15 Ağustos 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ağustos 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H CJSJ WHOLE NO. 6869. NEWS BV TELEGRAPH, IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON, Thf Provable Rrsicimtion of Mr. Webster. 'NEWS FH01 THE CIPE OF <000 HOPE. intelliclnce from all sections. Ac., Ac.. Ao. ltumoii (1 Itcilgnutlon or Secretary Wtbiler. Washington, Aug. 14, 18-*.l. It Li stated, upon authority wLinh loaves norocmfor doubt, that Sir. Webster will not return to this city nf Secretary cf State. lie will remain away till about the :-. -MinbllDg i t Congress when ho will tender his resignation. The p ilion uhich his friends have placed hiua in. renders it. in hit opinion, indelicate that ho should tuiain in in.- ctioiu- l. V^ile Mnd Iiitfrfillng limn (he Cape of Hope. Uo.htox. August 14.1951. Th'-bark O-ran lVnvo arrived this morning, with advice* from tlic Cape of Good llopo to June 21, being three week* later. The news is altogether of a moat serious and interesting character. The accounts do n?t show th^tbe llritiah nre mi* nearer a settlement of their troubles thau when (he war began. f!j papers captured from the enemy, It appears tha the Callr a and liottoutois intended. if successful, to v-tublish a government ot thtlr o?u--a republic or vnonarchy as the case might be?with Graham Town for n capital. Tli'- powerful cbhf%ee!l, had gone over to the rebels, and had ordered all tfcc ml.'sltiiinrlca out of hie territories. I *rge and overpowering forces were gathering in the mountains, and the Boors were panic-struck, and refused to get. bears were entertained that the enemy would commit on inibcriminato massacre upon the farmers and their families. Discoveries l.ad been trade ot traitor., among the Hot" tentots. apparently favorable to the Kugllsh. Several expeditious had been sent into the enemy's country but with little effect, thus far, as but few -la lisd been IcUicd or captured At the same time Un luaiy continued to steal large numbers of cut tie. thou-untls of which had h< . ..ma fortnight, nod also to burn an ' lu one attack three thousand Letul of ' rcn hundred cattle Lr-.d t^ rn raptured by but they were afterward" attacked by a j uc iuud. who shot fiftt-rn of the vntmy retook! n;U captured ft urteen fun*. At ThtcpoUs (cm of the oldest missionary stntlou*), the llottcnti U bad burnt ail the missionary building*. AO a had also murdered, in cold blood, a number of liufces. AsthereJ-els nlr< a'< d t<> join (heir camp in tho vicnntaica, parties of European.* assembled. but were noaMo to cut off their retreat. A number of lives were ) -t, cf nalivrr friendly to the English The /V.mficT Tim<s stales ibat 8ir Harry Smith was ' od' avor'ng to negotiate a treaty with the rebel chlffr, ' n condition that tin y surrendered their arms, and the i attic they had raptured; but net a pun was delivered i J' by the rebel*. Dirt colonists wonld consent to no peace dec lor* I it iu that did net ?tve them security fcr the future. l arge numbers of c'donbt- aero (migrating b j"* the frontier of the b'.rjli-h lai stons. The pt ni rat opinion is. that the t'uTre powor'is a* yet i tbrtivon; and the Cape paper* Mate that Krglaud will Lart t( am nil the inhabitants of gouth Africa ?Su?lnt * of every kind ?a> in u deplorable state. owint; to the f nt'r nstlon of the war Mate Election*. KZMTI'CKY. hoi'lSVILLC. AUgUst II IV,1. rtdditina. Ktura' received increase Dixcn'it m.vjnrlty lor Governor to nearly 4.000. Niurly every county La4 IMM h'fu'i Dx-m. Ci*< issvti. Aug 14,1*51. Ilt Kmtupky, 75 counties (fire Dixon (IVhU) 151 tnajcrity, In 17 counties. ahicli are still to b? le-url t*MW. r Mtil.lBlW?, bad 1 01'? majority. TENNESM.n. I.oi miur. August 14. 15 jl The Naahvillf mall If ju?t in In 10 counties General Us.] is IT* nit. gain for Governor blADO. The A'utA. i Oar.nn n.yr ? "Wr bare elected a *hig Governor. a ?bi? majority on joint ballot in I.egi lutiue. a whig Serial . and 1? k.1 probability, a ?hlg House, una thai gala >nc trrat'r and three llcprrsenlstivf*. Hopkins D. 1 umoy, lntc baited States Senator, ha* been defeated t .r :L: lit wof IrrNNttotlTM." SOUTH l AK'.'L' N" V. Rat i:n,n. Aug 17.1 Ml. I'be (. ol./tria'enal Delegation. a; for as heard from nti.nd tiTr wlil.:? a't.i throe democrat*. INDIANA. Cim raaaTt, Aug. It. IV,1 Innutl Prrbtun. (*hl|,) I* cle-u l In t< u district Hi* Ueli-fHt'.f'E *111 have eight leui irrat* and twowhl'; J'ollllri In l.sHilstniin?'llie Sleaiiirr \V*I *fI? l?l Srott At Nin Orluuit. Nrs Ottui,. Aililtit 0, 1A51. A. in mi* r C. Diillitt ha* withdrawn from the Con?re**ioaal cauraae in the Sec nl 4i,ttlet t( Lnei-Um a ...I Thomas Hunt 1* again coulig for* ard. Tbf stearnpn!;. Wlniield Scott arr >,;1 l?-l night f.-> a 1-ew Votk Trtn) of the Nlletilfjati It ill ion <1 C'?n-|?ti?turs?I'lis Diftntr rlOt?il> Detroit. Ulrh Att{. II. l.S",1 Wnl'im from thi iWirrf r of this in firn;*. that Ttariry.thi witness who (wore tl at Phelps ewpl .j. d f .ill eenft-rl->a. open th? rtbud. t f hir jwjiiry. II. MJ" that ha wa? rtnplojed ty on a/i ot pf the defrtvl nt I" rwrar*?h< did and thi.t Id frith. b iirrrr ki? Mr. VSi?!j? in It. i.ana ?rrl% ?h(f until ho ??* p' inU J ool I I Ini at th- ? r.irt Thi u rtlmboy for the ?l? finer ha* clo-cd. Afilml i>' Ibr itonlun 'tiillrn >.?1 fnwmlltffT?f IliillUt mid t ui.k'Ih TrN.iM It.ill' io*d. Ti-i' * ?!.. A-nju-t II t*Jl Tb? liailnad Gotamltteo, froaa h ituu. mrrit lur tf.-dur, at nicu and were % ul.lici) r??lT..<1 by ?.br d-ifo ?id rjx ration of lt> ciljr. lh< Mob. Mr. Uinrka. In ? antral and tha II m. J MuDja.uJ. 6 4tclio OMrtlcfCtufiWwt ?"ii ?f'?r th dr nrririd. I.or >'.lgln m;Ui c<>Bi|iimt'uU. and appotnfid ft miatiog ( The L'bUlnU?-* ArftrmMy. tfclf tu rning, adopt 'l th pPVtrDOMttt for arnril rlntlng -l.tlrrn inlllU a cf doilan toftwrd* t>u I'llorf th.* Uraud fmat Ktllr* thrtt-gh Canada rod >v* Uriuwblrk to llaltft*. Kir f*>:ai!a Tho dreidi-d nrtii.it i f tliii provlnw. and tb It nn faror with whlrh tlii* loo.: talked of ?n<l <r..? nstl' tti ?n>rprl. U r> gtrl I iniin-lnnrrtitluc. Ira Co little re a for d ubt but that U ?UI bow b* pna i Ut? i to a VU( crrrful I-rue Annlhri tMrnmhont ltt|ilwiltn. Ciim I a rati Aua 14 IV-l dl^.r rteamrr I>arota left Pi ..tin. Id . on * toriluj, fl 'l>tfc Ir'jfiil fi?? M int. ?<>(& fi.r ilia* n? r , * .a ui..i . < f wfco wtrr on bnrrd a? pacnflnR'.ra. ?b< o an n flc ^ou toe'* piaoo, by which a nuiutvt of fthoMan kUX ltd InAIy wounded Th?- foUnwlny i?r? th- tw-wn rftb? kliicd ? Mr H.i/w.hJ and two children; ?Vtlile< i.aJn r, nlfr and ohlid, Minn II Ko-1 of 0 Vaa-yr.la at. thi*? ctUdrrn cf 15. WooUwcrth; II Pa-no? and M Bt(Sat. M(imn iK??n Wavt an flrr. I<c. tuit. ia. 1141. TH:' Oe?an Warn. while lying at ih* I f??