14 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE WATERING PLACE?* MhM from Cape Iter, Hum ?prtnj*. Icwpottf Ac , die. CAPE MAT. Mount Vrbhon- Houhi, > Cam Ma v, July 10, 1855. f TV' Seaion at ih< Oaps?I'yMrturr of the Prairi *nt ?T\s Mcmmt Vrrmm * ?..<? ? /'oiilict?Ntvi Arrangemmtt, dr., dr. Tbe ?ea?f.r is rapidly approaching its height, vi siter* h? arming duly from all parts of N Union, ? t o r goodly namber of (hem stop at this beaitiful hotcL The President left a for day* since, bat he return* shortly, I understand. H? was dallgbted with Ifea Island; and it truly Is one of the most agreeable waterirg places In the oountry. You may de ss yoo choose here; that it, you may bs super-fashionable, or you nuy b) plain and matter of-fact. Fools and wise men are every when la tha woild, and Cape Moy has ever its complement of both. The ladies who are arriving here with their pi Dai are some of them exceedingly beautifal. Of the whole number at tbe Mount Vernon, thars is scarcely one who is not at least good looking. Tie dressing is, as yet, not of the extreme order; bat t will rise to the broad tat range, I doubt not, in a ' aw days. I hear of large parties who are com' ng hen from Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, and other Southern cities. Mr. John M. Clayton is stopping at this houie, and receives much attention. He ia certainly one of thelionr. He gathers about him duly a grou t of listeners, and I notice that they embrace gaa tlemea of all parties. Talking of parties, the late American Convent! in at Beading excites a good deal of remark here. 'The action of the majority, embracing princi >a.ty tbe delegates of one county, ( Alleghany,) is con denned. Tbe movement, they stated, is subversive of the authority of the Order, at vested in the Na tional Council, and will be so pronounced by tfeat body, doubtless, at its next meeting. Tnis orna ment is understood to have been prompted by ex. Governor Johnson, who has a Senatorial ax* to grind. The various Council* of Philadelphia aav?. almost wituout exception endorsed the national platform repudiated by the mtjonty at Reaiiog. In the Seventh ward, en Motd*y evening, its ap proval was re-affirmed? If rumor bs correot ? by an unanimous vote. This must have been highly gratt tying to the delegate from tbat Council? Mr. Cb irca ? wno took a decided stand against the Allegheny faction, though of tbe cooierrative s hool in politics. What will come out of this split in the American party of Pennsylvania remains to be wen. lhe chances are that all will be <reU for the Presidential election, though tbe result of tie ocming fall oampalgn may indicate a considerable dtmocratlc majority. To retain to Cape May. Beck's band are at thl* boose, and tbev discourse most delightful music. The "hop" and ball season has ooaimenced, and almost nightly there ia a festival at one of the houses. Tbe bathing ia charming. Woolmer has made most admirable arrangements, too, to ac ?m nodate his boarders In the enjoyment thereof. You a e taken to the beech by railroad, and after you have had your dip in the surf are brought back by the same oonvejance, io that ther* is no ploughing through tbe sand in a hot son. Th? Mount Varaon is supplied with pure S'tt #a*er from an artesiaa well; in tact, all the arrangemeUa within and #itta rut this mammoth hotel oapat?le of entertaining 1,200 gutota -ate of the best kind. Btobmt Pctrkl. NEWPORT. Newport, R. I., Jn'y 11, 1855. Jwlfjtudtrict Day ? Uptetting the Platform ? Taking the If Aire Vet I ? The Hcaion and iu J'rotpectt? Arrival* at the^UoleU, dx. Though the Fourth of July item* may eeem bat stale news ton New York journalist, when, as in this case, they are reserved until July the 11th, we mist weave them into an introductory paragraph to our epistle. We had a processioo, of course, with all the pomp, and pride and cir umstanoe, Ac., repre seated in this instance by the ancient aad bo ara ble Newport artillery, whess aiutiry manoeuvres re semble not a little a certain hat that we wot of, in eotnnch aa they are "fearfully and woaderfaiiy made;" and with the military mar hed the flremea, with all the "gingerbread work" of flags aad ban Beta, little and big; and than, like * ao libra tail to this gaady kite, came divers black- oated celebrities in the guiee of a fat poet, a brace ** lean orators, with a this man to read the De laraama, aad a stoat chaplain to make the prayer, vhi attended, by taa way, with a general understanding tnat ha (the atont chaplain aforeeail) should make a speecn aa lie thought fit; than came bis Honor the Mayor, beading what our poet par ezctllenct styles Tkt AidermcB by courts* y called Botrd, And Councilman termed Commas by sooord. Last aad least, bat mist interesting of all, followed 800 children, of both sexes, the pupils of tlie Newport common schools, with huge bouquets and "shining morning faces," en route for the " exercises" and the collation which awaited them at the Oosan j House, and where, at 1 P. M., the 800 filled toem aslves with ice cieam, cherries, and each like "pie-son" things, until the fat poet, ia view of th? enormous consumption of indigestible viands, likened the Committee of Arrangements to Herod of old, "for," said he, " this tyrant killed the lano cents with the sword, and these men seek their llvee wi'h a choLic." And thus the day en* cele brated ; a< d at noon, the pr>c?*ioo, vhich, like tne French amy, had m?r^u?d up and d iwa again, shipped themselves, with everybody in gene re], in au M>r?? of eoovejances, from acrowdei aloop at 25 ce'its per head to an esclan ve sail b ?e' at a sraiJ hMM per h.>ur. for Fori Alt u*. eh we gratxy wpt* commstdsd a dne vies J the regit*.