15 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. I WHOLE NO. 6896 . SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 15. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. Religious lnuiligvnM. ? SBBB0N*. Got. Leonard Bacon, if. f> , of N?w Havea, wil' (reach In the Church cf I e Parttaiu, Ualoo square, tbia morning and ev^nieg Rev.fL HartweH.ot Obieago, will pr?achlathe Dnane street Church, n?->?r H ><1* m ?tre?t, this evening. Toe pa* tor, R v. L H King, will preach In the morning and aLern-'ti. The Ingathering ot Ih w', f<w the redeimotlou of ynland body, to ent r to o 1ife ternal. will be fteacbed this evening, at ?1cT ck, >t toe S*nctoa Jy, 108 First street. The eleventh of a ser?? ?f dlnsoareee to the young will be delivered b* ? p??tn? in the Re formed Dutch Church in Twenty tMrd street, this after noonn, at 4 o'cl ck w ? l?j?? Ti c Loss and Gain of every true C^n t'*? Rev. Alexander Strain wii pifa<vi in w-.tminster church. in Twenty-seoiid sweet, ? 1 s morning and alteracot". JPFOINTMSNT8 OF TUX PR VfKSTANT EPISCOPAL 'BiSBOP. To Day ? Forenoon, at ?*w.tfpirt; afternoon, at Xlnderbook. Monday? Forenoon, at Cvakee; afternoon, at Armenia. Ttbsbay? Forenoor, at L t ig a; atternoon, at lleaiant Valley. Thubbday? Forenoon, at B^kaao; afternoon, at Pater- on. 8attb?ay? Forenoon, at Lo'er R^d H<>ok ? con secration; afternoon, at Annnndal*. OaDUtATIOMH. The ordination of ?f r. ft. R rvnuen as pastor of tie Phillips Orthodox C >oRTetrat<oa%l church, in Watcrtown, Mass.. took plans on .he 11th last. On Sunday, July 8 Bi^op Johns, at Alexandria, ordained J. J. Sands, of Vi'sinis, as a priest of the Episcopal Church, and coofl med eleven persons. Mr. A. O. Johnston wasorra*nsd as a foreign mis sionary by the Presbytery of Ohio (0. 8. , on the 12th nit. He is a late graduate of the Western Theo logical Seminary. IJTVTTATI ONS. Elder Joseph 8. Waltoall, of Richmond, Va., has accepted the pastoral oare of the Pint Baptist obmch, Newborn, N. C. Sev. Meriwether Winston, ot Norfolk. Va., and a native of Richmond, hue aocepted a call to the paa tcuhip ot the Second Uapust church of Savannah, Qa lev. J. II. Marston, of Portsmoath, N. If., has revived a unanimous iDYPau >n to beoome :>astor of tb? Free will Baptist church, la B o >kfield, S. H. ?lev. James 8. Bosh, ot Saratoga (Springs. has ac cejted a unanimous call t necoroe the Unctor of Osce church, In Ora. ge, N. J., and has entered npn the discharge of bu pastoral duties. Rev. Samuel Pettos, Ju?., late of Billerlc%,has a vcepted a call to becora* the pastor of the Uaitarian Hoiiety in Chicopee, Mass. Che 6evi<nth chur h, Cincinnati, of which Dr. Lad was the pastor, has giv-n a unanimous call to Dr Krebe, of New York city , to became taeir pastor lev. N. P. Burt, of 8pn 'gfl'-id, OMo, bat acceot edtbe call to the pastorate of the Franklin street Pnebyterian church, Baltimore, late Dr. Plumer's. INSTALLATION. the installation of the Rev. Dr. Kennedy took pliceattie Sec :md street Pre*byiertan Ciurcn, Troy, on Wednesday evening, llta iust Herraon preached byB?v.-Dr. 8f>r*gue of Alo* y. lev. Frederic A. Rose, D. D., was Installed pastor of the Presbyterian churci la Uuntsvxlie, Ala., oa lb i 24 th ult. KKHIONFK. lev. C. P. Cooper, tbe wt ?nicil pastor ot the lfifaodist church iu UilUdoevills, Qt,,ou tineu com peted to retign bis charge oa ac oaat jf ill health. lev. Henry D. M' ore, pa*'or of the North hurch II Portam uth, N. II., has tendered (be rea'guatio i 01 bis pastoral ' barge ? bav.nu been led through th dection of Providence to comnit nnn-en t j ano tier Sel l ol putoral and miois'eriai labor. Rev. John A. Kerr, one ot the profeae >rs in the iY&ale College ot Petersburg, Va., has resigned. DISKIiMSB. Aev. John Waighwas dismissed from the ow tf?al charge cf the Pre*by?er.aa ch*'irco In Staqaoit, |. Y., at the late meeting of the CJtica Presbywry. Ret. B. F. Millard h?s wvo dismissed from th Jgtoral charge in Naples, N. Y., by the Presbjftory Bath. Rev. A. E. P. Perkins has been dismissed from lilllpeton, ltaas. Rev. Benjamin Jndkins, Jan., hat hern dismlined 8 the First Cocgretcauo al churo in N-tatucket. v.Charles Rockwell has bean dismissed f?om an, N. H. Rev. U. W. Condit has, at his own request, been 4 unlwed from the psstoral c*rs of the Coaerega 1 mat cbnrch in Lyncfleld, and h*s accei>t?>i a call 1 beccme u as tor of a cburcn m Deerfield, N. II. DEATH* IN THE MINISTRY. Rev. David W. Miller, of Bridgeharnoton, L. I., fed on the 28th nit., in the 2Hih year of bis a<e. On the 29th nit. the Rev. Mr. Stedman, ot firans ?Me, arrived in New Albany, lad., to mettan ap lintment to preach iu th? Bank etreen iu tut bnrch on Sunday. Mr. Hw<in?n. however, wm uddenly taken ill with a disease clonely resembling holers, and on Saturday mort kg, f >ur huurs from be time be was pttack ed, died. Rev. O. B. Powell, pastor of the Congregational faurch, at Fort Atkic?nn, ws.s drowned in the lock River, on Monday, 2d iastaut. He was in the i^ater an hoar before be was found, fls leaves a hie aLd four children. ! It has been frequently aonounced that Rev. Klexander Campbell, of Babmy, Virginia, de based on tbe 27 'h nit. It w** Dr. \l;xinder Umphell,oi New Orltais, who died, and not tbe Mrginia prelate. Bev. Robert G. Armstrong, a member of the orth River Fresh) tery. and formerly pint or of tbe resbjtcnan church iu KisakiU, died at Newburg, ti the 2lst ult., aged 61 >es's. NKW CIltTKJIlEH. The Baptist chmca at Ould Spring, Putnam Kinty, New York, ?as dedicated to tie servi ;e of mighty God on Wednesday, the 27ih of June, he Rev. E, L. Msgoou, D. D.,of New York city, ?t ached in tne morning. In the afternoon toe idience was addressee by Itev. Mr. Backus of *w York, Rev. Mr. Bail?rd, or R<m1 Mills, and Rw. r. Scott, ci Newburgb, followed with appropriate mark*. In the evening Rev. A . A. Corey, of New crk, preached. On Sunday, Jul* 2!ith, the new Baptist Meeting us; mar Mt Crawford, V will be d?aic%u-d. -v. Messrs. Rice, of Staunton, and Ringsford, of , 'esandria, will officiate. Oa the 4th Inst., tbe new Presbyterian church ia ! itdmont, Va., was dedicated. Toe boa?e was fill to overflowing. The Rev. Stenart R <bin?on, of iltimore, preached tbe opening sermon. The aew church edifice now in process of erection ,i Bel.tngh?m street, in Chrises, Maas., by toe 'onot Bel. Ingram Mstbodlst Society, is so tar com neted that the congregation wi.l hold tbeir regular harch services In tne vestry of the new baiiding. The new church edifice of tbe First Orthodox 'v'?n*fegatlonal Society in Somrrville, Mww., w?* tublicly dedicated on Thurs ay erening, July 12. o, ly appropriate religioua services. The consecration of St. I.uke's church, In Port ad, Me., took place on the 10th lost., with the sal ceremonies of fiat denomination, in wbicb or bishops assisted. A highly appropriate sermon ia preached by Bis bop Bo gees. The comer store of tbe Second Dote*! ''iiurch in < beccctady, waa laid on the ito inst., with becom ig cmtnrt ies. The pastor, Rev. I. G. Daryee, lade a ? Uvraeot of the affairi* of the c bnrca, and ddraaes were delivered by Dr. Wyckoff and I?r. 