11 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

11 Ağustos 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL JIOfEV ?\RKKT. Friday, Aug. lo? a P. M I <?? - was qnitfl o spirited time at the boai-d this mofa:3g. The cxii ement among operator* ma ti?*i dv. mg the sei-'on, and the mnW every tiling before them. The ht-vk market bjs uot been ,?o (wesy tor a long time, and au immense amount of Imsiuohs was transacted. Parties who would not touch a \j stocks a few days since are now large buy r*< h, at au advance of Ure and live per root. The imfxoveiaanl ia good productive stocks is nothing extrsuuiuary, although mo*t of them are full as much uiflaicd aa the y will U'ar ; but to see the fan , t-? noting up with tha rest is an enigma we do uit i ider?tand. Fortunately for speculator* there iv uot many of that elaa? of stocks on the market? (tie greit bulk of securities being of a solid, substau i <1 duwMtor. We shall ultimately see the difTe mice ij these oJasaes of stocks : while those paying ?r. ideads will be partially sustained, those pay nig nothing will settle back to the old starting points. Heal value will tell in the long rua? i<id when speculation lingtix all stocks will tmJ liieii tri.e ieveL At the Hrst board to-day l id.ioa. 6's advanced {per rent; Brie Bonds IS71 , A ; do., 1*75, i; do., 1#8:?, j; Illinois Central Bond 4,4: Niciu'igua Transit, Cumberland Cosl, I: New V . k ( entml Railroad, 1; Erie, .]: Cleveland aud Fttt-boig, 1; Reading, I4; Harlem, J; Michigan ( e-w.al, 2; Michigan ^"thei n, 1 : Panama, I ; (iulena a-id I ucago, 3* Cleveland and Toledo, i. The sales oi Centmlsum up three thousand shares, of Reading mix thousand saaies, and Erie -i\ thousand Hhn res, H.nlem, Michigan Central, Michigan Southern and Westv q Railroad stocks generally were in active de an ud at the improvement, ltiilroad Bonds sold to ?i large extent: Krie Boads, different classes, $5:i,000; Illinois Bonds, 874,000; New York I entral Bonds, * I '',000. and others nuking an aggregate of about $170,000. The balls are getting the steam up full fast enough for their own safety, and if they do not (?(?eu a safety valve o-cuilonully we mint lookout liu ho explosion. At auction to-day 100 shares Mechanic- and T mie's' Bank sold at 162), and SO shares seventh W'ud Bunk at 1J0J per cent. At t'ue second board the market was fiim, but not active; Eiie fell off j percent; Cumberland Coal, f: N icaagua Transit, 4? all fancies Other stocks wei e !?t eady. (''aetran-aetiocs at the Assistant Treasurer's office t<?-da,v were as fo'lowB: ? i'm-j .hi treasury account $.T_',!W7 7'! (??viv/inI ?' ?? "ir?,48l Si? " " a.nso.770 4r. ? 'iii! I A. -j?y Odico 1 44 48:: f>9 .':ii.i o i <i .;bur?icg checks :t0 4-j4 T7 The warrants entered at tho Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 7th and 8th inst.. were a-? toliow*: ? l oi Mi? Treasury Department 04fi I'oi 111.* interior Department 'J 40 .",140 38 ' ?< tie CtMtomii 55. -JOH 94 W.u warrant* re e'.ved and entered 41S.7.T; 68 ?>Vm- rerwy wi?rr>nl i received and cntereil IS.. '07 .VJ < oypfcj ui from Customs. 1.7?t;,7fil 1 overed ui frnm land* 8:;,t>08 i'.i.pii.j in from TV; IsceUaneouit soar ceo t.TTnl 00 i ii i .irrount of the Navy 152.5S8 10 1'lie receipts of the New York and New Haven Kallroad Company for July were: ? I'asaengew ' *50, 0.. 7 12 t '?*:?ln 10,000 00 '?"o'at VtiMl la I I'aiit Hai ie-ii roii 4/W1 IS IV il . ,*7t.W. ?H is.*.* TS.SMrM I fr'e:i e +i?,77?i 00 The following 'hows tho operations of the i'eun tola I'ailitxid Company for the month of July, ind for tlie previous months of the year, a? enm l<Hied with the corresponuing time l.ist year: IN*.*!-.,.' ? oi the r )ud fur '.Lc inontli endiuji July : l ^?7,r.H :u >;.?<? ta?t year .w, -.w Hi -. <?*> e 47 iv frnm January 1, Is'm. to Augu-t 1, ? (??'.. ?i.l.-i7,f?7S 71 ? hp in" "Hi i?Ht year 57 lo. Ho.'.tiSO II 'I Ij:- r' -oipts of the Stocington Railroad Company in .in ; , tbls year and lafct. were as follows: - lSy.i. ?u,oos on 7/>t7 <M> ISM. *tii'4S to 7 171 04 'If''*' $21 626 6? *23.722 14 I <-ei>K "in IHf.J *3.194 4d 'I he Boston T^ravrllf-r of tho Oth instant suys: ? ' h ? ?? wa*. nf< special vara! Inn in Uie *lia re market ti? ? Uj. V I'w ruM about th'- -qm>' u* yi'rttenUiy do. lug ? i rovktence declined fr.im la.?t Kali's ( Ii.m1i if o yrrffrrfti t; Old Colony V n< -Lug lit Miki?l . iVe-t^m 'H Vermont and Mn > Kii.'hunetn 11 a 11 >i; i'ort <? id. S-ai".> >.nd I'ortucouth Wi hid; Michigan Central Coo ? erfib.e BoiWU IfriO unrt letii) oarh mild at 1<K1. Hie e ,i - i i \h# road euK|a,r< <] with cwr reipoudiu'.; period i.i?' j ;-i ii rt highly encj'irnulng 'I'lie Copper >ham ? t:- <1 '.1. O>iqior Kalle di ?jJned ?2. selling at %->, and r?!? . -I >1? r ||<: a.-k'xi: For*--'. 2 bid, 'J',' a?kf?l; !-!?? Horal* ?;? t ?:-?4 ; S'e'un'La 2 a U: P-tl.Umt 12<-4 a la. 1'nltee 11 Md, I'ia *t?i1 ; I'jwc llovton ' oiu|ian^ declined Cjrr I ???n.i.i.i/ in good demand tt /?. I V Citizens' mnk of New Orleans hasdeclaied a ?. uti-an nial dividend of the per cent. The iwoflta i>1 llii? institution for lh" i n.it twelve months fnrthe ni-'i department. are som'nhing very re mark. i We, Uioc a fraction over nineteen per rent. and through ij toe eiuimercial disaster* of the seasou.it has < i sa-ptuded debt vl' v*,-5!>. This is an unpa i-wii'd ! i<i':itiW of good fortune seldom attained in 'in- regular course of bsnkiup, which, we K-lieve, ?i i* marked the uanageir.ent of this hank. I"V a I'H-xcd t.ihlc exhibit* the quantity ol coal t<? i-ijHwicd oil the R?adin^ IUtilro.nl in each ot the p.nt t: rti yearn, tlic price received per ton, cost pet nwi t rtation, nv rag?- weight of load, with (he e-om i ; : . I tvl of trau-poriaiion per ton on different a ? K>j?dtm. lUwaosn Ao. nf 'in <? A mini ill />?'??/ rnrt f'titr ttlrrinl , m if /rr Um. fr Ion IV.2 1,0>"iO,912 l.:??.UT -Vt.??4 ?8i.; l.AftS.MJt 1.42.80 6B.5# (S.'4 1.PM7HM l.Ki.HH ftO.liO " > . A *ru? lixlil' ?'?'/.? l.l / W t'.ir. ;?"r ton. i.nti. I< fl annle. jvr '.wi. t ?.".?? uvot. ?; ; . o?; ''-'To is..:;.. .. ?:,07 .** aft.o; 44. so \H.-4 41 06 409 41. OH ?i.68 ftfM- ? Urn- :>?!/? -i rlrnt Mf** In ti'jii, lirrtotl. Lion, ? r tun. If*. p"~ toil tini. )rr ''HI 18.V:... Bf. 40 t 70.su m:: f.O m.H> LU.M 1.79.J' 18M i i;. i# l.du.:4 u.sj no Tli" whoif Jength of itf Keating mad i* !?'! tnlles, Ji-<i i-'iii iig grai'ic to a dead levei, double trai k. The Hevcral itetrg bn>ed upon oflirial repmt-i, and upon the tact hiit three engines of the same eapar .t) are required to <'?iTy the load of one over s piiuie rit ug lorty fittto th?