18 Mayıs 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

18 Mayıs 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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AFFAIRS IN CUBA. Ou Barum CtrtiifwifcBii, BiTiiu, May 8, ltti. Xeltmte of Captain MeCuiloch?th* Schooner John Q. White ? Mawmenb of the War Vettrh of the 0WM Stmtm, Spain, Bnglamd , Frame* mnd Mexico ? Maritime Aid Tendered by Santa Anna to Central Concha? War Fedimf cf the Euocutiee? Trial Citation* ? Trade? l'H lo mi fbxr and Inoculation Oipteii Jumi MeCulloch, *lnoe hi* release by tin civ# tribunal, h*i rental ed here to reclaim hit schooner, IhlJikaO. White, wh'cb U dismantled tad U/ii( it the ifiari, above the city of Bantu. I do Ht thtek tkm U mnnh pro* pact of bii sueooo ding in this, i?lm it ia ntind aa a matter of pact, and to roan* (t hu of tbo rough point* ia our friendly relation* with the Unite* States The I! sited State* war meaner Princeton, Eagle com mander, hence on the 2Stn alt , touched at Key Weat and aailed thtnee on the 24 init , since which tiaM we hare heard of her ai being aeen to tbo woatward of Cape Son Antonio? all well on board. The sleopef- war Jamestown, Ellistou, Commodore Crabbe aboard, left Key Weat tbo 2d of. May, and haa been spoken ofl the "l'an o' Wanton***." Early aa the meintaf of the 2d tnet the 0nite4 Statea war steamer San Jae nto, Strt >Jin| commander, with the broad pennant of lommodrre WcCauley, loft this port, it la ikid, on account ot Despatches received by the Com modore by the schooner Florida, whioh brought pack age* from the Spamah Consul at Key West to General Concha. Wo learn by a fi lierniao, cod firmed by the ateamsr Iaabol, that the San Jacinto ??? at anchor ia the harbor off the Key on the afternoon o i the 2d, and waa remain ing at anchor there on the i< *ht of the 6th, when the Isabel left for Havana. The Spar lab war ?tea war Btian.net included in my late lift, entarsd thin port on the 2d inat., whioh will la areaae the number of guns two, and the men that may be aa?d about eighty ; <.r for alt of our maritime fores, without tbo protectorate, 304 p<ects of ordntnee of alt calibres, and 2,980 men ot all the needful qualities for war. TheBrttiah brig- of w?r Arab, Commander Oglerie, hur tied from port after 1 he depar ure of tbo San Jacinto, and armed at Key West ou the iith met., on a cruise of observation, and Skluvtd lite flag, which was retnrned by tbo Ban Jacinto. The express ecboener F'orida, nerd by the Spanish Consul at Kej West lor very important advisee to the Captain General, was d?i-p*ioiieo lor rovura, witk official comaauxicattons, osttm ad ir>*t. B. B M sloop fcurydice, r-uanmamler IHItou, arrived from Bermuda on ti?- 1st ioat. Tae do. sloop Vestal, hence same day for do "lhe French brig o' war Maiesgre, Le'es, is at anchor la this port aince the 1st? returned from cruise ia the Gult Stream. The Mexican war ste*mer Santa Anna entered port on the night of the 6th? h?r } srucular business being to aeoertnin why there ar? ho <u?ay ot the armed vessel of tbo United States disturbing the waters o. the Galf, and to offer protective nervier ? oo >ld it be required by Cu ban authority. It is jeported hero that we ars to have a social visit, betort* or dur ng the ltst days of this month, of ths Ban .1 scloto, Prinoeton, Susquehanna, Fulton, Saratoga, ?urt?m ?uth, Falmouth, Cysno and Jamestown, to pay tber reepects to General Jose ds la Concha, the Csp'-atn General of Cub*, for which I w.ll In no way vouch, wanting fsith? having heard much since the inaugural, and h*?-o very little fruit from the protective policy that was to be assumml Our good citttena are csut'on?d by kuthcrit.y no; to b? alarmed if they hear the ?( Ice of hitavy ordnance from the walls of the fortifications, as we are beginning to practice to get the raw soldiery *ccua'n<ned to tae serrioe, anl their ears indurated to tre percuuton o' the "big guns." We dJaolaim all desire of aM from foreign Powers, if we should be broucht into coPiaion with tti? United States. It would bo Out a small allatr to swee p from the ocean every rag of Yaakee cap vans, and to lay the citioi of your coast under con?rioutw?n, which wo shall imtnedi ateJy do tn reimburse ouraelvea for the troubles you maj or have occasioned us. In the meantime, our chivalry having used up all the men of Cuba, with Cu'an bs&rto, we have com menced attacks upon the fern-ties of the .'and Mr Peter Paul Craoea, the Queen's Attorney, in hit last call, dated the 3d .nst , requests Jooe Uanuel Parras, Augus tine I^pveira, and tne S-ertra fona Rita Rarlin, tepre aent them**ive* at the roj al jail, for trial, before the oounoil of war cf the m<l tary commie-ion, for the high crime of injidentia to the Queen ; failing which, they will be dealt with as contumacious, witiuut further no tioe, aad sentence parsed, &n conformity with the de mand oi tbo royal fliool It l>as been aaid that aa or der would eoon be issued to k<U a J the first bora of the land of creolo stock, but sithou.h we are very pro Sieive m t ' at d rvctiou, I do not belie v* we shall real the E^yptisn story. Istaau unjust aspersion upsn 6enerol Cmoha. The busineea of the past week has been very active, aad the shipment* exceed 46,1)00 bixes of sugars. I haad you a weekly statement issued on Saturday last. The number of American carriers ia dlmiaUhing, aad freights will be Ukxly to advance. Doctor Humboldt, who Is Inoculating to prevent or anticipate yellow fever, by procuring acclimation of mors gentle typo, U not proving sue iess!ul In many oaaea. One who had t>e?n treated by hi* praaese, sixty day* rince, took the regular dlseaie Inat wsek, and wa buried two 'ay* siooe. We contiaue in health, an there haa been no disease among the troop* of late ar rival. D. Havana, May B, ISSt. Queen'r Advocates Appointed? Treaty with Bc'gium?A Strict Pauport Order? The Priumtrt on th' Ponton? Steamboat Accident-. Veie Forh-OetpaUhet from Key Iftai ? ProMculion* en I Informtrt? Queen Chrutina't Sreriit ? ffcs Slave Trade? Dread of the Nicaragua C?U ni*t? ? Colonel Kinney' t Lanling Interdicted. By th* Oaceta of the lit mittot, we are informed, that Um following aime 1 Ln?nciades hare been ipp xnsi ad interim, Promotunet Fitralet, that U "Qaeea'e Adra ottoi:" for Havana? Don Jese Lorenzo Oluarde aid Dm Felipe Lima. For dt. Jage de Cuba? T)ea nilario OhBW Oerrea and Don Jose Lor?U E?piao. For Ma tMlM [!?? Angsl N leaner Enuquei and Dan Vict?tlano Botaaocurt. For Pmerto Prlmipe? Don Jose v ice ate Ks torec and Dob Fraaci'oo Pictarde Mtrquet. For Trial 4*4? Dm Padro Gonial*! rencs de Uorente For Bara aoa? Dm Claud io Borg'ies. For Rar*MO? 3oa Itimji OafdlN. For B>jueal ? (>ob Fraacisco Rolriguw. Tar**. For Cardenas? Doa Jo-c SUt? la U>b?Mlv For Qua uja/ ? Dm Manual 1/op-t H dulgo. For Guinabacoa ? DmBIm do Zuniga Foatanamo ? Do a Juaa Ban ti?t? do Men* Peret. For Gu ia*e? Doa Jan.- Virtor QalaoatM. For H >lgu'a? Dea FraacUce Tamayo j j FMtoa. For Jbtuco? Don Jojr Joaquin Iftrtiui, For Jlgnead? D*a Joaqn'U Acosta. For MtniaaUlo ?Don Grogorio Biboro. For Sew fellpini? Don Kiigooio Tun ono. For Remedies? Don Fr?acncj Fetter For dan ft lliala Dsa Ambroaio Aragea. For Sagaa !a Grande ? Dm Ja*a Aooa. For ^aneti spiritui ? Doa Joai- da Join* Oar at*. For Santiago do la? Vega* -D>a Pabie C*ssp??. For Boat* Maria del Ros4rlo-D<?a Manuel da Sote; a?J far 8*ata Cl?r*? Don Franclaco Javier Barreneohia I ban been thus particular in senllag you tba asme* of these Queon'i Advocates, (wh> it will bo ramembtrel *ra only to hold the appn ntmanU until tha arrval of th* partlea who art appelated to the office* from .Spain, ?f whioh I wrote you io a recant letter ) eo that should *a oat break take place la aitnarof tba abave uain>d parte of tha bland, of which the Captain Gea*ral would appear to bo afraid, your reader* may kaew th* mini of the prosecuting Fiscal, in the event of aay arrest* being aaado. By the asm* impreeelM of ti> Ojcrin, we are in formed that a troatr ha* been enterej iato batweea Bel giaai aad Spain, by whica sailor* b'loaglog to either nation, who deeert from the t?WI? to wnieb thay are itteohait. may In arrested la the fosaseeiia* ol e.thar ?Matey. Aa order rotating to pasaportt i* also puMlsh'4 In ths a*aae number of th* Oa<eta, which *'ai-s that til* Ki aoileacy , the Oaftaia- General, hat deciled aal given order* to afl Governors. Lieutenant Governo-t aad otbsr en^orlM**. the rules tbey mast ob erve with aa; par OM that arrive* at this lslaai without a pitsport, at first. The perooa most b* arretted aid kept ia priiea far a period Beteaeoedia* flftean day*. d;iria? wbiah it m iit t>? aeu*nah**d what is bla molira la attain* ta the ialatd, wh?t ereperty be briaM wlih him, what Is his oooupaii>s, what boeiaeee be mean* ?o ant?r lata, and bf what atta* ha wttl awpport hJatelf. If the result of ?ha?e (a gilrlo* bt satisfaotery, so that it i< diacavarad the want et a pis<pir: was aa aoaideat, aad ??