27 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ; WHOLE NO. 6969. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. i AEYEETISESENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. wmpy PPBUOATIOW. 1 Q1 CENT POPULAR BOOKS, BY DICKENS ? JD8T LjOi published by T. B. PETERSON, 103 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, auil for aale by new? agent* and booksellers i Poor Traveler*. In eight chapters. By Charles Dlrk eni. Price 12W cei The Schoolboy; and other stories by the Christmas Fire. By OttrlM Dickens. Price 12k cents. The Yellow Mailt. In twelve chapter*. From Dickens' EIouv> ?bold Words. Price UK rents. Stater Bose. By Dickens. Price 12k cents. Mother and Stepmother. In twelve chapters. From Dickens' Household Words. Price 12 hi rents. Published at T. B. PE TERSON'S, 102 Cbesnut strerl, Philadelphia. Copies of any ot the above wlll|be sent to any one, free of postage, on receipt of the price in a letter. A BASKET OF CHIPS? Br Jon* Banc; ham, Illustrated by McLellon; 1 vol., 12 mo., price fl 25. A volume of Mr. Brougliam's mint brilliant and characteris lie productions. It will prove to be one of the most delightful 2>ookh of the season. BUNCH A BROTHER, 126 Nassau street. A SENSATION AMONG THE POETS. Published This Day mis Day, EOLOPOESIS: AMERICAN It EJECTED ADDRESSES. Now first published from the original manuscript*. One neat 12mo., price SI. The New York Morning Express calls it a literary me teor." " a curious volume," " admirably sustained, and appro priate for the CrvsUl Palace festivities of Thursday next." J. C. DEKBY, Publisher, New York. And for sale by all booksellers. Books and stationery at cash prices, AT STRONG'S PUBLISHING WAREHOUSE, No. W Nassau street. New York. Country dealers who wish to buy cheap for cash, will do well to examine the large and most complete assortment of toy, Hong, juvenile and miscellaneous books, stationery, valentines, almanacs, prints, Ac., at the above establishment, and note the prices. The stock of valentines for the coming season will be found more extensive, varied and magnificent than ever before ex hibited at this old established valentine depot, and at prices more than one -third lower than formerly. Alma nam mr 18(6 now ready. N. B.? All kinds of printing, engraving, lithography, Ac., done In a superior manner and on the most favorable terras. All orders by mall promptly and carefully attended to. T. W. STRONG, 98 Nassau street. I BORA'S CHILD ? The first edition of this charming book was exhausted yes lerday. Another edition will be olf the press to morrow, when bark orders will be supplied. The notices of the press, which are strong and to the point, indicate another POrULAB AMD TAEINt; BOOK. We shall give extracts in Saturday's papers. ISORA'S CHILD is a neat 12 mo. volume; price (1 25, and for sale by all booksellers. J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New York. T> PUBLISHERS OF SCHOOL BOOKS. ?SPECIMEN copies oi school books warned, especially scientillc, geogra pblcal, historical and musical. Postage on specimen copies, if prepaid, will be immediately refunded. Address Principal, Al legany (County Academy, dox 101 Post (oflloe, Cumberland, Maryland. POLITICAL. TVEMOCRATIC MASS MEETING. J J Ex Governor Seymour at Tammany IIau. The Hon. Iloratio Seymour having accepted the nomination of the Democratic Republican General Committee, will ad dreaa our tellow citizens at Tammany Hall, on Friday evening, Sept. 28, at half-past 7 o'clock. L. B. Sbepard, I). E. Delavnn, Conrad Swackliamer. Win. Baird, Geo. H. Purser, Committee of Arrangements. ROBHRT KELLY, Cb'm'n. Dem. Rep. Uen. Com. James L. Benedict. AUVKD CHANCELLOR. ) CCrCta"e8 Democratic republican general committee. ? A special meeting of tins committee will be held at Tatn many Hall, on Thursday evening, Sept. 27, at hall past seven o'clock. Puurtuul attendance Is requested. ROBERT KELLY, Chairman. James L. hRMI, } Secretaries ALTKEO ('HAM l I.t.Oll, S AT A REGULAR MEETING OK THE THIRD WARD Liquor Dealers' Auxiliary Association, the following reso iutlon was adopted:? Resolved, That our representatives In the Central Conven tion be, and they arc hereby, respectfully requested to urge on the Convention the importance ot making nominations lor city and county offices at the ensuing election. They are also re ~p*?tfully requested to vote for none but those wholare mem ber* of or have identified themselves as friends of tne Liquor Dealers' Association. By order ol the Chairman. HUGH O. CROZIER, Secretary. Ninth ward national democratic republi can Committee.? At a meeting of the above committee, held at the Adriatic, corner of Hudson and Barrow streets, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 25, 1W>: Whereas, The National -Democratic Republican General Committee has recommended that this ward coMitnlttec appoint five delegates, who shall meet on the 28Ui September, at 7, oVIock, P. M., ut , for the purpose of selecting a candidate for the Seventh Assembly district. The following gentlemen were appointed said dele fate#: ? Jacob Brtb.li. Henry II. Morange, L. Van War t, Lewis '. Clover. E. K Mai shall. Also, to appoint nominating com mlttees for ike several Council districts, viz: live from each district, to meet on Wednesday, 3d of October, In nominate Councllmeti. The following gentlemen were appointed said rommlttees. viz.: Twenty first district ? Isaac Williams, Wil flam Tborliurn, Moses T. Williams, Chas. 11. Kenton. Oscar A. Clark. Twenty second district? L. Van Wart, Chas. W. Bough ton, Hy. Klenen, John Robinson. Win Ackerman. Twenty third district? Jo?. Crowell, Lewis P. Clover, John J. Gor man, Jas. M. I-awson, E. K. Marshall. Twenty I'ourih dls trict ? Hy. H. Mornnue. A. M. Smith, Chas. Root, Phil. KIs ?ame. Benson 11. Smith. The above committees to meet in Join convention, to nominate charter officers, on Monday. Nov. 1. IIY. H. MORANGK, Chairman. Cbabus A. Kk.stmii, Secretary. UTH WARD. ? AT A MEETINO OF THE DEMOCRATIC Republican Ward Coiiiminne ot the Eleventh ward, held on Tuesdav evening, Sept. 25. 