20 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

20 Ağustos 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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ni'f. an. I MT.J yoa ft'l ti ? it*>Ts. Much money taafl bCMl U* I "if >*[ 4C<lftt?d htf?: 1/ CongTffliiiMial r<winiiH?. * and &>er*?l* ,1 lobby ites. An entire rt? formMioL i? .MMskd, and the public should know the Ml The prevailing i.vict.'y w'nd< keep a* unusually ooi for tlus ->??a*?n o.' th?> year ? the momtaf.tf nsd the middle ol tLe tliy urn remark hi pleasant; I lie evening* tpcqui-nil/ mil for a > ha wl, or some ?h;ng more iLiui i he ..tor rig; but t.if nights ?are ;u*t right for <ood skewing; in fact we nave awed through the \ rk. j ?? heated terms" wit h Mt the .jftlitbfit tneoiiv?jiienre. Among the arrn ;ia at 'he Metropolitan resterdiiv wan Judge & A. l>o"jhis. of Illinois. lie looks well ?nj hapi> ? : *?'l if (.'h^v-iiier Webb emld have seen the " L.ttle liiajt'1 he emerged, barefooted trmn the surf, about <"k?vca o'clock to-day, decorated with a ri>.l Ounue? shirt. ?triped trowsers, and a coarse straw hat, una t.iu au!t rater dripping from him I think he would acknowledge his appearance any tiling out w;;rhk .. fbc Senator baa just ar i ived ir-jm Wx-iurt^f 11, m?d it may be he come 3 to cool himself. He issuvo* in a few d lys for N"e\v York, on a vMt to hi? mother, and rei i . H u> Chi ? asro in the course of *Ui?h' weeks. The Metropolitan ha" been full to overflowing for the past ten days. Tlu? fust? considering the sea ?iuii an.! the success of other *.?tenng places ? proves i onclu-iiri'ly that a ?Jill ] jger hotel ia required To-morrow night 01 : of >ur semi-weekly " hops" take* pi. ice; but aa ttese uti Irs occur no frequently they excite little notice or preparation; the enjoy n- ut, however, in none the je 9 on that accoout. Governor I' nee hi' a ' ?u j to Trenton for a few days ?o attend to uiattera at b'.aio. He is expected here . gaiii to-morrow. I called at the Pavilion to-day aud fj.f " Uncle Sot*" M "is; he looks as smiling :ind contented as UF!t'J ?>mil v.vll bo nay, for his liou.se is packed to P?. utmost capacity. The other hotels. 1 understand, are -veil patronized . also. I.ong Bianch certainly w ?? around," and the Tlru un must be thu kt-i therefor. into. BATH. Hath, L. I., Aug. 17, H65. Advantagt. of Bath as a Summer Retreri1?It? iitevrry and Villa*--- IMa. Vrrnan,on t-on% hlatui ? R eiti* cftht Seru -n 4 c > I have often wondered why ho delightful and fju-b oiudne a. place an lUthbim so little meution among your correspondent*. With your permis-ion 1 have v:oncli.de?l to give you a few items concerning it (iatti is vei> pleasant], ^itcated ou the southwestern shore of I.ong Island, and Is composed of a nnmbcr of ne*! and pretty dwelliug i, the llath House ? a large hotel? being the mo.-t r-ronfeuut; while gay gardeo*. plea ?nt groves au.l green fields greet the eye on every side. The hotel is well kept, mrt at the present time is iUlel with hoarders, who seem to enjoy themselves 1 apituliy, especially in 'he bathing line. It is a great place for ; ivclUc hnmanity. Any amo\:nt of babies in d unices may he been perambiilaling the shady groves SU'1 public hi^hwavs. There ate many fire bnidings in this vicinity, and also in tho village of New Ut.-eeht, h ilf a mile i.orth of us TherirettieHt'nud mwt architect 11ml is one owned by W. W. Croi sy, K-q. There is also a com modio?i> -lone church here ? pastor, Kev. J. O.tturrie. I ba/e noticed two or three line country scats about u mile beyond New Utrecht one very large, elegant, dwelling, eiected by J. A. Bennet, called Arlington Hon.*-, and a new villa next to this, a chaste and beautiful aflair, built aud owned, 1 am told, by 11. t'riawell, K^q., whose lady is known as C. H. t'ris weil, the poetess, who may often bo seen flying through the country on a Pegasus of good substan tial breed, aud very independently, alone. There are some beairtilul girls here ? among the re sidents I mean. Miss C? ? K and Miss Mary C (the last is quite a belle) arc the handsomest in my eyes, old bachelor as 1 am ; however, Mi-s It . the Alispea W , and Miss B are con sidered extremely pretty and attractive. Among the l?oardeo* at the hotel, Mihb Basic H , Miss l? . MissG and llrs. Y are the moM graceful aud interesting. But, there Is the hand striking up, aud, as lam a votary of Torpischore, I must lay J >wn m.v pen to join tho gay and whirling throng. NisrruNE. OBEENl'ORT. Gkenport, L. I., Aug. 16, I *;>;>. JVogrc?s of this Resort ? Hotel* and Push vrtui hit s ? The l*adies, Married and Unmarried? Bean l:f I of the Bay ? The Annual jfitp. Amoo? the numerous and various summer reorls, hete are none that <"fui \ie in point of attractiveness with Greeu;>oit Qoitc unknown to the fashionable habitat* of New York, it id fa*t becoming u formidu ble rival of many of acknowledged standing as agreeable resorts. The l'ecouio IIouso is not only possessed of h]m i'ioiiH and convenient upartracnts, hot ih in possession also of that valuable auxiliary- a gentleman!,)' and i'flicieut host? In do fatigul te in hln efforts to render his guest* comfortable and happy. The " fairest of the fair " nightly tread the halla, and the parlors are ti lieu with a gay and morn1 throng. The " arias " winch Mrs. J a, of New York, so beautifully and aitistieally renders, arc worth a trip trom New York to hear; and the sweat voice of Miss N e C h, of New York, captivate* the hearts of all listeners. The bla< k eyes of the Mi**'* <? y cause many a wooer to *igh. Miss M n B? ? e is. as ever, plea-mnt and witty. The jovial and pretty Miss H ? J , of Urooklvn; Mm. <} , Mrs. W ? -o, of New York; and Mrs. K y, of Hartford, are among the entertaining and agreeable of the mar i ied ladies. The princely mnniticence of Mr. I) W?U, has Ix-en employed by all who have had the pleasure of u sail on the Wavelet. This hovv-e ia situated on the i'e, conic bay, and a more beautifnl night in i*> irrely ever beheld than is presented here to the eye on a pleasant day. V mm the minutest sailboat to the largest ship may l>e wen gliding over its waters, Bvery kind ot amusement i iding, mailing, bahing. bowling and gunning, are all li^ie employed to tho greatest extent. The annual " bop" of the season is to be given on Friday, the 17th inj-t.( ot wlii. h I will give joa fur ?her ;tarticular* in my next. D. It. s. SARATOGA. IFT1 H FRO* A FAST Y0CXO UOTtlAMIlli ON tltS BUMMl'H JUllBLKS. The Nb Pi.cs Ultka Hotei,, ( S.IBATOli a, Aug. 4. IH.?.>. V A ? hivfi'ualtie Arqvuiitt'tiicr ? .1 frs. Puihafteod't l.itttf I'rruliari/ici ? A iM/ly who Goes to Brit hy De1arb*rrnt* ? Mr*. Gabwrlt ? No Shutting the tttea m Off? Miss Mi^htijpartirniar and her Rejected Admirer*? The Ohlntor/.i and the Ifoii/d tte* ? flf(?? Simpk ? Handsome Drexstodruth ? I'eofttr who Dance, and Proplr who Won't ? Inri dents of a Fashionable Watering Ptuce, $-c.,4*c. I'll drop you a few fines in exchange for your New[>ort letter, received a clay or two since. 