*f yantnfday, took Are and l?lbr? ll cvt.ld In rui-da* twr ?|"*r worfc* Wtfn entirely d'tnyed Tl.- < In * Itcvrai"* on fh bout f if f? ur t.h.iM?*n?t <toUai?. Ibt H?w C<Mtatlta?li?i of Inrllnoa. (vNcitcmi. auju'I I |ft?t. T*.# tfW cnKit ltlm of IL -fur ha? boon ?-1 |f< bj 2f "W MjfXttT E NE From lh? Sooth. THE STEAMER SARAKAC?DEATH Of A KEMPER OP THE NEW ORLEANS RAK?THE ARMV WORM. Baltimobj, August 1L 1951. i The Now Orleans mail baa arrlred. The New Orleans B<c ray* tho D. 8 ateamer Saraaas. i frcm Pbilttilolpbltt. goes to Vera Cruz. with Got. Letcher, j whoia Instructed to enforce the rights of the Xehuaate- i pec company. General Duffleld. a member of the New Orleans bar, ia , dead. The army worm has appeared ia South Caroliua, and is injuriax the cottcn croo. Suicide of a Boston Broker?'Tl*e Storm. Bostox, Augu-t 14, 1S51. Mr. John Ptevens, a broker on Exchange street, and ! for many years Secretary of the Commonwealth Incur- ance Company, committed suicide at hU ofHce, thin morning, by severing the main artery in his right leg. IVben discovered he was sitting in a chair, dead, his leg resting upon a coal hod. which received his blood, lie was most respectably connected and was married last ! Saturday, iu 0 rot on, Muss. He leaves considerable ' property. At <i raves end. near Lynn, the house of Joseph Vicary, Jr , was struck, and considerably damaged James l.cwU was knocked down, aud with difficulty restored. A linuso In I.ynn. occupied by several families, was also 1 struck, making a complete wresk of evcryttiing Inside. ! No liven were lost, but three persons were prostrated in I Shepard street. The lightning also struck several other ' places In Lynn. I Pcnnuyli aula Democratic Convention. H rxTipfc.DO*, Pa.. August 14,1$51. Tli" democrats of this county met in convention yes. i trluy and elected delegates to the general convention to bo held on tho 4th <f March. They were instructed by a vote of 4'J to o, to support Geueral Cuts for the Tro- i sldcncy. 1'olltlcs In New Orleans. New Oklkaxs, Aug 10,1*501. A. C.Bullitt, T>i. of the New Orleans I'icuyun:, haj , declined running as the whig candidate for Congress, In ' tho second district. Th-re is tome talk of re nominating Col. Hunt. Fire at Son tli Dartmouth. Nrw r.n'K no. August 14. 1831. nth Dartmouth, this morning, the dwelling house IVillia \\ in", was destroyed by lire, and the Inmates <dlutb'ii night dre-ses. A barn and carpenter's i. ; were ul-n destroyed. AitIi.i1 of the Wlntletd Scott. , Nrw Oi.i i ans. Aug.!). 1851, | The steamship Winfl.ld gcott. from New York, has aniTed. after a pus-age of a little under seven days and a MK Unleoflhc late P. X. llttsl'a Farm. Si HACt'lF. Align, t 1-1,1951. Tlie farm of the late P. N. Itu>t sold. to-d ?y, at auction | for $17 500. C. A. Whtnton is the purchaser. It con i tains forty-ono acre*, aud eld at the rate of +429 p<-t ' at rr. Mate of the Ohio Htvrr. Piti.-W ? -!. Aiifnut PI, iMi. Tl." ?iv?r lu- a-ures four t'oet iu the chaui-l. aul It at i a ''.and. fhc I'.mlKraut Kuiivniilerv, At', Nik I'oaa, August ! >, ISH TO THE EDITOR OK I'lIK HERALD. In UfVlny ever a ct'i'jr of jour paper of (kit data. I ' ; BOtked a report of a spot eh made by myself on Moutlay | veLiDg last, nt our meeting. luihl?rcp<<rt I noi mtde to s.iy that, ''his Motor tho Mayor give ; us r license to rob, I steal and plunder, as much hp we like but we arc to do I vide with Lou This portion of my speech is entirely uoorreet. an 1 f hope yon will Iravu tbe Liu ltieM to correct th.M portion ft it. for 1 would not wish to say or lo arytlimg thr.t would in uny manner, reded upon his Honor the Mayor; for in every instance wnere I have teen called be lore, or in contact with, lnm. thi? ay* e,n j < r -Ince my residence in the nii.>. he La* decid-d i. , ielly. fairly uiid ubovu b ard; aud I would do very wr?.-g to maki use of such an eiprfseion a- 'he one aliots referred to My sjiieeh should have read?"the Mayor j I pl?e-o* a llcef-e 1'or what desa he given* such llcensu? The Crmmirii' n*rs of Emigration to hide their own pe- I | rtdutb us or malpractices, for the sake of getting more | power into their nundv. would make thu world believe I that wo were hoened to rob steal and plunder with iini porlty;" uiid I said that even if that wore the rase, there ' were tho?e attached to that oflioe who would be finite ! j willing to divide the spoils I said that after we I ad I bought Mir licenses and paid for them and lndtbrap! proba'!?n of the klayor t" pur u :.n hotel ard a Iag.il , railing. tlie * ouunbsioners ol Emigration Lad s oi tin re I in their etnpi -y ? n board 'l-ips Itdi rath Mbvfocw ttl t ultlo thereby annulling ihf lit ens' anil autbertly ' < the Slav l r Tills i a m v SI eeh ih.nl.f li.i. I.. > ?... | ' hcrilk kindatKlo pubU* U this. ant n.ur'i J y> uir. Ac.. l>. W". t'ALLY. j R^maui;? ?In the foregoing, Mr. Daley say i? I " This is as toy speech -iiouUl ha .e Veen rtf rtti" i Had be said, "this is a* uir spre-h should tm.e been spoken," be would have been about right. The rcpoiter could ha ?o bad no uioiive in reporting lrm otherwise than as be S|>okr: but if on reflection, i on seeing himself in print, Mr. Daley iLi.iks he i eught to have spoken differently, we Ln o no cb. , 1 jection. It is very common for speakers to say, in I the heat of excitement at pxihiio meetings, what next day they can scarcely believe they r.tid, when 1 they rind it in the nowspnpers. There is nothing like keeping cool this hot weather. I , i | Thrall lent ami ttualrsl. ft. i ?r To: 11.1TOa> but f >r this rtefliaj i?. ft' o?ual, < XTodiafly attract)*" lhe p -rforaiih e >ni. I hM-ne*'villi lb - ii-mUa-r'a I'ate." an t *41 t-rmiau* ] !?lin Id' 'rvhtlOl III" ovlefcrat' ii r lindtiu- Hy lii/ butrl.inall." Till, nIlr.nHir. f r-ifrauiLi ?h'uM anil t- grtl tT n l?rje aartuibtagr. N.iif.'. i.i?i ? ?NiMi n-m' "I I-rmij?1 hi* I"'* | I c I" eball lii* i? mtri'-ilr n'ir r rti-i prf irmaii mi | * U n ?>vit ?< mi'b iirotuttcr ?>u tilt- tlgb'. r.-ipn. folj Imri'l tj ll i'?l.-i-- It Mi Ji?| Uy r f I!?? Tin tliadial ' < I Tlir i. > t tiu'i mill- tli i hi I t'.?i rt in -Hi u j I , ; ail ill ii ullli' IMh it Ma e m." ItnmMi Ti.itmr ?To go ?t 11*?. !i?n Mr It - th, i l?ki " M-b< ruM ll i i vmloir arh--nhi mli apa-- ir in tl huat'.iT ?T liii'bai"1 III mill J l> ty. II Knlimityl i ' BwIMWMll will ImlHU With l h-- aiiMl'nl on I al'rattlv |4ii> iul.ll'1 tbr " A4of-t?il Milld. wi'.a xlr ( J II Ccc-Ct a* Mirbarl. Wr In p- Dm lli inty b?v a . bumper ' I Cuairr*'* Mirair t??.\ fln-jnier uniio-U i-lt-r?d for ' tblr atiaiiig?all Uii.l- 14 .'lo/liig mil d-tncwig fuuiii' i ? T> rrtrrtaluriiU glr-n a*, thin < !ta><il.<bm; ut hare fully won the i i>af?ieiioa f the public. . Ai . i i t O in * 1' i ' i.-TIi nt. rt.iiniDf V bleb arc ?l?i o h n rr? ry nine at"- ?