23 Mart 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Mart 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6783. MORNING EBITION? FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE EXPLOSION AT GREENVILLE. THE CORONER'S INQUEST. VERDICT, Ac., Ac. *0 We noticed Ui yesterday's Hkkai.d the explosion of tbe .iiwwti factory at Greenville, of which to-day we (fire additional paiticulars. Tbi? factory belonged to G. A. 1-illiendahl, who doea business in New York on, tba cor ner of Spruce and William streets. His fireworks estab lishment Is situated a short distance beyond Greenville, a liUle village about four miles from Jersey City, towards Newark. The factory stands npoa the banks of the Morris Canal, on the south side of Newark Hay. The whole establishment consists of seven separate buildings, five of which are one story brick buildings, covering an are* of about twenty by forty feet, and the other two, wooden buildings, of about the same dimension*. These buildings are appropriated to various uses in the manu facture of fireworks. One is for making the cases, another for charging the cases with the explo itive composition, the third' where the cases are fin ished, and turned ont complete into the pin wheel, rock ?t, or cracker; fourth, the storage room; fifth magazine, and so on to the seventh, this establishment was built in 185U, an I has been in operation two years. About forty bauds were constantly employed, half males and half females, mostly Germans. In every State has been found a market for the fireworks of this factory, anl al most every city in the Union has sent up it* rockets or touched off its pin wheels or serpents in tbeir gala day rejoicings. This is tbe place of the ezplosicn on Tuesday after DOon. The hands were at work as usual la the charging factory, when at about two o'clock in the afternoon, by a sudden blow, the factory was reduoed to cinders, two of ita inmates charred to a citsp, and all the rest but me more or less injured. This factory was built of wood, and in it were engaged, at the time of the {explo sion, ten workmen. The proprietor, Mr. Lllliendahl, was -on his way to it, aud but a tew seconds from entering it when the calamity happened. Tlie cause of the explo sion hat not been very clearly explained. It seemjto be the general belief that it originated from carelessness in charging the cases on the part of two nr three workmen, wuo w?re racing with each other In Iheir werk. A" hlrsing flome, similar to that heard when a rocket goes up, was first heard, and in a moment igniting through tbe entire shop, one sheet of flame rose up, lifting tbe shop from its foundation into the air, and ' letting it fall a pile of burning ruins. As soon as the shop felt into a burning pile the hands ruatied from the other factories te save the sulferers. to whom every relief of the place was im mediately given. The dead and injured were as follows yesterday afternoon:? Henry Kleiber? A boy thirteen years of age, was ta ken from the flames burned to a skeleton. Iiouis Horner? A German, who bad been for a long time employed in the factory, was taken out of the flames so oudly burned that be died witain a few hours. Kmil B retain ? His whole body black with burning; in intense agony, and cannot reccver. Ferdinand Bauer ? Badly burned on the face and hands ; will probably recover. Charles Kliene ? Horribly burned about the face and breast. The doctor thinks he will not survive many knurs. Jacob Nleolay ? Dangerously burned upon his back; the spine affected; recovery doubtful. Frederick Frundt ? Being severely burned about the legs and bead, be is not expected to survive. William Hitter ? Slightly injured about the breast and face. Henry Gasman? Only slightly injured. George Ochs ? Escaped uninjured The report ot the explosion spread rapidly thiough the neighborhood, asd soon reached New York, and a large number-ol our citizens visited the place yesterday. Tbe wounded are now under the doctor's hands, and re ceivtng every attention their cases require. coroner's ihqocst. George Thompson, Esq., Justice of the Peace for this ?ouaty, (the county of Hudson,) acted as coroner, and summoned the following gentleman, residents of the place, as jurymen, yesterday afternoon ? Marttn Van I'elt Frederick Bishop, Haitnien M. Vreelan, Theodore Bishop, Daniel A Johnson, William King, Josiah Nallron Francis Meyer, Henry R . Welsh, Abiather Pitrson, Charles Musk, ' Thomas Anderson. 11m following was the evidence taken before the coro ner, as copied from his notes:? Charles Bsner being culy sworn, deposeth and saitb? That he resides at Jersey City; occupation a Ure works maker; for tbe present employed aa superintendent of tbe firework factory at Greenville: was present at an "xploskio at aaid factory yesterday: knew the ileceased; the explosion toe k place in the building known as the charging shop; deceased was employed in said shop: there were about six pound* of uncharged composition, and fifty pounds in eases, and upwards of fifty ponnd of works eatV*d stars. In s*id shop, kept there for the purpose ot drying only, and to them he attributes the -?verity o' the burns reoeived by deceased, (at least one of them) ; believes the explosion occurred acciden tally ; there was no appartment in said factory for the purpoee of drying Mid star*. Uuatavus A.'l jUinedabl, beingdulv sworn, deposeth and says ? Resides in the City of New York; is proprietor of the factory at which the explosion occurred . was pre aent at the time the explosion occurred; the building was built rrlginally for no particular purpose; but it was teuui <-onvenient to use it for a charging shop: would con?i?er tbat men engaged in charging fireworks i-hould, if working alone, he more Judiciously arranged than if a number of men were working together. Adolpk Cora, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith? Resides n*ar this factory: worked in said charging shop; was called out but a moment before ih* explosion; the stars above mentioned , he believes, caused the extreme violence af the explosion; when he came from the shop he observe ! ene of the workmen fooling with a rocket, and from this, in hi? opinion, came the explosion, and If this workman had minded his business the ex plosion would not have occurred: this workman's name is hrniel Beheni; be had told the witness that he was. by his carel?s*ne?s. the sole cause of the explosion ; had always received strict OTtlars from the proprietors to ?void all danger Or dangerous conduct, and to exercise ?xtreme ctution. George Ochs, being sworn, says ? Besides near the premises at Greenville; works in the Are work factory; was preaeat at the explosion; works in the char<tni{ shop wbiie engaged at work heard a noise resembling the explo-ion of gun cap*; saw some fire and immediately Vftthe shop; and when about twenty feet from the ahop tbe explosion took pl*oe; aaw no carelessness with Any ot tbe men . VERDICT. About three o'clock tbe jury retired, and after an iiour's deliberation returned the following verdict:? * We tind th%t Henry Kleiber and Lewi* Kooner cams to their deaths by an accidental explosion at the fire works factory of G. A. lilliendahl, at Greenville, on the 21st March 1855, aald explosion