1158, at Union Hall, the follow lng premable ana resolutions were adopted, and ordered to bo i.ubllolied ? : Whereas, the National Democratic Republican General Com mittee has, by a gross usurpation of power, deprived the demo eracy of the ward of any voice in the choice of candidates to lie supported by tlie people, and has assumed the authority vir viially to make nominations for the party, in violation of all principle and precedence, therefore Resolved, That the General Committee, In refusing to allow the electors in the several wards any voice In ihelr primary matters, has abdicated its functions, abandoned its legitimate duties, and violated the trusts confided to If. as the executive agent of the national democracy; and that the duly Is now on avoidably Imposed upon me people, In their primary capacity, to reorganize the party, mid resume the right* of which we have been deprived by a desperate clique of selfish fortlonlsls, who were afraid to appeal to the moose-, because their only object was u> puck our conventions with those who were willing to carry out the plans of narlor loaders Resolved. That a public meeting of the national democracy of this ward be held on Thursday evening neit, ^7Ui inst., at o'clock, at Onion Hall, comer Fourth street and avenue C, t/i take into consideration the aforesaid course of the Orneral Committee, and take such action as ' tie occasion demands. ROBERT EARL, Chairman. Bwj. McFakland. Secretary. Twelfth ward-prople's nominations. For Alderman .Henry Patterson. For Councilman Isaac A. Hopper. For Assessor lames A. Kproull. For Commissioner of Srhools. .Ef>eitezer It. Brown. For Inspector of >chools Oliver R Steele. For Truitcci of Schools II. H. Gregory. B. M. Thompson, John L. Rlk r. For Constables William Evers, John R. Farrlngton. Inspector* of Kl ection ? 1st Die.? Thomas i'rohron, Benjamin Suuon, Id ?? John II. Payne. Marcellus Eells, id " Geo. W. Southwick, C. W. Van Vooria. 4th " T. T. Jackson, R. H. Brown, 5th " Ills-mi Rycr. Roderick A Knox. iTTWELFTH WARD WHIG NOMINATIONS. J For Alderman .tieorge W. Jenkins. Councilman Isaac A. Hopper. \ hwcmiot .?...??so A. C. School CovumlUHf oner K. H. Brown. limpertor 01 Sfboold.... O. H School Truitee*? -John B Hobby, H. H. Gregory, Wm. Dun "inspector* of Election? 1st District, Joseph Crocberwi. Beuj. Suiton. 2.1. Issac Bachelor John Gtllelan; 3d, Wm. Oakley, <?. W. Van VoorhK 4th. E. H. Brown, S. s. Jackson 5th. Hod'k A. Knox. J. P. Itutler. PtibUHbed bv nrd^rol Whij; Warn OoDimlMee. O. R. STRKti, Secretary. K. H. BROWN, chairman. Twentieth ward.? the following named gentlemen were chosen by the Nations! Ward Committee to represent the ? ai d In the Assembly Convention, and also to nominal* charter offirert:? Assemhlt? John MrGrane, John Doyle, John ? Bnyce, Andrew J. Dunn Edward Lennoo charter. Fifty first Council lllatrict? Edward Letinon, Jw i'ngsn J. Doiinolly, A MeDonley. A Burns. Fifty second? Thomas ( lark, Honford Smith. Patrick Toole. Jo-eph Jsckawoy. Edwsrd MH'srthy. Ftftv third? John Dovle. Mlebael Coonolly John W. Bojree, Wm. Boyce. Froncts IHtrling. KDWARI) LENNON, chairman. Teomai Ci.aie, Secretary. " TUB MILITARY. C1KORGF. J BROWN Ml'SKKTEEHS.? TIIK MEMRElSt If of the above named company will meet a' Under took'* JIall, on Friday evening. Sep ^ I). K. Hmitm, Hw rf. K. C. (JKKKN, (htiriuAn. XINDSEY BLUES.? ARMOR Y COLUMBIAN HALL Grand street. ? The members 0) this command sre hereby notified In all end o drill on Friday iH.il' e rlork. By order. ROGAR A. KOBKgTB, ' om'dL i;koh?e W. Rkama. Orderly. DIHIHTISO. rr'IK REGATTA OF TIIF. MASON MM If PRIZES - J $50 to the winning hoai Mo to the *e?*)nd. and to the ? bird. A regatta will take piaee from the Red llouoe dock, oot of 108th Street, on Mnridoy, Ocob-r I. at 1 o'clock r * Kntranre ift, open for all bnau w fee ood under; all boata to }>e enier*"! by II o'clock on the day of th- race. OlftSO.y k TUBNIER TO PIGEON FANCIERS ? \ SPLENDID STOCK OF FO reign and dnme.ur pigeons for sole cheap, corner of Bridge ?, nd John streets. Hrookl . n. ln<|Ulre from 7 A. M. to t P. M. Why is a man sh<k>tino with the rifle or pletols ot the Forrest Shotting Gsllery, G?itl>w llall, com milling the greater < rtme known to the Isws of any eeuntry r Hero use It l? hlgti ireoson? litirh-trees on The best howling aaloofi and shoistng gallery In the country Is at OothlC llail, Jflfi Broa Iwav. PLAYIMO CARD*. Flaying cardb? the subscribers hat* the eiehuMvs sale at A. IV.ugherr'i oun'ifartare ot ploying MTda oad have iMMMIf no hand all the dlAreal grades, la rlodtag his celebrated lineo dealing carts ' ^ A. van tXlkrnruroh A CK).. No in Pearl street ?aaateterr It ''ttf eueet. IMPORTANT POLITICAL NEWS. THE WHIG AND REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTIONS. 8VBACD8E OfEUUI WITH r?LITICIAV8. Appointment of Committee* of Conference. PROGRESS OF THE FUSION MOVEMENT. Vames of the American Candidates for State Office*. The Hard Mm II City and Couty (ImalnatiMM. THE HALF SHELL DEMOCRACY ORGANIZING. &c., 4c., See. SnuetWK, Sept. iid, 1865. For the last tiro days thin city lias beeu literally swarming (iter with politicians, from the oldest stager* of the whig and democratic ranks down to the meanest Hudgllng* of the Hindoo and Choctaw parties. The Know Nothing Convention in Auburn, forty mi leu dis tant, and those of the Know Somethings, whig* and repub licans here, drew together thin numerous and motley as semblage. A lint of the prominent politicians and ollice holderN whose familiar tare!* may be observed around the Syracuse House and Globe Hotel, would lie instructive. It would comprise the names of Daniel S. Dickinson, Thur low Weed, Preston King, Abijah Mann, Horace Greeley, Joe Blunt, Judge Culver, A. Oakey Hall, Curtis Noyes, Joseph J. Chambers, John Jay. John I,. Schoolcraft, W. Kirkpatrick, State 1'rlson Inspector; A. <i. Johnson, De puty Secretary of State ; C. Gardner, Canal Commissioner , James M. Cook, Comptroller; K. G. Spaulding. Treasurer, W.J. Cornwell, Auditor Canal Department; B. F. Bruce, Inspector General; C. Elwood, A. D. Barber, and J. M. Hammond, Canal Superintendents; T. S. James and H. Newlaml, Canal Collectors; A. 8. Upham, II. F. Hall, Gil bert Thorn, Janitor of State House; E. W. Bedell, Post master; I>r. J. Garlinghouse, Sergeant-at-Arm?; 8. K. Tu ell, Doorkeeper; Mr. I/eavenworth, Secretary of State; D. C. IJttlejuhn, Speaker of the House of Assembly; II. J. Hastings. Clerk of the Senate and editor of the Knick erhockcr; W. W. Chubbuck, Librarian : some dozen of Se ward Senators, and other offlee holders and politicians innumerable. It seems to be utterly impossible to locate even a moiety of the politicians on hand to any particular |>arty. Many of the whigs arc Know Nothings and Know Somethings, | and many of the republicans have affinities with each oi the three other stripes. There are actually delegate* here holding credentials to the three conventions; and It would even appear that credentials are being manufac tured to suit necessities. There is no apprehension as to the failure ofthe fusion movement. That is a foregone conclusion, and its being curried out is only a matter re quiring a little time to give the proceedings a character of regularity. There is any amount of diversity of opin ion as to the nominations to be made, and as not one but two organizations