'Ishar. I The new Baptist cbnrch on Cedar Run. about I i ?lies south of Culpepper Court House, Va., wai Indicated on the 1st last. I Tbe aew ediice erected recently tor the am of ?e First Presbyterian church on the oorner of ?ree* and streets, Bsltimore, was opensd ?r Dime service on the 8th Inst, oq which r -anion the dedication serviees in t>* morning was | nductei by R'v. Dr. Bo.'d, of Wlnciester, and in I e a'teraoon by Itev l>r bmith of Washington. Tbe chapel of tbe Western Presbyterian charch Washirgton, D. C., will be dedicated to day. The new edifice of the 1' rst I'resbyterian cbnrch ! Sacdn?X\ Citj.o.. wa^ dedica'ed oa the 27th ult. I is chn eh was orffanKed two and a half year* I te, compcaed at fl ft or twenty six members from Con(ir*gatlopai cturcQ. Hbe osw ed flee errcte?l by the Presbyter an ?irsh ia Bridgeport. Cena., ef which the Rjv. Dr. He wit to pastor, w*li tut dedicated by leave of Providence, on tbt> 8u? of annus. n<xt. misuklianpol-s Jtfr. D. Herron snd B v. <*? Oalrierwood, of the Reformed Preet?}terbtf< chur ft, bsing ?b mt to em bark for Northern India. ? fare veil nmaiooary moKiBg w>il be held wtib toem on Sabbath nest, 16?D met.. m> ha)'' putt 7 o'olMsk P. M., in the First Reformed Presb} tartan ebn-co, Twelfth street. ( B*v. ]>r. M Leod'a.) Tbe miealonaiiett and others will addftm thf neeting. The Bod day school at ached to tbe church of St. Cbarlra Bo/tmeo, Brooklyn, will have a pic nic on a grand seal* on Trursdsy t e 9;h ot August uext. Tfce Bev. Dr. Bat d, la'e Corr> spending Secre tar? of the Aiert an and P reluu Carlstian Union, sailed on WeTwdt; io tbe fc*ams ip Balds, on a vi it ?o Western ?u-< pe U> b-ba f of that society. H. anil visit tbe orv- r?J mit-sion*, and also attend, a? a delegate, the gr atn>seitog >f the Fronch Evau gtl cal A li-tce, t> b?- bsld in P w on the 23- of AiikUMt. 7 hi- will cloee his official connection wi b the cociety. Besides tbe two Gceral Assemblies, there will be held lti New York n*xt Hay tie General Synod of tbe Associate K-f<>rm?u Presnvtertan Church. The General Assembly ?f tie Reformed Dutch Cbnrch will meet in (Jtlca, N. Y-,a'. the same cima. Bev. Ro-well D. Hit bo k. now Collins Pro fessor of Natural and Revealed Religion in Bowdoln College, has accepted the appoio moot o' tbn c air of Ecclesiastical Bistort in tne Lf 'ion Theological Seminary; lie will ent?r upon i-adutieti at the open ing of the Mb in September, Tbe new Methods, Seminary at Binghamton is cr-mpte'ed, and Rt-v J. *>. Armstrong, of Fulton, N, Y bes be<-n Mectec Prmc nsl The American Battle*. Missionary Union Ii now ctrba rasaed with a debt <t ft it 000; the expend tur?s Isst year exceeded the nuome 932 000. A liberal donation to t e Massachusetts Home Missionary Sooety wai m de the past week by a i u. Known p-rson. Tre umou.t was 15,000? the largest sum ever given by one individual to this ob ject. The anniversary exercises o' the We?leyau Uni versity of Mlddletown wil, be held on tbe 2!)th, 30th, and 31st Inst., and the 1st ot Auqnst. The gi aduat ii g class nimbus 28. Tbe commencement exer c ats will take place on Wednesday, the 1st of August Rev. Dr. Scott recently requested bis church in New Orleans to unite wit h him in asking a d'.stnl* su n. in order 'o go to California, and it wns unani n ously refused. Among thirty six nersots admitted to the ortho dox churcn of 11 v. Huobird Winsljw, at Burling ton, Vt., on tbs 1st it at., were two converts from Bomanum. Tbe contributions of tbe Orthodox oburehei in Boston to tbe Ameiioau Board t n the year wete as follows:? Mount Vernon churc'i, $5 531 34; Essex Street church, $4 501 60; O'd South church, $.1400 87; Central chu oh, $3,400; Park Street church, $2 923 18; B >wdoln Htreet cau ch, $2,001 85; naletn htreet church, $1 823 26; Shawmut church, $722 91; P'ne Street church, $573 43; Pail lips church (Bomb B stor, ), $556 28; MdveHck c l urcb (E-st Boston), $540 26? total amount, $26, 488 30. Tbe amonni >ast year wse $24,532 13, show ing an incrrase, notwithstanding the dnll times, of nearly $2,000. A law for the establishment of separate schools In Uj i*r Canada for tbe Roman Catholic inhabi tants, which was recently i aswd by the Provincial Atseoibly, ia exciting bitter discussion in the news papers. The cotrm'fsioners of tbe Alabama Methodist Conference, in rela ion to tin looftti m of a college, met on thn 4th lust., in Summerfieid, in Dallas county, and determined to lie tte two institutions ? one at Gteeotboro', Greene county, and one at Au burn, Macon c.unty. Over a hundred thousand dollars have been subscribed for that purpose at both i'OIl ts. Thus lias beeu amicably omprjmiaed a mailer which has earned much feeling at both 1 caltties. ^Bishop Mcllvaice.of Ohio, baa Issued a pastoral letter to tbe congregations of his dioceaa with refe rs! ce to p:a,er lor an abundant harvest. The B shop a'ao reminds Christiann that the time to prny to before an a ?orehended evil comes, rather than when It baa c? me. From the July number of the American Baptixt MrmotMil, w? Rfciher ihn follnwti g statistics re soectug the ciuduton ot that church in the year 1654:? In A absaa *2<t:e were M It.y. st ass >cta tion?, ?i39 congrepa:iOi<fl, 340 i.rdal ed ministers; 4,156 b*pt)?ms touk p ace curing tbe v*r, anl the avitit'Baie linmb' r o> membeis was 46 (160, In In aiai a, the Af?wiorta/'< statistics rive 28 asaociv ttors, 458 congregations, 2l'j rrdalbed ministers, 22 447 murders, and 2 808 baptisms curlogfhc year; but tte returns axe inomolfte. Over 30 as* ciattaDs. in addttb.n io tbrse included in the table have rot been beard from for years. The F.iie Conference of tbe Methodist Kpisiopal church mat at New Cas'le on tbe 12 h inst . This Conference (mbraces the entire W>*tem Beeerve, V tte of tf e western comities of New York, and levtial of tbe western counties of Pennsylvania. Bev. I>r. Sebon, Miss onary Secretary of the Me thodist Episcopal Church Scciety, is prcachlag ia Lynchburg, Va. Oar Key Wnt Correnpondrnrc. Kky Wht, July 7, 1UI. < llnriims WraiKrr and Healthy S*i Brerza?C<l>bratinn of (lit hturlk of July ? Grand I'rocetnon ? Tht Milt lary?Tkr Oroli-m ? Tht and ! A' Ai ilkry Practice. For the fortnight bm^ tht w?ggher hut bM>o tb? theme of convtriatujpavnry cirtf( (t hit been mit* nidcent ? gloriou*. SMh a cunatant , uninterrupted ?uo ceeMon of generous "trade*" ?ti nev?r before known it thin hihd of the year. The wind hi* not reined blow in? a good, itrong, bracing breetn for I moment. Th? <ky bw been overcaat, ind fre-inent ahnwer* hive ta nas ad the temperature, Invigorate! vegetation. and add ed a pleaaant feature to a climate already perfect. Taere 11 a charm about the climate of tbe*e dmtint h'?yi that make) on* regret to leave them. There 1j no hour of the da/ thitt the Boat delicate and neneltive eanaot go abroad, and, with the ahelUr of a I'anama, brav* the tropical mn. At night theie i ?, if poaaltde, leea danger from expoaore, free and unconatraiued, to m/ ehangea of the weather There i? little dew, no peetlleptial miuama. no polionoui txhala'.ion* from decaying ?'ji tation to taint the night air. The window* of our cham ber* are left open to woo the hree/e, an<! at all nei-oni ind at *11 time* the ilr of heartn 1* found pure ana la vigorating, and no on* need be afraid, be he atranger or citizen, to inhale it. Gar population hare not been *o taken up with their *u;erb climate a* to hare omitted celebrating 'he birth dny of ladepenilr noe That dajr 1* held in ja*t eitlmt tion by this little eolony, on* of ttie outpo*'.