9 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

9 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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ttlElTBiMENTB RENEWED EIERT DAY. V~j ? _ MPaAW. V4hChn?.!?r^^A?B FOR ?uw on ik.,^ th? ""tire itoreri?,!? " "?U <H 2^ ttfTwteir rwrt^SSwri.2^ ?^00 cbeapfoiioaf"thL iSu?' C1IANCK; FOR s ? , ? A RARE CHANCE. ? FOR RALE. A BOUSE AND LOT, JX. situated uu Twelfth Hirer t, near the FUlh avenue, liruok t5L boure 26 by 28, lot 25 by 118; 10 be sold cheap for cash, if ?polled for *000,1 u the owner wlnhes to go In the country. In - uira of Mm. IIF.MUINOH, on tbe premises, or ot J. J. flwwn, gaa fitter, 232 Henry street, South Brooklyn. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR RALE, AN ESTABLISHED A retail polk store, 532 Fulton street, Brooklyn, one of the beat locations In Ihe rity. Will bo sold tow, as tho owner 1h ?bout entering into other business. Kent Is veryohnp. In ?nlre of A. L Searing, on Ihe premises, or of White X OiIh, DB and 59 Went Washington market. fwrrov MILL FOR HALE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATR. \J The subscriber will sell at private sale Ihe cotton mill al Momn, New Jersey, known an Harmony Mill, containing ?e when loom*, one willow*, iwo pickers, nineteen oards, two 4*wId> frames, five speeders, one grinding frame, ten Dan (Mb (pinning frames, two palm of mules, warping mill an I ?aaHnji frames, with all other fixture* and utensels tor manu fcataring, all lu eood running order. The mill and dwelling ?Mae stand on leaaed vround, wltli light rent and a perpetual laaae: Inquire of 1'IKKKK J. BERTINK, Administrator, 21 Warren atreet, up stairs, or JOHN U. IIEDLEY, Attorney, 39 Jlaaaaa street. TPARMS FOR 8 ALB? IN AND NEAR THE VILLAGE OF A" Madison, Morris county, N. J. Nine farms, varying from llMresup to2J0a?rea; they are good farina, and beautifully aMaalcd. Also, several houses and gardens In the village; halloing altea for country residences. An Uieae properties are ?taated near the Morris and Erie Railroad, and near the Radi ans depot. These forms would be exchanged for New Teak or lirooklyn property. For particular* Inquire of H. D. MINTING, near the depot. fK>R RALE? OR TO LEASE FOR A NUMBER OF years, on reasonable terms, eighteen lota, 2ft by 100, known aa Be Quttenberg ferry property, fronting the North rlvur, op Mlle Sixtieth street, with the water privilege, suitable for ???bar or ooal business, ship building or manufacturing pur ?Ma, la a growing neighborhood. For particulars. Inquire of & BiOCKEK, North Hoboken, II. H. A P. BKUNJKS, 273 lfeAtagton street, or OLANDER A STEIL, 91 Murray sireoL TOOR SALE-ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BROWN A* done houses, on the noi lh side of Thirty-sixth street, be tween Lexington and Ko>trth avenues, hulft in the latest style and with all the modern Improvements, one of the best streets to the city. Inquire on the premises. rR SALK? CHEAP FOR CASH-THE PLACE KNOWN aatho Railroad Hotel, opposite the Sixth avenue depot, aarner Sixth avenue and Forty third street. It consist* of bar ?oan aad flx'ures, kitchen furniture; one large room, 70 by :*), suitable for a meeting or drill room, 2U sleeping rooms, besides ?(her apartments, w ith four stores attached. All doing a lair baafeMe.". The rcccip's ol' tho lodging rooms alone over pay toe rent. Fob sale? a sixteen foot hail boat, well found in Bells and rigging, and ready for Immaatkta mo. Inquire of GIBSON A TURN IKK, fool ol lOOUi street, llar km river. FOB 8ALE ? A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE on Seventeenth Btreel, near StuyvenanL park; has all the modern Improvement!!; b1*o of k>l 23 by 92 feel. Alio, two vacant Mb on i.i xlngton avenue, corner of Flfty-*ixth street; aadpltree vacant loin on Fourth avenue, between Fifty- fourtli and Fifty fifth streets. Apply at 354 Washington street. rB SALE? THE OI.D KSTAULIHHKD CONFECTIONE ry and Connecticut pie depot, 367 Houston street. This ?taee fella twelve thousand pics a year. Attached la an oyater and dining saloon. This 1* ft good etianee for a man and wife m two young men. Apply at.the store or at 289 Broadway, ???ill II. Terms inude easy. For halk-a very desirable moderate priced house, in T? unty -aerenih *treet, went of Broadway. The house has all iho mo lorn Improvements, In parted order, and ready for Immediate occupation. Apply U> JOHN S. KELM), S2 Wlllium alreet. F>B SALE? TWO THREE STORY BROWN STONE front bouses, w ith basement and under cellar, and high utoops. In Forty *eiOnd atr' t t, 200 feat west of Sixth avenue aaih-o. d, ami 'VII feet < a i of Broadway, on bouUi vkle of Forty second street; these, hotmi-s arc built In the most sultut intlal aud workmanlike maimer, with .ill the modern Improvements, each as water, ira?, bells, njpeaklng tubes, Ac. Terms easy. Inquire Of J. BRIGlJS, 181 West Twenty -seventh si. Fib balk.-one of the best and most ele gantly furnished restaurants on Broadway, doing a d illy bweui rs of 9100, will he Bold a bargain, If applied for Imtuodi ely. Inquire of O. D. CLARK, 'Ji Barclay street. rB SALE-ELEGANT BROWN STONE HOUSE, 139 Bast Eighteenth street; thoroughly repaired; modern tm foment*; painted lrom roof to collar, pannelled, frescoed, rbled, Ac. Terms easy; small amount down; or would ox inge for bouse worth *1,000 or 99,000; balanee on mortgage. Apply to T. B. VOOKHEES, counsellor at law, 340 Broad way, Appleiou's Buildings. T7V)R SALE? A THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT J bouse and lot, with all the modern improvements; also a Kn of the furniture. For further particulars, inquire on ( mlseB, 18 Boorman place, Thirty third street, between Bh(?th and Ninth avenues. rR BALE. -A THREE STORY BRICK BAHEMKNT Louse, together with in unexpired lease of nineteen years, ?Mh two renewals ot twenty one years each. The house Is ?dtualcd at 336 West V."9th street. Ground rent, 970 a year. Will be sold cheap. Apply (o C. II. BAILEY, No. 9 Chamber direct. Fob sale-iron planing machine, 12 feet bed, fBOO; 17 t'eet slide Ulln-, 936d; ti teet sUdi: lathe, $130; ti leet slide bit he, fftl; ge>tr cutting engine, $150; hand la'-hes, tlfl to tap. W. .1. BKL'.NHRKD * CO., 78 Nassau street. XJK)R BALE? FOR FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS? HALF X interest in a splendid genteel cash business. In Broadway, yielding 94, BOO rain yearly over expenses. A tlner chance for a fortune has not bei n offered In Uvti years lor amount of cap! lai. Also, a epletulld drug store. In Ninth avuntie, 91. M0 Apply at 81 NasMiu street, room No. 12 Fir sai.Fi? houses, lots and farms, in toe choicest and beat location* of city and country; lrom >1,40 to 960,000 Alio, desirable property for exchange. Builders, ?wners and purchasers ot property are Invited to call at the i Land Office, 434 Fourth avenue. FIR HALE. ON MADISON AVENUE, NEAR MADISON' M|uare. ? A des.rahiu four story hrtck house; also, choice lots, adjoining Trinity t'bapel, ami on Twenty fourth. Twenty flfth and Twenty sixth strei Is; also, hnusi ? an I lots in ||W| va > fifty of style, price and locatiou- Apply to JOHN 8. KELKO. <12 William street, TOOR BALE, CHEAT ? ONE LOT ON SEVENTH AVENUE, r near Fifty -fourth street, 91.300, one lot on EUhty seventh street, near Fifth avenue, 91.000; 4 lots on One hundred and twenty nlntli street, 96011 each; a nice hpu<e ami 2 lots ou One hundred aud forty second street, near right avenue, f l,!VW. Apply at WARD'S Real Estate office, corner of .Naseau aud Spruce streets, N. Y. , and at Railroad Depot, Harlem. TjK>B HALE OR TO LET VERY CHEAT-ON EIGHTY J; ninth street, near avenue A, two new three story houses, each having thirteen rooms. hath, water closet, wash trays, Ar.. four lois, with irult mil shrubbery. Fare ti^e. by rail read. Apply lo S. RICHARDSON, 212 Filth avenue. ilOB SALE OR EXCHANGE? A GOOD HOTEL NOW a paying business, located In a goo- 1 business street I ten minutes' walk ol the Merchants' Exchange. The and bouse Is nearly new, aud xvt.'l aromm?1ate . seventy-five to one hundred persons. Tlierc is also a I billiard room attached to the house. Will sell the le Iture and lixtures aalheystaud lor c:isli, or exchange lor I real estate. Apply to G. It HABKBLu, Real estate bt oker, 14 i'ine street. jR BALE OR EXCHANGE, FOR PART CASH. IN Brooklyn. ? Bargain*; possession Immediately: a throe f first cla?a brick dwelling. No. ft lloyt street, nesr Oltv 97,000; do. No. s2 I.atuyctte avenue, corner of I'm Imd Ground, first class location, near Wa-hlngton nark, gam xtures, only 9ft..OO. A. KAINBTAUX, 181 Fultoa street, klyn. >B SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY 104,000 acres of tine tieorgU lands, situated wi'Jiln one Arid miles of Savannah. Also, ft two ai res Texas lands, ?d within fit le?