are to have a say in the matter, it would be clearly impossible to make anything like a cor rect guess at them. THE WHIT! STATE CONVENTION. fcfTRA'CHE, Sept. 26, 1855. The Whig State Convention assembled at Corinthian Hall this morning, at lOo'clock, in pursuance to the call of the Whig State Central Committee. The Convention was called to order by E. D. Morgan, of New York, Chairman of the State Central Committee, who thereupon nominated Alonr.o 1'phain, of (Jenesee, for temporary chairman, who, upon taking Ills seat, re turned thanks to the Convention for the honor conferred upon him. Messr-. D. F. Hall, of Auburn, ami G. I.. Wilson, of Albany, were appointed temporary ^-retaries. The Secretaries then proceeded to cull the nan.es of the dr. elates, by counties, when the billowing geutleu*-ii answered to tbelr names:? Messrs. Anderson and Hates, of the Fourth district o Oneida county each pre*' nted credentials from tho same distiict. On motion of Mr. Chubbuck, of Madison county, the rami' was relerred to the other delegates from Oneida county as a committee to report upon the -ame. Other contested s eats arising from Steuben >ountv. a motion was made to refer the same to the other delegates from that county. A. B. Duxinmin advocated the reference of all contested -eats to a general Committee on Contested Seats, as the more impartial course. The contested seats were finally referred to the twnde legates from Steuben, whose seat* were not contested, and Allen Monroe, of Onondaga, us a third person. Messrs. Flood and Willanl presenting credentials from the same district In Rensselaer county they were refer red, on motion, to Messrs. Hopkins, ot Washington; <ilsss. of Onondaga . anil Mel*, of Erie a committee appointed by the Chair. Mr. IUrroN, of New York, nvned that a r ?mninitfee of one from each Judicial district, to be selected bv the de legates from such Judicial district, to In- ap|>ointed to nominate permanent officers for the convention. Mr. Hoi-kins, of Washington, moved to amend so *. to provide that the committee l*> appointed by the Chair. Mr. Dayton did not think it important how the com mute, was appointed, but itvn a matter ofsomclm portance that the convention should set an example in appointing this committee, and allow the management of the convention to the mas- of th. people and not or jranize it in any cle?e and confined manner. He trusted the convention would get as g ? d officers and as go'sl committees by selection them urn ? ?!? [ the .Herat** ot this districts, as In any other manner, and that they should go forth to the people this turn . at lea-t, with the nam or candidates eeleeted by the people, that the musses -bould he heard in referet to the pro' eedimr" of the convention, and that the arrangements should meet with til' henrty re?pon?e and approbation ot the gr' .it lii.iss the people of this Stat- With that view he has made the motion, and the object of it cm Id 1 ? ,ccoinplleb?d in as little time and with as little ditb ulty as by the plan proposed by the amendment. Mr. Hoi-kink had no feei ng upon th" subject, hut -op posed that appointment by the ? h ir wa- the custom .ry mi-!e of selecting committees II" iua.1" the motion to save time, as It would Is- very inconvenient for the b-le gates of the different districts to v-t together f' i that ' mifiK ? One e..iiventi-ii ^ enough W". do n it want to organize eight differr-nt cori ent 1 11 The amendment was then atrn-'?t t" Mono 11. Grinhbj , of New V'.rk^moveri to amend by the appointment of two from es.li j . Ir i.il di trirt. The amendment was agreed to. Ihe motion as amended was thenPwlo[>''sl The Chairman thereupon appointed the following rrnn mittee .,n permacent organisati n ? tdi-*r ' Mi I ayton and Grinnell; Second, \b~-rs Humphrey and D a vis. Third, Messrs Kiero and Cook, Fourth Mors. ? liuyler and Foot Hfth Messrs. I?s. little and W II Sherman; Sixth Messrs. MctJraw and Conistock -oventb M'-n-rs Colt and Scott Eighth Measi*. Keep and I>ou glass. The cenvrntlon then took a r'>ce?s until one o'clock. On the convention re assembling the 'omudttee on Cr< .lenfial- reported in tavor of the following contest Bllt? Ken -elaer ? ounty Mr Hood Steuben 'ounty. Mr. Swift onelda county Mr. Hates. Ihe Committee on permanent Officers reported lue lollowing:? .. lor A Kino, of Que. n Fee I'r-nH'nit. M' -<?? II Orinnell. of N Y., W II. ?herrnao ?<( Oneola A II Murray of Orange W K Unmng, of Madi-on l-eter Cri-pell, Of 1'ls'er S. W Smith, of IJving?tnn, J.C. Hiills-rt of Saratoga. W.LNeaetons.rfCkauUaine. S^rrfiaryrn . W W Chnbbuek of Madison Q. I.. Wilson or Albany, John H. Klmberly, of <iene??<e The report was unanimously accept.*! Mr. Mun ro^af Onondaga and Mr Dodd of Washing ton were api^fc'-d * committee to wait on th> I'reat dent snd condoct him to the chair. Mr Kjno then addre??*d the . .invention upon the issue now iiefore the whig party ?* N,,w York, and de. Iar?<l him-elf in fsvor of taking by the h.. n t tho-e who though outside of the wh e party, were wl'ii them on the main Th? !*?? ? i :?ut t>i? n nun' un ? l '\?- pr? ar-.m mitt ee from the Kepnblicsn Jtate Convent" n wh-. sn I'.oni.c-d that '< tw . Ir. ... ..c. Jndieial 'lis trict had beer. ap|- ?nt?-d by the republican < onvention confer With ? like c.mmitte.- ? in the Whig t'on-n tlon, concerning matter, of mutual interest to the two ho<lles. _ , . , . or, mote n, th-?hau w..- . ith-- >'-? to api- ml a - in lar committee, an-l the f-llowing geo-i- men nam. 1 ? 1-t di?trirt M? ? ? r- ' )\> rr\ck W, Mhw Murray and Jenning- :d. M. Cusnelland eeh s-i craft 4tb Me*?r- F.svt an : H"p's:- f'". Measrs |jttl? Jr.hn and Shearman ^th Me?-r- Ch jrehll an t Julia*. :th. Me?sr. Hall and Mckm- n Me.- - t pham and Spa uldlng Tlie convention then a.ljonrne<i for an hour . AmtBMOON KBMIOM. At three o'clock the Convention again re aeaembl*l The Chair*** or tw* OoinM-vi r^awrmB reporte-t the plan agrevd o|?n, as tnllews ? That aaeh Conrentlea appoint a cnesmittee of sil*e^i ? twr. fr-SB each J^iicial diatrujt? a- a to-uin."