- mile. The fraction*, however, are not mmvOy carried ont.noristhe prior i pie ot iucreai* ? juAv in conformity with the law* ot gravitation. Y:s*ry hot ri<^, it is under Htood, the burthen itcreaeei, while the power, losing i f< adhesive prinvpie. d*pre<'iate?. Hnt enough is shown to prove the aCvantiwaof a level or de-feud ing giade in tb? Iwutfiportation of coal, and of course the ?i>iiitj of the Rcadixg vo f.ontain Iteelf agiin-t all the laiinwd" in optrai.on, Oi projected, to an ^st ern market. ssiace the comnttottK^&t ol the coal bunneas, or indeed the railroad ayetcm in this conntry, we hure not hadtbe time.orbeetpenBitted.toteM either the ories or (acts. The object 04' onr fast operators has tieen to ?aper?etic. or bn>k) irp, of?on the excitement, and if not wincs-ioi. *<o pitii-k a featber from the wing, nnd leave th< .* ?veceoaora to teat and carrj out their principli ?? the paKies in ?ean-h of a Job permit to i'.r*w tack* to its importance, and now, wtien the era) iuarket ia <wtabll*he<l when the necesaitica of th- people are foni-d tj ?mr taia H? nnd when every preparatmn ? for meeting and iuataining tbc demand, they must be aapcr^ded, and the Je.irly beloM.l eitt/cti** drained of their capiul for u< ? pro . .<. .,i to line Ifce |gx lrfU Of Hpe ??tlatov-. T?ic ^ n ! ? to th* podKt'on, I lie tran-p stali?n, or the i, unrt*. are iniiix porVint. Tho featnrra of ti.' n;.-r prv^ ?<* " ebiskpnew. abtiodance, and a r line on ,s>*?cc(a,'' wid iiH tin *e Is no di trt.i of ilc,**'# on tfw c?n( at d.' of the Hudson. t! < " > nU rf>-'.~.r.y com oar ;** Of tourt"', a ill be op. n,i! wj jaJ, like the Croton, will flow La upon as. But tine, who, it i? mid, ever meddles with Ill-advised scheme#, and delights in perplexing the mind or the Intriguer, steps in and demands her dividend from sundry rail roads. Parker Vein coal companies, Phenix com' pony, and the varions copper, zinc and other con cerns whose offices in the neighborhood of Wall sti*et are now " to let," show that somebody suffered some, nnd, as is said by the razor-strop man, " there are a few more left of the same sort." Coal in the ground, it in now understood, cannot be reached without science, luWor and expense; nor can it be carried to market, over mountains, over hills, over dales, or imaginary distances, without absorbing the profits. At the mines, shafts must be sunk, gangways and breasts must be cut. stationary engines (and powerful ones, too,) must be erected, ruilroadB and rail cars, with horses attached, must also be provided; houses for miners, and breakers lor coal, with pumps, blacksmith shops, and sundry other articles, too numerous to mention, must be had or provided before the colliery is in working condition. These items, with their contin gencies, contribute to the cost of the article; nnd if we add the rent of offices, salaries to pre sidents, Ac., Ac., we must discover that cheap coal in the New York market is alone de pendent upon the management of the Readiug Railroad. In the regions where experience directs the operations of the trade, and where common sense presides over the destinies of the people, it is fully understood that coal cannot be put in the cars for a market at less than from $2 to $2 25 per ton, and that it cannot under the present rules of freight ?'id toll be brought to the wharves at New York for less than $3 25 more ? making $5 00 for 2,240 lbs. Then, if the cartage to the yard and the cartage to the consumer, with the rent and olhqr expenses, arc added, it will be discovered that $6 50 per ton will leave a mighty small margin for the dealers. But the 240 lb*., the weight of driver and a few pounds of slate, with those in search of a cheap article, will settle the question. The dealer can sell at the same price he pays for coal and make a fair profit by the difference in weight. Coal dealers buy by the long ton, and sell by the short ton. This gives them teu per cent profit, deducting expenses of cartage. Many dealers, we are sorry to say, make a greater profit than this, l?y giving less weight.' A good fat, heavy driver, will prove quite profitable in the course of a season, and such men are in demand among coal dealers. ? The New Orleans Crescent of the 3d iust. says: ? Our own money market is fluctuating; tile offerings to day were heavy, ami largely in excess of the income of ttie banks. and on the street there are more calls and the demand for loans on the increase. Some A 1 paper. R/iort dated, was placed at 0 percent; long dated rules at 10, and second grade at 12 to 1.1, with some single names, or rather with only one name, looked on as respon sible (the other being unknown), going at 10 to 18 per rent. The banks which ate so fortunate as t<> liave any thing over above the requirements of the law, confine themselves strictly to short paper. It will be observed that the specie basis i.s considerably reduced; and in September. October ami November, before exchange ran tie abundant, there will be large calls for specie to meet impost duties on fall importations from foreign countries. It the past month. July, is taken as a guide, there will lie an increase of duties over lasl year. A* people will encourage the importation of silks, costly millinery, fine broadcloths, with an endless amount of gewgaws, it need not be surpi i-ing that rather a stringent condition of our money market t-hould intervene before the full opening and heavy arrivals of cotton and sugar in November and December next. The following, from authentic sources, is of interest: ? the amonnt ol duties on imports at the Custom House, New Orleans, for? .'illy, 1856, was *100,319 July, 1854, was 02.281 July, 1853. was 80,, "97 The excess of the last month over July, 1854, i? equal to 124 per cent. This is more than we were prepared to eTpfct. As soon as the regular statements are prepared, we shall furnish the different kinds and value of uierchan oi.-e coiupo-ing the importations. < i* pat \n\ k Condition or thk Bank* of this City nm tun I AtT s.m ait ats of Ji i.y for mi r Vctiu 1'Asr. 1862. 1858. 1854. 1855 fipecie 5.998.311 0.001 359 7.?u8,l?l 6,988.180 Circulation. ...4,341,875 0,557.142 6.060,082 0.215.384 J'eposit* 8. 012. 250 8.405.081 10.170.178 8.700.081 Short loans.. .8.096.833 9:670.431 12.507.707 12.056.215 Ixchange 2.044. 2.401.708 2.557,844 2 802.206 Ihie dist. B'k*. 828.244 1,123,313 1.310.630 1,150.820 I otig and short loans, July. 1S52 916.578,188 do, do. do. 1853 10,058,759 do. do. do. 1854 18,740,003 tin. do. do. 1856 1U. 540.481 We cannot hut remark that this siutenient shows a greater increase in the general indebtedness of our com munity than we Anticipated, though produce to the amount of >G, 000, 000 has been prevented from reaching market. I 'ami t 'illy, if it had been received, a decrca-e from last year would he shown. in.-lead of an Increase. Hie contraction in business obligation, has not been so great as expected. It will be observed that the line of deposits has receded lower than at any time within three years; that the short loan* or ninety day paper due the lianks is now over four millions of dollars above the same peiiod in 1852. It is conclusive that the busitie?