11 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6954. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS KKNfiWED EVERY DAT. SKW M'BLICATIOVS. I|?L PUEBLO.? KL NUMKRO 6 ROTE PHRIODICO SE U vende a 6 cenlavoa y 4 60 cenlav >? docctia, en e! numero 198 Q nine street. Ho dird grWa un ejemplar a ltts Cub?uo? pobres. H ANl'B'XiK V<>ii YOUNQ PAINTERS? By Chahlbs Robibt Lksijk. H V. * A?IKai> r\f "Ufa ftf rrititUhU " ' Author of "Life of Constable." With Illustrations. Post 8vo. S3. Lecture ? delivered by the author at the Royal Acade nr form ihe nueleti ? of thin volume. Mr. Leslie declares in bis preface lhat he if driven to write, not became no previous writer* on ?rt have existed. but becauae too many have already lived, and too much ha* been written. lie in not afraid, he says surcasti cully, a' the present day, of want of patronage fur art. but of want of art to pattunUe. The discovery of his own errors en iitles him, he titinkc, to expose the error* of other*: the dlsco ?ery, be Ingenuously nays, made too late to benefit himself, may tie aoon enough kt be of uae to oilier*. He doe* not. however, sunder the utslcsl title of "A Handbook," adder-* students Alone, bu matured painters and the whole w orld of general purchaser*.? Athenieum. D. APPLETON A CO.. importer*. SM and 348 Broad w ay, New York. Tkyflr-i BI.NKLEY'S BOOK NOT YET PUBLISHED.? A ?Lvl Curd.? The " Scaped Nun." a book published by ,Hfwr?. .Dew ill A Duieoport. Ui New York, la not m.v book, and does not contain ui' ftaieincnts, nor does tt give a current account ot ronven' lite. "I a in aware that in many instances, It ha<- been Hold iii ml'!", It) author being anonymous, und hence this card ti> ihe p'ibl r. My book will shortly be published, hill not by M s,ffl. 1>. A ?. JOSEPHINE M. BINKLKY. E AC'HKI. UCOTTlhCH, AND RACHEL REDOWA, HY Ueo. Dnnfciki. Esq. "I've Wandered by the Hut Side," uong and t hornx. "Have you seen Main," tenth edition; each 25c. Just published by S. T. OORDOK, 297 Broadway. fl'HK NEW SOUTHERN NOVEL. I THE HIDDEN PATH By Marion Harlaud, Author of" Alone." One neat 12mo , price SI 25. The endorsement ot the Northern press:? " It will every way sustain the praise so worthily won by theau'lu.r'H brM eH'ort. It exhibits the same licultlit'ul sent" ment and beautiful feeling, the same truthful simplicity and vet churmi xg elegance, Ihe same just appreciation ol dlri'ereut phases of ->>clil and domestic life. The talc 1? one ol Ameri can life, a. id is most aptly and gracefully wrought." ? N. V. Courier and Enquirer. '"The liidden Path' is a work of orlgluallly and genius, full of rt llcing thoughts, beautiful descriptions, und graceful conversation, ami just Interesting enough as a story To carry ihe read?r tlirough a volume from the perusal ol which one r'ses Letter at heart and with u morn genial kindly feciiag toward humanity in general."? Boston Dally Journal. "We take the liberty of confidently commending it to our readers as one of those gentle, earnest books, which will be tound acceptable to all pure Uuarts, and become, we sincerely ?rust, an especial favorite with the women readers of Ame rica." ? Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. Twelfth 1,000 now ready. J. C. DERBY, publisher, New York, and for sale, by all booksellers. VINEYARDS IN AMERICA? PRICE UK CENTS, WITH remark* upon temperance, (its foundation,) Intemper ance. (In causes und remedies,) the culture of the grape vine fn the United Stales, and other matters ot Importance to rich nod poor. By John Osborn. of Oporto, In Portugal, and New York. For sale at No. 45 Beaver street. New York. Copies transmit:?'! free to any part of the Culled States, on receipt of fifteen cer... In postage stamps. 8PECIAI1 NOTICES. LET lis LI VK TO BE USEFUL.? MECHANIC-"' INHTI tute rooms. New York, Sept. 7th, 1855. The undersigned B rote fully acknowledges tlie receipt of valuable donations in t'OOks for the library, frum Hou. Win. H. Seward. Prof. A. D. Itache. Thomas McEliath, Esq., A. Vattemure. Esq., Hon. Ed ward EvC'rett, J. II. Pennington, Esti., and Aslmrv Dickens. Esq., tose'iier With a liuc collection ol books, and a inist of ihe Hon. Zadcck Pratt. 1st ' ' President, with a biographical sketch of his life, from Win. Miles, Esq., President of the Institute, Donations in txmk* for tbo library will b<4 gratefully received und duly u- kuowledged; they can be left at the Institute Rooms, or at the rTt-eo* tlie undersigned, 119 Nassau street, or al his plsce of t tence, 102 West 22d street, near the Olb aveuae. CHARLES H. DELAY A X, 1 orr" -ptifi'lluif Secretary. Mn.1T \i<Y -bltOKKY AT THE NEW YORK MEDICAL ('<?' ,e liis Tlilrteenth street? Dr. OLCCK has re -ume t n- c of practical lei lures on Military Surgery, :md ?.il ? 'I'vimic to deliver the lectures dally, until 1 icto lier 1L. 1 'at 1 1 u of Saturday auil Suuduv. al 'Jo'dock, AM. N'OVi < ? MILLINERS, DRESSMAKERS AND LADDER gene ? Ihe ribbon and tr'unniini: store ot M. II. J TI'utB7>S; l%N, 90 Bowory, corncr of Hester street, wiilbe < . -.ed every Saturday ti:i evening. fflllE AMERICAN PHARMACEITT 1 1 ' AL ASSOCIATION L will bold Its Muuual meeting at the rooms In the New York Medical College, on Thirteenth street, near Kotirth avenue. The setiki i will commence to da> , at .'I n'clo-W. l>rttggi*ts. apothecaries, the medical profession, and nil others lut*r<iled In the sul\ee' are luvlt'Kl tu attend its sitiint'?. POLITIC. \X. BK(K>K- VS. BISHOP HUOHKS.-l WELFTII wap.d, Sijih SeuaWirial district. ? The citizens of Ihe Twelfth ward favors') I e to the re election ot Eratlua Brooks to tlie Stale Be ante, are i?<piested to meet at Harlem Hall, Third avenue, between l-31i and lafith strceta, on Wednesday evening, S'in. 12. at 8 o'c. l'.inlncut speakers will address the ineeilnK. CITIZENS UK TWELFTH WARP. /1EKTK M. l'.in'l BUCAN COMMITTEE ATTENTION':? The Central Itiq.ublicau CommlUM of the City and t 'otm'y 0' New York will uteet at No. 4M Bitsime street, this 'Toesiuvl evening. Sept. U, 1835. 1 c. t . LKIOH, Cum'n. WlLUill Pitt, i KecrelaHe* LrwisH. W3??, I ?? REWAKJM. ONE IH'NDRED DOLLARS REWARD? DISAPPEAR ed, 011 Saturday morning, 8ih inst., James K. McClarey, ?1 boy ot I., about S feet .1 Inches high, wtih ilack hair and eye*, .uid sick." itHik complexion; wehtba about imj lb*,, and h.ol on a ilark roiuidaboiit, gray pants w tth blue -tripe ami w ideawake bat; he looks up when spoken to. but immediately turns bis eves in ano'herairecilou; was seen In the Merchants' Exchange between 8 and 9 o'clock on that, morning; lives a! Vt& tlreen wlch stree1. and lias hitherto been of very correct habit Tim :sls>ve reward will bo paid tor bis recovery, on application to ? he Chin ot Police, ba-ement City Hall. ?i. en nrw vRn.? lost, on broadway, between t'le St. Mkhobis Hotel and Bleeeker street, ? lady's brown morocco poekctbook, containing about 1*0 hundred and itfly dollar-, principally In twenty dollar notes ot the Bank of the Repubtle, this city, and also several cards marked tvlih the lady .1 name, which can be given at the St. Nicholas Hotel. The aboi e reward n 111 be paid on delivery of the pocket book andion'cn 1 to Smith k Patrick, 61 Wall street. ibZfl REWARD.? STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, tpuv at Hacken-aek. N. J., on the 9th day of September, ? bay mare, It^handji high, 7 J ears old, with a light top wagon Hiid silver plated harness. $30 tor horse, wagon and burnt ', snd %'A) for thief. NICHOLAS C. DKMAREST. Hackeusaek, N. J. (JiOA Ri-rWARD.? STRAYED OR STOLEN, ON MONDAY ?p?