*- aB H **>, Intioni; and another of thiriy-twi ? ont> i>etii *ich Sena torial district ? an a Committee on Ntmilnat.Voe A motion wan made Uiat the committees be appomted by the cliair. An amendment was offered that the mew hern ef the committees be chosen by the delegates from the various district*. After a discussion by Mr. Rice, of (liautauquc, in fuvor of the amcuUment, and Mr. DickioKxi, of HtcubMi, poM'd to it, Mr. Brown, of I*wia, proposed to divide the question, giving the appointment of (he Committee on resolutions to the chair, and the Committee on Nomiua tlnnH to Die delegate s from the Senatorial districts. Mr. Lnrijooii.s , of opposed the amendments, and on a vote the original motion wax adopted nearly unanimously. The Cuaikiluv announced the foil n wing I'lHMimCK ON MWOU'TIONH. lRt. IHitrict, K. I>. Morgan aud Charles S. Tappan, 2d J. H. Jennings and A. Haoden; 3d. A. M. tedder and J. H. Ratnaey; 4th, Cornelius Schuyler and S. Koote; 6th 0. C. Uttlejohn and K. A. Mrown; tith, Ceo. A. Northrop and A. Churchill; 7th, 8. F. Hall and W. Clark; 8th, ? G. Sptuldlng and W. E. Keep. ? OMXITTKK ON KOMI.NATIOWg. lit. District, N. P. Thayer; 2d, J. Humphreys; 3d. J. B. Taylor; 4th, E. W. Morgan; 6th, John .s. Hiloock; 6th, M. II. (irinnell: 7th. John B. Wandle; 8th. A. Van Kteek; Oth, 8. K. Murray; 10th, Eraatus Cook; 11th, J. l? School craft; 12th, K. S. Flood; 13th, Kdward Dodd; 14th, J. C. Clark; 16th, B. Caher; 10th, Harvey Doolittle; 17th, H. M. Buckley; l?th, Win. Comstock- l?th. J. N. Shear man; 20th, N, F. MoCarty; 21at, C. 1'. ti ranger; 22d, Allen Muuro; 123d, 1*. H. Mctiraw; 24th. S. A. Rose 26th, D. D. Pcott; aoth, A. B. Dickinson; 27th, 8. I'. Allen; 28th, R. S. Hill; 20th, Chan. Colt. 30th, Martiu Butta ; 8Ut, 0. Met): 32d, A. J. Klce. Meter*. S. Footc and 1). C. IJttlejohn were appointed a committee to inform the Republican Convention of the appointment of the above committees. A letter wan read from E. W. I/eavenworth, Secretary of State, declining a renomination. Mr. K. O. Hwtiuiiso also announced that he could not ac cept a renomination. liHNRT C. Milch offered a protest against the action of the convention, signed by U. C. Miles, from the lrttli As sembly district; Benedict i/owis, from the 12th; Charles S. Tappan, from the 4th; W. H. Sparks, from the 3d, aud M. C. f'ordham, from the 1st. , Mr. W. L. Siowjonh moved that the protest lie referred to the commlttec having charge of Governor Hunt's let ter. (Cheers and laughter.) Mohw H. Gmjorei.1. moved that the name of Mr. Tappan, Which appears on the protest, be stricken from the Com mlttee on Resolutions. Tills was rarried with great applause, and the chair named Mr. (irinnell in his place. Juhkiii Hh >t. from the Republican Convention, thon announced that the Committee on Resolutions from that convention was present to confer with the whig commit tee, and that the Committee on Nominations, from the same convention, were awaiting the whig committee at Wieting Hall. The convention then adjourned to 7 P. M. EVKNIKO HKHSION. The convention at 7 P. M. re-aaeembled, and wan ad dressed by H. C. Goodwin, of Madison. He said the prin ciples once held by the whig party are no longer the issues upon which the people are now called to decide. The objects then contended for have passed away, and whig* are to act upon a question which lias enlisted the sympathies of men of ail paities ? the prohibition of the extension of slavery. He continued to speak in favor of CMMk at considerable length. A committee was then appointed to wait upon the several committed and ascertain when they would re port. Tearing the absence of the committee, Mr. Hpooner, of Kings, addressed the convention. His remarks were mainly on slavery, and favoring a combination to pro vent its extension. The committee appointed to ascertain when the several committees would lie ready to report, ann mnced that the) were not likely to report till Thursday morning, whereupon the Convention adjourned until 9 A. M. Thursday. REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION. Bmuqro, Sept. 24, 1955. Ihis convention assembled In Wieting Hall at 10 A. M., Before the proceedings were formally opened. Judge Cri-MUi suggested that as thore were, or shonld lie, dele gates to the number of 260, it would much facilitate business If gentlemen would furnish the Secretary with lists of their names. Other meuiliers suggested that the easier way wnnld be to call the counties, and let delegates then give their names. This suggestion being palpably the simplest way of doing business, necessitatis! an informal organization, and so, on motion of Judge Ctlvbh. Mr. Gill, editor of the Ihilchiu Hcamimer, was appointed temporary secretary. The convention was then formally organized (at 12 o'clock) by the appointment of the Hon. Reuben E. Fen ton, ex-member of Cong re s , as chairman of the meeting. Mr. Johkpii Hu'ST, in proposing the name of Mr. Ken ton, said:? I beg leave to nominate as President of this convention the Hon. Keuben K. Kenton, of Chatauque ? one who nobly stguallxod his love of freedom by breaking off from that band of hit own pnrty who sought to sacri fice the interests of the Nerth to those of the South, and who maintained our prim-iplcs mCongrei*. and helped to rou -? the North to an Insistence on its rights. The nomination wa.t unanimously adopted. and Mr. l'enton took the chair, la assuming It, he said: ? Gentlemen of the convention, yon have assembled in a great and Important cri'i" affecting the intere-ts of the country, (plications are Invoked ?n 1 issues are present ed which strike at the foundation of republican govern inent? question- momentous In their luijsirtau< ??, no |e-< important than whether the government shall tie made the Instrument ofthe propagation of human slavery, or whether it shall tie as It wae designed to be by its found ers. the fathers of our government, the u ibfest bulwark of human freedom' (Applause.) In view then, of the momeatoiisness of these issues, and the importMoi of the cause which freemen wisli to advance I feel hon oied in lieing selected as the olticer to pre-ide ever your dell bet ations. We liave assembled not only to dolibe rate but to act (ither conventions have also recently assembled I allude to the democratic conventions and to the so-called know Nothing conventions The', have not aeted In conformity witii the sympaihie* mil ju>lg mi nt of the people. '11. e principles of their leaders are like the streams which ria< In the mountains of the North and flow on to the tales of the -outh. It is for us to act on this occasion in conformity to the fixed sen'imenu of the people, and in conformity to the principles laid down by the fathers of our republic. At present. Ami the lmy of New Vork to the hills of Chautauque you will find the profile ready, by a large majorfly, to roll bark the tide o! the march of slavery, and to -tsy th aggro* ?ive spirit ol the -oiithcm slaveholder. Gentlemen of the convention I now return you my thanks foi the honor you have conferred upon me. amf 1 trust that this meeting will lie conducted In th' spirit of harmony which prevail* among the masse* throughout the State I in voke your aid in the discharge of my lutie Mr Jf.sri ii Hi i*yt proposed the follow mg name' for Vice I're?)'lents and Secretaries ? . Viet Pmnlrni liist. I? W C. N'ljres. I8st. 5 ? ltanie' Wardweli. 