14 Mart 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Mart 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HEKAJ-D WHOLE NO". 6774, MORNING EDITION- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1855. PBI0B TW0 qSNTS. THE STATE LEGISLATORS IN HEW XIM. ' THEIR VISIT TO THE PUBLIC INSTITUTION WHAT THEY SAW THERE APTD WHAT THEY DID. Effects of Liquor and Politif* Among the Visiters. Spiritual Manlfritatloni K xtinordinnry-? Thr nmpcrunce legislator* anil tlielr Intem perate Associate*? The KnUrUlic ?urnt of the T?n Governors Broken up In a Row, ?e , Ac., die. Id acccrdaucc with the programme cf airanjemsnts -adopted at the A*tor llouse on Monday evening laid, the member* of the Legislature viBited tho Institutions, yesterday, on PsDilftli'^ and Blackwell's Islands. The 4io&t was in readiness &t 9 o'clock, at tli??oot ofgBarcl*y street, hut a" usual on euch occasions It did not start till near 10. First came the police, under the command of 8erg?'ant Major F.eickhsrdt snd a* the sequel will prove, it wa.i rer y fortunate they wore in attendance. Next caine .~ouie of the members o( the Beard of Alder men, and ther co-laborers, the Councllmen; and last of nil the numbers of the Legislature male their appear ance, a goodly number of th<'m attended bj their wives and daoghten. The planks were now drawn, when it was discovered that about a dozen were left behind; j these, however, were pulled aboard at the imminent riak of falling into the river, and the boat started at last. During the trip to Randall's Island, which was the first visited. Dod worth's bund, especially engaged for the occasion, en tertained the company with some excellent music. In cluding legislators, aldermen, councilman, polloeraon, He.. there were at least thr?e hundred persons on board, and the number was swelled to fire honored before the return te the city. In regard to the weather, the least ?aid about it the better? It was the subject of general complaint; but, fer the credit of the atlsir, it would be well if that were the only cause of complaint. In due time Kandall'a Island was reached, and the boat made fast to the wharf. About two hundred boys, from eight to fifteen years of a^e, were drawn up In martial arrav to receive their distinguished visiters, and ?t they lanced a ?o!ute of twelve guns was fired in their honor. One division of the Ullputlan army occupied a post on the shore in front of the boat, wh.rs they marched w,d counter marched, with a regularity and precision that might be imitated with profit by many of our older military comp lies They were also accompanied by a hand compoh-d of boys of the same age, and belntc aimed With wocden muskets they presented quite a formidable appearance. After reviewing the Randall's Island Ca. dets, the conps'iy marched in procession from the land tax to the (?c W'lbouse, Todworth's band of course lead ing the way, the pollco coming next, and the numbjra of the legislature, accompanied by their wives and daughter*, following in order. Now, as the door of the kchoolhoi.se is not much wider than ordinary doors, an 1 $m all the visiters appeared anxious to get In it once there was considerable pushing and crushing, but stil nobody appeared to low his temper. About forty or fifty found their way into'one of the roctiving parljrs, Where thev hai something to eat and drink, while the rest amused themselves listening to the exercises of ths Children. lu the male and female departments the elol | dren acquitted themselves with considerable creelt. The fxerrlsea io tto former were Interspersed wit* addrem-s and recitations by three or four of the more advanced pupils. Oueof these? Daniel Harilngton? raad the f >1 lowing, on the birthday of Wa-hinston ? Let other nation* boast of lame, Their hi roes and the fields they ve won. But umonjat them all tLeie's not a name Shines as the name of Washington The patriot, warrior, statesman, n?, Whom <U,d raided up la times of woe, To M>t our biaeuing country tree And utiii-e for vengeance on th* too We ther'foie bailU.s natal day As others will, till timf 's no m-re. 'lis on? that ns'er can pass away? Hi* name resounds from shore to shore; At it tin tvrant turns pale; IV-polihtn diaws down its cowl; Trai'.irs. too. may at it rail? Kenatics chaunt a dismal howl. But, fio:o en high his spirit keeps Watch o er the rictores friedom h won, Thongb 1= Mount Vernon now he sleeps ? Columbia's star is Washington. From l.rrak of day the cannons roar Hark still the thundfrtug of yongua Its souni cow dy'no along tiio shore Proclaims the birth of ireedom's son And gfutles. since we have met to part, W- re liappy in your approving smile ' Yotir pre ente this amy cheers the hearts Of all the children on Randall s Ula. After ti e foiegoiug poetical etlort, Mr. R M Blatch ro*i?, the Maine law Representative from the Thirteenth AHcembly district of thia city, aldrsssfcd the boys as follow*;? . ? ? , CWMren? The legislature of the State of New York have 1?*r beard of you and long desired to see yoa. and, | by the invitaticn of the Ten Governor", they at thia mo went eoioy the opportunity. Tney hav witn. ssed the exhibition' wlilri you made with IndesoribaMe pleasure, j and their hearts are flUed with gratitude and tbeirejea with tears l*ou have been rescued by the benevolence of the Ten Governor* from poverty, from m sery, from temptation, and, perhaps, from crime; an? you "? r laced In a situation where von have an rpporturity to j improve th? opportunities attorded, to prepare yours- Ives . for a life of motulneas. activity and diligence; "da* j %o?r time Is short, it become* you to make the most of -It. Learn strict obedience to :h? iuyinction* i of your instructor*; If their discipline seems severe, submit to it with rheertubiesa? it Is for your best interest and I wel fare here, aud for your hepplucas hereafter. Above a.l tninizs. let uie inculcate upon you the spirit of truth? let that regulate vour action wherever you go-in your associations with each other in your spo rtt aud play and when vou leare this institution let that be your po^ lar stai that fhall gnido you, and it will golds yon to prosper! tv and happiness. Ther< 1* not one of you boy* who mar not become such as we now are-nlemher* Of ths legislature of the State ofh-wYork. (lx>ud ap .iauaeTiom tLe members and other visiters ) JbJ' hT your n-Ale ambition, and tho great Pf?^f j l'|!r1 that mauy of you will one day occupy that distinguished i.eiit emen, or the Boird ^Jen Oovjrnors, we JTel indehtod to vm for this opportunity which you haie SVe. us of visiting the Institution* under ro?' ?!j|f? fire at si* .our labors and great your responsible i o*. Youhsv iii icued these poor children from t&e cold cbar itv of the world? prosecute your reb.e labors and yoar , r/ward will follow vou alter this life shall bare termi , stated. Notnuig that you may teceive her* wi l repay ? oil but the possession of liewts that feci the pu Nations ?t benevo'er.e ? and the satisfaction of knowing tuat you ^vTr. -im-l your duty, (io on. gentlemen, in your Interest en occupation, and you will enjoy the con-o a ?ion of s n s,, proving conscience. Three ?b?*r? weie gieen bjr th* boy* at th* e!oe* of Mr B'e'cU.'ord's remarka, after which Maater Birney Mount, ?) hi u called in the programme of exerciaei. de livered the fo. lowing ?? u log v on th* character of Waib jo* ton ? Geutl?men? It U now 12.T yearn *inc? the birthday t f (ieorg* Washington, an eeent of mo an ii importance to tU* country, anl to the eau*? of liter'y throughout the world. On the 'JJd <ay of febtuary, 17S2, when the infant oey of that lit lit child *11 li'etrd, no ona tai aware thatauch iropor last raa'teiD were aimociated witn an treat 10 common, ?nd that thin lee'jle infant wojld in due time leu 1 to victory the arniiee of hi* countrymen, that th* mighty tyianta of the > arth would tremble before htm, and that hi* name ?oull become a wat:hword xnd a tower of wtiength, rour i which the Mutlared of ail nation* would raPy to i saert th* great axiom contained in our Declart lion of I nl*!