1 have been here a week, and think I have got the item*. The first man 1 met on the piima of the Ultra was our old friend, Dr. Knowall, He inquired affectionately after you, hud lots of things to tell me, and lota of people to present me to. ( am We-i^ed if that man ainta curiosity; he is a walking ency clopedia of current events and fashionable women : is as valuable an acquisition here to a modest young man at* Brown is at home; lie knows everybody worth knowing, and if you want to know an out sider he will manage to ring in, and present yoa in lea* than an hour? for all of which praiseworthy lai?or a < laret cobbler and a traboca is all the equiva lent aaked. He iaatitUedown on old Mrs. Po^h shead. because she maliciously aaked him yesterday the sanitary condition of the nigg< r waiters of the hotel. He say* she is getting in her dotage; that because she has got a new wig and curia, and a new set of false teeth, and discovered a new style of coloring her eyebrows, she is potting on airs. He adds that *he ongfct to belong to a dragoon corps, for she goes to bed by det ichments. He introduced me to Mr*. (labwell, the rich widow. Mrs. G. ought to belong to the women's rights clique. She'd be a gtr.it addition to that es timable body, and a soceeKcful rival of lai< y stone, for if she can't talk a man inti* s perspiration no wommo can. I ain't bad my?elf on lip; *ml after half an hour without a chance to get in a word edgewavs, she modestly asked me what made me -o quiet? I couldn't help replying, " It wasn't oo lite io interrupt a lady when talking," at which she looked rather blue, and dropped me. The pretty and styltsh Miss Mightyparticular is oa hand, with her aristocratic old dad. She 'a no cbicken. a* you know; is getting s little nasi* in the face, but ?he redone* now on her *t)le, which is re ptv? ultra, ft la -aid *h<- has already refused three admirera whilo staying here. Tho flrsl, an am bitious joung bn k, with good looks and salary, hot no income, dldn t -aand N ?ho-?t of a chauoe. Har refusal changed the current of his affections towards cobblers ami which respond to his <tc?e4toa with spirit. No. '2. a widower, rich with three scions and an old mother, was nowhe re. The an author, aspiring and poor of course, swears hell give the whole family an immortality BCTCI drcuuit of iu bis i e.\t w?rk. p(<oi d< vfl The OUntaii > we ken-, took'pg an neat and gCU tfel m ever; tLey iuv tl j xetna of the place, and rru I now thev arc op to nuff; thoy contrast beaoU rally with the sm/itWi appearance aad parvent ambition of the Would- ,en, who swell out like toad tiah, while promenading evvry day after dinner, end whore capacity for stowing away provender is as good a f wlien we laught d sit them two years ago. Mis* SiiujM r Uv-fci very fair; the's lost twoflid? I terthaince we met hor last reason, but still persists I in pinning tt every man lx hi'.d a mooNtvh? that looks at her. li'.cn.-ed if I dUlnt thiuk lavt evening hlie'd dislocate her neck v hilo ortkverHing with a heavy swell in the pnrlot. 1 hurriedly nought out tlie ooctor, to rave him ready if such an unfortmiate accident shor.ld happen. Tno doctor Inn, 'lied, ?nd professionally gave toe an amUytical explanation ??f the impossibility of soth a rcvVI* I wonder if he's got any practice ut h we, that man; guess he's more in the pro'ewiion than the practice. Dancing don't scent to go down ao well this Hum mer. A few outhuaiiittti joung women, who givo up tleir minds to it, do all the heavy work. Hand some Dresbtodeath says it's bloody slow and an awftil bore to dance in hot weather; nays it Kp'>ila his nhite pants and musses his Knglish collar; auJ lie's <'c wn on it. Miss Hedowa, luoug!., says it's Ik caa-e hcV been trying to lenrn for tour .'ears, and can't, and tlu t he - courtHiitionally stiif in the knees. Down at Cotillon House they have a regular sociable hop every ntyht; people there aint afraid to dunce without drees coats and lavender kids, and they go it with spirit; but they are all quadrille". Why will people be so old logylsh V To bo sure, a poika and redowa or two are introduced in the coiixe of an evening, which arc usually monopolized by the 1) >yw .Vo'i our hom e, who , KO in with a rush, and ele rtrify the cowd. Our d uiC' does not oj.ent'.ll late, we're ao awful stylish, 6u we lint go down to the t'other house, take a turn or two and astonish tho company, then over to the Cotillon, pi'cb In and i ire -im tho ami Iri'le dnn<\rs. and return home to delight the fo'.KH for ail hiwr or I two. You n|>oke of going this sctson to tho Co tillon. I'll e!l you how it if: at that hoa ;? you meet poo; ie you curi asaiciu'e with and some you don't want. to,:'.t once ? all aortl -WO* that YOU Can, somo :hat you won't, and so:ne that jon can't. This U in deed the watering placo of ail 'others, for thoy swill down enough to tloat a firiguto. Messed if I didn't this morr.ing see a j'ourg woman who looked as if she'd just recovered from tho measles, drink ten tumblers, and she vie ' ly rwe'led before my very eyes. A aix footer from iowa swore it wait a regular liar nuia hnmbnc? thit the proprietors evory uight emptied in a Tot of Ej. om colts and physicked the crowd next day: raid 'te'd rather take it out of ;he old woman's salts bott'e at home, whoie he knew who mixed it. The dinners tre so so; b it yon must seize a diah with one hand, l old fi t ann eat out of it with the other, lor the waiters It've :i sort olji l^gerde main trick of whipping away every thiug out of sight that wouldn't disgrace Blitn. Colonizing is carried to its utmost limits this reason. Two days ago a colony of youjg < liil<heu took up q/t/uUn in an adjoining room, uiul they vary thciv amuse ments fiom daylight by clumping in'their daddy b boots and playing ball in Lho entry with in/ door as one of the goals, a performance that has the beneficial cOvct of waking tip every sleeper iu the house. But the?o you knew are little trifles wcall get used to ut Saratoga, and the brute who grumbles don't visit fashionable places. Horace 1,00k and Dik. United States IIotkl, > Saratoga. Aug. 17. lsSf>.) T/if Arcana of Fashionubtr. Socicty ? To Know or Not to Know ? Amusements ? Fashionable Be lit*, &<? There arc many phases of society that never fail to afford amuoomcnt to the spectator. To know, or riot to know, certain persons is one of them. Ihjon tliirf one subject there i.-s exhausted au amount of tact And perseverance perfectly astonishing. The question in not, to ho or n t to be '! It is to know, or wot to know. An old Knickerbocker, whose an cestors maintained a '-pace in the world's eye, told me that one of these nianceuverera always vecogni . -J him wfccu he was in a certain circle, but invariably cut liim when surrounded by another set. The old Knickerbocker kindly smiled while relation the incident, and excascd the conduct of his some time I acquaintance, by assuring mo that hi- (the some time acquaintance) position in society wassodoubi I ful and precarious that be. couldn't afford to rocon I nize a plain old Knickerbocker before his fashion able friends. That is it. If the position of an ambilious noto ricty i^tker was fixed, they conld afTord to rceog ni'/.e ub acquaintance in' the prc-euee of their fashionable 1 rii nds as 11 as on the sly. lint. i. there Is the slightest denger of the inquiry '>tinj; put of " who U your friend!'' Die occupant of a doubtful position will tie ccitain to cut you. Tbi3 making proclamation about distinguished friends, who?e notice has been won by chance or after desperate struggles, is by no mean's an uncom mon failing. Tbc exertions of our white brethren ?ro countenanced by iht ir colored co-laborer, the Black Swan, who makes frequent mention, in her -mall bills, that she h.us h. il the honor of appearing liefore the Duchess < f Sutherland, Ac., Ac., which fact, not only adds to the sweetness of her voice, but attracts the vnkrar to her concerts. The round of pleasure still continue*. The hops and balk at the United States arc as stupid as ever. The ladies are well dressed, look well, walk well, Ac., but have nu.