8 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6951. ADTHBTISEMEMT8 RENEWED ETEBY PAY, NEW PIBUCAITOSS. A VOICE TO AMERICA Will lip published on Satdrday, Hept. 8. A Voire lo America; or, the Model Republic. lis 0 Wry or lis full; with a Review of the Causes of Ibr Decline uud Failure of the Republics of South America, Mexico, and of (lie Old World; applied to luo present crisis In the Called Stales: on* handsome volume, over 400 pages, cloth gill. $1 25. Coni?ms of thr work? Tbe United Utiles? Prospective and Betrospec tlve; The Ancient Republics? Early Civilization: Sparta and Athens; Tin* Kail of Rome; Italian Liberty In the Middle ages; Mexico, and the South American Slates; The Heroes of I.I bar ty; The Boundaries of Countrlea? how Established; The Anglo Saxon Race and I.lberty; Romanism and Freedom; The Right* of Conscience ; Religious Tolera'lon; The Bible, the Charter ol Liberty; The Principles and Perils of our Common F.ducaUou; What Con.it utiles the Right to Vote; The right of the Majority to Rule; The effects of Romanism and Protestantism on < 'tvl lizaUon; The Political Power of the Pope; Neces-lty ol In?ti tutlonal Safeguards; Demoralizing Inlluence of Demagogutsm. American Citizen*? native or adopted; Romanist or Protest ant Equally Interested In resisting Foreign Influence; Evils ol' Military Organizations Exclusively of Naturalized Citizens; Secret Societies ? their Use and Abuse; The Citizen of ? Repub lic; Naturalization Laws of the Criltuii States; Americau Na ilonallty; The Common Cause. This work eminently claims r he attentive perusal of every American citizen. K. WAL KER, Publi-lier, 114 Pulton street, and may be bad ol all book. wellers airi a j-euu throughout the (Jntcd Suites. A BOOK 1 OR THE TIMES. D. APl'LETON A CO , 34?and .148 Brondsra v. hire the fourth edition, now ready, of ? A VISIT TO TIIE CAMP BEFORE SEVASTOPOL *1 I1CU1IBC. HVO??lCIC, J*.. OV NXW TOHX. 1 vol. 11! mo., with spu lied aud beautiful Illustration-. Price, $1. MKT 0? llXCfTI:AT10KS A porlrai' of Miss Nightingale. Panoramic View of the Seat of War la t'ue F.a ? The Harbor of Hnlaklara. The Roud from Huluklavu to Kadukol Panoramic View ol the Position of the Artuie IHamoud llatlcry. Head Quui lent of Lord Raglun. Sentinel of the Zouaves, Zouaves. This hook will Interest all classe- and should have a wide elr dilation. Mr. McCormick Is \\ ell known as a careful and graphic writer, and ns he Is the only American that has re turned from a visit to the world-renowned camp before Sevas iopoj, he is w ell qualllied to speak upon many points of which no Informs' :ou has hitherto been secured. Besides giving u minute account of a long sojourn In the ramp of the allies, full particulars of the great army hospitals at Scutari and IVra we introduced. Sclu.-topol Is described In detail, uud the unpa ralleled stiflerings and mismanagement In the English en tup are portrayed In vivid style. COLLINS' MAPS OF TIIE WAR. D. A. A Co. havejuat imported a trc?h supp'v of the folio v. in (j reliable MAPS. Price 25 cents each. Port- aud Harbors of the Black Sea. Plan of Sevastopol. The Hal'le, wflli Its Fortifications, Railroads md I'elr tr.ipb-. The Black Sea, with Its Fortlflcatiot*. The Danube. The environs of Sebaslopol. Plan of CrtOMuit. ' 1'be Crimea and fce* of AzoiT, Russia and Turkey, showing the Baltic, Illa' k and M- lee ranean Sea*. Any of the above sent to any address, post paid, on i re ? nlllance ol the price. CI HEAP LIBERAL BOOKS? AGE OF REASON, BC li.V'lS; l Paine' s Theological Works, 50 cents; Volney's Rnlus, 117 'a c ents. Just published. Philosophical Prayer lH>ok with ex p la nations of rapping*, vision", Ac., 60 to 75 cent- ity <1 VALE. No, 1 Bowery, up stairs. LIBERAI. BOOKS.? TO AROUSE THOUGHT, IN crease knowledge, make truth abound, and banish igito ranee, miser -i and crime. COMTE's POSITIVE PHILOSOPHY, Second Edition; Kvo Portrait, pp. 888. Price ?1. STRASb'S LIFE Of JSSUS; elegant octavo, 900 pp. ; Por ralt. Price S860. FF.rERHACH'S ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY, the no |ilus ultra ol Intell. . tuallty. Price $1 25. GREG'S CREED OF CHRISTENDOM Its rorst.iti.n tsu SorERSTltrci'L'ng. Concise, learned, etl'S-'tlvc. Pric <1 26. HO WITT'S HISTORY OF PRIESTCRAFT, In all ages and nation*. Replete wlh horrors. Price 75 cents. Published bv C. IILANCHAKD. No. #2 Nassau street. Rachel scottisch, and rachki, redowa, by Geo. liankski. Esq. " I'vo Wandered by the Hut side,'' -ong and cboni-. " Have you seen Sam," tenth edlholi; each 25c. Just pi t b : ij-bctl by S. T. GORDON. 297 Broadway. rpifE PRETTIEST OF ALL BOOKS. A Will be published on the l.Mli Inst., the fairy tale of "Ci.V HERKLLA, 'forming the Irst book of Hewet'a Series of Illu mlnated Household Stories for Little Folks, in neat, small quar to, with tea superb Illustrations, designed and engraved by the best artist s In tlie country. In a stylu superior to anything of the kind eve i published, eltlier In Europe or America, "and pi inted Muperbly. on very superior paper. Price In Illuminated cover <nd edges. 25 cents; lull bound and gilt edges, AO cen Is. The novelty in till- series Is u colored frontispiece to each volume, in Imitation of on oil painting ? a new lea' u re In book Ulusu a tlons in this country- From numerous le.ttei s addressed to the publisher- by distinguished gentlemen to whom the enterprise l.as been snl united, he takes pleasure In presenting t In* follow tug extract-, which will speak for themselves "Cindeiella I- really beautiful In it* typography and Illu 'rations, and I an, urprlscd aud gratlBed that the drawings are -"?rlginal, dc^! - tied and engraved by artists In our own country. "WASHINGTON IRVING.' " " I have >i?rei Keen no beautiful an edition of Cinderella. Pray send rae anv other volume tvhleh yon may publish this sear. " ROBERT 0. WINTHBOP,'' (Boston.) Miss Lotti-a Pyno (prima donna In English opera) ' h ?ures the publishers other appreciation of the admirable war in which i lie publication (' Cinderella') has beeu gotten up, both for Its ntUit] and an a work of art." "The illustrations of Clmler?llaare excellent , and thewiwl ? -.ppearanee of the little work is so tasteful, that a conlinua'lou <>i the st-ric- v. ill he looked lor with pleasure. "ROUT. W. WIKR. ' [Covernmcnt Arllst, West Point Military Academy , The bo .* n.de will be dealt with liberally. AH orders will I e promp'Iy aticnried to. H. W. HEWE1 No. 12 Dutel. -t. Rll'MPIIA N T. S U C C ESS. 1'i.UIU tol'IKS SOU) IV tuhes wr.i;*s, or MEMOIRS UP BENNKTT AND HIS TIME*. With a fine Mki.amjok PORTRAIT . tss pages. Price *1 2j Kven l.tslyis reading this truly charming Olograph.. I I I llllll|ifc? III Miece -s In proved In the rapid sales of six "en thou ?and copie - w liliiti three week . of 'be day of publication. It la cole eded bv every p. rsou ?ho bus read the work that I. embraces within Its contents an auuiint of various fae't.t., rjetherVith a philo-ophical surve j ot life in all it* phases, enrt.