19 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Ağustos 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6931. SUNDAY MOBNING, AUGUST 19, 1856. PBICE TWO CENTS. ??* ?*" Domingo Cornqptaieurt. St. Oomikoo, July M, 1966. . SpanM Wot Vr^?Spanuk and tirytuk Ootunlt?TSf Vn^hig PropemitM of Ihf PnMltnif . Dttpotic ?om%, <fc? ,te. The Danish brig Federico, which arrived hern on the >th instant, leav- . to-day for New York, and a* yoa are desirous of receiving recent new* from all point?, which add* so much to the merit of your Invaluable Unui ti, I *iil communicate seme matters concerning our Utile re public, which ?inlortuu.iUily docs not progress is it wax to be hoped it would. ThcHpsnlah war vessels whi-h came lierc to demand explanations i n the question prompted by the Consular Agent of Sp:iin, dopii rted o0 <he Cth instant. That ques tion must be considered as satisfactorily concluded, al though we canucl boost of the anouyuions article* by 1 *hich the journals here pe-stat In reviling that (Unction *ry, whoatlc..?t represents a friendly nation. There f" ? *r*"1 w o?" ***? *ud h wpiUli'.y maulfrsted in abus ing kin under the <*>ver of a nusk. And yet that name press? so completely docile and .koM oyer to power in It? pay* no attention (o otlicr grievous crils, to useful im provements, < i to the enlUr'.tcnmeut of the public, jo Much needed In the irtnte of prcatrntion and deosy in Which all the sonrres of pcUie. wealth and common pros perity sro toand. No notification has bcea re eeived ot the ratification o me treaty of recognition and extradition celebrated witli lltr Moat Catholic Mnjcstr. The diflereoce ha* al?. been regulated which sprang tp with the Consul of her Britannic Majesty, nu<l al though it iaaaid that the honor of the republic ha* re frained guarded and triumphant, other versions of the matter al the pieivmro of every one, atate that the con trary i. (he ca?o? that these repeated reclamations pre occupy the government more than the national prosperi ty, and that the government avails itself of them sue Orssfuliy to complicate our prostrated condition. I To culminate uiinfi.rtuue, the public nccesdties are in greasing. Our impoverished treasury rapidly present! greater needs, .<nd disregarding the best known and most appropriate flmneial measures, the Cithers of the aounlry lwve only re?orted to the plan of anuihilating the little commerce that renu ina, and to oppres* the in habitant- the n.ore srith a grierous and ill calculst-d las. It would be ilifltmK to display? still less wit la my de ftee of pride? the road of progress we jtre pursuing, or the flourishing of arta and industry. W<> want :in iudus triou* manipulator to gire lite to the social skeleton. But nothing of all thin attract* the attention of the p recent Cabinet. All are words, promises and pastimes; ; and ou the oth<*r hand, our Imperfect constitution xufferx eocrmchments which dispel the fe* guaran tees inscribed on it, and to Is: enthroned u die- ' la to riil snthori.y under the shadow of legislative power. In fine, the government has brought about u retrocession ?t the i*trfmotiy oi some, and the degradation, ruin and beggary of the ;jovorncd, who are mere puppets, unwor thy pi being oou->u!ted when the interert and corruption I 0i the Cabinet imt'tb. and interpose,;. These truths are incontc.-'tit iy evidenced by (lie law< >et*ntl? promulgated, espec'ally tho?? coneerniiii con Kpiralors, pnaaports, k"., in wh!?-h are found doctrines so nntiqunted and illiberal as to reflect discredit on (hose proposing there. Among others, there are prorisiona not *? permit the binding of any person coming without a passport, and compelling the obtain of the vessel, :it his ?wn cost, to enrry anch person Just as if the p0* session ol a purport were on irrefutable 1 vidri* . nt nod floaduet and morality, or aa X 'u tuiothei- senn', the [>er aon not iiaring it h?d committal a crime wliMi ?'/?? factn ?nd without judgment or excuse, impotu * on Itim thi- pen alt^ of transport it ion, instead v.t it- boiug onlj the effect ?f ignorance and of not knowing the laws |n r.irre, which ara so readily altered. There ?re nations ?hich do not .require paasports, and this lepubkb; ims not cten Consuls pstabiishrd in foreign counU e^ tor the purpusi- making known these re^niremunts. This spi uies of burhsrity legislated by ignorant >n"?n xxi.pytdg their positions' fcy chance, nod n-ho are be tter fitted to weed i Held is justly resented by all Doniirticsns, who (hink that, on the contrary, these restrictions ought to be removal, and theporU opened K r the increase ol popu lation, parlicn' irly since vi e number ol the pei.uiation being so limited the foreigner ;*BLot cause ouy lo's. and Jtoeta U M object of pokey to Uta'taimd by prohibiting Ms coning. It tollrrws fi.m. ?i,ts flk.it the-? me??,,,e? proceed from a su-pickras adwiju-.t Anon, wiiicii rncil totes in its agonizing powvr, tuvd fear, thi- coming of *h<Jje who would get rid cf sach an atmosphere. The liberator ?.? the sctoal Pr??ident is rallod, and who has no other ecomir* nda-.ion than hi? personal bravery, snd, ,t. his IVleude ??uppo-e, a Rood intention has taken a step to wliich be Wi- urged by his counsel iora or stimulated by cov-itonme^, which has alarmed all, and will de^rirn him of pr^itigc and expose him to vreneral condemnation sine*, net content witli his subry with hariug reeeiTcd Md,000 ?? a gift from the nation, with a costly -word .<nd *pb-r?iiil hou--t.. hris asked, to maintain hu splendor and 'V'Tate hl? rank, the island ?'aona; snd the -enate, to the dM rirefJou ol the jiutdic treasury eonQ<led to th?dr cennomy and safc-l^eping, has lionoeded it to litu h>r tifty year- lor hi^ explortntiie and private beoeBt 'Ihe lakutd contains live leagues from ?a ?t to* est, and two and a lia.vf from north to south. This grant is made, too at w tlo?: when the p<s>r jieople are dying of hunger, fatigue and nukedne-*, and ah'-n those who aenro the country con^Uatly witli arm. in hand, rtnnot procure tLe most in?ignlflciinl or worthies piece of ground witl^ut paving for it. With a new set ot maui-ipxl ofliccrs wc wlli seo whether *his urban peiicj will be *gr??>d to, or whether in a capi tal city, with ? )>ort ojien to i'<reigii couiniTce the sprc tade of graas-giown streets shnJ continue, us it it were a little town in course of Kirmatiori, sod ? hethei the con Victe shall continue to die in prison cf hunger when there >re so many meaua of useful occupation lor them. By the ne?t \??eel for Srw York I fljtll write more in deuil. 