15 Ağustos 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

15 Ağustos 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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Catherine Hayes hai written beforehand to Mean (urn* of Dr. Gouraad Italian Motivated Soap, aoi ether CoametU*. an assortment of which ho had forwarded to her as a preeeat The awect Swaa of Brio ia a brilliant and remarkabla voealiat, and aha apeaka ia terma of anoeaaive enlegium of the Doctor'a lediuatad Soap, whioh aha daelaraa Sti produced tba in?at ungual efTccta upon her completion. Tbls will not surprise any one of the thonaand who uae it, Jto kaaw ita wonderful eftency in freeing the akin from tan, freckle* euaburu, rpota, pimples, and aa-iing elcarneaa and bloom to the aalloweat aua roughest complexion. The Swan, moreover, ad da that her hair, which la "f the Ino no much admired hy the "old mastero," a bright rod oolor, ahall be transformed iotorirh, raven jnt black, by Oouraud* Liquid Hair Dye, if it pleaae the e ignoscanti and dilettanti of the model republic. Bear in mind that the genuine preparations of Dr. Oouraud are to be had genuine only at hli old established Laboratory. 67 Walker street, ne ir llroadwav; Callander, 88 South Third atreet, Fhiiadclpi.i*. and Jordan, lid Washington atreet. Beaton. mparflnc Black and Green Tea*, at l?. and to. a pound: and Sugara, of every description. can be had at STEI'HENS' Tea and Grocery Store. Northweit eorntr of Varick and Van dam *t recti. Also, In stock, a choice variety of Bran dice, U'inea, Segars, Bo. A large aaaortmcnt of Sugars, alao Pine Taaa and Groceries. at reduced pricea, Reined Sugar, 4a id.; Crnahad do., 4a. 6d ; Brown do.. 2a. Pd. to 4*.. for 71be. For anle in uaantities to euit at Fow'er'a large etorea, Noi. liiO , aad 438 Greenwich atreet, 76 Ve*ey atreet, and 409 Grand ! atraet. Philadelphia Eydneyinlnster Carpeting*. ?Theaa beautiful fabriea. tapestry pattcrna. are ready in lmmenae variety for the trade and housekeepers. at reduced pricea, for eaeh or city acceptancea. interact added by the manufacturer. J. SIDNEY JONES, Carpet Ball, IS and 30 North Second atreet, bret door below Christ Church, i'kiUd*tnliiA. BalrOvi and Win can b? foand In tba greatest perfection it Batonelor'l, 4 Wall street. Die Win are anequalkd for natural appearance and durability. Hie Hair Dje it eo favorably known it needt no comment; it eaa be procured alto from all the Druggists and Perfumere ta lews and country The Iiadltl may well he termed the "Mftcroex," tince the Ornate Flower Lotion iaao generally mod by tlicm. Thcro ia nothing in tliii world tbat makoa tho akin 10 vtlvet like, fair, and beautiful?even where piniplea and frceklee have oietigtird the face. It ia aoid by Ku.hton, Clark It Co.. Noa. llUand 273 Broadway, and 10 Aetor Ifonae. MONET MARKET. Wednbsuiy, August 13?6 P.M. There were large sales of all the fancy stocks, to-day, a: the first board, and holders were compelled to submit t) another decline. Krie Convertible Bonds fell off 1 per cent ; Delaware and Hudson 1; Canton Company 1; Mcrrls Canal ; New Jersey Mining Company X; Krie Kallroad 1>,; Harlem IX ; Norwich and Worcester 1X5 Reading Kallroad 1. Krie Kallroad was particularly active, to-day. and we see no way of preventing a panic noon, again, among the bulls. Prices are lower now than they were a few weeks since, and there is less disposition I lo buy than we have noticed before for some months Outside operators have completely deserted the market, and holders disposed to convey, are frequently compelled to sell at any sacrifice. Money is scarce; but the demand for money Is not the whole cause of price,, for stocks depreciating. It Is partially the result of a want of confidence in the future; and capitalists and other* prefer placing their available means on depositwhere they can be commanded at any moment, to putting them in the beet security on the market. It is impossible to tell what the future has in store for us. All anticipations and calculations relative to the probable eourse of financial affairs, are useless. The shipments of specie bare been limited, lately, in consequence of the increased value of money at home. The payment of debts due abroad has only been postponed, and any let-up in the money market would let looee million* of ipeoie for exportation. It muat go forward sooner or later, and it is the fear of this that keeps everything so much depressed. The steamship Niagara, for Liverpool, carried ont $415,009 jtt specie, of which about one-half was American gold. The steam? hip Prometheus, from San Juan de Nicaragua. brought about $600,000 In gold dust; so that the export, in this case, nearly equals the import. The news from Kurope by the Africa, is not favorable; and we do not see anything in the financial or commercial horison, of a nature calculated to give much hope to thoee who aaay be at this moment much embarrassed in their affairs. The only safe way la to make everything as snuj as possible, and patiently wait the coming of the blast. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to $125,175 f0; payments $55 487 12; balance. $3,036,376 96. The demand for foreign exchange Ibr remittance by the steamer to-day, was quite limited. We have no alterations to make in our last quotations. The business of the Kishklll. Ilartford and Providence Bail road Com par y shows a steady and handsome increase. For the month of Jnly. the receipts were $12,024. Corresponding month laetfyear, $ 012. Increase. $3,011?or forty per cent. The rectipts for the months of May. June, and July are about ten thousand dollars more than the receipts of the same months la lttO. An analysis of tb- railway traffic returns of the United Kingdom for the last week of July, published by the lirrsjsli'i Journal, shows the total receipts on 6,354 miles, to be ?338 147, equal to A'63 per mUe per week. In the corresponding week of last year, the receipts were ?276.714 on 5.975 mile*. or ?46 &s. per mile per week There Is thus an increase of ?61.433. or 22 20 per cent, in the gross receipts; an increase In the mileage of 379 miles, or 6 32 per cent; and an increase of ?<> 15s. In the amount received per mile per week. The Railway Timet reliant? thf aggregate receipts aince the lat July, thle year, at 1*93) ftflt). averaging 1147 18a. IIV' P*r Bill* la jWO, for a alwilar period, ther roached 1771.442 on tke eauie linet. giving an a?crag* of x 133 8* 7 ' td per miir Thla -howa a did*ri nee in favor of the present year to the estrnt of 114 15a. 4>,d permH". The companies tbat have partaken moat largely of thla inornate ara tba London and Northwestern, fkiatb'aetern Brigkton, Great Western, and Southwestern. Tba two landing railroad atocka oparatiog in to a greater extent tban any otbara. are tba Ogdanaburg and tba V> rtnont and Maaaacliuaetta. Tba Boaton Cvwirr gives tba annexed lnft riuation in rotation to evh of these stocks:?The Ogdanaburg corporation ia authorised to issue 40.000 shares; of these, 30.040 w?ro subscribed for. and 20 000 only have bean laaued. leaving In tba possession of the corporation. 14.000 shares, which will not probably coma into the market at prices much, if any. below the par of $50 per abare. The Central baa 100 000 shares, all laaued but 8.000. wbish wate aotd on ana yt ara credit In 1850, tba payment for which baa nearly matured. The Vermont and Massachusetts haa '.1*000 thare* Issued at 4100 $70. and $50. the average par of which la about $80, amounting to $2tO/HO At the preaact quotation of $28 tbey wonid coat the purchaser* but $813,000. requiring but $48,730 net aarninga to yield aix per cent dividenda. Lad year the In mm* paid expense*. Intereet. repaira and left a eurplua of $34 000 Thla year the income baa lneree?ed 32 par cent In the firet alt month* The aecomd ail months constitute Ihe largest and best hall of the year in point of rerenne. which will be largely iacrr?p<il by its new tributary the Vermont Valley road, which was not opened for travel until tbr last of inn#. An analysis of ths reports of ths raiiway companies of Massachusetts. fires ths annsisd statement cf the aggre gats morementa daring the ysar 1M0 R/uisaiM or MsasacHi arrro, 1*60 Number of mads in operation 3d Lcrgthof main mads I 038 mile*. t ranch* lo| ' " ("ruble track and sidings 1176 " Cwt. 161 873 AM R-rtipti. from passenger* f.1420 819 - fr? .?ht 2AJ7 40? " malls rents he 188.783 Total receipt*. f0 MO *72 Ku 11 Ml I Road hoe . Ml 792 Mollis power 4*0i>*i Misrrtlan nus 1,020.287 3 142 941 Net inrsms 13 314 3t?7 " M pur cent oa e?rt 0 41 Nn thr . f mil?i run. Ry f-asstngsr trains 1.886 078 Rj freight trains 1.; 17 kfld J?y other trains S*4 2M Total number of miles ran. 4,27* 240 Total recsipte per m.Is run ... 