21 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

21 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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unmmsmi uhevh* imm ui. #2.500. flock* from Ptol rOH UI'K 61 irt AAA -desirable property is m l 4U.UUU# N?w York for Mia. -Nine ?m trtl arte* bouMi, comprising the wbole bleak oo th? wert ?mD) of iTtgM C, ruon'ng from Sixth <o 4*vei?th attests, and th. M blick of bnthttage oo the "Wa?, will be geld for 4?6 000; a Ant ?Uh ho?M, werlh friin S 0.0 to gSt.iOQ, would bo taken la exchange, *'2 l#W s end tho biluflt I* ft en mortgage. AIM. ? *P,"a Old busians property oo Asa strrei, rent* ng for $7,600 Mt por uauB, for cats for tTft.OOO. M. L. SHKLDON, 85 Naesau itnit. ft iA rvAA -FOR AALE-A l>I!fINU SaLlH>N. B)4U.UvU? ilnuMoi tM boll oora or in So city, down to wo, la tbo oontro of baoiaoao, end no * Mm rrn $t0,0<0 wrath of Wibm p?r year. t?? bMMud fdrniture coat ovor 87,0'0, t?d will bo die noaod of at a groat sacrifice lor ?ain or approved piper 9 bo proprietor baa aaotbor plaoe, and oaaaot well at load t* both. Tor farther particular* apply to INGALL-i A CO., ?M Broadway, room 18. dhin AAA -PiwPK?nr on a valuable iol^tvvv* itroot for tDieataaaat. a bilM isg faont *f over 100 foot, oa Atlantic ? treat, Brook tya, central thereon, will pay a largo natal, aad oua laaVmt to Broadway boaiaaaa. Thia la a eboloo aoinrity k> a capitalist, build** or maaufactursr, aad om very Mldom to bo bad. Now for sale by ANTHONY J. BUJCgER A (X)., No. 7 Broad at. ? i AAA BARGAIN 07 BARGAINS.? ID^iVVVe Business minufajturlng ? Cbaracor oloJualro aad g?ut?cl. Pro It* 300 por oeat. Demand nabartted. Una ball interact la thia splendid bualaaaa with a valuable ooatract amounting to over <3,000, to gether with tool*, a took, ke , will bo aold for *4,000 oaob, aa the proprietor cannot attend to it. Apply to THO MAS * SMEET, 34H Plaa itrnt -FOB SALE-THREE HOC8E9; THEY \J, root for 8370 per aanam, only eig be Pook Blip ferry. No. 334 Booth Fourth street, Williamsburg To lit, In N?r York, bona* 84 Ann street,, end boueo 4 Yariot street Alao, apart Mate and (ton* down town. Apply to 8. 0. BMI TH, 14 Matt atnot. TO 2,000 ACR^S OF GOOOL AND WANT ed, witbln 20 or 30 miloa from New Yor?, ?ted either oa Ixmg Island, New Jireey, or BtxUon mar Aay peraoa having auah a tract will find a p ir ?baser by applying to C. M. HART WICK, 203 Broadway, oornor of Fa iron (treat, room No. 1. ONLY.? FOR SALE-THE LEASE, stock, and fixtures of of ta< I giociry end feed store* la tola o ty , sttuatid in oae of tbo moat bua'.n*? a aalgho j/boo la to make money ; this la a splendid abeaoo. Apjly at 2yj BnaaAwsy, toom 10. GEORGE W. 31MERS. a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONLY 46 n mttuVi' nda from tbe city by steamboat and r*ll mM. Tbe bouse I* new. frame, filled la wltb brick. two ?'.arte* aad suh oeiWr, well finiabaL having oios ooute alaat leoms aad serea pantries, furnished w;ta b?auti fsl mantel* and grata. Tbe looation the most healthful aad pleasant around New York. Will be io?d rery cheap. J. C. BANDERS, No. 8 Nassau street 4 BARGAIN ON STATKN ISLAND.? TO BE BOLD ?btap, two olty si sad lata, aad a raVl eottace on f street. New Brighton. Apply to JOHN DR1S qui<L, en tba premise*. A RtRE CHANGE? A WKLL-KNO WN AND PBOFII J\ able eonfeetlon<ry and c? oieam aaioon, witu lasae. stock, and futures compleu, la offered for sale, thia day, at a great bargain.- Buyers mint call early, aa we bare several applicants, And shall sail lameliaCe ly. Ayply to C B. HOWE*s ft A>., 84 Nasaau street. A RARE CHANCE? FOR SALE, A PAWN BROKING fatabUfbmint; one of tbe beat staoda for bual nee* in tba city ; tua (took is light mi will be sol 1 cheap. This la a good ebaaoe for any on* wishing to go la tbe Satisfactory reasons gt??n for saU'ug. Apply rturor person, to J. V. N II Spruce street, fowtb ', front room, from S to S o'oloeh, P. M. 11.000 ?Meat satabMsbod i ?aKERY IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE? LOOAThD IN ?a good and pleasant ae'ghborhoad, no ? doing a good H^nhMh can be eonaiderably increased Ask Hirtrtau the wleertUer from gu n* it atteotloo fill be aold low to a oash coatomer. A pply to WM. P. MHT, 119 aad 121 William street, lint floor. TJAK11 TVAEERY AND OONFE7TIONERY FOR SALE, IN ,il Brooklyn, sltuatod la a good busiaaea neighbor Read; tbe plaoe is now doing a gooi cash bnsiaeea; the seaaen for aelllag la on account of present owner goiog to bin tho city. Apply at 211 Atlantic street, Brook "??? T\RCG STORE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE ?A WELL XJ well known drag store, situated on oaa of the bast atoaass In tbe afty, doing a good bn*in?aa, handsomely MM np, and wall stocked, baring every article in the dm Dm. Apply to WALLER k GEELY, 440 Eighth ?venae. Piano tor sal* aheap. RCG STORE FOR BALE? A PHYSICIAN WHO OWNS a drug store, aad wUihes all his time for praettoe, I ^Beell It to a good druggist fcr 4 rranooabli price. I Pmsant Inooma from 44 to |t> par day. Rent $4M per year, with a 1mm for fire yean. Tba store la en a cor ner in thorough repair, and wall ? looked, and may be made to pay 820 a day. Adcress Doctor, box 180 Herald i PR &ALF ? AT A SACRIFICE, TEN (HIT LOTS, with a two story and a half honse, ootbulMlogn ?Bd good water. Alao, *-H aactioa*? ? any fete la eaoh ?mm the Rock away plank road, near 0-n?re?ill* race aaeaia. At o, 7 aerae raluable land, title indlapntable tnyitreef M CAMPBELL, 47 North Moore at, or M the fMeei, of F. McKeoa, Woodhsrea, L 1. OR SALE? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY STORE, handsomely fitted up, and In one ot tba beet to i m the city. InquM ol 8 D BEACH, iM Waah i itrM SALE- IN THE MOST HEALTHY AND PI A AS AN r J* part of Brooklyn, toar seat oottago Unlit housaa mmi Wte, eommandtof on* of the flaoatvietra in tbe eity Banns two story and kai amenta, hard Ontsbod and eir Mm d aentre PIoms, arched parlors, lam lot* 25 by 131. free only M,?50; terms easy, oontlderei cheap, will dowble in value. Apply on the premie**, gargen i treat, beteien Grand and Ctawson a van ass. Fulton amai MM paM within a -short distance. PIR HALE? THE YACHT IDA. *X>RrT BSVEN FECI four InehM lone aad fifteen feet wul* ; U a very taat most, aad 1* la perfect order. She can be SMa at Belle vtla, N.J. For particulars, address E GI.AcS, BeQe vMa, W. J., care of J. B Harvey. Cut SATJC? THE 8T0CI AND FIXTTRE^ <>K 4 ?RO eery and liquor store doing a good cash busing, be sold at a sacrifice, as tbe preieat owner is gv'13 Weal Call at 78 Eighth avanue, for two days fOR SALE? A fiMGAR STORE AND VEWJ DE"OT. located la a good business plae*. opposite on* of best marteta in New York. Iequlre at the sagar ?tore. 131 >4 Bowery. "TJMlR SALE-" ON REASONABLE TERMS, A BARBER'S JT sbep, one of the beat stand* in tbe lows r part of tbe city, doing an sxce.Unt busisais. This i* a rsre ?baser. Apply to C. B. BOWKS AO 0 , No 84 Nassau ?treat, np sUb->. nnoR p he? the piock, FixniRW and good Jj will of a first rata fanny a*d millinery store In on* el the beet Wines* block! oa Klgbth ?v*u ie, do ng a good eaib trade , will be sold cb?ap for ci?b. Ma?t at mM immtdlataly. Apply t/i J. G. CLARK* , 117 1'aitM ?treat. E? RALR? A FARM, CONTAIN WG WWBEN FIFHT aad sixty acres, In WesMbeitor eoantv. near ?dale and Hart'e corner dspots For sarllsuiar* toqulre oft V. HAlMS, No. 4 Harrteoa street "CtOR 8 4 LB -ONE OF T"E LlftQ&H AND OLDEiT JC eetobhahad btBUiJ , -Ia ni in 'hii mty It will ba ?eld at a great mirlAe* for - h or ft/it elt*a paper. In qairo of INGALI# A 00 , 212 Broad nay, room 13 ipOB SALE-THS BTOHC ANO FtXTCRES OF AN old ssWhl.sliad segar store, la e good locstioo, net dotog a fair business; reason for eelbnr, tie proprietor to lends leering tbe <dty. Address box 1M Herald office J,M? SALE? A DRl'G HTORC IN ONE OF THE PRIN ' d^al thoroughfare* of tao city; 1* ditng a gaol *?ace* k*aion for wiling, ill health e' tba proprietor. Far particular*, lt<j?lre at 180 Heater *tro*t. fOR SA1X-AN OLD E'TABU.-RKl) IRK VD 'AND JP oak* bakery. The fixtui?s aad ill tbi articlM ap pertalnieg to tbo bnsines* will M sold renso aatla. In qatre, far Information at 32 HarrUoa street. Fr sale? at a bargain, two nice three story krvek houeec. tog?tb*r, on Twnty-eighth ?UMt, between Madison aad Fourth aveaaea, teu 'A^s* bouses la fiM order, with modern improvement*, and tot t*r 10 per c?aL Ai*o, a boase aad lot on Fonrth arenue, E. 8. KlNdiUMK*, 318 Foartb avaana, 8 to 10 A. M-, ? to 7 P. It ?or s a ix? the confmttonkry sroiu: and re< taaraat, la one of tho beet locations oo Broad war, 1 a amdirato rent, doing a good buetaaes, and lease of tea rtari; a bargain aaa M atada, If impaired far aaom, at 6*6 Broadway. SALE? TI If. STOCK, FIXTURE! AND OoOO will of a grorory and liquor iton, corner of Teen ^fourth street and Hixth avaaoe. togothOT wttb bona, east, wagon and harness. TVe o"J*?t of MtUaa out Is, tha owner Is geing to Imt* the aity. Apply at Mt Bis Ih a venae, m the atore. Fm BUM lit UK AND iutwb or">w* of the he*t liquor it ore a In the Sixth ward. The raaaoa for tailing the pr?a?nt proprietor Is glvtng ip Vaslae** . In^nlr* oa the premises, 4& Bsxler, Lats Osaagc street, cppielta Leonard. f'OR HALE? -THE Y ACHT ffl7x)P Tj mIrCDC, NOW ly'M ?t Habnken. She Is eighty n>aa toaa, cnttom bene* measure; fuDy snppEe.1 with sails. Ac., aol ia perfect condition Apply to GICORGE JoNEd, nortb oor ncr Broadway and Warm street, or to the oaptoia 00 hoard. ; EIR SAU? A fePLENDID TWO DTnitV FRtMg OOf tage kouee aad three kits on tM soutn si :* of third 1 tree t, botw^n Fourth aad Fifth arenust honte I* 20 f**t t ln<-hea front and rear, and klub?a to rear of bones, and 38 feot deep. Hone* m&g in wltb brisk and floor* deafened Lot* baataemi fenced >n, plana la front of heuM and handsome courtyard p?rt r?. ?f tha p archies money m sy remain on mortgage . Ap ply In FOCNTAIR k " * ? Twenty **v*nth crtet FOCNTA1H k SMITH, balldrn, No. Wi R*?t X|H>R BAIJt (8UP-A FOUR STWtY BRICK HfM -!* J* in a first clans buslnan place, lndoire of ? DEfi ?INCER, 308 1'irrt *renu* <ro*j?A^jaj. FR SALE At CHEAT S4CHIKI0*~1N BROOKLYN, #ve siiau*.?s' walk irom four f?rrk*v t*o anterior modeta bailt bo isae, ttoely U to- as ??o'j brick. tbe other two M l ft hall ?tory fremi' *n * %%, '00 and 84,000. T<irm/i ?asy. Inquire of V BCrtK Love joy's ?etol, N. T., between 12 ?od i P M , or of S ? t . BISBBOW, 82 South bevanlh itr?et, Hreikiy n, a mi hN ?Up ferry. 1O0R SALE IN BROOKLYN? TSB STOCK AND HX r tu?l of an oy atar ud 0 u? log uVwn, on ase ?f M?e b?st ataodH la tti* city, now doing m sxoelleot b isioeert Tka prtmiaee ar* Iraaed for two years, sure t<iw. Apply toJNO GIBBS. 836 Fultoa street, esra*r Myrti* avenue, Btooklya. IN OOKSEQUENCE OF TUB DEATH OK M0MA8 Hcrrisnoa, tbe livery business of HwriJiM A Ftset to bow offsred for eels cheap, w>tb th* l*e-e of the at* ble? 10 aad 21 Rooeeealt street, ecstmsuog of barsea, carriage*, aVigks, Iiixmm, Ao ; OMtftM bast stawie for i bo business In tbo e?y o? Now Vork, aa 1 one of the best chaoees to go tato th* busiacs* Apply oa mm ywgliM to JOKAfHAN Q. FLmcf. RARE CHANCK FOK A BUSINESS MAN -'HE SUB scnbsr, la MH4MM Of >4 hsattb, Is oo>lg?d to ofler bii> iton ?nd stec* of |Mdi far sale at a groat btr gain. Ik* location la eonetoerad Um mow desirable of say In tbo State, situated In a msnufautur.ng village, otiitikmitt lari* umint of basineeo ihm ana which la rcptlly increasing, aad there is little oiait* tlon la trade, tba "too* la i?ni ly now, aad oonsUte of tbo uttl fWrWft found la country stoma Too (tor* la now, large, and built in MO>'nrn style, and la tba bait country tten In tba county. Too buniaoM at pnwii t? dona mostly (or cash, bat could be ooablad If eradit was oflersd to responsible partUa To a ma* willing to watt a (aw >?ara to acquire a fortune, a Ilea chance ic seldom offend. Far further particulars apply to or address A. CASWELL, lu Oortlanat street, New York; or U C. MOR B18, Newtown, Conn. 3 tO >HYsIClA>fS AND SOHOBONS ? A MEDICAL . g*nti*m*n, about returning to Europe, la anxious dleposs of li c boas* and practics. It U losaied in a beautiful city, en tba banks of tba Hudeoa. Tbo houe* la built only two years, and will ba ?old at a bargain aa tba advertiser la obliged to leave The oifloe lc w?