2 ? Mfnth'nTompkins t;? <; W Pra't. ; ? lleodatus Wright. 7 ? J. W. stebhins. 4? James T. Masters. Dorshetiner. SurHarin, Thos. S. Jterry. Jacob J. Wynne. The question was put and the n initiations ratified. Mr. Bi.i xt ? Another t; II i entioa is to- ?Uy aasemhled in tin- ' Ity ami there l? some rea-'>nable exis-ctation- that n fusion can be fotined tietwean that anu this, which will trniy represent the sentiment* of the profile of New York. In relation to the great questions wbicn now i g tste the public mind .mil also. ?? to th* i.ftieers who sre to'omin' t the government And, I *ay, that It la likely that such understanding a' they may civne to when the convention* confer will meet the appr?t>atlot, of the |n ople generally and of this n.nv ntism. I move that a committee of two frr m etu h liido i-il district b* ap|eilnte I by the Chair, for the purp ?? nl> rli.g with a lik< eemailtte* of the Whig Convention in laleeance to thl< subject. Tne question was put ?nd tlie motion was adopted The committee coosiated ol the following gentlemen:? 1st district J. Hlunt, l.umsn Sh'-rwi*st it I*. (j.?l *in, John Jay 'M Jo-hua Kieru, jr., A. B Williatns ill. W K Harris .Ism's Re?ldingtoti 5th fl McAllls'er, N ?'otsle Oth It I. Traey, K liabco?-li 7th Sslms Malet J I i . gg Kill Austin Smith, I'eter P. Murpby Mr- J'eam Mti .t? Tli- committee was deidroiugf hav ing tills Committee of ( . nfi ren'e have an In'ervlew with the like committee to b?* appointed by the Wl ig Oit.vwn <ion, and to have a full report from that committee so that they may all act tin lerstandingly when th'-y are culled on to set . I nder these cireumstanres, 1 wove thnt the convention do adjourn to "A o'ehe k Mr. IIoiuik (iKfyi v should like to know lirat what power that committee had* He tie Ted that lha nsMit tee have power to ref?n t a platform and principle <, if it siimild deem it exi-edient. He afterwards witlwirew the moiion Tlie que tion wa* put on Mr Hlunt s motion and it was agreed to. The convention accordingly adjourned till 3 o >Wxk I' M ArTKIlKfK)* fr.aSIO*. Messrs J. R. i ale and J. H Martindale were ^yifiointed additional Secretaries of the convention. Mr Hi i vi from the t onferevt* * fiwiittls* report*-'l that they were eordially recei .ed by a c m jnitte of six tun from the WblgCoaventi' n sn>l re-',mmen'led that a committee of sixteen from each convention form a plat torm. and * ne of tbirtjr-two from es^.h rsatenticn lie raised to nominate candidates Mr <tw??, of Herkimer, thought ft best that am h <|e,. . gate should name bis candidate* I/ioosTt a Waionv thought th** e<?nventi* a* shfiaid V ke|-t separate and in order to do so prepared to adopt the reeommendathn ill the committee The report was adopted I'aanox Kiso moved that the tw> mmMhi he ap pointed i-y the ? hair. Mr NMn, of Mnotee, U'Set as ?n aosendment that the reepective delegate, from JndtaU) a ret ?wnat-wia die tneta nominate thetr re?pec#?e eemaittv me?. The motion, a? amended, en peas?i The Crmimittee en PUtfevme was aanmated from the Miowing Judicial districts ? rir^ district. Joseph Blunt an^C C U gh Hety?nt Hornof Creeley and Parke Godwin Tiirrd. Oe-idatu* Wright iuhJ J II. Howrtl; Fourth, Preatnn R.'n< an ' (?corgi W. Henry Fifth, dew W. Smitlr anl Vnluey (trcti t<i\tb. Andrew A. Bather and Alfred ft '"II* , fereuth P- C. Ciijbr and J. A. Htebbin*, Miglitli, P. Horilicimer ani Charles (?. Whether it Mr. Kootk. on the |?urt of the Whig Oonralii*. now came into the Rrpubbeaa Cbnvention am) reposed thai Mr. I.ittlejohn and lifmwlf were dhrrtcd to aay to tlie Republican Convention that Mk? two c.rmuTittpes of the Whig Convention had been rained to confer ? itV> IhAM of thin Convention. (Cheer*.) Me*ar*. Illunt and King were appointed a committee to make a aimlb.r ntateim nt to the "big Convention, in re ference to the action of the Republican Convention. 'Hie committee on nomination!! mu appointed frotu the Senatorial districts an follow*:? let, Horace M. Jones; 3d, Kiastiis I). Cuhrer, 3d, Jameo I'enoedy ; 4th, Jamea B. Swain; Sth, l.umnn Sherwood; 4th. Kdgar McMullen; 7tl>, Win. Blakelv; Bth, Augustus I.. Allen nth, Ceo. M. (irier; 10th, II. H lti-vnoI.1i. lltli, Win. Rarne* 13th. Al>ram B. 13th, A. Pond; Wtli, Peter K. Bellinger; 15th, Martin Thatcher; 14th, Kdgar (irarcs, l7lh. Stephen C. Johnson: 18th, Daniel I'aliaer ; l#th Edwaid I oiiinijt ; 90th, B. H. Kroat; 2M I'. I>. I^w ter; 22d, I? I*. Nolile; 33d. Augustus Morgan; tlth, Jae. C. Jackaon; 26tli, J. K. Cleveland, 34th, Henry II. Ilail; 27th. C. W. I'ratt ; 38th, Peter P. Murphy 39th. Wllsn* Miller; 30th, Matthew II. Hull; 31st, Is-wi* K. Allen; 32d. DeloajLMli. It 401 now & I'. M.. and the convention took a receaa until 0. Sthaiihk Sept. 80 ? 1:i6 P. M. At this hour Wieting Hull wan nearly fllleil with dele gate- and outaider*. in anticipation of tlnir bearing the platform and nomination!* from the re?|M'cUve commit - teen. Awaiting there the audience listened to quite a number of deaultory speech** from divera a|ieakera, among * hum waa Mr. Patteraon, of the Parkrillr. Lumi nary, who charged the democracy of the preaent day with being recreant to the principle* of Jeff-r*ou. and ? poke in n> measured term." ot denunciation of President l'ieroe, Atchison and Htringfellow. The main pointi> of tlie rem due of the apeeclie-. were op|Miattion to slavery, and repeated applauae indicated a atrong anti-slavery leeling in the congregation. The Prohibitory Liquor law ?u advocated by one of the apeakera, but did not elicit much attention. Know N'olhlnginm waa rather aererely bandied iu a aerio, comic style. It waa now lt:46 o'clock, and the President of the con vention took the chair and announced that the Whig Convention had adjourned, and the Republican Couvou t ion committee* weie not ready to re|>ort. whereupon the convention adjourned to 0 o'clock to-morrow morn ing. f YBAini**, Sept. 84 ? 11 :30 P. M. The joint committee are atlll in aeaaion. The platform la agreed on, but not reported. The nomlnationa aup poaed to lie no far agreed on are; ? Secretary of State ? Preaton King, of ft. I jiw rence ; Attorney Ueneral ? Abijali Mann, Jr., of (meilia; Canal Commissioner ? lh\ liiaaeil, of IJvingaton : Judgen of the Court of Appeala ? Bradford K. Wood, of Albany, and Joseph Mullen, of Watertown. State Treasurer ? Alex. B. William*, of Wayne, or Cha*. O. Shepherd, of Wyoming State I'riaon Inspector ? We. Icy Bailey; State Kngineei ? (itorge tie<idaa; (Comptroller ? Jaa. M. Cook. Mr. Biaaell in brother of the former Commiaainner of that name. Mr. Bailey in editor of the 1\*tolalrr, and wan formerly of the Liberty I'rru. Syhai i *>:, Sept, 34 ? Midnight. It la now r*|>orted that Sllaa M. Burroogha haa been ?greed on aa Canal Coininisaioner, and (ieorge tiedih<* ,-tatn l-.ngiue.