> not assiitad to asaoaal his ra ?raaay, or aay ether lllieit motive, ba wiil ka iaa4* to par a Due or tea daUara aad then discharged; bat if the (af >rma tb* abtolBod proves aaf>hia< te She eoairary, tbes ths aatherttiee will k^op bim In ajnaae'eeat until pr >i?er a >tio? i? a*at te tb* snpariar eiril g.iTerasieat, *e that II u Ctaal leaey aaay or4or hi* ra eaabarkatiin to th* palat wheau hi aaa Joafi Dg LA CO.MQH1 liar aw A, April JS, ISM. 8* that If the foregoing regulation* are carried iatt aflfeet, the penalty of commf Mthar without a pasiport m thoaga it be the rosnlt of *a aojldent, will nit be a light MM. Let the reader, therefore, who oeatoMplata< * rtaft to thia erer faith (ul Island, take special oaret i brlag tpyt paeapart with hiaa. tha otaeplraoy ease, deiilM th tt ther? to oat against Sfty of the aosasel ptr Use who are oaa flnel oa board the Poatoa, aad referred the WMttar to the Auditor de Guerra, aa l tbe Captain Geaared to ooaeoit aad dooide a poo it. The Aadt tor de ?Oaesta, apprareo of this daoUioa of tka Fisaal, aad also 1 thai all th ? _J the parttoa shoald be discharged without air heaitattoa, bat whea the Matter cassa before Goae rat Geaeha, whose eole duty it waa to hare agreed to, ?ad elgaad th* aeeessary papers for the discharge of the litoaai. ha approrod of the withdrawal of the oh?rge? agatoet the aeonsod, bat rosorred to hiMself the right of dectttog the ptaoo where they are hereafter t* dwell, and h*a stooo decided, as te understood, that they shall bo beatahad Itotoe RaWaric I. lee. sa'ortnnate mm, wh*M erea tba Cabas l deevted to be iaaajeal of the orlae (t) iM jaw* toMOM. are to bo baa.shed by tbie act of tyraany USta^aSSlaP p<Mr*r" vu ?C.t^Tbl> '? 'M^agtblt harbor oa her !he r?n * h?*x b^??tlar to t?o Aaaartaaa bctg Cartbm^, th* boat oa*taU*d the Mftaia, (yn*m,) ??*? "allar ba'owgtag talk* bd?. Tm Uhw jussped tnm tha boat, aa4 being mm plcaa* u br > ahoce beat. iuiHIhI bo fartbar (naoaveoieaa* itw a ducking; but Captaia Wilsaa, I regret ta aM, kad aoak twit* bif?r? ha was taraa oat e? tos wa Ur.be baa sinae bean ao til with far**, t'at it <*ai deem ad raqalaita ta plaea him at Or. Wllaaa'i Hatpital, where, haviaur had kiad trtataanot aad goad aiming, he la hap pil; mow ia a fair way af reoavary. Thar* are forta, he, b?iag erected, I an informed at Parta Priadp* and Villa Clara, tha gans af waioh may be taraed npoa those towns Ob tha 1st last. written order* were received at the Foataa far the discharge of two af the prl toners oanftasil ea board af it, aad they were aeosrdiagly diaohargal, with, aa U customary hero, orders to ao to the decro tary'a offlce. The first rne who west to this functionary was surprised aad disappointed upon being told that his discharge was aa error, aad apoa his inquiring what he waa ta da, he wa? told that the boat thing for hia to do waa to retura to the Poatoa and present himself as a ?ier, which the poor fellow aooordlngiy did: al k, I mast add, I have not heard of any other aia having beea alnoe discharged. On the evening of the name day, the fast sailing Ame rioaa sohooaer P orida, Captaia Cany, arrived here from Key We at, where ahe was chartered by the Spanish Co a sal, to ooavey despatahee to the Captain General. There hare beea varloas reports in circ latiea as ta the con teat* of those despatches, some a ttlrn t^ey contained aecouata of a fllibuater expedition, whilst it ia mure generally believed, the faet of the United StaUs shipa J antes to wa and PTlncetaa having beea engaged ia eier oislag their crews at gnunary practice some of the b'bov a at Key West scared the opanl* b Conial tlnre <* de claring it waa preparatory to aa attack >? j? ?a this islaat, and he, like a wiie Spaniard, chartered the Florida t? convey the Important intelligence to th? Captaia Geaaral, who would appear to have b>ea somewhat star-led from bis realty by the despatches, whatever may have r>e?a heir contents, for be soon after their recipt hell a unta of all the superior authorities n<**r this oity, at which mv pMace friend informs one it was r?nolv??1 ten thousand gabions ahoull be at oaoe ordered to be mtAe. Bow they will be paid for is another matter, a* tha islaad treasury ia represented to be nearly bankiapt, as, ac cording to the beet authority, the extra eapealitire ia this ot'y from let January to 30th April amounts ta more than five m'Uioas of dollar) The Spanish past office etctmer, Fernando elCitaHc* arrived btre from Spain on the 'IA mat , bringing 310 matinee aa<t 7 infantry sold'trn. and 14 offlct-ra IL B M.'h ship Arab arrived on the same day, but has since again proceed to iaa Friaa, the neptww of Clntra, the l**yer Giral, *ho i.i icpteseated as having besn the private le.*ai adviser of the lamented Ramm Pinto. Benito Gener of Matanxas, aad seven othern, remain tor trial before the pu. mtaent military cowrni-Hion. Francisee Redriguea, who bstrayen Rsmoa Pinto aai his capatriofs, is represented to hive rwieiv.d eignty thousand do lira from tbis gov*>nmeat, as tin reward of his treacherous villany, witu wni :b he proceed* to Spain shortly, where I prmume be will be received with all ho norx by Que?n Isabel. Ought aot the fate of <]aHteaila to be a warning to bin never ngsia to set fast in Cutia ? There bave beea rumors Vie past four or five days, that certain bills of exchange c'rawn by Christ aa, tha Queen Mother, upcu htr ug*nt here, Senor 1'amjo, have beea dishonored, and ?h?t the la ter gentleman was about ta suspend payment. The United States eteamer, San Jac nto, with Commo dore Mc Pauley, sUatoeu slowly out of this harbor oa Wn'nesoay roorang last, '.id iot.t T? the quo.it oa " what was the object of h'r visit f" the answer here is quien tab*. Her oihcers are a pleasant, get Unmanly sat of fellows, and we ehall always ba glad to welcome tusm amongst us. By the Gatfa of the 4th inst., ws l?arn that Tan Joae Manuel Parras, ( *oo, I believa. is a metckant doing business in Pblladelahia,) Don August) a I.apledra and the Donoella Rita Barlia, are aceutud of injUlwia (trea.-on ) Thev are saot n?>ned in vhe customary form to appear, their reairiearea being anUnoirn. Tue Donoella Bariia, ia tbe sister of the two gentlemen of the earns name who w?re r?of ntly discharged f:om the Ponton, the one haVing been banished, whilst the oth?r, if I mistake not, is permitted to resiain in this city. Having 'ailed ia his tyranaic attempt upoa the malea of thui family, Geaeral Concha would tain graap wi'bia his olutoh their un?ar ried aister. Ia he not a brave naa. thus to war with a girlr The lady, however, I beliere, is safe out of hia reach. On the 2d lost . when the volunteers were being drill ed at the Campo Marte, the uegro company were aated: Which of jou have been a caleaero ? (toe postillion of the Vola*t>: ) irevtral of tbem answered: 1 have. lh?y wire desired to advance tbree pacs to the front; their Dsmts were tben taken down, and from these ani some others wbo know how to ride it is invaded to form two companies of negro and colored cavalry. Bfoor Ptaai-co, the senior partner of the respectable mcioantile firm of l'enssco Uroiners & Co., of this oity, died, after a brief illness, on Satur lay moraiag last. He waa buried with great pomp the same evanlag. I have aot n my recent letters, alluded to the laailiag of s;hve?, although thtre havs beea neveral oargoss landed late'y, two near Bahia Monda Of he laat cargo, about 7?0 la number, about 70 have b3*a apprsbendsl and brought to this city. They are to bs made govern msnt apprentices, ur lather elaven of. Kverytbing is reported to bo in a sUte of qul<soeace in Meilca, a cesnatiun of h^st lities between the troopi of Alvarfx and those of his 8erene Highness, Santa /inn*, having taken place Tne steamer Hants Anna cumes here, ? learn, to undergo some necessary bat trifling re pain to ber machinery. I bav? this instant bal an inlerriew with my "palace tii?Bd." He tells mr it has b?tn determined not t? per mit Colon j- i Kinney to snter this harber with hU Ntca I lagua colonists. It would not surprise me if eventually the entire party from N:caragaa were ta make a desceat *ioa tbia inland. BRCIUS. Havana, May I, 1855. Impmfant Decree Relative to the Landing of Panengert? lnxn*1ation of the Paper ? Expected Annoyances t0 Trnrnlerr ? Diichmrpe from, the Ponton. Mj previsus lettsr enclosed herewith fU written yes terday morning, under the anticipation that the Granada would htTt arrived en route to New Yerk at her appoint ed tine. She had not, however, arrived at snnset la?t evening. and I am, at this earl/ hour (3 A. II.), at my (leak, in order to have the pleaaure of agala witting yoa. 6boaU the stasuner net make her appearance to- da/, this aad my olher letter will be far warded to- narrow per Iaabel via Charleston. The Gaccta of yesterday contain* new regulations tor the disembarkation of passengers from steamers and other veeceln that arrive at thU port, which I deem of sufficient importance to warrant a translation Under ths Vi*iUnt law, whieh ought to be observed, I have dictated ai folio we:? Art. 1. As soon as so/ of the said vess'ls arrive at thli port, the) will be viidtel by the liealth oAoer andCeptsin of the port Immediately after the colice Department will visit <heB>, ami a iter thU the