21 Ağustos 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Ağustos 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6933. MORNING EDITION? TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABTERTI8EMENTS RENEWED ETEBY DAT. HKW PUBXilO ATIOWS. mm whoja: country will bead JL MY BONDAGE AN1> MY FREEDOM, KT FKaNOUOK IK>UOLA?. One ml. limn., 464 pp., illustrated, price $1 26. A four columu review from the New York Daily Tri bune clown a* follows: ? "It cannot (all to be reed with aridity, M one of the moat striking illustrations of Ame rican slavery which either (act or flotion has pretenW to the public. It abounda in scene* of breathle.n excite ment, often curdling the blood with horror, and reveal ing the miseries of xervile life with an intense vividness ?caree surpassed by the muni impressive descriptions of recent popular romance." For (tale by all booksellers und newsmen. Copies cent by mail, pre-paid, on roceipt of price. IOLLER. ORTON A MULLIGAN, Publishers, 26 Park row, New York, and 107 Genesee at., Auburn. fltHK LAZY MAN, 25 CENTS, JUST PUBLISHED. ? JL This in decidedly ono of the richest humorous w>ng* out. It liai> been sung with great applause in thu concerts of the Columbian* throughout the South and Vaat. <0?K & BROTHERS, 313 Broadway, Holr ng-ntti for Haines' New York, and Brown h Al ien'*, Beaton pianos. mO THE EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK HERALD ? I "The Escaped Nun, or Convent life Unveil'-d ; with the Confession.! of a Mstor of Charity." published by Messrs. I'ewitt A Davenport, of New York, is not tliu book of Miss Hunk ley. the escaped novice. Messrs. D. A D. did obtain my copyright without my consent, and attempted also to publish my book without authority, but we e re strained by the United state* Court. If ihey dodro now to palm off a fictitious work, by itH title making It appear as mine. I can only give thi.< notice, that the pablir unty lie apprised of the Seta. My book w ill shortly be pub lished, In my own name as author, and Messrs. Dewttt St Davenport will not be tta publishers. August 20, 1W6. JOSEi'HlVK M. BUNKLEY. rVEYARDH IN AMERICA ? PRICK 13? CENTS with remarks upon . temperance, (ltd foundation.) peranre (its causes and remedies,) the culsure of the gTape vinftin the United State*, and other matters of Importance to rich and poor. By John Osborn, of Oporto, in Portugal, and New York. For sale at No. 46 Beaver street, New York. Copies transmitted free to nny part of the United States on receipt of fifteen cents in postage ?tamps. miJICIAL. /JAA A A A ?MONET TO LOAN ON DIA ^?Ov/v/e UUv/? monds, watcMfcs, Jowelry, dry goods, Began, Ac., of bought for cash; stocks, notes, mortgagee, fa. negotiated. Business confidential and prompt. By THOMPSON & CO., brokers ami commission merCLante, lOV! Nimi fttreet, corner of Ann, room No 2, seoond floor. dhfTZT AAA TO LOAN? ON WATCHES, IHA I ?'7U V monds, jewelry, segarH, and every description of valuable properly, or bought for cash, by JOB. E. ISAAC, basement office, 11 Chamber* street, frQm 9 till 0. Business prompt and confidential. Old Roll and bBNc bought. N. B. ? No business transacted ea Saturday. TO $25,000 IN CASH, TO ADVANCE ON DIA monds, watches, jewelry, sogers, fa., bought cut oa reasonable and confidential terms, Real estate loan* and coiimutu-ions of any kind negotiated with promptness at 20 Ann street, corner of Nassau street, room No. 4. er AAA m merchandise wantedl-kor JJpAt/s VvJ" substantial brick houses, with stores a ud lots in fee, on a fine business street in the city of Brooklyn. The location will insure a rapid increase in tike value of the property. Apply to D. ELSTON, 38 Broad jray. $6 AAA CA'-H WANTED AND AN ACTIVK PART ?Uv? * ner In a staple manufacturing busi ness, already established, and now paying *6, 000 per jeer, and can be greatly extended. Particulars will b? given at an interview, by addressing SMITH k CO., He raid office, stating time and place to be seen. ANY AMOUNT OF MONET, IN SUMS TO SUIT, CAN be had without delay, on valuables, property, so ?urtttea. Ate. Also uneurretft money discounted at lowest rates. Highest prices paid tor foreign gold and silver, at ths Specie and Exchange Office, 402 Broadway, opposite the Pacific Bank, JOHN HOOl'E ADAMS. NY AMOUNT OK CASH LOANED, OR PURCHASED at sight, for Ihir prices, of diamonds, watches, rich plate, merchandise, and valuaty personal pro J generally, bv R. WOOD, 40 Fulton street, second front room, from 9 A. M. to S P. M. CASH UBERAIJ.Y ADVANCED ON HOUSEHOLD ?| furniture, pianos, gold watches, diamonds, silver plate, nautical, musical and surgical instruments, fire arm*, mechanics tools, dry goods, and every description ?f personal property, or bought for cash, and highest price paid, at Catherine street, by MtCAKKRAY k WALTER*. Auction and Commission Merchants, CAUTION.? BOND NO. 113 OK THE CITY OK WllEEI^ lng mimical bonds sinking fund, 1874. ha ? been lost or stolen, with th>> (coupons belonging thereto, at Stuttgart, Germany, and the public are therefore cau tioned not to negotiate the same, payment having been stopped. RECXNAGEL k SCHWAB. ENGLISH SOVEREIGNS, SPANISH AND MEXICAN doubloons, California gold, and all kimla of foreign gold and silver bonght and sold, at the best rates, by JAMES M. TAYLOR, exchange and specie office, 109 Chatham square, corner James street. Monet advanced for short periods on real estate, diamonds, watches, jewelry, plate, piano ?, dry goods, carnages, and every description of property, by '.?>e responsible Empire I<oan and Agency vompauy. C. WILLs, Agent, 380 Broridway, opposite the Broadway theatre. Stocks.? fob solid and permanent invest ment at private sale. 9^6,000 Hartford City 6 per cent coupon bonds; 960,000 Virginia State 6 por cent coupon bonds; f '^0,000 Missouri state 0 per cent coupon bonds; 96,000 Nasliville and Chattanooga Railroad ? per cent coupon bonds, guaranteed by State of Tenne'soe; 929,000 Indiana State 6 per cent stocks; 950, 000 New York State 0 per cent stocks. J. THQMI'SON, No. 2 Wall street. ^ THE UqDOA (tVEITION. CHAMPAGNE ? J. MEYER, JR., SOI.E IMPORTER OF blUecart salmons veracnay champagne, 14 Broadway, Invites the attention of the trade to his new shipment of this celebrated brand of wine. Orders filled upon the aaost liberal terms. WINES, BRANDIES. GINS, ETC.. , IN BOND. IN HALF pipes, quarter casks and octaves; each package accompanied with certificate of importation. Kor sale from wharf or from bonded warehouse, by I. H. SIMPSON A HOWS, IP Beaver street. T'Htt * HADK8. BRKWEU WANT "EdZ^A GOOD BHa!"V-R ?,NfE. can come well recommended. will he?. ? situation, with n good salary, by ad-iressiug bd* '*<?. racuse, N, Y. Brewery eapable of 100 bbls. per da/. T7UBEMAK WANTED? AT THE PIANINO AND MAHO r gea> sawing mills, corner of Gran<l, Tompkin t au-l East sis. A softer and Industrious man will Ond perma nent employment and good wages. One who is uc :ustomed to the busineee, or a German baker preferred. CI HD POf MAKERS ? WANTED, THREE FIRST RATH JT b md?, !<? such the highest |>riee will bo paid, and itrndj employment by the ye.u- given. Also, two first rate pencil caM makers waited. Address Italtimore gsid And pencil case m&nuia-.-tory, 291 Baltimore street, Maryland E MANUFACTURING JIWEIER.14 ? STEADY EMPLOY ment all the year for good workmen. Address JEW t, box 12T.. Herald officio. PAINTERS.? SEVERAL OOOD MEN WAN TED, AT 34l? i'earl street. T? fpo PRINTERS.? A TOCNO MAN, WHO HAS .I had several years' exp>-rlence at jobbing, wlshei a vi'uation; would prefer poster work. Address Job, Her ald office. WANTS A SnVAHON AS GARDENER ? A MAN WHO understand* bis bnsines* la all its branches ; or would have no objection to uk" the management ?