21 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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HIGHLY INTERESTING FROM THE WEST. The Platform of the Pro-Slavery Convention in Missouri. [engage of Governor Boeder to the Kansas legislature, Ac., Ao., aw. MISSOURI PBOSLAVEBY OONVBSTPIOM AT LLXING CON. * We hare reoelvel tne LhiukVoi, Mo.. W'tk.y Exprt **, of tti? 14 'h ic*U. c u.t*i?tn< t ? lags erf uie Pro-Slaver* C .<??<&? u In th?t city. We Lars already giY*n pr <*8 flr,t day. SECOND PAT. FsiUaT tloaaiNO, J?ly 13, 1855. The Convention as?? moU>a tui? oxuu it nt 8 O'c.ock, pu stunt to a jourunent. a. ?enaral go i.i feeiU.fi pn-vailed, iB4 the Coovbailen font t3 *jft hai aotjouily. Tbe ptoc?*di?g?i of yesterday w*r? read, and after Tarii tw amerdmonte ot mi jot imp>rtauca, wore ad' pted. Col. Doniphan eeld be hi i b*>n ? pq lert id to et*t? that tiro geoU?*irer', CjI. Luoghoor -igi aad D. P. llld, fcsj., *ers preeont l*i -bo Cjq??iumju; that lh?y hua been sup 1 1 ate* , uh he w+a taf >rne.?, hy a meeting in St. Louis, to rej"'*|n|i thtt c*ty and coon' j in ttr.8 Cuii?cQVoa,?"(j h? rnoai'.fauy atked that to??y mi^ht be shown t i t ieir s^ita. - Tbe C'balh lead a rule, ti?a< no m-m&sr wonld be allowed to speak more toaa on* oo any or >p >a<tt ?o or motion, witnoat leave <?( toe C ? iveatii)i, unp' he be t e mover of (to tana, ?nd f*"1 "?* * J\* 10 ? vculd oe rgidly enforced daring ?ae remunler of Ibe Convention. . . . , . . Dr. Lowitr, on leave, ?og?rMtei thttl was due to a distibuuabed genMeaa*u. oo* v eseat-r.-o + dent Bhaiaon aa a lipe nouolaf and able dead er of the righto of tie Soatb.t ? aopoiiit ? oo nmttt *0 wait op *n blm and expeeas tn< p^Aiare or tae CmrreUlon chut fte ?K?ul 1 addr a* t ?? peopU <?o 4ht fracjto; af bl ? ary, after it? Unit ? ^rations ?ar? concluded. The proposition being eec.?ndi>d. a tn > ftioa was p"^? to lay it on the ubH. T ie.'#r.i oj thia motion was taken by jmw m %od * m m|"M id. Tne origin*! propolton we* thm dnotdtl affirmatively. It !i bit proper to Wt*e lut oua rtderable opposition vat mile to tvie projmi-i >u, do the ground, limply, that Prehhuui 5i*aaoa ?n a delegate in tha Coave ?Uoa, aid, Ilk# other di>e gttea, sh' uld take hi* ch*no??. The Chaib inquired of die St Lmia de'egauin if Ihey had bwn ragularly appointed by a m^tuj, ts atteod the convention. (J^loam Loagaooroa<h re plied. We could nat distinctly h?*r aim, oa., a4 near aa we coald gather, ho Mid the delagauja M been >o appointed, but ne oM not otate bo* t'ie meeting which made the appoLitm nt but beea called, or the partrcaien of iw aot<oo. Cat Oi?ir Ihtn decided that the delegation was entitle 1 1 j all In tne convention. Mr. Htrmtdiln, of S*ime, **id, if ike delegate* were regularly v.poln'.vl oy a oabllo meeting, called for that MirpoB<?, it waa t;ie d?wi'? of the de&gaticn from hia oonoty that they ah nid be reoogniaed, bat not otherwise. 0>v?rn5' Ktog. of Bay, said he hoped the delegates from St. Lrols woold state to the ooinnttm tba ctr<*aaist*no-:s atd iranner of their nppotntmsnt. Th* Coal' dejitrei the 0??ernor oat of ord-r, ?hs^tayoo 0 ireioo'Ki g appealed fr? m tbe deoisOo of the Prenirent, d ?Ur iog said del'gatea entitled to aea a, aaS agaia called for an explanation of the faota in toe oaie. Gsoeral Atchison thereupon, at the request 0' tf '? St 11, cf St. L'-uis, stated that th?y were hers par?a?v. to ?a appointment mad* by a moving of pro slavery <pen, in the city of St. Looia. Got. King t ien wichdre * hie appeal. On motion of Mr. S. L. Sawtk*. of Lifayetts. the Comftittee on Reaolatlova waa req.i?svea ta cubTiH Uieir icport, wutch waa then djoe taringi Jud^e V. B. Napton, of Htlioe. T.e foi.owing u cne re part of the committee:? Wbereu, Thia Convention bwa obwtfl a d^llbertte ana apparently *y?t?n?*tla affart on tun o*ri o' ol ttair Colon to urns a *?r of ?iUrin aiUoa up m the laaUttttion of eiirery as it sxitw uans ? U?? Ooi rtitatlon oi th? I'nltod 8t?te?. asJ of 61* ?< 07 iMtlaUtiTe ecaetmtaU anoulltn< M ao' Ctugt?*, pws ?? in porauioee of tha Oon?Utut~oa, tad t?cof jor?'in< l?t*? mot >?' 1 0 auoeiatiooa to ?b?llil?aU' aal throDgb K?n?? to operate upon lbs ooatl*uou? St*t?a Cl lUsaoun Arkamaaa aad mat, tU?a Ci?BTB?t?oo r? p meeting toat pottioa of Mtaaouri awr? ImoieduUlf ailwtod bjltcaae moTeaaeoU, dc*aaa it pr?p?r t < ax? fci.o*a tbeir optalODN and purposaa, aia ?aat th.y oe 1M.VI to b* tbo optalons aad purpo^a of tla wh.U otate, a ud to this aad have agtsel to Uie follow a< reaolo tii.fta:? That we retard the lasU'atioo of African ?la?ery abether raUtla* ?o Ita socUl, mornl, poltueU or esoao rical aapect, a^tcly and eaeluslTuiJ a na??tiooof Siat iiiriadiction, and aay afi'atum of tm* qaaanaa in ta ? Coaswas of tne United Siataa, <-r la atataa ?Uer? it ha. . ailatance, with a view to aflaetita ejaditioo, or or.aa ..out Its Otatructlon. ia a d'reet and daoi(*roaa aiMea ipoatha Ti-r> rred rights of t?a aeveral atenolol iiag fin las, end la an (mpari leant lnt?rfer*n<M> ta sattera ao w<h- coareinloc the atitatora, aa>t IC pwsMted in n w aouB>r or later deetroy all harm >ay aad food faaJus* he t?**B the states and theeiUzeBe toeraof,aad wi? finally r??uit ir a dlaaoiatioa of tne llnloa 1 That the re eolation on tha part of several of th? Northern and Wsetera a<-n al?Tt?oWln? HUUm aaver to aiailt another sla*ahoklla? attaint, thla Untoa, ia ?ukateatiaiiy a deetaratioB of hoatilltv to onr fed?rai ?enartitotion aad avows a purpo* to diar^ard ita ?oo promlete, aal hnpMee a threat of eeatinued ag?reee oe uBoa, aad ultimata deetroettow of, sUvsry, under what er?r aanctiooa it may exist. S. That tha diffnMoa of slavery ovar a wider surfase tenia creatlv to ameUarata the eoaditloa of the alave, wbUst it advaneea tha proaperttv of his o ??w : aad toe advissiosi or new alevehoHtxf States lata toe (Jaloo, ?y laamtalBinc to scms satantthe eqatlihrium batwaea the IcogStettaa Tsflneaeas wbiea now control the federal jov erunent, is tha only reliable |uar?at*e which tae alave boidiaf BSiaority have for the proteit oe of their pro ?ertr against unoaastitntioasl aad oppreaeive legiaJa tloa by the noa sia*ebo ding majority, now aal hare l^tar destlaed to be la the a?oendaney 4, That vt cordlftllj AppjoT< Ih* ftoont *ot of Con ?r?<? tor the eettieaaent ol lUaeas aad Neoraake, aad the act of 1S&0, popularly knjwa ai the fugitive slave lay, That the Inconoration of moneyed assoelatioas on ?deribf patronage ot aoveielga SiaUaof thia Cai >n for the areeed purpoee o' recruiting aad oooalHn< large armie* i.f abolltionltta upon the lerritory of Kaaeaa, aud for he avowed pnrpoae of destroying ths value aa<l exist ore eif the alave property noir la ts%t Tertitory, In de initscf the wlates of ths boaa Me in4ep?n?tent eettle?s ?tamof. and tbe purpose, equally plain and obvioun, Khst her avowed or not, o< uium*-eiy aool *hia< alav-ry Ka MI?o?u:. a epaclss of W^lauon *u 1 a mede or ami n?ratu<s unprecedentel In our bistor j and ia aa atteaipt fcT utate legielatlea iadireetly to thwart the purpo?-e of a coaslitnttoaal aad eqaitabla eaaetmoot of lJoog^?. A, Wbieh tbe doeaeetic lnetl tut loot of the TernVwiM Here (fee-Jaed to bs left to tbe exclueire muxagtmeat teatn l of tbe bona 6de setiU re thereof 1 n> at tha?e organ'red baade of ooi mlsU, ebipp^d to MassaebuMtta a?d other uuartera, u? der *Ui? p% Otn, aad meenblmg ia their eeaential laefuree the il utroo'001** P'anted by the Jtoman Kmperore upin coaquer?d previBsea, rather thaa tne pton mu ?to bsre hitherto level ed the o-*ete aad broia up tbe nleios *? ths Vat author!"* apprebene 00 <>' aa iot?at ? erdssive occupancy . aal w 11 aeceeearilr le*l to or m<>e<1 reelatanca on the part of thoee who. unter toe B?Uiatloa aad law* of tae l/ntted R?at?e have a.