11 61 T?dal sapensss per aaiis rua 0 73 Wet income per mile run 0 74 .pwiher of pn-erg-rs -un d In .'i- cars * ajt 0'>? jN min r or pcrMTirer* oa-ried ,mc mu.? 147,MM l>*7 Numb) r "I low of UK-r Uldin J in thr ?N *.210 050 Nuanirr often* of men-handl**' ?4W"trd ft* mUr 72*7.1200 W 'fitht (in ton*) of (i???-ntc?r train* not ineluding | arranger*. hauled one n<0l* HNMN.M V>l?bt (m tow) of fright train*, n if ft-luding ftright. hauled cnr ml1* ......... ... 130,671,Ml Total numl* rof ton* Mt including I in af?-T?. hauled one mile , . .:xC*23 7 61 j It appear*. by Una. that the net earning" *r? n little junta than fifty p?r cent of thr grew* rarnlnga.iind that tfca net Income on thr total (oat vaa but a fk aotica ex#* *i* per cent. The aterag* per cent of dlrk'?nd j-ayhog oeaipnuira la larp?r than thi*. whi b U ra u W by the ft it that rmaofth.* road* Included in ('he at r? e< at At r?y dirtdend* at at). Th* tf% I trade of fictou h%> fallen off considerably. thl*j?ar. The number of Amort-an rwacl* wh! h arriHit fVtA l doling thr thr-* m^nth* ending .1 Sy fifth. In each ??' thr f -t thrrc yean. ?tt a* follow* ? la list, niitihi A Mr/ il Jjn? 21, an t Tuly M ? t?'al. M> ; In IhfiO durirg '?* ?*? month-. 5 i<> V,-> tal, t* ; in 1*51, during th? sair# mretl.* I, 4 9?UUi 14 The tun,'. 'J cf CfU il fpa t? the United BU'.W ,h> yrar '? much lew than for 01*07 pwtoue year*, during tbo am* tln>?. Ia 1M0, there were (hipped in American T*a#?ia, 3,lU chaldron*; in British, |t?586?total, 15,771 chaldrons , in 1861, in American reiacla, 67i child rona ; in Britiab, 6,654? toUl, 7,336 chaidroua , lhu? showing a foiling off, in one year, of 8,446 children*. Stock KiclUngt. $2000 U. 8. 6'r, '56, 106 37 iha Erie RK 70 1600 do '62, 110 Ml do 83 70 KM do '67, 1141a 300 do WV I0H0 Brio Income *>V ?? Oo *60 6?? MOO do 1?3 100 do *00 6WC 1A0U0 Erie Cone, '71, 88 300 do 6y? U*? do *10 88 MO do 68I? 160uO do 8718 (00 do 68 5100 Brio lot Mtr bd*.'68, 108 150 do 68% 10 ehi Del and liudaon 112 M) do b30 6'J* 23 do 111 60 do 830 6MV 4<) Fdf*worth Co 8 300 do 69% 60 Bank of Com, fall, 106V 2U8 9toninKton RR 41 22 do 106% 50 do e60 41 120 Broadway Bank 107 60 do k60 42 125 N J.reey E* Co 9',' 100 Harlem RR 67 ToO do VV fUO do 66V, *41 do 9)2 860 do 66 % 126 Canton Co a30 64 300 do (6 am MorrU Canal 14', 260 do 66% a?) do 14 200 do aW M 100 do a30 14 300 Readm* RR 3? 2*1 do Id 1800 do *0% 200 do 3do 14 660 do *60 SO 20 M York k N Baron 108% 400 ? do 810 50V 7 do 108V 100 Norwich RR 47', 6 Roch and Syr RR 106)3 100 do 47'? t do 106)2 175 do *30 47 200 Tanner*' Bank 64 SECOND BOARD. M0 ?h? Erie RR W *h* Farmer*'Tru*t. 64^ 50 do >10 titf BO Reading RR 90'j 40 do ilO t'.l'-i 150 Long Island RR II 2d do *3 6!"? 90 do stiO 14 2U0 do s30 691< 90 Norwioh RR s30 49 190 do 20 Roch te 8yra RR 106* 129 do C9% 10 I'tica & rfehen RK 12'. 2)10 Harlem RR (10 66'j 100 Portsmouth Dry Dk (j'4 100 do 66* advertisements' renewed kvkby day, WIMWa AH.TS. ^ A beautiful picture of a little sailor Boy, the son of a distinguished Commodore, in full Jeck Tar suit, U. 8. Navy. Price, tinted, *1 29; colored, *2, oa dark ground 82 M each. Just published and for sals by N. CURRIER. 192 Naseau-st., cor. Spruoe. Time of peace and time of war, from tite original picturt by Sir Edwin Lnndseer. Price, plain, 51 90; splendidly colored, $3 each. For sale by N. CURRIER, 192 Naseau-st-, cor. Spruce.J Daguerreotype-great improvements iiavb recently been made in the fabrication of electro-plated plates. We earnestly request all Daeurrrean artists, especially, those who hare previously used plates manufactured nnder this process, to examine and try the Scale Plates. They are sold with the special guarantee that they will give full satisfaction, being perfect in eveay respeit. VICTOR BISHOP, 23 Maiden-lane. VPJBClAIs WOTIC KM* Democratic republican general commit tee. Tammany Ball, August 14, lf91 ?A special meeting of this Committee will be held at Tammany Hall, this (Thursday) evenir g, Aug. Id, at eight o'clock. J. y. sa vaos, jr > . r. j. dillon. Chairman. John Doihrtv, ) sees. IO. O. F.?THE R. W. GRaND LODGE OF SOUTHERN s New York, will hold a regular adjourned sesaion, at the rooms in Odd Fellow's Ball, corner of Grand and Centre streets, on Thursday. August 14. at 8 o'clock P. M., precisely. By order. JOHN J. DAV1ES, Grand Secretary. IO O. F.-THE OFFICERS AND BROTHF.RS OF NA tional Lodge, No. SO, are respectfully rf<]ueste<i to asstmble at their Lodge Room, Odd Fellows' Hall, this afternoon, at two o'elook, for the purpose of attending the funeral <f onr laie worthy brother, WilliamNldds. Jacoh Mfskhole, Secretary. GILBERT S. NIXON. CARD.?THE NAME OF THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING been made use of at several meetings of the society ot Eraigrsnt Forwarders, Runners, and Boarding house Keeper!, without his knowledge or consent, he takes this (his only) method of inturmingbis friends and the puolic, that he is not connected, directly or indirectly, with the said s>cli ty. and that he has not lent, and will no', leijd, his name aadlafluence to anything emanating from them! JOHN W. MILLS, 103 Wast st. Notice to segar manufacturers and importers.?An adjourned meeting of the Segir Munufae turer# of the city and connty of New York, will take place VI,?O. ti.. liO i?, .e 71 ? o u _ liseum, No. <.'>0 Broadway, for th? purpose of hearing tlx report from the commiteeo appointed at the last meeting, and to take action on the isme. Tohaeco dealer* are aloo '.Doited to attend. HE.NHV UOLDSM1T11, Chairman. Jamks ran- - Secretary. WII.KESBARRE COAL COMPANY.?NOTICE.?AT A regular meeting of the Diroctore of the Wilkeeharre Coal Company, held toil day, at their office. No. Pi Broad way, Walter Mead. Esq , rseigned hi* oAco as President of this company, and W. W. Crane, Esq . wee unanimously elected in his stead. C. B. CON ANT, Secretary. New York, August S. nN. DIC KSON, SAN ERANCISCO.-DICKSON, DE Wolfe It Co., Commission Merchants and Oencral Aaento, San Francisco, California. Refer to Messrs. Wolls it Co.. G. M. Shaw it Co , San Francisco; Meiers. O It .1. l.aurie B. McEeets it Co., New York: Messrs. B?kerlt Morrill, Tlioe. Lamb, Boston: Mesors. Jno. 8. DoWolfo It Co., Liverpool; thae. Archibald, Ecu., F. R. 8 , Commercial Bank. London; Messrs Fairbanks k Allison, Hon. 8. Cuuard, Halifax, N. 8. OOPAHTNER8IIIP NOTICES. New vohk, acccst i, issi.-tiie co partner ship heretofore eviction under the firm of Baohe Hi Keen It Co., was dissolved by the death of the senior, Kith ult. Tim undersigned will settle the business of the late t.rio. and use the name thereof in liquidation. ARTHUR I.EARY. Surviving Partner. The subscriber, with undiminished facilities, will continue the business of the Into houto in hio own name, and on his own account. ARTHUR I.EARY, No. 14 Exchange plao*. New Yoau, August 11, lNSl. CdJilli TO $!.?*).?WANTED-A PARTNER IN TIIE ?C"'v Uarriagt-inaking business. Address A. A.. Herald office. Reference given and required. Ths business is already established, aiid paying a large prsflt. Wants a partner one wanted i\ihediatf. Iy, with a cash capital of two thousand d-llars. t> pnt in with a person who ha* the same amount, to invert in the retail country trad-' general stock. II* has found a store to suit, a good location havia < an established est of ' ustoiii. re Address Actus, st tins office, immediatelr. I U)>T, Mm. 0?)Z REWARD-LOST YESTERDAY MORNING, IN patting from Tenth ilmt, through Filth avenue. Vtttltraih afreet. Univareltv Placa, W'ooelar rtf-tI, H'??t Broadway. Barley atreet, Broadway, Ann and William atrrrta to Wal! atraat a pnokaea of Letter". addrnaaed to tha underetgaed. wrapped in jraltow vapor. Tha nana of R. II. H'inelow, te on tha inaida wrapper. Tha above raward will ha paid <n tha dalirary of th- aa<Yarn and oaatanta to tha au bet altera. W INFLOW. LAN ICR it CO.. M Wall at. fin REWARD -LOST. AUGUST*. OCT OT THE B 51v hcute, Franklin market, a Cold Watch and Chain. 11 a Radar will receive tha above reward by h aring thr aasa at the Franklin Market Lining Saloon. SAM I' 111. (1 At! i. W I f k RF w'A R D ? LOST A H A 1.1.IT CON T A 1 N I N (1 I"" To I in gold, a Tl bank nota. and a due bill tor tha latter ot no valna to any but tha owner The riir ?n having found tha aaaia, will receive tha ahore reward by leaving It at thlaufllnn. IOBT?ABOUT TIIKEE O'CLOCK, OK SATURDAY J aflornoon. between Broadway Bank and Franklin atrret, n rertih'nte af depoett for $10". It cannot bo of any ote to the p-r?on finding It, aa tha payment la etonped. If the perron finding it will leave It at Koot'a Gallery. ,VJ Braada ay, ka will ka reward ad. D. MOVEY. Lout f>R mislaid.?a note, drawn by Robert Finlay. dated May Kith. IV,I. at >! aionthf, for VM'i. and i.ilorn d Jar. W Stent. All pernoae are rantloaad wt.n!aa,-minting th# ?ame. Ifrgturned to Watera it Barry, AO Broadway, tbt Radar will be euHnbty pawardad, qtrayeo ibto the vard hi ras OMCRIBRR, an ' ?. Any par-en having |r?t the aim , and can drier ita it. end prove rroparty, enn hare It be paving atran?ea lor advertiremeaU, Me. Apply to F. ilCIUEL, Jr., Ill * ater atraat. Ol'BRI. HIKIBI. Ac.. WAITKI). STATIN UI.AND-WA VTIItTi' KIRK. A COBfOBTA hi# hooto on ktatca lolaad for a aontiwinan'o family. A fi.rniahtd or partly fnralahod hevao. with a>m< ornamoatil *rnonda. will haoo * proforfBca. Aapli-aata will pi#* a tat#iha alf# of tho hon#?, aad anmlwr rfrooma igd t-.? i*rr#|wt>ictim. a auiia'Mo l?. too woaldb# t*kt? lira ? ria of T?ar?. < < ir.m#ariaa in 8o|Umli-r or Ootoko*. Addrooo "O. P." N?wr Tart ?Ua pool ttw. ptw-padl. u7 antf.d?hv a l.tmimiv kim i* hiuim ? ? to pay a l>h?ralprt<-?. a farl?r and l.