-h a Unified confidence in their social positions that they can't aOOrd to act naturally, l^st night ihcre was aconccrtand ball at the Union. There was a remarkable array of beauty, brilliantly decorated. There were very few from either the Congress or the States. It H more than hinted tliat the secret motive for the absence of the ladies of our bouse haj it* foundation in the generally admitted fact thut the ladies of the Union are not only moro beautiful, but possess more wit and greater conversational inwers than we can boast of here? and yon know uo\r difficult it is to brook a rival. We must make the eflort next season to win the Inion ladies to the States. The ball ps*?ed off exceedingly well, the young ladic?, as well as the married, looking remarkably beautiful. Iftlie prac tice hud not become vulgar to specify names. I would mention those who were most admired for their beauty and elegant attire. I may be purdoued for saying that one, the "queen of the ball" as she was culled, was rosplendently lovely. I'lstus. tiik oiia sn rmi>> n u.i. at cmon hall. (('orrc*|>?n'i<'nco nf the .Simtogiaii.] 'Ibis grand aud eminently respective atl'iir came i'8' last night at the Union, under the most admira ble management aud go**! feeling. Soon after 8 o'cleck the specious dining hall was thrown opeu, and tbc evcuiug's festivities prefaced for an hour by the most encb.u'tiug miisie. from W. Wiese's celc hrated bnr>d, for whose benefit the concert and ball was given. . As murie rose with its voluptuous swell, tlic hall thronged with tail- forms and bright faces; and when the List strain from the aria of " Lucia di l.am mcimuor " died amid applause, TerpalcbflM bad nsurjs'd the realm, and the dance isgan "right men die." Without any preconcerted management, there were tlxvc n?>t over sanguine of sueee**, a-> dancing gentlemen especially luid been at a premium in Saratoga this season. But on the band thundered Km coronet rail ; Til) Un fair who lunt wondered, Where tliefr partners were nurul>ei* I s'lin b'rive ni"n and tall Quick thronging tlis halt. So <10% ti came th?' gallant " six hundred." Hearts l.eat happier. Kerry lady hud a partner, and if the opinion expressed to your humble servant by one of the loveliest l>e a criterion, each had an "decant'' one. Sets were formed without delay, and from the tir-t dancing went ofl' finely. Each gentleman attend ml upon a party of ladies seemed by the common ? oorent of the ??ompany to he duly acknowledged n master of ceremonies. Introduc tions were heel) given, and not an hour hod elapsed ere this vast atvuritbUge of - fair women and bravo men" wereen t. nn-< ot agreeable intercourse. What shall I suy of this most truly brilliant and eminently social occasion ? Three or four hundred of the m<*rt beautiful women who ever have graced any festal hall? Fax v stone and her family of strong minded women excepted? dre*sed in the moat taste ful and costly styl'-s. and yet with manners no refined that their movements ?hed amund a richer illusion than their laces, while diamonds grew dim in the radiance of their wit. This was the Union Irall of Smitotfa. The Mutes. ( ongre?s 11*11 aud the citi zens joined the Union gueMa with hu equality and fraternity of feeling highly creditable to themselves. Thin CaJon of Halt." lu the union el hsJN, \'? rivalries ?.*rr -hall -ever ? for r!? w*r?> there pMpit In llie uni< n "f hmid? ? At the Ilttll of th<- t'nii>n? fnit'vei ' Among the gentlemen most efflt-ietit in mauay^ rnent, 1 noticed Major Morton, Mr. Cha-e, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Beach, Mr. Ileed, I)r. Kip, Mr. Kdaar, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Widdiflcld, Mr. McBarney, Mr. Nor vcl, Major Thompson, all of New York city? Mr. Sherwood, of San Francisco, and Mr. McMaster.of ( hlcago. Thes? gentlemen were attendant upon parties of ladies, among whom were the moat graceful dancers of the occa-dou. Kx-Chancellor Walwoitb am) t'ol. tiraham, were in escort of Mr?. Chamellor W ? ; Mr~. s h, of Wa-hlngtoa; MI-? B . of (>mn.. tlie two Ml*<e?? J a, of Brooklyn, who were greiitiy admired; Mias B ??, of Wnt'rrfnrd; Mi-s 1) ? p, of Albany; nnd Mi-w T n. ot Saratopn, who was remarked tor her exqnl-ite gra<e In dancing. TTie drt^s of this *n tirtpniVv whs clmrr.ctctizfd hy simplicity and gwj ;**? with ft DKMt cob meutkbl ? hUUaence of orna asiflk [ Who is th* belle 7 ?ii| miration fr-^uently wkc i' , and not a? ca. - 1 v wn n% i-o many l*tietif. 1 wotnei , with wnrionx styles ;.nd accotu ; li 'iiaent*, even u yooil jud;:e* of i cUes'ilp L-' quite like to think? The Uist t til) Irnvliftit till Ml- gun* . ?A d le:i?e wilb ? very confnxrd idea, but full of I wlniinttion. Suppose I say there wen a trio of belles ? will the | i 'Iw> ti ke offeoc* if I put the most youthful doTU first 1 When union- in heauti I'al it gaUiew uo rulnm rent futn ex'c of dreb-. ino unaflected loveli- i UiK..,tfo biinple and rcchtrcht Btyle, both in dress iu.d n .inne/s, of ML- * P y, of Uticu, N. Y., ren d( red her one o. the graces of my trio. In wide, l i t beautifully cos :tiit> ted style. Mr*. T a, ofN. Y., attracted admiration both for manners and drew ? clie <vcre i ink and whil" fyncade. Mins H 1, ef N, Y., in roll d rem .?white alk.floan-'ed and rich ly tiirann <1 with lace. n.ad^ a most artistic iuvt en rembU; her appr> prir.*' head dress and well selected i man ei t? t-et oft I cr fair complexion admirably.? Mr. 1' o and lady, of N. Y.t were present with tLeir dai>glit< r, whose graceful und womanly manners vi' e much adrnhid i^bc wax elegantly dressed ia link tisi-ae. with hd-d-dres* of plumes. With Mr. D y of Uth u, N. Y., I observed Mis* 1* k, of Vt., ar>d Mr 5? r, of Alabama. There weie many regrets osprraecd that a deep affliction jircvt nted the foi uier 1: m participating in n pi .amire ho tfi ui. ?tober graced. The two Mi?N? il ti, of Albany, from "Con p.w llull," wee grt illy admired by their aumer otis trends; their dan mg win faultless. Mihs.Tv?ephire J? b. of Now York, from tho "Ftutes," was a g out favorite with our best dan cers, and "we" think, a charming talker; Mr. T r, wife and cuupUier, N' W York, with their friends Mm C- ? tu. a ad daughter, and M is* L> o. of New York, cor.i)irlscd one of the moat ??r? eablo iota of the evening. M -h D'B b, and daughter, with Miss T r, and Mrs. B s, flared frequent compliment.), ui.J descrvh'gly. Miiw LI 11. of New York, appeared in white illusion, over pilk, with given leaves wreathed in hair und diesa. The e fleet wn.; charming. Chicago was represented ly Miss, it ? ? e, who both in t'loss ai d munnei>> did fair credit to ho " Cardcn City" of tho Wi st. Tho inua ior of N w York was represented byMw LlcD? Id, of Or. oi iluga Valley, whom it in r? 41 c!y ]iflA?iblo to name without allnding to Wm. K. McM. Her fair blonde oumpli ^ion was in lino liar i <uy wi'h th? wl'te tis -',c, worn over pale blue ail it; a white rose l.er onb oriuimcnt. I l ive principally noticed the dancing ladies; thire v.ore otlien; c.'ega*itly dressed, wives i?nd mo l^n. wi n seem< (1 rco'l, to eujoy in spirit, and Trohn if til. > and Hp.. re j-i -aiitted, should receive a "tip top" uothe. 