-li ?;d and enlivened by anecdotes sttch as are seldom oompn '*d iu ?>i single volume, ft places the eharactcr ot Mr. Beimett abot e die cavils ol partisans, while it comprise., m eutlre history ol f.is retnarksole career from poverty to afHtienoe? from t'i I humblest station to poll. leal powi r. The work, in fiiel. Is ihe only truthful portrait "t the emineni Viurnullst ol The lieruld Ncwajpaper, an'l Impsr Ully. leai I -ssl> Mnd AUIhft illy surveys a period o thlrtr-flve years. togeth?. with all the tnclilem * of prominent public i.nporlance From ihe thousand independent, jou. usls 'bst has - he irt.iy welcomed and COtuui ended this ver; sal'iable and In' 'iisely In >.-restmg work, we *C iect the loilowing ? ? "He is an Interesting character and Ins bistort an inter. - ? isik. It is well WTlttcn, extremely entertattntiK md insine" ; | ?lthal."? S'. Lonls Evening News. . "The ptvc - treat of lilin and bl- acts with rigid Imp ir i . li v , he aim ol the author being to " no'lUiiu extenuate and to -? . ? lown nai.gbl la malkw.' This work will be cx cnsivels .. >d j ? Lansinghiirg Gazette. "Ills lite is full ol instructive Ic.sous nnd s a. 'in^ | Hons, and the reader may derive ben ie and profit ft u. perusal ot th?' volume. "?The Pcnnsylvanlan. "It Is a book that the people wi.l like to rea-l? wi.li n . tl.i-b writing? no cant, but rich with genuine interoH. ehm-e all, . courteous and genUemanl}. Tbo portrait In Iron ii capeal. ?Frank l.eslie'- Ltull?a' Ga/.eto . ? Who the writer Is we know not, hi' be lis execri.,.| ]., ?k very pleasingly. He Is very lull and ven ??icert .Info Weheait:,' comnien4 tills work to the public."? TU?t Brlti-b Whi-- STRINGER A foWNSKMD. Publishers No. 222 llni.i l's , N. B.? Mailed on receipt of pri -e, free ol po-i.n. . UK M.W vol IIIKtlN NOVKI 1 Tllfi HinilKN PATH. I?\ Marlon llariand. .i.nbot oi \brn On* Htm 12mo. I'clw W ij. 10,000 COME* IIAVK M.l.\ <OIil ' T'i ? Mkditrw incut of ibe Northern prp ? li will frfr-??i *u?uln the pral*? -o wu> 'hi!. w.n ' i ?nhor'.i Brat eBhrt. I' mMM'i ibe war heabhtul enrtr nid beaiulf'itl terUna; ?!??? *?ror- trubful *tmpM<JtT, ?ihI yet iiiimiiu *l'*;inie; the mmw )ti*t ?pprrrt?ii.m .,v din, nut iihaite* ol <**el:ii nnd iiome*Uc 111'- The ale i* one of \oteri m Hie. and Li mint upll; aud grac uillf wi ought.? >> V < Vni"i ? tud Bnqtilrer. ? The Hidden I't.ib" I* a work "i' oiiiiualb: oid <eulii i-i.i .1 atrlkiug ibotulita, bvamuul de^-Tlp'ton*. .n?l ?i mil .i tarnation. ?*!<l J"-' liiieri- >'n^ < n.. t* * *'m 4 '"'"rn-tli. oa4er through "a votnme. from <N peri?aloi ,v hb*b on* >!???? "?titer at bean. and t? iili h more genial, kimDy <? in. < n i ? luuiutnit.v In Kr.irri'l.? Bc-'uu I tally Journal. We take tli* liberty of c tin tentiy . omui In o r eader*, a* cue of tbo-e gentle, earn' b ? In i wit' ti.uod acceptable mall pure bear - and be. oat ?? *m " I met, an *"l"- ial larorito wlih it." tuouieu rw?d*.i 'i Am toa.? ntlladripUla Kvi nlnn )tn in. We bare rend the "Hidden r.i'u ' w ' l > ?: i. -I |i ?? . > ? ? iti l? m of the be*t norela of tlu"Ia? The prom . -:iv> u i>* Hiir* Harland In lmr "Atone" lim 0?':n f'ill> in-: >n? ,ik> ?ok amou# tbr writer* of . "'m .no- Tin' ?>??< < I Interetting: ibe t?tigii:>?e pore oft. n ci?vi' u; h. iil'H ? im ral and in'ei esiiu. and the Burnt eveUeni ? ?? lor* l?ail> New*. High a* hat been tho npuiatlon *<-<|iiir>M b tr h-- man . *i hore?w*of out ii'imtry, w ??lull i. <?* n ? !" ? Al??u*" ?i> ? " ' ti?' i" 'ti . lare and precedence. fhe enmMne.. a- mm ? !'? ii< - with a? few faul' - a? any one ?' run a' 'lie fi ? ? i?t wHitnr ? all to mind. There I* at ' k ???rik** one wuh * peculiar '?????? nv; i.-i t< linn i (i*n ?inrnaM'loa?i> m-urrluii i? wIm: i > *?! |...w*ri'ul "H" i|?m bun Hbe I* eoiplm i' ?' ? nnailiif" . ? f r 4. en; h? r work- are BO ^hort ll\ "t pf' l" '? Vi Ik ii Uiem a geiilif. a power an<! * puri" ? ? *? . nln^ '?airiie. * The prerloilo wih k ol i1-,? i iitior ?? a i ?ixinp<?l Iwi ???? a ?uin*n ot genb nn l(>n*' i I v '.??rr uH ibe upprtli* ?rr wiij'.ii " 'a' I Tb i> ??? i pttrli ' '?Mboii^bi and nrnflm* rii rni'tib' i ? i> . - .*.?? ? tonal boaorooa ?a> ot ?booMnv :? ? n<l * k>" i? ir> n in#?tee*of nortfi* ' The lltfden T* . ' t >? 1 in<t ' rwlere*M>r? IwVreit. In niir np'o "ii i ? j"?"i power; and ?* a ?en ihai "rtie lt(.lii?-n I'i ii - t? .errttiK of p'-im' .ill . <n .n> i ii . -? i i.l m Jurr In pr?db Mbal tbe pnbli> wtil mi-'nln n? in hii T'"ln ? If. V. Alia*. Ii form* a aerie* "I iitct'i i>? l I ?? nt iw ? nuuin/ nm ).la^e 'o p ?' >? ' lilrfl> \ ? ? HT* Nate, nut M? pulutu n? liw wrb ?> im< .-r - ? orea brrnattrr Male, and hna p-ibl ?' i.- t.. -ikM?- "i Ih ' ook- Weeon m a'ulau I tie totln~ nnd irti'M an't?or^*? lor naT Mi* proiluee I a rn-k ao ri m?rkab!? i"f b? ? 1<-U- ???? p'i tj ?nd rf-wral m ih nnd pw^Hlwt 6* Iw- l i>rtt!ian> an<i Hwiftil <Mi-e? i I' Ibi- worM lA le ? m ? Old tV in M"tno<iai fljmoii:)' M?> ft* anal rb* Ii *se ba? of A1 ?? ? m b. > rf%j wbleb pe i v a'le? it. and in lb'' dalle^te "'11 rit-nl- nf love and fiV3Wl".ilp whb h. In alt heir tui?>(*tit?iatni .n?f net*, throw ,1 in '?t'- gr."'e OTt-r Ibe ' bole r.,;.im ? N y Oaf Book ll'nfne , f und trtt'b ar'- I Vf.S'1 >1 ,'I| ??,?! Mif? ineehann- ???nd iii'-i ?* enb*p ?1 bv paintul e?nir,i*u. Wbtle ? i: i ro.1 ? nii*uin 'i"ti by It* h*II im ire.l p:n (, nake. alTatibini' 1o tt- moral lmp""*?lon. *?d enM*t? tlte ? eader'n npprotraii'ai eir lu-lrety with tfct vtrtooit* iod trite.** ?15 Y. Kv mg" Iterp?i;i?a? to fane ?pp"?r< au>p Kt ? **m. Tweliin ? I'/a-^n.i now readfi and 'or ?"I* bjr ail b'*^i??llei ? .t C. HKHHV. Publb-litr, N'-,? York V tvn n:ii- ix amkrk a-pkicb imnc.vw with run* ??, ftt? NtMU'M kwfamp+r ??? ??<v, (i> r ? IM'- lift' l rrni'-'lje*. Ml* rtiHure ft ib?- \ nt* tf* I n *f?d * ,?**??, Htvl "fh?r oC o rich ?-'nl tfCor. B> Jolto Oi? ?orn. OiHir'o, Ln ' *** 1 V'1*. JfV.r mtU Al M rNrif upM, Nfw ivr IVfMi ImiwiiMU t f r*-H? lc. pift r?f ?#*# I ni |M ?