#droom op town, 'lorat'oa k*tw?#a *??l F.i?htl and Bittoonth atraota pm^rr-d.) witli uao of warm and cold hatti. Addrooo boa l.tK'5, PM UM HTANTrr-A ri*NtP?r.n front boob. with I d?o?m ad)o(nlaa, Tot 1 or 4 # In rid ?#?tl??i? with hriakfnat not abno# l~raak!in ?tre?t. Addrooa, prof-aid, hg I'nlOAN, Matin* tarmo and lo?a*ina. noifr. wantbd-by Tnt rmn or *irrbmr?* H> f< r a at.iall Irmily; mot k# l ir#a atom ? with ha*" m?ot kath. r?tand Orotoa wat?f. aad milt bo la a tldjr r-afooiohlr aftahhnrhood; location piofMlod Itotwooa Fift?#n h aad Twoaty tilth #lro<t#, and lotaoia Third and Iirlitli aroauoo, la' atr#tta rnnninr#"Ot and w#?t. Addro-o. atatiny r*al aad loratim room No. lir W*a<g-rl#r II aar. -tit f Broadway aad I oarth atroct. M'OTRB WANTT D?IN A (3BNTEFI. RBIQRBOBBOOD. from tba fira* of N..o?mhor, nta fMllf OiMMlai 0' tl r#o portona. k#nt not to ag"*#d Fl'K). Addrooo N M lir< adwo v P-at <>th #. f r t r#--' daya. Room want?t>-\ thaii. boon, wtnnr inotn. I way. aoitaMo for a atttinrroom for* r'ollomaa. Boat payable in Bdraaca. Addrooo It. alMIM M ATRISIIWIA (< Uf IFC W ANTtTt-A OSRTLSBAN tWMTl To thr?# joara < I >r . oi | r- : on* *tr-*raaoo awl oddr'aa. and naator of a licratlo# art wianoa to moot with a ladr po#ao?# ai'aMfllclrnf m?aaa to foal l# him tn <0 inti inalr'-aa rorpr;tally. Addr?*a M. T>.. llorald nfl|c* with I si. ?rd odfrtar to pfttnl mtoir jptio* to t.io cor rrrpMil< nar. Th? r.r.itaat h< ? r uJ -?n y ni?/ b? nll?4 ??. Mfft?. AlANMoN Itot'SE KF. YrORt ?TilE FAThOVt iiF i" 1 thl? j nllic ar<l frrtil. nahla r?*OTt ar* .?( <tim4 t'> t' It l? now in fall nfrratim. an4 <*ort.rttm to rortive f|oar4?-? and Lo4*fr?. i? ur??l. tho vt 'n. 4jr ir?. M t'tr Pavilion trteg t jtal'.y vaconncctal wlt*i itn nrraai m a--o. TSar? Ir acrrmtiicilatlca f?r i faw ratita I <ar4< tr El.r B'lTPrORTt. i)Bi(,un?N iKirpr, rrn . h 4 WHfiv.-i m>fr r.ir. I *patr< n?r* of tl ? elita ?f t'.la .a?V "n?Ma ?la?a if mart. Win I. frail wilt flra *oir?? W.-valo . n (tlia) T: -Today rroninf. 14th innt , fir t?ot m ' I fine ?a an ndraf tlaraa'at to oil* n puplia fi>*piano ard afaainr tin H lot-t< dtod rc4?r natUrt of cBiMkc*ia Loau<.a. Ti tali Fifty U*AVI.RI.FY nf't SK. 4fC I5KOAT)WAY. ' ORNF.K OF F' nrth la now ?f a ft r tii? t?apti a of perm ?root and tran?l?rf loardrr?. Partfi fnn fa niamnda' 4 mith rarlor? *b4 U4r B.I eimfr'riee'.ry. A ehtf if paif >ta?r roiic'id. i. W . HCVAU. Fniriat f n* *t,?fRnre noTFi . i - " F.IT. nfar rvw* , 'nor* ? TF? (r prl-1 r rearec'trUy ir ".Ma t-V ataon !. nrffi fifli I' nen'/ar ' '! bntol. Ilawollfrtrr -Nil tf% ?? ? ?' '.??. ?*' '? h*'l =7*. * '?* y. ' ttt'i |.?a *?n I' I'-.; .i a of r fly f | t 't%I? Wit ' " - T."f ? ' d?, It ?. II noarn to ??' ? .Sao. TI!a wim an of tt,f .nrnaihlnd tt<i Ian iiat will l < M il H-?? ?VntOit i"1** U ftftnt.i ctfcfiri 6. P'-fAt'. WUIV. WANTED?BY A R ESPECTABLE YODNO TOMAN, with a freah breact of Bilk, who hu lihl; loo* he* bob*, a child to aurae, at her own reaidouce. Apply at It Peiham ilieil, between Monro* and Cherry itreoto, in the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youi/? girl, aa Rood plain Cook; U a Rood washer nod inner; io willing to do Reneral homework for a email family, or io willing lo ao chambcrwork and plain aowiag. U?od city retcrenoe from her lao* place. l'lease call at No. JSt Spring (treat, flret floor, front room. Can be teen for two daje, if not engaged. I WANTED?A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID, OK to do general houoowork; can wneh and iron. The I beet of city teftrenoe can be given. Pleat* call at 100 Green etieet. in the rear. WANTED.-SITUATIONS WANTED. FOR A LARGE and eelcct number of lervanto, ol varioua nation*. Cooke, general honteworkero, laundrersea, aeanmtreeeee, nurota, chambermaid*, dairymaida, waiter*, coachmen, laborer*. at the " Select Proteatant Agency." 7 Carmine etroet, and at the " Society Agency," IDti Chamber* etreet?office* calcnaively patronfeed by reapectable familieiaud firetclaaa lervanta. Milliner wanted?to go south-one who nnderatanda the bueineaa well may hear of a periuarent aituation, at a liberal aalary, by applying to E. THOMPSON, No. 2 Day etreet. TO MILLINERS?TWO OR THREE FIRST RATE milliner* will find constant employment by the year or otherwise, by applying to Hra. Cooley. Milliner, 112 Eighth avenue, between Fifteenth and Sinteenth street*. Alio, itvoral apnrentire* wanted, and a forewoman to superintend the workroom. WATCHMAKER WANTED.?A FIRST RATE WORKmar, who oan give good reference* a* to eharaoteraad capability, ean aecure a good aituation in a neighboring eitv, at a liberal aalary, by application to YOUNO i LSAVITT, lil Maiden lane. j WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, 13 YEARS OLO. A i aituation to tab* car* of ehildren. or da light house- . work. Good reference from her laat place. Apply at No. 8 York street. _ WANTED-A WOMAN TO WASH, IRON, AND DO grteral housework Apply at Broadway. Triday, ' August 15, between Hand 1 o'clock. No Itieh need apply. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yovng woman, aa Chambermaid and to take eare of children; ha* no objection to do ehamherwork, washing. and ironing. The belt of city reference can bo given. Please call at S5 Nineteenth itreet, between Sixth ana Seventh av*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL. A iituation aa Chambermaid, and to aa*i*t in the washing and ironing. Da* the beat of reference from her laat place. Pltase call at 202 Went Fifteenth atreet, third Uxor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A STEADY RESPECT ! aide women, aa Nurae. She ia a good aewcr. Can oome . well recommended. Pleaae to call at ltd Spring atreet, in the atore. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. I a aituation to do cooking and to aaaiat in waahing and ironing. Good city reference given. Apply at 8 Howard atreet. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng woman, a situation aa Cook, and to as"ist in w ashing and ironing. Good reference given, Please call at ;?id Sixth avenue, between Twentyaeeoud and Twenty-third streets. WiNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A aituation aa Chambermaid orNurae. Pleaae to call at No. 4 Trinity place. City reference can bo given. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant young woman, a* Chambermaid and Waiter, or l.aundrcea. Good reference given. City preferred. Call at!?Thompaon atreet, up atalra, where ahe can be seen for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl. Sue ia a good eook, a good waeher and ironer, and a good baker of bread. Haa an objection to go a ah irt distance in the oountry. Good reference given. Pleaae call at No. Ill Mulberry atraet. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID. BY a respectable woman. Addreea C. P., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wash, and iron, or to do pal liourcwork jn a rrir?te family. J* a very good waahcr and irOBCf. and I* willing to mnk? herself useful generally. The best of city reference given. Pleaae call at 71 Mulberry atreet, up ttaire. WANTED-BY A REIPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation a* good plain Cook. Waahar and Ironer, in a private family. Please call at 112Twelfth street. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. BY A respectable married w oman, one who haa lost her own eh'ld. Inquire at 89 Ilammeraley street, in the roar. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, who understands plain aouking. waahing. and ironing. Can give the most respectable city references from her laat placea ; one for three years, and tht other for the last nine months. Pleas* inquire at 24.1 William street, for two days. 11/ Ai/ 111/ O I A 1 UI..1U UIAl.f A OIlUAllUA Aa ( Tf Waiter, or to do light chamherwork, or to taka e?r? of a lahy. Good city reference given. Can bo aeon for llirta day?, at 1ss Madlaon afreet. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NUESE, BY A reapcctnble widow woman, wheee Infant it fmr month* old. Good city reference* Riven. Apply at 770 Broadway. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young woman, to do Chamberwork. and no objection to general houaework. Good city reference ng be given from her laat place. at 111 Henry atreet. Can be ?eenfor two daya, at 112 Henry atreet third atory, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAlion aa Chambermaid, and to aaalat in the waaliinr and ironing, would be wtlliug to do homework in a email family. Nc> objection to go a ahort diatance in the country Plcaeo call at lb? Weat Thirteenth atreet, between Eighth and Hlitk nvennea. WANTED-A SITVATION BY A YOCNO OIRI, AS Chambernaaid and ^amatreae, and take rare of chll dren: eh* ta a neat newer. Haa good reference aa to her indnatry where ehr ia for the laat five month*. Plaaae call at <9 Norfolk atreet, third floor, back room. Can be aeon (or two day a. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GTRI., A SITUA tion lo do plain Cooking, Waablng and Ironing: ha* erred two year* In her laat place. Haa good reference from her employer. Cam be aeen for two day*, tf not engaged. Pb aae call at dSf Greenwich atreed. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESTECTABI.E young woman, aa Chambermaid and Seamatr. aa, or Waiter and Scamatreaa. The beat of recommendation* can be givea. Pieaoe call at S3M Weat Twenty flrat atreet, near Ninth nwenua. Can be aean for threw day*. WANTED-by A UIOtll.Y RESPECTABLE OIRI.. A lituatim aa Chambermaid or plaia Cook. Beelei'y refereacee. Call at .VI Frantfort atreet, Srat floor, back room, for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE. TIDY GIRL. A aituatlon to do geaeral houaework. Ia a good waahtr and Ironer and plain cook. Would take n nnrae an I el.amh. rmai.ra n'ac, I'un eiva the t>c?t of reference from her laat piece. Would go Vi the country if required. Can he wen for two dnyg. Pleaec call at 19l>, Atlantic itrect, Brooklyn. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a eltuatlon to Jo the general homework of a email faintly. It "iild alto naatat In the w calling and Ironing. Alio i an give the haat of . il> reference Irom l.er laat place. Ap ply at 174 Chambera air. at aacoad floor, front r?ota. WANTED?DT AN EXPERIENCED DRESS MAKER, bo undtretandr making Children'* C'lothai, employm tit by the day or month, In prieate familial. Apply at 2> flpriny atrca*. \MT ANTED?A SITUATION, BV AN KXPERIENl I O Tf Pattern Dyer, who th?r<>u ?hly undrratanda tha dyeir* of wool and cloth, worried and cotton, yarna, and all klnda of railed gooda. Tan produ.-e a ohara.-tar of a??e?te.n jeara frem bia laat ampin) ar. Addr?ee Benjamin Wrtgley, at Ihia offl.a. Ur ANTED? A YOCNG MAN wiio is A oood s'mio lar. na nta a aituatioa aa Porter ia any kind of a tore? (,aa Inn In a drug atore for tl.a laat S> yeire. Ooo.l refers neaa glten aa to cbaractar. Be. Addr- >a T. W. A., llcrald i.fRre. Wagaarnoderatr. WANTED AT lit NASSAU S-dr.ET, BOOKKEEPrr?. Saloaaien, School T.a> her-. DrogClerkr. Partcea. * altera. Men on riitmadr, Boya to l-arn red-a Pl???a t r reapavtabla frmalea alwrta ready. Aj p'i ant" at ad.'taare, entitling SI. tree of pillage, deecriling tbe aitnatian rnqnlrad, ill be anitad. THOS. SPINK Agent. a CCTTM wanted to OO tot TH- to ONE OP e a (na,potent ahilitlea and goad addreaa. a goad lalary and a pen. am at altuatinn will be given. In mlr j of W. T. JEN MIMA* co.. No Ell Broadway. 1 RTsrit TABI.F. PSOTESTANT GIRL WISHES TO ? obtain a aitnation aa Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do .ii 'rtl koi.Hf ork. She la a tood rook, waaher. aad Iron. r. No etieetlcn to to a ahort diatanee ia the country, and ean leeiim aoadte'ereaaa. No aly.ation to angle. Plaaae ap|ly at Na. < haiard atraat. 4 I RIN< II I ADV WISHES A SITUATION M MKf J\ care < I a an k ny aged prre?n. ?r f r t.'.a tret .In alia af e' ildran, aad make their drearer, aad to Inatrnat la al klnda af faaey work Inquire at Mnnetenr R*?nge, a- ourer, til I'rtnee atraat. for all tha week, tf natatcved. t sr?ercTAiii.R scotch giri, is drsirocr or .1 ol tatning a fitnatioa aa Chamharmai I or < '.nmbermald and l-eiinrireae. Ileal era fourteen y> are In thb eoantry i ?n l la quite Wimble of her hnalnega Good reference gtran I'lracc all at 41 Cathrrlaa atraat. op rtalr-. ?t-r the pi. tur ati re if|. r nlae c'cleek. Can be aaan for two day*. \ RESPECTABLE VOUNti WOMtV WITH rRRSB c?lI at Ho. /'I Frant ?tr?ct, tbirfl floor. Can a* Mr* fit two Hayt. \ i.adt rrti.r co*r&TrwT to her knoaue V* w 1.1, w i-t a ait nation an Hcao?1r??p?r 11 ralir?rni v tt ?r> r? <Hr?i tnrl? attention to thti ?'l*?rt.?oai?nl. A Iflrt?a Clarity. Ctatral r.atiHV-. Hroaflwajr. (IPMPAMOW WASTE*.-* WIDOW I.APT. WITH a fMlfl thrro yrarn ?U. wlahat a lafly cittifnnion who inUIIIyrrt ?r<l wowlfl aaaiat in raw lay. and taalar partial ' ?rr? ' flb* nlM. MM wtilA eoa .l lrr hat hiar>l * |il*al?*i I r tit ttfylta r? aflarafl. A<Mr?<? A. Braflwajr rut (if *. pnOK WASTin-ONE THAT C * DER JT A \ Dl Vy co.*|?, n all ita ran it hraachaa, an.l can mat wall r rrnimoad'fl fr l.or MM plaatt will flat a aitaation at N .? r ? h ?tr< I. Nana < afl apply bat t iota anaxriar tho al . t< Axrrit.U. n nfiii WANTED?A ItANflROMF Pl'RE WIIITK Ppanlah Inf I ? Any ono htniK fach. will dad a I r.'avr at N". 161 If.HtItfwi _______ \I F.DirA I..- A OENTI.F.HAfr A MEMBER OF TIIF. a? I Riyali'nltf of Bnra*nna. London, lataljt coma nnt I 11 m 11 lai -I. If d*?lT"a? to ca*a?? with a I'hytlelan ar *arifn ft .nirinr Mf ? aa?t?taat. Cua *It? aatlafft' rr t< ?tlm<- nialt from r?ntlrm?a of atninanna la tha profii i? ? iB Dwtilia. Float* addrea B. Iltrald oflltt. MrriCAL.-A ORNTt F.W tN FROW BNr,I,AND I* d< iron" of in anaac*ir.tnt a* a Clark In a drug at M. or ut*f?a*?r nt latdtHat*. la aatambcrafthn R ral C ll?*? f ] Riirf#?n- Ft i*nd. A.li*ri,?a M dicut. at N?a!i te Jack-"a a I tfjlr* N >>avail 'tr?i t. will ATION W INTRO BT A R F.? PF.i TABFR WIDOW it !ai!?. wlm laNla loat l.tr Fa'y. aa Wat Nufw, In a r j araa tal In fanily. Caa I* attn until trr d, at ft*< I'atht a IaII'IN WAMED-nr A RF.apEvTABtB ABC 1 n r- i *nr? wtmtn. aa ofcatnF-rma'd. at In I >? art I ' -if. a, d ci lain trtar. I'aatfana (?riMdafi|tl ' > Vrka. 't i Ifcal tlftfeity rakr "i > i-an. I T N ? FAX A,p BBOBBUFNT ARRIVE F.N < RTF* I t. ! . it Irtra ' ? flaaaf dana una (aaia n Am't?tina - trr of I ?r na Ffa' ""falff: II tkrla un pan I Aaaiai . at t?; trait ffal-tr ?nt ?tra ""'ija a I* rampim- arm* i r nn Jard al?r. Ildov'"* Fnnlna laa aaanmirandt'lnff nirt?Wle? aur mnrnlils. J5><S|f??" n Ji. >1 . Ctd?I I'-fttt, J c, iiit |l< 'dl4t/iw.;. WANTS. WANTED- BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO 18 WILLING I* Irnd bit employer ItlOO, I situation at mm reapeoUll< lvi>iD(ti Addreaa JAMES. UmM oBu. WAMED-BY AN AMERICAN At! E D JSl, A SITU lion Rnokltrprr, A.s.taut Bookkeeper or OturM t Irrk in a mauulaclurmg eatablnhiu.nl, banking ho iae or Iroktr'a uBia, Ac Foteeeao good butineee lualihoaiione, and ran aire txcelleat rcfcicnva. Addrea. Washington, at thr < Ifice o' tbia paper. WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG uan a Scotchman, a situation aa Coachman, or Groom lie understands hie buainraa thoroughly, and will makr Mmaall generally ueolul. Pleaae call at (ill Urand street. *L?ro the advertist r way be ?oeu or addreaa " M. C.," litraId eflice. for two day*. No objection to the oouutry, or to go Eontb. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CUTTER WANTS A situation in a H'boltralc or Ketail Clothing EatabliahtLent. lie baa a thorough knowledge of the bu.ine.a, and will eut and make tiimaelt ua.fnl in any other capaoity if desired. Mould have no objeetiun. to go M'eat. Couiiuuuicationanill raniee immediate attention. Addreaa Cutter and Tailor, Herald oilier. WAMI.Il A HOOK KEEKER, WHO TUOROUGIILY underatauda bookkeeping by double eutry. One hare irg a knowledge of the hardware business pre'erred. None nerd arply without tbe beat of reference. Addreaa Ledger, FoetOlhcc. TO FAMILIES FOR CALIFORNIA.?A MIDDLE AGED wadiib, desirous of joining ber husband in California, otters her services to families proceeding thither as an uquivnlrnt for her passege. She would be found a decided aoqui(ition, as she has been accustomed to travelling, and for the