* of free bom doing guard duty tcr the wb .1* I'nion? in p?tce, protecting tbe lire* and aavln* the pr?p<-rty thut m,? lort une ,ca-t< ^upon their ahore ? and in war guarlmg the honor o( their flag anpportmg the nary. A depot for tb?' army, a place of refore for tbe weak and de ftocelea* n.ercbaotman. It may he eame *.itl*f*?llon to the paople of tbe I'nlted Nlatea to know th?t the 4tb cay of July ?a* celebrated with enltinetaam at Kty W?*t There w?? a grand proceeeion no mean dlaplar ? but mch a ?ne a* ney cititen of tbe republic woula be proud of. There wa* a retacnraent of *app?r? and minora, a full company of the I nlteo tate* artillery, nffl;er? of the army and nary, foreign coniul*. civil officer* of the I'nitnd Mate*, a goodly number of the Sen* of Temperaace and a deputation of Maeon*, ami a crown of brave, *unit hearted patriotic eitlz*n* At tbe ebnrcb were already *e?emM?d the "wrecker*' daughter*'1? light* of the reef? beautiful beacon* of hidden danger* more alluring than repelling. There wa* a prayer ? a bunt of nunc- the lolemo Declara tion of In' epeodence feelingly read? another pair etlc ? train, *b>n the orator o< the rfay appeared, anil by a judirion* and eooaerratlre addre** mepired the an d enoe with lore for their cffuatry, veneration for tbe Calender* of ite lloertle* r?apeet lor it* lawn, end In creased attachment to and de*lr? for tbe perpetuity of tbe I mon Tbe cetemonlee of the day were appropriately finished by the bring by Major < hsee, comoianoer of VortT*y lor. of a aalute of thirty one guna, tbe Brat national falute ever givan I torn thi* fortification. Ihe manner In which the Feurtb wa* celebrated at Key Weet, the moet eontbern elty of tie roo'ederaey, aimo*t within eight of tbe mountain* of Cuba, and within hearing of the cannon of the Von provea that the flree of liberty een burn ae brightly under a tropical ton ie within the wall* of Faneull Hall her elf. Jrrwtf City Meera. Bont Forgo ? Tli# body of the man drown*! at the Cunard . oeka on Monday evening, baa been foanl It proved to bn that of Mark Ca*tro, of Kgg Harbor, a hand on board of tbe tcboooer lieauty He leave- a wl'e and eleven children .lu?tlce i.ar ;n*r viewed tbe body and cauaed it* Interment Ij<jr n? rnowrrmii*!.? Tbe following paraoni have bnao ernrtcted before lie' order Cotter, within a few Oaya, of aaUleg lienor in Jer-ey Ctty wliheo' a lieenee ? (?anialskellv.flnrd $2? and caate on a ?aeon.1 >ffe?oe, w" Gonldlag, t 0 and coeu, M.fhaal Ixaaaily. ,1< hn ( crrigaa and <>wen tic^eewaey, lack $14 and ceM Otkana ?f icw V?rK. Bkn.htow, Mokkok Co - Number ot inhabitant* 10 Ptnit dwtrlet on toe lm of .Irnwi, was 1,699 in the s?co?l o telnet 1 nor 111# who* ?Dubtr ia Brighton la l460f wee ii, 1 1 7 ? Idc reeee 382 T*>? turner of ncrea of wb?v sown id 1W3 ??? kM; tm?ho>3 barveeteo in 1864, IV, 14'/. Nvm -t-r ?ei?? Mil miwb 243 limbi-lt herreeled, 8,874. Ae?e? btrUj oowti 318; hushfli. b?Twi?t?<1. 7,fc??7. Airee et>r? planleti, hai'el? barvurted, 13,816 Aires po tetoee pleated '.'OH ; fci?t>ei:? bervoeted, 2.V*46. Ibe nv,?,ber of p>?rTi?(?? it ibe 1 ir?> dieuict lust year >u fciirtMO Monitor of iteutbe, thirt) one. Oneim, Maiiwon <U) ? I lie yopu utlon la 1.T34. O' these 87? a/' n>al?? and 869 fettaalee. Wuole camber ot deelliags lit 333. Wrnni-Nfi lIorrrrY. ? TK? c-dhu? of aeTaral town* in ?Wyom-V* county abow lb* following tlgurea. ? 1-56. 19(0. Gaiaavdle 1, 7?Wt 1,760 it?Rl? 1,370 1,381 Caatlla 2, *46 2,446 l/raigev le 1 440 1 428 Tfce riling* of Wyomiag coataiaa a population of 378. ttlCKI-HkT ? Joi?fV FiUOj r. ViL dt Sv'b. First district 2,879 2,216 3, 216 Xeceod ?' 8,1 60 1,644 2,044 Third ? .... i.imo 1,960 fourth " 1 350 630 630 i'ilth ?? 2,91(5 2,489 2,547 Tctal 13,370 8,0.19 9,397 Cenru- of to* a la 1R60 ...12,223 la reeie 947 Census of Tillage in 185J 8,851 Increase 636 Rocti??tmi.? Tbe Adn-rtuer nil that from Intllcatioaa a applied hj returns from sersral of the wujs in the nty, it ta probable Ibat its aggregate will fall short of Ibe fO.nu antlcipa'ed by p aay an about the Hgure which lb? general touting wi/a'.<! show. Tbe Third ward ha* a papulation of 4,420 ? a itecreane since 18*0 of 62. Kybamkk. ? J 'npv J s7 im Piiputfi 'ion. \ First ward 3,1.96 Sixth ward 3,2'ifl Seciod " 3,450 Seeinth " 4 Oil) Ihlrrt ?? 2, IM Eighth " 2,164 Fourth " 4 142 .. Fifth " 2-166 Total 25,085 PliTftAM tot nth - -Southeast, l'attertnn and Kent are the ony Iiwbh ful'y beard from. As comperel with 1 the cecnua of 18!i(), the result (a at follow.v ? 181S. I860. Soutbeaet 2,171 . 2.079 l'nttsraon 1,423 1,371 Kent 1,639 1,667 Total 6,133 6,007 Town ok Fi.ouxnck 0*m<* <}ot'HTt. ? ' The number cf dwellioga io t>e town ia 496; Dumber of familiea, 616 populatou, 2,HM nuuiU'r of mali'H, 1 , 6'">7 , number of lemalea, 1'44. Ibe ui.aiber of rot*M in M6; nutire, 298 ; Daturaltvd. 218; ah?na, 337 Peraono over twen ly oni' jeara of ag? wbo cannot read aul write are 276 Ibe number of deatha during the year w*a -0, marriage*, 31. TOW* OF PORTKR, NIAOAKA COUNT T. Population 2 616 Miotic 1 Helen 1.361 Deatha, year unding hrmalt-e 1 .216 .looe 1, 1865 40 Ci'izena by birth 2,i 59 Mialea 19 Foreigceia fc6" Keniale* 21 NatiTe Toti r* , , , . . . 418 Murri?d 12 Naiurali-ied Totera... hi tV'idovml 2 Aliens in&)t 4.i# Single 24 Stale alltna orer 21 . . . 157 Arerag" age 27 1'er^oua owmog land . 823 Marmgea, year end Over 21 unable to read ing June 1 19 and write 1(9 ATtraae age of laalea. 29'; Blind 3 Kema'e* . 27', Intane 1 Inhabitant*), town. , 2J l)?af and dumb.... 2 l a'uc iif Chun hrt uml and Xt. M< inkers. I'rvahytemn 16,500 Membera 300 HethoUiat 4,608 " 65 " 2, tOO '? 70 Weileyao do 2,600 " 60 Poman Catholic.... 2,000 " 160 Paptint 3,EOO " 69 Methodist a, 100 " 70 ?UK, 300 704 Wheat baivcited Id Iiay out 2,0;t3 lhf.4, acre* 1.222 Nua^or ton* cut . . . 2,01a Buthel* hatveatad. .80 883 llutneu Juno 1, 18&5. 873 Corn planted 1,11!' ?*?> 160 1 Butbela barveetod. .37,146 Cu?m Potato** planted.... IM Other cattle over 1 lUiehela barveeted.. 0,lttf> yrxr 680 (tat* eown 4 AO Hheep and lamlii.... .