10 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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% THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 6953. MORNING EDITION I ORK HERALD. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AOTKRTIStillUm RENEWED EVER? DAT. NEW PUBLIC ATIOBTS. APPI ' TOX'8 NEW CATAI.OOI E, BBCOSP anrnost. A JfKW CATAtOOUl Of AMEHICAK AND ENGLISH B'?uKS, Comprising a mo-t rtlcnilTii asiortmcnt of TIIE J1KST WOJtKri la every department or literature km) science, WITH A rr.MriTTK mini. Price i5 ovtitf . On t. emlttanoeof i# cents a rojiy of the catalogue will be Itaf, p; maid, to mv part ?t thr i. silted btate*. I>. APl'LTTON * CO.. Publishers, S46 and 318 Broadway. BFOuK- VS. BISHOP IHrGHES. ?TWELFTH WABP. HUth sVnwtoHal district. ? The citizen* of t h?- Twelfth ward lavorable to tin re-election of Krastu* Brookn to ihe State 8e oiitr. a-*- requested lo meat lit Harlem Hull, Third avenue, bet ween ,128th and 12fi li streets, on Wedn<"? lay evening, Sept. 1?. at 3 o'chick. Eminent speaker* w .11 a lilrefle the mee 1 II c CITIZENS OF TWELFTH WAKD. VflF- BrNKLEra BOOK NOT YET Pt'llLlSHED.? A J?I ? The "Racaped Nnn." i? br >k puhllidrad by Messin. l?ewitt a I> i venpni t. In Ni".v York not my book, and doe* tot COO' .tin my Mta'cinentH, nor dO' it "Ive a correct account tonveti' life. Iain aware In nany Instances, U has be n B*M n? n 1 1 , iw author Uelng ;ino?ym.>nn, ivsvt hence tMseard t? ibe public. Mi book will shortlv be t nbll b 'd, bn not by Bes-rs. iuD. " JOtiY.PUlh M. lll .MvI.KV. KAOH KL HfOTTISdH. AMI BAOHKI. BEOOWA, BY Geo. Dankfkl. Eaq. "I've Wandered by the Hut Side.'' (?113 and rhorua. " Have yon Been Ham,1 ' tenth edition; each ?c. Ju- published by S. T. OOBD'lN, 21>, Broadway. THE PRETTIEST OF ALL BOOKS. . ... Will l*e published on the lftth Inat., the fairy tale of "CIN DEBEI.I.A. lorniing the floi book of Hawet'a Heriee of Illu nluated Household Hiorles lor Little Folk*, In neat, small iju-ir tc with ten superb Must ration*, designed ?nd engraved by the tin artl'.t-i tn the country, In a *ivli* superli ? to anything of the kbd ere: published, either In Kurope or America, an.I printed Btperblv. on very superior pupnr. Price in Illuminated cever ? sledge- 2."! cents; full himnd an.l fill edge-, 50 cent*. The norelt* la thli series Is h colored trontlnplcee to cni'h volume. Isamltation ot an oil painilng? ? new tratin-e In hook illmtra iltia tn this country. From numerous letter! iiddreiaed to the ?nn*h*t*. by disttnguisiuxl gen.lcmen to whom the enterprise t> been fUlimlted. Tie lakes t>l ra-ure in presenting the I'ullott tiu eitrn ?*, which will speak tor themselves ''Clnde-fcila Is really beautiful in lui typography and Ulan liailouK. mid l urn ?ararlwil and p ratliied loal l he draw 1 1 1 fc' * are CHlglnal. designed and engraved bv artists in our own couu'ry. " W *?111 NO roN IBVING.'" I hK vi never Keen so bcautltut kii edition of I'luderella. Pity ?end tne un ^ other volume whli h you may ptttdiidi thin y?r MKOHKKTC. WINTIIKOP,'f IBoaton.J Mlaa Louisa Pyne (prlnii donna In Knuil h nper.ii "as ?re* Uie iiubllsherc oi lier appret latlon ol the admirable wav lir*hkh ti'.e publication ('Oi?dfrella') has been Ko ieu up.botu fy lt? utlllly, and an a work of art." "The lllnsirntlouH of t'lnderellii are excellent, and the wli?l? Rij'i-ara" " of the little work la no tasteful, that a condnuallua Mtheeir.es will be looked for with pleanure. "HUltT. W, WIEIt," [Government ArtM, tte-t Point Military Academy.] , rUe book trade will be dealt wiih liberally . All orders will >>e >rompUy attended to. H. W. HEWE1 , So. 12 Dutch ?t. rnSYABDS IN AMKRICA ? PKIf'E 12'j CENTS, WITH re-nnrln upon temperance, (itn foundation^ Intnmpcr Me, (Its causes and remedial,) Hie eidtureof the grapevine tallie t'nlted Htateft, and other inH t<r"Of importance to rich ail poor. My John Osborn, of Oporto, tn Portugal, and New l'a-k. For bale at No. 46 Hearer gtrfH, k+vr zork. Ooplei Saaami '(Kl free tt? atiy jmrt of the (Jutted Slate*, ou receipt of *een c *rit* In postage ntnmpp. POLITICAL. POLTtJCAL, AMONG THE MANY CANDIDATE# nnmed f(<r the offlre of City Inspector, there is none rblch hi?- appeared to uk more eligible, or so 8aii^fnrtor\ to be hh tba of .1. (if", (jotuher^er, Jr. He m sterling temocr.'i, <>npo?e4io iirow riptlvc ?( kjisU Ion of every kind, und t mafi n'?uiulnil\ qunlinmt tor the performanee of the nr luoiiM utlea 01 the posiuou lit- tiien<le d?* Ire to i?ee liiin occupy, rom tLc commencement of the Hgltation on the bUbject of a >rohlMtory law, he Las taken ?n .ictlve par1 in defence ? the rial?'* of the liquor dealers. Br*lde- ih *. hi* l?J?h ln fgrlty, li*#- practical bn-tneM baldta, his kooH'le.ige of the re lulreinents (if the office, and his ue 'otnp Us- amenta at* a ltn fulit eiuinrotly fit him to di*clutrge lt? multiplied obligations Tlth fidelity to all clasaee of the communlt\ , and with c redit to dinself. li i? eooueh to know, that mIiIiouhIi Mr. (Joitiberger la native horn, and haa no son/ht, nor doea be aeek the aflice <* iXty Injector, the Uetman populan??n, not to speak dl? nyetlreiy ot other natloiwihtiep, will accord to him their unani xxav? %'c-fc. without respert to party, creed, or sect. Under cli . umatances. be will give the old nags now in the fip|d B <)?fl)uh around the track. MANY VOTERS . If'W l^t. ad. 4th, ftth, 6th, 7th. 10ih, 11 ih, 12th, 14th, .17th and 19th wards. ITtVENTV -SECOND WARD.? Til K NATIONAL DKMO X jraii Republican Ward rom'nltteeof ihe Tweu<> nee I wart, w ill meet at their rootna. corner of i-'if y-founh street and sevfuth avenue, on Moada\ evening, 10th innt., ?? 8 oWo<k. i'. M. The attendance of all th*4 mf mbcr* la requeated c?i hasi ie*? of imporUiuee io the national demo 'racy of the wir<i. Hy order or HKTER Ma^TEKSON, Chairman, foujt s. Maumes, Becretarv. ? HPHCI/tL NOTICES. f; WATtl. HIssKf.Ti, 67 WALL STREET, ATTOMfEY ?n 1 counsellor n! law, notary public, ?u.l Idle l'unPr I'. H HfV del otrs )ii? whole attention In (an1- coming before tba IT A tVirl of Claim*, to die n'rovciy of clalma of all kinds njJmu ttio II. 8., to procuring, hitytng and selling l.mt war ltlj. ar.d In 36 buurs uLUu I. piiwiporW U> travel ut to TfUi OWUitriet. ?Jli'ASOXIC NOTICE? THE MEMBER.- OF STATE BIGHTS X* Lrnlgr. No. 6, F. A. M. are requested to Ut1 punctual In ultndaiuc at the regular communication. on Monday evening, ftefembei 10. as bualnt ar. ol Important* will be tran?a<leii. U.wrdCi. OEO. ELY. W. M. ? J. Dli EW. Secretary. 1k'01J< E TOMlfUNKRS, DBESHMAKBRH AND I.ADIE. ' generally .?Tbe ribbon and trimming flori- of M. H. LfTITFVNTtBN. (*i Bowery. cornet of Hesl-r ?tre-t wiil be claed every faturday till evening. ?JL'OTICE TO THE BONDHOfT>ER? OF THE PIIEXIX 1" Mining and Manufacturing t\>a<j>any of Virginia. ? Thoae bondholder* who do not accept of It. proposed arrangement on crtoefore the loth <ltiy of September next, will then have to dtpend entirely upon the sneurlty lhe> may havo under the Cuppoeed mortgage, aathe pr-u nt proposition will not b? eon lltned or renewed after that dale. For full particular* apply at IS Broadway, between 9 and 12 o'clock. DAVID D. VOORHEE8. PARTIES HAVINO CLAIMS AOAINST TIIE LATE firnia of Huntington A l.lxwy. Huntington A- Co. and Claries II Huntington, will please tend them Into the sub writer on or belore September lOih. CHABLKri B. Hl'XT IWOTON, 52 Wall street. rr? TOE SUFFERERS OK THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY JL Railroad murder. ? Hsvtnj retained I* K. INfaUr iw., ?f New York city, to pnwecuto in tnal rlty the railroad com rany tor damn gen done to tie, we are desirous that thoie of 4 he aufferem ? ho ? i-h to furtiier the cauae of justice by giving their evidence (If needed) would send their name* and address It hlf ofllrr, ronpled wltli tiny information tbv will he of service TO the trial*. Ap the company seem to h ive complete control Of tbe Kta" of New Jersey, we advise all to bring their suit* In JVewYork. A comtrltfe of u . Is about being formed to collect evidence, and we urge upon every one to contnhue to put down liie fa:?c:u>pect that nas been given to lh,' altalr In the (Won T's Investigation. All commantcailoos may be addreaaed to our lawyer. Mr. Bulkeley 'a office IsH. Warren atee.