10 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

10 Ağustos 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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tent tlrst ela^s twenty -Ave foot house eau now lie built coinddcrably cheaper than !t could a year or two ago. \ tory good tlrut claw sixteen feet eight i aches front house can now bo built for #6,000 or <7,000. Other widths front cost in proportion. We have spoken of this dim* of bona?? for the pur pose of remarking that capitalists greatly prefer to loan their money in smaller OMtn food M/NK) houses, such as we have described between Klghth and Ninth avenues, ratlier tluiu tt? loan May $10,000 ?u a $20,000 house. They like the 120,000 houses, and they like the streets, and they love the little children, admire the ladies, and respect the m> u, but they don't like to risk so many eggs iu ono basket. The merchants and brokers, they fay, \\ lio own and occupy these houses have been known to fail, Schuy. lerize, disappear suddenly, aud leave perplexing accounts behind them. Accidents, too, will happen n the best regulated establishments. Wars also will spriDg up, drouths will come, and devastating Ares leave ruin behind them. The conclusion is, that while capitalists are very willing to lend on such se curity, they will positively insist ou diminishing the amouut louned to such a degree us seriously to eur fcarrasH the unfortunate builder. It only remains for ns to say, on this branch of the Hubject, that there is another class of houses ou which Heaven help the man who wunts to ls>rrow money. We mean tenement houses. The prejudice against them is deep, wide, and very strong. We shall take another opportunity to describe them. They have become an inevitable necessity? a regular New York institution. They deserve special const deration, and shall have it. We only add, iu eonclu *k>n,thut it is a description of property ou which capitalists will not loan money. THcotre* immI Exhibition*. Tbkatkb The U?vel troup ire as successful ;>? ever, the thaatro being crov/ded < very night, and the audience delighted with the entertainments. ilrit time ?f the new domestic bullet, called the "Elopement, or a Return to the Village." The part of Nicholas l>y Gabriel lUve.l; Theroslna t>y M'He Celestine Franck. Tlio aeenery Is beautiful. A variety <if polkas, waltzes, &<?., by M'lle Franck, Mile Capet. \f. Colli t al?i Ho my Wells. rhu I'cmie pantomime of the ''Magic Trumpet." will conclude llie entertainments (iahricl Havel as the Clown uad Henry Wills us Nintn's t i audi \ ? The fairy opera of "rindcrnlla," with new and b"*autlfnl scenery, in announced again lor this evening. The hnu?c is crowded every night to see this spectacle, aud the audience seein deliuhtod with tin- sing in# and acting. In th<> third net, Miss lamia l*yne will iti troduce the celebrated aria, "1,0, Here the tienl.le birlt," erimpofed by Sir llenry Kidiop. iiurton npjiears iu two ?f his great characters to-morrow evening. Bowtnv Tjii itkk. ? Tin- benefit "f Mr. s. W. Glenn, a very popular actor and great favorite, takes place to night, when bU i'rienils an- expected to give him a bum per. Sevrial eminent n rt i t s have volunteered lor the occasion. The comedy of "Town arid Oiuntry" will com nen<e tlic ammeiuent ? Johnston, (ilenn, Hrew. Collins, Mis. Cook and Mrs. Bri.adley in the leading parts. The "Mummy," with Mr. Hie, Mr. (ilenn and Mr. Collins, will follow, aud ih'- "Lost Ship" will conclude the enter tainments. MKTKoroiiTtv ThratBE. ? The French and Spanish dance-s and French vaudeville company are drawing taahiouable audiences to ibis theatre. The eoinpauy is very good, and the vaudevilles and ballets are greatly a I mired -enorita Soto and Victorlue Kranck nreeviry night cbeerifd for lliclr beautiful dancing, and M. Uus tave. Frnnchville, Mlh ? . AI> \andrlne, and .Mine receive the plaudit- ol' the audience for their dramatic talent. Wood's Minsiui-is. ? This company is doing a tlue bu*l nes-. their hall is crowded every hight, ami (be Hinging, dancinjr i.ttd instrumental performance* give the utmost satisfaction. I lie grand "hakspearlan festival and Mas. ^twtade Ball * ill conclude the amusement-, "The Kiioa."? We Have (leant of Hani l>no"ks and soft knoeks, and many otbi r kind ofknocks, but the knocks that are "nit,'' are the heave re n.inu tvtured by the celebrated KSOX, whose stores at the eo rn> r of Vnltonstjeet and Broadway and 0;KI Broadway, are two Of ih, ornancnts of our popular thoroughfare. Anaoii'i DagurrrMfye|pi.-Laif? alze for 50 e?ntn, i nlnred and Inanhe case, twice the siM othera fefce for M cents, and equal in q islity and sire lo those ?MMie elsowhere for ANSON, 68H Broadway, opposite MeUopoiitan Uelcl. Attractive Auction -Mnlt of ('linlrc Hran die? v>'n?*s, bamp.ignes. kc.. of a high cod. ? .M.BERT M. 1*1001-4 Y will sell ou I'riday and Saturday. August lOlii and 11th. at 11 o'clock each day. ut bin salesroom, -No. 11 Broad street, u llie colli ction of very ? ujn'rh l.ran i-ln the baUinct; of u diork of one ?f otir Hrnt iifiportiiiK' limine*, ninl arc iu a pure stiito. u?* are to Is* Bold oul} in original packages as imported, inu d.11 V) ri d from the 1'uited States bonded warehouse. Ybls sale oflV"-s ii n usual inducements, us it i< I ho closing ?ut of a large invoice, and we reeoiunu ud the trade as wll as pri\ .te coiisunif rs to attend it. All the goods nro to Iw sot 1 without reserve. *i nd every nrtlcU' wirnm, I es represented in the catalogue, Kur u more full <lescrii> tton w? refer to the advertisement of Mr. Vloolay in kDOther eoluuiii. Plnnoe.? PnrrhMsers Ur?lrlng a fleod In Mtrune nt, one guaranteed to givo entire Mtlsfaetiou or pnrch?s? money refunded, at the lowest possible prlee, atnuild <-a U at tbe great music aud piano store of IfdllAl'K, WATKK* -tl Broadway, whose assortment of celebrated pianos is the largest in I'nited States: prices so I >w as to e/impetllton, and terms s<i accommodating as to adapt themsehes to the condition of all. S?