14 Ağustos 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Ağustos 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Jfc?1???I % TH WHOLE NO. 6868 DOUBLE SHEET. COMMON COUNCIL. "Report Of the Chirr Engineer of the Fire Deportment. board or aldermen. iut evening the Board met et live o'clock. the cnicr or roLtcr Aldermen Mii.lkh said, he wished to learn from the Committee on Office* end Salaries, appointed to consider tie nomination of the Chief of Police, what time it 1* probable they will report to the Board. Alderman Qairrix, the chairman of the committee, aaid, that since the nomination had been referred to them, certain report* had come to their knowledge in reference to the Chief of Police, and in justice to him, a* well a* to the public, the committee Ml it to be their ? duty to investigate them. As the lloard may probably adjourn this evening or to morrow eveoieg. he bad his doubts that the committee would be abl? to report this Mcaton. Alderman 8h*w said, it was worthy of remark that bcth the gentlemen who now delay the report voted for not delaying the action of the Board one hour at the time the nomination came before the Board, lie would, therefore, give the gentlemen notice that, in the eveat of their not reporting to-morrow eveniog he would move that the committee be made to report, in order to enable the Board to act upon it during thi.? Mission. The Mayor is concerned, the Chief Polioe is concerned, and the public are concerned. APJIIAL rf.rOBT of THE chief KNUINEER or THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. The Pieiweiit suid that the annual report from the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department had been r> calved, and be supposed it might be reitd if there was no olfaction. [This announcement produced quite a flutter in the Chambers ] Alderman Cook inquired If the usual course waa not to print such document*; he would like to sea it in print, and therefore moved that it be laid on Uo table and printed. Alderman lltm said that if the report was like that of last /ear, he, for ore, would not like to see it in print, lie would move that it be referred to the Committee on Fire Department. Alderman Kelly would like to know if there was any particular objection to have it read ' Alderman Omn i* thought it ought to be referred? not to the Committee on Fire Department?but to the Committee on Ordinances or a special committee Some of the suggestions were good, and some portions of the report he did not agree with. Alderman Sham?I call the gentleman to order. He is talking about a document he kuuws nothing about. It is not yet read. It comes from the Fire Department, and we are bound to treat it with respect My opinion is that it ought to be referred jnat as such documents ordinarily are referred. I have beard some hem* and haws, but no reasons against the ordinary c< urse. It r-ini there ia something about the document that disturb* somebody Let us not impeach it before it is beard, nor impeach the rominif.ee in advance, to whom the consideration of the document rightfully belongs. As for printing It, I would not have it printed till it passes the committee. The report was then referred to the Committee an Fire Department. It is as follows THE RKrOK'I OF THE C1IIKF ENGINEER OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT To the Honorable Common Council ? ltw1U.be per seised, by the enclosed annual returns, containing tl e name*, business, and residences, of the firemen, and by the accompanying tabular statement, that there are twenty-six engines in good order, three ordinary, four building, and one renuUding; forty-one hoee carriages in good order, two ordinary.and six building: six book and ladder trucks in gooj order, and two ordinary; forty ladders and tignty-llve hooks; forty-three thousand and three hundred feet of hose ia good order, fifteen thousand and two hundred feet ordinary?making fifty eight thousand acd fire huudred feet of hose. There are thirty -four engine companies, forty-nine boee companies, eight boon and ladder companies, and three hydrant companies. There are two thousand two hundred and eleven men in the Department If the companies were fuU, there would be two tboueand eight hundred and eighty eight. There have been three hundred and nineteen fires, by which the lose on buUdings amounted to one hundred ill flftv nine thousand four hundmd and ilfir.flva dollar*; ind on ware*. tiro hundred and forty-e'.ght thourand and twanty-elght dollar*. making the In * by Ore, a* Marly a* coold b* ascertained. -eten hundred and rtTM thousand four hundred and sereuty eight dollar*. There hare bean two hundred and thirty eight alarm*. By the abort-, it appear*, that thi re ha* been an Increase of thiity fire*, and forty *ix alarm*, orer last year: but. at (be same time, a desreaee of Are hundred and eighty seven thousand *i* hundred and twenty Ave dal\ Inra-in the deatruction of property; which must be graUffing to the Department and to the city The Bremen jmtlv complain of the eerere labor caused by the numeroua faLe alarm*, believing that m*ny Area and alarm* are caused by rarioua kind* o? fluid u*?d for lighting building*, through whlrh human life L? often sacrificed. If necessary. I might h- re state the lose of , many live*. and the deetruclion cf much valuable property by camphen and other1 burning fluid*, during the paat year. The public journal* announce almoat tally the disastrous and often fatal remit* of camphen. t therefore propose that the use of three pemictou* fluid* be prohibited throughout thr city. A book and ladder company 1* required between LaM Twenty second and Tbirtb th street* Another in the house built for that purpose some three year* ilnoe, in Weat Twenty-fourth street?you havlag Invested me with no authority to orgeniie a company there Another between Chamber* and North Moore streets, there being tut one hook and ladder company in the two lower dlatriet*. I would al*o recommend the organization of a hose r< mpany In the earn* vicinity: two more in th* Pecond Dlatriet; and another for the hou*e about to be erected In Mott street. near Chatham. Uoee Cvmpaoy No. C.V in Bulliisn street. near Prince, ha* had no houae ainee the first of May. their lease baring aspired, whose apparatus la in the public yard. This company I* much needed in tbtt locality and I recommeud that a lot be , procured, and a house erected for them, as toon a* MpM I am 1 nppy to inform you that the iron hell tower. In Thirte third strr- t l* n* comnleted which will he of Knit public utility. The comiiantes in the n rthern sect it u of the city bATe long suffered great inn nvralenca for the want t.f a "proper alarm. nti 1 I rejoice that they will be forever relieved from such iocnven!ence by the erection ot thin etuiurlri? towrr, which will be tha pride of tbo Department, ami an ornament to lb* city A lot having been procurt d long since In Hp lng 'treat tour \nrtrk. for tbe erection of a tower, whicli Is much deIdled Id that Irreality. I would respectfully reromuieud tbat an iron tnwtr be aoon erected there Aa tbe tower on Centre Market la dilapidated and insecure, with a bell weighing only four thousand pounda, and d snip tously vibrate* in a high wind, or during an alarm, and as ihcrr is sufficient apace on the lot where engine [ Ho :> Is located in Marti n etrect not fir diAatt I would recommend that an Iron tower be erectaJ there. ' IhlJeffenaa Market licll tower having la-en destroyed I y Are on tbe Ii ultimo, I pvpn-e tfia" an Iron tower be arreted In lta ateal. near its former locality; and I especially urge that It bo Immediately erected. a? there is not a eolitary tower in operation on the weal aide of cur city The tower on th? Totnbs w?a d??troy-d by lira e< me year* slnee. which.like the Jeffer?