3 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6975. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. pOUTItAIi. 1ST WARD OH DKCK. ? AT A PRIMARY ELECTION, held at Democratic Head Quarters, lib Greenwich street, pursuant to a call from the General Committee of Tamma iy Hall the following ticket wa? duly elected, on Tuesday, Oc o ber 2, 1868:? crrr. county. Thomaa Byrnes, William Brown. Michael Murray, Thomaa Holland, Patrick Curry, A. J. Perry, Michael Phillips, Michael Murray, William Burns. Thomas Burns. JUDICIARY. John Beld. John Pryor, wunr. Patrick Walsh, SENATORIAL. Daniel Jenklngs, William Kane, Patrick Callahan, John Fox, John Aliern. Hugh O'Neal. Thomaa Lowther, James Jackson, Robert Walker, Maurice Powers. CIIABTEU. Ferdinand Stoesel, Thomas Adiiy, John Strlpp, Daniel Curren. Patrick Ourry, Thorns* Holland, nnuncr r uwn 0, iuuiiiBit num. iuuiuh iiuiww, Jacob Scbwanchlld, Edward Walsh, Sr., Samuel Meyers, Ferdinand K render, Thomas Brannigan, Francis Donnelly, David Kgun. council? 1st district. James Ratcbford, Michael Molding, Michael Do ran, Jr. Peter Bilker, James McKeon, John Fay, Michael Ncary, 2n district. James Cavanach, John Conned, WilllAm Kunt*, Andrew Iiandley.Jr. William Foster. With power to nil vacancies. JOHN n. PRYOR, ) M. MURRAY, > Inspectors. J. 8C11W ARZCHILD, > 2D WARD.? IN PURSUANCE OF A CALL OF TnE Democratic Republican General Committee of Tammany Hall, a primary election was held on Tuesday evening, at tho house No. IS Dutch street, and the followlug ticket waaduly elected:? city. cooxty. senatorial. Alfred Chancellor, Daniel Median, Ahram B. Miller, Daniel Meehan, Robert Rogers. R. 0. Montgomery, James Watson, Alfred Chancellor, John H. Derrick, Thomaa Rogers, Wm. H. Burton, Win. B. Htorer, Geerge Dlmond. James Watson. James McBean. JUDICIARY. William Minor, Alfred t 'haneellor, James Mclntes. ASSEMBLY. James Neery, Chas. W. Kruger, Michael Waters, Patrick Mullens, John Dorian. James Watson, La#>lln Keegan, James CrelghUra, Henry Steele. Daniel lleehan, CtlARTKIt. Abram B. .Miller, John H. Derrick. James McBean, Michael Keenan, Chas. W. Kruger, With power to fill vacancies. James Watson, Alfred Chancellor, William Minor, R. 0. Montgomery, Thomas Willis, Ransom Hatlibou. DANIEL MEEIIAN. fin ARTHUR DUKANT, ) pectors. 3D WARD? AT A PRIMARY ELECTION HELD AT 11U | West street, pursuant to a call of the democratic republi can General Committee of Tammany Hall, the following ticket was unanimously elected: ? JUDICIAL. P. G. Moloney, John E. Devlin, crrr. county. Charles Fletcher, Charles Fletcher, Joseph Harrison, John McCoy, H. C. Hope. R, H. CroSliy. Thomas Munroe, Thomas Munroe, John Shay. Michael Morouey. assembly. John M. Mlmnle, Nicholas Van Slyck. sk.utokial. P. G. Moloney, Alfred Bailey, Henry Blck, Charles Henry, Stephen Kelley. Michael Moronev, B. H. Crosby, Joseph Harrison, Stephen Kelly, Samuel Taylor, John Korfl, John McCov, Bernard Riley, Robert Fair, COUNCIL. P#ler B. War Is, M. L. Harris, John Patien, Jr. CIIARTKR. Morton TunUon, John Shay, Junes Knglisb, Ixmls Tlmtncrman John Powell John L. Whitton, George W. Guion. Jeremiah Curtln, JohnM. Mlmnle, Henry Blck, James Donelly, Henry Tan (ertnan. C. FLliTCHKR, i JOHN POWNALL, } Inspectors. R. H. CROSBY. S 4TH WARD.? AT A PRIMARY ELECTION, HELD IN pursuance of a call of the Oeneral Committee of Tainma ny Hall, at 18>$ Oak street, between the hour* of 5',' and til? o'clock P. M. on Tuesday, the 2d day of October, 1885. we, the undersigned Inspectors. do hereby certify that the following ticket was duly eleot?d by a majority of 131 votes:? CITY. COCNTY. SENATORIAL. George W. Ray, Joseph Rose, II. J. Burnett, Chas. J. Dougherty, Patrick Coyle, 1'atrlck liovlo, <7. Hargan, Benj. D. Welch, Wliilam Bslrd. Thomas Allaire, John T. Ogden, Gustavus Bach, Joseph Maihers, Sm COUNCIL DMT. John Connerv, James Faroiiar, Jamea W. Upton, P. H. Myers. -Morris Bennett. Patrick Coyle, George II. Purser, Thomaa Reeyp. Thomas Sherridan, Patrick Rlcketts, Patrick Merrick. John Kaulch. JUDICIARY. Geo. P. Hlckford, ASSEMBLY. C. II. Lyons, William Drew, 6th COUNCIL DIST. Patrick Mc A I leer, Wright Bobbins, Patrick Merrick, Patrick Met lee, James Caiev. CHARTER AND SCUo C. Hagan. Henry Btaatlandnr, C. 11. Collsdy, Thomas Sherridan, James Courtney, John Biehards James Smlih, John Barry, Jacob Scbwitztsr, Timothy W. OnMsf. Joseph Rose R. T. Kntwl 7th cotmcn UK. John T. Ogdeu, Joseph Town, Jame lteed, He iry Nelman, ?:oige W. Ray. J II. I. ample, Jauios Mootiey, John Kearney, Bernard Murphy, B. I). Welch. BKNJ. D. WELCH, ? JAMKS POWERS, J Inspectors PATRICK COYLE, ^ 4 TH WARD? AT A MEETING OF THE FOURTH Ward National Democrallc I 'barter Convention, held ut 44 Catherine street, on Moaday, October 1st, Bartholfiinew Healy was unanimously nomiuatod as oaodkUM mr ?< >u. ruurtk **?. a. oi ? unsujf] ui Jirtm ,1. Ware, Hie meeting ad 1 ourned to meet on Friday, October 8th. by order or FRANCIS RYAN, Chairman. Patbicb O'Donnell, Secretary. 4TH~WARn.^AT A "PRIMARY " ELECTION HELD at 15i, Oak street, on Tuesday evenlnx, October 2, irttft in accordance with the recommendation ot Tammany Ilall, the ticket headed Young Men's Democratic Republican Ticket for delegates to the city convention.? Daniel Donovan, John liealy, Geo. B. Wooldrldge, James Dumpby, John Teagan, Who are In favor of A. C. Flsirg for the Comptroller, received 412 votes, being a majority of 3SS over the Pleraon ticket On asking the lnspeebirs to sign a certificate In accordance with the above result, they ronwed. The supporters of tbc vlcto rious ticket, after the closing of the poll, assembled In mass on the corner of Frankfort anil l'earl streets, and. after oruanl ring, by calling James Teagan to the chair, and appointing <j. B. Wooldrldge secretary, the following resolutions were Resolved. That as democrats we are In tavor of p?rty usages, and opposed to the one man power, Illustrated from the fact that the ward committee, comprising the '.sine and sinew of the ward, have not been consulted, w hich fact alone caused the above ticket to run Resolved. That wc are In faror of Azariah C. Flagg for Comptroller, believing that the tax-paving citizens look to the honesty and capability of tho man who claims their suffrages for that responsible office. Resolved. That tho administration of Franklin Pierce is enti tled to the support of every true democrat, and thai ihe trl umphant passage or the .Nebraska bill will be hailed by the masses as one of the greatest acts passed by any administra tion. Resolved, That in Fomando Wood we hall one of the Armeat men who, una wed, protects the city and the revenue from the grasping hands of rogues. Resolved, That we ask the members of the various couven tions before whom we present our claims, ui listen lo our grievances, and then act justly. JAMKS TKAGAW, Chairman. G. B. WooLDRioaE, Secretary. 5TH WARD.? THE TICKET HEADED CREIGHTON and Dougherty, polled the following vote ? 280 votes. The ticket headed Baker and Robert II. Sanderson, pulled OH rotes; leaving a majority of 192 rotes for the Creightou ticket crrr. county. senatorial. John Creighton, John Patterson, Thomas O. Connor. Henry Dougherty, William L. ltau?ler, William Tui>per John Morri>ey. Daniel Itooney, F. T. Whlilni?. SamuelL. Itaugbten, George Hill James Tesse. John King, Ad. Sehtmysem. Charles CharMns, H. Oermer, James Creighton. JUDIIIAhY. Bowland Hill, ASSK?BI.Y. Daniel I). Ideton, Daniel Cunnlngliam, James i^iyden, W. H. Moclonnough. William Jfollcr, William Klrln, F. Wolthmaun. FRAKTE*. 