-t, New York dir. TWu OF THE SUFFERER.*. riHUnle'i hla, Sepl,6, 1865^ Tammany society, or colcmbian order - Brolber* ? A regular mrctiag of thrlii-tltutlon will be held In the Council Chamber of the tlr.-at Wigwam, on Monday ere ntng, tin- 1(M li Inst., at Italf an hour after 'he acting of the kuu. Oeneral and punctual attendance la reijoeeted. Bj ordor. IX)BENZt> It Hi I KHAKI*. Oran 1 Hacbem. Burnt* (. Dthyla, Hccre .iry Manhattan Seaaon of llun'.m;;. O'b Moon, Year of Discover*' 86lt. of Independence W, anil <>; the Institution U>e ti;ui rria* WESTERN FARM ASHOCI A1 ion.- one thousand J. mem I era.? Farm latuU In Wlauon-ln.? Price of a fort? Here farm wl ha village pi"' 9T0, payable in monthlr Uutal tn'rH. of fft. Bubacrlliers received a' aay tlm<- during th< dm and evening at tbe aasoclalkm't Ibee. ml tbe Jiujr'.iuu of A> tor rlace atld E'shtb stri et, frontliif: It>" U.nvrr JOHN STKVBNH, rresldeut. W*. JftES, Jun., tt?'.'reiary. The old star harmonk1 clpr."? si-bocri. ber- are renpeetlull) lrifortoe?l tlial lh" o|x?nlng dinner for Sea n IW iiril left. * ill take pla' " thi? rirentng, Sept. 10,at 7 o'clock. JC8XF11 HltOOKs Proprietor, fil and 66 iiapetva: 1 at., tiear llromlv .j . U^AKEVIELO IVDrsTRIM HOMR AS.-SOCIATION, Wj Mo The members are hereby noHtiel tiiat alter Ike 140i of ti, I month tbe ftni a w n he enforced upon all arrear ngesdij. hv them. J. ANDREW HANDHCllCrt 11 Be j. KEUARON. Aorfl REWARD.? THE STdHK OF Till UNDER " signed. IS? William ureet, u- entered on Wednes day. Rei t. 6. and *r*id? of tl e ralue or 92 vw so.ien therefronfc Arewa'dot two BUodre.d ar.d flov dotlara l? herebj oiTeied for the ret oterj and return of saiagoodato tbe und 'rstgned. For tbe ictoverjr and returt. of a part ol laid gix>l? a propor tiooa'e amount of the re? ar'l w 1 be paid. The follow frig Is a more particular deaetip'lon 'T the goods;- 7 ple> e? ca>?lniere*. J?d< velvet \e?ttiift?. K>n>e b' w k iivt fsn.-> tte?, aocae d>>, do. Cra?aN aome cotton bo?om?. 1 do. i n I nen prtnte l b-tudker clde!-. pieces fllk ve?tn ,?*, 7 do velvet do K. F LEBBt'N. ACA RKWAPD.-LOS1 ON BROAI'WAY, BETWEEN " tbe St. NlehoUa Hctt l and Bleecker street, a My's fcrowt) un oceo p * kct !-.<???. < ontalnitlg about two bundfedand flftv dolla; ? pri net pall) lit ts ufv d- liar :iOte* of tfie Bank of OwpwiuMte, this el'i.ar l . aereral carda markel wlh the lad1 ? name, whlc)i can to- ^itcn at tbe NlchoUw Ho el Tne abori reward will I | -aid < -i ?! -'Ivery .1 'he j"?'ket book (mdi?Mci<'? n. smith k Pa , i W. HI Wall 'ri-e1 A-n Rt WARD -St. .1,1 V t It.iM THE Ht'HSf RIBKH JP?/U m Uaekenaaek, > ?' . . n be <?b .'a ot .?? i p m p?r ? bay t. . 1H*?|bandii fdgb, 7 1. ?. I a b^bt "ip w?gi?u Itnd HW ? MHIMMraeea. SaO for horse, *a^"ii an I .tarn' -? and $2' I" 'hn I M? HOLAH C. HEMARE-T Hacken ,.ck, ?? ?> d>10 P.F.R VRD.? LOUT (IH wTOLEN, BY Pt SLIC FOR aPJ"" 'er No. n'i, fin Saio. 'lay, .?"ept. 1 in so >ng fi >in 14 H'P-I. T .'."I el toil.* Btearacr Hendrik ftudeon, for Al *ny, t>la< k l a i"r trunk, eiwlilnlttg a lady's wa iring apparel, an I n band' eot.lalu.a| a re and ? treao bale bonnet. Tl link wa* la-tened ? ifi br v ? natla, patant anl rna?e rolored leu her strap* and the I an p (. a a piel ?nh a tape a'nnr. 1 e above re* irrt will ' e ,>?? i Jbr th?- re-or-rr of tlie nafc s jd haad-bu, ar any InfurmsUon r?- oect n? it, t>y>aii ln? at t..e ab<'Ve number in lle^ . r ? rp-e', l>et?eeT Burery and iil/ab? 'b -'reet Mr-. (' MORRKf.L, 1*6 Tlaeter afreet. AC 11^' \BD.-IXMI U'>T YK TERDVY M'.RNINft apt-' l'< Battery pla^e. a fellow Smtcb 'eirter d,,j. el?hp ?non'll* old answer" u. the r . in Of Bounce H bra-rerre 4um? him to Koben Boger?, 10 Dutch aireet, will reeelve th> ?bove reward. (04la. COAI.-KMt AMD WHITE ASH BOO AND STOVE ?MM and delivered In gi??l , rder from J ard? or boat* ft! the lowest market prt'r, lor <a?b, at 142 Ui'abeth and .13 fetanu* ?tree?. by L. J. C< rtll A U COAT, f 33 PKB TON.? riRMT QITAIifTY KKI> AND W1 a Aeb eehuyiklll eoal egg or ?iove ?i/e delivered In tlrw Yoek . WllUamsbotK, Brooklfn Jeoey (.'It > anl Hsv> ken A pi J Immediately at the Feo|.le'a Caai and Flour Agear j sA Broadway. Coal by the slogk loa or c?rf?. El ttt tm, *vj '.y. jfo tawi'o j . Dramatic and Maalrnl Hatlrri Mademoiselle Bamikl played tb ret nigh s last wsck, and (he gross receipts amounted to twelve thousand five hundred dollars Oa Thursday, when she played Adrienne Lecourereur, the leceipte amoun-erl to four thousand wien hundred aud thiitv-vne dollar,-. Th"?e ? figured, which may he relied upon, are the best proof t>f her suecesp. The public thai has been pr? wm at her performances is easentialiy a paying pub lie. and the stereotyped expression, "the free list *u ; pended. exccpt tho press," has t>pen refilled tor once. M'lle 1,'achel has played Casniil,- lliedre. and Adrienne In the first named part she produced the greateU effect Her Adrienne sap uot no veil liked Her dre--es In the la t named part surpa.^sed anything tliat has ever been keen here before. The bet of olamonds which she wire in the third act cost twenty-five ttWiHld dollars. To-night ehe pUns " Ahiry Stuuri," in Iiebruu's tr igedv of that name. For the benefit of our French resident* and thoie Ameruiis who are interested In ihe language, we give the - ulij' Ined rerumr of her performances thus far: ? I.V.H REFKKf KNT ATIONS DK KM'Ilt 1. J endnnt que la France politique pt mi.il, -lire v'abailse cheque Jour davnntbgc anx.ieux dep |>eupiee lilnes, la France art istlque et litternire, toujour* suldiiue, s'lm po--e ii t'enthdusiavmp do toote> Us nation*. Ilunneur done ii ceux de sea enfrnts qui par pitireau, par In plume ou par le buriu, defendant glorleuaement le vleux dropenu de la France I Honneur a ce? art! <tes qui se ment dan* tour le- pxy.- et aou* toute- lee iulilnten lesperles et lc- dimnant* de la litt< rature tianQaise qui propagent ou reieillent uue heuieuse admiration pour no- Corneille, u<^ Racine et pour ceux qui ilepuis out uierche sur leurs tracts . Mai- le grille prend, suivant In clrcon-tances. dp* formes dllfe rentes. \# genie cuatetir s'appelle tantot Corneille ou Voltaire, ou Victor Hugo? ou Nicolas I'ou siii, ou Horace Vernet? ou leeueur, ou Predler, l?g< nle qnl s'nsdmlle. qui popularise le- creation- de< maities r'est apiele tiaguere Talma, Mar-, Heche* noia? II se nomine aujuurd'hui Pacini. ?ladi*. 11 y a plus de qulnxe an-, le?F ranijaU oublialent ou ni gligeaieut leurs vleux poites pour courir a den i.ouveautesuon pas pans mi-rite at-uremcnt mal 'dont les toeute* bizarre* etaient un pi'ril pour la lang.ie fran (aipe. Rachel j arut, interpri tant Camilie. Phedre. Her mione Moniine, que sais-je ! Tout ce- i ole- enfin trans jorte- du theatre d'Eachyle et de Nopliocle i ar le the&tra de Corneille, de Racine et de Voltaire. Aussitiit la foule courut de uouteau > ers ce* pourees eternelle- du sublime et du beau duns l'art. Et partout il eu a etc de 'mime; par touto la France et pur toute 1' Europe itachel a paru comme le inetcoie, l'aitre t'biiui' int de la grande lit terature frao^alse, Puis un jour, elle "est dit : Je vela traverser l'ocean et n'paudre en Amerlque, y ressusciter du moins legoiit et l't tude !e no* chefs d'eeuvre. < n lni n dit,, que ne lul a-t-on pnsdlt, pour la dutour ner de sou entreprlse V Elle n'a rieu rcouto. elle Mt pnrtle, elle a traverse 1'octan. elle t t nrrlx'-e, elle n I aru et s'ap|'li<|iiatit le mot de (e?ur elle a le droit de s't'erler : icfli, vita imm, rtti. Hachel. on pent le dire a Mirpn les Anierieatns dsns sou n le de ( amille t lie Ie> a e. nqui- ]??