*ll ?tockcd with glaaa, drag*, Aa. All will ba m H for 1 1,660. For particular* 'nqulre cf Mr. MICHAEL NOJNaN, 31 Prise* (treat, Brooklyn. TO DRl'GGISTS OR raTKlCIANdi ?A 8T01E TO BE aokl for gt*00, dtuat <! in the beat pert of too elty of Brooktyo, and doing a capital preeerlptien buelnaei, iba ctora ia w?U atocftad'and liM up. Addrcaa J. L) , Herald effije. No ag?nt n*ad apply WILL Bt IJOLD AT A BAIOaIN? A KHWr CLA*< groccry store, wall caut label, and d'mg a gojd boaiseta, wilb bona. w?g->n, buaaaa, bo , a rare chance to any *** eiab'pg to engage lu tba oos ncai. Inqalr* at No. 884 Fourth tt?us?. TONKKBB ?FOR SALE, A UKACTIFCL COUNTRY raauiese*, gttre Binutea truin Gh-owkiI oapot. Ileuna new. with all tba moUem improy?ui?aia < rounds orU'inontad witb large abat'a . beautiful n?w oi tba Uudcon. Plot 180 by 200 Apply to JAMES Y0U MA>H, Warburton ar#., or Yoabara Poat office. ?7,000. Yacht for bale.? the stklla bi/wp, about fourteen tons In good ord?r, aompaan, obarta, tun. ; Ttry cemmo<iioua cabin for e'x*. Man be aeea i>y applying to Oaptaln Barker, Atlantic Hotel, Hobokcn, iron 22d to 81st July. Prio? only AsOO. Yacht sport for bale? with furniture com. plot*. For particular! apply to Tboaaa T. Farrla, No. 9 V crick place. EIPRK88E8 _ T7?RKKMAN A 00. M EXPBimv-TO ClUKORSIA, X Oregon, and west coast of tieutli America? OAce, No. (9 l) road way. Our next *xpreca*a will laaT* on Friday, July 20tb, per ateamir EMPIRE OC TY, Tla Pa nana, and NORTHERN 1JOHT, via Nicaragua, in cbarg* of expert (need ateeeengars, tbrougn to deetina tlon. Freight taken at rednoed rat**. Lattora *ocloaed In gorernment ton e*at rare1op*a will be taUte at I2X oantaeacb. FBKEMaN A CO., 60 Broadway. HOTKUi AHP gPJMBR RMIHKaTS. A TLANTIC VI1XA, LONG BRANCH, N. J.? 91TU A aied near tb* oaean, affording find aurf bathing. Paraons requiring fin* airy roocac, and ovcry attention to tbeir comfort, will p.*aae call oa tbe aabacrl^or. AMOS R. STKLuKS *ru?t' Communication daily foot of Jay street, N irtb rirer, bp tb* itcaaarc Jam* Cbrirtophar and Ocean Wave. B*i ROOKe' 0I.D WAR HOTET,, 64 AND ? 6 LJSPtV nard street, Hroadway. On tb* European plan. Choice win**, eplrits,ales. eegare, A*. Bruacfaeta.dinaerc and lunebeens. Good b*ds, lIKo. an-) oOe. per night, or tl and $8 p*r week. JOSEPH BROOKS, proprietor, late of Cincinnati, and formerly of Manchester, England. High brdgk hotel, westchester bide.? Boarding foi tb* eummer.? thle *?tabUshueut ia now open for U>c reception of permanent or tranileat boarders on tbe most reasonable terma. Its easy ac cees to the city by tb* Harlem Rat' road every hour, and tbe splendid scenery, witb ton ceres of fruit, render* It oa* of tbe most daurable resorts la the vicinity of N*w York, especially for tn* health and safety of cbildron. Inquire of tHw. JONES. ORANGE LAKE HOUSE, SIX MILES WEST OF NEW bun, on tb* *ast sids of Orange Lake, open for tbs acoommoJat>on of a fsw famtboe; pur* mouatain a>r, good bathing, Ashing, sailing and gunnieg. Addreca JAMES BKNDERSOA, N*w?urg, Orange Ooanty, N. Y. PENATIQUTT HOUSE, OPPOSITE FIRE I LAND - This house is now *p*ai fer tb* reoeption of visit ers. Its easy aeeess by Long Island Railroad, twloe daOy, and tbe sptondid situation of tbo honso, r*ni*r it ose of the most deotrabte resorts in the vicinity of Now York. Boat* always in readiness t_> take passea sors to 1 ire island. Parsons wishing to vLait Uus hou?? will tsars tbo cars at Thompson station. SE1AH STRONG, Proprlstor. 0 1CHM0ND HILL HOTEL, STATEN ISLAND, B li open for the season. Cbarg as, ST a week , children un<far ten years of age, Mi servants, 94 50; horsss, N Handtom* suites of rooms, witb parlors. Particulars at B. W. Benedict's store, >o 5 Wall street, N. T Good a*a bathing. J. P. KELLETT, PioprMot. 8ANDR 8TRF.IST HOUSE AND FAMILY HOTEL?NO ISt Saws str**t, Brooelyn ?This hotel is now open for tba reception of families and single gentlemen. No expense ba* been spared in tb* Bttuig up of thU bou?o Tbo.e desirous of n quist yet Mlend d boose, would do well to call before engaging efeewher*. The r lore, for their ais*, are unsurpassed; they are orer feet d**p and well ventllatsl. Also, attccbsd to it hoare U c billiard ro?m tor the gue<ts and their i^:.o dnaeo friends. Tb* prtass at this hotel are as low a* sny we)lecado<!*ed bona* la Brooklyn Hooou let, w^'h or without bonrd er partial board. The cars peas t>.i door every three minutes. Location as to isspeeUMitty us surpassed. SEA BATHING, P1SHIMO, bC.? BO'JTH AMBOY, N. J. ? Psrsoea wishing to p roe ore pieaseet rooau aed board, on lb* aea shore can b* accommodated on ap plicat'on to Philip J. {'amen, Houth Amboy, or at 1m Madison streit, N Y. The steam Soat Jol>e PoturkeaSbe pier No. 1, Ncth river, at ( A. M , and ? P. M daily. IH1LIP J. PAKIhES", Sooth Amboy, N. J, 1'HK WYANDANK, GREEN PORT, L. I. ? THIS IMTAB liebmrat is now opeo for the reception erf vsi'-eri and is pleesnntly Kitoat?d at the terminus of tse Long Istsnd Rellroao, at which point there is eomol taiaatton ?very day, asd every o'htr day by tb* steamer Island Belle that ran* betesen New York and Greenpart, and to Bar P arbor leevleg Cbtbnriae Market alia, N. Y , every 'letJcy, Tlur^day. and Saturday, a* 11 oYloek Tbe etremrr <Tlcs*t, pljlag bevweee Hertford and Sag ?isrtor, fornl.hra aa excellent commanieaUon bsiweea Greenport and all tbe 'aadings-oa tbe Ceanecticut r.rer aad ii Is wsli known by those wb> bars viaited It, that for Ashiag, eallisf bathing, Ac , It cahoot be excelled KTr.PHW P. QONKLB?, Propns>.T. The bndeksihnrd, hiving oitcved hi? Horn; can aeeommodate a few boarders, if application u made eorn. As c healthy, coal an4 qcet r? tract, an', facility for sea batbiag. it is not iurpaaee<l Kar further ir'icalars, Inquire of Gllb?rt Davis, ?q. eoraer o? ?Msm and Pine strseta. Nee Vnrk, or of Jebn Martin at Riverbead, losg Islaad or by letter to the oubeertber at Queg&e, bnflolk county, I. 1 EDWARD GRfFI I.i. AMUO^OOT. A STROIAlGY. ? DR. C. W. R ORACH, FROM A iete nf Philadalpbia, KtW York, and Boa toe. off.-n bla servKre. u tb* cltis*a* of Mew York and It* vicinity. Be is ail* 'o forvtel past, nreseat and future *re*te He I as te?n cosselted by all tbe crowned beadr of an r?<r . ei*d ?.Jojs a blgnsr r*PUtation as an ttiroinuirr t* an say cae w>? ltt ug Natlvlfles calculated La ?"es M gentlemen ?e. lett'-rs, poetpald, wU! rseahve iirweit'ete attentioa. Fer particulars, see astrvio. ?a. aisastae. I an be proeured at tae effise, 1T1 Syra^ure etieet, ('inc^nnatl, Okie, by application by letter. ASTROLOGY, PHRENOLOGY?THF. CELEBRATED Mrs Fleury. 'ram Pans, wkaee relation has b*?a roettanVy eeaeulted by Napoleon I , givts t rut la ormaitoo oa all eveate of Ufa Qi"tl*aa art an swered by tbe power of magaetiam, at Mi tWoome st. Clairvoyant. ?maiiame make is at liberty to be roeaaited at HI Warrea street, Wabete.