28 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6970. HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS. ARRIVAL OF THE WASHINGTON AND AMERICA. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. FEBY EXCITING FROM THE CRIMEA . THE FALL OF TERRIBLE ASSAULTS ON THE MALAKOFF. BRILLIANT CORDICT OF THE ALLIED Tit OOPS. Total Destruction of the Town, Fleet and Fortifications, by the Russians. Thirty Thousand Rom lam, Frcnch and Eng Ikh Hon dc Combat. Sueresxfnl Retreat of Priure Gortsebnkoff to the North. Another Attempt to Assassinate Louis Napoleon. TREMENDOUS EXCITEMENT ALL OVER EUROPE, STATE OF THE MARKETS. History of One Year's Events in the Crimen. <tc., & c., Ac. Tho new, received yesterday from Europe 1- of the highest importance. Two steamship* have arrive<t? the Washington ut thin port from Southampton with advice* to the 12th. and ttie America at Halifax from Liverpool with accounts to the 16th in?t. The greu: fiict by these .steamers Is the fall of f-'cbnR. topol. New York wan thrown into h state of great ex oitement a? soon an the news spread over the cltv. All the t-pace we can spurn, to the exclusion of other Interesting matter, iH devoted to the detail; of till* very important news. On the bth inst. the allied forces attacked the defence* of !Jebastopol. and the French succeeded in gaining pos sesion of the MalakofT. The Engli-b who attempted the Italan were not success ful. Dur't.e the night the Russians In the egncertintlon of desjiair. b.gan to sink their ?hips, blow up their maga zines and hum their city, and on the following morning frubastopol was evacuated, and the communication be tween the north forts and the town broken off. The a?Hiiult on the Maiakoff was made at noon of the S'.h in-vt. Its ledonts and the Kedn n of Careening Ila / were aarrifd by storm by the French soldier* with ud nitrable tntrejiidity to the shouts of ?? I',r I'Kmj- rrur!" The Redan of Careening ilay waa not tenable owing I to the henry lire of artillery. ? bich was poured ujx n the first occupiers of that work, fin beholding t tie French angles Homing on tho Maiakoff, Oen. de Salle* made two attacks oa 'he Central Bastion. but did not sueceel. The French troop* returned to their trenches. The losses were serious. The plan of the tattle appears to have been as fol low*:? The plare ?i< attacked In four directions. The British troops attempted the storming of the Redan, the French ? 'tacked the MalakofT. The extreme right of the French n.ade u direr-ion on the Little Kedan. and n unl t<vl atta<k of the English, French and Sardi nians was made on the Central Battery. All the ottacks wire made simultaneously. with great spirit and energy: but the one which was eminently mjc -ces-fui wa- led by ti n. Bosquet and Oen. M'Mahon on the Maiakoff. Both the Kedan and the Central Bastion weie at times in the bands of the storming parties: but so accurate'} iiid the guns of the Russians cover tlie*e, that as soou a- the English had gained possession of them, it wa* found impossible to hold them. The intelligence of the fall of Bebastopol sai received In Ixjudon with demonstrations of great j?j. At ttie ra r ki Li - theatre- and places of public amusement the (act was officially announced, and the ban la at each plare immediately played the national anthem' of England ami France. Throughout England the demonstrations were general. On the night of the 8th ln?t.. whilst the F.riperoi f ihe French was at the door of the fhestre Itallen. at the mo ment the Carriage containing the ladies of hon .r of the Empress stopped ut the entrance of the theatre, on individual who was standing on the tro">ir dis ?charged, without taking aim, two pocket pistols at the carriag . X i one waa struck The man who ha I more the appearance of a maniac than an wa immediately arrested. Hie name of the Individual ar retted i* Be'leinarre. He is aliout 22 years of *je, un l w?? born at Roocn. Wh"n 16 years of age he was sen tenced to two years' imprisonment for swindling. llie fun* ; :.l ot the late Mr. Fergus O'Connor tixik place at Kensal t.reen Cemetery on the afternoon of the 10th inst., and was attended by a Urge multisude of hi* friends ami the supporter* of his political princ iple-. A Complimentary address w.?s delivered by Mr. .tones, la!e of livi rpool. to the people assembled around the grave, tt ??? estiioated that not less than from lf> 0(XI to JO mm per-<>ns were present at the cemetery, all of whom quietly separated at the close of the proceedings. Hie har>e?t is progressing favorably throughout Fug land. anu the crops will not tie belnw the average The fine weather whlrh existed will enable the farmer* to gather the grain lu good condition. The steamship I nlon, ('apt. Adam, had arrived off Cowe? rn tie Wth tnat.. m route to Havre, with the French and I ngllsh mails. k> . Sh< left New York ou the 26th ult A lettei from Berlin, of the 6th, says >? Tlie Duke of Saxe-Cotiurg has communicated to the other (iemnii court" the reservations he has made against the Intcnention of the Met in the settlement of constitutional '(itestlons relating to hi* States, and that he has also invoked the mediation of the two great tier man power*. The Prussian government ha? refti.ed to interfere In th? matter, and refers the solution to the IHet itseif( wtn-b I* the supreme central authority iu Ctiaiany. The Mad- id advice* of the 3<1 last, have arrived. An official retu-n represent* that the number of person* at tacked by