1 have prewimi very rtiriotu niaterLil- The Mrea and miracles of our worthy men, how they fi*d on the pnWic treasures and other ndmirable dlseoitrics. so that poMibly my fellow citisein may. by an indlrec mode, he enimatetl to e?eape from the degra'latiou in nhich they ere being pUced, and may l<vl the sweet pleasure and dignity oftfio tree men, raising thcmsi lres Ir.ui the grasp or arbttriry power, end cn^t'ng off senile proi litntion to being- < lothed with the oitemible mjn He of patriotism, while they swrifVrtthe count ry U> their ambition. Haptiy you wk<? live where msn li?s i;uar..n tees, where the tree of liberty flourishes, shere the presd * an incorruptible bulwark, where mandsrius do not im pose their yoke, and where ttT?D?s do not eusily rai .e 'henaselves to devour their kind I TOMA-i l??lk Tautton In BiMkyln. llw following 'able abows the ruination of tin' '..?al>l? yruperir io the different ward* n?d town* In tU? <*oon?y ?f Kings, a* returned by tb? iMtwotn, ftji ill- year* MM an d 18ft,. _ -18M. Jfroniilrn? Htal. H.w.m it, tu'tt* j........ 7.151, x? 4 4,580,5?; 4 a,5P&,0*:> a *?% r> 2* 7 0.&40,Mti * xoatiUW ? .VIM, 4].^ to #,211,7JM 11 7.r,|l,?I 1J . . ? lot*! W,fl0?,ll7 * UU*n?bu re ward i ? in. . wm.att e? 14 .. ? v . . . . iiMMin Me. . - x B?2r*" jflsr ????? *2*<n w?r,l I t.\ 7.. ' I 9., H.. " 12.'"" , _ w?*t ?V I '"?<M ?Wi) ly ?I 424 .-ti '.?01,740 SW,*?0 4?,?T WAii.'W J W* ">.,0 :..iil,; * 1 rtVt.T'iO 3 ?OO.Sffl ?? ;;n M. tWO, 96.1 I. .140 fc i.'.Tl i'O 8,i:?,fll6 4, 007, it* 3,440, 41A nnwtw 42.406 100 . 1,440 417 1,477.801 rtr?vn0t, x,4':n,4??i 2,020, 4? ?K.MM v.:oof> 1.2*1.040 fll.OOD il'.rioo lO'J ?20 210,600 ??,wu ?* IW.Wl 91,144,564 I14.0DO w.ono .611.M%*04 41,614 440 ?l?i <*? ?-*7 450 U4,0S? 1*4,740 118,7-0 iO-i.lA-'. ? l#i% ?1,5#? -7 l,?*l,??s ^OW.tMQ (Tn iiy> 1 >44 WM #A .XW r-v?0 .>',"00 1M 10" ?jaft.two I 000 .M7M9,7r? **.W1,7 ?0.M 1,7-4 :i,.W l ?'.?* 1,044 '.'W. MM, 000 KM 004 14 0 00 ?r?3.iot O^WW.OOO to ooo 44.000 JtatUnd* 171,1.0 11? ? .'4 Otl.VX) 80f> 632,640 496,416 All thr wa; 1* noil toWun In tl?* store 'able {.let* M/fp( ih# town nl i"Ulfcu?b, wbirli I* nol retnrr.*! *>r 16V,. Tt.e Twwl'Ui, St'^nlli *n-l Fl*hte?qt)i w*,.J? fTt new war*, Cttjr Politic*. CANDIDATE 0 IN TUB FOH.O. We publish to-day a corrected llat of the political M piranta for petition* in the city government ta the elec tion of November nest. Brery d ?y brings n?* " I'Jch monda" Id the 0eld. FOB 8HKKIFF. Barnabaa W. Dehorn, (now Juitioe of the Peace,) whig. Josieb W. Brown, (now Alderman of the Hr?t ward ) democrat. F. 1,. Vultee, (Deputy Hheriff.) democrat. 3. H. Toone, democrat and K. N. Waiter llrigsa, (butcher,) K. N'. .Tallies C. WiUet, (Under Sheriff,) doft fhell d#tn-vir?t Jamea 15. L'enael, (I ep. Sheriff,) burd shell democrat. Thomas IHinlap, of fewter Mug, (IVp. Naval Otfioerand Councilman ) soft ihcli democrat. Ben J. Kalrchlld, hard shell democrat end t'oslimiAt. W. P. Turnure. hard ahell democrat. ,iame? H. Brennan, Independent candidate. Henry Kipp, independent. COUNSKI. TO TI1K CORPORATION. Hon. Ogden Hoffman, (present Attorney General of thi> Hate.) whig. lilchard Mott, (ex- Alderman of 2lst ward.) reform and K. N. Bofcert J. DUlon, (present Counsel,) democrat. Chauncey chaffer. K. N. Theodore K. Toinlinson, whig and anti-Main* law. rnmel Bowie/, whig and K. N'. K. C. Weet, herd ahell ddnnemt. lorenao B. Shepnrd, soft Mteil democrat. John H. White, whig and K. K. Peter B. Sweeney (Public Administrator > hird shell democrat. 1.. M. Glover, hard shell democrat and K. N. COCNTT CLERK. Douglas Deffiugwell, (now President of the .Yew York literary Union.) whig, reform and ?'?uiperance. lUe.tmrd U. Connolly, (preeeut County Clerk,) demo crat, backed by Tammuiy Hall. (ieorge Sherwood, whig, and barked by the liquor liarty. J. Sherman Biownell, hard shell democrat and K. N. Stephen Vim Nostraud, soft shell democrat. COMMISSIONER or UKPAIKH AND SUPPI.IKH. B. B. I'urdy (preheat C'ommis-doner.t hard shell d? moernt. t'nniel \V. NoitIs, soft shell democrat. W. I Minor, soft shell democrat. .1. T. Mooltoo, whig and K. N. Thi'ina- RUey, of Hermitage Hall, democrat. N. S. Selalt, (Deputy Sheriff,) hard shell democrat. XV. H. Orally, solt shell democrat. Itobert ikinuell, I'uiou democrat . Samuel I'. Allen, (ex Judge,) whiff. STREET COMMISSIONER. Jot-eph S. Titylor, (present Governor of the Almshouse,) whig ami K. N. James Kurey, (present Commissioner.) democrat. James Dewey, whig. Harry II. Howard, (present Alderman for Sixth ward,) independent candidate, hard shell democrat. tliarles 11. King, (mi Alderman of KightU ward.) dem. , bucked hy liquor dwaUars. Ira Turner, (preseat Deputy Street Comraissiou?r,) whig. Alderman Voorhis, of Ninth Ward, whig, K. [N". and t em pern nee. Daniel I'.wan. ("City Surveyor,) dem. Hugh Smith, (of Consolidated StsgvCo.,) democrat. Isuac Vermilyea, soft shell dem. Samuel Allen, (Collector of Taxes,) dem. John H. Chambers, (Deputy Clerk of Common Omncll.) dem. James W. Smith, (Contractor,) liard ?heU dem. Charles Develin, (Contractor,) dem. Thus. A. Glover, Cuion dem. J. Mecch Henry, soft shell dem. CITY INSPttTOK. Hr. J. W. Ranney, (present Councilman,) whig, reform teini>crance; Ac. ' TV.ma* K. Downing, (present Incumbent,) dcra. Coo. W Morton, (present Hrdt Clerk of City ln?pec tor,) K. y. MI.] O. r. A. 1 Demy IK Johniion. hard Hholl dem. flnVKBNOR or AI.H8H0C->f C. Godfrey (inntlii'r, lurd dheli dem Df. Jan. K. Wood. whig. ?lumen Muilignn, dem. Isa.'io J. OIItci', K. N. and Iniiiwrjuicr. K lUrtlf'i#, K'jft klirU deinncrnt. W . I'. Ha veiin'j vr, no ft akcil demoer* t . (HIWTROllKR. John S. Cilv, rrreanuror of the f'lro Den* rUuent Fund. ) damocrnt and K. ,V. J Nathan C. My, (now AWcnnon iA th? i-'erenfeenth wan).) whig. A. C. K!?gg, < present incumbent. ) *oft ,}iell detn. An*in .1. H< -rick (present Alderman ol Nineteenth ward.) snit ahe.ll dem. IU>bt. Kelly not! nhell dmn. H. l ur tT, (Conwia doner >f Tale*.) -olt .hell Peter Cooper, ufotinund luirl ?h"ll democrat. cokomou. The four prewo* incumbenta. Pr. K I), t'enaery. old taabinaed dew. It. .l.m.e- W. Sleight, K. N. Dr. A. H. .lone*, i prracnt Surgeon of Pidioe). It. Mi'Maaell, (frevnt Surgeon of Police*! Pr. lly-lip, whir. IT. IViry. IT. Ki< rnted, K. S. Pr. Ttamaey whig. Th< ruaa Whelan, (?