>o Market towar, was built of wood, which should b< an admonition against the erection of wooden bell towers hereafter. *1 tie telegraphic wires connected with the bell towers, wbr.ie completion was urg-d in my last annual report, which bad been abandon'd tor BeT rsl years by Mr. llcute, the original contractor, Iain pleased to inform art at length comp le'ed and ar- total itbly slT-ctite n their Instant communication to every tower In the city. In what dietrtct the tire is. which will aave tbe firemen much tn necessary labor, by tbtir prevention <f the numerous fab* alarms which have hitherto misled thi m. In the absence of these telegraphic wires. The ' entire apparatus. however Is necessarily of very delicate | c nglructh.n, and mutt be u'ed with great care by the bell ring r <r i ,.t onca I m - u't-rly inoperative. Ac J It grlevae me to infi rro you that tbe telegraphic apparatus is aftwa seriously iejuri d, either by th? hi II iter n Hirni'1 itw. tr oy pom? hi ir.e i nin t m< irtrna* who uncieMngly Tii It them who often me It without Mrvlon, alnp'y to gratify their rurlodty, thereby ml?lettding una rrrwtii'g general rontualon at the bell tew? r* throughout the city. and. of cour.e, throughout the 1>< par n nt. Y< n havr long n ><niri> that I hare so powar topreveu* oirli mlachtcyoua evlla. and that I cannot arort lb Might eat or moat aggravated dereliction of pr.blie duly l.y the boll ringera, tb*y bring policeman, and re*pcr.?!'ji? only to tba Potior Hopartment. which doea ro t hold thuu to that tigld accountability that tha Chief engineer wi uld, for llietr dereliction In tha towel* Itencc I Would again, mpnatfUMy urge that ? the appoint mi at of tha ball ringer* lie litrmted to tha Chief engineer, It at cad of ilia Mayor, to br aalrctad from tha mpi rtenn d nid faithful atampt fir-men, inalcad of from Ihr poil.i oira aa bow, tnba confirm d by IheMayor, or by your honorable body. A hill hai twice ptivil tha Hoard of Aaala'aot Aldermen for the thorough correction Of tha tvMtrai and dfagracelal avlla that have ao long egiated at tha ball lower* which war* antum rated In my laat annual report, and which contlnun to blight tha beat ai>vg'"aof tha Jhipnrliricnt. and peril tha v?r -a hiliitatlona. ard Urn < f ourciliran* The flrat l.ltl p a?ed by tba Hoard of Aieletant Aldarrnrn, win defeated In the Hoard of A Id* i man, aa I a(?tad in my laet annual report, thro'i^li the active laainiiueiifaltty of Ald'rcnau llaWa ; and II ileiIndicd, racm paving atrange that a rlmtlar hill, paaaad the preaent year, hy the Hoard of A alatant*. rhouid ha pcrritltlial to iiumhi-r'itiiatly for tha part al* month*. In the r , ludtd r! ajnhn of tha OrdlraMa Onmmlttra of tl. I fi :irtl < f A I. rman ? po- I of Me*-r' Mnifavant l*haw. and II w*?Lha latt,r i . ar , l? tluia a' uiliovk? thwarting. fur two ?o>- !??> year*. tha ?* j r> I - .1 will ' ' tl>i ItcirJ i f A?i?nut Alfrrmen, luiitlir carn??t wished of th? I Ire Ittpiri nt. Th?* rrpaii at>4 KltrritluM of tl . ?HR'ne. hn*a. !?n.l hook ar<t i?(W< r fi 'U-< ?. t? whi.lt |.t ?ti <,it .1 allii'lon wr f nada it. inr I ?t ?' tit'a! r> 1011 'ill r (tin a ?nnrr? ?f In:'trite 1- 1X1J-hi* 'C if 11 to ll r_l>( I arlitiprit I liarritftii nn* 1 f. lit Tiiintt* way*. I. < Itnu j; the rail, but to tvg /mrp"** Auil I ?jnlti ncminint that Ihe r. ftlr:. . ! alttratieWe i f to li t-r* b? in'ru?- .1. at fi-mteily, t.j Ilia th'<f I! ;t > !'. Tha firt l?? | t.rinn nt lut year. petlllfiiwil y in honor ah!* t> n| w to Iff!*''* tha irpiln ai tl alt. ?a'i"i. of th. !r iuiilJ n a to } liaaJt, il with h no |.- tit * i I A t It -e -ma hard It ?t the fri in It. who e<i iii r> ? ni in y a rlrn t> ? ft >an. thrii ' in ( ipnl finntltM at) I 'h lit/ at la-y , nhoald hr thu* lu-alei'tnl |.v yoiiTritea?tha neoaatona f I pai'* and aiti rut it of tlinr buildioji being ab ut tlw> E NE ZV only reward they require of you for their severe labor and exposure; a return wbieh, while It gratifies them in the preservation of their apparatus, in whloh they manli? at; to laudable a pride, it at ins name time preeenre# the public property, which U highly commendable in them. It ie with no ordinary emotions of pleaaure that I am enabled to congratulate yourselves and the whole city on the general and unparalleled tranquillity that haa pervaded the department since my laat annual report, whloh contained twenty-four pages relative to thoee murderous attacka on my comrades, of the Short Boys, Old Maid's Boys. Rock Boys, and other clubs, composed of the vilest ruffians that ever went unhung. With the exception cf their memorable and fiendish attack on our unoffending and defenceless men. women, and children, while In uwi uuj cujuviug iu?uuiriT?a iu mr viu?gr ui uoouwa, In an adjacent Statu, the ooncsrtud movements of these formidable and merciless banditti hare been thwarted for a whole year. And how ? Firstly, by their knowledge of the deliberate resolution of the fire companies to shoot the in down like dogs, when they again murderously attacked them. And, secondly, because these clubs had reason to believe, as the history of the past year has happily proved well based, that they could not, as hitherto. when arrested for brutal attaoks on the firemen, be so easily and mysteriously liberated by Aldermen and others. And how gratifying It must be to yourselves and to all classes of our meritorious citizens, to learn that since my last annual report, no engines and hose carriages have been suddenly seized and borne away to mo? obscure place, upset, and dashed to pieces; that no hose has been cut and stolen; no false alarms raised to allure fire companies into sparsely populated distriots, where gangs of these demi-devlls, suddenly emerging frcm ambush, would beat the firemen nearly unto death. No ; scarcely has a skirmish transpired within the department during the entire year just passed, since the clubs have been compelled to cease their attacks, who have for years been the instigators of those broils in the department, for which the firemen have been so long and so unjustly held responsible. And now, with these pleasing truths before their eyes, let those who have so inveterately persist id in stigmatizing the New York firemen as a band of worthless rowdies, fbrever hold their peace. A more orderly, courageous, patriotic, and useful organization of men does not exist. And I warmly congratulate the department on the Incontrovertible establishment of this great trnth, by the glorious results of the past year, now that the cruel and remorseless scoundrels belonging to the .clubs are no longer screened, and let h ose to blight the private and public virtue and the u tilll y of the department, bj those who should years since have sent them toBlackwell's Island, and Sing Sing, Instead of mercenarily and illegally releasing them from our prisons, as soon as arrested for their deeds of public plunder, and sacrifice of Innocent human blood. Anl hoe it would be a pleasing task to consider the happy efiects on the general morals of our city, and the inci eased security to preperty and human life, resulting from the partial luppression of these formidable clubs, which have spread such terror and dismay among all classes of our cltlxens for so many yearn ; but I must necessarily leave this prolific theme for the consideration of those to whom it more appropriately belongs. And now, la order to render the department thoroughly effective, and to forever separate It from political influences, I would propose Firstly, That the representatives of the Fire Department, (a body composed of I so members from each company, annually elected by the companies themselves, and which is subservient to ilia State laws,) be empowered to select a judiciary committee from the exempt firemen, whose duty it shall be to try all cases of insuboidination in the department; their decisions to be re pcnra 10 your nonoraoie oooy ror ootinrmetlon. Scot ndiy, That the Board ot Kngineer* and foremen, wbo are subservient to the municipal laws, be authorized to select a financial committee from themselves, whose duty it shall be to receive all applications fbr tbe organization of flru companies, tbe building aud rebuilding of tbe fire apparatus, houses, kc , their decisions also to be confirmed by you Tbe judiciary committee above proposed, being composed of intelligent, worthy, and patriotic citisens, who bave served the department and tbe city long and ineritoiioualy, and wbo are now removed far beyoud tbe influence ot insubordinate members, and from tbe deadly Uiklaria of tbe political arena, would doubUei- make pi inpt. able, and impartial decisions. The proposed financial committee, being cotnposi d "( , active firemen, familiar with tbe wants of tbe department. could judge with promptitude and abili'.v of the merits of tbe above named applications, and tnue remove the fatal delay which exists under tbe present system. Tbe adoption of these propositions