being brought about by carelessness on the part of one of the workmen; and we beHeve the practice of keeping a Is rge quantity of fin ished fireworks, for tbe purpose of drying, in s workshop of sncb a dangerous character, ia a highly reprehensible ooe, and one which sbonld be immediately abated." TH? FUNERAL. Immediately up m the rendition of the above verdict, Mr. IJJliindalil. the proprietor of the factory, took oharge of the remains for interment. Mahogany coffins were teceived in, the afternoon from New York, and at 4 o'clock 'he funeral took plac frem the Methodist Cbnrch, in Greenvill*. The sttendance at the funeral was quit* large Funeral ssrrice was read by a German sinister, loca'ed in the place. Thejdeceased were placed to rest in the Metbodiat graveyard belonging to the ?shurcb. Capt. Ingratuim of uit Rtvy-Palrlolk Kwid. Nrw York. March 23, 1V-5. J. 0. Bjwmtt, F.eg. ? Dm* 8m? I noticed recently in the Charleatun I trrcu ry that h> entire property of the gallant Captiin In (rake. of ?h? Navy, waa M?n to b? i-acri(le<Munder the Sboriff'a bamuier for a liability of eoaae $20,000, incur red, it ?etiu? for tbe bant fit of a relative or friend. 1 remember with pndo bow the puUe of the nation throbbed with admiration and pitaatire at the fenrlea ?U'l her .it conduct of Captain logrtham, in repelling in Inrutt t<> the American flag in the aeizure of tbe Hungarnn Koe-ta while under it" protection. In cm nvn with the rt t ef bin countrymen, I did homxfe to tli? gallantry an 1 worth of thi? brave officer; and I n w *mJ( if it ia |x>?aible hi- Mlow citi/ena can allow him to b" atripped of hi* patrimony by tbe rnthles- han<l ef tbe law while ii? i* maintaining onr national honor ao brave ly abroad? I am ?ur? thi< cannot be, an I that every true-heart*d American will tagtrly avail himaelf of an opportunity to offer ii teatimoniai of gratltudt .ind uteem to Captain Ingraham, by anbecribiag to a fund to relieve Lim from fiTu mUfcrtunr. and I am lirt that aa a tribute (rom fa i* admiring countrymen be will not refuae the ofl?r I tncleae yon 910 to be applied to thl< purpone. The ?am ia aniKil, and I would cheerfully make it larger, hui lha' by a doing I mlght^appear oenentation*. Ind -deprive other* of tte honor ami [,-ka. ure of contribniir.g tu >e won by end putriotie m ?bject. Wiy truly, youra, BAYARD CI.ARKE. Pallet Inlrlllgrnrt. STAlBPWi A> rr.kt. Teeaday e?*e!ng about 0 o'clock, a row took plate in a porter home in Chatham atreet, botwwa a number of vbite an t b'arka, ,n which John Craae (whija) received s 0?ep gath in t It forrb*ad from a katf ? ? ?ge<l to lure b?o in I. i- "uMd* of Wi..iaci *wt >a (co.ortdi. The (JUth warii lice L'Oar.ng the dUturbaaoe, MM a dt sea' ui-oa the grogyery, an I anweted the pact!** ea ga?*<. in t!.e full:. Th* woaacJ man araa onn tb d ti ? witDt*'- to the Ti m ha, wt?r? he w,n ha attended t#y l?r Oavii, of Ci? city r-U'e, whlj* the act.i.ecd wai Wke^up cd ebi-(e ?( o*?a -:t ?4tfc a ritadly wetpo* A fnw taduVtL'e >a the uw of arri?at aptrtta It .?-up > p??*d taeag'.i ?W. tfc* d-?au ty. FASHION IN NEW YORK. Opening of the Spring Union Wwmlif uT (far BUUlnera. Testerdsy was the opening day of th* spring fashions, and, a* usual, the dhow room* of our faahiotMble mo (liites were thronged fr^ra an early hour by persons an ious to bars the flrat choice of the attract ire noveltie* ob exhibition. The day wa* all that could be desired, and the ladies were out ia full force- carriage* rattlrd thrcugh tbe atreeti; gaily dressed "group* passed and lepasaed; the atretta looked more lively and animated than usual, aad in tbewlndowaof the different establish meuts were exhibited tempting specimen* of their goods^ giving a foretaste of the display within. Simple folk* who know nothing about the fashions, thought Broad way looked unuHually gay, and that the ladie* were taking advantage of the fine weather; but tbe initiated knew at once It wa* "opening day," aud that they were inaugurating a peaceful revolution. We do not know a pleaianter way of spending a few hour* than in roaming from on* to another of then* temple* of fashion, where blonde and ribbon are apotheo sized? these wlldernessee of wild flowers and exotics, where the eye wanders from one objeot to another, be wildered by the endless array of exquisite fancies, and like Aladdin in the aubterraneaa garden, utterly uralile to choose. Yet there U diversity enough to please the moat opposite taste*; but there ia such aa equality of clegance maintained throughout, that this only enhances the difficulty . Happy are they who go to admire and not to appropriate ? who can pn << from white to purple without instituting invidious comparison*, and who are not distracted between the relative merits of style und simplicity. To them the last seem* love liest, and they hover around the central parterre, and flit from aide to side, forming a striking contrast to the buyer*, who, even while admiring one style, are cn the lookout for something more rtthercht still. One glance at these exhibitions yesterday woald be sufficient to con vert the moit obstinate believer in hard times, flats at thirty collars apiece, Leghorns at seventy, und dress trimmings at eighteen dollars a yard t How coald tlies* things co-exist with tightness in the money market, or soup kitchens in the different wards If Besides, it is uni versally admitted that ladies were never so extravagant a* they have been this season; there Is a perfect rage for expense. Goods cannot be too magnificent to suit the present taste, and cheap articles are the only unsafe . nvestment for either modiste or merchant. "Best is best cheap" is a maxim that finds small favor with New York fashionables. We beard an instance ef the ea te with which expensive goods are dispoaed of from oue of the mo.it fiishloaable dres. makers in this city. A well known importing house in Broadway opened ninety cases of dies.- patterns a little before two o'clock some day last week, and at three the earn* day not one was remain ing unsold. Yet these (ire* sea were of the richest ma terial and newest design? moire antiques, satins, poult de sties, silks, plalded or striped, or stripes and pbtid* alternating ? and were sold at prices which the unso phisticated would consider startling. But that was their great charm, that only made them more desirable, and therefore Fifth avenue turned out ia all its glory, deter, mined to buy up everything, and thus at one and the came time monopolize the newest styles, and prevent the dr?a?l possibility of their becoming common. BONNETS. The bonnets this season aie not so much (tared as last; the crown* droop more, and the front i* slightly projecting, and very many are covered with dotted laoe, either blacker white. They are trimmed with a profusion of flowers, intermingled with white an! black blonde. Flowers are much used In trimming, both imide and out, and quite a novel fffect 1* produced by the comblnation.of white and black"blonde. Straw enter* largely into the composition of bonnets thi< season, the front* of many being formed of it, and tbe trimmings of others receiving additional beauty from tbe intermixture of tlowers of the same glancing material. Madame t'errero exhibits two splendid