23 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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W YORK HERALD. f WHOLE NO. 6966. SUNDAY MINING, SEPTEMBER 23, 1855. PRICK TWO CENTS. 4ETEIT18EMEMS RENEWED EFEBY BAY. illWW'HUC ATlOftg. a> ZIU\ IN KXCHANOB FOR THBKE CENi*. ?POUU The public arts Informed that tlx- present number Of the FAMILY JOURNAL contains th? great original American aovelleUe, entitled " The Rich and the Poor, or Ihf Orphan's Wrongs," a tale of New York aocWy thirty yeai.s ago, tor the ^jopyrlght ol which a .urge premium hae been paid to we urn 'he bent local novel ever published In any newspaper. The Family Journal is the mow b?autlfui and economical liter iry paper ifiuid from the American preai. Price only three cents. Sold brail newsagents. Ofioe I?o. 8 Sprucc slreet. riubucrlptloii" ny mail, <1. 1f)l CENT POPULAR BOOKS, BY lUCKKNS? JUST La: pwbiiahed by T. B. PFTKRSON. 102 Cheanut ureet, Philadelphia. and ur sale by new* aven's uud r)t>ok?eller? everywhere. _ Seven Poor Traveller*. In eight chapter-. By Charles Dick- I ena. Price 13La cents. Tie Schoolboy; and other stories by the Christina? Fire. By ?Charles Dtckena. Price 12.1; cents. 1 TheYellow Mask. In tuelrc chapters. From Dickon*' House i bold Words. I Vice 12' j cants. Mater Roue. By Dickens. Prise ia*? cents. Mother and Stepmother. In twclvn chapters. From Dlckeri*' Household Words. Price U\, rent*. Pnbttahed at T. B. PE fKRSON'S, 102 Chesnut street, Philadelphia. Copies of any of ilie above will he sen' lo anv one. free of r postage, on reoaipt oithu prlcc In a ieuer. Mbor "t -JSafPtt**. r?''' ?pwo SUPERIOR NOVELS. THE KLPEK KI8THK ar mauiam jajihk*. II. KTHELl OR THE DOUBLE KRIS'.* R: BY Tnr SAME lOTUOtt. In uniform volume", price 75 rem* each . These two aovela of "The Elder Sister" and "Ethel," are neat, exquisite and beautiful stories, evincing unusual power, meat HaMj, and a style vigorous and pli iinin^. They nre snre to become very much liked. Better aiorlm. have not bean published (hi? year. BUNCK A KROTHER, 13t> Nassau street. riBHIOKABLE FALL Mnj,I\F.Kt. HA () BROADWAY, TWu DOOItH It FLOW AHTOR I jt place ?Mrs. F. OA TELLE will open, on Tuesday next, the 23th oi September, n new and elegant assortment of whiter ba s, chosen (a the iirat Paris millinery bouse. (10L0RI.D HTRAW BONNETS.? WE HAVE NOW IN J stock the moat beautllul assortment or colored liata lo be ?ound in the city, frot?", Scout to VI 'i', each. Our ci'y custom - ?? Ma invited to examine them. W 8, BONO, 10? and 110 M?th aveuue, exactly opposite Jcfl'i r:on market. FALL MILLINERY -MR?. COOI.KY, 11211GHTH AVE ? nu?. between Fiiteenth and Sixteenth an-eeta, will open beranow rooms ou Tuesday, Sept. 2ft, with an elegant assort ment ot f? an 1 u Inter millinery. MRS COOLW, 112 Eighth tiventto. J^ALI. ANI) WINTER KAMI ION PATTER NH-AI.I. THE lates' Pari* nnd London mode*. MME. DEMOUST'h F.m I'oriuni ol Fashions, 375 Broadway. Madam1: p. lacrest, no. ?f>i Broadway, de aires 'o inform tho ladle* th*' sh?> will t |?rn her Paris millinery on T-tevlay, Sept. 2ft. \fBS. JOSEPHINE FINIELs, 119 OR A ND STR EKT, COR Jm. ner of Broadway, will open on Thuraday. September 27. ?ter aasartment of Pacta fall millinery, A-. \|B8. WHJ.IAMrt i BAXTER, 178 ATLANTIC STREET, ^vl Brooklyn, (nppoalie the Athciia nm,) will open Paris nill Unery, on Tneaaay, 25ih ln>t.. and respectfully mhIcu u call. MR*. Mi>ORK, 204 ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLYN, new ' 'ou.-*, will open hoc .-plotulld atock of millinery, per teamslilii Baltic, togut/ior Wltli thoae of ber owi, iiianiilseturc, m Tttesdiv, Hepi 2S; also a beautiful aiwortineat of rl? U (kney furs. Her trienda and the Inhabitant of iirw^Jj :i are reapeel fully invtU-d to call. MOVRN'NG BONNETS.? F??B l)KSt KIITIONOF KA.lt tholomew's eioiiaut mournltu' bonnet*, aee taablon artl > les In Leslie's Uazelte, licraid audExpreaaul Septem>>er 21 . Milliners supplied with pattern bonnet* at low price,. C f. BARTHOLOMRWS New MonraoiR Store, 601 Broadway, between S', Nicholas and Metropolltiii.. 4 \PEJil SO or FALL AND WINTER MILLINERY.? V Mrs. M FEElY, No. 71 ? I ?1 vlpl >n stroet, will r.iien on Man lay, MUi is*., a largo and beautifiil aa-orlment of fail and wfllHE miilinery, of knovn ImtiortAiion and manuuclure. t . ?biob she mm1 respectfully Invites (he attention < t the puMk. Merchants and mlltlncrs wanting pattern l < nticis will find it o their advantnfrr to call nnd euuniM Uitx anperb MoA before pnrobaaiiu elsewhere, as it !? decidedly U.e rk-beat and mo attractive n the city. A call I- leapecttuliy ^ .tdtcd. PBKMIVM mjujnkhy.-wus. larahch isaach. Mo. 8MU Division irtrcot, ni-nr Obryrlic, would Dioat rc -pactfull; inform thu ladle* hi general t!?i *lie intenii open 11 ft har l.wj Mvli.'K of milltU'-ry on Monditv, September 24 which for ho.nity, taate and elegance of trtiape, are not to be -orpaaeeil in the eitr. Ladlt ? are invite, I to <xl' am) ctHriiini lor ibeauei.ee. I*. B.? Country milliner* auppiied wltknat ?era boons'.* at low price*. N. H. ? Our Sfo. ui :vj# [Hrtiiou piMl MLMNKRY OOODH.?VLO. N. Ct rTKlt, I*. X potter. No. M John K>reu>. IU' wtntii Infer a Mil <-u??v?ner*, ttia: bavin* ju-t rjlunirt imu Pari*. Ii* !? now opening (from eleamcr* Jur.t arrtr?d) Ox- late*< M/inforiaJi mil lis erf nelected and manufactured ecpfvwly for bin *a Im.. JUoh aruti'ial (lower*, new ?l\li < leather*. gold aud illver ? otffnres and omaiiitMi, farl* botiuet* rial Ac., lie , to which the al'entlun of buyer L<! "pcelaflr invited. rran wkwyobk mmmj*, mtm<inrut ooops ini> X Drat* Zrtnining Mart. ? Bar/ ?ln? lu n ry rich thafcloMtblo rlt/bona, bonnet ailts, bom and -ilk raJvi u. wtlni. oatrirli fhatbert, Y-rr.Ctt doweri, dre-iand rioi!:. Uliunilnir? fr, The laxteritgao'l wonld renpeetftiiiy lavlto hiK?ra gfm aliure ?oo<U> to tn.pe? l?n unrivalled and n irntrfi mil Mock, being determent no' to bo uuJer-i.M by any house in the . li?. The * hole?