** ode no*, that all men are born fret tad ?<l<iah (Applaue*.) When we look back through tb? ret*o?p?ctlv* rista of year*, and Tlew the mat^hi*** Washington In the prime of hit (lorloaa man fcood, de-l oa'.io r all hi* high moral mental and phyaieal power* to tha iot*re*ta of liberty? when we aae hira in thafioa' rank* ot th* forlorn bop* of liiwrty , (a* hia aoemle* ? apposed it to be.) when we km George Wash ington, th* humble, flevuut ehrlntian, combining in hia two per n all the virtu** and talent* of tbe patriot, the statetiuao and tb* general, our heart* ar* moved toward* him with feolings of *<lu*l lor* and admiration, g Applaud ) Tim* would fail roe to recount on thta oc caaion all the |r?*t errnta which markad hla career from the battle of Bunker IliU. where patriot blood flowed like water, down to th* Anal triumph of Yorktowa, which crowned I i? arm* with victorr, and hb*rat*d our fore. <btl.tr* f.orn the galling yoa* of a foreign despotism, in recti n- i with joy and Oiultation the glory of our awn imnortal Washington, tb* father of hia country, we mult not forget thoe* devot*d men who fonght t>i*lr country '* battle*, who ofhred tbemaelv** a aaeriflc* on the altar of 1 berty ? those illu*trion? h*wi whoa* na?ea lihall lire In ii.?to-y and in tbe heart* of thoir country men forrrar? thee* won the men who *ndnr*d cold, and fcuager, sod nakedne**, and who tra?*ll*d on the ic* Without rhoe* leaving behind them a track of blood to nark the road they bad take*, and who w*r* then r*ady lo me?' th* enemy, *ith*r to con<|a*r or <ii* for the *ak* of their conntry Truly, my friend*, theee wore tbe t me? vkicb ui*d I?ea*f* *??!? AT<*r tfet w?r waj nvet, ami (the liberty of hi* country was secured h* we* elected flrht President of the United States for two sue oesslve teriu*. He left behind him, in his faieeelial l!re*s, what U justly considered to b# hl? 'ast advice ?9 j hi" country, and which it would be well if our statesmen I wottid Consult and frame tlieir policy by it# far mchia$. jrise and ?alutary maxinH. On retiring from public gjairs, he went UcV like Ciacinaatu*. to his p.ough He .'I'* J peaoefully in the feMOm of his family, about three ,'Mti after, on the 14th day Of December, 1799. in tbi- six.'*eighth year of hi* nge, at"' wa* burled in the family vaa'lt at Mount Vernoa, lee?:ig behloa hia? a lama and a glory to "bow that ^he i ball be held in everlasting reu ?."J'ranos. And now, mf young friend*, when we consi *r lu* Wahj iugtou became a great man becauae he had I ",v0 ? good boy, it becomes u* earnestly to follow hi* einoj, " V hen of our age, he wa* a diligent student. aud obodi eut to the command* and wishes of hi* *uperior? Truth, hcne*ty, vigorous industry and per*ercrance were prominent feature* of hi* character if we are ambitious, like Washington, to enjoy the esteem of our ltJ!o* men, we must imitate hi.? virtue*; for Washington we* |rent principally because he wa* good ( A-.plaii??.) Three cleei* were given at the conclusion of thi* ad I'riM, aftir which the company visited the House of Be f; ge, a defcrlption of which had already appesred la the IluiJti.ii. Th#y then took the boat aud proceeded to Blackw?l!'* Inland, and, alter a brief visit to the l.unatic Asylum, they sat ilowu to an excelloat dinner, provided for them in the chapel of the VVork'ioune, by the Ten Governor*, From the tim* they landed on Bandall'it Island till their arrival at Dlai* well's, their number* liad bean receiving constant acceiiions, and about Gve hundred sat down to dinner. A considerable portion of these had imbibed pretty freely during the morning, snd, as may be sunpwM, their condition wa* tot much improved by the wiuo with which the Ten Go vernor* bad lioerally supplied them. While the tub stnntisl part of the entertainment wa* being discussed, everybody appeared to be in the be*t of liumor with eve rybody else, but the moment the -'feast of reason" com menced, a change came o'er the spirit of the sceae, and (or a few moments the greatest excitement prevall?d. Ihia occurred, too, in the presence of some thirty or forty lat'.ie*. ? The l'resldent of the Board of Governors, Mr Town send, gave, as the first toast? "The Senate of the State of New York." after which, "The Assembly ot the State of New York" was pro posed. There was considerable confusion on the announce ment of the second toast, some calling upon O'Keofe, autl-Maiuo law representative from the Firet Assembly district of tM? city, *nd other* for Kobert B. Col'man. anti-Maine law Seward whig from the Second ' district. Mr. O'Keefe rose at one end of the rr.om, and Mr. Coleman at tho other; but a* the latter bad the floor, the fcrmer gave way at ouce. Then the jingling of glasses and the knocking of knives on the tab.es coin mtneed? the members from the rural dl*trlct? appeared bewildei eil, and the 1 adits were becoming aomewhat alarmed. At last Mr. Coleman succeeded In making huu telf heard. He spoke as follow* : ? I will say but a few word?-I will not annoy you. (Cries (or ?' O'Keefe," " Munday.") I will not detain ou for a moment, I dcsiie merely to preaent to you , Ir. Cole, who will speak in my place. Mr. CoiJt stood upon one of tbe seats, and said Mr Freaic*nt ? 1 am profoundly impressed with th* re- j ?ponaibillly with which 1 auithu* unexpectedly honored, to return tbe thank* of th? legislature ?f New York for tbe kindness shown them this day. The exhibition they j have witnessed of the noble, oliarity of the city of New York will be cairied with them, engraven upon their hearts through life. The exhibition is one wbloh? Here a peraon named I)aly( who occupies the post of deputy Doorkeeper to the Senate, jumped upon hi* Heat, and called out? 'ibree cheers for William D. fceward, Now York a fa vorite aon. ... .. j The cheers wese given, and immediately another de manded three cheers fu* the Know Noth-.t**, which were abo responded to. These were llterspsjsed With his'es ot,d threat', and w? warn informed that knives weie flourished. Governor* Duke and Towusend were meat active in their endeavors to preserve order. "Geu tlemen," they both said, "we shVll not allow politics to be introduced here in these institution*; ** hava no thing to say about political pariie*, and will not permit the subject to be spoken of iu them." While this occurred in one part of the chapel an ?l-ar eatiou took place between ex-Aldermun Dodfr* ind Conn oilman MeCounell. It appears th* latter w*b talUog t:> a friend during the remarks of one of the vpeal er.j, when the Alderman told him to *hut up. The Council man thereat wax?<* indignant and told Mr. Dodge tliat h?' was a d? d mucker anyhow, and ho would abut ai* .?yo up for him. Both parties were about nfittUftff V4'' ?tiflicuity by (orce of arn-s, wben ex-Aldermin \ anau and two or tlirte other* interfered and prevented open hostilities. llad the police been absent the couaenuencea mi?ht have be* n most teiioua, a* a considerable t urn beroftbe company appeared to hive loit all contro over themselves By their aid th? belltjerent propenai tiea of there Jiaractcr* were kept in cbock, and the wbole romjuny was got on board the boat aul liuled saMy io New York without fur her difficulty. Police IntrlUgsncs. ALULUXO CACB OK KALHJ! PKETKVCF.3 V M MoGUl, a land agent, keeping an office at No. 21 J Fulton strut, was arrested yesU-rday by officer Hu'.t ju of the Third ward police, charged with defrauding Daitie Itobson. of 339 Cheny street, out of $118, under tbe fol lowing circumstances, as alleged by thejcomplaiuanu In the month of .luue last lt .bson was induced to pur I rhafe from McGill a section of land, which the latter re presented was fltoated at Peoria, lllino.