((% #? <A ' THE BRIGGS POLICE INVESTIGATION, Judgf Daly's Dffision as Vifwrd by Strict loastroftionists. ??re Cwt?itlHiMM m iht fart of WltMlHi* How Some of the Mourning Cloth Used in the Clay Obsequies Went. Ac., Ac., 4c. I'ursunnt to adjournment. tbe Bsigg* Investigating Committee met yesterday afternoon, in the City Hall. Aldermen Briggft and Tucker were in attendance, but the third member of the committee, lioflfmire, wax not? n punctual. There were present, besides, Home dozen of Witnesses and others interested in tha contemplated pro ccedingM. Alderman Briggfi it resolved to be up to time, ttnd pulling out his watch at 0 o'clock, he says;? "We will wait a few minutes longer for Alderman HolT mire; and if he don't appear, we will proceed." A .solemn pause of two minutes. Alderman BKiuoa? Well, I suppose we might as well commence. The clerk then, by instruction, proceeded to read the decision of Judge Paly, threatening attachment against contumacious witnesses declining to attend tlie meeting of tlie comiuittco when summoned, or testify when they do attend. Alderman Bwacs (to Mr. McKelhir, who is in attend a nee) ?Mr. UcKeiiar, you will be the lirst witues- under the circumstances. Will yon aflirm t Mr. M< Kxiuat ? I have allirmcd two or three times. I'll affirm again if you wish it. Alderman Hmuia.' ? You had about as well, a- there have been .some exceptions taken to the lorins and cere monies Mr. Mr Kki i ah assented and made the alternation. Alderman BRiuae ? Mr. MeKellar, tbe Hist question will be: ahat Is vour position, and what are youi duties? Mr. Mi'KkllaR ? 1 will answer for my own satisfaction the questions set out in the papers on which the motion was inadc before Judge Ihily to commit me. I wish the committee to understand that J will to no degree, and I under no circumstances, recognize their right or power to examine meat all, even as to the above mentioned, until the contrary of what my counsel advise- me, and 1 believe to be the law in this matter has been finallv de termined by the last Ju'lge or tribunal to which I can appeal. Jiy position in the police department is clerk t<? the t hief or l'olice; that I believe you have on record l?efore. Alderman BlUfic?? What salary do you gel - Alderman Tpi kkii ? (To witne-*.) The last question was ouly partially answered. The Chairman asked what were your dutiesr Wjinm* Well, my answer cm braces all that, unless you want mo to go into a detailed statement ol every thing; and if you do, you will have to adjourn to some other day. Alderman Tk kkh? I presume it was the intention of the Chairman that you should answer in detail. Aid. liiiidiK? I don't consider the question answered. The question wa?, what are your duties'" ? whst duties do you perform 1 W i T.N u*? ? indeed. -it would be very liard to tell you. My duty is as varied as the weather. Aid. Ti( KKB ? 1 suppose tiro witness can name some of his most important duties. Wit>W ? Well, they embrace everything. 1 don't know anything you can embrace in 'he hiiglish language that don't fall to my lot iu some way or shape. Aid. Tivkkk? I know you are a very efficient officer. Aid. ? Do you keep the necnunt* of the otbee of the Chief* A. Yes. t}. Do yon keep an account of tie ipplicati'.n- for ap pointments '! A. 1 did so ? not now Q. Bo you p?y out any money WiTMfs at first, declines to answer , on reflection, he nay* ? 1 suppose I may a- well answer anil say that I do. y. Have you charge of the room used as a reception room for stolen property * A. I do not see us Ihu i< embraced in the re-olntion I decline answering. After some consideration Wilms ? it doe' not come within the scope ol the rcsolou ... ... v I, therefore, decline to answer. Aid. Ui;i'i< Then you decline atiweiiujr tbe que tint .. ... VVitm.-s? ' Take my answer as I give it, Alderman. Q. is It your duty to examine policemen in respect of charge ? preferred against them ? .... . - A. I do not see as that Is embraced in the order of Judge Daly, and I therefore decline lo an-wcr that. Alderman Bum. i s ? Is it your duty to recommend or i eli Ct candidates that are applicant- to th l'olice De partment, and have you ev r recommended or rejected WiTsK*s? in the I i ?? pin e, I consider the question Im pertinent and an Insult to me; and in lb'1 ne*t place, It is not embraced within the order of the Judge, and I decline to answer. I AHlcimtin Bat. ? -?Is St your duty to take charge of the dog pound, and regulate the money affairs ot that ' W r.v.-s (referring to the printed pamphlet containing report and decision)? I do n-t find that on inv list of out -Hon-. I therefore say it is not embraced within the icsolntiou or ordei of the Judge. and I decline to answer. Alderman Untoa ? What -alary do you t ir.M>s? H.50U a year, -ii . i>. Do you g?'t any compi n ation oVci and a'Kive your -alary r , . , W i\.--s (afler n |?uae'j ? That is a very queerly worded que-Hon. I would like you to explain what yon mean. |t.. you mean that the < ?.mmon Council now provide for > om|iensation o\-r ana above my salary, or do you mean only whether I have ever got ompensati.in over and altove my e.l.rj Your queatlon is in the preoent tVW. . , , Alderman BM'.' S ti oug it tb> witw-s could ansner the questk'n without any difficulty. W tn rrr I can s?v that 1 Pave got cnipen-stion here t. lore i rer and aliove mv salary that qui -tlon was down in my list, and I *isli to give tbe au-wer ? lair a< I i" Do you pet nnv .eh. . "Mary or j ny fl.r any other i \ ice In the polo e .It* .? rim. nt out de ot this kl.Mair VtiiMe-? i lu.vi .iDswcrist i he que -'ion as far ai I shall an.sv.cr It; I baV' ar-w e.l it arilhlri the order ?l the , JudifC. I believe. ri.e question was altered t.. 1 lh I you ..r do you get. " he. The w it lie - - theUk'ht he nad already an we -l til . AldetmanDn . . ? I wiU p it the que-tions as they are In rv oil the Ust. a? you are so |*rtlcolar. \\ itm fr ? *1 hat i? all right, I wanito acc-rdlnf to o! Have you paid |iHif>-4o ?1 Mi.- d..? fund [ surplus alnce the l*-t meet In.- ol 'lie c imitte \\,TyW ? In nn-w. r to that I will -a.V that I have , not h?l any dog r?tnd nrple- 1 'U"'' 1'i"i"' "' ing of the "term. Witness c<>n"lder? at.i w,.i?- <n ? n-werwlil.ti ho pioiai es to Mil Alderman Bnna>-? Hurry p Mr M-Kil. W rr>r-' ? I am putting tdo*n ' >' " llM' ? I You cannot hurry m< up Alden si Alderman Baa- ? Well we In.. ? "? ? j fore us I do not J.BOW tint we n t- d-ninei >?' j ?"Ur w riling "Ur iilstory t!.e e ' lam afrsl I you 'II It. . t. AMcroan Biiio.'f ? We ? Ig v > I | , n? p' r? i.|-s glvo you t.s. mti 1. .ilK Witmss. iha? rig e.,t;,|,!o!i?! the 'cde us J ?!>./ ? Tli 1 1 guess that will *n?ir?". I l ave i,. i had ? dog i-mud ? rt luv 1 d" not know th ? me niog of th- tern I have ri . ? Ired ?0fiO foi the r lempMon nt d.nr- In W which has been cn-tantly in n- ..f tie- .-ity, hot of w?d 'h I i.iifle i f. turn! <!? posit, whi'l v. , truth 'm* . fan fr, front .-no aec-nnt 'o ai.? *h< on th- St ?t of April. lsj.v this ftinnal depnslt, ortranstf, wa- made nearly nf? r nth <?') rller 'b "t li * ? it. Imt it W.-M not .i. ne W in* of any a?M n, oi Hit of action. . ii tl.. mrt of this committee it Hb**n jou jwy *1**' hiou*" 10 t^c* ?