9th corsi iL nw. 1>th <'ooncil pist Patrick MulHn., E. A. Ro.'g?, John Madden. Michael! 'usey, William Nesbitt, Jos. R. Oaadee, John Tralnor, John Brown. John Arey James Wright. With power to All vacancies < JOHN (1. AREY, ) HKNRY POUOHBBTT, / Insp?' JAMBS BARBER. S lOra COUWCtL PIST. Blake BalleY, T. Watson. .7r., Wm. H. Apoleyard, M u Murphy, F. I ; race 7THWARH.? AT AN BISECTION HKLD THIS D W. AT the Knickerbocker Ilmim- in accorilanco with call etna natlng from D? HWIhl ItepnWIoan ticneral Committee. ?i Tammanv Hall, the ioll?w. iri v ticket hnvinK rteelnd all tlio vote* cast, (JS3.I wm dulr elir'ed JfOICUKT. Wllaon Jam<? Murphy, Thoraiia A. fjlorer. crrr oorsrr. ?Mittnuu. , rtiorna* W. Adam*, William M. Tweed, Ja<?b F, Valentine, Wlllmia ihiyte, Henry t low, John Tipper, Jamn Brt/An, umM MrUtntf, John Conner, Kdwart <\tlre?o. laateh HTitdert, John Frailer Charted R.lloit. John Frazler. Willtam Dunn. ro* AIWrMIH.T rOKTMTlON. John MrKenile, Patrick Maher, John Klmmn< i, John IHrrow, Chaa. T. iMekin-on. Thomas l.ynm. Thorns* I, IJliyte. Cot: ti il. I4?h mttiikt. 1|th piirvtiff, IBm oi-mtrr. Wtlltt.n M- 1 wwd, John McKen/le Rdwarl t\ Or ecu, Jams F. Valentine, John l?. Karrlni(ton. William Ampek", WIlKatn l>unn, Fwfcn Hmk ev, To?? 1. K Icily. V 1 1 1 1,-1 m Dunn. IV, II Piitilay. Ji.hn Cndney, Richard K million*, J. F. Valentin e, Mli hael (iayte, Hamnel Urkvionl Timothy gwww CHtnr? Henry Stuck*, Richard Klmmo.i. Frederic* Finer. Oeor^e Vermllye*. W , Kim Jame? Hp. mi, Wm. H In r?, John riff Wm. Oavte, K C, Orwen, T. W. Aila ma, ,lrxe;,h Murkily, Francl* < .?J?lke ^. r tlKEKV. x TIIOM vr! LTMH, < !n?i?*tora. c It. KIXIOTT, ( QTH WARIV-AT'a PRIMARY KI.K'TION HKI.n O Oct. 1, 188ft. pursuant to the "a ! of the Oeneml ' 'ominlt use, at Tammany Hall at Bne?e ? Mead'piarten, No (Ifi Mercer i?tree?. thcimnoe.l ticket, headed fur Alderman. Allntrt W. "mlth, for Htreet tVimmUwieiier, i ha-. M. Rtnit, rc-"l?M iKT cotea, which bains the whole nnmr.er of roUa i-aat, waa de elared unantaioualy elected:? For A Iderm.in For ftrwet t 'otnmluioner rrrr. ci.vwrr. . John McKlbbln, Jr , Ixiniel K. lMeran. R. W. H. Honaall, John Wilton. ?.A P Wm. WaluwrlfM, K.l?ln Wai , wrlcht John Mc|j? itjhllri, John R. Lvdecker, Aaahel It Merrick, Hugh McNe lla. lame* McLaughlin, John McKlbbln, Jr. Jamea ?tin' lair jct'ii t a Br 11av.il A. Kowler, Albert W m th. f?. W. Cone. ?>?nn.T. John P Hon ? It. Cavanah, ... Albert W Smith. . . Cbarle? II Kin ir ivtTOrftai . John lAnn. John H l.vtli*> ker, Joel B. F ?? 1*. F. Cramer, Jarorn S. I?*vl* /oho Kerr. Kllmore t . Ilalaey, Jamci Arm?tron#, John K Wlielpley, <teom? Ueltao. Kdward Oaborn, ltennlmn B Wood, John R. Lydei ker, Tboinaa Kelly, dseaott. 17m pnrraiTT. < Wlea Jamea Klnrlaii . JanteaJ. Murray, F. Fereoaon John 1%*d Abraham WrMil. Jamea M Poyor, 'leorpe || (. mtrell, Wm. P. Ileuiaaii. l#tn nt-TiitCT. John H Biloall, Perry DIM. .lolin Mi hl(>Mn Daniel Hoirell, John C. Byrnea aorit i.KTkiiT. F ram la MoriifU'c Arnold flpeneer. Jamea Nelnon. Win. Wainwrmhl, A. H. Iler-tcfc Harney Caranoh, lent tnrtxirr lla*M A P.iwler, HoMi Heai a Wlillatn smfh. h'athnlel Weeka, Kllmnre C Ha lie y Jatnei Hannah Ovnle; ^mlth. JOHN MrK 1 11 111 N, J It > JOHN R LTDKfKK*. > tnapWUm. WM WAI.NWBIOUT, POLITIC AI* 9th ward.-at a primary election of the democratic republican elector* of (he Ninth ward, bold at No. 90 Perry street, pursuant to the call of the Oeneral < 'am mlttee of Tammany Hall, the following ticket waa unanimously elected.? Cirr. COUNTY. SENATORIAL. Joseph 1). I laid win, William Vallue, A. Van Antwerp, Tho*. Leavy, Levi Springstcln, George Blur, Eugene Mcbrath, Jacob Wlnamuller, Robert Undsey, John Donahue, John Richardson, A. J. Therhuno, William Spaldlnp. John Houghiallln. Edward Pollock. jtmouiT. W, D. Kennedy, Wm. R Taylor, IgnaUui Flyrc. ASSEMBLY Steven Messerau, J. Howard I laker, A. II. Wagner, George W. Rome. l ev! Onderdonk, John W. llanta. Wm. (Juaoklnbush, 21ST DISTRICT. John U SpalTord, James Boyle, Tliomaa Rogers, Thomas MbIkt, Ueo. W. Smith. John Mills. Join I-aweis, Solomon Bnnta, John II. FroMgh, COt' NCI 1.. 2Zd district. H. P. Demareal, Olltiert J. Bogart, Timothy Donohoe, John J. Christy, O. W. Broekner. 24tii mstkict. Charles Rouke, CHARTER. Wm. Klchardson, James (iraham. Jar oli A. (,'onnover, W. J. Brlsley, BenJ. Blackledge, James Thurner, Charles Murphy, Matliew Fuller 23o numicr Charles Ompp, John II. Arkeraon, David Rarniey, John llanta, Benj. F. Harrison. John I leraud. Miner lleden J. A. I.. Therhune, Thomas Kyle, Cornel's Johnston, I 'has. Weslervelt, Oeorge Haddock.. WILLIAM sl'ALI>lN(J, ) ?yQRNE McdR VTH, J Inspectors, JOHN DONOHOE, i UT1I WARD.? THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THK FOL lowlng ticket was elected. In accordance u> the call from Tammany Hall. Election held at tho corner of avenue C ami Fourth street. In the Eleventh ward :? COCNTY. John Pettlt, Oeorge White, Cfbra Simons, David Hoiw, lllram Knvle, Alexander Pay, James R. Steer JUDICIAL. Everet H. Klmbark, Oeorge White, AWMILY John Phillips, Hugh Crumble. CITY. SENATORIAL. Jackson Vermllyea, Wm. ('umtnliigs, John Mason, O. Vanvelsor, Simeon Decker, Wm. P. Breouon. Wm. noog, Wm. Landers, Stii mfTBirr. Peter Tracy. Petri McKnlght, Thomas Koark. Thomas llarland, James Tracy. Cebra Simons, T. I) White, James Mason, Jameia<tcclaud, Naftutnlel Read, Jrihii Phillips, Richard Valentine, John 1>. Murdock, John Read, John D. Murdock, COUNCIL. 29tii DISTRICT. Peter Peltlt, Alexander Day, Eseck Rlno, Win. Landers, John Pick lord, Jr. 31ht district. Charles Leviuess, .12d DISTRICT. David Curr, Henry Whitehead. John O'Neil, Washington Engie. aOTII DISTRICT. Thomas Abbot, Peter Bowers. John E White, John Blander, John O'Nell. John Ray, Henry Whollman. Daniel Donlvan, James Smith. charter. Tunis D. White, Wm. Cummings, Wm. D. Hicks. Charles J. Dodge, J. P. Brinike.rlvoir. JACKSON VERMII.YKA ALEX. DAY, WM. HOOO, Jackson Vermllyea, Samuel Walker, Joseph W angler, James Blasdell, Hiram En^le. Inspectors. "1 1 QTH WARD ? MANHATTANVILLR, OCT. 2D.? THK J undersigned Inspectors of Election lor the Twelfth ward, do hereby certify, that the ticket headed, for Alderman, David S. Jackson, having received the largest number of votes, is duly elected. JOHN HART, ROBERT MOROAN, JOHN DELA.NEY. 1 QTH WARD.? AT A PRIMARY ELECTION, HELD ON _I 0 the corner of Orand and Clinton streets, October 2. 11*65, the following ticket was duly elected:? PITY. COUNTY. SENATORIAL. Thomas H. Ferris, Kdw. 0. MeConnell, Henry l.ewls, William F. Weeks, Francis B. O'h'eefe, Edward W Jacobs, Oeorge J. Brown, Jamea J. Reiily, Jacob Bennett, Dr. E. E. Worden, Bernard Oormley, John H. Hyde. Alfred Palmer. J unlet a ii Y. Samuel D. Walters, Peter Mitchell, AS.NLMS* RI.Y. John Dempscy, Thomas Baker, William Duulap, Peter Dyer. l'hllllp Merkle. John MeConnell. Charles K. Smith. Norris Crane. Thomas Johnson, Riclutrd Qui y, T c wis WltliinetoBi enh II iler, -- Wells. In 11 H. reeks, ii k Highland, .'