9 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

9 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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trow time* of hurt apring, hare pro*" t m "tight" m the nreatut, ltd the complaint ?xim ' goneral throughout ?own li regard to thr ttriogtsc; of tun It. The fact of a ?*?'7 buhiueas having b"en effected iron ttrtt hand* within the put fortnight, ami tin gr eat depre-.ai.in of . trade with the inter! or li.n principally occasioned thi?, but after all, Dotwithatianding the preaaure, the ill He alt v , iteera? hardly aa great a? wan antiiipateil and althuugn in many in?taucei? but a small jier rentage haibMn raw ed on the ioIUhUoiui due, the aggregate of the remittance to-morrow will he luge, and will probably equal, If it does not exceed, any previously made. The trade of the day n*a been totally aheoked by the preponderant of financial operation*, requiring all the time and attention of our inorchunta and although a Very ateady but Hlight Jobbing ha- been dime, other trani actionx have been qulie limited. Nor dues the atagua tion alluded to only characterize the mar?et for pro vision*, groceries, fcr. Flour and grain aUo have ex Ixibitvd great ami universal dullne-n, tin* Oral named evidently receding fri<m day to day, while grain of all (teaeriptionK show s some slight t'jnxof ttrinae-i* over transactions nuking for the past few day*. Receipts for all de>ctiptM)UM have been exeeadvely light to-day, and the longer I Us in the ca-?e the he: er chances are that the larmniwU eblain ut least growing rate* for their produce. Pokx. ? 100 bbl?. clear o l fair soM at *'i7. Hams. ? ;0 lihds. in i'rv suit aold at l/o Bi-nn. ? 75 tirvlna Hold at 52J4c., und IJO d > at 55c. f-\AIT.? 60 case*. in 10 lb. hnj.it. nol ! at 27f,c. Team. ? 1!?J che*t* comni n black hold at ? Ca-ndi a.? 1X0 Itoxen adamantine^ Hold on private 1ci mi. Cxmicmt ? K? bbU. Rosendnle mil nt #t. l'i am KB. ? Ui lilds. calcined pi. 1.1 at ?j 60. Aioohoi V0 bl?K aohl a( *1 26 lire*. ? 100 1> Its. No*. 3 to 8, Hold at :&c. ('orpauk ? 50 colls turred r<>pe, S < Id to arrive, at 17o Wood*.nwar? ? 100 iSoj.' ii three-hooped palls aold at M LATEST NEWS FROM NICARAGUA. Oor Grcytowi IJIZ KINNKY KXFKDITION? BKFOUT OF HON. JJIIN L. NVXfOK ? 1'KKHIDKNT EST11AI>\ ? COL- XtNSEY AND THK THAN." IT COMPANY ? A CHANliK IN THK WINK? KOMKTB1NO ABOUT OOL. W AUKKH? DOR OF COL. KINNUi'S OKBVTOWN K8TABLI8II" MENT, ETC., rrc. ^ JVAX i)gL n?BTBi . (CMVTOWN,) Aug. liO, 18.J&. j Supposing lliat your Madera may be Interested in bearing of Col. Kinney and Central America generally, I send by the Northern light the report of Hon. John 1.. fvelson, formerly member of Congress from Maryland, and more lately Consul at Turl<* Islands, of his recent visit ft? commis-ioner from Col. Kinney to the capital of Nicaragua. Not with* tawli ng the threats or personal danger suppood to emanate from the agent* of the Trail nit Company, aud the published decree pronouncing <ieath upon auy one of Kinney's men who should be caught in the country, Mr. Ne'.aou proceeded on his vtfy without manlieitlug the laast apprehension, an 1, on arriving at Grenada, wan received with an unexpected welcome by President Kstrad. 1, General Coral, aud ull the other leading member* of the present legitimist adminis tration. He wan, however, arrested once on his journey l?y the Commandante 01 Castillo, who on his de claring his mission. Immediately released him. The Attentions paid to Mr. Nelson, and the disbanding tit the mercenary troops imported by the Transit Compa ny for their service. show that they have changed their tnind in regard to the Kluney expedition. President Kstrada remarked that he had beeu Informed, through gentlemen counected with the Transit Company, of the the designs of Col. Kinney, and supposing their zeport correct, had l>eon obliged to issue the hostile orders ?f June 1st. Hut having uo desire to treat Col. Kinney and his party with undue severity, the government would lie willing to meet nny commissioner wnom Col. Kinuey might send, In .order to make arrangements of mutual benefit to the parties concerned. A letter from the l're eident to Col. Kinney, of the same import, was brought hack by Mr. Nelson, who arrived hero en the 28th. What is slngtilar in this affair is tluii though Judge C. Cu iliing, agent of the Transit Company, and the special embassador from Cost a Itica, were both knocking at the door of government for immediate conference, hey both had to give the precedence to the representative or ivin ney. who, im three separate days, * a ? favored with an audience from the president. !u one ol these he gave a lengthy expoi e of the motives and causes of the detention iind prosecution of the Kinney expedition. including, 1 am told, a few diplomatic side tiiruiis at Messrs. Marcoleta and White; and certainly. If. as some uuoieut Roman has exclaimed, "llippv is lit- who knows the causes oftjungs," i'resident Estrada's felici.y must have been complete. In truth so much are the view* of government c Hanged that the rumor i? current that the recall ol Marcoleta lri.m the Toiled .Mates lias been resolve I upon. ThW geutlcmsn. Who, I IwlU ve, is ol low Imtch paren age, an l whose knowledge of Nicaragua was gained by a two weeks visit there tli ree yes rs ago. U very odious to the legiti mist administration, having being caught ratUug at tU" iini? when the revolutionist!* undor Cnntillon hccom to lie gaining the day. Though he owed his appointment to i lioinorro, a correspondence ws, discovered in wnich he ? tiered his services to the enemy, and he has ne\ er been forgiven for it. Hut us no salary i- paid him, the govern jnent has not deemed it economical to recall him. not re flecting that his services may liaTJ been renderel at the expense of their good name, If not of the public purse. Your correspondents in the interior will doubtless give vou the details of Walker's victory, near Managua a well as of the collapse of hostilities between Costa Klo After the former had fairly para led fifteen hundred no Idlers upon the plaxa, all ready to march on and occupy Nicaragua, a fit or discretion came up >u her. an I sh? decided to wait for Nicaragua to attack h"r. And thus eodf the flare up. Nicaragua having moreover refined to Teeeive the ambassador of her neighbor, and hsVIng sent falm back with a reply rather liari of digestion to a proud, high spirited government. 1* Grey town. Col. Kinney s new mansion is the great resort and headquarters of the citizen*, Its most extra vagant loom is the second story front room, with a piar ? OB the aea. T!ie absence of carpeting aud fine furni ture In town, has euahled the Colonel to display the re publican simplicity of his taste, in putting down strips of crash bagging on the floor of that superb apartment, which in airiness, and tbe resplendent outlay of white wash no its rafters, excels everything else of the luud in " vou'daubSeas have seen stories of disaffection anion* Kinney's men. As I am one of them, and am thoroughly acquainted with the whole party. I am confident In say in* that these reports are the inventions of the Transit ComguT whose " wish is father to the thought. The company has ottered the very highest wages to some of the expeditionists, to induce tlieiu to desert, but ft Is ot no use. Iwo or three of them, in order to procure free passages up the river San Juan, ha.e agreed to chop woodfor wages, holding themselves, nevertheless at th ? command of the Colonel. Wold one or them the other day, with a happy blunder of expre-sion, " I don't see why, if Colonel Kinney is willing, I ahouldn t make a little aomething out of this Transit Company. I aiB just as good a Kinney man s< ever, and 1 would flght for htm art I nge* there's any breath In my body." But I have only time to append tbe report of Mr^ei mii'i embassy. IIAKIZ. REPORT OF DON. JOIIN L. NELSON. GrkVoWn. C. A.. August 30. 