( a ?mall term , Is a Protestant and can be highly recotn ' "" e's, 04 White st.,f - I Addn -w G. S.. al Mr. White's, 04 White st., for three ilay> CM I Lim A Vl> AVRIMT8. " TVCTUNG MV t ATK Vl-ir ft EUROPE, I OBTAINED 1 ' several new instruments of incalculable value in my speciality? I?marre's opthalmoseope, which enables the oculist to look into the interior of the eye and *<? the op tic nerve and retina la amaurosis, and the lens in inci pient cataract; the equally extraordinary speculum for looking into the drum of the ear, the eustachian tubes and throat, Jacob's needles tor r*m..Ting cataract, with out pain or danger the regulator for squinting, srtlficial tympanl. for Instantly restoring hearing, where the strum of the f ar la perforated or lost, artificial eyes which look and m< ve eiactly like the natural, he. After twpnty > ears' extensive practice and expsriem-e, Elncipally in this eitw. and my reeent observation.* dur jj my foreign tour, I trust It ?UI not be deemed untie coming in n>e to aar that I consider myself competent to treat all those who may place themselves under my oare skilfully, and to extend to them every advantage that can be obtained in either hemisphere. By means of Ihe new Instruments, each case becomes perteeily plain and visible Patients who have been discouraged and wearied trsvt llii^ from one physician to aaother.*may consult me with a positive (assurance that at all events they will be told with truthfulness what their dlanase really is, and whether curable or otherwise. At home from 9 to 11 and from 2 lo 4 o'clock daily. JAMEH W. POWELL, M D . Oculist Anrl?t. kr , ?ri92 Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas. CITY POLITICS. The AmtrRan (Know Kathlng) Pmctjr? City, County rnd JndlcUvf M omliurfloni Nine diHtiuctiyp conventions? each composed of siity mi members, culled by John Bullock, Kii)., the efficient County Deputy ? were conrened last evening at the several place* named, and with the following results:? JUDICIARY CONVENTION. Hon. E. T. Brooks, Chairman. W. W. Wocdard, Secretary. roBTORATlO!! CONTBIB.. Lonis N. Glover, H. 8. D. and K. N 40 O. Hoffman, W 10 K. Motte, H. 8. D, and K. N 13 T. K. TomUnson, W 2 Blank 1 flrrUMS ioobt. Hon. E. P. Cowlea. By acclamation. HCPKKIOR COl'RT. Hon. M. Hodman and L. B. Woodruff. By acclamation. COMMON nXA8. Alex. Spaulding, H. 8. D. and K. N. 40 *111. M. Allen, W. and K. N 17 It. L. shannon, K. N 00 MARINE COt TT. A. K. Maynard, H. S. I>. and K. N S6 H. L. Latimore, W. aud K.N 29 U. H. Meek*, W. and K. N 2 C. Shaffer, Esq , who peremptorily declined any nomi nation, submitted the follow lag, which were unanimously adopted Kesolved. That the Hon. Judge Campbell, who dMlinea a ncminatii n to the late distinguished poaition which he graced with elegant scholarship, profound legal learning, and incorruptible integrity, be recommended to the ensu ing State Nominating American Convention us a gentle men eminently eutitle<i to the exulted poaition of a Judge of the ("our* of Appenl*. leMlwi, 'lliat C. I*. Kirk land bo endorsed and recom mended ii* the worthy compeer and aHMiciate of Judge Campbell, in the Court proponed, art being a profound jurist, a distinguished civilian and a most estimable gen tleman. ALlI.aITOCBE GOVERNORS* CONVENTION. This convention met at the Star House, Lispenard street. Judge Mountford, President. Smith, Secretary. J. J. Oliver 40 C. Alden 11 llaugbtaling 5 Clearwater 0 Rockwell 1 COMPTROILKRB' CONVENTION. Met at the corner of Henry aud Oliver streets. J. E. Elding, Esq., President. J. 8. Ofles no N. My 12 J. E. Cooley .' 3 Blank. 2 COMMISSIONER O* 8TBKETS CONVBNTION. Met at National Hall. I J. Oliver, President. A. P. Green, Secretary. Thirtl Ballot. J. S. Taylor 41 J. 8. Dewey 16 J. E. Wandell 6 T. Van Cott 3 SHERIFF'S CONVENTION. Met at 57 Chambers street. J. M. Miller, President. Kfth Ballot. J. H. Toone .Tfl Wa ltor Briggs 2fi W. cHokloy 0 CITY INSPECTOR'S CONVENTION Met at GOO Broadway. F. Waguer, Esq., Presidwt. ?? Duganne, Secretary, G. W. Morton....... 3rt Dr. Griscoin 5 Dr. itanney . . 10 Dr. Monell...^T. 3 Dr. 8nuthworth. . 3 REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES CONVENTION. Met at 68 East Broadway. C. I,. Tappun, President. Z. C. Insley. Secretary. The sixth ballot resulted as follows : ? J. Southworth .. 34 J. L. Dodge 25 O. C. Dean 6 J. T. Moulton 1 This was a cloudy contested election. Moulton obtain ed 22 on the second ballot, when lii* name was with drawn. CORONERS' CONVENTION. Met at the corner of Thirteenth street and Broadway. J. Petty, President. Doctor Fa msay. 17th ward 40 eleetnl 1st ballot. Doctor Wethereil, 7th ward 37 " " Doctor Hill. 12th ward 32 " 4th " lector i'erry, 21st ward...... 30 " " Doctors sleight, Hall, Cook, Parsons, White, Mailer, Guernsey, Hyslop, and sundry other M. D.'s, nil rewlved favorable consideration, and received more or lcs,i votes. COCNTY CLEKK'H CONVENTION. Met at the corner of Grand and f.udlow Htroeta. A. T. Bovell, President. , Secretary. fifth flaUol. B. Peatty, Jr., 4th ward 41 C. T. Mill.*, S. Brownell, <i. Sherwood and P. l>eHing. well were candidates, and received anndry vote*. Th" boor being Ut<\ full particular* arc not at band. Shf-r wood received Vote* on the lifth ballot. An immense concourse of the member* com ene.1 at bead ijuarter*, (I'alace Hall), John Bullock, K*|., presi dent, and a* the returns canto In, the r"ipe' lire nomi nees were called ont and addresied the throng In term* of ip-eat enthusiasm, and, in jtoBic instances, with much power. The meeting wo* al.-o addressed by M<v.*rx. Barker, Munn, Sparrow, J. T. Brook*, C. Shaffer and others, all of whom participated fully in the enthusiasm of the occasion, and kindled anew the Ores of American pa triotiem. Tfce general approbation expressed, and the hearty ocjuleacence disclosed in all the nominations, augurs well for the aucce** of the party, which was regarded by the ?p?akei* generally as not at all doubtful or problematical. Whig Primary Election*. between the hours of (J and 8 thin morning, what re mains of the whig parly will assemble at the respective Whig Word Head Quarters, tj go through the farce of a primary election. On former occasions, the low comedy of an election w as rehearsed with car'-, and the arrange* menu no perfected that, when the baUvt fcvxei were opeweH, a certain tableaux of names were exhibited t!?*t b?J already been agreed upon by the i^rty wire pullers, but thin yen.' 'here Will be C< ofttsion among the (tramuti* yrrnoiitr, owing to the Cat t that the lniP?.;ton? were appointed by the respective Whig Ward Committee*, and as ?Jelegute* are to be choscn to the Judiciary, Sena torial. (Ity and County Conventions, it has brought a host of ofticesestk'-ra into play ; all of wh<>m will be out of bol two hours earlier than u. tul this morning, and busy a* bees to elect the delegate* most favorable to their views. L' UfitU .i to the following named Convention* are to be cbo?en>? State Convention, Syracuse, which nu-ets Sept. 96. Judiciary Convention, itroadwav House \ug ??!. County Convention, Broadway llou.-e Aug J8 City Convention. Broadway Mouse Aug Ji. Third Senatorial Irtstrict Sep?, :/o. Fourth Senatorial Dulrict., Sept. Kiftb Senatorial fbrtrict Aug. 30. ?ixth Senatorial District Sept. ?. The following tickets will be Vutod for to-.1ay In oddl tion to de'egfite* to the Sfnte Conventions ? 