specimens. Tbe crown and edge of tbe front i* made of the finest split straw, and the front and part of the side crown is of hair, siTanged so as to resemble puffings, each puffing being confined by a single row of braid. An exquisite border of hair lace, with a shell like edge, light as blonde and far more beautilul, I* attached to tbe front rim of the hat and thrown back. With the exception of the crown, the bat is transparent, and it U. with out exception, the rarest and most rtchrrchr we have ever teen. This atyle ha* been deigned and prepared for tbe Exhibition in Pail* this year, aad if it doea not take the highest premium, we should like to see the hat that will. In the same establishment many of the hate are trimmed with blond* bands, a new and very attractive style of trimming, formed of a stiff kind of blonde, connected by thick cording* of *llk. This band emerge* from a cluster of flower - at one aide, rises into two bows in th* centre, and fall* at the other side in one broad floating end. A very pretty hat i* made with front of fancy straw, and crown of dotted black tuile. Tbe outside is trimmed with coquelicat flowers, among which the scarlet poppy is conspicuous. The face trimmings is composed of blonde. from amid which peeps out a bunch of wild flowers, similar to thoae on the outside, and a bow of lilac nbbon placed above the temple completes the charming whole. Another hat, still EB' re elegant than the preceding, is formed *f whit* blonde snd puffings of pink liase. A small bow with two ends of an exaggerated length, is placed at one sid* of the cape trimming*, rose* and rose leaves. The Kmpress hat ia exceedingly graceful, and when fortmd of pure white, and trimmed with myrtle leaves, has a chaste, delicate, and elegant effect. We must not omit mentioning it very dittingur looking bat, made of rich purple silk, covered with black dotted tulle, and trimmed with bunches of purple grapes and vine leaves, most exquisitely shaded over another ot black lace and glaaa straw, the crown *oft, and of a cap ahape, trimmed with full blown roses. In Oenia'a there was a white hat, covered with tulle, and embroidered with chenille^ which was very much admired. Its only outside trimhiing wa* a wreath of myrtle, and pendant sprigs of myrtle blossoms, Intermingled with the polish, ed jrlancinr leaves of the same shrub, formed the face trimming. HKiDDXIUW. Head dre**e* are formed of the Mine unvarying mate. eiaU? blonde ribbon* and flower*. Horn* wreath*, bow j??t deviate from tlia ordinary rule, and, matead of preferring ?<|u*lity in the circle, concentrate tbelr floral favors at one point, und pour tbem town ia a mingled ntu of leave* and Ho were. /> R<mnrt /'ayiannr la a very charming and piquant headdre**, formed of black toil*, crowd with and over white. Thi? foundation ia laid in band* of whit* blonde, arranged in diamond shape and fattened in the centre with a braiding of *trav. A flounced border e-lged with neveral row* of narrow black velvet fall* over the back of the head, and the front I* interaperaed with blue and gold (trlped ribbon*, cluatera of tmall blue floweri and tie y roae bud*. Mailame Oe Vu* and Mr* Uo<*on opened with their oaual elegant aaiortment, and the other e?tabli*b men*.* w?ra crowded throughout the da/. In Hroadwa/< lira. Hart, Madame Hillier, Madame MalUerbe. Mra. Mm m<<n*. Madame Kmbiee. Madame Richard*, Madame Pougal, Madame Keep Flatnme Madame Barnet, Ml** Gardner, Mn. Tartar, Wm. Brown Me?*r* lully, in Canal Mn. Railing*, Mr*. Davideoo Mra. .-.cme .nd Mi-? Kynder*, Mr*, liar ton Mr. A. Clrn?, in Oflntou ?I. ee, Mr?. Hitchcock, In Walker atreet. Madame Anpoit> in Hudeon atraet, I.. Rino* in the Bower/ M H Mua-t all opened their at<?-k to pi.blic innpectio* an I w?r? crowded tbrou|baut the day. WW. There i. one .mportant revolution in Utdiei' dreaae ? the belt want ha* given way, and the pointed orv.ge once more rei^n* anpreme Ba?'iu> waiata are aiill regarded wi )i favor; Ui?Udie? cliog to th? m with a io*.ng tenacity t!?' tpeai* well for both. Tbey are made ot all color* and material*. ? m?t.me? to ma'ch thedrex, but mora fre?|??ntly to contraet with it Hounc** etiil prevaii, ant one uniform ?tyle, but varied In many wayi; "Be deep ftaun-e. ^i'.b a -mail one above, or three of aoual aire or ?till a no tber *iyle which be* tb? merit of grea r-t ner* ty to re comment it. two flounce- of *>)Dal *.re at the bottom of the aklii. end 'wo more eii or eight inch'* higher. The dree*ea r!o-ad up to tbe throat -t. : eantlo i;e ? be tnule i? he eame etjle, open la fnait an 1 with he law me.k tirewte? ? ? hare a cp oncer tape. jx.lttM front and back, w> ieh ran berliw?l up to >bi'Lr at. 'M * auu ag afoUd>>?? or It ran be turned back a*. tm p!ea< irai' tae wearer. The eo-??g? i < trimmed with ? ai trading frta 'he r^iat of tbe walat to Ik* back, and Inr.rM leg In w.dti aa it peaea* tba *< v. d*r. A do bit tf!?m f. la eraatlmee need W? hare lUa ? cha miar ?orehT thi aJaere tfcl* *pr>r^, %? wfc-b w* i-adtat f*afeiOB*4 fl?wtaf altera wTl be oa^ pJe'slj routed. It ia called the "boll aleevtt," net a very appropriate nam#, we must admit, but, u tfhak apeare hi* decided that tiler* 1* notfmr in a uai, wa must bow with submission to auch orthodox authority. It couista of two puffs and two deep frill*, put on with graceful fulnea* mad mad* of rich lac* or Uw material of which the dre*s U composed A bow of ribbon with UoatiDg tnds U placed over the flounce, on tto aeam aii'e ol th# (leave, giving it a finiihed und elegant appear ance. However, tliis in not the only c? ndi'iatc for popu lar favor, for ta?le ia too rari*d to admit of auch exclu "iv# devotion. We have sleeve* open in the front from the shoulder to the wrist, connected by row* of peerU, anil exhibiting to the admiring gaze the richent aod raoet expenaiv* under aleern. Then we liar* auother *tyle, fitting cose to the arm, and ending in a deep frill, rat i?B over the elbow. We art* Indebted to one of our flrat drrmntkar^ Mr* Kerux worth, of Broadway, lor the following ? logant ami di>tingur afyle cf ball dre*a Material pink moire antique, coraage lew and pointed, and covered with tulle, fluted and divided into row* of pufHog, with piuk and white moire antique, or goldrib* bun between. The skirt ia almoat loat to view under the cloud of lace witli which it in trimmed ; there ara two flounce* of white lace at the bottom of the uhlrt, aur mounti'd by tbren row* of piak and white ribbon, and two other flouno'* of an equal air* an inch above the last row of trimming, and above these three row* of rib ''?n, for ruing a moat elegant akirt trimming. The aleeve* are abort, formed of two potfa of moire antique, and two irtll* of lace. The moat fashionable material* ara moire Hntiquea, very broad striped ailk*, with *lt*rnat* plaided and plain stripe*, or one xtripe moire antique, the other plain. Then we have the lighter fabric* for aurnmer wear barege* with pattern tk>nnce?. tissues with a wreath of flower* In each flounce, and mualina of every color and every conceivable pattern. Moire antique rib ben* and lace are much used for trimming a : but the n?M-eat atyle ia the feather fringe, which la of all oolora, and ban a moat elegant and rechrrchr appearance. MAHTH.LAS. We