*, of which aad its reeulca you have already boon in formed. The Know Nothing councils in the city of New Kfcave adopted resolutions rej cting the p at i set fottto by tne recent htate C >uocll In Proei cecce. Tbey are determined to st*aa by tae arm ciplrs as adopted by the majority oi tne National Convettijn at Philadelphia. Ao ui.toaiam aad Maine lawism may, therefore, be regarded a a having been thrust neck and heels nut of toe native Ame rican party in tnia section of tie St it*. Yestercay , the 10th, rn mtrked hare by a cere toon* which took pl*ce %\ thi new it >m*a Cat olic church la Hpnog street. It is called taking tie "white rtU. That I* to say, two young uli*i from the city of Providence, g-owa wea-y o' t? " p >mps atd vanities of tnis wicket w >rtd." hive Concluoed to eschew the same by entering the ordir ct the Bisters of Mercy, who, by (he say, have aa tsteb.Uhme; t just opposite the GVholi ? chur:h, la ?Which the ceremony was perf<>rm-d. Your 'eade.s I 111 probably remember that a voung wo ma a, an mencaa, desired to tske the veil in Provide < e, soma moiths since, but as her f lends objected strongly to her doing ?j, and thi pabilo mm 1 was considerably excited b? a rn oor that ale wet de tained sgait st her will, it wai doomed anvissne that she should take the initiaio y v ?ws at thin plae*. The serv*ee were advertised t j ommsactatS P. M- , but as this is the flrrt aff tlr of the sort which the Roode Islands rs have wltnwiei, our go>d people lock time by the %re<xk, aid in t if anxiaty to get a plaoe to seethe show, nad partly filled the church at 4 o'clock; at half put four, the pews were crowded, am by five th?ai*ls*, aad, la cited evtrv foot of standing room was occupied by a crowd of exci'tment seekers These were for the most part Protestant*, as tieir very scanty rwpec; for the serrrea proved. After various atom ?ui ou the part of the stxtoos to iodaoe tie pe >ple t-? stand cfT the seata, Fa'.hsr J?m?? Filtou, the rector stMreaeed t <e people, calling their attaatioa to the eanctitv of the ptaoe, and becglng them to ba ?eaV ?d; but th* Rvemad geitlemao mirbt as well have ta ked to tne winda, I r toe aa4i*ace declined to <(IM town a peg, at d were only prevailed upoi to be seated wb?n ma BMno of Richmond. Va.. <Mctitli.) t sk his p'ace in the reading desk a?d prepared to deliver a dler/iuna. Toe bishop's re marks were evidently written out, with a view to the very large number of ontai-ters, ?. t. P o tent ants, who were expected to bs present. Hs alluded to the atate of darknaa* in wti h the benighted Protestants wa ked, in regard to the peculiar customs and rite? of th? holy uiaiio lc church- He said t^at hy many th* ?sry ''ere<a >ir which they were to witness would be oo?ui<ies?d aa anih'is'tan deed- drew a aona?what flattering ol > taie of the dfe conventual, and nr^ed noon tho?e youig la- tee present a sore of " go chou aid do likewise." Bat we fear that for t '? most part they would quote the old song, aaJ tell the right H jr. Father, I won't bs a aaa, Aad I east t? a sns Bat enough of th' sermon. *e should have said Va* the eerv'oee wire o eoerf Hr a pr<oe?roa, up tbs broad aisle to the *'.>ps nt thtai^a*, of ?wvea llftLs girls, Arwtd all la whits, with wraathi of white (lowers upon their haads? their lraier bear lag a (liver am. the altar, la the meantime, had bten lighted op, aotil, between epera nnfllrs eed bouquets of flowers, it looked for ell the world like the supper tebe of the stenmar Metropolis. Yuen came Biahop OTtie'ey, of *roridanw, in addition to tbe Bishop iad pneat already nua?d, wfts suadry lede In e drew that can only be deesnbed w a s rt of long sight shirt, worn outside, wit* e kind of Continent*] cooked hat for e heed dress. The noviciates entered toe church in e ?ort of procession, holding lighted tapera It their hinni. end dressed in i eo-t of b idal ? ostume? white dree mm, rioh Woe Telle, white flowers in the heir, end vnlte kid glov-s. Pney were proceed d by tne Lady Aoieaa or Superior, end followed by the reet of the sisterhood. Tin ap plicant* for admission into the order lotted deadly pale. One of thtm vm rather interesting, vlti dark hair and eye* ? a rmautlc looking girl. Tie other, u we wen to jud<e from her fans and figure, did not lose a very large amount of nutria juial chaices in retiring from the w >rld But our narrative Is a ready too diffuse. Safflra it to say that Blaiop O'ltaiey askmi tne qu*?tl?aa a? laid down in the nmel of the Roman Cath >nc cbarcb, to which each candidate eeparately *t?d for betmt made the cnaUmary reap >D**e. K seeing at the feet ot tbe Bishop, before toe hig'j altar , toey both exhibited conm Je< able firmness and seif-pos aesalon. After the taking o' their tow, the nev made asters entered a eort of mating r om, waera, aa we were inform*-*), th?ir 'air we* cat off -li >ne instance by the m;t >erof the y meg vonaa. Wh?o tb*y returned to t-.e altar they were draesei it. the baolt of tbe Order of tbe 8 Intent or Mercy, and vera presented by tbe. BUhop wi h a r.wa y, ved, etc., which i om Teted thf ? shall I aay eaorid 5e? fAJUNO tub wiiira tkii. aT NSWrOKT. [From the Newport News, J at/ 12 ] Tbe service at tbe Cathollo c mrch, the hily name of Ma-y, on Tuesday alter loan, vera ex ?ead irgly solemn and imprtaaire, and are pro -o*e to give some r encryption of it, for the benefit of taoae who weie not present. Aathe clock at-uck fire, tbe prooeerion, healed by t <e cross- bearer and assistants, angels, so oallad, on to's occssiao , a eel* ;t number of children attend ing the school if tbe State.' h a'.tirtdtn w lite dramm, with wreath*, bouquet s and baskets >f flowers. to the number of twenty eight, mov*d from ihe hall door or ibe convent, accompanied by the Mo'.ner rtnp? noreas and otoer ladies of this reiigt >as community, In tbe usual dreaa of their order, to tht% ciurc >, and 'htoogh tbe centre is e to tha chancel, w >ere they were received by the ordinary of tbe -11 >ca?. Right Reverend Bishop O'R-iily, Rg .t Rev.i-ead I>r. McGill, of Rt bmond, Virginia, Rave rend Mr. F nton, pastor or tbe church, and hta aocoiyt a and assistants. If ever t -is church might bi called b'aatiful, and truly it la a ma*ter piece of Gothic art, of tne early dscoratve sty e, it was in deed so to the eye* of the Immense audience aasem b<fd on this occasion, with ita g lded altars aderoed with statuary, lights and vasee in chiste prifaai >n, This is what is termed the ceremony ?f race ition. The postnlants, who were to be admitted o two years ncvice^hlp- that Is, a time of prooatlon before tbey are allowed to unite themoeivea w th the Order, tbe object of which la to a'teud the si k, the aged, prisoners, and educate children were Mits Hannah Balllvan, called <n rellgim Sister Ignatiai, and Miss Mary Ann Madden, Sis^r Regla Theie two young ladies, in bndai attire, t>ura white, with white laoe streaming from their beads, on which were wreaths of beautiful flowers, kaeit beiwean tbe Saoerioress and assistant, the local Saperii ess of this city, Slater Mary B ?rgia, while the emir sang O Ulotiota Vtrginvm, &o. This being finish ed, ibe celebrant, tbe Biahop of the diooeas, recited the prayers used on aaob occasions. The ae mon was preached by Btihop McUill. and was a fervent, excellent