28 Eylül 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Eylül 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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-fea of Ckreenlnfl But. they were obliged to give way be Im the eneny 's artillery and powerful reserve*. Ou beholding our eagle* Moating on the Malakoff, Gen. 4a fallen made two attack* on the tfcntral Bastion. lie; did not succeed. Our troops returned to their trench**. Oar lo?6eH are serious, and I cannot yet ?end a precise *et?rn. They are amply compensated for. an the capture of the Maialotr in a nicer** the coutsequences of which are lm ?FDW. THE SARDINIAN ACCOUNT. GKNKKAl. BELLA MAKMOKA'S DESPATCH. Ti'Ri.n Sept 10, 1856. flenera) l a Marmora writes from Kadikoi, Sept 9: ? The genera) assault wan made on Sebaatopol yesterday. H wu? crowned by a brilliant success. The Mulakoff Tower was taken by the corps d'artnet of General Bosquet. Our soldiers, though they di<l not take part in the ag aault. had 40 men killed anil wounded In the trenches. The t rench and Knglieh assaulted with true heroism. During tlie night the Russians retired, after having burnt the town and blown up the fortifications and build k>gs, ami haviag sunk their last ships. THE RUS8IAN ACCOUNT. PRINCE 00KT8CBAK0KP'B DESPATCH. Beki.in, Sept. 10 ? Sight. A despatch from Prince Gortachakoff of the 0th, at neen, says:? The enemy receives constantly reinforcements of fresh troops. The bombardment is fiercely violent. T? at Mil. ut.? The garrison of Sebastopol, after sus aining an infernal Are ( feu d'enfer), repulsed six as aults. but could not drive (he enemy from the Kornilotf Bastion (the Malakoff Tower.) Our brave troops, who restated to the last extremity, are now crossing over to the northern part of Sebastopol. The enemy found nothing in the southern part but Mood stained ruins. On the 9th of September the passage of the garrison fcein the southern to the northern part was accomplished with extraordinary success, our loss on that occasion being but 100 men. We left, I regTet to say, nearly 600 men grievously wounded on the southern side. IMPORTANT OPERATIONS IN THE SEA OP AZOPP. The Minister of Marine has received from Vice-Admiral Baruat the following despatch: ? Tub Crimka, Sept. 6, 1855. Captain Huchet de Cintre. of the Milan, announces to ?i that the Milan ani the Oaton have destroyed, in the Se? of Aitoff, between Temriank and Dolga, 43 fishing es tablishments, 127 boats, several thousand nets, tar, salt and an immense number of barrels; four fishing establish ments have alone escaped destruction, the shallowness of Ate water having prevented our vessels from approachiug them. The damage done to the enemy may be estimated at several millions of francs. The fisheries in the Sea of A 7. off create a considerable traffic, which extends as far as I'oland. The destruction aaw effected will render that tnllic impossible this year. Commander Cloue, of the Brandon, has joined Com mander Osborne, of the Vesuvius, for the purpose of as cending the Gulf of Ouklionk with boats, and burning tbe stores of fodder collected on that coast. All the com manders of our vessels speak highly of the excellent re lations existing; between them a:id Captain Osborne. Another Attempt to Aaaasalnate the French Emperor. The Monitor, of Sunday, the 8th, contains the follow Ing announcement : ? His Majesty the Emperor was present yesterday even big at the represention given in the rhoatre Italien. At tbe moment when the carringe in which the ladies of hener to her Majesty the Empress were seated stopped before the entrance of the theatre, an individual, who had stationed himself in front on the pavement, fired off two pocket pistols at the carriage, but w thout taking aim. No one was wounded. The individual, who ap pears to be a maniac rather than an assassin, w is imme diately arrested." From private sources the following particulars have keen obtained :? On the Saturday evening a considerable crowd was assembled in front of the Italian theatre, in consequence of the intimation conveyed by the words, " By order," an tbe bills, that, the Emperor would be present to see Madtme Ristori's last performance thia season. Not withstanding reiterated orders that a considerable clear apace should be kept around the door of any place where the Emperor alights from his carriage, the crowd was all* wed on this occasion to press very near to the doors of the theatre. At a quarter to nine o'clock a court ear and four horses arrived, which was very naturally ?apposed by many to contain ihe Emperor himself, but in met there were in it only some of the Empress's la dies of honor. At the moment when the coachman drew up alongside the steps leading to the front door of the theatre, a young man, iu a blouse and grey cap, step ped forward, drew a pistol from hlB pocket, placed the muzzle almost close to the carriage window, fired, and broke the glass. Immediately afterwards he raised a second pistol; but as he was in the act of tiring, a i ergent it mile struck his arm down, and the charge entered tbe ground. ,An instant later the man was seized, hand aaffed. and lodged In the guardhouse of the theatre. The ladies, as they stood on the steps of tbe doorway, on de scending from the carriage, audibly thanked I'r jvidence that the Emperor had escaped. About five minutes after thia occurrence the Emperor arrived, and being struck by the sound of unusually loud ani prolonged crios of ?'Vive l'Kmpereur!" inquired the cause. On being tol 1 what had happened, his Majesty instantly ordered th < coachman to drive all round the theatre. The Imperial aarriage accordingly, amid the cheering of the public, made the entire circuit ot the Place Vontadour before his Majesty alighted. On entering the house the Emperor aaie, " Let not a word be said to the Empress, and keep hack the telegraphic despatches." Dr.Conneau ? as immediately dispatched to St. Cloud, where the Empress was, to take care that the first part of thia order was obeyed. Beforo the Emperor readied his box the news of the event hail spread throughout the theatre. The report of the pistols was indeed distinctly heard in the saloon, the windows of which were open, and where a good many people were assembled to see the Rmperor arrive, llis Majesty was, therefore, received with great cheering when he apjieared in front of the im perial box. A delay of some minutes occurred before the performance commenced. This was ascertained to be ?erasloned by Madame Ristori having tainted away on bearing what had happened. The idea that the Emperor had run such a risk by kindly announcing his intention of being present at her farewell, was too much for her. Hie, however, soon recovered, and played '? Maria Btuarda, ' ' and the comedietta of "J. Celosi* Kortunati," an admirably as evor. The Emperor left the houso at half- past 10. The name of tbe assassin is Cnmille Edward Dieudonnu Bellemare. Hi is a very young man ? from 20 to 26 years of age. There is a report that at the moment of nelag arrested, he uttered an exclamation in the Italian lan mage, expressive of regret at having failed in his object. Bat. according to another account, lie is a Parisian, and clerk to a notary. At all events it seems lie sjieaks French very well. Another young man about 18, was, tt is said, also arrested, but he protests his innocence. It is said that one of the ladies in the carriage was ?lightly graaed, probably by the broken gliM. The assassin was taken to the Prefecture of Police and examined by the Prefect. The result of tho examina tion, us well a~ his antecedents, prove beyond a doubt that he i? a maniac. He is a native of ltouen. At the age of sixteen be was employed as a shopboy by a trades Iran of that city; he committed thefts to the prejudice of his master, was arrested, tried for swindling, and sen tenced by the Police Correctionelle of that place to two years' Imprisonment. After six months' detention the remainder of hts punishment was remitted by order of the Rmperor, then President of the republio, on the ground of his extreme youth. He then returned to Paris, , where he got occasional employment as a messenger. On the occasion of the disturbances following the coup d'etat of the 'id December, 1861, he took part, or at least says he took part, with those who fougnt at tbe great barri cade of the rue d? Kambutcau on the 4th. On the following day there were observed, on the walls of several houses