21 Ekim 1855 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Ekim 1855 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? ? WHOLE WO <W98. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER" 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. iflfKBTlSKMEim KLMWfcu EYEKY BAT puuncAi. 4TH WARD?SIXTH OOOMOfT, DlriTRIOT.-AT A MEET of the NRtionat Doran'ra la Noukmaung Conven'lou. held at No. 4 Roosevelt !. ou Wednesday evening. <>cl 17, IBM, Mr. GEORGE W. Hlt.l. was unanimously chosen U candidate for ( ouncl'man ofnula dUirloL 11. A. MuHi-ur, Ses. JOHN VOLET, Chairman. 4th ward democratic whig nominations ? a bier mini John Edwards. Aih.mui Thomas Htack. Constable- Hugh Kenvon, Dennis Wood. School < omuiUslouer Daniel Murphy. School lutpec'or Benjamin F. Ituck. School Trust* e*. James Keily, Ed* ard Perry. Inspectors of Election? lei diet J ames Levy. BeoJ. Stuart. 2 Mervtu Jonca. UeorKe Spencer. 3 George Joyce tin, Alexander Fisher. 4 J. Kelly. Jr., Ralph HsU. r> William Spnik.', Chnrlea William*. Councilman?5th Hint Robl P. rtlmpsou. " Wh dial , Uulncey Ktowel. " ithdlot William Urelghtou. AUGUSTUS p. GREENE, Chairman. Edward I'ritnr, Secretary. nm WARD, uL?T IC.S. tlj DrsTHft/r-AT A MEET ing of i)em>cratte Electors oi this district, hold at No. 216 Fittb street, October 16tn, A. Stoinleln was chosen ohairmati, and Chtot Heyoemano aecretorjr 'I he following preamlile end resolution were offered, ntid adooted unanimously :? Whereas The Demoormlc shell parties have, in eplle of inelc own plaiiunn. and contrary :o ute express wishes of the ma . jortly ot the Democratic hJpdors, Lomlna ed a cundldnte for Councilman oi this uutrict who last. year was nominated and circled by the Know Nothings and Temperance fanatics, and whercaH, A c hold It our duty to oppose such candidate as much x? we can : Resolved. Tliet we consider and call ourselves "Independent Democrats," and proceed as such to make our own nomination. On motion, Mr. Frederick A. tioetza was then unanimously elected candidate tor Councilman for the Slat district. A. SXRINTKIN, Chairman. Cuss. IICTSESi.ts, Becretary. 1QTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. FOURTEENTH WARD? Regular whig nomtnailon, BENJAMIN W. KICHAKIH. I shall bu guided by the cons tuition of our republic, and by the principles of the Immortal Play and Webster. "1ATII WARD, 44TII COUNCIL DISTRICT.?AT A JLU meeting ef the Democratic Nominating Committee of this District, field on haturdav evening the lHlh of October, Thomas Dun lap was nominated unanimously as the candidate of ,ald district. Mr. Duniap, being walled upon by the commit tee, respec'fulh declined the nomination, and sent the following letter (u John Dolan, Esq., chairman ol Ibc committee. Nmv York. October 17. 1885. John Dolan, Esq., Chairman ot the Democratic Nominating Committee of the 44th Council District, 16th Ward?Dear Kir,? 1 have received your announcomt ut of my nomination for Uie office ol councilman of the 44th District of the 16th Ward, and win duly und gr.tofully sensible of the honor you have con terred upon me Under other circumstances anan' some other time, It would be one of the liapplest peri.sis of my lite Io justify the hopes and expectations or mv democratic frienns In jour glut luua ward, to accent a nomination, and If elected, to strive how far an honest heart and Straightforward action might conduce to the welfare ana prosperity if our noble city. Indispensable business engagements, however, together with ? strong drslre for the union of our party on a firm and solid base, preclude my acceptance of the uomtuatton so handsome Jy and spontaneously tendered me, and while I most respect fully drcllne (lie bouor you propose me, I beg your committee to behave that I enter with ardor tuto the good cause of deui > rtwtle triumph, and shall be most happy to aid in every ener getic and laudable way the man whom yon shall honor Willi your cliolce. f am, dear sir, most truly yours, TU0MA8 DUNLAP, ?J fiTU. ASSEMBLY DISTRICT?EIGHTEENTH AND all Twenty-first wards.?In pursaance of an order Issued Dy the Wing General Committee at the Broadway Hone. the Whig Assembly Convention held a meeting on Monday even Ing, Oct. 15. at Thomson's Hall, on the corner of Twenty se venth street and Fourth avenue. Upon balloting for a delegate ?' large, Hon. W. H. Gregory was chosen: whereupon the con vention proceeded to ballot for a candidate for Assembly. I pon the first ballot Theodore II. Voorbees, Esq., received the nomination It was then moved to make the nomination una nimous, which was carried by acclamation. WM EaRI., 18th Ward, Chalrmau. J At ob RtxtctiT, 21st Ward, Secretary. Wm. Adams. 19th Ward. } tinac. P. Miixga, 21st Ward, j Teu,r* *1 QTH WARD.?AT A MEETING OF THE UNION NA J O llonat Democratic Nominating Convention, it was unani mously resolved that the ticket headed BRYAN Mt llA HII.L tor Councilman, and JAMEH REED for Asaessor, be adopted by this convention^ CKANDALL RICH, Chairman. ?>ATII WARD.-WHEREAS. THERE IS A REPORT e-A' through the 20th ward, subversive of the return of U. M. Vowlcr ss tin- worklrgmen'a candidate for Aldermau, this Is to notily ihe fiuDMc that B. M. Fowler, oar present candidate, has do connection whatever, nor never bad, with Ihe firm of Fowler A Billings. J. E. M. U. OATH WARD.?AT A MBBTINQ OF THE NATIONAL shu Union and Harmony Democratic Convention of the 521 < ourcil district, hold at Mr. N. BlaosTs, No. Ill West Thirtieth rtreei,on Fridsy evening, October 19, 1S56, DENNIS KYRR was uuautmousty nouituated for Councilman of said district. K. Blaesi, William Craft, Francis Cook, Committee. LEONARD OATTMAN, Chairman. J. B. Atom, Secretary. OATH WARD.?ATA MEETING OF THE UNION IIAR Jj\J mony Democratic Convention, held In the Iiudaon Ex change. 3011 Tenth avenue, on Friday evening, loth Ins'.. Mr James Wallace, Jr., waa unanimously nominated for Council, loan o the Fifty first district. ROBERT 0. NIELLI8, Chairman. PntLtr Cakolan, Secretary. 22DTtZABD-RKOPLAi DEMOCRATIC UNION For Aldermao Thomas McSorley. Councilman?56th district Owen McKenna." Assessors Francis Campbell, Frederick I.rporin. Nchool Commtsaloner Patrick Tracy. Bchoot Trustees lames Walsh, Francis Crossiu. Betas 1 Inapectors Daniel Dradtly, Joha Foal. Constables Thomas Pushing, John Cnrrln. Inspectors of Election let district James Kempble, Charles Gillespie. 2d district James Dunn, James Delaney. 3d district Michael Tracy, Patrick Brennau. 4th district.... John Kelly. Jsmet Hughes. WllJ.M THORNTON. Chairman. Patrick M iiao.n, Secretary. OOD WARD, TAMMANY HALL. REGULAR DEMO *uA cra'tc republloan nomination:?For Alderman, Hon. Nicholas Sesgrlst; opposed to the Malno law, antl Die working man's ft lend. He wan unanimously nominated by accluuuitlon by the committee. HENRY HCHNOBR, Chairman. ADAM LULY, JOHN ZIMMER, Beeretarv, JACOB ULRICH, TDIFH WARD?EIGHTH COUNCIL PISTWRg. HARD. _F son and half bells united. For Councilman, HHhUi dis trict, JAMES L. WAUOH. ORAND MASS RATIFICATION COUNTY MEETING At TitiiAtr Hall. The democratic republican electora of the city and county of Mew York are requested to MEET IN MASS. Ow Thcrsdat Kvemho, Oct. 88, at 7M O'Clock, AT TAMEANY HALb. By order of the Committee of Arrangement. * DANIEL E. DELAVAN, Chatrmau. L Y. llAURLSOK. { Heeretarl,,. H. J,_Oa?ii, \ Secretaries. