9 Nisan 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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h A 'M N THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6800. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1855. PRICE TV,,rO CENTS. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Political MMt Social Condition of Affairs? Annexation Views of BrasU ? Preparations Co Kc-Attack Petropaolowakl, dtc . By tbs sseival at this port on Saturday of the *taam bhip Uliccia, we hart? been put in possession of S1m of Valparaiso journal* to tbs 27 tk of February, anil of I im i journa's ts the 10th of March. The lepublio of Chill ira* at pease internally and ex teioally. Its agricultural and mineral wealth wae being prosperously developed, and trade was a stive. The mining in coal, which ban recently received attention, wae increas njf during tie month ol January. There bad been exported by the porta of Sots and Coronal over 7,000 tose of Anthracite coal, at price* ranging from Ore to aix dollar* the ton. Of that quantity over 5,000 ton* were lor foreign porta, the remainder for home porls. The republic was alao malt'ng great progre** in the con ?tructioa of roxda of commerce. A road hid been com menced deafened to unite tba port of Tamu to the city of Concspttoa. Tberai road from Valparaiso to Santiago was being briskly pieated forward. The completion of the tunnel was celebrated with all tbs honor* on the ICth February, The condition of public education was al.o fluttering, lbs nutnlerol pupils in public school* had increased from H UL2 in 1HW, to in 18*14, wbiio the increase of school* during the same period was 83. This u ex. clnaive of private and conventual school* The State had, during the same perioj, distributed among the pub lic school* over 98,0(0 volime*, comprising 7,600 copies of the l.fe of Franklin. The journals ar? Beginning to discus* and recommend tke enactment of a Mtine Li qucr law in Chili. The expedition for exploring the southern rivers had ?et with some difficulties The object of the explora lions has been to ettect tne navigation of the so itbern stream* ? the Biobio, Imperial aud several other* in the province* of VaMivia aud Concepc.on This enterprise, however, with all it* Impartancj for t in southern sec tiooH, fca.t bail to contend with . obstacle* which have prevented the attainment of an object so de.tira! le as tbs aavgnt.'on of thets river*. Still, it is believed Mr. Mlnti.io, tbu head of tlie expedition, will make now pro posal* to the government, In view of the difficulties of ths esse, to open canslt, and so avoid those obstacles, which havs till now prevented the successful navigation oftbeBicbie, at least The river roltnn is ascertained to ba ent rely navigable. lbe administration ha* been by no means active of late. Scarcely a single decree or u public measure of any k ind ba* givan the least 1 odicstUn of life. A l'ru*?l?n Charge d'AfTalres was on hi* way to the government of Cbili, anil had already a.-ri;ed at th* ; Argentine provinces. It was also stated that tke American minister in San tiago would ere long return to the United States, leav ing ths Secretary of Legation as Charge d' Allaire.. ihe fcogUali and >rench squad ron* were proceeding to rendetrou* at >ome point whence they would net out for a fresh at:acU on the Russian fonr>*s of Petropau lowali. Hie Admiral of tlie French PaclSc squadron ?Pes Points ? sho commanded at the last attaci on that for tress, bad died oa board bl* ship previous to arriving at Calls o. AltOENTINK REPl-BUC. The pre* was mostly occupied on the question between Parsguay and Brazil. Comaerce was rather paralyzed. Several failure*, ;imoog prominent houses, ana attributed to various causes, bad occurred. The p*pers of Buenos Ayrex give ths intelligence, as almost certain, that IVmi and Velez Sa/sfleld would be appointed, by that government, to vi?it tne Argentine Confederation, lor the purpose of gaining its good offl'.ss, to assist in ellorts to all*y the pre >ent misunderstanding between Braz<l and Paraguay, so as to preserve peace. Possibly, by these praisewo.thy measures, war, wltb Its train o! bloodshed and commercial disaster, may be pre vented, between two states of South America, for whieh amity and peace ought to b* perpetual. In Paisaa measure* have keen taken to form the sta tistic* of production and consumption: and to gtve la geoeral an exact Idea ot the natural advantage* of that portion ol the continent. Untie 2d of February the anniversary of the down fall of Rest* was celebrated in Mendo/a with a magnifi cent ball, given is the salt on of the Provincial Legiaia tuie, and a concert nt which Biscaccianti sang, she was oa her wsy to Buenos Ayro>. Tbe question of candidate* for member* of the flrst provincial government it already on ths carpet . Opinion is a goo 1 deal divided. BRAZIL ANT) PARAGUAY. The whole Uraz.Llan rquadron baa ascended the watsr i ol tbe La Plaits ; it was computed of teenty one venae!*, sill told, steamer* and sall:ng craft. Likewise 8,000 mm have been ordered by Bnzil to ths fron'.isr, waiting tb i command to invace Paraguay, which It was suppose I was but poorly prepared to o:rer any effectual r >*ist anca. Notwithstanding, Parsgnay had assumed au attitude of leeutaac* to tint giant power. The steam *r Asuncion, just art ved from Kurnpe, bad gooe up the river, com ?senied by General Lvpez, soa of tho I'reatdent of Para gway, sai carrying engineer?, naval oon#trncl?rs and machiaiNts, for th? prS|>arat'on of a aqua Iron able to fare the BniziHaa. Paraguay abound* in tine timber, and it is by no means impis/ibln to construct a flotill.i fer ha defence, but it has not teckoaed for thtscaati nt*s of time, and the want of sildiei* aud sailors. How aver, behind these preparation* for war there i* a mis sion frr an amicable arrangement for botb parties. The Brazlliau minister, Da 1'onte Rlveiro, bad gone to Para na for a conference with the national governmeat; and Par sjuay had appointed a special minister ?I?o to visit tb? same neutral point, which la the capital of the Ar geatias Confederation. Ben.de*, the Argentine government la Inclined to at tempt a mediation ; and tha*. of Br >aot Avres Is com pelted by tbe pre**, as well a; by * U c opinion, to a?*o ciate w.tli tb* Confederation '.n leaking the atone object rBRf. I ornogo Elia* had tiWtn the portfolio of finance. The convention had Been called for the 15ti of June. In the la*, calling the convention, all persans who hare served the rauMt of Echenlqu* elsce May 20, 1951, ere deprived of the right of citiieiuhlp. Thia ia considered a very impolitic measure, and one tbat may produce eril re suits LUewiie dtplomati: difficulties have arisen from a circular of the govern mont, calling on all refugees in foreign legations to take out paaeports for 1'anama In oonatqueace, peremptory notes hare been received from the i.si{li*h, French and ilrazilian mlalatera, to which tke government hai given replies remarkable only for wealaeaa. a correspondent from Lma, writing under date of 11th March, a aye:? Vo'i know that the slave* have'all besn liberated at one full evoopar fall ahoik of an ignoraatly directed j (rcn lfceyaowrifuae to work, and have destroyed much | property oa the llaiienJa-, ateaiing horses and every thing tliey could lay their hands on. an1 mu?tim?a evea cpmmiilmg greater excese. Tbe owners of Htsiendaeare | reduced to a moat deplorable stat?, their crops are ready to rut, but 'ha negroea will not work. Thia will mate rielly affect th ? country, and can** a demand for the im- | port of many articles formerly prodncil h?re iasnffltient , quantity for exportation. It ia aaid that fc.llaa lit a oh- | tained a privilege for Importing Chinamen, but before tWy ecme ciops will bo rotten, ami wh*n they do come 1 itney are ol little use. lliere ia again noma talk of the gold dapoaita of thU