*; th?t he pai 1 McGill for the land the above sum of money, an 1 then started out West with hi* lamily that when be arrived at 1'eoria, instead of peaceable pos*e*sion of the farm and little log house, as,be expected, he found tha' It had already an occupant and a proprietor who assured him that he had been the ?ole proprietor of tbe same for a number i f years. The complainant, finding that he bad been v let incized, started back for thh citv with the intention ol prosecuting McGill, and accordingly he made a complaint againHt hlrn for obtaining money by fal*? pretence* and frauuulent representation*. 1 he accuted wa* brought before Justice Wood, at the Third District Police Court, Kssex Market, who held him to bail in the sum of tlOO to answer the charge. CnAUOR OF ASBAILT WITH A DBADLV WEAPON'. Fx policeman William McKlnney, of the Seventeenth ? aid, was arrested yesterday by Captain Hart, of that diitilct, charged with having shot a musician, named Joseph F-. Hendricks through the palm of the left hand. It apiears from the cooiplaint made by Hendricks, that while he wes In lb rm it age Hall, corner of Houstoa and Allen streets, playing on hi* instrument, the aceused came in, and without any provocation, flrei a loaded pis tol at him. the ball eutenng the palm of hi* left hand, aud producing a very painful and perhaps dangerous wound. The ac:u?c l, In defence, says that the shooting wss an entire accident, and that h?' never bore any an! mo&ity towards li.e coniplaltan;. Justice Wood, before whom tbe prisoner wa* conveve?l, held bim lor examlaa tlon on the charge preferred aja n?t him. AKBKHT OK ALI.KOBD LOTTB ".Y POLfCT Of.lI.8K Yesterday Sergeant Smith, of the !/>war Police Court, a rusted Flavel fcocor, the alleged proprietor of a lott-ry policy establishment at No. '^41 Canal street The complaint was male by Bo'jert E-lward*, who aUe|?? that tbe aero** d keeps a l ottery office at the *bove num ber, contrary to the provision* of the >U?ri?ed Statutes The prisoner was conveye.1 b"f'>r? Jnatice Connolly at Uip Lower Police Court, who held bim to bail in tbe sum ?f ffioo to answer the charge preferred against him, at the Court of (ieneral Meeaions. John < onekl ii w*? arreated by Meat Dut on, of the Kirst ward p' i ce oi Monday evening, charged with be In/ the ownf r of a lott"ry policy establishment at No .A op| slip Up stairs It appear* that tbe po'.lee. re eiving inforiri.itbn of the character of the place, made a t't scent u| ? n the piemi?'-s .in 1 arrested about a do*en o! the iniraies many of wboi.i ha 1 ju?t stepped in 'j'"' f. r the pur| o?e ef trying tbeir Iu?k in th" I'slaware Five 1 1 those arrested were held by the miifistrate as witnesses, wl.iis ( <ncklin was held te bail in the sum of $000 to answer the charge. All those arrest*! exc ption < f C 'iicklin. wsre negroe*, who, it U alleged, daily frequented tb- place and i?veat?d the greater por t ion of th'lr little earnings in the sclume The books, papers and other document* belonging to the ofhce.aere i eei/td upon and tai.en to the police Court. fJCArTCHE OK ALLKOED SCBOLAM. Tbr? e young men, named Frederick Hbaver, Henry j Stickner. and Jc?eph Cs'eui, wer-- arroated ye.teriUy, | charged with having bunrlariously entered the plumber ?hop of William West, of 133 lud?on street. The ac euied, it la alb ged, were discovered in the shop by two of tlie dom?'?tle*. who with tbe aid of officer Kemp, if the Fifth ward police, *ecur?M and coo?ey?d tnem before | Justice n- gart, at the Lower Police Court, who h?.d | tl.em for examination. | THE I. ATI; FATAL HIIU<<TIN<) CA3L IN TUk Kl iilTH j VAU0. Yeatwday Joaeph Hull, charg*-l with '.he murder <1 I William O'Erien, on till Bight of the firat of Jamur? , laat, by aliootlng him through tl.? body with a raeol rgr, und tb*n attempting to blow hi* own braim out, in ?r icg Uuiaelf eeirrrely 10 the atteu.pt, w*? AonTevel from tl.o I'en-tentiary huapital on ULtctweH a luaol, whitbrr he 1 aa t ? e n conbmd to hi* room aror aince 'b? o-jt ur lence. The prlaoter, during h:* iUneaa, waa not In formed of the death of OCrien, a* it waa feared tb? ibrck might f rare tatal to him Yntnlij !u? ??* brought before Juatice i'aarcey, At the Ijowir I'ollee Cjart *ho rummitti") h im to the Tombi to aw.eit the *ctloo i f the lhatilct Attorney. ARBS-TOP A M'MBKR OP DIM)Kl>Utl.r C B AUtCTEM. On Monday night, Capt. (arp*nt?r, of the fifth ward pol.ee, cauied the Arreat of a number of prostitute*, who were In the habit of nightly waUtng up and down Broadway, Whit* and l ead" ilrteU, to tho urea' anc y I ante of lb* reepecUble reaidenta of the*.. atreet*. Home : thirty wow e* were takm to the atation honae, and oa being brought before Juatiea B?(arv the ne it moral tg i ware fined 16 e?eh for the oi.'en -e. Koat of tba ivnkt aurrredrd in liberating tbemaeleea, bat A few, frc?w w?a< of frieAde aad moner. were nadei the i*p)ea?*o4 ?ee? I ally of epeadlng a few d*ya in tlM city priaon. Cmrtrtion.? In Monday'* p'+er we gar* an a'^feant of ? the arreet of a porter najaed 1-aaihAxi. fo,- r>?-elo* thirty pjeewa of linen frma iha ?tor* of H?'/tt WUe.er ! ding * Do , of Hro?d atr*?l Mae* the pub' .ratios of toe ?*me we bar* been reqaeaWd V? atate tb/,t !_nn 'lae wt< I not the porter ?f Meaera Wtia*rdiag % Co . ant that their regiilAr porter, P4w*rd Dtrrnrj. wu lA no r?y | connects with tba alleged l*r*oy THE POOLE TRAGEDY. j?JTR'iUIT OF BAKEK. Tlieta was a repo*.* in cirsul?ti0? ye??"4?r morn tag that the ateamahi|. Magnolia had aailel the previous night in pursuit ^rig Isabella Jewett, the vrsael linker in n^PP0""! to ho ahoarl . Such, however, in not the cas?. ??*l has J et been sent, nor U there any Jawing ne cessity for Uolug m>, an it will take the br* thirty days with favorable wind* to reach her dMtintW'J* (the Canary Islands), aud a steam?h'p could jet tbiro in tight days. Measures, however, aro i being taken to send soma vessel after the brig a< fj\i? as possible, and Judge Stuart is using the ir.oat etrenuou# exertions to compass that and. He despat *5eo * note yesterday to Capt. llerry, of the ntenninliip N.^.hril>. Asking tlie use of Uia vessel to chase the alleged mu^Ierer. H?e captain immediatoly called on the Judge, amT'ctpies.ie.l hia regret that he was una bUt to ?'o so as he >H but a tew wiorn-nU before agreed to a request of F. K. CcJllns to lei the Ncalrville take the plaea of the Pacific, ml cayry the mail to Uverpool. llaflled In hU endeavors ttr'^t this vMael, Judge Htaart immediately despatched a no'.? t a M irgw l*w, to get the use of one of Jla steamers , he aleo had made arrangement* with other partiej. and he also failed is that quarter At aoon he called on Mayor Wood to consult with hiin on fw propriety of sending the steamship as proposed, nttfl waa ansurnl by his Honor that he would afford every facility in hi* power, as he was act afraid of taking the responsibility of sach ac tion. Ogd&i Hoffman, Attorney lioueral of the Ptato, was also consulted. It is feared that the brig may put in at one of the West India islands, and lu tint case it would be neceeat-ry to have an indictment .Kfalnst Raker to mike bi? arrest legal, ?a4 measures aro being taaen by the authorities to hare forms oTIaw complied with. Although Judge Stuart is po-itirely certain that Rtker Is aboard the IsabeMa Jewett, .Mr Mitsell, Chief of Po lice, is not and believes he i? still on the ?