15 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

15 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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VMa.~nu BeM iMortncnt off Ftne Tea* will be found at the Can ten Tea Company's newly erected and elegant store, 120 Chatham street, between Pearl ?T Roosevelt streets, the oldest tea establishment In the city. We araure our readers they can do belter here than elsewhere. i they at wholesale or retail. Mo branch stores. A Well Made Article Intended for Service, la much better and cheaper In the end than a common one. The new pen and pencil case, (Lownd's Patent,)made by WIL MARTn.44 Maid " ~ liuen lane, la a proof of this. Hi rang, conve nient. and elegant, It must soon super-ede the use of all other styles, which may also be found nt the same place, together with gold pens ol superior quality. 6u Fixtures 1 Gas Klxttire* 1!?Over three hundred different patterns of obandfUsra, Ac., being the larg est variety that can be found in any one store. Many of the styles etrTruly new. W. J. P. DAILY A CO., marble stores. 631 end (39 Bioadway. Whiskers or Moustaches Forced to Grow In six weeks, by iny onguent, which will not <Uln or injure the skis. $1 a bottle; sent to any part of the country. K. (1. GRAHAM, 683 Broadway; Ziebcr, 44 Bouth Third street, Phi ladelphia. Bil l Justly Famed Infallible Ongueiit for the growth, preservation and beauty of the hair; removing dandruff, dr. Bold at 1 Barclay street, 46 Nassau street. New lark, and at 247 Pulton street, Brooklyn. ?atrmlor'i Hair Bye, Wigs and Toupcea ? We best in the world.?Nine private rooms for applying his un rivalled dye. Beware of Imitations? they result In ridicule. We largest stock of wigs and (toupees in America, wholesale and retail, at BATCHKLOK'B, 233 Broadway. Wlgel Wlgi 1 Wlgif-gtrangen rhltlng the are Informed that the best place to get ornamental nair Is at MEDHURHT A CO.'H, 27 Maiden lane, where they have an hand the clAupest and best assor'incut of wigs, toupees, Went and back braids, bands, curls, Ac. Hill's Improved Instantaneous Hair Dye, d shillings a box, black or brown; warranted beat In use: leaves the hair soft and glossy; no fado. Bold or applied at I Barclay street, 46 Nassau street, New York, and at 247 Pulton Brooklyn. Crtstadoro's Hair Dye, Wlga and Toupees, stand pre eminent above all competition. A suite of elegant private rooms for applying his famous dye, the greatest stand ard article of Us kind throughout the world. His new style of wigs and toupeea are perfection Itself. Wholesale and retail, at CBIBTADOBO'B, No. ? Astor House. In spite of every detractor its Powder kills bug, roach and lly? Bo says pie great Vox Popuil. Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills for In sect* and vermin, 424 Broadway, and No. ti Bouth Eighth street, Philadelphia. Hernia,?Only Prise Medal Awarded to ?AB8H A CO. by the Industrial Exhibition of all Nations, for fteh newra'ent radical cure truss. Reterences as to its stipe MM:?Professors Valentine Mott, WiUard Parker and John m ternochan. An extensive list of names of mercantile and after gentlemen cured by this truss may be eeea at Marsh A A.'s. Ne. 2?s Maiden lane, New York, and Marsh, Oorlies A Oe.. No. & West Pourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Fever and Ague.?One Bottle of Carter's Rpanish mixture is warranted to cure any ease of fever and ague. It hascured Ave thousand eases In Virginia and the Ca rolines end has never yet been known to fall. Kor sale at the principal depot, 304 Broadway. HaUovvay'a Pills.?Health and Long Lift anay be had by keeping the blood pure, and the liver, sto mach and other organs In a healthy state. To etl'ert this nsc these extraordinary pills, which aot upon the main springs of Ruaasla Cups.?These are the moat ESlca ?teiiH article* ever used fordyspersia. For sale wholesale and I at Rl.'flllTON'B, 1(1 Astor Houm; 417 Broadway, and 170 retail ? Chestnut street, Philadelphia. To Nervous Sufferers?A Retired Clergy man. restored to health In a few days, after many years of great nervous suffering, ts anxious to make known the means ?feure. Will vend, free, the prescription used. Direct Rev. John M. Dagnall, No. 64ffulh>n street, Brooklyn, N. i. Med. On Saturday morning, Oct. 13, after a lingering illness, ?f organic disease of the brain, Hon. Tuonan W. Cummwo, 41 years. Ills friends, and the friends of the family, are rctpeat fnlly invited to attend his funeral, at half-past two O'clock to-morrow afternoon, from 20 Concord street, Brooklyn. Funeral services at St. Ann's church , Wash ington street. On r'atnriiay, Oct. 13, of pneumonia, Mant-si., Jr., only ?on Of Manuel and Isabel de i'uga, aged 19 yeurs and 8 ?fte he relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of Lis parents, No. 8East Thirty-first street, at eloveno'clock to-morrow fore On Tuesday, Oct- 18, after a very short illneas, Mr. Ononcs I.. AliikN, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth county, N. J., in the 72d year of his age. On Saturday morning. Oct. 13, in th<> 29th year of her age. Mrs. Ann Buu, wife of Andrew if. .lack-ton. The friends and relatives of the family, and of her fcther. Mr. John Board, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at eleven o'clock this forenoon, from her late residence, 218 Chrystie street. On Friday, Oct. 12, Ma boa Birr Ann, daughter of Corne lius and Catharine Allison, aged 23 years. Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, at eleven o'clock thi< forenoon, from the resi dence of her parents, 29 Garden street,aHnboken. On Sunday, Oct. 14, CutuKu.* Evtuj.Tr, son of Avery and Hannah R. BUI. The friends of the family are invited to attend his fune ral, from 401 Sixth avenue, at half-past one o'clock to morrow afternoon. On Sunday, Oct. 14, Mr*. Ja.niP., wife of R. W. Trundy aged 33 years. The funeral will take place at ten o'clock to-morrow morning, from the Mansion House, Hicks street, Brook lyn. Friends of theliunUy are invited to attend. On Sunday, Oct 14, alter a brief illness, Edward Mak HUR, aged 88 years. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the fune ral, at half-past one o'clock this afternoon, from the resi dence of his son, 21 Hammond street. The remains will Is conveyed to Greenwood. On Puudoy morning, Oct. 14, Amraium I'dwakdh. aged 37 years, butdi.-u.tl of Berenice Foster, late of the city of Troy, N. V. His Illness was short, but severe, which he hare with Christian fortitude, tlrmly relying on a blessed immortality. Trov nnd Tetroit papers please copy. On Bunday morning, Oct. 14, after a severe, but very short illness of 3>i hours, Thomas H. Burrow, son of John and Sarah Ann slater, aged 18 years, 1 month and 7 days. His friends, and the friends of the famiy. arc respect fully invited to at tend his funeral, at half-past nine o'clock to-morrow morning, from his late residence, 32 Division street. On Sunday, Oct. 14, Hc.yry J. Clark, in the 48th year af his age. Funeral services at hia late lesidencs, 833 Bridge rtreet, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, at four o'clock this afternoon. The friends of the family are respectfully in vited to attend. The remains will be taken to New Bruns wick, N. J., to-morrow morning, for interment. On Saturday, Oct. 13, Kmma, -laughter of Garrett and Louisa Poet The funeral will take place at two o'clocc this after noon, trom the residence of Chpt. John Derker, Old l'laoe road. Staten Island. Oh Saturday, Oct. 13, after a short but severe illness, ?las Mary I and, in the '.Oth year of her age. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited toattentlher funeral, at her late residence, lib King etreet, at two o'clock. At Flushing, U I., on Sun-lay morning, Oct. 14, Cspt. Jab km Pack, aged 42 years. The relatives and friends of the fiimlly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at two o'clock to-inorrow afternoon, from his late residence, in Union street. RWERTI8EMENT8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. K FEVER AND AtilK. MODES' f KVRR AND AWE (TKK. Antidote to Malaria The innocence or which is proved by Me certificate ot chemical analysis. James and the value ot which Is proved, by Ibe testimcny frequently published. No swelled t-ea is swelled legs, or terrible nervous derangement* \J mercurial diseases, or poisoned constitutions, can result trom Its use. Its harm leas character admits -is free use as preventive or cure lor fever and ague, sad all diseases can- ,d by malaria foe which kU> Wlphertr poison H la a perfect antld-.tr, pronounced so by science, proved no by experience. TMs wonderful cure, equally powerful ami Innocent, destined by nature not only to relieve alt the human lamily who will nse It from malarious diseases, but to do an equally n? all the t J I work by entirely superseding oil die treatment, whether I or etnjiirkia]. by Poisonous and doatruetlve drugs. Wholeaale agent. A. P I LARK, ij Jnhn street. and fur aale by C. H. Ring, Karnes A Park, W. 8. I) -nham t. C. Wella a , C. V. t'lfckenrr A Co., It. A. Fabucatoch, Ilull A <?>, and ' negtata generally throughout lb* I nitad vabuleaale and retail druggists g " * , Calnorela. t'uba. 4r FEMORAL. C HAULER HRNRT IfMARNK, BKAMAM, OR HRNRY Robinson, auppoaed ?o be trading from Baa*on, America, by applying to Ms youngest stater at his o>d home In the court try, may hear of some thin g|m hit advantage. INFORMATION CONUKRNINO THOMAR RTAN, A MA sen by trade end from the oountr Jarluwr, In the Utwnland ot Tlnneoailck. In land, who left that nia e for New Ytr* In Attguat, 1*62, la wanted bf his slaters, Kosarm tird An Rran. who arc now residing At Grave, and. 1-ong (stand P ease dl reel to them, under tie eare of the Rev Abraham J. Labagti, Orwvesi-nd, Long blond. Information wanted-op a tocno man by the name of Baiter, erbo left Mr. Taylor's haloo.i. on Frtdsy evening, ani has r<it Iron as?n tdncr Inf irm* Ion of htrn will be thankfully received by Ma brother at (44 fourth sired. Be woaw a blsrk roundabout, hiark -ailn row. isree-t puis, boots, cheek shirt ami straw hat. Mr was about & (set huh said ?gad about Is y ears. WILL TMS CARMAN, WHOM PART HAMR IN fVJL llslaa - 'th e Harlem Railroad rity - ar in Br-omr s'rrwt. In Jane, MS, which noUtsiaa -au?'d a wri'ma bodily Injury ta ana, de OM the fhvor In send me hla name and address, mm dutely, to Rarl's Hotel, Park r?w, In fda etty Ahs. any per anas wLo were wttnessee of the aaal occurrence. The reuae Ot anmsatty Bad Justice require the' I en mid here 'he evidence of the said carman and other wmasses and II la bnpe-1 that ?bey will he willing to ansae forward snd rive It. MtW fork, Oct. 12 UU NOMPLL D HO WEN graciAi. hotices. MKETHhToF THE STOCK HOLPERH OF THE CEN# tnff Antricu Company will be held at toe Interns tional llotel on Monday evening. ?t 8 o'clock. WILLIAM illPKINB, Secretary, Central American Company. A P. A.-THE OFFICERS AND M MMHKits OK NB\V . York Lodge, No. 3 A. P. A., ,?ro ?e<mestod to be punctual in alteudance at their lodge rouma, on Tuesday evening, Octo ber Iti, aa business of Importance will be broughtb>'Mre the lodge. By order ot JOHN BELL, W. a. Aa. Ptia-oN, Recording Secretary. FOR THE INFORMATION OK HIOSB OK MY UO"*: trymen who?e good opinion I care tor. 1 1h'to thlto method 01 Informing them that 1 am not the M.oUarl Pholan wlvo-io name la attached to the advertisement ol Thos. P Arotv MoGee, for his lecture, as I consider hut present course aUkelnjurtous to the best interests of Irishmen, both In their native oouutry and in this the home of their ad'iptiom PIIBLAN, laite of theQayon Oado'a, Oth Regiment. fu ...A. ,j.e i'c)lic?* IX'part meat ; the ?'uph to be ma?l?tnttiJ , resiocto "? Ute MD.^e at oTe oUh e of the &??fof Police, and tAi h#? furt' hed In Hucb uuantltlea and ?t inch UnjMMlbe 2 rl^Jy'Any cap MMI of IInfertor or workmanship wUl be P^^XTwOOD. Mayor. ' M ARAOI A TRANSIT COMPANY -THK MANAGERS ofth* company dealre to eiblblt a statetnent of tta alfalrs, anil to make eiplunatlons regarding toelr transit route over the Isthmus, to tie stockholders, and for tbotie purpoMA Me quest them to meet at the Company s office, No. a Areen on Monday, the 16th of October Inst., at 1 o'clock P. M. New'York, Pot. 10.1806. Notice.?tub public are cautioned not to trust with, or deliver, goods used lu my line of buslneso, to anv person on my nccount, from Ibis dale, without a written order algned by nun ROBERT M. PATRICK, Manulacfttrer ot'ibe Defiance Salamander hiafoa, 198 Pearl hU New York, Oct. 13, lb56. . IIE ANNUAL MEETING OF TIIR STOCKHOLDERS ot the New York Steam Face Brick Works, will take place on the lfth lust., at their office, foot of Fortrsevemh street, North river. u. BANCKER, Secretary. THK LEqfUIlE SKA HON. 1 HI l.AND AH I FOUND IT INI'M.- A LECTURE ON 1 tor above subject will be delivered In Ute llrjadway Taber nacle on Tuesday evening, 10'h Inst, by Thomas I) Arcy Mc Uee.Esu. Tickets 25 cents, can-be procured at the door, at Messrs. fiadller's, William etreel; Meters. Donlgan's, and fMB? ihe following commltiee:?Edward Mcllroy, Jas. Mulligan, Edward Hart, I'. Merrick, Michael J. O'Belrne, I*. I'dghea, P. (iairlrk, Mciaughlln A .Mchhane, P. McKemna J.Kfeny, Thomas Oamble, P. Foi, J. McKeuna, P. Mcl.lhinny Wm. O'Donnell, M. D., H. 0. Ooodwln, Bartholomew llcaly.W. O'lfcil.y M. D., klcltard Joyce, Nicholas Woldron, Florence Donovan, Michael Pbelan, tW Mcls.,uthim JacL,bWll?n; Brooklyn?Cornelius Dover, W. E. Murphy, M. I>., Jas Mil hau, Jasper Coghlan, Michael Mechau. THK TURF. ~ " (1ENTREVILLB COURSE, L. I.-TROTTING .AND PA J elnir ?Match $2,000; two mile heats, between Hero (pacer) to wagon end Flora Temple In harness. Tu cotne off at two o'clock. JOEL OONKLIN. Proprietor. CKNTRKVI1.LE COURSE. L. I.?TROTTINO?TUESDAY, October 16, at 2)4 o'clock. Match, $1,600; mileheats; best three In Ave, under the saddle. D. I'flfer names br. m. Belle of Saratoga; J. M. Daniels uameab. g. Chicago Jack. This match Is made play or pay, and comes oil without regard to weather. " ' ' JOKLCONKLIN. Proprietor. NION COURSE. LONG 1ST.AND.?TUESDAY, OCT. 16, at 2 o'clock, k. M.. match for WHO, two milesand re peat, to wagon*, observing th? rule? ol the track, half forfeit. James Jacks names b. m. Block Swan, four years old. Choa. Chcarbrow, b. g. llarry of the West. J3KRTRRVILLK COURHE.-PACINO.