>u? 4 effi'e. " A. .'1-t . f April, lk </. Mow Ii iif did J ' Id th m-mv u hanjH I I .'O n< t .? 'ha' tLi e .liiev within I he e ,r- ot tbe *re?< lotion, and I dedlm- "? answer <i What u e HI jou tea! hat m. ue> f or tlie l^ne '' \\' |V|>- ? Ihat is not nubia . I within th-JM olaHon arvll I decline to answer It A!.', i III. n jilt..? W . w" wiU put it In l.vsl form ? V I.T ha . you retain i Ibis te n-y m you hand- ?o * W > e \ J WiTM*s? ! do not know a- that I- any .4 your >eisi " A ale iu? n Dnasr? N't a..i ? ? ? >iu-ln? eh' V i l? cllli. at. w< ng the <11 ???.tb n tlu n WiTMr*? No, sir I have answtted It Aldetnii.n Uiu- 1> (re t i; o tc r - tan'ling ?^".1, lo yo.i refuse to answer it" . . .. wvr>)x._\,, -if I not. I have ,in-wer?l It. iWit I m... e n-' i" '>"? '- ?* " i'"'""- > 1 ,hi; eome in under oil . fjudg. Dal* a questions am as I I ,m lew 11 ue' to ibb -'rietly iy 'hat do.lsi.rn I .11! an-wr. it ?nd I will say. in re,.ly to the neat, on tUt It was to- lib np the a.-cunts agilnst th-eltj. u. Is that a taii'tion of your bu?in?-ss ? Mn?m? 1 deeJlnetoar.-wer any ?u. Ii que- ion a n I r within th' e..p. 1 the f -lilt.'" Q. |%i you know wha^ dls|s>?ition wa ma<w* a ' black tinnk. ronle-l or I"' 'wsl. wlileb h is rweive. n tin office of the tlilil of l'olice -owe time >n ?n. r wliirh no jicrftimt !'??? n ' In the first plac", I mi ?nt i?:e ' .a "1, trunk ha? be. n r?rei?t?l in the o Tier f tb ? > ? ?" ,|ef .,f any kind or des- ilptlon, < f whi h m ?<c wint n l*in given I ntterly deny that stij trunk hs? ' *e eelv.-<" ihete ?f the . bars. t. r na- ast m d? - ' one that aas brought to tin1 ' .fli 1 - contains < r*e ? "* ' of a ?le. eased relative of itf ckh 1st Carro l. ?b ch ' r'in* and paper, have hesii delive.-od ip U: 'be t" '? th* county of Nets Yo- No - *" 1 ^ jrtk <4 tha d. m ription r.-frtred to hs - ev*r V' u>y knowt-^og* besn eecs't* -i In tl . ofB J ? . . * to# only ?rais^ trunk '.iu'. hoa be*.i i oft \iArrm?:i Ba ia.a (re'srHng t, <n 1 i? 'K-e ? there hav? bee.i tart# or four t. uak? rt^^ed 'u '"ue office. Win???? In thpro no acount given of thorn r Mr. Bnuio'? I do not nee that there is. Wtw ? lteain? let me we. (Witness take* the report, aa l read* a note to thp eff?et that where no accwiwl is given of the disposition or prt perty opposite the r?*fn, it is to be und?rntoo<l that it remain* in the office unre claimed.) Mr. BaidO*? And i? that bia :k trunk there f WrRiW! ? I should say so. 1 have so stated on m> ?e raeity in that report.' . ?... y. Hare you an* knowledge of a icward of %1(> having 1 -sea offered for a' trunk, printed in handbill form, and handed into your offier- to be distributed amongst the po lice department f . A. 1 decline answering, f r tl?rt reason 1 have heretofore given. The question is not embraced within the resolu tion or order. _ Q. How long in it atnoe 'he e lias been a sale of stolon t.ropertv in your office t Wtvph-? I decline to an-wer, for the same reason. , (J. lbs any atolsn property been sold in your office within the last five yean. , _ Witnkw It is not o Tinbrt.ce. I within tb? resolution o decision, and I cannot answer it. AUleimau Bruhih ? Yon decline answering* Vfnxwm ac, eeded with a funny wink. q. Did Mr. Mnt^eil ever tell you that a candidate ap plying to the police depot from one of the upper ward* afouH not be appointed because be was a Know Nothiag'r Wrwwt laughs, and then begs pardon of the Alderman for his levity. He did not deem it a question which came within 'the limit- marked by Judge Daly ; but still he would answer. . M . ... A. I answer decidedly, no. He (Mr Mat-oil) never interfered in such thing*, such conduct Is entirely fo reign to hi? course since he joine<l the police depart ment. It Is to do justice to him in that respect that I um indnred to answer the question. Q. Cid you ever use your inllueucc against any ap plicant on that ground" ... . .. WtTNH*? l consider that question an insult. In the first place, it is not the duty of the comniittec or of the Chairman to put it; and lu the next place, it U not em braced In the resolution or decision. Alderman ItRua? My object Is to get at facts. A great many candidates. 1 know, have been set a-ele for inferior persons; and that is what I want to net at. WrrNWF? ' That Is all onlv vour Imagination I think. Alderman BRKKI.+? No, sir, 1 am w. 11 posted up about this. Witxree There may have been some of these common thieves whom we see around set aside, but no proper per Mins weie set aside on such grounds. o Are you a cltiren of the United ?fates? WrrM.-? 1 believe that that question is already an swered. . |, Alderman BiUCCS? You said your mother told you so. WrrxKaK? 1 Know I was there at the time, but I do not think you would htvrc me state the fact from my own re collection. _ .... i Alderman Ihwwi?? Then you decile e to unswcr WiTKWV No; the Judge says you have no right to ask it; he says it is an Impertinent question. Alderman Hrma.i? I think lie did not say so m regard to this question. Do you decline answering it* WiTNiU' No; I ypr.it that I have answered it l>etore, and Judge Daly ?ys the question is impertinent; at least 1 have so seen it In the newspaper Alderman ItBHio?lhe newspapers are not always to be lellcil upon in thene things. WiTNWF? oh, ye roost or them are. Alderman Itju.'ai*? Wo Know that is your powerful en Ejm ? the press. As Ion* as we get the people to Itack us ?wc consider ourselves dually us safe. IlaTc you had charge ot the dog pound this season1 Wiimk ? I decline answering tor the ame rea on I dirt ' '()!' View much money do you now hold us a surplus from the last dog pound Wn.M doelln.sl an iteringfor the ame reason (j. Have yoit any knowledge or the black clo I u-e here to decorate this house In remeiiil ince of liemy , t lay? i i ? i I WriNt s inquired wlieth* i own knowledge or troni ?!?' h> Alderman Run ' f though <nt the question. . ... i WlTMWf 1 have no Vuo. .'fit >biit cuiocot that cloth, but I did )i< " r it Mr. Branch (private secretary | to thet b.iirn, "> -pcclal commis -kin- i to the Com* mil),,., find i v large pleec of It? (laughter) ? and that Was tak- 'he I resident s desk, I was told. I ^iii it mi l tiow!< i .i\ *ol( of it. |I? you Uno id "BV Others hating got a pleoo I do not -ay tbut I know of any one having got a niece of It I only told you wtoit 1 heard about II. Hrnneli having not a large piece that came oil he Pre. i ll Ill's tic ? Up stalls, and I don t know wh< thcr tliat i trim oru' t. I only tell you what I heard. i ? ~ | i|,i you receive any money from policemen or ap iiii iLi . i/irj|rgiug their clahns for appointment below the Board of r.1,1, filial Witness, after writing down int 'i"-??" commenced ' Ald.'riimn "itm. . - (impatient >? Mr. McK>U?r. can t v.ti Iiianige to write tliat down in ?li<>rt hand and not ' ' Mr."i<^K i'i'uat ? If 1 did wi ite it in that hand your clctk would not l? able to read It. , v \liein.an llira.' To Alderman Watreiiian. who had Uist stepped in? Alder man, 1 am n-t much ot a I f,nd want to kn.? ?hether a the stand ha- a liirlit t" wriU' down qu?