* - h n? ?hi nld >< ratrcoi cd by the ritl'na< 1 ttruokty*. A ttoe ratvr tr'nn. at fcr tbif i *i nir IIiihim'i M- > i ,i ?tt n, rdi.rh'-d tolf allltkr pi rli lu an i f tin-ri n i tj tf tim -lltnlfd Ktkt " It ?ar particularly well t]->m y?.-fenUy. ' HarrUgr " ??yr t an rid I'njlWh writer, l? nUr I t<blwf f r ecla ir. a bar . ' rrl full of n?ki?" an i tkla rapi'al p.-rfr.uaocr alxia I brought M to tbr rami- -onrlrttoa Ml Clarke ir aa t j ?a>j. II rly an I pirtij actor ?lway< apn-rab'.a. ami , ai?ay> corr? f Tbi- pMitrrnlitc rf - I), itu.kui-out." by tb- Ma "Unrlt! IWii'y. la a Kir: laughable Ihio; and ^rrcnlit/'y fiuUbcd tt . ,m V , V i ?T1 l? dl-tinrcl,l?U r-mit ycr baa ? I i . r?* Li* }i|rri? of jr. ,i?le fiif th" pin on ? f-*t? Air-as thrsi arr the k il)a?? M ?l Ira'a # *( " 1^1' Wudlaad k'Mttbri," which la pfnbaNj th* m-?t laaut'.fpi inu.*i at n in|i iltlrn . rrr pnMtrhrd in Ami rii a >i b'i. %<4 tMa ?.!*- btii'r Murmnrinic- in the rn-M." l.a? Inn nvrral tltrra plaviii u puiltr and lb'ugh K art j?t poblleked. la In n-r ?i ?ot dcuiaii-1 Die A illa<r MalJi n b a yi'tn of mwa- - n r'l, ami they hub rank an tb- blgbral rtiindarii <( piMinrone made AlfO tbr Alp'i* Mclo.lt."arr>nviit fur two rr f nrband* tbr ' ,V -iBtain lialrj." *itb n t ir'cty of otb? c- mprii|tirti< wl bar- illt-ulll-l id at the cntarr ot Isr-.^l-i.T 1 Tafi Plaaa. Mr.r Ti-rjtbr?r l.? glrira r inwrra nt Pnrfltr^r u j kn Arna Hiibrp I- Kirln/ cnnri-rt i * I--'Ikftorrl of Mwprrwlaora. i Ai r. ! I - Tin- rupi r?bnt n tlin irtta'.b *1. J Ablrr r? I tt Mct/mv in tho chnr Tb< m.oi.tu cf titt in?t nnotli i wrf r?vl ?b<1 ?? <1 |.n>rrd f mrWM ??.*? ??' < ' tl>" A rf the Plrth ?\ if for pnraiost fur wr?lr#? rtiTfJ In th<> m?'t*r of t'rrtrn nulor dflln cf t i ron.* n, lor ri mn-ion of Of W t? Pr?kitj?, f?r mrixuiru cf f><rr nnl f?* Of boivh f for tin-r*cj. Of Oecr^'r Rurh, ftrr aiinrlrnef rr p PiKu Un ?-crrr-. R??"it ftf lh? Comc-ilttrf cn AMoal Tft nfurtrcf i n i v; ^ 1h< MVHMl liS rf IW?: M Wlr?ndoii rrpi ft ofibn ooBin>it1f? ?d?frw to th? pillion of r.kbiwl W |il> aiw ii for r?niu^ion of Us Ad ;urwd to &l"r in) n> it. nt fcnr c'-kc.. Ai wnVHf.rr on ind Jr-r?h f pp?r p' t?UW?<! ' I in v Mill. K V.oi tbo Aili m#t . t.j ; ii^rW n.foo.nrj > B on LIBM'l At fMi Vbt iTtEAb ~?y k'JU l W YO MORNING EDITION?FRI1 ARRIV1LS FROM so IT IT AMERICA. " tt h Our Buenos Ayres, Montevedio, &ud Bio de -t! h Janeiro Corresjiondfnie, Ac., Ac., Ac. ft r p The barki Cv&ne, Captain Loveland. and Marv. o land. Captain KTcin, arrived at this port yesterday, | from llio de Janeiro. The C. sailed on the lOtb, and the M. on the 11th alt. The intelligence from Braril is twelvo days later than our previous advices; that from Buenos Ayres to the 27th of June?ten days later; and that from Montevideo to the 31st?about three weeks later. Our correspondence will be found interesting. The government of Montevideo had bought the American steamer J. W. Pease, and gave her the name of llio I raguay. Senor Herroro, Minister of Foreign Affairs of tho republic of I'raguay, left in her, in order to have a conference with the Generals Urquiza and Garzon. All the men of eighteen to forty years of age had been called under arms in Corrientos. The President of the republic ol' Paraguay was in perfect communication with Generals Urqui/a and Yirasoro. A regular courier was established between Entre llio and Assump^ao. The Argentine squadron, under the command o Commodore Gee, formerly of New Jersey, was cruizing before Buenos Ayres. The iScnute and the House of Deputies of Brazij continued to be in session, discussing affairs of loca interest. Or e member of the Senuto, Mr. Clementc i't-rcirs, had efferod n proposition by which a sum cfCbX^ooo will be paid us a donation to the Princess 1). Muria Amelia. The Brazilian Admiral Grenfell had proceeded up the river in the steamer Recife. An officer of tho Buenos Ayres General, Oribe, was stationed on the river to forlid tbe passage of the Brazil flag. No attention was paid to tho message, and co opposL tion was made by tho lorces of Oribe. It is said that tho troops of Oribe aro beginning to desert. The garrison of foalto, on the ISth of June, and u company of soldiers on the 20th, parsed over to General Garzon. General Urquiza has closed tho ports of Eutro liies against tho vessels of Buenos Ayres. i Our Montevideo Correspondence. , Montevideo, June 31,1851. i Wreck of the I'nilH States Steamer Jefferson, tfr. " 1 presume you have not heard of tho loss of tho jj United States steamer Jefferson. She was lost near l the Straits of Magellan. The crew wero busy taking c out her engine, and she would be abandoned. i t Tho United States brig Buinbridgo sailed for j n fluonos Ayrcs, en the 2eth. b Tho steamer W. J. Pease has been sold, and is g running up the river V raguny. \ ours, i u E. Co.nio.IN, Commander W. J. Pease. ' t< _ j tl Dm- Itiienos A jrc* Correspondence. \ lii e\os Vvrks, June 10, lOl. The hi'j.eii ,V?ig li'ir with lira: it?The It jurlurt of n, l/ t Drmuiaa Ci/H.itd?jl/o menti of Troup*, fe. w My last wu' under date Miy '.! <, (nco w'.ii >h time wc havo had to Very important movement in'political affairs, though run: -rs j: < as p! :nty as thry are with you ic VV?)1 -tree', alien the bulls or j binrr hate uny important matter in bin I. , ? Tho Hra/iUau t'onsnl having obtained his |>n<s- j tl port-", saili d from here on the 7.1, in the corvette c Uutcrpe. It is ha: J telling whether this mean 3 ( ? urything Jlckcpt up a very goad undcr.-tanding f with the got eminent to tho Inst, and is t aid to have I bad pritate reasons for loaving; but diplomacy in f' this part of tho world is a profound mystery, and I he ini wiit man, indeed, who cntt understand all > ? the movement? of public tnen hero. , j( I r'jui/a, the (tovcrnor of Cut re Kio3, has j 1 bought the Atucricxa ste imer William J. l ouse, a late tinder the command ot Capt. Jo-sup but at j f the ikre of tho rale iu charge of ('apt. Conklin. j i' Vou will recollect that *he sturtcd for California. 11 an i wasuntble to wciitbirtheCepo. t*bo his been t "1 in this ri ;r nearly a year There is a good d? of uethity ac\ong?t the >' l'ra'ilinn sq iudr ij. We have had ecTcral t f those * v: bete the past wo k Frazil. o tr ops ou tho frt ? tier have fallen baek ^ fn m the liBe th.y recently M <B] ted. I Between tun audthiee hundred itraril.nn soldiers | h Vtitl .1 St nlauioiidio list week, ai.'l about us) j I mere :ue said to be on tbe way E very thin a look? 1 f liiowar; but 1 do not think bi j thing Milk be dooc i * oef ^re ."pting? >ay ^entember It is Tcportt d that ttu I rcnch Admirs' at Monte- : ridro hae sent oat of the vessels eomposin? hia : undi ,:j to th? Island of Mrirtia Gracm, 0|>|><-site taia roTt, (n the other side of the rirer, to he- p a watca ui>0!i th<. tao' emcnti in that quarter Our Klo JsMttru ('?m>iMiiiil?nrri 1110 nr JaNirvo, Juno 2ft, IWI. fntin*tin.' fluiming jJcinutU* oj niil Thing ? R'lzi'.?Tu Emprrav in /Votvt ,>?i ' Attin 'mi Chpprrt nai Ort 'n X'tdsiltr*- l<if- r Airmittnii u fur the J's-.i)en.y, Srr. Though the ancient oictro)!jlit.in oiy of M. , N Wtao ! ".iid to bo, bj grumbling an hanl<i I ina " low, tlhiglbiff tray" f??r tuuOe/ n.Jkliig ajil 1 iirtib)| lit ulafi?n? are encounter ?1 in th. r < k ,j (" I or {I'.