Custem Iliuso > Acer* Art. 2. "She barces ? hioli belong to said visiters, aad an only for then* purpose*, khtlUot carry on b ari aay other person than those emD<oyod in tbsm. No other p rion shall ?? o a board any vt the vessels a 'til these viiiti have beea psid, sicepting enly tho Cemul of the oonutry to whioh the ve9?e.s be>om; but if the Consul oannot ri>it the vomoI, hii dep< t> may do so ? the officer* of in?n of-irar in port bslong ius; to the flame nation as the Teasel, her eoosUnse or one of bis elerks, the express agent, so that he o*a deliver ooals to the steamers, and. in can of absolute necessity, the party who tnppJitx pmvui<<>ns Art. 3. Immediately after the ve'sel is vi<i*ed the passea Sers usay disembark preci?oly iu this manner:? The/ innst go itec.tiomun bewra to the station plaee thst i* fitted oat for the purpose, and whioli is situated close ta the Marine wharf. Art. 4. In this place t'.iev sha'l be provide I with lanliog permits, (holelat de fiiemb.irro ) and at the lam time tteir i<a?naje will i>e c<c?:nined. Itefore the bs -ga/e is landed, a "bargsRO permit" miut be obtained. Art. S None of the pars>-n(er9 shall oome into the city without those requisites. Everj one i? ouinpolled to prore that Iu bat complied with ?ha fore rning, by showing his lading permit t? the polioe ofTio r ; an I it order to p.event say one il?its otherwise the police officer will sit a", the gate to so* the " landing permit " of each nor -on who gooi out and alon tho rnsrk which tho Custom Houso oftliers place on the ba? gate after it is examined. Art 0. The t'?i tun ot tho I'ort -hall nlve all m>oeuary ordtrs to the bo?tm?n so that these rn^ulttiom will bs punctually obeeTVod ; otherwise they will be responsible for any infractions thai mny occur. Art. 7. 1 ho Custom Uouae officer* are obliged to use all vigflanec, so that no ote will ilefrand thi Interest of the lrra?<irv, by intrcdnoin* oorr >?i> ?ndanco, n r delivering it tc> any other person than the Pos'ma?t?r or his stents. Any ? <ne Infriuatn* this regulation, shall be punuhod aooordia* to the J'ost OAce laws. Art. 8. 'lhe Political Governor, the Administrator of Ms rine Rent, me (.'oir.maader of the Carbineers, the Ad mini* t rater of the Test Office, and the ( s .istn of tl e I'ort, will five the rcinisite o-ders, so that ail theje articles will lis ully obejed, and by nivln* proper srder* tr. the'r sob jrdi ? ales, si.d also s?ch othtr order* i* they shall turn rvial site. Dt 1. A CONCHA. Havana. May 7, 1W By tbe foregoing /out rea<!er? will -ea 'il/ perceive the aono/skcea to which parties Wudin* ? this city may fce. w.'J be subjected Kv*n letters of introdautixi will, I dov.bt not, be taken away; however, we all ksov wl<at the ainiigh'/ dollar will do wi.h a Huban Custom Houao officer. Aa to ?ewipap?ra, aould (iencr ii Concha prevent tbeir being amuiglea into the irlaud, let him re duce the ettormoun cbsrge now ?aie of 12)< cents ter the bare deliver/ of ea^n netapaper from the Poit 09m. However, than* G<?d, we all get our n?*ap*pera 'rota the United States through the i'ost Ufll ce, and that is no light bcon. KM.ebae Ovie.'d waa dlacharged from tbe Toatra, I uncerstand, vesttrdar. upon the psym-n* of a heavy fine To thia hour ha knows nit what often'* h-t was charged with. IlALTtH. Havama, Ma/ 19, 1HS6, One hundred of Call's pfstoi* have beea imparted here for the use of the offlcera of the Spaniah arm/ here, lhe/ are to be paid for b / the o fllrer* themrelvea, and more are eipeeled. It la a pity they did aot *la? import acme person to toat h them the manner ?f nalng the pistole, I am eertaio they know not how to at present. lhe early hour of the Isabel's departure oempsl* brevity, altbeugh there really Is no more news. BRUrUS. Hataha, Ma/ 12, 18.". 5. Probability qf the Relent' nf Mr. fHi*?Ret*m of the I.ievt. Gurfrnor nf Sag* a ta Grande to his Pott with the Bene Merita rf Gen. Concha? Arrival of Another Hatch of Santo Anna's Indian Slaves. Tho dels/ of the Granada <? arrival at this port eaaaed a good deal of comfvslon to the oorreiprndense induced b/ our general eomneeretal interests, as .whoa the hoar arilved for cloefng the mail bags for the Isabel, it was gneaa work as to where to drop ths letters Those who ?ailed their packages late lhe previous evening or oarly the morning of tho 10th, for New York via Charleston, could not And a remedy for the srror after the/ had loarned the arrival of the clrect opportunity, either through the intelligence or the courtesy of the agsnts, by permitting a clerk of the bouse to assart tho letters of the Isabel's h?fs,4a*tog ont those for Htw Tork, whioh aiight have occupied tftoea ruinate#. If the mails for j tho Uaitod Statos oauld ho aaads ay la ths ofloe of tho | (MM Wat? OeoaaUte theoe arils aad <tii|imbU 4a toya aalf ht !? HW t?f(M bo tftUti U Mr. tilis ItnlMNd, of whieh I Um (km la aome pwUMKtj, it wtB Mlk*?*l>| to the ifwrU by the Mitt; administration, bat through influeocse of ? my Ufmat character Mri locality. The fact tkit it n?f diurm our aaral d*plomata of mm of their reliable ar (??Mali if they w? to hare My discusaioa with Geceral Concha, rMibUtoi the opening for thia mruare of mer cy , which 1 in iaforaed bu boon taboo adratafe of. I hood you with my flies by thia steamer the Prenta iaaao of yesterday, io wDleb uppnri a netioe oom Arms tory of the teetorsttoo with approbatloa of to* Lieut. Govoraor to hi* ooosmaed in too district of flagus >a Cfaert*. I translate tho editorial rem&rke which here pal tnS tho ordeal of the cen.orial table ta tho Seorata i) 'a office,? A "On feuaday lwt retorted freaa thia city to Bagut la Grand*, the Lttute* ant Governor of that jaruiiotioa. Doa Jeequta i aaari*go, who p<>seee?ee ao much aaJ ouch true sympathy unoig the inhabitants? a sympathy which baa boea legitimately gained during the four years that be has discharged ta? nuliae of that cjana?ad by the skill, piud*aoe and aawearied *?al which that gen tlemaa ana good bpamait* baa displayed. T:,n return of Seaor tVaariego to Sagua after tea time he haa rrmiiael in thia captal, ocgbt to cauae the greatoet stus'acMoa in that neighborhood, aa thoy b'g*u tj frar ho w ?<ht oe complimented with aaotoer oomas*n<l in taeiidend ? tho dia>ioguieb?<l oblsf to whom the segueriaas hire long Jooktd, not only aa aa Ulun'rioat authority jea loua for toiir well beiog aad tranquillity, but a* a true trieod aad lather." Iliiit gentiemsc aad true Spaniard hu been e*peiia'ly kind aad paternal in his jurisdiction permitting ths introduction of n?groes fr >m too coast of Afr ct. to m?et tue la* or w?otn of heyuariaa iodmtry wl Itbi turn, bat not without pecaalary advantages to himself. Ihia will prohsbly close tte troubles of thomu?oa and shut cut ii oca Inquiry on thn part of the United Sta oe the intended tad goity offered tj it in the violence uaad to tt??ir acting o^ent, acd in the oeatruoUoa of tie arais 0! theiaMon exposed ia hia ofhoe. "It w*e of ceurse part of tbe ordinary proc?aa ef muni ipal r^u latxn icr tho hsrtuony and safety of sonety," with which tbe B'jTttucaeut of the United States haa no right to intetltte. 1 hand jot commercial reports of tho latt two woofcn, ?h>cb w?l< ({ire every thing oi iaterest m our trato, aad full fl.ee of p?p?Ta coutinni-d fruin my last, &c. ?Arrived yesterday Iroiu .leal, Spaeth wig Yuealeso, wlih 101 ltidtAO [.asreu^efs. torcea aud coatra^aad ewi graata, eold for labcr? Saata Anoa'.ilmt move to aveid expoaura. i>. The EMntitr Community lu Bib County. 1 bTATKMM"* OF THtll AfFlloH AND KHIjKIIJM OriNIONS? *HK sooisrv NUMBfcRS ON* TUOUdAWD POOLS, AI?.l? 18 WOHTH 41 100 000. It ?i notour intent oa io talc* at/ ?otic" of the fa'sa statements. ?Uioh f late appeared ia som? n^wrptp-r* eganest our community, bting will aware tb it a refutiv ticnof tie name wilt not be efficient to extirpats tno (dm, jealoui-y, and tho dtop enmity aguost the roligiou of Jesus, winch audi attacks have for thalr or gia; and did there sl-uilsrs concern but ourselves, we would at 11 continue to auffnt tbi m silently, acaordinir to tin 'lo> tiine and example of our Lord and tUviour Je.us Obr at; but ttey do also concern the glory of God, aul the liottst minds ot tbe publ c, who naav have bo?n pr-ju direa tberehy. nod therefore ?e consider it our duty to pi?c? publieiy the truth a*ainst faleeuoot, for the can did perusal ot Alt who de*i ? to know the faota. W e form a Christian com inanity, which aas exls'?oa for a great many years >n Germany, consisting of mem bers who hare united themselves (or the sole ptirposs u? serve God according to tue dlcU'cs of their o*n con sciences Our religious principle* Are ike doctrines of the boly Sciipturas in the Old and New Teat a nenti, and compare themselves nearest to thoae of tb* Quakers or "Friends" in thla country. ? We do not deem ourselnt to be saints we are all sinners, and come abort of tha flory of Gad; but do not therefore patronize and ief*na un, but condemn the hum ib ourselves, and strive to attain te the purifies' tion from m through the power of tbe redemption made by Jesus Cbrot, the 8a a oi God, through hie