*?ion ?n<l answer' Alderman W m ? -Helicve.l that tba wa- discre Uotiary, an l took lii- leave. Udell anBuafU"? T" witn.s? I goe.. you ? ill bav that full enough now Vou are not w.lt.ng, are you, a hi?toHP of your HlV/ ... , .. ? ,Tm ?lob n..' ju -t take your tune, and yoUwiUtind it ?ill i 'alii j lie then proceed- to read. J Tin < question I w 11 in?weiV..rm>V.wn -atl.faclion-prote.ting. however, a/n inut the riiflit ??r authority of tin- runmittc*- to pro I'nmlil I answer that 1 never did nceive any money I valuable consideration either directly or ind. .., ntlv for .oging thertifims Oi the appointment of any , ,, , n whom-.'ver Imt, on the contrary, whenever any ' i-oiindrel dared to appnaw h me with the offer of any thioff . tliei dip" tly indirectly, I reported the tact to f be S>ard of < onnnlssioiiets aholnvariably reje. ted such nnwortbv applicant : I deny this imputation moat em I , i j \ ,n :,ll in length and hreu itn. 1 Aldernuin Bmh ? ? ' -h"?M think that que-.ion pretty ^ \V, r"i "?Well 1 n' ended that it should V Ablerii nn Bh? ' e-And why don't you answer all ^^r'-riid 'hi for my own -atl'fa- en not for y, or I protrst aguinst your iigh' a?k any such ini nSKaSKtjh. ,, II .. oi lier d. pM I fmentf lliat Is a simple que-tion. 1 hnv answered that already. Have not y.n got your reeoriU Aldenn-m- . i;. If. v. much st. len property I- then in the Chief - ,.t 1 ?? now unreelelmedr WnvW ikecllned answering. Jl.lerman I>i<a '-It i' u-el. -s to ?a?te time i( he de " '^'1 I "Xiugbt that you ?ere u-ing your time ' 'Akicrrriin Hi . ..K_Thn? will do to fa* Mr M?K'llar. Mr Mehellar thereupon left the <tan-l tin ii.in M> ? '.?>*, ? rn. Ald. ru.an Bp ? 1, t wsrd .re ; m att..c|.M to (Witness .to.iion.lv examine- lit' sonographic rep< rt Of former pr?>c<>ediuga./ , Ai >, i. ..hi I f - (annoy, d -1 nc.er knew such a set of ? itie -se b<%re Tliey mo<t eisminn the l*)<ik tie r. re th. v answer a question. \\ (Wit! de-1 tha' h- might an-wei - I am at facie 1 to ti-< Nineteenth wtid ii What p-ltian do ymi hold V i- .gtln becoming deepl* nnmersct in ti - '.'?a; _t, r .n Judge Italy's decision ? Aidcrmen I I ' -I b;. the .(UCstiolia there. A,d.-n.."~l|,:'i'1' -~?"ll. ?e will try and suit you. If \ld.in?n I'll." ? 5o you fftire to an*, r >lw ques ' 1 reins, toaiwwer any que-tion tliat , ou' ?" ,r " '-K - r* !,u"u '?* - ^ , - * ? . | ft ill an.-<w<?5 o* t" J,,ge 'ah .de.-."".- ,T, ,hn f 1 " t^.ili .1 all -he ? atten cmbra.ed In the r,r,;.v. ^ ' at. ? ? I havci- tonli one tc i.ion and I keep to id ii 1< c en ? ? - 'i | j "i Ii ? n J nr.er rccived -uc!i a rt. rooi ciu the J .1 dge J Aldeiii. in l.i h i ?I? ??? prt-i'b' m all the n> ? J paaer. W TM> ? \V? r I tcvr mad It Aidenoan Pan.' - ( .gain ? I'o you de. :ine ?r. s'-ring the question i V, m ? I a 111 an?". the qoeations tm braced .0 hi

decision Alderman Bun.. ?? Hi -?y. you alt to teatiiy ? n all tlie matters iief.retiie coauittce about comption. W i n+ -He ?r< notliiug al.oot corruption lie >*y tkat II a wit Deas -hall refuse to an ?er aoy of the que t Ion * in the * lepe . I tlon ann'-..". to tha' 4ecl-i.in, an at fa't.ioent till liHe Mritvi b'm. Aid. in an K?i..<?? I on ;ei -tand jrrm are to answer all qui .'I'.aa a-k(d y< In this Investigation. M rs > ? lo-.ii I > oa brought me l>efore Judge iHly. and ' s> e by his decid< n. Judge I*ly haa go' i- g<?i'l a r! ? I ,snp|' -e. to serve one of the*.- Mtra dcciaioM, tf b ? 'r.^ib toy upon me A e in Mnrva (evidently emharr*??eil ? I 'lo fi?t t# ? * f.e'- yen ell learned . r.'ieht law I'O; i de - i M y?i ?nn to arts we ae taeatkn ' ... i 1# . an ?ei f say qifnt ? # f ut<l ?? f Jo e i i y'g d? ef'. > a. * '. is ?? ?ni?? f.-*h*r ?e' thl? .'le-l'.i or n-.t V 1 ? you V. -n Ui'i a. ? , .e..|i,n now tha! V a- 'el .'.11 ?f . . . hat 1 will i ? tb it ? en'.' > n>^ -.4 a Ja "ge r* j '? d*? - 1 < V>a . -e *n?i g- I al, '.W1 ?tVM (Wltnes- seem, to be engaged diep y i? fftudy ) Au>. 11r:i.' .- ? What'an.?wer an 7011 make to that jue*? tmnF Witn?w? Vow at a'! ?i", I told you J trould abide by Judge Daly's decision, mid you cannot go behind that The two Aldfrm:<o put thrir head* together Au>. Bbxmk? You d' line answering that fa-* qi:e? tioul" Wit.nbb.v- I 4<^ae an?;>e!in^ anything outside of thi? deii*ion. y. What II your full name A. Michaei ilcCann Q. How loujf hare yon been in tie police? A. About i-iubt'- n months. y. Have you c\ ?r been in prL-on in tkir 01 any ?thi*r country!" 1?ii hihi ? (After study nfthe book) No, air 1). When and where were you uaturaii/.i-d: Wmmr? (Hcferiiug to (!?'? book) ldo not ?ee that ques tion here. Alderman Biui ? ? T),. you ref'- -a to aniwer tlie -men tion? Wiww- *'ell, 1 cannot go ovtsldeof Judge Italy's de claion. Q By whom were you naturalized, and In what court' I It appear* to me that ti:at i>- u Mmple question. VlMV ? I hare already de 'lined to unswer it. Q. Are von a lieutenant of your ward* W.TN>h> ? I do not see .11* that has aiivtlilng t? do with It. Alderman Bmi lc? -That will do for to-day, Mr. MrCann. Mr. MK'-ann finales the wltnc*?' sent, which it theie upon tilled by Timothy Welxter. (in taking the oath, Mr. Webster made the reservation that he nhutild mnwer nil question* embraced Wit iln !he resolution of the Hoard of Aldermen and the d?c -don of Judge Paly ? euch t?* he had t>een legally ftirnishel with. There was, consequently, Home difficulty in regulating the foitnoi oath ti>hi> tarto. Alderman ItnwKa ? Do you refuse taking the oath ? WlTNU-f ? I came here to testify, and l am renly to do ?o ? will the Hon. Chairmau allow me the name privilege he ha* takeu himself t Aldei man Hi; i' a ;r ? Certainly. W itnkk ? Thvu I want to consult counsel u? jou haie done. Aldeiman Bl'K.r." ? You hare only to auffwer as un honest man. Wrrxttt ? I only want legal advice, ao that you a'lall not over ride me. Aldeiman Buukik ? Do you lehwe to take the oath? Wm?T ? Cead It u?aln Alderman Hima.s read the oath. Btmi*? To pallsfy you I'll take that oath, but I in tend to be governed by the revolution and decUlon alto gethar. Witueas having lieen accoidlugly morn, sat down, with the deciiion and reaoiutlon iiefore litui. Aid. - ? What is your full name? Wrr.\OT?