< litis fall will commence with u large amount of debt hanging over the country, anil although with an average yield in our great staples of cotton and suga r, we -hall hav e with the bettvy receipts of Western produce all the requisites of a good business. Nevertheless, much, very much, will depend on the condition of the ia< erior water course* as well as that of the Mississippi. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry goods entered at this port for consumption, for warehousing, nn<l also the with drawals from warehouse, during the week ending aud including Thursday, August oth, l*.v>: ? Movkmkntk i.v Fokb<;.\ littv (iooos. Enteral for I'tntfrvtrfhii'. P!:p>. ralu* Manulartures of Wool 1.77:t $830,130 Do. Cotton 1.001 170.052 Do. Silk 1.002 837.080 Po. Max 228 72, i Mi.-rcllaneou" 274 82.184 Total *2.048. 829 WUhdrawtiltJaiin WiiirUowf. Manufactures of Wool 118 :*1'.8 997 To. 1'otton 144 24,181 Do. hllk 218 00.; #3 lio. llax 0:: 24,0-.S Micellancous tl 7.721 Total 882 $255,310 h'.nlfrnt far ll'itr Manufactures of Wool .'Hi *.;2.442 I?o. Cotton 70 19.924 Po Silk 0 7,305 Ho. Max 44 20. 70S Miscellaneous 0.: 10.171 Total 282 Value put on the market during theweek *06.008 42,304,189 ?:fV<0 Tnd Mill irooo do. IGCOO Mi".,iiuri 0?. l>60 1000 d? 44(100 I<mi>inn? 0?... TOM) ( ?1 :? 70.. ,b3 1M00 do b3 flMW Ohio 0* '75.. Stork ExchuiKt. Friday. Aiifpi*t 10, 1855. 135,1 sh? Krie lio...-:; 5tt? ?... 80 V lrf-0 87 90 0ft\ 9C>?, 86ft a: 111 0?I00 I ilj C? 70 J 00 10000 Hnr'l lilt m hi WIS '.000 Marl 2d m L>?. 80 fOUO trip Con* hs'71 SIH., -.000 do bOO 87 1 000 Eri* tm of SC. . 100 iooh) do loot; ?J.M)00 I>le ha '75. . . . 01 1( .'4)00 do. . ..fctO 93 .'>000 Nod K .'d m b? 77 '.COO IU C Kit b*..b8 50000 do.. ..1)00 .MKW do 10000 111 Fmdand 1* <?00 N Y < Vn RR b< 10000 N YOn 1C00 T HA A Jd m bH 500 tl?r*litt? i) t>? .'4 4 '4) :on too do bit do do 1o. , 1 "41 ( :.nt. n ( 100 do. '.'15 l'? nn I o?l Co. 2# ilo,., 'JWfinnb Coal i U U'4> ,b?0 10?O ?JlO ?110 HO w II*) V vs ?.? two MO f-0 J'O !*) 1 o 4.0 I . do, ?1... ?lo. do. do.. 19\ JO 1?\ |?V ?:* ?.T, 19* 10..* , '_ll I ;oo ?joo lioo 150 loo 100 ?J."4> ?J 10 100 too 100 1(10 14) 100 100 4) *8^ 88 \ 88 i4 83 -I 91 ?2 io.-1'i 84 J, 7tl C$ sba Hk of Corn'ce. 1 10 ?J5 do 110 5 flaWlcr Hank 08 <5 M? trojxJitnn 11^ l"" 10 Corn Exrb'dolik. 101, 1# OsHa'WtnUh Ifc.. 100 1C0 VcCollocbOoM. . \i 1'4> NIc Iraa Cb...a3 1'"? Jo do!". do. . do.. do., do., do.. do.. do.. do. ? lo.. do.. do. . do. . 5 Arm m? RR. 312 Clew k t'ilti RR 100 do IjOO 00 Heading RR.. .<) ... Ii3 . . !>;'4) . . I. JO . . '?> JO . . i?no . . . fJ?0 . . blO . . I>00 . ..*10 . ,,n60 c . ..*H0 . . . bSO 100 ?joo 300 ?JJO am 7W) J850 ?48) 100 I**) 200 .00 100 do. do. . . do.... do. . . . ?10 . do.. . do.. . do..., do . ?to. . . do. . . ?lo. . ?lo. . , do . . . , -rtO sflO 5.1?. ? h { ft!, ' t r?a?, 68 S 03 ?, r&M COS, 611^ .V. i, .'?il3, 78 7? 77 MX mn WF, .... 9fl>, )>;? 97 b80 117 'J . b?0 07 ?J ..a or .*10 ;?? : ?>;?> 97 !,r4> 97 1, 141 07 *4 .... 07S, . b.4) 07 it < I '"I I, '40 'J!' ^ MO 2B'\ ?00 J9 '? ? M0 -.!9\, .'4?J ? or* 1I? , I ;?(? 'I^J ? ?< 10"! , 80 1C2 ..UM IP".'", < v ?" '4 ,*i 1 ? .I %Jb !>/ .10 bfiO 10-S' b.W It > m44> IU d t?0 101 S l'?Uro?4.t?0 f-'S flf , , . . <00 V- -V 1 Hud Hln-r Kit. nil 41 100 do ?:t lis, 100 llarlt-ni I-JC..M0 30>. do >?) ?-".?Si do aS v 900 ilo t?0 JO*, 'Jil Mirk 1 ?ii ?tR.., loHi ?!7 5 do WJ 1011 <to H,'4) 103 S 0 do >15 102S, 150 do ?3 10J^ ?iiMohS.&v to 1(11 106X 510 do "8 100 100 do.. I4M loov^ 4) do Ik4) 100 'JNINuttu RR. IxJO 110 ?lo. 110 i. 100 .? 110 do .. .... 10" V Col h 1 inn 18b St -4? (<-nt RK. DTV, X R I KR 08 S - ? >-\K \ bU KK 112 iin T" k I t RK - M V .10 IC'H '10. N4) >?) ?? r Wi r ;_s ^ ? bo HBCOND BOARD. $6000 III C RR bfl.hSO 88 v4 100 Harlem Rlt. . . WO 2000 do. ba 8 8V. 60 do s3 a?? tS^iM 0? 200 w, 100 shs Mecimnics Hk 11.", jfto do MO An^-i-ic* 114?i 600R?ding HR.'.bOO ?Tk 52? Me Co "H Mo Z * }{5J *}? b;,0 too do bJO ?T * U. V 2^,*JlAb3 19 ^ 100111 On RR...M0 98 5 Mich is&N IndOn 10? 300 do *10 VJ*? 100 turn Coal Co.. baft -MX ?J00n?T KK..C HI 5 ??? "I0 ?'?*> 100 do bOO m*i -*00 <lo 21? W 100 do U3 : 00 N Y On ltlt. .bOO 102 lJOMf. h On RR...\ 102 '!*{ <1? MOIO!^ 60 do I>?0 102 K ? <!"> opg 102S 60 MS4.N" 1 Kit.. b(J0 106 100 Erie Knilruad.blO 631^ CITY TRADE REPORT Friday, August 10? 0 P. M. A^iil* ? The sales embraced about 300 bbls. , including pota at $?i 12>,, and ]?arU at $6 26 n $0 37. BttURi m ? Hour ? The market was without change in prices, and more active; the sales embraced about 8,000 n l'J.000 bbl>., including common to extra Stale at $8 a $8 37 u >8 60; western mixed to choice $8 60 a $0; among tlie sales were Home lola of State, for export, and ?oiue of very interior or "Isgos'' Stale mild at $7 75 a $7 87; Ca nadian was without change (000 bbls.) at $8 76 a $10 60; Southern sold in a moderate way. at $8 H2 a <9 62 for inferior to common, and $8 76 a *10 50 for fancy and ex tra. Wheat wan lirmer and in better demand; the sales embraced some 6.000 a 7,000 bushel* Southern red at $1 90a $1 95, with some whiteat $2 12, and 1,700 bushels su|)etior North I arolinu white at $2 25. Coi n? The sup plies continued light, while sales reached about 40,000 a 50,000 bushels W estern mixed at 87 ^?e., including one cargo at 88c. ltye was quiet; a small lot of new was re ported at $1 20. Cats were unchanged and sales mode rale. Corns. ? The market wui firm, with a good demand; the sales embraced 3.500 mats ol Java at 14>?c.; 500 bags Ki(>, at 10^e. a 11c. a ll3.c.; and 300 do. St. Domingo, at 9?fc. a !??4c. Cotton.? 'Hie sale* reached about 1,500 bales, while the market closed firm. I'NEicfiTf ? To Liverpool, about 10.000 bushels of corn were engaged, in bulk, at about 4J?d. a 4*?d., and about 500 htfles ?f cotton at 3-10d., with some dozen balos of rags, at 10s. jier ton measurement. To Bremen, 10,000 lbs. bone, and 200 bales of cotton were engaged at ^'c. To Havre rates were dull, with very little doing, the quotations were at )tfc. for cotton and bone, J^c. for ba con, 80c. for provisions; bark, $8; ashes at 6 a 7, and rice at 7. To California rates were steady, at 32c. a 83c., per foot measurement. Ibo.v. ? Scotch pig ranged from $31 a $31 50 a $."2. ac cording to quality ? six months. Mot-ASUB ? Sales of 450 hhds.Cuha liiolassei were made at p. t., find 200 hbls. New Orleans at 36c. Naval Stores. ? The market was quiet, but firm? the high prices having checked sales, especially for spirits. Provisions'. ? l'ork was active and firmer; the sales em braced about 1.600 a 1,800 hbls. part sold yesterday even ing, included in which were about 1,100 a 1,200 bids, new prime at $16 75; the remainder consisted chiefly of new mess at $19 <!8 u $19 75; old mess was at $19 37*?; included in the above -.vere 200 hbls. prime mess (West ern.) inspected, at $17 50. Ueef was tlnn and in good de mand; the sales embraced about 600 bbls. including coun try mess at $11 a $13. and prime do. $9 75 a $10 25; in cluded in the sales were 200 bbls. railroad beef, extra, at $11; repacked Western ranged from #15 50 a $16, ami ex tra do. at $17. Cut meats were firm, including sales of iCO a 300 packages at 8)jC. a 8Jic.. and one lot prime quality at 9c., and hams at UJ^c. a 10c. Isi rd continued firm, with sales of 400 a 500 bbls. at 10%c. a 11 ?