* Alderman of Fourteenth ward ) <km. ' I>r. K> nny, dein. Pr. tiueruoy, democrat and K. Dr. Withered. Dr. South worth, K. N. Dr. Oiarle* McCuHrey, deinoci at IT. ~ainuel A. HiU, whig. IT. H. I.. Vumiu. Pnvid Wood* (now in Custom Hou?ej -oti .h-ll X m. t?. S. Hibbard, soft shell democrat. Dr. John S. Chapman. whig. Dr. Andrew Jack. .on Decatur. whig John Bro?n, fNaturnll/ation Clerk,) democrat. Dr. IVrwh, democrat. jrDflE 01 MAR1NC COCBT. Judge A. K. Mnjnaid. S. inline.' Cone, Wlv democrat. Cbiirle* Hweeney, Cnion democrat Alfred Xefntire. democrat nad K. N. Welcome H. He bee, whig. AJfKHH'AN PKMOtKAI.V. A* ? fu-'tij-.g .,f ih' Workingmen'* Committee, h*ldat lL" IV. - 1<-; ? -;cr Hot;-'-, on Friday cw-nlng. the 17th the -bote rn.mr w..- adopted, te ther with a platform of pilnriplo*. rm true. d? the following proposition*:? Tlicv xf opp< ed Mthf agitation of all quextfcaocalcu. I* d to disturb the burmony of tho I num. ? T>(."v I to any alteration Hi the naturalisation U*?. CppoM-d to th^ v-ttn ol roniracting pubHc wort. ^ippo?.-.| u? th? lie ?ent corrupt xyxti-m of Unkiat Ci|,p,..,.j to th? WohlbitnrT l iquor law. '>pr""-d to the Know Nothing*. "rp.?ed t" they ere a -onree of political orruption, a- Kino tLe oflte* i ai" > r-tj fron> ?'.*'> 000 to *40,000 f?r rear. fpp<<-*<i to land monopnW, f>jjpo#?-d tn fho preaent city cluirt" , In tavor </( a clU/ter NecnrinK Uf . . Vl'hia city to ntnaagw thelr j^-. ..;?*? 'o -h . pc.pb. ,1,. ' . *!,? j, ? Weal '?Hair*, free from tbe^nrftrene* of .be I^i,ll(ur? ?nd ^paiatlr* en tlTrly t |je letri'latiT* from the ejtecitlve de?irtriw!nl_ the heaila of d/f'ttaxnta to constitute ..n #*ee?t tre Bureau. In UTor of a law roaKiag I' ? criniin.il offence to ol?eat working i^.plaotit of their Ju.?t In tii\or ot boildlng hou^eM and ?uo- ? >n the cite hit <D'l i. utitig them toact'JiU 'X C'nanti ?? i wel?rate w, cent on the c<a rt. In tktroj H v?U? ".hlita .t ud.ird ? ge^ that Qitut ' r* "t "B all public Worke. Iu'..t t of ent?hil-|jia( it -t md.ii 1 t ^ ac- ? and 4*ln rle. tor mecbj.nic-. laborei ?? and put.lic officer* .Not Uaa '*r ,lay ,or J*,'or ? n public work, aot i.se than ?*><) t. ? p. ic. roen. Ury ? Ae .ad not orer $l,jun ?V P'Hiea from 91 000 to II 300; heads wf deparlOKuM [ fr,:,d MWtoW,W 1 In faT<^r of a law making all denier* in <piri!noa< li <4 n or#, jinder r?r?re p-nalu. to properly U'ed th# kind j a ad 'i ijlii/ of liquor iwld by th> m. IV Utei'MtMrAlleiinlWlfrManler. I coUo^Wrt iKQi'gvr. Before LV rofir.' O'DoaueU. V cater da jr Coronar (>'l?nnn. II h*iJ ln in#?t at H. l)e ?re il.Mpttal up.>n the body of the W0u.'?n Bri lge' M'ir n.y, U" I / a re?M.*nt of N'?. 70 <><>erek utrae? ?ho ? ,ia fatally ?tabbo! by her ho band oa the morning of the WIj lo t , wh the U'ter w.? aoatewhat umicr th* ia ffurtire of liij'.or. Theae. ? *cd, a* it will be remembered, w?? ?rr'?ud "i-m after Die occurrence, and ye^ttfrday WJH pi -at during the program of tha laveatigation. flic follow ! /ig * a rej^a< of th<' ttn irpNll*!,. ? v WillLim Haber e eiiuw .t No. T0?.oerck ?tt*. t haing ewt.rn -mM; ? The . - wlliaa re?i.b?! In -ikl hoimr for al ? ut ? wo yen n. . du.ipg that tiny. | kB.,*a her to be iu iadaatriun.. he. I w..rkmg wiaaa, during that time h?-i hu-band In. I lif' ti ????, aad I und. r U?v\ from il.re...,) tb?> h- ti.l l . * . t otiuibub* t.i the support ot hi< family, p^vfc.ti* 1? vhe injuri^-t indwtwt on de. fa?e?l. Murr.r ? ,. .n'> <ir da\- it home ..n e.,ininc h..m.f, tn my * ? ? .,n 1 , ... ??? . n.ng la- 1 !h?-,rl 'bat Murray *1.. lr .a, and ti.at hi* wife l,?4 him irreit d: <n Friday n-oning. Vut nine o'cl-xtk, the pi 1 ,1 riei retur?i' d hot ,e fr m tlie -'atlon h. iu>. a|m. )? had le * ii lni|ai.ntf >1 Vbe j r^oim- ?MM, and when he ent' d 'h< rooto ic-etveed ?x? it* ait taking bar tueai tun- away. aeeoriUng to the id^i-e of the Ju^m. ami the prbooer <ynnroeaei*i u? ?Km# her ia a load *n?i vi..lant rruujnar, 1 *o> a heard - ira of ib? women *ay that Wnr. ray wae beatlna fci' wife, I then wentln'o the -com with th" iat'ntinn f -epdratiar them, and l*aw hlineadearor Ing to break lor arm by ben-tlng it, I aueeoe'led a aeparating them und returned to my rnoai. hot I waa hardly thi re, when I heard a cry of 'tn order'' la t)ia i ntry . npa-n hearing ttu* I rudv-d iat<i their ran in agafc and 1 eaw him hoUling >le.-?aw<t aa II offering ?ioJeaea to b?r I Waa ?o very naxloue ?.. *a*e tba de eaaaed that I did niit wait te eea if lie had xuy w^apou ia hi* hand, bat puahed her awit fr'TO hlin on poahiag Murray away fn.m Kb wife ? dltu-bi-d a el h. .track me tk?- groin, ?aytng at '.iw *ame timi- 'hat he ,* '"a-" I then 'trt? bae.a aad >?w 'ha knlie ia W ? haa t, wtu? \ w> l>M>k if V> (m wjaia ! then retreated toward* tb? window mI took up a tfbalr to pro toot mywoif, Murray then ran down Mm aUUra , ?nd aoon after ( chaaed him to the lumber yard between llons toa and Stanton street*, and arreatod him; I then gav* him in charge to an officer. I Win. Clarke and Mm. Roberta, who rmUi in the houae TO (i<?.-rck atreet, corroborated tlw testimony of Robert*, and abut testified to the fact of the primmer'* having ofteu abused the deceased iu a shocking Manner. mOHCAL TWnHOMT. Oswald Warren. M. D., being duly sworn, deposed and Mud : ? 1 am houre surgeon in UeUcvue Hoepital; Bridget Muriny, now lying dead at thin place, wa? admitted on Friday laut, about 1 o'cinek I'. M. ; slie w*s lugenffer from ,i punctuicd wound on tho left breast, and from two In the alidomeu' abe lun. b?n under tny care aince then, until she died at quarter i>a*t six o'clock L??t evening; I mode a pout mortem examination, and I found that one i f tho ?* onn<t* in Uie abdom?rt had extended te the in Usdino, which was also puncture, I . a, portion of intestine prised through the mueeular wall*, and we* lying be twoeo the areolar tiaanea; In thin portion of the intei tine fecal matter issued; the wound caused death. The jury, after a brief deliberation, rendered the fbl loiving * crdict That the -aid Bridget Murray came to her death bv wounds iutlictod with a knife in the hand) of t >wen Murray. Murrey ?.i/. i iiniuiltt.il to prison for examination. Cltjr InUlUgturr. J *'?> *rt ivt llmumm EraooPAi. Cunt' h~A Cousao T<m.? Our attention has lieen railed lo a few error* that occurred la onr report of the meeting of protestanM ?gainst the sale of the John ntreet Methodist KplhCop^Jf ' Church. The name of the chairman is printed NoaJk Warren for Noah Worrail. and in the following paragraph the nuinra of Judge CowIcn and Judge Roosevelt are ml*; placed: ? '''ihe probability is that the tight will be a luML time maintained; and if Judge Cowle* should happen fl* be o? the bench, and Judge Roosevelt off, wheu the ap plication cornea to be heard, why thon you might as well pat your hand* in your pockets and prepare to buy the church, for certainly it would ha\e to be sold." IJy placing Judge Koosevelt first, and Judge Cowle) after wnnl*, the Idea of the speaker will be correctly ren dered. Miijtakt Itkmm. ? Tlie Second Division New York Htete Militia, commanded by Major (iencral Aaron Ward. will en campn'-ar Kingston bn Monday. 