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR STREET COMMISSIONER, ______ ISAAC T. COX. Mass ratification meeting or TIIR NATIONAL DEMOCRACY 1! I The democratic electora ol the city and county of New York. Ann Aaot.tTtot.irr I A tin Maine Law! Arm K.sow Notion.:! are icu nested to assemble la MASS MEETING at tba METROPOLITAN THEATRE, Broadway, opposite Bond stree1. on MONDAY EVENING, ?>??>. 2J, at half paat aeven o'clock, to ratify Urn OxaocBATtc State Ticket beaded OENKKAL AARON WARD, and the NATIOKAI. DbHOCBATIC ClTT AND COCNTY TlCKKT. Eminent speakers will addrew the meeting, a list of whom ill be published in the papers of the day. By order of the Committee of Arrangement! of the Judicial AndOtly and County Conventloss. HENRY H. MORANOE, chairman. Ao.x. C. Morton, Secretary. National democratic union convention Foun It Senatorial District. At a meeting of die National DtmoeralV Union Convention, in the Fourth Senatorial district, convened at the bouse of Thomas H. Ferris, corner Oraud arid Essex streets. on Saturday evening, Oct. 20th, John Nugent. Estp. tenth ward, was called to the chair, and John O. Seeiy Esq., .Se.ct.th ward, waa appointed Secretary. < (hi motion, the roll waa called and eleven delegates answer Cd to their names. Mr. John Murray, Tenth ward, then moved that the conven tion proofed to ballot for a candidate for Senator: whereupon, Mr. John Martin. Seventeenth ward, moved that JOHN M'-LKOD MURPHY be unanimously nominated, which motion a aa adopted, and the convention adjourned sine dir. John O. Kxbiy, Sec. JOHN NUGENT, Chairman. Ratification meeting.?the committee ap polnti-d bj the Democratic Republican Union Couvemion to make arraivementa for the county ratification meeting, will ae-ciu'de at Montgomery's, IS Bee km an street, on Monday, at V P. M. Cone-nail mtendauoe Is ropiested JOHN H. WILLIAMS. Chairman. jnoi',;r,Tiv.i"? K KOT'LA". DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION FOR CORO Dr. JOSEPH HEINE. Tammany hall democratic republican rkou 1st i omlnaHous Orrost n to tvt. Know Norm*<.?. g-erosi-n vo tst halve law asd other raouiitirottr iwcok LAWS. Orrostn to the Black RartriLtCAs Hewakh WMM Ttorrr. STATE TICKET. Per Hctretarv of Slate Israel T. Hatch Fur CtiBip.roller Lemuel H-eieon. ft<r Cansl Commlseloner Cnrtlse Hawlar. Ftb't'e Prison Inspector Patrick H. Aran. tor Attorney General Samuel .1 Tilden. f or sta:e Engineer and Survejor John B. Jervls. C1TT Attn COBVTT TKtakT. For Sheriff ....tamos C. Wlllett. For Count" Clerk ^Rlchtrd B Connolly. Fot i'simp toller A wish C. Ftagg. For Street t ttmmlaaloner Samuel Al en. lor c.ioiui'jtsloner of Repair*and Sep. piles Nathaniel S. Belah. For Counsel to 'he Corporation I ori-um H. Sheperd. For Ofr Inspector... .Thomas K Downing. For < Inventor of the Almshouse Patrick 0. Matom-v. Fer t otot.ers Edward 1?. ''mine:,, William (I'Donaell. Joseph Heine. Robert Gamble. JTMUAKr TICSET. JiKirrt opurt ol Appens?Isingterm. Rnmuel L. Sebiea. ?hhon term .Nicholas Hill. Jr. Fur JtMUee of the Supreme Court ....JameaR. Wbi ing. For JUfi.t e? of the Superior Court Michael Clalioeirer., Henry No oil. For Judge of Court ofCommoo Pleas,.John R Brady. For Justice of :he Marine Court.. IHrtdCPfeeb Jr. RflUPRT KFLLY. < liairnson Democratic Mepnbiiena Oeaerel Coaraltiee. J i?u* I,. Hammer Ait urn <'m ifttu.il, I ccrm,[K POLITICAL.. Thirteenth wa ri>-thirty third council DihticI ? At m uieotlug cf the Je.cgates el (he Nominating Convention ol the above dlslrlct.brld in purauauae of thecal or llir Iitmocraiic Dcueral Committee of Tammany Hall. CHAKLKS DOTY, Foq , was unanimously cuoieu aaUsedetuo crahc uomlnee for representative of (be said district. KD'HARD BANFIBLP, Otn.rman. Micuael IlooiK, Secretary, Till'. MEMBERS OF THE AMERICAN RKPbBLIOAN Union Club will men at Hiooroo street. Oi Monday etenlng, Bd Inst.ni, at half peat six o'clock, on bu-lnr-si of un penance lo (be Club. Cooac one. come all. YOUNO MEN'S DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CLUB ? Tbr member* ol this club will meet at the r room <s(3 Hi oadway, (Academy Hall J on Monday evening next. a; T o'clock, lo attend the rat!flrn"on meeting to be held a', the Mo trvpolituu Tbea.ee on that evening^ ^ w ^RQ ^ NEW PIBUC ATIONJi. From i,ouo to aoou aoknih waa ikd?to aell in all pans at the I,tilled Sto'es. a voar cxTitaoiiMNAKr anoa M A II I A W A M D' B DISCI O *U B E 8 . Tenfh Edition now readv of FEMALE LIFE AMtiN'i THE VORMONS. A aarraiive of iimiiy year*' personal eioerteuse. Bv (he wlio of a Mormon Elder, recently from Utab. Will a v.ew of Etalt Lake city. One I2mo. volitate. Price SI. CONTO rs: I Curiosity Awakened. Alarmed by Indian-. The Mormon Meeting. Women Lost or Captured. The Midulght Assemblage. .Strange Advice for a Woman. ArrivalbfJoe Smith. Plsappoiuted Mated Afaker. Ibo Mob and Its Victim. Love bi the Wilderness. Female Heroism. Courting by the Camp Fire. Mot Dion Vexations. A Wife's Trouble. A Startling Proposition. A New Flora's Interpreter. Mr. Ward oirers bis Hand. A drone at "MetilTbuc." Ibc Young Wife baa Fears. Hostile Indians. Spiritual Wives. Prophet Braved by a Woman. A Mormon Heroine. An (Hit Fool ?nd a Young Flirt. The Abduction of llannab. Evil Besul's >f Polygamy. Ellen's Narrative. The l'ropbet and Ida Victim Alarming Intelligence. A Father Sells hbs Djuglrers. Artlval at the Promised Land. The Forsaken Wife. Startling Bcvelaiions. A Domestic scene. Mrs. M hi ray Discloses Recrets. Youth! ul Vietlms. Portraits ot Mormon Eiders. Vormnns Kill Strange (lame. Mr. Wanl's Escape. The New WUe. Regulators ink' vengeance. Mormon Dinner Table. Mrs. Bradlth In a Duugeon. Mesmerism and Mortnonlsm. Deoiltotihe Pi-opbel. Mrs. hradish Reveals Secrets. Description of thu New leader. Mysterious Disappearances. Mrs. lirsdlkh's Adventures. Minder of (lunnlson's Party. Mode of Making Converts. Doubts and Fears. ? 1 he Prophet's ravor lie. Est ape of the Author. Polygamy Kncoursged. Ibis botik Is now for the first Hine brought prominently bo fore ibe public. Although It lias been published but u few weeks, no less ilisn ten editions have been Issued. It lias also been republished in England with still greater success. The I ondon Times and London Observer each devote two columns to Its review. Fays the Christian .Tournnl and Messenger, Cincinnati:? " Ihe hook will recti re unhesitating attention from nil quar ters?will be universally read In Europe aa well as in America, anu we doubt not will become one of lite mutt Important, It not the most Itnportau' Initrumentslity In enlightening (be world on Murtr.onlsm. and In bringing to bear upon It that public opinion so necessary lo drive It as au abomination froin the esrili. II will rouse nsrlleulorly Die Ameticun people." Bays .he Dn-lou Dally Tramerlpl:? "It will rivn! Maria Monk's revelations In the fueling it ts destined to excile. 'Female life among ti e Mormons'Is no hearsay exposition, but the conscientious record of au Indlvldu ol experience." J. C. DERBY, Publisher, 11# Nassau street. New Yoik. And for sale by booksellers and agents everywhere. Single copies sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt of price. Foi further particulars apply as above. *?