would supersede the mcessity of your Committee on fire Department, which I, cctnpoM d of politician* instead of disinterested and experienced fir* men, which has been the source of Inconceivable embarrassment to tbe department. Under the proposed arrangement, tbe department would seek redress by a direct application to the judiciary committee. in all cases of insubordination; which would greatly pr> mote the ends of justice, and the efficiency of the department, by the summary and impartial trial of insubordinate members, instead of ixAug subjected to lbs mystiricu* and intirmimible procrastination of your fire Department Committee. And the department would apply to the proposed financial committee for its pecuniary want*, which would supersede it* direct applications to you, (and frequently iii.se countable delay of your committee ) for the building and rebuildhig of tbs apparatus, houses, kc., by which your appropriations arc so unequally distributed tknugn the department?soma companies obtaining i everything while others get literally nothing, being re- | ium-u li e most inning appropriation*. even for the ue- | ci ssary repair of their building*?your honorable body ! retaining the vetc on all decision* of the proposed com- i mitteee uhicb y< u may deem fallacious and detrimental to the common welfare H hen you rend the chain* of party, and magnanlKourly adopt there proposition*; when you return to me J the superintendence of the ri-pvir* and alterations of the | hemes. which the firemen have so often rei|ue*Ud, through petition* to your honorable body; when you au- ' thoriaa n>e to appoint the bell-ringer* ftoia the exempt ' tin men. which the d' l^artmi nt and the Hoard ?f Assis- I taut Aldermen no anxiously desire; and forever ceaae to J ; t r..t. the club demon* when arn-t.-d for their f -rocuu* *ttack* U|*)U the firemen?then will be eifeefed a j thor< ugh atd | " ramm nt separation of the F're Depart- 1 mi ut Irom the pernicious political influence* utth which it hae been *o long accurienl?a Reparation that cannot fall to produce the happiest effect* on the department itself, and on the great body of our people. Respectfully, ALFRED CARSON, Chief Engineer. Clan i Kneivtrt't Orricr.. j New York, Auguet 1. 1861. j TETt KM Of THE ENGINE, HONK, HOOK AND LADDER, AMI HYDRANT COMPANION, THEIR APPARATI A, rUCKH OF IlKPOHIT, CONDITION, ETC., TOOKTIllill WITH TIIK NA.MKH AND UERIDENCKS OF THE ENGINEER A AND FOREMEN. CHirr tinuirtl. Alfred Carson. I'.*' Mutt street. assist4*t raciHtll. M, Fichrll, 1CI lldrU*a at. 8 T Heyt IM Cherry ak. J 1". Laciir 17!' Maniea st. Hud. M. Phillips, I Niatli et. T Monree s.'.T IFashtngton St. John Oillelaa. Harlem. Clark YatiierLtlk, 37 First at. If. Jscksoa, 1ST H eat 71th it. J. A. Craftier. Ut liudeoa *t. Two Vacancies. awaiaas. No. 1?Colibre A; huilt ia ftoed order; feet good 1.see, hs> f. ct ordinary, total anmbcrof fsetkUl; complement of men Mi, present number IP; Jinn W. Ityrne foreman, riii'erce 671 F.ighih avenos; location Kifthln avenue and I m lilli htnaa IB LadurJer <N .1 ? ?librr Mj; billdlnr <UI loot |o?d how; oompletiattl mm .VI, prrecat nmnltr .1*; Ucorrc ('. Baker luron.cn; roeidrnre r<6 Madleoa ilmt; locatioa 11 Dmrp otrcot; I cum la coca ttdn. ho. .1?Calif ro -H: hnilt IM7 rebuilt 1MI; *ood ordor 100 f. it d<od norr; complement ot in?B VI, |>rmal number I"; John I) nil OB foreman: rreldei.ro !?l TOiet Brnodone; location TOeit Broadway. aoar II-o h it reel honoo lagoo.l ordor. ho. 4? Colibro hm; boilt l-IVj rood ordor: M>) foot rood I ok: compliment nt men SO, no out number I*. James B. Fclo> lorfBin; ri ?id? arc 2l?* Molt i.roet location .11 flreat Jonra olroot; hoaoo la rood ordor. ho. t?Calibre I ya; hnilt |KJ!>. rebuilt, IHll: rebuilding. '**1 ' aood hooo: complement ol bob in. prooeat aiaiwrU: Wt.t. I.jono foreman; rcotdmro IBS l/tiaao otroot; locatioa 09 At.a otroot: honoo la had ordor. No. d? Colli.>o h *i: hollt In 1M9: rood ordor; ??> foot rood i ompletnont ol mon HI. present nnoher Alfred fall .or foreman; (roldraoo 63 Fo-avtb otroot; locatioa 13 0< ?iorneur otroot: Toniola fi?d ordor. ho. 7?Calll.ro V'i; built In IMP; rood ordor; *? foot rood hooot complement of tooa f.riorat anmhor At; Nlrhard holly foreman; re. Idence 140 1 bird Boon no; locatioa third i?K.n? aeir I'nenty itoth street; honoo la bad or or. ho. *? Calibre ot^; f ill m 1*4 rood ordor, .TOfoot rood hi ro Ilk) feet ordinary. t< til number of fr i ploBOBl ol BOB .'II. preoeat miii.I or 03; John Boyle foromia; roil dtnro IVi Koriyth itroot; loratn a !'l l.adlon otroot; hoaoc la rend ordor. No. 41?Calibre 9)f; hnilt in ISBI; rood ordor: 4?'l Soot good hooo; lotnpUmmt of mm 6<>, preoeat number .13. Archibald M< Nanghtoa foreman rtoideare 12* Mo.t itroot, locatioa 17 Mirloa itroot; hooMlar"od ordor. ho. 10?Calllro built In iNlt, rohnilt IBM; ordinary; Sici foot rood hooo. h"U fo-t ordinary total nniaborof foot t'l); co in pit mat of noa .tl, preeent number II: Ueorgi Kitaherly fori BIB. rortiloaeo Tvoaty-oovoath itroot. corner of Niatb ar?t>no: location Twenty ooroath itroot, aoar Trath aroauo; henoo la food order. ho. II?Calibre d.H; hnilt la 1K.T rebuilt I "I*; rood ardor (Ml fort rood hooo; oomplomontcfinon.il proooat nomherSS; Ji?. J Runny foromin: r. i ..ootor otroot; I... alion TOnot tor near Prince itroi t, houoe In rood ordor No. l3-C?lltro6W; hnilt in 1*34 rohni t frl*: K..?d ordor: H" feet rood hcio. hotfoot ordinary, lotol anmbor of foot pop com) I* Biont of mon D, prcoont nnmbor TOm. B. Rot-kntll. foremen: roildonto Fiftieth itroot, aonf 1 bird avenue, loci lion Iiftloth itroot, acar Third aroauo: honoo In rood order. No 1.1-Calibre 7; built In WC; rmxl order, 1119 foot rend I me; roirplomrntnf mon .10. proem I number 21, John ttn'iich fori mm; tooidonct IS Rooo clrect: location 4 Roane otrctt; ht t io in rood order. ho. 14-Calibre Mt: bnlll In 1-17: pood rrlor; ?"?> footro'd l> ao; cob pi< moat of mm DO, pro. out nnmher 17; John IVobir finiaa; roold. ace I.I Aon otroot; tenthn Church. i <i m r n ? t>*? iir??t it no in , i'Border. No II'?Cnlilre f>I nut in 1-/7, robtillt Is'*'; food order; 41" f. rl t< od !,t ?r c t-tfi'i nt * I i l nil |>r?*rn? n?mh?r 17- f'?rhfit WlH-hcll for*io*r| fffU'irttfV Klfhth ??*iinr; If Mli * lift Witt Tointimh rtrnt; how** u rood ordrr. No. I!?-I'illt,r? >')): l.till.JMtlfcot fOnd ho?0; cimplomni of mot. .'0, | r.irr.t in -.'rr .!>, John II rortr.feii f.ir?dim rcrtdcBe* I'd Orcl-ord ?lroi t ; locution IW C'hryctlf *itm f: l ' i *? in food order. Nn 10?C?l|litof',; hulltin I rc' tiilt IIW; food cHtr; 1i f.ifjod fn" t hi j I. on tit of bii W. prci nt tiiubff 1! Ill-fit) llolln*'r frr.-irto: rr?i' n-* 1 -'I l'?d*r iitrrt t; locution ' Jttri In ulrcri; I no irv'lft nil N, 71?t entire 7( lioilt lo isM: no,id of lor; iik) fo?i fn. I I? ? ; coirt 'i nom of mm !<>. Mit'ooT. r.rccttn forrmtBS 1 r, r * 1 * I I ?"? ?rd *1 ro? f; lutnilo* Ac then j dreeI, nr?f ft"*' r I); It' ll** lod'flrr'nt. No. r.- I elitro i ; I,mil KM; no .d CT'l?t; MO fo*l food IftjC'i 1*1, lo'iit of o ?-r " !. f- 'i' T nal'l .11: J'ho f. I 'oi t ?r:!'t.li B Cfcfntirff ctrf't cori.fr of Cttl* ?; II o r row I.Btld 't. t ;' - I oill i - I i,''l It I'' " r d 11 Irr: 4X1 f*et ? . d I *'t . fi BC'itffbl if Bf11^ P ' i oi.I titiohot Til llt'-.ollir I*. V -it fofi diet: rffldi'i ' 'I I -llh feionr, Iftelinn 779 V ?*? f*??i b*. n il- ftrrnl: I' uie . vod Tjor I , 'Jt ? I clilr* 7: flit'dio 4i*i f" t 'food ho**; eomp'f. nul f mm B-f**rl no . h*r ?"7i J* m<# A TliBpvnUrf| it; midmcc WKitelk fTtffH ueeliit Brttlif*/. *? w ro IORNING EDITION?THU1 tweet Twenty-tilth and Twtnty-MTinth atreeta; htntt in a ood order. N?. 29?Calibre *%. bnUt in 1H24. rebuilt 1480; good order: 400 feet (ood hott: complement of mtn 10, preeont number . ?; Bugene Ward foreman; retidence 6 Leroy itreet; location 11 Amoa itreet: boute in I ood order. No. 30?Calibre built in 1*28, rebuilt 183* ordinary; 400 feet goed hote: complement of men 90, preeont number 1*0; Andrew Sutton foreman; reoidence 116 Nineteenth otreet: location Twenty tecond itreet, near Sooond avenue; hvuae in good order. No. 32? Calibre 7; building; 400 feet (ood hote; complement of mtn 80, pre tent number 23; Frencia Prince foreman; reeidenee 362 Grand itreet; location 101 Heater itreet; boute in good order. No. 34?Calibre 8; built in 1M9; good order; 400 feet good boat; complement of men SO, preteat number 22; C liar lei Miller foreman; residence 1!' Leroy itrett; location Chriatopber atreet. near Hodioa atreet; honae in good order No. 3ft?Calibre C>ai luilt in 1827, rebuilt 1832; good order 400 feet good hote; complement of men 30. preteat number 26; Xdward Grahlm foreman; reaidence I21at atreet; location Third art nee, near 121tt itreet, Harlem; houte in good order. No. 36?Calibre 6K: built in 1636. rebuilt 184<?