-I wlU n< t< r deny that ? my full name Is Ti niothy Webster, ah. y. llow long have you been attached to the pollrc de partment I A pan.se. Alderman Burner ? What answer do you gin' to tbat question? Witnh t ? Doe* your aiioelate (Aid. Turker) *ny that that isemhraced In the rasolutlou and decision? I intend to be goV< ill" -I h) thun. Aid. Tro.KK (to witness) ? It is not unumeratod in tin questions, but It Ik my opinion that the Judge g?>< on and gives us the power to examine witnesses on the mat ter# referred to the committee. Witnkhj? Vea, aii . that in your opinion; bjt I io not read it a* Mich. Aid. IJi'iiii;?' ? We claim that you arc bound to answer all i|iio*liona on the aubject. \\ it>m* ? I have no objection I hat you ahall claim what you think propi r AM. J Iriu 1 ; ? -Then y?u 'leciiue to answer (hi* "iua. tlosf H'ltM." (rtfeniiig to the pamphlet) ? I 'to not cee It heie. ?I. Itrni.i. ? It hax actbiiiK to do with that book. > Wlftitcl ' of oOice do you hold In the police depart i *nt? \\ it \ i ; f ? Is that ia the derision and reaoiutlon, Al ? ici man Tucker ? AliUrman Tt fhtits? It i not a lowering the i|ue<tlon aaked you liefnre. . (Mi. Hi Kci.lin beiiiK i>e'-n here leanit'g on tlio b i' t one id' the leporters' chairs, Alderman IUihu.h ask I hint ? hethir l.c Was noting as counsel, and roq nested h.'ni to take a seat. Mr. Mi l\?n.\r graeefully deebnol tho re qui I, and denied acting as counael. lie wa> lie nly ? | oakian to a gentleman.) V. iNKf- ? (hat ti? hud time to rcllect.) ? I abide by the decision of Judgi' I'aly. ?J. Was yovi ever attaehed to the Chiefi ofll. e Wn>f.-f ? (heavliiK u -igh. ? It ti not in U10 decision whJi.'h I am governed by. i). Ale you a eithcu of th' 1'nited Slate, or of tlie .-tato of Now York ? Wit.ms- ? Judge Daly refers ti, Uiat i??rt xtrlctly. 1 abide strictly by his decision. Aldeiman liinoor- ? Perhaps yon know more Ihsn the Jud|{i does hijJi'i'lf. That has got to be <ett!ed liuolber nine. <) Wlien were you nMuralired, and ?'T whom, and in I Wll.'it "OUltv Wl1M?? (IN ? ignedly I ? 1 abide by the lccii'lon "if Judge Oalv A Me: mac Rrh;(.*> ? Tl.'n I understand you to refuse ? nswi'tlng the question. W)TM>' ? I do not know what <-on-tru?tion you may pj.K" n wba' I say. I -(leak the plain l ilt'." li langoagt*. Al'l' tmnn llmi' ? i^trinj; It up a- a bud Job) ? Well, Mr. Webster, that will do for to-day. We will require you another day, I "Oppose. There helntf no other wit r?-?s. ? reedy, w will adjourn the Olll^llittel? to n it W. li.e day at 8 o'clock. Pol If 1 f liitrlllK'iH < . (1 RIOV- fBOOTlSO APVHAY IN liRKtNWltH STHBFT. It. > n 'h<- houra of half-paat tweWe and one n'elo k yeaterday morning tl e utt* nii< n <?f uffleei Stark, ? .! tb< \ i r?i ward police, wan called to a lager IiIm si loon ?>??. al'-d In the barement ot the dwelling X'i. t>2 lireenwi'di a1rt"t bv tbe loud r?" i ??rt of > pintol Ibi-tenlnt; In the ?pnt , Iw* b und thai a lierman nam**! Hermann I .and wefcr had bei n aliot in the lefj by a man named Hfo ?I- e Ts'|.pre<b, wli i wj- then rurnliiR ifT ut i tap I iati endeavoring 1<i eacap*. Immediate purfilt *?? jrwnwhiu th'' fugitive w?? linnlly captured, after a haiM -ha-e und not a Utile trouble, si* be atoutly re i?ti-d ih< a '.tempi- if ilie nil i cm to taUc lum mCn cmt<?ly. V?? ? i-lay Ibe prla< ner wn, brought IJefi.rr luatlf W'l-ih I Uif l>?fi t'o r<nnt whei * a eouiplahtl wa made ..?a in-' biiu toi fibnloua aatault and balt.-ty. Kr m (be iCIil.iti - against 1 ac n?e l |l appear* thi't a' th>- un i '*al'le b? ur ! one n .-I... l> vi?ti 'lay morning b ? I ii(f with i jnrly of four 01 Hi' per-. n? en ????! II, e -a!.<i. In i|ue?-i<in for the piii|?i" <rf > t>. jling lKem*el?' ( .-?< eral of tbe pirl i-.l' I I i pi r i 'b if be * n it 1. 1 nut treat th' in t" ,i bot '? ' '.!< im pi^ni ll'i b' a. Iir?t rtfu-'il to do but a' Ibe ie. ? .is il di< tation of hla fri'mb at i* ?' ?' ? I'd In the VTsajvl opon hU { 'line, an s il '.n w ? !?: ought f..rtb i ? in tbe re 'la r. t? a matter ? f cour-i th? conling ii ,nid ?3* x.iin d("jH -ed ol, en'1 wb- n they were about to ib - I rt < ne oi tbe mpauy hin'nl In a maun ilia lb<> mini bad ni ' j i" n wltl'd I r, vbereupon w.e I, 'i# fill. 'Are J . It ns to pay fill what or ? i?d *.i' pu*. toTupi ri fc 1 rill, by th' loi '?!,?>? ? ii< 1 < r,e <.? tie onfwnr Taipsach, hoi?i ver n> o-?-d to aek IV ,w i' that be < , mittWI tbr d?lit. ami i i, t po-itireiy <Je?Ilne<l ;o f ik oi . tb* ea?b Tbe i llrnailoB of bt ? ' mf*?n!iinj V ne* no b"iini!?. file- of nM hlii '?m* M ib hi' her?i!. l~b?' nui.n -?nr i. !? .!!? ? ?r?*- ' ?? b 'hi r li jul k a tie- ? anion. T*ppn ? 'i ?u nnrer. n, ,bIou dy h .I'm ill-fib' m)i n *':>W*t the ,! i,l- ..minimi ??.!? V ? ii- oiar i., tuiallj ?upp e. r-ippie. !? i . . I !?? i .land all I. ? wtiliAnt Rmrmi or "? ';'il?-l ,1 ,lr> ? plirt .1 fri III I . ? t?re.i-t J' k' He! Iil?l 'I . .... j, ? . ? i . r. ??! *1 n i * . nd II - ? ..I > \ "P.e | a II, 1 > >???? I ' r : ? 1 r . ( I A ?b"i I' ' Intel an ii. f! .-I*" -? i IT'1 a" mi in" ? If' I II, .inn l.ni.ti'br in tl.e |. t . ,?? p i^ofth' -bj (r?eturlng the lib i . n i | 'ai'i Ii, m I, i ? -frf wound tha* tbe amputatl-in of be joint waa t"?in<l to b<- in eo<*ary hy tbe ?oif*..n in at ? n<ta ?e? Tbe * nsi'l"! liUiii i* an ii. tiie atiaii4' to th' pri ,D' md ? ??le'lr, iiy ?ay ei (fi.({. .1 in tb' li ' , r'.oi Jn ? be V "l-h ! "f.ire ?bom Tippreeli ? a< t j;lit eoi.n I so I' pnaon lor eaanma'ion II <111- HOFTH? A POI.ITK tl row V??1frtay afternoon Oider.ll J Taeker e-',i'.oi f tbe /.ii'/jV-1 appHfi e Ju?ti . W -h it the |. . I li -e i ouri ai d nrnde a r< mplnint .i*a,n.i I ap'aJn I lib Hyp i> ' ? for a -a !? an-l ,nj in* n n?> 1 ? n ?mgn. Tf '? e.-uiplai nan ?tat*? lluit Hynd. ?? a e Into ?be ,\e, i.nt' i . and abmrtng him, ?abl bew iMwb'ptilni lb< ne*t tine hr met him in ' b< pubtlr Hi <U. f, I en. > <'{ feelind V twe? n ihi >e p., 1(e. na a . t tbe fa< ' >A >,ne (Hyn tei < i U ti.jj ap .nniient ?? ' t < I, ? bile the other (Turker) l? >d' ntlti' t *1'h tbe opp> -it* -ti.,n ''ijiiiooiily known i* the har*1 A e# rant ?w ia?ned for the arre?t of tbe aer w?j whi h *i? alaeed la II'* I : I n't ? lif flirej I /, ' .,f i., '? ,, . ' - urt Mr ete. ntu.n >KllK?,T 01 t* I M il I V I f? 1*11. or. \ . ??e|. Iiv I ? r- p ? r and ll> -tw. . the II -t, i< I t*toi n< y'? i.f!.'" am ? el a nan na *1 I aniel >f,i.n n on a warrant buanwJ fcyJa-tl. e ? ..niK.lly ? I the lyr#*r (?,, i , ? Uull, (hiiftil *ltk bat.ngaeb- n the capacity of a nlot ullhout bating any 'ieruee. tbe ae^OMfl, i* |? allefi .l l a* for many y*?ia p??t U'li i II n *4 pii-rt i nt fr.r ?? me mia< ondiiet be ha> of Ute 1- ?m ref,i??.| >, ii HI" | ap< i by lb* IVatrd of Pilot f ?mimia^mwra, re I wil liataltdlng wblab, bo?e??r, b? eontiimeil p.