30 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Temmuz 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW ?whole NO. 6911. YORK HERALD. EDITION"? MONDAY, JULY 30, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT BAY. HOAiUlUb AM it liUlWUOa -\ \n HUDSON 8TKEBT, FRONTING tf I JOHN'k 14/ park ? >'uruLsbtoU room* to let, with board, ts n'agSe g?a.l?u?eu, or gentlemen ?d<1 thalr wives; also, ? bn")?ocatlr furninhed back parlor; house newly far tribal U.e modern improvements for perma tmt aal transient boarder*. C\ {T OKEENI STREET ? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR Z? ) wive* or tingle gentlemen, can be accomruoda Vd with tmLOacrntl/ lurniahe.1 rooms on flrat, aeioud ?or third flaAu, and lull or partial board; hot aad cold b*thi. K?'tienc?? exchanged. . OIN1LEMAN DCTi:iMi A QUIET, COMFORTABLE J\ home, weal from Broadway, near Wanning ton csquaie. c?n obta n a cpteious, nicely furnished second a"ry with gax, 4c., for $8 per week or $10 lor two. V tie houM is kept id the beet order, owned by the cccopa&t. and only six or right gentlemen taken. Ad dren *ii m. Otto, llrrald office. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LET, TO ONE OB TWO geatirmen, furnltbed rcomi, with or without b'oH location very pleasant, convenient to Iteget sua car*. Bath aad ;u in the house. Apply at 192 V aver le/ oiace, a ear Amoa street. ASMtOlK I.fcDY WISHES BOARD IN A PRIVATE family, where there are few boarder*. Rotantnots ..*!*? o srd leijuiied. Address I 1 , Broadway Paet OfBjg. a PRIVaIE FAMILY, HA VINO MORE BOOM THlN J\ tkey itijuue, would like to let tostngle gentlsnen "l?f> matly (axpiahed bedrooms at $4 per month eeoh; ?cte t lock from Broadway. Please apply at 71 Crosby utieet. . . BOARD AT 1?2 BLOT.CKER STREET.? A LARGE f r jot room, fumiahed, suitable for a geaUenan ?ud wife or two s>ngt-? HtMmn. may be had at th* *hiir? Art claas houae. i inner at 6 o'clock. Board wanted for / utruc bjy nine years tf age, within twenty mllea of New York, 1a a (.r rale laiuily where, he would have good care, and in tli* uM&hbotfcood ef a good school. Adlreaa Edward, Mtmia office. Boapd wanied-by a young gentleman, in a French family, In tee upper part of ths city. Ad 4L.ieaa bos 2,177 Pott Office. BOARD W ANTIC -FOR A YOUNO LADY, IN A pJa n private family. Board not to exceed two Ob'iat* per week. Boarding houses need not answer. ?Aicret ? tf. B. S., box No. 179 Herald office. BOARDING? AT 122 CHAM BESS SFRKKT. ? PLEA sank newly furnii-hed roanu to let, for families, -*i h k*t? convenience. .Single gentleman will also fine p'eatant rooms at moderate prices. Dav bsardera can be accommodated also. Reference required. BOARDING.? TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVIW, sico single gentleman, can be accommodated with rniuH ihe house is newly papered and painted, together - witb gas, bath, Sis. Apply at 641 Ilou-ton street. "I >0aKDING.? A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN J|j be accommodated with a room; alto, rooms for too alrgV gentlemen. Apply at 8i West Twenty eeoond street, ii'tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. Dinner at S o'clock 110ARDIN0.? FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR OKNTLK Jj aea, or gentlemen and their wlvoa, at 180 Frank Cii?trebt, private faintly ; breakfast, if required. Also, rooms and bedrooms for families, at 48 Hudson street. For particulars apply at 180 Franklin street. Brooklyn heiuhts ? pleasant rooms, with board, for families or single gentlemen, oan be ob * a. a tu at 120 Columbia street, two minutes' walk from i u'ton or Wall street ferries. References exshangod. T/UBMMIEO OR UNFURNISH1D ROOMS TO LEI? JT With board, In tbe new houae, 660 Pearl street, a It* Soon from Broadway. ?> ENTI.EMKN WISHING DESIRABLE ROOMS CAN ( bu accommodated at No. 2 Leroy place, one block frtoa Broadway. The house has all the modern tm ?2>n>ven>etits, and is new and elegantly furnished. Gen tlrcuen will be served with breakfast if required. AMDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS? WITH OR WITH out board, at 67 Hudson str?et, on very reason H PERSONS DEsIHING BOARD IN THE COUNTRY, IN a picasant and healthy locality, about .two hours' tidw 'rom tbe oity of New xork, can be acoommodatej -with Urge and pleasant rooms, at moderate charges; rei tree cte exchanged. iddreea SAMUEL HUGHES, Mooro- riUe, Orange county, New York, on Uas of New York tod Rrl* KaflfctJ. "1]>ARTIAL BOARD? OR A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM M '*a be bad without board, at 108 Grand street, that block west of Broadway. Also, a singls room, with *>i w:tt cut bceakftst or tea. ? SVMMSR BOARD -HOTEL MORRBANIA, AT THB tke depot ? I be dietanre is hat ton m le* from ?tbs ( llv H?U. The Hul?o railroad trains arrive and depstt a most bouilv. The Uat train leave* New York at il e'jlock 1'. M Good s tabling? horses taken on 1 vmj. HEflRY DURKLL. SI MM>R BOARDING.? A FSW PERSONS CAN BE *r.coir.modnt*d at a delightful placn on tbe banks M tLe In 'sou, dnectly overloading tbe water, and c >m manniDg a splendid view op nod down tbe river; tbe 'tout* !s large and airy, and surrounded with Ana old titer; the nhore bold, and tbe lawn *hsded to the wat?i'*eig?; no mosquitoes; perfectly healthy, and posftssliig every ad van tegs aa regard* distance, far 11 ti?r ot communication, *3 , Ac.; also accommodation for borras. Apply at the foot, of Eighty-sixth street, North river. ^TT AN 1 KD? RESPECTABLE BOARD IN A PRIVATE TT fkiully, la SCth or 31st st .near Fourth or Sixth ?vi una. Address B. V , Herald office. -|irA*nED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A FljRNISUKl) Vt ron.oa the eaat aide or the town.aat above Eighth -atre?t. ard convenient to the Third avenue car* 1'leaai ?adorr.,* llePe, Herald office. DISTHUCriOM. ? BOOKKEEPING. TIME UNLIHttKD-WRlT ?1U. lag, %2, twelve (ss*ons ? Teacher* aa well as pup*!* '? **nt of a systematic aad expedit out hand -wrttiog or thorough lastraction in bookkeping daring ?seation, should make immediate application at M. S PAINK-' room*, now ap?n, 2.'(3 Grand street, corner tf Bcwery ; 16A Fuitoa Jtraet, Brooklyn. Mr. P has the rerosucendaUoos at als rooas of nearly 1<J0 .teacher*, wto have attended these lessons within a fair month* past, 'row Naw York aad Brooklyn. Ala BOOKKKEi'lNQ; ?2 50, WRITING.? DO L OiVi BEAR'S Academy, 909 Broadway, Student* t tay *acure seats for this coarse, eommnaclug 1st of Augukt, by immediate application, aad be qualified to keep say sat of books by double entry, and writa an ale. Lacd, by the 1st of September. ACAPD.-THE SUBSCRIBER WILL REVIVE NEW pupil* dally, this w*?k, for Ins ruction la peaman ai<tp, bookkeeping, Ac., by class or private initractloo. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, 3 11 Broadway. IXKIER * DIXON'S INITIATORY OoCNTTNG HOUSE, A j> pi* ton's building. 