*if wtaetoouu have no connections wth tie retail atom. H'crc Otosed on w?r? Hitntpw. M. 11. LfCUTKXrtKIN, 90 Bouerr, COruer 'ji UeittrMM*, _ HOVMtS. R009f?, <5iC., WASTED. *in aaa? hothr wjumm? tm r m>th in ?p iu .Ul/V. Brooklyn inii from M.0M to tN.QOO < ?- n '*111 bf p?4 en account ot the iiurcbav" at :? **t Uouac. >voi 'It -?roin ?K,00>t to ll-OOO, in New r..rk. M.J. ?sHKiItOPf, S> Vhkmi *ro< i . ASRAJ.l HOi-K WANTED? IN BBOOkl.YN, VOK V k'iii* ; ft ail it (three or four)! near die Knltoo avenue -ml road. and ao! mo'ri iIihii > minute*' w*ik from il.e FnUoit terry; r*?' r,<t to exceed *-'?? nor nti'ium. vitro*. K K , box I ,M9 l*t ??' 'Ji e. A.SMlLf. FAMILY HOM.i) I.IKI4 T<i HIKI r?IK ri per part of n two ?t>n-y h m?i' aad '.aaomrni, bwlnti hi twflti Kidfcth aatl Canal ? /? ?, m the ?m.i i-kio ot ibm-by. Rent no wuMedUOO. jiHwiaj. I*.. Berold uflko. Boat'.D'Ko norsK ki rvi-hvh ok t vt rnvrsitKit wantei, u. >i *'??! nel*hK^f?"Od. n?.i a Vive I l<b mix ,t?. u-aoraru.')* ' 41) to at> kwrifh: iu>i-t ln?*'' all tbe taodorn iimtwwcM; "Of now BUod with p.i?r<U-/a urekrm, f<? w hi/A a rnar.on 'ib'e tenant may be Iran4. UUith 8tew*rt lleru'd mIkt. foi -hree day*. H0CU>WiXTKD Tn ITRCIl v-K, rilK w??>?T PA?1 fo"i'??!j. between Duine !.!"? Tail'th ? ?i>' of Jtroadw?r A(fcli??" Y. Kirk. f?W>n wj"*r. t'o?t<.ltl<< l'ri< not lor>ee^1 None l>u' owa*"i ueed an- i i Hovw: WAVTKD? K [">? NOYKMUKR 1'TKHT, f'OK ?ix niontha n f'inil?h<-d hduM1, Bt>' higher than T-v rletli rtreat and not l*r ,'rxa Itioiidwatr. I ha ?4wlw r ?watatu a good three H'rt-y Uo'iv, wltli modern iaprofMBenir, ? ?>mp!etei? I iruiahed. and la wllilrt ; Ui pav ? n ni Dim ^"l to ffW i raon'H. Addrr.^ t?n 7*> |?o?' okr? . S-nFA MiDKVKAU WANT Kit? t INK .-H "Ml II AKll and in ffood oi'ler. A4dr*)?n Fti'ii un?. II* . i d -latino pr'. xs ai d who? pt? M. TlrANl'KI>? A SXUI, OKKTKW, mil -f; fjs TIH! ff cttr, for a fatally or ih> ?. or a >? rh urnon d, in the oouatry, conv-ni^nt ot ? .?. Oonimi?li?u ;?n it !?<?< - d. Addrma, with t>:no.-'.1 boi I Poet odi. e. WAKTlKTt? BY A OKNTtJtRAX AMt TIN Wffi. 1 ami I three aiorj h> ? ? ?lih ill Modern tm|,r'.?cmen n>4 ahorr Twetit> ?drd ?r I if low Bleeeker, Ntwi nilrd and Mith aTenu'-". \ will ftirta-.."d lwi*>- finfttm mtm H. C.. Hern hi >0ic? UTAMTKn-TO rCKCHX8E A rwt?OR rrip.KF. Tdl: v f? klim. MMM RoaM ifld Tewh ?'? , wl i In U>te,. btoeka 0<lh iMdway, etthcr -ide. *.l<ln ? It. I?. Herald oAM, ai>t slate lie loweit price, whii li <n 1 for lluvtu ai. WiltR) TO UTRR,? WAJfTRO, Tlf.l MAY, J Wt^T ?iaai fttrnlilMtl how*", Ihr getitl<maa ami wi e Adili <m ho* 3,4?1 Prv offic" with Whm Md number of nouae, or ? miawer. __ ________ TITANTKP? PART OK * OKNTKKf* HWSK tITrATKD \j Maw Rieeekor ?treet, weal at Bn>vJ ?ay, tn *Ae rctgh I <>rbood oi M .1 bn . park jirufern*! by a naia'.l, ijnie? and ??rir respertole la.T.i.t. '-onf ? lej of # geir'?tu t .'i? twl t hild. Addr^w ?. 1. . h.,n 1.V7 \'<m< ?? TMMVBh'tS BROOkLIR, XKAB rt l.Tnv KKlthY, . ) a J arlor. t?o i - hree ,?;';pln..f rot n.?|atid Vtl eier., fltra ?bya1; family ot three pcraonr, fV"ni ..v a- |. XwnUer, AddreM t??er?'n. Ileraid <9l?.e. WAKTKIV-A ri'RM-llKIt lIut'M fN HKUOKLtW BK tween Quit ?d Itiaotte ?<?.. nntll I -J .-t jv K* a ?o*tl fa??r Aildi-e*" K ., hot t .MI. R-v Y<?* M4N "VITA NT*: it IN BHOom.YN.-ffll. IBTHTMB ff wouM b? gW\ m n. ? ? ? h an Vt' -? ?'* *?>Bf half of a ri..-m?hed l?'t?i.- o let, wlih 'be ne- < .?nry ?w,Teti[ t?ee? for houae?c"i>lni'. -ll'U '^d In a t l?.i??t.< utirt^ health) part of Braofclyn. w.ihlu 'wei.ty iitham?? walk <* TuVfl '.arry- Tbe famjy.^ 'i. n.m.'vf ?aa P-f?r?aamiil M wlU mate al. psir.l u.ar<. Id.- a-fnt ; r inpt'ifc Of raar. Addren ?otagw, a< ihe Herald ?c . 4 YOCNO OfcMI.KR AN OK INIHTkM'! ; V I tO ANH, j0L *r., who |k ttrtttof Wumpe. wtaliea to ftn.i the araaalatsmee of a r'?u\i sAj ?* m?po^?f?<tr* /pp^rvvce tad atakihle dial'- Ion. *h.? f? limd rg I ? a*.? inn;, wiJi a *1' w to ?atr'taoaj. Ail c aoi.i ini<*uloo' atrli'tly :'*& lrs'inl. and in goad faith. Ad lr? - ?>. J. J. B'aek. Po>' r. *re ATOCKO MAN. wrirt !l AS AMI'f.l: MHANH ANII Rtl r*laiK->M. wir'ie. I" t/fc.ke >W- vti<ialnia?f? of BMta band ??M rotin, lady. '*1th * lew to DkHru^n/, n, .ne, le do <A< ml d- be La* |i'4(V ?* t'l all 'be 'uanrtea r '.hi, lf? ruiaae a4i-e?"t ronf?l"tlal'! . 'o the 'U?der l^aed, at the Rra: warrtxt oaee win* ??? atal where wt- euihaee acta rarWiw. R H. Stwil-lir* ?2.000.^^^^!!?^, ^tsjiir&sBxsiaxGxm a c??"-r i-.-trT m O'l? >e, a flnr dagra BB OkMWR. ANNIVERSARY OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC OF Mi <- ting In WMhlnKto* H?ll-8pMrhrn, Son|(? and ttfPtluMnt>~<lw). R, banders on Ike Boat ram ? Thf Hlmrrrj, IbiuH aid Other %BM<l0n<t, &t., dir.. die. The anniversary of tlie French Republic of 1792 wa? telelratd yesterday afternoon, by the Society of llie Mountain, at tlie houae of Mr. Lievre, in Went Hoboken. About fifteen peraon.1 assembled at tho headquarter* of thf Society, No. 7- I*ormr<J street, and proceeded from thence to the place of meeting, wbere]?hcy enjoy ed theni ulre* for un hour or so, in dlMUrting the principle* of republicanism, ami where they also cat down to an ">x celleot dinner . The atluir partook more of the character of a private party than a public demonstration. After singing (be Mar."Waif, the company dispersed, evidently well pleaded with th? manner in which they apent the day. There ?t.i a call imued for a great meeting of republi cant* of all nation*-, to assemble at 7}t' M., at Washing - ton U all, Elizabeth atreet. Washington Hall hi an estab lishment where lager liler is retailed to thirsty democrats, and there ih on the premiacs a large tmloon, where they can Hit down und enjoy themselves with their pipe and pot. ThL- is the halt which win secured for the holding of the festival commemorative of the 21st oi septeodmr, 1TVJ, No, not seeored exactly; tiiere was pome mistake ubotit that. The gentleman who took upon himself to arrange that matter, had an interview with the worthy '?frau;'' he spokt lreieh, and -he happened to under stand only Oert'inn and Knglisb; *0, "liat he thought w at a regular understanding between them about the use of the hall, the gooddawe understood to be an appointment to meet "Mynheer" and hare a social glut* with hinion Saturday evening. The hall wan, in the meantime, hired to some other pai ty? German? an<k when they all met la.it evening, their rival claim* were urged with tremen dous sputtering*. At length a cr,tn|ir?inlse ?