10 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

10 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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* *>*> One df Ue Cleverest irthtni We 7"/knew, ' ' pabNahod"? that's the terra?Ms faM style of hat Jt fcnt |? men. Knci In ahvay* ap to the r .ark wilh bi* fa amon* of <^ach *eason. You are an certain to *e? hi* dhw *tyl:? r?ady for d?Hrery on the tiihtday or each quarter aa you are to be presented with a hill by your landlord for rent. The world 1m too w?'ll acquaint*^! with the bt au'y, wearing cjuUi twe, and oheapnet* of Kma's hat* to require any inform illoa ?n the subject from tfcn or any i/ther quarter. naid ha'.* can found at No, 583 H road way, or at hi* ucw store, No. 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton street. Wiitkliift, liu. wltffi White, the Hatter, opened hi* new *toro Saturday. Sept. tf, umi j ' c pared u> fnrni*h hi* customer* and all u?o - ?3 who may favor him with ?*!>? patronage with the fail style hat. _ . , W ATKINS, Hatter, 2SI Greenwich stmt. ilbert H. *!eoiay'? Regvlar Seml-Wei kly aoctton rtale Oi *tock?4 and bond*. wiJi taai i !a--.?j ihl* Holiday, it u:, o' lock. at Si' rehaal a Ex ,?ange. For lurtbct pm licultirs, ser tils advei I. ? lit lit ainill.i'r eolaron. Catalog oi.rt .all 1*1 obtained at Mid Olih.e, 11 lU'Oltd o.l'l'.ct. Anson's DwwrrMtnM"*? I>orR? "lie for .V) ?wits, colored aim lit a nice ease, 'wko tJ ?- -I/" m|,..r* take Tor to cents, aixi <w|UJi.i In quality i>Dil sl/fl U) those lunde elM> Where lor j'-I. ANSON, V* Hroadivay, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Bbiafp'n Dwfwfrnyifyrx", I jar ?e ?'lie. Co lored ea*t Included, a" lmv a* W *u<j? u un-Ttor article; ether ?tylea proportlonably low. I.lken"' es.?r>led. OaUery reaaoved entire to 477 Broadway, between Broome and tirand streyts, near Wallaek'* theatre. PhotoKrapllle Llf' Mlic Portrait*, Colored M Higr?. lor Wt) and tJA; nbUiet, $|J and '.'HI. nr'.Inarv pliu toitnipfa ,f.i; plutnaudocloi-edriaguerrcotype>i,t2:)Qp?riioieu, ?r 28 oent* to el, agreeable i? sin-. UmsT"' g.rw, jH Broadway. fhtprrb Trtamjth* nf Art? Thr, elegnnt ro tored anifcrotypes taken by H. A. I.EWI.-'. mn. Immstrert, exceed anything ever before presented *o ih.j jiui lic. Vlait bis *?!*;, y by ail means. Piano*, floratt WatriV Modcm Imfwcd pwimsiuK In tlieir lm|>rovvui?iit of actkin ? ud orer, a po<*?r and ''ompa?i <it lone to (Jjo griu.d piiUkoc Mote ajjmi'-y for T. (lllhfrt Jk Co,'? II,, lien A ('iiunUou's, Wood Vtard ? Urowu't, and Jarub (JhW-ki-i i?K'^ Uus'.oa plauon; and U v lu sluro plauoa from aouiu live oi Urn bent New York lu-kM. Kaob to?u-?m?ut xuarantMd to ?W? ?nUr? ?tfWtfiftWi or pur< hium munny retai ned. Ho< ond-band planoa ?f all varlcUiin and at Ri eat bargaliM. Price* from 180 to S140; ?aw ?.'? orlovfl plan ox, with Iron framea, for tUO. Planoa la wt, and rent alluwed on purcbaae. Pianos far ".ale on iu until Umeiit^. Solo agenoy :'or H. J). ,t II. W. Smltk'a cela melodeoGH, ituned iho equal tr.roperamnnt.) HORACE WATK1.S, 413 Broadway. The Piano.? Sontlieni and Western Healers ?re tariti-d to examine J. ? 0. FiSCIIKR'S new circular ?'ale Caof, bolnif the hest aud Riron'ie't ptauot to be found. Mumt tory and wareroutu, 'H3, Jii, 247 aud J4'J Twenty eiglitb Mtreet, near Nluih avenue. Tile Rnchel Polka, by .T, R. Cromwell, had CTed fo be n rlecMed favoHOi. More than 1,0110 <"ople< have n onlered wltblu the laiit week. Feeling wnddent ihatlt will plrn>e music teaehera, wo will "?heerl'iifiy -.end to <-n"li a nopy gr.i'ln, i.i* wo did the Rlverdale Si hottWi he.l on re<v|pf of ?tree cenm to prepay P"-'ii??. Prloe. wltli the oeaittlful libe iocrapbl" likeie'vi ol" Kai lh'l, In six color*, 6?> ccntd. WUliout ?UMgrapb, 26 ceuta. Sent 10 any pari of the Union, free of Kftge cook k BRO., 14.1 Broadway, Afenta for flalne. New Voik, aud Brow u * Allen's pre mlum Uoaton Plauoo. Rachel and the HnrMlUM Hymn,? Sew Ma *4e.? ' Will be fiblMietl on Tuewday, 'ho Uth in-'ii ill, Ibe (Mile fcraled ' Mur-ellles Hynm," S'UIK by l he ^reat Iragwlli'mio, Mile. Rachel arranged tar the plan ? Willi Kreneh and Kn:; Ibb wordf, by Thouiu Buker. Prt'? renin. HQR.vi'K W-tTKRS, .).? Broadway. ??ad the Jfrw York Plraynne, the Only Amrrt, pn iliu?iraled eomlo paper. Ktirh mttnhcr contains aarlcaluri a and liiimoruiis reading In every variety. Price 3 eeotn: eiie dollar per year. Sold everywhere. Office 114 Nas aao nreet Evry Saturday. India Cauriii' IlnUr Sliatrli.-ntarn Bro ther*, 42i Br'iail".'/, will open m '1 but "1 ly, 13th Inst., a su ptrb a??ortiucut of India ? o m ? ? I hair shawN and iarCi. A Clxano' not to 1m- Met with Every Day.? Just reeelvd it br(?e lot of very superior blaek Innch rloth *re?s '?.,it?, niadn In the latevi. style, lined throughout with tho ?ne.t salln de rhlne, selling ut KVAN.S' llutbiiig Warehouse, Jtoe. Wand 8ii Ftillmi street, at #0. Clark, Tailor. 116 William Street, linn Re ceived Ms fail stork of ntw Roods, which ? ill ???? uutde to or 4er, in his Inlndtuble -tyls. ('hol.-e carnents ready made. Dre^s or lVock co?i's from ,10 t? $:'<). t nil. Gifts and Prrnriiti^-Jiut received, and for sale ut redueed pricea, the ebolceat a<' lection of feneygO'xla, and also every variety of i-ns, dressed ?nd uwlresseil dulls, gamm ut amusement lor children, Ac., at UOi : KRS fancy bu /aav, 448 Broadway. Green's Hhlit FurnKhlnv Store, So. 1 Astor Jlonse ? Attention Is Invited to the superior arili'le* In the gen Memen's lurtiisbiug deparUneni. 1 tie artlelea include every variety of under shirts, drawers, ties, era vats, glovui*, half hose, travelling -hawls. gold aiiirt studs aud aleeve buttoiiH, mounieii and otherwise, Imported lor the Call and winter hade. The price* arc moderate and the assortment iiuc'iuttlled. ftonutlitn# IVfW.