last two years chief stew ardess on board a large steamship out of New York. The best city references can be given. Please address 8. 11., Boa 1.117 Post office. RK8TAURANT8. SUF.1.I.EYS MADRAS MUI.LIGATAWN V SOUP. WITH Oa Tail, Turtle, and Soup a la Reme. will be continued all the week, at bis veil known restaurant, so remarkable fur its coolness, and those salt, tender, and refreshing Little Neck Clams. A I-ascar chef de cuislue. ] A DIES' DEPARTMENT AT SHELLETS', ENTRANCE s one door this side of Christ Church, just out o( Broad| way. in Anthony street. Ladles and gentlemen csn procure I dinners and suppers served in cool private saloons from a bill of fare comprising all the choice dishes oi the season. Shbllby8' RESTAURANT. COVERING71u?x)stjuare Let of ground, is to New York what the Kocher de CanI cale is to the Parisians, the grand resort de tnute moude, temptsd tl.itbcr by those delicate flavored Massachusetts Bay oysters, and a thousand other artistically prepared dishes, with those enriosities of vintage peculiar to the cellars of this magailieent restaurant. ROAROINO, Ac. Board wanted?with furnished or unfurnishrd room, by a gentleman and lady (full hoard for lady only I, in a quiet and private family. Any oue oan hear of a particularly desirable boarder by addreesing L A., Broadway Post Uffica. BOARD.-A HANDSOME PARLOR AND BEDROOM adjoining, also a single room above, can be obtained at No. 74 East Twenty third etreet, a short distance above Union Park, and near the Fourth avenue. The house has all the modern improvements. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, OR TWO SINg.e gentlemen, ean be accommodated witli pleasant rooms and board, in a respectable private family in South Brooklyn, withiu Ave minutes walk of the Hamilton avenue ferry. Apply at.1P6 Henry street; house new, and beautifu'ly situated. Reference exchanged. BO* RDING.?TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN ARB DEslrons of obtaining Apartments in a respectable private family, residing between llleeckerand Fourteenth streets end iniro ana cixtn avenue*, aaa wnere mere ?ru bo omer boarder*. They will require a parlor and bed-room, with hreaklait, tea. and attendano*. Addrete T. U , born 33/, Lower Foat-affioe, abating all particular*. Board?one or two gentlemen may iiave pieaaant room*, with board, at the eligibly looated dwelling. No. Ill Wooatcr *tre*t. Keierence* exchanged. Boarding-to let. a few handsomely fur niahed Koonn, with bieakfaat and privilege of eath.i, at 123 Creaby atreet. Board wanted for a gentleman and win. at Mcrrieanla. near the railroad. Addreaa W. T., Herald othc*. Term* moderate. Board wanted.-a single ladt is desirous if obtaining full board and a handaome room, with a genteel private family, where there are but few boarder*, in the lower part of the city, not above Canal atreet. Flea** addreaa Foat Office. Box 032. 1 BURNISHED ROOM WANTED, BY A GENTLEMAN and lady (either with or without board tor the lady), between Fourth and Twelfth atreet*, either aide of Broadway, within two block*. Rent paid In advance. Addreaa Brown, Broadway poat office. Furnished rooms to be let for gentlemen, in a private family, with or w ithout brcakfaat and tea, at 14 Liapenard atreet, near Broadway. WANTED-TWO OR THREE FURNISHED OR UNfurniahed rooma, pleaaant y located, by a reapcetable family of three peraoaa with or without board?if without, to have thv privilege of a kitchen. Anvp raona hav. room* of the above deaoription to let. will hear of a good tenant, by addreaaing "A. U.," at th* office of thia paper, atating term*, kc. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. Till aeeond atory of a modern built houae, with bath, kc. and a privata tabl*. Addreaa box 2.S/H, poat office, with real nam* and number of atroat. INSTRUCTION. CrAJnyH^TAjToUAGE-PRACTICAL AND tiieoO retieal Courae ?Mr. A. de I*. BAE/., from Hsvtgt, having a lew Icieurr hour*, will davoto them to giving leaaooe lu the above language; and will, nlao, make translation* with correclneaa and punctuality. Addrcaa No. 2 D?y (treat, two doors from Broadway. Olha* No. d. SCHOOL FOR ENGINEERS. 6.-' IIOISTON STREET, N. T.?Mr. Victor Beaumont, Civil Engineer, graduate from " L'Erole Centrale des Arta at Maauraeturea," of t'aria, will open, on the drat of September neat, a new eouraa of lasaoaa in the French and Engliah languagaa, in all tlia hranohaa, theoretical and practical, connected with Civil Engineering. For detaila and reference* apply at the School. Tctor-a liberally kdccated gentleman daatrea to Teaeh a family in HA* eity or Brooklyn, for hi* loard. Unagceptionaklo rcfereucaa given. Address Alpha. Herald office. CHILDBIN-a catholic lady, of respecta- ! blllty, having lately, by the damiaa of bar huaband, been left with three entail children, anil being compelled, through pecuniary embarraaawienta, to attend beraolf to their edueation, ia deairona tu procure ttrea or four email boya. from the age of fnnr to (even yeara. of roapectabla parentage, U aa- 1 aoeiate with her can thildrea, and with them to partake of the advantage* of a homo, and of a pious aduoatien. Tho moat aaaUta.tory reference* given. The location ia on* of th* moat pleaaant and healthy, about aa hoar'a rid* from th* city by railroad. For farther particular*, inquire at th* oBice *f thie paper, or addrooo Children, (poet paid) which will b? attended t*. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A TEACHER OF THE Frewch and Spanish, or Preach and Uermaa languages, for Dalhoueie College, Halifax, Nova Seotia. Salary S-'al per annum, aith Vr from each pupil la college, and the : liberty of tabiag pupil* outeide, which hai beca hitherto i worth $MU more. Adureaa (peat-paid) box 1.M7 New Turk. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, RESIDING NEAR Baltimore. Md., a Private Tutor lor ble two sous, th* I aldeat fifteen yeara of aga. lie must be a superior English ( holar. understanding mathematlee and all th* higher I breathe* of an English education; alao, Latin, Greek. French, and Spanish. a perlaot knowledge of tb* two latter , , being particularly dealred. Tin meet satisfactory reference#, aa to morale and character, will b* required. Inquire at No. I All Bridge atreat, Brooklyn, at $ A.M. and 3 I'.M. j CLOTIUNO. A LFRED MI'NROE ft CO . NO Ml BRO ADWAY, NEW il York, dealar* In Faakiaaable Clothing, gentlemen a ; I Furnishing l.ooda. fto. Ala . boya' nad ehildran Clothing, 1 of every aaaariptlon. We tak* pleasure la informing our ' friend* end the put,11* in general, thai w* have opened the above astatliahment. and rvapeotfully aolielt their custom. ; H > thkll krrp on h>o<i. at all tuna*. a aary large aad eoiaplat* ttc.rat of tinr aad faahwaabl* ready mad* Cloth| loir, manafactar*"I mod trimmrd in tha vary beat man aer, 1 and ( lb* beat material*. Alas a arr* ramp lata aaaortmral 1 tlim; dwcri|>tina i,l a I F*raiah(a| Uixnla. Sa.-h i> Hoc Horn nod inutile Slurta, L'adcr ihlrla and Drawer*, llalt-boat, Puaprndrra, Ulovra, Innta, llaiidkarrhiefa, tad in fart. eaary ertialo apr? rtaiun* t* a rratlamee'a wardrot*. Bute' and CWHwi'i Clothier? To thi* branch >1 tar kurinat* particalar att-t.Uon will alio b* paid. Nopitoa baa* barn, or will be a pared, In produoiar aach irtirf-e a* louat plana* not oaly paranta. bnt alao grettfy Iht laatet of iury<?ag (rirnd*. Our cm torn department will h* under the immediate anprriatandrac* o( Mr. Cbnrlaa 11. Wilinot. nail bnewn among thr f&elinnabla mnmanH; of M* a V?rh ! aaa vary inferior anttar. N M. It la oar intaati a In gt*a i patfrct aatirlacti <n to all who nap faaar na witli thrir patrotar*. If, aftar the purehaoa of any arli-ile any dlar.Un fa*Hi n abnald aafat. it may ha rrtnrnad, aad tha moaaa will hr rafuadad Latrp MIm will haaa tha prtra mated a pan it in plain lt?or*a. and no tar atinn from that pair* ran In any inataaaa ha mad*. 1'rrma:?A* w* ahall harp thr brat quality of good* aad tell at law prion*. ?artrrn< will b* oath. wi. i) Aim*rr, Al.fKID ML'NROB. 1 W \ 1 rAI 1 ' 1 ' HI AMI.-WE W(,l 1.0 R??ri' I I ' fnlly iaait* tt aatrrn and Aoutharn ntrrt hanta ! to call aad look thronah onr ataoh ol fall and winter Clothint. hrforr purcheatrg rlaawhr ra. We flatter ourarlrr*that ear naeortmrat, prtparrd for tha appr. ar Mac aaaaon, will brfound grantor In aatant and variety than hteaaerbeen 1 got op by ant In mar |a tli* tradr. Our ra.rtlona and nr- i rnr?rn>rn?* Tor enpplying aaarythln* that I* aidant a?d | now. a* wall aa riving to anr rarmaata tha lit and ilnlth of I tl* haft euat.m norh.lt proved tola dnly appreciated j In tha rrrat larrraa* of nor aala* to all arctloaa of tha | country. aa wa aoartantly receive from our ouatomrra tha gratifyiag raport* that ear garmanta aim apt mart a < Iran and rrady aala: haaidrt. we era determined to ha nnIcreold I by ro bonaa la tha trad*, withnntaaaa allowlwr for thr oparferity of Uia make of our carmenta. D. It JTdK V I.I V, and do Jnhn atreat, earner of Nerved. j RtMoVAL-JOAtril LI*. HHAI-KH AND TAILOR. 171 rnltRH alfMt kl**n.n.ail. Nn II hA a a ftw ileern fir?m Broadway. """ t < ast orr clothing and rmnitvuk w antbp. V> l.edte-end geatlemea map obtain a good price f?r their net < IU|i'>iln)i tad Inrnitare. kj iitiliii to J. lliillDifl.t, 27 City nail place l.adiee netted on at their rneideneee. CAfT orr cloth mo amp rc*NiTv*r. wantiin.The high'el price ean b? oMntned > J ladiaa aad g?rt!? iiea who hare anp left oS Clothing. Fnrnltnr". and Jeeelrp, Ji? . to diapoee ef. hp ? eding, thrnngh pott or ntherwtee for 1. MiVtNsrrK. ??tr> Broadwar. bp etnirt. ? ? 