-e names of the frilluwiug celebraK'd makers, whose piaims are eon wtan'ty !u store: ? Horace Waters' modern improved p?an.#; T. tiiltiert k Co.'s premium |>iau?is, with or with nt the xolian; Hallett ii Cumstou'a, WiMidward k Bx'*a?s. .u>d Jaeob Chickering's Hoston pianos, and iu ttHlttMl tkOM of ll\e other New York niak< second hand pianos at great bargains; plauos to p-nt, and rent ufiewed on purchase. Svle agency for the sale nf S. I). A H. W. Smith's picmimu uielodeons, tueisl tlio eijual tenperauxtnt. t'oueert aud Hull at I'liloii Hull, Saratoga K|>r)Mv ? Mr. W 1V>1: lender of the band <'iig*g<'>l at (Tie above for this season, would Inform his friends an i the jniUlie that tin annual ' oncert ami hsll for the Ix-netit of his ceh.t rated band tak, s plan) on fhursday evening, Align". It), on which ix-ruslou tb<- large dining room ivt that hotel will Is n>e.|. Rvan>* Clothing Warvhonar. fifl and 6? >ulton street. ? /epliyr ea-'iir 're suit-, #10: ? heck Mar fceui, - -'jits, i* :Al go,Hl liuen eoats, *1 .'SJ: beautiful Marwiilei ve?t-, $1 ; Alpacca coats, #- ; line blue <? doth arc.n coat-, J 10 k*:.t Kc Mnintlnrlty, to he 1 (tractive, Oirtald Ik- of u u?ful an<l valuable type. Kor example, tilUCKN'tj -di r w are s^ntfuUrly lieauti'Ml. tngularly |*rte. t in their at. ly !! aii-l. mori- singular than all, nre always <icUv? rr-i the clock atfrlkt i the |?r<? ndnfd J^ovk*. Lidkfi fJolnji In the ? onnf r> WImIiIiik Their tftpplie* .tT't ?, r;iu rtn?! of mII th? tathionabU frcua 1^*. lo'iO'.; fi? toiM. nlipi** rn an<t hu -kin<. iVom Ut 1<M, pair, with boy?'. mi- " uii?l cliiMri-Ti 1 ?n?l -Imh -, nt '??(iu?lly low pri?*f. K<uu tub* r J. II MllJili to <Xl. r.m.tl C?rpr(lii|pi for Fall Trmlr, iHVWMiiiAtli dh LUCVsBKKW 4<V? Bromlwwy, n^r'intn*! street, have ju.-t refute* I, |?^r UtA arrival*. neven?l lnr^r? iHToire4 ??t naiit v ? Uip^Mtry an?i BhimHi rar|?? tlntf wltirh th?*y ?.r?* now off. rinfc. fi^rh^r w i<4* a largo and ?*1#? 't - lork ? ?f Ali oih? r (*ogiDwtr<] with ihi> carpet lra<if, a* great i&dl!f#'taetiM. fiook : liiMik U-Hlrtm liidrrwii. \o. fM? Mowv?ry. i" Htt/r ?i4en?IW Kti^lish vflvt-, tnji*- irjr, Kr?j" ? ?- i ml tlir?'?' ply **n r |M*f at one hal! ih? r^al valu* . H^utiiiil mII Hooi ioirraif) n?rf? tn at #'J-. *W1. ?n<J 4". p< viirri. Nrwliif Markbim-Urr*( Improve" ?xiit- jnxt rotnpletoal ? Havlnj b*at?n th? Whole ?whig ma?'hiri?' World l^-for* -INliUthm nowdl?tan.-'d liiinaalf 17i? d*-w inarhlne*. jnit out, ruu without nolw* villi lit tM tu lb* operator. and with double ?p<v'l. no Mul in a piT> n tiro? Mttr* m uiu'h work ran l*? doo* aa wHh \n- old inchiD ?. Tlw Iruiwiw auprriorityr ?d4*6o nnor ol ih'-i- uiachJii"* ran b" vu and un<Wi?to.d at a glanc-. Call ,.nd ox* mill'' ill. ,,,. I. M. ."I2WKR k CO., 323 Broadway. NrHliiy MarHJ -I'rrtNMiK Umklnit for ?? win)f r)i,. him ?, Omul'l not tail to r*nin:nr Nirhol* K ni.i'liin" ? t >i tlirir I lr Improve iu?*n'? for -lit. li In* t h<" limit or ro?r??wt BUtlltel, tlltll or without .1 waifd ? ti 'I'll.;, t-itJicr In ll.-i ? or rylin4rir.il form. I II Ml II' >!.-* * (>>.. ?J1 Broa.lu y iilftm a lid Prr?riiti^-Ja>t R*rtlrH, and for aal? ja*da<*d pri"?w, Ui* i-boi<-p?t arlwtloa of Linry *?mJ? ami ?l?o r**ry rarirty oi toy?. dreaaeo an?l <Ui dnMwrd doi'i.. r?ro< - of siun ?-i?mit . fc< , at ItOtihlCS I an <-y ltauaar 44'.) Hniadway. WnMlnc ( ar?la?An n?ort m?ni of E*rr? ?w>ir* ?Hfan lj| i-nrTar'-d wcim ,% and at lionw ^ard-, ? nmxipr-, It#., iii tin- latrat Paii>i.in ?iyl?, <*an tw li t.) mi aMb^l'-aHi n, ?r ?*nt hy r>o?l U> nnv i>?ii <4 tlio country. ? JAMK.H t-;\Klil>U.l , .iOJ Itn ,.<t?ajr, f-r. ihinaal. < ?RttM> OUa, Kmikh <?!?>, Jumalr* and W. i roii rum, appi?, peaih and ? tiTrjr hnmdy, *Ui?k<y and p??'t . | io< di> inr>. r??"ntiaJ oiW. pli'itqgpraahic, 'la g\i* -foty i* and troivu* * li* mif iiin. atW all nirtal* ??.r mU<! by U I.. K WCH I W \NM K. >l?Wo? Ian< Hrfmnrr Halamandrr *.f. .,_KotH r1 N. PiU HP k i? ft" ?o|# inanu'arftirr r In tin I nlte-l .Ji f ?* of tbe , ithYO <*lrlrat'?l i-alu and put. ti' t>o?d*r proof ? la-ii -ir* l?+. ami To?a barf. Ik, pot l*a >'< art ?trw< mm- d ?,i lirlow Hnidrn la nr. Dr. Wirbnni'i Frrrr l>rop<.|> wIIIih air ly rtnplojwl In the tTlnw-a, a-lii!ltta?l by the Awtrlao and HKtlnh <??"??? *? * pharmar. otb-al pr-|*ration. AiJ ?hc Ix-nd- n hoapital jtltyJrtan", aa Jtr. HahMqcfta. Holll.b.y. -1r J?m<" t'tarl. In <4 tn 'rUu no'pltala, and l y th<' phj -Irian and ki?|f? of Holland and Is- Igium ar>> n?irH hl-i inlaHil'l" ilJtiriuittrnt and ' hill and f r.-r ? <u 4t. k',,i lik?wl?* wmmrml'd in h'<|. 1 a and maligna at d< rati iy. For -al" t.y DK I. KM niTW'ASOKJ!, M Mai.l' n lan? Bntrhrlor'x llolr I?>r, Wl*n m?d Toaprra? \?i? ?w>t i;i <hr ?o' Id MM prl*?t? r.?.?< for af'plri'** hi- onrif ill?d dya Hrwar* "f imiUUfmv th??y r< -wit 111 rVlv jir. Tb? i.4rj#?.( ?tifk of *ild to'ip^"^ lit Ania r> ? mU'jt. m air. .<.W| a> *, \ ??J It In tile F*(t' of Gonlni to Naffi r Pmceo tiou. ? It was so with Oo|rfTnicu/i, <;<UIIoo, Sartorius, Co lumbus. and a host of others; tiut it is eminently so with Ihr. GOT'HAI'D. Than him, no scientific man has evor br' ii a greater bonefaetor to the ladle*, heaven bless them I Vet he ha* H?ed to the rewards which aro i ti ~t ly hi" duo rudely attempted to be -iiatched from hi* hand. Thus no sooner does hf geeml in manufacturing medicated noa[i for thu euro of freckle*. fan. eruptions, ?ad :ill Ula to which flesh is heir. a poudre ?uUUl for up rooting hair safely and cntiekly Irom any part of tho hody: a hair dye which instaiitantoualy converts red or v'i ay li.iir to h permanent brown or Mack; and superb j liquid rouge or other requisite* for beautifying the fclr ?ex, tint t hoy are pounccil upon J>y ignorant and unprin cipled adventurer* who not only make spurious m i tiol* ? to resemble Dr. a.'