3W Bwa^way, wbsre adults eon veraant with. busiaee* may attala a practical know ledge of bookkeeping aad |>- amaasklp la the short spaoe of on* ?iik. lssprovsmen . guaranteed. rr^BENO H AND GERM AN? LKOON8 D'AIfGI.lW 1F Translating. The ?a4er?igaed will receive pew pu pil*4bi* week, for private instraetion In the above lia guages. Vsrorablj kaowa for many jgars; pa*ael tbe gnat government examinations oa the continent of Europe. t TELLE RING, 483 Broadway, asar Broome wtr*et. . ^AWlfEBIHg NO-sIlK*. ?. Q Jr AA IN CH-iH? WILL PURCfltfK AN JOOsOvV/ aqjttl interest with tba advertiser, ia tomli.ln manufaeturlag business in lirookljm, tut -win aet 90,000 ptr year cvrtaia, and without risk. Par ttealart given at aa iatarview, by addreaalag Lumber, H> raid cfflce, stating when aad where to be seen. ?AQ OA A A PARTNER IN A BsUftH By Ovv o' 'h* lrCi? fcasiawes. For iaformi -ben aidrses Williams, Herald office, with real aam? aad ?her? as 'nterview may bs had. THIS .AOAA ?A PARTNER WANTED- WITH T1 jftOVfil- pmount to take a half InUrest ia aa i ?Wished, first elas> Wl bssiaees, a valuable asset ?' *JP*> P?rty wbo eaa rwUava the pro*.''4*10* ?' * fj ab..r w ii Bad this a valuable opfc,.'10"!1' "2.^.. " .w or J C. Fowl.r, r> om ffrNd, "roadway. MB 4AA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN AN f!-D M tabllah*d eash buaiaeas, where th^r?UJ0 r.sk, aad will afford a goal living for two persons, w? are accessary to conduct tbe baslaess, oa* who c?a fvepart o( bis time op to September, after which, all ?.1? ti?? will be required. C. B. HOWK^fcOO.. H4 N*f*au *iraet. Aft 1 AA TO W0?.-WAN1En, A GENTLEMAN, THIri day, with this sum, to joia tbe alvertiasr, who will furnish the same amouat, to pursbasa a trav *11 teg enterprise Something aew. A fovtaae eaa be re al'sad I'leaee call immadiately a* Mr. Baeaali, at Petih ?% lagaU's real estate office, 345 Broadway. FllRirrCRB. T?URMnRK Of A HoC3E FOR SUX?A GEN rut ? 7 man about to g^va up ho a sekeeptng. wtsbes to?a - ^La ?f tbe furalture, It Is almost asw, tbe preeeat ar eooUan^l witk r?nt to bl tAkiA OQt ll biiWi IIPBilUft 10 M ^aJued by aa a^pra'aar- fani.ture, Rarald office, far three days. . TAARIOR. KITCHEN AND BEDROOM FCRNITURII Y 1ht m!? ehaaa, only a few moatha la aee a g?>4 ehaace for a aawl/ searrted eaupte ? r*"1. ?* ? ^?itli ?a^lr> *' iTV THE CONEY ISLAND CALAMITY. ObMqnld of the Vldlnu-ImpreMln Funeral Oration? CtrtmtalM In the Open Air. The interment of the mortal remain* of the two vic tims of the rec*nt tragedy at Coney Inland? Bar. Jobs H. Elliot and hi* daughter Mary Ana? took place ye* terday afternoon, from the Fbet Methodint Episcopal Million Church, Williams burgh. It fll an nouaced to take place at 3 o'clock, P. M ; and for full/ an hoar before th*t time the buttling, which la of con siderable dimtnaions, win occupied by all who could get admiaefon to It. There were, however, thousand* of people who could not get within the walls, policemen being stationed at the entrance to prevent toe greit a croud; and thee*, for the moit part, rtmuie'l standing ?n the itreete in the vicinity t ? x posed to the broiling ray* of the aim . .Among them, the only and natural topic of cod vernation was the tragical fete of thoae at wboee oVequies they came to a??lat, and the culpable, nay, perhepe indicttV.e r*tais*aftta of thoae whoae doty it wa* to bare takea effectual measure* to prevent the pcatibillty of aueh aa occurrence The interior of the church wa* flllel with a fympa tb'/.'og onngregailoa of lad.'**, many of them dreaeed in ihe habiliment* of woe, and other* in pare white The galleries were almply draped with mourning, looped up at interval* with white edged rosettes . The reading ?**nd, laactcery railing, ks , wire al*o draped. There were few gtntleaen admitted into the edifice? at leut thne were tut f*w in the body of It? and the majority of th?ae appeared to be elergimtn or elder*. We no. ticed, however, nrarng them, the pereon of Mr. Jamei J. Barker, late Pieaident of tho American organisation Not a whisper wa* beard in the congregation, bat all wa* solemn aid impraaaive alienee, *ave an It waa ?lightly broken by the rattling of th* ltdfen' fan*. Five or six of *he pew* nearaat the pulpit platform were leaerved for the immediate relative* and friind* of th* two deceaeed. At half- past three the noise ol earritgea wa* heard from tba atreet, and immediately a icene of latereit anl excitement ecttud, the lilies all atandtng up, and aoxiou.ily staring In th* direction of the door. It waa tbonght that the mournful eortege wa* entering? for ax yet the coflin* had not b*en conveyed Into the church. The expectant*, however, w*t? doomed to a temporary disap pointment. Time wore on for another quarter of an hour, when the partor announced that in ceuside ration of tbe many thousand* who could not get within the doom of the church, tho ceremonies would be conducted outside, In the open air. Hla imperative tone aa& mw< eer afterward* ansceedtd in preventing the danverou* rueh which would otherwlae have been mad* to obtain exit; tut, a* it war, it wa* *frectol safely, and without accident. It was aald bealdea, that the principal reasjn for evacuating the church was, that it wa* deemod in secure. At this time the funeral cortege had arrival from th* late residence of the deceaeed at BonvonvlUa, and th* ecfflmt had been deposited on a temporary support, in a vacant lot opposite the church. Thay were deposit*! theie by gentlemen deputed to aet a* bearer* by tho several Methodist Episcopal churches of Brooklyn. They were plain mahogany, silver- studded cuffias, bearing ro* rpectively breastplates with the following lnasription*:? JOHN H . ELLIOTT, DIKD JCLT 25, 1865. aoxp thirty am-BH mm. LM A It V ANN E L LIO r r ," ; Dru> jclv 26, 18f6. J iOKD IT TEARS Alfl) 8 MONTR*. ; The bodl<* wore carefully embalmed, but in conse queec* of the proceedings being in the open air, the coffins were not, a* waa fir*t intonied, uncovered. The crowd at thia time wat immuie. There could not have been lee* t Ma Ave thousand p*rsona present over qlae-teatba of whom were ladies, on whom the melancholy Incident bad a deep effect. Close by the heart e were tbe widow and ehlldrea of Mr. hlliott, olil in ceep mourning; the aMaaced hatband of Mia* Elliot), .and many of the immediate friend* and relatives. The eereiconlM were commenced by the singing of an apprj priato hymn. After this, prayer was offered by Iter. Mr. Francis, and then aaotber hymn was sung. Then th* Her Mr. Fkasch addretaiug the lmmm?e andience, pronounced the follawiog FTbRBAI. 0KAT10N. The providence of (jot which uu bro-tght u? here tliia alt?rnooo i* la itaelf moat lolimi. Wh?n ee look at lh? text e before u?, and w h?a we Hz oar eye* on tain btaditg family, elad ia the weed* of mouialng, about to part for ever In tbi* world from the father, tuabanl, eleter and daughter, there 1* Rome hlag 10 the Hlgbt which mailt affect every heart. (Emotion j (iod, In hie providence. la * peeking to ua in a manner which we eaonot miauoderatand, and we might well auppaaa that tbi* la itself weald be a ceremony sufficient to lopreie on all who are pieoent that tb<r must immediately pre (it re to meet Ujcir God thamsalvee; (or In thla bereave ment we are thowa the uncertainty of oar live*, the evanescent, fleeting nature of all earthly eijjymenta, and wr bare urgec upon u* the lof^oruanee of being r ?affy at any moment to meet oar God. Imagination itaek muat fall tar nhort ia portrajlng the i:ioe which maai bare plaea at the home of our dear brother Klliot id Ut cay when he and hla daughter met their loUmu fate. W ho, lAoog tbone who had ee?n them In the morn ug leaving their home cheerfully and joyoan ly, aatielpaiiDg a day of pleoeure and relaxation, who couttbave thought that they war* to return in the even ing to that home they