%368 lSu?hei" barveited. .11,775 The Troy 7V?iri J* informed by otic of the (>n*u* Mar attain. that duriag hi* peregr mutton* ha diaeovered a married la<*y, aged teenty una )<? ?r?, who bail (our <-bll dten, tbe e' teat of whom boaated nix xumuiera. " (Jo It whl e jou t? young ." " Mate bay while tbe nan chinas What a brilliant example to the rialng gene tation! A f K4TTTKE OF TUB CKNX rg. ( From the .Wbauy >r*ua, Jul/ 14 J From the cenaua return* which we Hod la oar *x change*. ?? notice many ioittano** where the p?pula t on I an deireawl la agricultural town* We auapaet that Ibia will pro re a pret y general cbarncteriatio of tfcg pMBMia W population n IM old aar.let rural ilia tiicu which lie belioml the neigl.boibood of citlea and vulafp*. It ia not difficult to undaratand tbU proce-e, ami it baa appealed in our former cenaua ?3B '.hange* lu the eirruu nanre* of familtt*, a dvelra to a?ek an otl er locality CI to engage la a difterent occupation, farme are ot ronrae occaaioaally for *al*. Aa It in ar corditg to human nature, aa developed In agricultural ll'e, for a man to dtaire te "own all the land which jolts* b;m. ' a neighboring farmer, wall to do in the world, willi a few tboaaaml dollar* ia caab laid aaide, rauVe , the pun liiiiea, and enlargea the area of hi* farm in? cpetationa Tbi? prc?*? ia Mtealily gutng oa to the m-tilrta remote from cltlca aad village*. and t-aua tbe farma ere conatontly growing larger and the population leer. Tbe Inducement* u> emigrate to tiie cheap and 'ertile land* of the weat, bare iacreaaed the tendency to Una teault. Ia tbe raae of lan>l* lying near a city or large village, tbe lendmry ia rather ia tbe oppoal U direction. Mnall parole of land are In demand at high prii ea in -acb a locality for the uee of t burnt who. lor one an) another reaacn of pleaaure or Interact, deaire a r*?id>uc* aear a town and the farma^ln anch a neigboihood ara usually email and enatain a aretty num*rou* and. if the town ie tbe vicinity ia floor thing, a conatantly Increaalng papulation the great iactma of po|>olatir.n which thi preaeat caniu* will abow, will lie in tbe citle* atd village* while tbe agricultural town*. except in newly ??ttl?i dlatricta. ?ul turn out to bavo been atationary ot re trograding. We eipreaeed ti e opinion aome <lava ago. in a caaual paragraph tbat tbe pre-?nt popufat on of the ""tata would t>e el own by the reoau* to roach four million* Tbie ia a higher i umber ih*n tie paat ra'.ie of ii>rre??? would give, at'' It r..*y Irtt ton high We fouu led our et'in.at* frrj m:n h on tbe atatinient whi<rh baa bam mace that thei* ia *? mcreaee of 2.'>0,000 In tbaeity of Ntw Vora.witbln t|<-lait five year* The Iacr-aae in tbat city onriog tie p-evioua five jear waa 144,^22. Tbe fncreoa* in the vicinity of New York haa douhtleaa been very large 1 he incteaae la the jKipntat'on of th? -itate frotn 1W0 to 1M6 waa 17li,tT4, and from l"4;> to IHJ'J m< 4!?2 ?W. Tbe population of the Mate id l?>fi0 waa 3,007,304 The ratio of proyreeaion. it will be >een, baa (?een Increa log an<J although the paat rate of progreea would 'otre up to it, we are inrl oed to believe tha' our wipu leticn w'll be found to be little, If at all, abort of four nllliora ot aoole? <n* mi'llon mere than tb>' whole coo otrv nt mteteii at tbe data of our birth a? an iude penoect natloa ' UKC'4 KITI'f. ATIO*. 1850. 18U. Towna and citiaa prevloualy given.. . . 1&0.777 ln:,f.T? Hone h, Ml) 10/72 Three town< in I" tnam rounty...... 6,0? 7 6,183 four toKna in Wyi niing county 7,015 0,'.i|h Flora MO, f'ne'lc'a county 7.A7S 2,861 Mr gtton Moar<ia eouniy 117 ;i,4mi Hip'ey I han'.io?)iie county 1,789 1,70:1 -U'tican. ( hetitaui|ue eon o'y * n* i,m '?waaco, 'ay uga county.. I,2i4 1 ,.'f>0 ( uranria' li>qnrata> pi HiDKAr *.<r t 5**ow* Ma* ?v H*?oi*<t ? Coroner O'l-'onnell held an in<(ueet ye terdar, at -trjker'a Bay, upon tbe body of an uckaown man, who waa found <ua pended by tbe nect to a tree ia tbe viriaity of tfla ttr'et, North River. No clue could be obtained to the ''entity of tbe decea**<). l"ba Jury return*! a verdict o ealrlde by baogiog. Tbe decwaaMl wee ae*n wandering abr ut the epot by one of tbe rxndeata at rtryker'a lUy and at that time be appeared to be crary. rmL ii?tum iv XrutvaRT f-xaggr ?Coroner Wll helm held an In-iueat upoa the body of a little b<>y aged eight yeara. named Patrick Hraonlgau, who caaae 1 1 bia >'eatr. from fracture of bla akull, aad other Injuria accidentally rerelve>t by falling from tbe roof of th 1 ou?e So AO Mulberry atree* <"? tbe 8th inetaat. A aerdirt of acci^igt:! ?a'h ?a< laudeted by tbe jury Tbe deceaaed wa- a i t<> .f iieiand. Kii i.in ar Faun' i * * lioaaa. ? ' cronar Wllhelra alio held aa laquaat at No. 140 fluffolk a treat, upoa the body of a boy named Manuel Hand ford, who died from eotnpreeaion of the hrala aad other lajariee aacldantallf received ea tbe lutb inat , by falling oil a borea wbfb be waa riding In MufTiib etrwet. Tbe daaeaaad, witheut tte trawler je of ha perenta. waa In tha habit of riding a aelghbor'a horee, and it waa wbila in tha act of tbua aauaiog blrneaH that be raeatvad the ratal iajarim The decaaaed waa una year* of age, and waa bora ia New York. f>t m?a or as A <n? I. a or ? Yea ter day aftomon* an agad lady named Popbla Heott. romalt Ved auirtde at bar reaidanee, No. 7 Flftb atraat. by cutting bar throat wltb a nror. The dar^aaed bad bean derangad for eoae tsoatba paat, and It waa oaly a few week a ago that el** a t amp ted to deatrar ber?alf by jumping aat one the w ndow*. foroner O'/tonneli prnoaeiled to tha epot aal be Id an inqoeat upon tha ragaaiaa of tha daeaaaad. wbea a verdict of ? BolcVe by ratt ag be* throat wttb a raeor wa* rendarad by tbe jury Tk^1iu*>iH waa a a*bv? o' Fjtl**4, and waa 71 ;?ar* of age ?'II* ?atkcl'* BnpgcaMrt. Tb* feltowta |l|> copy of the < riginat agreement mat* betwaen M'lle Rachel and M Felix lU^hxt ? M'lle Uacbflwtll give for tbe account of M. Kettx Ka ph?e< two hua-ired p?rforma"C . t bo rendered, if po? ?iblo. ta the Unto U Dim month* Irotn the day of th* flr?t perfoimaj.ee, which i- ixad to toko place oo the Ar?t of* Pepttmber next In tbia ease, th? tormiaatioo of the prt>*ea: eontrar should be fixed on toe thirtieth day of November, I860. M. Raphael aba*] have hie choice wheic thste ifpreaeo'etioiu (ball take pKce, wbetbrr in the territory of ?ho I'ntted State*, in North and Sooth Amu- ca, aid la Havana Wile Rachel ran rtaign hor pa-t of 'he preaent con tract on the 3Cth May, lti jO, by announcing her inten. tioo eo to do one ronlb la advance to M. Raphael It 1*. heeevfr, nmieretood that M'lle Radial, In the event of tbe rupture o' thin contract, will return to Franco, with tl f exprr no condition that *h* will not play again la America or in aoy fomga oauotnei, until ahe ho* given to M. Raphael Fei'x la America, the Integra) of performance* *tip ula'ed in the preaent contract, and it ah all only be peiautted to her h play in I'ari* at the Comedle Francal** M'lle Rachel can dvmeo'l the rupture of thla cooWaot by paying to M ltaibaei Talis the Hum of .100,000 franc* M tami|M. In addltiin to thla, ahe ahall pay to M. Ftllx f,600 franc* for euoh performance remaining to be given, to complete the two hundred night*. On thoae condition* alone, M'tln Macho) can be free. In consideration of the above mentioned engagement, tbe aaut Felix bind* lii.naalf tn fnrnmh M'lle Rachel with two