and moat pratlcil produ }? tion. AJtrr the add ras hy Bishop McGill, the p m tulan a were conduced by the Hnperioreaa and a?aiatant before tbe oelebrant, who sat on t iu ulat form erf tbe altar, when tbe following questions were propounded and answered:? Celebrant ? My cbild, what do you demand ? Postulant ? The mercy of God, and the holy habit of religion. Celebrant ? Is it with your own free will you demai o tbe holy habit of religion? Postulant? Yea, Risht R?v. Sir. Toe o lebrant then asked of the Supericreas if she bad made the necessary itqairtee and was satisfied as to tre voca Iod and siso re destre of me pona lar ts, to which cbe aiiavered in tbe afflrtna.ive. Tee celebrant again addressing toe poeulania; a?ked of them If they had thooi<&t deeply a ion th-9 eur j. ct, ucd wer? la expcctati m of bwnit ab'e to carry the yoke of onr Ix>rd J*> ua C'hrltt, s >lely for the love and fear of God. To vhiih they severally replied in the affirmative, relying, as tbey said, on th? mercy cf God. After these questions and answers, the Saoerioress aid sesistant retired with t'e DJtiiulanU tj tae Hacristy to cbanga their eecoU- dress**- -vrea-ai, v?)l?, Jewelry, Ac., for the rellgt >as nahft of tha Order; during which 'he cnormters in tha ch >ir and chancel sang alternately t;e 113ch psalm. The pro ccraion having retnrced to tbe chanoel.tba cal-braut continued the form of proyera, w ille the Huperiwee* and assistant placed tne white ve 1 on the hea'tt of the postulants, and presented them with t ?lr cloc lures, rosar ?s and ? roesee Here all kaelt, while tha ohoir sang tne hymn, Tent, Creator Spin tut, ir v. king tbe Influence of Le Divine Spirit. After this the "elebraot continued other prayers and gave tbe final bleesing, while tbe choir sang tbe beautiful psalm 132d, A 'ere mm bonam, behold h .w good axd how p easant a thing it is, Ac.; th>? proceeat >n then returned In tbe same order aa it entered. It was a very solemn ano impoatrg occasion, and one which will not soon be f jrgottsn. BHAKON SPRINGS. Shabok Sprinos, July 5, 1855. Crlfbralum t? Ike Country? Th* Know Ntxhingi Thli far famed watering place prom we# t? be well patronised daring the heated term. Although It la not eaailjr accearible, yet the peculiar romance of the aoenery by which it la aanoaadad, the medi cal qualities of the water, and toe healthfnlneea of the location, make It very popular, and very prod t able to the landlord*. There are quite a nnnoer of jo mi city " lion*" ben, besidea maay f:>m th? " sunny Routb." I ih-.ll apeak of theae In my next. The " FoUfth" paaaed off v<ry pleasantly ne e, ?nd th*te wa* a large oeleb'atlonat S iaroa rillage, a romantic hamlst, about fire mile* dint tat. fie orator cf the day wa* H. Clare noe Pegs, K?q., of Albany, who pronounced an tffocvive and ali>?|ueat oration. The m>sterioui atridea of Know Nothing iam hare effectually reached the country. ?' ?tm can be wen ben, In all direction*; for he, a few w eke hinre, ?oi*t?cVd a large, new hat at Hoaron, abicb, with ri* well kaown procliriMe<*, he has cbnateitd ?* Washington Hall.'' Mora ai?o. Ho Mao. PORT MOSROE, VA.. Four Mombok, July, 10, 1H65. CUd Point Comfori~~lt? Hlratutn ? A Of til Sum rner Rrtmt ? TV A rnr lO^xmrnt hhtnghu ? It* Stlfpond Objtti ? Hrauntul l.aifi ? H>>n. Stcrttary if War Ezptcttd to lOvitw me | 7 V -nops, frr. Old PolLt l* now the moat fashionable or all acm aer raaorta. The cool and iavigotatiog aea oreez*. which aiway* p-enul*, readers it per'ecuy delight ful. The bathing establishment* are comm -diuosly arranged, affording health and comfort to all th* goest*. The great aoorce of amaaement 1* tha new regime nt of IbftuKry, now being org* tied at tola pface. It ia called the " Shanghae Regiment " from tbe " dancing doable jam i etep"-anee kink in mil aiy tactics, which tie Hon. Secretary of War > baa approved, it ia supposed, for the purpose of car* rjlift on a new warfare again at the hostile ladiaaa. A lib f rtytbooaatd dollars' worth of camel*, and tbi* tew drill, trery hoatile Inclac ovt disaster The mechanism of thin modern war danoe cannot be dre< ilbtd without a long essay on the a nea c of Latuial birtory. Ihete are now abjut etgh'een uffl ce a and Ave bun?nd re rn'ts, laarnlng thla ne? orlll. Whan all tne ofioan ahall 'ia*e am??d, t ay wilt ba theoretically ard practice Jy ex*rcia>d in tbla "atand etill losomotion of ibe body," wltj *a brta drawn, atd aa imaginary body of ???iaak* In olaia" two hundred >a?di in froi t Tbe vMtera being allowed to t att the tort, and d t ooderstaidmg ?be scl-nce o t mt, make tne p aln :aa?nod with bnrata of merry leugbter; an 1 1 do believe that the Hoc. B? ret* y of War, if i preaeot, wiolo jiln in tie mirth rbe tvenirn n' pe an gay a d full of life, and tbe 1 moHic such aa to call the mat ra*,%DC *ic,t to tbe b*M re m Amoog no raoy beaati oi ladles it ta difficult to d<ai?i>aie the belle. Tbe N >rtb,H"u'b E?st and 'eat are np-eaentel Tbe ladlf* from Ht. L'nia are cbarmi:g: f rom K?,U. ?Mire, lOTely beynd com pa tana, f'cra It -hi&>od, noble in tine w.-iaan! j beaa > and in R -aao Oi*n t>. Mia* 8? Mot , M aa L? Mc , Mia* la , MlaaMa , Miaa Tb , Mia* Man . aal a beat of other*, lead capttre* all wt j make tMir a< <|oa'ntanc?. bright eyea, rweet ami!**, wi ty remark*, and Ion ?trock gea-iem^c afford ample etna* meat to Ui? Ir.,k r < d? gilt ba'toaa, Lew epau e?ie* and brgh. ?word* fl inrafi. No v art ? Thm'r ? etera aleinm* rbetged V) awrry iTWtia*a. ' TVa r "I'rvsdlol m rebt tcO?. <btful n-u , rm* " Wc flan t a offlcra e?ry polite acd aleayaraa'y <o *S rd a* aaf Inionaatlar.. The Hoa. H?.**ta y of ta Kf i* tiincm ta a id??wt i a> , t-? !*?>*? 4i? tew -ettr*" t aed wlt?e* t?e p#? ontl, a* <???? ae ca? b? eo af the aneseai at the a?w ta* ie? ta Indian ararfan. Anna at*. HIGHLANDS OF NA.VESIXK. Hioblanm or Natmwk, N. J., I July 10, IBM. f All Sort* of Attract* mm. Amrag your numerous tad wsll poatel oorre% pondente, not ou, I believe, has yet edlod attention j to the maUtold and increased edvantag&a of tbl* looality m a sommer retort. L? it be borne in miad thai year (.rrsent ooneepoadent is umuased in I '??