olood for tbe salvatloa of our souls And tfcis pnrpo e is tbe sole bond blnaiag us togotier in the grace of our calling from Go 1, tli* l<ord, io tue bead of Tbe lovo of God, ths brotherly lovs, and the love ot our nughhor, and even of our eneiny, of which lore wo know that It la alone efficient to improvo, audi* no constrn-nt of aay kind known to u?. We ars not subject to the wiU or man, but subject only by our own 'ree will to the obedience of faith ia the tiutb. which Christ has established in his Church. There la neither a prophet nor a seer amongst us, in tbe Reese aa the infUels understand it. But thwe are samtoal gifts from the Lord n the community, an im mediate and media'e word of exhortation, admonition and chastisement. for th* budding up of oirselvee in the good work ol true Christianity 1 Cor., cbap 12, 13, and 14 But to believe in aa equality of Any man. erm whoa ko gifted, with Christ, the aele head and Lard of bis churoh. we pronounce to be an abominable bias PhlThemarrt?ge state it observed amongst u* in confor mity wi'h tfce apostolic doctrine, 1 Cor , cbap 7. The administration of the religious affairs of the com munity la confided to tbe elriera ordained for tii.it pur mm; their number ia kt present forty two Tue temporal aifars are managed bra board of thir teen trustees, ebeted by ihe male members a bore the age ot twenty one years. It ia their duty to submit to the w brio co?m unity an anneal statement of tho real and personal . stato of tho ... Ia tbe constitution, adopted freely by all of us, It Is laid down aa a (.tending rule that none of tho ?<?'?. from the first to tbe last, can act alone for himaeli in matters of tbe immunity, but only ia ooaiorroase and wi'h the consent of two three or mora of the other elders. Important matters liavlag reference to the wel fare of the whole community are submitted to the ooun cil and daciaion of all the elders, and alao to tho n?a b*We<Mmber at preMnt just about \1.000 souls. Our I.^ri. oempriae now 7,600 acres, of which only 2,500 j acres are under cultivation ? the rest ia pasture And tun D? common fund, out of which the land has been paid for and the improvements made thereon, amounts now ia 'round numbers to $300,000, to which fun! ia succe.eive years oaoh member has contributed accord ing to his ability, raHaquishtng all claims for interest or aay other prerogative for tho money paid la, which is credited however, to the members on the books of the community the title to the land has been vested ia twenty joint tenants art trustees elecUal by the com munity. those titles of trust have been legalised by an not of the Legislature, passed ia 1B4?, upon the ground of the declaration of trust eontalned in our constitution, whioh had been submitted to the Legislature. At the same time an act to incorporate the village of Ebenezer was also granted us, for the easier transaction of out civil affairs. "Ihe Eoeneaer Society" has no eorporste existence. Ibis name has been adopted by us aim ply in plaoe of an individual mercantile firm, to transact mare convenient iy our business under the same. Before the law wo stand ia the same petition as aay otlier citlren or single family beyond as. . . _ _ Ihe religious denomination of tho society is 'The Com munity ot True Inspiration." A religious fund is also owned by thla oommunlty for building and maintaing school and meeting haasss, a printing preen sad library, and for the relief of ths paor, amounting in aU to thirty thousand dolUrs, mostly In vested ia b&nds sad mortgagee, and which comprise ail the bonds sad mortgage! aver owned by the community. Under aa organliatlou, ai ours la, of a community of goods, on Chrii tlan principles, with tie exclusion of all self interested views, it is not at all important what an nual allowances, in.toad of wages, are paid out to the irem^ers of suCi ae.-ociation, ns they are all, tbe poor as well aa ?he rich, equally interested to the common in come, and stand on equal footing In all tilings, without any invioious distinction. Any ono th\t becomes die nat i Bed, baa the right to leave, and is enti led to recslve tack what he has put into the common stock. He lilt in such esses bo legal claim to mote thin his deposit, but an equitable o?e, sccorlinr to our constitution, which has never been dUreg&rded Tbe community h&s not b?On foun lcd for tli^ sako of backt-iideis, butcnly fcr the sake of thsse thU perse vere in tbe grace ot tteir calling unto the end. Ihe rich as well ai the poor, the elders as wi-'l a* the trustees, agents and foremen, all work ia their prip*r avocations, mwlsrately, but steady, by tbe.r owa free will and indu-itrio.'s haoit* from early lire. Our lands are aewned by the asse*?ors of We?t Sene cieuM L'ioi.aster, in which towns they ars sitnatsd, ei actly in the same manner as any other lant Is assessed umler the laws of the Stato, and we pay our fnll shaeo oC taxes on our real as well aa on our personal estate, the proof of waicb can be easilj obtained from tho pro per authorities at home, wltbou'. the nef .'ssity of going to Albant thereicr. I The vplue of our land and improvements his bsan, ags mt our kno*lo^ge and coa^ent, greatly exaggerated in rme newspaper*. We have never had aur propa4al for ths piucbsss of oar land, aa 1 are not jet prepared to ask any pric? for tho same. laklng the presont va lue of land in this section of the county as a basis, we consider our lsnd to be worth $IW per ac t on an aTO rsge. As long aa we remain ourselvei ia tbe possession of tbe land, It is obvious that the Increase! value of the i awe by tbe natural rise ot lands does not aifocd any in ton.e, but impoxon the necessity on us to pay every yeir higher taxes on the same. Oor manu'sctcrixg branches consist of one woauea factory, wtth 2^ sets of carding mtchlnes; one ditto new, with one set not jet incrtvpleterunn'og orler; ono tanaery with 2k vats, one gristmill with ttuoe runs of atcae, sod three sawmills with one saw is each. From the s te lure stated of theeo establishments, tbe ealy ones which we ever had, and which are carried br rstural water power, aay bnainess man can eaally calei 'ate that no large income can bo der v?d therefrom, th? less so as tbo wants for home use of 1.000 souls havs first to be supplied therewith, and bat for ths fait that wo now raise our own provis ons, agriculture being our principal re ource, tbe manufacturing branches canld not sfTord us a liviog. ... , Admitted now that, after a hard beginning of our set tlement in this country, aad after largo expenditure! of ao*ey for land, stock, provisions, building materials, he , made In hope of a retura in Its time, we have by Industry and perseveraaoe, under God's ble.'stnj, sftor twelve years, succeeded to attain te a competence tor ourselves, and also to spare for the relief of posr calling daily cn us, who would envy ns fit that, as psrhaps a backslider, or an Infidel and batar of religiea, or one who does not love his neighbor. ... With such we have no cotamnnion, suffer and forgive tbem their offence, and ars thtnkful for the condiltinss of the better olasses of oar neighbors anl cltusas o' Buffalo, to whom we ars willing to giro an account of ??j, IN) NtnLimvo Tin from*! 8lat? Lkw. ? Tie Massachusetts Senate ye-terday psssol to be engrossed, without debate, and by a large majority of the members Iretnt a biM rsUtllif te "^erseaal liberty," whioh Sraoticalr aulhfles ths Fugifcre Wave law or Congress fie meaalac of the btU Is, thst ao slave who has e waited from servitude ?ha I M returned aatil he has ..rilTthroMrh each forms of law as shall make his ro rdsmatioa a onllity The bM will prcbably pass the H,m if ReprwsataUrM ? Button I'tnritr, 14. kmmsaam imwii pw pit. ?AUBB AT AUCTKMe i OCTIOft NOTICE.? ?UPEKB ENGLISH IMPROVED A patent Um Vl'jhM ui diamond Jewelrv.? - HuMaKD SCHENt It will tell at auction ?? jtludiy, Dll 1Mb, at hu latorrnonii, 10 Wall (trust, at I#W e'olooa, a Urge in*oic? of splendid diamond jo ilrjr, to , Ac , ooa listiag of single stane and cluster diamond rlogi, pins, ear Huge. rfMtpiaa, Ao , ladles' watebua, let with diamonds, sp'endid isc ported watches, 1b heavy 10 earat gold oases; patent and detached lever, doable time keeper. Indepen dent tecnd, duplex, leplne, Ao., by the beet maker ? In la rope, vis.:? I'aoper, Tibiae, Den-, Rosvell, Jurgonten, Bre ting Fwm, Ao ; eplendid sets of morale canxo, roldnoae and on> a pin and carrioxs, sets ?f gold do , braoelots. hreaet pti a, gold fob, guard and vest ohalm, Indian' chatelaines, aleeve buttons, etoda, rings, pencils, lockets, Ao. A o. AUCTION NOTICE ? IL WILSON, AUCTIONEER.? XX Large unreserved sale of most elegant oestly rose wood furniture and durable and genteel make/nay de , a colleotioD of oil paintings, and rioh and expensive decora tions. This (Friday) morning, at 10W o'oleok, at house U9 \\ est Twen'y-four'h street near Eighth aveaua, partljr oonsistinc ot rojal English velvet carpet, for lunr and stairs; terrain do., English oilclotns, patod stair rtds, rose wood railor suites. elegantly upholstered and covered m