shsmbeimatis, to (ay the travelling aspenem for bnr and bar autte, te^.... Kraoo# to t n t'ntted auto*, and thence to North and South America and Havana M. I?llx bind* himiKclf tu pay all tbe etpeoMiH of M'lle H tchsl and her auite Theae expense* Include hotel charge* for board and lolglng* durlag the entire Urn* of the eagagement? tie lalnrie* of her chambercialda? a carri.se will be plaood at the.diapoHition of M'lle Kacheh in all the eitiea whore performance* will be given? the home* and m[ul*ita servant* are alio to l>o paid by M. Felix. M'lle Rachel, if ah? *re* lit to pay the expeu*i>* *p*c(. Bed in the *rtic'e 9. aball te:eite from M. Kelix 6,OCO franc* per month, in excbaog* for tlie re ea*e of M, Felix Iron the obligation to pay all tbe charge* above Mentioned. M'lle Rachel will receive 6,030 franc* per performance ? that 1*, tivelvo hundred tlmneand frant* for the tiro hundred night* ? beilde* whioh ahe will be entitled to four extra performance*, to be given for h?r benefit' the co*t of tbe rent of tha theatre, tli* lighting, *ala tie* of the employee will J* refunded by her to M. Ka phael Felix. Tbe *aid Raphael Fells bind* hlmaolf, to give to th? Mid Rachel Felix all gu&rantie* anilaatlafactory asm ranee* to insure Uie cartainty of IIj above mentions i payment*. It l* agreed between the contracting parties that tbe iiaid Rachel Felix ahull have liberty to play at *uch time* ;i* ahe ahall jndg* convenient for oharltable and beaevo ItDt parpo*oe, either ,n <laf performances or in concert*, but talely for the relief of the poor. It t* w*ll unler ?tool that these performance* bnlong to M. Kapliael Kelix, and that for them M'llo Itacbe 1 ctvnnot exact any indemnity. M'lle Rachel bind* bernelf to come to an am.oable ua demanding with the *ud lUphaal Kali*, that thos* per hi nuance*, concert* or nvuw, t iliUi <fc fu?n/ai*ance?,wtU not prejudice the performance! projected for M Raphael Kelix, v* ith whom tbn *aU ll irkil Felix will he bound to act In concert in fix lag the time an I place when th<Me performance* abail take place in the I'ntted Htatv*. K. Felix, on inch performance*, will be biund to furaiab notling except the aervloae of *n3harti*Uof tbe torn paay a* may be de*ire<l, 111* *ald llachd Felix bind* herielf not to play for tbe accooot of any person during all tbe time of tbe en (fakement concluded by her with the ?aid Felix lUph<t? ? tbat i?, two hundred p*rforuitoc.t?? exctptin^ fo charitable object*, a* th i? prevloualy ra-ntioned. M'lle. Rachel will travel, a . aforraall, at tbe oo*t of M. Felix Raphael, under the most convenient condition* pot"ible, and will beenti*le>l on railway* ami steam boat*, to tha fir*' claa* accommo-iation* If M'lle. Rarhell* pro*ecute<l io a ay aoart of law in e n?e.jui-or* of her <!eparlora t > Amerlea, afther by tbe Minlater of hta'e or by the ?'< i flair-* o' the (' >me<lie i rtn >i??, M Raphael i'elit wlii pay the < o?t* of ibe pto*ecution, and th* damage* to which M'ile Kv.bcl 0>ay be condemned. Our Waelilnj^toai < ??rr*B|M?inl?nre. Wr APHTSIOTOW, July IS, tfr.fl. I'ay'i S-ui' n of the Court of <'lamu ? I'relimi n arj t/urillorii I>i? mi-d- t Kr Cuur' t I 'mnr Oocr f If Kt'ordi in Ike t.y ?'<>?<? Dfar'tnenh ? <Aj>i*i.ri of Attarffy i a I Ou thing ? A'tmiwn tj AVvmei/i ? Inhma tons J rum the Ontr', <{<-. ( JV I be necond (a j '? ner alon of tba new Court of CUimn hen junt cloned after i> uch iIiecun?ion, but llttla pro *r??? in banner*. The eonrj room '<? crowded ?n-un with ettorocra, there being near one hundred praeeat fr< n nil the Jt* " ? - of the I n.oa. Tb*r ?rr" eworn la en atorteyn of tbe court, and tbelrnimen regularly 'I'wl on tbe roll. I noticed tb# closing phreneolsgy of the o?ib, e? e< mlnlntered by t bo clerk, required th?t 1)1*7 should "aupport the < onetitution of the I altivl HteUa unibrtbe peinn and peDaltiee of 5>erjur y." Thm ..?th could be taken with a great deal of nafety bj a la'ltu !> narlan, but a ntrlrt oonatruclioaiat ui ght lay himnelf liable. Coder fhlrb rule of 1 oa-trictloo t iuld an Id dlctment Ii?' Many preliminary tueatlona were nubmltted and die cuatcd before the court, auch ai tba propriety of a gen era' I'lrniiimr by tbe acllcltor when the rulen re.jiiira that be Khali atate hla objection* " Who would hold tb* affirmative, the claimant or acticltor in thaee pre llm aary quentlcna ? tb* propriety of parrolttieg tbe [ attorney to make the oa?b In particular caaaa matead of II a claimant and whether ail preliminary |ue?tlooe, incluil nst iorl?(*l' tion nhou'd not t? letilel before eaj > vii'enre 14 ordered to ba taken, and before tba attorney (Or the < la m?nt lilen bin brief ' After ? running din cuf?un by tha aalicitor, Mr. llUir, on tha one aide, ?n l \l<n?re hock wet t, Manton, fhenrtnan t nton antl.aw raocc, cn tlia olber, tha court took all tha p nata m? la under ?i nnldaiatioD. intll moroioK The f|ua?tlon a< 1o tbe p-<war of tbU cour' orar tba ptibile hl?? ia the laTaral drtpaitnanta >>f tba general jfo?i mn'rit ban l.>?n ubti' ti*?l by ."erretary M ,>llan te the Attorney General, atd tba ilik-i?ion of tha c#iurt on tbi. pclnt lia? bean poatpoawl for a day r>? two Vo ? n> Lie Mr Cuntilng to praaant bia ?taw?, -boul ba 1 ? Irf no to i!o. Tba rule adopted by tba court aa to tba a* dan -e. of tba qualification* f att-rneya, into uu>tine<1, thla morn lo 1 all tbone pre?eat In l>a ituro la ?itb tba oodtr-Un ting ttat thay wmld ' la tha pro per < Tidetcea Kill, a thirty ilaya Tbe atU rnejn from California ba<l ar?n a loo.er time allowed them The ' ourt ban ma le * decidedly farortbl* imprenal. n up n tbe l.ar, and Iron tta intimation thrown oat by the j?>'aen of tlialr detarminat.on to a<)?nlrlnt?r tba law in tb? name II e . ml ?pirit :n wl. b it w?? n a-aiod u, nnartad, lively bopea are entertained tbat Itn actio* will 1# promotive of tl.a great COO- of juatice, *ad that tha et ^ectatiopa of tka public wtll ta luily reallM?1 Judge (.lirbrlnt preatcea with ea?e an I dlgnitv and neam? per fe tlf at hama in lua oaw poaitlon I nball re pert 'o tb* Hiani.ii regularly everything of Interaet tranaplnag ,0 thin < o?rt. E INarlnr Affair*. i'.mAKKAatB f>ii-a mo* tot itimi- Hk? b?rk wan, Of llelUmere, on the pauage fr a. tba' cry for llio Janeiro, aome m> r.'bn be' k, aui'deoly npr mg * leak \i d 10 order toaare tba renaal tha Capta n >? <ra ip f r '?r.ambuco wt'-ra ?be*rri?a<l n,?. ng *?'>r f?<" , a>. wan :ir<nadlataly run agrotrn I to p-?r?a'. ner nlnaing 1 n n>arlniag bar the leak wnn found to pr eeed from a b> 'e In bar bot'om. tbrnngh wblcb a rarpaLlwr a chiael ?ctlog. It Win anreru ae<3 th it tl.? e(i!?el bad I ?ull.tolbe pump, wb?n tba rnwrel wei buildlag 'hiee je?rn befoie. and by tbe actios <A toe pamp bad gradually cblaell*4 a bole through tb* bottom p'analng, ?/,nr tncbaa In Ciam>ter, tbe eiact d.roenatoae of tb* Itn. p otlflce, Tba p!> a of plank, which la tbraa O'ben tbieh, ?i- cut '>ot atd wltb tbe cbi.el and tha plat* of copp*r, tb* jagged adgaa it which hat pr< m r?t*d tba cblrel f.