19 Eylül 1851 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Eylül 1851 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6903. AHUMCKICIIVS. ROWIRY THRATRR?DOORS OP1N AT 7; CHRTAIN HJ riie* at 7XoVlook. Buiei. 25 ewM; Pit. 12^ centx; Heat# ia Oroheitra Boxen, SO centi. Friday eventne, ->et>*. 19. Ill be performed the nautioal romance etyl?d HEM Tan BOATSWAIN-Capt Act<-n. Mr. Hamilton; Ben M.ewliac, Mr. ? Bddy; Hark Radriff. Mr. Tilton; Wilf.yd S.mertjn, Nr. Moure; Diouyaiiil Dabbleton. Mr Jordau: Rom Mrs Ma?on; Margery Oalfield, Mian Oitfert. After *hioh, Colo-'e will nppear in a Medley Pai Seul To conuludn with the drama called NICK OF TUB WOODS?Bloody Nathen Mr B. KdJy": Rolard Yorreater, Mr floodallj Col Bruno, Mr. Hamilton: Telio Doe. Mm Jordan; Bdith Forrester. Mr* M.nou. Burton s thratrb. cuambbrs strert-doors open at 7; to bcain at 7 X o'olo :k Droia Circle and Pirouette, SO cento: Second Tier. 25 cent*; Pneato B >xe?. $t; Orchestra Seata, 7' eenti. Friday evening, Sent 11. will be Vlayed MARRIED L1FR?Mr. Codrle, Mr W It. R1 ike; Mr*. Coddle, MiaaC. Chapman; Mr. Lionel Lynx, Mr. Bland Mre. Lionel Lynx, Mian Weaton; Mr. Younghutband Mr. I. Dyott; Mra. Younghuxband. Misa M Taylor Mr. Henry 0 >ve. Mr Burton: Mra. Henry Dove, Mra. Dyott; Mr Diornal, Mr. Ren; Mrs. IjjMuel. Mre. Blake. To oonelude with the farce of .FORTY WIN KB?Mr. To kite M uunx, Mr Burton; 8?o'<a, Mr, Jthn Dunn; Miae Fenella Flighty, Mi>< J Hill. National theatre, cii \tiiam street do .rs open at 7: cnrtnin risca at 7K o'olovk. Droee Cirole and Boxes, 26 centB; 1'it, 12X cent-; orchoHtra Tickets SOccnte; Private Box Tiokete, 61. Bcnetit of Mr Booth. Friday earning, Sept. 11', th* rutrrtniumnnU will com-nonce witn .Booth; Blauch, Mrs. llrow 'Jo he fill' wedbr tie fourth .ct ! Of the MERCHANT OF VEMfK-St.vl <k. Mr Booth; Vnt?nio. Mr. J. K. Scutt; Portia, Mr,. 0 F. N'imolt. Aft?r I wfioh, the 11HOT OF TIIE SHAN NO.N ? ?udy, Mr. E. IBlanchnrd; Patrick, Mr Arnold; Slialah Godfrey Mrs. B. F. >iehols. To condit io v it' l.o VI a N I' <' II 1 IllTY BARNUM'S AMERICAN Mi SF,UM.?P. T. BAKNUM, Manager and Proprietor; John Orson wood, Jr., Assistant Manager. Admittance, 25 ernts; children, 12% cents. "Thursday nnd Friday, in the afternoon, aomineneiag at 3 O'clock, "a llaneo by M'lle Dolores and Moos. Entrmsnnlei; Basso by Mr Thompson; Grand liiv rtim'oient.with ladders \v the Martin, ttis; LOVE IN II I1 d III,C L; FK: after <rhi-h 1 HE BltlG A ND8, a c .armingsariv i of pantomimic taMoaog tu the evening. eomnieueing at ?X o ol > K, a Daces by M'lle Dolores and M SntTaeanalea . nibll.-j OF DRKaUFIJlj note; followed by the mystic cfti)>8, the most ? ,n<lerful and iraguifi'.'cnt par i.oinime of the dn*t. Toe Chi iocs collection, tn? liappy Famiy. and the rent of tho ourioiitiee, to le soon as u u 1. atar. Pt'BLlC ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMED that MISS CATHERINE HAVES H i 2 give her first Concert. i:i America, lit Tiuri.th llsLi., on Tvishav, eai-r. 23, ihJl. PROGRAMME: rAfir I. Overture. nJuct?"Caondo di Bsnpnto tinto," (It -'I- trio)... .Donizetti M-. Augustus llr;.ha n inn :! rr Men;',Is. " "l.a Dante des ? >?," on the Harp ....Altars Madame Uer*ncc'n Mir. :/ > , Catatina?' An mou ! ' >"( Prop" ) Moyerbeur Miss catiikhixp uai ii The Flowers of ti.e Fores'," in old Scotch BallaJ Mr. A, Bra taut. Aria?" II Bivacco" . Battista liorr M -nic'.j. Ballad?" Why do T Weep for Thee". IViH '.oe Miss Catiilui'.a II av ?.s. pa in li. Overture. Swiss Cong?"The Htppt Swiiier" Mentis Herr Muiigif. "The Harp thatonoe through Tarn's nails"... Irish ballad Minn c ath in is* Have*. Nocturne Krpugnole on the ilsrp l.abarie Madnni Bertucoa M aret/eV. "Kathleen Havonrneou" An Irish Ballad M iks C atm k h ikk IIa tci. Song?" In thia old Chair". Balfe Mr A. Braham Hondo Finale?"Ah n,-.n giung'i' (8<,.ua:ubula).... Bellini Mms Ca i lit aisy (Iavia. Orande Finals Inttruuientaie. A grand Orchestra of more than ry per for mere, the -test talented reside at in New York, has hou engaged. It Will be oonductod by MR U LODKR AND MR I.AVItNU the 'inannfcctoryjof J- Chlch?.rlag Ticket*, $1?ttracrved eeate. (.rice >2. Tickets 1111/ b? presuisd at JnLia's mu'ic at re, .7'* Broadway; at Hall's fciusia I tore, 2,'iy Broadway, aud at rrip'.er Hell Doora or?n at 7 i Concert commence* at 4 o'olook. rATIKRINE HAVES- CONCERTd?A LsH'.E s'l'M ! ber of tbe boat seats, for the entire aeri a of Una tlsyos' | Concerts in New York, utav bo had at the taoi ?t ,re ot j WM. II ALL & *?S, if Bfondwnv. Pereona r-sldiug ont of the c|?y can a-c??e aeata in aa- | Vance, by addreesiog the iub?iribtr? First Concert ruesday, 23d. Seats, $1; ctwioe aeata, (t RAYMOND & HERR DkbiibBACit's ukvaokrik ? This celebrated Menegerie?too Ur/??t and Lest i n ducted in the known world?embracing nlm'.i t every an- ual hnnwn to natural hietorv, and which hsa received the patron a?e and eppla-.so of hundreds ot lltaM da <>f Mt matt ra e pec table and intelligent people of the t.'nlted Mtatea. hiu (net commenced a m?et brilliant mnu r o*mc?lsn, and will viatt the principal cities and eewne of N?w England in the following order, via:?Proetoreellle, V?., Friday. Sent. lJth j Woodatook, Saturday, 13th; Nnrerieh Monday, lAth: Brad lord. Tneedav. Iftlh; Welle Kieer. Wr4i,e<day. 17th- Little, ten, N. H., Thursday, 13th. St. JohniVury, ft , Friday, HNh; Lyndon Centre, 3th; Danville, kid; facet, 23d: fierce. 24th Chelsea. 2hth; East Randolph, 2?>th: Northflrld, 27th ; Meatpoller, 20th. * New yoke ampuitiieatke 1.37 bdwrryl-nr. Leyl J. North, Proprietor.?Afternoon performance nytry Wednesday and Snturday, at 3 o'clock riret appearanee ia America of the modera (lerculee, Herr Mat. who breaks any atone that may be produced, with nls naked Hot. There la no trickery uaed In thie unhi aid of feat Flrat ap- i pearaaea in America uf tbe graceful Matter Valentine Mat, in hla (Teat act on the revolving oolnmu. Firteen aote of questriaaisai la the circle, by tne moet talented trnnpe of nrtieto la the world. Dancing and trick H reee, Doge, ho., he , Ac. Private Box Tlcketa, tu ocata; Drees Circle and rarqnelte. W eenta; Pit, ]3X cento. Golden oppohtcnity-to rent-the uitfalo Tboatre. with aplendid new seta of scenery will e? mated for eue year, or a term of reart Possession given immediately. Addreea WILLIAM OA KLAN D Buffalo Ani'MKhicnts in bruoklyn! MONTAOUE HALL, BROOKLYN -THIS FRIDAY, September IP. t?nih and last Concert of Kilssr'i liesrati j Bcreaedere. Craad gala aight. The "Dirge,'' "Ben Bolt." and " Black Shaken, ' will b? repesud t'emmenc- j irgathoaleck. Admiaeisa. 25 eenta. Music Director, J C. Rainer. J PRINTING BATKHIAIsl. Notice to cartmen to renew their Licensee. The ordinance for licensing and regulating Mhlie eerie and eartmrn, provide* that all liceueeg skill expire on tlx lut day of October, la -!? year, raaewahla I prriini to lt.it time. tf applied for at em h liaiu oijle , appelated by tho Mayor. NoUee U hereby givea, that renew air of Itceaae to keep public earn aad to bo public oartmoa, mil bo granted at thia offlrt, betweon the hour* ot 10 A M. ?n? , 3 P. N , i n Monday. September 13. to Not I t, Btl; Pooxla*. Iiiih, *11 to OOOi Wedaetday, 17th. ?U0 to *?v. Thuiaday, Uth. l*?i to til; Frilay. lfth. ml to MM), Saturday. J'th l.iMl to I.Mk Monday 7M, 1.2m to I <*>: Tuetday. ;M. !.? ? to I.**), Wednesday, 24th, 1,? Ulal.mk ThnrednyJit h, I.NIIto 3, 4JU. Friday, ahth, 2'??> to 3 30; ftatarjay. 37th. J.3W to X? *). Monday, ?lh, ?.?? to J.W: Tue4.Ujr. tnh, MO' to 2 *M. Wtdnyeday, October 1, 1NW to .t.UOO; Thursday. 2d l.iaai tt ,1.34), Friday, 3d. 1 3" to S,tW| Haturday. tth. 3.dm to .3 *l>. 1 Monday, Hth, S.WM and apwarde Too nutnt-re moat U newly painted on aaoh aide of the carta, according to law; , ad tbe carta brought to the aaat alia tf llr adwav. '.pp..alt* the City Hall, whert they will be iajpeclel aad tha old | lleenae cheeked, which n,oat then be proaaatod to the F'ret ' Marahal, for roaowal. Cartinea are partieularly reiu?e od ?0 apply oa ti e daye deeignatcd abort fur their reegectlre nowhere It la ant lawful to renew tleenaee after tho laat | lay of OctwWr The attentive of all poraoaa keeping or rasing repress wagona. baggage wagoue. and other Tehiclea , for the transportation of articles fl" m pi tot to pin e with'a tbe city, la directed to the following extracts fr<.ia the ordl I aaaee?See. j Etery eart. track, wagon. dray, or other I chicle, drawa by eat or ia.