* Publishers or papers giving Ibe above one Insertion shall have a copy of the book postpaid. rxrslRATED HISTORY 0>~THR~i'R!MK AN CAM nalgn, complete up to the present date, embracing s journal of the siege of Hebastnpol, battles, somes, storms, wrecks, killed, wounded, missing. Ac., with the latest reference maps ot Ihe Cr.mca and Black Kes. Also three views of gsebastopnl, with descriptions of ench and a splendid engraving ol Cron sedt. showing and describing II* fortifications. Hire of map, 29 by .12 Inches. I'rice 25 cenls. Rent by mall lo any part of the country for one cent postage. Agents wanted. _ A/H. JOtlRLYN. AO Fulton Street JUST PI! HI.ISHED?-PR ICR *1 25?GOPSILL'H JERHEY City Brectory for 1155 and IHJtl. For sale by SLOTE A JANEB, stationers, Ac., #6 Fulton street, near William. New York. JUST PUBLISHED? "TWICE MARRIED:" A ATORT or CO.'tfci.OTtCUT Ult'K. Thhirrmsr.ce has appeared in parts in Putnam's Monthlv, in esch n umber of which, for a groat portion of the present year, it has regularly occupied a place. Its very kind recep. Hon, not merely by the crftlcal authorities ol the press, but by the publla at large, has induced the publishers to present II In Ihe present form, In which they confidently trust It will meet with the ssme generous appreciation as heretofore. 1 vol. 12 mo., cloth. *5 cents. Ocinioxs or tHit Pi:kss, as It appeared In Putnam's Monthly. "Twice Married" could not lie written by any one lur an American, so thoroughly characteristic of the country Is It.? Dally British Whig. One of the best written talcs we have of primitive Yankee iIf*and character - New Bedford Mercury. It Is one of a very lew stories In periodicals that we could have wished finished at once, so that we could see luw it comes out.?Indianapolis Journal, Ind. "Twice Married" continues?the charming Yankee Story of whk h we have already had several chapters.?N. Y. Tribune "Twice Married," the sparkling aud brilliant style of which constantly brings to mind the stories which have given so de c ded a charm to the pages of "Did Ebony."?Dedhain (la xetle. TO TDK TBAI1K. The great number of orders lor this book, announced Tor publication (In our last) on llie 1st of October, rendered it ue cessary to postpone the publira'lou dav to the kith October. DIX A EDWARDS, 10 Park place, N Y. The publication day of THE 3LD HOMESTEAD, Bv Mrs. Axil R. Bvitriinss, Author ol "Fashion and Famiae," We are now enabled to commence for 8*ttci!D*t, the 20th Inst. A new book, by the author of "Ftuhloo and Famine." wbleh attained, in three months, a sale of forty thousand copies and wbft h was republiahed In Leipalc, St. Petersburg, Vienna, and in three editions In London, Is a matter well calculated to ei cllennoie ilianordimrv trite real. 1 he ' Old Homestead," while not no tragic and Intense lu lt? character a* "Fashion and Famine," la. If anything, of pro founder Intcreat, and appeals with greater foree to the (Empa thies of the reader. The story opetia In the ctt* or New York, where there arcmany scene* of pathos, suffering, and tragic power, hut. a* the book progresses,the clouds disperse? we are introduced to the "Old Homestead" among the t'a' ekllls of the Hudson, where we are presented with ?ome of the most delightful and graphic rural picture* ever given In an American book. Mrs. Stephen* displays, in many places In (his hook, a humor that rival* that or Dlckcns, and a dramatic force, grasp ol thought, power of expression, and vividness of detcriptfon. of which she is peculiarly the master?superior, we thick, to any of her contemporaries. contexts. The Father's Return. A ?Mant Conversation. The Mayor and the Policeman. A fMy In the Mountains. The Policeman's Gin ct. New People and New Hones. 1 he Midnight Consultation. The Old Homestead. The .Mayor and the Alderman. A tint Hannah and Uncle Na The Plot. than, The Birthday Featlrah Morning at the Old Homestead. Cheater'sTrtai. Homesick Longings. Poverty. Richness and Death. The Evening visit. Waking and Watching. Autumn in the Mountains. CI ester* House In the Morn Our Hlster Anna. Ing Hansel m at) lullnii Cathedral. 1 he Mayor anil hla Son. The Two Infant*. Jane Chester and the Stranger. Ha, k Storms and Dark Memo Bellevue and a New Inmate, rie*. The Fever Ward and It* Fa Apple Gathering. Uent*. The Farnhains' Return from Jane cheater and tap Little Abroad. Nurse*. The Husking Frolic. The Student Physician and the The Household Hacriflre. Child Nurse. The NtrsLge Mustclan. The Midnight Revel?Mary A Dance Alter Husking and her Mother. The Mother, the Bon and the A Spring Mori,Ing and a Pan- Orphan per Burial. Old Memories and Young The Daughter's Faith Wins Heart'. the Father's Prophecy. The Fisher's Fraud. The Two Old Men. Hallna Bowles' Mission. The Walk and the Will. The Doable Confession The Festival of Roses The Double Birthday. Wild Woods and Mountain Expedient! and Explanations. Paste" ItUNCE A BROTHER, Publisher. I?< Nassau street. BEWSPAPE ItS." QIINDAT PAPERS IN BROOKLYN?FOR HALE AT THE ? > American and English news depot, U High strcc. near Fulton street. The innatrated Lxaoo News, grf this week, contains two splendid views of the attark mi Redan and Val* koff taken on the ?) ot. All the other K.nglt*h papers, u* welt as the Ysnkee Notions and Mariannes rear)v. T RICHARD BON. PKRMO.N AL. IF JAMES OODWARD. OF N0TT1N0HAM, ENGLAND who arrived la New York in Jnly, i*S2 will cotntii im. ate hit whereabouts to Alfred Oodward Koihery, of Ma"ewan. Dutctiesacounty, N. Y., h* wilt hear of something very mu h to his advantage. |K~REV. PATKiTk M MENAMV WHO LATFI.Y AR 1 rlvcd here from Edinburgh, Scoisnd. I" In the ctt v. he wilt confer s ,s?or upon *n ojiMM of ht? by addressing a line to "If. If R." b?n hdgTist cdke. stating when and where" an n rrvlew can be hud. INFORMATION WANTKD-OF I'lTRD'K DEE'S AN A nailie of Amo. (gueen'soounty. Ireland, when las' heard Iron) was In lie ?Die. 111. Any information ot Mm will be thankfully received by hla cousin, John Eltiyerald. No. IJ? Eleventh s'reet. New York. We-'ern papers please copy. INFORMATION WAMKD-OF PATRD K SHARKEY, from near' roghan In Annon. county Kiwcomnioo, Ireland. Any Infortnal.on will be thankfully received by his sister, Mary Workup. No- 2 Carlisle street, N. Y He landed In New York last February. INFORMATION WANTED OF TWO BROTHERS?JOHN 1 ard Aleisnd.-r Young. Any one knowing anything of thi m will ev nfer a great favor tm th'dr ?t*ter Mary Ann by call Ing st *7 Mott street, in the basement N'oVl" r. IB HFRFIIY GIVEN TO t'EeAR PET Rid, OF Istria, that bis istber dp i] In the month of May last, loav Ing bis property to hla children. The present place of restdru'-a rg mid I eear Petrie being unknown, he |* hereby noutled to f reeciii hla eiatms on the estate tf hie father wl'hln twelve nionthe I rum the dale of this nonce at the office protnra, at Cherso. I hcrso, Austria. August .11, I AAA. fTHOMAP AND GEORGE RMEDLEY, LATE OF LY 1 coming county, Rtatc of Pennsylvania, and l<elgh Nm?dley, euppi ?ed in be in 'he Hlete 01 Wisconsin, can write to ihe'ir ?ister. who has alel) ceme over Irom Eng.ami. Address T. H. Jer-ey < ity Pom oSre, New Jersey. mimna. /'OTTAGE AND FANCY FURNITURE WARRROOMA, vJ at N". All Broadway, onpoei'e Ihc Hi. Nl Uolaa Hirel ? M ATllEWs A bT At Y offer for sale the most extensive assort, ment of fkney, reitage. enameled and Fran h farnlture in the I nttoi Hteies. at reduced prices Every vat ,?'v of maurest l alhasaei. pillows, bolsters. Ac., at manuAyiurer's pries*. KINBAIlTlT ('ARD ENGRAVING -WEDDING CARD*. YIRITING, J at home and business cards mgravi I and i.rtn'ed n the n* *t rasWmatde Wyle , slao, a choice a?.r;n>n' of wedhnr envelopes. flnr silver plated door anil number o *:e*. teal* Ac. Orlcrsby rant I pntwinstlf virni.nl to. R. I.EGORTt, Engra-gr. N I J ah a flfeet. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. MORE OFFICIALS INDICTED. m Recorder Smith Reftuea to Receive the Presentment of the Grand Jury. The Presentment Ordered Seek te the fir&nd Jar jr. OFFICIALS IV COURT, do., do., do. Yesterday all the oQiciiU about the Ctty Hall were in a state of excitement, it being understood tlvat tlia Grand Jury would make a presentment?end a presentment o importance, too?tliey baring boon in session the night before tii! a late hour. Interested pui tie* and the curl oua came peeping into Court from time to tima, waiting for the Grand Jury to make their appearance. During the day, Henry Hart, who was sent to prison by the Recorder the day before for refusing to ana war a question propounded by the t.rand Jury, waa brought into Court and discharged, upon the certificate of Mr. Henry Krben, the foreman of the Grand Jury, stating that Mr. Hart had appeared before them and purged him self of the contempt charged. The Recorder kept his lent upon the bench all the day, not kuowing at what minute the jury might come to. By 2 o'clock all the visiters ha 1 got tired of waiting, and during the afternoon there was no one in the Court, but the Recorder, Clerk and reporters. At ten minueti past four o'clock in the afternoon, the dm-r of the Court room opened, anil Mr. Kibeu made his appearante at the bead of his felloe-jurymen. The news of the arrival of lire jury into tho Court within the since of flee minutes spread throughout the City Hall, and immediately tho crowd came pouring in, till the Court room was pretty well filled with comm.linen, alder men, justices, policemen, hea It of the departments, and other officials. Mr. VandeiTOort called (he roll of the jury, and each one having answered to their nomas, Mr. Henry Krben, tho foreman, arose and Iran led t>. the Court some six or eight in lictraents, which the Court examined, and turning to tho jury asked if there was any further business? Mr. Henry Krbeu then handed a document, apparently of ubout twenty pages, to Mr. Yandervoort, the Clerk of the Court, and a ked that it be read as the presentment of tIre Grand Jury. Mr. Vandervoort, In obedience, commenced reading this paper, which opened with a reference to the labors through which the Grand Jury hud passed, aud then s ated that knowledge ha 1 come to the Grand Jury of corruption in several of the hoods of depot tments of the city goierumeut, suflicient to justity the presentment of the Street Commissioner, Collector of Taxes, City inspector, Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, and Comtuisaioner ot Lumps and Gas. / Here, as the Clerk was continuing, seemingly to read the names of other officials, he was suddenly stopped by the Court. Recorder?It is very iiuestionable, Mr. foreman, whe ther there arc not matters c nnectsd with these present ments that should not be read publicly. Mr. Krben?We have consulted with the District At torney, turd present these names, ugainst whom charges exist. We take the responsibility of giving tho parties to the public. Recorder?The Court has responsibility In this case, atel It is very iiuestionable it these names should be made public. Mr. Krben?We don't give the names of any of the parlies indicted, hut spoak of the departments against which charges of corruption exist. Recorder?The point in this matter i.s, that this pub licity may prejudice the public mind. A document of this kind will be much read and commented upon by the public, and it would lie almost impoadsle to find a jury to try these cares who had not had their minds influ enced by these presentments. The question to lie put to a petty juror is, 'have you lurmed any opinion in this case," urd if he had, I could not allow such a Juror to ? it. With nil respect to the Jury, 1 think 1 ought not to allow this document to be rend and go on record, an I lie i pen to all. TliLs net on your patt, gentlemen, goes Iryond n simple inditlment for trial, win. b is the ptoper limit. Mr. Krben?The Court Is talking about a documeat which bus not yet been read. The document explain i itsilt. When the document is read we think the Court will lie satisfied it Is a proper document, it gives some information which we think It necessary to give. Ilhe Recorder here took the paper and examined it.) We will suppose a can Suppose that word came to us of corruption in various departments witnesses knaw ing^hls to be the Case, escape to Jersey, beyond our reach, and ?hen reached they have to lie forced into Couit to he compelled to answer our questions, lliis being the cn e with us we want that document read Recorder?The law protects the Grand Jury in this respect, sufficiently, 'lhe contumncl'iua witness might I e imprisoned thirty d*J s for every contempt, and thus bn subject to a ronstant imprisonment. 1 have read this document, and find that It contains sweeping <-hs*ges that ought not to lie made public 1 may be In errnr, but it does seem to me that putting tins document before the public would have the effect 1 have suggested, whb h tt is my duty to prevent. Mr. Krben?1 am requested to ask this question by a bnimi Juror:?Suppose that every man of the Gran*' Juiy was ?attrlied that corruption existed in a retain department, and witnesses iiad been spirited away, rhonbl we not make snub corruption and such facts pub lic? Hoppose the District Attorney says to us, "You ?rr justified in supposing a certain man guilty, but the evidence will not Justify you in comiug before a court for Dial. In 1 hi-ease you may present the guilty parties, but not indict them.'" Recorder?As regards the sufficiency of the evidence, vou are the sole judge, and alnne responsible for that. I sin sorry to differ atth the Uarmed District Attorney, but 1 do not think this should be made public, inasrn.oh as 1 foresee the cmbarias-rncut in which nay court would la- placed bef< re whom these cases came for trial. Mr. Krben?We will retire fhen for ten minute- and consult with the I istrlct Attorney, ami then come into Court again. (The Jury here retired.) During the abeen< e of the Jury, the Recorder asked If there was any business before the Court* llr. Merwin R. Brewer, counsellor at law, said:?May it please the Court, public ruuior says that the Grand ?lory haTe found an indictment against a client of mine. Mr. Joseph E Killing. Cornaii<eioner of Lamps and Gas, I wish In kn< w if this is so, and if it Is, wc are prepared to enter securities for our appearance. Recorder?Is the party yon appear for now la Court? Mr. Brewer?Yes sir. he is. and ready to gl . o -ecurity Recorder?Is his bail In Court? Mr. Brewer?It is. In about twenty mirmtew the jury again came ioto Court, 'lhe mil of jurors wa- again called, when Mr. Krben said?Ti e Grand Jury have come to the con cVraion that ILI* should