>; goodorder; ISO feet good bote, ISO ordinary, total number of feet 300; complement of men 30, preeont number no return; looetioa BWomingdale; houae in bad order. No. 3b?Calibre !')?; built in 1642; geod order; 400 feet good bote; complement of men M. pretent number 43; John t. UUk. r?u?a>. 1Mb . i ??? ?-i etreet; bouse in good order. No. 42?Calibre 10; Luilt in 1H4:;, rebuilt 1H.V); good order; 7(JO fret good hoee; complement of men ?>, present number 42: R. Cornell White foremen; reeidenoe 70 Madison utreet; locution 2 Murrey etreat; bouee in good order. No. 4.'J? Calibre built in 1827, rebuilt 1832; ordinary: ISO feet good hoee, 100 feet ordinary, total number of fee; ?? ; complement of men 30, present number 28; Abraham Born foreman; reeidenoe Manhattanvllle; location Manlisttanville; bonee in good order. No. 44?Celibre 8%: built in 1851; good order; 400 feet good lioee: complement of men flu, present number 38; Francis Clark foreman; reeidenoe 72 Lewie street; location Houston etreet, near Columbia street; house iu good order. No. 4fl?Calibre 6>?; built in 18S7; good order; 200 feet good lioee, 200 feet ordinary, total number of feet dW; oomplement of men 38, present number 22; William C. Mead foreman; residence highty-four h street, between Third and Fourth aveuuee; location YorkTille; house indifferent. No. 4*?Calibre 6lj; built in 1831, rebuilt I860; good order; 300 feet good hose; complement of men 30, present number 2t>; Peter J. Henry foreman; reeldeuee Seventeenth street end Sixth avenue; location Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh and Rightli avenues; house in good order. No. 40? Calibre !?>?; built in bijd, rebuilt 1*13; good order; 400 feet good hoee; complement of men 30, preeent number 21: Henry 1*. McOowa foreman; residence 129th street, between the Fourth and Fifth avenuea; location Harlem; houae in good order. float: coMrawiKa. No. 1-Built in 1847, rebuilt 1850; good order; 000feet good hoee, 400 feet ordinary, total number of feet 1,<H0; complement of men 26, present number 13; Charles Aikman foremen, residence 25 Kutgere street; location Madison, near Fite street; houae ia good orderNo. 2?Building: 600 feet good hose, 400 feet ordinary, total number of feet I,OOP; complement of men 25. preeent number 17; Mivhnel J. Noddy foreman, residence 360 Pearl atieet; location 5 Dunne street; house In good order. No. 3?Built in 184!>; good order; 700feet good hoee, 300 foot ordinary, total number of feet 1.000; complement of men 25, present uumber 23; Fredericks. Suydam foreman, residence 138 Mott street; location 211 Heater atreet; housebuilding. N o. 4?built ia 1849; gcod order; 000 feet good hoee, 400 feet ordinary, total number of feet 1.000; oomplement of men 25, Kresent number 23; Joseph Bookman foreman, residence 127 idge street; loentioa Delaucey, corner Attorney street; bouee in rood order. No. 5? Built in 1847; good order; 700feet good hoee. 303 feet ordinary, total uumber of feet 1,000; complement of men 25, preeent number 13; James F. Wenman foreman, residence 2 King etreet; location Mercer street, Firemen's Hall; hi use in good ordee. No.ti? Built in 1848, rebuilt 18 0; good order; 7U0feetgood hoee. 30P feet ordinary, total number of feel LM complement of men 25, present number 2fl; Charles L. Kent forenan. reeidcnce 44> Scsromcl street; location23>$ Oouverueur street; hoaee in good order. No. 7?Built in I860, good order; 9(4) feet good hoee. 100feet ordinary, total number of feet I,(Ml; complement of men 25. present number 17: Kit A. Horton foreman, residence 189 Third avenue; location Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, house in good order. No. 8? Built in 1846: good order; 600 feet good hoee, 400feet ordinary, total number of feet 1,000; complement of men 25. present number IS; John Black, Jr. foremen, residence 130 Rest Broadway; locat'uu 75 Cedar etreet; house ia good order. No. 9? Ilnilt in 1*49; good order; 800 feet good lioee. 200 fe-t ordinary, total nnmbcr of feet I.0P0; oomplement of man 24, pre scut number 20; Albert J Smith foreman, residence 21u Kliiibeth street: location 171 Mulberry atreet; hvasc ia good order. No. 10? Built in 1848; good order; 1.000 feet good hose; cinipbwont of men 25, present number 20; Thomas Woodwni? foreman, residence 1U7 Ludlow atreet; location Dover, near Pearl street; bouse In good order. 1?0. II ? lluilt in 1X46; good oriler; **) leet good bone, 3W tret ordinary, total number ol feet I,DUD; complement of meg 26. rreeent number 26; Thnmne II. Van Tine lurt man. r^aL deuce 1 Leroy atreet. location 14 Amoe atreot; huuae in gootl order. No. 12?Built in lNffc good order; 000 f.et good hooe. 100 feat otdinary. total number offset 1,000; complement ofincn 23. present number 24; William P. Dantalo foreman, residence M Eighth nronuo; location 51 Horatio atreot; honee in r< od order. No. Ill? Built in l'.ll; good order; t'00 feet rood koto. 400 fret ordinary, total number of feet 1.000; complement of men 26. present number If; John 11. Blnke foremau. r-stdencc 111 Avenue D; location Mangle. near Delancty atreet; house In good order. No. 14?Bnilt in I860; good order; H0J feet good lioae. V ' feet ordinary, total number of feat l.OUfc complement of men 2*. pretest number 26; Beary II. Howard foreman, reatdeuce H3 Benryatreet; looation 4!' (Jhryatie atreet; house in good order. No. 16? Built in 1X47, rebuilt 1M0; good order; 600 feet goo I bt.ae.6O0 feet ordinary, total number of feet l.tkW; .implement of men 26, pretest number 17; Andrew II. Mitchell foremen, reeideacc 60 Norfolk street, looation l)a Eli'abtt t at met; houae in good order. No. 16?Built in IMP; good order; t!0 feat good bote, 2D0 feet ord'nary. total number of feet l.tNil; eom piemen t of men 26. pree< nt number 26, Nathaniel Lo. kwoou foreman, reaideaca ltd Riviagton street; location Houeton. corner I'iret treat; houaa in good order. No 17?Built in IX?X; good order- 1 <bd) feat good hoi-e; complemeat i>f net 26, present number X, William Howe foreman, residence K'l Bowery; lecntion 40 Fifth strut; honee in good order. No. 18?Built in lXIO; good order; AO feet good boee, 500 feet ordinary, totnl number of fee t Xfth complement of meu ;6. pre ee nt number 26; Edtrnrd C. Murphy lore .nan. residence 1< 7 Liberty atreet; locatun 2~ Beaver a;raet; bouae in good order. No. If?Building: 40U feet good hoee, 4<X leetordinary, total number of leet HAP, tom| lenient ot m-n 2V pr*?enl number 12; Bcnry W. Banks foreman, residence 5U Broadwey; lo. ation .62 sierras etreet: houae ialir-rent. No. 2aa? Built in ljd!>; good order; l,i?)Dfe?t rood hoae; comJlimcntol men 26. present number 24; J. Uroovenct Aboe "r< meu, resid- n< e 41 John street; location 3D Ana street; house in aoed order. No. 21?Built in IMI| rood order, .'4J0 f?e t rood hoae: earn11? mut ot mm 26, praac nt n iinbtr 1", John D. Moor* 'or* ram. mn'ittt I2t> Allea atreet; location Erin Railroad Depot, foot 01 Dull e atreet; h< naa ia rood order. No. 22?Built in lAtU; -tatte. t rood bote. Jin loet ordintry. total number of loot I.UWh cotnp:<airut of a-a A present nuaUrtf; t?r? II. Clark foreman. reaidinceTl Ludlow treat; loi afloa {< ! Iloator atroot; torn.- la rood order. No. ft? Built ia IMS'; rood order; nm loot rood ko-o. d<M loot ordinary, total auadt.' of feat 1.H0U; John II. Vanderkilt toromaa. residence l.'Bi Barrow atreet, location ol lloratlo atroat; hotia* in rood ordrr. No. 21?Bn'lt In INC., ratuilt I.>41; kood nrdor; !'** foot rood hoao. itti lott ordinary, total mimUr of lect Nltt jotnpleinenl ol men H. pr< aont uuml or IK; Joterli W. Rubh foreman, rraldaar* 2nfi kprinr etroat; looatioa .114 Iprinr atroet; hour* In rood order No. 26? limit In 1H7, rebuilt I V.I; rood order; MMI feet good I nto, VK feet ordinary, total number"! f'-etl.lUil; rumplemeat of men IV pr'aeat number 2V M illiam Sanlord Klrby f< r< maa, residence It' Murray *tr<-et: location Aaiboay real, ri at Broadway; lioneeIndifferent. No. 26? Bniitin 114V; rood order; ?da? foot food hot*. 