-r. The committee will contor further iu the inornuig, and change* may be made. Tlie Committee on Resolutions agree upon all poluts except the prohibition of nlavery. I lie minority wish to omit any cxpreeaion on the subject, and will offer a epa late report if resolutions aie adopted farming pro hibition. THK AMERICAN STATE CONVENTION. Arai hn Sept. 3>), I MM. The Know Nothing Stale Convention haa nominated the following candidate* : ? H/r STT'tary of Stair. ? Joel T. Motility. ?f W.ucheeter. ibmfirvHrr ? l<or*nxo Barrow*, ol UrtMan. Attm-nry hrnnal ? Stephen B. Cushiug of Toni|iklnn. f until ( V/mmujv/nT. ? S. S. Whelan, o7('huiituui|ur. Trrtuurrr. ? Stephen C. Clark, of Allmny. hni/inrrr -mil .Surrryur '-llaa Seymour, of itockland. Statr I'rimn hitjDKtnr. ? Win. A. fluaaell, of Waabingtou. Jtuly* iff <\mrt nf Ajqmtlt. ? W. W. Camplx-ll, of New York, for long Ujnn; (.eo, C. Comatock, of Syra< u*e for ?bort tei m. The nominatlona were all made unaninioua and the convention adjourned tint < Iu, CITY POLITICS. IIAKI) 8RKLU CITY ANI> COUNTY CONVENTIOV. The di legate* to thl* convention met again la-t night at Academy Hall tor the purpose of making their nouilaa tioni. One of the largest lobbies ever priwent at any coa ventii n throng<al the corridor* and -toop of thl* hall, and the greate-t excitement prevailed iu every cab-ula tlon At the lowe*t e?tlmat4- theie inu?t have been be tween 2,000 and 3,000 outsiders. Mr. At kit* Smru , the Chairman, called the meet ing to order at 8 o'clock, ami after the reading of the minute* of the last meeting and their approval a motion wa* made to proceed Immediately to business. Mr A. J. Ja<'h*on (Fifth ward) aaid lie wished, before the delegate* begun, to call their attention to the pro ceedings of a meeting held at (irainerey I in II, In *h? Kleventh ward, on Tuesday evening, at wb ch a portion of the delegate* from thai ward represented the action of the <>eueial Committee. Ho thought that all thate should lie excluded from the pilvilegc of voting aod that the delegate* from th* He tenth ward who h?d net participated in the businesa should be empowred to i hooae men in the place of those rejected by the conven tion. A tremendou* excitement wa* caua?~l by this, in the midat of which Recorder Smith of tlie Twnty-flr-t ward sto<al upend vigoroualy opp>i?ed the proposition of Mr Ju- k- n He moved that the whole rnatt'T be laid on the table, a* It waa calculated to breed dlntarbance* on a mere local matter, and would create more ?chi*tu'ln the democratic rank* The delegates had been p p-rly md legally chosen, and be (the Becorder) did not think It came witliln the couipa-s of the convention to crush out any of then. They Wire entitled to their votes. ||" it train moved that the matter lie laid on the talde, ant hoped the convention would acta* became them in the premise*. Mr. S. BlwmaJ. and Judge MoHtov also -poke in favor of concurring with the Kccor<ler ' . *u^g.*stioii The queetion, on the motion to lay the matter on the talile, was put by 'he chair, and carried vi* '?<n Recorder S*itii then moved that the convention pro c??s| to vote for a candidate for Corporation < oun?e and tl at the vote be made < mi norr. A long and anlniat?el debate sprung up on this, aoine were in favor of l?alloting for the nominations but the general feeling se?ro?d Ui tie adverse to thia method. Tlie Recorder and Mr. 1Ia*m*? otferinl many weiffhty reason* for employing the > i>ti ? <*? voti md atttr . on alderahle diacossion it was adopted. The ?ot? for Corporation Counsel wa- tli?n entered into, and resulted a* follows:? J. R. Ilaekln. M II. 1. (lark , 1? K. C. Weat 34 J II. Ilaskla wa* therefore declared the nomination, and upon motion was elected unanimously. 'I In Hw ? mini made aoia? remark* on toe merit* rt' P MciJroy. on* of the 1 nndldal for Street Commissioner SennUir Uakh alao spoke In favor o t Harry Howard f>>r the -a me sfbee. Tlie vote Stofel tbn? for Street ( ? min|s*i> ?? r ? II II. Howard.. . ...43 J K Itrigg. z < A Iievlln JO J. S UaUf-el I f, McHr',*.. .14 .1 II < ham's r I K Houghton 3 T M<*pwl4> n -t Henry llovard was declared the uoanimo i? tiomina thin and wa* received. Iiov. IfiMo then m"f?l that Mr. I'hilVip I n?g* he no minated onaniinotisiy by thn convention aa Coaptroller Th>* wa* pat and arrte?l. (rn mot* n h<- wst *nar> mou <iy iiMniaated trr. rA soa* spoke in tavor ?f I rr . Vn-he a* 1 ity ln>p? V r and move<l he lie declared unammoualy. l ot and 'arrled unanirin u?ly. t.- v I" oa/i moved that <?edflrey 1 nth?r >+ .re.| urwniiu' ualy the nominatb u for l.ovemor "f tne Aim* Ho, se. Put and carried. f'.HB/y I It V Connolly Hi J. M Marsh 3t M B-own 1 Richard Connolly wa* ii ?anl?iou*iy declared 'beau* Cvsful candnlate W M. Mrlntyre .... J B Hevrel U W K Hqulrea 1 Mr Mclntyre wa* -li^Urel ?.|#-* t#-d <mae ii,".i*ly The p.r?? *r?ra then raovwd that Ui* ' ?iv?tj' '? vl jon in till next Wclnesday ??veaing Another delegate made an anunlment to h.v? a t??i kit fifteen mlnntes The ijneetir.n wa* pnt '-a the am-n 'iaent and luet Ky an oeerwhelmin* rnaj. +4 J It wa* thrn moved to go Into 'h< ?itt for '..miris. of Repair* an4 Cil^h* Tb> Vote -UrA '.bua^? H . H felah M H R I'vrdy U Y "tarr J Mr Helah wa* therefore unaaimoualy elswtel. (KTwrnor l* ii*e movnd a fuin for 4ft**ri mi*it*i to affovd the > "nveaUoa aa ?pp?rianity u? rebe*h tb*m ?elvee TV* was pal and carried. It wa* now 1014, and the 1 *?ti<?a res )M o'?**s 1h* Vw.t ?he eete tor nrswt C>namkM*on*r . The vol* far Uraei wa* then enter*.! ia*o and reev.ted thaav? Wheaiea *0 '' '-mr-y * Wll).?l? . . 7I? <*amHle *? Iheee In*' ?*?* the ea**nnfal laatMito, aad 'hey were aaeaiaMeaaly deelared elaetesl I*artag the eoarae of the eeewiog, dr* *a?V* ietr*. dncd tie r*wd*t?u? th*t th* **?'?* .?,? akoaid awl 10li ?/<?? .ine.* wa* fwKWuwerw.d nwnedb(*4r by *Ai ? nominate any candidate. f?r roull( o|tj . .. ... I. . .J i ? ?"?????? tWantlaa cif the t?i ol Auruat then wmZu?J$v Ti UtaHtat,. ticket A roil. I. L V tarrip,, "U4.uinou.ly. ?nrt thru..P?*' "p"" tha O.alrm ,n ft .l.nii ??'in?llw appointed tn unite ? nil uZmtmn. to maJi' SSX vT? ^Mdc^me r ri, "'" ?P ? W*. i o'clock t aleldc *nn,r ncli ac-ne? t(?,k place. .Vn-ral hnock* or kaaMI mjSi*?n."C*?Tui *m"'W ,th* l"" '"?'Wr. nt ?? ""end. "f tin* ctn.iitlatea n?. h .?ouiir?n....i *??i?2Z?*Ua'* ,u"' ^-"d i'? it,.- ..iv.- ?f ? ? j **>"oh the elampirir ..f I.-H n?. Ihingoacui nil will. regard t.i neaily ali tin- oandllat** thr C^nnlm^.^Ulh diat.-fct A meeting wa> heU MHI.r w * ? T'T"" A " wh,'"h P1'" ? M ' JOML . ,,rHi ^n'" f<" ??"