be handed to the Court as their presentment end the t.iand Jury a-!: to be discharged. Recorder?Gentlemen. I cannot a'ter t'.e views which 1 lirst tck of this matter, and must hold tills to be an Improper presentment. If I should give publicity to this paper. I should feel thet i s?? doing great Injustice. I therefore instruct the Clerk not to lile this preeeritmru but to return It to the Grand Jury. Mr. Krben?What are we to do with It' Recorder?That remains with yon. Mr. Kben?IVe have been instructed by the District Atiomryto hand this to the Court as our presentno-at, ?r ft we me unanimous in taking this conrse. Rr. order?1 order the Ork to return It to ytm again You ssk what you are to do? Perhaps you ought to hand this to the District Attorney and allow him to apply the remedy. I think this paper should be placed In the bauds of the Dialriet Attorney, and not upon the records or the Court, so that lhe Dl-trlct Attorney mey have so opportunity to fet ret out this corruption an I that the I artie may not be placed upon their guard by the pub lication of It. Mr. Krlien?We then ban I this to thederk, with to ?tractions te hand it in the District Attorney. | Mr Henry A. HurlbuV one of the Grand Jurors?! should like to knuw If that document is to h? made pub He? If it la, I want my narne Ut be taken off Mr. Krben?I will erase your name for you then, (end | he rook the document to d" ?"?) ! Recorder?This paper, of course, is beyond my control bat 1 should suppose it wonM not be made public. The Recorder then dismissed the jnry as follow.:? I Gentlemen?It te but a very sherl tlm? -lace you were ? ropar.nelcd You hare done a rreater amount of bug! I neee than I have ever known to be done in an short a I t.me. Thirty eight or forty Indictments have been fmin 1 l by you. Yon ar<- di?mt??ed with tha thanks of the Court, and undoubtedly you will reeelrs those of Die community. Mr. Winant then cam* forward and heemsne lei I in the sunt of tMOO for Mr I'bltng the Commissi' net of temps and Gas. The Court was then adjourned. iNTWKKTlffO r*OM BfClLT??, Era d Italia, con tain s an Important proclamation, issued by the people HI'lly It advocates an immediate ie.oluU"n and unity] with 'he Pardlnlxn government. It will he remembered H at the '.-Irlllsna were foremost in the European revolu lion of 1*4* and Jogging from their paet c- nduet. It (J very probable that the next steamer will bring as new an itadar. insurrection Gavaui write* to the Orues ! ?hat Daly I* on the point of a popular revolution. CITY POLITICS. THE CANDIDATES IN TIIE FIELD. LIST OF CANDIDATES FOH LEGISLATIVE AND Oil Alt TKll OFFICES. We give below ? li*t, to&r 11 received by an, of the nominee* for Senators, Assemblymen, Al.lermen and Council in eu, made by the whig", Know Nothing*, soft rballs ami Uatd shells. Many of the names are inarcu rate, we are well aware; nor ia the lint an perfect aa it might tie, but thin ia owiug to the miscellaneous manner in which the nomination* were ir.uie, and for which we art ait to blame. Any candidate whose uatne ha* been omittbd or misplaced, by leasing the corroction at the Hekaid oflico, properly authenticated, either by the nominating committee or tome responsible name, to prevent fraud*, will hat e it Inaerted in the liat we will publi^r again ahortly. We do thU gratuitously for the eepeeial he ueflt of the candidate*, nil of whom we wi*h to *ee elected, If it were poaxlble, and for the information (four reader*, ho that they may vote intelligibly. This list doe* not inolude republican, half shell, or outside party candidate*, but we will note these candidate* here after. 8TATK SENATE. IK'. Hari Shell. Soft Shell. 8?Thouiaa J. Uarr. Han. K. Sickle*. 4->l. Mcl*>od Murphy. WiLsou Small. C?Thomas Fay. Mark Spencer. 0?Thomaa J. Munday. Tim*. J. Mumfty. IH*. Whig. Know Nothing. 1?Theodore A. Ward. ? 2?Wm. AUen. Joseph H. Petty. 3?Horatio N. Wild. Horatio N. Wild. 4?Cha1. l'erley. Krastu* Brook*. STATE ASSEMBLY. IHn. Hard Shell. Soft Shell. I?Michael It} in. Daniel Median. ?Iienjamin itay. Jo.epli Harrison. 8?James Hayes. (Hurt. Dougherty. 4?John D. Dixon. John I). Pixon. 6? ? Wm. U. Aitkin. 6?Wm. H. Aitkin. Andrew Van Antwerp. 7?leal* I', Clover. Cornelius (,'arnei. 8?John H. Kwen. Win. I'uliia. 9?F.. W. Glover. ? 10? Johu Vji.inu J a*. J. Keilly. 11?James G. I a Roe. 1'eter Dawson. 12?John Cunningham. ? 13?George 0. Cenet. John Cnifrsy. 14?Ezra w. Dean. ? 15?Arthur Wood*. Arthur Wood*. It'?John 1L An'liou. John H Anthon. I'.ii. Whig. If note Nothing. 1? ? Peter B. Van Houtten. 2? ? Robert B. Coleman. 3? ? Wm. We t. 4? ? Ch%*. C.Mott. 5?K. I1. Barrow. K. P. Barrow. <1?Aug'* .1.11 Rv.gnmte. Aug'* J. H. Duganno. 7?Samuel Brevoort. Samuel Brevoort. 8?Jane* Doolan. Wm. Jones, Jr. 9?Junes R. Sparrow. Dan. Wtllls. 10?Jehu M. It.svt. John M. Iloed. II?< ha-. T. Mill*. Ed. Hunter. 12?David Khkuer. B. W. Richard*. 11!? ? Fred. W. Concklin. 14?Kllidia I'achard. Francis B. Curry. 15?A. G. Williim'. A. G. William*. 10?John 8. Cock*. ? ALDBKMEN. Ward*, liar J Shell. Soft Shell. 2?John V. Savage. ("has. A. Brown. 4? Bartholomew Ileaty. Wm. Baird. ti?John Clancy. fg^"00*0' 8?Albert W. Smith. Albert VV. Smith. 1C?Heu. C. At wood. Norman Hcl?od. .0 IV. Swacklnmer. ~ {Davi 18. Jackson. 14?Michael Tuomey. I'eter Monahan. If?Chat. A. May. ? 18?John Foster ? 22?Deter Master-ton. ? Ward*. Whig. Kntno Nothing. 2? Hiram Corwtn. ? 8?Wm. Tucker. David Coleman. 10?Horatio l'.eed. Jamei Grtltilb. 12?Geo. W. Jenkins. J. ID Patterson. 14?F. IV lawrence. ? It?Sari'. I'elani. er. ? 1*?Jack H. Valentine. J. F. M ither. 2C?t'uBimings H. Tucker. Cuinriiings U. Tucker. 22?Wm. B. Drake. ? COUNCIL MEN. lit. *Jfard Shsll. S-.fl UML 1?Thomas Ste sart. 2?Samuel Auld. Jacob L. Smith. : ?John J. 'InIt. 4? ? John V. Mimue. 6? ? John Ilmlch. C?Geo. W. Hfll. J. hn (illtisr. 8?Innios I,. Waufh. Ja.s. I,. Waugli. V?Joseph W. Cornell. J. L. Beaton. 10?Ja*. Wright. Tho*. tVitson, Jr. It?Hen. Hughe-. Math"* Murray. I'.'?la we* McGowan. Geo. MrKlnlsy. l::?Jamra K. Kerrigan. Iticbard Barry ? ? " IE. Ki 14?A. n. GalUgLer. lie lancy IV. knew!* 15?Michael llarry. Ja*. McMahoo. lo?(irlando Cray. Orlando Gray. 1*?Jena* N. I'bilip*. Jnna* N. Philips. 18?.Mm It. Iletta. Jolin D. Bstt.s IV?Rob. H. Klliot. "0 Abraham I. Brewer. J MwinV/i'lnwrlght. VI?( batlea A. Kentish. John Hack. 22? Iawrence Van Wart. ?la*. M. I anaon. 24?A. M. C. Smith. ? V5?John Williamson. Samuel C. .-eaman. 2'C?B. K. Holier t*. V7?VP-heal Caaaidy. ? 78?Wm Taylor. Han W. Col/ar. 28?Darid Hogg. SO?F. J A. Boole. K. J. A. Boole. 31?Felix Hart. ; 2? ? Jolin Hart. IS?f baa. Doty. ? '?'A?I'at rick Boylan. ? ?f?Tlioe. Coo|?r. ? :,f? I'atrick Harnea. Francis O'Kielly. 37? Joseph lint ton. 'Iboa. Farran 18?Michael Fmitli. Hen. P. Went. 3f?'/. H. Brady. ? 4C?.loliii Smith. ? 41?I'bilip Fltapatrlek. Sam. C. Seaman. 47?John M. Reynold*. John J. Delhi. 48?F. J. Miller. Meholaa Klssell. (C?Bernard Heilly. Bernard Reilly. 62? ? Dennis Byer. 6.'?Tboa. A. Dunn. Thos. A. Dunn. 64? ? John J. Muller. 66?( ha*. II llaswel). Chaa. II. Maswell. 68? ? Bryan McOahUI. tC? ? Adam C. Flanagan //ill. H*Ao;?. A'n w Sulking*. 4?Wm. Fatten A. T. Garett. 8?Lemuel W. Parte--. larnuei W. Parte*. t??G. A. Barney. 0. A. Harney. IP?Wm. H. Crane. Wru. H. Crane. 14?Geo. W. Warner. Geo. W. Warner. 