<* of any place or person, bat ? jeakt freliagly ! fro* positive conviction. Let Uie reader who anti cipates ratal enjoyments at art, baggaffn and all, for th? foot of Jay street, from irhen>* ran the steam ers Ocean Wave and Jamea Christopher. A caielal and jullcioua investment of ifty cents 00 eit er estates a rapid and safe oalivary at this , place. Arriving nere, we have the choice of tone aa gocd hotels aa motit watering places o?a b >ast of, via., tue Bea View; Thompson's Adaatlo P?vi 1Kb, immeolate y by the landing; and Jooea'a, aqa?r ter of a mi e cr bo away on toe bay eflor*, and m ?? retired. Tlw former is quite ne?,and joat opi -ed in ie?l'y excellent utile by Hadam Ja vu, * ?nn?riy P'-opr>e?rtiM of tbe New Haven Hjum. Thorn** ?n'a in well knoii as a first rate reeo u One other piece Acbenck's Highland Paviiiua? 1 had Marl) overload, bu ; lor it* a >a*pl :u >u* biff n, and gentlemanly conductor, vho?e pr<n? >oe, tCiieUM-r wl>h tbe beiuiifui grcunda, are iv> win at trac'liua. 1 unoers and it h thu intention of id* owners to enarge the hou?e, in oner to mak ^ mors room for tbe rtge. Immediately ba k of tbe n.xe's a<e st*n the tovering bilis from srhicj tbe pt?oa derives ita mm crowned by the llgn.a mm ??. s > w*-l* kno?n atd v?lu-d bv our om ueroe, and c<.n>m-bdt?g a most delightful prospect m ail dirto riot*. To ihe Lorth ?e bave a tall and ?>in? e'e v<? w of ti e lover bay, fttateu Island, tbe N?r o ?s, Fern H ami) t*>?, Coney Ulead, ft^ckaway, and si alog tbe Long l?iand snore for tntrty or forty miipr : wnlle eaat and tonth, aa far a? th? *y? caa teacb, h'-rf is but one vn*t expanse of em <lo t*d hi- re ai d t j?re by tocommff and < ntg d'14 verse's of tvtry de?o ipib n including tr<e inaguflcunt it'tn Hhlpn daily pausing, alrnoat wl'hU ai'lnx distance. Turning iAiat a attain, w- are surroaoded by ad?uee shadv wood, ext?ading baik tor miles aad affVd ldk the moat ctoi and agreeable walks, an 1 thronga ?tic", but tei, yr are ago, tbe ?id deer roa ued to Rt.M il ii < , and indeed ibete are inmp yet rem. .1 in?, oue having been ahot daring, e p*at viatsr. I a us'- sit neglect to mention an elegant inanaioa, lately erected atd jnst o< oapitd by Mr. Miataru. ote of cur tetlrel morchaota. Tiis htu'e and ktooi d? a-e realiy ?he arst s<mplo and at tse same tl roe cent of any I liave evtr had tbe plev aure ? f examinli g. It maH be seen to b? ap,i e ( ?ated. To et nance the va ue of t *> w ?ole, ihe New York ano Bandy Hook Printing Telegraph, e? lab ifbed I or marine purpose*, bat an offloe hero, i? Oirect c .nnection eith New York and Ling Branob. Jonw's is a oUanant letired ap?t,on an elevation tronitng the lower bay, atd tor rounded by everv va:!ftj of eceD?ry, both by lanl and water. fni? is an excellrnt place for tboso who desire good aoqjety without being crowded. Think of tb:s? el1 witnln two honra' sail of our gr< at city. I fancy it it were lurlber away it had bee<> betur known ere this. Alpha. Trt men dona Htoim In WlmuiMn. RKID0K8 Cil.klKJ) AWAV? DAMaGS TO TUC RAIL r.KAHH, BTC. [From the Muwaukte Sentinel Jaly 10.] Oar iity wk* vsited >inring huaday a gUt by the btavhst Btorm we ever remember to >iave experi enced at tiim teaenr. of the y?ar. r tie re bid bee a one or twe D'-iw, at'ended wl'b thunder and tUit ilng, in the c nm ot U>e afternoon, and ab"U'. 9 o'clock iti the evening the cl <ud? gathered and the ?tr>rm bnja'. numb. For two or thrie hour* (be play of 'be ligbizifcft ra Ttnd acd loc-stai'., and ?be n ve?beiai<ra of the tbuoder ?e- ne<1 to ftrm oLectnt>no u< peal. Toward* mtdr>Ubi .be Ktorm wax at its bright ; the wtiid blew wiih K?eu vi > evje ?ro f-om different v lata of the cotnp**a ? tie rtio fell In a perfect delate ; the flaahx* ol the -iffh utn* w?re tearfully vivid, aud the <a'a of neaven'atr ttlleiy fairly shook the earth. Tnw c murine < wl'b ll'tle inU-.rmii?ion till netir'y d,)U><h> ; bat at length the wind In td tee 1 1 ud? disperse!, and t e m n lt>n b>< ke c?Im and clear. an imnierte body of wa<er fe'l during the night, flo< d nf( I r ntri ? tf ai d m*ny of tbe ( ? iU'h Morn catnap* ?as d nt to t e f uit asrf llr>w?r g?r oen* < b at U>e city, l'he Miwauke r.fnr ?im tn tu.ler ba<k and ran wl h a s*ift?r ciKren y*i'?r o ay than we have noticed in ten \e*ra' reside .ce bee*. The Meoc n,oon* lore down Ita bed like a mil race, * wiping off m Ita mad career tn? railroad aid p>?nk rood bridge* a? tar out aa Wauwatoea, and tl oclug the plans and o;h?r road a la tuauy o< the lower levels No train* left or camt In yeaMr day by the Milwaukle and Mlrsiiwipol,or Mtl#*oKle ana w?vrw?n ral r< a a, the curving away of t ie bridgt s having effcrtoaily cut off thi c >mmunt<ia tl d wltn the u teri jr. Tbo train which li ft dalison )(h etoa> morning came in aa far m toe jun:tl >q (14 milea trom heie), and there remained at tbe la? XXI will*. From paeaengwi who came Jin yesterday we laara that tbe *tonn waa n ithlng ike no violent li tne interior aa on tne l.ake Shore. Manual Ableman aeaure* na that be noticed tie grain del '? carefully, all tbe way from Madison, aid *aw none b?*t*a down by tne etorm till ne rea he1 Waukwna. Toe Fox river waa very h'ab and the vtl?fe oanly flooded We tie led to hope from thu* that the damage to tbe crop* Is not a* extensive aa the nolencoof the atorm in thia nelgbb irho?d led M tcapprthtnd bonti of na the ?orm waa not ao heavy, the trail a on the Lake Hhore railr?d *r itving n ilma yette'day, and no damage on that line bring y* reported We Mar rep >rta of several mill dama being car ried away? that of Mr. C >?***, aeroas tbe Men> morec, being one of t nam. Tne bridge* aor ?< the Klnnekm ck are alao said to be go Indeed all tbe e'rtaa)* la ti e vicinity of our city are sar?ll?n bey nc ail precedent and nm*t hav? aaep t *.lr labko pretty clear. 1h. extent of the demtge Ooi e to tt e rnjiroeda an?t p'aqK roada ?Vrwt of <m la not yet aa etalr ed. No d ait, however, the traua will be able to rwrame tMir regular trip* to dav t r tomorrow. We learn tbat five or tlx brldma have been cirried away on tbe Mllwankle ari Mi<?l?ippi Ktilr ad tiacir, betw?en btre aic Elm (irove, t o m lea oa'. A large 'oroe la at w *k > e j?J <ag the iamiiK?. wbicn will not exceed 11,000 Thi? mor'ln* p*' ire i a will leave irre in cmnibaa ? at 6 o'cl .ck. at th- expec??of tte company, and be Ukeo to Llm (irove. Trere wMl be bat on? train uer day nr. til the rfpatra are romplettd- B/ tonorn* m< ri g tbe care from toe Weat will retci wto?uo?a, uno, paa?et,gera will be taken to a id fintn tba> pUce. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT ? ARK RT. FaivAT, Ju y 13? % P. M There waa no partial] ar movement in tb<i atock n/tuket t -oay. Notie of the leading atock t were in ftmftnd, and pri ea were vtry m>i 'h nnee .tied. Kr> anj I^arlitg commanaad tfte moet attentUo. A' tte ti r? t boa'd Virvinla C'a advaccnd ^ per oen* ; Ca iftrn a 7'a, 1; Krie btnda 1876, t; Hmriem Rail' ad. |. Indiana 6'a fell 'ff 4 , K<adiXf K?ii.t^a", 4; Michigan Ceuiral Railroad, ). I n>e maiitt open? d and r oeed b-avy. raorem'Kt U a cbaiigr ao ti in the p altion of utoi.ey m?tvera, k> tar aa stock apecuati^ta are concerned. We have betn going on for abou^ six m ntut p'o?p-r one!). Tbe banks bave been a'*adily ex landing t eir leans, antli tbey have rta hed a v.ryolgi Of ore. A 1 toe buyers of stork* a e ea jullrl, ntd I tl ea bave :e*chMi p jitU co(.a.derebly in ?drai ? tf ttioee rulii g a year sins*. There mast, in the tslaral rou ee of ibl^gt, anon b a hangs. After a lenff period of inflation, tbe sh e w i**t operators tnrn bears aid of^>r?te actively for a desJna. i*hat time La a arrived. It la th* tpialoa of tnoaa newt expeiieood In flnanc *1 aff?ira, tbat stock S"? untie* generally iul* too i l?h, toa. th ? m?'k?t vaiue if stock* ha* bees at duly mfl* ed by fedil tits f urtlahad by toe banks, a u) vhat aa Ue ? a* >n alvatcee and btuin- se rcv.ve*, loans mu? b 1 c?l;<d in and eVcka thrown i t j tbe Excoaoge fo- sale. They look, In fact, fur an unfav.->rabl* c iaoge to t money market. If th -tr anticipating a> reai i d, weebail see a very olfTeretit *late of toln?a In t? ?lock na/ket at no very remote period. Oa* ttang I* pret'y certain, a further I flttloo ca not tea* place. Pii'-ea ba*t> re* bed thalr rna* ji im. aud there U, tienf re, dar ger of a reaction. A loer eerlae of tna R.oa'> for'nuafe and favorable riroem etaicea have pier -d p loea at tbel* pr**?? .blife po:ct*, and any rhaaje n/W I* llknly to be for t'<e Wf'fra. AMer tbe adjournment of the flr<t br>ard to^iay W following saiea of bond* aud a /<** were ta?da a> au< tlor , by B bkob I>ra,*r: ? |3,fr? Vhft ? aa<! ta ?? O ? a>bla( hai'rra/ *? M t i? t- I I *r? mae? aa<l Weetera It. R 7? 1* * V 1 ra<? *?? 7? w a. :,!?* Oh?? ae^ Wte-|.?'e^< lU'lrc^ 7? a*.. Mi \ U'?*>?r.. H*%?r> fira l???r???? ?>* <i 1 (* <e f ?.i?i?wri*. * '? 'na^aj .,., 'i*\ H? <t* Oty *< Beuaiwtaa atuaa ?H At the aeeord board thi market w?? heavy. There vii bo okuff la prioM of conaeqaenoe, no d very ftw tntaactfona. rbe nppl j of boyera haa ori d?Lt y been iihtuM, and we ohoold not be ear prieed to wo In a abort time a treat acooaaioa to tbe llat of aeilera, When that Uim artvea wo ehall ?m a prrntf r detire astro* holdera of atooka to gat out than we hare ever aeon to got in. It ia the tnaieat thing ia the world to bay etooka, if one baa the capital or redlt, bat It ia not eo eaay to aelL Tbe tine to aell U ?h?n there are plenty of buyera. Then pttoea are booyant, and epecnlatlon active. For a good mar 7 month* prioee bare been g ?ing up, and aa there moat bo a atoppiug plae for atooka aa we I aa anything elan, It ia time to look far It after anch a long period of inflation. F >r six montha we bnve hardly had n reviree; every facility haa rxtoted for c?rr)tng atooka. The b'nka are piled up tni of tbem, aod tney mu?t dlago'ge tbe m ?mnnt a etmacd far money cornea from the commercia claaaea. the Ocean RU am Navigation Company hare d 9 eland a retni BM.ua! dividend of five per coat, payable 00 the lit of Ang^at. Tbe traxactr na at the Aaaintant Treaaurer'a < ffiee to day were ar follows: ? Pai' ca trcaaury account I'lOO.TSti 87 do. 280,;;?8 08 IUUdoc do. 2,029.197 81 l'??? for Araay OfKoa 2o,V>6? 4ft Paid t<a Obburalut rbocka 62,460 AJ Tbe reedpta to Cay Include $50,000 from Da baque. Tbe Co?ml*aioaera of the Canal Fond w'll aoon be in tbe market for another loan of 91,250 000 for tbe enlargement. If thla loan ia not tak*a a*, as blob a pre? urn aa the laat. thoae who took that will be Iohctn by the o jerUioa. Thia competition between ?he huikeis and broken operates adva jtageouely to tl-e B?a e treaaurj. Tte pub'ic will be glad to learn from tbe following note <bat the Delaware divialonorthe Pennaytvaoda Public Worka la again in working order, an<l loaded boata pawing:? Omm I. kiiic, ii Coal and Nav Co , ) Piut.AMnLriiu, July 1i, lHf>h ( I bar* a ("Mpttch fioin hAntun, utatiug that tba IM% ?a r? nqUMtnrt ti?n bo?n r*palia<l, tba *>t*r Ut la totbo U??l?. and )o?d. d l.o?t? b?K?? ta pa** thla aaorala( into ?b? H?lawnr? dlTixioo lh? lalrrruptioo to tb? atriga tloa I n? n from tba roornlm of Saturday vtak, or ?or l?? working <1 ?j?. The loaa lu toll* ta tba Stata can not ba Uia tbaa I 6 004 The New Haven Railroad Company earned In Jane (M.hOH 38 againat $70 254 76 for the earn* mobth latt yvar, ehowmg a de reaae of (4.446 37 lor the mmth tbia year, Tbe annexed abatement will ahow the receipt! of tbe Baltimore OlSd Ohio Railroad for the month of Jul e: ? Main 8>tm. With. lir. Ihtati. Y'ot patMagara. (f.0,4U4 7i (28, #78 73 ?74,(I7H 44 Kir might S9l,Ut3 M> 7,14.1 72 298,207 22 (841,408 21 (.'I0,bl7 46 ("72.28r. OS Thine are the largeat rectipta ever received by the rrad in tbe mooth of June. Aa com -ared wltl tbe con e? poo dug month ot 1854, we have toe fol lowing imoU:? , Hain Sl'm ? ? Fir. ? , PtngKi 1'anrnqTt. Frtifhl . mt $W',4'4 71 Htl W ft 93S.STS Tl ft, llS 72 1854 4MW 42 211,207 Vl 2? (1,422 72 la.... ?4,**lU 29 10,8*6 68 Dec. 1,082 48 foe 021 00 fbe total r?c<i|>ta for tbe two mootna are aa follow*: ? Jua?, IHIb (372,281 #? Juaa, 18i>4 84S,?gl 32 Irrraaa* (U.ooi ?4 Th? M?gwtlc Telegraph Company yeiterdty ma<fr a dividend of two per c?n?., payable at tho C< mpany't office In Pil adelptila, on and after the 20th inatant. Ttie Delaware and Harltan C?na1 aal Ci.rad<n and Amb>y Railroad and Trarap.irtatloa Cotfpaniea have declared a renl annual dindand >f fix per oent. Tr c Cheaaut Htll Railroad Company, ot bnnird?y, dec ared a divldeLd ot three per cant on tbe capital ?u<k. Tte annexed a a?en?eot exhibiti the groaa earn it ga of the llarlem lUUroad Conpanr in ea;h of the flrat siv montoa of tbe pant three yeira:? N?w VoaK Ann lliliia R?iuioArv IM.t 1H64. 186N. Jaauary (M 792 (77,7uft (92.806 Kotruary Oh.?M e;? 4&7 73,890 Maicb 78.063 7 ?>,971 8.1, l#2 April 72.82* 72 780 77,876 M?i 83..191 82, 1M) HA, 288 JuM 84,940 Mi,74o 87,.'iW4 | Total! W1M? ?462,870 $40-.' 