1 Three delegates from "ach w.ird to a Judiciary Con rentlon to nominate Judge-, to meet at the lir<>adw*y llou?<' on Monday, August 21, ?t H I'. N. 2. live delegate* from each ward to a C.,onty Conven tion to nominate four Coioners. Sheriff, and Co tin ty Oerk. to me. t at Mr< adway ltou?e on Tuewlay, August 2t, at fl p. M. it. Klve delegates from each ward to a 'Ity Con vention to m minate 1 oniptrller, .-trcet < ? mini*>ioner, l)wmi? sioner of B*j<iirs and Supplies, (it/ Inspector, Governor of Aimshou.-e, and Coorutel to Corporation, to meet at the Broadway Hour* on Wednesday. August iV at 8 P.M. The "inn"? A Mew Party OrfUiitallan. It la currently reported that a new party i? about to take the tleM, who, according to all accounts, will very formidable, as It will control a vast amount of elec tkmeertnf capital and no little money. TV story g<*M that thia party la composed of lh'' oB- eholders, who have combined together for the laudable purpore of keep. Ing themwlvns In power, and therefore it I* prr>po?"d to call them, ami very appropriately too, the Iris." it appear ? that ther* are a number of greedy fellows Is the community who hueger and thirst alter the flesh-pot* of ottce, and actually hope, in the nctnb race that i* about In come iff to oust the disinterested and well-nx-aung gentlemen who now occupy good tat city berth*. The 'freeholder* read with grief and Indignation th> long Hat of candidate* for city oftcea published 1? the H??id and determined? good. t?oe*r.|en' g' n tletpen that they art ? to MKtt'ice Lhftn~<re* ly< the good of the community, and (gain to ?oc*pt offlce. juat to keep out ti># aforementioned offlceseeker*. Tli? "lac," after li?*tng mingled their tear* In print*, agreed to hold a meeting to devise way* and meani to carry all the primary election* and bar up the nomina ting convention/.. It U reported that $16,000 have beou collected which is to l>e freiJf uaed to control the nomi nation*. Thin axim, la ordinary time*, 1ft considered amply sufficient to carry all the Diction*, but oaring to the number of candidates now in the Held it may not suffice, and there in consequently much tribulation In the camp of the "ins." It wax reported that a meeting of the "inn" wax to be held butt night at Constitution llall, but our reporter wm? unable to find their wherea bout*. The following i* u li*i v>f the "inn." Look out for thcin ; ? County Cterlc. ? Richard B. Ton ?ily. fVrrti Gmmbrifwrr ? Jsnie-i I'liroy City In?]*tl<rr ? Hunt. K. C<nmm. ? WilUeim, O'lht inoll, t.'irobla, Qllton. Hifair$ nnd .s-ifflUt ?W. !k l'anly. .Sim iff Hrpr'ta nl. ? l"red. J,. Vultee. ClmjiroUtr Kxj*c<ant. ? Auxon (5. derrick. The W*rkln|n?n'i Committee. The Conference Committee Appointed at the late Turk meeting of worlingmea, met last evening at the Cooper House. Ilio Conference Wa t declared dissolved by the chairman, Mr. Arbuthnot, who took occasion to expose the bad faith of heme of the members of the Hope Cha iel Committee in nominating ticket* for county officer*. ITie l'ark Committer, which MMtrtiOf W. Arbuthnot, H. C. Hetidei son, Wni. West, W. Howe, and J. J. Ilrad t-haw . * ill meet in a few days in furthermice of the object of their a) poiulment the (milt leal organization ot the wotklngmeu of the city. City IntelllgrnN. Row Roat Ci>*t ? Six I'notoaa is Tire Uivkr at Okk Ti*r ? Two I'HOWnW.? There was quite a number of ac cidents on the E**t river on Sunday afternoon. About 7 P. M.. officers Ihiseubury and Murphy, of the Seventh district police, observed a boat in the river, with six persons on board, three of whom were females, which wax rowed oulte uuxkllfiillr, and presently, when op [Mi ni to I'eck slip ferry, V> illiam.-hurg, it upwet, and tho party were nil thrown in the river. They managed to ?ocure a h< Id ou the boat, and kept above water until assistance wax rendered. Several boat* cam* to Uieir rescue. John Rrahan, Mrs. Ilralian, Rachel Dunlup and Mrs. Runlap were taken olT in an exhausted Condition and conveyed to their residences. John Mahers, aged 27, was lost, together with his child, a boy four years of age. Sail. Boat Vim. ? A sail boat wan upset in the l it -it river, opposite Grand street ferry, on Suuiluy evening, and six young uien precipitated into the river. Fortu nately a small row boat was near at hand, and succeeded In rescuing them *11. Officer Ijinville witnessed tho ac cident. and rendered what service he could. Hi) mi at Nuiooi Tkachkm' Akwoatium. ? The regular meeting of the Sunday School Teachers' Association was liehl lat>t evening, Mr. J. C. Baxter in the chair. The ex ercise* of ihe evening were opened with the usual devo tional exercises. I'rayer being offered up by Wm. Olard Bourne, Mr. Henry Rrevoste then apoko at Homo length on the work of Sabbath school toaching, comparing, to the disparagement of the New York system, the success of the efforts of the Roman Catholics to the exertions put forth by the Protectants. Mr. Wilinore then apoko of the soccer* of Sabbath touching In tho Wet.t, where scarcely a ha inlet exists which has not its Sabbath school. He referr<-d to the success of the First Avenue Missionary Sunday School which, fifteen month* since, was opeued with from twenty to thirty scholars, and from six to eight tcacheri, but which now has from six hun dred to reren hundred scholars on the books, writh three hundred or four hundred regular Attendants. Mr. CI O. Herdman followed on the position of the Sunday school* in New York vicinity. It is purposed In Morrlsania to visit every house, and thus to Induce at tendance at the schools, while tho *ever*l ministers l ave agreed to preach a sermon on the duties of the I eoyle m the matter of Sabbath schools. Hie prudential c< nimlttee, reported by W.W Arm field, on the projected excursion of one thousand Sunday school teacher* and friends from Massachusetts, presented the following reso lution, which was adopt ed:? "That while this Association would rej 'ire in welcoming the Hunday school teachers I of Massachusetts, they do not w>w feel that this Asso ciation can, consistently with the circuniatauccii in which they are placed, pledge themselves or their frionda to ?o important an undertaking a* that proposed by Mr. 1'arkhurHt." It was then agreed that the subject forJ| discussion at the next meeting should be the dullet of superintendents of Sunday school*. The meeting th?s adjourned. Koim max* Bwcm mo* Dhowywo ? About 4 o'clock oa Sunday afternoon, *s the Roosevelt street ferry boat wax entering the dock at Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, a cry waa raised among the passenger* of "A uua or*rboard," and a dark object wax presently acen struggling in the water. There was not the least effort on the J*rt of the employes rn the b< at to save the man. but fortunately there were i-everal bouts on the river whose crews, with laudable emulation, endeavored to save the sinking man. Finally he sank, apparently to rise no more, but Tie re i cared, and was pulled into one of the boats by Mr. Hugh K<lly. He ??< brought onshore, and, on applica tion of the proper remedies, was restored to conscious ness. His name was appertained to be J?hn Carty. It n ppear - that he had tveen sitting on the beck chain, when the boat gave a lurch aud he fell backward into the river. !'A)Ul>t or Hit. 8cxTT-N'l*TH Rwii*?nt.? On Mon'lay, the 27tli inat., thi* lire regiment, under command of Ool. Kyan, will make an oeuraion to him I'aik, where they will h| end tlie iiay in tWM csortslM, and in (he evening they will tx- MTlewed by Col, llnUey, of the lOUi Kogl ???cut, and hia utaff, together with other officer* of the ill-. i> ion. The legimer; will ?.w?erabln in Rroome atreet at 8 A. Sf. . fully armed and e |iilpped, with knap<ack and 1 1 mpoDK, nitil will prore?