'J 1 're >\< rc distiaguished .,'oi-.tkv nti: prtvent? 1 saw ilon. iUtalel Ullman, Lacie.'i IV l'eck, of Vt., and < her*. I'etween the dancer the entire company ind .ltted in promenade*. Ampin rclri hhmi n' was fnnilsred the company, which was pi,cn by !*i tnum \ Aiusworth, gratuitou. ly, ti tho baud on this occa ion of its benefit. The utmost gf.ixl feelii g wit'u nil parties etcmcd to pr- vail toward' the Union and >ts proprietors, and tills oc casion will long be renumbered with gratification by tl '?e who eentribut? d by their presence. At one oYlock the whole uffiiir closed with an iui pn mptu A'ii-giiiia reel. SATBROOK, CONN. Satbuoox, Aug. 16, 1K35. A f Vitrei for Saybr ook ? The Jtoutcs by which i! is Reached ? Hotel Accommodation*? Amusements ? Beauty of tfie Surrounding Reentry ? Primitive Notions ? iVirto York Eetlc. AmoiifT the many letters from yonr correspond eata nt the different summer retreats throughout the cw.ntry, I have, so far, observed none from this I int, which may bo justly considered aa posses- tap uh many attractions an i thers more widelycelebr.il id, and us fully calculated t > administer to the cn I joy men t of the tourist m those whose advantages have rc-eited a wider range <f publicity arid not > rietj . bay brook is distant from New York about one hundred miles, and may be reached by way of New Haven, or by steamboats running daily from Peek blip. The latter mode of transit is che ij er and more expeditions than the former, besides en joj ing tlio cool, refreshing breeze from the river during a pleiuw t nail of from six to seven hour-,. There are two hotels here, web Ailed with visiters from N< w York, who seem to embrace every means of making the time agreeable, as regards aquatic i set rsi< u ? lishlug and bathing. For those whi re gard the latter as an invaluable tonic, ample provi sion id made. Theie is u One sandy l<cach, miles in extent, frilly equal to ('ape May or Long Brunch with all the weci/s.-ary requisites for bathers. Pish ing, iu particular, is lilicnilly practised, and with the exercise of a little ingenuity uu abundant ''himl" will always meet the efforts of the fisherman. The scenery is particularly remarkable for it^ variety and beauty. Here, from a high range of hills to the north of the town is a scene of unparal leled grandeur, diversiilcd in extent and surpassing ly rich in all the beauties of creative power. ' To the east, the long, winding valley of the Connecticut river is seen at intervals here and there through tho tall and stately oaks that fringe its banks, us it glides calmly to the sea. On the south, were Sleets of dancing little crofta, with their white sails flap ping in the breeze, stretching far away to th? south ern lioriKon, increase the interest of the scene; while ' to the cast, as far as tho eye ran reach, the pine, tin oak tuul the sycamore raise their majestic crests and arms of rich emerald, and weave themselves into ro mantic woods and groves, seemingly boundless, in the distance. The scenery of other lands, boasted of as it is, may equal, but not excel, the inexhausti ble variety of American scenery; but in tho race of nations llie pencil of the paintei hasbecome asobso lete as the tuition which nrst fostered and jrerpetu uted its efforts, and " civilization" nipped in the nascent bud the classic ideas of earlier age?. Self advancement and aggrandizement is to-day the g<? verning attribute iu the character of man. But t have digressed from the main object, viz . recom mending fcjaybrook as uti agreeable resort for those weary denizens i.f the metropolis w ho, like me. the year round are ct< rnally sweltering under a seo*e of city restriction. Home of those old Connecticut re sidents, whose tuition in other respects has licen neglect^!, are wonderfully expert in mental arith metic. Their adaptability to "kalkclation" is extra - ordinary. They live well and pionsly, but seem to have mi unutterable horror of dress". Indeed I am inclined to think they would have difficulty in recop nizing a Broadway swell as a man, were he to ap pear In ??>. They have also an instinctive aversion to broker* and stoekdobhers, whom they universally regard ns a r?ce of roNiers and swindlers. The concerns ot other men trouble them not. They live tor themselves. Money is their God, and the accumulation of wealth their only ambition. Never theless, then still remains the old genuine hospi tality pervading all rheir actions. Among tl.e New Yorkers here at present, I have noticed Judge V. and family, ?nd the charming and Hccrmiuished Mi.-ses B. and Miss V., of Fourth street. Tin ie are ubo many of our city functiona ries, nnd otJiers ot equal note. (iixuuii'if. NKWPOKT. Newport, R. 1., Ang. 15, If),}.*. Th* I'otff/Kf to Nneport?IU Incident*? Arrival at (hit* Drithxitioii ? Waking Up ? The Hot ft* ? K.> tenricr Hobbtry at Bathing Shrdi, 4*f The good sli imirr Metropolis landed iu? here this morning, at 'J o'clock, iu company with about the liic^c -t crowd of pleasure seeking biped* that was evrr dumped upon the " Txiiif; Wharves" at Newport. Jttcf imagine tlic cornel We were dreaming in an ai m-i hair, every beitli and stateroom being occu pied, when the cry of "Wake up? Newport, if yon pica--*-, fir.** from a half awakened darkey, an nounced thut wr liad better go l>elow and look alter that ptirtlonhu Hack carpet '??K in which your cor i ftp* indent felt most particularly interested. So down we went; and having fished out the luirgage aforesaid fn?tn a very avalanche of trunk/*, we ; added one to the sleepy looking groups who waited patiently behind the rope pen which divides the impatient pa>?>nger from the Kanifway until the cry, "Hep a-hore, gentlemen," announces that he may, so tnr an the steamer Metrojiolis is (oncemed, take up his tiiinf rfimtttis. And now we have crowed the plank. What a Ik-dlam l!al>el ! And the eon fusion of the tongue* is "nowheres" by comparison. "Ocean House !" " Aqnackanock Honsc"' " Atlantic lloa>?!" "Hide up?" "Here you are, air!" "Here. .Urn, show the ladv to our carriage," Ac., Ac., until yrur head reel*, and von mentally ejaculate, "Itles* Providence!" as you emerge from the mob of vehicles and < scape the din of their shouting cha rioteers. Aud tnen come quaint, old fashioned hou-en, rotting piles, dilapidated wharves, a unipll ?>f the salt sea or the "Point mod"? just as vour note may te pleaded to translate it and t h?> n "(ice tip. g?*id borwa"? ?mack goes the whip and round the wheels- the hill is mount**)? and jou hook yourwlf among the arrivals, and retire with candle in tuind. to tike your eu?< in your inn, until the breakfast gong shall break the spell of rdiimber, and remind >ou that poor humnnJtv must f? d. 1!*' Ocean receruM |4/> ariivais a day for the last four diriMird j et 1 1 <? rt- 1? |>ro*m My it 1 1 tt I e more room (Lcre than ain o?t ?rywberr ebc: tin- btlconire ar t m t vet entirely fill. d. Ex-Mayor l?Jr4,ulard, c-i' New York, and family, are there: a'iao Prof. E*py, do.; H. II Day, of India rubber notoriety, do.; Gen. Ward; and further theOc*cn Hour- bookJccf .