18.T>. After emberk'ng on Iward tbe river steamer E. I.. Hunt, command's! by Thomas Town send, a gentleman in nil respects, on the Rth Inst.. 1 proceeded up the 8tin ?lusn on a mission to the Nlcaraguan government in be Jialf of Col. II. J. Kinney. The river's turns and roekj were really furprlsing, nit le.-s. however, thau the beau tiful inter* o\ en or netted foliage that holders lis banks ?indeed, nature had made a garland of magnificence and splendor. Ktopping at several minor landing places along the river, we at last arrived at Castillo (N'lcara gun), being eighty miles distant from Grcytown. ( sstlllo is a small town with a population of about o | hundred souls. Tlie locatUMM>f the town Is fine, the laud being high and commanding. Thr" re Is a small fort at Castillo, tke position of which Is good, but the condition tmd? suffered to moulder and decay. The government have about twenty-fire soldiers stationed at this place. The rapids at Castillo are very great, and generally lm the to California are compelled to Und below the rapids aud walk half a mile above, where they en bark on b<*rd other stcainb<iat?. Whilst at f^still". I was arrested as being a filibuster", and CeL kianrv's secretary. The commandant being mistaken on both jKilnta, 1 was permitted to proceed. After remaining at CastlUo two days 1 embarked on 1-ierd the steamer Morgan, up tbe river. The ebarsrter and beauty of the river I fouud the Mnir as before stated. Changed b,*ts at Toro rapi Is. distant about twelve miles from Castillo Krotn Torn rapid* We next stopped at ban Carlos, where another ar rest was ma <f-. which proved, however, as the lortner, futile. fanCerlos is a small town with a populitlon numbering about fifty anuis ; also a military garrison. s?ith flftv uten all told, t-an Cnrb* Is b?au Ifully sltuat rd at the mouth of Uke Nicaragua, and tbe head of tb? river ?aa Juan. After paying the duties to the collector ?t customs, (this t.iv.n being the nort of entry for imp-.r tatiOBa from the i ulted Mates, ) we proceeded across the lakes to Virgin Hay, and after a journey ot eight hrurs over one of the loveliest sheeu of water upon the globe and viewing a surrounding country perhaps unsu ps?sed fr,r grandeur and beauty and riebne-'s. w ? arrived at t ir ain Hey, a entail town situate<t on the western shore of \j,\r Nicaragua. The town contains abnu' fifty inh.vbi tnnts. After landing f<as?engi rs (?nd fre ght, we g,.t nn ?|er weigh and proceeded on our way to tbe city of tire nails the present feat of government of the Htate of Nica ragua, which we reached next morning at hslt past ten ?, cloci. I immediately proeeeded on shore an I walked to 'be city which is a quarter of a mile from tbe lake. Oranada is'tituated upon table Und. Back in tbe dts tance fro-n the ritj may tie seen several high p<-aks of mountains, soms volcanic and ethers not. In bet the whole country around is beautiful beyond description. Ibe first apis-arance of Greuaoa to a Strang r, U not tileasln* the dlngtneas and battered appesraa e ',f the Luseaupon the ouUkirts of the city, the sad effect of revolution presents Itself, consequently the eye |. not pleased. The city contains s population of *?fn' thousand souls Grenada Is n ? the stronghold of the ?v vernment, and I fear, should the revolutionists defeat tliesn aa fiightfully as they did a sh^rl "me since, heir nationality will be lost. After arranging ? With the government of Slceragua, and neing treateJ by the same with kindness and courte?y and be ng pleaded with th* hospitality I reeeived during my short stay tu the city of Orenaon I liastene<l twek to the clty^of (srer t?ww, and delivered tbe d?>spatches 1 bote to Col. U. '? Kinney from the goreraewot of Nicaragua. I reMM I 0r?r1orn on the 36th tut., tod Uiere ended my muxlm to Grenada. J'MH L. NELSON. | Gmttowa, NIc , Aug. 81. 185A. AURIVAL or THE UNCLK BAM AT BAN JOAN 1MCL 8UD ?VHP. FLACK TAKHK BY COL. W ALKKB ? y Hill HT OP TIIK NATJVKK ? TDK CALIPOP.NI ANH IN A D.LKHHA ? THI WAB ON TllN PA01FIC, KTO. The passengers |?r Cncie Sam, from Son Francisco, Aug. 18, for Pan Juan <lcl .Sid, arrived at the latter port, all well, on Aug. '.iO, at 1 o'clock K It. On approaching the anchorage, the old brig Vesta ?ta reeognieel by some Fan lianciscans on board, whereupon we concluded that the redoubtable Col. Walker could not be far off. The gun announcing the arrival of the steamer was not an swered by tlie usual concourse of the men, women, and other animals of fan Juan. The place aeeined de serted. l-iftitn minutes after our anchor waa down, we were Ix arded by a M>lltttry bout, in which appeared the Captain of the i'ort with a tare nearly ac long u hla sword, fol lowed by two specimens of the gonus soldier, (heaven save the mail. !) dressed In nature'* uniform, with the nddition of a rusty flreloek and a matter pair of razeed j antaloons. These worthy official* faltered our the tre mendous new . that the gallant flllbiisttro, Col. Wal >#r. had arrived the evening previous with forty-seven iv.iole Yankees, and several nhi-rs in pie.es, aud thit he hal taken the place ? in consequence of which manueurra, >he inlialiituaia hid betaKon themselves, with their beasts, to the moun .iin -, whence no per-uasinn of the ci mi anyV agent could induce them to return. Here was a fix for us. with a vengeance. Wal'. or would ii How no one to leave nor to enter the place, for four thai some coiuuiunica- Ion might be had with thi' ( homorro party, posted Sou ?trong, under UoAi, it lilvis, about fllteeu iwlcs distant. Tho native propri -tori ot' the mules usually furnished to the 00'np'iny would n it i come In, lor tear that Walker wouli seize th? b, a-td and j press the owners into his service, a.t he hul already Ujiic with 1-0 or more miilis now under his control. Th" agent of the company at Sun Juan then informed us that all who could Walk the twelve mile* across the Isthm is would hav e to do ao, nod th it the compnuv would re fowl thice dollars of their passage money* to ull who would ''foot' it to \ tcgiu J :?)?. A* to the baggage aui the specie, amounting to <1,-^50,009, or theieaiiouis, more diilii-ulty wa- a,>pr?henlad. Two of our pissengeis who were acquainted with Walkor, volunteered t e rseiTicea in procuring luulo.. They called on Walkei ,.nl t:ie one by thre.iN of the company'* \ engeancO, the other by personally guaran tee ing thut no communication should reach tlie euoiny, succeeded, though with greaWifUcalty, in their object. But ibis was not tlie only ob.ftaclc in our way. The na tives, who hud to be hunted op in tho woods, milej out oi town, would riot come in unli ,s the mctseugern wjiiM guarantee to them also, permission from Waluer to len*a San .'uan, should they venture to enter the place. Tui. j was done, and after twelve hours' delay mules enough were mustered to convey the treasure, part of the bag- I gage, and some of the passengers, who refused to walk, tty j six o'clock next morning the c had been embarked on the lake steamer, but the remainder of the baggage wat left behind, to tlie great damage and inconvenience of sonic fifty of the passengers. ISo molestation was offered j us in crossing tlie Isthmus by either purty, .though we performed the transit wholly by nigbt. It was expected that tlie t'hamorro party at Rlvas Would advance upon -Vi Juan a* soon as th - passengers j had all crome* tlie isthmus. A battle had been fought, August 10, at Satire, some seventy miles north of I?on, between Munos nnd Alvarea, with 900 inen belonging to Ihe Ca?tiilon party, and Cuardiola at the head of 800 of ; tlie Chamorro troops, in wiilrb the latter was defeated with great slaughter. Aboat 600 men were killed and wounded on both sides. The battle lasted seron hours, j and wax a spiiited and bloodv afl'alr on both sidei. Ouar- I dii la had tied with a handful of men to the mountains. I Gen. Munos reported killed; but this report nerds I confirmation. Col. Kinney was st Greytew n when we left, waitim; re- i infoicc-ments. In consequence of the defeat of Ounrdiola the hopes of the CastiUon paity wei" at the highest ' pitch, and they expected shortly to be ma iter of the j country at all jioints. K. T. H. MORE AB OUT COL. WALXKB'S OCCUPATION OK 8AN AT AM, K.TC. STtAMHUIP N'ORTilKHs Limit, New York, Sept. 8. | We are just in. after a very pleasant short trip from Pan Krr. ncisco. We found San Juan l>el Sur in posse.