*o? falltag through were b-oufbt on here an enrloeltlam by (apt IlinekUnf, of tb* ab.p I. K klay, awl abown 'o aa Hat foe the rem* it b*4eg able to raacb port >*h?n ihe did, ah* ? let ,iar,tab y bare fovndored, and bar fat*, like many an tlw oobt* U p, >awa probably far arer *arelop*4 la d .abt 1?? llnim,- Th* n'.aamabip Hermann. Cap! Iltg g.na, will nail ea H-.aOay, wltb 1*4 (a weagere aad ?W" MO la epae> A i?1iWob la ia eireu<aUaa la Tray pre; ? tba 0?*er IK( icwnaiU fluaaalacntf Vn Ki t, aaoa Jo ige I'arw "ee nr>4 Sharif rnoa ka*d lb* I >t ef a ga*r> It C?? eeerr* y ba ^etiVil ttal tbe p*a. Wea b* great* by Utliatittit. ThMln* ?M'BiHWmw. JUwI-AT T..KArm?-Tb? lr..h ' R'7 O-Mcr*. - la aelawtad for Menda. J"*"'0* ' i,ii ot Korr bj Mr WiUianio, katskaaB bf Mrr Wlj "Van" iVw.lakiw b, Mr Whit...*, Th. ' lectia.ee of O'KlanB'gan BBd tha *' ? Mr WiIIUm* a. I'hehta o'ri???ur?? rim .mmu T* site* of -'OnrUal ooaalato Mra Wllliama u ( arol'.aa llartco. a?U MahBlabla, a ??? kM (IrL . , Hoe ?kt T***rnr. ? Tba entartahB?enta given during ttl^XUTk at .hi. oM and favor'*. that If BWJItr. Mr Walrtro*. iti1ur*o to ra engaga **? w JatH /?'" KllDf,,,J whore i<tan>?t c ellorta wera ?raata* wlta lb- *PP?V" rfthr *#qB.ntar. of M>- tWra. Tb a dra?a or tba " WIUmt topee," and ?;u rcmintii jweeac.Uad Hate fceais?y" lor to marrow arming Niuo>i <U?u.? - The I jdo ana . Harrleon'yr* ?ftoup., wtuaa awaat voealUaUon hw ba?B t!>. mo.lcal t?opl? of Maw W aivening is the ?0B?cMB*a of the C?owb I ;?? ?v? j Mr. BinHii>D ?*? I >on lliiur^ui, *od * ? ? Vt*r1i><-a Thin opa-r* >* a favorite wath every 'J0*- "J"1 con., deilng that Mia* rjoawUl tk ?? ia wbicli ebe iluaplave all the SumUk al her art, w.Vbauldact ba .u.?M to ... th. tha.tr. crowded ?oo?'a Minhtem* ? Thi? cetepanv, bo m*"" *^*t t?ey .p..?r in M-em .? ba farorad iNtfc tba moat a*lo?; mve patroBage T?;??nw night l*ra ti'ftatbrr with a lino aaal.ctlou of negro naakxllea, will .? givoB. l'KMMAM'a Conrwf Ron** ? ' Iha \Ueghanlan?. a band composed of vary gat*! walUta, will ?'?? ? grand con c<?rt to moirow ??%.?>. an Peveral ba ?a?ti ul aoloa, duetl? and qaartattaii will 'o. K^Ttn by the company. Mr. T Hamilton ?The henellt of tt?i? gentleman, a irnnbi r of Iha Yoaai Mtn'a Dramatis A#eociallon w4U coma o?T at th? ?tro?iklyn M.ncim lo a few day*. Hclnl'et '? play of ?? Tha Itobbera" In nefcct.d for the oo carton. Sin KK4*cwt() C N. fcinclaU r>'orr?at) bat r? liB'iuuhpil tt>? iwaa^orot of tba Mi lW>politan On tlia ICtb i>( Juaa >b? Wl a fan>w?ll . banaflt. aiwt 1<mb? callnl out mail* a np*o?b. a* lollowa ? l.Ai'iiit and OK-NTUuaK.N?l hava ?? o'tan appoaroJ ia fi i? >ou to np.M my heartfulV tlianWn lor tha kind n< *? bv you ao bouulaeuily l>r?tow?l, tbat it t? impoa mbU lor ma uow to B?u a lit ?*pr*a-lo? wh rain t? enn l**?a to you that ilobt vf ?ratltuila which wor laca inot iii?cliHr^i' To 3i?lit clo??? for tbo prearnt my maoa Burial cir^r I ut??- :t ??ra*r Mmm*nna<t ?'<? *?tarnilnat)Ou, whmUl tare labond uncaaaingly to fuifll, ot untnu: e?er5 i?x*rt.4?n to af?|irovnl of tnU tlm loot! \i'"r.u irnblic in tb? world and although witaln the P??t f?v numlha I hare, in ?oinmon witn alo?t.?t every iuembor of tbia cominunity. aullara.1 irom Ilia dla axtroua atata of ah^ira, yat, wiiatarer may bo my afur fata, 1 aball ??ar ???" with ??altn*a of prida and plaa^ MH?, aith ian^laat matnory, to toa tliua I h?ro dotoU.1 bora To tho? wbo h??a laU?roil long an-1 arduou?ly with ni?, 1 would tako tuia o>'*?i< n lo aiprau ray ?ln cara tlanU. Tka ra. .dlactiou of Ihrvi klndn.aa la tra? ? urad >u mj larno-t baart, nad 1 can only tr .at lhay iray tnaUi? m? sua day to p.t.?o how will ii<ly I wooUl rociprojat*. To tliona wh<s ao?U>u? of tba actouraga inant aoieoufliiaaia with which you baya honors ma, bare co?id?r*d it their intrreet to bacomo uiy ?uaiuO-a, I can oal* typvu a womaa'a weapon? palioaoo. Ami, Sadie H in&tivmo, to ^ou, W>?one tinw ? JeAf 10 ^tr?? pa a aay Iouk'T. I maat unwllliafly and !?<(CT?t(ully r pvak that word, whicb, w*ro It lor the iaat time, fhtuU acarcily oara troat my "P* utt*f ~b,a* ?"*? v. ith a h?art otaiflowiD|| witu gratitude, with the hope that I shall ere long again hava tba rdeaaura of apoaar iDK bofora J< u, I moat n-?|paotluUy bi?l you-farowell. Mita J V I)a?aopo?t had a farowall baaeiU at tha aamo tliealra on tba Utb, playlnf Camilla and Utltla liar if ^ha took tla ataam?-r a?*tdaya?.l arrival In N> a York on loaacay evonlng laat. Mma Barili Ihorn had a eompllmantapy lienallt at tha Matrop'd'taa. wVb "VjnaBl" Waa *l?an Mr Itl.ley and hii i aona h?l ar-laad, ao'l w*ra ainouao?<\ to appear tvt the Matrop<di Ub. The t'allfornla Wialature baa paa.e.1 a law p#?i bibltlsg all "Bony ' and "barbaroua'' unuMm?ati o? tie Sabbath. Ma.k ba?a are atoppud uod?r tbn act, but the Iilalrlct /^toraat pronounce, tha i.ermaala coo ocrta aa l?-gal an<l aat coming wtlhm the ^andav erwolng amuatment enaotmeat. IharO n0***...*" \ ??ith.r"n? U y" aor "batbaroua, and wiU be con*ttU"d. to tba great joy o' all lovera of iuii?te In general, and the Ug'ibiar patroaa In particular. Mr F. M. Kant, a popular comedian lo C?lifoi?la. bail a farewell b?B?rtt at the \m?rlcan on the i:uh and lelt for the KanVira Statea in the atramar of tba 14tb, ar- | rlrirg In N?w York on lueaday la?t I Mr. Hllahao nuwle bla Ural appearance at Stockton on ' the r.tb Ult., in conaactioa with the I uapmaua anl I Hamilton* Ttte Itouaecta b??e performail at the -acra ni.n o tUaalre durlBf th? paat wwik w? oBiy K.lera'.la I bo una a Mr* 1'otler haa plavad at Nevada, and ia .a I t< 11 r thronttb the mining region Tlie Monplamra are I it. II ia the mountain*, itackua harenaiera a.r. at Ijowaitv lie on the ;>th, entertaining Urge erowd" Mr Ihouian, Miaa Williain.<oo, and tlra Mowhrar. wl _n tba arualet r., ha.f doua wail at Weatervilla. Miaa l'alby, Mr. I fclby, M?(Jowan, an l <.r**n. were Uat heard from a< ? ol'imbla. an-1 ba^l* patronl?wl A new tuaaTa, tha ' Young America ' U eractad at Sooma. It maaiarea 7h byU2 feet, anl aaata imxi p.reooa SI, {J v Jlrto.a waa, at laat ?C"0'i??a perforating in Melbourne, Auatra'ia A Urge uomW of KngUah actora have lecently arrived Ib the coloale., tw?nt? nlna in one ve?.el Three tboatrea weia opan In ?y lney Mtr. U 12 the Victoria. I'r Bca of Walea, and Itoyal l.yca iro Mr. lloehaa haa tba oprraa of tlaaaan alio" and 'J a G*/a in p?rt 01 t'i4? oommonlty will "H,n be favored Witu Ihn.r I"';1""'"'" , in tbat atvla whith haa only bOOB aooompluba-l la thla coustry, undar tba Ircroeoiate .uparlnl-n lenaa of tba great naaer'r", Mr# ^lB lair, tfra. Voorheea ao'l Maaara. Hyer, King, and H?<)lay have comnieBrad a profe??b.o*l tour tb rough tha iotarior ? Vo?m.> ? The landoa Chrmvl', Juna 'i?5, aay? ~ Tlie 1 ic.ent will be an unuaually buay week at tba llaymaiket Ibea'ra. Mr Him? Kaevaa ?ppearalla> Digut and appeara again on Tburaday, in .mnjunction | with Mia. <11 ab man, la "?.ay Maun-ring,' while ob | Tueai'ay Wet eea.'ay and Ha?or ay. a i-.h haa baaB ?ba eniboaiaam aiclud by Mi? Helen kauclt a ltoaalln-1 that nr. Hack atone haa for tha preaent nut a?i a a?ary other tlay In which Miaa Knocit appeared, that thaprjb lir might haaa amp'a opportunity of wltnaaa.ng thla ad mirabia repreiantatiOB l*e!"'ra tba rioaa of ber engage ?ent. w bleb take, placa neit ?