*c. But ter was in fair demand at 15c. u 18c. for Ohio, and 18c. 21c. for State. Cheese was at 9c. a 9>,c. for good export lots. Kiie. ? The market was firm, with small sales at 6c. a 0>i?c. Mktb. ? About 100 hags pimento were sold at 12, ^c. SccAlif. ? The market was active, and prices continued firm. The sales embraced about 1,200 a 1.600 hhds., chiefly Cuba muscovado, at C'jc. a 7c. Included in the sales were 60 hhds. l'orto Rico, at 7,'?c. Tobacco. ? The demand was good, and prices were sus tained. The sales were ? 19 hhds. Kentucky, at 8,'^e. a 11c.; 265 hales Havana, at 21c, a 30c.; 61 do. Cuba, ut p. t.; 136 cases seedlcaf, at 6}?c. a 14c. Wiiibkky. ? About 200 bbls. were sold, including Ohio, at 40c. a 40>^c., and State prison, at 41c. Family Marketing. RETAIL PRICES OF FAKM PRODUCE IN WASHINGTON MARKET. The market is tolerably full ol produce, and, as a gene ral thing, rates are cheaper than formerly Meat is now at a low figure, and, ?s summer Is closing, we cannot ex jiect much of a decline. Fish is plenty, and can be had for four, five and six cents a pound; good butter can bo lmd at twenty-five cents a pound; eggs arc getting scarce again, and are consequently dearer. Vegetables fill the market. Potatoes are now lower than they have been in two years, and can be liought for from twelve shillings to twenty shillings a barrel. Oreen corn, though mode rately cheap, is dear for the season. Green |ieas, water cresses and parsnips are out of date. Other green truck is cheap. The market teems with fruit ? apple* and pears, though none of them fit to eat ? in abundance. Rnspberries and gooseberries have disap|ieared, but their place ha? been supplied by nn abundant crop of whortle berries aad blackberries. Peaches ore backward, and those on sale are mi-era hlo-looking wilted things. A few waim days will biing fine ones in in abundance. The following list has been carefully corrected:? KEATS. Beef? Sirloin, roast, per lb 0 12 a 0 14 Klb. roast, prime ? a 0 14 Rib, chuck ? a 0 10 Sirloin steaks 0 12 a 0 14 Porterhouse steaks 0 16 a 0 18 Rump steaks ? a 0 12 Hate.- and navels, corned 0 08 a 0 10 Mutfton. per lb 0 06 a 0 12 per carcase, per lb 0 08 a 0 09 lamb ? " " 0 00 a 0 11 per lb 0 12>i a 0 lit Veal? '? 0 08 a 0 14 Veal, fore quurters, per lb ? a 0 08 lliud quarters '? ? a 0 10 Veal cutlets " ? a 0 16 Pork, tiesh. per lb 0 10 a 0 12 Kami, smoked. [>er lb 0 13 a 0 14 Shoulders " " 0 09 a 0 10 Sides " '? ? a 0 12 Sides, pickled " ? a 0 10 J<?,vU ? a 0 0'J smoked beet' '? ? a 0 12 Sausages " ? a 0 10 Hohgta sausage- '? ? a 0 25 Tripe ?? 0 07 a 0 08 lard '? ? a 0 12 POULTRY AND OAME. Turkey-, per lb 0 12 a OH Geese. " 0 13 a 0 15 Bucks, tame, per pair 1 50 a 2 00 ( h'eke us. per pair 0 62 a 2 00 lowts, '? 1 00 ft 1 26 Cuinca do,, " 0 75 a 0 87VJ Robins, per 4m 1 oo a ? Woodcock, ?' ? a 3 00 *'ISH. I resii salmon, per lb 0 'Si a 0 32 Smoked do.. " 0 JM a ? 37'.

Bas-. " ? a O 10 Blueflsh. " ? a 0 08 WeaMi-h. ?' 0 06 a 0 08 Picket el. " 0 12 a ? Halibut, 0 08 a 0 10 MM, 0 04 a 0 05 Sturgeon. '? 0 06 a ? lels " ? a 0 12 Flounders. " ? a 0 06 l'orgies, " ? a 0 06 Salt mackerel, " 0 12 a ? Salt shad, " 0 12*9 * ? Smoked halibut, " 0 10 a ? l>o. market el, " 0 12 a ? Sounds and tongiii's, per lb. 0 08 ft ? Smoked shad, " 0 12 a ? Soused snlnvo. per can 2 00 a ? Smoked salmon, per lb 0 16 a ? I'ry codfish, " 0 04 a ? RBKUFMI. Oyster. ?I'Miices bay, |ht 100 0 82 >? a Virginia " 0 62V, a CUmf? Shrewsbury, per 100 0 M) a Uttle Nick, " 100 a I/>b?.tcri<, jier lb 0 0.'> a Crab*, per dwn ? a '? solt shell, pe t dozen ? a FRUITS. Apples, new. halt pecs 0 18 a Hlncfcherrieii JKT (|<i*rt 0 12 a Ruspberriei. |>er basket..., ? a I 'earn, per half jieck 0 2A a Apricnt*, |ier d>'ten ? a I't ache-, per half peck 0 2.'? a Whortleberries, per quai t 0 12 a (Jocwbrrrloi, " ?. 0 10 i Mums, halt pec'< ? a Currant*, per lb ? a Brrren, chkkur, etc. Butter? Male per lb 0 2& a Oianjre, " ? a lYlaware " 0 IS I hce-e. |>er lh 0 10 Knglisli, per lb 0 1"> llneapple, each 0 1"> " ? VtCUKT \BI.K8? l'otatne.?, I ong Island, per bbl ? " per tul'-iwrli 0 09 Bermuda, per bhl 2 00 " " half perk ? f ha rb ???>?, new, per M>1. ;i SO Cucumber*. new, per dor 0 08 String t>ean? half peck ? Fi|UMW| pei dur ? (laia?j per l a TT perk ? CaW>:igi-? new, i-ach 0 04 ttoiojr raMxift o o# flee!*, per dor ? l'arri>ta ?? ? Salad, each 0 01 l.reen corn, per dt* 0 Oil t'anllfli 'Wers, each ? Cariirk, per bunch ? Kadiahe*, per bt oeh ? Trniato i, half peck ? 1 ?*-fcs " 0 Oti 1-bc planU. per to ? T-jrr.ips. Wliitr. per do c. 0 0.'. 0 70 1 00 1 00 :i oo 0 oo 0 2."> 1 00 0 25 o u 0 124 0 .It 0 35 o o lft o 12 o r>o 0 08 0 28 0 20 0 12* 0 13 1 ro 12 2 2."> 0 20 4 00 0 OH 0 10 0 :? o 2.1 ? 00! 0 .11^ 0 Of) o i r. o 12 0 Oft 0 12 0 01 0 12 0 1.2'. o on iDfCkTISlllENTS RENEWED RfERY D1Y. murrmut. rtl KWH R. * AM I Kltsos HtV Sf, I* uro. |f?l >Wu) l uiJ f "ii'ura, p?H?r V (.?, <1, wif. t (. u-wi ; i - I ? t j ? i(.t I' c^Wper, lhJibi ' TSium1 rbsiitcb. A NEATLY Fl IUi LSHKD COTTAGE TO LET AND A" tlic present tenant U about to luuve the Statv, th ? furniture, which Is new and of th? best quality, is f >r ?ule. Apply to J. M. Douglas*, West Hobok"n, cut' mile from the ferry. A splendid sun of furnished room.", with bedrooms attached, to let. together or separate, iu a private Iioukc with all the modern improvements. A physician will lind it a rare chance. Apidr at It# Prin;e street, a few door* west of Broadway. CHEAP RENTS ? TO LET, THREE ROOMS ON' SECOND floor, with Croton water and bath room, and four room? on third floor, nnd front and back basement. at 5." 4 1'curl street, cloe to Broadway. A fine larg" store. 'Zll Seventh avenue and Twenty-fourth street. GILLESPIE. 8f>4 fear! atree'. FURNISHED HOUSE To LET? FIRST CI ASS, THREE story and basement brick house handsomely fur nished and pleasantly located, in Bloomtield place, Ho Isiken, (he minutes' walk from terry. Rent juWX) per iinnnm. Addrcas or inquire of LEAVTTT. WADSWOP.TH A CO.. 168 l'earl street. K. V. HOUSE TO RENT. AND FURNITURE FOR SALE? A four story English basement house in an excel lent location, furniture but little used and in fine order. Add rend box 1.867 Post Office. HOUSES TO LET?THREE ELEGANT HOD- 1* IN River terrace, Hoboken. three minute*' walk oi the ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and city of New York, with bath, gas, hot and cold water. Sc., to families of the first respectability only. Inquire at the office corner of Second and Hudson street*. 