|o?l ihte to poeeeeeioe , sod whl'et wo eeree-tlv deprr^?'e .ur3 ?eult? we are juettfled in advenoa la placing th?r , weiioaaibUtty upon thcee who have oomai'noed Lhf .T'teeD en I are tae aggreeaots 7 TTiat we clsdalni all light aad aav latent ta later r.re With the tnnafid*, ladep^eent ?etU?r? in the Tern ton of Eaases fiees whatever ^uart r thoy ?*r <"??, ?*betOver optawas they may eoterU'^ bit we in ? a ?111 tbe rigbt to proteet ooteelvae aad our property Minn all uniuet aad unconetitoUoaal aagieaeloo pn> or -nroaaeotive, Immeliata or threatened, *nl we taeot hold it aeeeeeary or expedleet to we<t ti 1 tne ?,et is applied to our dweUlags or the kolie to o ir Arf,,te, before we t?ke meaeures for eur eecurtty aad h, (/ccrl'.t of eur frtende. a Thai the euhl*. n couotiee of Mlsaottri lying oe or ?ir the border ol Kaneaa, witnoaly aa imermary noaa ^rT iBterveaiag. eeetaia a popaiafon of av>ut flftr bcuiand elavee. worth, at nreeent prieee, twaaty B?e .llilooe of dollars : aad thle Urge amount of pr > party - m, balf of tbe entire elave prop?rty oi tne KtaU? U not B,rell aaeaie, but valneleea. M Kaasae Is maoe tne h,Vof aa army ef hired faaetlcs rwnlted, traneport 4 ?rtn?d and paid for tha ep?s at aad sola purpoee of vdiuoeh ng Kaneae aaa Miseoan. Tlhat tbie Oraveatkoa, aad the people they repra ?et end tbe state goveiame>at of Miaeaoii, aad tea people thereof, ehjuld take en oh meeeuree ae to T* appear euitable aad Just aad cou.uto-loaei, to ^??at euch duaetrons eenaequaaeea to lhe? eacartty i prosperity aad peace, and ooaOdenUy rait tag upoa , "emeatby end aupport of the ea'iro .-louth aad ? 'l/wett, wbaee ultimate fata mast lnevit?b y eo the with theirs? aad eoaWeaUy raiting, alao apoa v. roneervaUve portion of tha North, tnay respeetfnlly to the good eeoee aad p.triotiess of ths satire fZ th to pat down such faaatieU eggreeeloee ae have j.Mrtocbaraataflead the mneemonta o> emigvaat al l ?.ue* aad leave the eettlemeat of Kaaaaa aad the ' i?uon of it? dam 1 1 tic 1 osUtntinae to be euauoUed, the iettl*meet aad taetitatiooe of onr ether Terrl r.. fcsve Wa. by those Impales* of eaU lstorwet aad of 'eallnf on the p*jt of the e?t'l?a, wbicb, , eatu<al lawt of eltamte aad eeil, wt>), if nedle invariably determiae the ultimate eoadiuoa of io'^TTi*1'* committee ef fire be appelated to draw ae . Bttt,U?h an addreee to the people ef the Calted Jv.? *ett og forth ths h.etery ef Jita Kaaeae e?r t* ^ot with tbe vtsws sad action s< oar people there -w. r?aslormlty with the pr-nciplee aad peeiuoae of ih. L?c ng re?elutaas. aad that anatat oop.ee mtw fjl wTth a copy of theee reeoletlaae appeaM. b? ^.r/ed by tha SenreUry of this Coareatiaa to the ejM?t.re ol each State ta the Valea. T noe tbe reading of tbe report. .Trnoe NafTO* L/be wm reque? ?/d bytbf cwnmlttee t?> s at j C,. S WM nnani.noos'y agreed to by tae ommtt>e. hoped it would be anectmooe y edo<e4 hf % C 'tvntt-n. Jodga Napton fn ther s a ed that .?^ib UvrrH hnist sdflpWls ehloh the c< mmtttee did notgohmit %s thetr r*p<*tt bat which the Cj?rtmUo?j mtgtt take, ard act np-o it ie no\ an the/ might tntnk btct. Tt>e: rvs*u<loe t? u folio ?*: ? K?eol?ed. Tbst ID ?is? of tbs hh o I t<M l*c<nl?tnr? of tr,? HtftVr of Me?i?ohnS tt? ??* oPl?* Nortbora tal VitrUtv pr?<.tie*llf onlll'jif X 'b? ioa?Utatio J of the Slthi nad the U ? 01 C iirxi to tbr im ?*.t on of tutim ?'?*?? e Ml" (O fUtdi'.tUcg of .1* c ostitu*iia, sad tor tie pu/po.i. ?< pr?-*rel?ic th? ta cf tne Aiu?rlj? Oaiuo, #? r?o >m<n att<is<J?as r*i , ????, hi ) l Mu*our? i> pm su-u >?'?U*tirr m?? ? uic ii>oiluiitt'it| ??aie-.t tbs itli uf Uu prolnau ?ot or TDhSafM^utt* o' s-Jd f thi# th's a* tn?f trn) <*.esB pio^rr far th" p irpves sol teat ettih o?? iuim . hull br Bun'tw oprrat<Ta at l"0( an tne off-a^rs KkihI?iioo ?bo?i- r?t?r*d t? ooatiaaae oa iBa stetuta boo? ? Of tbtM -utss . Jadftt N. said be ?*a reqa*?'*d b y tha ci-ntn'ttea to Hate u at t e rea lutiou-. ?vp ?r*ii ab?va d'd n ?t ui der'bfce t . com tbe wooli gn>and > f th? eUv?ry quta*bn. Ibey c>ver the mala, to* tog aid fun U n>t nta* f<sttrea of tttw quseMio, aud are tn'e i dad *9 ettfom the p ?luoo ?e o c-?p# ? fore tne worll, e-ptci&lly wits !*rer*nce t ? Ksoesa. Jar o em m it rtK*rd? uia. Ten to | i?m sad^era'cod. nven by a' OA! ot ? ur own citiE ins. It *?? c ?ncended by bOOif tbnt b* OiUhf (br P?I)|?I*| Ifl 8MHBW Witl i?0| ^ulirt, h^in tiki nndoub'ed f'?M %o # to I Karens, fat fiw'ora tv*? Beretae t?w aa ?h->ir Md". and am authorised, a?d ?ave tie rtg*t to f ?r< a I iwrae c mtwa'ions, to e?tebiim 8 cixi u&dir )*fcU'atlm pairoLutiB, -i1? l*rne objimJ, *Jf tfu; pmptt* of coiofi'nug Kw*. Bad tajsloroe ?b?j r?nitor> to b-ooute lite ? ?, ta o af?T'iiti>a cftbft legUtaaib iula ?< <Q? i?iaa< t? do I d?-n-rn>tre<? b?- the i??ao< ntt-af**. of ol aiati *ai | (toil. Thi? is a *t**l miitakc. K?tnm ta nlcoaiy i * a?e tenttoiy, tc?de so In a ?*? i legtum *<e *nj. Already !? *% ' ??e o?ea ?>a?util tn ? .e V' t n?y opoo i b*t eo'cio* '>f ur ?pf"? ?. K. a mt 1 <n\ jht I it b? ?atd t.'wt in.- u'.o jU of t te N >r t? htvo cu'i to ooioiyz* M'r?oari ?tta a fi- w t > dna t?\ oa' tn atitutioi'*, t* to ?a> that tuty !uv i a ligtit tj c 3 o tiax a letr\u>rj. ?J'bfre *?wn tbicg in the ooaa'iinUoi nr law of ary of tn*? ^t.tea wbtib comd nwtt g'Kb th-?r po BlUi'O, *n 'ai a^ tw? qa?8 ion *? oj t ?r <ed, fr-rn tt'at 0! KaoM? or a?y ot?u* Te?tu?r?. I be de<? ?t td politician* -t WnitUMTon ct'y, by the ja??i<-t 0' Ui?* Kai aa* Neiiask* bill, rrtaroofl t ? tb#'r I >o?l l.t-g HiKiufta aud tun oontfl^ed *se?m>^erf t u|MNtciD(i C oon t?t?rf*o4 >n vy ^ .a .? iiit; r?tn'J0fi. Ju'ige N- a -kni if tb* e *aa a?y flif feiri>ce bit* er, a ie<'??Uilve Oil -ou?sto? of '*tr i Uiy ana tnat'.f a a*o if ai ?* -'"d attwapt din a>af)e by HMn>chu<-(ui o "iwt F oridi, If txample, or Mtmxi?iri intoa free &t*t>, by o nu'zii a/miM, n-idfr ingwiatire iiat'ao'ige, ffha - w aid os tee anewt-r of Fiori"* ?-r Uinoin ai ta toe rt<bt of apy ?ncb foraje? Joifcf- N o >ntf?ote<l tie aitlii of Uuuclini tui ?<( ugauat to* apirit acd tn'eot of th? act at C<>ng'e*a; vft?t It w?t a oattrf-T >ua acd t ovel Bpeou a of colouix?tloa, llfce'y to lead to cao* dinaatr wh o^Dt-eqa- to it.?lif? rnt*iiatiop , aad, toOetd. fo-ou a atruggie famorer ne c ferrito.-iea wtre added* . . . t , . At tbe o wio'uaion of Ja ige N tpton1! remark', a motion wan niad* to aMp??1' ihs rili* 'equlrin^ t: e Tote to be 'aken b> Xtuntiea. and that uie re ' poitof the com oit'?e b< adopted aa ft arnolo, anl ti a*. Ute rot* be taken atai oing. C j1. Dohiph** ttopsd that fie miiii won d ptevaU, aud tbat the Tote w.uvi ba a ) tak >o. T j# retolnnona reoo ud by tie ooiatnitt?e a t with bu b'arty acd nnqnaliOed endorMoaeot, and ha vtaliad to are aveiv bead and hand ra'aed la wp^fal, together irith a oneapotdtng appT>Tal by erery bear*. It was a platform a ?>n wntoh every maa oon l ? stand, ttvu by. at d wnilrt he hoped and b' I'tved the neceatlty would never arise, yet, if needs be. wt can dis b> thi m. Oot. Kiko s?>d nn pre^rrel to aee the reiola tions voted ? n fl ?t by c motus, and uc-ilTs as hs bti^eveo tcey would, the uaanimoas f Jte of every delegation. Tbe vote was so taken, the del"gat<on from **"i\ cooiiiy casting thrir vow a aiding, aad uu*ai noni-iv inf?virof th? tesoluuoo*. T iey were I a* er?*Hr.is sobsuittel t> the whole coo v action, including visit?>is, and we'e agnred te nua t a?U4 ly, every a an In the h mas .i*log to his leet a'rd gKt>t)r,g tj,e n suit wit i a load ohser. A ulIvb ail (<elu>fr of setis'a-tian prerallel ttir Df,hou'. tre lpi vct-tloa a* t^e result, and great er ta ii oil y '-ou'd not bav?* existed. Th* otriei resonMoo. wmcb was a*opt*d ii com ir,<tr<-e, but <?tlch dd ?o; fora a p?rt of tamr r> gu ar i?