in the same street and thej adjoining ones, placards posted up, entitled " Hotifs de ut Condemnation a mort de lsrnls Napo leon Bonaparte. " They were taken down by tbe police, and searches made after the author ? the placards being anonymous. In the middle of the inquiry, Bellcni ire came forward ami avowed himself the author. He was thereupon taken into custody once more, handed over to the judicial authorities on a charge of a political offence, tried at the Police Correctionnelle, and being foundgullty Oa his own admission of excitement to hatred among the citizens, Ac., was sentenced to two years' imprisonment in a fortress. He was sent to Belle Isle an a political of fender. His term of punishment expired in January last, and he re'urntd to Paris in February, but under an as aumed name. He soon obtained employment in the office of a Unfair, or sheriffs olli.r. and was employed to earry messages, and occasionally to copy letters, at a ?alary of about 86f. per month. In this employment he continued until about eight days ago, when he dlsap peared. The name of the kuutvr by whom he was em ployed is Jeanne, who was completely ignorant of the in tentions of his servant, and who, moreover, hears a re spectable character. Ihi ring his examination by the Commissary of Police ?>f the quarter of the Italian Opera, and subsequently by the Prelect. M. Pietri, he affected tt> exhibit the greatest courage. He looked his exti miners full in the lace, his manner was forward and bold, and his answers unhest ating. boastful, and eten Impudent. He made n? at empt at excuse or palliation, ami avowed his intention ? f, as he ?aid, taking vengeance on the Emperor for the i ix month" he pas??d in prison lor theft, notwithstanding he remisstan of his punishment. When asked If he had accomplices, he declared he had not, and, with a tone and air of superiority, advised the Prefect not to bother his head about finding out accomplices. It i* suspected, however, that he communicated what he proposed doing te three or tour persons of the same description as hlin ?elf, but that they had no participation in tbe affair lie {ond receiving his confidence. He wis aaked if during is detention at Belle Isle he had formed part of any se cret society tbero, or whether he was of the party lilauqul er Harbi ? during the Internecine war which the title nue politique* carried on even within the walls of their pri eon. He spoke in terms of contempt of both p-rties, who he ??aid, w mid not admit him among them: but of the two chiefs, he felt less Indisposed In Barons thm to his rival. He again declared that he was understood by "either, and that all must be mad as they believe^ him so. In a word, he folly avowed what he had done, whit he had n.eant to do, and emphatically repud ated the idea 'hat he had accompli'es. The opinion of all who yef". him is that he is a m moipaniac. He w.is tran? ?erred to th? prison of the Oouclergerie, where no one 1s Allowed to communicate with hioi. [Pari* eorresp nii n,p of the l/mdon Times, Sent. 10.1 With referen to th.. would-be assassin, Bellemare. 1 mentioned yesterday tUat he affected no c n ealment an to hts criminal project, n, declared himself the <ole r?ntriver orthe ac\ an 1 dcnir' tl(. (,??! <.ny acmm , He*. It appears however, V ,? ?, aM,?-i,te t as been discovered ins p*r??t> aamad !,ang? wh-> If wellamare can be >>elfev> I, wn? the p ir,_ , <tinnl:e,i wffb the *r ' em > -hp. . Mhos been discovered, after a good leul of trouble, now in custody. He is a bootmaker by trade. It U hardly necessary to nay that the intelligence of this second attempt produced the mutt painful eftx't, particularly with the exaggerations which accompanied it. The members of the Diplomatic c?rpa called at the Foreign office on the morning of the Oth, and seemed anxious that a public demonstration of sympathy should be made on behalf of their respective governments. This, however, wai considered unnecessary, and would proba bly give undue importance to the act. Nevertheless, the Papa) Nuncio waited on the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and in the name of the entire body. expressed their sym pathy. It is most fortunate tha* this occurrence did not taae place during the Queen's visit. Accldcnt on the Paris and Versnillea Rail road. FIFTEBN PERSONS KII.LKD AND THIRTY WODNDKD. A most lumintuble accident took place at N o'clock on the night of the 11th, on the Versailles Railroad, left bank. The passenger train returning from Versailles came in collii-iou with a luggage train quite close to the 1'aris station, which actually cut it in two. Several cer riuges who broken to atoms, and several lives have been lost; nine killed on the spot, and IT badly hurt, are ad mitted by tho directors. It is supposed, however, that the number of killed is at least 15, if not more, and over CO peisons wounded. Two young girls, sisters, had their legs cut clean off, and among others the body of a man Was found with both legs cut off, and a child stilled by the death embrace in his arms. The spot where the accident occurred was this morning cov ered with blood. To whose fault the accident it to be attributed is not cleaily made out. The imperial I'rocureur proceeded next morning to the spot, accompanied by the Jnge d'Instruction and the ad ministrators of the line. The Commissary of Police, as sisted by the Captain of liendormcry and his subaltern, also attended. The jrrocis- verbal was made out. and the dead bodies deposited in one of the buildings of the sta tion, in order that their friends should claim them. All were recognized. The wounded were, at their own de sire, cotveyed to their homes. The names of tho killed are : ? Madame Perrot, aged 48, Hue St. Victor ; M. Ma zurler, Jr., 18 years, Hue du Marche dei Patriarchs; the Demoiselles Hose, aged only 14 and 8 years, Rue de la Chaise; Mademoiselle Delarllle, Place St. Michel; M. Oeoffrey, builder, aged ')8, Rue de l'Ouest; Mademoiselle Geoffrey, 9 years, and her brother, aged 6 ; and M. Chc ron, Route d'Orleans. A child only eighteen days old was killed in the arms of its mother, who had a leg frac tured. The father was < n the roof, and at the moment of the collision leaped on the ground, and only received some contusions. Somo hours after the accident the road was cleaied of the remains of the carriages, and the two locomotives were dragged away by horse*. A strict inquiry has been instituted into the facts. THE VERT LATEST. The news by the America, with additional details from Sebaslopol, will be found on the eighth page. A YEAR'S EVENTS IN THE CRIMEA, SMB&ACXiro A JOURNAL OK TUB SIEGE OF SEBASTOPOL. THE KILLED, WOUNDED AND MISSING. Battles, Surprises, Sorties, Storms, Wrecks, Jcc., &C., &c. PREPARED FROM Ot~R FILES EXPRESSLY FOR THE HEADERS OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. 18 5 4. SEPTEMBER. 14. ? The allied army, 70,000 men, consisting of English French and Turkish troops, landed at Eupatoria, in the Crimea. It was conveyed in one hundred vessels and escorted by the entire allied fleet of war ships then in the Black Sea. Twelve thousand men were left at Baltschik, (Turkey,) with an immense force of artillery. 20.? Battle ol' the Alma. In this engagement the Eng lish brought into action 20,000 men; the French 25,000; the Turks (as estimated by readers and the hints of civi lized general officers,) 8,000. The Russians had 38,000 men in a good position on the heights across the river, which were stormed and turned by the allies. As a result, the generals stated that the Kngllsh had 810 killed, 1,818 wounded; the French 318 klllod, 1,033 wounded; the Rus sians 2,480 killed and 4,080 wounded ; and the Turks (no of ficial reports regarding their losses,) 260 killed and 1,23 wounded. The lists returned as " wounded" contain al who were lost by accident or in crossing the river or jus after the battle. Amongst the English dead were 90 officers; 114 sergeants, and 24 drummers. The French loss in officers was reported as about tho same with that of the English. The Turkish loss is only estimated, in the English or French officers did not allude to it, and the Sultan has never made a return, in any way known to Christian readers, in public. 23 ? A powder magazine belonging to the Russian army exploded at I'erekop, and 430 men were killed. 2f ? Marshal Saint Arnaud resigned the chief command of the French army, and left for Constantinople. He wn then in bad health, and died a few days after. OCTOBER. 