>ro boraee or other animate, I rhirh shall be Kept, aeed, drietn, or employed foe tbe traae- : eywrtatlna or ooayeyaaee of aaytVIng whateoeyer from place J . eithn e alt J f Mow Perl I r . r Wlga IT Ml tor each Uannportatlon. ohall be deeaie.l a public cart within < he aieaaing at thla ordinance; end erery p-rs >n who ahall art tjf; or to keep, aao, drier, or er.ploy aay aaoh pnhllr oart, mthant drat obtaining lifeaae ller'fie fr OI tha Mayor at aid city, aa her .natter proetded, rhall bo doomed gallty ol it rloMtton of thi* ordinance," and eab|eet t? a line not meeeding ton dollar*, or lo.priaoawirat not ..treading tea dayo. for ??ery rdeneo. Sec. J.?a a a a u ,h?| net no Wwfal for aay p-renn to racelto or to hold a lleenao to rep pnbllr carta, or to be a paMic eartt.an naleeo ha bo a Itiieanfthe United Stater, and haa a family, and realdao With hie faa lit in cald city: or if ant hating a (amily, thall bare roolded himaelf therein dnrlag ai* -a e?hs preceding ttad Id tbe actual owner of tlio earl or carte, with good heroo* .herefor, do ll'cnred to ko kept aa public carte; and the Ma* or may examine aador oath all peraoaa apf lying for. or holding ray anrh llocaaa. or tho renewal thereof, touching heir aaalifleatirae ao aforesaid and all llreneee ntnrr than Co jeroono to qualified. ahall he void."- Maynr'e Offloe. Vy umber I. Iddl. Bp order of hit Honor, the Mayor ASRER TATIXIR. Pirot Marahal. SOIA RMBRH SO'lllS. rpO THE FDM.IC.?INDIA SURDES MIOBH. OUR J. attant.na ha# loda aalled to aaadyrrtiaemeat. by Horace K Day. pubtlahed la the Now To, h llrrall of 11 ah 3aly .taAl, and the Courier m4 Maialmt of ??n? late. la ani.h b W nil Mn erite4 abaca af oar attnraav Wia Jailua U?T, ho uarti tl at *i 4arr ant ghir(i hftr vtth piratiti u?t4tmt Parnate. aa4nr oar nwa a??n-?; aa4 that he 4> v Mot iafHac* o' #4 rear'e Patenle la tha waaiifaatara el An >?a ?i hare parrlaeeff ?ar llretw for tha maanfaetare af I a tii? Rubber Hhnna an4ar <Joo4yaar'e Tatanta. aa? a*" money. *ad tro daily |<a/la4 a tariff f. r the i-roe. an4 aay tit.har prrean n L*h? hay a draa the aani. if dictated tn 4n e? father thaa al?ale apna Ooadrear'a Patent#. * a thlat It aara Jaat t? parrhaeo a r!*ht la ana a rall4 eataat. than hn lafttwca It. Mr. Day. harlni heea prnaeaata4 enkaow |aJ?e4 ?.?11frar e riaht*. male a tetUem.Bt, aa4 aarn*4 la l?tare ant In Infriiee Ma PaUata. Mr i? now ettenytlae uotaaly to lafrince aa<4 Patonta, bat t.. ininro iereel-ee ate haay, for a larya ana?i4er?tl-va. enreh??i4 aar lloeaeaa ??4 BOW wort un4er them; an4 we chary Mr Day dlraotti, Ml that errr aar ewa alaaataraa. with plraMac ape* Il?.a4yaar'a Potoata la tha airanfaotnra of thn ahnna whin Ma la aaw effana* to the yahlla; aa I we den anMoa that ha (ta4 all who are eoaoeraed with Mm In pnrshaalaa or rea 4 trie hie Rhone, made la elolaMoa ef aa!4 "eteat Uthta. w<" ia aawaaataa l cifftu. hatwamd rurr1r co., h* War A. Baetlnrhaar Praaearaa TBI MIW ARK IN Pi A RURRltR MTU CO.. IT. natahiaaoa. '"rwldoat PORD R OO. lew Tart. J?ly H. mm afftroukit mm. rrmiimirnt. 0. w. robai k prom bwruih Intel-* friei Philadelr' ia. offeje hie eer*l"9( to the oil nana of Kno? fork Do laaela to foretell peat. rr>wniw< "Plnta nraatp. irpo-I.ndl?a. VI e-nte; raitlaiien. ft B"IelMnpealenlntad Ladlea. fll. gentlemen. M <m"? No I Whine atreet. Now Tart, where lettere. r??? paid, will rneeo < fanmedtate MWrMm * or paulenltra, <e? dally hm 4ttNlM?aal ka pmonred at the HBoo mki Mathimony iadi iahy. ?h noir to win * 1/oTor -Pr?foM< T l.awton. of London. having arnnd Bot?or will oond to ?n? nddroee, on reooipt of One I>ol Inr, poet paid, plain dieeoUore to onnhle Hdteo o? gent'en,.. Ao win toe devoted alfoettnni el aa many of the nppoelte aoa *a thai* hoarto mil deatre The prooaaa la atmfMe Out ? ceptirating that all may he marrl-d. Irreap-rttre ?f nge. ai flilW I. of p< eltlnn. and laat. ttnni eat loaat k nan l? arranged with rneh oaaa ani doll one* that demotion la lm (tonaiMa. Addr-ae rrtfooany Lnwton Reetta, tlaaa No la'.tar* taken from the rant (Hie* naleat the peata?n In paid P E NE AHUMSHBIIfl. Broadway thkatri.-e. a. Marshall, soli Lessee.?Doors open *t 7; to commenM at 7H o'oloek. Ones Circle end Parquet te, 80 cents: Family nod Third Oir elce, ?5 cents; Gallery 17* .-ente; Private Boxes, >8 end id. ^cPteol,l? 10, will be performed the p'ar of ii. ? Mioholieu, Mr. l-'orreet; Louie XIII., Mr. Roy. nolds; Btradas. Mr. A. W. Penno; The Chevalier Mauprat. Mr. Conway;; The Sieur ie Beringhsn, Mr. Shaw; Joeapn, Mr. Wnitir g; Julia de MortRmar, Mrao. Pualii La Tarantelle, by riKDor N'ori arid* m ile Adaline. To CRnoludo with the tsrce.f the DOllDLE KEDDBD ROOM- Mr DuloimorPipee, Mr W. Davi ire; Mre. Deputy Lomai, Mri. Vernon. NIBLO'S GARDEN-MANAGER, MR. JOHN BE ETON. Tickets, M cents; I rivate Bozos, $5. Performance to commence at 8o'clock The wonderful Ravel Family. The nil *t gratifying results have attended the production of the Chin-re fete and f liry comic pZVtomliue, the thousand# of ueditors teetifvinv their urailovcd aratificatiou at the iiwo. ouity and talent displeyed by (ho lttTels, who exielevsry 01 In r company iii tint world in the production cither of eomlo ballet* or eomlo pantomimes. Gabriel in the Ch'neio fete. Frenr< la in hie fuveiite character of Alcibitn Autumn as ( ouroi the down. M'tlePraaok the juitly admired and popular denseum. Friday, Sept. 18, KIM KA and R4.0UL. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY, NEAR BIIOOME awed ? Doors oyer at7; to begin at 7>? o'clnok. Dreoa > ircleand Parquutto, SO cente; Family Circle. 89 cents: <>rrUntru Boats, S Pr,.ate Boxea, Friday evening. Boot. I!', will be played t he comedy of GOV DON ASSURANCE Sii Hnroourt Ccurticv. Mr. I.vnne ; Daizle. Mr. Brougham; Clmr. Cour*ley, Mr. Oro. Jordan; Meddle, Mr. Chippendale ; Dolly Spanker. Mr. .lohneten; Max Harkaway. Mr H IJ. Phillips; Lcdy Gey BpanVer. Mies Cuahman; Grace litrkiw iy Mr.i Pkerrott; l'?rt. Mrs. M.vodor. Popular Oanoe by M.as Yulv.ea. To conclude with the YACHT KACE?Columbia Mre. Skerrett, Britannia, Mrs. Maeder. |S A'tmVFM, MC11T Of THE ITALIAN OPERA AT F Cantle Garden, and Benefit of Sirnor Salvi, vrto will appear, for the urat nnd only time, ae Edgardo. Friday evening, fctpt. 11', will he P rformed the opera of LUCIA 1)1 LAMMERMOOR. Burin Signora A. Uoeio. Fdgsrdo or Raven.wood Siguor Sal?i. Lord Aabton Signor C. Bxdiali. fayiimudo Signer ColettL Arturj Signer Barattini. Dooio open at it; to cemmcnoe at 7% o'clock. No p >!tp < uncut on ar,count ot the weather. j \ Hit I STY S UPK.KA UW.'bl MECHANICS' HALL. ft'.'. U 178 Broadway, abere Grand etreet.?Open ev . . 1 luring tha week until further notice. The original and we!J '. ma Cbrinty'e Minetrcle, oompcieing an eihoient and Tor iAt lie "oorps' of " .alcateel" and "experlcnoed porferniots." mder the managed at of E. P. Christy, irhoee ccnon- in ,hi.t ilty. for a succession of "live years, bare been Moeieed ?ita favor by hl<(> ly respectable and iashionable audience*, .'iekete, .'5 e ?ut?. Doors open at 7, and will oommenoe as f -clock. The patron Chrirty'e Minatrtls aro respceifulty i it? rued that the Saturday -tberuvon rotaarv wi1'e< rt tontlnwed for the future. CJ L'/H 3' h il PKi.i.O' S' Kt'."r '?t " :s! Hall. . -dsvjiy. betur-u Howard end Umnd route; open ovur.i n ah;. ? Ti lajuetly celebrated and "lflcir ? rpr of lab nted tr.d crnerienoed performer*, urder the eole natmtefuent of J. B. Fellow*. wiiaeo concert* in th:? nity for r r est year havr been l sovived with the greateet faror by ie ji'te and faahlon from el! parte of the Union. Follow* insist] Hall la one of imo ?r*<lou* a id b-ct ventilates boilding* to the WOfM J I ..msion. 