-l by the car* to the parniling ground. Thin regiment ha< been umlergoing a aevere ill ill laUly, ami a* the rnnk anil Hie twtray a dUpodtion to im| rii\e tin m-elvt-H, the regiment Htanda a gi*>d chuaco to 1* one of our crack cot|i-i aftei a time. Miutakt KimuflO*. ? lh>- Union Guard will make their fir-t ai.nuai excutnion to Hudton I'.irk to-day. Amwfi Tbwihl* Ami>?vr wmi Bi bmmi. ? la?t iren ing about 8 o'clock, another of thoae dreadful ?<-<-lilent? took place by the exploaion of burning fluid. It aeema that Mr*. Margaret Ijtwretn e, wife of M?-phen I-Awrence, re.^idinK Ht f.O Jemea utie't, in attempting to trim a lamp, held the ran containing the lluid too u?ar the lights retting Urc to the fluid, causing an e* ploaion. Tlie burs Ing fl uid apiead Itaeif o?er her peraon, burning bor fara, n<< k and han<l* in a allocking manner. Thr lire w.m very tUHin eitlnguiahid, and the unfortunate woman *a* conveyed to the Sew York lloxpital. ltl? the opinion of the phy?ii ian fin' will not anrTire the injury, a* it I imnn Kt.e mh.ili <t a portion of the burning fluid. Mr*. I<a we ren't leava an infant three month* old. Personal Intelligence. AKKtTAL*. At tli<- Irtlm: Itniiae? Ifoti W ll .fobnuton, Va; Dr fi/hn Horn, Cleveland; Hon AntUmjr Word, Looiavillr; Prf M !*?>? kion, Md; <len I honia* fanford, Ky: Dr Jnacph Ko?<-?ood, (.Tere lami: Judua ?-amue) Ke\? N O; C ti Mcl'aUl, Norfolk, W W Mt-Clure ard la mil r, Flillaiielpbla. At 'be A.lor Hot)*# ? W W Wl^h. Al< land/ia, Va. II Wa.le, f V Parrett, Texaa; II ford, Va, I) Mlier, f'harleiion: H A Hinley, Utmklrk; U Wamiemocker, Philadelphia, O <) WU llama, Detroit, N < feli-ago. A M Austin, Trna ; T llaJe, .N tUM-n; K H PMlbrrei, U W Urat'K, H ^OJKb'OHian Houee? 8 HHnll', X 0 ; V 0 L/?juienlO and fa' r l]y, .1 M I^nHL", ll.irana; C Fonero, Porlero, M I.JU'lien to, run; H1"" " " Nawn, Kaleutb. N I'; ?; 0 Horr, *.i?; H?? R Htrjkcf J?C L Stone, K y ; V'api K L tCaina, <'al. Fr. m Rkl. 4^. tn *eaip?htn IV nrr i t?b^r. ?? V wl w V V I '"*4t ? J M llJtl r, .1 t> mm*,. Ml J r Krlhy. ?.?WBUrkwell, f'ljirlTa H J B^'kweil, .lobn .1 Palmar. u. ll" u '.ma, and Ilaugbl. r, Ml-. W Mri A J Otl, Mra C ft *>??- * n'l wmal. Mta? A Mir ?Wun-on, T !J I.yman. twe T A Aioh.i A 0 Y*i, Jobo Rnw?? f HhlL'1. ?iid II la thf ?Ufrif ^ . Frr.m C*r*lk?krft4. Ill btuk Il^f caMif-Dv V?^lk;w?t Mciai Herbtrf. DKfA htchk*. For .w*?i Vranf U#*o vU ?n HfdMPfl l Ub*? WrJJ* Kiirfo A IVi, ** II Wli/* * <V?, Vt ???? n^n A To'", r Efp rttJt 0/?, Col J If Wb*? l**ft vnH^l Htsirn Mt/ils'rr to ?iirmi(!iw, It i' M liitrh<?*jl, Pf 1) C Wfafti*. Dr Mr*R L 4ti4 ?Mld, Xu^r J II BW>, ikn, Mm Mary r ?nd two rblldr'O, X K4i?if >'1?, H v?if> wnd B'Tt.int, fjro L Ofbrm ?o?l wlf", Mrs Mr mkh, fluid and m'valK. L !fou?-iwait and wK??t Knwiu*. Mr* B Ekrry ar<<] two fbUdr#u, Mi* C*riw?>n Inttn', '* Brumn, II su t? j, t.n, J Murray, H A O liriri, DrC MorrtU, wlf# and iwt> inftnu Mua Morrtil. Mr# ? P Huntington, 1 (y* Mr01ad?*, Mrn Krr? lJ</?vl Mmt rblH, I* S*bo Ik. M UmIpua. II A Krofkw?T, >?iar- ,ti. i ihr?^ flilldram, 1 1 St?u>y ??)?! m rvKUt. Min f Aittti*rk , two fMldrrn ?o l ^rVi. S J Dtwolf. W W Ra*tnbr'x4f, wiaiter. I* ehlldr^o and arrrasl. H .wh*r;> a/>d arlfr, Ml*?? Myttrg'rf, |) b?n*-rfof?1. K M Mm furry and two cMtdrm, R Wa J V Wfbb, Cant .lud.^?n. Of H lftmh*?. I IlltU' lt. H .-O.H1), CI C Addiaoo, MUa Marjr J Crawford, Mr* P T'lUrr^r, Mica KlUa Murphr, M Taobau/^r an?l w?#?, Mr* K Aativa Ai*d mi-n?. Mt,i II < in, Mr? K JS I II I'laawfH, J F M??* Jw. Ml*a nK?*/ilaa?d (* V. Mdrfc, Mi-i L Nn Hi W-il. KC H^an^t *od ??.?) Datjfll, L K M?irar, J I>?rr?-ll, J <#? t/-hrilf A J"tw ?, W .1 L H?wa. Ja* N?'li(Laa ar>?l wtf?\ K Bab-H C Tai^K, wifr iw^J ltiCao<.T MrArdlf, w|f?? nrvJ loikol, J M Wf/bur, aod ? bud J H LmOftHft, If rrVdland-r. 7 Xlmn r M^a M Minn ?< Worrall, MraC Walter. M ikh^U an-t wif ? Mr CnriUa, Mr?A WfH, Mm B S M,)!M Kay, Ml^m. b, 7 tang, MLm Mary Mnltb, Mm A Whiv, J Paft^rwm. <* I) H+h bK, J U J D? yar and wtie. p J C'irran, laa U?l vtn, B THacnrai. Mr? H UaJ^tn. J tlaMn, Mlaa Mary MoiUad J Kfnnfdf , wu<* and four ohlidmn, Mra Mary Ila."1 and tiirro fhlLinn, r HaynoJda, MU* C ffirr, M 0 Malkwr H lAftokrrr, J LffKoIx and wifa, Mr? l#tm?mar and tr?fant Ml?a How If^nrMn. Mt ? I Mr< ar<y, MI-m. M rtrottfe MIim M Oa ii. an. Mtw 8 K'.ann?*ican. Mr W M<*n M pa M O'Kaofa, P Mi*?* P.f/?a liurna, Mia* Cnthrrln^ Httrika, Mfai Klkri Mur*lia MIm II/, r Ufa C<;u?rhi*n. Mln II Hh^n. Mt~ M Prua-oll Mt?? Mary K< nrv iy Mtaa RJU a Hmtth f f ntrrauit. V A Ha>r? a, M lla>y ai.d wife, MImi M A folium Mi- II MaJ-y. Ml # K |-nrd. Mt*a Juiia Mu/jby C ilaTrr^ra w. Hl^rjr, Mi** R Itealiy. Mr* P RHfy and two rhl-dr*n, ^'rn Witter* *o<l w>fa, Mi>* ?l MaebtUvt. Ml*n H Uuinn TV/" <luf*t*ry Mt?? Knu Ri wf, Mi- Mary llai?r. MUa R,>n Mnilan. Mu- K M<x>r* P ' nilina, Mr# Mark'*, Mr* IjNMrri, John Iladi?-y H An1rat??. Ak* Hunn?-y W Hfynolda. P Is an. J Oa<H, Mr* -ndn.tant f H4ij|ftn?a, ?tn O ?ar>^i W? f.. r, H ' 'bt# W K I'avUi. I) Kran*. M Toon Mm J NrDnaaJ 1 Mra Mar* VrD'itaid. Mra Marr Hwma M M? 'muaaU, Mi?< ( Mr C . i.n>?|. AW Monr? MIm 8ar?b t'anVk, <i W . wt,. ?1 . r - < chulrt ?? ? t h '?,< rtr* Mi < Mar ?iaokbirm. M Wi<*l# H Karr^Ii. f V~-k*r W f a/ Mm M rfllmfl) and Infant. M lioafiar wife ar<d tki^a tM4r?ift; Mim l>M?a l'?*?U i Mu? A MrMaban H R Br*4kv J Mo*m M. . J Klrl'j, J CaffipMi, Mr Morrph and aa? a nd rki d. K Kvana wife and rbJM. Wa Cmk a/?d wt.V J Hnrrr. Miaa llary Orlary W m K rarrrll ar?d fidlMI Mm Mnrj *r4 i??t%tkiffn Wm Moltart a and ra&em in <VMi#?r*|# om% "4 a n>a, M | o( wUvu* vf tff pts vx Mayor1* O flier. TBI CAHTLE 0 AHDKN DKFOT? AITOINTKKirr Of rOUB nhw orriouu. Mo?t of the frauds and outrages practised upon enu grauta betoie the construction of the UtstleOardea depot, cno be traced, a* a cause, to the prevailing system of granting to runner* permit* for landing ptuMengem. Though the emigration law* of lSi>3 plainly enough pro vide* that runner* shall not be permitted to board an/ emigrant vessel until anchored at hor dock, under a bear/ penalty, ?till, bjr the above mean*, the right of so doing van both claimed and exercised. It was a matter of com mon occurrence for the consignees to ?ell permits long be fore the arrival of the vessels themselves, and for those tq^rhom the/ were Hold to keep n constant lookout for the arrivals. An noon, therefore, as ono of their vessels nuuto its appearance at Quarantine, and wan cleared, a part/ of runners and ticket agents would sail alongside the V**i*l, and transfer its passenger* on board their own boat. Hen- the poor emigrants Would be detained some tlnii* h whi In day, and forced to purchase tickets, fre quently of no value, at enormous price*, for the different steamboat and raih-oad lines, afier which they would bo landed and enticed to certuin boarding houses and hotels, where fresh fraud* anit im)>ositions w?ro perpetrated with ictfect impunity. To prevent the-m and inauy other evils, hen, uaa the great necessity, and the Commissioners hit u|M<n the emigrant depot at Caatle Harden, with lt^t excel lent rules anil i emulations, as being the very thinif. It was found, however, tliat this did not do uway with the great difficulty. Duilng the passage from Quarantine to the depot the runners still found the meant of boarding the v**eels, and inducing ninny of the passenger*, by varlou.i ?uawuvres, to get on board their ow n boat. In order to ?ret t hi.