^r, Ormaber, might F%y, but thin deponent ' 1 noweth not." 0!' the yacht nu* yon have doubtless beard luw the Julia carried .iff the pH;-.o. how the 'jets were light, and the knowing ones doubtful. Cut are the e Udngp not already written in the coliinim of your corn wonileme ? Wo Mvi' a rmnor to the effivt that uome unfortu nate individual w^ done at the beach, this ui >rning tothe tunoofvSOOiu cush, and a hands Jme gold w.itch. P )k aairt to have been the work of ho cue ndrf.it operator wL > obtained the g ntien un's check for vak ble* depo-itivi, while bathing, and pre sented it at the lathing door office, where he re i eived the eCfectn. At the ln.4 aceouuta the thief was unknown. KNarriNO Tujitlh. DOV AT TUK ATLANTIC HOP^f. (Corrcr!??mi< uce < f tlip Newport .New?.] The boo ft the Atlantic He arc, Mcudpy evening, was one ofthe most brilliant tbwt I ever *uw, either hen* or elsewhere. 3t w::m very numeroul v attended bylieautifal Iodic* and gullar.fc gentlemen. Among the crowd I noticed Madame 1a Orange, Mis* KJino Heii ernnd Mias Louisa Hemder, the oeiebrutod vo calist-. It wonid l?o iijijHiHsilie to give eveu a blight dewr'ntlon of any considcrablo nmntver of those who were prevent. A,"t thL< lime I ran only speak of a few of the ladie ^ind tie maimer in which they were dress ed. .Although there were a large number of fni ludies pmcut, all of w horn >v?re entitled to the ' appellation or t ello, sti'l 1 adhere to my opinion origi- | liiilly expressed, Miss Schauruberg, oi Philadelphia, in tl.e ' die of Newpoit turn bea-ou. She is daily admired by those who h ve the pleasure of her ac- ' quaintacco, nut only for li* great personal beauty, bntal?o for her many acccmpltKhments, and the urt lenwu -Hi nd j.nre simplicity of her mariners; she i" constantly udmiring the beautiful ladies around her, and wiyiilg kind thing* of them, without the -light est apparent lonseioufur ? of In. r own extraordinary natnrul endowments. Hhi* wore a Pi Ik dresa uiter t ately flonnced with i hi" and whites i Jo" and peuri bead drerfc. Mius titnATBan, verj hur.d-ome; fcli . it tall r: nd has li fine tlpu.e; cmbtoidered lanolin; head drc-", black velvet and stmv,\ Mi* Lottie Ogden is a decided belle; white muslin H- v. n'i t,, trimmed with cherry satin ribbon. lire. Hairada; tb~co flounced pink silk, magnifi ccLi'Jy embroidercu. Miss C Koser: white muslin flf>uj"Cd ; head dress of hito Sowers. 11 is. Melivaine; block nilk, three fl^ua- cn; head drefe of black and : ti ..w ? Jtadnme do Trol iant . i mi..?t charjji'ig ni .! e <rel lent lady; wb'te illusion, trinnn i v. itli I Ij k velvet and late. Mbv Vr'illlt'msor: very ; retty; \vhitr> t-Hetmi em bioidercd with colored f-ilki hcud drcsa of t- arlet fiowere. Mi>?P' V>" o)f ; a qreenntofi;*nro ..nd tx:.ir.tifnl fact; I ink and white glace, three flounces; head dres.s of pink anu blrck velvet. Mr; R'.'.-c;-: very hajnl-ome: ! !ne an ) wtdto 'Jounc ed grenatl.ue; blue aad l earl head dreas. Kish hov-til, a charmuig fac ; white m i ia with ehe : :y t immiiigs. Mra. A. Peckham: light silk, thro flounce-; point Lice head du?t<; necklace* of diamonds . nd pearls. Misn E. I'e. )? iiann: pneeu grenadiiio; necklace of emeralds; the look* <1 \ery pretty. Miv.s i ndium; Hue mr.;idticeut lace K-rthe; hei.d dress of pi-arts. Mrs. I.ndlum; rich dress; hend flresn of <*old. Miss Phillips; pink uuced taricton; j>eiirl head i dress. Mrs. Poweil; white and 1 lack threo (lean ed | organdie. Miss I.i/v'e Cla;ke: three floumed white tarleton; | head diets blue and silver. Miss IJvi:;? ton; vLite and bltie Kiik, flonnced. Miss Kate Stuyv. ant; pink silk dress. (iibl es; white tiirict<"i, tiimmed with p'nk ros< ?; pink rotes in her hair. The;eare an nnutnal nutnbe "fl^autifnl laJic .at H e iillVtrt ni cottages tldf year; l.tii I have not time at present, or space, to e numerate them. 1 notice the two Mi-s-css liayard, of Hnitum-n . who reside on the Ifath road; the yenngest has u p.t iicuiarly picas ing and iTtclligent face; she look>? a if a sorrow never paii't <1 her heart, >.run unpleasan! feeling never tinged her soul. The Misses Roser, of Snvauuah. re s ale in Kay street; I veiym-Hi udndre their strong ly marked Spanish tncen; they are very beaiiti'ul, and e>> redinglyam' 'bleatdinb llipent yornig ladle*. In the evening v ? il( the (icrmaninns are phiving at the hotels, tlie ladies utid gcntle.nen sent them selvevi on f-ither s'de id' the hall, some listening Ui the sweet inn- ic, ml < thus enjoyi ig a pleas 'nt i onv-r satk n; others- till are itromcuadit k through the liall. At sni li a time as this it is utterly impossible f;)r any one to pa.--, because l?y the new style of dress ing which the ladies have adopted, each lady re (jUim> a'wmt ten sajTi'ire feet while st ud'.ng, and a j ropeitionate ine a-o i.iiile walki: I see by tlie iu. t price current that whak'.tone ha.s grc iiy in cn'enii in price. 0PKHT8 AT THK OCEAN HOL'SH. [Correspondence of Hi e New port \ew-.J Acarerr 13, 1SC5. f.et us look in at the Ocean House, and the iv we find Mrs. B a, of Baltimore; her lady-like deport ment, quiut and unpretending manners, her tame in ilrcss, simple and yet ro becoming, have procured h ? r an enviable position at the Ocean. Mrs. R D. W y, of Philadelphia, in still the leader of fashion at thin popular house ; she hai grtMt taste for music, and I understand that tshe u un accomplished performer on the pianoforte. Mrs. and Mis.* K e, of New York, arc divided fav oritefe MLss I) ?, of New York, is a very accomplished l?idy ; hhc speaks several languages fluently, and plays on the pianoforte with great nicety and t.iste; she executes the most difficult pieces with the great est accuracy. The two Misses W e, of New York, are gr<nt favorites, especially with the gentlemen, as tlie numberless bouquets on their centre-table indicate. Mrs. W. W y, of Philadelphia, lias a splendid fig nit;, and dnvscs with exquisite taste; she is .id mired Itv alL Miss 1) s, of New York, is very beautiful and greatly admired. Mrs. and Miss B e, of New York, are among the most distinguished hulies at the Ocean. The four Misses* U e, of Nutchez, are very mr h admired ; one ol them is particularly beaut i fr.l.andhw mourning ?j?tume a<hls much to her cLurms, in my crtimution. Miss M ? *?, of New Orleans, a pynnine Southern beautv. She is very accomplished, and plays the pianoforte in a rery artistic manner. preferring the productions of (iottscholk. Wallace. I.i/.t, Xe. The Misses S 1, of Philadrlphiii. J re very hand some, a ml attract mu<h attention. Ti e tflp^Ji&es S? n, of New York, are greutly admire Mrs. i! - Of Philadelphia, is a very handsome lady, aid dresses with fine taste; she is a decided favorite. Mrs. \V? d, of New Yoik, is a very fashionable lady, and a Hue dancer. I also notice many other* vihiin I have not time to describe at present : am >ng them are Miss (.< k. of Cincinnati ; Miss K -a, of Philadel phia ; Miss K v, Miw T n, and Mrs. F- r, of New York ; MuaMcO- e, Philadelphia ; Mrs. and Miss g, Pittsburg : Miss W 1, New Jersey ; Misi I. n, Philadelphia : Mrs. ami Miss K r. Massachusetts; Miss 1! 