-n miles of (lalveston. Will be exchanged I on very favorable tern s. Apiiiv to I.. II. SIMPSON A STI.VS, 19 Beaver stre.-t, UBN1SIIFD COUNTRY HOUSE FOR SALK-OR TO lat, until the 1st ol May next.? A larva, genteel, country ?e, well furnished, situated on the railroad, ten mtles from . " tity; Will l e sold ji a barualn, or le' lo a good tens.-it unul |ay next. Apply to M. L. SHELDON. 80 N, "?att svreei. [lOtSK FOR HAI.E. ? THE THREE STORY BRICK [1 house, is Itli ruble, aud one lot ol ground, corner nl I'ltih til rUhnora Rlreats Wllilamiburg. House unOnisba I. Prtce Apply lo KIPLING A IIKOTHKH, 32 Ma!d*n lane. fOlTSE FOR HALE -THE THREE STORV AND BASE, n.enl hous" wlib ntatble trimmlsg?. In Cle-e v er place Jin, lilth bouse from Degraw ?tree'. Apply to KIPLING A. Bit OTHER. .12 Maiden Une. EASE AND FURNITURE FOB HALE-OF A LARGE and ileuant boarding house, near Union Square ? fn'l. loeaihin unsurt>assi<d In the etty; lltaese eauae n i r og It up. < pply io KEYS A HOaGLAND, 8 Everett bnu-c. mi Square, before? A - M. and af*?r7 P. M., or at 434 rib avenue, during the day. MINT STOKE FOR SALE.? THAT VALUABLE PRO ptr v *nd business (172 Greenwich s'reet. constating of I ana rear btilldiaga, with the stuck a.id fixtures of ih? nt it lore for sale, or the business will be soil separately. .ORE. STOCK AND FIXTl RES, WILL BE SOLD OCT cheap?fruit, vein 'al.,e arid milk depot? at No. 283 Third bu* , us the proprietor i> coiog in t>,e oountry. bferior CHANCE for a merchant TAILOB, OB other light sib! ji nt el I uidnes* Far sale, the leaae of a ndkl s'( ? In tlie Everett hcn<e on Union Square. Apply No 3 Evutett house trotn ? ???II A M.. from 3 to i and ft om 1 9 P M. MILLINERS - AN OLD BBTABLISHBO MILLINERY Store, having a ?<?.d private and transient cust.im. la for k rent is low s ock "ti hand Itrht. a small capUal only ne Larv. A good chance. Apply in tlie store, In 14ih st., cor | ol ?h av. CWDERTAKERS-FOR SALE CHEAP; \ MAG. VI Ificen' set ot os'rlc h feather pluMpa lor military or otter fu Apply at tl.e Empire |Js and A,;en v office 333 way. 1AC A NT MiTS FOB SALE? NINETEEN VERY DESI rable lots, sitnatad on Eighth arenuc and 1 >00 Hundred Forty tiin'h street, will l>e sold at a sacrifice for cash. Tho are with the grade, and well located. Apply Immediately M. L. SHELDON, MS Naasau street. gPOBTWO. ~ |)AT BACE, FOR 93W -A MATCH RACE, FOB B300 will come off on Thursdsy, Sept. 13, from Hafin Ma reen the celetuated boat* Ixmlsa Jane and Ulpev. Boau iirt from llatlem I ridge, around Throgg's Point buoy and This will bt the m. it Interesting race o< the season, as _j made to test the superiority of 'he builders. Boata 10 | between the hours of 11 A. M. aod 1 1'^ M. lATTA OF BAIL AND ROW boats at 1S2. [ Gate farrv. loo' of Eighlv sixth street ? Owing lo a " comlr.g off between two crack sail hoal*? the On>?y fjuiaa Jane? tuiulap'a Bell Gate regatta 1 iioatpned to >y, he 14th of September. J. M. IH'.NLAP. IRTING? ALLTH F CI I O I (E BHEEIWOF IXKW FO I ale and forslKk - Vinge liniment and flea ?xter rnim' > Ilbly curing al. ores and diseases <4 Ihi ski*, dermn* s 1 1 Mtruetloo to lleas and bugs on dog*, Ac. Price 80c. <> r Ptreet corner of Fulton. )RTTNG_-PEBeONfrWIsm.Nti TO PUR' nASE K V> ttter popple* of the pureei and 1>est breed, can be ? ip I by *ppl}-1n* Ut Ke??rs. Glbaou A Furnier. Re 1 II 1 , foot of IfWl'h -tree' Harlem The tire and dam teperted from Ireland, and ?v? y 0 krep ite brtfl pvt. SALES AT AUCTHNV. Auction notice.? pememptory hale or ready made clothing. WILLIAM TOPPING A 00., No. 33 Broad street, will Mil OB Tueadas. Sept. Uth. 150 Iota, about 1,200 carmenta of seasonable clothing , Including overoo its. Irock and bod* coata, paat&loona, vests in every variety, jaat made up for tola season's trade, and to be Hold for ca*U, without reserve, to close a concern. Catalogue* and good* ready early on morn tux of tale. Auction notice. -crockery, glass and china. ?By J. 8. W. BARTLETT, auctioneer, Tuesday, Beptein ber U, at 1 o'clock, at 281 Pearl afreet, In lota from the shelves, forty crates butw. O., blue printed, painted, dipt, W. O.. Rockingham and stone gipsy ware; a large awirUnent nf glassware, all klndi; china tea ant, forty lour pieces; cutlery, Britannia wuro, Ac. Sale peremptory . Auction notice? j. boo art, auctioneer.? by 8. Bosart, Tueaday, at I0)? o'clock, ut llm uuctiou room" eoi ner of Frankfort and William atreeU, mortgage a tie of houst hold furnlinre, mahogany sofa*, lounge", maliog.tny French chairs, parlor sullen In brocatele; marble lop Uibie-i, card and mahogany dining table"; bureaus, liat aland, carpets, < ane seat chairs; French bedstead ?, hair inaltreaaaa, mirror*, table ? utlery, kitchen furniture. Al?o, an invoice of rich decorated rhlna tea win, tote a teie acta, china vase*, *egar holders, match safes, fancy toys, Ac., Ac. Auction notice? john hough, auctioneer.? Important sale of elegant and substantial iHiitnehold fur niture, r<!. piano forte, pier and oval mlrrur*. velvet an I Brussels rarpets, oil painting", mantel decoration", Ac., to morrow (Monday) at 10>i A. M. These good* are the entire contents of the residence No. 70 Murray street. near College place. The furniture In In excellent order, I laving been In use but a short lime, ami wan made by one of Uie beat elty maker*. Following I* a partial lint, vli.: Two solid frame ro*owoml HUlti ? In broratile; rosewood 7 octave piano forta of beautliu' tone, and fullv warranted by the maker; rosew ?*> 1 ctegern wl'h p'atc glass door* and bark; ladles' cscruto're richly inL. -I throughout; rosewood marble lop eentri , aide and pier table*; rosewood and muhogoiiy bedsteads, bureau*, wa*h?land*, la bles, Ac.; pure hair mattresses; Kreneh plate lulrrom; tupes try, velvet and Brussels carpets; mahogony and <-nn? seat chairs; a choice collection Of 1 paintings; silver tea sets, cuke baskets, easier*, fork*. sp. on*, Ac., china dinner end tea seta; ivory cutlery; beautifully decorated vases; parlmi marble statuary; cut gi - ware, Ac., Ac. Catalogues at the bou-c. Sale without regard to weather. Day, rikhell a co. will sell by auction, at ihelr store*. 1-5 Nassau street, two doom from Fullon street, lo morrow morning, Monday, at 10'; o'clock, a large stock superior household furniture," oil paintings, mirrors, tr. Those In w ant of good furniture would do well lo visit thl" "Ale Geokck cook, auctioneek.