loved eo well, dead/ If we c>uld have seen the retura of toe carriage ia the evening and marked our M*ter(allucing to Ura t Hiott j liatemug to aetr ?the voice ? the well kaown voice? of her baaband, an 1 realize how hsr heart became filled with anxiety I eat all might not be well, and thea, when the fr.end who b >re the dreadful tiding* eattred the hbU*e, and aha heard ttbm whisBermg below? "be is gone'1? oh I what laa Cnate could ieeer be the feellagi which then beat ia er boeom. Such waa the acene thea trenapirlag, be loved friends, la that hoaae of mQurn'ng But who can deaeiiba it* Here to-day. aide by aide, folded la the arm* of death, looked ia their cottloa, and about to be laid away la the ooll grave, la the huabtnd aad father. Bare Ilea the loat daughter, separated from the loved >,ne- (atrocg tmotloa) ? aad, beside her father, about to be laid in the cold grave. Aad aa we look oa thaae me ltacbcly proceeding*, muat we aot aay that all the en jnymen'a of the world are fleeting traaaitory aod uo certain. What la thertf ia thla world which cao give ua real hope aad enjoyment, if It be aot the aociety of oar fiteala? And yet death enter* and teara away the moet loved 0(1 ea Beloved friend*, turn your thoughta to that l"rcTideace, aad in the atroke of a sing e ho ,r we may ?*? almoet every poeaibte lie which can oind h-iman heart* together severed ra ia k moment. Here the ha* bead and the wife are leverrd (T?ar* end aobs ) Here the father la taken from hi* Utile children Here the elster la ' torn : rota the fiater* aad the brother* of her childhood. (Kjnotloa.) Here the sfllaa< *d bride I* torn from the betrothed hnabaad (In tenee emotion.) rbey are together lying here, cokl in death, while we, the frien '.a, are weepiag aro jod tbem. Tbe father aad the daughter, who were jeyfal ia <Ml> other'* aoelety. aad who w#re a delight aad a blew log lo all around them, ate here, pale aad eold la death to day, while all arouod tbirn flock their aympa thUing frlen<*a. We ought Vo recognise, therefore, tftat notblag to this world caa make a* really happy, '"??ttftpw* riM, however, tbe gr*ateet comfort, la to le able to ray 'a the caae of the teeth of oar dear friead, thet he died id tbe faith ,of a bleeaad resurree tlea. While hi* family I* filled with bereavemeat aad ?ortow, there ia conseUUoa far tbem ta r*ligton Oar frlenda loved Jeeu*. Oar brother waa a disciple of the ,-artour At aa early date hla heloved daughter era* made to owa that Havioar aad jejoice la him. We are, therefore, aot to incur* for them a* thoee who look upoa the toffin* of friend* We are certain that death to them haa only beea to tak* ibem from rorrow to gain tbe Joy* of heavea, although their death baa bereaved tbetr fami.y, atd though the ea'lre community leeae aa if it fait th? bereavement rot only the church bat all tke community may be truly *aid to have baea af flicfd ia that bereavemeat. la reepeet to oar departed friend*, It la our latention to *ay only a verv fee word* Allow ?ejuet to aay that here we moara the low of a go id man. f Ibiak that aa one will dl*nat* with 0* wheal aay that brother tUiitt we* a Lhriatian? not ia a*** only, but a Chj litis 0 in hi* praetlM. He wa* a bright aad a ahiaing l<gbt to tho?e who were round about bim. HI* ? oflueace waa fait to be eery great oa all with wham lit had Intercede. He lived a good man. We doabt awt be died a good man. aad we truet that, with hi* daugh ter. te haa goae up to the joj* of heavea for ever. Aa I learn, In reapect to aar departed brother, whaa he waa about eigbteea yea re of age he gave hla heart to Christ and becaaie a dlecipie of th* blaaae I "avion. Hi ea? eoaverted ta It vd under La* labor* af tbe Rev. llenrv Chaae. of the Martae cburab. Ha ftrit pieed tbe *?tho.:l>t Eple<y?pel cburrh af Foreytb *tr*et A'ter ?arr*a be entered th* raaka of the clergy la tbe earlr bi.tory of hia < brUUaa eteene.ee he engjag*^ ly in the labor* of th* Hebbeth. aad he lo?ed the Hab bath school to th* very *ad of hi* day*. Moa after h * uaioa with th* ehnreh be wa* lknaaead aa a local areerher, aad thea epeot much of hie t<aae la preacb.ag oa the doek* on the rtabbetb. la vUtUaa the pauper, eeeklag oat th* deetltate, end eadeevoriag to do goo! ! ta ell rouao about blm Wbea ha m?ved to tbli elty 00m* year* ataoe ha jolaed hlm**'f to the Itovth Haeoad Met bod let Epieoaaal ebureh, af which ha waa aa aetive aad develed member. Ha aeit, (the pr*aah?r waa aaieretood ?v the report *r te *ay? fav aotae were take* aaier great diA^altie*) joiaed the Heath Third etreet Metba4tet Rpteaapal ehareh where ha eaened me*h lafla?ae*. aad where be ramelae' I ut '.U i\ *? ia: s:\akej W hmiU Uwu ctwto. W-a. bt waa engaged In that eaterpriae ha vm faithful wd untiiing. Hew hard he laboiwd for the apbulldiag* this chnxeh y oo are *11 witnaaier la the Hoard of Truateea he waa alwaya ready to b*ar hi* due proportion of reiponaibtlity, and to labor In every wa y for the pro notion cf the enurch'a interest. la the Board of Btaw *rd*he waa active aa<l diligeaL la bia tlaai ha wa* the au>it devoted and faithful leader. I think 1 my aay here that, aaa leader, I hare known few hi* auperiora, very raw indeed, hie e<|ual Aa a local preacher, ha waa eateeraed by all wbo beard hiai; and he waa everywhere acceptable, ao far aa 1 know, especially ao la tha pulpit aod the church where he belonged. Truly may I any ?' htm " be waa a man of Rod? he waa a Chrlit'aa." He waa a Christian o( ao ordinary atamp. Ha waa a man lovirgly d# rated to hie teligion, aad ahowiag br his davo ticn and zea) In evtry way that ha loved God aad loved the cause of God, and that tha taterasta of tha church lay near hii heart. It would be impossible to tall toe feeiinga which have thrilled through taousands of hearts wbea tbe intelligence reached them that he had pone from time to eteralty. In respect to h ut, I may aay that hie Ufa was that ot a consistent Christian, not only la the house of (lad and la public, but at bia home. Aad to-day beside him lias bis lovely child, lovely even la death? his beloved dsughter? his Qrst bora? aba for whom b< had of* en prajed? abe for whoso interest lie felt deeplf, aad with whom he was wont to be found often la tha house or God. In reapect to Slater Mary, I may aay that she wai trily a lovely girl? aba was happy la rendering all about bar happy. Something lite a year ago? perhaps, little more? ate profeesad to find peace with God, nod united with tbe church. She soon removed aad went away to school; but when she returned laat winter, during the revival &oing oo here, ahe eeetaad to have dedicated her beart and feeling* to Cod. Many of jou aie witneeee* of her eltorU? going out of the congrtgt tloo, and taking hold of har young friend* and urging them to seek Cod. Not only in the church, but in the Eabbath school she waa aeea laboring and making eRorta to lead others to know and to lore Cod. 11m Cod. in bla providence, haa taken her away la tha morning ol ter ll'e, surrounded with everything cal culated to irake life joyoua and happy. Cod haa let n fit to to take.her away under etroumataaeea which make btr death peculiarly mournful sal In :ereetia?. Ideated with a borne affording her every enjoyment the world can give, surrounded by everything which caa make life happy, In a position looking forward with hope to the luture, her death