??? ? UKHMAK DVLKOATK I'OMTK rrtON. I'sraimnt to notice, tin liermun dalvgatm, elect. <T front \ the .rveral ward*, met !a?t night at M II ry.tle at, ???, to mw what aoti.m they almuJd lake at the eitMiIng cli-tfeia. Tlie meeting *m rallM to order by thi Chairman H. who introduced one of the aecretarle* f|?r KM#), who procMvlnd to read the minute, ol the forwr minting, which took place Uie Monday prttmu* rtm aecr.itaiy tlien read tlir nam.. of tl.c deU-gnte. frnui Ha. ^fai waning .he city. IT... Wto.i*X!3JS,T wZ To Tin Cohtmtiom or orNx* Yum. I.? Of lh<. Am. rU ttii ilt'lliix t mrv nien Hf-re a|>|i.4uk-d a rommltleeto ronfnr wlUi y.iuaa u> liw uun^^ch vlrr. ^fiv/ 'r J. *mwb llcaar >u l?AVIH. fhairnun. ?!. I. Kioirrra, J He. ret ?riP?. ve'lihi'rtf *!.!* '[""u 1">,". rarjr l? llir (Jrinuin r.m ? ?... U^ Uol^'hLrL M?^a^.nAd , WLW" ti... "V""*1'. -IT'-wd the ..ndor.eu,enl of the al?)Ve docuinent, M thev .?? t t.r no -?ch p?rp..?. diU "WU tM"k' ?f tl'? Hitll Mr. t?,'KTA\ Si noKNar:, U the Se> mt.-enth ward wit. of the Millie opinion, and tliouglit it ther an e.,t..i| t|1H doctrine, o. that a. a the" would bJ . ..?.L 11.- , to join any party that cull it .-if damo< r?ti,-. He tal'h' inotriug that tlie a ldre.. |M. laid on th< Alter who furtiier dUeuaalon tin- motion pr.-ralled Mr (.I KTAV N lio?NM, then ,ea.l an addre.i I,, the tier' man lanfuact, whi.-h will he puhil,h..l to morrow. ThN the'iuini M,,Wlg ^ Know N'othlnjfl-in and ilu Maine Uquor law an I went on to ??y that they .lid not a ?h to act ?, I.ernu,"., |)ut ^ Americ.n i-IU?en?. wi , . . ei? T"i w . ""'Ir """' ' ,f " >"T wi tw defeated, it would ho at leant wiih honor. ?. . <I" H otwerved thut the Hard Shell Oty I hH? ??','*! y W""1,1 U""'1"**" t'.-li.re pr.? p"i-in(( candidate, to thm . ..uventiun. Tin- Mift ^ii.-li (.eii.-.al ( ?mmitlee would de.ig,,?U on the following evi-nitiK wioire the pnoiaiy i-lei'tion- ulioul I tie held ?>i' hefo, on,., wi.hi-.l to tiw.iout(IUy dUeiif. the addre? Uiat tin- p?.,|,|? ahould know what the opinion, of the ? ><-riiiuni. were. r Mr. IIabjm raid he wa^ in favor ef a union ticket f ?r there were ro.hI dmn.icrata in hotj. .ertion. ,,f th. ,?rty a.l,. Li*' iT" "K""' M"*'1 "",l >'>wnlmm..ly tr. i ii *?? ?"?"? nd.aieleraUndinc .ri-lnir / 1'," ?" niuch at^iut parllamen r^7 un*K''" n,i. lm . iij^ hk.wu over. Ine CjHiJUu thought Ok- German, ih .nld have a tew ?t leant of the county oiti. e.. A roroner win i?,ke tile mZZ "'*'\T r- ?'"? ? Govern. w of the J"' '""I the <..-,m.ri. Ii.? to he "Lin .V1* ' I106'-"1"'' l'.r fee. mi I , i tl10 the propriety of naming t;.-rman ( aiidi'liiU'H fur oflice iiniiu- H it' Ij Mr. HilKiBxn oppoMel tUa motion on the ground that tr0.^r!" "1 ?? rl 'h O.rman. and I^Hid? Uh- tlrk. u of the hard, and .oft* were not ?ct l?h,re the people. At the next meeting there would he mrrwi preeenti-rt for diaciiMion and a<lomton I- eT"?i ("."f" '"1 V,'"1, U ,{*"nan? a. .ho,, Id wl,h to 1^. I i " 1 ?"?*- nl "? ,h' "??*? meeting to L "",,r *|p*"i which wa* ad. p- -.1 .ho^M rr""1 ,f'"t the nest meeting ahould tale pi , re on the following -nnday f. r " -aid lie -the f.ermana cannot letter woralilp <;.hI tlian hr rying to benefit th. condition ?f the ,U,,,le Vl j laiiae.) Tlila re.'.iiimendatlon wa. adople.1 .lien the meeting which wa- laig. and re. (lectal.le adjourned. j. . K*"'w NOTUUM NIIMINATfOK.N. . . " ' " ' ? ? ith Judicial .11. trie, omi , . | ,.f I- ighteentii and Twenty lirat ward*. Jame. M I l.'ndreau Af-r Au-mUy. ? \Mi dixtil. i John - f..<k< Ate-r."?,i/m-w ? III, dlat.iit A T <.a.etl Mtl, .!,. ?<? t, Henry huyea; With di-triet Wr?. II T.ylor, , a Wlirt? NOMfNATIIiSM. f-'r ?WUi di.trict Ki.*l, W. f'.m kliu Til* YOt'NO MMMMA. V IN THE riU.I) IK ?f?j < H A TION of TUB " IIALf Hliri.I." Part v. We atate.| . few ilayn ago tjmt a new pa.ty w.. at. ut to tale the Held corapoaad f,,r the moet part of die- .tt tented hard ahelU, who do not like the re.-nt action ?f the General t oinmltt. e In naming all the ?onTentloru tliern v lvea iinil who .1.,, are de.lrou. ?.( f?.l,^ .|U| ,|? ?oft., proTlde.1 |t .a,, tn- done without a depait.ire fjoni jMoind .?ail.-na democratic prinelal... Thl?l?ahiof a lor. th.-v te'te.e, can ie- foun fin drwpplng ..II l?.nea, and making a Ion* null and a ?tioi.g pull ?g?i.. Know Nothimrt-m and Maine Uwl-U, rii. ,!r.l i^t.,.1 W?; he d 0,1 Iri'lay . r.f.lng la-t, M.tr..l.,llt.? Hotel l ** determined to call . c..n,. ?ti?? of U?? .n 'l e'u , 'I ;"m ''V1"""1: f' "' "'1' ??'?! to ?..,t on the M-.riday following, at the n,rM(. ?f - r atra. ? HtKl the ll>.wery According notlttcatlon almo.t "y1 'f I'T lw?- 'epre-nle.1 on M..i.Uy a..J -Ickiea"^* t^ "75* P" -"t w. B..U.. I Itaniei L ' ? ?! *?" B numl-r of(..iw .... . Vtm. k Wiley , K J Iftllon l?r. iUmal I. Jullu* .J.,i,ii..,h ? me. M lienael, Alderman Mr i,.?r ,, Henry O. Hta?, bin*, and other. The meeting wa. organised hr the apt inline of I It v,",T Mm' '-I W 'art. of thf Ninth n? ' *ute.i ,he i.l.^act of the meeting ?,,d read <|..lt? a lengthy plan ot . gani*at. n Van...| .,^eche. war* m^-.e ,,c. .,,d , ? ar. l wa, li.i.lly d n cract I L V "k- nation.' i. r, cracy 1,, earl, ward whera tl.ey a,. to i|? ward, to follow the pl?? and . le t i.y , , Where the ward -ommittaa. u commlttae. .houM b. ..i..,. wlir, X. , n - r?e , ^1 r..*" memUr. to th. . -e-rai OmmltJw ?:."t :zr."r::Um ??? ?-, i. a,,..,. n ll .l i i f r ? '( '??? p. 1 1 J en what they d^-m pure ,^in ,4,. ?n,t r< "fnmend ti.a api?4?ti.?at . / ? . , nter.nre from the. r t..-r.e.*i I . mn.it* e. wb-a w,| with a ?iffiilar >nm u ? b*t ??,#*/ !??! u ? f?, . 'I:";-:?1: Will l.rli^ ate. ut the n.rtiilr.a' r? t n- tl ... ? Va-lo i delegate Mtteriy .^ihe tu, la.titut, m ?r liieut ? te-lr., Irr.-gula/ tyrannical, v rd . party (, r.p-.rUd that ?? h*. (Ultea^n.rar, .?,ng,?o(l?. pr.emn. at kail -belt ugh the II. itllk ward atwliicl. it I. i ? ; -i te4 Jan. ? 7 It ! and f>.n K. - ckia. will >peak togaU ?< - ".h other p >. rr ia- nt deni'.< rat. Mat' Way h tha >.alf h. I? THF. OI.H I.IVB Wlllil. MUVIM'I Tt ?'* I* no .ittl" II It' uie?t an.- ng tha t" Mae ? V /. j?<t at pr?aen .rt ing front Dm- gaoer.t rating In - .f U. ? i ig Ifti'lar. to tl. ^ repuWl an fraa m. I rfw^eo^ti*.. ll,i. la if-' '?lli ?- I.y 'he old I lay whig, aad a nam mer 1 I- nn '?? I to *?? [. t In |?a ? t jr InW, are! 'l.aat <w ail al! jit.on . th the n? a 'ituM f pul i. in. A Ming <4 th< <'..natlt.;t.on llai' whiya * I *^i i^ . t aw I rvl.y r..gh' t., aee wha' ?. tl. n It w.?l?t t m wa. to -a... w* op p. .? the .walkrwlng j. of the w- ig fatty llwrtaf '.he ??. nth of 'wtntief a "'ate rmtmtvai ?' tlw 4la?Mt t d Ine abiga will I* he< ! I UOOKI.YN ' ITY FOIJTW . The aftft ?hall, held a a i- a* at tl?e fit y If *.l -?t ?t*t. ng a* wt.i'h ae*e?al -.ftlrf prow..'. ' .r.'/at. tha la't. n 4>?triet weca pre., ft! a.tk . *? t*a W"T* r.g l?