1 I j bo ? ken. of EDWARD MARTIN. H0CSETOI.LT? A VERY FINE TWO Sl'oKY ATTt< ' house, with basement nnd (-table, also n garden containing eight lots, in Washington avenue near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. The locality is the most beautiful and healthy. Yearly rent only fc&iO. Possession to i>? given immediately. Apply to WM. RAPDE Vtt Broadway, N. Y. MOUSE TO RENT NFAR ST. JOHN'S l'AKK ? KENT $600 per year ? and furniture for sale, ull new last and cost nearly two thousand dollars; will be sold low, half rash, balance on mortgage. Tun U u rare chance. Address W. S., I'ost Office. HOUSES TO LET? IN SACKCTT STP.EE1. NEAR HA milton avenue ferry. Rrookly it. for genteel families Apply to EDWARD D. JAMBS, 26 Nassau street, N. Y. TO LET? THE STORE 40 READE STREET, FIFTY feet front Broadway, east side, opposite Stewart's; has two large bow windows; a very desirable location. Also, several rooms in house 86 Dunne street, cast side, within fifty feet of Broadway ; very desirable lor any lighMnanufacturiiig business. Apply at GEMMEL'S, S02 Broadway. TO LIT? PART OF A CONVENIENT THREE STORY house with gas, in Brooklyn; pleasantly situated in Ivan street; within ten minutos' walk of any of the fer ries. Rent moderate. Good references required. Ap ply at 98 Dean street, Brooklyn. mo LET? AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND, A SMALL JL neat cottage, within fire minutes' walk ol Van def icit's landing, situated on a private street, with garden and fruit trees, all in tino order. Rent low lor the balance of the year, or may be leased for a term of years. Apply to D. G. GARRISON, saddler, near the landing. TO LET? A SMA1J. THREE STORY AND BASEMENT new house, No. 48 West Forty -fourth street, between lillh ii ml Sixth avenues, with all t>.e modern improve ments. Inquire on the premises. TO ILT? IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY THRKE-tJI AR ters of a mile above Harlem bridge, a two story base ment and attic house, situated on the corner of West chester road and Kcnsonia avenue, plea sent ly situated, with good well of water, cistern, kr. A lease of five years given if required. Inquire of TH< 'SI AS KAY, Srocer, corner of Boston and Westchester roads, or at 'o. 6 Walker street, New York. TQ LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A FRONT room and lied room adjoining, with Croton wut-r and gas ; will be let to one or two single gentlemen, witli or without partial hoard, on application at 240 Spring St. 0 LET ? FURNISHED, EVERYTHING FOR House keeping. a pleasant suit of room the entire second floor, w ith either the front or back ba-fment. Rent 910 per week. The i mitation is west of Broadway, a short distance from St. John's pnrk. B. W. RICHARDS, ?'?: Broadway, T rno I FT? THE STORE NO. M EAST HRO \DWAY, I suitable for any business; ulso. a glib-cellar. 100 feet in depth. Inquire at 04 East Bi uudwayw * TO I FT? THE VERY DESIRABLE STopi-; < ORNTR OF Broadway and liuane street, adjoining I'hil-on's jierfumery stoic; also the second and riilrdati i i- - double offices for lawyers, arlist-, Ao.{ also, the :.a ??"front ol -aid premises. A capital stand for any genteel busIn-sK. rno I EASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS? TWO LOTS. I with th.i buildings thereon, in Thirty-second street, between Lcxingtou nnd 'third a venues : lots 50x172 feet deep; suitable tor a carpenter or a pianoforte maker, or would make a coal yard. Inquire of H. 1'. LEAKE, 130 J .aureus street. Town and country? to jjot, in wii.liamsbcrg, to a small genteel family, an elegant dwelling, con taining 7 rooms, chandeliers, gas. water, every Modern improvement. Kent, 9140 per annum. Stages pass the door. Also, an elrgaut house; rent. 9?Q0 per annum. Inquire at 4<i? Grand street. Williamsburg. rro SILVERSMITHS AND JEWKI.LKRS? TO LET, A X large light workshop, with gas and Croton water laid on: the rent will be taken in goods. For further particulars inquire at 148 Mulberry street, reur. Ti MANUFACTURERS? A WEIL LIGHTED NLW building. TiOxlOO, with heating and drying appara tus, and everything complete, wllli or without steam power, will lie let or leased ;D can he adjust t? any pur |K>se. Inquire ou the premises. 12 and 14 Iltt street near Grand. T) BREWERS? THE ADVERTISER V I^HES JO :>'A?E a brewery, for a term of yea rs. In this eHt ir vici nity, and purchase the stock of barrels. ti\tun-: good will of business, Ac., or if accommodating ter ns are made, would not object to purchase tin- brewery in>t?ad of leasing. Any brewer willing t? jftpose oi his busi ness, will please address bos 4.71t< Post Office. HORSE**, CARHI.VGF.M, M. CARRIAGE ?A Ht TWO AND THRF.I -I A1 SfM mer Rsick tways: also, an assortment ul csiehes, top wagons, Ac. , Ac., to be sold very low. MAJOR IHi'MPsoV k C0. FOR SAM ?A 1'AIR OF HOKSW MAI HAY GU. din>r and one gray marei, upwards of lu h:m<i high, eight years old. sound, kiud and last accustom si to lie dri* en tocether; can trot u mile in three minntes to the pole. Will be sold cheap, ss the owner is out nl town, anil has no use for theut. Apply ut the stable 19 West Thirteenth street. F)R ffAU:? ONE IJGHT 1'Wt ? HORSE l?9 wagon, new. and made to ord< .!?<> one band grocery wagou, strong. Apply ui I "A l.i-t Twitrty sixtli street. I^OR SALE? A SPLENDID GRAY MAK' and harness, one of the handsomest tnrri ot tlie city. Sdd for no fault, but tor ivant of u-e. a owner i? gm'ng to Fttro|ie. Apply at Joh i liu'Voa ble. '.'3 last Iwelfth street. 1710R SAI.F? A HAY MARE, WAGON AND HARNESS, . the mare 15,' hands high, young, sound and fi?st, and gentle, seven years old and a styliali driver; th? wa gon made by Ihisenbery, with shifting top, nearly new. with harness hut little used, making a complete turn out or a gentli men. W Ul be sold chen p lor cash. Apply at 200 South street. For saij:? a three year old acabian colt, very stylish, anil promises great sp<-i d. His owner will match him to go fifty mile* Inside of six honrs. Can lie n-enat Charles Carman'*, near the t.'nion,IU<e Course. Foit sai.i'? a new ijGirr sicii iim; scugy Prire if m>M t>y three o'clock tlil^ ?!?}. Apply over tin* livery stable 58 Weat Twenty-third atreet. For faIJC? thrke wjooni* hand wacovs, a.s good iik new, one Brpiarc box, wol^hi '.W> : oneelilft Ing top boggy. 2B1 pound-; one, with tu> top, Meel aide Miring, weigh- 190 1?ouh?1h? -all city mn'lo. Inquire at the ftrooklyn light carriage factory. \i Hl|rli -treet. KAMI) HALV. Howf. for hai.k ? v shem>u> gray, i#>; hand* li%h; will Ktaml without tying, eight yean old; would unit a gTocer, coal y?r<1. or any per?on w not ing n gentle home, will be aold low. a? the owner lia- na further u>? for liiin. Apply at I8"J Suffolk street. WAGONS. HAitNKSS fct FOR HAIE, AT No. I Net in* atreet, Brooklyn, a large lot of n ew hu'1 oeeond hand pleHMire wagon*. nullde*. kr.\ nlao, 'J5 horeea, como f??t road l?orse?; ?No, one ln'uSer and oat gjoeer's ?ngon, and one rart. HOItfK FOR PALE? A GRAY PACTNO POXY, Itf; hand* high; ran pace in '.':44>; aold low for wan! of tine: load and good under aaddle or in haroen... Inquire at 8ii Hurling flip. HORSE, WAGON" A.M? HAl'.M'.SH HUt SAIJ A lK-nutiful iron gray uiore, ?i* year* old. iotirti-?n hm:d? high, aouod. kind and fenti". h n-rr atylb-h driver wl'l mtikr a splendid ladle* (-addle bor-<-; the wagon, with t<ip, made by Mlt. and th?