\J morning. IVom near Rah way, New Jersey, a ;r.n liorse, *U year* okl, white tace, whim fore feet, pouv built, end abot 15 imtHl- high, switch tail and stont legs. JOHN I YI K, 15 Wooster street. New Vo.it (iff REWARD.? I/>8T, PRO* NO LONDON TEI! sj)0 race, on liomlay aflernoon, ? ?uiail house .log, answer tng tothe uaine ol I iiimy, with brown ears, and a spot ot tin -ame color on her tall, all tbe rest being white Shr lias lieen shorn this summer, and her hair U not fully grown om. An\ person deiivtrjug le r to tin: about number w ill receive :!?? retianl dfeQ REWARD.? I/)6T, A BLACK \ND TAN TERRIER ?pO dog, ol large site, answering to the naaie ot Jerr> Ap j?ly at 44 South street. to REWARD? LOST, ON St'NDAY EVEMND, IN" Ad crossing fiom Holsikett by Csual sue.' i.-rr... a uoy's .ieUinaij ig sua, I lie gift of a friend. Tlie And 1 will r.- cive the reward. wl:n (hanks. n> *7 Third avenue WST A.\U FOl'VO. UOO I.OST, TI N DOI.I.ABg RKW VRD.? e I K.VYKI1 ON j Su:i l?y ??' rninu, 9ili in-'., ft Urn" hnji'U.' do i. on ner'-i name end eddre?? rn ibc rollnr. Any une returning tli? wUd ? log lo O celli. Ahl/ir lion-", will r i.Hvi.' ilic abov ro Wai'l Lost-a i.arqk nkwkoc.volasd no<;. from W;>ak. i<'0B Oerden, Willi* miburi;. Th" ralor af Ut* dox J* hleek, ?lili * title lip* on hla hied, toe* aud ulL WVxjrcr ??Ul return nim ? .11 bp mutably rewarded. IOST-">\ S \TI llltA Y MOBNINii IiAKT, VVIIII.K flO J Inn Ucm -oniii Mnlb a'ree' William-bur,:, (er<i??lojt IVck -lip lerry.tto Fulton market end back,* Udj '? rmueo bre*. jdii. TUr tinder will be libera'!/ mwar.Wd by leaving U a' W ''lifl etm ' X. Y. or 2# Knit* yfiiili emet. WlilUn^hiirjr. IOHT? SiATJ HI?.\Y AKTP.RXOO.V, SKPTKMBKR M. ON, .(iiiiB Irimi lh' Jer>'-y City f'Try lo tlie eornrr Hey and Wadim;." ?ii fctri'rU, h und't-li-'-v The ttn<t *111 be mi.' b;> re tarried by I' iving It at No. ; Mini! atreet. ? ferae y I'hj-. or IM VVaablnnum str^'-'t. New Yen k . LOfiT-M PPO>KU TO HAVK BKK.V DROPPKll IN V Broadway and Hontli l?-t-ry *<*#'. a |x>r?emomiale eo?i aintng ?otne fin ?ud ii pair oi *lo?v? button*, m.rV'1 K. W An* ?.n? ha* im lotiwt '(>?? - ?nv * ill tie ri > i?led l>> luu-l tu* It to A1am 'ii llualx tree'. LOUT? OS MONDAY, THK 10TH l.v-T \ ?(H KKT bOf Ifwi'alnmr '?n^ IH'y dollar bl l Mid tbr**e or finir riolev, pftyabl* w> I', tl Ml'! Ih<' utiiW win '>e t'Mfrally re >?, r I- I "? ' : ? i \ i .???, I ~ i ii i ?, - IOBT? HKATY?;ol.l? FRAMKI) HPK< l'A<l? OOIM; J front office nf llnef of I'uli to 'h ' e..' (*< r ii <>iilre ind ? liaiii' "r ? *re< ?? Tin- (tnd'r win receive *1 r-wa.d bv leev iw Hem a' Old H.,p f 'on ii"U- Kir't ?s.tnl IO*T? (>N MONIHY. THK 10TII I?T , Willi, K FAH< J Ina uroufti W illiam ree<. a ainull h#i' (k> llkenfw oi J. lady II be fltul' i ? ill Ifare it at W B?ai 1 1 . ?? * lie wW >ie aiutaM/ rewardwl 1(KS T? ;?l KIM. Till MMKH. \ HoiiK HI' ORPOSIT J ui S*-am. u' ^?*iim^ Itufik N i ml ?r ol .lame? M HltiWn. tn triir' or J inr lli?*?li|' I'l 'iwir h i ii ?-ot J a-.ii t; <? node* wUl be j*w?i'.???l iiy i-'uln r I i t ibe b<n*. or iu f>" W .1 : ?>r?rT I tml? \tHV KON , OCf IV ' l A v IC . I'ltAWV IIY Ii I Vii'i'l fa| .1", i I., \uritii mil ? Dd flj *'? ?> m ' -* ti ? "ti< t of r,n/ ii. I . I i .' ?ri l"b' flr.iiei w " ; .eu?" rn" .* ^ l.f ?, fve r|(.,rk 'o J ( \ n>.| ?*?*. i IJ M ? )e*i 'a.i? i ' . t'' V ?atn *n?ii t .?:> - oj j>. ?? *| '?*!- N V' tPA bull fvsi , A 'V VIJ.KT i <i\ li . Ki " ' .hi ? pet, near , T! n '? ?> \S? '-I ? ? tin ? a 1 If ' .1- fwraon wbo flytind 1' wt.l in-in t It < >? ^ ebl ... :if i at reel, ttiejr ?|li r-etrei $|.i leee.-d oTn! , ? rROM m:i'? ii.^rKR. i visii u tie'iror l> .ne atreei. ? T??l best, paMMoMMt, beOoa lead ere ( ir, *|th reKu* n*l h ?' ? ?k aroiir l t ,nl^ ; 4 <vi|m* in n- I jr*"" W iwei I *<nin ?r ?|w 1 ,* . n ? 4? r> ???fd Add.Ca?S>. s'r^el, TdfOH ?olTIIARIi. 0"1OAL M K t TOW ? Ui ' - ? t RI 9 ^ MTH : ? A ;?J :? a ?*:. f.i.. ?:>r nt ew ' ?? 1 . r ?* I " >' w Yo i Wll:nr.i<:rf " KAlyn. JfrWj . vf.d II . lea / ,.t!7 ltUM^Mtelr ? tbe ?'~>t '' ' "*? ?? t r't,ur Aftr.cr VP- oejwi; f n?'. i y !be MstM dn ar k? 1 a -I ? f I,:. Ne rj" fO.f. PERSONAL. IF KUZABKTII HUIKLDH, OK VTAKIUNOTOJf^lTY. D. t\, U in this ritv or Brookljrn. she will please wnd a Dote with ner RrtarcNt to the Union Square Pom otllee, sod confer r favor ou her old friend LOUISK. IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO WAX PRESENT AND heard the run vernation when the pari) obtained twenty seven hundred dollars 92.700) on it lo( ol diamond*, at UwPt oiflc Loan OHic ?, will call a?aln. hi- will confer ? faror and learn something to hi* advantage. Pacific Is >an otll. e, over the i'atlfli Hank, corner of llroadwaj aud t.raud street IWAITKD l'OR L. D LAST TUK8RAY, BUT WA again disappointed. Will be at ibe same place tills (Tuesday evening at B (/cluck. .1, K. PERSONAL.? MB. WILLIAMS. WHO CAME CABIN passenger from California, an (rtna here ou the Northern Ugtil (last trip). Mill hear ot w methinc to Ins advauUiKe bv call 'nit upon, or addressing, SHKItMAN A CO., No 2 Aslor House, Vesey street. WANTBO? INFORMATION OK THE NEORO SHOTTED woman, wbo at one time WHS the nurse of the milted Afri can twin*. Addrew a line to J. T., Newark, N.J. Any on giving Information of ber whereabout* will lie rewarded. THE LIHUOR 0,1'KSTIOV. ? LFRED PACKHAEU8ER, 1?> WH.I.IAM NTIIKKT. (Imported wines and liquors of superior quality. DubbWIne curacao llkeur, labriek Van Wljnanil forkink, Amsterdam. LI qururs superfine* d? Bordeaux, ax creiue de Novatix. ean de tanlaUle, iiarfali amour, a'kerrues, Ac. Fine irencli corks. Preserved vegetables from Lubeck. fHE LADY WHO DRANK THE IMMENSE NUMBER of glasses ol lager beer, that wo read of in thn rimk'hkrep sic trial, slopped In Steve liotv'a last nlxht, comix of Mruoiue afreet aud Broadway, and tliougbt h's layer be-r waa Ibe bi si. She will be in U> ti \ Ink cbowvlvr In inurrow ulglu. TO LIQUOR DEALERS AND (1ROCERS.? NOTICE 18 hereby given, Uiat we have now landing Irani ships Milton aud Laurena, from Bordeaux and Lu Roche lie, a superior as sortment of flue wines and brandies, which we otter at the low cm market price*, lu octave*, quarter* nnd half pipe*, in the original package*, from the wharf, or ('tilted Statea bonded warehouse, each package being accompant'-d by a certiorate of importation from the Collector ol the I'ort, thereby avoiding any difficulty by the Maine law. All article* warranted as re presented, and aold on liberal teruiea, by L. II. SIMl'SON A SONS, 111 Reaver street. THE FIREMEN. 