29 cents. Doors open at eon'ert to eonnj.eiioo tt S o'slock An afterneoa toam1 ncrj Wednesday and S.vtarday, for the eeiecial aaonnn-y. laticn el' tamlliei. ooinmenoing at S n'elook P. M. 'IUIE ORIGINAL > tin DllhKANS S ERiN ADUR j??i I Swatk* Ba?kl*? Maimer p. Buokley, J. Cnoklay, R. P.-hop Buoklev. .-a 1 J. U Collins, roine-l fully uuio.it t. toeir'rieuiia and the public, tnl they have made a ecrne a nt tnaa*6Hirnt ><iti Mr. J K. Fellowe and am pertermlna IB rui.Dact.on ?ivNlle*r M.natrMs, at*d! Broadway. It not their intention to travel South. Any band aMlina 11. -niaelvce *>ew Orlu.ir.a serenaJora. or Nc? Orleans fin 11 Troupe, a: a not too original company, couponed of the abort p.rtiee. rrMFiis HAM,.-11 r ra w bis OFTW WI/.AIID.A inert l?vl and unparalleled tuoccea. 1'ruHls r Anlerr-:i, the gnat Wltard ,1 the North, every evening dor.114 tile week vr.II introduce auroral new and astoatal.ing wcud.ra lite freed Drawing room K:i iertainment ol natural niacin having bccu a-lei -led by thouexada at the elite ot the it; and tl.ronge 1 with atratgero from all p?rt? to Ma B< ! r. a Mteter-ure, ho will caut.nuo i vory evening a> d oil! perform 1 ia famo.-e on i astounding toate of The 11/etu C*' i Tli - .ncumprthcn-iUe Cauldron Feat; The Cryetal Caebi t: Fuapniiriua Heruitric, 4co.. tto , &o., and aaeriee of otbet lually great delueicna Adin'naion, Nt oonte: Jnveailej tindor twelve, itfioteie. Carried* ? may he ordered at 10 n'clouk lio-re '-pen at 7; oommenoe et ?. Tioktfa may be had at the tele, the Hall, or at 8. C. Jnllle'a. .N?l Bmuwtv. The itard'e Mend Book of Migl:, V> oente; The Wiiari'e Polka, V> o-ule, to be had at the HvM. Br Km. ringer, the eelehrab ed pirniet, will pTi e le at the grand pianoforte. J. U. Wil tou'e benoilt next Stiur lay evening. Y| it Mirani th 1 ku ballad nmmi vIt I cieat, at the Tihemaale, on Friday ovvi-lng, 81-ptemuer IV, will laelalc the following eooge:? Morning, Wuon and Night," "I tee Thee Swre'ly SuiiU;" "John Aodorao.i. my J." " My Hrert ia lite a Silent Lute; The Barring o the lioer;" ' Lament nfthnlrieb Emigrant," "Wirt Then like Be, tli l.ife'e low Vale;" " My Nannie, O;" " I,et ua I ove one Another;" "Don'-aii oray." and "Thi MevDueen," in three pert*. Tiekete, 60 oeati. To commence et 8 o'clock. MrtA.Ma/JN MirSBVM, 175 CHATHAM SUL'AKK, OM r Mi k above the Nati-aal TheaMe.--Qeorgo Lea, e-.la groprietor.?Saloon pcrformanoee every afternoon and jvonug. Kntertt laciriite rumin inoe ia the aiternooa at three a'alnok, and ia the evening at eight o'clook. The entertainnente are varied and eeleet, and an ob ae can be eoen at at ther pleoo of ariuc- i-rt In New Turk, eoneletiag of Lea'l F imale Rthlcnfar Operw Troupe. namhering fifteen perform,te. being the lore at, aed at the tame time the moat talented and in the Uulted M?tee, a troupe of Mode! Artiste, who ere aolcoted for tfcMr beauty and lirure, and who perauaata > e n in bar of beautti.il tab'eaui, taken front the pictaree ol oolent and modern timet, t company of Artb Olrla, wha fv through a variety of tenia of atrougth end doxtorhji I inpaay of Male and Female Artiate. who will give aa evr.lition of Marble Ktaiutry --.re quailed in the world, togethat rial. a earlely ol internetiM performaaoaa en re HtorvKi ?nd evening. For pareioclan fti bill* of oaob oar Admit tion -Hoatt Ib Private Boxes, 50 oints; Stage He* to. SIM at? BtiM. Moanta: Ptrqurllg, ItK Mill. Avery important notice?essential thai all should know. 'there will be a grest change in tm plan ef Professor Anderson next week. Notice ol whisk ill appear mi Thursday er Kriday. FHARC1AJU. ? I t() i W Ml T? I.IND, ON BOND AND MORT VP ' OV,\Rl\f gup,, ia sums to suit applloaate, .ox t outlive real estate ia this city or Brooklyn. Sams ol sVoOard upwards w ill be loaned ateixpore.at latere.? li r a*e ysare, na xooti r'ty property. Arrly le 8. 1 BRO ID Na, II wall street la the Crotoa water oMeo baeemeat. C >)f\ nnn-TO LOAN AT Sl\ PER CENT IN VP UjUUU irt- rcs?, eersrel ims of $5 00) ti - I i i.it nad aoncue on productiro real eitite in tins city for three or Bee years. Aiplyto JOHN Y. CON KEY, No. ii Wall street, corner of llroad street (NASH ADVANCES r>lOM fHWTOSAO.WO. ON CON P eianwrnt and <t ifWfl f Merohaa.li's geaerally. tiro lerirs, Diamond*, Ool I an.l ailvir warn I'lauos. maculae itn d yi.nda, aril all nth r p"re..aal pr party, ..a giudi ii b?t?Bi house for sale fco. spenl?h, rrtaoh and P rtu.-or* sp.'Via aad IrsailaUd. Apply to C. B. 110 WES. M Nam ?lrret, front I HU? I) REM It M ON 81 K? IF -I AM NOW I'AYINO Till I lollowlry rates?f r elli er i|uarters. IIIin?a and . i* pe-ess, I', isr sent pr. niinm lioll dollars, dime and l oll imes. ti Mealeao dollars. Are franc* '.el seals! aad ul other foreign sold anil siieer s' 'lis best market rites. .1 'I H'iUI- ' . H i. s" Ufc J. T. TAP800IT i CO., Hd AOfTil STREA1 e supply C-a'ts f r an ye mount, pnye-ls throng.uu <lreat Dritaia aad Ireland. Thoy ere also sola acentefer *h l?d htar l.lae. the Swallow Teif Liae, eh* Drr.matie Lias tm 7. I.iiia af I., vest,..# I Miiils end the E Line Of Lcndoi 0?k?tB. MM*** k? 'oof #f Wkloh aiUtat HI IM ? >um?iUi torira IIUKMKS, CAIIltUliKN, Ac. Amio* KOTICE -HORSES. CASKIMM, IllR noaa. 5ld? Saddlr K.r ? U? Saturday. Arnt-mkar *Ht.. * 2 I 'dnrk. i? front <>f tkr it?r> A* IVj atr?t. Climai Cit'l Ml n:" ' ./hi Bayrfy fhKtii. I t ri >1 fit liiiff, I draw ft'nl <lo , I rihi ml rbn 'oa, I atncl t? t> Baronchr for Bin p. ra-.na. I Birk?#*r for ff nr P'T?oa' iri|U?m,kl ,ki. A. CAR I'fcR. Anrtlnnr. 57 Dry rirrrl. errrtr of Orjrtiwiih. SAI.HI.e ii1 >RMt ?fuR sale, A TfiuRnronnRr. in.| '.rt? d kiilMk ar.rrtl Mtrr. oirht yrirt old. It1, 'ilil high, animated mard and kind: tha I'ftn bail-n no m i t hnr, II hi* It Ia> rtnonl la olftr bar for mt. Apply I tal.'r r??r of llr< lint. on! Mit-i niduin i. BLACK IIORSC. AS- K r y in nld; mil fi.r nil i/l ui. t'?a ItNiatl fttn i 11'Mt iiiral, Br' ll .n Will hr *<>14 at a borfwa. r'OB lAlt-IN KI.tGANT SWITCH TAII. 51 ll'tar. ftftaoa hand* Ihrcr iachro hiah. aiyltl yoari o i ai 4 a arrant id frlwll) kind, nonad. lad|>aUa I aa I aroa al Dimoad'a atalla. r< rmr of Baa tar and Noaa atrial fi>R IAt.R-'A LOW II Tllf, Btr ilORSR. I BO IT C hftara kaoda tkrr* Inokt a M :h, aiTta ya< ra old. kind I all litroraa and haa kr-n laird t>/ hi) pr? ant ownif to r>rkaoay, aa a family Imrar Alaa. a I (hi top tVata an ! llarnraa Can bo aora at Btrr'a a labia, Mr A* Fraabll trrrt aJlMl POUM TAKEN ON UTIRT AT Ttl IIRB AII11 ''' llara per day, at 11.* I ?lt I tatra Snlr and Con n I -?i?a Mall* Noi. I Id. 121,135 and 12^ Eaot Toaaty faaar. ?t"?. koto or a Ban-ad ana ri.lrd artaaaa. Tim aa*iarrlb< ttifii'MByfoaa i?> t tbat bo baa fttlai d romputot n ... ? aWvy brink atani'a. ritaatrd aa abora, .11 fr t . ai art oarh. I. k. aird to rala and com nlaalon rtahlr 1h<y were ktillt trder the personal anperrtiloB of the pr pel tand ro#t toeelr thona.nd dollars Th#y ar# t' Ik' >? ait j an'1 hr#t public etal la# la in# rltfi [,?M? of arc mm'.lallnr *k??i Afty h"r??# each; wher# a <iii liim< att ht tehen " Hvtr?, ?i thra# thill inaa p< ' i. will. the if.<t if Led tlial th# mark*! *t<rd* Uor?, e-tuhtaad told el rmtn'nloa. The ahot ?t?M. ? aitl ' read* la (pr?U# iimii m Thmiiiy, ftfat?(f l*'h, H A pelr of fta# rota hor?(? for ??!? lli?, n?r?l r#r> ( i *le Votk Stat# hot##-, at th# above rttMtt JAHB9 n. 8UTP4M. BXPttRRS AfilROlM, *?. UKDL'CED RATES.-C A I.I PORN I A.-TRANSPORT loa act'## lb* liibtnn# of Pna# I, of food# tab ti re??h to Ran Punrleet *l#Hpper?' ertloe.by Etrkrleaa h?leim It Co. Shipper# will And It their la?er#tt to call ?p lit nnd>rti#ntd before making arrangement# elttwhert. F particular*. arp'y to *. /ACRRISSON It CO., A?enta,B7 Wall tire#* **AtKLi,h'lir 0(HUB. tBANDER AND AMROT RAILROAD LINE PRO / Now Totk to Philadelphia.- j.(->#? Pl#f No. 1 Nor iref.by itoamkoat JOHN lOlTFR Morning Line. a< clock; Alt?moon Idne, at 4 #'?loek. Par# hy either lie ps. forward d##k. H smigraol Lib*, at 5 o'clock, P. I re. yi BO. I, II, I EE, A font JEW TORE AND riliLAPELI HI A-NEW TOE l1 end Philadelphia direct.