, aft-r de- . te*K 1 aiiirtd at lor room. d< poDeat not in to see | her. ttil while there the r marked to h r that sh had t rest pain in he? liowcis. atd f?id?' fee here. lock in i D.j mouth; 1 ant ? ironed;" witness saw llrnt h rtoogu-.presented s very singular appearance; during her sick- f uses sic we* alien led. dnrisg the day by the trench 1 wt man* Viototiui, (a inter, .ini .it uiglit bv Iter ho-banl; ; di reared was .-usplwious of h r hi tub-end; some >t>up was : utaiie ft r her to dr.uk by Catharinc Kavrand th " h ts- j, hand c.ltriO th' hi sp to deoe.vcd, and reoomutmdi'd it , to her te good for htr health; decease 1 replied to bin, ? ' You take s? me cf this soup tirst. and 1 will l:ilte some j after," and he tejdied, Newer nunJ. then; throw it ! ,, away " ll llr. G gorge i.aidtnmenn. reding at 55 Allen street * ben g sw< in, sayi?Itc wa* called to see deceased on the , bis I of July; he railed, but ltd :i1 pre eribe fur her. ? fcr the reason stie t xprtseed her.r.f so much hvtter; io I . two day v alter be ?:.s '-Milcd upon Jo see deceased air* in; he lcticd l.er with cou'sd tocgue,midyuUow iuc'tor; she i t, did not appear to l*> -nueb exharated at this time and j m. tiiu i ii ii-iiru hi, tin* imif (-.?? Una l>een vomitiri.? ' f Jr< ih th* i tlicln i t' | ilscn; lie p.*->rribe,l scuii thirty ta relii re Iter. ard calit ) Kg tin the 5>Uoi**iug day. hu<1 she wis pratty aucb in the mine "ay. e\oept tin** yomitmr hnil njurwlmt ebatiJ. yet tiir was rdtl vomiting; he rpain rail* Jlhr fnlh wing J?y nni> Aiding her no better, he disc .liUuui 1 hi* Tint'. an 1 did no1 nee her again I'epi neat further eiiti n that thr deceased informed hint Ii that ih-j ni'p'cliii ?< on- per-on b ,1 given h?*r poison. XI Anna Tarttir. residing at No. 105 llldridge street, iw< in. ays- 1 hat a jirl, tj 'he na in* ol Catharine l as re. Xs ralhd in her about a week ago list iincJ iy. aud said tin be ..? e. at by Mnr,-*ji*tt i hcreat t? make the decerned ol nine ?sup for hi r laallh; t'etharisoe nnt-lp the aou<> ?nd I It wasi Qcrrd to h? r fcy (Iruu/lj. ;hj deceaacda hu.-beud. Iicl he refund to ts'ir it te< J. W. Catr,oi lier, reaMisgat No Broadway being th iii.il, f?j.*--ll? ban ttindi'a j uif .*iihn'UBlniilioiot he body of dcr.e?ari. nwl dUctani 1 the signs of in- *' lUbunitun Ut?e? the i xterrai aurlnr., <,t the llrer c* liid the nnlaci ?I Un* hlniouuu nail, nttraaive adhe- th niins e\< ting: the ame wan n'..,o found between the tb 10 var suiface i f thr aUnnach. the liter .van antler thwx to ivul) the (lit hUddtr healthy; the stomach presented la in i f laluBMtliit ntnMbud internally; also. Q iheiI* wet* nie?a of lotlkmtsnllon apparent iu l?rg? patchea; the *tumath contains i about tin If a cup full ol of fluid of a dsrh oclcr. in wbi.h was floating a whitish U-aUiUl rcjcni'lirg white powder, the duodenal pre- *, ootid alight rigue of it iiiimMatinu; the sui ill and lar;;e iti'.i stinea sul rcatr.tn, healthy; tlw spleen appnrently healthy, a* were abn the kidneys and bUdder lung* and heait hi nlthy; the it. lamiuutinn tod appraracca of the stomrrb bore all the indication* of jot.