16 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6897. M'O.RNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? MONDAY, jTLF 16 1855. PRICE CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. Tg?AHTI' RUtllgTEB. ( f\f\ ? TO let, a~first class family flpt") . \J Uv hotel, containing ?boat 60 rtom < with restaurant attached, situated in on* of the matt desirable location* in New York. Furniture nearly new; eta be ?1>oagbt at * bargain. For particular*, aidrees bos 1,671. BROADWAY.? TO LET, HAND OVtELY FUR | Ow niehec room*, with or without board, ia tt>s Above flret claw house, to famine* or single gentlemen. rO BLKKCKER STREET, A FICW DOORS EAST OF "OO Broadway ? To let, with or witnout board, a tine large and airy suite of furniabed room* on the se cond story; also two a ingle room*. GREAT BARGAN.? -TO LET, A IiQUOR STAND, with bar, fixtures, Ate , with a four years' ie**? oat laat May, situate 1 In W*at s'areet, n?*r U?:rl<oo. Possession (,'iren immediately. For further partlsulare apply to ROBEhT DO DOE, 87 Barrow atre?t. 1 GOOD OtFIGK TO LET ? WI IH AN EXCELLENT Xm. Ire proof aafe, and partly furnished, situated on the drat lloor, corner of I'lns atreet and Broadway. Rent low. Apply to ROSWELL G. PIERCE, Pine atreet, corner Broadway. * SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY LIVING IN THE /% upper part of th* city, west of Broadway, below Fourteenth atreet, will let to a tingle gentleman a pUin furnished ix droom, without board, on reasonable Uran. Please address Family, box 180 Herald offloe. PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING MORE ROOM THAN th*) occupy, would let a large, airy bedroom, to one or twe gentlemen. Inquire at 430 Pearl atreet, near Madtaoa. k PARTMENIS TO I JET? AT NO 18tt GRAND STREET, _|A comer ot Mulberry; a floor through, on the flrnt ?oor, r*ry pleasant ana convenient, or would be let separate, if required. Rent very cheap. App'y ia tae dmg store. A GENTLEMAN CAN HAVE THE CHOICE OF SEVE i?l peatljr farmabed roooa, without boarJ, In a respectable bona*, occupied by a quiet, genteel family. To a permanent party the term* will be made accept* hie Reference* exchanged., S5 Grand street, corvi ?of Green. Broadway property to LBask, or the le ise for (lie cheap? one of the bunt Sogftiiloae for bu?N nes* In tbe city, being oppoaite the St. .VlwS'.l*', oad surrounded with hotels. Part or the wbolebull'io^ will be leased for bnaineaa purposes. Apply on the premises, *02 Broadway. Broadway store to let or lease? the stohe No. 807 Broadway, one of the moat deairable loca liona in tha atreet. To a good tenant, rent low. Apply on the prtmiteH, TAESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET-IN AMITY STREET, \J near ttroudway, suitable for a small family, mil liner or dressmaker, with gas, Croton water, range, 4 a. : xent from Auxust lat to May next, ?325, with imme diate possession. For full particulars apply this a*y, to B. W. RICHARDS jft7 Broad .ray. Houses to let.-threk elegant houses in Eiver terraoe. Hobokn, three minutes' walk of the ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and city ef New York, with bath, gas, hot and cold water, Ao., to families of th* first respectability only. Inquire ?t the office corner of Second and Hudson a tracts. Ho t?ke?, of EDWARD MARnN. T^TEW BROWN STONE ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUiE, J3 242 V> est Thirty second atreet, to let. Ia b?ing painted throughout. Apply to JOHN B. MURRAY, 44 Wall atreet, over Bank of North America. T" > LET?ONE OF THE TWELVE NEW TARES ?tory broon stone front houses, on the north aide ot rifty second street, between the Eighth avenue and Broadway, with all the modem Improvements Inquire on the premises. aO LET? A FOUNDRY, MACHINE SHOPS, AND Stable, No*. 401, 4'J3 aud 405 Cherry atreet The establishment is well built, with i.trong walls and gird on throughout, rendering It ono of the beat in tbe city. 1 offer to let it on a long or ahort leaaa, to good tenants, at a moderate piioe. GENIOC SOOTf, 166 Broadway, TO LET- IN THE GENTEEL PRIVATE HOUSE, (FINE yard,) No. 16J Laur<na street, one large room ou eecond floor, also one on third, with pantries, and privi lege et wuib 'iig in oellar; also, place for fuel. For par ticulars, apply on the premiaee. rro LET--THE DWELLING PART OF HOLIES .1 Not. ll.'iijj and 117 Grand atreet, near Bro?iw*y; ?w!U be let seaarateor together. Apply between It) ani 12 o'clock, 10 B B HUT JH1NGS, 3? John at. rro ubf ?part of a house, near washing nlv I square, coiuiniug of a pair of parlora and pan tries, bidioom and kitchen, eit'u range and Crotoa For terma, uDd to aee the prsmiaea, iaq'ure at 219 Wea Thirty sec.n i ?'reet, near Nm'.h avenue, far three days. Terms low. TO LET -RENT VKRY LOW, A LARGE COMMODIOUS dwtliing part of a houa'*, on a car an J at?ge route, in flee ocuer, gas, bath, hot and cold water, twelve rooma, nice targe ^ard, he. K1NSHIUKR, 319 Fourth avenue. Ifi O IXT- nib BROWN 8TONE HOUSE 14? WEST 1 Thirty sixth street, sear Eighth avenue. Tae house is flwH cltaa in every reapect, fifteen rooms, with gaa, tatbs, belts, i-peakicg tube*, laundry, ka. Yearly rent -very low, (WOO,) with immediate possession. B. W. RICHARDS, 301 Broadway. TOLfcT? A THREE STORY BRICK DWELLING NO. It East Warren atreet, within ten minute*' walk of tkMith ferry; the houee coovealent and comfortable, Wdtru imjpiortmenta, iu a genteel neighiorhood, %eil calculated tor a genteel family residence, inquire of SCR ANTON k GO , corner of Atlantic anl Heory etieete, BNoHyt. rpO LET OR LEASE? THE DWELLING 104 EIGHTH JL avenue, containing nine rooms, kltehen and col lar, with modem improremenU. Rent 9276 a year. Ad c res* A. D C , Herald office. I LEASE- FOR A TERM OF YEAR3, A TWO story aud basement frame bou*e and two late of ground, Ti 1 a*t Eighty fifth atreet, between Fourth aud >ifth avenues. The house i* built on the rear of the lot*, and a wull laid ont garden In front A destraole IcsatioD. ocly about 100 yard* distant from th* pioposad Central park also a part or tbe furniture for sale For further particulars apply on th* premise*, or of PAT RICK G KRAI. HI Y, bc? Pearl street. fro MT OK FOR SALE? TWO NEW HOUSES, IS BY I 40 [i?, with *11 the modern improvement*? No?. 1Cj>; and 111 W??t Twenty four' h itreet, between S?x?t? and Seventh avenuea. Apply to It. WILSON, corner of C'ortlaiult (txeet Mid Broadway, under the (iiUey Baildlnf. f2*0 RENT? THE THREE HXOKY BRICK DWKM.IV0 X honeo, 297 Henry etreet, Brooklyn and furniture for ?h at ? moderate price. Kent >060 per annum. -Apply on the pvpieas, or to C11A3. T. CURTIS, 3d Broad way, New York. Town and country ?small, genitsei, fa in I It- To let in WUIIamaburg, a booutifui unit of room*, 7 in n timber, water, gai, <-hao.1eller?, kcj modern ImpioreoMnt, 16 minute*' walk from the ferry; eta gee p?t? Ui? door; teautlful pro*pect. Inquire at 46V Grand eueet, Wtlllaaabarg. Rent $140 per annum ppo GAKbUmtH, FUWISM, NURSERYMEN, AVI) J frntUaen ? To leaae or for tale, a dwa ling boane, with etabUa. baioa, coach hou?e, two green houaei, and alt act?* of land, In the htfUedt atate of cultivation, delightfully iltuated at AitorU, L. I., about one mil* "from the frrjy landing There axe about 10,004 p?rp?t .*1 ro*?*. Including riandart?* and half etandarda of the cboioeet kind*, and a*>out 4,0Cu fruit tree*, eearly all in fuB bearing and there In an abundant lupply of good water. Fir farther particular* apply to JOHN B MAN 1EI., Newtown avenue, Antoria. Want*-), a reapoaifble gar'eaer. tn take charge of the above place till May next, or longer, if raquind, during the abe#nee tf Mr. Mantel In Europe. rro MAMFACIVRER8.? TO 1.ET OR MCAHf, 11IK JL large iew buildinga, No*. 12 and 14 Pitt *lrant near Oraad, 60 f?et by 100, w?ll adapted for alaaeet any bci*i n*e? purpo-e. On the premie* 1* a ateain angina capableo nupplying euBlcifnt power for the entire build ing*. Foi pellicular* inquire on the pr*mi?e*. HOtSK S, ROOM H, ic.T W A NTK I> ?