9 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6890. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, JULY 9, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. mmmi fmim gbntril ahkkka. The Capture of San Juaa Bel Bar aad Xfvas by OoL Walker. f^Mkg Between the Cweramil Troop* ud the Revolutionary Forces. TWO NEW TREATIES WlTfl NICM&GL'l, 4c., *0. , (to. lb* steam ?hip Northern light, Capt. TinklepmgU, arrived last errata# from HuJuta do Nicaragua, after a fuug* of aena days. W? IN indfebted to v r Thoioae EL Batch, the obliging purser ?f the N. L , for late neira. Oar owl advio*B from Nicaragua we to tbe 3(,th alt. Affairs in Central Anwrlta wre in a moat disordered condition. The brig Ve*ta, woich had on board Colonel Walker aad his party, from S?n Friadioo, reached Re a* la jo sosae weeks ago. it iskooirn to oar readers that this port, aa well aa Lron. on the PaelSc, were in the hands of the Castollon party of Nicaragua. Col. Walk er, after a eoa&nnce wittt U?oU llanos, who is in com stand of the CaaUilon force** embarked for San Jaan del Bar, reinforced by 20u m*n Un party wu that in creased to about 276 He appeared off San Juan, and landed kis farees oa the night of the 27th alt., at Bra to, about 14 miles north of San Juan, while the next day, kis isaseln, the Vesta and a ecoooner, appeared off the harbor of Baa J a to. te draw off the attention of the troops there. In the morning toe troop* were harried eff In gnat precipitation to defend R<ras, which Walker had assaalted, aad is reported te ban taken, The next night he took Ban Juan del Bar, without any r? aUtenoe, aad seized nil the arms and ammunition de ported then. It Is supposed that be will nest attack Baa Carlos aad Castillo, ana then, with a combined Bomest with Man or. attack Granada, should Manor be sbie te onroom* Oeai. Corral at Manaqua. Tbe Pnaldeat aad Us officer* Wft Granada on the 20th, te joia the anay with (JeoL Ccrral, aad thus matter* will be brought to a crisis. Oae of ocr cotmponOenu write* a* follows:? Virgin Bit, Jua?29, 1805, TO TBS EDITOR OF fU HfiiUt.D. A* Um steamer U going to !mti, I will not fail to ad* rise yon Out last night Ool Walker'* party landed at Quascoto, a pise* about eighteen milsa north of Saa Juaa del Bur, and about the tame distance from Riraa, The gor eras* eat bad s?nt down 160 man from Gra nada. All Una force* of t be whole department were con centrated at lUras? making, in tha whole, a number of about tOO Man. Col, Walker and fifty-Are Americana were accompa nied by about tt* hundred m?n belonging to the Caa tUloa party, and tbere baa bten ateady fighting from 0 o'clock this morning till m?bt. No poaitire result la known yat. We have had la Virgin Bay *ome cholera oaiiea. Ia all there are feortoon fatal cace* *uce It begun, but aiaoe the 24th of thla mouth we have had no aew attack*, nor any deaths- Only thiee foreigner* have died, andtUa restate natlrea. Of eourte a great many hare been Beared, but prospects *eem to be good, aa no neweaaea have turned op. General Gnardfola la said to hare loft with a consider abb number of troop* for I -eon. Jen 30-4 A. M Jul aew the democrats, tome Americana among tium, are coming ia in email numbers, fire aad ten, la a great hurry, aero** the Tran*it road, taking tbe*roed for Coat* Rica. Though they aay they hare been ricto rloua, their disorderly morenenta, their hurry, and their qnletnees, pro re that they are running away. Neat (Vainer particular news. MMmOHTT. Col. Walker'* party ia defeated. D. C. We are aaanred by a gentleman on board the Norther ?< light that tbe po*t*c<- pt of our correspondent's letter la, at ioaat, premature; that no latslligeaee of Colonel Walker's defeat had been reeeired when tbe N. L. sailed; en the contrary, the new* from the rem lutioaary party waa highly farora jle to their sacoes* orer the government force* The British ahtp of war Botxard, aad maO rteamer Dee, wore frui Juan or Grsytoen, protecting the Mos quito fia(. Thla M|| fca* been again organised, under the lead ef T. 1. Martfc lata Mayor, the same, we be* Here, who waa at the head of tbe city gorernment at the m< movable bombardment of that place. ineig the paaeenger* by tbe Northern Light ia Col. J. H. Wheeler, oar Niniater to Nicaragua. We learn that he proceeds immediately to Washington, bearing two important treatise formed between the I'nried states and Nicaragua. The Amsriean citizen* of Han Juan del Bur offered Mr. Wheeler a public dinner, which he declined. The cor Teipoadenee which pea*ed on the occaaloa ia iu* fol | OWB >? COBRKHFOUDPNCB. Han Ji aji nu tica, Juae 29, I860. Col. Joan H Vunja. OmuaD 8ra? We feel exceedingly gratified with the nnaceaafnl treaty that you hare elected with tae Nica gorotiiiiioirt, and fael preud of yen aa our 3S? Yen hare ever itood forward ready to protect your fellow eonatnmea la tbe hour of trouble aad adreraity, and protected and watched orer their lntereata aa a father watehea aad f roteete tbe la tercet* of bla chil dren. As a alight memento of our regard aad eeteem, we take the opportunity of requeeting tne pleasure ef your ceaspeny to dine with ro ir American frienda of this place, apon the aaairiT?ary of our independence? the glerleaa Fourth, lfU>f> Trusting that you will honor aad caltTraour tabs with your pteeence, we sub scribe onraelree your frieada and leilow country men, Klwerd T. J. laws, C. S. Fagia. I'sri That, Goorge u Bowly. Hlmaoa Wirden, W ?ir?or, J. 1'rieat, O B Bagl*y. OriLONKI. WHEKI.r.i:'! RKPI.T. \ ohms Bjlv, lUrniLie or Nicabjiiica, ? Jjn* ?0, 18W>. j To KdwordT J. Iaws, E*q. ; Dr VArl Hi at, Himod Wor QJca, John Fr'iat, and otn?r?. -ion Juaa del Bur:? Gnsruni?? Your* of th? 29th in*t. wa* handed t> me, Just en the ere of embeiatng for the United citato*. 1 feel deeply grateful to you for your generou* exprss sloas of approbation ana eosfidenoe. To fulfil the in structions of my own government faithfully ha* been my constant denire aad oiject? and that ia eeme degree 1 bars saeeeeded, I am well a?*ured. To meet the ex pectations of tbe gorernm>at to which I hare b?ea ac credited, ia a aa tin factory manner, waa al?o an object, in which to a great degree 1 am aaeured by Ilia Excel lency, the Preetdeat ef Nicaragua, 1 hare not tailed. Adeeu to this tbe cordial coon eoaooea of my own coun try met) ,wb**e hepp'nein.wofc welfare and iatere*ta are iw ma'ena ly effect.'