-on Dr. Cnraochan pre-euti d the stomach nod a portion of Its cm- ' (' tont*. ard alto a poiliun ot the liver. for the purpoee of analyria, in oi der to artlrv at the tact ai to the presence ' t, cfjibcn, tin' pa its were placed in the hands of I'rofiSfcrKml. at theVity Hospital, for chemical analyation; and li r lb- watt of tbla all important part ot tlio ir.T. ligation. tin Corom r was compelled to * ljt urn any luttl er prrciidiogs until It o'clock on rhursiay urnn11 g next., when the inrertijation will be ontlnu-d at 11*<* Con r.er't i I ce In the n? w t'ity Hall, l'ark. Yettcrday afternoon. ..on>e further f.icts cxm* to th? kncahdgcU the Coroner rr peeling li.o w hern bo at* of 'be di 11 ami during her -hort sojourn in tki* city Mr. '' "tfli n Hi fltjan ralti I at the i alee of the Coroner, and slated that he bad that day read in one ot the m iruimj jnjiis an areiunt of the death ot a 1'reuch Womnn i.nnrcd Vlrtirtne Ol unrig, and that her hie bind bad te?a arre-t id on the suspicion of harlag taken her life hy ailKlnUtnIeg roi-wia. Mr. MoPnuia v?nl ott (tlh i 1 late that ri me ctrcutn-tacr ea within his kuowleJg" re- t. latirg to the drceasi I might tend to as.'lit th? ttorooer dnlirg the iuTi-t< o n lit t latej that about th.- ttrwt -. of June kit. \!i lw!rf, the '] ra ? 1. w?* ca^ij by j",, Jar* I!ofTn an a.? nnv-e toLrr children and ? mp*ol'il Mr* Hi Oman to their country rvM.I?r.ce at Uortairay. Ltug Inland. Heir Met otti>c rrmain -J until th* hitter ran Of Jul/, uhen h- Ii-lt, au I r-turr e t t > lla<' rity. but |>ri vloue toI.-ktIiiji (.he tmj It'fl.rjr.i ot th? n Mania iu Uir twin.- iIn-1 ihe ? -m a marrtmJ woman. ' I-1-(I related to Ibi ui that nb -ul fifteen month* aw h r rr tin land fi-me to tbi? c-ointry I hat lie * > by tra<t?? a mm hlnlat ai-i pmi.l" J to aetui t'-r Iter *? a -oj poaat- tie. l.'flc-n mouth*. hovevir, cuiprcj. ua I r.nlin? ?1. that I <i' I mci :i i in' ?. - aU- cou?lulJ t > h:' rcll<* after him it] i-rrlvci in tt- < t.ly *i>out . Ihtte ncbtlu liter. i'n U-r arrival ?he found lur hutlaui lii tl*l? city, eohblllr.* with n tlcrana Kilmm. it.rr J '.aT-arvtiv l.-i n.r by * ion m I>B<1 I nr child A dUhcw than t < p.ar M*M here* If atul bin Ik i I. at d i Jv>. i i .*i ler to aupport I?TMlf. hired cut in tlw family e f Sir. 11. >u?u iiurtaj be ~ May at l.?oka?ky hei lm bj nj re .--l to - rh? r to t a hitid ef reconciliation tcoh flat I I *,** u th-tu 1 mid that h? hti-l auJ hit r n- nli 1 to a". inj?? Ih i t.i man Marfan tie. and ihe hnd connoted to : t w him. Hi.d ?kR Hilltop to tai'ifhr child. a ".1 In inj It up a? hi i' t an Ai ? i ; h it tl I : 1 Hi i it i hi it- Mrimrc. at the end It ii Hr U I wan'* fajtily. ictrrt.- i to the city ac t w -.it tomtit* | hi with her btuhend Margan-ltn, bo?"Vi r. vra? uot *iU? lug to part with I he father of her child. u-r c-u.J ?o> ' le Indue d I > be ecparatr-1 fun ti-f babe; aue *ti iii! oldeve <1 lor devotion exlitbl'ol th rtiiii. tl '(he pi mi: i ?. No lu-i hidriige atteei orovi>l.-J f >r ti?? ?