have no atrlking novelty in tbe mantilla* thi* spring, and we wonder not at It, for ingenuity may Im well nigh exhauatwl by the Innumerable drraand* made upon It in thi* article of dre*a alone. However, we have compensating variety enough in color :inl material*, front tbin white lace, and pale pink and blue ailk, to tbe darker brown and purple, and the heavy moire an tique. We have *een *oiae very handaome ntyles in Mr*. Farnawor'.h'*, among which we particularly noticed the "Norma," a very graceful mantilla, open in front and meeting .it the waist. It ia *laahed up the aidea, leav icg the arm* unencumbered, a great advantage over the Hcarf mantilla*. A deep tlouac* of reverae plait* forrna the trimming*, and a amall cap* round tbe ne?k com plett* them entire. There la alno the "Gotten Mantle,'' a vary pretty mixture of al'.k and black lace with bow* of ribbon iicck, Bulpin, Broilie and McKencie have opened a splendid assortment of imported mantilla* of all tbe color* of the rainbow, aod a great many color* beside ? some closed at the throat litre the talma, and others open Lke the scarf. Shawl* will be very fashionable thin spring, aame plain centrea, with rich border* and othera embroidered. MOrRNfNQ HATS. If i? not an eaay matter to make mourning attractive, and jet they d? not seem to feel anv difficulty about it iu Ikrtbclnmew'a, 561 Broadway. Their hat* are aa be coming aa those made of gayer color*, and the atyle and finish may compare favorably with the beat. The Eu genie is made of lavender crape, laid plain upon the foundation, ana tbie Li covered with dotted black lace, Hie crown i* pointed front and back, anil on *ach Hide there i* a graceful fullness, which leave* room for a pro fusion of trimming that narrowa aa it reachea the front of the hat. Another hat of tbe aame atyle ia compoeed of white ailk. covered with black laee. embroidered with white flo*a, Clack and white pearl*, forming a moat ap propriate outside trimming, and around tbe face were cluatera of white crape flower*. Toe Pauline, a very beautiful hat, w*? formed of bluck crape, and trimmed on the outside with erape rinbon* and jet blackberrie*. glancing, aa they awayed to and fro with the slightest motion. In the inside waa a profusion of lilac bio* oma, "with purple spike pyramidal," contrasting beautifulh with the aurrounaing black lace. The Virginia ia intended for deeper mourning than thoae al ready mentioned, and ar.mit- of no relieving colcr. Tbe material* U'ed are bombazine and crape !aia on in alternate fold*. The outaide trimming i* new ami peculiar, a cape divided into aeveraJ point*, 1 covera the front, the point* almoat louclUiy the edge, j and faatened down by a light embroider) of bugloa: in > the Inside a plaited bandeau of crape, reaembtiug the j present atyle of wearing the hair, passed <ner the tore- I heail and connected the aide trimming*. I eap mourning l bat* are compoied exclusively of crape, and trimmed with crape ribbon*. The crape i* laid ou th* fonmla ion, fold over fold, and small bow* of crape prnaaai from tbe centre of the bat, gradually increasing .? (lie till they reach the cape. MDlMnXO MANTILLAS. The "Lueretia, ' a spring mantilla from t tie sams establishment as the mourning liata we have described, [ is formed of moire antique, and trimmed with broad fold* i of i DgLah crape. The *kirt i* full and box plaited, and I a cape cut square .a front, de-cenda in a deep point to ' tbe edgo of the trimming at the back. The "Marie I Theresa'* ia a acarf-shaped mautilla, bordered with two I flounce* and trimmed with aeveral rowa of narrow silk braid. Quite a number of aioiirninit mant ill* are made j of a new material railed "barathea" which ia -ilk divest' t ed of it* luatre, and i* therefore eminently auited for deep m turning. HEAD IIRKSHM. A LA (in?rgt'K ? In tbia atyle th* froot hair ia worn | in thick maaaea of graduated frit curl*, incr?a*ing ia , aite from tbe forehead to the ear*. The back hair I* | braided ami looped up, but allowed to fall low on the neck, ao a* to be vlaible at a front view, and through i tbe braid* of dark gleaay hair glitter a profusion of I starry pearl*. The crown, a la Mar if Stuart, farmed aa u*n*l of braided hair, and, interaperaed with pearl*, pasae* over the top of the bead, at whatever iiatam-" ' from the forehead may beat become the we*r*r, and , wmpl-'e* thi* moat elegant and reckerchr *tyl* The , exact l( cation of this braided crown ia a matter of no al'ght importance, for It c?o be arranged a? as to , add to or take from the length o( the face, an<l nona* quently cbaage the entire exprwaaion of the connte- 1 nance An artist of tail* ana experience will arrange it very differently on different individuals, placing it higher er Inwnr on the head, according aa the face i* round or oval. A L'lMiKRAfKici!.? ' The hair i* parted rather far hack upon th* bead *o a* to brng a larger quantity of tt to the front, and thla ia dividM into two parn aero** the i breadth of tAa head, at the dmtance of three inch** from tbe fc.reheai!. Th* front lock i* parted on the lorahead. aad extenda plain to the ear*, and the balance of the front hair ia rolled from the back forward ovrr a roll of cruxpied hair vulgarly callad Code Tom. which form* a lame heavy carl falling over th* ear, and ha all the ap Bar.i nee of belonging to the head it aerv*a to adorn. le back hair i* twiated ia the caaque style, more com monly known aa tbe French twist, aad the ends are braided or twiated. as th* taste of the wtoMT may de cide, and brought round the head. No ornament of any kind i* adinmaibU with this mode. For these itvlea of hair dre*-lng we are indebted to Mr Dibble, of Broxd vay. the mo*' reliable authority ia ttieee matter*, and tbe i.reek atyle whieh is exhibited in hi* window attracts universal a<" mi ration. KKIHAI. DRBMK3. We have h?*n furnish* I with the following elegant and du'inifw bridal dre** from the aame rellabl* source. It constat* ef a white brocade, the coraage derm high and pointed, and around th* top of It runa a delieate nreatb of tiny orange bud - ami j?*-ainin?< falling down in frobt aed joining the tjovqutt dr enrtagr The akirt is looped up on the left aide w>th two bunchea of orange flower* and jetaaminea. The trimming* ara of white **tia ribbon, and a broad rash of th* aama material d?*cem!a almoat to tbe feet. The aiaevea are ahort aad , pnlfrd and trin.med with a wreath of tb* *ame flower* i that auironad tb* eoraage. Th* front hair i* combed back a la Marie St%art, forming a large heavy eurl tkiown back from the face and falling gracefully to the ear*, where it ia pufl*d three Lnche* from tbe face. The back bair !* tied, puffed aad braided. A veil or scarf four lardsloo? and one yard and a half wide, i* en twined Traeefullv in the kair, and frcan the puff* and braid* peep forth natural Sower*, amall aiieC japonic**, re ebu ' , orange bad* aad je?**m!ae*, intermixed with geranl'im leave*. The ?nialler flower* form i wreath or crown over which attend* a handsome <>r*ciaa brsid. The .-ei : faiiing over ami eavei'jplag the whole p*r*on, prr*en' the appearance of a lacs ?airt ever th* broeada nnd *r?atly eohanree :he beauty of the dre?