*rsey coast, jioaaibly In the neighborhood of Rarnegut, endeavoring to get aboard some of the outward bnuud vessels. The Chief states :hat he had a conversation with a man who is positive In saw the fugitive in Jersey on Monday. Several at the "shadows" are now hunting him up, and scouring tb" coast in auch a manner that it is linpos aible for fcim to escape If he is on ilry land. Mr. Mats'dl think ? it quite likely he will be arrested before to night. In the meantime, the utmost excitement pre vail* throughout the city, every other topic of conver satlon being for the time dispensed with. All aorta of rumors are afloat, and thero is every reason to believe were I'aker to be arrested It n-tuld cause the wildest ex citement ever w.tnessed In the city. Those who know Baker's du position are very confidant he will never bs taken alive, aa he would evidently prefer death to ex perirBcirg the slow tortures of a trial and th# hot iu dignation of the community. THE FI.KJ HC OF BAKER. Tlie entire of yesterday wai spent by Judge Stuart in making such preparations as lay in his power for the | capture of the fugitive Baker. Having consulted Uis ' Honor, the Mayor, on the matter, and having obtained j from him his hearty approval of the course bo intended to pursue, for the apprehonaioo of Baker, tin City Julje visited the ofllcea of the various ateamihip companies and roaoe inquiries as to the practlcabil.ty of promptly Qttin,; out a steamer to overtake the brig laabella Jewitt. (>ecrj<e I aw's oflice was lirst vieited. Here it was ascer tained that the coat of fitting a ship out would ho enor niaus? the company proposing to lit out one for $1,000 p?r day. Commodore V underbill was nsxt called upon. When the subject of the vlait being declared, tha Com modore agreed to let tliem have the steamship Magnolia 1 ior$9M) p?r day ? that the probable cast would amouat to about $20,000, us it would take nearly a month to complete the voyage. But tho greatest difficulty en o?untered by the magiet'ate waa to find oat where | the money, wherewith (Ue steamship was to be , chartered, could bo obtained fr>m any publio { eouree, and the <? nly resott left was, to have the sum of I $.0 000 raised by subscription. To rats* this amount of money time will be riqu'red; an 1 as every moment is of vital impoi tance, ni in* entertain hat slight h >pes of the execution of tbe proposed expedition. The report ciiru la'ed that Haker was at Amboy Is quite unfounded, as the ; e\ Idence of bis departure in the Isabella Jewilt is too po.v tire for anv deulit to l>e entertained in relation to that fact If. however, the necessary sum can be raised, before the end of the week, the 'learner Magnolia can easily overtake the brig, as it will require from twenty five *.o thirty daya ere the latter can reach her port of d<sti.nati(.n. A warrant hav ng b?en issued for the arrest oj Mor r.s-ey bv Ju'tge Stuart, notwithstanding that n? had been laf'ed the day previous by Coroner Hilton In the rum o' $l,i 00, he yeatsiday auirendarad himself to the anthorllies an 1 was taken to the Chief '? oifi ? for de tainaorat. TLIK ESCAPE OF BiKEfl TO TliK EDITOR OK THE UKRAI.D. Sir? A very serious error appeared inyourpipsr of yesterday moroing In relation to myself, In conncction with the escape of Baker. Tour reporter st ?tei that Baker, after tie shooting affray, was concealed In my house. I assure you. sir, that he never came to my premises; and from the night of the row until I real la the Hxnaui of his sailing for tbe Canary Isles, I never knew where he was or anything about him The ata'e ment about myarrist is also false, as will lie seen bv the following card froin Justice Htuart. McOmii'M Ium, March 13, 18i6. W U. FLORKs'CE I.F.TTKR fTU)M Jl'STICI HTCAIIT. I have no reason to believe that Baker was aver con cealed in the bouse of W. H Florence at McCoab's , liaiu. Mr. Florence has not been arrested. , March 13, 1800. &. II. HTl'ART, TURNER'S REMOVAL TO THE CITY PRISON. MIHSTATKICKNT8 OP A DAILY PAPBR. At tb* openiug of tbii Court of Eemion* yi'?t<-r lay rcor&.ng, ?'a# I' ntrict Attorney draw the attention of tb* Kaeorder to th* following *tutem<nt in yenierday1* Daily 7Ymr?, wl ch lia dee'rnated a* totally falee, In #(w? it leBtcted on himaelf ? In ?ceorc?u<e with the reqneat of Dr. ."anjer, and the Warden of Hlackwell'a Inland, tha noted individual known ik Jim Tuner wan transferred In. in tb" l'enit?n tiary Ili.epital to tbecaie of I>r. Covil,at tbe City lY.*?n 'i bin wan aecotrplnhed at tfca inntance of A <Ja?ey 11*11 . , |I>'ktrtct Attora-y. who received intimation that Turner wan wnt up to tbe inland for tlM *ole purpoa* of giving bin an opportunity to escape. Recor ier Hmith, in reply, *aid ? Thin la tha aeeonl ?*atem? 1 1 In relatiou to my*elf, publi*he?l in tb* V ill. Hmrt, which ha* been frootiy untrue. Turn ar wa* ?*nt to tbe i-Iaad on tba certificate of a phy*ician, and It waa i n it I aa<!t> tbe order to bare him removed. An loon a* fa * health permitted hi* removal, I made another on!ar re.,uh n* him to be returned to the City Prl?on. 1 ?*n not aeare that a paragraph, mi*repre??ntin^ in nuch a w*y tha actual facta of tbe ca*a, ba<l been publiahed in thin norning* Timtt. PR0#'EEDIN<>3 OF THE EMPIRE CLUB OP . BALTIMORE CITY. At a me< ting of the member* of tba I mp re Club hai l en Motxlay, the 1-th day of Uarch, 1S65, tbe fallowing i reeoiulion* were unanimously adipted ? WLeica* It ha* pleased tba Supreme I'.uler of tHa t'ai j vw?* to remove from u? our friend ?nl acq'jAialene* W .liam I'oole of New York dty, and the peculiar, out rageflu* am! *<rgr*v*ted circumstance* uader which *a.d <J?e4 wa> committed call upoa u* la ton?* t ,ot to ba ?o !. tailed, to eaprea* onr abhorreiaaa and det* illation of tbe manlier af bl* tak ng off, and aleo of our >4aep nym?*0>y ?ad coadolence with hi* bereavM famf jy and fV-.eo 1* aud of our appreciation of hi* aaany r ,anly and n-w iou* quaiitia* ? Therefore ho It Resolved, That wa have heaH with ? .rofoun I ragr?t of the un*..ir.el> death- of our friead, ' JfiUlaja p?ot* an ' ?ball aver hold freib Id otir rwcaW lnr? hl< many ?a ? (*n*roua t,ualilla?; aad although <|j ,un{ frun, th? Km> where t fee late melancholy trage* j waa enacted, ye', we tolly appreciate tbe lo.n hi* f? ^ily tB,l f,.?nliUa<e *a stained 1a hi* t .rematare tail ntlmel* death Kenolved, That wa do proler a iT heartfelt nympath>* to the Uwave.1 relative of nmr dec?aae4 friead *inc*re lyrrattng Uiat He who ia a father to the fath<rle*n and a hu*baod to the wiitr , W|U *u*Uin them *itb bl* ntrengtbeninf arm la tkir tJ,eir hour af trial aal aOliettoa. Re*oWad, That wa rat* rr our thank* to the officer* and meinl/eri of the I'oala Aa-oiiatlon for their kla l in ?Itatioa to anlto with th# m |? performing the U*t aei da tie*, and ia paytaKf ' , tribute of reaped to hi* earthly rfmaina, by f allowing them t? the grave, aad deeply regret, that U?a 4r*taoea, and the iatene-. of the time we lacaivrd xm noti^a and Invitation, will *>rbid the po*eibfli?y of e? . proving what would bava b"?n * m< lacchaiiv pla>n?' ,t lD participating la hi* funeral oti ?Mtllt*. r.eeaivad. IhV tha aboea reaolutlona be elgned t j ttw effictf* of U? elnb, and pubiiated Id th" Nrw YoU HnaiJt. WII.1JAM IlAYri, PiMldeat Roa> *t I, '.Uatrn. I r cuuwmj, Wnuaa Br a, Trea?or?f k QUE8TI05 IN ORTHOOBAPHT. TO TOB IPITOB OP TUB 11 SKALD !*/a't ?p?IJ 1 Paugeaa' aa yau 4a It j " i"a6deea, 'b? Iria* familiar far Patrick, and ta prvaooaaad tb* ? ?y yau apall It, bit tb* brthacraahy !* iacarTea! The p*r*ta referred t? 4ca \ Ulw U? l're?U ?p,.?UaU>a ;M I |*nk'B TRIAL OF Witling KISSOE FOR FORCES). Court of General DtiIKhm. Before Kt-corder c-m'th. Ttii* case, which han recently created i/nlfct aa excite nifci, an well frrm the magnitude of the crime witli which the per!; ntauda charged, an lor the nkill with which it W?8 executed, win yesterday called on for trial. Kecii juror v*H succesrWely chaUmgod by Mr. D'nteod, counsel for 'h? Ueiendaut, and riaminsd touching hi < competency to , After Home trouble, the following gettvitmeo were ev"?1? tr* tlie ?*?*:? George T Perrr Edw?rd M. Iirenuoro, Wn vr. White Nathaniel I*. King, Patrick O'Noonell Jiune* Hart, William Blake, Jun,w' Murray, Kempt (iodfrev ?loho Wilson, tfcbanian fl AlSui, George II Aadenton. A. Oakey Hall. Esq., Dint. Hot Attorney, In optning the caae for the i.roiocution. *a tJ ? ih1." ?Ji "S'SSSZ 1 .i,?. ci. ss s- ar^-ai ?sr. -H5 learned triend who is iia?ociated wi U BU ( " Cf, |probahly, with,,, tl,. memory of I"'.?"1" room The oUtnce waa committed aix *??tli* ago, and it wan not umaielle.l in a day, a weok, , tt?l ni