*, sion of the celebrated Walker aud his army, w ho at first i was not disposed to allow us to cross tlie Isthmus : but | the linn nnd decided course adopted by Captain Bsllwln, 1 roninwnding the steam.ihip I ni le Sam soon brought the j hero to hie senses. Cup lain Baldwin n rmed a uumls-r of our passengers as u guard lor the treasure. Walker had some fifty odd Americans, and about two liuudre I na tives with him. and intends trying to obtain recruits from the California passengers. He succeeded in getting one or two of ours ; but bis hopes rested on the crowd going to California, whom we met at the rapids. We brought from San Joan some four or five of Pre ident Kinney's army? -among them young Daniel Webster. Krotn what we saw and heard, both Kinney's nnd Walker's commi-sariat and nuarterina-iters' departments were somewhat damaged. SAN FRANCISCO. Interesting from Sew Cirnnoda. Coxrt la do i?r. la Ku*. mj< a i>t la Kckva Uiuxaiia, \ N'rw Vobk, ?ept. 8, 1865. j Jakk 0. Bmrarr, Fj?q., Edtto* Nkw VuBs IIkkai.ii ? Pk.\r Hir ? Being very desirous of giving publicity to the enclosed translation of a nt to addressed to the Minister 1 lenipotentlary <>f New Granada, by the Secretary o Foreign delations in Bogota, F should fool Tory much obliged to you if yon give It Apace in your valuable jour nal. I remain doar sir, your very obedient servant, fi. DOMINOl tit, Consul of New (irauada. BKTtTBMC OF *EW 0!t ANAPA. < IfTl'T or TUK SB P.fTAP.Y OF K iJUtlOV AFF.HRM. ) Bogota, July 12, 1866. / To Cm?Ks Gf\kr.w 1 ">:i ' R. > Au'antaha FIkri: vv Knvot I'JCTRAOKl'LN AhY A.\D Ml> L-TKR pLKVm/rkXTIAKY or Nkw GHAMAIiA nt TIIK 1'MTBH M ATM OK AmKKICA? I have the pleasure to inform you that the republic I* in the enjoyment of entire pence and that n?> part of its vast territory haw any cam* to apprehend any peiO turbalion. The criminal procass nguinst the former Pre sident, i'bando, follows its course in the second Instance in the Supreme Court, conformably to the law*, after ]ironouncing, on date of 10th of May, the sentence ?f first instanc e, published in the HMnnBnt A'riif on : Oth of June and thereby declaring h'm criminal in first degree of the crime of t ronton sentenced him to twelve yearn banishment Ironi tl>?* republic, to the log?l (tonal'y, costs , protect* and indemnifn nti n of lamage*and inju nef, and to tho loaf of hi" political and civil ligh'.s during the time of banishment The gre,t'?*r number of Indi vidual- who have Ix-en mixed up In tlio rebellion of tlie 17tli of Apiil, and w!.o have not U-eti aroused for jiv.l can-en, have accepted tho legislative amnesty of the 29th of May, on condition of leaving the country or deter mined Province*, for r> mo 'inn . aud no Mood has l>0eu, or will be shed. in OKpiation of then* e* -esses, With the advantages ot | e.ice. and under the protection of our law a Industry and commerce prosper and We are rapid ly repairing the matei ial and moral I Vila produced by thexarof rebellion au>. shall ?#iiri organize all the branches of the public administration The national treasury burdened by n wandc< atldorable debtl, arising from the same came. ha? received legislative assistance by several financial arrangements, amongst whl'har" th" nuRineti 'at Ion ?I twtntj-lhree per < ent on irnpvrt dutlo< anil a moderate duty on tho exportation of tobacco and Peruvian bark; ev-rnpting at tho stine time, certain oppressive municipal imposts on articala <if exter nal commerce: but v? i h the great econo a lei tliat are doci >ed. i<|iwWlr in tho navy, and Increased regularitv in the receipt and distribution of revenue the equilibrium betweon our impoijs and exports will nun he establiahcd. We have e.peditid the patent L>r n national hank of emission discount nnd deposit. In C ;if< iin?o<f with a lit ?' sanlttoned on the 13th of Jnuo. k?<l important operations lwve bean commence^ on th uncultivated lands. 'Ihe privileges granted for tin under taking of an interoceanic canal, and of a carriage road IwineenValle del Cuuc ? an ! the port Of Buenaventura, ? ti the Pacific, pronl-e oonsideiaMt b'-nedU to Si w lira Lads. Ihere are no unp'.' iksant differences with foreign Pow ers. The goneralaunusl ele lions of x-nators. represen tativf? magistrates >f trfbuual* <>overnors. pi "Vinelal deputies lie., are nb<.ut to eOMBieae*. ami ureat luteri-.t is manlfei>te<i In tin ui among all p ?ii'ical p.irt'.i-s, due election has l^en gieatly ami ndod *nd th field I quite clear, ami for the moment a peaceable triumph of the itgitiinato majority may I* ho|s..l )ur. Mdemn popular Arx'.ivaU are in preparation at Bogota. In celebration of the anniversary of tho Herniation of l^iO, and will cmintence on th*' 2l>th of this month. Ladeavor, citizt n (ioneral, to five publicity, i< far as p. Hsible. by ne-an* ot the prei-. to the above informa tli p all ol which is ?utheuli<'. *> aa t< mase known the artual condition of the country, which Is usually so much niti.reprenen'od and be pleased to tran?mlt it offi cially to the consular ag?nt? of '.he republic in the 1'uit ed Mates. I have the l onor to be (f. I.INk f>8 W>MT/). Tin1 f*cretarv of Iz-gatlon. (-ign>d) KAF AKL A HoRRtBRI.K AND M V-TKBrOl'S MrKDBK? ^iBKAT Ex> rntjiBKT. ? A most revolting murder was committed abiut three rr. lies west of Clyde on .L-'undny night. A joung nun nan:< d Andrew Murphy had a dispute oti Sun day m.rning with another Diau. whose name we ha ve not lonmeT. It is snppo.i l tliit on ,-un'Uy ereuing Mnrphy ?a> Diurdered by blows on the ho?,i from au axe jiner which his lif?de-.? IksIjt wa- pla '.,j on the track of the >ew Vork Central Railroad, to ma'te it apmiar, if inwrible. that'ho had lieen killed by the cars The ex pitss and frelgbt train which Itfl this city on Sunday owning may hate possibly run acrras th" ix?ly of th< 'mnideri-d n.an, but th .e in charge of ihe train kn?w noih.ng of the matter. Wl.on tl?e night ospre?s mue upesrlyon Monday morning the flri-man thought be saw, by the light of the furnare. something like a bodv lyitig l?oside the track at the pla ? e ab<ive mentioned tJfhen the tratr reache<l the neif station the pilot 'it thn engine was examined and on it was f >und blood, en tral's, to., whlcli indicatH ti.at a human body had been mutilated. Parties wont to the designated spot, three miles this sld>' of Clyde and there found the body of Mcrphy horribly msnirh'd The alarm was given at ones, and hundreds went to ?he spot It was apparent that the man had b"en murdered with a sharp Instrument, and that hi ? body had been afterwards placed on the track. A bloody axe was soon f und near the place, which pat an end to all donbt as to the manner in which the unfortunate man came to his end . ? NcKs/trr f'niim. S*r'. i. Oltwirr* or Nrwrax. Mam The fennon re cently completed give* the following result, as shown on th" 1st of Jaae:? Number of dwelling house*. 071. fa milies, 1 dM. inhabitant*. 6,7M l'nd?r ? years of age Si>7; ft to 10, MA; 10 to 16. 6ttt; 1ft to 90, 30 to M> a, v.". 