waa peculiarly melaacholp. A a w# are In'ormed, she waa engaged to be married, and on the MonOay preceding her death abe want out and bought btr wedding dresa. Bat alaal iaatead of tha bridal garment, she baa put on tha garment of tbe grave! In a tUetlav hour all her proapecta of earthly bapp<aer* are blighted, aad death baa done hii work. (Hersat oo among tbe audience.) If we could hava wttn<eied tbe xcene which traaaplred on the ahore when that b?ad o( tbe noble young man wbo waa to have btea har companion in life waa aaen exerting lta utmost power to sars her from tba fury of the wavea, aod when tbe rime aim ehich waa to hava brought har to the marriage altar waa there Htrcggllag With the wavaa to fescue ber frcnt death, how Ineffaceable would be the ia>pre*aiua! llut old oceaa has dona lta worat. It* wavea have rolled over our friends. Death haa aettled down on their forms, and here we are to-day mouimnr for tbem. Cod ot infinite mercy, make ua feel tbis hour- -make us feel that we too are aooital, and that we too will hava to wak en in eternity. It seems to ma, my friends, that It would be Impossible for ua to this scene and not leel that all the eojoymenW OT earth are fleetlrg and traneltory. For are there not multitudes ot m here who would feel? If ire were to loea our dear eat friend? tliat all our hopee of enjoyment oa earth were goner Here we sea to day, tbe anther, the wife, weeping and mourning over thn forma of htr husband and her first born child. Here are the devoted sisters and brothera about to part for ever with tha sister of their love; and hire la the young man who waa looking forward to da>* of blias and enjoyment which were to be hla? and now all their hopea, aad loves, aod jo yg, ira blights d in an hour' (Hensatlon.) Oh, that tfod may htlp us to realize that time, with all Its hope* and joj a, Is paaalng away for ever I And now, ray beloved frttnds, unit ia designed tbat brother Iaagdon shall ad drcta the friends tpecUlly, 1 aball close, atmply by aak iag the kleealag of Cod on the family, on the Church, aad on tbe community? aad oh! may tne spirit of our Bitot prtae dowa upon all of ua who love Chr'at, and may we at laat live in heavtal This I ask ftr Curiit's saka. Amen'. The audience waa next adfreasad by the Her. Ur. I surr.KON. HI* o panic g remarks ware no' caught by our report?r. Ha wa* understood? In continuation? to aay This vast aseemblage provee the ceap sensation which this affliction haa pio:ueed oa the entire community, and how deeply It aympathl?ea with the bereaved. Thtre 1* not a heart, 1 verly believe, in Brooklyn, and but few leaits, it any, in all New York, which hava not bled aa>d wept wltb Mra. Klllnt and with her dear chil cren wbo are yet left with her, bereft ot a father, bereft ol a tear aUter. and which hove not sympathised with the giatlemaa wbo stand* in tba very picuilar relation to tbe deceased young lady, waich we hava laaraed be did. My dear fiiatda (adir eating tbe family), if tbe aympatblea ot tbema around can comfort tou, you cer tainly have comfort. But thw ia Itself wjuld not be snffieieat to afford you com'ort. Another source of ci in fort aad coaeolattpa la tbat you may pray ? tbat you may pray to your father in heaven, laxp ration say* ?Aie any ? axing yea afflicted? et them pray." 1 trust tbat all of you have known aad realized, by >, leased ei (etleace, the effinicy of prayer. You hare knova by exp*ilen:a the rom'ort and con*oiatl<.n waicb la tha hour of seed ui to be found at tha TOroaa of Grace. Aad if jou ever reeded such rj in'or! aai con tola tlon jou B>r<l it now I?*r fr end*, let m* af fMttODklrljr end en neatly entreat you to be often found at tne thtooe of grace. <>o there, and btr'nj the spirit of adrptiun id jour hea?U, call (iol "fath?r " ari l he will be v our trim! and father; aad ha will eaabte yen to ca*t all jour can* upon h in Aaothrr aouree o( comfort and cccHOlaiton !?, that thin afUictioo m?y work (or jour good ' Our light allllstioa," My* an laipirej apoetle, "which in bat for a raoimnl, worketh for u* a far mora txo<<-dlLg and eternal weight of glory, wb en we look not at tha tillage womb are Men, but at th* triage which aie o?t aeen; for toe thlaK* which are leaa art tampcral, but the thing* which aie uoifii, are ? Ureal. " If we look to worlcly enjoyment* for our lapplati*, tbin we are deprived of tboie eajo/mmt*, ? Miction* will be a curae to u? rather Ihwi a bleaa log. Who we look away tn>n ear b to heaven)/ tltrga, aal atpire *ft?r ? tual tad heaveaty atulim*oU aid enjoyment*, then alTlictioan are a blfiMBg to u* The/ are asrvonta to ul , th?y will bo mtde to work for o?? to work for u* a far more exceeding and eteroal weight of glory. Aal 1 trait that tbl* brat/ affliction w II be the occteion of gnat epiritual profit and advaataca to u* aal to tbe ccmmunlty. Another source or comfort itnl coneolalion to you, my dear friend* la tbn ? jour la'e liueband, /our lata dear father, /our late afflaaced bride are not dead The/ are aot deal In i rurhxetMal to mean that Ut ay have ceaaed vnb> Th^y inly aleep. They have only exchanged their mode tl ?ile1enre i'hey bare gone to a better land. The/ have gone to a better country. 1 hey have goae wbere t?*r? are wiped aw a/ from all erne. Ih>-) are goae wheia pleaauree never die, " where there ia folia*** of | joy. and wbere are pleaauree for evermore, at fiod'a right band " In a little while, dear friend*, ia a little wEi.e, acd II jou are < brietiana, you wH! meet thla ha* head tad tbie father? meet them to pert no More? me t th?a?? oh, thiuk of it to your comfort! to b?* with Them contlaual.y? meet tbem, to be joined 1a llidl*?olul>l* ftlwr r*>}ilp end with an ardor of love which will never cool, aever cbanga. never die Ma/Gol b!e?* yon, aal finally bring jou to that happ/ meeting ia bearen. Ann may the p*a:e of Go'., which paaeeth nil no ler (taodlag, keep /our heerte and nlsda in the kaowladge and love of i.'o ', and of tie - a J' .> i hriet our ls>r ' , and nay the hlenatng of Almighty (iod, tbe Fat' er, %o end Hoi/ GLo?t, reit upoa you, remain with th I atllht ed family, Bad with thla a/mpath'tlng aixambly, bo* a ad ftr'evtr. Amea. Ihe caremooy tbu.i clnewl? the coffin* were borne back lato tbe hearea? that of the you og lady beiag ?trews with tloeera aid cbaptete? tbe proceetioa 'u ? fotmed, end tte In.meme funeral cortege departed for the Cemetery of tie Kvergraena, wbere ware laid to rant the victim* of thla deplorable catastrophe Light ha the p'aca ot tbelr leit. f'oraneia* lnqMMta. Aif'tiir* Fatal IcckM bt FiUJirrj r?.>* a Hr-iLmvt}. ! - Coroaer W ton held aa iB^ueat yeaUr<lay, at the New Tcrk Floepllal. upoa the body of a Qaraaa name ! Caae A Ibiethl, aged 21 year*, *hu cane to hi* laa'.h by fal - ag from the aew bonding corner of Tw<nty-th fd etre' aad loortb aveaue oo Friday lent. Ce^ated w.n afra m?r by oocapatiaa, aad whila engaged at work up?a tbe balldiai jant maatloaed, tc?i<eat4lly felt from the fourth atcry to the gronail, a dietaaaa of over 40 feet. He liafeied la great paia uatil .Satarday whaa be tiad a' tbe New Vork Hoepltal. The daeeaaed, It ??p??r^l, weald have been coava/ad to the Beilevae lio>pital which la jant beeide the ae?ne of tha accident, bat there i ot beea a n.le la that laetitatioa prohibiting tbe a'l mlealoa of peraoai whoia dlaaaaa or ?teka??a miy -eem 'Brutable ttejarr, thwefore ta view o I 'be?e facta, thccght it would be batter, parbapa, to bare that rale reaciadid, aad acror<!iBglT rtnderad the following ver ! >*iet ? "fyath from iajurua received by fall ag from the t ulldlag coraer of Tweaty-thlrd itient aad 1 .ui'.h ave ana, oa Friday July 27th, J?t?. Further, we reapact I fally rteonnwad a repeal of that rale at Belle viae I lloepttal, which deelarea.tbat they will not admit pa Mtata (uffieriag from Insurable d iaeaaee balievlog that it may ha productive of good reeulta Kiuan rr nr? Hi.