-ek. "b IrlAay, Mr llnckatona take, hia annual lianaftt, ranvlBg f >* tba oe cioB tb. ...m-cy of ?' Tba Bua, llody -him-H pi?v inif for the firat tlm., tha chaiactar of Marplot Iha PpaBtah danc?r. r.turn fromtba provmcaa ^p^-iallf for U, night ia addition, a aaw furawdl "rojooad . ; I tllla'l " Huckafma'a ilventure with a I'oli.h I rla'aaa j ?;r??l ai'l Mario *pt>aarlB I'oblln oa tha ^th of 'ig',.1 f? r a brief enga(?ient, " prevloua to tbalr final retire | Bient. ' ' Ilea !'m.|Oal? ' ??< produrad on iba 2Mth June at tba Royal Italian "|>*ra, with tba original rut ? i? So rlna, (.rill Kraaato, Mtrlt; l?n faifaala l.abla- ba aril t >r Malat'ata. lamhunni Tb* t Dfli?h p'aj" id I'arla *ara a Ua 1 fallal*, aad wara ?oap?nl*d aft?r tb* third a *bt Oo tb* iar<.a I o'ght tii# raoalpta fall abort of tha atpmaaa Mnar'oar ha? trn??4 In l/io inn to an ; ?r ntanl iba pro net win of hi> r*l*brata l opart, ' I. Ttoua du grd, at tb' Foyal Italian "para. Wa h??? to ran r l tha >>Ath of tha m>*\. ?? 'ompllib*! Ingllab TlulmwIUll that WIT llwi tba ?* iru l.lnay Mra t'luill. tb* Am?rl?-?n faata'rt a tba ni*n'ioa of ; ?kM wltb praia* If >?"?! of tba Naap -lll.n | oarstl* baa b**n MtiMd, la anao'in. *4'iO|thA op. ra Mil* af Itfurjr 1*0* aa rebaariln tb* port of I- J* ft* 10 l? la.aua dal 1 Iiayo. ' ll.r oo'* popular Thaatr* daa Vari t. a, l ira, hir ?( b?ia i\yn i.p f>? Mr Itoon a *aa tn/ o* ? naau, i ? bo bad rim?l It oo for -fioa lima for l. a *u>tia*rn*nl, >i. a l.o * 'IK, paid daarly far lit* abim i.aa 1 **u r* oft ad un '- r a r.aa anaaaaaai'-at, ao-j tba a.) r?-l I'm >.r In now playing In It tb* rv is I of bl ? boat rba ra^ 'rra A lata I / n<!< n paj*r t.ai tb* follavlng K'x'nl - f a 1 rVjt at ll ? 9)MI ?,*atra*. > ri< ay avaainff Ika b?oatt of Mr W fan, t' a la**aa of I tb'l thaalra t |U'? uwnliiij to app" utiMbt At an aar : i I. ur tta pit aatraana w*. baa ??? t by * highly r ?t pacta Ua body ?if in Iridaala inrlol ri? a *rra' n. iaf iMiaa, ?Wi aait") with *i*mp arjr patiaarr aai 1 ft-c/1 t blMr >.a1ll ' ba uvtt vara opana-l la a ro>a?il* at to-. It* pit ara? (o.ta fall aad " '.aa it oaa ohaarn-l alth nv.ra uMliina'V.n, that ao '??'? tbaa aigat aldutoail ?*at> m th* raaJl U.aatr* ba?! ->?n takon la for alalia i.aly l.alf a d< >aa b*'ng loft Tba tiai?*raal failing ?<* iiiiap|>fol itlai imki foua-l awrptM atptaulK ( p alanac ar< mat I'akatfi ilbaa, aad ia a Wad aad da 1 'i. lad tr.oa da mandarf, ' Wbar* ? tba pit*" Tb? <tt [utrj at* taaUntlj tak>n <ip by 'ba aaMra naaiVr aol laajiiirta* wara ??da fa* Mr ^ irao M earn for aar t aol ? ipla.atba f?-*i<.B of tbla iw.|<ia't./a ?.?? p???a?t bat ? ? lb tb*/ and tba '.?. ?)? vara a?l taatl; abaabaii a' tb* da?o??>tratl<>B Tba apr *r aa? tiaua>) ai?d a*i Mr Wl(ao non !aacoa<liog ta appaa' a f>o*ral try of ' t>.aip orar ' arnaa, an I In a f?? mo o??ta a <.at?ro> aa>l KK.r* foraart oaa mad* by auaM r. Mr "* ax-ra laaii** ??.?'. faatlaaaao *1, ?t*pp?! uaat tba I aa of 'laBkar'atir n, aa4 <(ii ?tly U*>k t???lr plv>a la tb* ?? ill ib?t'irti4 1r> m tb* pit Tb ? a't of Mfalaati ? ta>'u|bt Mr Wl^an oat at -a't, ?bo ?aa ia<n< *>>b a paifnt fcarfraa* M 4lia^m)?atna ti >i iiat* fovaaaaa m antaa Ira (almaf a ?a*r".nf ba ?ifi?aaa^ r-f rat at banaf gla?n adaara u> aty ytflwa If bn md ?eea aad, aitbont a'**t,nf ifaoranr* of tba naaa*. ?' 1 tbat tb' at.? bad ?r??|f .Ily t*?*a ^ *f 'ba auila ? aat flia Ui*a> J p. Ha !.ad atra*t Wi ba^Ji hla aid If thay did a- ? fiay ? atd ba tara?t oat Iba ?ana thlr. r bad Waa 'm* at o'l^- ".aatraa, K. .4 and a* mi row# rrtaa '?f ? N'aiar V. aayt' >a( . k? aarb a* a? t*at, / tad daa anile* barf b*a flaaa <4 tba rtirlaW i..?at ' r ii A ? aioba-lr ba4 aa r ?f ta t?IBf farr ad oat ta thU .lailaat bar# aroaa aad Iba 4taapp? abatlai ?aa awtla aa4 sam m, wt?aa | ?aid l.a bad **t at? a ? ao?l ba at ial lootra tb* ! ini"ar U, ba a??t?l ?'T t'a I and faalio? of ilia Tba ?**?* ba???aa, tt-at t a?i baaa taaaa by aaaaalt oara r? * o? ! by iba r A far I Borraapaadaa' aaya I wt a%bt (Sua* i* , at tba .ta aa tbaatra, Madam* RiaWI no la hai u/?a tn ? ?( bi.far a ' Mary Itaart f'raaalata* ??#. C.l am , *?? ? v a a ad a trtaaipb vbtrh tbr?.?a alt !,?? ''innar a-?a | ,?>a>i ato tfca ibada la iba tblH i?t, la obkb a?r r? (Ma rraad ???' balwaaa <vawa niiabatb aad )iai fair r ial !l.*a^?MaaM aman aaay kr aa ?a' > ' aam 1 il' ????'? daa< a ftkaa a?>?f tUi^ait | i|i toapt I bay lad ilianiial p*rf**?>*a ? Mara aad I aba ' I. a aa i >'*?? ta* aat*. j Kka lataaa p*Mb ali| t'at a-.'b a?t a| ba! aant I Mii^ Im a^a i? fn?^ Pi rwarwkl lM>IU|Mi*r. linn. Panial H, I'loliaaca n la I t.ca c* tba 18tfc ln?t. Ki rrgrat to Irara fr?B U.a lloatao Tranter,,* mt Friday lbat nine* lbur>t-ay boob lh?ra> ha* Mm aa u? f?aor*f>ia v i?, Br, ?? tfc* ?y?pi?B>? of tba dtaaaaa w >M vfa.rh tbr H'li Abbatt UtKDot hu bM? coaflaad I* hi* fcul for tik* pan f, w waaV*. (?(??rial J.? ,r, I af Naw Yurh, mrri rad im farla ob wirh atuMng Jvna l?, iron Italj, aari put aa at tba Hotel KlabmosA, rur .t# h?H> r. Ttia lady of tha aral I* la Cailrati biaita. ll.ay propoaad aaillag 1a tba Ara?a hvm llatri- on tbi r?an!i af July tor tba Initad Htaoa. "taa Anna M W *?, hmrar of taportaat ilaapatebaa from tia I oita<l .-lalm, arriraj in I'arta lfcat .-at irday. Jtina Id. Majnr UwU ( a??, jf., baa loft l art. for ttiUrni* a*labli*ba?nt in Urrdaa; Mr*. Plait, ltIW,U Pmttb." M aa Kirby, bar al.tar aal Mia Vataalin* a. eompaairtl by Mi. .1. 11 wtyala' k af Itoaton, laft I'aria Ttiu Malay ? Tatuair l>i?? 14. for tha I nltaal Plata*. Iliam aaa <|U'ta a Ka'barltiai of Aa^i can* at tha crpot, to kay la>> wall to tha fair travnUara. Tba l>4iaaiao ax ttitnutara a* l?a<toa in) I'aru bava ' aeh racatrad a pea uiiaaiuo M >)? HiunoaliafP.MiM to tba ; ourt of liaaia I>arro*t?itt ant to <ba litataf l-ranklort, am) M. da KifwlafT will go t > I 'trwoia aod Hrioia, t a th? iwm of M I'a llouUii't H whni|ultatha dlplomatlr canar for tha Count-llef tta I raplfa Tha (OTaraaiaut of N*w <<raoa>ia haa pat aa aa<l la tha olxliiu win, h M I- a<-bial Hajaa rt!l?d ia !'aru, M tliarga tl'Altaira to to tba liaparuai (<i*arnm*at. Tba KlrE aa<1 (Juaan of l*ruaai? laft I'otadaia for Ob*r lottanban on tha &ut of Juoa, aat natt <lay baiag St. Joba a .lay tlmy want Intai I tar ' an for tha pnrtmaa af bol.'in* a ihaptar of tba Jobanaitar Ordau flhaflrdar lit Malta or af knight* lU>ap>UlUra> tha Kjt?k of I'aiimtrk, who lataly fall from Ula har>a ami aaa hurt, >a> gnttg oa favorably. CooMda Utrry, of I ra ?a baa twn >aal>ana< to rlf mouth*' HBpruonuirnt, it, nth if Bna, and 6 MOf .laaia H>>a lor '"a'aming tb? cbur artar ol l.iiiirral Kaodoa, lla raiser i.araral of Algeria Uajor I'i baonhy. lata |.nrato aarralary aa-l aUia 4a ranip to hla Kirallaaey tba i ord I J">u tenant >f IraJaad, haa ra> *!>?d Ma ap|oinlniK<'ta preparatory to tola laar It K to 'i?!