7, 80 to 00. Mft, no to 70 XI? 70 to 00, 111; HO to 90, Ki BO to 100, 4 I. 1AM the population was ft 01 : ^acrnaee in five ye a-s, 1,761. Our C?n miwfciw. Bavwa, iu|. V>, 1966. PolHual Amn tty ? MaremntU tf Santa Anno ? TV fH' a f OMMtMN, St., de. In the IHario Je (o Jfenna, of tit* Mtfc, rill b? found ? decree of th* Captain Gonerai, la conformity with the re port of the Auditor of War, of limitation in time of lb* Queen's motl royal clemency granting pardon to rarlouj political offenders In her royal decree of the 17th Februa ry, 1864. All thoae who are interested in aaid amnesty are required to take advantage of It by return to Cuba within one month from the date of the order ? 2 2d last. Should they not do so, I presume they will, after the ex piration of tliat period, be precluded the advantage* which it extends to them. Should present buslne** or occupation abroad lie an obstacle to their return, I have bo doubt that a representation of tike facta to the tipanish Consul at the point wh>re partlei ao situated may re side. anil transmitted to the government here, aouid have immediate and favorable consideration. ^ Laat evening two Mexican war steamers were signalled fiom the Moro Castle. and ( very body who had two I -g? lundr um> of (hem to circulate the must lutcroiliug intelli gence that s-'auta Anna *??. lu the oiling, and inninHive ly all the chicken cock* , 1 Hidgellngs and old birds, " began to crow. It wn* nn awful welcome to the horo of the cockpit ? the enlt -iHun id Yucatan lndUn wtun.-n an I cl ildreu lor the Havana market, w.icre he lias been llulcc a refugee from ]inwe and ju*'ice. The steauier > entried a lew minutes before sundown, anl when coin niunicated with, it was found that our anticipation were roriect, and that, iude| endent of tiritish. Spanish and 1. ench vemels ot war n<ut to aid lain, with the prei t:ge of two million*, he war enabled to escape, buying the tervicea of the Mcxllla Valley war sleamerr Itnrbld' ai.d Guenero. 1 belie ve ucne are aorry lliat he has been able to glvo "leg toil.'' tVe could n? more, although some presume to ti.inl. he deferred a dUlorent fate. The stale barge wan pic|arc<i and at the wharf waiting orders as the steamers ptw-od up the bay. It waa won de .pat -hi d to bring the ex-Dictator ami his family on abore. l?< neral tania Anna iitated to the boarding otlicfr ' that he li?d come once more to trench upou CuNin ho?pltal|ty." The H'. arters fbr hi.' reception, prepared by Miguel d<- Kml>il, will scarcely l>e used this time. a? he has dotermlned to go down to Caracas, where he has Interesta an 1 u rual dence. The flight of the President, the proclamation and t lie address to his troops, Kail to hate been published before he left, we hate had git en to us late to-day. Tne Mario mv?, also, this evening, that for neaily a year tl.ey Into been anticipating thl? event, although they bad I Cen stoutly denying the possibility of such a thing for several months. This l? In keeping with the n<ual course of publications uuder ceusorslnp. The arrival of Santa Anna last evening was u lingular contradi lion of the as sumptions of our press ? tlie Murine Journal particularly ? made in the morning. Santa Anna aud his taim%r were entertained at the palace last evening and, it Is raid, will ulletid the ojierii to-night. Sl'.M'AY, 26th ? The opera last night vit "Rigule'.to," of \ erul. Santa Anna wa? not present. The bouse Was thin, and wo were the female voices. Many were disap pointed. There is some talk that Mrs. Santa Anna will \ remain here until hei country seat Is put in habitable condition. Patt of the Genera!'* volunteer staff will re- . main to keep her company, should she stop. Tha (lette rs! was reported off last night, hut as he was seen here i to-day, the mistake is evident. We have to-day another holy least at (luauabacoa. The Virgin thai went up to heaven on the 1Mb Inst., comes down to-day to vi?it the hospital founded by her faithful worshipper- in her name, to heal the sick, and to bear the receipts for the pious work to the edifice. I). Havana, Aug. 2T, 186.1. General Fantn Anna his family and military and dvtl n.iit, left thla port yesterday on board of the Mexican war etean.tr Guerrero, for St. Thomas and Caracas. This vessel Is the smaller of the two, and was used fur the "laggnge" of his Excellency ; wherefore the embark* :iou was much facilitated. Hie getting awsy from thU place . was as quiet ?s In former day*, when it was necessary to , avoid Cuban pirate*. Th" steamer which takes down I thlt lot of dignity i? to return to Vera (Vox as soon as possible after the service is performed ? probably to touch 1 here to ratisfy our anxiety as to the safety of the distin- > gulshed refugees. The Ituiblde Is taking in fuel, nad will leave as soon a* *he Is supplied. Tlio Ifexb an trar I steamer l-'anta Anna, which hit* escaped my attention fur e< me time, has been repaired at the artenal here, by consent of this government: but as he bill- h iv ? not ! laen provided lor, she remains ns security. The Itfetator declined assuming the responsibility of the debt which ; he could have provided for out of tne proceed* ot nit late Yucatun *hb,lerts. In our kitchens ami nurseries; so ttiat there Is no immediate prospect ot the vessel Ixdug iiiad" usclul In the coming conte?t, If lhere should be ( auy. With our present Irregular (team communication, l it is imposiible to advise to the last moment, and what may bo jotted at one moment, by change in eveuta. iuu;t be blot led tbe next. I i udi r-taud there was a very gvssl lime ye?te?dav a' tin aim I acoa. with the vlirin and virgin". on mi. -Ion" of love and mercy ? at th'- hospital, In 'he streets at th? buraar. and in the hall rooms ? uud the sennrltaa hav-' not returned to their niaiamn> ?his morning. While many a toogh i Id bachelor lias bao his heart-string* wrung f ir nothing. It. Rt?Annrxnllon of Cnniidn to France. [From th' I'ari* I'nion, Aug. 21 . ) 111*" Pari- Un urn tlnd* apace for diaCuaalnga project, nn? tor t lie flrat time heard of. for th? re-annexation or to France on th? l>a?i* of a friendly tran-fer from (.'reatltritnin. Thin prnjm t in *tuted to lure l?n origina ted tijra M. Borthe, member of tlie Canadian Inxtitut" re c<ntly adjourning in France, who ha* Hub*< qoently cm ho. led it in a wotk entitled i> Cantiln mtm/uii tmr |i Fit.nff. On thia publication the journal luia the follow ing cib?erratinn?: ? All i* red u re I into a aingle Word? the acrhanrv ?>{ f<s ? nu a; and thU word U not witb'>ut danger, but it i . com plete in opportuueneaa and foresight at a moment when r.lictand and France. wM JW M/ drtifffli rtf pmrs anil war, or' frtt n*nr than tk>y t*rr wrrr In mtrr into rmtbi a?'(MU Miami thrmtrlr ' nf imlrmit nnil inrx-nun f. How doubt in effect that the great crl?e* In which the world i* found should be rwnlitd otherwise lhan by pro found dlaplacement* of authority. The Ka?t app'-nr* more puvticuhtrly daatined to be tra informed, nod ten year* will not have paued without Europe harin.r aeeo what there waa of reality or ol chimera in the celebrated confidence.* made to Sir Horace Seymour by the Km pt ror Nichola* ; but let It not 1>? imagined that a reiolutica ot that kind can crar lie ac>'?raplinhe i without infinite rearrangement* in tlie dUtrtbutiirn of jiower lielwecn the grout .-t?te? ; and thu* it la th?' part <>f window and not ol temerity to iMijmert In ai. ranee fnr the consideration of politician' tho*e Indl < ation* and conjecture* upon the change* which may on>* i!?y bf*t agree with the equity, the iutrreat, and the har mony of government* and people*. Tl.e wi.rk of M. Hart he i* founded upon the capital ob terratton that the exchange ot Canada woult ba ati act of policy tux'ful to the tiro mtion* useful abora all to tnglaud. Canada I*. iu tact menaced from day to >lay bv the nyxtem of th" ('nlted State*, *hi<h loukl to the absorption of the New World, and <o th* e*clu?ir? domi nation of the I'aWflc Ccean. Will England bare the itn-n^lh to protect Canadu again- 1 that political iuva-i' n, Miattinid by armed imaei.m- Th* Canadian* them wire* d? pot think ?o, and detached a* they are from esc y tie of afirction. of faith and ol tradition with re?p?