*. A profu alon of owelty is concidersd in very had taate. (It) InUlllRrnr* . BtUJIII I Honnr^L. ? The Tea <>f/T*rn>.r* ha*? rwry properly datirmloed to hereafter di?peni?i with pauper labor 'n the BeJ?Yu* H> ?p ?< t ?u fouad 'hat M nick wer e art properly rare<l for by the roguea and ra <rjtit whn officiated a- m.r*e- noil attot >aata. Horn* ot tbtai wonlit it rt oraoi. otUera ileal, tot all would Ua and cou'.e not C? ifjed < n by tUe attend m* piiya;r.ar.?. Hereafter con>pet?%t otir?ea *!1) l??np:oj?<1 who will bo pal*! from eight to twel?e dollar* par taonth. Tbla U wail, the ick poor ?bouUl not be laft to the '?oi?r mer ci?? of the idle and the eleioua. RrsOvmRTA FlK? R??w.? A >>ey named WiUam (?at.tgber wa* ran ov?r by Mra r a*ia? ' o. Jl, n the nurd >7>mi> on- Kigb'li' ?1ra?'., on WVJnmay a*< D1B(. Hi> w*? nbcK. ok y In urM. Hi waa com eyed to the .-?T?Meentti ward ?Wt'i-n hoj<* and attendad by a phyaictaa. ArciT>**T 41 a CrfT Rati *a*r.._ KkUUp '(o-j, a ad o It ;ear? of ?r ??? run <rer bw car No si, ot ti e Ei/hth nnm IIm, oaar rortlMb etrat ' . aad >iaa(?r ooaly, aal. It i? feared fatally injurded He wa own reied to bia father'* ra Ideoce, In Fifty aeeood ftreet Act '>*>T ? T?a?* Mkm Dmwto ?A aa-! arcvlent hap pfOHl 00 Tuenar la-tat Yookar* by wli:r.i tbri* aim ware arawvd. It appear* tha' tha -loop .'oaa* f??Jth, on bar way frwtn Vw York to I'pper n?>r ?ii?a aeor Yoikm. ra thr v-Uni abrra, a apai/?l and teak alout a*e o'clock. <>al.? one -..aa . "x?'A name* W. liani Parry by etinbiag Bp tb^ BiaaUftd. Tl.a gasvi of the ftowtK w?-? Sir.bt a? fVy whoa* bod- j *ra? recorere I ao<J taken V> tke > t- n'tT- "italt Tfc a>( feertly. *1*1 fcrty-6'1*. nod t'atr'.ek ? - ? who.e be diea wira not T*t -'.re-ad hp* f Htxini 1&4. t ? *'b?-tir ?rt?- r> rl?yk laat ei?e n 4. an ilua ? u f.- ?a to- th' fa ir*> *.l> 'ft*, oe ea>.f a?d l.y a fir* 'ak.ftf plac? amori^ 4?'na atraw in a raer feaxataeal In the b-j a< No f'> i'lr oa a'iae' or. rt j ?1 h/ Mary HtlHiu- 4. i'ia fl.f-wo were r?ry acoo a- ti.?I r?mUat?o'f>i ?ru ?hed'' bafare anj far"!?al*r | daeia,: ?*? 4o*a to tai ba.Miric The f?w t> f (w-^'-.as, *? , belonttiitK to Mr* Mr|irf.< i era ten ?IiM?4. ?> ." wa* a? tba tt?? Of UM fr? . ItriHj i,?1 -r tb? of Ij (?or, eal V- f ?* . hfi. 'a ha- * b?en aana~l t y b? eare/s^a ??. 1 % ,?' ; Me?|<i4 by a atabar of taCw THE OPERATIC WAK. g|gM* AT?|a4ra unit Wlfr ?|fnln?* Ole Dull. Kit HTII DISTRICT COl'KT. B*for* Wso. II. VnnCott. Justic Tlii*' *?*? wa* again called up for trial TW |4aint .11* appeared and an*wer?d. A Jury f?< sworw, and the ca?e wm opened by Mr. Bull, who stated that the tW* wax for aemc** rendered to Mr. 01* Hull, then ?maajer of the Now York Academy of Muak, by the plaintiff*, I on th? pAit of hixniitlf, to P?*7 second violin la tb* or chestra at lift per week, aaA Mr*. Avaga'lro, M sec-iailo donna, at $J"< per week, escb to perform four tinaw a week, If required ; and 'ha*, they had ao performed for two week*, hot acknowledgad payment far one week. That the publie were quite familiar with the reject lla.-? up of that concern, and the various statement* from tha different parties ia relation thereto, &e. That It waa net hi* intention toeater into the meriisof tha rontroveriy b. tween Mr Bull ami Mr. Maret-.ek, .*i he conc?iv*J tuat bad notliing to do with thia cuse. TKNTIMONY Or MA* MA??T7ja. Max Maietrak waa the Br*t wltnen* called for 'ho plainlitf, and he t ?*tiliMa? follow*. -I em a musicni ulrector; 1 wm *o under the management of Ole liull at tk* Ae.Mlemy of Mutic, I hired tfca art in*. ?> for that <>pers ; Mr*. Avugadra was to recei y? $-1 Qfc per month In weekly payment lor whioh alio wa to .ling in *mall parti, Bignor Av.gaum waa to play secoaal violin iu the orchestra lor fl.'i, and both him*?lf aoo wile were to perform tour time* a w?k II requited, they pertonaed tor Mr. Bull one lortnight only: my autbor.ty tcengige theni a;i* derived from Mr Hull, and th* custom of niu Kical directors to d* tbia, Mr. Bull witnessed their re hearsal*. ? . Croak examined by defendant a counsel ? <i- Had you a written of verbal contract with Mr. Hull* A Kor cer tain purpose* 1 had a written aueliority from Mr. Bull; but lor huch as I have Mated, a* hiring lor auiatl part* an<nMtp*tra, a verbal contract. l{. Who wa* pre-ent when thi - verbal contract wa< made? A. Theie wrre about 150? all theu na??? I can not remember. y. Wa* thi* under the written or verbal contract that vou hir*d the*e partie- A. Under the v? rbal contract. y. Did you execute a written con' rn<rt with the plain tllf<' A. 1 think not; I am sure I did not with Mr Avo gadro; but 1 think there were a few linen ai voucher* bo tween me an! Mr. Avogadro. y, At what place did you receive the ?uthori?y you have wpokea of 1 A I received the authority at No. ft Clinton place, Mr Hull'* residence, about thi second week in January la*t; I was authorized to engage chorus, orchestra and *tnall part* by the verbal authority. Q. On what t? rm?, aud for whom did he te'.l jou to en gage them.' A. In regard to the term*, he l*(t K to my own Judgment , but I w.i* to engage the partie* iu the name of ule Bull k Co. Wbatfwa* that companjV A. There wa* uo coin iiany, but there waa one intended to be. Q. who war* to be embraced In that company . A. I waa intended to be one of that company , Mr. ;StraWo*cu and Mr. Bull were to be the other*. y. Why did yon consult Mr. Hull in regard to hiring theae partita?" A. Ueceu*e I wanted, a* au Soueat man to consult my partner about *ueh matter* a? interested him, and whom I ahould engage. Q. When did you engage the plaintiff' A. engaged Mr*. Avogadro about true* week* before the opening or the bouae, and Mr. A. aboutore week. ... y. When and why did you diaaolve that nartnerahlp A. I never did dissolve that partnership, Mr. Ola Bull, in a treacherou* way, obtained the lease >n liis own name, and that throw hia partner* away y What i!o you mean by in a treacherous wa jrr A. Mr Bull did not tell rae when the lea?e waa to be signed y. 1 rtd I net tell you A. 1 aaw jou (Mr. Bnlkaly ) around there very olten, and araelt something wrong, I aakeil yon were you there aoout tha leae*. and you *si 1 ye*, but did not tell me when it wa* to be executed, nor what partiea were to be named in lt_ ... - y Have the partiea in thia action liwii paid ?"Ttb'ng A, Th*v have for one week * rrrices by Mr. 01* (Bull, thioiigh hla hecretary, Mr. Watson , . u y. Did yon engage Mr. Watson as secretary- A. .No, sir, Mr. Watson wa* ei.?'a?et by Mr Ole Bull, ^rough Mr. Mrakonch, iu my pierence, on or about tli* jtn oi y. wLo recommended Mr. Wat?