> bli i? k m?ut, tba tiauaillor liuanla, la tha I'maa Major I'opaitol'y luia lirrn ^rououaotly bafova Ilia lrl?\ publm for a parkxl of alxml o oa yrara, a?4 i-arrla? wllb him tb* K ui wlaliaa of tfia paopla. Mr. ttadartrl llo?ar<l au<r.r-?U tba nallant major la tba nBc? lJ prlrata atriataiy. Tha ai vjuranof I rama aftrr tin* nnmornna Tlriaal* tuilaa of bar irnrth'iMHl rarrar la In tba aajoy taaat of atcailant haaxh, Id lomlon M (jam l*a, Hpaniab (atamnr of I'oito 'U r. , ( baa b*aa rrplarnl by II Motnliraoilr aw ternary. < aptaln Varnlow, of tba Huaaian ariaf lataly ini.lt hi* appaaraora in ttia drawing rwiint of "t. I'afara'>?rir, an<l rarlt?'l duo b at'antum from tba |a)t that, altbuaga b? la only twanty thr?? ruiiuf ag*. ha baa twanty lour of aarrlca l int, ha Wa boan aljbt yaara to tha aiaiy, aaiooil, h? baa aarrail an uonlba at .wbaalopai, anil aa, arrortlng to an orilar ol tba l'>LMnat o' tba la paror Moholaa aacb luootb'a aarrlna ' bara li> to raaaL aa n taar, hla lit mootha art> ajuira'aat to ait yaara, wWoli fira foi rtaan yaara 10 all thir>l ba waara tha tirdar of f-t Ansa bd<I of SMaiimlr, tba croaa of tha firOar of Ht (iaorga, awl baa a rabaa of honor, ahir.k rutin for tan yaara mora anil la thai aay hawakaa u p tba twanty (oor yaara ht'anga to ?ar. al'hoogn 'hla oftlcar baa barn Uk Iwrlta ?orllaa, ha haa itarnr raeaivat a wound. ' aplala Mwaaaof. of th<> Huaalaa I n/lnaar Art'lUrr, who wia rapturml at 'tomaraan-l laat y>ar aa>l aant I* I lata, ( 1 ii* ) haa baau (ranla<) h4- lib?r ' y to r*tura ta I'omara not with hla wifa, tha Uttar bating laaajtarlag hi r ? lay In that country la a ?ary daliraU a lata of liaalth A Karalao uib'lar, who haa Iwva hla aaraaal tor mnny yaara, ha* ha<! hi* libarty alaograatal la hiai to acron|iaay hi* ma>Ur. Iha A'luiiralty ?r<tarad ? par-aga, with aabln arroma>cal?iU>n for Ca^tala fwaarof an t hi* wifa, on hoard tha Ktiaaall Tlia H>|{Wt lion* rabla I'luay llarbart, lata Mlmatar mt War In l aglaud, baa t?an ivdataad by t>la maolisal al tandaat U> abaiain from all |.ubiir l.nalnaaa for a ilaan, In ordar tat rirrull hla baalllt, for wbleh purpoaa ba Uaa a tour la Scotland Tba Pflaraaa llobanlohr laaa laft Hrunarl* lor t'oloyaa. Mr. Cbarlaa Itraham haa ratnmad to Ir.ngland, aftar aa abnaara of ? I a ya.ua in Italy la<ty Oaorrlana i albeart, widow of tba gallant Hit (Jaorg* f at' r*rt whi fall at tba h?ad u> b a tronpa at Inktraiaan, haa aoataiawi an / K"r d<<ai?atir baraaracaant by tba ; ramatura ilaavb of bar aaroad ilaugbtar. AUHIVAIJt. A' ll'Ht Mrlifilaa i. r llal*l-r. T r-ata, W , M Bo. tn >1 .at i <Mi W II Aitiart, I'bi.a I. It lua J, Aa 4<awa, til t. J Cr<?katt ? ??.>? II Ckltjaa.l, I't i M. fuiiaau. ami. At tha Matral litaa ' ol rrmrli. < Kar'-a fr a.rl, N J H ri.har bt |?>ii. Praa- ? I'raaa. ttti'. Ja. M<v I'uaall, V* . W. A Kai.) (ia J M. Maat, Ualraataa A> I ha Aatar tiaa T'.?ta?, Wa.hiagUa, J I' l.fth. VatfarWaa , ni.tar I. N . Orlaatii a i h <.4>'.?lt, >aahTlMa. II a l.aali M. I. aaa Mial<tar ft- ia I lilaa, <i H. L* tint IJ..?loa, i J' I'timptfti, fl?a- li- Aahwua4 (< P. Ilkckhi. M Hat t., H' hi ia. At tha M*ir.p?lltaa ll.'al lla J a ma a \* at taa rah II ?n al , If an J H W 4. Maaa, (i? aaral K ? tlaa. Maa ia4 , Ju4ga ilr' aaon. f> ???#.., Iir i <i W. '.ra H i i.aaarat I. tua |ta a-ibfy f^altlana 0a? M Wtl..,a kt I. ala C. A iar. M. ataa |L Tl.fa> I a4oa W t .aaar. t kartaalaa. Ili.maa Uaia, Tata > Uaaaaa k r ff at Charlaataa, la ataaiaaki|. a.iatkaraar ?>aa I'ma lia. M ai J >n. ilk, Mlaa E MiaaMartnak Mtaa Mallar, Ufa W ?lla, Miaa llarai aa lib H .a I a la Mia II ttaj lr, Mra Unrttf a* i 'an. i a. Haa K i I'a. ?ml ? Mra 1j r Carwa'r. ? Mailt a a ml lady, Mr ,S*i r- If aad laly. Mra M haub ?ra M I't. lahir Mra (tlaa>ala (i K I'arnaii J 1 faak. J WaJah ' ol J rkilllfa. J /aka-t.a C ITaflaar T H t* t*k IH t -fill. A It -a. U.. Id W Ma|>aaai4 t apt WaUaa%a. If H ? . ti. I r ? |.| i, lliaa a. U H Natt. aat I Natkan . I. faak, aaA SI in tf a ata. ia.a V totu .Saw Oflaaa*, la auawaklr l/aal*iaaa W Riaaard a. a.'aejaad ? I. It 4 . Mia. faaa, ir A laa,aat aa? ladr. Mra H >altar Ma. J tana Mra V ??? aag ? hi ? Mra ia > t.ka, Hlaa J Itarraita Miaa S A Ibatiy Mra Al'art. laaaa Kraa. lailf aa4 t bild, Mra J |>a laa lt*i%iat aat ?hll4 Miaa M lethai. Mr? J II Tl.aaiaa Mra II riraaat a. M aa Tai hat, hri K Baar4. J N llaatbara t H M at laailraiMaA 1.1 lla. J J \ laaaa l>r M aa H ta-i'k ltll.rl.? Mr frt, I H Tab H'kla. Mr Va'.4iaa. (' Timik.i.i II Aaaall, W t L'ln.t.a 4a. II Mall. J Wil< aa4 If' la tl.a *t.ar w yrnn. Ilataaa, in kark M tilo Hoan MalWaara*. Ma K-aila, (;t.r4?a ar.4 aaa. f'. aall Kally Itat- l>>r. birtmnw. IfirlUiilbatiifloa aaa llnniia la ataa??*>.lp llaraiaaa - T H Inter, llrtrnfa. Hradia <1 Uala Mri ? * lari aal IW"rMI4raa N?a f.,?, fia i.aa ..a Mat. .11, i * liuaaa 4< rf aa4 alail4 ll atara. J-.i.a ll l iaatl. W II Caitt li II lln va Jaha >ah<aa llali, . ,o i.a< taaaia# aa l ll r. a U4iaa l Mla4a ,,bl? f J Ma4na aa4 lat Aaa kl'ia ' lib aa, Miaa I <iba? a> 4 atari* A C arrla r. l.aHaa, >.w T?rk II w liaaar. Naa Orlaaaa f'll .ll.-a aaw Yark. ti h lilr.-'i and 'al;, M I'/aaa A a* Itavia* lla aaaa, I II l?a- kaia t'har 'i-aa I lt ?, Mr Ra.i it, Mr l>i>ia Ma?i.lagt'.a l r Kallar I ia4"iiia i kaa fault ba? t rk. I) I, I raaa I'rvat4a>>< l?a ^>aaar?. A. (li aall I'bk. aai*. K .aaa Krki 4ka" < aa4 abll4. Miaa I lara haaal^ Mr Ifaal M aba aaa M*??'t fraaaia a a'4 aaa, t Trie* W i Mairll Maa ?r (aaaa ka.M, <bll4 Mr U'nar II', aaaa, Haa I tk. Mr lla aalia' ?..??rpa?l, Mr Hr>4aa. Ha I -ala Mr1' W Pa'ar aat fatally W II Hall f?a a t'a'k, M.aa Jaha w laabarf !?? akll Iraa aa I aar*aat Ma".-lf'a haa. Waahiafi a. Miaa Aaaa M ., i ,?r mi* ".aa4 Mlaa Jatla 11* aa, Saaark Miaa Ma ?a, M aa A i uarttaa T taaa Iaraa4?f.ll4 Mra Mraaaiar Maw t.ra Mra lt>ata Kblara aa I 'i H4. Mra I* / Ink ff r >?4 <kii4 J?*aak i ?-? ata ? aahiart' a , I. fc K?,4?: Tt-T tia <nu tltrata lltll.taa 'III- A4?rai.kl.i< II hK^ aa! Via V aa fa kali Haa llaf Naa Irrl'aaa Mrlaat-ltra Haaaaa I I kfna M r?a 'I' a. J ka II ar aa, lar Mayaar4 -atii'.laal II liaraaaa <1 llatbay, A kakarr ' a?t l^aiaara H itakiaa aal lady ?f, llaarj I talaaa W litaa , aa 4 .1.14 Jaka I iirakaa. *aw Tjrl ? Wata'ar i larl-a Hail laft aal Uraa -kit 4raa J M iat- r laay aa4 ? <? < I < allf-ra.a M'Oraaaaaaa, >a? V rk Mr fatal .la A Iir thai. Ilaaaaa <i aai k>kr I'A Ilal4atra a 4a aa4 lad/ rata< I,a4> laaarrtaata II h* .. |aafa?aa MRayaa-ar la y *kali II II a.lail J aaaa Ba lard r?araa ^ ft r tad a r t tt r>(i.i I" i...v.a llr Mil t'ft lallfrala I, *? ..a I 1 .11 (.a.ria A Ha'af-I Bl.al akar4 (alll. ra.a It l,f.?raa" Praal4<aaa Mr. h (ai4 la fa at Man* rabaaaattbai NaaVrl lil'.r'i. T'aa ha.lk. J aat. a lla-i A >raa a II II iiaa Maa T rt, Mr i.attur I'aia lla Ita.v a. < aa a Vara J*a Irtra 4a Jaaai Paul* 4 a I ? It wa'ktc, Pjra '. f Jat? it-.. >?? y.. ta w Itaa ? -k 4' I'aa^r laatk 4a II (Ifai la a#a II II -I a ll k'l 'tud. fa.wVcrk II Ha I. r * arTiaa" la, t II aal. Pt,|at.|l a J t? i/hra a I ?l. 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