1. New York; Miss W ), Philadelphia ; Uiai V. B ? o, I!i M'k lyn. M ulaine l a Grange, the celebrated prima douna, is enjoying hirself in a very pleasant and nuiet man* n?r. 1 understand that her admirers will be grati fied by hettring her in a concert at the Ocean House, when she will lie assisted by a number of di-tin uvished artists now sojourning here. Miss Klise Hensier, the young American prima donna, from Boston, who lias lately retnmea from Italy, where she has been studying music for the List four years, gives a Matinee Musicale at the Ocean House, on Monday morning, ut 1" o'clock. The Germanians continue to be as great favorites as ever ; they discourse excellent music ereiy after noon and evening, st the Ocean, Atlantic una Belle vne. I understand that the annual concert, or toiritf dniuar.tr, the proceeds of which are for their benefit, will be gi\ en some evening next week. YELLOW SPRINGS. Ykli.ow Sprinus, C HESTER Co.. Pa.. I August If, ISM, f The Seeiury of the Spring*? Thtir Historical At tociatiims? Hotel Aceommodationt ? Amutnnenin ? Bellet of 0\t Season, Q-c., Q-e. Among the numerous plures of fashionable resort in oar country, it has Ixti a mutter of surprise th.a the roan.v advantage* of these spring* should not be now extensively appreciated by the patrons of water ing plana in your Northern and Southern citiea. These springs are moat I. mtlfully situated amid the interesting and pictuir jitc scenery of the bill ? wintry of Chester county. ;mu1 have been for many ; curs the summer residence for the families of Phi ladelphia and its ueightioring i t'es, where they may be free during the warm season trom the conren tic.nitlitiea ot city life, and the testr.iints which fashion imp< ^es upon its votpjie At this pleasant and romantic spot, which ia so full of revolutionary tacMenta and associations, you may rusticate for a few weeks nmi>! tvantiful and pictnrexqoe scenery, which greet* yon f rom every joint of tlie compass, and cli'ct* the admiration of every behoider; for here, nature has arr iyed hsr sell in ber k>vrii??t apparel. The visitor can cast Ms e)e over c pancrama of thirty milcn, 'tr.brflcing hills, valley and landocai*, boning with the purple j and tlvo go'd,a.i woil ?? hallowed by many tooth ing and affecting events cooopcu-d with the Revola Hon. To tl ero classic ground* ai'd ahady {.'roves, Washington, acd hli oncers and noldkro, res.?rted to rcciiiil their health nnd their Hn.n.th, by breathing its pure airano bathing in th'ao invigorating waters. Here were his cju.irters, and here an* tho trees which he planted. L? c emuiate his urtue*. imitate hi* cluuacter, ehtriali hiti memor ? whii h < <in nevnr l>eriab? lor It nhsll re?;*t the eniiir* <?( leo^y, Till time Is p vf an'I wor!.!.< ha 1 jmne.i ?v ?y. The climate is mild ami the soil ia fertile, ani, on every hand, jou are enc-.oipna? d vith a.s splendid a lmnorsm:' cf leveiiness ant grsn leur can bo louml in any other port; n of the State. Visiters may bo M>en. morning and evening, in tL< ir carriages -and on boneba?k, viewing the ruble sccucrywhi'h om mandr the adiuiiaUon of all who have an e< e for the pic< 'iresque and tl.e Leautii .1. _ Tiiete Miriups are about thiity miles froia Phila delphia, which yoa ranch by 1 ail way and st.?^e in ahont two hours: and for al) the comfort* of a fat-hiooable retreat, tho plea-uires of re lined society, and the luxuries of a go<d table, they am nmajr ra-fcd by any other wate: in r pbtco in the country. 1 peak kauwiiiglv, It: ) have visited Saratoga Springs, White Sulph ir, Old Point Comfort, .nd other places of fashionable its* rt, and can truly *ay that these springs v. ill corapare m<st favorably with any of them. Mrs. Nerf s popular e^Uibiiwhinint ha* recently undergone exteusho i- provcmeuts, which will fdeatly contribute to the comfort and piea-vire >i ita visiter". Everything Las U'-ndono by its j?ic<ent proprietress 16 pratify th ? taste and fancy of its '?u?"t8, n? well a* to promote their health aw! 1 appi r.c>s. The Invent of iiow .-?< and music wi'i find that j eculiur cure hu? becu taken to win their approval, and everything which ex; mi del llbernlity c -aid -sug gest has been done to ?du t> the c m ort.nd avcom niodation of city visiters. You c in amuse yourself at your pleasure in tho tenpiu alleys, the pistol gal ! lories and the Lull room. There are repre-wttotlVes here from the North and tho South and iv far west ; an St. Lents, though pt tie present tine thr greatest uumht r of visiters are from Philadelphia. In the morning, after brcakfa ting at 8 o'clock, we moat generally aaeemble lor a few rnir. itca iu the iiarlojs, where ti e; ? ly :> FpleudiJ piaac for the ladies, who si lh or play; then wt are ilf, cai h party in f urwiitof their own pleasure* or amnsements ? some to the hi'lcountrv. wne to the lover's walk, others to tho tcnpiu alley , and othei-a to the billiard rw,ms. At no'-n we ictnnj to the hotel, ready for a bath and a lunch. At 12 o'ch 'k we dine upon the fat of the land, and no more e.e^uat and sumptuoa* table is to be found than at these spring. 1 would ray, then, to all who arc oppressed by tlie sultry heat and are longing for s < nv. tool retreat, io com ? forth with to iho Yellow Springs, whero they will be as much plen- ?d with the ncci/inuiodatioua as with the society which adorns them. 'rbere are many beautiful women here f,i>mtho city of Philadelphia, with thoir f.iir, intelligent au?l r.ecoinpiishe/! daughter., who need no eulogist, for they are ;.s g:eatly admJr; d for their att. actions and lovilinesr h.'re us at Saratoga and Ncwnort, whore they have nlwavs ' eon the ohservt d of all oh^rvcrs. W "re there is Mich a blaze of beauty amid the btiiliput ccrruscntionv of th's gu!n\y of Kve's fair daughters, it may he cnnidered iaviijious on my "<811 to particc'arize, but I cannot refrain fromgiv n/ yon a ruiming sketch of several of them who have brightened there sprinpi by their presence during the summer, and will darken by their depar ture the :'ccj.e of their tilumplis. Ml6n T., of Caiefctnnt street, ^ho has returned from Caj/e May, where shewa* distiiiguL.hed,as here, for ever) thing iv ieh ad<'rns :? woiriiin. ller highly cul tivated mind, her sweetness of manners, ind her loveliness of character hovi> won for her troops of admirers, long will sliu l>e reiuembenHl here by j ?.ill w ho hav^ teen honored with her acquaintance. " Miss P., of Walnut street who i* considered, as si e was at Cajie May, one ol the ino?t lienutiful aud inlciesting cjrls at these sjirinps, L* yet ia her t<ei!s, eud has numerous admirers. Her younger sifter has few rivals in point of attractiveness of j?er s^imnd pr. eefuhH ss oi manners, and is ackuowiedg cd by all who know Iras distinguished for her w< l'tn and : ? o niplishini at ?. She locks the woman. Mlrs I?.of nchester, who Ls ivmarkable for iier r'ahes of intellect aLd ht r pleasing manners, and is t->i n^itcable that she ha- ouJ" loin; know in order to to appreciated. There has recently arrived rt these springs, from Lonij Uranch, u beautiful and elegant woman, who has been admired here, us there, bv ail whos?v admi ration is an honor. She has au exquisite form, a grusetul walk, which is the very poetrv nf motion, charming n anners, dark hair, lustrous eye.- which speck for themselves, ns weii as an intelligent coun tenance, that have won lor her the most unqualified pra:. e. i;tr brow is as graceful as the rainbow, and combines in her per.