< o * A. Mr ^irakoach, at Mr Bull'a re*id*ace.Ko ^ Cli ntou place. y. How many times have Mr. and Mrs. Afogadro per formed to your knowledge 11 A Mr. Avofadrolja* played to my knowledge, seven times in public pernirmanc**, and two doien times in reheaisala. Mr* Avofadro *ung about aix time*, four times in "Hlgoletta and twiee in " Vavorlto." Sh* waa se unda donna . y Whet* did th* money come from to pay thorn ? A- ? don't know. ... ... y. l id you evar pa* them f A I never 'MJ. y 1 id you ever give Mr. Grove mooey U> pay them r A. No, *&. _ ,, . ... y. l) d you *v*r give Mr. (irove aiy n?oa*y A. ? <??, air. 1 gave him $60. . , y What for A. To pay for certain advertisement* about tha ona tb<n-*nil dollar opera which Mr. Hull advertued, but nev.r did anything for, Mi. Of or* tokl me h* laid for tlio?e advertisement* y. Wa* there, In that account, an Item to pay Mr*. Avogadro ' A. No, sir, nor no lt*m to pay tha orcbea Uy. What ba* becom* of the which wer* given to Mr. Urove)" A. I don't know I have not th* vouchers '"V'.aintltVs coun-el here object* 1 to the dafence entering into anv af the account* betw**a the narn**, contending that tb* paper* tUem*elve* could bt pio .luce.l and wera th* be*t *vid*nc*s lor any facta con tamed in th*m. The objection was sustained, and au ei?pti'?n taasa to the ruling of the Court by def*ndant's eounaal IHrect examination reeamed? y. What, at diraet/<r, were your powers in regard to sacuring artists, aacorUmg to '.he uae. practlc* and cuat.aa, Ob ecttd to on th* ground that no avidenc* of can be raceive l In thi* caa*. The Court overruled th* Nutation for the prenent, and lier* tlw plaintiff ''""J3 I'efen'lant asked tor a non *uit on th* ground? ilrn, that the -uit wa* not properly brought, a* there appanr ed (''.m tb* evidence to ba a partnership and s*e?no, that * husband > annot sne for th* wlf* s <?rv ie*a, *n* being unable to enUr int* a contract Mr. HuUetey here entered into a long argument In *iippott .f those point*, which Mr. Boole, declining to answer, left to th* discretion of the Court. The motion wa* d?nled and exception taken. Mr BuUeley then ?roca*d*d la sum up the c,.?* an I ?tated tbat h* had no witnesses to oiler bnt wo ili !??> * it to the mry to say whether the plaintiff* ought to recover. He stated tbat they were no hwbt swsre of th* full particulars of this operatic war, as it is t< rmed , from the nt.metons p*ragraphs in th* dally papar* ? tbat Mr. Bull w* * a q *i?e an'l honorable man, desiring to shrink from none of the payments Ju*tlr due to tbe?e parties uor any others, but tbat he had been lec*lva>i Jn hss partner*, and tbat while sick and in bed they carHeo o? affairs as tbey saw flt, and wa* obliged therefore, to shut up the Opera House. He contenoed tbat It was ev.uent, from tb* excited crnduct ef Mr Msr*t?ek. that i* entertain* 1 hostile feeUngs towards Mr. Bull which tnig it have 1?<. bim ta misstatement* in his testimony, II# th'n r* nuested the court to ch*rge that s partnarsh.p wa* | proven, and also that the parties cannot in any ca*e re i cover more than tb* amount due Mr Avo<alro Mr. t>>ole follow* \ lor tb* plaintiff, with a ft w remarks, ,o the . ffect that Mr. Bulkel.y had trave.le-1 out .rf the record, a nd volnnUeml sUVment* not foun.el on the evldcnc* How did tha jnry ?now that *lr B-iU was siek at tb* time th* opera was going on How aid they know 'hat Mr. Bull vas sn honest man There was no evidence before them on either of theee points but th counsel bae appealed to newspaper rep. rts, anl be could do tb* *ei?* to show tbat Mr Bull was not honest and to tb* fact that tbe*a per?on- , tb* plaint."*, had not been p*id for service* ten ler*d H* tb*n examined t.ie evidence in sufport of his points Th* court brlatly charged tbajury who wi.iori . *v ing their aeats, r*turn*4 a verdict ol tt", the %n?? i?t claimed. The T.atr ( uatnna llnuar Iflinrt. TO TIK 1 D IT' iK or TH* UrKALP. I ifr.ira to IK1M' a atatomrol ma l? In jour 'o! tnOJ of be M (a-t., and to 'upply tha far'a id t'> tba recant ariiura of 1117 err iperty .od o b?r pr?}?r'/ is air paMeation, by tha'&ltoctor, Parroyor, tod >a*a Ofllear of hl? for'. Cn thr l'.th taut., * larva QuBl*r of office* of :h? <jim toai? h.ob the ecatody of a; ?atire of it** I >1 nf, M I iioilerataod it, that 40m* or . ? of U.*?n lad t>r*n ?m' >f(i*d. Tliey nl i ned p??>oa< /o itirtag ?ha iajr time un i ti e 1 .'th ia?t and ? iu/e { 'b? aJfli* tbay l?/t or aalea ??ale>), an<i th* lay* to 'ha keepinf of mjr 0"UB Ml A thorough anatr. nation of tba *oodi wai > rrle4 Ml &Uy t.r.tll the l^h tea , when ? an>a yirtl' ? ti '.he ?t I'1 about M/-00 Id raioa, aa vu ??! ??> now >iat# ? w 1* ramGrWl. on the ?;!???? .tl <n that 1* h*d taan fM I". ??< p ?? <1 la a U.T *ad aealao with toy ?? al, which ron iitio . ptaautaa 1 bow ri?i.a< Before tha l*?w<Tal, 'heC: a'otr. H ?e a?th'*!'t*? of fera<! ti' aiiow ?>* to prom t! a tbl f. o<!a h d r."t ria?? ( ?Biiif# H, wtirb o "ar I uivlar tha ?'>iea ?>' < r, .t. ?l '.I.at lto?? Wbo 1-b rfrt au ji* eVTr fa. a i to pr??*a It Aad 1 c mm . nlfa'-od Ui ' tkat a? t haJ ?i .. /*n-yla thra'a- tba/ntfl 'air ?Mk ?>f aa that might jad(? to h? fit >?*??< ?a ym at la, of <-our?a, tor tha a'apa they a- /h' ta?* 'or tl H ntitt* ti 'W *it that f tbay bn at aHM ;--n eluar #?!? lilt a thair aatry ta'o xi pla>?, aad afarfrr*a<a w! b ? 1 b it.UM far aevaral i.'aj?, la tu arbitrary aad h (b haftO*! an It la yf/par, brtweter, th?t I ?r r> *0#, aal tkraurh )oi to tha pab r, tkat if aa m4?a" tar. ' aa to ?t'4bi>ah th# cfcargw of ain 1(4.1*4 aba 1 to o*aia4, tl?r t ?baU pn-i" act rair tha prop*- p irehaa* af tha ri 1 'ii by m? aaa tha rth<-- ewa?.-a bat alaa tb . m ?t of than ?rra maaufartarad u my ?wa wt i? ? a mr o* at?>p o tb.? e'y IWMK^I ( . ?Irraay City I n<# If a im a> ? ft nn -V. P. Hull, ? ?*Vr*n ?1 *>? aal for mar > ? tittaf aad pr pri ?ar ef ' a ?<??? Vfwn ? i?* ic' n> -a r?f ?o'Jy af tV II U -1 ' nV-; 1 U : ia Uia ?Ur?t atthara-n ?r of * :oa ????ot : 1 saw*#* aiaaua, a arrwiy fWy. yawtor'.- a a ft "f a| W-yiaiMCfCi it ? H# waa at?# t T) *aar? Hn hau 1 ' aa (c- ib?o wm? ;ai'. '?? faabla A ft "w> ? B /iarn He 0a Wad i -aUy 1:, -r ?f a V<a?kaKith'a ab'.f, a'. U? a ?'?a jaa--y a' j 9ngtmVw% a?ar 'bo -v^oad fra??, waa bfcwa ti o trt tnaa'a aeJ U.? i .ia kraath at verb a*, t <? a ??< fel fid. tMa.iof a aa L?od (.r.Mrpt a? too ? la ?aa ia ? ? ?cTj, A *?,;?.< paw :?r, wtta Uto h?a^ ha?" n la U.? ?i.a,i d -tru ha ai'< f.frlaaa, w 'it I at a^*-? til w?a aot awara o' aa*. '<4 aa' aa im ? ! w -a' ? 'rt. a a park af tra -a th? bt|, aa: ?^?< a* Nrw Hompelilre lleclton. We ta.a tin ft iUjw ,ng table au<l tiicwui; mf the rr alt of the late tlMtl an in New liampabitn from tVrCow?rl I'Mrxnt, the a' ini?*at ration orga-i. Itn voU? for tio? finer, b.' tout t<-?, at toil thua ? li<%ktr lull, iUnler, ( otn/tet ilrm A' K w*tij / mil. Hnckmgteiaa 4,l*i ?.<>4? Mia 317 Hi* Herd ... U,C4ft 3,IT? 3*. !?)1 lielknan 1,573 1. 411 137 40 Metralf'a neurit/ 1,0 ?31.0M Nine ainall town* rem .a to be heart frot ltelcw ia ibr J'airi ,n i auaimarr of lb* icraa* defer t In it own word*. Ihe Am* ?icibh'' ?u?n a.'tord la l>* ? all Ml ''Hindotia," rmiaMering 'I"" moKillcation wthchtk elr uncoy muft have fell in ? hroui :l!ag *uch a <l.*a-itr*u ? ant rvfrwhelmin/ defeat ? (ioTfrnor ? Kalph Mrtcal!1 *ia American caadiria**, ia choien Governor, by about HtH? laaumty urn all ether* Member* of Cungree*. ? Tha AanriaH can 11 1 at* arc elected Id all their coug-eiaiooitl .liatricta TMey are a* follows l)i-tri?' No ' .lame* Pike la el*ct*d by atx?ut 6,0(Xi. Dutliot No 'i Maaon W. Tappan ha* ovar neajoiity. LUtrict N>. A. If. Cmfn lj.?- about majority. Kailrimti Commiaa loner ? KraarW H. I .y ford, American, la chossn Ka iroad CMtail inner by a majority eooawbart larger ibao tliar of Metcalf. Tuo Council ?The American iaadidat** apjiear to ba cbo?cn in all of ttn? five Councillor iiiati u t> rti .'