-vfitulIo trade; (among rib'. h, the | novo thriving trade in eLwny fiota Africa, fV/,,' i niggers, I- lu the m de|dorahij tat h i/, at this j time:) iii 1 u - the said cit/ of e?t ISet-aatac fo<- , urn# W. few other nhjec ? of eufiuicnt interest to I i ct pt'ate u] on, unless i were to let iu;. m It out up-n I its too frc |uent /?.'?, its eternal eiuut'f d?y-( , ' whi'b r.t th's in n-oti ? ivcr it!/ cngr m and irht.ll,) I BWK'pi'ilN m'l lieugnl llld feeling of the ft r? } gr?t/e /} nH'l u, ( *htch. h/ the way. I religion dy i rt*olvc n t td d>.)?although, 1 sa/. all tin ( tb:rgj are. jrt th<y ahull not |>rcver,t tac, itupid aci fkJcruU fact* ai th- \ are. from jutting <ir wn a few liedij to well the column, if year ctver ending i ,r jo roitrpouJetire. In mniut. re*, then, and with prreU-ui n cf the ;3 uiaculato St. John, ?bi"f day thin lr, at y ider n.otl? y prwiumn now ctatoring th ->ugh '.ho itiff If bet keaa, lei u* dath on! A.:d, uiuuniii g to the rules of polKa English cta-.rr?oviuj, lui ua begm with tbe weather, t'er about fjur Li'DtU* cf the y ear, the climate of Ri0 do Janoi.-o it unequalled; and for htalthine<i ewrjtncit, beauty, may challenge c?.oi|arla r. with C at of tbo most favored rpota tf the earth, on c.a oacept'ry my rwn pet clime cf Ionia, tie luaurktui lap cf Aria Ml.ior. Netthg eanteeo! the traaapa/oat purity of the aluis; h< re. the glow, leg tin** of th; lift aky, the warm, Claude like evicting of the scantry. th; lew7 fr??h%cti of lie oabr.c::i th*'. w rk tut'r way late tti harbor diurMliy, ?rJ being forfrruied tfcolr btaltMu tthiiutrsti jit Jl quiitiy their grateful sway to tb< larsl wi:,da, that draw blandly dewr. frrm tip loft" tUrraj, a.)d -when unaeocmpaniril by tbo f g? that during tuo day had been driven fn n, tbo (?io t* hern ^ht by (ho lefty mountain cip? ? sweep toftly otj: tbo glittering wtiors cf the bay, crisping the smooth surface of it? br<a<i ar.n silvery mirror; and in tbo atII. right the atari' I?k Bcaitr, and ci rut-illations of e receding beauty, or riei-by jcu in your northern hemisphere. t| "ngl? the store dome above u* ; and tbo southern crii? dra?'- toward' it pious eyos sad th. nrht?, and a'l atnund rteme In holy bn>umr.y with that moot hrt* si vt.ii I bit all this deaorve* a betWr kfcrip'lon 'bar 01 y 1 can paint?so nlfim.. f it is at thi< rea on th. tlxic Weather begins, and continue ur. I Nov oibcr. 'I bo people here returned to the r ei*a d< tn1 'i|? 0 ? tbo beslth of 'be ciiy i? tolerably well It is tine we bear, ocrasirn? ly. of a Sr. ot fe^f nvnr.g tha unscclimael Acn'ren? c 'h* prow-Jed Bcreant.'e nrrburag?, mtd new au RK H DAY, AUGUST 15, 1851. sen see a flag half-masted, at the peak of some lcrchant vessel in tho upper harbor; but I am appy to say that, for -everal weeks past, 110 nr.v isca have ooourred in the city: and the tiae weascr? cool and bree/y?of the last week, will, we ore, soon drive away its last vestiges. J he harbor is unusually destitute of men-of-war; se sickness of the summer, by which uianysuf,>redseverely, and the distuibed relations at the iver J .a Plata, have had tho effect of clearing the ort almost entirely of the usually gay display f national banners The brosd pennant of Cornlodore McKeever, flyiog from tho lofty spars of be American frigate Congress, float almost solitary and alone" over the naval anchorage. ?f other American ships of war. I can only toll you hat the brig Haiubridgc is still at Montevideo; hut tho sloop of war Dale has been here, and epurtcd for the eastern coast of Africa; and hat the .iHmcstown haa not yet arrived. The .'ongrcss came in on the Kith instant, from tho ivcr, alter dropping in at >t. Catherine's on hor ray. >Lc appears to bo now busily engaged in minting ar.d refitting for souic other cruise. There j no otiu r ship ol' war here, except the British teainor t ormorant, with her prize, a Sardinian lavcr, captured a few days ago. And, a/>roj>o.\ to his, 1 may congratulate you and the world upon he approaching total suppression of the nefarious raffic tn stares in lira/il. Tho government hero ire now really in earnest, and arc as active and calous in its suppression as tho 1 IngUsh. In fact, he latter have cither shamsd or bullied them into aking an energctie course of conduct toward- the lave dealers, who, inconse<jueu?o, are withdrawing heir precious persons and their capital from the ouutry, which uas now become too hot for then. But the absence of the usual warlike fleets, which ustomarily display the national flags of every ountry of Christendom, gives to the spacious outer arbor of Kie a singularly deserted?I hud almost aid dull?appearance ; though dull it can never e, with the transcendent scenery that rims it# glomus basin: with its many-tinted, populous city, with Is numberless ploturcs((ue villages, planted at every vaiiable point ; and with the shining bosom of its raters fluttering with tho white sails of commerce, hut every morning the unfailing sea bree/.e blows n, and every evening the alternating land wind rafts out. No, never dull, but always full of life ,td beauty ond towering grandeur, is this wonderul btiy of J?io. In the upper harbor, though uistling with its forests of masts, thero are but ew American merchant vissils, and the shipping

lusincss is said to be the rc verso of good. Coffee, he staple of export, is down, and still looking lownwurd. But up, there i- the dashing clipper hip CI ninecock, of Boston, refitting, havirg injured ler mainmast pa.-t remedy on her passage out. A'ith the assistance of some hundred stout follows if the crew of the Congress, tho has just replaced icr broken stick with a new one, and will probably ic ready to sail in a few days; but with this scry low people, the km fntff, all work lag' no -t lopclcssly; for thoy, the poor wretches, never, or love or money, can be persuaded to break my day set apart, for the devout delectation of he mcst insignificant taint of tho calendar. Vs tho captain of tho Gamecock said, with i salt-soa growl, they hive otily three hundred ;iid sixty*six holy-lays iu the year: and it is crtain, that in the la3t week 1 have witnessed not ess than five fata*In one of the?o?:ho litof day of alt the your?and St. George's ownhe Kmperor walked in tho proocMit u in full regi* rentals. lie supported (which, iu the sun, cud are-bead. J, mu>t have been a Lore.) one end of a or-oous canopy, under which, aliunde r an inru >nso m broils, walked?something or other belonging j the eUurcb, 1 don't know what. 1 only know hat his majesty looked hot and tired, anddi?