-kxtknkivk sale oi new and fashionable furniture, to inorro.v. at 10', o'clock, at sale* room* 117 Nassau street; a large and splendid nsrortment of rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut furniture, snd housekeeping articles of every description. Catalogues on the morning ol sale. Every facility afforded purchaser* Tor boxing and shipping, at a moderate charge. HENKY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER. ? ON TUESDAY, Kept. 11, at it o'clock, at the salesroom, No. .V? Pine street. ? Assignee's sale of a large lot of tine jewelry; watches, chains, pins, rlnp, earrings, (I la motel jewelry, French clocks, brnnres, Ac., heing the entire stock of a large dealer, ntnl well worthy the attention of the trade. Terms cash. Sale po-ittlve. J J. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER .-CROCKERY, GLASS ? and china ? Fourth fall shelf sale, Tue - lay, September lHh, ut 10 o'clock A. M., by Henry U. Evan*, 92 Pearl strer', 100 crates of best w. g. e. e. Rocklngliam and common ware , a!hO, 200 packages best tlint und green glass warn, In lot* to stilt dealers. Goods well packed for shipping. Catalogues now ready. Philip r. wilkins, auctioneer ? receivers' sale of elegant rosewood und mahogany furniture, hy or der ol ihe Supreme Court (adjourned from the nil instant).? PlilLIP R. W1LKINH will sell at unction, "on Wednesday, Sept< mher 12, at 11 o'elo"k, at No. IR East 2il'Ji street, an as sortment of rosewood and mahogany furniture, consisting of eolas. tete-a-tatrs, chairs and Voltaire chairs, covered with satin hroraiol and velvet; centre and sofa tables, w Itb marble tops; double and single French heds't-nil-, bureau", dresslnr bureau", mantel ntlrror, sideboards, extension dining table of an extra large size, large solas, suitable lora hotel or saloon; armchairs, Ar. < utalogucs can be had at Uic sfUoe of the auctioneer, No. 2 Bread street. This sale, which was adjourned on the 4th Inst, by an order from the Supremo Court, will positively lake plat e ?n the Uth Inst. RL'SKFLL W. WE8TCOTT, AUCTIONEER.? HOUSE sale of genteel furniture on More lay, September in, at If'i o'clock, embracing Uie cutlrc handsome rosewood and ma hogany furniture In house J2 Eighth avenue, near Font toenth stri et, all of which will be sold without reserve, rain or shine? cntulogue* now ready : tapestry, wlllon anl Bru-sol" room and stair carpels, one elegant suit solid rosewood parlor fur nlture In satin brocade, t*"' "rge French plate pier glasses, slab* and bracket", rasev?_.land marble top centre dndptcr tables, rosewood pianoforte stool and cover, rose woo J marble top etcgere, several beautiful landscape and o'-hor pointings, elegant china mantel ornamebts, lace cur'alns aud shales, ro?w<io<l and mahogany aofas, spring seat cllairs handsome rosew c,im1 and maliogany be.lstends, pure hair inattre- ws, f< ather beds, ros<^wood and mahogany mar hie lop bureuti", enclosed wushstatxls, toilet sets, daurisk louui;es, oval and plain mlrrots, dining and breakfast tablt s, secretary book case, rich cikna set*, sliver ware, cutlery, Ac., with a (large assortment of kitchen and l>edr'*itn (urnilure, worthy the special attention of housekrtepers ntnl dealers. Richard Walters, auctioneer ? to morrow, Monday, at 10}? o'clock, Mcfalfrav A Walters will sell at their auc ion ro<>m. 26 Catherine street, a quanUty of v.ilua hie household furniture, consisting of marble top tables, bu reaus and wesbsttinds: spring seal sofas, chairs anil rocker*; Biusscls, Ingram and three ply carpets. Also, ihlrty-llve biceeh loading rifles, and a quautltyof percuteion caps. Sale punciual nnd without reserve, W8. MELLOR, AUCTIONEER-BY HOUGHTON A ? MKLLOR? Tuesday and Wednesday, September II and 12, at l(^ o'clock, at the large and spacious wan-room", 442 Broadway, one door from the City Assembly K oras? Lirge and ueremplory sale of valuable, rich and costly New York and I'arls manufactured cabinet furniture, contained In 'he above private warerooms, the richest collection ever offered at action for absolute sale in this clly. For the aecomuvslatlon of country merchants, we have mane arrangements with com potent persons tor packing and shipping of purchases made at this sale. Tbe slock will embrace the moat fashionable styles of rosewood, oak, mahogany, w alnut, enamelled parlor, chain ber, dining room and library furniture, elatiorately carvel and finished with Ihe newt costly materials; vli. :? ela ;nnt carved rosewood parlor furniture en sulto, style Ijouis XV. and Ellzabethlsn, cuvered in Fivn<'b brocade, satin, four colored brocatel. moquet, figured reps, plush, French satin delaine, English nair cloth; ladles' rosewood cabinets iluej with sa'ln wood; etegrreit with French plaic mirror fronts; richly carved music cabinets, music stands; Klixabeihlan style car red rose wood centre tables with blade and gold, Egyptian and white Italian marble tops; richly carved rim hot' any sofa-; tete-a toles, Voltaire and spring seat parlor and n ceptlon chairs; dining room anil librarv furniture ; rosewood, iruutocanv. wal nut and oek ei'enslcn dining tables, chairs to matcn.iovered inpiush bgured reps and cane Beats; sileboards, bntfcls, rich bookcares ami e< retaries in walnut, oak and oialsiganv caaes; chamber furnitur e; elegantly carved rosewood and mahoganv bedsteads; dressing bureaus with iiuirblc top- and French piaie glasses; ma rule loo onr!r>*ed wa-hsiands an I eoramo.l<'?; rl< hi v decorated enamelled culture < lrauthcr -nli??, ?e%eral (g whl< h are very valuable; wanlrobes, carved amours wlih French plate glaa* doors, Uned with sa<ln w o si and c ilar. loungts, loungebeils, In fan< y delaine, reps and hair, rhiirs and ot'omans to n atch; walr.ut to'iagc turnl ore rt -s >- -1 and tancy dressing tabli s: plu'n mahogany and Walnut i harn ber furniture, three suit* In oak to mat/ h; rockers, divans and tewing chairs; hall furniture richly earved; ra.?ewoo1, maho gaiiy, osk and walnut hall sinnds; chairs and tables to m<U-b. Abo, about 100 pure South A rnerleu hor?e hair maturs?as, p il llases, Ac. Also, seven rosewood ti'4, 7. 7'a OUV.- piano lorbs, one of which U valued at $>J<J0, male ojr Wm. Lliete mann A Hon. New York; fully warranted for two'veari. A's.;. twMt) live French plate, pter, nantel an<l oral Birrora, la the latest and mos' fashionable stylo ol ornamented Irame' The whole of the above for absolute sal.'; worthy the a.ien <on of the trade, country merchants and thoee about refurnishing. IIOKHKM, t'AIlKIAHKS, ,<U . AT TflK BAZAAR, St CROSBY STREET. WILL HE told every Monday and Wednesday. at II o'clock. u num ber of bor**t, carrliiKr?, h irticw, M'ldle*, A?\ John H. uathki.d, Propria For halk-onb bobrel horse, eight yk \rs old, IIJj' haudi hi?h, ?uli.il>le for a > irraan m- Kroner, will he Mild che*p, UK 'III' owner luin uo furtliei uar lor Mm Inquire at fi3 Writ Broadway. For balk-a htro.vo new oboceicy wauox will hi- wilil 'heap Ap iily <i? the Kuiplr- Ixmu and Agency Company. room !?, :sio Broadway. KViB BALK? A THOBOUOIIBBKD ROAI> HORSE. VERY r f??l. *reul en lur.im-f , fim ntyle mid ..Clou, IV . hund hlgb, Round, inn- iitwl kind. Apply to GILBKBT S. SA VAOK. Verandah. :Sl WillUin atreef. IjlOR HALE? A SPLENDID TEA* OF IRON- OKAY 1 bor-e?, alsyrari ?>H. perfectly Bound and kind, -4yliah driver*. They ? 111 be w>ld cheap, the owner liaw'i;; no furtliri um- tor them. Can be M ? n tor four da;- 1 ?t (fee <01 ner of Hl^k* and Ilatrlnoti Itmll, Brnoklj 0. For balk? a bay mare, seven years oi.d. ?? hand* high, Kiiiiid kii<I kind In all hfirw itho n b<>i trait on. nearly new, together with all tin harm blanket. My net and whip attached Can l>e wen at th" atablca 12? Rani llioa I m?v. or at i*ou<h iitiert. Price : or : lie whole eit*iili?vn,-u . ?i:ii ("1 OATP. I. OATS.? roll SALE. 1 WO FINE milk oo*ts X Any on* iiolun to ? < M . ot ?..imti < goa'a milk for an infant, tliia la a rare cham e. 1 1 ji ?