12. ? From Mh to this day the Russian garrison of Seba? topol had, by bombardment, 120 men killed and 480 wounded. Admiral Kornileff was among the killed. 17. ? Renewed bombardment. The allies fired hy sea and land on Sebastopol, when the English had 44 men killed ami 266 wounded, anil the French 30 killed and 18tl wounded on their ships bv the Russian fire from the bat teries. Russian loss not known ? supposed to be trifling. !i3.? ' The Rus-lan garrison in Sehastopol sallied forth and captured a French battery. The French had 64 men killed, and the Russians 20. During the sortie the Eng lish hail 4 men wounded, the French 76, and the Russians 37. Lord Dunkellin was taken prisoner. 18 ? Two hundred and thirty French killed by the ex plosion of a siege battery. F?ur hundred and sixty-live Russians killed by nn explosion in the Redan. 26. ? Rattle of BalakUva. There were engaged 30,000 Russians. 3,000 English, 4,000 French, und a little more than that number of Turks. The Rus dans had 1,730 killed' the English 1,100, the French 280, and the Turks about H80. The wounded were not counted by any party. The English light cavalry, "tho Light Brigade," were nearly annihilated in their charge. Their horses ure in cluded among their "killed." 26 ? The Russians made a sortie towards liulaklava from Sel>a*to|>ol. They numbered 8,000. They had 67f> killed. The allied loss was between two and thrc hundred. NOVEM BER. 6. ? Battle of Inkermann. Here the Russians hid from 40, (KX) to 60,000 men; the English 8,000 and the F'rench 6.480. The English had 462 killed and 2,143 wounded; the French .'189 killed nnd 1.337 wounded ; and the Rus sians 3,011 killed and 3,1109 wounded. One hundred and five officers were killed. 6. ? A Turkish troop ship lost in the Rlack Sea and 701 men drowned. 14. ? A terrific stf rin occurred in the Blaek Sea. The English lost Ave war ships, including "the Prince" and thirty five merchantmen. About 7,100 lives were lost, and twenty-three other trading vessels were much damaged. 19. ? Four hundred of the English and French lost by a second storm In the Hluck Sea. '2b. ? Russian sortie from Sebastopol. Forty three Eng lish, 27 French, and two hundred and forty live Russians killed wounded not enumerated. The English took nine Russian guns. 28. ? Seven hundred Russian powder wagons lost in a snow storm near I'erekop, with 7,000 men. 29. ? For eleven nights (up to December 13) from this date, the Russians made sorties from Sehastopol on the Frsuch trenches. Each night the French lostjfin killed) about forty men and the Russians seventy. Tne French would have thus lost 440 and the Russians 770. No re turns of the woundgd. Cholera and fever raged in the allied lines. The conv manders estimated their losses from these diseases alone at the rate of fifty men a-day; from November 15th to lieermber 28th, thus running a dead list of 1.680. From November 10th to December 1st, 1,030 Turks had died of disease and 266 from the effects of wounds. Total Turkish dead, 1,276. DECEMBER. 12.?-One thousand one hundred sick men of the allied army removed from the trenches and camps to llalakla va One bundled English soldiers ? Foot Uuards and 07th regiment ? died of wounds and disease. 16. ? From this night to 28th, the Russians m ole eight sorties and had 8H7 men killed. The allies lost 608. 22. ? The French had 3,794 sick in the hospitals of Con stantlnople. of whom 1,387 were dangerously wounded. 24. ? Four hundred and tltty-six Ru- stain drowned in the Sea of Aroff by th" loss of (Ire war ships. 31.? The Russians had lost 6,000 men In and around Sebastopol Id ten days. 1 ? 5 8 . JANUARY. 7.? rhe English had 4,387 men in the hospitals at Scu tari, dying at an average rate of sixty p*r day. The Turkish ahny was being cut off at the rate of forty men a day. 11. ? Forty Russians snd seventeen French killed In a sortie. 13. ? Seventy four Russians, forty eight English, and twenty-six French killed in a sortie. 16. ? Allies lost 101 ,in a sortie, and the Russians 210. 20. ? Ku-sians and French lost forty nine men ia a sortie. 28. ? One hundred and seventy-six French and fifty nine Russians killed in a sortie. !'l ? One hundred and nighty five F'rench killed, an I 116_wound<'d in a sortie. Russian loss not stated. From 28th December, 1861, to 27th of January, the Kus>lans taid they had lost: ? Killed er dltease nf wounds 7.301 Pled of whie.h or accident 4,019 Tote! ll.ni of other wounded and prisoners thev b?d ajsc, IV 443 .tut*' ^<*r? 2?1.T?8. , FEBRUARY. The English army in the Crime* had dwindled dovn to 12.000 men. The. hussian army in the Polrndscha was ben g swept uff ut-tl.e rate of titty wen a day by fever and cholera. Ihe Turks in the Crimea wjre dying in large numbers, bnt no returns were made. 13. ? Thirty- five Russians billed in a sortie, and 5 French. 17. ? Battle of Eupatoria. Die Russians had 20,000 in - fun try and 0,000 cavalry. The Turks and liritish lleet defended the place. Russian* ion* '-60 killed and 1,140 wounded. The fuiks had 160 killed, bnt wounded not stated. British lost none. MARCH. 1. ? Allied fire re-o|.ened on Sebastopol. 12. ? The UoHsiund tired from the heights of Balaklava on the allies. 14. ? IheTurkiab cavalry made an advante fr< ni Rupa toria, but was repulsed by the Russians, and lost 35 men. 17. ? -1 he Russians routed an advance of the Turkish infantry from Eupatoria and killed 60 men; Russian lo<-< 14 killed. ? . ? The French attacked the Russian redoubts before Sebastopol, but were repulsed, losing 109 men. 2'.'. ? Russia* iiortie trow Sebastopol. They had 403 killed nnd 1,000 ll^^ded. Kuglioh and French loss re ported as only 23. ? Tiemencous sortie of the Russians. They liad 760 killed and a large uninber wounded. French had l'r,0 killed, including t wo oiticers, and the English 490 mile I, including four officers. APRIL. 0 Three hundred and forty allied guns opened fire on Sebastopol. 13. ? Severe sortie engagement. I/>ss on all sides 1,000 killed and 2 , '180 wounded. 24. ? Loss of a .Sardinian transport by tire, with eight men. MAY. 1. ? The French took the Russian rifle pits. French loss ;;80 killed, and had (about) 600 wounded. Russians killed, 4f>8, and wounded (supposed) 2,000. 2. ? Allied advance upon Russian works of counter ap proach. Severe engagement, but losses not reported. 3. ? Russians attempt to retake their works, but were defeated, with "great loss.'' 10. ? Two severe Russian sorties on the right line of the allied attack were repulsed with "great loss on all sides." 11. ? Another desperate sortie by the Russians. 12. ? Sortie on the British right line. Over one hundred English killed. Russian loss mach greater. 19. ? The English, French, Turks and Sardinians had 220.000 men operating in the Crimea. 23. ? The French carried on a severe fight with nearly the entire garrison of Sebastopol, who were defending a place da armet near the quarantine bastion. The French took part of it. The battle lasted all ? night, but the losses were not given. 24. ? The French carried the remaining portion of the works. The Russians had 2,500 men hort dt combo/, and the French (17 battalions) nearly as many Tho allied squadron entered the straits of Kertch and commenced the destruction of all the homes, food sup plies, public buildings, 4c., near which the ships could leach. 28. ? Up to this day the allies in the Sea of Azoff had committed great ravages. JUNE. 5.? Seven English sailors killed by the Russians at Hr.ngo. 6. ? Another bombardment of Sebastopol. The French made a fierce attack on the Mamelon. 7. ? Capture of the Mamelon and White towers, after a dreadful fight. Russian loss 4,300; French 4.000 men Kur* de coml.at; English 150 men aud 11 officers killed. 510 wounded, and 15 missing. 14 ? The allies, In tho Sea of AzofT, had taken Kertch, Arabat, Anapa, Genifchi, Bardiinsk. Mariapol and Tagau rog. Mostoflhem were burned, the Inhabitants plun dered, and the country devastated. 18. ? Assault on the Mamelon and Redan by the French and Inglish. They were repulsed. French loss, 37 offi rers killed. 19 desperately wounded, and 17 prisoners; 1,644 men killed and missing, and 1,044 gone to ambu lances. English officers killed, 19; wounded, 74; men killed and wounded, 1,589. Russianslost ? killed, 2 gene ral officers and 78 men, and 4,194 wounded. JULY. 10. ? Fourth bombardment of Sebastopol. 14. ? Russian sortie on the French. 