-ion the dignit1/ of the woniau ? ith the simpliciiy of the child. Such is Miss H., of Philadelphia. The acknowledged reigning belle of the Yellow Snrings, this season, is Miss Fanny L., of l'hila<iel puis, and has received l>eyord all question the greatest attention. This lia.s bceu her lirst ap pearance, and she has created a great sensation. She is as impret-'tdve as >?l:e is expressive, and by her dress, as well as address, she has commanded tho respect and elicited the admiration of every lover of the interesting, the attractive and the beau tiful. There is in her a blending of the lovclines* of the rose with the sweetness of the lily. I predict for her a brilliant future* May no dark skies arch her firmament, may no tierce winds sweep her world-path, and may no one survive her tu plant a tborn upon her giave. I must not omit to mention the bathing springs, which are clear as crystal, kept at foar feet deep, snd iifty-six degrees of Fahrenheit, and which are attended by the excellent servants of the establish ment, who remind you of those found at a gentle man'a nrvate mansion. The mail is received here every day . and the If 1:1: ami every forenoon. Amid these shady trees and vigorous bree/.ftt, ? here tl.e mornings and ihe evening* are cool, and the nip ht Is never oppressive, bnt the very air you breathe '.a medicinal, wo cannot refrain from calling to ir ind the IiUtin lines which have oftentimes sug gested themselves to you in tho city: ? (i qui nio Jf0ii?li - In vullibu* liacnii Sistftt, ot ingt'itti rciuorum pr(?figt?t umbra ! Viator. A SOUTHEHN SARATOGA. [Corrc?pt,ndtnce of the 1'etertliurK (Va.) Democrat.] Montoohkht White Siti.phok, > Aug. 14, 1855. f 1 hnve travelled some in my brief existence, vi-?ite?l many of the jtopuLir summer meats, drank their water, eaten their fare, taken their drive*, and rlept on their beds. I have been to the seashore, ?nd can speak feelingly of its delicacies quite enough to swerve an anchorite from his propriety. IJut 1 confess to never h iving visited a spot, to my taste, uowest<ed of more attractions than the d?> lightfiil spot Irimi which this epistle is written. Located in a beautiful volley, between two steep and lotty spnre of the Allcgkanies, it posnes-os natural advantages, a 'id a susceptibility for improve ment unequalled within the range of my observation. This valley, a hundred years ago, was a den?e wild, and is said to have been the abode of a band of tree* liooU ia, whoi-c lavages spread consternation among the early settlers. Prom this circumstance, the Iccality acquired the name of ?? Devil's Den," which i' vulgarly tear* in the vicinity. The cave in which the robbers secured their booty is situated about a half mile from the Hprin/.~, and Is much resorted to by the visiters. There are some traditions in con nection with this spot, of which I may make mention in another letter. The establishment is in an unfinished stale, having been commented but little over ten months airo. There are already comfortable accommodation* for about three hundred persons, which will sufficiently itdicate the energy and despatch with which the work ha* lieen prosecuted. The lodging rooms are larp* and airy, while the ball room and dining room are equally well adapted to their respective pur po-es. The work of building is still going on vigor ously, and the proprietors confidently anticipate being able to have coinlortable accommodations by the r.ext season for upwards of a thousand people. The property u owi.ed by a joint stock company, CMnprisjng some six or eight gentlemen, the aggre gate wealth of whom < an not be less than >2,600 ,i>UO. They have already doubled the original capital sto<K,and arc determined to spare no outlay to make it the largo and fashionable watering place of the Smth. Nothing short of a Southern Saratoga will answer their expectations: which, I confess, are well founded. Situated wityin a mile and a half of the Virginia and Tennessee line, it communicates with this mag nificent improvement by means of a private railway, enabling the traveller to reach it witliont being sub jected to a foot of staging. Jnstto think of it, ia three years one may breakfast In Norfolk and sup here on the top of the AUegtaanies! Verily, is the railroad a great institution. Aa an additional fea ture of interest, 1 will remark that the proprietor* have contracted for the construction of ajuivate line of telegraph, connecting the Springs with the lynch burg and Abingdon line, which will l?e in operation by next summer. There are four mineral springs, embracing two of chalyt*ntc and two of sulphur. The water of all is very fine. One of the sulphur springs it very strong, but in tinkering with it another streum was made to flew into it, which, so far, the workmen have lieen unable to separate. No doubt is enter tained of their ability to do so, in which event the wa?? r promises to tie quite as strongly impregnated with sulphur as the (irvenbrier White. Thus Isr I have said nothing about the ft?re, and wonderful, to?; for, to be candid, 1 confeasto a weak ness for good living. To grow climacteric again, I will observe that I have put my feet ua<icr rartoas editions of table ctfthc-rnr/ in the ued ia the country, but i n.-.ch aonU i' wr 1 hn\ fou J th ?u n.ore bount.fni), and dt4ici- o.->iy l<edt*fced thiutMi bibles here, which are Ind btt,' for th. ir inviting i:ri**>iug to tL? c; < r'- g ant cooking iuiniair.it.jaH ot my old frit, ail V uotr.i!* ? Tyler, who used to t te< out at the ltoUintftrook. As an illustration of Use euteroriso of the proproti s, I %, ill noiioc th it dw?7 supplies of melous juid other I'rt; it -? are broaght up from Petersburg 1 / AdiiHis A Co.'s exprym Nor must I omit to untie* th. t.tl.lc arrangements. Instead ol a ?cfquipc<]alian Ub!o'-f i%erf;?iri:in ??/!>?, with long tows of chttirs on a t-' 1 e at: J l;jt< i riiia.ib> bother al-o?t seats, the loom is tilled with small tabic* capable of boldiug frmn i ix to t* ?i persona, lu tuis w?y "ne ma-' bnvo his family, wi'.b bis ser vant in waiting, and l>e its much to hliu.sclf iw at home. A capital fee tare. There aie ncveral 1'eU n-'hor..' people hew. Among them are Heists- Moade and ^ . Jlace ; tiio latter in accompanied by bis family. B >th appear to l<e ou jny uig tbe place attfl/jngly, tuid ud 1 t;.uh to it? spirit. 1 mast not leave out the ladies. ???< ? ml < f heat ere very lieautiful ami interesting. A. ? .fi-wt cbarrui: igly rep> t sented. BERKELEY NPIllNGS. [Corit-iiiioiulfi.ee of tbo ii.lthuor-Sun.1 Bkkkisley Spawns, August 14, 1835. ; Da ' eiey and i t? Ki junt C iufwrtir ? \o Pi vtfti I ^ *Um ? Giiuiw i>oci*iy. Baltimore's great railway puts the traveller rosily , and cheaply down at litis <-1: willing watering [dace. Berkeley Springs is a soit of Stiite institution. Tho I baths are fitted up by tho trustees of Virginia, the walks and groves aregr>?ied ?;id UutiMed by tbe Svute, and there is no oflbi sivo person ul exactions. Loid Fairfax, when prop ietor of the N?>rtht t a neck of Virginia, sunrendeK d these doligh^nl waters in 1 erpetuity to the t reat public, tinder tho tr'stecship of the State. At t.io same 'kue bo hero laid oat tho town of bath, after th ' f. ut< as place in England; b< t the days of Heau BmroBic.l have uc\er bee.t realized here. Berkeley has Maintained tho cbai u' ter for elegance and relinon nl Umt whs given to it by (Jen. Wellington, and tin* families who used te nifet with hiii> here at thia first dlacoveied of the L.tnenl spring; of the United Stales. There to tut ut let absence of that banc of watering phcea, yclept pretension andclituefcji. TLerci :in "uppor two hundred" of then"- 1 genial, clever, bcd.ina9 mercd ladles end gentlemen th.,t we lrnvc met at any ol the dozen summer resort* into which we ltavc looked. AWT A SPItlNGS. ? _ rCorre*;.. Q'lc nce of U.