cholera at Mailrid from the commencement of May to the end of August, was 3.068. and that 1,78.1 of them died. Ihe cholera haa broken out with extreme vio lence at rumpeluiia: on the 28th ult. not fewer than forty persons died ot It. A letter of the 3d. received in advance of the mail, say* that the Queen continued to ho in perfect accord with her Ministers. It state* that the Cfcptain-Oeneral of Catalonia had reported that two Oar list band*, under chiefs named tinihert and Hnignet had been ri uted at Gsort ami Adrian, and it announce* that extraordinary heavy rams had caused great damage t > the railway from Madrid to Alba' eta. The Sept nne, 120. Captain Button, had beenorderel to prepare for sea with all despatch. Her officers on leave hal t een recalled. The rumor i*, that her destine ti< n is Naple* The Earl of Eilessaere will be the lord lieutenant of l?cca*hire, in tb? room of the tar I of Stflun, lecea-ed. THE FALL OF 8EBAST0F0L. The Details of ?!??? Great Kvcnt. OCR LONOON COBREHrONPECl'E. I n don , tSept. 11, 1855. All other new- pale* before the great event of the day. Skbaftopol ban fallen. There U no mistake this time. The united flsgs of France, England and Sardinia float upon the tar-famed battlement* of Sebastopol. The Russian strongh >ld of the Black Sea no longer exist*. The last man of war bat been burnt or sunk. Ilie great fort known as Sieverna Kc.it on the north ?lde, U (till in the band* of the rem nant of the garrison of Sebastopok How long that will hold out, Cod known. The a?nosphere above that doomed city bun been for the la-t three day reeking with Mnoke and blood, shot and shell, flames, timber flying through the uir hissing, with the dense roar of artillery intermixed with the cries of battle and shriek of death. Tlie scene must have been awfully grand. An yet we have only the telegraphic announcement#. Whilst the bells in every town in Kngland are ringing merry petb ?f victory, tho.^e Mime peal* are the funeral chime of many a gallant soldier or devoted child. Vet private eorrow gives way to a general joy, and even the bereaved will find Mi' consolation in the thought that their lout one* fell for their country, and have found an honorable grave with victory ringing in their ear*. It appear* t hat the attack on 10th August wb* a tart desperate attempt by Oortschakoff to com|?el the allies to raise the siege, His signal defeat on that day mist have shown hliu his case was hopeless Nearer and nearer came tlie batterle- Inch by inch, step by step, through solid rock, each yard in advance marked by blood, but still onward tliey came against the mighty walls, and a - one man tell another took his place. The bombardment which preceded the last attack was with gun* and mortars of much heavier calibre and at much closer range thnn the previous bombard nents. The first result wan the sinking of a Russian man-of-war and the burning of a frigate. <>n the ever-memorable morning of September 8, orders were i?sued for the attack. The Krench were to storm their old eneiny the Malakoff. the KnglUh the Hedan? in fact, the assault was to take place on the same ground as on the 18th of .lune last, when the allies were driven back. I'tr the previous twenty-four hours the town un derwent a fearful bombardment. The first news reached the War office on Sunday night, tin- 8th inrt. On Monday niglit the news of the fall of sebastopol reached London, aud the greatest ex citement prevailed in the metropolis. THE ENGLISH ACCOUNTS. (JEN. SIMPSON'S AND ADU1KAL LYONS' DESPATCHES. War Department, Sept. 8, 1886. Lord I'anmure ha? received the following intelligence from (itae al Simpson, dated Chime*. Sept. 8, 1856. Another Russian frigate was destroyed by fire yester cay afternoon in the (ireat Harbor of Sebaatapol. A large fire is burning this morning about the middle of the town ol Ssb.istopol. last iii jib t. about five minutes past 1 o'clock, a great explosion took place, supposed to have been one ol the enemy's nitgaiines ou ilie north side. War Dkpartmk.vt. Sept. U, 185ft. I/ird I'anmure has received the following Intelligence from fieri. Sinip-on, dated CRi.tii, Sept. 8 ? 11:36 P. M. The allied force- attacked the defences of Sebastopol this day, at 12 o'clock. The a -sault on the Malakoff ha been successful, and the work is in pos-esslon of the Krench. The attack ot the KnglUh against the Redan did not succeed. War Iiii'AUTMrvr Sept. 10, 18ft.">. Lotd Paanntre tias received the following telegraphic despntcii fiom General Simpson:? ('R'vtxv. Sept. 9, 1856. Sebastopol is in the possession of the allies. Th. en<<iny during the night and this morning have evacimt' "I tne south side, after exploding their magazines bum setting fire to the wole o< the town. All tne men-ot war were bui red during the night. Willi the exception of th-.ee steamers which are plying about the haroor. Ilie ??:<]%? communicating with the north snic is broken. Vi'AK ItWAWMENT. Sept. 10, 1855. l< rd I'anmure has received the following telegraphic despatch fr< m (.eneral Simpson dated C'RIVI *^ept. 10. IRft.'i. The casualties. I regret to say are somewhat Imta? . No general ofllwr killed. * Semes -hail te sent as soon a* po-?iblc. At>"iBAinr, ept. l'? 