- ? Hotel. She has been ackaeeUdged by profassers so . thousands < f people to be the greatest clalrwyaat la ih? eorU. She will roa?ult with frteads la nay part of tb? wcrid. Shs has for ten years practised with tba giAsult sases of diseaea. rhe will des<!ribe your f.elirv as<". Uis d >eeee. ?r. ? pv?wnl* 'er the aame MAIiaMK MKYI K HAS REMOVED TO 101 W.VEVTfi avanuo, between Twsaty third aad Teeaty-fmirt etrae**; aba roaUaons to tell past, prreeal and futur< eveats; Itkewlee seat rUgae, jouraaye lav soH*. hua.uiM pr??p?rt? ainaaese, absent frl?n-1a prop>r>y |n?t f stoWa. Madame Meter converges In /.ngfixh Trsaob and (.ertr?B and give* gucraatee for hrr art. THE nil.IT VUY. A FAYETTE FCSH IFTW -NHW YORK Jt'LY li. 1M6 ?It beaowiet my painful duty to aa r. wi a c ? tla ("?sth of oor ??t?e?ed let* associate ia t*# r*ti< o' Um> I'uaftlsr*. bd^srd McMabea. la coefreoiltf w tb 'q neafs of ll> corpe, and la t?etlmeny of tie r?*ar 1 . wf if b tbe i!e^a<*d <r?s bel i, hu r?as* 1 a ? ~\ I b? later ted witb m'ltary bowors. Tbe order f t oercd* isrses. requlr** the aMtnbers to amemble:.! t *t <rri *' Mercer House, en Hgoday momisg, 'lid in-t, a' 11 . o'e'ock. A ro"?tg for tbe arraa?? aaeate will he b? - at the Mereer Houee, Ka?ir ay eveniag. 21st n.v a' ? e'rlcrk 1 very member of tbe corpe i? etperted V' ?? pr?a?at. Re er<er. W. M'C'At I t Y, t sptt c Twos. J. Burt, First Berg seat , U Uri 1 1 to -r-T4H M#1L 9R1M ? ^ACWl !, K. My., NQDvJtu ? riM at-.m l .f.. i **"..!* 469 C'a^eo ,~rut??f OHtim for K ?rop? IT!.. . ^. ??. w? ??*>. July *>, at Uo'el.>*k 11 r?wa her berth .1 tor ' oct of (Wool HMmL for freight h4***? *Be?pe?M MWOlifi Xl?ttOB? IO? ?M. ?roTJ2?.#,,^ort' ?**" to w?wt?o x ohxintj. te low r? ir? r?<rie*fd VJ >moi Ward ?t <*i ? A*len*e will iimkm) Om P+eifl<j, tod ?f?f .. ^'PP*'* *?" p'?a?e t**e aofootflat la* I > I ,rT t ?*?" n **r,7 ** 7 t0"^" ooe'.r*t>ead of Mh.r. 'l^^il!*r*.n,'JU |I*M throagh Poet ITtflae. uj other* will ba ntutM. i Ut*.,NWM 11YoKK AND UVBRPOOL UNITED bt !^.2T^'"-T,W *** ???<>?-? ?*? ?^Fu*'Vl^P\! WMt- BALTIC, Gbpt OOMtMft AiMunqoMi **?* b*m hy ?oo "?*?*, ?ltINNir for fc,?wy ??? kM? Ulii in ?uaLi? U*irmgm~. toaneur. 5?**^ ??????, ?*<1 *??* aoao??od,t one f.ir pea o, '"" ?* ?k*44** "onKOT*. Price ubm ^MJ. \ * *? i^wpooi, Is flret elm f *?h ,ut- ???oeoadg*, ?'?; uuiiMniitto f extra 'i? J??"' ?ala. fro? Uverpool to No W tnrx 30 Ht# No h*rtb *ecured until ftiit lav. fxiroaxp HATtrn or n. tm.va _ . ?* *** Turn. nun uvnrooL. Ji' 1M6, ????"ay.. ..July 34 IMS. W*oue*?Sey . . Aog. 8, l??b. tiatureay . . . . Aug. 11, 186b, ? ? An?. M. ,8A6- Betorday An* -46 I8a?. ?.!??? Hetur ?ny s*pt 8,1866. ? ? J*?1 "i J846- .... ^Opt. 32, 1H06. 3 l8Mk- 8**?rdny. . ..Oet 8 VH56 ^?'??9?** '? ""*? Oil 3u. 186s. ?* Saturday Not. 8,(866 *'?!"* ? ' ^tarday.. .Nov If, 18M ;:ww'?*J . -Nat. UH, ma. I^tarl 1 IS66 uwn*"i*'"'V"? ,a' ...!???. 16, 18*8 JviTV^IU ^ l8fl4- 2?, 1846 Jor im?M or ptwi|? ?pply to *w Yo,k tilORQK H. DHAPKH, H>m TP* "T**1* ,IUH ?IU aot be uwtnUbk for Jff ' *V^* *?*> *p#ci*i i***'TT1 pr??l?u? Hum or "* *"> na^"M kiila of MtoK ?? mgnad Uwrvfjr, iuid t*? t?'b? tbaraof thoroio omprnaMd. Hbijij* r? plra*? Un ohUm that tbo -ibljw of thli Dm cannot carry ??y (ood* oontrabaol of war. K0tt vV^^'lT-V.? n',ACK 8rAH PACKEf SHIP . . f IX'OU, lWllar, BJtof, wi>l ?* I MooJay Julyitf >0r paaaas*. La>lo< nr; aupmior aa ? dft-Wrgfor e?bi0, ??eoo4 oibio And mmwh, i! if P**r Cfl rlrar, or to i rjl >?fp. St'.N ? N tl'HfcW, 374 Paarl atnet. P'^K UVfcBpOO|_TUK CKLKBHAfHD PACIClCr 3BIV ?. J'' ",Ul ??' oa ra??lap, M b J"'/. Alao a Urat elua abi^ to a?il l?? Augiat Ki? !>*??**?!" f-ablD, wwul can a ?oU i?tc?ravn aanlr Lo I'h UaRUST x JuNt^, 4u Soatb atm*'., o >r UO .j o i-*OR 1 JYEKPtjOL, ? TO SAM. f(H'R-HAY," Tbu lavonta packat tliip AltClIC, C*pt U-ur* w\ i I>a 1 oo TkunfM. Mth lUkt Uta aobU tv.mI w ?x c?uebt accoamoJalloDa for p?Meo(|era, alto jtiII r* .kh?u at Bdiltitu r?-t? and found wth a itood aa >?i* of bt > niona by ih? ahlp Toa aaaood cao>a h?a n-ao a*wtr utd b?aatllaXiy Stead u^, and olfara aooaual attraction* for familiaa and othara. Ikoao about proon^liM to Eu rov? ahould make early appacatlua, oa baa"!, at aWr U U?t rtrar, or to TA/-KCUrr * O) , 8? joutS at OLD BLACK STAR UNr or PAOKKM FOR t.rVER prol - The fayori a packet ahij UNIVKtUK. Oapt. vant, will poaitirely (all an Tueaday, July 24 Mae ba? fapertor aceommocation* for cabin, ?acood caMa and M.?ra#a paeaasfiera. I'eraooa ???oot r*Uroia^ to tb? *?? <low*? to iiiim paeeaM lo tb.a mM niftc?at ahlp. Anpw on board at piar 3? lut riv?r, ? to WllXjAlO & Ot'ION, 40 Kultoo it r**L T^?K HAVHE TU WUTHAMPIWf -THE VaWDK3V X Wit Kuropean Hoe of ateamablne ?The 3r?t eU.a naaaiablp M>hTH 8TAR, Waaaaek, aaaaUr, trill leave J??w ) ork from pttr M> North nr?r, foot of Ounien greet, at boob jpraeiaaly, on Satnrd%y, inly 31, <for ^* n* ?* ^ootbaaiptOB to land maUa, paaaeo^an llr?t clan pMaaca to Rarra or Boathuaptoa ?uo hctODd '? a h ' IJe Narth Star wtU ba follow ad by tbe Artai,'au.' n Tbe owner of tbae* reieela will not be aoooiwt tale for gold. aUrer, ballma, apeote jewelry, prariooa itooee er ?euu ooleaa b>U* of ia,'ln? ara'ijnad tberaS aJd ? T tbartof tbaretn ezprfaaad I Fperle aad fooda taken at uaoal ratae. Wo freUht ra?a?^ad atUr noon of the day before aaiuac No berth eeearad until paid for. Uttnia prepaid 18 V o?nta per Uall oa., wtllbe received at taa oftUe ap u> it A. M. of tha day of aalllnf, and will be oarrtad in atroau Uwta rubber baga, aoder lock; and oa arriral at loutiv offioHa'there Uikn#, wU1 U "??w?l'?l*ly depoafted I* pott r areola taken, ea^i prepaid, oae dollar aad upward*, nun Dam or tuiLwo !fMW TUR*- raoit ura. Nwtl>?ta*. ....... .Jaly 11 ArUI. July 71 An*. 11 Norm HUr Aogll Mtor f*'1- 1 A*4*1 Maps. 1 ?*pt. 33 North Star Sept. 23 North Star Oet. U Anal Oet 13 A?W Nor. 0 North Star Nor. 8 _ Ariel Nor. 34 Tboaa ateamahJp* are alaaaed^ 1 at the lararanee offloee, aad apeele and gooda wiuH in ? are.] In 4t ?i^jowratee of premioa aa in aay other ateamahipe i*-? For freight or paaaage, apply to V. TOBRANOL No, 8 Bowling Ureen, New York. BtntNER. MONTA XT* L)U A (W We. 38 Raa W. D., *ee Vwrtotraa. Parti. CBBYKT1& iK/UUKtlllANW k Xj , Ko. 37 Qnal C^alaatr DeUrigna, Harre. mHK UVKHl-OOL, AND PaiLAUCLPBU HTKAKHB'p I U*r f??o?lto ateeaaahipa? ^ Of UAJiUlUBTKK. . .... 2 12& imi Wwiu C|TY or ttALTIMORK, f^w 's'MlS^: SR. !^h?,h010^ 40 i.700 tone, Cept. R. Utteh Balooa 9*0, $*+. and 8*6 aooordlng ta ibU room* Aui&biT of third clui limnif will bi i take.?!