11II? M KM 1IKKS, KXKAII'T MEMBERS AND FRIENDS of Independence Hose Co. No. N, tiro respectfully Invited to meet at tins carriage bullae at 1. P. M., on Tuesday the 11th IiiM., to pay the Inst tribute ol respect to our late In other lu'-m ber, Daniel Cunningham. K. W. MOONKV, Foreman. Jolt* O. Si'EtiCKK, Secretary. WHEREAS THE ALMIOHTV, IN HIS OVEBRUL Ing power, has seea lit to remove from our midst our friend aud brother liiemau. Daniel Cunningham, niter a short lllneaa, and In lievlnit it to lie our duty, although melancbolly, lo make sumo public expression at ear feelings on tins occasion ? to us a most solemn one ? therefore, Revolved. That In the death of our comrade we mix- one whoso seat lu our meetings? wlitfae presence ul Urea? whose courteous nnd friendly counsel? wluise whole smiled response to every act of charity in which tli (Ire department was In Irret-lea? whose whole being seemed wrapped up not only In one collective capacity, but also as individuals, we Iiavc lost one of whom we can s? y "Well done, thou good and falililul sen ant." lie- nlveil. That we condole must sincerely with the widow and orphans of our luoro tliua brother, anil most solemnl) recommend them. In their allli' -Hon, to him who has said "I will be a father to the widow and the fatherless. " R< solved. Hint we will abend the IuhitmI of our follow mi tuber in a body, rnd wear Uie usual badue ol mourning tor thirty day*. N. W. MOONEV, Korem.in. John C. Srn5C*lt, Secretary. HPOHTIVti. Boat rack, for ?a?.? a match rack, for mo, will come olf on Thursday, Sept. I.'t, from Harlem bridge, between the celebrated boats' Loulsn .lane and lilpsv. Hosts to start frum Harlem bridge, around Throng's l'uint bu?^ and ha< k. This will bfc the most intere^lin^ race ol the season, as It wns made to test the superiority of the builders. Boats to stait be twee u the boors of 11 A. M. mid 1 P. M. CHAIJJtNUE ? THE HRIKNliH OF THE YACHT BLUE Bell < ballengc any boat, not < iee"dini{ -1 foot ti iiichaa in length, to sail a match on the Skaneatelra Like, for((RO(li three bundled dullars a side. Tim-. saki race to ho 10 mile* ui windward and buck, und in be aoeompli he I within Ave hours from the time of starting. The said race to eonte oil' durln? Hie present month. TIs1 Blue Hell is ?i f.-etin leuath. l or ftu tiier rurtifular* apply to S. ROSS. Ke' rnuirv ol thr Hkaneateles Model Yaelit Club, Skanuttele*, Oaoudagn county, N. Y. WPORTIXC.-ALL THE CHOICE BRRKDS OF DflOS KOR I ' la'e and for stock.? Mange Ilotmen* and flea exterminator, itiiallllily curing all sores and disease . ol the skin, dealing sud den destruction to Hen* and lings on dii:\<, Ac. Pri 'e 5(j ?. I J water -treet, eerner or Kniton. SPORTINO.? PERHONrt WISH1NU TO PURCHASE RED setter puppies of the pure*i sad best breed, e*n be sup plied by applying to Messrs. Ulbsou Jt Purnier, lied IIimi e Doc k, foot of lntith street, Harlem. The sire anil dam were both impelled from Ireland, and every attention has been paid to keep the breed pure. KXd'UMIONN. CI BAND EXCURSION TO THE FISHT VQ BA.VKS.-THE T new aud fast sailing steamer UEOIHiE LAW, Captain C hailes Anderson, foomerly Captain ol the Laura Knapp, will make fbur trips to the Klshtng Banks tills week, com menelng on Tuesday, lltli September, leaving ns follows: ? Thirty-second street, Eect river, at ti' , o nl.x-fc A. M ; Amos slreetal7A. M.; Spring strict at 7\ A M.; Fulton ferry, Breoklyn at "X ?* ? M.; Peek slip at M A. M , Broom" street at s'.i A.M., aud Pier No. 3. North river, at 9 o'clock. A good coilillun band accompanies the boa' Terrapin lunch excursion. ~sub8Cbibers and their friends 10 the above excui'Ki on, will pleise. be on board Ike steamboat CROTON, Captain Wisid, on Thursuav morning, Sept 13, 18W. when she will leave the following places, vU.: loot of Booth Eighth street, Wllliamatiurg, at M o'clock A. M., south side of Fallon ferry, Brooklyn, at SIX o'clock A. M., and pier No. 3 North river, at 9 o'clock A. M' Friends to lb.- above, cviii-lun not lui.iug procured tneir tlckct* ran get them ou board. EXPREHEI. OKFIt.'K BROOKLYN CITY EXPRESS I'OVT. u'.n. i l l. iun street. ? The subscriber respectfully Informs his friends and ilie public that he has token charge ot the letter eipre-u lornierly known ?? Snedlcor*. and will deliver elreulars.no tier-, papers and letters, throughout tlie city, as well as Wil liaui-liurg. three time* a day. H' ha* over slx'.v boxen for the reception of leticr* tor delivery und for rbe United Stub", malls, at the principal drug store* -Litlonery and re*oectable ?ro eery stores. The sub?erlber h iving been In the employ of John T. Boyd. Esq.. of Bov.|v rily Exfiress. of New York, for 'i number of years, to wlioiu lie reler*. All leuera for the rnlted Stab s malls muv be prepaid 2e.ffs besides the I'nlted state- pn-ia ." BENJAMIN K. RtXiiiRS. ctsOTinSIO, SiC. 4js> (Win WORTH OF GtHID LEFT OFF CI-OT1IINO, siiiiable for fall and winter, wanted. OentleA' n having larse or small lots to dl-poae of, will be llberallr treat ilw.'h, bv Kfulvlng persona .r or 'hroujh post, to JaMHh .MORoNKV, II Hazier street, laii ; Oran^#* ik*: nf ?'. / MsOTUTNU? ^ LADIffr OR <* RNTLEMK.V HAVING AXY " rodlfpC'i*'! ??fs fftii rfcfifr a fair cii-h prin*, by Kindling u? flu* 12 lsJutifra ?fif , near C'iadaI. or W >Vr?t IJr oiilwar. Lftitk * ttowled t>) Mr?. i ??hrn. H. COilBN. BUR.MTI HKOH CLOTHIaNO -PKIiHOKHHAVOfO AN Y ? .I ii.? a) ov? 'u di?po^f ?i '?*!!? f ? < .v?- u t? i f.*nb pri' * Utr th? ? \ y fu*ndioff lo L. M I)l'.-iSKLl>ORr. 15 Kim t. K. B.? Lu'h< ? 10 by 'Mm. Dunv hiori". KlHMTl UK. / M?TT\OK AMI KANrV FCflMTrHK WVRKHOOMS " J 514 Ki'iadwiir, ofrfMaltQ ihr Hi. M :Iiolai ilo?rl. >fA 1 HKWS k H'l \f*KY olf^r lor lb'* mr>ni fitrn-irr n.<?or' tiu'iu ol" rnry, enamoIlM and Preach fnmltnro ira fl?? I Mtrd Htair-, ?t r**4fwf prices; erprr TArlety ol m*"r f ,, at iimiiUtacturer's i?ri? ? . rikMIl i:r- IfOtanKXPKRX flXHlKO TO Din j'0*c of all or part of ? heir ho ?i?*ltoW fiirniturein yool cj rjt v, at ?nfN!rrjn?? ^?rirr wlJ! bear ol a ?ja*h ctislomer, bj 4'l ?ir* Ill c? <\ otlicc. MATRIMONIAL. -\| ATIUVoNIAL.? THK ADYKKTIKMR. A VOI'NO M VN j| '.t r'nif 'abiJUy, education and .? mod' rate <I?*r*? 9( w.M.'ih. w.%h. s Ui lu rm thi; a- - 4 ?r.* i x.i.mi- ?? >>< ' somn younqfUi ly with a ?I?'W to ruairirrumy; rh*% inu?t be v'Hin/. \ f'ty, and >n -?andfn^'. Sti<'h an d^alr^ lo find a *v?!QjH,fwB wJ?o will nnkoHm*ll a*rr<y-ab!e. sr?* billed ?o u tdre M?riirf, He rmlil \ T I J I V 1 1 M A L.? A FABI^MN OK..N I l>'M AN, TWKN ty iivr >car>* oi?w. . and of avr ? *bk mm w bltr* o marry miih a ri? h wvl pr'?Uy Lidy ?)njut twenty f>)d )?n?urre?t"ii) bt^ln -? Imrhttt ruinM h\m , h> to Inform no irv o-uht to *>?? eipr^ed ir?Mn Add m%?-, for a fbrtnJtfh? , L?4?"ay?'?te. I nion ?*|?*iire I'imi M \TlilM??N I M..-A U|I?nv\ L\l?Y. TWKNTY VKMtH ot an .. . at?d ll^ttr** l-i d- iro i* ?f 'if ."*n*ialntan' ?* ? v ?*it?r ,'<*nt!aman. of prrj ine wi'twiHinT and raantv?rfi. %iUi a v|#?w 10 inafrlmonv. %< ?? <lr? Antw* I) , U'fison arjttii : >? I' #1 oAiv Pvmoiiftl IiiUlltv fir*-. ARRIVAL*. Kn4iii tlHortrM. *1* \ tn -ttiuhiM Kmutfr f;i r* ?... (t \v M, Ml M h. " Mr ? <?'!. f H lUvy; ?'?pi M uhi i ?ii Winter, Nai'.r fioiiin, I H \11t1J", (kip llm? ? "?.l in- .-imiii. r#|i- il \s i: Hiar ? Mi i>?ti. . .1 > l.-i i?. ii! K V?nli. Hi I T Mwr "i .'.?ni- roll - 14 l? K r.lfht, f MKl.ti: K Hubert *ii't la-l> . J l> I' (>ir<?n. II. r n<\ \\ A MH 'lut j r r-1. II v Mil.1 ..I Kllfr, .1 Tl?.m.. II I lUn ?!>? k. * 'inrrfurr, W H W mi. ? ; il M.I.J H .1 .V.-orr. R H| l?in. J W Hrfttoo, .1 Hr< - <1 H.nkU-v T V (J-iii <" I'UrlU. A llrun' Mi i:? il*h H .I >. ? I Twill >io. I N ti sin , Mi. l..iv>?r<u *nH >lir. -'blj'li ? ' Mi <'!???? i.tul rluM. Or k?-cw ?n4 l iir II It V . - 'i,M J M |t...-k \v?-JI *n<l l*4f. t'uf.f W>i?l? i.n-l Ivl- M' ? I*- -'in. Mi - K T -- h?D Mr ? lloll>">l ' < k Mr r?* 1 1! iW K M < ? m. rl, '"I. H'ltb-r 'innil ng.n'). J C II../" .m <r lli'?i.| . mi'tii >nr> * i.arl" ? VV'rf..l, luih *r*l 'Uu.'l.irr, I '? I II I' Vt'AMh.tijr'rw, ..-I*, tin rr cbiiHn-n and ??rvani. Mr* rhlptM .IK. ki-iUIj Mi I-'. N tin.nit" wid lnt?Bt, W I PuiiflK, Wy ^uil - i^i Mi ?x**riM hi, I M) . II R?'