20th inst. Over 4 000 men will be in attendance. On the ^2d a grand review will take place, at which (Jen. Scott will be present. lho Kleventh Regiment, Col. Homer lioat wick, colonel, paraded on Friday. They were out in full number*. The Mxty-ntnth Regiment, t'oi. Ryan, will viilt Kim I 'ark on the 27th inst.. for |>arade and inspection. H?e Seventy-fifth Regiment, under tlie command of Col. Iioheuy and Lieut. Col. McCann, had a pleasant excurilon to the neigh borhood of (,'reenwood on the lftth. where tliey mustered 820 men, and having fired twenty-nine round* of blank cartridge went through skirmishing man'evre*. The Third Coinjiuny, Forest l.lght Guard. will make an excursion to filen Wo<*l Crove on Tuesday next. Ftar. o.s Statics 1st. AM) An alarm of fire was heard early yesterday morning on the northeast side of Jersey street, New Brighton. It was found to have proceeded from a -mall frame building adjoining the block of Mr, 1 ewLs Salfeldtor, builder. A messenger was despatched to l'a-tory ville for Engine company 3. who. notwithstand ing the great distance, were speedily on the ground. Ow ing to the prompt and efficient aid rendered by Mr. Crab tree. proprietor of the silk manufactory, which is op posite to the bultdiug in NHUML In placing the engine belongiug to the premise* at the dlspoaul of the villager-, the lire, alter some time and great labor was got under, and shortly det'ore day -light entirely extinguished. The projierty owners and resident* of the locality ac knowledge themselvea deoply Indebted to Mr. C.( hi* son, Mr. Henry Oebtree, Messrs. Newton. Cox, Reilly and Fhtertirooke, and all others who rendered aid, and will remember gratefully the noble and apontaneoue effort made by these gentlenen in the preservation of property and lite. Ihe prompt attorn la uce of tho FsctoryvUle bri gade will al*o be renieml>ered. ! l'TteroTHW to Pnwnit ami IIuii-kstt i* tux I'ark at N Sometime since we had occasion to call atten tion to the robberies which wore committed almost :iiglitiy in the Park, from the want of proper attention on the part of the pelice. To afford the protection needed, Chief Mat -ell tia* defutUed two men from squad 2 to pntrol the walks during the night; and now onr citi zens who are out " Lato o' nighta " may walk through t Jie 1'ark with impunity, and wUhout apprehension, Which they could not lo a nioih ago. The loafer* who lodge on the fork atep* and in front of the Itall of Iiccorde, are compelled to inarl? ot and seek other quarters. ? C?.x.ii's Kxti km*. ? The Fourth election district of the Fwuthward la a* follows: ? Forty-nine manufacturer*, with a capital of $603.0110; the wlM of raw material manufactured In the dUtrlct 1* One yAr U i lao houses, containing GOO families, constating of 8,00* -<n,l? Naturaliaed cTtiiens in the dlatrict. U<3; native voter* do. JttO ? Total, WW voters. MaMvom Iti.A* xjuomtv ? The Urge*l blackberries we ever saw were raised ou the farm of 8. P. Carpenter, F#]., Vew Rochelle. N. Y. They are equal to Mblo'* culti vated grape*. Archdeacon * Maynard. Washington market, received a parcel yesterday, which were th? at traction among the trult exhibited there. Police Intelligence. THP OCXAN BANK COCKTEKKMIT CAW ? A ROTO till AJUWT ? KCKTHKR PABTKTLAHS. Madeline Kinher. well known to the poli'-e f ir naany yen? pa<t was irr?W on Krl'iay nlgbt, by olBewr-i Moore a ltd Roaa, of the Second IH*trlrt l'olke Court, on ku 1 f>i t i i- o of bring d?-eply engaged in th* Itlf counter, felting of fl?e dollar bills on the Ocean Hunk of this city. Some paper* found in the posses-inn of om of the prl nonei a already in cu*tody, led the officer to *upp<n? that Madi-iine (W connected with the gang, and accordingly they arretted her. <>n Mtrclilan a house in Oroahy afreet, lately occupied by the priiwuer, a carpet (mk, win talning boot* amt shoes, piecr. of dry good., and other article", w?* discovered. In the toe of one of the ?h?e? w:i. found llli in counterfeit (We* <?n th' "re*n IlinU ahich it i* supposed the prisoner placed there fur i?afety. A colored wumtD who occu|>ie* the premiaes, state* the thing* found by the officer, including th* ?hoe containing the '-ounterfrit runner , were left (here by Madeline The accu*e-l ??> brought before Justice feareey yeeterday morning, who commit '*<1 her lor ex amination. In this connection we would ? *afe, that In order to recond the ends of biitlce, all parllea who hare had any of the~e counterfeit bills i?sse I upon them, are urgently reunoi>ted to call at the Ratond District l'olieetloort, In order, tf |>na->ihle, to identify the accu*e<l as being the | art tee wl?? sttcceeflod thu.s in defrauding them. We understand that ;it the time thea. counter feit*, ((!>?? thoueand dollar* In R't^dolLir billc,) on the Occun Bank wire brought on to New York, ti .-Imiiar amount of iho >?me den-.mlnnM<'U ? ?*! one vf th<! Boston bank*. w*a about to b* pnahfci Ifcto e*7tttf?Uon, hut the timely dl?co**ry of kbt 6-*7rter counterfeit* by the au tbcntk' the -pe. iUi.'O in the bid,' and obliged the bearer of the "spurioti*" to beat a qni< k re treat from Ne* York, ufthe total uumber arr**t?d U*" tf 1J tao third* have been no?Jtlv?ly identified a* having Wn eagaga4 in put ing til* bogtw money into circulation; (till a great deal remains to be done, *n-l it re?'^ with those cltlten* who themsel\es hate ?ult*r*?l at the h.i?As of theae ra*<*aU to couie loraurd and 'i W ? very effort In their power toci;no?ct th' ai f -'- 'I with'.b- "Jitiiiii -i-n of thl< efctOMire forgery. CHAFflB Of ?RAX9 llMWft fieorge I d-ard , ^ youth U hie. h Ukcaiu^ cx tody by Office Wright, of the TV nth ward police, ch*:ged with baring entero.Hhe dwelling houe*. or Hr. Jr. bn rfootf, af Vo il3 Ftioome street and *fnl U!^ tlicrefr. ? etK<nt 9100 worth of clothing Tint j? cn.-s><l, it i" iHi /ed. :ifter gaining entrance to U.c luhita ll'<n laiic.t^ked ct< ry bore*u and cln-et la (he pla'-/', ?ud collecting ill that ?a* valuable in a nea' bun lie nre tarrst to auikf lii-t ciM. Wl,eu he wae .tj?<'irere<| by Mr*, fcotl, wh'sr- presence -?j ilarrrted h;iu that he droppe.1 the bowtfarvl .t*r?e.