>? eelul de I h;*dre, el^e les a si duits dans Adrlunn< Ixiouir. iir. Et ce qui mnn're bien que notie public est apres tout nup-i intelli gent que tout autre public dn mordc. e'est que ce r.uancps sont parfMilfment Juptifl. ? s p.'ir la logiijue. !>? fuieurs de t'amille. ses imprecations, pont quclque cho-e de tenement inoul. pi *.mt par la hnuehe do Rachel, clles sont telli ment en dehors de no, ldees actuelles que l'etonuement doit phi papaer l'admiration. i'Uedre a quelque chose de plus U rrestre et Men >j?i? ?on amour inspire par la colere d'une di esse reroltevoa micurs et no-- idi'es, encore est-ce tomjourp <te l'amour; et je u ne on vieux. nous ressentons toujour* ri 1? ?ym pethle pour c?- msil cl.aimant. que l'ou d< ire ou que l'on regrette et qui e^t le grand reiaurt dea actiont humaines. Itachel en exjirimunt a?cc une si cha?te nrdeur. les ardetirs in cestueuses de I hedre, en peigxwnt avee une verite s polgtuinte les nngoispes du remort- ceet la femtre qu'une folle jalousie a t^f? i e. I<ae)i*I d' lt toucher int i ineiiie.it les fibres les plus intimes du ctenr hiimuin. F ntln la grande tragedienne pait redewnir -i simple et gi (ouchimte, si belle non pa" dans cette fiere beaute des Jo ri'ine-. mais de cette simple griic? de- Im, les mortelh - dans Adrienne, qn'on le sent dispose u ! adaiiier comine femroe autant que comme artiste. C"e-t In phase dc la se duction Qn'njouter apri a cela Que U?. hel dan- S? tragedie et snrtout dans le drame a etale de? toil**l!es tplendides; quelle a des robes qui pemblenttl'-M'-ep ; ur la main de* fle et qne dans Adrirnne, elle porte dei dn.m nt- des pirles. des rnbis, des emeraudes a tairepalir un eiel constell. d'etoile*. C'e sont ae- trophee* \a ?u?. L'etnpereur de Ku-sie. le rt?i de Pruase, la reine d'An;leterre la reine Amelic et le public de Marseille et de Lyon l'ont tour ti tour comblee de presents. Rachel les etale done, non comme une coquette qui '.cut briller, iaai<- comme un conquerant qui aime a montrer le fruit de ses ex ploit;. Cent une detto de recontiai- ance qu'elle pale a ceux qui lui ont ainsi temoigne leui admiration. Ajouton en terminant que les autres artistes de la pompagnie. Mile* Farah, IJa Pt l>mah Felix, swur- de Jllle itachel, et Mllel>urey sont digne- d" pe moutrcr u Cote de la grande artiste et obtiennen' pouvent de- ap I laudisccments meriti s. MM. l<aadou\ Chert alne. Latourh*. RelleTnult. IHeudonne et I,, lleauvallet sont au--i de? artiste de merltes. Kn -onune, 11 eat juste de dire oic Raphael Fi lix n'est pas rest, an dessous de ce qu'il avait promts; il nous a amem non peulement un? illustre artl-te mala eneure une ei.mpiignie qne pourralt noua intltr le Theatre Fran^ais de Pari-. Au-.-i juaqu'a present le sutci s a t -11 ete grand et eroyons-noua povvoir prertire qu'il ae maintiendra et qu'il 0' gmentera juaqu'au jour du de[*rt. tripte jour qui, noua l'eapi rons nese levera pas i'e si tot. V hilt the people hate been in such n hif/trr about Ra cli< I thp other tlipatres have also tone well. The Itavpls have contlnnpd to draw crowds to the iiroadway, aud Nihlo'f fiarden liaa been filled every ni(rht by the lovera of English opera. Mr. liurton openr 1 hi* vpry pop.ilar th a tre in Chambers (treet on M<miay nig)<t and ha- played tavorlte pieces through thp week to very god iwiw. Mr. J. J. Prior and Mra. W. Ward iia?'' Iipi'ii playing at the Bowery with succeaa. Mr. and Mra. J. \V. Wallack. Jr., have arrived from Europe, and will commence an en gagement at the Bowery on Monday next. Wai i_*i k'm Thmwk will open on Welne (ley next, and the Broadway on Monday, 17th. Mi Burton lias undi r llniil Mr. Tom Taylor'a last new pie <? ' -Hill Water* Ruu I*ep." It wn> lately produced at the Olympic l/>n<Um, and *a? highly aucressful. Mr. Bristow's opera. "Rip Van Winkle," will probably be glwri at Vltdo'^ next week. t>n tc>-morrro? evening at this hou e Miss I?uiaa PynetaV.es her lienetlt and migi Amina in the ? S??ri natubnla." There ought to be a crowded heuae. The en ter ainments offereil at the several theatre- thla evening should satisfy every one. At the MmoroutAX TiirATK> M'lle Raebel play Marv Stuart, farly epplieetlou for go -d will be re qulre<l. At the BMiOV'T TlU!.?Tt!f, the i.abriel IOivpI tronp* give a plea<;int pntertainment for 'he lienellt of M'll" Celestine Fraock. an excellent Mr'iMr. Ihe present will lie the las* week of tbi< rom|?nv ?- ( abriel Kavel >aila for l-.urope in the steamer of the 80 h At Nimo'a (>XR0K.v the kngli'li ' ers ('. npany will give ' < 'Inderella for the last tlnie k>' ne Mi-<l^iul>a l'yne as Cinderella. At Hi (oon'n Thiatri. A New Wey to Pay fMd DaMa.'' aod Mr, fturton'" Adventure? in Kie- is Mr flyott w? play fir Q0n Overreach snd Mr Burton M .rall At the H?iw?*t TiiL'Trc. "lha Jix Decree* of Criaie. with Mr. Prior and Mrs. Ward lu the principal perU and ".laek Sheppard." Wouh'h Miiwhuh/1 472 Br< sdway. and Buckley's Mln strela. fdfl Broadway, announce pleasant Mils for tins evening. At Huex CeAfKt.. on Wi-dne?.!ay evenii^f. Mr. C. Fergn pob, the Ndetirated perf rmer i>o the Irish ebromatie pi|>e?, enn> unee?? V'-eel ami instrumental eonoerl. The Ixmaine Children will an?i-t. VnnrvAu'e concert at Klblo'a Hab'ou "n Wednesday, must not he forg1 tten. Wc ere M-rry t. l<?e Iti Irll' <xm IrttUo. F.V The Bost'.n theatre will open to night lor the >-paaou. We have seen no perfect li?t<>fthe company, but It Includes Mr. Inly, Mr Iielton (from I?nl n . Mr. John Cllbert, Mr. John Wood. Mr. T. K. Morris, Mr. Fi-ke. Mr. W. A. CoweU, Mr. W ||. CurtU, Mr., Bar row. Mr*. Wood. Mra. Belton and Mrs. Fiske? Mr. John R Scott ia going on a starring Uiur hoAh ead West, ii* C -WMMCM ?nt iretlUty |\ ? - M(, ItoWftt fiajrmond ha* returned to town, after a *?rieii of ...rcesnful entertainment* in Canada Mr. Neafleplay. ,n Albany to- Bight.? lira. fclaiae Ilriitgei ,* |,.?<ii?(f *| the i'eople'* Theatre. St. Ixmi. Mr. Jo~?h I'.octor I, play. ingtbere A. H. I >avenpor 1 ha* been appointed abi-de camp to the Governor of JVuusyltauia *1,1, the rank of IJeutesuuit Colone l. l-owc^.-TiagcaN or E.v,u>B at iuk Gramj o?u, I ABtf.?lroin the I an.. pap. r? 01 tile IXId Aug.iat ue .-on dc are the subjoined highly interesting account of the royal vUit to the oj?ra:_AH the house,, the vicinity were illuminated, and the lJoulc..rd. we,* cloael, packed with people. 'Ibe scene in ti,? ticinity of the K.,e Lei#! el.er w here the theatre I* ,ltu?tod wa, of ? most w like description. Every window a-*.- illuminated wii colored iau pa, and under the arch erected ac row th Lou levari! by the .rti.te* of the opera m suspend.* I a magnitb cut lustre, eight metre* high hy ?U in diameter " <?I>?-coior intorapereed with while globe, o giass. re, etnbling pearl*, forming ah?g ether an object o wonderful beauty. I-ofty stands of gIl , j.-t ,, placed at tie coiners of the atieai, and at equal dblaucw. to beyond the entrance ol the theatre, threw out innumera ble flame* of light, nod rendered every object a- char a* day. The whole front of the theatre wax ornamented with flower., hanging, and ah, eld., bea,i?g the arm* o Itigland and Franc*. The gran* entrance waa hong with tapestry, un<l the pillar, at the .Ide bore erlmaon velvet escutcheons with the letter* A. and V.. interlaced in let torn of gold. Aline of Ore ran along the f.feie of the theatre, aud the initial* -of Queen Victoria and of the l ni| eror again stood out in jeta of gag from amidst thin bluce ol light Immense .tund., of living flower, adorned the entiance hall and the grand staircase and crimen velvet lmnglugs covered the .Idea. Krom the root ol the vestibule were amended .plendld chandelier, containing tbou.uml. of wai light*, and all up the thickly carpeted -ta..ca>e similar addition. had been arranged. Immense n nrors had also been disposed or at e^ual <11. tam.es and reflected the lovely scene under a thousand unexpected aspect". The Municipal (,utu,| of I'ari,. ? , i~l, to each other do* n Imtl, sides or the way outside, whilst the line men of the mounted guard lined the ?talrc!..e ha- ing to the imperial bo*. n,e whoJc K.0IK. wuy um. of the greatest beauty, and orgnniied in erery part with the most perfect taste, inside the house the preparations were .till more imposing. The six centre boxe. had l.eei. thrown into one. so ?ii to form a large r.,um, advancing far inlo the body of the house; the wooden separation* fr-m the corridor being removed, an, I a wide communi cation opened to the which ts the tine-t In Tails. 