! by my action*, tbeee erldoocee woud teen sufficient to Oil the amtotion of any one, howerer aepir lag. Of tbe treaty to which yon allude, aince it has to meet the approral aad ratification of our own goretnuien*., ( am aot allowed to apeak specially; but surely M rtolate no confidence whan I sar that orrry liae of it will prof* that 1 an*oa rsnd faithfully to carry out tba great fun dameatal prtadple* of our gorernment. as propounded by tbe rather or hia country, caltlratiag friendly rela tion* with ail netiona, aad aotanghng allien** with none; regarding specially the peculiar piettlon of Moa regna. aad sympathy ef tba Ual'ed Stat** for a kindred ropubl c. while her ngbta and lntereat* were regarded, the treaty. If ratified, will thow a deep and abiding eolicitude for the welfare ef every American cltireu who** lot has been caat la thla lorely eooatry The pesfeet protect'. >o ef their per ?on* aad property, aad tbat "Ameriaaa dtz*n?hp i* an isnolable panoply for Amer tan 'r1?hu " ft tbe tr?aty a ball reallxe tbeee expeetatioos, Its ooasmeneement, ptegr*** an l oompleMon i* mere to be attributed to the eptrtt of wisdom aal equity which p*rrads the lastrttci loaa under wbicb I a 'ted, and to * the magaaaimlty of taa booorehle Mlaister* of Mca ragna with whom I bad the hooor to Begotiate than to any effort o* merit on my part, to whlel yoc to g*ae mall allude. To he preeoat with you oa the glorious 4th of July, our nation's birthday, would be aa boner ssd a prirl lege which I could aettber hope for nor expect; but circumstances forbid, aa I lea re here thl* storniog for the city of Waebiagtoe, to lay before the Executlre tbe Import a at treaties forme* with the Republic of Nicaragua, but boltere see rerr aloeerely, at all Urns*, go be your faithful eerraat and fr eed, J\0. H. WHKKI^H. MABA1A0H ? NlCABAOtT* . At the bouse of the C > L^gat?oe, Graaada, Nicara gua, ea Thareday, 2 1st Juas, George MrNurray, Keq., of Now York, to Mrs Htgsaaa, of virgta Bay On the nth Jane, Copt. Alexander M Myriek,2of Vbss., to Mary K Temple, of flea Jaaa del gar On the nth June, Capt Chariee bawls, of New York, go Was Louise Temple, ef Ben Jaaa del Bur Thl sM?nB?n1 1i *1ii if- -r~* Henry Oh*y wm in. ?agnratad at PnttarUia, V* , oa thedth of July, aasid gaspeetam esseassndss The oraMss of Iks oewMs* wis d?Tt>eZ by Ben. Chartss oibboa* Sew* from tk? RaadwtoB lalawrtn. We have received, by the waj o t Sea Kranotaco, ad vicea (torn Honolulu to the 17tb of Ml ly. The A>u> lira, of the 10th of that month. Hp ' Tb? Lrgialaure n morion along expeditiously and ell tbltgk cot Mdtr> il, Terj harmoniously, onlj eccaatknaily troubled oi b headache by Ideaa either too big for ut terance, or too abeurd f?r argument ? ?uch ea (or ia ?tauce, thv diacuMion of the V'lue bill, there until eoBkioerable of tbe old leeveo left, but ?e claim ui't c u.d victory that Ue bill waa only defeated by a m?je rity of two. 1b? moat important topic of the last week waa th< Ciaeage oi lb* uew tariff bill in both houieeof the tuie While everybody rejoice* tbat at length the principle* pru'eeeeo by the Mininter as tbe bum oi t<ie bi J have bfrt e?tabli?bed and acknowledged aa the ruU ot government anu the eenae of the action, yet ttin m<>?; pert regret tbat tte practical uie'u'ueos of the bill ? boulr bav? been m?rted by the chaotic dta'ribuboa of it* cetail*. Bo', >e we My elite where, there la aia>l? ti?e to remedy <di-> ere tbe bill goe* intoettect; eu<l u la cur Lovnd.n duty, aa a liberal man and a fre? trader, tot to let the government and the people go to Bleep ue t.l it 'B emeOCed In tb? Bouce of Kepreeeatattrea, at Honolulu, on tli? ICih liej, a petiUtn wa* lead from a Mormon prowler on K?uk , kUt og ti at th< Mlniaterof the Interior Had retuaeo Mm a lic.ete to *ol?mniB* marriage*. Thi* pe ii?ion wae Uid oo tbe table. lie anuual exhibition of tbe Oaliu College wai hell on tbe 8ti> May. A large number of patrona and friend* of the inatltuton ware preaent. In the report of the examining coil* lite*, cocaiating of K H Allan, Mmut ter of Kimnoe of >b? Kingdom, and Her. J. b. ritn>OK. w? UdiI tbe following paragraph* While the examination of ail the claaaea receive* oar unqualified approt.ution, we feel that aeverel of theia ceetrv* otr xpeeial pralac- among which may ba rouu tioied tbe cUnrea in Algebra and EnglUh literature. toe clans in Ure*k, tbe Bret and second claaaen u> Latin, ant tbe da**** In jreimetry and ringing. On tbe whole, after a critical examination of tbe kcfccol. and a careful comparison of It with many of tbe bait ichool* in Naw Kngland, baaed on a long and uti mate acquaintance witb them, we can aay. we tbiok, without txerfRtre ion, that in institution* or tbia grade, and ctmpoteu o' pupil* of tba aame age, wo have nrv-r even the excellency of thla examination aurp aaaod and k?l<*om equalled Ibe bill to rtiredel tba Department of Publio Instruc tion ii ano!b?x in*<allatlen ot tetter thing*. A* toe ap pf ibtami of tba pteaWent and director* of the future Beard of Education r aeta With H a Majesty, we bare no doubt that tbe (election to fiil thvie place* *<11 he judlciou* and proper. At tbe sam* time we bag to re mark, tbat aa education appeal* directly to too good j opinion of tbe maaaea, in order ta be efficient and life giving, we hope that an attan pt will be made to un.ta popularity with uiefuln?*a iu the (election to thuae office*. On We<tne*dny laat, say* the Fra of May 10th, arrired tbe French tribute la Forte, Admiral Foatnlcboo. and tbe >rglj*h frigate Ampbytrita, Oapt Jtedericka, from Cal'ko, ibppoaed to be en rout* for tbe Rua*i?n uettie IBfBti is i amfebatka and en tbe 1'artary coaat. tbe Argul Jtlvfl the foUo eing theatrical intalligeaca : Tbe flue play of the " Lkdy of Lyon*" waa moat uap tilly rcprcsebted on Saturday evening laat at the Koyal liawailan theatre. Mr J. U. Brown'* rendering of Clande Melootte tu aplrl'ed and truthful, and tbe fiequent applauie with which he w*? grebted abowod thkt hi* ??fforti' w?ra well appreciated by tbe a dim?. The haughty, and beautiful, but true-hearted Pauline wa* irpreientad by Mrn Uarid<a to the life, and le th* expreiaioo o' many of tba finer paatagei of the play Mr*. E. delighted the audlenea into moat enthaaiaetic applause. Mr Bray, aa Beauaeaat, gave erideno* of the poiatMicn of a dramatic talent that only need* cultiva tion and encouragement to give him a high rank in toe profaaiion Madame DeschapeUe* waa lepreiea'od moat beautifully and correctly. Indeed, In all of Mr. Ro??'a personation* of female character*, it would bo d flicult to And bi* anperior. Ha alwaya dreaae* in per fect taate, and in actloa and reading be i* ever gr>coful and corrrct Be la really an artiat. and where aetr?eeee ate icarre he ia an invaluable addition to any compear. We underfteud that Mra. Eldridge take* her Brat beaetlt on .Saturday evening next, and we doubt not aba will meat a juat appreciation of her oxoaUance aa an actraaa, by a lull libuae. Cutl* Oiudtn aa m KalgiMt Depot~lnJ auc tion Denied* PCr*BIO* COURT ? GMhMRAL TKHM. Before Chief Justice Oakley anl Judges Dan, Campbell mad Hoffman. J. PhilUpt I'hamxx and Other t r?. The Commistutiu rt tjf Emigration, Jc. qf New York. ? The order made by Judge Hoffman, at special term, denying the motion for injunction to restrain the defendnnta from making Cm tie (ieiden a depot for emigrants, wen affirmed, without coat*. Die Chlsf Jnst'ce, la delivering the opinion cf tbe Court, raid a bill was bled by the plantitf, f'ho nix, who ia tbe owner of a lot on the Battery, to reetraia the Com mienonersol Emigration from making Caatie Uarden a depot tor ?migrant*, the Legislature, at ita listens eion, antbon/ed the Commisaicners to telnet a place for an emigrant depot, and they arcordinjly purchased Irom Mr. Conk in, who held under a leate from tbe Corpora tlen, anil took poaaessleo of Caatie Garden and proceeded to Bt It up for that porpoee. iho plaintiff obtained a temporary i?j auction reetraiaing the Oommisaiocters from making Cos tie Garden a depot for eingranta. and tbe Judge who granted It dissolved It. 1'be cae? now coinis beioit ttia Court oa amotion to reatore toe la j i d ci ion nn I make tt permanent. Tbe application tor an nj unction wa? founded on the grouxde? first thai tbe de?