^ t -in/ lii * pri.fi lou In open vb/Ution <<i tbe pib.t U* til p. rt Die pri" IK r w*a b<id to bail In be ? o, i t a ?*r tbe (barge iLLMth tmarr *t ri-roi ?ry. A ?? i.'b un i :?*?! John lain ?a? trinM lij ' -?f Wallaee of tbe r??ef?*d rnrp%, 'ba>y I arftH haftaf e an iuel!e? taal attempt af t.UrfkarT The a< i?". It i? ai li ged, attempted tn eater the preiniw- nf P.tri-. I rennan, at IX ile-ter >tra*t. 'ml tbe orewpaat' to? plare ae-e to* ?bW awake fin the Intntd-r oo'w.ik uf ' ?a- fa'ber ??t'j In the morn n/ V g III y ? ?? Ved ap ia tha T'lnSa hjr Jw.ti, ? it ri <i, ??m*w ??)R iwtoiii triow Tk?rKfi?*r lb' e ?ei- Iblrty Iwo arrwti t w twotyatioi. j% * ? ?! . ,IM>| - i-ilee utatrtet . ai f?.. w I Ut I >. ? Olirt, .'o?tiie Weill. I<l '? J *. !*.?, . . .< - > ? . , 'I | POSTSCRIPT. SATURDAY, SIX O'CLOCK A. M NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL OF Tllfc NORTlllUt* LIGHT A Million of Treasure Arrived. Di?eorfiy of a Bogu* (ioiit Diut Bnnufarlorjr. Suddfn Disappearance of I. f. Wood?, KNOW NOTHING CANDlftVTES FOR STATE OFFICES. Col. Walker aga^m in the Field. MOVEMENTS- OF COL. KlYVfiY AT S V\ JlH, Depressed Condition of the Markets. Ac., Ac., Ac. Tli( Accoe?sory 'fran.lt Company'* .team-hip Northern highf, Ceptali* I.. I. Tinl.lepn*gh in rr<- 1 1 1 >t night from Han Juan via Ki* Wr (, with 4 1 7 jm ung t and 11.006,597, froui .'?'aw Francisco Aigicd lHtli, p<-r steamship I in !<? f-'am. Nothing of importance Had occ"' e I kln'o tV> last ateamer, excepting the dcp-utuic of J. C. Wood of t ' . firm of Adam* k Co, , for AtiaVralia, and tin- dt?ro\ , > y n| a bogus gold dunt manufactory (jold Continue* to com# lu plentifully from the min<?. and money ia much eaaier. The paaaenger* by ttila whip Mine through in perfect health. there having been no cholera or other dl?en.-<i on the route for two month* past. Tec river i- hlfrli im?l the route in most excellent order. The new lake boat .''an Carina, capable of carrying one thousand p i < ngci enmfortubly, commenced her regular trip* on tin- !M)th lilt. The eoinpanv now having three hoat? on the '?!.<? there l? no poH-iblllty of detention. Tie wur atill rape* in the interior of Nicaragua. "?i the 18th ult., at Sance '24 Icagma troni I .eon, toward Fegovla, a broody battle wan fought between the govern ment troop*, under t.uardlola, un i tho democratic |*>t? under Muntu, attainted by Alva re*. with force, from Honduras, which reunited In tho eoiii|dete delmt oi (?uardlola and the ilcnth of Mono*. <?u the litith, Colomd Walker landed at San Juan del Hur with (HI men ot hi coaimand, and 170 of the deuiorratl under Mi nd leaving a r-< i<eivc on hi* schooner of ? bout HO nun. I won endeavoring to recruit from the California pa. -n ger*, with but Utile iicnsii. He offered . tery facility the Transit Company prol'erring n guatd for t'.c |h , ? Are. Colonel Kinney'* party are *till at Han Juan ? ! Vorte He ha* just concluded a contract for the Shepani gt . nt of thirty-five miUion* of acre* of land on th" Mo,,|iiUu coast, and baa fnt an agent to Cranadu to gel tin giant ' coc Aimed by the Xicetaguan government, and als.. t?, j obtain permisnioa to -> ttle in Chontnle*. He ii vcrv I ?anguine of aueeees He ha* dire, ted a tram?. building of I two storl*', for a printing office, and I. to publish a p< per aoon. tii* ra 1 1 e r i :i 1 ? having arrlvd on the laigh.li j ?teenier of the :>l*t ul1 . with Cotum! Knhen* and thirty j mon. The Not thai a Light lift in the haibor of Sin Jann, A?f 31, the ICnglioh mail ateamer Clyde. Arrived srboon. r Onk.ikye. Thonip-oii of lia'tinnr.', from MlifAeld. fo San ftlai", twin lay. and hi* Mi>?.(iiHo Majenty ? yacht "Turk. ,ccpt. 0, l?t JJT lin I hi. ?o ?, ?fp? I,.,, i i,r;. He,,,, I IlriK.ka, oi Ik . ton, standing north. The Knglish ff?rk itainbow, loaded oltb al fur lf.ir.ni' went ashore on Key \ accuf A'ig. J* . re? ???< d v e and caigo total los?. ilng Huntrean, of llnio, t, ,,, - , n j Juan, went ashore near th" ?ano plai", "aoi' d .r no ' live* lost- the ve' cl wie (Tot off and hroughf uto K ? y W*?t. The f??lli wmg ia tho mi M*t nt* xitttHVNN in. in Metropolitan Hank .1 Jnan? llios Ai *1 14'. ! N. V flM.OOO A lioll k lire-. I.' <M> Well* i'urgo k Co 101 d"0 <? W -ihenkbe f 10 ' ?0 Order .'J?,1W1 Jacob-. I.' vl y J? ileoth Jk Olgar 10.7^4 cob* fi 0# J. I'at rick k Co ii <*i> W Ifi-ll.-r ' all K. Ki'llv \ C? . '.'7 7f> ?f Hatti.n.iy -a.a W ii. Diiuljar V ? **i A. At I IHtrgln- k> ^ Iiki W .-eligiiiun , .1**1 II. King At -?.n. .'O Hank ot Airiericu .'I I n J.Mn ht k Hroil ? r I Inn r k K. i geiili'm 'JD tlWi llaiUinor. ? 17'* K. I.. Taylor ... Jin**i l< IfcC., I'lHlw Jit! <ttn Ji.hu l> ok Jr. -ii ?**! Sewbi.ii.i ^ r.i*e. (ioldsmith. May \ I Wat., n K Son. i'< .</*? ?Ircob- Ii'. a.'?H A 'nrrei IV" too *27 '*U | W -noil k Co 10,12- Hint Centenfy k< J? j A. Jadobs OIV, UKIOO H.-w. Ar I .1 1,4ft* | Ho - h II Wil* :? r. In '*1 MaiinliigA^taii* ? ? it 4 Jr. Iota ?|i*J. | jjrr. In t|i Norturii tAuh* fi?mi Hmi Tr#**, W J IU ? >?.. K Im/? ri, H \ Hrulflt Mr f/t ? t ? ?? .1 ? liil rd, II I* Wniooti, J M I#iit|j? i# M i*t?i m ? - ? < )>)!?} m ?t*l r ?? ?. \tn>*n..m i 1 v, II U \ M# ? W % ' f* f?. W l? VVii 4ii I' l ? I. II i , ? II 0 Iw . h K *1 ? \i ? t' . HniHN Ml Min-Jr f. U? ? ? ? < h, 4 <J M? f'.i N "f |?, It * v M " ' V' - ?i U rn II H J Prnvn M ? ' hU, I'dfK III 1 - \ I- 16 ? ?. Mr ?<??., Itru < hlMr^tl *r?'J m?i rms? <J I* IV fwftotw, If < ? t M . .?)>!* I - Mi 1$ k S I . . * \ M I H* l< *# !??/ M? , # K I, iu, t' IU ' I If II . M <* * N ATM - I V * . * It W KHipi . i'm> *'?? *?. I* II K' nr'Ht, .1 H Hi. ? ? * II I'l ? '? ? !?.<%#* . ? < ' II . I A ' ?' '? K?J. . . I, I H I 1,1ft fi It H It,. A * i I ) II * . > >; v \\ , \\ V V>uk?r W' i r-TK-HV. htpr^., it-'.a. T I .1 4 It , (Mi K lwftr.l-, J 11. *?.U. ? \if ;|| Si U ini ' r\*r v I ? lf'< ' ! ?)'! *' r it> i Mr * f, o ? \ 1 m 1 ? Prfdi I. V M? . ?li ?ifi .ill,#' :,i i . ? y ?h* I'mi inl^lii ? \? \ ?ilri l" AH * I . Atljf 1" Tl?#? ?? *'? ih? f >1 |?rt r 1 1? T+ h fbr HKUitf '?/H #*?(?. Thf ^inp^rii^ -t. nil) mkc th'?ir ii'tt iitBii 'in ililt ?<3*- , lli.f I lif/wirif i* 'ht A/i*' ' I hi Ym '4 i%*i wwi for I ?' ?il Ti' * il*?v?*vnor ? ft M r*l? t '?l * i| '' fit* Cm ?ll ?, ii # ifrir, f m? ?#f f f rill tet?r?y . furjf ??! fill hi fit At* 9 ?*nl?*r W* '? *I?m * t .?! Vor hut? I *#?. orjp VS i Tuo lumrM'. i MMi i ? ? ?* -fl' >'J I V* 1* ? I. . K?*r Atluni'f i?*m ?l-~. \s . I VV .< ii*4 . . ? ? - . (%*, . K' r M jr.-j-' *?? i. 1? 4?>b?? A ?? ?v ,? Kf>r i|*? T'riftl^r ? Jam#* AH* ft, 'A Y?l?t, V- ??? *S m'j r? i**m I?#|. ?'?hi ? ?I MeK* . i . H f v i 'Jilfvl **f ***?! I f . '>- A i>? 6- Is ?*: | ? A i n? ,4 ? tf ' ? . ? ' I ' t '-h. "I* It*- I'll!. * . I r >?? !???*? ?? H..r ?