>- an- 1 wo ot the linen" of then kiln thl' country. Apply at SU7 Mxtli at enue, comer of Nile- eeath atreet, in the (tore. CORWI.V HORsF-H for balk.? on k hplkndid pair of very riiieely maichM black long tal' tnarea, l!\i^ hwi? hl*Ji, of great endurance, can tr<>' tocelher a rnlle Inalde of four inJ note*; i?erlrrtly >ound and kind; ndl yeira old. Any one In want or really a ? ood pair of borae* would do well lo call and examine tbem. They can l/e ?^en by calling on Mr C. V HOAf'LAND. at Nclaou'a Hotel. FlaUiuab, L. I., or addrea bok ljW Foe' oflire. Horse for ?alk.-t.rkt pacing row. nu band" high, kind lu -in<le nod dofiole harneaa, ran pa.' In 2:40. Moat be told In one week, aa Ibc owner la leaving the city. Call at 82 Bui ling >llp. Saddle horbf.-a gentleman will take a aaddle borae for two month* or lor th' winder. for bta keep, to he kept In bin nrlvat* -uhlc lie*" of fee.] arid to be u?e<l mcxlerately. Addreae l oi Ml Poet ofhee DAICntl A< \ DKHIKN, fitlX ? BANCINO ACADEMY, BROAIlWA Y.-MI! I E " )?>? BACHiO lui? the Ml i k|H| MMfMMlMi tl.at he Iikk enraged aevrral young ladie? for liia m Mlmt E*er> body will be able to l> nm four dan r> moat tauuotiiMe. mm MM, fcj Mr P. . luOk BROOKES' DA.HCIVO ACADEMY, NO 3*1 HROOMK K*reet, between Mr<?d'vay nixl Bowery ? -ereral new elr.?K?? are now forin'nf , to ? crmnco'-e Imuiedlateir Tbe opening aolne will Lake plaie We IncMlay ereumx, 12ta ln< Dancino academy ?SEVKRAL YOfNO i.adieh wanted, who are Kood danger*. Apply from 2 lo tF M. at 704 lir id?ay, up atalrt. MADKMOIBKl.l.R CABOLtXK YKZIKN'B HANC1N0 Kcarle?iy, 21 How ard ?treet. la now ni>an lor the Claaa n.reta tar the lr?iritet.oo of ladle, and gent e men at .1 o'eior k P M. . at?d * o'elot k In tbe *\ enlnij for pr?<-ue?. Oraad aotree daacante erery ha'uruay e?enlng . ? l>BOFFSSOR a. MIRASOL* (NOW ACKNOWI.KDOKD X to be tbe fli?l U a her of dancing In New York), reaperi fully Inlomm bla frternl* an*l pa'. roo? tMt tua MUbil-.hfnen> No 811 Brnadwa*. wl.l reopen on Monday, Sepi.-mlier 10 Open dally from III to 1 for U*'i?a and gen'.'ernra a leawiu. an<l from 3i ut and ? t<> 10 In the evening for pmetlee. EXTRA PAY. FfXTRA PAX-NAVY BOUNTY I.AND AND FXTRA j Pay" fMBre ?I*nd warranta, "eitra p*v" aiel l.alan '? of wkff'a due all Cnlted k ate* navy awllorv, In all wan ?. . ? 17W, tkelr widow ? aod hetr? provnptlr o' Ulned and paid, a:*l all klnda of rlatma againat the Cnlte<1 Hiav. reeov-redby EDWARD IIISHKI.I,. Agent, lata Pvaer P. I. Navy, ai d A'tomey and - c Wilf , Coonaallor at Law, f! Wall atr<>et. rVMITIIRE. f 'OTTAOE AND FANf Y PTBMITCBI WARRBO iMr TIOW A hTA' E* ofler lor ?a.e tbe inoM etten>(e ?- -or ?lent of tanry, eotuge enamelled and Kreork fonUMi -e m he I mu-d MMM> at redm ed prV ea. every variety rt m pUJiowa, to ???, Ac at mao'tUciWa p SHBPPIWO. T.MIR UWCRTOOL.? UNITED HTATBH MAIL ST RAM r ship ATUNTId, Ju. WeM, commander.? Thi* .I'eainahlp will depart with the united Stales malls lor Kurope poalUvely au Wedueeday, September 19. el 11 o'clock, M., from Mr berth, at the foot efOiuial street. F or freight or puatna, having un equalled aooommodallon for eleganoe and comfort. apply to KUWARI) K, OOLLINrt, 06 Wall street. Pasecngers are requeued to be on board by 11 o'clock A. M. Shipper* please take nolle*! that the ship* or thU linn cannot carry any goods contraband or war. All letters must pane through the Post Office; any other* will b? returned. The steamship Baltic will succeed the Atlantic, and wall October S. mm BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL I mail steamships raoM x*w tokk to uvmroou Chief cabin pimp $130 Second cabin pansago 76 rM>M l**fI"N TO UVMUIMM. Chief cabin passage 1110 Second cabin paesage tiO 'Ibe ship* from Boa ton eaU at Hallhx. AKAlilA, Capt. JudklixH, AMERICA, Oapt, Lang, PERSIA, Capt. Ryrie. EUROPA, Capt. Shannon, ASIA. Oipt. K. O. l/.it, CANADA, Capt. .Stone, A1KICA, Capt. Harrison, NIAGARA, Capt. Leitcn. lh- ? carry a clear white light at Blast head; green on starboard Dow; red ou port bow. America, 1 unir leave* I ton ton Wednesday, Aug. 20 Canada, Stone, " Boston We Inm-day, Sept. 12 Africa, llarris<in, " Boston Wednesday, Sept. 39 America, I-aug, " Boston Wednesday, Oct. 10 Conada, Stone, " Boston Wodne?lay, Oct. 34 Aft lea, Harrison, " Boston Wednesday, Nor. 7 Asia, Lot t, " Boston Wednetxlay, Nor. 21 Berths not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The owner* of these .'.hips will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewolry , precious stones. or metals, u ulcus bills of lading aru signed 'Uerulor, and the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or pussago apply to E. CI HARD, No. 4 Bowling green. There will be no steamship* of this line from Now York until further nolle*. I EMPIRE I.ISK FOR LIVERPOOL. ? Til K CKI.KIIR ATF.l) J DtAM ship AMERICA, Oapt. Barstow, will positively ?all on Wednesday . ihe 12th September. The accommodation* or tills superb packet ship are not equalled by any vessel out or the port of New York. Applications lor calilti, saloon, sn rond eahln, and steerage passengers to he made on board, pier No. A North rlrer, or to UKMARK8T A JONES, 10 South street and 36 Old slip. F OR LIVKR POOL.? BAILS ON MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 17th. the well known packet ship NEW WORLD, < 'apt. Knb'ht. For eahln, sernud ealiln, or ateerage paesage, apply on bncrd. pier IB Fast river, foot Maiden lanr or to TIIOS. ( . ROCHE, t-3 South s;reet, For ltvkrpool September u-the suprrtor favorite packet ship DE WITT CLINTON, CapUlu Funk, eelcbra'ed Tor making short voyages, will po itlvely ? ill ? a Tuesday, Hepteniber II. She )m-> splendid accommodation* ror cabin, second cablu and steerage passcurers. Apply on board, pier N Ka t river, or to WILLIAMS A GUION, V) Fulton street. For nAvnr. vta soutitampton-tiie vandrr bllt European Mne or steamship*.? The tlrst class new s'camshlp ARIEL, 2,300 tons, Lefevre, master, will leave New York from pier :i0 North river, foot of Chambers street, at noon precisely, on Saturday, September ?41, for llavre, calling a' Southampton to land malls, passengers iunl specie. First class passage to Havre or Southampton $110 Second do. do. d0 The Ariel will be followed by ihe Norlh Star, October ISth. The owner of these vessels will not be accountable rur gold, silver, bulllou, specie, Jewelry, precious sloues or inetals, un less bills of lading are signed therefor, anil ihe value thereof therein expressed. Specie and goods taken at usual rates. No freight received afier noon of the day before sailing. No berth secured until paid for. Letters prepaid 18^ eeau per hall ox., will be received at the oiTlrc up lo II A. M. of the day of sailing, and will be carried In strong India rubber bags un der lock ; and on arrival at Southampton a id llavre, will lie Immediately deposited in post ofliecs there. I'ari rU taken, each prepaid, one dollar and upwards. riXXD DAT* or IAILIKO. rROU HKW TOHK. riiOM IIAVR*. Ariel Sept. 22 Ariel Sept 1 North Slar Oct. 13 North Siar Sept. 22 Ariel Nov. 3 Ariel Oct 13 North Star Nov. 3 Ariel Nov. 24 These steamships are classed A 1 ut ihe instirsnre offlces, ami specie sua roods will be Insured in then ?t as low rales or premium as in any other steamships Uiat cross ibe ocean. For Irelghl or pasaag*. aji|djj^U>^ No. 5 Howling Oreen, New York. ALBERT N CIIRYSTIK, No. 8 Place de In Bourse, Pari*. (.'HRYSTIE, 8CHIXRSSMAN A CO., 27 (jual (,'asxmlr I>elavl\'uc, llavre. FOR SOUTHAMPTON ANO HAVRE.? TUB UNITED Hates mail steamer ARAOO, I>. lines commander, will leave lor Havre, touching at Southampton to land the mails ami taissengers, on Saturday, September 22, at 12o'clooe, Irouipler 37 North river, loot of Beach street. Price of passage?First rabin tlKi Secotideal.ln f7.', This steamship. In her const ruction . combines uoequaUed safety with atrengili, having tlve water tl.rht eompartmi-nts, and so complulelj protecting the engines thai, even In case of collision, no Injury could occur to endanger the sulety either of the vessel or passengers. An experienced surgeon on board. I.ugriige not wanted d uilru: the vo*. ire should be asnt on board the day before sailing, marked "Below." No ti eight taken on board after Thursday, Sepl. 20. For freight or passage applv to M. LIVINGSTON, ? Broadway. The gttajner Union will suctcM the Arago, sail sad Oci. 20 FOR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON? THE FIRST class steamship ERICSSON, A. B. Isjwber. commander, will h ave pb-r 37 No: th river, on Saturday, 8 ep temper 14, at m ou, lor Bremen, touching at Koutbsmpion lo land raill?, passeiiKers, slid specie for England arid France. Baggage not wvnted un tlie voyage should be sen' on board the day lie fore MUlng marked "below.'' Letters prepaid. IsJi'v p#r ounce. ? III be received at the accn"s oflli o till II A.M. of the dav of sailing. First cabin passage, tlai; second do. do., fee. For freight or passage apply to DUNHAM A CO,, A;:ears, 13 Wi'liam stree'. FOR CALIFORNIA.