17 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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AWKKTUKKENT8 MNIWD ETEIT DAT. MUM AT AUCTION. Albert b. nioolay, AOOTiONKBB^?AssioTrEK^ isle of a large stock of Jewelry. Albert H. Nioolay will ?ell, on Wednesday, October 17, el luK o'clock. At Ui? setoa room, 11 Broad street, a large stock ol Jewelry, manufactured for Broadway sales, of the heat description, consisting of fine ?eta, breastpins earrings and bracelets, gold fob and vest chains, very heavy and a great variety; pearls, garnets, rubles, turquoise, MO.. Me.; gold watches, tu bunting aud single cases; ladies' enamelled do., by Hrelng, Krere., Cooper, Tobias, Anderson, and other celebrated makers; finger rings, gold pens tend pencil cases, gold seals, plain and engraved bracelets, Starr pint, wrist do., studs, sleeve bullous, and other jewelry, comprising the stock of a first class store, to be sold without re serve, to cloae the oouceru. By order 01 the assignee. Albert h. nicola y. will hull at auction; on Wednesday, Oct. 17. Inst., at Hi o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, a dwelling bouse and Ore acres of land, situate ou the Newtown Plank Road, Ave miles trorn Peck slip lorry, and near Ike National Kaoe Coarse, it Is very desirable lor a hotel or urlvate residence. Possession may be had immnli rrtely. for further Informal Ion apply to .Kill N N WALTER, on the premisses, or to J No. COOK M SON, 111 Nassau street, or to the auc'loneer U Broad street. AC. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 9a BROADWAY. . ? Peremptory sale of first cites cabinet furniture, being the balance or stock of Joseph Sommer K-q.. 4.12 Broome street, near Broadway, without regard to coat. A. C. Tu;tle will aeU, on Friday, at 10k o'clock, ut -152 Broome street, the balance of slock of first claw furniture of Joseph Hummer's, who le retiring from ihe trade. Every article of which is war ranted of the best claas. and will be sold peremotortiy without regard to coat. The stock comprises rosrwissl parlcr suits, etegeres with marble tops and looking glioses, secretaries ana bookcases, wardrobes, eaten ton, soft ami centre tables; rose wood and mahogany dress bureaux, so* belauds. bedsteads, > n.modes, ha.it stanua, large lurme hairs, dining room articles sofas, Ac.; also, one large Preach plate looking gifts; also, rosewood and mahogany veneers, lumber, hardware, Ac. Ca ulogues on tbc morning of sale. A UCTION NOTICE.?EDWARD 8CHBN0K WILL BELT, jfy at auction this day, at 10k o'clock, at bis salesroom. Id Wall street, a magnificent assortment of diamond Jewelry and watches, being the weole or the stock of an Importing house declining business, consisting in part of gold hunting and open faced watches, by Bretfng Prerea, Lagler, Jos. Johnson, l-oo per, Dent, Htigeman, and other distinguished English and French makers; elegant diamond bracelets, pins, earrings, and rings Including clusters, three shines, and single stones. In eighteen carat gold settings; Florentine and Roman mosaic bracelets, pins and earrings; cameo do., guard and vest chains, K" , rings, Ac. Also, twenty-five double barrelled guns. positively without reserve, for cash. Auction notice.?m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell on Thursday, at 10k o'clock, at 27 Centre street, the handsome parlor, chamber and klichru furniture of a family, (removed for convenience of sale.) consisting of solas, iele s teles, rot kers and parlor chairs, French plate and other mirrors, handsome tapestry, parlor and stair carpets, maho gany and walnut French and cottage bedaluada, hair and other mattreaoes, bureaus, washatanda, toilet sets, mahogany ward robes, lace curtains, window shades, glass and plated ware, dinner and lea seta, cooking, parloc and other stoves, with nu meroua other articles, worthy attention. Auction.?this day, at 11 o'clock, by elias COMBS. Auctioneer, at 66 Nassau street, silver plated spoons and forks, rosewood, black walnut and mahogany fur ulture, extension tables, mirrors, oil paintings office furniture, Ae. Purchasers can liave their goods packed on the premises and properly shipped. Auction notice.?henry b. hertb, jr., Auc tioneer, will aell on Thursday, October 18, ?t 10k o'clock, at the sales room, No. 8}J Pine sir. nt, assignee's sale of a large Mock of cloths. casslmurca, vstlngs. Mo., comprising in part Fienrh, English and Herman cassintcrcs, Belgian doeskin, cas lor, beaver, Jtlolo ninth, satlnetis, pros de Rhtn>-satins, vesting*, iiloves, haudkerchiets and a large quantity of ready mide clothing. Auction bale of elegant rosewood a.vd mahogany furniture.?HAVAOK A PARKS, Auctioneers, will sell, tlds day, at lllk o'clock, at their s ilearonni*, No. fit Broadway (Gothic Hull), the entire balance of the stork of a manulacturer declining business, comprl tig heavy carved rosewood and mahogany parlor suites, cover a In satin broea tel. hair cloth and velvet plusb; superior mahogany and oak extension tables, marble top centre tables, oval mirrors, line oil paintings, hair mattresses, clocks, Ac. Hale peremptory; (arms cash. Auction notice.?J. booart, auctioneer, in h. Thia ii.v at 10U o'clock. at tin- auction rooms, aw of Fraukfort and Wllifaro streets household furnltnre, carpet* Ac. Mahogany and caln neat chair*. mahogany sola*, bureau**. wardrobeH, looking glasae*. oil lugs, cooking move", kitchen t urnlture; lot of lutnluaie, fa.icy. clock*, table cutlery; one fancy *l?cll palace. Alao, a lot of Imported scgars, Ac.. Ac. AUCTION NOTICE?THOa. BEI.I.. AUCTIONEER?BY Bell A Biiah.?'Thl* day, at lOS o'clock, at our*al-"room?. 12 Nortli William street, we will sell an entire "lock of atl'jok, watchmaker and jeweler, comprising gold and "''J'?"" elated ware and fancy article*; fourteen fine watches,twenty Fwo clock*; a lot of French ainf English jewelry, chains, ring*, plna. pencil case*. Hale without reserve To Bporljnien.?At yj t^ o clock, will be nold a One Kngllnh pointer dor, well broke, a valuable double barreled gun, made by McUermot, Oublln, good a* ManUn's, or any of them. Fifty bn*c? tine *eK*r?. Sc. Our Hale of furniture wUl take place on Thursday. a rrriON VOTIOK ?