-WKDNESDAY, l < ihe 17th of October, at 3 o'clock P. M., pactug match for $600, mile heats, best three In tive to wagons. It. woodruffs ntimes c g. Buckskin; owner's b.m. Aggy Down. Tocomeolf on good day and good track. JOEL UONKLIN, 1 roprietor. CKNTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING?MONDAY October 22, at two o'clock. Match, $2,000; mile iiOAta, best thrte In five, In harness, ltlrom Woodruff names b. g. Buk, (Ico. Bpleer names b. g, Lantern This match Is mode to come off without regard to weather. JOEL OONKLIN, I roprle or. / iF.NTREYlLLE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING?MONDAY, \J October 22, at three o'clock P. M., match, $600; mile heat*; best three In five, to wagons. Isaac Woodruff names bay mare. four years old; D. l'ftfcr name bay mare. uwo' ' JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. CKNTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I., PACINO.?'WEDNE8 'day Oct. 24, at 24 o'clock, I4. M.; match $1,000, mile heats, beet 3In #, Geo. Hp leer! names g. g. Hero to wagon, Mr ?? uiuuGcii Hudson colt to hiriiws. Mr. , uaiue* en jokl CONKLIN, Proprietor. /TENTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I.-TRGTTING -TIIURS. \J day, Oet. 25, at 2 o'clock?Match, $1,000, two mile beaus, in luirness. George Bploer names b g. Frank Forrester, lliram Wofdruflf libaucm r. m. Lidv Fninkilo. wooarun r. j JOKL OONKLIN, Proprietor. Red house, harlbm.?this favorite hlacbof resort Is now In complete order, and ready to awtoinmo riate the sporting and riding nubile. The Gotham and Baltic Base Ball Clubs play on the beautllul green atucheduithe house, and afford much sport to the visiters of this beautllul place. The best refrewhmenu slwsyg on ^ proprleto|, TTNION COURSFs, L. I.?TROTTING.?ON TJ Oct 15 h match against timi for f1,000. I. Wood run names ilp. g. HteSgle-wsgoi. and driver to weigh 400 Ibs.-lo trot fiftv mile** In four houm. Tho wo ^vlll comrnonco at 2^'ciock, P- H. .precisely. BHAW k WHITR, Proprietor* THK LIcil'OR (irESTIOS THE LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY-WILL HOLD A regular meeUng st Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday, too lflih Inat, at 7W F- *?' f?r purfK^ of dlaonaakiB, and the tranaacilon oi goneral builnriw. when mombora are to attend. No person admitted wlltouUt^rd of L. 8. Palug, Sec. N. R- BUNCB, Vice PresldenU ILLKCART SALMON'S VKR7.KNAY CIIAMPAONE.? J. MKYKK, Jr , No. 14 Brotdway, sole Importer of this eelebretod brsml ot champagne, Is In constant rwelpt "' large shipments, and Invites the attention of the trade and others. Orders executed upon liberal lerrns^ TOMpKIff8 AfmL RANDIEH. WINES. noLI.ANDGlN. DOUBLE SWAN brar.d for sole. Iroui Ctulorn House stores, on favorable tortus. L. 6. HIMPSON A HONH, l'J Beaver street. /^HAMPAONE, DKANDY, Ac.?OF CHOICE QUALITY. IJ St prtcesfnuy per crot below the market. The trade arid others are Invited to call uud purchase. Champagne In imarts, at $? per basket. Apply to WATHON A RRrifOK r 70 kit ton street, msnut?' tnreis of chami>agnc and Importers ot brand). NGL18H GIN-FAVORABLY KNOWN IN LONDON BY u.e appellation of GUI Tom, In boUJeeand ondraugbl. at 1 toe wine veult, 18 Wall street. GKO. K. MK.SDUM. ?' PRE JUICE PORT WINE-AN INVALUABLE ARTU Ucle for persons In a state of con valesegiee. ?"d?'Wc? I found outside the drug store. On draught, by O. K. MEN1IUM. 18 Wall street. rro WHOLESALE GROCERS AND LIQUOR I'KALKRH. 1 Best green and yellow grape and cognac oils, essonoes, 1 warranted to Imitate Jamaica and 81. Croli rum. peach, cher ry apple, nud laspberry brandies; Holland gin, whiskey, port 1 and .Madeira wires, beet French coloring, lor sale by DR. L. FEUCHTW ANGER. (18 Maiden lane. NEWSPAPERS. FINNY. COMIC, LAtJOHABLR.?I SHALL IA-1 K IN a ?burl time * largo, >|> loud Idly got up pk-toriaj abu'.'t for ibe holidays, oiitiUfl TIIK CONIC PICTORIAL, Containing al least one bundled conic pictures. of ihe most laughable, comical, qul/rlcal, rule apli'tlr.p, mirth making, pleasing, fun producing, l.lue devil expelling character, with souths 10 match making the moat Interesting and richest "omit pi. 'oriel ever printed In this country Price sir renin. hy mail, poat tree, on receipt of price. Hold ?>jr all ho iksellurs and news venders. T. W. HTKONtl, (W Nassau street, Jl'ST RKORIVKD KROM LONDON? Volume 2d of the 11: nitrated London News, From January I to Jane .HI, IMS. I RICK SI I lOUAII* AS P A HAtr. This Tolnmc of the Illustrated London News contains the History OI the War In theCrtinea during the last sir mouths, graphically lllustralod hy engravings, maps, pluis. A -..form log a most (Willful record of tb.s, the gresinst warlike struggle of modern times. WILLMF.R A ROHKRg. 42 Nassau street, corner of Liberty. CLOTHING, M. ? nnn WORTH or CART OFF CLOTHINO WANT ?fig* .UUv ed ? The highest price given, and cash paid In current money, flrnilrmrn baring good superduom clothing to dispose of rati obtain a fair and liberal (rush equivalent hy applying, through post or otherwise, lo JAMKri MORON*T, llVailM stm t, near Chatham. CyUtT&lNO-LADlKS OR OKNTI.KMfiN, TUTINi) ANT ' It dispose of. can receive a fair cash price hy rending to the stores 12 Lauren* street, near Canal Or .*>1 neat Broadway, or leller by posu Ladles aitanded by Mrs. Coben. 8. OQIfE.V. FAMIIONAHI.K CLOTHINO FOR UKNTLRMKN AND hoys.?Alfred Munroe, A Co. No. 441 Kroadway, will open tblawiek, for the Inapectlonof belr customers many newstylee, which, added lo their former stock, will make their assortment very complete. No deviation In any Instance from marked prices. GF.NTH NOTICR.-TOr ALL WANT TO KNOW WI1KRF. you ran send your winter clothing to be cleaned, dyed, altered, lurried, or repetred wiib new enUrs linings and hut Ions at abort nnllrc?ddl I'esrl street second store from Headway. Articles sent lor by A. COKTIKHOS. uulor. Observe. M. THimriiwis Hack mK.N 1,1 IRIIK ATTRNTMN -T11K MF.vtllKR of the above company are requested to meet at 22 While street on Monday evening. <icloher 1.1, at Mo clock, for the purpose o( tranaactlng business and drill Hy order of JAMK8 VAN I'VKK, Captain. Jons Cimd. Orderly Merge ant HKOATTAN. UK RFJIATTA WHICH WA8 TO IIAVK TAKIN FLACK from Wilds* Hotel, Penny Bridge, Mouth Brooklyn, was postponed on account of the wember until W-dne day the 17th day ofOeioher, tnM. Jami.s WILI T I. DM. NPORTINU. IX THR CHOICR JIRKR1W OF IKMJH FOR MAI.K AND I sti k. Mange llt.iment and flea ekte-rrnlaalnr, Inlaihhly curing all sores and diseases of Ibe .kin dealing ??nlden de struction to (leas on doga, Ac. Price W rcu'a. So. 2a Water meet, corner of Pulton, up stair*. A' IH I LIMTM AM) Al'HINTN. NO RkMKIlY WAKKVRR IBRD FOR t.NFLA MM A TORY diseases of ibe eye that has ejected such satisfactory r? salts aa the Roman bye Balaam ll a?u ukea charm, and never fails to affoio speedv retlel. For sale by A B. 4 If. PAN PP. druggists. No. IUO Fulton strait. New York. h<m4 also hy druggists generally. KITKA PAT. Ij'XI RA PaT-NATT IN)I NTT UBIl ?s XTRa J Pay" OMcw- I .and warrants, eiita pay ' am > slaocoa ?J wage* due all I'm ed "a<es navy saroes, m v. wsc .iocs !