1 he whole of tbit large space was rlchlv earp<ted and hung with crimion velvet and gold, fcrmlug a .uite of nis or considerable exteut. Crimson satin chairs richly gtlt. ?nd of surh siie a. almost to constitute Hi-, nee, were placed for the august personage- who were s< on to foim " the c< nosure of e\ cry eye." The aspect of this box, as beheld from the Interior of the theatre, was or a severely noble character. The whole ol the In nt was one mass or beautiful carving, richly giit, with a lofty canopy above, covered with crioi'ou velvet hang ing- embroidered with gold lace In the I..,?U XIV. stvl. lo match the rest ol the decoration.. At the right corner W e, e placed the arms of Kngh.nd and en the left those or ? I'll-; in ti e cent, ? the who e w,. - .1,, minuted bv ? laige im peri* 1 eagle with outstretched wine- the three object . being resplei dent with gold. t?? CVnt. gaide- ?1 tbel. splendid uniform, stood Immoveable a . atues at the foot of the |m x. on. at each si, I, and two Other, in n similar way at rach aide of the stage. The.e n en were relieved every quarter of an hour ilu.iuir the | erfotmance nccrding to thai r turn if dutv N? one wa? admitted to the raf/e unle.s in full dress ?t i|tin rler rn.t eight the Queen aj.| or red, lei in hi the Muperor. Ihen a, o.e .uch a peal of a?clau.?tl?a- i- few have ever heard e.iuallt d in auv theatre. I'ht Om en swtned finite struck by the enthusiasm of th, iccantlon Hid n,.v..n,itg wi.hgiacetul dignit, towards the 'front ??! !(?? !k?" bIm* rnrtM?*4 low to tin- inultitmle l*ffor(* lie r ' 1 1 !>l"e "?'?r "?? again re' ! a'eil and a- enrh long-, out in.ied .-h',ut a rose her Ma jfMN rurt.-n?(i lo the Huci'f???.ivvlv 1 * Hit* nail n frout, and to the left. Huns only iifer the.., alu.es t! nt tl.e cheers began to subside; and then, the I II I eror, the Fmpies- ami Ciincc Al,,eit. wiio had re paired tathei behln.l during the enthu-iiatic reci ?Ucin .ft,et.;e.n nr If to show that it wa lor her alone that all thl? h Ttwge and 1.HI t ?r feeling we.e intemb-d ad vance,. and an. tl.er de.itening ?h..?t arose in which eric, of "Vive I Impereur !" "Vive I'd nee Albert and "Vive I'lmperatri.'e !" were in ternilngl.d. "Cod save the Que, then ohued b? the baud, and another burst of aecUmatlon. followed Alter augn.t partj had sal.ite<l th- audieuc. tie ueen and the Kmnres* took their seat. tog. II tr lh m|ctor placing himself at Queen Victoria s liirht rrli.ee Albeit being seated at the Kmpre-s Eug.Jie's lift. I rinrr Nnj.oloon occupied thr Piat at tlw* flmr^. *n " l!*,',. ,h'; l'rinr''"" Mat III Id* that at lr.me All*rt ? left. 11. e I mperor gave the sigual for th> i*r forinaucev to commence. The curtain rose immediately ni a f r.rytntrd. M in and Mfrlv unnff thr trir. of *? v\ ill Urn lell." Mrnc, Alboni neMgave the vai i.itb.us or Itumirel with wonderful infection Ib*e, ai?| IJonne b.e executed the .In,, of : I* Heine d.- Chvpre.'' and h.>tly, Jill'-. Cnivelli sang moat chai mlngh the b ilero of the " \ eprcs Pldllenni " It was a costume concert and It is a piegnant tact that the amli'-oce did uot w^it lor th.- applause to commence from the roial oarh ac COI to Hiquotte. As soon ?. the mu-b-al entertainment liad concluded the whole of the lio|*rlal and royal party withdrew for about ten minutes to the adjoining ro-ini. and even en tered the A/j w, Ihey also retired once more in th. courte or the evening On their return th- ballet orWj. * "I'll ??a commenced, with Mm. Ko.uti and I'etitpa. in the principal part. Mile, l luuket and ihauchet iutro ducu ga new / a*. The last tableau was prepare,! e\ pie-.ly tor the ca-easion, Iniign ?pl. ndbt view of Hinder fastfo, and being .V?i?e.| to .how that the splendid re Caption given to the km^-ror and Empreaa lit her Mn jesty of 1 ngland wa. not torgotten in France. 1 t.e whole ' f tl.e j nn. ijai! performer. o( the opera formed giaun. on the .tflif. Whilst "la?t high in air wasto beaeen a h?raldic decoraflon, iuim'>n?i| by an itiimen*. royal crown, with pr. tecum, genii hanging au.pen.led from clou.ls *.oUnd he vonnges: and prettiest dancers of th- - . r/? ha.inir l*en .elected for the puip.,-e. Tl.. whole wa illominated with electric light ?!,U pnaiu-cl most Splendid effec' I he Fnglish national anthem was then a.,ng in a mr.t admirrble .tyle by Alboni. I'ruvclli ib-ser ana ti e other singer- of the establishment. At the flirt bar of the noble ,|r the ?h-,Ie audience roie, tl e imperial party doing so likewise When ' l.od >nri- the Queen ' had been brought to a close, .uch a burst of arcLumatloii" and cri.. of "Vive I* Heine " and ' Viv. la Heine Victoria V ar' -e frurn evert part of the house a> ceitainly her Maj-sh never beaiil tiefoie in any theatre Forth ru-hed the spontaneous eh." is ?|. ha unanimity and vigor that lad In them something really of tjie marvelloiu. Handkerchiefs '"d" - who joined in thearclama I . . mHle ' ?i-l "I the audience it .U,-.,lute delirium. The Queen, Visibly overcome, curt IrVL/'; ,.! " ."; i'f "} ''"'l' "f1"'1- n" again hrokf forth, untiJ at th** ^nix?tor hi# liar ?l in the Que. n and led her a-ay, the .?,.|en - in.i.tsll o,. ,V,g f'"d ^.re th- Qu-en r-|H-ate<l. a- a mean, of bowing their devotedne - to her Majesty s, ,rl} the Whole Of the imjierlal |*rty had already left the box but I "?"'"If looked t.. the Vues-n to learn' her wi I.e. Uer Maje-ty, evidently highly gr?tl(1e<l re turned torn, d- the front. Tl.e fmp-ror, bv the mote n ejit had been placed ut.een tl.e t;ue*n and the bn pre - ? t,n.1 ^#vc the Queen ' was then again in-r t lined .nd the en thu -la-in ,,r the audience wa. at IU eU.?e dl.played with itta. ..ible increaM-l ?r, iamationa. Ill, ?,ue-n again salut-d th. audlenre and the Kmpero' iea'iing h. r M.jerty and the hmpres. a?ai putalfend to this most extraordinary scene The Q ,en had ?)"< an ' pp. rtunil v o! seeing a< H? mt I loud a Vaudeville plated f,r the vert bet Fran, li r median.. Ibe piece .elected by her Maje.iy ?a- I n I II- de latnllle ?a vaudeville in three acts, ha MM. nayard ar.d de IMerill' which wa. fir.t pr>4ured at tb? Theatre (.jmnase in November, l?i"i It has had a long run, rind wa. jplaved at the f-ymnase tip to a very re- cut I'1'"I- The following is the pr.?ramme . f the perf. r to enee:? r Am and d'AP er de Hot. ee engage*) .. ., volon'a re dan. en I'.egiru.-nt d- Tan ( thf *??i? ? n A 1 ) hate* t ? -ba e- ? , 1, t.i i ,'s re K? ji n .-wi (. a to an 1 er ml r/ \( Uf.^itaine 1- in he. niareebal d. - hgi?. . M l^-u.-r ' at ard, trompette M I'ri.ion lati-fm, 'aneisr M Tl.i. i*UI Jr. ed.erir- nrll.'e, ami <1 Artnaud M. Ixudrol I r.n. ois drmiertiqne VI it! rvtel t n rnelJoe, jerne remrri- Mnie tU> - rl Viie laro.he, ^ Aiphotl ? Mile M. Variance, Jaidlni.re Mile. ?f,mr|lr ' top. nne, csbaretice Mn,e. Te.uer I.tieer. *c , A P?.ia pi ce wa. played at Iturton ? lart year under th ? title of 1 he taneer..) An action for defamation brought bv M ? e. Imtoa th " M'Ti M.-titagi., and Mile. "?a. coow . with the Arttfimt' cam* on tor h.wnng lu I'aci .1* jH ??>* <WI tribunal ri.e < . art r???d. mne-t le detoBdaat* to Bve d.y. imprison., n- ;.n.l J< fr. t1"?. i W Uim. Ufoti ?Kr a ian.sgea It or.ie,ed ai*o the insertion or Uie ju.igment It th. ?uraH Jf* / Arfitt'^w > The Italian <o?ra ?t p,rij r,? *1 '"?*?? ^-fopranl: Mi... u? n" "i'^-rewtlnL and I ?r,w*it. Mm. H. rghl M.mc-Tenor, MM Mail. Halvi, Urim, .id Mon?:nl? I arl'in. MM t.ra/ sn ,,l I vars ' .'nVailn^r:^ M u" !'