^1 7 AJITKD? ON I EASE FOR FIVE YEAR J, FROM YV Sept- ibber 1, aband/om* EngKah buement ?ou*e, wot lea* thx i twenty feet wide, *ltneted between Four Venth and Tbuty fourth itreet*, and Fourih and ?Uth ? *t< nue*. Ad'liee*, with tu'J particmar*, box 1.24J Pout Office. Want to? A FURNISH!!) ROOM,WirHOt'T BOARD, la ? hnu?e with all th? modern Improvement*. Location near Broadway, and not above the Metropoli an Hot*- 1 Addreea Metirpolitaa, Herald oflee, atatlag ?\KT ANTWt TO PUBCHASK? A MoDEK tTK MZKD YV dwelling bou*a, la New York or Brooklyn, for a ?mall genteel family Addra*a boi 3,48V i'oet OiTlie, giving MM ilption, term" Ac. WAKTKD? TO PURCHA**, A tVUL LOT OF OROCNO bttweon Cbriitopher and .'tOth at* , we*t of 4th ?venae Addreea, itattng price, Ac., i. Latham, ear* of W. C. Tuniaon, W Veeay it. ~ RMTAURtm. -MjT T NEW RE'TAURANT, CORNER OF RROADWaT JXL and Chamber* itreet, branch of ay WiUi am and Beaver etreet* eeUbUahmeat, win be opeaad on Satur day, Jniy 7. To my old friend* t take thla eppartuafty of ottering my iratafal aaknowladgmente fer the many teetlaaoalaie of their iiteem, and to the anblw. my thank* fer their pn)?iaige, aeaurfag both that ao affarU ?hail ha I find la aaaetf a oeatinaattoa a I that favar terete fa re ao libaraily hartawed a pan ma LORaJXT 0 DiOLKOMOU ASRIYAL OF TH8 C4H4WBI. Three Day* Later from Htvlin -Ottr (obit Cor reapoodesice? tlwke If. Tbe U. S. ma. I steamship Ctbivi)), R. W. 8iu ftldt, commander, ftom New Orleans the 8th aid Havana the 11th, ar/lved here jeaterday aftaraoDa, tour da} s and Qn boors fto? Havana. The political news fron the island of Cabi is aa iapcrtact? toe dte?-min? of the neg'O militia la ptoRTfMtofr, tbelr services bstng no longer re qoiied. The ?o??r mils ha to ceased trrindisR, and many thousand boxes are left stanjitg in the fields, that coold not be conveyed to the sugar houses on ac count of the fairs. The maket continues activa at the advanced prices of last advices for staple pro ducts, and the stock dimlol&hlng. Tte health of Havana has been unequalled daring tbe paat winter and aitilog, and continues so to the present. time. Refreshing shoirers every day; aid it Is confidently expected that no epidemic will m&ke its appearance this season. Tbe U. 8. ship Falmouth, Cap1.. Bhaw, arrived and anchored In the harbor of Havana, from a cin'se.on tbe 10th inst? all well. Tbe parser of tbe Cabawbs will ac jept our thanks for intelligence np to the lafest mom sot, and for files cf Cuba papers. OUR HAVANA COBRKHPOND1KCC. Havana, July 11, 1465. Anothrr Omyrnmenl Rtci'emenl ? A Pia$t?r But! of I'lnto Alarm* the Captain General? Folic Intttiga'iimt? No Arrest*- Military Review? The Unite! at alt* ship AUJ mouth? Fine Weather and Good Ileal* h. Yt>u iter* not troubled with a Utter from roe via Chsr'eaton, jeaterday, because I considered that the pre sent lelter per Cabawba, for jour port direct , this mora irg, would rtaeh you as iarly, If earlier, than on? Tor warded per Isabel. Has General Concha discover*! tie clue to another conspiracy, or has he onlv found another mare's nest? He lias had the servants of the wife of the murdered Kamot llnto, undsr a severe examination, during the past day or two, and he has bad poiioemen station*! during the same period, In and about the residence of tbat lady ? however, what is Hktly to be the result o? all this, job will be able to judge, when I shall hare ma. a jeu acquainted with ail the circumstance* of tie tare, which 1 m?j observe, ate quite a socr?t even b?ra in tbe Havana as jet. 8iu>e of the friends of ths late R.mon Huilo, hiring cb'amed ft sketch or likened of that martyr to liberty, ? ngsgto the Frtuch sculptor, Garbeille, (who has to joorncd here for some time past, auJ who is well known in New York,) to make a planter bust of the decease! man. GarbeiUe executed his task in a manner worthy of his genius, and of tbe noble minde i man. of whoa he baa onCa ho striking a representation. This bust was r resented to Senera Plnfo, by tbe gentlemen who ad er gaged tbe scnlp tor's services to make it. (j'cneral Concha through some of bis spies, ob tained a knowledge of this ciraumxtODce, acd be immediately canted the police to be placed at the residence of the F Into family and caused all the ser vants there employed to be examined touching tbe names of the parties who present*! ths butt to Kenor Pinto Garteille was also examined as to the name* of tbe parlies by whom be was employed. Fortunately, howsvsr, the servants did not know tbe names of tbe lientlemea who brought tbe bunt to tiro bonne; nor did Garbeille know the names of bis employers. Thus far, then, General Concha has been defeated? and no arrests have been made ! Neither as yet has the mould of the bust bean foand by ihe government officials, and I trust it will not be. for it would be a pleasing aljbt to b?aold copies of it exhibited to tbe view of Ueoeral Cinch t in all the pub lie atrests of tbe Havana Bom* dgbt-orttn companies of the rulunt*er<< of this city sss>m*>led in tbe I tain tie Arma .1. list evet,ng, for the first time for some weeks pant, and were marched to the Campo marie, where they ware put through tbe motions. Their clothes had all ten washed, and tbey tr ade quite a cleanly and tespeetabte appearance The t'nited States ship Falmouth cam* into t&i? har bor last afternoon from a crui.se. Tte Biit'sh brig of war luring. wax olf this port on Katrrda /, and her commsiider came on shore. We are ail enjoying good health, and it is only mo derately hot, whilst you in New Yorl. are Hwelte-ing with heat aad literally bti?? nelted. Of a verity, I b? lieve*s fares elimate is eono?rne!, thts is ths mote sgreabi* oily to reside in, even !n the dog days. Havana Jul; 11, 18tft. A A7*> f.ine nf tilgnnvrt JrfXw Mutantan and Phil ad-iph ia ? TV aw I 6y Ntw Orhemt an<t Mobil- ? TU Quarantine Queilitm ? Tia lr and H allh Report. At MtUsui, thft very enterprising K.Uward Rusanll Jenk*, Km). , of that city, la about establishing a lin? of ?teaai<r? between I'hiLadelpLU an J Matanril, to connect with the Havana. If Mr. Jeoka should put the fare at t.iO, be will find It the bent paying I'ne we hare, aa It will a) aaye be full. Ilia difference of tima in the voyage can b? mada equal to aiz or eight hours between tbe porta, wbieh will bo an item in hia favor. The Cahawba haa loat many peaaenger* thi* trip on acooust of sat calling on her way out, to New Orleans, aa thoae who have alwaya patronize-1 that line fearei to baio calculation upon her, nnAer tbe beliaf that ahe might be telegraphed not to call here on her return voy age. to a void quarantine at New York. They, therefore, tool tbe Brr: mite opportunity by tbe Isabel via Chai leatoc. 1 line nrfth, touching here to and from Mobile, in vuiIdk, ami If Mr. .lenks conld web it into hia plan, it would advance hia enterprise. The I'nitod States sloop of- wir Falmouth, Commander !-taw, entered tbia port yoatcrdlay, about 2 o'clock I'. M in tie* atyle. The ?hip ia in perfect health, both fote and aft. Tbe steamer Fldora?o, Pchenck, left tbla for New York y enter day morning. No letter* went by hor, and but frw passengers. At ssme lima tbe steamnr Is.ibei Uft for ('harloaton, by which I did not write, baring >on>e faith that tbe lahawba might ch?