- harne?* hn? Vrn used une reason. Tlte whole wi'l wild Ihr the ..wner having no turthrr u?4- fcir tb to Apntv m \n m .?? ft net . RK*TAri? V>Ts. /inusev NTW AHMC t FRfiidl AND Git \Jf man rvataiirant, removed 17 N?<<*u ^"rne? iDii Hroad way, between IHia?e ? 4 lV?r! at-aet.4. ojwo every day in the Week, for bri?kt.< dinner and -"p?*v fr< m II A. M. t? ( H. H. The ?.\m MMMl^i-ate eharife. wili prevail which have made thit ea'a. hoi- ot ?<., p-rpi .,r throughout the 1 u.i* tl Ifc GO" ,\r,, TV-ipr ?( if HKJtdVM.l R?aiOVAU>- !'?<. tfT/VM' \ S-, T*tf, IjkTF. ?< <.>e Cw?a for t, -ray, f, r ar'y pupil of I r. O of I vl- a, a/hi f- r niii ? j urs ?? tiing aofat H< * to I < Aij : -1 lU.idj , r< n ' n, li n,i v>) Kit tT e '? WT i f t t, n -. fir tre lu'nr t I' A M . If ? t M HOAJUMIVCi AJTD LPJD60K, mHfASKllV STRtJT, TWO DOORS IRDlf HT.H son ? Furnbdied room.-, with board. L* ?lngte gatl-iuca ;Vi. f->r gentlemen ?BJ tfcrir wivvi >: tv ?#, pleasant I'K'ttt' 'Q un 1 g90i\ ueighborhjod. ?t Air H!-dk)n svma, fronting sr. johns Xrri - *urnbihed rooms to let. with board. to sugl" gentlofuen, or gentlemen and their wives; al? . a hnn.l.-Mj.tif furnished buek parlor; house newl/ furnish ed. v illi at! the modcra impr jremeats for permanent and traa.-Jent boarder*. f?i\ Ml I*ox yr-:. ? i*; ? ;*? mis. ? % gentleman and Ow vri'p run ind a p1 -i-in* suite ot rooms, together c" separate, on t;i ? seeond d*Jr, with pantries; also, tr. or three gentlemen can Had (Mm. AFAMI1 T OT THI H'CUW HFKPF.'T VHH 1TY deairM to obtain, lor the fall and wtater, % suit o' wel. fi i rtdshed room-*, with board, in a liou-?* wh"r? ther* are. and will be no Other boarder-. "ho location rain be bet weea Sigh tu and Fourteenth ?tre?ts. un;'. Fourth and Fifth ai enues or th ? eas? ?ide of In ion square, be tv ?*e?i 1 'ourtventh and .-'?vonteenth ^ t u IX'^Wi requred ii i.l gives. Address A. A. A., H"m. I oili Ammv LADY, HAVING A HAM*0*r I'lWT cla.s- house near Broadway and Madison 9quar-?, would accommodate, with fuU or partial board a ;s?rty of gentlemen, or tv ? sma'i sel?'C. families. N other boarder* would be taken. The comforts of borne w!i! be tc un1' . Address X.. E. L, boi I'o"' Office. A STRICTLY PRIYATW FA Mil. Y, KESIDCfO 1? o.Ni: of the plea&awest locations uptown, would 'il, ? to dispose of a park r ii tj 1 bedroom to oae or two slugh j^ea tleo'en. with or without partial board. Baths, gaa and every modem eor.voniea * in tiie hou?". Address M. }(., Henld office, f>>r three days, lrh-re na interview ( ?n '.ie had. Brtbreac* gi? jiu a ad required Awn <ii' ROOM">. HANDSOMELY FCRNteHKD, ? tillable 'or a creutlem.tn and wife , or slagl ? gentle man also several sir. ill ri un- >.itli full or pi'rtial liojiru, onn l,o hj'1 by applying at Ninth ntri-ot. FV'lvren 'e ex<'l> infft d. A ITfLNl-HKn PAHLOR TO liKI, WITH FI I.1. OK par till board. ? A gentleman and wif- can benc c< m.'no'l i .'d. or tvo ur three gentlemen, with board oi without. Apfll}' at 181 Mulberry str. et, firrt h uuK' fro^n Bro' .i.o. U ?: of reference givon an>l required. BOAhl-A SMAI.Ti PRT.'ATE FAMILY WOI IJ) 1.ET, with board, to a gentleman aud wit-?, a opl-ndid. unfuruinlied, parlor ami bedroom, together or ivpurately. Hoit-o iir?t cla?fi. with every convenience; chundeiier^, and hot and cold water in the room*; 1 oration weit Twentieth Htreet. AddreiM A. H. W., Heruld office. BOAI'.J' ? MAY MK HAI) AT A VF.l'.Y RKDICI'O RAT" by adrancingfriiin $i"iO to $101, in i firs' elnt< hr.u?o in thv upper pnrt ul iho city. Addres- Hoard, I'nion square Post Office. B"arj> k-wn town. ?i wo ott thhkk gkntikmkv o 'a t>e ;ico<'mriio<i?teii witli board *t 17J Una no nr., near Hudson, opposite Dunn" street paiK. Board i\ bkooki.yn ?a i:khp^ a?i.e private fan.ily (Irinli'i having more room than they rojuire. will accommodate, with ]i?rtial board, t'.vo gentlemen who wnuld room tog.'ther. o? a gentlemen and wife. I ull board for lady it required. I, oration good, near City Hall. House new, gas arid batlm. References exehanged. Addre-h H. M.. boxl.Mrt Post < ?ltke. Board in bi;ooklvn.? a oi-lnti.km.un ami his wife, or a few ,dng!" gentlemen, can lie itceommo dtiteil with pleasant rooms, uithor withmit l>onrd, in h ve?]H ctaele juivate family. Apply at Jld CV.urt street, near City Hall. Reference* rciuired. ECARD IX HKClOKT.YN? 'WITHIN KIVK M1XI.TB8' w al!t of J ulton ferry. A gentleman and hih wife can be noeonwodatod with h pleasant room on tho second floor. Apply at \ A) iltiirj nt/eet. between l'ierrepont aud Clar'?" .?treets. Board in Bi!??oKi.vx. xioij thkkhth and Wall street ferries. ? Si'n<" (,"C"tleinen. desirous of obtaining pleasant rooms, wi'li or without partial board. on moderate terms, in :? genUcl locality, can be uccoui'uo dated a' Ko. 91 State e ui t Board wantm?.? if \<*v want boari?f.rs for the fall, send your urldres.? early; yery mauy are now applying for board: dr. not b? mistaken, my otiic- i the ;il.i ? '.o find them, XOit Il' ud' ay, ti'-ar Grace cliuri U; btaidej i direct il free oi'churg ?. by letter or otherwise. il. D. (><H.t|iWI\. Boa ,i.i v . . ? vt j ?ij vm) ( h\mi-.iv!s snajBr? l ino plea?ant new I; fnrai.-liMi r n.m.- for tamllie*-, wi*ii every eon vetiiwic: ?!-'> Jltig'e rooai'. for geutlemeu. a" re i- .ji.ible prices. I'-, [...jar'ter- aceotmnotlatod al-o. iteler ncus rcrtulred. BOAtlDINii.? A GFN I l.rJIAX AND H!.J WIFK CAN 1^ a" i a,; ? dr?lr I ?* i'Ii .n urd, aud ? comfortable roam, at 37 j<?r voel.; or tv, > aingle geatJem-'n at $4 each, at VJ- Riving'oti tuec* ? uejr omnibus and rail road c??avenien'e*. J. BAKKFll. BOARl'INV.? A PI J 'A* A.N I I'AKI.OR, OX PTON1 floor. <iag room, baaenen'. with a hsth room. gn<. kt . - the hou>e :s ilolVb tally ,-jtuated at 259 Gr?eae street, three door.i froti UgUth street. Relereuces ex cbangt-d. z BOAP.DING.? A (.1 DT I'AMUA*, HAYING MOKK room than tl ?\ require, can accommodate a f' W single gentlemen with full or partial hoard. Apply at No. 4 Amity phic, bet a en Amity and Bleecker street*. Boarding.? an 1:1 w.ant si rr of fcrni^iied rootns. on second tloor, also tinfurnishcHl l>ac'? par lor, with enclosed verandah, and rooms on third floor, with pantry, wardrobes bath. ;ri?. and all modern con venience*. to lot. with or without board. Ill Clinton place. Klrbth .street. Boarding*.? \ iargk plkasaxt room, wi hi pantry attaehed, to let, with board; to a gimtlemsn and hi" viite, where the eomlorts of a home may lie en joyed. Also a root. i suitable foe a couple of ainrle g-n'le. men. Apply at 8U 11 nry >tr,^t EOARDI.NG AT 04 WJM14TH STW-U'TT.? GRN I'l.KMKN and their families. ile?irons of making arrangements lor the tall, will find "uitable a< eommodationx ia the first <lass hou.-e. w'tli all the modern improvement'). 04 We-t Fourteenth street. l**twi'on Fifth an'i .