-KDWART) BCHENOX WILT# SEI<Tj A on Fridiv October 19, a. l??i o'clock at 1? Wall street, continuation sale of an Importer's stock ol line Old ?Item bran dies Ac.. Wes' and East India Madeiras, pale und brown "her rtrf. London port, I melon dock brandies,, hampagne, cognac do., Scottb and Irish wblakeya, Jamaica rum, Ac. Hale posl ilve. _ ? Auction?at 12 this day?by <7atai^001:e, at t.1*J* spacious salesroom, SI Nassau strectrich andpUlnftm Ttlture, French plate and other mirrors, oil paintings, r.cb do <orated cblnn Ac. 1 lie bargains obtained at this cstab.tsb ment with the satisfaction given by motlenf selling and ut'en Bom tonal ise' ore an extensive business The uuaUty of rur nlture, Ac., la the came a* sold at private w*reh<m*cs. andlbc buyer Is pr1vtleged?o|return It If not sattsfaclory. By the change 4>i Viour km Above, Umj public in BMiftrftl will bo witUnul' 4)1 Dour a? aoov?, uic ? XUWIB MURKEIL, Auctioneer. lotion?12 "roTTIBAY?TU NIH M< >RRKLL,AC 0 liooeer?Furniture, mirrors. Ac., by catalogue, tbl* day, 12 o'clock, (change from ItlVJ.) atthe apacU^ aucUon room hi Nassau street, twlicre no underbtddcrsare allowetL) Lndlet and gentlemen c*n attend wttb pleasure and prolll. The eon ?timfdtmand lor eaab. *?nd. It. dally valuable goods tor hon^e keepers, such as rich and plain furniture from urge """iiitac turcrs and private warehouse*. Al?o. families giving up h. usekei ping. French plate mirrors, oil painting", oval mlr rors Ac For further purtlculara. refer t" printed catalogues, which M e ready tor examination. N. B.-Hunrdlng house keep ersas well a* dealers, will Und bargains, even to suit them T< rmi> ol tale, vir: ~No dQKidU taken; mi?tin<lomtanAri?, po? w J^ to take. Buyers must bo pleased. Every tadttty tor boxing and shipping at small charge. Tshioneks' sale.-w.c. amu rti;h. auctioneer. A wui K?n thl* Wednc^Uv morning, ^soher 17. ? o'clock. No. 19 Court Htrect, op poults th? City llall, Brooklyn, a general assortment ot household [urnlture, csrpota. beddtug, Ac.. Ac. Eugene b franklin, apctionct^by frank? I.IN A NICBOLH. at thetr salesroom. ?? Nassau stieet near Fulton, thl* day. Oct. 17, IHt A.-Regular tall sale tg nsaorlfd icahlnet I urnlture?The trade ami Imuirkc-pers atrnerally are I.erchy notllled that our regular sale wUl open this dav at 10', o'clock, and continue until the extensive Mock la'disposed'Ot. We suggest that this 1* die most favorable opportunity ever offered to the nubile forpurchsa.nggen e household Furniture, as the sale la parountory and wMmul re nerve. Terms of Halo-All sums ^der?M cash .over ?AV) mr%d under ll it 0. amy day a, approved paper, over 11,010, roar months Th?; caUlogua embrace* elegant parlor? iofta. In iroie VOOl) mahogBny and black walnut, covered in the rtMWt and most fa-Jilonsble brocalel, repU sllkand Kn8li*51,"'r?','J?!?!'? ldv top pier aide, sots end centrs tables; rosewood ctegerea p I .tie slate glaas doors and backs; carved book and corner stands, reception chairs, easy chafra, escreU'lres, sole boarK *> embellishments; wardrobes, amour", mosaic rancy ia dee. ele gantly carved French bedsteads, difleraut Jyles; ^1' n\mtiribfk?M i>*lliftMe* pillowi and bolster*, Ac. Also, rich gilt costly oil paintings, gilt fr.-n d eusravbtgs de< orated chins vases, gas chandeliers, pendants, brackets, Ac. Every teclllty offered merchants for packing and whipping. OKOROE TOOK, AUCTIONEER.?LAROK BALE OF new and lashfcnable furniture, weorge t-ook will sell this dm 0? 17. and * morrt.w, 1Mb. at hair past 1.) o'clock. No MS Brnadwav, near Bond atrect. the enUre manufactured iTT^Tesq-,embrailng parlor, rixamberaod dining room ruinlture In great variety, parlor snlts ln .severs' ??iMfftntravFrincx wardrobw, tideboardu, ')U? tseeretarirs bookcases, escritoires, dressing tafdes, dining ei ??Son UbVeiVotJbcbalrs, rockers, music stands, corner do * ".utcads bSreaus wasbstands. coiumtsles mattresses, bol every aril de found In.an exten alve and fashionable Broadwav warehouse. |AI*<i. t w t "unertur rosewotsl piano fonos. tit""!, may I'c eax mined the dsv previous to the sale. ^^... die store or at the ofl.ee ot the auctioneer. II. Nassau arc Thr above I" well worthy the attenuon of too trade and o her, GWf W. H. ROUIIRH. Al CTIONEKR-I'. K. V AN "'{''TE^ . will well, at mrtlon, on Wedn???d*y next, i)et. liUi, a u otclock A M . at iH First street, a general assortment of bouse bold and kitchen furniture, viz.: tab lea th?fjj rloth, bed* and bedding, balr mat^eass^twIwiT and glass ?nop- riorkM. one iDAtiuKiDT F-reifh bod^'ead, nearlv n w. getber with uumaruua other articles. Hsle positive, for . ash. HwvrV-h" LEEDS. AUCTIONEER?BY II H. LBKIIB jl To ?Tueads' IWh. and Wednesday, 170., at lu'i o'clock each day. a- the auction rtoms '? v N?M>{TjTi wifl tAk?* place aaabuve, at which of l?i* hno*' be dbt'?ocl or. consisting or real I kfriyt wmtuxn^ Bard la lb. yellow of Hlenna. Etruscan, siedlcl, Roman ant Hebe'aaea" from * to 5 feel high, with oth-r < not.-e vases so" wide for iwr'lor* and niches. Also, alabaster statuary- R.'pt'e wentlng Venus of Cauovs; Anmtre Be vine, h^r Benerlno, four S&tesx sa isctsrw^TR^ iH?tng 'ilercu.'c#. Awllo Belvtdere, sleatdng < u|'l.<1i l'ampalion copy of the monument oil the pta/.ta a I^ghoru. rK J.'.