^DKriftly Oppnalte Tay lor's fTilirrn, in Broidwif, corner of Franklin street, a mw and elegant carpet warehouse has juat been opened by the en terprising Urin of YOl'NO ft .IAVNK, who, we are informed, have just. received th< * latent, patterns of velvet, uip<-?trles, Jtc ami which are offered ai extremely low prices. (ioo<i Brussels at $1 per yard. fltcanu r Allan lie Arl liar Doniully, :Vn, OH Bowery, hasjnat revived j>?r Kiiumnr Atlantic, a splendid in voice Ot WUton, velvet aud*tap? ??U'V 1 a:*i??i.in., , imported ex l?rei??ly for the city lali irade. All m w ami desirable pat tern*. Defiance S?iaiuanU< r Saieii*?Ilob( i t M.Pnl RlfK Is sole manufacturer In tb?? lJnli< d Nnitoa of the above celebrated *ate*, a nil patent powder proot deiinoae loeks and cro** bar*. Depot 192 1'carl ?ip e', 0110 door below Maiden an<*. I HttTf Had for Atwrnt ?tie Year In CoiiMaiit Operation t*?n of 0 rover, Halter A t'o.'a r ? w- <|iiildni; ma rnim?a, Dit'l rhoerfnlly nay what truth require*, tlr*i the wmi 4one by these machines la far superior, ooth 111 beauty and atrengin, to the very heat hand *ew ln^. These m ichlnea have MrthJtMi me to carry tny nvwnfie'tireii to the highest decree ef oerfeetion. and, a? the wove time, to meet at the shortest no ttc* the large and tafi*Hilng demands ioi* my uew styles of felted Hoaaa and mamUbt". I should no' he willing to do without tbc< ?? >m< hlne*. MOLYXKt'X IIKf.F*, manufacturer, fcnporter and jofcher of cloaka mid mantillas, j* ? 'anal street. M?w York, Aug. ^4. into. These ma<i incs tie for Nile at 406 Jreadway. OKOVKR, HAKKH k CO. Looking f?r like Fall Trade, at free'y reduced p rlco?. Htijors are invited io diamine Wr s'ock before pnr<'lia*mg elsewhere. HltHAKlM, KlJStiH LAJID k CO., manufacturers, 1)0 Chamber* aU'cct. Tlie 5tw Pencil am! Pen C iwc.? ** Iiownd1! patent,'' in fokl and silver, i*. without exception, the neatest, ?io?t compact, dm aide and ronvenlea at u lo of the kind erer aiade. Manuhn t urtid and tor sale by \V. M. V. JLMAKTI1, 44 Maiden lane, where al-o may he found a genual assortment of ali kinds o I pem.il ca *ea and pan. The Last flay. ? ?10 Only for a Farm or Two baikdim; iotf. ? Thi* opportunity oiish' to he Unproved by** very B?r*on aim wlahes to haw- a healthy flWW'17 i 'aid t\ee for m*?*M and family ; m,W bnildiru h>* ?nd .Vl <>?? 1, s %\ ill i?r til vid* ?1 t ;ii? ii HJ ?ul??i'i'iher.? on tf? lihh of Hep*ember, 18A5. Raeb <?ubaeriber will ree?*lve a deed t ?r two huiidir>c low 2."? by 100 or a lartu fr< ??/? 2 to 3d am - and all tor #10, payable in Ip?'ii1rnrrtt4. The lota are In the vill ige of t>ak<'laud, near Mlu' Rnnk'*nkoma. -Apply toft! \S. W<XlO. 3U8 Broadway, where maps ean be had free. Tril."*Thf beef Amhoi laitiiii ol Fine Teaa will be found at the C.inton Tea t '??inn; n^'? tic* ty ererte<! atvt elegant htore, \2S% 1'hathara "tn'et (between P. at I and Boo^i; ?elf ?ireeti?.) The t?a ^HtMtitUhinent lothe?Hy. W<< n ?<nre o?ir readers the/ ?*an do oewer her ) Jtan elsewhere, either at wholesale or retail. Ten a, Coffeee, and Harare, nl Wm Lynrli'i ?ew store, ftl I Oreenwlel ^tr- t, rorn^r of Hprinif We iu?uro enr readei ?? that they can do h< tier ?t ^ liolesa e or retail than at any other store m the city for e?sl>. A CftH? Tlte Sn1 vi1b? r Mill Cantrlbntf faltenUre aoda e ati'r alent ai fmth 'i s or? ??, ? i \V? ?ln ?'lay. to lit'' relief Of the .iiiVirM l?j >(cV iwf':,n .1 Normlk and Forte mouth, under th? patronage of the relk-t committee, to wtwm the amount will Iteaanded over for dla;rlbntiou. If die weather shonld n??t he favorable, it will be viostponcd until !*??' Urn t suitable day. FRKflKKN K V. RI SHTON |u A^u?r flou?e. corner o? Har' lay stmt; %iet 417 Itroad way, corner ef (.'anal street. ifllllf Inlu?ilal?le Cnllff of IXalr and Wliln* kern in all ?be varied !?*, t?? a^ree in Uarm<?nv with ti??' dif ^rent -haped heads and cr>t?nler? ineea, *1 .No, | |iar< la> street. Whav.nu, e rents; l air dye, \ niiifPnes a Ih^x. Drn|;nlsf a* Faney Oootli Exrltidvrly^. Tooth, nail, and hair brush*-#, eombf. eomadefi, oil*. f,nhiu*s tftrsc'% Poapa, I'atla mile art* 1#?. nn>i rvr y .?r?i^!e -old by 4rua>.l' 'a. evcrpt CriUH, oil -d n i?? - i* . ? "?le tr? to-, by KLFI s K. MiliAuU A CO., in., iters <n I w <*U sale dca kert, 1 M Bread way. ^ ^ Dskmmotypr ami P!ioto;rajv?lr ( hrml ea)s and liquor HavorittK*, bromine, lofh ??, cyanide potai nitrate ailver, put* ether, p) ovslU 'tlpioiri an 1 acetic 10 W*, todli'" and broni'de -, eoj" oritm, eadmnfum, HMoo, hypeanlphkle ^o?la, be?t an?l eh? *p? Ova id aod Ko? Iteiie brandy, pea- 1* # b?o vy. *?ppp* ? n ! firum* eiwen'-^". gin, rtitn sad wiii-fee v. fu* aic by Ur. L. 1 Kt ( II TWANtil.K, ^ \t.dd. n Uiw. Rah hrlni'k Umi !>>??, '.N ? , ? null T<><ip. > ?? h? *t In ih? wo: hi KIm p-lvda ' ? ?? i 11 <|>[i' in* bla rijr. Mrwtuy ntbill'MMmt: It*) rr.., U Mill .!<?. VlM> UUff"> Wl*? ?>.?! tout" hi .llllfl MM, wiflicf.ilt kxl rt-'uui, n JjaTi HKIiUK'h, ?v> ill owitfajr, HHi*s Impmt ? tl itiMf.ininn. otut flair Dyr, Ikeat ill .he wot Id, 4 *'? t u a ? "i, hi .? k. or te ?.,vii, t** fade , unit and Kb ?*y. I?lan? !? ?' .* in-l e*i tninend it aa b*"t <n aw. an 1 applied at *?o. 1 i' u .*> e? ? uud Nassau ?:r eet. ^ From ate Iret -r 'ft ??*eht. ? 1 ? WeuM ten your -rtwt-d hair ? rlii^ ? a *k fon'v*- fiaueh' .odo t . ? ? 1 to r? ly On t 'ri*' i'ine? l.?nt*?na df? frIMadon.'s F<sri|?l<tr llslr llyr, Matinhu mre?J, ?M?kt and nppf e?|. ??' So. o As^ir lie- . Th? rf wm %eser ?t laliMbU- AilW U yrl tfcvctite4? that ^vifte linpod nt ai|v* n 'irer baa tf * i n inilfcati . and tiklUn,, in it, ?. ???; d la tae <ieapi le kki ot of t?'rin? l r ^)iy a roe* ,j,t ol he pt i p?r?'ioo. fh?n* l?a*? i? heen ?H IIOrlRAVn'ti Jnii'ly 'eirOno^t |w?mlre Mihuk for up roo*m%' hair from V> ? or ?n> |Mriot tb*? ?m?4* . aaleiv and <,n klv. 1 t?e ? ? a? inaWinjt tm*< ? ? m ir? ? fnaal eoti( ci*nd i- ^'i?n nr?b t ? lb ? . f? Mifi.ai ??