*cn.?'? of Bocica. ? Oroaer mute held aa iaqaaat yeetaHay mora tag apoa tha b*.4y of a wemaa saved Julia Ooaaboe, who came to her death from tha hlaatfag of roeka aa Halurday afieraowa I' appaara from the avidaaaa eUattad oa tha iaqaaat, that whila aaaM aaaa, aaaoag them tha eon of dacaa-ad, wera blaaUag rock* la Haveath a vea a e, between Fifty eaaoid aad Fifty third a tree la, a heavy plaak that covered tbe b aet waa tbrowa high lata tlae air, aad la ita aeevat weat Urongh tha roof af deeaaaad'a ahaaty, which wa? ?ttoated la the laaedhu vieially of tha wovkmaa, and atruch her ia the head iaflietlac each aevere Ujaria* Out aha died ia abaat two hoar*. Aftar the aaeairaae* of tha acaklaat. ofltear laar, of tha Twaaty ?aaa*4 ward I *" (rraaght tha wewaaa to tha rtatloa houee, where ahe waa attaaM by thepaiM aargeoa of that di*U?et 7>e fiidaeee. larttaalarty of Aaeaaaad'a aaa, goiag to . i < ? that tha hlaat waa aiepectj eovaaad aeoardiag to t i <aea. tha )af7* roaMad a vardiet ef "aectdeatal *??> " Iwaeaaad waa a aatlve of LreUad, aad waa a..tl ICj'ltl k' ?r I OiuaaUc and Huk?l Matters. It m etated, " npoo Information and btlur," I*?t week, that "O'PWaifaa an4 the Patriae," anaouneed on the hllle of the Bioadway theatre, u by Mr. John Brougham, ?u veritably tb* work of .Samuel l<over. Mr. Bioafham hji la nplf ? Tie nimpie fee U are theee? A valued friend of mine, upon the oeeaelon of mj laet benoQt at Wallaok'e, wiahtd me U play " O'Klantgaa Mil the Kalrie* " I told bfa ha eheald be ((ratified 1 accordingly instituted a it arch for the original jpiajr, hut dleeovered that thi-re was ao eepy exlant ? upon winch, never hav.ng eeeu it aeyeelf, 1 iu'|iiiri<1 of tboie who bad played in It whet the oharaaUr of tiio place was; and havingvitoertaiaed that, aet towerW and wrote what I called " A Kejollec tloa of O'KUnigaa and the Fair he," The main ilea ii, 1 believe preeerved, bat, of eenree, much altered in the detail. wo ?S!ii V r."' " Uut ?' P"ci, Which If th! , r 67 T,rcm '???r-l*. word. ?, i p.,, eo i I" """ U What w. i-lSl fctUattom t* tbfM fact* vm. V> ?r?T*nt "d olhe" th. n>m? ?f r,puUr *[' a,>00 ??<"<>?? P'#o?*, ?oord.rto?lT. tb.nan n. ST of 'mportlnc* ,n ,h* fW <* "?? puWe. Ga^n ' rr"' 0f EDfli,h ?*~- Nib.,'. to' U ..Z h' rr,C?,,r^ ^ h",th- " Kr? SiTT?- ? m0m,,r O-toa will ?ppf ar in comHj tad farct. Attk. llroadw?, theatre, laat week, a pUy C?a- 0 (wroUo, or th. Fairy Ctreio ? hi. h~? ?tyl/wlth " U r? ciuctir# m#1? ,lr*?? of the (H.I ?mt' lit. f?r Mr and ? 1 IZLkeT, If4* Wtthout ?*' "k?W for in. 1 1 . : u thf ??*?. ?? ?*u?i dom.. i one r>f t i - Wlso, aiuKujAr to .ay, {. foeter broth* to ""..I rr" -i""' ?<" ?? w#wi?< h" Brltinnh m.l !?.? , . U,U*1 "*nli???tal r?uDf wu witlou, t* " r*tb'r' b,in* "PP0'"1 <? blool .ulw h. ?f bu,'?* b,"d "d bultfr- ??' ?" uS J I . J bi,n- Tb*'# u r,tb,r to? <?"??> Ulk Bad too Miktij old incident, in tb. Uat net hat th. ??cond no. - U ,,?if ant th% ^ ? Plunlett, deacrihed In the bill. a. .. tb. moat popular and .ucce.?:ul dramatl.t of tb. age," I. tb, author Mr. nnd Mr.. Barney William. excluded n (ire ?nga??ment hrre on Saturday. After (b. fall of tb. ??"? 'D 1h" firrt >Uc*> Mr Willi... w?h called oat ud briefly addr.iwed tb. nadi.no.; h. tbnnkej th^ pntioa. of tbe th^tre for th. p.tron?g. be .mbu wlf. b.d .njoj.d nt tb.i'r nnod-, .nd .ipr..i#db.. >cknovi.tt|m.nt. to th. netln* m*u.j?r, Mr N II T^*' f0f ,th* ??er?r. indu.try nnd eip.bllit/ wlLb which hi. plee*. h.d be.n dlrwt*l. At tb. Bro.d?.y, thU .r.Qmg, tb. benefit to Mr. ThomM D. Rio., "Jim Crow ? nnd pa?r of ?|| tb. ioilt*. t on colored per.on. who hnv. flourl.b.j .? Ml,B. 7 U* 'Mt U' '*?" Ur Rle. bn. been ill .Bd unnkl. to prnetic. hi. voention for 10m. time, m l owd. * teneflcl.l benefit. Mr. Blnh., Mr. nnd Wlllinm., Mr. Wnlcot, nnd Wood'. M.n.tr.l., bnr. rolun to?r*l fo nppe.r on tlii. osenafon. Gnbrlrl K.r.l .?d ht. tnwj. wiU .ppwr ? th# w./ ne*t Monday tj^ag o.bri.I, .fter U.t m.Bt, Intwodi to r.t.rn toFr.Bc. nnd enjoy hi. of um <i*g- fcr tb. rtmnind.r of hi. ufn. Atth. Bowwy tM.tr., tb. blU for thi..T.amf |m. t r V W ;;,8*ri0"J ,,WnU'" "" "?^ni? ,^.'* "J ?" '? 1. ,7?!?,'." .1"n,,r*U ? ??" <>????? n fin. bnxln.i.. A " 1)nrt IW, t-'lU *T#?ln*' U>elU'1'D< the f,r" At Wnil.ek'., to morrow .r.elo g, tbr?. now Diw. W b*,lT*"' y tb*>"?.nch rtud.ril:. eomp.oy, under the diiectlcn of M. Anthony. Iwiiatic OoHwr?lbe corn.r .ton. of th. I'allndel phi. Oper. bow. wn. Uid on rhur.d.y, by M.ycr Con r.d V B U B.un, K.q., to. .reblteot, fl^ed th, moo. 1 ! h .Pn?*' WUb " U'W'X- "d th. trowe h * !^??r M^or "ho complete tb. oer, ?ony. Th. Mn, or tb.n d.lir.rod n. .loquent .p.e5h ^b7" bl ,0 ken.flt which would .ccrue to tb. city by lk. pur.nlt of ? liber.l war., of p,,n,. . tmetln, >i.iter. from nil p.,t. of our(rMt country. ' BOt lb* ?"'/ b".?tui, ho?.T.r, but cuwlr.. ,td our cblldr.n will d.ri,. .dr.nt^,. from the e?Ubll.hm?nt of tti. much w.nt.d tempi, "f tt. Biufn, la the reflnament sf min i nod m.n o?rt and tb. .duc.tl.m derired rr.,B the dram, 'odn, th. whtla of n auUd.n nrn f,T.? .hu.ar the .ndliac. li.t.nnd with m.rk.d attention Th. .too, wn. a flee pi.ee cf brown .andatone, f,om th* MMdle ?W -iu.rrir., Ccnnwticot, nnd contnin.d a p?q,H ?^py of tb. arehltecV. d.acripUon of the build iflkl2?TOf Ul* chart'r *>y law., w.vb n hat of ?" the tay, tb. ti. CO""' ,0" * B*UIUe ?o*r.T?i with uV/.r^thVr:h,UCU- ,#t"" 3f th* -H-rat on, oMh. , . ^ Tb# tation. of tb. build.n, nw nlrendy eo.ald.mbly ntfennc l, ,nd irentnM. of tb. di?en..on. can now b. appreciate / W tb*,ou*d?tlo?- s'otwith.tandinn the ma,n.. Im I. W<"k ^ ^ ?COO,n',,UL* '? "? ?? ?ip.c??l that i. will b. c? B)p>.ted by the l.t January neit acmcl..tly to. not la, nni labor can be ron ttrou?tl lh" ?'?t.r M.?. KU.. Header ??r. . co.crt .? M^, t lMl ^ Z JoU* B,Ba#,t "u. ro .[ t iT-l" ? H "d ^."i Kr* ru.ilc.tinf ^ToroBlo, . new drnma, eaUtl^l " Th. yMUUV written .xpre..iy for hlm. It I* rnmor?d tb.t a .nmh.r of l.fr.ry mdlejd.al. k.re m e?,j t? I .? * ".tjr performane. at one of our tb^tre, io imitation of Mr Charl.. Dick.n. nnd otb.r. Mr J I. Owen, Um .4M f.r lUrT%> u JnlhenUno comi,, h.,. thl. ?nr. A privnu letter l.form. n. thnt b. fni.wj ln .nt..rori.f L Americn cnplfll.t. to - ,0 him b.,^ ? ln p^* ,' and lo..e., nnd b!, nfent, .,nt cut her. to take. I tb.t Tt' Xhkt K*fb" "0"ld hTo" ""t " "aronne Btnntoirinh ... Id. I. U ran,., hM Mtoni.hed tb. .V.wp-,rter. by he, polking, M ahe did u. with her trill, and Titt>r*ti it Acuna- We take tb. foUowlo* f, ?m tt. I -onion .v?ti 'o? rmeti? ret ?0 m<* tin* pant (a opiitloa ba? praTtlla<t ia> .n* tb? m mamkari of tba I. atrkmic profaaaioa who loo* t.