18?Reward Merritt. Edward Merrltt. li?Wm. A. Hageily. Win. A. Hagerty. 17?Jacob Cornell. Dan. J. tlakley. 18?Wm. Hillyard. .lame* K. Colgro IP?Wm. Kogert. Joseph D. Martin. 20?Udyard A?ery. Is-dyard Avert. 21?Wm A. Worst. John kenuird 22?Alex, ill m|>hill. Alex. Hemphill. 2."?Richard B. Clark Cornelia sS. Cooper. 24? ? Hob. ?. Dix?n. '.6?Thou. Welding. 2t? Joel W'.Mason. ? i??M. W. llusleed. ? 28?Wm. M. Hodge. ? 21'?Isaac C. Skaat*. ? flf?Wm. R. Duryea. ? 1?Hen. T Rhode*. Geo, II. Raymond. ; 2?John Stniifeldt. ?Alonso G. Reynold*. Wm. Floyd. ' 4?Andrew Craft Joseph T. MO. 38?V. C. W I hu re hill. Kpbralm Reed r.r?r bas. T. Meyers. .lame. McGlone fT?'< hn Hoo|-e. Wm. H lUjftor. 38?Hen. B. Kent. Howell Vail. : v?W T. It. Mllliken 4( ? John J. Hlllyer. ? 41?Utii D. Sum. ? 4V? ? George M. I'll 4.?A H. Hoot earn. Geo. Merrltt. 44?W W. Bull Sam. Hooper. 48?Fdward Westervelt. C. - Watroti*. A'?John Call" n P. W. T V?o Riper. 47?Pan. T. Tlnekney Fred. Vtxgner 48?I bas. 0. Freshman. 4P?Andrew J Odell. A 8 J<fti?-s SO? ? D. T Melarlane. 61?J. M t'onnbnxen. H II McCormick. 67?John V. Gullley. J. D. Ilelme. 68? Dan D. Oaoter. Jo. D. Pollack f,4- John Webber. Henry Sioyee 66?Pan. J. Nherwood. Wm. H. Taylor 68?Da eld I'errln l'-bn D hne-llcor 67?Wm. <i. Stirling. It. C *teek? 68? ? Hiram A. Mayeard W? Frarris R finest 10? Isaac A Hopjer DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS. TBI*? REN ATOM! A I. WbTEUT BALP 8HEI.L lOWTEKTION. The ?jplegates to lite Third Senatorial iristrict t ab n Item's ratie ' 'intention, comprising the First Second Third Foerlh, Fifth and Nilk wards, assembled ls>! ste? ing at No. lit W*a\ Broadway. to nominate a aadlda'e for senator. D. G. froiy occupied'he . hair ami Theodore Hart <B rial ad aa Rocretary Attar the organiaatioa, J. H. Fmith^of the lourth w?rd mot* that liaaial F. Sckbs, ol the Third ward be nominated b r the oAc of en*lor by acclamation ami pre."#?? ? rr nth . ? t-steh In winch he passe 1 a warm eulogy ?a his notmnsa 71# motion was pat, ami dadaed earrls-t by a euanim-us eet#. A committee, consisting of -'Os r."a from as. uard esentail la tb* eaisetioii ?*? then aypsiinted v? i the oeerisary steps t.. h it * ra'.ltn Ion rnee-m# It w*> SV m noted sad ear? "d tbet the e. rmh t J. urn an-J welt on Mr ttefcise b in im blm 'A bis v. pailm, and the vm.ru ties waitwl ejs.o M gktee, rtpto take < at hi* residence, at tho Mansion Houae, Chambers street, the oolt al.i'tl committee meeting l.lai at the name tinw. TII1R!) HLNATORIAL DISTRICT SOFT HUB Lb OOM VFNTION. This cmei.Hou ui?t at No. 17 Ikokman street. It. C. lionlgoineiy, of tlie Second waid.|iu tli* chair, aal Messrs. I.. Harrison Smith ami It. T. Kobhlna acting a* Secretaries. Alter settling cgntexted aewls the oonven lion protected tu ballot lor senator with the following r rati It:? Tan K. Sickles 17 Tho*. J. llarr 9 James English 1 Richard French 1 L. H. Smith 1 The nomination of Mr. Sickles arms then made unani ?nous, after which the convention adjourned to wuit on Mr. Mettle- to notify hlin of his nomination. FOURTH HKNATOKIAL DIHTHIOT HALF HKKLL CON TUITION. Tho d< legates to the Fourth Senatorial IHatrict (>te vention, comprising the Seventh, Tenth, Ttiirteeath and Seventeenth ward* acting in conjunction with tho Union democratic organisation at St. John's Hall, me la?l evening at the x I1oum\ corner ol (hand and Ea sex street*. John Nugent, of the Tenth ward, waa chosen Chairman, and John Q. Keely, of the Seventh ward, ugi riated lis Secretary. Mr. John Murray, of the Tauth ward, now moved that John M'iarud Murphy be nominated as Senator from the Fourth Senatorial district by acclamation, which waa car ried unanimously. A committee was appointed to apprise Mr. Murphy of his nomination when the convention adjourned. MISCELLANEOUS. INDEPENDENT NOMINATION FOR POLICE JUSTICE. A large and res|>ectnhlii meeting of (he frlemls of William Robertson. Jr., tho Independent candidate for Police Justice of the Sixth Joulcta! district, (Eighteenth and Twenty first wards), was held on Friday evening, October 19th, Instant. Win. II. Wood, Km.. presided, snd John Julian. h*i|., acted as Secretary. The meeting was addressed by Messrs Holler, Itarragh. Ileunessy, and others, and the nomination locetved an unanimous and enthusiastic response. Noi'tmrnl of I lie Old Isliic Whin* of Albany. (From the Albany A'laa, (let. 'AH.| DECLARATION or TIIR W1IIOH OK A 1.11 ANY AQAIN8T FUSION , A Nil ftEAFONSKTO THE CALL FOR A WIIIIJ PTATK CONTENTION. We, th? undersigned citircn- iinil elector* of Albany, deem it our iluly lo make (bin public dcolaiati-m:? Hint we sire now, u< we always have been, untimial .m l not sectional whig*; Tliat nur supreme attachment a* elii/en ? ami American* la to (lie conatituliou of the I til tot State*, Just oa (ho lathers of the republic framed it, ami to tho I'nlon of th?-e Kta'c juet an It stand* under that constitution; That we ate bound by every sentiment of our nature and every nacre 1 obligation, to defi nd an I maiutain th con*titutl> n and the I'nn.n, by our vote*, our Inllueuco. our sub. tarice. and by whatever energies wo cau con raand*. That we repel ami denounce the attempt recently made to transfer iin and our associates of the national whig [ arty of this State to a utrangc alliance :?nd a new political combination, which is purely sectional in It* cliaracter and objects, and which, so far a* it ha.i or can Itnve success, boldly menaces the unity and integiityof our r< moa country And we do heartily respond to and approve of Ihs call which lias been made in the city of New York, for a Stale , Convention of the national w lug*, to lie io Id at Constltu tion Hall, in that city, on the 'J.;d of October instant. Appended to the foregoing were the names of two hun dred and eleven persons. 'Die Atlat comment* upon till* movement in It* editorial columns ?* follows:? We have seldom seen a more respectable array of name* tlinu those which are signed to the protest of the whig* r.t Alhauy, against the merger of the whig jwar ty in the se< tiotial and unconstitutional party of fusion. 'die ktgucrs are not merely or principally what li.ive lieenknowtia the silver gray whigs Nor aie they old men, or the mere spectator* of party alfairs The list Cbtnpiiaea the most active working whigs of the city, young and old, nwii of varied husiness and pursuit*?of great influence over the masses of iimmi Poller Intelllgrnre, TBK JOSEPH WALK Ml UAHE?AUK EST OF WALTER it. JONK" AND OTHERS. Yesterday morning Walter 11. Jones, John Kinney, I John C. Winters and It. S. Ilrigg* were at rested on bourd the wreck of the ship Joseph Walker, tiy officer Murray, ofthe lower police Court charged with having appro priated a clrain cable, belonging to Charle* T. llarnei, to Uieii own use, without either the know ledge or eonsent of the owner. The accn ed were busily employed in raid ing the sunkeu siiip, when the officer, having a warrant for their apprehension from Justice Connolly, made hi* appeatnnre, and ilrinanded their lu-taut uppearanee at the | < tire court. Mr Jones remonstrated with the officer, saying that a delay of half an boar or so would probably tie the means of their raising the ship in a fi*v days, a i they had her nearly pumped out. and were about [ lugging up the holes; hut the offiriti would not listen to any auch proposition and caused the avnae-1 to ac company hint forthwith. The con *?