-o? effected by some means, and the republican* retained possession of the halt. Half a dozen of the tablet* wcro soon occu pied by aocial partle#? including several of the fair sex enjoying themselves over lager bier and rin <mH tiain. The attendance was \cr? m eagre, and there fH to l>e an utter absence of anythiiig like organization. George Maunder* was tiiere, with hu thick beard and low erowned Vat, b kin;,' a- one of the reddest of '"the red*." Several other p. "ininent politician* were expected but did not come. Ire- Idea had gut out that tbU was a pro-slavery move, and there w?% some little feeling manifested on ha' point. How the sense of the meeting was e\bibittil on tha": point, the report of the proceeding* wiilthow. When the lager beer had been served round, aud the pin,", and cigurs were in (nil blast, and when thing!- altogether looked very social and comfortable, a riloji ? opened the tall by ringing one of tho'icraps of tLe ultra n volution < t. Another ctbn/tn attempted If Mttiwdlpi"1' but did not know either the Words or music, and so broke down. At this Interesting Juncture a sort of organization was proclaimed, and the business of I he evening wa- iritr.stncediin a formal man ner. That is to say, Mr. I'anl fl. Hpittnoorn. a Belgian, acted as president, and Messrs. Si.t.;?tier, A. T, tllllls, an<l George N. Sanders, as vice presidents. The President ca tied. for, and after ome live minuter, obtained silence. The session was opened formally. They w-.-ee nil as sembled, he said, to celebrate the gn at day of the lil>erty of th" world ? tlmt i- t<> say. the proclamation of the I rench republic. (Ifuzzas.) Whatever was their dee tiny, tho sentiment of liberty and r -puhlicanisni should ever be anchored in theii heart". lie invited ail those who de.-ired to*i>eak ( j? mhx I ? i-iiij' i to make it kuon n at the utile. No person an woring tbl? Invitation Mr. Splttboorn retrained bl? divcourse. lli' reci^-d th" caD of the meet log. Atnericn he said. had gri i "n the ft t modern amplo of republican!*?. ami Frnueo. in 1793, followed her example. America lutd done a Rood thimr, not tor herself alntie, but for I he Mow of buu utility. But, (.ope rated by the ocean, they. ? the American* ? bud Um. i.,iik nnaillM neutral. KtMcliWl fought for I laukliu, under 1-afuyette, a- France had s heady been initiucte.! iu rcpublicaiii-m by Voltaire aud i. J. Roal?*aii. the 1? f and wisest of men. Frunce exm nded for the Ame Hean war tPOl^COO.OtiO, ami Aiun lea should recollect that Ingratitude. But Hill, republlaan America wu- not the Messiah tliat they expected. In 17SH the people of Franco desired to have the right. of man 1 1 1 im?w il though I they did not a* yet know under what tonnili to <wi ie tlio new order ot thing*. They bellcted in the {fotFrn mint of law, a" Mante??|titeu . America was not sob jeetod to the tfoTcrumeut of lair. Mie va? goreraad by circmu-taui" -. It la true that n remlnDou lud necu> t il before that In Fhgland, litter Oomwoil. fie thought it a HkNOie for Kn/t .mi now to be under the gorenuitead of a wonmn. fit) always c umwn ?m i:.u. but ah- -houli Brevarre her true poaUon. Woman would lie re?peeted when ?Uc *n- no lon??i - i>y? c? < <1 In viatwrxy anil monarchy. In Frunea, ak>. a Line i> allowed to eilat, France 1m I, therefore, :o< yet attafjied tinthinif. King-, noble* and prieeta were coaepiiing. aud from Uitooe all conaplrcd, and France fe.13 bocai. -. h< Trf-hed to match Kngland. In 17W, nil powers wei ovrrthtrown, and the i.rieat* w*te ready to -jo aire 'tie t rantr'--. Happily, mnco and ligr home of g. njim wn? there. Among othei uplrltn, lloliosplerre w?wf. It mm V whD -inld that the people iai to rave humanity and liberty. It wot at thi" time that the republic nut 'proclaimed. Il .ticli had not been the ca a, liberty n?uld liare racenmbed. Krery thins done tiar< 179?' wa a ooitlrnnl teolllikn. The republic li?.? disappeared. That i* only what fa - mlllo iK'smoullnf predicted. These i ;' n might ? i i-.? i>m-? ? but n'Ti r could l>o forgotten. A man enma mi Italian ? a tor-ion ? who pa?sed hlmwlf a- a .l.vobln. and friend of Rotiesplerre. It WW* Honap.n to. \ . kllful actor, lie knew Iiow to Make the people belie. . thai In fought tor liberty. Rn* when l,e tiad tlia p<". < i In confUcatol everythian to hi? owu prow. The r 'public'* great men ha-l disappeared. The .. m lind i?|ierc 1 them. Hut Mu draw a reQ over thi* and oelei rat tli .lrit i-epul> lle. 11 Is It w hi oil WT .uglil to celct r.tt" to day, win n all men have laralto proclaim t'>" rightaofmnn. But the republic di.tapi and and legit Imaey re-nppeured. l/iui* i^UIpp" came. But in 1W the ri'publle .n/ain returned. But tiwMen ?! the?e it* were aot able t > ifre? tofether, an I they fell wlien tin y s?i-lud to priM'Uiui tho French republic iu'teod oi the uutreiMtl rej nbli>'. . At.pl... <? . in l?tM nil p .r' . gl. ivt ..?(<! vide by Jan. The 1*1. pie- li.uilil l?* one iiatini 'I it m'ji 'ty. T' ey kl.oulil havi . .-I but it"' In- t! -uji..itot (uclali-m. I oiiri leri i.i, phib ri-t.-ii. , a.'. !Tie obstacle W? tie landing irmv. For 0l? pei'^anen' army of I^niN 1'hlUppe the rtipubh- wan jup ??iliio. ll.eiwi.iehj In-en i lie i a under tlio Ron. iti " pnr lie. i . an . e w ?uld I .are lutd t? inake aar ti t:'e other ,*" ? ?? thi v Itad permanent ariul?-. The pro iitional repaMie fell lie ??au" It did m- \ u * * h f n,..'. if? ctMi'd mu prove any nil'ltary talent; in.l ? et u the Vti'lonal A< " inblj, I ?b.tin t n?y, thoy granltid toitini th< iny. France U ao l^Bii a repulse, on aeoonat "t lie dWi ?!i.u< oi It ti.-t chief* ici tient nieler tii" yok.