1886. Sir fharle - Worn": ha - received the following despatch from Sir K. I.vens: ? Luring the' n'ght the Russians have sunk all the re maindi :r of the liie of battle ship- in Sevastopol harbor. ENGLISH LOSSES IN THE ATTACK OK THE REDAN. [Kroni the London I'oel >ept 11.] We deeph regret to state that oui loss in the assault ou the I'.e-isu ia-t Saturday, amounted to 2 Otri killed uttl wounded. _ [Krom the U nion Times Sept. 11. J Cm Satu'idnv. the 8th of Meiteuitiei, wnnln a fi v. days of the anniversary of the landing of the allieil forces in the Crimea, and iiltl day after the opening of the be ieglog batteries against Sebastopol, on the 17th nfOcto be-- 1KM. a final and victoi Ions assault was made upon the southern part of the town. Before night the t rencli Mag waved in triumph upon the Matakoll rower, Which had fallen befori the i ml' ml table courage awl perseverance of the ?? -a Hants and within a few hours more the Rus sian ga< - iv.n bad evacuated the harabednaia eburh and the southern proportion of the fortrts* alrei blowing up fl,e mega xines tnd principal works, sening Hie t the town in man; | lac? s. and then endeavoring t" withdraw by the bring) across the harbor fi in this terrific scene of devastation and defeat. So fell Sebastopol. ilie catastrophe surpasses in horrible inte est all the preceding ?ceu? of this gigantic contest. ibe columns ot the illled armies, combined in a fourfoUl atieck. trng c'.ed all da* ?ith e.,ual valor, though Witn unequil ?uc ci-ss. against the principal points marked ?:it for a-snult. ibe extrnue light "f the Krench attack was dlrecte I against the work called the little Rwlan. which ws. at Hist ' arried by the impetuosity of our allie- though they were mil ' t 'inently driven bncle by the fierce resistance of the Ku?slan?. .... , 'Ibe second and principal assault ef the french army was sg:.in f th- Malakedf. which was carried by -torm. and determined by It- fall the fete, not only of the day but of th' -iege. A third attack was made by tW ilrlMsh forces on the (ireat Redan, and. although we learn that the -alt- nt angle <f this formidihle work was at on' moment carrien and occBpletl by our tr > |?>. it mu-t be eddi-d thi?t thej wire sub- |uently duveu out "f it by the fire of the Ru an batteries which commended It. atol thl* ciieek in some d? gtee diminishes the exultatb n whii ti will be felt in this country at thi triumphant termi??tiou of the ?????>?. Ibe 1 1 each" column ? on tl.e left also availed, in the ourth place, the lenU el Hattery, but taibd to estaolish them selves in the work. We have no doubt that every man who attacked the iiefenee* of Vahnetopol on that event ful ''ay fought with the same uo'launtod gallantry and the sa'm. determination to carry the place or U? perish In the at* em] t and although the results of th' ?e seve ral attaci nere unequal ull were animated by the same -pint tnd contributed Ui the gre?t result. The first prlre of this glorious victory belongs of right to era r gal lant allies the Kiench, since the M?lnt.ofl tower, tin' kev ill the ir.ain position, fell (wfore the vigor ol their as sault. ?"it With that chivalrous tiling which Is the no. blest bend of men who have fought and conquered t<s ?ether. the names of all those who carried the mgged de fences of seta-topol deseitn to stand side by sld.- on one page and n" invulious di.-tiurtion shall -nllv or lc - sen their common renown. Ilie Hu-sian" on their side unquestionably defended the t.lare with the iitn.o.t dsterminitlon. an l on more than one j olnt they had the advantage ?>*' r the be-ie/ers But It was tlie courage of deviation, for thi< effort wa? their la?t No w? i.er were the outer works token, which laid the town and tl.e port at the mercy ?<( the allb-d forces than the men ot- war and steamers in the harbor were ell set o? tire blown up stink or destroyed e,?h. r bT the fire of the sllied batteries or by the oiders of the R'ussian authorities. Such was the fate eif the Ros-tan Buck . ?*a ti 't . on wliicli the Imperial government had expendesl inra ila ble .urns of nu ney and ineessant tabor ? that fleet whieh two years ago threatened the very existence of tl .? Turk ish empire, but whose solitary naval achievi mentwas th" atrorlons outrage u ^on a far inferior force at ~inepe U i the authois Of that nefarioiis attack what remain. ' The Fmperor Nicbolae sleeps in the vaults of St. feler and St I 'anl no longer conscious of the rlu??ti- m-nt his wicV'd au bition lias brought .iewnon hi < ruplre an.l 1, is heirs The admlrabi who commanded and tlie crews who fought on that occasion have met of tbero fallen in the lotteries of rebsstopol The very ship- for winch Russia contended at the Conferences of \ t-rmv a- e?n tisl to her dignity and power, are torn plank from plank and scattered u|*sn th? waves. , , The d> ckyard and ar-enal w. re already, on ? n ay in poe?esaloe of the allied troops Prince i.ortschakoff hsd It seems ardicited an armi-tics though we l.n-w ? .t whether It was granted, but his tr<*ip? wer hurrying away with the utmost precipitation >nd ? the moral and physical re-ult ? ' such a d? ? ?' npon th? rrmrant 'if his army, It may be doubted whether the Russian f.snerel can attempt to tnaki any f irther s'and on the north aide of the harbor. These greet events termli ete the siege of S-iastop-.l prriaerly mi called for the allied armies hate achketed within the last three days th< grand obje< t of their enterpi ise. They have wrested from tha whole military power e>f Russia a fortress which ahe had eonverted into a ptace of extraordinary strength end defended with I nauawxtb* fcwta v( U?r bc?t uoopt. Tfcey havs aa jubilated (lit- naval powtr on which she relied to rteeure her ? nuprrmaoy in the l.uxine. nnd to establish her Xtl'L'T" 'n? :hlir *' ,i"' ' u> ?" month* of the 1 anube. Dm, above nil. they huee shown the mt ?lle and credu.ous nations of th. thwt the IVm,-? now caramonnt in the world are wot those of fanatfciam in I barbaric nbsolutiam, I.ut thore of liberty and ,.t dvilka tion. In this gtruggle. Heb?