- dilliculty, therefore, the Commissioners con sulted t. gether, and finally, at the suggestion of the Mayor, deu-t mined to have four men stationed at Quaran tine, under a i alary of Is" per diem, whose duty it should lie, hi soon as an emigrant vessel is cleared Quarantine, to accompany her up to Castle Harden, and remain on board until some of the emigrant police squad, who are posted at the depot for tho purpose of preserving peaoe and order, under the di'cctlon of Sergeant Koche, come alongside her with the harg<> of tho Commissioners, for the purpose of conveying the passengers to shore. These officers, who will wear a badge denoting their office, are not to allow any pas-enxer* to leave the ship or any run ners to lizard h< r until the arrival at the depot. I'he-e four officers have already been ap|>oiuted by the Mayor. Their names arc Win. .-'eobscli, ilennet, Dorian and twackhamer. Ihe first trial of this new plan wns. in fact, with the Fides, which arrived from Antwerp on Friday last. As s> on ns the Fides was allowed to pas* Quarantine, one of these four officer* boarded and scconi|>ani<*l her up to the i-lty. When arrived at Castle (iarden, however, not knowing exactly how to act, he lei t the ship In charge of two of the emigrant s<|uad, aud went to report himself to Commissioner Kennedy. It was during his absence that the transferring of twenty of the passengers from the deck of the H laes on boara the boat of the runners oc curred. How this tonkplftce, under the very noses of tho Commission* rs, it is difficult to account for. ilithur tho ronnera weie too strong for the two policemen, or tho latter must have been guilty of shameful neglect. The first is the most probable of the two, as it i* not likely the runners would pay much attention to the presence of a few policemen. All ci mplsints for violations of these arrangements aro to tie tiled in the office of Mr. ,'seuiler, at the City Hall, who will arrange all tho paper*, and bring them before the Ma/or in proper form. Meeting of the Committee on Count)' OrtWcrw to Kxiiutlnc BUI a of Criuiu Mnralinl*. Tin* Committee on Connty officer* of the Hoard of Pupcrvixorn met yaatarday nt the City Hull to examine th? bill* of the Cenau* Mar*hn)*. Tliero were ptwnl of (he Committee Aldermen lierrick and Kly. At tlie com meiicement of operation* nliout twenty mamhal* were present. The hill* were taken lip win by one, and t lie marxliul preicnting *nid bill examined under oath in re gard to it. 'Ihe following are the exainiuution* of two of the niarnhal/t: ? W. lb. linen, Mnmna) of Seventh dlntrlct of Eleventh waul, WW ? Worked tlfty tite iUy?? from tth June to S8th Ju)> ? 1* tug lifty day*; mi l fur overworking reaaoii alib' houm tire day*. I'opnlatlon ot diatrict Uve tliooaand live hundred and eighty, mo*tiy tleimaiH. 1'ai.l inter pretcr-fdoe* not undertilnnd (jerman]-*o ?? to enable blin to t.*k the i|iic<1|(in*. fl:> I<1 kiiisII miiiii fur Interpreting, flO; paid pera< n for copying, who n?*l*ted me tor ten > dny?, |'2o. ntntlonery, $1 . tm idental* $10. and $10 fir atudying to render myaelf competent , and fur labor in going l ack and forth to the t it jr Hull. Whole bill. $161. Mr. Arbothnot. Marshal of Flrat district of Fifth ward, tworo ? i'opulatlon. lour tliou and three hundred and twentv-fhe ? charge* tdxty four dayK, from lut June to hli-t Jul/, including nine Sunday *. I made my bill out n niptitiug ten hour* to the day, although I perieiie hi* Honor, the Mayor, only work* lour hour* i?r (lay. I raid interpreter >4. fur anpying, HO, "tationery, $-'i hired room to hold meeting*, no an to bare everything uniform When the Committee adjourned for the day, ten mar thai* bad Men examined. The a bo re nfBdaiit* are *pe cimeii* of all the rent. The (Committee are now only rollrrtiiiK what infoimation they can in reg?r<l to c i. h bill ii rut will deride upon them heieafter. Crilfctt NEW YORK Cl.ra VM. NKWAKK ('I.t lH. 'the return match between theae two clnb* cam* off yeaterday at Newark, N. J. New York got terribly beaten, eight wicket* were more than they bargained for. Newark baa received additional "Ireng'h by getting II il ia- fn ra l atter , n, n> w a resident of Newark. New York wan deficient. N.ine good | layer* fen in the llr?t panic ? Willby, Hpivey and t'alverly. The weather waa very >'nlightful, and the tent w?* lillcl with In die*. New York having won the t?>r> ? commenced with Scott and 1'orter; but Ralph .lcfTer?<>n aoon aent them home ? it h round o'*. Tower, after getting 4, w*? served the ?4ti-e by Halla*. I'arker got aome good leg hit*, and ia a great ar<{ub>ition to tile club. Hntr|i got hi* 1*1 beauti tifully. ha made five 'J'* among them, and not out. The net tin! not do much low ling wa* too ftrong for them, llaliaa and i'alph Jefferaon'a round arm bowling wu ?plendid In the leeond inning" tth ,r'on and S'ott opened the Ore th>- latter ? mmaoccd with a good leg hit for 3, ind diiecily after got caught by JelTeri" t?- Tow> r followed and made U good leg tut* for 2 double*, when lfollaa pi' ked him out. I'arker hail a *hort lite, anly three -lnirlr>.. fliarp made a i;<m*1 3 to tiegin with, bnt hav.ug hurt hi* l>g went out the next ball, ant c< old not Held the aecond inning* whb h made toner dif te?en< ? in the name Wharton la a very pretty bat lie gi t hi* H in g< 'ni ericketing tyle, ain< dk them three noe ]< g |iit* for three double Barrlaon wa* unfrirtunately run Out or lie would have made a aeore. I'r?~fm (eemed to I e in a long while ^r one run, he and Wharton moat pia<-th-e rniining more. Hirhard* *.? not in g<eel batting order, but he nude up for it in txiwiin^. f'ewaik ct mmmcel with Ford *od Warner, the Utt<-r g' t a blou th'.t atoppr d him and Ford got bowled out the flret ball from Hh hard*. Ralph JHbm now let *hp ft r three tri rn Rlcbarda, and alter another vrambilng 'bree, HalLia w< nt out with a good ball f">ui I'arker. J >hrer*' n. the recond over, made a g>**l tralgtit ? iiv f.,r two, and u l<-g bit for another two f(j.li.h got e.nigtit bjr llarri*' n J. Hver-on wa* ( la* ing well, ami, a fU r (t? t ting f* ur ?ir.al' *. runout. Uh'-aterofi rotnrnenoed wi'h a good iruhla < It Ki*liard*, and continued to pl-iy w-ll tlllhharpgat n hia way and caught bia halL >iuith l~l off with a i/oo?l l' g hit m only n gie Raker followed, and wed pome e*. elJent p ??y? one hit to the leg f-,r two de.ei v? 1 f. ur. .Jnilth made two excellent atr* igut ' ti** for double i. and a g'* d aijnare bit to the fen ?, ?l*o a eaj ital hit to 1b? l"tig h* Uif Uirv, at U*t I'arker ?topped bia eaiter at fak*k badly with ? l< If hit (or two <; Klveraon Ur I him' an.1 they only wnnted three u, tie t|,u iedwtth ir ? ,t v\ . '.BC (It ,t l/imn?* ihe n lo0ln?1 P^p|. tally managed bt Warper *0 l J. fjrwraon; Uio t.rmnr m.ula the hit of the day? right down to the b mi tot o7*- J c mui' nred w itla two good I 4 hj;? >1W^ nt 'J"'" Warner another to the tent, nnd a driver fct a ('ov*'1* 1 y r"IW w*1 h7 another aqoare ?,ir ? . n)7 |. nr n ore t.. ?"]? excitement, aivl th'-y r * two each, wbteh f.u' b"1 tbu iB'ere.tlng n,at< b. The ac ore M the S" w;,r'' ruatch I* a< #iikjw<i:~ Jrf^ TOVISK fl.ru At t*t Jnntnf ,%rrm*1 lnr>*q Td* ?' ott b. R. JaSeraoti 0 <? 'eff- e-m Ir. llalU- 1 Porter b. H Jefer ?nti . . . . 