- of till" man. It W t- p^?,?llb il fasre, but pen. ? it will not bare, baeaan FnuMtloN nut tiu'it foi piiiuipiw- mare thaaFnglund !'? . On tl it . .".nt they innot eon ijuer npeople of tlafff. lit ? bo; ...flnf-i h?'.e l?fi a r:e-?' which l?-<l?y a liuii.lt. <1 ' one more rr^iubli.'itu than It wn-. wan. ihe republic l? only |e t.|,- n .w h? the ?<4hlarii. of al aatleu-. Tb -.foi- itl?tl..t w^aii "iii/ht 1 1 declare tor the pubhe. When .xi I- att..e!.i-.| we ?h" II .11 fa tarn h- -. a."t we ou<ghl ,.ii toery rif la ripMi/nf .?'!?. Thnt ? h- apnblie ?? t in'. It-, fnrmui 1* lib. i-ty eqnallty, frat< rnite. >t e an ouIm eipeet tM ol t.iin it *1. 0 I >y alty ill uo iu. r e*i-r .uywhere S'fi i'Um It the fature '4 tl:? woi .'ngmen It mn't < apply th>? great decider it?iu. to *.be'u. Mo*npo Htm muat 1? abtNiWi Ti at lu?? fr gbtenitl '.e po? . *or> at prope; ijwj aud yet *o>iali<m i? th" m - t.Wiu taaeou' I'ren to than. If all nation* ????!? itr? n fiat -nbdeet, then *\% 1 <>ui ? w-irk w.mM In -n... wh to -..i . t jeir uiNteri.tl and intellectual ?an I n. loleed, the/ might Halite the?te thr ? fW'< i lll? irt) . n ity fraiei nlty. >lr. a ..v\ :.'r 0' zt adtl reaped !b< live In? The <vmt<Mt ? ?I lay, V ai l w?- i ^'tween deapatiam an.i Ub"-'v? U ItMMI cMUWuM and <t*(tHM*% Hut; th" ilayj ot j.Mticw will cmie, a bun d iu.tfsra<*y la uuiv<-r*al. Tl^-re aoul>1 bonom ' >'u?.na mote -'..re, no ne r?t prie?t. Heli gton w"nll "lan be aet proletarian bat a *ntiriient of liumant'). lWt?IUw> of '.hi 1 nit<?l Mate- .v no' ?..I*' I e.in-cl" er; and wbv, Ihi u. ihooll tlti ? be a ftrffr V< *?ew the 'anj.ti< ? '.'tl and .he fanatic I'ro MhU !>?' u?. lie .?ltl, march ?gaiu?t the ip\.r-w~ir* rt'i unt'- 'tj <d?! ? ??r> ?' l " w JifwW/w Cn>f.-. Mr. Ramvtcn ftdl"W"l. 'le nmoaa.aiiaeoor.ihai t? YieUir llug'>, ''latail tb- 'aigliaii di.mocrjito wwmwii to .me t- he t n.'e<t ? !| w? ao* an t. t he waa a ptanl>*? and he w> .at ??!, thereftw attempt Vo btake a ionrf ? h. Mr. F. Ti' iWR i< :? ! j - ? ?: b h bad writ u m the anaiier iry, e... ;??? w th a prayer that 'ley ihould ba p? > t'.ltte l tr. ? e ? in. >?? he H. . L< if 'b ehlldh'H.d, anlt.' '< npii itll ir ?!? ?i ? Wmlj, to fre. their count rr or to *i? for it Th" Jfaea^/le.e '.hen " tig *itu much pit bj V". Le H'^h, w' i? pi' pw- 'I, a- a V ??'. ? a rrrl*. Mi. A. P. 'ifl >?.a eth' t. i-t ' Irt I I" .yraa<." flu the .ie-'b I .11 tyraa* i am! ra'e^ij e fit ly invle i nappv ? ''' Mr. 'Itmiti. >: V. ftulwa Uvn itr -lue*! '.o 'lie loeotiaif. II* .aid, though bo Ik! not un !? rit?'i'l by b" falcnot ' cd of what bM b?Hk meike?v? ret , by the a-.'iow nf the npioker- tad by tha feeponae cf 'h.>ir auj;'or?h<' tmdeiatnadMaii ?t?l f h ? itear-y ipj rtbaUon ??? til the'. '.Jkd i--n - ?1 Ivti' to-alfbt. The t> tidetit of tld? meeting trae bn"wa to him 'Hro ifh his frteiele. He had r. retired ? letter Irom ioai- W?U" <avin< that tliis tiatnan, the l'ra-.'1'nt 01 th.* IBletfcig wai a fw.tri.rt whom B' ml/ht not dread to tAk" to hb !."wrt He htd recetrtnl aeetiraooa al*o ftnai Mt Mathlaa, oar Kin -'er tt fleigltim, an old tugf, tb.*. he ' tb* Praaidnrtl ?v? m-o whom he might tmk-'tn hii heart, ( Apf'l.i '! '*, ) H" f'ar ad that library ha I fc?d -oraethin g Vi ? with the tnaagre. nuM of the maetinf- He (Mr. ?.) had un idea to hare introduced ?nch a ?iue.t ?,nid h* wi^ur- 'he Pre-w'.-nt had not. (Crlew <ir ? ? Mo. no.") He mvl narrt nwle a Bh iu hU lile, but from 'be aaagr'M ? oi meeting ha felt railed nia.n to say mwnething. In l^ir-ipa. aa-1 whererer el*? he had been, be had borne ?be f-o*t of rad repuelieaaiaut Though be wtw the fnMVl of Victor lltigo and Lmii' Kane, atill ha traa of the I*dri HolHn ?'henl. (Applanae.) He wa- tor 1e?lh to tyranta. fOieera.) Hewu for the gn.Uotine. a a.! he wonld work tt by eteaa, by (1? , fTn raeo.loa ? ? ppiau* ) Thti w?g a k,t while Utfa art tof j nlggw* (General k* ent ) Ho Uvl prepared 9 iO ment, which h" wouid now oOi-r.? The Red Republison* of Amerlr? mint work .*nd wait until the 4ih o- Mar-h, lhftT Cuba anil the EiMnors tan wtU be thilr opportunity. K. Pnrwi, th? Privldont, took occasion to say tfr?. ' tnfy WW not mired up with the qucnUoa of ?lawry. 7}i t mu,t fa libei&to tV whit* alatea before thinking of Ul? ? , (Al>plau?*.) They should tiy to han- aU America . 'n . "ir "lTOr. ?nd therefor - they chouln not In terfere wlv , *iuit *ubjeet. They should lay a*ide all question* of * 'U(t *? that U?i tnitert Stuten might act h- n nfnpDf k ln ft?W of European hb< rty C'iti/. n C.i> taw, ?'>" h"<| been iu th?' SoutL-. (.poke ,u faTor of black aiuv er> " ">4 'Ucueht that the black t of llic Se-j'h were bet'. r'W-'I lor ilt.in the workingmen of France. Mr, I.. C'i nc Bin ie a ahert speech whl- h he beggid America to render to Europe tne aid ^t-i^h burooe had rendered to bar. Mr. lUm made a ound : ad good si* V'ii aghinat the agitation r f alnrf ry, which he attributed European r ? actionem working' here. Mr. 0. N. MimuIu aguiu took the ibx.r. fle ha* e?l dently uiiataktu the character ol the lur.t 1 Vte-li. He therefore liegan hy denouncing thU attempt to introduce the aubject of alnwy here. He eoiiai<l?red the ?vr*?ident of the C tilted Siatea a* the mere toad; and mei * irsiitu tor of l.nui* Napoleon. He had dared to eseri-i ^ the power* of the republic to nuke Kunwis n free State. and this rerr i>l*TC iutetfeienco would lime the couute." '*t feet. Ir New Kjiglaud und the Northern State*, n aid i*> inklxt that iLtn-ai. mu?t )?? a free ^tate, it in ??r will be, but if It irtre let alone, it would be u fret- State. The at tempt to interfere wltli slavery fa trcunon to the t rdted State*. tmt greater treaton to the republicans of th? world. Why, t he rdin e, wa,- this onMtion kta.it.dv How could they act legitimately on ft But the >>la?V repuhllrnna wish to une tj??* red reptibliejinH for their own ends, although they wi-roilrlUngtnefon-igneic out ol the land. If he wnnt.