? .s,nl ha* left Trouvillr and returned to I ?ri. ?h?.e H l? expected ha wUI t.ke up hi. r. iden-. f. rt>!Tn .v ^'r,l 12'' Mm I'1*1 b**? ??? Hal .:.n b t ka. rlr?,; Xa*a?a? ah - i"1 }'*n l"! marke.1 e. rtlnu*. her ner'orw Ma" ??????' ar? rtp~- '.ed in i Mb* :i U t&faf'.i tor a awkt U ttftmuVJ** at Minna, on her d?|iwtuni from Pari* which U if jjace ?t ?hi cl< of the present month. Mi. M la the iiireetoi Of tlx Pn fen, hu arrive! in 1 ?.i- aftvr a vv?? pro-pet mi* aeweoii M. Mimic, the tenor, hue returned to Pari* to fulBI en HUgciio cl? entered lnt<> pievtout te hi* departure. A new opera nt tlie .-an Carlo I St fir a i break* the tni nntony which ha* for some time pan* b?en the chacac'er iktle of Ihe uiurical world in Italy. M in called ' Amu la I rU'-," the maettioii one Mgnor Iluttwta, and accord ing lo the account? I .?fore u?, wa* tol'-rably auecnaeful. A ue* ope- it bar uleo been brought out at Padua. b} Maeatio Buz/.i. under tl e title of '? hrinengnrda:" .he le '?nl t ttpers my that "iilthnuich tancy dnca not extend he wii:gw in ( very part of the opera, yet it were impend bl to cctiy that the inatrumcntntlon has merit. ' Tt?i maestro wa ? called to the prom eni urn after each inoicntm. llie obiluan of lh?- moulh includes the name of M. I'i'Tie Raid, the celebrated pianoforte aud liarp maker. M. Pierre with bi? m ole, M. Sebastian Kraid. originated r.raily all the important Improvement In the harp an 1 I'inuo. lierrewaa the inveulor of the I'edaJ piano. II' lias received r.even R"ld medalx. and won an officer of the I egtuu of Honor. light hundred of hit Workmen nt tendid hi- fnneral. and AdolpheAdam prom u need au oration. M. Irani had purchased the I'hateau do la Muetle, at Fas-y, u favorite renidence of Queen Marie Antoinette, ami resided there at ttr- period ot hli* death. He tar left a n-rj lnrgi fortune to bin widow and iditer, the Cotinlei-- Ol HI Anil r ill, (willow of the eelebcated ronipOMr > l-O'-t ? ||? ) iTilO #r. almoit Id* only ?u vlving near relative*. tl. ! ari ha? left no children. PuUre.IntelllKenee. AKRtST OF AN ALLEGED FCr.lVIVK FROM PHIL A MLPBIA. l.-?ac A. Bijrga w is taken Into custody on Saturday af ternoon by offi or f-'a m p*on, ot the referred corp*, charged with being a fugitive from Philadelphia, where, It la alleged, he stuadr iadictci foi filw pnt^octi. Higg -. It ia aaic, mude his eacape fioni Philadelphia, torlietiug his bail and leaving hi* bomWmait in ilithi ulty. Thi* in the name individual who some vi a r> ago wa- tried in till* city for having attempted to e*tort tfiOOK! from William II. Aator, anil tor which he wan ?< ntenced to llvr years confinement in the state priaon. lie waa taker buck to I hiladelphia tor trial. Ftiomorp ar" Art. tp. James Ray wo- arrested by tin Flrat ward police, charged with ba< in* Inlliclnl a scrioun wound upon the peraon of Jame* M eOtiJnlgnl, by atrlVIng him in the head wt?'h a club. Tfcf prisoner wan brought before Jua- I lice Welah, wli" committed him to priaon tor i lamination. The woundad inun wn < conveyed to the Mew York Hoipl ' t?l lot uiediciil attendance. Mary Kelly wa* ?! arre-ted by one nf the 1 lr?t ward 1 poliremi n, charged wltli h lug a icaulti d Tlioniak ftmlth. ! by hitlltig him a hea? \ blow on the head with a gla?f lad I tie. The occurrance took place In a lager bier Habwm at ] 150 Greenwich .tieet, where- th? -e partle- beeann engageo tn a ijuarrel. M irvwn- committed to prlton bv Junilci Welti. John IVndlah appeared before Jnftice Connolly yester day, and ma ie a coiuplitliit agalnut oni Johu Hamblin. hu felonlott" aaeatiH. Tlie coinplafnant atated that Hamb lin atmck him ahoat the bead and fnce. with a bji ol Iron Intli ting very e?ere tnjuiiea. A ua.iant wa i*> >ue>l ft. r 1 le arrent e' Hamblin, who being arre-ited, \*a? j coinmlttc-d by tlie magUli it< on u charge i*t felonlou* , a -vault. ALLKOED IK4FO IS Tlir. KKI.I.INO OF CALIFORNIA i ? \HHAUk ITt KK'TM. John Andrew* waa rre-ti d by officer Wallace, of tb< ? rc^i rv> I corp..- charged with having defra ided C'hri.-ilar Cook, and otht-r*. bt telling them ticket" to Calllbrni* on tie Mcanima foute at an ixorMtant rn e Thl c .m plalnant aliegi that tlia> ea li piml giHMor t h i i tic -i . which i? more tl an the propi-r price. It in al'o i hargei that Andrew ? fold tliem a tickei whieh he represent*.-! a being go "1 for the I .nauia troute, l.atwhl'hln lealitv w uotidiig more or lent than n pa -? on ihe N i-nrng ia route. Jo-tic' WeUh held the aer iaed to bml to anew r the harge. HBZAKINO tn* OF AN' AM.EflFU MBOKI>ERLY ItOt I Ihe M^.1 1 t uUi waiiip' il< e uuder Ihe command ol ('apt ' McKee, maile i# I --Ci-nt iipi ri the pwaUit N on. HA and P7 Went T'ventf-ftnrth tri et. an<l anerted all Ihe inmat- ' a I dlrn lerly thurai-'w - Tkey were taken balore the pri dd nig .In tti e of tlm Heeond liU'rlct I'ollee t ourt wh? r h- v ?.ive tlieir name- iia Hii hard Hntler, Lllen Butler kiaitha t'l-'ar, K exl'-rick Coatar William Boyd Mar> Mehillop ii nd hotwrt Hutteraon. The Brft five named were aent to bin'-), w-| ?? Jaland a* vagrant* whib Vary UcKUktf *a? iii?eha ged. and Hobeirt Patteraon, who deman'led a ' taring, ?u muMaiil lnre< imlnatluti he 'ji-i named individual if charged wiih grand lur *ii mid (wn- upon tide charge titat ht wan held for eaaui nation 1 be place haa been much complained ol ,ate a agfal aiinovuiice to the neighl>or>. ANOTUKR HTAHUINO A>) KAV. A youi g nuin named Jnmea Barne- an taken into cu< ti dy i eateiday by the Sixteenth ward police, charged with baling i-evereli atablied un a<'i|nalntnnce nf b;. uamt IJajne- Mctiowun. nilha l.nlle w bile engajfd wit), bin* Iii * tiglrt in Nineteenth street 'i"h' injured \outb wii? taken to the -tutii n houi" where he wa attendee by the district anrfeon Young llnrne- wa faund ron el-all I In a clone! ?t In father" house, and when x arebeii by the officer a lnndeil revolver w a* found In bit pn?n ie i ii.. wa* committed to await the re-ult of h> woun 't-dUd' lujuil' - Jnnlice I'eariy. ICHrtODX or BTMLARY. A man named Wllllum Thomi ?"n w:i? arrested yr ter day by officer Hxon. of tht- Sixth ward police on -u jicl n of burglary, he hminK in hi- poek'Miion nt the time (.1 arre?t. the key of the store of Me--r? lllis- H I i Hog. ot No. Broadnav. Ihe accuaed wa* br ugbt bft ie J until Welsh, at the l-ower I'.illee t'unrt, w here he wa? committed to prl- n, in d< fault of $600 tail ARKEBTO FOR INTOXICATION". tuning tbe |n?t twty -eight hour* the nttmVet "f nr re-t for latoiJcatiou have reached u> hlghai ninety five a will be ?<i<if[i,ni tie I . lowing table ? Miign'rnti 0>a>inifai' at Ural n?tilc( Police Cotir' . . Juitlce Welnh ^eelJ|ld ' '? '? . . .1 ifWt Ice Pe?rcy 11 lliltd ?? " " . .Justice Wi?id 21 Total tt, NEW POLK y KE'it'I. tTIONS. 0 i r# !nve 1-een laaiied troin the Mufor'i offi'T cms mail ding S?rgeant Smith and Maii-lleld. of the Ijower Police Ci irt. to report the? aelie* lead^ foi duly 'it t)i' Second and flilrd ili?tri"t Courte, while tie s ,und at the las' nai >< 1 eouit* will Imv to perform 'i#tr1ti the I>-wer 1 1 Ii' ( ourt. It I- the Intention of th* Mayi r tn keep the - ?>l"i ' - I, ? ring from one court to the other almh w< ?t 'ok will ha?e a lienef.eial effect n? the policemen wi; haie ; liett r knowledgl f their bii'lne by t? 'i- 1 ? Unf COIitin ihllj on the 'Hove Wllllmn?hnTx<'l<>' K< ?? Ivj> ? lu the -ixtli jh li''1 <li*trf< t tt< -e tirw brought ?p yirterlay morning f> r ia'i I?r.ir.r'- and In tli I ".lid Irict thw -i* per-?it>? I ro (tht i j. on the ? -ui" < barge They weri diep> 4 < ' lu *h" u?ual manner Sin Ho.-? TV reported ca e of yellow f??er in th ] - hilcr-nth rmid, on in?< t'gati n hi. prove I to l? ?j i< V r. The j atieot wae reuior' I to thr Hathueh II |Ilal. K*1' A"<Tbl>*T ? Abo'lt (II o'clock on Haturday e.e. o In.- an ? uployi n I firil Wet.b ? hip nr4 atiu-n I ?,i r. ? V .? iliatafitll b.? fa.). tig I" 1 , th' ?' i: ? I .. chip i'ii t.. th' (rr .ii ri .1 irw) City !k<vta. T ' > ? .U .