*tO|w.j borttnc at oace the te?t of Htrec/th a Ml the reward of victory To reduce it by force uf arm. ?a- to overthrow that cnloa h?i l?bric ot Ru.-ian influence wnich it century and a ball of rapine nnd intrigue had called into la-iiur .v J i0^"r ,WV h!irro""'l'u8 ?atl >IU and threaten ed the independence of kurnpe. While the expedition to the Crimea offered the incalculable advantage of clrcum mibing within ? few nquaie miles of the eitewv't terri r>' "" 1 ,c no"oi ? of war and of .taking th. strength of r.iui empiies ?n a hinnle p.?ni, the result of our v.non lft Jifl 1\H the gl<>h?*. It tell* toe world that th. alliance ot Kngland and of France has Moo<| the tout of warfare hy the Miffed, nr. o ?e < Mnp and the p. rils of the field. It mankind united policy can im-.oso it- will and execute it" icmluti. n-. eieu though the timid stand and tjioigb men ol bu-er iniuda mat abandon the cau-e of their country in her hour of need. We owe our succaaa ill no flight degree to the un wnveimg limine* with whl.-h the Kmperor of the trench ha. pnr. nod tliif* enterprise and inhered to the policy that dictated it. Hut we owe It no le?a to the clear and unanimous resolution of the people of Kngland w bone mind wan made up that tiiin tbiug wan to be done' In the course of tbeaa e\ rata, which broke in ao and denly on onr wonted avocation', we hare bad much to learn and much to bear. At tlnWH the tedium of *u? pendad excitement became almoat Intolerable and more than once the fainthearted or the fa< tiouh lost confidence in the result. Vet what ia the fact? What In it we have doner A year baa not yet elapaad .luce the allied armies net foot in the Crimea. Within that time they have won three pitched battlea, nnd twice aanaulled a fortress of extraordinary magnitude. Tliev have encom(?i aed the work a ot the enemy with trenched extending m more than thirty mi lea ..f ground; they have armed tho-e ti niche* with the heaviest ordinance, an I kept un ho In cessant ji Ore that not only an Incalculable amount of projectiles has been coiuumed but live or six si.g, trains have been worn out. Ihev have creatnl at Kamleacli, Eapatoria and Venl kale three military stations which tlie Russian, have not dnred to assail, nnd ltulnklavii has become a populoua mart. A railroad connect* the harbor and the camn au electric chain binds the Crimea to Europe, and ooni-cv* to in a lew houri the tidings of these triumphant sue I I'wnrds of ?00,000 men enrnm|ied within the hoe- of the Icbti naya have been conveyed thiiher ami are dailj ted. clothed, and boused from the reauurcea ot Western , rope. All this lias been effected in spite of the rigor or winter, the heat of Rummer, and the distance of Ii iaiu miles jioni our shores, and within one little yeai fn.m the falling of the < xpedill.il the leading object* of the campaign are accomplished and .S>baslnpol ia in our lower. 'Die military and political re*ults of tbia even' open a new chapter In the hiatory or these transactions to WMCb we shall shortly take occasion to reiert but lie they what they may, th. grand tact now before ua jusil bea the confidence we have never cm. cd to leel and re ward* our hope* ? for within twelve montba Irom the commencement of this enterpi he .sebaatopol haa fallen i lid the power ot Russia in the watera ol tlie I mine i? ;i an end. [From the Imnrion Time*, Sept. 11.] We would much rather not be under the ii remit v of believing that there are some at houie to whom the gloriou news f out the (limea will lie dlsapiMiint ment. It ia, indeed, with thi g.ealeat dllbcultv that we call imagine the stated thoae mlnda that have blunder ed Into ao morbid and ridiculoua a position. Vet we cannot doubt the tiict. The-e p?-rsona. drawing largely on (lie obscurity and uncertainty of the future and en conra|ed poaalhly by aonte aiiiiati r nuguriea of their own. have dwelt incessantly on the delay and eonipn rati ve tail jie of our military operation. ? on the patriotism auil devotion ot the foe? on the Inexhaustible extent of his reaourrrs ? on the presence of a religion- Idea on hia siile. aud the absence of It on our own? on tlie tatal neglect which, in a way known to none but t nine mvatic p< lllii iaus ha>l covrrted Kngland and I ranee Into the authors of a new war, instead of the insulted, ag grieved and threatened pa i ties in an old one. On the-e and other topics, labi icatiil in a Workshop of their own. and more or le a unlrit* lllglldc to ordinary people, tnis select knot of politician, have brooded and declaimed till they haw- forgotten thu are Kugliahniau They cannot I ut think that a gnat mil-fortune ha- liap penerl to l-ngiar l and to the common internal* of hu* 11 ariitv In the full of ^ebaMop?l. On Mr. (lladatone'a o? n pien.i- e tl.nl e\ eut wlikh this <ta., till, with hooe?i ]..v e^ery sou no heart luon] onrvelvea an 1 oui noble allies. i. the triumph of criminal ambition, ohatlnncy. and re' venue. According to hiio and his handful of political aaMiclatea. a hideous crime lias bean |*r|*u. i led and tbe ttliuii l of ,webasio|a.lT wilh the thousands who lie buried in ila smouldering ruin*, ciy fom th' ground