|>ort, wastbrn resd. Toa- reso'atl m H pvvt-n abov<- wo oropoiws r^talU'lng m*atarea B^ainn V^sacbosetts and ?.th. r 6'.s??h w nb have aCop^eo Uwm liUndt-d to noili'y t <>l*?a ??f On lii??B. Mr Torbtr'.,of C3ojo?r, atd Omeral Ola't, i.f Ho said, t-o k in favo' ?f tie a<t >otion ?f tt*t rt?.'laiiob, bu'. we were si'uat'd ao tar off from t ese ftctit.lt- men , aid tlx* lottrveamg crovd so great, thut we were unable Ob* ta.. dJira ueir nmaika. T > tb?*s genVrm'n. Dm. II Olivkb, of R*y, re plied. I!i- " .id tie n?d bean c? led jo i i com nute-j to oppoee ibat e?olnnon Tee n>? jlatioaa r<?p ?rt^d by tbe c mm'ttcf^and which b*d been ad ptod wiUi bu h uip'tcedefcted uiattui' y, embraced a mil every thii>g that we cool 1 wUb, aid wonld ae i* oelved wlu> drl fcb by every ttni Mend Of tas 9oatt alii at the Union. Tbey were Uoloi reaoiutiois, and let oe not now a-lopt any tbt "g t iat mlgit cna'raveee tbe c&iittl Btlm. In hu opinion, th ? Legtslemre of Miser nri tas no power, ncder the constltatioa of t&e United States, to pass enJtt a law as 'hat resolution Sropoees. ConBtees alone, under tba constitution, has >e power to i* gulate tbe Internal comoaeros of tne 8Ui?s, one with another. It la trie. Mae-achusttta haa passed la?s practically nullifjins t e laws of CoBgreaa and tbe toit'latm of this Union. Bat, fisnti^BDes> are ?ou wtUlog to folio ? tbe example of laasachu??tto ? (Crioa of " No," " n%") He had anobb?ro? jeHl n to the ada?tl>a of this reaoluU >n. AdnsltVng that there was d ubt ab'jut the cocaUtu tionality of such a oc ensure aa !a proposed la it, tie very fact of su A a reccmm^ada ion pre-snppoees that tie meat ore propt-aed la c^ustl lutional , thereby coo a tit u tin k this Convention a teibnaal to try and de cide that co.autntional qoetttoa. Tola he contd never oonaeit to. He tftougft tbe C(<nven'.too Had alrradj ocmcaawd every gronr.d or padttoa which was neeeasaty. We have a noble set of resolutions, which be adopted with his whole heart. Mr. Toh*kkt thought tb<s 'esrlntum Htght be so changed or axendtd as to obvla'e all objections; he thtirf re off-ied the following substitute ReoolTsd, Ibstfa t4sw o' ths sets of tbs flt*te of Mm ?srt.u>rtts sod utfa.r Bortbrra sal nnrthwss era dtat??. prsctlc*i<y nu'l-Mltg ths ronstltatioa of tb? L'alt'd Mat's, sat', 'bo l*'w? of Coa?rsss rslstiaf to ths rsodt tien of fosltiTo ilsTrs and in rlsdlett on ot tbs ooatU tfitioa sort for tbs purpose of pr??er*to* ths laUf pt? of tl? *dmkii Colon wo rst?an>rn<t to tbeUotirial As >?n>bi; of Vl'trgn to ps?s sorb rs klistor; m??sor?s as fj.my no- hs itesDrUtc-nt with tbs ooost 'ii'ioa 01 ths t'mUrt M?is? or tn* Pruts o' MlsMiurl fliscrlmiostiaf Sf? lost tbs si>i? of tns proriunnsn*, m?aufs:iarr< or ftHHi* tot n>?reI.sDd-.?s of any dSRcrtptoo wbat?*sr of ?ai<l Ptatsp withlo tb's I ta's a< aar m rts?msd prap.r for ib?t purpoos, snt tbat snrb istalUtnry CB*a?vras rhall i* m?i s iiT? a* lose off?a?lT? tmn sloo* rsfsirsd to eontiasas oa the ststats books of tiiOs* tat*s Pfndir.tf the dlsctuslrn on the snbst'tate, the Ceo vtntioa adj unirt until 2 o'clock P. M. AlT/.K-NOriM ??KHION. Tbe Piei^dtit ?ttoun'*d tbat the substitute of feted by M'. ^ ?*bert, oi Coouer, w ia in orler. Ool.B. H. ncuuos, cl Jacks-^a, addre aed the (Jonveivtiin at lTiri to favor ot t.^e suh?i*nte, HU ?L?e:b ? I'ci'fd a w cd csai ol nemnwMit. A call was then bam for the prwvtoat question, aid caried. , . Tbe Pa*ttM>T said th." main qnestlon would be npon tbe ad. pt'ue if the m'i tltu'e, an 1, tae vote t*it a takio, it was adoo'^d. Dr. Hnsvont , if B<>one, eff red tfce following re ?olntlore, wlticb wireagte'jd to: RmoIt> 1. ? ? m lbs proceeduifs of this Ciavsalloa, to t ?tb?r vltb th? soCrtss te be p.spar>d hj a cam?ltt^? appuiitst. lot 'bat ;nr|/0*s, b* pshllabsd ia ptmpblM (eras t'.at a '??>*.?.. t'oa of thr? > he sspoieted by tbs rluK to ii!*r(.tra tfi* aahl e*uos , aad taat a e?atrl hetiea b? auf ?r l^s (SM(at?a ?a1 o chare pr??"t to dtfray tbe t*f* ne?e ef tei? pubiltauea. KasoWed. I r*t i?a ' rsu <aoJ ropis* of eald prrreafl lays and adilr.ee 'a p>i'l e isd, a*d tut they he dis tribute* Is #?ery (.art of 'be ?'tfcte by tha Kaatiebuic (ninr tiss. in it.cJi inaua *r ae stay be pi?eti"able aad advtsab'e. F. A. Kownslw, of l.aNjsHe, <.fT:red tbe follow toprv f U?l?X,?iii'.h wtssdopvd:? keieo >?<?, Th*t vhe patjs, loiet, and vatfare of this aid every other eb.*^bo;<:laa -*tat*, as also a rsgarl for tbe la rrriiy "I t ? Culja rau' iras the paeaaca. by tha itepm'iveir a'el/| ?lei?r> e jf eCMtivs lawe sup<eeee lac wl'b it *'>'* User >i!?t oa of a V> lit Mm or free ?ou piib. caiiors, ?ad ;Le j h, ??|?. 10a ef free eoil er *t?..i l't. <plai a-. On mdUja ti <e Ooirr.otf.m took rweae for half an h?.or, witli the au>er?.*i ?Jta* that when they 5Q6t it j-d ) ? to 1 e-r Pre^ld nt bhannoa's epeeeh. On the -e viet M'-np oi th^ ConvtnUjn, Preei deit fhecrf n ?j>u<r\T4i)n tfte -rand, end o^co-jied ibs at /c. p ot vae r*ifr.-nattoi tnr aboe. two io ira. Ctcxidfia1 * txoejtirtj wm taken to tse Prest de/ t's ?pO'-'b, l^a'J* he ln> " 'dnod the snbj*t tf hiaewn pr.B?-r a5 d'AicVMes n Hwoe cwnty and elsewhere. / 1 toe eonriufion of hie -ipecb. Ootonel a\ d'reo:>. cf latny -tte, move.! tisf e^ mmloee hi Bp- ninUdto re-jr.??; ? copy of the speech f? pabll ra'lm CcL Ycrrg, ef roone,?i)ved ti amind hv ma kinc it U4 auty of the CciAA^tee on Puhl'csUon t i do sc. ConsKerthle fe*i'?g and ex kem?Bt htgatto Se manii<at>d, wh?n a mctiot w.ji wale vo a^jifn ses>< d>t. Vu* ?fw rwMde it was withdrawn, aai thr conv> fi'lco kiJ'.idM for# io t'. | At tha roe*u-R ailer supper, Mr. laiar, of Lt fay e Vie, offwd a inhetltot* b>i foliowe'^? ;\er.*?4 n?t li theaks of thla eoessntioa a-s . tea'erw U U1 vitoa, for ni< sa<? aa ) ' p?-r etl? aA ta* ^<ll-?rM b?-- eai al, 14. T?st IT?lcst.t Sanana Is b?n?; to farn'.'b a ooyv O1 r-? sVp*i h IKle qoe'ee tiae, f er ptWt a'ka. aal ??? <xj%vb*iv >s??i?y aeeiewa* 'S < r? Ui' ke ?'ll rttLm* ai, .flrtrs- n as WWUI Use It tbM kuto aa ?Huss wU a.U*? The eunetl U?? being accepted, Mr. 4aa*r wo deeded to >ddr?nt 'bo oonveauou ?t HirtQ u favor O f !??? tub I mi us W# <?Jr be^d b m 0*0-04 r? Bfk>. aa* c*ti>ot, hwefore, undertake to riea ui 1 lea > f b a apeecb. ? Mr Mom. of Cay, r*Uied. He aaidihaadipttoa 0/ tile reH*oti?n ? u?d w. a (krtx*,*) (a ib7o.? votion? 1? won da ?* duxv-H m aaM t eoaad Hs appro*** all ma ?t t u eiaoohed tain on twi^iflatiiHk jcct ? I k av* ?y , ha?. t ??? aim thioc^ aaid la n? j* cb ' rt un#?ae to ?*,?] i forth ? ith I Mfd irttaKiutU 'bu rnunitioa Ha had an ot-jecw* libJ oa. on of in- epeeob.out nediJ ** 1 t">d0 l^ID<3at ?* '? b/ the >00 01 P *?-,-'e?wk..bat ?tJ! ? * . * . *** '^Ntiln pre* ut?d J? uy "~* ?"?'nuo<J *0? ii w*e a^r ar, iu y Mr ff r d eaotqerrreoiauoeU u ao* tt.n.f. t*)f?re ofT?ed. ana wbic 1 ,e S iXi hS2r?^? * "^P "* ? w 1 "? oouvealioa. bt^ITSd 2?p tb'tb*'k' ?< thueo.r?Dt.c??r? km m..d?oo, for hi. a iilieaa !!T. ? ^ *? " b"VBy mjue rtad to furaiab ft ?? pjr 0? tw fhm- r?w punu?v4tioo Fiom ?M? <ln.? for ?*it) ? no no cam me and whioi 8,c,> c?ntu?i .?j G-o 0?m bi!L??-tl, of coefaeii n 001 nnfl n?v<?. dr ??n?d a ? 'Of "^t JU 0/ ?^c h i.iM-ano^fHi /ith eUmpia#' nftrl In' l*- Pf e? ?0 .'a ? a U oar. ?>nMu,J?ei 141 ant-od, aoo<a?r c? uy oa i?e trb-e, ?n toer toe pr<-*|uua quM'-iou, an .lb rto ??<:? 1 d 'hl'8 d ,h" r?w u *at Irp >?. 1 fcibio ?o ckk# ?h ? bad 00 fl ?jr, of wott >r^p 4 tio.t. avn. ihkltiiuatelj oatore tn? o,uv^t o... Cit cm a a-, *a? to b?-?m vita th?t <a 1 r"? ? . " 4 ?*"*. ?J'"loa t> ad) ? ir . Buibt iru ?v ? vihfc j, he. M m n?ie>??rt>?. H.?? Voicm.'Woaad Mm r. m j crj oLt, mnwrt toe ni e?, v >te bf to(o^." ?til ?< 0 bfn r?niah that ine ?ot* be ta?i 0# tbec or,?H>. Ittb KH*^ u?r va loae m.tiuo, w ?c? e tkti4>|ib wiib, o til Uw> que <4 >g re >a ? on *!ie e?i>pt?o. o- ir? D>ai- re?'