*. Philadelphia aad U?or^^3dfo?d ? prortakiai Pre at f'Uladalahla .... 830 | From Urwpool $40 Parti a* wtihlBf to bring ont their frvanda, can abtala eertlfloatea of paatage and drnfta on IirerpooL in aem< of ?1 atari ing aad upward*. Apply to fUgl fl rt?ird Agent, 17 Walaat atree t, Philadelphia, aad No. 7 Broad way, New York. fR HoOiiiAinTrw and havrb-tbk cmrrit BUtea mail iteanar AKauO, 0. Uaae, Ooatananlw 1 lea re for lie .re, ton " * ? the aaaJia and paaaengera, o'clock, from pier No. 87 etraet. PriM of paaaage, Ant eaUa $180, Pree of foe* age, aeoond aatxa 876. Una (Uajner la bar iwnatraction roabUea oneoiialM ea'ety oith atreagth, having Bra water tagbt eompert ??ota, and ao eoopletely pretioting t*e aoginee, toat evrn is caae al coilta oa. no Injury eouM t?aeur U> en iasgrr vbe aafty either of the vreael or paaeengere Ao atpenraced anxgeoo on hoard l.nggage mi wante>) fi -ntg the voyage ahouid be atat en "ward tbe day be foio a ailing Berked, "bakiw." No frol<|ht wiU be teten after lhanday, July 3fl. Yvt freight or hhm .ppl, to M lHISllSfdS Ari, U Broil w* j ?' ? B ? All letter* nait paaa throagh the Poet ofllae. T\MW1W I.ine PfJR has "fJUNOMOf -FIB-r L/ elipper ? Tbe aplandld A 1 Bretolaa* ellpoer anip, HAhfi |iB*iit)lf, iJttle, matter, le nie rapliiif loailar at piar U kait rlvei , and win poelttvaly aa J for 1?a >rarct*co on or before Tcewlay. Jeiy 31. 8Mpp.m are partlenlarly reqneatel lo have all tie r trtu bi aiongaire before io*e><?j nait, Mth Inat., ?bae fhr gtip ia expected to fla *h kxwiag Tta f*Tcr*? A 1 dipper alilp (iCKAN TBJWRAPH, ? illfa, rnaater, Will be ttSAJ tor cargo in a fair d./a wbaa aa early day for nailing wui o4 Tbe vMaol* of thl* line are advor'iaei lof 5 aanatB daU, an : guaranteed to anil on or be'ore the day. _ BtTTON 4 CO , 68 South atreet, coraer WalL J.-X .H ? AUrORNIA? PAW.\OE 8?0 -PI'* I ll^Jt Ilk. 1? <? action of (area -frow York aad r^l.furuia avi^n ? tip una, via Nicaragua Aeeeaaory Traaait Coaiaaoy, o* Nwarajna, proprietare -Threngt la artvaao, <* tae t** ?ay othar ro?te aro ding tbe deadly Panama fever, aad too atle* of <4eagero w baatiag la PaaaaMftey. Rat#, ef ta re through ta taa Kraaciaco. laciudiag the latkaau* aroaein^ ? p.r*? eaoia. 8171 leoead rabta, 8136; average *60 Toe aplaaM donbaa englae ? teaaubtp DaMKI. WkmTKR, I ,*-w toat bar.'ea, Caataia tnraer will leave per No 3 Nor .b nr*r at 3 o'eiock P. II. preotfely, for Pnato 4r>na? oa Vttrfay. Aug. *, i86*. aoaMctaag w.th tbe eteaaaa p -i ni? iOWi tea* bardea orer theNicara<^ rr?a ?it route havTag bat He*)v* mU* *7 Inn4 tran*?or,A Uan bv 6rat r'mt eerria?'* For laformattoa or paa ?a*e at toe raduaed rate*, apply ealy ta CHiRl>'.1 MO*U.AA, agent No 3 BawLag Uieaa latur b?ga ?a da up at the ofBee. Maaped lattara takaa for *u ceaueaeh. i M- THAI It ? ITiNI.KR UNE, C VKRYlVii ITU /\ I'alUd >tate? naila lor Melbourne aad "yi aey ? The ?u per it New ^ork buUt clipper ikp HI t X -Kt, now oa eeith, ta aali IDtfc of Aogutt for &?l?iirae. tbe C'l'par ahip VANIMI U, to aall oa the ?thof Au|a?t for -10 f J <<a?ct ta ba I O' lowed by the ckpper uua Of.KTKl DE, to aaj] on the J Oth of Keptewber oa bv aa CCB.J voyage to be ?aece?'*l by tbe rlippar bar* N!K f^OD, an the Mth of fi;U?Ser. tetag her ta'rd ror<f TKe at lp* ef thl- liae hava far mri>*aa~1 ail otbera ta fs will leave for Havre, touahiag at Southaaapton to laud ??agar*, aa Saturday, Jaly 38, at 13 No. 87 Narth l^er, foot of Beta a ?e'e, "4 <! ay*. Tsa atoomnMyiaUoa* for a Inn ul a i tar et poueager. are oa the moat approved pr.ar- ..tea fer light, vrn'llatloo aad c?mfort for fregbt aoi paa nag. apply to R W CAMERON, No. ? Hr>el og 'ir*a BX)? OlARlJ'SnoN AND F1XMUOA? ? MI *T'.<l.Y l n:te< Htate* Vail Iaae ? Tb? n*? an) 'aet r*nr ?tea mr MAM ON, W. Foatrr coaiaaaadrr, will i?a?. p ar No 4, North river, on H*terrar. Jo>y 31, at 4 o'etorj M preeaely far freight apply no board, where ?>i *'?< of iMiBg alii be aigned aad for apa.age at t'.e oft.<? if H pl ffOKfl, Tlli^TON A (X) , 33 Hroetoay Tirroah ti'ttii ta Florida aa fo lo?? ? To Jatk.aa v'!ie. 8il , toPlati* fAt Tbe Naahrttie whl mraaod, and ,.*?e on .-at unlay, Jaly 2ft H NOHFOiJt, prrrww ?? A~tt Richmond ' T>e I . -nail ataaim >ip J*MH-r"* N I. Pa ? b ooimaan<'*r wit leave per 1". Worth r.T? "e'ardey Jalv 31, *t4 o'cJo?a P. W. . will arrlr* n v?f foM. tte text aferi,iy?B, and *t peterabarg aa l It ab weed the ?e!|ew|ta| momlag Fro* N< rf<*'? *.??? agere fer tbe *oath fi"V?ed by railr>?4 direct, eith Itiavfl t'i'tlfiea WeMow to W 'ai'agW.a, naartaeV o ti I'Maan end 'ar* v> NorfnB . $? ve P?t*ra ^Teg aa ) K?? ? ana'' 818; vteeraga ha*f prt't. farvagb ttea.ta w T loetburg 814 N H ? Ttirooga t?->ata to u.e V ir rtaia hgr aga IV jaaie><a>a ??aae aa fr?ftt (er P?tar*b?rg LCDLAM h I'lXA" tWW, 8'4 Br???i?af miyyiw. F*Oh hava- naH-k*-'*: iui i>CKD ? riuc trt i rxo *?***#? uj?il ?'o?m h 9 KKY^tO^K "'Ea TR, 0*jt tl. half)*, Will l??\? r M(*)el?Ma 'Of .Saroaae > 'JO We day July VI, at 10 o e' 'Ck A M Feri. t !9, I'.MIH', IS I he ho i'u.? Hvete *<M 1-are tfta *e atav- M ij, a u 4 ant *. A(*bm >0 Hn*Y* h, "VW * ^ KW % TaLXU.-iN, 19 Old alip, where lUkraMM mi/ oo M ?W? it f>0R HaYINNAH j?!?D FLOR DA-UNrT*J> SrAftCB 1 Mil I'M ? TM Bew H< thfitt e?-AinA0>p AIM hdtM, Copuiq decrge R teens at. vtU leave Ve? York (or Sa?Ai>Bab on tatarora. Jto 21, fco-u p*t No A N R , At 4 ?'<! 001 l? M BUlg ?f efgawd oa Tooad For freight apply ea board, or lorpaeeeg* ta HAMIJlU, I* MITIBILL, 13 Itrn*dway. hr n?W?, tbre<i<t> Uk ??? from c?w York to Jwiiwfl Jo, Ult IImUa, ? .13. Tba K?ei vtUe, Captata C D. Ladlow, *S euooee 1, tad leara OK Katorday , July 28. ?\i oncR-niK bark buvoarun, mh msnc i.1 video aad Baeaaa A? rae, "H m4 00 4elnrdej, '2M Iafteot. A let'er bag will 6* mod* op 01 the otBc> of C, B. CAfOat A 00., W Wo) I atreet. 1<BB P,an SrKAMKR CABA *BA *ILL BK Willi draws 'mm bar route, tor o mot* km to om haul. Bbe will nno* b-r trip* 00 Aog u?t 10. LlVlNOttTON, CH?)Cfl?tM> i ft 0>>. PR RI'UMONP AMD NORFOLK.? THh iTEAM^IBV JaMBUMWN, Csptaia Pamib, la oae kiodiag at Car M North rivar. foi Ktabmeao Aad Norfolk, ud *M eve cb Saturday ifWMMa. ot 4 e'clook U ill AM A Pl?AtUNTH, 32 Broadway Fir kale? a hr*t ct. ami bkrth (n rarnAAM ? hip Paaifle, to aoll oa Wedoeaday. '26th July. Too oartl lo ta ab nclWot part o C tba Apply by let tar to box 1 001 Font offloo. vtmwtmo*. Fmjktkr a iuxonu initiatory omtn riNG hoimk, Appietoo'a bonding 3ifl Br-adaroy wttare adaite eoBvereaat with baa) B aea aaay attela a preouool ??)