!t> ISTIllCT. Richard Hanfleld, Michael Smith, Thomas Johnson, Mb line! Hunan, Joshua Weeks. CHARTER. Tie it. i I'unleevy Steuben B . ooker, F. MeOartin I human Untliicy, Frederick Morgan, lUMUU, 34th district. Bernard Oormley, Francis Nugent, Isaac M. Avercll, .lames Murray, M. I#elcliter. THOMAS II. FERRIS Dr. E. K. WORDEN WILLIAM F William Huaan, James H. Irvin. Daniel P. Sammls, Henry Wallers, Frederick Jerman. .IAtii disthiit. John Carpenter, John Rauartv, Alexander Hodge, John McDermott, T homas Che vers. Inspectors. FERRIS, J IRDEN. S WEEKS, ) 1 ATH WARD.? AT A PRIMARY BLRCTION OP THE It democracy of tfae Fourteenth ward, held on Tuesday, lietubcr 2, D86, nl the corner of Grand and Kli/abetb streets, pursuant 10 a call of the regular Democratic (JenerAl Com mlttee. The following person* were unanimously elocUsd to ?erve on the aeveral nominating committees, vli:? ihujmty. J/J... Ii. II., Matthew Toumey, John McDonald, Henry P Went, James W. Hmlth. Thomas Hoece, Charle? Tatrgart, P. Cunningham, John Frlel, Michael Corcoran, Jos. shannon. Jr., John (in I lager, Peter McDcimott, Mi> Itael Goodwin, ?Michael McCr?de. CITT. (Otmtiiin, Jr., James Haves, John llalloran, Michael Murpliy, John Joilea, Jr. JCnTCIART. Henry Manrou, AMEJIH.T. Phillip lacker, CHAHTKB. Francla Curlejr, James Mcfllll, Joseph Murphy, Owen Gullauhcr, nirh It Klcroan,, Andrew ("unary. Kdward Blev Dr. Henry B.HIevIn, Hugh C. Flood, John Karl. v. James O'Netl, ?V.TH DtumtcT. Francla Gllmore, John LaughJIn, I *ii t r li k l,.Mich, Michael Hurtle, John Doran, council. SjTH DMTBICT. James Waldroti, John Alien, Jan. H. Perklne. Dentils Dnane, arira antrot. Dr. Robert A Hands, George D. Sharp. Peter Dawson. A lonio Hoes#, William Unites . Andrew II. Oreen. Tbo*. H. Gerald y, John Cully. Michael Hlgglns. Kdward Crammer, Charles A'l?eary, John Johnson. Francis Mct.'ran, P. Cunningham, Sr., Wm. Flupatrlck, Jamea Hcaittt' T, Isaac Jonea, John Goodwin. Thomas O'Connor, Jamea Hem l, Jimeph llaggerty, I?avtd Fcnion, John Kooney, Peter Cruger, Wth w strict. Thomas Hmlth, John Kelly, John Fowler, James Doran, John Woods, Wllll/un streii??, . Dan McManmu, Sr. MICHaVD MT'RPHY, > JAMKS IIAYH, I iiapector*. MlCUAKLt McORADK, > IftTII WARD.? AT A PRIMARY FXKCTION, HELD, IU mirvuant to the call ol the General CnmmU'e ? at Tsm man* Hall, at 124 Heventh avenue, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 2, D'fe the following ticket polled tJBH votea, and the opposition ticket 407 votes ? (ITT. COl'STT. SENATORIAL. Edward Riley, Amoe I*ecds. Samuel Oaitood, Patrick Ijrncn. Jainea8weeny, John lloey, Archibald Noble, Robert Grant, Alexander Ming, James Gregory, Allan M. HnllTcn, Thomas Judge. Rdward L. Donnelly. Mark R Thomas. Jamea Murraj, jcniciAi.. Jamea Caaaldy, Charles P. Johnston, William C. BetU AMKMaLT ?tared Glicon. Patrick CulT, Peter Dolan. Andrew l^'ary, Iternard Donnellv. 4M II ootwcll nifT. 4ITII OODKl'll IllST. 4Jp roUMi t L Ot?T. Peter Carrol, John Dolan, Henry Mtllerinott. William C. <aman. Itichard Dougherty. Michael McManns. Peter O'Jilel, Pat* r Halpin, Thomas I,e My. Michael llalpin, Henry L Holier, Jeremiah K. C* rv. Ilenry Proudey. .lames (leghan. Ilenrv JJrooney. roHTt ar/oan cotrxrtt DMIMI. Daniel Ceary, Arthur Mooty, William K. Conner, CHARTER. Joseph C Brodhead. flenry Donohoe, Kdward Klley, John Red fly, Mark R Thoinaa, Daniel II McOoole Patrick I.vncb, Ramuel < t'good John lloey Kdward D' tmc ly MARK k TIIOMA* j JAMKS GKKOGRY l'A i RICK LYNCH, ) Put* RlJay, John I'lirtlrn. Cb*rlM K. R%14wlo, Andrrw Laarr, Archibald Nob If Patrick (#*IU?b^r Patrick MrDemott. Inupwion, "J71H WARD.? TIIE SOLID D*MOCRA<'Y Of THIH J I ward aj>?fiDbN a* ih#? botiM of Jnrnt >* ford, n/iu?*rof Rivinftoii itrMi and Bow?*ry. Uwt mnlnii, u> voii? milfoil hnir fimcT. th#re tMNAff ,lr, ninimifow OikM < !a?h!n? wllh Tammany liaii. It t)f?d)t?iiM to -av that tu** Tamio my Hall tk kei wan carried hjr a large majority. Wf give a h*l of the aucceaaful caudl<lai??i:? CITT rou.t TT. BrH ATOttt *L. ?John t'orhran* John V andiroopt, Smith K y, Htepbefi Wtlton, Patrick Dea, Om. H^irfman, W lit an Oiulfer, Wn. A. Wluth*-# k, Onrer II. Bm?, M *Jarlil Br?nnaii, John *>irhrnrM'. Tboiuax W1&M0. Jl'MCM 1.. Jamea L. Benedk't, Abro. K. Pattiaon, Lawrattea T-rnure, 40HVM.T. John CoffTfl, Jr Jim*" Chrlatofiber jfugatit, Patrick Karrt<a:$, M?mi> Kelly, Fobt. J. Jblof ri'Tre, KUwanl Photan. Grort;? I?rta|L Hirhajd Ml? had Smltli. Oo. F Jerrmlah, Ubh Vormllyea. ll?f o. Prorn? nt. Jacob BU<e!l, (iforgf II. Ko?n, 467 M mHTBI<7. Ji'htk Vaij'!??Toort, Ifcnry Hhtridf, Myfr iiforgf ta ring John Kavtn^Ka. R^?b*r, ft Itoyd, then. Proqiaat, flrmi Mmik-T J MeLeod Mtsrphy, PatrklDw, John Monk*, CR AVtTCB. Arthur Wotpi*, Tnaa^, Ckttrin llniwn, Petar l#(its. Daniel (lain, Jacob ll**i?lt NUtu la* iHivrraui, Joan .1 ln??Hl Wiilmin May, t'OtraiTL. 47th btwrmct. Abm K Pattimm, alohn X TL**ytwldM, Jarf?)> HfK kt-r, Krr.MO Iturn^t, Anton Wln.'klaf 49th pipruuy. Lake t"#?hin, WUliarn M luti. i#TH MVTftlcr. A<|aio To) 1 Jn??>|>h K??i!llr, DirM KHiwr, P rf*r Mitg, IftWTftkC# Ot>aaloa If a' haw rvOxtor. Thorn a* K?#*r aao. John fWm md, Manna Kelly, wrr.u % w roti.TKR, / A HTIit'M wriMJt W, / MAWITK KBIJ.T, S fnap^ IOTU WARD.? I OTDM AMD COMPROMISK? AT A 1 ' primary elects held at Cnlon Motel, Third ace . tie cr rner r xentv eerond street, pursnatil In the '-all ol (he lam Mr Hall tieneral ( omni'tee, on I n ?u, erenlng, Oetotrar 2, Itfi?, the following ticket waa '.c iared elected norxrr John Van Pelt, A . J Vnlhewn, John Mori hy. Wm J tic ?oiti, /ohn J Itr .dley jotm 1 v?it Anx ? F Hatfield, a - 1 ?at.T. James hrady 1 ITT. Maurice Daly, Jsrne? Irwin, {'liger P Hebtttrt John NeahU, Daniel Olileapl*. Robert Kelly. John Clark, Thomas H- wcom roue! jcrnr*, wxrii juikcial ar?reyT Ananias Mathewa, Andrew Killeen. John K erpao And'w J. lid, hard, ruiHTr.K. J ho Mott, Hugh Kelly John (ialvln. Timothy MctJratJI, .lames l>o?iiielly, Jf hteplwn H ilars, J U Kteflen, Fred k Hherlff, Michael Flnnegao, Anauiaa Mather, X J. ft Cttnwih Sfrin nr ?TKicr. Tncis Irwtn, Maurice Dalv j Wa bew. J(An Faghn, j Hegan w . rj* "wtr.t lists irt Jamea Met orm ck, Forl.ea K.olland P Harlne. Jobafs.r. ( has owena. O H. IIKHBFKD. > J( UN NF.-I IT > Ia?f I A. J. MATIfrWH, > wraAroatAt. John It Mo*"?. Ilcnr>' Matlo*w?i John Riley, John t 'arr, Patri.-a MnitAna. Wm Win#"*. Tho- KriiJMv Wm Klimtt. John Murphy. Ilarrta WHi^a H*r. Mteha*! f^Minan John RU^y, >a rt POLITICAL. 1QTH WAKO-AT A I'RIMAbY KI.KCTIO If HID ON 1 '7 Tuesday. Ilic M day of October between the boors ol hair past 5 and half |>ani fi o'clock I' M at the hallri)ad Ho'i.c, Fourth avenue. between Korty-lrst and forty ?ecoud ?? *'*, pursuant lo call ol the Democra ie Republican O-mei al l > n mince, a> Tammany Hal , for the clwton ol delegates to J>e ?MM nominating conventions. Ac, ordlog to the order <r t ? above named general committee. the following name) per?o:>? received a majority of all the vote* rant :? JUmciAL. Anson Ilerrlek, Isaac Edwards, D. H McCullou<{h. TOBJITT. CVTY. hKN 4TOIII AL. Stephen M. Drew, Win. Dunham, Chris opher K lui-l?y, V. Ill, sin Roche, George Weir, ,1ohn Fitch, Edward H . Parsels, Roger Dolan, Terrene* Farley, Hiram Chandler, James Reel, James 11 .-Uai r, Mlcliai l O Brlen. Edward Dennis. Ore pry Conner A-.HfMSI.r. Henry Van Holland, Dennis O'Brien, Patrick Scully, Dsvtd Crockett . Mlrhael Kavannah. CHAKTEIt. Thom?a Halpln, George Unison, John Hyan. John Callahan, John Korhe, James licnnls. Dunns BrIU, Jnm< * Donner, Oeorge 1. Ren, tlx, John llurke, James McGeary, David Wood, John <laul, Thouias McCarthy, Oeorgn Myers. OEOKOE WKlR.l ROGER I M) I. A N, / Inspectors. JAMES RBED V "1 (IT 11 W Altl) NOB1.Y REDEEMED.? HKRRICK A CD I?' routed bv the Indignant democracy of ihe ward, and ihn following ticket elected by a large majority: CITY. J. I.. Brown, John Eagan, Dennis Mrt'arlhy, Wm MeManua. Wm. Clear. Thomas Pearson, Thoe. J. Hagan. Kraucia Rupert, Jamea Sexton, Jamea Haley, COC.NTV. HRNATOUIAL. JohnR. Cunningham. Jamea Gallagher, Dennla Brady, Owen J. Kelly, John Falvey, John Dargan. junta a nr Michael h'alvey, AWmilLT. Charles Murray, CHARTCH. Daniel McCarthy, Thoa. Creminous. It. Mct'ftha, John Qulnn, Dunlel Gallagher, John t allaban. Jeremiah Twomey. G.F.C Dolirenwend, Wm. McDlvltt. Jame-* M'Vesple, Bernard McGowan, Terar.ce Farley, John MeCoy, JaineK McMi nomy, Jolm (iarvey, Jamea Crowley, Thos. t'abll, Daniel Sullivan, Timothy Cannally, illeliard Flvnu. OATH WARD? WK, THE UNDERSIGNED, INSPECT ?