country, no d?ubt they exist, tbe only obuacia of their i being profitably worked ia tke difficulty of procuring aup plies and the hostility of the Indian* Any p?r?on eom tag to the gold countries her* muat have enough mtney to keep him for a abort time until be know* wuat be is I ?Wut, andean eee bin way? it la no uie for the poor man yet to think of finding hii way here to support him ?el on chance. The l)i irtio, of Valparaiis, thua simtnariz** the po litical condition of South Atuerl:an affair* ? The catalogue of Intentional qnentlona la Increase! In America For aome time paat the Pacific haa wit oeaeed coorticta and cleagreementa more or We* dettof between aome o( her countries, and the A'lantic alao aeea dangeretod dlfllcultlea aa to the American countries which borfei it international poliev haa become a war ' either open rr diMimnlatad. In tracing cotemporaneou a hiatciy we see much to be dreaded for tbe future? we ar? protectorates which rosy degenerate into abaorp tiooa? abuaee of power and humiliation which create haired in the preaent and may produce veng-auee ia the fature Look at the North American Unioa bombard ing Nan Juan d? Nicaragua, an 1 In the way of taking St. Domlofo a oil Ecuador under ita pro tee tor* t*. Ta* peiidir j qne-t ?ns are numberlets? question* of bounds riea, n inmerce, debta, rejUma'i ma eee | Fci.ador aceuead l*?ru of favoring the inraelre plana of aduK-onte itod and exiled leader. i'eru an :aee>l Keua tlor of having, la an evil ho j r , eipelled a Peruvian mni'trr reaident in her territory, and Boiaoor aeouaad Peru of havinf conspired, through euch miniatar, ngaiast her p.'a :e. Tbe question gare rise to a war. whlcb h*? only tumiuated In a manner \i lead to appreaeneioo ?' a new war. We do not mention the reclarnattoae ant pretentions which tbe I Li-e-l state* hae p- oieg with almo-t ell the American peoples, aa ao m tsy re*ourei>e orpr-'mti to be fallep ba'k upon wh*a*v*r It selta their policy of annexation or oi a-qnir n<r unlimited Mjrreaauna. We du ?>' mention the oppoaite preten sion*. the c?ntrkdietoiy rights of different bordering na tions pretention! and rights wbich. II permitted to rest fort lie pre -eat, are ao-. the leee enrsod aeada which threaten bitter fruile some day. Even without going further, our peaceful C>Ul l? not certain of Ite bo m dei it a. either on tbe north or on th? eouto. look to tha Atlantic side ? * I ruguay anl Para II gnay ara two pigmies l>etween the two great nati m. of Bra til aad Huenoe Ajrea Iruguay brefttkea Ua a r teat to it by Braiil Tbat republic, ?onvulaad tbe other day tmw bereelf lato the arm* of the emp.ra, anl now It has a government protected by HranLan bayonote, work.ng with R azilian m jnVj. at 1 conae^u-ntly havlag Ha bead ia the Implre an i only lu haaia In Iragaay. n la <a every form a protectora^, wuich we do not wlab to ncpute to liraall, as the tntenUonai pr-<*elent of aa ?Sorption. ? ? Whilst truguay la goverhel unler th? guarantee of a Brazilian army, a rquidroa or the F?n[iy? aaceadstba watare of the Pitnaa in th? directl >n ?f fv rag u ay, to eeefc eat afa:tion from ite govern me at f< i ii jntiea received. * ? We thlak that the govern trei ts of Plata should not remkla lnoiTer?nt to thla mmt't'ua of thinga. They ara so Bear Braiil and "1 ii.t>taately eooMected wltit the email rrpubllea of Pare gaer aa* I'ruguay, that it te not ImprobabU that the mi I ceas and <1 tan etna of these repubuca would deprive tWIsal their iagtt-mata iataewste ia those Malaa, and re?o rompramlae taatr political iaJepeodeaoa. O'JR V&LPAHA180 OORBBSrOMDBNCK. VALPA&aiao, February 38, 1365. ro'itval Affa-.rt ? ClMUan Hostility In thr Annexation nf the Oallap<ig<jt Itlandt ? Mnvrmenti of M-nof war, <?> . My last, bv steamer of lfttb, gave you som* Idea of the preaent political hori/.on of this thriving little Rf public. Chili seem.i to consider she ha< a right to lake tb* lead among bar sister Hlspano American Re public!. A few w**ks since Philo Whit* wanted to aa< nex tbe Oaliapa(os Island*, and tbe very idea teem d to at ink ia tbe nostrils of oar Chlllian war borae. Forth with the Monte administration, with telescopic vision, seude a minister to Kcuarfor to tell her not to trust the wiiv Anglo Faxon o( tbe Americas; hia game was plan der. and annexation, and hia stakes, the blood, religion, and treaiore of these miserable acd se?f-destroyia{ He public* of South America. Another Plenipotentiary ia F?nt to I'eru, (which Statehaaju.it brought into th> p* itirsi world another President, after a series o b!codlta? irvUutionarr throe*,) to tell her that tb t guano of tb* Galupugo* baa enough of am n.m.'a in it to gratify tbe agricultural nrces.ities of Tfcother Jonathan. that their tear* huvn analyzM it, acd they kiow it is rich n productive ability, anl that poun-i of it will be more dangeiouato th? peace ana quirt of the South than a return of Spimsh monarchy; t bat ocre a competition commence* with tbe Oalapagoi where will Peru obtain two mare spars millions to ltn? accthtr Ichenique's pocket* anl that once tbe graap isg Aaglo-Americsn get* on tbe scent of a guano laland, tierejs no tellkg to what limit be will run; that CbM is *!rea ly annOua to aril the Island of Juan Fer oardtz for fe:ir the enterprising Yankees, who are a I'udy jeople, wi'l como out to look for aone of Ro blnci* Crusoe's parrot's dung, and she know* there Diutt be sruonin In that. 8 maltanrousiy with the report of th* Gallapajoi af fair. came t'ie Kintcy expedition, tbe Samana and the Fsidw.cli It?ani.'x' matter; and with them all we bad In our bay. in tbe cotm* of Hro week*, eight U." State* vi ,??!.< of war. TLr Chilian pre** has ln*n frightfully, and to ufla lookers cn in Venire, painfally afllictsd with a clear case of dlaribu-a of verblane. Natural enough; conse quent upon tie guaao question. It clothes the I'nited Sta es with every epithet that can hare a tendency to pot her citizen* in bad odor with tbe Chilian community, and as for these nme devoted citizen* they are compared to tie vindal.< ol ancient, and tbe Russians of modern times, and tbe - ou;> <1 groat is given by holding the fate ot P.tme, duo labi/re tail-ns, and of poor Russia, which tiny seem satisfied must iinuckle to tba allies, up to us a< a warnizg, and wo are taught by the teeming preas i f Chili to read tbe band-writing on tbe walls of our Cu.on as runnier thus: '-Touch n>:t the GalWpagoi; let jtmno all ae. or if _*eu will not ail Arabia will do', sweet en ihe protty band of your goddess of liberty. Tbe late Secre^sry or the r*bilian legation in Washing ten, will proba'tly te'ura to the l'nlt*d States, as Mr. Mant-pi C?r>aho'ssi:ccessi r. There Is every reaioa why we should be on excell-nt torus with Chill. She is, un questionably. the only real and sincere copier of our con stitution and republican policy She has qutdiuple the talent of :\nv of her sist-r Slates, immense, untold wetltb a'id v*n bad but one rsvolution in many years, a n^I that rf abort (Juration. The geographicil character o! the countr< wtth large extent of sea coast, and nar. rotr tirntory, enable* tbe ote party or tbe other to tor minnte their diaeenrtons in a short time, while the ter rible loss of lite during tbe last revolution deters most iea-'em trom organising ravolatioaarv movements I'be tfllce* of govemmen*. are adminiaterei with an hot>e.ity of pur;>o** ?nd an ability which gire excsllsnt pnmireof a glorious future tor Chili. A < for her opi ol<iDi of us, wlmt cares tb* oak for tbe vio'et's jealousy? It will *till sptvad far and wide its bianchea. and the violet at last is but too happy to come and seek protec tion in it* shadow We can well alTord to be generous We can live down iter evil opinion, and quietly wait until we, in tverliig ;>ut our destiny, will ataud, with no lit tie credit nn l with honest price, in as proud a niche as tbo?e wlirm -he rcnsider* her friends. Tb<i John Adnma sloop of war has left for Panama. Tbe lutiepi-ndeoce tUg ship remains The President, her Fir!t;iBoi? Maje-ty'a flag-snip, with the broad pennant of Admiral Rnice, Is still here prcparng for Petrooolowskl. Tbe Admiral says liis orders :ire to ?eok out the French Admiral, ami act jointly with him. The old gentlemtn loo lis lisle acd bearty. und is determined in doing some thing to revenge his predecessor's desth. The Rockland, liera'd Ocean I'esrl, aod Sea Nymph have arrived intke list four days. Tae Ocean Pearl has gone to Sandwich 1 lands, the Sea Nymph to California. Flovir has rieen' nearly one hundred per csnt within the las*, two weeas X. Y. Z. Valparaiso, Feb 24, 1855. Markrt* ami Fr - ghU?M ntment of thr. Allin! FUatU ? ,tf c.ttert in Prru?l'Uco ('onitituOil a 1'ort n/ Entry ? Attempt on "i? Lift of O-n ral RcKemqut?Wr-^k of Mi* h'tna ? lit! hrr Kay ? An.enonn Kntrrprii' In Vol paraifo Markets somewhat <lull, except tom? tittle activity in dour, which ws* being bought largely of. either for Australia or Liverpool? helng the first shipment on re cord to the Utter pert. Freight* firm, with en upward teod*ncy? ?? 