??Dis trict No I, John Dane; No. 3, Mnliolae V. Whitehou*>; No 3, Stephen Smith; No. 1, Mlltoa-C Mel lure, No. 6, William 'leuney. Tlio Senate ? Karen Senator* appear to b?choa*n, tao of wfec.li vera the Ainnuraa canui'taten, and on* demo crat. In the other <li*Uict (the tita) there ta probably no choice, although our return* do not render it certain that U I). Maaon, tha Ameri-aa can lidate, i not elect ?d TLe Seuaton elrclrd area* follow* ? district N<. 1, M. tree. In a Hull or I No 'J, Ihotna* J M*ivin No. 3, Na than Parker; No. 4. William H iiiiford; No 8, 'Jeorge V. Hirrmg, No 7, Mo.dy Hobbt; No. H, (ieorge W llohliH, No. U, William llaile; No 10, Nath m Mudgtttl, No. 11, John dough; No l'i, Jon*< It. Sleeper. The llnuae ? HecUonlitg four yet to hear from, it ap peara that ther* are MO elected) of whom M > were ohixen an democrat*, and were alerted in oppoeition to the C4mi>c.ratii. Vlany of the latter pr< bably full "ne thiol, hare alway* herttofpra acted with the democratic paity t'ounty OfHc?r? ?The demAcrala hare electe'1 their county iiiticer* in < <wa couuty, and probably tn llelkoap am CartoU, but ilie latter or" clue* nil the otlier ruun t if*, Tit.? itookibKhmn, MralTord, Merrimack, liillabo rough, Chvihire, Sullivau and (?tafton, have rhoten 'he Aoierii an ticket. Tke*e ate the re*ult* of the (lection thu* 'a c What, ie to follow them re ma in 4 to b* aaen. Two United State i Senator* ? one for *U year", t^aunoaad Mr. Nor ria, and one for four y> ara, V> llil the vacancy caune l by the death uf Mr. AtberWin, will of court* be cbo*en from the oppouent* of the deta >oratx party. T!ie*e, and the election of m< mbera ot (?ogr*?* oppoteil to ua, are the reeultn mc*t to lie deji' irt I by ibe ileiuo' ratj of New Hampshire and of tbe I'nion. Polttlr?l I >> u iii,i tn - . l>RIU>lliBNTIAI. MOTKMWiTi. The New Orleana ltfr I wlugf aeema rather ravoral-ljr impreiard with (ieortc> '?*<*'? lett-r, and aay* tha' It m waiked by a hurty fri:. .ne?? a?l i* decidedly vigorou* and cpirtted a it* tone The Witaliinfton .SWitinW, protean, ug to b* 'lemncralin, th nka the movament in lavor ef i.aorge law for Uie I'rvtidenry i* abeurd , and while it aay* that ha ha* remlerad no aervice* u> ttie -ouatrv, ia yet willing that lie aaoull lie pltetd in a poaition wl.are good in'eation* and nbund ju<igmeut niignt be rendere<l available i-ome of nut Southern cotempora-iyx are in favor of a romen.ent in ttak *eeti<? of tlie t nl? n with relereu'-e t? the u" ?t|Preaid''B<*y . Tlie Cajlumbii^frt. C ) 7 1 ??, f ir eiampte, fecoii.milia a t'o'itliernOinven'lon. t- > be called tiatore the uaual 'laa for hi ldlng tne National Conven tlona, and t > conaitt i f an e<, ial immber of <lelegaiea, whiga and dtiuociata, Iroi* all the Southern hlate* It ia a<:vi*ed that tt.ev meat and agTW u[hjii a platform, an : pleOxe tbunaaWe* Mid tbeii lonatituenta to aupport the Dominte of afty n^ltonai party that aha'.l In good filth adopt that (Jat'orm, Ne be wnig or d?B O'-rat. A torre-ptmdent of tha Mobile .Veva recommenda Hon. Jam** Hue an n for tha n tt rra*tdaocv, and Jefleraou I?aeia for 'he Vice ]'te*id*n<y. I^eoiel Jenifer i* anuoi.:i' :,b/ the Wa?Mnf'c>n I'nioH a ccndidate for tlie n> it C<ngvo>M from the -rath Cos greaaional d atliet of tiarylaud, * ubr icing t he oounti* of ft Mary a. C'harlA 1'rinoa George'*, Calvert, Anne Arundel. Montgou>e/y uod Howard SaaVTtrKtT or N'OBTaaMITOV, M??? ? Tb# following | ticket for town ofioera waa volet o< by thu K'loa Nothing* ia Nc.itbamptoo, M* . . at tha elaelto* ba 1 oo the 19th (oat ? Pnr Moderator ? Samuel > l.yina.i /?hr 7'wei Clnk? Sar- uel Wei. a lor f.trrtor ? Haarnel I'araona fur Trnuurer ? Seim.fi U !'*??<>na mr MUstimrn Sanvaal )i?y, hamuei Si-anMa, Kanuei Wi.llatc*, Samuel W, I^e Samutl Wright /'or ( V/Bj.<iW?j?Mariiuel llo'Uim, Maattal i"h? i>?, ?am uel I.. Bartlett, Samuel I' Jojea h>aiu*lS FJw?>l. Only a portion of the ticket wa* elected Mai trie A trail a. I.arsi hw ? Mr faaac S Santh * Son launched re*t"r day, at l'J o'clock, from Lbe.r yard at Hoboktn a three maited (Upper acbotner, of abo it W tuna She i* in landed for the Wilmington trade, u il*r tha command of Captain Caapar Borert Mr Kdward I1'. William* wtl' launch from hie yard at Green I'oint, t" ai'.rrow, a' 1 o'clock, the beauttfal clipper bark Kisot, o( 400 ton* burthen, built fot (tovala It Co., of thi* city, and Intecued to run between New Yor. anif tl.a Span.ah Main. Her dimension* are 1 -?? feel keel, M feet bean am. II f*?t bold. Ivt*???timi n? Pttor-.? An ettraet from the health law* af the State will be foubd la our alvart aii g el uma, particularly referring to the dut eaof tha p iota of thi* part en boarding v?aa*li bo. .ml o. Wlllla (unburn ('Iff Nawa. pmvitrn im * Po?i>? Cnirn ** TaaJir ? Y**t*r d>; iltrmMO Ooidwr UawlliiM b?IS u u at lb* ham-? Ko 71 V?r?t att*at o tb* .'iilftlk t?rl, oo lb? bc4y of ?n infant Kin, two ?i. 1 a talf y*ar* >1 ?(?, of .-l?phao Babartia, who *?? aer.ltulaUy a > ?uck*o lot. Tha jury r*nt?rad a ??fdi?t tbal l*?t?r llubait* udw tu bt* <t??tti ?.y 1r?"?Bin< a tl.a aaiak*a l?t la V?r?t *tr?*t by Mra. Hla*l<lou Tha >arv ! furtlirr ? w m ?al<t l?t, tn . < knot. ? otbor ? mkao W>U la thacitj, i1an|?r'.'.? ??>??(?', aa4. wcu! ' /?* ?o 1'ia** har n| jar'.?!ietioa la Uaa wtt*r t? hara IUa>;i BJ*4 up or 'n.cA is. Tick li^nnui N a?wi ImiX araBiri*, tha auoafar* of tbt laai'.atrlal r?hc4j| (I'ao'vrn 4M tint,) ataclaJ tb# full'.wiof* cfllefi ? ci?w?nt Kf. Mr. Hatlfway, Hw. 1 r**.tl*ot,J B W*i,a,Tr*?aurar. f?r t. S C^It MtBoiag Mamll Tha u.aiBilttar r?p<.rt? ?. tba raoaty'.* <>f tia# an-a. *r?ary U?t w< k at 1140, ahkb <u?M a!."itt H ? j. a tba tmaaury. Pb? r l.rrm<< ? Yaa ^ ay a/tar?a,?n, a wrraiaa rMat b?r u?ro? %J Mtrftft !"ity, arf?a l byHargaat Doughty, of tha K atb 'i?trtat polio* n tha aait-afataal lag > ptaea of c?Ur' from tba < .or* i f Wil' urj X>!Un a firanat atr*at (**>??? |/> ta*?* >**a ?town, w?f* a'*n fo-jr.<1 n !>? r peaaa?Moa A' ? >?l ??? Mnmlttad 90 tb* call* p ? w Bo?i **,. latM'f* T<" < * .? Va?t#r Jajr, Youaf Am?? ea ll<ak aa<l U <5*r <? Ha . KatWu dJatrict a?^>?ir .ibio<J by '"b.af l Taltot, A alataata Rmi( Wai Vllbt IRd RmI Mr W?<fk>? fnr*-fiaa of >a,(ina Co No. a at :nra*-1 .-'a**' tad A ! Ma'a baa t prr raart*-! 'a Ravart N J MP tM MMTHH ><f bna(.D( baas* tUair a* ? Iff k, ?! ? l? '.ita ci?>t frn* ?? *a4 ?l?*?tt oo? la N?? for* <?f r 'iruty 1 ha m 'i, p n* war* ?*?a. >? i ?' N??in by l(i? Hnart if Pa m?-??iar? <jf k .r? ?n<1 W?t?r < aaimi'ta* 'r>-? man ?r ! <???i ?' ? n* ''*?? ?*? r.f t:,? tirtrit ',fa '.'Wtpat.'M arr- ispaaM>t b tba J?C?r?<iri bria i?4 Tba pat ' a*r? tba pa??ta ? ' t * N?a?r. f. ???? i ?a4 rf ? rtienar at H?aar1 . Ratal ?h?-r# laalb war* cl'isli tai r.< a ta lo?iU on aaa ??'#? ??! at>< ar?apt?i, *t> : tb? ? <>f !?* *??? <rt 6r* <V> I * 'Bj?oI tat 1. 1 na'i wlU. tb?,r i?H?ra t<. U-.? ttj </?? ll.? r ri-'B'"! thaj ??ra*a*''t? *??-ral of ?trnta V; HmA la^rrC* *o I In tba wntti, ? ba flfcnpahf, wrtl psrlcM af 0? *i?wiJant 4tan*r ?!??? a b< ' I. in It ./d a'./awt. ?fv*' wLi'.b t *ra aaa a t??*t o' r<*~.a ?b. b ka*t*4 a Ul> '.??r, at i paaaad C U- tba aatufart.' 'i af al* a<i ?ra?l Tai BALTtMOU Mrr.ioM#r C?Wt **r*cx k u ra> f >n- (p?r ? Tl^ i'?J*anu-? (?af*rw?c< af n? k palpal ? bu?r? ntjr, rial >.a t>?? 21*1 aa'ABt, af'*' B *??*??