*, but absolutely advertise the receipt of hid preparation", to bo Ibrwardrd by tnail, upon iv mitting *1. a most trnrn<| a rent dodge, and which must elicit the ridicule of every intelligent reader. It is tlie Doctor's private opinion that tho creature who would he guilty of sueh a niean act would not hesitate to steal the eopi ers from a d* ad nigger's even. But iniplora pace 111 is Dr. U.'s motto: and he, the retort, contents himself with once more calling the attention of the depredator* to his wishes in this respect ? failing which he will bo compelled to adopt the lex tagllonis and . It must ho borno In mind that the genuine preparations of Dr. liouraud are to be found at ills old established laltoratory, t>7 Walker Htreet, tir-it store Trow Broadway; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn: Pules, i'M Washington street, Bolton ; Ga Bender, 88 South Third street, Philadelphia, and respectable drug glsts. No Prdlent Have It ? No pedlers have the genuine Lyon's powder and pills: These famous remedies of mine No pedlar over selis, ? ."-ee to the signature ? " K. Lyon" ? There's nothing ?Ue y?u can rely on. Buy no articles purporting to bo LYON'S Magnetic Powder and Pills, for insect* and vermin, unless th y have a fae simile of my signature on tho wrapper and label, Iiepot, 124 Broadway. The PuMIr, Drngglnti, and Dealer* u> Gene ral. arc iiiititied that Cos tar's rat, krooch, An'., exter terminator I* the only effectual article that annihilate* tlieso pests, without danger or stench. None put oat on c< iiimission. No false certificates used; it speaks for it self. No pedlar* sell ft. Try it, and you will find it worth its weight in gold. None genuine unless signed liy HENitY H. COST Alt. Wholesale and retail depot, 388 Broadway, New York. Hill's Ilnlr Bjc, Four Sbliilngii a Ikn? with a brilliant gloss? nn>*t reliably natural in color* of black and brown, and more permanent than any other ill the world, admitted by all who use it. Sold or applied privately at No. 1 flare lay street, or 4r? Nassau .-treot. M'lilskt rs or noostaclifs Fortnl to Grow In m1* weeks, by my unguent, wld' h will not statu or injure the skin, tl it bottle; sent to any part of the country. R. I!. (ilUllAM. .">8o Broadway; ir.leber, U South Third street, 1 hlladelphla; Brigg*, lit state street. Albany. Dr. 8. 8. Pitch, Author of the ?> HI* Lecture* on Consumption," ottice 711 Broadway, will \m pleased to afford relief to those who have been injured, or who have failed to bo benefitted by the speciality of initiation for diseases "f the lungs or throat. Open daily (Sundays excepted) from nine to tivo o'cloek. Treat* consumption, asthma, diseases of the heart, and ail chronic, disease* of males and females. Consultation free. |)r. S. S. PITCH Is always at home, and there is no person elsewhere, travelling or otherwise. In any way connected with him, or Htlwllld to hail from his OMI, or rider patient* to him. D'C'nunrou'* Rrclprs are ArrnmiMiiIrd by instructions which euabbLevery purchaser to prepare the liest cosmetics known st^eielj hth the store price. They embrace hair dye. hair restoration, an elegant pomade, eau d'boiiuct freckle lotion, ilentritlce, poudro subtle, la belle w hite, bloom of roses, fif. Will be sent to any ad dress in the city of New York, and may he paid lor on deli very. forwarded by mail to any part of tho I niteil States. < ifliee 212C<dumhia ? i n et, one door left, of Atlantic, Brooklyn. Price #1. M. U 'Cameron i* no ddvi ittnrer, but u practical perfumer of sixteen years' ev pcrienre. His poudre sutitie contain* no sulphuret of arseuio or other poi?on. and yet it is a* good a* anything -old und<r tbat name. lJr. Jnmo Sf< Cllntoi k's Vtlinoplug Coagh Remedy and lllarrhwa Cordial have become i'it household favorites for whooping eough a tui ?roup,!'! q dls rrhu a, cholera morbus. dysentery, cholera futauttH* and summer complaints. They u re noted alsive all otluf remedies for girlng instant relief and etfci'tiug a spivity cure. Sold by A. (U'^HMAN' A; CO., 295 Broadway, and all drugo! t-'. Owner* of Horses will tind Or, ToMas' Liniment, in pint bottles, at TiO cents, superior to any thing else for i-uiing colle, swellings, galls, braises, lump*. *C. Sold by all the storekeepers and iliuggists. Depot fO Cortiandt street, Ni ? York. Ktrofnla, Rlieumatl?iu, Air ? Hyiitt'a Life balsam is as ei rtaln to cure the most painful forms of these diseases a* water is to quench thirst; also, otd ulcers, fever sores, erysipelas, the worst cu*e* of impurity of the blood, liver and kidneys, general debility, dyspep sia, inclpieut consumption, piles, k\, ftc. Prirn ipiil d? pot, No. Grand stre? t. 76 cent* p?'r bottle. Holloway'a Pills? A Certain Cure for Nick headache and disorders of the stomach. Their virtue in such cases is known in ail parts of the world. Ttio-e at Hicted with livi-r, bowel complaint* and Indigestion, can not use so go<Ht a remedy. Sold at the manufactorie*, SO Valden Imih\ New York, and 244 Strand, Uindon, and by all druggists, at ?"i cents, till 1 ^ cents and $1 fier fxix. M*rrleil. fhi Monday , August rt, t y tlie Rry. Spencer H. Cone, < ii ?m >s Man to Mi-< M iav 2 Ns>-vs>x. iu of thi* city. t>n Thursday aftirnoon August .i tho Church of thi Holy Apostle-, by thi- Rev. K. S. liuwland. A?mk Arocs T\ t o??T>s3t. elrte.