1(10 feat ordinary, tola) number ot foot complement of man i'6, present number 24: Jamea II. Wilkinson foreman; reeldoare 247 Madlaon alroet; location 116 Monroe atrertj beuee in rtod ordi r. No. 27?Built in 1*4* food order; 400 foot rood hoee, f.'ti foot ordinary, total number of foot !*Wi; complement of men 2-V proa, at number *h Charloa Baala for. maa, realdri.re 111 Kaade atraet; location 106 Reade atrrat; bona* la a" d order. No. 2f?Hailt ia 1147. rebuilt ia l"4fc ordiaary; ?*? feet food bote. 4'* feet eroiaaiy, total somber of feet I,nth, cotnplrment of niea 26. prraent namber 2th Aagnatea Iturd foreman; residents 1HI ctiarrb atreet; looatioa Chambers, eoratr Centre afreet heaae in rood order. No 2?? It nil t in llV?l; rood order; WW feet rood hoe*. .VV1 fr< t ordinary. total aumfer of feet 1A?I, c implement cf men 76 preaeat tanltr 1.1; Joaeali Ooldla fort men reaidear*W7 Mure rtrert. looatioa 77 tt lllet atreet; hraeelareod order. No R ? Built in 1149; rood order: **i fiu-t k"o4 note J4I erdmarv t,.t?l nnml.er of loot Utah comb'-ment of men 16 pmeett nomber IV Upward F.eler foreman; residence 211 klrlth ItNH) location TmtlJ aeeeuth llrwl. ktlvitl Ninth and Tilth imniu; honee in good otfcf. No. SI ? Built in 1 -ft'. oood order; WO foot Rood horn. 4M feet erdtnarv. tutil mmler of foot lAf; complement of m?n 2ft; oreoeat numb r M Darid I*. Ci??<r foreman: roiidoaoo 71 b?i otrcrt; ioiatioa t Jackooa otroot; hoaoo in Rood or*r. No. .9?Built In 1M"; Rood order: WO foot good hooe. 2)J feit ordinary, total timber of feetl.ua>; eon,piement of mm 2ft. pronent number 22; UtorgeA. Jeremiah loromaa. reoidenre ft2 fttaatoa otrert; locatn a 0 Third otroot. hoaoo la Indifferent order.

N<>. id- In.lit la IMP. food order; complement of men JS. Br. itat number 22; Joeeph C. liirtaa foreman, roiidoaoo SJ random tirtit. no loratlca; honee ao location. No. .'id? Built ia l"iO; ooud order Jul feet good hooe, *1) f et ordinary, total Dumber of feet I,tat): complement of men IV rreeent number Ift; leoil tlnnyan foreman, reoideac i Ninth elraet; location Tenth itreet. near l>ry Dock; houoi i i good order. No. S6? Built ia I'ftO: coed order. I.IIOO feet *ood hooe: oom plimeat of men 2S. nreeent number 12. Huh t nrrj foreman, r eldeaco 27 Blrecker otroet: location led Mercer otroot, h >oeoia rood order. No. 3b?Huilt ia IM". goodorder; iaa> feat food hooe }0> feet ordinary, tttal number of feel I Ull, complement ol men 2ft. preemt nnmher 2 V ft la. t>. W ado foreman; r eideaeo 14 h ii o loo a otroot. Ic< etioa JUft Madiooa otroot. hoaoo In Rood orcer. No .T7-Boilt ia IMP; oood order: 7U' foot oood hooe .H*l feet ordlaat), total number of fret l.ta?. complement ef men 2.V preeeatana lerllt Jameo rarioh foreman; roeidonco .'dl Umnd etreot location Hroadoan. between Taoaty oiathaad leiili iiiiaih atrerte: honee In Rood order. No. SB?Ballt ia ll?1; oood order, *01 feelgood hooe, 2 0 fer 11 rdiniry. total number of fret I .UN ; eomp'ement of men 2ft, | hunt number 26; W m. J Upplarott foreman: midonco |I>7 fourth afreet, In ation I <2 Ami!) otriot; houeo ia Rood orttr. No ,'P? Belli in IMP: Rood order; WO feet Rood hooe, ftOO t. . I ? .01*. v ti (ml t. ii rii I tor ,1 mt 1 CJt Af Cfiftl HMD li#, |>rr??nt l.tnbo II; John Mnon loifintn, rioldonco W t etrtb ftimnc; Irrtlioi 'Itiird Klii?r, botwrta Tmnlj ninth and Ttrrntj-roornthatrortii; hind- In foJ ot ler. No 41'?Bnlla'na; 7't1 to t a1""! nox-. *44 frit rrdionfjr. total Milt I or otfnct 1,104); oco. |?mort of nei li aroaoatanm l.?r 2<; Do Id hilllkin l<.r? t. ?n ronirfrnon 17 RtJInrJ olrrcl; location lUrto* at or Redlnt o atrnot bonne In a "d ordnr. No 4- Hatlt In IMP; *o<<1 oroor: WW foot tonii U< an 70" tri t oininar) ti.tnl ttrilrt ot lot i I lOOV, oainpion *it of ..ton t>*f>?nt i.ot?ilcr <H; Jot.n (filter f.immtn roaldooot :-7' V t'Mi aton itrvci. location 47 Witti otr-ot. tunoo la tc< dorder, N o. 4V- Rnilt in ISflO; aood ardor; WO fcot good hot*, 2>i ' li ri'n <rj total a nailer if f?o? V on. maipl ntiloia n t rct?i?t uttnlo r II; AHri.lli'0 foc?iain. r- ililonct 377 HutJ noh 't<Oil licotioa li.irl/ artli (Itcct and Tcnt.i aomn htato bnildli a. , Ni ? 4-?-lalli'ltir: .10 fret aid I.Pif. TV feet nfJIntrr. t nl atir.tlor < I ! t ftO'i n* tn|iieiani.t of man IV, pn'at mm I .-t - Jolm I) Jonrn fon i in; rnmdiinic" I .id otrcct, n?*r II ud a foci c l< colon Tl.irtl at-nno aui lint ?irn?t II ir . I.n l onio li .1 Til?r. I ... I! i I V I; a ?-d rr-l.c I 4/ frotaood bo*#, t aI l.ilrrJ M O I ti! nnn.i or of lont HW r nip'. nfPt i.l 11 cm it i a nil < P ?Ji 411 Bin. | ii !..? -?ii. r nl '-n .j i | o .li r vi t. in 'colon 'Milrij ii.at nltett, t r c ^oranli atinrf Iji mr In coi-d otonc. f< <' i i i;t In lll'i i- o 1 order; WO f 't fi?<| ho?? IX t. ct otiiii ?rj, t< 4"' oi pit cr of fool I U.n, rod., j mi 'at ( non if,tin at I.l: nil t; on * tl m> 11 t? rowir ; rttideitct <ililiidairi.il l.-catlrnlliily t.iird',i,. i vnI T iu 1 an I kifi Uaoo Ltuldla?. RK H RSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1851. No. 46-Bnildian, 400 feet food hoae. 400 feet ordinary, total BUBbar ?f feet 000; complement of man 26, onMnt number 13; Daniel Mahen foremen raaidenca 263 William (tract; location 88 Neman etreet; h?oac in good order. Mo. 47?Built la 1861; need order; 600 foot aood hoae, 400 feet ordinary, total number of loot 1000; oomplement of men 2S, p recent numbers'; Robert B. Jobnaon foreman; residence 241 Fifth etreet, location Fifth atreet, near Arena* C; houae "srss.,.o? i00 feet ordinary hooe; complement of ! men 25. present number 19: Francia B. Ball foromaa; denee Third avenue, near Elghty-irfth street; location Third arenue. near Kigh^-fifth atreet; houae in good order. No. 49? Ordinar^oomplement of men 26. present n?mber 17; Jacob L. Smith f reman; residence 133 Cedar street; loontioa 126 Cedar street; home in Indifferent order. Total le*t of good hoae 43,300, total feet of ordinary 15,300, total number of foet68.600. HOOK AM) LADDr.B COMPANirS. No. 1?Built, 1H48; good order; 6 ladders: f* hooks; tonplemeat of men. .'iU, present number, 18; Charlee K. tillder leeee, foreman, residence, 648 Broadway: looieNoa, Cham* bora, corner Centre street; homo now bnilding. No. S? Built, 1847; good order; 6 ladders; 15 hooks; eom plemeat of men, SO; present number, 27; Lawreac < M. Van Wort, foreman. residence, 110 MeDougal street; location, l't2 Amity street, house, in Rood order. No. 4?Built, 1*49; Rood order; 6 ladders; 12 hooks; complement of men, 00; present number, 27; Peter N. Cornell, foreman, residence, 62K Orchard street; location. No. 20 Xldridre street; house, in Rood order. No. ft? Built, 1*4H; Rood order; S ladders; 12 hooks; eomplementof men, '.A present nuuiber. 24; Samuel Smith, tareman, residenoe, 141 Forsvth street; location, No. rl Luillew street; bouse, in Rood order. No. fi?Built, 1861; Rood order; S ladders; 12 hooks; complement of m?n, 90; present number, V; James S.Anderson, foreman, residence, 3T*eltl, street: location, Mercer street. Firemen's Ball; house, in Rood order. No. 7?Bnilt. 1*37; ordinary; & ladders; S hooks; complement of men, 90; present number, lft; James R. Paino, foreman, residence, l'iftth street and Third arenas; location, 126th street and Third avenue, llarlem; houte. indifferent. No. 8? Built, IHftl; Rood order; ft ladder3; 10 hooks; complement of men, 30; present number, 20; Sam-el Qarriaon, foreman, residence, Forty-sixth street and Tenth avenue, location, Forty-eiRhth street and Eighth arenue; house, in tood order. No. 10? Bnilt, ; ordinary; ft ladders; C hooks; compte meat of men, 30; present number, 10; Joseph Qeery, foreman, residence. KiRlity-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; location, Vorkville; house, indifferent, i Total?Ladders, 40; heeks, ftft. HYDRANT COMFANIVA No. 1?Complement of men, 10; present number, 9; Alfred II Webstar, foreman, residence, lid Second street. No. 2?Complement of men, 10; present number, 8; John S. Belcher, for-man residence, 901 lSrooine street. No. 3? Complement of men. 10; present number, 10; Wm. Nielsen, foremen, residence, 227 West Twenty , second street. Total?Complement ef mcu, 2,888; present number, 2,211. THE COMMON COI'KCII. AND THE OU'ICI.BS or THE ST. LAwar.NcE. V. B FniOATi 8t. Law m Nrr., Aur. 12,1851. Sir;?Being informed that the Mayor and Common Council of the Cl'y of New V ork bare expressed a desire to visit the V, 8. frigate St. Lawrence, just arrived from the World's Fair, under my command, I beg leave to say that It will give myself and officers grant pleasure to receive the authorities of the city of New York on board At such time as may be most agreeable to their honorable body With great respect. 