| ,.ff af no ordinary pa'-e. inUnt "n Officer Wri^Lt l>elag eall'st to the spot, prr.TKf.tJjr uui ?u< d the fellow tnrl -i|ccc. .!?), uttcra I'.ng und futi|{tiini '?h*-' in 'Mpturfag the yooUt. Ih? wcu?ed was hrotight le*>re Junke Hr' nnan. at the Imi Market I'olice Court, wliei* he ** MhttJIH f<ai trjHl on cbarif 0 1 gr*&l tar'<e y. srant iov or ri?*isa coc:iTfJMri:iT ?ovrr. Mvc per un*. nan?ed Juaeph K> .) tlariie*. A. Fell. f>i ?vn S. C?r k, in.| i?n- Cook wcr? ? . *n into custody by Capt. Tuoiney of the Nln. t/*nth w ,M poKcw, ' abled bya?'[Uar| of men .uderble comma a>1, on snipicioti <rf being i og.ijte.1 in rsi -ing e i interfr tt n?' n?> Ir.e ac Ctice<| *rre .irre-'.'sf at th*- h t. nce >,t t .o-lc Oejef, a rroeer, who ?!leg'< that he had a c.,<inteTt'it tlO billon the Hank ot r> Uimerce n this city jswd uw'O him by the aeeitfdL In i/aym cat for t .mUiog s worth '.f xti rr rii -,. Th'- pri ' nrra were |tr'"irl ' b- re lu 'W-e IVarson. at the KoWth INftrlct Mtoa Cmirt V'^rkvUle, where tney were n muilttej (r,r eTannrutll' u KIVK* THIKTW et artUclD. iletwer ii 1 and 4 o'dneh ye.ter'Uy u.. mltu s brf sl/"d y. wl b.si', kaxl'd witii IwcKe h*r- of wl^st, ??* found lying ?t the [.ler f' Ot < f ?'.;rr ? i.? re. It Is tlppO*ed ttrrtrT rlr" ' tl tec. D ,ng a'a. |I* ?! <'?*l*fsl tb? craft, until a fi-tlng r pp< r'un.ty ?hi>'iid <.? i ;..r tl^ conTejrar'c my of the ute. A uimi>m4 l< !.n N?l son, the al)eg<d owner of t!.e at wa* ?ib*e.|HBn 1; r<?t?d by r.? er-|V'l*h'"r an-l Inugheren '>n - lapicWm <4 being implicated In the t ran a- tt- n An ?vr i ?raate<) If the wh<?* which Is 'ore?l in the -sleuth ward station hou?e Dr?03fT tTOM AV ALLRORD MtOnPTKLI ttOV**.. At an early Ho or yesterday morning. Meat fiirtill of the Moth w?r4 police wtth a p'l-.e of men uM' r his c .m rna?<l ma te a ?W'-enl upon the pranalaaa Vo t Carmine street, occ.jple.l by Mm Kn.iru ( -sirwmr Koima Jen nl*. and fnirna lleldlng and arre. <c| ai| th- inmat. ? r,( the h..ii*e. The arrest wae made *t the ln<lanre of the net j fiber* who hn?e e0m| lemrd ol the pU e as hr ng dia?.rdrrl) . The prl oner* were lirntifM fc^.r* f<a> i>oa. at th? Feeo?.t fH?trte( pirJic.. (tmit, ?h h?ld Mr*, seymoar to bail In the *om of #."? In *n-wer Ui" I ' h-'irti of keeping a disorderly h<"i*e, while K.e i? rrt e.^Tim 'te,| tn r.e penltcatiar e?< t I - ?> I t? .jtiA tfctft m a'.Ur. Wmk and Ibc DfUMb Broadway Tukatkb. ?The (Isbrlef Havel tronpe announce now entertainmeata far tto next week. *?Mrtr mccess at the H roadway thwrtre has been Nothing short of their former engagement* in this #y- On Monday evening they will appear in the ptatamime of " Jocko," and the ballet company in the piece called " Hantanita, or the' DeinotAf Daugh ter." Nibio'8 Garden. ? The grand romantic op?n? of " Cinderella " having been admired by every ou? who boa seen it, not ouly for tho vocal talent dis played in the reajicctive characters, bat also for Ms scenic grandeur, will be repeated on Monday eve ning. MIhb Louisa Pyne will slug, "Est here the gentle lark." Kowkhy Theatkb.? The very popultr artists-, Mr. and Mm. Charles, will appear at this theatre- j to-morrow evening. The pieces selected are " Ire land and America," " The Happy Man," and the farce of " Our <>al," ia which Mr. and MIjs C'hartes will miHtain the leading characters. Wnldron is <lft ing everything in his power to please the liowery patrons. Metropolitan Tuv.atkk. ? Shalupere's gieufo-st comic creation, " King Henry IV.," will be produced on Monday evening next, with Mr. Iiackett an Sir John Falstatf, in which h?has no rival. He will be rotated in the other characters by a select company possessing fine dramatic talent. No doubt the house, as usual, will be crowded. Wood's Min.strkls.? This rompany.no matter what the programme may consist or, whether Ethio pian delineations or the " Masquerade Ball," is do ing a fine business, the hull being crowded every night. Brooklyn Museum ? The Young Men's Dramatic Asnociation givo a benefit to Messrs. Katon und W lieu Ian, on Monday evening, August 27th. Kacukl.? 1 The arrival of Ilachel la expected by the Pacific, which vessel will l>e due next Wednes day. There will be an excursion of journalists and others to meet her, and the following iuvitation has lieeu issued : ? T' RACHEL DRAMATIC COJIPANV | WAJAffcam, Rooa J Srn ? 1 have the honor to renueat the tuvor of your J company, and that of u l;?dy, t<> u little excuraion down the boy, to mi+l tlio nt'iiioer I'arittc, and afford Mil*. Rachel a friendly greeting on her reaching tin xhorea of America. Hlwiw let mo know where duo notice can be given you of the date, time and ulare of at* i tinof, according to the telegraph despatch I will 'receive from Handy Hook. Your obedient aervaat. is. MAarar, j Acting Manager of the Rachel Company. In accordance with thin arrangement the steam boat Sun will leave the pier foot ot Murray htreet on Wednesday morning, at 9 o'clock, with a bronH band, sandwiches, and other necessary appen dage* for the getting up of "unbounded enthusi asm." ^ t A neat biography of Radiol, witb a portrait, lus been issued from the prwn of Dnrcleft Corbyn, who hare heretofore been distinguished for neat edition* of the optra librtlti. The book recount* the story of the struggle* of ? great artist against those "twin juilorn of the daring heart, low birth and iron for tune," und la therefore quite intereatlng to all citt i zens of this free and enlightened republic. A nent the opera , the New York JVfuiica/ Ua rttlf nays tluU the Academy will open In Heptember, with the "Twwatore," when we may expect to *<?? Vest vail, who is concerting at Cape May, a* Azeuna Some of our daily journal* have given currency to a report that lta'Ja, the ewmposer of the " Bohemian Girl," "EnchnntreM," "Daughter of St. Maik," A iato direct Italian Opera at the Academy of Mum.- dur ing the coming acason. While we bellev tlwre ii no reason to cx|>ect a second vWt from Mr. Italic (he was in America lu 1KM, we think) at pr^nt, there la foundation for the rumor, In a magnaniinoiw (!) offer recently made to certain parties in this city by the Kngllah composer. We understand tli.it he ha* ripmwed hla wUlinuneaa to try for letter fortune -u New York than he haa experienced in Italy, upon the following modettterm* : Mr. Ilalfe will superin tend three performances of a new opera (whether the one that lately failed in Italy or not, we ?rv not informed) in New York for th^ anm of one thousand pound* sterling, (*V>00.) and the expenaM to and from, and while here, ot himself, family, and thr. - servant*; the eopvriKht of the opera W? remain In* own. As the1 a terms have not been aceejrted, tin bargain ia a-t jet ronrluded only on one miU?, and Mr. Balfe may have to wait eome time before he re ceives a dralt for the amount demanded. The Arch street theatre, Philadelphia, wis an BOOBCed to open last night. The theatr- is now under the sole management of Sir. *m.