* vases, one superb ^ * J leave*, a pair efthe largest vasssererImpure*. ln^'C.T ..".I Slotblc and tlroctan vases, lor parlors, n.an'clpt^cs. ha U a . nu-hes- Tarrs of Adrian, card recstveri, solid grspe ea.e*. In buiimb las. trans par ?n t vase>, Fompell and Uereulenean vase,, urns and temples, mosaic lafile and va*ea, groups, animals Ac The above splendid collection ha* jus' baen Imported from ItalV eipresslv for this market. Also, a large and valuable as aorimenFof French ch.n. v^. eloefc. "f superior workman ship in brotiwt and ormtdn; chtna vase, rltdief psln ed Als<, a large asanrunent of bronze llgures, groups, AO., all ol re..ent to^L^^pressly for this nusraet Vhe g.ssls cm. b* packed at siuail ezpense on the premises for shipment. If da abed. _ , eyny u HeEIi- A <IO? AUCTIONKERH.?AH s.gnee * sale of a Isrse and valuable stock of manufasp lured jewelry, set diamonds. Ac., w.hout r._-rve,| r ^ UaSf^AOO. wl1^ ?elM'vVurtlmi'. t.'their .a>.rooms,l?N? slock of first riasa cwelry, all manufactured lor iirroiway sales af the best dea. rlptlona. constating of fine s?da "^**4 Ti, Tearrings and bracilets, eomplei-. set and unae hard ?O iter ver J fine real sold fob chains, v-ry ,-teiv. Iflamm.d jeweVy?Fearle, garnets, re*^ tMuamw, Ar. Gold pens aad pencil e*??*. set ho rMnM) >?walry. aof\aokiv jewelry 01 all kjn?i?. toari do , fina gold chains, single and double gold 1,"-Acl*, Eti.'iish p. t. fs vclCT ft"g." ring', sat and uu'et, very une, coral do, enam elled sets gold *< sis and i togs, lewelryands of poree^mo^tor show esses, y a n ind engraved bracelet", do. set In 'amc-i nd precious tones; scaiTpla*. wrist do, cross#*, mournmz rlnss set In psarl Ac.-, rot and unset studs, sleeve buttons at. 1 cthJrwweltV-u. be wild without reserve. U> .lorn the eon ' * t order of lbs assignee, Al.o, one Urge Invobte of plated,"pure English pattern, beaded detaeri and l?a spoous. H'nUHBHOI.Il U ItMTIKK-l'lt PIER .11. v - ? - Mrmri Ar ?J L. VANDBWATF.R. anrUoueef, ? ',Kta dav lie Ineaday, Pic tot.er 17, at I0t# o'elork, at the W\Lm?Z*x7U\u,x line?list it" been rem .red to that vttrs serosal* ssss-a ^ ^ e.rant *oa. r?, lor UB^edrote * ? r?MV,a>d and roalogsny, covered asstutg c^.f"1.!1^. I hairrlwh. plush, Ae.. 'I'ssat row tn ekgaut "tyles ^rr?"'fIl;,^^Tcen'r. and side tables; oak wood and mahogany "Jhrbie -P w r?ri and walnut I iu-,.aeu._Ul.tnj * and p.rl.,r ekalnL Ublea and ??'rmt>kloabl* wroood han.1 ^hers. wo,k..?rl< ^^^.gin and ornamented frame pianos; ?, or ttaore, ? renen |t? - , maol?l clocks sod pier tlassro.vartotu.tae^ ..timings la rich rienamen's. sOvevpWo?WsHW Jomwoo! and omlswsov ly to all tor fagnlahma througbauL H ?ii? at Mvornm. Henry d. lbxdf. auutionkrr?by h. a ij?eds V*).-;r3?edM",dmr' 0cL ?* 12S o'clock, at the sal-a room, >o. 18 Nassau street, stuffed bird*?* Ur?r rollMUon ui _i liPKt collettton of Kin tied birds from all part* rf tbe world, pre pa rod in the moat substantial manner to represent life, emulating of birds singly on sprigs, groups, and under glees shades, large and small cases. Without reserve. HENRY H. LEEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS ?KI.EGANT household furniture, made by Haudouln I Meek*. In tho port style.-UENllY II. LEEDS A CO. will se? on Thursday, October 18, at iOJtf o'riock, at J89 West Twenty seoood street, oj-c Mnth avenue, all the furi Hure contained In suid house, all made to order last spring, by Meek* A Botidoinc, of the best quality, at.il in perfect order?conslt'iug of rtob velvet carpet*, I see curtains and heavy tassels, elegant enameled cor nice*, rosewood etegere, plate glass and satin wood; oval oler glasses, a superb rosewood pianoforte, mode by Lisded A Frits, .seven octave, cost lost May 84,060; a set of real bronze group and figtues for Imantels; very elegant gas cbandetlers and fixtures; with globes; pine and black walnut earvnd parlor furniture, selected wood, covered In green Mik velvet; clocks. In bronze and ormolu; fancy rhalrs, arm do.. Ac , covered la estln hroratel; dining room furniture, carved ntshogany, co vered ta crimson eluah; extension tables, very Que; reception room, rosewood, covered In tmrplti morocco, couchc, chairs, Ar. Bedroom furniture? Brussels carpets, three ply do , ma horany tine black wulnu bedsteads, choir*. dressing bureaus, marble tops; couches, ename'ied oot'age furniture, mattresses, beds at d feather pillows, all ot the bust kind , English oilcloths, hat rack*, velvet stair rarpets. china, _i(Ua< Ao. mHale to com men se with the kitchen furniture. The above fusulture has on'y been ured slnee May. TOHN HOUGH, AUCTIONEER?PER EMPTOR Y HALE ej of rich and elegant household furniture, pianoforte, Wench pla'e mirrors, carved rosewood parlor aulu, parlor organ, taprstry rarpets, oil paintings, mantel statuary. Ac ? .1 .Hough will sell. Without reservation, to morrow. Thursday, at 11 o'clock A. M., the entire contents of theelegantly furnished residence, 70 Murray street, near College place. Apart list Is herein contained;?Two carved rosewood suits?one In crim son and green, the other in claret and green broeatel, each consisting of one sofa, one eaay chair, four medallion back chairs and one Gothic reception rhalr; rosewood 7 or'ave pianoforte, of beaulthil tone, lit a highly finished esse, and fully warranted by tbe maker; Atthusson and tapestry velvet ear pets, AzmlmUer rugs, lady's escrutolre, beaiitlflillv inlaid throughout, with mirror doors; elegantly carved etegeret. mir ror front and hack; papier raache and Paris inlaid tables carved rosewood centre tables, with statuary marble tope; large French plate pier and oval mirrors; rosewood side, sola and pier tables, rosewood book shelves, corner etageres and stands, rich Hevres vases, parlan marble and bisque sta tuary, a choice collection or oil paintings, embracing fruit, ma J " ' ' "known art" ' rdne'and game pieces, by well known artists-, also, some very One portraits and landscapes on porcelain, ooaily lacs wtndow drapery, gilt coridceg, decorated shade*, Ac. Also, a par lor organ of unequalled purity of tone. In tbe cham bers? Rose wood suit tn hrooatel, mahnqsny do. In haircloth, Hruaaels and Ingrain