-il to be President of tln> Called State* he aonld go to the South to attain that distinction. Af ter a lew further remarks of the same character, Mr. Sander- again eat down. (?ur rffortir left at a late hour, and eren then patriot ic hpt-ecly* ami refolutiouary n<mg- were not showing -Igus ol evhauatlcu. Mayor'* HtKM. STATION' Ot * BANNKU TO THK HKSf'lt VTO COR.'H HV THK I< 1 J?IE9 ? Til K I It I IKHT TAKOKT ?XCUKXION. On the occasion of tj.o recent 4*1;,. I* ?f the member* o'the Sew Vork city I'olice in the Park, it will be rerol leeted by many of our r?ader?, Mayor Wood, Ilt the ?,ig geatiou Of :ho la lie* , pr. *ont?.| 0110 of hi* e. lebrnted badge* of merit to a policeman for hW gallantry iti aaaiat ll" ltt,llcM lo cro?- ? <?rtain part of Hroadway, which i| n-ual'v rery tnnch bkwkaded by the jfreat number of omnibus, carriagui, ?n,i a|| -orfs ?nl cUgM.N of vehicles. Ai tha time. thi-. premutation ctuw-d aon? fx cUc-iwnt. a in! sugg. ?ted toaevcral of tbo fair *e* the him of making Mime euita bio reward* to other oAcerf equally deecrviug of fpeelai dUtlnetlon. Actual.. I with thb. henerolcnt deaire, Ihoefoie, a number oflmJIri, redding lor tlie molt | .art In I'nion *<|uare, or it- ricfnlty who have had muse to be thankful tin many (food aervlw* rendered them by the "Star*." put U1M1 head* together and. with the aid of their Wilful lir^ rn. and , bounfoo.M pnr?o, produce*! u beautiful blue -ili. banner, . die I with a beuTT gold fringe, and having in , rib. d upon it the oAbl: r U' ,h" ????'lpal r..rpe by the , f th. ( Ity. Tide. 1,, 1 h nnderatood, an* to l? preaeut. d to thv ' < nrjw who are usually 011 duty in Hroa.l whj. jm Friday t Major rocHvoH wfth no binill amount <?f gratification, tin- following letter;? vIl MIh4 liuno.r Woon, Mrtyur of Uw ch* ol Nrw iheli appi ertM ic^ot thr i-oiirteonVittlVn! ion patil to* iii' tr com* ami the principal *ourr*> of ibe h.nell' and roW<jrt* they al' i','1'- >" re'l'clfnlly take lb' llbc Tj J {?. "K "ZXv':i:^XASY ''UilA Ala.ut R o'akwk on tlie morning Kri.Wy la t the re ?er?e rorp?. un.ler the I. iMlendilp nl !l lr sergeant ?lr Munn, 11 nd aeeomnnnied by IMWnrth'a hf.n.1, n-e^bled in the pie . -a lit walk, of I nion nqitiro, at?l w.-nc tlirouirli herarlouH nuht.rv evo|?ti?nH in a M-ry creditable man ner. Tl.ev JWrmed a pIcMnjr ai^etaMo, met b..re a m at and (nidierlike appearance. At it .. , Joek the Mayor ar rircd, and wan rtwiTed with d. i...,i. tr U.uim of r.--i^<rt by th" <-orj* Mr Wood, In making Hie pr . nUtb n dellrered .1 few happy remark*, exprewtive oftlie 'l+j-fir , 11 him to -. e the "gaiUnt . orp. ' pien-at x?cb 11 Hue _and orderly appearance. Ho wax pJeo?vl, li# aaJd ! rtlwn V,uW,? atUntion to th. o.M lTe.' l 1 "V1. I>"'lU dlaofcargo of tlu lr duUtw atvl hop..! ther wonld alaay, conUn". u. ,ut la thT J^ manner and ai-. W. i? the ,f rt 4 t ?n)j ,n-, but "Tor* <-la?? ot iho r?iiimunit> M.-. Milan, on hclvilf of hi. ^ , - , UuittkeJ the ?'?die- and the Mavot for thiir klndtu rf- lo 1 U-nmb / manner, and ewrlmlei amid-t tfroat iippiaoie All.-r t lie ceil moiiy U,.. ,;,.rp. nturt. I f,.i Stoker'* '?ay, niu re tiieir h<>otiu^ *u-< to take p!a' > . ovKijamw or 1HK HIH'-K op coitHhi rio?f Vfrr Ti> THK H A T<> II. In the morning .1 lopul.tUoft of the r..t im 1 Corned! and me citizen* ??f lu.-l..u il?iUil :t?? M .yor ? mice. It d.n- 1. of Thaelie. Heel, (eb ilrman. I Oiarlei Jlur ?? r<. r. ll. Ilrainard, I.< ?i Bob ?, |;, (.. J. A f.'uui mingf. I,. Cr.igln, J. II. in.. ,, ... w. n;lu ,, w. Me* MBger. I H. Wlnt'i and < I We.?!io." 11 . > iri tr<?luri?i to Colonel SliiiiT by Capl/tin l>xinuH. of (lie -V; cend ward. Theoolom I c>>ndii'-t?d iho <1. l.-v ulon lo th< IbiTerrior ? room, and *ita the a .L>l no - f Mr, I*on?rd, "brmed tie mall the wonder and cnrf'wdte ? cont lne<l therein. Axiong "t!..? < tin r?~. nt | r,-ynt to th" t lty by Me-'M. l'ou^nn, Mliert A ( o., neeineil in a rMidleular inaUBCr to attract th -lr adloln' on. tfi. r ? le rt o-biv the Mayor made Id- appearand- >nd gr et.xl them ,.H in thr mo-t fri. fidlr m.muer, ?<-- irlng thorn tliat every I c * Illy v<mM 1. fit'1!! tiiMii lor obtainiu/ any oiturim t'"U tliey miKht iiih d. Tlu- d< I< vitii n. It 1 'cm., are -vur M>cr? id lh II" ? oi Corrc'tlou ami other public laetll u 1 1. >n '. and detirou* of 'diiiiigliij 'Jjeir loention to lit** 1 Mia II. I. and of making many iinprovetnant- In ibo tf.-n.-r:. I arrarnf.-TDf n* .iml eondltlon, hi*., coi e t.i 'in .-r-at I41 plre ?ty t<> learn alt they can Which luay ri^-int them In effecting their object. ll? y had h.^>ii to tl?. Tomb or. tIou?1( . and. when they left the Oorr; nor'? t un. {..., eeed?l to lh* llilei * ofllce. In onlcr to bo mad. n. ..uaint - .-.I will. Hi M?I "ll. They brt.-ml to v ,il ..11 -h- pubU lteatmiiiK tile OroHiod *m my rvtorn to tU.- city I re?*iT<>.l the following ?ei manic >ti..n from tbat excollai4 cln/.n, fnpt. R. 11 Korb. ? a 1 oetuber of the llauiau* c - . ietv of Ma aehu -?lt?, >^i*rgie ir. d.-voi?.| t>, ih- adoption ..f mesne for tlie better profec'.i.io nf ) '.man lif.v ? Tk ?"V. fept. II, iNVi. f. . Mil' W, &?, N V..HK- Mv l>. IK '/I. ?Til r? cent lo., ,f . desr ft- n 'li h- ? 1 Lighter and am.tV b >. ly ...nnjr Ivly, b> dr0? uln ;l - an I?I ,nd n tie Kennoliae. re .|?-m It n?^.-.-.r? to l? all that ran he d< o to aTei' -iinilar .lamitie. The-* K.>.*ly Tlcthn" war. rn?o>d 111 ihtul water, arrt were tak- n out by 111 ln?\ I it'n ! per-in In I?hx than ta.nty iniuit. ?till * ?"??. 1 M" *e ? tad y.-t fro.: , *n|-r- itl'iim 1". In . wjuaily unf..r' nnat. nio'lrf. nothing wa* i/,n. t.. iiifci 'I 0. II re ire ?ome ?fmpb ltrectionnw1ii .dll ,ri lut ugP'iat. j /.n eard- f? <!arry la the t^vkei ? th< n"w.p I >?** * ill al- , publi'h them, VI ih?' a Mrenlation of |ITy ?hoa -and or more eopbv will I* In^urxi at <>n. < . I or if.??f tlia' th" ?ama Unng le dono in Ntiw York. An I mil n. a- il*ay?, f fljf ' tt? ly y^?r vrvant, B. II. FOfUSX Tie l' . w at .1 ? t e lit e?'iuji4.. Sir r??t>'rli>if per'vi ? apparently dr?* nad >? t'.rtif ?? tlj.. Iwk| v t?i th" n?ire i. lionae >r ?helt>'r with t}>ob?arf r?t*a>1. ?'trip an?l rib tt try, Wrap in ? arm blanket., InCat" the long- by el '*in.f lite nuMrila wltli thothun.hand lln^.ir. while yon blow f .rtibl* ii.U> the b. 'tth ? n.l then pr>.?- ..n Uie rboet with (l .. lutnd.