for vengeance upon ua. As lar, itdeed, as legartls their own country, there i? one -mall consolation. J., IK' miiUf' Iwnymu, of I h' Hi U fh ('imtmiimlfr .m-t'lii'f Ik fVrnih >??? imtril in Ih'it main attari;, nhi'.r our nth' fnilnf. But frr thl* th> gentlemen we refer to w uid ?careely wish to thow thau. elvis In public dnribg the II. cut rtji Icing. To the air o( satlslac turn which e ery - '? K ' 1 I' late will wear this day, notwithstanding ti e destiny, not to call II by u higher name, which haa given the palm of net >ry uw>r? to our gallant ally than to our own mm-, tin >e gentlemen art now able to reply '?1 1 u haw not much to bo.nt of, it ?as not yon that did it. ' 1 his .aving clause in tin victory will rcndei their existence tolerable lor the pieseut, and of con rn- wo eann t hjil e content that i ch aile anil excellent uien ahould have < me eneocrngtnicnt to live a llttl. longer, and to hi pe one ?!ay tut -onic event inure entirely according to tbeir wisbi -. After the '. ?>on? of thia long atruggle, It would lie vain to ( tagget Jitc th> slice es even were ih< le ai y rear, n- :? r nmBg . i?ur aimi?a now ataml on a heap of mi.!. . A t.. a tin Alii of the ltusal.il i inducers could . i? ? I .? It not one -loin I- 1, ft upon ano'hei of the va-t W" south of the hai hoi ; and wi may lie sure that In tin ?v. ut ot tl e lto-scins litidinir it tw cesaary U. retire firm t. e ninth the? will complete thl goa-tly ampblthe atie.ai fn in th water's e..g. the Western cnn.|uerora will lie nrohing but blaeki ne<l mound- ihatt< rial wall and nany a hi. eou- apeelaele o* moi I de. ay. What t" ? Wl ? ei n shall complete ' he work of .n -trio - t Ion or c-t:ibh.li wlti. n it. circle ome portion ol our v:i - ? ho -t or whether, trusting to the force o( iiat bo.f ar.d the .ihun ?me of onr supplies w. -ball ?. lire the Hu -'l?n out ofltie C t lim-.i and h. Id it again.* him i j< - bh i,o| yet dec ell .| on. Ilut we ar. -atlMn-d that the > nil ? ?y lo bring the *ar to a c.o>>- 1. to earrv it on with all oui heart and ?>ul all the opportnm h ? In our ' teacl. an.t all the n.i an in our power. We are tn-d to jo U'H.-, Cictp. Si, <h I, the aljie n, ha . .- agreed to I' .?ein lhentaiivt and au. h an. in the < .ern-e 'I tlieir doeieton, they may think l^-si bir tin - corlty and (e.ic. .,( ? be- world. 'IKi oi,| olib.-t then that we nee.! at present teeogid/^ J, dnee the enemy to the low eat |?.-dbi and <> mpel iiim to , e for Id very eiUtenei-. 1#' Ft. gland know that wt haie lo dral with a loe rlmtasw no rule but neccaaitv. anu ?bo will only l? rcstraineal from ie i stimli sr III . long el eriahed ach me ol unUei.al domln' n I ry the want oi power arid th. certainty of .)<f< t That ia the i "million to which w . enlettain'no d"uW w. < n ' I uU thai I tin which w t r* i-t to ^ in, pie her heart. We have hut lo put fo'th all mo I ?tungtl to gruoge no terr a ml on our means i,i.,j t? t<. on i tor. tl aukful that II the dialan. ? . f .. oeu u, I. j ids i to the coat of th. war It puts u far out of ? ght and I h? arii jf. Wljo wlf*h t*? *hnr?* *o grcit n -tr?: ? and to |>e th nnuade ot liciw without some pair in ' II ci ?t aud the |:.iu ' ^ViuiiWc hae i|,n, our s,:irl at hi me then We shall I e Ml ?e to greet with manly pride j the aoldli r- who hare fought our I a'tlen abroad. (I rom the Lt odon IJaieiti ,-cpt. 11. 1 We were * he fir t toannounri m our ae< orid eilition ot Inat rveaimr. en tl.e autbo.ity of ?n ? ITI. ia de>|*n h that he' aalnpol Ha<l Mien, -neh an am,, uncen.eai was | lulh V rifieil by further official despat. lie. ebieh <ri|ied ; at the War > :l ce and the Admiralty in the cur e of th. evening i u<l ?. are now ihciefor. in a position to ?. 1 ante our under, that triumph h.i at !a-t i,J). I?-. n 1 aehievid. His ei mmande s In chief of the Kngli.h and , the liench lo re and the invll.h admiral in command of the I lai '?en fleet t.ea, testimony to 1 ho following fact* ? That during the night of IJ,, gth lr?t.. nod 'li? morning of the Wth the Ru> Ian. evacuate the whole of ti e son'h ?ide ? f the town i ?p|i ding their magnun' ar.il ? ettirgfi t tin- [ ul lie buil.ing.? .bat all the l.us.ian : fhlf a of Wl r ill t,,s ha.'lioi r?f ba.t. p. 1 were either bur nt or sunk?that all the defences of lb' fn .them part of th* town were deal 1 1 yi~i ami I. loan up by mine- and in Ihe worda of fieiMral .- impson tntnaelr, tLat ? N haato |a.l was in Maavwaton r?f the alliaa.'T The detail. <.f this lo por tarit victory are not nt p'e?ent ? IH.Wn neither ha>e we aa yet any official return ofthe ! caai.altie. that hav< oecuitari Tim t ngdsli n tmnan !"- 1 de-ciil-en our - as -. n.ewbal h.avy. ami f.. r.e al lelf,.i,r . pea k . of th- -a of, the part >4 < ur allle, aa i eonsmerahla. fneh .in ln.|? 'lanl aehietemenl aa the i ? ap- ii n- i f th. Malaknfl. and the aulaie<|iii^)' r e.|.,cli <u of the tl Wl Itself ir II -t have nece -ianly entailed a fearful I stai.ghter and nar rillre of ht> ,' Ihe plan ot the battli of which the I -lie hi a been ao gloilnna appears to hav. I?en a- follow*:?' Tlie phre wa- ! attack.. | ,o Ii . it r diiacrion* ihe ftrllish troop* a 'tempt 'J1 '''* "toiming of the Ited .n fh. Frer, h attacked ft, walakoff the extreme i Ight ol the > rerirh mall. ? dii ? rion 'n the little Itertari and a united mark of th inglrsb lienrh and Sardinians was nnwie on the fen *1*1 Pattery. All 'hes? atfacl^ appear to havi been made Mmnltareou.ly will great .plrit ndtmr; I , the one which Wa - eminently aur*--fnl and even- ml ly dti iiUsi the Late Of the dav ?a- that mad. br onr alli??. leilij l.eneral Hf^nit ami ti. neral ?MUU<n on toe walaioff Itoth the Re. tan and the Central IWtlon *' times. In |sa*eMi.4i of our at< nning t?rt|s ? hut a., ?curat, ly din the g??. ,4 ,fa. ? I work* that aa noona* .. had gal,,.