carpets, rosewood and mahogany bu reaus, bedsteads aud washstands, china toilet act, easy and rocking chairs, mahogany spring seal chairs, heavy hair mat tresses, French counterpanes, gilt mirrors, bolsters and pll lows, lace and muslin curtains, mahogany centra and work tables, cane seat chairs, Ac. Dining room?China dinner set of 1A0 pieces, decorated tea sets, silver service, salvers, cos ters, rake baskets, forks, spoons, Ac.; cut glass ware. Ivory cutlery, dining and tea tables, mahogany rnfas. dining chairs, Ac., Ac. Tbe sale will be positive, and without regard to weather. Catalogues can be obtained at tbe bouse, or at the jfllce of tbe auctioneer. No. 7o Beekinan street. House to lei ? possession given immediately. JBKRN8TKIN, AUCTIONEER.?PIER AND MANTEL . glasses.?By PEOABK. BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, at their salerooms, ftl Liberty St.. on Thursday, lHtli iust.. at 10 o'clock, A. M.. a catalogue sate, embracing 33J bus, consisting of elegant and elaborate.y ornamented pier aud nuuiiel glosses of every size splendid oil painting, looking glasses and pic tures ot every description and size, being the content* nt' on en tire Store. This Is a splendid opporunlty for dealers and house keepers. In want of such articles, as the good* will be sold without reserve. Catalogues arc now ready and may be had at the olhce ol the auctioneers, 51 Liberty street. IB ITHOGRAPHIU ESTABLISHMENT' AT AUCTION. J MAKE WKAY. snctloneer, will sell this dav. October 17, at In1* o'riock. on tho p rent ires, No. 'JU Fulton street third story, the entire stock. Ac., of one of the most extensive Ittho f'rnphte es'nblisliniente In the city, consisting In part of eighteen iihographtc pi esses, ruling mid cutting machines, standing presses, Ac all In good order, being but little used; also from tour hundred to Pre hundred stones, various sizes, and prln ctpmlly engraved, stereotyping plates, Ac , with a large assort ment of every necessary for the business, nflleo furniture. Ac., the whole of which will be sold without reserve, its Ute proprie tors art- declining business. Tbe property can now lie riewed, and catalogues m?v l.e obtained, by railing n* above. Terms ,...1, |1?I,,.r "II 1 ........I i -? .1?- ... ?- ' - , cash. Deposit* of l!0 per cent required at lime of sale. Also, premises to let, with a good lease. Mortgage sale?oaklet a wrigiit will sell, at auction, this day, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., In Hteulion street, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, ooe steam mm, seven horse power, boilers, turning and mortice machines, one of Fay's sin king machines, circular saws, shop and live j ears' lease of three lota of giouud. By order of mortgagee. JOHN FIERCE, Deputy Hhenff. PC. BULKLEY, AUCTIONEER.?POSITIVE SALE OF ? 68 lots on Water, Spring and Hbenard streets, Elizabeth town, N. J., to close u concern, on Thursday, Oct. IS, at 11) o'clock precisely. For maps aud free ticket* apply to the *ue tinner, fit Wall St., basement of the Insurance buildings. PARISIAN ARTISTIC BRONZE COMPANY.?EDWARD 8CHKNCK will sell at sue'but, on Thursday, lHth lusi , st lb>a o'clock, ut the salesroom, 16 Wall street, superb sale of Paris bronzes, the manufacture of the Parisian Artistic Bronze Co., who obtained the Council medal ot tho World's Fair tu London, 1AM: the golden modal* In Brussels, 1H41; Paris, 1*49; Dublin, lh?.'!;and lately at the Crystal Palace, New York, the silver medal, tbe only one awarded for bronze* of any naiion, ?Consisting o? a large assortment of superb vasos, coupe-, consols, brackets, groups aud figures, targe and small size; stt pert ramlrlsbras. bronze and ormolu; figures representing Peace nud War portraits of Napoleon, Washington sod other " jf t lllus'nous men; large groups of the Indian Amazons, Indian warrlt rs, boar hunting, Ac , very rich Inkstands, bronze and ormolu,of virions style* and device*; paper weights, segar hold ?rs, match and ash standa, and card receivers on marble hose soppoi ted by (Igures: horses, englea and groups of deer; bou dolrnnd parlor candlestleks and a great variety of statuettes; suspension (lowers, vases and '.rackets, new style; they are all the iaslil' n just now in Purls, and admired by every one. The sales or this ei'ensive manufactory are well worthy of In spection. a* tbclr goods are superior to any tnanutaoture 1 All the go<sls are warranted to be sound and In perfect order. T> HWNHROKER'H ?A,'^rTmre8 ^lVchvtham street a P (/clock, s, ,1. Mortlmore . XZrcUiU for men .ml *0 large ar*.'r'mvmof f*\,?dry ,,**!* watches and jewelry, nTth otltcr i^s too'uumcioU-o-^VV. 433 Grand .tree'. REt ElVER'P SALE OF TWENTY KIGIfT LOTS ON Fottr'h avenue and on Ninety third nn l Ninety fourth street*.?Will be *old bv ANTHONi J. HLKECKKB, auction eer. a public suction, st 'he Merchants' Exchange, under the directlou ol the sunscrUier, receiver, on Tbursitay, October 1H. 1H66. at 12 M.. those eighteen lots of land In lite Tweltlli word of the rllr of New York, bounded easterly by the Fottr'h avenue, northerly hy Ninety fourth street, southerly by Ninety third street, westerly by a hi e running parallel to Fourth avenue anil distant 21)6 feet therefrom, bring AH feet .1 Inches In froul on Fourth avenue and In the rear, and $16 feet, in depth on Ninety ildrd and Ninety fourth streets. Those lo'a are on high ground, over the tunnel, commanding a lln> view ot die city, lite North and East rivers, snd tbe Hound, the finest an ! most attractive position for a residence on the Island. There I* on the ground an e'egntu and commodious dwelling ho tee, with all the nnslern Improvements, hot and cold water bath*, Ac ; stable and outhouses, all In the best and most eon plete order, fine garden, well planus I with fruit trees. Tbr-e lots will lie sold ItNLether, subject to a mortgage of 111.000, liavlng