16. ? Another sortie. Estimated losses of these opera tions:? Allies, 2,000 killed and wounded; Russians, 5,000. AUGUST. 11. ? Bombardment of Sweaborg. 45 Russians killed and 2C0 wounded. 10. ? Battle of Traktlr bridge. French loss ? 9 officers and 318 men killed; 8 officers and 1,163 wounded. Rus sian? ? 3 generals and about 3,000 men killed, with over 5,000 wounded. English loss, none. Sardinian loss, 600 men hort de comlai. 17. ? Sebastopol again bombarded. SEPTEMBER. Grand closing scenes of the terrific drama. Fall of Se bastopol. See details In the news by the steamers. The Yellow Fever In Virginia. OUB NORFOLK CORRESPONDENCE. Norfolk, Sept. 25 ? 12)? o'clock. Mnny prominent men among us go to swell the list ol the dead to day. The following, as nearly as we can as certain, have fallen since my last letter:? John I). Cordon, an extensive broker; Caleb Bonsai, of the firm of Bonsai & Bro., flour dealers and proprietors of flour mill ; Charles Beale, former editor of the Daily yrws, and a gentleman who has rendered himself known by his connection with the much talked of book of Miss Bunckley, the escaped novice of St. Joseph's; Mrs. Ann Whltehurst, Fred Taylor, Mrs. F. Johnson, John Wilkinson, P. Burns, Mary Sterling, Charles Tompkins, Mat'tt Spratt, Mary Grey, Samuel IJghtfoot, clerk in Post office; Edward Lee, clerk in Bloodgond's dry goods establishment; Br. Capre, (a Hungarian), Dr. Dillien, Mary WhiteHurst, James Buskey, Mattie l'orter, Sallie Simpson (colored), John Jones, Mrs Gicy. Master Go 1. frey, Miss Henderson, young lndy at I)r. Tunstall's, B. Needham, Charles Harvey, Tboe. Lowery, Dr. R. Tuns tall, of the firm of Ludlow k 'i'unstall, druggists; Joseph T. Murden, bookkeeper in Exchange Bank, (onr banks have suffered largely); Mrs. Mary Frank. Mrs. Jennings Mrs. Tyler, Thos. Kolierts. Mr. Gray, Mies Thoroughgo , Mrs. Consolvo, son of 1?. Oyer, child of Mr. Lockwood, child of Mr. long, Miss Adilington. son of Mr. I'roy, b",y ofReily's (tobacconist), servant of Caleb Higgs; clu' ', name unknown. Besides these, there have several di . whose names we have not been able to obtain. The following is a report of the Howard Infirmary. Hi.ce my last letter the following hive bet.i admitted: ? Mary K. Whltehurst, Andrew White, Mrs. Saunders, John Sligth. John Williams, Geo. L. Watt, John Kimher. John Sullivan, P. Brown. There are now no colored patients in the Infirmary, allhavlng recovered. I eaths, W. H. 1'arney, Mr. Layman. J. Sligth, Goo. Ostreet, Mary Ann E. Addison. Discharges. Kairet. J. Gibbs. I nm pleased to say that George Reid, bookkeeper in the Infirmary, who was suppo*ed a dr.y or two since dving, is now much better. I>r. Gordon isfcnce more well, and performing the duties of Health Officer; his was a very severe case, he had the black vomit, blood vomit, and hemorrhage of the gums, and at one time was given up by his attending physician. The family of J. W. Baker, I am pleased to say, are recovering fast, also that of James Smiley. On account of the new regulation regarding the con nection between Norfolk and Baltimore. I willbeunablo to send letters onlv on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days, but will In those three give everything of interest transpiring here. | NORFOLK. THE REV. A. ?, man, TO TBI EDITOR OF T1IF. NKW VOKK HIRAM). Norfolk, Sept. 2ft, 18SB I?fak Sir? A friend yesterday showed me my name reeirded on your list of the dead, In your issue (1 think) of tho 20th Inst. It was Ihe last on the list. I liave Indeed been a ureal sufferer by the yellow fever, hn | Ing lost my wffe, a son and daughter; but a kind Providence h s raised me up again from my bed of sickness. I trust that y u will do me the kindness to correct the error into which y. u liave been led. as I have a large circle of friciKlt, not onlv n this and adjoining States, but also In A labama and Mlsslsslp I, where I have resided, who will be pained bv the announ e mcnt. Respectfully, yours. A. H. SMITIL I RELIEF FROM BROOKLTN. The children of the Pacific street Methodist Sunday t K hool have contributed $75 in aid of the orphans of No | | 4k and Portsmouth who have lost their parents by the pestilence. The children of the Henry street Methodist Sunday School gave $3 80 for the same praiseworthy object. OFFERING IN AID BY THE JEWS. During divine service at the synagogue of the Jewish congregation. Anshi Cliesed, Norfolk street, yesterday, being the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, a collec. tion for the above purpose was taken up, amounting to $206 76. Previous fii fie collection, the Rev. Mr. Stern berger addressed the congregation in forcible terms, set ting forth the position of the unfortunate sufferers, aud asking lor aid in their h. half, which call was thus liberally responded to by the ladies and gentlemen present. The Naval Retired Lilt. TO Tilt U>l TOR OF TUi: HUULO. 17. S. S. St. LtWRr<ici, ) Near Norfolk, Sept. 24. 1M&V \ Sin? In rmir paper of the 19th Instant, my name appears among the list of lieutenants In the nuvv who are placed upon tnrlough. As this stan-meni l? ineorrert. yon will ob'lge mo by contradicting II and also by iurrtshlng me with the name of your authority for so gross a misstatement. I am, respectfully, your ob't nerv't, JOHN II. PARKKR, Lieut. U. S. Nary. Lieut. John H. Parker appoars In our list by a typo graphical error; Lieut. John P. Parker is the officer placed on "furlough." PiSTmucTiv* Fire n Sr. Lacis.? Yewteiilay morning fire was discovered issuing from the extensive planing mill of BoecMer. Hirahberg k Co., situated on Mullanphy street. The whole building, with the lumber of customers, amounting to about $0,000 was consumed. Ihe loss by this fire is estimated at $2A.00O. upon which there was an insurance to the amount of $12,4tKW-$.'>,000 In the Citizens', and $7,400 in the Lumhermen and Me chanics' Insurance Company. The Ids* to in Ilvf lual owners of the lumber is about $6,000. which was covered to the amount of $'.>,000 by an open policy of the proprie tors of the mill SI. Lmuu R- puUiran, rfjif. 24. Court ok Appeals, Sept. M. ? No, 130. struck off No. 5. Reserved for October 8. No 4. Parsons agt. Travis. Argued. John Graham counsel tor appellant. It. J I lllon counsel for respondent. No. 279. w. a. Trust Co. agt. Brady. Argued. John Graham tor aptiellant, Chae H Hunt for respondent. Calendar fc>i ??pt. iT.?? Nos. oV ?, 1. *, 10, 15, 17. 21, 22. 23. HVB1TKHEHTS RENEWED EVEIT DAY. WW imiCATMWfc BOOKH AND STATIONERY AT CASH PRICES, AT HTKONG'S PUBLISHING WAREHOUSE, No. 98 Nassau street, New York. Country dealer* who wish to buy cheap for cash, will do well to examine the large and moot comp'ute assortment ot toy, song, juvenile and miscellaneous books. statlouory, valentines, almanacs, print*, Ac., at the above establishment, and note the prlrfK. The stock of valentine* fer the craning season will be (bund more exicu*lve, varied and magnllieem thou ever before ex kkblted at this okl established valentine d-pot, and at prices tnore than one third lower than formerly. Almanac* R>r lfciti now ready. N B.? All kind* of printing, engraving, iithngraphv, Ac., done In a superior manner and on Uie dim favorable terms. All orders by mall promptly and carefully attended to. T. W. STRONG, W Nassau street. DESTRUCTION OFSEBASTOPOL. A minute description of that portion of the illustrious clty now in ibe hands of ihe a lied armies may be found in MoCoumii it's Vihit To tub Camp Iv.h.m: Seiia toiou A new ectiiloi now ready, published uy I). Appleton A Co., .140 .11 a 34H Broadway, anil lor sale by all booksellers. From the Albany Evening Atlas. It it not only the best book yet written on the subject, but Is the book necessary io read to make any other relation ot the rrents ot the great siege, and the strategic op-rations of ihe campaign, Intelligible and clear. |SORa'S CHILD. 1 The first edition of this ?harming book wqh exhausted v?s lerday. Another ediilou will be olf the press to morrow, when bock orders wUI be supplied. Thu notices of the press, which arc strong and lo the point, Indicate another rOI'l'LAR AND TAKINIJ BOOK. We shall give exuact* in Saturday's papers.