0 (???.' ""t 0 0 Tower b. Haiti- 4 b lUfc'aa I 1 i arker, runont 1 b J-lfrr?vo t II 'harp, notour. 1ft b. Ilalla* -1 Marr.eon b. flail** - Knn f?w' 4 e Kmtoah Jefferai n 0 WhartoMb. J'fferaon I 1 Wt^atfflft b J't Wharton b. HalU* ? fo'^n < * ChlMhaaa b. Uallaa.... : b If .n* 1 4 I b- bar da, run o nt J Not out... 'I 1 llayea b. Jeff.-ra?>0. . 0 e .lelRtl eon e 11*11.. 0 0 '.6, leg hye* j... _? Hje* le^ |,ye | 4 Ji ' II*. T Wile ball* ? li Hj'.il WMe h Total ? ToUl IT to >)**)?.* 1111 W*rnev b. bl. hard* .0 S'/t owt 21 - F'Td b. Itic harder, hbarp 0 0 0 J? tTer . on e, ilarr(??n b I Irharda 6 b V?tt 0 < Ha Ilea b Farker 1 Oil J > Irerw/n, run out,... 1 Not out li it S air. an > . Kharp f. I'arker 9 . 0 3 * l eatcroft c. -hi.rp h I arker,,.. S 0 J i-nd'h c. I'arker b. J'rott 10 0 17 faker c I'arker b. bbarp 9 Hit ?e *?t . . .. .. 0 1 I e.|? tth not ont. ....... . 7 0 7 I) K)>ereon e. "cot t b Hlel.ard* 0 0 0 Wide ball* T Bye* I wfcde 1 ..411 Total 06 Total 40 if. The Long 1* and Uik pUy to a rerjr intere-tiog n atrb. i? their ground thiee ndie? m 4 ?.*?' a ana ? Ht"4l;? from tba frrty the llailwii play on * r?d*y, at Newark, and the mat impor'ant and .?'? '<g e atz-h of tba >eaaf.n will be placed tm Mooday woe* a' ( amderi 4ie?w??n llillailrl^ib aat Nr? l-t )V (h (?aha | lay tti>-4r full ??'?wfb aol '"toe g'*d >fWt mi| bt an'Kifa'f A. Fire HasHuO*? Oaire. I ih fkktioation iwto th? oeioin or thh rn a tii am mivr kib?- cvu ova d*vjki,opiiknt4. Before Juatic* Connell. On San day night, August 6 th, 1866, shortly before 10 o'clock, the clothing etoie of Isaac Jacobs, No. 63 >* Chatham atreet, w** on Are, end before lh?? occuj ant* nuceeeted hi getting out, two of them wore burned to death, ami five other* wen* severely burned, slnco which time four of tb # other* liave from the effects of their injuries. Mr. Jacob* wa* arretted by the hixth Ward police on thi ni^ht of the fire, but wa* subae quently dl?churged by the Coroner, there being no evi dene* developed at that time to bold him on the char go of being acceai sory to the a*ron A careful investigation ha* elicited aome alngular farts In reference to the cauae of the l\re. The following ay nop* is from the affidavits of wttae**es give* some light upon this melancholy ulfaait King Hiicnfleld, being duly sworn, nay-i ? I re side at No. \Wl Went Imaidway ; I am a ahoenutkor ; I know Isaac Jacobs. of N??. MS Chatham street : I knew him when be lived in Went Jlroadway , 1 have made boot a for him ; some day or two alter the 4(h of .luly, 1866, 1 met Mr. Jacob* near Kill ton market ; he took me by the arm, nttd we went into u public house and tookagla** of boer , we then walk**l along Nuith street, and hi* sak'-d me how I I' und my business ; 1 > aid I have work to do . Mr. Jacob* ?.,?id hi* businca* waa dull, and that to make money in thin country a man iuuM either fall twice or burn out twice, he paid, 1 could aroint him it I would, ami he would pay ttie fur it; I told him that if I could 1 would, lie then ?aid, he wn* in ured ?>rt hi* atock, ami that he wanted to burn out. and it 1 would do it for him he w ould iriv?* me $lf?Q. he promised that no one ahould know any thing about it, he further said, it did not suit hlui to ?t?? it, a? he w.m ted to be away, wo that he could prove by several people that he waa not ut the store when the Ate broke out; 1 laughed at him and said I never had done such a thing, nor would I do it for a hundred th"U*and dollar-* Mr. Jacobs then took me by the hand and*aid, 4kdon*t tellany body alwut it," he aaid he knew 1 wan a p**?r matt and that with $160 1 could ?et up a atore, liofuri I pur ted with him I advlaed him not to burn out hi* place; if lhad known where Mr. Jacolm wan Injured I would nave in formed them; but not *peaking good Kngllsh 1 let the af fair drop, a few days after 1 had thi* oonvoroatlon with Mr. Jacobs my aon Abraham came to my hou*c- 1 told him what Mr. Jaeoha had proponed to me to do, he laughed and said t4lt would he a ube bit ?inea*;" ou Mem day aftei the fire, Mr. Nathan tallk, of No 44 H bhI Broadway, told uie Mr. Jacob* *aid to him three or four week* before that he would not have any money before he burnt out, then he would ha\eaome, the moment I heard that Mr. Jacob#' place had been burnt, 1 felt *a lisfied that Mr. Jacob* knew aomethlng al*mt th* Are, and 1 *till feel satisfied that Jacob* know* all about who did >et lite to hi* store. Karri* KofCtiherg, t>eing only *worn, ?ay- ? I reaide at No. f>4 West ilroadwayil kn?>w Mr. 1 *<iac Jacob*, of No. 63 % Chatham utreet; I haw him in the hxtan In (-an il ?tieeton Sunday evening from H to 10 o'clock after leaving the l.odg? 1 haw him ?t No. 112} Walker street, he left about hall'paHt 10 o'clta k Mr. Jacob* (ormeily kept htore in Went Itroadway, at No. '.H, before that he kept in Orange aUcot, hetw?e i Franklin an I White ntreet*. I have a-ki d Mr. Jacob* -? v? ral time* it he wa* in*ure<l and he *a id no, he wa;* not; 1 have been in Mr. Jacob-*' atore in < ha thi* in ntreol aeveral time* in Maylv?t,he then bad, I ahould think, a *tock ot about f'2,000 1 have lieard that Meyer Ko*enthal. <?f No. *1 Mott afreet, hold* a mortgage on rom?? t4(J0 or $6<J0 ot Mr. Jacoba' ati?ck. Mr. Hoiteuthal ha* Mr. Jacob gold wftt< li ami chain, valued at al?out $126 , he having loan e<l Mr. Jacoba menev on it. Loui* lielgart, Udng duly nworn, a/iyn? X wa* at the time of the llrr in the employ of l^aac Ja? ??T?< 1 ah*pt in the gnirot with Marcu* >e .man, the cutter, in the rear f arret room. 1 took my tea about *1* o'clock, at Mr. acobn' houae on Sunday evening, the night of the (lr#; 1 naked the cutter if he would take a walk, he ?aid no, we then went togethet and a<?t on aomo chair* otitai te the at? re door; after a little wbil** I went up t ? my un?-l.?'a and returne?i MlM<ut mne o'clock ; the cutter ea* nil tin: at the door on my return; we then both j?a a*d through the atore and went up *Uurs. 1 heard the eutter t:iat**n the atore door; I went into the kitchen on th?? eeound floor; the rei^ant girl, Julia, wa* there, a he wa* pre|ar* irg to go to bed, ina lew minutea we went up atair* (the cutter and my * If; to our bedr?M?m In the g*rrut. I kaw Mr^. Jacoba in bed when I went up ataira al*o, the boy a in the adjoining be?lroom Mra. iWlit ewing, hei child waa In bed; I went to bed and left the eutiir in Mtk H? < ht 'a r< Oio , 1 fell asleep and don't rec.olleet h' ar ir>g the cutter e* me into bed at th ? time I wej?t to bed It waa about a quarter pa*t nine o'clock; thw alarm of flro woke me up, my room wa* lull of smoke; I lan into Mra. Ilecht'a room, ahe wa^ riot there, I 1 -<>ked through the ghiN* and tried to push the window up but could not: I waa going down the Malra but the flames came up ami I could not; I went back Into the open garret by Mr?. Ii? < ht'a room; tho tire wan still coming up th" stair*, I tried to ao down the stairs a second tinv I g -t down two ??r tnice Hep* when the lire burned my left hau l ear, and hair, 1 thru riiii ba' * into Mra l(e. nt's rootn, I became very much frightened and kept ha lining out lor aaniatance, Ihc fir* n?cr? came to the wrudow, broke It op' n, and f**ik mo out, 1 Old not M*e Mra Jacob* nor any on** elae, 1 think I wa* the l.mt one got out. ! aim <t <if Si'Cu<* ?t by th** amoke , yesterday I apat out a g"*l d"al of black stuff from my throat. Keniinaud Wilts, heing ''uly sworn say*-- 1 l?cpa lager Ider i?alo??n under No. 63 Chatham afre?*t, i.iy ? loon extends under Mr. Jaeoba' *t*?r?', ? n oonday. Aug iat 6, 1866, I wa* in my aaloon from 3 o'rl?