<ta*l?o. Bit tot. u o?'- the eid of t?e m a*r, 1 1 tn? fl?h. woaid aicaiu no tbe fiw a Hit-# rm (.Lao -d and raeoaJt-d -tae acdag.it. Int -foayb um mrTJ h jo ,t m rral ? h*t ' vg It *?a piata, 0 wrv r, t at a ev. j ti?? ?rf ?. o o? leg tr? w-re oop iasd to -h? rnw? 0_ tiM a. d ta?t It ?oa d 'all if broneit to a ??oi me* 1 ?ole, but ui? oou d 0 ?? bf don uoUta* the c>ovea tict' v itirg r> o<Mititlt-et a ouid *u d -o-de Dutiog oil ?tl? ucDi- t-e ca-.T'OUoa ??? ifadatllr dwio tLKdwi. tie more ? d.'e and c. a d-r*ti are d?-4B?iDn ointioH^d ?od Wtio* Final) toe i*rot came, ai d toe it-?.iuuoa *aa adopvtd, m<ar fu h ?*???. *<*!?>* It order pritoat t ?' p.?m^,Pb! 4l,d c od Dot *r<lorae toe a eecti of Firaldnt Bfainon aid tat they dil not cot.lVr J? toiT ovr?",r?n*,?,n* ?Pe,ch ^ "*>'??<??* It ?m pi nr/a Ij wncnrr- d In, and to etatod br ice ?.t ktn and dekgotee, tnatih- adopti-inof tiu I'*' ?Vm "?* nw??M> a cuitrey, aHrayaa o?fded od tucb ooca*>l< La, to Prratd^bt Hoa&n-a.aad *u lot ai< rbroiH moot 01 ton apecch Tbo oraretiticm then aoj urned till R o'clock (n ire ken ivg. hr tbii way toe ootrentl m woand up IU pro cm dlDfie aniida tho preavat ooofuaioo, a?*??r aid c ir(intw t It la tiol> monrx-fn* f at a coav?nU in began or??er ?uco Ja*0'?bl? au?pic?, and atar fcbv eg ?d>p id i' ablf, *0 gltmoaa a platform? a pia fotm brtad ae tbe Uol n, and com >?aalijr all toe ?Ig Ik <if toe H-mtfi adder toe conati<nti?)? ai ruir have a ? ln.lorir.oa an en . Vet. we tnwt toil D?' ,Pt ,0"t' %f d fh4t 1 " ???ckrrtiuw aid ?tjtfea o* the b ur may ae forgotten to ?he Lienor dutiee ? i. i owt 10 lbe ^ nt!> aid too p-MwviU -a of be Ame Icao Un'on. Oar niatfora ia *tiil <hire. lootct-o on t e pn clplea of rffb-. and eternal tru h. v.art *** P"*01 *oatan( aprw i .,aad ?s OpI. Dod1 ban eaM, ?e er-< all log ?< to lire 0/ it. ? d if ceo a be t j die b<- It f" Lac toe >er>pie r* ly p *t0im "gar.lleee of dnmiuotiU K. ,,, would aaarllloe ih Ir pe?or and je -pard toe-r higneat i' tw ? in p!T rt? ?o aa video one anotoer on ine altar 01 ee:f hb^am bfuop. Tmaii iur. _ ,, SaTUKPaY Morning , Joly 14 Tbe pre eedi gaur yoatnday were iead,corr?cved 1 aid approved. CoL & 4. Yoitso e>a*?d that on la*t, n<<bt be htd i-aic te mjv d tmng a wUIn utitrr before tiec.^ *eo')on, rrla log to a lutmr re jeivoa fr wi a d>< toigoinT'ert ?e..tlpa<ai ot tola and whica le' ?tr, te wai c.r d biy iii'u iii>i, ?m in ine pnw-mi 10 or a genl m-to no* p e^e X T^at ietur, ne no<i,r a u.c.afv.ard he br?.fc.?g np of tbla convention Ur bad not tr-e pleasure of ap<naoual aoqntio^ -c-? *1B to?. g>D l-m*n wi - bad t-e letter, bu ae w?e ltf rm^d tout it ?bn a M*. F eld. of ton city. Hi wlabed thin mntfer ltiveatiga^d, atd the fa.--4i proper v br og bt ont Mr Fikld, 01 U't^etic He laid he wm the i t>ly n*n ber . 1 tbie cr>uTention bearlcg t e nacne ol Field, and be ?ta od to kno * wbeth-r Col Y>nutg referreo so bin ; and ifeo, be irlthed him to *v?t? woo bt andera -uod 'he letter trae from, and tne Cetnie of l<a coLtoLte. Juege N acton, o Haliie, thought thU matter o* ?'u not come up befoi* tho ccnrontloo; taat it waeame/e nrato letter with ertlch tola oavea ^ 10 do, a i<d tbe Ooair ao deoiced Mr. Mt>sa moved thai tola matter h now n reiti gated ; Ibat no pad neard a report af tnu in ?tt?r 10 too etreet, and he thought it f'ne to the coaveatlon thai tbt* i?cfi ? oold ' 000 oat* ?es. Claiic moved to Uv en the table. The mo u tM edvocated by Mr. Maraa.of Platte Mr Fiii.d then raae and remarked, tout ha had waiud pet'eut y fjr aprciScatljoa fr^m Djloaei Yaong; m bad daelred him to ataVi who had tne let'ei, and from v&om bt caaa, but finding that a motion to la* noon the tobie wm Ukely to prevtil, be fajt it bin dnty now to aUte fiat if be wu tbe ?tBiiamaa ailndnd to, aod taat Mtjor J s. Bolima waatha wnter of t >at latter, that he coali laform S?, ?'ET*?llon "*** h? n*d a private Intter from Major Ho Ulna? a letter la wnicb be had named tnie connntlon. and in vnich he uttera ae true aad pa vrlotio McTimeziU m ev?r fell from a mia'? itu? u a?rl?3t devotion to the prtaol^lea laid d wn in tbe pla'Tirm of thia cor vent on, aa ar.y mii iiviuc cou'd utter. That tt waa at at d upon tne etroe a, aid l k?ly to be ram'??4 abroad, ?hat Mr. R had wil'ttB to me to go into tbe Cibv-ntlou. and u Jam tuch reeolu lose a- aul'ed hla notion prevail d, to break up tho 00: vwrtlon Ib a row? that he aad rp?a?D of border ruffiana ia tola letter. Mr. Fieio aMertot in tb?- stroogeet la guage that this waa all, ? ve y w id, line ano een'lmeut, ut>erlv ?i d fiitlrny fiJt^a be n/wctied upon geo t'r mm cf kL< wo - haracter and ataodlng. to ? no rv bM_, 0"D ^b,,, tatter: CapUia Mo?e, C I. D ?m ! poan 8 tator (i orer, aai ot?er gentleman, to bear : b rn wtiueai *> to? faulty of tboee ruin >ra, and Ue j paino.ic devotinD to tbe toetltotloQ ot aiarery, uo ?er ? ur cora lfntion and gl >nna U.iion; tbat h?d Mcj. H be?n t ere, be o?d n>t a d >obt Le *>0011 ?-c di fee ? vr/y line. w?*d anil aeaUaefii laid d >?n ia wit pla'f im- I< in*tt?i?-d not to mm w >0 ?*>re ?o reavotue to alan- er, vl.lfy ao<l lie upon ?UJ. R >i lttJt; tt (Field) #ouiQ ttte ir? a o i inca** f i > a%ii to tte c unrer any ?nc'J faiee'10 *Ja. aa th'>v> rhtr^ed to taut il b e pMva e letier; and he oovdeaouucod 1 all tooae r aa fatre, and would w*it ? n<"ar w* eiber 'boa* geprlim-ti wb i had ae^a tha lat?r w 0 d of ir, btm.B Wjat he aa'd. A rooiber of pereona otned 00 Oolone! Doolphtn t., ttate w at b ktew about tha matter. Col- poNinuN eal,' tbat he bad read tbe letter leierid to t?> Mr. Field, at d that it oontaioel n > *u<b (>rvp<ia t.on ae bad been aeentyd to tt; aad it Ot: not prop:a* au> InieiropU. n 01 tola Ooaveati hi out, f n i he con' r?ry , it waa a petit tic letter aid en?i;?-Ij w baiettnt with tne platfo.-m adopted br tt> Cot-teiiUon. C I. haa. Yorno, of lloone, atld hia motion waa to nave tan m?ter lave?ti|iated, wi-h a vi?? ti l^avi g Joa'loe done to a net** b r aad eonntrymaa. lie waa Ue fr'er.d of Major It .illta. It waa ujtru i tbat le aad Maj<r Rolkita were unlneDdiy; ae wax ae goto a fiiend of tbe Major'* aa any maa, and be i?jolo?d to find that toe iet<er re erred ta waa en ! dor?td by anca high aatborltr, aad tint it dil n A contain tha oUtoucua propoaitlon which rumor aad grnn U Coi. I'OviriuN aaid hawcu'd like to hear Mr. ^awirrmakeaatatomentlaiegaidto thia matter. il> bad rea? the let er. Mr. FaWYBR aaid be had read the letter, and he ooti d only ctirohoiato what C I. Doaipo?n Del ?aid. Tbe letter breamed a apMtofdr.ro ?on and *? lh* <"><! * ' tie Ualca ; and if Mai r It. Hli a w?e aircere la the eeot>m?tit* advance 1 in u't doabtbar what he tt., H j ? Una, If h? bad been 1 1 th'a Onavmtioa, votiid bare eaooraed and ap /roved beam * tbe plailorm which we have laij diwn. ' -?n,0!ii?tt5lvU*0Vtk* ub# wm h-re wl'.h ^rawn, aad thc Cbalr aakaa Mt.Moaa If be withdrew hJe motion to laveetlgato. Vt. Moea Mid do. It had bene c^anr*d that Mai Roiiine waa op friendly to Urn Conv-ptioo ; tna* m-n 'natrncUon to break up he Co a vvattoa. Thia waa fh!a*. Hi had rrad toe et >r prlt cipl** eoatalned la It worn <a etaet ^t^f,lV,U ? *tror? ^ do* 3 by tile Cbo ??M^e. He aould not withdraw hla m kjoo. - ''i?'aaJ>iiT-^|M<* wfl?*e '??*? to oome out Tet MW h waa Dot tha laUatloa of a, me geiuaem ?n here to allow tola to be don*. *?'*??? ? U^T rfv. * Piatt#, hoped it woi.ii i?> ? ? w u,^^c?^i?;TJ!T V*" *??''** #fM*C km, wt 1 h^a ? ,m* lra%r^4HiW,L^<1 V ^ *?> H W'ttfanr, mV he Cxtmit^ ^ draw uo'thl^ad OOVKBSOR RRKDER-S lOMUGC TO tEE . Kan.hi LKOiaLcrUU. TO 1MB HotlUMtU TU UuHHU aJD tlK4M Of IUPU eawiem Ml or 1 tut ikKMTbHY or IUhu : - U'liK b *n . Ul> miIm that ;Hr mm?ti hadiaa peva M|t?u ? forth* parttvinaooe ?' j?