*?' uriot- i?ny ? ir nm^t iM* #?- tw pi,r? t 1 ? nu n atafWt, *5i Waller atret-t, ftr#t^HH .? 'r??m Broadway, and of his ttitd iTi/e"* agef t- . H. T. rf '? Hnlmfrf- lu Indian Ve^etw bl* pr* pnrs?V?ii, wiH restore e ray hale *0 f ^ yoft?hfbf apfMT MM AM ' n ?ldi" Sl ?dw.. ao i Bopr . i-.\wVoba 1 iy ?? t ? w I h a ^?.| I*. t* i of h*. t Bead T1ils-^n 4H#4 Man M. h Vonng lor $|0 1, t url-ifiw' O.M? t * or l<i i ? fTom Uf* ee|? ra - d ? ? ?? ' > "f ** 1**1" <v ?*(?., 1; Mi*id< it h Mi Bm k and 'rou I raM*,b; n i , eurN, flp. Ol yy the addi >*a>. ^ Why Do Tofl Nwem* at Vntn lf? I d for Vnf |lfWllk( t Ittam^hUi ? nwn o . iw prev?n - /oti irmii basilic a line | atr ? ' *t?M rs 01 a iim, ? f? or a ?mi toUl^oell head ef ha u-r 1 ? ? . t- ?? for tb? ? fmtr M-ars. and bui**l,< i ate wiflioK to e iiy t*u ? ray tai'i ? m ver ? an, ail* or dMi tM?i lu pr>sla ? ???? * ? ;t or moo ak>'slnMli weeks, and wi'ln'iit Injury in *te * Iri v ? % I la Bmfi e#e but aak ?one* *?n? .. . ? ?' Hah-- , , m <a u> any nert et ;b ennn* f! ? . ? - K * ' w Rr- . way; XewBr; #4 *Wh Third ? Pt ? U, ;gt ?? , , *%?. aUvC^ Ait**5 1 . PalnleM DenU?trv.? Jhr Johncoii Hereby In forma hto padroni thathenas remorej from .'15 Bond ?;rnn to 'i .1 Ka*tTw? u\h atrnet, where he ronUnuta lo till tooth wrh gold loll, sponge gold, and his chemi< U romj*ouu I, whfch hi* an unrivalled celebrity. All who ne?ni artificial too h are re quested, Mitel* having examined all other improvement*, t.? call and see those nvvdo by l)r .JOHNHON, who *m- acquired, by purchase ibe right of L)r. 111. levy's p Kent, which, toicth *r aitn his own Improvements, will enable him louttaln il*: 1iIa<U ent, m*rfe?tlon ot the dei? . nl art. Four prominent aleanta^s will be found aml<l these fcenprovemeu'*, viz., cleanliness, dur ability, perfect enunciation, and the r**toratien of the oriirin.il fcrDiOfih?!fttco. All these must bo regarded as point* (?t tho blftheat importance, particularly to public *peukt s. I'lea*e r* oicmb'-r the address, a* thin nolle** will nor be coiuliitie !. We, the undersigned, cheerfully bear testimony to Dr. A. Johnson's great metlfid of treating sensitive tee h, and reoom mend Ma method of removing tho HcafltUveuena of decAycd teeth and tilling th*ra without pain, to those who may U0i?d hi * services. FrarcU Halt, K. II. WmisIow. H. 1>. l.im?i\ I'Yan is B. t 'uttiiijr, Hugh Maxwell, Henry Utuuziell, Kruc.tt Hedtor, John Uruy, M, D. flollowoy^M Ointment auil PUU.? \ntonUb l?ifc? cure of an ab?ve?w pronounced incurable hy the Faculty. ? I Hubert Purtlett, of Cumberland, Halno, was nJliictod for fhfo ??ars with an abxivga In the arm, and was about to have 'he mh amputated, but wiw recommended Hollo way's oiunumt and pills, which completely healed it. Hold a' the manufacto ries, mj Maiden lane, New York, and '244 Strand, London, and by all druggist*, ui lift cents, rtiJj? '-''nts, and $1 per pot or bo*. Hernia Cured. Hobokkx, Ui*,' 22, My Pear Kir ? About three months ago I wan a l\i^?*ti l?y my pliyfiWan to procure from you a truss for an In^uiunl hernia, en onragad by ilia assurance that, with proper care, I might look lor a euro in about a twelvemonth. I visted you last May, and in oompllanco with your advice, I look one ot your radical cure trusses, whl<h I have faithfully worn until Its further u*o ?e. m? d to roe unnecessary. The Lerula in three mouths wan to ail Intents and purpoaei cured. I know you will learn thia result with pleasure. In addition to (ho nattftactlon you inUKt naturally derive from ev^ry new proof of the efllcucv of your admirable Invention, there must t?e <o you an unfailing source of pUva ure in the n-el ing that jour ingenuity la atlordiug daily reliet io thousands of your fellow raen. Allow me to conclude with my beat thanks for your invalu able eervlees, and with the expression of * nope that you maj k?ux be spared to thoae who need the resources of your art. I remain, my dear sir, with nlncerc gratitude ami nnfeivned regard, youra trulv, A. PKKRIN, West Hohoken, N. J. To Mr. H. N. MaasM, No. 2}t Maiden lane, N. Y. Dr. S. 8. Fltc-li, Author of tin; "SI* Lp('?nir* on Consumption,* ' ottieo 714 Broadway, will b* ;>l*ka?**?d to atlord reiiet to thoso who have boen injured, or who have fail ed to be benefitted by the speciality ^'inhalation, for diaeaHes of the lun^s or throat. Open daily, (Sundays excepted,) fro in 9 to 5 o'clock. Treata consuninlion. asthma t dl?eaH?'H of the h^arl, and a U chronic diseases of males and female?. Consultation free. Dr. S. H. Filch is always at home, and there is no person elsewhere, travelling or otherwise, in any way connected with him, or authorized to hail from his ofllce, or refer paiicnta to htm. DTamrrnn'i Rmlptu Enable P<-r*oim to I 're pari- I he bnl oooiualliM known, at ono clgluh inn iihikI I'VM't*. For -?1h i\l \2 Brooklyn, wtare ?p?ri m<-n* < ?n b? H ? ? .jl jj i h lorwai Uvd loanj pari of tli'jcotui try on me receipt of $1. Fret to Ban Frit nrlaeo.? Persona who wtah 10 go free frnm tutark., of rbolera, rtTMnlflry, nolle ?mi wa nkk iK-as. .Li'ul'l not fall lu (jut ? bottle of I)i*. TOBIA.S' n urrsnuvl Veni'lun llnlni> nt;nty klint of water can lie ilrank wlihout any III em-. ix hv adding one tea?poonfnl of thin c?Ielirate<l liniment; It Li wnriii iw weight in gold; no one ahonld MU ? illicit It. Price 26 iud fiOeeul*. Depot SO ( <n tlitndt atreot; gold hy tlio drug Kinta throughout UioX'ulted Staler. Hernia. ? Only Prtxc Metlnl awarded to m \ ksii \ CO., by 'he MMrial BxhibMoaef all NaUona, fov their patent new riidtcitl cure trm*. Keier?iicei? as t<? l"? ?up? rlcrll) ? I'rofcMor, Valentino Mint, WlUard I'arker, and John M. t:arnoil>un. An exiennlv ? llnlol munesof nier an'llo and other jjentlcmon curcd by till* trn?