610 46a, Hf? Iceman* for lit meatba o?er th* rttr ISM ia 149,744 Tte income of (ha Harlem Railroad looks wed, and contl&nee to Incrrnae In tta monthly earning*, whi h bar* now reached, for the fast aix montha of the j ear, half a million of doll am; and jet tba atock la now aalllog at only thraa par cant abore the lowaat panic prlceo of tba laat nine moaUta, wbl it Erie, Heading and all otaer ito;ka have rl ml twenty and thirty per oenl We cannot nndentind why thl* la ao, when the real eat ate owned by tbe Harem Company In the city of New York alone, If oonrerted Into money, would bay the entire capital cf the old eto;k of thla company at tba preaeat loir market p>l e of twenty eight per cent, vhicb ia only fourteen doll&ra per ahere. The following ia the badoeaa of tbe Phlladelpb'a atid Reading KaUroad fjr the month of June, :am pareo with the a*m? mooch laat year: - SUii.Mi Km. Road. l*->4. IHftft. lUeeiTed froas coal . .. tMO.UM 49 |3'M,W MarcbaixMae 1 a. wlr: .'t| ii.Hdi 71 Traral, he M,le* M 89,143 19 f303,CM ? t 62 Treoeportet.oa, road way, i utr r*f?, t?o***i (uea acO all ibarfoa 174, Ml 04 170,12* 1.1 N?-t proBt tor moa'h 112', Mil {# Kor prt rlcuj ft moa'tn. . . . , . t&n 449 27 Tola! eft profit 7 moath* 171; :,9?3 M, II 119 :>i *9 It *lil he aeen that th? rut profit cf tbe month hei bean ts< rexvd nearly 70 per c-st on ta actual '?ductiot of betwrt a nr?t and foor thooaand do> lara In fbecn>rrut operatise ei|i4u?. Tie cim ( tLy jriwe notice tlat the transfer bw k? ot tt>* eteoh will be cloael on rae?d?y, 17?llo<t., at 3 1', If ,and ba re jj-tnod on Mocday, :J0ta tut. Hold *re of oettiil atea ebicb bare been diac urged fro a ileofH^oreitnari t tbe tranafer ageoclw, ar* par* t cu.aily iKjueeted to bave them regletered oa tbe t rainier bo ka, to which thoy bare been traoaferred piior tc tbe 30th inat. We nrlemand fiat |M)0f00? of bood* hare be ja cobrtrted, umI that tbe pa tie* wbo held the cos. rrrWd bocda claim I * dindeod about beLa* d? c ?red for th* Q at nil monUu of tbe preaeat Eaeai >? ar. The compHny have o< t yet decided to pay it, aid the probability ta tbat it will n<Jt be pall. Toe am ante. Mm* ia a mat-rr of aome latX'Ttaace, rut the principle iaroired tot nee one, and one ? h'fk ehonld be definitely dlep^eed of. T>eee f- ad boifera wleh to get not only t * alt m mtfu In ?re?t ' c ?h?ee tyti*, bat tbe aix m a\b? dirt lend on tbe ntcck. Had they contorted prwviooa to t m 30. b of May, the dale of the termitatioa o ( the flrat ait m. Mha <f the prraent fl*?l year, tbey would on i < ut4?di> bare bees f at tied to the d vldeid aad U t ami on th. It boo ?'.? up it Uu> day of cen metce; bat m tbey waited until aTTer the l?t <f July, the day th? aeml annual later***, no the l"t >r? became doe, and ?ai paid and converted 'mme^taUly a/ rr, ther hare no ?? ala on the net e* ntef? of vhe company f- r tbe aix mootbe coding May SO. The maoapera of tbe ceneaiy are a ee?. to 1, un? f * voe a**i* iua of tba qnta 'ion. Tbe b> jk* are not yet c.<ewd, aad ia vyorl a^ee with the coat> m that ^artiea ka eboee aut** ?*<ch ?ta/.de ok tbe vm. paar'a trx>k? at the Uai 1 1 U?Ju are ?'< a?d an e.ti'Jed to tbe dlvllerid. It would foi ow that th ee wb'> rotre tad bwnda l.-uiok ptt'm.ii t?ut time w?re ee^Uad f>?he dlr.de-^. THe rle* of tV ((oeauoa wcaid (Ire ?I* oorrertera is tale IretMce Mi lafreot eod ( \r\6? ix? We b iiere, f?wrr?r, thai t ey oeiy jktm tte dtff-ren-e tMtaeui toe eealaaaaal t. re*?t aad the ?tr%tend. TV I'llWr^u I'df" ** 'he ll!i Ia4k iftrea vhe f ijtwmt Uk.'-??am? Matlrato be r>4ae ti ernaaa of the pauic worta id Peaaay'mai*. n MM wok* art In the aurtet forwOa, tad wffl ffooo be oflfertd M aootkm. - Fvkuo Womu or t?i-jtiuirai u* It mum, 1HM Tb* Caaal ComiDiatlonnra' report aurta. lkt( tkl *? eaip'a oa tii* Columbia aad Philadelphia Kailroad far tto iw llW tM .... | til *31 77 Oa th* AlU|bU7 l'orl?ir? Ruad 7h,ui4 77 Oa lb* bmd baa of canal 27 v' 460 63 Croat raealpta 91, 179,010 17 n??ipr?lilurM *?ct ? On Colunbia Kaiiroad $:iBO,781 7T All* gt no/ Portaga Ho* J 33?,3B1 M Mala lint of a*aal 216,714 70 K*p?ni'itur?? Mi,MI 13 Ntt r?e*?pt? on main lt*a for ytar 1844. . ?'13.1, H'i 04 No good* but of tb* third and fourtb clum in iki> p#'l by lb* etna l>naa. the Icrmnr cltu U chargad $ 2 It |i*r tea, nod th* Utuir $ i 90. Tat oo?t of hauling a too o?tr th* Colombia ratlrotO ( without on/ *U9??1M for w aar of rood at<5 ci|i(ul) waa 76 root*, and tho eoat oa ih> A IoIud; l'< rtiii* r.'?! >t< not Iim ibaa 91 2ft par ton, noting tea total coat ?u tu* two f?4? $:i 01, for th? o?otiT? pc ?<??,*? pamaa hi> t r>p?t (>? rovlway anl n>*: binary, w? hiv t tout oa tM two rtula |1 par t*a; loll om tbtM claan guutU, $2 1> -tnual to UOeauU lota, on-' oo tourtb claw' the Una la $1 10 par ton. Tbt Mtata, 'btrtfira, accon ioi( to that* 6gur*a, actually paya about ooa dollar par ton aire tbao It roeairoi, and furnltbe* tba two road* aai tM milt j of c*n?l for nothing 1*1 aatltt ficm Oa lunu la ?o |{olll<l?}?tiurg and 104 fM JuhnaUiarn t n I'ftfburc - lor tha MM of having gf.u l? tranno irtad ortr bar aula iiao of work*. aol yat tbt e?aal trans porter* '-anno* do b'ltirwaa an 1 p a/ mi tba r*ta? now (barged by t?* > -tat*. but art compMlad to aail tbeir ttock and abaai'on tba tu lotaa lot- probata yearly valua of tbe 01.11> I. a*. If It ractivad all <>f tht toll* <tr?r It. wnul bo at follow. ? Tbr Columbia Railroad earned laat |0ar $126,106 and (bo iiftuM for working, repairing road way and machinery, pa; of coiltstora, he , una 380 676 Profit or not raneipt* 41ft, MB Tb* a??t?.*n dlvlnoo < f tho canal 4tf ui'lea, at tend* from Columbia to junct on of Jua'ata Willi tba Mtie<|aab*naa an) if.t gn>?a etralag* ra thia olvuMoa ar* eatmatad to r*arh.$l7U,000 Tb* Viptodiiuroa for 1*61 wara (J ,380 Probable nrt aai aiaga ?a*t (lit iaion . U8,8'J0 Nit oaraicfa from rbilad<*l jbia ti Janctloa . ...ftM.loB Tbt i*ca'.|ita oa tht* aivUirn eanuot bt oorr?ot I j a*r4rlaino<], baca?t* alt of tbt coal aad o'.btr toooaga Irua tba aortb and waat btao sbta pa?a o*f r tbla diTlaloa without rbarg*. tot ioU having batti paid at tba offlcaof clraraaro Tba Juniata Caoal at'aeda fiom Junction to Hot Iti'ajraburf , (181 mllaa ) aad tba t?p<aata w?r? 8*4, <*7 Ktpana*. on ^llaghan; I'urtaf* ltallruad 2311,301 l-jpi oatt oa Woattra Dirlaloa of < aoaJ . (>2,000 Total tKptato* from the Junetioa to Pitt burg 1175, 4B7 Tbt racelpta on thia part of tht main lin* war* tt'J.tftO loaa or coat of working ortr tht racoipta *2&3 147 Nat aarnlagt of tb* main Una 8.H10 Wi Suppomag th* aattorn dlvlaioa of caaal, (IB mil**) i would rarolra lit proportion of to'U ovar it froai tba noith aad waat branaha*. It thu* appaar* tbat tb? aat aarnloga would b? atwut auual to I V par cant, or t7,f0?,00? Aftar Ua comp!atloa of tba llrotd fop Kallroal, tba canal from tba June'loa to llolli iar*'>urg will, it (< pra *um*d, pay iom*tl>ln?t crtr tbt aipanaa* ? bat aay laat It will pay mataly tbt atpanwa? tin n wa hart tbt att faming* on tba lint from l'btlad-lphla to (lollldayaburg ? '?twa lot* nearly par caat oa hut If ib? Monatam Hoa<) aat! lb* Haaiarn ('anal art raijulrtd to ba ktpt opta, in good ordar and worfctd, tba coat orar th* racaipta. oatbia portion, will ha upward* of It will tbaratora. bt Men that a part of tb* mala lloa (from Philadelphia to Uollldayxhurg) la wartb I'JMI iiOO par yiar mora *han tba a hula o I tba aala lina from Phtlailalphla to Pittahurg. Thu anrexeJ atatomrat ezlilblU lbs (ituotltj anJ rnlue ot totriiro drj grt'a aatcrel at thu p ?rt (or cortnmptlon, for wa/ebcuae, and alao tbe wltb utawiUa 'mm waiebouae, tta arask ending and iocludug Tbui?da?, July 12. IMS:? MoMQUI.kTIt If fmilttn llHT Ooooa I'ntrrtd ]<rr Ofnnt m I> ion. Valuf. Mioulartnran Of wool 1 (W. 1411.141 Da. ofco'oo 8S8 1I0,07:< ha. of * Ik nn 4i",U0 Do of Hax 799 ?4 :w) Mitrrllasaona InB 70,(03 Total 2,646 $1,147,687 H'llAdram fnnn tt'arrhou ?