< n11ion 01 Vic'oriue. writ Tb.ied by MargareTta and '* hi r child the day oi her arrival. Urumlg fuel t icto- tn rue wetv e. aird In th.* room. when !a r "ticj Marx*rrlii. Hid rii'Brtf Omcl( a* h r hu-'un l t'ctorloe if d. i.ncltfce claim. and h g!i wotji veou aroe- between them until Marfan'.ii lxcooiiof ;rea'i/ ncitid. auddenly (htpw tli- chill lain th. 'ip of ''run if. and. icirirg a flat 1,. n **i about i:i" ' .1 ng a iea.l'y blow on Mctoiiue, ?b?? berarmwaawi ,i .t tjiflruufl(,*ht jutn|u d t?p to t> pfcia:.' ij? two ciu'iatair. Marietta m I !; n left the primlrra. aula n pro*- 1 *.*. ft r nl X.i 40 I'.lni *trrrt The a?St day nt the day uPi-r. p Mctortae. idler laUBfionae ttton. b >me elck, and continued tor* :nit alon'-t coneUUtiy url'lvft'- died. ?n M< i.day On ml; g fit-pick n o? foul a. lion ?i* at one* , ablepcnd ) ; the ne'^h! r* which ttaa.vu.ted la tlia am at of the two aiiepcc-ttd partiev Hie f"n?cof the Soldier Pn^ltaii. to Tin; ti'iina or ihs miui.h. Plr?llaTieu era in your paper ot y* aterday. a lettor ?' frimlltn tt wl relative in my coaut uertial you *tll ] j* rwiit me in crreet ?i * rai ni'.atat m nla which that ' y u n n.nnt> . tion <* n:?te? lli ni'iitl'.: tiiul In m the teatimnoy of? r.'. 0*rdtner. he f.ar tm thiuhl that had 1 e 'TUt:iunion d my e-TBplea . to him. he (Oi l. <1 ) woviiJ hare en need me Now, Col. I I!annr.cr hinted: hua n a groat many of th** teoidlera I at title pe t ptibiihed in ditl-rent Waya. "a annual of ale i ntlvg iben.'U'lTee frotu the ProteatMt piano of wor* ; hip hart; arid it ie evident that U hi* liiii>h li,- poeitim ( )' eould p< i mil kiln torxi ut aoy of hi.* nn*n br ha l many oppoltunlUt* of doing to laitead of that. I. al >ng With ' 1 I* i aty rthrrn. wei e "btifi-l to aland oa a log during ?lt i t?i?t.t bovre on one of the solvitat daya of writ . r on i acri ur.t of aid atl' iidirj thai c!i and tbl# to thv C"io- | lit li own know', J,t* Hf ??j? Out 1 h.i*p rnijr forfriti-4 about Art dollar*. Ii" t?nd of (lint. ten dollar:. h>? loin atop).lot in,* piT *' M I at I iriucipilij ei nj l.uii i I. bowi ?> r. U lh"- fr>- [f unjun Butirwr In obli b my trial wm cowluctal l>- thp ititiriUlkli y<ft. Thr wltn<?AWb? awrfa Iht I r<lu. iiltna>k j'Tii i on <H 0n|. O. to gwioarua-d ! ">? kin nJit/K < liuirb. alxo mention- I thai aaoihor anWi ! ?a. with km-. A - I ?ai ctktilrol that I dM 'fp .'roup- ',1 ttnljf row id loaiimJ cban-h. or di?pUj?d ar.'-htaj ji (f a 1(1 it 11 hi .!, iluatlan t i ill-4on thta |>> a a* <1 n alien* twl iiii*ul?r to lay en-rj ilnnia qn- ?ttnn ? |; n ti .1 iti# nm *i tbi -utail to b> 'hp c<utt. b p-ah- I t! <j l-?U?Tid thai hit aictwere ?ao!d lead toae-iutt ?rr I I in con ti.i.i-wr* ol th<-1- rtuittv -ltd actaalt a.ij | otl.it ?Ua*-a. low?, r??preUullT. Did UX. loir Cot i it ? Arfff t 10.13" 1 Ana* :J. r' r - u'trj on tV- .r-'*?;?ll!a ' 1, f; ) ft;j. i nod. in < Kb lart h; *V ;U - , ;i. .. jolt J i?Mlit .O lilt. j D. PRICE TWO CENTS. -= * n EW S BV TELEGRA PH. Election Returns ALABAMA." Ti m alooia, Auguat 3, 1851. John Krwln. th? Southern right* candidate for Con grew in this district. u Deiievea to ye elected oyer Wm. R. Smith. the Union