11' attended to hp Ore. Lerenatpn. I (Ve?r of r CLOTHING, ri'RMTI'RB. r/tNCT J Prrrfee. rirearm?, Watch**, and Jew-Ire wanted ? Thirty per eeat aald there the nenal price re-elred for the there, on making epilleation to the rnheerther. wht will atten* hp appointment. I.ediet attended hp Mre, Lyon. ISAAC O. LYOH. 17 Well etreet. Baremml (t A AT orr CLOTHING, AC -LAIMTS Ain GRNTt.R men ran nhtala the higheet caah price for cart tn cloth- ] inc of ererp deecriptun and enperflnoee Pfi >nat arllrlee la 5?re?al, hp eeadiat their addmae thrregh poet, er calling oa AMU WOAi'NRY, at hit Clot! inc Store. II Oracge etreet, near Chatham itreet. I.adiee waited on bp Mrt. M roaep. (tast orr clothimo ann n hnih hk wanted. J ?Lillet or rcntlemer haetag anp tnperfloone e(Te.'?e to dlepoee of, or tnoeo treating pp hoarekeeping, ean rhtrin a (elr each price for their articlee hp rending for tha rnheerther at Ml rertdeaet, or tp rote thronrh the poet. M. S. COll AN, (hi Aim etreet. I r diet etteaded hp Mr?. Cohen. DHV OOOIM, Ac, najotrfl ctovr* it*t lanpro. or tor rtrst -oil \j~\ a dee' kid liloret. white and Mack light rod . % frill r. poftm<?&t of tol< i * and ; Vn*. ir>r d*r d Hi?M, ?,}**. Satin?, V?1t ??. ll .k?. 1!ftfitUlnCl^iriff**, TvlainM, Uri^foidfric?. tfcf'l, ClllfC#, l'l?M Mo .iwfr, na?! . CfAfM, Bandktfrl *f. ftrttKisfota. ? retime. * .. wMfh a# offer at tht lrm-w* n hf th? ?? ritct. JAMBS I>Ii_K A CO., wr.tieta,e trrmr. Jw aad M tldlti). I BALBI * AUVTlOHi I A UCTION NOTICE.-THOS. BELL, AUCTIONEER.I A By U N Buk ? &?!? oa Friday, at 10)^ o'eJuok, in ttia AuctMa Kooiua. 10 North William atreet.? Large Sale of [ l>ry Grade and Merchant Tailora' Articles. with uumeroua tlhtr Mirihandiae. Alao, Jewelry, Guna Watcher. uummii Iti Ftlkliaft, Oawd b|r?*li|i, I). Auction not ice.-groceries, sardines, Chre-e, Haiaina, Oliva Oil, Brandy, to., at in>a o'clock, tn Friday, Annual IS, in front of the atoro, No. 57 Day atrrrt, Saidinoa. llama. Cheeaa, Raiaiua. Olive Oil, Segara, Kira. Brandy, Gin Fort Wine, Sharry. Madeira, claret, Smoked Herrings. Shad, Mackerel, I)utoh litmus Snnt.ch Air, Corned Reef. Scaler. W. ighta, Ac. W. A. CAKTEK. Anclion'er. Store No. 57 Day atreet. WM. Mc-CORMICE. AUCTIONEER.?NOTICE ?THIS day, at lOa'cloek, at 13 Spruce atreet. will be aold. a lot of Clothiny. I.adiea'Gaiter Hoots and Burkina, a raluab'.e Itgllsh mane Machine, coat 1>" guinea* : an elegant recumbent Invalid Chair, uaflnirhed. Alao, 4 Dressing Bureaus, 1 Silver Wateh, to kega Dutch Ilerr.nya, Claret Wine, ate. I urtilure tali n on Storage on reasonable t'-rm I. WW. SUIRI.EY, AUCTIONEER.?BY JOSEI'H ifS'Jddr, Friday. August 15. at half imat lUo'eiudk, A. M . at No. 141 Water atreet. Naw* York.? Mortgage Bale ? The bxturea of a Dining Saloon, con.i.tlu/ in part of a range and hiturea, topper bollera. and he&tera. two large ateain tahlea. chairs, canc sent atoola, castors, crockery. Alao, oyster itanda, countera, tic. HOMK8TKA DS. ~ Fifth American building association-new , 1 he members of the New York Building Aseoei- I ation are ootitied that tlitir first regular meeting, for ths I rijuo ul of duo*, will be field on Wednesday evening, August ' 14. at Warren llall, corner of llenry and Oliver streets. Persons deairouc of taking shares, mill do well to make early i application. The entrance i* only Ml cent* Name*, with the entrance fee, may be left with Mr. S. demur, in, No. 7 Clinton court, or with J. Iil'XTON, Jr.. Se-retary, No. 16 North William ettect. ONLT sr- TOR A HOMESTEAD.?FirTV FARMS' worth over $10,WO, and 6,000 Lot*, to be dixtributtd among NX) *ub*criber* To aupply tiic demand for the lot* and farms. I hare laid out another travt at | Lakeland, adjoining th* Long 1 aland railroad uud the land ; already aold at Hermanville, to be of the same me, and disposed of and divided among the purchasers in the same manner as those recently sold there, with 60 farms instead of 2 I hay* been induced to do this from the freat number of person* wishing to purchase these lots and farms, as the iraprovmet te in that part of the Island are constantly increasing,,ae H large numbers of persons hare now become interested in those lands. This additional tract is in every respect equal to the other, and at the rate they are no w being taken they mill all be cold in a few week*. About 600 shares are now subscribed Each subscriber is entitled to 8 lots iS by liikf< ot. lying together, or a farm of from I to S acres. The hares sre limited st f26? psva-ile, fid when subscribed f ir, (A on or before the day of distribution, and the halati )e lu m< nthl< instalments of $i. The lot* are eituated in the j villas.' of Lakelend, on the Long Island Railroad, couuty of , Suflidk, and IS mile* from the city of New York, where ! hinds me l ull lings are sreeted, and the Railroad Comrmy : contemplate inaktug a large depot for the termination of the early and late truirs between that place and Brooklyn. It is i ne of the healthiest places in the Unttel States, and . within one mile of the Ronkonkoma Lake, a beautiful sheet of water, about 3 mtlee in cirenmftrenee, of singui ;r trana- . puremy. and of greatdepth, with an abundance of tisli. The j village is but t miles distant from the great South Bay, . which la 6 miles wide and tU miles long, abundantly sup- . tilled with oysters, clams and Ash of various kinds. These lends will produce s? much per acre, with the same cultivation as oey laud within Ac) miles >f the city of New York. Apply to Charles Wood, Stationer, 11/ John Flreet, near rearl, N. Y., who will receive remittances and forw aid receipts therefor by return of mail. He will I also gratuitously furnish new maps and pamphlets of the 1 property, and cheerfully give suoh other Information as may 1 tie desired. I also desire to say that I hare good farming lands west of my village lunde, which I will sell in 6 acre lotf or opwards, et from fko to v"o per acre. CHARLES WOOD. 117 Johnetrcet, N Y. P}- Referenoes as to ft he quality of the landa can be trade to Hon. Benry Meirwana Gen. Chandler of the Americin Institute. Rooms .3.11 Broadway. N. Y., C. M. Sazton, publisher, Fulton street, N. Y.; D.J. Brown, Esq., olBce of the American Agriculturist, 187 Water-at., N. Y.; Dr. E. F. Peek, fOli State st.. Brooklyn ; Alden J. Spooaer, 3 Front street, Brooklyn ; U. H. Striker, Jr? 7h Broadway. VOR IALB AMD TO IsBV. ~ Aciiance.-ior sale, on Washington mar ket, tbettock, fixtures, and a long l'aae. of a lirst class public bouse. 1'riee, about <f>3,<MJU, Apply by note, with real name, stating when and where an interview may be had, (none other will be attended to.) to W. W., Herald eltiec. Business.?the stock, fixtures, good will, kc. of a first class Family Uroeery Store. Id a most desirable location. To an rnterprisiugnian, this is auop- j portumvy wormy 01 in. nu m. swci ngnt ana 01 in? neii quality. Applications directed to Grocer, No. Ilkl. Broadway Pott Office. I Broadway propkrty to rxnt.-a valuable < Property on Broadway will be Leased or altered for business purposes to suit applicants. Apply to WILLIAM GIBSON at his Decorative Establishment. 374 and 376 Broadway, up stairs. I burnished house TO let. up TOWN. with eeery convenience. Hot and eld water, with bath and 1 pas. The proprietor would board with the person hiring. if j sirceahls. I'osseerion riven immediately, if required. Ap- : ?ly at Kiev's grocery store, corner of Sixth Avenue aud wenty first Street. . Furnished rooms to let.-a few gentlemen . can be accommodated with pleasant furnished rooms, J within three or four doors of Broadway. Apply at No. 63 Franklin street. , Furnished rooms to lf.t-in a house occu- ! pied by a small private family, No. Gi Atlaatie street, | tivs minnti a walk fr..m South Verry. Furnished rooms to let.?twh rooms, with closets, (to , on the eeeoad floor of the house No. 7 Walker street, to let to stable gentlemen, or to a gentleman and his wife only. Apply ae above. House to rent, and furniture for sal*.? Ike convenient two story dwelling. No lf> Grand str?i t, to rent nnd furniture for inle, luost of which it new. The house ta well calculated to iernmmndate 12 or 15 boarlr'. To save tionbls, the bouts will not be rented unless the fur nilurs is sold. Terms, cash. Inquire on the i remises, No. la C rnnd street. OFF1C1S TO LET.-A 8UITOF OFFICES. FURNISHED cr unfurnished, to lease, in building No. I'.f Broadway, (late Franklin Iloi.se) second floor, front. Apply nt room No. 8. in said building. Rooms to let, suitarle for offices t-o and *70 per annum. Apply to GEORGE LEV IE, LioNuei.se Hies*. Rooms in Brooklyn?tue entire second floor, separate or concerted, in Reiniea street, |fl. <>. lyn lltights. Tbe location is unsurpassed m the city. Apply to A. C. BALDWIN, h Cedar - street STORE TO LET IN BROADWAY. A LITTLE ABOVE Canal street. 