-?' o (betel 'uno ! ""?* 1 h*r*w,,b ?? at to juu U. oeual >iM4n (MiBvuotu M rtUim to -q jivti of I'lultlm, wttioo lb '''??? UO ? Ait CflftUittMl \Uftjpt tl tAtlilO'lk um i '? T. *"/ ' 0 bMhuaigb no.xpr*** ri*|u r-m?wt I o'ltutohe ft. ui.d to ton act of (^?nr.oMioan.i i bn%'**. . official tn, taooe IM pwcM i?-l our | teVrial . oi*a? j in. ?b?h w. OOTUP7 Md tbo MtocB vut tier >? ii iWtd to a* for original ng iim l?*i uii uut. | >uLo< eao n*,u ifca* the of a d?? repu xls 10 tl* >Wj (bogiepMral cea'r. rf Our va*t and ai?taitt m; tor artbte iob, cauoot b?i avraee ?a wttj a u) WN" ?*"" ?f *??r K'foMUiH; wnioh ?? h in I wiM , .tl *a?o<> ?t> tu Wiiiuii- kit ?-lata *<jom?k?i MUTHk to diecaru all ua worthy .nd*, aa t, in | tb. i-p-f-l <?? jueiloo and com I'/ t . Baa* other wit? pur '*? "??!>'??? '-wl'tige tM ? ? Jad?a?ui a Ur-.?. ?*> ?'?" Um, aad no perfjrm it ui u- iMr aa>> 'HI"*" w lt 1 t*u" our w.ra, tiiai ihi nft' lenw to* MoiMiiftl b*i-u>r *haal m C m mm t y ik> 'eiat or tarai.h id di two . u4 that ,l" * ???!) frotu tbe irking ant ec'utiat'ag ? 1*' w Mtl-Iun, nittll h* ,u ije?:t to o > r-proa <1 ?.?* 'kill ?nu ti ,f ?n.g, fa.g,, to? Innta > e fad.oiiitr o1 jvfi fci." U|)V If Ik Ui Ii lo U* t?u. 1Mb w' l*g?laU<o, tbe very titet n?c-.iity l> U>> tx?( 1 Lui-tl VI .!>? *?>etlsg I, IT a* It it In po.. >fc.,u> *t*. ii'iiit* ?hat ?* M<1 mi tkM hHii^t ua in we a what caa. airmail/ It ?n| ba ?outd l<tui u?,ow ti.gbl la.t. |U.nua teat ?. up, I ? '???.l; |IOI?r will. eO uitip ? ,c ValUaola *t.?. 01 ! law*, ih- rwr? * t* clvt. *r iu^? ku ! tba p loab J'oui i? bor," ""J L0**' cl4 "f ui*u?/i*iijr aiHiiaoti t-r pi< ?#!.( la nU. J of K?oaa? nu twos ?t rail >u? j^rof . nuo. tin. 'r ? .j ul . p.- 1 1 *30 iru;i, ? th in. f r 1. Ii 1U ,UI I| , ? i^rtt ool (b* l?.ir o; al lom.uai w lb n 1 *04 y 01 iovj'? ana, lo? ?rnur>ui lom.ia! t-tr <li? * t'i / 1 ? ih j 1' M 11 un, aao it bi* w(ii)>i 'c ti??ri to aj>? a hri*f .??ri^. 01 th* 1^1 .Ut 014 <>( C*>agrr~? r 14 '?< 1 ' ufit< Mtb ?' tiwra* f noil Im m .ttKi fc<t. <fc. a* qum Tiuii o th* lerr. cp'. o L..iL.au? lb? tr>a*> b-*r?i>. B'uivio?i| j>n>riaico m?l< Ii a t 01 III at Uc our, 1?'J. or It. ly Kb?*>ani>iC, w^irfc Mat tun to* civil, co IVJ ju l.'ial |<I?I4 tiao aiMMnif aoiil tba a*pir? Wo 1.1 <hc hr?t a*a?lua o< tn? a ,b b t^a?r?Ji. i?j U* W'"fc i- M?>r b lnoj, urtuif tn< (1 it D?li?r? |h< clr?? 1 or 'ik ?maiott toa mil r?intor? w*. dtrcta 1 114I0 to? lar/IUi't i t Orl>aiin, <111 iho utttrlito' I.i .iv iaaa, aco tin ;<3n p?r.|i?i 0 acrto utitada rem tja bui4.?ai|(<i ?i??r ?**. w.a il??l<uai?J <1 tba ?>jia ?ir !.?- ?t.*.aua two 1 boa ?? -4u.t,ax ina praa.ol i.rr, I U# y o* ii (la* nortai-r* oitinoo +a i ??? , >?? a.t, tb . lh? oa r-*o' tba Ktat'.jt o? U.?'?'aii? aa.ruhj.et.4l u> b. ? .r.rrm?at of 10. r*c I H'll' " ?>?????? r?? of f Tia T.rr tor* 01 It- una bail NH-napcctiia or t> ? ol4 Nirtt ?>*?*rD ' j!u,|T,.'?7 0!?.W,U " ""*??" <1 ?f to* ofi,aa..M aluly I.J, I7UT. I U\n f r 'li aPOf ua *?-qu#?0'U i , <ot a of threjo.tliuMoo 01 1..?. iuicaH .ua 1 t>> aC' ul t^a?r?M of auaift T, 17at?; .n(J ,nt 0f i Lo>a'*a*. |i.4.i?<l M.J 7, ritXl, a p?r i->n of tain N ?rt?j j ?f.i*ra Urr'?r; a.? o.K.nuaj an toa f.rrl o.y of o | diaaa, to ?hi b, a* a'r*.o; a-.??a4, tM li aUist of LviMI. 1 ai . ?m ??>? ??i (h, lb* of aar it lnOo iba lh.tr ct cf 1 i>u'*i.' a wm a<?a a.ramj Inn ih, T.rr v>rj of IiM-i.oai ana onjaa'!*u by tba oam. ol tb* r?rn oit of lmu ana aad i n tb* 4tb <1., of Juo*. Ul*. ... c?0 ?*r * inn th. fWntorr jf Uioa oan, with coa.iiilatatiU B.04>4Bra'i.i0 of tha rulaa for 11a gOfcumnu It will ibua ba ??*?, a. I ham a atad. tha'. tlta couatrj eon,p. flog our larniorj ba. l?-.o ?uck -*?i*al? aub|*. Utii tb* traecb 00 a, ax<attn< a- tha a.:uut>iti'>a j ?' U?l? ua Cry ch' traaty o' F.tl- - o taa la*, of 1 It Kilt a, diruwi rom th* Nortb<r.?t*ra rrrn'or* an | ?*l. a* vbtaa rn?cti>4 tor lo'tiaa. aft?r It* aa nrawoc* - to tha laa o' tb. Teiritory i.| . ou^laoa an . tta la ? of tna | I ? r ruoi j ?.f Muaouii. Toe s-Tar.ooa o' a por-loo af ?ha I laviar " crrttoir aix! It* ?rarttoc :o'a> ?l;adt*te?if Mia ! ,n Ulr IN'-l dH ant, in III* opia.uo, at .il , ellact tb* law* n loira outntla of to* oouata of tba h'a'e ahico rauaioac u valid after that araot aa tu?? I *ii> Mm. ' I Ccr.*e ti? uiil ouw of llfiT, amen tat 10 1TH9 It waa ptoviced that a o*/ta a l-.giiJ.tjT* pow.r aliaaii* ba ??*t.fl 111 the f;o?*roor a ad Jmi^a*. wh-, wera ^ira ??1 10 K1' p' auu fiiMiab ?^ch lawa, .iijuio.l aid civil 01 -.oe *r m U#j m'^Cit %u-r?r Qdc^tiftrr 1 wliii h wrta 10 raoiaio iu forca tinlr*. al'^r.i br in# I I^gl.la urn it ?u ?l,0 pr rl.l.d r>f auth uftr of i>>a 1 ?????, among otb*r tb'uga. that toa in ?abli.at* * m ild | '? ul a.) . r? .a .itle.1 to the r?o*tti a' tai ?rtt of b.?? .> I j e4ir?.o* ?tr 01 t&e trial ny j?ir^ of a pro ,?rt ontt. r* I pr*-?<4tain-ii 01 ih.pcK.pl. m m* l?tur*. .nl of Jwdrtal uno?a^u>K. acioriiin,{ to t3a t^ur*? o : to* ccnc1' n f.a '? bj tbe ae'c f Vm/7, 1800, ar* Un? tha T-rr Urrof I Ifi aa., a g T*roa.rTit wa. prordel " a all r..p-.-t? ?in. ar to tba. pn?io4Ml ?.* th ? or^ nw c if U...r.M ; pataed Ju'j IS, >7-7. for lb* (O'eroa.ntof tiia '.?rrT | lot) o to- L?l *ci Hta'M wurtl: ?? h- r y-r (il.in ant j tr? ii lianitant. a' all n Joj all awl *la(uiar tbariaht. | *n? t*n*a aad adraoUga. gr.a w<i aai i..writ to cb* i ^"'pl'bj Ul* .al crcj n.u.*., " an-i tha *.04. p<.ir.ri wi-ra <\>e ?i?c aoildotie* *oj..tx.a 1 uport It.c.th er* aa bar U*a *?.->cla -o h, t?a om.iar. Of toe North ?/>a ?ru iffTior; ui.? ? r *l* ???<: oraatar* Hj tb* af 01 tbe .nth March, 18 -4, aonaxlng th. D>? tiict 01 1 4?ui* aaa ?o Inniaua orrf^trjr po .. r ... <1 ma J tUUn mi *no Jufl?a< ? luaafc* al la?* ab en ifj?\ m ,y c*?0) cf>b(tur(r? t * th* gt-o go."eroui*u of *hn itta'iiaritt ib'i'i.f, " and it wa* aUo 'nrtr..r prori iad tta' tta Jucgae nha l poare*. th- eaiua juru Ic:i?t4 tta> po. era 10 -he la. lac ftrilt .r; * ! ueo'T.an? in?nt, hoa*T*r, waa af abort daradon. for o i**? ta.n a year tha I err terjr of I^>ui>iaoa w.a ?r* t*j ?? a law I abieb too. *0ett oa tb. ?o .Ttb of Jul; folio *.11/ aad f 4.or r.*? thea vaoed tta aotira i*<i.Uf?. p. ..r in the <>o?r>?or a 00 Juo*e?. wrurtpg tri?l b, jury ia *11 cr mi tb! pro?erut toe a aad In all eirtJ c.<a. te?.<irin< utrroLi Ixiodied ooJlara, if i.'aoiand*iJ. and taring aOUwa P'e T'Otrlr ic. lore* in the dletrirt ai.d cot miouaf.tant with tb* act of t "Of mh 1U mi of mil changing tbe name of toa erritorr to M ?eourl, aon taking aB.et on tia atat Mnndar of Oa c*B4ber lollowtng, provided 'or a mar* eOaleat and if xroogb argM.u*tioa, and waemuen mer. eomprnoea ??? l*? 0*taUa, Vaattn* th. ?<ial?ur* po.ar .a a i.?B?raJ A*a*mhly. but talting care to prarl .* thai tha p.i.ple abouid -aiwa/g ba eatitlad to Judicial proceed lag. according to tba eOuraa o' tbe eomisaa law arid ih* law* and naagee in for.a In tba Territory, aad that the law* aad regulation* la foree 10 the Terrttorr of l?ui?una, at to. data of tba act aad not laecmaut^it therewith abould continua ia force until changed Br U|iil?t>eAwBMy." ' 4 b* act of ( ocigrf a* organizing th* Territory of Kaaeaa doaeof.talUr the f oagraaaior al lagUlatioo aa l?ft on tha &r*i Mon aj of iaeeawr, 1?U, aad iu raaatu tnrougb tbe territorial l*glrletai?, eicept that It n taau all former lawa recogn ting or prohibitia* elaverv am appllea all law* ot tba United n-aua not laially a' eppLcaMe, by which w* are to undanitaad ail t'n t-d htaUa at*tut*a aoacted for oth.r local Ua* whwh r* pa lie ol being iraaeplaated and adapted to our Ter ritory, lb* Ixk elaturve of tha Tarrltorle* of IcoaUiana aad Mttaoor. *i.ad>d of oouraa, many general cava, and ? amotg U.