*<??, 'heir wvtnws and heirs, pnoup y otsalned and notd ard all kinds of alulae sgaiao ibe Cnted Htaie< re mvsre.1 by RfiWaKP HfWPgLL. Agent, at* Parses PR. Navy/end Attorney and (ostaseOor at Law. ? Wail so eat SITUATIONS WASTED. A HE8KKC-TABLB (URL WISHES A HITU ATION AB nurte and seamatress , can take full charge of a baby from Its birth. Call for two days, at 120 Amity at HITU ATION 18 WANTKD-UY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* nurse and seamstress or chambermaid and seamstress; she ran como well recommended from bar last pla e. Call at'AtMOtb avenue, belweeT xlst and'Aid at*., third Hour, tack room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A REHRKCTABLK wo man, at good cook, washer and Ironer, In a geuwel tu'l rale family. Urs'. reference. Can be ?een at her laat place, 137 West 3Sth it. AREHPBCTAIILK PROTEST ANT YOUNO WOMAN 18 dealr-ius of obtaining a nltiiatian as lady's maid and seaui sires*, where she will give every sail .faction. Please call at 12 Nelson place, fhr two day*, between the hour* of 11 and 1 o'elcrk. A I.ADY, ABOUT LEA VI NO TOWN, DESIRES V HITU A lion, for a girl who haa been in ber employ; she can be well iei oiiimetued. Apply at Mrs. Adam Smith's, Union si., between Clinton and llcnry, Brooklyn. _ AKKSPKCTABLK YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, WHO lout Iter baby, wishes a baby to wet nurse at Iter resi dence. Call at 270 Colombia street, near Hamilton avenue, South Brooklyn. _____ A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT (URL WISHES A nituaUoQ ah seAmfttreft*; uudorHt&tuU tiJl klndi 01 tanilly sewing; can do needlework and embroidery, no objection to nr-lsi with light ehamberwork. If required. Can be seen at l#4 Clinton at., between Division aud Uratid. A FIRST RATE DRESSMAKER WANTS A HITU ATION In a private family; she I* a most particular neat seams irei.*; can also cut and hi childi en's clothing, and do all kind* ol family sewing, t liy relercuces. Apply at 123 12th st, be tween 3th and 6th avenues. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A Hiiuatlon a* chambermaid and waiter, and to assist In u>n washing and Ironing. ImhsI city reference given. Call Tor two days at 118 W 24th si., between 6th and 7th avenues. A YOUNG LADY WIHIIKH A SITUATION AS CHAM bnrtnaid, I* a good sewer. Apply at 134 Attorney In ibe rear. A RESPECTABLE OIHL (PROTESTANT) WI3HBS A alluailun as nur-e and seainstress; Is capable of taking charge of nn infant ironi Its birth. Hatlsraclory city reference givenaa lo capability, Ac. Apply In the corse! store, MI Weal Uth St., between Mb and 6th avenues, (or two daya. AYOCNQ SCOTCH WOMAN, (PROTESTANT,) LATEI.Y arrived, desires a situation, a* nurae to one or two young children, ha* etcellent testimonials, and can be strongly re commended. Apply at 72 Broadway, second lloor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS cook; Is a good cook, a tint rate bnker, and an excellent laundreaa, If required; understand* all kinds of pastry, blanc mange and jelly; can give the beat of city reference from her last place. Call at S7 West 10th st., between (lib sod 7th ares. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tesisut young man, with good reference, us coachman and groom, and would make himself generally useful abonl a gentle men* house; would prefer the country. Please call or address No. 12430th st? nearjthav. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN IS DESIROUS OF obtaining a situation as nurse and plain sewer, would do chamberwoik and waiting. '1 he best oi oily reference. Please call at 69 20th *L, near 6lh avenue, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA Uon as chambermaid and waiter; la a Drat rate washer and Inner; best of city reference given. Address 46 East 23d I street. Aoerman lady WIIO speaks knolihii TOLKRA bly well, Is ablo to teach the Erench and Herman lsu I guages correctly, a* also the piano, accustomed to take charg of children, desires a sltuallon In any opacity where her ser vices will be appreciated. 1 he best of city references will be given. A Hue addressed to M. Letkam, care of C. Kuhn, 141 avenue A, will be attended to. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE family as chambermaid, and plain sewing ; can be aeen at 267 36th St., between l?h and 10th avenues, for two days. ARESrECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A HITUA tlon as chambt rmald and laundress; Is willing lo make herself generally useful; lias the beat of city reference from tier last place, where sl.o lived lor two years aud a half. Can be seen at 2U4 Seventeenth at., top lloor, back room, l.ir two day*. A RESPECT AD LK PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A 81 luallon to take caru of children; can do plain aewlng and embroidery ; Oood city reference can be given. Please call at No. 7 Tallman street, Brooklyn. RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, WISHES A 8ITUA ilon as cbambei inald and waiter, or would assist with the washing and Ironing. The host of elty reference. Please ail dress 26th Kaat lhtk NY PERSON WISHING TO ADOPT A FINK HEALTHY Utile Loy only lour weekaold, ran hear o? one by address ing a nolc lo Mrs. Williams, box UK) Herald oU te. A A B SEAMSTRESS.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A PRO jls. leatont girl, who understands her buslt >??? perfectly, and bat a knowledge of hair dressing; no objection to give general assistance. Please call at her present employer's, CV2 Houston st., for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA' lion a* child's nurse or waller; has good etiy reference. Please call at 171 East 22d sL AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN A MTU A lion as u'trsery malil or chambermsld In a small family; Is a good sewer, and wil ing to make herself generally useful. Reference git ea. A note addressed to the eoi ner of 46th st. and tab avenue, In the store, will be promptly attended to. A YOUNO FRENCH PERSON DESIRES A SITUATION a* reamstrrsa and ladv's malil. she Is willing lo assist Ui housekeeping. Apply al 166 3d aveuue. NAMERICAN PROTESTANT COOK WANTS ABIT nation; would hhhIhI Wltfi wachln# and ironing. AMQ% a umart tody girl whii?* it do cbamberwork and tlno washing, or r-hambarwork and a? Mfttnairraa; both batw the beat of city l eicrcn e. l'leaaa call at 1W 7ih aa. near ttd at, tor two daya. i~~YOUNO~OIRL, WANTS A SITUATION; TO DO .A. light houaawork and mind children. Apply at 1*3 lai av , t*o dcom from frtb ?t. - A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS wet nurse, with a fresh tiressl ol milk, who lately h?l her first child. Can refer lo Mrs. Kiich, 67 Mott St., Ijrcharoc ter, he. All P>r El TABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS rook and laundress; good cl'y reference can he given IT required. Can he *?rn lor t wo days, at 66 4th avenue; she Is stood washer and Ironer; also a good baker/ond willing uj I make hersell useful. A NEAT AND RESPECTABLE YHUNO WOMAN DE sires s sltuallon as rharnbermald and lino laundress; Is a rempetenl waiter, If required. tan be highly recommended bt some nl-e tamtlles, with whom she has lived. 