-t daughter of the late Kdwln P. Coin stoek, to .f*iv>B li. Tut k tm. all of thi* city. thi TtiM?y August 7. by the Rev. A. .1. Robinson, Mr. W. It. lit mint to Ml** M. A Monat . all of this city fin Thursday, Aiigil-t *i. by the I'.ev. Mr Camp, Wtij.ua Minvn. K*q., of Kdinburg. Scot la ail, U> Mis- 1j ? Mil K, of this eity. At Christ Church, Belleville. S. J by the Rev. Pr Miu-low. JjtMlil. t>KiNNKM, ot Creeri fluid, Ma??., to Axti K.. ilaughttr ot the lati Col. Jsdin Sts Ui?rd , I , S. A., oT Prederkfcaburg, \a. DM. Ou Wflof^lay. AtiguM 8, <>u>R<.( Ko>mio. ?*? ?! .'>1 y< ar? I lin ft tend** and a<*<iuaint.iie*? ?* are respectfully invited to ut tend th?* fum-ral, from hit lat?- riaidence, No. 94 I'er ry wtrevt, thi* afternoon, at tw? o'clork, without further invitation. I ti > remain* will be taken to Urocnwood Ce metery tor interment. (hi Ihuraday tnortiin^, Amfunt 0. J<**aoi! J.\roe?ox. a?r?-sl <V?? years. I iit* friend* and thofo of hi* ?w. KrederieU. are uiv'ud to attend the fuiwal thin after mam at half peat tlui oclook. ft urn No 1*2 (irov. ? street. Ili* i? main- w ill be interred in Trinity Cemetery. On Tlmritday ttHiruiAff. August 9, of cholera infantum, On a an n KiKiAR, only rhild of John P. and Emma I- Jon-?, ?(*1 I year. 3 taunthf and 20 day*. The relative* and frlond* of the fntt Ily ar** respectfully fmited U? attend the funeral, from the re-ddenre ?rf hi* parent", \n. :?M W* -t Kighternth htrct, thi# .(fteraoon, at two o'cloek. Saturday, August 4 of dysentery. Mi Miuh M< I ? i?wt> only <langliterof the I; te Itobert m rt?! Ann McFad di'tu Her rejuiiin- were Interred in Greenwood. *ttdde?ily, on tVediieaday. Ango-t M, Omkij* -on ? *1 Jaoo-* \V. Wallaei . fn the .'10th year of hit at<?\ Hi- ft neral Hill take plari- thi- morninjf ;if t? n o'eloek. It oru hi? late r? i<ieri' ?? No. 0 Hume rwley pi i -*? Ifou-don .?dre?*t. Hi- remain- a ill 1* conveyed to Or "en wood 0* tindery. ? i) \V *-dn? -^ay. Augo t 8 l/>r i* H only rhild of H> Pry and Anna Co reken. aged *1 year*, 1 m?ntli and 17 daya lh?? relative- and friend- ?<t the family ar re-pe?'tfti*ly invited to attend t fnri'Tnl, fr?'iri the r* ?- '? '* *ri' > of hi patent*. No. l.V* r-ivth avenue, at two oVIi k tlii ufU ? i.?M>n. without further invitation ? n I h?u -day rwn.n Anjru<t *.? >1?hy.Mi.4 ui^htrf ot John am) Julia Milrhell. lie- frien*l? of the family, and the m? i> I - "t -t ?r l ?wi(^f?. r and A. M.. a r? f ? ' ft n lly invi ? I to attend the lunenil. from the re?id? nei- of her lather \o. 10 Kldri?ji<# street iit tt??? o'chick thi? afternoon. I;n Thursday, Anffu-t U, ,1/sft It, wife "f Win. P. Hmitli. | I he triend* of the family :ir#? r? -ju rttnlly ir r t> i to at- j tend the funeral, from h?*r lat<- re?idem ?\ N??. .11 Weat Tvii-nty-rtr t street, to-morrow mornintc. at half f*a#t nine o'elnrk, without further invitation. H< r rt-maina will ?*? tnki-n to th* family burial ground, at hinfMhrtdsr*- for In terment. ?>n ihnraday. Auguat Wru. >|4RT T?a?K^, w f of John f<"tr?? in the t>4fh year <>l hep njre. I In friend* of ti family ;?r? re*p? rt !uli| inrited to at tend the funeral, thia after main, at twoo'chwk. fr?m the re-ddenee of her ion In-law . Imaae T. ( eorm r of Thi r ty-ninth street and Wxth avenue I " Mrangr eounty pafx-rn pb-u*c ei?p% i n Ihur^tay erenlnir Auifuat 9 Vuujav ^ CVm . *K#n| r,7 y ar?. .Not ire of hla funeral will j/iveu On Wednesday. August U of eonau motion, Mo kc i A. | IMi t in the fcftth yt ar <?t >n- afe. (lip* remain^ will lie takrn toTalvary OnwfCry, thi* af terma-n, at half pa*t thru? oVl??ek (rem No. .Vi5 iir<?td- j way. I ork. fi eland, |?:'p? r* pl? a?e ropy. Oil Ihuradajr. Aufie-t t? A>Vi, ?Uufht'-f Ko?m 't i n^e?1 1 y? ar and 7 month* ihe frieielfl and a< " ?intai?'>f? ;t r? r -pe' tfully irivft#**! to atleuMl the funeral, f*i> .i|terno??nt at threo o'?d/H*k, without further notj?#?. from the rt -idemsoof hei* fwrent-, \o. .?'? I hird avenur ?" * r "f )J' \? nt h ?*ree? In ISrtM.klyn. on ii-ui- ? '/ -t ??. t????'.oi U -eiv? la, of(J. W. mO'I %.ir i \. aa? n Trie f i W nd of t ? !..ii ? 1 v < riully iff t i f . f?. at tend the funeral. tlii- i > " ? i < t r nf ; t. n O .),*? |M., >{, TO Myrtle avenm*. i Wlltliiwtimn on We<}iH*?Mt.'i , ItifS t .?*'? - a -) ?, illne-*, Kijiun P.. you?fi ? " H. and J^arali .\ Ano'-iaor* a|fed . y * ;? i O .. r). \? |fJt r i t;? t i % ? ifid f'.'l)' f til' f.? ? dy - i " f>' it i/Hr i n vi 1 1"! to a t T ? ltd tV lore '?! ? r(? ? . h" p?rrnt .;???' - t. ? >? 1 ? * ? *?? e% n ' ' ' ' sitternoon. at twr? o%*l??el . I lira paper* ph"t?? roj.y \t ( ;ili.ii?;e 1 1 I *-d S j- 'e-'i i v An/u?t " '?i, ? it'. * A < M; ' j ? of h??r a?? i fte r. lativr r?' ? ier .:> . i : V# ? ir\ f to " .?f i oven n* I ? e \ I o <.i o i f * fully invite.) to t r.-Tj. ? the f ?i ? at two oV|?a*k i ?n 'I : ?U y ' ?/ n'' ? abort lllnep*, Mr-. M *nrH? hitirr n th? 71- ? aire. ll*'f f r i> tit." ;?!!? I" -? .I'm# ; i > ' ' , ' 1 tlt'd to ?M# M-. '}. I < Uat file ?, f J, . | fn.m 'i i ? u h ? ' I f ? - u vl ?/ ? t ? r>ear I'ourth aveune. * '? ?' U'AvMb, vfc .m? .??/, i >,'? i V, W .*; ms ? Hi Tt-iii^naM, iufitut itoa of .Seymour A. and Miiriba J. Hut rbinxun, aged ti months and 13 day*. ihu t riend* uC the 1'uioily are re>)ue?tel to attend the ft ucrul, from the residence of hi? father, No. -'i Aiuity P 1 rci't, thi* afternoon at two o'clock. At Greenwich, Couu., Kixi.tu IIknht ptlustA.v, ajed H iiioiiIIih. The friend* of the family are iuvit'd to attend the fune ral. fiom the re*idenre of lila parents. No. t.'Mi Weat Tweu ty-lhlrd ntreet, thi.i afternoon, at two o'idoek. AMKRTLStMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. ><KW FI IILIC ATIOJVH. T VWII'I, Cl.IJIMAVS OKEAT FOl'KTH OKJI'I.Y AD JL~f dress, just and for sale by Pl'DNEY & ?U .John street, and aU bookseller#. Single copies, VJ>.4 cents; per 100. EAniH/S HIOORAPHY. ? THE Al 'TilENTK* BUXiRA . phy ot Mile. Kachcl, with coteuiporary criticisms by the most eminent Kuropcun