- , l-..? ,f fbem, ami the hmwlana bad retreated, the lire wh -h ? u ned | upon our man wa. ao muidaioua that it loumS im prnalhle tohi.idthe po.(Uon which w. had - - nioo-lv won Ue freMh eagle, once n^li^ive r'r Wakakorf | tba sictory wa. h*llga ne.t and tl? taol ??. 1 cout inned With iaerewsed liiM?f uoaity ??,f r, i llar ng now the southern p.rt of the Wll ,, h u r?^ of our mortar* an ? Infernal ?r^ PHn e irorta. ha kog ealla II, naa opeaed on the d?s me.| cilv th' elT.-ct of Which W*. that in a short time th, whole ota- w*. ,n ? fl*me. a no ow log to the RuMi*n? eiplMiw,. o..-,, hier.lly fM.eed to .she. Th- tale ol tin. }< the eondltK n e< the (tr^igUld w hhh the. bare lantly defended cannot W- more ^.theticilv de-nUl Jhi," - Pr'M:' 01 Um> MH's.aM Ou/br?v*?cn, wko^ti. ^d ?0 UK IM< ft'np7 ^ | vauquUlud (inner*! arc now cromnn over to the aiirtb?ra p*rt of >?h??uipol .111.1 I lie i'di* in \ wffl fl(,.| mo'Iuik m the acuil.em part til tue low-n lu- bioud aiatm-d riiiin .ml i!? Hiitxoiit- wouuded mtu w ho iiflt'U<!< d ti. u? tar an we can at preacnt leara, wa? the great u ' '?r f"','-'","lM|l- rh'1 niiorjr ?*>-in? U> In* '."III plete, and the advantage?. that unlit rcwilt from it an ?o doabt, incalculable. Mill, the In-art inu-t U< li >ni lOitftMl 111 which 1 he horror* and nulli-i in#. attendant an audi a >ti tii'pif do nut excite nome degree. of compa**ii>a !"f "<nek*n l< v ?inc< ? eun tin* u in iwit. tit.- great trni n. fill whi.1, ban Wn o I, t a tne<1 ? thr fall t,f frlaitniul , *?" It t lie tonfiiiniii({ of it n ?nd w'lcl, tin- iiujI ;in u nt tin late C?ar provoked. and the pride o the ' l'i ? *nl < /arhin rende,.-' imperative. .-nth a blow to l(u*eia it the destruction of her iiftior, awl will do moie tn . nt^l.l,. herumli-. nn. I enervate her , tnan a bundled vietorle* in the open field. We nlnceiel) hope thai a renult whirl, I,.* ? u, ii.aiiy tliuuajind- of live, and m? many million* ol uu.uct w not he ahuied, ??d ii?, nil 4(.lir, y (1|i will lie | ei uiitted to mai tlie .Beet* ..f *0 hard won a 1 riunipli. Me.^nte agree with a moi ning contemporary that in Oealttigf with Kur-nia. when once we lutve l.v force of itru - reduced |? r to aubjection, ? w are tied tl.no term- ex cent Mi, 1 h ?? tl?. allies m.ijr ]i?v> agreed to between thinil ',h?n f"' ;,1"? f* in, ^ of tVii dini-rctioii, -. ?u Ii. ' f"r ,hl' aad peace of the world. The only object we need recngrrine I* to reduce t ba enemy to the lowaat poaaible condition, and compel him to aue fot )?* very exiatem-e. I.et Kngland kn..w that we have ti. deal with a foe who know* no rule but neeeaalty, and who will only be re.tiained tmni reaumlnff 4 ?f" "heme oi universal dominion by the

Want of power aud the certainty of .leteat. That i? the condition to which we entertain a? doubt wr can reduce lttianla. and that i* the leanon which we trunt to imnrena on her hi art We hare but to put tarth all ?*ir atrength, to g 'I udge no demand on our uu-aa* .mil to be only too thankful that if the diatauce of 3.90U mileti iid.K to the co,t of the wnr. lt putn ?a far out of ?ight and hearing. \\ ho would wiili to ahare ao gieat a atiuKgle, and l?- (he centradea of heron without aome part 11. the . -o-t and u ii v L?n We h"u' "ur part at hoiaa. then we ? hull be able to greet with manly pride UMaoldiera who hare taught our battle* abroad. [Frotn the Uindon (Tironicle, Pent. 11 | .-el aatopol at lust, has talleu. 'ITie rumor w hich pro. duci d *" much excite,,, .-nt and dlifuaed mch uulri r -al j.y about eleven moot ha ago, ha* been tlnalW realized. He will not now look liack upon the unremitting toll the incredihie hardahipn. and heart-iending nrivatlona, home wlllt a fortitude an mutrhlc., which brM*e.i over Ihe Iireaiv tnierval between the Hint fallacious promise n ml t lie tardy hut glorioua fulfilment, timiortuuitlea enough wal occur for this purpoae. At preaent we would coiiHiie ourtclvea to an expic-Mon of that Joy, mingled wtili I hank! nluca, which we are nitre i*well* ev?*ry Itri ttah bieim, aa thay iea<t Of thia liardly earned buthiil llant or lie being at biht in the linn.lx ot the aided tio..p ror thla, to une their own atronK exprenatoin- thay have bunseied; tor thia they have ' 'Jeopardlrxl their live.< In the Idyll pla.-ea of the field;" and their auceea will lie acceptad by them aa full reward lor all their tolln -ulTcr inga and danger*. ? * Thua coda the Or?t act of tbia great drama, in which all the world are ape. tan.ra and the armlea id live ^r,.al nation* the principnl iictoia. We congratulate our counlryinen on the diMlnguiahed uart our troopa have borne in it?a part which fa in every way wort lie or irimr nnrl?*ut laim*. fjirly yejtturftuy, whr*n tb<* de?iatch of (ienetal Mniphon wa received, thai e wax indeed a geneial Id ling of chagrin aud .Uaappob.tineut at the ^tateulent. unaccompanied with explnniitii.n an it l?. that the IngUsh attack i n the lb-dan did not aucie*d I bete wa* a momentary leeling u? il our military , ep.it., t. on bad been bumbled Imlh in the eye? of the enemy and our ally, w o hud aucceeded where we had lailnl Hut (but leeling wi.