-'l ofl ladr. Mr< rnr. / , a I HnrliqgMM, ). n r lit il. < i ft -ni V H t'.iti^Ml M-Sla.iirn .1 .? I, iritis > I'rtiui'-: I II ? ->*?' r I TiV- < Ml . ? n? W\ tl.- np i ? 1. I* M-i' hv. I llai'im '? ll'.? I I ? -ifi lr*. T W '. r. I i? II J M llr.i?. Omfi- nil H-.V I.Kr., .(?? K- 1 .n. t : i II . rj, J K Halkr. i Fan-ill. ? M- Urt ir. I < uin'.ftlaii.l <; M il . .i r <?-.? a. hi'. Il'-M. I! 1 u'hlll, M lUrrix, J F lutri. 1* It Mcftdc. Mr Mar-tow-aii <? ' "< . I' -'?(?<? . . il W I:, i .1 ? nil . -I \ ??<nl II- rjt, f H Mm. I Ik. H.-lO, J K A II' - *1 It-lllll" II F. r II IklT^I. IjMi || W i rt?i ) |.?, tcrli* /I. J \<tani'. t) W Ittw a M l^-i.itrl 'I \ (;,!.*'? I Y. Wll-,n. (' I M- I>tt)kiii. I) t> > Wta llarru I M'ori*. I S OH. ??*!>,?? (Jr.*. F I. Fi .Iiali I?r 0?rl?rid, J I. Wjrnwu. t?ffl M trtw t;?ir*. Ku? or, >T Ki ?. M- ? A F I* II II elm IS f?.,. ?i ,1 Ijibf-ton. A I' lt'-n. ill' F l,l'-i-Mlilni V .1 ?' '. M. W f f?i. I B|hi..k(>t I. Il T??* ??. M |, :<r? J l?... - .?n. W f .1 A ftr**" AH F.ir-.ji: <1* ISfS , % Iht Ii II M ... M> V..?- . ? W .. 'b At *hr ?HltkfMtaa Buy. fH tar.gr. h. II M r#?w 1 ? W?'.- . < . \ I. II- ?i? lfm I i!.. > ,i ? I t , VF ? tj ! , l? 'jr. Kf ; Wtr H-v..n 1i J' W II. *???? . H-. t. L T?<p, MVi !???! > K-n .i, I MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. Ia the ?bseuce of tb>- l'"e?ldent, Alderman Bro? n calied to the cba.r The minutea of last meeting were read nod approved. rarross. Several petitions wore received, ond referred to the rcspectlTo commit lee.. r worth <? coMMrmn*. The report* t f the Committed on 1'inaace. in favor of remitting taxe?. on G. W. ?oul< uuil other*, were adopted lteport* concurring to flag nod grille Turioun street* ueie concurred in. The report of the Committee on Wharves, I'ler* and Slip", in ftivor of concuii.'iiK to build pier at foot of Twenty-tourtl' afreet, Kaat i.ircr, nan postponed indefi nitely. Ilia report of the Committee on Fire IVpartinent. con curring to as?lgn lot No. t*i Charles street to Hook and lAddor Company No. 14, was Adopted. The (?port of the Committee on Public Health. con- I curl ing to fence vacant lotc in Hethune street, bet ween Washington and We?t street-. Adopted. I'.eport ot the wine, concurring to ha i e nuisance in front of house No. "7 Koofevelt strict n moved, was concurred lu. nut: nroaA.VTB. A reaolution requesting tho Crotou Aqueduct IVpuv! nient to caus* tire hvdrnnM to be placed on 1-bth street, wan concurred in. tht vrii. Kim', Km*. On motiot. of Aid. the regular bu*ines? ta- suapend ed for the purp, of considering the report of the eirrt mlttec rcHpe<-tiog the appointment of liell ringers. The committeo report, that by the term* <f the ordinance the power of appointment Is confined to the exempt firemen of the city. 'I he committee see BO reason to i xrlude frcm this office firemen who tmve become disabled in the discharge oftheir duty, Tliey, therefore, recommend the following : ? Iteaolved, That section 1 of the ordinance entitled "an ordlnauce for the appointment of l>eli ringers at the aeveral diatriet tire alarm bella," approved by the Mayor, Oct lf>. 18W, be amended to a- to read as follow* : ? The Mayor of the city of New York shall appoint throe person.- to uct u- l-ell ringer* i< t each of the dlllerent alarm district# in the city of New York; audi persons itball be (.elected troin the exempt firemen of the city, oi from such firemen tin have t<vn disabled by Injuries re reived in the perfoiroanre of their duties, t'oncn ire-i iu. riir ortAi. <tivri AiT. Alderman Wv. Titkkji offered the following:? Kesohed. That the rommunlcatlon from the f'omptrol ler. of August tlili (respecting the offal eontraet ) an I reforred to a special committee, Auguat 14th, be taken from the committee, fur the purpose of being acted upon by thin Board. A little bit of a breere was jrol up In the way <it a de bate, which whs principally oc. a-ioned by the chairman of the committee, (Aldcraian Seers,) taking umbrage at tho intention of the movei of the rosolutlon, and Ind minting that that gentleman, (Alderman Tucker,) wa-> not particular lu adhering to the truth. The ?solution wa ultimately lost, by a vote of 12 to 8. J roui I. ( U.IIKH. Aldermnu Wakimam offered a resolution calling upon the elet k to notify IiIh honor the Mayor that thlr> bi? rd w ill meet in convention on Thursday, Sept. i!0, for tin purpose of electing a police clerk to till an existing va I cancy. Alderman Howajw moved tiiat it lay upon the table. I ost. Alderman Rkjikick neved as an amendment, that it In added to the resolution thai they will meet every succeed ing Tlutfdny, weather permitting. (laughter. ) I,ost. The resolution was then adopttS'. TUB HHfc l?:r tRTMKYT. rommnnications from the Couunb>iiloiier4 of tlw Fire Pepartiuent on the complaint of Hook and ladder Co. No. 1, against Kjiglne Co. No. 5; confirmed. t>f sunn", on com plaint of David l eimot against Kugine Cj. No. W. Of same, on complaint of t1?ief Knglneer aifainat Knglne Co. No. 44, and llose Co. No. 4T, and Ilook and bidder Co. No. 2; confirmed. A WW ICIK O* MTACM. f)n motion of Aid. Wakjcman. the ropoit of the Council men in favor of granting to Joseph (Tiurcbill privllego to run a line of ei^ht Mnue* on the Iflootniiiirdale rood, commencirg at Manhatianville and terminating ut 'I hlr ty-ninth street and Pmadway, was concurred In. 'Die Hoard then proceeded to take up other p*peri from ? tho Councllmeu. TtlK .IMMaf.V DENT (it AIUIH Ot BtlTiliO, CTC. An inritntion was received for the I'reaident and mcui- ) bora of the Hoard to review the Independent liiiarda ot ? Itutfalo, Major Rid v. <11 ?t . o clock, in the I'ark. ihe (iuards will arrive on Tui *day morning by the Albany boat. Accepted. llie roport of tli Conncllmen in favor of removing sunken baiges on the northerly slib' of ailp foot o.' Hooc velt street, was concurred in. The report of the Councilmen in favor of incrcii'ing I aalaries or lieutenants of police was referred to the Com mlttce on l'ollcc. After aomo other papeis being dispoa<d of, tlw* H aul adjourned to Thurada} next at 6 o'clock. | BOARD OP COUffCILMKX. THE lt4V.ll. (lAfl 1 11, lit OOMIMMKr Tli in BounJ met ln?t evcuiiur. Reaolutiona were in order, t?u( the following wo.- the only one of importance offered : ? Rmolirt, That the Comptroller l>e awl he i" her< In ait IkvM id<I diiMlftl to fnlw (Into a contract with Mr. Ilylui fn tlw rtmuvil of ogul, dead aniinula, from tljn city, at a aunt not lo ?? rwl VJ 0<ai per month, <i at it "tberwfac ordered by the Hoard. Ihia resolution w?? referred. The report of the Committee on lamp and Qaa, to *him wm referred the application of the Metropolitan tiaa Company for permiiiainii to lay their g i< pipe* through the atreeta of the city, wa* next calic 1 uj Ihe report of the Committee on lampe and t>n< w.m then read. Thl* wai a Iodr docameat, going Into a f il' difcuiAion of Ue petition of t lie Meiopolit n O'a. Ught t'oiupany. to I, are the prlrile/e to Uy their mtinea through the city. uml^the ieport ended wi'li the follow ing:? He-olTe?l. That I U Inexpedient to grant the prayer of the Metropolitan fiaa Ugh' Cutspany ami that tlae itw be denied. A petition *?? then reed front the M"t ? j ? >? <i?