*ro i* a *tatuta of Jaauary l?, Itio, adopt nt turtle feiritory of Mleeouri th. common law aad tae la*l ah ata'u'*? ia aid tb*r*of prior to tae fourth r?ar ot Jar ia tte tuit with aoma qua'. flratw^a t lomi t!>ie .uamaiy, tne levatn of wnira La? bean onavoioa^a it app*ara toat the >awe o tb. Ca-M Mal*? t.0t inappll able to our lo;ailt/? t^e law* of the T?r r ttry o' in 'iaoa mad* ,.t???n -he twenty aigtti of Marrh. If- 4, .tut tb* th rd of ?farob l#<^, ae*-ui| tor th# iotflct of looi'Una- h* aw. of th? T./rttjr* of l?LUI.oa- tba l.wa of tha Terr irry 01 Mi-a> :;1 -tie c-c n iiiOc, law, and fa law of ttia Itoviace of 1. imaiaaa *ttt*tim 01 tl. a r. -ai(.b nr.pt a. fa/ aa toe let ?r baie aup-r?*de<- the fi rm. r *til reaa.0 la f'd>c-> la the T. if ten y o Kattaa aa the i-oaimi n law to.eonaide r*t 1* *at*Lt **> a >rp>?d for tie .mtory bt C u<t.<~ a? 'at* aa IblSl, an 1 fcy ch* Vfia#wi*l l**gia'atu-e a. l.ta ' a* IMh, no aa it ia per oa^ the mm r Hup .ta aad CCD pi* ben.lv* .)*?*?!? la tl. wield, |t ha., ett'oul dm t,t *c,|?f..^Mi .an auppll*" a yrwat am ma of tie law pietuualy ei atiag la thW mac* of oonll.cting l*?t?4at oa, t< ???er it will imp. >a* upon you' et .r a m< ib <-frt>err*?*R>?at aac tron .It to tarl.:a tttai}a*e> tutaa (if tmpila r.f al whl-tr, wui onatinnallr ar *? anj I eou'd tl.ia'i r. >. 1 ,o.ir attent > a to th* a? -?.ny of I enrtbt thi. .*11 b? ?om. Ifin.toa which wtfl dejfar. . cititat'* a hub of tiir* prevleoa Laea ai* la for:* a'.d wMcb a re not. Tt?t* ar* many eparifli- t?>>jacU of le(lalatio?. arm a ! of which ere e?,t*a ly rtfaiiwo to you by th* ?ul c,-g?n , ?'?' n i ui lerritcny, and ot t'*ra epring from tb* n?"-.a 1 it. t a of onr cc mouueitr Fftieiftaet mi.m ttara 14 ua cjoeautn whaler w* .hall mi h o ir g-.varom.ot upoa tb4- Uai* of He* or ol .l.ee labor tliaia ng a* we do tha | a*B4i- capacity lor *alf gavcrauxwt aa our fallow mi 14a j ol t i>? Ma'ra, with a far gr*a ?ar f aa: at, atd.4*lv* ia i ?era* t in th? ia.tituUwaa aad lawe wtvUn ara to ea.et ' a a no* a*- co?p*l|?d alone to baar their buroaa> 1 aad entitled a'oee to i-l* m thHr ^e'^dta- wiad m' jua'loe a?' lairne** wotild d etate th al tho?e laWa aad n.ti'Qt ora U.ai-e of 'be coaat. atioa of th* t'n! ad f-t?Va abcoici be ma aided by our aalaaa, etlanlaWl bf ' U* a -*4/t b ag fateraat we au.t h*t a toam ra'her | ti na t.f ?b? i-rr..?B'a'l**? or -Mi*a* 0/ other St*t-e Wto ate no nv r. eompa'eat to the teak ttao we-wvi h.v* an aUk* with ua .a u.lr r.au.ta aad who wtauid i mrwt iad.rnaaUy rep.l at; off.r of rta prie.tr tf m ua ?n ??>!/ ting to IB.?*(B thair ada n f-e prev.. ou of | tor l.rrt'o lai oiwaBlc act .t urn a* ta.e right aa! ia 4.%B'*< m the true do.tr aoe ,v r? pn- lecan *m It t") ?? ???f rt*od la vartoaa daanat ad ia ?a r..^a .are at 4 wba 1 ever II le eallaid late ?c-.ca tt -uut lawtti mate y be attaooed with tha' itibaaat wei'h I* I .at d*at to 'h* agi'ata.a of th?alaa*r? uuaauoa la 'he dirai tlo?. of an attac-li imaanMl tatlvBal t fht* 4a ag tat oa of l*al a i?d, aach aa wa have ee*a iMaatri>-aei| pw*?w cut.d is tb' Beet btetorv af mtrcaantry by th. d'*?a? tl?e apir!' 0/ tbol maa, eaa nail* p"id i**ia. o 1 ?n*b* 'ft**4 '* **J?e'*ted la aa ?m n?al r*<tae to onaet.1* |?rtaa of tha paeV, to a* .a* to.fe.tael aa r t "f d *??rd aa-a?. tba i.t act* af oUr oam m e .not ry , aad alao t? bar war hrtfltaat fatuvw ff a?' to ae'atia ' '-* ** ?'*?** of ear chottohod t alow a want of 11 -u tr'oU* aetata aoMpaota ol tte oaetn .-^ a aad aa a'tir* t.p'B the rlghle of thaKUtoa watrt ar* g .ar.a ta*d bf !? '*B have aa jtaelU'a'toa tt *c *-* the a 4w oa ta? cess howaver I* not to Ko iujn ia el with 'he ".lac'ieetM aad ae-tlemea' 4 Ha alamvf 'laeattoa la eat Ttrrfora la t-a be.r a^a ap-? ? * cr U.aiaa ef *nr la.t tatWa That ha. >?ao r-tara ! tr MM'! "?eB qaaaloa ey th* l-gi'.-Mta .-awa' th* a*wa an' hera it le sot oaly th^ p*-afla?* lot tae .'lily of ? veri maa to apeak hia opaa. at freoiy aa < ae or*e 'c* a. paaraebip tod fair I, * lv^t,,a< a^iai! t'aad o* t ".* ease aide aad mn't uaila t t *d. .0 ??' lr ?t.i** the l^aatieaf teaa. l*. of rig- 1 w . a th*v j U t OViftKM ?VA oa ?*'*?>*? * t (trait l>a>atiaaaa-fa an of t?n-r at a--*o' r-r.bboaa.em, amtfat ai. ke.a-tMi ta^r in bar*.*. -Win- ra The M?aa uaat tha avtov a*l ?agh aa ttof .*?'* ta'* "*a*' taiina aad tae ft t of II *?> Kl.twin V a 'liet v^ioaf the poaip4.-4 tae J**r U 1 ?a fi ,M l.at *?t?t a* % ^,aa? a**Ml a *ar 1^ a ..na o' lhat r-' I ?' 2j*eWMk 'la Ue ? .at a. b..w-.^ * 1 m'i IU uijliatara Mat i'Jti<K',i a? at <a taa <i aaa par late* .*t .a4 m>y Wa f' a" , 1 fe. a?, leetate a? taealilo tia'aai <e tbe et 1 t*a t , a* 1 ia aa aa*>.'?t*er a*. r ,-w wi - . a/t '?*?' aa 'krl a/ arf afhwe .I.| ra aa' I Ma laa a*' lajaala* tf Itaaaw etwa. a.? ae.^od M V?* w?tohl Bbjeel* af l?|taUt>*a vh>?% ?r* f? fcmd *o yo?r aettoa by the act ?|ulilu the Territory le tea ?waaiaow IM Mimi ut |>M>H. Tfeeao* ~m ?*"?>? ?wM nm el Aral te mall* ? baaailar-e* U tbe p*r*oraeaae*et ww*. Ml ma ? a*r ?< iiimii atM la Ik* ofto* of in* durreeer mmh, u? *ia.,i* ? imtr'iil ?? tar U* paipo-, >t " p.oaaee u>. oouutj Imm *?, be 0r.l*oaL*<J ia if Wit utw a port ?a o7 th? termor). Toe artll da-uua ?t t* *iP*o|.ai t* wtu> >d* Uial tn* aald euuuld n* bi.4- o.fure U? lUMtr*iua?a tkegroind (>f 'aa ai,bo?? ran*** Hit ea the bMi DM, a?d lb? thirty Du loan, iia* m> j b tb* laud* Ijtff Iiiuia ieeaah.ps oim w all.# a! eou<h 01 rang* alee u> el^btaa-e ??at, *?>i ono'm a a< oa to tre Missouri nwf im htate )>m, wul m ilrsi .ur?. f . Oulsta* oi theee Mall* it pataapt wouli t>* ?rn<a? tot* to adapt tl'O projeoted Iidm ot ?urn?i *a bo i?d? ?Mf wouHM Tbe map alluded 10 le submittal ? th Um ooajaeee.reUaa To* oaoeiia o' th* tarntocy, Uirti ue<ter the pr >rvst-)tit < l ik?Mt ot CmtfM. eabibit* t r*t >raot tar* Uin<ul him tiirftM Mid lair tuan. aod aa ea'ir* |> J|iulkUiiii ot rl|ttUu>tt?<'. tire bun 'red ul Uatt; CM \~t ?<*.!, esoiu.ir* of ladlab* aad oBaare, *ul n-r? ? Ml a? plujee *1 tla UK) ut lb* I ulUHl tutu Mt ?* elou.# la in* I ?IT1 tor jr. in* ora*un rwtur.a waig i at* ?thiui M Irrjour lasneetloa nootdi ? gous ,i"r?bte ?ni#nctof lU'uuol la'orajailnu, tail aa ib? pi*o* of ' < lu'gieUare, age* occupation* Ac. the eopoltfeua oua a<?t? of brr Uuin.m oaa nuadrad ant lolrtt e><at D?ir< an. tter?e taou*au.d tUf?o lUB'rxl a ad eifbty lo:ta- fenalra ami It la a feat wort i? ol r?m?r? a* p-.-u Ualto a gr*a ai'trot u> tbia Vrrrlnry, tb t in*> ?ra t?n- a* i.anal, cullHtxl about oar punt or aiu?| a 1 lroo'??r liur bat ara diaparae. oear a tti.UiJt of ami llu? if,, (ho iqitn m lea Ibis atat* Jl loo^a, it um it. lambrrawarri at present, I ? MrirlkMrM UkU; |rtli()ls(. a* ti laliai aa Mat ! ???< lutttoi j ti*. ui ?a J |mi u'a o' ntrduf to orial, ?r'1 pruu,iM* an <?il; 4-nlO|,?<Mai of our rva.jurjaa. /a uI?phi op to Uia act of Ua^Ou, I bar*, uoul otiur wua 1>U I) tatr, cir.il#.. tua ->t*M luto juUlmai oialloi?, owinoa'd tba piaoea tor roirn a lid tM'JiirKN aikU ttl u di> procltuval ou of tk< i?Ui of la**, ? Mcu toKi-ttiMr oita aiJ t'i? o'0?r pro -la m?<i>ea from iba ???ouy?? d'paitoi >st mil 0a ?ubiutt- , U<U> )(u tbr <1'ai|cauoe ot Wuu of toa 8ipr?iaa t ouit ?aa pur.tnMit) vuitM, tor tb? ?>>oa tba ar ae t ua ?a<i nut/ pruviaii aal ua'U ttw> aabjaot ooalJ ti? ruai niitoo ut jotit > har^x, ?u.i tH jari?li moa o< t'ia oourt aa J?t rniir prot<aM> ouljr api>aii>Mi tb-ra/oultl ba tor artuf liaur m Iikui aa to ?? u.a ita acti >a llir jri 'w ci,? <cr ouuai) nourt>. aoil toa oD^ara eoa iictad witb I Dun abd Ur otbar ot# * n ot >ba IWrt Off vLic ti )i l way coi < tiler ttoaaaar;-- ba ia? lur n<u t?tii|f >i).t iiotnioi ?lreiio??? toa '{ua.iAiatioiu uf ?<>vnra ? ?? ? Jbtladic^iuo ol tba nup'a oa ao4 t"?<4t t Oouta? t?? aiauaicn or app^>ia uifbt Ju? iMa of ttia lv?ca ia4 e aata r powra an Juf^jj oUm-Im <aaaa* of r?t>llc( nrr aa'ataa (ao far aa tb?ir aararal traiii t . ai? oapt< *irm ti.r bj n.aiu k U?a), totf*<har ?itr ovbai obriuua ?u'ija:W, diwI ao ?