>. The health of Havana la good. Th? l> ictora art atarv ing. 1 hand yon commercial data <f lnteuit It. TBI I. ATKST HAkktr (MtfVlin. ILlVAgA, July 10, Ifll.V Since 24 th ult ? ate of oar ?ta' report, b'iaine*a Uaa b en entire, elthcugh often interrupted by heavy raina in the eaily part of thin month. Icoajui bava h*en in bri.U request at advanced price* for all claaafl exceptirg *b tea, for which toere ia but a moderate demand. Although la at advices from Itn rote ?nd tbe United states are leas favorable, tbe/ have bad bo eift-ct upon our mirket, bulilera being flriu iu their pregnelone and relu?;ng to alii b-l w our quo tatioaa. The stock i? estitnat* 1 to oo# about 140,000 Vvif* against 175, (K1 in IW4, 2'.T> (KM) in 1488, and 131,000 IB 18f>- aama perio'a Mntcavadaea are in moderate sup*>lj: we note aales of several lot- of Uf* rior at I *i a tfrla., and fair at 8>, a BJfrts. rher* i* at preeent no atock undio;*''#*-! nf. U'ir quotations are *1 fellow*: ? white*, common 14 florates, 8>? a lOrla.? i.'u. 1< )4d. a 29a. ?j4d. Y<11owk, mniiooa to doretes. fl , * *)iiia ?21a. 7Kd. a K?. lOtfd. frowns. No. 11 to 12, 6 Ki a 6>,ris ? 90* 4Jj,d a2l* 0>(d. Cncurocho-. Vu. H to 10, brl*.? 19e. t? >,d. sterling p?r cwt. fre* on bnard at ? per cent premium exchange. baa been in mi <>rate demand, owing t ? the high prise now aaled by dealer*. It naa been *?ljiug dbriegthe fortnight at 4 reala ?eg lor clayed, and tli* quantity left for abipmont 1< qmt" email. Muacovad>> ia nithcut any aalaa of moment to repot t. finding occimoc ali? a buyer at 4)i to 5 mala, aco.-dlng to qaa'.ity. BCD ia in artiT* r?qu?at, at ? to t i<? per pipe Im ported ?:nce let of January? 7.71 i pipe* to Spain. %'JW (iieat Britain, 1,127 Krance a^d ?04 other parte; in all, 11.R76 p!pea. Ilii.vn haa bean without a*l?< and etporta during the paat two wteke; it le worth 2 'j t? 3 realn par gallon. Attune are er laat raoorii-'i. Ktportwl 'luring the fortnight? ;i.8?0 mllle to the I nited ftaU?, l,74i Frame, and l.TSH other jasta in all. 7,ii0 mllle. Tobacco I* In oemrtod a*, the bigu price* qaotel In oar le?t. Fxnorted dating tbe fortn'gbt, 6l:t,<tM pounde, prioc'i ally loHptln aid the I'nlted )?tat e?. Kscaaanaa.? Tha amount of Ml)* offered for aalehaviog bean very large, ratea have ruled my low. Hin- a the b>gtnaiEgo< thia week tbara i* mora domasd, at a de cided Improvement. We quote, to day. lA>adoa w per i rent ptem , I'eria, to 1 per crnt dii -oaat Sew York and other N'otthafn cltle?. I! to per oeat die -ount N?w Oilaana ahott, 2', percent <"laco\iut. Iim)*!*. ? Of nrovlal'rna. except from "pain, harr Ijeaa veiy^lght. but fully equal to tba demand. Jerked Be?* ? 4, too quintal*, par Valieia, aad 3,500 quintal*, pe l're*Ugio, *old at 14 reale arrebe and l.SOO quintal*. New Hareolona, eold at 14 reale; 14, C00 quintal* remain afloat unsold, which added to lfl,0C0 >|<iintal? afloat already eokf, bnt not lacdod, make* a atock of .'0,000 quintal* afloat Rice ? About .T O caake of Carolina bave b^en re tailed frna atore at iiX reala arrobe. leaving 1 SOO eaaka atcred The Importation* from fpain have t-een Urge ard tha following ?nln* have bean made - AO I, age Va^b< to, at ll>t real* arrobe. 460 at 11, 10>> at 12\. jooat HS, 7H at 11 >a. 10*at 12. and .'>00 at 11 X, and 2i o bag* BaafaL at li real* . Fi*h? The only arrival baa teea 6U caaa* hake f rom Boaton, which ?<>ld at ? qninlal Laid coatlaue* to rrtail from the nubii<- atorea at 9U 71 quintal, In bbU , aad at 917 50 ia keal, a Uy k, 2, HO bh'.a. anl 3,K0 kega. Butter ? 2f'0 keg< froir. "?e? (>T'?*na, att' 5 quintal . 2I.'> keg* l'h'la<^alplila, atg27, aad 7-0 kega Dutch, at >2*. iheeae? 4<<iboxe* l?uteh aa ! 1.000 Patagraa, at 120 quintal. Hama? M> bbW N?e <T >aae, at 114 quintal, i eaak* at |1}, aod 1 - bbl* l'hile>ie)nt :*, at 914 26. Heef -7i bhla me., at 110. ta4 "It at 9"' '0 ( aodler? *0 botee aperm at 940qaiatal, it at 93 40, Wi abcrt at aad 10 ?n?J b/>*e. pateot *? 944, toxe* coa pta tion at 9it, at i 200 ho x? ? tii <owat917. ^ap? bote* yellow at!" 2' qt ctai PMa'm*-!,*# bamat' from at U b-t bt> '? Naiie? 1'* t>eg? o*e?rt?d e?' nl 9a 'is jal?tal, aoi a*?0 | at 9( f*' - |r 'a<k< refined wbe'a at M feat* arr -be, % f at ftftdl2st*.'4fe*i<-. Wrapping paper? lbOJ reams [ *t Sfi real?. tjuiuet turpentine, 25 barrel', at *? 60 f*r qaictal. Oakam? b*lu from Boston, at >10 *0 ! p** quintal. I .timber >M cooperage atosk-pivah plan, > 1% Me r??t Moln'.e ?<m>) at tti. SO.'M) feet Cnarleeton at *'-* and 13V o leet IVaeaMla at *27 00. Wiilia pine board*? fK.,t>t;0 'tct Bath at MS, 60,000 feat moitiy aj.ruce at ?^0. 110,000 it at Bath at *2(1, 143,000 ftet do. at ?24 to. aoil 134, OfO f<at Cc at *24 Up held 1 ebookt, front store? 1,M* Portland at *'-' 0")?, 327 en perior at *;i, 32> at ? .? 76, and 133 at $2 50? all moUwei: 10 sale of sugar bogetiead ahook* hare transpired. Hoop*? iH CO Kt ode ihlan i short al $42, 13,OOu loaf at *46. 3,t?>0 at *46, and LOW at * IS. Kin j>tj hogthoad* ? 1,0(9 second h.nd aniiati have retailed at *3. aa4 213 at 13 '.6 ?n<' 100 tier.** at ft Sugar box shoot* are almost ectlre-y paralyaed, only a l?w bavin? been le tailed at (>)j and 7 r<-*in, t?ro or three cargoes of lre?li imported but quality, woulO sell at tboau prioss. Kw.h.htm ? A very xreall buint-ss ban beau doae ?ioc? tur last fi?? rbartirs for Faionutb and a nine', vi*. ooe of 0' 0 boxes at ?:t, ote of y,000 at ?2 15?., ooa ot 3.400 at ?2 l*s 61, one of 1.5' 9 at ?3, ooa of 4,500 at ?2 2a. t.d., and oti? i( 3 300 tar Falmouth or Cotraa at ?2 7i. ?d. ; one o 3 700 lot Cowes at ?2 10a , one of 3,000 for Actwi rp at Vi l'-'s M roe of 2,300 Cuxbaven at ?2 fn , toe of t'00 for Qenoa at *3 '26, onu of 1,300 for Barcelona at *'.' 75, ao<" m - of 8 O-'X) hulas tobacco for Alirante at *1 50 or VaUnola at *1 75. To tti# I'nltid State* ecmcely anything doing ex -opt the regular pack et*; one charter for Beaten, 1,? CO boxes, a*. *1 37K, two for do. at 6 reels pet lie*, and one of 40< hhda. for Car dinal and New York, at *b 60. Poitttcnl liitclllgcacss OOVKRNOK PKJL.SK AND TDK fhXA# DKBT. OoTbrnor Ptatl, who i* a candidate lor re election, aa Governor of lexas, baa iseuad an address to the peopl* of tha State, giving hi.i view* upon public and political | a flairs those portion* ehieh are more interesting to people I out of the i-ta'e, relate to Internal improvement!) and tL? public debt. lie te*t?t"?, at eom? length, liiatorm-r Kelt en on the subjeet ol railroad*, re-allirminj bin be I that no aratem can be ?ucc?M<fuli/ adopted in Texaa which in rot Wml upon Htate aid. but oppoae* an/ plan wblch involve* tfi? u*e of Htate credit without * pre vioua approval of the Hyattm h j a vote of tho people, or witbout tb? laTlng of a sufficient Ux, at the tluij of iicuing bond*, to secure the paym'ut of inteiest lie itviean leujjth tba wuole hi .'ory of the ilebt of Itxan the d'.ate a^stam of acaUe^ in the h? ? ! l? ui ? n i, anil tbe 0i feftt'j government with it; iu iM oVH?atioci of the naiatlon re#uluUot>?, the HouoUary bill cf IRiO, r^d ip? act q[ Vl* Urt Coogrea* (oj tfiepaimentoi la waiting tha 1 ?? th< SUIb, ' " ? acceptance . , tiovercor agrees with Senntor Ruak? whftje opinion on tbl* *ubjeot w? have heretofore publi -ihed? tiiat it is good policy for the State to accept the actor Congress, and pat au en?l to ? loutrovatiy wbieh other wise threaten* to be luterminable, and wbich 1* entailing 0D 'Dnoc,"it in<l.?lJuila latcleiabU hardship i The debt of IVxms is twof ild Une, and tba largest portion, conn.it* ol ttiose obligatione aud liabdiUe* for wMcb tbe duties on impoita worj plf.lged, wulle T?x?? wss a* independent rcpubiio. Ihia in the debt which is the subject of oontrovervy in which the i.'nitwl Rtati* are a party ? was sought to be MttUd, flmt, by th? Boundary V U Of 1HC, and now by the act proposing a coinpromlm tie) ween Texas and ber creditor*? the aurvay to bs paid by the United .-tut' a. The other portion of tn* dobt, not secured by pledge or the customs, ha* been paid by Toxaa out of the procrecs of the five million* of bonds which were paid her uncer the Ruundary act Tha reverrel hve oi-liitna have remained In tba treasury of the United states, been use the three partiea ? the I'mted States, the ci?f itox of Texas, and tba State of Texaa? aould not ayite npon the acceptance and exeoution of the terms it piopoxtd. 