<?:i3'eU itb everything but the bright eyes that looked own upon him from the balconies. You ur: t cow t!.jt ho is one of the line ft pcrsonngo.s inn.; able, "formed to make women false," especially b'T. decked out in hi* parade oruaui nl-; or. as yrou .tay.- of J.ord Henry :? l'rnpo'tloni'd ;i? n poplar or a pot'*, A handsome Ulan, that human miracle ; And In each circumstance of lure <r war 11m wi ll preserved his ifrpmdtonliir ud oertcs, he now seemed willing to go In for ull bo "advantages," at which manliest iiuproprity you may suppose ili.it I, lik-- all slri -tly cornet ors'DH, became very i.iucli shocked; but the auglity nil nari h did. indeed, teem t o often t > irget hi J lAous pilgi uaagc and more intent upon ho pr.'ty faces that looked smilingly upon hi u roin t ho nouses, than upon the sarrcd Uu'y bo wi* crforming to St. tieorgi?who, 1 fear. Ho i revcontly regard? a* a humbug. lluwr\cr, if bis miMty e bright gray eyes were not sobered down to he true canonical degree of rigor, tlicre was t?m? ctor in tbis extr.iorlinary pageant, :>.nd* very iuioitanton-, whose endue: ?.! "f tlto umsk exeuila'.v character. This it is r." other than tins in trial saint himself. M"unt*d ?u a -howy charger. [iWndnily caparison d, the gritu an I trwaiont tint milled not. nor turned lewd and ailur)7 glance.- upon the . u-thW angels, who rtth lihentl hands s -uttered flowers tit his atfc. Net he. Hit varnish -l forehead slime euignautly in the b.ighf light of day; fbted and aovile5- n*cro th'-sr luo.nt oyes of glass, ower which, deck nt.d portentous, net l*c..t the unshaken rows, thnt contract, I trang'y with tlie pallor of hese checks, hollow and thin with the lasts and ig'l? of his n.ut.rc life, aiid wi ll the rigid lips, amtly tinged with vermilion, which relaxed not :vtn uadcr the Lc.it >1 ihc tr??|?i :al "un; a nreof >1 the n ellti c?- to which the :irt of modelling in *ai Lai attained. N c?. hi< counU-unnco wai unnxiVid, even bv the 'image and (were It not r > iemut un orcarn.n and per*oo?jjr) what I w-?ulJ the very '.aughahleiuiuj..", ioga, bob*, tlnikei, tkiuner' iitwI gyrntie ? < , that every cnricolo of his chnrjtcr ftnve hin. which threatened to diidocuto t vt ry Joint lo hi-fainted b-.nly, and which finally ubliui'd tr.n mere human* to h'o'i11'''" and fore l>ly I t?'o hi'jj on bit ruildl.i by hu* atari i*. lop?- in ly, M (!( oyi did will. J ut where, wo hctrduihud, it lili<iitj{(ia ! J'ots thu j-ortly /. aj.trcr, iaiomo ir.ternm mm.nor, con.'taJ him ' Or i# thuit t.rriblc fellow in bhtcl. vair, who follow* the ralnt, ijtn belle nf the inylhv ! '.hat ponderous bins* fol ? I Nc! 1 Jo is only btatv drag-on hi t tai ihle h<r??; perhaps a more bold dragoon in old ion! lie, t?o, we ?to.rve, (dmtoo on *?;.j -J.) i :l? - -Ijuti'r i i " It 1 o tbo W iidcg'* face*?*t <i..-tthn we can detect; for who can t 11 wh.it is rob jon in ldc the ruttv bar of th ?tiai helmet, .bat cover* ki bend Akc an lrirh ]iota?oe pot! . eBHr? bid lighted taper*. 1 ad little l?n?*, conic '"ter; ano tkt n vet era'dc ohlgenth nr-n plod paiu. l)v e V ug I# ample p< Uicoat* anj warm t i Ii#k?. with white i.iuti re like i'.oth. I ftaf" over Ihelr ngvd ehouldc*, ami rilverx?li pa?; rboerdoiix i-t fotm tuch ar my anew 11 <*<'hoolmtis,?r (;>-.ioa to Lia bt? and birch 1 u.vd whilome to crown uij " Vith dlad-un bight feolwap, lo " r I r.fter th:?e, an iatertuioaklo train of monk*, pricet*. tii.i ueolyt.", 1'idcrdera.rclo iavieal. windi i low length atoi g; nud then the military, and ire . a nor-e? ntin tan nnwutncl c rtage?, m.-i beprofai-e t Jgtr; ud rlifittit i4 c'lttKhnll'. a' I r;?. ;< ot camoa, Hid r.i'tlirg ?<f iuu k<- J, *cl tuahitift oftockci*. (though tuiii Jay i and - Tin? trturt nr.J .he -lrtM. Ar..i the nmurwiil ?i und of tl> bti' in v turn And Ijr flap of the t~aiio?r*. that -"they re h re*. And th? 11 igh :!. : id inJ iL ata'tUu i?> h AuJ h.-< la. b 11J the nbont?t-n'7 c ?? tU; c?mr iVeidc the crowded .itrretn, boainf and iwll'ng like Wuuc of tti. n it. witb the notify tv.pulat' n u.j J tb.' hnleori * J ..11 f we ll dre ed ladies fl ?ur.;i;.g with neb nlk.i, brocade*, bright tapeUncgny ratbrvlJiriei at:i? and U dua^ " And at' Ifttrti nothing ?" Put I am g virg jnu r ore than 1 barga!a.*d for a?J ttl'J you at the coalmen Cement 'bit I ha i re .ginuj'j d Wruiii.id .. t to "id my a ill -ii" oi. 'hj-?o tb'.-gi mi 'et ui -etui i to c ur Hiiaecwvk. Th ? nporS clipper, b-ii't uyf the plan if tbi ^ ehfp I'ertrmouta, and uuLl.d by f r !' th. 'be t.u ;.l cor, tructor, proves her fall* a; to her work. Her captain talk.* a brut hftetti ktt * or. a huwMno and tori* buniLc i mihe i\ .lay, aa what ch? can do. t<br jrunghcr noitrouiit in eeven dcgrati lyiefK fcr. Ki.r4l* thai .. i 1 ,A?<J k ? a a - - ???' 7 iun -.??i vr.iU UVt l "'in'.r ' " >et did tho di'ianrr t?ut in thirty (is layr. Tuit ? t?-'k and work, toe' New, how miclitcU-r can <aaa do than rhnt * Yet thla fioe aailiog hip, tl f. '. undrrd tetl, the adult-alien of er*..y t::e oho (e>? b?r, that ccet at out one "is "h ' f a?'.*.iui?r .fthu 11ti* capacity, acd oac bo aaiVl i"? r one "DtVh of the exp<"i >e of drlrirz a ateaiaar, bet * ?< to aola-i ofxMtli wkicUourhot rfulbt.LAu?i at bent* hrliee, er talk ai if they bri>? td are fa<t i<;u?it g nway fr:;u the ceeac. N *, airree- ' it ii rot o i and in caw c* sucthi r mnr'tiuto ? ar, if < ur navy if ?4 be n.v i '< ' by the ndrcotu: oaa e H 'i? ei ? 7 pHvato armc-1 hip*', let thein be? a? i Mteee h j U b??tLtpi au )h ni th< le, nailed aodfi njbt ny hardy rti.inea?txt rat: \,j firomon aatl d/'tJ COClhr'a7it I Qicau it dirf* *aRe stent to t ic a eawhip aerojet-, r?ir dn I tirdeva* tho aoi'HCf ti at it c-ciUlt r, "it'er to oonatrut orb propel t be as: but ih re tl < * t about oven rut mo* practical relation:*, a-iJ 'hero i? few morr mnnrtmue frrtrr wtnrh it t ?i <[ ?> then tbif "Mi'of *'t. tn?l | t l.etiiu * ?) v I* .It. nlv about it, go aaiae lot* n tv l" <a, )i tittki diecr'i'trn :l Tea.!1, % * ERA! ! they will then sgree with mc tint the free gift of ' (joJ, tho breath of heaven, will nevor be euperaeded | 1 by the devil's fiery invention. An 1 now that speed i . hag presented itself to our merchant-- *a the grand desideratum?gpeed, without reference toctowfcjfe or j almost anjtbing eke? 1 belie e that our ingcuioua } | mechanics will ao far improve their models that clipper sllil S will, in lonir ?