^ixtli avenues. S. B ? I'erions visiting t *ity tan be accommodated; also several single gentlemen. BOAItDlXG OX URCXiKl.YN ? I EIGHTS? BFTWKKN 1 ulton and Wall street frrries. for gentlemen, with partial b, ard. in a private family. Hie house aud situa tion very dc?irable. Referene.-s uneiceptionible. Ad dress. <lur: ?igt'io nmfit'i of Angu.t, *ith real name, W. Andu w, ieiald other . BOAHOIXG VND ?'? A BATHIXO ON S'l'ATKN Island. II- e ni'e- t rom \ anderbllf 's landing, lonr mil -' by stages. Iho bou-e i' commodious aud well shad 'I tlio grounds eit, nsive; bath hou-eand line sandy iMsieh with tine land a id 'fti yiriri, making it a very pleasant nu ome. re iiLmee Inquire of .1. fv l.iwrenee. a' Mr. .Muir s. No. Sl.lo| u street. T}<?AR|!1N?; AT BI/HiM'NtiD\I f.? Kol R 01! I DA. XJ p r-r>n- may be reeso inbly accommorlateif vtith goo-l boi. l and nicely orni-hed noms at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Ground* well sbade>l, g>v>d fishing, bathing, kc. 1 i ? or rieeens to ihe city bv th" Hnd-on river cars or st,.; tpply to !t. W. Rl'CHARlH, ?0T Broadway. Hf'AIil'KiU* WANT! J). -TWO VOl"NG I AWliS CAN* .icro'n-nodati'd in i?i vi.iai'y ?>( tirecne and Houston >>t:v<*t* m licit t'.' cf a home cjiu l?e bad. AJ J re- - MW Inrtinjr, I:- i?'iy Pout Office, fur two "l?y?. Ijll I'AWIH) J100M&? VKW1 ,Y I'AW ?:. .!> AXD PAINT ' fl. with u-oof bath, fit lit JJtpcn.irJ direct. El"RX!?HI3? KOOM.-' IP,". HNf.1 1 GE.vn.KMKX, with limkA iind ten if required, in .1 small Ame rican family where tbcrc ir?- no bonnier*. Addrc - J. >'. U., 'JO Stanton street. f-\ KNT1.KMKN i-KfJOM. A IMMK ANt) WMUV<; comfort* of one. it lady now oiler* Mich; the bou?* ii rlcjrant and airy. and. "n inspection, will be fonnd to hu\e all it prufw-i--. \pply hI 107 W??t 1wellth utreft between Ultlj :inil Sixth ;nenu*-.?. Reference* required. f \ KMI KMJ N AMI IHKIR WIVJ-i*. OR SINOLK OKN tlemen, inny nhta'n good t>o*rd vith plfHtintuc comiiindat'on. 1'.. iTiply'n); it '.?14 H"nry street next to the corner "f Amity H '.oMyn. HI ?B<>KKN. ? I'Ai'.l IAI. id 'AIU< WANTKO I 0K TWO joun* gentlemen, o n Hiul?oii at two sincle rooma or on** 1h r(r?- on"; t?*> m> not to < xce<l *t'. Address H. B.. BoX 6Mtt 1'ost I lth<-e. MK>. BAKER Now fK.tTPYIXG THE I. AKOK.COM minions house at I'M Broom" street. \ ery pica* ? nut rootir to b* b?(t ?l rc*M>i?ble price*. fiir -ingle gen tlemen or grntlemefl ?< rxi 1h"ir wire?. WAX1KI?.? WAVTF*. A WKI.I, KI'RVWHED V parlor and bedroom adjoining, tor a lady and gen tleman, with full board lor the lady only, *eired in t be room, in n hou?e rliore tlwe arc few or no other board er $. A-idrc.* for th 'laya, aiming locality, If ., A. ri, W., I nion >?|iiare lV*t oftke. TliKH nit Font l.KMiyjHtA CAN BK ACCOMMO fated wi'h board Ian small private family at 'JO Christopher -'rrrt. Pleavmt room*. "If *A.\TV.l'? To PT.ACI: TWO I ITTI.K URLS. TWO f f ami four year* old, Ui bo?rd with a kind person, who wc till tiii." good rare of tnein. I*rn-e no olject, pro v led location nni?t be in New Yorh city A1dre-? A.. H oiidway 1'iwt < ifflfr. nic.vriHTHY. / I ?i??r y. MHAKFKR, BftTM, 2TA HtI>*iV f*T. , VF near Broome ? F.Mablleh'-d 1841 ?Mr. H. ha* tor th" [??t fnnrt.-ea yer?r? Im? eti|ra(te<l in farnl?hiii|rt?defitt?t4 ?n Ne # Vr rk ami it? Ticnity artiflHal teeth, at about one half b -< tban i? ti??ally chaffed In their paticnN and is ii .* 'ii ,-ii iliin^ 0?e ?ame ?'ylr of work, f which for Ix-iinty, ntiallt; iiti'i'y, cannot Ih- furpa??.-d i to the public np*n the wim' te m a? heretoft,rc charged t>? d>nt??t' Per ^?tIV? n-aaut?i trt 1clal Wth an '??ipi '-tlally aolicit"4 tocaUW'' * inak 1/ f-anc^wst' eUewte^r- H- w.il be m( ?t V ? "? to ctpia n hi? ?f?<oo| t/i nil n ? r )j r !<? b',T?W 'li ? ? ^ cn'-'e^K odln* d li.cti .n upon ,11 *.tr..T <v "" ????? with I ie pr. ? . f .ri i ?varvib*ylM?ii. V V A v ?! 0 MA') on Ci# 'i ' ? '?Oi' p'-neiift, will do well to ?! in N^p-iienri I 'lerfa. 'Tv.rr . vc?j moder it. 'In th r?? t?' mi^r'w! k t. , >i 'i-tii* Uie ? id root, t?l'. a.-it ?(?'ii* ?, wiJ hf '?osnaced No t. ? Rm,i -?y, c i-t -r ? ' HvW*r?l ?",r*>i4 I r k TO I.OAN ? "V approved B?A?. t;i'? inj^M t mi.' I . A. HOtJ.rf ?????* at 1 No. *j Na**W^^ret. ?ety 4u . i>k<M MUtMNH A?l? UHMtma, ? ? -pr- "> ? rrrr ? ? ? ? Fiiund.vL. $BOO.OOQ,~n.?U, vraKi..1.., \l?r7 -"JJ, g><*l<s, M>g?r*, sr., of bought ? w oasn; stock*, &?(<?*, roortg^-**, ft .( n*g"t i.i ' ?-? ! BuAinw^ coatiil&ottal mt prcnpt. By IHOMl'WV ? W., t?-oker* and cnmmurtn rn"tcnant*~ 1R Nassau ntNe*, ci:mt ot Ann, r jgm M* ?., deeorid floor. /"Wk/~ft 10 J.0A.S ? ' ? V A;*":'. >VK1> KKU.ES A l wi?? BtXaW, No. db A A AAA Tfi I, r?AS ?Of PLUIdlO** ffW'H Jv" es, j-weirv d.y good*. and ?#?; Kilptioa of nerrhandi-e Partle" wis.nog loan* can bo areoaimodate-1 in iu v or snail smoun, different to other oflces. b* apwy'.'ig ??' fiflft Hotwte* street, one Mo?.? f-om Brua'lwiy ?. MEYERS, Agon;. Bank or the ohjo paving nvvrrT'TK, ttftn, OMj.? ' Th* papr c f tin* ? institution will In revelved at uni' p?r ren' tkwnnt, bv th ? undersign1*! V. CLABK h CO., So. i Hamve- street. N". If CtASH LOANED IV AN V A.Vt<T ST, Ot*. ?' at tight lur fair prices, d'-iirondi, nMnh( rl fti ,ew?'ry, plate, merchandise una vniuai tit personal an '.*T*y, "or B. WOOD, i'I? Fulton st ree?, wc nd Uwc. UsM room tioui 9 A. M. to & P. M. CI A.- H I.JBERAIJY AT?VAMKI? ? 1 N Sb'M.S T > KJ1V / applicants, for short period* on watche*, jewftrp piano* furniture, dry g'-o-U. setfars. horses, wngua.4, r??il es.ate, < r luorohamlle of nr?jr description BuaiiutM ?tr-.:tly private Cull at Bro^dwaj r ?>oi f?, iJirt floor. CtASfl UBEKAIJ.V ADVANCED IS M VIS ';S> KfJIT I applicant*. ori watchea^plate. jew?iry, dry tf*>li?. yutnofbrt**, or an y oEier description of property, at the oldest rind uuMt reapoanible e^tabli-^tnenr n the city, 4J Howa.d etrvHi corn?i BrMdfti). Writ tent roofulonre olM^rrctl. K O'.NKUl. Dr.'if -si? ? i?h ice ?'i the i=rrr'\"M.sA.sT i>, r.uranr? C'ompmiy, If*! H?w?ry, Awg'i"1. 0, IStift ? Tlie Board of Uirecturs have thi^ d.iy declared n ?(??iui-mii nuai dirl'I'-ml of (IvefS) pfrton', |uiyal>l? on ?ml*W?r th" l.'.th inst. The traw>f>-i ImkiU will b- eio<Ml until ttiat date. BENJAMIN J. l'L> T/., ^'ecret.irf MATirtEBS' SAVINGS OisjlTTniON? TfOIU) AV?! Diie, comer of Ninth street ? l or tiu beti *tlt -$f u.1 elaRjen of persons. Itank ojien dailr from 0 A. M. to C .". M.^sal ?a WEl?Nli>X)AV itnd SA'l't KDAT LVl-SLSGd trt-u & to A o'clock. lnt?rc<t on depinltj of JiSOO and un'lt?c . SIX PKV. ODTf. L-AAC T. .^iOTH. vv.- Ury. MONICV AJtVANCTOFt'H SHORT W.1UOOP ON ORAL e.ntato, diamuutlK, trul. lies, ^ewflry, piono tortes, dry goods, horsen. rai na^'' ?. aud ev y dencnptM?? of property, by trir> ifitponsi'jle Kiupirf I/ a.i and &a?m f Com ] >any. C. WILIJ^, Agi at, 831i Broadway, op;x?"ile<fc-? Bread way theatre. -VTEW VOKK FI/'ATING I?RV I*XK COMPANT, J3 Aui?u.<t 7, 1865. ? 'llo* J're.-ld'-nt nad director* Imft ihi" day declared it quarterly diTidend of tour per Mat, paya)?i<' tioOnd after the I5lli inot. The tranaSse Iwsbs will beaWM until tlie day of paymi-nt. Br order. H. V. iLV.