-<;l to Fnglaud. thay feel, In despite of tha good will of their lubni I** (on, that a force of -ecret loipu Nlon inny aome day throw them Into the mnmtiB foitin; of the I'nlted States, whatever may he the final term of that fc erati.n Without unity, by con-equence wltb"ut future <mtlie Contrary, in 'he exj.re??ed opinion of tar aeeing Cawtdl an- France returning Canada and flndi'ig th*t ? tie; of 'acred origin Won It arre t l.y tha' alone th. e* [analte force of American policy, and, aa it ?up io>e? thai in (-schi.iige for ' ana>la, Onyana might be rieh'e'l ti t'rglund, with other |x.?ae*aion? In luUa, the irflo-Freach alliance would lie *trcngtlicncd, therefore, b) the intareav of a common defence, th ut werv'n'i'O tonka a lu it for th- prmrntiun <f ittmswn by thr L'niltl ?v'it<*ty Qfpoiinj} t? it a tyti'-m (.1 r**M? uhahthr n-i tl ?? '>f t/llni/l in'lital't at thnt which miffht to If murr I*i>r -r ful >f?t n d'xit.n < h ' mutt jiJnt ami thr irtt fniJinml Uli. IVnetrateil with flilx Keneral ol.*erration of utility t.e tw- en tb# two forernroeota of Kranc* and Knglan'l M Furtbc cornea, therefore to ? peak to France ol her an cient < olony. Ala? ' lor one nu?dred year* ahe had p< r !?1 .* fi igotten it. Who think* of the generation* which an no mirtt Who dream* of te-exciting ttie reinini *rence* of pe- ole.? v Tber* ate anchor* no longer na tl< r<- Ilkt tjuiilie*, lne In the present, it I* fotbtd i;n to rar?a(opii4# ttcn>'j)v t ,,n ,h' U origin there i* nt l< ngcr * pa?t, ?rtf' idj i* it?er? l?l?torf tfiy I^fljfei , the ?u tropelii and the colony aie ?trar gi'i * the one to the orther; m?u I* unknown to man, s-nl tbi* gr"at rapture of the tie* which in otlu r timr* united pe- pie I- e?||e I it a great nam* ? humanity. The paaiing ri'lt I M I'arthe neverthe!e?- *111 not be u*> '*?? to th? raiU* wlii' h be wifh<* to ferre. In order to rerire r rr?- mhrance* half extingni?he.), he htn add re ,ed him-ell b) prefereri<e to the liieiary [?rtli?n ol France; it i* in the name of Intelligence ml of the art*, that he )|*C wlehed to more the nation by that appeal a cer'iin rltf' of wen are at way ? move.!. At*.' her aripeHl in ap peal more energe'l" remain* for hiui to maVe thi- i* - n app<al to tbe church, the great priwlyti-m of alfe tin? end renuni-cenc** ii? thire. The Inatitut lia* replied to M. Ilarthe by compliment* . :bc ehurch will an ?er htr? tgr act*. It i* by O.e church that the lore of .rig. in it preferred ; ahe \ the connecting link of generation' <til age*. Tbu" the force, the m?*t natural, of a**lmi!a'i"n ? l>etw?ipn men la Uiat which i? l>orn of a eomni' n faith and Canada remain* French ab>:T>- all beoauao I' remain Catholic. Her language alter*, all wh.lat *urririj>g a *e?n too ruueh in the lx^ik < f M. Dartlw but li' rreli gion i* entire and nothing can < rer weaken It Ttil* I wbytl.e aetioa of reiigo n la tha' which be?t correa ponda to the de Ire of pnnerring the .inl>,n of the '.Id mrtropoli* and it* iaat colony 1*1 then M Tlarthe whoa* real U beautiful and affecting. a*k of relige n to eMauer Canada by education, by In tructl ,n l.y h?K>k* by charity, by the aaaoriation of all g""d *'irk* aad ha will aooii aee aympetbie* rerl?e otherwlae fruitful than tboae which awake i? the appeal of the a< < lemlea. Cukbt* or New Jkrnkt.? Tbe following fnll r? rrturn* ol thecenaua oftbe aereral covntle* in thla State, are announced. We ab*il add to the table until it ia ootn pllkd)* 1M0. IMS /?t?ii. T *ee* T.1.044 1XJ .9X1 'J I '?>' > Ferrer T. 001 M :*? 4 719 KorrU 30.109 ti.nth JWr I udaon in. <19 iH J) 7*0 Warren X2.391 J. STV ;il? ? < nro' ith 39.2M VAM1 * ?)< Rrc*w*g AT. ? Tb? T'ongiikeepaie E?gU aaya. that While other crop* are good all o*er th< em r- .rrw, ,w ritmnlrj peoph will rejoice aUn to learn that tbe b? kwhe* arop Una for U he a rmj great owe rt aa fry early, and aa ato?i? aa It can grow |? I Hi* eonn'ry p-<> ?i?tD| t ; be ioable aa average crop, or er*a not 1** 1*1* Railroad Accident at Bwlinyton. TO TBI ?iiITOK Or TUB mCBALB. la four articl e of ' Kriosy Lajt, la relatiaa t<> the dUtrewiof accident which occurred at Buriinftoa. y? u fell Into aome error*. which, I doubt not, you will pardon mo Cur correcting. In tin* Brat pliN, you suppose that tbere i* no atatute in N?w Jersey to reach #r.s ease, and that the only remedy ipinAl the company la th ?- r un m "u aw remedy. But there 1, a statute on (hw aulyivl. which i* la the following word taction 1. VMieoeier the death of ? person *Uall ba caueed by wrongful act, neglect o> default, au I tli' acl of neglect or default In mi eh m would, If death had not ensued, liMTt eutltled thv party Injured to ealerUin an action and recover damag"* in reipect t her -of, thou, and in every aueh eaae. the per-oa who. or the c irporwti >n which, would have been liable if death had not eiu ied. nh:>n lie liable to un action for rinnnnes, notwithstanding the death ol the persou Injured, ami although the death ahull have been caused b) auch eirvuiutlauces ummiuit in law to felony. i tree, 'i I very auch action ahall be brought by ami m the name* of I ha personal representa'ives of auch dt? ciaaed person, and the amount recovered in every aueli action ahull he lor the exclusive benefit of the widow ai?1 next of l.in of hitch deceased pernon, and shall l?? ilistri buted to aur-h widow ami next of kin in the proportion provided by law iu iclution to the distribution ol per i. nal pro| erty left by |*r.ons dying lnte<tnte; and In ?-very alien aciiou the jutjr may Rive auch damages a they ahall (him fail and junt, with inference to the |te ruiiiai v ii ju'y teaultlng tr io such death to the wife and next cl km ol auch dcceaaed person, provideii that every audi actii o ahull Ih- cointuonnM within twelve caleud.ir uionlha alter the deaih of such deceased peraon. 1UU statute givei u remedy ?hi< h the common law doe* not gi\e. No aciiou at Common law could be unin t dined by the per onal representative of a peraon killed But the c< mman la* remedy for pertotu who have be-n injured by the negligence of a railroad company rem tin < the aame. Tou alao labor under an erroneous Impre -Inn with re gaid to *he honesty of the juries of New Jeraey, I bo lieve hardly a roateatcd ea-e can he found In the Stale, where llie matter 'ia.< liaen br night before a p*ti' Jury and the cas< signed by able counsel, Wuero th'1 railroad ( ompanv (monopoly, n it is called i hat nut 1*hu w iratea. And it 1* ibe fear ol the e vary juriei that makes the company active in pairing Hie l,egidi tuieto make Iumts touuii them, and pa'king the courts with judge* to cooatrue them They have not yet cor rupted the petit Jury box. and cannot do It, while there U vigilant counsel to watch an ! see that no atook.'Uilder or retainer of the company Is put upon the panel, aud while h eexer-lxe* the riifht of challenging peiempt irlly three ol the jurors, which the law gieei him. A JKK'KYMAN. The Ferry Murdim, IIOW TO iAVK HALt' TIIK I.ITKM HACKiriCBD AT THK >KHKY II1UHUKH, AN1) PRKVKNT IIAI.1T Til K MUt fCIt 1KO CAOTMtD OV KKULKCT TO PUT UP 1.1KK-SAV1NI1 OATEN AT THK BKIDQKH. 