<,l*.K??s r\r in n anri a nf voyages, beat beyond comparison the hitherto in- J vincible power of stciat: while tbo difference of 1 cipense will always bo immeasurably in fau>r of , ! the sailing ship. Besides, her motive power, tloe j , free and liberal air, is not dependent upen contin- \ t ge ncies that would render the steamer a mere hulk | upon the water*, or a fixture in any remote port I where fuel is not to be bad Ftoam hath it.- uses ; : jta, verily! and mighty unj wonderful are the ' powers ol imperial steatn ' Bat let us not run the , * thing into the ground; it bath ita MM,Ml a: thia in not a world to hide virtues in." every in- ; j 1 genicus speculator atri a to provu that bin own tea kettle i<! the most useful nr,<l marvellous invention. 1 But can it do ex cry thing! f-ttam may hatch egga, , perhaps?but, marry, can it make babies ! It can propel ships on the ocean, sir yes sir, and so can wind, which in our clipper -hips, will soon blow as ; loud a trumpet! It is great for war purpose)! Yes sir, great, but not the only great. Believe ui?, sagacious 1 "og berry, if comparisons wore not odious, 1 would challenge a few on this xery topic. For the present, 1 will only say, that one steam fri, gate?the Susquehannab. for instuncc?intended :is the flagship of the East India squadron, will cost as much in her construction and c'utfit as two .-ailing frigates, perhaps a? much u- three ; and fully as much as three to keep her in cotumi-sion on that remote station. Mow, toy dear B gberry, if there j are anv of our " pensive public" at home, who believe that one steam frigate in the hast Indies wil be tnore efficient, more respectable, or inore gene rally profitable to the interests of the I'nked Skates, than three staunch sailing frigate*, armed with Latteries, eueh of wb'eh is C e turns hea* ier than her own?vthv, write them down." with thy- 1 ! i * But as this is not a tr.atUe, i.e.r an e- -ay, nor a t i bid to goxtrnuicnt tor a job. but a rambling letter 1 1 to Bennett (who by his yawns already showsthat , 1 ho is bored), wo will "boxhanl around and try i another tuck. It is the ordinary dodge of travell ers In ''furren I parts," to go round first and ; ee all the sights, then getting ail the books that wero ever published on the same subjects, cram for the p'. pos.. (' astoni.-hicg tluir friend* at home, or cmc -.k limbed editor, with their erudite comnosuions Mow a.- tithe sight?, 1 plead guilty. I have swallowed wb.de all the lions of Fra/il. i'.ut 1 cannot plead to tlte i books; for those 1 have s.en ha. e been so j rofoundly stupid and destitute ofldeu , that cramming would have been naiuful and it nt all r.rnltmMr- nnrl n to my owu "iinpredion*" of the bights would I bo dung right to give them, knowing, as 1 do, that I' should probably'orestall the market, and lctTt to certain learned Thobuns, who are even now baninering out from tight bound brelns their laboriou ; volumes, only the husks ami thud of the well tbreihed granary! Bj'ro Imdy, no! 1 hove a coascience, Mr. Bennett ! so let the imperial palaces, the museums, churches, convents, gardens, soldier-, beggars, niggers of ltio. nil go ' I et tht m bo fish for other nota?l am not writing a book ! Il> alike J onion's great contempo-:?rj. 1 am not "for all i time," but "for a day."' \it, bow f? w of tbo < things of the day have 1 to ti II y <>u ! Of the mis-i 1 war with the Argentine confem. ration hut little i> now said. Two regiments of German tr ps hare . been imported (stalwart, fellows t< o, they are, , who have -melt powder,) for the purpose of sending ] down to the frontier. Oribe La broken up hi? ; camp and retired; but Bia/.il ha- .-omc entangling treaty with that meddlesome fellow Mr. Full, that it is .-aid will hamper her S"rce*hit and prevent < immediate action. W'e arc daily expecting news from the River to enlighten ns as to aJairs. The I Americans are also daily looking for tlie arrival of ^ the 1 nitcd Mates steamer Sesipichannah,In wb'e'h is expected otir new minister,Mr M-henck. The t ; present able and popular incumbent, Mr. Tod, i after having taken passage in the British packet, ( received ins'ructions from the Mate Depnr'.nieat 1 which required him to temaiu until the urri.il of i his sucoc.-.or. His departure will be regretted by bis numerous friends, who, in token of tin ir regard, havo presented him with a superb and vainable piece of plate. Mr. Tod is a man ct very ie aided character, and will make his mark wherever lie , may L bc.it. J I ! coj.iyiu mi, iH.u.'ut. J : the respect and confidence of tbc Brazilian government, and the esteem of his own countrymen. I have <cldom met wi'h a iu?re sincere, friendly, . clear-headed man; nnd aa he is said to be strong in the great Wc-t?a democrat of the true dye?ari l as he f*>rtun?fcly ha* been out id the way. doing set vie j abroad, during your miserable party ami i sectional *<|uaLbje>t ot' tic ptui two year*. I U<> not d> .-jittir ot rtcitij: his n;iuio etcrcotyj. <i at the head nf your own potential column# ?" For Pre#id<.at, UuvidTod, of Ohio"?whiih, of rour-e. enstire# hia succt ?*, for w hen (lid the Hrt\r/rf candidate fii!! So. if ion h ivo not alicady been anticipated in I hi-own kachcye St itc, your'j will how the honor of being the "original Tod piper," th ?u^?? I I -Lull . '.a in the went of being'* the original Tot man," K<;. Put my ' yarn'* i? b'-romiug a'.mo?t a- loujr a.< the rounding lino of tue 11yd - - phl.-al Hui iu. turni-hed to our wen ot' war fui tao ptir|?<< >f <cu?Ht g a hot into li?v/ Jon:i' Injker, and iwenruimg, for the thousand u- ful purpose to which-itch a faction he ?) pl>cd, tie r.imL r-of miles below the Mrfhtt, wurrc unking m i inoruiay hope uiially to 1*0 "brought up"- winch taiai.r biought dowu! And lyroy ;.) ?'ii tola this lir.oneavr hiing up anything thai it take dewn. ' i It liu- it convt ak'Tti w?y of breaking near th" cm* < i tin \ w'.. n it La-> doiot it# iiu y. end lear'ug it# i thin r four th- u-.utd fat how* with I'av.r .' tie#; j thei1 by tnatcii.Vly b-neti :lng the Interrst# of ecutrnctoi . who, of omirao, ?to anxious to promote, i in all twit way#, tlie iutcrefla of science f The i I tiitr t Stale frigate < otigrcis, J am told, onhtr to i! It m ( alberiiif fomd Liitti m with i ih'- Jirlp if l'l'm ], r># yarn -(lb.- bureau'*. Mr IF-enr.-1:. : j<. i<> ) ? .1 ml ? ihinj two pt-ur.i *Uot ' n' tb J.-j Ji ol three tbou mi'I f.tiboui*. or Marly ibr w ' n;il a half. Tiili, of r?unt, U ?i :r*ii irply ir.t inform. tiou to the " countr? Uii'niUcrf,'* a Jitiuy that our rhiprti.ap to ? .. I., 'i ;h?, < r, ti.. h r very ptiitldl v..? uu< ' it, ' ' | . r . 1 ir A . v d I'l'tatil t u r tnj-..-r -n.?c..ii r, ilur .-jvlicinjc tLo uoiabruce. ! twu fcrto thetr v laMuoMb* Of Uilthliw-tM ''tot tu.it *0 ' -rt ' ?*.*!'. ! isll Aoroiaft. Vt . ; ,1 v. 11 u ?ii ci t fnnc:-%J, ?u"h j hnrri l#i. rt n *, my door Kcnnttl ' The bard and 1 ii' .1.1 li.it thus tiox.i I Uuo: bell v.