< n ?* lai ????. TV? wit mutt* a i* ta ba .aid l-i l*fai at-a*t Cb?."h Ra ('?'?? OB tt? 'X ?f !?^ ' >u Tlta'il *1 ant aphakia aara ?>?. ? .a fator af tba Ana* rt'?t H ? I* Ha *l??* aa<1 fJbloakaataoa ?B*a, aa; lb* raw tt aa4 r*a- .?la< a* aa^tad or4*r?1 far fw??i<?U?w a ia (? ywrttaa c>f tba ?mralf M?<u>a ?>. ta ?b? ?a?*'7 ,?'?t ?/a at.l'b ?iaa tb* ?'m'-r*i-* ? r'-al:.U?na tt?m ti * Cbia ??? V vaa a ca?>' --? a* TV* p* K' '??*" iba *">artB?io abnfar-r. - , wk ?b ;r? Em* aaMMMOr la prah bit at tta art af tba ana ?rat | a Bat faacbrr*, Uia buy r?? **l'f>f er tatiiag )> ? aa ba ar* aa >la*??, wa* aaaaaaea"r?< ia by a aia aaaa rata Tka ra?alaWiaa *aa-iUi Utm u?* Uk ? eaa f* *aa?, fr*,b?fc!\ ac Ita b-ir'?# ?* ??'" ?"??? rk.Hran wttk a a Natra' **> V* ?*v? *?* a?4 ra^a ? it j 'baauaariia taaa af ?la?a? wbaa ti 'a/, ba a*aa* f, aM wOxaartii.^17 Utt<a, a*r aW V Vb? >ta? (??' 4 rA* Tl" i^hjror'i OOef. w w,*m LOOU* ? ?" WIYIU-^ un- Knavrmo CAAH, "'^w^n?.irM tk. ^ ItUor, which 9i|'1a1oh ttnoftf HO* r?UMMI W.K>n, *"rh "? l,U* 1'IakSii Si X mouth* mo I tonk ? n. m ? Mif I kr Vork, *nd took room. will ajV w.I. !? ' 't.7* ? .IT wban my buslMM failm* aaa on aow?,1Qt -? ? ?d oot b.^ .ti. t? .uSp.^ ^.^jrjrr' ?'m? on to my n.tlre eft/? ltontou ??"p?itod to Hh*nllnft bavtiw jant mow; omouaii for, lU_ *?"??*, I could not tak. iuy wito?but il ??. .tlpul.Uo. tb.t *fc, wm U, ? .KU^" or to mm of failure, to writ* am, mm! I wnuli *n.b?!t I"11*; w h??i brr rom*- on but foui mb ti. .W.Vi |*DW ,.k*" racni.ad mrsnvw* from bar th. earl. P i .. rM"rUd ?? ? bou.aof IU f.ra. m, a^"? ? " Uur,u? ^ ?>?r. It aucla v-^i.*Abut ?"?nWaa. abort atatn.-? baa tor n^t ,h"^ ?r""<li'l"fl?r'? to...? ,|>^r IhiatL jfT ftT.JutoJ " * W<th "" bf,1JtonU ?uU* W .uld you do ma tba faror ??? <**?,? h.r ?^ut?, u your walj known cbaratananca " ?od 1 might ?ay ubiquity, would ? >en*r laad t? ||?r^Xa' c""'7 ttno by any oltor m.thnd '"r at ululY U,t T?/" c*"I*0r ?'?* ? ir?rri?t Kabhtna. m ,.P' k"'"r" *o?o?a of r....r ( I ?,'? * Hi? V Wo It *M n-jort-M l.u? ?l' ' / * ,,7 on,Jr iU} *?* ? faror I *?k -~disr<>r?r iT olltriri.* ?a'l oot l*| t!i? incident to amaau.t tiTl <1'*c"v*r b"r r*tr*?t, and .lir? t a wl.. Vt"?'!*'. ,or lU >"??"*) to m. at ZLm * l ,ool, a't"r h" "?? "???>" ^^rr.r^rsi^r.i'rrT-.r^ your*, tary truly, kc * 1 r*n"?,w Tb. Ch.#f.f^llJ#| Mr Mat?<N, wan loioMKliataly Mt to fork to U jat up tbr lo.t wit, a?l aara bar from tlx. 4m graca, loti ?b cb it ?a> aupprarU aba ba<> faiian Ta ?lr,y *?': ?? u?ilar?too?j '.O b. a m," h.utL J? fata ' I"' 1 ?*a ?u.pi-|..? ? to )?, tha <TiUf .?*DC# h th" in?*"'"?n. of tha Ma/o* irr ^':^h ? "iris t, ,<J <l??pair, aba naU a?uxbt rafuvra for a T ,*? in?a?U*?li()D .1 w.. a.irtal?^ o?t ti" ^ wuifh tia-l rrarh^j il?# h?i?han?f? rrra, to u?^iii2 aliora rouimnnloalioai, w.a utterly falaa i?(| all!!, tolora bar, wblcb. it a?m,, ,h. Ud ?d.?naut*r - . rwfa.rto, rUbar U, lira a.,| ba ^ po^r,"^ tV t?l v ? do *T" ?n<1 ? *o^?n baraaM aant harT* | '!" ?/ U.'" """^ '?ttara ??,lcu h?l Im. Haf h?- / fc bu.baud bad a*ar raarba.j l.-r, an I tteaaa ?to! hiBi bjr hrr no it eftm? to j,,, ao,| |,??rA tk. raaob wbirh n f?? waaka' abaanra ba<t ??T?r*?<l TKa r! ?.*?.*-""1 to.b*T .''"???ttd no Monday arcninf laa* af. I hm!? '? ".'"."h ^ l? rat urn far a' ?3 .MS . ???rr h f?,r my w lft n,,..,!, /.l' , UB itSiwi'r ?" ^^?!2B?"'s?zr?; ^^a?;???S?5r?: in ?l.a baprr ro,.,?ni.?"r ^raaad*^ tbat ?U1 rV?M 'v','"1/ ? ??" Miur .7.,^:.^;. ' noi o.T?? iu. /lltV.r. "" !?/'"""? "? r'Ualt.aua. !>'.? Ik a .tat. af'b-amiiJ '??? .tf.ok.a, k?.. Whit' "'r*' ttolly, It * J loat bij , ,cr 000 M*ri U for u"1* W}" aiiAKHK or Riiaur AUAtVWT pot.io*?Kw ? l-toin Ihtcbatt. of -ba koarU w.?t, . f,w a,? n>?daa laawnt upon . ,i,oc# bouaa :n * at?r atraat tad a.r.,tad th. kaaprr lu, wlfa and about tnirty of bia to raab. boa?l,lt, .. ti,,y ?? eaUad Tba ka-par at, a. ra'.l'l "T4' keoof*"'"? t? Mayor W ,r') e-tUlnpollcaa.n,,, tba rour?b ward ?ar* ac^.u,^, fro^ iSK1 2;^* c?sr* ,o ?? ?? torT'.nd'1.?0 ?-:4e.u,^, 5TtX:s*^ w^r'^Ti.'ihrricr?:' ,,f ? ?* ?? r?r&nf 'h* !:,U,lh r?r?*A?d 'k^ I . * "*'"?? <t* I a ?I htaUi JT k? ?bo bad OTar.taya.1 Ub. la.,, of .b^oa .27 7L tb <- un...r .r aat byTha aM rTT"- 4 *** f ?u.f nd.r to tl.a I nltad duta, ?mJL ,1/, L tZ" "'T,T*d " ? Uon f..? ^-Uafirt^ ,od ?"? of^:;^- ^ .?4.a,te tta I t* MarW^' 'Wb;r ?rter?? ? lar^T.'.t" h?'" \m'U?V "Uu? ??'? follovinc ?ort.,? ?h . eltyou lanaU.lou, b?t *?(? ? "?u.l of llu a a. oifarad for b . .....f! "J', "I. board if tba N.irth ( ? ?"??* ?*1 daiirary ir rr v- ^ ".J N.nV^rXalb".?;r Wr? I>^d',jtr*MJC U'*r *'n1 11 * .toil than orora^ud to tb. Iboo.J,. f?ry^( b>?ai of lb. boat ba CKbMit*- , a ro ?? ? ??',?? *? V *n "?'lW hl? *? -'-.I.I ( ?a ? I -/ aa^'k' ^b*Zr ?fl.r thay uabaaitolfAf ly K.ilal a^l .u' VL ? taraa.1 T<.,nr,U?ly to tbr .bfp 4l u. ^ Uh*r ?t tba fart. "b. anT M? ? 17 ,*rW" -"??7 f* h,? ^ Mr Cbby inari that ba f? MWru.,, .. -hart,. . .ta!?BD?Dt u, hl? r r- T -7i| , jTjxT-^ v ^ fouad t*. oSoart, attoad^l to aa4 uvb .oai-7. ???. unabia to talk ?ltb !.i>. ,? , '??f XTlTbanTh1" "?*t u"n u t ?th"aki ir.V?"-'1 V' h " ? t *U>t?mrjK INbfrt ruai?| Op nabsi. .a * T?M laj Ir.ab flrl, of raUwr prap,, ? 1 fortbap.rpoMof ' '? ? botn ab. 'barf*, wttb barior i?i ,, ? . . prafniaa of aurriaa, * * l??r ?alar a^s- .r-j-i -ss~; ??.?? u-. ?. f ri,-:. -.rsr .2 ?b..?rrB ;'.'/t . f? -a-t ?o rvtara, milk niaab ran.il. rv '** r:;; i c-*-Z.'izrj?vzl? sa*': v-fd -b.^ .b. JST'i ? - Mp<l*l kaot To tbl. .rr.a^ZTlf bT t*0' "* *"* Ud oa tba ,rMMd t^t VkSTTZL . ?????'?? ak ? ay of hi. ar.i to tok.!?,rT J!""" ^ ^ z, y *t ?* h"* ?h* ?iw? tbat ?.. w to >>'? ??> u.. ^.a.:rr^ir rr.m^iauly e? , laad^, ?? ?>.. ^ ori laTua . -TTT* tbl t.'.aarar to innk tor to Ika W ,.? 1, . 4**' to ? atk Mrwt a bar* to i?,k u,m m * **' . .aa.adwlf. .. !. aba-k ^?4*L '???Ul atori 'in/ rwii iv, ahaa.iJ j n*"^ to of a ba?d m,i. rhlld .a .^TaT. ,w ' 4-1 "r? ? ] I ' Oa, ^,n .fu, ' ^?rr ?ba an. .-.-*.4.. ttot to L> Una, . W'^" to f?..a, atraat l! L*LL a!! ii srisar2tj?..'r-"' - ll ?? Tha Room rntr*'f> *A?n< (??'. Tl > ?f Mi iratrt A brr iMr mjh ? A ri'/tkf tb? in' irv?i mm rill h?f? , ? I: ll(|kM of N?? V-ft ?fc ? '?-?1 ')>? r?MM| f / mmfi* ? ia? I a. 1 Ifca y ?>??/? ?* lr?'.M Um >? ?J"1'* ,l? Kf*? M I-- fiot* <)? ? '?? ?" Tr? 'ir'ataa frt*i Ih?|4 , t? f< ?(>??/?' fc ht? HWmiJ IMfai ah*. I?y <? ? wmj aaaa mm U* ? a* W?e?- ?? w # liaftfc >r* to W ???' ?*< rU?, M I ? wati T" ?r? ? fa ?r*>a '????; ?W Uirta A????i'*a fan ..m h> ?? li. ?f ? '>?? ?? ' ?? )?J la'?rr??1?r"a M 4 ' V ?'<??) U? of Om Jwf'H ' *apa >? ?;h Tfc? bj.'TMwm f M fkapUo fca* t f) < ITimm. ot *?? T rt-ki>< ilr. ? mU4 ? .. btr 4 hf >h faai ;>? Ik -u(k '.t? ? a ArtUafc - t -r* |MM> mrTiij. >- tfc. rt'ia* t /*??*???>? *?? ?... ?,?? ??*!? * * (? Mrt4?r??i II m 8 M j 1 WIN ? JW*. * t?mk. i * *??(?? , l|? ' ftl *? ? ff W T I W 'Man t b r?<H * JM, . -? . i ?? ?? a a>*a#i ii i j i ri-.i Hit ' r? vfl H J W Natl, Mrs ii?*? ?? 4 '?vf ? I ? rl < .? I !/??.? ? r K??, K ? . V 1' *\ ?' "*????* ? H ?' ? * ''n**;* ?*?*, ca?* r ran ?<< ?#*. a? ? r*?a, aa4? la <*?*fac* 'a MBIvm aaaa*. 0?ua, wiflki NitM* (? ?a. '?"?* ?" >"*??< ta ft** a*a ha' <a* a< l? IWa wrJ?w ?r Ua *U aM*> ul ?? .u* la ? k? a?w. ?r kij ta mct

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