rani]Jute It Is announced as probable (bat the secessionists bar* elected three of thrlr candidate to Congreas. KJinTVCXY. C/vcivvati. August 11 19fl. Sixty counties and the city of LouisviUs giTe Dixon ',111 majority?Crittenden bad 10,310 majority in tta* !saee ct unties. In 40 counties to bear from, Powell's najority in 1811 wax 1 SCO; Dixon has fallen short og [he Crittenden vote, 7 451, and rowell has fallen short >f hie Tote of 1848 by 1 291. Thompson (whig) is elected blent. Governor by a considerable majority. In M counties, Clay receired life rotes. T2MSESSXZ. CtsrciTTATt August 13,1MI. Da srery ssnnty hoard from. Campbell gains largely. 3ullcm (whig) Is elected to Congxes* from the NaahrUS llstrict. acd Stanton.(dem.) is electedtfrom the TITi mpM listrict. ThsKaahville H"u? says Campbell Is certainly lected Oofcnor. and the senate has certainly a whig najority. Tbs aoute is uncertain. but chances tar* lie whigs. Nasmtili r. August 8,1861. Ruffle lent ret mi hare been received to shsw th i calas of Campbell. (Cnion whig.) for Governor, over tha ?big majority, ti '0 years ago?ray 200 in Davidson, 96 n Sumner, ?75 Maury, 1C0 Montgomery, 140 Vfflsoa fayne, from partial returns, ehorai a whig loss of fiva 11 the whigs are elected in Davidson, Wilson, Wayne c<i Montgomery. Sumner snd Maury rout ties elao emocratlc representatives Id tho Senatorial distriMa f Maury and Giles, there is a whig- gain. Tha whigS laim a deris iTe victcTy in the State Pidsi Plttkbury, :?E 8T1'."'ItRNYlLLE RAILWAY ? 1 HS AM-MIUKf 1 '.i:iOF. CAIS?1)1 Al'.OI.ICAL ACT, ETC. I'lTTBBl'Sl Atl, U?t 12. 1861. A large and enthusiastic meeting was held last nigb^ it tie Hoard cf Trade, in favoi of the railroad ta Stan, ujville Dr. Gszcau was chosen chairman Amongst he speakers were George Daisie. Captain Naylor and 'etcr LivingstAu. of Washington county. The latter aid that Washington ccunly would eubseribe (300.009 lerol xtions w.-re poised that th- ro.-.'l be made in two carp; and a committee wad appointed to solicit stock The great suit against the Alleghany Bridge Cuiaptap ? progiessirg The plaint dC- claim that the bridge b*? ceivi 1 a sinking fund eufllcieat to pay the stoekhuhlem. t. therefore, should be frcs. St me villains attempted, jest relay, to throw the paarrger train of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad oC be track, between Rochester and Brighton. by taste nl a; n in n chain on thi track. The tircmeu me the obstrooion In time for the engineer to reverse the engine. doCItbetai Jinn which tome damage was sustained, but mm ves wi re l< 11. The river in the channel measure* four and* bait et. The weather is cloudy. flslt of I lie Stw i orK Kiikinrn?Vnlaa tolitffe. Araov August 12, 1851. The N' W York Ri.Ttmen. Cept. Baark, marohed under c escort of the German corps of thlr city, to BmitVd alf Way Tituse, on the Tro7 tied, this afternoon, le; in:mediately proceeded to targtt tiring. Th? taxt was pic creed like a riddle, some of the best ahote ing given that was ever witnessed The succcaafui mpetitors were Lieut. Oelssen, v.ho won the first