1 have the honor to be your obedieut servant, JOSHl'A 11. SANDS, Commandant. To His Ilouor Mayor Kincsland, or President of Board of Aldermen. The invitation was accepted On the motion of Alderman IIaws. the freedom of the city and Its hospitalities were voted to the officer* of the French steam frigate Magadore. now lying in the harbor. A special committee was appointed to carry out the resolution. The following resolution, proposed by Alderman 8rvatf.vant, was adopted:? Resolved, That it be referred to the Commissioners of Repairs and Supplies, to ascertain and report to this board the expense of putting up, In each of the^tution he urea in the city. a suitable and proper|bathiDg tub and shower bath and waste pipe. The following resolution was adopted:? Resolved. That the Croton water be introduced into the County Clerk's i fflce, with wash basin and fixings, | ti.d that the sum of 160 be and Is hereby appropriated for the Fame, and that the Commiesoner of Repair* and Supplies cause Die Fame to b? carried into effect. The Beard then adjourned. board op assistant aj.kkrmkn. The Board of Aaaiatant* met at the usual hour yesterday afternoon, l'reeeut, the President in the chair, and a i,ui turn cf members in their places. rctitions. Of Tobias Lawrence and others for a new Hose Company, to be organized In the Eighteenth ward. Iteferred. Of the Health Wardens of the city for an increase of salary. Referred. assorts ok committkks. Of the Committee on Streets, in favor of fencing vacant lots in Tenth street between avenues A and B. Adopted, dame committee in favor of flagging in front of Nos. 2) and 41 Twenty-firFt street. Adopted. Of the Committee on Roads, in favor of filling in, or draining low grounds in the vicinity cf 114th street and Second avenue Referred. Of the Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips, la favor of awarding to Robert Ilaadley the contract for building a pier at the fbot of 131st street, in place cf James A. Ferguson, who declines to take the said work. Adopted. Of Committee on Crolon A m -due! Department, at verse to laying water pipes in Forty-fifth street, between Ml ud and Third avenues, and in Forty-seventh street, b? twem Eleventh and Twelfth avenuev Adopted, dame m remittee, In fsver of ft-.-e hydrant corner of F.ighth 1 avenue and Forty-eighth street Adopted. Also in favor , of laying water pipeeln Forty fir : street, between Ktghth I sr.I Ninth avenues, and in Flighty fourth street, batueen Thlid and Fourth avenues. Of same committee, In favor ot paying Jl.xa Menxies V">0 for damage-, sustained by having a bud of furniture precipitated in a sewer bole in Twenty seventh ttraet. One ncurrere-e. concurred in. Of Committi e on Str? ets. in favor of flagging -Idewslks In Fortieth *tre< t from Third to Fourth avenues. Aiicpt?d. dame committee. In fsver of concurring to Msg sidewalk In Twenty seventh street. belw??u Fourth sod Madison avinucx Concurred in. 8am v committee. I iii lavor ci concurring 10 pave .niaimn aicnti". irom i I Twenty-?ixth to I cuii-th street. Concurred in Same I rimmitt'e. in favor of Lon-concurriag to pare and *?t ' | curb and gutter atone* in Twentieth s:r?wt. I'rom First avenue to Ka*t Rit<t. Noa-farcumil in iuu - ccminit tee. in favor of having the Kum> pavrni'-nt in liroad*ey sprinkled. Adopted. Kama r >mmtttoe in lavor of crncurrirc to regulate and *et curb and .-utter atones nd flag Tenth avenue.from Thirty sixth to Forty-aecond street. Concurred in. Same committee, in l'avor of rigulatirf: and grading Thirty-sixth street from Third avenue to Kaet Hirer. Adopted of OnmutUe on Powers, in favor of concurring to luild a fewer in Thirty-fifth etreet, between Second and Third avrnuea Concurred in. Seme committee, aJror-e to building fewer in Sixth avenue, from Twenty-seventh to Thirtieth alrrata. Adopted Aim. adverse to sower in Third avanua, between Tenth and Thirteenth street*. Ad'ipttd. Of Crumlttrc on >'ire Department, in favor of p. ylng >to for a hoae tender for Kngine Cotnpary Mo. XI. Adept' '1. aaaoLt'Tiowa. liefcintion In favor of free liydrant on the corner of 121ft street und Avenue A. Iteferred. Resolution to have Kusa pavement in Broadway, between Chamber and Oortlandt street* grooved Iteferred Resolution to ft nee vacant lota between Thirty fourth and Thirty-fifth ktrvete and Fifth avenue aud Broadway. Mi rred Resolution that pnamble and resolution in the matter adverm to the enlargement of the llattery be referred to the l-aw Committee lle.'olu'ion in favor of placing a gas lamp In front of 8t Matlhtw s Cbuich. In Walker street adopted 1Usolution that Thirty si-cond stni t be pared from Fi urth to Vifth av? nuea Referred T.rsoiutton that the eroas-walk across 1'erry street, on the west fide of lludaon street, be re-laid Adopted Denotation to build a sewer from the Fifth ward station h< use to connect with tewi-r in West Broadway Ke II ll?U. r?ria* i rom iiir ?oabo or ilpumki, Report cf the Committee on Police, la favor of Intro** Injr the *a!ari*? of captain* of police ami p"lic*ni?n Tli* or I ion ot th? Hoard of Aldermen wa* eoucurred In without defeat* firmlutonto p?y for a bath placed in the 8iiteenth ward *tetion houoe. Concurred In Keaolrrd, That the horpitelltie* of the elty be tendered to Commander Hand* and ether < fflct-ri of the rrigtM 8t Lawrenee Coneurnd in Revolution to eater, d the ho*pilalltlo? of the city to the offleerarfthe frrnrfe Btoam frigate Mo* ad or* Inrltatlon for the number* of tb* Common Crunell to felt the U. 8. frigate 8t. Lawrence Accepted Ooarurred in. R< volution to lay down a new pine floor in the Eighth ward Mellon hour* Concurred in Revolution to reduce tarn on Odd fellow'* IIaU Concurred In The Hi ard adjourned. INDIAN F?*rtVITI*!? IN CaLIPo?NIA?It i? well known by retun.id (.'aliforniati-that tb* celebrated Capl. .Mntter, of California, owna a beautiful Urn?, krit ?n a* Ilotk Farm, filiated upon the woat hank i f Feathi r Itivrr, about Li mile* above ftacrnmeuto city. Ill* agricultural op-rationa arc carried en by 1 India M belonging to rone of tho trail y I i'' * An account by tho lato arrival fretn tho IVilit ?ajr, thcao Indian depcndem* recently met la i ??*v oil. for tho purpose ot welcoming tho great. ahirl of a rcighbtilrjt fU'Wcrful tribe, end to offer 0,1 a nv iriflco to the IVvil, t?botn they ouppooe to bo lu k- ] ir>g hiteadu upon their hunting ground.-'. In th< l-< m i t white race* They reoolved th it a great offer* it g mint bo nif.de of article* ol raut-h t ame, In order that the Sjl U of Kvil may be t>? Wflad, Rod hii nt per uppwd. Accordingly, they enlleotjd all tkilr Mai hbte, bom, nnd arrow#, and tnnkate of valve, t 4t (htm la a pile, and burned them to arltt a, r?anetri? and ringing, a ?1 making tho inn.it ? vtiav tigant gertori-s un'il the lira went out, nod 'I'l l Vi t up the ini at criaaithly howltluthv been V f jtd in the legion <<r Ho tk I- arm lor tuany > d ?y. 'n the aMcitiror, ('itj.t. hint tar fail a wild bull b'lltd rr.d roasti d. for their feaat, whieli that a'e in i tin- i<boii(rltinl Tray, <n*t kr.r'e .? ?? f > k, 'tar tverj'.hit-g but their fi' gerr Af cr the f-ad wis irr rli ried, the chief honoitd (!?pt Su't rr with h' ? aijgri t |t.atl ie, tcll'i g hint that ho ((.' t;it. ~ it' Ipitbrit reed to the led f ?, and i.i eoie f,? i (in r>t h)lilt ihtraldrreata a ruittt'o hatw f,* while and red nntiooa, 1 a ami b'e ahoti'.j ho a-ifo firm I be tomahawk and oci'p^ng knlf< /f'rrMicr (Afiaa.) ZVa?uurft, -fug ERA] Important Pwt OOm CorrMpondene*. Post Orrica DtruTMtirr, August 7,1851. Sis ?In the HrraU of the 21st ultimo, ther* appeared s tetter of Berford b Co., addressed to the editor, lu which, alter declariig their intentloa to contlaue sendlog letters by private express, on steamers not carrying United States malls, they indicate their willingness to have the legality of their doing so tested heme the j courts. I Indeed, they declare that they desired the agent of the department "to enter suit against them," and "chal- . lenge a legal investigation " If they are sincere in their " declarations, they will not refuse a specific admission,that, by a particular steamer,they caused letters to be conveyed, for hit* .from Ban Francisco to Panama, and tbence to New York, by another steamer, (giving the naaaee of botbl, and that upon the arrival of such letters in New York, I they delivered them, or eansed them to be delivered, to (Via narai iia n mknsn f haw nasa uuwuealIw a rl itreiana if a n,I I that they are engaged In the business of 80carrying p letteri to and from new York and San Francbeo, ae op- 1 portunltlee offer. I denire.