Agatn be ? into the moulh and .win pre?? jvl *0 11 for ' -n wln-ra# ?r -ln'tl the patient br> athe* 'uturally. ?? ? ; ?'. J nl lb- ? "'iwi. ?! . nt, - r \ i "t<. u * jd .0 tip fur mi }. ar tc,j.i I tb''i" U the lea" re*?.-t\ Vj hop< T . , ??/.?! ir. I io* iaii r- Ifely j- ? ? ? * c ,?|. ? .??. r , "T'Tl t*o bo'n ?' M :?! VV| f^t't j? la.v. i iif Pnllfli a. J'i".. *? .!? ? 1 | inn. n' io-m '.i.i lv t- g '?'I .11 ?/ . . it . n 1 r . . jie. 4 ? (?'tli.y him t. r 'b' .... 1 -n 11 ? ? v -i '? r * *-h ?. a a, ^ ., ,1, ; , 11 tin- -ity I't.ll.'ip* ? ? ? ? "t , . . .. /v he Kepiit. K .? '!? t ?? . n which *ill e l.?H .t ? w. ?.!?.! >s- :??? ?* 1 ??' ? * 1 . '??h'r leky* .. ? . o- I by" ? 1 .-ri ?? nwt it <b T-.b-rnac u .vug ? ,. n-? g n-t * . 'h.- * ? er?'i.,i .rnxt h -tiy ?i:i baa all ?n? witti KOMiNanuMM. bur l o P? '.l. t?l<w n?d W Parkaa. ! 'ti?i, " a. Harney rMr Vilb? Kraaeia 8 i?<? CMp laleiltgrnre, titt l'Mowi>an.~ "n IruUynlgh' a? Iff. -h?pp?i ?ne of ?he poike pbyMciaaa, aa ? r"''iru.hg lo h>* reaWetwe be he.ari ?erama pr?e<*d from tvmuI lota la Tealh ?trret, bttw?? aa aaea a aad ?, aad, on g<tng to the apot, be a* tmx fcih-wt draggiog a fetr.ale aer--? ti?e L da, lor the parpe n of robWy or aooe'-hmg eoraa. The doctor pni .a bla Ur of o?ee aad raahad toward, the feUoaa, ?ho Sad ia diSwaDt diraetloae a *i "<?iM through .one ahaaUaa la the nevghv rbr.al U?y are. howarer, ka- wn a* daaaeroa* eharnrVr. ? tut keaaty, aad we hafe, ere tbla, that thay ar? ta 'he *..?*. .t t&a At. b^-aphic .'eapatfb frvaa th* peo^rtetor ot th* Itiaa 'tale, tbat ryUt W aot bean ?t af *'*?'? ? i *'?? h? ?to?? 10J 4Ufj*'<Wxi M | IMPORTANT PRESENTMENT OF THE GRAND JURY, < ourt orOtdftnl fit ' ,Tr OKHCIAW INDICT* f> ? THK POI.Ti K W|Tn,.'ITln'M CONDBIOfMV"? BOMH1 tN COl'RT. Conoid raV.' aniiety pr vailed amongxt the audience an J city ?!DciaU t '""Qt 1,1 t!l? Court of 8e*?ton? during the tarly part of <h?, ?ftc~n"?n ol yootofday, ?? it ?t< pretty t?n,.r?l 7 n;ii<,rnv.K"* that the Grend Jury of liie city and count/ of N w Vol* w0'j11 *>?n ?ri*''r in Court and hand ia a hatch of >ndi, tnMlv ,t>uud aghiBit crlnJ nah- charged ?lth .-very vsi -ty ?' 0i?*ur(' *bleh ordlm rtly i a the . al-ndar, an weif *? ifc?in#t mint' pot ! *on? ctarg'-d with ff' u<'C~ which are %ot ulteu If^aJly ^eratini/ed There wai a pretty good ~pr'ttklinff if ol<t politician, an ? uU a 4 o? old and yo in? olhce LcHer*. pr. ? ?rnt in con.-*i|ueuoi>. At a quarter to two o'clock, P. M. , hi* Honor, lUeorder mlth. toci bi.? ?eat < n the Unt U and in a , b <rt tin. afterward- the metnber-t of tii" <?:ar*t Jury, preceded ky tJjcir ft. ? 1. n, I.iithi r ( . Carter K.i aj>|H-aiod iu Court Mr. Vaadpiw rf, ciork of the Court, callf-i over the Xtilof the Jury, when all th>- cccutleuHtti twoin baring awtwered? Hi* Itfc .d^r inquired ff the Grv 4 hxrf^tA ucuclt it? labor >> The foreman rep * I that *t hud 'fhe Keaorirr then ?a?l k' wn re* iy to .??r any re liiirlin ?1ii ;1? tue C'rani Jury hid to mala-. Mr. Cartar, !:vrein:iu, th >c an'rr. need to tb? -mt-r of t.'rt) loo", und. arnldj<t tlic inoit cxcitod attention " i the (?pectatoi^, hi>ud*d in a 'atcli of iudMmetif ? to 'he cierk witnout muL'nir any o^t. rvatiou :is t > the art at * of the par tie against whom r>?y vere found. I> then o^rnad ;? boo* of niir.-ite* and -'-ad a few general r'farkt to tho Ocnrt, to the etf-ct, th:4 th ? (iran^ Jury had duly and dilifc.vtiy ?? vim ine-4 into j'i the mat tein and thir(r? Niil>mlit><l ? ?? M "i <d 1 11 '.'<?? MutllWll in MMffK'sr)' to lx- found . during th<-ir examination U ey r^gr^tte-i tr? obaerre Mmt th" <xur-" tt ja?t.eo wn? Impeded. anil th'i good govctntnt-nt t>f (Ho city retard".), very ofUii, bj th" action of official, pin od in |to?iiioii ? of ti n t nuil boner; Unit parties WRtoflncoDiinHM to priMn who -houM not hav Ikcii committed, anil that p.< rt ip. were often j>' rmit'nl t'ic? rnpe eommitnti-nt mil in'Hctiaeut who ?ho>. fl him bn.11 ?.cnt f r trial ; tlie 'iiaud .lury regretted lUat.' -lit h n ? talc of things ?h' ui'l e?l?t, ami h;.d endeavored to rtuufedy it by indictment of the part lev offending : the rjaiingeuieat of the court- by l'oliee .luatlreh ??> foully n nit drflrlon t, if not ntt'l wor*e, an ' on the whole the metnt ei* ofttio (?tmiil lmjuc-t vi ere eoailut e Itbut many of the e*ecutlT? department- of the eity nee led ;i wln.h>M'iue ref< tiu. A' the ci iicluyi n of hi. muiarka Mr. CariiT *.H down *hva the Jlecord'-r *ald . ? lie thanki-d thi?fentW ncn i.f the ? irnn-1 Jury fi r theli u iigotK? r\nd attention !-i ridm-log them from theft U - bo> ?, be v?ou!il ob?trve that hw ojrre>d with the ritutikn wtde by their foreman. alto thr n< '??-ity of n <arri-r lion of the many criln referred to and unw i vlnl'itg In ? o>ir eity govi-r nuii-H. lint foe doubled if criminal iadict inont* wotihl MTeri the nH-dtal reform', which renmlned In fho hand* of th. olllten* of tin rlty nod eounly of New Yor!, at Urge, au-1 ?a- to be brought .ibenl, hh he cuKrhwl, in am ->hri way. Tlu? t-vlln prwalliutf in th?* the i'odr Ju?tice onirla wer" u (A 'ulJy utidir-Mwd In the Court of 8e<- dona, l.ut ? tv t?. t.. |,1 ,ii,!? ?... n .it gcm-ril tenn. llelutd found at general term that portiea ImJ JH-en for -khi*- reason committed whoehould not havt l?