< tl.a l'rortacaa aa tba eblaf aourr* of a llraUifit, thai tbatr llttlMU hara not baa a auffl-imtly eonal.!ar?: by tta m who ara tarma.1 ' tfjaalneal a(aaU. ' tVaai null, It ahould ba un>!?r?Ux>1, hka? bltbarto ?o joiad t6a airlurlra p nttr of ??,Uloir>* an* t?.m-nta \tfih eooniiy maaagari, aol tha aompialot of (ba a etora l> UtM afl-et ibat rtrommao.iationa ha?* >*?* nattara V' putrbaaa, Utaily Irr?apa?t4r* of poalNoa or tal a' 1U i?i-!**?a of atrataur actio* b??.H la ail), broagb' iba ivll to * -lima i , wli ch la o> loagar ?n<tnraM* for tht ptK r prcfaiaiooal arllat, wbo bai aaiblnf to offar ba a icaatt c tOB>'? -m. btauo ibaraa of eoapaUaf ?ttb a waal'by . wlo will oo' ? a! pa/ia/ ? n u?i* ihb for an opportunity of gratJfylaf b * ra.it .y 1 bia U tba male abuaa, of wbich tbaia ara aiaay ram 0 Aatioea. For Ha'acca *? ara |l??n to uaUro.n1 tbat tbcaa rary toaapltooia iltbograpbi ol ??ry obasura a ? $o?a, wbt?b oc-aaioaally appaar la tba ahop via'iai, ara but rcr.Baatloa* of a nerartoua aia'ara wbleb baapa >.a<-k talant *b>n aa>'?iat*4 with MWtf. M tbfuat* f. raart lmb?ellltf wbao aanoaipaal?'l by bard 4Mb Vary troa Tba 1 * at oa aetora hara tat an tba mat tar tato thalr ova baa 'a ? a |?x! atampla for ti.? r traoaat laatk biatbrao. Wa tiara lataly puMiatial a-liari >a mania for aetora <ii rart aa<l ?a to o-.t aaw why th?r ahoald at* addrraa tnaaa rata la tbla way aa wall aa tbroa(b aa agaat, pa.iiar a faa, aal baailo? ao a?>.a nf tba matter. Ioiboi Ittaa ?IT a Jlktnmm taUUa M.aa Italia Hot wa hara aoaalbiDf to aa/ roaearam* tba A war caa j-nm-i df-nwi Mr* l.acy >a40tt, abg appaara-i ft* iba Brat tima oa tba l*afc>a ataaa aa ?>na, aa'. alio laipraaa*') aa afraaably Mar fa'a la plaa. af? aba BOaawttb aaaa aa4 prwpilaty oa tba ?ta<? "aa at i la a4a ta bar by piay T'fa datifaliy Oiaa caaaf i?n*? ?? -o, aa4 la a* ?r *a4 aiaipU aa "tba ia<1/ ' | afcoaM fca. Mr*. > ft ??-laa a ayaai of l>aata? qoal iy, appaara to Kara baaa ?uiUral?t la a , looO acb?al ? bat It aaaaM alaa to baaa baaa oat ?ira ?ra tba praaaaa a t aaltirattoa *aa or.iapU'a ao-1 tba 1 to fa" too* IWI of Ita Brat fr??ba?u ara tba laat ft a ah | had Uaa aWaa to It Hba baa xaogbt ap Iba atyla of a a t(*r, ?iUa?l bariaf attaia?) aiarutira fanaatlaa ; bar i ara aot alvaya a ara. aad bar a^aka baa i araaatbla* of aaaaa ballaaa la It 'ra tba otbar baa 1 I aba ?ay aa m4IM alth a aartaia ?atlafortary laa II i aaaa of pteraaiof, afboMaa leaoeaarUJ n aau, aa-t * ' b ??. Hataat aaipbaal- aa itaaltayqtaba< frata far>? Wb' ? to ap. wa aaaaot ra'a Mra tanil aa a prMa>t 4a? | aa af tba tn* ala a bar Baaa aaWbUabaa Mr aa aa ar t-a* wbo ao?M ba of fraat aara.aa ta aay l*H<r> -a*> a to 'aba Brot Aatiaa ?ra<trUbly. U aba pr??a wU la^ alaa la BU aaaaM parte eiaetteetty ( 'tiaal Wawfb. af 0aap4aa Haoaa, kfbai, laMty !?" beaefl.' of the boapltal for oeaaumption, oo whi h ocea aioa wae plajed % aaio drama .( Mr. Wukle Oollini, entitled < Tie Lightbouae," wh cb, ualll thea, bat nerer baan i voted, itcept at Tat let ek H ute, the tm! d?nee of Mr. ( 'Uar!ea Oickeaj. The cMt ?u cum^no-l entirely of imi<?iri, atd an ??# "there we notice Mr. Cbarlcn D'cken , Mr. Wllkle <'11^ a, tba author, Mr. Cbarlea IHckena, Jr., atd Mix Dekeaa. Ihe i>'ajr U (aid to bare beta le.ntered by tba epernona fa a manner worth j of tba moat te leafed prufeaemqaJ actor*, an! ta bare paired t IT wltli a great deal of tela'. The (erfor niancta ctncluded with Mr. Cliarha Danee'a eonjelj of "Tba Wonderful Woman. " Tbe Laadoa pepern ?<*ta that the theatre wa? fitted ?p in a atyle of princely elc garcc, and wae crowded to ita utmutt eauacl'y with a faabicnable and diatinffuli bed audience. The Tummy* that ' Oltken'a Aari n Cu.ni rk ft a grtat pnTorntiaaee. Tbe fart i? melo dramatic, but I.tekan'a n*?U> diaina ia ro d tf n'raragarce; It la a dlaplay of paaeion carried to tbe atmoit Intenalty, bat without ortratepf>lay for a moaitat tbe moiety of aatur*. It ia a? pure a ad obuto aa tbe moat claaaio tragedy." Our readtra will all recollect the old euetom at Due mow, Faeei, of (Irian a liiich of bacoa to My couple wbo bad lived together for a year wltliont quarralllag or apeaklaf fcanb worda. Thia cuitom hae bean rtiri ra t tbia year, aa will be aaeo by tba following alrertUo meat ? Dtrjmow Firn-w of Bacon, i'rkmfmvd bf H. Mm wubtii, lm ? Mr. K. cmlth t<*ga to inform the public, in anawer to numeroui iaqulriea, thnt arrangements have I bean mm'e with tba Kaetern t'ountlea Hallway Compaoy fur ao expri'it. eicuralon train to leave lha Kietera Count le? elation, Hhoredltch, at M minute* p??t 1U o'clock pre r i tely , on Ihumiay tuornluit the Ifdl mat , at the following i educed laiee, than an>) back, arallaMe for two daya ? >irat ilaaa, ta. , aecond claaa, 4a M. , tblrc claaa, 3a. Anil return lirketa fn m the varloua atattnna en tha line will ha charged equally law Tlcketa for the Town llall, fa. each, to view tlia cmnoaj and beat tha trial of tb* clalreinta, Mr. and Mra. .luiw liar low, and tbr l h??ali?r ami Madams >1* Chalela'n, before a jury ol maid* and bachelor*. To l<a had of Mr. Hmith, at I'rury Una theatre, I.oB00a. end Mr. I'avey, Town Hall, Dumi, BmOX. Iniailin enga^ei on M| ?idea. The cervinony will uinin'n.iiat ': o'clocV, and at lt? cotcluaioa tba pioceealon will atart f.um tS? Town Hill to a meadow ai'jolnln*, in the folio #fci* ordar ? 1'ollce ooD.itah.aa; yeomen, ladiea, with garland*; Mr. Mmtb'a valuable atud of horaaa, han<*a of mualc; baa ner*, malda and hatbali.ru of tha jury; rounarl anl erlar of tba conrt; III tc Ufa of bao .n, horna by eight ?eo ni n tba two cla mant*, carried in chalra, who will tax* the neceiuary oatha. Altar which, tba aporta of the day 1 will remmmee Han-lng, \r.. A .! nn? r will taka place at tba Intel In tt ?? town, at which fereral noblemen and gen' laman will attend, pre*, dad nrtr by Harrlaon Alnawoitb, K*<|. N B. ? ? train will litri at II o'clock at night, arrlvng in IxmmIoo ?t l'i further Inform*' inn ? nd every facility will I* given by Ur I'atmore, Midway Inn HUbop'a Slortford; Mr l'av?y, Unnnriw and Mr. K T .-'aiith, Prury lana tbaatra, loadou. Ih* Lafe Shooting Oar In Oelanrjr Ntrarl . COKIW.R'H INCJIItftT I TON TUB IIOI'Y OK TIIB WIIMiN MAKUAkhT rKHTIZ--VKKIHCT OK TIIK Jt'HT. Coroner Hillon held an Inqueat yaaterday at Metlevae Hoepltal, upen tlia body of tha wom>n Margaret lertli, who waa akot at her^reaidinca, No. UOO Delano/ a treat, on lha Ittth of Jane laat, by a man named Hamu*| f prague, a* It la alleged I'reeloua to tha death of tba woman Coroner Hilton proceeded to her tealdauce and took ber ante nxrtem examination, In which a correct hla tory of tha entire transaction waa given by the dacaaaal. The anamination waa read to thn jury aa followa ? ?fata of A'cw fork, Vily ami (W y of Nrw Turk. ??? I ? An inqundtton taken at No 2A0 IManry atreel, In I tte thirteenth ward ol aa>d city and county, thla t moty - ninth d* j of Jona, In tha year of Our Lord one thoueand eight hucdred and fittj lire, before Joeepb I ii iton. one of the Coronara of laid city and coanty iiforaaalil, in tIiw ol tb? pernoo uf Margaret Ftrtli, then and there lying 'laageroualy woanded, ae notice thereof baa baretofore been given to the coto ner a.oieaaid, upon the oatha and ap|>Ti :ation of twelve good and lawful tuan of the .-tale of Nee Yo.-k, duly cboten, aworn and affirmed, anl charged to inquire on l?ba f cf aald peop'e, how and In what manner, when and where tba aaid peracn vle??d aa afereaali, km Woi>n<!ed; and who aucb peraon I*, and Into nil tba clr ccmittancea alien log am h uounding, and who the par ly or inttira w.r* | o.iiy of raualoK curb '.?.