? U<i|a of bMUaatitf ud p- amooabip la tha abort epaoe a I oaa week. lmprovaooot gooraataod. INHTBCCTION.? BR L. D< ORA?l>VAl/M GLaIHJ. oa), Kagbao, l^raaob oa<! Hpaaiab Hfttnlitii l?uldta. Budtco aod Waaalagtoa lorro ??, Uoontao, N. i , am r*opao bapt*mt>*r I. a-f-r an ->?? ? Mr. K Pluuctt, Vi.? I'laaidaat of Kfwlnlnr Fiia lo?ur?uca ?Jo , No A -Vot-I attaet, ud Boiora. Cbaatolato ami PonTort, 07 Vatir at , ^ watchkh, jrwrlhy, ?c. CAUKORMA DUMONIW AlUC NOW A rtCrUU Uiisg. "?ijboij 1* ara tbaai. MT? b*ra boo m boad, abo Bunbisg **ary iioy, b?* *%r rtau p'na riBga, eriiaaaa, tturta Ao. W? ia*l)y la?>t< porao ?? about paieDvuin j*w?iry to s?ii tod our <tlain >b !? tbaj aia a* obaov a* aoy otb*r atyl* of )?* -try, ?a ) a' briii'tot ado b?o<!a?BM >a tba r?ol cUmotd Tha bMi jO'|?? 'AuBvt tali iban Wo uvita t>?? pa Mo to a?ll aod ??? tb*m feiti it* to Bon por<tba*'ra gr*tla, at Um old gaaBiBO OTigioaJ I. A J JaOOBH. Vil BroAdooy. G? 0I.lt (JCaRD CHAINS. ? ( (io>d onrb |utM abAtoa Ir?m I t to 16 ?? Atiala'.itO guarl ehkiu* I torn 14 to A > ?' tt?t curb " '? 'torn 10 .0 11 " Watu* pattoTB |s?td nbkioa. (r>?n Vi M " pot'aro guard obaia* '10a It to M " Iq iut (our Unk (tumi . . ,'ro.o 18 Ml 1 1 " round obaia, witb bol!oo link . ffj'n l? ;o W tad all atbar *?*laa, lor um vary to ? . at wh?ioaAla ao 1 ?oUU. UE<> C AI.I.KN. No. 11 Wall at , aaoond floor. GV1J) CHATELK1NK CHAlNA FOR LiOIW Gold curb atutalaiaa ebaia*. dm aoroll p a, from 19 to fit. (jo'd eorb nbataloiao abtlaa, with oboomI piaa, from ? 16 to 122. Gold AdaUida ebatalaioa ahaJoa, with llowor ptn*. from 117 to S40 Gold AdaUido. doable itraad, witb loaf piaa, from >20 to 48. Gold w>ra nbatolalaa oiaJdh, witb rich bar piaa, from ?14 to t37. Grid oct? 1 oa chataleioo ebaloa, witb gaiil fruit pia, from ?l# to ?32. Bplesdid Iraocb cbatolaiao, solid, 10 earat, from (22 to %hb Ovid ebAtaMoa cbaiaa. flat )*ak, 18 oarat, from >?0 to ?04, and all otBar atylaa a' ahatal*iaa ohalaa, for li^aa, far "Ala ?ary low, wboiaaata aad ratal). OKO. C Al.UiN, 11 Wall straat, aaoocd floor. IH1HCKLI.A -lOOIIH. an P AA| |? A UOOIl BOND and uortuamkox ?OiUvv a l?rm, a abort i.Utaaoo >a Vaa aoua t y, wall n*oar*d at taraa par aaat, lor 16,|IM, 01U ao gkraB for Ok, 100 na*b Tha ?4vaiU>ar wiahaa vo oaa tba latca. Ttrtioa wiabiag to maka aa iBTaataaaot to a laa fliat rata opportualty Adcraaa V. C , Uortid ufflva. Ht'NtiLiH HCPK.RlQi ROR0RAI X rWIU-l jnat raeoirodao<l for aalo low ta tuta to aait JOHN A. GRlf VL>, ion Koado auaot 500 . BEK1CAN I 'La IIl UijLSS OOBPA.N' Y -TAOrOkr WiUiaauburg, I<oag lalaad -- Ara bow prapaM It rxarata ordara for rough plata glaaa, aultabl* for Soon. akybghU. raalt aad dook bgbta. I'roapt a<.toBtloa will >0 giToa toallordora laft at tboir offiaa, 442 Broadway, or with their agaat, J R YLAtt, lit Murray atraat. ABKRICAN CiriZENH' c. S. PAJWPuRW, ro VBUT faralga ooualnaa, fumiabod la two <laya, by B14KK1.U Notary PabUe, 07 Wall atraat (baeaaaaat). SOATR.-PUARURE BOaIR or ALL D<UCKll'<10|f> can ba fuuad at tha boat and ear baaaar of lagar a, 2M Soulb aueet N. B. - Hall aaata from 14 to V feat Kjag, oaa bo fitted oot a ample to, la two -lAy"' aotoaa OCOPEJW1 WIUOW rORHALK? 8 >W>KA0X PWICH Jaat leaded and ia p r m> erder, Are ouedre-l boa d)*a ooptrra ' willow, for aala by L U HOtfjOM A bUNS, Itt Baarar atiaot. For bale ? -thk leark, stock a*d rixruRc i*' aa old aatabUabeo groiary ot taa yetra' ataodug, aad <o<a( a profliablo irido? It araaka for luelf. For further parUeulara laqalre at No. 4 <1 float atreot. Huuunu>8 riiuc proof hawk? anoihisr vk tory orer fire. BouBT Bmkioi. C. W., July 10, 1*11. 1 do hen certify that I sought oaa of Harrta^'a We Proof Mafea, F B. Baidoml. eg tat, 1 nalea, Ikaada Weet, ia*t Barob, aad that my a to re with all ite ouatoata wea totally oeetrojed by Bie 00 the o ght e' taa ltd July, my rate, whlob waa red hot for eevar*! hour* proved tteeif to be petfeetly Ore proof; my bora a aad papira ca ma out all right, aot balag la tbe kaaa* damaged, aad I hare a) beadtetton to aaylng, 1 ouaaldar Heanag'a aaf?a proof agAiBAt ao y am uatof beat J. W lanw ii? Tba aubaerib>ra hara 00 haod for aaU tr?? tAfMt aa ?ortmeat of Are aad oorglar proof aafaa la Um oand, * .araBtaad to be rqual to the above u?rt >Qu*riur to aj^ utber otlered to the publi<-. H U. Ill U?iNa k Co , 13(i, 181 ?nd i:?? *?t?? atraat tr (TCBOIVt MOVIM MAIBBBW, hav i-roumi IV borae boom, eah' ra<era, plowa, atraw rattara, oora aaaUata, reaparo. bwree poamaal tUraahrta lemk'Bar throabera abo w^aauwara, aud otner agvWaltoral ma ihkaae, lor aala by P. ?. OA HO-. drea^way KFi rT-HAT.F rRTCK fcVORAVER INI PRffrU'V. #1 Foitoa ureet, N Y ? W?..liAg, fiaibtf, adlooa etc at hooa caT'ia, oua oaaa e*rd?, btll baa-le, b'l<ofaa ehABge. rhrck, aote tad craft boeae, vary oa?t For aalo? three oopyer plata pre<aa?, choap. IAP w, ir id a DCLiGBrrcL Linuc trip a .Tut-.i J tha frrry. Ihare la a wl fi'rwr,n< I rax re a poo the water the aall ia pUaaaB' Aid 1 1? rtow la pte*ar>a<iue ?b?n ;iu b??? r-?r??' l!ro>thu laap atiAignt oa. and tori to h? left at"?o>I ">* a rond "irner, aa<i w I) aea D. LAMaJtOV'd oltl-fl, 212 <>>lt<mMa atraat. NEW PATKNT -?PK?*TaCXHI ron IVI'ROViNO \? aioa, aad aaeioa aaar ab') 'Iiataal objac a -hraaga yolr era bair >'ror*aaor FKANK4 ael* aauntae aa l maker, 2 1 aia IB* Wfttf hour* fram IA I to ? P. tf ryK'iI^RTY IN NIW YORK TO CX'.IIANOP. F'JK | proparty la W*et-bea??r eouaty. Nee J?r?ay, er 00 Rbrewa<'ury rrpt, a flrat aleaa tour 'lory b?i.aa aal Wt foi a ?m?il 'arm. f oeeaaaloa gfvea Uaatedialely Apply at47a>>nrli aireet B Ah P'li JUUtS, HI .ACKRFHRIFA, Ofi^ PK?< OR aea otbar fraita or rega'aSlae. may ba / weaarrad ib a fraak atete ter aa t I'M a of tima, ?w tbelr oataral flavor aad oolor, by tb* eae of ya>t ? pot*ot r??a l<.ra-*>oaa for pr???rT'ikg wr m??a? th? oaae. For aala by Ute propr at>ra, WK1 L 1 A i 'Vij- I S3' Pearl air??V IkRWUNO* PBt'dHIA HAl.Vf.? A W??T"N RF.?/)T Jll 'it thirty yeera' atan'liag ? * aura and ap?*dy eara for ba?r?, botla.'oraa faloea pU^ eailt, alaa aalariraa of all Made Rarww.ca-aded k? ph j mr aaa 4 oeate A box. fold b* all <tr?n>eta iv>j1 Al'aa' C V OU a Aaar k Co , C H. (bar mrmrr n> Johe atreet New fart ; Joba Otlhart A < 0 , *=> It /i* bar PbuaiVtlphia. RJCLMVO A >X> Prapnetore, ~ tjltDW A> COATK MA 'If IN* lilJ'/r Mi RI! Ml>?A Y ? F H COATU- A I 'l . 