17* 6d for ores to Great Britain and $28 to the I'nited State*. Not manj reiirli in port; no re cent arrivals from the United States, Clipper ihip Greyhound, of Baltimore, cleared the 18th of February for Rio. Cargo, tiour. The "8. L. Fitzgerald," of Balti more, at Ariea the 8th of March, discharging balance of cargo C. i? Iriga't Independence at Vaip?ra;*o, over baulltg ?no refitting . officer* and crew all wall. U. 8. frigs'* 51 1 I-awrence railed for Norfolk direct, the 7th of February. H B M. frigate Preiidint nailed from Val paraiso 26th of February, arrived at Ca lao 6th March, scd sa'ied 10th March for " a rendezvous," where the i tbtr French anl English men of- war would meet her, previous to i retewe l attack on Petrojolowskl* The new Faglish admiral. Hruce, has arrived out, and hol*t ti li'? fligou board the President Admiral Jsvrisr dee Pointee, in command of the French forces in'the Pacific, died at *e? March 6tl and waa burie<l March tfth at Li m\ The tew French admiral appointed to relieve him, arrived at I'scama %cd proceeded to Callao in the mail of March 1. In i'etu, business ..'uli. and the people evidently dU aali>3ed with tie pre?entgovrrnment; .mother outbreak acMcipited; ?!1 torvlgl mercant le house* curtailing tier operation* The government had decide] on n:a..iog Mnco a port of entry and clearance, principally through the influence of Domingo Klta* who In the pro pi it tor of nearty tbe whole of Plso. The effect will be U> abioiutely ruin Callao, as the mtjor part of the bu*i neee of that port U transacted with guano ve*s*ls. t a dei the new arrangement tkey will n>i( come to Cailao ; aL'raJy thiagH look gloomy there On the day that General Eihen , tie embarkel to go oa board H B M elup Naiad, a shot wa? Bred at the but in which be waj being conveyed off, and pulse. I im n? d!.?*.?iy i.rft til heaJ enteriug 'h- hull of Uu> Ami-ri:an ?'_ip Ma!^ of Orleans Th* captain h.-id demands 1 com j-nj i.ion !er the damage done hie vtstel. The tiring of thii *h I* be'ieve! to b*vi- been the Individual aet of ?nme officer on duty at the fert, and no', a governmental affair. The PeruVan n?n of war ?te*m?r Rimae, Captain Commanding ''rutro wentashore on Punt* l/>ma*, nbo'it 100 mil?t to '.he south ?f Pisco, on the night of March 6. S>he bad abont *00 pMe-n^ers on board the majority of wh' m were *oldier* who h.vl been cnmiiaiirnlDg for the last eighteen month" .nder Gen Castillo, and ? robing conv.-yed 'o their hon.c i n leave of alxe-nce 'M the whole niiniser (a v.<>ard the Rimac, only about forty were ?tved. The IUmac was con idered th* he?t iteamer be lcug-ag to the gevernm?ct. and ?n built in the l"n te<l ^tH'.w-. The E'ltorirus B?l?her Kay *a< *m'ete<j by the vlgilsnfe rottimittee. in Valparaiso, last February, and a'ter some five week* conllnem'nt, wa* permitted to leave, on con lltlon of never net'isg foot again in Chill lie \ras pinced oo board the mail eteamir, an 1 landed at Tab<.ga, 'n i'anama flay. ?beie he now i>. Mr J co Fisem&n, agen'. of A!am< % '.'o , at Panim*, ha- reeent'r e?t*h!l*bed a branch at Valparilto, In coo section with that hons*. A number of draft* *ol 1 by the agency at Valparaiso were pr.imptlv met In Panami on the a.-rlval oi '.he Br'tl?h ?team?r, a'thon/h the nev* of 'be ''illlcBlVea of the house had reached Pantma Mr Cb?rl*N of Han Juan, cs me up bv the {?antiago. after elTtct'nr an arrantsinent with tbeC<in.en gf,?tr=n:ett for tS? exelm've navigation of th? Bio ll!o river for tea yiars. Thr?e stenm v???el? had already inlve l !n Chti wat* *, be'iingiei to Mr. M.. dentinal for that -ervi'e There w.i* every Hpp-?ranc? ??' the eater pr.ie msetiog ?? ih primpt supp<>ri from th? Chih mer ' cbtttte. _ A fralie on the lallimu*. Or?ICIAL*r?IT TO THE t>fT*I> STATM HLOOP 0? W4R J.?H? ADA MB- cT 4TB OF TUK *KATHSK BK.MOVAL OF A 0<)n?MIKST naTTlBV ? TH! RAILROAD. The stesm*Mp lUlMfcs brought over file* of l'imma pa per* !at?d to tts Still of March. The II raid of Match ?J?, he* the fo. lowing iU.su ?Oo Tuesday last the Unite 1 State* Con*u". paid an oB< i*l vieit to th? V. 9 sloop of wsrJ ibn A'an<, an I was iseelvs-l oo boaid with the usual sslute cf Dine guns. Ths Jtbn Adams, Captain E. B. Bout will, snehoreaio the boy on Sunday morning, March 2&th Hli* left Col Iso on tbt eth ult. The Jubn Adam* Is to remain oa ths I'stiftc slat on 'or two years The following U a list ef her officers ? E. B Ho itwli, Commander. Ueutenan's ? R. F. 8batts(.k, I /"wis C. lartin. I> R. I-a-ubm. A U Rhind. Fureeon? T. M. Po'.ter. Por-er? H. Mysre. Aisit'ant Surgeon ? J. P Uopkloe Acting Master? O. C. Padger Paas?l Mid-htpmen? J R ^gleston. F. H. Kaker. E H Oakley, W. E. Fltr Hugh Captain'* Clerk ? 3 F Chatard. -*aii maker ? Mahori^y i, inner? Hatih. Boaiawaia- Walker. Va iearo that ' cmman ler Boetwell and a lombff of bla officer' ( roceeded acrosi th* Isthmus by the railroad, to viett A*|'inwall. on the 20th nit. The weather had been exceedingly hot, the thermome ter at noon in Monday. March 26th wa* at 9} in the ?hid* lo the Panama Mt<i/w of the 3lhh of March, we fta I the following ?We learn that the hroote guns on ths hstt<ry are so o? to he shipped for New Tork, for sale, on accoont of the gwreremeat. They have fr*ieeetlr been offered for sale, hot the price offered has aever come up to the vain* plaoe* wpea them by the aether! tits We fear that whoa tbey oeeae te pay the eapeie. of shipgiag. freight, foanrsoee, datv aad eea*mieelea. tt he it wUl be faiad tkht Um o m made hy pwtie bere were quite u advan*ageous to i be government. TIi* works it tte railroad station near this city, ar* r? pidly and satisfactorily progri-nnia* under the adperin tendence of Mr. Youu/. The line for the proposed whirl nas been laid out, and a lane number of hands an> en gaged ii|>on it. This wharf will be a great and very im portant addition to the railroad? by means ot which pi* eengrra will be enabled to embark at all time* of toe tide and step as it were from the car* into th? boat*. k It* lei /ill will be about fifteen hundred feet. Speslingof the disturbance of tbe eifatieg state of trace, by the rumor* of the railroad, tha fame journal oi the VF.'d of Marcb, lay*:? We frel satisfied, a* we hav* ? aid before, of tlie final benefit* that will accrue to Panama through \he railroad, but this d MS rut lesson the present mischief. Tha prospect of making money flv* year* hence will not satisfy to-morrow'* hunger The uLur 1 1<>) penniltaa man ot to day ha* not the patience to lobk forward to coming year* for relief, and when he Me* the iminxlUte can.-- of hi* lulfering bafori b'* ??>?- staring bim full in tha face, and glorying in hi l miner J, lie i* not likely to remain quietly unappeatad. !Vr w a from Ana trail a AN AMEBIC AN EXPLORING XXI'KIHTIOM ? OONDUCT Or ! TilH (JOVPHNMENT OFKICRK8 AT HALLAK AT ? 