writers, ?ik\ analytical no tices d1 her most celebrated characters, beautifully Muh toiled with superb portrait on steel, executed by the heliegruphic prt?cf<s lfi Paris, Price cents. Order# to benddn>sed to J. DARt'lF, ?t Hall V Sin's, Broad way. New York. PERSOWU. \W UnrOBMATlUN ? . l \ I N or Margaret rabbit. who landed last month from t^pain, and vviis, about loijr days since, living at Kavenswood, will bo thankfully received hy her brother, John Jtabbit, Brighton, Ma*s, ; or ho cun be *een ut No. 10 Ann street, in the basement, tin fit 4}ii o'clock I'. M. IJNTIRKLY RKCO VKKEJ >.? TAKFI CARE OK YOUR J M'h. n Y. IF MRS. MARY BYKILS, OF NO. aft PI AN STRKOT, Brooklyn, will return to her disconsolate but afTec tionato husband and child, Hainuel, *he will be kiudly received and a s kindly forgiven. Other papers please n.j.y. IF 31 R. JAMtS liORDlN ? WHO WAS AT ST. L0U14, May, 1HM, i\ ml afterwards at St. Paul's Minnesota, will semi hi-* address to, or call on Me^rs. J no. Higxins ft Co., 36 and 37 Vehey street, New York, he will bear of m mething to hi ? ad vantage. INF< )RMATlON WAN! Klv ? ? >F Tl Mt >THY DARBY, who came to thin country five years ago; ho was a native of the county Tippernry, Ireland. Any iulorma tiou of him will bo thankfully received by his sister, Maria 1 arby. at 94 * ? reen ntreet, New York. When last beard from wan in Hondout, I'lsti r county, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTFH ? OF TIloS. FEl.IX AND Martin Kilcullen. front the parish of thumard, coun ty Higo, Ireland. When la -1 heard from they worked in Attune!, near Pittsburg, Alleghany county, State of Penn syhania. Any information given of them to Mr. Bernard (lafnevs. corner of Twelfth street and First avenue, N. Y., will be thankfully received hy their -ister, Mary Kil cttllen. I itt*hu>? papej please copy. JOHN BR v l?\ - LATE R1 BID! ' CI , NO 1 1 ? BROOHI street, N. V. ts requested to return as it. is hi* ill* U rest. "Vf R, JO.-1PH A. |n?VI.| WHO CAMK MKs-KNOKR for Wells. Fargo & (\>,, in steamer Northern Light, in May last, will please call at their ottice, H'2 Hroadway, ituincsi lately, on a matter of Importance. THK TURK. C1KVIKKV 1 1. 1 .K rot !<<!?;, l? ( TKorriNf..? MONDAY, J Augtiwt 1.1, at .'i o'clock P. Mm itiatch f.itK), mile heats, best thtee in live itt haine-s. James Whelpley iutntesgr.it'. Voting Suffolk; Hiram Wnodrulf name# b. g. I'eurwk. i'?n. OOKKblK, Proprietor. IT VION t'Ol RSK, L. I.? TIlOTTI VO, MONDAV, Al J gust l itli, at.'l1. P. M., match tor $1,000, mile heats, best three in five to harness. Mr. W. Peab?>dy, names b. g. (YjuyJohit* Mr. If. Woodruff, mtfnes g. g. Billy \\ oodc'H'k . Made to come off goo. 1 <lav and good track, SHAH Wlffri-; Pronrii tor#. Totiu:j.ovkiw ami brkuwers <>f u%::-7>x k'.? The celebrated thorough bred htalJion Will Irishman will stand for a limited number ol' mares rjio efjfuing s?-a eon, at the Kcd House Htables, at #?>0 the Ketson. ^Vil moneys to be paid before serving the mare. Al] acci- , dents at the ri*L of th?* owner# WILLIAM A. BRf)WN Prop U tor. UK W ARUM. (IS -J Ai WA 'SKWARIi, ANIf No gl FKTIOVS ASKKI). fr) I 9 v/ \ / V/ I<o-t, on the morning of thelntof Augii^t, a roll of Uiom y containing about five thousand dollars, in one hundred dollar bills, prim i pally of the cHy bank-. The above reward will be paid, aud no 'jneitioris what* ver asked, on the return of the money t<i i*DO. W BF.MtS, Jrviug House. 1 d\f\ REWARD.? lloR-iK AMI HPOGY WAf?ON JJf) 1 f stolen, at Hustings. V V., - n Tin lay nfgbt, the 7ih Horse Itf hands high, of a dark red dish gray color, light bind feet, long light eolored or sil ver tuil, hind hoof has be?mvera ked aud now growing out. Light buwgy Magon, leathei fop, made by "itratti?n, New York, old harne?s, Ujgether with a trunk ol clo thing. The a hot e reward will I . paid l -r the recovery of the property by applying at II 1 '? rry -trcet, N?*w York. J. MATri>ON. RMVAW?.? I?tsT WI1HIN A SHOR'I 1)1.4. " tare O o I the Hanotet It, ink. i porket InNik. e? ntaining $^12. WhcH'Vei nill bring the -ane* to the owner, at Mr llale'n, HO N.i- .to ?tie*?t, will rereiv* the above re ward# The iion-rt tmn ot the abov will )** ruinous to th** l??s# r. | p RKWAHD? I.^T, ??N ft KM>AY, THE " I'M, i po? -Uetbook, co|?t i nil c i titieai* s of "t'M'k, ? y..*#oo Hank of ng, ami $1 iM#? Knickerb?>cker Ice to.; a Uo sundry f.ajiers, of no n*< ? ??pt to lh? owiter, and ^4.'? in bill-, rhc finder will p!?*?-? r? turn the above to \i:\ t .iual retaining the $!"?. i&Q/A REWARD.? STRAVKD oft STol.KNf, ??N OR / abaut the 1 t of August .? blight bay horne, I. or years old. alniut 14 hand Itiff I. . two hind feet white just ov* r the t? t lock, one fore |.n?t white just over the hoof, not -.hod. a large Mar "it his forehead, a sitib on the no e. 1 h* above reward will he paid l#y Andrew Ht/pjiiri' k iHlst stre* t and Si\th avenue. ILirlem. 4jhw>"r RFW \Rth? l/Kl . YFMKK0AV MORMNO. fN ) the vi? inity of Wall street a -mgU- "tone diamond tio^e. tinv. with green ?itamel flower*. The al?*ve re* wai?i will be paid to the p? r*? n del?v? ting the ring to Hammond .V ('?? N"t?. 44 Merchant- Ki? hange. S. MAM MO.VH At Oh, J NO WIIXiN dh-i/V REWARD.? IjO>T, ON W FIiNKSDAY. At Ol HT I \ t lit, a 17 tool roA boat, bla? k out-id*', with a jellow stripe around white in^id* re?S kt?*? au-i yellow ^eats, named the Play lioy ol the limit' ry. M. gl loi.l Y, Battery. J HKW \MM. ? MhT, ON* it I -HAY \ V\ llfTE BUI I. IT* ) furrier v. ifhhbok ,<jn?l u>i i tie ey? * ud ears hot rut. Whoever will n turn him to No. H*? llnit Tte nty firu? ?Ij?h t nill re? ?*iv? the above rea? d imv urn i ot m, 1 .lot Ml ? \IUM T rio UO I f of Jf f.Y, fN -AINT I trl. : I .thedral a |h, with a -nt .il amount ot money. |he oum r **i?ii hae?