nli. 1 1 briefly ?tate tta>* fnct* to vou, withoi 1 Klvll,? tb*m elMier color or emphnaia, and lent* you ,tie" P?*' aeaaion of the teatimouy, to arrive at a , _co'.', cltieioa iu an intelligent and aatl'fnclory n %f, . " will appear frnrn the evidence, and it ia k .'*c '? cidantally conceded, that Iht three part " mao are eubjecta of thl* indictment were renin ?r the Wc?t ; with their antecoleutu provio 1U* ~ that time we hare nothing tfo io- We J become acijnaiu'ed with them early Id the mon AoKiict. of the pa>t year. We flnJ thr? during wbele of that month in this city. |Vi> know theui *" have been acquaintance* hi thn Went, t nil we llnd tb '?> lieie. eo operutnra and conap ratwrn 'llil* l? ? matt ,r necessary for the prohacution to pn ?e, In ?o far aa tli * acta of tb* one are Conner ted with t le aa U of thn other, for In every cane ot fraud in which eerw ra < are engaged, \ where one a- ta a huaine** afoot and io<Hba r Carrie* it on, both muat b* connected, To purait" ibe eh *ln of event* chronologically, I hball ?tate the faata in . the following narrative? The cefen-'ar t?, named AiWrv '? Findley, ntherwixc cal'.ed .lame* Itmhop, l.iaivi C*ie>i ind William Kl*>ana, are Jointly indict' d, Cole in not ii| on Ills trial | oow. for he ban claimed a separate trial*. ahall. t therefore, only try Ki<*ane, though we i ball giv* testimony of the acta of liijhop a?i?fl Cole, In order to ahow the connection between <k "a ?". We atu)ll abow that in the early part of 1,11 t'"' defendant, Wm. Kiawiue, raroe to the atattomrr * atore b# Wall atreet, of Nathan l,ano fcCo., who won In the habit of printing ohecUa for dilfermit person* of'.tu 4 ci'jr. We llnd Kiitaaoe going tin roaaduak.u,; to be aliovea aome apeclmen check*, aud demanding to have Hom? n Inted for hlmaelf. On that occasion lie ohtuined ? V lank cheek, aimllar to tboa? u?ed by Very fi Owyncn, ??'* change dealer* and alao a blank check of John I ;-o op aon banker. With Iiihuc he loft llie place, with tta '? tention. a? he atatad. of getting up a book. The' m 0 uera of the party In thi* ?iait were milnently tliof* the oonHdeoci- inan, and h> condunl waa not aueil nil tu awaken the auKpicionn of any one. Wlirn lie ri-tor:?a 1 again be atated that lie had loat the apedmena 'T ' V?I 1 him, and though he had ordered a baak book to b? pr.nu'd, ceitain cheoka were given him that tioi* alao. We don't hear of the partial b(ain uufl the end of Auxuat, wh?n two of them ( Kiaaano id Cole> are at the hotel of Mr. KlkjL at the corner if 1'atk place and Hroudway, where tlieir name* are foucil ] entered ? Cole under that of C'artmn, anil Klanano undar I the name of Hi aley. They are ?bowa to lie together at thla tini" A day or twi aft?r?arda the pirtiet art traced to the New York Hotel, whore Kiuune and lliahop hate hired room*. On that theatre apt eara Cola for tb-< flr.-t time. We will ahow that tliean thr.w were in th' 1 habit of being in their room together, with writing lua- | teriala, "doing aomething," at the witu*K? will alate who teatlH*'l to thia (act. On thn .'.'th of Au^uat, an agent aeiecteil by the conapiratora for hoi activity, mil who will be found to be the tool of the other', goei to the atore ('^OUChaiubera atraet) of Meanra. Van O uit \ Wn terbouar. Theae defeudauta, it aeem<, were tamlllar witti . peopi? in the Went win ae namea itv known ir> thia city. I and among other* V> Means Van Urunt.^ Waterho?*e. The ageut c4.ni>' a to the ator? with two falae letter* of in traduction, a ldr> ?aed to one of Oie uiein'ier* of thia 1 tirru. Wu find tbarn the aaine apecinua minaar* ihown by Klpalne here aa lie diaplayed at the n^iie of Nathan lapi>klii. In the courae of convH*atio'i he mentioua that )>e Vaa under bia coatrol lar;;e hom ot money, an<l u ? <k1r*ua of opening an account at aoma bank "Well," aaye Ue perton iu reply, ?'] ham long -lea t at the ( heml' al Hitk you can go there. '' I'rerlou* to thia, I eliould have aai 1 tU,<K)i) were raia?d byt'ole, Vo carry od tne buainer* lie lia* ea*hed a draft to that * amount tin pioceeding to the Chemical llank Kiaatne ia Introduced to the pr oper odtcep, and ha da;>oalta the j atim of $'J,l (10 Id raali ? the prov-wdaof thla 'raiae ' ? an 1 alao depoaita two draft* amounting to about ?M.OO ea.li Thia ia doue on the ^Wh of . Acu'iint. The deposit b<?ing made, the party walk* oat, aud I. o hop comet in again an I draw i a *mal ?mount. Shortly afur he cotneain a third tirnt, aud uiake> a deposit of two che;l.*^and a* it turna o'it,th?-?e twochrckaare perliupa the ?ery check* which came fri.m 'he office of Nathan lane \ Co.? to w.t, the chuck on the American Kxcliangc llank. ><i^ued by John Thompson, alio, the check on the ContineBtai Hank, j a.gm* by Very Afiwynn. It la n?c sary toaay, a* far aa the haDk wea concerned, tliat the whole aap* t of the pai'ira? the letter*, an l the look.of tb" ch> k* wera ? uch aa to deceive any man. t'nfortun.-tely the hank ] was deceived, and to tl.ia ettect Uiahop, after depoalt ing tkeae checi *, one for ahent #T.',t)|lO, ai.d the other for about I', 000, draw a Cuack which auaorhi nearly tfce whole amount. an>l winch lr paid in (SOU bank bill* A geoth man from the W?*l, now t< *l>tlng in thUclty, ' hapi en?d to obaerre Km I ley in cow;iany w.th Kia*ane 1 atatniiug outalde the bank, when lliahop went m lo eaab ' tl e -h< k. anl thia fart, which hai aiaci Letoinc Imp <r j tiint, he communicate I to t!?i '<aok the ocxt mtrmng Tie fail r, however, had drawn tfce moaey and wu . goue. Fliortly after, the other* {o, and all are teen to I gethrr at tlie Weat. Hie check* are proaad to be fo'g? r.ea. In other worda, there have Iieen furger e* frbia flrat : to laat?there waa forgi ry of tie maon*r of in h'loeat Iran? theru waa forgery of letter* ol lotrnductioa ? there | waa forgery of that which woald irapire ccrfldaor-e. and thera waa forgery of th- cb?cka If I ?prea I :h?ee fact# i fefire jou, o7 whleh wh?t 1 tav? paid la unlr an out- j l:ae JJhey will apeak for tbemaeh iw.Jand will abow a cjm plete cobnection between tlie part 'a t? tula in dl'tirent. All theie par'le* I will ?how. hare the i ability to e< nduct a crime op this kind I will abow a motive, alio, and t'nt th* da'en'Unt* ;?o?e**? a ' grade of nleect capable of eaatiling them to carry out their ichemea to a auooeaifal termination. Ynu will aciu^lnlra the te*?ui:..iif '-'o e|v, it in*n of ccmnioo t-enae, and after you hava heard ii all, will, n i { doubt, arrive at the aame conci'iaiou with tiiyielf. I < mltted to atate that Kii>**n* wae mm ?te.l at th* Weat ? by John Heed a pollrem.m of the ffhlef * or,f-a Mr. Buateed, fjr the prixmer ? lb?t ha* aothmg t>i do with the raae. Th? Diatrict Attorney ? Hl'gbt i* one of the Brat ?le m?nt* of the cooaelouanea-a of gliit.. i ? nlen<e of (tight baa aleay* (>een |rroj>?rly re eiv*?l, aal for thl" re??oa 1 ioa(*!v< that I have the right to io ntloa it in the op?