-I'alted State# Mall T.lne ri o?h In ?H ho?r?. *la New Jcreay Railroad Tare t un d to f.1 lor flrat e1t?e, and 51 W f >r aaeond elaa*. Lea > ew Tork. at I A M? from foot ef Ctrtlandt etreet, aad A M. and A P. M ffeu foot of Lthertr atraet. I^are Phil ' Ip' la at A and A. M. and ? P. M.. from tha foot of W? >BJ etreet _ Poa Rai.riwnaa, Waewrwcmw, ?* Cwani.awrww. : rna?k ticket# ata aold la ?k# ahor# liaaa A thr .o-4 " for. With throntl, hawg#*e ehaek*. aoeompaaloe th* Ira *i*a? at A P M Paaecnger# and begga?* ? thl# tra t'll he trait.rertad directl? trr- tnih bom d#p?t ta d?pat I ; ike rente witkant ettt o ibarf*. W YO -V MORNING EDITION?FRIDi NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA, ARRIVAL OP THE STEAMSHIPS ILLINOIS AT NORFOLK, AND BROTHER JONATHAN, AT SAVANNAH. WITH A Million and a Half in Gold Dust, and i*assengers, Adjournment of the Liberty Party Convention. THE UNITED STATES CHARGE TO DENMARK. ANOTHER CUBA EXPEDITION. GEN. Ql ITMAN TO BE THE LEADER, Im., Ac., dec. 'Arrival of Hit Illinois at Norfolk, Short of t ohI-\ Part or her Gold Dlapatchtd to New lork, Baltimore, September 18,1801. I The iiteum ship luinois, from Chagres to New York, put into Norfolk, to-day short of coal, j She brings one million of dollars in gold dust, and tbree hundred and ninety passengers The Illinois left Chagres on the Pth, and Kingston, Janialrn on the 12th inst. j We ure indebted ?o A dam-; it Co for the following dis. ! patch, received by them ;? Norfolk, September 18,1851. The steamer Illinois arrlTed this m .rning? I hare j yonr expn and will leave to morrow with i '-'-O 00 j in aold dust Icr yc-u. THOS. It. Lli-WITT. 5ECOND DESPATCH. Norfolk. August 18 1851. The steam: hip Illinois brings the California miils, f ur hundred pa.,, engere, and one raLlkn eight hundred .1 .1 1. ... V.-i .?,? l.u jl ilue a !..> > ? * - ? o | amount in the hand? of paKieagerj. Tb Falcon whs at Cluigrts when tne Illinois sailed. Tb- kt?ani hip Kro'he r Jinathitn. for New York, tailed In m Kingston three hours In advance of the Illinois. The general n?ws from California possesses no feature r f striking imoortanre. _ ( Arvlv;d of Ihc Sl?tmianijj I?iother .Jonathan, at Savannah, SaTAMvaif, Sept 18. liftl. The steamship Brother Jonathan, from Chagree to New | York, via Kingston, arrived lera today, short ef coal. . She i ucevutired a heavy gale subte.(Uent to her leaving h iigtt.on. but sustained no damage. The I5r< ther Jonathan brings three hundred pi'sen. g?rs for New Y'ori, a ad $300 00!) in gold on freight The w> sther in California bed been extrimelj favorable for mining operation-, and gold was being produced In great abundance. The appn nehing elections were causing an unuual degreepii ixcilemtnt throughout the State. , The condition of e ci-ty at 8ho Francisco and at other points, was consid rably improved, owing to the activity of the \igilance Committee, and ths increased zeal of 1 the l i;al authorities. Blislntssw* brisk. but large supplies of produce hud ci.io.tt h .light d ; reert'-n )n prices. In m >st articles of 1 traue, lit wver. the rater wire essentially the same as at j the tailing of the previous steamer. Ilmlgiisllnn uf tlac I'ntletl Mates Charge at U? ninai k?The Mexican Boundary t orn ntlmlon?The California Land Comialr alon WiSHiS'.tov September IS, 1851. Walter Forward, the raited States charge at I>?amark' having tendt rt d bin re-ignation some weeks linoc, and requested !r? ni government permi-sion to return home, | the 1'ra.idcut, in.t wet k, accepted his resignation, and directed letters ot recall to be transmitted him S'ajcr Oraham who succeeded Col. MeClellen. on the Mi aican Prom lary Commission, like his predecessor, has hat a difficulty with Commissioner Bartlett, and been | recall* d. or retires tcluntarily. Major Lmory of tlia | same U|>? graphical corpa, succeeds hira. J. 11. t'urr of Jted riser, aad aot Dr. Darls, has becu appointed Seen tart to the California Land Commission. Charles II Ladd ha? been appointed Nary Aj-nt at ! P< rt n>< utb. N U , vice Cutler, resigned ' Adjaurninrnt of the Liberty Party ConI trillion?Nomination of (lerilt Dinltli for > Psealricnt. ' | Bi rrua, Sept 17.1131. The Contention met again at 2 o'clock, when, alter the \ transaction of n uie unimportant business, the Business OommWtre. through Ita chairman (irrrlt Smith. reported | a eerie- of resolutions, fuming a platform which embraces toe crude (f the extremist a'oolitloulata?the { moat ul'ra of all the opposite* of the Fugitite Slate law. , the temperance men. praoe mm land refi.rmera, women'a rights n n, and free traders ; and It rails upon all theee dtflereat claaeea of reformers to come and join their ~ party, an I thus unite all the great reforms of the day on i- a broad tans They denounce the Colonisation Society. rj and both the old political partl< s, In the strongest terms; ntd call the President and the me jtiers of the lato.Congrew who toted for the Fugitite Slate law, pirates aud | murdiisrs The I' ntrntlon was addres'ed la the afternoon by t Mrs*is Profe-aor liend'-r-on. of Ohio; I ling of Oswego; i i Prjine. ?l IVeyre county; Smith of Madison ; and Ad di i gti n ol Hufli all ad rotating the abote platform A ci ninil tie was thsa appointsd to reps rt suitable names fs r tie in miners for Pie-ldent aid Vice President. tl.r first th rg to morrow morning?when the eontecti n aoj- umed to tea At the rt-nlog > --ion. tbc meeting ti< addressed by 'j Oerrlf Smith ai d Free erlck lloug asa In eloquent terms i. Their spei chee Wire ps'tfectly charm teristlc of tha in?n - 'J? ' !H Bill fi I' i .ij | g? II. I fTt-TJ I? -jy ma TFT J ?.Jlirg * that die* lit 1lw|i? g to the .r party <4 w4uir? with tbatr ' fecuher idea* lu rb< rt. they wetc a repetition of their fid epeerhe* made at the varlout libel ty to riling*, fur a tto b?t if year* paat D There n*- ? Vety aitm alien lance in the morning but l? more In the afUriotn. a bit. In the evening there an audience M eight or nine hundred Tb< ra are. however. i vmyfiwfi n othe r Matee and the n mtnating rtmniltee la Con.p- I rhiefly of > ? I mltri * The mm nation* will pr hahly be made tomorrow ' ' hull rlavery b>? k? anJ caricature* are publicly offered for rale on th? real mat and the audience invited to V ! tup and |urchaae tbea I. lerrtir. Sept. It, 1M1. * Mr J R Joneaorf ir erred to poatp?na the nomination T of candidate# for Pmrtlent and Vice President to n a future convention. Thla queetloa war lilwamd by J Merer* Pbatturk. March. Pryne. Cook, J. U Johnann ? Kelaey. Addition. Kartman, Ifodaon. Ilutohlnann. - Oerrit Smith, Luminary, Wing, and Davldma of Illlnola ' ?after which It waa loat h On motion of A J Wivn. Mea?r< Crooker Kaatman. at.d Davidaon were added to the Committee on Nominat tienr. and the convention aUjomrn?d tlU 2 o'clock P. M ' t'pf n re-aeef mhlirg. the n 'mlnatln* r .uimittae ra potted the name of Oerrit Smith for rreeident. anJ f| Jamet H. Collin* cf Chicago, fur \lee President. and they |J were unantm< nrly nominated But Mr Colllna havltg k? written a letter declining th* nomination, the name of >t. Charter I?urkae la*e free Mill member of Oongrea* from " Vti'ffneln wae 'nhatttuted and carried unanlmourly Mr Pmh?e then thanked the Convention. In a neat rpee eh, for the hi nor conferred upon him; hut *? he ehtuld not poe-,?? the rami freedom of action In pnhliv ae in private life and rhoiild not enjoy the fame farill 4 lies for doing fl with hla omeny and time a* he dor? en If * hf It JK' H me rniiTFninn in piru-r nnn a, Tin-Cnntrntii n would not ronn nt <> thl?. nn.l Mr