< - . ftt ?? K?r rliMf?'imiifS I* .f J< ? K ^u-'f - #?f ?! rt? Xj f"ti V* m '"im * II 'r ti ?!?. | s ftr j ? WO* VVnt ny >4 ??ir ifUWBfW?H. Ir . ?*i M |W???4 * ".,r |ttnrfi#)r II' iivr*i - fl * . "% hi***:/, *4 * <>< ? '?.i *',rm fli.im! ? M M ?4 < ? *? f if .fl-' ? ? ?<?%?'/' II i f*,t+*r% U? '?f r<>r I >i?9n II IVU rf *?n l r*n ??? m?;il I , I* '0 >A I'W-^r* ?li- i I* ; n ?- *( ??n I f *? A tirrfilcl? hmi?-*i/'i# *4 *4mt* 'rf sl?# ' ^ *' i %** ^ }*' tiiH t?j .* %m*tw ? lk? ??*ll llt**?C<t I .t? rh . "Itim* v*f# iiiui6r? Mr*. ff! ?.?- ? ** U T W? i |Rff lh*it n??* !??(?# i i i f'*? IfM) J'HM\ W%-f# f?|t.fl?l "f i? fV' * '"?* " ??""* ?n?l, lit'f an >?????* '* iLw '*? K"!"1" h<?i?r ? '#??# ?* ' 4 **? Wrist ???? '???< r *r? v'f I W 'Hit io4 I #*wy %(??- ?l? h ' >???*" it* 'h* Afl?r t?? Ui?? ?? i?ii?t 4 ?* ?? 'Hat BK? f ' * 40 ? ? ?? ?'*> ?ki th* *1 prtr |?U ? 11m> ^I|4?w ('?!?< M ) ? ?"?- '?'-+' "?'* *?<?*> tl.^n in.lii'i ' ?ri" '** "?"i ?? j.jioi IrMrr* mI iKuo' a > '?"?? U V'?'. ?l<4 r*> ; U PM?f? ?' tnUoiiuH"" 1b? !-?"? ? i * *?? * ?.??*!<??? r* %? ?l W'"i % ???' ' t V. M mi Tu<?li) '11 . *' ?* ? I < % ?l ^1) ?)?ll K< o* I'A *'???? - li? '* U?IMr > fl. I , ?? / '? |..?.n ? ?'t ? " ?- ? < Mr. J 1.' m i IM wn1 i ??< ik? ?Mr*?lk, 1 ? ? ll <? ?* l"*? Mtwt, I itrll ? 4>r? 4M.S ?r? rgfc? kit,, ?itba .k. IV ll "*? ?rt^* t ?? *?"^??? <4 k-l'? ?llM' IJ t? f ?i)i? |"?4* ty U??". a r?atWn v, Ik* wi* A <ko ? tfl umB ?? ? (t??i ?' IumI H? iUm ?* '* \t V* ??>! M * *tr' *\ 1^- *?*? l<f<4'ry> ? ?, a i -t, *t ?*n1#<i th?* French Atldrtfil Foural^boe declined the m\tUll? n extvaied. The taat ?ewi m mtliJy ^iiipriM>Kit x of trSft'Tipiniouiitf I t? pei -?!* *? it*r (inl'ivu Ago flttl MS *nd j>er *t????ei i'.ci'u r l/.wj, ? ,t? |-J 4..W 1h '? * i u i bro-u'ii n * - 'hat the *u peering curp* under the char/'- of flu r' *? II i'(^ E?r'r l' M f put/ * jfT ? wlm Ii.m be?,? f .! tii paet (hrtiii ixtth<t ecg..g din the v.irve nf .? t nthd .Htatr* public ande, ? Tt in lh.it f 'f?r th < or vio, a few day* mttf% H h i ^ . .1 plr* ! ' iiirr^r ? ^ i hi* 1 **?d fourth atan \*/4 on: .?' to the ra it ilne of th< Htut ? ttnu Vlu* tow neblf* ' !ltU ? M-ii th* , # i;j V , Q(K (h#? Mf'tltu bl'iudu /ofth** ?H?te. onr.ooN. ii?. * *t (?< vJ:> new <u ? ep -hi prwjwn>u> ? ,(r Surer* h . efle . J t tu-. n.th the f at H?rH# K - t**u . and Kaliahn t l ? <? Uvuan* Ihear hivr ? of the IV- r* t >; / t ? ? f.overnor aud aecre 1 * * \ '?* otll ?* A;r , )i *?<? r no* . , to ->aiera, uad.*rtlie in trucMou- of til*- ** f ??* .? r% ot ta T - ? ,ury Pip v.i t on di m- ? h> no i- ? t ??, At ?taet<iry Vf H W illaci whi# li? In ? j e t<> th * (Vauu i> OVUJ In* fj?j t?ii' lit M 11 1 fwt, > cou nlj The wain* r OMtitjr gitfHi n Uutjori^i ?! tin vot .igahiat the rrotiftii tory I .i?| u?>: lnw Kin# coo itj gir??? * ina'i mupiniy ?? It* 1.1% or. Ihe f.*i in- o! f i 'ou . c:.o ol th< county ha%? tuU their ? op- bUh"*i y -il.ird b; unit or ruat ?i hntb. .wo.<i.e wi) . am ly ? t<? wbilf but f -W bav* itfltdr ?Von ad arciuy. ('-i Mmi rn ?t U?? ciop* ?vcj*' ? d di? lli?? -cIi /od? Nrlii 1 1. h. ..??? . ii . t?*i. rn rH it iVt ll? li 1 with ? . jrfu U r >fii M? -?r? N thrup ll K inona-. U? . th.- ll r ki il of <??>.%? ?t th.? j^>rt fnw? the !!???.* I v oi .jotvrwl niiriC# ?t !>?.? R?/ Irl.%.M?H. Ayi?.itft ?r? mi ? ' H-n-iiihi, con tliP Vi ? riidn^ th? ? 1 1 ?? ..mI virion? cdl.fr t?uitdl.ijj? Mfmlllnv !>??% ? fo|M Ml rot H? ? K tfrn?rl% r fiprm IIoiin In ll<iKt?N t^old ( tiit. fl ' rnth? i I r ?/.rf ? IliTttJd, A?ig I'.' 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The former * Torit, un l the latter I*' h I mt hiinn Tlioir i-t/iMUhno-nt , eitn*t#d ?.n Hrmdvay, t?et**^n I'owU ? ml Mioon -tuet , *n > ?4>ircii'<) , Htid a lui{ )f?- (|Uuotitf of the purlouN du?Yt toyethei with gome <out)terl?ii g'>4*l < oin, *an ,oun?l on the |.rrrnU< ? *1 lie i rim ij alw tneun ftirain^t them Ih a jeweJJer ntuned Jom j h I'linter, In tin* ol .loaenhi K (I# Ae?-ord?ng to fStiiitet - te?tlmon* before th< Maror jr?%i terdav 1 e hud hn n ? ffrred by (u r a tlar? of fc*VO0)) A y? ai lor hiw aerviren, l^ein/ an jwiept In rti** prote-< tti (?"untei felting gold dn>?t, fit became ac<|tiainle l with th? oaitle acet^cd lnOct?d?er la*t, aud llry olbrMl to tak?* loni in | at lnerahf|.. lie n fuMd, however, 1*^ renMoii that lie tin "g)it the biiidne** would not h'4 fl out. m v it moitt he dt^< ?.Tere?| w>onc; or later Itev trpliM that le had made Hrn?n^emeat^ with an ex pre * ??0iee?, which ffuaianleed to taV? II he r.-uld niippl/, that it w ? a peifecth *ah- ? ?f ?,iah??*? .? the eipr<*?e compftojr woicfn Ihedaliy re?eipt of from two to five hnndrw# ??iino','. of genuine dnut and the puri0UM article rouU he ea.ilv wot led In without fear ol deteetiot) fiUnter h.'iiin^ i et imed to eonne. t hlni*e)V with the *|?eeulatiutt. Ifey and hla paitrnr employed ot hern, and ootntuenc?^ ? pi ultimo io ii ha m ent on Wa* hin^tnu street unde? >!"iitgomery H eel. finnter m thetn at w *r k in thin plan- hi-b-. /nrntlv In pa -Ing the ??-Uar h?* touM lhat "peniiM fM 1 ml b< ? n mi?r>en<led, and wa*? Itif irtue4 1 <. l'e> that the mi ine would not pay S me time nfi**r they ?mplojre*! fi outer to volar '*ome hoguM om*t, whleh w inti nde*! to I*' ?f*nt tir eipreno. tw riiMiiiiK nto hut wa ? not hiiUlo d in Hum- I i th?* oi^ht l>?-at. \'i-y n^ain toeniph>y (iunter at etoihitattl \? ,H e hut the latter refuned. Ti e hu?ine> ? wi? i thra hviny: ?*a?iird ? n In the ha cement of a jewelry a ?ot ?.n l?u ]?? rit xtriw-t In a hri? k Imuae, It apjn ara ti?.tl the jaopH*tio i>f tlio jtvilrj nt??n? wa* no\ awai e ui the charac ter of IVy k Co. # oj^rati <mn. Hull i"|tie?Ujr, tl,?* > ounti'i (eUing w? ? <*tir? \**\ <*1* tn an t taMl di>??f*nl w? Hioadway, which wa? admirably aultc4 to the |?u .lne?? tiunter t t<M ^uentty vl'ited Ihla and found tliem ai wot k In th" manufacture ol th?* ctiunterfait duet K rial \\ lie ?ipam lied with Hey ab' ?t a?tue UioU wti|r h l? h %4 :. in?d lilwi un l th Te? ulteil in fiunter'a he^ot - rig aw if. -t i mi nt ;(gain>t H? jf 4 f He dot not inform the po lire ??f hi kn??v, I. dgr In the matter until Wed nc day but, win o Captairi M- I'?m aid wa^ a twin t apringinf the trap lie had laid for th** dete< tt"n of the ar * ?e?| [ley an I hU partner wei? fully r? urnit'e I f*?r tnal I ?efot ?? t lie I >>u ft td >? io? * Tl e pnllri' di eiire alt pmiee fi?r the breaking up of thia wh*'h ' ile robbing ma< hlne and hr.ugtug the fart len r*iiu ei n?'d to jualh e. 11m nnme of theemreaa ?;? uipanv alltde*! to ha a not r.?r t? 0?p u(m? of I. I WooiU foi \?MiaUa. fl'n m the Can I larui^ " llerakL Aug. 12* It trnnapfre*! y% i4a> 'bi?t Mi. I. 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