'aaiera la aawtag mvhl'M of Ai <!aatrlp ttoaa fewtag o*a Alaae lmpraa?t Aa'. raaA./?l IB tha b*?t amaaet A large aeeortaeeai af aaaAiaa ao ' MlA for aala. SwiBMfM, bath, ronr or a no tnn kkt n h Tha WaablBgtaa hath U ao* la fall aloait rrow led daily w.Ui UM>?.a?ta learaUg ta aa.aa. fhe oatb u ' hrae baadrad fast from lAe itnot aal tha wet?r la daaghtiol. I "roe of a '?lt ao arraagat aa will a?lt al ^howor aad private, Vi mote. awiaMa ar ball lis caate. A (> rrt* A?*ai SANbB' H.\K' aPaRJIJ A? IB Vf? * Af BT/rtUfL ' Vaaae aad panfy the a;atMD at tSu ataa of tha ??ar wtth IbM >a ?'?aiad ma> i* aa. It wl 1 p ir.fr taa ? l?>od. eeeaa a >l|orM< aad A?altiiv rtr- aUtloa o*d r? Bovaall pfdltpal'Ma la aa Ml V'?J at ocaa lilrafl p ?t bat'l' * MUaa for I h?f?r?l aal a* >d by A. H A I'. HAS /4, abo*aa*la IrvgfUla, 1 Vi Pal t a atreet, *ao ? y mggia'e fearolly TAUXmr A Ni TIUF. ? AMCXA*>M.!' It uri V? 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Mr Bland j I.arry Mr Maura IwJ Tramp ...Mr. Norton Maodr*goo Mr. Ruaaall | " <iaan M/i lloliuan MO*PaV ? THb flNI AND HARHWON OPERA OOMl'AVY. FKA UIaVULU. Doom opaa at 7 , Oaortur* to *oaim*oo? at 7)( ; curtain rWaa At * o'clock prMMl;. I\tfw MmIi Private Rhw. |5 Orebaatra Haata >1 Bra oMi * opan dally, (ma * A. M. to 4 P. M., for M - outog UnMn Haata aad Frlaata Boxa* oaij. CI W>. CHRPTY * WOOD'S MINffRKLS, 473 UROAD I* *t?, abov* Oiaad atraat OFfcN RVKKV EYKNTNO Pot thU waak, fflhlopU* Miaatralay , Dancing, A*. , ooa aladlag with Uia DARK PDCDS, OR CRIMSON C3UMK8. Boon opaa, ; comma no*, 8 o'aiock. Tlekato 21 **nU All NuImm traaaactad hjr B Wood. NIBLO'H HAI/OOV-ON MONDAY KVKNIVO, Ail; V3, 1?4 4.? Or ao<1 Vocal and laatrumental Ma Paatlval aad Kar?w*li t*aa6t otTarad to DONNa VaLPRY OOtfKZ, frima Doana Aaaoluta from Royal Ojara. Ma<Lri<], Carlo I'rlioa. V.OICP, L* taaic* fllMT>, Itojal Piaatro, Hrm ?I a Aa , ho . and rorontly from Oaatlo (larlan, Naw York, wh> ra aba Introduced th* naw opara of '? lataiaa Millar," with groat *aoeaa?. Ooaaa Val *ry Oonai w>U ba ia*l?ta.l by Vtwlaraolaail* Vaiiaail ttta mil kaown an I di?'injfBl??K 1 Coutra tfto; Ngnoro Lputg I liooao, the tikatiaguiaMd Baptaalu, Moo aitbr Ola Doll tba faaioa* Yiohalat, la al?o atpoetad . MocaWar Mar in I aiaro, tba oaiabratad 1'iaaial wl C'ooit>o?i"r, liia Brut ppaarao '? is Naw York; ao 1 ay vat. j otter moat dt*tlngai*b*<l maaiaal alar*, whlih a III appear In our oaxt- Tha aaia of t'ckaLa will r.,?a?po? an Thorn ay July 10 at l> o'cloct V M., at tl>* anaio atoraa of Wm llaJi <v ."on. Prlgo of adia!a ai?o, only II; ao ai'ra charg* for r?aar?ad aatU, wblih raa bo i>rwutwi oaly In klrxn'.a, Dbsira of?n at 7 O'lUyk ; tb* |ra? il m ial'al 'aa'lral 'o cjinnauoa at C', ptM^viy Ma poatpoaoaaasl as Maowit o: Mow??4h? Tur. MAMMOTii TRKK OP C.vUJOKSl.v?TllIH uwoafrb af tba foraat, whoaa a>?a h*? a?r?r bnaa l will b? ao aibiBl Ion tor a abort Una at Vtn ( natal I'alaea, prartoua to ita il?p?rtiira far lb? Cr^altl l'ata-a at P>4aaHjMa, Ka^Wu-l. 1U Uatf bt wm :ut t (a?t; ita <lamak-r <11 lent, or axarl* KM faat in >lreua'>mio. Tba paifttoaa, atataary, ana % *aat ntllafttoa of otkw fur c?iu?M ?r? -'til oo ?ihlbitloo Doora onaa from H A M. until 7 I'. M. Adataaloa V'S oaata, cUildran bait pm*. BROOKt.YN MVHRDM ? HA ll-KDAY, Jl'I.Y 21, 1SS6, liu-u KNO* Noruistj? I'ad.ly, ?ir. 0. C Cbarlaa; I Mdy, Mi?? It A. Charl'i. I1U-U I.MS- Tom Moora, Mr O. C ('bar'?o, and. ay raqueat for tba la?t tloaa, I'aMiY Mll.Kt' l?)Y? i'a.l-'y, Mr 0. C Cbar.aa l ar quat, M rcnta |all?r;, It), canta. SACBPL, TUK KMINRNT FRENCH TBACIFDIKNNt auppurtad by a oowpaay of I'arialao artmta, will a bar drbut on tba lit of Haptambar, at tba Metra po ll ao tbaatra, Naw York, unit# 4U fu a.raat. WPM k PKU/e OKWilNAl. AND ONLY CAMI'BKLL Mmatiala.? rhla old acd papular band ara aim making Ua r annnaJ tour ti.ro uga tba frorthara and Wuaitarn Miatea, loUia'ilng to all tbr eitlaa aod town* Of nota, a ban thay nopa to aaaat wltb a eontlaa aaaa of tba pa tr ooaaa thay kava anjoyad for tba laat Irn yuan Tbia troupa, aa a?rr, c< taiinaaa an aSknlaat and talantad company of Knariran l arforaa*r?, of a? kaowladaad axealtoaaa, and tba praaa and public tnro??h ant tba la ton bar a oiilraroally Droa^anrod tliam to ba tba M Modal Traupa of tba World. '? TbM company par form la 1ft wark on Friday aod .Saturiiar. July *> an4 21, tn I opao at thalr naw ball la rbtU lJpbia oo Moala* aait. 1 ba following aantl-mao ara tba mamban of tbta band ? Malt > aal J Farranbarg, n A. Oottoa, Maatar T J. IV I, R. Rnnla H i Riawff O. ^uta, C Kaaaa, C. C. Dickinaon, C. M. (,'urrl-r , U. O. Minor. R. Moora, P. Qaidnar, J. Barron. I'R. F. A. Jonk.A, Agaat. MAtr. van., Maaagn -VH.ftU M'NHrftKI.". ? WANTHl, A VlOIJNUr, \V7> i^l alao auaicir aarformara who aro g od aiagara. to traaal wltb a band o( minatrala tdaraaa, for lb raa daja, lavlt, llaraid Ottca. " MCTRWOW CARD -AT A MRFT1VO OF THK FIFfll WARD Ckowdfr ( lub. It waa ooaaimoualy raaolrad, That tba tbaaia of tbia Club ba aad ara aaraajr tWB'lara] to ttao? otsra of tba at*amboat Amariaa, for Umi grntoltM ? aaa of toeir boat to tba Hub for tbair aaaual diaaar aad ? aaoralaa, al o tba t thothaaka of tka Club ba Uadarad to Capt L?ri Fran gb. ofleara, aad craw, for tbatr klad attaiilloa aod oocaaalag affortj la r*n4arlag our abort botagraaabla aiouraioo wltb tbam July ?u. lt*!>, oao of tba bapplaat daya of tba aaaaoa Aad wa lurthar ra M>'ra, n>at wa r?romoiead tba ataamboat AanarUa to 'boaa making arraapaaoanta for plataura ?wnmnumu, a a ona ol tba aafaat aad moat commo'llaaa boata la tba ba aia*a? eoaimaadad by gaatlamaaJy aad aflWuaat aAaara Raaofaad, Tbat tnaaa roaoiutioaa t/a ai^aad by tha Pro ?icaat ,and Hacratary, aad pobllahad la tba Naw Yart itarald aad 1 i prwaa. V. P. WARD, l*r?atdaat. F, H. fiDnar, acratary. IXCTRWONH.? THK WK1X KNOWN HfT'AMKR - i AMkRiCa. aad barga CuIKAt lilt to lat for aiour ataaa. For particular* aad ?aalag aoatraota, aa<|oiraof iJapt. Laat V rallgb, oa board ifaaiar f n** hot af Jay atraat. EJ E^XCtTRKIONB? TOR FAVoKint MARMB INFNR, J alia two dooka, laOlSO faat, with a ara I ago, lag* aad all aaaaaaary acromnaoatloaa tor p.aa^ura partlaa, la fa* "barlar hy day, waak ar moath. Apply to <^apt. KMYbDl, aa beard, at dock, Adama rtraat, IMookl/a. I>Xa hSONH TO TtliC FIRBtNO MAMKA? ' TfD: ; ataanai <;.it5?a liata, Oapt ? Uarlaa Aadaraoa, < I-it math Oapta a af tb* lUamrr laara Kaapp), will ooatl ana bar regular 'r pa ta tba kaak? ?iarj day (Maaday* aiaaptao) laaviag Aaaa atraot at 7 a ela-A A. M . :-|.riag atrial at 7k; P?ei at* p al I; fijtx.ma atraat at , aa! piar No, I, N R , at t? o'aljrx 1 lablag taebla. ball aad rafraabmaata luraiakad oa h?ar<l. A floa oatuloa baad aoeompaaiaa tha boat 1/x n.yioN foRdA-aA- TO-itxL-fW srittMfJt fi La( RA KVaH', (Jbrparal Hi< aipaoa, oomiaaa4aa, will mala aa ameomoo to 'La Fiablog lluika oa '?aadaf, Jaly Tl, laaalng ptar foot ol Mirray atraat at I A. M rlar No 3 >onb riawr at 0 A M P?