00N- i CLt'HION OF THK IN VI8T10 ATION ? TBI *OOLD LI CENCES ABOI-ISHKIV? PANAMA NAIL KOITTI - HTATK OK THADI? GOLD PRODUCE AND PRICK. By way of I'auama we have received news from Syd ney (Australia) daied to the 12th of January, being three daya later than our last advices. From New South Walea we learn that an expedition is about to be undertaken by Dr. Catherwood, an American phyaician, to explore tbe interior of Auitralla. Gov ernment giver no aid to the project, hut the pre** ?peak* of it aa calculatid to be very advantageous to tlx? colony. The revenue returns of the colony for the year IrtM 4 had been published. The total increase of t*ie aggregate revenue for tbe year 1864 over that of 18.">3 1* ?108, 4S3 U's 7d. A correspondent of the Sydney Herald nays that the in veniigation con equent upon the late riot has terminated, and tne charge* brought iigaln.it the government officials have proved to be uufoonJed. The leader* of the dis satisfied mluera were found to lie men who bad them stive* Dotli'ug to complain of, or to redress ? in fact, (Olilical rowdies. Tbe gold licen-e* are, however, to be (*one away with, and thi* act of justice result* trorn the late demonstration mad* at the gold Ueld. 1 he miner* ought to be very well sat'atied with their succes*. Government is carrying out an ext*n*ive *y*tim ot retrt nebmen' and many clerk* both in the l'u*t Office and ("u <'om liou-e have bosn dUml**ed. The attention of emigianti i* bo ng directed to agriculture, and it U thought that in two year* at the farthest the colony will produce food enough for It* own consumption. Mercantile business i* very dull, nud tbe txce**iv* im portations tend to still further distrea* the market; ntock* ot all kinds appear to be ov*r abundant and price* very low: revertbele** the revenue returns *hoir nn increase, showing that the bulk of the community was not ellected by tbe late commercial disaxtcr*. The excitement concerning quarts crushing continual, and many persons wich tbe resident machines are real'xlng hancsome returns It is said that the Southern colonics will not join Syd ney in endeavoring to establish a mail route via Panama, preferring insteed a communication by wayol Suez. In tie commercial report published in the Argut, ths late crisis is pritci'ially attributed to tbe comluot of per mns calling themselves commission mershant*, trading with the *ums realized by sale of goods cons'gned an I being therefore unable to remit. The lyitemnta beea earned cn to a scandalous extent, and ft is recommend ed to send oat a commission from the houiie* at home to 'nquire into the matter. Tuu name journal says that it is "*n undoubtel fact that, for a considerable period, t her- has been a steady decrease in the produc'Ion of gold." Ihe following is an estimate of tbe total produce ? August, 1861, ?o December, 1HV.! 8,638, 422 ox. Pur ng the year 1863 6 196 ,<>69 '? " IB' 4 3.023,696 - Making a totsl of ?,7J>4,077 o**., which, at ?1 per oz., would be worth ?38. 018, 308 or taking the dollar at four I ?bill nt?, $196,081,640 Tbe Ta?t price of gold wa* ?3 17*. , from which it ha* not stirred, though considerable inquiry was made for it for shipment by tbe Argo for Koglaml. Interesting from Japan. VISIT TO NANQA8AKI- Kit OKI* MOM BY THE JATANEHK ' AND THK DITCH? DE8CRIPTIOX OK TBI DCTCB 1 FACTORY? OF MAMQA8AEI ? JAFAXBHB NOBILITT - j WOMEN? CHARACTBH W TIIK DUTCH TKADB WITH THE JAl'ANXBE? COlTMk [From tha Snn Prancisco IWrald. J We ate indebted to a gentleman la thU city (or tbe fol lowing extract from a higbly in terra ting latter descriptive of a late vieit to -lepan, written from Sbanghae bj hi* brother. lb* letter reached here a few days ago by way of Honolulu, ant U of the very Utaat data from 8 hang baa. Now that tha porta of Japan ara open to Ameil :an commerce, and attention in turned to that naw country, tha statements of tha writer po eeosa peculiar Interact Siu.vf.Mi*, Dao. 21, 1854 I avail myaelf of this flrat opportunity, according to my promts*, to writa you a faw linen on my return batk bere from my trip to > aug naki, or rather from tha am ill lalaml of Decline, hoping iu perusal will mgna you and othar friend*. 1 succeeded in getting a passage from tere in Auguat, la una of tile fifty or sixty junk* waling ytarly witb the .Japanese at Manga lakl, fir the consider ation of one hundred and fifty dollars. To glvo you an account of tha abominable mod* of Chinee* navigation, I ?ailing enly in day time with a favorable wind, and witb 1 s unlble coiey craw, is neither my object, nor bar* 1 time enough to do amp.'e justice ta tbis subject. Kuough ? we it m Tea in the bay of Omur* in twenty nine day*, and were immediately towe.l by native boat* In the npacioua and deep harbor of Xangasaki, about I time miles distant from the inland of l)e<:im?. Whin we bad anchored, two Japanese ollicvrn came on b^ard, i to inquire into the carjo and for the papets, and di rectly wint back to the shore. Soon after thu another I boat came alongside from the Dutch fsctory on Decimt, with two offlcero? one tbe doctor of the port, the other j an Interpreter. They asked me ? seeing I amino China- ? man? It I bad s.ny Kngliah pap*ra. I told thein I bad a tew, both from China and San Francisco, wbica please I 1 them much, anl the doctor toll me, aa ?uon a* ih? juak was tuultd on Chinese discharging ground, sad comma nlcatlon allowed, ha would come or send bin boat for ma. N? it day tne Cbinere traders came on board, an I tbe junk was moved aga'n four or Ave mile* netrer th* town, when the discharging of the cargo at cme com menced, co&aiatinK only ol rice. The doctor's boa', i came alonghile, and he asked ma if I felt diipoeei to ata^ at Deci ma during the dlaebarging of tha junk, in which ease be had obtained permission. I gladly ac ] cep'.ed, and forthwith ombarke<l. I waapoll'eljr reieived 1 by eight gentleman rending in tha factory, tbree of 1 whom weie doctors; and it wa< a true God ?en>] to tbem 1 when I handed them the Friend ;f Ckit ui and tha .I'iri | Prancitn Hrrald. I had left out tha ilia you aeut iria, ' as ttey had b*< u nine mi nths without news, an l ex pecttng tbeir nhip only is about two min'.ha Dr. Da Vriena. In capacl'y of physician to th* I'rint* or i (iovrrnor of Nangaaakl, had obtained permission to join him In bis taroit to visit that place, for although Van ga.-takl is connected with tbe lalanl of flecim* witb a bridge of prodigloua length, no one can visit raid tows without an eicort of some three hundred m*n. Navario ' my life 'id I see <uch large crowds uf people thronging the loaria and streets, in all kind* of veDlole? an ! all | kinds of costumes; and as tbe people ara ascustomad to re* the doctor or tome officers dally, they t?3k no notice of me. Nangaaakl ia one of tbe imperial town* is wall built axd spacious, and contains jima nugmflaen*. pa laces and temples I could foi m no Idea of tbe popula tion, but I win told tbe actual population was from ravtnty tJ a ghty thon anl, though mm than that ntnoun'. visit the city <ally from the ?urrounlion' pla:a? . for trading purp >eea Hacieof the mer<-h ante here are po< aeaaedof enormous wealth an l live in the great/Ml luxu ry The extinction of rank Is only perceptible la their outer apparrl, which la always s'nc'.ly o^rvad b v the |<eop!e, each one remaining in the sphere to wh'ch be belongs The houeehnld of the I'rtace or tlovernor la rompoaeo of the nobility of the first clasa, who la their turn again are wai'ed upon by tbe nobll'ty of j the aeeoad, and to on Kvery lapinea* m'lat aand his children to a-hool. waleh accounts for , tbe great a umber o' public acbool' and th? He Ire for Information among ail cla?