two years to run from January next. Also, eight lot* on die south side of Ninety fourth street, commencing at a point .KtS feet west of the Fourth avenue to be sold separately or In parrel* Blxty per rent may remain on bond and mortgage lor three years. Also, two lots on Fourth avenue, corner of Ninety serond street, together, .10 feet t1 a Inches on the avenue by HO tcet to depth. Sixty per rent may remain on bond and mort gape lor three years. Terms?Ten per cent and 'be a vion eer'slee on day of sale: balance within thirty day* thereafter, when deed will be delivered. For map * and full particulars apply at tha office ol the sue loneer, No. 7 Broad s'rnet or to HENRY R. CUMMIKQB, Receiver, 78 Broadway. ROBLBT K. WATFON, AIUTIONKEB.? KANDEL A WATrtON, 62 Bread street, hold regular sale tot dry gi od?, by ratalogue for ca h, every Wednesday and .Saturdiv, In lots to suit the ctty ren.ll trade. We will include In our ??!? on Wvdneedav Oct. 17, 1,800 dozen German town hosiery of rupcrlor quality. For particulars sec cstalogues. F. BARTOL, AUCTIONEER -IMPORTED WINES, brandies. segsrs, Ac kj. brandies, segsrs. Ac., st auction.?H F. Bartol A Co. will sell on Thursday, 18th Octol cr, a' 'heir extensive sale-room 106 Pesn street, a choice aisortmeot of Madeira, port and sherry wipes, brandies. Otard, Henrieoaey, and Loudon d<s-g cognar brandy; Holland and Hchlniam gtn, London oor Ita.s. London and Scotch alas. In pints, "hampugne. A*., in original packages. Abo, Wt.OOU Imported segars, aii or which are war ranted as represented, ltd* sale wdl be worthy the attention of the trade and private families. F BARTOL, AUCTIONEER.?IMPORTED WINKS k_7. brsndies, segsrs, Ac., a'Hiicilon?H. F. Harlot A Co. will sell at taction, Thursday. Oct is, at their extensive sate* room. 806 i'enrl St., n choice assortment of madeira, twirl and she-rv wires; brandies?tha rd, Hennessey and London IKs-k bran die*. Holland and Hchlr lam gin. I-on lon cordial . London ami Scotch alexin pin's, champagne A' , In original package rrantcd ? Also, 8o Hsd Imported mgnr a); of which are warranter . repre-cniel This sa'c will lie worthy the it'eniloe of the trade and private families. ?n'll.l.UM TRY I MO. ACCTIO.VKKR.-DTAMri.ND .IKW TT tdry, gold, wax lie-, Ac WII MAM IKYI-VH A (U *11) eel . si an-lion OB Wi-dnoday. Orn er 17 at In', o'clock, at ili* aalt -room a, N?i 8 Pin* atreet. without raaarvw, for an intuit ?t *hotn |i mar concern mi. \o ?'one diamond rliiea and p'n*. eluatar plm and rlnjra elegant eftialar diamond nrooohea, tlmccr and pendantearringa, ainglsotc- diamond breaaipln nnd rlnB, rombhted diamond timmr . pearl ginwi lid tur qimla* jewelry, anltn of plain (old jewelr,-, diamond Bad ? n nmltd ale*** button*. prietl rv?, thimble* mooak* and cameo Jewelry atoda atlvor war*. Ac.; elegant (In* (old ca*o Weirbea, lew-re, l?| Inea, hunting leror wntrb*-'. detached lrrerp,cylinder eacapoment weh b*e, email (?id enamelled du mood Inlaid watchea, fold ve.i fuard and r.?u chain*. old rl am* and eoaia Kvery ai-clo warranted a* ropraeeotM in Ui? cat*I" (in'. T1" ~57 iiniOB, Arc.TIOmtKR-BT hocoiTtosTa Y? ? MKfXOK.?'Thureday and Friday. October l* and IK, ai in1, o'i look, at 115 h.i**on (treet on (wo tloor*.?Trad* ?*1? ? I *i' gam rabinri furniture. < ?tal< B*a will b* leaned on Wedncaday when th* atta-k will bo arraofed (or examination, ar.d tmmm of th* rirboat and moat tlemwhlo aaaortiuant of cabinet fiimllu.c and bouaokc?p,Rf ortirl** ofb i *d tlila fa'l, thr whole nf which will be mid peremptorily wbhout r*wrre, to tar wlranct-a and cloae <ori?i(nmoiiia. a* per agreement with manufacturer*. Ii would be im|ii.?dt>i? tornum*-*!* th* arttrie* cnBtahM-d 'n (be *al* and oar. onlv b* Hri|>r*olated by examination, to which w? panic .larly call ibn adailMa of ie rtloa and gent.emeu For tli* accoambdatioa Of country mor chanta we have ma-'e arren?*in*riia with earn potest | -rvma lor th* par king ami ahlpptcg of tooda at a reasonable charg*. Tbe alt ok Will emt raoe erery rarloty of the moat faabinsablo ryleanf i arlr.r chaalber drawing room dlnln* room library and reception rotdn furniture, tlntahed in the moat aubalantial manner. The aultea aro imarod In eoatly four oolored allk bt"Omil?a, I rooalelie plnah, hair cloth mnqnet and fanoj d* laiiifn pr.rtlia?od ai Meaar* fWewar.'a, ratloa'a, Thorp1*, and o'l or lanre |few York bo >?**. Itinlni 'able* are or tho man>i lactnre of Mr H> rd'a. of thla city . and are warranted the name aa when aold a' prtrale aal*. We ran aafoly *a> (oour an tner< oa fr enda Ore afnok I* equal (o any In the r|ty Finn floor with caetly parlor, chamber and horary furniture. aeooed Boor wKa medium olaaado.. with whir hthe *?(* willcommence. Afao, new and aeenndbatid ptaandwtea, ?|iv*r plated ware, I ron/e ol,o-ka andftforea. Alert, by order ot asfftlae, French plate roenel and pier onrrora, In rich (fit frame* atront twenty tn number. Alee JOU yarda Ki.gllab lapea iry and In (rain carpcta. \l' III IA M WITT BRA, Af'CTIONEF.R, WIIX M. ON T? Wo.loeadajr. at lit', o'clock. at J-7 ( anal aire*', (tin bards m* jailor < bander and kltoben fnmituraof a family t r> akln( up Ih u- ko. plug, eooetatlBg ot tete a u>u> a rock It I, Ca-Ji and oti-rr (halr?. (Ill frame rnlrmra. card, centre aad dinlr* tali e- hands-toe tapeetry aad other rarp? a. a large quaautv ot oil clot be. mntawany and walaat bedel* td?. (In* hair and i 'her nmtirenaea large feather bed., marble top drrtw.t ( and plain bureana and ? *?1 .lamia, loiiet aeta. ward robe), onoalBK and other -dorea. rhlna ?:%?? and plate I ware Tho Itimitiir# haa?il> beaala nae MM May, a^d la fa ?ne order for Tamil!** costanoefaf ..?? !(*(coping \lrllXIA MffirRf) At < TlltJf NOTfl F.?TIlrRAI* t Y, ?? on I*, at Ut Ninth Fira* atrrot furnli ire of a mail fa mlly tnjpwd nrdei A 1*0, Aobuaann invraln and uair* >-M l-et. f, atber be-fa. otookera , r, -?Aln( Sorea. (o. JftH.N < AMIHF.I1. A U"'ameer. 