-> allp al V. M ara hm tha a>euraloa II. A collat'oo ? arna] oa ko.rd gratia. A* |*atpiinaaa*t oa Mwiat af ??a*h<r f-'OR THK Hl-IIINO HANK -TH7 f1OltMO!?IOl"? P.A ata?oicr fl N. < aptala M'baa.ar, will aula at'i ran lea ta lb? Plablag lUnta mi -Via 'ay. iatr It, laaalng Amoa atraat at 7 oVIarl ; rp-lng alr?at, 7',. Hromaa it/?A i. aad pi* r A, N R at v o'clock. Para fo> tla ? acunloa M oaata. Halt aod nahiag task la prkaldad oa < Mali FHlll F1KHW0 BAXKi* -TrUHTKAMMOiT MWVt RY, \ fhptam Rtrbard Yat-a, will laara tut tb* I jibing ' llankaa??rj ?af. ( ?aaoay aiiapt?t,) ton "A ag at >'<rl taamll'oa aarjj way Froa tba IblWwl a* pla-aa, via ? j J ara aoti atraat, I. H . ? o'aioik ?"?mta Ml(tb atraat | Wiiliaaiabarg, fl S o'<V>-k. Fol'oa atraa* . Rraoalya, 7 { ?vu,.k Hark ahp 7 ^ a'ck>o* < aaaid Wbarf Jaraay my, " 1, o'rloea, spring atraat. V. K . k a'cb<-? par Ro. 4, N R ?,^*>lo*k 1 .at. of taakl* aal ka t fai aial?d oa board (?<lilon baal a> *a|>ui4a tba b<at ' aacb trip Par* M. rant*. G( HAND AXCTRHIUN TO NRWPORT, R I T1U j f aa'a aao ecatoadioua daubla aarlna *k**?ar MA' ?.tlllMHH, X. IL HAN KM, *oa>aaao4ar, will laara loot of K lag atraalatA 1'. M piar N'a I Sartb mar, ' alts Jaiaay C t?, aaar tba far/y, al I; Mraaklra, fr-.aa PnRcii far r? at ' r, foot af Htaom* rt/aa l at "a* Ha ' tarda;, July ul, arrtrUg at Nawpcrt aa ftaadat aaa-n lag. waaro paraaagar * raa paaa tha da/ at Mka aauat ' fa>btoaabla aad baaatifaJ Watortag plan* fa tha enaatry, I u??l?g Nawpi/at la tba o* aalag. aa1 arri i lag la Naw' York aaily Moadar ai'.ralag Tubal* aal* 10, to bo had aa kcoid tba boat It M to ba a iplnlfa i*-'r G IRANI/ FK VIC OF T1IK m NUA.Y ?Ct tO >L tt | taabad ta th* ab*r*b of Ralat (Jaaciaa Baiiaaaa, Mr unk I; a, t* Fairy 'iror* oa Tb*ra4ar A||?it I Raal i#a ?aa f'Ot of langia TVirg atraat, WUilaMh?/g, at A M Faitoa '?rry, Hrooklja, 7 Kaahtli farry, 7 ^ aaar I. bortb fu**r Naw Yart. at I, al Ja> at*aa?, N*5 Yoak, at IH a 'lock ttcaata M **Ma . thlidrta ' HAKTTJL ? 7 Hi. rAFK AMD OHft?4?(^ 1 D?'' ktoaaguaa ahamar MAJW> .< Ml- -Ai Kin Ifaaka a*amaaHar batag aaw la ?. a apt all a?4*? aaa ba ahar torad fo* ataaraloaa 'ba la tha largoot aad awt atogaat rtaaaar aliad for tha parpoaa, haalag a gaaatag aaiaaa 119 faat l>?| Apply *m bo%r4. at tha 'uta' * a? i atrawa, Narth rtwor, ar ba I. 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MI7II ? . *aat airaat, batwaaa NarWi Mwro aad Baarb rtraftA. piTIITKYa . t .it r HiA*ifti AW rn^rnf tj* t J / ?a#t ra naaly aad prarar t- ?* ague at lawaa n ' too auatl aad ha wh aad la aa itiatuat ? a*? ?a'W aaar iaaa aad Malthy taath D? * IUa* M aa T T aaa pa a aaa ttaolf. aa maat aa?v?ata-t hi'-f*? f*f< ? aaa aad ahaarfaa* baa* oa*U Aa<* > "a aaia ai tba 'Aaa, | "*H Caraaaa *iraat Mihtaa Rod'* ?, MB %<arfaa? I aaa* i A llaaa a, M Ir.M aUaa- r'.a* 4 *, lbC I a*v? BJUjaDwaV XU-.a.* -?? * MK'JUL , rtU.X l.i*ii*?? ? flora U,-'B .I A ?l 73< ?'rJaafc. KAtur**> si <?*!??* Jaiy /I ?|J -a aar'ormd (Hi. iKlSri I?lA?<?Vb. Aw* j ii' ? k ? uri 0vn>?? * Uu'ioai'j Hr Wi!Jia?b Lauo*. . M .** A-u !'???? Kong? ? Ai- uia.1 ? ... Md ii pah si iv am< r?K.-!*\ i-.haNok PAttanca . . . Mr* <?rwj W.!hn? un.iVMiMv and run c.\ih!?m PbaHe ()'Ki?uuiau ...Mr Bumf WM1?o?? I*at? M',?ultii . . N-t .aa.>ai J himtil. ...(. >d?. Via?aaR T??rU (Putty Wrttf&t | Mary .1 .. M'?. Baogkt JbOWEkr rHK krR&? 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A'laa i- m latorrAptaa af aa'ara Tkry 'Aa I* ?bf?aa'^ ly ?>ad a* a btfaaUr* Eamia.l dlrtiattoa* ?' 1 * Kt r-a/ a^Nia^aai aaak *aa ''iwa |1 |i.i aa<a by (kailaa H Kaaf INItwIaa;, V. < If a a a?r A It H Kar lay airaat C 1 llibck ?Bf* il' Waal Hraa/: aa> J *a aaa Mf Ibaataa* a'j^at , If I>* lira If b6A <iraa. a?r?.t, la HBuaalya by Mr* llayaa IU f. haa rtrral , to RaaafR ap A IL IRU A La , rartar Riaat aa>'. aura ? .? aaaa -aal ?f r.?i ly aa rlaa?a*?) ta If (XiKMIJl'H. tHJX-i IU-'.', >M Mr aad' n; Rrtr 1 art if tjtRMfsr, pamia and ntrmm am llj * aad ti?r?aaa. aavaat af <ba ?? aadiaal Elataapamd l!arr*pa baMa a4> M" ' MfaaataaA, (mated, paalad ika?ly to? ?! ? I* >a*wal?aa al 4a MaAa atoaa*. '?raar af Rraad aay, tnm I L A M al, aad (toa 9 to ? P. H. , a?ada y a aaaaptad tk*aa at a liatotoaa t*IBt?l by mall aad aairaa* *< aa^ar altk aWaf MWa to raaa ama?*ta? fn U aa' i- ?raaUaa ? Bbato I aaa fay bt?A -taai* /' ?' <- ?r "-aA aaaJ fWtoi a?t Aa ti mxau> p rt Ait;. ? ?* ^ RerK/v *j. ?raw t\ aador*%?'4. facmarta a yM a?U Maaaa. aft Sr-A. aad altk ua -af.hMtod RMa ?# tola *11 y In larvaaaa i*a Wan, laAiaa ta mill ttol ta ba* iami"d aad partoaaaaO* wWU.*M feto aaar pawap aad dtayaaaaaj raatoA aA Wa tfa Np^t*ap . ?W I ha aa ra af * laa a aaa II* laa> i r* to Ml flB M pdtla aaaaraaaaa/ ra*M. aad Ikaaa aaa toat m aalidalaa. Itolto waaa, - aa i ?Aa a*a*kaa af Ika day. m^ ra ly a* toatof Uma* aa aaattar kaa amplaalM trap may *ppMA tm to vaadac i,t?ar?aHaa* ?? lb> ^naa Raapdtai Aa ISA ta rgk aaOl Rtoafd >>*AkWf Wat bar atU to* waap ^^^?^^^^BtaaalM a* to** mHMHM aay dakay dtdto'ona fanaattaa p a ??**? naaatl'i aaa, arrartu"' aa.labaar' ^,T ? rrT CD RAWWt^li W Ii ,lar|aa, . - . ^ . a* MaAfa i la'araaaWaa 'a* Ua ?Bbaa, Aa ka , Smy ftfE ? ml w * win r?r"Rrv*A*r? ynaa ' aaa I* aaad Wfata arara atWat rataadr TW ,^,r .af. a ra aaan I< aaw <a taarlrad It M W? .? r 1 1 ma > y that v R aal dimppaiat <ra'ia or *toa I. a ikaat maraary ar m aaaa! ?a>? aa K* ?m* aaaa Ma4 ika t afaaiaaato t Er *md b*l at(riaa?1 bw atovaiMa of ta *faa ? *i|B*a y al* aaa at *a ?a?atory W?ay aaa ra??d by aaa ifaaa lm'4? CaaaJ at/ aai aa tarn *a*t af i4tr??, j rert^i - nt rnci w* a nrrwiM r aa'ara' la la*?/?b la a 'aa Aaaa afto toaa a taar* a* pfaai a?r<a?i laf r-a? la maai to ma. a taaaa tba BMaai *r 'ara ? i ?*?! "?aa , tk* praarr uaa aaa ' f ira^ aa Na? J I' * f>A<a*l A I I. Wa fal'aa a* raat Mlarb'ya. " T ' aaMaa ?Ad ^awa .?a'toa* ar* ap?rwa? aad "^aa'arfrnt* af bl* ?> ? ? a fa"'l* T> Rfl wa

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