>u?<ilii{ whttbir aa pnnelpala cr acceaanrlea, and In what man ner guUty , uptn tbeir oatha ur altlrmtllona. aay a- a true iniuu>i!lt?j of the cirrumatancea an I matter* a'ore aald, aacocding to the evlcenM nfltand la th* Mltowtmg ain ed j urora, namely -iJanleJ t. ( arpenter, J wo t t-uiltb. M. h Mwrenre, William |). Ilrundage Ja<*ab IVtiman, John Harr^gan, Thomaa Doanlag. I'attica W. Hand, Jamee Hybee, (nla mark;) W. H Anleraoa, and John linbrook, with tb? coroner afora tai l, whoae r<apective eamaa la verity of thla inijolr it.'on hirvlnalter aigi.aai, atieaded a? tha time and place aforaaald, In view of tl>? aald perion dangarnuily eono^ad, cauard the aaid Margaret lertla to be duly awnrn and eiamined aa a wlln???, touching .aid wouo 1 It* who testified aa foliowa ? Margaret >erti/ baleg duly eworn before me thla 2B!h day ol June, lhbl, and la tbn pieaence of toe jury, de pore aod derlaiea that aha faeU fully ronarloua of \a o< In a vtry dangeioua onnditlon. freto a gun. <M<t | ei '.od In bar r ght alee a.idwoon l be.ng la bar ebaat, | in the upper or front part theieof, further that aba la j folly i re ) raaaed with the tellef lha* avta t aan^t recner from the ellect of aald wr.und, and that ber dlaeilatloa la aaar at band deponent furthermore declarea and aaya. I received thla wot n 1 < oe wealk agn lut Monlay evtnieg, a' out d o clock , I do not know tba date of t'ia n<n'h. my hutl.and had lie*-n ouarrallng during the day with a aboemaker who lived In tba aam* bouae wltb me ; I (*o not know h>a name be baa tin' e moved away . '.he ijuarrel waa about a tmall <*og that lielonged to ?>?, Samuel Hpragua and hia Wife lived in the uertro rn tr> me, my bu ! an I and me were coming up atalra about 1 o'clo k, on taa evtning In inration I had hoi I of b a arm, aa w* got oa tta landing of the atalra, oppo?lte my room I aaw arcuej .w(,ragne atandiag In hie room bia wl'e waa with him hla room do<jr waa oien be waa etab llng juat In aide of the door, aa I got on t lie landtog apokea of, he aald to me "I will ahoot r?n." I lua'e bo reply bia wife than banded him a platm from all the mitlal pieoe, and he 'hot me through (be right breeat with It. I have not bad a quarrel with Hetnuel Hyrague, nor baa my huaband, to my knowledge, I don t t>iiak that the art Md anything to du wltb the '|uarrel between my bua band and the akoAaker I have net had aay quarrel with Mra .'?|,ra(;al7 I r*">guiie .'em el hpragua Bow preeaat aa the wal wbo abot me aa I have elated I did oot ate any one Is the room w tt> r'amuel Uprarue aa 1 hla wife at U>e time ebe handed him the piatol I 111 tv,l bear him aak Isia wife te liaad Mm the pleUI Vpragae and hla wife ware m the haNit of dr at lag, eo aa to get latoilra'el I '? I aay whether they were ao at thl? t rr? I ha-J ee?o Mpragae ia ha room about T o'clock oa tbe aveele* b? a not me hie room door waa open at tbla time, bat I bad so wor .a with htm I > o not ktoe aay r?ae>.a f <r ble (hooting ire I waa facing him *ben he abot ma. he waa ataadtog Jnat Inal'e h'i i"?tn d'.or and about aa arm a Wnfth 'r< ai a?e. at the time all I !?" lie- 1 after la, that a??e off cere carried me la aod pnt m? to I<e1 < t<i*e eiain'natt'n by the prla< aer ? y IKd yo-i atrlke me on the bead wltb a club while coming i.p atalra oa that a?en eg' A ho U. I' d I not go dowa atalra n that evealng, >ol tr? to jrroiit t?f. }our>,( rr.?o 'r'.m haatlaf ;nur A ' 1 H I a BM to (j Iild joe not aim ? bi<i? at my btf! < n thai ?i?t ID|, ?I>'1 atrika mm om tha han ! ?? I raa?I II to lafaa ! tnjralf A No (J I ill u bol ?lr*?a m? ?? lb* baal, hltiloj tba min i of th? pif'?.l ?l tba Mma, ta4 ru* it jo bll' A So g I'M I pot prraant tb? o ?t<il at jo-it hi?!?aa'1 to 4a '?o<l BfMir from t in ft S ? kv! In t ? haM' A No tba f ?Ui l ??< {???' nta<5 at ma, ?>/ huabaa4 '"1 Lata ? btlta la 111* hao<5 *V flaw I not aJvaya tr ?<! to lira 'in paa'-.aaMa arm Villi ion* A I ?m?r iiikt tii >( (lata Jf>a aot UM 1o Kjait m* It irirjr *a/ In ? 'ur (<i**i ' A No ttAkOARKT rKRTIZ, (bar mart). Tak?a I afar* ma tbla iVU? <!aj ul Jaaa, U'-V Joura Fraacia Kartii. tba boab?i>4 '/? ia-aan! torr'iboral*) tha '.Ml axia; fiaaa a'oaa Mowa??r, ha rroii namlaal by th? atl<?Mt u follavt ?I !il aot h??a a in. fa la my ba?4 of aU*t?|>' to *lab U>a pr.viaar on tta ??ii af my ? Ifa ?aa abcrt U?a truaw >14 ant atrila r?? or ii wlfa ? a tha'. arwla^lat prtaoo>r ??? la bla iw.m at tlaa uaa tba affray took plana I -l. '. n t bad* tba aaurf, ar bara >ir , 'jarrai witb tba pri WM( laf'it, I wf?f vaat la tba (rtNatl i k -aaa aaA >, uariailail vltl L tn aif ?ifa 1|4 a< t ba?a a (lab la bar t<an4 ar baal aa? oaa ?Jura ?U ra that aara a? I baaa aaaar aaWl that I lalitd to atla Oaa tWmaao t 4ollara '.at of tba aflalr, tb?ra ai> an (M yraaaa' * lb ?f w fa a baa iha aaa akat bat inyaaJf ata y afUr tha pr'ar.aar afcol at I ar I aWara?t that ?l>a aaa ?V<I. Tta <WU/ra ?>'" MM tha pa?t mnrlmr. aiaailaaltoa of tba Wy af 'araaa I 1 vara lb?a aaaakla*4 at Vaaftk Tba i?m aaa !Ik* flaaa to taa , a rj abo ratinal tba faloalof r(?|i*t That tba aaM Ma/*?/at ?.rOi aaaa to far feat* by ><?' af (but Uiroafb tba laft '?>(, ? tt a ?iatol la Uaa baaJa of 'aaiaaf >-f.fa?aa i >f aar II It'* U.aa ??wa.iW tba yrlaaaar far at aa> ittuaa 1 ha <a*aaaa?1 aaa U yaart of aja, ia4 tai I aat-ra of ilaiaaa; TIM PaillMfk ASM* m? I^AyHU Hall. to mi (DrroH or m hiialu I tMd la ;o?r of Um MU taal, m km? if Uta n?bt ia H*U om Tkt uatey >? which R *M nU4 that UM ??> "? ta rmr rtefft* bHorv Um (Otte* tait Ukloraad of tSa ooror. ima. I *M )?* pMllM Iba pwtM* i. ttlcr tha (.iMa. m4 Umm war* fear or ar* po rt*a oa IIm gr?m4, ?taailag irmm4 tta cam*#*. akM tta |??i( larta u4 tta woaala4 au? r* l?; U.I I ha* a ao* aaaa tta* ttava wart a bj ? c. u. Cttf lauUlfMe*. A k&at Tumi am HoO* AM tMr Aauvm-Ua Haturda? ? *ft?raoon, at four o'clock, a aaobar t f awr oily fuac tioaatlat loft Ui? Jama* tlip jflar, is tha aofeaoaar Mary , touad <>D ui axcaraioa to Newport, aad so *loo< aboca to IhMtuo. Tli* iiimI it of about alaaty t?M bar tbaa, and la a low, black, raklab lookiMf waft, CATTjtmg mim thlitjf m?a > h, i, ,?u t<) b? a remarkably faat aajlar, but will not arrtta la tha trt mouatala city, Mm t%la nbMt raaehaa lu d??Uaatlua par mall. Tba followla( at* Ui? offlcara ? f i>nm< Jxrr.? l|r ury Arcnlarlua, ' >rmarly Comnaia ?toaar ol I.aa>p? m t ';*? /%r.-tr ? Itlrbard I! Coaaotljr, pra-iont fiauaty < U?