'ine 1 uiteu States would not pay any ef the money without a rrlriwe in full, fr?m every creditor of l'^xaa, a majority ot the creci.t irs would not releiae r?x-s upon the icrms o' s*tUement which she dirtnted, utnl Texas was intlvxiblain her refusal to modify her law or change ber position. Tta Ave million* in the t'nttel State* treasury will, at tba time ^if payment, under th a act, with ao cumntatioug interest, if accepted, hav-i jaa^had to ??,2lU,uoi'. The L'nttad States oiler to distri bute aui' tig tha creditor* *7.760,000; but it mu.^t he in full and final cettleinent, ami a^cmpan:ed by full re lease* from all tbe parties Interested , and Tex?a must also relet ? e entirely and finally, her claim i agalast the I'mted States growing out of Indian depredations The bill require* a Oral cli aring up of the coatroveray in all ita traccfce?,ana for this the ( nitwlntalas are willlug to idd *l,600,v0o to the grtnto! lH&o. The par value ol the i ebt, with Interest up t)Ju.y, U 50, when the >nteieat was atop^ed by a law ot leans, wat ?)0,02?,C.07 f>0 Tae amount of debt acknowied^i'd by Texas, at tie graOuaUd rite wnl 0 ahe adopter on the same dey, ?as $4,?iJfl,'V39 18 lbe new bill, tberelcre, would piytlie T?\as crejifors aliout 77 ^ cente <n the di.iUr of the smount of th^ir claims auowiuu them the beueSU p the interest lor tba tiic the> t'nUad K'atae bone* draw ntoreat. If the Texas law weia to prevail iii me pajunnt, the ditleiaiirs in iator of Texaa would te about HO") tOO. This will be increased by tbe ccneu ' tatioa ihat tome of tbe aredl toru of Texas wjnlu r>c? ve l ea by the ail of i'jngret* than ttey wouV under the IVxas law; and the Ooveroor tbh-Vs it a point ol burn r for tbe -tate to mike thl.i gecd. Tbl/ amount ia a litil* over *li?? C<)0 ?o that the coB<c*atonof faxa* for the final adjustm^rt of the a.'fair* will ba a little over t-0<i 000; that ia that the auui p%id for and 1o her, will be le?a by that amount than what she es]*i'ttd to receive and ba* hitherto lniiatad up-n receiv i k but ebich Ibeie has been ao chano* at any time that Congrest would give her. (iov Pease is deci< edly for accep'scce, he thinV* the subject ought to be r?f?rr< d directly to tbe people, an 1 that it is their interest to ac'iaies.e In the prop ait ion of Congreae. One allutieg ar.mn^t hap*eieat? ts. that with this subjw.t satltfactorily disponed of, Texas will he tntiiely ont of ^sht, and w>th a aurplu* fond ia her trfMtry 0(13,7(4,103 W BOM Or HkNAY CLAY ON Til* HTfMV. Tdttttt/ ea* a gjeatday Id tbia city, *aya the Ken tucky S a: ctmari of tl ? loth lc*t*ot It being court d?y, a grrnt many f?ople fiotn the country were la the cltjr. It iml previously brrn announced tbut Mr. Je*. 8. Beck, one of Ue m:?tt tifgtlnguiabail and kbit in our City, ud Mr. Jamea II. CUy , ton 0t Ui* ."at* of Aahlaod, and owner of the oI<l family at at, anuUl addre>g tli? people on tha political top ca of iba day. There we* gttat kTiiitt; to l? ar bolli gen' lemrn, aod at tbe ap pointed bour tbr Court II >u?e *u fifed to overflowing. Mr. Heck tpokt Drat. II* bn* always been a why, though a r. an of in leptndrnt thought and action. He apoke for two bcura, and wade on* of the <noet able and rflirient argument* *gata*t Know .Vothingiara llut ?? b?t? liatened to during tha prea?at contact Hit ? ptecb throughout we* pneerful, ?ri(U u.sutatire, cm vincing, coo'lualf a, and told with tr-ineadoua effect upcn hit anCieni-e. Ibo DMt jeBtlrnian who tcob tie *tand wa- Mr. J aa. R (lay, who, aa we have alretcy remaned, ia tha am of tbe R'aat ttaUatran, atd ba? >ucceei!od t?> tbe peter sal atate of Oakland. ?Mr. I 'ay Mid tbat hlg wa* bla fi rut efTo-' a*, a public ?petch, and cothleg Ui* than tha prolounl intereat ? hlch lie fait (n tlir gicat '|MaUong at l?a ; . raid iu dure him to upptar on thin ocittlo*. NaT* b-.fore had ?neb axtrtordii ary, *uch ?lai"uii'i(; ? ic\ a jrel t ia* tloBi been tb'' po'lti?*! eonddtrgtioa <f the American people. !tl? applanation! ?*4f arouaeJ In view of then, and he nornetlm** trim Med for th i f\i~ of bia country Hr Ilea that tbi* go*ernro?nt ?i< to betikra into tha keeping ?l a tecret )?>lltir*l oatb bound organization, wbi:h -at op uBSon-tltutlinil tent oatb*. and the ra-mb"r? of #bi>.(i weia bound to each other by the moat Urribie ob.'lg atioaa, wan to lilm mont alarr.iirg, and *Iiould, In bin judgment arou-e the up prehentioag of evrry patrinU;; man in the whole .jouh try. Mr. Clay decitd that the platform put forth by the kte Know Nothing convention at Itiiudelptia *ti th? r?*l | atferm of the party? party, did I call th. m n. d lie No, tbaj ate not a patty. In uy proper at' ? ptat.ou ol tba t?rm. Partita have heretofore b< en opt a. publir and above board, but tble i* a etui, oatb bound, political oiganigalioo. which la reeking alter the poll lien) powtr of tbe country, by way* and metr.* unknown to the law, an 1 in palptole duregar.t tf tbe lorg eat?bli?bed U?.?|<?'< rf the p?wiple, am the bittory of 'he |0??rnm?nt. It < ought political pow^r, not by c,.?n and fair ni-.io? Ut by ret plcttla<?, ( by rabalii-tle p*?? word* by ->ign? a..d |r p?, unknoea tc tli* feopir at large, and In p.tlptble . t?'ui<>a of the wbole kfirlt ad x*niu*ol tu* nKteinment. No and he, tb? true platform of tbi* tllrv rJioa rj orgai.nat m ' in tr be founu in their oatb* atd rttual Tlirre eere to be found the thing* wfcieh th'y *<r? iworn to do and to carry cot: and 'oiklag int" tli**1! '?th? and the , ritual, be loand that their o*)j*-cta ?r?re to ?trl?e at the clttMU of forcif n tlttn, at the tnmigratit* fmm xttirr ccuntrea, to ni*lt?oc?i.?e, n?gra>:e aod diejrace t iam, by I'tpiitllg Uitln not only ut tbe tight to Aa>*ri"tkme tbtmaelrta, but by cuVirg tbtm u". from tha tybU of ' bo p :ality an l humanity. Tbey ako *ou?ht to di* fitnrbite ?td '?grad? aooth?r clat* of our c,ti/en*, 1 whetl'et r atire born ( r fort lire, cn a:c?ant of tl.eir r* j llyir aa op'iionf, in plalu rlolatirn of tte MaetHaUot *f tt.e country ?nd -tgardle* ? of the pialneat dictati-* of juttiea atd homanity. Mr Ctar eaid that rather thai ?ui.mit ant aa'toced r?m?'?? <?' biaoen oa three <uV I .acta, ha bad tbuaen tow llaUtha i?ipr?*?ed aadaatt>*n I tir opinion* of tee old 'auer* of th* r?aoWI?; anl be ;ta . eiteaceely from ihe writing* at Waabing'on, of I .'tff?t?o?. of Mat Imb of JacVeoa. of t^ulary *nd other* He o?neiiided bit happy effort by aayiog tbat, though tbe old whig party, w:th wliicb b* h> i alway* acUd. ??*? brolrn aad gicptrred, tat ha appeared ti er* M on* of the ob' rear guard of tba! oa< ? poweifal aod graa' pally, aod In that capacity be proteetod aga n?t th.* i>ew ?eejat otgautiatiun, aa 'raaght witb danger to hi* r- n. ttj and lie V'ertlt*. aod be rallod upon all tbe .Id 1 tin of lb* whig party to Jala blm u tbe ,iro'e?i. THE AXIIICAM TLltTittM IN fHMOlir Kgt : OtA tint 111* ACTION or THk rmi.A DKI.i-UIA oot NCII.. lb> Kn< ? Notbleg. or ai tbey bere>ft?r d?>tn to be gtylgd . "Amtncao Htate (ouaell of Verm.^t, brlj a * perlal ie?*loa, at Burilagtoe, on tbe ]!th ln*t , J*m*< M. ftlade. of Ml^&Ietiarf. preatdeat R. M G old for ! reeratary ffo nr.miaation of a Htate ticket waa ma le lb? 'ol'owlag p atfrrm of priwlptra waa aatoimooaiy adopted by the Craned an t ordrred to he aa Sti*h?d ? Knolted. Hat tbe .ktate 'oua'll of vtraatat? f<' dta ly approving the act.ou of Ita d?l*4?te* at tbe lau tneetitg of tbe Nalloaal ? ouncil ?' FfcMMe fbla, ia pt* teatlng *gal?tt a platform In whieh the d.?' r?g . ?hlog ptinnple* of furard*r at* ma4e *"k??<4 >ttie an l u'. *er?'eat to tbe laterwet* aa4 itomu'lt of ??aeery, an I In ;r<mptly withdrawing frowi *ald N*?ow*: OMHHf, -n tbe vtowttoin of each platform hereby darlare* Iteelf iB^tgeadtat of ibe Nat:oo*. C 'ia?il aad So loager beucd b; aay ? ' it* a?t* Fttiltel, Tbet ia tbe p!ii<-tpiee p?'.'r.alf?t?'