>u J in? The Judge ? TIm flight a of party iMalwaya competent I to be given in evidence. What we gl?t the jury may give j it ia another matter. The Matrlct Attorney ? A to II* -owipeten- y my I '.earned friend agree* with in* or be would not wi?h t? have it excluded. <>?? the arreat i of tbia roan KUaane, ?ft? r having bean" of the olfen'e . with which he wan eharge/1, hia conduat waa not that of an h' neat man. While in the railway aarria^e with the officer, be went oa aome aublerft.g* nt? an a<1joici(ig rhk.nix-r, end wlule the tra-u wa? at fall ape~>! nak?i i hia Ufe to e*cap< bv jumping oat lie lema ned con-malei a< ise m' ntha, wa* n ,? arr**te<l ?i'jl two or three maatheago. lfcatarr?.t auccewte'l n the pro>l ict .?n I Of *ome thirteen of thoae very bille paid to Ri-bo^? ? i Mtowlng ' leariy Kiaaane a roane?tloii n the matter. 1)<e Inatri'.l Attorney then proaeede.l to eiami.ie hi* aHi>e?ac?. The fnllowmg ia ; TTf* rtriiiiMcc ?or tin rnoeicrTfov. | Jotin 1 hemp-win, banker, carrying on bu*ineaa at the I i cornarof Wall atre?t and HroaJway, tieing *W'jjo, d? n?jae? I ? I kept an account la tb? American K ichang ? hank In. Aogti?t laat. the chaa'aa I waa is the Subit of niiing am aimilar to the one 1 aow bold in my hajtJ t'.ii . ! check la at follow* ? H. 1. I V? w Tom. Aug ,*?. i*w > Antaictn ||iMi?Llt I ** f.r t . tV ?i 1?? '.f Jau . Uua-u, ? - -i i >r ?.?>!?? t .. | It -ri>d-J I n 'lUnpi .n TbU '? aot a J? auto cht'k: I am t.'.t a* , nint*! ? Ik tbt par In ? I barjtd IB tbia ll. ' ' i u'. , w ? It ? I*. 0 L?bit of aumhartog our i!?- > ' Q. D.4 ?ou ar?r ?aa Mr. lanl? tl ? ^ilt; t?llar of ?\? Ati.ait-an KirLaag* H*iik w i ' ?? A i n, ,'?t ?%y tliat I liata 1 bata aaan bla Mrhl >tl u tLa ch ? , aid 1 tn.ab I eouH l<i?otj ft t ? m I'rtM tiaailaod by Mr Ba?tM V U AVoutbow bud y chaclta ai<- lr?*n '<y T"'J "> tW ?,ur>' of ?/tti A. Ik?aptwo ntli MH .at> aaa ta lb* Honk of tba Hap'iklir, on ?t>. h aboat thirty to f'ftr ai? uatiully drawn a day in t '..a Kihaefa Rank about alt (}."?*? ar? drawn far <U? I d'D t alga a 'juartorof tba cbi<. ? that ar? Irawa la ttijcthcm. lath* jihi l"4 th? i? a ;a t?'> |?r?'iaa ?< tbo'lrad to >1(11 rhackt for ma, In 'hat yar I had fro* t?? laa to flfUrn <-U?rV? ta my Mfl?f,iirl at tb? t ??? of wilch fa ?ra ?p??*tn(, | l,?4 u>m- i?'i or t .r?? ???r? ?ttl ?haa I Bay that Iba atora ehark it a ??m? l>i*a t'i tboa* flit! b > ma, I imia to cooflna that a?robUo ? to ' nt t?n oar ? I tb<o> thara la as a "tort la that eb? ? t? n. 'ata tha l.ao<1viitiB| at Mr tnnily < w of my <-.' rta I ?[??'? of tka HI! of up of th? rbark M' f a<y laft tar a* (ley iin.a Month* *?<? I aa* bin aiai > ,rj *' ? 1 atrial ba !aft nm baeauat I tM oo? ?aat to rnaay <br?; I y* ha t ba?n with ma alt or a-a),t a lonth* I ?iun t kaoa aUn baadtrrl!iA( la luutat?d tl tba *a t 't aao*a? ' -ft tba ? ba?k (j J rota what itatioaar &? fnn g*' ynrt xtki a f,<m t irm ia Vail ?tra?t that oaad "> ba ItaiVart % ata Nr. ^0, I bdlait that ?o? tbo*a to a?a it a/*' iMat'r o? vita i bccta uttd by tna Q CM you ?*ar aaa Kxaaaa ta yo^r '."*?? A I Jr a't krow that I ha* a No para?a H?r ? >4 ?? >f Ktarfmr blaakrhr-kt tf tay p?< tor b?4 laM >a far i blank eUaek ont i( tay tai W-k I tk -M bar* ra , att?- '?*?* rt aad ra'oaM it , Q 'If a hat y?rtt- j ar taark ia tba ? ? ?!??? aaa you ' ?t- t-tt a ?? * A. tv i 4 a.1 ! ?ou it ra*her more ea,entia ditto^aut than ant other j letter in the name 1 here u "?""tial dillarenca | in the o attached to the "Jno, ' *n ' '? ?ery dlHeftM I if it waa intended for an imlulb ,n ' "? luojj u> *ra iu | tended a* a heading to tin Tdllle. ' tb? original; rt? I il niort or a curve inthe genuine a ** The tn el a tha j couutirfe t name are morit angularly WMtUun in the | original. Ibe Uitlcience in U ? m i? *ot ?ttea ?? to etrike ine at once in .1 lurgery. 1 Q. When did you lint ?*? th' chaoi ia onv A. I I ?aw it either the n<*t ila / or the *uv after | il* dale; 1 taw <1 flrnt at tie An? ricaif Kachauge Hack; the bank notlll'M me that my account Watfrrar | drawn, and our of my cterke, either liad|er *?' Mom, ? rat down; he ieturi.ei an I told tno tint thai:* ??< ? 1 check there ol 119.000; 1 ?t cu. > w i.- to the bauk and ?kw the li rnt teller, I dou't luiak I ?? w any of th? otli Cera of the bank on tbia ocMtioi th? b ukkxeper a'aowel me the check ; I eiatnined it and pronounced it a forgery, auu iktu liaimeu it bar .. to '.be bookkeeper. y lid you llicn tialn ..e |.?rtlciiUiljr tiie marl. 1 by which you ham now prouauacad it to be a forged check* A 1 iliil not point out theu t ia dc facta which I have nUtiu to be iu ilia *U nature ?l t*r I bauiei the chuck back I w '? nt to wv otHee Q. Whcu did you u*ii .ee Mic chac'. t. Ithiuklaaw it aguio tut* next osornitig a*. the bu.. , 1 don't remem bfr whether I wa.< eeut for or not, 1 cmoot oreu ?*y poaltiraly whether I did k<> novo. I liavn a recollection of the cht'ck l?ting brt i?rht to m* by ia ??Oirer of the Chemical Itan!. and a pohcetnan I th :ik the policeman watt olhrer Itec d : 1 ne.\l K ?v? the check ivlien it WH urn rente I to ma oy the (<i and Jiuy, that waa about ail wreka or two month* ago. Ilia Court? l'o you uimn to cialei 1 Str. H i?'.ae<l, that that ia the haudwiltiiiit of Mr The inpaoii I Mr. Iluetted? 1 mean tc cooteud that there ia uo prouf of a forgeiy. Kiamlnatloo r*aumed ? T>e man aittinx at tha head of the Urand Juty preaented it to ui", an ! I t'jok the check , in iny hand; in that oc axioii 1 nwore the check w?a a I forgery; one of tie* jury anke l ma if it wan a i{0'el fac 1 eilnile I fald it boie a v?ry clo?n re?einblance to the j orininul thi.i w:u all that ocourr-l betote tUelirand 1 Jury. I never iua>!? a mark on thn check by which I | could know It again I hare not e?n the chei-n ninca It ! waa ia the poMe(?itm of the (irnud Jury, till thin moru iuc Re enttinine l ky tl<e District Attorc*/ ? 'i. Uo you I know any euch man n* Jamca lllnliop A. No. 1V> Mr. Iiuatead ? There mar bavn baeu ?uch a man ia jnr emi'lty without my knowing it. Julian I . Verjr, aichaUfa broker, No. 1 i \\^ atreet tf tlie firm of Very Ai 0 Wynne, 1 firg tworn, dapocel ? 1 W? kept Mu r bank account, in Auguat, HSJ, in tha l'<-*'i'>ental Itank. Mr. Hu?tee.i nh.octad to thia teiUimny llr Hall tael that it ?aa ilnaya right, In a i'a->0 of for gery, tOMihow that other toi^erien wan coouuittad at the ?an e tiuie. llhjeetion ovarrulad. The following check wa-i tint ahown to the wltnaaa, marked No 'i ? Ntw VoRM, Abu ?'?. WW ro*Tix?f?T*i. Bask I'tf to the oM. r I J .li e . liUtup. t- i , ai* th' ?i nl ami el?l,tn?n M) dollar!? 1*>. MIX ftcl V K !! V ,t <i W VM K 1 Kndurn l ? Very A Uwyota. ' Wittier* ? TheabtiTe check i- of th* -uimo deacrlptlin Hit thb*)' UU'd hy niH I in .i fori.""! rb*ck , lh? filling up | la much n nre n-gubr tbau in y liiiniw r It. nir ; an alao la I the aignature, tli? rln'iik i* neither in tlMt hnn<l? riling of iMr. (I*ii or nr myaelf a pereon of Uin nanrt of lfcahop vii in my office on the *<?<?<> in 1 uf Auguat hat Q. Ilo you recognise him in Court' A Y??. (The wit neaa li? re pointed out the pri-onir Klndley, ahan lllahop I ' I am (n the habit of *w n;; the aignatur* ol thn teller of the Continental Hank , ti e nigna'tir-' purporting t-> he hi* In tli? check In ijueation b< ?i? * alight rM"mlilaoN tn tli# original : it I* a f'rg*ry; to the beat of my know It'lge, I lie check <11 1 not oom* trnm my rhejk book. <J What were Ill*t)"p'* acta when he nail"*! your place? A. He aold aurue i ncurrwnt money t> in"; I gave him In payment n check to hi) ord#r; h# got three checla from our office on three aucreeaiy* ??!e* of no rent money. ' C'roM eiamiued by llr. Iluat/w?d. ? Our nlare of bnai m a* hm lin n b No Vi V all atn et ?loc? In? April we i' one rierk. <ii>or:'? Vebater, in Auguat l?et Mr <r, ^ ?nne and inr-elf ilreir the rbecka of tbe llrtn . W.