>ek in the aftT ? noon until half pii*t t> o'ch * k in the < v*ning t om my calo* n 1 have fr*e ac<eaH to th yart o.rupu d by Mr. Ja? <d>a; from this )ard any one can hav?- acce** to Mr. Jac?<ba houae, or the ?.toie occupied by Mr. M'fVitoy, at ab*'Ut 8 o'cli t k on that evening, Mr Marco * *n Mr. Jacoha' cutter, rami* into my ^al^on, and aal l be cuuhl not get in through the atore, and a*'*ed me to l? t | him pa*s through my b? ement to g ? into tha h ?u ?* ha I paaaed through, ami I dht not a*-?* him again aft? in', I juat before I ??? t m> ?aU?ou I went in ?? the y *i I, I lid i not aee any light in Ja ob*' houae, ail the d<*or ? w? ? closed Uf?, about m* w? eka ag1- I wa* in Mr Jaeob** "tore; he showed me two pollcic* of innuranre, for %1 <#M) each, on hia ntoek and liXturea; he t?e>k tliein from a drawer und* r the rounter. Jul it l.udaig.beintf duly -nya? I 11 Y* I with M Jarolw a* servant, I h.?v?- t*?? it Uiern nearly f*>ur trwnt ha, <-n Sunday iifterm" n Mh Aujf^t, Mr and Mra. Ja- >>? and Mr. he-man went out t?K<ther; th?*y told me thay vrftt U> ? witkli/ig in KrioliUn ntftt about A o\d<?cJ< I tot Hiip|?r. Mr*. JacoN# an-l tlw children took aupp*-r, Mr. J aeoba and Mr. r<?iuan did r? t tnkf an/ ?i|?t> r Mr. Jacob* arid Mr. Hrvman w?nt out toff*th#r ! thin* a littUi } afore 7 o'clock I unlocked lhaator?>4?>or and b*t them ?ut; and locked it again and put a wooden f*?r .?ero* i th# d '*>r . in about a quai ter ??f m hour Mr. rrnu '?amc Na/*k Again b rarrj up th? Nrk uit'i tb^ ki(?-hiti I ?-k ed him how fful in, h" ?ald thro? rh the U|?r M?*r aa* Iomi if) tbf roiliir; about rJ <A Wk I wnt up utalra to Mr*. Hirbt'n room, a he a.ta <!re > in akin#: I Ml I' '*b talking a Utile while with Mr*. Ilerht th* noy ant Mr Paan* an *fir in M? ? . lift- ht'? room th* b*?y ?*.<<n a f*?*r ?*-nt to bed . Mr. kotnAQirtoM^t ? Hill*' while to road a r?< w*ta p^r ho tb? n bft an<! went bod I am n<?f oerta n whet D+r It wa* half j'??l r.lno o'clock >r a joarlar t" t'-n o'clock that I w> nt t>? bod; a* f w> nt down. 1 mi* Mr. ? ?m*n and the boy 1/MJin w? r? in bed I think I hw 1 fal len a>ie*p, when i t?4 n wok a no by lh?< noiae of p***>ph raiUnjr lire | g?>t up I !???* inn* h <titu4? in tM room ( tried to itrikf a Ufrot a(th * mat h, but the ?n*>ka p it It out. I kept calling out l?re Mr oiM U) w .irvj eabl wh* re i/> th" fir* I aau ! I belk?*. o In the bona* I 'li t n' t ?*+ h m i then hurried <ajt f tl?? alt e)sn taking the b<?y arltn me in my arm# in Ifltntlif !m i atej.* I f? II and hurt my W k , I w*? not Injur**! by the fir*- n^r w*e tha Hoy i had not li#hted *n/ f*- on ti.it day, WHjT had J dWo**r?*d any -niell <( f 'i?*l i a mile *htch I jti? out on to '?/* h/ui Fab'k, Mln< worn, ??y?? I re#., :<? *? 44 We?t Hroa I k?ej, , jaatlry ?t#?re f , ?.ow haar Ja^oh- of No (tu?tr*iiro #tr<#t Hi ? of June Laat I ?n Ja^ob'a *tora, l*e " ? ? II ?WI . ,U?-r (.<; t Mj, a,n "'IL'l o?U l*l ? "* (H. iirir^ t? mat* m f'uj'* ** f*( .'?? ' ?" * * ' -boul ? (W? aotjfl *11 ?: L' at that t'r ? tb'- latt*r partr,f Jt4r?e Mr Ja<ob? a^-e?/?n n - ?-/ Mr **rr..tn hi# sutler ?#!;?* d at mjr *lofe V ? jf? o ? t b'l y ? {{' j 5 w . k ? ??/l ' . a ft ? *lued ?t, ' , i' | ?hl'h he URtNl '?? |<W !?i the ut tar; I ?i, w t hli ft fl>e w.%t> hea Mr * ?i?*n a* e ' *a?l ? an ! M 1 *: n'M rr?e fo H f, p, ha** *t n ?* I 'alt e (turfinoiif and der Hard to I* t biut fia*? the w*i h 'd rh*lr? , # n- wiMf that Mr * ?m? m L?d t.tjr be*n -? rmpb y IhfH vaaka I tlk# iffiir nthr* f ! *!<*?? af'rr?ar^? Ue rauft*# ?jkt| ??*trd th# arv 4* ai d 'bi n btrt 1 did H^t M hii?# ha?ett I ft?'. 4 thai th' e niter and Mr *e?% a .y tri"*#ily *>y 'U r they ft|pe??ad ??l?KUfa t ?*'W< Al'i a* 4m fc hi?M -?H R|( If ?#'/rn aaya -?! r-*>4^ t '/I ^ Marion a?(irl | in ? !?*?/? Jae "Ih>, I on 't?* '"fl ' f Kir If "hie?fi?M ?"*?*#? lew .ay a alt#r tb# I'h of July.. I ft Ink ahowt tbe 1 1 tii I 'a^i*d ?t n?j htker # >?o iaa 'o rre h n? #.? ??"t In I ?i-art hnu ilk lUdre* t-a? 'h' houre he #aid to me that Mir lirob a ? * nt -t him t ?# ?i?l him to born ????! hie (.!ar? U ) Unr *nd Uka* h* ' I* ?? d > in ta a^t hfcn* i " I U fb -? a* * at d fn.atked it ?rml4 b*? a nkse Xueine?? I ahiief *. y Either Ant fo hatra any thing to do arftb Mr iar'?t? a? he mijtht iret liiflfi into Ulll# ulty im tf#? *4 ? '-a/ ,,tt f'f Hi* t i h'ard 'd the f} r?- * *? k ? ?>|f jW O *df J*" ' ?' * ^ ' '" *" I in.ff?#atint#ty ruftAapioi tM Mitfaraitwo C '*? ' * f>> fjj-r f ttber and what he t. wt r?e at H a' time n ' to *h' rt^oeat made by Mr i*- U f"r my fta' er ?? ft him in ' *.t hla '* *> { '?* * ar? S* *tiv?i k me at oi." tLat Mr 'ofco^a a!**ft U-a Hre. 4. _#4 It ??? further thtwa that Mar * ' "man, t|)a ? fcjk-d to tke ?>>nr*|i warda ati'# ^rwae aa. Mh'tw It .... ... ? ? 1 {*" ??> UU UaUV"** u?? "? k" 'M rtilrt th??? ? ?. ??r"l; ?nr ' "*** ' 'h* ,M''i ?'?*I ,h* '*'t *" ? 1. in M II 4^1 r-M ,f yt ?.??< TV ln|?rf m bl* k? ir? ! 'fc< li?riiiif Um <Mrt tyftn ,r- ?>?? I* *-f ?r?Wfc* . ..?,*? ? x?t< IfWMNBI '? ????* Mr ;?>< ?<< ?<? inoitMi mi bU ?!/>? la tin Hatoil <? III' lavviMkrv 1 "tr ,+?f I* %:?*?< -m Ik* J?t>c IVm iU? u inniil'* ht ?!>* mm* m?<?* M f" H'11"**' J*'b??if? I, m(i.( ') ? mr*r :?'? nttlfif II iMItilkr of >1 * U,# , ?k af|>fiun) IHt .Ikmi V-> " t|t n.V '^'l* *'"k h'kirll'lf >w ni ?? ,w t, ??) .?n ??'??: In M,?T M l? ki'.I'M t* t. ? ?"?* 'I# iHiiMMi ili/*fc| > ?*? v. c/r>f ?n; v ? |??v?r1y *Uck nlfk'. b>l* l**^ P***" k. - r. ?? ?? ?? <#? ri r ? ?? ? ?'? * ?V ? * rnllw InUUlfrnfr. AXKMTft FOB IKTOHCATHih YKOTBBlur. The number of arrest* for inloticatfoo ye?trrHay wnt* few compared with Lbo rfturiu <>( previous days. Mas ?Uy, however, li always a blue da/, particularly If tha 'lay preceding (Sunday ) baa tieari Dm, and the weaMur suitable (or going on ? Jollification. The following table show* tlir numUr of unsteady person a brought before the iwT>-r?l police magistrates, during the put twratr fcur hour*.? . ru . . . , , .V<vufrofe Commi Imtnm. FlrM J>mtnct I otir* < 4?urt . . Ju*tic<* C?auollrt |4| Herond '? !? .. . . J uat Ice I>art*?ti. U " " . .Justice Wood ^ Total - , AI.LMKD romiKRV. Yesterday afternoon a young man named WlllaaB Minie ?v arrested by Captain l?onard, ?f the ??>??? ward |Kjli' e, charged with baring forged th? naraf ? <ieorgn W. .Mmltb of No 17 *ul 1U Kulton street, U ? check '>n thv Market llnuk (or four bun'lred and sc?im?% three dollar*. The accused, it u all* ;ed, entered thw Market llalik about two o'clock 1' M , ami walking up boldly to (he laying toller, Coopei.) i resented the check for | u) incut The officer of the l>aok immr liatelf xaw tbroii gli (he whole MltriWiue ..lUiough the sign lug nnd filling tip of the check were done admirably. For niiiio week* poet Mr Smith bis not kept any sccnoat with Ibis bank, hence tiie moment the check wat pre M'lited for payment, the teller anapectrd that something wa? wrong mid accordingly detained the hearer until Ibe arriral nil's plain l^mard, who immediately took too* Into custody, and convened bun before Justin* Anderson on a chargo of forgery The prieeww la an entire stiangcr to Mr. Hinith. It is very eitraonl ns ry that the Imltnllon of his liAnd ? riling aboold boa* well executed by one alio could hare bad no good Oppor t unity ot Ih'Cc iiung >< r<| main t>- 1 with Ills style of hial wilting. The following Is a copy r?f the doe jioent ? No. Aruiwi 'JO, IS66 iMAKKKT HANK. I'av to?? or bearer, four hundred and seventy-three dollar'. %4T.i 00. iibilUit W. SMIT1I The prisoner was committed to the Tombs for ? lion by the officiating magistrate lie is s natIT ? n# ih* l'nitt-4 Mutes, U tai nty three years ol age, and angm be is a cahim tmaki r by tiade ALLKlim ATTK.MVT AT KXTOMTIO*. A woman nam"! Mary Stewart wis taken Into rufttodp jestetday slid bi oiii^ht lieftue Justice Connolly, at Nm Lower I'ollce Court, charged with bating attempted t* eitotl H(i0 from John 0 Mrinck, of No ft# Canal klreet, by threatening to di-close some family secrets of the lot ter. Mr. Ill luck ??y? he has paid this woman one I how *aud dollars already, but th.it not sallsAed with this alia made a demand upon l im lor llfiOmorc. This he rsfuxe4 to let her have, and sccorilliigly, when she iunlated ?? the sum l>einir fOrlheotnlng, be ' au?ed hci arr??t and liisile s ci mplaint agAlust her for * llortion. The magia tiate sus| ended action in the rase on the wi>man gitlnc her 1 1 oBiiee that sh* would uot trouble Mi Hi met aaf further. CH AltOK OP 01>T A INI NO MONKT UNDKH PALM VHtTrWlKM. Mrnrjr I . Iihiimn wan arri?t?