\ f on of Ihe Primary Klectl in held pursuant to the e..?ll of the Democratic Republican General Commltlee of Tauunany Ilall, at the northwest corner of Thlrtv fourth street and Nlntti avenue, on Tuesday evening, October 1! Irtikft, between the hours ol half paat tive and half past six o'clock, do hereby cer ttfy that the following ticket was unanimously elected:? CtTT. CODKTV ?** ATolllAl.. Wm Murrav, 8'ephenl) Gardiner, Peter O'Reilly, Wm McConkey, John Brlce, Thomaa Pendegeat, Axel Freeman, K iceman Campbell, Knoe McMulleu. .Iraipli Miller, Jan Mooney. KrinkMirtln, Wm. J. Peck Ciemenu Helney. Thos. MeConkey. JUDICIARY. N. J. Watarbury, Solomon B. Noble, Jamea M. Po?t. ASSEMBLY. Ja?. Bef lan, Andrew Coakly, Jaa. (Irani, Frederick MU'eman, Daniel D. Kenedy. CIIAHTKR. Jaa. Aspell, Daniel MrKlhlnny, Patrick Dtmnad. Wm. Simpson, Bartholomew Doyle, Thoa. W Olmsied, Jaa. S Kenny, Cliaa. Darragh, Christian Fenruk John Coj'le, Mlrhael .lee, Oeorge D. BoUekcr, T hoinas Klernan, Aaron H. Hotehklia, Wm. Mooney. COVKCtV. 5.1 n district. John M. 1 hompMin, John Kldrott, John DUnontl, Win. Berryraan, John Howe. 6Ut nisrsicr. 62o oiaTHicr. Jus Wallace, Jr., Paul McGinn, Robert 0 .N'rllla, t'aaper Myers, Robert MeKeott, Alex Spalding. Tho?. firay, John O'Garra, Jas. Keating. Artliur Donalaon, Wllh power lo fill vacancies and add to their numbers WM. hIMPSON. f J A MF.N s K K.\ N'KV, / Inspectors. THOS. McCONKKY, ^ OlST W AR1).? OPPOSED TO KN'tW NOTUINOISM ? I anil the Maine law.? At a primary election held pur m ant in the call ot the General Committee at Tammany Hull, at McCoy and llebbard'a, corner of Fourth avenue and Thirty ?eeond atreet, on Tuesday evening, OCober 2. the following ticket was elected by a majority of 3.13.? conimv. erMATOiiiAi.. Douglas Tavlor. Ambrose I,. I'lnney, Henry W. Ryer, (ieorge Iteunlsion, Itenj. 11 lluigbt, ' "" "" Horatio P. Ciirr, Barney Devlin. JUDICIAL. Edward 11. Eellowa, f'has. II. Iluwell, ASKKMRLV. John C. Devereux, Thaddeus Wilson, John 11. Myers. MTII OOVMCtt titSTRICT. Geo. Detinlaton, David Banks, Jr., Ilfcury W. Ryer. 85TH COCKCIt. MSTHICT. E. F. Rogers, A. L. Plnnev, E. B. Fellows, CHAKTKK COKVtKTIO!!. Jamc. W, Roosevelt, Michael I^coiir, Jas. Huston, J aloes Mia^re, Daniel W. Clark, T. II. K linker, John Kinsley, fellxHart. John Kelly, Ihfia. McCoy, P. McAleer, cisTmiT JCntriAL coirvtwrtoii. Hugh Fox, Joseph Wallace, Oeorge A. Hunt, Nlcuolaa Flaher, Hugh Qulgley. THOS. McCOY, > Andre Fremont, Tloma* McCoy, John Kinsley. Coll N. Campbell, Kobcvt Foster. John H. .Myers. C. N. Cumjibeli, fie o. W. OnlTlt, Hugh Fox, Jnee>>h D. Stewart, Win. II. Klrbv, Peter CouUuit. Oeorge W. GalDt. David R.Oarl-h, James Devlin. Douglas Taylor, J. Mahouey, A. Eroment, James Llozan. uiin. a. it aiiih r, / Iiisiiectori. BOBKBT FOSTER. J OQfh COUNCIL DISTRICT. ? AT A MEETING OF die delegates elected under the call of the i?emnerail: Oetierai Commlltee of Inmtnany Hall. William Taylor, Es<|. w us unaiilmousl v elected as the randl'lale U) be supported a the general election to be held November 0, IS55, lo rel'reaen this Council distrkt. Tlioma* Roork, Peier Tracy, Peter McKnuht, Jan.es Tracy, Thomas llarUn. A CARD FROM DR. 0' HON K VIA,. ? I N ACCORD A NCR with the w label of many democratic friend*, I attnounoe myself a candidate for the offlce ol Coroner, at tin- romlng fit ciion, and 1 reapectfuliy appeal to the e!e? tin - of Oil* noun 'J for their tuDVurt, nooMenllj hoping. hat my tiiutUOrattnng and my unwearied attention to my public dutlai will And fa Tor for me, and that a dlecrrning community will belndtfnd to mimnin Die at ibi* time. When I w m nominated at Tamma ny Hall three year* ago. there ?k< concert at nation In be democratic tank*. and 1 htir not In auy way been a partv "i IbonA unfortunate fiffertOCM which have brok'' d out huich Ihrri, relying faithfully on the ultimate nuree* of thoae trim 'lem.i cratlc principle* which 1 have rhrriahed and defended fur tbe la- thirty yearn. WILLIAM (PPOWKELL, M I). IMH7RTRKNTH WARD DEMOCRATIC KXCKLHIOR *Cluh.? 1 be n.eoibera afthl* club will meet at the "Crya tal," (iratnl street, on Monday evening, OcUiberK, at H o'clock, for tlic purpote ot makiug their m>mlnaU?na. to lie placed be fore the el< > tor* of in* above ward at tint on mini election. By order. HKYNRDY KMITII I'roaldent. A?TOt<T CAgaoS, I ? ^ Joseph Kama, J ceere ariea. GRANft WHIG MAWi MEET1N0? A MAHH MEETING ol the wlilga of the city, oppoaed to fuaion. will be held at Cot ?Tn'u ti llall, fiNI llroaoway. on Thursday evening. < tel. 4, at 7 o'clock. Eminent ipeaker* will be In attendance u> uddri aa the [timing. Ily order of Hi. N WARD, Chairman. JAM E.* HKoOKH, / v.?_ , A. K IIADLEY, J VU* halrmeo. Geo. (}. Bhaows, i Edward Har di.io, < retariea. The young me.vn democratic association oe the 1 wenty aecond ward, will hold t regular meeting on Wednesday erentac, October S, a! H o'clock, at the hou?" of Jamea Defanr, Korty alxth mreet, between Tenth and Elevunlh uvrnnen No S?. /lv order of JAMES BROWN, I'rcn JoHn D. Diiaon, Trea?. Routs Mi Iikriiot, See. TIM' ASSEMBLY DI.-TRIC r-TWELETII. VINE tea-nth and Twenty neeond ward*,? An adjourned meeting t'l the Naliotial Democratic RepubUcao Nominating Committer, for tlii* diatrli t, will be held at the corner of llroadway and for ty ninth atreet. on rt'inlneaday evening, October .V. at 7 S ork P, M. DeleKate* are re?iue?b'<l to ba |>unctual In tbetr atteodaoee. WM A. TUKNI ItE. t.lialrmati pro utm. NWIWI II Rr?s Seereury pto ?<?111. VTll'Nti MEN U DEMOt RATH' RKI'UHI.IOAN GKNF I ral Conimi'lee ?A ?prC'.al rn> ? tlag of ttii? committee wl )>e held at 'iKtiiiiuiny llall. on Wedneaoay evenlni I. 'he M .lay (irtolier, at I H o'rluek. General and punctual aiu-tulm ? la tiar'li tilarly n<|tieatcd. aa liualiir-a nt ittiportunre will be brought before the committee lfv order of II. I? ( ARR, Cbairmon Hahtxi. r. If a i ?MToa, >a P. ?? HCO mm, J Hecrftarlea. REfMTTIs. LVMIMRK < fry REGATTA t'LI'B? OR AND RED VTTA Vj Wei(n'-.!ay, <irot/ei i;th at th? Kol llouae I'lea in Ground*? Three Rne? ? K|ileti<ikd I'rtxee? All th World iu>' ted? Elfteeri Bo.i - building for Itie <<-raaloO? Gltjer citte* to I-.- re) re* t4-? ?!-? '? '"I t er.'.ii. eipoe? ?!. Eik?t Kick? hurt Ro?t*. I'OIr Men anit foU' <?ar?. Eint PHxe, purw> II "*1! I bird Tr. t* (ID *-ccondTrt**, ptirae 4u ! Ktt'rvncefef $|i| A -Ilk flag valued a fB. 'o go w ith tb? flr^ piU?. n Rttt-Ror< Two Ptt** t-i tiw. tlevenleen feet atii'ioto work boat*. Eir-' Pr(;e, pur*?' t* ' ' ? I 1'r /e 93 hecond I'r ye, p'irae. . Ill j KtrnMM te- f' 1 iiiki- R?rk? < ntartoi v ?>>? l">n iru.'. Nlne crn fee* Whitehall working boat Elmt I'nre Hold Me<l?l. ami purw tl'H Second I'r.ite, pur??.. t Eourtb prlt* kl Third I'rtre. puree Ji 1 " EniraiK-e fe< (In A CbempHin'* hi ver Vlrli*l, valuwl ?? (.>' will go Mb -be Br?l | rt 'e If won by a n emler of ih' i lull. All bran, wtieher III *he ell* or from a dManrc. mn*' t >o entered, u^e ber * lib ilieli nam' - n- n.fiie. o; o aid Ue maker* and d>. eo'ranre fee pa d. on or befor- be loth 'if ((ember, at W Warner'n, Ma -kei Nwlel, . IJ Catharine *ltp. ^PORTIN??? PI RMK (Km ? THE REGATTA tH AT ? tl - have taken piac ' a tb K'"l 11 I"e * on M -*i I. let waa j <*?i(j*itied on account of th^ wea'lier TV a ve regatta wttl nnii oil on Wcdneaoay, i?ei .'fcl at I o >!?