* h< atl< y, Mr. John I>rew living withdrawn and -ailed for Kugland. The company ha* been entirely re-or gwiiaed. and e minces several very popular p>r i formers, among whom are Mr. ami Mrs. i.B.i on way.Mr. J. H. CLirke. Mr. H. Hrown.from the Bos ton ibeatf?, Mr. and Mr*. D. 1*. Bowrrs, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Prew, and Mr. and Mrs. Ths}Ci ? Mi, W. ft, Fredericks I* stage manager. The Philadelphia City Museum will op> n on the ud Heptcmb*.!. Ml** Anna Crui-o i? the leading jet I The National theatre , * III "P"1 'M ""n" day evening, 27th Instant. Annexed I* a list of the , company, which la a"'4' ? H***1 "n< ; W J' Jo!in W.V.Fleming. C.J. Bonlf* .-, Colin stew.rt, C. Leslie Allen. Thoa. llsmpton, W. II, ?'s * Monroe, Hiram Dudley, -la-. PV.?rira, *. H. V-m y. | >4 K. lleace, J. A. I-ord, John Taylor, Sam<v I t'ord, Mi J Cmmfton, Mbsf Ms;!* Kmcaone. Mia. J. B. fuller, Mr*. Tlcming, Ml-J C, J< flVrsod, Mra. Orovea, Mr*. Hampton. Ml** Florence, MUs lis eon, Mi^ Mullin, Mlaa Beanc, MU-. Unoln Ml Parker, Mlw? .Johrwvn, and others: W. M- F>mlng, manager; F. Harrington, prompter; John Hollow ? leader of orebi -trr, W, P. Pre-eott, maeh ni?t : W m. Klliott, anaUstiint mai hinint : Mr* Tuttle, '?o-twner: lamia Jeffrie*, decorator; -las. Pilgrim, dramatist; F. C. Bartholomew, ?r< ne pmoter. I W. J. Florence ha* clws d h; ? en? .,h- ??.(? In B?l ti mt' re, and is new in New York. He was.wltli Mr*. Floren'-e, the recipient ot a MjinptinKntary b? mlit and a -ervice of plate, the gilt >f tho Bulti mortis. Th. Hoiliday -tr*et theatre will open on j Monda> next. The comi?any lr?eh.d? < th<- f< Vi* <\% named art U*?n<mv Chapman, ' " 1 r | fk./rge C. Benilace, Mr-. Jmti ? k.p- ..m. H? l '? Moy/f,and HI -?? Kllen M^rsD*. ??li/nur F. H.idiali, brother ot 1 1>- ? ' Wn .?? tor*, Cf?are Hamuli form' rlv ? lir- -<"i "f ? >?n Opf raa?,d ni"t? r> ??? u?iv **?'? '. r -i/t. r Maril,?'f th* T??in t)i?- ii-e, Havma I' 'I int^ils dty la't wwV. Mgnor Bautin.'l "Hi ?-? rsu'i the manager of the Havens b.^h 'r duce?l M'-adamrs Tede>-e?. hteiTi d<- ? . I: i- n, ,i nd Me*sr*.S?hi, Marinl, l> ilnt, P' relit A? . toth. Vrw York.I'hiladelphla ami pi'Mle. Mr. and Mm. F. B Conway ha.e j-t-t <? ? k ? W-l # ?eer >*?f?l eng-geim nt at ( h a?o. Cii,iro*!?t4?? Mr*. Mar* Wan}? rd M 'om pllui'-niary l*w;tt at the Metrnpwltt^o th< ?tr<- ? the loth Ja!y. MUs I-?ura M a C. Cl?^! man, Mr. J B. IWAh M'le. Tb try and ai,.r ta vonf artlsta api>e?r?d. MUa f;?..ld?rd id M ? aple, fr?tt An> tralia, b-,*e U . n p'...-.'oa |i??i> tragedy at the Ami rWan. Ma?i*n?e HiWiop b* ;.??? '? la (?a*?? laadra ' at tht Metropolitan. h-< I* notdeadyet. Madam- Haartli Thorn has tak> ?' ii( the Calif (/vnlana in th? hiilnwing '?rd ?fo tw? t '<? ?*? T ? i Ua ' .:r? ' 'tvnf . a ? mjr a't?' ? . A" ?; %a -a u>? at* oa > 'taf ?fc? 4a^*a',rt ?/ '* wetl ( oorrrt, Ui tw /tim-o on Tiif eiming nrtl, I (mat yon will kinrtl) allow inc th ' nn -dim* Orf yoilr paper, to lend?r mjr eiucirr icMW*M|ini all in the poMlr of Han PraBriaro unit f*< rmi*MiVti for Un> ?r Ixnit^ and indulgence tlirr bar* at all Uraea . (tended to uioduiitg mjr iirofwalimai atay among tHri.j. To u,? inao y kiad friend* 1 lie re hade here, I wiuh also m 1 n u larly Ut vtprrim mj moat mirdial tltanki* fm tlMriMW roua wynipatUjr, nnd to aaamre them Uul 1 ?H*tl nlwnya cheiiah a grateful it* uemtirance of their ktfttni *? I aubecrtbe injuHT, kI r, yoat oM^red it art otjedienl ?er?a<if, Cijitiu)! Babim Nop n Mi>. Potter #ua placing at Nevada, ?t the last accounts, itUe ft MantLtlfa circua at litarvn ville. Mr. 3. Puullln Vid a complimentary Ix vflt at Weavcrvllle Prof. Illaley, aon, and Monai*ur D'Evani, Lave (tone on a tonr ibrounh the Sta>, commencing fir-t at Sacramento^ ? Wc bear tiui Mr. I a well known equvttrfan, ba<< boon k,v'UK* entertainments, a la RUley, at Valparaiso, aM*i8tcd by three children, At tint, lie CUliaua intended to caat him oat aa an evil apirit, bat afterward* phowered all aorta of fevora apon hlmu? ? The San Franciaco manage** h: me lately been pvoaccuUd for violution of tbe Sundry law. They demanded a jury trial, and the caaea were acocrdingly continued. Forhgn^-A monster railttaiy concert wait recently given at Brealau, Gennaay, iu the presence of over 16,000 person*, under the direction ut Mr. Wlprerht. Xbe principal picceaofthc iTogratmne v"r*S|>ontini'M overture to "Olympic," funtaaiaon Ibctneafruin" Hub ert le Diablo," MendelaahouV'Proaperoujituid IJappy Voyage," the grand march from the "Prophet," and Ueethoven'a Hyni phony in V major. It ktbuta Ins yeunt Mince the performance of u BeHhovm aym pho ny by a military baud would liavo been impottalblc : and, with Dr. Jolutaon iu rcR.trd to a fluta concerto, we wlnh with all oar heart it wr-re still De He riot, the diHtliiK<>iHhed violinist, liaa completely lo?t the use of hi* eye -night. Tlii* celebrated w?naie wa? a Helgian, and has lived a most biilliaut career since ita commencement in 1021. He l? w? II known thioufihout the musical world by liix composition*. It in rumored thut Mail. (ieoige Sand ha* pre sented to Hotwini tbe libretto of nn opera iu three acta entitled "Lai a." Meanwhile the Italian maewtro baB tired of the bubtle of I'aria anil retired to a bath. ing place nenr Havre "Albino" la the tUle of a new opera by Flotow, to be produced this fall in Germa ny* A Mr. l.iNaajoua, iu France, ha* been investi gating the cauaeaof the constant rim- in conccrfcpitcb, ami ttceking a meaua of putting an end to the * ime. While proceeding in hi* reaearehea, he diaenrered that the A of the French opera of the prcmnt d.iy Siveaeijtht huudred anil ninety-eight vibration* t<> ie aecond ; at the oenunancement of the rein of lamia XIV., the ori lieatral A gave only right hiia dred and ten vibrationa to the aecund. It reaulU trout I thia that from 1715 to 1^6, Jf*a than a century uud I n half, concert pitch haa undergone a ri*e of iuore than a step. Can we wonder that high tenor voices (chent C tenor*) am l>ec?niing mote and more rate ? Mr. Theo. Kiffeld, late director of tlte N'ew-Vurk liiiihanuonic Society. Iium arrived in Paria, on bin way to Cermanv, lint, little imrpoved tn health. The Mrltlteaa at the* South. PKOOHKSS OK THK I KVKIC IN NOJH'Ol.K A\0 fOHTi uovra. IV N'ttliilb Mprr/i coiliila tbf fl.llnwlng re|wut .?l th< mortality far M Ijoiiio en'ting W?liicr-l *y aOtfatnu h( J. tfr?. K?t(I, ug<'<l 30; Mr*. K?tO, 00 W ate> u >- wr 1 ofGmimene, Sir. Haakin, W); Mr. Cofrnrr, "iO ? l#n?b in dnnbli' ti hiim' ti n> iii'ut*. e.i?t "Oil of Ui*ii I i.um r??t; i Hi/a Cook, 1#, \?