-.VEW YORK ANO CALIFORNIA steamship lino, via Nicaragua Accessory Transit t 'oiupa ny. of Nicaragua, proprietors.? Through In advance ol Ilia mall; TOO miles shorter 'ban aay other roiile, avoiding Hie deadly Panama fever and two mile) of dang'T ins boa! Ing In Panama bay. the Miaiagua line lias no cinne tlou with New Orleans. The splendid double engine steam ship NORTHERN LIGHT, 2.AOO ions burthen. Captain Tlnklepaugh, will leave pier No. 3 Noi'.b River, at .'I o'clock P. M. precisely, for Punta Arenas, on Thursday, September JO, connecting with the steamship I'nele Sam. 2.(IHl> tiui< bin Uteri, m i r the Nicarai "ia 1 rsmat ro te. having but twelve mile* 01 land transportation by Ur?i claae carriages For Informailon, or passage at ibe reduce! rates, apply only to CIlAKLK* MOKtiA.S. agent No. '2 Healing (ilea. IjC'ter bags made up at the (flb e. Stamped letters luken for ft 'H cents each. TT B MAIL STKAMSIUP COMPANY? (IREAT RF.DUC U ? lion In price ie?Sor California via Panama? The Is'h rtne rrossed f: oin <s-ean to ocean In lour hoars, inlirstrlas* rail cars. Meals on the Isthmtbi riee tosteersge passenger*. Halt gage for eabte pasaenger* free ror 100 pounds. Baggage for sieei age pa~M-ugers free lor ty) pound*. Embarking a' I'ata n a free tor all passenger ?. by ibe following magiilticciit -tesin ships:? HJ.INOIS, SONORA, OEOKUK LAW, OOLDKN A'lE, .INO. L. STKPHKNS, OOLDKN OATK. The next steamer vmII be despatched for AapUiwall on Uer re gular day, Hiursda) , Sep'eiulwi 20 at 2 o'clock p. M . from the pierfiiol of Warren street. N. K . erMineetliig at I'aruuna wl h ibe Puclflc Mall Meamp-hlp t ompany's luagntfloexU *team er MINOR A, Capt Richard Whiting. The public aie lubirtned ' Ua ibe P. M S. S. Co. slwsyslwve one ?r more em a sieauteis lying at Panama ready for sea to avoid any possible deienuon of passe ngci * or mails. Fi.rra*?*ge, applv 'o I. W RAYMOND, at the only office of the (..mpanles, l;t West street, oorner oi Warren, irouuu^ Uie North river. AUSTRALIA? PIOKEER LINE? CARRTINO THE C. 0. Mall.? The Of* and bevinfal flipper alilp III.At'K HKA l> On* DM#i?r, bow at bar berth, pier II, North rlror, will poalllrely *ail on or before 10th Meptemlier. The i wrom mention* for a limited number of pa*aeo?rra are on tbe ia.?t apptovrd prlnriple* (or llffht. emulation and comfort, lieln* *11 on d< ok. The nu rii of vlir Pioneer line alnce Ita tral r?uitj li?lirr,ei.i four J rani ?*o La perhaya unprecedented? no aerto'U airldent haunK occurred, awl no rlaiin bavin* been made on the ir?ui ,inc ?? I II. e. a ?l.lie MM M tBOUMMa ? paeeeiunrra abao.uteiy no alekneaa hu l.mi Known. Tin- advantage* of rmplnvinir Ural rlaa* aliipa and rlpT.ei.eed r .nunamlera la de UKjuiiiHinl b] the Mma renmkab." |.?-?M?ea nrw equalled Iroin ll>U cotm.ry:? -Hhlp* ilnu Steed Kn.Uya, Yiy In* B< ud. !?'. diaya Windward n diyi; R(|blla|lll ridujra; Oerti ude, 1*1 data. The Black !-ea will be encoded by i lie ell|[>er bark .Vim rod, on her third range, to a?ll on or before l<i um*r. Tlie fuat aaiiln* iblp VumUlia tin- Sydney. with Immediate deapatrb. now loading at pier 12, Kul river. for " m hoard or to 'AltKBON, No. 6 Bowling Oreeo. ABpTRALlA? PIONEER LI XX ? TARRYING THE C. ?. ./l^Mall ? Shlppeia per clipper ablp BLACK SEA are it onraiod to clear 'belt Kooda at the ( natorn llonae tbl? duv P??*? n|(i r? will be on loard, at pin- K, K R . m Monday, a!9 A. M. 1 he '.eau'lftll A 1 i Upper h?rk i. olden Era will ane roid tbe Hla> k Pre. and hartn^ two ihlrda of herear<o p..ei tlvelv eneaired Kill bare Immediate dtapault. Fur let Itfh' or puaage, ip(i ^ to^ CAMERON Ko. I! Rowling flreen. AI'KTRAMA ? I-II1 1* TI XAH, NOW LYIN'O OFP THE Itauin will aall to m?iT' w i Monday/ morula*, at 10 o'clock; ran bik.- a lew more pa?aen;?ra In Ap ply to WAkEMAN A ltlMON, '? -i ? ? oNlotk. Monday morning IrOR MELBOI'RKE ? MlUt!, LINT P.K'it'LAR tm.k?'lol 'l.e 1*1 0< t/.ber. ? The :pe. \ If Ipffi < CiEliTRUHE I.MlU'.na rapacity. Plume-., ma?'?r liarlng ri net of her ? urgo edge t-d and colli* on board, *llibede? pi.lrhed on or aiwnjt tlia* 1st of <|o'ober Thi? ahlp now (?ri Urr m roiid royave I* very (aat. ar.d ha? remarkabu nne a> <-om D-flati'iiia for flr?t arid iweood raMn p?*aen er*. atmotera'e Iktra Eor balamf of fr?l*ht or paMM apply on I oard at r.tt 8 Eaat rltwr. or to MAILI.KK a U)Ri> MB Wall *i F'()R HAVANA AND NEW ORLEANS -THE t: I, MAIL atMKMiilp 111. t' K WARRIOR I l? Bullo. k eo:n matider will ? OTtimem i- to r>ret?e frH*1ti <m Monday. Mew* and ?ntl from pier T,. Nor*j river, a' 2 o r '?? k I' M ptwrtaelr, ii'eoilier It) tOUTON, CRCMUHRON A t o SI Broadway. C' H MAIL RTEAMPRHir tOMPANV FOR IUTABA ? and New Orleana ? On Mon<l? He| ?.em'.ar 17, at 2 P. M., from pier fr?t of Wai-ren ? re.- ft R the well krv,w!i and rntortte r'namahlp l'HKru'E>T I'lTY (.'?puta John Me fiowaa. I.ai iiur l.-en tlKiri*i?bly oterbauled and pit1 In fit ?? elaaa < > mUirftn. will retume oer place In IV ion aod aatl aa at or*. J'a ai? nari be ?e<~u"-d at th* eompany'a o? e. rreifh* *o New fir'eaite Sb een'? per r,if,te f,^.? Nratn will bi KipfM Mk uatl bUla "I ladlaf ?< ht form ?lt.n*d by hrenmpnnt rn at'plkeattoo thetr 'iffii ? No other fi rii.au ned and no bUla of (adm< will be ali< ited afier Ibe brjO r of 'al:ln/ > or Ir?i4ht or ph -a -e a piy i Itl i<e* of tin ?mn my 177 W?*t dmt. roriw r of Wa red. V O ROliKKl^ I[V)R H A ^ ANN AH AM) II.OP.I|t\-l VITFO NT 4 TKM n>*U one ?Tbe new and e|ei,..nt .ner At'OI'<T A Oapt Th?na? Uaa ?ul |e?ee nn Wedne>4*r, ISdt bep'em her, fitin p i r Nn. 1. .* irtli river, at 4 ?'e.lnek P M II lie 'if lad Inn attned tm Iwwd for fppiib' appii on loar I * fbr i ?">?e to H L. Mill MILL 1.1 Rrnadwa t'alitn i . a^e la Havannah fMljfev I'VirWta, thr'*o^'i 'I rke-a fr OM Ne v Vork lo Jaekacn>rU*e ?l : to Pliafta Tb<- Mabaaaa, Cap' Oar, R Seh. nek. Will tareeed, and aall on Maturda> Ifcb H?p' F-OR ( HABUMVON? RRMI WEKKI.V f M Mt|tU>'K lie ne? aid fi?' |otnr ?'eame. MOI'TIIEKNKK T I wan ei n niar. I' r * il kare pier No, | X, H rn, W. ??!?.? -Jay ???lA I?. n'|4 o'e , k I" M pr e?|y Pur 'rei^!,t apply tm board, where all MBi o< jdlri* will be alfned fk!><1 for t>a??-i*e bavin* .uperB aeto?imnd?iioii. ir the oil.- ?,| HI'OH'OHJt TILKm ION A ' o Z* llr.?-l?ay, TV Marir,n will ajee<?d ar.l leave ot. ^?^url!ay. Hep-emt'er 1ft TOM I TH1 RN TRATPLI.PR* ? THE C R. V '?TEAM ahlj RfIA N<?k K Capt Mklnner, wtl: leave pier fj N K -? W -ii.- ?1") . I? h '"w' . f"t Pe*er?>?rt and KtrtonnnM ?. leb IB* a' '? >1 Pmot I irn/ort Pa??. nfer* f.e tbe Hoaio anil pro ... d Via Pr'i la! ur* without delay, and win arrtr- i? TTaM iai. *i,mii*tmi Ar. ae won and wi h a- ,:tite etpenee a. if o,. v ? ent vl* Satfnik Ihey not *i ; -rlerH ..,,r 4 ?Mer lf, ? 