maroou, crimson and green aad Preach satin damask. A so. one antique medallion sn'te, heavily carved, in (old and crlmton: I ulian and statuary insrble top Ubles, of all the uiual description* touid in wall furbished noni; hi a*lly carved full 7-oetave double aotion plnm firte. war ranted? tbi? instrument, tor beauty ot exterior an<i quality ? r tone, la unequalled. Also a very lino roiewo >4 et<t??re, fiuieted throughout with plato gia-s and marble; Frenoh work tables, fancy rocoption chair*, esorutoirei, largo aid splendid pier f laj?os, in costly ftsmos; rich and heavy laoe snd b.ocaiel coMalns, ori.i. al nil paintings, by eminent modern m tints; Gothio inlaid and statusry marble docks; costly Presdea cbiua ware, Sevres porcelain va-es, of the in os1 expensive kinds; Parian marble statues aad olassis nprei.eritut ioi.r . oak extension table, with antiq'io o?rv ing; table linen; Kr? nth chit a and silver tea Kervioes, cake b?fketn, forks, spoons. Ivory cutlery, heavy out glassware, w mos, cl ampagne", decanters rovewood an.l manojaoy bedstesds, ot antiauc and modera style, j rosewood mnrti'e top dressing kurvaus and aashttauds. corner and 'owe! standi-, pslliassil, tiue curled hair niAttresien, ooimwr pnn.ee, boUtorf and pillows, ohlna toilet tieta, oval anl square gilt frame miriori, Ao., Ao A P. JONES. AUCTIONEER.? By nAOGERTT, ? JnNEd A CO. store No 115 Broadway. ? Stra? katr. ? 'lhisd&y, lla> I8*.h, at 11 o'oleok, at 110 It road way. peremptory sale ot 3)0 eases Canton hats, lu'l trimmed, of tood quality, aad very dctiralle for city trade, by IlAUaERiir, JUNES A CO. Auction notice ? ton is morrell, Auc tioneer. ? Wloh velvet. carpeting, Ao., this morniu/, it "/Hi "'clock, at 81 Jmisoiu street; also roae?eod anil other luriiituro, in lar^e sariety for eatire furnishing bouses; alto |jnr? hair mattroase*, foreign a*d Aniorloan oil paintings, vi*h rich frames; Frenoh plate irirr r? and ov \1 glasses; one I ..r <? rosewood cte?ero, oos?. JI8U; ilfty superior ref.igerniora ot sU sites; a largo ialamand>r t>a ? of Herring's make, cost f 'J (>, will lie hold a* 12 o'olook, for over the advanoes Era' initiation of the entir%?tock will give sntUfactlan; lalt from previous stooks ooiufrrtor*, ooverlid*. sheets, and pillow cases, o astir. , crock err, .'(0 single bedatoatLo and mattresaoa to fit; altooiic tocond band piHuof irte. AUCHOV NOTICE ? THOS. ltKl.L, AUCTIONEER ? By BELL A BUSH. ?'I his d;?y, at I'lW o'olock, in oar new Bale i room*, 12 North Willi m at d 21s William ktreot, will b.< gold a valuable assortment of geutee. household fur nitnre; one Bplenoid London double tun, made bjr Wcit wood; ono floe Unrxan rifle cooper*' tools, window oartaina, sogara, canary birds, three truoka, clothing, fanejr Roods, Ao. Ob Saturday sale of ohot io witcs, liquor;, 70 boxes it gars, Ac. A UCTION NOTICE -.T. BOOART, AUCTIONEER.? A By S. BOGAKT, thia day, at 10)f o'olook, aitheauo tion rooma corner ot Frank'ort and William atreota ? Mort gsgu sale of a I or,.- a as-ortment of rented household furul* tin*, carpets. Ac., consisting in part of mahogany and blaok walnut tete a-te'e eofus loarge, bedsteads, mahocany aad walnut French and g"thto bedatoada, do. rooters, mahogany frenoh Hiring sea', parlor ohair*, hair mattraues, feather led*, minor*, po.l*hed black walnnt tabloa, extension dining tab)*. Ton bedsteads, office desks. tapestry, Brussels, tlirce ply and intniiu rupa, mahogany bureau i and da. an closed washitands, crockery and glassware, table ontlery, plated ware, ahow case. kitchen Inrnitnre and utensils. At fo, by virtue of an execution, in front of store, a lot of acaf (old boards, harness, stovea. furniture, Ac. UUAU1.ES W. BRUGES, Constable. A UCTION SALE OF PAINTINGS ? JOIIN L. VANDK A WA'iER will aoll this day. Hay 18, at 10X oV.ook , at the salesroom, 12 M ?iden lane, a superb collection ot Due foldorl oil ptlntin^s, in rich gilt frauea, juat reoeived trim Europe, consisting ot la?daoapcs, marine views. private pieces, Ac., ti e moat of which are signed by the original ar tist*, among which are landaoapet by Krati, T. v. Gogen, Verbookho'en, E. Durand Dalwicb, Orme*aoak Winson, D E Greet, tludla, V. D'Eyokon D. Hunter, Eckharl and rr uny <thcr eminent artists, the whole torminr one of the rioheat colleoliona of oil paint ings that haa been offers 1 at aucliot. for many tears. The attention of connoisseurs and otbora ia rospeotiully invitod to exa<nine the wholo. To be sold peremptory to the highoat bidder. AMjCAFFRAY, AUCTI ONEEB.? AUCTION ROOM . 26 Catherine stieet.? Md'affray A VI' alters will sell, tins day, at !0>? o'olook, a select assortment of household nnJ kitchen furniture, const* 'log of marble top mahogany and plain bureaus and wasbstands, apring aeat and onshi-m e1 sofas, tete a totea, lonngea, dosna, chairs and rooking cbairs; Umtsels, ingrain and three-ply oarrots; mahogany, black valnut and plain bedsteads; feather bode, Wstors and pillows; hair and straw mUtreasaa? togott er with a general assortment of kitchen furniture and utensils. Sale positive, and without reset ve. By ai.birt n. nicoi.at, auctioneer. ? iund iodii kcusehold fnrnlture, ro owood 7 no kavo piano, made Ly the celebrated Chiekuriag, oil paintings, damask aad l.road doth window curtaiaa, with fixtures to ma'oli, Parian end i.ls.a ware. At Albert II. Nicoiay will aell oa FrP-lay. 11 ay lMth, at 10>? o'clock A. M., at hla new and spv oione a?les room. No. II ttroad street, handsome household furnitnre, removed far convenienoe of sale, consisting ia part of rosewood and mahocmy suits, covered with blue pkish. tiocatat and bair cloth, a rosewood 7 ootave piano fofto, made by the celebrated ( htokering, marble top tabloa, maitnifloent ehina dinner aad tea aet la gold, glaaa ware, choice oil palciiuaa in gilt frames, handsome ehiaa aad por celain vases, hoeqne and parian figures, white enamelled bed room suits, ingraia and Axminater carpet, curlod hair stat uettes, mahogany Frenoh bedstead, bureaus and chairs, do. axtotistoa tabic, do. bagatollo table, mahogany book racks, do. sadebrard marbUtop, crimson, broad cloth and damask window onrtaios, with Oxturea to ma 'c h , chandeliers, table and bed linen, blankets, silver plated wart. Ae. Terms oash, and bankable money. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, aao tioneer, No. 11 Broad street. BY F. COITON. AUCTIONEER.? Ill PORTA NT SALE of household fornlture, piano fortes, 25 doien mahe gaay aad curl maple cliatre, 4C pieooa of oil cloths, laoo our taius, beautiful china sets, carp* ting, &o. Ac ? F. COLTON will sell on Saturday, Hay 19. at IO)?Volook. at 69 Bookman street, second atory, a very large assortment , >?f good new and secoaoband furniture, ot every ooaoeivable doaerlptios, oompriaing In part rosewood and mahogany parlor aaa dining room furniture, ore er two suitos oi d-. in brocatelle, vtiy rich bookcase In rosewood, secretarioa, dressing bn reaus marble top ceatro, side and sofa tables, Frenoh bed stcaUa, oottage do., Froaob plate and oval mirrors, Brussels and tlrr*?-ply earpcis. 40 pieces or oil cloths, 25 dosen curl maple and other ehiirs, ic , Ac ; also nne very superior rosewood plane forte, entirely now, and fally warranted; also one or two set* of tloh laco onrttias and oornleos; also a large lot of ron blankets and beddinz, Ao., Ao ; alio a Ye?T rich assortment of gold and enamelled china waro, ia s?4s; also a large assortment of trariona kinds of booaehold fnrnitoro, that have remained on storage for a term of one or mere yaara, Ac , A?. N. B.? The stoek is large, and will afford to those in want a very favorable opportnaity. Cata logues early on Saturday morning. C1HA8. R MILLER A CO., AUCTION EBBS? RT I Lt J sell at the Herobaats' Exohange, on Waiinoafay. May 2.1, at it o'clock, a dwelling bense (store om (rat floor* ia the city of Hudson, Bergen IXill, near the Conrt House) also, two frame hootes ia Jersey City, oa sooth tide of Seventh street, 100 feet from Newark aroano; front house haa a to re en flrat floor. Sale will to peremptory. For terms, Ac. .ap ply at the offioe of tho anotionoors, 196 Broadway. C1HABLF.3 B. M1LLEB, AUCTIONEER- WILL SILL J at tbo Mercbanta' Exohango, oa WcJneadar, May lM, lfM, at 12 o'clock, two aew brio* houses, three story, ease ment and aub-eellar, on oast side of Carlton avenue Ifu feet from Atlantlo, betwoon Fnlton and Atlantic avenues; site ?0?:v. leet each, well flniahed. Sale wilt be peremptory. $2.CiO may remain on tond and mortgage on each honae. Also, three story 'basement, and sub oeliar briok house ia Ctaromont avenue, first house north of Green and I.afayttto avenues; house 21x44 foot; troa n atone basement; Philadel phia brick front; flushed off with marble mantols, and all modern impmvementa For terms and fnll partioulars, ap ply to C. R. MILLER A CO., auctioneer, lP!i Broadway, Ds. HOUGn, AUCTIONEER ?AUCTION BALE OF , superb household furnitnre? To morrow, (Haturdtr) at 10U o'clook, at TV Warron street, emlracing tho entire g< nteel furnitnre of the above heuso, which n ill b? peremp torily sold, and mnat < e removed imniediately. All in want of furnitnre will find this