'llie Kerry Company has opposed every effort to compel Ihem to put up life-saving gates at the ferry bridge*. they oppo i-d tin* bill to compel them to put life Irtala on the ferry boat*; but that hill luuilly passed, and is now a law. A copy 1? herewith annexed. A protniae win made at Albany, a year ago lait winter, that If the bill tor life, waving gatea was not passed at that session, the company would attend to the matter in earnoit, In a few w?'k.i' The year |>as.cd over, and they did nothing, or less titan that, for inatend of doing better, they did worae and worse: and the matter was again brought up at the lait aeaalon. and behold a lobby was there to np|>oai t, and the committee to which the hill was referred reporte I agaiuat it; but thai report would mil hare been sus tained had there been opportunity of giving to the <ub Ject the attention it demanded. Now another lile has been aacrlfled, and this Is only one of a great number, and yet nothing ia done, 'flie i-amc mull h obstinacy continue*. The gat? tender who takes the toll for horse* and ear ridges, ahuts his galo when the boat is ready to atart, and no horses or cattle can be drowno-i by the suddeu leaving of the boat ; tnd if the man who takes th" tol| from foot pasMoigcrs will do the same, shut his gate until the boat ia a hundred leet at net, then nobody can get in ' the water on the boats leaving. This will save half ? will ' they do this to nave life? My caption to this communi- ' cation inay sound rather hai sli, and perhaps I had belter | say criminal negligence, or criminal ob?tliu?*y. HOW TOHAVKT1IK OTIIKB II AI.K. Th<' ferry Ix at which carries the railroad p*i*ctigers nrros* the Su*i)iieluimi? at Havre de Oiuce. ha a lite naving gate at the end of the boat, to prevent p?mcn;fers going from the boat to the shore before it I* made f..*t to tlie flock, ami they ?lso u*e n guard bridge to pr ,ii>ct those corn i tig on board I have croaeel on tlia* boat ? %? >?t many times ami the operation* of these life-saving ;r ? cautions answci fully, and complete the desiiel cud. Will our ferry companies follow their example an I thus Hat e the i thir half al?o'.' E. MKIU \ it. The following Ik the law on the subject; ? AS A< 7 JUtgCTIUMI KIKAMimAW OB t Acts I 1* Pit .PTt I-RO ? ?> PMV*\ ItY MK\M TO ? A?ltV HW4M WIATK 'OH Til* I'lt'lT*' tkin of ufr i.v f'Ajm or an inirvr.? 1'aj?.ko Aricu. 11 1*< > 77ls J'rrij 'r nf tb' Shit' t>f ffnr V^rK, rrj>r ''nl'l in Srv'rf otiil Awi/il/ly. <U> mart ai Julluim:? Section 1. Every lerry bout driven or propelled by lire or ateam. navigating any of the water* of this Male shall I*' provided with at lea<t one smell row or Ufa It.*!, at h ast fifteen feci in length. atta'bed to tho Ierry b ?t In ituch a manner that It can be launclieil Int ? the water for immediate use In rase of need, or in se of ac Culent. Sec. K. lvrry steam ves-el, or atcainboat, or ves-a!, nr boat propelled or diivou by ateam or (ire, navigatioK a*iy of the waters of this State, of lire hundred tons men ?uie ment, and carrying passengers. > hall be provide I with at k a >t one Brat claim life te .i t, and one row boat tweuty five feet long by seven wide, capable of carrying or ?up j ing tlfly per-' iu> each, and at least one row boat of tl I- usual sue and construction in addition thereto; and every ateam ooat or vesiel driven or propelled lie ste?i and fire, and navigating any of the waters of th/< State, of the measurement of two hundred and fifty tons bur then, and not exceeding live hundred tons burthen, arid carrying passenger*, shall carry at least two ordinary row hoate, soattached aa to !>e capatde of being I.iuu lied into the water in case of Deed or accident. Sec. .'I. Every violation of the provisions of this act. ahull be punishable l>y a flue not le? than tw ? bun lied at d llf'y dollar*, which neiy Ix) sued for and leeovered in uny ( ourt el It* coril in this Mate, in a< ti m against the captain of the lx>at or ves?il or the owner or owneri ? f either of them to be *u< d for in Ihe name of the Tiea surer of the county in v lilch either the enptulu or the owner or owners may or slull reside. Sec. 4. It shall be, and Is hereby made the duty of the 1)1 -t I let Attorney of the c m nf y In which s o h captain owner or on n? rs. may or shall re?lde, to pro eeute *n :h suit or complaint, eub*t*ntir?tcd by (lie affidavit of the l>er*on so complaining, end the penaltlei so recovered shall lie paid to the County Treasurer Cm the <upporl if the | oor of aid county. See i. None of the provisions of this act shall be ("n^ *t rued a* in aay manner repealing the act entitled 'An act requiring compensation for causing death by wrong ful act neglect or I'efnult," pas.i I lieccmber 1.. 1847, or any part of sal I act. ,-ei'. fl. Ihiaaetahall take effect on the fi mf day of dune, rn e tbouaand eight hundre . snd fort v nine Hi.- Ian will lie enforced In e?ery < i?e when t-i pr. virions are violated, and Information is now given you 'hat you may be aware of iis provision!. ThralM i nnd fCihtbttlona. n*'ubW4T Tnum ? The Ravel* continue to irj* f.iil aSdlcticen. Tlie en*oingWe?k I eing positively their last densely crowded houses may be o*pectc<l every nigiit. Tlie bill lor to morrow night eornprlee* tlie rerr popular pantomime of the "Magic I III*," the my tho gi >1 pit ? of ' l iana.'' an<l tight rone per'oraNM'-~a. (labile! will I ii stain the part of the lhmty In the pantomime Niino's (Iai ur.\ ? Roeslal'* beautiful "jiera, entitle ' -ftadereUa," is announced for to morrvw evening bv the lyne atid Ha>rt*on op<-ra eomnany. M " l~ rftm will introduce Hi-hop's "ong of ' l^o, Hear the Gentle I aik, during the etetiltig iViaiMv TiirAT**.? Mr. Ja*. J. Prior and Mr* War I are tcr HI-' naje the t <j Jv.idinjf haractora in the drama of the W? Tegree. Of to morrow ev'-ning. The ternunatinf j.iece will be the favwit'; dranui called ' Jack She, paid ' M - Al'or 1 appe u lug II )*? k. lii i.tov s 1 hi atht ?Ma>singer's play, entitle 1 'A V?w Wa r to Pay 'dd I'ebts, ' la > tiered tor to-morrow evening, wl'li Vr I jott apje-uilng a Hit <iil?s Overreach, Wit Vlr. Hurt on a- Maral . n.e other Uadlng pari* a"- ?? ? Ik**"! to ke??r-. (J. .Ionian, l^fllogwefl, Hirke. IUs? liayn.'fid and Mi-s Relgwdds "Mr Hurt n's Alien ti.rrs In Ka?-ia.'' wtll also be play d. WAtum * Thxatki ?-Thi* popular t'i??'rr will lie re ojeiiid in Wednesday nett on win h o'ca*1 n a new c? r .edy will be pnelonil We refer our rea<lc * t n the silv< it's. ng olumn- for a list at tb' iinpaay. Vfrri!' r?n.TA> Tmuiny.-? M ile. Ka bel la to ap| ir a "Marie Stuart,' in l>*brun'* popular tragedy ?f the' i line, ti morrow night. Ibe eomiiMocIng featur^f liie ? vinmg will '^e Moliiwe ? coun ty, entitled !<? |s pr Airrf'rereuv" W sit#-* Misenon# ? The pr gramme far tn-morrmrove ri ng con-i its of negro rulnstri y, date .og t .e Rii ?, llpi'sion ' and the faree of 'The |s. utile BeldH Ri Mh" Rr aijrr' ? S'ww^. aeiow ? Till* cmjan; ire tn repeat the lavirkable bnrt?-?t)?e on the ' Italian np?r? Ping* s it morrow eienlng The l.'ines.j? on ' JauleVe 4*rebee tra. In whleh ttr? new prima donna will api*ar wdl al-i be g.ven together with I IWckley s vio.inaolo of the Wlti bef* I'ance " 1i>r Hirmsia t* n?? Aeot4/> R'?tw ? Till* new marical and pictorial entertainment !? to he ps ?l?ee | ,,n the !t(lh last at the above named ri'mu by Mra Aaianirr UIMm well known en the stage of the Ragli<h <>|*ra 1hl* 'n'ertamment roast b s'litu- pnpnlar ln**mach as Mra t.lbbs lliuatrates it with esif and at ory, iketsMi and anecdotee, music and pictures all happily IrleaM Jeraap City lewe. I j lirt/err-eva -Tb?rs ware two alaraM 'A lira on PiU'*day night b"t>i caaaed byttie buret lag of campben* ?tree* leapa ? one la Moatgrnaery afreet , aear tbe f?er; and ?heotaer in Mewarft attaae, rear Proapwt atraet IVi't- Henry Rroaard aa>l lianaab Keily vera ar reeled rbsrwed with beiag drank la tbe atrewf* T a Ihbs' Ane-t VI 1*4 the lattev ciaaaaltM fo- twa dan .1 ihn Travta, aa e?-p>4i i aaaea, wae arra?<ad a* Ibars ?? s.gbt on a 'bafa of beiag drunk diaords* j and <b'*a ibe liv?? trf tb" <?