<e. Intch and Cbinesa are only learned by the nihility wno fill tha blgb offirea, and aome under taad a lit* Knglish. I ' raw m, me really handaome wom n of gracef >l form anl highly Intelligent cauntensn'-ra who hear m com par acn whatever to the moon like appearance of 'h? Chi n< a e. They to not seem to he excluiad from -(wie'.y, nor 1 subject to that state of servitude like the CeleatiaU I went four timea to Nangasaki, aod w is always treate! with tbe greateat pollteae m anJ open hearted ne-e by th? [eople, indeed, pjlitena senna to be universal am-ing al< I bad a good change of seeing how trade wa- conducted co tie Island of I)*-ciin?, and in looking in the su>re honaes, was aatoaiahed to And auch a variety of art cles whi< h It Levar wculd hare conse la my hea l to suppM* conld lie articles for profitable ah pm-'ol Every oillner i. ad hla buaiae.a? some traalug, aome nieiflll, ao I otLera attending to tbe boxing or i?ppar, melted in bara o' oie ?lre, a little over tha t!i!eka~a< of an in n. A< they aareexpMsHrg the yearly ship In ?h rtly, I could lu ?ae by the immenae <|iiaatity teey bal on ban I taat the cargo was nearly raady. lhe On ton on Iw ima aeem glad al>out the opening of ?tli?r porta aatrar to tb* liieat Japanese metropolle, J?ddo, wbl< h pr ,miaea ex feeaive operatioaa between the.r coionle. an I that popu lou? empire I cannot torafo to ? - atloa aa amu.iog ciroumataaca wbirb occurre i coming back oae afternoon f r m Man gaaski Arrtv ng at tbs factory, a young aoble, ?eaiag tn rnr't h editloa of llc<Jallo. b'a D^tioaary lying on my table, asked me pol.taly for how ran'h I woo d tart wi'h it. >'tt knowing what he maant, aa ha apoke l uteb, I aakad I>oetor <e VrtoM, who trasalatol for me. in tell him he was welcome to it. and thaaklag m? with a polite b"W, which a Kraochrnan could n >t have improved, batide<l the book to one of bis inferiors. .Veil mo'niag tbe Doctor informal me ha had roee>ved f?ur hundred pouada of copper for me from Maegastki. Toe copper lotka more ilhe gold thaa any copper I have ever ton 1 remained fonr day* longer on tbo ia'aal? In all twelve e*y?? wbeu the jaak came down again from the Oilneae factory, loa- el? and, if aayUiog, aeeoaed Viaia to te deeper leaded than wbaa wa arrival? ehicH w?a tbe ? gnai for no to go back on hoard?' nat< ??va? far get 'be civility ahowa by Dr. 4e Vrler a ? ther men am Daoiaaa, and of the poo: a a g? er%i wi l. . i enfeae I etn barbed again wit the nrtaMa CWlaaee jaak mi fear nfraarioaa war. ? ? a groat namuor of oar Yi- ? ,s l i 'a- - ' as aad rou a4 the I?iaaja WBWI rtOK CUBA. Short PilM|c of (he Rtnnihlp United lUtal- Three Unjri Lttrr from lUraii*. By tbe arrival of the ateam>>blp Coiled Stat**, w* have date* from Havana to tbe 3d of April. Tb? United State* left Mobil* bey os the 30th of Kerch, with e full cargo of cotton, and after a abort end rough pa**age of tiro deyi>, anchored on Sunday, April 1, in the harbor of Havana, where ahe remained until a 46 I'. M., Tu**day. On leering, abe paaaed between two SpanUh ahlpa o' wer, the I?raocl*co Deacli and the tic neral which were anchored clone together. Tbe paddle b)i of the I'nlled Htatea struck tbe end of the apanker boom of the Krencifco, and broke it off. She arrived off Bandy Hook on Saturday evening, after a piiaraga of three daya and tw? nty- three hour a from Havana, the qulckeit on re cord, f-be waa detained 12 houra at Sandy Hook for want of a pilot. Tlie mo?t important aewafrom Havana ia tbe execution of Fatrampea, aa before glean in the Hkhai.o. Ha wa genotrd on Saturday mornieg, the Slat of March. II ditd brave]/ while seated upon the garrote a tool, and before the (alal rcrew waa applied be exclaimed? "Death to the tyranta ? Long life to liberty!" ? when tne deafen' log noire of the drmnt uahered h'.m into etarnlty. Sav eral other priionari axe In ihe Moro, and It la feared they will kulTer the fame fate. We are indebted for late paper*, to Mr. Porklna, the puieer of tbe United Slate*. One of the pea a* agar a write* a* follow*, on the atate of aflalra in Havana:? During my atay in Ha*aiLi, I found gloim, and terror atd despair depiotea oil the countenance* of all I met. On inquiring 1 learned that one of the ohial oauaea ol ao much evident drapair waa in conee<juence of the oruel manner in which I'lnto waa put to death. Ilia crime wtia ?oleljr of a political nature, for which thi* much ** teemed man, affectionate huaband and kind father wa* aei t into eternity, hi* property levied upon, and hia wife and nine hefplre* children left pennileaa, and de pendant upon tbe cold cbaritie* of itraageri? Among * bom, I a-n informtd, ahe, with her II tla one*, inland taking up their future abote. I'reviou* to the murder of I'lnto, Concha waa conaidered, even by hi* anemic*, chlvalrnua, brave, noble anl generoun; but now, "j>oor aoul," be baa belled truth, betrayed conSdence, aileuoei cnnacienct, and la eonaidered, even by tbe Oata'ana, de* tltute of every fenrron* attribute that enoble* mm Thi* la*t atrocloua act add* thunder to tb* dark oloud that ii apparently gather. over the deatlniea of Cuba, which muat, on aom* future day, burat forth and wreak lla reogeauee on tboaa who now Un the power to de atroy. A PAtHKNUKIt. Oar Havana Corrnpondtnrr. Havaju, March ^9. 185}. Omul Robert, on', Protest-Tie H,ter Hitter*- Inter, * ,etter "/ Jucn ^frnmwlrt-Tr.arhrry in the Unid States J* oil Ufflcfi ? The Attaainalitm Schema Prtpa ration i for the ktrruti,* a, tramp, -H? Her oi. ( hararter, rfc., rf,-. Th. protest of tbaCoaeulof I he United Statee *?,?? to lave produced a good ^though '? It waa uncall ? d for" aod mad* "contrary to prieilecee of eo0iut,r agtn cj," without " diplomatic power*, ' ' 4C. Katrampoi aod Fall*, owing to It, wore yet living to hare advantage of fallar, if Dot hotter, inveet.gatioo an I aa (<eB?ral Concna ha* aaid that he "will ttUj|f hu rro int ut at Madrid aad the Miai.ter of Her Catholic Ma je.ly at Wa.bingtoa" of the proteat ma/a, It la reaaoaa le to xuppcae that ho Intend* the prfaonerii to live until b. receive, . reply. It ia by no rnaao. corUin that hu lungu.ge w II a<lmit of each larorabl* coo* traction but revert hel.a*, by tran.plring. a* It ha* dooe, directly from (he palace, it will go to relieve public aniiety, and make mora *efe a change of mind and the audden (ton t on of oae o, moro of tbo prisoner, to *Uy the app.tlte of tb? Judicial maw, for which there I. fx.1 .uftlcl.nl for *li wtaka to coma, at loaat. We hare had aevtral report* that Eetrampe* wa* ia*,. > but wb? tk* enrtou* wen to aee, thay war* found to be untrue. 1 he A'ibaatero* In I ho Ticloityol Kemwii.M, *r? beginning to oatortate *ary co.r.e daelrae, and .how themaeWia not ov*r atoe la their choice or "tit h4t?." wo dop* of thia Wm4 toooaUy attacked the command . at of tbo "/alTa n media* ? la that dlitsict, ja?t a* be lemouiiltd fioni hi. hor.-, taking a bit* lro? the b"olt nd aim of the unfortunate Tictlm of tb* au I l.n r.ro ntionery movement whicn h* had *et out to del"? yi''a* ?'"> at hla own door. Th'a le ? ^i il' lb* r,n'!U* war' "> op?o coa> fat ftliU il f All* fitill, OlT parti*!! ft'jtial iO fja.tll'v an I ?Identity. The Hull- tut think* that the mgabir. niav auth at the Idea that the buer.hould be bitten thai tb? puntabmeot for neglect of duty, in peruiit'.in? ugnuiile! lilibu.teru dug* to roam at larxe, ahottld be vl.it?i U|.?n the oMonder, in. teal of uoo*-al part ??. r-ucb are the "actual etfeumiuaoa* " os our eondiimn ? the rommunitie. of the l*D| .inter rHl|n* of the .word .u lor (goo ranee at their threat*, and the court* an 1 water* ?l ibe ..land under blockade by their oen po.Zr while ml enemy appear' la front or rear and we are coapaile i to keep up excitement, to do battl* with dog* of our owe w r ShZhtt. m '0r i^Ti '"??^roum.uin'a ,a ? .? '?lAn4 ia p^ct-d b j mAaifo-Uj ? oot '? min fiit ! yOU Kw^'rnoi<?nt (Jiff 0, .hl*;UU. a. etur purport^ to ?e wr.lten by lo. I'llLilV".1"1*1.'/. "" Yor*. aod ,d ThU V?B,0(0?W a priaonar here>, at New rrlean* The paople here ae?m to think thia produslion n.