(hat if they will girt It. you obtain from Messrs. Berford k Co., by addressing them a note, or otherwise, such an admission at I bare indicated, I making it a* full a? possible, in re*peet to name* of veisela and persons addressed, the number of letter* by each vessel, and date*. They can bare no otyestion " doiug this, if they intend to maintain the MimtiM referred to. I am. respectfully. your obedient servant. N. K. HALL, Postmaster General. To W. Y. Bradv, Pistmaster, New York. Nm? York, August 12,1851. ] To W. V. Ilasm, Ks'|.. Postmaster,New-York: Sin:?The 1-tter <f the lion. N. 11 all, Poatmaster General, dated 7th August, addreeaed to you, has been handed to ua by your eeerc-ary. We are all well pleased that the Pcstmaeter Ueneral intlu atee a willingness to test the right of individual* or private companies to take letters for hire from New York to San Francisco, and we will most cheerfully reply categorically to the interrogations of the Postmaster General, as soon as we shall have despatched our mails cf loth Inst. Kespeetfully, your obedient servants. r BKKFOKD A CO. L <j P> riord A Co.'s Calivorsia Kirassa Oit'icr, ) New Yore, August 13,1851. J " To W. Y. Brady. K?i , Povtmaater, New Yerk:? Sir :?The arrival of our express mail, to-day,from . California, bringing news up to tne 16th July last, iu the " unprecedented time of 28 days, enables us. without difficulty, to give satisfactory answers to the Interrogatories of the Postmaster General, and we now come forward cheerfully to assist the government in performing one of < its most important duties, to wit: the defining clearly and intelligibly the law. and the giving proper publicity to it. so that no one could plead ignorance, as a just excuse I for s violation of a law. We feel confident in our right ; te transport mails over the high seas on a vessel not carrying the 1'nited States mails, and now off>r the go- I en.nient an opportunity to tret our right before a legal , tribunal. YVe hereby inform you that we received, this morning, 1 a letter, directed to John de la Montaguie. Ktq? from i California; that said letter was received by our partner . in San Francisco, was sent by him uuder the charge of our special meseeiiger, Mr. Taft*. per steamship Prome- i thru*, from San Francisco, on the 16th July, 1851, to San ( Juan del Sud. then over Lake Nicaragua, down the San Juan river to San J una. and thence per steamship Prome- ' tlirus to New Y'ork. where it arrived on the 13th August. | and wta delivt red at the office of the person to whom it was addressed; and that our partner in Pan Francisco received three cent* postage on said letter. We further state that we arc in the constant practice of sending letter* to , and from California, and that we will eontinue so to do ] until ajudicisl decision shall declare such business uu- ] lawful, whin, a* gooti citizens, we will discontinue to send ourmails We make these acknowledgements to enable | the department to ins. <i u'.e a suit against u-. fur the pur- ] pore of testing our right; with the proviso, tint in case ] the d< cislon should be against us, no fine or punishment f ch< uld be imposed upou ua or onr agents < The ( Di'Uine of the l.ew route, via Nisarmtrua. wilt en- i able up to feud our mail* thmugh'iu about ten days' le?s j time tban by tbe Iethmuiiot l'muii; anil we will cheer- ( fully contract with the government to tram-port their mail* to and frtm California, via Nicaragua, at the rate ot thirty cent* per pound. We reepcctfully rt ler the I'nited State* District Attor- | ney. a* toon a a he *h?. I hare receired nmtructioo* to protecute u*. to our attorney*. Meaar* Kalph Lockwood 1 1 and Oecar W. ttturtcvant. Kip, who are inatructed by ua i , to i flerereiy facility to hlui | | We hare the honor to be t Your moat obedient aerranta, f BGKKUKD fc CO. j J Ariivnl fiom Nrurltai, Cuba. ] J The brig Matlnic. Captain ThoruJike. arrived last ? night from Neuvlta*. Cuba, whence ahe aailed on th^ ? -il inetanf. I ' Our attentive oomopondent at that place haa aent ua the following letter, whleh girea the newe to the l*t inat.: j ' OCR NKVV1TA* CORRESPONDENCE. Nruriraa, Jdty 31. 1H51. Knelrard 1 tend you the Fanal, of Porto Itieo. of th* 23d and 24th rftbl* month. They contain the official re- 1 port of four cf tbe patrlota preei-ntlng themaelve*, and of the capture of Don Joaquim de Aguero y Agiiero. The editcriaia are rich, exceedingly ao. and worth a Iranalaticn. I hy report* from Principe to-day. It i* auppoaed that 1 Agin r? and tbe other lire will he ahot. There waa a diepo-itlon on the part of tha general government to hanlah i ?fc> tn, tut It la aald the troope are much exaaperated. and I d? matid that they Le ahot an rebel*. Krery thing I* ap- ' I treutly-,ulet. but if theae men are 'hot I thluk it will 1 make matter* much wooe, a* they are all of the flrat ] timillia. ( I ?aw rheni piaa tin ugh thia place guarded by about I thirty ?ildi?ra. anj thi ir arm* piuloned meet hruUlly? | the m me aa thi y do with runaway slave* They looked ebeirful enough after paaelng through the fatigue thiy did. 1 will keep you advised of aOairi here in thi* part Bl'OKbliOT. Ainu* ?*om Aevior*?'The schooner Catharine Thomaa. Capt. Thrmae. arrived jcit, rday fi, tn Ai.t. ua, j .V. ...II.,.I ~mi 11,.. ->.l .'I <W 11 ... .1... t. Hi t.*o fial|tliab. f >r the delivery rf nur p-.-K ? of the 1 Jt'ffiAi.tiilliit uk. l)<*t |-ape( raja ? | ' Tb* wcKtbir f?rthi last werk wa? anything but attlt- ' able to Ibr want*of planter*. There tea* uiuv.i raJn: and | tpi H>|M hue Main bw>wfwM>>>wlm Ql \ 1 be i ( litInn> d t?In arte In a ll?i fold manner to (ho die- ' advantage ii# grtrulturlkt" In ihc flrat place it ri'djun ' Hid nil mi aofl that It will not hi ar a rart. iin<l the j ' mn. , *1 in there In licuvjr Mill, must be < arriod out ' on the |>* i.plo'a head* at a gnat espenae of labor In the n icrtnd place, It In iinptiaiUr 'o drj n <* ? forfm l; anl p ir tunny cufii tbe tr*ab, wbirb would have boon ear d 1 for cniDbir, baa bet n cot Hiin>d in tbt Ooaper-holn'' ti j boil tbe sugar, and In tbe third place, the cane" have ULi n auch a aphug lbi?t li.etA) to .TWO gallon* ol juice, f and in m n.o inalatices ao u.uch aa a .JOt) gallon*. are re- t quired to make a begtbead of aiigar There ia no other ntwu. f Two Writi ItTtii itoti thi faaowicit Ist**?'.?We * have received, via fan Kranciaco. a copy of tbe iVyuitan t ci the 14th of June It etutalna no political new* of any j f conar |uence The marine intelligence will be found j r under the proper head. . If .at I Hi w Attkmm at Mi ai>?* a*n ft- irin* ?On . Tueiday night laat. about 1 o'clock..I bn Henry, re- ' III..-in a lie ne'e nine null a frrna ImMMBi |tt lite c quarrel will; bia wife, picked up a hammer, and rum- I ni< nctd beating btr In an untuerciltil tuanuer orer tbe lead liactuiin. I r a1.1. and WllUjiitml|nl > in I brr face, fuppnurg her d< ad betook a nas >r and rut (| bia o? ii throat, n flirting a * u>iil wbieb eau?-il alui'iet ' in-'atit death >ire ilenry wm ma killed, hut sitae- t rx.uaty Injurtd that f>ara ale rot- Matned that ahe wi'.l not recover. ??n ycateiday iu< ruing witrn <?or informal* , left, the waa ainkit |t. p< rteeily inai a-tbie In all that *> ? \ ' tranipirlag arvunu tin About an mmr prevlwa I iMa | b< ckiiR 1.1 g?dj li< tty get up ?>ut of brd and adtaenia irn <1 mi u<i in* in pi* ?ira cnuu. ir ui i u<' *n<'ow 01 wfltcn i it cannot po*?iblJ win lb* JiOi-ultj b*iw**ii Ikur; and too will- lf> Mid to !>< a* folbuwa *? for at wo wan aarrrtnln ? Mrs. Ilrtiry. hating kml nit roultjorotlu hot hnrhrnil. bb<l applied f?