\ and your ri iu.tlC- ;(l.'.u?!> .-, or uiy blai.'Ki iu>r a;teu.pt.' tin fit v 1 '1?:.'v ? rvn to iuj<ify tb u. fir'l rt do be .er. |Vf?ntilciln fcowrt wal to go quietly kta? their wire* and little one.*? KNtlly c- irj v.- L. ?t i wi;l? I'layvr, and, icihajw, a dr-1 .cy, ? I .ban Mount the it amy ; for our *; ct: dnti --j r?-- I dm Mm to bo, upon j ae ur antbcifcy t.nd m'ne. wIi j know him wh*l he ' i u -vi.U nauhVa i(.iul.tici, and a hoar', as bic r.? fc'.t I an 1 Miuc oi *hti.i-n luoiub* hguos, ;? ' f -tl r nsj-t fore, ffuto the poll) and vote 1') " out ' a.-0'?tbe T? d'i t 1 hi?1 tirkel of.;-; '!ity have ^>rt?ce n car?h -and w?, aider ' f\ * 1 deed 1 oiiny to ,, n.vu. ?i mo r ..e?" ( ' that r?ir?" all. 'ft ? *pftk?B of by cue Tt m Mt to. A.your ftrgltttKi-, *d.i ta.it of cftrth n.i h. ??in, fji the vt]? pm y *i j> rate i oox? dietar.?-. ! i1iuuid yuar ini-?r?b'e ftuncf, (4. N' T*.?Jn jmtbe r?> our wirtty yjoirter. Mr T(h), I outt t 10 n?i?t ? thrt v ?lt fM !ftCcri-our*i> ? u'.i rift * ?!it t' > liberty ( ? -are :? en with bu t aut, were atj . ? j liMino k (.->* ; l>?t ft* he ? yjK :j tr i-,r, nr. 1 I an ftnouyian-u one. I intlBfMtf ftf la prirlleMof <?xprp- 2 rnTftl ii i'ft.ii-1 o* h'l M: 't.ftl charac'T w!* 1011I e^tb#r f?ar nlerv-e or li :yn ot itmUtim it ie not at a'l yr 1.1M3 thrt h.> wit! ?r< kao* who wrrto tLi' doi oo'.tld mica proltb-M i. ?> l? on bia ' Mr: be t ti e th^-r mat* -rot V*. it or il.timent , 1 it ftJ! rot, id r.'l prat.it il'ty, mi it him ftffala. after h.> Lure a lib, fur / ??.?, perhftpf, **ar: anJ hu tit.it: ium ? cr r.?rm lo ?hr political arena, II b- ihf > !d rlr^ t? ?it. ?n.J ' V. - intent en. in tli. n-rt :t 1 ata prufma.Uy igtn ru.t, luitfci ugh |M tnftT rx?H? ir. iu? ft fritodi^ ill*, rot, ftftd, doubt!. ? rr-i;-p I r->he?, "in never, by ft >7 l" in bil 'j. b aJvanoad orrtta.lod ay :ur awn ioj iMMOrMtkll <4Tb? MtrVOii ftttl .? aMirwwAF ?a ro c *t;* ,\v K, nnn.-lnl, 4. I'M. ' Tir.-r-t (?* sar.nl.. wri h.-a?j and aj.v 1 Oiftto' < u?'; ? * i.-r* 1 tb ir e-tlv** *1 <t c f and* Frtrrr | t'ftN klitver MftS lit tbrkrfti'ntiijpf the n-nnth. but l?u? rl, rrtv ?r>. ?:> dw4*t two. mln* ?upv 'w<J threoirh ? >r. n 10 hj aurtioft. at wbi'h it ir roouiioil net l?~ lb 1 jf* 0.0. ! 'ti n*i<l I rnid* NttiWyalli neitlp tar ?iv?n ? oCir.eitl ??! wMckattUrnntiBiie f'.-vnlv ti v ?.? ft-rl*' I In tt? 1 fci-l rjorih. aiiL ri *?.' ?J fr n. f ciw rv, Ix-iiirt'rv 1 f prdravt, t B. n|i 4 bun* . 4 .??< * A)<>' ? ?/iuJi 1 Ci.Ua* dp Ltaia It .Itici'jla l?irlw: I 1 ?|r t Ooy>'<fthft|?B; 1 tlfUva I " I ! UMl'Hbl*t; 0 Ha?abnr,i. { I |!*v , 1 I 'fit I I V I . " 1 f ><>!.< 5 I .rt|.4r,: i t< it.I, I ft .II . l.SwVbik lN?4ttt|, 1 I n,i*. I t di >Jita, 1UiobB:cni, 1. Pa?4o?, J*i I rwanr-a, t Li D. PRICE TWO CENTS. lWabuaar.. 1 Trieste. and S from Yalrarmkc. ?iUi atotal I linage of Ik,000 tonj Fi o' i.? m, Itock in firrt bar J* on let Jun".... 8* V>3 Imported during the month lti.iidT 48,171 Sold during the month 19.MH Stork in flirt hand# on l<*t July. tS^H? 'tor k in m coni bundn on Itt Juno.... r<&8 ioln during the month t?>?8 43 188 to-t>l ported 1.448 ulfl'lirf 3WH ' OUn umod 1 *.000 1;.43? f:oek in second hands X?t July.. 00.00V flock in all hand* let July 64.TW And of the 'joanrlty lu first hand*. 10.110 ''hi*. are uf KicbfhOBd t :ty Mili* 3.2,'"l Baltimore. T.HfiO lioutherw, M4 Philadelphia 7bo first l.un jH KU. anil iibou: 1,000 Mrroad quality do. As will be ?rn, the stock Id mmo?I liar l- I- h'm j. urnl the article exceedingly dull and difficult o! at our itiir.t?tions. the dealer* evincing f?cling In work id tluti tiUtlug stork". and buy only sparingly tlU the arrival of the new er.-p Th* Vietorimn ha- fold her caijo. deliverable at Montevideo, at, we am Informed, 10 .'.10 per bbl . cash. or II foo. at 4 months rejlt. ar.d a cargo < f fl .ur frotu Hon.,a has bean di*p?>u?V of. for tonetUbptU n at lit too The demand for export, tbU monlh pu.-t. hae been very limited; ueitb. r do ww anticipate any till the stale of uflair- In the iltver 1'lntn as-tiais" a more decided ehtraeter. Atr *>: 1'ortv.ii ?Arrival- Uare been excessive. via. i SCO hbls aLd :w> ra-es, therel y > an-'.ng a further online in price for bondon. of euncrior nudity?not mocw t! an 1 0W> per doren obtainable B> v.-a.\x?Arrin d about 1U0.CG01'w . of which camiJ.-ruble ealee a. re effected at our quotations and which are still obtainable for cash. Bt nn: ?Imports, last uknth w-re, of Irish, T16 itfins. aLd tb ut 2t'<' i rench Ni0?lt. ration in fwlma tin. e our la.-t. ticod Irish is worth f'JCt, and French iM per lb. Coals?A'out 1 Of'"1 tfus arrlve-1. 'In-t sale of good -teem at 31 ali'bCO per ton, and small at 7 a SftMN. Market -t. , jp ; but as many enrprr.* are expects!. price* are *Kt likely to rally. We would rec immend /iwreto 'omirjr here to have the liberty to be sent to the Klrw Kate, as many steamer* of war are now there, in coqmm jueL e ( f the bf-ftilltle- carried on aprainst Gca. Or.be. H.r'.U Iu Montevideo by la-1 advices, J11 per tou. cm Drai t; mm tons, i s Cttpldo. ju-t sold for lOjOOO per too, e -h. t muh?Arrived, td-'f pulnlals. of whlct 1,044, trym brcuth' uii. ?o c.f bail ,,uulity and ? Id for o.OOdpe* quintal. if small, tier ecld for lit 5<)0. hi us?NO arrivals this month; two ca?vs Pw?dlsh, arrived in May, found purchase;* t". 14 Ot'1 it 14, dOti pea u? '.of lumber; no arrival* this me nth past price* 10 a he per foot. I??.in ?i About S.OCfi packaxn w*re received fram Great Britain. 1 tmm the United .-.ate*; prices hardly expect d to bt tiiuintnini d. a-heiisy luppUt* are looked for frtm I'urope i.tMi.".?ou ?Nostock in first hand* the trade to nun h ;n s>aot of regular as-ortnu nt*. and would fnely .,i f, ... * M'trliriT-ut niu. months credit:?'wh' te and edged. 13fMI| l'_' iiU1; puinu-d. 11- UbO. i >ii ?MirH"taiundanUy -upplied, withhsalf slocks; and we ceiim t recommend :-hipraents for the pro '-or i. M at our i? notation*. Turrvni ioe icq uired afU*# ai.d n ucii no:> 1 at ((tu'tntUne. m or in first hand* Mi *i)i ! * ' I' -vi;!. ? Vi ry uncerttiin articli s. and fluotuatim in |r -n rorj ercr.t. iepondinsalmostal: oceans* en the (ietosnd t( rtht nary. llesis - Ms ba:rely *rc irarorti J. of which ab< ut half ware sold hi . nut pir barrel. Sui t i' i til id act re demand. both here and eon it ^va?j M 'if Of*1 also ri-riT< d a Uf;;i portion has barn disposed . f at!<Hi a llv'iarly in the month. and latterly, at i'VH t! " f rj u i i - In the'-arty part i f la^t month little was <b*a? a the art lac. to unfuTorablo account- *i em. bread: but aft r U ; uriitrs of ;h" Cay steamer on tl?? Llth ult . con-idi ruble -jil?-? w re1 fT? ' fed at a dec In# tar >ricc at fii m IMj a 2CU |? r arrc'.a. Wo e?tim?le thm i! - of tlio mi ii.li ut al' 'it 12b.b<K) bag*. at least un- hail >f whirl] were fir tbe lulled Mates, fairs this ni >ntn 0 d?U\ a' i ni.