* light t'enip.ny, -tutinfr that tliey were Incorporated by act of I/ gi?laturc pa"-e?l April IT. Irt.'ii, tor the pur poo ? of forni ahing gaa U> tlw eltj ; th.it they h.td immeaced work under tint act, that the* jm- e? , <1 all the fn ilit.ea for romplcting thia work and aak?d that their petition 1 be rcft rre,: to an appropriate committee for "'ten acte* I a? might be proper in the premise*. '? Councilman Covovra efl'-rod the following a* a <ub t,i tiito to the rej-?rt: ? H(miItc ' That |?-rniic ton be ,>n>l the ?iiie i herubv, given to the Metropolitan lot- IJglit < omp.my of the . i? of - York, to lav conductor* ' ir condu in* through the atrceti", aveneea, lane-, alley and a?|ii ir?a, in antd city for public and prlv ate -apply i ' ga'Ught. tola- rttibjict to the tune rcatrictUin .1- to the mode el laying donn ?.< i<l conductor i apply to and govern the 1 New V erk md tlnnl ttan <? t t itflit CoMpantt* in t y icapoei. Ihe mid e,imj?ny h.iil expend t'n> bund ??t thousand dollar* lu tin | n-' . ntl n -f their w ,i p? i to laying a i j at ruin '."r? a af"i ?? aid. It ? then u? * "l t<> amend th' aubatituta -t Hi J Conov r l>y alteiing tlx word*, "two hundred tie ml ! doilai " 'ii "four hundred tie u and dollar*." 1! ?im. rvtti ii nt wan Inat. I t. otion u - then mmle to p ? tp' u ' tie n ttei ii il Kil".?y night. CoiincMn.li n it w>ti aald lie nnleratood th< ? w i fraud 'it lli? la,tt<ui> ot til thl*, al.ich ought to '? o ?# 'i ( t'aicl and he ?it?tained the motion to \ ?tp"fK. ' '' ? t ! hi ' ? "in'i* ! * tai ->rned the made th- u inunllon iliout tlie ftaini to bim. CouiK-ilman (bvwn in-i ted that 'here wa? i full j Board pre- nt . >nd the rry of f. ?ud w i? only a ru -<? Coiinclliiian M u?r.N thoiiitht 'here ?? a pre-e.,ii.'iM t>?l ' (kteriainatlnn to fcree thl# matter thraugh tA-nighi al ! he th i' -ht 'I I- effort ??? auopletona in itaelf, th?t I ' wit not i >i(iit. It? 1 i*?jr'-l the ni' tion to peetpone Co elililfl'l r"tM K.' Kt ? ( "Tie "t the eofnmiU't ?> I dgn?-i| ;i r' fx rt;? ?/ild he wiin'ed lnf 'ru..iii"ti pon < i | ? iit.ji t let iranted I' jic??tpoi ii". ti ? vi ? then made to adjourn .nd V* ' TV i te ii to |?xtp..iie till l'rid?y nex' v ,i? tl ? 'i i aguu ' l.e hou?e rin' v ite wai >ken. ^wl wti >i the t t e ? ( oakcUmart Ha-v ell wa? Oille 1 tu i - k ? I be excoi ? d. II, l i e t i n i tciie an- I and I ? t'< uni ii! >Mi H ? ?wni-J.1 nil- men, '?itii ail reject I you. I won't rote Cnuneiln mt'"V\"t% ? Tie-n I ne ?* ? ' ii i* the^enti Ix' In I I; contempt to 'hi- IV. aid. Councilman llo-wnj? I think I hiM !er. j..? i . my duty to rote upon hi< i'h ?tli n to-aliib' and "c n ? to >ote. . < "tit, iluni. ''<? 'i' n.? I Mtli "W ny m 'l " I tempt. Coani lin.'ia l'i h-ii ? Tien I ren' ? <u '?> | l.old h" i^ nthinan in contempt mlc ? h' ?? u -tt '?> I Vote. A'l' ?tt lei' ?"I '?"I' I th' motion. Ii I . I | ? J(> <1? |. .' ell e ' 'eii.ent g tllH b'l't ' fc.Tinrtliii-ia M'<\ltriu? I more that 'lie I required to m ih? -n aje l. /y t , thl- te ? ? lani i I Cnunvilmtn < I hi* I? only ' motion to jione, ajid eanliat alt'C' 1 1 light' I be-e p*, . | I l. pi the swtli iratt M "V to ??it? li -?a h .? | wiotig arel w 'I back down f>iiriel!miii fix-aMir? -I imuif v i-' * n * , Utile 'lignlty there la in tln? ho e and I t 'i ' | tlrman will be li'd't in ? Iiteui, ' ' In ? j ? ? ? r roll ,it ||. ft Me ? The nanM ef tienieiln .n Hi w <i ? .u al'- ' to' r.eilman llA??wm Cimtlei , I no ?* ? ? ? vol- hjr way of ?howlng an d, '? *ii i-. I I think t !.?ve a' vht'i 'e? iioe ?* i fai*. .oa ip n ' . tulea to ?ii-titin roe 'He '?all I 1 ,he roll ? i I TI ? . ' to | ? "i |, t ?ni l?t. I ? n? I 'm ill fts ? i ||*n ? t, . .i , ' and In- ?t ?t tlat ' unrilman lla * ha-' :>?- n ? ? of eentetnnt, and unleaa h' apol'wotad h. I [-<11 . be planed Itt oat?i.ipi i,y b- *ote *t ever> nn in rr i u i* IV ' t-y ?a? ol -'1-lain ag wiiat .ill* /ni'.; '... t? i ha ! left t ' ? ? I Mnn IU?W?i ? I >? . i . ? , 'i ? ,;ict tn?- icntleu.au ft^ rrel u< I ?/?! ?? er ti..- ru!# CO"' ?h# '? ?, ?'i l I n w ? i ?n* tj v"'? ? % . t o.i Iwau 4 iuo*? vliat thi gm'ieiata V pifflftHti to n? ~<i hit wtt %0. TM . p?'T\ila? a?-ir?e'..i ai-i t i n lit . la .e. IJg * ? '->:i ? ?' ? tin te cam? culm, and, in the l?ngi,.ip of Councilman 1 \nckn ), " what little dijfnity the Board had " w?? preien *d A motion was then made to adjourn, anil Inst The original substitute of Councilman Conov?>r W" then before the i? a d Tb- amendment to alter th*1 word* "two tundrcd thou-sml didlai*'' to "four hundred thousand dollars" was again arfued. fonni-ilman Conovw opposed this aroeodment. and eald two hundred thousand v :i euorigh to make this comjaay piy. The vote'wM tiiea taken upon the amendment, and lost. The s'.rWtitu'e of M.-, Cunover then once more rainf before the Board. Councilman . I*. '.nf Moon; ? Mr ("resident, I am i-orry to see tins d!?po-ltion tha* i- manifested in this Hoard tonight 1 hat ho|icd to wv? home little judgment used, but tbia bap Ml bees thrown aside Thf* i- a matter most important to our rithtens. The argument ha* been u.-ed here to a%ht that the^e comp taiM liave rich and great Ihis in true: but whil- the*e companies have a-cuinula'cl money* they hare ?W expended money*, an< I all for the t'Uhilc good, nnd now , to i ut off their right*, after they t.avi exhausted all their funds, I ve do thou a fr\?a?t and ehomeful wmntr We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our clti7ens wc owe it to thin co mi* 11; , w? owe it to justice and honor, to jx 1 1.. -in* thia subject for a few night* only, that upon mm h an Im portant subject n? tbi? we mar vote undt rst: ndinyly. or, in other Word-. that w< may look liefore wi leap 1 am not willli ?? to stsrid hert-'to countenance dishonor. I ntand her. to champing the rigli' - of my feUov-dtlrens, let them tonic before nv in what light they mat , wbetix-r in a prir:.t< rapacity or an a great ami Important cm pane. Itight la iiuht, lit it be represented by wliat par tie* it may; and this right, toi one, tn the extent of my power-, I shall stand by and defend ho long a' my ?olc* |? loud enough to be heard. This company laid their main; through our city everywhere. They* hare gime Into our alleys and otir bine*, nn.l mad" our fit* to hurst Out into thousand* of stars of light. They have done tils :?t erien1-". and FiKriftce to them?cl*e?, and I contend that It i* now evincing in utter disregard to every principle of Justice. to deprive this company of their jirhiles"'" uu<t transfer them to another com pa ny. tofini !liimn (ViNOVKR then moved to make the whole matter the d|m clal bu lne- . fui Wednesday e\ening This mot leu was carried. The Bm : <1 then adjourned till Wednesday er-irf'u BOARD OF SI l'HRVrsORM. The I'word'T in the chair. The Mayor and :i ijuwum pre?en* . TUK <1Cv?r< MAteWAUI. Tie reporl of the Committee on Couiity Offices, in fla vor bfpnyiUK bills of Heurjr M. K?yd Mid other* for ser vices rendered an tcio-us Marshal*: ? Henry M. Boyd, thirteenth ward and Sixth district, t?H); Henry Iloyd, Tlilrteenth ward and Klfth distrirt, $80; .1. 1.. Berrian tk'Trnteenth ward and 1'ifth dlatriot, $14H; Charlai II. K'-n, Ninet'inth ward and Second district, >W0, |iaui<l illif. tlevi nth ward and Ninth district. ?80. Tho re port wa.s adopted. IJH KCISK or llir. VALAIUKa "V TIU: JCISittl. The rf| .n't of the committee on the subject of incrcai ing the ?alarle-' of the JttdgM of tho Superior Court, the ('< nimon l'lea*. of the Surrogate, the Recorder and the City Judge, wa made uu order for Uu* second M finds; iu November. The Board adjourned to Monday nc*t, at 1 o'clook. &??!?. Oil Ihf CoilttlllllM Ioiih ? Application for nn Af tfm limritl ittfjtfttiaf DI< K.?