* may be -ccn .it \t v R^II i ifO.'S, No. 2)i Matden-lane, New York, and MAI{^1I, i 'OKI, BH A CO., No. a Wwi Fourth alreel. Oluclnnatl, Ohio, tlpcn from 7 A- It. until 0 P. M. Married. On Tliumlajr, Sept. 0, by the Kcv. U. Dunhar, at the rOHidS'ncn of the lirMe's jmrenfti, Mr. .1 auk M. W'HTTI to Mid* Km ma K. Smith, all nf thin city. I)n IbursdM, Auiuit It8, at Chrlut Church, St. Maiy lo-B<iu?, Ijimlon, KnKbuw. by the Ilov. Ih-nry igh, I). D., Joukph Fad t ktov, of Jlrooklyn, I.. I., to Hart, only Uaugntor of Frederick t hurlea I'rortor, Died. (in S?t urday . Sept . 8, Jamkh It. Saike, agr-d 27 years. His friend* Hnil acquaintances arc respectfully Invited to attend Ma AummL Bran No. 193 nut Thirty-iiftii street, this morning, lit half-past ton o'clock. On Saturday, .Sept. 8, at eleven o'clock, MaRQAKKT Her friends and arqitintanen? arc ro?|n?ctfully Invited to attend her funeral, from Fifty-second -trect and Seventh u venue, thin afternoon, at two o'clock. (in Sunday morning, Sept. ll, fJrxuu.i: I,., ton of Win. A. anil Fanny I'. -paH'oia, ng?d 17 yearn. The iriouds ;md relatives ot the family ire respectfully invited to at tend bin funeral, from the residence of hi* parents, No. 44 t'larkson silent, this allernoon, at one o'clock, without further notice. New Orleans paper* plume ropy. On Sunday morning, Sept. U, at hit o'clock, of cnn->nuip tion of the bowels, (ittoRor: Ilsviir, son ot Ralph Spenre and KlUubeth Hamilton, aged 1 year, 8 months and 4 days. The friend* and aoquaintanens of 1he family .ire res peetfnlly invited tn attend Ui? lunrrttl, from hi- late resi dent e .Vo. 53 Set enlh avenue to-morrow afternoon, at two o ? lock. On Sunday. Sept. 0, M un Va ?: WtVKtK, only daughter of Alfred K. 'flee, of this city, aged 11 mouths and 8 days. The friends and relatives are r?vpe< Uullv invited to a i tend her funeral, from No. 21 J Went Thirty seventh street, thin afternoon, at one o'clock. Her reniiin- wi!l be taken to Ac<|uiiekunnnk, N. J., f< r interment. "n Snnday. Sept. !l, at twelve o'clock Jl., Kuzabvth l?i iu, aged 45 year*. The riJstlvo- and friends of l lie finilly are rospsctfnlly re-|?iested to attend her fiui' ial, from her late ie?id''nci>, coiner of Thirty- soventh street and Fourth avenue, this afternoon, at two o'clock pro. Isely. f;e|?rted thi? life, for an Immortal and blewd one, on Saturday morning Sept. 8, between si i and ??ven o'clock, alter a protra. ten Illne-s, Mi?? Akht Ihaai m>, daughter of the late Mr. Slopes Is*?,k*, of thl- city, and ?i.-ter ot Sam so ii M. I Knacks, for very many years attached to the Nil Val ( fli<*e of this city. The <tecc ised was 7> years ot agr, and was an cxaiuplary woman. patient and rc-tgie-d un der a long tiiffei lug, w itli a tlnn reliance mi 'he mercy of tiod, arid with leellrig* of charity and good wrlU to wards all she knew. She lived he loved, mid died respected. May her soul ever ro-t in peace. Amen, At l.ci iisis lire 118 IJm -trett, Mrs. ?i'K';iav, ge l 32 years. Her friends and tho?e of her husband, are respet fully invitisl to attend her funeial tlii- altervioon, at two o'clo-k. without further notice. en Saturday, Sept. 8. IIasy Km<a, daughter of Ann and Nicholas ijindf-s, ngrd 13 months. The fi lend- ami relatives ol t lie tainlly are reip*-Mfully invited to attend her fun' i <1, from the residence of Iter parents, 44 Governeut -trcol, this morning, at twelve o'clock. On -undav evening. ->pt. 1>. at h ilf-past eight o'clock, Duh mi Mtwjimi ci Hge.1 ii years anl 0 months. Further AftttAMrt M TitfrrAW m*iu1|.g' ,-aprrs. On Sunday, Sept. t>, M tuv C u c ikh. daughter of I houuts and Margaret I.e Hontmier, :i;,'o I 11 months mi l 27 di.v <? lhc friends of hoi father, and grandfather, Mr. John (Jnlller, are respectfully invited t'j attend In r funeral, from No. 16 Ka.-t Tweuty-lil'h trcet, this afternoon, at two o'clock. On Saturday niomlng Pejt 8, Hacoaiht nnvrjmv, wile of Charle- Hjington, age ' 4;; )ear- and 8 months. The friend- and rrlal iv ? of tki family are re-|>< tfully invited tn attend her Timera), trom the re Id' tire of her krothei -ill-law, James K. Row -ten, No. 'JO Stent Mi -trret, this morning at ten o'clock, without further not i *. Her remains will '<e Interred in Ore' nwood Cemetery. On satnrday, Sept. 8 of uu rasnius, SAVrat. youngest son of Charles and J me Anne (l'1/iry, ng'sl 4 mmiihe. Th< Mends and fn,.,uain' lines of the toinily ire res tfnliy iiiviie.| to a't"nd his funeral, fioui 128 V . ' I rtreid. t hi.* tllirnoiiD, at two o'clo- k. On -atwdsy. s?.pt, ?| MiKTtti. wife of Jam's l.ongan. formerly of ( In' innall, Ohio, #i"! daughter of Wm. N. and Suuih Martha ?far:drn, aif' 1 y< ai *1 mouths and 6 days. The fiiends of 'lie family mid tho?e of her iin'lrs, Tho mas and Henry lis r> den. are re-pertfnlly Invited to atl> nd her lum ral, liotu th>- residence t her iatliUr, No. 171 Sands tiert, Brooklyn, thu sfternoon, at tw.i o'clock. Her remains will Isj convoy <*1 to (Jr<<nwood lor Intoi merit. In ltrooklyn on Sunday Sept. 0, a' the re- 'enre of his mother, No. "5 Washington 'tieet, Ilrooklyn, ( iiaHiiii, -on of the late John Keai ney, of l/mdonderry, IreUn l, aged 12 years. Ilie frierds of the family .ire resiectfuilf invited to attend his fun' ral this afUnesm, at tw.o<h U His i en aiiis will l.e taken to < .Ivu j ( < . >o'< .y. At Jersey clly, on -aturda) tjepl. 