-ti ('0 bags. at t rier* a - por fries current inn> xed \\ i il" n< t autli i| ?tr n further d>vlins la tbe u tter ouslttles without the report* fri m the mKrtorte u lb. Initio ctiti null r.uro^B?r.' aure discotrar ng. fbr -t i In i d roll' in 111;' iriurr.et hue twi n rcduj 'J atout. 0.W0 bag*, eh.'lly of lew i;nalltir*, Tbe ii-w -rop from he font Ann a limy b <'X( ootid to arriT.- freely next. 1 i ctb. 1 :.d tr.o r iiipic.- a'l ail) ut jinrXet arc Tt ry gird. Ills Atrtr. 1} d.thrull to i 'tain a o- met estimate ft Hi -oip. but from till wo ran itlean it Is not linelj t* fl< lit lit* than iitu anil b liaif luilltoo boa*. nod with i run I O.tlKi t< bCC CiOb: ?* rowan it.g o?er In-1. there wtiiba in tie coun'ry. for exportation. tbt* crop yrar, trom, 1 Soo islO to 2iaHi.ll.it lags Tic ? wcte exported during the j.e?t minth. 1rt0*f>J t?H*s for the f U .wlwft daolmntbinat? Co l'urope?Ureal l'.tllwin. 11.771; tntaiirj. 7.i72. Uirturn. 11 ntti; lUcre, I.ii-'.I; the Haiti*. b'r.'O, tho Mediterranean. llXSiS?< t<ta 1 to Knrope, d4JK*C 1 To I nltad Hat so? Unit m i n . .? o.i2; Nee . r'.. ans. ! o; Ni w Vork. "l.Uult^ I'hitiolelploa. M7, t'aklori 'a. 1.&11'?total to i- Plaice, 02011 l'*.;s IitfiM j-f -t . 2HtC b*;--. Total c .porta, W lUSt Ni-rt to the t'oii'd SUt<-. in the Ml'iving cmp jr*r*. t.x Jf-r.t July 1-t t > .Tut." IVOth. inpittt-i**:? inly 1 IHiv on I .tan 90. IMD-ILilitluoiT. IV*^91 Imm lli ?t? it 'il tkl!: Niv. Yuri... 11)4.hi I; < hurlr-lMi ?n-l SnT*nrihl) lfl.4 \,w Orient.? and Mobile. IH'JIIO, l*t.i>iwM|ihli r.."i totnl 77' 1 W bn~* .Inly I 1S4H. and Ji.t,. ;o. t-,H> tin!i.'morc. 114P|.'i Ni^r; Ronton. It.1400; Mi* \it*. )'?' '..'7. (harlt ton find fvanuah. VI>43; V * Orion* an i Mobile ivl 400; ' liiU Mpltin. 44.471; total. I U b?i .'r!y 1 l^fti). t Juni* .41. ISil?-Haiti* itn'iv V,.' I..S bn;": R'Mop 11 CIS; N'W \ork.S48.VL>^ J ,i ' S orte.-io* and Mn. U '.7 ri.'lari lptiin. .JCy , t'alit irnla. IV .IS; - '.'Inl it Attd to Kurupo. iltriu{ UIH -*tno urt d 1?4?. j . ?|",M t.i.- 1-4" 41. Ml 761 bnf?l 1 viO .1. 1 s M l i'ii" T'tal iilfpi'il iHuintr the pna?>ut i-n.' y i r t \!t . from L.t Jul/, IVHl.toJua* '?>. K',|. i > s. ?., hnjrn H . ?Til. 1. ?...rr :.t l rnird la t r.iontti. .".23 rn*o* .nt 1,71 Ubl-. nil lx.. ; ull tl rn?n .iml about l<W IWl ?inl l*v? to T'TtOval. lh.' ri-BinlnJi-r i i Ow Kt*?r I'iaii . I liii. '.i <V,t'. 'nli. and 1U.1 A 'in, nJ? h??.( krrl A m I Mil ON l " flwl .jaalltia^ P.l I lld.i '. mm I r' ? .1 nfli. n- Mif in luinl at tin nd ol tin itiml'i. I si ofistmand VJV I.*.:* i *iap??' nil l"d com" and HA) l-af* tiud MX*. IVruon. ?a4 Hiodc. linn tstltf It- t Dfiu'h ?r?s?lsivi Hirer rut*. m il l.iiv.i ! at n in I'D to I7.i pi liisir/. otkA i ? r- I'.'M, i... I ol kMi Ii will I cli OT".| in the et>ur*i i.ftlnji. nt |. .nit Ull trn . . j irt? >1 In Hurra ??<4 1 .'(?to I'nttiijj II M ' W'J. 0 K.y.r I'lae. U4WM4 Kin (trnml. >1 i t'-.t'.ir if..< Imlf y.nr eliding Jiuh 10 ) ire lint t 111 I.l I'l.'y-li?!7*lUi Orntl Britain. UKHc.r, I itr, St:,;. jni S7 y t-, tifl, r. ill |?im H ? I "" Ct'.itf- fji.il'f i-t.ra *. ?.l 1* wky*? rlI 1 ? . t . ' . - .r Havre. ?;kI lh -*i - t1 i ih .*. . in'In-1 'ur I it- ra n.N. I'nn'? m t>'? i with-?H alliratk.M, uitI.t d>K>nai v. |.'i; ikti i r .u (icnmril nod prW alv?f- rwnna. ft tilt Uki a l.tK?i 'ikt ?1'i.-n K?i - lit.in Jai ii?ij I J.im- Uli nmonutln-* to 17 JM Mi it ofc.li?i<> i.i>al Until*. V. 7* ?ntc wit; 7.1*1 I, I I W Mat's (Olt Ulilvat | at; .4 kitrafu *r?l 'Jt-< ii Inii'i ?>*A-;ir.r-'#??'r? -hi|fr.|.t> far tl.H Lob I i MMiknt. 'JA f.>r I CMCi and JO for Nm Vuriu TV arlt ir , (j; Hi M. at 1 l.'O 1 \| rt? *l ?l icr lh? Vk <rit.t.'>j: ribi iiari.J.i SO Stir* . m. I ui . I ah id* tol" nt (if^M*. IHtiilbt l'*;Mltil? an4 l?l I .* Maa tlcS'la* old' I tirru^ Ti.it ? -Tjti i?b> a?-r ?Mt | l ilu in Imi mnr.tk. 1 aMili 1 4?f ^?r?i for t ft.t Britain. > K>f tfc# CliU M't r tid VVi't tt i> t nil. I a! yiKW r*0(M.g fr? in i M i. ti 4 iroj. a-r MKag to iallt- di-irr tii? tat of Jar .a/jr to iu> liO. lartu* ?r, ' - . I'.a tiata an? Iintt'll. Or*MBr.it.la. * > t h 0i n'.lnrot of ka rcf.a, 1 rot' *>0' t'a.i 8'o.t 40 *. th' llir? : I la? , ai ' Oil tc Ca f "Tua?total ; 7:.u ; t ripnrkf I ii it? * ak:.l? thr -.1.7 l?M m< tiIIi, fat Ktgn? < TB'rratalmt! a. twin# m tb? tkttta In ret'. -. iJV rat<? ru? bar M? l.a laid *0 bar ibiJi*"Ti d Oar qu 'tattoa* at 1' aChaastl BonJ?n aa . linry .1 k>< a ?i t< llaail . V an ? A t.t?Tv 'v- a ' W ; 67? ?J a t t * 81. .lils. at. - ?n; frai -a tr llarr*. v ih lit tMt, ar I * ? so,. p,r >ac to tho tnli. <1 lit J<rtyi It i? Dip .aild in ?h f* r i.f a i m? y "? ?. .k t.rri.ia.'fr. yt it* vtrt count. ca return In.? i? * Krar ' . in ti a ' tn rociure an pl.l na< 1.1 U. I* tur-t tn i.btnlnati|i>, an most d^p?aa? oa ii .! VI iB i.i?. mtj nn'v Ilie 'j >fn" ,n u * -ovoiiy. iw> will ?>?> mwu I y < mr *1 .reM-wl hi? ? 'Ii i A?<<" I <W<1U11IIU<m1 ot l?(<. ImI i4ii|| ut T 11, croii with ib?t MB a?t t p y ir. ?? that lair r?u? offremtit uuM t >he u? taiBabl* Iff bo nr.i.tun t< c> dim I ... hex fc.'ii, Kit/ through ?t ih* month. ?* 8?>. 1 ati.l CP', | ?r I ai d ae v ltnaw that ?t -a* <? tihae l?fn Oi*Hi?i..I elaoe the <lep?rtuje ol the I wt laai. ..teamer < u the lllh ult. Ttlr l)|?rii at CmIJb (.tardea. Tb'. fc 'tr or Bee ob-j here of the eper* r aipaar ar* alaey* (he ?p?t attrwtlre of the mudcel D re Ta.-r? kj Bo-lc, Bettfol. Madiali *a 1 Benereataae ai-J ?. era mib tv l.Mtr again the **t*t bun of (he ana tua eraa W. Ii rtarra h.alchaa partially rjnveerrd fro* Uie M?n!; of bvr iil?."si. and iU( oa Widuerday, eiU gr-.ht eplrit Bui aaUiatlra, id oplta <f all dlffi. u.ttoe. aid wUi *111 j to-night la "Pom 1'a^iiaie," fur the la?i uaw, ?i?es?o? all retlrr for n IPa dajr Into the c nutty f.o refx.Be ' lu n 1'aajuale ' ha- Ralnt 4 a fery atle repm?ea'.al ?* In Uoalc. M<d a? r?<ret to lie. her. Ba-Mah Hixi I' ?r;tal ar* a-e all th.i oaa be d? " "( t > rnaae tat of??r? rrceajol, lor the -Itnyln meloda e-hwid f?m the r. aii'.rul - ut thraroiafor ifr- other rhar?etar? o*aa?d fell (5 p.. ae? a*, any tltn- lintUrl. l'-be*-im*bi ao4 Badia.l nr?aiaa;- ire.*',.able Thr Ti mer la K <h*rta I'.e-evi*. ' l.ar and* an lmp-i-"leo ??hich old he 1 '.*!>,- J I .r mauy a yea- W hen-e?- tn?re It- a true I"' * cf ni?r". aid of mark). thia boor Ir nr-n? ?ppr? iafed, and the public uiay depvr.d apco benag bo b*4 nrrW " at all I km- i merit a ?th r-aoa ? riiai |Wrii-T*B'%r<. l??i (e Blnai'" prneiy: He ba? ?'?? (*!:<? In d b'n to |ilr*?e the pnbl*, aiul I" ? liie R?ni( ? b. prnnotlMide la hleeiuiler llie B*r>lB ardee l? alaty aro. pi . aud. la aa wBed p**rd IN- <y.ni- ? ! hid ble <"? eu.wa he aedey- e*. rt<1 MB fleet In u tiiWe iltall iut tti?* l?<ale elnp