1 lease ap ply at 271 Bowery. A RESPECTABLE KNOLIHII SERVANT WANTS A situation, a. chambermaid and seamstress,or nurse and waitress; can procure it gtsrd reference. Apply at "3 Duans st., second lloor, hack; can be seen for throe daya. A BOOKREEFER OF EXPERIENCE and ABILITY wtthee a eltuetion In a wholesale home. Refer* to Oro Opnke a Co., O Liberty ft., au<l to Me*?r?. Hpauldtng, Vail i Fuller Ji and 28 Barclay at. Any commit mention nddreeaed to A. O. I) , rare of Mea*r? MockrVlge. Vaudeville A Lyon, No. .'I Maiden lane, will meet with prompt attention. A FRENCH, ENOUGH AND M ATIIKMATIOAI. TBAOII er, a tratried certificated raaater, *vbo hat gra Iriaiod in two nortnal ichr.nl*. and who ha* been employed aa head rna? ter lor 'I e lain thirteen year* hi ?booU coimectud with go rrniment, ia at prment disengaged. Can produce reapecta ble teatimnnlala. Addreaa K. '1 T . Herald offie a AYOONO COLORED MAN, OF TDK, HIOKKHT CII.V rai ter. Wtihea a nit nation ax walte* In a private boarding bouae, or a. porter In a "tore. Cart give tire beat city rale rence. Addreaa P., Herald office, Kir four <1., yg. BARKEEPER'S MTCATIO.N WANTKD-BY A COMl*F, tent voting n an, ahn ran give the beat ul t Ity reference. Addters c. L H., He raid office. OY WANTED?IN A FOREION COMMISSION MRU chant'* offl' e. Apply at r-1 ltond at., up *talj* BftV WANTED?ONB WHO KNOWS THR CITY, IS tired to buatnt aa. reatdea with lit* p*reiite, and la highly re eon,mended None otbera ti'-ed apply. Call at 12 M., at Meade llroa.. ..'18 Broadway, four dour* * ovr AaUir Unti e fM OK.?AN ACTIVE VOL NO WOMAN DF.SIREH A SIT " J nation aa good cook, aarbi rand Iroi.er, maJt< ? good bread and pantry, can be well ret cimmended for char after and cum peter.ry; would value a gottd place more than high w*gua. I'itaee apply at Til Bowery. Coachman-wanted, a sitcation, iiy a rk ' rpee able young man, who la a thorough groom; per (hotly under ataod* the rare and maaageraeal nt bor ?> '*; baa no oteee Ion to country or rttv ; la ton petrol In hi' Im-ltinnc. Iia* ?otid city reerimmr ndatlorm. A tint aitdeeeaart to L. P.. boa 11)2 Herald i Sice, lor three daya wtil lie promptly attended'n. B ? rjr ?bd 'be Other a* rant as er for a new tlluorated ar,i t ubUn lW it/epplyte*. tbl* day only. between 0 and r> f. y, to Gen r.'-.n-'' ? .<w ivy:', N. II. 1 o competent men a I'bcral aalatr* wfllMgiven. rSMltOTMKNT.?TWO RESPECTABLE MEN, OF HOW 2 nera habit*, may obtain permanent eftoaUona (one ?? tie < rtr *bd 'be Other er cant aarer for a new lliunrated atanl 0A.M. nun. I competent men e I'tcral t,.w y will be given. OBO. A. NOKRHII. HOt hFKl KFER'H SITCATION.-AN AMERICAN Widow f?I rerpectabtmy. wellaxperieaced Id bouae keep, lug, wlrlea the entire auperr ?ion ol 'he dotneatle du'le* of a gentleman'* family. underataiula the ear* of children; would engage in or out of the el it. !)? at ol reference*, '.'all at 7fi Naraeu at., toF. 0. Lackey. Mary harrinoton wipdks a sitcation ah ( rrt rate waalier end Ironer, 'be t e.i of rlty reference can I e given, the alro refetr 'o bei pr* *ao? employer iB'iutre at *.? Ed ?t., betwt en fib and Vh ntretipc*. SITCATION WANTED-BY A RSWPP.tTABLE MIDDLE aged lady, flit ?Mow of a clergyman n a d'e. I quiet family, either aa eocapanbut t.r to kernel la 'be *a*ln. or bouae keeper, where abe would becrefed a* one 0 the family A eomfonablt and happy home c ii.oi ?; dedrabie than . itnpeo ration. Addreaa T. M. Herald ( See. Q1TCATI0N WANTED?ItY A MIDDLE AOKD LADY O an An.ertean In a reapect*' le en ?' far, i -i her aa b i-e keeper or to aaalai In the >ewln_', ? here h- wonid be Walld aa one rftlie family. Call or adore** E. H. D., 0/7 Broadway, between Xlaland 23d ?<?. CITCATION WANTED-BY A YO! NO MoMA.N Aft t~ rung, waaber and Iror.er, ,a a brat rate baker and baa 'wd eight year* ejpetirin e. ' an pneuri' the beet ofrl'y re!' reneaa. Apply lor three day a, or a*l'ireaa a' W At and. ? Itfgiyn SITCATION WANTMD-BT A YO! NO WKMII 'IIRI.. aa eharobermapl In a private faintly a alao a grnd waUef <An fire the ?ety beat at referencea. App y or ?Mldreaa a raise at VI Bergen atreot. Brteiklyn. 'o Mary Loral'., Nn 'S?ya lun to go Koutb. CITI ATION WANTED RY A HI TBCTABL* Y'tCN'. tit woman, aa rbainiirrmapt and fine waeher, or ?a pdfWd laundreaa. I.a aul e>l ike beat <tf prha'e fain n?. !?"?< efettv and ' oumry refetei.ee Oblia! 3vl Mou at., between Frtncw and llonaton. SITCATION WANTLD-BY A KK-1 l.i T tHLF FRO teatant famale od" platn ' mkuag or wmA i g er fkaWMD work and waebfaa. or rev.eeal honaitwork Ina tieat ,g iffi refer er ea git en Apply at oiW.. Waabing ?a e*d, hltSe gioeeryelor? INITI ATION WANTRlb? BY A ? OMFETENT AND EX it perter.red ??weaoreab ,n a e'.paea ,e pr ea" fao.ilr none inker, need anpiy. rhe'ao e u ami fit lad" ae.lebll dran'a drraaaa. and can make fine aMrta m |?r"? <? inde elar.da all kiada eg fain.iy .etrm, n ?. i! eliy rw arfawa aa 'o Hl'egrlty and'rvmt#r.ril.ioea? I'.eoe at. I; ar I d WH tat A A, I??I priaaill en,| e.yer a.) between ? g and WJi ? Q IT CATION w ANTED-BT A R KAFIR fABLK FR ? a . 'eWem W.anar, A# f'-ok waebee and leeaier or we ret at* Iriiaeaork Of w ta Ik* eapacitt nt t^mbeeio- d aad tnar, ?la* *io. eat f'.ty rcartaee* Few aU at >4 TegM af?a re, 1.1 le Dei*. SITUATIONS WANTBD. SITl'ATION WANTED-BY A PROTK8TENT YOUNO woman, aa wuinueM and chambermaid. CaJatlt7 2<W> i>t, between 7'band blh avenuea, for Iwo daya TO PARKNy.-A WIDOW LADY OP THE FIRST RK spertablllnf, having no smalt children, la deslroua It have a chill from two to ais year* mil to hoard. To one requiring maternal care, 1 his otfera a ram opportunity, aa 'lio stiver Liar

Hill Kite the moat ununeatlouable references. Address, with lull partlcu'ara, Mr?. K. L. M.. Broadway Peat office. TO HOT EI. KEEPSRH.-WANTP.D, BY A PERSON WHO h.trt bail lite charge of Ibe book*, utid asslated In me geno ml i-aro of a summer establishment, rinii.oymem of a annlliir chamcier for'ho ensuing six luon'li*. A line ad'tressed to A. B., boi 2,240 1'oal office, will ui(?i wrh prompt attention. riMi druggists.?WANTED. \ -:ti ATI ON, IN A J. drug store, by a young mau wbo bin bail live years' ev pertence In prescription shire*. Ample recommendation t(tv> n. Address A. I II., Herald office, for two day*. "AITANTED?11Y A RESPECTABLE PKKntlN. A SITU A TT tioii a> nunie; has many years' experience In Uet c.tra of children, and !? tolly oompetcnt to take Ute entire ehartcn of a tahy from lis blrtk. Heat of city reference given from her lAat place wbere ibe live I for notne time. Please call .at 1U6 14th at., between let and *d uveniiea. WANTKD?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation a? i lilld'a nnrae and aeamairena; la an expo rlrnrrd nurae, and ran do tlr.e work and embroidery. Beet i lly reference. Can be seen Inr two day* at No. 7 Bond at. WANTED?A SITl'ATION, HY A YOUNO WOMAN, AH cook, warher and lroner. Good reference. Apply at be Weal lyth at., near tltli avenue, in the rear, for twodnye. ANTED?A.SITUATION. BY V MOST HIGHLY KK w commended youuft Rlrl an chambermaid aildeeanntrvm*. make otlldrea'a clothe* neatly; i.aib and Iron well; la a turn) etet. fon.ilv scams'ies*. w.i! make plain die?,ei or 11 dlea, or row on them when cut; eicellent e|iy reference; wage* |t< pet u.i nth. t all at Ml) I'd ate. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE I'llO irate nt Rlrl. aa seamstress and chambermaid, or aa ae?m i trcaa and waiter to a lady. Hbc can give Rood reu'romo train 1 er lual place where ahe baa Uvd tor two years, an I where >be can be.wen lor two daya, a; 2!18 West N2d at. WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED English woman, lately ai rived In ihla country 'torn Parte, who la capable of taking charge of an intanl from lie birth, a alluatlon aa rtdld'a nurse; speaking the Prrnch language, and ran Rive leattn unlala ol Iter good character Irom peraona of the highest stumllug In Loudon aud I'arW. Will receive any coin mtinlcailbii, or ran he aeen at any time at SO Madiaon a'. A BUY KVANS. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN wishes a altua'lou to do Roneral hooecwork In a private lumlly. Good reference from her laat place, whete ahe lived three yeara I'leaae call for two daya at No. 12 Baltic alreet, between hintth and Court, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, who apeak X fair Emtllah, a plat e lu n reapoeuible Attic rican family, aa housekeeper, ehamhunnald or saleswoman. For reli-ri in e call at SOU ftiooii.e WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNO woman, aa rook, waah< r and lroner, or would do houae work; la a good washer ard lroner, anil a eaplul baker, no objeetlou to Ute country A Ian, by a neat Rlrl, aa seamstress and chambermaid, or nunc. Bo h have Rood reference* Please call at 2?l llowery. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonnR Rlrl, to do Reneral houtowork, in \ stnoll private famllv; la a good plain i ook, nice washer ami lroner. Ooo<l city relerence ran be given, fan be seen for two day*. Please eall at 44 corner of Atlantic aud Willow at t., South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SMART, ACTIVE girl, to do general houae York, In u private farn.l.. i? B good waaher and lroner, und a ri*>I plain cook. Good city reference given. Call at 16 Morton alreet, in the oaaemcnt. WANTED?A S11TATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNO TT woman, to do chamber work and plain aewltiR, or a* child's nurse. Can rIvb Rood city reference. I'leaae call or addreaa a note to 71 Seventh at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 41TUA Uon a* Hi at rate cook; la an n< client waaher aud lroner, a gooyl linker, can Rive the heat or e|ty reference from her Inst place. Apply at 216 Molt ah, lit Hoor, back room, for 2 day.. WANTED BY A YOI NO WtlM W a SITUATION AS chambermaid and waiter, chambermaid ami aewr, or to <ake rare of children; lived three yeara In her laat place, good city reference given. Also a youttR woman wish' * a ami alioo, who lived eight yeara In her Juat place. Ilolb can be keen at 326 bib at,, lor two daya, WANTED-A SITUATION AH LAUNDRESS AND chatnbi tiiusld, oi laundreaa, la fully competent f r a klnda of hue w ashlr.R and tinning In tbe beat maimer 1U*'h< beat i Ity ielereneea. t an be sen at 216 Ku t Ntneieen hoticet, eort.er of Plrat avenue, for iwo daya. WANTED A SITUATION, BY A RBSPECTA III.I Rlrl, to do general homework, ahe it a bra: rale w r and lroner, and la a good plain ' '.ok Etc can come well r< k mtnended irom hi r laat place; fan be icen at 2JU Terentj tlnid street, between Fust and Second avennea, third tf or, l a> k r>.i tn, ti i twodaja. YET ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, TV to do housework; la n good washer and lroner Rtiu plain rook fan gDe the beat ut r el ere D eea trom her laa- place, where ?lie haa lived three yeara. fall at No. h Emit street, near the Bowery. Wanted?a situation, to take, fharoeop a rou'l.erti gentleman's house, ia well <|ualilled b> 1111 the situation "I housekeeper. Satisfactory lea tnouia'*' su be given Addrin M. f ., box 101. Herald office. XVANTKD-BY a "OOP f'OflK, A SITUATION IN A If resi ec'atlr private famllv, has no objection to asatat In washing and Irotdng. Haa three yeara rlty refereie ?from hor I.at place fan he aeen for two daya a'62 Kaat ..Id at., cot to r ol 4th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BBSPEf TABLE woman, aa Hrnt elarn rook, ahe thorougf ,y .inderatanda her Liislnrsa, la l)r?t ram at meat and t aatry. Iia* no objection to asa'.st In the w.i-bli i: if i"i|ulreil. tioisd city rticrrnee Apply at IY7 Ninth at., near 3d avenue. WA-NT,:r'-A SmJATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young Anierlcati girl, aa nurse .ind -ran tresa. or etuui tiiOhOid ouU xcalwUtM. Can be aeen for th. cc daya U UOi PmMM < all k( 148 Ilamnuju-; it, WANTKD?BY A HKBPKOTABLK YOUCG A NltuftMun Ms rhamhtfrmabJ. or geofral boiuw work ?n u ?mall lainily, Bbu hum ftvr \r> b**r iaai pi i?-?? ciit refer e lire. Flfa?? call Barbarize 'lour .from 1 Mary Tan bo ?ccr? lor two (1ftyt. WANTK1K-IIY A RELPKCTABKK YOUNG WOM.\N A ultuaiK n mm g<**\ cook I- a firat rale vsa*L>>rutnl ironor In cornpctfot to take a iai.iidn place Plaaac call or a?l flrrixN a note to ber prtacot ^uiploytr, So. 31U 4th are*vw near 34th ut. Y1TA NTKD?A HITI aTION. BY A ? OLORF.I) MAN, AH Yf < oa< huiati. k<km1 city rc? odimau'ta'Uttiix. (*ar ha a en at W|)>on A Brother*, cothcj of Crotby ai.?l Blccckcr :ta., froni 9 till U o'c 1m k. W A NTKD-BY A RfCSP ROTABLE AMKBD'AN YOUNG woman, a *1*nation in no to < aiiforttu wiUi a hwiy ?>r lumMy. would r* main with than* after arrlvluu; good rtfrftw* jrlvrn aa to rapatillity and character. Addrcta M T '12 Jnn? *trcf t. W ASTRO- A NUTATION AH M'RHI BY A RK8PKI table * f mar. who bar been if.nn/mini i.p the -are >1 rhlldr. n fur aeyeral jreara; ran lake the full < hark'*1 of an Infant; bee the fecal of rlty rrlrranrr < aa be seen for l?<) d??? a' No B Amliy >1 , fl.adirt' Kepoeltory.r Tr'ANTK.n?A HTtATIO.V, IfT A BEKPKCTABLK YY I'roirs an young woman, to 'lo cliumberwrk, Of a-" laondreea, In a private family: aba nnderaffeada rithrr In all ibetr brarrhea The beat of cny relet etsce. fan tie aoec. * >i I*a daya at PC Ka?t liftI atrrei, n"ar VI avenue, oyer dry p.? da "tore. W ASTRO?A HITL'ATIOS HY A YOI N'J WOMAN. AH norm.' or cbambermnld, am! la willing " make licraelf iieefuj III a family 'hat nqolrMlMrHrilM*. fan be ae?rr lor two dart at bar laa' plane. If* HiuPb Ilro. kiyu. "|Vr AN TKII?HIT!' ATIiiNH, HY TWO HENPP/M AHI.F. ?y Ameriean boy? aboot I, v<ar. Of ak?. in l.-arn anm< rr epertable trade; ahl|< tnar'a trada preferred Adlrea: Oeorpe, bog ltd Herald ? Br?. lor twodaya. WAvmi-A HnfATiov ah <tiawbkrmaii>, hy a Pr t??lanl, and 'n aaaial In the walking and ironing, In a private family. Him haa I red for yeara in ??' of the moat rcapettable farnlll* ? In Iht* clly, from whom ?he ran ret ibe m< at nr.dtapuied relrrrtee. I'lraae rail at l"0 dih ?' . near ?1 ate 3d foir. bark room, for two dayt. \\'ANTKI>?A -ITt'ATION AH LARXDRE4H, AND TO V? do plain aewing by a reapeemble Proieetant young w mm, ?> HB rood city reference Call a' ?:> 41b aye. for two day.. \IT ASTRO- BT A NTKADT WO MA V. A mrt'ATlOB Si vy i.a.k and Iwadim, In a fittva'e 'atn y . or would do 'f.e general hoaaowurk of a an.aU rea| e.'table au.ll* ; uo'lere'juvb tab nil. and *111 l.e found oompotent and toduetrloua. Th. beat r T rt y referi fi'e fri.ni be. la-' plaI' ??*.? aaply a' 4H6 ,'.d ate., telwran 54'b and 31tfe Ma., 3d floor, fa k room. IV'ANTKI) BY A PBOtFfiTANT YOI NO MAN, A -IT fy uadonaa wafer in a private tami.y umieri inn-lah.a l.oaluraa teif. H|y. ami r ill be blgb.y rooomaiended. P'eaae gddffM T. B., log l,t*9 llrfald oO -e( <r b'DlOO a-1 ,are I'oc, off e. 41TANTKH?HY A RBHI KITAHI.K TorBU '.IRI 4 yy true I Ion at i" <*! plain cwife 1 x>4 ? ?k' and ?a aber and .rni.rr; haa the baa* rpy refrranee from her two ifi ptaeaa; would llh? to go aa laundre a fan be .en foe two ilayaa: 4b Kaal "3d rt., botweeo Broadway ami I'luvorWfy plane. Vi "AXTKO?HY A TOt NO WliWAN, A BIT0ATIOB TO d' renrral hon.ewnrk in a nrleafe fan.ily, onderataada I mailt well, and plain 1 'joaing, ana la an eg ?? ?t. Waaler and lenr.rr 1 O"! refeieoe.i :eiet?ee. fan be e?n :or two ,a>?a? JTT r-fe ayenoa, near yfeth ai ABTKD?BY A RfHPMTABI.K TOIB'i OIKI. A ain ailon aa rbambermaPS and waPdft m ?fej? ? ' Or a>aia? la w a'l.lng and ir'H.ing 0<J?d cUy ryfeiyaw 1 wo daya ai W weat Hah T1tAXTRT>?A NITtATJOB HT A *t?TYA "T ABtr yf young ??