. by t.?e ae'tr'lag 'elega'ea- rwpr^enf r>g -.e*r'? et*r J free ^"a%e ? PMia4t Iphta oa the Uth ? ay of Ja ae -aa* we te I cegniaa a U'D|irrbaonlri pllUoff oo jrblch tro# patr) ot* tbroigbont the land nbould .vrdially tod taronttly untfe, u presenting tbe great leac'isjaol lirf-v poiitj cal f*rut?of the tin* lte*Ueed, Ihnt we regarl tha maiate&anr" of tha anion of the btiiWn to be, id the laojutgr of Waih'jg tin, " the primary cbj'.ct ?>f patrioti dmir*.'' aaO t'i?t it ca> be prratrred aad Made perpetual only by a faith ful adheienct to th* principle* embodied la the Dtclara tlf'B of Id Jepe cdr nca canBrrDed.hy the conalltuttoa, and ? xpeunded aad pnclalaedby the *re*t patret* aad atatetioen o> eat her da>?. ii*?oJre), 'lhat th* piohibiticn of slavery witbiB tie limit* anil raced by tar pieeent territorie* o' Kaii* i*.ind Nebta*** a* asantalj decrtwd '?> tbe liue hoa >ri' l and aacrtv corop*ct l.nowo aa rlie Mi>eauti compromise, wi? aanu'led in gr>?? violation 01 plighted faith, aad in utter Ctf regard c !' tie Bop >il*r will, that aa laps* o' tim* can p.D'nti , ai d be pV? frr Itn cont'nuaoee e in justify tin* outrage! aa art, that tlm pi>-iti?* gu *raa!ee of lhat. remfmet ebould be uncooditienally restore.'; aultnal ae t?Ul never, in at y event, consent to tba a:-tBi<ai'io ef Kan?at en'* Neotaska, or of an; part th?r?of, a* aiaee fctnU* l'erolved, That the light* of tba eettler* ia Territorie* to (La ute acd uodieturbeii exevoiMi of the electtve fran cbite, gunant'id to them by tie Ss? utdsr obieli they nr> itgantzed, abuutd ba pr.m.p'.l/ protected by lh? at tkncl executive, whenever violated or tareateue I. Iteeolved, That w.t hold it te be the i< uty of the fad era) gov?reintnt to fraa itself fr.>tu all reap eneibility fur tbe exittesce of hlavtry, and that are adopt the matto "No move slave State*, aod a>> more slave territory ' Resolved. T>bat we Had in the cou tit u lion on pro Tition which require j *uch legislation m the fug tiv* slave law of ltiBtl; >nJ that ax, during seventy years, all conatitttt oo?l t>bl gatiwrn wtra aM" to be fulfill*! without Ma kin* anil may be equally no atlli, wa demand It* unconditional repeal. HeeolveJ, That wh are determine I to use all honorable effort* to tecura audi a mollification ol out naturalize t ion lawt, aided by iuch. aa sleva'lon of pu'ilii nenti m?nt ** will prewrve tie truo ip'iermt* ol the na'lon, and will gcirantee the three tribal peine plea of a r*pul> lican goTertiment? apiiitaal f4?e<lom, * ftee B hie, ami frte tehoola tLerany (vtay.uting tb? great worU of Americanizing America. K??aWeil, lliat wa tafyke the arm of legiiltlion to ar* re*t tbat growing a*U-t tbe deportation, by foreign au thoflUa*, of paupv, and eoarlct* to our ?li')re<;and tbat a* cur aatior^) constitution iciuirea tha cbl?f e*e eutive ol car e'juutrj to be af oatieo btrtb, w? deem it equally BV'.ciaijt that otlior high . IllclU functlonaticH, and rtfw ,a.ij our iiiplnmatio rei.ri-?*otatlT** a'troa'l, I ?heaJ'* alio poitea* no foreign pripulple* to bia* their I or to lrfliience their cmclal aot on Ktt?^ " * " ?* ???? I W tita fclff* the preaeat frouiuiMty .* * P^ rt of it? >e tiled leg aila ti c e policy, ami tuai w? ?. ' "JpOMKj taany modification tbtreof, et rtptenchiu experience ahall demon>trate t'? l>? iei[ul at'e, in or-ier to it* gr?at?T perfection and afflcienoy. lietolved, That aa witt be hertaftor known a* the Atn'rican parly of Varmimt,; that onr principle* ihall ba hereafter openly ertry where avowed? our eanlidttea am ouBcid, ?n 1 tbat aauh membor.Hball b? at liberty to nake kuown tha exiateace of th* "Order, aad tba fact tl.at he hitn. flf i? a member, and tbat wa cordially In vlte all wl-o in gi od faith approve of theaeoar dostnnae, to co operate with u* In politisal action. MlBrSLLiNIOUS. A nut.'lc tneetlng ol peieon* opposed to th* extea* on of elaTtty ha* biM|t'l in ('nuderaporl, I'otler mun'y, 1'a , at which revfl^Bn* were adopted calling a SUte cri,v? ntiua of the fl^ublicen, or anti S'ebraaka party, to ba held at Uarru^nrg Krom pr?*ent appearanuat there leetDH I kely to b? flee naparate partien in the field at tha fall election in Peaa*y ivania, vJx the demo cratic, the .American or Know Nothing, tba national Kcow Netblif, the ?'ralghtoo t whig, aad tbe repub llcta ll*Riile* the pattie* we hare named, tber? ate two other* which will eierci?e an importaut lniluen. e Tt'?>* *re tbe Mquor Dealer*' t<eague and the frian^xof a piohibltory law A State eonvratlon of "co'or'd p't?*on*" will be held in Troy, on tbe 4th of 8ept?mb*r. A rt publican meeting wan b?Io la Ui *eli, Mat*., on the 11th Imt., which w:m largely atten I'd. but it wa* declared, in i?w ?.f the forumtion of a Slate faaion paity, inexpedient to proceed further at preaeut llenj. H Hill, i'^q , of Troup, hat anoounwl him?lf a* an lodafeuceai candidate lor l'ongre?u from tbe 4lb Coagieirional dldrict o( Uaoigia. lie 1* In faror of Know Nothing principle*. Tba name ot Hratident Kr*!IOrfUoy>en of llntger * < ollege, New Hinaewlcli, le b*>l*ted at tli* head of th* .^Ltinglleid (Ohio) ftrpullir, for th* i'r**nlency of tb* Inltau Htatte. Il'n 1bto<!oi? (1. Hunt, wbo wax a member of the l*?t t oi ere**, t>** reo?iTeil the Know Nolhiag no.am * ti< n in tlie tier i nd dlitrict of l.ouitlaaa for re election. Polite lnl? IDn?-i,<r. * CIIAKGK Of ftiH(ikHV (TUN TUK WAKPBN OK TUB ?'l VII. 1'hlBON BY A rAHbli.NKD COHVlOr? CV'KIOUd CA SC. hw? roam ago an Kogliabmau i4m? t VfitlUn. J thn n v wax triad am) ncnvtcted In thaCbirtof <;*n*r*l trillion# I' ' ffTK'Tj upon hiii etnploytr, a carpet c'**'ar U. F?arl, near Chatham etr?et, and wae imWiickI t > two jum ?nl tig uicLtlia confinement for t bu oom a anion of ?.*? am*. Johnton keit-g a email, lu'elligeot man. and withal a capital ptninao, he wan ippolotad book k?*pwr at th# pitKn. Ha rontlnu*d In thW employment for n**r '.wn ?*er* performing hie dut'?< wi li great ??t a farl'i u to Hi* cOicera of thai lue'.ltution. M?.-tvU tLc' ? Kia wire, whj la ijalU a pra'.tjr *W*", wa* untiring In lu r cndeaTcrf to pro*";4 u>? convict'* pardon, which ? ae o^tftl'.ird within the peat few week* from (iofrnnr Oik. No fooner ha>l John -on betn freed from Hi* ptrcltcla of the Mat? prirco, thin the warden. Mr C. i I at< mar , cl>o;i led thai a tnmUr of lnr^T.f h?1 U*n com?Bltt?(J upon him Tbraa of the cb*cka p-ir puttbg to hav* batm lamed by Mr IWteuian w>r? dii covered at the flank of Sing fling to b* forgerl**. >ft*r *?n>a lB<i?'ry It ??? dl?rot#r?d that Jobn>on ?*a t?ia author of th* mln blaf; aad ac curlingly e*ai<b wa< roada for blm, but without ellea*., a* b* ha I aom< pr* vlou* knowing* of th* diecover/ of t"i* fraud*, on I flnt to New York. Information wa* linn dlalaiy neat on to tba waiilen of th4Vity Prison bar#, and al*o to th* aulboillli e, It forte in* th*m of tba oC'urr?uo*. A alilct watch ??? accordingly l.apt frr Johat'ia, whi bad Mclucfl McieU In'b* 'ipo-r part of tba elty Hy a gt**t d?al of !r(f?m.ity end ' act tba M'.m.' pic of tba fugitive wan di*cov?r*d by oill<:*r k??fe. o' tba f.biat'a iilfict-, who rn -atur lay night pro<-?*d?' I to tha ?topplcg plica of tba a- un**d, In Hlx'h av*nu*, near fourteenth ?trv*t and look blm Into cue'ody ii? ?** immediately ogbthjki to lb* dtfl oftie* and lirk*d up fn pliton, pr?|?ratorj to !>**?( ?rit ba^k tj - |Q{ l!l?if for tila' I n <fi', by tcao tal loving proiN. lha* tba pretty lac* of .lnhn*' n ? wi'* hvl * i - h tn tnllu^ace OT?r o?? of th* aiacitira'a aulta (bat tba fugitive hat ^nt littl* to U%t 'n tb* waj of ? arere pnti ibmea* A IIOrKFtri. YOITU. J. ha MflCab*, a boy a<>oat 14 y*ar? of tg?, *>i a r-*et td by oflicr Clark* of tlie Sixth war J poll;*, cli?r^*il with ha?i?g atol-in a bore* and wagon, loaded w|ta (fro c?ii*e paicl ated at Waabtc^too Ma;k*t br deary VV hbollf, ofSo 49 Math atana*. Th* oimpltintat el l*g?e that h? 1*ft hl< *ehlr.l* etandlng la Waihlatton etxet for a t?w a.inut?e aa<l tb?t during h!? aba^ace lb* yi ui ( ?