-b ?) ,j draw* a rii*< k for ua aom*UK*a, but very aaMnin ji<- ia teen with u? nboat ten month* Webater mirht, ?v t>i |>a, draw a < hi ? \ for ua on ai average aboit once \ w?*i q I, the aignature to t'i* ch?ck in jue lion a good or had m tatloo ol timr handwriting' A It a more r'-gu Jirltai ' "'T ?rltlt(( the and ' e, ' In Terr, aie not connect 1 generally cannect them; tr.e ' o'a' arcdlopt oportlonwJ; th* capita:* ?V" an l "0" are more aug ilar loan I make them I). Whi u <iid you fliit >ee thla click' A- Inthelat ter "art o ' Aojuat I tbtnk. q' V< hiv ?l|ew tL? rl.ecka f- r the uiaa you ntllod fitahapt A I <1i?w cue, ait ] ,ny [ariunr ?(?. w twn I i'i< .? t thlaa ? "I ':i?l "P "?'.t to the l.anV fur the muti"y biin#e)f, for thai lierkt bore oi r initlula a? t li ' ujfli they had Itren lie) oatt-d by OO'aeWe* tj. \V/iat a. akea you think tl.?t Mr ?; wynue hjin<e|f did not draw 'Hia check A. I don't think Ue eouM write that wa) if tried am) no auch cheek ap^?e?r?d on ou r book a tl e facond teller of the <V>ntioent il Htnk tirr t toW me tha there an u forfad ehe- k on ua In the bank laawthei bet k In about b?.'? an hour afterwarda wbe.-i I went tbel e m auiiie otli ? buiiueaa; I aaw th* cbiT* a few day* alt?rwnr I* alini It w.ta brought ioto my odh e by Mr C urtia the I n ai<> it of th* bank Mr Curtia waete?l our nlMaritJ that 1. *?? n fnrg?rr the nfli'lavit waadraw# for u< I doo't fecolle t whether I did or did not aweai loll I not ?kw thachoak l>*for* Um Qrmad Jwy, an. I kin Ml ."n it Mm iMII tim oiorotat (| Wli<? th* pera?? ? who myoti [?:nt*<! ont'tbia morn iog eent la!n four '-ft ie*, c?*n you ac.y bow br w.ta itfi^< i ??It A Vila bad oo , a anufl r>l utM roat he bid whiakna. but DO n>oi?#tarfce; I tal ?d with him abo it fit i* minut*> ho a* id li-i vu airk and wintnl to rhtnp j bla raon*y and get a pietty ?o?"; i-lw < he did ant 1'ki* ?ick h* Ji t Wit exel e my laepn-iona all <f. I iid ya i evrr n-e fiim a^tln ujtll thin m'irnlag A. I aaw Liui about thr*? miintlbi airo i nr.- of the IMy Hail r*4'a. I waa requeat' l to ther? by an i,tt?er, who wantt'l m* to Ident i ly h m ? ole, I tljtuk, w?? th?r? aa w?!l a.i Kinl*v I did not t ilk to Wnley I told the oftWr thrn thrtt 1 iiought II wai th* iitii tun, but iould not nwiaf to it. The ?vv:*nre of thl* wltneaa waa ii*re clo*?>l. an ! hi* ho eir, ftiia l eror'ler , ha ?iug to attoail o i tb^r> ^j*l bii?ii."*?"?t .1 O floek, the p?ae w*i |*?. ;ww<t .nitWl.e folti<wim{ day The Court than id nmnel. Wllllamaliua ?< ? II) InltlliriMwr. r>ngmn?T Hnritm? lli?w ru ?. Hrrrura Ihurrraa . - In fiuoiliwe altera the inVib.il k.tclun arr>i4m?nU a. -a left alnnet aolelj to tlie in., najein. n' of tje il'irneataa ? the ??f j large 4em?n4 for nupplie* let tb? tet.le not m frequently excite* wonder >> t > > ?"> of all u' te artie'ea fti e ?h?4 tbe larder Tk>ri wtuM/ teinilji ? wttb'.m beirijf aware of the feci anpplyl c<? uae lit mi re fami!>? wlti. greater or lea? ijaao'.ltUl ut bren-l W a eugar, '.o!i?e coal wan ring apparel , ant ?arnioa otl>?r art e.** all of whl.b ? t ? ? j?- one I In * . in -mien* a iM.n nrr (bit tlif >*Te!nnUrr 4>ni)ri ara not .vara of thru uaUera^l-xl pUlnathrup/. 1 ha lo.'.o wm< .an lent will illustrate Uu. paint ,u que lion A fa* we.-V? ainna (apum H*y4>a, r*??4iag m IVtli (treat, near Hoatb Lightb *tre*t, i lata re'.uined bom* la Viae e .eolim, vtcuuipa.ue.1 by a fi en *beir Idruato a ere lino? up in the hull ml at ? lata hear vera tonal to t>* maaiB(, and of anuria a ilpl rt of ' tolen bjr halt tble\ee aai lea^md At rarioi* tli.aa a rl i i" ? were iai< -.ut -ecmetio.* (jewelry , at "there wearing appar l ot b?4 etotblaf? a!l n a ?r r/ myetenoja manner. Tha grocery bll'a were nor I t< at %n alairn.rv rata^ en the t'?a. ih-epv I k* " ?* (? I t- a Mar- a ?ui I III I! j. the h?a?'? ? I the :? par' merit I ail a eorxallatl'.a an?l de< t?!t I t/? t jiaI ? the rerr<at f rl The girl )<a 1 b*t? ab**nt bat a abfcft t me when, before Mr* Ifatdan had aa opp rtuaity to t<> In aear< h af belp, a i f l . e ?< far a e'taati a I. ??? bf nr. ire*. "el that th- re au a Taaanay, 'eM eecaar"e are laun uately ma'ie kr??n an.oagat ??rr??'? ; I - (III a a* b.ted. but artlf Ut af tirW.a dercrlptir n* ton"ri?i?'" to eijpear In the earn* irj-Wnoui nicaar an i finally, ??t weak, the ae.enl K r! wa* 'tWcberl(e'1 "n the niw day a female >u [oi'k.ng (or a ait jal "n when ?ba va? m*t by ? w. th??? aula, and a anawer to aa n ia kj waetoM that eb* kr.ew of a *1' nation. the tao t ?n pr'^-a^-'eA ?-? the r? ali:?o<eaf tbe Iridalea wtio t.a<! *e*ii ll?? liar(a-) ia Din etna aeeaae wbete tbe? ja ??? o? a <lieei<r, To* rill waa then toM that tbe pla e vhara ttjey wfa>U -en-l her waa a |oo4 wa? that thej ha'l taken bed'tutl ea >1re<?* ? we'ry, pri tlaloa* acel *%<?!? r>al, wlthavJ l>* n? 'teteei e< Tb?j ''e.ire'l tl.at ahe aha Ji-\ eerure tbe aitoanon aa 1 roatieva to ptun !?r M.e e}.?al>I j-?ck up a baeaet ?' prr.TK'eaa ?**tj ni,;ht, ar a tber ? ,u j <a.l nt ?tA far tlaeta i?er; wo igm( It t o I". TWa au tbe | laa t.iej ba l )>? r?n*1 a : a. ' a* The ( H left '.hem on i*r tli? tapr>"M'yn 4>at ahe ro r!4e I ? ' the r plan, aa ! pr'.eee* ng Vi 'apla a lUc'.'a a ft 'a nee r-lat'l the j f?*t? aa tiie.y tial teen at* r I t.. ^er K e* .r?li waiiaat ' aa* n r.. *<;*'* nee' irM an . ' i tbe '?%" r entering lit bngee, t*?? rirf* eere !?? ?wi ecap* jel jt# a( 'ia a ' ? i. 4 aiik ?>?! wb.r b* ? ,i a;?.l?a fr?? .. Mft I l(?? :*r, anow I a? . a. *ete ee a he a< ma la p nto an I !*r ii'M1'!, U'1 ? M' ith B| aa.1 other art !ae I wete at>? fcun t Pie / r'a ahoee nanaea were |.*ea aa ; J a W?i .*r an-; Tereaa Iry, eei ??.ea bwfare Ja*u-e Krawel' win (i^anl'N tben ha U a I'mliwitiMy Ui<a ft* *a*r ha< *'r.e'een 1 ?? I ir<?i bypafiafaltne of (19 her trf.l* a/ree n/ to take ker ,aV? the ?anUf Ni* Tk"i TUe Vt-ief Aan a ll?? aa t laliler C vmp? j t-o 4 Iat?n4 to pe* ane-1 lo Hewarh on Ike KA j tit f I't tbe p nrp'/'e of brln/ >r b' ? * their new tr-ae* IM(( ba.it Lb*re, ah.ah a an 4 to !<e ".?a wet elafatt awt aoetl/ '>ae a ^aa Vo?b or tie n t y. Ibe entapanr, i f wh > h Waib i?atr a Irof a t>, etuan nanber* aV -it ' t'/ o*' ? a. hoai m*a ?ul a* tie aanaa a4. ate", are a?i Tbe tr ' baa bee>, par kae?l wt'b .be faa4a af taa roaipaa; f niirt ? ale rwlnr?T rale l>np, C?rm< t Ccr-nr ? ?? ?, <1 *J. i 11 M 1J 1J ? ~ra?a? rea t ? *oa J14T 4'1, M?* ??;, s*a?, a?*i. *- xt r?. "t ' I u.?, itw. km to int. it: i:vj itr P- r? ma ( ->? at -*???. a? Teina see -> fL K <, 1? f?, ML M, 14. IT _? T< W. ^ I*'. 1 * b l'4 H? IK . , . , Mrrmioa lean ?Nan M. I e< > i?m J5_ If-l. low, l'?M ?'*?, ?/?? ?t* ???, 5?. **1. l*r, W iu? ii* u<m u?, ?m uu. nil lllf, lilt. 111*. Ill* int. iu?, ?i**? ?i* ' lii*. U>0 IU0 Uii *?? KA, ?, *a^ ^?w uml lni|K>t tv'"t Pbuc of th? f? t(? ? atlo*. OtJK WAMIIhorOft COHllWFOKDlKCi. W?g, iimotdk, March 18, TV Xrjt Di.tlp* jor Cut# ?Hs\ uroci/y Treaty to be Itiluttd f?r Annexations The '?<?"" nf Mr *?rO?? The hint h o) Aw/uitvi 1*1'*+ />wlf* /or Vnii!" *?? .V;xiin ? Huekanan Duutt and h* cy on 7V>p ? lUneti tf Peer tin ry DoUnn, ,f< , rff. Tha admioiatratli.n in about wul"* new *tep,ta wardt Cuba, Mr. Marcy being the urtll ivajor and granJ ori?r ?,(?r of liit movement. Hi? arl *h ?al or tha adndolatration of cbtalulng ( 11 ba by tin* of arm*, at ail Ikaranl* and n nr uncrifice, harlntf feller? .through, end Oie representative entrutlpl with tliiw mahier to Kpaia having Indignantly thrown up hi* t oml?i?e.'