<l contained a covenant tnat tbe Battery, ro calloe, and the vacant grounda belong ing to tbe Corporation in the vicinity of the premi-ea, shall never ho appropriated to private uses; and tbe plaintiff contends that the enclosing of it for each a pur pone a* ia intended by the Cooimiaeioneri o' Emigration would be a violation of that covenant. The Court h jlds that tbii covenant did not apply to the parties now In terested. ae at the time that covenant was made the pre mints in question were not vacant, because they Bad been ctdeu to tbe United Htetes, and therefore were not a jurt of the Mattery or Uowling Green. The Court could not therefore hold that this covenant exteode 1 to ground which did not then exist under that appellation On theiiaestioa of the proposed depot being a nuisance, tte Court would uot interfere unlee* la cases where from loag continuance or other reasons there was proof to show that it was a nuisance. Tbe weight of medical tee timony and the evidence of other officials went to prove that it wo<<Id not he a nuisance. It was unjed, on the other band.that it woalii be a auiaaaee, because a Judge of the Supreme Court decided that a similar depot at the root of Hubert atreet was a nuisance, and Irom that decision no appeal was taken. Uut that decision, with all respect to the Judge who ao decided, had bat little l*snn-cn th? present case, aa what might be a nuis ance ia one location would not necessarily be ko ia ano ther. Motion for injunction denied, without costs, and order at special term affirmed. . Fixe Hsribal'i Office. DABING ATT KM IT OP AN IVCEMHART IN REAPS BTHBIT- AKBEMT OF AN ITALIAN OK BtiPICION. Between twelve and one o'clock on Saturday night, officer Staooa, of the Stith ward police, disoovered smoke > laau'Eg fiom the entry of baildlnga No. 38 and 40 Koade -tr'-et He went into the premlaea, aad found a fire burning amongat some straw, at tbe head of tbe ataira leading to tho oa liar. The officer aroused the Inmates on the second tioor, and, with the aid of a pall or two of water, the fire was extinguished. it seems the straw bad b?eu removed from a tab whleb stood on the lend ing, and placed alongside of some boxes, for the porpoee of aiding tbe burnng. However, it was diaoovered juet in time to prevent further damege. The o Barer fear eg that another attempt might be made, kept a leek ou' ae he pntroJed hi.- poet. At about .1 o'clock, as be caeie ia front offtffi ftullding, be discovered a light fitsbtng up thron aC^Hen ry window on tbe third Moor. He again enler?1^Bwui"ing , en the 'bird floor be found a dense smoke.mDB burning on tbe floor by tbe door pxt of J < erdoan ATtrotber, silver platers. Tbe officer imme diately gave tbe alarm, which brought oat the different tenants to aio in pntung oat the fire, and by the appli cation of a few path of water tbe fire wae a second time extinguished. Upon examining tbe spot. It wae evident that tbe incendiary had placed some Inflammable material between the side of a caibef snd the baseboard by tbe casing of tbe ailver platers' door, and then set It oa fire. 1 be wood on one aide of the carboy we* burnt to cinders; tbe base board was bornt nearly tbroagh, and about one half of tee door seeing. Close by the carboy stood a cask of vinegar, the opposite end of which had been fired bv tbe Incendiary, who ia saaposed lo have thought It contained aptrlta. Mr. A. Ham el, wine aad ^quor Importer, ooc <j pt?? a ?tore f?a tbe first floor and rea.rtes with bis family oa tbe second floor Mr Hobert cabinetmaker, occupies rooma oo tbe fonrtb Hcor, with hie family ; there are al?o seve ral other fsmiliee who occupy apartments in the ?etd premises -one of the laaiatae of the bouae easpe'-ted tbat tbe fire bad been communicated to the balidiag by an Italian name<l Bartholomew Oaatelletti, from the faet of bis having ijuareUed with Mr. Robert about low monev metiers la addition to tun, officer Koran, shortly before tbe eleeevery rf the last fire, (topped a man In MsrheffiBn place, wearing a Kossuth hat. aad asked him what he was doing there" He replied, "I'm doing my baetaeee." The offiser let him peee along. These facts were communicated to the Fire Marshal, wbo took immediate ?tepa to secure tike euppoeed guilty party. Accordingly, after an examination of the p re mi sst, accompanies be Captain Dowhng, of tbe Nxth ward, aad officer Do ran, teey Tinned tbe re sidence of Oastellettl, at No 642 I'earl rtraet. Bare they feu ad him. aad upon being naked when he was oa the previous night, be said he wae aot oat of hie room , be elsodsn-.ed nt first being tbe omsr of a Koaauth hat. Officer lie ran nt once Mien tilled him ae the eeeae per son he met la Menhnttaa place shortly before the break lag oat ef the fire. The aceaaed was taken before Jee Uee Bognrt. wbo committed him to prlaoa, to awelt the Firs Marshal's investigation . It will he well v> remark here tbat tbe nrieoaer la the haabaad of the unfortunate wnasaa who killed hag self by taking poison a week ego. After taking the poteen, she went to the wMhehop of Mr. Rohan. M Kendo etieeV aad said that la aeaesaasaoe of her a as bead's ill treetaaeat aha had taken potaaa, aad eat ad la be permitted to he do* a Hhe died eaea after. A dlffi rnfty thea anew between Mr. Robert aa4 OaetaUetM, the former refeetag te gtn him eay tnore work, the hthr aeya thet Mr Rtbect la ladeMM te Uai gfpt tea er tkmMw. arrival of im northern ligh r DETAILS OF TWO WEEKS' NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA. ?828 972 in (told Shut Confirmation of u loytriiat Laad Claim* AUBURN DESTROYED BY FIRE. IHDIIH DEFEEDATIOIVS. Interesting Items. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. THE MARKETS, fce, 4kh Ac* Tbe timer Northern Ught, Captain E. L. Tlnkla paugb, arrived yeetarday altersoon, id htm day* from Han Jnan, with paetaugerc Mid treasure from tiau Frm c?co, par *team?hlp hierla Nevada, June 16th, making tbe tr p from California la 22 daj *. tbe Northern IJght brlnga 467 paiaaagei*. and $b28,?72 1 rein lit, with a Urge n mount of money in tha binds of Ibe paaeengere Tbe Noitbern Light left in the harbor, II. B. M. war ?tea??r Buzzard and mall Btoam-r Clyde; brig dan llu'ipe, ot Utnoa Among the pa> imager* were O Oarrl ?on, F-e<| ; I). Cage, of I'ege, Baeno A Co ; J. W. Calmer auC G. W Wright, of Palmar, Cook A Co ; T. K. BatUUe; i. I) ( rocket. J. W. Pnineil, T H. Holt and George C. Bate*, Bi<in; rurwr A. YVeicb, U. H. N., and Ur. P. C. White. The following U the ipecl* lint ef the Narthorn Light: Irtxt-1 A Co., Philadelphia 1219,603 ?ietropolltaa Bank, New York 10.r>,000 ??Un, >argo A (o., do 123, 02? boea, KaUner A Co , do 45,074 Ua ok ot America, do 21,3*10 Wm. B Dunbftr, do 2ft "27 Aaron Jao. ba A Co . do 24,400 W ftligman A Co., do 24,200 llmtr, lugeabauiu A Co. do 21,5<i0 .Urol ?, l.ATi A .lacolm, <lo 21,100 Wm. I" lolrmao A Co , do 2u 201' A ? mar A Co., do 2,4ft3 Jolibtoo Aiooden, do 17,414 Hchtclrr A Brothers, do 10,000 (ioionutb A May, do 12.706 J. Sireute, Bro. A Co., do 12,617 1 read ? ell A Co., Koatnn 10.000 G*crge Daniel*, New York 0,236 Kigge A Co., oo O.tOO Jthn M Brown A Co , Mo ?, 1 IN W. Hiller, do ?,000 G. ko*en*'ock A Co., BalUMorw 4,1100 J. Batch A Bro., to 3,000 Poiaona l?rby, Michigan 1.300 Levi M. heUoKCi ^?w York 1,260 Total ? ? - _ **>*?? cw. *? lT?tL L*r ?u D*P?t ?' J" * ???????, "d T^-Zprmi't0tt^r <ta,,Tery onu" ?r? ?' ?v "?' M ? ? tcrmn]i ?r m* ??/. ???*??? of the .teamehlp Cort.., M on boa, a, of inflam^n of tbe bowel., oa the neoond of Jim ? nd eleven U. m. troopi , nnd.r command of Major l'rtn?, and Captain Dennett, arrived at s,? Kranol.oo, f,0m M,M 0,1 th* Utb The t'oeie Sam, from Nica r.gua, arrived at San Kraacueo on the 12th Juno with date. from New York totlie 21et of May f.t,,h0p,:M> -/? "?? MaryvUI* JW, are , . t"? b?? th. country . The, have *pp.ar ; ?' ^-nto ud varion i other ^V d.b.r.w they appear the, laave naught but luia In tteir wake. ^".UV 8an i'rwei-oo Mint, for the purpo.c 0, Wag coiaed, a w> large .mount of troaeure-raogta, f?cm two to throe mlWopa. The average amount c'aM I*r day I. .tated to be ?lOT.OOO O ,|a, to the fact that the miner, are hole In, on to their gold diut for higher rtrr""" OB tfc. U of June, Joeeph R. Wr.t, when tryfag to ??rreet ? couple of thieve*. near the Mu.loo Holorm ?a. shot and killed by one of them, John Marlon, a n?' We of Alabama. Marlon and hia compe.loo, rexUndi it rate from Indian*, thtn escaped. The whole country Uraed out to bunt them down. Martoo afterward, committed tu cide In Alameoa county, lir.ee woeped. Lota Moater, with a the.tr.cai troop under her charge, " ? " * ?ciMC" ? **? ?* of Jane, in . Mili.g v.eeel a he berk J.nny Major,) bound for Auatralia. She will take the M.<e there, and will afterward. go to Europe Tia < hiaa, Gel ;otta aad Seba.tepol. Tbe clipper -tip flying Cloud arrlred at San FraneUee on the 6th of June, after a p.i.age of 109 uaya Th.. :rtt" ?????" ? Tfce Tuolumne paper. .Ute that a rich gold quart, ? *nU * ,Uf,f '??>? been dlaoovered ifl that oounty. The U, Aagele* paper, contain a report that three ???, art*, ted on .u.plcion of belong.ng to a gaa ?of jobber. and hone Uiieree, were hnng at the Tejoa We le.rn, ?y. the I?? Angel e< Sw of th. 10th of June, from Uie mail rider who arrived hero la.t week from Salt Uke City, that lie paaaed a part of Colonel SUptoe'. command on their way here, th* other d? lachment having taken th* northern route to tbe Sacra meito valley. CmflimaUon of an Important Land Claim ? . /*?,?* ?f"0" ot V. ti. Und ' ommlMlon . t rt f ?i' i* C *? '*<>' ton to a tract of U MW acre., ljln? moatly within the corporate hmiu of the eity kkj covering the .bole a*uuern ?? ofUe aunlcipahty. ihia land m oc' enp^d by about one tbou.and Mttl.f., .ho u/5^ lL!lm'il,,iIf ,lr f,0,B * felr ,<wt 10 .ere*. Uy no cUl m*toThr*aa<l d ?0 lh# tr*cU wt,u p&a^r.1^ ^ "d .?pen??i in carry fag an ap % 1 8- Und T tbiftr.^iiT ,pp^1 "baU "? on th. ground '.r. 'the rig WMrfSWB to be voted for at the fail *^0 -T^KlSESuS te t^ec^*,V^^ fss?r.,ssi,j: loideri of Meiican tillee. lo? ^ly-T. oigaaiz* a eetUern party throughout th* fithly?To petition the i're.ldeat to remove ' ommla ?icner. Thompeoa and fare.il. ,v , of l*? Auburn Fire. 'WrlMtr //trail hi? promptly oom? to Oaad tad '"l' parucuiac. of tbe overwhelming robHagiatloa which ba. viaiUd Auburn. The fir., r.ro*e out it Jo elork I' M oa the 6th of Jane, ia a "*? rt-> ?fc.Dr*l ?B i *Ul* tM htU' b*'ow lh# K'tftwut eburcfe, aad aooo nnail aerv*. the ttreet toK.s/ie'. r 'H fo the 1/taaa boebTTaiooa Km* ?** ? H?; JfT* H 8t*pfc?a?' Uvery iiUbie and the "J, K*? followed ia 'tuick i.( | c*?*?c>n. lirrald n jri ? [ a?^M.Ib.l!!^ had ?pr ad thU far, every cl> i?n ?id vifltir to town, who rouid bo ?ptr*d from th? firm ?m? ?i work <- *rr j log to th. odjocoii W1L, ^ **? M.cb valuable* a. ceuld be eM^d bold^? rUiV^T * nfh0^.<nb* ?LU'h| M* low" no*??l* to eeear* ft?oca from Umi dttoariac ?lom^at ti? ? r? a S?nei? b?lld'*V M U """t. B.U1 It reached % i'J.iV* 1*' ?M " *b' 'our* *t eveetien but noth>.g conld May th* ruuu eieaeot ? It went u.tll aoth in, .aa Uft but the^atr"^ ?? ?***?' ** oult Boat* till, owned by tbe Ue*r Kiver ?m4 K aTFnl ' WtMl ???"?? H B Tl rr, ugh the trilwiieiwtlNi of the Beard ef Huorr rl.or. .^d otbet*. tbe ttnrt H*n^ ??* i!?2 ^ h.l^t i, k """T /V"' bM ...taia*d a very heavy damage mak ag it ??ceeeary 'or the precrtotorv ?A"T **il ^ 7 r***" ,fc^* eetabiiebaeat 'I* rr. .at jeet for tte tame. ^ "????* By vtgoren. eier*?u Allaa'i Jirery rUUe wm Mved J" frc* where th* In beat* aut m ?? ? - t^rX?rM'W ^ Ch">*,a. *^?al ti Wk*a are i mau, ?tff ?< tv MMltl%Hfit||( of U>? to? a b*d had time la ? avtng mo; of tow of tMt*, tail wer* batter prepared than many of oar eitl Hm iot the rec?pt on ot tbo tire. hem tbo Hall tbo Htm-i vent to 0(*r<lMur'i and tbe Urje ktorefcoute ol II T. liotaaoo, tbo upper tiirj bnag occupied be the Pentt j Ki.reee r?>mp-ny. l\??l ,t tile*, aad Alia It-legrapb Cuodid), nail adjoining tbo c? acert io' m. Afputitl; but a wnrat uttmiiM, wbrn Klrka'a drug ttore, I'ltutr lleruhl office, and the Natlotal Howl w?re on tire, exier-nlo* thence up etraot, ?akt, Meting tb* otb-r point ot the fire. 1b? t me occupied to tb* burning wao oao boar aad Iwn-ij-iive mixutee oily. > Tb? /Mold with romu>endab e.pluck oat*:-" Tbo towB Ik Ri tie, but wlat Of that? Ui twelve mmilbl we arlll heve a p etiier ana tnueb oet et one l h? offiia of the ljtra a )? >11 roiif ui* ou ? *? ?? occupy a porvtoa of tbo biaclkiLt'b atrip aituated ou the rat ua, and editorial*, oucb he U.t- j be, are wtlVeo amid tbo oeUctabia Baigh r ft < 1 1 ort.an oo> ad of baBimere, aad nutee* generally. < Hire >n p -t> pe paper, b o*a, be** cot boo, cauM, a muture, aid thu? ?? iaeu* oar piper tbta week, u4 peiLape we ab?ll have tr do ?o 'be oti' B amber, hut to Ua c?)? we akall bate a n? ? office and go atoad again. " 1. IcT 09 l.Otielrt ! Hawk In. fc<o , (I'lorrr I'm,) >4,000, UaU k Hardy, $(?40, II P. II Love, tttOO; Allen k Duncan, $6,2"0, Lr S 1', Homaa, M. K. VhUa IS00, Jame? An dtrtcB, $MX'; Oeorite Wei meat $4,000; Tbomea Holrtaa,