" Finitli wne finally Imlun <1 to a-rrpt tha nomination #f lha rr-avltttlnwa wart than lahan tip and pa??ad. and lltr Ct Of til loll " lj' iirni d till 7PM. nhati It *111 bo a l _ draeaidhy t ma id<*|U?nt e'rangara from Rngland and ~ Ji'tnaira. and adjourn eenr fie. If Citat Tiottlim Hart bttwttn (eady Jane' fS Laily BufTalk, mid t*t. Lawrrnrti pi Ren'iiaatra, Aapt. IS, ISM A graat trolling raaa took plan- at tha Onion Conraa g thla attrrnoon. batwaan ljuly .liae Lady SafTolk. and h- St l-awrrnce. milt fcanta. ba?t ihraa In tint. In harnota l.ady .lan- pr'Ttd tha Tirtor in thra- .traijht haaM A ,1 uraat deal or no-nay ahangad hand. Lady Suffolk balrg rt.ha fnarrita agalnat tha flald Tha tlma waa good. ri? I 32',- 9 9SH? and 2 3a. Tht aama homo* trot again _ In Morrow *' Tha Hlantitalilp I n Inn at *raw llrlrant. Nrw Oat ram. S< ptamhar IS ISM )a Tla ?..irvhlp t!ni- n arrlaad to day in a pa>?ag<> rf 7day. from Mew Totb RK H 1Y, SEPTEMBER 19, 1851 National Convention of the Urand Lodge of Odd Fellows. Bai.timork, Bept 18. 1861. The (Irand L->dfe of Odd Ktllows this morning returned the coneideratiou of the constitutional amendments? the <|iiertion being on si tide 8, routing to l'sat Grand Sires. Ah the constitution do* stands. thej : re entitled tow-eta in the Grand Lodge of the United Statta. The proposed amendment,restore.1 the power of voting I.. la . t iA.r. Inn j lUlnln it u aa rejected by ayes 20. nays 04. artkknoon session. The consideration of the proposed constitutional amendBit'titB a as continued, aud all were indefinitely P" 'tpcui d. xcept that grauting to grnad bodies the powir to till vacarcieH of (iravd Representatives ojrurrlng during ihe jcar; which wr?c adopted by t>7 yeas to 17 neys The amendment requiring Ihit Grand Repr- ontailvesihail bo contributing mcruberr of a subTdiint ei rami ment. war unanimously ad >ptrd A resolution of enquiry, regarding the propriety of returning lbs various hiatus the amount ' 1. vied by attic ciatious in | IMP. was laid otit. by 61 to 87. They then adjourn 1 till u-tool row The tinul adjournmeat will not probably lake piacu till Saturday evening or Mouday. Another Kntnl tlullrosd Accident. Baltimose, September 18. 1851. A men. (supposed to be Washiugton hewis. of BeltsVlUe. Md ,) while endeavouring to a...."'u l a pa ger car. near the Washington Depot, this afternoon, previous to the departure if tile nam. vv.i- ils. aUiillly crushed l>y another car being pushed on the onticctiou lie died lialf an hour afterwards. Iroui ilie injuries. Fire at Cincinnati?. t'lie lJeiml tori Hotue Partially Destroyed. Cincinnati. Sept' mber 17. 1851, | The two upper stories of the Dennl-on Home a re ,|. s. 1 troyed by fire, at one o'clock this uorei ig, en I he | lower jtart of the house was greatly damaged Somcbog- \ gage was destroyed, and several board r- 1.- v.u\ us ; sums of money The tire originateit in an adjoitPng livery stable which was destroyed. The loss is h< avy. Opcningt or the list mail f? om Cliielnr nil to ! Dayton. DvvroN. Sept 15,1851. The Cincinnati ar.d Diyten Railroad was opened to- 1 day, the cars having arrived hero from Cincinnati with J.000 invited guests. There was great rej doing along the I line, bs well as in the oity and evrything passed olf iu iU" ] most agreeable manner. The road is iu excellent oooiition, sad a large amount of travel and traffic i? antici- I noted. Navigation of the Oliln Ulver. Rirrssrao, Fepteuih-r 18, 18M. There are seventeen iuehes uf water in the chaauel of the river. The weather la cool arid pi. -s.ut. The ffoallmin Mull. THE NEW STEAMSHIP ROANOKK A H011K ?OKVKRAT. j ^HITM.UI AND ANOTHER CU11AN KVrxiUTIO.N. UaiTimosk. Sept. 18. ISol Oce New Orleans mail had arrived. The latest still 1 due. The Norfolk 1'.trail says the pew steamer Roanoke, ! lunniBp between Nt w York and Bichtnond w ent ashore jesteriiay ou a small I ar In .laaies Hirer, in her passage 1 from Richmond to New York. At tho la-t aecounts the fosmer l'ovhalsn was m&kir g an rUor; to g-t her oil. hut with small prospect of sucv ss New Orl an* papers state that a report win la circulation to the effect that Geneial Quitman would uhortly pluce himself at the head of another Cuban expedition. The riport was not credited. The l.iiff T. V Knox, f.om Fredorioksbur;, biund to New York, put into Norfolk yesterday foe repairs, having lost sail* and gone ashore in the gale ou rtaturday night. Police Intel llgenre. SuppotfM PoitoninK Vast ? i'huciae aud 8arah Ulggins, servant* in the family of llr Johu Iteekman. residing ' In Pixty-third street, near the Bast rirer, were taken ia to urt< dy vesttrday. by Captain Maynard and officer Urate, ot the Nineteenth ward poline, on su picion ef having adaiiuistered poison to Hriiget Tol.-n, a fellow servant, with the iblenticu of taking her lhe. The poison wiie support a to have b?en a<luiiDi?> rnl id a cup hi tft, 1 and train be s< cut. rtaicid that death would ?nsue, the Coroner wan called upon Ui take the itei.uvttfio of the sufferer. win a the following aUtement wan main by her. On Wednesday. while taking tea she perceived a pecu liar tonic in the liquid, but no auaplclous were excited in her mind, and nhe drunk about a cup full and the half of another, wheu nhe woe token very Hi alii vomited profusely A physician was called, but be did not auoceed In detecting any poison. The e iron culture* which led to the suspicion that Iliggina and hit wife had poieoned the tea. are aa follows?It arema that a abort time aince, the alater of the poUoned woman wia a servant in the houae, but left, and Bridget took her place; ince leaving she staled to Bridget that she suspects! liiggine and hln wife of dishonesty; thia ata'ement ahe made to other* In the house, and. on its coming to the ears of the aroused, they became very angry, and threaten) d, befoie long, to adenco her. There seems to be dcubt a* to whether the ten was poisoned; but the partis." W re yesterday taken before Justice l.cthrop. aud held to bell. In the ?um of $5ti0 cash, to appear a ad an swir any indictment that may be found against them by thrgrand jury Their employer (Mr Iteekuian i became their surety Yeiterdty ufl)>rnouu Bridget was belter, and her recovery ia anticipated. .'iters/ ) e fufUtrt J<nm Jiutirt ?^i/Ticer Ptevena. Of the Lower police received a telegraphic despatch from J< hn Yonnea. Ks?| . 1'hief of Pottc", in New Orleans in which he stated that he had arrested the fugitive it'll llrm Clark alias Oliver, who. on the -juih of July last, made his weep# I rem the Tombs, in this city. Clark was arrested and indicted for grand larceny, on a charge - ... i.i .-I f- - , _ Maiden Une, ud ?* cnwfiiied in the T imba for trial but kadt hta earape by pu-hing back the bolt of hi< call door, at J waking way lu the root of the prima, lowered himeelf down by a rope, ai d tbua obtained arefft to ilie Court of tir**i< na' room, an I from llu-noe forcid ( |h u llic outer door, aid mad" till wanapw into tin- rtrrrt. Tim fugitive hu> bemi detained in New OriiaiM until i IMcrr fti ri ne urtlrea with a rr.|ul?ltlou fir liia iinoral to tbla city fight among the llnal Ilia- Its miih i ? On Tueaday rrabli.g. a iiuude-r of lilac ken 1th* m Bute red at Ilia roriiwrof T*i n'yfouith itrwet and (rrmth avenue. f it the pur. pi-? of a eolliaion with a number of other iro n in the rata* trrde, with a vlaw of creating a riot, an laaaaultlog the op in ring party. Captain Steve naoo. < ( the lUiteeoth ward, in ard of the aflatr. and repair*d to the apot with a |<*a?ifn?i-n juat in time to prereut any very a*rioua alt,?y Aa It waa. however. the police aurcaeded In eaptuilifiaeiml of the rlrgleadera One man, who gave bia 11 me aa Pennl* ltt'<d* rick had In hie porketa a -harp butcher a kntfc and a table knife . aleo. a cloth cap. con ta.niif turn pa of rock which could be u.?.*d aa dung rhot An* thcr man had a large hatchet The other perarn* amatrd were uaan d Itai oar J Matthewa. Martin hi hie ratiiek MrtY'd. Jrhn VattO e> and Hugh Matth. w.i They were charged with aaaaultlng John tlfeen. fterrard Da'ry and John Davie, with an intent to kitt Thi y Wi re r< r.ee)ed before J u-1 Ire Blonkely. who lieid tbi m to hall to anawer the charge tfr>?W ?f Ca>nirrfr*trr*?Teaterdny. two naen named fliorge Poet and Pranei* Truman, wi re taken Into rn?t< dy by ?flln r Darrow. of the Seventh ward Th-y are chi'rgtd the former with p-iaaing and the letter with atten ptlog to pnae. rounterfeti m ney. to a grocer named III i rv K r.chin d. re-i.llng in the hen nth ward. Tiie aecueed were held to anrwer. hy Ju.Mce Tilnpeon HmrgiaryarJ friend /aneij ?The atoew of Meaer* I. H. and 0. Ihrrian No 601 Broadway, waa enter d liy robber*. hy mi ana of falae ki ya. at an early hour ye?lerda) no run g A ijuantity of |" a K- t outli rv valu I ai $1t0. and $11 in caah. Were atoli n. The ruOlan- ?caped Wit boat detection .fwcvAer ?A y ungirian nulled ilamhlin waa arte l-d. yulen ay. hy < fleer llaml-lin of the Third ward charged with hnr.Bg. about a week lirce. forcibly rntored ihe i abik of a ma. k.t m nw. lying at the foot <4 Pull natreet. N It . and atk-tractinr tie r* fr'm a quau?lty of w?nrtng _ .i I -1 ,.i an,, i.. I. .1.. rllt K|'|W1< I MIUIU ?