-l!iir mid Oiliri Ht COMMON I'LKAH IN CBAISBVH*. Ik-for? Hon. Judge Woodruff. ^iit. l(l.? /w //#/ Mailt r n/ th( tw/nirtf into tlr Xad -ity, ?f? . uf r/.? Chirf </ l\ilirr, ? Alderman lUlggi tit in driy made application, by hi* cotUMiel, for an order to ?liow ciu - ? iby Mu< k< liar aud the tw<? other eontuineeio-M witne*^-* illiquid not be r? I tu< lied because the) rWn ed (?? testify pursuant to the requirement* of the do? Mon of Judge Duly. heretofore made in this euufc "ii the JStli July, 1 Hit'r ttliich in in the following word ? I k roe ferernl order* bin I ft; be*n mn'te by thr >r?(l*!r* La\*i ? H. W.-Mlrurt", otic of the Jtt Jl. r h of IhUCottrf wi th# .*td dnyuf Ma> l i-i, nnd?*r and by vtitueot an a? t oi t ? I .? v ( ,, tyre ui Hum entttl<*d " An a< ? to enable lie* (Vnimon CVnn- il w iln- rii . r NVw Ynrktowk- t?vilmon\ in m< referred t??r tnv< i ? iHou or lnqoh v/ p , - *? f > >l?i im? U v.. ie?l*io tn-r ?!??? .! tVHHam Ma- keJIi.r, Timothy \V? f. ? i , ,?r? i MlHiael M?Vion. ? ?? li ,?wt ?< verallv , l<? *)u>wr can-"* be fori .no of 'he Jn*Ui ..?* <h ?liUi'our?, wl.j mi t".w limoril l? ?nl?l rt<?> ? am* attain ?i eweh of tin in, pur-ai ant to the utanite in o- ?i ? a < ? made Hnd provided, thev Im\lm< t?e?ii <tnl> miiIj|?<< and Uaf lnfl aUen-l -l >??!>.? a 0?i? u?!.i ?-??? ni the Hoard ol A! dermen, and r? fu 'I In an?wer '?? r?ai?i u*?n- nr???ionTvb ?1 to lliffti *ty Mid t,Vtmm!uw ?r any ijm- >n"ii tin < ??muitn<<'? uitqbt nek them. Now, ther? lore, on hltnf aid pt i? ?>*> and tlei )>.?) > v ? tb< r ? > aitoraetl. and ? iter I # .a? in ?: M? i ? A. Na di ami W ( N?. . ? *,, In aujuport of the* p.* ??|d ji f|? ion, and Mr- i lltm ltard and Hrntly in o|?]??"*ttlon tben to, ae?t tnaUir* <f ?!!>?? r ? ?un ?? fog laid th. i I I ia ar#iifj od, ? I ? * l the no?. I4111/ m. iw 11^, * fhf Vk >S ttaui Manketlar. ITIunehy V ' and tf i'inii. f!.? wittM'H?e? VQeufaMM*d in Mt'i fii-titlon. app?M< *f\mrnl I), ttl thf ne*f mee?ln? o; t|m 'iUd I '..nitiilM? ?- of ^ ? ti I IUmr'1 ??? Aldi nieu, npon rr' Hrjnx on<* <iav'n nirili " |'ro?n ".e ciialrnmo ??l i la* i>ttln ? t*romtm ? , ?-r iln? ltn?? ?n-l *>f holdln,; !'? n?a# ?. log or nitilnic, and .-inawer the que*! Jon* tnrn^?wu><l in iia; <;? l>i?dlkiyt? attic vd n* -aid petliwai, et- < pt iv%<* i|tf ?hk?*d fbe vil'ne Wih.icr; .in?t ihe thtr?| #j>(. i?k< I i'.j.* wftnr M rnon? and nl-o letdliy and ?fv.t evldem ?? i in -m, - *h< matte r rmhr r ? d *?jr the t ? ?'nltillnn, a ? </ji\ ? i wliU.li I- m t,? *??d to *Md )>et ? tia???d by the K t.tf A'dfrmi n, <m tho JMth day ot April. 1#?V>, an Dun /In*, nl.i eoininPww ?4, ,nv Mllfratid* and eori nptkan In t:\rry braie h of I** >> lltparttnent; and, aUo, >Ue intiMirr In mln li i)>c %Arin Ii nod to-en etHidnrod M. II J A It Vie', I'lerk And jI-o lor diwtderly. e?, n tempt tin tn? nttd in ?! nt !?? buTior rominitted I y tl? % itm 4 dnriiitf the tiUitr/ '?I 1he IVimmltter, and n the immedLif* view ami pr? *+nr* tnd direct !y tending to Interrupt it.< pr i ? #'.lln^ aud t? Impair the M -pe? t due to it** autliorhy. Th* pr?? ett-diyg-t are founded on tlio atii<bnit"f Aid liri/^^, r?n ne^ed to whieh copies of all hla | ??.<! <| ?t#-- - ti' n? tn?I prii' "dlng' of the ''omn i't'-e, n ?. ! U-.'oro Jndgw lH?ly, and the two orderu her' t?-i re made f?y Ju<: /? I5?W. th?* m?-t of the I ?ffi?lat?irf? <.t vhi '.'th of I *? bronry, |ny?. tbe rati ? a imin^tered to the witm? ?*a on the prevtotta And the pre-**nt oeea%loti. tl?? riM-'.t of tho ? HOf/.?!t?*e ap|"Ui?.\ to inx tt'al e?>iv- -id?r <?? H. M?t-eH - reju-rt made the lfnk >?( Apt \ !? t, lii-h report ? f th'* 'Vjmmittoe m Lnuwric* dneument No, 'Ji ->f r b<* Board of Aldetmen. Ihe pre^nt ftpplli .ttiou i ?1 ? I'onnded on t|j#? nflniavft of II. E. Seiim?*, tl> ? lei U < lite * a I t C? 'tumittee -? ttlnic forth tw- nt\ ?- i^lit ? f- .. no-f^ to the refractory witne*-''- on the 7th of .>-pt? uf ?? r kn^tant. 1)?e '?t A We i mi? n Brivr%* ? ?vat'< t^at tb? at t*-n<i'd b^l " thi- t ommiite<* U ? I r|. >y ,? d twlBtr duly *worn, they r? fn-*? d t i t*- *<*ti'*y ptir ' i,? t, r.'er of t)<ij t'ouii, mad' th' l*?h "f Ju'y, K?6, order *? r< ?d over in the f?re??fi - of thiaftiM^^". The of -elna- *;.y- that the fen :;jI i?biv.-,r ot Maekelh*! that M ?, e??ritem ? ' . n-t ?' ?? - - p? -f fov. ird^ fi e < oji'fn.' *? *? , -..Ujiil.n d ??? , ? * tf . ? ? not into . de ub' iml "diom, .?ed t?? i r*?v? ?.r t " r u?! t?p- u 'ri', u!iy In r?frar?J Ut ti.? bj? ' ? ? ?/; tin ?? lotion <<i 'Jtith of f'ehrnarr. * tii.it - ? ti u-'t ?r? t*:ant. I nil i?t -IW r.i ??j,? ? \ . H <? i * ii i k.? and tuat Nfrtann - 'ivjud. a. *11 a *e and MweLi iL', * ? r *? i f*int p* nukinr alter* at ion ?ith 'y t . U'havh.^t *ar?U them in :m * *?* r, .ife* an?i i-'?d? ly in ,i? that the whob <\:iiiiiatin i ?t re tl/> Co moult# .? ? ?ula>faH|ial)y i'? ate?i by ? a?h and ererjf of the wlfn- ? nhiiM' I**1 ha* ir- .> r i. ? i ??. *n* rtir t the pri'*' ? nt s J.e .tjiioitUe, ?< I *v i i ? r M-ct.1o'?to If- ? 'h .?y. Do Ul.^ io . , w? ,f . wa.-eifrtit iu< ii In *?etj.,i# !)??? eoun'Ol - r t>H ppeil?#it ' t ? ? tu. a! Iy ? ronl'-mp' f ?? sit naufiit tl?? ? - 1 1 j t ?' - Ifiitte# app'dnte * ? take 'e iriiOiy W h * .. i") ' ? -n i H i per i nd pajfi ?, .it it ? - t< ?< . i * e Offtempt in ' h? ? of th?- r i'be v th? ??. ,,? ? i# !)>?? law in j**?r ?rd tr? ?*it? ????*?< bro^trUt >? . . ?* m.Jt ? ? ? <?f th" I*-; -iature m 'h?? ouitt.ry ami In th j wL A *ar:*n' xsiofdiably Ift-rton to tako the ailne.- fid" itlaV* iy f h?* -? r ,?aflt ?t ,%rnt l?' - a' *? np in ptl'on alfhout re Ire* - intil ih If ' -Utur.# l? |? "ohre J. i h4r.,ur*. i '? rf ? ? - a.Ue ?**.- ,, m initti^i, 'w ? *? r mir hat iL' lia%* i? onti d t? r < ?b m?io ? fc a i *J - 1 ei.ntum.vKe * , a - i,i-r ' mifc of the [, dature Tlie J%i |*e took the paper * . F1I irif !i <*J m u ru?-^|?. f t hi - di t Uv lntelll|p ni t , Ami 4 ? tsioM o? ti FatiiV ?r CN n ,U <? m i i * ft y M iuo ?V ? ?;.?*/ W. f , ,od iv) m! "ftc taof the re^i n tnt* f ?oIonV-i ^ -??rryl a f *a ? ?? ? it| llfii . Lite I t % t *?> e? ii t ' *tj fer%?rjr of the titry of ot? r army r.to *h? . i* h i* ? j tbi'C by * igt.tfkfc inn<c at la -o ni?"o H 'tn ' ? i ? tak? j?Iae#? oq I'rMoy *r. I fient. *' e^ti^nf'd U> jtf-ite n ih* ? .? bn h^imirtM) fit IKU, * Hi n-ktn -4 , n| f) In #f :/??. tine* < in ,r-t? <jf ' ? e" t; p/ ?? y i *ninf, a'< ii tnle l - ? \ . ?' - ' *? A!b.,ny y? tan lay He n ? I oivad by *he n ?, of y ? 1 t ' if tliefii f - |h 'he < Ity?irtik -?f 1 ??? fh V #i'?n IIoon *!i? r^thoy din* ' aft/r wba b ''vy * on fher#<<?'?r f l/uk to 1 on Hlyor J* ntv ?,<*,*' . r >?if th?m kHi ilf. Th#y U>*'k the f ^ ? AltMf W* ? rmlnf, *mi am ar'?r? n ihl- ity 'h ? T wiay) ?. rn inff. a 9*1 * til 'frdo'l ^y th^ % *? 1 ? r a t - * -ok I * K> ' h. ?! ey th*' Ob b? ho a Me, that h> ?.er fr? fi i '? rg aft*l Hk *t ? ' ? * 'W1 t? J *?raii y ia*#t fv?0ar<i|i vkt aC i i|#r * *a? * la Cratr Th? Mpldrinic In Ylrnli'tn. AM Arr'KAI. IN MHALr C? THH MrrrritKKH \T volt ICILE ANt' rOltTHHOITII. 'ii?- comji'ttee >)>|ioinlnl to obUin !ua?U <? th>> reli. t of ttu? euBerern ti? jx-rti.eure at Norfolk, P'.'lrmoiith n:i ', (. ji . t l,cg > , /p to Inform thtirfi-llow rit wi* that *t the i*te?t jl<-< ti?. uml-gnit of the {>? ?l.. ? wn - In in tho.e jilaie* without i?n; pr -ix-e! < I it abatement iiatU checked t>? tro.1 i'tB Norfo'k, uliue, thfr? wr r f. o? twi l.o to flt't.