>i a dirorcv Afior v .aRiag the a|>t'ltraltob. obr |<uirluw d a targe bill of goc <t?, and do oiii d II. to mtllo lor tbib ThWi be (? ti ui't ,f,ij Muml to do ui.ior iba iirruandaiii*** luroh w ?r?? on?""d. at.d then the mult m ibonMUd. The. erie* of bio wile wh?n bo rem?i tin d teaurg her. mw(nl In tit* im .(ibt'ofo Who *1X11. d J'.iol Henry WI * hieathin; hl? tool Tb< 'ow In tlieir chamber in ll ,o morning U n>pi. wtlMl a* bring iwfol ta lb* eatm in. The Uu-band at d wlfr Ij mt rob- l.y aid* t n if" floo" . weltering in each othaav' Hod?lb* in'iroin' nil of do it ruction all cnTered w 11 b I.U d. and their nob dying. * gj h*lph? tnfcnt on tb? Lid mil1 ring raotuciauugag nf.?tWiovl Comimhu/. ?ing ft. IbrititUTT AWtbfi Til* ticRMAfts?It appear* fit in a rtat cm rut in the i.'Mtoru* ULtrvr, that an air ciation baa loin for gud among the (rormatia in Mm-iLiiaii for tbi di? jU:otn of iuldolitj. umi that ibey a;e bow publi /hirg loiu 1 aico of | 11 eaten In (iirtuan . am| mild*I tructa, which Ibojr | uistribufc giaiutUo|n almvat every great citjr tbcte ia a Utriiia g j publiihod. in njioh I iba Bible i.< hili'. a. t;u. aaure of ail ibo miajry fc tit d in ibe w ? id, ,1 tfct (aj elation of lu'. tro (iMtnt0 ia ?fi 1 nintrd ua .mtr?cti?a m hnnaao ba||'<liOM. A tit iin.in a .lnat, i" l?nb i|'ia. Icm 0?a b' , children to aaj. " I ters I* n? t,wJ? nndiol'.,! ,tu '.0 inibietrri t. li;? ft"4!1'. ){? " J*. " \,.i, biar uIku! dai N; thorn "il'.v *f? . ltl? ban "lufcn.* Iiidelntlgabl/ lo nf 11 ma vfea," tv.u hy u rt miwurUaua wcaoi; un l u /iy Bora appwdd anuf?ilate. The "|iia at t ;? 1 iv Uatilan. 1 filf'rrt 11 ur* * * i'1 a ai d l?a *. w Vu \ | I till ? I I : '$? ' I Mil .' ! M11 " Ihwai-nrar c? ol I irtu iMf I Mi?.<h * 1 ? Mirtp-i. i ?tiv uio hinorrwat ml iniiaie ll.?t ?' ' *111 nmn b-r tiirt est amo1* la 'bio' i>' <~a biv Ittl 'f it W Hernial, In wb? < 1 ii -r 1 in <? baninb> aaaaa wub ih b>ir auipif frp >f (TilJ IMn l t all Li D. PRICE TWO CENTS. FIFTEEN DAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA ARRIVAL. OF TH* STEAMSHIP PROMETHEUS. rhe Indians and Whiles at War an the Klamath. [ANfiING OF A HORSE THIEF AT SONORA. More Hanging by the Populace Q # fin > l^runriurn EADER OF A BAND OP K0BB8BS EXECUTBR A WOMAN HIING BT THE PEOPLE. MURDERS AND ROBBERIES. POLITICAL. MOVEMENTS* avizafBU and Bsxsrxxro. THE MARKETS, Ac., <M., Ate. The steamship Prometheus, Captain Henry hurohill, arrived yesterday morning from San J nan e Nicaragua, with 360 passengers, and over half a iillion in gold dust. The Prometheus brings advices from California fteen days later than previously received. The P. left San Juan on Monday, the 4th inei., it 11 o'clock, A. M ., and arrived at quarantine at ft .'clock yesterday morning, bringing the passenger* )f the steamer Pacific, which left San Franoiioo CO the 14th alt., and arrived at San J nan del Sud on the SHh ult. The Pacific brought 425 passengers and 1800,000 in gold dust. The passengers who came scrcss the Nicaragua route had first fifteen miles ?f land carriage, they then took the steamer Dire? tor across Lake Nicaragua, and then, in the new iron tteamer Sir lleury Bulwer, down the San Juaa river to the Prometheus, in thirty two hours running time. They all express themselves highly pleased with the route, and say that the country is delightful and quite healthy. * Annexed is the specie list of the STEAMSHIP PKOMKTHXl'S. K. W Canfleld *3.840 Harvey Lootnis *1/444 Meter* Client L Co. 6,030 Wood k West 13.TOO -rnith. Constable L lieebe k Co 4^W Co 8.088 Thompson t Iliteh s van mine a. co.... .iuia# roca n*mm U R B k Co 2 4C0 0 8. Bobbin*! Son (Ml K K K & Co 18.164 hmpoiiD tk Tappan.. 4M k-hloe* Brother*.... 'J. 100 C Vaiulerbiit 83408 J l.elcrnieu 4. Co.. 6,160 II. Kcheverrie 338 I.BIo#nilr?<l*le 4c Co 3.460 A. M. C. Wood M I. Falconer It Co .. 4.VV0 In the hand* of pu. I. Duraud WOO re tiger * 400M$ Total Accestd U the 1ST OK rASSKSOhRS I'KR STEAMSHIP PROMETHKITS. Cob C Vanderbilt, Albert Priett and lady. I) Till and idy, Mr* Brady and throe ohildrea, Mr* 1 C Clark. N D iorita. A Ebberta. C R Thorae, manager of the California I oatrr*. C?|>t dam*, R II B"nie and lady. Mr* Myera. W W ? Urnj.ih. rn. J U Bly*. Mr Helton, K Wal.h, O lirNfc apt ?Cram. J M Wri*bt, B L Broadband, T B Vaa Bares. .?ut* Dart, i: J Wallace, U bohnlta. I! A Cardiiitoa, Mr loodyaar, II Miller, J (;k. a, B lleat, R B Col*. J A Jordan. I M Barr. O B Bedaoa, (I W Silmo torn. J B Humphry. Va |i uriNi, Mr Der..n, J MccUarly. J b c Ueaeh. 3 Smith. Uen 1 Draibuit, Cart J B llaS. T>r Field and aervnat, Chartaa Jarl, John B (llllea, R O Selfrac*. Jaeob Cohen, A Alaaaaler, r A Conrt, K bpeaier. J Phillip*. Oliver Malora, Wllaan lot.**. 1. C Hark ham, John Keaier, 1. Reyaolda, Wm Clark. 1 Jacob. J II Adam*. N U Ktlboara, E Baaatt, B Walla##. J Rrllaea. Gee Smith. Tboe ?n ith, Wm Phillip*. Martin Pan.r, Levi Joaee. M Wl.tddea, Chae Weaver, Arthur Mil* ler. Jel,a Knole. B Kedlin, M Kearney, J II MoFardea. J M Wbitebead, D A oar, R T McFard*:>. Wm Shed, W C Folgnla. T I n* Smith, J lleat. 1> Hunt, N M Wblteker, J L Ci.ahrnn. W M W ood, Ja> Carroll, S MeCtar*. J Raafrow, Jao Remfro?. W m W Campion. Q W Bakar, J A Jutlor, J 11 Cartiaa, Jan Mirta, LS Cater, Jaa C lay ton, F A Forhit, Joha C Bnaler. 1 B Chandler. W Cow* Gee he*, Thoa Pieraea, W Waterfii'ld. H k Coffee, Robert Gtnni*. Robert Sileey. John Morton. Jame* Cuekran, L Hradly, Gee 1 Inland, C B Van Wyek. K M Dickey, C D l.ainecn, John Ball, Jamea Blag. H Dowreth. ,t Thorp and eerraot, John U Jemeraoa, IT Brown. R M Hamilton, S B Hunt, 11 King. 11 B lUaptin ]l.oo Cellini and lady. Jane* Newman. 0 B Rente, w Baldror. Geo Robinaon. Chria Wray, W Halated, C llarrw, lance M Dlton. Tboa Pore*. K Irelaad, D Goddard, Jaeeh IS-th. J I, Arnold, N J Wiar. G F Archibald. A MoNUr. Iff Dcmey. Jamea Blebon, The* Tomb, C A Shephard, John utter. D Cramer. C Prtrley, R Bejtoa, F Friaek. leo P M union, Edward A I.ambert, A Tattle. DC Gilmoec, D D Carder. L B lirdaell. A L Stronr. Dr J I liyatt, A Burnhtm. W C Buneoa. ,J Waahiagtea, C M Church, W J I'ri'e, F E Gilbert, Lewi* A l.eurett, J Bateh>'| r. U Edited, H in Merlin*. M Coffin, 1'rter Dnley, T W kiualay, C B Ho.lend W In McC rmuk, T A Adam*. 0 1'arr, ? ttrfl, 11 B*oadh*ad. M Ahrnma, J llethincton. D Da*1*. J OYonna. 1 9 1a Haifa, F DJl'ylh, C Jt Coepwr. J A l.lllfl II l imn, ? IT ail*/, J <? rymiD, m k J Ulink Dub H I nch. Manaal I'tHuil, 8 1 Lt)UT<Pi UtliCrtnl, C fnrlej, M Maoilkrld, Capt J Inna U P K j I. , R II Pari uit. Ir D Amra, A Banrkcr, * m <#rrj, Oil* lc?t Iubmo. H H lltrrar. KKalnict Ja> Uwrin. JM I rdm. Tl.ua Kakltrwa. J ('Italia J CampWdl. W 3 I'arUr, J I band tar II K Barnard. k? II I.aanll. D ?l liiaj, I./ I ?*, V Malar) I. I ttuaM'\ ? Mtwa Vf l ottll D Dad**. II " NiilnJa. ? Oram ; I'ri colt, J >dD John* n. R Mrlioi.a d, R Mai lit. J ?' I >ma- . J M rra/. Waa tark. I> Mrt'ullij I' 8a).'/. K Ilvrr 9(\, M IVrklna. Kda? a h Hired k T K?i i". John II ''hnpmaa. Dudiry I'arka, Janrpt' J'krrtia. ? A Strupaca. I <ia Palmer, t (' Hump* ?t A O Hakir. O .,ra*la. Jf'? k ?crat. 9 11 lylar. <i ik i t< r < H Mi ith. Il?i.r) Ark. \, J ,\ niith. II l.awta, J 'a iila|> i I Hall. Jaim Main < k 11 V lrnt. K Cilana, J I nitio, k I'aldrr, Alia kk'tlroa, llro llrmiu >a, P D<uk*T. M II M i It ik,A I'l rrn.?. J J Hum, J Prnbtttlj, Aull ? ) Kraaole, k r Jt i I .In r. Tik a < Mi'V 11. J I I iiinar. ki Ha'kap, V Hi a alajr, K ' Arnold. kv tan Lamdu*nam. W II aa ikrdni'l'iRi. I't? Wlidoa U U Vauduar k. Card, J II Careh r Jr > ??''tia. Thomaa J Kuriln Jatnai Gaaanar D Vl|. ami, J?I . k? Ill-ait a, J H JacuU Jamaa Caatlap, R N col* J I * cr J H * inrfoid. R Dunjltn, C W Eooit. R W laiitaa Daniel ftrU-litil MI W e am iuii* btcd to Gregory'* EzpreM, for the nrly delivery of our file*, brought by the 1'roqao h. tii. Me**r*. Gregory ure tbo Hi mjiany to ring a consignment of gold, by the Nicaragua. oute. Tbo pierage wui uiaur ia twenty nine tlaya, od when tb* route ia ooio|ileted, it i? ei pentad bat it will only require about twenly-two d*ya> rem >'an Fraooiaoo to tbia cily. Gregory i* gonoally up with all tbe enterprise, and lieaerTe* tba > atcnt credit. We arc al o under obligation* to Ida mi & Co *a Export, and to the puraer of tba 'r? m< tLcur, for tbo prouipl delivery of paper* aad. orie*pocdcnce from C alifi ra ta Tbe alary about the murder of tbe editor ?f tb* nruna U.raid, i? cof rauici. d over the signature >f Iaium W I nfurtb, ,-ny reported to hare icrn lulled. 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