'be I' v. r. a ? 'b< ?bt|< '?<?-a not go near ihe IV ante and tar< ?'ai< !<??> Weinded to <>M Poln , (a. u, r, ; ra i/nr* #r l:t?he.?>od W Analv i? L\. i'LA H A l'LtA.-A.-'T- , 33 b, ,*d? . REWARD*. REWARD. ? THE STORK OK THE UNDER wiOU algued, 137 William *lre.:t. ?u enteral on W?Jo.<i? amy, Bept. 5. and gnoda or (he value of $i,?0u atoten therofrotn. A reward or two Hundred juul dry dollar* la hereby otT.tr. *1 for the r*co?ary nod return of Mkf gondii 10 (1m umWrstfUtsl. for the recovery and return of a part nl aaid gooda a propor tional* amount of the reward will be pnld. Tnn following U * more particular deecrlpUoo of Uie good*:? 7 piece* eaaximernM, 19 do. velTei v?-*Ung?, come blink and rain y ilea, kxih do. <to. cravat*. M.me cotton boaom*, 1 do/, n lluen printed hamUtitr chief*, A piemen *ilk veetinga, 7 do. velvet do. K. r. LEHRUM. A-ft UKWARD.-UWT, ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN ipuU the St. Nlcholaa Hotel and llhsecker atraet, a lady'* lirown morocco pocketbook, containing about two hundred and fifty dollar*, principally In twenty dollar note* of the Uauk of the Republic, thla city, and alio aeveral carda in ti ke I wl'h the lady1* name, which can be given at tike St. Nicholas Hod. The above reward will be paid on delivery of the pocket book and (.omenta to Smith A I'aifl'Jc, 01 Wall atr?C djOn REWARD.? FERDINAND U. 1CRLLAM, ABOUT IS yeari of age, In my employ, WOK aeut ubou. (KM o'clock ou Prlday, Sept. 7, to the P?ople*? Bank, to pay ,t no'? of$22ft, aiid ha* not been heard or since. Dreaaed In it ?ir?U:lit alpa. u jacket, dark inlied jean nonta, Mack cap, thin and pale looking. Mouey? two HOU bills, one $1(1, two (A, one $1. one $1. and cliante. Any one returning aaid boy or money u> the ? ubacriber, snail receive the abovu reward. W. CLAIM. 31 South ?L AOA REWARD.-LOHT OR STOLEN, ON SATURDAY, V'U iu Waahington Market, a poriemoniiaie, containing nearly $200 in bill*. tlx.: uboui $ttl on the Newark City flank, two'a and three'*; $36 In broken money, and the reat In dl( lerent Mfc. Tbe above reward will be paid at 1HH Bowery. djOA REWARD.-LOHT, IN HUDSON RIVER KAlt.ltO VD / cara, in 'he one o'clock train, yeatenlay, at Clumber at red depot a tiackage, marked ?? papera," of J. L. Wendell, Ac The above reward will be paid QDon it* delivery, it No. 7H South street. d>lA RKWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RECOVERY ?TI\J of the following article* which were atsilen from tbe pri m.aea K7 C'hryatle street , on Thm-aday. Sep'. H, co'i*lsUng of one gold bracelet, made of (California gold, to ;cther with one >b?l comb, aeveral night gown*, and toweia. and onu blaak ailk viaettc. The above reward will bo paid tor the recovery ot the bracelet alone and no qWMtlnn* aal.ed. ROSIN A WAI, DON. N. H.? Puwnlirekrr ? arc requeued to atop the tame. d>lA RKWARD.? LOST OR STOLEN, BY PUBLIC POB ?TJ"' ter No 212, on Saturday, Kept. I, In going IrotnlKi Heater atreet lo the ateainer Hendrik Uudaon, tor Albany, a black leather trnnk, ouluinlng a laily'a wearing apparel, and a band boi, containing a ill aa and a green ahado boiutot Trunk waa fastened with brnaa nalla. tuiicnt lock, and ruaaet i ninred leather atrapa, and the liand not waa lied with a tape ?irlng. Tbe above reward will be paid lor the re covory of (lie trunk and band box, or any information reapeetltu,' ttiem, by caHliii at tbe above uiimber in Heater atreet, between Bowery and LlUabeth at. Mia. C. MOKRKLL, 144 lloater at. HOl'SKH, IUN>.MH, A< ., WAiri'KU. *f/\ |l()(l wriRTIl or KBRCHAN Dim AT WHOLI ?P J " '.UUlf aaie price*, watite-1 to eicliauie lor unincum be red Improved real eatate, in New York or Brooklyn. Ad dre^a Jewltt, box 117. Herald office, for one week. A TWO STOUY \NI> ATTIi', OK TI1RKK STORY honae HaoU'il- Wlih all tile nuxlern Impnoeinenta; rent not to axO'ed $7(KI, iltiuitud between Cniaby and W'MMier, and Amity and Walker atroeta. Any oi.eliavlntr au li, w.ll it'ldn a (?. WALLACK, Poat oltU HOrsE WANTED TO ITRt'll ASE ? THE MOST PART tor caah, went of Broadway, between Duane and Twelfth ktrcria; addreaa Y. Kirk, Union aquare PoatoiUi e. None but ow net a need anawer. Price not^o exceed 9M,iaiO. Horn wantkd n mn down town, and tnrnltiire pmchu -ed, If price moderate. Particular*, pi< pitid, to M. Itoae, ii2 While direct. House anh lot wanted, in new yokk oh Brooklyn ? Free 1'rwn all Incumbrnneea. In ex' liaane for inerc|iandl?e at wholesale price*. Addreaa Jewctt, bo* 117, Hcialil ofllie, for two weekx. PART OK A SMAI.I, BOOM WANTKD. IIY A iccntleinan, wife unci acrvant, wtli a rcapecUililn Anu'rl can lainlly. In a *cuteel uetuhborhood, woat aUle of Hrotdway, rot above Tblrtn ill afreet; rent not U? exce" l $175. K-'fiT 'Occa IWtMlrti Aidr? I , with parilciilar?, K. I) , HmM tH WANTED-BY A SMAI-L RESPECT ABLE FAMILY, the second or third lloor (to contain from four Ui live rooma) In a liotiae In which only one more I'amilv re?|.|e<; muat be In a cenieel nelKhborhiKnl. and not exceed $:!fWI rent Pica e aiblresa, aiatlup locution ami price, K , Hi rai l office. "11/" AN TED? BY A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDREN. A v? i.eaily or partly liirnlabed bouae, aultable for it lira; i Li?a private boardiiiK bouse, In a (food Im alily above Ninth atr ei A party hittlnK xnch. and who would like iu board out the rent, or part of it, may add, en* Miller, llerald office. WANTED-FOR A ( LASS OF TWELVK TOCNO I. V diea, a lljrhi airy room on tlrr t or aecoial lloor, between Mi and lUth . free i ? and 3d and tMh avennee. Eu. H?b baaemeni preferred. Addresabox I..rifl7 poatoBce. LOST AND POUND. I EFT? IK ONK OF TIIK KKIR RAILROAD CARS. J about tbe Zlat ol Aii(U?t, polnR IVoni .lerwy City Iu Pa Icikoii, a allvereup. marked "^itiiund llaiullUui Mu/xy, frmii K. S. II., Nov. 6, 1H63.'1 Tbe fltMler will be auiialdy rewarded by leaving It at ihe railioad ollleo, Patm aon, aildreased to Hen ry Muzty. or at KB Chamber* atreet, V, Y. If.hT? A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, FR(?M J Wakhlnir'oii Garden, WllliamaliurK. Tbe c?i?r nf ttn- tlo< la black, with white Hps on bla head, toe* atul tall. Whoever will return him will be amiably rewarded. I OBT-ON FRIDAY EVF.NINO, BETWEEN li AND W J o'ekx k. In going from l.l"petiMrd atree' tin migh ('iiii.ch, (Ireeue and Mercer (Irwin, Home German paper*, packed like letter*. A liberal reward will be paid lo any pei -ou leaving the aauiv ?t tv Mtrcer street. IOKT-ON THE 'ATM OP AUOI'riT, A WHITE POODLR J dog. with Imowii ear*; anawera to tb?i name of Fidn I lie tinder will be aultably rew.ti Jed by returning film to M. K Wllaon. 271' Parlflc ?trert, Brooklyn. IOHT ?BANK BOOK M.XU. BOWERY HAVINGS BANK J Tbe Under will plcaae leave It at the bank. Lost or ktolkn-by public porter no. 212. on Saturday. Sept. |, Iu going In, in HI H"?i*r atreet t> th ?tenn er lleiidrlk lltidaoti. lor Albany, a bla' k leaiher trunk, contaliilng a ladt'a Hearing apparel, and a band box, conuin tng a %re?? and a green .bade bonnet Trunk waa taatctici with braaa nalla. |*ieut ock, and rune' colored leather airapa and the bund box waa tied with a tape airing. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the trunk and lakttd box, or any information reaiiecting It, by calling at the above number In 111 iter alreet, between Bowery and Kllxahetli -uec Mr*. C MOKRKLL, ltd Heater atreW COP ARTWKRJI HIP HOXICKH. <Sj 1 Hllh TO W.OOO.? ANY PERSON WISHING T'l VT?'"'U Inveat llie above amount In a iitcra'lve ttuntr lacturlng bualneaa, which la ae< in ed by iettera pa'enl, wUIek have 1 year* to run, can bnd a favorable opportunity to lo by calling at the coiner of White and Elm urMU, K" oul l!b<'. , r> urn 44. Call It otn 9 to 12 o'clia k, and from ?l to A I*. M lor three da vs. Business chance.? a young gentleman of ux doubled capaclly and reepooall tllty w ishes 'o ai'ine I with pteM'iit ollire hiialueaa a giaal profitable a /enev, o! ant de-?rlpi|on, or would not object u> a partner with tl.c a . iv# <|iiallfp ., Uona. Addren Dlapa'eb, Herald office, withf'al ptr tieularr. PARTNER WANTED? ANY PERSON HAVING THE Immediate uae of aoout Ka *1 ?*nfer a gentleman' v hiwl r?i ?, where h?* wrill ih?' l ouirolnf liln gwd (u-.iney wy\ mori'. An ItiUprrfcw will Mitetv any lulclllgetit p?ra<ifi. dr? m lhid?*uti, Jet pry City Foal OflWe. "117 ANTKD? A FA RT.N'KB WITH FROM fl ?nl To %: f? In (& tni?nulM? fury. ih?? biialf|4Nm l> ?Wi.!'- urvi i ? . ? ? n? t proiu at t?) pmr week can be raa<lr*. \ Hf?-. n Mllli lirnatiway Fo??t titRem. WATCHER, JEWBLBY, StC. (lAl.irORX1ADIAKONOft.-WB INTITK TIIOtfR A BOUT pun-baa. nK jeweliy t? rail and aee our ('*1 - ma ll . n n U o.i unt.1 In rrrrr ?trie, and equal In h'tllUitrr aixl ariro in tie real <1 La mom J, ai.i1 aiprW* wttblnibe rea< h o ?r*H one. Those geiita' rltiater plna are .1111 |r> I.. A J. JAI OIM 407 U'O r. HHNCBIXAIIBOrM, BIU -HIS or BVBKY DBJM KII'TION-AT TUB HI'. I -11 fart?rr, 3ITT Pearl etrnt, Frauklla aqaart Allan' ? ao.il m the r<.tM ?t factory prlre* 1'aint '>ru?i"-<> of a ?<>!>? r ??? quality i "iiataully on hand. Ma' Mm- liriwb?? mid* inuMn JOHN K HOFPEL DR JOHN WII.MAM.". VrTBBI NARY ilKOBON, BK apertiuJlj Inforina bl* trl* ikIk atnl 'he BObllr the' he r.,on auea |>raritalrig aocoeaaf Illly on Uie <liB- 1 w <iiv ?? hi- . leu ?, to thai noble a Mm a I the bora. a' ibr aign of lb tnl&i n bora. 1.H1 t'hr> .tie airret, wbare Iv baa been for the las I 'M) r > r> r?(el*1iiR Irr.m W?> lo hnr*r< annually. Or WUham?' '?? peril nrp lor ?xamUilDc hor?r? lor aouiidne i, kvoitM urr pari jr. Jn. uikBBKor i.i. a ob ft or FAftHtoK is cahd . ?nj;r?*ln g. ba? Inlrodored new forma of weddtag ? arda ainljtui molted dlrei fr"tnPatlaa line aaaortUMat ot a' I'lon erj Suim m initials arm-. < reals, kr .tampi'l In ? Olora -ei paper and erivelotn ?, lo order. (Mrlnvii aenl by nuU ?*? af>i'iM.a'l"t> Uj IN OIMHKKOI N V JCI.IBN COKCRBT NBOARK.-THI ONLY A'J?AT IB the ( alted ftatea tor IhMt favorite and erra liraod ' ? gara, la JfTLIBB AIARN I ."SO Water atrae'. near W*!l .V II ? Not.e genuine e?<e|.t those with 'be run.*' ir. >4 ttw ?*.n' ? I be bol. Opera'a, IVwubua rexaltaa. P.I Pa o aril I tarnations, alao lor sale at dry reawmabi" prtrea IAN< } WOOD ?00 I.ANCKWfiOD HP tit* I KK'II J and 'it ibr flnr?' quality. S.fMi bamboo j !'?. r. ti Ml If rK.r Uwg and rood upei , alao a fj rah ;?? id Brat quality graaa iuir on band and (or aale by J ft J I i ON ROY 06 r'ulUm a'ruet (r*tti'?re.| fr?mt V2 1 r.rt n ti h- wantkd? Tr.v to twknty ao I j <1e? < ' H., Herald ofl!e. ,?<a n u^t i . ??>! they ? an be a?e?. JELB, oiij?, FOB Roorx, a* C?lj A OUUW I'RI ' bl e'a titled oU, " V . magtlnery ml, 0k . 'auaei a oti. She r'of i a:nl, . ablte Ira4, 7r . One *" rai iUhea 1-uUj pa'rn. drjrr. Miiow o- lire l ?,. r? aaVbt _ JOII< II KMITII tU BaHeo CArirr rr? fob roNiTiNo chah'.p- both in art nr.d dry lilaatltig, ?( lour dllfereal tla4a-l wvrr.'i'/ A an r <?! He touoo, b?-ii|> r??l alng.e . nd dimbie ttmvr foiM A tall Irnin de?lr-? arel injuiimn raqi. ?? . 1, ? ? et ? tj 'i r ar.d leal 'b? aroe, by tlie i.^anufa- "ura? Ob ?> a' i-H Lit erty alreet . Ord> ra prompt i v filled 'or all Innl* ?* I m. powder ?r?w.r%a .hi), algaala tr 4 of KNW P' T MAS reinsert MB) Uberiy atieet, tmrtli?*? ",rr>?- Br?1 aay c ad Ijber'y. ()' ? ep n AT M NO '? I M?re liftprr bartglt.ga Ju i !. rv pain "4 ah?de?. Olltrm leea band* A' May be Ka.1 fie h. aal.e Anr.uni <4 mutm y at i HrWi mge . So sit BlgMh aeen'te, hiti a' Any "her b .uae in ? ? Till BKW P?^< IL AND PSB (.A><B.? "lAWNil 4 PA let.: . ' to ,' ld a:>d ft! r?r, la afho-ii ev)?i.>n *?' ?>'?> mt.fmrt. duraMe a'ad . <??eti*?tii artrlaW Uie thai fi er Iiade M?i atac'or*1 a?.d ,'ur aale by * M W II.* ?. B t it 44 Va.d' ' lane, wWre a.#'* may be f tiiel a faagral aavwt ?aetii nf ail kln>U of p??. ma and peti. TO B'^iT A NO l?nor. WAKKRN ft 'IPfPB Af? ? TIIK ..terawnei la 'Wig UMti* 1 a |,aieoi for ahelMing Mae abue lift taehei 'be ir?d? Ml g'tMeti. lo 'ab au.1 aee kta tae ? U >??. ad airier brnwa M awrt Mlea tkan hare thetr <4ne? pla/e'! *Hr feet allW-ol 'Jta iiaiial ru.ne r tr . h.e a. ?. terellne a r,aw ?fco? ne gaiter l"au> -al, and aee a? .? u Mr. t ? anted to ha aea? to he I br the i/?Je I>1 WmillllKH HKR M Re?de at 'TTiT T' rr on.-ron *'iur? or rvrry bi o J 'alb |? ar t) a <d Man m ??en?? R"?efca of nr.. t> ? re aaaf y < ??*nra ??t?aa ari he turf P ie aai?by e< III r f?:l l> A BkoK A l?i ?i IW.otaa alre?4 Ni?I'im 10* I.r?' i.?? b atree' , P C Vxa t la . Ill Fntiill* ?r?' M?af IK'.'.tlMlC' , nor , *?? ?<<??. AJWHRSTKIVT*. Broadway tiiratrk.-r. a. Marshall. hols l***' J#*1 ?l>en at ?,> . to MMnnm iU ?. UKNK?!T(J>' Mfcl.lt. CKi.KM1.se PIl.vNCK. Monday evening Sept. 10, will be nted UKHHBi ON THR TIOIIT HOPK. By (3abriel Rnvrl Mon? UI.-ikIih, Mnw. ltniM><t.-hei Phil Bpp? Mafitiwiit, Jnllmi Mtrttaei'l mil Maalar Carlo. DIANA. CaB-io ? ? ?? ? ?? t ? * ? ? ? ? .Mile. Ot ImiIiw. KruiPk MA01C PILLS. Painty Grkitaldo (UhrVI lUvei Tbe>r?u P. Martlaettl | folardo II Well. RlTlBa mi?. tv?lr? BOWKHV Til KATRB? PROPRIETOR MAMAUKR. t. P. W*liirrm; Hi**e Manager, 0. H. OrMklw: I'rtnoa ol a-'mUniou:- lion ?, a oauia; Pli, ?2*a cull; Mallery, UH cent*, },v Momlav Kept. 10, *111 b? p<r[?irine?I ? T1IK. MX OKORKKS OK CRITIC Julio llurmlll) Mr. Ja?. J. Prior Loulao Mm. W. Wind JACK KMRPPAKD. BURTON'S, CHAMHRKS HTRKKT ? Moaluv ? Mtxi itae i Krriit < Mimed v, tn Ova *el? ? A NKW WAY TO PAY OLl) DKIITH. Kir fllrle* Oyerreaeh, Mr Hyolt, bU Hr?i appnarane* tli.ae four vrnrr; Marrall. Mr. Burton. Oreedy. Mr. Hurke; Lnvell, Mr. t ill i!ih well, WrULorn, Mr. U. JonUtu, MtinwiH, Mm Kale KeUi.n.dn After wlilrli? Julllea'a SLKIGII I'OI.KA, by tbe Orehe.tra. To conclude with ? Mil lit HTON'K AOVKNTCRKK IN RL'HKIA. Mr. Hurlnu u* bin i -?? If. I'rlme Mlni?ur, Mr. I.*niitj[wrll; Ml-w Smith, Mu--K.it Bel? Bold*. Icti-uir-DAVID COPPRRPIEI.n, and ? new far. o, W*D*r?bAr? The uew comedy ol HTIU. WATKIl lll'NM PKKP. "117 AI.LACK'H TIIKATKK ? TT The public are reapei-tlully Informed I hat ihln theatre will open lor the kmos on WKpNEKDAY N K XT, September 11!. l-.v# < y ? ft- .? l ha* bc.-n fluid* dnnnk' """ ren-a* fo render ill#* above < lUkbtiahiDeiit wortby ol i ocMrttBttittop ol Ibe groftt pa Hi Qage and it 1 n-iti. n vvhlt li llM | "i ? ? H<* and the pfiMI lift billir rlo Mi generally accorded It. A and brtUlaut array of talent, In ail branchee, Ium been engaged. The compau v will roiiHint of nearly all the former great f? vonn ?, vv i ? 1 1 ili- addition <>! nuiit) i. .in.- ? ?" *ii- ui' . . iebrlty. T n K DRAMATIC CO M V A N V . LAlllKH. Mr??. IliX'y, Mm. Brougham, Mrs. Vituoq, .VIIhm (inurioii, ller fln?t upprui uncr bcr<?, Hrr fln*tnpp?arauc? horr, K*t? Smon, Mr*. Utr lir-t IPMAIVKHI hilt, Mrn. W*|r*?i, brr flr-^t appear* Mr*. ^ylt*??lcrt i?m n lor 12 luonilm. H?*r rtrni?p|XMninre h*lre; Urn. C'onovor, Mrn. ht?wart. Mm. Iboinphon, MIm Carnmii, Mb*# Thompson, MIhh Tr<:?, Miita Hbhop, MU?h 4'onn?T. (JKNTLKMKN Mr. Ilfnry Vlu hie, Mr. I a 4ier, HUt ttrM *ppi*arH nee b? re , Mr. C. Walcot, bin llrnt up Mr. lirtJUKbum, pi'nruiu f burn lor 12 month*, Mr. Uporfs*' Holland. Mr llm ry Hall. Ill* Ur?< ftpprarani-t- bcre; IIIm ilmt appeumnrp hrre; Mr. Ftewart, Mr. Norton, Mr. II. It. I billlpH, Kin tirat aj'p^ju aru*c ben*; Mr. I?evcre, Mr. Htoduart, lltn Urnt appraranra U^re ; Mr. llarriMixtit. Mr I etera, Ilia ft rat appoarao'-a b^re; Mr Oliver, Mr. Colby, Mr. iturkr. Mr. Jpflreyw, Mr L?yaandrrThompaon, Mr. Hakar, Ilia 1U At appramuoi* hire; A? Ao., Ac, and % Mil. WALLAt'K. T II K OKt'HKHT It A Hif.Koic La MiRXA-OoitDOuroN. Mr. Kk trahelm (Repetiteure>, Menarw. Irojnl an?l H?