-.v H tn mi. ? ln;i nvi' h a- tt.e V w .!? r ; l.ailt a I and the < an 'Un an Ai I r ??! hare I ? <?.. ri |ifi BB''"'I II the pnhtt-t 'l detail' t th !at" Oi-u-lff at |l r.ington. it I- hut juat V' -tate that th< Vew a ! eitmd" nly from Jer -ey City t" New Hruon i. L II. I n'. < ? ri 1 1 < . t ? ? ?.f the-" road- i ?i -r run up- o !!? ?i? h?-r t nd, ?? ept 11 * brake men. ?h" acn.ii.pnn} th- r*r br i gh th 'ntl re route between N'i w 4'<.rk an-l f'blia >l|hla. and theie brain-men a' mbjeet to the ref ula 1ioin> I the rr?>) tip- r. wlilrh th' V arc running an<! uiai 1 dbrl irjrcd by either company for ' i'.Iaticw ani of lt> rul?? * hit* within ita jnrladli-tlon Mm* the New J*r**y ri t I a t*en In oblation, no |.aaa< ni />r ha-" be?n aili?.. ? Injured white in If a care and the aurnl-er of paeaengera I' lii "onrcycl nrH> twel?<- million*. |.< w ? lu.* I: * ? < i -?A "tlflt'ulti 'C<nrrc<l or > ri< ?y nenms? in Jar ?ey Ml y between -< n,< men on n?t?ed with f'.,n Ftlce H (Iretu and wearal member" of 1,1 if.i e an! watrh d<j ?r'u ? nt of Ji-rfy i ty In It ?' in- of th rircn* rr ?n *ot the wor?t tt The - a i rouaht up in the Kf" "'?r ? t '< -n f I >.? ??!? . ? M-. ?< r Manner" pr> - 1?~1 wi?? R r> 'A-r I tier Wr < J larlcy the Chief of I lire eta 'eri that th ? m ?r ?ti(,ati< u it> io-Utut-1 at th? rt.juc ; of the pr-lii-e Wi-h'd th? t'Oth !e*<-lope4 at <n e, that thi banie inar ran t wlieie It l^lony In <b* li t r- th" d of.fco-pc- r.f the r it ji nao?~< |r$n.ih*n, ?a? ?truck in?- .?il l? hy r.a Trait* ?h I' bifr ? : e ?-r n.o'c I. oj-- (..?<! t>,? .. r n <-jit ot M?oal, ri r> !l? t- ?n ?i? hi* n nil' ?? In |d I... ? bltn rif Iu?ilf?|f tl, <il>t auaolt Jbr mrri' ? f < ftrcr TrjrU <n t Ve ott er Imrvt la t/> t - < ?,f. ? ?I at be wa> <>n itaty a* an ? **i im'.i.;? ,A the trot ;>r,d ? dll? ' u'ty ari"D( U t?> - o . tl.cr i.u?n not in >. it , III the itv rkrep?r at ''Ut being admitted U> the rlrra'i ice of charge he ur> rt>- k lr, |t?a,H. *h< a the 4oo>* I kLI*'? a aol'1-1 biro Oy klcliirif Mm ia the I - w-.a aton e?r-irk by an- ther >tnp<<i. of ttw dreo and o-e-1 h e clBb upr-n t*<h of tb*tn 'There will |,e i furlLi r Iritew'.igatl' -j <4 the raaa at T o'clock thi< r eaioj flolmlirn < t?f ReHa. A?*wi ?* l-v "? "aaiji*a ;* Ww* llu/mrn ? lm*en liquor aellera hatr hewn proaaeuted l"t rU> ating t?ia <M>* '.aw wt'h ref-i??,'? to Ui* Huvtay t ?th to *e?l liab'Ven liiey ap}*ared hafor# Jae' e? C>h n* C ?r? ?lay laet with Cee% h h I tfn^tit aa c>?aa ba Vt'OCMM bring pre?*?t, l^e, trlaJa peatp?'?el t'? ?M Itlk ^ Another Flight ful on Am C afratlcii mill Ainhoy OC'K Bt'HLlSQTON iXWKtlfOKPKCK Bi hUPKITDN Kept ??. On Istrturday afternoon, about 3 e'ekick. the cftfcen. of HurUngh.n were at irt'eil by the unSinwrnpiit that nn other accident had occur ed ou the t'niideu aud At tlx'} Rail- -ad, but I .what patent or at what p"'"' on the rmd could not at lir-t be n?rertalned ? the ?fMal? of tli?* eoiw pany ke*p:ng the nmt'er a? inueh In th' dark a- p"??i bit. The 'w<> o'clock train from Philadelphia being found out of time it wan not long before it wa- atetrtaltie I that th* miming train had met ?rHh nn accident near Beverly Mvla'cut fire will* from thif city The nature of the it; aeier could not fx- fully learned fr..m tN? con nected irtth the road, and with th- recnlb-r tlon of the act nc ol' tho j>a> wee' ?lill TlTidly in tln-ir n.lndii the people her *f" etrlt.-d with t*> > noat :irely appreh-n -ion? In regard to the M'cl den.. In due f-oivi.n their fear* were allayed I y i? etate mint of the affair frutn Home person- alio had yi*ited the xpot -o on after liefir, g of the aeeldent f ii a pa cngcr in the five n'clnel. 1-ain from I'h^a delphli, and when th- train reaehal the apot of the ill. aaler the w>rk of clearing the tra?-k from the wreck of ev* w.t> In pi ogre**. 80 .natter pa-odng th" bridge over ?he Paneocaa cr.>ek our train began in rnllrnad parlance, tonwe 'i-fiutlonaly, ' andtliua proceeded for three or four mi'p*. K nc win* that Wt Were to meet th. t'io o clock trui:i fr "i New Y>ik at Ilurlington tbl? "cautloua" gnlt at ou^e !f uit- to nurmiae that all wa- not rirht en the r, ti> e l looking out If the ear Up the roadli-a* th red ti )g ??mill of danger. Poo n the train came to a ?t op and i ur p?-?enger>. S.egau t" pour ont to ?-e what wa th* mi.t'er .In ' beyond in .toodthe Ih.rdentown mirkef train wh'ch left Famden at about .1 o'. h ek an t beyond thut .iTOln at" " I a portion of the -VI- I. train from I joadi !|dii i I win not not long in eharftig the Inter veninv *p". e Oetw-en our Iraln and th'- de ihW one l.n 1 or . n ? i hlng tl>? pol t f<" ? 1 the f II ?* ,n;j "talc of VjKin the left of th- road lay the ! ?mollv tu'ned eon pletely over and eoiia.U-raldy dam if I It apji' ?r< tbf f"' War I a*> "* 'h? truck utidti the comotivi* on tu? left tidt hud parted uear the tr.ic . and th i- gav i' :i can' itifllci. nt t ? tlir ? the wheeU from tbtii Mit.;.,irt of thai end ?' th' engine and allowed it to pitch down to the tad. and uiUniB'el* froto the tia' .. over to the left i lile of the roa I i a- I ha< do. rlt d 'ih t-nder pa-f-d ul-ng tin- traek ahout ita lerjrth arid *(i? upact uj on th. tin.", . eon, . ... w , . u Ml- ' dee I Upon Wiioh I1" b";{g?ge (??at -a no c trried ca ne up to w |ie?e the t??id?- la> a.-rmn th.-lra- and theqdi. -g-d to the right, de erihing i half riicle and hurving I celt n mly halt It- h ngtu ID th? ?it- HHI end lavinu diagonally wi'h and ju?t ? I'.r of the rail- Th' flrat jm -Henger car pro< ( < d?-?t aa far a? tl,? \ hen th' toi * .1 1 1 net* w "di-phi'-l and ? ji- tin iu i-top| ed with the f." w i"l end ?? th? wu' car letting upon the wreck of the tender I he ?mi '" r India -ii oi.it'irnei to the left -Ide of toe 1 1 ot i'i or | , ?r > a' Hie trae'i whn I arrhe-l tli- pa- -n r,,? , the ir n '-iied no Inlury but wt e n? in. -? h mpp""' inurh evitwl and aadly tilght. .',t Ho tr?m ??' t'r ding at it- n-?. >1 T-ite ot -pi:-i| a .lit twentVtiTe mile- an hour. .1 1 . of th" accident ar ' it I- a mlr-o-le that a t.,. oi Ihe win ."-t i" t ao, ng the pa-i-ri gi r in tl w iv car. When the ."( "motive oTtipirnid the eenpHng It ^e, m I 'ho. i.ft the trmin co opaiut u ly fre. ii|?.n lh< lra< A ,. .) irii tl !' -en-'l the lutlalit) to daineye ? PI, Ml' 'lit lav en- it- t had the n.-ment mo 'f th' , |? tl not - hlenl) . he< i e I h\ ti e eo|di>e d'?w ? i?K ! ot th( e n- nil' i H 'Ihe i ngine cap ,iit .,e s iuiitieer and lliemmi had no r)m>l. , ?; -e ' .ft' Ive- Hie la'tei . nmued Ungthoni ilioiu '? thrown a eon?t''*r?t e?lt?tam ? and r <?| 'd I I,,. , | ,,, I on thi d ?boulder Mil Ilip John I'd I r, tel l-tt !v und" the eniriii' Hid til' ! I.a II) eitt I ? d I" a'r tin koe* tliat ninpun'oin Wl, .|m I'l.-I nee ?? -.e\ ' ut the p or i .an *a> t?-- o-uet j ! j j , " ti -t* ' ' - ? r iu i <' i < ? J?< rut i' n n nM !.?? f* f*ft? r , WI,. .,1 - for .ii d H' d?>"l atioitt t?- hour* all r llo | ? ,1, ,,. II 1. ,v. a Ji.-nlly In t nfi let? Tlie lueuiati I w-i ? not cot. n M d da-.genniidT hurt - -. afin tin opeiation t'- -nBlneer a-i.i l ?t.nt efc'so t th ? iicci. enl . id ?a told that the av'e of t?,? lo h?d l.r-kM II" renl'fl ?' I thought ?" ' and ulm ,t in.tantl* en"-'-d. Alieiher he a? "fa .XI. t a mat i art or the . aehlnerji cannot no* I a eertal' I '.tit the rtstiai whieh lie mMle woold h ? to ti inlfi'lice mat an a- -dent of that naftin W?- not tin , M ei. I t him. although h" eooirt not haw anli' paled ! ,ii|-li tei. It.'- ie- ilt It !? 'lear thai lb. arc-lent ran I,. I , . .] iio?? ji-irl-it * '"-'I I i nn < ? inn natl' n ed t'i" air ?h ? thai a ttaa * a eerlouf nitlur (vt u ted ahin ii *a> iitfn. h- 1 t- the tr ,r | ,j<. i c' w r ? 'light iron and "v ?n l. In diameter, hjaznit'ing It ?ul.M>i|n. nt t . tin ac | o | n,| ih it he 'law a? to - tic h an < vt. nl a to Icavi i nl% -ihi ut an Inch i 'i I a ball of .olid Iron, and ?hat In i -r < titre ot tn-a*l A ?ndl.n J..U urilnit the en I Of a I .id pi " ?bly precl|olal??1 the rata-tro| he Ihe P '"ii.iarv dasnog to the c-ui|?m) will not *4iy mo? frrjtn fiis.ot o ?It,., e ? i lent ?erv forcibly lllnat?at?