|entlu?'i? row, lower end I hiireh ?tre?<t Mr. John .lnow"t' colored l>oy, 17, re-Mane* on V'l-u church at reel, occupotiou in tbniuli t< .1 diitri't Mr*. Uittvn. Winimimoa'i* l.n ?? ? n.oved from liairr'a ro* the night of the lire. Ki(lioli< '.'Mbl, w>-?t aid' Murfcet i><|aarr;(':ir?liM Born, <tfl. C<ioim?i ? ft i ? Mi. Ilnnnun, 4?l Kaat Water -trwl; .lohn Hank*, frc a.ilnrnl, Br"?t r ctri-M. oecupnilon in M r lnf"(.'t d' tii. Hi" 1 .HlMltr, II, rowr ofBul" mdl^iUe tlrntlt. had t" <?? much about tbe wh.n ?' ?. No U< alb? In h'. oJtaL lot il 12. Tie Norfolk iirt * 'tl ? pc.j iii^- ill lj. progrr* "I th? I ? ?er ?.ij*:? Wi' li ??!?-< i t? ? I llin prog ? ? <? IV di enB<- now prevailing In our Hly ami r.'n.arV ? I t im p.. tanl point*? tlr-t, that no f.i>? ha- ..*-i|ri..? n..r I, of M?in ?tre?"t which ? not tr>t< ' aide to ihe luf". . .1 portion of the fit J l.vlna 'ith of ih ' ?liei mil ll..t thr death* flHTr b< i n a lluoit >? I "lo -(?/>)* "? *ti . >.? ? r- n ml per?on* noiaccllnuited. Among ili?- oul rrni.irn ur.< haa bwn yrjr lit ii?- alclm. < una no n 1 d< till* tb.ii In i r llim ry time* M i tt> |j"?>d imr?i. j i ? ii'L.ni' Ihe iliaf j *e ii T'Tjr litti'* luoi e tobodi ? <1 *b *n bilioto At* r. W' do "lay by tl)r re.o?iii,. n-! >1. n of th' ' l.i i r Wj? uniiei>?lly nb? rv d ?? no iHv?.,?>n it K ? Initiation an<l prnjrer to Alini^li'j ihk! lot 'heioui. nl of tie pe?'ilen -e Irc.ni tb>' <-i l r All pla ? .i bn?ln> were r|oM.<] <t'Lrlnx the i|?y ma approprU t > . ni '.?[>( in the .liffrii-nt hu . ? h< ?. Wr lewa tbit Ikm w. r? twenty o- i-e !?> I mouth >n W(^)oe?lii)r. -iimuel R. Moroni, K .[ ofS'..iW? nn Hrn| (kiiUia uimmI MrTw.C'mniKiii <Mof tkr \ <\i \ . : | w.ir mpr"\iri^ but bi ? in! 4feM(bttr N; ^ i th' f> in \orfolV. >llj.-hlpm?a W.ilter J..ne? In iiunnn<l f th? 1 , *ini? wan ilnwn With )h' t irrn m ?'ii U\ -? i.i ? I thi rtnnri. Ib?* t ?'t>*?l itjtw khip -t, !? i < takM ofl -bf 'rew of tin l'eun-j ?jui.i in.lj<n.' I.,1 ?f ' lrluiid with then. Mie* H> dau{b" r Mi \ ?? lb 1 ot the f' ?' r. lion. Henry A- Wl*e h i fitted >i| lil d*' i! ' burn- ami every other of ?h?-lt?r at I inv1 t tU?* ? Meted eommanltte* in rrai' lk< l* ?warln^ tim< tlu' they ehontd weloow <HlMf Mnilttm n '( U*' w faorziood Imi4 foiV?w?l t Hm% ?n?l U* if Uwt "l\? b.*t f* iU>ubU^n?? Wii < * nutty \ ? v ??u^ ?u> ? f 0j? ? uir iu MattU* COUilt/, Nil., ?f??t f< -ii'K V eU. Oi)4 bou'lred ?tad laty-lwo dotUrn have Ivn te<l ia Waabinffton !? . th? "Mrf of lk< . iff f W? team by f>h, ,n t,jt~ Mi.' M Wo.?ibt ' I Norfolk h uo> ? u< II* 'Hit lib . att,<i-h < J tb<- f? Ttr Qm>* Heu>>r<>ofi lo'Tii.rlv i I ? ? m ' blarb wmil W? )n< It ittil M - .i n rn-.'lay ni^t.f ,I-*?I . . I .. J ? K. ' n ' ' N' ? "l? M?ae ?;i'l ri(? u r#r 'f tbi Iln*>t4 [.4 . -? ' n ('ant. Win, 1'reeu;. u, ;t I n hu? h ?ti ib<" HaCfla'' I. in'i.a?li|j indnc- . ? bi*.. -.1 In 'liff' r?rt parte "f th' ciTy. In Ptrt n?.inh Wodne?4e* Iber* w-i. iw-'f ' One f br?i' un hid fo'ir new n> ? Or. '?*b. "IfleM I' ini|t>i>'!iy lb'- dJixaee U ia<ie? 'i.#. KKLIE1 I OR Tnr HfPI P.P.KI! ? I onion, rv ? , KOCTH *M) OOtrORT. W. -ee by the t?#*ra iU " II,. .t, ? < ; b?fi ii*"l *"f the relief ot ? ? .???? ?' iett..? t?T?r || N'ltfvlt, I'nrlaim. ith .m*l < ?. j ? t? r ? ? t ,t 4 rf.rtl'-n <4 Hia it'<tiey ?.#- alr< ad? ??*?? n ?u' ? - . t ? V. York . ? t '*> V">r I'i I'lmor' .MO Rlehwvitid I <?M 1>'U !?-,|>lil< : W) lin'bVua t ?i !'? terabnrf . 1 '?CO ?? ^?jf?l . , nrrJKP iHf -ifrnaiim ?t rivfrt WArnixVhO Me Ue ? rtt t )? < t .b At !?'? nt . .,^..r.l .r 1 f 'hat ' r 'ne n' h si ? nt - i ?? . <h?- > Ii .. ii*1) 'hat "t ^b* Klr?t ' 'ompt -oll^f ot taa? fjr $K ptrmm ampl>n?4 kt ??"? about the i . pit ' I li nm|. od * ptfoi ?tv*n tt.fi t Uei . i". r t|i/> .1,1 ?| * d h??? l? n p ; If i.-rm ?!? I ??.- au'fc ? I. n t?l bllr *fll#l #. w ???/<? O 'TII"! ?' Iti<iu t- Mei.r t % J if. ?}.. r ' M,? . ? tl am n' ?b^'b ? ? '? * <? . it SSM. Ai)lb<> ? 'n itb- tllel alt it?< (>aM b I i lw 1 U| if M ' I - 4 * ? -?*> '? ?'f i' ' * i b .'.b Rr 'L . h <<? ?> h ? t *?* ? l^itbaB'n i n b ? M*a*ra. fTi'i' P a tlgo" t? reeeive -d .rrw.irl ? utr'.hti4 ? ? ???% ' i4 > . |?J'| - I r .jev *3 l)? 41 ? ?- ? "P. ' **t th# f'*?io- ,nd tu /?' <> ..it ?'? Ur. i "?' h fc1l*alw>tjv * *'n t?*i e 1?p<Mtc.ti?a a((Me|tgift? til ?' atdW?iM ta'. a uj. In ?". ' ? ? 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'iUn K* fV fiMio ir Kft iiwa ?4 ? .# O '? q (? ' i> ?4(H V?. -**?! I 4 r?>?# lia^^'r 4 ?. *?'?? ?.Ji'' ?# *'? % ,4 f i W ( ??? ??, ?|m r Ifl |wr'.? '?wHI * ' ' %0*Ak I, UK ?4W< W t ?/? f ?? tl | a U| .1 l?r?-r,,W'jW 'W W UTTEEfSTIBG FROM EUROPE ! Our loiidoii, Pari*, fienntt, IVrlio and R?t4? formpoBdriw. Ac., Ac., Ac. j Our Lo?<im CiitiiipmliiKii f I.OWI?ON, Augu*t 3, IrtoA. fr* ?' ? Tl't /xitirfon Fuihi<mabif Htnmm? Lmr4 Pabnri Won - FmanriaJ Mfuwm of Limit Nap* trnn ? V . it it of tynrfn f'ictoria Ut Min* ? 71 I Amrrif an in l.ttntiu* WAo it to br A> | AWffilw "/ Mr. Buchanan T? Tht Chtttalim mk 'I A.? l'ro)tc<??Tht KnKhth Army at St l/a ?tppnt to be I'lafd VnHt, tht Command if I'ttixrirr, AV-? 4'f The public m'nil here mad* up to Uk< the war coolly - tlw> be^ln tu took on' Kiwa i hronla hamee, thatwilT only giv? w*y to r-b* an>l Mkilf td t -fatoinit. Ultimate auci > M of mmr kind im relied on, and that, meanwhile, mou?y mm lie voted ta obtain it. I'oiit <??*'. It bar May* to ?ff, > t t>u?ine'* o|Kitititras, and exrliri l>ut little euriivdry. N o doubt lioth England wd Kr. inec ( X| NitK ? ru> ?mall lonrti (Irul. on lit the pitiful ri?u>l ? li thertn attending then HiniH, but they ?tek (UtO^Milkn in hojx* lor tha future. The fuidiionable Ktwn n iln-wluft loa rkwr. The Itullun Ojifr* unnnunrew it* " i,?i4 wtek tut one." Ita aucopea bu" baen vtry model it", and it* dirwtnr I111M lnMt wont >. "Ill Trovatore ' wan one or the uoTcltii-M of the h> Mou : but It w * not got up with half the aplendor nor the cooipfet* ruttmhu, it ta aiiid, that ttarkcdttw produi tion at at r own Academy of Uoaic. Are we koIiir to beat adon ia Italia# Opera, 1 wonder? I'arlianiei'.t vlll a Ijourn in ten d. r< mart, to the great relief of Lord I'alineraton, (be fiestlar. Thia remarkable in tin ?t<wnli ut the bead if the unguilty oftbe Hottae of t'mn'uon-, which dari** not, if tlu^ would, de* it 'ihn, foi no utliw man ran at thia criai* rarry on the government ; Uit he-haa. ni^M after night, to > intend with utl tin- muIUihu of al the leadtrii of f.i tiiona into whli It the llonae U now split op. It in even more inmaing thnn inten-^tinf to with wtuit ekiii iind doxterity hr *<? ivi-m ihrtr ntta< Kh and turua thi'ir own ni?pona Hfn^a?t theta. In ability he i? ? nuul to tlte li< at of thi'm, and in ?w pcri'-U' 1 ni)i| t In* ?