< eic-it. r?" " -ob-"* T' ' ?--/ 1 l.e Hf coacd detect- d by mw boy* In the set cf totcing 11 en the e*!-in. II)- we* committed t >r i mint nation Kiei'tfi'rg th? F.ifuh'nm of m Prnrril ? Yettrrdey a man naim i| Ac?m llouck. and f. tir fthefe of th? ?am na-n*. w>r? arrcettd. charged with rrr'.ittng the nwntlMI ef a cirll |?lt c)>#?. and f?>T aMnulting thn police officer* with dany) rou* w.*jon? Thiy were taken I. fore Juatieo Tim peon and ga?e ball for tlwlr sppesranc Court ef Common Plena. Before lion Jndge Hale. ffarr. 1* -IWwi Copen.?Ilcnfy Pertein. an )-ntl?t?d eotdler under twenty on* year* of age. wa* brought up on Antrer tmpv, and dlerbarged by the Judge, he being. In law. an Ikfatt Itnmedlnt-ly >>n being di.-*-barged, he wae arre?ted by one of the Deputy Mar- hale on a charge of take pretence* Anemia Vrannr ioa P?M?-.r? *r Rati aaan?The Fupreme Court I* titling at CreenOtld thl* week, and an t?.|? rtant cart, or rather double caae. ha* been tried. In which tuch eminent ronneel n* Rufu* Oboato and <leoigw Atbn un were engaged on oppoeing ?We?. The ea?e? wut.Pr A mot Taylor and Dr Taylor and wife, agaln*t the teimc-nt and Mattachneette Railroad Company. for damage* matalr.ed by the wffa la alighting from a car at M ind II depct. In the fall of IKuO 1'he turning facta wen- thue ? notice wa* glr*n of the ?tatIon. tin ear* at tu-et i r miite (topped, the had got on the platform to * tight and the car* ttarted with a jerk, and thews* ihnwntctbe groin d and badly hurt Tb* point wa*. whether tbe wat In a place of rafety when the attempted to alight; Igao. tl e coMprny were not liable?If not. they Were I'M wi rdiot w?? >1 (>00 for the plaintiff In the (lr*t rate. ?rd f2(*g In the Iset?*3,000 In all?HmritufiM H 11 Hicrn Apt 1V Tbe ? ell* In We*tehe*ter ronnty are *ald fo hare been exl.aueted In cnn*e*|iienre of the continued drought and the farmer* hare I wen compelled to retort to the Jrofon rite r fh? water The Crutoa la lower than It haa be-n far many yean ERA I THE GREAT RAILROAD JUBILEE IN BOSTON. j GRAM) AQl ATIC EXCURSION. ftSCSPTION or LORD BLOZIV. DISTINGUISHED GUESTS, j Ac., die., ?c, 8ICONDDAY. nun urKTGM cniMM'^K.iiut.ui-/ r> borrow, September 18. 1841 i ' The great excursion down the buy. which, together ' with the reception of Lord Elgin. were to be the features : of the second day of the grand Huilroad and .Steainhlp I 1 Jubilee, took pluee according to programme, and I proceed to give your reader* an account of it. At eleven ; o'clock, the President and Cabinet, (excryt Mr Webster,) ; Mayor Bigelow, Attorney-General Olitloru the members of the city government, and several other .listinguishod ; gentlemen, proceeded in a special train to East j Boston, over the Grund Juration Huilroad. for the j purpose of embarking on hoard the splendid steamship P. P Lewis. The locomotive was dressed and decorated in a very tasteful manner, In a little while we reached butt Boston, and the spectacle which was presented was in tlm highest degree exciting and beau, tiful. The P. P Lewis ley in the stream, with flags and streamers flying and a little way behind her was the Benjamin Franklin, her consort, and the st?a?.ers Mayflower, St. Lawrence. Jenny Kind, and others all orowded to ovtillowing with invited guests. As soon as , file. Fillmore lelt the railroad car. and was visible [ on the small steamer which was to oonvt-y the party to the P. P. Lewis, a salute was flr-d from the Navy Yard, and twenty thousand voices, front tb" people in the steamers and from those on shore, united in a grand Lurrah for the ilett of thn L'uit-d Ptutes Guns were also flred on board the Franklin the Mayflower, end the other steamers. The British mill sttsmtbip. at her dock was not silent on the occasion, fbo, too. thui Circa forth a salute, and. by decking h r mHI with flags, sliowee a deUrmina'inn not to b? behindLand in lioncxii g the chief magistrate. The bin-ill steamer now ler.vea the dock, ate is steered towards the 8. S. L?wi,. But is he reacliei the IviuLin. and tb* ! l'reriilent proceeds on beard, leaning on the arm o: Mi.yor Bigclov ard follcwtd by the gu-s'.c. As so, n? , h- uiaie l is spj iaraAce on deck. twni'y thou*md voi -eg and a hui drid gu-is greet Mm. Now we are ready to w igh j at < 1 or uiid go do?n the buy A st-ntomu vn. on board the Kisi kiin. calls for ' Three rh> ers f r I hn I*r-?shhntof I be United State." llu'tah hurrah hurrah! i Three i lie ers for the Fugitive hUve law are called fir, fi< in on Is ard a small -ti anur close by Hurrah harr?h ' hurrah: and gr< at laughter ) The ki-nkiln sL<- -ts stuil of us aud the other steam l.wiytbirg til ing rmdy.lhe word in giTen to m igh the h Jarttih's anchor. Put see. v. bat in that' Oil, l> uitilul1 n l'i I Iralitilut' Ilutrth ! hurrah ! hurrah! What is it ' * V. ti.it ii |.<-aut.u 1 spectacle' II. re w.. see thereee-ius n cutteis Hamilton end Morris rn each ride oi steamer. ii which l? tewing them toward* the rear, to fotlow in our A or. s< d mort gorgeously with flags and rtriinii'ri I * Pat i, hang! bang! the culler* xalut.i us o>ai)g bang ' hang! Hurrah' hurrah' hurrah' Now, indeed is the lxt lie > niiv nirg in the extreme U-ms' fro in the Nary A Ysid hang! harg! bang from the cutter* Hung' a bang! from the Cutarder liang! bing! front on shore. u Jterg! (rem the Majfl 'Wtr P.i.ng' bang! frmn the St. n l.awrecee. liut the hand* oil board the res-els are play- 1" ing Hall Columbia "See. the Conquering Llero c me. ' ri linrg'bang'l.ang'fr< m all rid"* ' See. lb* Co?.(u.-ring it Ueio rtiuee ' Bang ' tang ! Hurrah ! hurrah ' hurrah n I.- L< t Lliat bountiful' I >h! ecstatic. Hang hang hang tt Three clter* f..r the President of the I'uited Stite*. M Hurrah hurrah ! hurrah ' The anrhor is up Star- i " b'orU? hard to starboard. - lUlnisuan turn not a spoke without 3 ou h>*r uiy rolce " Aj?- aye. sir llurrah! h hurrah! linn all ' The engineer's tall rings?we are in g< motion Now we go abend and .be other vessels follow h in iur wake, tl.e band-playing IlgtU Columbia." ' The ti Hat-Hpanglcd Bunr.. r " The iae* is hauled up We d are going uowu tlie hay bravely We pass a number of 1 yachts Hurrah l.ucruh hurrah on all sides. Now * vs approach Kort W Intlir.-p Our band plays "Hall Co- r iDmbia '' N> w look out for smoke All .-yes are dire?t- t oil towards the f rt. Hang' bang' hang bang' bang ' We turn In a little, and acknowledge the compliment. 1 The )aehts around lower lb. ir colors ltang' bang' and I the band plays the '-Star SpangledBannar." wepi? i I end and pies the Benjamin Franklin Hurrah'buTab' I hurrah: We go around George's Island, fiilowed by ' the Mayflower, ft. Lawrence. and Idam-hoa. while the I Franklin takes the channel. Th-re is not a ripple on ' the water. We round the island, and are uiet by tne < Franklin Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah! hurrah < Thire more are given. Hurrah' hurrah hurrah' The baiidi continue to play. The 8. tl Lewi* stop*. and the Mey flower. St Lawrence, and oth.-rs, appro* ih ui. Hurrah huirah'hurrah' Mu-ls -"Oft In the Stilly Night."' i "Hail Columbia, ilappy hand.'' "Hod Sara the Queen '' 1 I ' I'ou't Mm ke, rlr. 1/ you please there There's powIder l?e. ilr there la thr gun." Bans' bang' bang Hurrah' hurrah hurrah' We turn toward* the city on our return. and p??? by tie mi one cutter* Hamilton and Worri*. looking more beautiful Ihsns ver.at d ssluL saud cheers arc exchanged, and trlaudr -hake with the noise. i i 'Bu*. where bound captain?" "To the CharU.itowu Nary Yard sir Now we go *mo< tbly u*> the Bay We take a lot k in the dietauce at where Minott'a heap llghtb< ere woa We para yacht* and pilot boat* druenl iu i holiday eet..ra and are cheer-J a* we pare they being ! it alio nary. in ceu*?