** i'. ? i'p* n I'-r all b'lata 3Afr* and under ?>*nal tiine allow d- l?*l to the winning bi?t . (.'*1 to the aeeeejd ('Ji to th rlur I En trance fee (A. WIBHON A TL'RNIElt THK Llttl UK HIRSTIOS. A hTAlE IHNVI SlTti.V <?K Llyl OR 0RAIJ(IU -THR t\. liquor d> ?!er? 'if 'He - ?'e, In S'ulit.g unp?rte, ? I... e k'-epera. hrew era d, tiller*. *a ?*?'! keeper* /Mi ben. tr '? "? Inuina makei* ? !? and . -rein, are re laaetml \rj ?end three r il ? h A*eemt.ly Dl?rte' ??' d Sew Y H and I '??? -ach warn, ae 'leie ,ta'. *. a linuoi uealei a' held at M?rara?e on Um DM day of OCober lie .r the (mrpoa?<< adopting *nob in.-.. ?.-a cofieleo nt with the | a'lorm adop'ed ai Uw liqU'T ?ke?<a'?' K'aie (< nvetiUon. held at Hyracuae on II* *b iimy of Anguet ,a?t, ae will feat ?"tire the maln'atnan'e of the (nalleraable i>?r? ,al rlrbt* of the pe?,tile and the rr>ne?liiiu<inal and inat > v?t ?* h? t'jnor dea era of tli* 4ta'e, ai d defeat U*e ein. (Jon o' ul rat A date* who ?re no1 emphaik?ily ami unequivocal:/ rpfw .1 u. any prohibitory It'iuor law. or are )n favor u I the eructrnent %t any eoc. cit e or nppr ea?: e Ifjuor Uw wha'ever ly ur-V i at ?he I .ioiif 't llealera' Mtal* I 'itnm tlee I'. EH I M II of New Tork. ^bairouia. O II. H< ',tb of tmicliea* ' -etary. AOHOt':E RRLRfTIOR Of HKAN III BH. Wl s Em ja *tB'< a r-im, Heoteh and Ir.ib wMafceya Uouand gla Aetna W ae% <apt? *c , black) erry ',>raf>dv, w'?M braatfy. im pre ?rr?ng. fco h a e* l/wkn n?l UtiVir. ?jrUr aegara hr ?>r aa * at CNDRklUU. ? MATTKRHA;5 ?. *m ?r -aae at . ot ter 4 < r'mhf. rwt A*rr*. KNGRI VlNG.? WSnMR# CARDS. TIKITIMO. * a' ! rime at> , t ea. ,?gr?,*.| and prtaie-l ii th* ino*t !a?l v* ? ,, atyie aiw. a >ho<r> aa*>rmt of w*4tuig enve'opea, ..[^(Uver p aie-i drir an ( number ptaiea. ?aaH, tr. Or1* ,., mal' i ine'iia iv a'i?nde#i R I fCIO'TT Eaxr* rr. Ro. < Jota rraet. FOSTCBIFT. THURSDAY? THREE O'CLOCK, A. M. ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIf. ONE WEEK LATEB FBDH E1JB0PE. Gen. Simpson's Account of the Capture of Sebastopol. NO MEW MOVEMENT IN TUB CRIMEA. RUSSIA STANDS FIRM. The Emperor Alexander Going to the Seat of War. BKPIL8E OF THE RISHlAJS AT KIRS. DECLINE IN COTTON ? BREADSTUFFS DULL, Ac., Ac., Ac. fcU\i>T H'?ok, Oct. 3?1 A. M. llie I'ni'ed Mates mail Htearoiliip Pacific made her ap pearance otT this point at about 12 o'clock last night, bringing one week 'a later intelligence from Kurope. HiO 1 aclflc sailed from Uverpool at 6 P. M. on iteptem ! ber 22. (in the '.'8th in !at. 18 40, long. 46 50, paased bilg Minerva, bound West, Ou September ;iOth, at 3:30 I*. M., near Capo liace, passed a Canard it earner, bound Rant. Hie Pacific arrive! out at Uverpool on the afternoon of 'he 101b of September, af'cr a pannage of nine days am) twenty three hour*. The Hermann arrirod at South ampton on the 2 2d. t; I (??patches from General Simpson, from the Heat of ?T?d been reeeivi'd by the guvernment'^rfJCnjU^P i.' C'lbing 'he assault ami capture of the Mul.ikoff. Ho """ flTAl 12 o'clock on the morning of the 8th of September, the Krencli columi.s under General* Bosquet, McMalion and 1'e I a Motterouge enteied and carried the Mal ik'. IT wi'h tie mont impetuous valor. The Hiitiah column stormed the Redan, but after a bloody combat could not hold It. A second assault could not be organized until the following morning, when the redan was found to be evacuated. The loss of lift has been fearful, particularly amongst officer*. ( eic ral Pelissier's despatches had not arrived. li e letrea' of tl.e Russians to Perekop was con trad let ed. It wan expected tl ey would bo unable to hold the north of Hebastopol, for want of provision*. Kotl. ug <"ecl?Ue was known in regard to the next move < f tl e Allien. F< ur tl ouaai.d cannon, fifty thousand ball* and im mense store* of gunpowder were taken possession of by the Allies at tltampA There was more talk ai.out Austrian negotiation*. The latest was that Austria was willing to undertake the work ?>r mediation at Vienna, and France at Paris. It was reputed that Russia had undertaken the task of mediation between Denmark and the I'nited State* on the Sound duea question. At Paris there was considerable excitement in regard to the high price# of bread. The Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations would Continue open until the the 2Mb of \oveml>er. lhe En i preen was programing fa vorably. The inauguration of Don Pedro, King of Portugal, was ci lebrated on the 10th with great enth u-lasij. Hie Ctar Alexander In an address to his army, say 1 rely confidently up< n your courage to repel all fut ire attack". And In a letter to the Kln? of Prussia state* that be will accept no conditions of pe?/-.> deroga'ory to Russia. The Ciar, in Company with the three Grand Ihikes, b*< signified his intention of pr< celling to the Crimea. The Turk? still hold Kars, having repuWi the Rutluu of the 7th of August, with cm?i Wable loss, the Russians retiring to Erterotun. No later nc? -i fr< m the Baltic has been rsceive 1. Hie Km| eror of Austria had congratulated Queen Vie ?orla and l/iuls Napoleon on the victory of the allies. lhe King or Naples had fent apologies to Kngland anil France for recent Insult ?. Varxii i's revolutionary man festo to the Neapolitan* had t>een published. Money in good demand. In American stocks little wan doing, and price* were nominal. Cotton dull. Pricns bad given way >,d. a VI. Kalr Orleans quoted at ?\d., fair Mobile, 6H4.; fa?r I'pland* flKd.; middlings, 6 P. lfd. ; ordinary to go-,d ordinary. 6taC a t',1. Hi e,k In port 647.000 bales, of wlo?b 340, 1 00 t?*'<" were American. Wheat active. New American red, lis. it. all-. , white. Us. Hour. 41V. a 41 ^ ra by thr Fr elite ? ixi r I>r H?ard, l?l> Kifv K <i Prune >tij > A > ??/.>* r I f lw?. .M .-artnn ard ?*, Mr K Pr?U, A l.i .1 H. v II A Mi(.p?r lady, rhild and nurix- Mr? ltii|>i*r.l Mix I h'i Mir/a llraill*!. Mi'? K Jtradl'h. Mr J II Hw.hui and lady, M 4 Iniraiid. Mi?? llau k?'i H II llarnlll lady and 'iii lr<- p J i?r mir. Jr lady. dau?hf*r an I a?rv.?n' M?a?r? .1 i' f-x*t ? W li |iUK?ti lady, AIM and "?r?an', K Mat'hvir* laly an 1 < . 1 1, .1 Hnaaral' lady and ?r\ an- HI<iii|l'l'M*?l ' I ? 1 I. J M' Lt-trh una daiMil."" < II l^-rc ? . K MdllfU. M MorVufr N M' Kim . It Arnold an t ivl * \ It anku** J M?l , "HM' H ih.AfM ivttrwi *l? n II t Ml' I H Onnl. M !>? Wl'!i'?> and lady, Mr Wi*l..- 1 Mr* littMidtr twl iliniliicr, t ? "-r III. I>t <J K I 'Hi ?. Mr l.in <l?n lady. ilaii^krr ?..n, It. ? W Wlk?? .1 Wi It hfU>lf Hi- n It vt.lnaon. M lt'*l<i?n* I' I* Jukim, I 1 wall*. M Cliu, M iuimi, M ''aird I Itarla J li? y ? \\ w k<T>t<?ni and lady. M ? ? Jannir, l? ' ' r- ??- J An i"< '? l>ar?al> and >**?. H * Jjn k?in Mr H. bnrind A II Mi*?ra Mr? llodMhureb. ebild aait mira*. K l-a.t/h, inifMHtm a-.d VM.I, J W Sf.-lv ?n<l lady. W I .iM.i.j/twrti a/id nlr WW t at.d ladf. Mr Matt, 'ndy ant rbtld. J I. Klk-r It, I II < ?? V l.<j>a?. K Tnpiwif, I f'lritr *'wl ??'?* I U1/..1 I A T K r 1 # nrh*. Mr* Pf I, lira ? ? W 1 1 Ml.? Mull . Mm Mr Ml Man W M M iL'tar'U Hr KaM'mai ? ' I . 'A Marnha M??ri l'o?!?rl* I-oic ujr HI,' l?an ?' I Ij* ? .'r (tftlnn llwrt, Mr M> Mulan and a4? , it., r' < . MriMkt J f 1 ?? lUralt), IVrkliio, |Vnr"?ih |(r?i?n< ?n ''1. A <" ? 1 h.rk ai.il a<1?. <1 A?'lr'?> i'iat*rnti flro' ? *1 u> '-'t-j E# mljir l' ri , 11. r- ft Onrfcaai T It H>l ? ?.i ?M?n W * llarl>t<k. K Q R>*rrta. (IhmOu , I . > W .rr? ft A < al'lwnl. P t'a?*rti m. I' U ? ?i ? ? I ' ? l.lnm Mr ItawcKi and l?<1> Mr l?aw?m. Mr# In' rt *fr it> I u. ?i, M Ciai. i ixiJi i-f, M|? l*?pa Mid -ta"r I >1 1? | II Mitwm. M Ki-nnnlt J II J Jii'iah. H II r.,:, i<t ? 