* .li.pellid on receipt of the .ie> patch of (.ineial I lllifler, who ba. been uioie geueroun ? we oi ght 1 at her to tay mote jut I? to the \ alor ot our troop ? tliau their 1 wu commander, ir- in him we learn that the iJrithh troooa carried the l:e<ian with the aaine brilliant valor that the French carried Mulaki.fi. and thn- they aucctiinbed at lant. atter a '.i | it a t . htruggle. t*> 111 oi'. po.ing force, to which the caplora of the Malak. If were not ispoM-d, bul from which thou- French iroopa that MiHeied fr. Ita il recoiled m our* dlu. Tla- re?u!l waafoie ? 11 n by many pei-on*. who piedicled thai 1,0 attack . n the r., dun could lie aucn-ieful ao lung a- the Mahikoff waa in the power of the Kuwait* andthat If ..nth. contrary, the allien held the Malak. If, theie would lie no nied to aa.ault the l.edan, for the Kuanbn^ would ev acute It of 11 elr own accord. We hnve aeen the Ii I foment ol lhe?e p.-edlcm tin in the cvacuatloti <t tin whole couth ?lde of !-eba<t< p.-l in koon an the MalaknfT ?aa In the p< we, of the allied force* It iiiihi not how ever. be coicluurd too hamlly that the a.>ault and con ae<,uiat U?. of lite at the Itedan wn then lore need lean Ian ? l? gt- . .1" I I -? 1* i nly to ).?? oblairie.! by .. .ulling the ei <my 0,1 many pMnta, dt.tiacliog 1 U attention and weak, uiog hi. lorn- nt that place n here the 1 - el attack ia 10 la- made. Had the lbitl.li Iri . p# ntood Idly by it in b> no meat . cieai that the Slain k oil would now Im- in II- e- Ion of the Kreuch. or that the HunnUn* ??nl ! linvt hi en diiven to the north aide of Hehanl?|ad. W cantiMt conclude will, out nolii ing tin InleiiM- ezcitemenf and emhuaiaMii thai pervaded lite metropolin Ih-I even II go. the glorioua new n w a< dllfuM d thi ..ugh the.liile, em dlntncta. I. roup, were coiif regrated |n every eoriu-i gteidlly quellmz the intelligence and .11- -mMtig ft. Im joriabci while Joy beaniHl on ev-ry counteaaitci Th i*l ' ' t city w?. 4uch an forcibly to 1 emiwi un o lb. 1 > l,b- In. I ? of I rydi n on ? nomewbat d. If, lent eieM Vi n :i,el I ach on er With e tailed look, I Inell nil [in i> e,e hlllher I but I lie; look; Friend* 'o coti.ratuia'e 'lielrfrn reS made hasie. And l< ug n rm tiil>?*re?i u ?? - ?mui' <i a* ihf y pu ?>? I, [irom the Ixmdon I'ont, .^ept. II. J The great ...iiiliern atringhonl of Kunaia Mint no mete' Il - arm nnln a ; e r lIii ? If. fortn nhapelen- heap ?and the v.i?1 Meet built at nuch coat, and cben-hed with tin h pride, It burnt or nunk without one excp ti' "- ? ? H e naval p??w?r of Hu--I,v In the III*- k ? <a I* thua annihilated, and the lnigi- ar-e-nal the(/jir bad lOii-ti i,< ted at no much labor and expenne t - utti-i ly ruined trul ..e In, ol. We have noth tig to liar f. 0,11 the No, lb 1 0 1 1 . It will noon 1* our*. W . c.mBuaiid ll fate wiib certainty. It launot hold a latg* and ihe tn?p- i ncamied near It or in it tieiglihothoinl are in a II.. - ptecaiioua ( .-n illon. I he army I li.enei .' I Iptaiidi. on Ve,-keniie'a ll. ight* i. In great want of water, nod piovmionn aie a< uce In the aouthi rn aide of heba-tap. I glial uantiti. of p, ,vl lon? mud hue 1* , n dr-ntii,;. I and i n the north -i ? the , e ire no ? 1, ll.cn nt p an n , I depot lor any nuilident un ,, nt ,.f t.ie- ih. i.?ad to ih<- .N'.rth fort In comnun d by our piaitn u at Mupjiti : a, t< - which ?.e are now lueto trai. .port larg. and a >.[uat>- force to , it .11 the c< nimui.n atioi,- yf tfai f,.rt, to uk.- -he ,rml. - III 1l.e n a 1 a ud i..eimee the na'? !y of every Hun -1.1 11 In the iiliiea. id " thiiif . -ne. eiiVr we nhall 10. >,? * ' * 1 " ii- and force thi m to halt: or lapitnLiilon. . Ihev V. I I I lay Ibe ile*perate gnoe ao,| at one. attack n* "I'h ? tiew to a hual nln gg|. He are ready f. r ih.-n, ? r , doubt i.i t (he ,e?ult. ihe . iu*e.|ueoee of tin fall , ? >.ia?ti,p I will be immen>e, both ntra-eg, -?||^ no t [k |:tl L*:iy. (?u enemien ha<* leieiied a gical Id.* a, 1 II nay ii our friend, wili prolmbiy be i..uae<l to a in.n lively teii.e of Iheii poniln.li arid our own. la-t 11- net la int. bin a-irile the ?lctory to that lower t when, *"" I- it in due Bat wbiiat wi deplore our l> - ?? a- d tie a of ' ur gallao'. allle< let a* ,e?. Ire that our *acrl. ' 1 al in, 1 i.aie 1*. ,1 made In vain . that the torrent - I ot bur, 1 n| . , m the caune of right ahull, l.v the blowing , 11 riovnleurt not l ave la*n -j?nt in >aio " and that ... j far a-. nn ,e-w. will nteanb. tlw pi, . , ? ,,i,r light I ?n-l fliirle object? not delude ! by lam prolentalli on of ! 1 1 ety I T-eare hat deter mined I ?? i , e on man ; b 'Im bi,-tn there-irictionof R?, lu e nbeitlo. of F.uroje. H-r.p .he I ondon Heral-' ft*.,t || 7b. troagfiold of the ( rhaea in at bngth In rn .ne.,1,^, i ' Aflei a defence of ?' V n n. lllh' c. ,1 durlr. . inunt be admitted, will, t.marka'i* nlllil. and in a, n.. 1 with ?n!i*g*.og enei.y till enemy,,.,', (lai.dwntd lb, I, tin of r-eh?nto|-ol, aft. r It ling Ibe I 1. wn inagartne. aud nblpi .ng It |, tb.- well km wn 1 ??"lee of the Ru??|. r 1 - hen a pin e become. ter able to r.-rry out the work of d.n-ructon on all d' ' " * lo leave not hire to the t, -itUntn but >ta I. gatd .ot noun heap*, and It ?p,. -am they ha ye not d. I ti.1 frem 'hat practice in the pi. -c,.t m.i.n,, 7h, . e.jaclehe 1 f l,i 1,1 lal I < lln?i?r and of li. rn 1*1 ,- n.i?oi, giv - fa, but a mere outline of the opclftlr.M- and tl., ,, glind ie?ult, ? ? At vhatete: , thieve.; ? an>. tl,. .,11 1, age niu. 1 bate la-, n lerrillr ->he eapti, ,. of hei ??topoi in a ? pii r, did mecc. and one on * h cl, will the if?ej e?t ainrerlry mr r onfratulato the country In 'b. abreii-. ,f a" pa.t|, ,,lar, ,i.e nun.ler- enffagnd and the 1 arlnn* feature* of the *. ?u|- ? ,. |? ?, ..j,.,, " d' more than lieeaiate U,?n the;o !? - alb I nonlit, rti-plajed that fiery C'ura#. ahl> . 