115 and 115 -f ai.d at THAVK.I.LF.RS' GCIDK. ^ < If RAF FARE FOR AI.R ART?PA.HHAUR 25 <K vd by llantoi I?allT Men hanta Una. The faat aat lap atearney FRAMCIH PKIDHT. Capt J. W ffaerot wfl! laarj borth aid* of Robtnann atreet joer erery Monday Wetfaeaday Friday, and the Hero, ("apt Anal'nr Booth erei r Tea* W. Tbnaeday aad Samrday. at? P. M . arrtrtw by 4 A. *L ITOR KFTTORT AWD FORT RAVTLTOM.?tRR 8T(AM r bts* KKYPuRT learea Marray atreet p?r deAnn dara^ okcepte-lj at S o'clock r. M., aal Seff?t MlWfldcfc BOAKJDKIv. Aim LODOOIQ. ___ OOO BSLOA.DWAY, UNION HQUARE?llANDSOMR 868 ?oH? of room*, on the first floor u> lei wl'b private table or 00 Uic Europe#n plan, to ? select family or geotle men, together ? gfpH.rate. No other boarders. m BROADWAY, ONE DOOK BELOW EIGHTH ( OO street?A family, or gentlemen, can obtain vory aul'ahle room*, furnished, with Cull or parual lioard. P rival# table, if required. m BROADWAY. BETWEEN FOURTH STREET AND Washington place. A beautiful parlor and liedroons on Second Uoor to let, and one or two rooma on third Hoot. No boarders In the boure. Batb. gas, Ac. Reference* exchanged. OA Q BROADWAY-DESIRABLE SUITES OF ROOMS UtU lor lamilie*. wiUi full or partial board; alap room* frr ainsle gentlemen. Transient boarders accommodated. |M above bouse ha* rerentlv changed luuwl*. and gone mrrugn a thorough eour*e of repair* and renovation. Hi*, r. BKUW ? ING. Proprtelreaa. ____ one) AND G2i BROADWAY. BETWEEN HOUSTON and Bleeolirr itreet, ? First claw accommodation* tor grntltuien and t.imiUe? without children. A t)7 BROOME STREET.?A URENCll LADY. WITIU ? | out family, ba* very pleasant furnished room* to reul with I oard, to uiai ried or hUutlo geuiiemeu; the hoti?e baa all (he uioJein improvement*. French and Ucrniau apog'*n in (hn house QHO FOURTH STREET.?FRONT PARLOR AND SE i)| O cond Uoor to let to a taintly or a party of (Ingle ?"?? tlemeu llou. e tlr?t c!n??. gas. hath Ac. lliunerat 0 o'cloc*. French and rpanish spoken, lielereuce* exchangod. m FRANKLIN STREET-TWO DOORS FROM nUD son. and live minute*'walk from the city Hall, Inr mulled rooms for single .gentlemen, with partial board. I'M ?or a ptfu.eut frout room tor two, without board, CI; for gen tiemeii ami their wive*. >0 SO and >7. 1 A iTtHI'DHON STREET. FRONTING ST. JOHN'S PARK. Jx I ?Furnished rooms to le', with board, to single gen tlemen or gentlemen and their wive*, also, * handsomely turt nlsbcd back parlor; bouse newly furnished, v. 1th all the mo dern improvement*. _ 1 1 e NINTH STREET.?BUTTS OF HANDSOMELY J.T"0 furnished rooms to let to families, with private table, on second and third Honrs In the above first das* bouse; couvo nlenUy located near lltoadway. _ -lit! f'.IOIITH STREET. OPPOSITE THE MERCANTILE JTrO Llbrarv.?Several pleasant rooms, with board, may be had. Helerenre exchanged. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EASTOFBROAD way?Handsome furnished room*, in huIU or single, Willi breakfast If required. Also, at No. 6 College place. 135 EIOHTIT STREET, OPPOSITE MERCANTILE LIB rary?i'leaaaul room., with board, may be liad^ 1Q/I MADISON AVENUE?A SUIT OF ROOMS ON IOU the second floor, with board, are now vacant In a first clas* house also a room for a gentleman. Wall street stages l<a?* by the door. *1 no FORSYTH STREET?WITHOUT BOARD. A l^f) nb-ely futnlshed large aotiare front room, suitable for two Knit'emen, may be hail lor $3, 12m. each, per week, ?bout half IN vo'ue . Mingle or double bed*; mantel aud grate lit luc room; a comfortable room for the winu r; family prlvaie. HI PRINCE STREET, WEST OF AND NKAK BROAD t71 way.?Superior aceomnwdfttton*, with board, suitable lor gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen; also, low iirlci d bed-oonis for single gentlemen, house first class. Loca tion very desirable. Baths and ras. - I WEST TWFMV THIRD STREET -TWO GENTLE (it men and tin ir ?ives may obtain very derlrahlr rooms, with full or partial hoard, In a house containing all Hie modern Improvintents. Location, four doot* from blxth avenue. On BEMSUN STREET, BROOKLYN HEMIITS ? A \)? suit eouslstlnit of three large and elegant rooms upon second floor. suitable for one or luor* families, also room* on thud slot v of the above delightfully locate<l double house. Una, do Dun.cr at # o'clock. References crohauged^. err WEsT TWENTY THIRD STREET-A FEW SELECT ? ) I t a mi lies and gentle men ?..n now be acromion I Bed wi h suite or single room*, with full or partial board In that e.lglble brown stone building width Is newly UtrnUherl. jut containing nil Ihe modern Improvement*. It Is delightfully I e at' d be tween Broadway and the Sixth avenue, lletereucc* ex changed. . ro BLEKORFR STREET?FURNIf HED ROOMS TO LET, {)() with full or pari la! lourd; the house m si'uativl In a de sirable location, the second block fmui Broadway. The hou e contahis all the inodcru Improvement*. _____ 4n WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET. BETWEEN ( Hl'h Slid Six ill avenues.?Board, with fine r<xitn* com municating, both on the first and second door#. Alao. single rooms, w ? h Ilreplaei'*. A r DROVE STREET, NEAR Bl.KEl KEP-. IWl] EI.E T"0 partly furnished parlors on the lb'-'and second lloor* to let, with board, to geut'emcu i ltd their wives, also, uccotn tnodadona for two -tngie gentler en; bouse mat class, replete with Improvement*. Al#o, tine ruorun* with board, at No. I3t Hleecker street, opposite Depaw row. nn NINTH STREET NEAR FIFTH AVENUE?TWO ? ) I hull ' steady fnrnlsbed nmnis, suitable for gentlemen and their wives, or a.ugle gentle men, to let with board In '.he Bra', cluaa l ouse No. .17 Ninth a'reei near Fifth avenue. no AMITY PLACE. ONE DOOR FROM BI.EKCKEH Zlj sin el, n little wea: of Broadway? Haudw.melv fur uishrd parlora and bedroom* to let, with partial b'?aid 11 d' sired. | e)A WALKER STREET -TWO ROOMS ON THE FIRST (i?,r and attic, lunilahed, with unfurnished ku h o, to let. from Nov. I, to a l.iiull > or grown peraonsor to slngle gen Uemeu. Terms monthly, in advance. Apply as n"ot e. n BLKEC'KRB STREET?TWO OKN'fLRMBN. OR A I gentlemau and wife, w'-lun2 a retired centr.,1 lo-'a'lon e .n Tat i a nicely furnished agnm on ihe tir?t floor, with par'.si beard at No 7 Hieerker street e.vsl of Broadway. None but persons nl tbr fust reapeciabilny ie-<*l apply. LADY, LIVINO IN A HEALTHY AND "ONYE nUuit bKuftoo, would llkf? lo l?