<I l?jr nfflrar Wrbalar, a* tho lltlh wad pollrf, r|,ur(f. .l with having obtain*! M4 from Kali" Iji-outit, i if ft.' InvwaM ilraa-l, by fata* | truer* m i<l frAuilulant ri'jrr mtatloriii. Tha roaiplalnaat ivUiy-a that ah" Wi? uului'?l by tin iituimI to taka haw brother fti.m hia b..*ti 'ln? arhuol, In Mrhanivtaalj. m4 -i-lnl lilm to ?nailln-r Institution of thi' Minn aharata<r at tVhlta Itaifi*, Waatrhaatir i aunty, that th? rTiiiun^fl l(> i!rfrnntl har out of th* almr* cum, bf rffl that it wouM If ii'r?*ary In iiUr? In hia I inonay, ai i ?a to |my lor hi* arjioolliitf In vWano*) Ilia prtn<'l|?l of Ilia ntuiol In WrataJwwta-r CMbI J ta fotuml har when aha " nt hat hrothar Uiata thai aa monayn h?il ^au |mM by i'lliuma for tha tiupil'a oa |*ii?-? ITirrafora, In Tliw of tbaaa Carta, alia 'hargw Ilia icettwd vlth haaln( ohtalftnl tha turn of |M froaa liar l.jr maalin of fal?? pnlMiM an>l framlulant r "Itrwwia tatlnnn. lmbuian w*? Ik M to ball In U?a aum of V3Q9 la anawar > iairr and htaiihi.no apfkat in Tim kovrth wam?. A Mtiiat kinl pa-ibapa fatal row took pi ar? on Hasmtay woUij In llif fourth want, latwan mdi> matt al tka rornar of Jar oh an<l Frankfort otraata, in wlilr-b Ifeniaf lltNlrlwl Mul (1mi |i? HcXtttf riv-etirad M-?ara injuria* In tin' brna?t anil l>a' U Itnn a illrk knlf'-, all^a-t to ha*? bran In tbf hand* of CaraaUuit Itownay Am far u *? rnulil ascertain llw l/icta in tin- caaa ?a>arn to Im al M low* ?A | arty i.l y in# moa In a nw a ay laacama WifitH In ? tight at tha ila.aa |>U<-a. *h*B M< Slehol awl Hi Null/ | a my along Inti rt. rw.1 to prr?-nt tlwfiiittii prnjrwui ol the row. Vt naratipi.n I Via nay, who waa a > aim a pacta tor to tit* wlaola |h . ? ca-liug, thinking , proba lily, that the fatim r IlkJ no light to intarfara In t*? tin rulty, r udx-l at thaan wlih an open hull- anil lUbM aurh of th' in, liilllrt.nj ilanfaroux wourula, from wbtafc lb-x w"l not pr> ImMjt rwnwr. IkiarMjr wan arm?ia4 > <>n al'"r tb?t i? rurranc# b* 001 car Murpli/, of U>* Klkrft ??nl |mIIw, ? Ml wan. ynuiJt; m iming, rommituat t? ? wait t' r M'.ult of Uk'' w mmm't injuria* by Jwa tli?An <*r? n, ?t thr liw? 1'ollra CvuM TJta mj?r*4 n.i n wara etm?ay?4 t.i thatr f ?i?'-i|t? mUmMt la -tr? at iniif'Hmt'ly aftar til" Orrurra?ra( til rj a? w I ronijitly itlMilad to by a4or-t"r ANIlK-TOf A? ALLMM rfi'lf (M IITT. A jouruf man naih?l Hllllarn -rru'b f'aa*/ ?ai ar ? oil n.i. iay at -t J ?pli '? i buicli. r.ith aTariu*, 'h?rk'a>1 With l.avlnir |.? l?l tlia |^*k?-t >>f a Ia4? aa ?Im *?- nuAiijt har ? ait tri m tlill t ta^a of wnralil|i Hut icr i. n-il wa 'ak' n bn(ar? )o?ik a I avi? n, at tba iwm4 I lotrlrt I'ollc* I'ourt abi-n ho ? aa < ..uinlttMl f >r aaa mlbatlon II.I.MIH ICiaiilT. Till m fi i g nu n, naini.l Riibrrl l.,lin?..n, J .bn Ha *lMKt ami lb' n a* Tlltoa vliaia f- ? 'i ra-1 m tb' coal -H^o if Mr - Hall, a' No. 8 Jarn' ItraM, > ? l?-r1a jr n. >?nlnf, at r iIIk r an un nablr l.oui ' 'fli ? fa llanlf? llau ?elt ami "ai.(f<r, tli- Ninth wai l |?.ll'-?, 4U- ?'ia< <h'*a KUtlamaa In tha unpl'?*int j r '11< amant, a*4 btot>(lii tbam to th ?tat . ii bomm um ? sharga at bwr glmif. Til/' m?mrf 'lraw-r nt tha fli a I ?-l Itmru l?f'i*a? a n- 1 ? tii* ?mall i l.ang" <? .r.talri") tharatn ah (trait") ll.a iri-'ii'ia wa ? br'..,nM l?*<ra Jwati'aa I'aai* n ja?'< r>'a/ an 1 rrinaittWt i r armnlna'l-a ? a i barn- ? f luiglary. tt tlita inalitlrfl ? My tiwi. t't a rt It ATK ATT KM Mr AT IHUflWtT WlMKMT ? OW? Hin.im cit.Lrn a *? t wit oTitr.HH ?or?MB?. (Us gn'aj alm?t * ?< 'li>- fc ? t? M attawipt wtMi I?a4> l<) tkf* <>*nuM t<i t?bl *a.iawiWli(all*t ?an?a4 Joaapli Taylor, wh'^n It ?-y h.l itmiyM fmt Saw Ywk t? llunt^r'a P' '?! V?i"r.? "mot/ war tha fltihll| Tailfail <V-p?'t whirn ra>?Jta.| in >4M4( tha M4frl kill?l an. I ' )./? mhar tw wmniM. Th' foll'.winff aro tha '-Ir^onuiUiwaa ? 'n - irntajr attam-yn Uia pa?!Ur ral>-l lota a 1r nk \rj ??:<? n . n^at.aia III tlrf. UtttiK.th warH of *?.-? York an?l "Urra-l four f M watchaa frit aaia. liar lr>K a|ri?? l in 'hw ?? uatry al nt ta waa* ? ain?a. Ht'a I.vru.ai.a t< H y, a ,/ U.?t t!.?f kn<?w i * !' i*' J'a^' "** j w of hla aat'H" to al ? ?< , tad r ' nifly th- 1 <' ? blai to H'an t ah**ft t/iay ar Iv^l aloat I t '.llR^ r ' - a T r r.t ',o*A In A aarJlfW I | ?? '' ri ? *'* Va?t tl ? jaijUr aiil a?">-.W la?atda? ? > 'ha* a a f a nj'^t hint f.? draw ? 't ? I 't-hhtng ')?? i all 'a?a t4 tAaO n-: ? - ?an W tha aiUar b?w? lift. ?? it ''It I th a ??!.?? tw* ' a*a?? ' aaa way I hp* r 'bo waa.i ta tha tml hrt Waa I -I *^'ii. ** **f' " "'M aojahllafe , ? M f ii.? I#>a ' ? ??* afr?.ta4 Vy th* ? 1'f 'ri 'r. ai.H h?ar4? I 1 ' fl*a? Miiah, of viatf ? Tt' h pi a?l tha |?4 r ata'.oaa > a.a at '.t -uyt.nl Th# prU"*ar a* a l,ia Maotfi aa KlllUiit '."a*, that f 'baaaMI kliiaaf ? Ojar al* I II at af ii.? itJUr who aiaopi | m ? h .rir-a Mtar. i ? ? ? " tut wt (? U?? ?ara llaaarrh ? Myara Marly ? I r j" ?! taa* a^anui wraaaai I a rr?' ? I ?ar ' ? > ?rh Ya?taf%?y aanrnli.ar Aa ?ktMl la p'aia H?? f tV ' ? w'h 'Ita'.rt't ^atl " -tba ???? a i aatlty >4 ' i> ar aaa Hit tan wa?a ah'-- tf? '" iii't" tlaa, w la* rw It to a->ptaa~4 ?? ? ?<?** ??'. ? f 4?nnt p?ri 'if Ika Afh' yr. ? f a'ro y' "r :ay f.ira,.?| to tjaaaaa f, >'? ? aa :aa 'tf?tk<a> ?t.| toha pla.a I ?. ??ar Urn ?? -TV Aoaaa?r*U<- prunory I'ltl,' j irjcrf -4 ? "tlftf -l*l'f?i?a to tha -tl?i i ' a?t ta. ii lily ttol i il loimllaiii V i^'t tk Wiryati ta tha Wattmtl 1 aai'.arat* r>ia?aati/a, t ? la h?M at l*fTB n th< ~'V| lb-t , to4) ao la B"-al;n kat Ik f' IxiVllf aaau l Mifa' ? ra ? th* faat i r? 41atl" t ? r>aaU.n/h Har'_Jil? % aa? i< a lUnf ?* A K. II." .Ut. K W Ai. n hmr-^'k n?'-J-hn I M1?aky ^'ho Ko?t"aii, Mia fWflr B *a?afr-f, /Vlr a'A pr???f - Martha'! *? Uwraaa^a Malptk Hartor Thoo. I A'"?i- ? Si </>?/? ? <r.? Imr>4hn4mf T -.ahaai Jaa MU 'Vii' ?'?'? " ' " ' H** ' J * Naafl, R H. / ? v.i ?-? If"' -I1 loy.'ar J M </u ra ft M laa'r??f J J<( aaf 7 . . ? ' o ja ?-! 'ifl ?>?'!? wMh tha ataayti ? ?< . . > r'aaa'h aa 4 wUta Mora, waa anaatlla^ a a * j V?i <f <1 i??i ??! aaaaral fraa tfh'a Co l "?l? ?>?? ? Oaraiaar " t-a?aaU haa4 aa^aMt ?! i) ? ???)? of Aaana atraat opr* tha hmlyaf aa aaiaaaa wiaa, tkaowt < yaara of ?fa rV> an I naJ 4uatUi( at th.a p- 'O* yootaaatoy l??aaaa| waa AM* la hatgka. ha4 ''ark hair aaa4 waa it??Ur hai't l?M*ri woaa % tf>'a4 aa'ia % aai wHIi faaa aa't'ar hiahaay ah?rt. aU ?aaaat waAraahirt itnynt ?wmaaa|aata,a?j| aMIaati >a h a )|<H aw *> -t4 alaa "%'t 0*4 ? V?J "* tfc* '? b?>^ v< J(a? Ur?? "

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