< a i-ouimitt. <1, unit he found thai prn tlna fire n.'t In co?tody, who had, fi>r ree ?ir not known to biui, V-eti pemitM to aieape by th. Justice* of poUoo ?ourt?. The woiklng of the?i* en?rt? f-imbtV-l mini of the labor for the grand JiiHi-' ??oil honci- the propriety of tlu- enmrWa of the foreman, W.th th" niAark' of th< llraud Jury, on the uwiia j im.m ?f the i?ubii< ianlltuUoiu oT .U* rlly. whlrli w. p r.imiiliTweTitary. hi* Ili-noi aj(ri-e?l. Tito (>r?nil .inry wu- thititU^ehai'? I Ihiri the ai'-hoiLi' :.t to know nhirh ?i our rlly uAi'i.Ja had t?i ti ImUcW, watt latimo'. M> ml* r* of the bite Jury w> rc coilarad by Uir'ioeu of lorutcr (ui?t, di-r of >ii) - ftwei." est; ?MtroK'Tl. f*-iil.UToieut poiltieal rivn 1Ul:4t^l, an t |io!l.ui ? wi^irinr^, I. .. I ha rtn ruiv '* 1 u 1.1 t> (fiypfi ,.y thOM. Mr. Vtmltrwwrt, ?lerl? of th" I'ourt, wa l? ihgi I .it hi- le?.k, but hf ? ouVI not ?ay nn>iliio? Mr. Oirtw, the for< 'uan of the pi wot Jury, wm <-n trentiil, but he kiwi*i1 hi? look and luiuntn tio*e? ni If th?y ei iitaJn.il Mahoiiict'H lavorit" lea*"- of tin- K>h n wo O'.lliihg fWMlliva ennlil l? le*r?n*l 'it any '|unrt>-r, >ml lh<? rrotrd ??a eornp^lle-l to uejiarati' It i? pxtty gwn ialljr umkrulno.!. howevr, '.bat am ng- luu ludictial ?re thrv nx'mta*- of the Hoard of AM'-mra, a I'mnmllaian "r tw? md ?? in.- neculi?( fity .U ert a id Umt <h" aeeii-iitiiti?? inwti- again-! !h?m, | ami th" te-timoBV wblrb, iia .illeg.-d, wtii be brooch' t? kovtala Until, will ?bin made jmbllA, l"rm mi "Xtraor ?ilnary haptei u t '? Iioa tin- ? ity i- ru'ad, ami by *b"in it !? I and K wrni-d. Ik.) i ??faratin{ the i<raad Jary paa^'l Iho K?I|. wlnjf RKWUTtUHH. I: ? 'I. 11i?i tba thank ? af !hi< ftmad !???>??? dtw , in ! hi b- ><?(?? tRKl>'r?l, ' . 1.. < < n:tar, K?|., I r" in i n, firrtliCiblfl, unpurfinl, aiid /? idnftMl/ iimnn' In irbi 'i I. tm - i|'?c)>fs r ? .1 Oh oiwrNM aii.l i ?? ? |~ -n lihlu 1 ? i ti ? / !iU "fit. i). II ifrtd. That Ui* than'. ? if thin jury :<( 1U1 ilac, I-, ' i hereby ; i U? r- rHm*i k Bfarkiay r ibalr i-fli 'lent ]ini Tnl< l.t. - arvl* ?* mir ???.?rcUrl K'w!v?w1 H'.'iitfw thaiilt' i 1 tt,li (!i ft ! laqiwut an ' Uiwntly <!u? and tl* Wt*ti|T ttwbo'l. la tin linr-'. ? T'-n (J ? ? m"!", Uw the OmsUHm th*y a0or>l*d tliH Jury up '-i lh< ir r.-.-. ni vl*it ? tha In-tii utl.m m 1< 11 . 'r h.'iiTp', in.! tliit ?# taka tbl? man* I i ronffr-.tn UU* ttM Board "f Ouiaii"i< upon th ir '?'w? in thx iiiaaagnaant <>f ilxna e*ta<.l<?li(>? I**, ami 'b?' tlx. -? pwfcrortw >n ! rlaaallaao* nMrb w thn r??l thrunffc .nit all tika in"titnli'?n- tlidtod, > ? .??? at auoa Ox- c?'" an I rompl t w> of ih" flur I <4 T> n Oox ?? Wrt ItaaohrML Th ul thx Jnry fral tlwn^tlVN ind?*bt?<l <!????! i I'n ? for hl? ??>' i mnal Attaatom ml tuJnaMi taferaiatloa Impuri'-d by !?> i ' ?< thi -< jur) up-'H tiirir r?? nt rialt. lti -uivcd. Tli tth' ixeratai .? ha .!!??. ??? -I ?<? vi i !? ? I tnaiuiltad t< t!i' It'i I (ifCi.Hril'irt t ( . - ' f <?f tli-' fvig 4?.{ r ? ?olntl'in- flatlet to th'-ri Thf llnniii Hlrirt *ul? !?!?? (a*r. I LI -ION <>l THK ( OKIXMKK'n IHQI'KH i >iK?T? noma i> hy l*< r>? vi m. Tlw lin??tln.j"ion ujBi 'ir?l hy f'..i n< v II I* .n ? a Tlmriday i?UtiTi> t-i tlx Uath of the < man Am* ?"a ? / r oippiM. il ,i) tb.i* ii ia i>> liiin i hi it- -I -ul< i-<? wie -on la.l?wt yaati-*<!<y ?)"? t ba^ntta elaa*|y Kft1** r- n? t" all It In fct.-ofifcr qa''rtnnaU Man tbat death >?? uj ?>1 by t 'Miaf -i ufli utanmi. Tii? ?> i?n?i iyi l?r. I"i.xv!i!, wiiu iiaJytM tlv maMU if th<- ?tor..4icb, ranxii" I all ennui.- -?? .hat u iy ba??h>< u raiaad aa ta tka ptoixiiiiii') i ! i?*i-.i ii .v n/ m< t ttiu f ? ru I p'.ay. It ??..<?? f..(L ?? ? T^mrin f. FlnnaFl, M. Dl, bttn^ *';'y oma ?!?-. ?< ?| and ?ti.| ? I kiw tiKi'W* a j.. -t n iii'h.i i .ru.tL.ni ?,f th V?ty Ari-im', 0>i'?, tyli , it 1M OnArw ?tract, 'iB 'he rlct>< ' b i / : uxtlatt b 4 'J-fri w r? ?ot -tl :aai; >ru" ? Uie '"4J w?? 1 iia *n.t r ?l.lf aiC. tbo Un(f ^ f? an i U?- <!>???.' 'h/ itnianli on trmtarf, arxt (;'.nf?lix I il oiit twr>!?. our,. ?i 4 .la?V '1 )i-i tb' King*, Bvw, ?Wivy? tn'i i ? -?'nu1 no -i( d'neaaa; m oMklwr * Uint'?f mw'yU of tlx" <v*?- ?t" af th? ?t"tna '1 f ll?wr?l Uwi yri?n^ of B!<-<?iai(! a<-M of %h?9 .in-i '.u >1' 4 oprim; 1 ?m. tfemtin Of -pluai i th'* 'Wyv I 1 aaia* t- > 'mr 1 atii by pn.- , laii-lac , ( ?"? tiitah Um bra)??>?i (? ten ?>/ ?? i anyway vi In with ?!n' to-t'. f .U-i- ?u . . ; 1 > i?uUl/ ifrwK.iB a -i ) ?i- fiB? ?nt 1 1 inilU- .? t\ pr (t ntl A qnaatlty nf ofinnl * i -a : ^ iaa'ii, i ?tv/ul4 think lh?' t'i- 'ipi'iT 1 baan takaak 9t>, ? t h-Tr* p <' mi *a tt tany ha?? hi* ?? tb ,r* <ry i??hid * t\> in. to prada*) l- Ui i- ? ? t ? ? ?yn pV'ti 1/f >0 fHri ?' v'y ' . pj. frBfu half an h- 'ir ? j ia *i ail .. b a laif t, and arbaa drowklaaa. a ad rt' * t-i In It 11 ?ally utaii'Uly pr<ifrii???? ?t iu^raa-* iv.i ?.'h, laiaiii *i l"f tad ailh by V ?%(??? a< , ?? ? .M<aa ?anatran? m rar fr?tji {Kiiaaaiaf y>j >p nm, l?c 1 t. i/ ?a*" .r at aae meewet aftar ?a ?d?vt< ot >; j?it. 'm 1 , rfSU that dac????4 m*y ha*< t'^'n rfvia-n ?aM ?Ira* "f 1H> >lf Wir* ah< r U' ?f*h' P'1- n. t t)a? la n?* 1 <ual I <ho'iLl Jti ,f ? ? i ? ha<: ' /i*?ah 'it *~tl( at. A laadaan u ^aaatiry .? m <aa * ?i bMi Th? oa a aaa Ux a <11 1 V* * jary, a Aar ? brkaf 'ooenltali ?. raw! t?l f llowteit aart 1 W rh^> to aaa^ mm* u> tf-r 4r* <6 l>y ??W'la ? ktoa n?t? < hahhb or r*L? r?rrr*f t* M?o?H KV'??m, ? Vut'lxe ??, \,i, Vu *unV.ii rtrwrt, ?? -*en >?/< ?fvlj bj #rf?ai* Huul'U, of ? h* TtiJ I I r u*Or?', *mrr.i wtlii fcloO !>'<??' t? M rt U v.* r-: ?urt* ?!?* K?*4 o? e*Ul? r.!vl i( 91, ICS, '.W i if EiMb^b n?r4, < ft* SM hp !ot?? pt?>w. *?1 ? f- -Tl'rt'i I TV ??n pluiaont kiM?? U?t ?k? *?? in4?<M4 to ?4rt w+iJi bar VT<\j cm tl* ?mr.mm* i pinmiM to km M ho *?* o mm of i- <n<Vi? TtWo mm waJ to i/ ? ?(????' to nofco (owl Ik# d*M J?>'lo?W*?4 to*"* iHr^nw ?*. erj?r?T?4. h?M IV ?" .?K ??, mi"?l u*ir U? Mtialr and (he 0r?<un, MB BOUia HtfW PLAT?A N ATI W A MX 1UC Al? or is a. " I rim <*.# <]! Rimini," ? tr?jr?dj in Or* ?rt?, by Ht. 0 ? ?>'??? H. Hokci , 1,1 lliii.deiidm, wUl t<e pUyed. tor ibr lliV time, at t'.ip ltton>lwk> theatro, on Wet/i'inlAy o?*t. M-. Holer in already uroraMy knuwci t<j Uv ttiMltre going public by erreral imo' W'Ail p!