- th# by proving propert* and paying e>.peti^<u fnqoiruof Mr-, rituittnjxhsm, 2H?? Mulberry -fr?< ' n tin nut I" ib T? mN FRIDAY !.A-f, HriUF>.V K TKKVTW j and Nineteenth ,*'r? f in H oot-. iy, a pointer ?loif, liver and wbifec??|orj a#i?wei to ih* nam* *?f Mltto. A liberal n ward ? II b- ^tid t- ?. ?e|j\. ? j Us the f*t hie Hoiim in I bird srf<?'f. !?? I- ? ??. Soith '???vet.to Williamsburg. I'?T. ? ON WKONK-HAV I . . I : t- V ? ? . -s 41 j fJghtL. in lion ?ton ir.? i, l? t <*m \ .n and' in ton - trwl <. n k, net >? 1 1 'fwpi honk, of u?? ' ? > any on" of Conr? * ? ? t!i? oi'n*i-. I Im- U finder will plt-K ri'iurti tbr aim-toM. r~. .lo|j n I .\ II I'ineli i1!** nwklnflun ?h?-ro a liberal n ?.ird u 11 b'' |?aid. 11 i?T? mV UK* -1)1 IN-7 , \ )'iiKIKM?>NN.UK~r'?N' j tiiniiiiK i 'h?k. >ir?irii )i; Jukii A < ?.. on l hi I iron 'or j iyiii?*nt <>f ?-M>-)i ) ,*? I .??ri rUn/i* .< ? II .(mount, i>riD'i|' illjr in $1 (nil* <>n tin Vi ? * in I ' 1 ' Im r villi j?n|..r< oi i.r i vain* to nit/ |*?- 1 -on l.lll llir 1 III ltli.|<-r "- ill I* 111* r.llly f ? ?r'l*"l l-> i"i fnf h not* to I I II.'iI 'nI tHb i -| n<-T? "M rnl I At'. KKW.M l> ~'iN lilt ?TI ti J* | J j ii '/< i HV'' Wa V i IV ??* an ? niliroi.ii r? "l c.-nnbri' haii ? ? i [ "f 11.' ,n * ill r* # ?. t#? tl.?' ;i v?- r> ? i *1 'hank' of iIh ww r hy ifit r iv Hi' ?*< i*" lit 4n W.-t W.i-li'iiir1 i pin- ?? ? - 1 ? a M""i; in t<> riiK AWKiTfi *N j In-' tot.- lihr ) . ? ml. I I i/ ? <1 < f tin- I r ..??!. I n ll . ? ' I ' I, . i *.i r * J W . ! ?.(nif* flu- IiikIit * ill I** p? I <? l.j !???? ./ it it tll?' lP-llt<lt< JUtl (In ;. . ? ij. "JJ? N -K KTH<>"K I/XT?iiS II IM niMM; 'IK iw. I 7'I| l?'tni'i'n I'lurm,.). k murk I'M t Hunt, lr to ?'?' I'liilinVI jilii* bank lilll' Any Wio find" .jf thi* ??IIM aft ! n*?f tt r nm if it to Whitinif A f *J7 1 W. *' f ' ? r T ji -fi rw* ?? < ? ' ? II l? li'N-riilly r??ard?d. DRV b<N>ll?, M . I Vv ixtiv-ivk arrmai. "f nuvuiv.- rsfr.oi. I lk- mnll and .*?!?? mn?f n-, rh*.i *?' ihmi In f >? ? -t by om of lif flrm ' i" fl I t> M-nl In Km-.j*-, I'KTKH RTlMMfT' \ "> 7 . H"??d?a; T>AJ.L- < U <.\ K - AM> >U> Ml.\- i ' ? VIIJ-1 _? now pr^[ afd to ?ihi''lt hi < fall ii ri . i.?o! l*ar? rlo?l? aii'l innntlllM. ? mbra in* ri'h ir-l ont^ i, wfor-h Ii?t? l^n ? r'l'iT trith ? 1 'ill lin# * of k<a o*n loanufartarf. nf miry irrad'' and f rir? Hli> < i". Ik iDMlill^l. Iiinai. tmlitnl ?iwl Inlly Irlm I'd f- ' 111 (1 ,V>. rlrlH lull .? Jll'l Iiantil. .? ?' . y Mimty ? ' I ?tyl? ami i attrrn. from I'i M. ,Ll>< r? an<IW??t'f im rrliant - .in<l J"*rbrr? ar? invil>4 n' lb* f -i? ami pi ir? ? at t#> ju-I Ha lllanil<?ri itiwl, tliri* . - fr< in I i .4'ia ay . DTfllKI fMNim. O- I HO Till n?U> III |1>I I' ?? ? %? i.l "T 7. 1? .

an ?*nt?d at th? Third I'l-'rlet f*. ,]j '??nrt ft "?* ?tr-1) f. r th? Ml ft " rl? all <! ?hl?-h l< ni[.j. .??| fmyc h? a ?!' 'Ion: ? 1 ?; 'i^ld rmj# <^??1. ??qlUiy nrw -JItt ?ji'-.n* an-1 1' r> ?, ?? M lMrk?d hiii klv* ) b"i ?ur(l< .1 Inatrn tnrs'" I 1 tifi ' ? ? i . id I rn.t pin- | *14 match ?x* I fttchk'.iiMt ? Aak" I i ?kot hiiHlhi-iflik-f'. innrKiH ' ' rt?*> iiv imrkwi C 1 1 ?ilffr !?? jti ii- ) t " r j ?? i?> l mantilla, 'i Ma. k la<-?. mantl.Ia* ?bi'o * , - ?*? |.il)' ? *w?. ?f drw*-* al-oaU-r- ,'i*iitl|y I tkiii "f cl'i' . i/FO, *" H *7-1.1.1, i A i ,nf. WANTft. A BABY? SIX W1ZKS OLD, TU BE NURriKD OL" i', V in New York or Brooklyn. Inquire lit I- Braudei' , corner ot'Houd anil Pacific *w., Brooklyn. A l'K< ITHBTANT C1RL WANTED? TO DO HO08KW' <RK J.V in a Kuuili family in Brooklyn. one for Connecticut, and never*! for variouft aituatiou* in the city. CU1 w tli your Ml'etMMea immediately .it No. 7 Carmine *t., tw Bluvckrr at. 4 N AMERICAN YOCNfl LADY? A< CCrfPOMKD TO J\ buHintwN, ? ant* to attend in a ooofeei ionery, liakinij or fitucy Hlorc, Knod city M-ferancc given. Call or aitilra,* 19j Twelfth rt . , between 1/it Mid 2d avenue*, neeond Boor. 1 s AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN WffiHB A 8RT7A j[\_ lion un cook, waaher and lroner. or to do general houiieworfc, or hp chambermaid and waiter, in u private family or a boarding houw. No objection to the coun try. .Ici ly at 2W Mulberry at., corner of llounton, in the baneinent. / A RKSI'H TABLE YOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITI'A jfx. Men ??" chumtx ruiald and waiter. Beat of city rt> terence from her liu-t place. Call at 33 Went Warren ft., Brooklyn, for two day*. A WIIKIW I AMY. HAVING NO CHARGE, WLS1IBH J\ a 'lluatlmi u hoiiKekeeper, or in a small private family. GoimI reference. Call at No. 5 Mulberry nt., room 1.1, second lloor, in the rear. A YOl'NG I.ADY CAN RE AW>.MMODATKD WITH board, by itpplyiiiK at 4'J Division street; one who la engaged out during the day preferred. U ucxceptlon able relerenre required, AltESPEi TABI.E YOl'Mi WOMAN WANTS A SITl' A tion to do general housework; -he in a g>>od plain eistk, Ilrst rate washer and lroner; ban no objection to go a nhort distance in the country; tn-^t city reference* ghta. A] I-1\ .1 10 Went 13tli 4, In the rear. A situation wanted, hy as enqlbh Yoi'No woman, an chambermaid and Walter, in a private family no objection to go aa chambermaid In a tirnt claM hotel. Beet of < ity reference. Can be teen until en gaged at 6.') Vantlain sheet. AUOOKKKKl'KR WANTED?TO TAKE CHARGE OF a company'* book*, out of the city; one without a tamily preferred, ii* -alary nmst l>e low. AddrotiiS. S., Herald office, lor two 'l?y?, Mating name and place ol residence. A YOI'NO MAN, TWKNTY-H VK YEARS nl \< ,K, J\. wishes some light employment lo an English liou? wivli the view of learning Kngli'h, -alary l>elng no j>re nent objict. Call at or addrvna 'A'lK Dulancey st. A SMART HOOK KEEPER, WHO t'tN CoRRRtl"OND In Gctman and Krcncb, ean lind? permanent *ltua tion liy addressing .i line, -dating references and partleu lars. letter box I.'iH I o--t < >tfi e. HOY WANTED ? IN V WHOUSAU: DRY OOOlH -tor". Salary #."i0 the l!' ,-t year. Address Johilsou, box 7iil I'ost ( '(tic. 1J< IV \\ \ n ' i r ? i \ ? i n> mi i w 0FT1CI LVKX | r#?lhuf ??