$3,?0; J C B?kn & Co , $?,100; Wm. K I'arnlaaon, *" f<x? L. N?wo>kD k Co, $1 too. Sam Hjo?m?a, I W. Credit, $2,000, Cbeo. B. Botehklao, $4,000; B. Coodkind k Co , $1,800; Jaroe* Mulnell W,60u, ?o?oy & Beiaty, ??,(K0; Ctarl?* l'alm?r. ty.'HJO; Botttt Hkb?r, $2,0i0; William Millers %l 000. Kartell A Hi* eater $K,0< 0, KuUeit (.ori on; ?*,000; W . F Sorcroai, $3 til., Tupptr'k eatato, ?MM' ; Auaoji k Co , |MM: Ko? Wr & Iur *, $MC; I'lacer coubty, ?13,(<0<.', P W. lb< nsao, ?l,6 o, 8. E. Boua.ta ?6 000, Kcboli fcUojil, ?1?,U0, J. MjrtK, ?:,0< ; Hm on Ha*?U, IflOO; J g. Joekooo, I'.'.KO, 1.. Haabera ft MX), <i*or(? l,?n?, $.10u: T. MitetoJl, (Htruiit,) ?'A!<0, H T Hoium, ?H,000; Dr. ? ickea * tSo , , M. Oborcraoor, (I 000; W m Sto *?o, |1,6(K , Cl'iirlfK Mo i rlt-on, $6 < 00; II. II. Hon**, $10 P?0, Gto H stepb.au tin, C04; 1*. Klowiy. $1 600; ('apt ? |2. WO, A. XoberU, 92 600 Odd Kellowa, $),ft0 Wb. Murpbj, $S0i , r.lierlj, (Jore \ Co , |.'1.0C0, J M. Van Ma'n, ?I.SOC, larldsoo k Marco, II, .SCO, A. I krlrrrn, |?,(N0;Jo? Nrroika; JV,? 0; Mr Keeiof, 1200; Mua? I'll k Kioo, ?1 IKK ; I it Trapbaceu $ftO0; Palotr & Hlwa oe $4,0?0. Murra) \ So'*, $2,1^0; J a* Waltb, $200, T H.OI>v?r $l,0< 0. W. D. (Thapmnn $>-00; Mr. Kilter, W.0<i; Klcbaru .-'?n<'?rr ?.t,0oo, MetSo lot l'arrcnafr. $600, Miobaol Jainieon, $;m?0; -uitena, $?.JV0, btif ti, $/l0; Arvo, $8,0(0, Cfcio, CbarK, $t>,0o0. 1.un< *n $4,(00, K. $2 fcOO, Oor ra* H. Kahaer, $XOvO; California btage Cmnpao/, $l,liJ, JaoiM II. Clark, $l,(A0,? Total, $'/U,U0. Flif In 8?n Kranrioro. A largn Are occurred cb -.he morain< of the 13th Jua?. In tbe K'tuuo boondod by Uujioat, Juokaoa, ;?ocktoa and Waal. r?too atrieU About iwrniy amall frame Uouix were kamed, er.il oil bnrk hoaaea lha ritento' tao boiaed |iotod ob Jackcon atreot i< aboat IK0 foet, ca I tipfiit 10( fret; en. nacj boueea oa allay* IB tbe r?ntr' of tb* >'|U?re wer* eurned ilia Br* did ant reach Warb ngton 'trret or Stockton. Tbo teoeaaant* burned wcie occupied almoet all by Uh-neso aad Hpanub women. uww. A row of wooden teMmoat* oa Jaekoon otraet, owned by ? Kichard*. $- 00-i U ?t ot occupaota. 1,500 tuirk bruke, corner of Rout 'a alley, 4 by fafilag is of II pnrliuo ol tb* rear aail N9 Cbu rat- <rug ibn, I'upoat ?tree', throe dooro from Jackaoa atreet, mnoumed witb utock 4,0fH) > ntacjoin'ug South, Chtaooo otore, large otoek, all kot 12,000 ISnt a< joinitg, larg* brlek, owned aad occupied by B, tntirM.v t'eatroyea, loeo otated *1,000 Nest aejolair; , Iromx building, partially doetroyed, loa? of occipaotx atiou' 2,0G0 A larg* twoetory brtik building on Stout'* Aliev, oc cupUd aa pr>al* lodging room*, owned by Atchl loo. demage 3,000 low of oocu pant* about 1,000 hour nic rn t*ntK?Dtaon the eaat eldo ot the al l?y,o<euplpd by Cbil'anN H,C00 Pronto teaernente, weot aula 2,000 A BLiubtrof amall Un?m?nta aituated in tbe c?ntro of tbe block, and entirely deetroyed, together with cont*nt?, would probably reach fi,0C0 Total $45,000 Tba (lie baabiirnal out korno of the rami t paetllentlal lean of tha city ? the ra?orta ot thMT*? and aoaaeitoa? aad tbo ourMr.ea and workobopa of crime. Manr osoal lent citi /4 Bo auffered from tbn cootta^ratloa, but ?e have no uoubf tb? peace and reputation ol the n?i|(li botnood will be improvod by tbe ooaa?'iuenc*o ot toil cuBualty. Indian utpiedattona, LATE I ROM THK El AMaTII HWEKV?TIUN? SIX WITITK MKN Ili.LEK BT TH? fMblANM. Mr. 11 B. l>ickin*on. m;i the t'oaeeot ( it* //<ra/<J, o?oit id laic iMt nitbi from the mouth of tbe Kir. math. !!? rnteethatoar-a urdey morning '2a of jgo?, be bud eft r.-ipell hancberia, (about twenty Ave uu'ea from tha a on tli ) end tad OO0? down tbe river n lUblng an<l eon v?r< hk with tbe Indiana. While at too mouth, trnat ?nil. y Indiana t rough t to blm the aUrtllng naara that iD .-?ti.r<#j night. the Indiana fell upon tha Meeping ? hi ? *, killrd all o' ttrm, (an men) wito tbo *soeptl?n of Mr. shelton and took away taelr kuu* and prort ?.on*. it ii (oppcaail tb* atu?k waa mada by tba la ciana r*cent!y brought to tba lto*arvation. AUnancor lUitlifon, a jootjf man. mt an old realdant of tbia eoi > y , I* aamin tba victim* tha latian agent, Mr. ft hippie, w aa on tba point af lot ring for tba Inwrn tioti nban the new* arrived Hethoka It atrangetbat iba i >1 am abould bare aorpilacd the w Intra *k-?plag, u? they bad barn In tbe baMt of keeping a guard nary U'jkt. A detachment of l*. h. >ol> lera la itaHone<i at m j cbrjiva (month o ' Trinity,; about twenty lira aailea atove tba I-eaetvatioe. IkOM ILLINOIS Val LET? BIX MEN KIM Ell BVTHKIN MiM IN IM.INOIN V4LI.IT. An wa fli l?li writing tba above, wa laarn from pack art jnet arrived that on Aatnrday, Juna 1, tha Indiana Ml ed lour white men ( tratelle-re, aa far an wa coall aa certain) ?td t?o < b.n??a in Jllino a Y?U*y, O T. (?om* fllty mi lea trim ber tj. wm. Bhelljr la rejioruxl to bare bean ley truly wounded. THE INMa.N'M IN HOfTHEBN ORWJOV. Tba ''reacant City llrrM'd aa^a Tne Indian trouble* in the neighborhood of lllinou Valley, southern "regua ere far frtm being e<tt led Iba Indian Agent, l?r. Aa broaa la uelng every eiartlon la concentrate Uiem on Ua Reservation on Hogu* rift. Tueeday baforn laat, ?< me of them diove away Kaef a eat tla. and a party or TOiOLMeri, in poranit of them, farpruad, ou Thursday, Ixur Indiana, auppoaed to b? their aeouta. Kirlng, tbey killed one lnd>an and wunndad tbo otbara, who ra treated Into the buahea " PollUral luirliigrnre. jlrom the Han Kranciaco Journal, Juna 1'" ] liotb partiea are now actively organiiiag ami pre paring for tba fall election*. Tbe l>em<; ratli tHate Coa vantico. lor tha nomination of canitidataa for Mtate off! cea, will take place o H*' ramen''> oo tha J? tb of ihla north An active ranvaaa >a now going on among tha differ* nt aapiranta to hare thetnaelree nominated at Ibla roaventlrn. It la Impoealbla for ua to predict, at ttia time, who will belt* tnrreaafnl partiea The proapact* of <>ov Rlgler a nomination looka well, bat there la do tailing what a day may bt ng forth. ' H the time and pl.ira of hcldieg a Stale eoliteulion by the Kbow No >bli/?, we know nothing Aa tbetr <>rK*owaUoo >a a aerret one no one can t*U atytblo* aboat their move mmta hot tha Initiated. From <>ataide roaveraation we ?ain that they are eipeete.l to bold tbetr'Hute cooven tin xrroe t!nx> Ml month Ttua pai>y baa alao a large tutu ber of aepiran'a in the field for tbe higher oftleea of tha St a'e. We ean (or in no coneaotlon aa to wto will be tbe ncmlnaca of tbl* party. The ?ettWa and tba temperance hmd have, evldantly, the balan^a of nnwar In their bnnda. Whichever Intareat they may tbriw tbair itrergth upon will eartaml.. anreee-l I nd-r tbia alataof tluaga politician* wtll lial It aacxaaary to aall cioee to the wind, if thajjaipect to raach tbe beigl.t uf their an-.kttion Tbe Kn w hlnga carried their whole ticket at the r*ccnt m . id pal election in I'lacarvlUn. MlarrlJa?ro?a. Avout ;* Y ?U' or m Mivnt.? Oii.vAi.r <>r Tha average yield of tbe gold mlnea of Ihia ute Curing tbe pra>ent eeaaon la fairly eatimatatd at ality mihiona of dollar* per year, and every indication aal.afle- the belief that tb* yield lor tbe year ]*M will f?Uy e.