\r? ,mvng thrai " J he Betroth*!," whioh lia* been fri<|uuut.y [ilayed At thu Brotiiway tli aire. The htfiif of t|u play at pif'tt'Ot unite: conmdcrMlon Id UU la Italy, M Kan una hod lUmiui, at th< befctnalue of the tWrt ?uth a ntury. The l#itd?r< ia tha deadly feud* W??n tlio (luelplu and Uie (;uil.b?linrr have resolved ujw.n un tiinr 'lieir fan l>y m&rr *g", a? tiif way of '? cumhloif out' :he dilllcu.ty which hii" *o lonjr enMed letne^u tlieui. It* partlwt tbtts to be an.tnl arn I riinri *< a, the iHughter of duJdo ill I'oieadn. lord of Rwunji, ?rd I ah ciotto, the h?lr of Mai?t"*(?, tortf ofKimfttt Tlie yoiiu# yn>th have never met, and *T?, cf con r?e. nomewhat liver? to the m?tcli. Ifc.-t the owl men !tr? inetornble, I ?nil tli. ,v<fi.*r I ' led. 1. , -if lotto is a rcuffh .?>ldi<?r. with mi i-. U?t""i f*r t'lf >mt ? ??m alto ticn foi hi" lifn'ht IV In. The latter l? ?upp<l,wdfo b? iv* Apolio, while tU,? ftrinor i* ?u oifty, tni? h?i?ii vri tch. I<?a?iott<> ixMjd.i Paolo t < lir nj ! r??t*<ri? to Rimini. f<he IaII iii lore Willi tu? he d^oinc co*'Ali 'r More lie :>*? tr tain- that ht' i> not he future UtttbAnil. He In i*b <rt lore v? th the lady, but repre-ff* hi" paw I on .ml n|? nl ? only of UN Lroth.r. "Ihey go to Ijr.eli'to. !!?? mmi duitely ,'aila d.-porateiy In lore will* FrMcrMt, wh.., through !.nir of bir fctber di'^f not to wy thnt .*b.' do it ni?t low him. ftj the time thnt t.h* nwrriHW t.Up placf, I*QCletlo t* p ttywoll ?ntl-t' ?! that li:toc<?<? do- - not Jov bfm, but l**d? fh 'U.-|i*rt that .'?Id- luih u M for I'a"*1o. I! U: ?o< 1.' t ?t the : itsr ?'o ?mt fjupli ? ruing e.' tht tibibt eUnex. Nuw It ?/ ue<'< -?ftrjr to lntrodiico nac'-Wr cliArii^r? ti^t of J' -j ~, 'he iMiir? jp?ttr~vh? I# more e<'i"??on ?-?n?e tSsn any ow* ?J?i- u the piepe. I'ep ? liai ' ifti I < .iteu t.y ??? tli the bro tlif' fo. I'orne ol ^h- <Jrc.>? na, ?ud ? ti'*? ' ' t"iVf*'-n then:. I( COTOI ? t< T iUfloCo . rAlup, A i t !? I ? him Hmt hi* wtf- mid hl? hrot'in ?:? lot: iruliu In ht' ?b?i n?e, nut n)?T "itit Vi> Im* t>een ir i by 1' ) tn i, ? i,. ,li,.?t?? iAfic'ottoi lu p*Ci'i' &( wl- h ie ehc?* I'mi.'i s 'liur jf n r, whiili th?- Jon' t h^? ?tolou. tiriil". ill* i'?l e on the . p' t , ; aii ? pOft hu?te to iUiulul, i i? 'h' lover embracing Mch ''hey cvuf' ?? t|. rgiiilt. Umeiotto kitiik ti'Pin bc'h m I "u \ *M) ? < 'ait brother. ?v. !.<iv* r- nd tb< - p!a/ r#r? Ai"? I - i" . d ? ? i r^nl-.a upon tl ? mi-H ? unl ! If !.;?? l> ? r. u ( t r n thai mtut l< apf>arrnt to ?? wy < i . I ? ? Mr. Itober - productions, tin i cr *t 9o?. ixotUlr, . Dii \uuy p?>nx"i *rt ?li?tiu(fn! ii.nl I y '*?ut<#? 'It Da import, wei>Tpcct, *111 tn.skf i gi ? pi.ri *it . ihr hf ? II In rorjr *oo.l a ? It U> Thr pi o' Jaw twn cr n; ? full/' r*l > jr i d unit will hi* pl?;**l wltl. ?'l 'In ? llriuwoua aid* oinnr ceu'-M, Milal > ?*t. ?? ? . <te. I * to J hi piMI ?h?t tlif [.fopli- ?? ami ' i *hot i t country Till give ? ftilt rhac.'t' Ar.r H ?? i> it v.- r h) ?(.'.*<: by a t>t' . :irtlM, ami ou i.f h" r J '<">? On nay nUtge. llr. .1 r .'i# liu trrfti'in an ? p#>n i.ili.l Kip Vv Wtokte," ?!iltli i*ill *!.<>rUy U> i'i ?nM at Nil!o'? Hw J?n. TV Kbtctto {by Mr. J. II. MUnwi K>'<| O.uu.lf upon Nf Irving "f' O *n'f WIcit ? ll< |>M ?? neatly u poaalbln. TWro !? . h'niicr. au original plot whl?li b vurMnl dt.rlii^ Itip a twttilv 1 1 ui p. Tli- <?< tlon of tin. ( art of tli ? rpm i? anppiw I to u'?.? jJjtre abi.ut th ? t ii.?- of Uid buttln of '.tifn. AIM, (tl?< I?ri*/i0 in thr ilinjAu r oi Rip Van WiakJa, an 1 1* IxHr 111 il to "-"'lwaril C ilenlt r, (th" Icnor^ a yituqr ?*? dtov In tfet C'ut Im-of. 1 trmy. Whlu tilt JUiiul lui< g'?i t<> tli> niiri^ i'ldttick Tdi "U oaI.111 lova to Alb' m<v ttirrattna t > kill Hteu4 it aba tfli? li u. i>f It. I"A?ai<t ift im? !??*?# fiir rtfruil* ami I l; J'?n? hi* cuVBWri. .Vlir?, ft . ful of ? 'ii> ?Unjf r V> Fid wail fi'iui tbf-< ?u'Wr'i 'ititlir>?U of p*trtott?m, CaDcnm Un-n t? tfcp "trig *a'*.'' .-"Im* Hrlf* J i>t la tim.- U> "V * ijiiarr^l thai , ita4 r ivuitl l.i. hwmnMi ghe rml? Ty io >i>n lila, I at irour hwMoa blco.l, aivl It only pri nl.<l by a Isf ftiWi YongKp Van H'lnkl<-, which - ? fli t; !'* null xr piigitnr^r" r>twa<i| matlti Al'r^ n?wl thri, ivaaUnuule eompl?He by tbo r> >iru <M "i t m( rlmm ? Ti-ry on? b.i I mi|>|><>?ed to tx> <l??'l. Wo can ?iy nothlnit la r?billi ii to t)w mvir ??( tl< opw?, *-\/"?pt that Mr. Irlnln* b ? |u* <if niuchtfb nl \T? tli. not Hi/tiW iyxil'1 writ* iR)tUl| l<n|ijr. II t thoroughly awter of hi- pr<.f. --i. u, tin I i- ' tliat r < t irlii^ ilmiiMiiur llmt alwajra <11 lii^u lj' ? tbe tr u ii U >t. W" !?r? promb&l iti.it Mm ayani ah *11 ' w?ll m anf? 1 In " r< ry r ?op"'' Mr. .'?irrHoii ??<-?> t m tlng?r, ri.tr leu .K'Ully wrlfM fr<mi t*4lf b. n<l ? II n>ak>i bU n- Itiii Vwi Winitl'1. If ill. ItrUitow'N 0|Mt>i h* wi il b*?" ih< I'- t of h log till- first Aiix t'Xnii r<mip<M*> > li ?r?>t ? tliat U?pt th?- btiyrt' in llrnt rue*! Tin r ? i* .1 iiMtrini'i i jc i w cnllmt. wliu h l>?-> I' < ' b*?ll ,? bnftonr to M IM pomp"* r w-vi-rl-.-i- i it 0|>pvrt'ialt> 'i WkMor to Imlljr *!?? ?-i ml? j ^>.11/ Wi t-f-i h irJ of ?ny *lio ???.* li?inj tin- ?i...l Diete m?jr Im ?nr*hr?r- b?t Ui<-y r,i?n/-' b? 1 inn1 ... t ijiij.iI linns i.f nun. A Hij>Y*tvW nki' >? ? Am-ri. ?n Of.' 1, on ?t> Am#-rt?i.i ? 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Tli?- prearnt attorney <?eo" ml wim li<nj' tl>, and uiMII vrry r?-*.-r.tl_? . bi ? mat* iclialH'e, tml d'irintf tii?- ??rij , or 'n<art proOUMa ataye of lh>- prew-ut admiuutn.) jnj, he wa? a jmmt Tw-ut .i t ad rxi'rvdintfU induxtr*irtm Kir-mU r of ita kltok ei? < a Km* t. lie huai; to it, bo, wfule there were say pMibga left worth layliiff 'aer nut* IthateA^inc which, be now ifh ? to <J?-p'i?o hl? for ?n-r ly-oefac He la*t flKiin I ** i Know Vo!hln*f, in New 9 np4iirv; Imt finding " w< "^l ?"? |?>y l?t h*? d ?erted, and now ?(Imi*ii- jiv d?mnu.r.. tlw^n. Vl(r'irc/a?ly fl id* with ?h irllU'im quarter i.ii?'?rln thl* |.un?oiiiinjir riin.n. >4 th< hai ? ?ul liiiiilkrrrliM < i* r(tti'>n , wrr .? Iohk K?-arM ? # '? mpli iloM 'l M low whi.iii I n < oftrtizM# a? 411 rorntl*:r >4 ifi?- < I in New V'ntk , * ifoUttooM who -llllMKJUrUlij Wl llll ll In | dm II i|mi .<!*(>< ?HI ..f "I'.wir Ital!*, til I'm til an .i'? nil.- .<ll? whirJi I I ?)??)? , in ? 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