|?|torf it flit y to to-?{uit <' an filimi-tiou with H miihII Hilary. Iu<iuir? of Oo<Hor Kent, 40 Howard M., out* door from Itroadv. ay, (1AIJKORMA.- I ' i WIDOW I ID! 01 VO< H n'4|?i?rtah|lity, having 1 1 1 ? ? t with a -h-voio rcvoi no of lot inn**, h ? I ? * - i ?" ? ? 1 1 - ot moctioK with h pailv utidt*r who*' prolict inn 4u? roiihl 1 1 .1 v to <alifori)l i . Sh<<wml<! a?' rrpl it poritidfi a ? uporinti'odint of hou-i-hoM affair* in llo- hoowr hi \ j^rnt Umii-ui. v. lino "ho vnoiiM n?fi'ivo tin? i?'i-|,oi t Uut* lit-r, mh .1 My of north nn<l r lu? ttion. If tjiry, thf (? ^i im<Mu.iU ( an . .! ?lrt?-i Mrs. <. (> I. I tM Ofli.-.., (1IMIK V.WIM ? A Wo.M.W, lo 1m> I Ml. ( < h ?K] >>4} J of ii -lonll private funily. ^I . i -> i hav- tlo l < t. i ity ro' ofiuiii'ii'lttl i"HH. 1 ti-"? HJt*i ? k<T tu < f. DKI'i; ri.KHK WAMKD.- ONK H Kl.i. A? gl AlM U> with t >i?* ? ity triolo, uo?| lulJv . m t ? i ? t to ? arrv on tho )??> hi? - ? nmy h' .ir of tt - -itiiut ??n )iy i(l?)r. Hirifcf !>. V. mMJ.*. . V i. i l.l.KK W AN I Fl? ? A I'KH-ON HAMS' A IP (haron|b u n. . ? i. itl . i t ojitioiiuh)*' rotVr?'ii? ?< ?, iihi \ <i|*p)y J. f*wtt 120 nv? D Kl it I1KKK.-?'AMM>, \ YolAt; MAN fHI Ai^oiiinUHl with lh? rrtiiii ao- j-rt'-i-*-ij? ?^oti !. <* u?--. Apply ?t ftttbt*r??r ? I^MII.uVMVAT W AM'KI ?UN v\ vt M 1 V. K St j tio'tnoo-* )oni)^ mi;p. in n, ton* or loMi tift*. <<? I ??%?>??, i h.ithwn IN. i ? . (Ullh WWH.!'. l\V?i ol. I KUKI Wild' IIONVKf Jl tiKtn?* ouikfr -. N"ii?' hut 9< ?< 'I h*u?U ?Hiit?' \j> j ly t?< Hrciw ii 4 4 ?i flro^ilwHy I Ah U <?M HMO \\\- A *1 H'Nil, ??<IU'ati<?o. writt:* h ?? 1 1 . .( n? J w iph< ? to i? h 1 1. ii ? - f .? i * irii I <lritn io*f, r.ni h? tak?*n in *n w It. ri In wi!l l avi'ftu opportunity to t?l van ? hlmt?l< Hilary * <J I -i our. A'l?lr??st 1'iiginw"'. ? ox 'J l^*? 1'om "tflco, in omt ilAOd. TtriMJSKK-'.? WAVrW, A # ? ? >f I'iri KNT ^A1 ? VA . r JB MS# lldO, ? ? p'-ro fi- "?1 in 1 1 ! i ii- j - I pply at Mr?. f in long - 4tJ.I ftrumlHn}', up ?twint. M s WAN TKI) ? \V '?HK t#IV> N III I AI'I'I in-irH'tliuU'ly at hi) H i -rLay -lr*it up -tu CltKKN W InVfK-rii AfiKMV, TO mill)' f< i a.tt M'h\ ? W/? nlod, h ron.pt tout kuly * ma mi , I'rotf >taut wait?'M ari'l Iflp of ? v? ry ? -n ! ' i iter t>-'t ^ i-h to -iiit#-fl witli farni!i*"t out of town, at hij(h<-?? hji((? . two l';<?t?".tiint .*!?").?. )Ut*i /?<> n t - V I H-K WAN I ID ( I'KirTKvrwr I ? 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Worn-, Son? *|>ply wliofnn ' if* ?firf h* to hoi?#? *tv itfi-l ability. In?) ? r?< ?> fr'y in th** miIMn**ry *tw 07 1 *n?*l *t. l|rAMn~IKS IXIHlll.Sn., < tV? t.M' V# tin k n?iik< .?? ?<> two ? tl? ? , . tUe hn if.* ?, Appljr tiHM* 1*1* lw r> ? '*1 I r? roriH f < f **|?* 'if IIr\NTM' ??^ V Y'USi, ^ ! A \ t II ? v ff s- 'Inn!" .. *n-S 1 , > ? ?} */?? forli <?f ? wiimll family. *?<** I ' Mjr !*?'? r+ttr* Un I# lor f-o at t?l M->nr^ *' . fit -?t i i,n U?.*? r >?.V A RMV TAHI 1 I'KOl V.- 1 \ S ' ?. IH1 If *4 *|t* A t i ' ' 11 , .If - r ' ?'< f' I ? ?'/ ? ' to t^ir #nrf? ?.f rhll'U' !? f * 4)1 *.* U - J ? t h -? V? rj J ?' ? O'l ..' 5 1 v 111 UfAVTW ? \ ?IT! HY ^ r? f'l ? 1 Mtl ? ?trt 11* rwtii, f 4i>f1 if " l> * f> ftltljr fit)' TM .!'?? It M?-1 .f'ir n i. 1 if* Krr |j??t | U. r. A? '.jf for t" *U> ? ?' !.??' ll'h ?t # tiMwr^n 1*' ??>4 r,t* no? ? tirAMT?4 N -it* * l??V ItV \ ?.V.'.MAN' ? P ^ ft 1 ? i * ? ' * ? "i kt? I t ?f r 1 or I Mitth twfi.il jr. in ! t* ill i? '"k?* > kf ff *iv rnll> n^fbl f t?iM r?U?t^ 4 4U? ?? It'll HIM. WA%. 10 - M-Mi I'MO f f Imllyn Kk? ?n?*t U i *"Wn, ynntkf v<'ti*?n, with ' - ?!? ??'U nlv? ?> |'r<4??t*At >mn? w?U r ???"<? ivirn^* A ***? ? f <0 'V /tit Wind of a woman. Ceo' h, li* tttutt >* l5nfflt?h * "M. 11 ' A NTH w A wMAKI AN m T f#lK TO ff A" z*n> r* I t ? k i,,.\ > - ??h?r A Vr*A*+ t??t prt^rmJ. Spf, I ?? ? . I fie ? nwn-h ?If"'* ' ~\\? a vtit.i>? is a - m a 1 1 . ? y *?? i ?m< ? M f ? ' ? ? *t <1 rMnra 1n< |{>? '\\y? ?>t>- ?? f "1 * ??* ??1 ft"' ??t? ?|>S? iiKt Ifiiff ?.??? V? > ( ??1 fc?V.r T>i? " >? rtiMNtanamM, *MVf tM "(nf M <Wm ffh* hM* 0#if IW'>n?-' *Pt' f ^ *' 'f m II ^ >?' i- ? ?t U1 1.1.6 j .1 . *>, >'f < ;U. UiU'-bi ? WAirrs. WANTED? A WCT NT ItHlC. A1TI.V IN THE MollN ine. lietwi^'u H aud 10 o'clock, to I*r. A*cbeobivn uer, 108 lain nt. "TIT ANTED? A rtlTl'ATHiN, II V A !U>TK<TAMJ: T T American Proto.Unt jr.r l , to do rhimbrrwork and uuitinjf, or to take i:aro of , n: tin' l>mt of city re frri mo nil !*? given ?? to l? >n< -ty, li.ilu-try and capa bility, h>\ tall at 141 H'-ii'h' ?' 1 1 ? - 1 floor, trout room. TIT ANTED? A WTt ATION, IIS \ HiypBCTAni.K Tf woman an rook, wa.lier n nil ir?m r or to do tin general bouaework of a nuihII privat* family . unil'-rotund lu r buMiu>i> |*'rfwtlj anil r?n | !ixlur< ,-\\y mire. I'aii be imhjii fur two il?_v? at Mi Htuutoti rt t Brooklyn. ?yi '- AMU'? a .mti A rms u\ a itn-i kcvaiu k >V woman, u- Hi -t iat?- > "ok liu? livnl > xl>t yt-ar in lirr lunt plan", rri ??niinivii<l?ti?ni" iilvt n. No ol> ji'ction to tin* rovtntrv . t'an t* -> ? n W two ilaj- :it i'll IUU1 h t - . la'twveu loth ami 11th uvenni . "ll'ANTIO? AN AMUKK AN t.lUI TO ATI' I V 11 l\ A \\ rtftnbmvDl naUmti. Kui|iiir< lit tirreu I'oiut terry, foot > t Hit li hUi.I TJTT ANTH'? A SI N ATION lt\ A IttNI'HTABI i: Vf K><' ' I >" n . I>r uiu l< I and w .lii or to i|n plain m ? iiig uiid wind ilijldren; I- n good ??mliroldircr} haw In i u two yi arii In her la.t plan- . good refi rence < an In ?evn t"r two day* at lur l??t plait 111 ( Imubla ?treet, llrooklyn Height. "Y\T AN TKI )? A fin Al ION A- (HAMIIFJIMAID AND V? pluin newer; ha * ii" objection to the country. Cull ut 2.'W K. l.'ith nt.. Uret floor, but k rooui. betwi i n 1 - 1 uvciiue und uveuue A. "Y|*AMKT? AN ENtilJSH OK I.IJUIAN <>IKI.; .sill! If munt lw* a first rate <?