%.evs OvaeaMtted (ve f?a.' <?y? OMuaMamn of lilytHn. J Tat kind or uiruMt.4 rum boabd ANm For ?tome time paat the Emigrant OaaaUaioMr* h*v* been what they call reforaiag U>? management of their department*. Owing to the dejir?~f<l emigration thii T*f, the receipt* of the eummiulin (which cunai*t.i of * ta* of t*odi.|Uri por head on wrjr ncwl) irrfral (?i grant,) harr fail en off greatly, while their npllUM have Increaaed, ft nil eouAe.|?eutly the Hoard ba* got deeply In debt, nearly >100.000 overdraft In the Meeha nioa' Bank U ahown by their boil. The neeetflty or gieater economy bad become ao e?i lent that the lloard commenced about a month ago to It-aaen theit fipenaee, and it ia In ? predion quwr Way tliey harp trie I to ac complish it. They ttty properly dhchaig-i nearly a hundred ukcIow employee, and very iinpr,j|>*ily re duced the pay of the" poor nurae. sod help tbit remained. Those who attended on the eick wnd dyuy we-* getting from $10 to 114 |u>r month and errltlftl) they earned all they got. It will l>e remembered that much of the help Bu i nuiaing r*<|ui ed for emigrant* U of hemoat dli-guating aud ipjuiIii-i- klnl, and to secure com petent an t rclinble ?ut*ea, >10 to >14 |X>r month U not too mur.b; indeed, II117 c-iutiot be (jot for leu, a* ft ppr mouth u no unusual * nirrt for female* employed a< Cooka and housekeeper*, Tar niun preferable occupation * The neit atep ol tb? r<ommlealouer* wai to reorganlie the medical drparlnn ut ? Uiat u to nay, the; dilnway with the visiting phy*ioiana, wlm did the work for little or nothing, and employe) instead a hatch of salaiieil phyidrianx, whoae y'aily /my amount* to nearly >?,0>?_ the physician In-rhlef, Dr. lay, recalling 11,00) yearly and the ao-ralled reform *n? conaummatod last W<- 1 u> < day by the Board aciepting the re Ignition of the l?te v artien, Mi. Charlea kiddle, whose aalary wa< H.-OJ per yew, and appointing Mr Am < I1l?l>urv, now Superln tendeut of the AII>?ny penitentiary in hl< place at a ?n!ary of >4,000 per yeai . Now, it will atrike most people tiiat tbi* a very ato- ' gutar reforni, which will reduce the p.ty of the poor tiu'sea nnJ treble the Hillary ol the 0/ Brer*. ; The Conuiii sinners hare evidently t?e^ in at the wrong t en. I and left oil tu the middle of their w rk Tiien a^am, it U very e\ ident that if a new w.irden had to be ap pi ln?ed l e alomlil t e a New Yorker, fat ther ? are plenty '? of perhoua In our inid.4 coini>etent for that "(lire, without 1 giving to the ritrnl dUtrirtf lor on*. We hare a folic, -tor j a Health "fl:cer, and nereral liaitiur Maatera wli ctm? I'ioiii Die interior of the State and who are nothing more than M.(uattera, unit ehould Ih' ao roc?ld?red an I now the lmi|ftiint ConiinUiiion, which I- aoppor tei eaclu <t??l) by cnlrihutionx received at t).i> p r ' , go to All/any to Rod a waruen to )?ke charge of their department Thia more nient l< juetined by th* Comtniaaiouer* on the ground that be U a good piUnn dux-ipiiiiaiiati, hut what the un fortunate etnigranta ham to do with priaon dl-etphne U hard to imagine. Ihnu meaaure.' were a.'I cour cted at aectet meeting* of the Board, from which the pro wai excluded. The Commt-?inn?r* ahould not go through the fatw of preteiiilln* to l?dd public meeting at all, when their really important t>u?inea? 1? trim ? ict'-d hy a *ort ol " daik bintcru " arianKement. The (ullowing w the rot* for Mr. 1 tlnbuiy'a appoiuiirieut and the adoptloo ot the change : ? Av? ? Moair:>. Verplaack. Carrignn, t'uaiinlngi, Mor gun, and Cnriiijtie. Notv-'Menna. Kelly and I'urdy. Ali-cut John A. Kennedy. The follow ing are the proto'ta of CommUiiionera Kelly aud k'urdv Omit lit CoMMlMHIDMOle (If Kjmkjkatio* "fflCa, ( Keptemliar ft. It5.'>. ( The unilf rdlgneil. one of the C'onimi-?lonera ol ICmigra tion, piiiteat? u^ainat the appoiutment of a wanteu of Vt'aiU H lalatid, at a c.imjwn- itlori of four thmi-tod dol lnr? jev aiiiium, baUartng that at any time the aalaiy la too la 1 ge, and that the p'i*eiit atnte of the tlnaii i'a of tha t uiimNcien iloen not warrant anch an expenditure, mid lu ll, v ug that. Willi uu able a--i-tant to the pliyai clanluchtet. chmen from our midat, a- ab'Ward or j warden, at no greater cempenaati 'ii thanat ;>re.ent paid, , o> for one thouaaad doUar* |M-r annum with ho.m- luet , and light, the aftalra of the loatltutiou can lie admlnU , tend with won* mj and eUlclein v , The undemltfU' d in free to admit that Awua I'.Ubury, j 1 >j., the gentleman proponed, in every v 1, de.ervl'ig ot 1 hi- well 0111 ned reputation oa prii-on dlai ipllnadan, ant ?iu lioln-nt iimti yet h ? calini.'. derm it 11* ? <?l. . t ? d 1 1 1 i vi* Allniny county of ?o|'i.<nt an oil eer, n >r tee! h ni ?e l juxtineit iu Voting loi ?ui h high mil irlen JAW 1 KKI.I.V. Hie under signed, one of the Comml'?ioiic I I! nig- 1 (ion prute^* - iipiin-t iucreitting the n-ilaiy of lb" waul. 1 ut VNaul'i. IplMid from twidvi r 1 1 1 r> < t. od I < I on ho., a 1 dollara | er nrnuui in via W of the fa t 'ha' II. e In leh' e ne ? n 1 1 the ? 1 n mlf ?? on i *er> emtm 1 1 -?l"g 1 ha' inim ^ration kliowi- imaiked deereaae, and that 1)11 tlonuuia ? ner ? have hnn very reluctantly eompi ll ? I to re luca tlie ci m|i? mat; ui 1 f the employi wlo ? aalarl- w r? li pa than live liundreu dol ir? per annum tt ? under j gned ileeti/s the increase ahoie reWrreil to > pei (ally < tinji.ot at tlila |eriod The undewigt im) alao eatnedly proleat ? ag . nit t!>i? | ?1 jij. intnient ot any perw n not a r< ?> ieuf of tb- 1 My ot j .Sew i oil., ? 1. I.i' ..I'j eiily b<Tirve< that there a;e . ' i t i / ? t > * I reabiciit abundantly oualiBeil to ill charge n |;h fidelity ' to tl.e it mn i?iori and advintageoualy to tlie imuilgiant, | the iltith of any situation within ourgitt t r the??' nhJeet|on?, ai well a? other*, lie dc*ire* that thia pro) . j may tie entered upon the minute*, in order that hi* n-a w n? tor opposing the iippotntnient may he understood. KI.IJAII I- I I I'.liV rommiuionerf' f'fllce 81 Anthoni ttrevt .New V rk 1 Keptemlier 6, IKf.ft. Pint III Riw York. flKi; IN K0KT1JCTH HI HI KT. About t+yrn o'clw k < u IIiiiimJ*/ niglit. Mr. J? .b I i ( II ? i , jiroprletor 'if th<- *ini-#ar manuf* \arj oo (oitlcth ?lieet, c pp'. lte tjw Oyatal l*alac", wa> drawing "ft -iima J ulil-key ?b?-n It tetl'MaN/ took Hie, outnlug Mr I uther liidly , I.i* *'?0, a lM>]r n|?l ikntt 14 yarn mi l ' our i t tli* wikmrn, dumiI Jinb Carpenter ra>M la i ti * *1111)011*111111' Hume- *' whb ?) inr a barrel if ? li -ki y ? X|>li -dad, tbn ?mg (b# rtui. if II iM nil trr+t th* until, wlm w? ? mi U?*llv liuiiH il that l.? aspiiod "liorll/ *I1<4 ward*. Mr Lutbei It In ? uppO*'"! will r*r y..r. ITn <liini?|? In the btiUltf and loa* i-t ?tocV U *lniut I- hi N.i laautani;e. P1BX IN KIOIITII ATK.Nr*. ? ?n Tliuiu'lny mgiit, ab"ut h?lf | ??' nine n'? lurk *? i i <|iitliini{ In th' ?il nhiry. front room, < f So 4.H I lubtb nniiUf, took Br* Iri-m a lump wl |r h the girl u> ih in tin1 t ? In ?* wlille ?he npi-npi] llie < 1 lu dolg| ? lilrb fb? Wi ml blew a dn? llllotte lifrh t *etliiig r ),? ? I'lhliK o-i.-uitl) on fire, It ?H tum Miitiftlilml lb III . i ? ?? <?' ciif/ieil lijr Mi*. Nur< iii.ir'i^i r, ? ho aatlnatea 111 I || * At win ! Il.'o !-bi lla $1 Ill n-iimr r?u IMP 'ui ulture an ! clutbinx In tl>* Clti/MH linur u . ( ./in f snjr. T IRK IN AM. FN -TKf /T. A he at hi n'r'nrk nn I luir- *y afternoon ?' ;e ? * i| uTtiid In tin iltl" of Hi i- mnallriar fraia* ilwallnig No 111 ill'D *tr?<' oc ctlj t?'i! b/Mi. Irelerjrk Inrli. uli'i Mi.ii W Batten. li <>ilginat*4 from a > m ti * ? li 'itii.it. Tba flnr.nl cnlliiiiiBie?tal b> lli> |i?i||f.V ll>- , ? - u( ;??'! ! y Mr- Fuller whoa' furnjt ir?, A , in ?'ai!ug*d * limit 1.00 bit an iiuurann i,f ?! -j*> ,n I.' Voik llir md Kiniw Iwuriirrl/nnpnjr Mr Milter wbo luardnl with Mi- lu.le- hi. I hi* 1 * rilt r ? mi J*' ! lij wali-r. tn about #'1 IIp lit* an Itmirain-e ii i ksl?Pii l .puiatm < ? mi nj Cm ?'