<? <?w Orl an* Ttnily Ot_.Mcr>nt .< A BIT A SPRINOH, Au'.'Wt 5, 1*54. fieentru of the Siprvigii -Diaiu, it tm Chute? Oar fluit anil hu> Exploit* . tr*., $rr. Some one has said that Winn's l.ght was only * mischievous invention ol improvident nature to liL-ht thieves and poneners about their evil awo But I must confesa I know nothing wntcli adds bo niucli to tie beautiful in natural scenery as the gentle radiance of the moon. \ ou can msutcup ennt eivo the eflect of her silver lays coming dor* aslant the cone capped pines, throwing beams far iuto the forest, while ull tho tir.u' the low voiced orison of tlo woods K<>es up ti? melodious cu deme to Him who is the fountain ol light. Moon light in the city mellows down its h verities ?nd ousts a shad*' ol romani c over mansion and novel; but here, by Abita Springs it produces a hiclier,h<> ? irr influence; not only clothing tho rustic f1 euo with unimagined loveliness, but seeming to bring one nearer the presence of Pivinity. There are amusements here at Abita, so difleient from those the belles of the concert or ball room a? f'ect that they exhilarate beyond conception in comparison. What think you, Mr. Editor, of rosy sixteen, (for the row revisits (he downy Cheek in this '?ilvun retreat) with deadly ttre arms equipped, and loud mouthed dogs attended, sallying out in quest of game, and, with deadlier uim vlian bright eyes e%er madeagairu-t impregnable hearts, bringing down the untlered buck, or carrying in from the linnt the wily fox? I draw no fancy picture. One of onr New Orleans ladies, to whom the beaux are inclined, has, more ilianonco, returned laden with forest spoils, und other* have learned with steady hand and sure eye to direct the louden missile, while they can iruv rse miles <>r stand to await the game, like veterans of ?. our more liardy Hex. Then we have the sport of angling ' cnealli the shade, in tlie gently flowing Abita river, whoc? greasy banks uflord a luxuriant carpet for dclica te Wl; and, it_ thc-pe pall bv repetition, we gather ronud the " leaning water of the health giving spring, and in jovial and I serf xih vow verse pBB8 the ileoting liours* Letter them ftU these, is the wifdom that comes from reflection and cc inn: union with nature in her virgin innocence. Out host Ih one of tin* notahlen uf tho luod. Hl* deeds of anna on the northern frontier, and lii a kur breadth (M-Mieo on tho ooefin wild, diil not respect l'or hi.-> mo<k?ty forbid the narration, would form the book of the season. ( Ihivalnms as a l'al.idin. hu merons as a Hood, he seasons his well cooked viand* with tale und jest, delicate, yet spicy, which provoke laughter ? that promoter of hen 1th ? while*, in the merry twinkle of his liquid, black eye, yoa still see a thousand unborn provocations of merri ment waiting for expression. I grant that I have found his mile* lonjr one*, and hin ini?ffinatio? lively, but eveu thin affords reasons for keep ing off ennui, and driving away listlesaness. We i-hidl retuin, Mr. Editor, with a new armory of o< tnse against voor too susceptible heart, which leads you, if we cau trust your words, to regard all ladies as "angel*."' I The fMory of the Kleetrte Telegraph. TO TDK K.D1TOR Of THE HKHALD. Yonr correspondent, "J. M., ' Iu telling " the Story of the Electric Telegraph," says that the February number of the North Brtiith Review for the cur rent year, has the following The merit of inventing the modern telegraph and applying it on a grand scale for the public use, m beyond all controversy due to Professor Morse, ot the United States. That is a quotation from the work of a Scotch tourist in America, and Is re (erred to in the Rtvtet* tins, " Mackny's Western World, vol.2, p. 252," and is the commencement of Mr. Mackay s description of Moire's Telegraph and its history, as he understood it from Information obtained In the Uutted States. The passage next preceding this quotation in the Rcritw is as follows " MM. <ian<w and Weber, of (iottingen, were decidedly the hr>t persons who ap plied an electric telegraph to purpo^s of actual util ity. So early as 1833 they lia?l ciected a teh-JJraphic wire between the astronomical and magnetknl ob servatory of (Jottlngen and the Physical ('abinet of the University for the purpose of carrying intelli gence from the ono locality to tho other. The reviewer claims that the tii-nt inventor ? of the electric tclegruj.h was, a Scotchman who published a description of his plan in the Srot*' Magasme for February, 1763, und this curious article is copied m 'kj/wL'sayii that Professor Morse, ill 1S3S, went to England, '* having secured his invention here, and t'lidcavoicd to obtain a patent from the I?ritiHli government. The application, however, was met and opposed by Wheatstone and l>avy, and was de feated in consequence of their alleging that the In vention liad already l*en published, and that ac cording to BnglL-h patent law it was public pro perly. That w correct; but Wheatstone and i>*vy had previously obtained patents (or their systems, and Morse merely claimed his as an improvement on theirs. Wheatstone's En?IUh patent is dated l?th June, ]s:i7. Morse's first American patent is dated ^Oth or June, 1840, and is posterior in date to Wheatstone 's American patent. Morse s patent m for an improvement on the previously invented electric telegraphs. It is a dispnted qnestioo what tier his system is an improvement on the prior ones, and in point of fact it is not preferred in Urn donor Paris. . ,, , , . . Mon-e first liegan to Isiild a telegraph Une> be tween Washington and Italtimore, after CongresM bad made an appropriation for the purpose ?t tbn c1om> of the session of Wheatstone's telegraph was in operation on tl* 2?*.ih of July. 18.:7. on the I^ondon and Birmingham railroad, between two stations at the London emd. (U)udvn Quarterly Review for July, Tbr C M j Omm llrtnnu. Nit* Yoiw. Augait 14, Wti. TO THE EDITOR OF THE nWALD. Talking of omiaalone by the c itjr Cwwiw Mftrxhato, I utooolrt like to know if they intend viaitla* Uie h<?H?K iii Third sivenue, between Kurt lot !i nud Forty second i-trrrt*. Although probably nomt two han dled people reside within tb? above named ?pt*-e. not one o^u--* ha* ever y< t Urn rfeitcd then-ia. Cau you, Mr. Herald, inform me how it la that whole block* of hooM-M, in different part* of Ui?i city, me tinviolted? Yet the warily are cenauaed. I illiMtid like to know. CikO. IUohraw. 60.1 Third avenue. New York, Aug. 13, ins*. TO TltK EDITOR OF THE HERA LP. Seeing a ronunanU-Ation in j eaterday'R Hekal* fi-? m the seventh ward, ivompUuitag ot the Cennas Man-haJ* not doing their duty, allow me to my that, the Cernw Mandial called at my ator#, 329 Hroad way, when I wan ont, and pe?mi?etl myMontoeaJJ npain, which he ha? never done. My family c*a sUt" of nine, whi'h I have no doubt >it roiling front the retarna. W. E. Millet, 320 Broadway. N*w Yob*. Am. 14. Is**. to tus mutob or thi: herald. IVitnit me to Inform yon and the public, through jour valuable and widely circulated jonrnaJ. that ibe Cenaoa Manlial haa not called at 371 Howvry, my ici>hk'Q<e and blare ot bu*irx**. Dr. L H. IiInkh, Seventeenth wm?l.

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