8, Kwiii I!., Infint son ctf Wllliniu 1*. and Aon Maria Abendioth, au -<t .? months and 11 days. . Tlie fronds of toe fund' n? re?pertfi.lly inrl'" I to attend hi- funeral trmn tlj? r. srtenee ot hi- .T in f.i'h-T, Mr. John Frs-er, Mer ep street. n<arGroVe street, Jr iy City, t hi - aft< rno' n at two o'i I ?? t. . At Eastjiort, Maine, on Tue-<Uy. "-opt. I, II. v. Ki.v >mi A. Kdsriiv. of th? Order ol I lie Jesuits, mid <oa ?f Mr. Hum an Kennedy, oftbi* city, aged thirty-seven years. IDTllSTUt IE JUS El XKWKB EfERl DIY. T UK I. Mil OK <t? KS1 ION. ff'll K I >l III! Ill I.I I s S'? II ? \ BtlUI K? i LAS X li (!>?? 'Hid Ki*!!iWf1 Hill * ? r) ftcntfif, ff-r ofiUM I w -I N R iff r 1 Vt >r< - ?r * ? ? *4 lo itdrtMl. M?i <J ot .r V H.ltw VUO, Tifk d ft*. MITVVTi, .TR , V t KR OF J r ?*,! Yf ',?y * !4 llr kit it#-* the .?u* t t?>n ** Ui# ii mI? iu 1.1^ mm ? , t mM t>rmad uT m?w. (>2>icj i i U i ?.? riKvr u it i\i s O' hi* >r \tt IfilTKI,, ft# A Ml ^ l/I I'K S I; r? .wit* i ? ? *m tb* t ?i? .m?i at i n 'Uif ?' Ui* ^, kliit I , it#j, imtrwt t*\ t?f flw) fUitht. nr hh " i>. f K< "9t ?*?#? ai vMrnrlu. t ? <-> W #?-,<? ?* I fl CIliflXTK-T IKK fi-i # *"t It K m K Urou ft* %n(] ftmrSk w#'#i? k h* ? rt*?f| by "ih? mmi jr/' ?t ) n H?'H o?il *i ? ?*m rt fif tvuif I*.** ??? ?* riiwi; tfrruATionH wanted. AHK.HPK.CTAliLK MARKIKI) WOMAN WISUK8 TO tak.' <?*?"?? of a ltd} or children .-.jlng w < 'ulli'.rni*. In 1 quire of Mr*. Hudaoo, anldwlf.-, 217 Went l(th it. Ariyvva mm. wishes to obtain a situation chambermaid and io do ih?; Huh waahlog and Ironlnc, oi- wooiu ??' mm ihaubertnald and waiter; 1* capable o ' rtliltw el In rof he al ove cupai-l lea, hi* go. *1 r.iinrt*not! fn*n her List jiU.-.), wlere ahe 'io* llvt'il for the laet tbreo yearn. I fell at j jtli *v<\, corner jf .Jlii "1. AflOOO PLAIN COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A KUiall fardly aa a k"oI waahet' and Ironev, the bevt of I < ?' y reference. Call lor tw o day* at ltM Wit ??., between U and 4thaves., In .bo rear. A DRESSMAKER WHO OOKS OUT BV TUB DAV OK week, wiiiK employment; nnderatanda hrr bnalne**, al-,i children' ? cloth. *. AOUreaa M. N., Htrald oflloe, which wilt be punctually att.iided lo. Ayopno ami. wishes to fini? a situation to (OKntrh .. u> < .iiifornla; ciin cut ami fUcklldreti'iidre?ne?; rati Jo nil klnda of tauiily ?ew Ing; tio objection to lake charge a* Uou . k> .'|>er r>'.tar?nec;can be -??en at i'l'Jl fourth h reet, 1) r?i i o?.r, ba.'k room, between Klr?t and Second ave nu"?. fan hn ?.'?*n until eugaged, either by pergonal Interview or addreaalng a note. ARKSPRCTABI.B Ulltl, WWTS A situation is cook, waaher and irot.er; . an giv.- umat reference. If r>> oulreu. I'ttt b?? been for two tlayn hi il Jlenry n?., lir*t floor In the rear. A SITU \TWN WANTKI) BY a RMl'ECTA BLR TOCNO woman, lo do ' Uwi^r worli h n.l waiting, mid to iio.nl In walling and Ironing, an.) ba? no olfaction t.. do I'Ulu vwinv. ?an tie ?'eu at her present employer'*, ri.? W. 2ith v., near ;he t>th avenue. A ami, witii oood kekekkncks? wants \ i tit alion lo ilo general boa rework, or ui chambermaid and waller, or nurxo and Maoutrea*. Aim, a nleo girl aged 14 wifhex a altuatlon. No ohjcciMnn to the country. Apply at 201 Mulberry at., cornet o< U.iii?t.ir, |d ib<- baacment. I SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI., i\ as .hainhci maid iutd waller or nx-lstunt ?"?ato'tre-a. fan b?i M>eu lor iwo day* at CI Main nt., Brooklyn,. Oood refer ence If required. ARFHFKCTABLKYOUNO OIBI. WANTS A SITU ATION to do liooaework; la a -,'im >d plalu ciaik and .1 lir-tt rate ??>h?,r and Irouer. f?he In not afraid lo ? nrk, and has the hcatclty r' fcrenc?'? from her Ih*i plaoe. PIniM* call for two dayx at am Monroe nt., near the (iraiid atroet ferry, aeooud floor. AKKSI'KtT VBM-: SCOT' H WOM AN WISHES TO TAKE gentlemen'a w.iahlng and family washing Vo her home, or would go out by the day lo reaper table famine* ; th.' u.uk will >?? well done and term* reaaouable. Apply at tio Wml Wash lugiou place, room 17. A (OWPKTRNT WAITRR AND N'l'R.SK AND SKAV J\ atrraa. and ? flr^t ? lasa co..k, wanted inuuedlalela at Whrd.KY's Prin t Female offlcea, Ills T'h iivenue, ue ir ij.1 at, and i'tti fith avenue, near 'JWh <t. Wanted. uU?, tw..nly arnari girla for housework, and eight uurse*. I'laccg r. a?U A In U In ailendance. A RKSPKCTA BI.E EKOUSTI OIRL WISHKH A SITITA ? Hon to cook, w aah and Iron In a ^mall foully; haa three year*' good ri feroneea from her laat plaoe. l/'allbi th>- fancy ?lore, m2 Paclflo aired, between liocruni Rlrect anil t'ourt atie.'ta, llr<n>klyn. AN KXPKBIKNl'KD < <H)K W VNTH \ SIT!" VTION IV a private fun.Uy; underatanda bakiw and pantry, au'd would be willing to awl?t In the w .id.ing and Ironing If re quired. Oood reference* given. I'an be aaen tor two daya at Ija Uwrcncc l?ijtweeii lluunton ami lilett-rkor M'ret-iH in thi? rear. \ NT LADY OH FAMILY ABOUT TO THAVKL, AND wanting an AUpn<Untt can Iwiu* of a re?jH*cUibU! youuu person, who ina Proteatantl neat in hah it*, aiet p<m^?Mln?^ a KO?xl education; adverlitier la a verr ktml and attentive to ehlldren, not aea slekj boat city reU-renuo can bis Kiven. full or addrcaa a uot? to M. rt. II., .261 29th at.,uear 1Mb avenue. ArHOTKHTANT OKRMAX GIHL, W'IrfHICri A SIT!' atlon aa good nook: Ih a good washer aud Ironor; Ih wil liinr toaaMixt In Kvneral nou^ework. Call lor two 'lava at .? ,v?h >ti??ct, between Aih and tkh avenueM, in tho ba*ement. a N ENOL1HII WIDOW LADY, HPKAKINO KKBVCIf, j\ wl^heM a situation jim hou-? kt'eni'r, or 'o travel with or wait on a lady; would take < han|0 ol a ehlld; would not obJ?x*t lo ko in the eountry or any healthy part of the I'uiou: would uttmd in a store. Can be .-cen lor two daya at I4!a (Jarmlno ?ir^-t. 4 RKSPE?TAHl,E YOUNG WOMAN WANTrt A HiTT J\ atlon In a email private family; in a goo 1 plain rook, ?.\u her and Irnncr. Can give Hire* year#' vnferane?