^7h.KOt "P U' ?"**! >"'*'* ?* appe*ranca* on th? part of the government, for what haa been done a* well a* what remain* to be donedurimr ttie ?? reign of terror " If act a to'frj, they tay It miat hare b?.D attracted frem the I oat Otllce in New Orleans by an a^ent ot the . nit?d a^UWfl gorenimrnif and trAn?m.t^j b? Mr ' U "'?t (itnertl one ha baa hie agent* an erp.y. mho are ^!ao employ. , of jonr pubii: post oliico., which m .*t be a great *on Ttaloaoa la the way of dlre t laform?tioo. I aa in cllned to the belief that th* whole, or ? great p?rt I* U.tltlous, from the ?.ry peculiar twiat of the -econd m ragraph, Uadmg to indi rate the proi??? by which th* Utter come* to light here and to mulead puMt: opm oo a. to the fact Jo.,- iUa, ll-rnander. re.,dee in New York, and c*a ad viae a. to the character of tne letter, whether genoiae or .punoui, like the Concha ae.ai?ta* .1 M1'.?,'.'! o f:,t one creator? no b*li*?er aad oaa Tieti in? Ramon I'.atfl ' Tli- Ur?t particle of evi u 1 .i '"""1 th't ther* "" * ahedow of oTc>i^!*h^rH^J! ** th* "??aeeinatloa of Concha by 1 Into or any one el*e Sum a *cb*iu? r?Uw ^*T" ? destructive to th. hoi,,,', cau.e, aal would bare ma e tne cauae of Cu'.a, if it ii?, aive to tbe clT.uiation of the wor.d. ' Ibe <U*D' *f4lB but cU""U lr< i" Jtor ?kj, am tht Umpvt r?ic?? ftwut oar walU m i ho pal*atioa of our heart* the cry n atlll for blool ? ad Coacha baa permitted katrampe* t , be pla. ?d In ha jiel thla morn. iK at ?.-ren o'clock, to an.werat tb* earn* tour to morrow, the penalty of b/< offence u awaken tb? ?eaaeofmtr'r (?through the daughter of (ieoeral Cincba, who haa to' ' y ?a?.e her flrat I hriatian torn,, recetrinr th* hil* ?aer.meat at the hand* of the b,*hop or the dloce.. Ihle 'hi Id will pray her father for tb- life o' E. tramp-. Ha abail bD?w. b^fora I clota th ? laltar. wl?#thar K? tram|>e* h?e* or die* 4> tur *? r^pe-:t for tb* ia<tra' lion, cf our government goe*_Mr ifarcy or Mr. PW -II they repr-aent the dignity of that inatitution In the tepubhr of the I alted Mute , their ??repr- a-nt?u.ma ? and "eip-ctatian. Save been treated with the utmo.t ' ontempt Utrampea wai a natural /*.| clWea of the n ted State* not a Ko-ita clUxen? but aa mu-li .an t.ed to the protection of our flag .. tu,. who w?ar the naeal (miion. of the couatry, and electa, with i aartar 1.eck aaeureace, the laws wniji are rudely eioaUd in oor aid.t, a* mrolviug the country I. trouble for r. gaboad roi.ignera. 1 *m liappy to .ay that tho^ whi ?" 71, 1 '* m,rk f#t. fortanately for the | i.oaor of tbe eountrr, .??* dl.taaoe from a pi*;tloa "o i do Bii chlel and that our coniatnder* Kiain/ her* I entertain forrect aad patriotic riew. of tb.ir dabea their obligation*, and rela'.ion* to their co latrvr.ian! natift or nA uralifa<! # a?<| ara do*. a?o?rn ? 1 to ts , aa bone.t .)m/athy, If tu,, caa do bo mora. TM. .t.u ng I have b?a in . Or le wh*,. J fo?a l the ? faat'b (onaul from New Orleana who ia ker* on a vl.it for a .aw day. If w ia thegen'leman a un wro> tie celebrated lett era af th, . Trev.b.r, in rala'.ou to ' the Ua<? "anior dlfflcuitiea, for the purpoae of le'ea I It g the .oiraeof <l*n*ral Pet >ie la, wh. h aihl.lt*.' aom* L* ' '?'>'?*. hut very little truth I obaerred thia l?nW.it,an a good deal, for tbe reaaon that by aom haoceoroth.r f Bad clrcala'ed In oor ao:letr *<B*e hi< ! .nival, whi.b w.a per Waea Warrior, laet ir.a the tau t that ba ha-, received ^v.ral aaor.rmoae letter. ng ? tkat if >rancl. 'o Katrainpe* wa* eier-r*! n llav o* th. t reveag* would b. u ?n opo i tha .fp.a ah pa pulation of New <*l*?n.. ' I think th- lUx/ira prat* hie hnt I ttmk alao, h?t It hae to ^o with the arrival i.?re of the -inao ih -onaul. tl <ai h ilw ? A* the ho jr ap^roa b.efor the.iblMUnn uja,n tb* I'uata. 1 ma; aa wall a'*te th.t f h? v ao hope r.i perl.0 for tnu-f<r K trait pea aal tM* eoa luioa I ??*? trrltad at by ' ' t af tb? eturtt of raaanat?i? *bat th. mtad of <;? .| Coacba meat tea*, after th* ISr t '* *1 plurg. |-,nui wa- tb* J.- ,e. .rf * pertr 4l?tin- il.hef above all otb.ra for hi. ua^lflah wlf aacriUdn, devet?.B n tb* CUM of liberty, from ,be Art a<'.?a of hi. hoc! a the ? reel, of Ma in I to the la?t m .ateiat o' *?i*?en** here npoa th* rkair of tbe garnU II. wa. .1. oUlUfett highly alMv*<?l,,oMem!aWd-<?ao | lard '"'rampea *toad. a the earn. Mlalioa II* baa | eihlbit'd the .em* no 'de >>4aria e the .am. aoe J tut. of ."?'?rot. Imtvlae* far a 'tor* all ,tb?r ereo -a I. at I a*, 'leeotod C . 3 mielvea to tbe fauae of fre?4>>-n II* M#-. to hew him.p^ 1h. ' "V,i! ^*,4r!, * "*? M be.vm ,et g.atl. I a* a a i.W? ant call vale) bet e x ? ed arlr aiftaet 1 1, I la* ' r"*1' ? II r"1**' ?r>a tb* gar'ote within fkir.f ma otea from th* Irae^ag ?* tK.^ line. |f ?"-b* .hoal1 pardo, m.r ta. .fja repraaea h-m ae UaaVn. -h.*h tu.f 4 M I I; 'o The thing I* Imp*** .le, if fUaeaa were U W *? '?r the t? f are le aVaa o'clock bo I mr will be 1*1 1 me to giro detail* of the Mirutloi, whirl) I ahall reaerve for my next rooemuni r.ation, and I must elo>? Aa to the uitnotr a?d tbe t.e? rng of fcatramp?a, uhlcli I ?hall tun iu >ui?ut be in < b?oi vence of. at he pturi from hi. prieon door to the fairote, it wfll turpeae, I have rea>ou to believe, all the ?urprlalng prectdenit emboliad la tlia hiatory of that lutal chair. Havana. Marrh H It". J. Sbttrof Affaire in litKHnx ? Jltt MUtt' TriaL ? X*U>I fn?n Saf*n ll (iriimlr. The ordar convening 'ha Military Commiaaton for tha V4th you will find la tha laaue of tha rut of 25 til? for tha trial of Kianciaco Katrampea. Joba IWnrv Hichard MrCullocb, ami Jamea CampbrM ? partiea present. Tha laat, I believe, however, at fraatVoin, iud bow la New Orlaaaa, bat hi* name kept with tha Uat for prwaarva ties of tha text; a?d, abaent, living ia tba ei'y of Naw York, where they have alwaya raeldad, Mr. (iaorge Hawken* and Mr Jamea Woodbouaa, au.l a aalive of Cuba living In New 1 ork, Joa. KHai Harnaa<laa You hava been ad v had that Ilia Con m I of tha United State* lalt tba tribunal, declining baiig preaent at auoh a mockery of jn-tlre, and Id violation ot tha 7tb article of the tiaaty. 1 am informed alio thai h* ha< mvla a piotent to cover all tlie proceeding), aa iU?gal, aal eon trary to tba expectation of tba government >n<l (be p< ople of the foiled Htatra (ien?ral Ctnelr* alio ild hava followed tba name* of Ilawken* and Woolbouee with thoae of Marcy and Pierre. a> aoeeaaory before the fact, for letting powder get ant of the couatry to ran laat the peaceable people of liaracoa Tbia la a vary ptaceable, ever faithful people, If we are to Judge froiii the action or their Governor lu bia paternal care. ?' Whom the Lord loveili he chaatenath" ? and Cuo^ht i* ualng tba rod of Solomon with an unaparlng hand, but, parbapa with leaa wWiloin, aa he may tot atriuualy leain, tbau the axiom warrant*, arbioh goee aiwaya with the impl cation of diacretiun On Sunday the Chief of 1'olica arretted ('ail >aCaatjUo, the ca*bler of tha bank ("otja ilr wo")\ Joaquin Acaaa tha real aatate liroatr of the earn* Inaiitut <>n 1. 1 Valdar. Ilarrera, a volunteer ollicer, Kraneiaco u?l Au | guaiine llolano (brother*), and a .-Vnor A r ago a (Ctina tian name not r< luenibtiedj ; an I the aame .lay ten prieita were brought in pri?on?ra from tba country, for I tutpltlonof political disaffection, and put In tba toytl jail. On Monday about fifty pert, on* wrra put un tar ar lent u tiller the clir.rge tb.it thay were to Have military (oinmubdn If tin invaaion fltould take place (captaina of tompanift). We have hml conataut report* tbat trampe* und Kellx were to be put in chaptl pri'vieua to etacution Although I w.'ia hopeful In theeaaa of Ktiuon 1'into that be would b>- aaved for tbe aake of the fame of Concha, yet the diaappointim-ut there doea not make me leaa ranguina, aa 1 think noma attention will l>e paid to the eoergath r>-in mttracc* an I pro trat made by the acting Coniul of the L'uilel Htatr*, and that the extra ne penalty will not he v:aiteo upon tlum The po/ice have their hand* full, and tbe people are waU-.lilqg to nee where 'he ueit blow will fall? the drcent place* for confinement are all occ.u pled. Caatlllo waa placed in the Mor.