*. i'urin'i Cirri ?J. H. faith, a (llaita^uiakM laaryar htra. Burgirm - FUrtholrrr.i-w It- Pardy, linmlulnw ?f Rapain aad >np|.tiaa. Antra*' Nurynm.?k. U. Wallaaa, tWk ta tha afll?a of ( oust j (lark. H-ruaul -Tboma* htarr, HuMrlntnadaat of Road*. Aiiu'iinl X't ward ? Nalaoa llrawar. f.urtrirr ? ttamual Ita-lc'ilTo, Cupar la Wad* at at I'ura meat*. fhotir'i Mmit Mcttrtfor. Ihxihoam ? Jama* NaabtM, < oaatabla. Thay tcok with than a* itava* a* aaar a* eaa ba aa. aartaiaad St baakrta of chaaipayaa fctM M A quartar pipa at braady, IM M 10 boat* of ola.'rl, 14 W Kan, wtUkay, aa<i Madafra HOO M IIim tfc> utaQ'1 fifin 1 -0 M Href, poultry, Kama, aad vaf*taUa?, bOO 04 Tbrea toni of loa ib W Hartaeaakaaf watar, AM llroad, erickar*, obtaaa, kuttar, Me.,.,, 1 W> M Tbraa miaiHana, 7& M l'loklaa aad tarda IT 04 I'owdar, and uaa o( tha ')W Kiahlo* taek'a and bait 'J 'J Mlaaaaa, eorkaitraw*. ao'l,otbar at ealaraa N M < bartar of vaaral and a^rilMn of tba araw, 300 00 laeldratal aipeai**, whilaaaabora, l.Oflu M Totil ?S.SH 7b lb* |>arty upcrt tu ba g?aa about two wwaka, h4 wara %rt< mpantad t<> Ibalr craft by a iDwmi body af Irlmii, whom *?t? rac^m tad Kkitmi ItrawnaH, Wnlby Mwm, Win N lliown, and Thoui Ihult^, i( lb* I'awtar Mug William O'Jaaklnt, W? Miaar, aa* tiuo'liadi of nO.fr wall t nova palltieiaat of lb* ilaaaertt* is alp pa. 1l.? y took lha Harlaata |iuu|?, tnddaubl Ht, locking at lh? bill of fara wtlTanjoy Ihaauairaa riauki lily. Ibara ata p'.anty <>1 lonta aaiaog our elty otacial* I* tak* ?urh in aitanalva aptaa, tad wt bar* no dtaira to rpoll lb?lr a port. Vat tbr aotboritlaa of Motion ahatiU ba warnad o I audi a larga lu>|>ottatlon of alcoholic roai pounil*; aad If thay ara trua to tbalr principle*. Uta Mar> ab< nld rot ba partnlttod to com* up to town, but thould ba brought to aachor uadar lha |uaa or Karl Wankipglnti, until caarcb and aalaura sou |J ba mitdaaf ? II tha toatrabaod ti<) Mora, aad tha braallia of the aaa ?angara lnapa<*?d hjr a committaa tppolatad far that r>|MCtal purpoaa .Acanrdiog to tba atalamrnt abaaa, tha Mar; baa aiifflrlaut atlaiuUnta oa board to gal all llotton drunk; nnd parbtpa It would ba haat to arraat tba wha*a party aa aoca at thay arrtra land* tba ligbU 71i? cauaa of Uaip?raa<'a aad morn't ra>(uirat aaarptic action In tbla cat* Cn>? nr l-iat ti> mbmw -Iron mlnutat of rrilaoro tak?n by a comwittaa of tha llouta of Commomt, mm tltim ctrrlagat In 1WH, II tppaara that on a laa Aoo patrmrnt, reran eighth* of tba dirt >u canaad bf boraai' faat aad ena aiglrfh b y tha whaala aad froai arl daaiatakto by tba llaaltb of TovaaCoannltlaa, It ap p*ar? that oaa third of lhaitraat daat la nasal* , haoaa only ona twwlf tli of all tlaa dirt U tnada by tha ohasla. It la clalawd by M*etra Huaa k Hat I that tbalr pa to rn* i.t U much harder than that ?aad la Lwiia , aad If ihla la ?o. tha proportion of daat rnada by whaala I* ?tttl l< M oa tbalr pa*?maat Tba largaal aa'imiU far tha aright of ataaai atagaa, to rua oa grata!)* road a al fourtaaa milte per hour, la that Ihty tbouVl aoual tha weight of hnrtaa to rua taa aillai par hour. A fa'r aa timata for a good naerruent at attaa aillaa ta a <t?artar of tba walirht of tha vtbleltt drawa Tbn would aaa Aa tha total amountof dirt Wat than oaa alnVb of what ta roada by Lorta tairlaaat, and tba wtar of paeataaal abc'ot ona tilth Hut Tf wbaala aioaa ? hap Id ma aa a pavement, It would bacowia Itat, aad Math laaa aHr would taka plara Tbaia facta, tha proof of which ta al kan'l, ?b')ii'd Mm MM who ara IntaaMtad W? lata a ?mail arr'.unt of loa? or gala by attaa r^rrtagaa, whlrb hata baa* practically prorad to ba la ail raaaaala -af'r and mora a|i?r%bU than b< rtaa far uta Imaitiaa AatOfipraaa, tbara It proof tUat tbay wara afcapar th?n bi iiaa at t Hb? wkti locaawtlaa pawwt aaat ale t'?a?a ?oia thaa It b< ? coala. Ji uritti rai.M iHn, t,w ? Jo ha Itwlr, wbila^akarU^ uBc'rr atant|orary aba ration of aalad. Jtapa4 ftaaa tba taooad ttory o| tb? h>.u?a No. 14'> Kou-tk at/aat Ha waa lajura l dargaro aaly, tkougb It la h"pa4 aat fatally. Tha Proclamation or Acting Mayor R?ihat> TO Till tPITO* or Tilt II SUA 1.0. It apprara from jroar kiwet at /nrterda/ t fcti AlUi g Mayor Baiktr hw procUUiMd Norfolk m4 I'otUmouUt tu be " taf?et?d plaow," and that all rr atcla arriving frcm aald porta ahall be autijacl ta Qti?rtDUD0. Iu>mc<tlaU>ly fwUoirtac aald pra^UuM tk'D, jr u ??y , " Hut wty, ta tba aanaof ooaww attar, <3td oct tba Actlag Majror iacltuta .Vtw Or Itaca In bla i<r/;Uu*'.l<>n7" K?ir tha parpaaa af ?nawtilag tbia ^utatlon, m wall aa to ahov to tha j. ub le t'ia*. Actlcg May Ua'krr kaowt vhat ha la ktx uf, I atr.d you tba following aa;Uot?a u( Law fu |ioMlr?tioo : ? a. All taaaalt tnbrac*d la tba forawolu aaWUrtatao, arriving I ?lw*i tba flrtl day c,f Apr, I aa I tha Brat day ?f ' nnu.ur, aialaalra of tba tlaa la aaid aabdloaiuo nt<r>tloi?d- all taaaala froaa a foratga port, oa kxH at wbleb, durltg tba roraga, or wbila at tba port of dapac tur* aar ftiaoa tball Data baaa a ek -or from aay piaco In tb* > ninary paa?a?a from which tbay paa* aa* A wf C'p* ll'tloj#n, arrlrlLg batwaaa tba thlrtr Brat daf af May and tkal' tb day af Oetobar. aa 1 all rataala fiaat a ay plac* ilaclu '.lag lalaadat la >tla, /Africa ar I aa Ma ditarranaaa, < r fn-rn any of lha Waat ladia, llakataa, I'armuda or Waalarn laian^a or from aay placa In Ame rica, la tba ordinary ; ?????? frowi wl.icb thay paat aaalk cfiiaa/rata arr riag batwaan tba bra I day af April aal tta flrat .'???./ Vaawabar, abalJ ba a -b,aat '?? Mali U *a ran una aad other rafulalUat, aa tba llaaltb (Mtaar, with tba approval of tba Mayor aad tha ? vaniuivaata of llaaltb, atall | r? a? n Sa 1? art m irmio rpaarra A?ti >???*.?? ixiauari la rwa cuiartx. vaat.t atyw na rw? r?<?t m >iw toaa aaa tea rarea w riaaieii ra/na w T>.a laopla of lha "lata af Tort, rapraaaatad la l^anata aa>) A-a?wikly,do aaa' I aa folkaart ? .-?? I Artiala Brat, tula aaw/ad, ehaptar foartaaa. af tb? Ufa' part of tha Karlaad Ma'u'at, tatllM af Iba p'a'a of '|uarar.tia* aad tba raaaala and paraoaa tab >act tl.# rata, al.all not apply to raatalt aad par ?yai as ftgad la tba 'oaat ag trada batwaa* tba part of Haw o?k aad aay of tha ''ap?a <4 VlrgtaJa aa1 a.'. ta*k faaaala and t?r*oaa mar at all tltaaa aatar tba part af Vwi wltbtul '? ng t-i "ijaat to 'jaaraafaa, tha taaM aa if thay did imM paaa to tha aoath of 'af* llaw b.faa. Tb# f< rrgtlag Mctloaa of law la' >i<la maaiafrwa N?w Orlaara aa among U.ota tul^act V>'i<iaraa lira, which fart rar dart d H nnna> mmty to r Mayor naikarto ir?a?a aor i-r<* .uu'J a in r*ima" u* ? aid \*>ri ; at d baaidaa, mrlt'i '.h>Jara aa 1 /?'lav M?ar I ita iif?rall?d la Naw u/laana, ih# naatth ofi r+t baa UjtarlaMjr quarafttisod aJJ riaaala from ?a.d poit, la ac ordatro with in* abt/ra aiataW. Thaflmaa U'/n of lav jooud )a> trjoad immIi fr> n> U a |K'Ha of V lr*1ol*> aad ?? paaad (a 1%M. ted tha laataartion waa p*wd aa imatdaliry ar iba Mm*. Ilaara, wll/>w f???r naklag Ita ftppaar a era la Vir?tnia, l( b't ata tha datj of Ac4bf Major fla/kar to lata* a p^liwUw, <W*Wr1aj( ??ld "i(f?ft?d | U aad that vaaaai* ar riving fit n> tha ?aaia afraid ba awtyatt Vo gaaraa tiia. A f '?aataaiowsa or Ha*iri?. PnaMkl l?l?Uljaai i. Tka H"?ua r> of NaUrOa; aaf* ? H? nkft u?r??'? >? a liHh MUr I* 4tf ffea la4*eaUaaa u* aanra fa'orabla, a*4 Ux S*fH?ftU (uai; u4 u.ttM ar? *??'? aaura aaaoaraaad TVa diaaoaa la aw #>aU/ 4>?>a'abiog, aa4 tfca qaaauoo ao? la atitto tt?*? la HtMfk la Ua M.MUtauaa vo kiWi Mr lavraaoa ??tlj tka dlaaaaa >baJI ba *?oa tatmu. at in* m nuuim ;?*?< r*i B*?ia?*a r t/ t??? wi i 4 ll*i f I' ? I ' II l>.iti?aa Ka? lla.M irWaiawia "?'?fa V""3* lUiiaa Caaa4a A <j !?????? ?? ? t* '? ? 4. I a*ot4*>. Him *> *???? A C?( oratw. a*?u? laniM J ImUaf If , a I Ik* V>1?tu|l>l> imtf Kxl" * "'"JJ. * ,** *a*Oa a?ur ? *?*? r* STff ?M a Vk i Mi** < ? ???'? J " "???? " ?' n?a?. f%H ? ' '?? ?' ' l***' at it. *? i? .?? *?"?? I-a?4aa. t A Hal ru< i ' art*, i"fia'?<*a Ow ? a*a wrV/.f. I? I) ) ft ??la.aa. tn^l. H,:? fi/iaa **??''" ?*k, <"i?a*. BalUsvra TVaat Gbwaft* H luaiif, Maaaa. %( (*?aa ar Haraa oa Uaaca ? Wa lagrat %n ?afo u>ai diaaaarwf a Wc4aat ebanuMr baa brokaa <m\ at lUvra 4a 'irara. 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