-? the ,. r, if I .. J-'gHL-nt ..( the i","io.akt.r -f the I .r-n ' \\.*.'ern I'udn "I "I . wa- examined dui ng th> r."-n ? oroner ? Inq i. -1 in t hla pla'. an l gare hi ? tctimony In relation to 111" angen-t trainibackin? nnd ad*aneing II. .late.! thm t' of dnmag. woukl I* greater If ??? ?<?.. t : "j , , f, ,, the traek e 'i . U'klic I III. n If th, train ?u f-ii gf rwa d au I tin recultn of U" ?/-rirt. nt -n the v.ith . r dthatol ye.lcrdaT ? w 'h- ? -rre. in?, of I!" '.rinci, .' . I .e a .dent ol )? -ter lay to a train pr- .H In ? at n I 1 1 r.i' ot .peril, hear, no c to|iariM.n In point ol i fleet.* t'- It? pre ? ? e.?or. Ih- ro ,ip.iiiy lagieat.i n.-nl-d l,> 1 ? -? dl.a?t?-- ] I -, I **l I l <? v t ' * to a * old th? oi I hat i. the <|U? 'I i"i 1 I ),? ag' il? ol tie eomi*nv are i...o hu.v In end, ?voilng i to :? ? -rt .oil" anain.t the corporation f .r <t-im?|r> " * I In',. --I t. pe. .on. by the .-.r. lit- nt on Ihe Wl, I,, .-in.. ' ... . (ley I iv- ? ' -I ill eettlllig I'll there are many ?>h" hfiT Ii' Idee ot b< Og bought It I won- . lid li?n K ii. rally eonl to itopr. ve V \| . it It l- tho'lghl Will l? .l ie !'? ' f ' h'-Oi" thr." w-ek" H-|e ? are ,,-w ent-rtaln-d I" Mr i, ill j, l.ukey and Unley. Ill" re-1 tie doing unpleasant rumor are a'toat In regal-* . . . ,:.| t '. .. ? I ee-i I. ? at I-. 1 .11 I .ft!' a, , n th. Ifl'th and oe I n< h " ' "i.'ht 1 , , , t? y a ,, 'I ' re .ti-.g pet - ' ?' ?? I , , i. . -I-.1-. ii't. i'" " 'tehe- '? ? ii- . ? ? X t l.iat till.. 1" return Ho" ' * !?? M? ri ,, < flank thai lb. v may !*? Wentll.e.t l.j tt.elr ? th. frU t,d? rlihnae wb" ? ' " ?ne? ih.m I' i? ad* think that -n-h van.lat..- h-uld e-M a< t-. | iend-r u n"t>e like thai ?e. e - ary lt.it It la.'< all kliw!? >'f people to make a worhl. and I " B"rhng'-ti j I,., ,, r ,.,?,? r.l tho - - ?.| a- ? ' g- "? feo ail'an- i at''-. t'Maaa'W #ada < ne " thie tubi-r '!l?? a J ' '? I ' , ?t?b?*?tor '-<?? th ft'< ia t?-? !" ?*?'?? at I I to ?he*,. ?. -.re partieu'erh n< w. " lie he e b'lt yet cnti ? d hr-...r_\ p ain f.c* .'ioi.l t I.ot I* ? n ' j ?['. 1t t? Vie tn e t-eo! n*?-tl|T vt'oti ?i4J?'* ? I'I i . .t rfy ?? ?? ita d'.e I ?? U,d . I that lh? pa-~o*?*. .?. ?*?' ? New Vor' ?er.- r ? " y a - i" 1 ,*? ? ? '? ? pa ?i-tf fl"i. V-. ?? * n . , n th'- toad r'*n.ing ". gt> . ro ?? ..n u. r . t t a t - ac*.'i.' 'til'. - .n th ? o , | u-.. ?- cert lin the e?t?ot aeei ?'- .,1 or w ? It ?. c-med and t ?? pa?" ng*r ? m < n l in I r> .? .1 t i , f 1 tun t .... .. ? .. , . . , .... i i .n oi ?- ? i ? ? ,' ?>?"' "t'i ?'? ? ,. i- i, , ?.' 'h '? t?"' ? ? ' " ' A * I ' ' " ' "????" | ? . . a i e- a - ? I- V . ? . ? " ' ' r. -iol I- ???' '? I ... ? tia-f.a ?'l" ba-- ? '"t "I ' ; .1 . II h f ' ar I ? ? Ml , < - ??> <>h up w ? ?. I ' ' ' tl. '. v ob..y i. ? ' r . ' ? '? ; "? '? - ' ' " J-' ? ' nrti In twrfc. rim !'? i \rr* rrwrf. 1 "? i . ? .u f* Ui ti. i- ? ntii. 4i*lrkt. 'n a'ni < ?i,lr>?f ?h'-" ? ?f " ? ?>lorti . ?? ?#V.n"1 Ir 'l< i , ? - U' tti t*r> ' . ? i it t ? t?.r? ? I ? .. fc ' ' 14 t. il <,? , ? In ?iyl >t *-?c4?7?r? ? ibm lad Mi||K<r* l< th?! %>ty .ht? ti? rn? m*4> l? t|>* itniM i r~ ; ifci ?? ?*) U* i i.ntr tw i.y ?*v tod U,? ??1?i i.f i4mf i> . 1/ 'lr? t? 'Ui It 7! Ii?|ir .,.lr*r? ' tuiklaf 1. ([? ? ?, ?'/ TI I in I r I f hi ftr.'I >??,'.#" -I" t ?* ?' llkitf fllft >? rv|>s< tri In 111 ? f>' ? i.'diwi:' l? Ui' MIiIim ?Di'itiu bi it <?? M t' ?it ? <? ?" i ? J?4?" I* -1 ? ?*tf b, ,r^) ,<,?? h*? ?*??t ' ' ? j * ??"! ii? i Ikl I# AVUfVr r?. On vi>? if ?r n '?? ?f?-, ti'f-n r/' . 'k > r I <? ? - 'la *>?. r ?,v, ' 4,r <t *?< W ? ????. U , MCKfiiti >1/ J I<I. <?' ?'ll ? fc*'-*' '?'*?"* M?! I i<r*? f ! < tr# Mi Iftl J M #IB ? '.? 4 < o Ifc ? *'<*" ?' m -k# n< ?vr*l? Ik ?b? ?.?!<* ' .'1 ?f I* Ik* ?? > < ?"k -.0) ? **?-IM lr. ??t -lUMt.* ?? ' "" ? r '} ft 1i? \'4\ ! ii> ?tVs '< m l T "? f ' ' I*' ' it I r U I; I .i ? TVri <1 Ml pf*? ' '? '?* ??wh 4lr?t W ?*# MaC lit (lit* Wuft !?< l? ri.?fr?7?4 TW U*? '?*??? ? t? n .<-4 , ?1M' i>r in* ??? 4 r.< V. Ik* ftort I* . . >?'** tV> 1?/?f U ?wi' n|li I W K !..? I I ' '? *? I ?' ? ' - . f+A ?.i ? i . M < > . ? , fc- ? i n U ? 1 '?(?? CV?y?r in, , ?? r t' > "W 1 tW??1 '<?"** ?<? , , 4 "'R ?:?. '?? liw>fi 4n >v,4 , , I, .%??f Hiirww t 4l.<4ti^ It f^ij^ ? T *?!#?>' 4* ?!??:'? U immiI 4y I? i -?v A' 'b? ' "?? ' ' " ' ft" ? ?' ?? ????! ?? ?" 1*4' H ' ?' i t ?(.# r > ?.'-1i. ?| l<'i pr ? I 1 'K?-m ft' tn 14* 'M*4 *?/?** ?? tt,- \? ? ? K< *' i?4 ,A || ? f? ?.? ?J_ ?>. i4i . *??*? *'??; ' *' I l*]?i?4 II* ??* ttlM '' hi* ri?U-r>-- 14 F'lW^fc K'*?* ??-t *?<-#**? 4^1 TW "t44r lw? ji*-* 4lr?? to ?4it, f| l*? f kvt. City InfrUlfrrrte*. t- rtoL- of CuAKm It it r?porte4 that ^niU kit ct?n.ivr moTruunt is now on foot, aroon g iht IxSim ?ii? Im i t?i K?.in< i if i|i? KptM-optl f la thl* ritj t . Inunil h luligiciux ami rh?rlli?l>lr or<Ukr> ? In ?.l iLmilj Tin v !>?*<? alr.-ady ? Ji >utf ?h?rrt)n- Infill , (* ho umol l? ?ln?l# l? ?*.I"U# ?? itl Tii rf, iin.1 *fl. ? Hpprnprtntr rtlifimit rinrHit ' 0fi0mM Oirlr limr m ut?Wlni: upKurmmt. fur I lip ) our, ?o<l P?? Jf<-?n,g )? tuppl/ 1 1. Mi n>< p?<k.ii /? Tlipr.. .art" \i>? ? fnVi it * ' yf t , ni.r l? any |.p. uliat <1- 9- ? tr.ru, thi# ?hove all fblog* nat to I* c? n*|>icuoit?. them it ?i me young ? moving In the n winltl.y m.<i 1 1 ! ? 10.I.U- ? i?. ir- in Ntv Vork ?M-tgJJJ The lll??M i?- 1)5 i - ? ? to what klioWU aa lb* 1 tiM*^ i(i* fj Ibfth Oiurch Kfiff'j-nli.ui Rkjoj 1M ^ 1.1 lH ciAiv urr Qo? in t h?> niM<*t if ? Main* Juhilc Thr tb .if law which ftll.-wrrt fifty cntfB for ti e rapture of nil unm.iinl ifr*^? in fh?- a*rrwt aw |>ire4 by IU own Uuwt.?t??<n UaV * ri?lay tn ** Ut* 'JMU Juni- m Jit-tt it went into op. i at ton nearly lour Minima* h*** ? lit t ? tllO \ ' M||?t (VifOttin) JV.l.TiHANM !\ Tli* I H fi.-A n.% taeMiaf ?' I ffllorH ' ? i>? tft he 1? ? Id t h ??? evening at Merritt'a Ilali Sc. If*- Ppiing ?tr?et, thla <Mn<Uj) e'?<i(ag A rountr organization fi-r i? Ilfiral aetlon i? !?? I*b?nu*it Mi4 ?!> Slayer* Porter Bell and Hmoot are nmumm od U nildr*a? the meeting Vvii u?e ? The 8th Itagimant. (lr*y* ) Col. \.f?'U will lo (Ujr Uir ?i?4 InitfK'rtion. Thor urr ordfri*! to a ?etnbl*, rno:iot#4 an<l fiWit at Hamilton *<|uan> nt 10 oVlo< k whew* tb#f will iti* thr< tilth with l< 'Kiiiif a>< 1 flrlnir au<t drill M*nn^?. 1 hi-) win it tliroi gti nil tbr o?' rttnputt of firing ml%k I li'itih cart*|.'?n > Hinn?tir.g ku^ting. a<lvaOcit^|, iw'irln?. At. It yll *?f iuj f*xhlbtil' ii ni l! w r h m4i>| h% tW U?. Ii,gf<?n duiy* hav<* ?| tn t ?? h ri-j.\itatlori for drill. II. w Itui iJv AUi Tu>aTW> ix I mh.hwt Lumiim H? Tin- of fraiol an l rillaor to vhirb " hit? nuljtr U fttwi i- 1'ri ) i*4nUy < X| 1 mi?.1 ?'.hna<l v? i t?*?! on !?) Hit* io-?*?|?a|>*r-, r??i no n ? on-? within tbf* r+mi'h of t li" a m ' hort ti?a, ali i of r? ,i! ? I hi (iIuihIci ?i?'I |m r??r< u'ion ?? i?I (f?? on N?ni<* <)u; Hi <- an li uhnmn ?ho )ia?i l?''ni inal# if a \e t*l, put up ut "i?# of thoa? <irn? of rwpiin* la \V,. hlliK^'li i?t i t whili* w;. id Off U?r ?*?opl"<) nivill 4Hi i ^hip I lur<j? Hi- v*;i?? I :iim ?"1 a ? ni4 of wlil'h \a\* \ thtt atof plnf a wrt*k wwr? r) atg? 'l $.*'? M> tin ? rniminli ff for n ? (HpriiM wit' t? j a v Msvenly-ftvf ? enu |h*i Oiicni. TUt p ???r iti Ij;i-d onr wt'i k and tint < ? u > >? ntioun liM ptr of tin liuuie ?l? -uau i?a>?o?*n\ ai Un? mtt? ??f ?e?iuty ftn> rent'. :* ilny. whhii liU l?<?ar?Wi ilwuiarrWI al. Thnt otgbt, wl itihi- in h?* ww^ urou??*l \? Un- in|melw? lanittrn 1 who roin|.c.U 1 hiro to gt t hii *rn1 tli^ii droft biu< oul <-* lUnii - h? li?- MkUl h*' rwjulri vi hi loom for mora ptofHrvbh* pluniU r. iiamftly i? n?*wlv ?r?if???l hatch*# imusltfiHotH lUua wifhvuta bom? ?U?? *aih?r v. nnWr4 Into tlic iadiiir < aiiii-u mot bring I'xhauattKl, h?