1 .?., ? IU ? fAWT 1? i>Ti/?* ?. M. II ? I'ao fls I? ?t*'J lyitiK ** tha h(h? ahi)> wvitr.f ' t a pflni, aa<4 ?itl nol p < t>*bl; up V? nitb' City I?tflli??>??. Vjvai A?<n?.T*t w k to '"'' ? Yw- fttj h'%rmiiOtt ?h?ut i a'clix-li, Uj?W> I a?''t> a fi>?t'h/ J, . Ma**.. ?aa a!>?<?t Icxiaatly kUWd l>y (ai ltg 1hr- i.(h \h- hatrlia ay <?! Ui? l?a i ar ?'.?if of TV.m ?? ?at?'ia*l'. "f *>o OanaaM j VM ,m h?r? rrlatlTD tn tb? p?ircba?mi( <4 *"M* *' >1' and V ll? akUiay tk? ?ti?? ij Kmh *ai? .n % 1 '? a' '?(dti.'ally ?)Im? I ki? l?<>???if ar. I WI tbn.i ^ jj, w?f, ht?k't>4[ bla D?t k anil fra'turli* ifei hMk 1 hn ?lull Id ?.? tal* A ??!?*ra).l. le d??i*w ' t ?|M wat In th* frivrwia "J d???a?*'l hilnnnii* lb' a of 'h? tali f?rt? An ?n?toa?t wlH b? h?VI Bf.? ^ ^,jy ?f ,1, t?nl?y. Th? Pallrt i nn rat nurmi nr laatoarr. r*? mu?. Ir. III. at?n.lr>? ? Itkaiui. , . . 'tT . _ rax ai?1 I. Idiaf M M?. ',^1.1. 2JL1Z. I U??? In ?trfrnr#. lHilV.il /- ' -sw ? ^ ^ -rL"uvr, ??,. *)??? ** ?? ."*** * m ? i_? -.?? TIM* ?)*or??illAiw 0?.t^r ?> 1* ? rxnt Mr* ?*tr?t. Court of Oyer ni.d Trriitlnn . lion. Judge Ktox'vclt pn.i ii ,g t,U""K TO TIIK UMANU JIKV ON Till'. , ! "guo* w*- *"* aclkuko hum , i. cojmi'mu* tiik ASVIIK ok tiik cm KTC., KTC , ?-TC. T' following gentium-.. were nvr.irn on t!>? gran*! iu<ji,i,-t. ? (hatha A. I'avis, fore,., an. Ja?. II. Taylor J?*<tph Allium,, Junatlian Webb Job. IT" h""7 "<m' S*,"uH S 1.1 ' ? Antho?y J. Hlm-eltcr Th* l.",t"r- JUiii T. Kari-h, lhoa. A. Da**, Cherle* (iould. Job iT'i H,W- l-oami-JoiMu., Jobu A Luqucer U. Hopper Uott, Jet*r J. N.?in?, Jr. Ja*. W. oti* Wn,. J'.Un, Ntrpbau I'hlibin. 1 hu Judge then Maid:?* The onth, gentlemen, which a* (.'rami Juror* yon am re<|%iml to lake, for all ordinary pUrj ww audi ienlly ^"Y* i30Uf ,|utiw'- 11 ?< wUc*UmJ?t?l ni?? to Ii.ii.imh upon .voui mind* the high rmpoii*ibiliile. wbkhKv.u'bn* "0!c"' t,m)'or*rJ *?>ugh II be, will, .vw l.v , U\," lAcU?ture, how ,7!r;,.7 N'1 enactmenu, ha* ma in it lnroii.br. til on drcaaiiig yon! ^ n,"r" l'?"'cular In ?.J. Among other atatnle- of (hat c haracter la the one ItTahm* !rrl!'T,tl"' Intemperance. an I J, "! a i^urwrinui .-in,] crimp Teraw^fe proaldlng Judge of every Court of (Iyer an.| IntTIdl ?i,"Cu 7 r" V*' ''V''ry ,;run(| J"'* ">'l''lr Into ail violation* of or olfoneo* under thia act." tbitTlT, T"0, gentlemen, in tlila city at h-aat that Ih. leading provision* of the net referred to ?re daily and hourly vmUted; that the ronaun.pUon ol irih.iic .tlni li'inora, In- trad of beit g dimlniahed, " r '.Ubb 'tll"7n^ ?" 1h" I"" ration a,, , ?'lb "*? ftr" l,r"lM'r ?"'''>ct* lor c?n,l.|e rt. s-z es That the art wax intended by it* authora? unlea. w. HUpnote I hem < hargeable with tiie uioxt ahturd f.,!lv? to apply a* well to foreign aa to d.i<u-tic Umioi* t|,. , ?? Dot he a doubt. (If what aiail would be the damml'ig ?p of the comparatively harmlea* itreain (not e*artf? !. "vulet, la Jmit.) of Lome- made rider and lager bier, while theflery torrent of trench brandy, Holland Kiu an I Ja malra rnm, toaay BOlhkig of aome of the mire ardoat winee of P*'n and Portugal, waa left to c.orne It* h,.v unob?tmcted, and even with aogux'uiAi volume' hn?"vr> ,h" meaning of the Initiator* to niilllc iendy clear, and to be Mpreaaed with aulHelent l.*al prtciaion, a mucii graver .fueition, a* already we. <,ut "',h?'r P?*>r, or rather their want of jV'Wei, over tbe aubjeet. Ihe ronatHutton of the fnlted Htu?a?, gentlemen a, you are well awa.e, and the treaties and aria of Congre.* made or paated in purananrn of it are wilhin tlieir ?| here (he -oipreme law ..f the land. And to prevent all |>o?lhle evasion of tiiin fundainentil prln ii.le of till, federal < nl,;? it U ?pr^ly declared tUt '.tbe Jv,,|g? \b^7 , 1 V f",1"1"""1'" bound thereby, any tra r * notwlt h?f*aiid Vug!*" " <U"' C"" r ,,1W . "Ct" *b'rh ' ongre**, by the term* of tho I'*"'. ?"d whlob Coog art?aliv ba*pa-ed, ar.d which, thereto, e. are now the aupreine law 1* an art laying dutn *, *,?. ideally by name on wm< *, braivdlm and other foreign llquur*. ' And tii ? .? dutlea lr, tie angoag. of the rnnatltutlo,, have bee? laid, and are to be cidlnctod, In order "to pay tho ilebt ofnlhr!'nl td Mti!,AT,m,,n g""< ral welfare ( an aHtate legislature tiien ? If one mnv, any nuinl>er may? -without the concent of C-ngtoM *ay In c.'leot that one whole branch of (he raienue of tU l oral govern "Ui'l . ^n'lTrr l;"'?1'"1 ;.r",'icr?- for It, -upport, ? hall b. rut off <?r, auppoae (i.ngrc.*, In the erer.-i*.. of the piwer conferred to It, Imd *enu fit to re?t the wh. |. ?upport of the federal goveinment on It* ra%. nuea frou, wine- and brandi-e, would it in auch a .??. Ik> ooinpetent k *,"y. ?.U,'! .rJ'r ib" **i"ir*t* State l-egi.Uture, to onart J" .h.eV Jnriadir lion*, no wlneh or brandte* > houM conra.nedr If ihera oan be no r..u ? uniptit.n. It i. obvioua there can l,e no .ale? and If no wto, no inducement to Import? and If no Importation no ml ?ur/r??m ,mp"r1?? ?n<1 Without revenue, nogovnn ment Mati or federal, cooldexi.it. A diatinctb n 1 am aware, ha* Wn drawn la-twee,, broken and original |.ack,ig.-. ? ,, distinction, a* it -eeim to me, In view of the principle* Involved, more fannf.,1 than real, ,'rhe great <,bjec* ,,f the *utute In .|ue-ti and of all like atatutaa, U total abatlneuoa, not voianta ry hut enforced i<y |? naltio*. It may U u wim- and aalutary object? though even on (hat ?ilnt we all know Mnrri .|BltT i'""'1!* r <|U**tlon i* can that object under our *y?tem he constitutionally at ment), " iUe e"nci?rrcn?e of the fe.leral govern The Supreme Court at Waahlngton hare alreo-ly de cldcd that an art of the legislature of Maryland reoulr 'i'" I"!" "".V""'1 P*y I'" ? ?-tat., iicenae to Mil lit, able graala in oilginal lockage* wa* void Hut they bave not der ided, whatever may have b. en the caeuale,,"e*.l,,n^ofa^U.gleJ"dgr that tbe act would '**" r*,", ll,d 11 reqnlnxi a li<-en'e at however hlirh a nr. ndum even to the extent of prohibition, lor tbe aale ol package* once broken tip. S'o *ucb i*?oe wa* b. lore Ibe cour t *.r (heir deeiaioi,. Th.. dl*(lnctlon, then oriitinal package*, I ma, U |e-rn,itt.d to more lanHfol tban real? or rather, I ?bouJd *a>. i wholly lanrlfui and U. no degree real. A f ate government 1*1,, g Inhibited from lnt?*rfeno/ directly with the revenue, of the f.d. ral govern, or n* d? ri,ed Ir. m foreign in, port, cannot, ,t would ??!T do ? indiiectly The eome.jaenc** are the aarn' ? i 1 tbry alone ate ImiK.rUnt In the.e diacOMlon fro-i .itlir r.j? cie. Of bgi.iation. Tlie?? come- |i.et, -e? lt?. ,,, atruclion, ino.e or le*? latai, of the i?. an ,.. whl b the genera) government relie, and laafully , f?r it* V*ry ? xl.tence ? mean, which It wa> the ieadir,/ obi of the new Constitution, a* dNtlngiii.h-1 from tli* old ar contri'l *r"U' X" l,1# '?" h ol riate Novate, ItU admitted, and *?,), I- the exj.re*. guegeofthc conatitution < an ?' without the content of Coiigreae,' lay any ''dutio* on i?,,-,rta? but ot v.!,.i va ne would U thfa prohibition If tbe Mate iMiaiatur-. without the conaent of Congro, , Instead of laying d, itb i on Import., and interring i? that manner w"lb th (eoeral re?.nuee, are |a rn,itt?! to .ay that th- back* re el, en imported, ahall not U> broken up and #??!.! for . >n ?umptlow thu. laying .,D |m[?,rt. a r.-tricti,.n far n, -e oneroua than any dutie. |e,. than pr .hiUtoiyr It ,* Pr"'/*r appli< a'ion from an* in Uv.dual -Ute tbe alMwnt e of ft auffi< ,ei,t preponje anc of pvbllr om nlonto carrva general probibl-o n -< ..?g-e,! doubt rbaer fully Klv.. if. , .ri*ent U. the eoa- tmeot ' a Mate law la,ing ,p.