sale worthy cf spooial attention. Elef ant carved rosewood pianoforto ' seven octave, a splen did instrument, 211 good velvet, Wilton and ingrain room and Malr carpets; costly roaewood parlor suite ia satin brocade; roacw ood utart l? top etegere, mirror front rosewood centre and pier tables, secretary bookcase, elegant mirror front rosewood armolr, library do., lace enrtain*, ahadoa and onr nicos, largo French pier glaatea, slahs aad bracks-, s, splendid tr.antel vasoa and ornaments. SO day clock. French aofaa, tete a tetos roa?.wood oorner stand, Ao., with a number oi oil paiatiags, richly framed; rosewood and mahogany bed steads, superb hair mattreases, palliaa.iea, marble top r??e wnod and mahogany buroaus, marble top waahstaada to match, chira tolli t sets, oval mirr'.ra, rockers, aria chairs, rr.at.ogany lyre and p'aln bureans, sprint seat aad cottage chairs, lounges, with ten walnut cottage bedateada, mat tre?ee?, Ac , with a larre qnaatity of nham^er and baieruat Inrnitnre. dininr and breakfast tatles, rich chlaa, ailvcr wr.re, crockery, cut glassware, Ac. Calatoguei at bottae. No postponement. IjMJGENER FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.? BY FRANK !i 1.1 N A MI'HOLS, to-mrrrow, Sxtnraa- , at l'ljf o'clock at 79 Nsaaan street, between Fnlton and John streets. E. B. 1 ranklin wilt aoll at auction as abovo, an exteaiiva a^sort men: of cabinet Inrnitnre in rosewood, mahejany, oak Aid nalnnt. comprising wvetal elegant suits of carved resewood p.irlir tnrniiiirc, covered In Front h satin, brocatel. plmh, Ae , so'as, sofa beds, tete a tetos, easy, rockiag aa4 parlor chairs, In a variety of atyles, covered in hair cloth, bed steads, bureaus and wathatands of every description, libra rt and teotetary bookcases and wardrobes, rosewood aad mahogeay marble top ceatre, pier and sora tables, maho pany , rak nr.d walnu' extensioa dining tables, card, sowing sed qnartette taMes, etogerea, Ac., hair matressoa aad pal liasscs, richly ornamented gilt frames, oval mirrors; a va riety of oil pointings aad esgrarioga, two spleadid Freaoh plate pier glasses, one single sot ot silver moanted harness Alio au aasartment of Eagllsh stiver ptatodwaro, coa istlng ot b'antilul cnt bottle castors, cake baikete, cablets, Ao. ?eing balance of mortgagee's sale. Te be sold without re serve. Wo invite the attention of tho pnblle to the sale ss tho goods moat bo told to fay adraacoo. Catalogues oa the mcrr lag of sale. 1!* E. AAHON, AUCTION KKR? WILL SELL THIS J. day, at 10H o'olook, at the salesroom, 67 Naasta street, a most spleadid assortment of fla* gold watehna, rieh dla monds and jewelry By order of the assignee*, roll aar ticulars in cataloguea oa tho moraiag of aale. Persons ia want oi flne watohes will da wall to attead. Sale without reserve for sash. SIKCHOE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? EXTENSIVE SALB U of new and secoadtand furnitnre, tapeatry oarptta, French plaU mirrors. Ao.. this day. Fridar, at 10i; o'olook. by Stovar A Cook, at their salesrooms, 904 Bsoadway, cor ner of Dnaas atr< et, a large aasortmont of ronwood, maho ?oak aad walaut parlor, drawiagroom, dialagr om, II and chamber fnrnitnre aad hensokoepiag artiolej of every descripMoa sonsistiag ia part of o'ogant rosewood par lor raits ia rieh Freaoh Iroeaiella aad other faabtoaahle coverings, mabogaav aad rosewood parlor salts, ia haircloth and plush, richly carved ceatro, pier aad sofa tables with tnatblo tops, quartette aad other ranoy tables. et>gerse of a beautiful etylo escreitoirea, sooretarioo, bookoasea library do., gilt frame mirrors, oil pointings rieh deeoratod French chlaaware. toa and c flee sots Ainlng set oompleto, 171 fio ceo. cllnatoilot sets, oostoas made oak, walaut aadaahe sany extoaaion dlotvg table, da. do. ohairs, mahogaay sofas, teto a tetea. arm chairs, spring so't parlor chairs, ot every variety of atjle and flaiah, ma*<agaay, oak, walanl aad rosa wct d bedsteads ot the Blitabotheaa, Lonia XI Y and othor stylo*, raamollod oottaga suits with as< without marble tops, wardrobes, mar Me top droseiai bareaaa aad wash staada, omnmodoa. eana aad rash aeat ohaira, reekero. Hacks, Itmsi-ols. tapestr? ai d ingrain onraeto, laoo oartaina, wia daw abadaa mattresses, bods, bod flag, ehiaa aad alaeawi:re, ?no table osiHocy. silver elated ware, %e., me. Ca'.aio^oea ready, and tho articles oaa be examiaod on tho day bolero tl.e salt Rale positive, and overy faerttty raalorod p?r?haJ era.for ho<Ug aad sblj>p?e,; lAttiWAWffrof. EXECUTOR'S SAL* iT tUCTlOl.-TMU0f BOYLa, auctioneer. stlsareem it CWr* itml, will ?all U MMtion, this da*. tl n o'oioek. bj ord*c of thi o*e outors o' Lkt eotate or the lata Mm. Dtuki liMtHd, a* tba premue* 81 Buttr atieot. lata Orange attwt the iatar eat of the uiei^irod lease for five y?ar? hem Id May latt., of *ald house; ground rent ??ia. R?at< for H?0 per asanm. Y7URMTURE 8AUL-A. M. CRiSTaLAR. AUCTION r wr, wM aell an Friday, lgtb (oat , at to e'eleok at 11< Berfolk ilnot, beurebetf furniture, etuMu la part ot mahogaoy sofa*, chair*, wardreboo, hareaua, Mitetii, ta ble*, oarpeting, n>attree?ea, bedding oil paintings, piotaroa, looking glasies, and a Urge uaniBitt of Utohea iteuiU; als* oao trura of ladtos' wearing apparel. /~1 ROCBRIftS, WAGONS, STORK AND SALOON PIT VX turea. twiae Ac.? Tliia day, at 1<H? e'oletk, at 5T Do/ street, corner of Greeewicb, black oloth wlodov ahados, pickle^ obeeae, herring*, oocea, prone*, chocolate, mtoev root, eardlca, teas, coffoet, tu*ars, liqners, elaret, cham pagne, segaro, soales, weight*, upriag balanoes, aawa, ohi aela whip*, hjiraeas, Ao. W. A. CAKTEK, Auat oieer. GO. HORTON. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, THIS V dV at U o'clock, at IS avenue, flitures of a bu-oher'. chop, raoka, boaohes, barrels, scales, lamp), eae batcher's oart; aUe furaiture. Henry h. i.ebps, auctioneer.? by ti h. lkeds A Co.? Friday, May 18, at W e'olook, ia the gallery e?er the reUeroom, IS Naiian street.? Sale er elegaat oil palntiBis, Just teoeivod Iron Pari*. oaeanvaas, oonvoi oop |K,r, aiid atlk avtaened te elate. b? the moat oelebrated Vrerch artiste, >li , Cham beaux. Cardial, Lb Jets, Yan Scbeldtr, Van Mailer, Beitotle, Paria, ft Ounaaat, C, Bourne, Ao, comprising fine ocpieo trom *em? ef tbt mest celt l rated painting* 1b the Leavrs. 1; Oreure, Yeraot, Vaa Pyek, Vbb Auytum, Sir David Wllkle, Uergheat, Teaiere, Ao. Also a number of fine eld pleturo* ia the eoWls of Ruben*, Titian, Uoade Kectar, Yeraot, Ac. Te be ?el< without remre. Henry n. leeds, auctioneer.? by h. n. leeds A Co , ob Friday, Mar 1H, at lile'olock. ia front of the slcre 10 Na**au street. Trotting mar? The fast trotter " Jei ay l.ind," l!>!< hand* high, 7 ">e%rs old, gentle ia bar aess and a fine saddle rider, hermit been trained tor either. Can trot Id S?b to light wages. The mare is perfectly nannd, and iota only fer want ef use. HENRY U. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.? BY H n LEEDS A CO., Saturday, May 19, at I0V? o'olook, at tha aalea rooms 19 Nasaau street, household lurnituro, csnxisting of cle*ant suite* ot rosewood, mahogany and blaok walnut rcfaa; tete-a totea, arm and pulor chair", roekers, otto man* in eelvo*. crimson, plush and hairol th; rosewood and mauopany murb'e top centre tsbles. runcireod ettroroo, vet vet, taoeatry and IirueroU enroot* and ru<s, oilcloths, ot paiLtiDpft rich window ouitnme, mirrors piar iiatsos, eit*a bh'B tables, dining tables, mahorany breakfast Bid tea tsbles, china and *las*w>re. mantel clock* and oraamants, ohai (lelier*, Ao ; quartettes, ro?ewo?d, mahogany aad black va nut beda'euda; mattrease*, hair lo.. feather bed*, pit lew* and boUter^ dressing bureaus, marble top washs??n4<, ten table*, ehalr*, toll< t net-, stoves ru<s, Ao.; Bruassls stair carpets, bras* stair redi, parlor door mita A'se, several One black walnut planofortee, by ih? no t oolsbrstel maker*: HIO single and double wibdlata bed steads, with mat. treraea to mateh :t lares quantity ot blaok walnut bed stead*, waihstand.i ohalrs. Ao . to?ether with a variety of offioc lurnituro. Also, a large patent icon safe f*r silver, wiHstut reserve. Ha. PERRY, AUCTIONRKit. ? BY VIRTUS OVA ? chattel uiortaane, will ba m>id en Friday, II ay l!i, at UK o'cliek, at Division atrnot, sofas. tute ? titu, in., liuir?ny snd o*po seat chairs, marble top rosewood ta >lei. waebstanss, mirrors, bnraaua; ala* a variety of houee'iold furniture. JO JN L. TARoK AU'y lor Mortgagee. MotOVLi'S UAH. ? YALUABLR r?;?'*e*Tr ?\>R To ba aold by auction without rtiwra, on Wed norday r.oon, Mar IS, at tba Merchants' Exchange, (ual?M previoualv dUpoaed of by priva a oontract.) tha uaderme* Hot ad valuable freehold property, comprising oaa undi vided hall ot about one hoadrod and seventy buildiag Iota, ?.r> x 100 fret, covering !? acrei and 31 perohes, bound id aa one aid? by the Harlem river, ou whic't it o.namaals eiuv lira water privileges. and intersected br Seventh avenue and 161st. 162d, 1/lSd, 164th streets, affording aaoat oxoeitaat building rites. The land is r ob in valuable Moulding ol?v, and alto contains as eiteoeiva ateue quarry, sui'abts for buildiag purposes. The quantity ol building stone, sseiti matfd by rctual survev, la&46,U<0 enbio yards, and the do btls tioui t his quarry and the adjacent high ground wltl af ford ample material for the formation of docks aed for flll i jg in low ground, or will command a ready aale te the oity goverrar.rnt tor raising thr contiguous ground to eity gride. 