\ < 'wn bo Mcrn for two daya at No. m7 6tU av huc, flrat floor, trout room. VRI PI ( i \ IIJJ6 YOl HQ WO IAN W UfTB I HfTl A Hon, , it rhamhermiild and waiter; li.n no objeeflon to tnke ?vre of children; 1* a good plain a? wor. flood city i?i?*r pnt-#?. Tan be aeen at 104 Orange nt., under the 11 rook I yn 8 tar otllre. Vjuhisrii pr< )T KST \ nt "V : i k i TTiiis fit if ^ a sT i i \ tton a* )a4y'a maid or nin> '; alio U a good eauiftre*a nndr.inno m :?*dlc.work will. Hli" cu.i lurn'.a'i good rccotn mcmlatkma* Call at 1?0 Vnrlc.k street* In the afore. ACOOK'i* 1*1. ICR WANTED? l?Y A NEAT AND TTDY . joung wt'iiMn. In a good private family; no objcnlon ?o In the "warning and Ironing, lift in H.ia* < |ty run* renee. Please rail at 76 We it I9(!i lu (lie b?'?meu% for two day*. AKItKNVi! I. \I>Y WIMIKsT MTI ATloV l?Y irald In an American lamily to travr-1 t > Kuropo, or to ?? i v In New York; would have no objection t?? touch French so a H' tie rhlld. Sin* uuderatandf dree -making, al?o un lr *aanis die -Ing Ij.iW. ? an L'lvts th<- iH -t oJ i ? rouiinrudatnm from h": hint plure. ('ait ti?a nc?'u uinil muted. \ddnf* J&4 <Jrr,?uwtrti Htrrrt. \< OMPKri NT DHK -M' KKK WI.-IffH To I.N . \..K ? he work of a U w fainlll***; ah# nn?U r* laud < rutting and titling ladle*' Atii ehlldrf*n'a dnfn^ In the m>n la-nion. l?; atjb*. Any family i*ro olrlng much a or rvon, will plM^o apply or mhlrc*? a im ? to Prt --rnakrr, No. 5 Cl'i in'opl;'.'** ?i., ii .w Mxfh AY* hup. i \i i: ? - < monr f. \< ko pr* it ktani w< > c t J A. want* a -It nation to ?nk< riv of ehildr n: !. rapal?J'' <j (liking tin* oa(tr?* ? Uarg? oi an In .u?t I'rom a,-, birth: ?h" ??* prr It ' ll\ fnimtlll and In lutli ion Ko? p.4i 'iroail -< ? r? %*>'rv ??t h? r rmploycr. No. iSft) W .*l?vh ?t., where -li- now r? inainn. VyiKKrh'frr aiilr yoi no rjfRL wimieh a sin a . ii<?n af nor-'1: nnd? r-tandH the ? arr ,i ? h lr?-n, ? ?* an >U? rhmnbf fu ork and idal-i *#?wlru; willing u> mnW". h< i ? If g.-or r?iil> n-rHil, would travel wuh a lady ?f nurv;. ti ? l y nf???nrr. tnll wt 1A3 3d avrnu**, b?'tw???ri lfi'ugiil lr h - a. t an I" . f, tin- two day*. a j i fa s n b n . men i rnr^ rioii i tin 'amla Uia bmntue- ?< i Uoi (m^hly lu >1 I ?? vari< u* l>. ?t. U?> \ llioi H'l .rf ?"???! to h. C. W . Herald otf)ref wili n;* r n!?ii iHTompt att?nuon. \ YOl' NT, MAN. WIHWK PHKHKKT >\'OA^F.HKVT . will shortly r*plr#?, i< anxioim to nngtge In *?>rnr mecan* tilf liou*r, aa a-* I ant bookkem'r, or entry rlrra. In wli -h lie If at prf -< nt ? inployd; la willing U? mak" blimmlf g?naraiJy uj*'TuI. Kf in* to pr? M ot mnployrr. Una al?o brrn fo. ?> tlmi' ngag'.lln Ux> hatiivsatc trade, Fi?***o ?mIUi as X. bo* | 'W H? mid offirr, for Uuee daya. ASin ATlttN W ANTKP ? HY A IK)Y 14 OH 15 y rat a old, in th#? country, "Willi a farm t, or to Ian m a tfadf, eountrj nn*ferra.|. KWai?nra? given* Addrftf* Win. ikunett, lierald office, coin^jf ing joom, fifth iitory. a Hi: pr/TvBI.K PBOTK.^TANT t un iiM w ami j\ bin w Ifa want -|tu.vl"n? In the conntrv H?* und* ?????' thn theory und pi aetir?? ot Isr-tuh nd Anv i ? mi (arming, and Mil tf if* , atiaalaooi waater and IroMf, and ran miaim a dairy A?-. Addr*-#*! K '.Mr llowku ? l?a?rdln.' boti^? Fort j ninth airrpt ami lagi?tl? avenue, win re tbey can b** ? . a from 1(1 to 2 o'clock. A S ( OAt 'llM W f.V A PKIVATK 1' iMI f?Y? A STi Al?Y. ?J. tndttflfliMia vo<mg man, KujrlMii, who ki.owf hi pcrfo* fly, and who N a ?vn ? ful and -trady driv- r; p?'?fr?,ly | und? i ?? a?nU (h* rar?? of' ? arr1a.'? v, anl harm* j. m i would be fotmd obllgln#. * ^r. gi*e 'bt* High* -f r?*t'rr* rr1' in u hi-%i plHii'-*. Can la4 ?? ? u at tin >??*??! %to r*\ 147 Hah -? ? *?* of ?th av.. a note addr* ? 1 an abuvt, wi;j h?: ait?- * 1 m for two dftjrt. / UK \MillM " j tablr yoiin# woman, acRiii-*!'" > fbr the aboc Hjtnatkm In a amall iamlly. \ two yeara' i ? rue Irom h. r lait Mituation. Wagea aeven d dlarf. %! pl) " 104 avenue H, b? (woen l^tli and l-t' h atf. ^t F.NIVi; KMPI.OYMFNT? A YOI vti MAN OF flfO Jri rough touln^a" hatdta h wm-* a i w t? ?; - o )? u. ? rf<^ilng, woo Id hf wind to ik" rfi* nlilia i . #t?? rvtbl* j . * . > for llw name. AiWr^M H. H., to* It*) l!?;raM m? r. nOI'HKK KKPKH'rf anil AT?i)N WANTFIt- ?tY ^ Y'?r\i woman ?b" would Mm* to men * |?h omap^r t who wouJd l -an Iht a $M?). Pic# *#? n?tdi ??-?? ||. ^h la?r, ?tr < Po t oflrf. ON 1 1 K.M A N OK tOMMK IIONNK DIM \M> II. <>l to ii? fe ?mr p? i - in." Fr ??<>.? e oo Hub -e, do z% "vo an d'; ire. K'adr? ?rr, poor ie#o ilr#?, au niAgii/ind - \% Jobn ??r??<"t. IyiKTKll - W A N jKI> BY A MART f %'TKI.MOF XT man, ? -It'iatua* a* m?rtei*. or any oymr uoafMin i ?' wtm :d help him um* < i?m family $ I ?? u not afraM to v.?;. ? , n w nt?? a fair h/?ii'l an?? la *ii< fc a' '.^Uf ? tii?> ai*br.' know* the ? ? i t v . W?;<?< uod?.au. la willing ?o ?i*\r?i. hi wb? 'a tim# to hia #*mpk? *r'a advar Mge. Co?"i r? .? ? ??<?<?? ? { *n;rtiir. It ' .?j?ilr? t jhrn tor bon. ? j and *o ?*r tl . . f ?- ;iHtr< ) at *S7 I ? ? I I -'I ot.'i . K \ -f t l? eon--. JfHKI'H HK'? , . L-iri \ li"S WAN !*Ml MY * VI MY I ??' W ?? ?'