-. ?i dull. the particular in,,, ? In 'lU'atlon fo, Ibe noainal ??? of t{,e tre*.?fT the nitcd -tate?. but at ratea a>. higii a* eff.. tuaiu ,i| ?? ^ It wa* not my purpo>e ir.ntMoe,, t., a/id',-. larga on the '|oeatioa? ariaing out of the act <? Ul have ralM yoor attention, or to?ipr",.ni>wniV,|i I o oil, ion In regard te It. 7h,"t^ ,|uairi,^i. f**,t a* J?*?t althoBfh pa* vd up?? by one (.rain h ?* llte'-'uprena. inuitof tbe Mate are ?.,w p*? in(f f ... t?t?w |n t|,,. ? oart of Apfwa U A -they ar ? .-nt|!,.-l u, * pref. In the order .if baar.ng vera H o. her CJM.. e. ?h*U ?? naldy ?a n Lav the v.ew* ?f that trlb ,u.l U, enb-i;., our path. ? It i.^roper te add, however that th- ir judgment if *g> ioat ti,e a ,J*gw| right* rlaimeal ?r (bef ->r,| , ?Itiuti' n Will )<e .ulo-ct by law tr. a I urtlier apml I., ti,. -upreme Conn at Ua-!?ngtor., wi.'we de> |? tn .t ????' Will a!e>i'? \w fiuMj U.anwW. e'b. .tat.,1 r will la ??!..-? yo? f, r , ,}, actl' D Bjoa II a* you may deem . ip??i. 0t-lt l^lngivt* n.y do y bjr t).e I -v ? lature, a* aira. ly latcl, lBi|, o . h:, ire j, , a- I now a- - t .i,r> ?? to It. tnu. au vio,a..o.,* . f ur offeoc-a ire.er ' it* pr .vl<loo> r ail*# mi duty -.feciall/ to rha'ga you U. ,re Int., all vtrflatlen* ef the lottery law tb * >-?! ,, tie,,., f law and law ?g Jn-t ei ?c ,rig j r l.i, ?)<.! in-. ,. t-r*? r.- n puhlaei.m e. OftheUtU charade, t,t|t of * Car h i/fjer degte? >A erorn.ity? la the -^feirf* .rf m-majmC or ?u?, hrlke. tr the dl -chr rye or <m,tZ *, ? a I 'I"' le' fho',14 any r?.i?iefn?an*K ? il **1. - > ?rrlpt,. ri l?a?. b"ri te 1 WO all k >, * tne^whUa Mr for aeeeral y?era baa lM-?n ?),'* k?d ?,u, mrnor. of their e?,.ten-?--or ?h- truer* "? t .<(.? g- .< ? a a to ar. y p ... d. by l.t ???t itertal ? r J-.dk *1, U. ?a:nt,' a i -t lu-pri-wV rr etu'tnre, It *0] fee ye u p,.,riB--e to ir,v.>t.ga ? r ha ...? aad Ir ? v?--,..;y to pr- -ew~ re t ?. | r ?? a> ,r.e',f?e? vag'.a r"'-'-?ai t? rn?. . f . <e,*e n'ou,. og lb? inn.^ent will. ? 1 e g ltT an , ?l.ei r the la Ur ui. !?r th* mantle of the ? rw, b.jt j^? <t '.r.? tlyi en. the, they be i,,g? or low. to th* a, "i -*.j ' name AtKrtl*, crime, ?b- * r: ago 'ad* I. nM**or?4 )rt u II n. fjm whkl, i* .ad to have prevailed to *n . a re, ? itent It, tb|? r< ir munlty. baggarlnf 'h* wbkiw, U-- r plan u4 beH-e an! 'rlpp ,g , f ? ' .Hit, i* ' h* fra .d*.U nt iwewe >4 *t- aert|lt<w*e. <4 lac . rp- aled r< mt<eniea. Ib*?e I (Mke rtr.er .teore atteollng th- , w"?? ' ."tb a? a.e grnerally rinwred ? wer. lel.nh - n I a ay* <>( tbe law, aed piiat-habl* aa turn by livarw ? un i t a I- n/rr Or ?hotter te?m In the IHaU- prt*. ? tie, \m h rg'ty er eelndM.Hr ' e?'-r ? ?n. . a e oUl ?rr m a it the.* ? g. r,r*. rttt >.o*4, tl.e?e .r* k* Wa , . f ,'rr.o ,|-d hire t.#r ,-r y.ar*. wai-l ,f f'.rred, are gn t iy .utriettt t- v th*t? t ?*' ti?. u la a g * ? - ? *- . of the r??raf I.fU!*.,,rr IU, >t.|ip .e, aa la ? (be e;e W the tea it ey ware It I* y. -tr '0,'j J fa. ? *rff e , , # ??'! '* teV- ?Ma . laa* ef of f.Ofea. aad l? brtag tha pari-t/et?ra ?> tiWM ae-t ^awktah ?a/, a* 'f tr awtitbrrr . r, fearl* ' nt 7h* pror' p? rrt.hw.eqt ?? Mnall Ml* great roMw r? a let v n>*ti?*< e:? e?l a "h?lagr| | and ? Wl'.rle- a ?|-b* ? ? h f* Hty *f.d With the.' fa a* BBot?terb?d rw*(.tk*la? a -4 e rwteeurMa.r* dtl on It* ad?l'?^*"a,. e V-^, Bae* ?h? rtfti' m ? n-ea ar I I thiak yoe a?< twrnmi By r?A-. to . e-, r* h-.w ?' t? 'a* b*|?ei.^" aa.t wIhHIm-t a?,v a rata* *1 ? .ana and a| I ai?d If a? what ea*f trt wb.^, hav k*e? r(a*fW la I* Will t? hrtag akrwat eeeh rawe'U. Ih* ha.ii^^ *4 the <fyer and Term, net, la tb?. ?lt|, ha* ?*?ally Wn -'refined te the trial of eapl'al efew-e | ae-* aatll the pieaewt y*er w> o*hev enwrt K*4 JarVdw >.r 'hat r laa* rrf >a**a My aa aft ^taa4 ?? tie* 18th ef Apr I "?'?trtat p*we* , a eatdtal oaaaa wa*(MWa V- ' '<? 1 1. aortal a***k<?* wkevwver the lewov tbaevakar*. ev ttk* i- a tire ef the raw aheaid r**talre aad IN* Oyer and 7 r rwila** at the .aa, * tin*, wa. autlf r?*e4 by an W-Vr t*> he eetevr*! In t* Bale* tea. V. aead all hall- -weoi. h-owgfct Mwe tt te the ' rag^ea! ,e* aak a. la Mht All r> nWctkeaa, h<.wev?r , by tk? >?* ae the 'that ti<k-aae In rapital i**ae- ??rp rmid* aalijcrf to ie?i"w, a nil"* 'I tie lit 1, V Hi- Hupifdio Court anil ('?? I of N;i ? ??, ? 1 1 <>f ?hl(U ton ,> wVlmiit )r<??tftllur>, wat . ' uoi l*ed iUii tn Riant u*' w trtal?. t t hit tin- cm 'iin?t?iiri>? ami eonailerfn/ lh? f ?t preaa of riv il burtne* ? i n the f irruit i-aliii-far, ftii* ?* i ?ii 11 cil 111* < Hi t ii 1 ii.iiifr. It I* ?l*vt?iua oufli* ??' '? I* protracted, uui. ill. i, ,i?|y u> i . . . >. nurli lull' t mi ii?k aa mar I <* |.r. ? ???,.?? .1 m?I t? trj ^rtmp* a *?ry nn ilrl nniiitii r ol exceptional m i>< lirfnie rlu.|i,K tiit? <? reinarka, it u umle hit d'*ly, f-o II nil M In appiiae ynu that tlir law iWi.u u i, miad* meanot r,.t m.y Judge, luror i.r iittiei-i v, .lueln.* rtif fant IT an indictment lor filmy until the a*iusi*1 if nut already in onuiiu*m?nt , hw born arr**it*do? Uif 'ilia *" And if nu ll inn i. illtrloauKvi nt IsdicUnanta f.it (alonlo* ("lini?M?*r tbi>U|(liilr>>i unil dlainiereatod/ flaiirr 1 II to n? rlanMil tin mliil?m?unnt?, ynu will readily aj'pri'l.ile the t <'ii ?oii why th* corrupt ? 'impounding orfrlmiif it <?!,. -.| among lb* higher ot.l.r ..( ..IT.-nraa, ami r?|.?UI!j? If It 1* t hi- art of it lu<lici?l <??U' i i uni t?* dictate* l>* mero motive* of en |>i4i f ty . I hutc in w tndicatad gentl "men, a lew .iiliJecW for Jfimr Lnveatlgtll'D IMbri- will be Mitvi>tte.l by your ? i Iti>? The Held nf public aim r , IntlJ. . |iy i>.p. i utliy? If in* lialf we hear ami lead Im' true ? I an nvniin him, and draiam'a a prompt an l thorough weeding To yo? On- cuaimiinity loofc lor th* initiatory m"utiif ... A ? haaihar liaa la-en provided fur your il'illl** atinna. *m] Oftlrrr? tn atta-ml upon an I execute y mr -ulr- alia ynu hIII no* . gentleman, if convenient tu yuut a*l . e* pi o caed tn blinilii'ia , l*?tll<'?' lnt<'lllK<*ii<r. ClfAKOK or POHUIKO AN KNnuKHKMKXT. .Inlia Irwin, aliaa Calling. ? i arretted yoaterlay l-ire noon by nfflrrr tiillrn. of tlir nd wan) (Iiarf4 Willi fi rffiiiK thn eodnraenn-nt nf Ui'ura. Uvmjf Inn k fyorhiTCill, aK<*ulM lor lh? Stm Hilran Mmm-hip I ini(.? ay, to a nnle at aixly duya, for ll?r auiii of I I r in Ihf II II. da > I la mailr aKainrl t fit* arou^il. it ?|"|w' n ? tliat nn tlii* V&tb nit. bv i'iitei?d ibn J??**lry aloir ul I'aul A. Hut. No. la Maiden lane, and alali*4 tliat liff *i> a all-ward nn Ix ard t li?* atinuii-lilp I alia ? ha, ami w*iiU<4 tn purcbaar aiilin* walrlipa. II, ? piclii'd uul ill in- Inn* ptMra, valui'd at ^'.'*11, and f(nir*' Ilia nnia fill tlie aaun* ai ?i?tyila?a pui (ortlng tn b< ?nd(ira<?l bj Miwara iJrlnx atmi A i'iociwioo aa (tmal T1i? |T"ihI? ?it e liaml<?l o??r to tlir prlaoniT, an ) tlir nota In. i n in | nyin"iit. f**?H? afli'i tin* arriiM)*! Ii-ft tin' atmi', a ria l* in tha rjnplny ^ mctit nt Mi llrvi namwd llaidi nbirn wa< ?i*nt X>wn In M?*a*ra. I. lTliiiriti.il A Ciorb'-run to a-rartala wbrtlwr the uiattrr waa all iiRlit or not. Tliaia Iik wa* laf'irm*^ tliat I'm In K waa pntlirly unkm wn In I III- fndnrarr*, ait4 tliat tlii'lr ? i|(fiat ii 1 1' on llm bark i f tin* not?* waa aa ?*ntlr?> fi.rjp*i jr . Nothing waa baarit nf tlm ?rru??l until jr?ii*rday, when hi' via-* ill?n???*r*ii In th?