prise, iDg the anuual geld oroe-; Corporal Ucsena won tha tend prir.e. which Is the judges' cup; private Gloria; e third, n g< id ebaiu: private Nepenihaler, the foortV liver cup; an I private S. I",hie. the fifih a g<4d penrtle Tha company will lenve the city at nine o'clock lm*vf ning. in the Isaac Newton, highly delighted with ie reception cut rtaiuuieut, sua attendance extended them by our eitlsent. the Gorman portion part leu rly. anO the Washington BIG men. commanded hp spt Trigger. The icjmrt that l>t. Nott had n signed the Prvaidcaew r Ynioa College, is contradicted, lie remains in hia rercut position uialil the uilaira of the college are InMU|ibi Kelura of Dr. Gardlnrr, dr> WasHivoTOK, August 12, 1851. Letters haTe hem received here from Dr. Oardinec tho U implicate d in the aCef-d Mexican clahu fraad) atlnir that he will return to (lie Coiled states by thd eauiship Africa, which w?s to Mil fr?oi i.irerpool on thi* i iurt |w'e jo not ijdj l.n o*iuj auioag the hat ad iMengcr* by the Africa.] ( tiirnl i>< oti. Noar )L?, August 10,1M1. General 8cott arrived at Old Point Comfort, yeawrday. >,l rii ncriT'J at the fort .vm to-daj. where It* w ewtd the troop.-. roll lira In Mnuaihn?rlti< Borrrn, Auguat IS. 1J61. The democrats held their ward meeting* ia*t night, and ppointrd dttejratea to the State Convent,on at Wren r. The Baltimore platform was in verrral wnrde mlopti J The imprr?*ion srenii J to be in favor of luriag thing to do aiih the coalition in the convention, boa leave that matur with the people in th? country acca. ConvriitlMia In Olilo. Cist tosam, Anguat 12. US). The liberty party hare railed a convvntion In thha uity to appoint dtlcgatea to a general convnutlon at lumt ua. to nominate candidat'-a for the approaching rtion The temporal) men of thlf county have ale* d a convention and rcoived to have n dtate Canveon at Colnmbu* ?ar'.j in Beptrmber. to nominate ennJatoa fur Judgi -. the legislature. and oth-r oOcaa, irloctlre of tmlitlca. who witl carry Jut the inte r*nc* UTiaiuDJ of lb. Br? CoMtilUlion.* Sontbt-in ilrnti. in:*? or inr. vttammiip rAK'-KKO r.?* c?iu? ? mtTi!to or the rsiCMis or ci oa?<.uoi.ua at ?*W OttUKI. r t names August 12, 1SU. Tac S< utb rn mall b.i arrive J. The paper* >(? t<* that tlit* rt. au,rr Pampero took <1% ir Jr< <1 tu< li ft. m New Orl. au* for I'ul a, li.'?ide# a nrp, Maimer*, rcmpo*ed of Kurop.an refugee#. Sh* j p. J at Irtt T. ntekron ar d took onboard als ran >n an.l a ! cf cor.a' un>d ordnance lately aoid by ta genre meat 'tl'i-frri of Ci.t.n, at M. ctgonirry, A'ahr.ma h-4d a r*? and rut hi. ?ia*tif meting, at a tucb hltong rwaolai.* rirr ,.0. j t o li. fr art ?Vn n fbrlrra <1 -ath.- at Kit Orleans duri the weekending the 2nd inat Tlie Ft i; iiom.tr Bank, Connt) flctlt* Batrotroav. Augu*t 12, 1151 The *taf khr'.d.r* of the tYqv nnic Bank, HriJg.po*e rt j <trtday. for the chol-a ef director*. Two ttrkek re run. and considerable eacltrat, nt BTemUi d P T I' US, i:-| . ear unt l.iu >u*ly elected 1 rvxtdeet at th* ink. Latrr fiotu Fertmmlturo. 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