-m- rat. >.f (he *e-t- - ?*' 7*' a i/et <4 'he iii??'lr.g appeared t l? ' a-.ai# . d) r .. ti of t|.e . ft e. I.lt'.i, tl,. tw -t '?>' ? an that '.i?e ae. ? . ?? ahali not hate th? li-? ? ahar- V. the lamage ?* tfce ntbet It k* taWtt..^ that f be. mitt* Uj an i. ata' i l?g ? >.? the eaa. ?. a/rang" *?-" kM a t ;e? taeetl 4e ..tped ( iimnaltl'. "ti Aauaauient*. The fVtr mlt'ea <a A' a^taeti'. tlaa hmtA 1 4 A.ler I?ea bakt a meet, g at J F M yee'erA.; .1 the rtiMt <^liMMiil*'*''aet a ? ? ' They eta" <a*d a large aiaitor at aaaMaMat ikata Ay. net on* '*ly? tba! f-.? -i lat.ag .ad patdag T>.i?ty flfth ttrewt tet.'.a the I Ira' a ad TV.it .aea-^a? 1 any rew>"?a,ra??eappaa / 7fcl. ?.?rwn-w.tr.le' ar. iet by P' party owner. >? lit. *4 tlaa al.aa ega d a. a?.t ha> rg kae? A ?e la aaa?4<wM y wltb tba ? ??a tract T>?* < 'taatltuae dl4 aail dwarte ih*ir aa th* Th* < '?* aa*t?ee nwW la < a?#r?.i'i( th. f'.lVa* rg awaral kit. - Ma. >tia* * am la tvt ftr<?da.t 'r? J tgerwa* ta He?tga?aary itrwt ala* la fnrtr <hl>4 drwt lf?t Wrnatwa. te Ai'h .imae aad oaa fa fraly ?Hth dual fraa* KaMh la Tntlh aaaa-ae pattag and *agg?ag Thirtt IK'** alraet tot .aea I ait aad "caad .e??ae. baa.l4ua? a I ??' iw>i baeta aad aal at tbe la.thaaat aara*i ?4 ImDmi ?? aat t%l 1^1 fP/aet| *?< <>?ru*g laatr; raw at m* Coitimllfm- IHI ltHllr,Mi<;<. orromrro* to HONMKo morn* ,,,;j<ow ?miitrr on tiik irtmMO* kivbh bah-kuah *?? wot" T? CITY 4 AKH *? "?* "iw? Th? ComiitHU* ,m IUilr..a<li of tl?p IV ?M of Co.iult ?mm met at Se'aloeh jr^UrrA.,. at Urn rhambar of the ??,?rd. fnwuf, OauTtlmao Km^ (chtimm), ttelnwl ??iH Wnlr*rrbrht. ' ct the meetlof a* aiuKNinrxl fM v> giea au "r??rtu?l?r ?? I* .1. ratal** t? permit , ?? brion o. thr ll.ximm ||IVM K.i.fr.i.,1 M"w !"*lrth ?>*? ??? - w, , utBprHi'm tu^ aw coni|^n7l.j elljr?r. ^ ^ Vlf"ynlB?*. treat A |- iMion tf? ihU efVr. a*e..,me l.tm, ?? ^ IVwd,.f( i.-?. ? ^ ^tf, I !" "l*? "?? "**0 '"??"? '** Wut. ?f ig the t<*nwtnl in the miocw.a of U?- ,?,. t*?Lt rutirMeratlon. ,l lm,"u" ? ""do t.AIW.T H.HimiB, K*., n|.pr?*e.| .id 1*1, >1- .,( .? HII..II#.,, lie fhaU t?v. lt, ,,M. r, , lu. , J" ?* tha p-?a brbuf the raw. bar tie* | .|, I ' ebauhicall up. Iw- ijuretji >m*J h ? the ( 'iwiihU.,. tnou " th*y m"" ???>?.*< t? T ? .."u tn nunr > i u<f Ulrica prapoutuM l.j Uw IVmimlttw ,tiM thai "'tor,v 2T' th"r<"r:"f * , , ?V.-ni??; l,y the loeorrvXiTr. Im-i, p < "U llwl U> run brhwr til 4 |hU<]( i|,?? . * IlinM*! <)ariffi*i ^ iiM. ,j> in- iL l< ?? In 1 11 llv'* wrrr? fn>tiU*nUr r""'"T,,r ** *??" ?*IU in ra. liT ?" r~>i ?J? twealy ,?(?. an hour i -*>?* *w lira- cf ill,. uiTwJi To'r"" r;-'"-" ""??*"??<? (-in* all wwl to run M.*r Malirth ?<r??t Wrr^ tl r ??nut,*? aTjTrSll pr,?*rtJ' ?""ldM?a.?. Mr ^m., l.rukar, wa? aail call?l? Ha that h* * m'ih X' f a'l'Th a! *?? ?r"??'th ariil VU 1.7. ,,B<' bMl" " >*'*? tenant thar? .ui onacraanf ?f tlif in* running thrmirh iii? l.r?Tti~^T' r ? ?-Waa?,1ltj. ^r,. Um, "'"?'ill ntlvf. rtopptMl JMMMI. .u,?i V?r^7" 01 *"tland..?r, tiiwn ;j*. an "" an.) Uita oa th? avraua. Ila u,?Ri i tU?>i> naarlr i,T! *"d "l*"'1'-1 ?J?*?a hail In lhatr ,.?.^i..L f"rr M,r ,,,r"v" i,r '""ij /JLi ' i J J " '.'"I II" <IM , ,1 ... wbra ho Ik/jU tham. ,,r. " >~z" 't1'" r"." ?5r3^??SHr ?..v 7nl ^ " 11 w " ? mo.??, ? y .ni- I.. r.,.nc tl.rr,- ,tl<J |,Y? vv> ~"v" .treat ??. .,n.? .. htal.a- thlrt, nv. *' JtuT.M,, known men fcllM. ?,Jr mar, h?r?-. a. Ui. car. .. , ,|,T. .a^ ,kI :,r;r'.rjit,v." - Mr . 'wnnjii.m l.rr* rerruirli.^ that a man absul ? ?hlh. r* I*" ?'""f""* ?'? ' "'? ? 'r-. .te trark ' " T'" M IU? ?<?,? a. c"1"' "l~l "he atateoietita n?4a Trom Vf^"* "' 111 the >J., ..,,(1, a.ra.,e 1? *I*nl "'?;"T?nlei?a ?f ,rc?,. ,1#WI1 1 ^ Mf. *wwfcaurn,a?a4d that a.. l? fr.,,.. 4an?.r t? uu> ol. ^ u" ?^uV u t?.il?-, n II. 1 4u?t. ali< I aiiMiI.e ... ? hT!l k"f"*?i **" l" r"" "**r ,",tr ?n II" ha.) a fa.nit v of aight cWUran <n4 ,1 -nrr. of ai.ilaty to 1?,,,, Uli,(k of ?? hey Vera .ul,J..,t to ?f lUl lr ,iTr. ' , 7^ hree ???? h?[wl k( ^.TT' lzTlt ,;'i ?'? ru "? ?*? ? ? hi. built* am it " l?t r..,t a " nl (? i.i? rantUjr . All Uw roii.. |atl>.ii ae r?.ul.| ?.? i 0| .i_,_ -a. ... Uj told k. . ? thr ^ ^ Mnej |uflq?f!TrfU ,""> Tr "" ' ItA 'H- ..... Mr J. II* W ?i.*Jri ?|.| (hat more ra#.a ? .mH ir' 7 iT , w,r" lI" ' -in thi?r "? "? ?-* M. ?r. fwinal l a>.l Jam? W.nMJeA m ??- t It. nnmUrT^V" J taVahTlJ" "f etaf. , em . , r?U~' ""Iff lit. ?..uld ?fl. .1 (T ' "iiwAliw " ,' , *-r I- father !?., ,m II. p. I l.< i ,..MI?-?t,.,n fa/t?ri?en nth. uier< ?are I- "I 1 Hallrowlf. ni|?n? tlat U.a pMlt.'.awa ;?r^rjrrrr - r;,;irr ,.,.u..v.r^ till m' M *?" i ""H"""'"1 *?>) ?n.riK..t *< Kk^fy tin nei w~ln. -lay, at tfc. Mr?. h.- , ' *'r?rlirf . Till: KIM own ii.irm <? r?r nt T.,k* C(. im r>. Tim M.MIJ IHI.ANn I. Ml. || J | 1,1*11. T!,|. rnateh Wok plan, ;?at?r4af at ?i-l hy th. r?.,M of the ,r.t Inni^ ? s.. "?* lne..M,lUmn,t tk. ,4 ^ ,4 %hmr "?? V a ere u^Jai ,h. ^ rr" r of -hM, Bret IbJ. r .mpU4 nth the fWt of the .Wa.. ,4 ,M .r,,ka?? Mr ? .? hate Ular^,,, t<1 ,h, , ^ ^ ^ ' !* Y"ui* H*??" ?**??? U-4. uorea ear7eJr?! eary .te^|My, Thali IkeMl* "?WyM.MtWIrj^r^h he.r^ a,.^ ..( . V, rk ,..,t .ut t .ho?M haea ^ ? ? n.1 tnainga tlawa ?.. ., arwl Uha .a. W ** '*'?* ?Waa >,h.?| .. .. ^ \TL T0-' '",1 * "~u ?"? ?t. r*5 ?? - ;:-T ?ke.rt.'.ja'^^a. le? aotlea.. M.ra fhr I tin.' latearf n?i M .. In ar aw^^.at.rf u.ato ?a., -I uM -?alaT raw n .1 allea^i . . lmi. ? ^ ?Kj; i ,r u . ^ ?Weafti >el .^r . / .rat^ .hMi ZXJiA ,:r^;ru ^ - r-JT. Mr# I,?m *"* "** <1t* ? . l< llnliarl, "" hm*m9> b lUUei . | . Mnr.la.b'k.'u ?* I'.^tar ?, lla^ier 0 !, Kwaeail ' 'f l'.a?V n I'.ow b la ? _ ^ .. I< k llaaaa* fal?e.ly h H Ider a* , K^,? v . ? t*fr n ? J H iMItrtp ? ? ? ,<?"i^ L. * ' k IteaeeU k , "' ?> H?U ? f?.^, "J J1 ",l ? ?> - Hill " ,, M Ifcoaei V I ew., a , It su^ik'ssr tSiSSTT : I >.e?.l raa ' H?ea II i| kya. I |ty. T"?l U'i Talal ? umm au?i< n. a. Y'.'.la h Hark IX I?A ?at . ... I Apt 'I ?? "Tart S W. ,i.?*a<1 ?? Nyroa ? II. ?. <lark I t'aaeatl b freeten ... * lah??? b "b'?a Mniwl> Py..? I' < I' ' ???* ? ' ? ?> >+ . I i. Holler >y e a<H b Hy ' (I J || M'-lie?1y * T~T ?. IVil 1 faetiaaad r?a o?l I K?M, a?4"at... I Ml" I "t byee I 1y*>, J. *^ka> t ?? aide. I* * Mla. I b Ml, lot T'4aJ ...... W t UM.II' I'" i eaaariA? Tb? f? < ?I all r?m a?a?'ea at 1*a artrkai Ulaal at '^aelaa 1 i , '? km. * i>. Aafi a?na| It a HI w. 4"ak< aata ^aiva aa ??? ?e?l ka a^t tba ?.aa?il|bM". Mn*e 'Utah Uplai' U ha k?*y at *arb a*aa?t?g ul t? -naf fiwt ar4aa TW fr*a4 aay ba te4?a<*l try atwy hr?Mt |!<i?aa Iilani *a )a..al?? aay |l. .e ./ ny,s a* taaafav<4 ?Hb If a?t r <?aae4 at aa?> Ike |Ka?t mm ?W4 a ill la Ml V. ?*?t I*""1 a?4 %/a* ?k| rvwv? lk"? Mai tkbtaM.

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