<|uenie of the dead oalm which pre . rail* We ure in the sunn order of prociseton?ahead la | Bunker IHU Monument where Warren fell. In the rear, ! the Mayflower, the St Lawrence, and olhwrs All the I band* are uiioour. iug must eloquent muatc. We pars up , the Bar In rplendld alyle. Ahead ie the city of Boston Hi w will tt (coke from the water! But bold The ta ll rings for the guest* to go down into the cabin I and partake if a collation The msj 'ritr get -rated, thera la a rattling of plate*, and a ery. ' W ait?r. a little I ehowdir, If yuu pleaae ilo<d, nothing like it "" Where 1 la the god ll?i ' lie I* the fellow for making ehow.ler, and rating It after It Is mud* 1 f ha. ha Where l?h-"' ; i 0, | ?haw ' i?u you suppose he d take part In anything got up by the City Council, after r-fusing him the use of fans ull 11*11''' Yes but he was in tbs State ll >u??. at (he presentatio n'" ' Car'airily; hut that was a State flair Cot kI5</t!lw?ll received the 1'reaident on the | j-art rf the State, on that occasion." " Now I sec llaug thet'ouec'l say I." " Ditto, my friend, ditto ' ! " A little chowder." Yea, sir."' ( hock chuck, rhwek. go the cortu from the chamrruri* bottles "Mr President nine If fnu please," "Tot where I* Major Higrlow ' lie went ashore before . we darted to rrn We l.ord UrId " " bid be Indeed ' A lltttle ebampam>e watt-r. If jroti pleaer " * Tee Sir " 1 | i t u<k ' t'bui k ' Chock ' ' HaiWr ? m<- Bore chowder this way. If jon pi aa?-," I ' Certaltly pit " The Captain hare aa< J ? I ' To mrh of If a g?ntl. nu n a* baa* not bean ?lil? to Anl realr, I *111 My that a seoord rollati -n will he rrndy to i a f. w n.ioutea " flood ' (1? J 1 Hood llurrrah f >r lha I | Lewie. her owyir, C'lumander. ofllrera, crew. and the ' waiter* < r thi recap i V Mia tin- lint collation I* being di'poecd of in the callB. I?t u* pee what i* going on, id deek. Kg*d. We j arc rlr-a* In. I | Ihrte are the n-arlre* dnwn up. taaily to rn'n or 1 Prcaeet ariBP. Hong Itai g ' ? We go aabore? thoa- ! | | pkpil* in attendance limp rhntp for the Prrel'lent. Hurrah Ilnrrab ( J liiirtab I I'arg I'ang ' , 1 to fcllowitg i? a Itat of thr Bort dMinroi'inl elrlter* ! IB tt'a cararif'B |'I n D nWl IfeMWj lioa. II Kll- . i 'aly, Commi'ton of hoard Work*; BdMhrUeaml ttt* ( iTralil; llm JiipCpm Alwyn bar. MrOord. ami Mor it*'li t. if Ibr Montreal bar. t,n|.0*"*jr M P.; N Dumu. II I' . W. feott M P.: I? krr?, M P ; D Armstrong. i M p.; i. Paotl. N P.. W. MePartand. M P . II. Amlth. M P . W. I' Klebarda. M I' ; Itenproln flotBM. member for the rlty of Moatml, A Jobln. miiiler for the roontr for Montreal. lion ( Crane of the l?egi?letlre CotiBcil Hen .Tibn Mrlloe. Montreal: llmi PrenoiaM. | 11*11 Major tf Kir git at; i liarb-a Wilaon. K?n . Mayor of i Montreal; and Aldermen JH Km land Orenler, llnmler. Ihrjamln and l.jreh and Mesara PcebefKe. Wtilney. i UrBiiog. proBoron Mi.rtrenil l.amarcha. and Atwater. Pil. i . ... .11 I .. .St.. I,. k ...II A il M. ; liitt.ClljhtTrjof; Major Klanll; Major llurhiar, ti. I DarParata F?.j Cnaaa ?rrlntar; Jud?a J MeCord of , M lb Ural Mayor of t;u. tMoarl Horn, and ofll tartP I f1h? ',?th n Inirnt} "'apt In lion II F K'-nnn. St. A M i Li-li lm 4J-I rifimi m lloyal Uiiklui<li n>j U> puty Ar-ialant C<tn. (I?n IVcMi; Jtanlnr otirKron OhWh Im Ticyal Artillery: I)r Maitland. Royal |)r- Rut her | I- rd ar >1 Rarratt. Mt dical Stall. It. njatrdn Itolm*a. M V ? n'l i f Canada Sir All- n Maonali, Hon. Adam J^rru; Major of T>undn**i Riant nan" Cnlnnal Oirtlrr, l.iaatai "art Colonel la-Ian; Mr llolmati, M P P Mr Hi.Inn M P P ; Mr MeFaftmd. M P P , Mr Ryon. M IV P ; Mr Scott. M P P ; Mr SharilT Thom??; Mr - Hradbtnn; Mr Roalton, Mr Oawthef; Major d -la Hilt qucra, Captain Rttrirnty; Captain Ronlinyo; l.laot Acdy. all of Carada Major Jarklan. of Thr. ? Rirar*; Mr Mhaalrrlt, M P P Mr J R WrUht M P P ? I'llndtey Clark of Ikr Repro iatlra Aw-mldy?all of Canada. Captain Rattoh K M 8 Niagara. I.la ul Car, do. I.ord Kijrlo Oorrrnor Gan.-ral of Canada alth Mr. j Ilincka, iacretary of 8tata and aulto. I ?TKLKORAPfltC. Pnaroa, Mptrmbrr 1*1 1851 The Corporation dlnnar. at tha Ratara llou?a took jlaro at 8 o'elork tart nl?ht Tha Praaldmt ratlr. 1 baforrtha . loth wa? ramorad Mr Wabrtar war tot praaant. Spoaahoa wara mada hy 8lr Allan MoMah tha Hon Francla lllnokaa. Col lltm, of tha RritWh Army Oorarnor Palna of \ armont. and othara, hnt aa no m-ntbar of lha praaa ??? admitted. wa bar* no raport of tha I f .nlaf l-ord ruin hat not yat arrltad: holt atpaatad I hit afternoon. The atrundon down lha harbor waa accoutp'e.had in { a If" atk manner At about U v clonk A. M. ortt t Li D. PRICE TWO CENTS. I 000 people embarked on board fire ntr.-w.Ti. and tin revenue enttrra Morris and Hamilton whirls were gailjr iecorated with flags for the occasion Previous to embarking in the steamer S. S. Lewis th. Pretidn* and mite parsed over the Urand Junction ItaiiroaiJ The leet of it* atners amidst the firing of cannon from tha utters and numerous points, and in the presence if a rast mass of spectators, passed down the harbor, a-.'.d truund the islands, returning ut about 3 o'clock. OH >oard the S S. Lewis, in addition to the Preident and "uite. were the Hon Mr Crumpton l)rni.-li Charge at iVarhingU d; Hon Joseph Howe; Col Horn, and other British military officers; Hen J. U. Clitlord, Lieut 3ovflllOr Cu?shmii.n. an.l nth?r iliahniiiiUhal rmr_r. During the excursion, the President iusjiected every part of the 8 S Lewis. ami expressed Li> admiration at th? improvements introduced in this vessel The l'reeldent lauded at the fcavy t xrd accompanied by Ctn.modore lHiwnr ?nj wtn received with a national salute. At the dinner on board the S. ? Lewi*. (ha toasts wore:? The Provident of the United Btates. The Qneen of tin 'land The Governor of .ttaitiachusett* Members of the Cabinet ?ceomi>aDyln<r the I d*nt This .'pleadid ae?tuatic exrurelon terminated witbo?% any eocident. aud ?u highly enjoyed Lordflgin arrired :it the depot of the Western road at tire o'clock this afternoon The city government, the cadets known as the Governor's Guards, and a larg* crowd of citiaene. were gathered to receive htm t.oid hlgiu sainted all who approached liin: by a hearty shake of the l.a: I. and wae cheered moat enthusiastic ally by the a-seinidape. The Mayor welcomed him, as follows Your Excellency. in the name of my f- how citizen*. I wcleoui- y..? to tLe metropolis of Nsw ling land We rec >gu:.sc you nctouly uf the ruler of exti n .v.- and important provinces. but as the pi:u< ipil re pre s tit it v> on this coutiaeat of the venerated land of -or aucestora it la told al biilio set. the lDdlHU chief, that his rlist salutation to the l'llgiims at I'lymouth w?e ' Welcome. welcome, K?| liehmen ' Buoh was tha greetint of th? old warrior ta th' se who weie to Ir.Tsde the hunliug grounds and oxtiniiiish the council (iie? of hie raoe With :i b-ttvr sugUly for the luiure. it becomes uie, on till* ocr??ion, to repeat thai salutation, and ray Welcome, KuglbdiDieu. and tbeir fellow (object.