?a *n ' homo, 1'. wan (tit, on tha part or tha adnat? ?tretio?, that tomethlng mutt be itr,n? to ratn eva '*? Mirey acanued the whole Held It laj 1 end with th? alagle glance u> juii how to muM, aa h<? l>? Uevea, to "tar* the falling honor* of lilt Uouaa," and at tln> tame time to take away th* politic ?' thunder ?' lliichauau ti Co, ttoulr wtnl to Spain to t nnat Cub.? t* our I nion, but th* thing <1 1> I nut *uc<**? V. Auguatu* (Viiar Dodge |Mi with anothar object Id ? law? milder tl, an that of tl.? lirtt miniater ? aomethiug in ,ra nun able to ai pact and if aucceaaful It will ba all ( hat Marof want*? a mighty feather In hi* cap for tha 0. 'Utaet ai 1H18. llila nee act iu thia annrialion drama, *4 which Mr lk><!(* U tot down on the bill to play ? Mr Marry acting the prompter behind tha *ci>ue* ? la to aatai '"''ah a reciprocity treaty with Spain, bet ween the talandof Cuba and tha United HtalM-a ra?lpmc:ty treaty prect ***9 Ilia that lately entered into between tha t nited Sla '*? and Canada, allowing fr.e trade, in Ita fullaat ataa *. between the Inland of Cuba and tbe American Uanra '? Ihe care to l>e preaentod to Hpa n, during tha coining * *ummer, 1a ? "You hare refuaed to aell Cuba , you ara opponed to her aiini latloa to the I' nited Mt*t?* upon aufr term* Koglaml and Kraoce aupporta aad hack* ya 1 la yo??r* cppoaltlon, an4 now tbe leait we can a?k. an I what a* will I are, i? a nclproelty treaty b?tweno till* Ulan I aa4 tlji Colled Ktntea, that, free of charge, ibeia powara mtf be the mutual producer* an I conaumera tor nArli othar Tbe geographical p)attii>n of Cuba give* th* Americana the right to auk thia, and thia they will have They wUI ?10 longer content that their product* ahall be t.ned w.ih a heavy revenue In Cuba, thua virtually thiaiaolw paying to build up and aup|>?rt a uavy to harraag aal thient>u their own coinmtrce witliiu tig lit of thair owia ahorea." Ihi* la tlie new programme, and It la to ba urgw4 al tbe eoine time with vigor In KiigLand, Fraure mi J hiMtla It might too much, pethap*, tai tue credulity of our penide to *?k thtui lo believe that th a meaauie will bw puahed with any force, after th* puer 1* ethllMlioo juat made by the ailmlntatratl'in In backing out from tbeir former ptogramme. Hut It mutt he borne in mind thai Marry la llie ruling apirtt of th" < ahinat, and with bi* onimeil to r'onh A 1 0. and their ajioeiatlun piojact, they had up hill wuik to fart thav foan I In Maicyaa ettrctual caoeb *? tlialr wheola. If tha Urat plan aur c*"?li u all tlie honors would go to Mr HmJianan aol hi* lihbuatenng friend*, while Mr Mtrcy wuul I havo a<* other proapectiv* elleruativa but to retire to hi* rural home, to brood in aiienon over hi* rabage*. forgottaa aud nriaong In the vlatorioua war cry of " C'wbaa and Annexation," which would beur in* rival* oawanl. ttalher than mil lint to thia, Mr Mar 7 pie(erra>l I* ki.ork the w! ole a<.lieme of Mr llurhatmn aud fwille'a 9m the hoad. that it ehoald not grow to tha |>o!ltieal ag gftu li>emeol ol th* latter gentleman, and d ^paragw m-nt o' hlni elr How well tne l'ri mler aiK O*? Ud iu tlua ihe Otteud doeuauuta, the otura of Mr !*oule awl the ituunriat on of the annetatlon pnja?t taila. Mr. Marry havirg u?> g< t eveiytloog Juat aa h* want* It? havliig aL.itUrni lit 1 .ha ^iK-atiou a* It with aa earth ? |uake, he caeta about hiai to aea If, out of the frag menta, he ran t pitch up aoineth'ng for hima<'lf, ??<> atralglitwav bit* up?a tha Ke proclty Treaty, whloh la now lb* order of tha day . It la hia ap>eial prujact, at?> If It aurr*a?l? noiv- butharan carry oil asy of tha ba uor*. Il^ace tin- probability that thia pro^raaiioa will lie urgtd with inu:h mure foita and boltD**! than Uw Ilia* , ain>.* thia ha? all th* *up;?rt of th* iirtat Mogul a I the admin atratoio, who oarrUa with him 1 lie I'raaidant aa a K?r..n''ary auppart. Auguatua t:.. :?r l?otg* la pickad out to take e.l.arge of tliia matter, m' ie for hia amiable than hia belligerent .|oa'..tt?a There wlil l>a an " kicking up h*-hin<l with Mr l??1ge aa them waa with Mr Route. Aufuatua loon 1 a up more ia*?nifieoaUjr is name than ha uoea la indii lduelily ao<l bel uga to that goi d, ea?y aort of I hritlian lieioga who haea the Ua f?> ull v of avoirtlng ljuarrala by doing ei a lly aa they are told. Augnatua ' r.ar would a- aooa think tf die obeying Ihe cali of the Arrh^ng?l tiabriel to jo igwiaiit. and refuaing lo go when hit truuip a-iun le l a* doing anything in oppoaltion lo th* wialiea of H m. I. Marry, lie .a to. . lo r*ll Npe n I hat w* waul a rrrlproeitjr treaty with Cuba avi ! uoleaa .1 la / an t ie Veiitral ty law* I. al! be repealed a* tbe neat I ugieea *ad Uia "?'iga of war' let Iroaa ujr"n ti* lalaad ir-d Mr le?lge will u>. l? down all thia la hia puaket W: .1 '?oda book, and when n* rearhea Madrid, aal c nir* tiefore the aovereiga, ha will take out till* baoh m l i t'lir h a lrit?r|/re1ar to ay It all oir lo th* raila^ ncoarrh pre* aely *a It *at glren 14 htm at haaaa Aoguitua will then hae* playv.t hia part, aad roaaw h' nie no o?M ..ne of lb* t?e*l automatona that waa eter m nt to repreeent n> al enrri balnra. Marry trill 'a>ve lila trlory whetlKrHpwn acct le* or oat, and haea a pretty irMrf atake to enter agalnal Mr Hifkaa la tha *? it f-lartian T>ila te tha p' int the t uba '|Ueatiaa baa at laat teen whltthd .'own It (?real aatiefarlloa la lelt here by the r*ee{,u>m ,,f tifc* ?aport by Ihe 111 noli ltvn> l aatitia that the Darator ba* arrived all aafe at \ alparatao Mr .??'ecretary f-obMu he < for eo ne day* pa?*. , 1 aea ? wj ill, and iinable t? all. a to ane haaiaae* whalarvae .1 1 et< kneae la (?)? ?!fan* , f a wild recaited early ia tha V atb lie aai t little l?|>ro>e<l to day. hat it I* aat I kel, he will be abla to faaaroe hi* |?wt for aeeeraJ day* to roii.e. SKLI.I*. I.*ltr frud lUrami. vmuvai. of r? t aitaaiia *t skw ?truiitn ? - rtir.i 01 riiK BLOCtanr- tot i vrri tv rm aim in ? tio wam tu>*iu m rorr- ? ckiju.) riua i f UDOTii. or ?x*r? i hi ?vriix t<> rii rcvr* Til* WfATHIR. "Tli# t nil* I ,?"?!?? ma.' lUim>l> p <*atiaa*>a, Upt Hb'i !?! It at < k laft N-a v.. a ??? Moll lay l>.? WH -iltl^a, f?i N?? Oitaaiwi ?la lltfiu. m'Wl tlw War U|t* IS? lal'.r p-.it alaortljr b?|nfa It ?> irVlnrk I*. M , oa tba 'Hi laa'.aol ml ?rtl*?4 ?t II. a .? aaa akvtt ly kfiiri it., lull h? 1U < khi*U '?? H Hon a ?"> tl.a nim.ni of iba tlb iBatant ?n.| 1? r* ?,;ain ik? aaina la. II alii ba o'i ?n?) tli?t tho l*lii Mm nit '-' km?* mi rip,4 fu aavaa an tbla ?"-a?ion, ( *1(1 r >iuf>l<*.t ra|*,r ?] Dial llaraaa a ai|Uiat, aal bv ?: aaa a, nlnrli ha". I^?b ih.k <1 .DUiriiptal lif t!ia ra sa lit Mtltontl, ?? *aao?arina About til Ihouaaolaf lha ItJitl.lUaU ?( tha - 1; bi i 1 laitiataar.d for ita <) <*??> in ' ?tr< ima?l an I ?|M; - . (?<!, aad floiii* <lu*.y ia tba abaaaea of iba 'i?iDi>aM tl Ika Una," all. una a?'? (a-l itul Ioim1?|?h 1 frcn Hafwa prarMaaaff 5il.J mm .?> m II. I f?ar ?liMte had t??r .piatf durlaK ua aad ll <a* l*uttaJlr btlUikt Ail ll?a (Bjta.rj ? MaaraJ a., aid !aal . i?f> ailllli a.'li abo Ita l Wtl Ukl'B. n'o a?K.?iK?a (ii obaarra.l of a 1/ ada uf tba f>- 4 al >??t lha < abaaka tw V a it. l?. Ifclatt iftioa Tl.a ( nitad h!al?? tUan lr%il< Cu J? ?'n 'a-laia rlnkling, Bad tb* frMMalaa. <?i>ta<a ii?i? ?uti.aa I >1 ai.r n ll, a I rfiM of llataua ? ' rirtl d B??a I iraxli M (i ?a? <iaal ulMi'U u to iba iarmaa ra , iid*Blt i>I Tl.a I II tad raalaa frifata 1 Wa, ? apt Wi'aoa la? ablB "f < .aa >?wUm aaa ?? |a<i?d to ait.n alx.nl Iba lklb TUa haa it' ik4 ?al i to i ail lor S ,? Yoik ?a lb' III - aal 1h? oaly | Ua i. II. an of ta. .a twit aaa 'fca -ia.^ *?f I ?? 1 aalal t< ntf .toa.4 an, a af Ik' N J '/Trfant IV aj i aa I 1 II. a?< Wa.*?i ?. I?*. I a lhat I ' 'ii. luil |a<d ai, anof la ?"/ faU4, I V ? ti. !| . . ? I <? ? . < obi oa 'ij ! Ii??b i rw nt a', li^ at Mart*. 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