*i on<* or two fiuniMh?-a or unlurubbed rooniM. wlUi or witlMut p?n?a? bo*rd, hI?o, a nice parloi ei f em ion rt ??m to Irt; ihe booi?e roouini gm*. and un wttblu a few minute#' walk of Hotath and Wa.i -treej lerrie#; car# from 1- iilt?*n ferry paM Vhe d?>or. Inquire at ^2! Court #treei, houtii HrookJj a* a rnv AOMBMABLM AND B1NPONHIBLK PKIUI J\ dentrlng baud#ome room#, with board, will find #u<*n at is- Hi. Mark s place, near Second avenue Family American and prlvaie. houae genteel, location superior. None but lho? who are highly respectable and who Intend in be pcruniueut need apply. ? PRIVATE "FAMILY II AVISO MORE RIK>M THAN ilmvoccupy wouldaccomiuodalisa(fenUiBiynand ill# wile, or .Ingle gentlemen, wt'U a sutlof risiins. in the elegant, new ly turnuhed brown siom- tmuse, No D TM strees, next to l.eving'on avenue Reference given and required. Po? ?* 1 shm iinmi diaiely. PRIVATE FAMILY HAS A I'Ori'I.E OF NH L large fornbhed rooms, they Will let Willi or Wllhou! 1 bronkfaat, to one or iwo Miru'lc Kon'tam^n. Term# riioacrai?. | Apply at 10U MuttkrMl, between ill ?oujc and Orand. ^ _ I * MAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH A unfurnished room-. ?Hh lmar<i. In a p>a*ant attuatuui ail small fandly. where th< re are no i hd<lren, at lea llu.ls<in st., near St. John's Park. Two single gentlemen can be s*eoru uiodaled with room and board. AFRIVATF FAMILY HAVNO MORE ROOM THAN required, would depose ut a few p' .simt room- wlUi lull or partial (w*rd The bouse I* plenaan'lv I'r-aied. bas gss, both. Ac. Apply at 111 West Twenty Second street, between Sixth add Seventh avenues. Rcn rsm-cs required. A~ SmTu. FAMILY HAVING MORE HOUSE ROOM A. than Ihsv ai present re quire, would lei four large be 1 r<-om?. wlih ihe other new scary accommodations, to tour gen ilemcn who would prefer living together where they ran have *11 the rr iuiorta ol * home or flr <' class hotel, and he apart from ntir other hoarder*. The boo-a ha* al the molerii tin provrmenla, gas, bath. Jr. aid I* nw two mtoulsw' walk rrom the ferry Private dinner at six tpslnek If raqmlrad. Fwlur iber particular* addrr** It. R.. Ilerald office. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET IN A I'RI ra e lamlly. and in a deatrahle toeattaj two blockslrom llrond??y. and ea-y ol accesa. Apply al fllS Hou-.ton atreel, con??r t't (irteu. ?? - TOE NO MARRIED LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH a strictly private faml.y. w .ere there are no "User bfurd e, - who would -et.l her two unfurnished room* on th* senexd tno'r, WlUi board lor herself awl mail A wWow ladyi>re ferred. who would aecap' the 'crvli a<"U the noki' P?u of Uje dav. aa -ompemaHon for her board. Adilre is, s ani.p lloe-d nn Bi d isiins, which must be moderate. Mrs. Llward Han, I ofiiee. The best of reference# given aud req'ij-cfi. a YOUNO OBNTLEMAN RFOUIRES PERMANENTLY A- a lotnrshe I or unlornt- l ed room wplioql ooarl. uoul' tir> fer the iaiter, with ga* sal ineaos ol hearing I tti'is > In New York <>r llro?,kvri, and no albavagant re ,t ran in p%Ul. Addre*#, gtrtog pwttPiiUP", Cll'f?* H?rald ? ni o. _____ A flENTLFMAIT AND WlfK. OH TWO 8T.VOLF OHV tKmun cun bt ?<r? mi*M/'!?(* <1 with a room oti tiw? - ... _ . ^ . ftTT-ft'.. . e ? - - Bfoond U< or tf doqw1 h'o. 74 (old No. 80) wool Twoetv 4*!&m4 iirtot. DMlbouwconuiM tU? iuod?*ru iu>^r<Acmcu* au-I ta "Dvetiknt to cor* oad i VI.ADY 11A VIX O MOKE ROOM THAN fWRRK'/l fl'FJ*, would Ik* to i?*< a |?Ai lor mmI b'*<Jrfy?rri to a y?nm%n Aral My, with board for t.?? holy lo4 partial for hun*4f, If da *u-*d, whrr* no o hrr boardrra ar? takoo. Mir- J L, Herald trfla e. A _ two I" drM atla.bed, 'a ,?i. Ji ft l>"i?e, wuli ati'lie mo-tern itaproretne, < . ai?> * atofla room MK K-fti-at.<t ?a* tnU. Apply Mfll Prince arced, a low doer* wan of ftmadway. A VOI NO PHYSICIAN, OF THE 111 1IIRHT ATTAIN merit" nriMl In man* Ungcarae, miM oeenpT MM <>t bi? Um> a* lu'nr. ii be rotild live wHn an agreeable family. in Hie beat parte of 'he eiiy, riving hnn a routs on U>e a ran nuof. Addreaa M. It., Iforakl '.flu e. API RJtlKflBD APARTMIXT WANTED.?PI-K W AD (Irene Wiiiiari, Herald "IIIe?, tor two'Ut?. "taUng iooa linn. If If the place atllU, a (reei price will I.# ytren. No reference {trig. B OAIIP ? 8H0CI.D VOT DRSIRK HOARD OR ll .'iWH, I hiive near I nun awbhrftber* who take haflPdara, ?nd by ap|il^tiK at rny nti.ro, ft* ft road way, no?r Oraeo eb'irefc, ym carefd lr rllreeled to ?ai!?hle b>,n*ee. free of rh?i?e. Von will tlnd II ?!w ?ore?t and iii'mI rebat-lt w.'ireo ot Itit.irme HOB, being 'he "dret rvperenred. largeet ant u'it<"-*aUy " hi (tie ~ ~ "M| knr.wn Id Die ' n.on. N. ft ? I an. not eminectad with ?njr peu> oflb r In ike nir. k. It (XklDWlX BOARD.-Pf.EAAANT ROOM-t, WITII HOARD, HA V HIC enured I or ibe -?m?ui. by ?lent families or .ln*le gent! ? men. at IP Ea*t Ponrteenth ?' The lorw k ti 1? deaara lie; luiuae newly In,kalied. and furuletied vrtih all die rrio lern lm pmvrmenla r*<|"lake for flrat rlaaa ruldamma Kefrreneea el rkaarrd. Board-hin?i,k okktvkhhm wh.i, kind ooon MX,. irinwelatleri at VI Pnraplh ftiraet, near Walk w; two rvoie, wei edapled lor paide. rooouna together ltr?'