<:ap*|rac? druv* o!T with th* wagoo an I ita ?atiia ci ut?ot? I baa* wa? given. an4 tb* (*ltow wee OT?:haul#d l>n Imlng brought b?for? Ju?tic? onnolly, at tL* l^wer 1'olii ? Tourt, b* wee roianlttcl in full for trial, he b*f>og pleaded gull y to Uia cherg* of grand larc?i?y. ai.i.uihi rohOKir. 7hr*? young m?n , nan<*<l jubn Klaner al'aa l*wi? Cat*, Jr , Al*xar<l*r I' Cutting and (><x/rg*K. Joh i- >o, w?r* tak>a Into cuaiody by officar Martin, of tba u 1 l> atrirt I'ollwi ( ourt, charged with forg*ry, la liar ng. a* it le alleged, obtain*"! I.'^i from the i-t Mlrbilat Haak of tbla elly, oa a furge! eba:k p irp >rtiag to here tf?aa>gi.?d by Mr. W It. "cott, of IHtrolt Mlc!il/?a. ei<". mart* tajabl* to lawla I'eee Jr.. irn of <>eo ' ?**. iba I mted rtat** >*aator Kinner la cbarg*^ with bar Ing pcraonated th* ton o( Ihie great etaUmta to aorha <>gr**of a<eura-j tbat <ha paying telUr did not for a rooa ? ut Latitat* to <-a?b th* Cosumaat. 7li?a* g- itla intn ?*r* found rneticaUng on I ong leltad whtn Ua*a n'ocuttody, 1b*y ware held for ? ? ? minatioa rity li.l?lll?rnrt ? Ki?? iji Xt/rv f-Tarrr.? On Huaday norning, th rtly !>?' r* 1 oVloek, a Or* broke out in th? preia ?*?, No 41 V?i*y n^rtet. Ibe fi?* wa? found to original* In tbt pituiitt* occupied br K. ^i>g*l bo- khiader, eltuetH oa tb* fcerth ttc or (rtar) lb* front part of tb* ?*?* Nror !? crcupie>l by fl*nry lad wig prin'.?r Ui< pr* ial**e <id tot rtrtdv* wnfh dainag? The 'Moad it'xjr It o(iupi<d by fogretrck * Co , dealer* In paWat mwll riM* Their labtl* and ??i* of the efcirk r*'?l**"l leaaga by water, probably to tb* emouat af a"?>? ? 1 &?'. lb* Hiemeb wt re r*ry <|aie? at work aad *j? et ed*4 fa elopplsg th* progr*?? of tb* Ham** fro? *i Ut,' ing tajoad th* loom In wbbsb It ':rtglaal*d Tb? Sre wee a*r*rUined, on an eiaaiiaatioa mad* by '?.* Kra Marehal, to hara oriftna'e-1 la lh? tub ue*.'. by the ttader* for tba dapoait of thai r paper cuttlage, bat th* M M ?? not eet baowa Th* %>? >* ;indtr ia?*e1lg?t lb* i?i** aad damage Is th* book biiadwrp will i*m'f , j , leoouat lo a boat Ivoo. W* aa'l*r*t*a<l a I tb* otcupaaU har* laanaae* an tb*lr prop*rty, bat t? what *ao<tat. { <it the aaaae, 0f tba aaderentoe, we were uaabia to l?<ra. r?r. num |mow?i*o.? Yaaierday aftoranna, a lha HtaUo lei aad fairy boat, -taWn U.aadar, wet laar | vg th* Accfe, at tba om o elocb trip froac Mew Y'wk, % (.?tm aa, ahue faaaily Had ;a*t g owe on board, la aa itaeorlag to gat oa tba boat, fail batvae* tba bnat a *4 ?be trlihfa, o?*r board, aad would ha?e baaa irowoti, ' tot far the tiaialy aaaiataaea of Mr Jaba Hajae W a ? > all boataaaa, wbo raaeaad hla fro* bla pa*Ooa* *t.a He a wltb caaaidarabU diSeatiy Tl? ?* bt m Vall or a fmair ? ? Joha McCraady wa? 4aag*r?aily lajvad, Katcrday aoaa, by tba faA of a ;?nieb froan a taiUag la Uba proaeae af araatioa at tb* corner af ftftfe aeeaaa aad Tbirtr tret etraat !<?**? I icwty >aa>|?< loatag bt* bfe at Iba dwrrVb, >a tu 'a I, broke a wagaa aad ia/arad a boraa wbuti wa* *?*?* g I w?i.:e blm McCpady *m take* to v? ' Q >f ta*. Dramatic and Miulial Mattel*. t>* principal eveut ol In it weak ?? th? p ,rfo< m?D-? at Wallari a theatre, bf M Anthony'* Kraneh ''owpMj, I fit "I** Killei de Marvre " Tba Irw h patter-, which Haro become r (try moral al. at naie, look at t'l* per fo> <oi?tc* from a singular point o( Ties I'. i? true to ?? ?'let FiVtm f* Mai lira " helodg* to lb* ?*nt* *ch kM of drataa '-ia >i arttuia aa "La t>ama au* '.'aiaillt*.'' t*o gHeirad. ntr.ni an 1 emaaculatad un'sr tin* Utl* of 'C? m.We,') Mi in tli* l?at taiued piee* a bad ??mn la deite4, white iq tbe l)rn? *1* I* paint* 1 wi\h tb* pre railing paealraof bar clan - tha lor* of imrn-r. Tbi* U? play, though it teoaid not. Ilka tba "Dame aui CameHae," receire tha plaudit* of tha loreUrt, coavey* ? good moral leaaen, uo'l It in, >a fast, tha "liaurg* ll?ro wt-11" ef tha Kr?-?rh atair*. Tha aitlnf are* generally go**', and tVat ef It. I eon I'atr* in D'ofsna* *n-l l??? -?? Da a, ? .-u. tie beat bl* of teceatric ot rood) that wa b a v-e *?*r> f?r a t>?e Hoai* af our Juvenile trig* Ha ul mgbt fiet ton a eeluatla hint* from M Kditar. woo p'u? h lapou'l tha hi to of tha play. It will be ftraa Mtib rg Tgftili; fun'l.* At the HKOAtiwar linear** Mr and Mr*. Harney Kit. liaira ImOtai* 7? ry ? f-ol h; una* during th? wwV Mr. W.lliura 1* ufciictrtrd ia tha <1(1 ii'itlou of tha ao Matoieltiea ?f the Irleli peiMnt, aod Mix. WilUaca* la Tankee fir ? ia perfectly IrreaUtible, although ah* doe* caricatuia the Naw England type of character. Tha UH at tba Broadway include* thrtta piec**, ia which Mr. aid MM. W'l!i?a< will appaar. At Niiilo'ii tiam**, th'o eraeiag, Ml** 1/tuUi Pyna and tie artist* of tbo Kngliah opeia troupe alng Auher'* "1'iowu Diasaoad*. " On TuoiJay, Mr. Durtoii app-*;i with a (cod eosnpiny, id '-raul Try." At th* Bowrur l'MUTfta lira. William Ward and Mr. W. R (Jooi'all hara been tha ?ur* of tha waek. Mr. 0?d aU Ik a rery populw joutig actor, anl eieeptlng torn* little ciulitu* of ?t)le, U capable of a.i<Lainlni{ tUi pa billon to wh'elt V.e ?tp'iM, In >aeb prtn ?? Illau4* I>uke Aitnta, all young, A"' t OX Wd?f.iua, hi(b pplil'al fallow*, Mr, ^"mi |, l,iKhly favorrd by natura. and la ?rry ?ttco<?iaful, Mr*. Warl frouti Cftjj ka.\>(l of th# teirtt, do? I tot fioJttcitk# 'row* ttUI laok of ltght aod ?b ail r. HI rtL aa aiioi.t roica, cooiMf " 1 a jwli'r but wall rounded ligura hha woull b? mu Ml b*tt?r if aba wcrtt lraa rialxnt and mrra natural Hit* ahoold Bt**r play tba '?t'ciaican Brothara." Thoaa in taraatlog anil myilailoa* twina chould !>?? actad, (If aeUd at all,) by a man with piwarful pkyii/iK. Th? id?? of a pratty liltla woman, who oannot act, talk, or walk hk? a Bin, b?ln{ abla t i ov?rco>n>i by iu?ln for ?? an acrompllalial mailre if'arwutUk* M I'bataau Heatud, la abatud. Thla en ulag, at tha Iktwtry, tha bill in elude* "'fbs Willoa C'opaa " and '? Kata Knaruay. ' Mr. tioodall aad Mra. Ward play In tha drat p'sc*. Wim>'n Min-tw*!.* ?t 11 eontinua t) plnaaa la'g" num Urrt o'peoji* at 472 llioadway Tha progiamiua for to night ia vfry good. Tun W ami ti.*. tiTunt \ Okmntiu? tbat la what th?y eall It ?as immanaa tra>- from California, la m aiUibttlon at tha I'tyatal I'alarr. A theatrical comptor In Ctlifo.nlt recently gara a parforinanoe ia I la atump, wliuli la nina ty-tbrta Utt in rlreutnftrrnM. Mr. J K yaiTii la exhibiting hit pun >rami of i urop* at the Ch'naaa Rooraa, llr >?lway, wUara it attract* a great deal of a'taotlon. At Ar*iiemr ll*u^ C#:t Uroadway, tha " All*tchanl?n <,'? a | opular concert company, commauja an angigawant tli in eeeolug. I ?a*aTii Uottair.? Mr. J. W. Wa lark la rnatlcating at Hhtawabury, but ha la not ill. a< rapor'.n I? Mr lien Do liar, manager of tha St. CUailea iheatr*, Nam <trl?an?, U In town'?- Mr. aod Mra. W.J. Klorenra latt to?n on Ibornlay for Ikltdnore, wliera tbay wll app?ir tli a ertning at tha Iloliii'ay atreet Ihea'ra. Mr. J. II. MoVlrker wita iee? otly married to Ml?a llarrie? Myera, of New Jeraey. lhe twain aallel yaatarday far Kuro;#. Ut, J. (oliio", the lueh i-omtxlian, haa arrtrad lb 8|^^ik, alter u tour through tha >? ttea. Ilia oun (wtie nry wtDatiaivb'!. Mf W.r>?Til<? male ^r?t ap|>e?rarice In M"o1r?al, oa M ??day, bafore a large audience. Ila wai eal'ej out at Ilia tul of tba play, ' I'aul I'ry,'' and a apser.'.i ? ? Mlia J. M I>aeen|Mirt, from California , Mr. J J. IV.or, manager of Mr. Wyatt a theatre In Con oeeticnt; aod Mr. Ctarlel K I 'op*, formally of the liroa'way, arrired In town laa w?ek.? A ti eitre will 1 ? opened at Otwrgn m I'm - lie, on tki* ?r?gi|f. iU kai Mr*. A. II fta?enp>rt (Miaa I. a lieWraton) and Mr, A. W. F>riio ar? inrtn'i?rr ?' th* cen?;anj. Iba laat name t gentleman la etgagc I at tha llrr.adw?y thaatra for nait aeaeco. We hear that ' *0 cr>Ur*cea wt'l abort y l>e iotr/ luc^l into theC immoa j l i, unci) making It a penal i.llen ?