1 he*e is a hotel sad outbuildings on the property, ooiupied by W Florence at as annual rent of -6w. Voe ait? ia well known a > a favorite resort to all parties visiting Ho Comb's I am or the High Bridge, and 1s therefore additionally ad vantageous for building lots. Ready aeoeas to and from the city will be attainable ea the completion of the sixth aad lichth avenues. 1'arties seeking a lucrative iuve*t.iieat will Red this a rare opportunity, as the property must ba sold, aad the present rapid growth of the otty yearly aa hancea its value, from tha present to the date of sala <?.'<d Ma?) parties desiring to ^nrohate by private eoatraot, or wishingTorthsr information, oan obtain the same on ap plication at the offloe of A. J. Bi.HCCK.Kft, Esq., No. T broad street, or at 121 Ninth street. P SPARES, BERNBTEIN A PHILLIPS, REAL ESTATE AND GENER >L AUCTIONEHM, No. M Liberty street, one door from N atata, will giro tl cir personal attention to eales of real estate, atooke, res sola. and mortgagee, at publio and private sale, and to tba sale at anotii n'of cargoes, household furaiture, oaintinga, statuary, works of art, jewelry, Ac.. aad to out doer sales generally. Honey liberally advanced on real estate, steoks, vessels, rurniture, Ao left on aale with us. Loans negotiated. PLANTS AND FLOWERS, -IT. 8. Hell. TAIN WILL sell thi&day (aad every day this week), at 1 0>j o'olook, at tba seed store. 7 John street, a fine variety ef rosea, ver lenas, dahllaa', honeysuckles, tuberose , pinks, Ao., lu fine, health* condition, from P. Henderson, Jersey Ctiy, iliraot ft om the gardea ou morning of sale. Catalogues. PETER PARKS, AUCTIONEER -8PKCIAL SAL1 OF plants this day and to morrow, at the plant a'uotion store No. Ill Nasaau street, between Ann and Beekmau, at I I o'cloek, a splendid asaertmeat ol hardy plants from the beet nurseries, comprising every variety of seasonable plaute, roaea, camelias, Ao. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OP WATCHES AND JEWEL ry.- MoCAFFkEY A WALTERS will sell, on Headay, the 21st inst., at the eornor of Catherine and Henry streets, a very large lot of gold and silver watohes, jewelry, tansy Soods. guns, pistols, musical aad nautical instruments, Ae. >y order of L. A S. KOFFHAN. Russell w. westcott. auctioneer.? auction sale of elegant parlor, ohambor and tasemeat furni ture, to morrow, Saturday, at house 72 Eighth avenue, near Fourteenth street, oammencinx at 10)? o'olook, embracing tha entire elegant rosewaod anil mahogany fornitura of the bouro. all to be sold, and must be removed immediately from the premises, consisting ot splendid oarved rosewood seven ootave pianoforte, stool aad oover, a costly aad ele gant instrument: solid rosewood marble top etegere, Krenoh pla?edo<rs; ilehly carved oval mirrors, Egyptian aad white martile toy oentre and pier tables, magnificent roaeweed se cretary bookcase, rosewood ana and reception chairs, rieh velvet, Brussels aad throe ply carpets; rich maatel vases and ornaments, curtains and shades, with a number ef choice paintings on canvas* aad glasr, r-seweod aad maho gany bedsteads, elegaat hair mat trasses bods aad pillows, twelve cottage bedsteads, with mattresses all complete; roeawood marble top bureaus and washstaads, chiaa toilet sets, mahogany aad walavt dressing bureaus, sofas, tote-a. tetoa. lounges, spting seat chairs, rockers, Ae , with a large assortment of basement aad bedroom faraitaro, dining aad breakfhst tables, rieh china, cut glass ware, silver ware, crookery, refrigerator, stove and flxtutee, oilcloth, Ac. Ns pottpopemtnt. Catalogues at house. SHERIFF'S SALE.? W. C. ALBURTIS. AUCTIONEER, will sail, on Sat ai day. Hay 19, at 9 o'olook in Baltio street, between Smith and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn, GO horses, lOcatta and harness; also, four light wagons. K LOTT. Sharif, JOHN PRICE, Deputy. IXTULIAH t. BOYD, AUCTIONEER, LATE SALES vf man with John W. dsmarindrke, oSoe No. 77 Nassan street, froi t room, firat flaor ? Hortgage sale of etoambeats, on Houday, Hay 21st, bv virtue of several chattel mortgages; first, at 10 o'clock, at the foot of Tooth street. Rast river, tbeatoamor Joaeph Johnston; also, same day, at U o'oleck. at foot of Jaokaen street. East fiver, the steamer Under writer; alao, immediately after, at same place, tha steam tow boat Hope, better known as the W. C. Burnett, now lying at Joisey flats; alao, at IX o'olook same day, at foot < 'Atlantic Basin, Brooklyn, tue steamboat Kosciusde, aad etosmboat Indiana. Terms at sale. HKNRT BISHOP, Attorney for Hortgagoa. Wll. WITTERS, AUCTIONEEE? WILL SELL ON Honday, at 2 o'olork in the afternaon. at 147 Canal street, a larpe assortment of genteel hou eheld furniture, and alro three ele<aat rosewood pianos, of superior tons and finish; alro. oae melodcon: also, one rocond hand aarrod piano, worthy of attention. Sale peremptory. WH. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL ON Saturday, at 10^ o'clock, at 1X7 Canal street, saloon furniture and fixtures ore superior bagatelle table, lar^o mimra, glassware, stoves, oil cloths, ice box, counters, oyster box, and other arrangements. tirOODHATEN PROPERTY.? THE SECOND SPRING T? sale, owing to the short notice of the previoua ad?er tlsements, will be made on Monday, Hay 21, 18M, at B. Ed mends A Co. 's salesroom, IS Fulton street, Brooklyn, at 2 P. H? by J. R. I'll KIN, Auctioaeer. Pee maps, Ac., at U Day stroet, New York, and at the auction rocm. Note? Haps will be netted ?n the property, and excvrslon tickets provided for Henday morning (10 and 12 o'clock tiaiat). tor Long lalaad Kailroad, at hall price as will bo stated l?fore that day. FVBHlTlBn. Enamelled cottage furniture-neat, pre* ty suits as low as l?5, at the manufactory aad ware rooms, i. *4 Broadway, near li'eecker street, besides every s'.jle of elcgabt anil fasbioaable frame" led suits. S. H. WARWICK. Furniture dealers - who can supply on short notice tha i nrnitere for a summer hstel, capab a of ?ooommodatiag one hundred aa 1 fifty gueats, will please call at cnc? on J. S. B , W William street, (basement otio*J corner Pine. FORNITURE? WANTED, BY A RESPONSIBLE PAR t> , to hire some plain parlor, bedroom, aad baeemrat fomiture, with the privilege af parohastag the cams. Ad arcss C . boa No. 11, Post Uitee, New York. PARTIES WISHINO TO DLSPOSI Or HOUSE FUR niture, in good order, will find a cash eastomar, by sppljlagte, eraddressiag JOHN ANDREWS, 366 Eightk avraue. WATCHES, JBWILRT, AO. CALIFORNIA DIAMOND*.?' THIS NEW AND BRAU tlful article, equal ia brilliaacy aad appearrace to the real dtsmoad. mounted la riags. sias. earriags, studs, slsere buttons, crosses, Ae. Prices within the reach ef every one. For sals oaly at L. k J. JACOBS', 40 7 Broadway. ' TMliBulhtPIL Stw *??*(& n%*? ?r-t, m* % ^ **ad"7^ SLV*k M4 al C'J raw PUBitci-nowik Av%w wom iw rim only KIN oajre te watt 4 bow tad iBtere?-teg tier; orrv t.ira ERME1T OUT, 01 THE SINS OF lOCOTT BV ?A?14 MiXVri.L PHeeOae Dollar, e oth ulartraed. Sm4 ?b /oar ordera at oaca, to Orrv t.lPB t. W W>0>Q, W Nm m WW* ?' ?? N' .BY. BRCOK3IANA, or Til COMTROrrUT be', ween ? tNATOB HROOEt ABO ABCHBI?1<0P Mrjf.llll On?ii? m( of the r?oaaUf enacted rbaroh Property Mk, With aa lotrodnctka a by the Moo4 Rav Arciuishop n' New Yark ? EDWARD DUKMQAfr A BEO fHKR. 131 Faltoa atcoot.. NEW PUBLICATIONS. ? U. 8 TAEIr*-WBW BDl> Mon? Juat i'ubliaked.? Alphabetical Tariff a( Da (lea, New Paaeeager law, (the free artiole* and troatr with tha BritUh Putiaoaa aad United State.-, table* oi fortifta me tie j, weight*. meaaurea, Ao , reduced to ths United S'ateA fctaodard. toaa, owte. and quanen rednoed te pooada, U formation for morehaat*. ?hif maatera. A*., to tranaaot Co* ton Hooat buaineaa with eaa? and despatch; all bob l??v circulars BBd iaformatiea relative to the -a-iiT. Br R 0 Ofden. Just published by RICH A l.'lUTRRL, ?tatiaaacai 61 William a treat. Sent by mall, pott paid, oa receipt uf pilce, $1 25. UPKC'llL HUT10E9. \ FRBE.1I AN A CO., SUCCESSORS TO ADAMS A OH.'# California Express. Uffioa 6S Broadway. ? troemaa A Co having purchased tha intereat of Adams A Co. ia California paokaca aad paroel express business, will da*-* patch aa aiprcaa for California per steamer Ilil>IMU(j, via Van* ma. oa Monday, May 2i, at 2 o'olook, P. M , aad aUl via M lores n >, per ateamer nORl'UERN LIUUT, te aat e? same day at 3 o'clock, P. M. Sotb expreeaeaia ekargeoi special messenger to desiinatioa frei.ht via l'aea>ae re OLBKS A BUTIKR'S Alum Patent lion Saf? Depot, 98 and M Maidea lane, (bolow Liberty j S. f. Notice-a mkbting or sbcond ward hqrob? lKalir'x Executive Cou'mittes, to bo held aa frtltr tveuing, IHtli inat , at 8 e'otook. at Ifontgnmery'* hotel. Ifi. and 19 Bookman atreet. Pnnotual attendees? ia requested. By Older, WILI.IAU RADFORD. Chairman. . OFFICE OF THE SECOND AYBKUK KAILROAB, Company, Forty-seooni street and SeoouJ ave*?a,? New York, nay 10 IM.?A leiti annual dividend of few, r>?r cent has thia day boon doolared by tie ttoxrl of Mrs* or*. payable to the stookbotUors on and after Monday, tha Slit. The transfer booka will be olosed nil til that date. By order. Pill LIP C. BOURRS. Seorotary. __ "fTUE UMTKD STATES MECHANIC Ab STRiHT JL CUaning Cfuyaaji" ?ow pr*pa?U |t ?