Is > ? Mill uwyllBl la a yoo4 plain r<a* a?4bifci?t and a nr?' rate wa-a.-r arid lr< ner. wot ? w -df *o '???( ?a*lf t?#> foh Baa* of Hi y i caw If#' ylvgn. ?%**%? ? ??!! nt J5I tw.w? ry. , S ITI ITK'V ** wri l> i < II<4< WOTW Mi *Mb' r < Ity or r*,? f f It MU r dat!on?. a* i triiionx an tMelteni lai' r "t '.ratal A< d a > eini ftlbie Miiu?* . UlTf \T|* .YH tV A >TK1I ? ? t rU- <? tMn ? j v* a* o arli< rg f iib r ^??otl? .V H*h br?o' t ? ft*' <1 C). rmi bf-i <if ft *r#oe?a given. Adrtr* * L M lb err I \ I IOV W M l>~HY t PK?PM llnftui, nil t baoii^ roiaH or i<. i*M ii*t?r??*< pia Pft%* V faimlt 1 ?<? r- *? w it t wo.tai N??. '.?! Wt-.i !*?? ^ . o fw? V^ITt \T|ON WANTFO? II V A Tflif. ^'11 \Tfo.VH W ( JCTFl)? -lilT TWo ? t I'tgl" * rt?|i#rf?NHt) ; <?oo a* in audr**** t. ? ndf I U'fn * and d*d( ? awfiita mnaHoa; tb? WITi tTION WANfKb- MY A HFwfF.'TAI prf tale family; l?a ?tm4 * :atn #-^1 ??>! .*'? ?f! |!f 'TFI# moniXTfifiK, t NOOTflt ! l> j a fwwn awnaa, a ?tt?iatga a?? b >?4c* s.* p*r iti+rfletirti <i tbr unen n ;?rm u? i *4 i ??i fttgHllOfi m ana ? la#* boU bi b? i#i?? ? .,r- | t , <r#j .tmnMbir rel<T'*n^i ft n b^ , iMlfa# M. R.,iw Hr*aad Ibr fifcr#? *t* >?. P? P IIKR rt?* ffli: "Ol TH a\ t, w \ | I.J I *i' i * g?*'- '? **'?' lo m oaai 'tw tri' ri * - ? ?Tl.lTI?<S WAVrcu. ri o 80UTMEKN OH WBfcTUM DRY QOODrt MKK I '**"l?r~W?oi'Hl, by ih. ?d?nrtt*?r, a nltiutUon a* ?*?"> j ii ?u, in < tth> r 01 ih? ?? im- SW14 ?. tt.i had yearn' ? * M rl^nce, and *vir? furuUh ?b*i b?*iit city reference. Adktnaw ) oat paid, B B . tJtL avenue. 11/ ANTKD? BY A RKfPKtrTAliLB YOl'VO OiRL, A , r? aituaUon i kM ainf ermatd and waiter; do obkctloa 'o do frou* ?* work .? r a fftuall family . c .<*?! rflorenee nlv?*u. (Hill ' lor two day* at SO* AtiauUc at., i'rooklyu. TIT A NTKIK? DY V K?PKt.TAHMfi WOMAN A HITl V | ?? lion aa ci'ok, a lit would bo willing to aaaint * iUi the wM*thinj.' and ironing, if r?'<|tiu*et!. undt't*.anda her btud Tire* pfiterlly well, and ha* itood eiy rcfcroiuv, Can b?* for i?|d?yH a Hft tiiii av#*uue. botwevu {<0* - 1 . and ^Vawrl<H i Plae? ?, I'd floor, hark vovin. TlfANTRD HY \ RECPBCTBL0 YOI'NO WOM\N \ V* nltuation to out Hoti'U or elaewhere, with a family, who in willing to* ak?* h< rseli uaeful, to lake eare of cblldr.n ami do plain hewing ?nd ia well recommend*! from her n -' employer. Can be a? ?n lor two days. Pleaae call at No. 204 21 m nt., between the >uh und l^h a\ enuea. T17 ANTKD? BY \ ItFsi'Kl TAIII.K WIDOW WOM AN. \ t I ailuaiioiiMi mii-M* a?i?l -??amain **; In capable 01 tannic charge ol a baby from n* Inla.iev , and .ibio a re*peetat?i? Pro tasfant youiiK tcirl as < hambei-matd or waltr**"*. Ikni eity refrrenc*; thrt? year* in their taut place. T?# be ?>een a'. Mr*. AirdN, No. I, Twenty flr-u m inset, corner Ht*u>? IITANTKD? A SITUATION liY \ KKHPKOTARLF. YOI SCI ? ? woman, iooo>?w, wa*ii and iron; no objection 10 do hoiws work In a *mali fain iy. tlool eliy s Please >; alitor two day* at No. 6 lle?ter *?reet; ttr*t floor, front room Wf A NTED ? A HITITATION, HY A RESPEtTABTE f f qirl, lo ?Vo '??n? rHl boa^vwork In a frnaH tanillv: plain cook and a li?-t aa^her Jind Iroaer. Hood city n l?*r ? nee. t-all at UiS West Ml*! -t., ioi two day if. W ANTKD? A BITTATION, HV A YOl'Vi! WOMAV TO do ch.i0ib? two k nnd waiting, or plain ?M'Wtntf' H< Ity reference. Apply a; uUSllth *i.t bet w? en 3?i and Idling on itVH. WANTED? HY \ HKSPEUT VliLK YOL'N'O WOMAN*. A Hitoatton n-4 1 hnti.l>< 1 inald and plain f*?'W<*r. or to in washing; tn wlUlii, to mak bu M-if ^-ue ally n*?fMl. t ali a' Sb &tb av. , for two da> Wanted? a kituation, by a respectable young woman, n* ??hamb^rmaid and wait#"-; wonki bo willinir to a^nUt in 'h?- wai?bing and ironing, fan lurni^li tlr? ' ela^a city reterenee. fan bo iset-n a? her U^t pU< ?*, 'Mb 10?h -1., wb?*re file Iiuh been for twelve iunnthn, for two day*. ?flTANTED? A MTV ITION/ BY A BEHPFfTA BI.E ff Klrl, an ebombi rmal't an?l wal'.-r. or ?diau*b?-t maid and children^ unrni*, ban no oi.jeetlon to a-v-Ul in WMabim( and ir<?u ioK. Bent of eity n'terrtn M from her laat employer. Call at I 8Mb -t., between tkh ao4 i tb avin "11* ANTED ? BY A RKhPEt TABLE YOt'NO WOM V\. A f? ?<tt nation 10 <lo chamb?M work ut waitm^. or to take -re ot chlUlreii. Can nl\<- j^ood ?eierenee. i'an be -een a iOT 4th ?t., lor two day*. "fir A NT ED? A SITUATION, HY A REHPEtTABI-K EN fY iilinb woman. aMusi rate r<Kik. Best of eity r?d>i?M?.'i*. Can be seen at 146 3d av., between 15th and UHh nt*., lor two TIT ANTED- BY A YEHY REHPKOTA B!,K YWNO WO ? f man. a mlltiallon a* cliambi'rmald artd u> a*>^Ut In wa^b intr, or to do flo ral homework in a 'mall private family. ? ill at wi twint ?tM lli'.t floor, back room, for twu *|ja\ *r U' l Tlf ANTED? A HITt VTId.V HV A Vfll'MO WOMVN VJ f T c<x,k, Im- no ot'jecU-m to <Ui w l^tn; ?n<t lui,.- , w well i'xp<>rwno?d In U?? hiuitutM, Imih >.> . ? k t -tiy ft. . ..M, J'U-SM' C11U ?i|No. 17 W.'^h ?i., li.-t. tHI> ..n.t70j A\- . it Irou*. '"hij I for two duyii. TIT ANTKD? A MTUA1 ItlS IIV \ lit: -I'M TAIU.K <) I HI., 11 *? plain wmli^r luul tronrr. nnxt^'ltv tr..iu her U?t plac?. Can l?c seen fur lno'lii N'o. 1 I' ,u I -n . ?? t, Brooklyn. TIT ANTKD? BY A RF.8PK< TA III.K Ol III., ^ KlTIMTtOV TT Aa nuivii ? n?l I'luiiubrriuklil, or u . ^Iwn.lx . iumuJ jntl w?lter; b?*t cliy reft r-uc?. l'lo? .7 j ; li iivenu - b. tw.-n 88d ?nd !',4ih xtta. , In thfl rear. W *N'TKI?-A KITI ATION, BY A KK^I'Ki TAIILK wo Tf man 10 fin ilm hoiiwwork mi a .inall pVi\ai>j firnliv. <I<kxI city rafrreno'l. A|iply at 7.H .ViiU ? . W *NTEH? A JfK'E OIKI. TO DO t'OOKIVO, W .^11 TT Inf. A ? ? HotiRbut Pro tan tjt n?i ; apt i. tmo ..t. r.ngn.li, tji rinan, or Kinicli. Bog, TOPgq, liiHrtwy, II' \ NTKD \ SITUATIOV, BY A RESPECT ABLK ?? >ouiic (ilrl iutcliamlxTrri'ti'l an*! wai" fi. run' ?ivrti. To !?? ??ii for two Jay. at I (H E??i IH-Ii n. \I,rANTKI>-BY A YOlNO OIKI, WITH HO* IP KKl KH ? f it ?mi.itlun fo ? ho "t J.ilnr . i ?l <> p nn m w in^ or h* ild> or r1 fvmklaa v? i v uutll ui. PI<>Aae > all on tin* or th*a i v\ < ? following ?jtuj ,v, at 2t# iM ?i ? t ue, lit ihtj rttar. \y AN'I Kl>- *m'ATl<>N BY T\SO UV> ? K? , \ HI.K "? joQSf fftrfe; ofi?? mh "?>okt wh*.1??i aii'l lioiwr. an-l fin* o'htT an wai * r ium) to <lo I'iio' i.u.j .ui<) Ir u..v I,. n?'?? of fterritco chii b?? feivn. Vt jiiy u- . r , i,:h . , V , H| floor, f?ir two .,?)? . W J A NTi;l>? A ; IH V I h > . Xi Y \ Ul. ? iM ? i Alii i* I'HO Irs?,.? f \ Mil. H< Ul, t, . ? h.ui;! ? i ll. m ! ?