ISORA'S CHILD is a neat 12 mo. volume; pri;c Si 29, an 1 for sale by all booksellers. J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New York. JUST PUBLISHED? MIRROR OF CRONSTADT, HE baslopol, Great Redan. M.imelon and Maiakotf Towers? Map of tho Crimea and Baltic Sea, with portraits of the princi pal crowned heads; also Russian. French, Kngliah and Turk ish officers. Ibis is the only authentic view given of Crou stadt, showing ihe exact position and correct name olail the fortifications, with the number ot guns in each. A new plan of Sebastopol? southeast view ? showing the Great Redan, Matnelon and Ma lakoff Towers, drawn on the spot; also Allied forces In the Crimea, Baltic Sea, Ac. Size of map 26 bv 32 Inches. Price 28 cents, beaulUally colored. Kent by mall to eny part of the country lor one cent postage. Agents wanted to sell from a list of the most popular maps ever published. Letters of Inquiry promptly answered. Catalogue and speci men rheet free to the trade. A. II. JOCELYN, 00 Fulton st. N. B.? Newspapers copying tho above and sending the same to the office, will receive three copies. TO PUBLISHERS OF 8CIIOOL BOOKS. ? SPECIMEN copics of school books wanted, especially scientific, geogra phical. historical and musical. Postage on specimen copies. If prepaid, will be immediately refunded. Address l'rluclpal, Al legany County Academy, box 101 Post koHlce, Cumberland, Maryland. POIaITICAIa. DEMOCRATIC MASS MEETING. Ex Govf.bsor Seymour at Tawmawt Hall. The Bon. Horatio Seymour having accepted the nomination of the Democratic Republican General Committee, will ad dress our tellow citizens at Tammany Hail, on Friday evening, Sept. 28, at half-past 7 o'clock. L. B. Shcpard, 1). E. Uelavnn, Conrad SwacXhamer, Win. Balrd, Geo. 11. Purser. Committee of Arrangements. ROUERT KELLY, Ch'm'u. Dcm. Rep. Gen. Com. James L. Benedict, ) Sccr?la..ic, Au uui CUAMCELLUK. J CCr"la' lC!! National democrats beware.? we notice that a parcel ot dusty- rounders twho have been nx ludeil H orn all the committees) are. lo bold a private caucus to uight In Mime Know Nothing lodge room In the vicinity of Delancy street, to perfect iheir organization. The avowed purpose of thin crowd is to fuse the democratic party, but Uie real object is evidently a crack to get square with I'eahody, the Loudon banker, or Dickinson, the patriot. They presume to have the administration at their back, hut that is only a stall to enable tin m lo promise place to their deluded converts. From the fact of these fellows having all their lives been In a s'ew, they have adopted the appropriate name of "half shell" or no meat. This mot! ey crowd of politicians are tit subjects for the com plaint book", and we call on -Mayor Wood to disperse the mil sance. ST1I OF AUG US l , 1852. Regular democratic nomination.-at a meeting of the Democratic Nominating Committee, held at the Sixth Ward Hotel, on 1 hursday evening, 2<th hist., Mr. lienry Hughes was unanimously chosen candidate lor Coiin chman ol ibe Eleventh Council District, Sixth ward. D.C'atoik, Secretary. J. MAUONY, Chairman. Twenty fe?ond ward democratic union club. ? A meeting of Ihe above club will bo held at National Hall, Forty fourth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, on (tills) Friday evening, at 8 o'clock; all the members, together w ith the entire democracy of the ward, an.' Invited to attend, as the time hag arrived for prompt action. Bv order of FRANCIS CROSSIN. President. DANIEL DRADDY, Treasurer. Thomas Egak. i secretaries Thomas CcsiilJtfi. S wcrciaries. Twelfth ward whig nominations.-for al derman? George W. Jenkins. For Councilman.? Isaac A. Hopper. For Assessor? A. C. .Tudson. For School CommU tloner? E. H. Brown. For Inspector of Schools ? O. R. Steele. For School Trustees? John B. Hobby, H. H. Gregory, Wm. S. Durnlng. For Constables ? James A. Baldwin, John R. Far rlngton. Inspectors ol' Election? First district, Joseph Croehe ron, lieiijnmin button; Second district, Isaac B. Butchelor, John Glllelan; Third district, Wm. Oakley, C. W. Van Voorhis; Fourth dlsti let, E. H. Brown, I. T. Jackson; Fifth district. Itod'k A. Knox, J. P. Butler. Published by order of Whig Wtttd Convention. E. 11. BROWN, Chairman. O. R. Steels, Secretary. MISCELLANEOUS. nnn nflfi FEET BE6T ASH oars-received iUuiUUU In good condition, and for siilo very low, 11' applied lor immediately, at INGKUSOLL'S, 2il) Souih street. n nnn ? AT wholesale and ret ail, at v,Uul'? very low prices, French china, plain, w hite and richly decorated; cut, plain and pressc l glass; gas llxture.i of every description, clocks, candelabras and tancy ornaments, at J. STOUVHNEL A CO. '8, 5!M Broadway; glass cutting ? iabUahment, M Centre street, corner ol Howard. n -SPECIAL NOTICE.? MR. DOLBEAR'S REGU ijp J v? lar fall lerm for cheap lessons in bookkeeping. w riling, Ac. , will commence on Monday. Pupils who secure seals this day may have private lessons without extra charge. I .a dies' cheap writing class opens on Monday. Apply this day, al <Mj9 Broadway. Dandelion coffee, <a new preparatio- 40 Wilson's dandelion coffee recommended by tho most * nenl physicians of Europe ana ihe United States, as a safe a.. , etlectual remedy In all cases of dyspepsia, indigestion, diseases of the liver and kidney, bilious affectlona, sick he idache, cos tlveness, and highly suitable in chronic derangements of the stomach and bowels, sea sickness, Ac., Ac., Ac., anil is also one of tho most superior nutritious beverages for all persons ol dcliiale cous'.ltuimn. The many thousands who have been reluctantly compelled to abandon Uie use of ordinary coffee, owing to ihe serious Injury done to their health, will llnd tins preparation much superior lo the best "Java coffee," both in tssie and llavoi . to lay nothing of Uh great and acknowledged medicinal benefit*. The present preparation is therefore of fered 10 the public as possessing all the properties of Ihe i'resli tool of ihe dandelion plant, which it will retain unimpaired In any climate or for anv length of time. This valuable article is exclusively prepared by the subscriber, by a new chemical process, ol which he Is alene the inventor. It le carefully pre pared mid put up in tin boxes, at fifty cent* each, with rail di rection*, by J. P. Wilson, at his chi mica I laboratory, corner of Twen'y seventh street and Third avenue, under his own Immediate superintendence. Sold wholesale and retail, by HBtiEMAN, CLARK A CO., No*. 166, 273. 611 nnd 789 Brood way; ai d by all other respectable apothecaries throughout the Untied States and Canada*; and at the principal depot, comer Of Twenty-seventh street and Third avenue. None genuine unless signed by JOSEPH P. WILSON. Kurkka i eureka!? fopd'S ecreka shirt is universally worn bv the citizens of the (tatted Stn'es, air i by the *ristocracy, gentrj-, merchant*, tradesm n, and people generally of Europe, tlie British colonics, India and China, Ac., being unrivalled for its superiority of tit, work,patiern, and durability. Manufactured and sold only by W. T. FORD, ill Broadway, bhlrta and collar* made to order. IEIGHT FOR NEW HAVEN, CT.? THE SUBSCRIBER has lort.v ton* freight for the above port no-.v ready, deck 1" "1 Fair price paid. Apply to WB W. E. HASKINS, 84 Pine street. FRKM1I MECHANICAL LAMPS, CARCKI.S, AND niOileraUirs.? Just received a new Invoice of these beau tiful lamps; also a great variety of French gas fixture*, rapo secd oil, glassware, Ac.; bronzing *nd fire gliding done on the premises, lamp* cleaned and repaired by competent work men. H. DAKDON V1LLE, 4ifi Broadway. HOW TO MAKE MONEY.? SEND ONE DOLLAR TO ?>' H. llendrlekson. Newcastle, Delaware, and you will t | ceive Information bv which you earn money in any place. This Is no humbug. Leaky roofs.? all kinds of tin roofs re paired *nd coeted, with a patent metnllc paint, one coat being equal to live coats of ordinary paint. A II orders received at the depot, 91 Mangln street, will be attended to with dc patch. Looking glass, pier, mantel, portrait and till : Hre fraaies. ? Purchasers and country dealers would u I well to call before buying elsewhere, a* we are preparesl to supply every variety in the above line at exceedingly low price*. Old frames re (lit eqtiaJ to new. All orders promptly and wcllexecutad. R L. OSTRANDER, No. 2 Murray street, (up stair*, J adjolalng Ball, Black k Co. OTOVES, STOVES, STOVES ? 