>anai (.xnarat I on. ?.?? lb r?|?ril to ooda a->laa aod ju> twa, htaat-f, ] daair* to atafc* (bat I bava taauari a au<ab ar ot o< auiiaart a Hiiuiigmut t a l*ritt#r), aulob nular U* ait v! (obnrr>a, ar a II aipira at lb'- act ot jour pra MBl laaawKi ao Itwini1-' praftabi/ pratvaa- puit<raod I't'taU ta-f o>aa>t *o autborit-< tli*-m t*i oom^tata aaf rf*#r>1ii|(? ar..ich may tarn tH p?a<Uu^ tut ana tbata. I. aa la probabla. Ilia abatt prona^ lor IMIla< taaaa i>tiio<-a bj rkcuau. I wuul a ?????! ibat aua< prorutoa ba for u.a. tlma tbat would alapaa bat vaaa tba A(J ??l|oa <>? ttaa pta>aot c oralaaloaa, and tba alMtiaa aai. qvalifiratlOba of naw lu umtfoU Ut |iMt? -aa it> our I rrrtuirj of ao laffa a aurabar of Ir.oiani, ittr-irprmad aa Uiaj ara wnb tba vbita popu lat.oti an>Ua aatura to th? todiaenm<oata aaia o' in Uixtca'tt) I i^uuia, wa'oo iioai aal ailat ia o'b?r aon i luiibltlaa A portion of tQam ladaif* upou a aoit ara I* Op^artueii) ia tha nteaaiaa ua? of ardaat ap'rita, ! ?ail tb? Iritbda and aaamlaa of prooibiuoa arao ara ao quamtac witb tb* looiao r n tractor and Ita fraoiiad (<a atiopoauti tamlaT tba i?flaanca o" tatxlrattoa will I pwtnl; a/1 un<la to Iba ajuilaaioa toat apaotai praeaa* 1 tl'ra io tbi* r?ap?et ara oanaaaary, as vatl tor tba pro I lact'on ol <ba ladUa ajaiuai oafradatioa ?? of ba > wL. .Oi, agalbat Tioiamva I h? wora eat uiabia aanMrt i t UiC/aiit ilia tl'ra ara ualns tna r Inftuaaca to eback thia avll, ani* aa . hou.d aacon l tbalr aObfta, at wall for ODi aaka aa t|>?ir cap '! r? rau-* ?.f aducatloa I wad aearraly raco?tnaod to I tour aprrtal atta otioo It ia alwaya ba<tt?r to pa/ fur tbr im ucatir>t> n' tba hey ttien tba puolahmaot of tba una To *a upon tba o-c-aaitjr ot |?a?ral aiuea ?kb for pr ? n'?l coT-iom*u' ?r<uld >>a at tnia I'll ? awl u( K I^f,-mi(aii?, thi I Irara tba mat ar la 1 jour baoiia, (Ctitldaat it will receive tbe ?'4ealioa II i>< >*rr?a l??;ln r> pail. lie taiea at this 'loir at loaat la anjr ronaiiaiki la aitaBt, befor? our people nara aeruraxl ti la to tb' if l?aia nr real red tb*lr ^rv-luiita, woul! oa ' 0C<ii-a(ial.|a, in |i ?a *b? itut^h BiM-'aaaif. tint If you abobld lion It tucati) tolaryatil cul-rt la lea for et'imty < r o'b- ? porpoaae I bar. no riouM tbat t i* pra ax?>i'-?r am elkiina ID lonboale InU In Ula i|uart-r a?c tloii o ul-' ba aaataaeil tliaraoa for bla abareof tbe puo II,- bun .ta lli? I'taton n! tl>* permioent a<>a' of |orara-aaot la lliu r laiinl to jou l>j tli> art of i'?u|iaai aakiaf tie ?PI-raprlMlM, abd ?? I.ewof tua lar#? .-I|i-?u.t.iur- aa tr>i',ty tor tb?> arant'oti of publn b ut la<<, aad of tb* fact tliat ia c??a o' a r*c*>al the t,ur 'Mi u< taw mil l H- ?i I 'all tt(< n 'la paopla uf Ua* tiMtarf, ?!?'?>? wni.la- aaair t* rt<|inr? tbat thla duty abuul I tia tiarf.nm ar * h hi. ?)? ?<? th* tatore aa wail aa to tha praaeot, aad to ite |?<-bat- rapid tiriK'eaa o' our arritorj, and tbe probable boanda ot a fiiiura .''tate lha oerai Irattoo of tha ml' I a of tbe territory la ' ascUar aubjatt wild, will daman jour etiro' oii , and lo <b a irMiif :li d I bar* "o In orna jou that tb* I em twy af h'araa* I* aai'tinl to too tho iaaao muaketa, da luaralilr u> tua, aod alao to oae bubdr*<1 arid tbirtf- ' a- ?u mu<lirta, tube tba aaaaai approprtatuia for IRSt from the panar* I novarut eat tbe axaual appropria anot tu?j be i onmntad for o her araia or Held artillery at cr?t. Ibaaa arwia ara deliverable at any eeoae?ibia j pntot In the Ternv r?, oo tb* requisition of tba(>or- 1 aioor a pit w il tx< called for wbaaerer th* leflalatioa or tbd ierntory rbalJ tuaka it aecaa aarr or atpMleat. A. li. KKKflF.K, Ooaarnor, Ae. f jfcvtlvw Papartacaat, July S, lkii. A 8(lUriiERN PARTY. (Krtm tbe f.'"*rUaton Mercury, July II.] Tbt Rirha.i?,d Kntfuvtr nftftva, at length, swlnl | t Ui ]iropoammi lo t?n ta xa a totitMru yarty. ft no MCMrit> tut tb ? at pt?**Dl, out aaya, " ouoa trill ba a ore irany lo tot tfeau tra, but wa would pul off tt.c e?tl day a* long aa ?? cm do ao wtib aa'bty aid wiUi botor." It bel err a, " toat tba domocraUc pari) . as so* rotnpoerd aid arga&iXMl, it adbqaat* aiO rtad) to wrurs to t ? Noitb aod toa Hon b lb* | F-aat at d tba Wret,tba pcicefnl e/iioytnaat of t!u i atri ikght* and tmmuolUe*." *? Daw no aarb fbiU. id tf,? aMil y ?af um naiDOcnittc party. It hM j b? n t'Tftwhi inu-c at the Norti, bj abouuno. aod M , l*i*tr*ea, tuner for ita own DftfionaJ at>da or tbe p oteiboti of tha rtooth- Tt>e vast Ooo^reai will ro-akf ?at to tbe kst'e ui<oo tbe adtaiLlstra lno aod t a neaatiira, ai.n par*), ze it on rvcry p tut- It la D*rcl*ea to nat* trat tbe re(i?tl of >b? MlMxirl H->- 1 a nftl d, a nieartare o' tba bl/f-mt advaou** lo.itj* Kotitb, iii tea Caoae of iDLa tetrul'iHor. If -tr snail tt f HtAtfa act ? ia tbe 'jneatton. Her Aral object, t f c< ti te >? the ctfai.ie ot her o <? n rtffata. Now, in our t vuiofj, tjw a* fro a and avety ue ia t e rery u ea>u/e tte ar. mtici drp eratrm aHjtith mi party. Qy tut* ?a Dwaa a tatoia^ or ?>>? vfioie i Hot th upon a jilatj rtn wbicn Deeta toe tmf?*'.d'ajr is o>? and |.ra*eiita to the S nb tbe aiieraaiira 4 ftl ilnbiatM ai'unkm. 'bet l?K. k-o?r, aotind* f a zh t j w ?a.-a of oattooaita n, but It ia tie oaljr way Ir ?h 'h the H uto cai pal do to auii-alavary, hi, r* aare, U p- aalbla the Union. Mr hit i ao ere wi< a In a >ee#nt art! tie to Uitie traie be i?r. r?lty b) returnee to wmi bi*u?ry n( 1 lftt'Cil?e*. Wi balteve tbat al> It n w mid nare rilrd ir ita Tf-r> > /art e, a&d 'be I', too Deea aared ttom It* louttial a?ii attor-a and laatnatoua, h?i tbe h uU "-ue), It. 1?34, thla pa.ll J. .>a i*er it tue Ul it ft l? the atr tj g wrapi t> of th? di-mn rat r. par y at Ifit Nottb i*kiii t abolltuit.ud tb* ti 'tti Laa c. t i uaily ' < ak ibed lle|i<0 war an I dr lag I a tiii< by !.er i ul ci,a*i n to anil al?**ry axr#aa>'>oa. lo restcre tottla tiaprt I'a |o?t p?Hrn*y. aod br it p.vaa utdittb t ^ tun frt-nda to* t/u o at ira bui |i, to r oa run e the N >tth tbiat there u an i a tb t ft mi *v-tit ait ea'.tAatice. and that we art | hive i ui rtbta at atit au . f vet* owt, ?oar mnialua tbe ui' p> ty of aafrty or of dufotty. A?d a ?? iu J ?ar? i *rt. 'ti* nt um < I the ft u;h alone eaa effect 11, B?:t'f>? Rpqnber aaya:? ? A 'aria por'la.a of <ta h ^rthara d*m<>er?ry t as aaar laer, Una to tt a rt|t'* of t!.e iSaatb, U to* enaatitu How aart tb* I'aloa b*ier all rlre'issaaaar^a -"lail wa loaahtbaly rai< i,fl anrti tr?d aad faltbfal a i< aa , aal rely np<<n a touibara party* Bj bikmi-i, if tf^-M wbo ban b-ea oar frtetd* ?r* ie-dj * ill ui *Ur d by tie. A -4 -olfier a party eri ark to ?"r? ' f 'b*aa .ai'b/u aUiaa than they ftST.u 6 ne reaoy to e taeeM, aal if ibt? be rafuaad tbeir ot w rtfcl ?-s U at #om made MaalfeaC Pre aittitka to tba S<> tb lite ample taaa*, "Oar tlfble, or di?'ie:'ie ib* -v>uih win at oaae eetat^tafi a i iatr. rro upoa whi b tha e aa^??tire mm of toa North aid her f Im a May r%l y. and, If pu*Ue, a mother ab nu>* ? i' tba de? >?rat c party om be fr-v aad U) pn*er. tbia It tba way to d > tt Mat if. 'al ea Mee-f ist > tbe tatia arid mtm of aualu >a, it , ijesn .<-? rrf u>* Kti'h ?fll ;a*j?n ' n w.y < *tar tar?M, t f. rftlta It ot.oe rJaia to har rea^ae'. or vm& oet na. A Hi qtherv party, each aa we ap*sk of, wlU at < tv e ro Tr t/a pr t -m W^t-ier the e ia any p.rtl >a of t' e Ncftia t<ae to tea HuuUi. It anil aoialy a fair. I ? pen Bi.it o. c dr4 last to t'to* at th? Vwih ? Vi aii b t a. i Uu.ee and de>'ta ae ar' *4?er tber tn-aa am be b*r rlRb'a ef bar It ti^ve. It wtil b. 104 tbe Naf '???? Kore to tbe ear a* of th* dar fwre ao'1 follte* I Vi wM ti tbfy ara e-> madly ruabiaif . a 4 make llta kn< w that the -Vuth tae a eptrft wblrh, tb i.