* i^oooftajp j <h?wn to rvat , bv bail ik?i In on low* thtn* *K*<ort' t wo of I tl. <* >11 wi who lit- h? n hln rv. minr up ami lay <ta?ra ! him; huvUm roinv valoabli* i?ai??*r? ai>out him hf got uii. a/iil a jMJi^i loan con ing up to bun ihi* wo trliowa f'vl 1hv j oIU?o?rii In mi lim t ha w t ? *r\ pro* 14*4 1! <> ?oa tf Nfpluiit wi h ri I i*i tii at th - -futi n bou?a, in tha mora* ifiX , iliv Htitii-h < ??io?nl w?? Informal ?' th?* unjxjiitioai airl )u* m iiI t?? thr bo*riiltigbou??* kr*'p?*r t?? ?ay dial br wouht j u ? wha't ver lM?ac<t '*a- due If lu* ga\ v tha inaji up bl ch'U.iff , t iif ??? In* took n?? n tiif of til' ?m?aajfl? t! ? mat'i r h<, !?<?? n jint into thr band- of h lawyer, *i*4 tin* ] rt 1 1> wilt }>< ji-. c<ln! dgalnat till# morning. ,,!? v ? ,\n f*icit?t)g mat* h phyr>l i n Saturday ?aa II If. !l?ntiyV iju It gronml Hudson flty formerly Itir^i'M, N .1 It via^ Jrr ??y ??. Ilii'ia'?n for |?I0. J. I tliiow .1.1,1 niitiiijtig wo < for If w<Ijm ri ami J 1 iira?r ai? 1 J. Viiinh il Ut I oi Jt ry i n i'Ii m in pl ? 1 hU ava *(tiOit> n 1 they wol|(1?f*?i aiifca '?S, lh? H Inch. d<amrt#r. I In Hi, I n*?riw ?n? vl )<h?ih won by ||uil"on g/.nn 1 h |bt.U, lH up, w? n by Jrrnrf Con^uartag j Bii.fv Ift yaf ???, lfi uj? won by *laia?*y Ibr *??"!? waa : ! ir*t g..ii.< play#*! by ? i?ndarT>iit, ?ioul?* bnii'l^l uiralnat I udl< w ai l t> uni.ig. N ull. lo*-U- II u?id IH giiliM', I'll played; .In #*!*> M lh In, lh, iju.mon |0, I4* I*. 'liilf I game, Ji r?4*\, JO J.'? |f?, Uu?l?' <?, 14, 7. y. Ibi'ii t* . Jv i a< y wfm thi* ma* r.h Judf* IW ;itiyai?4 ,v ; ii. Hutbcr)and. Tl<? gronml w m railed In * yt*** l? j : o vi i.?i ut , an-: thin ?.??? a g? '?! ab >? ot visiter# (r*m* be* Yoik and Jri^t-y. latai Hauw*ai> A" t>9\i S* n Srw ft - hkh ? !*raa A*t> l? 4 i Ma> Ki?wj. ? A- U, N? ? I! > i f, tn> in of ? wm w< f anprmi< M *i .* N w l!orJ *?Ui on !-aturday Mining, ai n i 'rlo ! a man w(? ? ilifrcoMrrd < a thr trar^ woun lad, whob ?? ? v> ?nti) i* n hi- 1 b<wii ?ti orK h\ o? tb ri from the (a lit I a l a r?v . r<* in ilia head and wa# | much hi uU?' u about thr iw-iy Me wa? t?fc'-n to an ad ' joinii g fa mhon 'i- but iild not llvr* t? otigh thr night | it Mt/ni? In- ?.<? din! n ml (1<rmh. Ho wa atMiiit ft * f* HMMt I fiu ht 10' !?l'? high of a Hindi rumple tl ???? |?arr and latge w. ?#. i r < n lii? |ar-ou .'m irfal |*apera^ one iuaiH4*d H in. <' I * ty. porter am 'h' i rea l iny name .1 V Itarnaa; I wan' you to wriu to ma at Vk <- foil. JMo. , I'Jat county. ' A durhill al*" i*> par Joha K, hJrni -I-* of M. f oul" $||, wan found in hi* fw?r> "I Th# rnan v ih m- biiri J thi- a'trrm on a* 4 o'clock ?t ,Se# l? . n *i i On- ?ui*|>lrrfl of J, f, Hi.Un?on J - , Amy I era* n 1 ? can tri e ?oma flue to tb* name of thr d#> reaafd woui?i d'? wi ll to ait< nd ?*? tliaf hta relatirim amy bt notified of the unf r tunate oc urivnce A ki'*>ti't i>r it' i Hirm ut 1'i^rn i ao ? Thi? aa tthiMk > w.iMh retebratad at Wa bingt4.ii*> Iliad Qwar* tera ? Nrahnrg Otaii|** fouoty. t*on#orr<*w military rompasite* hai? f -lun *<"?l to tap feifrnt from difl< ient cifi - al> ng th# llii iaon. an. rig wboru mil ba 1? t ont /ental tiuard of ihia rlty let all ?urh gta riou* im ? nt * ba < j t Utah in * ?r io?*morie* Haniii" liRivtM. ? A? a knot of ? biPrvn ear* play fag near rr oiii| it thi eorm r of \aruk ao l Oikitti? atrei t* ? -u faturtay afterm^ n t in <>t tb# rar?"f tj^ hi b An nu? H .'*U road ?t.t/.bed tbrou/b Iham at a raf44 I a ? "n/ f'f the children? the n*?n ? f K* bt k. Ilrwc# III t liai.t- n t**md? wua k me k *-<t tow n, tt?a wtaat m tbi (a?? h/ "ffr Ii. f* -t rrx-btng It ro?,. Id* t%\4r, and ' i ti? g oft * m ot tha u ? th* f rer^ead ??.f la* child wa? ,U vire'y in,ire*t. The keeper of tb* ar??*ecjf ? n t ba ? ii*r wt.eie tb*- ar/ident t*?ok | 'ao* ? tbed owt and ' . tha hlld *a It fell, otb^rw the - "t??e <?* narw* foignv ban bieu imntedlately la^ai Tb* Iitti* ? iff*r^r wa I) ;r U* night mgr at |#ain *o ?? d' ubt' are ruter tai?? 1 of ? .i -nrrlTit.g HrtHikl)ii(ll) Niwt. Ti I ' i<i f'.w?rn? *?><? Tin Tti ? b#? ' : lb" Hrt ml ?!??! tli W?jnr ?i? hftUi,.r |'i t< an #\<-iM?g lin.? ?? lo ? ibill l?l* lita f ?j ?r"n? nl Iiu ? if O# r#r#? lh> ' <?!!?"? '"Uiffl, i>m Mi ran-- I t?.? r !.?,,<? Ul I.* f,jf i . ! V ? ?* 4 ' T bi I# ! . ?#?! ?|> lb# l? f" rin?f ?ti > ' i| lafjr aahll# (fl n# I" ft #f? an J II.# l? ift'.UT tfr if f lail/ f 'ltd art ?MI- >rMfi>lM fi . iift I- .ti,?.tni?W a*'?r H>? '?|tm I<Mm Bl . tl.? W?? f <??'.< 4 a|#*lal if. ?'!!.* i.f lb# I ?n?? < ? i 1- ' ?f ?'li> ii '>n u?l<" ? i* nII llaat ? ft ft I that Hum In tbr laatlar >?? l)i> rrtm rlii?i >' 1 ? Ma?"? ? n minmikftlkiii t<i tl.t V1'* 1 - (?r! |m nl I mitt# vb#-# tb' >"1 itlll U<t Prl i gt-\ ?i !?? Ui? V i ?* I mM ftl ' * I frftttl illicit Oft! lb# H?h? ?h-. il'l b Xakrm f" \ln ?n.vr, '!??? tv1 'h* n )..?!?. t,? ?|i' ?#?( V. tun to ?>?? ii ' h? i1i?til#t* In ?b"h lb# ''Q/1lin n.? m?tm i i-urtn tbta wiloi, aivl (atfia- that II.# r?-?fiB?lltr" UmA tv tifhi h paa> ? !?? nlknioflhtl kind' llnl ifcl <??.n tun <> nrl' ?av ?l ?*> ?>? ><f n? i tb# !<-??? ?' ? ?M I# laWu ?-it lat t?,t t|# invMlli* t?'?t ?. 1lt?y laM il, ? imtlti tal'Hi tha ' ? -i in n I i.iir? Ijt'f >?i In at ri ght lb' 'Ui'ma ?i( 0 < ? it iltt#? n>|?i?ii?l <a|/tain hitltlt, at ba-1 lb# k??? in 1 ? ? - -i 'i.(fft' II ? r. I. him I hi' tbr < ftfrt iltt !?' .axf * latal# - 'Ii# Major antiH f\*? bla I!i? riMirnutn tb'? la 14 'h#'a;taln In ?? ftfiif ft*v ' In Wkjir ?t,'fli K? .'il, *b? U?f?t r* |.llH If # li l -fftf n##if fVi#r i 'ft? ?r# Irani *it4iag IM# ??!#?? I ?? t f$ # I. ? II hi T h# |rlr#ft ?; Th# I bt ' itiiM Ih'n ?l?l#4 ">?' h# ti/itU l#k# il.?- Inrfc# "t ibn ? "?i ?l if1?_? A# w??n ?? lli> M ?f> h?t? t : 4 II b* w.l ?f"' ?' !n |? f? ? ftixl l?i???l U># m<?i *, ftffftla. mi l. ?l H? |? lir# I.. ?*?<ii t?| in> ' a?f ????. H r ,<1? fi?, 41 rn' * ?>.?t .i?'l ti h? " ;/ ?-l llaftl at lin|/M '? f' inl ? ??i| '.f lii# lii ?.?a bail I -&#! uf. Tli .a ? ?Uiwl ?1 |ik??,i ftn-1 (./ '?M; vill '??taala mi ? 1 i M-m4af n /hi ?h**i lb< <? -a i> umrM IW?(l 1 Ml 1 ill "I ? A Itaftlt Mn.<<1 W lll.ft* llataiafifi *M ?? <l? n j . i#l la ? I gki a lay ba rftlaf tboMA ha I |? ? a >1 Iba > nt r -4 II ft ai.4 Haiti alt?#< ! M a'" Jft' ?? *?< ?li? awl Aixtir* '?1-n ' ? a f"?a? a??? >lwniii|ii'i<??l bal'n ; ?''-1 n ?-?'all H a; p?-ai< tU? ? n II* 1 ii ? ? ' ' f lt? 1# li?i '? I ?. j?? ?b#? a (,(?#?? ? ?t< I ? ?" -It H<?|>t4 n a ttfltl. la at lit I I' * ??? fa 'all/ liar* .. t f ? 'b a ' it a ? ^t.# ia u* ?UI .-.i>aa ?a4 "? *1 ? '??' l>ta 1 ?- hiaa aivl I>>/I>aai; ?# ? " ? I ' I# al<l ?ll#t (lilrli In Uk#n la Ua 1 'all 1i?a K' .aa.) ?>i# l>^k#-i al tba Tb?*< 4 a' \ a'?li <a l.< a# I01 tiinJtaUia I ' I a at | A llaftfi ? Haa~l tool tM 1 , -a( , lay crfk'#r < * ? ha ? ??< i? ? 1 -\gt >4 "l* '* ft *lll?l.( lain t I tf /??! ? '? <>b, nt. i'.? ?%^?#|I hlft yt ~t It ftrl' *)?? <-?>a/j-? him ? " I fa- /j I .-I a <| . li?l I. aa?# ? ' al a?4i* alb 'I* ?<??!#? la ??! 1 l?a| U? <ai><laaal T a# f*/ I .1. ral?ii r*. IM f If u. ' ?- ? uaa^ a?a I. ft>4 >if |>if w . 'la'!'* A' mrv* ?A I. ? #w^ Ifi t'"" ? ??'W* h*4 bi# I?I -??ah#1 ?#tl^f'af lr 'ala# a ? r*'in| ?/!?? llf ? ??! ?? a- ? ? ?; H if raafbt lalam lb< I' ?< l?a' "# aa# 'ai.?a l?? hU laai vt . 1 ri 5i-? * V aaa-ia <?' -WaUaa la 'bia 1 ! t , W Iftit -V 1 ?aa It A III Date ti-.a I raelaa *1 a'-'1 <a 'O .# Ibaaa llkat# ?W ?* aa4 ?b>"?? t> lb# )>?l?tya| inwx ?f taalb a#?? rb>Ja>a lalaartaaa 'J laaHiy a*4 aiMaylM Mf ?a a. it I >C>?I1 I aa^bjtia I pt/.t, \ a>'/ J a- ?' 1 . rla> la?a l Ut.' a IV 4 aa- > '^a?, I 'a '< liia a '??*? v n. |'l< a ' ??,.,ml ii, I, aa-ij^' a I 4ab!i?y 1 iMr ? I <m<?w I, it II 1 1 * 4t"Vl t, Ir la ?l 1-awi I '??fTl? ,b~i 1 <"> ?; la b#art. I?, 4t- 2 ?/##?.?"*. II. Mail'' bin I, lytlr yl bi" I Ijr-b fr"* ? 4?.ft?a a l.;4i'V Ma I b f. #?' ? WaMBa . 1 ala J 1*' 1 ' ???? ? ? aM ?a- I t 'ttal . ?? ? 't ?' . !* ' b?a? *, W '? f , I ? ? ''

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