1?6 CA NAL STREET. NHA. O Varlck. W. A H. VAN NOTE'S Move *tore.? We have rrf celved a large assortment of Ihe latest patterns of stove*, man tel grales and kitchen ranges, for sale on reasonable term* Moves put uii and pipe furnished for same, grates set. Stove and rangM lined and repaired. Soap stone griddle*, wholes*! J and retail. SANDS' REMEDY FOR SALT RHEUM.? THIS CELE br*ted eiieru*l remedy for scrofula, scorbutic and cutane ous erupt lens, used In conjunction with Sands' sarsaparllla, has cured thousands of the very worst forms of these loath tome diseases, and established s reputation that has raised a host of worthless Imitations. The public are cautioned that the genuine article I* prepared only by A. B. A D SANDS, wholesale druggist*, 100 Fulton street. Sold also by drugglata generally. QHOW CA8E8 ? HOFFMAN A FERISIPlI SHOW CAhl C ware rooms, 87 Bowery, between Walker and Bayaro streets. Case* made m everv style, silver plated, braiw, ro?' and satin wood, mahogany, Ac. N. B. ? Ola case* taken In ?: change. Order* promptly executed. TV* ANTED ?A DOZEN COPIES OP THE PLAN OT fT the Cltv of Jungo or Winter Night's I'u/zle Cail m Tlioe. WA1 kit MAN'S, 92 Franklin street. F RKSTAIKA.VTS. Restaurant notice.? the subscriber deems Ii necessary tonotily hi* old patrons and the publlo that hi* name Is pl*c?d very conspicuously over several rcstau rants in ibis city with which he tias not die most renio e con nictlon. thereby deceiving th" public. It certainly 1* paying me a very grsat compliment fo- nn abilities as s caterer, and speak' equally well for mv philanthropy In permitting them to ?i*ke a subsistence by the use of my name. My only estab - Its! ment I* on the south* est corner of Fourth street and Broadway, no comedian with ihe northwest comer, wh. re my name appears in very large leii-r*, with the w. rd ?? late" over It, so small 'bat a Ross telescope would be required to lee It, F.ntracv e to private supper rooms, mot |n a cellar.) first doc* west of Broadway. GEO, E. SHELLEY. ~F1R N ITT RK^ CtOTTAGE AKD FAN< Y FURN1T1RK WA itKR(VlM(l_ / at Mi Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas Motel ? MATHEWS A STA< KY otferforsale the most extensive aa ?or'meiit of fsncy, cottage, emanielled(and French 'urniiure t* the I nltrd ^isto*, at reduced prl-es. Every v?rlety if mat tre?se?, pa'llasaes, #Ulows, holHtra, Ac. , at raaniuacta'er*' orioes. Ifl UNIT! HE -A LOT OF SPLENDID FURNITURE, nsis'.ne ot sfdei oarde eieuer"s. b'>-'kcases, bureau. s, Ae.. SI,. I well worth 'l.e aMnttm ut 'smiles r? unilcg term ihe connt-y. st private se e, inder ssi pr'ce, at J4| K ? ro ???eet, '?orotr ot B uadway. cmnw, <w% TOLL ASSORTMENT 0F FRENCII KMBROI DER F.D t half the usual price, just received. HOBEKTH A Co., 375 Broadway. Arnold, constable a go. Will exhibit Fili i*B Wi?ttR Gaumentt it Retail, On Wednesday. September 26. *>* ' aoal^treet, near Broadway. A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF NkVlaCE8~7uPT BR eelved- Brussels point sets at $7 lo 928 point A !<. Aiguille, point de Angiuterre, lloniton, Voiet.clennes Mack thread lace# from 10 els. to $90 per yard; also black ' thread veils, very rich cupes, scarfs, coiffures and handkerchiefs- Par* embroideries of .he newest designs, In collar*, sleeves. .to N. is. A carton of black thread aha wis from tie to $120. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Browlvty, AOREAT VARIETY OP CURTAIN DAMASKS, I, \ CK and rinihiln drapery, gimp, cord, tassels, &<?., also, a spleii did assortment of new i'y !<?? Kilt window cornice-, at whole**!)] and retail, at the lowest cash prices. < HILDS & SMITH, 449 Pearl street. At the entrance op the lace department of the Exponiilon Universale a Paris. the moat attraetlv# and brilliant are the black lace points, coifs, veils and man tillas, from the house of Hloqnare Brothers, of GayrramonL 1 hey hud previously distinguished them , elves at the various inhibitions on this continent, but their grand exhibition at the CrvHtal Palace in Ixmdon conaolldated their reputation. The articles are numerous and varied, and are distinguished fur their clearness and beauty of design, aud the superiority of the execution renders them the most incomparable and charming of works. In their present grand dtrpluv, a superb shawl, of ?lack Brussels lace, attracts universal admiration ; the design Is rich and elaborate, consisting of the arnis of Prance, with the cyphers of their Imperial Majesties. ?Prom L'Indipen dance a Brussels. A large assortment of the above superior black Brussels lace goons, selected by Mr. Roberts in Brussels, are now ready for .ale by PETER ROBERTS A CO.. 375 Broadway. BRODIE'S EXPOSITION OP LADIES' FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS. GEORGE UROD1E, ftl Canal, and ti3 Llspenard street*. Respectfully Legs to Inform the ladle* that be will be pre pared to exhibit for their Inspection, on Thuksdat, Octobkk 4tii, A magnificent assortment of PALL CLOAKS AND M ANTILLAS, (His own exclusive stvles.) Embracing tbe loilowlng fashionable i'abrles:? Silk velvet cloaks and mantillas, Moire antique do. do. Gray beaver cloth do. Moire antique, (with velvet combined); Ladies' plain cloth, Call shades). His slock Is the largest and best assorted, both In Imported cloaks and of his own well known manufacturs, that ha has ever hail the pleasure of opening a season w th, and he would respectfully suggest to the ladles not to purchase until they have examined his goods. The leading styles will appear as u?ual In Harpers' and Godey's Magazines, the fashion* for which celebrated purlodlcals be supplies exclusively. GEORGE HKOD1E, 51 Canal and 63 Llspenard *ta., second mantilla store west of Broadway. B RODIE'S PALL CLOAKS. OfTNINfi PAT. FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. ' All fabrics. Thursday, October 4. ftl Canal street and 63 Llspenard street, Sccond mantilla More west of Broadway. BULPIN'b CLOAKS? POR THE FALL SEASON, ABB now ready, at the Paris Mantilla Emporium, 301 Broad way. A splendid variety of moire antique, velvet and doti mantillas and talmas, adapted for the early fall. QKO. BULPXN, 3<il Broadway . Blankets.? soiled blankets at one-half ibelr value. We have received 500 pair of blankets slightly soiled. We shall sell them on Monday, 24th Inst., at just one half their value This Is an opportunity that seldom occurs for ladies to supply themselves cheap for the approach ing winter. W. S. BOND, 108 ami 110 Sixth av.. Directly opposite the market. CLOAKS, CLOAKS. Grand opening display of fall and winter Fashions, Molwnedx 11km., 5H Canal Stkkkt, Will make his annual exhibition of Parts fashions for the coming season, on 1 uesday, Oct. 2, weather permitting. His Importations this season have beeu much larger than usual, and his well known facilities In 1'aris for obtaining the latest and most select stylus enables him to promise the ladles with confidence the largest and most beautiful assortment of cloaks that has ever been shown In this city. The Inspection of his stuck is cordially solicited, and ladles calling for that purpose will be cheerfully Bhown all the dlllercnt styles. Remember Tuesday Oct. 2. Fall and winter fashions. The attention of connoisseurs, and those who are particu larly anxious of possessing a neat and beautiful fabric of sym metrical proportions and artistic finish, are respectfully In vited to examine 'he stock of unsurpassed millinery and milli nery goods, at Swjioks' French Milli.nekt EKPORir*, 540 Broadway. Flounced silk robes.? Five cases, just received by steamer Baltic, Will be opened On Monday, Sbitemdkr 34. Also, Ten cases Plain and Fancy Dress Silks. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., C2 Canal street, near Broadway. FOUNTAIN'S INDIA STORE, 653 BROADWAY.? LA dies and strangers are invited to examine some new CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS, Alto, a general variety of NOVEL ARTICT.ES, Eat' India, dress goods, Rich Chinese fans, Ac., Ac. t&i BROADWAY, opposite Bond street. JL bonnets and furs.? MADAM H ARItIS A SON have much pleasure In announcing the arrival of their first importation of French bonnets for the approaching season. In elegance of design and tasteful combination of materials, this Importation has never been surpassed. We call particular attention to oar embroidered straws, so much admired at present in Paris, the same as worn by tin Empress Eugeule, besides other novel ties in velvet, Ac., Ac. FITRB. Our stock of furs will be lound worthy of especial notice, comprising a full assortment of Russian sable, mink martin, stone martin, chinchilla, ermine, Ac., Ac. As we are going out of the fur trade, not Laving room for botli businesses, we shall selMour entire stock of furs at a great sacrifice. MADAM R. HARRIS A SON, 571 Broa way. Furs? at 38s broadway and 41 maiden lane? American, Russian and Hudson Buy Company furs. Mower A Duster can now oirer to the public, for city and country trade, an unequalled assortment of the above, select ed by Mr. William Mnscr during his late visit to Europe, anil manufactured with great care. Every description of furs can be found of such variety that cannot fall to attract attention. Every article will be warranted and sold at fair prices. MOSER A HUSTER, importers of tut s, 41 Maiden lane and :>5 Broadway. Fall goods.? a splendid assortment of de lulnes. Cashmeres, plaids, merinos, paramat'as, alpacas, debeges, and all kinds ol dress goods suitable for the present season, at RKMSEN * DINGER'S, 204 and 306 Sixth avenue, one door beiow Fourteenth street. (GEORGE RICHMOND, OF :it>9 BROADWAY, WOULD 1 call the attention of the ladles to his stock ot rich laces an embroideries, which caunotbe surpassed, and only require t be xeen. Our knowledge and facilities enable us to pick o the newest goods and sell at the lowest prices. Brussels poln In sets, from 96 to $:'0; Vslenctennes do., from $10 to 940; tin assortment of black laces, veils, caps, bands, embroldere handkerchiefs, line linen, from 10s. up; mourning goods, reall beautiful, in thick and thin linen cambric; dress caps; fceaddresse of Die latest Parisian styles. Under the personal superintend euce of Mrs. Richmond. GENTLEMEN'S MERINO UNDER CLOTHING.? 500 pairs merino drawers, from 75c. to 92 50; 500 merino shirts, from 76c. to $250. 1 ,000 storks and ties of different styles, at $1. N. B.? Shirts and dressing robes made lo order at short notice. JKLLISON A CO., 329>j Broadway. Henry rice, 74 canal street, calls the at ten'lon of die ladles to his splendid slock of embroideries and laces, jusi received from Europe. A large assortment of reel Valenciennes edges, at the extraordinary cheap price of 12,'j cents per yard. Also, the newst styles of dress and cloak trimmings. J BECK A CO. WILL OPEN THIS MORNING . rich plaids and valencies; also, a large importation of cashmeres and delaines, at verv low prices. 355 and 387 Broadway, and 786 and 788 Broadway. J BECK A IX). WILL OPEN THIS MORNING V ? new and large assortment of -lella shawls 355 and 357 Broadway, and 7.^ and 788 Broadway. BECK A CO. WILL OPEN THIS MORNING IS, _ . rasetofnrw and rich silks; also, Hon need silk robes from $12 and upwards. 355 and 357 Broadway, and 786 and 788 Broadway. J Mourning silks? a large ami beautiful as sortninnt, just received : Mourning merino plaids, mourn ing raw silk plaids, mourning foods ol every description, the richest and most desirable nock In the city. WEED'S Mourning Store. 499 Broadway. Mourning goods? purple and black striped, all wool ile laliies, new and beautiful uoods, just receiv ed, at WEED'S Mourning Store, 499 Broadway, lour doors be low St. Nicholas Hotel. PARIS AUX VILLES DE PRANCE-NO. 51 RUE VI vlenne? Rue Richelieu No. 104.? latest novelties In silks, shawls, inaiitl* s, merinos, bareges, muslins, embroideries, laces, linens, gloves, handkerchiefs, cambrics, ribbons. The first wholesal" and retail establishment In Europe, situated In the most fashionable pan of the metropolis, between the rue Ylvlenne and ths rue Richelieu iwltn an entrance In caoh street) i,e?r the Bouh vards aad the Bourse, In the?? van galleries, the monumental aspect of which has been the admi ration of every visiter, 'he most beautiful textures of French tss'e ami elegance, manuflM lured and exclusively destnwl lor this emporium ol fashion, an displayed, and sola at the lowest remunerating profits. \|| goods are marked in plain figures ? one price only. Goods purchased, if not approve I of. exchang ed or the money returned. Attached to the establishment are English, American, Oerinsn and Spanish assistants. The pro prietors earnestly solicit ihe honor of a visit. Ribbons, gloves, ac -li boutillier, brothers ha> e just received an Immense variety of ribbons, lor bon nets, lor trimmings and for rashes; also, a full assortment of the be?t Paris kid gloves, made expressly for them; shawls and other dry goods. 60 C.uial street, four doors from Broad way. Rfmfkn a dinger have just received a splendid lot.of silks. In plain, stripes, pialds and brocades: also, a full assortment of black silks, trom 5s. fid. to lfls.,at 204 and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth street. STELLA SHAWLS.? WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAY the r7lh inst., eighty cartons, containing nearly one thon sand beautiful Stella shawls, of the latest and most recheehi designs, and jo which the attention of ladles Is respectfully solicited; all al moderate prices. GEO. BULPIN, 361 Broadway. The purchasers of domestic goods will find a full assortment of blankets, quilts, sheetings, shirt ings, towelltmr, flannel, Ac., Ac., at RKMSKN A DINGER'S, 204 and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourtoenth sti*at. BUUsIAH-PS. Billiards.-wk have on hand A STOCK of BIL liard tables, with idatc, marble, or wooden beds, with all our modern Improvements, for which we received 'he silver n.cdal at the World's P itT ot I1M, being the highest premium ever given to a Millard table manufacturer Also, halls, cues. Cloths, Ac.. Ao , 10 per cent t hesper than any >ther establish mem. Three <" ond hand tables tor sale, cheap for cash. LEONARD k BENJAM1 Broadway. WE oF> KB FOB SALE A FINK STOCK OF BILLIARD tables, w lih our new Invented cushions whMut re the His eartect cushions ? win tse. Buver- w 111 d , will to coll ana examine, line second hand table -or ssie GRIFFITH A DECKER, 90 Ann street. EIPRB9IEI. mHF H<1?T'' AND "OUTH AIR I INK CO> I Philadelphia ' ' t* ? t f XJ 53. M li< THB U?POH dWVn<?. A CHOICE SELECTION OT BHA.NDIKH, WINKS, JA maica rum, Soo^airt Irish whiskeys,. Holland gin. ftcbl ?? dam scfc iapps, Ac. ;blaakberry brandy: white brandy, forpre ?? rvtnc; Scotch ales. Loudon.aad Dublin porter, scgars, Ac., for cale at UNDKRHILL * MATTERSON'S, 430 Broome it, wrncr of Croaby. ^3SS3fr*?t? ^fby thotapor-er^ iiatpmS k PONS. 19 Beaver street. SPECIAL NOTICE. -AT A MLfiETINQ OF THE COMMIT Ice appointed by the Liquor Dealers' Redely, lor the pur ? poM of collecting subscriptions for the relief the sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth, bold at Odd Fellows' Hail on Tuesday ctcrung, the 18th Inst., It was Resolved, That the lliiuor dealers of the city of New York are hereby notified ilia' the various ward committees appointed by the General Society for be above named purpose, wlU caU on item during lie i.rasent week for such aid to so laudablean object as they can afford to gl*e, ... Credentials will be produced by those applying for subscrip tions P. G. MOLONY, Chairman. Cms. 11. Rue, Secretary. ? - 'WAJicm, $600,000 ~JJ225F .T0 iWiT on^dTU^i f'r bought for cau,h J?w?lry. dry goods, sejars ??' "^taewconfld^iir^"' '"tot. B0rt|M?. .to AM._reon? No. 1, W00Dd 10t Nassau street, tonUrS 1557.000 ?wel^rON WATCHEH, DIAMONDS ( bbsbSSS ?cc nnn TO LEND on bond and mortgage, ipiiu.V/Ul/ lu sums to suit applicants, on first clam-, pro ductive real estate lu UilH city or Brooklyn. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, 13 Wall street, second floor, front room. Ann nnn ? TO L?AN ON WATCHES and jewel ilPiiO.UUv, ry, lu f ulna of from $10 toSlOO. For sain or exchange, 80 splendid lots lu the city of Rochester, N. Y. Ap plv at the office of the North American Real Estate Exchange and Loan Co., 304 Broadway, room No. 10. <fcin Onn ? T0 LOAN, from $?,ooo to $io,ooa on tflvtVuUi bond and mortgage on unincumbered real estate, lor a term of years. Mono but principals need apply. Address Loan, Uerald ofllee. nnn TO w.ooo, ? A person having this iJpUiUUu amount would like to invest it, together wtth his services, in some good business already established. Ad dress, statin t what kind of business, and where an interview can be bad. E. 1!., Herald office. d|>fT nnn TO LEND ON MORTGAGE, IN ONE IUM, ?jPtJ.UUU on tlrst class improved properly in New Tork; 3.000 acres of Texas lands, worth S5 per acre, for sale or ex rl.auge for cily propi rtv. Some cash would bo Advanced 'or a llrst class residence. SYLVESTER FAY, Commissioner for all the States, 10 Wall street. dfl enn T0 LOAN TO BUILDERS OR OTHERS.? THE tPliOvU subscriber has a very desirable piece of pro pcrty In the vicinity of Jersey City, part of which he wishes to sell, upon condition that the purchaser slull build this fill and winter, tie will lend to the parlv or parties building thres fourths ol' the money