|Ua! tfeat of any prevloua year ainoa tha cieoo very .f the minea. Tba t nlted Statea liraucb Mint in Haa ? ran cleto la coining at tl e rat* of SlOO COb per >lay, *M if lha fee! itlea for eolniig were twlea aa great there le euffielent gold doat on baad to keep the mint in foil ope rat on f*r aeraral month* to com*. I'uring tha wee* ending faturdat. Vat -1. lb* eoinaga of double aegtaa amounted to #6IS,o6o~. being at the rat* of t?o mil I. to a four bandied and ality th>aaaad dnllara par month of twenty ai* working daya It I* eetir/nt'l tfcat tba coinage of tbia* moalha of tbe praa>nt year wtll ei(Dal, If It doe* not eio*>d tbe ?otir? aiaoant of rolnag* dullng be prer l ag year. Ibe oaat la atili craklng In in ^oanlit ee of from one hneCred oaataa to half a ton and the demand lor ro?n incrm?ee tally Aa effort la bell g mad* to Icreoee the *oto are to t. > <*> '?"> per woa'h and it I* eatlmatad tbat thioaaf ?at may be eet i' own a* the regular average afW Mae eapmuon of ? ba pr*eent month Hiaae the re **??*?>( u< the Miat, tk* cc neg* ot fl'iy dellar plena* by a private aetablub ?oent tn tbia etty ba* very mneh >kaereaaed Tat* r?ia la of fall w* gbt and nearly eouai fiawn?>* with 'he I'nt'.ad Mlata* ro n bot la In lea* ? fit /meatir elrrula lira, on Mrvnat of IU bait ? Aon fvmw.e ?. lit iUI Maw* mum rut Piai*?? Tha ia'**? *eea (roro flan ford'? train report* them nt tba HUVrr linage They 'on nd plenty of f raaa and water, Una fat wto-h an tna ? wo moat aaaaotia 1 T*'i ela.tae fot a *?ace*e nl trip Mr. Saatord loat t ??a*y pair of harnee* by lha ladiaae. la tha vkiaity ot tb* BitVer bprlag- tba h*ra*a* waa found on a mon*taia near by (nmplalaly cat to ptecea and ('aatreyed, and tha tan txo**a a pea aad aw verai caddie* ukan away. Mr rtnnford * brwtha*. who re tar nod ta town laat w*eb, la' nned s* tbat a now roat waa sad* over tba Hu Herwar'ine aaoaaUina wbteb ?nab lad tfeea, by patting an hirti two mate* tna Vaam to go ever withwnt ank adlag The ani* miahap wfeach haa oaearred la delay tha tmia. waa tha btnaaing af ana aala ? !a? A%f*m 16 Marriage* and Pant Ma. ?inn la CUatM. A lev* ad a ?a?a?y. thaRav Mr. MIL Waa M Itaawart, ?*] , to Mm* Aaaie K Aaagbta* ef Mwv U. V I em At Iton era, May T , I* WB.* '?warry, af hav * flat favaeerly af Taaaafg*. Ml* ta Mm* M t?iy Carttoa eg Mantua, Otoe I; tha prr. pr. kiui, If ttblM >*?? W M KJ /abalb, fid??t daughter of J. OotdamKh, E*q., all o f Xau >ranci*oo. Ik fcan hruciieo, <o Job* )0, U p. Utllukf, 1 Mr Joba 0. Dolierty- to Ml** Huj llkaa Uni;, both of Hu Kiaaeuoa. la A*t?ta (> T.,) ! y IUt Ur. YibUi Mr. ("barWt J. Iirtabam, oi baa Fr?u ?co, to Mu> IWttj, iUmI daug u ter ct t;?n JcLn Adair PUD, In F?n FraDrinco of cbuicrt infantum, Curloa, Ma of Paituri li Wilroo, ?(r?0 1 ytar. 'I m ntb* aa<l 10 day*. At Mlarlon lK?)ora?, Jowph tl Waat, la tba jt%s of bi* af?, to i?ai>r ol Nn Yoik city. At tba hanofco da L?? Aroataa, county of MonUr?y. Mat iOib, Maria Aatomo ('aalro, wiloot K. A. MacD-m Oa boaxil of tbe bark A (irae'a, Alaxaadar S Chai ning aa*iiias, i f Abart m>b, Soo land. At wii June 'Jl, on boarn me?m>.Up Cortax, of taflvn BPatiua o< t a towdla, baorja U. Unna, M. 0. , SutK^n of at?aa?bip Cort?a, foim?rl) of S?? York city. At Ircocb Coral. Yuoa co<.uty, Ma; MOtlt Mr Gilo* W itald?la, a B?oi*t mv.aatle ?it>ien of that plaoa, a ad R 1' of tbe lhiiitlun ol tba -i of T in Ska I ra? circo, J ana Utb, of cooiumptinu. aftara livptrit g ilium Mr* tl mXx .h <vtry, Wita of Jama* Bjitad, U'atl ?*?'? Ycrt.a native of county Kiiuia, Ittllld, <a tha 3'id }?a? of bar a|*. At Hronnlt*, in Contra < oau county, Mr Maleol ? Whjta *)i?0 ;,1 )??? o* I'aUlay, Hootlaaf. \u Han IrtkrliM, Mra. lAutaa II.. wlf? of Mr. Geo. C. CoJMira.lata of Ntw York city, ami daughter of hr*?tu? b) aiiow In 1-an Fraaciano, Juna 12'b of inflaaamatlon of tba btam 1 n.ira <>ro?, tut- youngrkt daugbUirof Trautaua and cmttle (iiob, afcttl 4 mouth* and ?"> day i. MarttU. t-i \ fkAKCtdOO, Juna 16, la*f>. Flock ? 150 bbU. Or?gob aol>iatf7, lbo do G?u?go, n " AOlalde,'' at VIU. 1,'JUO <jr aki Amortraa nulla, at to l'.,s 1*1 '.'00 lb., jobbtn* a?l#? of +0 bbU. Malaga, attlv C>o, !ii,0 qta A>h ?>'* Mil ruing, at (U kO, too oo at to 7b; :u.U do ooai?*ti<' at 90 l!> a to bu. Y> hilat ? 77a atH good to choice, aola m tbrM lot*, at VS,c a ljf? IUui<\ ? No ?al?i hate com* to our kaowltdf*. li< ntk ? t(l Clrkina new auli at < Dk* (>04'Um ?to balM -U mob brova drill*, and AO do. 4-4 bioaa ab??Uig? ?oid at (>^c , .'today* 1'ia IhtiT - 100 oai<?a ataor rd *<iid at 91 10. b*ir ? 4) tX (? 10 lb b?K* UI>m>, M id at !M?. Hao-i.? Ml balet ?untn'?, *oid at 14e. Cftrtw.? 80 b?g> Hto Mini at 14c. Cojl.? 4?' toa< l<acka?aaa, Iron r>blp. at $tt. Hi <uk ? ;i0o,(K*> lb* Cbioa No. 1, aolil fantarday at ?bent be. : 60 bbla. Moar* ? rrnubxl, to day, at 12c. foir.-Jio bcir* II ill 'a No. I, *old at *e. Coki iun ?lb iitio lb* Manila, Atnancaa aaaka, 1)? a 4 1 , in' b. ?o)<1 at 14>to I.iqi o|Uk- t> pi|?h pora tpirlt*. V> per caat pr?f aold funi br?t baiM.*, a1 ; 71) bed*. Aaavnoaa Wbiaaay, at i.'tr ?(? bmr Uai purrbaMD of Amrrvran brandy, hrra an'1 to arm*, ware ruada y e? ter Jay and ta day^ at 07 Mt. a 76c. il Air I jyioiis li(0 dor?n Kogllub aja anJ porUr nold at $? to. Kelt* Piom Oi ? )|on~Pi o balile EImUm of btiirrml uue. We nondrnM th* lollowitg account of t be election, from *j. ? j'ra of lb* Portland I.e*t Monoaj w?* a gioriou* day tor tba 4*moer?ry of Ortpcn N?T?r la* there be?o an election no Hnt|l; cod W tad In tfce territory lb* democrat* har* rained to a men, almost, ano rn-nt d awny into the rant* of tbe ooantion of Know Noll log wb'j/?ery. Tba? here Wra mat face 10 lac* and duleatad by at leaattwo thouaanl rote*. Tfce ilfinocrafjr ha?? roanon to f?el proud of tbeir trlunpb on principle and men. It It glnr> enougb fcr a aliolc j??r ll?*?n col ut lee bad been heard from, wbich gavn (lateral 1 bne, ti e democratic candidate far delegate to Coogr***, l.t {<?! major.t;. Haibiagtoa count/ went Know Nothing by twenty t'i l?e majority. Columbia cfiinty In unr?-rleln. Jaci Ml, toon, I nip'iua, liouglaa, TlUimook, and I.