* for rnasagera to n'gle t I putting up wtie a:r*ea? in front of the f'M light* in 0-.cea ?beatiei. whiie they art aipoaeJ Already .an al yoncg womi n haea been b>irne<l todaatb on ar jat ?f the ab aenca of tbl* almple precaution. -?Mr I 1 0? ke, formerly of tlua elty, !? bolidlng a new theatre at haeramaato, Call ornla, to >oet an I aeat I .'?) pertoaa. Tha following ar* the ClmenaUma, a* furaiah rd by the auparlnteadent ? rue ol entire building, KOdSOfret theatre p-oper, (< tll6 ftet, atage, ?t ftet wide bj 4i fwet daep, proaoe of u an. width between, 8? fwi; arch, a.'i feat tugh fri'n th* atage ? width. H fret, with two larg* do?bl* d<*>r* on each a oa of tbe atag-, a orned on eithar ail* with Butad I ortatliUn coluaint. <>?ar tha d?r>r on ea-h proeren um will t* a r.ieia, full bright with a maaalr* ( atatue. "II each aid* of tha nl?b?a will I* rolomn* o' > tbe Ionic ordir. lhe aceoe, gr??n, and dree is/ r'xiau i will be 18 addition erected on the eaat aide of the ratals bnilcisg Tbe data will be 11 'eat htgh and -I fast wl la tn ut i ! ?!*ga to rear u' ,'r. a? <Me, 4'i f?et. 1/rwl ail J els and par'iuetle will oe elmi'ar In arrangement, atj le, at. ) Dniali to Bttrton'a tl.satra In >aw York l?r*aa ur ela to rosta'n t tiera of *>ata, timilar to th> ?e In the MftroMlltan theatre ia Hen i raeclaco Th* nirtnatte, a* we ! a '.be i*fe*a eitelo, w II ba d*a g?? ' rm the a-, ect. h Jation of ladle* in the rear o' tba dreae elr'Je WII. ha a lobby, lofet t Wida, aad aitao lm/ tbe fsl width of tha kvllo ng? CO fait. A< "eel will b* had to the m Un , hall from tb? lobby by three door a. aaa.li a a feet ?id?, j and to th* a*' oa I tier* of gallertee !fi.ia Ut* h*l| b; a flight of italra on a. tier ilde, eli fewt wi<*e, with m?bo , .i j hand rail and > aibiater*. Tbe aecood tier cf ra ler f* will roatala twele* ?eat*ea->i, *1 fee' lal?S4ib. I o?atl) flsiahed. in tba rear of lb* hall w. l alao be a I lobby 10 fret wide, eatetd.sg tba w'-ltb of tbe boild ag the third tier w II contain ?l? aeate, ami ba gniabad | nfl w it b lattioa Una*. There will be four <>rieat* b 'tea la lolh th* draaa cirrls ?n<> ?*eaod tier Tbe gi'lenea w II be anpportail by raat Iron eoluoiri* T l.* ? will lx large o^eniaga/cr e*n'Uatk>a. oa *?. h aid* t ike build Ing *no dew* The dorr.* will ba Ml fewt In fteigbt fr'-m the floor of tbe par'jnatta tad th* interior laeorata) In white, with gilt mouldin/a throwghout The h ><iae will 1-oalufaUf aeat l.^'J t?ref?a?, am will ba raa-ly l> be i. peed by tbe ftrat of C?pteaib*r, Toe V*riatl?* tbee'r? t l/O'.l*, Utolat.? ^ tew theatre will ba f.pened at Onlombuaon the 1 tlj -eptem ter ? Mr lanergtn't dfamatle ftopas; are ple)ia( at llelfaat Me We ahp tha following trout tha l ltLabarg Ituj nl> <> "f the JCth C liaifftra, a n??tt har af th? liaaatfliftl profaaai'ia, j ?111 ?! oM Uim ? tt lbi? nljr, >u in J ? .. ? n ? f. ?; M?>r. <>? a. > ,ar f ?? ? ? ?.? I: , llnl Mr llotilMI ftftd Miaa K*)4<u, >|?t ' fo?rt??a, a??m<.ral of aa ft oihar, adopt*) ; ? ^U> to ????[? ft f l? n '.aatlaa IftUr* ??, whi u. tv.?*b I altar lt>> ntf>t ftp)>rt)??<1 t>'?na <,f gavtiBf n>t ' i w na ttM atftjft, w u ?>.( m-'l; 'oaaoaaat wnb Iba nlaa ?it ?r e.aiy, < ir ?ltk Ik* fir) ? mo'.lin'i >4<m f lift jnwtf lady, ?(itlltr ftiWI by bar k aar or a'/ 1 (?<?? b?t *n*?r, dlt| .!*?'! hr-r?it IB all /an '? dr??a. an ?? la I ? I p?lf I va id Irtw fk? a?a aall to- vi ?t bar aftotfear'a j 4aallat ? r*l inn-f tLaavaalat {???? : out of lb* ?ith??t fttlfftctifig jftf alta?Uoa, ??>: pf ??!?>! I . ?m| 'lit ai|?'tftM I il tit* | U ? ?)n>iil ?M ? elaat tta mathar HI ?bpr>a*4 of tka **j?aa? a ?( lllktn ftft ' mafe>a( aauairy, ?B''. raVl'l *'? ?" !.???? inif : ? t|i? ? .? ? iiiii'ir ( 1'ialM. |vm tv ?ij<; III* ?l Mr fft*a, If M?t taJaaTi Iba f l? allli b.K ba laiwa'uto !r vall?<t "? tba Wft'or ?al ba.1 ft "ftrraft'. )????! far Mr H 'a ?rr?a? 7 La girl ??? toumd 4ar ag lb* ufVI br t?? Ell?a ?#W|> 'a ? '*rr?*? ataa-)>a( ?a tba Sat a; ? ?? of -*??<ft #?(??<, an1 Vrnni"! I ' ?ar a ibftta >a tfca follaralaf -.fty -Kfca ba-1 ?a'oraai! Mm* -u I Lai rr?*a't att'r? ftt tao a ftlnarb ?B 1 r?vba4 har r- .aa a b??t tatag m a ft t*4 balag *??>? ?< tba (il*( ?f bar miM.tr, ta4 ra-lraaaad baraa.' a bar oaa ftVoUta*, ?ftl nsftfla bar aa'ftpa bf tba b*<k ?Untt ftal raa-.jM tba foot of tb? atraat n*ar <ka 'a*a #-a?:.?g to <*oaa Wraatf >at 'blnUrif II ? mft'Ur * rtbf of ft aa<?a4 'Obftt ^ar* lioa, aha ?t?f p?<1 lafa iba ?ama^a, ?a^ bal?( ovar'ooaa by tka arla' a of af a in >*( a M/t !? ? H'-aa'. a *?tira H*<1 faiiaa talM) Mr* fUMa^k, Wa lM.?( that Hr?*?tfftca balaalaaa! fear 4fta?b*ar h*4 bin, ,rc ?? ' I ?M m pcaajad. %mA ba ??> r? WaaaC a?.{ ?o Dm MlMt aa4*d I'W aw tm ?A earra?f>*4aat aajrr ? > r .ft'ft tb?ftUt?? ?a?1?r?ft?B?a ?r* fatUn^ Y* Sa r?t; f, I.. MI > a?M|al atr l^af taft w* | 1.,. | h?/l I (La ^Wfta-ifa ?f tlU*4l*| Ma M oft MaCaf 1 it?i if 'ft?t, *1 Un bavaa ?f Mr f m oa* af oar ??>b i.'bKaaaaa a|tt?i aat ? l.aa/tr*.' ml laa 'r-.?a Taaatj alaUj Hn?t TWra ?r*aa uaaaa'. Iba la (Ml ! Miia?Urt of IftllMW Mm iM I Wrft aaaa ia a .. ' t t ?-? TVa awx ifttaa Wt far tKa aaaa ?? \, .? a 'fta-rtiaa, at -b *ia *4ia.<rftblf ??vwj Tba Mart ?rat Eawa of tba ?aawaf aa> M ?? 'iHfta of ?i?Mfciy?, m4 ttf iMMtM fw mncmM Vy M r?f?l, af 'h? aaMa alaaa ! Uar* that ?b?r ara ?r. I !?H*t tka f jMi* rta(< Mabaa I.M-ra?at ? .? ??????? - ? * ?* of our T?'M I otb< r?hirirt>r< |wr>?mUJ by Mh 11 ? i' I AaMtiiaa, tod Urn whole alTa'r eom.Iudad ^ I I ?/ far,' * (maur-A Ml?a fntnm b aa mtda * H w Htran-^ I.mo<Ui3, to a q?? pla?a e%IM "Tb? !!???*? - ! The Kojluk play* tad rwum#l at l'?" Mr ( uarla. Ockeoa ha* ? tbaatro at hU j dtaea, t?, it# tuunnimt of hln?*alf friaada Ho ! ctcf letad i| Montreal. at tha Karrt?oa tkaatrisal/-. i Mr Farraa'a farav.II n| the atafO ?a? annouaoad to Ult P,?r? ?* ??? ll'yamkat, Jul/ ICtb. Ma lar tH In tof.1 ?t? p?trrn*ii* of th?gu?.?n. li* ought to haro a "ijcd lllitH. '" Ibacborua ?? tlx Opera Coultiae, I'aria, ineiudoii a wan who bw tin* m?? ft?btia| la lUaOlntaa A latter (rum before Me'<aatop<t| of the lflth. aaf ? ? Our tbea'r* her* la i-oanpaUad to jlald ta th* ehaaeaa of ?a,r ao<l <1 a pier* nan i.m fur parfaraa w*?k bafotahand m atrueh otttUa bill with tka IbrOtipt loll plarrd ovar It "eic*a<) 10 i <iM?|ii>grj of % woubJ." 1 lie tompto; of peiforoaeri hat boon atralf tiled tilling lb* late allairn lba a J if la? wh* mirli Ilia 11 mourrxiLf haa bk*? ron.p?ll* I to aaak as aaylua la ili* atotalaonl iu aoa-eiq i.*are of a aharp Wo-in 1 >al th# jrvv irrmiff It alio la a nowewbat dilapidate.! ?tale but ail tin* '!?*? rot damp th* apirita of th* t-iMtp of artora, wto tha othor day. between thalr turn* in the tracchea, |?a a rar reaantitloa for lba hanellt af II* li.nrb pria?.a?r?, which will. I think, bathalaat aa attention ia auw turned in nao'har ilirvottoa Tha wliliia aia all ilamaBltof to go to Haliaatop.,!, ai<l i ouMiiaa tba braaob will ran b? opened aa t tka IItIdk torrent ortrcara* **r ly obalacl* (mm akv ?TV* tlaaUi of Mr* Koaalla IVlby l? aa nconcad to haa* taken place na boar I tlia California ?trauabip Northern IJgbt. noa .lay out frotu San Jaaa. Mra. Kelbr waa boro at K'ndfrhonfc, lo '.AO :lt?l* of N?w York, la I'M, anil made tar Mkmt at ll?i lipaluo ttaa*^ in IMS, aa Mian Mi rllwer. in " 1 -au}W Wiaaa v III INIH or 'UO aba warrW Ml. Wtl?- ? "? c?" " Bian?|ar of UcTiIMM* * ?'n l*?'tajr , aftofwart* Mm I 'all) pla*'"* -n1 Val'ooal th*a'ra?, whara accop"' "* tlia iJvir**, flalrliara*, k? , au<l waa . ed una of tba Yi-r/ baat aitr*aa*a of h?r da/, hha ratirtd fron lba ilat(a la ]HI4 or -ii, but waa obliged to .ratuin to II li ISSO, wbau Mr I'aib/ dlad, WavICK bar ti e i.ir*otloo <f tba National theatre, which ??* lioal!