111. .if. , boine Ibe Fieneh eagiea to victor 1 ? .roaeln?M * are.allffed lei, ,<H a* they ever d< wlih detrrm-r ?t C. umge and Iinf ln.blng reaolut on I ,. 1, th< rh*w V'tJL'Lr."1* 1 i- ??' ! in 1 l-.e bl.tr, y of nleg. , t|? . r, , h t|i; roinnof the t.ibreltar of the luxl.^ The. hate-. -i/rd the waid of monlli* of prlvaiion waleinr.g aa-t i*th-nt ir.duraere lh?l:u?Un ie.ant and the Km. ,n hie b. . d ai* alike unavailing The en. r?v 1^ K m ignallv i I. tid In 'ti- inld. ?nd he I* n- ? . , , 1, , I r i e* w I. . h I e eatte,?d hlninntf ?. .. , ,, I Ul, tied arm- <f the alii., wblrli he l<o?-ted oould .fr i ti e arm, I - of 11 . earth The ed. . tbi.g - . ?r will ^ eiietileal It w ,11 ?.t u r ih. . e,?? , ?f , tr>vin< It Ht'jr, Abo mill r<?ia th?? * ? of t|.? of M. I eiernlmrg T?we. the f ear and bl* ed?i?r, mav ' fitt' i? fcr tlilw r*1a**rt>phr hut ih* K t?i?! ! ? I lf. r fhe ; me confotind them |? wilt be ,. ,?j j. I Vbbiia, no d'.ulrt ,n opfrrtua ty for j . ?r 1 e*. tintlon* for p.?ce im! ? have a fierrami n? bo* 1 !. wi. bg te I, .tea ?o. vert , re. however m.ir.e,? ' w ?" men Imagine that Hie fnl' of i|,e -. "'t ern defence, of -?i*.t,ip. 1 -ill ebange tlw 0?en! ? II. y .1 Kuiala or aBo.d a* j* tit r^i- rtnali. p , Joneiab ' .b nemi e i*aee || in ?0-.afdy bat th- I - "rnwt.u,MN tin ?ar_ Ike Ami 1 a et niggle that the be,. I,n year.??r +? t m j,. It >. ag-.al e,rne,t fntare ?eta,v.t-? aadl ,|j,e. ,.,1 t low et the vuln*rabie be.1 .A Ku~lo. ^fe.t-1 (from Ihe Ia New. pent 1] I The m, venal mln.l .f Im, o(, waa U-> .deb- f.,.i. .h,....ff?. lajae-a b, the an ami baaj 1 near of 'h. -:re?.- ttrurgU | ,? , roab of the maitltude toobtaia eaily eopl.. . f iK?e,e? ir gj.m baU l? re ? .! r. r.g .in.iht ..(? lo T>.. ei. i eweat *pi!?d rap?d r i> lnm$t , ,n crowded a*,**. .wl i' y J *'h " ,M ?'?*! '? 'he !?ila f*?f ,1 'bj aium olentr ry with daalewlnf riawe , il.'. 1"'* ?r*,u '??"?????' ?"? he ei.mpte wa. telinwed la mat i^anw. an ik . u ?at tea ef'er ?>'-?' h. ;af eath^. e,p., ,.iWl ... '* , .lI*'' ?"age. all .emr'.an^at. nam*: | 2 hrr,et "4a a. e.^..r roll,,..... M, H e I a.e Ibeee ,1a.* naeei lb. eT? ,4 ,mt -s. 1 ^eetllfylairteMU^wee wfl! hare r?,*taee4 'be ?ne | tkteaftt eev -y of ??,. ?. k l(J, I W ..,?y gay with lb? po*t V win.lr.-i H ug, ami *? if 1: i.'urh ? at !'?'"? ?IHi "" ' *V * ,M" '* U'Ik'W tbow> upon whom h?? dri..lT>4 U.<- gabl'i* l|... ,iua olgov.irua.int U. pt.-.i-rTe amid !??<>? *>>? * " 1 ? i'JuMlw I -????! ?? ? ?'? * , ' ' nuri 'f Till, IrluH.. h ln.? I* ' u rt-arlj U.ujft ! >' '* ..f aoOering. hrr. irnUy ewWr*.! I>? &i ???. find \n ? Uivmh *4 lili ??? [? >tl inc* Tke f ? *li? -* iu.mt.uuU f?,m renewing hi" out. ?)!'?? Hi navy lu Kuxiue i>u- IWfii il.-H.vr.i bl- a...ual ?l" ?' wr? fbhri.?U-<t Hid Hi. ml ili'i j a ... i euuhlt .1 l ln to " I 1... t,,,n itwiUMd t.. rutin im?4 a rratwl In. in In. ?t; ,i.i>. II." t ?"..*? which A * I . ? f,,m Trlnrnv:. ...d f?>r- ? J t" r< ? ? " J '?!-'? nr.- douhthaa dlain?y?l and < ? 1 La ha> rt.lt , n,n.. .nu. ?r.ny tt. - ?... ' J ? if.lrt ol *? 1". "I I. It** l?rlWc?Um* aiiich l..ii.?*l iu , i,: :,.|,t ? II Mill. M.I nn l th* ? I !-! .-j1<m,<1 lh< -? ?trongb U*w ?l"nr '?'<? " ??, l.?Bht- to th.- bu-.'ol Ibr luoutiUiD iu..K. 'hat . oT r hani . '.hf n.i'.l til Mi,ii.l.rii|n 1 IW I i"? U..-M -tu i-U ? to I- Ir Juw.il ui. U-torr iltr ?,|"u'.Jr hn* time to recover Iron. it. The fl.i.?l?? iron in the ( rln.ea niuat h. h?rt??er1 avt ?????. until it b I. X, mi.taal ? *???'"> U> '""lj ?> " Ii.mhi' a p.*' r whom- IhiWtewng ..nil I ' i? ??? b" Un.lv l.?" I crutuf) hui-n lib.- ? -fit tl-umte, d..?.t Hur.,"- ..u.l lu.?nt l??t !?..?( lu.t-.tm. t'?.r .rm - l?T? don? tl.eli .mty, ?n.i ?t. r.-H-lv to lo I J"; tl. n. a-.. Htlll unlu.?U?l bs tb< ?.ui. .lohbeiote rr...lv with whlrh thry mtrr?d < o th??tilf> U l? f. r t? * .-riunrnt* lotab.- eiirr .?U.l nucti Vt.Hmii i?n<l - f--". Hn<? ?h..il not hi?>e t.<-?"u .lUpbijwt in r? n. IHotn th. U>?d?.n A.I.erlWi r, S?i?t 11] WV mu?t C"t ,iM.po?pt?i?t w. 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Tha suiiiene# rwwa m ai?i^' . cheeiiui/ >he intrili|r<-ii' i to tW echo and w tie? tin o/ ? hr ?tra fierfornied * t.od .wave Um Queen end r^en tin <'? iiiju?-' ing lleru i'oiaee ' demanded an e?r ore At tl.r Adel|*hi, Mr. I rtgh kluriv auni'imeei the itiU4 Ugetice. whu h ana receive*! wllfa ? uthurUarin. till the triy wal ? of the build n* vilxatal from thr laini^t '4 M|'| iauM. * 'tjixl Hnvr the Queen' end 4 l\ai taut |r?ur La .^yiie wi'ie |de>ed by thr orchestra eudd d?i.trtai i*#f (beat log. and irpratad bebue the audirore aaoub) alkaw thi- IMrtMit mature to rr?aiur iti> o?ual eotirae At lio 1 y rum tliantia l'rote?"-#r AmbiM-o aleo an uotiuc^ d Uie vialury. arid the effect prodoceit wa* of ilui >ame rhaiaeU*r a* that at the tw< u.eatie* iuc*MU**iar?i a b?te 1 be aaine announrr larut * a- aU?> n*ad?* ?t nwuet <4 Um other ib?*atri a???i |i?a?aw of aMnc *? u* at in tl^e n?rtfw|e? ii meeting in tort imitauri with a iu??*t eutho*aaeU4 reception, fully r j?ri*? ng the j??y of thr Uf'r tin- ? e? ? jitlon of new* long fi|wcte?i# long defe*re?| but n me at la 1. 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