*ae (?xnept l<oeg lorn Precinct ) rem* id to be beerl from Allowirg tbiae coiibtia* the *ame ratio, I/ane will be rlc-Uo by not l*>? tban 0 majirlty Tb* u.o*t KupciUnt'iuiwt or, >H>*tbe (Jrtff"nCin, *ub tnitud 10 lb* p opie al lite emotion, waa tbat of ttia ULT'iiiiin to loin a ; late go**twneat. Tie raiuraa u(ti Una are mm) impt rlioi but wa thlab euougb have bun received U> tunicate tbat >V ban been 4ecr<-ed tuat (Argon klutQ ecaae U> be a Territory. I 'nana of official kitt*.v or this kiuuth wabd cwki b IUMIAMi Tbe Kigbth ward Ceo*u* Maihal* are now rap! tly tilling tip tbeir arbedulea, and will have com pit U t tbair lahort by tbe end of Loit week. An the pipulation U tb tare tbe Art t taken, we are enabled to furul<ti ??ur reader* wiib tbe official return* la *a**n oat of tbe elgbt dUtrlcU tbe ?*r<l U dl ruled into, and aa ealimata in the other one tbat cannot rary more tbao ten or bftaon fiom tbe tioai return It wilt be we? that th*re lit alight increase in population In tkll ward, a fact due to tbe tenant botiw* lately created, tbe object of wblcb edilicea appears to be to get tbe largeet peiiib'e pt puUl.cn on the imallent gtrea araa of ground. fl? ?Idee, tliia ward bae eo far been exempt front the loHu eseee tbat barn leaded to convert tbe lower ward* I a to a wtMorneee of atoree, warehouse*, manufadtoiiae and cfflcee, wblcb hare nupplaated the dwelling* and drove famllie* op town or *cnit? lite river*. Apart from a tew *U r*? on llioadway and la Undaon *trw?t a ad warehouse along Went ?ti?et, tbarw ate a* maaf Jwai ling* now in tbe IJgblli ward aa In former /ear* Tbe following are tbe leturb* from toe aararal district* ? n?>imi waui. Iitatrict 1? rwpulatioa 8,1V. Nnmliet of owalbaga,.. '.'71 " famU .?* 4*0 2 ? I'oputat on C. fiUO Sumb*tof (Walling* t At " taoilU** .f. ... . I,i f>i S? Population 6, MO Nu^jUi of <lw?dllog? 474 " fao.il.*> 1,41.0 4 ? I'optilation Nuwiber of dwelling* W* '? fam ll*a 701 Populatioa 6,V>* >umt?i of dwell*** 4o| famUlee l,l?^ i?? Population 3,444 Number of dwelling* .kj " fam lit* 07-i 7? 1'opulatlon 4,^0 Numoer of .IweJI eg*.,. OH " tamlii** fWi %? I'opulatloo. i ( X, liO Numl?er of dwrllmga entiaxated , . . j 2~2 " familiee. f ( Mo a*. ? rm' lati'h. Total population ....tt "W Total Lbj) liei of .IweiUnga . . . ? 2. TOW Total oi>tub*r of familie* 1 '*"'i Tbe f'iUowli>K table *how* i^Tdetiau* of tbe Rlgbth ward of the preeent jrear oompmwl witb tbat of former /?are ? 1? JO 14.0* 4 lX3i H 170 1M0 W.I7* 1M6 m, 900 1S60 ?4 Mi 1>U& Tbe populate.* of tbl* year, therefore, ?.ll ?teeod thai of 1U0 4;tt. Tb?r? la an ararag* of S?* ^reooe in a fanuly, and two ab l a half famliie* la a bouae. ir>gar 1* dwelling*, tb're w?r? la l^' J.743 l<> 6 2,70V ?><h'.wlog a decreno of S4 Tbe fact ibat th- lutnei< la Uu* ward ar? *mal. ,th?* raablee u* tn ley tbe above ioW"*tiag ataUeUe* beforw our reader- Ibue early. (or<H>eta, 1 1. > | urate. KiMl I iij^Cii tioi T*? Itouwrxia. l?n)n er WUbelaa l.el>! aa la ,o?*t ye*t*r<Uy, al the New Torb II ?p"al upfau tbe bw.' j of a womaa named RiJen If urUy, wke >-au>* to her death b? err i4?a< ally fa bag eat of lh> wt?. ew at (be bo\<>e of bar arnpb jer lo Ifagee atrwel, wbiie at) t? w.aie e.olb** ??* ta<l waabed <m tbe .inea that w?r? ?ue}??u?d fitm the Ibird 'tory of Ike kuikileg II *pp? *r*d ibat atx>at thiaeorlwcb no naiurde; after auea tbe oereae^, wbli* ieaaiag out of tb* w.a^ow ea 'KaiMtai lo kabg Out lb* rjoitaa* aha hat awliat vx daatally loal b?r ta.iw a?t waa pr> rlpi lo (be jirt r?a?*'b TV Oeeeaeed . tt eeawiad ae4 bera Hint b) bet amtrwea of Um laager of bar ?lUH.'*, but the tmk but little bee<l of ibe wlnee, aa *ba rae' ad tbat ib? fvtald takarareof tieraei: wlibeat ed? 'a rr*n any iuart*r "a baiag pwbed ir n (be fa ?"u*wt at* *aa fe>,?.! to ha la-?aaible r*h? wae iw?l'Ote y 'ak?? lo 'be Sew Torb lloaptul wf ?r? e/vr ; egertag a great agoay aba etpi *4. i.rwt * tbe >??/. Iieatb by eoacuaeioa of 'be braia. ' Niui'kiit A.. 'ir?t ? <>r ear '* l?o?wa4l b*U aa I* '^a* at ye'terday upon tbe t?Jy f t'ba'toa Inlaw, v> tk* tr? of trriM k I?af*?* ? d*aJ*r*. al No ill *e*t 7bir t a la lb atraet. wno ?a* a^^^e-a Uy killed oa Pa'Mday itiMU uadar ibe Mlwwiwg r>r*a?*ta?o*e ? Iba d??ea?* It *p?e?r?4, dn*i*g a r*wtl>a bona aU.a* lla^wa ?t?^ ba4 toe mief vrtaaa to be preeibttaU'l b * eaak to tbe grwwad wttb ntatb two, tbe wl^ei* of Ibe rabl-to aaea.ar oear bia btr'y taflirtiar *?'<? ****** ia;aiiae thai daatr. ewo*! ?a a f* w axwv'ee aftvrwaMa TV* vary to tbl* r*m >*a<i*r*d a ?ar?i^t of bcea'aatol '?alb iaa"??Sa/.'e w.tb tbe a to re '?'*? Tbe daaaaeai wa* Wag a reoi^eat a ? lb ia ? t? ead waa baik raepiitod oeaiag lea ?aa ler* aad lb* pabMe g***Mly To* Bar rot mwmm Howkti* ? law' ?* r<mrom - Tke la^a^t In the eaee at Jeba HUaaa. wba 4tad at tw Pew t irk Uaealtol, en Friday, front Ike etertd of mjm rae i*oei*?4 at tb? k*Wi of iwe fiaiaa etgnpaym, at No t4H ?**?** etrewi. on tbe nkgbt ef inly M, wm peatointo ywteMay fee nonet ten ton (MM iUton itfeaM, bewtr**, t? mmmw Mm mm t?4ar, a'. U ?'<AmL TcrrtbJr AttUti l of lUUa Ultiid. A tacHt t t'hrr a*i> 1 u&m i imnw MtOWNW 4 ?tharhol; BMidaaC oreumxj off U1ao4 pi tarda/ BOOB, tj wb ch tbr#a joim* nra lo?l ttiair llaao. It ippNii tba> o ip? yaebt, t>aa?ad tba Oraea, M imm ali or aigkt lea* bor?lpo, atartad j tetania/ a*. 4 A. H. , tiom tba foot of lUmsool atraat, vltb b parljr af Hav board, bottBll 1 B B plBBHBr* Iff <1ov?B lb * ba/. /acht vaa ? aav oaa, b?4 aba ni takaa ? ut to taat Lrf >BiUcg qualitiaa, but ia Uir burr/ af eUrtlat proper p>*ckut'<.B> ?tir? cot tum, vblcb milM mat 0 'Mrtruua./ lor Ihoea oB )<>a/d. W lien Ua twiiI arflvtd la tba aaif bbarbead of f<rt lfaa<llt< n a aurideo cbaoga Ia tb# viad thr? ? bar ?b o*a a.oa, vblrb rau?a<1 ilia b*Ua<t to ahlfa IB au*b ? Keener tftat ih? vator ruabari la at (bo a tarn vladov^ vbieb bad ha*a Inrautiiua / left opaa, aad tba ?-ae# Ailed bbo tank tianMUtalj balura <ti oecupaaUi o )(U4 proti. a tor tbeir aalat/ Ho autldea ??? tba amtiaf of the vaaeal ibal tba juubk men ua ij> ar 1 vara ua?bta to otuaout b email boat aitaobad to tba jraroi, and Up; tmnd Ibauitalitt atruggliac la U?e *|UV, tafcra tbe/ ki .tm ? Lai tba/ vara about. Ibaaawat tbi* t'n.r van .juita rcuKb. aa tba via I va? blowiag btartl;, Bii-t It vaa *;tu great dtlH :ultjr Uej .?<aU k??'P tbalr h-ada abort water Tba art -laiit aai ana frtm tba Htat?