\ and Araia wa allowed placa In thu barracka of the civil guarda, aa he ha? a large family, aeveral grow a daughter*. a?d no um th?r. It waa an eapicial graca reudtrel on hi* appllca th n I'into left aevtn childl*' n, and In bit will aa|oiae-l upon thi-m tbat b'l nult ahonl I be carrlad op to the au |>rrtnr tribunal at Mailrid againat Concha an I hiacieaWd juatirea He atatea Inhia will that he liaa not been coa nctedof ofltsoe againat the 9tite, and undar tha la* be dlea Inaocrnt of all tla chaigea brought againat him. In tbe maneuvrisg of tbe Cbiaf of PoMce for tha arrant of Caatlllo and othera cooaeetiil wltb II. o bank, it ia evi dtnt that the government hud calculated that uadar tbe natural alam of tbe pa t .'a>? tliry would endeavor to *-i ape. in which caae they woul I aot have been mo leated or nunte.1 up, for fear tbat they might be found. Three hour a were allowed them, after not I -a, to coma and deliver tbt-maelvea, which thay all <Hd at the moment required , and I believe much to the regret of tbe chief. Had they left, that would have been luatfHcation for the authority. I am Informed by a peraou from Magna la firante al tha recnt alarm In that uelghtiorbotd. on tha arrlral of ' tha JiliUuitTf frein Afrtaa, that out af five buofred and ninety nine voluntteni in that vicinity nD'ler tha call from apprehenaioo tbrre .ipp.-ared oo parade, all count ed, forty -Ave ladivlduala, and they ware wall prepared for running, if Cangrr ah>'ultl eurua There la nu doubt but all loyalty will riaolve In the aame la'lo with the j eioeptlon of about two battalU.na in Havaaa, whi -h may be brought to the acratck when aeca?aary, hut not, I think, to itay Mannrl Hint*. (I rout tb* OitrlMloii Mercury. ] Tli* annate of biatory '!? net tutblD i mm horrible caa* of judicial inuro*r than tba# of Mannrl llalu, r? etntlj |inoM to lltvui. Th* bloody negation of tbe Luke 'I'Kiif baiu. by Napoleon* order, and tha beartlara* fate of Marahkl Say, fall bel?? It in black atrocity. Tba facta arc now pretty wall i*rartain*<l. The auditor of war, wbo*e aaaent to tba ??nt'-noa of capital punishment I* <)*man?'ad by tba law* of the Ia'and, poeHivaly r*fua*d to algn tha warrant, on tba ground thtt Bo a'lfltcieat ear* bad been ma.!.' out againt Pinto Tba ehl*f, If not tha inla wCne**, wan a rile wretch who lia<l twaen pre vlomly condemn*! for felobi** and pardoned, an t ha o?B' acw tbe tool of tli* (Jeptafn <>?B"ral la lilt blori ly porpoee a;aiB*t bl* former mend ao<l .Sarratary Th? refuaal Of tha Auditor of Mar only to hav* la cltad Concha the mora, and coal rary to all law, pr? cedett or humanity, be mat 'nte-l an arti trary 'irnr' of four, wblcb >houln rcviae aud overrule tbla dwItlM. I But, *o flagrant wa- tha wrong that even thlar mrt w-re < <|>i ally divided, whaa ? nneba, lion*. ?n the Ufa ot 1 hia victim, aad Incenaed at the protection wblcb law an I mercy threw a r<?i n 1 him, decidKi bimeel' tbe juration ami order* I 1'iato'a eiacutioa in twenty bo ira II* m?'. hia fata calmly aad bravely, protest In* Ilia iuaoeD* I with bla dying breath . Huch am brie!!/ the facta of tbla i foul murder. It la a?ier:*d, aa'l aot will oat plauaible ju*tlfl -Bl oo, that I'iDto, la It a relation* t< larelary of waa poaaawra-d of evl :eoc* going "how that Omcha him aalf had BMdltatad traaaua agalnat the Hpahlab /jvern nient and tli* *<-t?bliahm?atof a dictatorship over Uata. To Concha'* guilty aoul ha waa tberafur- a continual dread. Hen a the raaort to aucb pm-ee-lmg, agvnal him, as-! tbe fiandl-li malignity with which ha pura>iad him to hi* death, lb waa dat*riala<?l to rid himaalf of the witB'???a to hia crlm" at all luu.tr la, and without regard '*" or j'ight It ia aot for u? to ln'*rm?dIJ* with the dealing* of other gorernni'nU with their -nhjacta Htlil laaa do we advert!** ouraelm* aa tha champion* of tha oppreeead ' in all quarter of tba irlobe It ta eao-igh if w? protect | our Own oil from tyranny and cruelty. B it there are ! act* which atrlk* a -hord of "iam aympa'hy? a< la a* | Inmlnoua la th?lr ??at.rjiily aa i tbair ootrage upon hu m<alty, that we wnuM indeed be unworthy of the rw>iae . of man, tr *r |itua I them by unnoticed " n - h waetne murder of Manual I'mio Aa I a paopte among whom ? uch tiling* ?aa b* done, op-nly an I with Impunity, are ? n'itled to tba aympathy of every brare m l gen?r?u* heart. It ia un'ortunat* for Hpain, that h?r ?S?ial ?'area ao to act, at thl* time, when all orar tba couatry th* fate of CnhaU regarded with atill daepaatag lotereet ? wheB the Irovernniont la impelled to pra-tlce tbe *t*ra**t vtgiUa;* to prevent th* at'empt* of bold ad ranturara? wh*a o ir relation* with Hpaln ia regard to ibl* vary I?Un ! bare bacon* angrr an I threatening -a* ?U' b a time, a fa<t Hke th * la wall oalralat*! to -ever the tbraad wblcb ?u-; ntaih" award. Th* beat aa) ?<,h?reat may oi unable to rapr?*i thati ladignatioa aad tbaa by tbe promptiaga of .a ? oioaon na'ur*, glva en coaragemeBt to tha eotarprii* Tha Writ Indira. HTAT n or THifH TH K M?H?rT -TUB ?? I' 1I?T T*<ll BI.M? cniwr.11 V !?( 114 NT* AVrHlnt II 1*0 BN'O or TIIB Clf ?>!*?'< or COMttBMCB -BSTCA tiow rtni>a rrc. Tba ataamabip lilin rta brought orar Biaa of King?toa, Jaraa'ca, paper*, dated u> tb* V?tb of March. Tra<l* waa *? ' aedingly dull, tha money mark*t very ?tr agairt, aad a |*a*ral wast of eommarcial coaftdaaca aiporian *<1 all over tb* alaod o(. Jamaica Tka ll"u?* of Aa??mt,ly? a* we learn from tb* M ? i tgj,.inal ? batr*j*ct?' th* pe iUon of tba Hapt.at min.ater, l?av S4r Ougttoa, aaaiag for a refarentaof tl.< aubjact of tbe I ale ajt < lot**' Irom hia church to tba C< ii. mi tie* of <iri?vanc?a f?ur or tba 'l*bata, w* are (bid that Mr. Tayk^r maiaber fbr i'ort Hayil, rav^raly laal ?l lh* Rev Mr. Oughtoa for bi* uncurt't aa roala't towarda bia ca<ng >gai oa. Tha bon ra yie a*a*.*ai*n want <>a Ul ahow what |onl would b* ?te?t?: by the in isiry by aipialalrig i>?w tl.a rrveread gra'lm ia bad erco^r 1 tbe paopl*. aa ' than (tap by "t?p, ha l drlvea them to d?aj?rat ',n aad ho* owe of the i,agia<ra?*< too* itba h.rnaelf to a/ ler out a lavage an I brutal aol i ClJ, aal without wait ng for a oaadle a't'aally r*ad the riot act by wioonl.ght >a b a eagarnra* t < l*t bo** , tb* mi itarv '>B aa lancroaa' p*op!? Tha <e*tltute < k iae* *ni,?r*nta oera at- II arraetataa va,raat- aad forty tiea of taam w*r? la prteoa at ftp* ?iati tow a. ll>o M?mSera of th* Jamaica ' baaib*r af 'oiaa*r a h*W a naeUa( ? n 'ka '1.4 M irth wbeo th* foiiowtag re aol itioaa were ad' f?tal ? laaliei That after in j a aat4*rtai ai*t?aaaat wLkeh I at i??i 1*44 Miff "a ae>ila| I 'b* ataie *f tb* *aaaaea r tlia lactate tire, tka 4|r*ak< n Wa aati>?ti?*4 t-. (tve aaab ?<r a a* atay ba aaaaawry l? ana la tbeaa te wiad ap Ha af 'a ra a a* lar i "a" ak?*t4 tkey ta4 Ik l?pvaatl< a- la I* a -r i t M ?'l rkwrrk. I '4 i Ma >rat4 tka '.'aanwalal l??a> eh* 4 >1 aa* td r ila a*wak*aceta*at r' ti,? * arr-et rem, |tva i, t ?.,ftl ,r ll?<" ? a.lkiilr lUt aalao^tna. ar< ? 4 faM ia I . farUa aaaeaat ' k? r ? t ai *th*ewtee tb*y w r i ff iki a at*a ika tirataii a* *M?a *?? I I V. ngrt'.u J/ ' .i J ? n*', of the l?th iltlril, ??) ? ? W# at* f|Bl ?? find ' bM t " EaC'.Ue cy th* lao triiai baa ??>? aatad that ttie*an? of ti.uO'i -wr to a pea a more >? rl tly ?1 WJ ? ?bo*ld ba ralaod tb I year for at .ea'tonal | -irpaai a tb tb* P*|"I* Ibrr* 14 Mth ag *U*C( K iKt' MkBirr. Uu?OI. 'Jam .) Mar b 2^ ?For Lb* Wat two we*. a tb* marb't ba* kai marked by ittrvr.* d*ln*aa whi'h kaa only n broken by a wilarit* da m a ad from tba ca/uatry for Bab *' aBa Ac.ericaa provia .ae aure off ?Mit ia retail auaatitloa and itocla cmltaae v< at/? or i late, wtib bat titUa probaMMty of tb* d*n*n! r^?