(*? IWlmlVl if,? Si IH: 1*1 ng* n, Mr (.1 <,<?? . n it 1p i*mag*-d llwiit i.'Ul, and *up;<.aad In l>? r?i?d ky IMiinti \t | i ril I- ? i.i aatlnsta* at aWm t</) 1 1 ? -ha* i n l?? it.iiini of M'O 1 ri 1 1* Viiii' t'i anil fiirnt tnrr In 'In < iti.unn laattfanc* Oni|?oy Mr Itur ? |i .4 l> *l.i i i. *./> ? pfuian ? Tlia li ... ng S 1HI ? ilaa ?k< i al". nt tlOO 1 1 hp in MrLBKRRr ^rn?rr A at I klf |i.i?'. 10 . tli k 'in Thurp'taf I (kl a * 'I in g< tinf avipf artic M ftwt witi th" H Ui b**;. 'Ml i P'ot) lr lit I' 'Tr III hnwr V#>. ;1 M i.i.i-rtf ?lr?? inldniallj i(t ihi l.i l *aUn" < a (trp It w?? ?<.? ] i?,fi |n|i|.'i|. Iji ahwl Kd? f. lanmnrp Tb? n- in wa? i. ii j .pi| 1 1 j iltl! * ' h*ft tli* li '1 ' X I r -rig ? to A'rtah^T M'< for* and *!? da magi ' alp ul 910 ?r,d la lti?nr?d In tlj?* 'l.i.a/'naf Inauran' # <? ,i..p?uy Imt ?.!>? iw i a' we eotill i rarn lloortl nf i nnn? llmr n. lb i* Board in*' Iri lay alierfn. n at ib? - rbarn -era I in tin ' ity Hall ? 1 ,i Pwidtal !?. I?. <*m T?r .a b? rbair TJ.e :nlstl'e? '?< ti.? !? % u.a?" ig ?er? !?? . and aj pn??l ! I.i- flrat '.?!? 'rn-?. In ord"r w* - tb? third leading o i 11* y ;.lit l>>il I ? en rtrpurtad fn,m tl<a I'caiiiaiMaa >4 tha , %n e A few 'P|"iii uf nn particular .rufn-'tau e w* r? . (lien II ad - > e Ibird tlli.e tad ad'ipte-l |.e?, utiofi* l-? rw nw?t in or-i?r, tbi- f ! ? w ng w?e? ai- ijHiii.'i! in yi>r*?u< prp*anU'' A lemiltli n calling uf* n lb* (baawl t?i th? r? I. on Ui ew l/tn I a draft i f a giant t'i l>iai? a ? ??aae-U per miitlrwr Hi* lliirte"!! H?pr I'aJri ?d t? r n nnall r mat l.u? ear* ?? Ibelr road, beluw INtr alatk >'r*?t Me U it d l" ' "in initio*- on Katiiiaiii A rw?? loti- n order, kg the (<- apt roller tp*/ r W , lor rorrlage bl'*( unl??* lk< aatjre of th? "?n'r kt ' p-*'erf liii? w*< laid ordwr. I ??'.!* d T).?' tba laal flmnmwmlaa* U/i ' ' *?;? '? r'-Wrrad t<< a ppeei*! aauulla*, \n f y rt "y-*i a' a* itilt .'jjr lb.? w?? a-1 ^l"l. ? ^?..i*e-l i).?t lb- I'HIIW*. I' tb ' -Pf rat n>~ and !e U I ? tel.j llltrM ar?1 re-j ,??ie-l < n'Afflhntf I I one kiln rtm'rv \'it for aaln r?.t? ??' tb# Haiiery to refund lU in"n?; ba ha* r? '?e?d frw ??'li '?*'* M tb# rttr and la pfcae lb- ?aM '? nt-*H..r refill to r?r..?d , ??id ir 'fter wliklft n ? U> n tb? Oximi-I Ii k?4f HmM 1? i---n riienra ?p.?" *g? ??' ' "aeU" Ijpr 'b? l^?nf < A iu'Ii immi Tfcji reoalat -a eaa rtlwrtal t// Of) I#v | Tbe H??H 'b?? rewolrpd Haatf i?V f<<mrnitta* at tb* *l.'4e 7be II? t"*-~ lh*t? tank wp a *>- maaaahaatln* frowi the (owf^r<-i:*r *?fcing ao *'1M?k>?ial a*p"i?p Ul I MM -rf |4 re*i to |#/ 'b? ' ???*? ?ai*kall 1%* (>HW?lro.l*f iba< uia >lt >i**w<<4. ?*? afyr??yrio<^; lar Ikb I .J- bae ?jee? ??*< up **1 tt.W ?.?? M *i?le4 la ? ? . tbea* m?a >PVr ??* A* tb* ppwnmaakeatto* .-f th* Oo-.pl I* eat rwip** >a1 1 ha lanlaliu aa**i M w? * a " - ;.?*! *fl#e wiWfwrtber bwiew, vf a pa-\'.*' -o^-v loir lht:i M,??NPi OormvMV Id?mU mjTTomp iNrAjmoiM. Coroot r WlUiotni hejTao Inquaat oa WadaMday, It himxf of Thomaa ShapWrn, No. 00 Araoue I), upoa Mm body of a male Intant about a weak old, which w?? found dMd in lb" prlr;- itUrhdl to tbaaa [inialMl Krona the mHww hWucH on the occasion it a ppttff 1 ttiat a litUa b?y wlula l ?owim for rata la tha pri?; dla ?>ra?d tb? body ol tha child. It waa takau out if iw aiuk under the oorowr'a iliiarUob >u4 a poat ntrtM examination ?u made upon the ??o-1y ??r deeeaaad b / ftfc llav-ell. The phyalrUn testified that ha fouui J the nuta III auperfleial Tlolanca upon the left hreaat, where til? ? wi u> a ilccp tnoiaioB runnin* toward* Ikt ?liemlAar. Ttiera ?%? alao a wound of til* aoalp, commtiutaaUag a nb IIik l.raln. I 'rath. iu thr opinion o( the doctor, waa miw*! by thfw vnitnaf. No flur could I* ohtainad whnlrnr to the piirliea who thua cruelly dlapo?e?tof Itu eldld. Ihr Jury lewlem! ? Tonllct of "Haath frota 1a jurie? intlh till by tuiue |*r?ou or paraona to tha |aaf unknown. " AN UNKNOWN MAN FOUND DKOWKO ( oriner ti'lkmuell held an in<|U>*t en WedoMday, itflM flattery upon the body <#f an unknown uian about ? )<-ur? of age who w?? found floating In tha watar ?? tfcfta jmliil . wan l.?e Irat 7 liielie* iu height; In M nu wliub'r. .hurt brown hall. |)ec?aeiid wore aa M jwi a oi.nl hi ' U ' i y ihlil, old aatiu f*?l Hgurad, hUe o'nalU. old ahi.?? mi l blur cotton atvi king*, lia had Imi ii In the water about .4 houia Tin* jury in thi* can- randarrd a veidict <4 ' found drownirf." there waa n<tlilng found i n tl ?? (er-ii of the *d by wbioh ha Cmild Imi identified III ksmj T.) Omtii ? Tornnrr O'DonneU w?? called a pea liiday to bold an n><( t>< t upon thr body of ? Ma named .'acoh IVrpentei who wn< burn-d t > ImIIi ?? *J Imi ~ Uy night, by tli-.* ignition of a bar.al of wliiakay la tha diatiliery of Krrdciek l.uthe ?, In I orlielh airaat, near SKtli nT nue. Thp il" 1 w.i- dra?ii>( off mm i/l tbr rombutlJblP DnW, wtira 'hr b?rnl lill ihi'll iur alxt tin* Ixpior rm.mttii out. lii.Ui'.i lium tb? lamp whtaa ?a. *laiidiI K Plo?a br | |" tin nj,ot anrolnping poor liar iitilri in a of llama, lit1 ??? *? badfy tiumrit that iii' dl<sl In it l(iw ml riu 1 1*!! aftor br ??< ????rual lioia Uta |.MiidM-i. 1 Iw juiy In llu> i a?f ri-ii li-iid a ?i>rilioV of ? death (rem buiiia areMrnially iivrirH at th< viua(*< dUlllli'ty ol 1-r.darlrW l.utbara." Tha waa uln \i\ lv* jaaia ol aif, urd mi 4 natiri* of (laruiany . Ahimntaut hmjii nY Kau.ixo nut* a nr.ututa.? ( i.ii'iier li'lionucl] hi'Id tin lu<(U?<t on f ri lay upon tha bi/ijj of a tabi'io. i. no' I "wen lloyl?, who waa a<~dldMi tally klUwl Ii) falling from thi- iifw building ro;ni?r of Wutray atrwt and Ti'llilfr |?lar?. Ilia Jury, on baartaff tin tt>htlmon> ol tin* vi Kik ill'li rt-.ipl. ?> I'd iu t III- i- oiitrao lion of Ihr atoii'. Ifu irn d n trfdlrl of " IV*lli from o mm pir?lnn ot the brain, prod und by a 'all ar rl trntally ra c lnd at abiiihlli^ iu Murray ?tri*t " 'lh? doonaaad vna t tiirt \ lout years ol I^p. and IraTf a wllr aad tamlly. A' i o'.miiit I ?"W.>ni ? fVironi'r WUhalm hi'Id an to? qoMit in liolay u|on tba My of a little irtil, inn? yoM* ol ai(r. imini'd l.ury Martin, who wa> arrll<-ntaHf drcwoial by la)iui| IhrO 'gh thi' piar at lb?> fail of Ham pi aly at reel. Ihe ditm-rd luid Iw.'n will on an vrrMd bv bar parenta, who n>?ldi at lilft (iri-euwleh atrwt. aad not retoiuiriK at the r*|?'d? l lima, a?a ? li wnmada fcr hi r, when Ihr decaoaad ?n lound ItnatliiH In the walaai :i alHue a tut i d. 'I I a Jury, In raudarln^ a aetdml m ' drowning." i anaured ib'?"' |?rUn ha inf toa dock (a (haiKM 'ol lrn*lii(( il in audi an uuproUn tod aut daa gmoua condition Brooklyn City Tin Co. "" ?n^r^.y ?ornlni <?'"'* J""*' M"*"' *D'' Ju"Uf#* Irr and I iii ???>'? . au fi.Uowin* ?r.n.l Jury .?? ..'.r?.-AbmW Vud?Too,., Aiidrr. ? M hold AdrUn IkniPti ? 'Uml '?". ' ,i t t' U.br IH?ld Wurlim ir#, J?mr? I r ?<?,<?* r ? v Ml I II. ... V '?? WHHIftfti.ii. John ' I"" IV"V\, i.|? I Miit, li, >'il l/r? l-'i"..1:, i. - ???? ?"=??? ~ ii .. " v jr f ? .1W .1 lnj i'l*? ii . I?i 't by pi Wilr- 111 I w<tnl??-r !??'? " "il'^ri I ,_WM. v?r riding In ??? ?' "'Tl.t.fclH t I? ????? ' "n'V l',,,l 11 .V ? ? >??'? ? tb' FiKV?" -1'" f""'"1 ***' ! hw 1'* ?H(i ?rt ,, .miff cflnr'" "''"I*11? s" ? lunnmf ? ft,., oU unit 'M dut ? pi- ?i-i ,vxB.r~"r. j;?U ,.nn whicli'l" ?.,y f.? ifit''rli.iMit n- '?! ?? ? ? u ^ , tin- r-rp r ? ? ? ftf< .....pwilM >? " * , l.? tfc. M..>or, Cl.lu , ? ?ul~. 1%. f>r-"..n f-m. t? dlff. *n< ? -ft ^ flop. I'll Ihr flig'W h"U ??? 1 nl> "* w * |,.,f m??t duiln?l>?* d?.> Hi i aKI -Tl,. ,..l t. .ic? ?' ?r Ippl'r ?? P""*^ Iir.r M-rt> .????- ?? t-u ^r^T rx-:?T?v^r^3.i*?K ildH'li'Jt ? 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