*a Maad atora, ana boaU ?art ao >n pat cut to aata tba atrugjtUag m< u . but M'ora tat/ arrirad tbiea ol tbcia aank, aad va*a a wept oat b/ tba aadt* current to tba aaB? at laaat tbat la tba auppaaitioa, an Uatir bcilea tars not jot baaa raoo??ra<l. Tb* etbar two a an fortunate enough to aa?ura place* of p'aak bf vb:cb tbt/ kept tbalr baaula a bore a a tar ua.li aaalal aa.c aaa raa 'rrad, and ti.au tb* boata arrived ihay vara <|u la eibaiuiWd a ua road; to tiuk. Taaj aaa a tabra oa abora, aaa on appluat.oo ol propar raatarat aaa iaoonn4. and aeia brou^bt to tba elij naaol iboaa aaaad vaa Mr .lamea Mi-Mano, tba ovaar aai taMar ol tba bsat. 1 b? 1olloalo< ?ro tba aaaaia, aa naar aa va could learn o( tboaa dioastd aad >ira4 ? Jol>n M I'ararr, ptuwoar, drwaad. <>ioiga hrmt-j, piuui /ar, orwaaed. mi <b pnalir, druauod. Ja?te MrMana. o*a*r aad baiidar, aavri. Iai| u??a, aarad. Utatra I'atbar aad (.raljr. iM?tloaa4 aka?a, a aaa maBibaraof Kngtan loaapaoj So 'Li. ol i.taoitj. IWa^ vaia pluaalMra b/ tratla, aad, va uaiiarataad, ha4 ra oaaUf atartaU buaiaaeaaad varadi lac vail. Ika Mia* cliolj afair can -aO (fremt aieitaaaoal oa -lilaa la aad. aa It vaa deoated too bad ibat aaluaula lira* ahouM ba M la broad da/llfbt, ia a cbaaaai eoaataoU/ pa<aad aad >c|<ae**d I) ataasaU>ata, aad aaaadj Itlad vtth ulag aa< rov btata. A haadaoBM rvvard vlU ba altMa4 %a day lor tba rr?o*>ry vl tba miaaiac Lodlaa Tba a Una facts vara gtaca at hj tvo ?? atlaiaaa A* nam* to tur olboa lata la?t avatiing. city Intrlllgrarr. the oium> i>im'L4T ur > ui htii or jvur WOtaKB TUNIUHT. ,-bnjld tfcl* ar*a nj b* Dm, tb* firawjeka lor tk* Foarib of Jul/ will IknIhHIi tlu I'art ?(D? |U?re, Waalitartoa Parada ttrouad >ol lucb i plaaa* aa in <r*lf nat*<1 la our adrartiatag mIibm. llii?i l?|/ !?/ proal?c? to b* by tar tt?* Boot ataibaUaaaf Bioaoat* *?ar wltnaa**1! la tbia elly, aa< II *U1 ba waft aorlk Ike troobloof att**4iB| tbaia Haoult iu waa thar k?alo pror* oBfarorabi*, lb* rsblbaUaa (ill ka l<j*tp< b*<l to th? Mrat fa>r Bight. No do?tt IM cwwtk it U>t I'aak to uight wiU ba mmiiH Km tirant o? nm N >no*ii. Ut:**i> ? Thiaa monimg tb* 7th l.**:o?nt, (Na'ioaal t.uard,) OaiaaaB Irotjea, a'art on iha:r l< ?>? laU?l of auotilMU K impa wn, wb*ra ll ? j wi>l rranam for a war*. iMf ?r* to form on tlrnoa* ?ln?t, at * o'riock th.a aaratag, la b?ary marching oriiar At I* o'clock U>*y atari fraaa tba loot ol *'?w?t, In tbo ?to?m*T ?aal* (tea*. 1 hit Baa lagiaieat a > part U> turn vat 4UU aaaa*, who *?U pio.rpo with l,?ut oit lo .be it.' am.iufat Nail a Haa4 i>h>vw?^H7 tli'Di an i ou Krutajr o*at a (nat aa lul'taoo win tail* place at Ku<ga on, to aa otto*o<i by a Mil ib tla a v* itiby , to wbicB alt tha tooag lactaa la Ika Tteibity bate b*< b >Btl ad lb* plat* ? b*f ? lk*y ?a etap la to tw raiiao < > mp \t ntL ib toaor of tiaa faaUjr ?f Utaaltl Wt rtb, ato lira la tbe amrxiiata aa*>ghber hoard. W* aiai* ttafiuarde a |Oard tia* Kih* in Maitr* L*aa ? lout a'gbt, abont 13 a'rlerk. a flr* broke oat la IU ?Vm No llh Mb <1** ha*, hh - ptad ly J ('? flay ai a whoieaaia (hip >*4 raMa ilaia. Tk* Br* ?*? dl??tn?J by anr of tha Viral wart pollae, ? bo eali*0 tb* laoaaaillatar alirnika of lb* laaa/?*'fl pa tiol who, UiB(a*ar tba iaaeaJIk, of Ik* Bra, itf aaaa got* attorn ot water in play, an 1 ka<t B*arit )iM gutabiu it br'aiB tb* arrival iA lb* flr#n,?a. Ika Br? ?aa IM Amiitotbaatori wb?l? It vrgta?l*d T*? hum Um 6r? rt/oM tot bo u?mlt*4 ai>; fi>rU*r Uw it>Bl It a.?v.?atly ri u. a.- !,<*?' in ib< ?*af portloo A lair* wa'ak cvg wa*'ft>ur<] buia*<i ttc?aUi b??>lo<: tk* ruaovr, taat Uj b"TB" Ilia LoallBf awl plloona art?* ?o* a4d ?a* < ?? of *b* (tiBnpal lauta of n??f? n< Ik* In. Tb* !< ?? n.<j b* ?>tlmi.t*d at aboqt I M> *awt lo ka ? n tr< by lB?uraaeo but aa oo >.u? b*lr>efto( I* taa |>iib.Im? couiit b* foaac tb* < <<mpaaj or eoeiraauM tm ? ut b( rotil<! bo' ba a*r*rtaiaod. Biai'ii ? >MiMitw? fiiUK A* tko Hr*ww were fciitiylrf to tb* a bora Bra, a aa*aib*r of tra?a Na. I, oa ib*(1 I'obrrt K?rnr*n. '*11 wtlla k?Ioj (tra Malloaa lan*. an'1 wa? lB.ur?< t-a^ly oo tt? b?vt tB't <>o4t H ? a> iria?? ^IrlM l.lai apiB'i c?a?*;?4 ha to Ika lea Voik li??i..Ul Iwu atiMaaraip w??iwta war* fo?a? aw bia k?a?l. but iba/ ara aai<i Bot W? ba of a ilaajaiaaa ckatactet. V/M"? IV) i Kb a iVm Ivor At ak<<at two a'eiwA jaati r<!a y ?)"rn!ri< Bra w*? it </r*r?4 laauiac fraa Ika Iatwai4 iakib of tb* (anal boat liar flab, I j 1 * <r la tko uarlal ba*ik at tb* foot "f r>priu$ *ir?ot Th* Aaaa^a <tb* will N ?U?ijt $'J' Wa **?* uoaMo tt laarw ?t?a?r tbrr* wa> an; luaataar* oo tb* b- at. liow Uw Ira orl('n*i>d w aa hoi a*c*rtait>a<), an| y+*4 Ui kara brio Ml ub hi*. Haliw lalnllftar*. r it ABO id with raaaiau ow HTBanrir ??* rr. A i utnbar cf ronatorf*lt t?ua <m lb* M'>etp*lk?r I of MoBlp*U*r, \ irraoul, kata lor ton* waafca | aat hoa* r.rculB'iBK fraal/ la tbu rlty Tb* fact b*>o*Btof kaa*a to tb* aatkuiitt**, iff err Dllrtao. of tfca Tbir-t (nnn?a I'oliea Court. bb4 oA<-*r;Wallo?*, of tka r<*air?4 farpa w *r* i>ta.U for tb* parv" f*rr*t inr out tko gawc vfca !?* ! Ii>(*olou*l/ pwt tba " atulT ' in alrealaUM. AfUr atu<* UiBtalt/ a >la* waa obla<o*4 tw tk* okarw about* of tb* party. A naa aaro*4 ll*a// <ttyiw?*r waa ailiitM OB aa>p** on of b*l*f e?l?*wl * Ik Ika Cai * lb* pi* i> ?*?? of 11^ a" wko ?**| ? an *7* ?f -al?OB It No W < f akf *W??t. wara *tilei ? ??"* m), bat Botkiar waa tktataral tto*rw that aaut: * awy way loipticat* tko |<naoB*r. Tk* otk<wra ?(?!* k? o**ar, tkal b*? bai* trcwd owa of tb* r*a*t*rf*'i* la tk* ptr*M>a<i>a ol lb a >c u?*-!, * l?. ai to*/ aappa?< ka* ?a4 aa wimyl r* a<ii*g with biaa Ik tba baa **?? 1 'a* af tk* nr/Bb>*rfaiU wa* p*a*^l upoa ow* Ur HH.raew, piopri* or of a |? at !**<?? a faialiblat tlno a IW ial way, B*ar lloo?l?n *tf?*?. wtil* aovlbor waa of?-r*4 m rirbawr* 'or *oni* IriB.af art|. M ala ?tnr* u?4*w Ik* Mrtn joiitaa liot. I kfaa ar ?*a a.*wtul U prmm by iiitxa WocmI All lk<Hi aku b*?* kaa aay *f Ikaaa <i.uat*r'*it* ^aitad upoo U?*ai ??? i*, .mfl la laaia ibatr aaio'a at Ik* l?m Mart*' feli?Unii j?rwy illy l*i*ilHi?ara. fatal Eaiuaoki' A 'toan "a likaj aigbt, Mr Jala (?B/ay of Jttmj I ity, a aaaa abwwt forty Baa yaw/ a a* a|* m*t witk aa a?in*i al tba Hapot of tba Now Tar* toil Irf* Kalli'?4,B**r wfcfJi ba raol4a4, la ( oaaa-j a aaa aa of wbi/k ba ?:<*) j??t?i4ay annate*. It app^a ibaA tt* aapio/a** ft* arrakffiaf tka aara at It a c*a aaa Tu la/ a?l< ty at* aaa* of a r*fO aboit Bf'**? faat ha Ur(tL alt*".. ?: lo ? ll IIWbMaw Ur CB^ray null ib* ''*" ;*?? k*b ?t tia laewwotiaa, awl r>?( MB( tka ifp caariowkt of tka lanam ba fall orar tt aaf ? b* ai ? > **>a poaa*'1 *?*r kla frkt ara rraak ag Ik a abwwt ifar la/ha* akrta tp* baa I k* akwot roar aria* lalar tk* abwaKar II* W%| ?lk*rwt*a aaBI ?;ata4. "? '??tar ?lay law. t'arl-k oprrkBk) <apa? Aa aa'art'i aaf aaaa, fea kalaf ?o aortoualy la^arwd that kW aatlp baa?* for rowo tr*ry waa by aaati >4 aapauuaak Br. Vartek waa a*al?t*4 kf lira. 'At alt tad I Kara* Ha rw B""4 ika ara al tVa ai.o < '*r ;ua<, a*4 t*a eeWra ?liar l<?ao. Iraaa la.* *koal4*r MwAa l* Ik* traaal Waa. i ka 'Wl ar l<*oa bad ka*a br Aao La a*r?ra a piaaa a , ky ? ba *ar w! **l Tba oparaUaa aaa **rf aklMaUy par foraad? tk* pau*at botaa aa^ar tko laflaaaaa a# aktaaa kta al Ika Uaw*, bat wtukowt avail l'a?M fwlar aa f kwani, at * o ?4-?k Jaat'aa Uarlaar kaUa ta ?iaaat apwa tb* b? dy, aaa-l Ika jar r raw4*rwi a nrlia> ttal tk* te-aaad waa klUa4 by hala| raa am kf tka aara of tk* I ork a?4 Krla K*l.rva4 t aaapaay. ad aaaaana* Ik* aoapaay for awt ) fbtaaag Ik* *trwat ak tkal paui katlar, aa4 la awt barla^ a raiikaaa lkw lo vara poraaaa af ika liayr. Maria* Cawlifitaaal Turn f r*a*at? 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