required. The property commands one of the most extensive water views In the vicinity of New York city, having a full view. of New Ycrk Bay, the city, from Crys till Palace to the Battery; Long Island shore, from Brooklyn to the Narrows; Platen Island,* c., Ac. Omnibuses rnn bj the property from Jersey City ferry. Address ImproveucLt, k Herald effii'C. dS~| Cft TO t2U0. ? AN ACTIVE MAN, WITH WIS Jjp.lOvJ amount, to purchase one half interest In a tlrst eluss travelling emerpt l?e, from which $aK) per month can be cleared. To persons desirous of visiting ;he Western and Southern country, this chance oilers many Inducements, the business being safe, light and pleasant. Call on H. D. JA.VKS, at Petcb A lngall's 345 Broadway. A LOAN WANTED?OF ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, for ninety days. Oood security given on household firnl ture. Apply at 44 Wall street, to A. B., after 1. o clock M., U| stairs, third floor, back-room. ANY AMOUNT OF CASH LOANED, OR PUR(?IAfiBD at sight, for fair prices, on diamonds, watches, rich jewel ry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal property gene rally, by R. WOOD, l!9 Fulton street, second floor, front room, from 9 A. M. to S P. M. A NY AMOUNT OF MONEY. IN LARGE OR SMALI jt\ sunn, can always bo obtained Instantly on securities.' va limbles, merchandise and property of all kinds, at the old re spoualble Pacific Agcncy and Private Loan office, over Paclfl Hunk. All transactions prompt, safo, contidelial and satisfy torv , or no charge. Always fully Insured, comer of Broadwa and Grand street. A LARGE BUM OF MONEY TO ADVANCE ON VALt Abies. securities, niori huudiHo, Ac., in amounts ot'tfil |70, >100. tlMl, $200, $2fi0, $300, $400, K00, 91.000, $2,.V* $.'i,000. Also, bank notes, foreign gold and silver, 4c., bougl at market rates, at the specie and exchange office, 402 Brou< way, opposite U>e Pacific Bank. JOHN HOOPB k ADAMS. Bank of the ohio savings institute, tiffii Ohio.? The paper of the above institution will be recelvt at 1 (one) per cent discount by the undersigned. W. CLARK A CO., No. 4 llanover street. CONSOLIDATED STAGE COMPANY STOCK WANTE1 ?500 shares of the stock of this company, for which ca ? will be paid. Address box 3,014 Post office, stating name at place ot business. y Emigrant industrial savings bank, no. , Chambers street.? Notice.? Depositor* are informal) 113 deposits made on or before Saturday, October rt. will bear tercst from 1st October. Bank open daily from 10 A. M. 2 P. M., and from 6 io 7 P. M. JOSEPH STEWART, President. Joan Masking, Comptroller. Money. ? cash liberally advanced, < 1 bought out at sight every description of goods, at > Agency and Loan office, 41 Howard street, corner Hroadwi over Howe's bakery, tlio oldest und most responsible office the city. Business prompt. M'LOUGHLIN & O'NEILL* Money advanced, at ^ pkr cent per annum* Persons requiring temporary advances on real est. *? . diamonds, watches. Jewelry, plate, pianos, dry goods, her? " '?I carriages, or any other property, can be promptly accorni ' dated by the Empire I<oan and Agcncy Company, 333 Bro way. C. WIIX8, Agen Money liberally advanced on houseko furniture, pianos, watches, jewelry, plate, guns, plst hardware, nautical, surgical and musical instruments, goods, horses, wagons, harness, and all other description personal property, left to be sold at auction or bought out cash. Apply to McG AFFRAY * WALTERS, fti Oadtei street, Notice.? office of molliere manufacturi Company, No. 3 Broadway, New York, Sept. 5, ltW By a resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Molliere Mr factoring Company of New York, passed first of Septerobei slant, the stockholders of said company are hereby called ii to pay in an Instalment of eighty dollars oa each share of slock thereof, on or before the sixteenth day of Decembers tinder the penalty of forfeiting the stiares ol stock e ibscri tor. By order of the Hoard of Trustees. EDW'I). ti. TUCKERMAN, Secretar Rose hill bavinos bank? no. 2si third a' nue, one door above Twenty-first street, open d?Uy f 10 A. M. to 2 P. M., and Wednesday and Saturday eveni from ft to 8 o'clock ; Interest at six per cent on sums of $300 under, aad five per cent on sums over $900. WILLIAM It PLATT, Presldm JA8. R. KKKLKK, Vice Prea'L H. I-oomoi now?, Secretary. OTOCKS.? THE ADVERTISER HAS SOME A? mining and otln r stocks to trade for real estate, ol country. N. B ? Money to loan In largo or small sums, o curlties, ior short periids. W. B. IIaSKINS, 34>j Pino TO MERCHANTS AND OTHERS IN WANT Or C advances on merchandize and other property, can In commodated by addressing H. W. T., Herald office. Ail ' munleatlons strictly confidential. | COPARTHKRWHIPHCynCKg. enn nnn ?K *??-??.? a partner with ?Pi v/.VM/U amount of capital wanted in a business a d v established. This Is a rare chance, an a fortune It sure the sole reason of accepting a partner la the extension t business. Address J. 8. L., Chatham square Poet office, st where a personal address may be made. v . ? ? ? ? ? ^ <5?onn ? A partner wanted in a restaur ?TO"U. an en'erprlsint: business maD, In one of the prosperous eating houses, located In the immediate neig Lcod of the principal railroad and steamboat lines, a North liver side. 1 'ail v receipts average $flO. Good b tached. Apply to HOWES A FKOB1SHER, 84 Nassau i (i'^nn ?WANTED. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ipuWu, with a oash capital of $>100 to $1,000, to Jo advertiser In a business by wblrh $3,000 to $10.0<K) per a ? an be mnde. Ope ac'iuaintcd with the advertising bu preferred. Aildres X. Y. Z., Herald office. (|,'|)|| ?WANTED, ENTERPRISING BUSINESS ?P?)Uv/. to engage In an exclusive rash office bu?ln< lot ate In 'he large i Ides or travel and sell hlghlv importai iiselttl articles, at a large profit. Can make fcOO per o Apply at OS Broadway, office 8, first door. djOfJA TO $l,ono.-W ANTED, A GOOD Bl SI ?5*J" ' man, to take the sole agency for one or more 4 an exclusive MMk, now snccessfully eaiabkshed city. No fine, or money In hand, leuul red. First class ence given. Apply to JOYCE A CO., 114 Chambers st. ??2 2,-JO -WANTED. A PARTNER, WITH THE A amount, In a business already e*ia>>l!sbed Int lift jr per cent, all cash. To n business man tills Is a seldom met with. Apply at 4S9 Grand street. $Onn ? A PARTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT. > . (liable cash business. The article mail manufactured will sell readily to the mercantile and bt c< nimimltv generally, and pay 300 per cent protit on and Is In universal demand. Apply to HOWES * FRlWBHER, *4 Nassau st ANY PERSON WELL SITUATED FOR TAKtN u\ orders Lor a tancy dyelio'ise. can make a liberal at nient, by applying at 192 Broadway, corner r# John room No. li. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP ? THE CO) nershlp hi retotore existing uneer 'he name and Cornell A Dunn, la this <la\ dissolved Ijy mutual eonsen claims against the late Arm will be teuied by J. Cornell. Sept 1ft, ISM J. CORN A E. PL NOTICE.-THF. UNDERSIGNED ARE CO MP El X rail the attention of the public to the fact th.it the Livingston, Wells A Co. , i om|K??-d of Henry Wells. J< Livingston S. De Witt Bloodgood, of the rttv of New Yoi Wm. 11. Babbitt, of Paris, was ^Issolverf. bjr mutual nient, two years ago, vl?.: September 23. lHi,f, whl.-h w ' advertised, and nehher partner was or Is authorised!' any new contract*. HENRY WELL*. JOHNSTON LIVINGS* New York. Sept. niber ?*, 19M. PARTNF.lt WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL OF $10,000 to $19.1X10, to engage In the hosiery, 'sre and other dresa goisls business, belog mostly tha' par dry goods business whei e the profit is made The ad hss a large acquaintance and thorough knowledge of tl Bess, but do capital. AOdreaa, (or three 'lays; with rea A. II. M.. Herald office. TO GROCERS -WANTED, A PERSON WKL i|ti ilmed with the grocr rv business In all Its details, an Iniereat In an old established house In 'hta etiv. Vu $2,(W0 m c ash. enough t? feel iiiieresuvl, and the best o) ences. Address, Grocery Merchant. Herald o?re. I WANTBD-A PARTNER. WITH FMM M.i ?W TO, to Join the advertiser snd lake t barge ut 'be <>IIW meet, mislness "ai", p|..? ant and luera'lve. es s , | ' years. The pr-ser.t owner la a young man -??t ? Please address, with real nsme, twb? h wi' he -r, ,i drnilaliy.l -is-ing wfctre an ln*eiet?? rrtv'ei ' I bOI liVl'llft (.Oije

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