-q none* was that the water Mowed back into the vessel, ami in le?s than half an hoar after their departure It was i hard a ground on the liottorn. The accused on appear ing before Justice Connolly w?te held to trail lo answer the charge An examination in the case will come off thi- week, when Mr. Jones and hi* associates confidently ee | ert trr lie honorably acquitted of the charge Imputed to them. llie*c?ni|>lainml In thecase Mr llarnos, were the former contractor for the rai lug of the Joseph Walker ami values his chain cal le at $V) BOSFICION OF BCWOLARY. Two nien. nametl l-dwatd Nugent and Thomas Downey were arrc ted ye*(rr"lay. by the Nineteenth war t poll on auspicion of liaving burglariously en'ered the dwell ing hr 0*e of Mrs. Caroline Webber, in Forty third street, between Tblril and Islington avenues and teal Ing therein m a quantity of Jewelry and tlft in '?asli. T he prisoner* wcr* committed for examination by Jus tice Davison. AN ALLEOED HOUSE RORBEIl. John Holey, a bogg*> , "a* arre??e,l hy the Misth ward police, iharged with having attempted to steal some clothing from the dwtlllng honse of Mrs Hsrrlet llailey ' of No. 'M White street. T1?e ar ? used, It i? charged, I. in the habit of l-egglrig from door to door and St. aling whatever Ire can lay hi* hsnrl* on. When arrested about a rlr ten article* of ladles wearing apparel were found on hi* person lie we taken before J itl-a I on trolly, at the laiwer I'nliceCourt, where lie was committed for trial mayor's f>m?-c. WTARRINO AFFRAY. Two men. natueJ John Hainl and I'eter lloyl* got Into a dlapote In I'ark street near the Mission llouae which endr-1 in a fight lotween the two parties, ftair-l ? 'doing very much excite! fr?m the bard knocks and bruise* he received from llnyle drew a large bladed pocket knife and stabbed Ida opponent in the ai l*. The wound is rai I to be of a very dangerous character. The man ?a? carried to the City llos(ltaI. rVrg. ant hir.aey, ofthe Mayor a 'rffre who happened to be pa.--lug at tla time hanrd ot the traii*aeti> n, and h.irrie-V to the 'cewe. Aa aoc.n a* Halrd saw the i It cer appr.aching ha Im c | dlalely trs.k lo bis heel and fled a*ay as rai lly as J ? ?lble. Nergeant Kinney pure -ed blrn and arer an ?x*l | ting race overtook Mm s' tl.e r< rner of Anthony s'r?t and Roadway. and hroaght him toArve Ja * wh' r> mrn Med him f r examination (oronrr i Inqaral. Tit* I-sm Ml turn rt**TM i? Mt tegaav Mm**! ?<>.roner <i'l* noell e.,r?clu'.#?! an lOqqe.t ye-terday npoa th* body of the hoy William W.wwl, at tti? reel-'.ewe* of bis parent*, No. IT Mulberry street, who It will be reen'lectad, d?e*l, a w*. ? U PJ '.sed, from the ede- t< ??f a kick in the hack from ? ?<? I'unehey, a play, nare ofthe deceased The J iry came to the "m cloeion that it w mid t? unjust for them to Impli cate II.# hoy I'nnchey io the ma'ter as r?. e lit-. * c .iild b* elicited g'dwg to sfcow th*' he as-suited he de ceased and therefore, In rende-lng a verdte* de-lata-l that death was caused l-y ioln'la* to 'l.e ?| ln? but a what manner wa* to them unsn-.wo The <e?e?at we nine yenre of age and wae* f.atiVe < f literpcs.l, IrgUnd I'taTR, TWt Paer IT o? a K?a ?f/o ner <J le.nneil was callesl upon to bold an inqqgst apa 'he Vety of a b?>y air e years of age. na #d W ham Waa4, res dlug w th hia |arents at lt? Maltwr-y street, who diet yaster ley nw.rnlag from the effiee's of a kbk .a tt # t*c? reeetved on tha llth Instant at lire haadg of a >- y r . so# ?r "I'uiwby ' TherU-eaee4.il npfrare was p.s.o* " the sidewalk nearly opt* arte hta own ! '-r when r'unchp nam* al?*ig a re I gavn htm a eev?r* II k n 'he tower fry of tl.e la. ?. Me was conveyed to h ? rc* l*one in great tain ?tier* he lingered awtll ye*l?rt*r, win he died IV itiwit ln'hl*naa? I* h-t c-ae ? bd A warrant for tf,e arrest of Punchy l a* leeamf Fall Twaorc.n < liar t.wav-' - 't W ,.h- m r tt an inquest at th* Mew York ll.-jstal upon the body wf a man nan ad Jobn M-' ?r<t wt*. <1I?I fr-m frartar* of the left tag end arm pfdoeed by fal ???? thr a., the 1^-cLway of the (tore. >" M'lffr'jew no th* 1Mb Instead Ve diet ' sect 'eti-sl death The !eas*sii was a naUve of Irs aad ?mt 1 )?*'* 91 ?<T 1 *1 . ev Tas l-? u'r<?'r-ronst Wdhaim held an aquest yesterday wpow the hrrly of a man un?l fatrtrk fr-.rkia who e< mwrt'ed^u eld# at h's re* dense St. IV. s-.ft Ik ?'ravt, by taking a do*a of ?? Ua >? [ies?a*et had 'wen la groat f? verty for scan* lha* fmst, and ?-ecomlag meakaily ??*-ted diss es mine I bi Aesir-y l.in as f and asoocdiagfy .?aIU/we.> na < tW sad a half ./ ?. daaam ("t that purpeee flsgi?Wt was * Isk'f ?f .-s.anq h?t wa* ?" ywaj* of of*. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE, Our London, Paris, Munich, Cobleutt, Vienna and Madrid Correspondence The Last Kanlfeue ef a smith, NtuU OCTOBER FASHIONS, Ac., Ac., Ac. (Hur Undan Coi uiyandtnw. IoHkw, I ride y, Oct. II, HSa Thr War in the Crimen Po-Uion ttf Ik, AHiti?Pratporu of Pw??Manifesto of Alraaiutrr It ?/{sport >t Prion (iortirhalniffon tkr Knirnalum of .SrtmMopot?The Human Potition?llrmocrahr MmrmrnU?Mu.ini, IMru Hit! I in and Kouuth?tVupUt?A Critical Homrn'. Thero is nut much news to eeud by tin, mail. The allies arc malting thrmaeivra eomlbrtable in their new quarter* at tVbastopol. The Koaaiana arc atlll on Un? north aide, and a few compliments ara daily eicbaagwl in Uia ,iiape of abella or a long range cannon ball. Tlte aIHan have aeat large reinforcement, to ICiipatorfa, cbieliy of caralry, and if the ltuaaiaua do not aoon lieat a re treat on fiuipheropol, an engagement uutl euaue. The Kni|ieror Aleiander baa been in.ipe< ting NiaolemS, and iiaa, it ia aaid, left for the liesdquurters ol hi, army. The whole of the imperial family hare been to Moscow. Tlie prospect ot |ieai e in, in fhel, io a very distant per apeetlve. We are in great dearth of telegraphic neea from t!,a Crimea a, (he allied (ienerala de.-m it prudent not I* telegraph their iriorriuenta for the e,penal benefit of lite Kuarlau commander*. It ia raid fl at romrnuoi'atlnn, are going on bet waew I'rlnee Curt reliat'ift arid Mar < ha I I'i liaaler. but nothing baa transpired respecting what they are atroii' There ran l>e imt one upinnru now. Ito <. a lias the Worst of It and the o ilier peaee I, conrludel tlie better. Ttie tnonrr n' is a oiltteal one. The Italian, aie endearoi iag l< get up i genet at itsiiag against Auetrlu Martini lelni ft'dtln ant Ko?,tills hare |,*ueri a Joint appeal In all lire autteiing national! tie,. Tiier ate to u. ? i.igethiH. I1ie bioipoittaai are ready to tnron i If I i"g llumba. 'Ihe iiinliie po-iiion of Aurtiia and the Me tei ? I'owe re I, not the be.t It miflhf?l underline the word?none to Una: Anatria and t.etoiauy, eith ltn*eia again*! Viauee and I i.gland ami opprr*a<,{ nationalities. When I aay Au>t'|, nnd liernnuy. I of oonrae mean the ruling |e.?er? an l the arnrle, at their dlapoa-rl, not the pet pie wlio hum to throw ult their yobe. It i, ium .11#*., fir uie to aa> what a uutveraal aliiudy this would be 1 be com lu l.