<. Maoufacturta o' wool 181 $69,747 Do of rotioa bi 20,781 !'?? of tiik 1..1 Do. of Has W 1.'. CA6 Mltcaliantout 10 7>6& Total 638 $131,224 M'l rrhmiyd Maaafactoia* of wo?l 1 1 7 $46 443 Do of cotton. .... H 4 ila Do. of *i k ? o,?l7 Do. of flat 64 13, 1 16 MiaeallaMOUt 2 324 Total Vain* put fa the ir.rrtat daring ih? va?k . gl.'iM.VII The ma ket for f ry g xxU naa beee ao quiet tad ao unmarked by any lap rteot change* In every re epect, that we do not doem It nee ?aeary to n; raaca atoot the trade ; turtle* It, therefore, to obeerve tbat, in all quarter*, prejeretloi* are la an advtaced ktate for the autumn traffl , wbJ h, it la anticipated, will aeon b^gtn to do much to atone for the prevail log Inaction. Brora ? Seating* and tblrtloga are rattier plentier, bat nnt lower, tboagh the da ma ad la a tame one. Nothing particular!/ new baa oc curred In bleached goade, xAlon, tWnnnia, denima, or drill#. All kfuda of dock are ktld rather higher, bat are sot exVenalvely dealt la. Glnghaaa remain Inactive, and eomewbat nominal. Jhe deetrort.oo of the Olaegow Corrpany'a mill, on the 3d I oat., by (Ire, It la ibongbt ?rtli lead to eo me rlae In the fall c pen leg priree for thiee gooda, which may affect the demand trerefcr. I, awn* and nanklna are onrhang ed. Oanabarga are eren more epailngly cflorbd, tbougb 1*1 rig needed at advancing quotation*. Pr n lng clothe rule qokt. belnx .a aJght ttock. and P'n?r?J| held rat er aU ve me vlawe ot buj*r*. I'rltta e-e a ao Intrtlve, tloogb otherwlee uotlter ed. Strip* a and tick* are larer, and held rat er tig er; betca, they eop?-er dev *d f animatl >a. No em?stial vaiia*.i?t> la a.arernible it wo 4 lea gooda. HUtken, caettaeree, dotht, doeek'.ni an] (Itaiela bare c<r.? tued In limited demand, but btve be?n pretty a'lfly he:<l, with no heavy all k? on Cie market J tab* are a litUe tatter, ami aa the liqolry, tberetare, ?a a Utne one, pr!c<e are ?;arc*iy m.atar,efl. Llaaeya are In at >lara.te raq 4i*t at prevloua 11, ure*. M< ueelln da lainea role abo it tie MM. raUntte and tirecaa are lia'tire, and .a: golf. Foreign i-rodoet'ooe are cos par U! rel/ dull aal O'-mlnal, at the 'rade for tttla e??a? u lx quit* over, acl the faJ bu?ln??* ha < not, t^ue 'ar, l??n rora niercid. The iirpou or go?d* adapted to lim lat ter are ?io?ly Inrreaeiog, thereiy enabling factor* to complete tne a*^ rim*at which tb>y will have to offer to their fohU>im?* at tex c a a mere la aiy thltg like a revival of demand. At praaeat bat few lite* of the recent Irnj orta-I <b? have W-?n ax l< at <1 to the public, and a a no o naidarable trmaear have teem red, and no rvgu.ar ecale of p-icee Laa br ec de Ided up ,a, It l? neelleaa fvr w t?ti ur d oor remark*. Mark Kitkaagt. Fanur J tif 1.1. 1UA 1" i L la 'M, IO*V( V'. ?a? a tat . I , ?ii t H e? *fT l?H MO ttt' ?t??a I*?I4 s I" V:/fiBJa O'a 'A ?0 '?? I'M ...? II, I,", o <1*.... '>*< M eo..,..aa oil fWO laaUlaaa A't t> S to 4o l'<l ?? W 0 fie. . ?% W Iiar>m ilA -? -? umu CahfeeaaT t ;s t? M <w ?} i- . U'/W' Mu.c,<?n e mc v-??4 its j.r~r m- i.* , ii ' ?) M era ?a '?< Jto K#*e Kit ? "> M 4'0t> la'l hvata H??t ?'!( fl An M0 ' i , l'?? >?t* i?n tv. JJ m ^ M 4f '? I > Of iXHe Ik5. o* V? to <fe ''til 4V0?/|? rvleaf Tt Wt< 1lO a* M', k? t% v. \ i oe <v. MO tlx I 1 1 toa Q! (?a KKIHi ?"?!'? t Ws, VC 4n 40 4j ^ u (A> o*i , . v. ?'0 Rtadi?g R*.,.aS >iv, ?"0 rj> Rk>'r??lvit MS IM t. M ? UM1U tm V V !<? . ?fl Mi , H>0 !* V Oe M*^t ?l?* 1M ?e bio ?M)KT(KtKrt4 *T It ...?'? > cttHct 4a?rs a ll? H** ObVo.UHIt 104i< e Haat ?f ''aa H? bWietW M ?e.... HO<i Mia * H laCa ? ?? ir><Keaa>taF,ii 1"> Ma4 K>? ua .. t: ?. H r?aalO# 1 100 4a aM ?2 IIOMr int'U ?" IM Cltf t T'Mt Kl M tjo ? l"'i Y*> <Ja . . , ">ao ?i | rw. ("j,.. tec It ,. MO W ria ?3 ItJt ?a a A vl \ |(* Chi ? ??< ra - II ?t W.? * ta*a M f'JL ?? lit ( vjt CaaCa ?.e U l a>.an? Kit ? I'l s! -j.v *? ?? ^K.'tOaW. . VM ear ir?B aoaa*. | 'f w lV? r>?t? ftiti tor abt Caa r ? r ^ t ?? K*ataaay fa. \ M M ? aa I Ri. kl* let ?? tri? ?r.r ?ur V? I ?< a> ' ?.ai <"a i'S I t???0 IJC K?. M l??J ?H !*?<? 4e tit *\ ?''' r ut. * * . . . uv IM new a* . ?*? H i?> *< i? a tec *? ??? M?< Mta*a<a M>H ?H *? at ?t*i vuti HA* .to Ms 1^?. M et^ Aa m ".J W 'aa*w? ? nrcaet w ti w Ct e? r oi mo do* An uroow By fbvM 4 Holme*? far t%e tank rmh ?f July 11, 1IM. ?i.oto ai , wa ft 7?x u k. cb., m wort v?. . n J 040 (la ft Chic K. K Co raal MUM ?'? M 4 OOo Ohio ft Mi** R. R Oo. ?o mort. 7'* W 4,000 Okta ft MUa K K Oo. W aaurt 3 ,??? Q*?. ft UiiMtoi R R. Co. I ooom? lift ....ft (.000 (la., H*a? k Paf R R Oo. M at 7'*, tloiMK tOO ladlaaapoli* ft Cm. R R llo .d.T bda . klil.ll .UCb, Hon k I ay . R R. Co 41* aartp M 30 tkara* I V.ri?4?oo * l*iiaftoa R. R. k lo?.. .M 60 " flollo'oouino A lad. " 41 24 ? LitU* Mi.ma "? M luo " ladtaaa Cawttal 'M4 40 '? Itru k ladlaaapoll* M *? ? 0*airaJ Ofcla " 46 ?.<?' >< Mad Rioor ft laka Kria * 16 " Iod k fMIafaatalsa " 64 ?-W " t ta., lUr k lad. " kiot...4 160 " < in K Cbie. " ft lat ..10* 34 " laduufolu k (la. " 4IK 60 '? r*<0?. k lUsiltua ?' * 20 " (aiumhu* k Xaata " M :? " N Aloaay k Salam ?? U 16 * tiayti* A WaaWra ?? I?k 10 '? (la , Hon a Haytaa '? tt Jl? '? OfclO A M aalaa.ppi ?? t ial....l?K W " " " ?' ft tat. ...I* 66 " " " " ft (at... .Iff* IJ* k lat ...U ;! t Ito <? * l-t |# 60 " former*' IWak o( Ky at. du |fs cirr thauk aa.Hoar. IftJDAY, Jul/ 13.4 I' M. Aaitim ? 