|h f' rbearlDC aad leaf eoS-rtaff. caa a ad art:! rta'if far her ayyr*? 4oaa. It wi l aet l? <he >]?e? tvi ebri. er Ue UbV? ba e ?p?tJole wit*i t?ie ? , Ur?e*?, d?elt> and ei-etaae. ?* tbe h ?tb Bet to I ijai % ak> a* tbe kteae of 'be Nortk % A im I'm* on I ' 1 ? ? - 'o make the e?t*W e of any party par* 1 I weai *0 eor ttRbte la eateMe aid bumillelloa I ^ I um bt i' tutu r KrrttT* or I ?*?m -A pere ia ?i|i p t neeif S. R. Fer? t*J, arri red ttt% yaatse rta> atietMjr* try tb? <*r? tnm ' Mambia. He want le If' a*e. wbara be akat utaaalf af la bla 0 it , to ? k 0"a*Ma?a.be "? * ????? eoat m 'be f ? ee seats mif tb* t *w, and aat lr? ti bla le< ael ? il wal waa talaMiabMi* tk* r*m Tbe a*a'B* I tBif i >beo?#k tba ittavetiuaa <4 Ue daa* I ? far art vMtes. wbo bM? It Ofaa. Ha aatd to tf-tt u/?ad hye." aa4 pr* <?itaaad tiaeel oat y 1 a k^t : *t- ry Wia4*?. H a fell waa br ifeaa by a tr r *1 h te lammt oa eUk ably. iU r*?e <ad t, * f.f? 4 tr a state af twaeaetktlftf, a *4 wUi a t. k<f b, b He le tmm to the kee^cial a*t (t?M ' nc Tvf -? fc*?b?tk m Arte*, /t Jy BfWf CU|H Bow ud Ihe LoelrrlMe Jeemdk tV'l iMUMi IT WAg TOM !>??> tub waxxma rricKt 4x0 tout. Th? LmI'IIK J wnml M?*f; MlllwlM trUo<* CO'" un-ft J?o?a B. 0 at K?i., of t^liif. K?.. t'na'o of "Her. y ot the Jfwi * aad a poofctag 0 < bil, MNf '***>' <>?* *>', ? u* "??**? ???" I^bmi mvMi"0>'wiib<nd mvutoa of ate la tDcr'ol father, 1 at?#d 01 i*m an it (o b. moiM and g-?od of) ?m rm>tl 1 a of reverso'la ?*?, If to* men of luioro g> o?r?u o?;" "to or in* baaa ?ran p the bmai. r* 'era, poai?. Ac., of oka g ort m tatb> r'? old ?i ?riling h Hiae.t? bo manafacuutBd into we kin* aicke " Ae., &?. Mr. C'?j i? ?*o (a to# ettt)k <* t'* J m>nmt Is a lri?* a<vf, |, inlMt 4 1 j Im I.uotootUa tA/taraergf )rata,n ?). W. i] n;tr I iOT?l u, Of II:? bo1. 1 ?o ? tb >,?i, * ir-oii*ai%o ? >0 I?** da am tr* 1 Id ant Dion of t>U f ?lher, imvitd of Imvtag 14 to be Mnoruo u>" hr , he W?aixn t?ia aitfiat 1 t>ir ? o?l m> n* .1 i.? I dm 1 >t arm n.> fpir 1*, out |i.,r 1* 1 at ?i en ufl rtsl b t *to oa ? tou iim 1 ub 'f no 'linn, to ,oe bitftiNt III Idar. I aa> giat?ful b> *B>b ay wh > ftver pretoode to 'art an titeree- tn rey lathi-i'* 1BMn it u sot fa* to j-nnin-f Mi** 1, b'? wxt ir?i i|tiu? M fliaj"! wto rnoe l?i mo^d a ytt,,o? the n, n?, aa ?f Ub r pita 1 7 %?. iw ? ?t u?. u k>i public n?1 v-u, bur- barn ma/ a bk ?iuet ui? I tr tun* im > aa do?i 0i> f?<Ut>rV otfl btvii, I *01 re til y glad to hero a U11 ? iMxwtuouf to n>?i( , koovu o? 1 ,?? ?? t? be i?e 'f < rt, aid ? hf I dni? micei t , u? 1 A d<>wo ar<1 to tewuil t I . For j(?. prevl'u< to ?? I a-b?r'? caath it *a* oie irre<t de-iri ib?. i nt-witi po C'M A? Iwid. K h??i k ib%t (h*! boava ?p nat t na?a to l?? r?bout, t? ot?'ii ?ald *kiog at It. "It ? III ot m? l'f-U o? " Wh?n 1 Mt K & ?? kj t? pair* wwr 8L L-mji* ha ao<od bm] ha h im r* at l?<r ibMii k 11 ?ith nmc 1 rr^r-t, ?x jtr ?<id m a ki? ia my ikmmiu?iioo. H *"?# ot h<? l??t 111 im ?i <3 ?pp'0 oblMK dnat , 1 a? >ta t* lnuk- kt <>?li k Uiti I would Hlfa blm m nrn h??<4 r.f+4 Am hiRiont ary outbid Mia# h?t I **41 gira n *1J w* p i?p'C a la tttMonn, a id tut: aa rn k*i di? ?ai t-ll 1 tbu , If I 00a d aali < It, 4? I tod abould ro', lo 111 1 liMim at Ira*'., u%? in o In baron ol i*jaogrra. AtW Bf faibar'a mt iw< U?r CkCrrd m- to bo laforoitd tiu (tta ? td! ba?r lit* pi h? acxd ar'lb ti? via r to ia . ba ?au| Umi pti ol a.?t ; t i?t tha vhola p a w w ?a la a rata (Mia nj?oti ot, btit bat It ?on d m?ka b <r napaf la b?r ll'rtirna to k nm fa? it wt* ao> to g 1 oui ol Ma far 1 17. I rtlurtod to Kaotaokjr aod purabaa 4 IV. Kudu* t e dvou>t>g. aae ui ?. <*w a bout tiCjj odd }u>i >gn m a dt'S'lda ad 0 aduJ .0. I onla lit a ooo>M to? t arch tact 10 a?o?rt?ia ?bot ier it *m a mlv 11 ah ruor tor toy faiJy; I' MM pro HMM to ba uLMf, atd, bio rarer, n.at It ar.xald o?4o do?n o( lUalf in a vary fa* jretu Uodar taaao I'irron a arora 1 datormlr rl to robol'd H la a I /O ?n?ablr to n.j o?n taatr, mo* bo* <rho ly aa ?o aw 01 b-> lathrr la tUla oooBaolloo I will atotaay ?BM I ?n m l ? vaty j ulu gaaUfiiuia, bring no*. 1/ 40 y*iaj? if ago 1 oonaider Uw la*t charge m ide 1 1 tbn Joum&t rditoriai aa by (tr in laoat grav; Had Ii It waaa tide in lb* a? wa> Ibtaodati, 1 aboard leol ayaalf bo ?or bv to poaataa my fatbrr'a Iioum; uu*jnby to b* a Kaiituckaaii; and aaoold be willing to Of ao inoe n iunu corner of tna aarth t > bide uiy rl r ?ai dlcboiiortd bra<l. 1 a .ou'd to tb?t aoa. aa I da now, protoet agaloat that lloaaao wbtcb to Mi Mo lib- n j , bat the vile a&d onmaoly abuat of tto liBor ty o? ?b? pxaa, wbl 'h (II a I >w ao txilMr or a Itaao to proat tu'r uie co|umi<a of a public journal to ooBuiiebU u|mib U?a pnv?<e couda A w |iitfoa 1 wltl< rvrp* et t > their' private property. " Toe c ia fO tbat 1 1 ave ?oid one Ucaof .be old nmbe if Bf f?u er'a boue" tUhaviear to my private profit, to ut eiiy aid ocquailtodly faiae. I navfr-oiy giraa It, worn It b?* lie^D aakat, ana 1 have re^raiaMf rt'UMKiioiolJ it wbau Infurmtd 11 waa to b.* ua.d far pit ll?. Mucb nf Ii Iiu boon atolen, and I htve b<oa (. lyao(<i>yid by p*raui<? c^njltg lu my jlaca tar<)lbg a?a> wuaUver Hey fancied. ? Hher fraaa I L? uid fiooaa, or plai ta aa 1 groaruig ahruM, with out a?ku>g Ut? lermuelob of aav be. At l?at I' occurred Ut ma tbat I migh . p?t a xna tt the o d luaber whlcii aaa uaalra* to oar to a g>iM aid wnrtiit ucr. Icrtriminad hi have ami uute artn too a aUr a- MfWlll ?f - ?li ?ml Ir m >h? <?4 Miiiiro, 1 hat I ?<iuia iau*'i Urra tobet>i?oe4 ?ith a fi u nu lb lAXitgtoe lo ba aoto, wit? t*a ?? dtiataiiOU a ? 1 tli Mm tb?l the >rocefMla, a t er pa# ILK <hk roat of c ir.atiuctKii). ahoull ba d'iBa ?4 to at in# public cbail y. I at oordinaly em >t >ye i a M bitetu.akar. him* I' eimoat ao objw.t ot ^harlia, ?? 1 e aa d, lb 'b<aa hard tl 1 ra, t? i??k.< aiiaibn? About I r have b CD ma If . aid UX) 0 >d%i. of *B*ofc m aa ?'* ?r eigrf< bosa? oaly b ti.e to bav? baoo Bf')c 1 bate ?t o<l bopa hj? ? it fiat tha rwtaa w It U>, at.il ? pi Ut wblob uuay teal wto or 1 1 he tret ? of rtiOir *r? uutr widoara an ' o Kacrpt wbat have tiaoa anlil nf tk ?r boxaaa'd CAi>'a Or p??iW.d with Mr- Jonn Wi/ao i fur atla, aad Ic r tbe | er(M>ar atatod. tna man auo aaya 1 Mia a< Id one paitlrle of t^e old tirnbar ?/f to y f at tav'a hooae, to a lUr and a villain, ani 1, b>Jor? (i A, pro bcui.ce him to be ao. Ttoe Halirmwl ("onvaatlaa I* HugWa. (Iron lb* Hufftlo Unlfr, July It J A coTiVtAtlub of lUlegatee fr m vari'?o? raltrond <*n>?able?ib tue North* rr , Rtaorn aad Warfai H'a'?a aad Cai-ada, aaaembled at thaOIO'enda ll< tel. lb t la city, yesterday, la finaaaans af toe following call; - Jt-I t t. ito? T?a Railroad (taapaay are r?t|aaatad to aawd dalaeataa la rapr<aaal thetr lataraat aa4 rltva, tna gatarai aaOroal naatla< lo ba bald at tbe cieraodaa natal in lha rlty nf Haifalo no Wad eaarfay, ialf 1% 1ISI, at lOe'riark, A M, la t|iaa ea lUa a?|?i*aM0 ralatlra faraa b>t>tia tiaaa'waia ana rallraaaa eaaa patiag for Iba aaiaa boa area, aad altor aaHan MB portaat to t|a lo'?r*at of all n?i|?l to tea traaapaeV I8| u( wauBftri aail freight *iu.u?i ra.wK iwtC A r p R. C J lll'.l |a?l>t, Man. lnraatr.ro W it W. Ill MtY ?Ah .IS, I raa't i. AT H H Uto. I'AlJIUt fiat t II k <* 1. K R Tka cobventioo *aa org?nia*4 by the a# loiilmettot (J Twltcbell ea I'reatdeat I?rW gatee appeared from tbe fxil rwiaff r ?dav- - Hootonand Worncaioi H. K. Hargeot, 0. T oltoto rl* N?w York Ontral K (>/rclag. I)?an HI hatoi. C. Vibr?io k (i. la la, J II. C battel I, U. (i?ay Mew Vofk ata Krto 1). Q MoOcllato. II drM, W n Hkilmore. W I, D >daa, C>aa. Mo a a. buflkki and Kr*a (1 Pal mar, ?' f Diooua. 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