/ aoM to pay the U^bU ol tba aatata, an t Mra. '*>j w*a lelt .)nu*l wlibniit raangrn*a. la IHi? aba ttVat to CalHaitol: W',h hM ,1"?h'4f. Ju"? and. aa a ("fi??fco<(?a? ia?v. '* u*' 'ft**** HIT ?01 meai'ad by ber a'*y la the Ouldan vn <? Mr* Talbr waa a raiy *?t!ai*bl? and ai(r*?abl? p*r-oa. liar *oU ktirtriTiTK rhiu MiadJuUa 10 t Jl^r On otbtar by bar flrat buaband, Mr*. Aadara?? w? Hiowa, waa oa* of the moat baautifnl woman aa well a* i tba b?>t Amrr.ran arir**a of her day fba died at llaa ton, Mr*. I'elby'* iu?11?o nam* waa Kranrh Ptiaoi.nl liilalllarar*. Hob H. H. (inodrirb, lata Dnilal :-lat*a (on*ul at I'ari*, I* lepoilad In ba about r>tumin( to th* l'nlv*4 hta'ra )l* inlrodii t" eatalillab liim?*lt lu Na* Yorh, wtrr* b* will pureua bU lit arary labor* II* ba* baaw *0(a(f<l tit ?< ina tin.* In prapariof l. a Mamoira, wllb rimoln? akalrh*-* ot mao aa I tb'nf* at bom* aad alrnaj t'orlor bla tlm* It will ambiacaa rary aitaa Ilva iiaib f.? of (Ortralla, deaf i iptl le an I aoaclotiral ? f ?lt.ioaot cbararter*, literary, aeientiflr, political and ?octal, In both l.?m'?tih*'*a, ?Uoui the author haa trea or litrn arijualated with. Il'a V ratam p>p*ra aimono'-e that tka l|na (liar tan Hun. F.ar waa at M f* aul a on the fltli la*t lo CJOipaap * itb fianaial HI felaiw, ha haa viaitat a dalegat *? af Irarea of tla liah <i?ah trlba of InHao* now aa raiufd at lltliatu* , en th* hlgbaat blutt iippaaita tho fl?ir at;<t. i aiil'a. lb* eaa* of tV* l alttd Htala* aira'.ntt Uo* H. M l*riaa, ill N>w Jai ?ay, lo i*coT*r I r aa allffad dafilrat'oa ha b ? ari-oun'* aa flat#) pui -i r fa the I nlt?d Htataa Narr, la aafwrtad lo b* rea cbed a i lba fourth Tuaa laf la Maptainber rut, la tb* folia-' Hal*. Court for lb* dla tllrt of Ki w Jaraey, a.U u* at 1 rutiia. b'i/uor Almonte anil family, tba MaaUan Miaiatar, a ir.rrd io All at y < u the I: th laat. Ke* liialn H Ctapio, of tkla ajt t ? , praacli* ! >*atar i ay at tl a Wairta atrrat I nl?raaiial churrh, It- 4<<w. ahHit a i.i. AMI ? ,?i. Nil !>' Ia?-J h HIT. C?i.**< tkui W n lluUh In* Mew V or h I I IHlnar, Rl l.oula , l.al/l I'l-aalal - In Pull; , (.a rr* l'ra;*r. H at a, Thiu.ai Sra4l ?y, Aikaa ?aa At tb* Aaler ll?< >' A y ll' IWnah HiwOrlaaaa. J D. Wilms. It a t bm t II II PulTar N*a Orlaaaa. J W. Abdraaa, ilo. , C' Mal W, M, I outa At Ui* fcwiilt.eijtia* >1 l> 1 *4a>*ata Alaatai 0*ar*ia, V V tV'.ll*. i;*? f at) r 1,1 I nail '?* Kr . K ?? l> ? Htl'tr l **<'???! lia- W ?a!fra> a aai latnllr W t? I. (flai.it htiu|l|a Ti aw . Cal ??"rra tlo'rf, Mianealtia* . fiataual I Mania, I nlhar l^ar, boiih i aivlua 1 U i?? ? tfci r *l A ?; . ia* ii a, t la, ri'nn ><? lir 'ILI ai.il llavaaa, ia tba eloamahi* I'aKaw Va I f at Pea ?i|t<-aa* Mra ? larka aa4 ? a. Mra Nary Ci alii a, J Maal*eii,afp. W W Mi<ilmm?r f l.a?l l i-raa. 1'ia frill" ' J A a rtai I lti??.i. (laa AUaa. ( J Ult, I' elm I., i J f li**ia. !*dy, ff.114 a?4 aaiaaat. 4 P Al*a I ail. tt'u Alii r, t> II Mi-t'ullla *'.4 a4r. I. a'ir. ? I'll I a?4 ? r>a ' K II llarrta, l*4y. iKim ol.l'tff' fi aba i a< laiiffcia, f *ngur A *?*> nr. Ia4? ai.4 ear lit. I III llanlhsyaaa W i Tbom| kina Ia4y aai ahiH, I fc Mai4aln "fa I H Hare !*?< ? t 1 1 1 r ? aa an4 *?r .... y Katra. I la.-t. \ M ll-tt.r h W l.ula Mra J Htavart, H li It > < J - I , *. tlia 1 I. M-fa't, Mt*a M A ii."wr * I i 1 H It ?a'l li ui llavaaa -UraX Almy art II Cl.ai'tlB aa< rlitld, C*aaa R? lim-.* Ia4y, tr raa ablldtaa aad tw? ?'i"- f ? , J w t aai. I" T I r?f *t A Taj A O larrtaa(a.'Mr* M Valiaat* *t| tao i?" a, in.r Mon.ar Th-,a i altar. a J H I'r.aitaaa, . ''?lL?l'it. A'. ?.'<?, A t.iaai- ra. J-.? ?rn*-? a i.i ,**?. I' H l.fcPi' a4'.iir, T M"t,i|l*a Va> i.iaa V* ai* In Dliiw, r I'aia'ia M \la!a. I l'i*.< ? a I araaida faa'-il*?, t A Rabai-k, T ra<t>at, A fiatnala Ka)?aa fitai-Tatii f". Mows l?jr ttir Mall*. Court Ikiiaa, ablch hu a'a.nl Id Martina burg, V? , f?r aJujoii ? ttnturi it hfttiBf 0*?a ?t?W. a alia Vligioia (M pat urn- of III* MrlK.U nol.oMa, a for tba i?'*d < ' Kin,- tirorga Ik* III . ?ill *>mii t?a laaaJLH la tba v-rjue l, ta am room fur a bun lia? baltaf auiW4 to tha aaot* of tl>< c- n.m??ltp T?o luLtf.i! ml taaolp tbraa 'laatba wirrW l? I tll*orl|>Ma ImI aatl tn'f Uaa Uian 'Igrtay |U vat l>r*vio?t. <.aa. PblaU'a hu l>aan laalaa.ag Ik* Biliur* at Kwrl l^pall'Df, Wlnjii^'i Tiritt"!/ at.']* Iitrbwu* ur to ba (Mm to Hon II M Ilka, a* Mln*a?polla. bfr J II fat for' h, alitor af lb? Koeb l*Ja?4 (III! ?'>!? /f ?,hi Iwt arr??U<1 npoa a 'barg? af allful at. I corrupt parjiirp, In fa.aalp aaaar.ag la lb' i"?i*tton of th? /' jut> \ an, In or<iar to piictrt f< r t'>?' p?j*r tb? I'oat 1 iri'a a/Wart'tlay Mr l^aafntth >? tl I. i n? ml rl f r tki lalan f af Hark )kU*4, and t ?? I b? rank of IJ to <<?*. Mattraoa lb? I'otri.'f Aryvt (lr*< aa a-oouat of a Wrrlkia kail aad ram atorm lha* ^aml n??r a irittiaa af llir'r eAaa'p, Va , a !aa <"ajt a<-?. TU? ba I la il l laktr* b*ai> ba ? i a ? ? f l.'i> ? rgga nil ** 1 1 **rtowa <Vaauf? U l?? 't' y Mr '.airi- .iu? a i.al bia grata bouaa altfc taantp II ta or thirty baahata of abaal, aaapt off Aiaa Id IMaf ord witoi; Va. omcb lair. *4 ? aaa itoaa "n tba 4'b iBaUat I iu' I liarar I aaa rr.^nU>?4 it l?'t * p tl>? at of hta ?!fa bp buiftara, la Uaa a.ilaaa af Alfiar*. ?}>poalla N?v Oilaaaa lla ?>? >tita|lt4, a?d ?o aw'atit'v that b>> jugular ?? n b mi ?a< a bWi? ? o tba taa<! aitb a bur m?r or baVrba' fla.aba4 'ba laadfal 'laail Ttilra b*??N a?ra laafropM bp (Ira la Ha rat a1f**4, t?t?a?n Hl ri'l an I ftroaJwk p, Haltluwr* ?a (ta Htb lattaat. 4 4>nM mIM rhirioR It bl!'lag II ? lift acaibar* la tl.a ilaallr of Malagar-ta I" aa a?; kaa f!??h of ?u'b aalaiaU ?? ti? af II >? Vdal ; p aoaoaa. Tba raata 4i?aa?a iui uallr ?l??lia'' ?? iltfal Itapaa ar ? b a I*. ' It la ala'ad tl.it ao cvra baa fat >lla our, 1 fiif It. A M;?r< Diar. b^ tf<? ??rraof <? ? -ra P?t?a h 1 ng blaa ??lf .a Joaaaoobufj, H <*>arl/, *? J . oa tba Mb (???at la a fit >,l a*/ ll? 1 11 ' owikI bat ? <?r.o *at?. u K a( IIji ? ti?' a i ? tb UMaaa4a#4 o4 b.a ai'i. oa t>. ?'!< la?taat b 4 1. a??alf a'oaaa fiwa. Cittlbllir iu i ?t?r "?fAI!?g*?p roaatp, ?> T., *ai Mttia k; h ? . *?? ?b,cli pfor*?l to ba ratal!, in tba t% k Inrtaat A ?'? aua.b?i of tM It Urtlto, ICj , f\,w~*0r r ?aa a M ?,{???? i?t <?' tl.a rtaaaibaat tiaatta'a oa tlia v^Mtara lion I f '!? Ia?t ?. i alb* tba batal af vblfb aaaa up o'l aa<t II ftata, bargaa aa4 kaat ?-.ata feat tarolrtag propartp to tba aa??aat of In fb* at?aa?ara J* ?m taa??a-l !? bara?i, < vara ^a?l>- f*4 bp MUawa. Tka Harlia|i?*, Vt , /'??? /'mi atataa tba* u Hr b???i a alt aaa of I(j4a I'ara. au aalaav r a? Ua >1' 'I ?K" * ??**>?* Wa.a of aara at l>ariiacu?a, ba f?ll laaaalk Ua wbaala aa! aaa ?> oadip ?f aaba? tba I ra ? or rt ?ad bat ? faa baara taw baiMiaga ta l1r?o?tb, Max r?a^t?: by ? R Draw ai l Haa;a?la < o?b aa a 'ana Irr aaS k *4 fa< trwjr vara f?>a?a<t [oa ftba flnb laat ?<? ll*,W M K<i ' r>0 partly a a i?" A r??at'a 'or ?afl boa ? ??U aa??* ?? ?t Xabaat. Max ar. tba SHI. laat TWa trfU t aa sal- baa t>a Nral far aaaaa4a >4 It t?a? a?4 .|?a/fa, aal tba aaa< a>l far* *aa aal a af I'i u-aa aaa^ aa4ar 1a Walk 'aaaa aa alWvtnra ..f |af *?a aQl ba a.a4a far la 'tia.rdau I taaaa* Irtaaa lot tba drat rtaaa baata a ii| ba for tba Ural a aW?a? pttafcar talaat al H?i tmt | a nlrrr tap rilaal at t?A. Katitaai la|b ?, r tba a*a??i ?Jaa? kaato, ??tt p r>aa, ? a.lrar rap ra laa^ at a rpfa (tea* ral?*j at I ft. Ilabatur* Otjr Raw*. Tar fa' r? H'?ao??a ? Yaalar-Lap a largav r-roa# ?aat 1a lUboka* tka* ba* rMtad taat dtp aa aap ?ae tij lA.a aaaaoa It II adoaai*! Uaat at laa^ taaatp tbaaaaa4 aaraaai atattad tba npalaa Ftabt? aa4 alba I 'aaaa .a laa attp m4 aaigbbarboaat Tba atf ,-otlp, an 4 ap to U a abatk >o arraata ?Mb. K.r fa.'t a?r.'? -it abaat 7 ?iW> Char laa Irakaa4 ag?4 aittaa* fWa, a aaa of M/ Jaaa IraSaad, proprlab^ af tba Waa>.a*t*a * tar 4a a* , *aa 4,aa a*-. Ha avaaa oat fra? iba ablp r?r4 to tba pa? at at tba * 4a aTtoa parbt aaa aa^a, bp U* ? ,a*t il: a*t ba far vaaaaf takf kaaa

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