* I'aik liy liar dt'iibi'ig, wbo r<*i|ui'Ht?'l nlHrer tiillen to arr**at blni far ling tilrd bard to <*a<n|o front tin odlrar by runiutur ull, but aaa film II r aaou red a"tr a iliut Inn rmtflt^i rbaw dn*I> I'ark row. Ann and Naaaau atrreta. Hi* waa takrn Irfnri* Juatliw I'onn'illy, at tlii* I'lilta* (Viurt, whrrr br adiiiittrd 1,1a ftullt luil In niltl|(ation -ai l ha ootnmllU'd tb? fnrgi*ry Uir tba purpn-e >.t ?upp utinu a lauiilr of lirlpli' * rrlatlvaa. In hi? |.i. .r.?i.ui ?aa fnu i.d on* ({.'Id ?atrh wblcli wa? ?*????? I up In lli? llniiig I/I hia ri al It la aald tliat tha |.rl?iin< r I- chaif* I wi'S tlif rommiaaion of a fi'lnny In I'lilladalpbla II* it alt* wall koown in tba Klt<h ward wl?i*t? b?r year* paat Im? bat (foil* tiudrr tlm diatin(nl<h<?t c<<riiumi*ii of l-iar Itill." II* waa fullr committed tor ti la) by the mafia Irate. cbakok ok rocKKTnooK fwirrtwu. Knl*ert O'Noil waa arre-teil yetlarilay afleriinoil, >r officer Fhmmi, of lh?? Tblni war ) ? )>*!((*?? I with ?U tnlftirift ?"0 from A!cx?jj !** r SVw <'?n* c? r?l Ohio, I) ufftfi# of ? l-rtt in r'Jtiimoaly known i? ihm jhtr kntlxn?k t!r"p trntm* Tht en inj?Uln*rit utail#** ihut m i h* wi?? pa *>iuK ?!? "fC wm necontH ??> ?o unkm wii limn, wh? lnff?r?r>fk^ him thai wh? wo/i rl?/?r him, h* ! up u po-kaUxnik ?o4 (lint It Would I** to III* Ifitrrwt to ?*#r t-? tb*' mallow O'NmI th?*n cabw uj?, h?' afid ahuwiti^ htm a well (IU<?4 wtallft ?al?l that bf might havfc th^ Mine $'M>, tha' mM h? pointr away he cmU) im?1 *\n\i v<i a'tvfrtt^th** Iin4? li>K of the motley Wlmrrw|?oo the complainant, l aviav ht? cstlo^ity ficite?], put hi* hand tnl*i hia |m?? krt an<l ?rr/ tmiooefitlf hatule?i t !?#* nwjttlret aunt, '"ft K 'l ,iC ti hl? ho^r h* found t?i lil? aatf?nU)iim- fit tl>a*. Uie Mlla In the waUet w?'?* enlirrly worthi?*a? a?4 that h? had t?e*f? duped lu th?* hum! artislur gty!<? una ^ritiahle O^JSrll wim hrouifht tiefore Jualirf r^nnolly el ihf l ower Court, wherw *?a?? h?*hl f<?r nation. CflAHOR Of lltTKOLaRr. A youth named John Brown, waa arreatM by ti* Fourth ward pollca, at an early hour ye?t?rdajr morm Inpr eharfad lith haTin# broken Into the iMrber ??hup a*4 ?1w?-llir?ir hnuae < f John l>unn, at N'o Pi v?*lt atreet, erd ?U*aUnf aome arti<-lei #.f t'?llrt from t).?* ?bep w<? dnw. The prtaoner wan cauifht in Hie a<*t of tnkioy th**aa t)ilijf? Iron th#* prtmiaea He waa committal I t trial bf JuatT<? Connolly. TO TIIM KDITON or Tlir. IIKUAI.II. f>rdman?l At krrnian, U?#? peraua mrrmmi**! on '/m- rfwni.laJai of ? lirtMtan R?? kart. f?.r emhwrxlement ttrm r.uber M Co., waa honorably diarhertfed by .I?iatk"e OflBWJlIf, o*$ (be '/Tth of HrpifioOrr The itnaa*** nti?r fallal 'a a |??fw le nu^ianila'e the < Ikmru* V HtifVWtAKf nael tVw lani, Ji' Umio. al. New York. fW I at lafift t 'if t ixiH omTT or N?f Yo?? aa ? I tirn-tjy >rrUtf ibai tbe statement ta ifttf Ulveii < i mler my hand, ihJa la* Oro???#r, IHU*. Ml) II AKI. ? o*m?|,J,Y I f'4?re Broolilyii City (lewa* 1'imatJiu '?"? HW'H- A Ma* aim W??iaa rat u> worn a Titiai* . r*?Mt Wta^iw ? ?br?wr il- idiu^ w?-? ra):r?l y?at? r?lay to hol?! an ifi'i e?t u|- fi ibr? w fa gf V!r. .h > r? l/**??a. re^ 'i.og in )'? :iiati4 ev?*ou? i*** r I'aHl Ktmu*- who ritme to h*?r *Uaih iu tb* mentiwf l*er?ts '"f t.iik'l Her bQ'hand, who ia a -la^f ;??rf"rtf|.i?t in Oiatbam New York ha* for ?"m? t?riN? paat pro?trat#U In e< nae<|uen<>a a f ?!' at?*aa , raanlniw in^-a ?>kioal flta i?l U iirium ImrinK </n? <4 tbeae ?u*}Ja yfau?r? ?!ajr tiiornlofp. b?* proreedw! to tb<e ??u ??#w of )ile r -??m# t^einK on tb" third fli*/r, an-t 4 t? rnt t to Jump tmt Hie ?tf< who ta* p f*^-n? run to pf event htm. Kiae eeuifbi h<>td * t hiaho?1y with a i m ^ra-p but tultif ol a tuiafl, 'leihete frarro- arnl her huatiend a 'afge and atrwrif an, al.e aaa unable to him trn^k. hut on UtifMil/arjr, wna li?-r?eif <1ra?ti out 'A lb** window wt*h Ki??a, ar^t t?*-tfti f?H upon tbe flaiqrinif in the reer yerd, 1W wewHMi atru'-a her hrad ajfamat a at#*f> 10 I ftrart?rel her #' ull to aurb an asterit that ai.a dt??l almoat ima'Mitif Tb# huat.and wae uUo ++tl>< >aly Injured, and ftof lie* ie % p?r? arh.ua rnndHbm at the Oty H<^?} t*at K' I/?ta ta an fnglUhman bj hlrth. Ih? wi fa waa ?U*. ? netire ef that e<tnn\ty. Ilsey bad been naarrle*! fa#t t ht++ J"efa# but Lad u< ctlidifn. Court ?( UanaraJ UnulnM. 11*4' i* llim Ju '*? (>1 2? I (Oil Ib'i npamlrig ./f II a U?4? III "'?>?( J?rfh Walk *r, Will mm II all Tit ?>tbf VMhrihj Umirga I? via iii'l llmry Ik > ?n r< nrlr'tl on Nawlar ?' a??a'ill ii( J>'ha Tkon.|?vs '>n huaxl iba ?lkl|< WaatalncUm villi Intn.t Ui 4? barm, lit'mglit >| tfti wnVnaa. lit* H SO? tb? Jt IpeAtlWwed Hi'- | rteewrn bfirflr Tha ? a suit 't *) Irli ibr; ba I >*n tniixl (uill)' a r>. '?ft aaiitftn i.i ai .<tai<f*r>i?K It* .lf> vl 11* j?' a ? h'trltb* ?tU'? ?aa niaA* T>?? Mfa lb?n a??l?'. ?4 Kelt, ?!.<< al?bl??1 Th' ??|?'?i !/>!<?? faar* In t k 'Ut4 (. > :????*, ar.'l lb> rthm |.t .n TOI ivh In 'k> Ti . i?? tin if.' ?<? ?! '?i-* ?? ii?*i ?r i >,?.t?i. ' i M ii?r, OttfH ?? i I h ? ? nmllti?f ? r>|* p?r? i. 'I Vl*.r H .M ? <.?.?| ?a* a f?ar i an jriil ? ? I v.i F> ,-li?li. ti^l wh-. ?? ?!(va>l tb" > <?> It lulu MC^r iilUil^affi. IM"( al'?l t?, r ? art ?*l lit r?M tie?.| ?h? ? ama '? *b.a "?nli; li n Wii'm1* < III JllM H a Itrt4 lu II a *ai>? "H1. lb- j,H x.i ?r. I.r.i aba .)i4 ?'? i" iHtlx ?!???? ??? fc fl?< ara*. ' u (U lai <4 Joif vfclla l)k|M>i?Mla'? r ii In I|m? n tKa p*U>4.* ? r?iM la f.ar at ? M I I'll./ tb.j'Nll'i I?f' n br ?a?l Iba a '?*? aarirl ..rtaaa .|af? a;,.' '.I.'i '<#14 1' m*1 "+<"? **' f?i I llVirt'l ! ? aid H'jaa^i al I i.a ' <MUI ImUiiU MMttl il <fci 1 tb.?l ???'?? ' ?-? I ? ?.n f, wtUb k*' iBi'i, i 4.. aa? lb< .?? 4 , Wr4 IIm b'< ???>.??? tki 'r?.i( II a J'.'J ' a<! I?<1 ajp *4 al a U ??r T1.? ' Mfl ??( j- iri"l lui 11 Ilr<i?klyn < II p f ??Ultra. (G*rvr torn i?"Ihi 14* ri'?in*i?n A f?n ft" a ir -?lint ? * 'If '.j' '*?? ?f IV *;;?< ?<? ?ak? (../? a" llall, ? ? a***..-., ?.? h.l ?r a*? NT u* ^ titiknf af I Ml *-?1 ,?| ' !>???? Wit, '.f 'I,a -ftrt fr'i* Klftft ?j l?. ?( ? al jar.il nvwri L ft ??, ? a* a?i ) >?? ??! '|?J am?? tantn ?? ??4 ?!'laaa>/.? ! ?? (????.?? fiWiw at .*rmiim < ' ,r ftotara >a*?ti?i.a rba ?Oallag 'li'? ?? llatUTyW- >?t ikiM a'.??rrtar Ifc- *m I *i II ? !)>?? a|>^ .ad* i, ?*" ?!< f+t ????? | '.a* 4 a? ?i*l?i?4 al ^r?avia llalt, i, att'a*' ha 1 Jr*t a aa.il It* w^?t *>f *>? i> : ...| I i at f a* Kr. |"1'??|?1 I iwliHiM, M Mr. !'??.? rat a y A I*."!1 ? wa > |A ??<?. *11 ?. ? >. fr ||?? ????. ?Im? mwU w ? ?? ? < ?? ? Um *?Ha ,h*T a*tt|?4 1 1 .ml at v. a. amdlaa'ianl aa Ilka M|i.i,t; ? (fw Iba iaaHla( In ?? a ; a'-J ? ?i?1p '"liJ ara i>r* lb- * . ,?> ? ? U Mtnr ? '"a *|a Ian ? I ? a AHar '. r.M ' aralf * ? ,?a? '<?>^ Ifca Ml<4M| lallf la* 4a"?alra aai^ ?rara, k r, -w s A aa4 ?l?l?-' tb*< u,?7 b?<4 I ?i "Ii.-k 1 . all"?1 a ' bxrAaMI ?>a^ ? l?f fc-.' a- Ifcfj ba^ ?????>' a >-<??.## #f laa KMM '*'?*# " a(a'a? -I. fa,. I uat*, a*l Ma4 'HI l? Llfl -I ?!?'?? ? '> A"ar .*a/-na' V ' >* '??K.'Wr* ..hi . all ?>.? at. a > *. a?\ r?li. - l>. ?? T: a <ta ?*ala? aw <*l UaA wa??aJ ?,!/ am* Vy b?l la r ???*???' Ifca ???aa4 ? aatrll m iwia A"' . ...,? a? -1 f??a.a waf? 1?1 aa ?m4 m? -w?aaa ,uw?. { ll.a ranawajia a?a r.'|M aa.1 Um 4a.ar?<a? . ^Mal, ir> iai?f ?a. t 'ba?i?. an-l 1mA fci? ?n Ua> Kaa/lb 4b? ?i>\ >'?' '? b"?aa*.. vWa a ?r?f?ai?l ?.a ? -?4 a* jia<! b." 1 1 l??A albaal V, bV ?a'lf? l*? f>< t ?**, ?i. - i. ni? "*a< <MMa4Mto aitaalnc a?a '>?a?r.. ua.i?ai 'r-1 him avay 1b?a? '?? U ft h"M? vp ihf ???*"*/ *a>4 ?, ?wii I 'f..a If at illai. (I la la'- 4*r* lb* '-?km x -??j Ii s agM A U>*al ?Fl>t?a ' ' <b- all ua/h." ?| T'nafa 'af '?rt J*. vbitAi ?*! ba at#',, a H ?; a? A ai?na?

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