**??. norwe and to >S | am <??!!?*, '* cbaoibormeid, !? w,| log lo tnako beree ? generally nf I Ha. wo j. ar? 01 'b? k*gl ? < a?tg rafeee-.r. 1 an fee re- i.? iw o 'loya fel 8o H' f d vt. IB bo >?*A?i'*e VI* Ab'TRH?a amuriox. by a KrwrmTABI.B y y ynwag W.?wa? aa ' t'.ameeeiwael, rw marao and ?wa etreea; t. W.I,Itig Widi, aa 1 nf arid >r t .ng. would T?eo: w.tfe a Udy. t< a hew raw n*. and la wtmfeg 10 Ok*ae 'e-o l t enera. r uaenai. Ilaawo par. .d dm hi?'wo el*I* reiaeoaew 1 an be aeer, ior two dayt at 84 Bowl ?? . In Urn booato.rw. WAfeTKD-A HITVaTIO*. BT A Rf> t"f.? W ABI.II yy Bug eh ?' lean aa onnk ifeoeougbly r der tanl. 10 l,..lnaw, a. d ta w.b.ng inaaaiw In ?IdMag aid If w.tf g baa. 1 lijaruao <0 go in he x ontey 7 ha be** of raforenre grex, I'leiaao rail a' SI ruac n at , .' /r ta day. v\ AfeTBO-A HITl ATIOB BT A RgatPB*"TANt.K yoaing woman aa |?d nUIn "" k iidarmrd* r ?a . raaaar " ?- - --" -- very wall. If an rgecben* waafear and ro?wr,an<t aw ugta <1? louaework with a amaJ! family, and w.ake feeraa.f get?r?.' y n>.'ql Be.' of Nf and oooMry reftrrawo Ag|iyf.w : to .',a.a at 31 epilog 01. \l'UIHi-kV AS BK'tUMI I.IKI, A elTl ATI'.N a? fe V 'ban ' ? .maid and lo aaalm ,r, fee ami tng and if anew or waling, nn'rtianioa, <? rr.ak berae I gaoarallf ae'ul. ? esaA. weak and Iron leg a an^ll prf* lefet plain..efe. waafeer and Ixmar N?l be f tvea fail a> t<7 h e an, Bang oramd f. *we day 11 Ak7?ff-A em ATI'..* BY A V>' ? I ? * ?* yy iraiatreaa. .? lo do icawiaet et are! (I. a aad-'og fun lab be 1. .. rupi 'labia radereow aa m Isa'aevee ahlkiy Bone h'ti *koaa f igklv reofmrtafeia aaod ay y N eail at Ife/aye* a J .are ?? die ra float Aiaaf ?.!??? Tl'tBTirs-A HIT' ATIOB, BY .' yy 1 ? auiar, *? a iree t ? | at h g il e ev.tlre > are end Itfelaget. "?*'<?,. rearv a "arv.'ly .a a fr?ee* ai Boe" eit? ft Ml Ilrt gi , eotwtan BraMWBl htvmhwi wanted. Wanteb-by a you no lady, who writes a u i Sufirty if* CD^103,1,16,11 *? c?l,y^* Addrtii A. WAI5I'!;^3.BT? \ 1??*? "A*- 22 VICARS OLD, A ellu*.Ion, In a IftlA or % broker's office, in ft gmal PCcnmai. aodarruuiiiam ? sped judge ,* uw.l v, and Inn"iter Willi banking buMurva. I be bet of relcretua gtveu. Addt eaa Henry. Ilvnlil illkc. wanted-a situation. bv a respectable pro. f T fas (it woman, an go xt <uokt understands I i-ury ftn t in ft pi od iroii.'r rl tbuin; ciKni. iiy reierenou. Cu m eesti t M two days at t Monroe ft'., second flour, near t'alhci iu TL' ANTED?BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A sin \ T? in n us cook , tfioroughP- uodrrsutml* bar toi..iiie?ft m ? bekt of clijr reference given. i'ftllft> aa We?l 13th ?i , second (lour, hunt room, for (wo dajm. WANTKR-A SITUATION, IIV A RESPECTABLE ? ? young woman; U > good plnln cook mid r? ?? lorn wr.hei 11ml irnii.i l?m ibe In ?< of city reference lull a Idu's 2":. ?I. between 7th and tub avcnu?ft. lu the icvr, iron room. w r ANTEH?A SITUATION, BV A Rl 1'KCTAIit.E yotmtr umii.vii, am ?'hatntinrmAtd anf v. muirt ot Hirhkm ?>?'j muni ami 10 ?**'? ctr? oI "hiUlrnii IhmnI ri,'?r?rn,u. I 'mj la fur mo iUy al U4 \V?m *t Uulwu-jti TUl ?uil h?U ^veUUCf1 W1 r ANTED?IIY A Rl. <I'K?TAIll.K 1'KOTKST \NT M VN, a f?Uu*llon fciprlva'e ?oauhmai>, U?onui?hi) nnW-Uiid t I>ia l?u*in?A* 4iid ha-t tlh bf*i til city Apply or 44,: iir?i??? J rim Uurdon !fJH hi ink! way, corner >1 Whiu* *t. W 'ANTED-A H1TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant young woman, ft? ours# or ?<ftautraw, or in do chamber* ork and wai mg, no objecUoo 10 please hur en ployer*. Best of city rcflcrenee. l'lcaae cull or w.1,b oss, (or twodayn, 2Ab 1 ?"(. ft,, uearlfcl avenue, basement. WANTEP-J1Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation uu . handier maid. l'?n give the boat of .It) n fen ore from hep last piaoe, where she has lived ovet four yearn. Apply at 1 lei SuHole ni. WANTED?A KIT! ATION, HY A RKHI'BCTABLE TV youi if to assist ?Tl at M Ku?i >th ?l,, near Lexington avenue, third floor, young woman, an 000k; 1ft an excellent baker, and will ar.ixt la 1 " ~ log 10 a??ist in washing nnd Ironing. Br-t ot reference. 1'lea.e call ul ff Earn >ih at,, back room for two day?. WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN. A ntloation .i? ? hamhei maid and waller In a ft mall prliaic lainlly <io.?l rcfcri-nce t'mi bo ?<wn lor Iwoilayn at Ihn hoow of her preM-ni employer*, IS) Wcat KUi at., between 7Ui and Mh avenuee. WANTED?A SITE ATION, IIY A YOtNd WOMAN. To " rook wa?h and Iron. In a prlvnla family, or would do general housework, flood city rwerruca Can he ?ocu at 300 ltrldge at., Hr.aiklyn, lor twndav. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PHUT MKT A NT OIRL, a stluaUao ftft nurw and a. urn-area, or to do chainhnr wisrk and irwlng, ne?t of city reference given Call lor two day? at 212 IMiih *i., belwcro sih anil snft avenue. "WANTED?BY A RE'NPK<'TABLE YOUNO (llltL, A YT ftltuaihin to do ehamberwork and nowlng i an cut an I lit cnlidr' n'ft.liea-eft; underalanda all kind of family -ewlng, Itau no objection 10 lake . arc of children, la w illing ami ?i ligliig In rvrry capacity. Beat elly reference, fall at HI 2tUi , he Iw < ? n mb and 7'h avenuer WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a ftltuatlon aa aeftmalreaa or cbambanttatd and aaatn am ?? la an Mcellent ?lilri maker, can nuikr children's dntbae and Is first rale at embroidery and ntadlewnrk 1 an lie ecn for two days at tM* Uouslon st,, Orel Door, front 1 (aim up stalri. w 'ANTED?A SITE ATION, HY A YOVNO WoMAN. A? plain cnok; Is a good wnshrr and bonar: g-ail relereno.1 Irom her present employer. Apply at I7'2 West llih-t . for two days. WANTED?A SITE ATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE II young woman, a? good rook and llrst rate ?? .1. -r and ironir, or would go a* laundress, goo.1 oily mlcin o given. Cull for iwo tlays at U University place. "W ANTKD-A SITUATION. IIY A PROTEST A N r OIRL. vl 10 do general housework, I* a s.anl plain <xok, llr?t .an wa-difr ami tronei. ('ity and cnutitry 1 efcrence. 1 all at As 'jj 1 avenue, comet nl lfitli s'. WANTKD-HY A MOST HE>PXCTABI,K YOtJhO WO TV mni, a situation to do general housework Ot a private lantlly, Is it ftret rair washer and lmncr and go-?l plain-v?ik, and 1 an hake w ei wonl-1 not object to do cliamh. work ami takecarool chhuron. Ile.t city refkrrnra. Call at I _ . ... _ I ye MMUi ft,, hetwoen Jib and 8tb atetiue., on .Moiaiay a/id T s lay WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKSI'ECI ? iLE Wo vl man, as n> r?? or wapbig malil. in r'tries ?. < aa be well reronuneitded Ail-Ires. , a nn oi Broadway end Moiutun Ibr ?? '< ?. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKAPEOTABLl young gli'., as plain rook: if a goal waabor. Irene an. aker. or aa launTtess lleatol refeien- e. Apply a' lir I'jii between ch ntal 7 havenues, n.p twudajra. w w ANTED?A SITUATION BY A PRDTiSI AN r W<> man, ok; baa the beat nf city n l. r. in . Can he n for !?? day* at W Wc 2Uh si.. In i'he oai WANTED?A SITUATION, IIY A l.t.AVO TAMI.K vv young *1 n.an, *0 chamhrrmxid and waller, .s 1 do general hi ,,rework 111 a small family The lent of ty u '* ' ' ien for twodays at led I a? . I ?' first U'ANTED-A SITUATION, by an rxpi kiknckd woman. In fttnall private (umtly; ?h" tv a Co d r.e?k, understand. .,11 k.nd? of paHtry. and woual he w."o.g to a.fti>t d wssllug at.d Ironing. *'?n give g.ail <|tv rcta-mc *p ply al IN. West Ih'h s1., betwcooLb ft ml Hd a. uuca, up ? tillrs, (or tv o days. WANTKI>_A SITUATION. IIY A BE?PE<'TABLB WO man,s* ook, washer, andIronort good ci v rci no,... t'a.l al 2M VH. s between 1st ave. en 1 aveom- A , for two days. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOI N i WOMtN. ftltnautm Hiring, waahoraml Ironer, In a inn I prlv ,'armly Tl <- hru" of city reference given ( all, fin tin . ? .1. ai 3V Atlantic o South Jlrnoklyu, fit the s'oro w WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BESPE'TAH] TV young wt.n.an aa r?,k, wasl.ei ai.d Iroitee or g-ue housework 'or a ni.aU family. Cool my r- frr-i. e Pin cal). for two lays, at No. 77 Weal 2Bl!i si , between vh a 7'bave. WANTED-BY A MOST RKSPEt'TAItI.E WI.JUtN, A vv siiua ior. as g-. ,1 cook and la mdr. ?s for .n. mgy a ew miles otil of town; Is s gno.1 haker. an I undr nanda Ibe nil rare I f a dairt. Pleave call al Mrs. Oraene's d' l?<k age'' y. N'1 70 W nlte at., until suited. w 'AMH)-AN AMF.HICAaY OH 1*110 ft!/ TA NT WO HAN lo v ait ati a imiy going S4.o*J? fur u?o wlon h? ?u?i? i iftniti''fK. Qorwt ref<*r?n'*ti A(>(?ijr 241* 4Ui .v., bc.woaa 9 a ml 12 o'clock. II* ANTF.D I" girl, k i HY a fu:hPMTAni*F Yot'ifo ?.vfjr.r^ri Itud* it, ' unof IrftVtl wiUit wiy, tt i 'ti ' 11*;.i ( An bt ?? ci. at 217 l?* * II r AM l*I>- ilY A ItKfO'KCTA ItlgK YOU MO W??\!\Y, A ? ? ?JuaUoii, a* tukinl/t rfiial i ii.etl'1 an#! D'irMT, In torn? rr?|H* lir.^a'c iMiiiiiy < /io giwihm b??i ??f r omm' >A *.*? from Mr pUc?*j wi.cr?- ?b? Hub 1Iv?n| two / pr for two 'J?yp, at V> ^ #5*1 HUi ?!., m'i 'ffkei o>it;ir irow fi*n ar w U'AMU'-I'VA yoi xil (IIR1. A in WlllV A* YT diimbtrottlilf or 'I" arriorai t ttanwrrk c?> .kfttrauca. ('alia her preaast placai, 18ft ICaaA libit ? t, YVANTKIt? HY A BWirr.<TAW.r vol N<l WOWAV A ft MWHMA and "I do the raahlt.,' and li? ,111* I rat city rrferrnote ?,ven. Apply for tw , lav-a I/' fit ?' 1 Iin?? 0 plara, third flour, frohl tu 10. ir imui-a OTCanok, ?r a roi n<i woman, TT torn k, waah aad Iron, or la4o ma nei,?r?| looaa* >? of a air.all larullyi la a flmt rat# Waah r and If 1 / and -.,,1 |.,a.n nx a IU Uio oral of rir, ref-rett'a < an l r ?* at ,r IWO daja at HO 1 { ring **., Id ilia mar, aaaooi) Ore?r \l,'aktki;-a fliti ath?n, ht a voijvi man TT yaara of iga. "Meant 'b? b'li-hrr'i trad-, ?n AlurVha h<?? t rrt-rrns lie:# a Oortnaa. natlantaii la ? KmrU<b and rranel I'teaae rail at at a* I. at aoi of v] a , !??, Mr WtatlA. rAHTfl)?A HITTATI'IS lit A FRtiTt >1a*T ynut a uoat.au. aa Mahatraat -an em an I mak. sbttdrowo rlmbea tor both tnalr and t?mai-. aia . a imp ,t mil) t -iy; ran d/t -a Lair; la a *"?! fan.lly aaawatraa Would to. * to nb.artMio to travail o aairt u>? .na Nona, t ot ladi*? ' I tb? 1.1*1" vl re?| -rlai'llpy n-rd apple To ha ?rnei 'or wo day - a No. . Ilarn: 'on ?' corner ? <' athai I,a TA VTF.D?BT A KE*nWT A III,P. KnNtk, A MTl'A TT 11 n aa aeamatr- aa ami ekItdron'a norvat, la ?,tnp? tu?l 01 d . >klrt n attnc and >tM> r.i r> hind of -v. ma IP - m rwffer -oera. ran b? van al l-r froaowt Mhpb>r?r * Mil ??*?<<?! M 'in at Joott ?tr?', "IVANTKP -A nfCATIM, NT A YOf'NU H' 'rTt'll TT girl tod' ft.amt'rw tk and wait tie, vttpa oj ra l-rotr* 'an ka g:ver 1 aa be aom for 'hna laja . Ill lie,it *'t??t ?l>t?d fltx", tit to N'.. | In tbo rrar U' AMI 1?-A Ml I AT ION, It y A IIK"PK< 7 Mtl.K 'il*!., TT aa lani.dir,. ape <1. rrroghly undTatoAd -t 1,naao a ? Pa branrhrr, rw-. ibl Pa a llliig t? g,, aa -bain barm Id ad limorfw that.* at #? ? r trl-r-n - froan bar toad p' ./? 1 in ha arm for tan <U>-,at *2 TUr at?t, jt, oomtr of Jam .1 re?r.<l Iff, tark mm.. Tlf Aivtllft?A Mil ATI' V HY A NiAT fOf.tf'l GIRL, TT ?? 1 aa arm dattiaraaM. an aaw ami./ aan waah ?i in fnr 'bo tahy.la 7*" k at dot o??ln and a' akalmr or ??a doimrt a *0W? tn 'Ma rlty or HnaAlyn Ka -1*0III ?u, rrlrraara t?, ?< >T0 "? . nd a?ono< n?*r Ta- .tyar -tart riraot, lor two daja rAPTID-h* A Pl>l l 'TAlll.t. T'rtN'l f,l|tl A ?ii'iatrr. 10. tam'^rw rk and aai'tnir, or o *ka air ty frrttal pvtti. Apply fa tara lata vs w ll'ANI'l-A ITI ATI7N It Y A ItMl i> 7 A RI.K ft ) i.g ?? tt.u, a p't a ? ha.ll|. ?a ? a -at ? -a ,nd ? ' ?Ia-| .nt aaal.rr and toe.ar ?'??! r)t? tvoraada ?? ba 1 <t'.t i n. kn a ,11 .a-a. Arhpra aoa Itaad lam taara ? all at 117 Iat ata-.-,? L? ata-a U and lath Ma . lot lira daft It A XT 1 fi? A airrATI'i* lit A Y';l kd Kl!t A? >t , ?ht y.r'tf 11 -wtlaeiar. nr aaj -p *01001 ahara ha aaai c tat Lima# ? i.aa'al Fitwa addraaa ILK. htratn. P rt rAk tl" A WTf J>? MT A VII'M.P. A' *t> M M IW IT It ft t oat at at d r ??f 'alio < harao of app htad of aa r I a a ' .art a) I ar I/. 1 . 7?u?t tA at' a > ? A?> t-aa ? tB't h| I t a a d do Oal ? dir- /III. ? lit! r 7k I ar. .hi.' baawa.a. rmafaanM aa fHw ?ifho had. a A>T?f' ? am ATI'i* A" WAlTfllt l? A IMI <a a tao> 1 y ? fi* ' ? yaund aaaa who aa tor ? at da 1, a tmwaaaa t.rfa<-;r aa trill M t.-aa-t ?-adai in a r? .ta- abla am .? -M ' 7 t'-o'ta'at to ara-.'Aaay, l,?aM> ai d aat al lWr AW. aaa r f "A Mraadway raraaf at II* a? tr. 'Va apwiMa't ry r?.ra tl'ANTP.r-A alTI Atf"* if A Tflt MO MA? Ad ? . a t il w taa .? .a;t,oa jl ttaj f fa r rf # Ife .'aaf d Jdr.ro M' ?|h a H? I ftf fft I 11*4*1* J' 4 :i* <f?4<ff*A? lir J| ?* pa " ,#!?????* t ' ' 4iTf ?ld|l U*? |t? ftfrfl tf i ?# ?*?' (f 7t?# # ft n . ?< | .? f * *?-? ?? **umr rrrnum'* , ^ . .a W ?' aoway. a* ?? tr.-AW f? II. .m -<dh" br ??? 4??? n't?tH' ;* a wiiOLfAAU (hut mm rt'' t? 1 a ur ? -aaataa arm, I a pa,, , ?, ova a r r*a # 01,0-1. 1 that A 'taaaaa, aa a. na. n a ??, bat <V> o?B ,4 ,. arar aaa wti' La ra? , rar tkan-ai ?a?t e" " raolahpdkMpa t.lawaa J 1-00-0.11 rarafol. ? ,.j a, r ? * t/0. nawi U ? arWHbdt -If ???d M?'?4?ay. Wataa tha ?tti aay P>.!- r? TUB PfNKNKI. 0 ? "o I At.' ? t?p i tin 1 int" tl? *r ii J\ 1 tr-0rj ?.aa a a ? --1 . wb, ? . r,? tlatwratta toaaar Aaara aa*t P iMdt.ua 'Mr 'a. a-?r M fa r?? ' - ?> .01 r tr ft W 'dj 1 P'.rh i*?ardMw to-.toAtwy. HELP WASTKD. A^m UOOD <OOK AND TO AHMlHT WTTIl W\rlllNt> u><1 (renin. wnoted uuwMr.v, *Un. lonr n<?,j eimn Cuoka, ihrrr dkmbrrmajdi and wain ?, nuraaa . ?a.ro* imt<, ?mart aula lately fended, and a number oI atria Kir 1* ...wet, al WKNLKV'M aclect lunula oSte*, 1 '>? rtriralb ..ir nr,^ Twcnlj^i.1 "true'. A U>l> III <1 .? , lull' ?? AOOOD CIIANrE-WANTr.lt, ? landmen, m?.j i-oopera, tari'antera, bl?et ml1 he iw>h>, >>r??r<l- j | *,.,?? ?'e#rera, for .hip? i,.? e IIHU..' All < nidilnff I'.ri ?!.?n or tb. rojago. Yens* men ?labia* (<? <rUI call a1 Hie idB ?? ? i H Waal ureal, i m tier ot t i dar, u| ia.r), i|f4 tm rutni'anr, 9i Weal ?: iJtw pier It North rlrer. / HUIK WANTFD-O.V" WHO MlnKOI 111? T TNTI ri " an J? her li?alne?a hod la wll r. nun twl- tj, , . it?y, I. ween II and U o'clock, at Mo. AA I'lUiiab j. ? / i I-Ith \t t N iru- \ Viii'xn -J an n i.i.', ????A a ,.t ti,,1 i,ar in; t. 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