-r ? 1 ??iO tewing, or tnk< '?fti'4 ??i ?-'u|l - n. < ?r>?x I r ? i#*r? n ? . \< i . At ply at M H? ?n v?*!t *tr< ?<*?, fti Mt?* r >r, for ?woiJayH, "tfTAimcn? A HITtT ATfOV RY A Rl ? URL ? T in a j 5 1 - ' i . ? ? ? -)k , ,i . ml ir< ?n . . I'i ? ? ? ? '1 11! U -? .-ochI ttoor, ft out nwttu. '\\' >VIH-\ IT \T!OM, BY \ Mil Sw ui>M f V hamlu -tt.aiil -.<! u iv . .. niw-.'t - .? t ftt\4 iron* r; ? ?> . j. in ? al\i? ??"?*?.? a u. n . private family. fllM M?wl . Ity r< ? IVIJCQ, I'U ,'V* ?ii d ti2 Wrnty 1 r ' Mf jir ;Xi?i .? i t*i? \\7 ^NT'll ? A M lO\, II Y A . I.. ' I r#l I! A ' ? V r|i.; m? ? rriiiJ'l. <?'??? 1. 1 it) i . i I' ? : . ' .tf !{ooov?H *f . for ?"?" 'lny ? r. UJ \S11W?\ HITI ATI^V BY * KR-il'WTA WlA. tullll ? w Mill >1 4 I ' ?l |)l,il!l ,"K ' h *,| ai.'i i* itn wnnJi t th! ; m m * \? n * <?<<??; v. I i> r< "in ? - l? 'I ir >ru h- i Li ? b ? ? alii f?.v? u. ?? * u. J .*? 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A,v?v a' v'? *'i; ? ' 'f" n P v .fi ao 1 l>* n?, hi>. ,klfn ? : i<* ?> U AV"iM? \MTtA!l'<, v\ .i ? Tf ??'?? k. W 'h ?f' 'i ii ' m ; ? i ,4 ?fr? K' t?r&i ; ?u^ "iftf.iU i,ni <?,:* Qoo<! r(?f' i i-rw* f-'M '?'? **?' .? t. > ? i ? **#??, aijfjMM.n -t n Pi in- ^'.>1 iw, ? , ft ? t fWill), U^ANTKP?BY A ? OWPKTKM V^OV \ a -tr ? iwjti io vvaiti n a f?iitliy to ' 4il:??ru? *, ?b" n ?!s? '?!>?' ty ??! a -o'-nthlv .n;, und 'i?ko th? i.r?* ? ? , y* *-f an if.f,ii.? fi"ni lla t.ii |?, 4i*?l ?aK a h*#lj tfri ?*!?? ' * oh}* iio*? ?o mak? hcr?#?tf /gtfnetuify uac^w. Coil a SMli'vai# ?o*? ?t. tor on<* 11 iXTKD-A HITIATI05, MY A Yol .<?! WO WAV T V i i ? ? i ? ? ? - * | ? . *' u ' , at 212 HiKflaim ??' ?t? ?l?? i? ar. \l t\i ; t ?U ?. \ Ki , < ; ? ? ? ? ? ri* ''fi ? <*' j ' i ? i . < t* ?f r* itr> *?? Apply *<?* tn*> d?y* at 80 - .f .? |jet?*ti> hi wAtr and f)#?ii?ii??ay #!#. U'AM' I - A -*tTl ATION, BY AN fiK'UI v? 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' 4 r w# 4-'. rr^iAlot axifl #Mia> tn ? -? -It./ 4 i) n !>??*? ?*f .4 , r*s r^aoo I ? t < ar, ? - V l*o.iru UJf'WM' *?*r M, feo# k t ux-M, art^tikt f'?#r. \\ kNif ri- * m * 1 ? v 1. ? c pii riHi.i f? ) WaMVNMlr #? -*>k ; *lk# tf**' ? a || 4.'* * !i--*a ?"f } 1. r . *?..* p. ?"? " <??* * ? .' f r* ? , ?*- ^ * rr la? ? I'ln##), !>?#? a#M *1 M? I3ES **; ?f# ?i 1 V| | ? -o f,,r \V ii.i - > in ? u< >n in ? mpi f>vt Tim n im. ? ? k ?*##f ??r%ir ?,?*4Mi''!a *?ra-#rt aw..? . *? -Wt** n.f |? ? ?? ' IR ??4na4 mm im-H, ? Mlf?> ? .,?H t I- ?? ww t'M M <ra? K? ??? -I;' ' ' !? l?r. Wf-I i??r, -n tf ?* ''O ? -ft'- VI' X, nr a *.*??* w<r* < I' * m '< f*-? . r? ' - \ ml ft A ' -. rat uwl ^ih |*Im ? >1 |? i?<i ltj< ?* ' * ?? ??? ??? ?roM?*y ? >>v . 1 1 ? 1* < l> ? "ft *Tlu HI ? s.l ? M?l ff * ??*, a* *?< ?a4 >*?>? h?i . ^ :,r ?,l ? | , ff. f ,, ,, ?? .>?!??'? <-*?? b- ? I < NITVATIOSM W ANTIC D. WANTED- \ ?m v I ION BV \ BK r I HI I ProUurtunt rfirl, ** chambermaid, waiter, and taking *r*j ot children. in of city reli rpuco < an be given. fan ?o * en ?or Uir*?? lay* al No. 3 7 th avenu* WrANTED ? A SITUATION H Y A KK-TKOT AltM jouuk woman to do chain ??*r work and IU?> wa-bmtf ?n4 ironing, or w# I lilou Court, UniveraUy , la?? or . h av.. J?! tbmr ? a- ? . n\ s rro- ^ . i \ ?t? -I-. - 1 young woman n plain >am<?< ?- m a' at \ f die m*m; Citl) prtxJU<?* 1 1<4 I ?? ot r 1 rrn*r?*ori< u r In-/ 1?h place. I'b ?nj call at 1*7 *7*h ??tr *? fun ?? -?>en - w (!?*} (i, 11/ ANTKO? IIY A i:i-l'K< TVhl l: YOI'V<? WOMAV \ vf hUuhUuu a* ? \ ui?> .rmald uu I to d<? pUtn * tru cbi nihermaHl and to lake ? *i ?? ot ? f ti Iren. wo<*l rttv t ? t< i ? riven Apply at l?t 12th - bet . ??u ?>th und Mtr av t**en ten uud br?? o'rio. k. 1IT A NTB I l-HV TWO ! K-i'Kt I AMI. I St'uTill <MRI * f ?ituailotiH ? c? jfo to < 'wlifoi (it i I 'an .|o th?* ftne <i of t?< ? i l? work. Ui all Mm l-ruudio I ti \ urr iIho ? 'tuiintod w iff. <?, oth? r kind* ot du h ? mi t-? hi i ?? -btp that any family udtfh' require. Nooh)?* don to remain wan He* fatuity, In any *. ptt' lty required. t all or rtdtir* "4 .1 M. lVar??\ I 111 Wi?*>idn<( ton gueef, .Jerwey < i y, tor on.- v. ????! TT ANTBO? BY A HI PWTAUI.K TROT! r \HTHRI v? a <dt nation tn do m mral ho '.?*ev*uj k to i? *mall pt family, flood eUy i? t'? r? on* ^\vm. fall ?' W vvt ? , b tween 6th ar id 7th avenue*, tir-t floor, front r? - in. fYTANTKP \ ftKHrKCTABLI WOMAN CO ft) T? par' ot the time for a ^ iH??l hoiuc and h? i b?Mrd \ | ? j ? i v ?t fl07, 6ih aveuue. ANTKD? BY A lUVI'IH TAIILK YOC MJ a Hituatlun plain took. wa#hei and Imn i, nu.f Atundn hakim:, .ind woubl Im w dUn>; to do ,?????? ? ? I W?jo*?-w ? In a ?mail private I tinly. Cull at i!W Molt *t.. rifrtii ^ Good refeif n ? llf A NTKI>. ? A DHKk^MAKKR WhllM Tn WOICK It V T T tin- day lit pri\ at? tumil!' ". > t??* l*> 1 1?? ?r .ui^hl . i r*?l w lib the A|?pl> ii? o .orv \Lr ANTKVf? ItV A YOl MJ WOMAN A SITU ATION Tn ?? 'uok and h? ! <t In aching ami Ironln*, <?r ^ <ao*t?l.? ? dohig houiMiwork for a prtva>'* taroilr. 4 'an iffvo it" ''^*1 i? fer?'m'e. Haa be? tt rtve v^arm tn her u?t |itae?> l'|<- .<*<? ?? 1 v at 415 Grecouw ich ulreet, Ur.it ticor, front i ?o?n, for ;wod* 14' t VT J * I ? ? I : V A MO r HI . K r K It?. I Vol \ Tf woman, a ttnation a* ti. t t ?* <? ? ? ?? ?k u? a mail | ? r ? ? .t ? ?? tumlly. Ilai* p i the heat ot cltj referrnre and l?*? live?l 10 bi-r ia-t (>ltjro lor *ix rvun. I'le'flie to en U for ? day h a ? ?& fourteenth utreel, fourth nlory, fron rm-ui. flTANTKD? A SITUATION ?Y A HKrtl*RCTAHI.K f I younw woman h* took) wanher, ami I roue 1. Tin' 1 at nnntiQe ftven from her Imi p-.o?v piiytt ? ?n 1^1 Atlantic timet, corun of Henry n.reet. ltr?i'k Ivn, tor 1*" ?dn room >'o. 11. TXTANTBD ? A VITI ATION. 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