^n hun* t/wl on thi' hick lint nhi i* ill** r<il! ? of iii?i '*UtY would Kjua! to tbu' of tlinieau ' ? j? - 'lay in m li a |io|iuia.,i<?' a* otir? Tf ?<M to th? i volinj ui?. -j tu*< tmaUpoVofca* uow appeared nni nut thein. Tlu. tJ i-M-bJaci' imu.t be Mill until the pe"tl {em'- Toe nujor t of the iuiubltunt^ who rrmain Air jt^vi nte<l from r'TOOiihg l.j !hrlr pr Terty, and not OW }i.*f !h of (hoi* w hi/ ?.-e >lt*oui luei -ui ?* . merit to hiippor* tLiliivlvf#. T?e II"?ari! A*<oci?il?n urar!} rvtn.n l il in fnnl", while it* . ^projwiatloiii- lor |he relief of the ?.i? anil I -'ir *iilfei injf onoiiik! !<? $#,00(J p?-? i.a.v. fact# are ?tlk'l. at l??W?kcu ?i*c ejmjut.'Ur of thl# comwiutiMv ;m't to rail f*fth their prompt auit ue live effra la to ri ii< ri tliU apprfUof ilenr?? of eufTerij^f. * m r c i t ^ ihun In. , ha ? t?< n ivaWt li ?n ij** .<?* Inl ri-rtu tiuii nf i^lUi atr. iiD'l thrrr ntu W im tn-tt?r offering :if KratituJo to the kin i I'tovi.leufO whleh ha- elio :i|e<l ie> 1 Uian tliat of HU-iai ron*tibutluii t?r tin re l?f ol nut aufferinjf teiktw eiti/en?. IS. nation* can be eeu; to Win II. Jlacv, freeldent le-.itlie: Mac ufartiu i r- ' |ti .nil, 45 W 'i:>m ?? t r> <? ? * li ' t ? ihe trea-urcr of the committee. I . M.j.u*. S^ei'ieUry. I*. I'l l. IT, ( liaiui oii CO NTH I HCTIONi IV NKW rdlli ~hi-geiiii.il rutnnilMw rttcti thr following colh in a?I of the jwior h ml dcntit -iiflc.frt irmn ' few. ?t Norft li> A' . : ? Amount reported 7tti OOtrcM nml el ??rl.s ??*l ?S.RiWS "m MniiH&tturi UP* Mariam*1 R?rli?l,. 1 OfMl 00 In- Co T. II. I '''lliilBftoii A l>. A. CiitibflUti ( iur-?ajr 60 (*) Men euiploreii in ExrelMor Lodci*. No. ( "iiiwr * I'. > . AO no Ml 0<) Ml <NI llKe. Nu. r.'tt, i. ?. ..i (i. i . Jinii'i i.?? k c i r.j.*i\ w. ? <rfIU \ ?n H'n L, T?w)i ?end .V W ?rrin*. iiw-liawe WUiketi \ To* n?>oJ .... lllcl. A licli B W. i:?"hix'U'i I'tlme I.. Andr??? J 1 . Aifoo*</ It Co. Iltnrr A Mobp W. -.1 & ltypry Ji. ? . I i -iii f ... . .1. II. Mill-r ^ to '1 lie r!i" . . i th-N. Y.Mutiikl Ibi.Co. I' if i ?i n. .Ipii:iiti<r \ Co . Chuteli of tin1 !? ? etrranttUim Ui H. I'. M -it^ri rjr, liv.i. It. Vmi iti iTort. 1 1 ? i? r. ,-ti.;.Ji(n Wlilliirv, '.'?I contribution llrnii t A I n Ilutilii li. <.!(1 !l J 'I Til' i \l .. I'ntrirL 1' ci.li'. . . Burn t, .N>|i)m'ii a, (A? Jolirit ./'in ei . ? ?. T*|m> Foundry .1. Connor k s>n n.. ll?ii 1 (??... .Ii'ri 1/ <; II. J. (-nip t ':ihIi , , , , , ? n>- r. ; V* in I 'm It ji A. II. W., r. JI. ill. -'.'.til K '?'I! At Huui> 4 ? I ptTII'J li. i. v ? III I'V T"i. Bop, A, ? I bfti 1 Al la Tilili.lrti . N. r,liH MutiMl In C? by V II 'I > i !'i< ; i in I'i.tal rh'>tii?<t Morrfll. Jop^pti H?*w l**tt . . M) 00 Matth -w?, Hunt , t onpmiy J It !,. I. ....... i:. ii. i .'nil" ? ,ut 'Din'Mfitx IhtNi VT. 00 ?jr. 00 ?jr. oo 2T. 00 mi ?jr. uo 26 oo ?r, oo ?jr. oo ?_o 00 *J,"? (Ml !?.! Mi *100 00 MM? (Ml &0 00 fiO 00 ?J.', to Ja Ml ?N? 2.f> Ml VO 00 20 00 ?*.% (Ml JO Ml 0?i .0 i.O Ml i Ml . (Ml "0 im : ? w) i.V J. K. Mm I I Com pa n < t?h $10 *10 *.v *:?, *1.. .1 H Col* .... ( <?uklm,Si<'f?L??*i Co M. |?. (. |f .... ( ? pt .1. TluWh hi I. H VV . s < . \ ( llr B WW* li^in ui.\ It in I luor I V r* A IjuljT. l.v Mi I . . Hirlmnl V < ?al? J?*f OMhlft.91 Hr?? ii. Hi <?- .?V < h Hon l.nid Johii' tii Jk'iik.-idl A I I'H ? xii . ?IdfLi I < <"l'tJil**loll rlvtiu.itli < linroli Itr'kl'n.l^ * ll???i i y Will i U Ji rr. b\ ||>nt i HoVrt * | tit* i Hairy itia*!^! .lull n I'. .1. i.m- ri IV* Alfi <??! I-.M II. Hirllrn Hfovlll ^1 I ?ii it?n t '#. ... W .i.l. IJ..M .v ? ? .Jo- pli \S lik f , , A fi U u1 A nyiiijm ? i.l " .... Kei- iii ?? . M I h'iiul-'i !-<hi, r?? bin* Jmn< ii. A , , r?.w?? ?.'< . hlniu ll'?yt. A < 1*1 Hwllk 4.. * i .] TIM IK 1ft of .1 vi'ii ,?i,k iOKiii>ro> >?? i Mm> -i * p? fit. ?, i < ? ? My n / 1 ?? ii ! i Mi igviiih <ln< I uifO'l r-abli*. I * it.- ?? it it I.rroir lm>*prri'?ilil?>. A I ' t< ? ? i-li < i num. Ixw l4 lr.|tll? i* Il"l W |t' >' -I hrit tofiif yi-t ' lie I +\r<-ji r l< |iii l .nr th? rb-.i. ? f.nm aav ng ? u >.nr neighbour*. .iur <le*n'?i fr.iwl our relativ WltMi, ? -li , In (i trill Ibe pfal Wnrtcr lie ulitMr Out <itjr *alm< ? 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OiiU'i Miui Ma!' i ?y M- M-I.^t,. A W? I 1 1 J. W'klu J.'*|.|| I/wit. ; y.-?r. -M l? itl ? ' ? -ii - ? " -><jy ? MM ' Mr. i rf< ? i, W. a.i?'1'.l|.li? .fu?' ? n Iti nary . < I M '. ' I' "* '. ?>' ' " * Mimi' I |I. W "I | ?. i rn.li I *? ? lt? I'il" I It. K H'iI'"!", fi pr < ' if N * ' f *i*l ll"l?l W-ti. M. M<",r? i . t'. n ' J ' > ?*' /- ' % 'i ? " . *-!? -.?' . - i'i' - i.m -I ? t* ?. hi' M". * '??? l |i J "bii "VI "f ? " *ilf?) V J Mstbl*" Km, I '.i'ltn*! HI- J' ltn ">i of Il ? J I 14,) Ni<tn A'.^ i't M.? ? !,<? ?>' H ii. Ifc> il. n i . ?l ?< "i > ;i, H- 'Via- *i'i? A?|?'l' *lr*. I V? -hy 'i< ?/l I >'*ti< .'r?v-? H l!-tfi *".?r^ , ??i''tW'ii**v lh- n~n*yi , ?rm. T1t?-vnv*?,M?i *? J. < \KWr?P\Pf;if \r? oi NT-. ' rrt [';?.l?an? ?( tb I'.I'Iiiik#! I*>[?Hi Sm."**, * 19 V. T ? r ? * .!"> "n tl.? Af<-r * m tV .ty "?<> -?/V ?'i, "f Mult'r ? ,''!?? -if ???i.v.t itr?ari>t<at btxjlul J?*4 'b?l Mr<. Wii>jn /?? "f tin ? - ? ilti Vvl l|i A M I .1,1#, Kn-l . ?fh it > Itm 1/ ?!? til. 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M teat kv*i?t< na v ?? , , t i i'm ?' ? ItVfc! ? na- P?rt?T?a ?? Va/?t ?a *r? (VM 'j* im;* ia ? ? r: tnyn*t*| It )i ; . <fratii' r4 *o baa" *.hn ' i" W tat*ma4 *" 1? U m- lii- h i- do j?- to tvl. tf tliC i of <>th?ra, aUoukl lun . !?*?-< (1 thrr>ufh th<- frTcr anJ ?? n<?w 'on ? i nt 5 M iMflll NT %T C*\hKY fHl AND. i CMiuuitlci its u lia.ttnvuf. with thlft/ t?nta *' iiv? i* l!?i ipt?.n < o 'h** &th In t Thcr will W" thf !? i>1 ?* ('ram*v f?l*m) ?>r on thi* farm <#r Mr. /o?rpti ?* K? ru '* r llampU r? 'i ' o 1'j r.*id?-at. prompt *1 t* ho i ?? to uiknriM** th tllattrt- nov |?* evading at I'ortainoiitli atad Norfolk ha* ?la?; ?n|rj:? 1 t .,<? .'ur^'inn <ifiierul of lhc army to (%1 I'otat i ' mf<< with tha v i i w i f fi;ttulning Kortra** M'Uro#* la , lo It* adaptability t* .* plara of temporary r# fug?* f"i th f'i/t n- vf tho*** pla ?? and in th# nope thai hi ? ,.t' a. ;<! *-r. .? . "huu t ? darlaa aoina oi'Mur* for their if ,f (?ni-th'M ,n 'r, ? 'ii i ? n?i thirty- livr* dollar* wa* I colli <1 ?i in th? cIiumLh <>f j:tr|iutofid on Tburaday ta?t, to aid th*- ? \ . ; , j(1 \ ax < In Nort^k arid Port* til <'tlt t! lit \ I II in i II % 14 U ? o. WILLUNH, KNQ. lirt, ut tin tit/ U pit ii hi lUchtnond, Va., to Ulf -d lil t , of |?l)ow l.'Vtr, ClUIUJN <? WlUaAJM, Of RorfofU, \ ? , hx* ' 45 venr* Mr W wa? on hi* nil North lo join hi"* family, when I hi* dridroyrf overtook him ? n of thf bwal "u hi aritv?i I'm Ma/a, Confiv . f*nced, Manx i^d ('(inntnghaut voUinUN*r?4 (M? aorvic^a lo attend him, and nwn ha van joined t?? |*? bun ly, tiffthor with the inJotl?tifrabb* mir?-<* Mr W II M/<>ra. ?? n i /thing am don* t*?r h?m that human ?l lM and klradOf" could di'vUr. Hfa rr ni.uu/* w#r% ri* ?(Hrrtfullf attMi'1^1 t* rind intorrfd t>j tJi#? F>y. Mi IVtrvkin, ^ M Jiim-' ( boich 4lHo K not tfrad, but ilfffrtb." C lljr PolltUa. MUHTH N'ABU. I ??!! William l'i+1 whoar.MVt in M< tlrn, h't* noti i aat?'?l for Councilman in Hfvfutffoth dlvlnci, bf thi? M' tiran WAiinmv* 11^ ??