*oS, ijeoreiary. 0?m NIAGARA KIRK INSfBASCK COMPANY, M?. 67 Wall Street, New York, Augu-t 8, 186S Uivi dettd ? Tbi* Board of I'lrectors lime tlii* May d -Harorf u sitn: annual diri'lon't of ten percent, nayible oa thelSck in-t. 1.. (.. IRVING, Secretary. ~~ BOr?E8, ROOMS, ?( ,, WA1VTEO. AGKXII KMAN WANTS a WEI I. PI'RNISHED MfHfT room, situated between Fifteenth and Thirtieth siroet*. went of Broadway. References exchanged. A1 dre.s. statiji^ terms, Advertiser, Herald ottice. HOrSK WAVTF.I ? RENT NOI TO EXCEED *800 A tliri e story liou-e. with all the modern improre 1'iont-, wanted o*t a leas-> of three or live years, l>y it goot tenant. Sittuition between Thii l and Sixth avetiues. I lease address I... box 4, Po*t iMIice. 01 -E WANT Ml ? IV A DKSIKAHIJ: KX'ATION W town, by 'i highly respectable family of thn-e per on-, wlio would like to make an arn ngvnienr to bo.tri the present oeeupants and a fes tirs> rl i-j boarder*. He fercnt-espsehutij^d. Adilt^*. statiug terra* and lociitjn, A. H., box 111 Herald Oltioe. / H HOVSK WANTUi ? UN" A l.r.t^E OF THREE Tf? I'TK yea rs. in a good neiifhborhwjil. i'."iii no? to os co d ?I00 So objection t'/ yro-.l.!jn oi Wi"iitttn? ii eonvi nieot of nreeo t ldio-- M S S., II -r ill ylbce, at;.tin(r p'<rticuBr*. rpn i:AiiJtOAi> ("M4*ast;.- a- .? wa\tii?, oo |_ ton- 'In bar rail, til for -el.ivlug ?it-a on di-'in'ry .10HN ~ii kRT, 1WS Broadway ?It "A VI EI* ? A IT RNISHEI' HOI SI'. FOK THE WINTBR, I? fil iated b?'t>'" oEurbth and rwi-nty dtth *treet?, ami between Broadway ami Mztb atenne. Appiy wffc full porth i !*, to J. lUl-atA. SO South street "II'AN Tl'l'-Itv \ liK.NlI.KV VS. 1 HI. -KC'iV 1 S'!?R f T* (ujifurni>h''?i> ol u hoitw. rltueb .1 ie-tur. en tMb and I'fltb st:>v(.J ant llli and r.tji avail"-, wrher? fhs family is oi.iH. Addnv- boi t.'iTJ !'o>! trtfi. >? "ti'ANnci? \ 'jTiiti.i si'oiiv ho. is 11 u Roi ?! b.< Htion up town. ? >r i sinal' i.-:v-iti? fain . ?. at a it-Hi ot ni>oi:i s-iXI. Appl> ? 11 K1>SH!M: '.ft. Jll'.i Folnlh a\i line, lu ai to T i'. W. \|rASl W:? A l.iiOII HOI .-E HA VI So \I.I, nil M'? ft de"i :ni;.rf,v m?'ntj. on the ! iftj avwiue. and a-H above "Jlilrl i o Mreet. Ren: nol !o .?xe.*e<l twu ?h< t -and dollars. Apply o A. ?. U1NCK1.EV A Co., No. 1W Bi uadway. "If T AN ))? J I'.VKT or A S Mai ,l COM VY>HT \BI1H?H -?.. Tf ill a nitlr ??.?table neigtilMirboiMl. tx-iovr l'i<urfe>>nr|? sticet. by ? "null, qub'l iaaiily. >!eut. wltich mll.s? 1* moderalo, ?i'! b" imn' tiiilly jiaid. I'le^-e loidresa (?., bo* 1,CW? l*t?t otfi- , 'tating location, ien( and coo ve nience.-. ?ft 'AN 1 VI? A HOI ?K. IN THK I I'Tl Jt PART Ol 1H1 ff i-ity, h.niag nil tbe modern improvements, on i lin-e of th-'-e y> srs < r ni"re Itenl fT'iO > $1,000 Ad iliesc t . f.. ' .1 1,107 l'o-t i . (tiring full particular* as to K-e in t ! ?ration. TI' ANT' 1? io ltFN IN' C"MK (Jl ITT VUA^GE, If wltlrii "JO or ?/.? miles o. thi-eiiy, ot easy access, a small h >n?e. Address W. R., Herald ottice. "f t M~N |T l? To J'.KN'l ? A V A I I . OiTI'AOK. AT A Tf low .f iit. lro:n Orlolier 1, sitnate?l within lou.-te?i or (?ent,> mibtof New York; would rent or purchase fumlti're if on ir<iod Addre** W. Slack, H?ralJ office. TVAM Hi To l'FRCHA?F? A SHAM. THHKK tfTOrtV ft house, in the appei pill ol ilie cilv. Price a>S t? exceed #7,00<l to 48,000. Addr-. l*ox S.: .18 I'ost Oflce. stating b c-ituii and price. WATdlEK. JEWBLB1, At . ? - . \ ? ? ^ ^ ? C1AIJJORNIA HIAMONIf.? THOSE AW?t"T PCRTHAS ; ingjcnelry would find it to their Interest to call and see this new and beanlitul article they are M|njl In bH! liancy to Ike e?l ihamond, sad a: price* within the reaofc of every one. 1- 4 J. .IA< oB", 407 Broadway. GToiiM'TTiTrHAJNs. ? f (iold rnrb fob elia'ns from MC to SIM Ool l beaded pattern eusin' ??? '? "J)ti> 4t? Ooll "ijuare and eujfraved liak chains... " 'jtj 6a (iold erigrsved narrow link chain* " '.'8 t<? 4H Gold plain flat link, with beaded e>1ge. . '? !?it? 00 Oold plain lon^ link fob chains " T.' to ''A (iold plain and engraved link cliaiiis " lite o# (iold Ion? link, Itlle-l pattern " I'i te 44 Gold engraved link pattern " 'j| to &d And all other style of fob chain*, tor *nle, at les, than tlie usual prires, wlii'le?:ile and relall. (il.o. c ,\| I .EN, u Wall ?treet. sec 'id H>?r. G1 I'll) \ ?T CHAINS.? T Cold curb re-t chi'ii- from $11 1 Hold Wariw?? pattern rhmn< 1 ?> ' ? '* (>oW Jenny i Jml pattern.. '? l - 1-> i C.olil la?cctiM pattern " 1 to &'i fioM octagon iu|UAre link " ! !?? ?M Gotil ?nake pattern " 14i.? .A (iolii dmiltlt curb " 1i to '?? Gull Adelaide pnt'ern 11 1J ?<? Jt? Gold ?plendiii aulM 18 earat ee?t chain-. H.'< t. old woee pattern ec-M rhaiii* . . " ft to i.'. And all other atylen of rbain? for ialf it l?"i than Um tiHnal price*. at whoit?-a!? ami retail. GEO. C. Al.l KV, 11 Wali t-eennd floor, near Broadway. Tnraf~ hito-v "and twtcvty hoj.iar wij plated, on K'Wer rylinJ<M an l anchor l*rer, n!rk*( ? A lew more lett. Al<o. line (foi l patent leeer, e/lin tar and am-hnr lerer watcbe*. tine ?<>! I ipiatd ???t mil too chain*. Wati-hei" and jeaelrr < are'ully r?|?<red. OKIGINAI. I.. JACOB.-, 10.! Chatham afreet avuioux.i. A!-Ti?\l-HINii V > Al l MADAM): MORROW "P*. I hJjfhly jilted lady i?, wi'ho'it eieeii'ioa, th? n??t ? ondettul uatroJogiM IB 'he *crl't. or (hit l>?< l?stQ known, fhe will tell all lh? e?fui? ot life erpn th* rerr thnughta, and will raine ?peedy murHa^ev and lb** t&? likenc?t of the intended huohind* and iivieat ir^iV, aw the Ifreat a.-tonUhni'nt of all who ?i?it her, .So chug*, if not aati?lied. Apply at 7H Htoo'ne utieet, near llaa noa. Gentlemen noi a J mined /" 1AUP ? MAI'AM l'UI WMT-r. IU.1I ItNS THA.tf&? T*> V/ her Iticnda and pair.,#., and Iw^a t<> *a j that, ?/?.-> the thousand*. both in th>? city n ul FliiI?.|Hphu?, wS? hare ciaanHcd her with entire aati taction. '????? <? m lidcut tliat m the <iue."ti' n? ?>( aatrolocy, h??e :?ad Ua matter*, and !w?ok* or oracle*. a? ri?ii"d oi coii-danHy be Vnpolc. n, bhi- ha* ?" W|oal. -h?- will tell tiwaianif the future hu-twivl, mvl a.?o !he nam* ot h?' ?>iter IV ??idence 71 MadUon ?trc?'t, on? door from t atherin*. Ai'AMK Ml YiT. HI- H VM> S'J? TO 1?t i > TOTR arena*. bctwrrn Tftntr third and Twenty *,*, ,#i ? tree!*, She cno'innea to till p*?t f^nt avif'taea r^-nt* litewij^ Tnarriiijfp ?. J?arnry?. law ?u ?1*. bvi4wi? rrxoppr t?. airknraa a)<? lit trirnj*. pr'>r? rl t I wt ,? mis n. IfaUm* M?-j-rr con* r-j* in l>if1I<l>, VraoA aaA t.?'rm.m ?od giev> (fiuraut f r 'if. art. THi*-Ml>-VYT,uti7'M.\?7Mi J1 t \ "i." :> i I w nid re-Trfit'ol., ii'ira K^tr *n<t> and U>e joi'.-K* U.?? liicDill h>d hereon-^ *? '?) flowery, uw n ur?. tJaird P* r. v' er* h' * i i )?? r-ru .t??l iri r>{u4 t ? t.i" jumI. )> *">< *??t f:?*? - 'V ?? wiahinf t>> t iiww t) . < ' n.r u * "? :i- ? * th ? * i.n ' <J.. t.i, ID, w> ? itnir r T" ' ?h<ti.d *<J ? ?%' ' jr < n,it..lj.n,?. '4 mtR onvn < . mix ivjis tint ?r m 1 I w?-y T v * 11 * t4

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