< irni e of jMrlinnient.irv m.h Urrhn Mirpawcittht maU luiineaniirwbly. The f Mat wotwltr i-i li'.w 41 tu.iii ov r M'Ti>nlv-eix yearaot a^ei dnait nightly in the Hoi -? of f "ntruoni till 'wo or three o'clock m tin iiiorniuK, ape* it in# at an; inouji-nt and on every mbjeet, Mtb working hard oil day, 1*4 tl?e rrine Mlni-ti r el Kngland now-a-daya innat. IIiImIn i> 1 hum 'I, laif aome men - ? in made of rtarl and India rubber, and Bt;' l ord ('alncriUio In 4aariy ontif till HI'. In I'rBnrc. I.euU Nitpol-on baa la-, .mother e<r tiaorilinary triutaph. Jf 14 u< <v !om Una te-en tm -trikingiv mir<'i'-?fii| 111 the Int. II .i*k<i| for -erMi hioulrtd and City uitlliou*. .irtii tiny o(Tere<l hits thirty 'Is h'.ndre.t mllllonH! If tt w n lint 11 proof of bk p? rvotial |i?f>ularity and tutioaei approixttiaa ol tbe war, thin, wrltp.t m it Tt> t* ?ar<- ttie loan Wiit invented with ainKtlat atti letlrtni- the Mi.niitaf Ii'H'U wiia m< ?t 1. Hull;, twlud. Tl# Dine jwr Cent ?tiM-k waa ofl'an d at tki, yiiXh oUiri advantage" which wonld at ,k ? the r''j| Intm *t, therefore, rnnrh b if her. I'sIdk wrn- tak'n M?l?f?r,to fa\??r *ery aniMll 1 apitalt*t?, will h ?ho* 1 '.luit tb? Knjerur ha* no fcui' of dcnMH ulle B?anire? Id Inamt!, batwrr he 1* lii-w? tb<m I-.) iclii'i ?<. ttni- fa'? itvon te^tably pin. 'I i-1, tin eo ijjoo-i rr-mrir-> of Praliee . nod tlt< ? . t . r ? ronfidenee dl?pJ?)-ei| In ber Uii.iti' liil 1 rad.U An<.U ?r >ei> in(fein???i? no luteal rtviilt of tlr loan l,? ?.im-d by adimitioK lilildi"t,? .1" low '.i* tlftf fi >?t, 01 ilO; for the maa'i'a rneh tip -erly to tbe Ht.tU' aloek. and, Con .?jr>:i . tiny *,U In l?a< ili?poaed lii.'aftei t?i lend thaua>i2ve4 to revolutionary -eheiiif tl ft may tooj ? irdlr?, their pro|n rty. i<oun? Philippe tried 'iili d- dun with tlie fricnu? of the Si i rt. - I'ank, but It did not wive hi in In the hmr of in id. i ba ImmeiiM! an> ee?4 of ? b >? ae?ood loa? wll! niit new eoura;;1' ta the allii"-*, itii) il none) anil i-nirgv will take x'adiHIol, it It a* B'wxl nn (.one. Hi.t, mdu' ktlv <om< lint:;; like haar<l ttgtittn^ i- alinn'sre-xaiy, -md thut, I will loll>>w. Itatni nap jintpimtaiie u< - mxlunji ti> l'.iH? fm the r?c ptli'ii of tbe V ? n Of I' lAUnd, and |>miU Na l?"i?in la an?n>!in ; HMm-y irlte w.?rf to aet up a ?eriaa of apleudM p* .umliMf thai the wi-rtd never aaar befare, Tbe 'PfeMol th< t.i^th of (.<dd wll be I ut a i?tnl/?il'' *how nlxngoido of tbe jfortteno* tiupnlH' <??<!? that I 'art* wilt ?'t i piiy Hi Augnat, KU. On e*Uw4a?fft .1 ti>< t reneb w I! e ?ee<^| all lioonde inr tbi a wtie t" In-d to tin by the way ttw-li !.ni|?? ri i *a- haded iii l^jtid* u, < (? w wiek< ainre. In aliort t wlllte 4 ?!?httUk all the .r.hn tiSiptna lu t h?* world niliM wl?h i)r\ "they might thee' to are." Mr. Iti.i li^uan < 1 .?*a i*tv tJie 1 nd ?>( HeptetnljOr. W ho ia to be hl? u ? iv*..r, U tho j'tiet^l query im the A wetir an world W|fe. 1- Ten. t 'nalilug to >< the r.trw Mililati-r' IK bin idmit tMe 1| .altfle-illnii* frr th? po*A> In RMvral ablli'y, 'bawter and a un pliabmente be Uaa no ?iij .i. ,, and atu b a m.?? la the one re?nlt9d Mr our hL|b< >t dJpb>matb fxttton jbriid. Ii 'i?< in a. ( V>?h?tij/ who, tt.' o.lx reo.ln^t t hi t.i 'In Wll.<wr baa *ti eed l? I^ 0<I'mi, tod I tie* it ioetdve4 a* eon n^mt Umi.d wp.Ji *l> t?. u>u I ;ar!anda, ' 'ii'? .11 . ii iy ate, With o]teBaraaa*d h'-a/t# M!<itiiUnn?. IIU (cmk h ? t . lu'ioni/ed oplnl ??, | and eantin- ed ot Imi nthi ,nno ne?* of iit^Utinn 1 'li- ri ditaW'- n ht? i.?mbie < ^jtjaiW, wtia#^. rum hl^li in tn* farw, at"! a! |. tn uida lof re dr'-? IT .r la'l dp' .a v.,: 4 w ,!| I* eordtally I -iippotted. It ? itua i it'i Halo 1 Mfrtbu llteraty prof.; /, j i? r?^ ^ to )j|?p '.be rcadlar *wd t^f?e?a ef hi- *xper1ene?, otx^rratk* m? 'V^ikm, dnrin^ -t<r t?r?-.tv >??r*id travtl and In ; te-ti^atlou la l.umne. 1 1 < La? it in Li? p*i??r t/> ? J<r*;'lue^ j work tl.af " .1 Ti'tlw ri U#U'' bi* feje/*/ I II/- and iea/t what,|, lo ?Iny beii4'T*l r4olU fbh t h? '? ?;'? r ?? ? in* W? h re 7T'/wrt /|i ? u w rV?u irt | Mtfaatna tndtnhave ibind-mrd th?- frleolitk* <4 . tnartly totlwalfe Ufa. Wo ?ho?>id >'4 fat ?aryyiaod f b# atil] Ca/V'4 bi' n^li, ti lOt ( the piti?ra of fan,/. i It !? "?i |?*>? t.Bie. aii'l I flo^ vfiili tb" 1 <tt*l ? niorw<' ow ol ' i*thln.' mm Hum thi m?i ?i tw. | Br iWVv, It ta ae? d, I ktit, ki nciU Up K-ngiWr ? maunder ,n cWef an'1 ?<? l- ' th< aM,?/| army ? n dei th' xiMlrvtlOli of tbe |"r ? neb ? 'ereral \ >'?w ^ oaare Omr f ? f drmr*. P* I I *. ?'ijf W, 1*^,. /> .???.y ?} a V<"> Potiti' ? / I'ltj . Irrf ?f of tl> Con fort'tor*- tpi < ."V ,/ s.rnt Unrtrtift m /Vinif tjn*t ?>.??** if tSt Htrrrm-oiil l'tm?tur* ft jj, ,.r? J 'I/,, 1,11 0 ? Tmr.JT ai Sf* i It.ih nv' AJ' if HirJttf 0 )'??>' '*? ,</ ?/?.. <! / ? rfAfv <U i<? f'ro<*re 4-r., -'O'V <t4hn>*'rt OK mt lMt?r 'd Thur?4ai,? l>?? 4 h t? ""m* to ny kwrMp, thr??i.-1i .i y ><? ?' *? ? U*onty I y<> l? i f ? b'6 '??'!' t *1 'H ''"hg ft! ?f *'<ftg <? . i < wf?> i w.trfc .k' ?'? f fr.'Vr* <??. '>W flif ? ?>Rh<< '4 (??? I ''tn? *. | * Pn I i <'W) t U** 2 .Ui, 4Lh.* !i.?.J |4M( rUi # ? truing, thf Ig^.l tm '4 Ik? \rntri , who h*4 lot trot* ?>??? J'??t lrf*h "!? th t| .<? n ll'f. tk?l li a . b< jv r ?* <r m U* "H. AtWUf ,i nniu/^r'Y ?>?-?)- r? of ?j <llluk4 rlub ??r?- iUJr - in v.Umr of l?>r. The pnhrt *?[' Vi.rr ?1 <V/f </n jJ-.r ? '<'? ?wm'iui'J t?.? ly <**. lr in. Arnrg. trf "to #? <?<*. ?,?(?? a, I po> ? mg ill" of '?** W'J# tO flM""*'*" mr!"' ?' ? ibo m4|A r.? ijin t? r ?>' * ?;?!>??' U- >t wk>tt ?n ? r.< !(.? ? '/ " i ' *? ?? li> Un t -fiMA' *? ti <?firr, '/*? !>> n | -W* < f^#r prr*rH >? ?l U* ?.>.<> SI*..' #' iiutcftl (<r? !<??? 4 ? w, IP' ' * ^ Pl/M* b<) Cf)Ua?M? r???rll*.-4 ?h n? *1 ',b?- % .o4n* , tt nmMlug 'V* ? h.> tt.-' / i. |^|,t Ui.f*Wi u?r ?? if> It.- ! ?i If f, ;? tbrouHKe* t> ? '?> ** rv,v Wi ?? *' "v?, Tta';?*' ?** w * wru i i. n' i y < <kr? .do >?? % ? ,tii ? ?m? ?f pwW*. ??4 ? WnJf* ntfr V tf? |? ??r? ?-n s*w4 O* %

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