3R by #<?. mil bwmrtt, 2"> by lift, w ith the moat tmpoein* tmnt on llr adway, newly titted up. I'oatca>! b Riven Immediately, if dtairea. For farther partieulart, addri.ee O. fUna ottce. UTORK AND LARGE BASEMENT TO LET-STORE I m on Spring *tr*et, ooriurof Broadway, nniiar the Coll*l nor* Hvnee, 2ft by 30 l?*t; bseemeat under th* #*?ne. InI of A. U. YVASllBURN, UU Broadway, corner ol ; Spring etreet. TO SU1PBU1LDERS.-TI1E SUBSCRIBERS OITER | fur aala, nt Troy, a anjorior lot of Tamarac Knrra and 1 Tamarac Tinbar, (vitabl* lor ahipbuJdinR pnrpoaaa. Alio, j a rood caaortneat of rnwrad Lumber. Application nayba n.adalu Maoara. Clark R Orden, mm Broad itraet. New York; I H to 0. PARflH OOPEN A CO.. Troy. TO PAINTERS-I0R SALE CHEAP, IE APPLIED ! for tnin aeiately a Rood ahop, liaefnR been occupied In Ilia above builaeM iM* la?' llrayaari. Sallifarlor/ raaioni will bo *hm lor leaving. Apply ? 27.1 ililh Avenue. ISO I.RT?ONE I.ARGK ROOM. TO one OR TWO lr?la gentlemen. In>inir* at 27 Tallman itred, [ Brooklja. ri'O I ET I" A RESPECTABLE IAIIIL1 APiKr J irin.to, ronelatinR of three room* on the eecoad floor, (ar Ia*<i.irnt, and irrvant'a room. Croton water, A:., in l.< tire No. f Hoard etreet. ISO let or LEASE, with or wiTMOt r -in* power, the etoree No &r and 'el Veeey itreet In lUlrn of J. Mill i nci. k CO, filaaa Cutlet*, on the premier.. Erf bale two Iota la 1 went*.third *tr< t. between Miilh end Seventh avenuta Theielot* at- all raoavated ready ' f< r bwildtnR. laoulre of SiOlVENEL k CO, China and Ola** S'orv No M't Broadway. WA1 I. ST MM Ol I ICR TO LET.?A COMMODIOUS front (llltv. in Ilia lairinrnt of No. ft! H'a'.l etrevt 11 peril* lloaneer atrtei. Apply at Bertl. '.I aud Welfurd'*. j a*tor House, Broadway. riKAHUUU OPTICS TRPSTFES STATE BAM. SrmVGf!EI.*>. 111., Auk. i, irAI.?a dividend <f ! ', |?r nit will he J aid to lit hi.)?icrt < ( til evidenced el ib4<Sil?<lif<i of |!i< at- Mate bank Illlanla, i n prtfentntlon ?t oar e, en and alter Hie lMto it stunt. I; Manly, iolia Calhoun, N. II. Kldpely, Tmeteet. Thee whcdeilrt It can hate th'te divld> ade tt nililad te tl.eni la theuke at aiRht on New Vorh or At. keali. \IT ft J. T. TAPfCOTT ft CO.. M fOCTtl STBtIT, it anpply drafts fur Bar amount, payable throarlieut Gnat bet am and Ireland. They are alee sole ajcent > for ti e hid Star l ias, the Swallow Tall Lias, the Draaatla line, so l X Idas el Liverwort parketa. and the X t.me of tendon |?'ket?. paaeaae ay any af which aLipe aaa be eaaaaed ea reaemablet una Nctic* is iinrnr oiten, that ali. persons are a araed ant til buy a ante dated !'tli Aneuet, |f I, pajalle tn Daniel Alriekland. or order thirty deya after sale, fur %>A, mate by ate, as the e?naidnrati>>n (or whicn fid Bete naskieen la invalid. GKORlil liAKTAICk. A (.in !> OPPORTl'NITY IC1RA PERSON W ITH t vapital of fHtl te Jl.d'l, to Inveat In an ettahlie ved pneferuut Vntinee* which It pnylnK larj? profit* and |inoh I ntnrre. The capital ia miaired to evtenl the bneineaa. i At'dnai A. H.. at the oftre of the Herald. PVILICATIimii NIW I ORE CODE or PRACTICE. |v.|, VOOTIIIES' Edition.?The code of procedure, aa amended July Id. IrM, with a fall alftrait of the derltlnaa of the carinas marts; references le the raeleed and otter statutes: raise ?f e< art. fte.. fte , placed nader the appropriate aeet.oaaof the li fe; With aa aptwndit enntaiaine the rnlea of the tevteal ceurte, and an tin In rate Indea to the whole work. One vol. ee'aen, reyeo. Price fx J net pnhlUhed, ami for eale by JhuB I V Of iK III r.S, l aw Bonk teller and Peblither. N >. ill N aetaa atreet. Pp..a the r?c? Ipt of % I by the pn lith-r. a Copy Bill be mailed te any eectlna of the eoaiitrr. net mi I. nAYIOfOfl'l ILtmiiTID 1.1 BRICTTO BOOKS, Kb- ' fittljr frttrl In mil A now work f r the Op*- j ra at niter. printed on an entirety novel plan tlia mi'lerf J II the irltdril rlotea bain* rlren, placed o r > r llir i>r I Hah t?y Italian reralnn of too norda. to that the realtor i? not ooljr *hU I" toll iw tlio moot, troll > th? 11tip.-tto nl tl.aopern, hut had eomplate pretarratfon of hath. (or ?( ' Ur rrlttftit or letforo aaot. Already pnhllahad : alalia, nlth II ptocaa of mnoir Norma, with II pldctdill BarMere di Jit i?Ha. II pieeea: l.o Prophete M pieeaa.^ ' * "fr?r ntola, 10 plt> r?, Oti ||o, 0 pieeea; I>nn naqnate. II picoca: I itda dl ( hattiottnia. |t? pieeea; l.acta dl l.ammarn ulr, il riteet; pen ?ilo*M>ai, fjtaoM; lor rroiaehnte. IJWJf?i I a Patorila, h plerro; Modot. |o pleeoa; Pcm lrainide,. pdao""I Mi reiia Hi rue, P piorr?; I.ea Ila(nriota. If placed. A no* (per. .. th.l.t of ?v |(. CBAkl.tl ? r.t ri?RP. tr?or IIoiim. Aad ordoraf all B??heatlera. ~~ liI?I^Mt c t t TIRN K HAI TEKNr MITSRXK OUAI.T tl t it,o to prima order, at'to halt t imrtet prl . I r f,l, (, (.?.<?. P( kit EN. I >, Wateratraat. o/wt rtirrN ?t. ji i if*, pt. isTtrut, and u tR. Ol'V * >' < I'left.?JnM roeoltad. a row tupp'yof, ? a ha to f no trioea, at I la.. Ifa.. It* . tod J2a p?r lain, bottler r. irirod, at t?, ctlolraUd Brand? btc re, o. J 3t, o-nj atret, vrror at f'faot f. pi K' t'NS t AM 111 1 WINPn, BRANT II.<?. A N It ?,tI itu ra, t f tery beat deecrlptl. n, in any'in-iti'lty ( f m >, ihoarot II an at aay othor bonee In the oily of Now Verb. I Vy ito'k la large, and from practical bnoteledge It it I < an fn llj and noil retorted. Oae trirl prorta tha fa t . 4-l'ALLmOHf I # Br?'bh ttx :ot aad Ml itauatoa a'ttt* ' Bitkaiciim, G**NP AND IN PARALLELED ATTHACTION^ir The r?Vi'2i.*?* I !l '* Broadway, 3 door* above Nfb'o'a. whuhiiv! Jl^V V11Bur*ni*- 01 Mirror of eur Coca try. which dtlineatee, to the nu?t tcevrituBtbtir, the if.Seino eveutg in the eaaala of America, from the landing of Columbue to the clou of th? Meitcan War. Ill unrated bw the renowned and unparalelled mimical wonder, tho lafani l'rnmuier, who will |. rfnrin on tno beautiful and valnabw Dram preieutcd him by tl.o B.ooklyn Itraaa liaad. on which he played at Cattle Garden, at Nr Marahall'a Kjetival. Alao. Natter Nallatratt, tie celebratid juve'.ile aooordeon. Player. Pert' rmancce erery evening, and Wadnaaday and batordai afterr.oni a at o o'clock, Iteketa during the month of Auyuat for the accommodation of children a pending relation in New York, iv>a cent*. Doora open at T o'clock. Commence at STo'clcck. RAVNOND ft U>KK DRElSBACii'S MENAGERIE.? Thia celebrated Menagerie?the largea' and beat eaaducted in the known world?em bracing al ui oat every animal known to uotural hiatory, and which hut rcieived the patronage and applauae < fiundreda of thooande of tbe uoefe reapectable and intelligent people of the L nited Statea. haa Juat comnaeni ed a mort hriLlaut ummc eumnaign, ana will ririt the priueipil cltiea and towna of New Kuglund ia the following order, wit:--Banger, Auruat 7tli andSth; Old Town, bth; Eaat Corinth, 11th. Dover. 12th, Parkman. 13tb; Atheaa. Uth; Skowtegan, 16th Anton, loth, Fnrulngton, 18th; Nercer, Urth; V atcrvi'ie, A't h; CI ma, Hat; Augaata, Sd; Gardinar, ?id; Winthrop, 26th. riiic tc'HJT. CENTREV1LI. E COl'HSS. L. I.-TROTTINO.-A forte of f.w will be given?utile heatt: beat 3 in 6, ia larnvta. for horrca that never won n puree; to emne off Acjtuai ltl. Kutri-e to clote Saturday evening, Anguat 16. 1 y 10 o'clock, at Mr MaiiJcn't Hotel, No. 18b Chatham atreet. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. UNION COUR8E, L. I.-TROTTINO-TUESDAT, AVguet 19 ? Purae, JStl; mllehcata; beat 3 in 3 for horee# that uvvcr won a puree over that amount; to wacone. wagon and driver t? weigh 3U) Ike. Entries to be ssade it Wm Maddens, Iridev eveuing, by 10 o'clock. Three OR more to make a race, and two to start. JOHN 1. BNEDIKER, Proprietor. YACHTING. Boat race rot a splendid silver cup-to come c 11 at the Thatched Cottage Oarden. Jersey City tu Monday, the Ibtli iust at 2 o'clock precisely, for ail salf boate not exceeding ism nteen feet it. leugth. To aall aronatl Ri l in'e Reef Light Uouec, aud back to the Oarden. For Inrther particulars, inquire at the Cuttage. P. S.?On? mm ute per foot aliened for all shorter boats .n the start. All boats cuter with mainsail only. Entrants f t JAMES M DONALD. MIHCKLLAN KOlll. Havana and principe seoahs-jamis bad Iter, No 1!'7 Broadway. " Franklin Buildings," wcul eipectlully inform bis friends and the publio that ke ha i urt rtotived a large and very choice aeairtintnt of tlaran ind Principe Segare. of various brands, which ho eaert to .