.eet ah'e uierkanl' ? de?lr!ni{ nnnfortahl" ro./in? will do wwtl to nail I efore mftkiriir wiuirr ^r?i,ii,iiene A ?lo*e mi AM '"T Icr i,anei al o ir.f'.ri. A ft" da> hoardera taken Board-pa*rr.iK> and RIKOl.R <ipnti.nmen "kiihca I(rnAiaot Uand for vne winter ?mUkIA -.i M<-ar? n,n (ftlai,. ?? a? 141 Ten", Mnwd. Mar IWuadwar The ho'ire la Br*t rlaaa Pros'h and Hpanlak apufcon. |t..imaai( o'ekitk. Keloi vt.toa etcleaa.wl. B OARD.-TWK1TT kE< ONI) KTRRVT NEAR PIPTII WtMW;i patlw and hodrnoai on ?e?<nvl hoot. may ol talned lo a nrltftta fannly. hf a let iftwa. mad wU- pleae Ink 4 floor ' '* " an' rnmar.oa uihd (car for a cer.tk maa arel wBa, cm two ><ug ? *etit erriew refer*ure? repaired. Apply at M Hid Twonu '' ' l?d Hieet P'*ARn.-rlJEAHANT ROOMR. PI RMflllKn Of! I N JJ fiirnl-tie.| u, etit* *?nt erreft and lheir wteoa nrn e . e . " laai a n.ny l^t "t>?a.ned in a urltate faiml*. hi a|.,..!?>? at Iflfl KM f wet ty fo'irth *tree?. IIana* ''e,!* ,i, ah dk> rnol-vh hnprotetnenta. Kaay at'waa by car* or ? at" Ret rvn.aa ?MMRMd. Board-to i.vt to a OKNTf.r.%i\N A.m:? Bit '1 Vtfe ". i, twoainplaeeat nw ?? a la. <o fr ... ? ??mnd atory, hand*?.??* for"tabad wl'h par r^j beard fw 'he yen' en.en. Apply 01 IB fleet f Prtftk rtfwet. be*."era he. eel and Ibirfl areauoa. a AID X4maoro. BKTVfKK.V during winter, ciU.it *nth' *re w*a,r^ or wtdiw Udt, uctn.nlV^*i1 buntl/keeping oo bo?nl?ri, Kdward. Unloc p&? Jm J4v*PC*- " AMnm B0orRi5.to??liiS; 10 '?.^!LPARL"R. J"rfC flr.1 cl*?. booi, wiff Su^J^SSf '<n"nau,a- "> ? B?c5dlirH,t^S?Wb?J? *21*!, ?/ ? ^cuU^nlB.T.VwSS' *?%!$?, K^g^gaaa. gag-' W>ARp.-A GKNT1.EMAN AND 1110 W1KK <>I( si vT i;*' rr-^ ?f"' ?l Uic I1*-*-'"* MuMd. ESf-K,-?i'EK^ ^-.wii2^^as?!fe,af ?M ST.taSi ? <z'* 0,1 '"r -KW.J floor. With ?V wl7b SSSsHBS^asnaB j lercnrc- eicheuged. *rr''" <"M?' ClffirU* .ircct. rb. B?^"cU B,VE,MlTISrc,u?,nc)r sm,'U1NU HKTWKKV ) s-asrte (In vi. "uun ic ?. M. II., Herald office, lor two g??gM^5B5gs? cs/? B?t5h pintryMi5H? ?WCT-AURQII EOflM, I oraiugle Ki utlciui-u iu le,' m h ll f * gcutlrniao and w iih I ?? UT1ObiiuibeiJVnwo -rV.Trl 0*"1; ?? Ticomhle i?nu, | 1"ru"1"'vl livf' iT'i. e? fX. hang"',"'*3' d or uu SQUARE -KAMILIEH dcatrable a?co..^"'l!!"'enPr ??" 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WITH *11 the modern Improetiueiite to a ph aeao |i? atluo. iwwr hniv vrmnt npiaie. to a fan. .1 l"?n f r,-"0?- ?b*' ?f* wtlltiiK o pay loi tmndw.ioe npar.u ?? i'? Apply m ?? ? | ||a William etrrH. or on ihe preuilaee. f. . e. md a?enwe. third doer M?uUi ul owner of Nltiete. i.th atreet, *?' win. 1)AIII OK A HOI K TO I.: T AT n OiMM'T hTnYKT J V, I'll 111 WIUm U1 bfMird Mlf tiou-f ' Wtth .a!I Win tin t?uif w?i|<iftvrtji' i''*, thr? ?? luiuuf a' tin a from the Mariul too ferry? Hn/uUl.vn. fftt* I,V1 'I UK - T<?UK NO 40 HI'-A OK Hi ItKKI W I 1 fret til.Ill l;r?*'l*?y. | Ht*wart'?, M*ot WWH hPrrmr. Ah., mm mi rttiiim f? r Hfk? imnufariirrtM par nnir'. i? Hfl fltiatia %:r^rt f|i ?? from I Iab. \ . ' M 'il.l. - l*f"? ? " ! mo I BT-NO IS PARK I'l.A'-K. A PINK FRONT ROOM. I .ei-ond Boor, well adep ed lor en oiuce or od..**. Apptp b. I'liOWH A HhoITIKII, llruwlwny. rro I.KT?THHKK TIIKKK hl'OHY llOKhKd I.N PIPTT 1 Iblrd alrei't. he' Aeeo K'uirlb end KiAh avenue.. Rent W noo.1 Ut.ante IW per rno I.KT?BKKO.NO KldioK OP A PRIVATK IIOt'hK. IB I K ,.t lenih.'rre' IV, on aatenio thecew. Heal mode rale Apply m Or. HHU'PAHO, An leuiii armcA, beiweew i? ?'*d r. ? ntii I M -llfl'KK oFt h'K^ ( OHNKH OF IMMK ANfe T J r'e..;over Jw i\ Km, A NaV Innwlr.ol 1 Wi.tain.r T- , HUM Wr.lX. 61 WUilein wreec TO I.KT?TIIR PIRHT PUjOB oYKK NTORPd OORNKB ot H'uiaoi. and t anal -ueeu fly. iu"..ui aJ hold awl jw He.'rd . ron? water and *?? >m Boor? Alw. ne?l ?o<>r ahote Aiwj, upper pari id leoiw AS Ra'.l- .'reel, near llmi will. Apply UiAMK^ rHK'?.??i lludeuwHreet. TO I.KT?AT 111 RT. MARK'h VI.MP. A TKUT H**** i n e parlor, >i .of IS I > *i ree. wlih marble '"A^1 ?M li Of. a haruLiu.' fmnt ?"'?n. wtlb marble manun and^w.. ami three ro..in- uo Um lour h Op?r. tae ./ aUi. Ac. Yewny t ent tVW, - mo LKT-fOVK okntkki. 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Mr ?>??' . lap. t.M.v.r. n. i,er? ?.-?la, mwnt'llnue .tf RMUi'iliM*t'itu*4f 'AHi'ly '*? ||M? liffniMM**. ? mill i T A NRAT NTOBR ANI? BA''K R'rOM l*??, HOW I rt . w ell adapt. <1 p. a belle' uevar pllllnlier. m , t|,a and i.i.e V. ' - ?? he .'>? ?' Itewery Alan, a arb atUi Ihirl aireet, WUUaawebdt'f. App'y ei lie Bowrry, up "latra. moi K.i iHr. p >ii'i ?' 1 "ir?y I . ... -I II'..' r ? "bed at I er' KwbwmB. piaten laland wBNMi ?b*?e mrnuiea' wilb e^iawat lawW^ tr.i- l aj.tr had <-n .,?el '.?rni" l^"^ m ey.ry pwrucwler <J< iir?bt? - ffVl LKT-TIIF TflHFF FTOftY MKI<K iVtVHV. MM 1, hne p* ?,ur , K'?4or?. aa a be n,.-t. ru r. ?'ueri'a Had yrrt be r' aw aa r 1*1 a reatw at.le pftvat. faudly O'T 'aw vei.ent to ib- I'.fwdway aiak'aaral rara Apt y on the pre ir.Uf*. fiWii fMo U ^ . a. - rro I FT - A li ANIrdOMR t'ORBRR NT'tRP AND BA.R I , .my ftrw "IW m e pni.inel ,, t.l,'..wt '-1 be.nl a rw rate .land I- ? ipod .ro.ecy ? 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W. < antra Nu f ?eUf___ mo 111 IK. n "IB e?l. -THAI MiKNiriir I . . a? W% m, >, . . in. ? uw r-.' a.'.twd. T .'.Iiii.n. ta '? Ula I|IU wpltt AW nt! u < |T, i'lhltA P- 1:1 k?? ? JOH* I'KleA Ha IN K Ro J N.wwrraa rrm rn ?.r jtom mAi r, <>* *> <?ivMof?ATi*ot I !?? ?*? bfv t ? ? ? I . f I'M ?te4l .? ? i afcim * i 4 ? a ?*"? ?<? 'A?l aa Im iiw??n| ' >?f f<-a pa. a A** ?T w| --a. If) ?<????? ?? ? * ta?ar l?l M. I ? Hwg! I, ? >#' tr? ..I > j *a . f w ?*l?f -rf ifcai Umrm t I-H.f 1 ii?>ir?4 f? f?H)M in *? * II Alt** ? <" ??? >* ? fuMa. ?HMt? rtolraaal 4?yd Pt.'Jh Vrrjr Ivi i.*t or r?i* ? :1 i"i k ii'? imiiiir wim? ?, ? . f, a. 1 WM.W M laMM* ?. 'k? Blwa ?'.?! IIm?m4 ? '? ?i naiMf ?a{ iia* laa. I T .r I .. V an ra, . t /U IIIIA III/ 'INKII, A* ?f -Mi. May f?v. i r *?r a riMK *TfiHK **o MMUJM "w rn I ... MM * .Mia if i' faaraj Man* aad r* T> ? > p?i Ha fanouaMM '.-to. Ma* ft MM PPM A? ? 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