*huUn Mi Bergnrr ( violoncello), M?r (lloriwi). M< Mr- Il? l.m ami Klfl*r(<'la Mi llatiiM luTmiiibon), liOt'tU). Mr. UiiMiirl CM Violin). Mr. Kolileniann (H.i^noon), Mr. Jeka r (M?it?*), Mr. llaaM' ( t 'orn?l)i Mr. f ^toioann ( ( >bl**), Mr. I'aoll (Alto), Mr. Urnlutm (Unun*>). Mr. Ii? bi'? r (Uavia?), Th? flr' au*?t nt wm Ion will bi* pnld to Ov?rturei? Mclonm a rf inuflr, an to tb# ir novi-lty and variety. Tbe Hemic cl? partintui by Mr. Il?*nry luberwood Aided by Mr. William Wallace And other *. Machinery by Mr. D*<Mi't Htaf.'e <li"? oratlotm and propertied, by Mr. Tlmoney (JoftunK'f, by . . . Mr. Flunry A*t?;?iant ...... Mr. llenaejinteo Leasee Mr. WaJlack hta|(e Matmget Mr. I*c?ter Treanurer Mr. M<M?re Hup* i lati odei.t ol Hex Ofllce. \lr Mian rroinpicr and a^Mlstant utitfe din c'or ..Mr. If. II. l*lil)lly>M 1 be mhm'U will betfln wltn an entirely X K W O 0 M K 0 Y , (Inttve Aetk,) wrliten eipronly for Uila t)u atr? , ao*! Oi II KK RNTFIlTA I NMKKTH 1 I f: Hoi i flic#* will be oj?ei.ed oil Tuesday , 1Kb September, and every da> lioni H till 4. p? CnBTKTT k WOOM MfM IUKI . f| BBOAI VJT way, above (irund i*tre? t ? OI'KN KVKKY r.VKNINO. ??tiaii n^trd bv II. Woa4 H'ttf-e Man.i: ? r Geo. Tbrialjf For 'bin w?-? k? Ethiopian Mln-'rrUy, eoncl tdlag wliiiUie IHJtILK 11K1MH-0 ROOM. t ou*ln Pompe v . . .Geo. ChrWty lh* n? w II. ?li (444 Hrofdway), built ??ipr< k. ly for till* com fw.oy. ^ til !??? opened shortly, ol whlcli due notl*** wiU be irlv?*n ft will be Om Ii rg< ? i?? ImmmI MPMN *?:??! ? ? i?? ?? v? mMmm piac?- f-f KthtopUin entertainment In th" world. The | erft>rmanc? h will r^mblne ail tin- oofrlty and oi IglnaB ty for whW h > bl*? eornpany I* no celebrated. l>oora open at / }a oMw k, to < omouture at M. TW k. t# Z*t (1 KORGK CIIKIHTY A Nit WGO|)*M MIN-TUF.I^ JT luivliiK determined on wttll lurtli? r t inbetiuhing their new hall, -iil BkmmI way, l?eg the ln?lulk-en? ?? of t heir patrotva t??r a Fboii nine. I tn?* ii<hu* will be given of tbe opening of lb!* rpl? ndid temple ol atnuneiucn'. JOHN R SMITH'S GRAND Torn f>F IH'RGI'K AND hIKGK t'f KKHAfTOPOIa At rammi A>pr hbj.v HrMim. ft:?p Hi oicvat, ?homing ONE HUNDRED VIKWfl, forty leet w ide, of the principal t niES AND OltJfU TH OF INTEREST IS Hf ROPE. Kri f v evening, at * o'rktrk and rve?e KaMirday alUiriM#?n, *' S '/be inonie by Mr. Alwya Field, of l.ondo a. Ai'mlring thou nnd? ub btl> feptlfv that ibl* u fh?* larir?Hrt, n.o?t Interesting and elegant ent#?r'a nm? ut tn N^w York, la nu rrvt* hn* been moat WonderfOl. Adiots-M JAeenta The la<*t two week? In New Yorl, cuvl GK AND AI>DITK>Ns TO Tllk TOUR Of EUROPE The hreret Fi|?e?lltk>o ?? now eoniplete, and the wltele tieel will attempt the aNiiek. aod t^ENAimll'OL FALL* TONIGHT. 1ITTLK CORDELIA IIOWAKD'H BENEFIT, MONDAY J evenkm . ntembei 10 at the Rio*4ljrn Ma?e??io Ttllr*! week of UNl'Lk. TOM'H < A II I N Te keta ran oniy be p ro ll rrd at the bos office /' AIETY TOKATRE vJf I.a4li?>? dealrou* of engagement for the t?allet at ?hla tbea ? r? durtriK 'be emniiiiK winter ?e?am, In New Or lean* mav ?! plv eaeb Wednesday and f^atur da\ lietween 2 ?n?l lo'oioek, h Fra nkUn ttreeft DION RoritCIt Al?LT / ? A I K T Y THEATRE \J MunU iani* tor tbe oeebeetrs. <l?*?lroua of eofa* <*fn*m at *bt? theatre, during tl?e en?tun?; wirier M*a?ofi. In New Or le?n?, ma> anply d\lly, between It and *2 o'clock at my re?i denre 34l HuU? avenue None but p?rfr?etner* if ?he fimt c;?m need apply. ROMERT NTOPML TRAVKLLRRN* GI'IDK. t 10NEY rRLAMD AM) FORT HAMILTON ON AND " ?f*er Momlav. Autfuat J?tJi. ')?? eteam*r N'tHW %LK will make only two trip* a day to F(?rt Hamilton and Ormev 1*1 vet. leaving Arno* *tre?*t at 9>4 and l*4. Kprifo: atreet aif#* Jai?il i V M | ler No. 3 N R . at 10 A M and V t Y M . leavUig <V,.*ey l*land at 12andft^, touching at Fort H ami!' on ea^b way Fare for the wbr?l? eienrairjci lit "-nta. Full tare tm tJMdr+ti F 'OR KEY PORT AND FORT HAMILTON HO li m boa: KEY PORT leave- Mtirra* ??rr?-t ou-i daih, ^on y? excepted,) at S o'clock P. M aiel key Port at ff o'e lock FfOK KKYI'OKT A.VJ1 IKIO* -IARK 1ST', i.lMU On iiixl ?1'< i MniHlar. H+ti> 12. tin- ?'?-an?T IIIOMA* II llAIIIIII, I i.i-n nl.ul i1? 1 ?' 7J , A M Kmiio in Irtn Mur VmI, foot lit Mnrray HfW *1 2 I' X RKi.tl.AH DAT HOA'I KOK AIJIA.W I.AVIHMl i-a<-!i wa)i ? V n k'P <Jr?"T Pi*;.i fatal, ,N#ia burr I'mjchi' ' RI Hrl?<?>l I'ataklD llil?-.i. *<, I < - i an"fc >?? *?>]??? i' l on ? .?r I Tk? law "?'"?rnT Til' >? HswRlJ* Ohpt A i|w kr<>t k Wil .*?%**? '.?tr Yoik li tfi i/l ? tarAiAjmymn ? Mn .l<< WMtm-wto; (Md Friday ?< T ?>L'k A *1 ?rttrUtfl ? Aiba'ijrta n.r I >r ? . . 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In rrht Hr ?l. ai.?I *lii hi? Bluntly produo.rd, a new Ant Operj entitled RIP VAX WINril.V Mnalc by Mr. 0 tow; Mhrrttob) J. II WalnrUhl, l?i. Tl.keta Prlrale Holm On Peat* Hoi aAktt open dallv, from n A M to ? P. M. " lor ancu Orrbeatra KrM? ai?l private Inri only. "1 MKTBCrOUTAN THPATRK.? ? hi MOSIlAY, September 10 Door* open m III, nVln. k? wll! rouuui n(v at 7 '? pr* clx'ly, with Molleie'a romedtr, In two u. ta, o! I.K DBP1T KKORRI'k. Alt' r tnhli b will be prei? rit?-?l l-ebruii'a popular 'r.t*?di *t MAUIK tfTI) ART ' MarKHtuarf Mile Ka. ha) rinrra or mainmi* to aii.E. attract.'* rLHruutucai. Orrlii *'ra Keata, l'ar<| irl ao>t Pariinel flrrle M flrtti ttrrl* M I Upper Orele fi Numbered aeata ranjr bai amirnd Lu advann* at Dm al?? prlraa. with a ?mall iiddltkili of 1ft reuta per arat, by anlilaf at ill'1 M? iroi.olitait tin aire Irrnii V A M -oil' M noil at Ika rflirr ?<> Wall a'r<-n, rtmui I*, froui 10 A. M. ui J F. H. Tm l'rl?atr bAira, apply aa atmrr Srala may Iw alao atrurml. In ailranr*. tor Any |XrforinMM ol Ibo wri'k, at U>? alM<? a (line anJ ofllrca. BUfKI.>.VHSKHKNAHKKH. MB HROADW AV.? Monday etrnlng, Hrjiirinlirr 10, ami rnry fTcntaf (Ma werk? kTlilOI'tAN MINHTRKJJiy and fMIIIIO OI'KKA Th<- nrroiripl 'i?il rlollnl". K Uut klay, wUI perform TUB WIT* ll'H HAM K i rasan'.ni; Tbr fcrral burla?<iu* on IKlNh JUM.ir.V'H ORPIIRhTKA On a hl'h o>raaton tbr new I'tima Ikiuna will alii < "f raneai, 1 Ail'Tr Till1*." 1 lie unrlvallnl O Kwaln llu<kli'r aii.l R Hiahnp Bwrkley III 'hair vrrat r< niliat, lit Uir burl<-a<|u? on tb?< Italian Hln(rra. t oni-cri rMnownera ai 7't o'rloek. Tiekela, 3ft <?nl?. Mnmluv r?inln*. Hepirtnt rr 17. a new burlMMa ??> "TV t lil lil of tlie R< niineut," lit* new Prima Ifcmna aiVarM. Ci It A M> fONCKRT AT J lf"PR CTIAPKL, On WtuKuiMr Fvaar u, Kepi, 12 lhto. C KKIttirmlN, Tlia relM.rateil r*rforin> r 'm Hie Iruh ChrMiiAitai Plp?a, ni' la teil t. ? prnfraxir T I. Jepliaou ai>l bla puplla, t be i-ala luatrd TKKMAINK ( 1 1 1 1 . 1 ? U V. 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Aa. , me ^iiil on 1 thlbi'loti iMnira 01 en frutit B A. M. UA 11 7 H. AtatMm et lit". ' I llilfen tlia ' f ; r-?IIANKI.I.V MIM'I M. VO fj HOWIIRY, NKABI.T Of. r p< alte Hie lloairi fl ea're ? Ptimnuanraa i-vrry aT.cr 1 orni hi 3^ ami e renin* at 7', N H ? ?*ra*ir?n win tUl ?r*? if.. 1 li e Plant lilt Mii'rum la l? mly p,a- e hi 'Im UnttoO W'ataa v. I^ieibt Mmlel Antata are e>lillifte>l with Vhar rrurtnaf aa lrrti>liiU.riiia. Ktiiu uibvi , No Ui Ikiwery. BR0OKI.TN ATllKN.^t M ? pfn-iTirpxv i?o kioiit* obj.t Mnnnti tat Tpuhit, Ittn l'ii?u II, IIU, Tfi" cirlKlnal w. II known (an'l only) < llltlKTVH MI<HTRia.M now in eildtnee, ui |(?II. <?<! UI IM?, 1 i.inpi tatna V II I'ler-e. J to llat nor, N W HauM, .1 It Dunntlier, li aia Main, H Mallnry, J riainnih, A. 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