* ale at reasonable prii i s. either wholesale or retail. fames SADLlkK. I IT Broadway. "Franklin Buildings." rTMBRKLLAS and PaKaSOLS.?ANDRE W BCHME. U manufacturer aud wholesale dsaler. offers for sain Uigts .ustrtd, Green, Bine aid Black Silk, Pearl, Ivory and Bora douuted. Srlt-opening, Walking Cane, Travelling, Steel and A'hale bone Eraino Umbrella*. Also, Alpaca, Scotch Ginglam buggy, Cheap Whalebone. Cans and Ked L'mbrellaef tnd Parasols, of every description. AN l>KLW BOUME, 11 Cedar strssE French mkcbamcal lamps and rich gas Fixtures.?Carcels. Moilerstors Reading or Studio Lamps, rich Cbsndeliers, Brackets, t tndelabras. llall Lamps for gas or candles. Cleaning, repairing, rebroniing and gilding made in the shortest time. II DARDONV1LLE, t45 Broadway. \ TO SOUTHERNERS. AND GENTLEMEN WITH TENI der Feet.?The Psnuus Cerium Boots snd Shoes are thn softest, easiest, and most pliable ever offered to the cubllo. Ihote sufleriug from uneoey boots will hod, en trial, their great superiority over (ur; otbrr kind of material intrudured Icfore. K. GEO. IIA 1.1., 3 Aetor House, Barclay st. Abed bug ballaa-by the bedstead band* In the tacking, in the sacking. Bed bugs now are bivouacking. Lyon's l'owceri throw each crack in. Ere the bed you place your back in. Housekeepers this P< wdcr lacking Cannot send the roadies packing. Buy it. and commence attacking Tnc vile pests your cupboards blacking. Depot for LYON S Magnetic Powders aud Pill*, tM Broadway. CARD-MRS. PREWSTER, FROM PHILADELPHIA tenders her eervicee to ladle# and gentlemen ef Una sity, in Astrology, Love, and Law matters. Interpreting Dreams, fee., by books ana soienoe, oenstsntly relied on by Napoleon; aud will tell the name of the lady or geatl?aam they will marry. Also the nstnee of the visiters. Keaidenca 111 Qras'* street Ladini Afty oants. Gentlemen oas dollar, NACUKB1UAK. CHEAP EXCURSION TO MONTREAL AND QUEBEC, through Saratoga and I use Champlsiu. Ticket holder# ney start on August loth, or any of the six follow.ng days, iftvrding an opportunity to aiteu- the Montreal Hao?. Kaie to 11 'ntrcal and laoa, to vluebec $i0. Apply any lay, at No. 10a Greenwich street. ART EST MOUNT VERNON.?FAMILY PIC NIC EX TF < uraion?The mi inhere it tti Tonmuit nomeaMau Laud Aecociation. ol ilunt'a llrrli;o, will uiikt an Eeeurelntx 10 that piece, ou M< nday morn 11 out. >u t.'ie II i-l. -n train if rare, at 1U o'clock, fr m the City Ball, to winch th?jr tnrite their pereontl frirndr, ami all who f.rl an intereet ia ncuriny to the nici I enio an independent home. a very pre[ aiatiuu U made tor the mint rt, o<meemen"e and e'e icerw of hath old end young. A hand of mu.ic will be e-,ti. a d la a beautiful grove on the pr rami, and p ay t ,r during niiat of the dav. 'ticket- lor the Exennion, \ S t?a'a. which may be rhtainrd at the Kailr ad other, and in in J. T. l uthrr, t rerideut, Uti Ludlow atreat; A. U Uoeohcrman, Centre atrcrt; F. I" Btnehortuan. bl Bowery, I'croiaaml Kinittr. jUi Second iti M l> r^RAND EXCCIiStONS To CONS'" ISLAND. LANDwJE In* at Fort iir.milt m ca< h way?Kara US orate ? The etoamer BANT A C LA l", Caf t. J. N. Hodman, WtUmah* doily axcuraiou.i. luntu ?.? follow*:-Morning Trip?Frotx Burma etrcrt at halt past d oMnck, V'a, tnd hail park 12, and at SK Ft'ia pier ,t. N K., at halt-peat#, 10, 1, and de'tlock. rirtlcg trp'rcin Fort llawnltoa at? A. 1L > ballprice to ehildrea. 1NKUH AHCKBe ritllll BROOKLYN FIKR INSl'RANC'B COMPAHTF? 1 Chartered if. ISSdi Oflr-ea, 1.1 Fultiu atrect. Brooklyn, 4 Merchant.' Exchange, ft all rtreet. New Vork? have theil eapital (aa aleo a ha on an me eurplue) iavee'rd id the moat undoubted eecurttlca, and continue to inerre * v;' i r./e, merthandire, furniture, and other peraonal property, aeeaele a port and their eargove, upon ae favorable torn.- ai aay etttl insular init.tutioa. _ WLLLAM kLL8WORTH. Pre ideal Ai.ram Q leteen. ureUrT. HOUttKN. tiAUBiAliBB, dm. Houses.-for s.vi.r, a pair of brown bat morean horera. Id liand.i, 7 yeaee old, very etylieh. Hare done their inllo in I ur n.iuutea, together. Sold lor ao fault, except they hate too u.uc game Or will ixchtaae for a large, at)lull draft tcxin. Irire at Jxckx a'* itacle, SN Broadway. WANTED-A I'AIK (I SAFE. SOIWD. AM-. FNiVRi Rersee. fer a family, eay t year, old, ana act troke in arery re.pert t'o'cra no ohjeetior, a- thiy raii'li in apeed and driving. Ifu?t ha warraated aa above. Call at 214 I'm 1 atrect, on Mr A MOSES. RXBHhhk AuaCRClJEM, Ami. nFRFOEP A CO S CALIF >RN|A EXPRESS.? L'RI'RVcedent il dapatih ? 2-day, trim Sa.i frr.i. ... '?jf letter* lt?WI l'?r' ' " v?r* ? ' I*'1 "'f "* I trl at .1 I MUdeljl 1.1 u Hit l);it Au?f\ r, odtV.' i'J4 Lr<rtt t.'.i ISM!* otr n?*t. California mailt tt.ll to uy the 1 roirt tl <?!?, < a Tar <U> nekt (iooUnlriu 1 c?J .1 tJ t*r rent let* fu*t thin I) ?n> other re I nimble ??(>re??. 'reight only 10 trtti |tr lb., by tbe N1?r? / ? root*. Tbrosih in i-'< day*. llEhfuRD k CO., 2 Tnt; liral. AiUrfl iw. ("1 RtftORY 8 CALIFORNIA EXPREM-DT VtVPER lilt> line ?1> y. u,!. M ar?yi? ? tigt.t daye a'x 'ad of tl * Catted 8t ilt'i kleil ? be 1 al? Parcel. told. nod ie-ftr F*jre?* throarh ?tth dilr> to the Iflth of J,ily. A P?f**t ana Letter L?| reee ?ill t totoarded he the Pr..meth?i.?. ou llmitdi). Iitli a tuM.it t i. ?l rt I' \l. laroe.fr': ti l vktil 9 1.11., asil letter* tit,til 1 o'clvik. 1 lli'MI'SON a BTT< !1 :0 K. k*h**er* and A.'mtr. IVJ Pearl irert. rjRICORl -A AND CAllMWll " F *| rt a. for t? t trae - u. ir?.oa of 4 ? .? b illioa. BMfeagM lit ftmli t ittri leiiHfilM ant Ifllbre. beta at 1, all pert* el ti e I Bltao Hater aad ereri aeott a ?t the n la ay dutti't* 1 t Calil-nnl*. Tbti E*pr??a I.at n coate tion a>tIt acy rthr ttaoarti: and p r at <! my t ?,u. ?a with ttila line ran le *#-i r <1 'I t .atarert y on'rait to ita tnaaarinieat, at >it <r of it* ,,fh r? In N'W York or filiform* m.lteieh it* ,|.-, null ,n nit.Vmt f .* mltr irH tier honor, er baeetiaa at'li d?:ay. Sp?, lal *?? a>4r< a . bar * of E?rr??* mnor l< r f it line, or.' dorpitebod ty II er> *t? i.bi r lea* m N*? V?rfc and 8an Fran-! ?. t >l,f and talaahle parrtle I y tl It llae are Intar I throagV n..d?r pollrft In ii,tararte e. tapar lee la Nee York, ti ket* tor the d>*?ri nt ?te?tt,rr* c?n he pr, rnrej at tl. oil et of t a lepte.r. ia Net* Viol. Mi Iroi.'iren. or r?or??i|'.o City. The bariae** oftlii* liae i. atietile.f to by !!,'* * TAOMI bO.k R llIIt tit tii k. Mr t 1 arl etree1. Note Vorb. and by Jlllll'll tl Otlhllkl la |ert 11. in Cali.oru a Olflo**? II and lit ktate t'reit, II kn.ler k Co Aynt>. Itnrn*. Cettti fc Ck, f 1 he 11 a nil, n Kapreoa.) Ay ita, II Biehaara |1are. New Otli ttf; ?"?' >! '< tnety etract, f au riMiixt) tad J buret. 8ai MBiralo t ity. An tl 11,1 FK A CO.'8 C A I.I FDR N' IA EXPRES* PER I'rt Birtbenr, OB T mr-eday Itth. N. I.-Ultl?| otironn faellltlea oa the latiitnue. aar *?odo are aet detained or eold it by ?. ni* for want of fnada.ee tiatil ilrefta are eent bark to New York and dl#hnaer?d. Hill* lading ratr.raed re?ularly ?l oar *!iiptnrnt* at I'aaatia, la adaaaccof the bib I aad paeeeay ra. and efall elker ?i' pre ere*. Pit b enoit* waterproof and rend tbew. with i?rolcea, to oar om. e. No. 14 wall atreet. I8UIA HI MBK.M KO'lWt fjio THE 1-1 IU.il N il A' WftkR .S'IUkA..t a nifBTinn rnp i *n raiira m>n ???'?*_ ? B. Day. pnbliahtd lath# Ntw Tori Herald of 11 ah /alp. Wl, aad lh? litrnr ?nil In inlw jf taint dat*. alter n.nrh ormoritod aHute.f ur attoraor. * r? Judaoa. ?T . ha Mtrru that we 4?r. u. ? .har*o hIBi with rtratin* Cm drear a Bint-r oar ??b nnrooa: tnd that h? doe* not mfrlpir- Orodretr t PaleBte ib th? mtnnfartire of Short. We haoe tarehaoed "ar liera*B* lur Mi* maaiilaetara of l??la RnkW 8h"?a i l atent#, Bo4 pal4 ant aarary.and are 4?llr rajla* a tarilffnr the tame: and any ?th*r r?r?m ri?nt haor Bant the ?n?, It Btapoaod U da 99, rnthtt thfiB pirtta ar a u.idyeara l'at-nt Wa thin* t? m?r? fnrt tn ra-ehaar a ri*ht to am a rati 1 parent, thaa t* Inlrlna* tt- ?r Dae. bavin* keen proaocntod. aeknowlodred I, odya.ra ftahta. male a tattl. m.nt, and arret* in lutara a?t to infrm** hit I'atanta. tin It now atVnapkloi But only to inlrin*a taid latent*. hot to Injur* tarMlve*. who h*T?, for a tanta eoaaideratioa. par*hn*e<t oar lt?f*?o*. and aow work ttndar them: and w? rharan Mr. Day dlroatly, and that over oar own ai* onto rat, with r'ratini npon Unvdrear a ratonta, ta th* tnauufaetar* of th* ihnea wMch h* ta now nfftrina tn tho pohlie, and w? git* artier that h*. and at) who are e< ne mtd with him n purihatirior Ttaaln* hi> Sheen, made ia violation of aatd rataa* hiahU,*U1 kofrir.iit.dL CAN tin HAYWAMI) Rl-nilKR 00., ___ _ky * a. A. bin kinahnta. Trtatnroy. TBI NtWAfc* INDIA Rl IiUEK M>0 COu. B. Uutalunaoa, I'rwMiak _ _ FORD la CO. Row Tork. July 12. l"dl. TRAVKLI ? US' OtlDE. New tore a' d rttiLAilLrniA-RBW tork and FMJndet;' ia Jlr""t.?falted Ptat.a Mail Lint? fhrovi.h la t.S honr vta N. w J?r?ey Railr ad. rartrtlaoad to J.lftr li teW aad 91 9* f*f **a?a4 *!aa*. t*ar? N?? Vo?l. an. A V . li n fo. tot Cmrttan It a'rttls and at t A. M. and f. N., ft' n foot at UhMtp itroot. Lent* Phf! d?'f I. a at 6 and A. M and P. M.. treat Ut fna* tf Valnnt alrett. __ t^AMnlN AND AMDOT k A ILRHAD MR 11 ROM NIW / Tork t j I'liiladalphla?fc*a*? Plof No. I North Rir*y, by It.an.hoot JOHN 1A.111H. Mctnin* Lin*, at 8 *'eUek ttUrn . n Lm*. at I o'tlo k. raro hy aithor Ira*. f.M farrard dtth, |1. laicraat Uaa, at I o'elorh P M ; Urn, nr. it oun,4fMt. t