<?., k, wanher and inun r, nerd lint call unle** etii* oin bring t !??? Iient ??f city rrlvr euce. Apply to John Olidden, Metropolitan Holt J, frgui 9 to 11, ttiu* diy, WANTKP?KoK FIKtff <|^v< IIOf'tfK IN I'llllA delphla, a milliner w!i<> ran trim hand onnly; hIm) n ilri-n capeuuikei u!*o a yoiiu^ (firl ??| bright i'lr/i-4, il^ .?n orphan or eiuigni lit 110 matte r, ;t l*i nU'nt nit, U> Ihi traiinnl to the g<*ni'rHl buniiifMM nud llvi* in tho for one week, i?r<'pai<l, Int? jrrity, l'hila?l? l|?liiu l*o*t Office, Ntating |?ur liculu rr , r? l? r? i?n . Au an k??'I ?ill Im< -< nt rind iottrvirw /ivt u iu a ft h ?!ny-. TIT AN TET ? A SIT! ATIO.V, ItV A AFII.K If Homnn, m- wa-ln*r ami imner; ih? obj?ffti?n? to th?* country, liinxl city r#*fi?r? ??? ('au In* n for two ilayn, at lli4 .'U?th ni.f ct?r ner of M uv. TirANlKP? A SHVATION. HV A HW'KCTABIJC fV youiiff |firl, u i )uintb?'' n<ai<J, ami ton*?.i*t in the wanhinK au?l irouiuK. or wouH ?lo plain newinf, U-^t < f rity reference gifen. tall for two at in Komjth t., t Ii t r?l door. "llfANiKl) A t.KKMAS <itUl <?\| Wl.l t. Qt Ml \\ ti? ?i to ?!?> ih?- > ftHtkintr ? 1 fli ?t ? ts*"s tikinity ?mt given. ut N?? 1,WU t??'tvn?tn '29th no. I M\\\ ?i*. ~\\T AN I Kl?. ? A HI -Ihrt AHl.t WOMAN WANTS \ \\ itiiatluti ;i- jfoml c.M?k ?.? t-h?r j?u?1 ir* n- r , i- will h>g t?? ?lo at hou^ woik in .t ?? mill privut*' f.nmly in tin- city IMenn? f ill ; t No. 4 t'lilf ft "UrAMi:P~HV TWO HI -I'MTAMI K VofVO Wo\fK'\ fV Itnution^: <?m- ih ? ? m ?l 01 to do al lion ? Moik ; th<* oth* r an ehambei nialii and wuitt-r an t t>* at na-liitig and ironing. Ih*y tn mil 1 1 ?o!iiin? ii'l<"l, and liaVf livd in muiio of t h ?* t1r*t fainllh-n in Ihooklyn. t all al N'o 4 Saudi htn^t, Hux Klyn in tli?* Im^ in nt. \1 MS il l'?HV A KfiHHOCTAaiiC Vol < li:i. A f f -it nation to do th?* > * 'al boiiM*uork ot a tamily or would M-rTf mm U*un?lrcf?. t'an lie t en at In r foruirr -ii nation I U7ti I {roadway, mar i 1 .? ? -%t TITA VTKI' ? HV A ItR-rW.T AIII.K WOMAN, A SffVA ff tion. m - rook: -he thoiotiKhly undiT-taud* her huM'm*-4; gooilcltjf n l?i? na given. Apply at li- < ? iar *f reel. Y\/Tn i> i ~~TnTmVs""iTv TTTr-Ti rr\ .17 i , W u- '*??ok or laundrr* t an -?? n at No. Jil7 .ntli ?>t., ?w i-ond Hour, front rooui. \r - \ -m \n?>N. hv a RKdraoTABii If Protectant youtiir w?noan, Utundtr - him t lmni li*>ima >i. Ootid rity f?-f? r? n ? < all at l<fM<tti-?J t.. l*wt! Mr??tfi^ay and ' nU?'.??y pln ??. TlTA>iTEIWA HITt ATIOK, ItV A AiX/TCH OIK/., A ? n?f i?t ??r Hi,it?" ? ? r to do lion ?? w<?rk Ur ?, *n mil jiHvnti tamii% . fall at iMl I Ii/.Oh Hi ^t in tt<> ?f?r. VT;an ii i?'? us a i?Y/T7V~uu.i i ii'i?v7i7n t If )<oiny woman a i-ituation a- ?d>am< ?-rioaid and i?niinir** or to ?tc gt io ral lu i*work, no ohU tUni i< Ifo to tlo - ountry . H*?t ? l ty r? n i ??!*? ? . fall at Oil I ? ' aviiin*', i -oU'l lhair. J AN I ?.V ? HY A ?0.-I H*hHU MAHtUKO W<?MAN who h. - Jn t l?.*t h* / ?i??* luliy, a < hlU t?? w i nor***. * mi i(i*> tli?' t?* *t ? ily o l* m ii' ? lu'|uu? ut ?"?M rt^ Oi ?t ? * i ?? nd H? '< foi ^1 r - t'mopt#!!. w \ITAM>.I'? A IT? \noNf ^ 1'OKTHt OU t'Altl If man. ? r b??Oi, hy * ) man w**U *% ? ?jttntUl* d vili, \)ti> ,ty ,iii i >i init>. rif *?? ?t ?>l rity t*U r*u * g r 'f :? ijnir-d. * '?. ?? . ..? Stephen MiiUiatk, at W. )*. dy K 1 ? tor* t i'i t )uit). tin *\. llr,S\lrf-Y'?t Mi MKN KOK WHAIIVti VoV \\ ..?? \?!v ?i.*t al!'? ???! t?i from $.*e? to $?.'? to out >0. %!?<> w?nt^*!, irjitfritiTi and l?l* *k ?uiith? Apply a i i iii ? ^^-k to IUS0ALI. L Ko!t^i\f |ii Siuth ?i"ri ^r.ruer P^li ?ii| tip ^ tair*. VmI \*l MAN, WKU, A' ?.'< Ai N I ? 0 If *Mtii tti? r?tii dnijr ao't prt iiptnm t.u*<m?? K'\.\r*- w y I f? r*Ut c.m. ? ir Asin a -in \r*pis itv a ^?hkh, -tmia ff |*% 4 ? 1 I- < rl 1(1 anliol* *1' |fr?? ?ryoi ? *1' *14 -tor- , itwilliug to d? vot? hi* t him !?? hi- ? mployr * in t?* r ? # ? ? # * ? 'ty r?*? #?inne ndatii?n? ic* % ? ?i '?v*rdn hoiv-tv k tdtlr. Wnnffd 1^ ll< raid ? m . wi t I' ill t t?? f"r t<??* daj *. ii mi - i \ roMMl I"'. li"? -h an ICHTX, If : ?it?iiK?r. ' * ? i ng mi au v.ii" r '|ui< k ut k in'? V?t tr? with r?f* r*n ? - nn-1 a" not ? f -alary ??j? N-1, 2 in ?'?? ? nn > HAT* -MK-SfAN IN \ OHV /??!?!- -tor? . Apply at .. <n IW *ry 0. H I' VN K. \V II r A Nil-. I ?A m ATIo\ HV A P.K- I'll TABI > If ?r?*n'hio.?o i i-ort? i <'?u giv< l??-oii in 1 r?*arh <t/* i?#it ?p'an Kng^i-h liit|U?r?- at SJ f r ?nkfort i?t r*'+t t?u ild-nir \\r \ n7m ? \ ?;i iTTis ?>* i.Th.ji AOimi ? . II ^le^nmn and * * okk?-? p? r in an otl ? 1 t?t ^ri Aro?-rl an of tri f int?irrity wilMng to *? ? pt a n* ?l? rat?* -alary may midr* Mtatiug ^aJary rttjuir? i, K )*?* l ??ni ? \JLT A N !IT|>? AN AfTIVR YOtMti HXH. W U(H)D \\ a-ldr?*%i. tli?* air*' ot I** ?>???? 'Si ? *>?*- in rHiil "li?n tore n?in?t b+ a- ?|uai?it? *S ?itk Ua *n \ I" w?*il ff-iii rrinMl. Apl^y M*tw? ? U i af??t 10 A M at P?l) ? miimI 11 r AN f H? A -41* AtKl.S A - AM- I i * i I*Mm ? f k ? ? i - i ?>r Htfl.t j rt? * \<y R )? .it nf t ^u <?f r fn-M-ihlr tlt?-r?ry t?<* ** ?ti '?I ?!*? l?* -t ??l rrf? r?'i? ? giv* n, < ?*t? t* ? i? l'-f l?ti <t*y? i?t firtl *". ? a<hh 'trn i tft Win-. II V A V'H V? MAN I % ! ? ff Is iar f ? *< K*?|f ? Hi ?(iy km1 mi.;. ?n? ut ?*)%#?*< met f# t ** v?fmn<<* t? r^piir.! i? . ? t- it ? or nfiy?4??r Hly "t r- ?ulrj /? | n |?*f. ?*e* *. \?|?| r? ? k li'.tr ?rf fierwuttM U J > j ii f I Kill- ? HI' r ? ?' ' unit* rUml . trw I Mwl l?Wj. t>< .> uu? Mr-?iklji' YI'ASIK- \\ A" IIW <S|i K*?U.h*ll? 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