*ntrtf\ with oorporativiu, ooutr?o'ara, turnpike it otank ml itm> panlea, lot cloania^ atreota and highways of over# downy-, lion, by the year, month or milo, ia auy part of tka Hailed State*. Tha system of Mavsagiag adapted by *hla oorayaay, together with their aweeyingand olaaniag apparatus liaa received tha bighcat commendations from tha pro** and aa thorltia* of every city whirs they have upsrated. tha merit) of the machine* being not Oaly valuable aa otiount atreet cleaners, but a* preeervativt* of the atreet aarfaoa, particu larly io oa oobMe atone paveraen'a and maoadaaised roads. In thia raepoot they receive the testimony of every olvll an-' fiaeer who witnaaaet their mode ef operation. Ia ai'.ie* aad' arge tewna they aimpllfy the whole ayatem ef cloaaiBL enabling the autborlttea to have any itreet or atr* <ti oloaaod la a thorough manaer ia a few hoari. For yartionlara, ad dreaa fMITH, MECKEL A CO , 33S Broadway, New York: or 110 Soath Front atreet, Philadelphia TUB CARSON LFAGl'E WILL SOLD A MXSTINd at the Goapel Union, Misaien Hall, ia tho Five Point*, No. 43 Baxter itreet, late uraage. Addroiaoi by the Rev. D. Chapman, Col JL L. Snow, K. N. Harass and otherai The putlio are Invited to attend. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. HHA ?PARTNER WANTRD, WItH TUISl ?P1U .Ul'u. oapital, in a Ui ??, old, safe aad splendid wholesale millinery and fancy nooda ettablls'imont on liraad war. Rare ohenoo. this Aim, throe pursoas with t'J.IIM I eaoh, in a new extracting gold discovery, nor or before known. Apply at 212 Broadway, room IS. nnn ? ' WANTED a partner in a nanu , ^W.vUU. factnring business 30 jeare established; a gentleman with the abort amount or m->re may learn the particulars by addressing II. R. , Herald office. dt'-inn -partner wanted, in a oentbbiJ iJjOUU. business. now eatablithed, nd making ?JM [ monthly, and can bt increaaed with the aldet aa iaduatrieus and energetic man. who will find thU an excellent ohanss. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 8t Nassau street. ICORH ? WANTED-A PARTNER IN All E1TINO. ?T^?Jv7. oyeter and drinking bouse, in Sooth (treat, en the fcatt river aide, at the Liverpool ship pi a* deok; the e*i ing rooms are up stairs and the t>ar room down stairs, with oyster stand outside. I keep a bar keeper, oyster man, ooek and waiter, sa all be has to do U to kesp.things right, as I shall not be there at all. The honse and aU ia It is sap own, so I will give a man a fall abaro ia the atook. flit ares and profits for $280. lie can lire in it twenty rears, if he likes; and If he brings his wife to help him, we will give her 58 a month, and she oan live there. Apply at the bar, 1 Sooth street. ?WANTED A PARTNER IN A CASH PAY ? ing business several yesrs established, and new being extender, any gentleman having this amount and de siring a safe and profitable investment may loam the par tioulars by o ailing enj B. Me MA HON, No. ITS C hatha a street. -WANTED. A PARTNER WITH FROMTWOl WvU . to t ve hundred dollars. Any ane who Is fend of traveUing and oan keep a secret, will realiie $1,009 in thrse wctk's time. Call immediately at 27 Bowery, rooat I, third floor. A RELIABLE BUSINESS MAN, WITH SOM1 CAPI , tal wishes to join an eatablished home in the prednoe buaineee; or,wonld like a partner with capital, who under stands buying. Suitable referenoe given. Address Hen Woeaford. Herald oSce. $200 "rvRuaoisrs noticb-a partner v ante ?, with | J * 9200 easb, in a medieine eheat depot, established for years, and doing a good pay In; trade, whish ia steadier in creasing; a smart business young man, with seme knowledge of the drug trade, or aoqaeintsd with shipping mattery pre ferred. Apply with real name, and address with a re 'arenas Nc (as no other will be notioed,) to B. W. B., Herald sfftse. European manufacturing business? want ed to make an Immediate arrangement with a party of good standing and means, (say &r?.ww to S 30,000* to become either a partner, er agent for the United States of a manu facturing concern (ce dry goods oi hardware* yiodling large rroflts, and admitting of great extension. To avoid disap pointment, parties answering this, will please give real name and explain position. Address box 1.310 Bests* Posh Qfloe. 'OTICE? THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE MX J isting tinder the firm of James MeFarlaa, Jr., A Ce.. et the Brooklyn Noviltv Iron Works, is dissolved. The busi ness will be continued by James MeFarlaa, Jr. JAMBS MoFARLAN, J a. PARTNER IN TnB GROCERY BUSINESS WANTED, which has been long established, and is nowdsinga Urge cash trade, with I ret class customers. The ehanee cannot be equalled. None need apply unless havlag tl.SUti and sf unexceptionable obaracter. Apply to M. Lye a, MB First avenue, er 9. Lyon, lWi Felton street. THB COPARTNERSHIP HERBTOPORR BXMTIVa between the subscribers, under the name of tlerseg A Aaron has been dissolved hy mutual eon sent. Antoa lier zog has beoome the sole owner of the effects, and assuoaes the liabilities of said arm and alone signs in liquidation. AN TUN UKR24CL, New Tort. May U. IBM. LEVI AARON. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING rctweon the ardersigned under the name and firm of Geo. W Homaa&Co., is this day dissolved by mutual o-n seat. Mr. Ilolmaa will settle up the business of ths late linn. Dated New York, May 1G, ISM. GEORGE W. HOMAN. WESLEY SMITH. D IjOST and found. CO FOUND? A VALUABLE NEWFOUNDLAND dog. The owner, bv paying for this advertisement aad the expenses ol keeping him, oan have him, by addressing a Una to C. M . box 11 Poat C ffloc. rt'ND? ON WEDNESDAY, 1?TH, A BALE OF COT ton, at Roosevelt street ferry; the owner/ai have It by proving property and paving expenses. Apply to R. IF. SHEI'PABD, or NELSON CROSmAN, at the ferry. LOST-VISTERDAY MORNING, BETWBBN 1J AND I o'clock, eithar in Wall street, Broadway, Barclay ptreet, or lu an Ktahth avenue car, a roll containini eighteen iover< igns. The Order will be suitably rewarded by leaving it with W'm. Hurry, Jr., 149 Pearl street. LOST-ON TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 16TH, IN ONE or the Uroadway and 40th street line of stases, in go ing from Uou*ton street to the South ferry, a gold looket, containing a lady's and gentleman's likeness, with a short chain and pencil case attached to it. The finder will re ceiro a liberal reward by leaving the articles at ^Eliza beth st. Lost? a ladvs gold watch, attacfied to a cbaia of gold aad platina, with a g?ld cross, *e*L looket and key, supposed drops ed on Wednesday evening, in Fifth avenue, between Eighth and Twenty -second streets. The finder will reeeive a suitable reward by returning it t? St East Twenty -second street. IOST-A STONE CAMBA BREAST PIN, SET ROUND J with pearls, while passing lr.<m Canal street, in the Mxth avenae care, to Warerley place. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at 28 Washington square. LOBT-TESTBRDAY MOtNING, A $5 NOTE. ON THB corner of Oliver and Henry streets. The gentleman who was seen picking it ap. will oafer a faver by leaving a par ion of it at the Herald oflloe, as it belonged to a aoody per CLOTHING, AC. AW. WWVWVW'WW ^vw wv vvwvw wwvvvwvv, A LARGE QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHINf) wtDted.? Gentlemen having the tame U ditto bo of will receive the highest prloe for them by calling or addressing John Murphy, 122 Nassau st., lasement. ANY AMOUNT OF NEW AND CAST OFF CLDTI* ing, all stfles aad patterns, purchased at ths hlghes* Bice, by THOMAS D CONROY.491 Pearl street, near Citp ail I'UMe Gentlemen residing at hotels er private heuoeo having surplus olothing waited upon by addreesiax as aWve. CAST OFF CLOTHING. ? A LAMB QUANTITY wanted; the highest mise given, and eash paid I la ear reat money. Oeatlemea having good snporffwns slothiu to dispose ot. oan obtain the Ml value by ealliag on sr ad" dressing JaMBS MORONBT, 11 Baxter street, (lats OraagO off Chatham, Ladies and gentlbmbn. give your attbn fion -Read this.? AU east off olothing, sso>a4 hand furniture, and all klads sf houseware bought aad hit heat pi ice given in cash. Cell sr address by nets. J. HARRIS, m Sverenth avenae, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. (MM FR CLOTHING. ? A LARGE STOCK FINE SUM O met clothing retailing at whMe.ale prices, U ^sko room fur next fall etnek, at W. T. JENNINGS, whelesale ware fcoase, 281 Broadway, up etalre. s ? ~ KPIRmMIJHW, SVlRITC Al VsiL-M 1 SB IBABBIXQ, AWISTEb" nr two otbor modinma will hold oird?a, iai<|. Cl-oleo far

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