8aJa? of aoo bbl*. of pol* won mad* at (4 64. Bwuoarvrm ? Kfour -Th* atikai for coaata f ra4aa waa dull, ui! eloaod a wo< rim ot BS?a. a U?i? par bbi d*cllaa. TktMlH footad up about 6, 0U0 a T 444 bbl*., iaelallaf commcu to cbolro rttato ot 41 41 o 44 0'iS. 4ad aitra Oo. at 4*16 a 4**1 oa4 4t?, o'tol to cbo oo Woatara, M IJ o 49 JO, Caaadiaa (l?0ii b tit.) at 410 a $11 12 lor tb? whalaraaaro, ftou tb?ra (at>>? 444 bola.,) aold ot 410 37 0 410 70 roc fojd to ohniro. ul ? II o 41'/ lor taacj oa4 oitro quol't>oo, *(tro >>xmM llotir tonRoU fron, 41 1 o ll'i 7b. Wkoat ?ai liiitirl. 4to bu*h>la pr<m* Upoar l.tao ooU ot 42 'J6 oolt lot Of cfaotro vhlto Ml bigtu a* 4i 60 Coro? Taa i?Ua OB>brac*<l about M.OC" ? 4< ,0"0 buoloU W?>U-o m<io4 at WOe o Vie for * iiD'5 low. tlx maraat rlowl ratbw doll Rja? >'alao of i>0lw>lnU m atlo ot II 46 a 41 60, which wao loiror. ()ata waro >ju>ot at Aio a (Me. for MaV ltd Mo<i?ra. CVtmn.? About I 4"0 baf* Rio wa?o aold at 9\e * 10\r , oad 3' 0 do Jomoioa ot f t (?ftT>i* ? Tb? aa'a* rooeood about 8.000 boloa, eLulag at abaut ^e. a ?*e , ad*ao<w Wa <)?mo aii<VllLa( *p laod* ot aooat lie. oad Nov Orl*oa< 10 ot l?H? Kaaidim ? Ratoa woro dull aod nlht'iii lifol. Mooao k>t* of DrtlJi waro oa?a(o1 lor l.iforpo*l at 7 324. a VL 'or oncompofM-l aad 10,000 buatala if cirm. Oa bulk, at 24. ltirr? ?ia notbia* aaw to loada* or ka tha ? ontlarnt lutoo to lltm waro oaehaagod aai i|untaM?aa aoaaowbat uomlual IIat ? mbkII oa,?a for abipmrot woro malitB( at 41 44^ oad to tfea nty rvtall I rod a at 41 12 ? 41 26 laoa - f-ala? of 126 toa* hoakoh pig wot* aada at 484 ? ? aaontba Ui'i.*MH?a ? A boot 1U> bbU. Cuba faaaaorada waro ?old at iOe , aod 60 bhda. olayod do at 'i^tee. Navat. l^rtiajoi wora uuiat, aa>l qaotaUiaa at 4Cc a 40 for aplrlta, aad at axml 116a. (or ta ptt Mo Ibn daUrarad. rai>Tliuo?N ? I'ot k? tbar* wa* a apoaala'lra aor aad tha aalaa oa tba a|>ot and for future lalirif" toaehad about 3,000 bbla , taoludlac aaw auxa at 41* 44 a 41V 76, aad tin 60 for ao? prlao. laaludod ta too abo?n war* 6t0 bitla oaw aa-*a, dallrorabla to 34 daao. at hayora' option, at 1 20. Hoof uaekaarwl , aalaa a f 164 bbla. rouoUr |>rim? aod prima at old prteoa Uwt taaola wara aaaiar, ?al?a of about 100 pae*a?aa wora inadaat7l,' 6 6e (or aboaMora, aad at *Wa. a 14*. for hama lUonn? 4 000 lb* Waauira loaf al?ar ml* dloa at 10 He. l.ard aal'a of 200 t* <*on b?ia. at 14**. al(i\'e.. ladudiar bO bbla. pr ma klttlad raa?ar?d at uv? kin wa* qulat and aalaa aaimportaat. hncaa ? About 300 baf* ptmaata ??ra raid at p t , aad IMj ba(a p*pp*r at loi^e to lO^n. l-roiui eor Imurd aetlra. aad tba aato* of ('aba mea rorado r*o< bod a^out 2.000 b Ma eblefl/ at 6 a*S'. lo-iu<ai) in tliaaal** waro 'JW <o Cuba, at I ai>V#? HO Co Naw Orloaa* at A?. a ?Sr ? aad luO do I'arka Kieo at Oc a B Tati'iw ? Aboult fiOO It* Taaaa wara aoM at 11 eaaka 4a ab Ion *ii?> Wa a</Uft* a ftK>' Aamau4 for aH fra4a^ wttb aalaa ?>( M,m? aiVaat of *p?a ab H i hUla K*m turk J at k ';f a 1 1 >.e . 4. "J bb'a Havana at 2te a 4*e , 32 Utla Vara *t 34e. ?0 bhl,. Ualta at 26lir , ii bat*. Marart at lOr. 2J'.? eoaoa Nwllaaf at 4H*. a 13a. Wiii*Ktr ? Til* Mi^ply oo tba martat wa* !l(%4 Hokota dimaadx (It , wklla liaror* w?ra ^ |a< urtr 4l< , at abirb 1 U( a 2'M) b'lla. wora ami W k i Iiurlt* tU? pr*'?et waok a?l?a hat* (ia?a k*kt, tut w tkaut aa) tar.at.oo ta prteaa. Tha ar'taatt of llowj'forj h'Hj M4 <a*/? ar? I uaili aorao* iw a*M<rtiag aa,f *r a iitg la aa'irlpat.oa o> tha aip>?to4 damand oh^n tha woala ar* In a aaloabio raa li'lua V* udm **a?ral nrteo* eurroat tbla dau. fiL 1 ? in mm M aioay flroea, lb at 3*e a 4.e , full blo?l ru*rtaaa at 37 r ? :>v i, and ?, blood a*noo at 3 It a l?a. Batlr* aod Vi bk?l o.ft no at 3' e a >11' oatra p?l?4 at 32r a 34e aupaiUir pullod eoantr; ally a .tlx: . He. I pu Ik! oanalr; at 'Mr a S6r Fariirlaa, waabad. *4 SAe a VAe . --oath * mortea, waabad, at 1 U a 14a , 4a aa?aakad. at 4e a Ve , houtb Amartaaa cord, waabad. at '.Or a i'le ifrl-a*. uooaabod. *t Uc a If 4* waabMl. at llir a R< e ; hmrraa, uawaabod, at IJa a 14e. , do , waabod, at 2.V. a Vx. . Matieaa, aswaakad, at l2e a 14r Kb mil / Marketing. iota il rsicM 01 >i?i? raubtrc* at W4i?t*<ma ?f?? The folu.wloj It a lilt of thm prloa* of lb* uNt >?(? UhlH, n?h, fro It, butter. ebMM. kt , ft* , m flraa aa I./ tb> prlaelpaJ Iw tn In Waiblaftoa MutX ? M1AT4. ?aaf? flrlota, roMt. par lb 14 4 M R*>, ro*?l, pr :ca* . . ? ? II Rib, eback 14 a 14 fefWia lUtli U a l? I'orWrbouM aUafe* ? a M Hnaip Hiu. .|U riataa aad a???U rnraad 14 a M lb MmMaa, par careaaa l4Bt ?? .. " par 'tuariar V?al " ?aal, fnra qaartara " Hln l f|aart*fa " ?aairatUu ?' Ctrl- Krnk par lb ....... . llama. aBofcad, par U> (UtoaUan " *Maa, ?? IM?, plefcial, " JawU, - baaf, ?? laa <afM. Hoi<*aa 4a '? Trtpa, " l?M, ?* _ rot-Lrmr nt i?a Tartaya par lb 13 ? U Dull. Ubm, par pa it | to ("hlrkra*. par pair ? 41 U M ? 04 II 0 74 It 0 10 0 U 0 ? ? ?7 VovU, b ? t??a 40 1 ? Rob >.? p?* <?>.? Wotdaatt, ft in rum. f i**b ?*)?'*> p?? It bmoa?4 44 Ha*? par lb , ?unB.b ?? ?... rub ?? . fMrb?ra|. " ... Mali bat " <??!?*. " M.irj^aa " , . Kate, ?? T -4ty* i.'4fl ' ' ........ I'orilaa, ? -alt winn par IP Halt >ba4 ?? har,..?a4 hallkat '? ... WilnMifil " . .. . . N.n.'.a ?J.'l V uf .aa par tb *??<.??>* iM, *,???! ?alta?a, par naa . , Ha>'<b*4 Hlata par lb... .... I*j -<44 at, .. .. tur 1 rt*?. O/a'-ara- ^rta???' bay, pat I (Mi . , . Tlrpia a .... Utai -Tif. ??> try |?r \f, liltwaar*, " pa? la .... 1 raU pit *ot . . 1 Tt I C* ? tl 0 31 6 a* 6 M ? ')? ? II ? 4 ? M ? <M - ( t M ? 04 U It ? UK 6 I# 9 II 0 ?* ? ta t 44 0 )? ? M ?MM ? ??? ? M I ?? ?. Pal aVoar, aar balf ??t *>.'"a r?4?, par bbi " K mWi irairi, par bat fi?rtn ,4a par bal . Lkif par*.. . ?"V*< mmU.* aa?, ym bW wm4 * ? wiiavwr, ?*?, aa? <M MM b?/ park ? ? ?* a ar 4m U?..? M, ra4, par baV ^<1 . . Hi"f ?abbaf? had, pat ha-k>l par b?a?h <itv t* ?? oaab forvaipa, par bb, ? ? ?? u a f ar ? ? ? liiMpMi par , ???? >l<*r run ? ?atra.b ba<f ??" liai I < ? f?r ba?'b . . |U^M>a?, par ?????. .... ?v'par* tiaaM. K^ata b4V pa?B .... H.Uf ?4?b.. Ii?*??" I t <M i M ? U . * ?1*? ? It ? M I M ? ?? ? ei ? M ? 14 ? M Tt 4 V4 ? It 0 14 ? M rwm. ftori'rb?rM< par hit ? i Krrrtar par lb.. ? M ' naU ?? 4 '* pa* ?**#?' ... 4 It ? aaiarr'.M, [? ? barb 4 14 p?> ?. ? ? par ? .... 4 M .... 4 M .... ? M 4 ? ? *4 ? U M 4 It I U 4 14 0 4* 4 l> 4 14 4 11 4 14 4 14 b I >M 4 14 4 44 4 U 4 U 4 ? 4 44 4 M 4 14 bb 4 44 ? 44 1 4b 4?? I 44 0 44 ? ??H 14 II 4 44 4 14 4 44 4 M 4 44 4 14 ? m 1 ? I 44 4 44 4 44 4 M 4 44 4 74 4 44 4 14 4 :f K 4 44 4 ? 4 74 04 4 14 44 if I 44 4 44 4 14 4 44 4 44 4 44 4 14 ? 14 ? 44 ? ? ?ir

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