>n I rome to, coaae<|<ieaUy, l?. tint nego tiaiioiia will again abortly be o|?cne 1 to ixevenl tUta vol ranlc eruption, tlie end ot which It would Ire impossible to loreree. To ure a somewhat liaelroeyed hut apt '(oolati hi, " Ao'X don. on I larun rolntnt" Our Puil* *'?? rr?|<on?lt ii? r. rerun, Oct. 3, I#46. /'art oftr i a fii oil ot frtittmitil?A for Worrit . It hi i or I if WYrri'ii'r Kifktl?fVnrX ,S'| iinr owf fnghtk J'luck?77m An <?ri ati'l JUit/illr't qf I*' dl/l>' fl' TkWma tnfsl?fruit lh( frill trf /niyrr/ftftnf Polittral Inlriymr*. We no atlll full ill tlianfbr*, who notwi'ltnUtMUng lb* unniUtakeabl* imllmtloru of wppioaehing winter, y#t Ua gar to mat fnr.il look* over our nionirnente, chnrchne, palarea ami muteuiua of art. The ntre*l* ir.nml rjlk a Hal 'I IIka conftialon of tongue*, trait that of the Anglo ^amn la upper moat; aiM it U elrar that in *pit? of lb* (?llur* of a g'lxl man jr. alio rataed their hope# to an uu con. donatio ataiutarl ami iifrtnl to otitaln fahnluna price*, (lie aeaeon of llf.6 will rwcelee a whit* mark la thi- 'liar) uf thr large maj'illljr of I'ar Irian I' ale t men, anil a iiumerona claaa connected with the in. The tliaa trrn havn Juat iea*on to cry " Vi" Vh'tfrotHionand nmat umjueatloniibly bar* tlii- hotel* and r< 'tauraot*. Tlii- niagntlni-a of bijouterie, of beautiful jirtwuU. ami ??( art Idea In bronze, Uaia rrapr'l a nrb bar .e t. It i? only thi' auuimar aparton lit lottera, vim In aommon mlb thoae aperuUlora vbo ai'l up Imrram <!? lot atom fur tb purchaa* of duplicate article* diaplaywd in the f.ihihr lion, look grave. They bare Imlead, from Ural to la?l reckoned without their boat. I'eople wb ? came (?> nut Ilia fi hi bit Ion did an m route to mw> other thing*. t'?r ibe moat port they ronteiiiplatmi a temporary eojouria lu Carle ami probable an eitenahio of their o'lii.oeaU' trip, ami un'tar ?ucli rlrrumalaticea h encumber them ?ilno with pur. bane* an out of thr .|u< atlon , neither wia It fouD'l that the iteniai u* of the pr?ln-*< of franca a ere mi aiotttrn with foreign iin|?irta'loua a* u> ileafre Ua lineal tbalr money In them oaem) neatly the lugrmaiVe Inmtinn on which aurb va?t auma l.at loan aapoint*!, may t? ranked am. ug the "'her falluro* of the uinetoeriUa century. Many of tbeaa rea* na apply wltli e/oal fore* to the ajarlnn nU which aie only let by the month Mi* one wanleil to a'ay. In (art ao long ami a Imd room, no matter lo w ? lallr") Ita p.. >1 tic, a, ami *li parr of etaira, or one hundred ami twenty atep* rama to b* thought a trifle by lltoae wlm at homo n#>er aacwdwd twenty, waawll that waa rat) a trad. In I'aila <m -lent jajroirf It U the la ml of liberty, in thla impart at all n?ent? an t with lb* fat' |-,ith n of creation ron<toce* Immanaely io preserving ila (?ipolarlty fogllrh la<liea who know m thing of a ' .(fee ror.ro eirept by liaar eay alto wouhl aa ar* think nt entering one in lot.don a- a peat boo<e or aooietblng worae, auiblanly f.ml tberneelvea ijulte at home in roonaa brilliant with minora, ami (tut ami painting where obae.(uioua waiter* rWIVa their b iliala ami aha wia, ? ml where while tl?ey aat tin profoumieet fail tardea of the Franch r?i>lee, they ran aee the band ar/tneat carallera, ami, whet la elill better, te er r> by 'hem Why cannot the aaroe thing be iteiw in Irmton " Why at* they to Ire told by their huabanda that lb' rnoim nt larllea ioa# the threrb .hl of aay U'mmm of entertalnmant they <|Ue<lr uple lire ripenra' Why la rarer, ry fngle n'l. la worn a A alarne to be 'letierrarf the pr It ilagpae of a traveller t (/oealiona like the^ 'onatanlly raj*?l rif rm Ihla rMr Cf i.m rge a rbaonel mill p-obabl/ a?ae r? tr>r to be 4|er uaae*l on the other, ami leafaa may, e rentury br nre <#?! (fl'a r! ilneaa wilb rr.hf Inhoaptle. I.la vlaege H.uuH the Franeb arrny by any *" <lent bate re eeltro tr. pay II a vrelt. II woult Hml aim rat an n.u'b b. 'a in ilia say trf m mno'ta'loo for men ami n Ittrraa a* at I'era which, ail wlm now return frern the Ian inform ua Irea bee.,me .p.It* a I rao b loam Al'br/I,gb Ir.orr then threw week* liaea pwaae I arnra the rapture of ."ehar'r jy.1, tha iett*ra of pr.vat* r :io;.al airta, bu' priorfpaliy Uatrae written by gentlamen aw cilrrymt fcy tr,a h ghtb japera?'he gr*ate- part of wbkrla bar* laen trar.riAtert mtr, tramb ami Inaerted In like C en It P t.-ralr- haee kept the awbjkr t In rVlnual ?gttali'o Tire raft if It abl b prlmtpalfy 're, iml a n r n'e mlieU la t|w w/irlal if 'tir 1 nglub at the Mmane. The ii>r * t. liafr aboan a. h raa.l.arrr to thru I Ibefr own r.eat. that llttia r*rrraina for Ikt naoek ra plr.g " iticbrn In a'I'l?ami 4o C'raarb JattWe, I ha-* wt obaefwa.) ,i oog any claaa of ierar.ua a tm-rre tr, iurfga 'he raat'tr har.'y llrat toe KegtUb arw net ? li i'k'ily w>! . a'ert f# j. e_tbat a ipp slug tbearr to Ire ? tiff r irritiy narrrtei.. to Itar* ur.rlertaken the at?ga 'rf falet'irp. I without the help t 11 ? ,r all.#* 'beta knew la* ga rf it.i I'ary relet.ee w ?lrt Uo r?r? "Wd I hem Iwea fable ?f rfe- 'it.g n.rh aneAt?;j:lr? Ua fart ra? a oww rlarf n wbob er- y ?? n aearr.* le ba?e arrfeed at, ea r?pt 1brm*ei?e* Ar.'tb g t'? ' ??'? of the t >iartli on thla "eakt'.n tr lr*a h nh than tb'ir ow?, the a?r ? matwliaae baa erVter.tly reoe far ? , ntlrm the wp oluaa that Ike lig.ub have twee a br ? eerrale-l The aatra rtlt <? lie*" wae ,?'? a' mWnai . pera'.lrta, la wtilrla It !e 'lear that k* FaglUh ha-! a 'met ! aagrwa?>4e Mart ,..1 ?? ' jar-la t agalna' tie MM, tel. b bg < ui a er nt no- .a Mr -f grape anrf raolrier, lia plurk aat a)w*et tae?e>*arily "aaan .rat >4 Uaa Ww aer . Iv. r* who iaerh' it tk* y .ng '/????* 4H ait tpat . uUl be ' t>? bet the men tret heart, and wwre fairty eaared the generaie <?') nr/'biag to etairporl tkew> I'eit . wt ? 1 rei t - - pa or any Irre.pe Iw tie worlt Voatt ka*? ili tit the retna tad tbur te nanat eaadadly adml't*d, but It r ail Ik't the l.a.gl ?h am no b wget tka bar er 4 Waterloo ami tka lay n -y .. ?? v . tb ? will be re ret , terrrt It It nraieellow* to wa . b boa all tkng' tow to p running 'bar/ aypfatel r ere The '*ptc * rf fa I at top* t baa bear rfa tml by the lovk. fhelra I* the a hale gkei uf ffrei.t Uaa whole Weoly IV wp tmr if WmUaol, t|ii .lieiai ^ rhof aotlkr prtpa ttoa ami karr .hen letrri U.? b i? em) arjaraf V '4 tka kaetsin war, will pakakl) ley 'he 1 a* tka root '4 Ike kagllah MMtllatwa f-v ike ear 'aam/f b? yr<*ar?tM w -tb'.'rt a thorough ?ef- tr. k' ?*? 7 ?"l? ^ Imamaaely laerreae- ami e " 'ka* rmrrmm? ami that re Irrta. -hevb. U .y.te,' , f r r. ar.,. ?? ma#' rheagw la 'h* aaeaaUm* 'k* f.f a og ?e'*?*w from the 'M relr Jfo . .a taoi w '. it ? "The eeof er at '"r air: a -tirp ayerf ra the ofara ' of the altt** le fiil't attrfhetad to IPa amftp Ih.mo. a v.-.trel I* ler u n baa |?e Magi p ... wet'I. inlua *? Al iwr .gi. tha ftrt'iefc arawy ooe 11.,,. t.. I* ? t'V tka >ed*ra <4 '-eeeral Mtaapmea. metal U ? ml tk? Twra. ami*,' tloea wf 'lay. faaka tk**V eeiarme ?ere ? *??"b*leaa rre' aret ef 'ka ma. aea *r *f la'I'g a ? rrle Waa Bad a atagte tfrtevaa km ? ha <wrre*e i4 'ha a> i a a, a. teapv.M whorl, tkr j had ua. .faaro la riiaaan'ai 'bey *e?. fdngty have tie gtk'rit dale-aara >a awn wait he tie Optake ?' Ike ?.ma? a ?w. f* jf'f Ik* arwy a|M air a. > *?'? art than 'fa, . ? , /. of 11 ? eeoie mart 'e* f aer- te' ' ? To** a at f. ? p U ha - I .? "f tpt ,",a ?

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