* uUo a ca?>li'lnt?' ft?i Ui? M jM.l.n. mii iioiniimti. il roritTrr..vrn AHHrtii?r.v nisrititT. John J. Hrndahair, a Journeyman boot ami ?lt??^u?.?k?r ha* ? n noudiiaU*d for th? A^ataihhfby a patrlv vk? at/ lv tbaiiiM'Irt"* (he I nlon iNiociatie Hipnbliraaa an?i Workinifmrn'a ^ ?iu?<*iation of th** T?>oiitii*th Wani William .lorrn, | ro- i(|rr?f and .whi?*ldn, i^rrrtmjr (>nf cf ih?* rtMtofutUma adopted n???*rtn t hat ihi* lwtrrt*mtm of * '?im;rm it ran b?* b##t |ii innolH l?y oi?i- of Uu>n o*a order. HKHfUMOAV orvpwar. row?rrn*r. T1 ihdi / iU't i ???*!# . 1 b/ \h<- p? ?pW nl thr iWll?>rncK ward/*, fit \ ? i ib> to tho rapuldliun iu< vi nn-nl, in*art IhU fit fpilog atiiH?t. womkinmhkn'm moTifiiAKAL rowMrrrK^ Ihi r?'H iidttlH-, nun?latin| ol tho oIIUotn of tto? la*o ll"j? I U tp-I minting r?nd th?? inotubrra of tha I <u<i uto* <ViMriltt? * ol oii*a fn in larh aard appoinUHl on Ihat im' (?aaion, u?? t (hi * ^filing at tha t'??op.-r llouaa. I ? n i? ivi|df '.? iitKniti'idiixi of tha ?H Ikt* -UlftH rnt v. ?'?nir, au?l to annminro (ati liim vlgilaur# namuift tt*?* tor ih?' /far s?w ri n run ami HQir.xr.nj. On .'?ol > l.i i'T?*ning tlirra \* I" In* u < ??( tl?? ft^ndo of tin* Maim* law, lo orptiiia a now in?r*,iii'?ntf llial i* lo Mi|??'rr?li?tli? I'arMin ami Dm t?Ufip<v ?iii. r irtiiiit. ?? Amonff flic ri'i'i-nt ronr? nliona ri" uaani|f?? w.? mad*' ? ' t !*?? t <? tit j <* i a ti < <? p<*o|d? at all, but, th'iuittt th? > aro a ? idlruhtu* 1/ ? mall ia<iioii in ttif cMy, thifr trifir i-Mfit ri?l 'm? two (lioumiiid \olrt, uvtd Uiaw Ilia jolillrl/?n w II 1m iitt i. Mr Nath.in Nfablt * ?u tha < > II for no H in*' rvniHT.U AN M0\ I II F NTH. I in \\ ii.'? I'tira* ml lo <ull Ui?' i ? |iul?il?*a? rV- tor* <?! llw l'i It h aid ? fiil?l?Nl ?t tli#? I(n fium If ntol la?t < vt-tii t?j/ 'lit nrt'.tlil/'Hl Ii v lli?* fholc'f ?if Ifr, Awlrvw W. I < '/Kill-. h?ii. iii.m, ami Mr J. H*. I'iftK* a# h#w rri+rj I I ??? ilit- u ? ling I ?*#??? tuM, lh?* iu*H tin' j?io?M ?ii 'l t.. ? ?? th*? hd|o\*ini( Halt ^a1?>* ; ? i,\nrr>ii * '!, ><"' ? Jnmfl* W Hijfj*' XTfrwd J; llootli# and I ? i ' ? NN I . k? SOU ' ? ,\i,'!r? w \\ I *\ k'al and Joat^ih II. Tit v I m I' I 'hah in tn and H^'tatar/ a?*r? aitOioriamA tw Utf .ill \ . w hlch mi^ht ocrnr in thi w* dalr^ptliOHa ? Tail i ? j . > '? 1 1 vv 4 ???? ?A la I Ifr* rind ? t|llio?ii?atir ia??Uaf ? ?f ihe^? |Hihli' iMfcr l?? Id la?t * ' ulnjf at t?ndr rdoi?a*a Hall, rot in r ?.| ( Imuni ?nd <?? tnd f Tha mrt?ti?fj ? rMtbi I t. id?i at * o'clock p?ti -tmnt to rail by Mr. \ I h' ltij ? ??n who tHMtiinaifri il , fNivid lapf'^n far i)? 1 1 tti.i ti . ari't Ml .)??? ?*? i/tiin l"r S^r^art. Ttu follow lug j?< r'"i)4 a nn? lh* n tinwouoonwly ?liwt4g nnt< ?i r??* iM*i? ^*it? ?? lo thr Sti,ta t ?mr**t?iion4 ami i?*t?a?a! < *< i.?tidt'? *? ? ( , ,% utini ?V. rni' I I ' rri. ami Win. A. Wa ^l ,i rvt t i. ???/". Kdw.\H ?"???! n Ititurl AtklniMMl, ainl |!n%hl 'I ?? f | .? n |t..- tii<' tit. o jotin i ' to th** fall of tha rl aii. a'tfi li ? Iij;; 1?? ?d?orV M? ?"*?* w |m n t.uin, i.tj.i fficiidt/ t ? tin obJr" l? ol thi- naa (Hdithal orKaniy Hon. NlMi?itMlt W a l* t? ?TI; o Nlfi'-i'iith Ward Yr*+ li? I'tililUoii f'lob no l ?'t cf??nin|| ut 7 lurd atciioa, .luliii inborn prt -i lirff, and < Itr i^i a< Unir aa Hwioturj. ArniP'.'ftfn'" writ- Ii.ml** I ? .r |#? r fret ing ll*? |H?hl?ril orgr?iii/M<i"' "t tha I* nth A?-#ml?ly diatrirt^ <1 *< Ifth. M?i' u ? i th and i ^ciity ? ? nd > *ta!ij apd far tin <v?mfd* tlon 'I 'In orffjiti / u t i i ' tli#* SiriMi<?<iilli ward. )>hf;af? w aj|<HHt'?l to th? lHatHct I'aa * lit ?M|? Tli?- Twrf. ? rsTFti vii i.k corn**, u. i. rnommj. A t din* iim'li f.,r WHi too mil* luala, t?> ?(??, will i>vn> i<H till ifli nwiio Tll< r*.? ).?? raua*4 fr?at I' 11 m>"iir |> ft In* iitrn ami "Wtiara irf Cut I; -< ? m>l :ii> ii> l> pruUM; ?? mach n.i.ary pnaM na ill !? -ultti n ??y a -n% of iin- kin-) thai f*?r M I a o n Aim t ... 'Ill*' V?M1 iiij? la flwuV < >rn. A Utin of i*?r? "III !?>*' -'?mth firry nt JrK? l?>r th# ravrM rXIOH < I) Vital , l_ I TW??TT1*0. A Iron ng inai.h fur fiU) nut* liciU In! I Utr ? ? Ji ? Hi lam*. '??!?>. f 11 ?tttoi'tay ?(i<riv?o?, h? t?"n | m. lb ... nl K. lUMotxi ami If g. !>?????. TW ttr* in ?<iu Ij lir l'< .if i* thr<? <(ril(l>\ Imla. rifca I" * l??utful irriy pint ? ?? ? ft?t 'laal like How ? UMtliin. . 1- ti <lm? "lU l? ? haul -mm to [?'? ti >.*< tn '.'ft a m.l* in 2 1, Imt rotiM mil br. I tli' i*?y mi- n -fttui'tay Tb* bMtla( ?M 100 to <?0 n On 1 ? > ?.*..??? '1 l,T lw* 'tut* on th# t' ?? . but >n ?? ring I if . . 1 In kf ftivi lta? 'KM* ?*? th? gray infi. f TV tttiVjiK' "ai larg*. /iff ll'ii. ? lb Uf -I I'.!' U/i.or, 1 ?n Uk ffilr l*?".? ? nUii luill .|| !U r 't 11" " l*-l Win l.ail ? i>m n U-uy.h* '-i Iki< ifti''.' 1 ? In f'iny <>?>1: 4 1 ?n til' t ? h ? - 1 U' l) kr *?.| (?*'?? ? ??? <??! Iff, ?n'l U~*i <? hr Ik ? I !? ? th"? '<* ff*r UnfO#. On ill* !"?? r ' - tfi n '"<?> and tit# man* Uk-4 lili '"Hilt iK 'i 'b' l.i " ? lt'1'*ll tl?*y ??m I., it ?i h/ft^, i. it "inri?, ( li* 1 ? in? ?' 't<li ttr marr ? ? j f !? - : t? ? 11 b lift * 1 'if ln>! ? y ? nfwk an I * 1 - if. r.? ... j i? ,*i //.f.' - Ti? r ) mar# f.l i|.f l?jr kajl a f1 -re J ft- 1 i|.' in ri. ? 'n ?b? I 'k' l>f*f?Wl Iff* m i t. t,? 'ji,.. r | U ? |jfn? f. r!) 'Ill" 'I' g iy iran j. ?tl I n, !?? if 4 ?n th? If*. k?ti I ? an If 'Ik t. I.' a ti f ? lan/t|i? 1 I. : r ? f In I fk n lifka ?kf ! w ?' - 1. i.ff t' iki I if '??.rr'rU tli? nan "hi ' ? ? 1 *> ? 1 if-y.t ? it. *9* M Um mi',1 _ : I.' 1 'U an-'. ? n 'l^i I. r a * f???y liioa, J 4J. I\ rll7<'f l?i ' a;l ???' ?tlbf 1'im I ? . ? ? 1 ? 1 1 f 1 | ?. lr In I.' 'jr tbf.-- .?? rjf titi<( k 11 ' l?? k r ' ' >,< ">i ? ? ? * a* f tl rar I' n^'laa a., a 11,.1' ,'hii I .Ht .ua n I .p I> ? u t,r.*a <m I ? U ? ' - 1 ? ? 11 I 'ir. 1 n 11 a 11^ f. /.'?<! nr h ha 1 1 1 ? ?!,. . i_ , 1, i * mii'Iii t'hli>4 ??>?*? ?Wjr "in ' ? '1.' '\??i*i liii* lt'i 1V> ( ii??Uy i? a. ?iimuiMif ? rm >mi .|t ? t ?i cli ? W in. la rjii fc?-.t UirM in fi*" In liar im ?? > Wh lf.? jr r I t ? IWIa ?t n? ?l.-jw't I I I II W?l? t? -unnf l b * i ? ? llioa .1* t U? ?; 4k llta?kl)N K 'I'l ? knllilliii iMlnatlaiia. 1K? b "In# ?'* ff r'r-l It mnat,>,a< tk? K ii. ar Votlnnf' f'?? Vf?aty "Mr* kimf ????*/ ? ?^a'r^?Juhn II >i r||f^<.f far If M k * *ir,^f-*i:' f U'f* ' 11 nty -HfUUltN II I ? 1 ,.4/y 1 1. , ? -j.^iar I*, "??f.i Ui ft'f'Hti ? k?a '? . ? Vf rWa ?4m. f baiawra. > ?i a lii iltafnf if'i ' ? ib IW pw'; I'iiI It r lalf Ulgfnif ? tumu tirr?rr r<> mowkv A t?.a? ' ii. II 1 'J I ?? tftkitt IU" (Ut?l| jfato-day l.y .A ?' Bfi 'ap a*4 I^wMmi M Ik* Mac Wtvl "ft/'l | (/? - 4I""\ HfUl ? Ih >.? lac ?r?Mp4*4 U> (a*M a " I'M ?? * i"S ' l? Htaiil"* Itana 'rf KcH*ttf I ?f. a* ; atf'ft t?r x> lat?*4 H Ih* rafac ?al/'iftb* ?'? ?? Hf'tal fh?.| Nr 'Iff.a a ?(k? '?*hfw ? - .? <f ?aW.i. ' 4 U.f | i ?</??? 'liai 'h? '*1 ?f?l ??a '?!, b? It* M ?fl ll ff ?? a mar^'ia") ?? I h !? |J| , I l? Iklm Kit l?W? ?f Ita ?*(fi# ??a'lirfwa IU IW* ?? ?? ?r' "1 t" laarr tk# n fkW a W*7 '' ?? tKa ?'IM In Ij? ?a- ta*a?i ntaa aftit ?j"{f.?" Initt ? ?' ??>, tl' I mrl ?Ik ># I. * wiu fTim !??-' ' ' ]>it f'llV trlac U a f* nuft- of ?j.? m" ? ? ?> v v lilt.. _ ? r WTkKrett ?0**r. a.'va at *?*?"'/ fcy ra IU * M . */-f Ii .'** ' !?** ?r tlr.Vi.V4ti - *?***, t*r*M j tilt > . ? lit ' -? ?*??" . 'k< la .. V""- "*? 4rf ??P. Wt f Wl1'' ^ ?? ' 41# 1/ %

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