*, vhr. come to ua under circumstances so au-us for cur u is ul.d ti t ir prosperity. There is a special inUreat ct-nuect.d with your Exce'|sa-;y'* visit at this tnu?, rracioy as it doe*, with y< ur presence the e <UWi?Hin. id iif a i. cial and commercial alliance between vlns city and Lhe Canada; I ines i f Intercommunication have *b-en per id by wl.irh thn pieducta i.f jrour provinces can find peedy and conreu.eut transit t > the sea Tu railways rhich unite us are work* more truly admirable than he wondrous avenues *bi<h radiated from imperial i<mi? avenues for facilitating the rnar'ii of invading iinies or returning chariots. laden with the ssul t vnolalid rour.LiUrt Our own Irou pathways tie results of scieuitiic labor and skill?skill ua ijiielloU. by atcient limes?are devoted to far Ail rent objects; tney units in friendly rd.ations tie* t abitanU of wlilciy separated regions, minister to their iutu?i *ants. dtfluie abroad the wean* of knowledge, ud realtor plenty through a smiling land Our frsuvm ,ay te considered in some respects as the celebration at conjugal union between Camilla and (In ocean VT> kc dhper-s with the golden riiist which was used i tin espousal* of Venice with the watcs of tlie dnalir. lor this union U etl-etcd by hands of iron, n?ch a: once attest Its ; rpelu.iy and strength My ord the connection winch is hereafter to subsist twein Ihe ueople whom you g -vem and tfia I Is n tic States, is perhaps, I ti no small degree, a pledge i d a guarantee of perpetual amity 6,-tween the itri ish rd American natious. The ln? un ry of their fratricidal I Bids is fadii g aivay. and the history thuroof I trust ccuijletid for erer Tli? record of their generous valiy I r pre? uituei.ee iu the arts of peace Is uow open ;g. still is destined to exhibit, the brightest pages in the male if tbeir common rice. Buoh. I am oontldent.are ,e auiicipalieu* and hopes of the people fur whom I esk ai d they enhance the pi. a,are with winch they ilnte y< it as tlieir welcome and honored guj t borai Klgiu replied;?Mr. Mayor and dentleinen? I ? into i,si rcome by this Kind and cordial rec?pii >u llut. i ulleuieti 1 hal e liem travelling all day. ar>,i my IhrnM i so tuli of dust, that i < u will excu-" uie if 1 do not at> tmpt to follow the Mayor in bis most eloquent ad rees ; but there U one thing lie has i aid wulch cannot allow t? pa? unuidiced lie has suggested that (e should CImider this ccletirati .il the cooj'igal un.on f the ( ubRiias with tue oceen WhwteV T may he my ibjict in coming to lhiston, 1 assure you. sir, that I d< lot come to forbid the bans (Hcnr' Hear and chi>era ) [ appreciate most highly the svutiiaentf of persounl re turd which you hart so kindly eipre?-ed towards me tud still uioie lughly do 1 appreciate ttie ;m.u ;ino< s yon neve given me of jo'ir rarpoot aud consideration fur my overeign mul my country, end for ;li*l great rising Canadian people upon who** prosperity ana welfare my In pen and uiy fil ling.. and my wiOie* ar- all centered u ntil Hi'ii I cam** Lore upon lb* lio-l t *blc im i.atioa >f tlio city of Barton, hut prompted *l>o?I must coo s it?ty tlie do."ire to show, by this act of mine, raUiw ban by mere words, because I know ih it tbia mode ai xpieseion is more emphatic and more Intelligible uthal; to show. by thU act my conviction, that t tu cornea u?. Americana and Briton*?I put the trncrican* first. (bmr. heatI ? Americans an<l Hrituna li-renled a* we are fr.'Ui the same stock inheritor* of be same liadltion*?and. unb -? 1 greatly miecunoeiv* to >igtiH of thetime*, with duties and r-spnn.vbiUtisw an esjM rt* one another not wl iely dissimilar?to be ready it all times, and in all place*?and on re especially at hlatlme and upuu till.' soil of North America?to culU ate toward* acta t'ther feeling* of brotherly low* and nut us 1 friendship Tin s* an my feeling" , aod I t here ore glauly accept your proffered kindness 1 Applsur* ) At 6 o clock tin* afternoon, the President h-ld a lee** it the Iteeer* House, when several huudreia of our eiU en> and traogcr* were personally presented to him ['hi* evening, Mr. Orreley Collector of Huston. ha* ev< e attended by the President Beer*tarle* Conrad and tuart. and other distinguished guest* Naval Imminence. I*. S. survey low seb<?riirOniUtiB. Sailing Master Rvam, imniander arrivi it here, cn it edu- '*dny evening. /rem miiliville river. North Carolina after a rough and pdinu* pssssge. having exp.rlcn. .si continued and toll lit * ltd* prevailing from N to N K , during n.witj he whole time Mie was directed lu re by the survey epartment. for the purpose of obtaining recruit* and a upply of provisions When this objset will liave be** eci tntdUlitd. "lie will return Immediately The I' s brig* Washington. l?t Com Swartwiut, and loop Swift. Passed Mid liavi*. arrived at Newport, ?*p t,.l..eir f, ,,n, l.ss II..I ...rsi.slno Cimiiltdrr Kobert II Cunningham ha* been .lrtarhed 'n in iSuty at t lit* navy yard. tinap .rt, an 1 or I'Ted to l? iti< t'i?ninlijr( Wui M hbielda. at th U 8 naey fit'l. Trim. I. oil>'d ftate* rrrenue cutter Forward, C<: ir.niandar hotii*. w?? ejiohen on the lith ln?t . latitude .'16 60, !<> ittu<t? 76 16. Irom Norfolk for Vara Crua three day* out It will be muBwIid thai Mr Letch r the Mlnieter U Mexico went < ut in th-' Forward The il|itra at I'aatle (lardtn. In ernet .(Hence of the lilac* of Hetllnl. IHi'lIn" WM witlidrnwn. Ia?t night and Norma." wlih R-w de **?ee a- Ih? heroine and Lorinl a.? Patttoaa. wa* ?i?h tituted To. night It will be rlieerred. la paalttedy th* la?t owe 4 Van I ?ek'? Of>era aeneon and theorra*t<.B al?o, of dalelM b<n fit when a croeded hr<u*e may lie anticipated froaa the fart- we hare name.) and front the eircum*laace that Catherine ll*y*? will be pretert Matva.-k hiiaertf ndlUkrhl* leaTe of hi" troop* of fri. nd?. ami will lead the otrbeetra Thui will end an >>era #ea*on of grwat brlllianry the talent* of the rininent director being te r-ured to arratge. h-n*itar certain L.nttoa* of th* mu deal enteitainno nt* nf Catherine 11 area-which arete be cir.du. trd howerer by Mr l.n?enu whoa* eminence a* a eoaipneer and mu?ieal director will he appreciated In thin country. wherever he may go, aad who will And la lib a**< otat* Mich a??i*tance ae any *tranger howeeereg alted hl< muaical at.tlltle*. would glad y accept, under the rlrcutaetanne* Mr. l.aT.nu may be eoiigratuiated oa Ma good forfnne In her. atter holding a musical fel lovuhip with the moat popiuar muetral conductor la the country The cloee of the opera *ea*oo ngfeda many remark* rathe enterprise of htaretrek. who ha* drawn ar.<aad him * r. mp.ny aaei|ualled heretofore b?th in uuaMi Md in but wr iiiu-t i|? f- r aur fipwiitt ur tb? njlib to a fwfare tiny For the pre?ewt. w? will i*Mj aay ihot It I* quite ilkely that we may hare a ?hort >e*ewn o<t jera auilngth* tlitfr- oar ia crery reaprctaup?eia? tc eat c i it bluet Ion of rp ratle lab nt y-1 nffffl forth* atlBiliall- a < f lb* public Trearmngemeota whioh hare tinb made air curb ar cann >l but eomtnaad attrntiaa bi n ibi; irr fufly enaogared. and ia tb? courae of a month or two ?c mar be abl? to make ? >? dctlaitlee Mat. mt nt < n the aobiert IVrbrp- aomething may ba It-atdi ij by a rbit to < art!* Warden tbia criming Iticwikly > ( Itf Inldllgrnr*. Th? Fmumi'M'ltrn Aariiw?A N?w I'aoritairtow ? Thi- qui ttinn "?m< tated to be delayed. not wl>h?t aiming the prcwlrg and urgent ??' of the Inmate* la the pre arnt aretcht d noeptaele for demented pmiaota The qtteatlon of the ?ite Dpoa which the new ediftc- In to be ertrted. and wfiirh bar ngttatrd the Hiard of Huperri aora etcr alnre the grant by the l.egtalatiirr of the power to ral-e tbe peoeararr fund*. waa. a fortnight ago. rat abort by the ni-etlon being rul?ed whether they had the ngbt to rbanae the atta una mile ft* at it* praeent a Ma table loeatlon Thla ideation ha- heen >attefa< torily aa w? I' d ia an opinion if Judge Koch well presented to the Board in W>dneeday reeling wheratn he elates. ia ffirt. that the H tird of Puparelaora bare clearly the P' wer under the atatute paa*cd at the !a?t neaelnu Hi fparknian. It* m tt llllameburg then prnpnaed that an a| |i||aatit a l>e made to the legislature to ularge the giant, and that a State aayltitn be erected on b -ng l?laod tor the count lea of Kloga. inertia. Hlchnionl and Anlf'dfc, and that the bupeteixora of tb<<ac C'dMiUes b io?it*d to rteofieratc After aome diaeu?alon. the rcadderatl m af the maiirr waa pcatpomd till the meetinr ol the Beard on It edaeadsy neat. ( onrt nf (Iyer and Terminer. Before Chief JuaUre unmada aad Alde'tnea Kelly and t'h'.paian parr It?Bone of the munler --aaae being ready ft* trial the ooa.t ad,-vtaed prri to M adajr woralag argt pt tea ? olock