*l lag tb* rapyly la dry govt* oar ImporVeva are t*rn* li'araHy wotk ag Th* *ttro?M 4aln*o* o* 'rat* *0* eti i aweary in tb* aannoy ?nrtwt. aa1 . * waa' af ao?S 4* we* gaaaial'y l*?d la ra?*4ar . > ? ? part of 1 M* a pntal ion g ba U >Bll l?Ui?< ?Sa ?oreeetila AZTAZftl zn BATTX. Mora ?f the llUIr and (llrcum >t?nr? or Hill*' Tranalalloti ol Ihfli Mark Majeo* lltl fi*n tbe Imperial P?lu? ,n ,h* PI*** Petlon to thai or the Rur <l? U R*?i?lon? (Jiaclou Reception of lh( ()?<> " of "" V. N. C'orwettr Valmaatll by Ui? V tm|nror. Hy the MM ? f th* brig DelaBeld w* liare . fr?oi I'oft an Prinoe to the 25 th of the aim* month. Tha I'nltad t Ut'? i>lo?p o( war Falmouth *" " Port au l'iin< ?, mi her ronimaadar. T. P. i4nn 'i ' oth?r otkear*. hare mall thenta*lr*? extremal/ p op both am t| tha uatlvea aad th* American re il lirt ' ?' th* lalaud. Tbe ful irw;?( corraepeoJaoce tial liaaa '?* llona wilt ba found lnt?r??t .ng ? oun roMT ar pk'nck coHaumpoNDKNCl I'OBT AM Pkino*, March 13, I'M. Ariiial <J th Hilmovth ? 71. n Cut of i,\t Tun .1 in I lOf" &e.imr??Thrw lmpr,,<mm'*l an. I .fuforyt""' f f-f tit Lib. rat Con lu. I 'if I'opMin Mhow. lb* t niied Staler aloop o( war Fatm >utb. tomiaa*4ei Ttooipi'iu I>. Shaw, laat from St. Dotn.ago City, Uaa bae? lylbg in out outar road* for > ome 1? j? pant Tire alaar purpoee of Captain flbaw'a rlalf waa to Inquire lata th* caaa of two ataiila, belonging to th* American brig H W. Packer, who. laat auminrr, were luiprtaonad at thi# place for an aaaault no th* er?w of ? llaytlen a'VMMr The Anirncau aalcra w?ra going olf to tUa^r vaaaal, when, being druuk, thiv kroigbt thalr boat la rrotac' wllti ilia achonner la nueatiro Thia product"! aa altar cation, when th* two aailora, thinking lli*m?*lve* la aulted, aprang on board Hi" achoouar, broke aad da utroyvd auch article* aa they fotin 1 <>a deok, at iMkal the craw, and finally drove tb<m orerboard. Frrthie Dllioir thrjr wire tried by the < orre. t onal < 'ourt. oaa deuiord to *i*ty naya fnipr mkiii tit, aad to pa y a Sae ot two thouaand dollara < llay tie* currency laacli ?a mi* about e<|iial to ten ImuJrat an I thirty dollar* (.'aitei btetea cu nenry . Captain Sliaw, Immediately <>a hia arrival, tnl before roumunleating with Ilia aiithiiltma no tbla aubject. raiafully Infoi Imnolr of lino.? facta and vary aoao can.* U> the roaclualon that it waa not a r?aa on whteb au iniprratlva d>a>aii<l for ral> aaa rould be haaed lie aaw th? imprlaonn^ant of the iaam*n wa< jint, aad although h? ronalnered the Una aoraaetut axceaaive, yet a i attain uaiount appaurad to htm to be Juatly due te the amriavad part Ira ha therafore propoaad to the authuiiti*4 that the tine aliould be raduced to oae bua ciad Joilara hpauiab, on ptymant el which the aaa ahould be ralraac). The govarauieat vary properiy de clinrd Intatferlug eltli tha aant?ura ol tbe court, b<U dt4 not objart to tlx* propoaitiona In raae it ahould be ac crplabla to tha partlaa who mad* tha complaint. It now appaarrd that thay wereabaant, and bang aeiman, r.oald not readily ba found The mar 'hanta of th* place ea gaged id A marl an trade the moat of whom are llaytlea* ? now cama forward to ?*coad tha I batal conduct af Captain Mbaw Tbey tnimadlataly male up the balance ol ill II be bv ?ut?i ription - tlia BMW were ronae<|ueiiMy lehaaad, and are noe on ih?lr w.iy to Ibe I aitad ritataa 1 be portion of Uie lire (urnWhed hylepUiaSbaw vu r utrlbulo.l by tha ofheera and < tea of iba Kalia.uth ? l'? plain >haw not having bean tiiillxruad to pay the tea bv tba I nltad Statea governmeat. Thia liberal and eea rlllatory toaraa of (^ptaln .Hbaw inaeta the entire ayyia val of tbe < ominualtv, ani la e>pecially a r leplahie te the Amertran reaideata bate who have had ocotetua to ah aerve tha greet irritation aal >onn*?a which reeeat >ranta la the eeatein part of the lalaad bava lately caaaed to tl la government. Tha Falmouth leave* te narrow on a crmi* J J'0?r 41 Pftuca, Mar h 14, lH?d n, y.lhm- i rr r? 7 A<- C?it?l mm,. ,V/?V /.* t,rr '?""mandrr?TItt ihff*, Mark* -l^ I olltlral aflatra la tba lalaad r?au io porf.cUy <iaia? 111# Jfllow fa.ar ha* licioina mur<' maligaaat ?a4 ,l*aell ?.ry many cf tha fo.a.gn ...man |B p,^ llw I nltrd Hi at** .loop o( war >al mouth la atlU la Ui* oatar liaibor, and all oo board ara la good baaltb < a plain Shaw, alth-jat daar.O'lmg from tba a.ual ,jw nlty iu>tala*d by wniatodtn of m?a of war, by hi* '"'"'a *aur1.ooa ounurri baa galnad .irMdingly a. tba ga?<l aplak a aal battwr f*.Iioga of Iba Haytlaaa drmandlbg ttflat ju.tln* toward. bta rouatrr?*a ? ' b??l?<g on hi. >art, aa .Uling to a??or<l II to ot?ar, ' Th r.*u H v" "b" ^ >?M baa. wbl?b ha w.. Iratraeta-l to in.uir. lato a??l?S i/'?! to ba*a bacama aauttar ly ?aa of Ui* rouita agalnat tha ***?*? t?U?a propria tor of pri/j.*rtr whir* th*. bad u aid a. it ... .? .' ~%Zwm?mC!+I? ? on. h7lf it **lmo,lt,? ?*aar. aaly olhrad to pay aboa* ooa half tba aamiiit, .u.l tba cuiaarelal bou?a* r*a4il* sJKywJsa* " "?? balw.aa M>..ra |',?.llk .ad tha (Jaltod . Iat?? ( oii.iil ? agant it J Uara h..f?r, pt,,?4 * p.r.."..) eon ) tla. aubjart, I tali.,, ti:.Vh,;Ti'W,.'d !/. h*? '? >? u.TantZS "^a?ir U " Wu' *? "?>rro.TSr ?',0*'*,OB* ?'? abundant, and tba on-. *1 ?>??., th. giaad ?Upl. piodaeUaa of 11 attl b^ ?l w th'i.Uli?"'" prte' '*"h'n ,bM* f,w 'W* ?"< Withstanding wa ara no* In th* foil ,.r.|p, ot tfca l'T" !!. '? ">?''? hy all wbo .hip <t,.? i ACCoi;?r?. 1 Traiialat.'l f i ? th* Koakhrur lUitian Marrt. 17 I ''ntb.lvth n( Karrb. a, ",V Z " L gruad dlgnlUrWa, tha roa.tltu?nt bo'.i^ .D i I a la- a ta form tha ntWg* of tbt/r Ma '.tU. rim. tr.B-laU'.n to tbalr aa. raal lanro waa about 'to lata t i. * ,rw'f* 'ba garrlaoa w?ra dtawn up la tho f rV, ,l,;:?1 " ' tha I laparlal i fon??" tU lil from tba I al aca to tba Kua >1. la Kunioa fa?.ral ina hi.u a* aua*a-lln? *a<b .tbar from aarth t>> aoutb In tba Rua I. i* Kwt;g| knd acta a. lac tba ' a*l 'alaad .hlrh bounda tha I'tar. l**Uoa t? tb. mml " "'p?"* ">? "?? d. ailing of tb.1, Maj..t,M |{,ra tfc* "' ???"omant will ba Haad until tba worka of tkt I't tHHt't 1 1 ro o t b'"p*"41 ?? 'omplatad ? 1 *" Ik'" ???m tba moat alamat ?r ? blfb baloafa I., hor tb. f niprM. ,7wTla^ i '? "W '*? a 'aa'ry la thia nr. palara, t? a poiltina wf wbl'b liaa Ha.? - rho.' a b?.f >?BBM:lr ! m th ol4 by tb. IV. I'ati,., hu lla -.'y thTimJL^ ^Ttl r,''-un. r1 b' *"1 wh.ra th. truopa of tha laj|-ar at Oaard caa go through thai, a,art!aaa aa faT aiarly, ante* hi. Imm> Uata m.parUoa Tha , Ma:aatLaa ap^r W accapy bat on. of tba <tap^t?aa^ ,f , ... ? ***' "'J' Uft th. paWa. to . Mi.t. ? iLT* !"?'?'???? kj 'h?ir rt?ga .Ut ac TCrr^ ' ;Z frimv lad?? of .onrtr !??? of th* fnurukr %r?l of Urun.. Ik* gf^. ?I'galtailaa U- ll.gb Chan,.^, ^Lr./a .11^ tb* jaw.l. of tha crowa. 1h*lr Uaw.JLa .*r. aa Ainr.'l at than., laiparlal palax* tb*. Int wm4 ? ?^"h/r? baibl'ag , whin, ,. ti publuTJI^ . aat U raat .p.,to,*.? t^lXoTX fbapal ?".,a,p.ar ag t?^w ,u t,? , .bola i*ri,y balta-i ia tha Ka. da la n ,aua. lfc* ' "???<??? raoa.rr I t? th* ?.'.ribarn bu.l<!.,,g b. longing to tba Eii.or-aa ai'iui by * fra?b talto if art tUrry r?p*al*<l by all taa fa/ta >j lb* rapi?al In tala mhuu la 4a?o<a.l t-. th< ar. ?ata #? of tkrlrva a.tta. war* d?f>o?ta4 by tb. **?* -btahbla r.icall.o*, ^a ??ont d. fanraata, p.r,^ta,y tba ordar <rf tha r^t'rjL ^rrf.f ?rt*f iK*ir ptJUSS" ?adfa0.wa<V,y th* rort^* rap^rad totb* TamaJa of U* if 4 " '?* f?1ur.,a l u, tba tmp^.ai palat. Tla '.ran^ny of 'ran. .at r,n ?.B?lu'i^Jat th* ptlaa. wit* a 'harming t.aaWn, at ,h f ? !a.pa rial II Jhn^a th* i ****** ??'1 tba la<< a? ij tb* court war* (/*??* at ' ? d ord.r did n- t aaaaa ta r.tgr, f.., . ? .m.,t r.ftUI owing ta tba praaa itlcaa of hu L.t-u,*,. ,a~ <.'.'?ra/,, ?ih1 tba 44j?'aat i.-nw.l ita lUrot. ^ CTl #f of th? ? 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